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Name: 20201024_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 24, 2020
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In a series of reports, investigative journalist Patrick Howley claims to have obtained a diary allegedly written by Ashley Biden, Joe Biden's daughter, which details traumatic experiences including taking showers that were not appropriate with her father when she was a child. The report also includes accusations against Hunter Biden, including involvement in prostitution, human trafficking, and possession of child pornography. These allegations have been denied by the Biden campaign. Tony Bobulinski has come forward claiming he had business dealings with Hunter Biden, which involved the Chinese government. He claims that Hunter Biden wanted $5 million from a deal to go directly to himself and his family, contrary to their agreement. Bobulinski also states that he was advised not to mention Joe Biden's involvement in the deal in writing due to their "paranoia" about keeping it secret. He plans to meet with Senate committee members and provide evidence from his phones to the FBI. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the upcoming U.S. election and questions whether Joe Biden's family is suitable to lead the country given these allegations.

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Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Saturday, October 24th.
The year is 2020.
We are only nine short days out from what is the most historic election the world agrees in pretty much world history.
Now, I was already up here working until about three o'clock today on a lot of big stories, and I was familiar with some of the research you're about to see that's about to break here.
But I had to come back down here tonight on Saturday evening to bring you this information because respected investigative journalist Patrick Howley, who's written for
Epic Times, many other big publications, one of the main investigative journalists over at nationalfile.com, who's broken so many huge stories, it's really amazing.
He has a lot of credibility, not just in this election, but the last two, has huge information.
Now, I made a few phone calls on this information and confirmed that indeed the story is being worked on by some of the biggest alternative news outlets in the country, but there is a lot of institutional pressure to basically spike the report.
Patrick Howley, through sources inside one of these other media organizations and a separate group that gave him the information, has been able to receive the purported, reported, alleged diary of presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, their nominee, Joe Biden.
The diary has been posted to nationalfile.com.
It's linked right now to infowars.com right now.
Here is the headline.
Exclusive source.
Biden's daughter's diary details not appropriate showers with Joe as a child.
Now, that is a very, if this story's accurate, a very weak headline, but I understand why they did it.
In the reported diary, and they reportedly have a recording of her admitting it's real, and they've reached out to her as well,
She says that she believes she was molested, but has blacked out the memories.
This is all in here.
And look, if this was just a regular guy, we'd say, oh, it's probably not true.
With all the history and all the connections we'll go over once we break this new story, this is par for the course.
It's like a bird dog going after birds, or a seal going after fish, or a
Fire department going to a fire.
I mean, this is all over this family, all over the Clintons, all over Jeffrey Epstein.
And remember, it just broke the Gasoline Maxwell, the pimp that worked for Epstein.
In the new trial documents coming out, confirmed Bill Clinton did go to Epstein Island, which all these witnesses said they saw where children were raped, were tortured.
So Patrick Howley, who's been on this case for many, many years, is here with us right now to break down the latest developments.
Patrick, thank you for joining us.
Well, I wish this wasn't true.
I hope it's not true, but certainly this is being looked at.
Tell us exactly what's unfolding here.
Alex, this diary from Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Joe Biden, has been in circulation.
A very credible whistleblower who has done some great things gave it to me.
This alleged diary, this reported diary, shows that Ashley Blazer Biden
Is going through a lot of trauma in her life as a result of what she thinks is molestation that happened to her as a child.
She describes showers that she took with her father, Joe Biden, that were not appropriate.
And in addition to a lot of other traumatic experiences, the author goes into great detail about those traumatic experiences of growing up as a Biden.
And this is shocking.
This is stunning.
This presents a window into the mind of this family and of the Democrat candidate, Joe Biden.
This is a case where the whistleblower called up Ashley Biden on tape and got confirmation from her that this is indeed her diary.
And that is the information that's been given to me.
There's obviously a ton of institutional pressure in order to try to suppress this, but I don't respond to institutional pressure because I believe that the American people need to know about this family and they need to know about the young woman who wrote this diary and what she alleges happened to her with her father.
Well, what we know is this.
Joe Biden in public can't keep his hands off of women and children and has said some really crass, disgusting things.
He's involved with the Clintons that are serious sex predators.
Then he's involved with Obama and John Podesta and Tony Podesta with all of their history.
And then the Clintons with the thousands of missing Haitian children, Associated Press reports.
Well, look, Alex, there is a very small club of elitists who rule our country, and they basically rule our world.
And with what we saw with the NXIVM case, where, by the way, Kirsten Gillibrand, the sitting New York Senator, her father was employed by the NXIVM cult.
That's where he met Kirsten Gillibrand's stepmother, who was a member of the cult.
And you hear about the satanic rituals that they were doing that were emulating human sacrifice.
I spoke to the relatives of women who disappeared or died as a result of the NXIVM cult, which of course was illegally bundling money
For Hillary Clinton.
Two of Ghislaine Maxwell's nephews worked in the Obama-Biden administration, including one in the Obama-Biden White House and including one in the State Department for Hillary Clinton overseeing the Middle East.
When you look at Sarah Bronfman, who is involved in NXIVM and her role in sparking the Arab Spring and regime change in Libya, you begin to see the nexus of power and how this group of people, this cabal,
This cult has been responsible for so much of the pain, so much of the heartache that humanity has been forced to endure, that has been inflicted on us over the last 10, 20 years.
Joe Biden is an integral part of this club.
He is one of the elites.
And if you look at what's going on with Hunter Biden, and if you look at what's going on with
This woman who our whistleblower has spoken to, Ashley Biden, who confirmed that she did, in fact, write this diary.
And we're calling it the alleged diary at this time.
And the, you know, we have the entire copy of the diary.
We know the location of the diary itself, the physical diary.
We have a whole lot of tape recordings.
And so, you know, it's going to be very, very difficult.
I think?
Well, there's no doubt.
Let's get into the diary itself, because you published most of it at NationalFile.com just on Saturday afternoon.
We appreciate you coming to us first exclusively here.
I know there's a lot of media interested to cover this, but reading over this diary, I mean, it comes off as very credible.
She's talking about, I've got drug problems because of what I went through.
I think I was a molested, but I'm not sure.
I blacked out the memories.
That's very consistent.
Look at how our father behaves.
Look at Hunter, who in now confirmed emails that are out, we'll put some on screen, sends emails to his father saying, my niece can't come over anymore because I run around naked in front of her on crack, and he's saying this to his dad.
They now admit these are real emails that Rudolph Giuliani released over a week ago.
The media tried to ignore him, tried to call him Russian disinfo, but they now have a
Major whistleblowers that worked for Biden in their companies, like Bob Olenski and others coming out and saying, no, I have the emails on the other side and they've turned over the phones and computers that show this is indeed real.
So, so the media with nine days left is just hoping they can black this out, but it's not working.
You know, this is a sickness in this family.
It goes beyond dysfunction.
We can talk about the D.C.
Volunteer Lawyers Project, which Joe Biden has raised money for, which Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen runs, and the accusation.
And I spoke to the mother of the teenage boy who was, she feels, propositioned in the courthouse bathroom.
And potentially lured into a life of prostitution by this group that inserts itself court appointed lawyers in child custody and divorce cases.
We can talk about Joe Biden, you know, saying, I want to see the girls dance in four years or whatever it was he said about the, the groping of Chris Coons, his daughter, which Chris Coons looks the other way and pretends he doesn't see it.
I mean, there's a real sickness going on here.
And it's a sickness that we can't have in the White House.
This is a crime family that has gone around the world and tried to enrich themselves by selling access.
And as a patriot, I can't think of anything more disturbing than knowing that our leaders don't care about this country, and they're selling their positions to the highest bidder to try to crush this country so that they can enrich themselves.
It is such a loss for humanity.
It's amazing, but Patrick Alley of NationalFile.com, going over this though, I mean, she's purportedly
And I know some folks have tried to reach out to her, no response.
Have you guys tried to reach out to her?
We have our whistleblower who has in fact made contact with her and received a confirmation of the... And has that recording, the reported recording.
There are a number of recordings.
There are a number of recordings.
And if you look through these transcripts... Go over some of the transcripts of the recordings, but also go over some of the diary.
I mean, I was reading this earlier.
It was making my head spin.
She says, was I molested?
I think so.
I can't remember specifics, but I do remember trauma.
She speaks of being somewhat sexualized alongside someone named Caroline.
Now, we do know that she has a cousin named Caroline.
She describes showers with my dad that were quote probably not appropriate and all of this has made her somebody who is hyper sexualized and who feels that sex is something that she is using to try to deal with her trauma instead of drugs.
She describes
A phone call from Joe Biden, according to our source, who cried on the phone, worried about her and the days leading up to the July 30th slash 31st Democrat primary debate.
So this was very recently.
This is from during the whole campaign.
Yeah, 2019.
My dad cried on the phone saying he has the debate in a week and now has to worry about her.
And he cried.
Maybe he knows what he is doing and it's worked, but my feelings of guilt often are overwhelming.
The theme of guilt just, you know, comes through over and over and over again.
That's what happens with children that have been molested.
They black it out and they always have guilt.
Let's go back to this in a moment.
Let me ask the big question.
Providence of this.
The media spent over the last 10 days, oh Giuliani, what's your providence?
He has the emails.
He's gone to the people that receive the emails, confirmed that he has the laptop shop.
He has the lawyer for Hunter Biden, you know, confirming, okay, this is ours.
Democrats have had to admit that.
Now they try to spin this Russian disinfo, but it's not working.
Now Biden just says, don't attack my family.
Well, don't use your family as bag men.
But if you look at Hunter,
The drug addict behavior, kicked out of the Navy, the crack pipes, the weirdness, sending emails to his dad, hey, I've been caught naked with children.
You have the New York Post saying, we can't publish these 25,000 emails, it's child porn.
And when the media fact-checked us reporting, they went, oh, Jones claims the Republicans have all this child porn that was on Hunter Biden's laptop, but Jones wants them to publish it committing a crime.
Oh, so wait a minute, they've got child porn, but I want you to publish it to commit a crime.
Obviously, I don't want that, I don't want it blurred out.
And so this was with the FBI for a year.
Now it's been back to the state police with the Bidens there in Delaware, back to the FBI again.
So because that stone wall is there, we have to investigate.
I mean, it's the Democrats with not a shred of proof said Trump was in Russian hotels being urinated on.
And all this incredible lies all turned out to be fake.
But here we are with real emails that are confirmed to be real.
And now this bombshell drops.
What from your sources is the Providence?
How did they, I mean, you told me, but can you talk about on air how they were able to score this giant coup of getting this diary?
The physical copy of the diary itself was left behind at a place
That Ashley Biden had been living.
And again, they're famous people.
What do they think people do?
Just like Biden.
I've gone to computer places and signed the contract.
If you don't pay the bill within three to six months, depends on the place, usually three to six months, we own it, we can format it, we can do whatever we want.
And then they got to check what's on it before they sell it to wipe it.
I mean, it's on record.
That's where he went.
They have the signatures.
So, again, these are just rich, powerful kids that do whatever they want.
And they're just strewning all this stuff everywhere like they're not going to be held accountable.
So it is their arrogance that is their undoing.
I believe that's absolutely right.
And the brazenness with which they do it, the fact that they think they're untouchable, even as they are miserable, but they think they're untouchable at the top and they have contempt for the people and they don't take us seriously and they hate us and they think that we're below them.
And so they underestimate us and they underestimate people who are digging for the truth.
But I don't think they underestimate Alex Jones.
I don't think they underestimate me anymore.
That's for sure.
Well, that's a problem.
I like to be on the radar because it's not fun being attacked.
But we're doing what we have to do.
Other folks were scared of this.
But this is way more evidence than BuzzFeed and Pissgate.
And so, you know, I think you've done a good job putting this out with the intel you have.
Justice be done by the heavens falls.
So, the article's exclusive source, Biden daughter's diary details, not appropriate showers with Joe Biden as a child.
Was I molested?
I think so.
My God.
Let's go over some of the recent articles.
Fox News, FBI asked to interview Hunter Biden's ex-associate.
Bob Olenski, Senate panel says.
He turns over evidence to the FBI, of them paper play.
Now photos of Hunter Biden with his dad, with a head of bereavement, which he denied existed.
GOP report, Hunter Biden paid women linked to prostitution, human trafficking.
It's being claimed.
Senate report links Hunter Biden to prostitution and human trafficking.
I mean, it's just every case.
Hunter Biden sent money to people with ties to Eastern European prostitution.
GOP Senate report, bombshell, New York Post refuses to publish all 25,000 Hunter Biden pics because they have, show underage obsessions, pedophilia, pornography.
And it goes, there's that original report and it goes on and on.
And on and on and they don't know what to do and here he is talking to his dad about how his family's reporting him to the psychologist and I guess the police.
He's running around naked in front of kids at the house.
On crack.
And I said, we have this from an outside source.
We contacted or you contacted some other sources inside.
They said, yeah, something like that's going on.
But this individual said, well, there might be a diary, but there's not any recordings.
So that's what I was told.
I trust you.
I mean, you don't work for me, but I know you.
I've seen your work for many years.
What's really going on here?
Well, the whistleblower confirmed that the audio does, in fact, exist.
We are just days away from the most important election in the history of the world.
And we need to think about if our children are going to be safe in a world that is being run by these kinds of people, these criminals, because
You know, when you are looking at the fact that Ashley Biden has been identified as a social worker, and Joe Biden has said in a debate, I'm going to send social workers into people's houses to help them raise their kids.
And you look at what's going on with Child Protective Services, where the CPS workers in Arizona were wearing professional kidnapper shirts, all the allegations of child trafficking and sex trafficking in the child welfare system, even confirmed by William Barr at the White House Summit on Human Trafficking, there was a case
Where they busted human trafficking in the child welfare system.
My God, the UN runs it worldwide.
They're famous for it.
They want collectivist child rearing.
That's what they want.
That's what Hillary Clinton's It Takes a Village was all about.
They want collectivist child rearing.
And we are going into a world where they honestly think that they own us.
That we're going to be property of the state and our children are going to be property of the state.
That's not the world that we want to live in.
We want to live in freedom and we want to live in a free republic.
Patrick, I want to give you the floor here for the last 5-10 minutes to get into other stories you're working on.
I mean, here's another one in the national file that you broke, and this has now since been confirmed when this broke a day ago.
Mark Kelly classmates go dark after Friday night statements to azcentral about Mark's Hitler photos.
This is the Democrat Senator candidate dressed up in the Navy or Merchant Marine Corps as a
As Adolf Hitler, as the Fuhrer.
We'll talk about more of that in a few moments, but again, hey, maybe it's a joke.
Halloween party 30 years ago, or 1984.
The problem is, if a Republican did that, goodbye.
So we can't have double standards.
But let's expand on this.
What other tidbits are you looking at?
What other angles?
I guess the big story is, how will the media ignore this?
Will this break?
It's breaking now.
What else is going to happen?
Yes, well, I know that a lot of people get frustrated about the fact that the mainstream media oftentimes either doesn't pick something up or runs interference, but that's the world that we live in.
That's why you do what you do.
That's why I do what I do, which is we provide an alternative and we get the information out independently.
We're replacing the mainstream media.
We don't need that crutch anymore.
We can get the information out there, even with all the censorship.
The truth is powerful and the truth will prevail.
And so over the next few days, I give Rudy Giuliani a ton of credit for kicking this off.
People are already voting.
The truth must be told about the Biden family.
The truth must be told about Kamala Harris.
I have parents who tried to bring the CPS issue to Kamala Harris and she wouldn't hear about it.
In California, the most corrupt
State for CPS, but if these people take over the federal government, you're going to have potentially collectivist child rearing.
That's the direction that we're going to go in.
They want homeschooling banned, and I want you to expand on that, but they want to have a great reset where society collapses and the state puts you on welfare to fully control what they've already done to poor black communities and poor white communities and others.
But, I mean, all the daughter of Joe Biden has to do is come out, I guess, and try to deny this.
I mean, I hope that's the case, but you notice you didn't see any outright denials of the emails, which are now confirmed to be real.
I just don't see how they suppress this.
I don't see how Biden could be a viable candidate now that we have Burisma emails where they're saying, hey, we're giving you 30 million, have your dad kill the investigation.
And he's on C-SPAN with the Council on Foreign Relations saying exactly that was done.
And I've never seen such an open and shut case in criminology.
This is open and shut.
The Bidens have sold out our country.
And as soon as they get in, the country is over.
This man is kneeling with a mask on.
This man is showing the world that America is weak and America is on the verge of falling.
He will be the engine of destruction.
He will be the vessel of destruction.
This isn't, you know, 1960 is Kennedy going to win or Nixon going to win.
There's no
You know, a little two-party split screen, and oh, there's one or the other, and this guy's not a middle-of-the-road guy.
He's not Lunch Pill Joe.
He's mentally deficient.
He's barely even there anymore.
He's crying on the phone, allegedly.
This guy gets in there, and he's not going to be running the country, but all of the blackmail that could be applied to him, and we're beginning to see that now, yeah, it's going to bring this country down.
It's going to destroy this country.
We're looking at total obliteration.
We need to wake people up.
Again, in closing, Patrick Cowley of NationalFile.com here on InfoWars on Saturday night.
How would you describe the historic position, not just the U.S., but the world is in right now?
Because for me, it's very simple.
It's America versus megacorporations, communist China, all these authoritarians that have ganged up.
They have nothing to lose.
They never get in trouble for what they've done.
They see a nationalist president they want to repudiate, destroy.
And they admit that once they've destroyed Trump, they're coming after us.
As Trump said, they don't hate me, they hate you.
He says, they want to get through me to get to you.
I mean, that's now crystal clear.
And I'm just surprised that our victory isn't more easily assured that this is so, so desperate.
It actually really makes me sad.
It's time for the world to wake up.
We have Joe Biden, who is kneeling with a mask on, showing the world that he believes America is weak, signaling to our foreign enemies, including the Chinese, that America is weak.
America is on the verge of obliteration.
He will be the engine of American destruction if he gets into office, just simply because of all the ways that they can blackmail him.
And this is terrifying.
We are on the brink of destruction.
We must make sure that politicians who are extremely corrupted, who have so many problems,
So many problems going on that the rest of the world could use against us.
Do not get into office.
I love the American Republic and I love this country too much to see it be destroyed by idiots, by criminals, by Sherlatans before I even get a chance to have a real say at the level that these people have a say in it.
I'm not going to allow our free republic to go under.
Not this year.
And so that's why you're going with this extremely dangerous story.
I live a dangerous life.
Well, we all do, and I think you hit the nail on the head that nobody hits.
When you have reckless crazies that are not respected by the Chinese, or the Russians, or anybody, the Israelis, you name it, and they're just on TV saying, I fired them because they investigated bribery, and I'm God, and grabbing little kids in public, and they're leaving laptops at the place.
That's confirmed, and probably this diary, they're just
Total spoiled brats, generation after generation of rich, silver spoon crazy people that think they can do anything they want and then they're all completely whacked out of their minds because they weren't given good upbringings and were abused themselves.
These people need to be in mental institutions, not running our thermonuclear weapons system.
And you look at Joe Biden, he's emblematic of this whole thing.
Patrick Howley, I'll be back Sunday.
4 to 6 p.m.
live and there's now Sunday live with Owen Schroyer.
I know there'll be new updates and developments then.
Please join both shows tomorrow.
If people want to email you with more tips or information, how do they reach out to you?
You can reach me at patrickreporter at protonmail.com.
You can follow me on Twitter, holyreporter.
And Godspeed Alex, God bless you, God bless America, because God's real and He doesn't want to see these bad people win.
God's watching over us.
I know this just broke a few hours before you came on.
I tried to read through most of it.
I know there's... How many pages is this diary?
We have well over a hundred pages.
Okay, so you posted them all?
We have not posted all of them yet, but we certainly can.
Yeah, I think, well, do whatever's in your own judgment, but yeah, I mean, I tried to read it all, but just please get this out, and we really appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, folks, we are just seeking out for the truth.
They say the president gets peed on in hotels with no proof.
Not a diary, not a witness, not a whistleblower, not a recording, not anything.
Not a diary.
I hope this isn't true.
But every time stuff comes out on the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas, Epstein, it's worse than what they said.
It's in the new federal court documents.
Gesley Maxwell in a deposition said, yeah, Bill Clinton came to Epstein Island.
They've got all these witnesses, including the main groundskeeper manager going, yeah, Bill Clinton comes here all the time.
Not gonna lie.
So we have a responsibility to tell the truth about all of this.
And I want to play a clip here right now of a major whistleblower that worked with the Bidens, who is a Democrat and Navy veteran who went public just a few days ago explaining what happened.
I'll be back with some final comments.
My name is Tony Bobulinski.
I served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy with high security clearance.
My father and grandfather both served for decades in our country's armed forces.
Since leaving the Navy, I've been involved in various successful businesses, both in this country and abroad.
I'm making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family, Vice President Biden, his brother, Jim Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, in dealings with the Chinese.
I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter.
That is false.
I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden.
I have also heard that Vice President Biden said on Tuesday that Senator Ron Johnson, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, should be ashamed for suggesting that Biden family sought to profit from their name.
Well, here are the facts I know.
And everything I'm saying is corroborated by emails, WhatsApp chats, agreements, documents, and other evidence.
And the American people can judge for themselves.
I brought, I guess, for record, three phones that spanned the years 2015 through 2018.
These phones have never been held by anybody else besides myself.
I was told this past Sunday by somebody who was also involved in this matter that if I went public this information, it would bury all of us, man.
The Bidens included.
I have no wish to bury anyone.
I've never been political.
The few contributions I've made have been to Democrats.
But what I am is a patriot and a veteran.
To protect my family name and my business reputation, I need to ensure that the true facts are out there.
In late 2015, I was approached by James Gilliar, whom I had known for many years, about joining him in a deal which he said would involve the Chinese state-owned enterprise, CFC China Energy, and what he called one of the most prominent families in the United States.
I was informed first by Gilliar, and then by Hunter Biden,
And by Rob Walker, who was working with the Bidens, that the Bidens wanted to form a new entity with CFC, which was to invest in infrastructure, real estate and technology in the U.S.
and around the world.
And the entity would initially be capitalized with $10 million and then grow to billions of dollars of investment capital.
After months of discussion, I agreed to Gilear and Hunter Biden's request to become CEO
of the entity to be called SinoHawk.
Sino representing the Chinese side, Hawk representing Hunter Biden's brother Bo's favorite animal.
And between February and May 2017, we exchanged numerous emails, documents, and WhatsApp messages concerning SinoHawk and its potential business.
On May 2nd, 2017, the night before Joe Biden was to appear at the Milken Conference,
I was introduced to Joe Biden by Jim Biden and Hunter Biden.
At my approximately hour-long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed the Biden's history, the Biden's family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level.
After that meeting, I had numerous communications with Hunter, Walker, Gilear, and Jim Biden regarding the allocation of the equity ownership of Sinohawk.
On May 13, 2017, I received an email concerning allocation of equity, which says 10% held by H for the big guy.
In that email, there's no question that H stands for Hunter, big guy for his father, Joe Biden, and Jim for Jim Biden.
In fact, Hunter often referred to his father as the big guy or my chairman.
On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden's involvement was not to be mentioned in writing, but only face to face.
In fact, I was advised by Gillian Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden's involvement secret.
I also had a disagreement with Hunter about the funds CFC was contributing to SinoHawk.
Hunter wanted 5 million of those funds to go to himself and his family.
So he wanted the funds wired directly.
To an entity affiliated with him.
I objected because that was contrary to our written agreements concerning Sino Hawk.
He said, referring to the chairman, his father, that CFC was really investing in the Biden family, that he held the Trump card and that he was the one putting his family legacy on the line.
He also said to me on May 17th, 2017, that CFC wanted to be my partner, to be partnered with the Bidens.
During these negotiations, I repeated to Hunter and others that Sinohawk could not be Hunter's personal piggy bank.
And I demanded that proper corporate governance procedures be implemented for capital distributions.
Hunter became very upset with me.
CSC, through July 2017, was assuring me the funds would be transferred to Sinohawk.
But they were never sent to our company.
Instead, I found out
From Senator Johnson's September report that the $5 million was sent in August 2017 to entities affiliated with Hunter.
Tomorrow, I will be meeting with the Senate Committee members concerning this matter, and I will be providing to the FBI the devices which contain the evidence corroborating what I have said.
So I will not be taking any questions at this time.
Tony Babaluski was an officer in the Navy.
He had an honorable discharge.
He is a successful CEO of more than 10 major companies.
He is on record being a major associate of the Bidens, who got out of what they were doing because of corruption, and he confirms the emails.
But all the fact-checking sites say, oh, Russian disinfo, and show no facts.
If I go out today and fall down on a banana peel, they'd say the Russians did it.
This is pure crap.
It's the globalists that have done this to America.
Now, do I know this national file story is accurate?
No, I don't know that.
Do I know that the reporters and Patrick Howley have a history of being very accurate and breaking a lot of big stories?
Absolutely, and I'm quite frankly sad that they have so much credibility.
I'm quite frankly upset that I have to sit back and think this is probably real.
The diary looks real, reads like it's real, and you fit it into all the weirdness the Bidens are involved in, and all the stuff the Clintons are involved in, and all the sex trafficking, and all of it, and it's just a nightmare that that's the type of people we have had in charge.
That now want a really deep six in this country, and have engaged in so much corruption to try to maintain control of it.
But the good news is, America and the world is waking up.
So I would challenge all of you to do your own research into Jeffrey Epstein, and your own research into John of God, your own research into the UN, and your own research into Bill Gates being involved with Epstein, and your own research into the human trafficking that goes on as this secret currency, and communist China, and the millions in slave camps,
How the NBA is involved supporting it, and just how out of control Hollywood and the Democrats are, and how cowed and scared the Republican leadership has been until Trump came along.
But I get why they were scared.
The Democrats are evil, man.
They're in charge of the world government.
The Republicans were just a vestigial group to act like there were two parties.
But now the Republicans have been taken over by Trump and you and Infowars.
The globals want to get rid of all of it, and we're in such a dangerous point.
Take this report, email it to your email list, share it, post it on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube.
It's all free to air, no copyright to it.
Because Americans have a right to ask these questions and have a right to investigate all of this.
Again, I hope and pray this report is wrong.
I hope somehow it's not true, but we're going to find out in the end what's really going on here.
And regardless, the American people, whether they work at computer shops or whether there's somebody cleaning out somebody's house they've moved out of, all of us are watching the globalists now very, very closely for what they do and what they say.
And they need to know now that the sleeping giant that is free humanity is not asleep.
And so they better understand that their free reign of us being in a trance, us being in a coma, is over.
That's the most important point I could make here today.
Their recklessness, though, is so dangerous, ladies and gentlemen, and how foreign powers use that recklessness.
They've been running this empire.
They've been selling off this country, and they just think the Grammy train goes on forever.
It does not go on forever.
In closing, I want to thank the crew being up here late on Saturday night.
I want to thank Greg Reese.
I want to thank Jamie White.
I want to thank Wes.
I want to thank Sam.
I want to thank Patrick Howley.
I want to thank Tom Papert from National File.
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I'm Alex Jones signing off for tonight.
Lord willing, I'll see you back tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central for the Sunday Show.
God bless and good luck!
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