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Air Date: Oct. 23, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses his belief that President Trump will win the upcoming US election by a landslide. He warns of potential voter fraud and suggests that if Trump fights against it, his opponents will claim interference from Russia or China. Jones also criticizes the Democratic party for not addressing the issues regarding Chinese hacking and identity theft. Overall, Jones urges his audience to spread information and take action in support of President Trump's campaign. The speaker discusses centralization of control and power in various aspects of society, enabled by technology. They believe that some politicians try to distance themselves from warfare but continue with it and that the US has followed a central banking warfare model for centuries, supported by most Americans. The election of Donald Trump was seen as an opportunity to move away from this model, but the speaker believes he still supports it. Transparency in the global economy is crucial, and there's a rise in secrecy. There's a populist realignment in politics, with the Democratic party planning authoritarianism after the election. The speaker encourages people to vote for Trump to avoid these consequences. Big Tech's censorship of information also influences the upcoming election. The speaker presents solutions to counter the globalist system and create a new economy, emphasizing transparency and building lives on science and facts. They encourage people to protect their minds, bank locally, focus on fresh food and health, homeschool children, avoid supporting globalist institutions, and invest in local communities and individuals. The discussion turns to InfoWars being banned and arrested employees due to exposing the truth about the New World Order. The Great Awakening is happening now, and people should download videos from Banned.Video and support InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com during an important election. Technocracies are being built with unorthodox systems that people don't understand, and real power comes from human power, not AI. The speaker discusses how the media and politicians spread fear by exaggerating the severity of COVID-19. They criticize Kamala Harris for saying 220 million Americans died from COVID-19 and encourage skepticism towards what's presented in the news. They also promote their online store selling health supplements to fight against COVID-19. The speaker discusses the importance of local banking, homeschooling, budgeting one's life, personal relationships, and taking back control over aspects given up to corporations and governments. They criticize political incompetence and corruption leading to chaos and destruction when Democrats are in charge. COVID-19 rollout is poorly planned and controlled by authoritative figures like Bill Gates, causing fear and hysteria among people. The speaker questions whether individuals should support organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Foundation due to their reach and impact on society. They encourage critical thinking and inquiry into the motives of mainstream media and actions of these organizations. Support for InfoWars products is promoted, designed to boost health and wellness.

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Trump's gonna win in a landslide, but the fraud's so high that they had a chance of making it look like he might have lost.
Just gut level, thousands of data points, research, the spirit, you know, you can't quantify wisdom.
Last night was such a devastating victory.
And it was so obvious to everyone that you can spiritually feel even the moderators and the reporters have to act like they hate Trump.
You could just feel America completely seeing what was real and what was fake.
And when Trump points at him and says, look at your politician answers.
Those are sick.
People don't want your crap.
They want to have a good life and not to be lied to anymore.
And it was just so damn true, man!
That's why I love the truth so much.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Transition from the oil industry, yes.
Oh, that's a big statement.
It is a big statement.
That's a big statement.
Because I would stop... Why would you do that?
Because the oil industry pollutes significantly.
I see.
Here's the deal.
But you can't do that.
That's a big statement.
Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.
Over time.
And I'd stop giving to the oil industry, I'd stop giving them federal subsidies.
He won't give federal subsidies to the gas, excuse me, to solar and wind.
Why are we giving it to the oil industry?
We actually do give it to solar and wind.
And that's maybe the biggest statement in terms of business, that's the biggest statement.
Because basically what he's saying is he is going to destroy
The oil industry.
Will you remember that, Texas?
Will you remember that, Pennsylvania?
Vice President Biden, let me give you 10 seconds to respond and then I have to get to the final question.
Vice President Biden.
He takes everything out of context, but the point is, look, we have to move toward a net zero emissions.
The first place to do that by the year 2035 is in energy production.
By 2050, totally.
All right.
One final question.
Is he going to get China to do it?
No, we're finished with this.
Is he going to get China to do it?
We have to move on to our final question.
We have to move on to our final question.
I'm going to rejoin Paris Accord and make China abide by what they agreed to.
All right.
This is about leadership, gentlemen.
And this first question does go to you, President Trump.
Imagine this is your inauguration day.
What will you say in your address to Americans who did not vote for you?
You'll each have one minute, starting with you, Mr. President.
We have to make a country
Totally successful, as it was prior to the plague coming in from China.
Now we're rebuilding it, and we're doing record numbers.
11.4 million jobs in a short period of time, etc.
But, I will tell you, go back.
Before the plague came in, just before, I was getting calls from people that were not normally people that would call me.
They wanted to get together.
We had the best black
Unemployment numbers in the history of our country.
People with diplomas with no diplomas.
MIT graduates number one in the class.
Everybody had the best numbers.
And you know what?
The other side wanted to get together.
They wanted to unify.
Success is going to bring us together.
We are on the road to success.
But I'm cutting taxes and he wants to raise everybody's taxes.
And he wants to put new regulations on everything.
He will kill it.
If he gets in, you will have a depression the likes of which you've never seen, your 401ks will go to hell, and it'll be a very, very sad day for this country.
Alright, Vice President Biden?
Ladies and gentlemen, that is 100% true.
And the fact that they could even tell us we need to have the Paris Accord when China makes no cuts, no cuts in fossil fuels until 2030 and then we were already supposed to have cut by 20% and by 2030 be cut by 50%.
Ladies and gentlemen, the only reason we have electricity and power and all of this is fossil fuels.
You take that away, billions will starve to death and die.
And that's what this is, the depopulation plan.
That's why Bill Gates is saying, oh, the COVID lockdown's great.
It's going to cause the collapse of industrial civilization.
The United Nations is on record saying they want to quote, limits to growth, post-industrial world.
Limits to growth, that's the name of the report.
And the project of the U.N.
Building a sustainable post-industrial world.
Post, meaning bye-bye.
Total crap.
They want to oversee the New Dark Ages, they'll still have fuel, they'll still have oil, but they're going to put a big fat Rothschild tax on it that is owned by a consortium of Herman Von Ruppe, and the Chi-Coms, and the Clintons, and Obama, and they have their stinking mercantiles in Chicago and
Berlin and London.
I mean, this is a criminal, mega-massive power grab.
And of course, the idiot leftists love it.
They want to starve to death in the streets.
They want to just be abused.
They've all got Moron Stockholm Syndrome.
Politically, Joe Biden.
Sink into oblivion.
Become the relic.
That you already are.
Fade into political oblivion.
Leave the purgatory that you're already in.
And fall into your proper universe.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and get into it.
Headlineinfowars.com says it all.
With President Trump's devastation, devastation of Joe Biden, he has secured an even bigger landslide victory.
That I'm now just going to call it, ten days out, Trump is going to win bigger than he won in 2016 in the Electoral College.
He might even win the popular vote, though that's the stage where they've got so much election fraud going on.
But, just as sure as the sun came up this morning and will set this evening, you can bet your bottom Benjamin Franklin, or your bottom George Washington,
Or your bottom Thomas Jefferson.
You can bet your bottom Greenback that they're going to contest it and have the states start breaking up and just have the biggest fiasco you've ever seen.
They already said the last election was illegitimate.
And now they're saying if Trump fights them doing that, he's contesting the election.
They're saying you're not allowed to contest.
We contested four years ago with no evidence.
Now we're going to contest, but you can't fight back.
And folks, they're going to hit, listen to this prediction, and maybe it'll stop them from doing it, but they're going to hit the infrastructure, the power grid, the cell phones, and not just the internet.
And they're going to say that the Russians did it.
Whereas, if you actually hear what the NSA and the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence are saying, and I know it's true, because we have industrial level defense systems that we use that are amongst the largest companies in the world, and it's all Chinese.
I mean Russia, it doesn't even, just doesn't even gauge.
And sure, you can run a tax out of the United States and say the U.S.
did it, or run it out of South Africa or Japan.
China's not hiding the fact that they are hammering the living snot out of U.S.
companies, out of U.S.
They're stealing tens of millions of U.S.
Uh, identities, they're stealing your credit card money, they're making purchases in your name and mailing them to themselves by the millions a day.
I mean, we're being just assaulted by China.
And China brags about it all over their news.
I've got it right here on the stack today.
And so, NSA comes out and says, warning all Americans!
We're being hit by communist Chinese!
Millions are having their identities stolen a day!
Watch out!
Check your cards!
Check where it's going!
Cancel them immediately if you're having a problem!
They're hacking into home appliances!
They're hacking into the cell towers!
And then you get this article out of AP.
When they say U.S.
they mean Democrats.
Russian hackers targeting state local networks.
Oh yes, the Russians.
The Russians, they're the ones.
No, it's the Chai Comps.
And of course the Russians are probing things and doing that.
Everyone is.
And Russia is an adversary at many levels.
No one will ever deny that we're an adversary with them.
They're an adversary of us.
But China is the big thousand pound bully
That is, let me give this analogy that's having sex with your mom, I guess.
You know, let's say you're five years old and there's this big, mean motorcycle gang dude that weighs 400 pounds that beats your mom and beats you and there's nothing you can really do.
She's scared.
I mean, that's, the Democratic Party is your mom and the Chi-Coms are like the big thug.
And you've got the globalists that put the big thug in power, but that's really where this country is.
And your mom has Stockholm Syndrome.
She's got cigarettes put out on her.
She's, you know, she's not eating enough.
Her ribs are showing.
He broke her arm, you know, last year.
Knocked some of her teeth out last month.
And she's just scared of him.
And she defends him.
Whatever his name is.
Oh, Bobby's good.
Jack's nice.
And, you know, if you don't do something about him,
He's going to end up killing your mama.
Because, when I talk about the Democratic Party, I don't mean the evil, chi-com, globalist operatives that run it.
I mean the average Democrat out there is either a Stockholm Syndrome woman that is just totally scared and believes whatever they're told, or it's a sniveling, pedophile, degenerate type that hates America.
And that's who they are!
But the most of them are not bad people, they're just stupid.
Very stupid people.
I mean,
Ladies and gentlemen, the first debate was not a debate because it was two against one and they just tried to keep Trump off balance.
The second one was an attack dog woman.
That Savannah lady was just, like I said, a snapping turtle on methamphetamine.
And then you had last night where she still was a little bit unfair to Trump, but she actually tried to do a real debate and Trump mopped the floor with that old demon.
You know, I told you months ago, he's clearly getting blood transfusions, he's plumped up, he's got redder skin.
And Trump came out and said, I got a transfusion, I feel great.
That's what he got.
With that plasma, that's a type of transfusion.
But, even with all the transfusions and everything, Biden is sinking fast and can't get his lives together.
We're gonna play all these clips coming up.
Did you see the whopper after whopper?
Uh, your son and your brothers got money from the Moscow mayor.
3.5 million, not disputed.
Got, you know, hundreds of millions from China, not disputed.
30 million in one deal alone from Ukraine, not disputed.
They're not disputing the emails either.
They just go, oh, Russian disinfo.
Oh, sure.
At the Mac shop where your son left the computer and it's now all confirmed, they have all the emails.
They've gone and contacted those on the email list, have confirmed that the emails were sent to them, were from Hunter.
And people are coming out now that were in press conferences, they started last night, more coming today, that were in the business meetings with Hunter and with Joe Biden when they were promising that they were just going to run a scam.
And these are people that said, listen, I'm not going to run a scam on taxpayers.
If I'm going to get a government contract, I'm going to do the work.
I'm not going to do something illegal.
They're like, relax, man.
We're untouchable.
That's what the fellow said in the press conference.
He's on record that worked with him for years, all of it.
He said, I'm not going to be part of this.
And he's in the email chains.
So they're going through everybody in the email that isn't comfortable with this.
But see, that's why Biden got up on TV at the CFR two years ago and said, you know, they were investigating my son Hunter and Burisma.
So I called up and I said, well, I was there in person.
Until the time I fly out in six hours to fire that prosecutor, where you're not getting a billion dollars.
And son of a bitch, they fired him.
An hour later.
He does that to act powerful and to sit up there at the CFR, with the head of the CFR and all those globalists, and say, I influence Petal.
I take bribe money.
I sell out the American people.
But see, he knows the media won't call him.
Like when he kept saying, Trump, you put children in cages.
Trump changed all that.
Those are very nice facilities now.
They don't split up the parents.
When they come in with kids that are undocumented and are with men being smuggled by coyotes, they are separated.
You don't put 4-year-old girls with 50-year-old men or 20-year-old men you don't know, or little boys.
That's why even the Washington Post had the headline, Senate Report Finds Thousands of Children Released Under Obama Program Ended Up in Sex Trafficking and Dead.
So Trump fixed that.
Talk about a manager.
He went in, he fixed an incredible problem, and Biden points him and says, you kept kids in cages.
And Trump hit him back five times, saying, you put them in the cages.
The media, Time Magazine ran the fake story, saying it was me, those are under you.
And the media won't even call Biden on it, even though it's 100% true.
That's coming up.
All the flip-flopping on ending fossil fuel.
It's not just him saying, we will end.
Frackie, he's on video saying, we will end fossil fuel.
Listen to me.
You got a guarantee for me.
He says to the lady, I will end fossil fuel.
He's up there with Trump.
I never said that.
I mean, my God, you've got to be a moron to buy anything this guy says.
Absolutely crazy.
Alright, we're going to lay it all out when we come back.
Got a big guest coming up.
I'm going to open the phones up again, but wow!
Trump is going to win big, big, big.
But they're not going to concede.
And they're going to throw this country into even greater turmoil.
Everything's just been beta testing so far.
Well, things didn't go too well for the big guy.
You know, Pop.
The head of the Delaware Crime Syndicate.
No, Pop got the
Horns of the Bull, he got politically murdered last night.
And by the way, I wish no harm against Joe Biden.
The last thing we want is for anything to happen to him.
I've been predicting that there will be some type of false flag event against Biden.
And sure enough, I'll cover this next segment.
Oh, they claim somebody got caught with a truck full of weapons coming to kill him.
The exact same thing happened, remember, in Florida four years ago, the so-called Trump supporter, and it turned out to be a provocative event.
Just like with Governor Whitmer, I said, watch.
Of the eight,
The six that have been indicted, watch, the two leaders will be FBI informants.
And of course, exactly eight days later, it came out in court that both the leaders were FBI informants.
So, the big guy, he tells his sister, hey, at least I don't take half the money of the jobs I got you like pop does.
And this family's living very well.
Hunter's making about $5 million a year.
His brothers are making about $10 million a year.
But everybody's got to give the big guy 50% of this, 10% of that.
We're talking about $30 million is going to be paid to him.
The big guy gets half of that.
All right.
So that's a fellow using his son as a bag man.
But let's get to the big one right now.
The United States had the cheapest electricity in the world until Barack Obama got in and he said, if you've got a coal-powered plant, we're going to shut it down.
And coal's totally clean now with our scrubbers.
Nothing comes out but carbon dioxide and water.
Both that plants need.
And then it creates distillates that can be used in other parts of industry, like steel production, you name it.
They're able to take everything out of that coal.
Even with dirty coal, they've got clean burning coal that is perfect.
But does it create all the distillates?
And then they take the distillates and put them into other products.
So they have a perfect cycle.
Carbon is amazing.
We're a carbon-based light form.
And so the Club of Rome and the Globalists back in the 60s said, we'll start taxing carbon, claiming it's going to cause an ice age.
That's what they taught me when I was in middle school, was that light comes through the smog, and it can't bounce back up to space.
And so you get global warming.
But then they also would teach, oh no, actually the light can't get in through the smog, it's going to cause an ice age.
They were teaching us both when I was 10 years old, 12 years old.
Because they don't know, folks.
But what they do know is one big volcano puts out more than all the humans do in 10 years.
That's on record.
Mount St.
Helens was more than a decade of human carbon in the atmosphere.
It happened in a couple minutes.
Look it up for yourself.
It's incredible.
I mean, look at what they do.
A big volcano will make the sunset redder and darker for years sometimes.
It'll make it get dark a lot earlier a lot of evenings because there's already so much stuff out there.
I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
You didn't tune in for that.
Point is, it's such a fraud to say, let us track everything you do, tax all carbon, and pay it literally into a Rockefeller Rothschild, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama.
I mean, I gotta tell you, Barack Obama and the Clintons made deals with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, where they're major shareholders in the global mercantiles in Germany, England, and the U.S.
It's Frankfurt, not Berlin.
London and Chicago.
In fact, if you look at the deals they've got with carbon trading, for every dollar you'd pay in a carbon tax when you were gassing up your car, whatever it's set at, Al Gore would get two pennies every time you paid a dollar in carbon tax.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
I mean, can you imagine everybody gassing their cars up, and then the tax on plastic, and the tax on natural gas, and the tax on, oh, grain is not seen as a good thing.
It's a greenhouse gas causer, because it makes the cows fart.
So now we're going to put a tax on that.
And Europe already has this!
Canada has it, and it pays money to Al Gore!
When your cows fart!
They even have these torture bags they put on the cows in Germany and in Canada.
Huge giant bags on their backs, and they shove a huge hose up their rear end because they're saying methane is a deadly greenhouse gas.
So they just, there's always been bovine.
Water buffalo, same species.
That's what the bovine species is.
We just domesticated it thousands of years ago.
And you've got bovine all over.
Remember the Plains Indians?
Remember what was out there?
The buffalo.
Oh, do they have to have bags on them?
Yeah, there it is, folks.
I'm not joking.
A bag on the back of the poor milk cow with a tube run up its butt.
Now that's what they do in Canada.
Oh, wear a face mask, even though it doesn't protect you.
Oh, shove a tube up a cow's butt, you know, and then pay the Rothschilds some money.
Pay Bill Clinton some money.
I mean, you can't make this up!
And the farmers follow their orders, then go in and shove a hose up its rear end, and, you know, the cow goes out and grazes and chews its cud, and then they capture the methane, and then they pump it into a well, and then money gets paid to the Rothschilds.
And they just laugh at everyone.
It's such a sick joke, but I'm gonna stop.
Here he is last night.
Joe Biden flip-flopping again and now admitting, yes, that he will, quote, phase out fossil fuels.
Earlier he told constituents, I'm going to end them.
Here it is.
Would you close down the oil industry?
I would transition from the oil industry, yes.
Oh, that's a big statement.
It is a big statement.
That's a big statement.
Because I would stop... Why would you do that?
Because the oil industry pollutes significantly.
Here's the deal.
But you can't do that.
That's a big statement.
Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.
Over time.
And I'd stop giving to the oil industry.
That's enough of him.
This has nothing to do with the oil industry.
It's about survival.
It's the left that wouldn't let California for 30 years cut all the underbrush.
And that's why you have all those giant fires.
It's a fact.
But they know the public doesn't know about firebreaks.
If you told people 50 years ago, we're not going to cut firebreaks anymore, they'd have you arrested.
But in the land of fruits and nuts, 30 years ago, they stopped it.
And everybody told them it was crazy.
And now the average leftist is so stupid, they hear Trump going, we're not doing forest management.
They're not cleaning up the underbrush and raking.
That's actually what they do in Europe, is they rake it.
You go and you rake the forest so it doesn't happen, and you use that as fuel as well, or for other things like fertilizer.
It's ground into the...
Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden administration?
No, we would work it out.
We would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those.
I guarantee you, we're going to end fossil fuel.
No more, no new fracking.
And I'd gradually move away from fracking.
And I think it's critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.
What about, say, stopping fracking and stopping the pipeline infrastructure?
They want to do the same thing I want to do.
They want to phase out fossil fuels and we're going to phase out fossil fuels.
There's no question I'm in favor of banning fracking.
But he said last night that Trump has misrepresented him.
He doesn't want to end fossil fuels.
He doesn't want to ban it.
He just wants to phase it out.
Kind of like when grandma dies.
Oh, she's just transitioning.
These people are psychotic master villain criminals that make the Legion of Doom look like Sweetie Pies.
Well, Bob Alunski's got a meeting with the FBI.
He's the
Former business associate of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden on record.
He's got the emails to prove it.
And he says that the emails that Giuliani have are real because he's got them on the other side.
He's been nonpartisan.
Hell, worked with the Bidens.
But he said he's not going to stand here and watch this country sold out to foreign powers.
He's not a traitor.
The numbers are between 5,000 and 10,000 people the FBI tried to bribe posing as Russians.
They could not get one conservative nationalist or patriot
One person to take the money.
Now you think about that long, you think about that hard.
It makes me really proud of patriots.
A lot of folks got, you know, grandmas with cancer, the wife's got cancer, you know, you got big debts or whatever.
Oh, it's not going to hurt a little if I take a little money from the Russians to give them a little info.
But no, they could not get one person.
What a loyal, good group of people.
Salt of the Earth.
And we're living right next to devil-worshipping pedophile filth that use the fact that we are blind to their evil because we don't operate like they do to get away with this and because they know the general public cannot believe what's going on because it sounds so crazy.
By the way, they've got big Daily Mail articles out and a bunch of others saying, oh, Alex Jones is making it up, that there's pedophilia or underage girls or sex stuff.
It's Pizzagate 2.0.
He's making it all up.
Imagine writing an article trying to create something that's false and attribute to somebody else so you can cover up the massive
Human trafficking of women and children and men as slave labor, and the Bidens and Epstein and the Clintons, up to their eyeballs in it.
I mean, do I need to rattle off the Clintons and the AP investigation of the thousands of missing Haitian kids?
Or all the rest of it?
I mean, it goes on and on.
Hell, the Clintons didn't just steal billions of dollars from the Haitians.
They, with their foundation, Haitians thought they were good guys.
Now they know.
The Clintons are the most hated people in the world in Haiti.
And you've got all this coming out now.
Senate report links Hunter Biden to prostitution and human trafficking ring.
Oh, that's Fox News.
So see, they've got a problem, ladies and gentlemen, because that's what these people are involved in.
They're involved in serious, organized crime.
And with serious organized crime, you're going to have bare minimum brutal prostitution going on.
And I mean by brutal, I mean kept women that got tricked out of their countries who are basically sex slaves.
And that's on the high end of bad, but you know.
Not anything compared to sex with children, abuse of children, harvesting of organs, I mean, you name it, if you can think of it, and then some, they're doing it, okay?
So you imagine being, I'll show you this in a minute, imagine being the Daily Mail.
Who, the word is you can pay them to write stories about people.
I guess that's why some stories are good and some are bad.
But they're just always lying about me.
They've had articles that I wear swastika shoes at the office.
You know, why would they make up something so ridiculous?
Well, in Psychological Warfare, they found, they were doing what they call black propaganda, meaning lies.
If it sounds outrageous and weird, it must be true, because who'd make that up?
It's like,
The New York Times says that I ate an employee's goldfish.
There's never been a goldfish here.
I like fish.
I have goldfish.
I have little aquatic snails until he died, an aquatic frog.
Not eating my employee's goldfish.
What the hell?
But again, they're all plagiarists.
They're all crooks.
And notice, crooks of the mind stealing the truth, that that's from Wolf of Wall Street, folks.
They can't even write an original lie.
Sorry, I'm digressing.
So just every morning when you get up, think you're lucky stars that you're not these people.
Because think of Trump, he doesn't have to lie.
He doesn't want to lie.
He's neurotic about it all being right out there in the open and him defeating the people that are lying.
And there he was destroying Joe Biden.
We'll play more of the clips next segment.
And where Joe Biden said, I'm not involved in any corruption.
But let's go to FBI Hunter Biden's ex-business associate, Tony Bobulinski, if I pronounced that right, for an interview.
And he's laying it all out.
So this is a real person confirming emails that Giuliani has, and they say more coming out today, more tomorrow.
Wow, what a 10 days this is going to be.
But after we play this clip, I'll talk about their tricks up their sleeves, what we've got to be ready for.
Here it is.
My name is Tony Bobulinski.
I served as a lieutenant in the United States Navy with high security clearance.
My father and grandfather both served for decades in our country's armed forces.
Since leaving the Navy, I've been involved in various successful businesses, both in this country and abroad.
I'm making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family, Vice President Biden, his brother, Jim Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, in dealings with the Chinese.
I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter.
That is false.
I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden.
I have also heard that Vice President Biden said on Tuesday that Senator Ron Johnson, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, should be ashamed for suggesting that Biden family sought to profit from their name.
Well, here are the facts I know.
And everything I'm saying is corroborated by emails, WhatsApp chats, agreements, documents, and other evidence.
And the American people can judge for themselves.
I brought, I guess, for record, three phones that spanned the years 2015 through 2018.
These phones have never been held by anybody else besides myself.
I was told this past Sunday by somebody who was also involved in this matter that if I went public this information, it would bury all of us, man.
The Bidens included.
I have no wish to bury anyone.
I've never been political.
The few contributions I have made have been to Democrats.
But what I am is a patriot and a veteran.
To protect my family name and my business reputation, I need to ensure that the true facts are out there.
In late 2015, I was approached by James Gilliar, whom I had known for many years, about joining him in a deal which he said would involve the Chinese state-owned enterprise, CFC China Energy, and what he called one of the most prominent families in the United States.
I was informed first by Gilear and then by Hunter Biden and by Rob Walker, who was working with the Bidens, that the Bidens wanted to form a new entity with CFC, which was to invest in infrastructure, real estate and technology in the U.S.
and around the world.
And the entity would initially be capitalized with $10 million and then grow to billions of dollars of investment capital.
After months of discussion, I agreed to Gillian Hunter Biden's request to become CEO of the entity to be called SinoHawk.
Sino representing the Chinese side, Hawk representing Hunter Biden's brother Bo's favorite animal.
And between February and May 2017, we exchanged numerous emails, documents, and WhatsApp messages concerning Sinohawk and its potential business.
On May 2nd, 2017, the night before Joe Biden was to appear at the Milken Conference, I was introduced to Joe Biden by Jim Biden and Hunter Biden.
At my approximately hour-long meeting...
The full video's been posted to BandOnVideo.
They're trying to block it on Facebook, YouTube, everywhere else, but now the FBI's being forced to investigate.
The Bidens are coming down.
Those of you that bet on Xi Jinping and China and bet against America, you pedophiles, you liberals, you leftists, you're going down.
You're losing.
You're going to lose.
You're punks.
You're scum.
You're filth.
You're going down.
The sleeping giant is awake.
Get ready.
Full video.
Eyewitness to Biden's corruption drops bombshells before final debate.
It's on Bandai Video.
I suggest you share it.
As crazy as things are right now, and as they are about to get a lot crazier, just remember, these are the good times, folks.
Let the good times roll.
We've got populist movements taking over all over the planet.
We've got globalism in trouble.
We've got the New World Order being dealt defeats on every front.
They always had this hyped-up virus global martial law lockdown UN takeover plan in the hopper.
They launched it early.
It was very successful up front.
Now it's unraveling quickly.
Things are not going well for the New World Order, okay?
And believe me, I'm not a cheerleader.
I'm not going to get up here and tell you stuff if I don't deeply, deeply believe that and research that.
You're welcome to call in later and give me your view.
I'm not saying I've got
A monopoly on truth here.
But in my spirit, I feel very good.
Last night, I did part of the debate here live.
I went home to watch it with my family.
And I started crying.
And when I was driving into work today, I cut a little ad.
I was about to cut an ad about standing up for President Trump and admiring President Trump and not being ashamed of that.
And just what admiration really is.
Because it's not envy.
It's not jealousy.
It's the opposite.
It's love.
And it's something being an example and just appreciating it.
Because I know what it's like to be on the spotlight under pressure.
And I'm a young man compared to him.
And the stuff he goes through and how he does it, it just brings tears to my eyes because
You know, this is personal, but it's personal for all of us.
If they get Trump out of there, folks, their whole agenda is just going to collapse in on top of us.
And it's going to be absolutely hell of shit.
We're going to end up rolling back abortion.
We're going to end up turning around so many things.
The child traffickers and the group he set up to stop that is already doing so much good.
I mean, we've got the enemy on the damn run.
And I just can't believe that all Americans don't just wake up and go, wow, this makes sense, let's support this.
They're just so hooked on Hollywood and that poison.
But the good news is, that disgusting show Cuties with 10 and 11 year old girls shaking their ass and manipulating men sexually and saying it's our bodies, we can do it if we want.
Very sick feminism.
Feminine pedo-ism.
And that's how the left pushes it.
Oh, it's love, like Biden said.
Oh, it's love when you chop your eight-year-old son's balls off.
It's all sick, freak stuff, man.
Oh, Nambla, the North American man-boy love.
It's love.
Children are allowed to love.
Big pot-bellied men.
But now they've lost a million-plus subscribers.
A couple hundred thousand just the last week.
People are just finally like, what the hell is this?
Yeah, they're pedos!
I mean, I'd say half of Hollywood are pedophiles, folks.
Because you don't get into the club unless you're doing some really nasty stuff, okay?
Yep, they're down 1.3 million from their forecast.
Just lost $177,000 last month.
Okay, let's stop there.
Let me get back to this big whistleblower, Tony Bobulenski.
And he, Navy veteran, officer, respected, worked with him on record.
The laptop's real.
He confirms the emails he's got.
He worked with him.
And it got so corrupt, he couldn't be part of it.
He goes, I'm going to run real companies.
I'm not running shell companies.
I'm not scamming people.
But it was companies for people to invest in, which is the payoff.
Oh, I'm investing a million dollars in your company.
Wink, wink.
I don't care.
It never comes back to me.
And so this is coffin nails, ladies and gentlemen.
And then there's the Moscow wife of the mayor that paid $3.5 million.
You know, you always have the wife or the kid do it.
That's so Hunter's dad can sit up there and say, I've never taken one dime from a foreign government.
My sons and my brothers do, and then they give me half of it.
Well, racketeering and federal law and common sense shows if the Don in an Italian crime family, which we're taught only Italians operate like this, it's all the groups, gives an order to a captain who then gives an order to an underling to give an order to a soldier
To kill somebody, the Don is just as guilty or more because he premeditated it and gave the order.
When he gives the order to kill somebody, he killed them just as much as the person that walks up and shoots them in the side of the head.
When President Trump signs a death warrant to kill a terrorist, and he hands it off to the army, when George Washington would do that,
To say, okay, this person's violent, rules of war, kill him when he means necessary, gives him an order.
George Washington killed those people.
When a general gives an order for a predator drone operator to drop a bomb on somebody, that general killed those people.
Just as much as the person that punched the button did it.
And he's 100% guilty.
More so because of the premeditation, because he sits on top of that crime syndicate.
So, here's the gentleman in the press conference turning his phones over, saying, I want the FBI to come get him.
The FBI's coming today, reportedly.
Here it is.
After months of discussion, I agree to Gillian Hunter Biden's request to become CEO of the entity to be called SinoHawk.
Sino, representing the Chinese side.
Hawk, representing Hunter Biden's brother, Bo's favorite animal.
And between February and May 2017, we exchanged numerous emails, documents, and WhatsApp messages concerning SinoHawk and its potential business.
On May 2nd, 2017, the night before Joe Biden was to appear at the Milken Conference, I was introduced to Joe Biden by Jim Biden and Hunter Biden.
At my approximately hour-long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed Biden's history,
The Biden's family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level.
After that meeting, I had numerous communications with Hunter Walker, Gilear and Jim Biden regarding the allocation of the equity ownership of Sino.
On May 13, 2017, I received an email concerning allocation of equity, which says 10% held by H for the big guy.
In that email, there's no question that H stands for Hunter, big guy for his father, Joe Biden, and Jim for Jim Biden.
In fact, Hunter often referred to his father as the big guy or my chairman.
On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden's involvement was not to be mentioned in writing, but only face-to-face.
In fact, I was advised by Gillian Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden's involvement secret.
I also had a disagreement with Hunter about the funds CFC was contributing to SinoHawk.
Hunter wanted 5 million of those funds to go to himself and his family.
So he wanted the funds wired directly to an entity affiliated with him.
I objected because that was contrary to our written agreements concerning Sinohawk.
He said, referring to the chairman, his father, that CFC was really investing in the Biden family.
That he held the Trump card and that he was the one putting his family legacy on the line.
He also said to me on May 17th, 2017, that CFC wanted to be my partner, to be partner with the Bidens.
During these negotiations, I repeated to Hunter and others that Sinoha could not be Hunter's personal piggy bank.
And I demanded that proper corporate governance procedures be implemented for capital distributions.
Hunter became very upset with me.
CFC, through July 2017, was assuring me the funds would be transferred to Sinohawk.
But they were never sent to our company.
Instead, I found out from Senator Johnson's September report that the $5 million was sent in August 2017 to entities affiliated with Hunter.
Tomorrow, I will be meeting with the Senate Committee members concerning this matter, and I will be providing to the FBI the devices which contain the evidence corroborating what I have said.
So I will not be taking any questions at this time.
All right, now he's meeting with the FBI.
This will go into a black hole, I'm sure.
But here's a new article out, National Pulse.
This is out of the emails.
It's in there.
That's what Giuliani's saying.
This is accurate.
The pseudonym being used by Joe Biden appears to be Peter Henderson, who is a Russian mole in the Tom Clancy novels.
So we should probably get the guy that actually ghost-wrote most of those books.
I mean, that's on record.
Steve Pachinick on.
Here it is.
It's from Peter Henderson to Robert Biden.
That's on his real name.
Keep in touch.
Love, Dad.
Sent from my iPhone.
So he forgot he was on an iPhone.
Sent it through the Peter Henderson email instead of the dad email.
I mean, they're screwed, blued, and tattooed, folks.
And that's why they're so upset.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Didn't plug this hour, need to plug.
We're selling out of Out of the Mineral Fusion.
People know it's got a lot of zinc, a lot of D3, everything you need for you and your children, for your overall health, your immune system.
It's a great booster.
Even Lord Fauci says so.
It's going to sell out soon at current sales rates, free shipping, double pay for your points.
We're good to go.
Thank you.
Yeah, I told you about, I don't know, six, seven months ago, I really felt a surge in energy of a victory.
I'm not sure what went on or what happened, but I felt an even bigger one this morning.
I think you can feel it.
You can see it.
We're really in an arm wrestling contest.
We're starting to really rip the arm off the opponent.
And they're going to pull a lot of nasty stuff.
Tell them I released a super bio weapon.
They've already got us primed for lockdown for that.
Humanity is awakening and getting right with God, and that's what really matters.
And evil is not arrogant anymore, and it's not on the march.
It's still running things and stole all the money and able to dominate and able to do its bad stuff, but the tide is turning.
I was out in Florida a few months ago on a quick vacation with the family, and we were out on this little island.
We rented a pontoon boat, and I was out there with an anchor.
We were snorkeling around.
My daughters and I, my son, you know, he's moved out now.
He didn't want to go hang out with us.
It's okay.
And 18, man, they get quick, fast.
And they said, Hey, at about two o'clock, Todd's going to go out.
And a man, sure enough, I barely got the engine started and out of there before the tide went out.
And we were, we would have been stuck on that sandbar until
I guess the next day or whatever, when the tide came in, but that's what's happening is the tide was going this way.
And then the last couple of years, it kind of got in that point.
There's a point when you're out there and there's not a current suddenly, and then all of a sudden it goes, and then it just speeds up.
And by the time I turned that pontoon boat on and got the anchor out, it was like foot and a half of water.
It had been like five feet just an hour before.
I was going against the current to go back out of that area and I was just barely getting out of there.
Globalists aren't going to escape this.
They're freaking in trouble, baby!
And because the real fight is always between good and evil, and it's in each one of our souls is where the real fight's happening.
And so there's big problems on the horizon in AI, and the New World Order, and fentanyl, and the chi-coms, but I mean, this battle?
This war right now?
I mean, the globalists are scared, man.
They were arrogant, they thought they were invincible.
Now, as soon as Pelosi and Biden are gone, and those old skeletons are gone, you'll have some younger, smarter, more cunning globalists to deal with.
And that's another thing.
I mean, it's like Trump said last week.
He's saying exactly what I'm saying.
It's like, this should be easier to do.
My God.
I mean, these people want to screw you over, man.
They really hate you.
They're totally in bed with foreign countries with one-sided deals.
And Trump's like, I don't even blame China now.
They don't even get most of the money.
These jerks get it.
It's like Trump said, he said, I could raise billions of dollars for my campaign.
These people want me to call up, they want me to sell out.
But if I call up a big corporation and they give me $50 million, I gotta do what they want.
That's why Joe Biden's been way outperforming Trump in money.
And Joe Biden's like, you're with Wall Street, you're with, you are taking money from the Chinese.
And Trump specifically, and it's all true,
Yeah, we were looking at starting a business over there in 2013.
Didn't work out.
2015, it was closed.
He didn't tell you the last part that was a failure.
Because, you know, about half of what Trump does is a failure.
That's the way it is with any business.
I mean, hell, if only half your business is a failure, you're doing really well.
It's like, oh, he declared bankruptcy three times on three companies in the same year.
I mean, you know most movies are a failure, right?
You know Hollywood creates a corporation for every movie.
You know Steven Spielberg, even though most of his movies are quote successful, he's had a bunch of bankruptcies.
They bankrupt the film.
That's how if you're a quote Hollywood star, but you sign on for a percentage, you never get it.
Or in music, because the record company can just mess with the numbers and say it wasn't profitable.
But I'm digressing.
When we return,
I'm going to hit just the incredible news that's breaking.
Give the number out.
Take your calls.
Catherine Austin Fitz is joining us again.
She knocked it out of the park when she was on a few weeks ago.
So much is just coming down right now.
It's on.
Stay with us.
There are no more countries.
There are no more borders.
There are no more nations.
And sure, those countries, those borders, those nations have had their problems.
But what is it being?
Replaced with?
Oh, globalism!
Which means kumbaya and love!
But it doesn't mean that.
It means authoritarianism, AI control, absolute enslavement.
You know, TV viewers see one set of ads, video ads, radio listeners hear audio ads and little news pieces we do and little vignettes and commentary.
Because all the other talk show hosts run ads during their breaks.
And our local stations do that, but I run commentary, mainly.
And I was driving in this morning and I was just thinking about what a great job President Trump did last night in that debate and just how proud I am of Trump and how I understand everything he does and I understand why he does what he does and I'm just really synced up with the President.
It's amazing.
I don't think I've ever been synced up with anybody like this.
Something's going on here.
This is God.
I know you feel it and see it too.
You always have those lingering doubts because you're so used to being lied to and so used to being screwed over and so used to fraud that when the real thing finally happens, you just can't believe it.
And instead of hating my enemies, and I do hate them, it's not good to operate off hate.
We do this because we love our children, we love our country.
And just in that moment, I was thinking I was going to cut a minute about Trump's
Accomplishments and, you know, how he's surrounded, how we need to pray for him.
And then I was just thinking about how thankful I am to God for President Trump and for you, that I just burst out crying.
And not tears of pain, but tears of joy that there's not just evil in this universe.
Now, let me give you the bad news, though, because Trump's going to win in a landslide, but the fraud's so high,
That they had a chance of making it look like he might have lost.
Just gut level, thousands of data points, research, the spirit, you know, you can't quantify wisdom.
Last night was such a devastating victory.
And it was so obvious to everyone that you can spiritually feel even the moderators and the reporters have to act like they hate Trump.
You could just feel America completely seeing what was real and what was fake.
And when Trump points at him and says, look at your politician answers.
Those are sick.
People don't want your crap.
They want to have a good life and not to be lied to anymore.
And it was just so damn true, man!
That's why I love the truth so much.
I'm a very truthful person.
But I
I mean, I've lied to cops when they pulled me over, you know, 20 years ago or whatever.
Do you have any beer in there?
Oh, no, officer.
Have you been drinking?
Oh, no, certainly not.
Okay, you can go.
Cops pulled me over.
Have you been drinking?
Yeah, I had a half bottle of wine.
Boom, you're arrested.
I love the truth so much now that it's actually become like a problem.
Because in the Bible, there's times when the, you know...
Israelites go in to spy on somebody because they're trying to defeat their enemy and they lie.
And there's times, you know, you didn't see Jesus lying though.
And I'm not saying I'm Christ-like.
I'm just getting to the point where I just, I've lost, I'm losing the capacity to lie.
And that's why they say Trump lies all the time.
Remember at first, oh, he's crazy, but he does what he says he'll do.
He doesn't lie.
It's neurotic how he doesn't lie.
It's the opposite.
That's why a bunch of the speech, you go, well, to be honest, the Democrats also have supported this policy, which is a good one.
And he doesn't even want to give them that, but he doesn't want to train his mind in lies.
Because when you train your mind in lies, it messes with your processing.
It corrupts your brain.
When you tell somebody a lie, you know what?
Instead of lying sometimes, if something's uncovered, I just don't say anything.
I'm not talking.
He told me he has a Fifth Amendment.
And I don't mean to talk about myself, I'm just talking about the journey everyone's having, and I have a soul, you have a soul.
And my gauge of what's going on is big, gigantic victory last night.
And we shouldn't be ashamed of Trump, our champion.
And we shouldn't be ashamed of what God's given us.
I mean, can you imagine if Hillary had been in for four years, where we'd be?
They had this COVID thing planned.
They had all the race riots planned.
And then she was going to orchestrate this whole thing and totally split this country even worse than Barack Obama did.
That's their mission from the Chinese, is to demoralize us and turn us against each other.
And their plans are burning down in front of us.
And watching Joe Biden culturally, spiritually, intellectually bleed out last night was a beautiful thing.
I do not want anything physically to happen to him.
I want him politically annihilated.
Because he is literally the example of an arrogant, corrupt lawyer who thinks, you know what, doesn't have a stench.
And who's been pissing in the face of this country for 47 years.
And I mean, I relish getting this guy off our back.
I relish it.
But you got to vote.
You got to get others to vote.
You got to be vigilant.
Because they're going to activate race riots.
They're going to say Trump really lost or that it's contested, that he won't let them count all their ballots.
They'll have Democrat blue states do it.
And then they're going to hit the power grid and say the Russians did it.
In fact, they're going to hit the power grid of the stock market if Trump's people aren't able to stop him.
And I'll tell you, because the enemy already knows this, a lot of systems in the days up to the election after, they're bringing in extra engineers and people to try to take them offline.
Like you saw how the Russians took their internet offline a few months ago.
They're talking about doing it during the U.S.
election, because they want to just be able to shut the internet off outside of Russia, meaning outside stuff can't get in.
That way people can't claim their networks for doing things, and they also see a massive cyber attack coming that can shut down civilization.
The Russians aren't stupid.
And so if you study the type of attack profile the globals are going to launch, it'll be saying Russians brought down the US power grid.
A false flag on the Russians.
That's the next move.
So, race war, cyber attack, massive one blamed on the Russians, plunging the stock market,
Political assassinations.
I mean, these people have never gotten in trouble for what they've done.
So the good news is Trump did a great job.
He's great.
People are waking up.
The enemy isn't going to give up.
I mean, they're not going to give up.
If one thing, they don't give up.
And we should open the phones up and ask, what do you think they're going to pull?
They're going to pull false flags.
People try to truck bomb Biden.
Hell, they might kill Biden to make him a martyr.
He's such a loser.
That's the only way to save a loser, who's politically dead, is to kill them and then you can have them resurrect.
Like the Phoenix.
Not literally, but metaphysically.
So, yeah, they might kill Biden.
They might assassinate Biden.
They're definitely going to attack the power grid and the internet.
Because if there's an internet kill switch, which they already have in place, selective censoring is not going to work enough for them.
They want to cripple things to create a sense of confusion.
Yeah, that's what they'll do.
Probably got a rider truck loading it up with AMFO right now.
I'm sure they do.
They do, of course they do.
They've always got a bunch of these little hamsters running around in hamster wheels because they've never gotten in trouble and they got all this stolen trillions of dollars.
Oh yeah, the police departments, the military's all ready for civil war and anarchy and race war and all this crap.
And oh, Jones is crazy!
He says, coming towards the election, the left's gonna try to trigger civil war.
Boy, those two-year-old headlines didn't age too well, did they?
But see, that's what it is when you're over the horizon.
Over the horizon.
See, I see over the horizon.
Which is not hard!
These people have a damn playbook.
They've done it all over the place, and they always wargame it in think tanks.
So I'm like, hey, look, the Atlantic Council's wargaming three years ago a civil war in a contested election if Trump wins.
Oh, and then three years later, John Podesta is in the emails and is in the phone records at a phone conference at the DNC saying, we'll have the states secede and have a race war.
I mean, it's just like, I mean, if I was on the phone to the Republican Party going, and then we're going to secede and we're going to have a race war and we'll have, we'll make things so bad, they'll have to call in the military.
I mean, there'd be like.
Hey, uh, Mr. Jones, uh, please come with us.
I mean, this is like way beyond blowing up the Hoover Dam or something.
I mean, this is blowing the whole country up for the chi-coms, all because Hollywood has a weird hatred of the country, and so they want to just fetish, and they all want to screw our kids.
I mean, screw these people, man!
You want us to go to hell?
You go to hell!
You know, Trump gets re-elected.
It's going to be the man coming around, folks.
And we're going to be taking action as well.
The left said they're going to persecute us and take our speech and put us in prison.
We're not going to take their speech.
We're going to put them up on the stand in front of a jury of their peers.
And then we're going to convict them.
And we're going to send them to prison.
The man comes around.
All right, I want to give the number out and take calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Specifically on last night's debate, what did you think of it?
I thought it was devastating.
And yeah, it was somewhat rigged, and she interrupted Trump more, but it was like, you know, barely rigged.
Not like just ridiculous like Chris Wallace or the town hall.
Those were like cartoon level and the system knew it backfired.
Those debates hurt the system.
But last night, Trump was so real, so on his feet, and just getting at a level of just genuineness.
Like really hitting a stride.
He's a very genuine person.
Sometimes he overdoes it, just like I do, or you do.
He was just like, you know what?
I love this country.
I want to do a good job.
I've done a good job.
You're a monster.
And I can't believe you're up here.
And then Biden was just saying the most insane stuff.
Like, you put kids in cages.
My God, that's been debunked for three years.
That was Biden and Obama.
Simply incredible that they would try stuff like that.
Let's go to the clip.
Where again, Biden says, I've never taken money from a foreign country.
Ladies and gentlemen, he's on record after he was vice president being a foreign lobbyist.
That's just on his face a lot, but he meant in the way Trump's saying, oh no, you mean all those payoffs?
Oh no, those went to your brothers and your sons, your dirty family.
So go ahead and roll it, here it is.
I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.
We learned that this president paid 50 times the tax in China, has a secret bank account with China, does business in China, and in fact is talking about me taking money?
I have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever.
So, Trump went on to explain that we opened a business there.
Never got off the ground.
It was closed in 2015.
Meanwhile, who is the big guy Hunter Biden refers to in lucrative China pitch that interested him and his family and they took the money.
So the House of Cards is coming down.
Now, what clip should I go to next?
Yeah, let's go to the one.
Let's go to the one where
He talks about kids in cages.
Because that really says it all.
Number 16.
Let's go ahead and roll this.
And it went on and on, so I can't play the whole thing, but Trump hit him, I counted it last night, five times with, you put him in the cages, I got rid of the cages, you're a liar, those photos are with Obama.
And the media, Biden should be done right there.
But the media will not call him on that.
Here it is.
And it makes us a laughing stock and violates every notion of who we are as a nation.
Let me ask you a follow-up question.
Kristen, they did it.
We changed the policy.
Your response to that?
They did it.
We changed it.
They built the cages.
Who built the cages, Joe?
Let's talk about what we're talking about.
Who built the cages, Joe?
Let's talk about what we're talking about.
What happened?
Parents were ripped, their kids were ripped from their arms and separated.
And now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone.
Nowhere to go.
Nowhere to go.
It's criminal.
It's criminal.
Let me... Trump goes into what's criminal is millions of people trying to bring their kids up here but in most cases the kids go over dozens of times or uses a human shield to get them in.
That's on record.
Turns out the 500 aren't kids that they didn't find their parents.
That's not true.
It was children kidnapped so young that when they took them from smugglers they don't know who their parents are.
And who allowed that?
Who said bring kids and you get in?
Barack Obama 10 years ago.
And of course, there's an Infowars.com article.
Liberals are so stupid.
Leftists are so disconnected from reality.
They've never been on a farm or ranch.
They thought that Trump meant children were riding on coyotes.
When I saw that last night, I said, they said, oh my God, he's not going to, that's the name of human smugglers is a coyote.
Put the headline back up.
That is so crazy.
The blue check marks are like, he's crazy.
Coyotes don't bring kids into the United States.
People do.
That's what they're called, you dumb bastards.
See, you leftists are the dumb idiots.
Not the military that Biden called dumb bastards to their face.
You know, Trump calls them dumb bastards behind their back.
And it's like, wait, that's exactly what you call them.
I mean, these people are incredible, folks.
Let me see that headline again.
That's amazing.
And then scroll through some of the tweets there.
For TV viewers.
But just imagine, liberal politicians, journalists, and blue check marks thought Trump meant actual coyotes are smuggling children across the border.
Scroll through that.
It's a Kellerman Brain article.
After President Trump said coyotes, they thought it was an actual animal, an actual canine.
The man said coyotes.
And they say, oh, he's completely insane.
Wow, he's crazy.
Wow, gosh, think about how dumb these people are.
Because they grow up in high-rise buildings, they go work in a pod at Big Tech, they drink Starbucks coffee, and, I mean, listen, I love New Yorkers, and a lot of New Yorkers have been in the military, and they've lived here and there, and they know stuff, you know, hard-working New Yorkers.
But when you get around the trust fund kids, and you get around the L.A.
trust fund kids, they think in Texas, we have outhouses and ride horses to work.
People get to, like, what the hell?
Texas has, like, spacecraft and rocket launching bases and superconductors and supercolliders and giant factories and what the hell's going on here?
Because they think if you have a Texas accent or a Southern accent, you have a low IQ.
Again, that's idiocy.
I don't think that somebody has a New Yorker accent.
They're stupid.
Now, they're a young trust fund kid.
They probably are very, very stupid.
How did those coyotes get all those kids past the wall?
That's got Wile E. Coyote from Warner Brothers.
And they're all so stupid, none of them even know what fools they are.
See, that's the thing about an invincible, massive idiocy.
Invincible ignorance is a term I coined 20-something years ago.
They're so ignorant, you can't even get through to them, and they love whatever the BS is so bad.
That they never understand how they were wrong.
And Trump even said, you know, the coyotes, the smugglers.
In fact, guys, there's a fuller clip of that.
Get Trump's full response to kids in cages.
I want to play that.
I want to play where he says, coyotes, you know, the smugglers.
He even knows they're that stupid.
He even goes, oh, I just use a technical term.
They won't know what that is.
I mean, just wow.
And it goes on and on.
We've got so many other clips.
I want to take your calls.
And I want to get into the next big shoe to drop, or the next big balloon to go up, the next red flag.
All these whistleblowers that are in the emails coming out about Hunter Biden and the big guy involved in absolute bribery.
Coming up in just a few minutes, your calls with the Queen of Conspiracy calling from Pennsylvania, Mike in England, Jesse in Missouri, Brian in New Hampshire,
Renaissance in New York, Bob in Michigan, and others.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very, very honored and pleased to be here with you today.
Here is again the coyote smuggler clip.
At the left, mainstream news, everyone is saying Trump says wild dogs or a diminutive form of wolf that is in North America, the coyote, is actually taking children across.
He thought storks deliver children.
Now wolves deliver children.
I guess in Little Red Riding Hood they try to eat children.
When everybody knows, I thought everybody knew, that meant a smuggler.
Here's what the president actually said.
Mr. President, your administration separated children from their parents at the border, at least 4,000 kids.
You've since reversed your zero tolerance policy, but the United States can't locate the parents of more than 500 children.
So how will these families ever be reunited?
Children are brought here.
By coyotes and lots of bad people.
And they're brought here, and they used to use them to get into our country.
We now have as strong a border as we've ever had.
We're over 400 miles of brand new wall.
You see the numbers.
And we let people in, but they have to come in legally, and they come in through mail.
But how will you reunite these kids with their families, Mr. President?
Let me just tell you.
They built cages.
You know, they used to say, I built the cages.
And then they had a picture in a certain newspaper.
And it was a picture of these horrible cages.
And they said, look at these cages.
President Trump built them.
And then it was determined they were built in 2014.
That was him.
Do you have a plan to reunite the kids?
Yes, we're working on it very, we're trying very hard.
But a lot of these kids come out without the parents.
They come over through cartels and through coyotes and through gangs.
Vice President Biden, let me bring you into this conversation.
Quick response and then another question to you.
These 500 plus kids came with parents.
They separated them at the border to make it a disincentive.
People claiming to be, and most of the time it wasn't true, they're kidnapped kids from south of Mexico a lot of times that they use over and over again, man.
Man goes, hey man, hey man, you're the liar!
And a bunch of them got smuggled and ended up dead!
And then it's on your hands and your dirty, filthy family!
I love how he talks about how he's gonna beat Trump's ass.
How about we let those two have a cage fight?
Both give them baseball bats.
I'm so sick of these lying pieces of crap, man.
But we want to keep Hunter and
Joe alive.
Long enough to stand trial, don't we?
We don't want anything to happen to hair on their chinny-chin-chin.
I'm going to play a few more clips.
I'm going to go to your calls.
Let's just play these back-to-back.
They're all amazing.
President Trump officially brings up emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop, and then Trump hits Biden on profits from China and Ukraine, which are not alleged.
It's all right there.
These are his emails.
The witnesses have come forward.
They have the other copies on the other end.
Here it is.
But you were getting a lot of money from Russia.
They were paying you a lot of money.
And they probably still are.
But now, with what came out today, it's even worse.
All of the emails, the emails, the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family.
And Joe, you were vice president when some of this was happening, and it should have never happened.
And I think you owe an explanation to the American people.
Why is it?
Somebody just had a news conference a little while ago who was essentially supposed to work with you and your family, but what he said was damning.
And regardless of me, I think you have to clean it up and talk to the American people.
Maybe you can do it right now.
I don't make money from China.
You do.
I don't make money from Ukraine.
You do.
I don't make money from Russia.
You made three and a half million dollars, Joe.
And your son gave you.
They even have a statement that we have to give 10% to the big man.
You're the big man, I think.
I don't know.
Maybe you're not.
But you're the big man, I think.
Your son said we have to give 10% to the big man.
Joe, what's that all about?
It's terrible.
He just destroyed him.
And then Biden just lied.
I've never gotten any foreign money.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
And then coming up, I've got the really cryptic clip where he says, oh, you mean Operation Dark Winter?
He's talking about COVID.
And Biden, who's living 20 years ago, brings up a U.N.-U.S.
global tabletop exercise for global martial law, which was the precursor model of lockstep and then now COVID-19, Operation Dark Winter.
Which is a very cryptic threat at a false flag.
And it's also connected to nuclear war, when they use the term dark winter.
Because you get so much dust from up in the air, it causes a mini ice age.
So, very, very cryptic.
Okay, thank you so much.
Queen of Conspiracy was left online at the end of the show yesterday.
We called her back, let me show you, and then Mike in England.
Queen of Conspiracy, thank you so much.
Now, what do you want to talk about today?
Well, hi Alex, and thank you so much for taking my call.
I've been listening to you since the late 90s.
And I've always listened, but I never called in.
And I'm in Pennsylvania, so I wanted to say that everywhere you go in Lackawanna and Luzerne County, it's all Trump signs.
But it was like that in 2016, but yet somehow Lackawanna went blue.
It's a mystery.
But anyway, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on the 20th Amendment, where basically the Democratic states
All they have to do is not certify the vote.
Well, that's their whole plan.
And they've said they won't, and Pelosi can lead that and launch it at the state level.
And they tried to not seat Trump before.
You would hope that the Supreme Court would step in and stop it, which is pretty much what's going to end up happening.
It's just that in that interim, the globalists, the Chinese, are already targeting the power grab.
They're already targeting the infrastructure, the cyber infrastructure, and they're attacking Americans just like we would carpet bomb the Nazis in response to their carpet bombing of London.
They're just attacking everything.
We're not just attacked every day by the Chinese.
I mean like a half billion attacks at a time.
These are unprecedented level attacks right out of China.
They're not even hiding where it comes from.
They're hitting everything.
I mean, they're hitting power plants, they're hitting local businesses, they're just savaging us right now ahead of whatever's coming.
Because I believe all of these attacks are probes, and they're testing systems to see what's effective.
It just blows my mind that all the top alphabet agencies at the top, nothing's being done.
That's because they took them in the last 50 years and put them in there to not go after real crime.
So they created a lapdog system and that's why these people are unable to respond to a real enemy because they're trained to lay down.
Does that make sense?
Well what does Trump do though?
How do we take our country back?
Before we reach a point, past a point of no return.
It seems like that's where we're heading.
Well, you've done it, ma'am.
You've supported us.
I don't know how long.
We're on air.
We have a huge effect.
Other independent groups do.
And we've taken the power into our own hands.
And are not just sitting back and letting the corrupt outside system do this.
And so, you vote.
You speak out.
You say no.
And if they kill the president or turn it into a hot war, then God knows we're going to have to study total resistance and carry it out.
So we're not the ones that did this or the ones that started it.
I'm not looking for a fight.
Believe me, I don't want one.
But if they're looking for a fight, they came to the right place.
That we have you.
I know you don't like being, you know, thanked, but you're there.
Well, I thank God I'm here because of you.
It's like the gravity of the sun holds Earth in place.
Well, you guys are the sun.
So it's just, I love you.
I want you to know how important you are.
It's not about kissing your butt either.
It's about understanding.
The listeners are the sun.
You're the big enchilada.
I'm just a little orbiting thing out here.
And all I do is ping messages back you're already thinking.
That's all I do.
I'm willing.
I'm willing because I wanted to.
I volunteered for this.
I believed in you.
I believed that we would defeat globalism if we sold freedom up against it, and it's happening.
And so I'm fabulously pleased.
I'm willing to die for this right now.
I don't want to, but I'm just very happy.
I just don't want people to think this is some great thing to do this.
This is what you're supposed to do, like you see a kid run on the road, you go stop him and get run over.
Thank you so much, ma'am.
I appreciate your call.
If you see a three-year-old, because mom had a stroke, or fell asleep, or has epilepsy, whatever it is, mom or dad, you know, is watching the kid, passes out, and the two-year-old wanders out the street.
That stuff happens.
And it's happened to family of mine that's gone out and saved a kid or whatever.
I mean, I saved a lady choking one time.
It wasn't I was a hero.
I knew the hammock maneuver.
I took it in swim team.
You know, they had the fire department come and do a two-day course.
And I learned it when I was 12 years old.
And I mean, I knew it.
And no one would help her.
She's dying.
She's turning purple.
She's got bread in her throat.
And they're going, call 9-1-1 like parrots.
And I said, get out of the way.
They're like, no, sir, you're not medically trained.
This is the name.
I go, yeah, I am.
And I grabbed the lady and coughed the thing up out of her.
And she would have probably died.
I wasn't a hero.
I was competent, I was engaged, I was informed, I wasn't a spectator.
But those people that all said don't help her, you know they're all maskies right now.
They love their little diapers.
Okay, let's try to jam in a lot of calls right now.
Mike in England and then Jesse, Brian, Resistance, Renaissance and Bob.
And then, yes, there's a lot of breaking news I haven't gotten to yet, but we'll just do that next hour and then continue with calls.
And Catherine Austin Fitz, who was really informative, she was on a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get her back on to expand more on what's unfolding, get her to take on the debate, and play some more of those clips as well.
There's been another video that just came out.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Intense video.
Cop shoots black man drawing presumed weapon in San Bernardino.
There'll probably be riots over that.
Even when a black cop shoots a black guy and pulls a gun on him, there's riots.
It's just crazy.
Because it creates the perception that, man, all the black men are being gunned down.
Because about once a month I see it on TV.
You know how many people die a day in car wrecks in a city like L.A.?
What, like 30, 40?
I mean, it's just crazy.
And I'm not saying it's good when a cop shoots somebody.
The latest footage is it looks like he's pulling a weapon.
What about where the black guy comes after the cop with a knife and is trying to stab him and people still rioted?
Or the black guy shoots the white guy, the cop, the woman calls, the black lady calls the cops, he's beating her, he goes in the house, the guy shoots the cop, the guy shoots him back and then they still rioted!
It's just a mess out there, man.
You could not get me to be a police officer.
It's always been a tough job, but it's just, just, I mean, God Almighty.
Talk about, because I mean, now, if you shoot somebody and there's any question about it, you're going to prison if you're a cop.
I mean, I mean, here's the deal.
We've all been in fights, or most of us have.
I had a dog bite me, not too bad, because I caught it while I was doing it a few weeks ago, and I got mad.
And I kind of wasn't thinking once I punched the dog in the face a few times, and
You know, basically threatened to kick the guy's ass, he was smarting off.
And I was like, God, why did I do that?
Because it was the heat of the moment.
I mean, I don't have those controls.
And I just could not be a cop.
The way they control themselves in situations is incredible.
And I guess it's the training.
And the danger every time people call you to their house, where the husband and wife are fighting and breaking stuff, and then you're the bad guy?
And you see where they, like, call the cops?
Somebody will call the cops if their Wendy's hamburger isn't hot?
And the cops will show up for that?
Because by law, they have to?
Alright, I'm gonna stop ranting.
I said I'd take your calls.
Mike in England, you saw the debate last night.
What did you think of it?
Well, hi, Alex.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
We want you to know we love you, and there's so many people that do love you, and thanks for the stickers.
Trump did win last night.
Yes, he wiped the floor with him, but it's not going to matter.
Not if 100% of the patriots don't get out and physically vote.
And the reason is, I got about three or four points and they're all very pertinent.
We got a constitutional crisis for both of the candidates.
Biden is just not eligible for security clearance.
So, I mean, they got a problem on that.
No one's talking about that.
He's not eligible for security clearance whatsoever right now.
The man is an absolute disaster.
I mean, the amount of crime he's committed is unbelievable.
I mean, he admits to crimes on TV.
Harris, with the debate with Pence, she admitted that she's ineligible to be president.
I don't know if he caught it.
She said, well, my mom moved here, and then two years later, I was born.
That's right.
If your mom's not born here, you've got a problem.
Yeah, so she's ineligible.
So they've got a train wreck altogether.
Everybody must get out and physically vote.
The reason is, you know why they have all these ballots?
She was in another country and then they moved here.
Wow, that's amazing.
Yeah, so she admitted on international television that she's not eligible.
People may not understand it, but I'm here in England and I understand it because I have my children.
I know the details on that.
So she's ineligible.
Why are they stupid enough to put a train wreck for both of those on the ballot?
It's because they're so arrogant.
They got away with murder for so long under Bush Sr., under the Clintons, under all of it.
They got away with like 30 years of, 40 years of whatever they wanted.
So they just, they're just not accustomed to ever having any opposition.
And so that's why they've screwed the pooch, and now they've got big tech and the media all censoring, all ganged up, and it's not working.
And it's showing they're not as powerful as they thought they were.
What was your other point, Mike?
Yeah, they're stupid.
Yeah, everybody's got to get out and physically vote.
The reason why we're finding so many ballots that are being trashed, legitimate ballots, is because they have to make room for all the fake, fraudulent ballots.
So when they're stealing them, there's a purpose to it.
By the way, I wasn't as smart as the old people who figured this out.
I had this explained to me last week.
Old folks figured out, oh, I gotta go physically vote, because the reason they sent out $80 million was, when I mail mine in, in absentee, they're gonna throw it away and forge my name.
And I don't know why Trump isn't using the 14th Amendment, because it's gone past it.
I mean, they've made their intent clear.
Like you say, this is war, and the stakes are high.
And I know you don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, but it's getting a little bit close, and the fraud and the vote rigging is so intense.
Oh, I agree.
It's too dangerous to wait after the election to undock all these people.
This is absolutely high stakes, sudden death overkill, and I mean, everybody better be praying.
So when I say, hey, it's great, Trump won the debate, America's behind him.
But he's got to get past the fraud now.
But I just saw that cherry on top.
I could feel the spirit of America move even closer to Trump.
You've got all these big black icons coming out saying they're going to endorse Trump because they just know.
They know Trump's not against him.
They know Trump's trying to help everybody.
And it's just time for folks to have some damn courage.
That's why I've got stacks of articles every day I don't even have time to hit.
Where you'll have somebody kicked out of college because they support Trump, or somebody fired because they support Trump.
Where's the civil right there?
That you support the president so you're fired?
I mean, I had a bank account.
I can talk about this now, and I appreciate your call, sir.
God bless you, Mike.
For 20 years.
Okay, I had my children's private bank accounts on there.
Tutman accounts, education accounts.
Not a lot of money, but you know, some money for college.
Or if they want to go.
Or medical stuff.
And they called up and they said, yeah, we don't want to be associated with you because you're with Trump.
And I went in to close my main bank account.
They go, oh, no, no, no, no.
We don't want a relationship with you.
We want your children's accounts closed.
So talk about Nazi Germany.
My children can't have bank accounts.
My children in America in 2000.
One of them's three years old.
And they said, no, we do not want a relationship with you or your family.
I said, well, thanks for telling me.
That bank would put me in a concentration camp like that, folks.
I mean, when they're telling you, we don't want your children's money.
Where are you?
14th Amendment allows the president to strip electoral college votes from states supporting censorship against voters.
Enables mass arrests of mayors, governors, and judges who support BLM.
Yeah, it's true.
That's a bunch of Lincoln stuff, but that's where they're taking us.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Jesse in Missouri.
Jesse, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I wasn't even going to call in until you did the man comes around thing there.
We love to have you, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you know, Trump knocked it out of the park last night.
Home run after home run.
And plagiarist Joe was plagiarist Joe.
He did that in his campaigns in the 80s.
He's well known for that.
Biden care.
I mean, come on.
He is so empty it's hard to believe, isn't it?
Yes, absolutely.
And he could have been an American leader.
He could have been.
But instead he runs around chasing money.
Just for money.
As if his money will be worth anything if the country implodes.
These are crazy people.
All the people have to do YouTube search Joe Biden plagiarist and watch the top video.
I've shared it so many times it covers it all.
But Trump damn well better.
Do what we all know that he should have done already.
You know, I've been on the Trump train since day one, never faltered, never wavered.
But we want him locked up and he better do it.
Well, when he gets reelected, he says, and I believe him, he's firing Barr and he's firing, I mean, he's firing him.
Yeah, but we don't have a recourse.
Like, did he wait this long to help his reelection?
I mean, I don't understand.
What are you waiting on?
You're absolutely right.
Thank you so much and God bless.
Yeah, the videos plagiarism and Joe Biden's 1988 presidential campaign.
I mean, he didn't just plagiarize what people said.
He plagiarized, he stole identities.
He said he was Bobby Kennedy.
He told the same stories.
About Bobby Kennedy, about himself, but with a different state, different place.
And none of it was true.
None of it.
Not, not 1%.
I mean, this guy is the father of lies.
He's, he's a devil.
He's a lazy, cheating piece of crap.
And like, I don't normally just mete out insults.
I mean, Joe Biden is the perfect archetypal example of an empty fraud.
And if you follow him, that's what you'll get.
With Trump, I know why Trump did everything he's done.
I would have, with my deep knowledge of this, and I do it all the time, I do have deep knowledge compared to most people, I would have made basically the same decisions Trump made.
Minus some of the Machiavellian stuff, which has worked like a charm.
I mean, he derailed their whole gun thing doing that.
Everybody's still pissed at him, but I know what he did.
He reached out and told me what he did.
So, it's incredible.
It's unbelievable.
Trump's a Jedi Master.
We'll be right back with our number three in your phone call.
Stay with us.
Back in black.
America's going to go back in the black as soon as we get Trump re-elected and defeat the globalist one-sided deals.
All right, Brian, Renaissance, and Bob, you're up next.
I had to have Katherine Austin Fitz back on, former high-level official in the Clinton administration, in HUD.
I mean, she's super uber smart.
Probably one of the smartest people I know.
And looking at this whole COVID rollout, this global takeover, how to oppose it, how to fight it, her take on the election, last night's debate and more here in just a few minutes.
But Brian in New Hampshire, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, what's going on Alex?
Good to be on the air.
It's good to be here brother.
What's on your mind?
I just want to start out with something a little different.
I've been listening to what you've been saying, everybody, saying thank you and stuff.
I wanted to throw a huge thank you to the resistance, my fellow patriots.
Thank you for keeping us online.
We'd be nothing without all of us.
We're all a team together.
We're going to take down these damn globalists.
Secondly, I just wanted to talk about last night.
Trump came on the stage and he was an absolute titan on the stage.
He was crushing Joe Biden.
Every time he said something, every time he blew, blew him out in the open with all his lies and everything, you could just see it on his face.
He had nothing to say.
Never has anything to say.
At this point... That's right, I mean Biden's BS got totally called last night.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
He was calling him, and this is the Trump that we've been wanting to see this whole time, with the first debate up until this point.
This is what he needed to come out with.
He's been blasting him lately.
Well, it's the same story.
He got pressured to be Mr. Nice Guy four years ago and lost the first couple debates and won the third.
History repeats.
Trump's the same way.
He told his advisors, shut up.
This has been confirmed.
I'm going after him.
And they said, oh, sir, people won't like it if you attack.
Be nice.
Be nice.
They're attacking you.
Fight back.
And that's, you know, where it comes in with, you know, my generation of people is getting weaker and weaker and it's disgusting.
We need a leader who can hammer down, strap down, and take on these global feds and come out and tell everybody the truth and blow it out all in the open.
That's what we want.
We don't want a bunch of nice guy lies and pitter-patter around and all this junk.
Trump's like, oh, everybody's around the table.
Oh, you love America.
Well, you sell us out to China.
He said, I'm not going to be fake with people.
And you know, Trump's riding the tiger.
He's playing their game.
We'll talk about it with Catherine Austin Fitz coming up.
He's not perfect.
I mean, he understands he can't go against a lot of these forces.
He can't go against a lot of these forces because the people are so dumbed down.
But that's the process of this is changing.
Thank you, Brian.
Renaissance in New York.
The pedo networks and the election debate.
Thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Commander Jones.
Good to talk to you, brother.
Yes, sir.
I was just thinking, you know how Eisenhower made his address about the military-industrial complex, right?
What if Trump were to come out about the compromised individual-industrial complex?
I agree.
Eisenhower gave his military industrial complex that Trump's talked about, so he's against the same group.
He should bring up the blackmail industrial complex 100%.
I think he should give that speech next week.
I think Monday night on the eve of the election, he should give that speech.
Hey, you know, put the word out there, frame it correctly, and you know, change, you know, new nomenclature.
You know, to really crystallize it, as you like to say.
Compromised Individual Industrial Complex.
You know?
Put it out there.
Beautiful idea.
What's else on your mind, Renaissance?
Well, um, the other thing is also, I'd like, I thought he did good yesterday, but I'd like, David Knight was even talking about it earlier, the word liberty wasn't used at all, so I'd like to see him push a little more for liberty, American liberty as well.
Well, David's right.
I mean, that's all David's said this morning.
Trump should have just said, the federal government doesn't have the power to make you wear a mask, or do all this, and it didn't have the power to keep a lockdown going.
I mean, Trump, that one area, and I'm not knocking David Knight, he's a smart guy, but it's easy to Monday morning quarterback, brother.
Yeah, no, you're right.
You're absolutely right.
I dropped the ball myself more than once in my life.
So, yeah, I definitely think about that.
Yeah, think about Trump up there at 74.
It's unbelievable.
Thank you so much, brother.
We love you.
We'll be right back with Katherine Austen, fans.
All right, I really appreciate Catherine Austin Fitz, who's a very busy person, joining us.
I don't normally have a guest on a week and a half after they were on, but we only had 45 minutes with her last time and she ended on all these great solutions and micro economies and people facing that there is a globalist takeover that plans to make you obsolete so it can control your life.
And then if you start shifting now, there's still resources, you can build other economies.
She's a leading expert on that.
She has her amazing magazine and publication, The Solari Report.
The state of our currencies, the end of currencies, the big global move to get rid of cash, to get rid of this and what that symbolizes.
And I want to speak about that next segment.
But I wanted to talk to her first about the debate, Trump, the election, election fraud.
People say, well, Trump's devaluing the currency.
Well, globally, they're doing it.
I mean, I get that.
At least he's trying to maintain U.S.
I'm not lionizing him.
I know he's not perfect, but I wanted to ask your real opinion, I respect it, on the power structure and the factions, and why the system hates Trump so much, but at certain levels he's also driving up the stock market.
What you really think the mechanism is behind that, and other points you'd like to make, just about the general lay of the land, ten days out.
Katherine Austin Fitz at Solari.com.
She's managed tens of billions, $25 billion, $300 billion in financial assets and liabilities.
She graduated Pennsylvania BA, the Wharton School, and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University, Hong Kong, and a bunch of other degrees and all the rest.
I'm not going to go over it all.
And she worked high level as the Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush administration.
Hi Alex.
So the presidency of the United States is not an entry-level position and Trump went in as an entrepreneur and real estate developer with no experience in governmental process and he really doesn't want an experience in governmental process.
He wanted to change things.
So it was a shock to the system both
A system that's used to process, but also a system that's become very corrupt.
And if you look at all the different people who have criminal liabilities in that system, you know, they got very uncomfortable.
So when you have change, you know, when an empire starts to rock and roll and change at the top, you get a lot of people who are very uncomfortable.
And if you look at the criticism of Trump, you know, I would say that some is perfectly reasonable and valid and, and other.
Criticism is completely not reasonable and valid.
It's just special interests trying to protect themselves.
And one thing I will say for Trump, he's tried very hard to keep his promises.
You notice no new wars.
That's pretty unusual.
And the other thing is he started to bring transparency.
You know, Trump has done more to inspire real conversations than anyone.
He hasn't done as much on disclosure as we'd hoped.
And his record on finances, you know, we saw FASB 56 occur in 2018, which has taken the government in the wrong direction.
So the, you know, the financial secrecy has skyrocketed as it's done for every administration in the last
Ten administrations.
So, you know, the trend continues.
But that's beautifully said.
He's a guy from the outside that showed how corrupt and weak the system was.
That if he's supposedly retarded and dumb and an idiot, he came in and defeated all these people.
Obviously, he's not really as bad as they say or dumb as they say.
It really shows their weakness that he's this big idiot.
He just totally defeated them and upended them.
It shows their incompetence, their overconfidence and what they've done.
Well, you know, I wouldn't describe it this way, but I think the American people are fed up and they want real change.
And his being elected in 2016 reflects that.
I've tried to understand what's going on in the ground and it's very difficult when I'm not, you know, I'm not in the United States currently, so it's been very hard.
But from what I can tell, you know, the polls describe a totally different situation than what you hear.
From people going to the Trump rallies or showing up for the Trump events.
There's far more enthusiasm at the grassroots for Trump right now than there appears to be for the Democrats, from what I can tell.
And, you know, we're just going to have to wait to see the voting.
My concern is the mail-in voting is going to be operationally such a nightmare system.
Now, I say that I voted by mail.
And, you know, so I've already voted.
But I think we're just going to have to see what happens.
It was very interesting on the debate.
I did not watch the whole debate, but my favorite line of what I did see is when Trump was being criticized for opening up the economy, he said, well, not everybody can afford to stay in the basement.
That was powerful.
That was, you know, and if you see the people who are showing up for the Trump rallies, they're people who, you know, do not want the economy shut down.
Now, I have to say this, and this is one of my big criticisms in 2020, Trump did allow the economies to be shut down more than they had to be.
We now see global billionaires increasing their net worth 27% this year.
And in some cities, as much as 50% of the small business is projected to be destroyed, shut down, or bankrupt.
That's right.
You're an economist, so he went with the third way.
They want a total, complete shutdown.
He said partial shutdown, but still too much.
But we see Alibaba, we see Amazon, we see all of them making record profits in this.
I mean, obviously they engineered this to do it.
As an economist, can you speak to that?
Well, what we're watching is centralization of the economy and we watched basically a global debt entrapment.
So you declare a whole bunch of businesses non-essential and then you allow the insider businesses to take over their market share at the same time with very low cost of capital.
You know, the Fed printing and basically directly or indirectly handing out money in a variety of ways.
You know, that's a financial engineering which allows the insiders to take over the outsiders for cheap.
And it's, you know, as far as I'm concerned, it's a RICO conspiracy.
I totally agree.
You've got the floor with three minutes.
What does Trump need to do then to change this?
What would you do if you were president to counter this right now?
Well, the first thing I would do is I would make it, I would make perfectly clear what's happening.
You know, I would make it clear that to declare churches and small businesses non-essential, but liquor stores essential or, you know, Amazon and Walmart essential, has nothing to do with health crisis.
It has to do with disaster capitalism and basically organized crime centralizing control of the economy.
So the first thing he could do is bring a much more obvious and blunt transparency to what is happening.
Wow, I mean, you're a former top Bush administration official, and you're saying COVID-19 is disaster capitalism, and I keep meaning to say what it is.
Sure, it's real, it kills a few people, it's overblown, it's a scam, a fraud, no, no.
It's disaster capitalism.
You just said it.
Well, I'm saying the debt entrapment aspect is disaster capitalism.
I'm not saying COVID-19.
Put that aside.
People are sick and dying.
But if you look at the shutdown of the economy and the rules and regulations and the way it's been engineered... So you're saying the response is to capitalize on that and make money off of it?
Right, right.
And that includes the riots and the protests.
If you look at the patterns of the riots and protests, it looks to me, you know, like, you know, real estate acquisition.
So to me, we're watching the unfolding, and this started with FASB-56 in October 2018.
Since FASB-56 was approved in 2018, we're watching extraordinary centralization of the economy, and from my point of view, Trump has not done enough to stop that or bring disclosure to it.
Well, that's his biggest failing is not busting up monopolies or big tech.
He sure talked about it, but that's his biggest failing, in my view.
What else is his biggest failing?
What else is big?
Well, if you look at what we're up to, you have a copy of state of our currency right now.
What I'm seeing, you know, the central bankers agreed to the global, it's called the going direct reset in August 2019.
And they have proceeded on five pillars to work towards a system which Christians describe as Mark of the Beast.
I would describe as, you know, the end of currencies and essentially going to a company, a credit on the company's store, not unlike what the Chinese are doing with social credit.
Stay there.
This is the biggest thing ever.
Catherine Austin Fitz, a top economist, former head of a major Bush administration department.
She's an expert and she's going to lay out the real facts of what's coming next and what the whole COVID power grab is really about.
Call everyone you know.
That's how the show explodes.
It's how we turn things around.
Your action.
You are the resistance.
We'll be right back.
Well, the editor-in-head of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitch, is our guest, the state of our currencies.
What does it mean to get rid of cash?
What does it mean to bring in this global system?
Will it be abused?
It's being abused day one.
I'm seeing a shift.
Though in Congress from just saying, oh, Google might be censoring too.
These are big cartels bigger than governments that are controlling information markets and taking over.
So finally, the almost vestigial, almost ceremonial government figures out how it's been arrogant as a bunch of lawyers.
But is it too late?
And so get into the state of currencies.
For those that don't know, they're getting rid of change now.
The Federal Reserve saying you can't have cash at Christmas.
They are admittedly phasing this out globally.
They're using COVID to do it.
They're getting rid of, go to any restaurant.
Oh, you got a QR code.
Paper is dangerous.
It means you got to have a phone to be able to eat.
I mean, we're literally becoming little robots where we have to have our little digital guardian with us.
Or we can't live, but then they can turn that off anytime they want.
This is next level slavery right out of a science fiction book.
Katherine Austin Finch again, Economist.
Please continue.
Well, you know, it's interesting because I've been warning people, as have many, about this for years, but if you go back to the first big breakthrough in communicating the fact that the bankers wanted to chip us, in fact, Alex, you get the credit for your interview with Aaron Russo.
Do you remember that?
I do, it's got tens of millions of views.
We hung out with the Rockefellers and they said our main goal is to have a chip and then we control the global currency and now that's in the patents that Bill Gates is funding.
Well, if you look at the going direct reset and where those who would like very tight control want to go, there are five pillars to this thing and we were talking about what's Trump doing.
One of the most important pillars
Is the big pharma pillar because what you want to do is you want to inject materials into people that allow you to literally link them up to the cloud.
Think of it as downloading an operating system into our bodies.
And one of my problems with Trump is, you know, he's taken $10 billion that we could use for critical investment, critical protection of children and other people who need it.
And as far as I'm concerned, wasted it as a boondoggle on Big Pharma for injections, which I think are going to help implement the system.
Why is he doing it?
Why is he using the military to do it?
That's one of the biggest criticisms, and I predict that it's to take control of the process from
Fauci and from Gates who were saying, oh, it'll be two years till we reopen and we've got our new vaccines.
And so Trump did that to boost confidence and to take the process away.
We have really good doctors all around the country and all around the world who are talking about if you practice early intervention, there is no need for anybody.
I totally agree.
And I think Trump's wrong.
I know you do.
I know you do.
So, you know, what they would say, what those doctors have said, there is no pandemic.
So stop with the $10 billion for the injection.
I call it the injection fraud.
But, you know, we've forgotten how much money $10 billion is.
$10 billion could solve a lot of hurt and a lot of pain and a lot of problems.
Okay, let me keep going.
We have a constitution.
The constitution is the law of the land.
It's superior to any state constitution, any state laws, and that constitution says there is, you know, the government is not superior to controlled churches.
You cannot have the U.S.
government or a state government shut down churches.
The way that this has happened.
Where has Trump been on this?
Because I'll tell you... No, I agree.
There is no jurisdiction as the federal and state courts are ruling.
So it's all just color of law.
It's all intimidation.
But remember, that's extraordinary intimidation to shut down the economy on Main Street, of which churches, believe it or not, are a very important part.
Well, isn't it war?
Isn't siege the greatest form of war to shut something down?
This is World War III.
Let me keep going.
Why is it the average American has a cost of capital of 16 to 17% when interest rates are at 1%?
You know, they're lucky if they get 1% on their bank CDs.
But you're watching a huge number of the big companies that are picking up market share during this period, paying essentially almost nothing for their cost of capital, very much subsidized by the Fed's intervention in the markets in a variety of ways.
They were ready.
They were prepared.
They launched it.
They're consolidating control.
Right, exactly.
Well, let me keep going.
It was Trump who gave Microsoft the award for the DoD contract.
You know, now Trump, I'm sure, would say it was a contract process at DoD, but we see huge contracts from the administration for the intelligence agencies into Amazon, huge contracts to LATOS, the former Lockheed spinoff from the Navy, and huge contracts
Well, but I don't, you know, I don't see Gates as the issue.
I see the infrastructure as the issue.
Because the question is, with Microsoft controlling that cloud and the injections probably hooking people up directly to that cloud, who has access to that cloud?
Exactly, it's the infrastructure putting all of our stuff out there in the world that's dangerous.
Who cares who runs it?
It's the fact that it's there.
Well, I would bet you a dollar that other countries have access into that cloud.
We know China has access into the Apple cloud.
You know, I'm not sure.
But you're talking about the defense cloud.
You know they've got access.
Well, you know, my concern is not China.
My concern is Israel on that one.
Well, talk about it.
Lay it out.
Israel, yeah, they love to sell our stuff.
So I just think the cyber, one of the big problems with moving to a digital currency is where, and you heard this, you heard the chairman of the Federal Reserve this week on a cross-payment
Panel with the IMF say the same thing, that there are real concerns about cybersecurity and doing anything, let alone depending on anything on this platform.
And so that's why, you know, one of the pillars is Big Pharma, one of the pillars obviously is the bankers, but another one of the pillars is tech.
And the tech guys are perfectly happy to take the global currency system and just throw it out there and play and
You know, which side you sit on this is the, the, you know, what we're watching right now and what we've been watching since the going direct reset has been approved is an effort to extend and keep the dollar system going and then to accelerate the new system.
Now, the new system to me is a transhumanist system.
I want nothing to do with it.
And of course, one of the possibilities, which I think is very likely, is the new system doesn't come in and get integrated before the old system really spirals down and we end up with a real mess.
And the question for every one of us is not
You know, how are we going to survive the system they're implementing?
My question is, how are we going to build an alternative system when their system fails?
And so your mission is, hey, there's two competing systems.
One's being phased out.
One's being built.
It's very predatory.
We better think about another system because the whole future is a new system.
And that's the battle for the future.
All right, let's talk about your idea for a new system.
With Catherine Austin said straight ahead, very powerful.
This is everything, folks.
What she's talking about is the big enchilada.
And the globalists don't want you thinking about big systems or infrastructures.
No, they just want you to just sit there and take it.
You're not an animal.
You control your environment.
You can change it.
Catherine Austin Fitz is our guest.
She's covering the key issue that they're phasing out the old cash dollar system, bringing in the new global digital system.
But they're testing it, they're manipulating it, there's a bunch of groups fighting over it.
And wow, this system they admit they're going to use, just like the social credit score on the internet, to control what we do and say.
So we better start understanding now that we should build alternative systems.
Just from a capitalist position,
To create some new patriot currency or some patriot bank where you weren't discriminated against, whether you were liberal or conservative, that was just free speech again.
I mean, this is the big enchilada.
So this is next year's, next decade's news today.
Catherine Austin Fitz, please continue.
So the number one thing I think anybody listening to this needs to do, Alex, is to ask the question, where are you going to get good, healthy local food for the next five to ten years?
Because as we're watching centralization of the financial system and all resources, we're watching central control of the food system going on.
So if you're going to rebuild your local economy, one of the first things you want to rebuild it around is local food systems.
That's number one.
The second thing is, of course, how can you circulate equity and currency locally?
And that gets to the integrity of your digital and telecommunication systems locally.
When I was on last time, I told you Bill Binney's, one of my favorite reforms was recommended by Bill Binney when he said, integrate into the school's curriculum, teach the kids how to make encryption systems.
He said, if every community builds its own encryption systems, homegrown, it'll drive the system crazy.
They won't be able to deal with it.
Because when there's no financial or economic privacy, you can't build wealth.
So part of sort of re-engineering more economic power down to the local area is getting the systems having integrity.
Then the next thing, of course, is shelter and food and law and order.
A lot of people are paying attention to the presidential election.
We need to pay a lot more attention to the local sheriff and city council elections.
You need to understand how the money works in the local governments around you and who your sheriff is.
Because as counties all over across America have learned, if they have a good sheriff, they're in much better shape than if they didn't have a sheriff who just was going to take orders from the state house or the federal government and do things that were unconstitutional.
So a lot of this is coming back to ground zero in your area and saying,
Okay, you know, whether it's whether it's safety, whether it's circulating the money locally, or whether getting the basics food, food, shelter, energy, you know, how am I going to do that?
And I think most people have been indifferent to the sort of many of the things going on at the state and local level.
But that jurisdictional risk is going to, you know, is going to grow.
So, for example, I live in a state which is very well managed from a fiscal standpoint.
That's going to make a huge difference in terms of taxes and services compared to a state that is in real financial trouble.
If you're in one of the states, Truth in Accounting just did a new study on state and local governments.
If you're in one of the worst five states as listed by Truth in Accounting, you've got a real problem in terms of services and the kind of hikes you could be seeing in taxes or property taxes.
And the big globalist banks are making it sexy, the breakdown of civilization, how it's good for the earth, and how there's a global reset to make you poor, but actually that's going to cause war, famine, and collapse, and really hurt the environment.
So, this thing we hear about the environment, it has nothing to do with it, it's about power.
Well, in fact, the way to turn the environment, you know, the way to improve the environment is to realign the financial system by place.
So if you allow places to circulate equity and currency locally and didn't sort of try and stop them at every turn and let the small businesses compete... Exactly, micro-economies for local solutions.
Explain the best thinking on that, which is what the opposite of globalism, which is top-down.
So let's pretend for a second that I had a venture fund with publicly traded stock for my neighborhood.
What could I do to make that stock go up?
I could heal the environment.
So in other words, local investors could profit from turning the environment around and having a financial system where there was a win-win relationship, the two, both money and the environment were in alignment.
So there are real solutions.
You don't
You know, to me, you don't serve the environment by having total central control and reducing everybody to poverty.
That just, to me, that just makes things worse.
Well, yeah, and all their actuaries I've seen show it triggers collapse and war and a flood into the first world that'll swamp that engine and implode the wealth, consolidating power for the big tech people and the Jeff Bezoses of the world.
Because when everything else collapses, they'll be the ones delivering you everything that you're able to get at whatever price they want.
Well, what we've watched over the last year is the biggest disaster capitalism taking and grabbing that we've ever seen.
I think many people struggle to see it.
You know, they've done a very good job of getting the central bank piece to look very separate from the tech piece, to look very separate from the big pharma piece, to look very separate from the media and the military piece.
And the reason I wrote State of Our Currencies is to help bring it together, integrate it and show
And of course, the big question that you and I have asked for many, many years is why?
Why are they trying to centralize control to such an extent?
And it just may be the technology lets them get away with it.
And unfortunately, what we've seen is many, many people in America be absolutely tricked and snookered by all of this.
You know, they believe the lies.
When I see the predatory nature of this, and how they back wars for no reason, and how, just to consolidate, just so there's more numbers, they're already in charge.
I just wish there was a way to get them to stop.
I mean, Trump, as you said, is trying to end these wars.
That's something positive he's done, but in many areas he's gone along with them.
But I just, I don't know how they see it as sustainable for them.
How do they think they build a dystopia that they're going to be insulated from?
They're not going to be insulated.
So let me be a bad guy.
You know, the average American has gone along with war.
You know, we have been for many centuries on what I call the central banking warfare model.
And warfare has been a very big business for Americans and the general population has generally supported it.
So when we came into the 2016 election, Lawrence Wilkerson, who used to be chief of staff to Powell, gave an excellent speech.
And he said, you know, the question between these two candidates is, can either one of us, one of them, get us off the war model?
One of the reasons a lot of people voted for Trump was they felt he would be less supportive of starting new wars than Clinton's.
The wrap up we did at that time on the cover, it said, can, you know, can Trump clean up the swamp?
You know, and move forward to make America great again without more organized crime, without more warfare.
This is a big model change, and it's one of the reasons... And isn't his attempt actually in these wars have been somewhat successful?
A giant success?
Well, I would say he started no new wars, and that's much harder to accomplish than you would think.
Yeah, well, a president in four years didn't start a war.
I mean, it's always happening.
Right, but he has spent a great deal on the military and, you know, we are now... Well, that's the Trump philosophy.
He does what he says he'll do, but he still gives them all the money.
He even says, stop bitching, you got all the money, now don't go kill people.
Yeah, but our number one problem, Alex, is that way too much of the global economy is behind a wall of secrecy.
And no one has contributed more to increasing that secrecy than McConnell, Pelosi, Trump in 2018.
And it was bipartisan.
It was both Congress— There's no doubt that there is an ongoing consolidation of power, and COVID has only accelerated that.
Exactly, exactly.
So it comes down to, are you on the pro-centralization team or are you on the decentralization team?
No, I'm on the decentralization team.
Tell us how we decentralize.
Final segment, Catherine Austin Fitz, straight ahead.
You can get a copy of her Solari report at the end of Currencies, the state of our currencies.
It's very, very important and you need to read it.
We'll be right back with her.
You cannot talk about a more serious issue, folks.
This is real world stuff.
Real infrastructure, how the planet works.
You're taught to not even care about any of this.
I know the general listeners do care, but we gotta get other people to care.
Okay, some big news just broke, and normally, if I had a great guest on, I would still run over for five minutes to cover it.
But I'm gonna do it next hour.
I'm gonna take 15 minutes for Dr. Nick Baggage.
Wait till I cover this at 6 after.
Just, just, just, just wait.
You know, I don't plant hooks to have you tune into the next segment unless it's really powerful.
This is a pattern they've been doing.
In fact, Joe Biden did it too, guys.
So go ahead and get the clip of him saying 220 million Americans died.
Kamala Harris just said 220 million Americans.
That means if there were, again, like 10 people,
In my office, that means like six of them are dead, basically.
Seven of them are dead.
It's not even one-tenth of one percent that's dead.
She's saying over two-thirds are dead.
All right.
Economist Catherine Austin Fitz, continuing with solutions, how to counter this, how to create a new economy that isn't a globalist system.
Please continue.
Well, Alex, I'm glad you brought that up, because what people need to do to build a decent economy is they need to build a life on science and facts.
And that's why transparency is so important.
You can't get anywhere without transparency.
There was a poll about a month ago, it was mentioned in Lockdown Lunacy 3.0 by J.P.
The average or a poll of the Americans showed that Americans thought that 9% of the American population had died from COVID.
Now that's 30 million people, not 220 million, when in fact that was right before the CDC came out and revised their statistics to say less than 10,000 people had died from COVID-19.
So, you know, without comorbidities.
So if you look at 10,000 people versus a popular opinion of 30 million, what it tells me is the number one reform you need to do is you need to throw out your TV.
Well, exactly.
I ran into somebody today.
That said, why don't you care about the millions of dead, Alex?
And they were like crying saying, don't you care?
And I said, it's not true, but they believe it.
They think the news wouldn't lie to them about that.
I mean, this is huge.
So she's clearly, her and Joe have now both said repeatedly, 220 million dead.
What the hell is going on here?
So, so the war is for your mind.
And we know that the TV and these different mediums use entrainment technology and subliminal programming.
The reality is many Americans are concerned about confiscation of property.
The property you need to worry about being confiscated is your mind.
So right.
So because I don't, the central bankers don't need to confiscate property.
If they can confiscate your mind, then they can have your property whenever they want it.
This is very serious.
You need to have a coherent mind and you need to be able to look at your situation in terms of time and money mathematically.
So the first thing I would say is, you know, this is a spiritual war.
You need to pray and you need to protect your mind.
And you need to make sure that your mind is clear and coherent.
The next thing you need to do is you need to bank locally.
If you're banking with any of the big banks running this Going Direct Reset, you're financing it.
Why are you financing your enemy?
Then you need to figure out a way to start circulating money locally.
And the big important one is fresh food.
Because health is important.
If you travel across America, I know you travel, Alex, and you know, America is being poisoned.
We're in the middle of a huge poisoning.
And whatever is going on with health, that's a big part of it.
And injections and pharmaceuticals are a very big part of it as well.
You need to get healthy and you need to do whatever you can that's under your control.
If you look at how we're spending our money, you know, many of us, I'm guilty too, we're all poisoning ourselves.
So we need to get radical about health and stop poisoning ourselves and stop going along with these different things that are poisoning us.
And then it's back to how do you get a great education for your kids?
If you look, unfortunately, what's happening is we're all paying property taxes
And it's creating an educational establishment that we can't use because the curriculum is not preparing our children for competition in a global economy.
And now they're mandating everything from, you know, the kids can't breathe because they're wearing masks is to, you know, you have to inject them with things that give them heavy metals poisoning and, and, and.
Catherine, isn't this really what cults always do?
Once they start falling apart, they go, we're controlling where you can go.
You've got to wear this covering.
You've got to wear this mask.
I mean, this is cult programming.
You must homeschool.
You must homeschool.
So, you know, get out of the banks that are doing this.
Get your kids out of the schools that are doing this.
Every chance you have to withdraw your money, your time and your support, get it out.
Get it away and get it into something that could work.
Well, I mean, I've done the same thing, but we're with a small Texas bank now, this whole operation.
And so, you know, I was with another Texas bank, but they're globalist now.
And I told the story last hour, I had this big Texas bank a couple months ago say, we're closing your account because of your politics.
And when we went in to close the account, they said, oh, we want your children's little tutma, little, you know, education accounts, we're not even big accounts.
They said, we don't want any relationship with your family.
That's the note the banker has, like, we want no relationship with your family.
Talk about Nazi Germany.
So it shows you what they'll do in the future with this control.
I mean, these people are monsters and they don't even recognize it.
So I'll tell you a very interesting story.
As you know, I, for 11 years, I litigated with the Department of Justice and had a huge food fight of the kind you're describing.
And an effort was made to shut off all my different sources of income and revenue, you know, the same.
Disaster capitalism, sort of economic warfare that we're all dealing with now.
So in the 20 years before, I had given or loaned $250,000 to friends and family, and it was out there on the network.
That during the next 11 years, that money came back.
Everybody got together and said, well, I guess she needs it back.
And they loaned or gifted $250,000 to me.
You know, I finally added it up when it was all over and it was exactly that money.
It was out there in the community and came back.
If it wasn't for that money, I'd be dead.
I would never have made it.
So what I'm saying is, you know,
Invest in people you can trust and people who you can count on who will circulate it back to you.
Stop financing the national security state and start financing the people you can count on.
And hopefully that includes some farmers.
If you come to Soleri, I would strongly recommend you get state-of-the-art currencies.
What you need to understand is this going direct reset, which started last year, is going to go on for quite some time.
And it may be combined with healthcare crisis and it may be combined with a variety of other sort of geopolitical events, but it is a major change.
And what is very helpful for all of us to do is understand it's going to take a long time.
My estimate, it could probably take two to three years, at worst case, five to 10 years.
But the other thing is we need to be prepared for that.
The other thing we need to understand is there does need to be a reset.
The model we've been using since World War II, the Bretton Woods model, is changing because we're going to a multipolar world.
And so the question I would ask everyone is,
Yes, reject what the central bankers are doing and reject the current reset plan.
But the question is, what's our plan?
We do need a reset.
And so a reset is going to happen.
The question is, do you want it to happen nice or rough?
Catherine, you've done a great job here.
And what you're saying is the global resets here, they're trying to do it artificially.
Because they know they're fraudulent systems coming down and people need to know they're also using the turbulence from that and COVID is the cover to consolidate even more power greedily.
And so this is a very important discussion about who to blame but also that we've got to take matters in our own hands and start becoming self-sufficient because they're building a very unsustainable world.
So their reset is one to a transhumanist central control.
If we want to have a human society, we need a reset to something that has much more fundamental bottom-up productivity and is much more decentralized.
All right.
When I grow up, I'm going to defeat the New World Order.
We are live, 10 days out, Friday, October 23rd, 2020.
All right, folks, speaking of technocracies and how dangerous they are, in the great kind of 1984 spinoff Terry Gilliam made, Brazil, a bug, a fly falls into a typewriter at the Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Love, or of Torture, and so they go, instead of tuttle, it's buttle or something, so they go SWAT team this guy, take him and torture him to death because a bug fell in the typewriter.
I've got little switches right over here.
Uh, that take me on air and off air.
And the little switch, because how they have it set up is unorthodox, I guess, bumped over and fell off the table.
And so when I was banging the table, it was, it was squeezed up between the bench and the table here and was taking me on and off air.
So that's just an example of how we build these technocracies, but then we don't know how things run.
We're not in control anymore.
And so these technocrats think they're so powerful.
But despite all they've been doing to censor Trump and the American people, it's not been working.
So it shows real power is human power, not this so-called AI.
Like Steve Wozniak, the founder of Apple, says, the most powerful AI isn't a million times less powerful than an ant's brain.
We're just not using our brains.
And what she said was so thought-provoking.
Catherine Austern Fitz, if you just tuned in, I mean, she's so powerful.
I never heard that said.
It's true.
They don't need to conquer your bank account or need to conquer your mind.
And so that's what you need to worry about being stolen.
So we got about three minutes left.
Sorry about the technical difficulties.
You're awesome.
But to finish up with this amazing stuff you're covering.
So I just went through the, you know, the different things you can do.
I think the important thing to understand, Alex, is there are plenty of solutions.
Each person is different.
So how you would use your time in your community is different than how I would use mine.
The little secret here that no one talks about is the fact that if you
Took the economy and you realigned the financial system with the environment so that you had a win-win relationship between living things and money.
You know, so people could make money by healing the environment or making education better, all these different things.
If you look at the wealth explosion that is possible and then you add the new technology, it's astonishing.
Now, you know, so the wealth that's on planet Earth could, in my opinion, be hundreds of times what it is now, many multiples.
But that requires an advanced civilization.
You know, it requires us all growing up and- That requires greedy globalists not wanting to keep people poor to control them, exactly.
If they're so great and make everybody rich, we could do it.
I'm going to be a tough guy because it's not just the globalists that are greedy.
If you go back and look at the history of this, this is everybody.
The swamp is from sea to shining sea.
And, you know, I've spent the last 25 years trying to explain to everybody the corruption in the money.
And what I've discovered is as, you know, people believe if it makes me money, it's good.
And if it loses me money, it's bad.
And so if everybody's making money in war and everybody's making unorganized crime, you know, we're all pretending, you know, we're good and they are bad.
But we're all really kind of a lesser degree of Joe Biden.
No, I wouldn't say that.
But the economic dependency on organized crime and warfare is serious, and we can't get out of that and change.
I call it turning the red button green.
We can't get to turning the red button green unless we have transparency.
And so the key to this is transparency, and that's why— No, you're right.
We've got to stop incentivizing corrupt, predatory stuff.
Well, come back again in a month or so on turning the red button green.
People should get your publication and your magazine and all of it.
We love you.
We really appreciate your time.
30 seconds left.
Do you think Trump's going to win the election?
I think I would give it 80% chance or better that Trump wins.
What I don't understand is what the shenanigans around the mail-in voting could do.
That's the real wild card, isn't it?
Right, so if you look at what appears to be the popular opinion on the ground,
You know, my guess is Trump wins.
The polls don't make any sense to me, given what I'm hearing and seeing on the ground.
I agree.
Just like last time, it's a fraud.
Katherine Ossoffitz, thank you so much.
San Francisco tech CEO just issued an email warning of civil war unless you vote Biden.
We'll cover that and more on the other side.
Back in 60 seconds.
Thank you, Katherine.
Now, if you remember, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on the Alex Jones Show.
If you'll remember, about a month ago, you can pull it up, Joe Biden said 200 million Americans died
That's a little under two-thirds.
There's about 332 million citizens, another 50 million people that are here or naturalized or here illegally.
So, you know, we're talking 370 plus million people.
Now, if 200 million were dead, that'd be close to two-thirds.
If 220 million were dead, it's, again, a little above 60%.
We've done the math.
But when you look at 220,000 dead from COVID, most of them died of something else that's been confirmed.
94% had comorbidities.
Most of the tests were false.
They just put it on the different death certificates to get the extra COVID federal financing.
$50,000 plus, $52,000.
So that's all known.
But Biden said it twice.
And I've seen other media say 200 million died.
Of course, the news told us that 5% was going to die.
That would be 15, 16, 17 million people.
18 million, depending on the numbers.
But 18 million people didn't die.
But I run into people in the streets that literally scream, F you, millions have died, you Russian spy.
Some of it got caught two weeks ago when we were downtown.
They're saying, ask you, you murdered millions!
Millions died!
And I ran to somebody who I know is a nice person this morning, and I said, listen, not one baby has died.
And they started crying.
And they said, I'm just worried about my baby.
And I said, not one baby's died of COVID.
Some have died that already had serious... One baby in Michigan had its guts outside its body.
Another one had holes in its heart.
And they just put COVID on the deal and then they put it all over the news.
And that's terrorizing the public.
And you're not supposed to get between people and their terror and their craziness, you know, when they're lied to by folks like Kamala, slave owner family, Harris, who again is walking around saying 220 million people are dead.
Now, can we do a document cam shot, or an overhead shot, a sky cam shot, in the control room, please?
I think there's like seven people in there running the show.
Can we do a shot of that?
Okay, so there's like one, two, three, four, five, six, and if you check over there, seven.
So there's seven people.
So if two-thirds of them disappear, what's two-thirds of seven?
It's like four and a half, five.
So imagine, that would mean more than half the people in the room died.
Does anybody in this building know somebody died of COVID?
I've asked, no.
Anybody know anybody got sick from it?
A few people claim they did.
Nobody had a problem.
So imagine that claim, like that, that root, Kamala Harris is saying, if you're a TV viewer, you can see it.
Let's go show this.
Those are ghosts in there.
Because Kamala Harris never lies.
There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 people in there.
And that can't be possible because Kamala Harris would lie to me.
Five of them have got to be dead.
So, John, can you lay down dead on the ground right now, please?
There you go.
He's dead.
All right.
Kamala's starting to tell the truth.
On the ground.
All right.
For Black Lives Matter, do it.
All right.
There you go.
All right.
Can we get, uh, let's get, let's get Kevin on the ground.
Kevin's switching the show.
He can't switch the board.
He's dead.
All right.
Well, let's just say he's dead.
The point is everyone is dead.
Now it's not true.
It's made up.
But just, they're all dead, folks.
Because you realize that if 220 million people were dead, here, let's put it to you this way.
Let's say you had five roommates.
Two thirds of your five roommates dead is like three and a half.
So let's round it out then so the thirds will work.
Let's say you have nine roommates.
Six of them are dead.
Six of them are dead.
So there's seven people in the control room, there should be like five are dead, okay?
They're not dead!
It didn't happen!
And I have to sit here, literally talk to adults I know, and I go, listen to me.
220,000 out of 370 million people, we did the math, you guys punch up the calculator, it's like .0005 something.
I mean, it's not even as bad as the flu, but notice no one died of the flu the last year because they were all put in the numbers of COVID.
I'm dying of COVID!
And Bill Gates says we're never leaving our houses.
So, so, here it is.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Not to be outdone by the biggest liar, grand champion fraud, China, Joe Biden!
He said 200 million died.
Kamala, Jamaica slave owner Harris, she says 20 extra million died.
Here she is.
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died.
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died.
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died.
Here's the thing, I'd love to say, oh she's an idiot.
This is run by psychiatrists and psychologists.
They're doing this on purpose.
Where I run into people that literally believe we're like in zombie land and everyone's dead.
But the nerve of these people, like Pointing Trump.
You put kids in cages when they did her.
You want to keep blacks in prison.
Trump's like, I'm the one that got rid of that!
Man, you know what?
Roll it three more times.
Just Kamala Harris over and over again.
I may just air this the rest of my life.
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died.
We're looking at over 220 million Americans who just in the last several months died.
Maybe I should just retire right now.
If America wants to buy this, screw you man!
I mean that's more than two-thirds the damn country!
I can't handle it anymore.
I can't do it.
Actually, there's 370 million Americans, people here, that's actually just about two-thirds.
It's just, it's right on the line with that.
Why do they keep lying like this?
Why do they keep doing it?
What is the, I'm trying to figure it out.
Maybe she is just so damn stupid.
She looks at a teleprompter and she thinks, let me show you, 220,000 looks like, looks like this written out, okay?
Not a mathematician, but we all know what 200,000 looks like.
That's what 200,000 looks like.
To have 370 million people looks like that.
So how does she not know what that is versus that?
And why did Joe Biden say the same thing?
Oh, I'm sorry.
He said 200 million.
She said 200.
God, it's even hard to believe this.
I can't even... I give up.
I can't handle it anymore.
These people are too insane.
That's the thing about their insanity, is they wound you with the insanity.
It's like, you're like busy when they're lying to you going, what the hell are you talking about?
And by the time you figure out they're lying to you, they've already run off with your purse.
They've already run off with your house, your life, your kids, your car.
And I'm just at a certain point, I'm sick of them.
Well, you know what's going to get run off with?
This whole office and this satellite uplink.
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If you don't get vitamin D and vitamin C, and if you don't get other things you need that are essential, like the iodine's essential, too.
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Though I should have money to fund our operation.
Get it.
You and your children need it.
It funds this operation.
And welcome back.
You know what?
Friday afternoons, I love it.
You know, we get to wrap up the fourth hour on a Friday afternoon, and I appreciate everyone that listens.
And listening to the segments coming into this one, you know, and God, I love the economic picture by experts.
And I've lectured with Austin Fitz before, and she's incredible, you know, I mean, in terms of what she has in her perspective.
And when you think about it, it's all the stuff that Alex has been talking about for 25 years, that we've been talking about for 25 years as it relates to technology and privacy and bringing in the banking dimension.
You know, I recently switched all of my out of all the national banks.
I'm out of them.
I'm not doing business with natural banks anymore.
I left KeyBank and in my corporation and moved it over to the First National Bank of Alaska because I know the owners.
Multigenerational family of bankers, local bankers in my state that have actually one of the highest rated banks in the country.
So that's what I did.
And they're local.
They're in my neighborhood.
I actually have a relationship with a person, not a computer.
And I appreciate that.
And I think that's what we need more of.
Face to face, personal relationships, whether it's with our banker,
Our sister, our friends, whoever it is.
And it's my sister's birthday today, Michelle, in Kansas.
And, you know, shout out to her, too.
You know, when I think about all of what we're seeing in the country and and I had a wild week this week, I flew down to shoot a segment called
America's Book of Secrets.
I did a segment for them on the whole issue of personal privacy and surveillance.
That's going to come out soon.
A really important segment, and I appreciate what they did.
I hope that they run something decent.
You never know until it's done, but we'll see.
Thinking about the recommendations, you know, bank locally, we heard that in the last segment.
Homeschooling your kids, educating your kids.
A lot of people don't know this about my background.
I was twice elected president of the Alaska Federation of Teachers, twice elected vice president of political affairs.
I was elected to the Anchorage Council of Education.
I never taught.
I'll tell you that in the classroom as a classroom.
I teach every Friday afternoon here.
But the point is, as a head of a teachers organization, a statewide teachers organization, I support parental choice, what we used to call vouchers.
I don't like the word because
Too many bad press.
Let's create a new narrative.
Let's call it parental choice in education.
Because now even liberals get it with their kids locked up at home and them locked up with them trying to educate maybe two or three kids.
You know, try that.
Try a few grade levels at home.
We're good to go.
You can take it a step further.
If you can get a group together and maybe get a tutor involved to assist you, you can get the same grade level if the public system is failing you.
But the real deal is, like here in Alaska, the classroom of 20 is a quarter of a million dollars for 20 kids in a classroom.
That's the average.
That doesn't include transportation, capital construction, student nutrition, none of that.
Special education, none of that.
That's extra.
The core, right?
Quarter of a million per classroom.
And I ask everyone in America, are you getting your money's worth?
The answer would be uniformly no.
Give the money to parents to reprogram, and you can go spend it if you think you're getting your money's worth from the public system, or see what kind of competition arises.
When you get your choice and your power back.
See, it's all about that, right?
The government wants to take your power, remove your power, collect up all the power, and your money, and your labor, and your livelihood, and strip you of your dignity and your humanity, and brainwash your children.
And this is the foundation of it.
And the last hour, you know, brings us back into focus.
You know, what are the important things?
But I want to twist this just a little further, because what we talked about in that last hour, what did we hear?
We heard about budgeting your life.
We did.
We heard it.
If you listen carefully, you heard about budgeting your life and figuring out how much money it takes to do that life.
This is the way to live, ladies and gentlemen, to not fall into the trap of being identified as only a consumer, a taxpayer, a whatever.
You are a human being, a living soul with a life that in this particular dimension called planet Earth is finite.
This part, this snapshot in between interviews with the creator of everything.
But in this snapshot that we're living, we should budget how we want to live, what we want to do, how we want to see the world, and then figure out how much money that might take to do that.
And make it realistic, okay?
Something you can believe in.
Don't do the impossible here.
I've talked about that before.
Do what you can believe in, what is possible for you, and map out a life and figure out what does it take to get there.
And then see what parts of it could you take back that you're dependent on others.
Can you take back your energy?
Do you have hydroelectric close by that you can do yourself?
Do you have solar?
Do you have wind?
Do you have some way to get off that part of the grid?
Do you have the ability to grow your own food?
Do you even know how?
Can you get a good book and keep it on the shelf?
Figure it out and start compiling that which you need to regain your independence, which is your life.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means you get your time back.
You see?
You've been shoved into the pod, the cubicle, the hamster wheel, the BS, ladies and gentlemen, that's being sold to all of us as fertilizer for life.
And now we can all get along in this squishy co-op of squishiness.
See, they're trying to duplicate in the physical what already exists in the non-physical called consciousness.
We're connected that way already, and then we're independent as living souls occupying individual carriers we call bodies, and we get to go create something, do something, be something, not be nothing.
And this is what we keep hearing from way too many quarters that we're nothing.
And we're not.
Every living soul is someone.
Not just a someone.
If you could just see the potential, if you could just see the energy that encompasses the atoms within one living soul and what you could do, if you could just learn to redirect a little bit of that, a little different, and claim your birthright as a co-creator, created in the image and likeness of God to do something decent in the world and not cower in fear, shaking in your boots, worrying about what's going to happen tomorrow.
Take possession of today, your life, what's possible for you, step into it, begin doing it, and do it in the context of the world we're in, not some fiction being shoved down our throat by the media.
Because that's the brainwash, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to clean it up, refocus our attention.
We're in the InfoWarp.
The two weeks before the final event,
In this Impo War, this is Dr. Nick Begich, this Friday afternoon.
Check out our website, earthbolts.com, E-A-R-T-H-B-U-L-S-E, earthbolts.com, and we'll be right back after these brief messages.
And welcome back!
You know, it happens every time, you know, I come in, I'm ready for the show, I got all my notes laid out, you know, and my bullet points I want to cover, and
It just goes a different direction most of the time.
But I appreciate that direction because it's as the spirit moves me, quite frankly, and it's how I function.
People say, think before you speak, and I don't even know what that means, you know, because I just speak.
And here's the thing about it is that's what we should expect in oratory from whoever wants to lead the nation, right?
We ought to be able to expect they don't need a teleprompter.
They can just get up
Pour out the core of themselves and they don't make mistakes in what they say.
Or at least it represents it's not a mistake.
That's what I'm saying.
If it works that way, you really get it.
So what they call a gaffe, that's not a gaffe.
That's what they are about.
You know, that is how the truth rolls out of them.
You see?
This is what often is forgotten in all of that.
So here's the problem, you know, when they go to, here's how debate, you know, you want to do an hour and a half debate, pick six topics, give them each 10 minutes.
You get 10, the other guy gets 10, you get two minutes to rebut, two minutes to rebut.
Next topic, if you can't talk for 10 minutes about anything, anything facing the nation, you shouldn't be running for public office, right?
I mean,
Really, really.
The qualification first should be, you should be able to articulate the national problems and your solutions, and actually have a plan that's bigger than a slogan.
And most of these guys don't have a plan, and then they don't have a clue.
At the local level, you want to talk about disaster, you know, you have some really good people, okay?
I want to say that up front and first of all, but they're not in the majority.
They're in the minority.
It has a really good
Public servants that get the picture, but they're in the minority right now.
The others are a bunch of used car salesmen, real estate agents, not to say anything bad about those professions, but you might want to have a little broader perspective.
On the world today, if you want to serve in public office and represent us, because you're the proxy for us.
That's called representative government.
That's what this Democratic Republic is all about.
And everybody wants to go, I don't know what it's about.
You know, I was taught on CNN, taught on Fox.
You know what?
The mainstream is the lame stream all the way around.
In terms of delivery of information, you have to go out and collect it.
Don't just take what we say here.
Go look it up.
You know, look it up and research yourself and don't go into the pigeonholes you normally do.
Try a library and books.
See, every of these cabinets are all full of books.
If I pop them open, you know, they're all by subject.
They're all organized.
They're all labeled, you know, like a library, like a track of what I'm doing.
You know, but here's the point.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an opportunity in two weeks to begin the take back of America and the stopping.
You've got to put a bicycle, you know, the bicycles running down the mountain.
And what we have to do is take and put a wrench in the spokes and stop, which is like what my second grade teacher used to call the rude awakening.
Yeah, the world needs a rude awakening in terms of the globalists.
Let them fly over the handlebars.
But think about what was being said in the last hour, you know, and I want to give a little more perspective.
If you're China, okay, and you're the U.S., okay, or you're Israel or you're Russia or you're anybody with a big budget,
A bomber today, a modern bomber will cost you one, maybe two billion dollars, billion, billion dollars, you know, a thousand million dollars.
OK, so you can do this with with that kind of money.
You can buy the bomber or you can find a guy like Epstein and give him maybe five hundred million.
A fraction of the price of one bomber, and then you can get him to corrupt
A whole bunch of living souls that happen to occupy public office.
Oh, what a deal!
See, when I was taught organizing, you know, classical organizing, one of the key elements is called co-option, where you take the leadership.
See, if you can co-opt the leadership, move them over to your panel, then you got the public just riding along with you.
Or whatever group it is you're co-opting.
See, this is classical organizing.
But think about it on a governmental, global scale.
You know, on a big commercial scale where you're an individual businessman with billions and billions and billions like Bill Gates.
Or someone else.
You know, Bozo.
Think about it for a moment.
At some point, money means nothing when you have that much.
Now, it's tough for any of us to figure that out.
We're not there, okay?
But when you're there, and some of us are, if you're just retired on Social Security and you live on a decent budget, and all of a sudden, you got your life back, your time back, what I was talking about in the last segment.
You own your future again.
And you're off the hamster wheel.
Well, when you're Bill Gates or you're Rockefeller, because when the Rockefeller Foundation started, it was the same year that income tax started.
That's when nonprofits got created.
See, because it wasn't about money for these guys at that point.
It was about power.
And if you could throw all your money into a nonprofit, some great public good, you see, then you don't pay any taxes.
You ride for free.
Free, just like the Monopoly game, you know, go pass, go ride for free.
And that's the Rockefeller Railroad, ladies and gentlemen, that started in 1913 with the income tax.
It used to be before that, the day before that.
That was involuntary servitude.
That was the slavery we keep hearing about in the media.
But it was all of us enslaved, and then they made it legal.
All the states said, yeah, the income tax is only going to be the wealthy.
The same rhetoric we're hearing now, 107 years later, from the same BSers feeding us BS and telling us it's fertilizer when it's not.
When you have billions and billions and you cheat the American public because now you're tax-exempt, and that's what we're talking about here.
Do you believe in their agenda?
But you're paying for it, you're subsidizing it, because they enjoy all the great things about this country that you and I enjoy, but they ride for free.
Now some of them have a public good you agree with, and some of them have a public good you don't agree with, but we're all paying for all of it.
You're paying for Planned Parenthood, whether you know it or not.
You're paying for the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, whether you know it or not.
And Providence Hospital and the Good Sisters of Providence, whether you know it or not.
And maybe your local church.
And maybe the Southern Baptist Convention.
Maybe a lot of different organizations, whether you believe in them or not.
Should you?
Is it right?
I don't know.
But let's think about the power some of these organizations wield.
Laying churches out of the game, because that's a whole other area of the Constitution.
But commercial business interests and individuals, they get free speech like a human being, but nobody goes to jail when they stomp on you, right?
None of these boards of directors and officers of these corporations go to jail because that's why they're corporations or LLCs or some other insulating structure that
Makes you personally not liable.
You escape.
You don't go to jail.
You don't go to prison.
You don't have any real threat against you.
We need to change that, you see, because if they're going to have the same rights as a living soul, except they get eternity on earth because corporations don't die like the rest of us, then their boards of directors and their other breathing organisms that run the show need to go to jail when they violate you and me.
And our personal privacy and our liberty or our civil rights to the extent in which they have.
You see, because controlling our speech, kicking in our digital doorways,
Invading our personal privacy or violations of the very essence of who we are and to push us along and manipulate us with their techniques on the most sophisticated of levels and the simple basic animalistic levels that are used to push us around?
Why are we allowing that push?
Look inside long enough.
Start asking yourself the critical questions.
Trusting yourself enough to dig out the critical answers and quit taking the propaganda feed from the mainstream media to be pushed around like so much cattle.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
Support the InfoWars.
Dial in right now to the InfoWars store and support this network.
That's how we stay in the game.
Support the InfoWars store.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here.
You know, during the break, you always end up talking to the team and we got such a great team down there in Austin.
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Improving your own health and wellness, you know, in the last segments, in the last hour.
Strong body, strong mind, strong soul.
You know, start there.
So InfoWars supports that 100% and I do as well.
You know, when I was talking about the last segment, I was thinking about the three Bs, you know, bribery, blackmail, and BS.
The globalist platform for getting things done.
And bribery, we see in a lot of different forms, and it gets a lot of nice names these days, you know, contributions, donations, whatever you want to call it, but it gets you the same thing.
It's about power and shuffling it around in a bag full of money, and some has a cashier's check and a committee behind it, some of it doesn't.
But here's the important thing to remember, it results in the same thing.
Doesn't matter what the words are that frame the narrative,
Which just aggravates me that we even think in these terms.
We're not writing a script, ladies and gentlemen.
We're not doing a narrative.
We're living a life, all of us, individually, collectively, making something happen.
And the bribery side of it, the manipulation side of it, and then the blackmail side of it.
I mean, think about Biden, you know.
I mean, I was talking about this in the last segment.
For China, or Israel, or the U.S., or any other country, it takes, say, 500 million?
And dedicate it to corruption?
You know?
How many national leaders of how many countries can you buy for that kind of money?
A lot!
You can save a lot of bombs, bullets, you know?
Read the art of war!
I have, it's behind me on the shelf.
Read the art of war, and you'll find out what the Chinese philosophy is.
You use your opponent's strength against them.
And another very big principle, and this would be capitalism if you haven't noticed, and the other one is you try and win a battle without ever firing a shot.
Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen.
We got people, socialists in the streets.
They took over the Democratic Party.
Who's happy about that?
China is, because they haven't changed their political philosophy one bit.
And so they bought the Biden family.
Hidin' Biden.
Yeah, go to your basement and cower in fear because you might open your mouth and your core might actually speak to the public in a way we would all puke, reject, throw back.
You know?
Being, uh, okay, and I'll be fair, too.
On the other side, I'm voting for Trump.
I don't like his style a lot of times.
I don't.
It's not my style.
But I'm voting for him.
And the reason I'm voting for him is because sometimes
America needs someone who will carry a big stick.
You know, Teddy Roosevelt did.
Carry a big stick, you know?
And he didn't start any wars.
This one, Trump.
He didn't start any.
He's trying to shut them down.
Because they were all false wars on lies, fake news.
You know, think of the Iraq War and weapons of mass destruction.
And how many trillions flew out of our economy into Halliburton's hands and a whole bunch of globals' hands.
Who continue to benefit by that?
Corruption, ladies and gentlemen, because look at it for what it does and how it works, not the nice names or how we slant it or how we cover it in regulation and hide it under law.
Not about that.
About truth.
What is done?
How does it play out?
How does it affect you and me and our families?
How is it going to play out for our great-great-grandchildren who we have not met yet?
Because whatever we do now is going to matter to them.
And none of us hate them, whether you're left, whether you're right, whether you're in the middle.
None of us hate our great-great-grandchildren.
We don't even know them yet.
But we need to build a different reset than the one the globalists have in mind, because the reset is coming.
Soon, sooner than we think.
The first stage has been underway, last four years.
I hope, I hope that this president, whoever it is, and I believe it will be Trump again, does finish the job.
You know, we need a international and more importantly, a national whistleblower program.
We need to bring the whistleblowers back to the United States and pardon them.
And then we need to talk to them about maybe they ought to be, you know, maybe Snowden should be the General Accounting Office for the NSA.
Maybe he should have a role there to see if they're cheating, lying, and stealing, and trampling over you and I. These are the kind of people that will buck the system that we need to bring back.
We need to pardon Assange.
He's press.
He's the free press.
We need to free the free press, you know?
He's in jail!
The press that everybody leaned into when they could use his bits of data and they fostered the international agenda unknowingly to him, now he doesn't get to say a word.
His organization is stifled.
One should be free.
If you don't like what someone says, change the channel.
But it is an info war on steroids right now, ladies and gentlemen, between big interest and for a few hundred million dollars, half of a B1 bomber,
They can corrupt it all.
One of the tools for the new world order, ladies and gentlemen, including the government operating in yours and my name, and this is where Trump needs to get to the bottom of it.
Clean it out!
These guys have stomped over us for a long time.
Secretary of Energy O'Leary, during the Clinton administration, said a half a million Americans were a victim of human experiments.
Everything from injecting them with syphilis to mind control of MKUltra.
And what's happened to any of those people?
Half a million victims and nobody's in prison yet.
Well, maybe he's digging out the deep state, maybe he's not.
But I hope so.
I do.
Because we're at the threshold.
We're at five minutes to midnight, ladies and gentlemen.
And we need our government back.
We need it back this election cycle.
We don't need a one-party system right now, not at all.
Because at the national level, they're both corrupt, the national level political parties.
Now Trump, he came into the Republican Party and took it over.
He wasn't part of the establishment.
Four years ago.
Remember, they were all free-trading Republicans.
Sell out America!
Sell out America!
He came back and said, no, we're not doing that.
And he kind of rewrote and re-emphasized the important parts of the Republican platform.
But one of those parts of the conservative platforms, including AIP, I was their Alaska Independence Party keynote this last weekend, and this is what we need to remember.
All of our conservative parties talk about parental choice in education.
The foundation of our future are kids and our grandkids and the great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids I was talking about a little bit ago.
Now, these conservatives say they support parental choice in education.
Where's the legislation?
Where's it been introduced?
What committees has it cleared?
They're lying to you through their teeth.
At the state, national level, they can produce the legislation and show where it's moving.
More BS, ladies and gentlemen.
More fertilizer.
They're feeding you.
But it isn't fertilizer at all.
It's a lie.
Alaska Independence Party has it in their platform, their pro-family platform.
I helped build that platform in terms of the education component years ago.
And I'm not a part of the party today.
I'm a libertarian.
I'm about to change to undeclared.
And how come?
Because I don't believe in any party that has a national party.
I'm thinking about AIP again, because again, I'm thinking local.
The national parties are corrupt.
I said that at this convention this last Saturday.
I hope they upload that.
It was really a good presentation about all of what we're talking about today.
And you know, there's bad people on the extreme end of all the political parties that have a national agenda.
And then there's globalists that have taken over and co-opted much leadership of major political parties.
And so what you see is co-option in play, because it's cheaper than a war.
Doesn't cost a trillion, might cost a billion, a thousand times less to take a government.
And we're seeing it.
Epstein stuff?
When are we going to see what's on all those tapes and who are all these players?
Now they got them in the Virgin Islands.
Somebody did.
Somebody collected them in New York.
Where are they now?
We need disclosure.
We need whistleblowers.
We need them now more than ever.
We need a truth commission.
We need people to be able to come forward, spill their guts, and be forgiven, actually.
Be forgiven because the truth is worth it.
The only way we'll ever reclaim this country
The only other will reclaim our liberty, no matter what country you're hearing this broadcast in today, is to reclaim the truth with transparency.
We need to look into our governments to see the truth.
You're in the info wars.
You are the tip of the spear.
And this is Dr. Nick Begich, signing off this Friday afternoon.
Thanks for being here.
People ask me on the street all the time, they call into the show, they say, Jones, are you on cocaine?
Are you on speed?
How are you so excited three, four, five hours a day on air?
Well, when I found out that they knew that 5G gave us cancer and they're putting it on purpose, I'm a little pissed about that.
Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learn that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
I get angry about that and I don't think that's a good thing.
I'm fighting Matt.
I know you're fighting Matt as well.
And so that's why I just wanted to come to you and thank you for all you've done in the 26 years.
Some of you have been supporting us 26 years.
Almost 27 now.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
We're in this together.
And I just, I cannot help when the enemy's attacking me and lying about me and doing horrible things to me.
It literally is a comfort to know you love me and I love you.
And so I don't say that.
It sounds manipulative.
It's just, it's true.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you for keeping me in the fight.
Thanks for being the strength and the support.
Cause I couldn't do this without you.
But instead, because of your support and your love, I feel stronger than ever.
That said, the enemy wants to take us off air, and it's always a neck-and-neck battle.
So I come to you like a beggar sometimes, and I'm like, listen, please buy our products, please remember us, please support us, or we'll be shut down.
I see so many articles and thousands of tweets.
There was a couple hundred thousand tweets about me last week.
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I wish he was still on air.
Where is he?
They don't know we're on InfoWars.com with our own streams, our own videos.
They don't know we're on a bunch of radio stations.
But that's where you come in.
You're the people that actually care enough, that are involved enough,
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You're beautiful.
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I know I am.
But the statistics do show that suicide is at record highs and that stress is off the charts.
Meanwhile, government and Big Pharma are pushing very dangerous psychotropic drugs whose prescriptions are at record levels when the inserts of the drugs admit they can make you commit suicide or become a megalomaniac mass murderer.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters have been on psychotropic drugs.
And the reason I point that out is
All the numbers, all the facts show that the system is not giving us things.
It's not giving us these synthetic things that actually make our lives better.
They're making our lives worse.
Cell phones and iPads and all the TV time, all the screen time.
It's not making us more happy.
It's making us more depressed.
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