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Name: 20201019_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 19, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses a laptop containing evidence of Hunter Biden's corrupt activities and how it could potentially affect the outcome of the US election. He argues that big tech companies are working together to suppress information and manipulate the election results in favor of their preferred candidate. Jones also criticizes Joe Biden for his racist comments, expresses concern about China gaining more power over the US if he wins the election, and promotes independent media like InfoWars. The speaker shares Phillip Anderson's experience of being attacked by Antifa at a Free Speech rally and being banned from social media platforms. Jones argues that these platforms violate Americans' right to free speech by silencing dissenting voices like his own and encourages listeners to support independent media and take advantage of Black Friday sales at their online store.

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I've been listening to your show for a long time, man, and what I'm seeing is, like, globalists, people in charge, they're firing their, like, death shots right now.
And if we can somehow weather this storm as it continues to proceed, like, if Trump gets in, he can just completely run amok and let it rip on all the corruption in the swamp.
What do you think about that?
Well, I'm going to take what you just said and we archive this to Bandot Video and put a minute and a half of it up front.
That's it.
This is death rattles.
This is their full assault.
They might get rid of Trump.
They might kill the election.
It'll cause a bigger civil war, a bigger destruction for them.
They don't care.
They're like Satanists.
They just operate power, power, grab, grab, you know, more power.
But absolutely, they're done.
They're screwed.
And if we just weather the storm, we're winning, brother.
Humanity's powerful.
There's a battle of good and evil, man, and it's real, and it's happening every day.
There's no doubt about it.
And you know that.
So the fact that you know that is interfacing with God, brother.
Isn't that beautiful?
Most of these slaves don't even know there's good and evil.
Thank God you know that, brother.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Joe, he's corrupt.
And they found the laptop.
You know what they call that?
The laptop from hell.
That is a laptop.
That's a laptop from hell.
Let's see what happens with it.
Let's see what happens with it.
So a giant trove of emails.
Show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up meetings with his father Joe, and using the office of the vice president for a for-profit cash machine.
That's what it is.
This guy's a vacuum cleaner.
He follows his father around and takes
Millions, hundreds of millions and billions of dollars out of these countries.
I mean, that is so dishonest.
That's so crooked.
He is.
No, I call him the human vacuum cleaner.
You know, those things on television.
He's better than any one of them.
Joe Biden said he knew nothing, but he lied because they have this.
I'm telling you, this laptop is a disaster.
From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea
Ladies and gentlemen, the magnitude, the stakes of what this country and the planet faces are so insane.
That any student of history will tell you that this is one of the greatest moments that we're in, in the history of our planet, and the forces of evil know that.
The only problem is the forces of good really don't understand how much trouble we're really in.
Now everywhere Trump goes, despite the COVID hysteria and the overblown Chicken Little behavior, he gets between 20 and 50,000 people showing up.
And I watched the videos all over the country.
Joe Biden can't get 10 people to official big campaign events in major battleground states.
But we're told he's way ahead in all the polls, just like we were told Hillary Clinton had a 97% chance of winning New York Times internal polling algorithm.
They have another name for it.
It's called Bravo Sierra or bull crap.
Horse manure.
But you see, here's the key.
They are positioning it to try to steal the election.
The electronic voting machines just came out in Oregon that the machines can all easily be hacked, obviously for the Democrats.
The 80 million fake ballots out there, they're intending to try to steal it straight up.
And then just have a decisive victory through fraud, have the media say that Biden is the victor, Trump will be locked down, all of us will be locked off any social media.
Any of the modern communication systems with the electronic straitjacket, they've already tested and have prepared.
So that if Trump tries to contest fraud, they will claim he's a dictator and a bad guy.
They've already pre-scripted all of that.
If they're unable to get such a tsunami of fraud over the American people, they're going to contest regardless.
We're good to go.
And the ongoing sell-out of our jobs, our industry, everything will accelerate.
I mean, we're fighting for our lives, and they've got all these dumbed-down leftists and all these dumbed-down housewives, you know, who hate men and hate America, who believe that they're unhappy because of Christian conservatism.
They are literally stomping around, frothing, cheering on China and their own destruction, when Xi Jinping would throw them in a slave camp and harvest their organs so fast it'd make their fat asses spin.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's Monday, October 19th, 2020.
We are 14 days out from the election and the Civil War.
Tomorrow's news, today.
If Biden wins, China will own the United States.
And I turned it all around, and you know that better than anybody.
In 2019, if you go back 10 years, everybody projected 2019 the economy of China was going to be bigger than the U.S.
Except it didn't happen because I got elected and I turned it the opposite way.
We were picking up much more than them.
And then I did the no dumping steel and I did tariffs and I did everything on them.
No, no, they want Sleepy Joe to win.
And if he does, if Sleepy Joe wins, China will own the United States.
And when you look at these photographs that are disgusting and horrible, the Chinese have every single one of them.
The Chinese have every single one of them, probably 10 times more.
Because what the Chinese government has been doing and
It's Saturday, October 17th.
The year is 2020.
We are now two weeks out from the election.
And the information I'm about to cover here
Is bigger than anything we covered in the run-up to the 2016 election.
Is bigger than anything we covered in the run-up to the 2016 election.
Well, I shot that emergency report.
It's got 1,981,000 views at ban.video in defiance of Google and Big Tech that would have silenced you and I and us.
We've had an extra 7 million views on our videos concerning the election at Band.Video.
7 million people that have been able to see the truth and circumvent the giant media firestorm of un-American disinformation.
It is Monday, October 9th.
The year is 2020.
We are exactly 14 days out from the election and the globalists moving with Communist China to break up the United States and balkanize us along racial and religious lines forever.
But the path of America to its destruction will not be so smooth for the New World Order because the sleeping giant has awakened and the fight has just begun.
And that's not hype.
That's the reality of the epic moment we're all in together.
When you get excited, when you take action, when you spread the word, when you become Paul Revere, it changes the world.
And the globalists are in fear of you right now.
In fear of you realizing your real power.
All right, I'm going to open the phones up.
For the transmission.
And we have several special guests as well during this epic countdown.
Dr. Steve Pachetnik is going to come on and talk about the Hunter Biden China blackmail operation and the real inside baseball.
He's got the sources.
A lot of huge developments on that front as well.
We'll be covering in just one moment.
Philip Anderson, who's a black Christian conservative, tried to hold a free speech rally in San Francisco, was viciously beaten, teeth knocked out, put into the hospital, and the left just celebrated it with absolute pleasure.
He's going to be popping in and joining us as well, and then Gerald Cilente, head of the War Room, and Owen Schroyer, I am your host, Alex Jones.
Now, let's go right into it right now.
The globalists think we're weak?
They're making their move.
Communist China is their command base, where they can carry out any crime they want, where they can organize and produce the economic prowess they need to take over the planet.
That's the CFR and the Trilateral Commission of the Bilderberg Group's stated goal.
Two minutes to midnight, we get Trump in four years ago, and he reverses the economic shutdown and the economic surrender that we've been under for 50 years.
Really, 40 years or so.
And overnight things come back.
They launch hoax after hoax to try to delegitimize the election and the voters and the president.
Everything they're guilty of, working with China, working with Russia, working with Ukraine, they project onto POTUS.
They engage in massive crime.
They get caught engaged in massive crime and attempted coups.
They do not get in trouble because everyone is so scared at the Justice Department because they were put in there at the top to be yes-men and follow along.
And so even though the President withstood, and the American people withstood outrageous coup attempts and attacks and disinfo and economic warfare and lawsuits and physical attacks, it only emboldened the enemy to up the ante and become even more aggressive now with the global COVID exaggeration hoax shutdown, with the economic warfare shutdown, with the race war shutdown,
China's been fully open for business for six months.
Europe is still under martial law.
The Democrats pledged to put us back under it.
This is the form of warfare.
The Pentagon will tell you that in modern wars, 90% is psychological, no longer physical.
The average American is so under mind control, a good 30% or so, Democrats, that they believe Xi Jinping's a hero, they believe America's bad, they believe Trump's evil, they don't even care about their own interests, they think Xi Jinping and the New World Order is going to give them a bunch of free goodies and take care of them if they can just help take the country down.
You see, we keep trying to convince Democrats
Then don't side with China and the globalists and those that rip us off and give us unfair deals and have de-industrialized us by design to capture us and control us.
Stand up with America.
Stand up for your own common sense.
Stand up.
And look at these headlines.
Xi's choice, destroy Trump or save him and weaken America.
This is who they are.
These are the globalists that set up the communist Chinese to enslave the Chinese people.
And now they want to set up a dictatorship here that the globalists control to enslave us fully.
Absolutely hellish.
And you look at the list of demonic goons like Whitmer and others, and Psycho Newsome, and the rest of them.
And they say, you want the lockdowns to end?
Vote out Trump.
Big Mike says it.
Newsom says it.
Whitmer says it.
Cuomo says it.
Because he didn't follow all their rules.
It's his fault.
His rallies kept the COVID at all time levels.
But notice, not spike deaths.
Spike numbers.
And then if it bumps up a little in death and goes back down, they call that a huge spike.
These are the scams.
And they just keep pressing and pressing the compliance, hoping we get used to it all, a permanent martial law, telling you when you can stay open, when you can be outside, when you can do this, when you can do that.
This is economic warfare, and I'm gonna get into the laptop and the big revelations of Hunter, and not just hookers, and not just sex, and not just crack, and not just meth, but doing illegal things underage.
Raping them is a form of torture, but reportedly beating up little Chinese girls as part of him, as the initiation into the Communist Party China, so that he'd be fully compromised.
This is what's really happening.
This is China's war.
Chinese military beefs up coastal forces as it prepares for possible invasion of Taiwan.
They are announcing they may invade as another surprise.
And why not?
They've got the Democrats, they've got our debt, they've got Hollywood, they've got most of the cities and states.
And they can't believe the Chaikovs, the average American, won't stand up for themselves and are just total fools.
But they're not.
They're worse.
They hate America and actually want to see it burn.
It's sick.
The NBA, black players love China, worship them, the most racist country in the world towards black people.
Millions of Christians and Buddhists and Muslims in death camps.
The left loves it because they're empty nobodies.
Because LeBron James is as close to Hitler as you're going to get.
He knows what he's doing.
He wants the money.
So he can call America racist.
That covers his Chinese bosses that now fund most of the NBA.
Think about that when you watch your ballers.
China's economy is almost over COVID.
Oh, New York Times, NPR.
Oh, they're open.
They did a good job.
They had good martial law.
But Republican states didn't have total martial law, so you're not allowed to ever reopen.
French virus curfew produces eerie quiet on streets of Paris.
They say the martial law will never end.
Oh, see, he couldn't deal with the yellow vest?
Couldn't deal with people wanting Macron out?
Well, now he's a dictator.
And it goes on from there.
Sweden to start lockdowns as the world's 12th highest COVID-19 death rate.
Totally made up garbage.
They had the lowest rate in Europe.
Notice the world.
But now their socialist government's been pressured so they'll lock down since the Swedes never did it.
They'll go ahead and do a lockdown now just so they're good slaves.
Polish gym dubs itself a church to bypass virus rules.
Over here they ban you if you have a church because government just runs over the First Amendment.
And we've got so much more on the mask front.
Wait till we get to the top news on that coming up.
And there's so much more.
Only you, though, can override the censor.
Share the live feed.
Trump knows he's going to win the election.
But winning isn't everything.
Because as Stalin said, it doesn't matter who votes.
It's who counts the votes.
The threat is real.
America is in grave danger.
Here we are, toe-to-toe with the New World Order.
The Chai Koms, the global master bankers, the genetic engineers, big tech, all the left, devil worshippers worldwide, radical Islam aligned with them, with their great general Satan in command, fusing together through a world fascist system, all these disparate groups into a giant battle axe, trying to destroy what's left of Christendom.
Only our slumber empowers the devil.
We must awaken and become born again.
Now, let me just tell you what's coming up for the rest of the show, because I keep plowing into the COVID news.
The only scratch of service, I'll do that next segment, I'll hit this laptop news, which is a giant October surprise.
Because it's what we already knew.
Just like his father goes on TV and says, yeah, they were gonna, you know, investigate me for Burisma, so I said, fire the prosecutor or you don't get a billion bucks, and they fired him that day.
Son of a bitch.
I was just reading about a rapper that made millions of dollars off of rap songs, bragging about crimes he'd committed, and the cops went and checked it, and they were true crimes he committed.
So now he's gone to prison.
I saw that in the news last night.
I mean, this is what criminals do, ladies and gentlemen.
There was an article, I guess last night, about a rapper that you guys can type it in.
I thought I had it here on the stack, but he ripped off the federal government for $1.2 million in just one scam and then did a rap video about how he did it.
And again, normal people go, why would you commit a crime and brag about it?
Because you're not a criminal.
You don't understand that they get off on doing the bad.
So why would Hunter Biden go around with a laptop with 25,000 photos and videos of him smoking crack, him smoking meth?
Why would he tweet photos of all his teeth falling out?
Why would he do all that?
Why would he send emails around going, hey,
Yes, we'll follow your orders to end the criminal investigations into your company.
I want an extra 30 million.
Tells his family, hey, I got you these cush jobs, but don't worry, you don't have to kick back 50% to me.
They don't deny it's real.
In fact, his lawyer comes out, has been talking to the shop, and they released the emails trying to get the laptop back, but it was too late.
He'd already gone to the FBI.
And then the FBI did nothing.
And so the rest is history.
But think about the news span.
And you knew this would happen when this broke last Thursday.
They knew about this laptop a year ago.
The FBI got it first, they said, seven months ago.
Now it turns out 11 months ago.
Remember the FBI put out a story?
The Russians are trying to get the Biden's laptops and computers.
They knew that they'd just gotten this from the computer shop.
They knew that the Republicans are going to be made aware of it.
So they planted that story, parallel constructed that it was Russians when there's no evidence of that.
Think about how these people operate.
And it changes the subject to who cares if the tooth fairy got it?
Who cares if the
Japanese got it.
You know the Chinese have got it.
It's blackmail.
So the only way to stop the blackmail and the takeover of your country is to expose it.
Oh no, but the FBI decides to cover it up because at the top they work with the globalists that are working with China who want a controlled president in there that they've got by the short hairs.
And that's who Biden is.
He's the perfect puppet that can hardly talk.
And then another puppet, Kamala Harris, right there.
And so now they're doing it.
Here's the headline.
Hunter Biden's laptop is not some Russia disinformation campaign DNI Ratcliffe slams Schiff.
Here's another one.
The emails are Russian.
They've already got Clapper and Brennan running around who just tried to sell the country out.
Oh, another Zero Hedge article.
Does this explain why Facebook was so quick to suppress Hunter Biden's revelations?
They all formerly worked for Biden.
The top Facebook people, the top Twitter people, they all worked for the DNC.
But you see the Republicans didn't do anything when everybody else got censored.
So now it's the New York Post.
Now it's members of Congress.
Now it's Matt Gaetz.
Now it's everybody.
Because why not?
We keep rolling over.
So here's the Director of National Intelligence, who is a good guy, Ratcliffe, laying this out.
But notice we don't get to see what's in it.
We don't talk about what's in it.
That's not on the news.
We just are told it's the Russians.
So it's this get-out-of-jail-free card that
Hunter Biden can reportedly rape 10-year-old girls, beat them, torture them, is what the witnesses say, who first broke all this, and they don't even deny it.
They just say, well, it's the Russians.
So, Hunter Biden could what?
Blow up a sports stadium with a hydrogen bomb?
Because, you know, and then if the Russians videotaped it, would it be their fault?
These are some magical creatures, these Russians, because they get you out of all the trouble you're in for the incredible crimes.
It's just like, oh, you don't get to see that.
It's the Russians.
You know, maybe you're 10 years old, you open the bedroom door, your mom and dad are having sex, and they go, you didn't say anything, it's the Russians.
Or maybe your wife comes home and you're drunk with a bottle of Jack Daniels, you go, I didn't drink it, the Russians did.
Or maybe your wife catches you out at a movie with your girlfriend.
You go, oh no honey, this isn't my girlfriend that you caught us with our arms around each other, it's, the Russians put that in your head.
Here's Ratcliffe.
That's fake.
Is this Russian disinformation, Director?
So Maria, it's funny that some of the people that complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing intelligence.
And unfortunately, in this case, it is Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who, as you pointed out on Friday, said that the intelligence community believes that Hunter Biden's laptop and the emails on it are part of some Russian disinformation campaign.
Let me be clear.
The intelligence community doesn't believe that because there's no intelligence that supports that.
And we have shared no intelligence with Chairman Schiff or any other member of Congress that Hunter Biden's laptop is part of some Russian disinformation campaign.
It's simply not true.
And this is exactly what I said I would stop when I became the director of national intelligence.
And that's people
Using the intelligence community to leverage some political narrative.
And in this case, apparently Chairman Schiff wants anything against his preferred political candidate to be deemed as not reasonable.
That's right.
I want to explain something to the listeners here.
Because listeners always call in and say, oh, you have incredible sources.
Oh, you're this and that.
No, I'm a regular guy just like you that got pissed off, started an organization that you believed in.
We built this.
You built this.
This is our thing.
Just like a guy at a Mac shop.
He's the owner.
That's the form you sign?
When I've signed forms, if you don't come back and pay for this, we get to keep it after three to six months.
His was three months.
He calls up dozens of times, come get your laptop.
He goes, Hunter Biden, wait, that's Vice President's son.
He goes and looks on it, his right to do it, before he resells it.
And it's all this child porn and torture porn.
He's like, what the hell?
So he calls the FBI.
They do nothing.
After almost a year, he gets scared.
Starts calling Biden.
Finally, Biden's lawyer starts emailing him saying, yeah, we want that.
He goes, you want it?
It's too late.
What the hell did you get me this for?
I'm scared!
Because normal people aren't like that.
They don't want to be in possession of stuff like this.
But that's who the left is.
It's what they traffic in.
But it's regular little people.
Like that laptop discoverer at that Mac shop.
That's the power.
14 days, ladies and gentlemen, until all the craziness you've already seen gets turned up from 10 to 11, as they say in Spinal Tap.
Welcome to the October 19th Monday Transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to give the number out here in a moment.
I'll start taking some calls next segment.
I've got huge COVID news.
It's absolutely got to be hit so far with some new big developments next segment.
But right now,
This segment's all about me, which I don't do on purpose.
It just comes up all over the news, and it ties into everything we're talking about, and so we're gonna hit it, because it's also about you.
What happens to you happens to me.
What happens to me happens to you.
This is all crazy.
Remember this New York Post headline?
August 9th, 2018.
It was indicative, and it was a good case example of what was going on at the time.
Why the Alex Jones ban is no reason to break up big tech and they go on to say it's a great thing.
Their accounts are all still shut down across the internet right now.
Same New York Post.
That Thomas Jefferson started.
There's a headline, Twitter still refuses to unlock New York Post account.
And even though Jack Dorsey apologized, he said he did the right thing.
He just said it could have been done better.
Nice double think, Tom.
And we love being gaslit, so why not?
So they've got Senate Judiciary votes to subpoena Facebook CEO.
They won't care.
They'll steal the election by then, declare Trump's the loser, and put Biden in, because you guys are a bunch of amateurs, man.
You let those big tech guys lie to your face while they're working with Communist China and others to literally blackmail most of the government?
They need to blackmail you because you're a bunch of stuff suit lawyers that think you know everything.
You don't.
You got your asses handed to you.
And Brad Parscale thought he could make Trump win again and he blew all the money and screwed up.
I've got the inside baseball.
We're in a lot of trouble!
Because people won't recognize how much trouble we're in and get out of it.
Twitter removes mask guidelines from White House COVID-19 advisor.
Medical prestigious doctors come out with statistics that masks don't protect you and actually cause more harm.
And Twitter says that's not what the UN says.
You're not allowed to!
You'll wake up in a total tyranny.
This Facebook suspends user Jamie Allman's account after shows a huge rally of black Americans for Trump in DC.
But that gets banned because it's hateful.
This is the election meddling, and Biden's transition team basically runs Facebook and Twitter.
That's even Fox News.
Oh, but remember the old days?
Alex Jones, in full war sight, accuses big tech of censorship.
Oh, that was in 2018.
Oh, Jones claims there's a thing called shadow banning.
He claims, I remember like New York Times articles, he claims it's called deplatforming.
We have the damn documents!
In 2017, the plan to de-platform everyone.
A digital gulag.
New York Times, free speech scholars to Alex Jones, you're not protected.
New York Times.
The press aren't watchdogs for free speech, they're attack dogs.
They're executioners.
Now why did I raise all this?
Because there's a bunch of tweets I want to go over and tie it into the war on free speech, but oh!
Media matters.
George Soros' group.
This didn't age well.
This is from just two weeks ago.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Alleged kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Whitmer.
A false flag by the deep state set up by FBI informants.
I predicted that it was run by FBI informants.
I said probably two of the top people, probably
Two out of the ten.
That's usually how it works.
And yes, it was led by two FBI operatives.
Now, all confirmed in court documents, exactly as I said, which is because I know what I'm talking about.
I didn't just read the history books.
I had Ted Gunnarsson on this show 50, 60, 70 times.
He was in line to be the FBI director.
He ran all their secret operations, basically.
And he dumped all his data on this show, okay?
But let's just go back.
And you know, there are other good people in the FBI.
There's good people at laptop shops, computer shops that are going to tell the truth.
It's just, it's a war between good and evil, and it's going on in each and all of our hearts, minds, and souls.
But there's all that news.
Let me just briefly tell you this.
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So, here's the headlines.
Suspects say ringleader in plot to kidnap wretched Governor Whitmer was an alleged FBI informant.
Well, that was last week.
Now it comes out in court that they are FBI informants.
News in Detroit is reporting, defense says Governor Whitmer kidnap plot was just big talk between crackpots being wound up by the FBI.
Yep, to make her look like a victim.
Let's play a few minutes of media matters.
A week and a half ago saying that I was crazy predicting this.
Here it is.
Criminal complaint outlines Michigan militia group's plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
And what other false flags are we going to see now?
Because this is definitely probably a provocateur action.
I mean, what do you do?
What if the governor said you can never leave your house again, you gotta starve to death?
Just lay down and die, I guess.
Because the power to shut things down is the power to bankrupt.
It's the power to kill.
What about all the folks who committed suicide because of her?
What about all the folks that, again, died because she sent COVID patients there?
Well, she's the governor, she's above the law, she's God.
Well, we knew it was coming.
I predicted over and over again the last few months, it's not a hard prediction, that they'd engage in a provocateur setup or a false flag against Democrat Party officials to make them look like victims when they launch incredible tyranny.
Deep stater Governor Whitmer, who sent all those patients with COVID into nursing homes so she'd get a higher death rate.
That monster, the woman that has that crazy looking psycho smile.
She, supposedly, was the victim, or the potential victim, of a plot to kidnap her.
Oh, that's right.
Six people charged with a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer.
The FBI quoted one of the accusers saying, Whitmer has no checks and balances at all.
She has uncontrolled power right now.
All things must come to an end.
Funny, the Supreme Court of the state just ruled that she'd taken all powers, legislative, executive, judicial, under herself and had become a dictator.
That the state was under a form of martial law.
That was the ruling on Monday.
And it's gotten almost no attention, but now the same FBI leadership, still run by the Deep State, that says the number one threat is white supremacists, the same FBI that's been caught creating militia groups, winding them up, setting them up.
It was not planning a takeover years ago.
It was all a setup.
The FBI informant said, well, what if the UN invades and is arresting everyone and putting us in camps?
Well, we'll have to fight then and take the local government back.
Remember the Hattari Militia?
The recordings were released.
They're driving to the Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
And they're asking them, the FBI informant, well what do we do if the U.N.
takes over and puts everybody in prison camps?
Well we'll have to fight and take back the local government for America.
Because there's a U.N.
takeover happening.
Front page of the New York Times.
The U.N.
needs to occupy America.
And so the number one sin is talking about you're not going to put up with it.
And again, militias are in the Constitution.
I think they're good, especially in Michigan and other areas.
They're always getting infiltrated by the feds that tend to lead them to set people up.
What are you going to do when they come to take the guns?
Well, what are you going to do when Antony was killing people door to door?
Well, I guess nothing.
Well, I guess you're not a man.
Or somebody says something like, I need some more ammo.
Oh, you plan to kill some people.
No, I just need some more ammo, everything breaking down.
Oh, you're scared?
You're scared to stand up?
Well, no, I'm willing to kidnap the governor!
And then they got you, and it could be the headline, and oh my gosh, see, the FBI's right, it's white supremacist.
Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, even though he's not.
And then these guys, it goes on and on.
There's echoes of Ruby Ridge, another setup, where they told him, you're gonna sell guns for us illegally, and you're gonna set up these little groups, we're gonna put you in prison.
You saw all that in it, so they're trying the exact same playbook yet again, and we've got the criminal complaint here.
Guys, print me that actual complaint up.
Thank you.
It's linked right here.
Criminal complaint outlines Michigan Militia Group's plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
And what other false flags are we going to see now?
Because this is definitely probably a provocateur action.
I mean, what do you do?
What if the governor said you can never leave your house again, you gotta starve to death?
Lay down and die, I guess.
Because the power to shut things down is the power to bankrupt, it's the power to kill.
What about all the folks who committed suicide because of her?
What about all the folks that again died because she sent COVID patients there?
Well, she's the governor, she's above the law, she's God.
And it's all just a bunch of lawyers in the FBI who just want to go have news events and stunts.
Of course, this announcement is meant to overshadow.
Did we ever follow?
Did we ever cover the 11 a.m.
National Security Press Conference?
On all the spying?
Oh no, sorry.
We didn't care about that.
Now, we didn't care about the attempt to overthrow the election of the President.
And so now, here we are.
Welcome back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Now, the reason I'm spending time on Governor Whitmer and how I accurately predicted what the leftist arm of the FBI did, having a group of eight people, two of them being FBI informants that were actually the leaders who would actually have the discussions and get people to agree with them.
It's a repeat we've seen over and over again, how they infiltrate militias, how they set up groups.
But we knew right away the guys were antifa.
They were anarchists.
They were leftists.
They hated Trump.
And it turned out those were the FBI informants.
That's all confirmed now.
But see, it's the same thing with COVID.
Just like the FBI formula of setting somebody up is a formula.
They don't let people freelance this, they follow a playbook.
It's just like now, oh the hospitals are full again, oh you gotta, a new lockdown is needed because the hospitals are overwhelmed, and they'll show a PR team in hazmat suits going in and out of the building, which they now admit they did fake video shoots all over the U.S.
Now they're running new ones about the lockdown in the red states.
It's all theater, that's what the left has, is magician scams.
And the winter's coming, so there'll be more flu deaths, more cold deaths.
They don't take in vitamin D or vitamin C or zinc.
And they're going to count all those deaths.
And they've got exponential more testing.
And most of it's false positives.
So again, oh, the numbers are way up.
You try to talk to somebody, though.
The average, particularly young women, I'm sorry, undereducated folks, poor people, they just, they like a binky.
They like to believe this is something special for them and they're part of something.
It's why they're followers.
But a lot of men go along with it as well.
It's very, very sad.
But the demographics are there.
The media praises women.
Oh, women, you're good.
You're wearing your face diaper.
When the forced inoculations come, you know, to buy and sell.
The women are going to roll their kid's sleeves up and not even think why their kid has lupus or why their kid gets diabetes.
It's all in the literature.
But see, they'll never admit they did something wrong.
Part of being a follower is you never step up to the plate and admit you were conned.
That's the religion of slaves.
It's never admitting how you got scammed.
But going along with it being a chump.
Yeah, face mask on babies.
It's all just total, absolute cult brainwashing.
That they're evil, that the babies are bad, that they can give you something, that all humans are dirty, that we can't be trusted, that AI is going to monitor us.
Rock concerts with the flaming lips, everybody in bubbles because no one can be trusted.
Total clown world.
But that's what cults do.
They have to get you to go against your own interest, so they get you to do it and tell you you're cool.
Napoleon invented medals for the military.
He found that if they gave him little medals and awards, they'd throw themselves onto bayonets.
Well, now, you know, you're at SJW, so... Let's finish up what happened with Whitmer.
Here it is.
It was not planning a takeover years ago.
It was all a setup.
The FBI informant said, well, what if the UN invades and is arresting everyone and putting us in camps?
Well, we'll have to fight then and take the local government back.
What if, remember the Hatari militia?
The recordings were released.
They're driving to the Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
And they're asking them, the FBI informant, well what do we do if the U.N.
takes over and puts everybody in prison camps?
Well, we'll have to fight and take back the local government for America.
Because there's a U.N.
takeover happening!
Front page of the New York Times!
The U.N.
needs to occupy America!
And so the number one sin is talking about you're not going to put up with it.
And again, militias are in the Constitution.
I think they're good, especially in Michigan and other areas.
They're always getting infiltrated by the feds that tend to lead them to set people up.
What are you going to do when they come to take the guns?
Well, what are you going to do when the anti was killing people door to door?
Well, I guess nothing.
Well, I guess you're not a man.
Or somebody says something like, I need some more ammo.
Oh, you plan to kill some people.
No, I just need some more ammo, everything breaking down.
Oh, you're scared?
You're scared to stand up?
Well, no, I'm willing to kidnap the governor!
And then they got you, and it could be the headline, and, oh my gosh, see, the FBI's right.
It's white supremacist.
Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, even though he's not.
And then these guys, and it goes on and on.
There's echoes of Ruby Ridge, another setup, where they told him, you're gonna sell guns for us illegally, and, you know, you're gonna set up these little groups, we're gonna put you in prison.
You saw all that in it, so they're trying the exact same playbook yet again, and we've got the criminal complaint here.
Guys, print me that actual complaint up.
Thank you.
It's linked right here.
Criminal complaint outlines Michigan Militia Group's plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.
And what other false flags are we going to see now?
Because this is definitely probably a provocateur action.
I mean, what do you do?
What if the governor said you can never leave your house again, you gotta starve to death?
Lay down and die, I guess.
Because the power to shut things down is the power to bankrupt, it's the power to kill.
What about all the folks who committed suicide because of her?
What about all the folks that, again, died because she sent COVID patients there?
Well, she's the governor, she's above the law, she's God.
It's all just a bunch of lawyers in the FBI who just want to go have news events and stunts.
Of course, this announcement is meant to overshadow.
Did we ever follow?
Did we ever cover the 11 a.m.
National Security Press Conference?
On all the spying?
Oh no, sorry.
We didn't care about that.
Now, we didn't care about the attempt to overthrow the election of the President.
And so now, here we are.
So they put out the most true stuff I say to act like it's dirty and then to have the media say it's unacceptable to say that the FBI probably led this plot to kidnap her to make her look like a victim when she was in trouble.
But of course that's all true and that happened and I'm proven right.
So that doesn't age too well for media matters.
And that brings us to this point.
Remember this article in the New York Post or a bunch of them.
Why the Alex Jones ban is no reason to break up big tech.
And now that very group, all the New York Post writers and their account is locked up for punishment for what they've done.
And now when the head White House scientist says masks don't protect you, he gets banned as well.
And when a group of black Americans march for Trump in DC, they get banned as well.
This is total Soviet level control and Congress does nothing against this incredible racketeering, but oh, maybe they'll have a hearing.
And that's why they're so arrogant.
That's why they're so out of control.
I mean, look at these old articles out of the New York Times.
Free speech scholars say Alex Jones is not protected.
Let's get rid of the First Amendment.
But let's look at what the public's saying two years later.
Here's just a small smattering.
Mark Dice, I still can't post and link any Alex Jones videos on Band.Video's site.
You're fully blocking them, Jack.
Or did you just mean you're unblocking links to the New York Post?
Commie scum.
Because they had a Twitter said, oh, it's wrong to block any URLs.
We should, you know, because that's that's controlling the Internet.
We're going to stop that.
But of course, he doesn't.
That's why you got to share 2020ElectionCenter.com, which they haven't blocked yet.
Another one.
Anne O'Malley at Legendary Energy.
New York Post in 2008, if I started a conservative Facebook, I'd ban Alex Jones too.
This is John at E-L-I-T-M-I-K.
Alex Jones said within the past week that all conservatives would be censored hardcore in the weeks leading up to the election, especially after the election.
They've got you all in a stranglehold now.
Because they said they were going to ratchet it down and then totally not let anybody contest it when they contest it and take over.
They're telling you.
And our supposed champions, Josh Howley and them, basically, are like fighting a tank with a slingshot.
At first they came for Alex Jones, I said nothing because I wasn't Alex Jones.
Alexander Rodgers.
Caitlin Johnstone.
I have no idea what Alex Jones is even up to anymore.
I used to see his face all the time.
Now I routinely forget he exists.
That's how powerful these Silicon Valley corporations are.
They can completely disappear.
Anyone for public view, this power can't be left unchecked.
Again, the average person, if they don't see your Twitter feed or Facebook or YouTube, they think you're gone.
They don't even remember URLs or other sites.
Think of that monopoly over the mind.
Tell folks, Alex Jones is still on the air.
It's gonna be everybody soon taking off these platforms.
People better start promoting their URLs.
You know, we built Band.video.
You know, we built
All these systems to fight for this time when we knew everyone would be censored and then we'd be the last person standing.
We told you that, remember?
And here we are, because we know the enemy plan.
They're coming for everything.
A full overthrow, full collapse, to bring it to your knees.
I would offer a heartfelt FU to those who are complaining now, but hand-waved me when I said they should stand up for Alex Jones and Milo when this bad stuff started.
He goes on, that's Mark Rondazzo, the lawyer, and there's just thousands of these.
There was 200,000 pro-Alex Jones tweets when this was peaking.
Like last Friday.
Don't panic, it's just crazy Alex Jones getting censored.
Don't panic, it's just bigoted Proud Boys getting deleted.
Don't panic, it's just debunked story getting blocked.
Don't panic, it's just conspiracy theory political party getting deleted.
Don't panic, it's just the president.
It's just Congress.
It's just the committees.
It's just everybody.
Because you laid down.
Because you passed the test to be slaves, Republican leadership.
Because you're a bunch of stupid, idiot lawyers that think your $5,000 suits make you smart.
You're morons!
Rallying patriots worldwide, I am your host, Alex Jones.
And I am screaming and howling for vengeance.
Because we are under attack.
So rise!
It's time to break the silence.
Vengeance is boiling.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm going to give the number out for first-time callers to give me your take on this headline.
If Joe Biden wins, communist China will rule America.
The president said that.
It's absolutely true.
I've been saying for over a year he needs to say that.
That's the truth.
14 days till the end of the republic?
I mean, this is really an IQ test.
The idiots that would vote against their own interest and vote against President Trump.
Anyone that would go for the globalist model of deindustrialization.
But have you ever asked yourself, how would evil take over America?
It would undermine it, it would bankrupt it, it would turn us against each other.
It would exploit our diversity and use it against us.
Because diversity is strong.
And adaptive, if there's a unifying Christianity or unifying Americana, a unifying ethos.
But if you don't have a unifying narrative, you will disintegrate.
And that's what's happened.
Our narrative now is white people are bad and America sucks and be babies and be a victim and whine and scream and, you know, the college will give you some Play-Doh to play with and an American flag to burn.
I mean, that's really their default position.
And so when you look at these crybaby drama queens and who they are, this is where this is all going.
They'll ruin your business, they'll ruin your life, they'll tell you how moral they are all day, but they're lazy.
Absolutely evil.
And we've allowed them to do it, so it's our fault.
And so this is, God's giving us a choice right now, clearer than day.
Pull a free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
A lot of folks will ask me, well, Jones, how are you taking it?
You're just at the grocery store, at the gym, or at churches, everywhere.
When I was all over the news four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, when they were really using me as the face of evil, people were like, how are you taking it?
Oh, you're a victim.
I said, shh, man, I'm taking the enemy on.
I'm up front in the fight like a
Like a battleship that the enemy's coming after, or an aircraft carrier they're trying to shoot the runner off of, because I'm pounding the enemy.
I'm in a war.
You understand, you're the target, right?
You understand, I just understand it, that I'm a target, and I've decided to take action against this, instead of go along with it, or join it, or roll over, because I just can't do that.
And you understand, in a couple years, you'll all be shut down with algorithms watching everything you say and do, and there'll be total control and a Chinese social credit score.
Infowars broke the Chinese social credit score in 2013.
MIT cooked it up with the Democrats and shipped it over to China.
We broke all of it.
Only because we're realists and we live in the real world.
Anybody could track these people.
I do.
I track them.
And so, I mean, they're coming after everybody.
If Trump wins, they're coming after you.
If Trump loses, my God, it is going to be hell on earth.
They're going to break this country, bankrupt everybody, reorganize everything, shut down the economy, and loot the living snot out of us in a great leap forward communist revolution, cultural revolution.
That's the model, and they're going to do it just as sure as the sun came up, and they are simpatico.
They are in Congress.
They are
Interface with the Chi-Coms, and it is a disgusting, sickening sight to behold.
And just as the poor Chinese people, such hard-working, smart folks, have been put through living hell, we're gonna be put through living hell now.
What's going to be crazy is they'll do it in steps, telling the left, do this to get goodies, and then they'll get less goodies, and they'll tell them, oh, it's the resistance.
People not complying is the reason you're not getting all the free stuff with the five or six degrees you went and got that were all worthless.
I mean, it's just, look, here's the deal.
Once a chump gets scammed, they never admit they're a chump.
That's why they're called chumps.
Everybody else gets scammed, wakes up to it, doesn't do it again.
Chumps never learn.
Chumps like it.
And chumps want to take you with them.
And even worse, a lot of chumps join evil.
And they go, oh, if I got chumped, instead of fighting it, they just had to join it and chump others.
It's planet chicken crap run by the chumps.
We see the earth from here.
Open phones, first-time callers.
Well, the headline of the show today that I hope you share is, if Joe Biden wins, Communist China will rule America 14 days to the end of the Republic.
Dr. Steve McChinnock pops in to give us his take on the hour, and we'll continue with your calls right through the transmission.
But talk about rigging.
Debate Commission drops foreign policy questions amid Hunter Biden expose.
Hoping then that Trump can never even bring it up.
And now the way they work it with these attack dogs.
You thought Chris Wallace was bad.
Samantha was, Savannah was even worse.
And then now the new lady is a Democrat Party operative.
Christina Welker is even worse.
And so he'll be debating both Joe Biden and her, and they won't let Trump bring it up.
Trump's going to have to just say what he wants, tell her to shut up, and tell them to stop rigging the debate right up there on stage.
Trump says he knows it's going to be rigged.
He says he'll still play their rigged game and beat them.
But this is just crazy, folks.
This is absolutely out of control.
And you've got the Hunter Biden laptop they want you to forget about, that they're now saying is Russian disinfo with no evidence, when they've confirmed it's their laptop.
Their lawyer said it's his laptop.
So who cares who got it?
But it wasn't the Russians.
It's about the crimes he's committing, reportedly having sex, raping underage girls, and reportedly doing brutal things, characterizes extreme torture.
Those reports are at Banned.Video.
I hope you share those as well, because the only way the enemy wins is by silencing you, and now you see they're silencing the Congress, they're silencing the President, they're shadow banning people, and when
Whenever the president complains or when Don Jr.
complains about, hey, you're shadow banning our tweets, they go, oh, that doesn't exist.
You're crazy.
Same thing they did to us four years ago.
It's a formula.
They're following an exact plan.
And Congress will sit there and have hearings and go, are you censoring us?
No, we never did it to anybody.
All right, let's take your calls.
Let's talk to Robert in Louisiana.
What's going to happen with this election, brother?
What do we do if Biden gets in?
Trump's right.
This is modern takeover.
This is not a party.
This is the army of the chi-coms and the globalists.
What do we do about it?
I would say immediately, in order to try to stop it, Alex, it's so great to talk to you.
Thanks for what you do.
And I know you hate when people say that, but I've been trying to get... It's not that I hate it, brother.
It's just that the whole show's people thanking me.
I love you.
I appreciate you, too.
Go ahead.
All right, so we need like a strategic withdrawal from all the major tech platforms of all the users.
Like if everybody on InfoWars who's listening to Bandai Video right now, if you go and set up, download a separate browser, something like Brave,
Go and get onto Gab.
You've had the CEO of Gab on.
Alternative to Twitter.
Then pull people off of Twitter, onto Gab.
Pull people off of Facebook onto a site like MeWe.
Also, there's an alternative to YouTube.
There's Library.
There's Bitchute.
Everybody that's listening right now, if they went and do that, and at least mirror their profiles, and then get all their friends and family, ten people,
Get 10 people, get them off of the big tech platforms.
Day late, dollar short.
People better be sharing on Twitter, on Facebook, on all those, even if you're going to get banned or set up a sub-account, in the InfoWar, however you can now.
Again, don't share Banned.video on Twitter, share2020electioncenter.com.
That gets around their systems for now.
But absolutely, that would have been a great idea.
Everyone should go to Parler.
Everyone should go to Gab.
Everyone should go to Telegram or Telegraph.
Everybody, we're on all that.
We mirror all our stuff there as well.
And that's what everybody needs to do instead of counting on you're always going to have that because you're not.
These are all tools of control.
It's an authoritarian takeover.
Peter in Canada.
What happens if Biden wins?
I want your take.
Thank you, sir.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, with two weeks left, it's too late.
If Biden wins, the U.S.
is sunk.
What Trump has to do right now is do the Insurrection Act, get rid of Bill Barr, and
Round up and prosecute every single one of them.
Biden, Hunter, Hillary.
Build the works of them.
By the way, they're the authoritarians that have tried to have three coups.
They're the authoritarians working with a foreign power and with all this media ganged up on the President and the American people.
So it's not a police state to have them arrested.
It's what George Washington or Winston Churchill or Charles de Gaulle or anybody that was real would do.
Just Trump doesn't have the FBI or the military leadership to do it.
He does have the rank and file.
And we're now to that point where Communist China is about to steal the election
When Trump challenges it, the whole media will say he's a fraud.
We're all going to be locked down.
We're all going to be barred.
We've got to hit the streets very legally and lawfully, but very aggressively now, ahead of this, and when it happens.
So, I mean, this freight train is coming down, 14 days to election, 79 days of hell.
And I'm just telling all these folks that see their numbers and know that Trump's going to win, yes, but the enemy is fraudulent.
They're going to make their move.
And I agree.
Communist China has blackmailed Joe Biden.
We have the emails proving it.
And Father of Foreign Powers, he is not fit to be the leader.
They all need to be arrested, and then after the leadership's been arrested, a new Democratic Party can form, and in a year we can have another general election.
But, and this is not because I fear Trump's going to lose.
He's going to legitimately win, but they've said they want secession.
They've said they want martial law.
And you're damn right, sir, if they can't steal it with an overwhelming fraud, they're going to then contest, have secession, race war.
We can't just sit back and let foreign powers do this.
We're under attack.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, listen.
They didn't make a big deal about it.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who I wasn't a fan of in some respects, but I wasn't for the Nazis taking over the U.S.
either, he got approached.
The McCormick-Dixton Committee covered this later.
Smedley Butler, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Congressional Medal of Honor winner, two-time.
He got approached.
They wanted him to run for President because he didn't like Roosevelt.
And they said, we want you to overthrow the 500,000-man army.
They just quietly sent out the Marines and the Army, but mainly the Army, to deal with the people that did it.
And it was only about 1,000 people they killed, reportedly.
They just quietly went and said, hey, you gotta take it for a ride.
Went and picked them up for work, picked them up at their house, took them out, and...
Well, Alex, if Biden gets in, the U.S.
is finished.
They are going to fix this election six ways to Sunday.
No two ways about it.
The only chance the U.S.
has is the Insurrection Act.
Get whatever form of the military that's behind them, anybody who's behind them, get them out there.
Get them arresting the traitors.
And if they have to redo the election, redo the election.
But yeah, I'm looking at you up here from Canada.
And I fear if Joe Biden wins, there will be a civil war in the United States.
No two ways about it.
It's going to be a hot civil war.
And I live far too close to the border for my liking.
Oh, they're planning to break your will.
They want to end Western civilization.
They want to end the consumer society for us.
Because they want us controlled as serfs.
We're going into neo-serfdom, brother.
And look, we're not up here hyping this.
People get now that I wasn't hyping this a year ago or six months ago.
And I've got chills up and down my spine.
I feel physically sick.
I'm so sad this is here.
And I've talked to some high-level people today that don't want to go on record yet.
Roger Stone's on tomorrow, by the way.
You know, Roger doesn't want to attack the people running the campaign, but I mean, I know the numbers, and I know the internal polling, and Trump's only five points ahead.
He was 15 points ahead last time, and that's how he was able to still win, even though there was massive fraud.
He's only five points ahead in most of these states, and the fraud will be so high, he's going to lose.
And so all these Republicans thinking, oh, we're going to win and having this euphoria and stuff.
I'm sorry, folks.
Right now, Trump's going to lose via fraud.
And the communist Chinese will rule America with the satanic pedophile Democrats who love to rape little girls.
Folks, America got taken over by very evil corporations that are ruthless, that have set up communist China.
And if you look at Nancy Pelosi, Keith Oberman,
I saw Robert Reich, you know, the former Clinton administration.
What was he in?
Housing, urban development.
Nothing against short people, but he's literally a midget.
And they're talking about how they're going to persecute us and arrest us and put us in prison.
And they've tried to put me in prison behind the scenes.
I'm not going to get into it.
That latest attempt has been dealt with.
Thanks to the grace of God and your prayers.
They tried to put everybody I know, basically, in jail.
They tried to set my dad up, folks.
We were Russian agents.
That's what's going on here.
So, believe me, I know how serious this is.
Am I worried about me?
Hell no!
I'm worried about all of us, man!
You really want to see... You think we're just safe?
Go along with us?
Keep your head down?
You're gonna really sit back and watch that happen?
That's really who you are.
I know our audience of activists are the opposite.
That's why I love you.
That's why it's obscene you call up thanking me.
Thank me for wanting to not be a slave?
Again, that's like going under the deep end of the pool, going down 10 feet.
When your wife loses her ring in it or something, she says, hey honey, get my ring.
It fell off.
And you're like, don't come up for air.
And they go, boy, you know, you sure got courage when you came up for air.
This is a natural thing to do, to say no to this.
And when I look at every angle of this, the most horrible outcomes are what I see.
And I'd be a liar if I didn't tell you that.
Of course Trump's got bigger crowds than he had four years ago.
Of course he's got 40% of black males, 20% of black females saying they're going to vote for him.
And that's when people are scared being asked the question.
It's probably higher.
Kanye West and others are a bellwether.
But what does Facebook and Twitter do when it shows a big group of black Americans marching in D.C.?
They ban you.
That's authoritarians because they're creating a racial narrative.
Sony is worth $45 billion.
It's owned by the Japanese imperial family and others who, nothing against Japanese, they're nice folks, but man, you talk about
Being homogeneous and racist.
Only other group more racist is the Chinese.
I mean, I mean, it's a fact, folks.
They're putting a $45 billion company is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the Black Lives Matter movement, which has nothing to do with black people.
And I know you know that, but this is the elite
Of the world coming after us.
Apple, 100 million black lives matter.
George Soros, hundreds of millions black lives matter.
And then I read the headlines.
Older blacks particularly are going to vote because they've got black sons and they're not going to let white people kill them.
You're 27 times more likely
In Chicago, to be killed by a black man, if you're a black man, then you are a white man.
2,000 black men die a year in Chicago on average.
How many cops shoot unarmed black men in even questionable cases a year?
It's a myth!
But they take every event.
If they showed you a great white shark attack, I think there's only like two of them on video, if they showed you that every night, people think there are great white sharks everywhere.
But again, it's the same thing.
It's like COVID.
They take all the flu numbers, all the pneumonia numbers, all the cancer numbers, all the heart attack numbers, all the car wrecks, all the skydiving accidents.
These are real cases.
Gunshot wounds.
And they put it in the COVID column, and then go, oh my God!
We've lost 230,000 people from COVID!
But when you look at all the numbers, it's 6% of that actually died from COVID.
So divide 6 out of 230,000.
Everybody can do it.
15, 16,000?
People that didn't die of something else, they did the numbers in Australia.
77 people died of COVID in Australia.
Let me show you these numbers.
Look at these headlines.
Clomo killed my parents.
Protesters fill casket with copies of governor's book on COVID leadership.
Get in their face!
Info war!
And then, look at these numbers.
Look at these numbers.
As the whole world locks down, China's totally open.
Biden wears two masks at a campaign stop.
Oh, virtue signaling.
Now people are wearing spacesuits.
Because humans are so bad.
We're so dirty.
We're so evil.
We can't be around each other.
We have to all go die.
We have to all die and starve because we can't have one person die of COVID.
But look at this headline.
Brazil's major state, run by a communist, calls for mandatory COVID vaccinations to buy or sell.
And the Communist state is now buying 46 million doses.
And of course, they're all involved.
Look at this headline.
You're more likely to get struck by lightning than catch COVID-19 on a plane.
The International Air Transport Association has recently published research on COVID flying that should help you feel safe for the health and safety of air travel.
The IATA demonstrated that low incidence of flight COVID-19 transmission with an updated tally of published cases.
Between January 2020, there were 44 cases worldwide of COVID-19 reported in which transmission is thought to have associated in a flight journey inclusive of confirmed probable potential causes.
Over the same period, 1.2 million passengers have traveled.
So do the math on that.
What chance is that of you getting COVID?
The figures above represent a 1 in 27 million probability of catching COVID-19 on a flight, which is significantly less than the chances of being struck by lightning, which is Australia is around 1 in 12,000.
So they're like, what did I say a month ago?
I said COVID is, calling it a hoax is not proper.
The rollout has a bunch of hoaxes, adding death numbers,
From other things into the columns of hoax.
Saying hospitals were full and they weren't is a hoax.
Hiring reporters to dress up in hazmat gear is a hoax.
There's lots of hoaxes in it.
But no, there is a virus that is man-made so Gates can own a common cold virus and then make you pay his subsidiaries trillions of dollars.
And if you're super run down and don't have your vitamins and minerals, it can kill you.
But there are lots of other pneumonias and stuff that are killing lots of people.
You need vitamins and minerals.
You need to be prepared.
You need D3.
You have to have it.
You need C. You have to have it.
You need zinc.
You have to have it.
What is it?
13, 14, 15 vitamins you got to have, a bunch of minerals you got to have.
A lot of scientists argue it's only 14, but a lot of scientists say it's more than 30.
Point is, this is good for people.
We got your calls coming up.
But man, wow.
In 27 million probability on a plane getting it.
But does it matter?
You're a hero when you wear the mask.
You're a hero.
And so, the airlines are shutting down.
There's half as many flights.
They're laying off the pilots.
They go, it doesn't matter!
I'm saving people!
In the third world, millions are dying!
But it's fun!
And you're a hero!
And it's good!
And the Democrats admit it's all political theater to shut down America.
All right, we've got limited time with him.
Two segments, then I'll continue with the calls next hour.
Dr. Steve McChannock was gracious enough to pop in because he was a real spy chief, the State Department and over CIA and Army operations and others, regime change, Camp David Accords, founding of Delta Force, and he's actually been there in the last 40-plus years.
He's a psychiatrist, Harvard, MIT, all of it.
So he's a real insider, not one of these fake ones.
And he's really charted the course on the show the last 18 years, been probably the most accurate guest we've had.
I gotta tell you, I know Trump's gonna win big in real polls, but there's so much election fraud, the Democrats are gonna declare Biden won.
And they're gonna do all this.
And I made a lot of calls last week and this weekend about how he's compromised with the Chinese.
Well, Biden hides this in plain view, like Ukraine.
And the emails are real, his lawyer confirms it, like, yeah, okay, yeah, that place shouldn't have had these.
The FBI did nothing with it.
Barr did nothing with it.
And now they're talking about if the New York Post publishes it, even blurred out, it's a crime.
Well then, okay, so who has it?
It's not a criminal.
But then who exposes it's a criminal?
I guess it's like Julian Assange locked up in prison.
So, going to Steve Pachinick of stevepachinick.com.
Also find all his books.
He co-authored with Tom Clancy and his new ones as well there.
I know he doesn't care about promoting them, but they're still great books.
What the hell is going on here?
Because the media won't show any of this, but now they say it's Russian disinfo.
But the head of national intelligence says that's a lie.
I don't care if the Easter Bunny came up with this stuff.
This is Hunter Biden.
He's compromised with the chi-coms and others.
I don't see how Biden can even be a candidate when it's open and shut like this.
I mean, I really feel the Republic is in peril, Dr. Pachinic.
Well, you're right in some way, but the other part that you and I have been talking about in terms of the Democratic Party, what you're seeing it doing, it is constantly self-destructing.
For several years now, I've told you that the Democrats have been self-destructing because
You've had, they're too old, they're too old, they're too antiquated, they're too irrelevant to what's happening in this new era.
In an era where we need a businessman who's never been a politician, who understands business.
Sometimes he makes a mistake, but he knows how to correct it.
I can't have an 87-year-old Dianne Feinstein who's worth $8.58 million.
I can't have a Nancy Pelosi who's 80 years old and worth $35 million.
I can't have a Maxine Waters worth $8 million and is 82 years old.
In other words, what you're seeing here is Biden, what we've said all along, he's the metaphor for what happened to the Democratic Party.
See now dimension.
They eventually erupted and became literally senile, demented.
And in turn, they brought in some woman who happened to have spent most of her life not in the United States, but in Canada.
It's perverted.
The Hunter Biden is the metaphor and the reality of what happens when you are in Congress or the House of Representatives or Senator for so long.
This is what Biden really did.
He did nothing except self-aggrandize, self-destruct, and at the same time lead our country into six wars.
Well, that's why I got you on, because I'm against police states.
But when you've got a foreign power backing crazy people...
You're correct.
I mean, in the area where I am, the Second Amendment is enshrined.
We have a Second Amendment free zone, so to speak.
The rest of the country has become less and less irrelevant.
As we said, the East Coast, the West Coast, the Northeast, all of them are irrelevant now.
The power has clearly shifted down to Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina.
What we have now is the time for
So Trump has to begin to act in a way.
Incarceration of Hunter Biden.
It's criminal.
You've been saying that for a while, so have I. He's been saying in every speech, I want them locked up.
They're criminals.
I want Obama.
I want the Clintons.
I want Biden locked up because they deserve to be locked up.
The media goes, oh, he's crazy.
No, that's the truth.
But what does he do when there's a toothless Justice Department that is scared of their own shadow?
This is what we've been talking about for years.
When I said, and you know, I can't blame Trump.
He really didn't know who he was bringing in.
But when you bring in everybody who'd been with the Bush administration, Christopher Wray, my God, went to Andover.
The people at Andover thought he was a jerk.
Totally incompetent.
I know that for a fact.
Bush Jr., Bush Senior went to Andover.
Where did they go to school?
What is Christopher Wray really doing?
He's nothing but a pimp who self-aggrandizes himself, made a lot of money as a pimp lawyer, has no sense of what the FBI, and by the way, the FBI has to be taken down.
How many times have I said this since 9-11?
The FBI is totally
Against our civil rights.
It's totally incompetent.
It can't find anything.
If you ask a local police force in any county, anywhere from Montana to Florida, I've worked with policemen and the same story comes across.
The FBI is incompetent, useless, worthless.
Get rid of them.
We have Homeland Security.
I got ATF.
I've got enough federal troops to block any kind of secessionist movement that I predicted in State of Emergency, in a novel I wrote, that would happen around Arizona because of the water rights.
Now, what we have here is a chance for Trump to redefine what does incarceration mean.
Get rid of bar.
Ooh, in God's name.
Uses a man who was a DI, an analyst at the agency, then converted to a DDO, an operative, then converted to a quote, a lawyer, but has always been loyal to the CIA.
I mean, it doesn't make sense.
I've said we've got 16 units in the CIA.
Get rid of 80% of them.
Let's talk about what's about to happen in the next two weeks because I agree with all of that.
I know there's a bunch of different camps in the government and the corporate system really wants to put Joe Biden in because it'll totally control him and loot the country.
But obviously anyone saying there's any good people left in government, we need to stop this and put Trump in.
This is crazy.
Well, I may be crazy, but the point of fact is what you and I said correctly.
There's going to be ballot harvesting, and that is a problem for me.
It's a problem for me individually and as an operative, because we do not know how many ballots have been harvested.
And in nine states, it's mandatory balloting.
Washington, Oregon, you know, all the liberal states.
So they can have all kinds of ballots come in.
Personally, I would bring in the police force in every area to monitor what's going on, and I would bring, as much as I hate it, a national force, either the ATF or some other unit of the government, not the FBI.
They're useless.
But another... Let's talk about this when we come back.
America is fighting for its life right now.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Steve Pucinich is our guest for one more segment.
Then I'm going right to your phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And I get it.
Doctor, doing a great job giving us background, explain what's going on.
It's all dead on.
We know that.
We appreciate it.
I'm just sitting here 14 days out.
And I get the Democrats are self-destructing.
I get they're a bunch of zombies.
I get that they're emblematic.
Logo or mascot is a person with dementia.
So it just shows their total disconnect, their arrogance, their hubris.
But still, I can have an anvil made out of steel with not one IQ point.
I drop it on somebody's head from a hundred feet, they're going to die.
If the chi-coms and the globalists and these out-of-control corporations, none of them who are even in charge, they all just want compliant minions.
Throw Biden this giant hunk of steel at us, or this dead body, whatever he is, you can drop a dead body on somebody from a hundred feet and it'll kill him, it's still going to cause a problem.
They're still going to try to execute, in a way their ignorance is their strength, to quote 1984.
The fact that they try to have a civil war, the fact that they have the chutzpah to keep trying all these coups, the fact that everyone bows down to them.
I mean, do you get what I'm saying?
That it's like a...
Mentally retarded automaton and their supporters are like that?
They just never stop?
They never go away?
Let me say the following.
One of the things that I would do, and this is something I looked at very carefully, it's strategic and it's point of focus targeting.
I would use Richard Grenell, who has been an incredibly effective operator and spokesperson for this administration.
Pence has been wonderful.
Trump is wonderful.
But in order to send a message to the big tech companies, you've got to pick out the largest and most salient, but not always apparent, weakness among them.
And the one person I can continuously attack
And I've known from past experience is totally incompetent.
And that's Dorsey who created both Square and Twitter and thought he could get away with all kinds of criminal activities.
Why would I want Grinnell to go after Dorsey?
Number one, Dorsey created Square.
He created Twitter.
But the Wall Street Journal considered him the worst, the worst CEO in the entire gamut of big tech.
But there's another reason I'm going to attack him.
And the reason becomes more personal since he decided to become personal with Trump and use Hunter Biden and started to threaten our own president and our own people, including me.
And that is, Grinnell has to ask Dorsey, isn't it amazing for the past 15 years you've been considered the Bachelor of the Year?
What does that really mean, Dorsey?
Now remember, Grinnell is proud he's gay and I have no problems with somebody being gay.
I do have a problem when you have somebody like Dorsey who thinks he's self-righteous, who thinks he's better than other people, and he doesn't want to come out publicly that he's gay.
That is a problem for me.
The hidden secrecy and nastiness of a guy like Dorsey.
Now, why do I say that personally?
Number one, when I owned Twitter, the stock years ago, I couldn't find out where their office was.
No one answered.
Then we were using Square.
Guess what happened?
They said they don't work on Saturdays and Sundays.
Well, Dorsey, you've got multi-billion dollars, but the one thing you can't cover up is the fact that you are covert or homosexual, the fact that you do not like to be with other people, the fact that you were a male model when you were only 12 years old, but you never said anything to anyone, and the fact that you had to overcome what you knew in terms of self-hatred vis-a-vis women and men.
And now we're going to have somebody who's going to come in and say it out publicly, Dorsey, what's your problem?
Why can't you come out and be gay and be proud of it?
That's the way I would hit them.
That's the way I work.
When I need to work, I pick my targets very carefully and I go right after them.
I have no problem using whatever information I need to know.
I totally agree with you that they have been spying on us, enslaving us.
I don't
Apple moving to China, giving them the code keys, that's espionage.
Forget Section 230.
And if Trump ever did one thing, ever had one action, they would all fold like a house of cards and do the right thing.
But instead, because there's been no government action, and because of the Heritage Foundation, fake libertarian BS,
There's a power vacuum.
And so we're like, oh, hands off big tech.
So it's now been captured by a consortium of authoritarian corporations in China.
And so by extension, they've now given up all their rightful power to protect the republic and have actually become, by extension, enemies of themselves and the country.
And so we need drastic action now.
What else would you say needs to be done?
Well, what I would say is I'd get a new Attorney General right away and get rid of Barr.
I would show the country that he is not adequate, he is not sufficient, nor can the agency continue with what he's been doing.
Similarly, I would get rid of Gene Haspel.
In other words, even with 14 days left,
I would start firing people right and left so that the country can understand we're getting rid of the vestiges of the old regime that came out of Yale.
Great idea.
Great signal.
Just start anybody that's establishment, anybody that's globalist.
I mean, you could Google them in a minute and find out who they are.
Just fire thousands of them.
That's what I would do.
And that's what I have done in the past.
When I got called in on a Bush senior because he was 20 points behind Dukakis.
Do you think Bush Senior really cared for me or Baker?
The answer was no.
Did I care for Bush Senior?
No, but I got him in there.
People said, oh, you should be grateful you worked for Bush Senior.
No, it was the other way around.
But honestly, I left after I put together Cambodia.
But you've got to be able to do the nastiest things just before you get elected.
And that's what I had to do.
And that's what you get done.
Now Trump knows that.
He has a hard time, and I've said it repeatedly, being able to fire people.
He's actually really too nice.
That's actually a secret.
I know that.
You and I have known that.
He's got to get rid of Fauci, who came out with his mouth again, who's totally... Listen, when I got remarried three years ago, Trump literally got my wife's number, called her, we're in an airport in Hawaii, and talked to her for five minutes, and I got on the phone and I said, Sir, you can call me if you want, but I don't need a pat on the head.
You've got enemies around you.
You need to take them out politically.
You need to protect yourself.
And I mean, he goes, well, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you.
And I'm like, dude, I get it.
But I said, you don't need to call me to pat me on the head.
Listen, my destiny is tied to America.
Yours is too.
Let's just win this thing.
That wasn't an arrogant thing.
That wasn't me, like, trying to, like, alpha the president.
I was saying, sir, you don't need to call us up and congratulate our wedding.
We want war.
We want victory.
I told him, I said, I want the enemy defeated.
I want our country sovereign again.
I want China, who's the enemy, dealt with.
And the good news is, he wasn't talking about China three years ago.
He really gets it now, and that's good.
The good news is that he understood that your wife was better looking than you.
Don't forget he likes women and good God and I'm glad he likes women.
That's been a unique feature of our president.
The issue with CHICOM right now, you're correct, but I'd rather focus on the domestic problems that we have now and just start firing.
And you've got enough people in that White House to be able to do it.
And, you know, Barr has to go.
He has absolutely done nothing.
FBI has to go.
Wray has to go.
Pompeo, I think he's totally useless.
And I thought Mills was also useless.
Well Trump's even started criticizing Pompeo.
Do five more minutes if you can and then I promise callers I'm gonna get to all of you in a segment.
I'm gonna come right back to our Steve McHenry, SteveMcHenry.com.
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So Ultra 12.
Yes, populism and free market awakenings on the march.
And corruption was on the run, but now they've launched their counter-strikes.
Dr. Steve Pichinik is our guest for a few more minutes.
I'm going to go to break for one minute and right back to all your calls.
So you're a smart guy.
You've got a lot of contacts, ear to the ground.
You're saying you think Trump wins, wins big.
Democrats still say they're going to contest.
What do you see coming up?
What do you think we can all do, not just counting on Trump, but ourselves to make sure we restore the Republic?
Well, number one, I would not vote with a ballot.
I would vote in person and make sure that you came and you voted and make sure you had poll watchers who are honest and consistent.
Number two, I would assign somebody within the White House to silence the White House instead of leaking out information that's not appropriate to the newspapers or to whomever.
I don't want to hear that senior officials in the White House off the record spoke to some newspaper.
That's not going to work.
Unless you clamp down on that White House and fire immediately, there's a lot of leakage going on.
Number three, I think Pence has to delineate very well what he's been doing and how he feels that a president should act and that Trump has done well, and then explain as well, not only Trump, how we're going to get back into a civil war.
That's right.
He needs all his surrogates running around the country doing their own rallies.
Well, the surrogates are not as effective.
The only man who's really effective, the only man anybody's looking at is Trump.
But Pence has acted as a number two.
I was very impressed.
I've become even more impressed with him.
I mean, Grinnell gets the message out very well as well.
As you said, let me ask you this.
What's the wild card of more October surprises and what Giuliani's got with his laptop?
The media is trying to cover that up.
What's your take on that?
Unfortunately, what could happen is a boomerang effect, which I've seen in the past.
That is, it's so lethal and so incredulous that the Democrats, particularly the liberals, would say, that's nonsense.
That's totally made up.
It's fake news.
It's people on the right wing.
Remember, you're in the alternative media.
And Steve Buchanek and Alex Jones are consistent with conspiracy.
So the notion of conspiracy theories is going to skyrocket on the left, while the reality of what's happening to the Democrats is going to be minimized.
There, they know how to just say nothing and make sure that they can
Force us to say, oh, these are conspiracies on the right, and they will say, I want you to get your ballots in, particularly in the states where it's mandatory.
As I said, the liberal states.
There we need poll watchers from the Republican Party.
No, I hear you.
So they can just totally ignore, no matter how horrible it is, they just ignore it because we all kind of have an inclination to like, what, videos of him raping little girls?
Okay, we better not get into that.
So they use that.
Well, they use it, but you ignore it.
You overwrite it.
And at the same time, you're going to have to make sure you have a strategy for, number one, if Biden does win.
I need to have a strategy in that White House.
Or what happens if Biden comes in very close and they want to contest it?
What if he loses and they want to contest it?
In other words, I need some strategic assessment.
That's what I've been saying, is we've been trying to battle plan here on air.
That's what we're doing right now.
When I talk to folks in the White House, they say there's really no battle planning going on.
Well, that's the problem.
There's no one there who's strategic, and that's been a problem for over three and a half years.
What happens with a man like Trump, who is quite formidable, and he loves what he does, and he's good at what he does, is to entertain the audience.
There has to be somebody behind him.
There's got to be real realists that just report to him and then leave it at that.
He can do what he wants.
Why exactly?
You have to be cold-blooded.
This is, you know, this is war.
This is a war that we're going to have from now on.
It's not going to be in Afghanistan.
It's not going to be in Iraq.
It's going to be in the White House.
And that White House war might last a
We're good to go.
Welcome back.
Hour number three.
All right, you guys have been holding Roxy, Michael, Gavin, Zach, Nick, Patrick, Brett.
So I'm going to go to you, and I'm going to move the next person quickly, because I want to get to everybody.
Let's talk to Roxy in Florida.
Roxy, thank you for calling.
What do you think is really going down?
Well, Marge, I just want to thank you for making Endgame, because if you hadn't made Endgame, you never would have woke me up.
First of all,
My gut instinct tells me that we may actually have a Harris-Biden administration.
And I didn't say that, you know, to be cute.
I said that on purpose.
And the reason I say this is because a lot of women I've been speaking to have revealed in talking that they know Biden's senile.
And because of what happened with Hillary, they feel like, you know, the way to get a woman president, which they feel the United States isn't ready for, which is totally not the case, it just has to be the right woman, would be to circumvent Joe Biden completely.
And, you know, vote for Biden-Harris so that he goes and eventually does whatever he does, plays Mahjong and puts on his slippers and watches Terry Mason, and she's in control.
Well, that's it.
And the Democrats have even said, oh, he's a placeholder.
When I don't care if it was a black guy, a white woman, a black lady, a dude, an old guy, as long as they're competent and aren't traitors, she's a horrible person.
Just like, she's not as bad as Hillary, but she's almost as bad.
I guess she hasn't had real power yet, so we'll see.
But absolutely, this is all about a woman president and women fetishizing that as a reflected glory.
Her being president and a Chai Com puppet is not going to help women.
That's crazy!
And then my other thing is, I keep, in my spirit, I keep getting a discernment, and I've been having this since about May.
What happens if we do, are the states and the union due to see?
People don't stop and think, well, we're fighting like idiots.
The left-right paradigm is complete, you know, garbage.
It really is.
It's a Hegelian dialectic, and anyone who knows it, who listens to your show, and, you know, is somewhat literate, and can read a paper, should be able to see through that.
Now, the point that I'm trying to make is
Is that if he does win, okay, we need beans, bullets and band-aids and you need to be ready.
You need to start getting physically fit.
If you haven't been, you should have been a long time ago.
And you need to know your state's constitution as well as your, you know, the actual constitution because what it's going to take
We've never pushed back.
And so here's what happened.
You have Republicans and Democrats sharing power the last 50, 60 years.
And selling the country out to foreign interest.
And then finally they just sold out to the Chinese and globalists to be their new boss.
They weren't just selling out interest, they sold out completely to them.
And then Trump came along, took over the Republican Party partially with a populist movement.
That's why, you know, ten years ago I wasn't Republican or Democrat because both parties were so bad.
Trump is a populist attempt to take over to get the country back and that's why everybody should get behind him.
God bless you.
People like to buy into hype.
And there's a lot of guys, a lot of women, you name it, that have bought into this and they are destroying their own interest and Trump is in serious danger, folks.
And he's in serious danger of losing.
And remember, I'm the guy that told you he was going to win when nobody else did.
I guess Ann Coulter said it before I did.
I was like the second.
And I was sure of it.
My gut's never wrong, because it's just thousands of data points integrated in the subconscious, and then the spirit makes the decision.
If they held the election today, Trump's going to lose because of massive fraud.
He's got to get his points way up above her, not just 5-10 points, 15-20 points, to beat the fraud.
And then again, even if he wins by just overwhelming landslide,
They're gonna contest it, folks, so just anywhere you slice it, this is a foreign outside takeover of the country, literally.
I mean, the sense of foreboding and doom I have has never been... I mean, it's overwhelming.
And by the way, it's very exhilarating.
I don't... I'm, like, scared here.
I'm, like, ready for war.
I'm ready to, you know... I mean, metaphysically, I feel like I've got battle axes in both hands.
So, I mean, that's just...
And China's about to invade Taiwan?
I mean, it's on, folks!
It's on, it's on, it's on!
Get right with Jesus, is all I can tell you.
Everything we talked about's coming down now, baby!
And there's a normalcy bias in the military, a normalcy bias in the Justice Department.
The average person in the Justice Department's not a traitor.
They're just kind of ho-hum Republican or Democrat.
Oh yeah, right.
Oh, martial law.
Oh, sure, the chi-coms.
Oh, sure, the... And then, boom!
Reality slaps right in on you like a meteorite.
Extending the dinosaurs.
I mean, it's BAM!
Alright, so I gotta take all these calls.
It was a great caller.
Let's talk to Patrick in Boston.
Patrick, your take on this situation.
Hey man, I was wondering why you were so upset about Hunter Biden's sexual impropriety.
I don't know what that, because he's being blackmailed by the communist Chinese, and if it's underage, those are children.
It's none of my business what he does with his penis, unless I'm sitting in his lap.
Isn't that correct?
Sir, just a second.
You sound like a seminar caller.
This doesn't sound like a fair deal here to me.
They admit these emails are real now, so I don't think... First off, do you deny the emails are real, or did the Russians make them up?
Let me ask that question.
I don't know if they are, and you don't know either.
Uh, excuse me?
We have the repair shop, we have the emails, we have the emails from the lawyer, they're not denying it.
Excuse you at all, because I don't think you're being a reasonable arbiter right now.
Let me ask you this.
In the emails, it says to Burisma, we want the investigation covered up.
We'll give you $30 million.
I mean, it says it right there.
Yeah, do you know those are true?
Did you hear me?
That the FBI had the laptop confirmed that it was Hunter Biden's?
Yeah, FBI.
And the repair shops released the emails with lawyers?
You know damn well that the FBI has not confirmed anything.
No, they've confirmed they had the laptop.
It's being harangued by a senator.
Dude, you're trying to call into this show and gaslight us?
That Hunter Biden and his dad?
Okay, did his dad get up on C-SPAN and say that they were investigating us so I went and said I won't give you a million bucks and they fired the prosecutor?
Listen to me, boy.
We're done with you.
We're done with you, boy.
You're the punk.
Okay, you think you call in here and gaslight my audience?
You don't do that.
You're a joke.
If I had more time, I'd keep you on, but I gotta get to the other callers.
That's who these guys think they are.
They think they're chumping you.
They think they're smarter than you.
The Bidens are degenerate scum.
All the one-sided China deals, they sold our country out.
They're enemies of the Republic.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nick in California.
Nick, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to say my mentor reminds me often, never stop an ego on its way to self-destruction.
It doesn't need your help.
And the way I see it is that America's ego that's been lulled back to sleep in the wake of Bernays' propaganda is destructing.
But the good thing is, is that what follows an unhealthy ego's collapse is the formation of a healthy, mature ego, which is people waking up.
I agree, but if we have a collapsing third world and nuclear weapons, the collapse of the ego may kill us.
I guess no comment there.
Yeah, you think about the danger of that.
But what do you think of the last guy?
He says the Bidens would have said this was fake up front if it was fake.
They have said nothing.
Now we have the lawyers' emails.
The FBI admitted they had the laptop.
I have nothing to say about the last guy.
I mean, I don't even know why he's listening to your show if he's going to call and harass, but what he said... Well, I mean, I would have spent more time with the guy.
I just got to get to their calls, but it's just the arrogance and the con game.
Like I was some 70 IQ, 14-year-old girl he picked up at a bus stop.
This laptop is about underage girls.
That's illegal.
Even if you're a Democrat, they should have some basic decency.
Yeah, and that's why I have a problem with early voting, because people who already voted for Biden, they can't take their vote back once they see that Hunter Biden's a child molester.
That's how they get around the October surprises, don't they?
Is they have, what, most of the ballots have already been cast.
Did you know that?
Yeah, like 30 million.
God Almighty.
Mostly for Biden.
Nick, what else do you think is going to happen as America self-destructs?
You know, I don't have much comment about what's going to happen in America.
I have a lot of comment about people not really understanding who they are and what they are and how they got programmed to be what they are.
Like, for instance, we don't even have rights of passage anymore in this country.
So a lot of boys who are, you know, or should I say adults, we're just still boys.
You know, we went from high school... Hey, let's talk about this.
You didn't go through rights of passage.
I didn't go through some of the rights of passage.
I mean, what do you mean by that?
We come back to Nick, then Michael, Gavin, Zach, Brett, and others.
Arrested development.
Arrested development.
That's what Nick's talking about.
Now they say the new age of adulthood is 25.
Then it'll be 30.
We're all going to be locked in our houses because of COVID.
The robots will take care of us.
This is a post-human world the elite are building in their own words.
So what are you getting at about how people break out of that and then refine those rites of passage?
What I have to say about that from what I've been taught by my mentors is that first people have to understand what
What they are made of like what in terms of paradigm, not in terms of biology, but in terms of their paradigms, you have animal nature and you have human nature.
And a lot of people say that humans are basically good.
Well, that would be true if we were in our human nature, which has access to good because of choice.
But a lot of people are stuck in their animal nature, which, if you look at children, children are animals, basically.
They're developmental narcissists.
It's me, me, me, me, me.
So when their parents get divorced, they take it personally, of course.
They're developmental narcissists.
Well, without a rites of passage that takes a person, that puts that person on a path to facing courage, facing all their fears, and going for what they want.
They've got to face fears, they've got to be on a mission, they've got to have a kinship, they've got to experience there's something bigger than themselves.
Without that experience, they're still children.
They're still essentially, excuse me, girls with penises.
That's what boys are before they hit adolescence.
They're prepubescent.
They're basically girls with penises.
Now what that means is they don't have that protector, that provider, that defender.
They don't have those instincts.
Let's go further.
Those are epigenetical, compressed
That's right.
It's like one day you finally wake up and you have all these dreams and all this stuff and it's like, it's like armories of understanding of weapons.
I don't mean like weapons to kill people, but just, it's like you start getting so much knowledge.
It's incredible.
And I hear what you're saying, brother.
It's so real.
And that's the difference between God and the devil.
The devil is a force that doesn't want you to expand.
God wants you to have everything.
But God had to give you free will so you could have that opportunity.
So you gotta go with God.
Go with God.
And get behind me, Satan.
That's why I love Vaya Con Dios.
All right, let's go ahead and talk, who's been on the longest now?
That would be Michael in Texas.
Michael, you're on the air.
Oh, can you hear me?
Yes, go ahead.
I just want to talk about, you know, I've been seeing a lot of people, a lot of Christian people that I believe are good intentioned, but they're still thinking about, you know, their
They don't like Trump, or they want to vote for Biden because, you know, they think... Oh, they want to act morally superior and say, oh, he's terrible, but he's better than Biden.
No, he's an incredible champion that's been through hell, and you should back him and get persecuted for it, you damn cowards!
And I especially want to speak to, you know, I've seen pastors and things, you know, posting things about, don't, you know, go into conspiracy theories.
And the Bible is real.
It's true.
It's God's Word.
And you can test it.
You can question it.
And God's not afraid of our questioning, so it's the devil that always says, don't look into the details.
Exactly, the devil's in the details, and the devil never wants you to look at details, absolutely.
I have a couple things that I've noticed in the scripture that hopefully people can share.
I know, you know, everybody that's listening to the show probably knows, but you have friends at your church that, you know, I know people that won't listen to, won't watch a video of Alex Jones, but
You know, if you share with them from the Bible, in Genesis 47, Pharaoh had a dream about seven years of great harvest and then seven years of famine.
Joseph interpreted that dream as the prime minister.
They did not share that information with the people.
They kept that to themselves.
They, as a government, stockpiled food.
And then they were able to sell it back to the people, and then in following years, the people had to sell their lives for it.
Oh yeah, that goes back to the dream of the prophet in Egypt.
Remember that?
Of the seven years of fat, the seven years of skinny.
So if people don't think that, that story has been around for 5,000 years.
You know, I was talking to a high-powered Democrat to show you how evil these people are.
About a month ago, I had to meet with, because of some issues, and I was meeting with the local Democrat mafia head, and he said, he said, Alex, what's going on?
It was 4,000 years ago in Egypt, with the Seven Days of Plenty, and the Seven Days of, the Seven Years of Famine, and I was just like, they already know all this, they've just decided to be on the other side.
Do you believe that?
Yeah, so people- It's funny you called about that, because that, yeah, sorry, go ahead.
Oh no, but people who won't believe that a government or powerful organizations will cause a famine or a plague, or whether it's real or not, in order to gain the benefits of that.
You know, they had a whole country throw themselves into slavery in the Bible.
Well, look at Pharaoh.
They went and dug up the Sanskrit and the hieroglyphs.
It's true what's in Genesis.
And much later in Exodus and all that, Pharaohs in Exodus ordered the firstborn of the Israelites killed as a way to just call off boys.
They don't want too many boys.
Because they don't want warriors.
They want women they can control.
Nothing against women.
It's a fact.
And so you're absolutely right.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Amazing points.
And by the way, folks can sit there and say, oh, you should never meet with the Democrats.
You know, that's evil.
No, it's not.
I never compromise one bit.
I mean, they say in the Bible that God meets with the devil.
I'm not saying I'm God.
I'm saying it's an allegory.
The devil has to go up and ask God for permission for things.
I will absolutely meet with the enemy if they want to meet with me.
I've met with two representatives of the top billionaires.
I've met with the enemy repeatedly.
I've got meetings with the enemy going on right now on the East Coast.
And I encourage the enemy to stop and give up and reject Satan and embrace Christ.
But they won't because they're of their father the devil, the synagogue of Satan.
But that's what this comes down to.
This is very real.
And they know it.
The devil can quote scripture all day long.
They know it better than we do.
They know!
These are people that decided to join in!
Because they don't believe in you.
They think you're losers.
They think that they're really gonna become gods and merge with machines and escape this.
But I look at Soros and Stelter and all of these people, and I see losers.
I see that there's nobody home but an evil force.
I look into God-fearing people.
They could be black, they could be Hispanic, old, young, Asian.
And I see intelligence and goodness and love.
And I see their spirit.
And then I see these people, arrogant and fake and empty and alone.
Thank God I don't have eyes like Newsom or AOC.
I mean, put them back up there.
Look at their eyes!
That ain't human, folks!
Look at Schiff.
Look at Pelosi.
Look at David Hogg.
Look at Dershowitz.
Look at the Aurora shooter.
They all got that satisfied, weird, sick look.
Look at Cuomo.
Look at him.
Look at Stephen Colbert.
That's the most evil of all of them right there.
Look at that face.
That is none of this world.
We got a special guest that got beat up in San Francisco on Saturday.
We're having an event.
He's a well-spoken, nice black man that wanted to have a free speech event.
So he got one of his teeth totally knocked out.
He's a tough guy, too.
Very Christ-like.
He just takes the beating.
I'm not as strong as he is.
I'd have gone crazy.
I'd get so mad.
You knock my front teeth out.
God, you're dead.
You're dead.
I'm gonna beat your brains out.
He didn't know.
He's a better man than I. He took it.
We'll be right back.
All the games are over.
All the sins of America have come home to roast.
Now, a powerful global consortium of megabanks, the Communist Chinese, Hollywood, radical Islam, the pedophile lobby, are striking against our republic.
But many people who've been asleep have been awakened by what they've seen.
And humanity is coming together.
Coming together with our red blood and our humanity that unifies us against the globalist onslaught.
We're going to go to our guest who I really appreciate joining us here in a moment.
I'm going to show some of the videos of him being brutally beaten for trying to have a free speech rally and to support President Trump in the new Fascist Communist Command Center of San Francisco.
But here's a video of hundreds of young black American activists marching saying, we want Trump.
This has been banned off Facebook, Twitter, you name it.
Go ahead and roll it with audio.
Here it is.
That goes on and on.
So that's people beating the mind control.
That's just being silenced on the internet.
Our guest here, and then I'll do the next hour and take your calls for Zach and Noah and Brett.
Everybody hold on, I'll get to you.
I love you.
Philip Anderson has been completely deplatformed after he was physically attacked.
That's the other part.
He didn't just get his teeth knocked out.
He also has been deplatformed.
Banned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram just hours after Antifa knocked his teeth out.
He defended the Portland Courthouse by stopping two riots in Portland.
He stood in between Antifa, BLM, and the police in Louisville, Kentucky.
Protected the police from them and then he was in San Francisco when this happened.
And he's being absolutely destroyed by these people.
He's got a website.
That will put on screen for you, but it hasn't been updated.
He's got a new site.
We'll tell you about it in a moment.
What a great name.
We ought to work with this guy and try to help him.
He's got to go fund me.
Everybody should support.
Help Philip Anderson fix his teeth and his friend that got attacked.
Mark and Gina assaulted at San Francisco rally.
And again, they bankrupt you.
They take your bank accounts.
They take everything from you.
Hashtag Team Save America.
But he joins us here in just a moment.
Let's roll the videos though first for TV viewers, radio listeners.
These are all over the place on Infowars.com.
They've been blocked online because victims can't be shown on the left.
Philip Anderson has his teeth knocked out at Free Speech Rally.
We'll play that.
And then we cut to him talking about what happened next and his message to Joe Biden.
Here it is.
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Get down
He still gives a speech with his tooth knocked out.
Then they attack him again.
It just goes on and on.
It's just, God's at ease.
They're throwing bottles at him right now.
They're ridiculous.
These $2,000 it took to fix that pyramidal.
What are you trying to do?
You're trying to end Barack Obama.
You're trying to kill me.
Hey, Joe Biden.
I have a question for you, Joe Biden.
You said that Antifa is just an idea.
This is what the idea you're talking about, Antifa?
This is what they did to me.
I'm at the hospital right now, Joe Biden, because of Antifa.
So I just want to ask you, do you still think, after seeing this, that they're just an idea?
Okay, I want you to answer that question, Joe Biden.
It's Antifa.
Just an idea.
All the folks shot and killed.
All the police killed.
People shot at checkpoints.
Philip Anderson's an amazing guy.
I've seen his work for a while.
What called you to travel around the country and stand up for freedom?
And describe what happened to you, brother.
We really appreciate you.
And help you get your teeth fixed, my friend.
Because, yeah, I guess you lost the other tooth now.
Can you hear me, Alex?
I can, sir.
Good to have you on.
Hey man, I'm so thankful to be here.
It's unbelievable that I'm the victim of a hate crime.
And even though, on top of being a black man and being the victim of a hate crime, just hours after Democrats knocked out my teeth, committing this vicious hate crime against me,
They completely deplatformed me just because I was going viral and it made them look bad.
How would Jack Dorsey like his little teeth knocked out and then he'd be platformed because they're little murdering big tech criminals that push this and allow it.
Jack Dorsey and others are guilty of what they've done to you and all the dead people and one day they're gonna get retribution!
It's true.
And what I have to say to Infowars, and to the Where You Go One, You Go All crowd, and especially Nick Fuentes and Groyper Army, it's time to protest Big Tech.
Time to protest Big Tech at all their headquarters.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
I put, the last video I posted before they banned me, they watched that video, then they immediately banned me on Twitter, they banned me on Facebook, they banned me on Instagram.
Altogether, they gotta silence the victim.
This is, I should have said that up front.
After you're physically attacked, they then silence you.
Yeah, and I didn't do anything wrong.
I mean, the attacker is guilty.
I just got my teeth knocked out.
And if I was a Democrat, I'd be the next Black Lives Matter martyr.
I'd be Breonna Taylor.
But just because I'm Republican, they treat me like I'm a slave.
They knocked my teeth out.
Then they banned me completely off the internet.
This is unacceptable.
They committed a hate crime against me, literal hate crime.
And that's what the guy's getting charged with.
The guy who knocked my teeth out has been arrested by San Francisco police.
They called me yesterday, last night.
And I just can't believe it.
Because when Instagram banned me, I posted a video.
That's exactly what they did, Alex.
Right in that picture.
It just pisses me off, man, because this is real fascism.
This is real evil.
Exactly, and that's the whole point of having the free speech rally.
They showed us that we're not even allowed to have the free speech rally.
Okay, they shut it down, and they couldn't tell us why they shut it down.
Well, you're not a little guy.
You obviously, I could see you when they knocked your teeth out.
You made the decision, you kind of got, for a minute you were about to, you got your fist in the ball, but you decided not to fight back.
Why'd you do that?
The reason why is because I saw a white guy there.
I knew for a fact that they were going to murder him.
They're just going to kill him.
And that's why I put my arm around him.
Because I knew that this guy was a good guy.
Not just because I saw him wearing Infowars gear.
You know?
Because I know right off the bat those are good people.
They don't throw the first punch.
They just defend themselves.
But I already know what Antifa does.
They target white people who are wearing anything that's pro-MAGA, you know, pro-InfoWars, literally just pro-America, and they beat the living hell out of them.
And I said, that's not acceptable.
That's racism.
That's the same racism that black people had to go through in the 50s and 60s.
That's what white people are having to go through right now.
I completely condemn and disavow any type of hateful action like that against white people.
It's not acceptable, and I'm disgusted by it.
And just because I try to protect that white man, this is what they did to me.
This is how much they hate black and white people.
Let's describe how that started.
They were trying to get him first, right?
And then they came to get you.
Yeah, I put my arm around him to protect him.
And then out of nowhere, someone comes behind me and punches me from the back.
And then right there, he punches me a second time in the mouth.
Won't even let me talk to him and say, dude, why'd you punch me?
I'm just trying to walk into my own event and escort this attendee into the event.
Because there's a lot of people who actually came out.
The news is lying.
All the Antifa and BLM people there, mostly Antifa, they decided to block all the people who are trying to enter the event.
With Gina and Mark Lopez in the GoFundMe you guys saw at the beginning of this video.
They practically broke his leg.
They had to take him on a stretch to the hospital.
So please be sure to donate.
But that's a Latino man.
They also attacked his Latino wife.
Let's talk about this.
Americans every day are getting maimed and killed to simply speak support of the President of America.
This is so sick.
This is so sad.
I'm sorry, when that guy punched you in the mouth, the police should have gone with their billy clubs and arrested that guy.
I mean, it's absolutely disgusting.
And the reason why they're afraid to do that, Alex, is because you've seen the Black Lives Matter movement.
You see how they're willing to burn down an entire city.
Oh, it's all backed by all the billionaires.
Yeah, they would use any footage of those guys going in, trying to get justice for a black man getting his teeth knocked out, and they would turn it on the police.
You'd see police officers going to the billy clubs, and you'd see, oh, peaceful protesters were just attacked by the police.
I know, at some point, we gotta not give a damn about what happens, but I get it.
Alright, let's come back and talk about where all this is going.
My God, this is unbelievable.
Phillip Anderson's here, TempSaveAmerica.com.
I tell you, man.
God, I love my teeth, man.
Somebody might knock my front teeth out.
God Almighty.
What a horrible situation this country's in.
All right, folks.
We just had our whole systems shut down.
We had backups kick in.
We were warned about this.
A lot of stuff's going on behind the scenes.
We're going to go back to our guests in a minute as soon as we can get the power back up fully here in the studio.
But here's Keith Olbermann saying he wants to arrest everybody and put us in prisons as a horrible authoritarian piece of filth.
Here's this enemy combatant that thinks, here's this Chi-Com agent who thinks he owns you and your family.
Here he is.
Trump can be and must be expunged.
The hate he has triggered, the Pandora's box he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed.
So, let us brace ourselves.
The task is twofold.
The terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box.
And then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lee's, and the William Barr's, and the Sean Hannity's, and the Mike Pence's, and the Rudy Giuliani's, and the Kyle Rittenhouse's,
And the Amy Coney Barrett's must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus.
Remember it, even as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died.
That the fight is not just to win an election, but to win it by enough to chase, at least for a moment, Trump and the maggots off the stage.
And then try to clean up what they left.
Remember it, even though to remember it means remembering that the fight does not end November 3rd.
But in many ways,
We'll only begin that day.
All right.
This is like the science fiction movie or the Star Trek or Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon's on fire and stuff's going off and lights are flashing and nothing's working.
I got briefed about two weeks ago by folks that are hooked in with Homeland Security and the Pentagon and they said, Alex, you already know this.
You've got the maps.
We're getting hit with a hundred times, 200 times any previous attacks, cyber attacks.
Cell towers are going out all over the US.
Banks are getting hacked into.
Everything's going crazy.
They're trying to bring down the dollar.
They're trying to bring down the United States.
So when we have a technical difficulty, I don't always just blame it on that, but we're having daily hacks, daily infrastructure attacks.
And now we're told,
The next thing would be our power grid and our studio.
Mike Adams was briefed by some of the same people.
He said that yesterday when he was on.
So, we have full backups.
We have everything plugged in, everything right.
But this just happened.
And I mean, you ought to see it.
Like a half a billion requests a minute.
Fake requests.
To Infowars.
And I've been asked by IT people not to show you our stuff so people know what to hit.
But they're not just hitting us, they're hitting everybody.
America is at war right now.
So Philip Anderson, going back to you, physically had your teeth knocked out.
Then Andy threw bottles of water at you while you tried to finish your speech.
This is such a historic time.
Talk about yourself.
What got you engaged?
Who are you?
Because you're a great guy.
What made you go out and travel the country and stand up for free speech?
Was it just something at a gut level?
What was it?
Alex, you're the reason why.
I saw they wrongfully banned you, and at first people were like, oh, it's just one guy, it doesn't matter.
I'm like, you guys are being real dumb.
They're gonna ban us all.
Doesn't matter what your skin color is, doesn't matter what your religion is, it doesn't matter.
They're gonna take you out the second you have an idea that they don't agree with and they don't want spread, and they know that you have the ability to effectively spread that idea.
You're the man who got President Donald Trump elected.
I don't care what people say, that's a fact.
You know, statistics, the numbers, they don't lie.
You're the man.
And they took you out because of that.
They don't want Americans to have the right to free speech.
They took away your free speech right, Alex.
They took away your right to peacefully protest.
Now they're doing the same thing to me.
Now I don't have the right to organize and peacefully protest.
Now I don't have free speech.
I've been completely deplatformed off the internet and all I have left is a website.
I'm the exact same as you.
And they say, oh, Alex Jones, well, he's this racist white guy.
I'm a black guy.
I got my teeth knocked out.
I'm the victim of a hate crime.
And they just did the same thing to me.
This proves that what they did to Alex Jones is not justifiable.
It's a political agenda.
And these social media platforms claim protections because they claim to be neutral platforms.
And they get these protections.
And here's the whole problem.
All I said was Americans have the right to free speech and they have the right to peaceful protest.
Big Tech thinks that you're slaves.
Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook think that you all are slaves.
They are wrong.
I posted that video saying that, and how I'm the victim of a hate crime, and how they did just ban me on Instagram, and how they're gonna ban me on Twitter and Facebook in the morning, and the only thing I got wrong is that they banned me one hour after I posted that video.
That's what's so incredible is you're a free speech guy, you're giving a loving speech, you don't fight back, and then they can't have a victim of their evil so they disappear you.
Like they buried you in a nameless grave.
I mean, they support Communist China, what they're doing.
I mean, Jack Dorsey, all these guys are really monsters, aren't they?
They really are.
Hey, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, can you look at this?
Right here.
These are my teeth.
I don't know, uh... Alright, here we go.
These right here, you know, these are my teeth.
I'm trying to get it, like, in the middle.
There we go.
Yeah, these are my two front teeth.
I want to know, after seeing my two front teeth here, you know, why did you ban me?
Why did you completely defy for me?
My teeth were literally knocked out of my mouth, Mark Zuckerberg.
Why did you ban me?
Well, let me tell you a story.
Heinrich Himmler was the head of the SS, but he'd never been in the military, never killed anybody.
He was a member of the royal family, low-level, and a chicken farmer.
But Hitler hired him because he did what he said, and he did what he told him.
But Himmler went out a few times to execution sites where they were shooting people, machine gunning them.
He would throw up and said, I can never see this again.
So, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, they don't want to see your teeth knocked out by the people they fund, people they protect.
They want to just ignore the victims of what they've done.
And I just say that, you know, how would he like his teeth?
I mean, if somebody walks up to him next time he's at Congress and knocks his teeth out,
And then he doesn't just have his teeth knocked out, he's then banned off Twitter because his teeth were knocked out.
Or what if somebody, God forbid, beat his brains out with a baseball bat?
And then his name was banned because he can't have a victim.
See, that's who these guys are.
They're creeps, they're nerds, and they feel like they have a right to piss on everyone and abuse us and dominate us.
They're monsters.
Yeah, and that's the whole point why.
They wanted to destroy me as quickly as possible.
Because they said the Proud Boys were there, and they were not there.
First off, the Proud Boys are not a white supremacist organization.
Exactly, but now just saying you're them.
A, they're not white supremacists, but now they just say you're with them so you deserve to have your teeth knocked out.
Yeah, they weren't even there.
Not a single Proud Boy.
It was just me and the people who came to see the rally and our speakers.
And Antifa Berkeley knew that the Proud Boys weren't there.
And let's talk about that.
When I was reading it, it was like a free speech pro-Trump rally.
You can't even have that in America.
Like, all Americans should be outraged by this.
Yeah, they told everyone that white supremacists were coming.
They told everyone that Proud Boys were coming, that fascists were coming, and there was a total lie.
Meanwhile, the main white supremacist leader has endorsed Biden.
Richard Spencer has endorsed, you know, Joe Biden.
I mean, white supremacists stick together, don't they?
Because Joe Biden is a total racist.
He's so senile and old, he can't stop himself from having his true feelings and thoughts about black people.
He goes, I like roaches and I like black kids.
And black kids are just as smart as white kids.
Yeah, he'll always go up and creep up on and sniff and touch all the white kids.
But you don't see him touching any children of color, do you?
That ought to tell you something.
Okay, I'm almost thinking... Ooh, that's a good point!
He's never grabbing on brown kids, is he?
Yeah, I'm almost thankful that he's a racist.
Thank God that he's not gonna put his hands, you know, on my sister or my children.
I don't even have children.
Thank goodness for that.
And thank goodness that if I did have children, they'd be black or else Joe Biden would be all over them.
You know, if my sister was actually older than me, he'd probably walk up to her and just like the other woman he walked up to and say, I wish you were four years old and dancing.
This is something he actually said to a woman on live TV.
And guess what?
The media didn't even report on that.
He went up to a woman and told her,
I just wish that you were four years old and I could watch you dance.
Obviously, for folks that don't know, because I never had bad teeth, but I've been grinding them, so these disintegrated.
I finally got two posts put in the last six months.
Now I got the tooth put on.
It's over $2,000 per tooth.
People want to support you.
How do people help you get your front teeth back, brother?
Because I want to see you on air with me in a couple months.
It takes that much time to drill in and put the post in and make them see that they got to put the new teeth in.
But how do we support you, brother?
Because, you know, they give all these globalists all this money.
We need you to get a lot of money, not just for your teeth, but to have your own media organization and some security.
Yeah, here's the thing Alex.
The money that's being raised right now, that is not just to fix my teeth.
The money that has been raised, that should be about enough or almost enough to fix my teeth.
But the whole point of why I want you guys to continue donating is so we can have another free speech rally.
Because we need a protest Twitter.
We need a protest Facebook.
We need a protest Instagram.
Hey, Phillip, you got me sold, brother.
Go fund me.
Help Phillip Anderson fix his teeth.
Go fund me.
Mark and Gina assaulted SF Rally.
Join us again tomorrow, brother.
We love you.
Phone calls and big breaking news straight ahead.
And we got some big Hunter Biden laptop news.
Well, the good news is the waiting's over.
The war is now.
Ha ha ha!
All right, Matt, Zach, Noah, and Brett, I'm taking your calls.
And then Patrick Howley of National File and Epoch Times has major breaking Joe Biden news.
And then we'll continue as long as we can.
All right, who's been on the longest?
That would be Brett in Texas.
Thank you so much, sir.
We really appreciate you.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, man, I really appreciate it.
You are the tip of the spear, man.
Love your show.
Been listening a long time.
Yeah, I was listening to Dr. Pachinik, and he's right.
I think, I think, you know, we need to fire all these, we need to fire all these people, you know, at the head of the CIA, the DOJ, and the FBI.
I mean, you know, the Bible says... They've all shown their traitors sold out.
Sorry, the Bible says, go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, there's a scripture in the Bible that says, wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.
Well, so you look at what they do, you know.
I mean, Gina Haspel's been stonewalling requests for documents.
You know, Christopher Wray has this cavalier attitude toward Antifa, you know, not even going after, hardly even acknowledging it.
And then, you know, I think most importantly, Bill Barr and John Durham have no indictments of any significance so far.
And they've managed to slow walk the investigation into a constitutional crisis, which is going to be the election.
And if you look at, I was watching an interview with Bill Barr and Maria Bartiromo, and Bill Barr said that what happens with regards to the investigation will depend on who wins the election.
And then, you know, not to mention the fact that Congress isn't doing anything about the big tech censorship because they're all bought off.
I mean, if you look at Jim Jordan being interviewed by Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago, Tucker totally embarrassed him, you know, for taking campaign contributions for Google.
So they're all bought off.
Everybody's corrupt.
And more than bought off, they're scared of big tech.
Because big tech... Well, yeah, but they're bought off.
They haven't done... I mean, this could have been addressed 10 years ago.
But, you know, they've got these carve-outs, you know, that they can run roughshod over, you know, with the free speech infringements and everything.
And they don't do anything.
They haven't done anything about it when they could.
They could have done something about it years ago.
So, you know, I mean, basically, you know, it looks like we're on our own.
I mean, we can't, we can't put our faith, you know, we can't put our faith in, in man, you know, any kind of, you know, our representatives.
I really do think Trump is our last.
Oh, there's no doubt Trump's for real.
And by real, he's really a guy who really thinks he's president, who's really doing what he thinks is best.
He's fallible, but I mean, he's real.
And if we don't double down, I mean, can you imagine what they're going to do if they get rid of Trump?
I mean, can you imagine what's about to happen?
I can handle it.
These guys lie to his face.
They lie to his face.
They lie to his face.
I gotta go.
I gotta break here.
The point is they lie to his face.
And they lie again.
And they lie again because they don't want a war with the Deep State.
The problem is the Deep State's bringing the war anyways.
Somebody's like pounding you in the face.
But you're not going to fight back because you don't want to get in a fight.
You're all ready getting your ass kicked.
You might as well fight back.
And that's what this comes down to.
Alright, Matt, Zach, and Noah are last callers.
And then I've got Patrick Howley.
A national follow on Epic Times has got some big breaking Biden news and laptop news and a lot more.
So that's coming up.
And I appreciate Gerald Salento.
He's a great guy.
He understands every once in a while I got to preempt him.
So I've done that.
The times are too epic.
We've got a lot of other things to hit as well.
But I just hope you all understand this is
We've lived under the shelter of Christianity and under America and under George Washington, which was the fruit of the Magna Carta and the Renaissance.
That's all being torn away.
Use a Star Trek analogy, our shields are down, folks.
It's kind of a good thing.
We're about to face God.
This is Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco, a dystopian hellhole.
Back up!
Get out of here!
Where a bubonic plague of homelessness has skyrocketed steadily under her watch.
And just as Pelosi ignores her constituents, she has done the same to average Americans with her weak mental capacity to hold her office.
Perhaps you mistook them for somebody who gave a damn.
It's not the worst of her offenses, and you point out a long train here, referring to Donald Trump as an enemy of the state, federal law enforcement agents as stormtroopers.
One wonders if she's just completely unwound.
I don't know if you'll have success in removing her from her post, but I'm glad you put the indictment out there.
Here's the other thing that most people don't realize.
There was a major rule change when Nancy Pelosi came in because they had the majority and it was to prevent anybody from doing this other than the minority leader Kevin McCarthy.
Pelosi is a sick woman.
She's got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems.
Recently, Nancy Pelosi reached a milestone by not speaking to Donald Trump for an entire year.
MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace asked Pelosi if she would be open to Trump reaching out to her.
Pelosi said it would depend on what the purpose is.
This during a pandemic in skyrocketing unemployment.
As you know, there are Americans who are being evicted from their homes.
They can't pay the rent.
Many Americans are waiting in food lines for the first time in their lives.
Can you look them in the eye, Madam Speaker, and explain why you don't want to accept the President's latest stimulus offer?
We represent these people.
I have for over 30 years represented my constituents.
I know what their needs are.
I listen to them.
Why not call him and say, Mr. President, let's work out a deal.
It's not going to be everything you want.
Not going to be everything I want.
But there are so many Americans right now who are in desperate need.
Let's make a deal.
What makes me amused, if it weren't so sad, is how you all think that you know more about the suffering of the American people than those of us who are elected by them to represent them at that table.
Nancy Pelosi, the 33-year Congresswoman representing the Democrat armpit of San Francisco with a net worth of $120 million, continues her scatterbrain tyranny.
The father of Nancy Pelosi, Thomas D'Alessandro Jr., was a Democratic U.S.
Congressman from Maryland and a mayor of Baltimore.
D'Alessandro was so deeply involved with the Magliano Mafia that John F. Kennedy had Hoover's FBI investigate him.
An investigation that Hoover warned would end Di Alessandro's political career.
And now, that spirit of arrogant corruption lives on in the current Speaker of the House, who has taken a meat cleaver to the balance required in her position of power.
The 25th Amendment is all about the stability of the presidency and the continuity of the office.
And this is, you know, not with bad intention.
If a president becomes incapacitated by stroke, or ventilation, whatever it happens to be,
He would not have the ability, as President George W. Bush had, to make a judgment for this period of time I transfer the power.
Clearly, it is due time for Pelosi to vacate the chair.
John Bowne reporting.
Again, I don't have to describe to viewers and listeners right now how critical the situation is.
I am encouraged by the fact...
That we have record traffic to Infowars.com and Newswars.com and Bandai Video and that we have a lot of our great affiliates saying, how do we support Infowars?
How do we save America?
Our affiliates are always great.
Our radio stations and TV stations, but I've never had this much response.
We've had more response from them in the last week.
We had the last six months.
I mean, they get, because before it's like, okay, Jones is okay to warn about tyranny, but he exaggerates a little, but he's still overall a necessary evil.
Now people are like, okay, Jones wasn't making the... Folks, I don't want to make this up!
I'm not making any of this up!
We are in trouble, man!
A lot of trouble!
I mean, I sit here reading the reports and the confirmed documents about the globalists and what they're doing, and I just can't believe they're this evil!
I know why you don't believe me!
I don't believe it!
It's crazy!
They admit that it's come out.
Biden's ignored it, but his lawyer admits it's the laptop.
They haven't denied it.
And it's the Burisma executive saying, you're going to end a criminal investigation into us.
We'll give you the money.
And then we learned it's raping little girls.
Well, of course it is.
Because you don't get in this club unless you're doing that.
Matt, Zach, and Noah.
I'm going to take your calls right now, and we've got Patrick Howley at the bottom of the hour joining us to get to all these calls.
He's got some big breaking news today.
It's like Trump said last week.
He said in a couple of speeches, he said, he said, I can't believe they're this evil.
It's worse than I thought.
I thought I could turn around easier.
And he went on to say, and I can't believe they're for China against their own interest, and I can't believe they hate the country like this.
That's word for word what I've said.
Trump didn't get that from me.
We're just in the spirit simpatico, just like you are.
People call and they go, my God, you're saying exactly what I think in real time.
Because it's the truth!
This morning I got up at like, you know, 5.30, I'm having coffee, sun comes up 6.30, the sun comes up behind these black clouds, it's really beautiful.
If we're all looking at that same picture, that's the same picture.
But then we look at fellow Americans who literally believe Trump's a KKK member.
They literally believe China's our friend.
They literally believe against their own self-interest.
I'm going to go to break.
Go to Mac, Zach, and Noah.
You've held.
I'll get to all three in the next segment.
I love you, and I appreciate you.
Zach's first.
Briefly, because I didn't plug last hour.
We'll be bankrupt if we don't.
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So thank you all for taking action now.
Funding InfoWars is one of the most critical things you can do to crush the globalists.
And you know we're committed and we'll not back down until death.
Let's get Zach, Matt, and Noah in here ahead of Patrick Alley, NationalFall.com with big breaking news.
Zach, thanks for holding your on the air.
Hey, Jay.
How we doing?
We're at the great crossroads, brother.
Everything we talked about now down the line, it's just, we're finally here.
It's so epic.
It's so incredible.
So much love for you, buddy.
Hey, I got two things.
One, appreciate always bringing up the heroes like Mr. Gunderson yesterday.
I never heard of the guy.
Unfortunately, you know, I went and found him.
Uh, I just got woke.
I mean, I'm embarrassed about being just woke.
Don't be embarrassed, brother.
We were all asleep at one point.
Well, I mean... But imagine that Gunderson literally let it all out.
I mean, you know... Right, right, right.
Well, then there was a guy, I'm sure you know about him, named Butler with FDR's camp.
They tried to give it to him, and I guess FDR sold him out?
Well, think about Gunderson.
They offered him the FBI directorship to stop his investigations.
Because he didn't know this until he went to L.A.
He told me this on air.
He got to L.A.
It's like all these devil worshippers and all this stuff.
And like Gunnarsson wasn't a saint.
I mean, he liked women and stuff.
And he like got in with Hollywood and he's like, dude, I'm not a devil worshipper.
And that's when he woke up.
I mean, I don't even understand how people could even lead a life like that.
I guess that's what Owen always says.
Well, he said no to it.
He didn't go along with it.
Right, right, right.
And you read what he wrote.
You read his FBI file.
It's public.
It's literally what happened.
I'm digging into it.
I am.
I appreciate that.
One more thing.
HR 5736, what Barry Sertoro screwed on the, I'm sorry for the language, the American people, where you know the media can sit here and disseminate everything, which actually helps your business, but I think that's what our whole
Well, I think that's why the country's on a standstill, because nobody can get past just going to the TV.
They don't want to do their own research.
They don't want to... Well, a lot of people just want to feel like they want to be a simulator.
They want to feel like they're a winner.
Like, oh, I'm for Biden.
I'm a winner.
Oh, I'm with CNN.
CNN's a joke.
We got to tell them, you're being chumped.
Don't go with CNN.
I don't understand.
I don't want to take up too much of your time, but HR5736, did that hurt or help you?
Or did it, like, you know, help you, I guess, blow up more?
Sir, I'll be honest, there's a lot of bills.
What bill are you talking about?
Okay, this is Obama's media dissemination bill from 2012.
Where the media can basically disseminate any story they want and turn it around.
Folks, I can't remember all the bill numbers, but yeah, that was horrible.
Foreign Affairs, the CFR promoted it.
That's why they're able to lie about Trump, because they have these foreign offshore corporations that already got the money when Obama left to do all this.
Yeah, a bill to establish an Orwellian truth ministry.
And the best reports on it are at Zero Hedge.
Obama establishes his own ministry of truth.
We'll bring it up for you.
So thanks for reminding me, brother.
Notice the caller's calling in to ask my advice.
He already knows it all.
Hello sir, it's a pleasure to be talking to you.
Yes sir, go ahead.
I've been listening for about five years since I was like in eighth grade, and I've been with you every step of the way.
I've been trying to wake my family up to everything you're saying.
We love you, brother.
I want to get into it.
So I'm not sure who advised Trump personally.
I don't know if you do.
I just want to say this.
Trump needs to know about the New World Order and the capacity that you and all of us listeners know, because after the election, whether he wins or loses,
The American people, left and right, both deserve to know about who these people really are and who we're dealing with as a nation.
Because it's from Satan, it's from the principalities of darkness, everybody needs to know who these people really are.
Listen, Trump overall is a good person, but he doesn't.
I mean, it's the big corporate bureaucracies, it's all these scams, it's agenda 21, it's the new world order.
I mean, like you say, we need to expose all this.
I think you're exposing it right now, sir.
I just really wanted to blow the lid off the whole thing after the election.
That's all I really want to say.
No, no, I agree with you.
That's a big show we should do with callers.
How does Trump go on the offense?
How do you see Trump going on the offense, Noah?
So after the election, I think, sir, I'm trying to be respectful.
I don't want to tell you what to do because you've been doing this for a long time.
No, you tell me what to do.
No, no.
Don't worry, sir.
I can handle people telling me what I should do.
What do you think I ought to do?
I think, sure, I really think that you should pray about this yourself, and I think you should call Trump, and you should advise him on the New World Order, who these people really are, and I think Trump should come out after the election, and I think he should tell America, he should brief the nation, and blow the lid off this thing, and name names.
I totally agree.
He should level, which he's been pretty much doing, you see the speeches, but he should be cut and dry.
Listen, I did brief him.
And they had big national scandals, and, oh, Jones is banned from briefings, and the number one mission with John Kelly is ban Alex Jones.
Believe me, sir, I did those briefings.
And they caused a literal S-H-dash-T fit.
I love you and I appreciate you.
Thank you, Noah.
Matt in New Hampshire, ahead of Patrick Howley coming up.
Go ahead, Matt.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex Jones, you are the tip of the spear.
You're the tip of the spear, brother.
I love you.
Go ahead.
So today I moved my vote from Massachusetts, where I grew up, to my new residence in New Hampshire to hopefully have a Trump vote count, you know what I'm saying?
And make America great again.
Yes, sir.
Keep it great.
But, you know, I think I've been listening to your show for a long time, man, and what I'm seeing is like globalist,
People in charge, they're firing their, like, death shots right now.
And if we can somehow weather this storm as it continues to proceed, like, if Trump gets in, he can just completely run amok and let it rip on all the corruption in the swamp.
What do you think about that?
Well, I'm going to take what you just said, and we archive this to Bandit Video and put a minute and a half of it up front.
That's it.
This is death rattles.
This is their full assault.
There's a battle of good and evil, man, and it's real, and it's happening every day.
There's no doubt about it.
And you know that, so the fact that you know that is interfacing with God, brother.
Isn't that beautiful?
Most of these slaves don't even know there's good and evil.
Thank God you know that, brother.
Alex, so one thing I wanted to talk to you about was using the platform that you have.
One software developer, individual petitions per state, bomb rush, the Senate and the Congress with petitions saying we've got to end big tech censorship.
I'll tell you what, I've got Patrick Valli coming up.
If you want to hold, I'll go to you at the end of the hour.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we really appreciate the top trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, who hosts every
Monday, 4th hour, but he understands occasionally we have to preempt him, not because his info isn't amazing.
We had the power go out last hour, so we're behind about 15 minutes.
So instead of cutting into him, he's welcome to come in and host any hour he wants.
He can host Friday if he wants, whatever.
We love to have Gerald Cilente here.
I always really enjoy and learn a lot from what he has to say, so no diss on him.
But for folks that see him preempted, it's part of what we do.
It happens sometimes.
All right.
Patrick Halley is with nationalfile.com.
He also writes for epictimes.com.
Amazing folks.
And he's got a lot of news about Biden in Texas, but I want to get his take on the laptop and who's really behind that, what his intel is, and what's about to happen.
Because we know that sex
Blackmail is how the globalist deep state operates with Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein and, of course, at the same time, Hunter Biden.
People say, well, why would he just leave a laptop with all this sex video on it?
Because they own the FBI, because they know they're protected.
Because they don't care.
But it'll be their hubris that undoes them.
So Patrick Alley, thanks for joining us on this live October 19th Monday edition.
Where do you want to start first with all the huge news that's happening?
Well, you know, look, I think what we're seeing now with Hunter Biden, first of all, I mean, I don't know if the left thought they were just going to cakewalk to this election with the stupid vote by mail and the drive-through Taco Bell voting, but I don't think they counted on the fact that Patrick Howie, 2016 veteran,
Rudy Giuliani, our super agent, our James Bond for America, Steve Bannon.
I mean, these people are still out here, ladies and gentlemen.
Roger Stone.
We didn't go away.
We didn't all fade away.
They might have put Paul Manafort in solitary and, you know, charged a few of these people.
But we didn't go away.
And I think right now what we're seeing is Joe Biden is compromised.
The entire world is learning that Joe Biden has no business being the President of the United States.
They might object.
If he actually gets elected, the military might object to him even being the President of the United States and taking the oath of office because of the ridiculous leverage and collateral that foreigners have over this guy.
I mean, China, you think about China spying.
I mean, anybody in the world, you know how easy it was for Rudy Giuliani to get his hands on that laptop?
I mean, this guy is compromised.
This guy cannot be the President of the United States or else our country would start to look like a nightmare because any foreign despot could call him up and blackmail him.
Well, that's it.
And notice the lawyers in the emails, they admit this is a real laptop.
The Bidens don't deny it's real.
They're now saying, oh, it's Russian.
The Russians didn't get this.
The Mac store in Delaware got it.
But if it was true, don't change the subject.
It doesn't matter.
What are you doing on the videos?
There's nothing to do with the Russians.
I don't think anyone even believes the Russian stuff anymore except, like, Bill Kristol and a few of the people who've worked in the Deep State and cat ladies who drink box wine and watch the Rachel Maddow Show.
Otherwise, I don't think anyone believes these Russians.
That's right.
If your grandfather or dad wasn't a Trotskyite kicked out of Russia, so you've got a heart on for Russia, unless you're a weird Trotskyite, no one buys that Russia's doing this.
Yeah, that's really what it is, right?
It's the Trotskyites who are still angry about Russia.
And thank God Stalin took out Trotsky with that frickin' ice pick.
That ice saw.
That was some good work.
I mean, I'm not a fan of Stalin, but that was some good work.
Well, it's just too bad that the Russians get credit for all of our work on independent media and on the pro-Trump side, you know?
Yeah, it's totally sick.
I mean, obviously the Russians have nothing to do with what we're doing.
No, of course not.
And so, look, Joe Biden's extremely compromised.
Now, it wouldn't surprise me if what we see in the Hunter Biden laptop is, in fact, what everybody thinks it is, considering the fact that the FBI agent who is working the case is a child pornography expert.
That is something that we all need to deal with, and that needs to come out, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, the New York Post has said that they're not going to go forward with putting out more of this.
Well, that was the next thing.
The New York Post says they can't publish it.
It's child porn.
Well, okay, if it's a crime if you publish it, what about the dude that has it?
Well, look, I have been in contact with people on Rudy Giuliani's team, and I'll say that much.
And look, we need to get this information out there.
There are people already voting.
They're already trying to steal this election with vote-by-mail.
So, you know, there is a need.
The public has a right to know, okay?
This is what drives my entire journalism career.
The public has a right to know information, and so that supersedes a lot of stuff.
And so, you know, people need to know what's on this laptop without showing it even.
We don't even necessarily need to show it.
But you do need to tell the people what's on it and describe what's on it.
Well, what about the reports that it's not just raping, it's underage girls beating him, the Chinese guy that predicted it three weeks before it broke, says he's torturing little kids.
I mean, what have you heard on this?
I've not seen what's on there.
I do know people who have seen what's on it.
They're shocked, they're disgusted, they're horrified by it.
And that's what I know.
Well Giuliani said it's so illegal he can't even talk about it.
Yeah, but I mean, look, we don't have that much time left before election day, okay?
We've got November 3rd, and they're trying to steal this thing with vote-by-mail, which is, you know, what I'm working on all over the country.
So, the people are already voting.
You got the Maddow voters who are already out there wearing their masks, lining up, you know, voting like it's Taco Bell.
So, the New York Post is a perfectly fine, legitimate newspaper and kudos to them for running the first round of it.
But there's got to be a second round of it now.
There's just no way that we can.
I mean, this is a national security issue.
If Joe Biden gets into the presidency of the United States and then China puts this out?
It's not going to be good for the United States.
That could destroy the United States.
I was about to say, I mean, literally the U.S.
will be captured by Communist China, if Biden.
What about the emails they admit are real, where they're like, oh, you got to kill the investigation of Burisma.
Give me 30 million.
I mean, this is open and shut, classic textbook stuff.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, it's, it's, it goes without saying this man can't be the president of the United States.
And I honestly believe if he is not able to get a security clearance,
I mean, you're going to look at a real constitutional crisis, not only with this election, but God forbid if Biden does get elected and becomes the president-elect, then it's another constitutional crisis.
Because this guy, you could destroy the United States of America.
If you're China, you could destroy the United States of America because they have this.
If they put this out and this guy, when this guy is the president of the United States, we can't have this, okay?
We have to stop this now before the election happens.
We're fighting for the survival of America right now.
By the way, that's not hype.
That's real.
That totally freaks me out that you're talking about that and that's true.
And that the fact that our establishment would even allow this, but it shows.
They're globalists.
They're all invested all over the world.
They just see America as like some big thing they're taking down.
They realize how dangerous that is?
And the chain reaction I see, if the Chi comes with Biden, get this coup, there's going to be a rebellion that's super dangerous.
I don't want that.
This is insane.
They must stop now.
I've looked at every angle, Patrick.
This is deadly.
It is one of the worst things we've ever faced before in the United States of America.
This man, Biden, is so dirty and so corrupt.
It defies imagination.
However, we already went through this with Hillary Clinton.
However, what we saw with Hillary Clinton is all the stuff that was on the Wiener laptop and everything else with Huma, that stuff didn't come out over the last four years, did it?
The spooks and Clapper and Brennan and the rest of them didn't allow it to come out.
So, I mean, do they honestly think they could stonewall through something like this?
Through four years of Biden?
Not gonna happen, ladies and gentlemen.
No, that's the good news.
Trump's having it disseminated everywhere.
Yeah, Trump called it the laptop from hell.
Trump knows what's on it.
People know what's on it.
But, you know, this is potentially World War III if it comes out, or if it doesn't come out.
Well, notice China is saying they may invade Taiwan this week.
They know they're in trouble.
Because if they get embarrassed by this, they're going to have to launch a war.
That's how this works.
Oh, they know.
They know what's on it.
Yeah, they know what's on it.
And the only way we have power against them is to admit it and to destroy Biden and the Democrats.
We can't, like, just try to cover it up and play ball with the Chi-Coms.
I mean, give me a break.
Patrick Howley's our guest.
We'll talk about other big shoes about to drop.
14 days.
We're 13 and a half, folks.
We are game time.
And then the real game starts after Election Day, where they're going to challenge the election.
The 79 days of hell.
Remember, you heard it here first.
I'm Alex Jones, committed to the Republican freedom.
Stay with us.
Patrick Howley, straight ahead.
Biden's a criminal and must be prosecuted.
This is reality.
This is what Trump is saying and doing.
He just got off an airplane at a campaign event.
Here is the president, what he just said.
Is that Brian Stelter?
Is that Brian Stelter?
I mean, you want Trump to fight.
He's doing it.
Trump can basically do nothing at this point.
He admits China's the enemy.
He's come out against him.
He's tried to turn the economy back on.
He's tried to stand up for what's right.
Patrick Howley, this is incredible.
What do you make of this?
Well, President Donald Trump is fired up in a way that is very inspiring to me.
He is making it clear in his rallies he wants to open up society again.
Biden and the Democrats, they want to turn society into a prison, lock us down, put these disgusting masks on our faces.
We're going into permanent martial law if Biden wins.
I mean, I just can't believe how real this is.
But it's permanent martial law that the United States is not going to have any sovereignty over because of all the people who are blackmailing Joe Biden.
Oh yeah, it's the U.N.
that China runs and sets when we can go outside or have a job.
Yeah, this is crazy.
So it will be a kind of martial law tyranny in which
It's not martial law with the U.S.
General Flynn's not going to be making the decisions.
The decisions are going to be coming down from Tedros at The Who and the rest of them and Gates and the rest of them there.
This is disturbing.
This is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.
And these psychotic, demonic leftists who have lost their sanity
We're losing the country right now.
We're losing the country right now.
So epic, laying it out and just saying, hey, we need to arrest all these people, their enemies, because that's what this is.
It's a foreign takeover.
Here it is.
He's a criminal.
He got caught.
Read his laptop.
And you know who's a criminal?
You're a criminal for not reporting it.
You are a criminal for not reporting it.
Let me tell you something.
Joe Biden is a criminal and he's been a criminal for a long time.
And you're a criminal and the media for not reporting it.
I know that ugly head anywhere.
That's Brian Stelter.
Literally on a tarmac and Trump saying, you're a criminal.
Patrick, this is great.
Just call it like it is.
We're going to win.
I mean, Trump has 13 days to go to total war.
13 days to victory.
I just think he needs to take the gloves off.
What do you think?
I know people who have seen the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop.
They are shocked.
They are horrified.
They are depressed.
They are depressed about humanity right now after looking at what's on that laptop.
It's the laptop from hell, as the president said.
The New York Post has a responsibility to continue this story.
And if they're not going to continue this story, I'll tell them right now.
I'll tell them right now.
If the New York Post does not publish the second round of this, I will.
And I'll tell you that right now.
And I've already had a conversation about it.
I'll do it.
And so the New York Post, they need to do it and they need to do it today.
We need to save America, and we need to not allow, nobody at the New York Post, however liberal some of them might be, wants to see Communist China conquer the United States of America.
Well the problem is they've signed on to doing this, so they just don't know where to stop.
How does a leftist get off the globalist train?
I think that even some of the middle-of-the-road leftists over the last few days and over the last few months are beginning to see the gravity of what we're getting ourselves into, and only the most strident, insane leftists who are the people proudly wearing a mask and screeching about white supremacy and Trump, the people who have really lost their minds.
Yeah, this is like somebody supporting Hitler in 1944.
I mean, you're betting on a loser here.
I mean, why is he wearing two masks?
He says there's no end to the justice.
Like, how about five masks?
How about 20 masks?
He needs another one.
Look, it's a psyop.
How many times has Biden said out on the campaign trail, ooh, they might kill me.
Ooh, they might throw me off the White House balcony.
Something like that.
He's a hostage!
And he knows he's a hostage, and the whole family is being held hostage by foreign despots because this guy couldn't even get a security clearance.
If he tried to become the president of the United States, they would say, no, you can't get us security clearance.
So we would have the president who couldn't even see classified information because he is so corrupted.
This guy could have the nuclear football.