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Name: 20201017_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 17, 2020
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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
If Biden wins, China will own the United States and I turned it all around and you know that better than anybody.
In 2019, if you go back 10 years, everybody projected 2019 the economy of China was going to be bigger than the U.S.
except it didn't happen because I got elected and I turned it the opposite way.
We were picking up much more than them.
And then I did the no dumping steel and I did tariffs and I did everything on them.
No, no, they want Sleepy Joe to win.
And if he does, if Sleepy Joe wins, China will own the United States.
And when you look at these photographs that are disgusting and horrible, the Chinese have every single one of them.
The Chinese have every single one, probably 10 times more.
Because what the Chinese government has been doing, and a country that's totally undefended against this, is setting Biden up, putting him in a position where he's totally compromised.
They've now given him so much money, he's totally compromised.
They now have pictures of his son doing things that I can't describe, some of which are illegal.
It's Saturday, October 17th.
The year is 2020.
We are now two weeks out from the election.
And the information I'm about to cover here is bigger than anything we covered in the run-up to the 2016 election, and that was epic.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have total proof from over 10 sources, triangulated, proving
That not just Hunter Biden, not just Joe Biden, not just Joe Biden's brothers, not just Nancy Pelosi, not just Hillary Clinton, not just Barack Obama, but the entire leadership, including Dianne Feinstein.
are openly working with Communist China against the United States and have willingly put themselves in positions where they could be blackmailed and controlled.
You just heard what the President said a few days ago, and he's been saying that in every major speech, that if he loses, Communist China takes control of the United States.
They've already got our debt, they already own Hollywood, and they've compromised leaders
We're good to go.
I am cutting in over all of the major feeds of my rebroadcast, David Knight's rebroadcast, Owen Shorter's rebroadcast that are very popular on the satellite for radio and TV on the streams at man.video and infowares.com forward slash show.
on Saturday afternoon shooting this 30-minute transmission that I'm gonna then loop until I go live at 4 p.m.
tomorrow with a regular Sunday show.
But I am asking you from the bottom of my heart and from just a place of total common sense and mutual parallel tracks that we all are in grave danger that you research this information for yourself
And that you take action with this information because this is about mutual self-preservation.
Now, let me first explain something before I get to this.
That ties into it and sets the stage.
The FBI director, Ray, over six months ago received the laptop that Giuliani has.
He received the information, that's confirmed, that shows thousands of photos of what appear to be underage girls.
And these are videos with Hunter Biden in them, in China, clearly being compromised with what appear to be prepubescent girls, to the point the New York Post was supposed to release these on Friday and said they're child porn.
We've been told we can't.
Now the media spun that, that, oh, Hunter has an underage obsession.
No, this isn't like barely 18 or something, okay?
This is Hunter having sex with what appears to be underage girls to be compromised before he and his father got billions of dollars from Communist China by the Communist Party China to make sure that they were under their control.
So this is a Jeffrey Epstein operation to the next level.
Epstein was doing it for British intelligence, corrupt elements of the Democratic Party, and Mossad.
Well, this is the Chinese operation, and so that's why this is so big.
And we have the documents, we have the New York Post, we have other journalists that have seen the documents, we have my sources, and we have Americans and others that speak Chinese who are dissidents who've watched the video
of a well-known Chinese dissident in America who was inside the Communist Party China, who we're about to play clips of in a moment, who said on record back in September, three plus weeks ago, that this laptop of Hunter was there and that this laptop was coming out and what was on it and now we've confirmed what he's saying is on it.
Now let's explain.
This is not just
An adult man having sex with what looks like ten-year-old girls, from people we've talked to that have seen it, that they look really young.
He's beating and torturing them and beating the living hell out of them, and they're begging in the video.
And the national media that did pick up some of this said, oh, it shows some footage of what may look like underage girls that he had on his computer.
Not, it's Hunter with the girls.
That's confirmed.
That's number one.
Number two,
And the actual Chinese translation, and I called around to a bunch of folks I know to confirm my sources in D.C.
and New York, and they watched the video, including Mike Adams' wife, who's from Taiwan and speaks fluent Chinese.
And indeed,
When translated, the man that's seen the video that predicted before it broke, two and a half weeks before it broke, what was on it, it's been confirmed, it's not just that he's saying extreme pedo, he's saying extreme torture, extreme abuse that you wouldn't do to an animal, is what Hunter is doing to these little girls.
And this fits into the whole MO of these people.
Their selfishness, their corruption.
And, oh, you want me to shoot films with underage girls?
I'll break their jaws.
I'll slap them.
I'll hit them.
I'll do things I can't mention here.
I'll shove, you know, huge things that damage their bodies into them.
This is serious torture porn.
And remember, the FBI Deep State had this
Six plus months, almost seven months ago, and all of that's confirmed.
So this dwarfs what's even on Anthony Weiner's laptop.
It dwarfs what we see in the spirit cooking emails from four years ago.
That's why this is so ultra massive.
So, let's go ahead and start going through the article.
Go watch the full video at InfoWars.com, Kit Daniel's story, Chai Com Dissident predicts Hunter Biden laptop leak in September 24th video, basically three weeks ago.
And then he lays all of this out and specifically says what's on the hard drive.
And then it turns out this guy's very credible for my DC and New York sources.
And that what was done here was that Hunter knew he was being compromised.
This was shot five years ago when he made these big deals in communist China for several billion dollars to sell out U.S.
And they were paid hundreds of millions conservatively, he and his family.
And all he demanded was unlimited drugs, unlimited underage girls to torture.
And he knows when he's doing this, it's a two-way mirror.
He knows there's cameras.
He doesn't care.
He wants to bathe in this, just like with Epstein, just like Bill Gates with Epstein, how they compromised the scientist to have this scientific takeover with the forced inoculations.
All of this is interconnected to big tech.
Big tech's been involved in this because to get those big tech positions,
They've got to go in and have sex with underage children.
And that's phase one.
Then you got to slap them around.
Then all this little 11 year old girl, she's a troublemaker.
We want you to strangle her.
And I've been telling you this for years because I learned about this growing up because I had family that had worked in intelligence and worked in special operations in the army.
And they were telling me this when I was like seven years old.
I've been on here 26 years.
I told you all this.
I mean, but I interviewed Ted Gunnarson, former head of the FBI for all of Southern California.
He laid out the exact same stuff.
And I mean, I got to tell you, when some of my family told me this, I respected them, but I just had trouble believing it.
And when Ted Gunnarson told me, I was like, well, this is still over the top.
And then now here we are in 2020, folks.
So if you're freaked out by this, so am I. But I've met with
High level executives of top defense contractors and top you name it and they've confirmed we're on target and that this is real that there's a dark side cult that uses us to compromise and there's everybody else that's not involved in it but it's just so crazy how do you even deal with it how do you tell somebody it's going on because no one will believe you it's so crazy
But it's just like MS-13 makes you to become an actual member, not just an associate.
You've got to go torture a young girl to death because that's seen as taboo.
So just type in MS-13 tortured, you know, 11 year old girl to death and satanic ritual.
You'll see thousands of articles about it and hundreds of known cases because that's how they get that group.
They're just copying what the big boys do.
So that's why if you're watching this on Saturday evening, it'll re-air looping into Sunday.
You understand they're bringing in the big tech censorship because they're blackmailed.
Pelosi's blackmailed.
Hillary's blackmailed.
Bill is blackmailed.
And these groups go around seeing how many people they can blackmail to see how many people they can get under the control of their network.
And again, people go and want the payoffs and want the power and they go, yeah, you gotta do this initiation so we know you're cool.
You gotta get a hard-on, you gotta go in and screw a 10-year-old.
So that's what this is, folks.
This is not a game.
This is the real world and this is America.
Fighting for its literal survival against this foreign outside takeover, and Trump is finally laying out what it really is 14-15 days out from the election.
So the article, Chai Com Dissident, predicts Hunter Biden laptop leak in September video.
His credentials check out, the site checks out, he predicted it, all of it's come out, confirmed.
The New York Post won't publish the new stuff because it's underage children and sex acts, appears to them.
And I get it, but they should at least pixelate it and get it out because the FBI wouldn't.
So this shows you what an incredible war our country is in.
Here's Fox News.
Source on Hunter Biden email chain verifies messages about Chinese investment firm.
And no one's denying.
The Bidens aren't denying all this is real.
This is China Inc.
Emails reveal Hunter Biden associates help communists align Chinese elite secure White House meetings.
New York Post refuses to publish 25,000 Hunter pics as reports they include underage obsessions.
Underage obsessions?
It's him in the videos, in many of them, beating and torturing little girls.
And it just goes on from there.
We're going to lay all this out, but let's go to a few clips from the Chinese dissident news channel, Lude Media, and the individual that has the courage to expose this.
This is the Chinese dissident introducing how the control works.
Then we'll get to the key part.
Here it is.
You have to win.
No matter what you do, you have to win this election.
Otherwise, after you win, you have to listen to the CCP.
It's really not just about the 1.4 billion people.
The United Nations really wants to get rid of the United States.
So now you understand why big tech, controlled by these very same compromised politicians for decades,
He is so obsessed with blocking the White House, with blocking the Senate and House committees from even being able to talk about this online, because this is the end of them.
This is the Chinese Communist blackmail rings that the globalist left helped them even set up to compromise Americans.
So this isn't just the Communist Chinese doing this.
This is this sick, incestuous, literally, relationship.
So here's the key part.
I was up here about two hours ago doing research on this on Saturday afternoon.
I was talking to White House sources.
I was talking to Fox News sources.
I was talking to OAN sources.
I was talking to New York sources.
Just seeing all this confirmed, it's even in the news that the FBI covered this up, and indeed these videos are there, and indeed the Chinese dissidents, you know, broke it three weeks ago.
And then even more is coming out.
And then I get a call from Mike Adams, whose wife is Taiwanese, speaks fluent Chinese, they have businesses in Asia.
And he says, hey, I've got a big breaking news story for you.
We've gone through and watched a video of a Chinese dissident, and he doesn't just say extreme pedophilia, he says extreme violent pedophilia, torturing in Chinese.
I said, funny, that's what I'm just now working on.
So that's another person confirming, looking at this of what is in Chinese on it.
And the full video again is at InfoWars.com in the Chai Com, Communist Chinese Dissident,
Videos of abuse!
One after another!
Hunter Biden.
This is yellow.
Extremely yellow.
Abuse of children.
Let people see that Chinese people are not human beings.
Now I know you tune into this broadcast to get tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, and so you can have well-researched, incredibly connected info to try to make decisions for your own life.
And you can see that the exact template we laid out 20 plus years ago is the real template.
And that we're faithful Americans and faithful Christians that are here telling the truth.
And we believe justice be done, may the heavens fall.
We believe get all the dirt out there in the open, don't hide it.
That's what we're doing right now.
That said, decades and decades of multinational corporate work using China as a cutout, using China as a base of operations.
It's not China.
I'm not defending the Communist Chinese.
They're horrible and evil.
That's why they mesh with the globalists, but that's why they interface with these satanic globalists, but they're just being used, okay?
They're very powerful.
They're a big part of it.
I'd say they're married to the New World Order.
David Rockefeller went over there in the 70s with George Herbert Walker Bush and set all this up.
But when you look at the blackmail, you look at the money laundering, you look at the one-sided trade deals that shut off U.S.
business and then select middlemen get to go over to China and make millions a year apiece, that's what Trump's been talking about two months ago when he said, I'm about to
In the prescription drug scam where you pay trouble what you should because of U.S.
middlemen in China.
We'll just bring it all back to the U.S.
They're going to try to kill me, but that's the way it is.
This is really happening.
And so if you're siding against Trump and against Infowars, you're siding against your own interests.
But that's how the media teaches people to hate themselves and go against their own basic interests.
That's the mind control.
That's the manipulation of the Communist Chinese on record are funding all this race war news.
Does that mean there aren't serious racial issues?
Does that mean sometimes black folks do bad things?
White folks do bad things?
Yeah, but we're Americans.
This is our ship.
This is our thing.
It's being attacked from outside by Communist China.
That's three million Muslims in death camps, a million Christians, a million Buddhists.
That's five million people in slave camps having their organs harvested and it's all on record.
But the left doesn't say a damn thing about them because Communist China is the cutout of the globalist
To come in and take over this country.
And they launched the hysteria with the COVID.
And they launched the censorship with the COVID.
And they launched the lockdown.
And they launched the WHO as the authority.
Because it comes out in this report and others, I don't just believe this dissident, who's been proven right, with his predictions and more.
I know China has infiltrated, not with money, but with payoffs, behind the scenes and sex operations, the UN.
Which is already set by Globalist anyway, so it wasn't hard.
I know they've taken over the Democratic Party and part of the Republicans and Big Tech.
So that's why they're so arrogant.
That's why they're trying this.
That's why the Washington Post has headlines that Xi Jinping must destroy Trump to save America.
These people are advertising their treason publicly.
This is the New World War.
This is economic and cultural war.
And this is Hunter Biden
So arrogant, so crazy, with all these laptops, famously leaving laptops, rental cars, leaving his clothes at airports, drugged out of his mind.
Huge amounts of cocaine and methamphetamines.
All his teeth fell out.
I mean, he's a crackhead, but he's the go-between bag man for his dad and Obama.
And so the bag man took his laptop into a Mac store, didn't even care to come back and get it.
And the Mac store goes in and looks at it and it's like, what the hell is this?
Hunter Biden is torturing little girls?
And the guy got so scared, he went to the FBI and the FBI did nothing.
Let's see, people inside the FBI, who are patriots, they leaked it to Rudolph Giuliani.
So there's a civil war within there as well.
But that's how insane all of this is, that it's all confirmed.
What's on the laptop?
What's going on?
The blackmail?
The Chinese?
I mean, separately.
Why do you think two years ago, Biden got up at the CFR and said, there was a criminal investigation, we'll play that clip next,
There was a criminal investigation of my son and Burisma, so I ordered them to shut it down, and son of a bitch they did, and they got their billion dollars.
Because he was implicating Obama, and saying, if I go down, you all go down.
That's why he hides it in plain view, just like Hunter goes into a dungeon and tortures little kids.
It's about how wild and crazy and evil these people are.
So here's what Biden talked about having the prosecutor that was investigating him for billions stolen from the people of Ukraine by overcharging him for gas.
Here's what he had to say.
They were walking out to the press conference and I said, no, I said, I'm not going to, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority.
You're not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here.
And I think it was what, six hours.
I look, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch!
Got fired.
So now you see how this system operates.
Here's another headline from National File.
Reports Hunter Biden's hard drive revealed underage obsessions, FBI assigned child porn investigator, but it went nowhere.
Right, Bart?
Burisma advisor told Hunter Biden his ultimate purpose was to close down investigations.
We want to meet with your father.
We want to end investigations.
We want the prosecutor over us.
It's all in the emails and confirmed to be real.
But the media and big tech won't cover it and are actively censoring it.
And Giuliani's right.
Hunter Biden's emails prove the family's been selling Joe's office to the highest bidder for the 40 plus years he's been in power.
And that's why we move now to the internet censorship.
These crooks couldn't get away with this unless big tech that they'd put in power, they'd give them monopolies, and they'd let surveil you, and they'd let control you get away with this.
So now Jack Dorsey admits censorship of New York Post was wrong, but stands by the decision to censor.
Classic doublespeak.
Joe Rogan comes out and asks, why is the media ignoring child trafficking with 10 plus fold increase in busting huge child pedophile rings that barely get any coverage?
And the answer is because there's a bigger agenda.
You look at Bill Gates hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein and their own blackmail operation.
You look at all these top scientists over the NIH and over the National Health Service of England and over the UN, all on these planes with these underage kids and the drugs and the sex.
That's how Bill Gates comes out, not just his money, but has everyone accept his money to let him run the vaccine agenda, to cover up when they give people polio to the vaccines or steroids to the vaccines.
I mean, he's been kicked out of 17 countries now, including India, because they got caught
Giving kids cancer and other diseases through the damn vaccines.
This is eugenics.
Because Bill Gates doesn't want to have sex with your children.
No evidence of that, we've seen.
He wants to infect them and rape them with chemical and biological agents.
And isn't that what Joe Biden wants?
You know, you can ask yourself when he's sniffing kids and hugging them and saying they turn him on and doing all this weird pervert stuff and grabbing people's wives that he's just an out of control maniac.
But he, during the town hall softball event last week, was asked
What do you do if my eight-year-old wants his testicles cut off?
He says, oh, that's love.
I'll do that.
It's so loving.
No, to take a child, to manipulate them, to convince them to change their gender when they're not of age to make that decision is child abuse.
So imagine if I told you there's a cult out there that's already got millions of little boys worldwide to sever their genitals.
And in some areas of Europe, eight's the new age to chop their balls off.
Can't drive a car until you're 16, but you can be tricked into this, especially if you're autistic, for all the vaccines and drugs.
And that's it.
So he's openly wanting to mutilate more children's testicles and have taxpayers pay for it when the UN admits it's all a depopulation program.
Here's a clip of what he had to say.
The idea that an 8-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, you know, I decided I want to be transgender.
That's what I think I'd like to be.
It'll make my life a lot easier.
There should be zero discrimination.
What's happening is too many transgender women of color are being murdered.
They're being murdered.
I mean, I think it's up to now 17.
Don't hold me to that number.
But it's higher now?
And that's just this year.
And so, I promise you, there is no reason to suggest that there should be any right denied your daughter or daughters, whichever, one or two, one, your daughter, that your other daughter has a right to be and do.
You see, a lot of people think raping the children, sucking their essence, destroying their innocence is the bottom of the rabbit hole.
That's how they compromise these satanic ghouls and build an army of people that'll do whatever they're told, who they've got under their control.
That's why Communist China's happy right now that this laptop's come out.
Because it reminds Pelosi, it reminds Biden Sr., it reminds Obama, it reminds the Clintons what they've got on them.
What they really want to cover up is what you see now with Google blocking all the original studies on vaccines giving people diabetes, giving people cancer.
Here's some of the headlines.
Science Daily.
Possible vaccine for virus linked to type 1 diabetes.
Hepatitis B linked to onset of diabetes.
But you have to have the actual headline to find that.
It's blocked.
Can't find it on Google.
I had to go to my files to give you this.
Guillain-Barre syndrome and flu vaccine massively increasing.
Vaccines linked to mental disorders by Yale Study.
Now you see, ladies and gentlemen.
Now you see how they operate.
So I want to leave you here in a moment with Tucker Carlson two years ago saying, let's break up big tech.
It's bigger than government.
It's more powerful.
It's surveilling more than the NSA.
It's abusing us.
And it's working with the communist Chinese.
And then we'll end after that with Nancy Pelosi saying, of course, China wants Joe Biden.
There's all these videos of Joe Biden saying China needs to run every aspect of our lives.
But here's the good news.
Despite all the censorship, despite all the lawsuits, despite all the intimidation, despite all the murders, despite all the corruption, still there's good people in the FBI that leaked this information to Giuliani.
Still we've got a president willing to challenge it and call it out and say no to it.
And we've got InfoWars in you that have supported the tip of the spear, which means you're the tip of the spear, and allowed us to stay on air.
That's so incredible.
So take this feed that's going to air at 3 p.m.
today and retransmit until I'm on it.
We're good to go.
I'll be back live tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central, Lord willing.
Oh, and at 6 p.m., also a Sunday live, to cover all of this.
But this is huge.
But it only gets out if you get it out.
It's a lot bigger than just crack pipes and hookers, like the media first said the first few days.
Now, of course, it was underage girls.
Now, of course, it was torture.
And they just hope we don't look at what the story really was.
They suppressed it to spin that it was just hookers and crackpipes.
That was only the tip of the iceberg, which had the Communist Chinese compromising him as well.
And again, go to InfoWarsTore.com and get great t-shirts, great books, great films, great supplements, great products.
The big sale ends on Monday.
60% off, store-wide free shipping, triple pager points.
One of the biggest sales of the last year.
To fund our operation with great products you already need at InfoWarsTore.com.
But here are the clips of Tucker Carlson, Anna Pelosi, and then again, this is such a huge deal, biggest news ever, could bring down the whole house of Globalist cards.
They're so scared of this, but it's all up to you now to be the hero and to carry the ball down the field.
Good luck!
And God bless with your mission, if you choose to accept it.
I mean, these are multinationals who are owned, a lot of them are owned by sovereign wealth funds of nations that hate us.
So these are foreign entities in our midst, literally.
They're not American in any recognizable sense.
And yet they have almost total control over all human information in English.
So, why are they not a threat to democracy?
Well, obviously they are.
And nobody will... And they definitely have a political point of view.
And that's the thing that's frightening.
So, but where are all the conservatives who are, you know, supposed to be protecting like normal people?
They're like, well, it's the market or that...
You know, the junior senator from Utah who's the chairman, I think, of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee.
I asked him, he's a smart guy, nice guy.
I'm not attacking him personally, but it was like, if Google isn't a monopoly, then maybe we should redefine the term.
And he's like, oh no, it's the free market.
If you just throw the term free market at a conservative, it's like kryptonite to Superman.
It's like, no, I'm melting!
Free market!
I'm not against that!
It's like, I don't care about your... If this is a free market, Google's a free market?
No, it's not!
It's a totally creepy monopoly.
Well, I think there's more to come on the topic.
Look, I need another hour with you, but I have to ask you this question.
Are we out of time?
We're getting close.