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Name: 20201014_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 14, 2020
2427 lines.

In his discussion, Alex Jones covers various topics related to conspiracy theories. He talks about a CIA whistleblower's claim that Obama, Biden, Hillary, and Brennan executed SEAL Team 6 and covered it up, providing evidence to support these claims. Additionally, he discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, asserting that central bankers have created an economic system leading to hyperinflation and powerful technology is used for control and manipulation. He talks about urban redevelopment projects, vaccine conspiracy theories, and the importance of critical thinking and questioning scientific consensus to understand the true nature of the pandemic, which he calls a plandemic due to its planned nature and misleading narratives pushed by those in power.

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People are dealing with the bad news of the pandemic.
Has spun up a lot of conspiracy theories.
And the, you know, two people are most targeted.
And those are Dr. Fauci and myself in terms of, you know, do we have some malign reason to think vaccines are important in general?
And, you know, that's unfortunate, particularly if it undermines the mask wearing or if it undermines as the vaccine gets approved.
Are we able to have people not only protect themselves, but protect their loved ones, protect the community by participating in something that's been proven to be safe?
It's been proven to be safe, really.
There it is.
Dr. Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus.
Research Newsweek.
Bill Gates was the main funder of the lab with illegal stuff he couldn't do in the U.S.
Then they release it so they can then own it and control it.
And he just uses a word like conspiracy theory.
Hey, Bill Gates, we're watching you.
You in your purple sweater.
We're watching everything you do, you little crook.
You megalomaniac.
And so everybody that gets sick, you're not gonna be able to cover it up with your liability protection.
Everything that goes on, you're not gonna get away with it, you little Hitler.
You understand that?
You punk.
You autistic psychopath.
You got that, you little monster?
You and your father that's burning in hell?
You and your mother that's burning in hell?
You'll be joining them in hell, you little murdering eugenics bastard!
I pray to God, God bring you to justice.
I pray that God destroy you, monster!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, October 14th, the year is 2020, and we are 19 days out from the election.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I will be back in studio coming up at the bottom of the hour.
We have some big news we're going to be covering in segment two and three concerning this viral report of a CIA whistleblower and Obama having members of SEAL Team 6 killed.
Well, it's been proven that that's the case, so what's going on with this whistleblower?
How does it tie into current events?
Develop systems to basically brainwash the public to take inoculations.
And so the new thing is, oh, conspiracy theorists think forced inoculations are coming.
They're crazy, but you are going to have to take the shots.
And so don't be crazy.
Oh, and the conspiracy theorists say the shots can hurt you.
And yeah, a lot of people are getting sick taking them in the trials, but that's OK.
I mean, that's the level of gaslighting.
That's the level of really upside down world we're dealing with.
And these individuals have to be called out.
Bill Gates has now officially said the lockdown will last 10 years, and they'll have to take five shots a year, at least two, just for COVID, because we must fix the problem of the common cold.
That's why they released an engineered virus that resembles the common cold, because you can never eradicate this.
But he says, you will take shots and be locked in your house and wear a mask and not have jobs, and that society will collapse, I played the clips yesterday, for your own good.
To save you from the virus because we can't let one person ever die.
We put the whole planet shut down and hundreds of millions starve to death to save one person.
This is the open cover for their new world order.
What's crazy about their logic is they always have it not make sense, be over the top, be total psychotic, be filled with lies on purpose because people just can't believe they'd be doing something this bad to them.
And so they comply first with the mask.
Then with the forced inoculations and the COVID tracking and the tracing, because he says, oh, the vaccines aren't going to make you safe.
We're going to have to just give you shot after shot after shot for 10 years.
And then maybe, maybe we'll get rid of COVID.
And then they'll declare war.
on anyone that doesn't go along with this.
So, that's why this election is so important.
Trump, in many levels, is repudiating Fauci and Gates.
He's taking control of it by saying, we'll have a vaccine sooner to reopen the economy.
That's why Gates is so mad.
He's saying, no, we'll have to wait until my vaccine comes out in two years.
I don't support what Trump's doing, I want to be clear, but I understand the Machiavellian move he's making against Gates, and at certain levels it's working.
But as a population, we have to say no.
As people, we have to say no.
We can't just count on President Trump or others to do it for us or Governor Abbott.
We have to go get in their faces and make sure they do the right thing and don't violate the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention against illegal experimentation on populations, especially with things that can damage you.
This is guinea pig.
This is mad scientist behavior.
This is Joseph Mingala, angel of death level garbage, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why this broadcast staying on air is more important than ever.
Because even in the Cambridge reports, they admit that it's independent media that's, quote, fueling the conspiracies.
We're not fueling any conspiracies.
The head of the vaccine program at the UN last year said vaccines are hurting and killing people.
There's a global cover-up and it's collapsing.
And so part of this big power grab is the vaccine, the big pharma, that knows they've been caught.
Want to save their asses to bring in worldwide tyranny and worldwide liability protection so they can hide all this in plain view and not all of them go to prison.
But they are going to go to prison just like the heads of Bayer did for knowingly giving people HIV and Factor VIII.
So again, it's up to you folks to realize how precious you are that you're aware, that you're informed.
To take the live links of this show and share with everybody you know, your email, your text messages, your word of mouth, the telephone, the local stations as well.
If you don't do it, nobody will.
And now it's official.
Planetary world government, planetary lockdown, planetary force inoculations run by a bunch of devil-worshipping pedophiles.
Never forget, Gates is big buddies with Epstein, compromising scientists, setting all this up.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back with very important information on this live edition of the transmission.
Only you can carry the information forward.
Only you can save yourself and your family and all of us together.
Only you can take action, but it's up to you.
It's up to you.
It's up to you.
The dystopia is real, but we can turn it back with the truth and with action.
God bless and good luck.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here on this live Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I am taking care of some very important Infowars business and I am just minutes away from the office.
I'll be in studio coming up here in just a few.
But I've decided to go ahead and cover this story.
I've needed some time to look at it and to research it and to make some phone calls and now I'm ready to comment on it.
A report came out over the weekend.
With a reported CIA whistleblower talking to some of the surviving family members of a Navy SEAL that died, and the gentleman purporting to be with the CIA says that Iran was blackmailing Obama over the fact that they knew what really happened with SEAL Team 6 and the purported killing of Osama bin Laden, what, now nine years ago.
And so, I did some research into the individual.
I made some phone calls.
And I then pulled up some of the research we'd done nine years ago.
And of course InfoWars.com and of course myself did more than a dozen reports with Dr. Steve Pachinick and others detailing the fact that Osama Bin Laden had really already died of Marfan's Disorder many years before.
But that had even come out in CBS News that there was a Bin Laden body double
outside the main Pakistan military headquarters in that facility and then indeed SIL Team 6 had been sent in that they had killed the body double but then they were asking questions about it and so they were all loaded on a helicopter a few weeks later not given any mission which is very unusual you never put 20 plus people on the same Chinook and that they were sent into an area to then be shot down by missiles
I did talk to some of the families right after it happened.
I did talk to some of the folks involved.
I did talk to Dr. Steve Pucinich and others, and clearly they were loaded on the helicopter, and they weren't just shot down with missiles.
There was a bomb on board that made sure the job was completed, because sometimes missiles don't kill everybody on board, because they're able to do auto-rotates and things to get the helicopter onto the ground, and you'll end up having a lot of survivors, if not everybody survives.
They did not really kill Bin Laden.
He'd already died.
He'd been on ice.
Mucinic exposed that in 2002.
It even became national news.
Walter Cronkite covered it.
Madeleine Albright covered our story and was afraid that Bush was going to bring out the Bin Laden kill.
And so they went on C-SPAN and CNN and famously, you know, said that George W. Bush has his body on ice, the word is, and that's an October surprise.
So they weren't able to do that October surprise in 2004.
So that's just some background here that we've been deeply involved in this story.
From the very beginning.
I don't know if everything this gentleman is saying is true.
I don't know if he was really in the CIA.
He does have some intelligence.
I think it's great that Gary Franchi and Next News Network have done a really detailed report that I think is the best out there on this.
And I'm going to play five minutes or so from the start of that report.
The full report is on InfoWars.com.
Then when we come back, I'm going to play Michael Savage.
Why play Alex Jones from nine years ago?
Talking about how they killed people on board.
Savage was also contacted by the same Sihl families.
So we'll play Michael Savage.
When we come back, talking about this.
And the reason this is important is, this happened.
They killed the Navy SEALs.
I'm glad this is getting circulation.
I'm glad it's out right now.
The problem is, is this gentleman, it looks like he's saying that Bin Laden really was there and really was killed.
That is not the info we have.
It was a body double.
That said, doesn't mean he's wrong, doesn't mean we're wrong.
According to the families, according to the sources, they killed the Navy SEALs to get them out of the way, because they knew too much.
And I'm really glad this is all coming out, just like Benghazi came out.
Because even if Hillary isn't charged by Durham at this point,
She could be convicted in the Court of Public Opinion along with Obama.
They were both absolutely involved in the whole fake Bin Laden raid, and then trying to manipulate the SEALs, and so much more.
And they also tried to sabotage the SEALs, I'm told, once they were on the ground and wanted to have a big mess, and then claim that Bin Laden had died, but the SEALs were able to get out.
All of that is now in the midst of history.
That's all in the midst of time.
What we do know is that Obama and Hillary are still dug in with their operatives in government.
They're still trying to overthrow the country.
They're now saying they're going to have a violent revolution when Trump wins.
They're going to try to have states secede.
These people are enemies of the country.
But there's no doubt they're enemies of our military and enemies of our country's very existence and our ally with the Communist Chinese.
So, here is Gary Franchini and his investigative journalist.
Uh, associate breaking down the whistleblower info.
I've been flooded with this.
I've had friends and family calling me asking me to cover it.
I haven't covered it because I've been busy doing research to try to get my ducks in a row.
I'm asking Dr. Steve Pachinik.
Who actually has been involved in a lot of all this stuff to come on the show today and give us his take.
We're working on that right now.
So here is part of Gary Franchi.
The Next News Network will come back from nine years ago with, of course, the one, the only Michael Savage who also was exposing us at the time.
Remember, the only way we're on the air is your support.
We really appreciate you.
Now here's Gary Franchi.
My friends, we have a bombshell news report, a whistleblower, a CIA whistleblower dropping hard evidence that implicates Biden, Obama, Hillary, Brennan, that they actually executed SEAL Team 6 and covered it up, and there is audio, video, and documentary proof.
Before I get into this,
If you're new here, go ahead and tap that red button down below to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you're the first to know when the latest news breaks.
Now, Anna Kate, she'll be joining me in just a moment.
She tweeted out yesterday, now the story is going viral across the web, she said, breaking Allen
Harrow Perot, CIA whistleblower, tells Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, who was killed in Benghazi, that Obama and Biden sent $152 billion as a cover-up for the deaths of SEAL Team 6.
Allen said all of the proof will come out, documents and audio.
Now I'm going to play you the video that's attached here.
Okay, video of the whistleblower's own words.
But first, let's get some background.
Kerry Donovan from DJHJ Media reports that the full interview of the CIA whistleblower...
Interviewed by Charles Woods and Nicholas Noe surfaced on Sunday where the three talk about the blackmail extortion of 152 billion US dollars sent to Iran to cover up the deaths of SEAL Team 6 by the Obama administration.
Perot has extensive experience with the intelligence community and he's planning on releasing the documents this week.
Yes, the truth has to come out.
Let's take a look now at the whistleblower before we get to Anna.
We'll be right back with Anna after this.
You'd think he'd know not to lie about something so obvious.
He said it was a Muslim burial.
It's the nonsense.
And so this big lie that you see that Biden, Hillary and Clinton worked this agreement with Iran.
They trusted Iran to move bin Laden to Pakistan.
He did.
He was there.
But then they trusted Iran to keep him there.
They moved him out back to Iran.
And then the communication from Iran to Obama was, hey, we got your neck in a noose.
Give us all this money.
$152 billion, $2 billion on an airplane pilot was paid out for the secrets I wish to reveal now and to the president under the terms of misapprehension and treason.
That is to say, this is a secret.
These are secrets worth $152 billion paid by President Obama.
And Vice President Biden paid with the blood of SEAL Team 6 when he had them killed.
So it's blackmail and extortion then?
Blackmail and extortion.
Iran comment here?
Do you have the documents to prove this?
Yes, sir.
Well, I was going to ask you, if you have those documents, are you willing to personally deliver those to President Trump if he were to provide the transportation and the guarantee of safety for you to do that?
Well, I'm not concerned about safety.
There's always an invisible hand that protects us, and we're on the winning team.
America's on the winning team.
Not one sparrow falls to the ground outside of God's will.
It would be my pleasure and my honor to bring this material to President Trump.
There's a massive amount, terabytes, documents, video, audio.
Okay ladies and gentlemen Alex Jones back here on the road about to get into the office and I'll be in studio but I wanted to follow these reports right now here on air.
Here is a few more minutes from the Next News Network piece with Gary Franchi and the evidence that they're laying out from the reported Russell Blower.
We'll air a couple more minutes of that
And then we will go right into Michael Savage laying this out from nine years ago.
Because again, we get caught up in whether this whistleblower's real or whether Bin Laden died or didn't.
What we know is the evidence is overwhelming.
They had a bomb on board of the Chinook with the
What was it, 28 Navy SEALs on board, and then some others died suspiciously, and it's just an absolute criminal activity of the Deep State trying to cover up their tracks, and it does tie into Iran and the pallets of cash and all the rest of it.
I don't know if it's $150 billion like this guy's saying, but it's definitely over $40 billion, and it is an incredible travesty, $2 billion in pallets of cash as well.
So back to this investigative report, and then we'll get to the report from nine years ago, and then I'll be back in studio.
I will do everything that I can to get this video.
And now joining me is Anna Kate.
Anna has personally seen and heard the evidence firsthand.
She was there when the information was transferred to a person of influence in the United States government.
Anna, break this all down for us.
This is huge news.
What are the implications for Obama, Hillary, Brennan?
What did you hear on those audio recordings?
First of all, I want to say, first of all, thank you, Gary, for having me on.
I want to say this is the most explosive information that Americans and the entire world will ever hear.
I have to say, these men are heroes.
Alan, Charles, Nick, they are American heroes.
It's an honor to even be a part of this.
This, I was not expecting this at all.
I was attending American Priority Conference in Florida, where Trump Doral
And they were the last ones to speak.
Save the best for last, because shockingly, they gave this presentation, dropped this Benghazi bombshell on all of our heads, and we're all wondering what in the world just happened.
I came up to honor these wonderful men.
They're Christian men.
They're spirit-filled men.
As a Christian, I wanted to honor them as American patriots and heroes.
And they basically said, hey, we need someone to help release this right now.
Would you help us?
And so I jumped on the bandwagon.
We got to my room right away, put the stuff out there.
They showed me a lot of the documents.
I heard the audios.
I heard even more audios this morning.
Gary, it is exploding.
Siv, the audios that they have, I can't mention some of the names, but I'll tell you the biggest names in intelligence, the biggest names in the Obama administration, Brennan, Clinton, there's so much.
It ties into Joe Biden.
There is so much here.
What this administration has done is absolute treason.
No, we all know and not all of us actually in America are aware that something was wrong with Benghazi.
Okay, there were red flags there and there was big red flags with SEAL Team 6 who took out Osama bin Laden.
It was interesting timing right before Obama's re-election how this, this, this, this, you know, bin Laden raid happened.
But turns out,
That all of these stories, they're all linked together.
This is the best-kept secret in this country until now.
Okay, that's part of the Next News Network report.
Now let's go to Michael Savage, nine years ago, on RT, talking about what really happened to the Navy SEALs, because that's what's important.
This is documented, it's known that this part is accurate.
And I'm really concerned that all this other stuff tying into Benghazi and everything else could discredit that.
And I'm talking to some top experts right now that we're going to have on the show very, very soon to actually suss out what's really going on.
But here he is, Michael Savage, who is absolutely on target.
The first question is, why were all of these SEALs from SEAL Team 6, the same unit that took out Osama bin Laden, put on one old, slow-flying Vietnam-era helicopter, a CH-47 Chinook?
When America has some of the most advanced helicopters in the world, they never used Chinooks for this kind of extraction mission.
This was odd, number one.
Number two, why would you put all of your best men in one helicopter?
Why make such a single target?
Why not disperse them in three fast attack helicopters?
So those are the questions that have never been answered.
But is it clear that the same SEALs who were involved with the Osama bin Laden raid were the ones who were on this helicopter?
No, but they were part of the same unit.
They were from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Gold Squadron, Team 6.
Same unit, same team.
Okay, well there has been a hearing on this very issue.
It was called back in February.
What was the result of that hearing?
Was there any progress made in beginning to understand why that aircraft went down, why there were so many Navy SEALs on one particular aircraft?
I never heard anything that came of it.
It wasn't substantive.
It was a typical whitewash, a typical U.S.
government whitewash.
I mean, why did they even have a hearing?
Because the parents were screaming out.
The parents, have you spoken with the parents at all?
I have not, but I was going to ask you to tell me what you've learned from some of the parents you've spoken to.
Say that they have the documents to prove that this was not an accident, number one.
Michael Strange, the father of one of the SEALs who was killed, said that on at least three separate occasions prior to this event, his son grabbed him by the arm and announced that he had prepared his will.
And his father said to him, he's never done this before.
And Michael, his son, who later died in this crash, said, something's going on with the team.
Somebody's leaking things out.
Something's going on.
When he was on the show and he said that, I said to him, your son knew he was being sent to his death?
The father replied, they knew.
They knew something was up, every one of them.
Other families of Navy SEALs who died in this crash reported similar experiences with their sons the last time they saw them.
There are other anomalies that did come out.
And you have to talk to some of the parents who have more of the paperwork than I do.
They're the ones who demanded the hearing and got it.
Now, the father said on the show that there was no chase helicopter.
There was no other support for the SEAL team, which is very unusual.
I said to him on my radio show, so you're saying they plan to execute your son and the others on purpose?
The father of the dead SEAL said this, 100% sir.
That's what the father said.
I don't have the answers, but I do have some questions.
Well, some of the families, of course, believe the story should be put to rest.
Others have insinuated that something is going on, that the government may have purposely put these seals in harm's way.
What would be the motive of the government to do that?
Have you ever thought about why this theory could even stick in the first place?
Sure I have.
Are many people in this country suspect that this administration has been penetrated by Islamists at the highest level?
You say that's crazy?
There are television shows about double agents.
The idea of a double agent or two or three or four or more is not something new to government.
We all know it exists.
Why could it not therefore exist in this government?
So let's assume that that did exist.
Let's take that crazy conspiracy theory to its logical conclusion.
Wouldn't that then make sense that they made the decision to put them all in this helicopter?
Or let's throw away the conspiracy theory.
Let's ask this.
Who in the Defense Department made this decision to put all of them in an old, slow-flying helicopter into a hot combat zone?
Why did they not put them into three fast-strike helicopters?
Who in the Defense Department made this decision?
Who in the Oval Office made this decision?
These are the questions that have never been answered.
And if I were a congressman running a hearing, I wouldn't have stopped until I got that answer.
Because somebody did this.
Even, let's say, again, no conspiracy.
It was just an idiot in the Defense Department.
You are a programmable guy that goes and watches Olympus is Falling and believes all this and really thinks you're a hero.
Joe, Great American Hero!
Yo, Joe!
You don't work for Joe!
Joe got taken over!
The G.I.
Joe Command Base is run by Cobra!
Do you understand that?
And I use a child analogy to get through to you because that's your main programming template in North America.
They're on record with that.
That was all Pentagon directed.
Do you understand?
You work for Cobra.
You dress like Cobra.
You have the tactics of Cobra.
You are Cobra.
Hail Cobra!
You want to be little boys?
Or do you want to really join the Republic?
They know what's going on at the Bundy Ranch, and they won't even let a police information officer give us any information.
That's a bunch of bullsh**.
It's all these stupid G.I.
Joe movies and stuff, where the White House is attacked.
The White House is run by Cobra!
When I went through the process of becoming Press Secretary, one of the first things they told me was, you're not even to acknowledge the drone program.
You're not even to discuss that it exists.
It's run by chaos.
It's run by Spectre.
Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion.
They run little kids.
They run the snuff films.
They run the drugs.
They run it all.
And because you act like a bunch of naive chumps, this whole thing's gonna come down on us!
Very much concerns me, considering that they have all this bulk ammunition that they're shooting targets of children.
Would you like to tell me who it is that is doing this?
It is the Department of Homeland Security, sir.
Thank you for calling.
To every police officer in this country, to every FBI agent, to every Secret Service agent, you work for Spectre.
You work for Kaos.
You work for Cobra.
How do they get power?
A stage of terror attack.
Using Spectre, using Cobra.
Who is Cobra?
Arms dealing, drug dealing, money laundering group, wearing masks.
They wear masks, ladies and gentlemen, because they're the corporate CEOs.
And they're manipulating the governments against each other.
Cobra runs the Muslims.
Cobra runs the CIA.
Cobra runs it all.
Cobra is real.
You can call it whatever you want.
Cobra is in control of America.
And Cobra says the veterans and the gun owners, they're saying that we're the bad guys.
These people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not.
They're nothing more than domestic terrorists.
That's what Cobra would say.
That's what Specter would say.
Go f*** yourself.
I'm sorry, thank you.
That's what Goldfinger would say, because that's who those people are.
I am Supreme Cobra Commander!
You call your petty bureaucrats officials and authorities?
You will kneel before Cobra or face my wrath!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
You pathetic little worm!
How dare you call me Mr. Cobra!
What is the main reason why this would be a lie?
Why would it be covered up if it was really just a cooperative agreement with Pakistan?
Where's the motive?
Well, no, the motive is very simple.
The idea, of course, was that we did have a walk-in.
That's what the CIA calls somebody who comes in and sort of, you could argue, betrays his company or his country for money.
He took most of the 25 million, at least 20 of it.
Well, that was the offer we had on the table for information leading to the whereabouts of bin Laden that had been going on.
We had that offer outstanding since 2002.
So some guy walks in and he's basically involved in the protection of bin Laden on behalf of the Pakistani intelligence service, and we start from there.
But how do you think, Mr. Hirsch, how do you think a guy walks into the Islamabad embassy when you know how, and certainly this person would know, how closely watched it is by Pakistani authorities?
How would someone just walk in and give this kind of information?
Well, I don't know the details of how he walked in.
It matters.
It's not very... Of course it does, but it's not very... I can tell you right now, he talked to the station chief, a man named Jonathan Bank, a very competent officer.
And the CIA and the government did what you do in a case like this.
You make sure you give this guy a polygraph test.
A team came out from Washington to do so, and they vet, you know, always worry about a walk-in.
You know, a lot of them have a lot of reasons that aren't particularly reliable or very tasteful.
So they worked him to the bone.
And then we began to do the issue.
We realized the president was asking a lot of very good questions.
Is this, you know, how do we know it's really bin Laden, etc.?
And we realized we had to go and talk to the Pakistanis who were keeping him.
And the head of the Pakistani military, a guy named General Kiani and a guy named General Pasa, eventually agreed to cooperate with us.
They didn't have much choice.
We can cut off our supply of arms and money under the table to the generals.
And we did so.
We put a lot of pressure on them.
And they've worked with us.
Of course they worked with us.
The alternative is you want to believe what I call a Lewis Carroll fairy tale.
That Bin Laden, who the most hunted man since 2002 in the world, decided he's going to, the one safe place to live is at a compound 40 miles from the main capital of Pakistan.
Well look, that's the point of intrigue that has always been a point of skepticism.
Is that we all thought he was hiding in some honeycomb cave somewhere and it turns out that he was right down the street from the equivalent of their West Point.
But you know, with that as a starting point,
It's a pretty good starting point.
The idea though, but you know, obviously, look, I don't mean to tell you the trade, you've been doing it at such a high level for such a long time, but the idea that we were working with them and then after, as soon as it comes out, the Pakistani government condemns us unconditionally for doing it.
I mean, it just doesn't seem that they were owning their own narrative.
Why wouldn't Pakistan come out and say, we gave you this guy, we helped you?
Well, the idea was, the understanding was, first of all, Bin Laden's very popular inside Pakistan.
A majority of the unwashed, of the people there, most of the public, really respect it.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
It is 11.39 central time and I've gotten in the saddle here.
I had a 9am dentist appointment.
Taped part of what you heard earlier on the way there, and then great dentists, great people, but they had some issues today and kind of assholed around and got me out of there about 45 minutes to an hour late.
So I am here, ladies and gentlemen, and glad to be here.
You know, I was thinking about getting old.
I always had the best teeth ever.
Never had a broken tooth, never had a cavity, never had a problem.
I had about 44.
And my teeth just started breaking from, I guess, clenching them at night.
So I've been getting implants put in for some of the molars that went out.
And last time I got one of these implant posts put in, it was not painful.
So I'm like, yeah, I don't need painkillers.
Yeah, I don't need extra deadening.
You know, just the basic deadening.
And boy, I wish I'd taken the extra deadening.
I kind of like my face not being totally numb.
It is really lighting me up right now.
But, uh,
All part of the, all part of the flavor of life.
Here's the deal.
We've already spent so much time on this story that came out Sunday about the CIA whistleblower and the guys wearing a wizard suit.
And if you haven't seen the video, he's saying a lot of things that seem credible.
I'm just saying we have the SEAL team families.
We have the documents.
We have the evidence.
No one ever covers that.
So that's why I played Michael Savage.
Hard to believe that was already nine years ago.
Talking about it and, you know, there's reports we did as well, but more interesting to hear Michael Savage talk about it.
I just know that it's a dude in a blue and white wizard outfit and, I mean, nothing against people that dress like wizards.
And he's, you know, talking to the family of one of the SEALs that got killed.
But he's saying that bin Laden was alive.
Well, I mean, that's just not the case.
But I'm glad this story's big.
I'm glad it's out there.
I didn't mean to turn the whole day into it, but hell, we got Steve McShannock popping in and Jason Goodman.
I mean, Goodman has got a guest he has all the time that's written books on this that just details what really happened.
And this could bring down the deep state.
I mean, they didn't kill those Navy SEALs.
So I just thought we'd give you a little less wizard, a little more action.
The quote, uh,
As he's known, Elvis.
And I'll be happy to have the wizard on the show as well.
It's just, that's the kind of thing the CIA will do, is when they'll put out something real, then they'll mix in some disinfo, and they'll say something like, oh, there's slave colonies on Mars, in the middle of the interview, or they'll say, oh, I'm wearing a wizard outfit.
But you know, you could say I act quirky sometimes and discredit things, but that's not on purpose, I just get out of control.
Like yesterday, I was exhausted in the fourth hour,
Just get so sick of the new world order.
So I kind of went crazy on air and did my impromptu Gigi Ping.
Luckily incorrect.
I was playing it for my wife this morning.
She goes, what the hell is that?
It's like 6 a.m.
She hears me play it in the kitchen.
She goes, what is that?
You did that on air?
Donald Trump up with Gigi Ping!
We got so much breaking.
We got Hunter Biden's laptop surfacing right on time.
So much more.
Okay, we are back live.
I have a ton of vital news and information that we'll be covering in the second, third, and fourth hour today, but Bill Gates has reared his ugly head again, crawled out from under his Eugenics New World Order rock, and the video is up at InfoWars.com and a big Ben Warren article.
Gates slams vaccine conspiracy theories targeting him and Dr. Fauci.
Now he goes on and says, I don't have a plan to put microchips in you.
You know, you just hired MIT and Rice University to come up with it.
And they say that you funded them too.
And you don't have a plan to make people take shots.
You just have a plan to have governments do it.
And you don't have a plan to keep governments closed and economies closed for 10 years.
Your foundation does.
So if I had to give a bravado award or a arrogance award,
What's the right word for it?
Humorous award?
Chutzpah award?
It would be Bill Gates.
He would win every year.
The chutzpah of this guy, to sit up there and say it's the end of civilization, and we're going to forcefully give you these shots, and they make you sick, but there are conspiracy theorists that say I've got vaccines that make you sick.
We played the clubs yesterday where he said 700,000 will get sick at least.
You'll never be able to go back to normal, some form of normalcy in 10 years.
Everything we told you.
And then they admit, oh, the vaccine doesn't protect you against COVID-19.
Because the body sees COVID-19 as such a non-threat, it won't even produce an antibody for it.
I never got to this last week.
I was downtown.
I'll leave it at that.
And I happened to run into one of the top biotech heads in the country.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And I talked to these folks, and then afterwards I was talking to some of the associates and they're like, yeah, you know, he's just sold this to this company and that to that company.
And I'm sitting there search engineering and going, yeah, that's the guy.
Oh yeah, he says it's all a hoax and the body won't even recognize it because it won't even make antibodies for it because it's so weak.
And that it's, you know, really a simulant out of vaccines that got out.
But what it really has is gain of function so everybody ends up getting it.
So everybody's suspect and it's all a big giant fraud from Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.
And the guy was saying some of this to me.
We're like, oh, but don't be political.
Don't, you know, don't say his name.
And it's just, we already knew all this.
I already know all this, but you're sitting there talking to a billionaire and he's just laughing about Bill Gates and Fauci.
But what's funny about everything being locked down, the third world starving and the tracking apps and the forced inoculations and all this crap.
But all these guys have this normalcy bias where it's like, even though they're against it, it's funny to them.
So that's why Gates says, oh, it'll be 10 years.
It'll take about five vaccines a year, but someday we'll get something and you'll never go back to normal until COVID is eradicated and not one person has it.
An impossible goal that gives him and his ring of vaccine companies total power over the whole planet.
And I was sitting there at the dental office this morning, and the nice ladies got wearing a mask, and I've got my stupid mask on.
Because you know, it's their business.
But she says, how are you doing, Alex?
And I said, I'm not doing good.
Bill Gates says we're going to have masks on for 10 years.
And she goes, I don't care.
I'm used to it now.
And I said, what about the forced inoculation?
She goes, oh, really, that?
See, that's the thing.
Everybody's like, oh, I'll be tough.
I'll just take it.
No, you're submitting to your own destruction.
Now they're saying, wear a mask while you eat and eat under them.
It's all, and wear them while you have sex.
And oh, your home assistant's gonna watch you and make sure you do.
This is the way to make you guilty, make you dirty, make you bad, make you a suspect.
And it's beyond outrageous.
And it's the biggest power grab in history.
And it's the AI rollout.
And it's about, I mean, Microsoft has said, we're leading the way.
They're in charge.
No one's gonna work in an office anymore.
You'll have to have an app on your phone where your car can start, if you have a car, showing that what you are doing is authorized.
And again, that's in a group of TV shows they put out by the British government ten years ago for UK school children called Plannedopolis.
And it shows the future.
Compact cities.
Your phone has to give you authorization to leave your house.
Everywhere you go is tracked to save the earth and lower carbon.
And then Bill Gates up there bragging, oh, this is good.
It's going to lower your carbon and lower the population.
They're hiding it all in plain view.
What a group of wicked, evil people.
What a cult.
So I see listeners on Band Out Video, most of them don't complain, some do.
I listen to you.
Like, man, I wish you'd stop harping on Bill Gates.
Every show is like the same show over and over again.
Well, if you just want entertaining news, you can go find that somewhere.
This is a planetary takeover.
With forced inoculations and AI tracking systems and social credit scores.
And it's going to absolutely implode the economy forever and make you where you are dependent on the system that is going to make you get sterilized and so much more.
It only gets dystopic from here.
And the more you submit, the worse it gets.
And Bill Gates is out there on TV telling you he's your boss, and that when you're gonna be able to come out and have a job and not wear a mask, and now you're gonna take five vaccines a year for the next ten years, and he's just telling you how the future's gonna work.
Because it's all engineered.
Oh, and by the way, he's a famous depopulation family.
Here he is.
Gateslam's vaccine conspiracy theories.
How about our free will?
We don't want to take what you've got for us.
We don't like you.
You're not our doctor.
Here he is.
Do you hear people?
I mean, I've been shocked at the blowback I've seen directed at you over vaccines for this stuff, but for the masks too.
How frustrating is that to you?
Well, the whole digital media space where people are dealing with the bad news of the pandemic, um,
I don't
And, you know, that's unfortunate, particularly if it undermines the mask wearing or if it undermines as the vaccine gets approved.
Are we able to have people not only protect themselves, but protect their loved ones, protect the community by participating in something that's been proven to be safe?
It's been proven to be safe, really.
There it is, Dr. Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus.
Research Newsweek.
Bill Gates was the main funder of the lab with illegal stuff he couldn't do in the U.S.
Then they release it so they can then own it and control it, and he just uses a word like conspiracy theory.
And how we need everybody to take it to help others.
See, if you don't take it, you're gonna hurt others.
But I thought if they take it, they're protected.
But then he admits, in a clip I played yesterday, that the vaccine won't protect you.
So you're like, well wait a minute, you're lying to me, but if you have an opinion about his lies, and you can put two plus two together and say four, he calls that a conspiracy theory.
See, critical thinking is now a conspiracy theory.
Questioning known liars is conspiracy theory.
He's invested in all the major vaccine companies,
Yeah, he and I, well, he and I don't talk about conspiracy theories because, uh, you know, neither he or I, uh,
You know, to have, you know, know how to stop that.
He and I talk about the antibody studies, you know, the scientific team at the foundation gets on the phone with him on a regular basis, and, because he's seen company innovations... Well, he's paying them to put a bunch of fake studies out.
...because we have a global... ...dialogue with the private companies on a regular basis.
They put the fake call out about Rendesivir.
How do we get antibodies going faster?
What are we thinking about the different vaccines?
Oh, that's enough of him.
Hey Bill Gates, we're watching you.
You in your purple sweater.
We're watching everything you do, you little crook.
You megalomaniac.
And so everybody that gets sick, you're not gonna be able to cover it up with your liability protection.
Everything that goes on, you're not gonna get away with it, you little Hitler.
You understand that?
You punk.
You autistic psychopath.
You got that, you little monster?
You and your father that's burning in hell?
You and your mother that's burning in hell?
You'll be joining them in hell, you little murdering eugenics bastard!
I pray to God, God bring you to justice.
I pray that God destroy you, monster!
By the way, Bill Gates is a very evil, powerful man who's carried out extermination and sterilization all over the world.
I don't get up here and attack him viciously like I do, like sticking my head in the tiger's mouth as a stunt at a circus.
I do it because God demands it.
And all these other men laying down and trying to have death pass them over are the reason we're in so much trouble as a civilization.
I have committed to you before God on the altar of God eternal resistance over every form of tyranny with a mind of man.
And if more people would simply make that commitment and stop being afraid of these people, and just take what comes, and trust in God, we'd turn the tide very, very quickly.
All right, let's finish up the earlier clip, and then we've got another clip of him on the same show, Bill Gates, and we've got Dr. Steve Pacino coming on, here it is.
The scientific team at the foundation gets on the phone with him on a regular basis.
And because he's seen company innovations that we're not, we're seeing things he's not, because we have a global view, very, you know, rich dialogue with the private companies on a regular basis.
And so, you know, we're saying, okay, let's how do we get antibodies going faster?
What are we thinking about the different vaccines?
So it's a, you know, helpful collaboration, which we've always had.
You know, he's an infectious disease expert.
Those used to be very obscure.
You know, people didn't talk about malaria and TB.
But, you know, Tony and I, we love talking about that.
You love talking about it, you little murderer?
You little monster?
You're on record giving hundreds of thousands of people polio.
It's even in the Associated Press.
But it's okay.
Because, you know, kids need to die.
They'd be paralyzed for the rest of their lives because of their incredible agony.
You enjoy that, you little monster.
You murderer.
You know, we had 1.4 million TB deaths last year.
Didn't shut the country down for that.
Didn't even make a big deal about it because you're bringing it in.
You're protecting it.
You won't even treat the kids that come in from Mexico that have it.
They spread it in our schools.
You little monster.
And you run all these major companies with your investment and your controls, and everybody sees you out there as the guy telling us when we can come out of our houses, telling us when we can have jobs, telling us when we can live.
You're our master.
You don't want to just rape us physically, you want to rape us mentally, financially.
You want in our bodies.
You are a sick freak!
Let's finish up with what this monster had to say, then we'll go to break.
Have you been surprised at the amount of pushback there's been just from the American people in terms of doing something simple like wearing a mask?
Well, again, that speaks to, you know, what are the leaders saying?
You know, we have to admit that the scientific community in the early stage of the infection, we thought this was about coughing.
We didn't know the simple masks would provide so much benefit.
So it wasn't as you got into April,
That we started to really develop that evidence and very clear message starting in May.
So I am surprised since that time, you know, given that, you know, we tell people to wear clothes, I don't think of it as some ultra important freedom thing that, you know, there's another part of your body, at least for the duration of the pandemic, we're asking you to cover up most of the time.
And so, mask compliance in the United States is quite poor, and yet the cost of the mask and the productivity loss from the mask, it's quite an intervention.
And really, other than our social behavior, the primary tool we have until these therapeutics or vaccines get out there in big numbers.
He said yesterday it'll be a 10-year lockdown now.
He's got a problem.
The UN has come out and said we shouldn't have done the lockdown.
So we'll talk about this.
Attempted technological takeover using COVID as the cover for it with Dr. Steve Pachinik, psychiatrist, MIT and Harvard trained.
But he also was the guy that trailblazed 18, 19 years ago that Bin Laden was really dead.
Now we have this interesting person that showed up in a wizard outfit to say he's been with the CIA and that Bin Laden was actually alive and was, I guess, killed in that raid.
We'll find out what's really going on with Dr. Steve Pachinik straight ahead.
Okay, I want to talk election with Dr. Steve Pachinik, who again, ran regime changes, the Camp David Accords, helped found Delta Force, best-selling author with Tom Clancy, medical doctor, psychiatrist, whole nine yards.
Because I've been getting flooded Sunday, and family calling and neighbors with this individual that dresses up in a wizard outfit.
I'm not being mean, he just wore a wizard outfit for the interview he did with some of the surviving family members of one of the Navy SEALs.
We've interviewed some of these family members.
They're good people.
We talked about how they blew the helicopter up to get rid of him.
Michael Savage has talked about it.
Evidence has come out.
The Navy SEALs believe that they did have a bomb on board to cover up what really happened in that raid, now nine years ago.
But Alan Howell Parrott, that's his name, and here he is featured.
Wizard outfit.
Um, I don't think he's a Sikh, but anyways, the point is, is that, is that everybody's saying, oh my God, is it true they killed the SEALs?
Well, yeah, from my evidence, they did.
But, but he's saying Bin Laden's still alive.
So I wanted to get an actual, real intelligence operative, who's worked in a lot of different disciplines on, Dr. Buchanan.
Not to discredit, I mean, I'm glad people are talking about the dead Navy SEALs and Bin Laden, but this, to me, looks like a classic
Alex, you're too smart for me, and you make me laugh.
Number one, I said 20 years ago, Osama Bin Laden was dead.
There was no way he could be resurrected.
I don't care who else said it.
He had Marfan syndrome.
Marfan syndrome is a deadly disease where your aorta, your kidneys and all
We're literally breaking apart.
He was a tall, giant man.
He was not involved in 9-11.
This is all, let's talk about what happened in Benghazi, because I know quite a lot about it.
Almost everybody involved in that episode, other than the gentleman on top of the roof and the three who were killed.
We're C.I.A.
Ambassador Stevens Christopher Cecil was an ambassador, but he was an ambassador very close to the C.I.A.
He had been trained and put into various locations.
Well, who did not respond?
Oh, Hillary Clinton, another C.I.A.
operative who lied.
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Oh, Panetta.
A CIA operative also lied.
Who else do we have that was a total disaster?
David Petraeus, a man who claimed he was in combat, but never had been in combat, who lied about being with a woman and eventually was thrown out.
Sure, but you talk about this, Facebook blocks it, but I'm just saying Facebook and everything is flooding everybody's email boxes with a guy in a blue wizard outfit that says Bin Laden's still alive, Benghazi's tied in with Iran, that Obama paid off Iran a hundred and something billion dollars to cover up that stuff that we didn't kill Bin Laden.
I mean, what do you make of this?
What I make of it is it's sheer nonsense because number one, Benghazi, the real issue was why didn't we respond over 13 hours?
And he's not addressing that.
No one addressed that.
As a matter of fact, I call up my guys at the NSA and elsewhere and I said, how come you're not helping out these guys who are up on top of the roof?
One of the issues that was involved, these guys who were up top of the roof, were ex-CIA, ex-SEAL members, who are in private contractors.
That was number one.
Number two, they were shipping guns through that embassy, which was not an embassy, it was a CIA annex.
So what it involves, I don't know what that guy says, I'm not really interested in what he says, what it really involves is a
In an attack on Grenada, four to five SEAL Team 6s.
That's why I had to create Delta.
SEAL Team 6 was not a great unit.
However, whatever happened on that helicopter, that's something we can leave to
Tell folks, you were the one, and we're not bragging, this is a historical fact, you came out on my show in 2002 and you said he's died of Marfan's, he's on ice, Bush may roll him out of the election.
Walter Cronkite desperately goes on a week later.
On Larry King Live, it says it's true.
Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State, comes out and says it's true.
All hell breaks loose, so they don't do it then.
Then you got the inside scoop on what really happened in Pakistan nine years ago.
So just for historical fact, from your sources, what really happened?
What really happened is Osama Bin Laden was dead, and they used his persona as a way to go into 9-11.
And this was, again, who was it?
Bush Sr., Cheney, James Clapper runs through this entire scenario.
And from your sources, he died, what, a little bit after 9-11 or before?
Well, he was already in the hospital by the time of 9-11.
He was already sick by the time we had 9-11.
That's why he became out on CBS News that he was at the American Hospital in Dubai and was on a death doorstep right after 9-11.
That's exactly correct.
And if somebody can disprove that, that's fine.
But as far as I'm concerned, his medical records were very clear.
He was dying of Marfan syndrome, which is a very deadly disease.
Guess who else had it?
Abraham Lincoln.
When you're tall, you're ganglia, you can't really live a very long life because the elements in your own body, the body parts... It's like Will Chamberlain died so young.
They don't live long.
They don't live long.
Will Chamberlain, I don't know if he was Marfan's, but it was clear that Osama bin Laden was Marfan and so was our President Lincoln.
But more importantly, it gets into the whole issue of pathological lying and really criminal activity against the United States government involving Hillary Clinton constantly.
She's throughout our history has been lying, creating
Conflicts, creating murders.
I mean, she was very much involved in this.
She said, oh, we had no reason to suspect anything was going on in Benghazi.
For 13 hours, the gentlemen upstairs, four of them who died, were pleading for assistance.
The NSA, Keith Alexander, didn't do anything.
Keith Alexander was in the same class as Dempsey.
He was also in the same class with Petraeus.
Who lied and who was DCI when this was all happening?
We had Petraeus, another man who lied about combat, was never in combat, a man who lied about an affair with a woman.
So what you have here, irrespective of the man with the Sikh or whatever he is, it's again blowing out the system that constantly reaffirms that there is no such thing as a 9-11 conspiracy.
There is no such thing as incompetent, corrupt,
They're all corrupt.
Obama will never be accounted for.
He's a CIA operative.
His mother was an operative in Indonesia.
She spoke Russian.
She was an anthropologist.
His maternal grandparents worked under me at the East West Center, which was a CIA front for banking.
He was an operative.
He went to Occidental College.
He lied like a banshee.
You're absolutely right.
I think they're worried about Trump actually bringing up the real Silteam stuff and Benghazi again, and that's why this has all been mixed out there.
But regardless, we're now trying to correct the record.
When I come back with the second we have, I want to ask you about
The admitted agiprop that's failed to get Trump to respond.
The left now saying they are going to try to say the election has been stolen.
But what do you make of the new National Director of Intelligence releasing all these documents and then you've got Hayden going F you literally on Twitter.
How dare you?
I mean just proving that Obama and Hillary did this.
We got about a minute to break but this is a pretty big deal for Trump to actually finally be doing this isn't it?
It is very important.
He has a great guy named Grinnell.
He is DNI.
He is brilliant.
He is sassy.
He knows exactly how to handle the intelligence organization.
And Trump correctly said, I do not trust my intelligence organization.
How could he?
There's 16 units that are
Overlapping each other.
They don't know what to do.
The DNI really has no real job.
What you have to do is to get rid of 16, integrate it to 2, and that's what Grinnell and Trump have to do for the next term.
Where they're useless.
And that's why all these spoiled bureaucracies are so pissed because Trump's cleaning house.
And Trump has to clean even more of the houses.
You and I have said he needs a sweeper.
And the sweeper has to come in and clean out without any... And you said that four years ago.
Trump thought, oh, I'll let them have their jobs.
They'll be nice.
They're on power trips.
They're always power grabbing.
You have to get rid of them.
That's how you stop them.
Be right back.
Alright, I don't want to talk about this guy anymore.
It's just a big viral story being pushed by Facebook and others.
Whereas anything we talk about is completely blocked.
Man, I'm not attacking the family that had this guy on, the Navy SEAL family.
We've got a bunch of them on.
They're good people.
They're just seeking out information.
Parrot individual.
It turns out, there's articles about him in the falconing community, I guess he calls that a falconing outfit, where they say the parrot bites again.
And they're talking about how full of crap he is, and how he's obsessed with Osama bin Laden and falconing.
So, we're going to stop right there.
The parrot bites again.
The case of the parrot bite.
But in the eight minutes we have, Dr. Pachetic left.
Talk about the campaign, the big picture.
Trump trying to sideline Fauci.
He used to do that eight months ago.
Fauci biting, the parrot bites again.
Gates is all out there getting mad that Trump's got a vaccine coming out earlier.
Gates is like, no, it's my vaccine that you get in 10 years.
From your sources and your own research, and you're a doctor, what the hell's going on with that?
The vaccines aren't going to work.
By the time the vaccines come out, I don't know what Trump got.
Basically, monoclonal antibody vaccines or polyclonal is a very fancy term for a lot of amino acids put together.
But the reality is the vaccine won't come out for about another seven, eight months and whatever.
Most Americans don't take vaccines.
We have a 50% rate for any flu vaccine, and that's not really worthwhile.
What's happening now is the numbers are going up in theory, but the relationship is not correctly described.
And I'll give you the
I think?
We don't die from the virus.
We die from the comorbidity of diabetes.
Well, yeah, this 23-year-old girl they're saying is the youngest in Michigan to die.
I'm sorry.
She weighed like 500 pounds.
That's exactly the point.
So we don't want to talk about it.
And no doctor, including Fauci, who should have...
Kept his mouth shut.
Now he's a prima donna.
He's totally a farce from having been a number one at Cornell Med.
They should come in and say, how the hell did you produce this guy?
I'm not trying to kiss your ass, but it's true.
You said seven months ago on the show, you said, I had it.
It was rough, but I got over it.
People need these vitamins and minerals.
And it's been here for a year.
It all came out now.
They found it in sewage samples all over, over, over, over a year before it even showed up.
So like 18, 19 months ago, you were dead on about that again.
Well, the key is you and I have to understand one thing.
We can say whatever we want.
We know it's the truth, but we're considered conspiracy theorists.
I don't care about that.
What I do care is that the statements we make and the accusations that we're making are very real.
Unfortunately, no one in the system, be it Trump or whatever system you have there, is willing to take the risk of putting people in jail.
There's no question that you have to put in Clapper in jail.
There's no question you have to put Comey in jail.
There's no question.
And that's where I was going next.
You said that two weeks ago here, and Trump does listen, but it's just common sense.
Trump came out and said to Barr, you must arrest them.
You must.
And so Trump's ordering that.
So at least Trump's doing the right things, but his own people are too weak-kneed.
Correct, Alex.
And on this show, I said three years ago, Barr was the wrong person.
And it suddenly came out.
I said he was a DCI, meaning he was an analyst for the CIA.
Then he was a DDO, which means he was an operative for the CIA.
And then Barr came out yesterday with exactly what I expected him to say, because he lies.
Exactly what I told you.
He said, we have no evidence to convict anybody.
Are you kidding me?
He should have been fired.
Everyone, Gina Haskell should have been fired and put in prison until you start putting operatives who have gone against our country, including Brennan, including Petraeus, including, you know, I can give you the whole list.
There's no question about it.
Bush, Cheney.
Cheney isn't an executive.
He was an operative.
Well, why do you think Barr is... I mean, I think Barr in some ways has done some good things, but I agree.
I think he's scared.
What is he scared?
What does the deep state have?
I would be concerned leaving the deep state with all the stuff they've got.
I would not sleep good at night until they were at least indicted.
Well, but he's not doing it.
So Barr, who knows he's compromised, acts as if he's tough.
He goes to a conservative venue and talks about, at the Heritage Foundation, whatever that is, I'm not a great fan of it, he talks about being tough.
In reality, he says, oh, I have no evidence to put anybody in prison.
The answer is very simple.
Trump has to make a decision, not now, not in the next 30 days, but afterwards.
People are going to prison.
Brennan goes to prison.
Comey goes to prison.
You got, I mean, I could give you a list of 15 to 20, at least arrest them, put them on trial.
And you begin to see what we did and what was done in France.
Jacques Hughes, I accuse you.
History in America has to have that specific point to understand there's a culpability factor.
Bush Jr.
has to be put under arrest.
I don't care if you put him in prison or not.
But he has to be accountable for all the deaths that he committed.
Who sent our people into Iraq and killed them?
2,500 of my military guys, 2,500 of my contractors, he said, oh no, I didn't do anything.
Who gave billions of dollars to his brother, James?
Who gave another couple of millions or hundreds of millions to his other brother, Franklin?
Biden, who gave hundreds of millions and allowed him to do business with the Chinese Communist, Biden.
Now you're telling me the ultimate farce of America is that he's running against Trump, accusing a businessman who has been successful of lying and duplicity, and that this man, this pathetic man that they call even a man, he's not a man.
And by the way, we've been tracking and it's not just time.
Everywhere he goes, sometimes no one shows up.
Other times there'll be 20 Democrat operatives in huge cities like Phoenix.
No one shows up.
That should tell you right there it's a landslide for Trump.
I know, but remember Alex, one thing, the harvesting of ballots is what concerns me.
I agree.
And that's why I agree with Trump.
This election will be stopped if in any way it suggests that Biden wins because he is so corrupt from day one.
He is such a mealy mouse.
Well, let's talk about that.
We're 19 days out.
They have a strategy on record to use the ballots to contest the election.
What do you do when faced with a conscious stated policy of fraud?
What do you do?
You start beginning saying, these are the people that I'm going to arrest when I get reelected.
Secondly, you say under no condition can a man like McMaster's or a former national security advisor or general, so-called general, who wrote about dereliction of duty in Vietnam, say the greatest absurd statement I've ever heard that our military
It's not politicized.
Are you kidding?
It's done nothing but politics.
In order to be a general, you have to suck up and hit below.
In order to get into the system and go to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you have to be political.
In order to get a Petraeus, who was a complete
Listen, we've got another guest coming on.
I appreciate your time.
You'll do five more minutes on the side.
I'll shut up and give you the floor.
Your advice to Trump going into this critical election, the dirty tricks we're going to see, the type of leadership you think that Trump should engage in, and what we as listeners and activists should do with Dr. Steve McChinney.
SteveMcChinney.com is the website.
Don't forget, we've redesigned Infowars.com.
It's a first-rate site now.
Incredible navigation, incredible articles and videos.
Please check it out and spread those links.
Then we have the backups.
NewsWars.com, the video site, Band.Video.
November rain, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones, Dr. Steve Puccinich, very famous, a real spymaster, and a psychiatrist is here with us about the real world.
And I wanted to spend a few minutes before our next guest comes on.
Talk about the point we're at in history.
Because history is now, and the next 19 days, and the contesting of that, the next 79 after that, or 98 days from now, is so determinative from the fight with the Runnymede, and the Magna Carta, and the Renaissance, and then these other conflicting authoritarian impulses coming in trying to wreck the West, because these big corporations don't want to compete with an open, free society.
So what are you looking for, Dr. Pachinic?
What would you warn the President about?
And what do you think we as Americans, people around the world, this election affects everybody.
Trump's trying to end these unnecessary wars, trying to promote things through economic peace.
I think the whole world should, you know, we obviously have foreign powers meddling, China's meddling trying to get Trump kicked out, but it's the right of other foreign citizens to lend their support as well.
This is really a world-changing event right now in my view.
Your take on that?
I think you're right.
The world is looking at us right now.
One of the things that Trump has agreed to, I would not have done it, but nevertheless he did it, he agreed to have the debate tomorrow.
In that debate, I want him to be well prepared, meaning the following points have to be brought up.
How effective he has been in the economy.
Again, how effectively he will renew the economy.
Number three, how we do not have to worry anymore about the coronavirus.
It's not an issue of science anymore.
It's an issue of propaganda from the Democrats, and he doesn't have to get into any kind of
Debate discussion about that at the same time.
I want him to list the amount of corruption that Biden has committed and I'm saying it now from the very first day.
He came into office.
He was 27.
He lied.
He said he was corrupt.
He lied about his law school.
He lied about the wars that he created.
He's got to talk, Trump has to talk about the six wars, Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, all the wars that he was involved with, yet he was a draft dodger.
He then has to tell Biden about his two brothers, each of whom received billions of dollars from the Chinese communists, as well as Hunter.
It's not only Hunter, it's the two brothers in the family as well.
Then he has to go in and say, in the future, what I'm going to do is to hold the following people accountable.
I will keep their names in secret, but this is who I want.
Number five, I want him to target specifically Maxine Waters, who's exceedingly corrupt on the Democratic side, has multi-million dollar houses and has a net worth in the millions.
I want him to target Pelosi, who's worth over $35 million and is totally corrupt.
I want him to target Feinstein, 87 years old and has a net worth of $56 million.
And in turn, he has to explain that he earned his millions and lost millions, not by sitting in Congress, not by sitting in the Senate.
Not by takes, not by endorsements with Maxine Waters.
I totally agree with you that last time he let them control it by ganging up.
He just has to ignore basically when they give him unfair questions and just get to the talking points.
Spit those out.
Say, hey, you want peace?
You want prosperity?
They did this COVID thing to lock things down.
We're going to turn it back on.
You know I'm a winner.
This guy's the establishment.
You need to vote for me.
And I will tell you, the Senate guanone, if I were he,
I would make those points and walk off the stage and say thank you very much and leave Biden standing.
Oh my God, that would be the ultimate mic drop if say he did it like what midway or just right up front.
He did it after 10 minutes!
I don't have any respect for the intercessors, the reporters or whoever they are.
I mean, Chris Matthews, I mean, give me a break or anybody else.
I mean, it's not worth that.
What it's worth is the ability for Trump, again, to take control.
I can't emphasize enough times you must take control.
That means you redefine your own situation.
You redefine your political entity and you redefine your strategy.
There has to be somebody in that White House who understands exactly what I'm saying.
And the most important thing about Trump is he makes things happen.
And he makes it happen according to his own
And then, oh, if he walked out in the first five after a statement and had a podium ready,
In a building next door, and he went and fired up his own statement saying that's a rigged debate.
Two against one, that would be even better.
Dr. Steve Pachinik, great idea.
I'm going to be live tomorrow with Dionne Lorraine, Owen Schroer, and others, covering it pre, during, and after.
I'd love it if you'd join us.
Thank you so much, sir.
It's a pleasure.
God bless your audience.
And thank you once again, Alex.
Thank you.
You're awesome.
I appreciate our next guest holding while I got to finish up on that.
We'll hold a little bit the next hour.
And then we also have Catherine Austin Fitz, who used to manage hundreds of billions of dollars.
And she's talking about the Fed trying to get rid of cash, where that's going.
She's going to be joining us.
Such a huge move in this whole COVID takeover situation and John Rappaport.
But we're joined by Jason Goodman, crowdsourcedthetruth.com with us last week with that great tour of the shutdown in New York.
I'm not trying to obsess over this wizard guy, and I kind of want to move on from it, but the story that's really there is important.
And so Alan Howell-Parrott, who dresses up in a wizard's outfit, says he was with the CIA, or with these intelligence agencies, and that Bin Laden's still alive, and it's tied to Benghazi, and it's tied to Iran, and the payoffs.
I mean, I know the people that were on the ground.
I've had most... Look at that.
All the survivors have been gauzy on my show.
And I know, you know, Colonel Schaefer, and I know all the, I mean, I know, I'm not trying to brag and stuff, but everybody involved, people that were there, you know, the guys that were loaded in Tripoli, you know, were loaded in Italy about to fly in, you know, the Army Special Operations people, I mean, I know it from all angles.
And what I'm hearing here is not accurate, and I wonder why it's being force-fed, why it's being pushed.
Hey, it's good to expose they blew up the helicopter of SIL Team 6 to cover up the fact that bin Laden wasn't there, but this thing, oh no, bin Laden was there.
And so it's just very interesting, and so I know that
Jason Goodman's done a lot of research on this and he's had guests on that have laid out the incredible real stuff.
So I'm glad people are into this.
Maybe the parrot guy's for real.
I'm sure he's a great guy.
I'm allowed to disagree with him.
My only issue is anything that ends up not being accurate when we have such proof of Benghazi, such proof of bin Laden already being dead, really discredits what really happened to those Navy SEALs who were murdered.
And I've interviewed many of the family members here on the show.
So has Michael Savage.
So that's why
I wanted to just say, when a guy pops up in a wizard outfit, we should probably look at it a little bit closer.
We're going to break here in a moment, but what's... Boiling this down, Jason Goodman, why are you concerned about this?
Well, you know, Alex, I've developed sort of a nose for these social engineering operations.
I've been bombarded with them for the past four years.
So when this video first came to my attention over the weekend,
I don't want to go into too many details about how I've learned to sort of see these things happening, but it just was ticking every box, raising every red flag.
When something's being force-fed and it's not being blocked, you should be concerned right there.
And so I started to look into it.
I started to listen to what they were saying.
They're talking about Benghazi.
They're talking about Extortion 17.
They're talking about Osama Bin Laden being in Iran.
Like you, I've interviewed survivors.
I spoke with Chris Paranto.
I spoke with Charlie Strange and his wife, the parents of Michael Strange, who was killed on Extortion 17.
And, you know, all of those things, of course, happened, but what appears to be happening, in my view, Alex, is that someone wants to take all of these really damaging stories, damaging to Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and discredit it all.
They want to wrap it up in a giant pro-Trump, right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory.
And if you wanted to do that, you would wear a clown outfit when you covered it.
Perhaps you also might get a reality show, bikini model, poker player to be your news correspondent.
And no disparagement of people who choose to do those things, they're fine.
I just don't know that they're the most trustworthy sources of news, given that professional poker players are bluffing.
Yeah, well let's talk about this when we come back and what really did happen in Benghazi, what really happened with 13-6, because this is big news.
I want to cover the real news.
Alright, look, I'm the king of non-infighting.
But when I see inboxes loaded, family calling me, phones ringing off the hooks at Sunday, and it's a dude in a wizard outfit, and he's like, Bin Laden's alive, and it's all tied together, Benghazi and the SEAL team and all this, and the families meanwhile, I've had these families on the show, they're good people.
Because the way this works is when you criticize what's being said by a guest, oh, you're attacking the families.
No, I'm just trying to let people know that it's a real sore spot for Obama that they didn't really kill Bin Laden.
It's a real sore spot that Walter Cronkite and Madeline Albright came out and said we were right.
Bochenek was right.
Back in 2004.
After we broke it.
It's not about feathers in our hats.
It's about we have the track record, folks.
We're not playing games.
And when you see this pumped out there and pushed everywhere, you know there's an issue.
And so I think that's what our guest is getting at.
But I got to tell you, Jason Goodman, I know you've got a fellow that's written a book on this.
You've got one a lot.
You guys have really been on this.
Because I've studied it all, too, but you kind of forget half of it.
And it's just so overwhelming.
You've been kind of like a duck on a June bug when it comes to this.
So we should probably have you on for an hour sometime.
You know, really separate from talking about Mr. Parrot, who I'm sure is a wonderful person in his wizard outfit, but like the reality.
So spend a few minutes about why this is so important in 2020.
Well, so Alex, we have a show every Tuesday night with Mike Moore, the editor of True Pundit, and Mike wrote a book in 2018.
He spent, I think, 14 years writing the book.
It's called How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas, and it focuses on
The assertion that is backed up by a lot of evidence from high-level government sources, military sources, that Osama bin Laden was protected by the United States of America in Iran for many years.
And they knew he was there.
And anyone who tried to bring this intelligence forward and tried to get someone to act on bin Laden in Iran was shut down.
And so that angle is accurate than to say it was blackmail.
And so what they're trying to do, I think, and Alex, this all just came together for me this morning.
It seemed very weird over the weekend.
We weren't quite sure what was going on last night.
And I want to emphasize that I believe that Charlie Woods, who appears in the video with Alan Parrott and Nick Ngo, I believe that Charlie Woods is being targeted by them or someone who could be manipulating all three of those guys.
But there is definite deception going on here, and I say that for the reasons that you've raised, but also, right before the break, you said, it's curious that this video is so explosive and damaging, but it hasn't been removed.
Well, the video that Mike Moore and I did last night exposing the social engineering operation, that's been removed this morning.
Sure, just remember, we're on over 200 radio stations and over 100 TV stations, and you're great.
Just remember, you're an expert on all this.
Imagine somebody in a car driving and they're like, who's this, who's that?
That's why I try to just, you know, generalize.
They killed the seals, they're trying to cover up, they're covering up something with Bin Laden, and now there's a guy in a wizard outfit that the media is promoting, telling us stuff that we can't prove.
Right, and you guys just showed the video.
It's been removed only minutes ago, but it was removed by Vimeo.
And here's what's really important about this.
Vimeo is under the umbrella of this gigantic corporation called IAC.
Now, I'm not going to imply that that's an anagram for CIA, although they do use the same letters.
It's Interactive Corporation.
The chairman and CEO is a guy named Barry Diller.
He's a total leftist.
He kicked us off there two years ago.
Barry Diller is a frothing leftist.
He is.
She's also involved in the whole contact tracing corporation with her parents.
So let me shift gears.
What about Bill Gates?
I want to get you on something about him.
I know you study him.
And them compromising scientists with Epstein.
All these people are connected.
I know Diller's connected as well.
Well, that's true.
And, you know, Microsoft owns more patents in artificial intelligence than anybody else.
I just saw a report yesterday that they've got a third-generation artificial intelligence that can actually write
Computer code so we've we've heard about and spoken about you you were just showing during the break a parody of Terminator But you know this is what we're talking about artificial intelligence that can write Computer code is a robot that can make the brains of other robots, and it's extremely dynamic humans obsolete So let's talk about this
Why do you think Gates is so obsessed with running all medical systems and making us take shots?
I mean, he admits he wants to depopulate, but I mean, this is so ridiculous that he's this naked, like he's got a gun to his head, destroying himself.
He's the most hated person I know.
Yeah, you know, it's hard to really get into the mind of a billionaire, Alex.
I mean, like most people, when I go to the store, my heater broke, right?
I needed a space heater.
There was a $70 one and a $99 one, and I was like, gee, which should I get?
Now imagine you could go buy five jet airplanes and not even dent your bank account.
You know, buying things and worrying about money and all the types of things that everybody who's working a job to pay their rent and pay their bills and keep their family safe.
It all becomes about power, which comes into productivity, which comes into how
You're able to make children, how you have genetics, which is Genesis, which is real power, which is Monsanto, which is Gates, which is control the reproductive cycle.
Absolutely, and they want to inject people with this RNA, messenger RNA vaccine, never been tested before.
Not just that iteration, the technology has never been tested before, and as you and I have discussed in the past- And they skip animals because it kills the animals!
Well, they don't want anybody to know.
They just want to get it out there and start ejecting it into people you and I have spoken to.
It's going to blow up in his face.
That's what I'm saying.
It's like a gun to his head.
It's like there's some force making him do it.
This is not going to go well for Bill Gates.
I hope not, because if it does, it's not going to go well for the rest of us.
But this messenger RNA vaccine that's never been tested before, you know, Alan Dershowitz wants the government to force you to take it, and we become the animals they're testing.
He said, who also hangs out with Gates and Epstein, he said, I'm going to plunge a needle in your arm on your show.
He did.
He did.
And he was using a Supreme Court decision from over a hundred years ago, based on a vaccine.
Which Amy Comey Barrett supports.
That's not good.
That is really not good.
But what we need are smart lawyers who are going to demonstrate that Jacobson v. Massachusetts was talking about a 109-year-old vaccine that there was a great deal of medical knowledge about, a great deal of, you know, people who had used it and they knew what the results were.
It wasn't some experimental unknown.
Unproven, exactly.
It's bad enough to make you take something that's proven.
You can still have side effects, but just like Gates is like, oh, this is going to hurt 700,000 people, but you're going to take it.
And I know you want to move off of the Benghazi thing, but I just want to wrap that up.
No, no, I don't mind.
I mean, no, no, no, no.
It's just, I got, I got stuck on this wizard thing and, you know, it's just ridiculous.
He's just one component of it.
To me, the most important thing from my standpoint is that this video has been taken down.
It's not just the video that's been taken down.
The whole entire Vimeo account has been canceled.
And this is the entire basis.
Sure, look, look, look, I'm not stupid.
I know when I'm force fed something, the man wants me to say it.
It's the thing that's hidden that's actually what's accurate.
I mean, obviously, they're force-feeding parrot man.
And it's more sinister than that, Alex, because by taking out the Vimeo account, they've now threatened the entire income of CrowdSourceTheTruth.
I need to thank you and your crew at InfoWars for allowing me to post this now-deleted video on Band.Video on the CrowdSourceTheTruth channel.
That's right.
You're there.
You're on our side as well.
We love you.
Yes, and I appreciate that, and the love is mutual, Alex.
They can now, viewers can now see this banned video on Banned.Video.
Tell them the name of the video.
It's, uh, More Slash Pain.
Yeah, More Pain is the show that appears every Tuesday night, the sponsor-exclusive show on Patreon and Subscribestar.
People can learn more about that on crowdsourcethetruth.com.
But now the only place you can see this video where we unravel this PSYOP, this social engineering operation, that is extremely dangerous, Alex.
The goal is to...
Take down the true stories of what happened to Extortion 17, what happened at Benghazi, and why the United States... Trudeau, to be clear, you've been obsessed with this for 10 years, your guest house for 14, and I know about the work, so the reason people are like, well, why are you involved?
Because this is your baby.
And so you're an expert on this, you're saying, hey, this is ridiculous.
Yes, it is ridiculous.
And I spoke this morning with Alan Perot and I was very disappointed with what he said.
He was evasive.
He wouldn't answer questions.
It was just very strange.
But if you were wearing a wizard outfit, he might have talked to you.
Let's do five more minutes on the election and big picture.
Steve Machinic was on, Jason Goodman's here, Katherine Austin Fitz is coming up.
I had to plug today because I was gone the first 30 minutes because Dennis was late and it was a very fun day.
But the point is, is that I'm back.
I want to thank you all.
8-pack Power Stack will be sold out in the next hour.
That helps fund our operation.
Thank you for the support.
We've got a bunch of other big specials right now with the M4's blowout sale.
Only five days left on Brain Force Plus.
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It all ends in five days, and you're funding the second American Revolution.
Stay with us.
All right, the Federal Reserve is privately owned, and it's openly sent letters out to banks that are getting rid of cash.
David, I broke that with letters he got a few weeks ago.
Now it's confirmed.
We have Catherine Austin Fitz joining us next segment.
But investigative journalist Jason Goodman of crowdsourcedtruth.com.
He's here and he was getting into this big viral story that everybody's seen that broke Sunday about
Bin Laden's alive, but they did kill SEAL Team 6, which is true.
A bunch of them on the helicopter, the Chinook and Benghazi, and they tied together some stuff.
And so we're just simply saying, okay, why is this being pushed?
What's going on?
And then he pointed out that Barry Diller, who owns Vimeo, just banned a video they did a few hours ago exposing all this.
And it's also the Daily Beast.
Trump touts Falconer's Benghazi blood sacrifice conspiracy theory.
So if it is Diller somehow financing this and pushing it,
You never know.
It becomes a conundrum.
But when we know they killed the Navy SEALs, we know what they did in Benghazi.
So it just becomes a distraction.
Go ahead and finish your point on that.
Yeah, I mean, you know, the Daily Beast, they used to own Newsweek, I believe they sold that, but this is all coming from IAC, the Interactive Corporation.
They shut down the Vimeo, not just the video.
They didn't just block the video and say, oh, you violated our terms of service.
No email, no warning, no follow-up, just off.
And not just last night's video.
Every single sponsor-exclusive video
We're good to go.
For allowing Crowdsource the Truth onto Bandod video.
Today, right now, it's the only place people can see this video from last night's episode of More Pain with Michael Moore of True Pundit where we exposed that this seems to be a social engineering operation and I'm convinced that Barry Diller and Interactive Corporation are fronting for the Clintons and the Democrats to shut us down.
Brother, what about big picture?
What do you see happening during the election?
What do you see happening in the last few weeks here?
Well, I'm convinced that Donald Trump is going to win.
I cannot imagine how anyone could vote for Joe Biden.
I mean, the guy can't get a sentence out that even, you know, remotely makes sense.
But I'm concerned about what will happen after that.
We've already seen the violence around in New York City.
I told you last week, I've been assaulted seven times.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters smashed one of my phones that I use for a camera.
They say no justice, no peace, but I think it's just no peace no matter what.
And their version of justice has nothing to do with justice as defined in the United States.
Now, while I think we could all agree
There are serious problems with the courts, the federal judiciary, everything that's going on with Michael Flynn, everything that allows you, Alex, and me and our corporations to be sued ad nauseum by people with just totally baseless allegations who are trying to financially ruin us.
We definitely need an overhaul, but that doesn't mean we're going to go out into the streets, unlawful assemblies, shut down 42nd Street in Times Square of New York,
And intimidate and punch anybody who tries to talk to us about why they're doing that.
Well that's the thing is, anti-fund people and BLM randomly attack vehicles.
They drag black people out who start fighting white people.
Like, how do you randomly attack somebody?
I mean, at least with like, the communist that attacks, well that wasn't a communist, or Hitler, that attacks somebody.
They didn't like it, it was still bad, but this is like the most mindless thing I've ever seen in my life.
You know, Alex, you've been talking about it for years, and I've never actually discussed this with you, but you know, I first learned about InfoWars through your iodine.
I was mercury toxic in 2014, and I was looking for ways to detox.
I'm not, you know, I will, I'll promote InfoWars products.
I think your supplements are excellent.
I still use them.
And it was only after I found the iodine and started getting into my own personal health
We're good.
Definitely going to happen after the election, and obviously we're concerned about all these mail-in ballots.
There is a huge opportunity for fraud.
Jason Goodman, crowdsourcedtruth.com.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Catherine Austin Fitz is coming up with the Federal Reserve's move to get rid of cash.
They're telling banks, hey, you're not going to have cash this Christmas to give to people, so tell folks that.
What does this signify?
Medical tyranny.
It's almost always been the choice of tyrants because you respect it.
The Red Cross is coming.
It's the good guys.
But how many times do you learn the special ops are actually in the white truck with the Red Cross on the side?
Well, it's the same thing with Bill Gates.
And when you control the medical future and control science and control life extension and control every facet of your life,
That's what this power grab is.
It's about making you a GMO commodity with the mRNA sequencing systems.
And now Bill Gates is everywhere attacking anybody that criticizes him, saying there is no side effects, there is no problem.
But I have him in videos a month ago saying that 700,000 will get sick, some will die!
We're trying to make a Bill Gates documentary.
The problem is there's too much material.
I mean, it's just, it's flabbergasting the way he contradicts himself and how he owns the companies and what he's doing.
We're getting Catherine Austin Fitz on the line, but here's a special report on medical tyranny upending all of our existences.
When people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine, and this always gets blown up in the media, one should be able to give a very factual account of what exactly has happened and what the cause of deaths are.
But in most cases, there's some obfuscation at that level, and therefore there's less and less trust then in the system.
It was the UN back in December of last year said, hey, vaccines are killing people.
They're untested.
We need to pause vaccines.
The public doesn't believe in them.
The doctors don't believe in them.
But they said, but we're just giving them by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told what to do.
So even the UN, the global government system itself is just a puppet.
And what they say is God.
Halting funding for the WHO during a world health crisis is as dangerous as it sounds.
The world needs them now more than ever.
Well, the truth is the group actually needs Gates more than ever.
With the U.S.
taking a pause, he'll now be their largest active donor.
That's right.
One out of every 10 bucks that the WHO gets is from the world's second wealthiest man.
Again, my name is Dr. Tapper and I am no stranger to you as this is my third time here addressing regulations and mask mandates.
Imagine a virus so deadly and severe that you have to have a test done to find out whether or not you've had it.
You guys are basing these numbers on positive cases and not hospitalizations or deaths.
That's what you should be basing those off of.
The numbers are hyperinflated by false positives and the never-ending doom and gloom from the mainstream media.
If the mask mandate turns into a vaccine mandate, you will not be allowed to go back to work, earn a paycheck, renew your driver's license, or function in everyday society without proof of the vaccination.
We had draconian bills sweeping the nation last year coming after our medical freedoms.
And then the coronavirus came.
The Trojan horse to implement this tyrannical agenda.
They say you don't need vitamin D?
Then you can't say as a medical doctor you need vitamin D.
They say you don't need vitamin C?
The FBI will SWAT team you!
It was a special setup for this raid with the FBI putting on PPE as they went inside this medical clinic with a search warrant seeking medical records and physical evidence.
The investigation includes allegations that the clinic provided fraudulent treatments for COVID-19 and that the clinic did not observe proper protocols to protect patients and staff from the virus.
The FBI spokesperson would not say what specific treatment they were investigating, except to say it was on the clinic website.
We found this posting.
We've been using intravenous vitamin C therapy to treat COVID-19 and non-hospitalized patients with great results.
We've been told our whole life that vitamin D correlates with a strong immune system.
Grothman points to studies that suggest vitamin D can reduce your chances of contracting COVID or the severity of your symptoms.
He says he's tried for months to get the CDC and other experts to talk about it.
Then this week, one of the nation's leading infectious disease experts did.
Dr. Anthony Fauci mentioned vitamin D during an Instagram Live with actress Jennifer Garner.
For example, if you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection.
But now Fauci said you need to, oh wait, okay, we'll drop the charges.
Fauci's God.
So Fauci's God, Bill Gates is God, the UN's God.
None of us have any rights.
But now even the UN's head envoy for global COVID-19 response comes out and says, we've got to stop this.
This is causing millions to die already.
Hundreds of millions are going to die.
And it's already going to be devastating, de-de-de-de-devastating to our economy.
It's going to put...
Millions of people out of work.
It's going to bankrupt tens of millions in the Western world.
But the third world, it's already a death sentence.
Millions are already dead.
And I want the left and the Democrats and Fauci and Gates to know, we know they're behind it.
So they can be discredited and exposed for
The progenitors of the Nazis.
They're not sons of the Nazis.
They're not neo-Nazis.
They're not Nazis.
They're the eugenics global scientific control freak cult that the Nazis were just a spinoff of.
But the Nazis wanted to make it based around Aryan white people.
The globalists want to kill everybody.
Alright folks, we are back live.
It was about a week and a half ago, David Knight got sent, our morning host, an internal email from a bank, and we got a bunch more after we broke it.
The Federal Reserve said, hey, we're not gonna have cash for you this Christmas to give us gifts.
We're gonna, you know, not be printing as much.
And there's one of the articles, Fed introduces cashless society.
They already have the coin shortage.
But I thought we'd get
Catherine Austin fits on the broadcast with it.
She's the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services.
She's a managing director and member of the board of directors of Wall Street Investment Bank, Dillon & Reid & Co., and assistant secretary of housing and federal housing commissioner to the United States Department of Housing.
That's where she learned a lot of this, and urban development, the first Bush administration, and was president of Hamilton Securities, Inc.
Catherine has, again, designed and closed more than $25 billion in transactions and investments to date with a portfolio and investment strategy of $300 billion of finance, assets, and liabilities.
Catherine graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, BA, the Walton School, MBA, and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Solari.com.
She's with us for the rest of the hour.
It's great to have her.
Hadn't been on in a few years.
I've seen her on with other hosts.
Doing an amazing job.
Catherine, wow, great to have you back with us.
There's so much to get into with the move against cash and the economy and everything.
We're just really pleased to have you.
Alex, it's great to be on.
It's great to see you.
Good to see you.
Where do you want to start here?
So I sent you a copy of our latest wrap-up called State of Our Currencies.
I spent a year looking at how they're trying to evolve the currency system.
I don't know if you got it.
Yes, I've got it.
Okay, perfect.
So if you look at what's been going on with the quote-unquote pandemic,
Essentially, what you're watching is an operation, in my opinion, run by the central bankers.
And what they're trying to do is extend the dollar reserve currency, keep it going while they accelerate and bring in a new system.
And you've covered it a great deal.
Of course, where they want to go is digital.
Which is why we're taking all these many steps to ratchet down the use of cash and encourage digital.
But what they're hoping to do is go to digital.
And the system they're talking about is really the end of currencies.
It's not a currency system.
It's a credit on the company store.
And it's interesting because the pandemic really, as I was writing State of Our Currency, so I was thinking, you know, how am I going to be able to get people to understand how nuts this vision is?
And then, of course, the pandemic happened and Bill Gates got on Reddit and suddenly everybody realized, oh, he really does want to download an operating system into our body in addition to the one he put in our computer.
You know, so now it's the sort of the vision is out in the open.
And and the question is,
You know, what are we going to do about it?
Obviously, it's a big rollout for post-human, cashless society.
Stay at home.
What is the endgame?
Why are they doing it?
Katherine Austen-Fitz is our guest.
Katherine Austen-Fitz is our guest.
Solari is S-O-L-A-R-I.com.
I'm Alex Jones, and this is the InfoWar.
We're just trying to find the truth here.
This is not censored information.
This is not filtered information.
This is raw information, and it's information that's pro-human.
Catherine Austin Fitz is our guest.
Solari.com, stay with us.
All right, Catherine Austin Fitz is here with us.
She's a big banking insider, high level in the Clinton administration, and she's a really smart lady.
So, big picture, where are we?
The move against cash, what's going on?
Thanks for joining us.
So Alex, there's been tremendous tension over the last 10 years about the dollar reserve currency system and a struggle between different factions as to how to evolve a new currency system, or if the dollar continues as a reserve currency, how to work around it.
And of course, you know, there are multiple constituencies who want to bring all 8 billion people into a digital platform.
So we're in a period of very tremendous change.
It's accelerating and it makes it very chaotic.
You know, when the central bankers go into the invention room to make up a new financial system, you can imagine how chaotic everything else is.
And that's part of what's happening.
Now, what the central bankers want to do is they want to build out what is called the Internet of Things.
So, you know, if you want to run a train from New York to the West Coast, you need to lay the tracks, right?
So part of what you're watching is trying to lay the tracks into the last mile, which is every community, the smart grid.
But the other is the last inch, literally into our heads.
And that's where the currency system and the vaccine meet.
I don't know if you saw last January, Moderna called their injection the software of life.
So literally, if you look at the technology, what they're talking about doing is installing in us literally the kind of operating system they've installed in our computers and using that to hook us up to the cloud and to AI.
I believe the system ultimately will be used to teach
Exactly, so what you're saying is key.
Humans are training robots to replace us and this isn't like some natural evolution.
The big billionaires have decided to do this to make us obsolete so we shouldn't be complying with it.
Well, it's not just that they've decided to do it.
They've decided to do it in a way which is a massive financial coup d'etat and a taking of assets.
So let me go back.
Since 1990s, we've had in the United States a financial coup d'etat.
There's $21 trillion missing from the federal government.
There was $24 to $29 trillion that went on the bailouts.
There's other things.
But let's just say $50 trillion.
Part of what's happening is now that that money has been shifted out of the federal government and those legal mechanisms, they want to abrogate the liabilities left.
And they want to make sure, you know, if you re-engineer the legal mechanism, then you can't, you know, you can't come back and say, wait a minute, we want the $50 trillion back.
There are ways of certainly of getting the $21 trillion back.
So they're covering up the crime, they're ensuring they get away with this giant breaking of the social contract.
Well, no, you've stolen $21 trillion of money.
In violation of the law.
You've broken the law, you've shifted 21 trillion, or whatever the number is of assets.
And now the question is, you still, within the mechanism, you still have liabilities.
You have pensions, you have retirement money, you have military pensions, you have healthcare obligations.
So the answer is do a lockdown, release a bioweapon, wipe out the old people, they'll stop benching.
Well, it's more it's more complex than that, because this is a you know, this is a multiple year process.
But what they want to do is one of the reasons of moving people literally into a slavery system where you can't leave your neighborhood or you can't, you know, go to the grocery store and buy anything.
This is a mark of the beast system.
So this is a slavery system, and if you get complete physical, legal, financial control of people, then it's a lot easier to abrogate those liabilities, but also to take all their assets.
So let's just step back and look at what COVID-19 is.
I've called COVID-19 the mother of all debt entrapments, because what you do is you shut down all bricks and mortar retail, calling it non-essential.
Not all, but just the small business.
So Main Street bricks-and-mortar retail gets shut down, but the central banks print money and make it very easy for the big guys to come in and scarf up all that market share.
You know, then you have countries and companies that get into trouble.
They have to borrow money to keep going.
Now they're in a debt entrapment, or they're in a debt entrapment on their old debt, because you've shut off their money.
So the same system the IMF and World Bank has done to third world countries, they're going to do in a high-tech form to everybody now.
Well, we'll keep going into that because you're a big insider, manage tens of millions of dollars.
You're saying market the beast system, extremely predatory.
Quantify that for folks.
So let me make, let me bring this down to a neighborhood level and use a simple example.
So this is just one example.
If you come to our website at Solari.com, we have a series of articles.
On the homepage you can find the one for Portland.
But when the riots in the United States started, Alex, I looked at them and I said, you know, there's something strange going on here.
And the first thing I realized that in 37 cities that have Fed locations, we had riots in 34.
I said, that's a remarkable connection.
So the next thing we did is we took three cities that had riots.
First, we did Minneapolis, then we did Kenosha, Wisconsin, and then we did Portland.
And we mapped out where we had data from the Internet that said that there was property damage.
And what we discovered was these aren't riots.
These are urban redevelopment projects.
If you look at all three mappings of where the damage was, versus not only that it's a Fed City, but that a lot of the damage is in Opportunity Zones.
Now, do you know what an Opportunity Zone is?
Yes, it's these investment zones.
We even got internal Antiva documents where they're told what stores to even target.
They're giving a map.
So if I want to go in.
So if you look at our map of Minneapolis and the sort of the bottom of one of the big opportunity zones is on a place called Lake Street.
If you were if you and I as an investor wanted to go into Lake Street.
And acquire all of that real estate and persuade those businesses to sell out and shut down.
You attack it, you burn it down, it drives down the price short term, but you get it and get the reinvestment to reinvigorate it.
Well, it's better than that because by destroying those businesses, you know, it's easy to get.
So the speed of the accumulation and the price of the accumulation improved dramatically.
Now, you know, I dare anybody, those maps were just like the maps I used to make.
Remember, I was Assistant Secretary of Housing, and I had to clean up all the HUD fraud, and you would see these patterns of quote-unquote urban redevelopment, and you would realize, oh, these weren't riots, this was an acquisition plan.
Now, I say that, remember,
These these rioters are crossing state borders.
Somebody's financing them and they're doing property damage.
You know, the Department of Justice, as you said during the break and and wish you have described many, many times on InfoWars, NSA has all the data of who these people are, where they are, where their money is coming from.
FinCEN and the federal banks know where the money comes from and where does it go.
They have all that data.
You know, this is the surveillance society.
Catherine, you've done such incredible work.
I don't know how you're not on with us every week.
We love you.
You're amazing.
We've got these maps on screen for TV viewers.
Can you see that map of Lake Street going across Minneapolis?
Yeah, stay there.
It's all perfectly targeted.
Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise.
Stay with us.
The problem is, evil has saddled up and is now riding.
Katherine Austin Fitts is joining us.
She was high-level Clinton administration in the Department of Housing, Solari.com.
And she is just laying out the reality of the mark of the beast, a gamed economy.
I think war is the right word.
This is a war.
And it's a taking and it's a global taking because if you look at, you know, the game changes place to place.
But when you shut off the income of half of a society and then print money and basically channel it to another group who's free to go in and take over their businesses and property and make them financially dependent, you know, that's an invasion.
It's a debt entrapment.
It's a very, very old game, but digital technology has created the capacity to play it to a whole new level.
And I think one of the things it says is, it speaks to how fragile the system is, Alex, that it would have to do that, because you see tremendous tensions in the dollar system.
And of course... I was about to say, was this done out of hubris and Hitlerian arrogance?
Or was this done out of desperateness?
So what the patterns I saw in March when we did the lockdown was it looked to me like, well, let's step back and let's go through the chronology.
The central bankers at their meeting in Jackson Hole in August 2019 approved the going direct reset.
And you had a group of former central bankers who have retired and had moved to BlackRock, but were working for the Federal Reserve.
And you have a special partnership now between the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve.
So they approved the going direct plan.
September starts and the Fed starts intervening in the markets, in the repo markets, but in a process that becomes literally like a quantitative easing.
And if you look at that time till now, the Fed has basically pumped out, you know, in a very short period of time, the same amount of money it took years to pump out during the financial crisis in terms of QE.
So that's an enormous amount of liquidity that's moving out in the world.
And one of the questions is, when you create that kind of liquidity, how do you create, how do you stop hyperinflation from happening?
Well, of course, one way you stop it is you shut down Main Street, you know, and then, of course, you move in and pick them up cheap, which is what is happening.
So then we roll into- So this is perfect diagrammed economic warfare.
I said I wouldn't interrupt, but Catherine, how do we counter this?
Well, the first way you have to counter is that you have to see it.
One of the interesting things is, and one of the positive things, is you're starting to see a significant number of people around the world finally face the fact that we really have this kind of problem.
You know, we have a group of people who can kill with impunity.
They're using that power as well as very powerful technology to basically take assets and take control and centralize control.
And you just laid out something that's like Isaac Asimov's basic, you know, robot rules.
You just said,
First, you must recognize you're under attack.
First, you must recognize there's a war.
First, you must recognize the reality and start making yourself face those inputs that your brain gave you to defeat it.
Sorry, go ahead.
Okay, so here's the biggest hump we have to get over.
Sophia Smallstrom just did a great newsletter describing how the Comanches lost to the European settlers.
And she pointed out that their problem was they were defeated by the Europeans' technology.
But it wasn't their inability to fight the technology, it was their inability to face the fact that the technology exists.
And if you look at the technology that's being used to centralize power and control, that is the most effective, including mind control technology and trainment technology, you know, or putting nanoparticles into injections that they call medicine.
It's not medicine, you know, on and on and on.
All the things you've covered on the InfoWars.
When you look at that technology, most people will not face the fact that that they're up against this kind of technology.
They lie to themselves and won't admit they're under attack when they can overcome it.
Right, exactly.
So, if you look at all the strategies that could work, and there are many, many strategies that could work, and they change depending on who you are or where you are, but if you look at all the strategies that could work, the first thing you have to face is somebody's trying to centralize control, somebody's trying to cancel currency and move us into a slavery system, and one where they'll have very tight, not only legal and financial control, but literally physical and mental control.
And we need to, you know, it's a bizarre and psychopathic vision and we need to stop it.
But you can't even begin to develop strategies if you understand, one, it's true, and two, they have phenomenal technology that is, you know, to many people looks like magic.
I'm just looking at that, I'm thinking of the first time I realized that they could engineer a tsunami.
It's incredible, and that's declassified as well.
So continue, because you're laying out total truth here, because I've researched this 15 hours a day, and what you're saying is dead on, and they brag about how they're doing this.
So everybody has a scenario to just not fully turn yourself over to it, be aware of it, build systems outside of it.
What are some of the ways to counter this?
Step number one is let's turn on the lights.
America is like a symphony orchestra that's trying to play in the dark.
The first is turn on the lights, stop the secrecy, and start facing the obstacles of the power that we're up against.
That's number one.
There are two visions that we're dealing with.
The vision of the people who want to centralize political and economic control.
Their vision is a very hyper-material vision and they want every human to be connected to and resonate with the machines.
My vision is a human vision.
I want to be connected to the divine.
And I want to resonate with other living beings.
So I want a morphogenic field, which is created by living things, you know, together, as opposed to dictated by a set of conditions.
We need to value carbon, which they tell us is bad, not silicon.
But here's the hidden secret that I want everybody to understand.
If you look at the global economy and or let's just take the United States, the United States breaks down into 3100 counties.
And if we were allowed to freely optimize the energy and resources in those place in a way that created the most wealth.
Especially with all the new technology, there's tremendous wealth that can be created.
The reason they're going in and raping places with these riots so that they can acquire massive real estate is when you integrate new technology into that real estate, particularly low-priced energy, the wealth creation is incredible.
And they don't want to share it with the people who run the little businesses on Lake Street.
Exactly, because everybody wants the mom-and-pop restaurant or bookstore.
They instinctively don't want the big box.
This is the big box waging war against our instinctive need for real diversity.
Well, the big box that the number one war that's going on financially that the big box is a part of, you know, right now in America, you have private equity firms going into places like Minneapolis, who are basically getting free money from from the printing by the central banks.
So they have a cost of capital of 0%.
And we have a cost of capital, the average cost of capital on our
Come on anytime you want.
Don't wait a year to come back.
We're gonna come right back.
Kathryn Austin Fitz is on fire.
We'll talk about the current
We're under.
Who's behind it?
How we counter it 19 days out.
Give us her honest opinion on Trump.
I'm not married to Trump.
I want to know what she really thinks.
Really respect this lady.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on hundreds of radio stations, TV stations.
Thanks for letting us have these breaks.
A lot of people that are in the podcast go, wow, there are 40 minutes to ads every hour.
That's what radio and TV is.
Remember that?
When they de-platformed us, we were supposed to be done.
And it did cut off a lot of our reach, but we had Infowars.com.
We had Newswars.com.
And we had over 200 radio stations, over 100 TV stations and cable stations, and that's what kept us on air.
That's why we have these ads.
Catherine Austin Fitz is ready to go 15 minutes to the next hour.
Tomorrow night, they're not doing debates.
They're going to do dueling.
Town Halls will be here live covering it all.
Owen Schroer is coming up as well.
So, Catherine, continuing about big picture, this consolidation, the maps, the things you've laid out.
It's just incredible.
Your website, your magazine, Solari.com.
It's just, it's so cold-blooded.
And I don't just believe you.
You've been on my show 15 years.
I have the documents where, we have Antifa documents where they tell them what buildings to attack, what to hit, and then you even show that in your maps.
This is all coordinated.
Sorry, go ahead.
Right, it's coordinated.
And, you know, I would love to see, I would love to do an analysis of the campaign contributions going into the campaigns from the
Sure, well we hit the break earlier, so spend a few minutes on this.
You said, look at that Minneapolis map, and it's all so targeted, and then we hit break.
I mean, explain to people what we're looking at here.
So in the in the yellow zones, what you're seeing is an opportunity zone and an opportunity zone is a is a zone.
It's under federal law.
You'll see it at the HUD website, but it's the areas are chosen by the governor and the states.
And these are zones where if you reinvest money that you've had a great deal of capital gains on, you can defer and even extinguish your taxes.
And it's a way... And so they targeted those with precision, like smart guided bombs.
That's what it looks like to me.
That, you know, we're only mapping, we're mapping where the opportunity zones are and then the riot damage.
And if you look at the riot damage within the opportunity zones,
It looks to me like a redevelopment plan.
Which is what you did at HUD.
Well, one of the reasons, if you read my online book, Dylan Reed and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits, it's at dylanreedandco.com.
Or you can do a search.
The name of the book is Dylan Reed and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.
You will see the maps that basically, you know, started my food fight with the federal government because I mapped the mortgage defaults in South Central LA and showed that there was a clear... But you predicted it too, didn't you?
No, when I first found it, I knew there was terrible mortgage fraud because I'd run into it as assistant secretary and then when our company became the lead financial advisor to HUD, I
You know, I explored it more and realized there were some very serious and significant patterns.
Not just a mortgage fraud, but mortgage securities fraud.
So this is just like the mafia burns down its restaurant to get insurance.
This is on a mass computerized scale.
Well, you're seeing, I think what you were seeing with, for example, what we showed in the maps of South Central LA, that you were using mortgages and real estate to launder the drug money, but you were levering it with securities fraud.
So you literally, I'll never forget finding a property in Chicago that had literally defaulted on its mortgage five times in a year.
Now, to default that many times in a year, that's an extraordinary thing.
And I believe what they were doing is they were just turning them to generate the money they needed to keep the fraudulent securities floating.
Flipping it over and over again.
So, but what you're seeing is an opportunity in one sense, because if every county in America
But what you need is you need some leadership within every county and community that says, OK, for 50 years, the local boys have been losing.
How do we get back in the game?
How do we use new technology to get back in the game?
So one of the first things I would do, Alex, this is one of my favorite.
Suggestions and it came from Bill Binney.
He said, if you build encryption into the curriculum of every school in America and you get all the kids in neighborhoods doing homegrown encryption systems, he said, it'll drive them nuts.
They can't beat that.
They can't beat it.
It's too much.
It's too out of control.
So if you do that, and then you get a lot of capacity to do a home-grown encryption, then you can do local currencies, you can do local equity, and you can play the game.
The way to counter this is we better start getting local right now.
Starts with a currency, and then I guess farming, infrastructure, energy, because they want to cut us off and make us slaves.
We've got to start realizing our human value.
We are financing, this is a war and we are financing the enemy, the enemy's army, okay?
So why am I paying taxes to fund a school system that is mandating that I poison my child with injections or is teaching my child curriculum that, you know, is going to make sure they're irrelevant in a global economy?
This is taxation without representation.
The more you mandate that somebody has to pay taxes for services that they not only can't use, but are physically harming them.
You know, so part of this... Exactly.
We're paying to be forcibly inoculated with something they admit doesn't protect you from COVID and makes you sick.
And Gates tells you that.
But think of it this way.
Operation Warp Speed, we're paying these companies to make
I won't call them a vaccine because a vaccine is under the laws of medicine.
This isn't medicine.
This is something else.
This is RNA, genetic recoding, alien takeover.
I mean, I'm not even into flying saucers, but this is something that reprograms us.
This is, I think it's an operating system that makes it much easier
To hook us up to the cloud, to hook us up to the machines, to mind control us, to control us in a variety of different ways.
I mean, this is the mark of the B system.
It's just very, very, it's presented in a... By the way, we know that Gates is funded with his consortium, thousands of medical groups.
They've already done the studies.
We found all the patents.
They've already know what this does.
They're just getting ready to do it to us.
It's really interesting.
We, you know, because there's so much prototyping going on, we created a database.
If you come into Solari for subscribers, we have a whole section with a table price called Dr. Gates' Creepy Technology, where we track the stories of all the different kinds of creepy technology they're describing.
And they're talking about putting things into you that will make it possible for them to read your mind, insert thoughts.
This really, if you go back and study the history of the slave trade and why they canceled the slave trade,
All this new technology solves all the problems that got them to cancel the slave trade.
So they're ready to reverse.
And here's, you know, I don't mean to be frightening, Alex.
That's not my nature.
But I worked at the top of Wall Street and I worked at the top of government.
And what I will tell you is these people believe in slavery.
They practice slavery.
They believe in it.
And if you give them the technology and the ability to institute it on scale, they will.
You're absolutely right.
You know, I had family that worked in Army Special Operations and other things, and they said, listen, I believed in it.
I did all this.
I won all these silver stars.
I did all these things.
And the final thing, I got led into a group that was like,
Doing horrible things to children was satanic and they said no and got out of it.
And a lot of them got, you know, dealt with and taken out.
But I mean, people just don't get that there's a synthesis of good people that are naive and bad people that are in this evil club.
And I don't think people realize just how serious this is.
And now we're not talking hypothetically about the future.
We're here right now, Catherine.
But, but, you know, it's funny.
I don't, I don't, have you ever watched the TV series Yellowstone?
I've watched a few of them, yes, with Kevin Costner.
Okay, so at the end of last year, I said the number one issue in 2020 before us was, what are we going to do about the Beck brothers?
The Beck brothers in the series Yellowstone are two brothers who are the tricksters.
They kidnap your kid, they poison your cattle, you know, they're always doing dirty tricks.
They hire assassins, they have you killed.
And they're constantly, you know, and finally at the end of the second season, I hate to give this away,
You know, the Dutton family, led by Kevin Costner, finally faces the fact that they're going to have to deal with the Beck brothers.
And so you come into the scene where one of the sons is facing the Beck brothers and he says, why are you forcing us to do this?
Why are you forcing me to kill you?
You know, why are you putting us in a corner where we have no choice but to be violent?
And the guy looks at me and says, nobody ever fights back.
Actually, no folks involved with the producers of it.
A lot of inside baseball there, but yeah.
Catherine Austin Fitch.
We'll be right back.
Nobody ever fights back.
That's why they do this.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We got Kathryn Austin Fitz here with us right now.
Short segment now.
Final segment coming up.
Longer segment.
So, Kathryn, you're on fire, using the Yellowstone analogy of, they're like, hey, we're gonna have to kill you.
You're trying to kill us.
It's like, well, nobody ever stood up.
Thomas Jefferson was asked, what is the level of tyranny humans will put up with?
And he says, it's the level you will accept.
What is the ultimate level of tyranny?
It's whatever you'll accept.
So, please continue.
Okay, so let's go back.
So let's say we've developed our encryption.
We've got the local leadership at the business community together, and they figured out how to start to circulate currency and equity.
If we're paying 17% on the credit cards and
The central bankers are giving the insiders money at zero percent.
That's an opportunity for us.
I'll never forget one time I was in Bible class and literally I got everybody talking about their money and what I discovered was that I had three friends right in front of me.
One was borrowing on a
We're good to go.
So, so let's say we do all of that, then our issue is going to become, if we grab back the market share on Main Street out of the big guys, then, you know, the Beck brothers and their friends are going to show up and we're going to have to deal with the dirty tricks.
And that's where usually the local community breaks down.
They're not prepared to deal with that kind of economic warfare.
So, so, and, and particularly because they don't know how to create privacy, they're under total surveillance.
So the question is, you know, and it's going to be county by county, sheriff by sheriff.
I always tell people, don't worry about who the president is.
You need to know who your sheriff's going to be.
Because you are talking about, you know, Mr. Gates and his pals want to implement a huge number of highly unconstitutional laws that are not only legal in the United States, but they want to do it in a way that is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Nuremberg Principles, and they want to use your taxpayers' money to do it.
So whether it's violation of the financial management laws, violation of the Constitution, violation of human rights laws and principles globally, it's going to come down to who's going first.
And is your sheriff going to back the law?
Or is your sheriff going to go with Mr. Gates?
And that's going to take local organization to make go the right way.
Well, you're certainly a trailblazer, Catherine Austin Fitts, and that's it.
This, when we say war, war breaks all the conventions.
Gates is declaring war.
I'm coming.
This will hurt you.
You're going to take it.
I'm in control.
I have liability protection.
It's so outrageous.
He's nuts.
I don't think he's saying that.
He's saying, if you just do the next thing I want you to do, everything will be all right.
It's a trap.
He's running an entrapment.
And it's a fraud.
You know, my understanding under the law, it's fraud to, you know, to mislead people about biohazards.
But he's saying, oh, no, no, no, no, if you do this, then everything, you know, if you take the vaccine, you'll be fine.
Just recently said, no, you're going to have to take a second round and you'll be fine.
But it's just like the computer system.
Everybody knows how bad the Microsoft operating system was because every month there was a virus and you had to update and you had to update and you had to update.
It was never over.
It just got worse and worse.
It's the same.
He is fundamentally a rapist.
No, I think he's fundamentally, you know, he's fundamentally a prisoner of the syndicate.
He does what he's told.
I agree with you.
The high-level folks tell me Gates is a slave.
That's how smart Catherine Austin Fitts is.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Final segment with her.
She's amazing.
Hopefully she comes back next week with us.
We've got live coverage of the dueling town halls tomorrow.
Stay with us.
All right, Catherine, Austin Fitts, who's been one of the top folks at HUD, exposing things, is on fire.
So please continue what you're laying out for us today.
Okay, so I think, I just think every person and every person's situation is unique.
So it's not like there's a magic formula that each one of us can do because in a decentralized world,
You know, each each human being is unique and their situation is unique.
But what each of us needs to do is look at our time and our money and say, OK, where are my risks and where are my opportunities and bring it down to how in the middle of this do I stand up against what's happening?
And I think the most important issue, Alex, for people who have children is if if there is one resource that the establishment is coming after, it's your kids.
And that's why, you know, the first thing, if you have kids, you've got to get them out of the government schools and you've got to homeschool them.
And then you've got to think very, very clearly about how you're going to protect them from contact tracing.
How are you going to protect them from the injection fraud?
Which is poisoning children.
We now have over 54% of the kids in America who have chronic disability.
You know, some doctors I know say it's as high as 70% because many kids can't afford to get tested.
I just saw Bobby Kennedy give an interview and explain that kids IQs have dropped seven points.
You drop our kids IQ seven points.
It's game over, Alex.
So there is a great poisoning going on and step number one is we have to protect the children.
And so I would organize everything around that and go from there.
But we're all going to have to decide how we're going, you know, because part of this is they're trying to take over the food system.
And you have a real push to control the food system, and not only that, change the food system so we're all eating synthetic food.
And so the first thing I would say is, how are you going to protect your kids?
And the second thing I would say is, how are you going to get health, local, fresh food that you can trust?
I'm listening.
You're totally right.
They are killing us.
Big picture.
Why do the globalists want to depopulate?
Why do they want this?
It's not just them.
I mean, if you look at the decisions we've been making for the last 50 years, we're killing ourselves.
You know, I'll never forget when I saw the groceries, Independent Grocers System showed the purchases for the last six months, and we had spent, as their home market share, we had spent five times as much on carbonated drinks as we'd spent on fresh fruits and vegetables.
So remember, the corruption in America is not just... You're totally right that we are to blame, but they push those choices.
They want us to do this.
So there has been this cycle of disrespect between the establishment and us.
We've got to reverse it.
And frankly, you have to walk out.
No, I agree.
How do you get the establishment to treat you like a human and treat themselves like a human?
How do you get them to stop doing this?
You absolutely walk away.
You stop shopping at their stores.
You stop investing in the stocks of the companies that are engaged in organized crime.
You stopped banking, you know, why would anyone?
We just put a fabulous compendium together of every criminal and civil settlement that JPMorgan Chase has done for the last 20 years.
It's unbelievable.
It's more than an entire year's earnings.
The amount of kickbacks they've given to the Department of Justice and various regulators for all their civil and criminal frauds.
Why is anybody banking there?
And yet, as many as 50% of Americans are banking directly or indirectly with JPMorgan Chase.
You know, there is a Stockholm syndrome deep in the population, and the reality is if you're in a war and you are supplying and supporting your enemy, you're going to die.
Catherine, I have a lot of smart guests on, but you're probably the smartest or right there in the top five, and you're absolutely right, and I myself
I know all this and I want to be good and I just catch myself busy and I'm like, why am I shopping with the establishment?
Why am I doing this?
It's just... We all do.
You can't be perfect, but this is not zero or one.
You know that if you spend $20,000 a year at the company store, it's a lot different than if you spend $5 at the company store and the rest in other ways.
So it's not a zero or one, but... Let me tell you a story since you're here.
One of the richest men in the world,
And I had to sign a disclosure agreement to even do it, deal with it.
But a few years ago, they had a huge investigation on us.
We're talking stacks of transcripts of what I said about this person.
And they were so concerned about me trying to get folks not to shop there, that they had a high-level investigation with the owner, obsessed with it, and still obsessed, which shows they're not that powerful.
Just me on air saying don't shop there, which was a little side thing for me, had the head of this thing actually scared.
If everyone in America tomorrow pulled their account from the top 10 banks, because this is being run by the bankers.
This is a central banker plan.
This is all run by the central banks.
So, so one of the biggest institutional players, this is BlackRock.
If everybody tomorrow had a BlackRock ETF or a BlackRock account or, you know, money at BlackRock, you know, called him up and said, you know, I've had it with what you're doing and pulled it out.
Do you have any idea how the change would rocket?
So we have big banks banning gun owners, banning gun shops, banning churches, banning conservatives.
What if we started banning them?
What if we started using our muscle?
I, you know, the first thing I'll never forget sitting in, um,
In Washington in 1998 and I'm, you know, I'm living under siege with physical harassment and lawsuits flying and, you know, it's right out of the movie Enemy of the State.
And I was writing a check on JP Morgan Chase Private Banking.
I had three banks at that point.
I was writing a check on JP and I thought, why am I banking with the bank that's probably doing this to me?
Why am I banking with my enemy?
And that's the, I said, I have to come clean.
And it took me two years to get my companies and me all out of the big banks and into really great small banks.
What I discovered is the world is full of honest bankers who would love to have our business.
Oh, there's all these great little small banks.
So small is beautiful.
Well, no.
Excellently governed and managed is beautiful.
So are there good big banks?
Yeah, I would say that they're good bigger banks.
But I think, you know, I think this comes down to integrity.
Where are the people who will live in defense of the rule of law by how they do business, by how they work, how they live?
You know, there are millions of people like that.
And the reality is, when are we going to start discriminating and say, I don't care how big you are, I don't care how much money you have, you know, I only want to do business with people of integrity.
And I'm going to do everything I can to shun people who are behaving in the marketplace in ways that are in violation of human rights.
All right, we've got a minute left.
Katherine Austin Fitz, amazing.
It was described in your magazine.
What else do you want to tell the listeners and viewers?
So I want to say one other thing again, not to be frightening, because I saw it on one of your emails.
If you look at, you know, we're back to the Beck brothers.
If you let the Beck brothers have direct access to our children, what they will do is very, very dark.
In fact, it's darker than most people can fathom.
And that's why you cannot fall prey to this, oh just do this and we'll go back to normal, oh just do that and we'll go back to normal, oh just do this and we'll go back to normal.
No, you don't understand.
These are people who want to legalize pedophilia.
These are people who
Install hardware into you that will make you a slave and will literally control where you can go, what you can do, what you can eat and shut off your income.
So you have a choice between slavery and freedom and you're going to have to decide.
And my message to you is death is not the worst thing that can happen.
Catherine, we love you.
Please join us again next week.
We really love you.
And what makes a man or woman is the times they're in.
You are shining brighter than ever during these dark times.
We love you.
Please join us again so much.
Thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
I'll see you next week.
Thank you.
John Rappaport's coming up.
Hello, everybody.
John Rappaport here for another session this week on InfoWards.
So, some very shocking news this week.
I'm going to lay it out for you.
As many of you know, since the beginning of this whole thing called the pandemic, I've been exposing the fraudulent science underlying the whole business, going down the rabbit hole as deeply as possible.
And in the past week to 10 days, I've been publishing articles
On the missing virus.
Yes, that's right.
The missing virus.
Number one, a CDC document dated in July.
A very significant document because it describes the exact excruciatingly complex procedure for doing the PCR test, the diagnostic test for the virus.
And reading down deep into the article on page 39, it states, no quantified virus was available.
That's the CDC saying that about themselves, the most powerful public health agency in the world, that they did not have the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the COVID virus,
Because it was not available.
Not available?
Now, they use the word quantified, which is a BS term used to try to distract people and confuse them, because every object that exists in the universe is quantifiable, meaning simply that you can measure it in some way.
So you can strike that word out of the statement.
No virus was available.
This can only mean one thing.
That the CDC, most powerful public health agency in the world, couldn't get the virus.
Could not get an isolated specimen of the virus anywhere in the world.
Not from China, not from Germany, not from any state in the U.S.
Not from any lab, not from any country, not from anywhere whatsoever.
Why is that?
Why would that be?
Because nobody had it.
Because it wasn't there.
Nobody had it.
This is not like some, you know, country doctor in Oshkosh who decides to write a letter to some
a company or agency that sends out germs to be studied and saying, I would like a specimen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus so that I can study it in my little kitchen lab.
This is the CDC.
If they can't get it, if it's not available to them, it's not available to anybody.
And that's July of this year.
But nevertheless,
They're describing a test, the PCR test, for diagnosing the virus that isn't available.
That isn't there because nobody has it.
Because it's never been isolated.
Because nobody has ever proved that it exists.
Because if they had, somebody would have the virus.
And if they had it, they would be able to send it to the CDC.
This is staggering, folks.
But this is not the only case of the missing virus.
Because I was led to yet another case, this time in February of 2020, in Europe, a major, major study, which I've cited in a recent article,
By a group of authors who are once again putting together the diagnostic test for the virus that's going to be used all over the world.
This in fact is the first major study that resulted in the PCR test being used all over Europe and then all over the world.
And they too say
They put it slightly differently.
They say, we are going to describe how to do the diagnostic test.
We are going to build the structure of this test, the PCR test, without having the virus.
We're going to describe how you test for the virus, but we don't have the virus.
Again, there's only one reason possible for that.
It's not available.
It's not available because nobody has it.
Nobody has it because it hasn't been isolated, which means it hasn't been separated out from all of the cellular debris, many different genetic sequences, microbes of all different kinds, waste material, etc., etc., from the human body, which is what you need to do.
Separate it out completely.
So you isolate it, so you therefore prove that it exists and then you can begin to say we're studying it now.
They don't do that because they don't have the virus.
That's how deep into the rabbit hole this whole insanity goes.
All the way down to the beginning.
And it's in their own documents, in their own words.
About which there can only be one conclusion.
They don't have it because they can't get it.
They can't get it because nobody has it.
Because it's unproven.
So, what are the implications?
They are many.
Many, many, many, many that you can obviously fill in.
A completely fraudulent diagnostic test, first of all.
Meaningless case numbers and meaningless death numbers on which the whole fiction is built of the pandemic.
And then finally you get to the justification for all the lockdowns and the economic and human destruction resulting from the lockdowns, the closure of businesses,
The worldwide declarations of states of emergency and so on and so forth.
All stemming from this complete insanity which at the root is no virus.
No virus.
No proven virus.
I'm going to have more after the break.
What I'm going to cover is what about all the scientists that say they've sequenced the virus.
So I was discussing before the break how they are faking the proof that the virus exists in the first place.
Now they do this in two basic ways.
First of all, they say that they have isolated the virus.
You'll see this in various studies and so on.
Agencies will say this.
They throw around that word like short order cooks throw around hash in a diner.
It doesn't mean to them what you would say it means.
Isolation means, as I said, you separate out the virus from all of the surrounding material so there it is, you can see it, you can examine it, you can put it under an electron microscope, you can do large-scale studies on people with it, etc, etc, etc.
Now, what they mean is often the following.
In the lab, not in the real world, they have a dish with soup in it.
And they say the COVID virus is in that soup.
And so is various forms of RNA, genetic material floating around
Chemicals, drugs, and other substances, some of which are corrosive and harmful, and human cells in the soup.
They observe this soup over time and they say, we know the virus is there.
We know it's growing because it's killing the human cells in the dish in the lab.
No, no, no.
They don't know any such thing.
Because very easily those chemicals and drugs in the soup could be killing the virus that they claim, sorry, the human cells that are in the soup, in the dish, in the lab.
But they assume, without proof, no, no, no, no, it would be the virus that's killing the human cells.
They have no idea whether that's true.
They assume it to be true.
And this is often what they mean by
We isolated the virus.
Complete lie.
Complete fabrication.
Couldn't be further from the truth.
Look at the soup in the dish in the lab.
It's a mush.
It's a mishmash, which they claim contains the COVID virus.
In sludge.
That ain't isolate.
So when they use the word,
And people email me and say, well, this lab says they isolated that.
Those people say they isolated it.
You have to know how they're using the word isolation.
And again, if anybody had really isolated the virus, the CDC would have gotten it.
They would have said it's available and we have it.
But they didn't.
As of July, they said not available.
We don't have it.
We can't get it because nobody has it.
Because nobody's isolated it and therefore nobody's proved that it exists.
Second way they deceive.
They say, well, we have sequenced the genetic structure of the virus.
Therefore, the virus must exist.
How else
You know, could we have sequenced it, laid out its genetic structure, unless it existed, right?
Completely wrong.
When they sequence the genetic structure of a virus, this is not like looking at a virus in its pristine form through some kind of cosmic microscope.
And looking at rows of genes that are lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot.
No, no, no, no, no.
They're inferring, assuming that what they are sequencing is in fact the virus without having the virus.
How can they do that?
Well, obviously they can't.
They can start off with a piece of RNA, which they claim is part of the virus, and then they could sequence that, and they could cobble that together with a few other pieces of RNA that they pick out and say, okay, you see this whole long thing here?
This is the genetic sequence of the COVID virus.
But it isn't.
It's what they assume the genetic sequence is.
So that's a failure as well, a gigantic failure.
It does not prove that the virus exists.
It does not prove that anybody's proved the virus exists.
And you need to know that.
It's a fantastic con is what it is.
That's exactly what it is.
You could look at this in the following way.
44 people in Wuhan, China, starting at around December of 2019, fell ill with pneumonia.
If you look at the early studies on these people that were done in China, what do you see?
They had pneumonia.
About 300,000 people die from pneumonia every year in China.
So that would mean millions of cases.
Nothing new.
And if the researchers in Wuhan wanted to look out the window of their own lab at the air quality, horrendous, hovering over Wuhan, they would find out all they need to know about many, many, many, many, many cases of pneumonia they are now calling
The new epidemic, but they don't do that.
Of course not.
Instead, they say, well, these cases are unexplained, and we have to look for a virus.
They always do that.
Because that's what they want.
They want to give you a germ to be afraid of.
And they have a story.
And that's the real reason why this should be called a plandemic.
Because they planned
to sell a story about a virus, not an actual proved virus.
They knew what the story was going to be long before they emerged from the lab and said, we found the new virus and it's a coronavirus.
You have to ask yourself this question.
If you're faced
With 44 people who have pneumonia, and you say these cases are unexplained, how do you decide what to look for as the cause if you're looking for a germ, if you're determined to look for a germ despite the obvious evidence of air pollution?
The answer is simple.
You don't.
You have no clue.
You have no idea.
There are millions and billions of trillions
of viruses that you could start looking for as a possible cause.
But no, you decide up front and before up front that you are going to be looking for a virus from the coronavirus family.
That means you had the story already prepared.
That's the way the story was going to be sold.
And if you look at these preparedness exercises and tabletop drills, etc., etc., all of which preceded the announcement of a worldwide pandemic, you see coronavirus mentioned over and over again.
And what are they really talking about there?
They are talking about the predetermined story they are going to sell, and that's how they knew
What virus to pretend to look for.
Get it?
Be back after the break with much more on this incredible fakery at the root of the poisonous tree.
So what are we looking at here?
We're looking at fraud on a scale that is just as staggering as possible.
We don't have the virus.
The virus isn't available.
We can't get the virus.
The CDC can't get the virus.
But we're going to manufacture a test that is looking for the virus.
Although we don't have the virus and we can't get it because nobody can get it, etc, etc.
And I've gone over the typical statement.
So we've sequenced the virus, therefore it has to exist.
We've isolated it.
No, no, no, no, no.
These are the statements that they make in order to justify the kind of deep medical fraud that's been going on for a hundred years or more.
This is the new version, you could say,
of the germ slash gene theory of everything bad is caused by germs and you have to be totally terrified etc etc which means that we can sell you a story any story we want to about a virus that exists even though we've never proved that exists and we don't care whether it exists because we're selling you the story.
And all you have to do is wear a mask, shut down your business, go broke, stay indoors whenever we tell you to, wear a mask, distance, wear a mask, distance, lock down, lock down, lock down, give in, surrender, be destroyed.
All on the basis of a story.
We've got a story and we're selling you the story.
That's what it is.
That's the way it works.
That's the way it's always worked.
The decline of so-called infectious or contagious disease in the West, in terms of mortality, happened way before the introduction of antibiotics or vaccines.
And it resulted from better hygiene,
Much better public sanitation, the rise of the middle class, and most of all, much better nutrition.
Those were the factors.
Those were the factors that built up general health.
Strength of what they like to call the immune system.
This is why mortality severely declined in the West.
Not because Rockefeller
Researchers had come up with some, you know, the 150,000th way of killing the dreaded germ with toxic drugs and toxic vaccines.
Not at all.
That's not the way it happened.
But they don't want to tell you.
They don't want you to be educated in that fact.
It would destroy medical school.
I mean, if a professor in medical school got up on the first day and said, look,
I have to issue a disclaimer.
Everything that you're going to learn or assume or infer in your years of medical school and internship and residency on the way to becoming a medical doctor needs to be modified and understood in a different light, which is that the rapid and fantastic decline in mortality from contagious disease in the West
was really the result of hygiene, sanitation, better nutrition, rise of the middle class.
That's the big one, students.
So make sure you never forget that.
And then a whole lot of students would start looking at each other and say, well, what are we doing here?
If this is the case, what are we doing here?
And so what I've been talking about over the last 40 minutes or so with the unproven virus, the virus that's missing, is just really the latest episode of fraud, incredible fraud, that has been portrayed as a story to sell the public, to sell the governors, to sell the presidents, to sell the prime ministers, to enforce the lockdowns and the destruction of society.
As a gateway into a technocratic brave world.
That's what it's all about.
Now some people have written me as I publish these recent articles and said, well, my friend is a virologist and he says, my friend is a geneticist and she says, my doctor says,
These are not the people to be asking about whether the virus has ever been proved to exist.
That would be like asking a television anchor for the nightly news whether he reports facts every night.
What do you think he's going to say?
No, actually, I lie every night.
Some nights I'm better at it than others, but my main job is to lie to the public.
What do you think, would you ask public health officials to give you deep facts about public health?
You might, if you were crazy.
What do you think they're going to say to you?
My whole profession is based on a lie.
On many lies, actually.
And I tell them all the time.
No, they're going to say, well, of course, I can tell you everything you need to know about public health.
This is my specialty.
And in parenthesis, without my specialty, I wouldn't be able to pick up a paycheck or pay the mortgage or send the kids to college or pay off the car or have a vacation home in Long Island or, you know, hobnob at cocktail parties with the elite, et cetera, et cetera.
Now you would be getting down to it.
Now you would be getting down to why so many of these people are outright drunks and why there's so many of them are already under the care of doctors.
Because their health has deteriorated, because their spirit has deteriorated, because the reason that they went into their profession has been completely perverted from the time they were young and they know they're telling lies all the time.
And they don't see how they can do anything about it because they feel like they're trapped.
Which simply is another way of saying they have no courage.
None at all.
And some of them are just, you know, outright psychopaths and sociopaths.
So no, you wouldn't ask your friend the virologist or the geneticist whether he or she believes or
The whole issue is that this that I'm speaking about here is an investigation into what is being called science.
And in order to do that investigation, you don't ask the people whose very livelihood and reputation depends on an authoritarian view
Absolutely not.
Nor would you go to experts so-called on the PCR test and ask them how they can possibly devise a test to detect a virus that isn't there.
They wouldn't be able to give you an answer and they wouldn't try.
They would simply say, that's ridiculous, of course the virus is there and of course we test for it and we find it.
And are you going to accept that?
Did you accept the report of the 9-11 Commission as fact?
Unimpeachable fact?
Did you accept the report of the Warren Commission after the assassination of JFK as unimpeachable fact?
Oswald acted alone?
Did you accept that?
Would you go to members of the Warren Commission or the 9-11 Commission and ask them whether or not Oswald acted alone?
Or whether the scenario that we were fed, the story that we were fed about exactly how the buildings came down on 9-11, whether that story was accurate?
Would you go to the 9-11 Commission to find that out?
Of course not.
Not if you were investigating.
Not if you wanted to find out the truth.
Not if you were concerned about the truth or the actual answers.
That's not what you would do.
So you would not ask your geneticist or virologist friend whether or not the virus had ever been proved to exist.
Not at all.
That's the story about the story for this week, folks.
Shocking and staggering news!
See you next time!
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And the only way we're able to stay on air is you getting products you already need.
And I just want to get as much money as I can and be able to put it in some side bank accounts so that we're able to continue operating into the future.
And literally, it's not a gimmick.
People know behind the scenes here.
We are, you know, I put a mortgage on my house.
I'm liquidating everything I've got.
And we're going to continue on, you know, for months into the new year, even if they shut our bank accounts down.
We've got backup plans because we know martial law and total hell's coming.
I mean, it's more than a 50% chance we're going to have a civil war.
Okay, I mean, it's, it's, it's, we are, this, just get ready, people.
Nothing you've seen is anything about what you're about to witness, okay?
And by the grace of God, maybe we bypassed most of this, but I think you all know we're not.
I mean, you know what, you got children, folks, you got discernment.
You know, you got your spidey sense on right now.
We're in deep crap.
And I just want to get ready for it.
So thank you all for your support.
But your word of mouth is even more important to get the products.
Just tell folks about the show.
Let them know America's under attack.
Let them know who the globalists are.
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You know, I had bicep surgery because I tore my bicep really bad last year.
And they did a block when I came out of anesthesia.
And for about 10 hours, my arm was completely paralyzed.
I never felt that before.
You just expect that arm to be there.
And that's what I think about the listeners and viewers.
I don't take it for granted.
I just take you like you're my legs, you're my brain, you're my guts, you're my heart, you're my soul.
And I've expanded into Face the Globals, as I told you, to the point of we only have like two months of operating capital.
And then they've done a bunch of dirty tricks behind the scenes and a bunch of things to shut down bank accounts, shut down... You see how gun shops can't go get a bank account.
Well, they did a bunch of that.
I've spent most of my time dealing with it and trying to right the ship.
And then I see the supply chain breaking down to even get the supplements in.
And I talk to people that are in a bunch of other businesses and it's happened to them.
And I'm just like, I don't want to come and tell you glim and doom.
I'm just not going to lie to you, man.
This country is under a total attack, okay?
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