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Name: 20201010_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 10, 2020
47 lines.
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Take off your mask!
You must remove your mask!
The mask is a symbol of slavery and a symbol of collapse of the economic world.
Take off your mask!
Take off your mask!
The third world is starving to death because of the lockdown.
The lockdown is killing millions.
Bill Gates says that the shutdown of the economy will never end.
We have to turn the economy back on.
COVID-19 is a planetary economic collapse weapon.
COVID-19 is the Davos Group's global reset to collapse the economy by design.
Free Texas now!
Free Texas now!
What do we want?
That's what this fake pandemic is all about.
A worldwide government.
That's why they're calling for a cashless society.
That's why they're calling for forced vaccines.
That's why they're calling for medical documents just so you can open your business or go to a ballgame.
We must reject this now.
And we must re-elect Trump and tell him that he must reject it too.
And if Governor Abbott doesn't reopen Texas by the next time he gets on the ballot, he's not going to be living in that mansion anymore!
Our message to Governor Abbott is this.
We now know that they've exaggerated the COVID-19 deaths.
99.9 percent.
We now know they've had false testing.
They've counted folks that died of other things as COVID deaths.
And it's time to end the COVID hoax and the COVID power grab now!
End the lockdown now!
If you continue this lockdown and these face mask orders, you will go down as one of the worst governors in the history of Texas.
Governor Abbott,
Do not destroy your legacy.
Do not enslave Texas.
Do the right thing.
Admit that you got conned.
Please, Governor Abbott, please.
You're making Texas hate you forever.
You're here in defiance of the Bill Gates U.N.
lockdown, and I salute you!
Turn back and do the right thing, Abbott!
And to Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!
Free Texas Now!