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Name: 20201006_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 6, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various current events related to the 2020 U.S presidential election, praising President Trump for challenging the COVID fear machine and criticizing Joe Biden for his behavior around young girls. He addresses the QAnon conspiracy theory, stating that there is zero evidence supporting its claims about a global sex trafficking network involving liberal elites. Jones also criticizes Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates for their involvement in vaccines and COVID-19 policies. Throughout the program, Jones emphasizes nationalism, populism, and resistance against perceived threats to freedom and liberty. The speaker discusses the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, warning about potential issues with freedom and privacy due to strict measures implemented by some countries. They advocate for civil disobedience and non-violent resistance in order to combat growing authoritarianism seen around the world in response to the pandemic.

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The greatest battle in the history of humanity is happening right now.
Don't sit on the sidelines.
Take action now.
The fight starts at InfoWars.com.
And one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you.
Don't be afraid of it.
Don't let it dominate.
Don't let it take over your lives.
Don't let that happen.
We have the greatest country in the world.
Let me assert my firm belief
That the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed effort to convert retreat into advance.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's game time.
Tuesday, October 6th.
The year is 2020.
27 days out.
And Trump has taken on the COVID fear machine like never before.
We salute him.
But first, Joe Biden is drooling over little girls in public.
Can't wait until they're 18.
That ties into John Bowne's new report.
Pedophiles want to rule you.
The good news is, for me, I'm here.
The bad news for you is, I'm coming back.
I'm coming back.
And I want to see these beautiful young ladies.
I want to see them dancing when they're four years old or two.
Oh, it's great to see you.
So thank you.
I've just been attacked by people claiming they're the Q leaders when I know I'm the real deal.
So I've explained the danger of saying our whole movement of nationalism and populism and Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump and Alex Jones is them.
And warning of the extremist threat
It's danger to the party.
Now look.
The governor hasn't had a chance to talk.
He's been up here ten minutes and he hasn't had a chance to talk for about four minutes.
Some of you don't like to hear it, ladies and gentlemen, but it's the truth.
I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
These videos of Democrat congressmen saying, oh, we're going to defeat you Q people.
That's because the public is awake.
They're aware.
And now, even more than Alex Jones, a symbol of the deep state of the resistance is Q. QAnon first surfaced back in 2017.
Now it maintains that President Trump is leading a war against liberal elites who, according to QAnon, are running a global sex trafficking network, including some very famous people.
Now there is zero evidence, zero,
That any of this is true.
9 people have been arrested in Thailand, Australia and the US and 50 children were rescued after an investigation into an international pedophile ring.
Brazilian police claim to have arrested more than a hundred people who are accused of being part of a massive pedophile ring.
The nationwide operation saw people held in 24 of the country's 26 states and in the capital, Brasilia.
Elijah Wood's shocking allegations against the entertainment industry.
In a new interview with the Sunday Times, the former child star alleges that pedophilia has been a real issue in Hollywood.
He tells the publication, quote,
There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind.
What bums me about these situations is that the victims can't speak as loudly as the people in power.
And the LA County Sheriff and other law enforcement leaders just revealing details of an operation carried out last week.
It was a statewide, coordinated crackdown on human traffickers.
The specific one-week operation resulting in more than 500 arrests.
You've all heard money laundering, drug dealing, art is the secret currency of the elites.
The maggots.
But really what it is is sex trafficking and pedophilia because when somebody engages in that, the devil knows he's got them.
And so that's why this just keeps popping up and popping up and popping up and popping up.
That's all this is.
What about raping babies, ladies and gentlemen?
I have stacks of articles today of people busted.
Mothers, fathers, church deacons, you name it.
Islamic groups are huge into it.
Running sex rings of kidnapped little kids.
27 days to the election, but that's just the start in the 79 days of insanity.
79 days of America fighting for its life.
Welcome and thank you for joining us today.
Let me tell you who we got coming up.
We got Mark Dice, hard to get on air.
He does a great job live on air.
He doesn't think he does a great job, but
He comes on this show.
I think the only live show he goes on.
He's on Fox News and stuff.
He's starting to do his own talk show.
I'm really glad he's doing it.
He's got a new book out that we're not going to announce until he is on air with us that he's launching today.
A lot of big things happening.
We also have Jay Dyer coming on and we have a guy that broke a big story.
David Knight.
Yesterday afternoon, I was surfing around on YouTube, and I saw like 100,000 views on David Knight in just a few hours.
And I said, what is that?
And it's, wow, the Federal Reserve is going to get rid of cash?
So I watched the video, and sure enough, it was true.
Went back to find the video this morning on YouTube.
It was gone.
But you know what?
I could go to band.video, and I could find it.
I could find it right there.
But the Federal Reserve, under COVID, has begun the end of cash.
You notice you can't get coins anymore either.
So he's gonna be in studio with us.
We're gonna tie it all into the COVID madness and juxtapose all of this.
Here's President Trump when he got off Marine One, walked away, and then took his mask off and saluted the helicopter.
Go ahead and roll that footage.
And he's being attacked for standing on a balcony with a mask off.
Talk about a cult.
Now, here's what Trump had to say about don't fear the virus.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
And of course, that absolutely made the left incredibly upset because they want to use this as a straitjacket.
They want to use this as the pretext for their social credit score tracking, the tracking apps, and all the rest of it.
And now it's all official!
Now it's all official that that is the model.
Let's go ahead and play the clip of Trump saying, don't be afraid of coronavirus, leaving hospital or turning to the White House.
I just left Walter Reed Medical Center.
And it's really something very special.
The doctors, the nurses, the first responders.
And I learned so much about coronavirus.
And one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you.
Don't be afraid of it.
You're gonna beat it.
We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently.
And you're gonna beat it.
I went, I didn't feel so good.
And two days ago, I could have left two days ago.
Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have in a long time.
I said just recently, better than 20 years ago.
Don't let it dominate.
Don't let it take over your lives.
Don't let that happen.
We have the greatest country in the world.
We're going back.
We're going back to work.
We're going to be out front.
As your leader, I had to do that.
I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it.
I stood out front.
I led.
Nobody that's a leader would not do what I did.
And I know there's a risk, there's a danger, but that's okay.
And now I'm better, and maybe I'm immune.
I don't know.
But don't let it dominate your lives.
Get out there.
Be careful.
We have the best medicines in the world.
And it all happened very shortly.
And they're all getting approved.
And the vaccines are coming momentarily.
Thank you very much.
And Walter Reed, what a group of people.
Thank you very much.
They want to bring the vaccines in another year and a half and make you take them once all the contact tracing and tracker apps are there.
Trump's preempting.
I'm saying, if you're old, if you want it, go ahead and get it, knowing it takes the power away and kills their program of when they want to launch it.
Just like Owen said.
On Friday evening on his show he was hosting, The War Room, he said, if Trump leaves in two or three days and says we've defeated the virus, you know he used this to destroy the whole Bill Gates Combine.
If he stays in there and keeps milking it, we know he's fallen to the enemy.
He did exactly what I would predict he'd do.
Trump is so damn real.
And he absolutely just judo moved them.
Did he probably have a cold?
Did he probably have a COVID virus?
But now they're saying that we can't ever go outside, even once we have vaccines, without masks.
This is a cult takeover.
This is absolute domination.
And the former head of Health and Human Services that Trump just got rid of is a total Bill Gates quack.
He's been doing the rounds, I'll play a clip in a moment, saying
That it never ends.
You never stop the lockdowns.
You never take the mask off.
And you've got to take the vaccine.
See, this power grabber, he said, we must eradicate it where there is no virus on Earth.
It's a cold virus that they've monkeyed with so that all the tests show you have it when you don't.
Because it tests positive for regular corona.
They'll never get rid of the common cold.
It's part of everything.
They know that.
They've made an impossible bar.
Because they're never going to let us get out of this, and it's about fetishizing, creating hypochondria, creating neuroses, giving everyone agoraphobia to go in and never leave their houses, and then robots bring us our food!
That's just one level.
Once they've got us obsolete, once they've gotten us to opt in to being obsolete, the driverless cars and all the rest of it, the drones, they're going to wipe us out with real bioweapons.
That's the stated UN globalist plan.
I made a film 13 years ago called End Game, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, where I see exactly what they do, because we had documents then.
Three years later, they put out Operation Lockstep saying, we're going to set up an authoritarian, planetary police state.
These are quotes.
For your own good.
And you'll have apps to leave your house, on your smartphones, they even called it that, and you'll have no freedom.
And they go on to say humanity is obsolete.
Think about that.
Think about that long, think about that hard.
So here is Dr. Price on Fox.
Even after coronavirus vaccine, we'll need masks and lockdowns.
I mean, it's a five-minute clip.
I'm just going to play 30 seconds of it.
Here it is.
But it's important to, again, this is going to continue to be the challenge that we have as a nation, even when we get a vaccine.
We're going to have to continue to be cautious in the activities that we're doing, continue the mitigation efforts of physically distancing and hand washing and mask wearing until the virus has moved through our society and has moved on or has gone away.
And it will at some point, but it certainly isn't at this point.
Okay, so I'm going to explain this again.
This is a U.N.
plan with the big pharma, controlled by the big banks, to have medical tyranny, to put in your body what they want.
Bill Gates has been positioned by the robber barons, by IBM, by all of them that are behind him.
His mother was on the board to carry out the dreams of Thomas Watson and Adolf Hitler.
You can't make this up.
It's all mainstream news.
It's just all hiding in plain view.
To be able to get in your body what they want, when they want, including an mRNA vaccine that changes your DNA and makes you a GMO product.
And now, if you go to Spain or you go to Australia, they have apps on everybody's phones.
If you don't have the app, you're arrested.
But a woman in Australia
She had her papers, because she hadn't got an app yet.
They arrested her for being outside without her papers, swimming with her children at the beach, but they didn't have the papers.
We're going to come back from break with David Knight, and we're going to play this.
Let's go ahead and start playing it now.
Ladies and gentlemen, we don't have to wait to be Australia.
In Michigan, in California, in New Jersey, in New York, you're not allowed to leave the campus.
Again, five square miles is always the rule, even if the campus is smaller or bigger.
That's the first app level.
And then they just keep tightening it down.
Oh, you can't go in your backyard now.
And people are fetishizing this.
And now they're announcing cameras in the stores that shout orders if you take your mask off.
They face scan you when you go in.
And they said, oh, this will be for cashless society soon, even after COVID.
You'll have to be face scanned to go in a store.
This is the rollout of their whole plan.
I'll never forget.
There was an event.
I just left Walter Reed Medical Center, and it's really something very special.
The doctors, the nurses, the first responders, and I learned so much about coronavirus.
And one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you.
Don't be afraid of it.
You're gonna beat it.
We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently.
And you're gonna beat it.
I went, I didn't feel so good.
And two days ago, I could have left two days ago.
Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have in a long time.
I said just recently, better than 20 years ago.
Don't let it dominate.
Don't let it take over your lives.
Don't let that happen.
We have the greatest country in the world.
We're going back.
We're going back to work.
We're going to be out front.
As your leader, I had to do that.
I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it.
I stood out front.
I led.
Nobody that's a leader would not do what I did.
And I know there's a risk, there's a danger, but that's okay.
And now I'm better, and maybe I'm immune.
I don't know.
But don't let it dominate your lives.
Get out there.
Be careful.
We have the best medicines in the world.
And it all happened very shortly.
And they're all getting approved.
And the vaccines are coming momentarily.
Thank you very much.
And Walter Reed, what a group of people.
Thank you very much.
The answer to the fear mongers is standing up and having courage.
It's just that simple.
What did Franklin Delano Roosevelt tell us?
A classic American liberal.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
And instead of being scared of Hitler and Tojo, we kicked their ass.
Hitler thought if he bombed England and civilian targets that the Brits would become anti-war.
They've been anti-war already.
Polls flipped from 90% against war to 99% for war when Chitler thought fear would make them bow.
But maybe the globalists are right.
Maybe Americans in the West are cowards.
And we want to buy into the permanent lockdown because the Democrats are calling for permanent masks, permanent shutdown, permanent forced inoculations, and still you can't travel without an app allowing you to.
And now
First they're giving people papers.
Now they're forcing apps in the UK and Australia.
They're the model.
It's coming here.
Universities in the US are doing this.
Oh, you don't have your paperwork.
You're outside the five miles you're allowed to travel now.
What's to the beach in Australia?
So they arrest her in front of her children.
Here's the footage.
Get back!
The full, unbleeped videos at InfoWars.com and NewsWorks.com.
And they explain to us, you are not allowed to leave without an app or a piece of paper.
Your piece of paper says you're outside your five kilometers, excuse me, not miles, like five kilometers, three and a half mile area.
Yeah, three and a half.
And the campuses here in the U.S.
also say the same thing.
And they go and explain here in front of her children how they're doing it.
David Knight, host of the David Knight Show, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m., right before I come on.
You've broken a big story that's one of the biggest developments yet in COVID.
We'll get to that next segment.
The Federal Reserve quietly announces to banks, I made some calls this morning and confirmed this.
He has the documents exclusive, thanks to Listers.
They're telling them you're not going to get cash out this Christmas and no more cash.
They're getting rid of the coin money as well.
People notice that.
So this gets on, folks.
We're in a lot of trouble.
President Trump needs to stop this as well.
But David, we don't have to wait a few years for them to roll out the drones, face-carrying to go in grocery stores, contact tracers, kids being taken out of their homes.
It's here.
Yeah, you know, Alex, you just said, talking about FDR, you said we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
You know, the famous slogan that people have turned into t-shirts and everything else is what Winston Churchill said and what they put up in terms of posters in the UK at that time.
They said, keep calm and carry on.
But they also put up another poster.
And I talked about both of these back on March 17th as we were entering lockdown.
We're now 200.
That video's on Band Off Video.
You re-aired it yesterday.
You said, what, 200 plus days ago?
I warned you and now it's come true.
That's right, but in terms of keeping calm, they also said, they had that sign, keep calm and carry on, then they said, freedom is in peril.
Defend it with all your might.
Their response to being attacked by the Germans was not to go hide in their rooms.
They confronted this, and we have to confront this.
And I talked this morning to Pastor Tony Spell out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
He hasn't stopped a single church service, Alex.
1,500 people.
He said the average is about 900 a week through this period of time.
And so they've arrested him.
They put him under, they threw him in jail.
Then they released him and put him under house arrest.
They threw him out of the courthouse when his trial came up because he wouldn't wear a mask.
They're coming after him in every law... But let me guess, I bet his church is stronger and bigger than ever.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, let's expand on that.
I was talking to my wife about civil disobedience and I said, they're already putting face scanners in the grocery stores and in the shops and you can say, well, that's a private company, but then they're going to pass regulations that every store has to have it, then your house has to have it.
That's what the home assistants are about.
They now admit this.
So we have a responsibility when shops put these in to go smash this stuff.
Because, because this isn't free market.
These are organized cartels run by communist China and big tech literally putting a police state martial law grid in place.
And they admit they're doing it.
And so I've never been an offensive person, but now coming with forced inoculations, putting up robot control grids.
No, it's, it's time folks to fight hard in the info war and to start thinking about nonviolent civil disobedience.
And I'm talking about killing robots.
And you know, this is a pattern, Alex, that really goes back to the banning of InfoWars and everybody on social media two years ago.
I had seen this even before that, back in the early 90s, when we were trying to get into debates as a third party.
We would go through all these extra hoops to get on the ballot and then they would say, well, you can't go to the debate because we've got a private organization that's going to determine who gets to go to the debates.
That's the same thing that they pulled on us.
And now Google buys up the town square and you don't have speech there because they own it.
They are buying everything and then operating as governments.
And when they purged us two years ago, I said, first of all, I said, understand, this is not about the companies deciding this on their own.
They're being used as the velvet glove of an iron fist of censorship that's really coming from the government itself.
And David, I totally agree.
And at the time, you and I were concurred.
We're not worried.
We've got to stay on air because we said within two to three years it'll be ubiquitous.
Everybody will get it.
We've got to stay on air because we'll become more effective, more pertinent, more avant-garde as we're proven right.
And that's now happened.
That's right.
And part of this plan was to
Give Google control over the cities, the cyberspace, the sidewalk labs that Google's got.
With 5G controlling driverless vehicles.
And now, part of this is to confine you right now, to get you to get accustomed to this, what they're going to have in place.
Their plan is to have this in place fully by 2030.
So to get you accustomed to this, they're already putting you under these same regulations, confining you to your home.
And they admit that.
They go, oh, it's COVID.
No, this is the fourth
Industrial Revolution in their own words, and by the way, humans aren't in it!
And it's a post-human algorithm where they save the earth by getting rid of humans.
That's Wall Street Journal.
That's NBC News.
This is really what the cult's doing!
That's right.
We need to reject everything they're pushing, not just piecemeal, well I'm a hero, I'm wearing a mask.
No you're not, you're helping kill the third world!
It's not just the 4th Industrial Revolution, it's also the 4th turning.
I've talked many times about the book, Strauss and Howe, the people who coined the terms, millennial.
They point out that about every 80 years you have a major restructuring of society.
In the past, the most recent 4th turning we've had, every 4 generations, about 20 years apart, you have a major restructuring of society.
Last one we had, Great Depression, World War, prior to that, Civil War, prior to that, the American Revolution.
This is going to be a super turning.
This is going to be all three of those, I think.
American Revolution, Civil War, and World War.
I agree.
Super turning!
Strap yourselves in and get right with Jesus, baby!
Because the robot takeover is about to happen, and with Jesus Christ's spirit, we will defeat it!
Humanity's greatest challenge and greatest victory is now!
Spread the word if you're pro-human!
There is a planetary AI takeover taking place.
Big Tech's on record.
China is their model.
I was on a big podcast, the Drinking Bros podcast, Black Rifle Coffee Company deal, and they had some former military guys, really smart guys on there.
And I was talking about, they got 3 million Uyghurs in death camps, they got a million Christians, a million Buddhists at least, and they sell their organs, and they advertise they're fresh, and they drive them in mobile execution vans to the tarmac, then they fly it into Japan, where they do the surgeries.
I don't think so.
I don't know.
Because he did a very important viral report because a listener sent him some documents.
We checked it.
He checked it.
It's confirmed.
I talked to multiple banks today.
They said, yes, we've been told limited cash and the cash is going to be phased out.
We have copies of the letters here.
There's an article up on Infowars.com.
It just went live.
Fed announces it will quit printing paper money.
And it's got the documents.
It's got the video.
It's got the whole breakdown.
And they said, oh, we need to get rid of cash for COVID.
COVID is the excuse on every front.
But first,
No medical doctor, no scientist, no virologist, not Cedars-Sinai Hospital, not the head of the Rockefeller Hospital can come out and say, hey, we'll get herd immunity from this.
Putting people in houses makes you sicker.
That's been proven correct, so we've proved it.
Or, hey, hydroxychloroquine helps.
They get banned because the UN didn't say it.
Well now, 27 days out from the election, we have big breaking news just now, before we hit the Federal Reserve News, here with David Knight.
Donald Trump censored by Twitter.
Flu season is coming up.
Many people every year, sometimes over 100,000, despite the vaccine, die from the flu.
Are we going to close down our country?
No, we have learned to live with it.
See, they don't want this common sense message.
Just like we are learning to live with COVID.
In most populations, far less lethal.
He stated something that's true, but even if it was a lie, we elected him.
He's our president.
He should have absolute speech.
So should everybody else.
David, this is just unprecedented.
Well, you've already had judges come out and say that President Trump could not suspend anybody off his personal account, not even off the POTUS account.
Uh, that's not what they're talking about.
They were saying, you can't, uh, if somebody's trolling you on your personal account that he had before he became president, real Donald Trump.
That's free speech!
Can't get that off.
But then, you know, you can have, but then they also said they reserved the right for, uh, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.
But kick him off!
Ban him!
I mean, they're giving more power to these technocrats, CEOs, than they are to the President of the United States.
And that's the real story behind all this.
What he's saying here, Alex, is exactly right.
I've been very critical about President Trump pushing the vaccine, not pulling back, you know, and now this week, you know, the statement that he made, and again he had the
At the end of it, he said, well we've got great new drugs and we've got a vaccine and stuff, and it's like, alright, yeah, but still the basic message is that we should not be afraid.
Don't be a coward, don't be an idiot, it's beautiful, it's true.
But that's what he's saying here, he's talking about the flu season.
That's how I knew that this was total BS from the very beginning.
Reported this year after year, how they inflate the flu numbers.
And now they don't inflate the flu numbers, they have the graphs.
I even hired a high-level statistician.
Obviously, we couldn't use his name because he'd lose his job.
But we hired a guy that works for the state of Texas, major insurance companies, federal government.
He looked at what we were already seeing, what others had said.
He said, no, it's worse than that.
We've published, like, five, six articles showing that professional statistician data, where it's overblown 90-plus times.
Everything's a scam.
They're adding numbers of people that died of other things in there.
It's all true.
And the death rate in Texas is like...
Last time we checked, it was like .000000 something.
That's right.
Remember, it was going to be 4% were going to die.
That's right.
And now what they're doing, and they've been doing this for a while, as you point out, moving people who've died from cancer, from heart attack, but especially from flu, any respiratory illness, they've moved it over.
We had the, at the very beginning of this, as I pointed out this morning, the testing.
If you look at the testing, they were saying, we don't have any tests.
That's a big problem.
We've got an emergency.
So they bought a bunch of tests.
They got some contaminated tests from China.
It's all admitted.
It's all admitted.
And the new rapid action tests are even worse.
But let's, yeah, let's hit this.
I've learned Trump is a counter-puncher.
He understands metaphysically.
He's almost like autistic, and I mean like an idiot savant level.
Because people that know him say he doesn't tell me what he's thinking and makes this move that really is like chess.
Sometimes it seems really stupid to their logic.
He knew they were going to come give him a false test as a stunt.
They probably waited until he actually had a cold.
He sounded like he had one, lost a few pounds.
If you have a regular cold or even a bacterial infection, that will show up as COVID in most of the tests as they admit.
Well, I had COVID last year because I had pneumonia, so I'm presuming it's COVID.
So, I got really sick in January.
I haven't had a fever in five years.
I got one.
So that happened.
It was a really bad cough, fever.
Took about a week to get rid of it.
Who knows what it was.
But the point is, is that Trump went, OK, I'll go to your hospital.
I'll play your games.
But then he turned it around in judo.
Boom, two days later, comes out and is really hitting on all cylinders.
Now, this is really, really good news.
But I've been told by the White House, who rarely reaches out, they did on this.
Feels like they reached out on the Second Amendment.
They said, look, Trump's going to tell them, OK, we'll support your gun control.
Tell us what you want.
Only so Pelosi, so narcissistic, in that meeting she goes, we want to ban all guns.
And then that totally defeated them.
And so Trump literally, it's not even really 3D chess, he goes, okay, we'll do your vaccine now, not keep things, and then he takes control of it, knowing then people won't be scared, it won't be a fear monger, they won't take the vaccine.
It's a gamble.
It's, I call it black magic.
I mean, it is using deception, but that's what he's doing.
Well, it's a very dangerous thing to push the vaccine, but what he said right here is exactly right.
Comparing it to the flu, talking about how they inflate the flu statistics every year, how they put the flu vaccine out.
As I pointed out today, they've never cured the flu with a flu vaccine.
No, I agree, I agree.
But what I'm asking you is, what do you think of the Machiavellian stuff Trump's pulling?
Because he is pulling this stuff.
Well, I like to have straight up leadership.
Well, he does that with a lot of stuff, but with the left he manipulates them because they deserve it.
I think what President Trump needs to do is what he's doing right here.
Telling people the truth.
Don't play these games and say one thing to one group one day.
So straight shoot, don't play Machiavelli.
Tell the truth, be a straight shooter, oppose this, straight up.
Because if we try to finesse this thing, we're going to wind up getting this much worse than anything.
His superpower is straight shooting.
That's right.
Not playing games.
So what?
You can manipulate the left.
They're all into manipulating us.
Let's not play their games.
Yeah, the end does not justify the mean.
That's why I don't like some of the Q stuff.
I'm not fighting with the Q people, but the Q people are like, oh, we're lying to win.
I don't like that.
No, no, no.
The end, justifying the means, that's a communist tactic.
Lying to people to get somewhere, that is not a tactic of leadership.
He needs to be straight up, he needs to oppose this, and I don't care what he's done in the past.
He can turn this around, start doing the right thing, start telling people the truth about this, be straight up in his opposition to this, and that's a win.
I agree, but he did play them when he's like, okay, what do you want?
Well, we'll probably do it.
Well, we want all the guns.
Everybody's like, what?
He wants gun control.
No, he got them to say we want everything.
I mean, that, that was very strategic.
So I agree with you that I never pull stuff like that, but I never even think like that.
But Trump, I mean, Trump did that.
Yeah, the problem is that when you say, we'll take the guns and do the due process later, you had a lot of Democrat governors who did that, and you're going to have a lot of Democrat governors, and if it's not Trump, it'll be the president after him.
Whether it's Biden or whether it's somebody else.
No, I hear you, but he did... We'll use these vaccines and the mandatory vaccine issue and say, we've got to do it for your safety.
We've got to push back against this idea that the key role of government is to keep us safe.
It's not the key role of government.
The key role of government is to protect our individual liberties.
That's what the Democrats... Well, it's not just a key role, they have no responsibility to because they can't.
I mean, cops have no responsibility.
They're responding for crimes committed.
Do they try to protect you?
But to sue them or blame them, they have no liability.
It's up to us.
But then they can't say, well, we want your guns because we're going to protect you.
We have a monopoly of force as citizens.
And then we designate police and a constabulary to work for us.
That's right.
Well, you go back to the police analogy.
I talked about this earlier.
We're talking about censorship and what they're doing to President Trump right now.
You know, the idea that the First Amendment only protects us from attacks on free speech by the government is totally wrong.
That's right.
Let's talk about that in the Federal Reserve News.
That's huge when we come back.
Bill Gates has got a Frankenstein vaccine for you.
Yeah, it's called an mRNA vaccine.
It goes into your cell and reprograms it and makes everybody sick.
And he says you're gonna get sick, but you're gonna take it.
They really got to the point of not denying what they got planned for us.
We always knew that day was coming.
It's here now.
David, I'll be with us a little bit at the next hour getting into that and some of the things Trump just came out that are pretty alarming.
Said some really good things and some really bad things about getting rid of even FDA guidelines about vaccine safety to accelerate.
That's crazy.
We'll talk about that briefly next hour.
Mark Dice exclusively joining us with some big announcements and news today.
And we also are going to have Deanna Lorraine pop in to talk about what she expects to happen at the VP debate and more.
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Okay, David, this is why I got you here.
So you've got the floor here, and we were having a great banter back and forth.
We're so excited because this is so real.
The full report you did that's gone viral is at InfoWars.com.
Fed announces it will quit printing paper money.
You got the actual document.
They can document him while you talk about it.
This is huge.
First, you started reporting six months ago on coin shortages.
They now admit they're phasing that out.
That's right.
Now it's the money.
Same excuse.
They're saying COVID.
This is their Rosetta Stone, their skeleton key, their operating system.
Tell us the exclusive you got that we've confirmed.
Well, everybody's seen the notices several months ago where you had shortages of cash, of coin.
Some people would say, well, you know, we don't have any coin.
We'll give you extra services or goods if you give us some more coins.
Or we're just not going to take cash at all.
Or we'll round it up if you insist on paying cash.
Now, after the Federal Reserve did that and said, well, we can't print coins anymore, and they were also putting out the idea, oh, your cash, the paper is dirty.
You're going to catch COVID from handling the paper.
So you don't want to handle paper anyway.
Let's do it all cashless.
And now you can't hand somebody a credit card.
It's all going to be digital.
And then now a robot's got to deliver it.
You can say, admit this, how they're walking us in to this squeeze chute, into this corral, into this noose, into this prison.
That's right.
And so, you know, when you look at all this, understand... They say, due to COVID-19 at the Bank of the Credit Union, we can't give you cash anymore.
Well, I think they're using COVID in a number of ways.
Number one, they're using this to push us in for the cashless society, but I think even bigger than that is the fact that they're using COVID as an excuse to deflect blame from them for what they've done with the Great Recession, when they started creating this massive bubble that was going to burst.
They didn't want this to burst on them, so now they can say it was not us, it was the virus.
That's right, well that's what they said, the great reset from the beginning.
The head of Davos said, we're going to use this to implode the economy, put you in debt, lower your standard of living, to have a lower carbon footprint, but they all live lavish lifestyles.
That's right.
Lezos wants you to live in a coffin apartment he owns, but he has giant yachts and huge 50,000 square foot homes.
That's right.
Let's get to the actual notice that was sent to me.
This was sent by a listener.
By the way, if you want to send me any tips, you can send that at David Knight Show.
DavidKnightShow at ProtonMail.com.
And again, don't send it to David Knight because there is a David Knight at ProtonMail.
He's getting a lot of
He's not happy with that.
So make sure it's David Knight Show.
Anyway, this is what came from the Orange County Credit Union in California.
Due to COVID-19, the Federal Reserve has suspended new currency ordering this holiday season.
This is a proactive measure to enable reserve banks to continue to meet daily demand for currency and coin.
Now, I ask you,
Who other than the Federal Reserve that doesn't care about supply and demand would say, well, in order to meet demand, we're going to stop making this thing.
I mean, that's obviously not, but they don't pay attention to supply and demand.
Kids need a lot of milk, so we're stopping production.
That's right.
We need shoes, so we're cutting production.
The reason they're putting this out is because they said every year people order brand new bills because they want to give them as... And they want to demystify cash.
They want to get us off of it.
That's right.
I always, I'll be at the bank and like,
December 15th.
They go, why are you getting $10,000 out?
Well, I mean, I literally give like all these cousins and all these nieces and my children a couple hundred bucks.
They love it.
That's right.
And what they're saying is a lot of people come in.
If you want to give somebody a cash for Christmas, you want to do it with a nice clean bill instead of something that has got COVID all over it.
And so they're saying, but we're not going to be able to do that this year.
We still will be able to give you cash, but just lightly used cash.
Or maybe, if you notice, they've also started making the money real flimsy, where even new money falls apart real quick.
They're phasing it out.
Explain to them why, David.
Well, you know, they're saying they can give you digital or they can give you cashier's checks.
Look, the bottom line is cash is anonymous.
They don't like that.
It can't be tracked easily by these people.
The AI grid hates cash.
That's right.
And they want to make sure... Cash kills AI.
That's right.
Everything that you do has to be channeled through their control grid so they can monitor and record.
And so they can censor you and shut you down.
And that's why they're pushing us into this.
And at the same time, you know, we got the story up on InfoWars about John McAfee.
They say, well, income tax, but you look at it.
It's really about the cryptocurrency.
It's really about shutting down other cryptocurrencies.
So they're pushing this into the cashless society.
They want to make sure they've got a monopoly on that as well.
But it's all about the tracking.
Everything is about the tracking.
The vaccine is about the tracking.
The testing is about the tracking.
It's all an excuse.
It's all about tracking.
Global social credit score.
But I mean, this is a big exclusive.
We made some calls.
It's true.
They're all being told, sorry, no cash for Christmas.
Yeah, think about that.
The Federal Reserve has suspended printing.
And the funny thing is, last week I already went and got more cash out.
I just knew this was coming.
Yeah, well, you know, I reported a month or two ago the fact that there was an interview with Powell of the Federal Reserve, and some guy says, so you're just running the printing press on this stuff?
And he goes, well, actually we're not running the printing press.
We couldn't print that much money.
They're doing $3 trillion.
But again, it's not the Federal Reserve that's bad, it's anyone that hoards it.
Oh, that's right.
If you don't trust them, when again, they're taking the NRA's bank accounts, they've taken ours.
It's a whole story behind the scenes.
They're harassing almost no gun shops in Austin.
40-year-old gun shops in Austin have had their banks dump them.
That's right.
I mean, of course they're going to use this leverage.
This is social control, folks.
That's right.
They're going to be handing out the money digitally.
They want to give you digital cash.
That was already proposed in the very beginning of the universal basic income, what we call the stimulus check.
And that's again, COVID is about making you go on the universal income.
That's right.
We ought to do a diagram.
I know you've done it.
I've done it.
But show every checkbox it does.
It's like hundreds of things.
Oh, yeah.
And it's all pre-planned, organized.
They admit it is.
It's so diabolical.
Yeah, and so they can not only watch everything that you do, but if they don't like what you do, they can just pull all the cash out of your account just like that, which they couldn't do if you physically have it.
And then no one will support you because they don't want to get banned.
That's right.
And then they can ban you individually as they want, because we never organize and come together.
That's the creative slaves, is we don't come together when there's a wrong, we wait and get individually picked off.
It's already largely digital.
Understand, when they're doing a trillion dollars a month, it's basically digital.
And that's what Powell was saying.
And I even talked about it.
I said, think about this.
You know, if you go back and you're like, how high is a stack of trillion dollar bills?
It's so high that, you know, three and a half trillion dollars a stack of one dollar bills would take you all the way to the moon.
We've already spent 3.7 trillion.
They don't have that much paper to print all those bills.
And they're really worried about runs on banks.
And so that's why they're saying... I mean, literally this morning, I told my accountant, I said, get me more cash.
That's right.
I don't have that much.
I got like $15,000 or something, but it's locked up in a safe.
But the point is, I mean, folks, that's nothing.
It's all digital.
And these criminals have created this giant overhang of thousands of trillions of dollars, mortgages sold hundreds of times apiece.
And then they're trying to tell us we're the bad guys and they're getting ready to take over.
Instead of doing a run, instead of you doing a run on the bank, they can do a run on your bank account.
You just said it.
Federal Reserve announces the plan to do runs on your digital currency.
And every time they get a power, they abuse it right away.
That's right.
The barber who was shut down by Whitmer said, I've been a barber for a long time.
You know her big mistake?
It's the mistake of barbers.
It's not knowing when to stop cutting with a haircut.
That's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We've got even bigger news coming up.
You know, I've known David Knight 10 years now?
Yeah, about a little over 8.
A little over 8.
But I knew you before from contests for a while, and you've been on guests on the show.
Something about 9 years.
And you were always pretty relaxed.
You're getting even as animated as I am now because, well, you're a father.
I mean, you know, this is all confirmed.
People think, how do we know what's going to happen next?
It happens because it's predatory.
We have the documents.
And yes, it's crazy what they're doing, but they really have a battle plan.
They're very arrogant about it.
And we've got to stop this because this is a post-human world they're building.
Their excuses, there's too many of us.
We're eating all the food up.
Even if that's true, you don't go around murdering everybody and let Bill Gates do it.
I mean,
People need to be leveled with David, don't they, about the overall programs.
We can get down to minutiae of the test are fake and the vaccine hurts you and all that, but the overall agenda is we got robots controlling you, you're obsolete, you're not essential, we're going to put something in your body.
That's right.
You are afraid not only of the pieces of paper, you're afraid of other humans to the extent that, oh, we want robots to deliver the food, we want robots to cook the food, if we ever go back to restaurants and so forth.
This is what they've done.
It is
A combination of hypochondria and OCD that they have inflicted on people.
That's the fear.
And I've said this for the longest time, that's why I was glad to see President Trump with that tweet earlier to say, we've got to stop the fear.
We have the flu every year.
Let's put this in context.
We had the fear mongering just a couple of weeks ago.
Oh look, it's like the number of COVID deaths, assuming that they are actually accurate, but the number of COVID deaths
It's like six, seven, forty-sevens, or thirty-sevens or whatever, crashing every day.
And it's like, okay, we'll put that in perspective.
Even if that number were true, we have twelve airplane crashes worth of people dying from heart attacks every day.
We have twelve airplanes full of people... The point is the idea that you'll be protected by an anti-state is a lie.
That's right.
And Eisenhower, in a famous speech to a university, I forget which one,
It's like American University or something, or maybe Columbia.
He said, I can make you totally safe by putting you in a jail cell.
That's right.
But you're in a jail cell.
That's right.
So this idea, they don't want to keep you safe.
They want to imprison you.
And I've talked about this in terms of the war on drugs the longest time.
I said, look, you've got people who are dying of overdoses in jail.
So if you can't stop the flow of drugs inside of a jail, then what does that mean you're going to do to society?
All you can do is punish China's shipping the fentanyl in.
And they'll stop it.
Well, you know, the deal is, is that I see this rolling out, and I've been watching this for 204 days.
This is why I'm upset, Alex, because no matter how many times I explain, and I told everybody that's talking about all the different aspects of UN 2030 that we're rolling out with this universal basic income, robots taking your job, and on and on, the cashless society, complete surveillance.
We've seen all of this.
It was all being pushed under the Green New Deal.
And it's all admitted.
And they stick in a new excuse, a new MacGuffin, if you will.
That's what Hitchcock said.
No, but here's the good news.
Let's talk about this next segment.
Let's talk about all the boxes.
Let's have a brainstorm.
Let's talk about all the agendas that this thing aids.
And then the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN, Bill Gates, they admit, oh, the Davos Group, it's good for the earth.
We're lowering carbon footprint.
Thank you, COVID.
So they even admit they're using it as to get the good out of COVID.
is to end human civilization.
Well, then I say to them, stop buying $18 million houses on the beach, Obama.
Stop your lies.
You know, they go, oh, but just believe the science.
By 2017, they said all the cities would be flooded by water.
It's not even true.
They just lie and lie.
And as you said, the good news is,
Their big fraud of man-made global warming and we're bad and pay carbon taxes to the Rothschilds, that failed.
So now they just went, oh, we gotta lock everything down for this disease.
That's right.
All of it comes back to an ID.
A global ID.
That is a central thing.
That they control, that they tax.
And it was ID 2020, that was Gates' agenda.
Of course, he's got another agenda, he's got a lot of agendas.
He's got the immunization agenda 2030, where everyone, everywhere, every age, vaccinated.
And that's hundreds that come out with a year.
That's right.
He says that's why he says the new one.
Oh, for adults it's five COVID shots a year.
That's right.
But he wants a global idea.
He's been pushing this very hard in India.
They have the Aadhaar system there.
And you don't get anything from the government, any welfare, any services.
Let's explain why they're doing it, the agenda, and what it's going to look like and how it's going to roll out with David Knight straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones back in 60 seconds.
Your life depends on you listening to this and researching it and spread the link.
Seriously, this is life and death.
We are the resistance.
The greatest battle in the history of humanity is happening right now.
Don't sit on the sidelines.
Take action now.
The fight starts at InfoWars.com.
Don't let it dominate.
Don't let it take over your lives.
Don't let that happen.
We have the greatest country in the world.
We're going back.
We're going back to work.
We're going to be out front.
As your leader, I had to do that.
I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it.
I stood out front.
I led.
Nobody that's a leader would not do what I did.
And I know there's a risk, there's a danger, but that's okay.
And now I'm better, and maybe I'm immune.
I don't know.
But don't let it dominate your lives.
Get out there.
Be careful.
We have the best medicines in the world.
And it all happened very shortly.
And they're all getting approved.
And the vaccines are coming momentarily.
Thank you very much.
And Walter Reed, what a group of people.
Thank you very much.
Well, you get that 90% good message, don't live in fear.
Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
The vaccines are coming, because he knows they're trying to kill the economy itself, and then plunge everything, and then they're going to come with forced inoculations to begin with.
So, he's doing a judo move to take control of what they're doing.
Still very dangerous, David Knight.
Yeah, you know, when we look at where this is headed, Alex,
It was another listener who sent me, back on March the 16th, remember that article we had showed the green wristband?
Which is now confirmed.
He was saying they're going to test you.
MIT, you exclusively confirmed that?
That's right.
Well, and what he was saying is they're going to test you every day.
If you test negative, it'll be a fast test, which they've now just approved the Abbott Labs rapid test at the end of August.
And it takes about 15 minutes to get a result from that.
But they'll test you every day.
Once you get that little wristband, that's going to be good for a day.
Now, what they did in the real life, that was a model.
And of course, he was somebody who worked in the computer industry.
And we knew this was going to be computerized.
What they've done now as part of the Abbott Labs test, they have combined that with a free app, which they said will act as your health passport.
And so you will get that every day.
It'll go on your app.
It'll show when you were tested, where you were tested.
And now the UK, Australia, you saw the woman arrested because she didn't have her papers.
That's right.
Fifteen minutes just occurred to us, right?
It's like, this has been the plan for the longest time!
And just as we told people eight months ago, it's all rolling out exactly as we said, because it's a battle plan.
Because it's a fraud.
You've got to warn people.
You've got to stop complying.
You're not heroes when you do this.
You're helping bring in a high-tech tyranny that's going to also starve the third world to death, and then us later.
Here's another part of the plan.
Let me interject this, Alex.
Going back to when Bloomberg was running for president, remember when he trash-talked farmers?
Well, everybody missed the context of what he was saying.
He was saying you're obsolete.
He was arrogant about farmers.
He was arrogant about factory workers.
But what he was talking about was the agricultural revolution and then the industrial revolution and so forth.
And the end of that was he said, now, those of us like me who are smart, we're working on taking their jobs.
And he says, the task for us is to keep them happy so that they don't grab guillotines and come after us.
Nobody talked about that.
That's right, because Zuckerberg said the same thing.
He said, we're going to hold the American people at hand like you do at hospice when we take over.
These are quotes.
He goes, my users that trust me are dumb dumb ass.
These people are psychotics.
They don't see the rest of us as a market with them.
We live together.
We have a great life.
They think they're going to do all this evil and it's not going to affect them.
Well, guess what?
On Hawaii, in Kauai, everyone hates Zuckerberg.
He tried to take thousands of acres of ancient tribal land, the most sacred.
And just buy the land around it and block it, and people all hate him.
We hate you!
We know who you are, you soulless pig!
You monster!
And the left running death camps in China.
The left is Satan!
You're talking about tribal land.
This is not even something that the UN is rolling this out.
But we've already done this once in America.
It's called the Indian Reservation System.
And if you want to see what lockdown looks like in the Indian Reservation System, I've also had listeners send me
Uh, what is happening on these reservations?
It's a thing to run roughshod, take property, take people to jail, arrest them, beat them up.
Since the 1870s, they basically took away their ability to live the way that they chose, shut them down from creating any new farming, any new businesses, and they've got a very corrupt bureaucracy that runs that, and now, under lockdown,
They're under even stricter rules than we are here.
Much stricter rules.
And again, it's every slave class is the beta test for everybody else.
What you see happen to black folks is for white people.
And I'm not calling black slaves.
The globalists see them as a test class on record.
Now, David...
Well, we got you a few minutes left.
You're kicking butt here.
We got the big 40-hour broadcast that starts tomorrow.
You're going to be part of that.
You're going to kick that off at 8 a.m.
It's going to go for 40 hours straight.
It's an InfoWars money bomb to get in funding for equipment and infrastructure and legal bills to stay on air and stay in attack formation.
But you can get a lot of products right now on InfoWarsTour.com that make that all possible.
But let's talk about the checkboxes.
It brings in, COVID brings in the UN as the world authority.
And then if anybody doesn't follow what the UN is saying, even though it's all lies, then you get censored.
So it puts big tech as the policeman with AI in real time on what you say in cyberspace.
Then it puts drones in the air to watch you.
It puts face scanners in stores to watch you.
It rolls out the prison planet.
It gets rid of cash.
It makes us scared of our neighbors, scared of our friends.
It teaches us that we are non-essential.
It lets the robots take over and start delivering things to us.
It teaches us that
Interaction with each other is dirty and bad, so we don't have children.
It's all admitted in the population plan and now they admit that, but there are a lot of other facets to what this does.
What others come to mind?
Well, what you're talking about in terms of the global nature of this.
Think about how this is rapidly rolled out and we're seeing a unified approach around the world.
And the central part of all this, in my opinion, is the ID.
Isn't it interesting?
Well, it's not your opinion.
It's the Global Carbon Tax Tracker Surveillance Nexus Point to control tax and trace you.
To treat you like inventory, to treat you like cattle.
And then they always make you do more and more and more to prove you're essential.
That's right, that's right.
Sterilize yourself.
Chop your son's balls off.
These are the new sacraments.
Yeah, they eliminate the rule of law, they eliminate individual liberty, all of these things that are part of Western civilization, all that being swept away very quickly.
Zuckerberg is setting up his own new councils that decide who can have a website.
They said that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty, so his lawyers can't be on Facebook and defending.
That's right.
Because this is, this is, and the Congress is still debating whether Antifa is organized or whether Big Tech's a threat.
I mean, the Congress is a bunch of 80-year-old men and women who literally are idiots.
I mean, they are, they are the biggest chumps.
They think they've got power.
Everybody pulls their chair out, they give them their coffee, their jokes that are allowing this evil takeover.
You're idiots!
You're morons!
Well, it's the centralization of control.
It's the elimination of the individual.
It's the identification and the tracking of every single... It's the commodification of humans, as you said.
The Internet of Things.
I mean, it's 5G is part of the key structure of this because they have to have that bandwidth.
They've got to have it.
It monitors you.
It pierces all devices.
It tracks.
It runs their robots.
Because when there's clouds or problems, they need to have it on the ground, total control.
That's right.
And so, you know, we look at... And it kills us while they're at it.
That's right.
Yeah, that's the other part of it.
It's population control in both senses of the word.
Eliminate the vast majority of people because we are the virus.
And then he's saying this under environmentalism... David, David, it's gotta come from Satan.
I mean, it's so alien.
It's so sophisticated.
It's like it's been done before.
Like it fries us and sterilizes us while it controls us and makes us obsolete.
Well, just think about the fact that in Revelations, it's the mark of the beast, the mark of the government, which is a number.
Whatever you think the number means, the fact is that it's coming down to that right now.
That's the amazing thing to me about all of this, is how this is all converging.
Do you feel the earnestness in your heart, your soul, that we've got to do something now?
Oh yeah.
I said this earlier, I never got to it and I forgot to get to it, but I was invited to like Texas Best Seminars, like a lay preacher would put it on, a couple of people would show up, and one night I was at dinner with him after one of these events where, you know, eating eggs at night, omelets or whatever at some little diner.
I said, the mark of the beast will be a chip in your skin.
He goes, no it's not.
It's going to be a vaccine that goes into your DNA and changes it and makes you a genetically modified creature.
This is like 1997.
And he really said it sophisticatedly and I said, where did you read that?
And he goes, no, this pastor I know had a vision in East Texas.
And he said there's gonna be plagues they release and you'll have to have these shots that change who you are and then it'll actually sterilize you but to live you'll then have to have it and I mean this is a this is a preacher in in 1997.
Obviously that was divinely given.
I mean they didn't just make that and then now it's here.
Oh yeah absolutely.
Well forget that guy's name.
I wonder if he's still alive.
I need to get that guy on.
Well, you know, it's like the pastor I was speaking to today.
You know, you go back and you look at this, and I said this from the very beginning.
I said, I don't know how this is going to turn out.
I just know what my role in this is.
You know, it's just like... Stay there.
Let's talk about your role.
And the DeAnna Lorraine's coming in.
I'm Alex Jones on this live Tuesday Global Transmission.
Only reason we're on air is because of you, and I salute you, and I thank you.
Thanks for keeping us in attack formation, viewers and listeners.
You are the tip of the spear, and you are everything that we need to win this fight.
So there I am in some diner in North Austin in the late 1990s.
And there's this guy that puts on seminars as a Christian.
It's a political seminars.
And I'm having dinner.
Wes was there.
That night he had a Volkswagen back then.
And we're sitting at the counter.
And this fellow, I forget his name.
I was trying to find it this morning.
He looks at me and he says,
The Mark of the Beast isn't going to be a microchip, it's going to be a vaccine that reprograms your DNA and takes your body over and makes you part of the beast system.
That's very sophisticated.
A close preacher friend of mine basically had a vision.
And I was kind of like, okay.
But now, mRNA vaccines going in, reprogramming.
You were talking about growing up as a Christian, the church you were in, they thought it was more of an allegory.
Explain that, because now we're here, this is definitely real.
And notice the churches aren't saying a word.
So David, talk about that.
Talk about the big picture.
Because you were saying, it went to break.
Your mission is just to get the truth out and let folks make their spiritual decision.
I agree.
I have trouble, though, getting frustrated.
Like, I need to do more to stop this, but I guess it's going to end up being carried out.
Well, you know, that's it.
As I was saying, you know, when I grew up as a child, they looked at allegorical and they would say, well, you know, how's the entire world going to watch two witnesses get killed and so forth?
But now you don't even think twice about that.
We're watching things worldwide.
I mean, it wasn't too long after that that we had satellite television, but I mean, that's nothing compared to the Internet now.
And so I think I've heard a lot of people say over the years, they said, you know, all the mistakes that I've made in terms of understanding the Bible were because I didn't take things literally enough.
And now we're seeing it literally happening here.
And so what is our point of what we do here?
You know, I was just talking to Tony Spell, who has been holding church, never stopped holding church.
So they've arrested him.
He's getting the full China treatment now.
And under U.S.
law, Congress has no jurisdiction, even his local government.
They have no jurisdiction over our church.
Yeah, so, you know, it's a complete repudiation of all the founding principles of our country, as well as Western civilization.
And he said, well, you know, I've got orders of what I'm supposed to do.
We're going to have church, and, you know, that's what I've got.
That's right.
We've got to take God's orders and carry them out.
That's it.
Whatever happens.
And I said this from the very beginning.
That's it.
We're going to execute God's orders, brother.
That's right.
I've got to learn, because I get so frustrated that God's the general, I'm just the private.
I've got to stop worrying about the big picture, just do my job, follow the orders, and that's it.
I said from the very beginning, I said, I don't know if this is a dangerous disease or not.
I said, however, I'm going to do what I have to do, and that is show up here every day, and I'm just going to leave the consequences up to God.
That's what Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did.
They said, well, you can throw us in the furnace, and it's up to God.
If we die, we die.
Same thing with the lions, Dan.
So you don't know what's going to happen, but that's the way people live their lives.
That's what people did at the beginning of World War II in the UK, and they did it in America.
They said, well, we don't know what the consequences are, but freedom is in peril.
We're going to defend it with all of our life.
We're not rolling over.
But now we're rolling over to a virus.
They admit it's a giant overblown fraud, a scam, a power grab.
And they continue to add new control points and new control tactics even as their constantly shifting goalposts show to be a fraud.
You know, first it was all the deaths, then it was other things, now it's all about the test cases.
And that is the central point right now.
It's the test cases.
And I think that is the thing that we have to focus on because they're rolling out hundreds of millions of these, perhaps tens of billions of them as part of the stimulus package.
And it's all going to move very quickly.
To lock us down and to track us as we go.
And it's all admitted.
What's crazy is people say, don't you feel good being vindicated?
No, I feel physically sick.
I mean, how do you feel being vindicated?
Well, as you said before, it's like having a front row seat, you know, the end of the world here, you know, because you know that... Because it's authoritarian, what do you mean?
Gates is like, oh, this is going to kill a bunch of people.
Oh, 80% get sick, a bunch, and they're like, but you're going to take it.
They can't hide it anymore, man.
Oh, it's absolutely insane when you look at this.
And when they talk about the testing of the vaccines, they're going to do a lot of testing of us.
And of course, it's going to be bogus.
And the testing... And anybody they want to grab, they say, you didn't test or you came up positive, you just disappear.
That's right.
That's already being done everywhere.
That's right.
That's right.
We look at the, they're already talking in Australia about indefinite detention of people.
Remember when we had the NDAA in 2012?
They said, well, it's not just that you might have COVID, it's that you criticize our measures.
That's right.
And it's all UN-directed mayors that signed deals with the UN.
That's right.
That's why central governments have let the UN come in and take over.
Well, when you look at indefinite detention by the military, I mean, that's already happening now in Australia, and all of this bad stuff that you're seeing in Australia is happening in one state, and that guy, Dan Andrews, has taken a trillion dollars from the Chinese for their Belt and Road Initiative, and what he's doing is, he's creating a new infrastructure, alright?
It's an infrastructure of control of the people.
Let's say that again.
The main mayor, that he's all over the world as an example, and Australia as an example, got a billion bucks from the Chi-Coms,
A trillion.
A trillion.
Excuse me.
A T. Yeah.
This is one state.
So you've got the state of Victoria in Australia.
Well, I knew it was billions and billions.
A trillion?
A trillion.
A trillion dollars.
So I knew the Chot Comms bought Australia, but my God.
Oh, yeah.
A trillion dollars.
I said, you know, we can't come out of our houses.
Because they can only come out, you know, like one hour a day.
They said, we're hearing all this construction going on.
We're not sure exactly what they're building now because of the way that they're acting.
They've changed even their police uniforms.
Well, that's the other thing.
The uniforms have changed.
They're building stuff.
There's drones flying around.
What the hell's going on?
I notice a lot of the police, too, in those cities are Chinese.
Yeah, I don't know.
But the thing is... No, you watch the footage, yeah.
I can't tell because they've got these helmets on beating people.
You know, that's what I typically say.
I say a mob, you know, jumping on a woman... This is the smokescreen of the commie takeover.
The thing is, is that, again, it's only happening in the one state that took a trillion dollars from the Chinese.
There's even NPR, yeah.
Australia and New Zealand, and you go into it, a trillion dollars in investment.
And of course, in New Zealand, what did they do?
The biggest city there, Auckland, New Zealand, they completely shut down after about a hundred days.
They hadn't had a single even positive test case.
They found a family of three or four people who tested positive.
They shut down and locked down the entire city.
So, one person has it, you shut everything down.
The idea is no one's allowed to have a cold now.
That's the perfect takeover plan.
All right, listen.
We've got the special broadcast tomorrow, 40 hours, kicking off at 8 a.m.
with David Knight in the morning.
It's a powerful show, and I know you know this, listeners, but listen to me.
Everything is about censorship.
When you get upset, when you get active, when you share the links to the David Knight Show from 2020ElectionCenter.com, or the Alex Jones Show, or the War Room with Owen Schroyer, or Election Countdown with Yonah Lorraine and others, weeknights, Harrison Smith,
That's how you change the world.
They can't get away with what they're doing, and if you're there, we built this infrastructure for you and for ourselves, for you to call in, to have guests, and to be able to put out this information and challenge them.
They're censoring the President's tweets now, saying, don't be afraid, we can come together, reopen America.
This is a criminal takeover.
So, all of you, tell folks about that local radio station you're listening to every day.
Tell folks about the local TV station you're watching.
And tell folks about Banned.Video.
Now, Banned.Video is banned on Twitter to share the URL.
So, 2020ElectionsCenter.com.
Last time I checked, that URL's not banned.
Whatever you do, just understand, people are hungry.
They're thirsty for the truth right now, and now is the time.
People were asking me,
What's up with the Summit.News shirt?
Well, I mean, in case they shut us down, I helped Paul set up Summit.News.
It's his site.
And I'm proud of it.
And I'm getting to the point where I don't want to even pay Paul because we don't have the money to do it.
I tell Paul, go make some t-shirts.
Paul's busy, never really does it.
So now we're going to sell t-shirts.
So that Paul can fund the Finance Summit.News, get some more riders, some more people, and pass the baton on.
Not that I'm going away, but part of being 46 years old and doing this 26 years is, you got your elders like David Knight and my dad that work here up there, and I'm in the middle.
You bring in new people.
That's what a civilization of humans does.
So that's why we support Summit.News.
So buy your Navy Blue.
I love it.
It says Summit.News in the back.
It's got the Union Jack there, because we really support England standing up for its sovereignty against the EU.
And it's got Summit.News on the front and Summit.News on the back, and that helps fund Paul Joseph Watson into the future.
David Knight, amazing job.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Donald Rain, coming up.
Into the future.
All right, here's what I'm going to do.
We got some guests coming up.
We've got so much to cover.
I've seen the guest list for the 40-hour broadcast we're going to do, and when it's the David Knight Show, my show, or Owen's broadcast, those are tailored for radio and TV stations, so you have 14 minutes of ads an hour, which is the standard.
But during all the rest of the 40-hour broadcast, we'll air some promos, some breaks for folks to go to the bathroom or for other hosts to come in, but it's going to be basically live, non-stop, commercial-free.
We'll have some promos and news reports.
And we've just got so many big guests joining us.
So I'm very, very excited about tomorrow.
Really looking forward to it.
And, you know, we haven't done in a couple of years a big fundraiser like this, a money bomb.
But with all the Democrat-funded lawsuits and all the deep state, deep platforming and the rest of it, we need to raise money to be assured that we can operate into the middle of next year.
And so you guys have kept us on air.
You've done an incredible job.
When I see how the information we put out gets picked up by the White House, other major governments, how we're really a countervailing voice and we're very respected.
We've gone from being serious with some people, but a joke to others, to being seen as very, very serious.
I screw around, have some fun.
They always cherry pick that, put that out, try to hurt us, but God works in mysterious ways.
And it seems like our satire and our occasional fun once a week gets picked up by the media.
That ends up bringing us more people.
Uh, and so it's, it's, it's, it's been amazing and it's been incredible being here on air with all of you and, and, and, and, and going through all of this together like Mark Dice.
I mean, my gosh, I've known Mark Dice since 2005, 2004.
Now Trump's saying,
We need to repeal Section 230 that gives liability protection to big tech and allows them to do all this.
And there's Mark Dice, just got tweeted by Trump.
If we don't stop this, it won't be much longer until people are banned from even owning a cell phone that big tech doesn't like, but they talk about and text without their friends.
Man, Mark Dice is so smart, man.
When you know him behind the scenes, he's very humble.
He's very hard to get on a live show.
He finally is doing his own tape shows.
Uh, but they're, they're like taped to air.
I mean, they're basically live.
He interviews them, uh, from his kitchen.
Uh, which he was doing like 15 years ago or whatever.
Now, now finally the media has caught up to how cool it is to tape in your kitchen.
What's crazy is I've been in that kitchen.
He's been in the same apartment forever in San Diego.
So he's coming up next hour and we're really excited about that.
But man, every globalist agenda there is.
They are bringing it in with this.
This has all been pre-planned.
And then here's what's crazier.
Obviously, we see it's pre-planned.
We know it's pre-planned.
You know it's pre-planned.
But then they admit it's pre-planned!
And it's like super uncool!
But see, to a Bezos, or a Zuckerberg, or a Rockefeller... You know, all that's going down, of all that's un... Wow, this is a big story.
Print that for me.
With all that unfolding,
They can't have us on air when we've been proven so incredibly right.
And so that's why it's such a stick in their eye.
It's such a thumb in their eye.
It's such a brick upside their head.
It's such a punch in the nose to the New World Order.
Hell, it's getting their kneecaps broken.
It's getting their intestines torn out.
I mean, the fact that... I mean, Bill Gates is universally the most hated man in the world.
And all this PR can't buy him escape from that.
And who he is and what he wants to pull.
And so, yeah, they're screwing us over.
They're hurting us bad, but we're, we're fighting back.
So don't think in this fight, we're getting licked.
We're giving way better than they're giving.
And we're just getting started.
And the enemy's scared.
I mean, I know the globalist.
I know who they are.
I know how they operate.
And I see fear in their eyes.
That's good.
Cause they sold out to the devil.
They're sellouts.
They're weak.
They're pathetic.
Let's go to the special John Bowne report.
The COVID fiends demand sacrifice.
We'll go to that in a little while.
Then we're going to come back and we've got our special guest coming up.
We've got Mark Dice.
We've got so much more here today.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Band.Video, 2020ElectionCenter.com is just a clone of that.
You're actually able to share and it doesn't get you flagged or whatever for now.
Here is the very important report to the John Bowne section of Band.Video, the COVID Fiends Demand Sacrifice.
I research bioweapons and all sorts of stuff, and masks.
And I'm going to tell you, in my entire professional career, I have never heard anybody actually believe that any kind of masks, short of an actual level 4 containment suit, made a difference to small particle viruses.
I told you this was all coming.
And already the COVID shutdown is annihilating the worldwide economy.
The coronavirus pandemic is about to bring on a wave of bankruptcies in 2020.
Big apparel brands and department stores like J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus, and J.C.
Penney all filed for bankruptcy to reorganize their businesses.
But it's not just the retail sector that's suffering.
Bankruptcies now ripple through almost every industry.
I mean, this is a big deal.
When I tell you the supply chain's breaking down, when I tell you our big food supplier actually has the food, and all the other places are sold out, and they're trying to buy food months and months out, the price has already gone up 20, 30 percent.
I mean, this is really going on.
And they're really coming in Australia.
Why are you arresting her?
What's she doing?
What's she doing?
Why are you taking her?
Where's she going?
Why are you taking her then?
What's the point?
She's going for a swim with her kids!
In leftist areas of Europe, the U.S.
saying we're going to forcibly inject you.
There will literally be hundreds and hundreds, indeed the entire team is a thousand strong, door knockers out there talking to the community, inviting them to come and get a free test, whether they be symptomatic or asymptomatic.
That'll be done in lots of new ways.
And if you don't, you can't leave your house.
And they're gonna make it a waiting list to get it.
And there's a lot of people bought into the fear.
Ben in particular felt he had to live his life at a million miles an hour so that he didn't have to stop and let those demons come into his head.
This is Chris Brown.
Two months ago, his son Ben took his own life.
He was 22, studying engineering, and months away from starting with the army.
Lockdown, of course, gave him a lot of opportunities, I'm afraid, to just sit on his bed, lie on his bed, and let those demons play with his mind.
There's been a significant spike in domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic, and now a United Nations report is warning that the number of cases could increase.
The report says six months of stay-at-home measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 could lead to 31 million more cases of domestic violence around the world.
A United Nations official called it a growing crisis within the crisis.
A knock at the door just past 6.30 Friday night.
Two men, masks pulled below their mouths, outside Anna's home near Southwestern College.
Can I help you?
Anna's question, through her ring doorbell, gets an odd reply.
I was looking for the queen of the castle.
Moments later, the man at the door makes his pitch.
I was looking for the queen of the castle.
We're out doing COVID testing.
Have you checked yet?
Anna, an ICU social worker, sends something shady.
What they're really after is your personal information.
It ends up with someone divulging their credit card or debit card and their other information, and then nothing ever arrives.
And it's all weird fetishizing that, oh, you're heroes because you wear the mask, you're saving lives.
And it's like, oh, just wear the mask.
Oh, just take the inoculation.
Oh, just have the tracker chip.
Oh, just...
Just have the tracker app.
Oh, just be a hero.
And then Pelosi comes out two months ago and goes, he will be fumigated out of the White House one way or another.
And then they start saying, oh, the military needs to remove him.
The military says we won't do that.
They go, oh, Trump wants the military.
Then they're going to hold up the election with the ballots.
And then on January 20th, if Trump hasn't
Well, in the election, clearly she will vote at the House of Representatives and install who she wants.
And they've got it all fired up right now.
No one gives you power.
You have to take it from them.
That's what Pelosi famously said.
Alright, I'm gonna lay something really heavy on you.
You heard of magic?
I'll tell you what real magic is when we come back.
I'm gonna tell you a big secret.
I think now it's time to start unlocking the secret weapons.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, welcome back.
We got Mark Dice coming up and so much more today.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
But let me lay this out, and let me explain why the enemy is so into the occult and so into what they call magic and the unseen.
Because ancients didn't understand all the electromagnetic wavelengths, the other dimensions, the dark matter, all of it.
But they were trying to figure it out.
They knew it was there because they saw it.
They understood it.
They knew about the sixth sense.
They understood it.
But I'll just go ahead and tell you some personal stories about this.
But first off, you see a man dressed like a woman calling himself a woman, stealing the identity of a woman.
He really looks like a vampire.
And he's simulating cutting a baby out of his stomach and drinking his blood and reveling in it.
And the media proposes, says, oh, look at this great art.
Their culture is the destruction of our children.
That is their ritual against God.
It's not just a baby they're killing.
It's the entire genetic memory of two different people that came together to form that with all those instincts, all those memories in a very deep form of Congress that is even beyond a new human being created.
It's interdimensional.
It is magic.
It is truly powerful.
It's God at work.
And so I didn't understand this when I was like five years old and my dad's dad who was a very nice good person but very masculine and very shamanic type person like everybody like this is a leader right here and when he was dying of cancer he called me in there right when he was dying and he grabbed my hand he do this to my dad other people he said basically I'm gonna be with you ever I'm I'm I'm going with you I'm transferring myself to you and it wasn't like his ghost doing and it was a interdimensional psychic
The best way to describe it, everything in Hollywood is a copy or a twisting of what's actually real.
It's like a Vulcan mind melt.
And so that happened.
And right after that happened, I was like, all of a sudden having like memories of an adult and all these things.
And it was a major psychic imprint.
Of course, the guys around my grandfather were like, whoa, because they weren't probably your average bear either.
And so that went on.
And then on my other side of the family, he died about six years ago.
My mom's brother, when I was like 12 years old one summer down there visiting him, and I'm in his garage, he's working on a car, and I'm talking about
I think so.
And I'm sitting there driving and he goes, listen, let me tell you something.
There's a time when everybody decides which side they're going to be on.
And you finally make that decision when it gets so bad.
And he grabbed me and told me about the government and child trafficking and what he saw working secret operations for the army.
And when he looked at me, he was really scary looking.
It wasn't evil looking.
It was just very, did not look like, it was like really scary looking.
And it was because he said, you know, a long time ago, I, I, I, you understand this already.
I like imprinted my will onto you.
And he goes, and he, and he basically said, there's stuff coming up.
I don't know how long I'm going to be here, but I'm meeting with some people.
They were involved against Obama and stuff.
I mean, I don't even know what was going on folks.
And they probably killed him.
But the point is, is that he literally said, you're going to carry the best shit out.
Now imagine the enemy hands down their stuff to their people too.
But that's all like a psychic measuring head.
That's why they want to put this crap into our DNA.
It's why they want to block off our ancestral memories.
Because that just wasn't my grandfather.
That wasn't my uncle.
That was all those people wanting victory for our species.
They may have their 5G and their Satan worship, and they may have all their crap and their killing kids and all of it, and their demons that work for them, but we got God.
And there's a lot of stuff that isn't in your books.
There's a lot of stuff that's not there.
And I just want to say, all of us carry the strength of our ancestors.
And there's people that understand that and are conscious of it, and that's what America's Strength is all about, is that America is a group of people that believe in humanity, and actually believe in Christ, and are generationally committed.
My grandmother, before she died, gave me the same damn speech.
And I was like, you know, you don't, I've never read this stuff in books, I've never seen this stuff anywhere, I think people need to know about this.
They're alive inside of us, and they are passing on that power that God gave them, and that gave all those people behind them.
That baton is that spirit.
You think about a mother with a baby.
And loving it, taking care of it, and parents and all the things they do.
And every person before them, it's the same touch.
All that love is transmitted forward through each family.
So whether you had somebody a thousand years ago or ten thousand years ago that did something or saw something, all of that is literally like electricity going into the future, connected to everything before it.
You're just as related to your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother as you are to your mama.
More so.
Because everything she was has been filtered through now into the future and arcing out with that knowledge to give you that vision.
And so everything the enemy does is about breaking off that connection and stopping that.
And that's going to fail!
The devil is going to make his play and a lot of folks are going to die.
But let me tell you, humanity is going to win.
And so I just want Satan
And all of his minions and all of his servants to know, you're a loser, you know you're a loser, your servants are losers, and you will and have been defeated already.
And so, this is a speech to myself as much as any of you, because I get down watching all this and knowing what's happening and want to try to stop it.
You know what?
What David Knight said made me decide to tell you this.
Big truth.
When he said, his job is following God's orders.
And there's a great surrender to that.
Stop worrying, you know God's right, do the right thing, and let God take control of it.
Because the enemy has, they're definitely under Satan's control.
They turned themselves over to Satan completely.
And you can see it out in the open now, but imagine turning yourself over to Christ.
Imagine really doing it.
And I just wish I could have asked my uncle, like, who taught you this?
Or my grandfather.
Two different sides of the family.
Same thing.
But that's spirit.
Spirit knew on both sides of my family.
Or maybe they did with other people.
I don't know.
But they certainly said, I mean, my mom's dad said, he was never like this to anybody.
He was like, you're gonna do great things.
You're gonna do these huge things.
You're gonna, and I was like, what are you doing?
This is really weird what you're talking about.
He goes, I just know.
I've prayed about it.
And it's real, folks.
Like, what was the name of the guy?
Wes, you were able to find it.
Wes Curtis, another Wes.
Literally sat there 20 years ago, 23 years ago, in a diner at night and said, there'll be a world government with a forced inoculation that rewrites your DNA and makes you a genetically modified creature.
That's four months.
Santo and Terminator Genes were even news.
And I said, how do you know?
He said, my preacher had a vision.
And he was so sure it was the same type of feeling.
It wasn't like he was imprinting me with his knowledge, he was just saying, this is how it is.
And if you take the mark, it literally rewrites yourselves where you can't even connect with God.
The devil has this all figured out, folks, but so does God, before the devil even existed.
All we gotta do is choose God, but God can do one thing, and that's anything.
And what's the one thing that a true omnipresent creature would have to deal with?
Creating new omnipresent creatures, but in a baby form, that have free will, and because you give them free will, they could be deceived and taken into evil.
And that's really the great mystery answer of why God does this.
All right, I'm done talking about that.
We got Mark Dice come out with his new book.
He'll announce the name of it.
It's a big deal on the show.
We're glad he's launching it here.
We're honored to have him launch it.
We love Mark Dice.
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Stay on air.
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So thanks for your support.
Some good things happened behind the scenes because of your prayers.
So we're in a better position than we were, but still we need to raise funds.
But we're not in a shutdown position.
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Tell them we're in a shutdown.
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A lot of good things happened in the last 48 hours.
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We're literally at the point of maybe having to shut down.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
According to the former FBI Director Jim Comey, abuse of power by the top brass at the FBI is how doing it by the book is done at the top law enforcement agency in the world.
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.
I do.
Thank you.
Mr. Comey, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the top of the line,
How would you rate the Crossfire Hurricane investigation in terms of being done thoroughly, by the book, an investigation the FBI should be proud of?
I'm not sure I can apply a number scale, but I would say in the main it was done by the book, it was appropriate, and it was essential that it be done.
Did you know that Mr. Clinesmith doctored the email
For it to read that there was no association between Page and the CIA, that he changed there was to there was not.
How do you feel about that?
I know nothing about Mr. Clinesmith other than what I've read in the public records.
Well how do you feel in general about an FBI lawyer doctoring information at Sculptory to somebody being surveilled?
Any false statement in the course of an investigation is deeply disrespectful.
But you didn't know anything about that, okay?
The Crossfire Hurricane, Crossfire Razor investigations, I think it really shaken confidence in the system.
And my goal as chairman, and this will go into the next Congress no matter who's in charge, Senator Feinstein, is that FISA needs to be reauthorized, but right now without substantial reform.
I don't think we could get it reauthorized.
It took four years to gather them, but all of the pieces have been found regarding the deep state corruption jigsaw puzzle.
The Russian collusion hoax instigated by powered mad demon Hillary Clinton has been completely unearthed.
It is now known that the CIA asked the FBI in 2016 to investigate
Whether Hillary Clinton had approved a plot to distract from her email crimes by, quote,
Send a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee explaining that the CIA's referral had been given to top FBI leadership, including former Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok.
And as Jamie White wrote,
The CIA had ironically learned of the allegations from Russian intelligence claiming Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against US presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians hacking of the Democratic National Committee.
This is a scandal about what was a coup planned against the incoming administration at the highest levels, and I can report here tonight that these declassifications that have come out, those weren't easy to get out, and there's in fact far more waiting to get out.
Unfortunately, those releases and declassifications, according to multiple sources I've talked to, are being blocked by CIA Director Gina Haspel, who herself
We're good to go.
Of course, the Democrats continued their disconnected pattern of preying on the gullible, claiming that impending matters required more attention.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
You know, when we left July 31st for the August recess, they had us scheduled only to come back in for three out of the next 15 weeks.
That is the best sign of any sign.
That she has no intention of Congress trying to be helpful to the country to navigate this pandemic and keep us in as good a position as possible.
It's all about defeating Donald Trump.
John Bowne section.
Go to Banned.Video.
Click the left-hand corner.
You'll see the John Bowne channel.
It's all right there.
But you can't share Banned.Video on Twitter.
You can only share 2020ElectionCenter.com.
So we send that link to Mark Dice.
Hopefully he shares it because he's the king of Twitter and he's coming up right now with his new book.
He's premiering here today.
We're very honored.
We love Mark Dice.
So, unfiltered, live, Mark Dice straight ahead with only 27 days left till the election.
The pro-human resistance lives at Infowars.com, but only you can give this operation wings.
Only you can stand in defiance to the destruction of humanity.
I just left Walter Reed Medical Center, and it's really something very special.
The doctors, the nurses, the first responders, and I learned so much about coronavirus.
And one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you.
Don't be afraid of it.
You're gonna beat it.
We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently.
And you're gonna beat it.
I went, I didn't feel so good.
And two days ago, I could have left two days ago.
Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have in a long time.
I said just recently, better than 20 years ago.
Don't let it dominate.
Don't let it take over your lives.
Don't let that happen.
We have the greatest country in the world.
We're going back.
We're going back to work.
We're going to be out front.
As your leader, I had to do that.
I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it.
I stood out front.
I led.
Nobody that's a leader would not do what I did.
And I know there's a risk, there's a danger, but that's okay.
And now I'm better, and maybe I'm immune.
I don't know.
But don't let it dominate your lives.
Get out there.
Be careful.
We have the best medicines in the world.
And it all happened very shortly.
And they're all getting approved.
And the vaccines are coming momentarily.
Thank you very much.
And Walter Reed, what a group of people.
Thank you very much.
Well, I'm really excited about Mark Deiss, media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author, constantly making national news with his insightful analysis.
He's a best-selling author.
He's got a new book.
I'm going to let him announce it.
We're really honored that he's announcing it here on air with us today.
We've got him for the next 50 minutes, the rest of the hour.
Find him on YouTube for now at Mark Deiss, and again, also on Twitter.
Mark, great to have you here.
Wow, what a crazy time, but 27 days out.
Great to be with you, Alex.
One of the few platforms in the country that's truly independent from the social media titans, from the big tech censors.
We just saw President Trump got censored again today.
It's incredible what you've been able to build, and I know that you're under attack.
They're always inventing new and more devious ways to try to continue to further reduce your voice.
So, great to be here where we can speak freely and not be concerned about getting deplatformed, demonetized, censored, suppressed.
And the new book is, Hollywood Propaganda, How Television, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.
And everybody knows that Hollywood is liberal, that they push a liberal agenda, but people need to know how deep it goes and the mechanisms of power that are behind the scenes.
Because just like in Washington, D.C., there are lobbyist groups that lobby members of Congress to pass laws.
Hollywood has lobbying agencies that come and lobby the writers in the studios to insert specific messages into the shows and into their scripts to popularize ideas.
You're absolutely right, and now it's very clear to the President.
I saw you were commenting on his tweet.
Repeal Section 230.
You said if we don't stop this, it won't be much longer until people are banned from even owning a cell phone if big tech doesn't like what they talk about or text with their friends.
They're even inside the WhatsApp of Facebook blocking Alex Jones, blocking Jordan Peterson.
I've seen blocking you.
So this is, I mean, they're getting away with bloody murder here.
It's terrible and the tech has evolved far beyond what the laws are able to keep up with and we've been complaining about section 230 needing amending for many years now and it's not far-fetched to see that somewhere down the line
Windows or Apple could literally just deny you, for example, the right to have an iPhone or the right to use their software.
You're creating content that's violating their terms of service that you agreed to with the click-through menus that you supposedly agreed to when you install the software.
And it's getting so bad and, you know, in my previous book, The Liberal Media Industrial Complex, I talked all about that.
We're all familiar with how social media has evolved over the last few years, especially since the 2016 election to suppress
Hollywood is an incredible weapon, really, that's been used and weaponized more in the last few years with the anti-Trump agenda, the war on America, pushing socialism.
We're having television shows now promote ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as the new boogeyman.
And a lot of this has to deal with these social impact agencies, which are literally Hollywood lobbying groups that are used by Planned Parenthood, by LGBT groups, by the United Nations, the Obama administration used them.
And they're the ones who whine and dine, Hollywood producers, writers, and they get their literal ideas and characters inserted into the scripts of popular shows.
So we're seeing Ice be the new boogeyman.
Ice are the bad guys.
There was an episode of The Conners, the terrible spinoff of the Roseanne franchise, where one of the characters had a boyfriend who worked at a restaurant.
He was an illegal alien.
He got detained in a sweep and it was a big heartbreaking moment about how terrible ICE is and they're breaking up families because he just knocked her up and immigration is the big enemy and President Trump's behind the whole thing.
It's just incredible because people who haven't...
I totally agree.
Let me just say this.
There's not a bunch of questions I want to ask you.
I only got to read half the book.
I got it two days ago.
It's amazing.
All your books are amazing.
They're all groundbreaking.
But I wouldn't call you a late bloomer because I know you were on my show in 2004, 2005.
I met you in 2006 in LA.
You were always great on air.
You always did a great job.
But, brother, I'm a big fan.
So are all the listeners.
I know the White House is.
Trump's a big fan.
You just get better and better.
So, I mean, what's going on here, Mark?
Because I got better in ways, but worse than others.
My trajectory is like this.
Yours is like this.
What's going on with Mark Dice?
Getting a red cape and flying around here soon?
Well, I think I found my voice, I found my passion, and with President Trump being a candidate that a lot of the disaffected voters could actually get behind to break the two-party system, to break the establishment, the D.C.
swamp, it was a great cause to get behind.
So Trump's energy in the fight has supercharged you?
Churchill said, he said, most great men are made by the great circumstances they're in.
I started supporting Trump early 2015 when I started seeing the vicious attacks against him and I'm like, well that's not true what the media is saying about him and I just kept debunking the lies and the smears and listening to him directly instead of just the sound bites that were fed through the filtered mainstream media.
It became apparent that he was our guy.
How iconic is him taking that mask off and saying,
The only fear we have to fear is fear itself.
Because I didn't like a lot of what Roosevelt did, but he was a great leader, a great orator.
The only Democrat in the last century was even half-decent.
I mean, Trump is now Roosevelt-level saying, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
The mainstream media in this country is Nazi Germany level.
It's Orwellian level.
The fact that they're openly disappointed that the president is getting well, that they were glad that he was sick.
In the last few days, they've reached a new low.
They're literally disappointed that the president
...has made a rapid recovery, is making rapid recovery from the coronavirus.
They were hoping that he was going to be on a ventilator.
Let's face it, they really want him dead.
Oh, they want their own recovery dead?
What do the left think if they bankrupt America and no borders, no walls, and collapse it?
Why do they think they're going to get ahead?
They're not.
Because they want a voter base of people who want handouts.
They want the universal basic income.
They want to siphon off the wealth from those of us who work hard, who save our money, who dedicate our time and our education to trying to make a good life for ourselves and our families.
They want to take the money from us through taxes and through inflation and then give it to those who want a handout in order to bait them into continue supporting the Democrat Party.
And that's why the Democrats are openly shifting
So far to the left, it's becoming a Marxist movement.
Well, again, we've got the late bloomer who was kick-ass 16, 17 years ago, and is now Tyrannosaurus Rex meets Godzilla level.
We have Mark Dice with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
I got a list of questions for him and the new book, Hollywood Propaganda, available.
We'll tell you, we push this to number one.
We need to push this to number one.
The threat is real.
A global alliance of communist Chinese, Hollywood, the left,
Radical Islam is trying to bring down the United States of America.
We're joined by Mark Dice.
Alright, I got up to page 149.
I only got this book two days ago.
And so I want to talk about this as we wage war on corruption.
Some actors are real CIS, that's the part I got up to.
Because we can talk about events, we can talk about things that are happening, but people need to know the blueprint of how it operates.
So Mark, we can get into the war on Trump, the 25th Amendment, fan fiction, immigration, the war on white people, abortion, LBGT agenda, gender swaps and feminism.
You got the floor.
So just, where do you want to go next?
Your book, these points?
I want to drive your book to number one.
You know, launching it today, I'm so honored you're here.
That's a big political statement if we drive your book, Hollywood Propaganda No.
1 on Amazon.
How do we do that?
I think we can if everybody buys it right now.
And last year, the Liberal Media Industrial Complex, my previous book, was number two.
Number two of all books the day that I announced it.
So if everybody goes to Amazon, orders Hollywood propaganda, how television, movies, and music shape our culture, there's a very, very good chance we can get it to number one.
Brian Stelter will cry himself to sleep tonight.
As usual, Liberal Media is going to totally freak out.
You know, a lot of people say that they're not into politics, but pop culture is politics.
It's woven into the fabric under the disguise of entertainment.
And especially recently, because now even sports, which usually was one of the last places you could go to escape the pressures of politics, has been inundated with it.
And of course, that's a very specific tactic that the Democrats are using.
In order to get their agenda to people who usually don't follow the news or maybe even if they do to just bombard them with messages about how terrible Trump is and we gotta just either not go and vote for him or get out and vote for Joe Biden to get him out.
It's a very crafty method of propaganda and to illustrate how powerful entertainment is.
This is declassified by the way.
The CIA actually created a record label in Cuba and hired rappers in order to foment dissent against Raul Castro trying to overthrow his regime because they wanted music that was against his
That was anti-communism.
That was, you know, similar to the anti-establishment music that we had in the United States in the 1960s.
And so the CIA obviously wanted Raul Castro communism to collapse in Cuba.
So they literally started a record label and hired rappers and fed them points and helped promote their careers in order to spread a message
Through the music.
That's how powerful entertainment is.
But only because it wasn't CHICOM, big corporate fascist communism.
It was a branch of communism that I don't support.
It was terrible, but something they didn't run.
And that is how powerful entertainment is, and that's, think of the effects of rap music, and people point to rap music and blame it for some of the violence, or blame movies, and it's not accurate to say that it's a cause, but in many cases, it's definitely a catalyst.
It prepares, it primes people, it encourages, it guides people's thoughts.
It's a powerful medium.
And so, we have recently, these social impact agencies, which are Hollywood lobbyist groups,
Whining and dining, popular studios and writers to insert their leftist propaganda, pro-abortion messages, glorifying abortion.
This is why same-sex marriage became so widely accepted, is literally television shows like Ellen, really kind of... Let's talk about that.
What's the agenda behind that?
Because they're force-feeding that all day long.
Well, at first they said, oh, they just want the right to get married.
But now they must be celebrated.
Now they're at every award show.
They're heroes.
They're amazing.
And their foot was in the door to now what we see here just a few years later, Child Drag Queens.
Drag Queen Story Hour.
This complete
Debauchery of the human soul.
And a few years ago, if there was a child drag queen being promoted on ABC's Good Morning America, which Desmond is Amazing was, by Michael Strahan and the co-hosts, there would have been a national outrage.
Literally, people would have completely lost their mind.
But now, Michael Strahan applauds.
It's an 11-year-old dressed in drag, performing at gay bars.
On video with convicted murderers and drug dealers.
Performing simulated strip teases at gay bars while men throw dollar bills.
And I guess that's why, you know, one of your strikes on YouTube was because you said that, uh, that was an abomination and that's considered to be hate speech because you're not allowed to criticize this.
And now we see finally, at least there was some outrage over Netflix's cuties, but there's another documentary.
Oh, they lost like two and a half million subscribers, but that's a thing.
The NFL loses a third of their viewers or more.
Baseball, basketball, they don't care.
They just keep... Why do they push even though it destroys their own operations?
Well, it's ideology over income.
And they're so desperate that they're doing everything that they can to try to inundate viewers at every angle with the leftist propaganda.
The popular sports website Deadspin was told, the upper management told the riders to stick to sports, which
You know, it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who works at a sports website.
And one of the editors revolted, filled the webpage with a bunch of pop culture news, a bunch of political news.
He was fired.
He tweeted out, unironically, that he was fired for not sticking to sports after being told to.
That's how crazy they are.
They need to use every possible avenue.
I agree.
I would love to be able to go someplace to check out of this.
I can't.
It's everywhere.
It's every movie, every show, every sporting event.
I just, I can't walk down the street.
It's just everywhere.
But don't they get markets pissing us off it's not making us accept it?
It is having a big backlash and I think that's an unintended consequence perhaps their arrogance is making them blind to that a lot of people are being energized by this pushing back on this we started seeing it in 2015 with the crazy Halloween costumes being ridiculed or being you know banned for being offensive and now
People, conservatives, those of us who still have some intelligence in us, are openly mocking these people and pushing back, and people are rising up by simply criticizing and pushing back.
So it is, as you say, it's an info war.
Well, I totally agree with you, Mark, and I want to go into your book when we come back, but let me ask you this.
You never compromised.
When I got deplatformed two and a half years ago, you were one of the only people, other than like Tucker Carlson, that said it was wrong and they were coming for everybody next.
Which, people think, oh, you're going to get banned for that.
You've been censored.
You've been blocked some.
You've been frozen here and there.
But how have you maintained your integrity and still not been deplatformed on YouTube and Twitter?
What is it about you?
Because most people that grovel get banned.
You didn't.
You're still there.
They're shadow banning you, but you've still survived.
Are they scared of you or what is it?
Well, because I'm on a mission and my mission is the message.
My mission is not about making money.
My mission is not about getting famous.
It's about the message.
And I'm so
Tunnel vision focused on that, that I'm not going to give up.
And there's some things on YouTube I kind of have to, you know, dance around or drop a little hints by and sort of shy away from, which is why the book is filled with a lot of information that you won't find on my YouTube videos.
I think part of the reason why I survived, why I haven't gotten caught up at least yet in a major cycle of mainstream media attacks this cycle around, this election,
Is because I don't think they take me seriously.
Because I kind of clown around.
I like to have a good time.
And so I appreciate you having me on so people can kind of see the serious side of me.
And as you know from reading the book, I have a very serious side.
Mark, that's not it.
You're a YouTube institution.
It's too obvious if they ban you.
And now I'm getting retweeted by the President.
I was invited to the White House.
And I don't say that to brag, but that's just a reflection of the success and of the mission being rewarded by the President himself.
And I think since I have so many eyes on me now, that they might be a little bit more cautious to ban me.
I agree, because now the censorship is such a big deal, they don't want to get you.
But I think if Biden wins, they're going to get you.
I want to ask you, what happens if Biden wins?
God forbid.
They're going to contest the election.
What do you think about that?
Mark Dice got a bunch of questions here for you.
Comedy is now political.
The Department of Defense in Hollywood.
Propaganda in sports.
What your book covers?
You know, I get guest on the show.
And most people get it, but some people go, Oh, Jones fawns after his guests.
Well, yeah, I get on who I admire.
Yeah, exactly.
Why have your enemy on?
So many times, the entertainment I get, the happiness, I could be depressed and I get down sometimes and it's like 6 in the morning and I get up and I'm getting coffee and Mark Dice must be up at 4 a.m.
in California and like boom, there's a new video because I subscribed to it.
I'm like, it makes me feel good because he makes it fun and you know, I want to be like that.
I do that sometimes.
I want to be able to like process this somehow and not get where I want to kill people.
Because that's what this comes down to.
The new book, Hollywood Propaganda.
I've got an advanced copy right here.
They're out today.
And look, Mark could have sold out.
He could have had a national TV show.
I don't even know about the offer he got.
This isn't about the money.
It's about the victory of sending this to the top of Amazon.
So people need to go to MarkDice.com.
They need to go to Amazon.com.
They need to go... Where do people go, Mark?
Because I'm like asking you in the break, what do you want to talk about?
All about this issue.
I'm like, let's talk about your book.
You came on about your book.
Let's go to number one.
It's all in the book.
It's an amazing book.
I've read about a third of it so far, maybe half, 40% or so.
Why do people need to get the book?
Where do they get the new Mark Dice book, Hollywood Propaganda?
It's not in stores because I published it, so you have to get it from Amazon.com in a paperback, or you can download the e-book from any of the major e-book stores.
And I published it because I wanted to say what I wanted to say.
I don't want a publisher to come and have it reviewed, and, oh, we want you to change this, you can't say this.
Oh, they totally control everything.
We won't publish it.
If you say this, they would send back notes.
It would be a total nightmare.
People ask why I don't have a book out.
I've done deals with big publishers, and then they put out a book.
I didn't say these things.
You have to refuse the book.
So this is exactly what I want to say, completely uncensored.
And Hollywood is an entertainment capital of the world, but it's the propaganda capital of the world.
It's the political capital of the world, in a sense, aside from DC, because they set the culture, as Andrew Breitbart said, which has been called the Breitbart Doctrine.
Politics is downstream from culture.
Hollywood shapes the culture, gets people to accept ideas that then are literally turned into laws.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez co-hosted, or was a guest host rather, on RuPaul's Drag Race.
This is a competition reality show about who's the best drag queen.
Mark, I'm gonna stop you.
I really want your book to go number one because that is a big victory.
Tell us how we get the book, how it goes number one.
Go to Amazon.com, search for Hollywood Propaganda, and click the link and order it right now.
And if we order it now, right after this broadcast, we concentrate the sales and the algorithm will push it up to the top.
And I'm confident that we can get it very close.
Yeah, let me explain to the listeners.
If we all just buy 10,000 copies a day and there's millions listening, if we just do it, you get a great book, you can read it, give it to somebody and wake them up, that will push it to the top and cause a chain reaction.
Which then totally pisses the enemy off.
It's a big victory.
It's a big cannonball.
We got the howitzer aimed at the enemy ship.
Let's sink their ass.
We gotta bump John Brennan is up near the top.
We gotta push him off the top.
Ted Cruz is up near the top.
We can overtake him if everyone goes and orders Hollywood propaganda by Mark Dice right now.
And, you know, as I was saying... It's only got five stars.
Just launched hours ago.
AOC guest hosted the Drag Queen Show and she told the drag queens that they are responsible for getting laws changed about LGBT, A, B, C, D, F, G people because she knows she didn't call it the Breitbart Doctrine, but that's what she was talking about.
Change the culture, you're able to change the laws.
And that's what they've done.
And so they are literally
Pulling the strings and putting up a false mirror to try to shape society into the directions that they want us to go in and we're seeing the effects of this with Everybody's apologizing to be white now because it's you you you can't be proud What about the war on white people your book covers that?
Now we've been seeing that obviously with Black Lives Matter, all Hollywood people are involved in that, but in the award shows for the last few years they've been complaining about too many white people are getting nominated, too many white people are winning the awards, and so now we're seeing Hollywood is catering to this idea that white people need to be
Removed from and replaced in a sense in pop culture.
Well major universities now have segregation of whites away from blacks and this is Hitlerian.
Well as you know everything has to be diversity.
There's too many white people in entertainment and the latest thing what they like to do is take popular franchises and then
To replace the iconic character with a black character.
Annie, the popular singer Annie with the red-haired, red-haired little Annie, they remade the movie.
It's a black girl.
The Wonder Years are coming back, the popular television show from the 90s.
It's a black family.
They're doing a live remake of The Little Mermaid.
And the idea is Hollywood, by making a character about you, owns you.
They don't.
Hollywood, literally funding Black Lives Matter, wants to end families.
They are open Marxists.
Anybody who's been studying the group knows this.
Michelle Obama just put out a propaganda piece today saying only a small fraction of the protests are violent.
Well, they've caused $2 billion worth of damage.
They've killed, I lost count, over a dozen, perhaps two dozen people this summer, just innocent people in the riots.
And they're fomenting it.
And now we see the politicization of comedy is a chapter in the book.
And comedy used to be fairly neutral.
Johnny Carson
Wouldn't reveal which political party he supported.
Neither did Jay Leno.
Even David Letterman, you couldn't really tell where he stood on political issues that were pretty fair, they would hit both sides.
But now, shows like Stephen Colbert are an anti-Trump editorial.
So where does Hollywood go now?
It seems like, just like sports, destroying their audience, destroying their...
They're done being mainstream.
The audience is too fractionalized.
There's too many methods to get entertainment, too many shows, too many YouTube channels, too many
And so they're going to have niche audiences that they're going to cater to continuously.
And that's why Stephen Colbert has just gone far off the left.
His show has become an establishment must for Democrats that are running for office.
Several of them literally announced their candidacy on his show, on a late night comedy show, Alex.
That's how infused politics and entertainment has become.
But on other shows they say that Chucky Schumer calls up and tells them what to say.
Yes, Jimmy Kimmel was actually credited with causing the repeal of Obamacare to be derailed.
And he was consulting with Chuck Schumer.
He later admitted this.
Chuck Schumer's office was feeding him talking points.
You may recall that he came on air and cried about his son.
His son's not going to be able to have a surgery if Obamacare gets repealed.
It wouldn't even be necessarily repealed.
It's a repeal and a replacement.
So people with pre-existing conditions aren't going to not be able to get it.
So, Jimmy Kimmel, I mean imagine, a comedian, a late night comedian, a clown in a sense, a court jester, was credited with derailing a major piece of legislation.
That's how powerful entertainment is.
John Oliver.
What about the Department of Defense in Hollywood?
We have the Department of Defense telling Trump, we're going to continue
Yeah, this shows how deep the swamp goes in D.C.
and in Hollywood, because traditionally you would think that Hollywood actors are anti-war.
They're a bunch of tree-hugging, loving liberals.
They're against the war.
But the reality is that Hollywood movies are some of the biggest pieces of
I don't know.
The Department of Defense is not going to just lend or rent those pieces of equipment to a Hollywood studio that's producing a movie that is anti-war like Oliver Stone's Platoon, which shows a more realistic side of war, the downsides of war.
And let's go further.
Communist China owns four of the six studios now.
They put out a
The new Top Gun movie and China can't be criticized in it.
So the Department of Defense is still funding Hollywood even though it's owned by China.
There are limits.
And Hollywood is catering to China as well, as you said, because the market is so huge over there that they don't want to offend the Chinese Communist government and not get distribution.
And so there's numerous cases of scripts being changed in order to not offend the Chinese government.
Let's talk about chapter 13 in your book, Bowing to China.
We come back, and so much more, and the war on Trump with Mark Dice.
Mark Dice's new book.
Everybody should get it, folks.
It's a culture war.
You're going to read it.
You're going to know a lot of it.
You won't know some of it.
Your friends and family will get a copy.
Get it today at Amazon.com.
Hollywood, Propaganda, Mark Dice.
Author and researcher Jay Dyer takes over next hour.
Mark Dice, hard guy to get on.
Good friend of mine.
Busy guy.
Hollywood, Propaganda, the new book.
How TV movies and music shape our culture.
I don't know if the listeners know this, but you'll learn a lot with the book.
The most important thing is to drop it at number one and then share the book.
But Mark, let's talk about this, and then we'll get into the election and other issues here.
What is it like...
And then we go, okay, we want to put a microchip in you.
Okay, we want world government.
Okay, robots are going to run your life.
Okay, we're going to face scan you to buy and sell.
Everything you and I've been, because I've been around 26 years.
Gosh, buddy, I think you were on my show first 2004, 2005.
Remind me when we met in person in LA 2006.
You've been around, you published like, I don't know how many books, 10, 20, I don't know.
I've read like seven or eight of them.
What is it like though, to be in this weird thing where
We were all ignored, attacked, lied about.
Now it all came true like we said.
How do you process that?
Yeah, we could see this coming on the horizon.
And you're right, I think I've known you since 2005 or somewhere around that.
And I've been writing books for 15 years.
And we could see, we had the foresight to see what was coming on the horizon.
And it wasn't just speculation.
We could see what they were planning.
We could see the government documents.
We could see the tanks.
We're good to go.
Merge with AI.
So, I was right.
You know, I'm trying to stay kind of humble.
Uh, you know, we have a pretty good track record.
Jeffrey Epstein, we were warning about him for years, and now it's all mainstream news, and we know that they were covering it up, because they knew all about it as well, and so... That would take ten hours to... I'm glad to have... Where you were right, I was right.
But the truth is, as you said, you were going off core documents, so was I. I get it sounds crazy that Atrazine makes frogs gay.
It does.
You know, I know it sounds crazy they're running things in pedophile rings.
They are.
I know it sounds crazy they're worshipping an owl.
But they are!
You know, it's like, sorry, we're just telling you what we found!
And getting back to the Department of Defense liaison offices, and that's what they're called, Entertainment Liaison Offices.
And you can look, it's on the CIA's website, on any Department of Defense affiliate's website, where they have a specific department that works with Hollywood.
And they have such control over these scripts, Alex, that they'll make minor little changes that may not seem like much, but it's in order to shape
We're good.
In the original script for that movie, it was just a government lab.
But they said, no, it can't be a government lab because that makes the government look incompetent.
That makes the government look bad.
Let's just take that out.
And to show you how deep it goes... Oh, here's an example.
My judge told me this on camera.
It's in like the Mike Judge interview.
We should upload it.
It's probably been banned, but it has been banned.
But he said, oh, we were going to show one company running a whorehouse out of their coffee shop.
He said, no, show everyone running whorehouses out.
Then we're fine with it.
Because it was all about all of society's collapse.
See how that works?
And, you know, during the war on terror after 9-11, there was a lot of discussion about whether or not we should torture these, you know, suspected terrorists.
And a lot of people didn't want to go down that road for obvious reasons.
That's a very slippery slope.
It doesn't produce reliable results in most cases.
And so Hollywood was there to carry the water for the deep state to promote torture.
As you recall, you covered this at the time.
Shows like 24, where Jack Bauer is torturing the suspects, normalizing torture in front of millions of people week after week as a justification to, you know, get the bad guys in the war on terror.
And films like Zero Dark Thirty, the dramatization about supposedly how Osama Bin Laden was found.
They inserted clearly, obviously, historical inaccurate information in that movie to try to create this false narrative that they should allow torture.
Torture is good.
So we see that being used as a mechanism to brainwash and falsely educate and indoctrinate
Millions and millions of people into believing a false narrative regarding history and that's how powerful Hollywood is.
One more example of the Entertainment Liaison Office is Katy Perry has a music video where she got dumped by her boyfriend, didn't know what to do, sees a recruiting poster for the Marines.
Joins the Marines.
Her entire music video is literally a recruiting video for the Marines.
Now, whether that's good or bad is irrelevant.
This is how propaganda works.
That's right.
It's Edward Bernays, though, telling women, you're being feminist.
Get rid of your husband.
Do this.
The point is, it's propaganda.
People should know where it came from.
And that music video, we're talking about a music video on MTV that was recorded on Camp Pendleton, a marine base, using marine aqua vehicles, helicopters, uniformed soldiers as extras in a pop culture music video that's supposed to be just entertainment, but it serves also as a recruitment video.
And that's
Some of the things that I detail in Hollywood propaganda, because that's what it is.
None of these stars are going to admit this when they're going around on the late night shows and talking about when Tom Cruise is promoting... That's right, they act like it's their opinion, but when they want COVID lockdowns, when they hate America, whatever the message is, they're just there getting a dollar, or they're getting a yen or a yon.
And we're seeing the coronavirus lockdown propaganda show up in Hollywood as well.
And a lot of that isn't just from writers thinking that they need to do their part.
It's the social impact agencies influencing them.
Planned Parenthood has a division called the Arts and Entertainment Engagement Office.
That was a nice question.
You've got a whole thing on abortion, Chapter 6.
Abortion has been normalized in the minds of millions of people largely because of Hollywood, and Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of that.
And they're not just out there using their Democrat surrogates to try to demand, you know, women's health care.
They're literally behind the scenes engaging with the entertainment industry.
And their arts and entertainment office, the head, has been called Planned Parenthood's secret weapon.
And there are numerous instances of abortions being portrayed in movies, in television shows, as a great thing because of a direct connection from Planned Parenthood.
Literally, whining and dining these writers and studios.
But Mark, the good news is they're having to take Margaret Singer's name out of Planned Parenthood New York.
They're having to stop the awards.
The real grassroots thing to your work and many others' work
We're good.
Mark, we really appreciate it.
You've got to come back more than once every six months or once a year.
In closing, the election.
What do you think?
It's coming 27 days out.
Democrats plan to block it.
They plan to try to have states succeed.
This is crazy.
What are you seeing right now?
What's your advice to the President and others?
You know, my hope is and my feeling is that the silent majority is even larger.
And building up to 2016, there were a lot of people who were afraid to publicly support the president.
And when they went into the polls, we know how they voted.
And since then, supporting the president has gotten extremely difficult, dangerous in many parts of the country.
And so I think that there is a gigantic silent majority
That is going to speak out through their vote in the polls.
But I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't want to make predictions other than no matter what happens, the Democrats are going to get completely unhinged.
If Biden wins, they're going to have institutional support for their Marxist revolution.
The Antifa and Black Lives Matter foot soldiers are going to have the government backing the bully pulpit to support them.
They're not going to go away.
Frankenstein's going to turn on its master.
I was about to say, if Biden gets in, there'll be a huge fight over the party.
Look what they did to CNN's headquarters.
They went and destroyed it, tried to break in.
We're throwing explosives in there.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa doesn't have a better friend in the mainstream media than CNN, and that's how they treated them when the George Floyd riots first broke out back in late May, early June.
They're going to start targeting Democrat members of Congress, just like we saw with the mayor of Seattle after he literally said, no, President Trump, I'm not going to support your troops.
We're not going to bring federal funds in here, federal troops to tamp down the rising, or was it in Portland, where literally the next day they tried to burn his condo down and he had to move now because he gave President Trump the finger.
24, 48 hours later, they ran him out of his own condo.
So, it's going to be wild.
And if President Trump wins, it's going to be complete pandemonium.
They're going to get violent.
It's going to be a dangerous situation.
I think we're going into a very dangerous decade here.
It's not just going to be a few years, no matter what happens.
I think this entire decade is going to be complete chaos.
Very, very dangerous time.
I totally agree with you, Mark.
That's the smartest thing I've heard in about a month, is that the craziness just intensifies.
It's a period of revolution.
Pro-Anti-Communist candidate.
He's leading Ted Wheeler in Portland mayor race.
So even his groveling wasn't enough for him.
The book, Hollywood Propaganda.
Available at MarkDice.com and Amazon.com.
Get it.
It's a great book.
Send it to number one.
Mark, join us again soon.
I look forward to talking to you and we really appreciate you.
Great to be with you, Alex.
Great to be with you.
Alright, I'll finish up.
We got a guest host coming up.
Stay with us.
Alright, we got Jay Dyer taking over.
You know, I, when the audience calls in thanking me all the time, I'm the one asking you for help all the time.
I appreciate you.
It's like if my neighbor was changing my tire or saving my kid every day and they're like, they're thanking me.
It's like, no, I want to thank you.
But I get it.
I'm, I'm, I'm inviting the tyrants as well.
We're in this together.
I'll just do closing, say this.
We got great products.
They fund the operation and we're not a 501c3.
We don't, you know, take straight up donations.
We have a thing where you can sponsor us, you know, make
A quote donation.
It's not technically one because it's not tax-exempt.
And then fullwarestore.com.
There's whole rules that go into that.
There's regulations over everything.
But, you keeping us on air over the years is just precious.
And you can see now why important it is that we all stay on air with the guests and the callers and everything.
Because we're right.
We're out of a world of different ideas and propaganda and movements.
The Americana movement is real.
And the resistance to their globalist system is real.
So I don't have a stake in Mark Dice's book.
I know Mark Dice could have sold out to the establishment.
I know who tried to get him to sell out.
He didn't.
So his book going to number one is a victory for us.
And you buying our products and us staying on air is a victory for everybody as well.
So I'll just leave it at that.
Starting at 8 a.m.
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Because we're dead on.
And that's why they're panicking.
That's why.
They're doing what they're doing.
And I know for the average listener, you know it.
Long-time listeners know all this better than I do.
I just cannot state to you enough how important it is you realize the historical point all of us are in right now.
And how they are betting against humanity.
They have bet against God.
They have bet against decency.
They have bet against your common sense.
They have bet against your word of mouth.
They have bet they can do all these horrible things
And that you're so weak, you're going to go along with it.
Well, yeah, some of the public's weak and in a zombie state.
They're never going to wake up.
But that's not us.
You are awake.
You are engaged.
You are doing incredible things.
So, know this.
You've done an amazing job up until now.
But now, we're down to the final half mile.
You've already marched 20 miles.
We're down to the last few minutes, the last round of the fight.
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So now, bigger than buying the products, as big as praying for us, is simply your word of mouth is king, daddy.
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Learn about all this evil and decide not to comply.
And if all of us do something now, we're going to be able to turn the tide.
If not, it's going to get really bad.
You'll still stand up.
Churchill said, there's a time you can stand up and have a great chance of winning.
The chance you can stand up later, we have a bad chance.
Sometimes you stand up because there's no chance, but it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees as a slave.
So Jay Dyer is a great researcher and author.
He's taking over on the other side of this quick break.
And Owen Schroer with the War Room and then tonight,
I have another great addition with Deanna Lorraine with the election countdown 7 to 9 p.m.
and again all the way that dog hunt as you tell folks about it you tell them hey here's the forbidden information you're not supposed to see.
I want to salute this great crew.
I want to thank my family.
I want to thank our sponsors and affiliates of Stages for keeping us in attack formation.
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I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your fill in guest host for this last hour.
My name is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I'm the author of Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2.
Where I cover film symbolism, Hollywood, mind control, all of that in-depth.
You heard Mark Dice earlier.
If you like Mark Dice, you would definitely like my book as well.
Today I want to talk about the breakdown of the whole Ukraine-Russiagate narrative.
It's all collapsed.
Now, we know it collapsed a long time ago.
In fact, it's had maybe five or ten collapses in the last four years.
But in order to understand this, we should look a little bit at history.
We should look at the history of the Ukraine.
This is a big piece of the puzzle.
As you've noticed, this came up in the debate, right?
If you remember, Trump said to Biden, we have you on tape, I have you on tape, right?
And this shook Biden, right?
Biden was visibly shook by Trump's statements about the Burisma deal and all of that.
And there's a bigger picture that we want to look at.
So let's zoom out a little bit and let's think about the great game.
This is the historic battle right between Russia and the West.
This is the context even for today, even after the Cold War, we're kind of seeing this replay of the great game.
And if we understand that, it'll help us understand the big picture of what's going on with even the Trump election and why they concocted this whole Russiagate narrative.
And in fact, if you've been paying attention to the news this week, there was a huge reveal in terms of the
Memo from the DNI that dealt with what was actually going on with the CIA And the Russiagate hoax, but we'll get into that here in a little bit if you think about the time of World War two there was a move even by Hitler to Remove Ukraine from the influence of Russia Ukraine has typically historically been in the sphere of
I don't know.
For his future plans, you know, and coming in and battling with Russia, which, of course, is where he didn't fare so well.
But if you think about it from the imperial perspective, the West now being a kind of a empire, Pax Americana, it still has that same motivation.
And that was a big piece of the puzzle for why the U.S.
wanted to remove Russia from excuse me, remove Ukraine from Russian influence.
One of the things that I want to direct your attention to in that regard is everybody, hopefully if you've listened to this show for a long time, to Alex, then you know he's covered color revolutions for a long time.
You know he's talked about the influence of different NGOs, the Otpor movement, the different color revolutions like Rose, like Orange Revolution, right?
This was the specific funding and methodology that went into the Ukraine.
Many, many years prior to what happened in 2013 when there was the Ukraine split.
This was done by a model of regime change, coup revolution, that follows a pattern of what is called democratic change, right?
So this is like Gene Sharp, different theorists who came up with this idea to remove existing power structures through, quote, nonviolent means.
But what this really means is decades of agitation.
So you go into these different countries and you set up these kind of humanitarian, so-called human rights groups, and then you agitate through universities, through brainwashing for many decades, and then you get the breaking point where usually there's some sort of triggering event.
They'll have operatives in place to engage in an assassination, a sniping, you know, try to provoke the existing government to react so that the media is then ready to broadcast to the whole world this, you know, sarin attack, this gas attack, chlorine attack, whatever different kind of, you know, the brutality of the regime and this kind of stuff.
That's all pre-planned and coordinated with the NGO operation that's running the color revolution.
And it's very easy to look into these because they're all kind of color-coded and branded.
So they make use of propaganda and branding.
Things like the fist.
This was the original Otpor logo.
When the first color revolution happened back in the 80s.
And if you notice that that first oddpore fist is the exact same fist that's used by Black Lives Matter.
And this is why even Tucker Carlson has done some really good reports lately on the fact that America seems to be undergoing a very similar type of color revolution.
Now, why would that be?
Well, the reason for that is because the same people who were running these color revolutions back in the 80s, this sort of left-minded
There were rules and there was no freedom of choice.
They broke the rules.
I was there like you were and they were distanced.
Those chairs were not close together.
Chris, the way you're starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the President during that debate on Tuesday night.
Oh yeah, I harangued him.
No, and then he had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well.
You were not a neutral moderator then.
I don't mind tough questions.
I welcome reasonably tough questions.
But what I don't think is okay is for you to become the effective opposition to the president.
And everyone there was tested in the crowd.
They were distanced from each other.
People can make reasonable decisions for themselves.
No, actually they can't.
Keep on praying for our President and our First Lady America.
We aren't out of the woods yet.
I have to be back because we still have to make America great again.
We've done an awfully good job of that.
If you look at the therapeutics, which I'm taking right now, some of them, and others are coming out soon that are looking like
I don't
Starting to feel good?
This is America.
This is the United States.
This is the greatest country in the world.
This is the most powerful country in the world.
I can't be locked up in a room upstairs and totally safe and just say, hey, whatever happens, happens.
I can't do that.
We have to confront problems.
As a leader, you have to confront problems.
There's never been a great leader that would have done that.
I'm doing well.
I want to thank everybody.
Our First Lady is doing very well.
Melania asked me to say something as to the respect that she has for our country, the love that she has for our country.
And we're both doing well.
Melania is
Really handling it very nicely.
President Trump has been treated with the experimental antiviral remdesivir and a single 8 gram dose of an antibody cocktail developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which is a combination of mouse pus and human neutralizing synthetic antibodies against the virus.
A treatment that is still in clinical trials and the mixture of the two is anybody's guess depending on how the president reacts to it.
President Trump is also taking zinc, melatonin, vitamin D, aspirin, and the heartburn brand, Pepsid, which researchers are studying as a possible treatment for coronavirus.
So, rather than allow the virus to take its course, President Trump has laid the gauntlet down in order to return back to the country that desperately needs his guidance and presence to steer us from a head-on collision into Marxist-fueled tyranny.
The photos the White House has been releasing, the videos, we have to show them because they're the only evidence we have of the President's condition, but they are propagandistic!
That's unfortunately the situation we're in.
And now the White House Correspondents Association is calling out the White House right now.
This is the press corps, the press pool that is supposed to travel with the President at all times.
They were not informed about this photo op.
They were not with him when this happened.
That is a grievous breach of protocol.
And the association is saying, quote, it is outrageous for the president to have left the hospital, even briefly, amid a health crisis, without a protective pool present to ensure the American people know where their president is and how he is doing.
Now, more than ever, the American public deserves independent coverage of the president so they can be reliably informed about his health.
That is absolutely correct.
And by the way, Ana,
If the president was feeling so well, why didn't he walk outside in the fresh air, rather than get cooped up in that car?
I mean, that's not a comfortable place for anybody to be in when there's a COVID positive patient.
He could have walked out on the lawn and waved to the public.
All men are created equal.
And we finally have a president who backs that up!
Trump has been buying us pizzas all freaking day.
That is from Trump.
He has bought over 250 pizzas that keep coming in.
And you know it's from Trump because this sh** isn't gluten free, alright?
There's meat on there.
Trump's an alpha.
That's why there's so much of it.
And no, CNN, we're not getting paid.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your bill and guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysandalsys.com.
As you may or may not know, I do a lot of lectures that cover big fat geopolitical terms like this big fat work from Carol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope.
You can go see all those lectures at my YouTube channel, but one thing that Quigley covers in the first 300 pages of the book is the fact that the entire 20th century is basically an attempt by the Anglo-American establishment to undermine any conceived of rival or threat in the geopolitical sphere.
So that was first the Holy Roman Empire and then the Russian Empire.
That's why the great game is still relevant to today, is that we want to understand how the deep state, the military-industrial complex, the coup operation that's going on right now, presently, to undermine Trump, that all ties into this great game operation.
So, I was closing the last segment before the power cut out, when I was talking about the technology of regime change, coup change, color revolutions.
There's a great book by
Thank you.
Bringing this global technocratic government to the entire world and all the stuff that we are seeing play out in these little mini skirmishes and mini scandals is all ultimately directed towards that final endgame.
As you know, Alex has that film, Endgame.
And everything that Alex put into Endgame is, again, the telos, the purpose, the goal of where all of these historic operations are headed from the vantage point of the Atlanticist elites that Quigley's writing about.
Now, I bring all that up because Tucker did a great segment where he talks about how the color revolution has now come to America, because the same people that were behind the Russiagate and all that nonsense, all that scam, they're the same people funding and promoting all of this collapse and burn the cities narrative that's going on right now, and even the calls for a future coup, should Trump contest or should Trump win?
So let's look at that Tucker clip where he covers this.
Someone who's been watching all of this is Darren Beatty.
He's a former speechwriter for President Trump.
He works now with Revolver News, the website.
He says this is part of a familiar plan.
In a recent piece, Revolver argued that Democratic operatives, including some who testified during the impeachment proceedings,
So, for our viewers who are not familiar with the color revolutions in Eastern Europe, state as clearly as you can what you think is going on right now in this election.
What's the endgame for Democrats?
Yes, thank you for having me.
Many have described the actions taken against Trump as a coup.
And this is certainly correct, but it's a little bit general and vague.
What's unfolding before our eyes is a very specific type of coup called the color revolution.
It's a regime change model favored by many in our national security apparatus, particularly against Eastern European countries to overthrow target regimes that they don't like.
One model, which is not the color revolution model, is purely sending a bunch of troops into a country and removing by military force a leader you don't like.
That's like the Iraq model.
The color revolution model is a little bit more delicate and subtle.
It has several characteristics, but the chief characteristics of it is a combination of an engineered contested elections scenario combined with massive mobilized protests
Which they call, as a term of art, peaceful protests and acts of civil disobedience.
If that sounds familiar, it gets even better.
It's not only the same strategies and tactics used against Trump that is used against Eastern European dictators that our national security apparatus doesn't like.
It's literally the same people who are color revolution professionals who have a long history of using these same tactics against foreign leaders they don't like to use against democratically elected President Donald Trump.
It's the same people using the very same playbook.
Now, I'd like to talk about one of the key figures in this operation, a nexus point not only between color revolutions overseas and the color revolution against Trump, but a nexus point between lawfare and mass mobilization and so-called peaceful protest.
So there you go, Tucker, basically laying out the type of regime change coup operation that I've been talking about.
This ties into other models that Washington uses, like smart power, soft power.
These are ways to agitate and kind of stir things up on a, quote, peaceful level through academia, through, again, these kind of street protests, this kind of stuff.
But then eventually there's a staged event or there's something that triggers it into something perhaps even violent.
We've seen in both Ukraine and in Syria situations where there were snipers staged and set up operatives there to kick off these kinds of events through large-scale trauma or disaster, these kinds of things.
So sometimes it can switch over into that violent model and then you get the overthrow or the new regime coming to power.
The same people, right?
Remember, it was what, five or six years ago when Soros bragged that he had, with the help of the State Department, put all this money into the Ukraine orange revolution.
That was all to do what they did in 2013.
Which was to have that annexation, that division of the Ukraine from Russian influence and from the Russian sphere.
The same thing now is happening in Macedonia, where they're trying to do another kind of color revolution.
They're trying to have a split of the church there.
And this is another area that I want to talk about.
If you could, if you have that ex-Jesuit clip talking about the Ukraine there,
That's worth looking at.
I don't know if you have that ready to pull up or not.
If not, you can do it in the next segment.
But what he describes there is the role of these Jesuits, the role of these operatives in terms of agitating in the religious sphere.
So remember these Eastern Bloc countries.
Yeah, you want to play the first maybe minute or so of that clip and then we'll go to break.
It seems to me that in Western Ukraine and in the emigration, in the Ukrainian diaspora, the most important goal of the Union or the Greek Catholic Church is to spread the extreme view of Ukrainian nationalism.
And then there's this Russophobia, that everything Russian is bad.
Historically, Ukrainian Greek Catholics did not support Ukrainian nationalism at all.
There were among them, in the early 19th and early 20th centuries, Russophiles who sympathized with Russian culture.
And before that,
Now, what he's saying at?
It's the Alex Jones Show and I'm Jay Dyer.
They have only one goal.
The goal is to create the Ukrainian Catholic Patriarchate and to move further and further away from Orthodoxy and Russia.
When there was a softening or, one might say, a rapprochement between Catholics and Orthodox, it was as if they were doing it on purpose to spoil it constantly.
A good relationship between Orthodox and Catholics.
So what that clip is explaining, if you're listening on radio it's a little hard to make out, but he's basically a person who's a former Jesuit who had come into Orthodoxy and he's in the Ukraine talking about the way that Jesuits had helped foster through the Roman Catholic Church in the Ukraine this split between Russian Orthodoxy and a new State Department controlled Orthodoxy.
In other words, this is the, you know, cohesion in terms of religion in this region, which is the Orthodox Church.
And the way that this was split was actually done very openly by the CIA.
In fact, the former CIA director went to the Ukraine, met with the head of this new created State Department church, John McCain himself went over there and met with all these people.
So, just as they did with the political sphere of the far-right and even the neo-Nazi groups that they supported,
And McCain's even been seen on on stage with these people, right sector as all of these different people.
They essentially create a new political sphere, a new political movement and a new religion, a new church, a completely state created church over there in the Ukraine.
And that's just one model.
So when you look at that model, that template, that pattern, then you notice and you can see how it's done everywhere else.
And that's just a person who's just giving a testimony to the fact that as a former Jesuit, he knows about this, he knows how it's done, and he was in some sense probably involved in that when he was working as a Jesuit.
It's not an accident that John Brennan, for example, is a fellow of Fordham University.
Fordham University is a Jesuit school directly connected to the CIA, and then if you notice, the people who
are involved in this deep state kind of liberal coup plot.
They're all the same people.
It's the same crew, right?
Why do you think Gateway Pundit covered the fact a few years ago that it was Obama's State Department, right, that had assisted Soros in the overthrow of Ukraine?
To obtain oil, gas, industry, right?
But now you can see why it's such a big scandal with Burisma, Biden, and all these characters.
If you remember back at the time of the, if I recall, I'm just going from memory many years ago when there was the Bundy Ranch standoff.
That whole land was part of a deal that, if I remember, it was Biden's son that Biden was trying to organize a land deal, right, with China, if I recall.
So that was the real reason, I think, behind the Bundy standoff.
At least that's what some people claim.
And it's not out of the realm of belief or possibility because if you remember,
Hillary Clinton wrote an essay, I think it was in Brookings Institute, she wrote a paper for the Brookings Institute, a little article there, where she said that
We've got to take care of Gaddafi on humanitarian grounds.
And then she even says something to the effect of, if we do this, we can then kind of aid all of our allies.
I forget her exact wording, but the assumption is when we go and compare with what was in the WikiLeaks, her emails, she talks about the kickbacks.
So it's basically a pay for play scheme, right?
That's why these operations occur in these other countries.
It has nothing to do with human rights.
That's a cover.
It's not about free markets.
It's not about any of that stuff.
It's about shaking up the existing order to move in and allocate the resources and give kickbacks to the people that, in Hillary's case, if you remember, all of these different foreign donors, right?
They basically are putting money in to get a land deal, to get money, to get whatever it is.
Gaddafi's gold even, I think, comes up in the emails at one point.
Just all this wild stuff that's just completely
You know, like Bond villain level machinations and plans and you think that it's not real.
No, it's very real.
And in fact, that's the biggest revelation.
I think it was this week with this document of the DNI that comes out about the CIA
Being hipped to the fact that Russian intelligence had been hipped to the fact that Hillary cooked up the whole thing.
So Hillary had cooked up this whole Russiagate story.
It was known, the Russians appeared to have figured it out.
The CIA found out that the Russians had figured it out, so they went and told Obama.
And so in this letter, the Radcliffe letter that came out, this DNI letter, it actually reads that according to the handwritten notes, former CIA
Director Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials
On the intelligence, including the alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016, of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.
It goes on to say that Hillary Clinton's approval of a plan concerning Trump and Russian hackers hampering in the elections as a means of distracting the public
From her use of a private mail server.
That's all in that DNI letter that just came out.
I highly recommend going and reading that because what does this letter show?
Well, it's pretty much proof of what again, as I said, the
We're good to go.
So, I mean, if you think about it, I mean, if you were the Russians, like, who would you really try to co-opt?
Would you really go for Trump?
I mean, doesn't it make more sense to go with Hillary?
She's already got deals in Russia, right?
I mean, she's already kind of implicated in a lot of this stuff already.
Trump's sounding this, you know,
A beacon call of America First doesn't really make sense to try to co-opt Trump.
If anybody was going to be trying to co-opt it, it would seem to be somebody like Hillary.
If you remember back to the Anna Chapman spy stuff, if I recall, again, going from memory here, Anna Chapman was already, I think, in Hillary's circles, right?
Operation didn't work, that failed.
But I think at that time she was trying to get close to Obama and Obama's donors and people like that.
But ironically, she was already in the circles of Hillary.
So there's a lot more connection between so-called Russians and agents and Hillary than anything that you might try to come up with or cook up or try to tie to Trump.
And amazingly, none of it stuck, right?
All of these attempts to bribe people.
All of these attempts to try to get people to come out and lie and make a, none of it worked.
It all failed.
It all collapsed.
There was not anything that could tie Trump to Russian intelligence or any of this stuff.
And so the whole thing is now known to be a hoax and admittedly now a distraction from the emails.
And now we see why Trump, in fact, in the debates, my speculation, my guess, is that this is what Trump was mentioning in the debates.
Do you remember at that point in the debate where he says, we have you on tape, I've got you, I've got Obama, you're all on tape.
And that's, you know, you could tell Biden was getting pretty shook by that.
But this is the model, you see.
So the regime change is really just part of the foreign entanglement, coup, transfer of power, so that then the new Western CIA puppet state
You could call it American imperialism, but remember, that was never the American idea.
The American idea was always non-interventionism.
And as we know from the Rockefeller's biography, from David's memoirs, from the CFR archives, they talked about how they wanted to transition America out of a non-interventionist, non-foreign entanglement mindset.
And turn it into an engine, right, of what the Empire of Britain used to be, right?
Pax Britannia, Commonwealth of God, now let's make it the American Empire so that we can try to set up, ultimately, right, this technocracy.
And they're using America as a cloak, right, to do this, right?
That's not what America is supposed to be about.
We're about independence.
We're not about trying to set up a global technocratic empire.
But they've subverted the country and its ideals to do this very thing.
This is Jay Dyer.
I am hosting the Alex Jones Show in the fourth hour.
We will be back in just a moment.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
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We're good to go.
As a little bit of an advantage over what you see there at Amazon.
Now, there was a great article I was covering in the last segment about that DNI memo, and there's a great article that came out, I told you a long time ago, Hillary Clinton's, Hillary's team helped fabricate the Trump-Russia collusion by Larry C. Johnson, and I mentioned Larry's article because he has this memo here, and then he mentions the fact that
Thanks to one of the WikiLeaks emails, we have a copy of an exchange between Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta and longtime Democrat operative Brent
So here's another sort of attestation to what's in that memo that even in the emails, right, we know that that was one of their strategies was to cook up and go after him on this.
To again, distract from these emails.
Now, what is in these emails?
Well, there's a lot of speculation, there's a lot of claims, a lot of probably dirt, blackmail, all that kinds of stuff, compromising, and probably all kinds of other stuff, right?
Kickback stories about, you know, what the purpose of Gaddafi, all that kind of stuff.
I'm sure there's no end, probably, to the onion rings and layers, right, of all of these scams and scandals.
We're good to go.
Well, that's a Bond movie.
No, no.
When Ian Fleming wrote all that, he was talking about stuff that he had seen in terms of, you know, real world billionaire villains, these kinds of people.
And that's what they do.
We really do have billionaires cooking up this stuff.
When we understand this bigger narrative now, from the Great Game and up into the modern post-Cold War era of the Color Revolutions, Brzezinski's arc of crisis is also another way to understand this stuff.
When we have that in our mind, we can now understand a lot of these other little stories that pop up.
Right, like the Novichok stories of these spies, right, the Skripal affair, this more recent poisoning of a defector.
These are created stories.
And even a French intelligence analyst came out and said that these stories of people defecting and being poisoned by Putin's agents, they're all made up.
There's no evidence of Novichok.
There's no evidence of Skripal and these people being poisoned and that Putin has all these cells everywhere that are doing all this stuff.
It's just completely fabricated and created to prop up just the same kind of boogeyman narrative of Russia that was going on throughout.
I don't
Yeah, that's because it's involved in espionage, right?
Remember, I think it was was it the Feinstein or one of the one of her staffers was a Chinese spy.
We know that this ties into to Wuhan and all that stuff, right?
So there's really big level of games being played here and the global elites are aligned.
It doesn't look to me like they're more so aligned with Russia, but they're using
I would say more so China to be the model of the future.
Isn't it going to be the Chinese century?
The Chinese era that we're going into?
Now, I'm not saying that makes China bad.
It's not the people of China that are bad guys or something like that.
It's rather recalling the fact that David Rockefeller, the OSS, that's who went into China and set up the Maoist regime.
So again, it's not America versus the people of America versus the people of China.
No, no, no.
There's a technocratic global elite that sits higher up above and views the world as a chessboard.
Remember Brzezinski's book, The Grand Chessboard, that moves these pieces around to cause the friction at a lower level, that they're at a higher level engineering so that there can be a synthesis down the road.
What is that synthesis?
You've heard probably, David, like other people talk about.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, right?
Problem, reaction, solution.
That is the model, and that's a technique.
It does come from Hegel.
It does come from Marx.
They utilize that philosophical notion of smashing things together to produce a new reality, a new synthesis.
That is the model of color revolutions, of regime change, of engineered revolutions, you see.
To take things to a specific place down the road, and as we saw, the place down the road here is the technocracy.
Now, why are they so mad at Trump right now?
Well, obviously for a lot of reasons, calling out the media for so long, and it's actually the media that has fostered all of this revolutionary ethos in America that keeps propping up this narrative.
There would be nothing to the Russiagate stuff if the media did not keep perpetuating it incessantly for the last four years, right?
He's even taking us into this ridiculous impeachment story, which is all based on this nonsense, right?
Now that's all falling apart and, oh, don't worry about that.
Now we're on to, you know, COVID and this kind of stuff.
Forget about that stuff, right?
It's time to move into the new drama of the week with all this COVID nonsense.
But they're doing that.
I'm saying the media is talking about all that because they do not and will not ever talk about what you see here in this clip with Kevin McCarthy.
If you would, roll that clip.
When Director Radcliffe released this, the leaders of Congress wanted to have a meeting because no one in Congress, the House or the Senate, has ever seen this information, even though we have spent all these years investigating.
Now let's walk through, and remember, I must be careful here because some of this is still classified, but let's talk about what's in Radcliffe's letter.
First, we find out in July of 2016 that Russian intelligence had picked up that Hillary Clinton's campaign was going to create a false narrative of Trump and Russia colluding.
We now find out in July 26 that the CIA director, in his own notes, briefs the president on this, Brennan, to President Obama.
Then just this Wednesday, Comey gets asked a question about this referral that you just talked about for in September.
He says it doesn't ring a bell.
But I've seen the underlying proof, but inside Radcliffe's letter, this referral from the CIA was sent to the FBI, to Peter Strzok and to Comey.
Now remember Peter Strzok.
He was on Crossfire, Hurricane, and the Mueller Report.
And never once did this intelligence show up anywhere in any of those investigations, or to Congress, or to the Senate.
So what we know with all of this, and I know everything that's going on this week, this is the biggest news that didn't get reported.
That we find out that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.
That it was created by Hillary Clinton in a campaign in July of 2016.
That the CIA Director John Brennan, that the FBI Director Comey, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, all knew about that.
And was never brought to Congress.
And we have wasted two years in this Congress and all the time before wanting to get this information, asking the questions.
So another question that comes up, who has withheld this information?
Credit to Director Radcliffe for that transparency of releasing it to the House and Senate.
Every member of Congress should read the underlying information behind this.
This is really a bombshell of what we have wasted so much time on that it was created by Hillary Clinton, President Obama knew it, John Brennan knew it, and Comey knew it, and never gave the information to the American public, let known to Congress or the Senate.
There you go, exactly.
Summarizing what was in that memo and what is the purpose of all this?
Why is there such a freakout?
Why is all this going on?
Again, what did Trump say a week or two ago when they were asking him about why he's so unliked?
He said he's got a lot of people in the deep state, military industrial complex, they don't like him because he doesn't want us involved in all of these foreign entanglements and wars.
That's the old idea of America.
That's what's
Right, that's what we want to do, right?
And that's why they're so mad at Trump, right?
All of these people, these big pharma, the military industrial complex, they do not want to see any loss of this gigantic money-making scam that they have going, ruining all of these other countries, causing all this war and devastation, and that's why they're so mad at Trump, is that great line that he had a week or two ago, right?
Is that he wants to keep America as what America should be, a non-interventionist power.
And that's why we're collapsing.
We're an empire that's overextended in all these other countries and we don't have the virtue that we used to have and that's what we need to get back to.
I'm Jay Dyer, Jay's Analysis, and you can check out my stuff at Jay's Analysis and get my book.
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