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Name: 20201004_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 4, 2020
1530 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including political events, conspiracy theories, and current affairs. He criticizes the mainstream media for ignoring important stories and promotes the idea of a global network of powerful individuals involved in child sex trafficking. He encourages listeners to take action against this corruption and to stay informed about ongoing investigations. Jones also discusses cultural issues such as Oikophobia, which he believes is responsible for much of society's unhappiness and self-loathing. The hosts express their concerns about the state of democracy and freedom in America, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming US presidential election. They discuss the importance of breaking down the media as a means of influencing the masses and spreading propaganda."

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Hal Stimms just voted to cover up government child sex trafficking.
In a 371 to 18 vote, our elected Congress appeared to be moving towards making pedophobia a hate crime.
They stated that President Trump has not condemned the QAnon conspiracy, which revolves around the baseless theory that Trump and his allies are working to expose a cabal of Democrats, media figures, and celebrities who are running an international child trafficking ring.
They went on to say that the First Amendment is a powerful weapon.
Turning that weapon on those who use fantasies as a menacing grift is the responsibility of reasonable citizens, legislators, and executives.
The same Congress who has paid out $15 million of taxpayer money to silence their own victims of sexual harassment want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence anyone who suggests that Democrats, media figures, and celebrities are involved in child trafficking.
They say the claim is baseless, but that is an obvious lie.
And it's not just the Democrats.
In the 1980s, foster children from Nebraska were being auctioned off at elite parties on the East Coast and sent as prostitutes to powerful politicians, including at the White House.
A federal grand jury got involved to rule that the explosive testimony of the victimized foster children was a hoax.
The Vatican has been exposed for years of covering up a hidden pedo culture within the Catholic Church.
Hillary Clinton's State Department covered for a pedophile ambassador.
Oprah Winfrey promoted a man who was enslaving women, impregnating them, and selling their babies internationally.
Hollywood, Nickelodeon, and Disney have all been exposed for rehiring convicted pedophiles to work with children.
And the mainstream media tells you that this is all fantasy.
After WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails, masses of people began investigating child sex trafficking.
And nothing has been the same ever since.
Following his inauguration, President Trump vowed to fight the epidemic of human trafficking.
He signed executive orders to do so, and over 1,500 pedophiles involved in child sex trafficking operations were arrested, all within his first month as president, and the mainstream media ignored it.
In June of 2017, Ivanka Trump said that ending human trafficking is in our moral and strategic interests and is a top priority of the White House.
Big arrests continued all over the globe, reported by local media only.
Thousands of arrests, thousands of children rescued, including infants.
Nixxiom cult leaders have been charged with child porn and sex trafficking.
Their leader was an outspoken advocate of pedophilia.
They ran multiple daycare centers.
For several years, there has been talk about Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, the Lolita Express, used to ferry powerful people to his private pedophile island, including dozens of times by Bill Clinton, seen here partying with convicted pedophile and deep state witness George Nader.
Bill Gates, who was also associated with Jeffrey Epstein, employed a former Microsoft engineer to work on his private estate, who was arrested on the Gates property in 2014 for possessing over 6,000 images of child rape and assault, including the rape of boys and girls as young as 8 years old.
The man only did 90 days in jail.
The same fat losers who have gotten rich off of corrupt side deals for years.
Who have paid out $15 million to silence their own victims.
The same worthless elected officials who have been stalling any and all investigations into the crooked establishment which they have exploited for decades.
Now want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence anyone who suggests they or their Hollywood media cohorts might be involved in child sex trafficking.
The crime of pedophilia is recorded in history, all the way to the Bible.
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.
Our top headline tonight on this Sunday, October 4th, Global Transmission, 29 days out.
107 until inauguration.
He's not President Trump at Walter Reed Medical Military Facility in D.C.
That's our second big story.
No, it's not Communist China threatening military action against Hong Kong and Taiwan.
No, it's not the Democratic Party openly trying to plunge the U.S.
dollar and destroy the U.S.
economy to defeat Trump.
That's all important.
But at the heart of all of this is the satanism of these maggots and who they are and what makes them operate and what makes them tick.
I'm your host Alex Jones here because of you and your prayer and your support keeping us on air.
I salute you.
We're not even looking for this news.
It's everywhere.
There's a report that just went up literally 10 minutes ago at Bandot Video that we're going to put on screen.
The House-controlled Democrats
House Dems vote to cover up child sex trafficking, and they actually say to QAnon, we will crush you, we will defeat you, you will not stop us.
People say, well, Jones, you've been critical of QAnon.
Critical in that whoever runs it, you can't tell who it is.
It's every American's job to expose pedophilia.
It's every American's job to expose abortion.
It's every American's job to expose communism and satanism.
I love the QAnon people.
I've just been attacked by people claiming they're the Q leaders when I know I'm the real deal.
So I've explained the danger of saying our whole movement of nationalism and populism and Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump and Alex Jones is them.
With these videos of Democrat congressmen saying, oh, we're going to defeat you Q people.
That's because the public is awake.
They're aware and now, even more than Alex Jones,
The symbol of the deep state of the resistance is Q. And, you know, part of that is a setup so that they can pose as Q. That's why anything that's esoteric is dangerous.
Anything foggy, you don't jump off a cliff into water that's, you know, brown or black or foamy.
You want to jump into clear water, no, you're not going to break your legs.
But regardless, it's all coming out.
What we exposed the last 26 years and what John DeCampo on my show 20 years ago exposed with the Franklin cover-up and so many others is all coming out.
And the system's scared, but here's just some of the headlines today on this front.
Former Democrat state rep candidate
Mike Towerbridge caught on camera trying to have sex with a 14-year-old.
Shock video.
We're not going to play this for you on the show.
If you want to see it, it's at Infowars.com.
It's at NationalFile.com.
It's at GatewayPundit.com.
Five human trafficking victims rescued.
Forty-six arrests made in massive Houston-wide sting operation of pedophile earnings.
Ex-Chief Advisor to UN Children's Program has been convicted and jailed for pedophilia.
And there he is with the Prime Minister of Canada.
Satanic Temple sues advertising company for refusing to put up billboards claiming abortion is a ritual.
This is every day, these headlines.
Netflix loses 2.5 million subscribers over Cuties, a pro-pedophilia program.
Joe Biden's niece to appear in court
He goes into all of her corruption.
Parents find 36 year old man living in daughter's closet.
That's just some of the clips, some of the articles today.
But let's get right into it.
You've all heard money laundering, drug dealing, art is the secret currency of the elites.
The maggots, but really what it is is sex trafficking and pedophilia because when somebody engages in that, the devil knows he's got them.
And so that's why.
This just keeps popping up and popping up and popping up and popping up and popping up because it's not just about the money.
It's about the soul.
It's about getting you to do that.
You are now cut off from God.
And so you want to get others to do it, so you know God can't protect them anymore, and they know they're slaves.
That's all this is.
What about raping babies, ladies and gentlemen?
I have stacks of articles today of people busted.
Mothers, fathers, church deacons, you name it.
Islamic groups are huge into it.
Running sex rings of kidnapped little kids.
I mean, you heard about the grooming in Europe.
The grooming in England got covered up.
Thousands per town of kidnapped girls, where they would even kill them and then butcher them and serve them at the local steakhouse.
And Tommy Robinson has been basically destroyed for exposing that.
Kicked out of his house, bank accounts taken, firebombed home, can't even get a hold of him, he's running to hiding somewhere.
He's still hung on here, but I don't know how long, under this pedophile attack.
These people want children!
And they'll do anything to get children.
It's an over-driving, vampiric desire for control.
So there's that news and there's that special report I just mentioned to you.
House Dems vote to condemn the claims that are documented that Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking.
And they come out and condemn anyone that's saying that.
Let's play a clip of Representative Seth Moulton
Of Massachusetts, one of the main vampire command bases, saying, you're not going to stop us.
And then again, they just see it as QAnon.
And so they're saying, we're going to get you, those who are exposing our child trafficking, you will not stop us.
Here it is.
QAnon followers like to say in their vague, ominous ramblings that no one can stop what is coming.
That's wrong.
We can.
And we will.
So a reckoning of pedophiles, a reckoning of perverts, a reckoning of satanists, and you say you're... Because they went on with this bill that I just covered the report on to repudiate anyone trying to stop child sex trafficking rings.
And you've seen all the articles saying Jones is crazy.
None of it exists.
There's no child trafficking.
You know, Jones and Pizzagate, all this.
Oh no, it doesn't exist.
Even though it's what funds and runs the entire organization.
All right, let's shift gears.
I've covered that.
It's the most important story.
I did it up front because it's so powerful.
Because it's the religion, it's the sacrament of these people.
But when we come back,
I don't want to be a fear monger for no reason.
I do my research.
And the two experimental drugs Trump's taking are way more dangerous than COVID-19.
And even his own doctors at a press conference yesterday admitting we're monitoring him at Walter Reed Medical Facility because of the treatments that are more dangerous than the disease.
Oh, don't worry, they're not giving him hydroxychloroquine.
Oh, can't do that, because that's, you know,
An open drug, it's, it's, it's, it's, the patent's up, anybody can get it for, you know, 50 bucks or whatever, for the whole regiment, so you can't have it.
50 bucks is the high end.
Oh, but Rendezivir, that Fauci makes thousands of dollars per dose on, is an IV drug.
Oh, it barely works, 8% of the time, and that side effects, oh, that's okay.
That's all coming up, separately.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And if you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Okay, so folks asked me what I think is going on with Trump and the COVID-19 situation.
Back in March, we predicted he'd get it.
They predicted they'd try to shut the government down, declare a constitutional crisis.
There's a lot of facets here.
I don't know the answers.
I know the cards of the deck, and I think you know those cards as well, so let's lay it out.
90% of the mainline tests are false positive.
So we don't even know if that's accurate.
I think Trump does feel sick.
And so now they're saying if you have a cold, you have a cough, you have a sore throat, well, it's like a psychosomatic panic attack.
You better go to the hospital.
But once you went to the hospital, I know what happened.
They gave him remdesivir and another experimental treatment.
The two of us together are super dangerous, they admit.
Individually, they're both dangerous.
You're not supposed to take these unless you're already on death's doorstep.
So I know Trump's tough.
He is tough at 74 years old.
Guy's known to be, you know, have a great constitution.
But you start giving people all this stuff, God knows what it's going to do to him.
And the antibody nanotech they gave him, the synthetic antibody, is admitted to exacerbate infections the majority of the time.
Then Rendezvir causes all these problems.
And the doctors, after I put a video out yesterday saying, is Walter Reed killing Trump?
They came out and said, hey, he demanded all this.
Which is kind of scarier.
I mean, I know Trump's watching this, which is probably true, he probably did demand it.
Who told him?
And why are they going?
I mean, they said at the press conference, they said, you saw it, I'm sure, they're like,
He demanded it.
We've got him here to make sure there's no side effects from it.
So they're even, for court, putting the provisos in.
So tomorrow's news today, I shot that video yesterday morning, put it out in the afternoon.
People are like, Jones, we're sure Remdesivir and this antibody thing's fine.
I just went and read what they said about it.
I mean, they're like, you gotta be on death's door to take one of these.
And they said, do not combine them.
Later in the afternoon, I saw the video.
They had a press conference, they were like, well, he demanded it.
Okay, but he's not the doctor.
So, make of this what you may.
I don't know, and I hope it works great for the president, but no fever since yesterday or Friday.
Very suspicious situation.
Here's some of the headlines.
Analysts, Trump faces credibility crisis over healthcare.
Oh, they're saying he says it doesn't exist.
No, he said.
Shut down travel from China.
They've shut down their domestic flights.
We're going to tough it through this.
This is who we are.
It kills people.
They said 2.5 million.
It's 200,000.
Nothing like they said.
So he never... It's Pelosi said go to Chinatown.
So the Democrats said go out.
This is all made up by Trump.
Trump figured out early on they were going to blame him.
We were right about that.
He got ahead of it.
But now he's got to end the clampdown.
They've got to end the martial law.
Trump's blood oxygen level dropped rapidly Friday, sparking health concerns, Meadows says.
So that's what the White House is now saying, that his oxygen level, and listen, everybody has a good eye.
Trump looks like he lost 15, 20 pounds.
He looks very narrow-faced, ashen, very white compared to his normal orangutan orange glow.
So, you can't fake sick.
You know what that look looks like.
But is it a regular cold?
It doesn't matter.
Is it the flu?
Is it COVID?
The point is, is that what they're giving him, you don't give smileys around their deathbed.
We've got that going on.
Trump receiving powerful lung drug.
Doctors disclose indicating more serious symptoms.
The White House is spreading the virus and lies.
Oh, BLM can have rallies and Democrats can have rallies, but Trump has it.
It's all his fault.
Total crap.
No one buys it.
Nearly three in four think Trump did not take appropriate virus precautions.
Yes, we should never, in the lockdown, killing millions of the third world, killing our own economy, just wear a mask, virtue signal, keep everything closed, sit six feet apart.
It's all religion.
It's all political correctness.
It's all the left.
China's open for business.
We're not.
As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay the price for stupid approach.
So it's all about the election idea that the Chinese virus is Trump's fault, but it's not.
It's all very, very predictable.
A White House long in denial confronts reality.
Oh, the president got a cold and a fever.
They scared him to run to Walter Reed to begin experimental dangerous vaccine treatments.
And experimental antibody treatments, and experimental all this stuff.
But not hydroxychloroquine.
You don't need that zinc.
Let's talk cold hard facts.
They said 2.5 million dead, 2.2 million dead, 1.7 million dead, 1 million dead, 500,000 dead by June.
Didn't happen.
Then we know they took the numbers of people that died of other things.
Cancer, heart attacks, car wrecks, shark attacks, stabbing, shootings, and put it in the column.
That's not debated.
And if one person had COVID, they said 15 around them had it.
We know all that.
Now the fall's here.
People aren't in the sun, they're inside, they're run down, they're going to get pneumonia, they're going to get diabetes, they're not eating enough food, they're not eating healthy, they're going to die, and they're all going to be put in the COVID cycle.
So every year, now, we learn to fear the regular flu, the regular cold deaths, and learn to step down and have no freedom.
So that people like Michigan's governor,
You can come out and say, I can go out on my boat, I can go to a restaurant, but you can't.
Michigan is now unlocked.
State Supreme Court strikes down emergency powers law.
You should really read this Breitbart article because it has the ruling in it from the Supreme Court of Michigan that could be a ruling against the governor of Texas.
And it says, nowhere is it in the state constitution that the legislature could do things like this, but the executive certainly can't outside of legislative and judicial advisement.
You have created a martial law dictatorship.
Go read it.
It says, a seizure of authoritarian power and a threat to the state.
Well, look at this crazy mania!
So all over the country, these governors in Pennsylvania and in Michigan and in other states are being repudiated, but not in Texas.
Where Greg Abbott sits there with a couple thousand dead in Texas, that almost all of them had something else, and he's being blackmailed, folks.
That's the only reasonable response.
Meanwhile, Whitmer Trump has failed spectacularly to protect Americans from coronavirus.
That's up on InfoWars.com.
So Trump's bad because he didn't keep everything totally shut down that would kill 100 million people from starvation.
Just absolute crap.
Top med journal, how to avoid challenges on due process grounds for those refusing C-19 vaccine can lose their liberty and right to work.
Mainline medical journals under UN control are now saying they want IDs, they want tracker chips, they want
Trackers on your app, where you take whatever vaccine they want before you have a job.
That's the medical tyranny powergram.
Not by the average doctor or nurse, but by the big corporations.
It's not coming.
It's here.
Meanwhile, new World Health Organization data reveals coronavirus less lethal than last three major pandemics, as they destroyed their economies for this.
A depopulation program, plain and simple.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
We're back live, folks.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have Greg Reese.
Great InfoWars reporter and investigative journalist and another amazing patriot, InfoWars investigator and reporter, John Bowne, in studio in the second hour tonight.
Then, we've got the extended election coverage, election countdown, that only has like six minutes ads an hour.
As we skip our ads, we just have local ads for local stations.
That's going to be coming up Sunday night live with Harrison Smith, and I'm told some other special guests.
Who knows who they might be?
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While I was sitting here, they gave me more pedophiles.
I've actually seen this on Friday, didn't cover it.
So I'll cover it next segment.
And I don't want to cover it.
It's a form of worship.
But if you defeat it, it's a form of victory.
So I'm only going to show you this.
You know, even the article didn't pick up what it was.
I looked Friday at the actual art.
I thought, let me search engine what's in this book.
Far worse than the InfoWars article.
I mean, you can guess.
It's demons raping people.
And that's what Hillary posed with the book.
What, the devil?
Hillary Clinton has sexually explicit book of satanic glass porn.
And so I looked at this Friday, and I was like, you know, let me see where it actually is.
And boy, oh boy.
Notice it's got a woman devil on the front.
That's what lures you in.
And it's all Jeffrey Epstein stuff on the inside.
Again, I don't want to cover this.
I don't want to focus on these people.
But see, that's how they win.
They know we don't want to look at this, so they do it knowing we'll run away.
Why am I running away?
I'm done with that.
I'm going to get you.
I'm going to get you, get you, get you, get you, get you.
Yeah, I mean, look at this.
This is just part of the course.
We shouldn't even be showing this on air.
It's a lot worse than this.
But it's... I'm going to finish that when we come back and how it ties into Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.
And then we're going to look at the economy and the election with the deep states trying.
And then...
If white people were out killing random black people, I would show it and say it's wrong.
When that Dylann Roof went and shot 10 people at a black church, we're innocent.
In fact, we did.
In South Carolina, I was against it.
Man, I can't.
Here's the deal.
I'm a liar if I don't show you this.
And it's not that I'm lying, but most of the time I kind of just say, eh, we're not going to cover that.
Just because I know it's the enemy plan to make us all kill each other.
But we need to know when the left tells us that we're racist, or that we're bad,
Because we're not doing what George Soros says.
They're manipulating our emotions.
This latest video is at NationalFall.com.
Man begs carjacker not to shoot pregnant wife is shot in the head.
And weeks later, I didn't cover this weeks ago when this happened.
Now it's covered up.
They will not let anyone on Facebook show what happened to the family.
And the dude that did it said, hey, they're white, they deserve it.
Imagine that.
It's like the new Black Panther Party down in Houston says, hey, when you go mug people, don't do it to black people, do it to white people.
Like some random white person walking out of a grocery store deserves to get shot in the head.
Black people don't deserve that.
Brown people don't deserve that.
Pink people don't deserve that.
Nobody does.
That's crazy.
Why would you randomly do that?
See, there's the excitement.
You've taken over a car, you've carjacked somebody, and they can identify you, you think, or whatever, so go ahead and just kill somebody.
And you look at the soullessness of the people that are doing this.
It's very, very sad, and it's building us towards a total and complete collapse of society.
It makes me very, very upset.
And I wish this wasn't the case, but it is the case.
Let's go out to break with this clip.
Seattle rioters launch firecrackers that set it on fire inside Starbucks after smashing storefront window.
Now, what's the takeaway?
Starbucks funds Black Lives Matter and George Soros.
Starbucks has these things where you buy a coffee and they say, don't you feel bad being a white person in some guilt trip?
And still their stores get smashed and attacked.
What is the point there?
Bowing to this does not get you left alone.
It gets you enslaved.
And it's not black people on average coming to do it.
It's a bunch of white meth-head professors that think that we're so dumb they can win over this country.
I say they can't.
We'll play this clip.
We'll go to break, and I'll come back and hit all the other big news, the positive news, the election news, the latest on the Durham investigation coming to a head, Russiagate hoax, so much more.
And then we've got a special guest in studio, Greg Reese and John Bowne together.
Not just one of these great guys, both of them together here in studio.
Then two hours after that with Sunday Live, here's the report.
Burning down a Starbucks.
Because that's the enemy.
Meanwhile, China will kill you for no reason.
And this is just leftist training wheels.
Making the left feel powerful.
Go out, burn down your own stuff.
Just get ready for war.
Everybody bows down.
The police bow down.
Meanwhile, racial equality, learn with us.
Where's Starbucks?
There's never enough.
You're like, oh, I capitulate.
Black lives matter.
Then now you're signed on to George Soros.
It's not about black lives.
It's about signing on to what they want, what George Soros wants.
He says he owns black people.
He says, hey, you're against black people.
Don't do what I say.
Well, I'm for black people.
Well, then you do what I say.
You're like an old, weird, crazy Jewish man that worked for the Nazis.
That's crazy.
So black people are now an old Jewish Nazi.
You did try to silence me.
You can't silence the genetic will of our species and our red-blooded people.
You'll never stop us.
You're the tester.
You are like the rocket engines as we go into orbit, dropping off.
So, I don't want to show this for TV viewers, but I have to show it.
We're going to show you the non-pornographic stuff for TV stations to pick us up.
Hillary decided to be photographed with a laptop, and under the laptop is this book, and everything with her and their focus groups is totally tracked.
And so I looked into the author, I looked into who they are, they're globalist sickos tied into the whole Aleister Crowley type stuff, and it's devils raping little devils, that means children in my view, and devils raping men, and devils raping women.
And that's what it is.
Stories from Adon Salazar to themfulwars.com and newswars.com.
What the devil?
Hillary Clinton has sexually explicit book of satanic glass porn.
And then it just goes into it.
Why would she put that out?
And again, the Satanists always use the image of a naked woman to get you into it.
That's not what it is once you get into the book.
It's all about the destruction of innocence, Jeffrey Epstein's island, the Satanism.
You have to ask yourself, show the article guys, show Hillary with the book, why would she be doing that?
It's called lesser magic.
They believe that they need to do this to put it in your face.
The article's on Infowars.com.
It's on newswars.com, there she is.
And then right under her computer is that book.
Everything they do is a message, and that's just telling you that's who they are.
They believe, like in the WikiLeaks, they're going, we're going to have Aleister Crowley rituals, John Podesta, we're going to have blood, we're going to have semen, we're going to have breast milk.
And they're like, this will defeat Trump.
We have blood!
And the children will be ready at the hot tub.
Now, they're 7 to 9.
Sometimes they won't behave, they're children, but they're there to service you.
And $65,000 of hot dogs will also be delivered.
And that's in the code words, like, I want green, that's marijuana.
Well, hot dogs are ding-dongs.
Okay, so...
And if that's a consenting thing, that's their issue.
But that's what I'm telling you folks.
These are depraved rich people that get off on the nastiness of this.
Oh look, I'm on TV with a devil book about pedophilia.
Oh look, I'm on the WikiLeaks and we're going to this farmhouse to have sex with kids.
And so that's who these people are.
I don't want to spend more time on this, but I have a responsibility.
Well, this is out to cover his other InfoWars article.
Epstein accuser Ghislaine Maxwell gagged, restrained, and raped me.
That's what all the witnesses say, is she was the one the most into it.
Because she herself was raped, reportedly, by her father.
It was MI6 and Mossad.
And so, instead of going against it, she got into it.
Now, let's shift gears into this, because it all ties together.
I get 10 phone calls a day, probably, friends, family going, whoa, Congressman Nunes, and, you know, the Durham report, and oh my God, the arrests are about to happen, two weeks.
And I've been here in two weeks since early 2017.
I don't think Bill Barr's a bad guy.
I just know that he came out two weeks ago and said, most of these jurisdictions say they'll do their job, and then when we told them to indict somebody, they won't do it and rebel.
He said they're mutinying.
Well, it doesn't matter.
QAnon says everybody's been arrested.
Well, the Attorney General said the low-level people will not follow directives to indict criminals.
When it's completely clear they did it.
Of course we've got the Clintons dead to right.
Of course we've got the Obamas dead to right.
Of course we've got Comey.
Of course we've got all of them.
That's why they can't do it.
Because they got dirt on these high-level FBI agents.
The average... I'm not kissing the FBI's ass.
They got big problems.
The average FBI agent is like bank robberies and kidnappings and, you know, mess labs.
They're good people.
But man, you go to the top, it is a sordid disaster, as Trump has said.
And so, I'm just saying, I'm not giving you false hope.
Devin Nunes comes out and goes, oh, we have total proof, Obama and Hillary ordered illegal spying, and they lied to the FISA court, and they lied to Congress, and Comey lied, I told you two years ago!
Comey lied in Congress and said, we're not spying on Trump.
I didn't know the name was Crossfire Hurricane, but we could tell they were spying and we had sources.
So, and it's not that I'm that good, folks.
I'm just willing, when I have info to tell you, everybody else is scared.
Everybody else knows everything I'm telling you.
So I'll take that away from myself.
But Jones, how does Jones know this?
Jones is willing to tell you.
That's the only difference.
Because I learned appeasing people gets you tied like a billy goat and screwed.
I do all this out of sheer terror, not out of courage.
Because I'm so scared of letting these Satanists take over.
My soul is horrified and is firmly against it.
And I only bring that up because everybody's like, well, how do you know all this?
How do I know that all these damn people are on record doing all this?
We told you about the Nunes memo a year before he released it.
And why?
William Benny had just met with the head of U.S.
National Intelligence, Emma Trump.
He already gave the intel.
They gave him the intel and said, no one's covering this.
We gave it to Fox.
Go on Jones' show and say it.
That's how pathetic the White House is.
I don't say that in a mean way.
I'm pathetic too.
The White House has to get William Binney to call me up and hold my hand and go, go look at this memo from the FISA Court 2017 out for six months.
No one covered it.
I was the last guy they could come to.
Imagine how that feels, like you're the work-covered toad, like in the basement, in the dungeon, and then no one else will do it, and they open the door, they go, okay, you have an audience, work-covered toad, you can release it now.
And then, of course, I get all the heat.
I don't feel sorry for myself.
I'm not, like, up here, like, I'm the glistening Valkyrie in the war.
I'm the wart-covered toad sitting on a pile of crap in my basement that no one wants to see.
And then, when everyone else fails, they open the dungeon door and say, little crap-covered toad, you can do it now.
Oh, thank you!
Because I'm not the crap-covered toad.
I'm up on the mountain.
And you think I feel good about that?
These men are pathetic.
These men are cowards!
You think I like executing every time?
You think I like being the person who comes through?
And knowing you keep us on air, and this crew does?
No, it makes me sick.
And so I'm on a quest for people who are going to tell the truth.
That's what pisses me off.
It's so easy to beat the globalists.
We just have to find our testicles.
Devin Nunes did, but he pounds his head against the BS, man.
The Attorney General says, I give orders, no one follows them!
He said it two weeks ago!
This is over.
We want every damn bit of intelligence Devin Nunes unloads on crooked intel agencies and media.
Maybe it's time to shut those agencies down.
They don't respect you.
They don't respect me.
He's another little toad they keep in the basement.
And I'm done.
Here's another one.
It goes on and on and on.
Soros is trying to overthrow European countries.
It just never ends, man.
And you know what?
Soros is a bad guy, but if we don't stand up to him, it's our problem.
Look at this.
President Trump to appoint Tom Fenton to court oversight watch.
Has power to move certain judges for misconduct.
That is a big move because judicial watch does a great job.
And, I don't know, Tom Fitton trying to be the new Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yeah, I mean, whatever.
That's good.
I love it.
That, they actually deliver.
So, but the thing is, the enemy, again, is so brazen.
You look at Peter Strzok, when he's up there in front of Congress making those weird-ass demon faces, it's bizarre and it's sick.
I'll tell you this, most emperors, most kings get killed by their doctors.
George Washington was killed by his doctor.
Trump is in incredibly grave danger.
If you don't know that, you're an idiot.
I know you know that.
I can feel that Trump's in danger.
I can see it politically.
The second hour is about to start.
I don't usually air a report twice in a row, but I'm going to air this.
Gregg Reese report twice in a row, and then we're going to have both Gregg Reese and John Bowne in studio straight ahead.
Both super smart guys.
I love them both.
And it's the great experiment of InfoWars.
I get to know guys like this.
So you keep these men in the fight.
Hour or two straight ahead.
Tell people how they tune in now.
Or bow to Hillary Clinton and bow to John Podesta.
In a 371 to 18 vote, our elected Congress appeared to be moving towards making pedophobia a hate crime.
They stated that President Trump has not condemned the QAnon conspiracy, which revolves around the baseless theory that Trump and his allies are working to expose a cabal of Democrats, media figures, and celebrities who are running an international child trafficking ring.
They went on to say that the First Amendment is a powerful weapon.
Turning that weapon on those who use fantasies as a menacing grift is the responsibility of reasonable citizens, legislators, and executives.
The same Congress who has paid out $15 million of taxpayer money to silence their own victims of sexual harassment want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence anyone who suggests that Democrats, media figures, and celebrities are involved in child trafficking.
They say the claim is baseless, but that is an obvious lie.
And it's not just the Democrats.
In the 1980s, foster children from Nebraska were being auctioned off at elite parties on the East Coast and sent as prostitutes to powerful politicians, including at the White House.
A federal grand jury got involved to rule that the explosive testimony of the victimized foster children was a hoax.
The Vatican has been exposed for years of covering up a hidden pedo culture within the Catholic Church.
Hillary Clinton's State Department covered for a pedophile ambassador.
Oprah Winfrey promoted a man who was enslaving women, impregnating them, and selling their babies internationally.
Hollywood, Nickelodeon, and Disney have all been exposed for rehiring convicted pedophiles to work with children.
And the mainstream media tells you that this is all fantasy.
After WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails, masses of people began investigating child sex trafficking.
And nothing has been the same ever since.
Following his inauguration, President Trump vowed to fight the epidemic of human trafficking.
He signed executive orders to do so, and over 1,500 pedophiles involved in child sex trafficking operations were arrested, all within his first month as president, and the mainstream media ignored it.
In June of 2017, Ivanka Trump said that ending human trafficking is in our moral and strategic interests and is a top priority of the White House.
Big arrests continued all over the globe, reported by local media only.
Thousands of arrests, thousands of children rescued, including infants.
Nixxiom cult leaders have been charged with child porn and sex trafficking.
Their leader was an outspoken advocate of pedophilia.
They ran multiple daycare centers.
For several years, there has been talk about Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, the Lolita Express, used to ferry powerful people to his private pedophile island, including dozens of times by Bill Clinton, seen here partying with convicted pedophile and deep state witness George Nader.
Bill Gates, who was also associated with Jeffrey Epstein, employed a former Microsoft engineer to work on his private estate, who was arrested on the Gates property in 2014 for possessing over 6,000 images of child rape and assault, including the rape of boys and girls as young as eight years old.
The man only did 90 days in jail.
The same fat losers who have gotten rich off of corrupt side deals for years.
Who have paid out $15 million to silence their own victims.
The same worthless elected officials who have been stalling any and all investigations into the crooked establishment which they have exploited for decades.
Now want to weaponize the First Amendment to silence anyone who suggests they or their Hollywood media cohorts might be involved in child sex trafficking.
The crime of pedophilia is recorded in history all the way to the Bible.
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.
But times have changed, and we don't need to bother with millstones any longer.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
You know, I've been blessed in 46 years.
46 orbits of the sun.
To get to see the top of Hollywood, the top of DC, all of it means nothing to me.
But to know these listeners and viewers that love us, and the station owners, and all the supporters out there, to know John Bowne now for almost 10 years, to know Greg Reese, I mean, these are rock stars to me.
You guys are going to be co-hosting with Harrison Smith in Sunday Live.
Owen's off tonight.
That's coming up six to eight tonight.
We're looking forward to that.
Basically commercial free.
We just run six minutes of ads at the bottom and top of the hour for stations, but we don't have any ads.
So that's coming up in about an hour from now or 54 minutes from now.
But what a historic time to be alive.
And to know the deep state backed by China is trying to overthrow the country, and to have them not even hiding it, and to see it all coming out.
Guys, let's go to John Bowne, because everybody loves your videos, they love the work you do.
You've done producing here, investigative journalism, you name it, for so long.
But here you are.
What would you call this period as a father, as a husband?
What would you call this time right now?
Well, I think a lot of us are wrestling with the definition for what is happening.
What the hell is happening?
And, you know, for me, for months I've been saying, well, it's a self-loathing.
The culture has this self-loathing.
They hate themselves.
They hate each other.
They hate, especially hate people like me, and yourself, who believe in freedom.
But it's actually far worse than that.
It's a cultural phenomenon that's been around in circles for a few years.
It's been spoken about on the internet.
It's called Oikophobia.
Oikos, the first word, is the Greek word for home.
So these people hate their home.
And it's a phenomenon that has happened in... They hate themselves.
They hate themselves, they hate the home, they hate the religion, the predominant religion, and it's been aggressively pushed into their lives.
And no wonder they're so unhappy.
They're taught with a love to hate themselves.
And it's not just the millennial generation, it's not just Generation Z, it's the boomer generation too.
Well they handed it down.
Right, it's part of their whole me generation outlook.
I hate bad parts of myself, but I gotta have something to replace it.
What they're replacing it with is 100 times worse.
Well how empty is it for me not to have any empathy for the two of you?
I mean, what if I just came in here and all I did was think about myself?
I can't do that as a human being.
That's not how this country was formed.
Well, notice how they don't care about China running slave camps for Muslims and Christians and Buddhists.
Like, oh, it doesn't matter.
It's white people.
It's bad.
It's a joke.
Gregg Reese, what would you call this?
I was talking to John about it earlier, and yeah, it's definitely a spiritual battle.
And it's, you can see it in the past hundred years how the base level ego of every citizen in America basically has been stimulated and overstimulated through advertising and propaganda, social media.
That's it, they don't know what's real anymore.
It's like fake stimulus versus real stimulus.
Absolutely, and that puts people in this state of illusion.
My dad's dad was a B-17 pilot, highly decorated, did his missions, then ground troops after that invading Italy.
They're starting a war with their fellow neighbors and fellow Americans and they don't seem to have any clue as to what they're doing.
We came up and shot you in the head and you fought back.
We came up and blocked your car and you didn't do anything.
You got mad at us.
I hit you in the face and you fought back.
Yeah, and what are we supposed to do?
Where are they leading us?
It's not where are our leaders taking us.
Where are we supposed to eventually be led?
What are we supposed to do?
Total Civil War, because the Jeff Bezos's and the George Soros's and the Mark Zuckerberg's are never held accountable.
We kill each other, we get killed at a checkpoint by Antifa, they don't die, and I don't even want to kill them!
But they're assaulting us!
And Bill Gates is coming with a vaccine!
So, okay.
It's war you want, it's war you get.
But the only organic part of this is the resistance.
And the resistance has always been there.
That's beautiful.
It's true.
All of Black Lives Matter, all of Antifa is funded by these super rich billionaires.
And then we're the real resistance?
And we've been here for eons and we'll always be here until the end of the universe.
And so, you know, the Terminator robots, they're not out there yet.
It always goes on.
You know, my ancestors,
My ancestor, John Bowne, is the man responsible for religious freedom in this country.
Look it up.
That's in my DNA.
I can't do anything about it.
Your dad's a famous journalist.
My dad's a journalist, but, you know, we didn't own slaves.
The John Bowne House is at the end of the Abolitions Highway.
They say all white people are bad.
No, they don't care.
It's this guilt, this identity they put on us.
They say blacks are slaves, so blacks are controlled by Democrats, and then whites are evil to be their slaves.
Those that give you identity are your masters.
And so we need to reject their identity.
And it's our love for freedom and our love for God that gives us a sense of purpose, that gives us a sense of life and motivation every day.
And that's what everyone else is lacking.
And because they don't have that sense of purpose, because they don't have that incredible spirit behind them, then they're just completely lost.
I agree.
We don't taste the pleasure.
They're soulless idiots.
They look dead.
They act dead.
What's wrong with them?
Why do you have a soul?
Why are you operating?
Why are you successful?
They're not.
The main power of having faith in God is it gives you a sense of humility, which allows you to get past your ego, and serve others, and find a sense of purpose.
Christ died for all of us.
And these people want to be God.
And you have to admit you're not God, you can't run it.
They're convinced they, each one of them, is convinced they're God, and that's how they recognize each other, is the Godhead in each one of them, which is completely soulless.
And they can't wipe their own ass.
Not only that, they have no reference points.
They accept themselves and their iPhones that they're staring at every day.
And race.
They're losers seeking power.
I mean, look around you.
If you set your iPhone down for a second and looked around you, you wouldn't see white people, black people.
You'd see the American people.
We've been here for hundreds of years.
We've mixed races.
We are Americans.
We're not one or the other.
It's not black and white.
They know that.
They're just... You look at... They're the losers.
They're the losers and they're being organized to destroy and make us all lose.
So at what point
You know, and... I mean, look at these people.
It's like Mt.
Ruth Brigades.
I'm sorry, they're like 18-year-old women.
And their tactics... And they're... they're aggressive.
Yeah, and this woman says, you guys are stupid.
You know, I guess, I don't know how to react to these people except to laugh at them.
Because all I want them to have is freedom!
And they literally think because I'm white, it's a white woman telling me I'm the devil.
Well, and that's the phenomenon of oikophobia.
What happens is civilization becomes very successful and the wealthy people move up.
And then the people that are on the lower rung, they try to move up too.
But they end up, they're not moving up fast enough.
And they start hating everything.
So they think that they're going to inherit- It's class envy.
It's class envy.
It's a class- Because if everybody was poor, they wouldn't care.
But because there's like- Exactly.
And that's what they want.
Right, right.
They want to be on the dole.
They want to be poor.
They want to be Marxist.
They want to have- get lined up and get shot in the back of the head, put into a ditch.
That's what they want.
Because they're nuts.
Yeah, you definitely don't get prosperity the road they're taking.
I mean, it's like guaranteed.
No, absolutely not.
And if only they realized the incredible purpose and meaning that you could have in life by just simply taking responsibility for your own actions, by just simply working hard and serving others and serving your family.
They're missing out on incredible life.
Well, that's what the lockdown is, is making it impossible to work hard and succeed.
The whole game is we're so powerful, the whole satanic system is that this whole alien system is don't let us be successful and teaches how great we are, think we're losers.
But just our connection to God is winning.
Well that's something Greg and I were talking about was even the people that don't think they're satanic, even if you think you're an atheist, at this point you gotta choose sides.
Because you're gonna end up satanic if you choose that side.
Yeah, exactly.
People say, why are you so religious now?
Because it's all coming down, man.
It's all coming down.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Been here almost 10 years.
John Pound.
Gregory's been here about three years.
They're all here.
Great guys.
I'm your host.
Guys, what would you define
This period of time that we're in right now with 29 days out from the election, 109 out from the inauguration, and what they're doing to President Trump.
Because we don't come out with like, Jeff Zucker has a talking point, we all parrot it.
These are guys I respect, they have different views.
The leftist media, Media Matters, a bunch of others.
No, look, Jones is saying he could really have COVID, or it could be something else they poisoned him with.
Why is he saying different things?
He's a fraud.
No, that's called actually being real and being authentic.
What do you think is going on right now with Trump and with the coronavirus, you know, that we're hearing, and him at Walter Reed?
What do you think is going on, John Bell?
Well, you know, I mean, the thing about InfoWars is it wakes you the hell up.
And you turn on, even turn on Fox News, turn on MSNBC, that just puts you right back to sleep.
Everything's fine.
Here's what I'm saying.
They all had pre-interviews before.
All I'm saying is we didn't do a pre-interview.
No, no.
They can't even imagine that.
That's what I'm saying.
It's just real.
It's the respect of real people.
I showed up here, I ran into him in the hall.
Like I just said, you know, I'm glad to be here talking to you guys about these things I think about all day long and the audience thinks of me.
We want that.
We respect you.
We love you.
John, you don't love you, right?
Of course I do.
Greg, I love you, right?
I love you too, man.
They could be shut down very soon.
It makes me love every person here even more.
Well, we're so close.
It's a quickening.
I'm not even scared.
I'm just like, trying to say bye to everybody, you know?
Well, the audience out there has no voice.
We're that voice.
We are that voice.
And they hate that voice.
I can't stand the enemy so close to extinguishing our voice.
But they'll never succeed.
No, and that's how this country will not remain.
If the voice is completely extinguished, then we're gone.
But that's how this country was formed.
This voice has always been... They try to suppress the voice.
They've always tried to suppress the voice.
That's what caused the war.
So what would you call this period of time?
I would call it, and it's this word that you...
In the 10 years I've been here, I used to work back there and work the board and all that.
But you kept saying this word.
And I would always think, well, that's Eastern Europe.
That's Russia.
And the word is Balkanization.
And we're starting to head in the United States.
They're talking about seceding in California, Oregon, and Washington.
Black separatists want their own little area in Georgia.
When that happens, where does our military go?
When that happens, where does our police go?
Where do we go?
Do I have to pick that I'm going to move somewhere out west, a little place out west I'm not going to talk about?
Do I have to figure out which people I can be with now?
They're herding you into a cult in the name of fighting racism.
I'm a very optimistic person, I think, through all of this, but the day that President Trump and Melania Trump announced that they had COVID and they were going into the hospital,
I would say that's the day that my optimism ended.
This isn't a stunt.
He looks sick.
They hit him with something.
And to have him at Walter Reed Hospital, surrounded by Big Pharma, military industrial complex, and if he were to die from quote-unquote COVID, it just seems to me like the enemy has everything wrapped up.
So I've never seen the enemy so close to victory through all this until right now, 30 days out from the election.
I'm just dying to see the President get the hell out of that hospital.
The one good thing I've seen is it does seem like his family seems to be spending a good amount of time surrounding him.
But they admit those two treatments are deadly.
Each one's very dangerous.
There's no reason why you would give the President of the United States experimental drugs, dangerous experimental drugs, at a time like this.
Well, both of them, they admit, you only give us money on their deathbed.
But then they spun it and the press guy went, oh, he asked for it.
Maybe he didn't.
Maybe he did.
Well, you know, the cocktail is, half of it is completely experimental.
And so, as Rappaport said, you know, we're probably looking at Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of this week when things are really, you know, he's in the car right now, it's all, the, you know, the, anybody.
He's lost like 20 pounds, he looks.
I mean, the synthetic antibodies made up of human B-cells and mice cells are all attaching themselves to him in a clinical trial.
Think about that.
It's like we wake up in this Frankenstein world.
Oh, we're putting mouse cells in the president.
In the president.
And he doesn't even need it.
But they never crossed it with Rendezivir.
And we're experimenting with our president?
And they don't even have to kill him.
They just have to make him sick and keep him down.
And then they say,
Because I watched the press conference yesterday after I shot my video and they're like, well we're monitoring him at the hospital because of these experimental treatments.
They admitted it!
To cover their ass!
And if they were to kill him, I mean, it's better than JFK.
Even though... Because that legitimizes the whole COVID crap.
Absolutely 100% and they can just shut everything down and they can scare the hell out of everyone with COVID.
I'm sure Trump's smart.
I'm sure he thought of those angles.
I would think so.
But I mean, my God.
And the doctor came out and he's saying that he won't release oxygenation levels and all these other levels that he's going through.
And at the same time, Mark Meadows is leaking to the press that things don't look that good.
So we're getting two...
Yeah, we should have started the show like, Mark Meadows is like, oh Trump's not doing too good.
What the hell?
Yeah, and I mean just look at him.
I don't want to go into Nostradamus stuff, but of course you know the Baba Vaga prediction that she predicted that Trump would go deaf and get the disease and go deaf.
There's a bunch of people saying Trump's going to die.
But, but where do we go from there?
And what happens to Pence?
What happens to this election?
You know, they're so arrogant right now, they're saying, hey, you know, these hearings that Lindsey Graham is doing about digging back into, because now we have all the puzzle pieces about what happened, Hillary, behind the entire Russia collusion hoax.
We've got all the puzzle pieces now, all we just need a few more from Haspel, who's just hanging on to the last little bit.
And they're saying, nah, we're going to shut that down, we're going to shut down the Supreme Court nominee, and we're all going to go on vacation.
And the whole Western world is moving rapidly towards global tyranny right now, even if we pull ourselves out of it.
We still have... I mean, who are our allies?
So it really comes down to President Trump.
And then, now that we see President Trump... Well, we don't just say that.
We get penalized for supporting Trump.
America is under attack.
This is real.
The entire world is depending... The enemy is depending on the destruction of America.
People say, oh, you're an establishment now.
You support the president.
A president making a run at the globalists?
Damn right I do!
Yeah, well, Trump... I don't think Trump really ever was establishment.
You know?
Oh, he's the only challenger we've seen.
Oh, there's no doubt that he's his own establishment.
They just see him as a threat.
Whether he's good or bad, he's being the president.
And they don't like that.
Almost four years of the establishment just beating us over the head for trying to be the establishment.
And now that he's in the hospital, I think everyone is starting to realize how important things are right now.
Because there's a certain level of insecurity, I think everyone feels, that Trump is in the hospital.
Up until now, there was, no matter what side you were on, you know, how awake you were, how stupid you were, there was a certain lack of interest.
But right now, everyone I think realizes how important his role is, and what's going to happen if he dies.
Sure, what do you make of the statements, oh he did it, he's faking it.
I know Trump, he's very by the book.
That doctor came in, it could have been a false positive, but he looks sick.
Let's talk about it with John Bowne, let's talk about it with Greg Rees and Alex Jones in the next two segments.
And then, we've got two hours of Sunday Live.
Sunday Night Live with... These guys are going to be there.
We're going to have to host.
Harrison Smith, knocking it out of the park.
This is one hell of a time to be alive.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
So Alex Jones here back live with Greg Reese and Jon Pound.
Two voices you know here in studio with us on this live Sunday night.
We were just talking about the collapse of civilization, what the globals are going to do.
I think if the controllers of it realize they're not going to get away with collapsing things and blaming it on politicians or parties.
People know it's Bill Gates, they know it's Jeff Bezos, because I know they're scared of this.
I'll leave it at that.
They're scared of being identified as the authors of this.
What can we do, 29 days out from election?
What's going to unfold?
What's going to happen?
Why would people go against their own self-interest?
What would you call, I keep going back to this, this period of time we're in, and what can we do now to have a pro-human outlook?
Guys, who wants to take it first?
To me, it seems like the biggest enemy, the biggest threat is the media.
Right now what we're left with is an awakened population and a brainwashed sheeple population.
And the herd is only going to be moved by the media.
And the media can weaponize the herd like a stampede.
They've been doing it all year.
They've actually turned that herd into a weapon going out in the streets and attacking civilians, citizens, just people driving home from work.
They've established martial law.
That's right.
They've established the right to kill.
And that's just going to keep getting worse and worse and worse.
And the only thing, in my opinion, that's ever going to shift the herd is the media.
So the media has to be broken down, dismantled, exposed, altered, changed or something.
Well, we gotta vote with our dollars.
I mean, you gotta unsubscribe from Netflix.
You gotta stop using Amazon.
2.5 million this week dumped Netflix.
Yeah, and great.
God, it's open pedophilia!
And you need to stop even flipping through MSNBC and CNN, and you need to tell people... We have donors.
When you look at that pedophilia, it makes me want to attack.
And that's the thing, is that what it's going to come down to are the parents.
See, a lot of you don't understand because you're not a parent and you don't have kids.
And I know you hear this all the time, but until you've got somebody you all of a sudden got to take care of and you got to make sure that they get through this life.
And we're looking at 20 years from now, what are we looking at?
What is my kid looking at?
It makes you take action.
Hell yeah.
And not only that, you talk about humility and loving one another and all of that.
We have a duty as parents.
I've made it this far.
I'm pushing 50.
You'll be 50 soon.
And we've made it this far.
I've had friends that have died, didn't make it this far.
So I will put my life on the line for my child's future and this country.
And we're reaching a point... And it's not like you're even, like, you're doing them a favor.
You wanted to already take action.
That's what I'm saying is, they don't get like, we, they've got us where, they've got us where like, we can't wait much longer.
It's like a, it's a demand.
It's like, you're gonna do it.
And we have to.
The only way we're going to win is if we forget about going back to normal.
We have to forget about our comfortable lives.
We have nothing but a hard road ahead of us and the sooner we can get over that, sacrifice our lives to serve our children and our grandchildren, that's the only way we're going to win.
We weren't always like this either.
That's powerful though, that's true.
We're generation X. And so there was a time when we completely wanted to take down, there's an adolescent mindset where you want to take down the system.
But as you grow older you realize this system was built for you.
But these people can't realize that.
They want to take down... Well, they want to subvert the system.
The system has problems.
They want to subvert it.
They want to subvert it for their own ego, and for their own place, their own Twitter handle, and their own Facebook page.
They want to play God, so what's going to unfold?
And we're, I mean, we're talking about the system, and the system we're learning now is so delicate.
I mean, humanity is basically, we're just a few years away from being in the jungle.
We're half animal, we're half soul, and the system that we've built is a miraculous system that allows us to be both and live in a civilized manner.
But the whole thing could fall apart.
In weeks.
So what's going to happen next?
The only way we're ever going to get through this, I think at this point there's going to be war.
Exactly how it looks like.
War is here!
It's coming.
Get ready for war!
It has to.
I'm not happy about war!
But think of the ancient civilizations, we don't even understand half of the stuff that all line up with the stars.
Oh, and already Atlantis blew up.
And all, you know, the Egyptian and the Mayan and all that.
Think about war!
And it always ends in war.
There's always a part of that that gets too powerful and goes through the same thing we're going through right now.
Because there's a satanic group that wants to kill everybody.
And they have to.
And they enforce this war.
And they have to suck the souls out of the population.
Like Hitler!
He's like, I'm going to kill everybody!
Like, no, you got war, dude.
And the difference between... He's like, okay, you want to kill me?
I'm going to kill you.
The difference between this war will be unlike any war we have ever seen in our lifetimes.
I would say it's safe to say that most of the wars we grew up with are corporate wars that were started under false premises.
This war is, I mean, for lack of a better word, perhaps a Christian revolution of some sort.
Providence, yeah.
Oh, it's a Christian...
Call it a jihad is still the Islamic term, but we are under attack.
It's a crusade.
They're going to come for you because your relationship with God.
They're going to know the algorithm.
You're connected to the big guy.
They want you gone.
Yeah, it's the war in heaven is about to happen here on earth.
And it gives us incredible strength knowing that
We're serving God, knowing that we are not just serving ourselves.
Well, obviously, we want prosperity and freedom.
They want death!
God Almighty!
That's what's so sick!
The people that serve it, they laugh and go, oh, we've got you, we're gonna get you, and torture you.
Like, you think I'm scared of that?
That's five minutes long, man.
What is their reward?
Ignorance and death?
They're not conscious.
They turn their will over, John.
They're not there, brother.
They just feed on this hatred.
It's hatred.
It's beyond hatred.
I mean, all the stuff said about Trump.
They turn their soul over, brother.
He's a racist, a misogynist, all this.
And none of it's true!
They don't care, though.
They turn their will over.
I mean, Trump is a man just like the rest of us.
Once you turn your will over, you have your fill.
He's like, give us one of the keys to your brain.
You haven't done that.
Well, and they're about to take the keys to all of our brains, you know.
Sometimes lately when I get a little over anxious or excited, I'll have to get on my knees and ask God, please take this energy in me, work through me, use me as a tool for your will.
And if I didn't have that, if I was like the rest of these people,
Guaranteed, the dark forces would be using my energy and my body for their will.
I love that image.
That's our future.
Unlimited power.
These Satanists cannot stand how powerful we are.
They want to shut us down and steal it right now.
And the beauty of the family, the organic, natural way of living for humans on earth, the mother, the father, and the children, it all has to be built upon that or it all goes to hell.
Because we're on this planet, it's all real.
Think about, we have to accept how powerful we are.
We have to accept that responsibility.
And right now, it's up to all of us, it's up to everyone.
And this is why I feel so bad for the herd, is because they're missing out on one of the most epic opportunities that life ever has to offer, which is to actually take responsibility, stand up,
Fight evil, clean the garden, and create a world for our grandchildren.
And they're missing out on all of it.
Think what we've already done.
It's unlimited.
And they have an excuse for everything you just said.
They have an anti-argumentative, you know, baphomet argument.
That's why we just ignore them.
And I agree.
Because we know all they build is failure.
All they build is betrayal.
Well, it is amazing that we were given Christ.
You know?
It really is.
That's the real deal.
God comes down to show you.
I mean, when you sit back and look at it, and Christ comes here and says, it's all about love.
It's not about ego.
It's not about destroying people for your own gain in life.
It's about all of us.
Oneness of humanity.
It's about unlimited power.
And we can feel it.
Which we don't even want, but you have to be ready for it.
And I don't care, I don't care about the free, I believe in freedom.
So you have the freedom to be whoever you want to be.
Believe in whatever you want to believe, but don't tell me to believe in it.
Don't tell me to worship your CNN and your Islam and all this other crap.
We'll be right back, folks.
We're gonna, uh... This is awesome.
We'll do the final.
You're awesome.
You gotta keep hosting two hours after I leave.
I'll be listening.
We need you a lot, in my mind.
Yeah, a lot.
You've done well.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Our brothers, Jon Powne, Gregg Reese, and Harrison Smith.
That's a really good point.
This always comes up with me, especially lately.
Does this happen to you too, Greg?
You do a report.
And sometimes you don't even feel like you're in charge.
Sometimes things come to you that you need to relay because there's so many people out there.
When I was a DJ, I would get calls from people that were so synchronistic.
I would know, I would start playing a song and they would call and say, can I hear this song?
You're connected to your audience.
That's real, that's real.
Yeah, that's real.
Oh, it happens all the time.
And it's almost predictable.
When a report comes on, like, just inspired and rapid and quick and gets it out, those tend to be over the target.
Whereas, if I spend a lot of time, you know, trying to pick a report and stuff like that, it's like the more ego is involved in my report, the less effective it is.
But you can feel the spirit.
Because it just comes on fast and hard.
It's almost like when you do too much research, you get too much into it.
Those aren't the ones that are successful.
It's the one where God just says,
Come on.
We need this out.
Yeah, and then usually my ego is actually questioning... And again, they want their broadcast to be God.
We're tuning to God.
We're tuning to the real thing.
That's not... So what do you expect to happen to Trump?
He's not perfect.
They're trying to get him.
What do they do if they lose?
We're 29 days out.
This is going to be hysterical.
They're not contesting.
They're going to contest fraudulently.
They've said they're going to contest.
Well, you know, we were just saying that Obama, you know, six years ago, Obama would do these things, yet he knows about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so he knows just how far it can go.
We're way beyond that now.
Yeah, no one follows anything now.
Yeah, it's just whatever the orders are from headquarters to Pelosi and Schumer, whatever the next move is, that's where they're going.
They're not going to follow the Constitution.
I mean, look at the First Amendment.
We're sitting here on a website.
We're not on Twitter.
We're not on social media.
We've been banned in the United States of America.
Our will is the listener's will to share that link on their private messenger via email.
If listeners don't do it, it doesn't... Exactly.
We've been occupied.
You know?
I mean, we kind of just let that go.
We fall asleep and let that go.
But just think about that.
You know, I mean, we're sitting here in the United States.
The First Amendment guarantees that as the press, as the media, we're allowed to inform the people, so we're protected.
We're not protected.
It's been taken away from us.
That's Trump's greatest failure.
And the people that have been weaponized don't even understand that.
They don't even seem to care about freedom of speech.
They seem to think that freedom of speech and the Second Amendment are outdated.
And their followers, they get off on joining.
They have Stockholm Syndrome.
It's like you used to always say, trendy.
I think the trendy is a great way of explaining it.
Whatever pop culture tells them everyone else is doing is what these people will get on board and doing.
Even if that includes getting rid of our Bill of Rights, even if that includes killing the President, hunting down Trump supporters, they'll just go along with every bit of it.
Well, take China.
It's put in by the globalists, it's killing millions of people a year, it's doing all this.
I was on Drinking Bro's podcast today.
And they're like, I'm saying this stuff, they're like Googling it.
But there are 3 million Muslims at death camps.
There are a million at death camps.
They are selling their organs.
China advertises they have the organs.
Imagine if Trump was selling people's organs.
They don't, Trump doesn't want to sell organs.
It's like, well he's a white guy, he must be bad.
Selling organs is okay.
It's like it's...
And everyone's on board, at least the herd.
The herd's all on board with Communist China, as if Communist China is the future.
Because they think that's how they're winning, because the leaders aren't involved.
They're just going to go along with whatever they're told, no matter how insane or dangerous it is.
And that's why things are so dangerous.
If it wasn't for the media, if it wasn't for these millions of brainwashed people, it would be over.
Well, that's the paradox.
That prosperity creates monsters, adversity creates men.
You guys put a graph up earlier that kind of explained it.
Hard times build strong men, good times breed weak men, and then bad times make smart men stand up and take over again.
But what do you do with people that fundamentally want to be chumps?
Well, look at how much they do hate Trump, and they don't understand who Trump is.
And he's been, since Ronald Reagan, he's been out there gradually telling us, yeah, I might run, I might run.
And he's been criticizing all of the policies, and the populace, the population has been like, yeah, he's right.
And they hate him so much, and they've made so many lies about him.
Why do they hate him so much?
Because he's successful.
Why do they hate you so much?
Why does the media hate you so much?
Because you're successful regardless of the system that's been put in place to keep people like you out.
You've been successful.
They really hate the people.
They hate success.
They hate the people's desire.
They hate positive success.
And that's what this country creates.
That's the system we live in.
You can be anything you want.
Look at what they've done to the music industry.
It doesn't even exist anymore.
It's all just... It's just crap.
It's just propaganda.
There are real musicians out there, ladies and gentlemen, but you'll never hear about them.
No, you're gonna hear about Cardi B.
You know?
I mean, there's actual, there are probably Bob Dylan's and Jimi Hendrix's out there right now.
But, they're gone.
They're taken away from you just like we were.
I think we'll reboot a little bit with what's going on with the news now, but still want to kind of update about what's going on with Trump.
And what do you think, Greg?
Yeah, I'm just hoping to see Trump get out of that hospital, get back into the White House and end that whole drama.
But I think we're going to look into the future.
What does this mean?
Where does Biden go from here?
I agree.
Let me just say this.
I'll be very clear.
Trump is in the greatest danger of his three and a half year presidency, or three plus, almost four year presidency, in Walter Reed with experimental drugs.
We've looked at that.
They say, don't give them to me unless they're dying.
I mean, the fact that he's, they said, oh, he asked for it.
The doctors are like, he asked for these, so we're monitoring him in case they hurt him.
They said that in the press conference yesterday.
I read the literature.
God, it says it could kill him.
These are really dangerous.
I'm like, okay.
Then I watch the press and I'm like, well, he asked for this.
So that is really hardcore.
And I'm really worried about Trump.
He's a tough guy.
He wants to get back to normal, but no hydroxychloroquine, but he's been giving an experimental mouse pus.
That's what it is.
Mouse pus.
Oh, that's what antibodies are.
It's, it's, it's what... Protein.
It's what, it's what my blood cells spit out.
And it attaches to the markers in the cell.
So, I mean, like, Trump's like, yeah, I'll take whatever you got.
They're like, well, sir, we'll do this.
He's barely even sick.
That can kill you, they admit.
So I hope that's not the case.
I don't want to be proven right here.
I'm just really concerned.
And America is in the most dangerous time in all of its history, I think you can say.
I think you can say the same thing about the entire planet.
I mean... Exactly.
You couldn't have a military do this.
It's all psychological, isn't it?
And you can feel the psychology the moment Trump went in the hospital.
And I would argue that even people on the left probably felt it, that there's a sense of... He offered a sense of security in the past few years.
Well, the stock market went up.
We had people like, America's open again.
But now you feel it, oh wait, it's not.
It's unbelievable how the stock market has held on, too.
It's just incredible.
It just tells you just how successful he really was.
I mean, here we are... Well, because he's a leader in charge!
They told America, you're over, you're closed!
Trump says, we're not closed!
And you see everyone praying for the president.
These people are praying for America.
I would imagine... Yeah, a prayer for Trump is a prayer for America.
It's a prayer for America right now, because if Trump dies, just imagine how swift and fast destruction will come.
And they've laid it all out.
It's not their plan, it's the United Nations' plan.
It's coming, you know.
And it's extremely effective.
2030 is right around the corner.
And that's what they're aiming at.
We're gonna go to break.
Harrison Smith, great reporters are coming and take over on the live streams.
Hope local stations pick it up for other stations.
We appreciate you.
David Knight, weekday mornings at a.m.
I come on 11 a.m.
I'm Alex Jones.
John Bowne, great reporter, another wonderful reporters here, Greg Reese.
I want to thank the great crew tonight here.
Owen normally hosts this show.
The next two hours, we'll get six minutes ads an hour or so.
We're gonna have a lot of time to cover every issue, a lot of time to play the clubs, a lot of time to go over all the news.
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You do that, the world will change.
We'll be right back with our number three and four.
I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Lord willing.
Thanks for staying with us.
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They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them muted.
I want them silenced.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
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