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Name: 20201001_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 1, 2020
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In a discussion on The Alex Jones Show, host Alex Jones and his guests analyze the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations, and government control. They express suspicion that the virus is being used as a tool for globalist takeover. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts claims that COVID-19 has been exploited for various agendas, including enriching pharmaceutical companies by suppressing information on an effective cure. The show also highlights the importance of vitamin D3, zinc, and vitamin C for immunity against viral infections. Furthermore, it touches upon topics such as Trump's impact on military security complex, critical race theory, COVID-19 statistics, shifts in global power dynamics since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and big tech controlled by globalists.

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So that's just one article.
Back to normal.
Why we must accept it won't ever happen.
And they say, they say, a lot of people will resist, but a good number are good, and will adapt to doing what they're told, and will wear the mask, and that soon even mothers will wear them when they see their babies.
And you'll never see your mommy's face.
The face will now be like looking at someone's spread ass.
The face will now be like looking at a man's penis.
It will be a shock.
You're like, oh, the Muslims will never get our women to wear a mask.
What, you think Mohammed and those guys cooked that up?
They had a lot of ancient cults that made you wear a mask.
And slaves had to wear a mask.
Only the king can be seen.
And so the politicians, oh, they don't wear masks.
You wear a mask.
You wear them, you dirty little rats.
You pieces of filth!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Gotta break the chains right now or it'll be so incredibly hard to break them in the future and that's why I am in mourning.
I am in great sadness.
You know, you can go to the Yale reports and go to the Stanford reports and you can pull up the psychological profiles.
With the big think tanks and the federal government admitting they've designed the COVID-19 lockdown as a drill, as a psychological training to prepare you for the cashless society, the tracking apps, the social credit score, forced inoculations, and so much more, to bring in the post-human era.
And we consider and tell you how the lockdown's gonna work and how it's never gonna end.
But then to actually live it and see it, and to see an article that was put
All over newspapers and publications, from MSN to CNN, by Nick Payton-Walsh.
This morning I got up at 5 a.m., went to the CNN front webpage to see what the enemy's up to, and it said, back to normal.
We must accept it won't happen.
Here's the same article, different headline.
There is no getting back to normal.
Experts say the sooner we accept that, the better.
And of course, CNN had an earlier headline, they changed it.
It was, you're never taking your mask off.
Think of that incredible power.
And to make you all watch each other and enforce on each other that everything else that's attached to it.
And you know, this morning I said, let me look up who this guy is.
I said, he'll probably be a defense correspondent reporting on CIA stories.
And guess what happened when I looked up Nick Payton Walsh?
It's always the same.
British assigned to covering CIA stories in combat zones, including the assassination of Osama bin Laden and that whole fiction where they then killed most of the Navy SEALs that were involved in the mission a few weeks later in that helicopter.
So that's just who these people are.
They're the ruling class.
And they're telling you that they're gonna put a hood over your head for the rest of your life, and they're coming with their forced inoculations, and this is an act of war.
When I read the article, it's everything we've told you word for word, because it's a philosophy, it's a system.
And they say, you will adapt to being slaves.
Remember, I've told this story probably 500 times, I'll tell it again.
I tell it so many times, I called Paul Watson this morning.
I go, remember the story about me on the plane, first class, flying to be on The View in New York, and one of the heads of one of the big banks is on board, sitting next to me?
Was visiting his dad, a former army general, in a nursing home in San Antonio.
And Paul goes, yeah, and he told you we'll adapt to being slaves.
The article actually says that.
We know their whole philosophy.
We know it's a fraud.
We have Fauci on tape saying he wears the mask for political effect.
We have Democrats saying it to the governor of Pennsylvania.
I mean, we have them.
We know.
So I was really upset today, and a friend of mine who's been out of town for months on a job, somebody I've known for years, came by the house this morning.
And they came to the door and knocked on it, and I went, and they were wearing a mask.
I opened the door, and a lot of men, I said, hey, how you doing?
They go, well, I'm just gonna wear, you need to wear a mask here.
And I said, oh, I just wanna, you know, just for your safety.
See, it's the virtue signal, and I just said, hey, I got something that came up.
Just have a nice life, and just throw them out of my house.
I'll never talk to them again.
So, you make your decision on this.
This is everything.
This is their takeover.
And if you submit to it, you're all done.
You understand?
It is October 1st on this live Thursday worldwide transmission.
We are 32 days out from the election, but that's when things really get hairy.
Now the public's finally figuring out the Democrats have pledged to contest the election, and that if Trump challenges their fraud, they will claim that he is a dictator.
But finally, ahead of the election, people are understanding we've got to affect the psychological warfare operation now with the truth.
We can't wait and be hit flat-footed.
That is all coming up here today.
And we have a raft of guests today.
We have Ron in Florida, who said he's a retired police officer out of New York City, and he was only on about two minutes, and everything he was saying was stuff that only an insider would know, and then I would give a vague statement, he would answer it instantly.
So obviously a smart cookie
So he's a caller.
He's going to be popping in at the bottom of the hour.
We appreciate him doing that.
John Rappaport.
I was sitting there eating my lunch when he came on in the fourth hour.
And he always is very informative, but I had missed something he'd been talking about.
So as soon as he talked about it, I went and looked it up.
And it was so bombshell that it was staggering.
It was staggering.
In fact, it's the biggest COVID fraud yet.
The biggest COVID hoax yet.
COVID itself is real.
Very, very weak.
You only die if you have the lowered immune system because you don't have the vitamins and minerals you need.
In fact, you can't kill you.
But there's a lot of hoaxes within it.
Saying people that died of something else died of COVID.
Killing people with intubation.
I don't
And I've got my little iPhone right here, so I'm searching what he's saying, and I didn't know this.
The major vaccines that are coming out, the parameters that the UN has put out, that we adopt them, because the UN's now world government, we're under it, boom, just like that.
We just, oh, it's the new normal, UN runs everything, move forward.
That the vaccine is not to protect you,
from a dangerous COVID-19 strain or a lethal strain, that it is only to give you, quote, antibodies, though they admit that won't protect you.
So they're saying it makes you sick.
They're saying it doesn't protect you.
And they're saying we're getting the vaccine authorized and admitting it's worthless.
And it was so profound, I came back on air and turned my mic on.
Probably in a weird position where I could be over a radio TV network and be at my lunch and just like pop in over somebody.
It was kind of rude.
But maybe you guys can get that towards the end of this third segment where he's sitting there talking about it and I just pop in and I say, so you're saying they admit the vaccine doesn't even work, so total fraud, then they'll keep the whole scam of the lockdowns and the masks going into the future.
And he goes, absolutely.
I mean, this is just teaching you to not have logic.
John Rappaport's joining us for the next hour.
Allie Alexander, really informative, intelligent political analyst.
Give us his take on the debate and what's moving forward.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former head of policy at the Treasury, the father of Reaganomics.
He hadn't been on a while.
We're really excited to have him coming on the show.
And then Patrick Howley has broken some really big news.
There have been some big developments on the NXIVM cult and the conviction of NXIVM overlord Claire Brothman.
That's calming up.
And then, of course, former Navy SEAL, best-selling author, really smart guy, getting into the whole riots at BLM and what's coming up in the election 32 days out, Matt Bracken.
And then you got the War Room with Owen Schroyer coming up after that.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very, very thankful for you tuning in today.
Okay, let me just in this segment tell you what's coming up.
Again, I got up about 4.35 in the morning, and I like to go to CNN to see what the enemy's up to.
And there was the headline, Master Never Coming Off, Lockdowns Never Ending, The New Normal.
Now, we knew that was coming.
So, oh, just 15 days.
Oh, just two months.
Oh, just six months.
Oh, into next year.
Oh, just two years.
Oh, it's never going to stop.
And they say, even when you have contact tracing, even when you have the apps on your phone, even when you're being tracked, and even when you have the inoculation, it's not going to protect you, you gotta wear a mask.
They love, as psycho control freaks, the power of having that muzzle over your face.
And you not being able to show your face in public, and no one having individualism.
And it gets into the occult, and being able to have kidnapped children they can move around, and globalists being able to wear masks, and the fact that that's a sign of a criminal society, and that we're dirty, and we're bad, and we're spreading disease, and so we hate our own species.
This is about self-loathing and deep guilt.
And again, Yale has big studies out this year, how they war game to wear the mask during a pandemic, and how to create guilt, and how to see other people are heroes when they wear it.
So a long time person I've known for many years came by the house this morning and they come to the door and they're wearing a mask and I let them in.
I said, you know, I'll drop by and just say hi.
And they were just looking at me with total satisfaction in their eyes wearing the mask.
I'm like, oh, you're a hero.
You're protecting me.
And they're like, yes, I'm protecting you.
And it was actually, I guess the visit was to just let me know that this person's a hero.
But really, it means you've just bought the induction of the cult program.
What was that?
What was the headline just a month ago?
Federal government working with Yale in research study to get public to comply with vaccines.
Another headline, the same story, was 15, government working on 15 ways to make you take COVID vaccine.
It's like, say you're a hero, guilt someone, do all this.
And the fine print says, we'll make you sick, won't protect you, but you're going to take it.
There it is.
Federal government and Yale are holding clinical trials on how best to persuade Americans to take COVID-19 vaccine.
Please print that for me.
So that's just one article.
Back to normal.
Why we must accept it won't ever happen.
And they say, they say, a lot of people will resist, but a good number are good, and will adapt to doing what they're told, and will wear the mask, and that soon, even mothers will wear them when they see their babies, and you'll never see your mommy's face.
The face will now be like looking at someone's spread ass.
The face will now be like looking at a man's penis.
It will be a shock.
You're like, oh, the Muslims will never get our women to wear a mask.
What, you think Muhammad and those guys cooked that up?
They had a lot of ancient cults that made you wear a mask.
And slaves had to wear a mask.
Only the king can be seen.
And so the politicians, oh, they don't wear masks.
You wear a mask.
You wear them, you dirty little rats.
You pieces of filth.
And so the dirtiest part of the body, oh, the mouth.
The truth is our bacteria, our viruses, 99% of the time make you healthier, but they're teaching you that you're dirty.
They're teaching you that you're bad.
They're teaching you that you have to hate yourself because this is about post-human exterminism.
And they tell you in the Wall Street Journal and NBC and the Nature Conservancy, they all say, oh, looking forward to the end of humanity.
You know, COVID shows us we're just dirty.
We're just bad.
And so we just have to end our species and, oh, we've got a mega elite that are going to guide us into the end of our species.
And who can lie?
Humans are bad for the Earth.
Let's just get rid of ourselves.
Imagine if you went to the movies in, say, 1999 and you saw a movie about 2020 where you're wearing masks and there's forced inoculations coming and they're telling you they're dreaming of the end of humanity and it's so cool to kill yourself.
30% of the public is on psychotropic drugs and pedophilia is being promoted as good.
And this is it.
This is their satanic, big move against everybody.
And people are embracing it, and they're putting the mask on, and they're gonna take five shots a year that Bill Gates says of just COVID alone, and it goes in and changes their cells and makes them GMO, and they admit it really hurts you, and they're just like, I don't care, God, I'm a hero.
Oh, I'm wearing the, oh, get me the, and their child, they give the child a shot, has convulsions, never talks again, but oh, they're heroes, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, it's all that human sacrifice.
Taking your child up to the ancient Babylonian, to the ancient Egyptian, to the ancient Mesoamerican, every culture, the ancient Druids.
They would bring their little three-year-old up, that was their favorite age, and bye-bye.
And the priest would say, good, take that knife, and just slit their throat.
And mommy loved it, because mommy was a hero.
Oh, it's so loving.
And you can see for miles and miles and miles and it's your job to raise the alarm with extreme urgency now.
Here's an example of what I've got coming up.
Governor Cuomo came out in the New York Times and he said, I never sent any patients with COVID-19 to nursing homes.
Even though he's on video going, I am ordering this to happen.
Even though we have his executive order right here.
Think of the magnitude of him gaslighting you like that.
But that's what they do.
So yes, they've announced that the lockdown is permanent.
Yes, it's never going to stop.
Yes, we told you that eight months ago.
This is a total societal takeover to see what they can get you to do.
That's why in the UK and Australia, they're saying if you're walking by someone, look away.
Now they're saying don't look someone in the eyes.
This is voodoo, folks.
This is superstition.
And this is seeing once they get someone under Stockholm Syndrome to wear a mask when they're driving in their car or when they're walking down a forest path by themselves.
I mean, I go down on the Greenbelt sometimes at 630 in the morning when it's dark.
I'll be out in the middle of nowhere.
I won't see somebody for 30 minutes.
And you'll see a woman or a man walking along a little forest path.
They don't even see you and they're wearing a damn mask.
Total cult programming.
Of course they're going to take the inoculations.
And they're going to have the social score on their card.
And they're going to demand that you do it as well.
So this is the minders.
This is who they're organizing against us.
But let me give you the good news.
It's this right here.
NXIVM cult going down.
The Brothmans are right up there with the top globalists.
They are right up there with sex cults.
There's a big report.
Patrick Howley is going to be joining us on this at the end of the fourth hour.
Nexium overlord Claire Brothman, illegal Clinton bundler, sentenced to prison.
They were involved in child trafficking internationally around the world.
They were tied into the Mexican government.
John of God, Oprah Winfrey.
And these people love having women and children that act like robots and worship them.
Can you imagine how pathetic it would be to have
One of these mansions that they call temples, and everyone shakes and grovels, and they only get enough calories to stay alive, and they're anorexic, and they cut themselves under orders, and then these weird women, mainly, these high priestesses of the Brothmans, they walk around and look at other women starving to death, and seeing them shrunken and pathetic and alone makes them happy.
Well, that's just out in the open.
Nothing makes these demons happier than a child in a cage begging for mommy, starving to death.
And they'll just come in and eat big meals in front of them and drink wine and have sex and do everything, while women and children are their favorites, starve to death and beg out to God, and they come to the cages and they go, God's never coming.
This is all come out.
They come to the cage and they go, you're going to be in here and you're going to starve to death, you little piece of crap, and your God isn't going to help you.
And so these are their temples.
So when you see a Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, remember, they love children dying in cages.
And the next level of this is a mask on you, and deadly inoculations in you, and maiming you, and giving you cancer, and sterilizing you, and causing massive DNA damage in your cells, because that's their miserable power over you.
The lockdown's just the beginning of bankrupting the world economy, starving the third world to death, tens of millions already starving, two million have already died, and having all this idiocy, and then particularly women.
I was out last Saturday flying a drone over Zilker Park with a speaker on it exposing that COVID-19 is causing mass lockdowns, mass death.
And that it's not the COVID, it's the lockdown doing it.
That the UN, the very group behind it, is now raising billions of dollars that they keep for themselves off the backs of the people that are dying.
Before I launched the drone, I'm like 50 feet away.
There's a ring of women all wearing masks under a tree.
Beautiful sunny day out there.
They're hiding from the vitamin D.
And they hear me going, the third world is starving to death in mass.
People are wearing masks.
The virtue signal, they're not protecting people.
The lockdown is killing folks.
We must admit that COVID-19 is a giant scam.
And they began to go, we are saving people.
We are heroes.
I got it on video.
They said, we are heroes.
And I tried to walk over nicely.
And they pulled Mace out and said, get away from us.
And I said, well, you're the one talking to me.
I just said, I want you to know, you can type into a search engine, COVID-19 lockdown causing mass starvation.
And they just flipped me off and said, get out away from us racist.
They're almost all white women.
There was one black woman and she looked at me with disgust.
I mean, you know, he's just, I'm a white male.
And see, she's been taught that that's the bad guy, even though it's the scientific dictatorship doing all this, but here's the good news.
Imagine the little demonic sick hunchback demon types.
Imagine the type of individuals.
Imagine those type of individuals and their whole entire world, their whole entire universe is about having people starving under their control.
You go, wait, they want to starve kids in cages down in their dungeons where they have dinner.
And that makes them feel powerful to have a man, a woman, a little kid begging for mommy, you know, in a cage while they're eating food and having a good time, while they're watching TV.
Oh, you want some food?
Sorry, you're not getting any.
That's what a demon's like.
The selfishness is their God.
The power, the humiliation, the evilness of God hating them.
They love God's hate.
They love feeling God's vengeance.
They love hurting the Holy Spirit.
They love doing that in front of God.
They love hurting those children.
What do their wars do?
What do their lives do?
What does Hollywood do with the stolen innocents?
What do the starving of the third world do?
Wall Street will pay a hundred million dollars for a skull with semen on it.
And then they'll just take that money and just flush it.
They will repossess old people's homes, they will scrabble every dollar they can get, and then they will put it into a big brokerage firm and then write it off and just destroy billions of dollars a minute.
This is trying to destroy your wealth and trying to make you poor.
They want to take money and take wealth and destroy it so that you don't have it and they have it and they hurt you.
They want wealth to hurt you and to poison you and to attack you.
They want to take your genetics.
They want to take your decency.
They want to not let you go to the park.
They don't want to let you go to Barton Springs.
They don't want to do that because they're murdering scum in a satanic cult.
But the good news is, when you look at Brothman, look at this witch.
Literal witch.
And all that stuff they're doing in upstate New York.
And all the weird crap they're in, look how scared they are.
They're doing all this because they know we're on to them.
So they want to be able to look out and see us wearing those masks.
And see us doing what they say and taking those shots because they want to have us just like those children with a gag in our mouth in those cages.
And that makes them feel good because they know we're on to them.
So when you wear the mask, you are helping murder children.
When you wear the mask, you're killing the third world.
When you go along with this, you are joining the cult of Satan.
Wearing the mask is a symbol that you are in the satanic cult.
32 days out from the deep state, Chi-Com globalists disputing the election and trying to plunge the country into civil war.
Under the 20th Amendment, they can keep the election contested until the 20th of January.
Nancy Pelosi, under the Constitution, will have a House vote to appoint the next President of the United States.
46th President of the United States.
That is their stated plan.
People have been totally flat-footed.
Understanding that now, people are starting to finally get it.
That is good news.
Great job, listeners and viewers, because you are the tip of the spear.
You've really gotten that out.
So if you see the lockdowns, the face masks, the forced inoculations coming and being announced, and it's frightening, remember, it's criminals like this.
Maxwell, Epstein, and of course, Harvey Weinstein.
And Rothman and the Clintons and the Obamas and all these Satanists that are going to jail and that are being exposed.
And they made their cult members wear masks.
They made their cult members do all this.
And so they're just trying to put us under their cult member control.
It's going to go down.
Now, shifting gears into the larger issue of the police state.
It's not the police themselves are bad, but they are controlled by politicians that can give them unconstitutional orders.
And so they'll go after police if they shoot someone that pulls a gun on them, if it's a white cop and a black guy that's getting shot, to create division.
But when a black cop kills an innocent black guy, there's no news.
When a white cop tackles a black guy for not wearing a mask, it's okay.
The media selectively
Trump is terrorizing the police so that they will go under their control.
We had a caller into the show yesterday that in just a few minutes made a lot of really good points.
Ron in Florida is a former NYPD police officer.
I know that he knows what he's talking about.
Getting into Jade Helm, getting into the drills, getting into the license plate reading cameras, getting into if they do get control of the government.
And they plan to purge the Patriots.
What is going to be unfolding and what's happening and getting into some of those some of those tactics here in the American Civil War.
That's why we got to be so vigilant, so active now before we get into this position.
We've got to get Trump back in.
It's life and death.
So thanks for thanks for being with us today for a few segments.
You're a smart guy.
You've got the floor here.
Get into information you'd like to relay to folks that the general public isn't really aware of.
All right.
Thank you, Alex, for having me on.
I just want to let everybody understand what's going on.
They've been doing this since the 90s.
Once George Bush claimed New World Order, there was gang violent music, gang member music, communities shooting each other, dividing the community, racial tensions with blacks, with whites, blacks and Hispanics.
There was racial tensions in the streets in New York because of that.
If you were gay, you keep it private.
You keep it in the closet.
Everybody knew that.
2001, Twin Towers fall.
They come out with fusion centers.
Everybody know what fusion center is?
I hope you figure it out because you have one in every county.
And, um, they actually came out with population, uh, gay is cool.
Gay is cool.
Everybody's okay.
Come out.
It's cool to be gay.
So you see the men coming out, the women coming out.
And it was a program to see how old are the gay people?
How old are the gay women?
There were older people.
Makes me know they're putting estrogen in the food and in the water.
Now you have 10-year-olds that are gay, 12-year-old girls that are lesbians, and you have men that are docile.
When we used to do Stop and Frisk in New York City, we used to do a test run.
The tough guys.
We'll stop them.
We'll see what they're about.
90% of the time, they were on their knees.
They didn't fight back.
They didn't argue back.
They did what they were told.
And when we have an issue with guys are standing up, we arrest them.
And then, they get a shot.
I'm not supposed to tell you that.
But, this is what's going on.
You look at the officers now, their testosterones are up.
They're HGH up.
We're warriors.
They're warriors.
The men in the street now are wimps.
This is the whole plan.
We're dumbing down American men.
Making them feminine.
But they don't fight back when we take over.
People need to wake up.
I understand what's going on.
Well, let's go back for a minute because it's come out in Houston and LA and other areas that when you're in juvenile hall for like nothing, maybe stealing a skateboard or whatever, that they're giving young boys female hormones, the judges are ordering it, and then the judges don't want that in the news, but is that what you're talking about?
Because we always heard about sterilizing sex offenders, but now what they're doing is injecting like mass loads of estrogen, super toxic amounts that actually permanently damage
Young boys.
And so, is that what you were saying was going on in New York?
That is correct.
In 2005, it started.
They were saying it's a TB shot check.
It wasn't.
If you was combative, you know, when you get in, they give you a TB shot to make sure you're okay, if you have it or not.
But when you're combative, they send you to a medic, and they'll say, well, we have to check you again for TB, and it's an estrogen shot.
Then you see, you don't see rights in prisons, Alex.
When you go out to the streets, you don't see guys
We're good to go.
And when you tell them to say something, or you talk to the wives, or you yank on the wives, they stay in back.
They don't protect their children and kids.
So this is what the new world order needs.
And now, I just showed articles, I just showed a headline, put that back up guys, good job finding that.
They're now going, oh we give young boys estrogen shots, and you find out it's like a hundred times the normal amount they'd even do, you know, for a girl who doesn't have enough hormones, and it literally creates a sterilization effect.
So they're just getting it out in the open, aren't they?
That's correct.
You know, I signed a confidentiality report.
We're not supposed to say anything, but I'm not going to live too long.
I have a sickness.
That's a bad confession, but it is what it is.
What they're doing is taking over, and it's still, for humanity, America, I feel sorry for the people.
I do too.
I have a great feeling of sorrow, brother.
I mean, there's no reason to go through this, and it's not that women are bad, but Hitler said, first you get the women, then you got the children, so follow the men.
They target women with the brainwashing, and they think they're virtuous wearing the mask, and they're going to be virtuous and give their kids the shots, even though their kids are going to get sick and die.
They just aren't going to stop, because they're followers.
So, they know there's only less than maybe 2% of men in the United States are actually going to fight back.
Um, I was with some special guys from overseas.
You'd be very surprised how many overseas people are here working with the local police department.
Um, they don't say that they're a part of the United Nations, but I don't know why we're training, uh, Russian police and, uh, you know, uh, Turkey police in the United States and showing them areas and having them drive PD cars.
It's very interesting, but, you know, I'm not supposed to say that, but I don't care, like I said.
Well, start telling us, because a lot of this is actually known.
It's just the public doesn't know.
I mean, tell people what years ago when you were in, what was being prepared.
Because it's like, I mean, even by the middle of Obama's term, he said, we have the military ready to take on constitutionalists, and we're going to use United Nations forces to do it.
That's been, and now the UN runs strong cities to take over the police, and their cover will be race riots, claiming it's for black people.
Of course, it has nothing to do with black people.
It's about a world government takeover.
Every time, we train five years out for what's going to happen in the next five years.
That's how they do it.
So in 2010, we were training and that's when the Jade Helm and all this stuff was going on.
They had us drive and we were escorting special units that didn't really speak good English, but they're wearing tactical gear.
And I'm thinking to myself, who the hell are these guys?
Well, we have to drive around in the city, make pit stops in the house, do a dry run, bring them to the courthouse.
And why would we bring these people to the courthouse?
It wasn't actual perps.
Yeah, you're practicing putting people in the helicopter and sending them to a U.N.
base, which we all actually have been declassified, but you are on the ground witnessing this.
When we come back, let's talk about that, because what they're going to have is they're going to claim Antifa is going and killing all the patriots, but really they've got trained outside mercenary teams.
I told you this years ago, but even top White House advisor Caputo came out two weeks ago and said they've got special hit teams from the U.N.
inside the U.S.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
They've been planning this a while.
All right, welcome back on this live Thursday, October 1st transmission, 32 days out from the election.
We're talking to a retired police officer who says he's got a terminal illness.
We're on in Florida.
I just know that something he was talking about, what he was saying was dead on from information I have, so I thought he'd be an informative person to have on with us, but I want to explain what happened.
The Carnegie Foundation, after World War II, they were doing some before, but after World War II, they said, we've been tasked with freedom from war.
And that was the project.
So they wrote a bunch of reports on it.
Most of those are public.
And they just said, we'll use chemicals in the water to make men docile.
And we'll put women in charge of society, kind of in the phase out.
And then we'll just lower human population down to a very manageable 500 million.
So that's the official numbers you see today from the UN.
But then they try to stir up actual wars at the same time as the pretext to come in and take control.
So really, it's just an evolutionary takeover of human society, which Aldous Huxley wrote about in Brave New World in 1932, which before he died in 1961, he said was the actual plan, where they use chemicals again to do this.
That's why they are pushing for all births to be cesarean, no mothers, nurse.
All of this is taking control of the human process, like Monsanto does with seeds and the Terminator genes, so that you don't ever have a plant that can produce more plants.
It's patenting life, it's ending life as we know it.
But if you look at State Department Random 7277 from 1962, it says, we'll disarm police departments, disarm the U.S.
military, and incrementally bring in a U.N.
force and train police to accept it.
And so this has just been the ongoing program.
Trump's come in and disrupted that, but this is here.
So Ron, in Florida, please continue with what you witnessed and what you saw and what you want to impart to the listeners.
Be prepared.
Watch your six, everybody.
They're here.
They're in the United States.
They're building container ships in small communities and rural areas.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
Has the biggest population of retired veterans, police departments, veterans, military veterans.
And if you look at the small towns that's there, that they live in, they're building container shipyards in decommissioned tracks, right, Alex?
And no coincidence, the name of these companies are, just saying it, 1776, 1775.
You know,
These are the names of these container companies.
You do a little background check.
They're all registered in Hong Kong.
You ask yourself why we need container ships in the middle of nowhere, with no seaport.
There's nothing around.
I've seen it with my own eyes.
They're doing it now.
You can look up these companies.
They're around in Florida.
They're starting up now.
And it has to be done within three months, they're saying.
So they're getting ready.
There's been a bunch of bust of Chinese shipping in automatic weapons and rocket launchers.
That's even come out here and there in the news.
So who owns the Chinese ports in California?
I mean China.
The American wonders why they're not getting any ammo coming in.
They're controlling everything what's coming in.
And American people gotta understand, they're disarming all outside of borders of the United States.
New Jersey, New York, California.
Because in World War II, Japan couldn't invade the United States because everybody had a gun.
There would be a thousand-year war.
Admiral Yamamoto said, we've awakened the sleeping giant.
There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass that we try to invade.
So, why they're not doing
Gun control or minimal magazines in the middle of America.
No, they're doing it outside in the borders.
California, now Texas, Florida, they try to do the nine-round magazine ban or whatever, extended magazine ban.
But people gotta understand, look what's around us.
We're all surrounded by communist countries.
Look at Belize, Panama.
They've already taken the West and East Coast.
They're already collapsing the economies there.
They're already pushing their people in.
No, you're right, sir.
This is a scientific, long-term plan.
Remember what the Weathermen said they would do?
Plunge the U.S.
economy, bankrupt things.
Once Civil War started as a race war, they would then bring in Chinese troops.
That's Larry Grathwald infiltrated them in the 60s, and that was their plan then.
And now they're trying, and they said they would kill
Between 25 and 50 million Americans, and that was that number that they planned to put us in these camps, and now they said they're going to use COVID as the cover of why you're disappeared.
And most neighbors will submit when you're drug away because they believe it's COVID.
I mean, they're really trying it, and only Trump exposing it, only us admitting how much trouble we're in is going to stop this.
They're making their move, folks.
They're making their move.
Just give you a heads up, Alex.
I don't do hearsay stuff.
I tell you how it is.
We had a guy in one of our teams that does special operations with the United States government, and he worked at the border, and he came back to the unit after three months.
He came back.
He wasn't allowed to talk and stuff.
We're not, you know, we're hanging out.
We're close friends with him.
He comes and tells us, he goes, you guys know where they put the
The wall up?
These American people are stupid.
And I said, why?
Yeah, to keep the immigrants.
He goes, no, no, no.
He goes, dude, there's Chinese troops in Mexico.
They're in Mexico.
There's troops in Mexico.
They have a camp down there.
And I said, what?
No way.
He goes, listen guys, I never lied to you guys.
You know, this is top secret stuff.
You guys are not supposed to know this.
Um, and uh,
The cartels are helping them.
Listen, I have family that's been in the military.
They're out now about 35 plus years.
They were with the State Department 10 years ago and said that, I mean, China is admittedly moving into Latin America, Africa, you name it.
But yes, they have these development zones and these inland ports is what China calls it.
They're building a giant highway up from the Pacific side all the way up to Texas.
And yes, there are, what I've heard, hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops in plainclothes in Mexico.
That is correct, and they do have a camp.
And now, I don't know if you guys know that Russia's building military equipment in Mexico for the first time.
Can you look that up?
Russia is building ammunition and tanks in Mexico.
It was in the news in Mexico.
Now, he brought this to my attention.
I had no idea this was happening.
So now I understand why if Trump comes out and says, hey, we're building a wall because there's foreign troops on the other side ready to invade the United States.
They'll say the 25th Amendment, they'll say he's crazy, get him out of here.
He knows what's going on.
It's very sad that America is so under attack and the average American has been taught to hate their own country.
It's like we almost deserve it, Ron.
I say the same thing.
Nobody has love and humanity anymore.
They still, they got these fusion centers, Alex.
They're tracing everything, what everybody does in every community, everything you're saying, and they're making a list of you.
And they know, when you go to the shooting range, because I went to the shooting range down here, and where do you belong?
Oh, there's a plate reader on the trees.
And I said, and asked the guy, what's this for?
He goes, oh, I didn't put that there.
Why is there a plate reader in the shooting range?
Because they're keeping track of all the active shooters.
The guys that go there all the time.
That's right, that's right.
And why no one doesn't baseball bat it?
Why the cops go along?
Why we all just go along with the globalist takeover?
It's absolutely disgusting.
God bless you, sir.
Anything else you'd like to add, Ron?
Yeah, I just want to say, Alex, and I'm going to say through the guys that have been doing this, I'm going to give a stern warning to the patriots and the people of America.
And I'm going to say this from the other side of me working.
And I'm going to disinvolve what I was involved with fraternity, but I'm going to say it.
American people, I'm going to tell it to you how it is, point blank.
We're coming for you.
We're gonna get you.
And we're gonna get the Patriots.
This is them talking.
This is how they talk.
And they're gonna squash you.
You better wake up.
Pay attention.
Watch your six.
Get your testosterone check.
And get ready to fight and protect your family.
Because they are coming.
They are coming to get you.
And God bless America, and thank you, Alex, for having me on.
Thank you.
God bless you, sir.
A smart guy, and he's absolutely right, that they were training with foreign military under a U.N.
contract under DynCorp and others to arrest American patriots under the U.N.
and extradite us, and now you notice the U.N.'
's trying to charge U.S.
troops with war crimes, and the Pentagon and Trump have been threatening them.
I mean, this is a world government takeover, and they've got their people inside the U.S.
Okay, I'm going to go to break.
Bunch of big news breaking next hour.
Bunch of guests.
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We'll be right back with our number two and many other special guests like John Rappaport, Allie Alexander, Paul Greg Roberts.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest an election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is, you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen, so they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something, communism's up here, InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting, and you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Well, we do know about history and biology.
We know what's going on.
I'm Alex Jones.
We have a special guest joining us next segment with huge COVID-19 news.
But here's Larry Grathwald, the Green Beret, being recruited at Columbia to take over the U.S., bring in the Chinese and put 50 million Americans in death camps and kill 25 million of us.
Adjusted for numbers today, that'd be about 45 million they'd kill.
Here's the report.
These people are now in charge.
I brought up the subject of what's going to happen after we take over the government.
You know, we become responsible then for administrating, you know, 250 million people.
And there was no answers.
No one had given any thought to economics.
How are you going to clothe and feed these people?
The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.
They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution.
And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them.
How things were going to be.
I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate?
That are die-hard capitalists.
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
Like you, and me,
To let the FDA know that this is completely insane.
Because the FDA is the agency that's going to be providing what's called emergency authorization for this vaccine to be shot into 350 million people in the United States.
And perhaps many other people in other countries as well.
I hope you're getting what I'm saying here.
By the way, John, I'm sitting here while you're talking and I never interrupt you.
This is so bombshell.
I read this.
You're right.
They're admitting that the vaccine is only for something that doesn't basically exist.
Somebody that doesn't actually get sick because they're going to keep calling flus and everything COVID-19.
They're admitting that it's for something that doesn't even kill you.
So that they never get judged on the fact that other people die.
They're admitting it's worthless because it's based on a whole fraud anyways.
So at the base level, this totally discredits it.
This is just, this is incredible.
Sorry to interrupt, but you've got to join me for the full show tomorrow.
Yeah, it's unbelievable.
Absolutely unbelievable.
And I'm trying to spread the word about this so people
Would be motivated to contact the FDA and warn them that we're watching, we're on notice, we're putting you on notice, FDA.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfowarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Only you can stop the globalist plan.
Only you.
So first the precedent gets set that, oh, stay in your house 15 days, the hospitals are going to be overwhelmed.
Flatten the curve.
And then it's two months and six months and a year and two years and now CNN came out today.
It's also on MSNBC.
It's everywhere.
Oh, it's never going to end.
We never stop wearing masks again.
And oh, you're going to have a tracker app, and oh, you're going to have a social credit score.
Everything we warned you about, it's now official.
Of course, we knew it was in Rockefeller Lockstep.
It was in Event 201.
They had this all pre-planned.
Now it's in mainstream news that China, China's global lockdown propaganda campaign, they're open for business, we're not.
Tablet Magazine, lawyer in a big science research group, got all the examples of them staging people's deaths, people falling down, all of it, to create hysteria.
Is COVID itself a hoax?
No, it's a weak virus.
It's man-made, so Gates can own it.
But everything around it's a hoax.
The death numbers, the false positives, all of it.
But now there's this.
This came out today.
We're going to play the video in a moment.
Governor Cuomo claims coronavirus patients were never sent to nursing homes, even though he and his criminal attorney general, Letitia James, the Soros minion,
We have press conferences that are like, you will go there, we're defending it, and it's an order.
But notice they've removed the executive order off the website, but everybody has it saved.
Department of Health, New York, Governor Cuomo ordering it, there it is, right there.
Coronavirus spreads in New York nursing homes, forced to take recovering patients.
April 25th, NBC News.
Let's continue.
New York will no longer require nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients from hospitals.
He reversed the order months later after most of the deaths in New York were from that, May 11th.
Remember though, he says that never happened now.
New York's true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy.
And they started making it secret.
Numbers are, it's probably double, probably 12,000.
That's August 11th.
A license for neglect, nursing homes, and it goes on.
Clomo says transfer of COVID patients from hospitals and nursing homes never
It happened now.
Even though it's on record, it did.
6,300 nursing home patients.
6,300 virus patients were sent to nursing homes, AP, July 6th.
It was a lot more than that.
But Cuomo now says it never happened, but he won't release the documents.
Now he blames President Trump.
And I do blame President Trump and myself and all of us for letting these Democrat states like Michigan, Pennsylvania do this to get rid of old people and drive up the COVID numbers they so desperately needed.
Here is the first clip.
Cuomo administration defends early decision on nursing homes, but now he says it never happened.
Here it is.
Continuing to defend his early policy of requiring nursing homes to accept COVID positive patients to keep space free in our hospitals, well a report from the Associated Press says that the state sent more than 4,500 patients recovering from the disease to those nursing homes and at least 5,700 nursing home residents have died with the virus.
The administration claims that it was doing what Washington told them to do.
The policy that the Department of Health put out was in line directly with the March 13th directive put out by CDC and CMS that read, and I quote, nursing homes should admit any individuals from hospitals where COVID is present.
Not could, should.
That is President Trump, CMS, and CDC.
So I know that there's been a lot of discussion on this topic.
There are over a dozen states that did the exact same thing.
All Democrat states to get the numbers up.
And yes, Fauci and Gates are running Trump's CDC and NIH.
That's a big deal.
But here's Cuomo now saying it never happened, period.
And we never needed nursing home beds because we always had hospital beds.
Oh, really?
So it just never happened in New York.
Oh, what, overwhelmed?
Where we needed to say to a nursing home, we need you to take this person- But they ordered them to.
Covid positive.
It never happened.
We had extra beds.
We had extra beds at Javits.
We had extra beds at emergency hospitals that we put up all across the state.
So it just never happened that we needed a nursing home to take a COVID positive person.
Alright, to decipher this and another huge COVID development, next segment is John Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com, major investigative journalist, worked for some of the top TV stations in the country in news, here with us now.
What do you make of this major next-level flip-flop or lie?
What's really going on here?
I guess it's complete insanity.
I mean, I didn't do it.
Yes, I did.
He did it.
There's no argument here.
So now he denies that it ever happened.
Well, I don't know.
That sounds like a psycho to me.
I never did what I said I had to do a hundred times.
You've got some of the articles there.
There's many others.
There's press conferences.
Well, brother,
Where does this go?
What do you think comes next?
Well, the vaccine comes next.
They're trying everything under the sun to try to fake it and prove that it's effective so they can unleash it on the people.
And, you know, I discussed it yesterday on the show how the major clinical trials are all fraud.
Complete fraud.
AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna.
The whole, all these studies on a new vaccine are designed to prove that the vaccine is effective at preventing nothing.
In other words, if you have a nothing case of illness that nobody cares about because it cures itself, doesn't need a vaccine at all, then that's what we're trying to show that the vaccine is effective for those cases.
And this is so sensational.
Start laying it out now.
I mean, they admit that they're saying a whole class of flu and cold is COVID.
They've never had a vaccine for the cold.
They still won't.
And so they're admitting in the fine print it's a fraud.
Yeah, the whole thing is.
And not only that, but, you know, committing a major fraud in a time of a national disaster.
There's a law about that.
It's a it's a felony.
It's a very serious felony.
And I would say there's no more sizable fraud that you could think of than after a declared state of emergency pandemic, these vaccine companies are trying to foist a fraudulent vaccine on the public to make trillions of dollars that doesn't prevent anything.
I mean, this is an article in the New York Times.
So, it's not like this is a secret.
Well, that's it.
They have to hide the fraud in plain view, or they're liable.
But if they admit the fraud up front, then they're covered.
Well, they can try to be covered.
I mean, I can see a legal case being made against them completely.
No, I agree.
Let's talk about the technicals of the article and how huge it is when we come back with a full segment.
But in the next minute and a half, CNN's saying it's a permanent lockdown.
So is Bill Gates.
It's not going to go well.
Why are they so desperate?
Why are they doing this?
Well, they want to shoot everybody on the planet up with a vaccine.
And that vaccine is going to become increasingly toxic, as far as I'm concerned.
They could start off with something very mild and say, see, it's safe.
Nobody's having a problem.
And then round two, everything starts to collapse.
They want this vaccine.
Also, here's a detail.
The technology called RNA technology,
It's an experimental type vaccine.
It's never been tried before in the public.
It's always caused problems before when it's been studied.
I mean serious problems in people.
But if you use this technology, you can make vaccines faster, cheaper, quicker, less expensively.
This is why they want to ram through.
One or another of these RNA vaccines so they can say, hey we finally got approval from the FDA.
Now we can throw all kinds of vaccines and drugs at the public that we can develop in months instead of years.
Hey good, we just discovered 12 new viruses and we've got vaccines ready to go on all of them because we're using the new technology.
That's right, this is just a rollout.
Of total medical tyranny.
And again, they call it a vaccine.
It's reprogramming your cell.
It's Franken... ...uh, nanotech science fiction hell.
We'll be right back with John Rappaport.
I'm Alex Jones.
We can skin a buck.
We can run a trot line.
And a country boy can survive.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
John Rappaport's here.
All the news we cover is super important.
But the New York Times in this article, oh, here's the three main vaccines and guess what?
They don't protect you.
They could never protect you from a cold.
They call everything a cold.
They call all the COVID a cold of the flu.
They call all that a false positive.
But see, then they own the virus itself, so then they can own the patent on the vaccines.
That's why they did it.
They always said the Holy Grail was to have a
Yeah, this is gigantic.
So, they're looking at 150 cases of what they call COVID-19.
That's going to decide
The target population of 350 million people in America.
In other words, these companies are saying, if we can prove that 150 cases of mild COVID can be prevented by the vaccine, then we're in.
Then we get FDA authorization.
Then everybody's happy.
In fact, it's even less than 150.
Could be 100.
And of course, the whole thing, as we've been saying, is total fraud because
FDA, if they were honest, they would say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is this vaccine actually preventing?
Are you saying it's preventing something serious that can cause people to die, to go to hospitals, etc., etc.?
Or are you saying it can only prevent something extremely mild that nobody cares about because it cures itself anyway and we don't need a vaccine for it?
So step up to the plate and tell us the truth.
What's the story?
This is what the FDA would do if they were honest and if maybe enough lawyers and scientists out there held their feet to the fire and said, you're not going to approve this friggin vaccine because we know that it doesn't do anything.
It's a total con.
It's a total heist.
There's trillions to be made.
And again, how it works is Gates puts billions of his money tax exempt into other companies he owns a share of to make pure profit.
It's a total scam.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yes, I'm a philanthropist and I'm giving away all this money to these pharmaceutical companies, which, by the way, I also happen to own a lot of stock in.
So when I give them my donations, their stock price goes up and I make money on the other end.
It's the same thing as a stock buyback.
That's all he's doing.
I mean, what kind of, you know,
SEC, somebody come in here and say Bill Gates is a total scammer.
I also looked it up.
Guess how much he spent in media buys promoting his foundation and their ideas?
It's over six billion in the last five years alone.
He spent two hundred and something million just last month on good PR for himself.
This is incredible.
He's bought off the media.
He has.
He has bought off the media completely.
Oh, I really care about you boys and girls that are covering the news.
I'm going to give you a lot of money.
You're going to take this money from a guy who has an agenda that means you can't criticize him?
You can't expose him?
It's beyond that.
They had a show, The Good Doctor, attacking me, a drama show, and at the end it said, underwritten by Bill and Melinda Gates.
He's underwriting drama shows, hospital shows.
That's part of the brainwashing.
Wall-to-wall hospital doctor shows, medical shows, emergency, you know, injury shows, people wearing white coats, stethoscopes, the whole thing.
Wall-to-wall to completely brainwash the public into thinking life is medical.
There's nothing else.
When I'm born, I'm in the medical system, and I stay there till I die, and they do whatever they need to do to make me live, as opposed to what would happen if I died.
The whole thing is about making it where humans cannot independently live.
It's beyond domestication.
It's dehumanization.
That's their goal, John.
That is.
I mean, they decided a long time ago, the Rockefeller people,
Look, we're not going to just bring an army onto American soil, you know, and start just shooting people and killing people with major weapons, you know, wearing foreign nation uniforms.
That's not the major plan.
That could be here and there.
But the major plan is we have to declare a certain kind of emergency that
Immediately brainwashes everybody into thinking we're all transmitters of a disease and we all have to imprison ourselves.
Exactly, we're all the bad guys.
It's virtuous to hate ourselves and die and kill the economy and be under their medical tyranny.
It's virtuous to be a victim.
So here I'm volunteering.
Oh yeah, I'll be a medical victim.
Do whatever you want to to me because
That's science, and I'm all for science.
Okay, we're going to give you a surgery that'll probably kill you, but it's science.
Okay, fine.
Whatever you have to do, because I'm on your side.
That's the whole plan.
The doctors are in charge.
The people who run the doctors are in charge.
The Rockefeller empire is basically medical now.
For those that don't know, I've had medical doctors on, you name it, that have read the books on it.
The Rockefellers, about a hundred years ago, took over Western medicine.
They said, okay, well now we need to manufacture drugs using our petroleum products, byproducts, and we can sell this whole idea that we have all these drugs.
But in order to sell it, we have to make people afraid of the germ.
The germ is germ, the germ is germ, it's going to get you, it's going to get you.
And brainwashed people for a hundred years
So that when they sprang this coronavirus fraud on everybody, and the Chinese locked down 50 million people, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, well, I guess everybody's gonna have to do this.
And people fell in line like total pods, total pods wearing masks, shuffling down bleak streets in deserted cities, all because somebody brainwashed the population for 100 years, namely Rockefeller.
To be afraid, terrified of the germ, the germ, the germ, the germ, the germ.
It's complete insanity.
It's the immune system, the immune system, the immune system that can't... Yeah, why do you think Fauci finally had to come out when the U.N.
said vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc isn't good, he had to admit, okay, if you don't have this, you'll die.
I think he's been under so much pressure.
Yeah, I guess he is from so many different quarters that he feels like he has to, I mean, because he's making statements all over the place.
He says one thing, contradicts himself two days later.
Like, for example, he said at a press conference, I just want to make sure everybody understands that people with no symptoms do not drive epidemics.
They do not drive epidemics.
So why all the insane wall-to-wall news about how many cases of people that have just been diagnosed, all of whom virtually have no symptoms?
And despite the fact they're changing the subject every five minutes and changing their story, we're not supposed to question any of their story or big tech censors us.
John Rappaport, nomorefakenews.com.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
You should probably come on the nightly election countdown.
That's a very popular show.
7 to 9 p.m.
Central, very soon.
You host the fourth hour.
Doing an excellent job on Wednesdays, right here on the InfoWars Family.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Now it's up to listeners and viewers to take this information and get it out to folks.
The vaccine doesn't protect you.
It's all a fraud.
It can't.
Because COVID-19 is a cover for all flu and all colds that they then say is COVID.
For a permanent lockdown, CNN says you will never take the mask off.
You're a total slave.
Please God, make our hands strong.
Because this is the evil takeover.
This is the whole globalist move.
Alright, I want to get into the debate.
I want to get into the campaign.
I want to get into the Democrats submitting their whole strategy is to steal the election.
I've been hammering it.
Alexander's been hammering it for six months.
Now, finally, I'm glad they're doing it.
I'm seeing other publications doing it.
I'm seeing even mainstream media come out, but they're trying to brand it as if Trump is not going to leave office.
No, no.
The Democrats say they're going to contest, and then Pelosi's going to trigger the 20th Amendment, where she decides who's president.
I'll tell you about that in a moment, separately.
When I get up here and I tell you that this could be the end of InfoWars here in the next few months, it could be the end of America.
That's how dire this is.
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Nascent, iodine, you name it, it's all there.
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When things break down, you can't get them anymore.
First it was a few products, then six products, then eight products, then ten products.
I mean, this is serious.
And it's in the news now about the supply chain breakdowns.
But Ali Alexander, Ali, I really appreciate you coming on with us today.
There's so much to get into.
You've got your great news site.
You've got your great Twitter site at A-L-I.
And of course, founders.alialexander.com.
And you also have your culture website.
I know that you were critical of Trump's performance.
I thought overall he won, he was ganged up by two people, but what would you have liked to see him do?
And then let's shift gears into now the fact that they are going to contest, they're going to spin it, that Trump's contesting.
If he contests them, and how much peril this republic is in, or maybe you think we're not in peril.
We really appreciate you joining us.
Hey, thanks Alex.
I think, you know, it's been 36 hours.
I think I was really hard on him at first, and I still want to be.
But maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought.
It looks like a lot of people cut out halfway through the debate.
It was a nightmare.
I mean, Chris Wallace has to be the worst moderator of any presidential debate I've ever seen.
And so I just think it left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth.
But look, I would have liked the President of the United States in the middle of a presidential debate to talk about his presidency.
Instead, he was talking about force twigs in California.
I don't really know what President Trump was thinking.
There were times where he was strategic, there were times when he was tactical, and then he would let off the gas, there were times when he was petulant, there were times when he would interrupt, there were times when he would defer.
It just seemed like they either over-prepared him or he was thinking about a national security matter and he was somewhere else.
This wasn't the best version of Trump.
That's what I would have liked to have seen.
I agree that Chris Wallace was so annoying that it was very annoying to watch.
It's not a real debate.
They should have had opening statements, ending statements.
They should have had a minute at the end of everything to say whatever they wanted.
There should just be two men up there on stage going at it.
Exactly, and this is the difference, and you know that, and for your listeners, the difference between a forum and a debate is a forum is when the moderator has complete control, and they ask you questions, and you answer them, and you're talking to the moderator.
That's right, this was a forum, this was not a debate.
When the Lincoln-Douglas debates, there was no moderator.
They went on for like, what, 15 hours?
Yeah, they could have slugged each other and the crowd would have enjoyed it.
And so the interaction that former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump had that was natural produced a lot of chemistry, good television, and they were actually respectful of each other.
It was Chris Wallace who injected negativity into it.
It was Chris Wallace who disrupted it in a way that did not produce or facilitate.
Didn't Chris Wallace become the new Megyn Kelly?
I predict his career is over.
I predict his career is over and wait until you see what I'm going to drop.
Yesterday, we had two viral videos.
Right before I went live, we're at 990,000 views on a video my team produced yesterday.
So, 990,000 views and it's less than 24 hours.
So, it's 23 hours and 45 minutes.
We produced this video that has nearly a million views and it shows that Donald Trump— Well, Donald, I missed the video.
So, we're going to grab it and play it next segment.
Tell us the name and Ali Alexander on Twitter.
What's the name of the video?
We'll grab it.
Yeah, the name of the video is just, hey in 2016 this is what Donald Trump told Chris Wallace and in 2020 this is what it told Chris Wallace.
And even my enemies are retweeting it.
That's how good the video is.
But it shows in one minute and four seconds that Donald Trump got asked the same question in March of 2016 by Chris Wallace and he answered it.
So now we can prove that Chris Wallace did a bait and switch and he talked over
Donald Trump to interrupt him because Donald Trump actually denounced white supremacy three times during that debate But I didn't hear it until I watched the replay, but then we released a 1988 video with Chris Wallace on the GOP convention floor with Donald Trump
And it shows that he had extreme animus towards Donald Trump then.
Chris Wallace is a truly slimy person.
He's a little rat.
And I gotta tell you, I got really angry last night.
I said, hey, if by noon you apologize to the American public...
For stoking racial animus, then I won't release the other additional information that's going to hit way close to home.
So today I'm going to be releasing more information about how Chris Wallace is actually a beneficiary of systemic or so-called systemic racism.
So his career needs to be over and I plan to help expedite it.
Well, doesn't he know going up against Trump and interrupting and lying, that that made him very unpopular with his base Fox News audience?
Of course!
But look, Alex, he's pivoting to the next job.
Look, Fox News is not going to exist in three years.
They have plenty of competitors, including yourself and other broadcasters.
Yeah, OANN, Sinclair Broadcasting, Newsmax.
There's a lot of good people doing a lot of good work, and you bring them on your show.
It's a team sport.
But what people need to realize is there's not going to be a Fox News in two or three years.
So the Murdoch brothers are selling out their old paw.
They're married to liberal wives, and that's who Chris Wallace was auditioning for, and that's who John Roberts is auditioning for today.
He repeated Chris Wallace's fake claims.
Well, I want to hear the new information come out on Wallace.
Hopefully you'll release it here.
Ali Alexander is our guest.
Stay with us.
All right, Ali Alexander talked about this video.
It's got about a million views now.
Love the stuff he's churning out.
Having a big effect.
Paul, you can do it as well.
Just get vocal, get active.
That's how we defeat the globalists.
Here's a video of what Trump said four years ago about racism versus what he said last... This was Tuesday night.
Here it is.
I totally disavow the Klu Klux Klan.
I totally disavow David Duke.
I've been doing it now for two weeks.
This is, you're probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question.
It was very clear.
It's 2016.
That question was also talked about in the form of groups, groups.
I want to know, which groups are you talking about?
You have to tell me which groups.
Ultimately, he got to the Klu Klux Klan, which obviously I'm going to disavow.
And by the way, if you look at my Twitter account, almost immediately after the program, they were disavowed again.
You know, it's amazing.
When I do something on Twitter, everybody picks it up.
It goes all over the place.
But when I did this one, nobody ever picks it up.
Take a look at my Twitter account.
Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we've seen in Portland?
Sure, I'm willing to do that.
Okay, so let's talk about that.
It's the left shooting people and killing people.
And then it's Joe Biden trying to say that it's Trump causing it.
I mean, this was just a disgusting display, Ollie.
It was, it was, you know, in messaging we call this framing, right?
So they put Trump in this pen.
So the first question was like, will you denounce white supremacists?
And he's like, yeah, sure.
And then he's like, will you denounce this and this?
And he's like, sure.
And then he cites two cities.
That the left has burned, looted and murdered.
I mean, absolutely insane.
And then Donald Trump's like, okay, where are we going with this question?
Because it seems like you're dragging me by the hook in the mouth and you're not letting me answer the question.
So I could understand that Donald Trump was honestly confused.
I still wanted a stronger response, but there can be no doubt.
And let's remember,
Just last week, in Atlanta, I was invited by the President and I couldn't go.
On Friday, he unveiled the Platinum Plan, which was a plan to put $500 billion into the black community, and he designated the KKK and Antifa terrorist groups.
So, this didn't come out of nowhere.
What Chris Wallace did in teaming up with Joe Biden
Was severely dirty, it was underhanded, it had nothing to do with journalism, nothing to do with informing the American public, and nothing to do with chilling violence out there, which is all the less.
I agree, but even though it was a train wreck, Telemundo 66% agree with Trump, the CNN poll Trump won, I mean this is backfiring.
Sure it's annoying to watch, but I mean, I think people really saw how rigged this was.
I mean, I could totally be wrong.
You know me, I like being hard on our team, you know, in public and private.
And so, you know, I gotta handicap them a little bit.
But look, that Telemundo poll was a Twitter poll that they put up on their station, so that's that.
But, you know, I did watch that CNN clip where only one person thought Joe Biden won.
And I had a lot of my friends who are moderates say, I cut out after 20 minutes.
So maybe people didn't even see the clip.
But we know that the media is just going to do this occult, repetitive spell where they say Trump's a racist, Trump's a racist, Trump's a racist, Biden survived, Biden survived, Biden survived.
And that's what they want to do.
They want to hypnotize the public.
I agree with you.
Let's shift gears to one question Wallace asked that was important.
He said, are your people going to cause a problem when the Democrats contest the election?
And so everything's built around this, the 20th Amendment.
For people that don't know, break down the latest on where you see all this is going.
I'm nervous.
I think that God does need to intervene to introduce some clarity the day after the election.
I think that we have to blow out the Democrats.
Everybody has to vote.
Everyone has to be an election judge or a poll watcher.
People need to sit in parking lots and watch.
That's what I'll say.
I'll say they need to watch.
Because there are shenanigans already going on.
The Pennsylvania election, I don't know if you guys covered the news breaking out of there this morning, but I mean, it's a total crap show, to put it lightly.
I mean, the Pennsylvania election is pretty much illegitimate.
They started sending out two and three absentee ballots per person, and they're all aired.
So now they're going to put out a third batch of
Of ballots to people.
It's insane what's going on in our election because the Democrats have put so much pressure on the Democrat postal unions and these federal judges to rig the rules and change the rules.
So I'm really worried that we're not going to have an outcome.
But if we get an outcome, even a day or two after election day, it's going to be because God intervened.
And that's what I'm praying for.
Because otherwise, Alex.
We're in a race against time for the Electoral College that meets in early to mid-December, and I think you're going to have Democrat governors who say, no, we're not sending our electors to the Electoral College.
And then what does the House do?
And what does the Senate do?
And then does Nancy Pelosi declare herself Madam President, January 20th?
I mean, we're in some unconstitutional, shaky territory going forward.
32 days.
We're 32 days from the election.
But we're 110 until inauguration, and the Democrats are saying they're going to contest when they lose, and they are.
And so this is on.
How does the president respond?
How do we respond?
Because as you said, in Michigan, in Pennsylvania, in several other states, Wisconsin, the judges are ruling and the federal courts are agreeing that this should go on for months to push us into 20th Amendment territory, where if a president isn't seated by January 20th, 2021, the House of Representatives has a vote.
To create and seat the next president.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
You know, Michelle Malkin loves saying that, and I agree.
I think that what we've got to do is we've got to watch these precincts where it's allegedly 95% Democrat or 98% Democrat and see what they're actually doing.
We've got to take out our cell phones, we've got to put our body in physical spaces, and we need to catch their corruption because I'm convinced that even people who are duped into going with the left, if they are presented with evidence
I understand that, that that's illegal.
But, oh, meanwhile, LeBron James gives 10,000 people to become, quote, poll workers.
I think Trump should say, watch the polls.
Everyone should go demand to be volunteers by law.
They have to let you be a poll watcher and a poll worker.
You just have to go through the sign-up.
But sure, what they're saying is a federal violation if you tried to come and intimidate people.
So they're misrepresenting and telling conservatives or pro-Trump populists or nationalists that we're not allowed to do this.
They have to, by law, let you in as a, quote, a helper, an assistant, somebody that does that.
But you've just got to go through the process.
And every state has different rules, so everyone should duck, duck, go their, their, go internet search what the rules are.
Like, for example, in Pennsylvania, you have to be registered with the party and in that county.
A federal judge did not relieve rules where we wanted to put more poll watchers from outside the counties but still within the state so you have a problem even with the judges but everyone needs to become a poll watcher and if you're not a poll watcher then get in that parking lot and see if you see anything and alert people use everything use telegram
And then put out a headline saying it's a federal crime if you're a Republican and you want to watch the polls.
I mean, it's an absolute joke.
We're watching the death throes of corporate media and God bless it because we'll actually get our Republic back, maybe.
Here are the two CBS headlines that totally contradict each other on the same website.
After LeBron James recruiting efforts, more than 10,000 volunteers have signed up to become poll workers.
Meanwhile, same CBS website, Trump encourages supporters to independently monitor polling places, a federal crime.
Notice it says independently.
So they play that game.
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
A federal crime.
They end the sentence.
They actually stole some of what Donald Trump does, is what he does is he reverses his sentences.
So instead of saying it's a federal crime to blah blah blah, he puts it at the end of the sentence and it's really brilliant.
So you can tell that the media is already trying to steal the tactics and invert these tactics against us, the patriots.
Ali Alexander, thank you so much for joining us.
We have 50 seconds left.
What else would you like to impart to viewers?
I know you've got a big racism connection to Chris Wallace coming up tonight.
We've got Joe Biden praising the KKK Grand Wizard as well.
Right, right.
So I'm going to release some information on Chris Wallace, his dad Mike Wallace.
I'm not letting Kamala Harris out of my sights and her racial appropriation she stole from real black people.
And Joe Biden is very, very sick.
We're going to release something that's going to shake this entire election.
Here in the coming days or week or two.
So I can't wait and thanks for having me on, Alex.
Thank you and please come to us like great James O'Keefe did right after you release it.
We want you first.
Oli Alexander at Oli on Twitter.
Thank you so much, brother.
All right.
We'll be right back with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former head of policy, father of economics at the Treasury.
He's joining us.
Stay with us.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Alright, we got a big guest joining us coming up next segment.
But first, I want to play this clip because there's so many of these.
We get busy, we don't play.
And we're really getting conditioned to accept this.
All the racial attacks on white people.
The Democratic Party going totally race-based as their history shows they are.
Just unbelievable criminal activity.
But there's a clip I want to get to of Portland protesters threatening people in a hotel because they're in a decent hotel and saying, we're going to get you.
So it's total class warfare funded by Jeff Bezos that funds Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
Funded by the really rich guys that are exploiting everybody to make us all fight with each other while they laugh.
So let's go ahead and play that clip.
It is incredibly disrespectful for all of you to be up here and you are so privileged.
There is a memorial for a man who was killed and you think it's more important to watch TV.
That is the priority.
Get your priorities straight.
This isn't a joke.
This is our family.
This is our life.
That's for the guy that got killed by the police after he killed the proud boy.
My life is an inconvenience for some people, and that s**t is not okay.
It just, it makes me so angry.
It makes me so angry.
I mean, just randomly, most of these are like rich white people that do this.
You listen to her.
She went to college.
She's a ruling class person.
She's supposed to run our life.
She works for the Chi-Coms, and now she's here lecturing us.
Here's a little bit of Trump and Biden sparring over law and order in the debate.
We'll come back with Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts.
Most don't like it, but we have to have a system where people are held accountable.
And by the way, violence in response is never appropriate.
Never appropriate.
Peaceful protest is.
Violence is never appropriate.
What is peaceful protest?
When they run through the middle of the town and burn down your stores and kill people all over the place?
That is not peaceful protest.
No, it's not, but you say it is.
President Trump, I'd like to continue with the issue of race.
I promise we're going to get to the issue of law and order in a moment.
This month, your administration directed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity training that addresses white privilege or critical race theory.
Why did you decide to do that, to end racial sensitivity training, and do you believe that there is systemic racism in this country, sir?
I ended it because it's racist.
I ended it because a lot of people were complaining that they were asked to do things that were absolutely insane.
That it was a radical revolution that was taking place in our military, in our schools.
All over the place, and you know it, and so does everybody else.
What is radical about racial sensitivity training, sir?
If you were a certain person, you had no status in life.
It was sort of a reversal.
And if you look at the people, we were paying people hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach very bad ideas, and frankly, very sick ideas.
And really, they were teaching people to hate our country.
And I'm not going to do that.
I'm not going to allow that to happen.
We have to go back to the core values of this country.
They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place, it's a racist place, and they were teaching people to hate our country.
And I'm not going to allow that to happen.
Vice President Biden?
Nobody's doing that.
He's just, he's the racist.
You just don't.
Here's the deal, I know a lot more about this than you do.
Let him finish.
The fact is that there is racial insensitivity.
People have to be made aware of what other people feel like, what insults them, what is demeaning to them.
It's important that people know they don't want to, many people don't want to hurt other people's feelings, but it makes a big difference.
It makes a gigantic difference in the way a child is able to grow up and have a sense of self-esteem.
It's a little bit like how this guy and his friends look down on so many people.
They look down their nose on people like Irish Catholics like me who grew up in Scranton.
Irish Catholics?
That's enough.
It's globalist, Soros-funded, destroy society, divide and conquer, where they teach America, death to America, no borders, no walls, no USA at all, that whites are inherently bad, and then once they start that programming...
It moves on from there.
And we saw the training manuals for the Pentagon teaching that white people are bad.
And that George Washington was bad.
This is a sick re-education camp garbage.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist.
Years fly by.
I love getting this guy on.
It's probably been a year or two since he's been on with us.
He's coming up to cover the waterfront, the economy, the election, the globalism, just so much more.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Welcome back, we're into our number three, ladies and gentlemen, and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, best-selling author, researcher, economist, head of Reaganomics, and of course, talk show host, you name it, frequent guest on shows around the world.
PaulCraigRoberts.org joins us, and we can get into the economy, we can get into the election, we can get into the debates, we can get into Israel, we can get into any subject he wants.
Who does he think Trump really is?
Who does he think the factions are?
It's no holds barred here.
Dr. Roberts, great to have you back with us.
Hello, Alex.
So are you down in Florida or are you in Georgia right now?
I'm up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Yeah, I'm in Georgia.
Man, I tell you, we talked about New World Order and global government and all this.
And look, what about COVID?
The UN says they're in charge and forced inoculations coming and tracker chips and the lockdown's never going to end, CNN says.
I mean, wow.
Where do you want to start first as a fellow that's been around a while and seen a lot?
Well, Alex, it's your show.
In your audience, the COVID thing, we can start with that if you want.
I want to pick your brain on all these subjects.
Let's get into that first.
Well, the COVID virus is real, but from the very beginning, it has been serving other agendas than public health.
It was obvious it would be used that way, even if it wasn't very real.
And of course, one of the agendas is to sell us a vaccine that enriches the big pharma even more.
They stand to make tens of billions of dollars from their vaccine.
So we have to have a COVID crisis.
They have to keep it going long enough that some kind of vaccine can be concocted.
The crisis, of course, also serves the growing police state because of all the sort of unconstitutional and probably illegal edicts that come from county governments, state governments, about how you have to close your business down, how you have to wear a mask,
How you have to lock yourself at home and so on and so on.
So it gets people accumulated, sorry, accustomed, gets people accustomed to following orders that don't really serve their interests.
So we could go on about the agendas like the COVID
It's being used to support, but... I wanted to ask you on that subject.
How do we reverse it?
How do we depoliticize it and not let them keep power grabbing with tracker traces and control apps and social credit scores and, you know, CNN saying the lockdown never ends?
I mean, I think we need to stop complying at a certain point here.
Well, I think, actually, information is coming out.
More and more experts, more and more doctors
Making the point that there's a cheap and surefire cure, the HCQ and zinc, that it works, it's safe, it's a product that's been used for 65 years without killing anybody, and that we don't need a vaccine.
Could you believe Big Tech, though, has somewhat successfully suppressed even mainline medical doctors being able to say that for eight months, undoubtedly killing a lot of people?
Yeah, I think that the public health authorities are guilty of mass murder by suppressing a known cure in order to make profits for Big Pharma.
There's no doubt about that.
If you look at the relationships between public health authorities and Big Pharma, you can see all kinds of money relationships and all kinds of revolving doors.
And in fact, the public health
Organizations get a lot of their funding from Big Pharma.
So it's not a real regulatory situation.
It's a revolving door situation where the two reward each other for mutual service.
But nevertheless, you know, the Association of, what is it?
Surgeons and Physicians or something like that.
It's an alternative to the American Medical Association.
They brought a lawsuit against the prohibitions against using HCQ and various governors have retracted their ban over its use and more and more doctors are using it because they've got patients who are otherwise going to die.
Exactly, but that leads me to the final question on this subject.
We'll move into the other areas.
If Big Pharma and Big Tech don't get in trouble for what they've done, they'll try it again.
And they already killed tens of thousands, clearly millions, hundreds of thousands worldwide.
And they knowingly did it.
I mean, this is really a dangerous thing they did.
And it really was a litmus test to show just how evil they are.
That's true.
We, you know, you can say the same thing about the military security complex and 20 years of wars, seven countries destroyed and hold apart.
Yeah, money brings out the evil in people and causes all kinds of hard things to happen.
There's no doubt about it.
Well, you or I could make a bunch of money joining them.
I've had them offer me tons of money.
I've had, you know, top globalists offer us a lot of money, and to stop suing us, it will roll over, and I'm not going to do it.
Why are you that way?
Why am I that way?
And why are they the way they are?
It seems like America's always had problems, but there weren't so many people ready to sell out and be totally soulless, because you've got to be hardcore, knowing hydroxychloroquine's basically a 100% cure, and to hold that back and to have state governors block it from doctors.
I mean, you're a cold-blooded killer when you do that.
That's right.
You know, over time, the sort of liberal relativism has destroyed standards for most people.
And so if there's no real good and evil and no right and wrong, it's all a shade of this or that.
You can always go a little more shady in this direction if it's more money.
Uh, the kinds of people in the past, the ones that I grew up with, uh, they, they were brought up differently, taught differently.
You know, it was very clear I was right and wrong.
Black and white.
And you had to be able to look yourself in the mirror, which did not mean what it means today.
You wouldn't want to make money off keeping the medicine from people and killing them.
You wouldn't want that.
You'll make money a good way.
Why would you?
It's like the knowledge of good and evil the Bible talks about.
The knowledge of evil is the knowledge of how to run scams.
But you can make just as much money and be happier not doing it.
They just fundamentally don't get it.
Well, actually, you can't make just as much money being honest.
You can make far more being dishonest.
Yeah, of course.
What do you think?
What do you think the New York banks do?
I agree with you because we've set up an evil system.
Once the system's more corrupt than good, absolutely, you've got to be evil to make money.
You're absolutely right.
I'm saying if we were more moral, we could all have a wealthier society based on good.
Well, I certainly agree with that, and that's what I'm saying.
I grew up in a more moral society.
You had to look yourself in the mirror, which meant you had to not have done anything wrong.
But today, you can't look yourself in the mirror unless you've ripped somebody off.
So, you don't feel good about yourself unless you've ripped somebody off.
That is really smart what you said.
A lot of people think it's cool to rip people off.
They think that's avant-garde, that it's a winner's trait.
Well, yeah, it's something that's been inculcated, not necessarily intentionally, but just by
The progress of everything being relative, and there's no real right and wrong, there's no real good and evil, everything's a little bit good, a little bit evil, and so on and so on.
As that passes through several generations, people lose the concept that they have to behave properly, because there's no real definition of proper behavior.
Or today, the proper behavior is
If you're a white person, you have to hate yourself and all other white people because you're a systemic racist.
Or because you use gender pronouns and you infuriate a handful of abnormal people who think they're the opposite gender of what they are.
Stay there!
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has...
His website's paulcraigroberts.org.
We're going to come back and get into this, this blurring of the lines, this moral relativism, and then we'll get his view on geopolitics, China, Israel, Europe, the election.
So much more with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
We'll tell you about some of his books as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
This latest book is Neo-Conservative Threat to World Order.
We'll talk about that next segment.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest, former head of policy at the Treasury, father of Reaganomics.
I think he's a really honest, good guy.
He's also a gentleman.
But I want him to address this here, like maybe the last time he's on, last time we're on air.
Because I can tell you, I've been on air 26 years and I've never been dramatic like that.
I don't get into stuff going on behind the scenes because that helps the enemy with their targeting, but it's really bad, okay?
And this country is on its last legs right now.
I don't say that to be negative or demoralize you, I say that to get you understanding how serious it is.
All these different powerful forces are trying to bring the country down.
The Republicans are corrupt, the Democrats are corrupt, but they've gotten the left to go completely insane.
Dr. Roberts,
What would you call this period of time we're in right now?
And from your research, who are the factions?
Because I know you've supported some of what Trump does, you haven't others.
I think Trump means well.
I think he's manipulated some, but clearly there's a larger establishment that doesn't like him.
Do you agree?
Do you disagree?
How would you quantify, as far as I can say as a real historian from real politics, where we are and who the factions are?
Well, I'm not sure I know all the factions.
I know some of them.
One is the global corporations, particularly the global American corporations, transnational as they were called.
These corporations have done the United States economy a huge amount of harm, more than anything in history, because they shipped out of the country the high productivity, high value-added jobs that created the middle class.
So when they shipped all these jobs out of the country, they shipped out American consumer income, the aggregate demand that drove the economy, they shipped out the tax base for cities and states and counties, and they shipped out the wage base for Social Security, Medicare, for the pension systems of the states and cities.
And have left ruins, just awful ruins.
And some of the cities are actually in ruins from the loss of the jobs.
So, what do these global corporations want?
They want weak national states that they can run over.
So, how do you get a weak national state?
Well, you ship out all the good jobs, the debts mount internally, you support mass
Immigration, because you can turn the country into a Tower of Babel, and the Tower of Babel is not unified and can't stand up.
So these are the kinds of ways that the global corporations destroy national sovereignty or any concept of a country.
And then we have the CIA.
Since 1950, the CIA has been working.
Now, you know, there are two branches of the CIA.
There are the analysts who are supposed to provide intelligence about what other countries are doing and so on.
And then there's the covert operations, which President Truman said later in life he had made a serious mistake in permitting to be created.
John Kennedy was going to break it into a thousand pieces, but they got him first.
So, but this is, when we talk about CIA, we're talking about these covert black part of the agency.
Well, since 1950, they've been working to control the explanations.
They do that through the media.
They suborn important journalists, and they use those journalists to control the explanations of stories.
If you notice, every time something major happens, the story is already prepared.
It's out instantly.
You remember 9-11, how quickly the story is out.
Within seconds.
And today, they actually have the entirety of the media.
The United States does not have a media in any real sense.
I mean, print or TV or media.
And NPR, National Public Radio, this is a joke.
People who issue controlled explanations, they all say the same thing.
It's a uniformity of voice and explanation.
So, in a sense, they can control the explanations and their interests coincide with the globalists because the CIA wants to rule.
And also, the military security complex has a huge budget.
And it depends on having enemies.
And so they're always fostering the impression among the public that they're dangerous enemies and we have to go to war.
And then you've got Hollywood that really hates America and is into a lot of sick stuff.
How would you describe that combine?
It didn't used to be that way.
A lot of people blame it on the Jews taking over Hollywood.
I myself don't know much about it, but you hear these things.
Uh, but certainly the whole nature of Hollywood.
But if America saved the Jews from Hitler, why would let this Jews want to destroy America?
Well, I don't know that we saved them.
I mean, uh, we, we got in the Russians, the Russians, the Russians won that war.
It was over with by the time we got there.
So, but I don't know all of these.
That's not... I read and am aware of discussions about... Sure, I'm just going into all the different factions here.
And I think you've gone over a lot of them.
How do the CHICOMs play into this?
They don't.
Again, that's a controlled explanation.
It's another enemy in reserve.
They've got Russia as an enemy.
They've got Iran.
And now they've got China.
China's not doing anything.
It was the American corporations who took the factories to China, who took the technology.
They had the business know-how.
Oh, no, no, I agree.
David Rockefeller put Mao into power, and they said, I agree, the globalists are the ones running China.
But then they got China taken over.
China as an engine of the globalists, though, is doing a lot of damage.
But I agree, the globalists are the ones in charge.
No, that's not what I said.
I don't think the globalists are in charge in China.
In fact, I think they won't be able to take over China.
So you think the pivot happened ten years ago when the globalists realized they didn't have control?
I think the world changed fundamentally when the Soviet Union collapsed.
Because there was no longer a check on American hegemony.
As long as the Soviet Union was there, the Americans couldn't go running wild all over the world, starting wars or exploiting and looting countries and these kinds of things that have caused us so much trouble and created so much animosity in the world against us.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, that took any constraint off of Washington's behavior.
So do you see a bipolar world emerging again?
Oh yeah, sure.
I mean, I think that in terms of power, we are already displaced by Russia and China.
And I don't think the United States will intentionally start a war with either, because we know we wouldn't do well.
But it's important to have an enemy.
If you've got a $1,000 billion annual military security complex budget, it has to be justified.
And so, when Trump said he was going to reduce tensions with Russia, it created a huge scare in the military security complex.
That's where Russiagate came from.
They've used it to stop him from reducing tensions with Russia.
Let's talk about those geopolitics.
Dr. Paul Greg Roberts, former head of policy at the U.S.
Treasury, on the other side of Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
His site's PaulGregRoberts.com.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is our guest.
We have Patrick Howley of National File and Epic Times joining us with the huge conviction of the Brothman lady with her big international kidnapping ring.
And as that thing continues to go down, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is here with us.
We'll invite him back very, very soon.
We've got 10 minutes left here with him.
I'm saying paulcraigroberts.com.
It's .org.
I think that redirects to paulcraigroberts.org.
We're getting into Trump is the same guy he was 35 years ago.
I've seen the video clips.
We've played him here on Larry King.
We've seen him on Oprah saying, hey, I don't want to start a war.
We don't start war with us.
We should pull our troops back.
He was against the first Gulf War.
We have the clip.
He was against the second Gulf War.
Not trying to lionize Trump, but he has tried to say, why are we giving security
For other countries to get all the rarest minerals in Afghanistan.
Why are we in Iraq?
He seems to have a good instinct and you left off at the break for those that just joined us with the Russia hysteria.
No real evidence he was connected to the Russians, we know, but the mere fact that he didn't want to have war with Russia was what put them into total hysteria mode.
Yeah, that's right.
Trump probably didn't understand it, but he threatened the budget and power
of the CIA and the Pentagon.
That's the two main pillars of the military security complex.
And also, of course, all the private contractors.
I mean, you know, a huge number of defense companies.
So he was a direct threat to them.
And so they said, we'll close them down.
If he had been the first, they probably would have just assassinated him.
But it's hard to get away with the
So they assassinated him with Russiagate, with Impeachgate.
And now they're assassinating him with the notion they're fixing in the public's mind all over the world that he can only win the election by fraud.
And he will refuse to leave office and so a color revolution will be in place to dislodge it.
And that was my next question.
You have studied color revolutions.
You won a lot of international awards for your analysis of events.
You helped end the Cold War and bring down the Soviet Union.
You are credited with that.
Yeah, sort of, more or less.
They don't really know how it's going to play out.
The whole reason for the voting by mail is so a winner cannot be declared on election night.
So that gives them another couple of weeks or however long it takes for the votes to come in by mail for them to continue their propaganda.
The propaganda will be either that Trump is lost and he refuses to step down or it will be he won by fraud and we have to get him out.
So they don't know yet which way they're going to play.
I totally agree with you.
And they say they're going to do that.
So what do we do 32 days out to try to blunt this or stop this?
Well, I don't know what we can do.
It seems to me that the Republican Party and Trump should have done whatever they could to block voting by mail.
The polls show that Trump supporters are going to vote in person.
And that the Democrats are going to vote by mail.
So it's concocted.
I don't know why the Republicans stood for it.
I mean, I don't understand how the decision is made that you vote by mail.
Again, it's an important effect of COVID.
So the claim is, oh, if you go and vote, you'll get sick standing in line with all those people.
So you have to vote by mail.
Well, that's concocted.
And so
It's going to be a mess.
We don't know how it's going to play out.
I don't know exactly how they're going to work it.
I'm sure you saw the John Podesta war game in the New York Times.
They're talking about states seceding another civil war, in their words.
Well, that would be a while.
At some point, white people in America are going to catch on that they're being demonized as bad, if not worse, than the Jews were in Nazi Germany.
You're constantly demonized.
I mean, that's what all this sensitivity training is about.
It's telling people, you're a racist.
You have to give way to the people that have been persecuted and enslaved and blah, blah, blah.
They're teaching this to five-year-olds.
In fact, they've been doing it for decades.
Only now a few people are beginning to notice.
But it's, you know, critical race theory has been taught in the universities and public schools for many years.
That whites are inherently evil.
That is literally like Nazi dogma just reversed.
It explains why all the BLM and Antifa protesters, as they're called, are white.
They believe it.
They've fallen for it.
So we now have self-hating white people.
You know, the Zionists call Jews who criticize Israeli policies, self-hating Jews.
Well, now we've got self-hating white people.
They are the products of the universities and the public schools.
This critical race theory has been taught.
I mean, this all goes back to the 30s.
It's had a long time to do its erosion.
And again, the CIA, the Ford Foundation, they've all funded liberation theology and radical race theory, and Trump is absolutely right to block this.
I read what the Pentagon was teaching.
It literally says whites are inherently evil, America's bad.
I mean, this is ridiculous!
And the Secretary of Defense said we're going to keep doing it no matter what Trump wants.
He should fire his ass!
That's right.
But look, Alex, they've been doing this for years.
It's been going on in the schools for years and years.
It's now reached the Pentagon.
But there's nothing new about this teaching.
And that's how it reaches the Pentagon.
It just becomes common and ordinary.
I remember back in the 80s, my dad owned part of a hospital, a group of doctors, and he was fighting then.
He wasn't even a big radical political guy.
They were trying to do race teaching, sensitivity training.
I remember him at the dinner table, had the training, going, look at this.
This is Marxist hate America crap.
So like you said, this has been going on since the 30s, really.
And ever widening, expanding, expanding, expanding until it's just now.
It affects a large percentage of white Americans.
You're not Christian anymore, so now we just have the sin of being white.
It's a religion.
If you're born white, you're born racist.
Now, of course, all of this is also institutionalized in universities, in black studies, in women's studies, all of this.
What can we do?
What can Trump do?
I think just take it head on and like Trump said in the debate, this is racist, this is crap.
I don't know what he can do.
One can just hope enough people realize that their life's at stake one way or the other.
Look, the whites are still the majority of the population, even though we've lost 20 or 30 percent of whites to critical race theory.
But they have to understand they're being demonized and they're being set up in the same way the Jews were in Nazi Germany.
And they have to denounce themselves and they have to step aside.
And you see, one of the big accusations against the Nazis were that they had quotas for the Jews.
They could only have so many Jews in a university, only so many here, only so many there.
Well, that's what
Affirmative action does it, which quotas all whites.
That's right, the left has literally co-opted the Hitler ideology, but reversed it against whites.
That's a good way to understand it.
The white people are now being set up and treated just like the Jews were in Nazi Germany.
In fact, it's worse here because I don't know if they were making Jews go to seminars and be taught that they were anti-German or something like that.
But it's a situation that's so ingrained.
What do you do about it?
Well, Dr. Paul Roberts, you really knocked it out of the park today.
Your new book on the neocons is critical.
Please join us again very, very soon.
Come back on in a week, a month, during the election.
Come on the other shows.
We really appreciate you, sir.
Well, invite me.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
We got big news on the Brothmans and their sex rings.
Straight ahead, a big conviction.
We'll cover it on the other side.
Stay with us.
Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas!
I actually smoked a big ol' fat joint with Willie Nelson in Luckenbach.
I'm not a pot smoker, but when Joe Rogan pulls it out, or, you know, Willie, you might as well go ahead and do it, but that's about it.
Not named Robin, it's just her story.
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain, out in Lukenbach, Texas.
Ain't nobody feelin' no pain.
I'll tell you who's feelin' the pain is the pedophile rings.
As it begins to collapse and joining us more and more on the show, I've been interviewing him for a long time.
We're really, really honored to have him here is Patrick Howley of NationalFile.com.
He also writes for great folks over at Epic Times and other places.
And after he leaves us in about 15 minutes or so, I've got a little other key news.
I want to cover some good news on the COVID front.
Worldwide resistance intensifying.
But wow, let's get into it first.
The NXIVM overlord, Claire Brothman, we know tied into Epstein and everybody else.
Illegal Clinton bundler sentenced to prison.
Trafficking kids in and out of Mexico, John and God, Oprah Winfrey Connections, those of us that just want to go home and cook a hamburger or grill a steak and watch a TV show or swim in the pool with our kids or go for a hike, we never get tired of
Hank Williams Jr., whenever you get tired of listening to George Strait, whenever you get tired of listening to Waylon Jennings, whenever you get tired of drinking a cold beer, we just imagine running cults where women are starving to death and you got little kids in cages.
But see, it's about satanic power.
And those of us that aren't into that, it's like it doesn't exist, but it does.
And it's all starting to come out.
So, Mr. Howley, thanks for joining us.
Let's get into the latest as this satanic house of cards comes down.
Well, Alex, this is a great time to be alive because you're sensing the spiritual energy shifting.
For so long, everyone, no matter what your political persuasion is, senses that there's something wrong with modernity.
The wrong people are in charge.
The wrong kind of energy is prevailing.
And finally, we're beginning to shift away from that.
And Claire Bronfman, being put in prison for 81 months,
Now, they got her on charges of enabling credit card fraud and harboring an illegal immigrant.
So, obviously, this ties in to the border issue, and we'll get into that.
But this is a massive case of a very closely politically connected Democrat donor, an illegal bundler, actually, for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, who had the NXIVM cult members give donations to Hillary Clinton, and then she reimbursed them against the law.
This person is now going to prison.
This person is going to face justice.
And so the spiritual energy of that, I think, is something that's resounding around the world, especially as Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM cult, faces sentencing on October 27th.
It gives him the next couple of weeks during this election to talk more, to talk more about Ghislaine Maxwell, to talk more about Richard Branson, to talk more about all of the people who are connected to this very elite, sick, sinister, Satanist club.
And make no mistake, the NXIVM cult that was operating in upstate New York was satanic, it was Satanist, it was closely connected to Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and other Democrat politicians, and it was pushing Luciferianism upon the world.
And it's just a feeder group.
I remember, like, three and a half years ago, I did a video about Harvey Weinstein and how they brand women, and then they got really upset, and they had a big hubbub in the post, and I was like, nobody's getting branded because they, you know, I had sources tell them what was going on.
But isn't Nexium only one feeder that then it just gets darker and darker the deeper you go down?
Absolutely right, and in fact, Alison Mack taped Keith Raniere at trial, and Keith Raniere was saying that he wanted the branding ceremonies to emulate human sacrifice.
They were absolutely obsessed with Satan, and by the way, I want to give a lot of credit to Roger Stone for helping me to do all of this reporting over the last couple of years, in part by setting me up with the NXIVM whistleblower, Frank Parlato, who has put me in touch with many, many other members.
Absolutely right.
I saw that happen in real time.
He wasn't involved.
He found out about it, as everybody in politics did, and he determined to try to help me expose it, and he trusted me as an investigative reporter, and I'm eternally grateful to him for that.
But, you know, I've talked to so many people, including... I should have said you're the main journalist exposing NXIVM.
I should have just announced your biggest laurel up front, because you've done a great job.
Well, sure, and you have to understand this all ties together.
It ties into Epstein.
I've been on the trail of Epstein.
I was the one who got Steve Bannon into exposing Epstein at Breitbart.
Well, we know Epstein's brother still runs an airfield that advertises girls that look like they're 12 years old as stewardesses up by that same cult.
We know Ivana Baranovic is in the area.
My God, you can't swing a stick in that area of New York and not hit a devil worshiper.
Hillary Clinton in the woods!
Hillary Clinton out in the woods, our friend in the woods.
So, you know, I want to say this because it's so important.
I spoke to a woman named Heidi Hutchinson.
She's the sister of a girl who was raped by Keith Raniere as a teenager.
And this girl, her sister, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head at a Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, New York.
And she blames Keith Raniere for the death, whether it was a suicide or a murder.
Heidi Hutchinson told me in no uncertain terms, I think he thought of himself as Satan.
Quote, he used the whole Luciferian concept.
Basically, I think he came to think of himself as Lucifer.
When you look at the videos of Keith Raniere speaking to women and talking about the data, the data, what does that actually mean?
You look into what Claire Bronfen was actually doing with something called the Rainbow Cultural Garden.
And that was human experimentation centers where they were experimenting on little kids, teaching them seven different languages with seven different nannies.
They had a doctor, Dr. Porter.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is key.
This is key.
That's just the cover.
And then the Zorro Ranch, and then the cloning.
I mean, this is really a feeder group into, like, I think, secret experimentation.
Absolutely, and it's very similar to A Clockwork Orange.
They predict to program this in A Clockwork Orange, holding people's eyes open, making them watch horrible films.
And I talked to the neighbors of this cult.
They said they would hear screaming in the woods because they would show them these films.
And they were studying people's brainwaves, studying people's brain energy, and then using that data to try to figure out how to torture human beings.
So it's more mind control testing.
More MKUltra.
Yeah, but think too about how this was being used and how this is being employed in a foreign policy context.
Sarah Bronfman, who is Claire Bronfman's sister, was integral in taking down Gaddafi.
Now, I've reported that Ghislaine Maxwell's nephew worked for the Hillary Clinton State Department overseeing Libya.
Just today, I reported that a different Ghislaine Maxwell nephew was working in the Obama-Biden White House.
Sarah Bronfman was
Integral, working with Hillary Clinton and the whole nexus of them there to bring down Gaddafi and to try to install her husband actually as the main oligarch in Libya and then set up a Canada-Libya trade project.
And then meanwhile Obama was working with his cousin Odinga into Kenya with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow that state and set them up as a king as well.
So they really dream of being kings.
Yep, I have it right here.
Sarah Bronfman took a trip to Libya in 2011 to do a rebel reintegration program.
So if you think about the refugee crisis, the destabilization project in the Middle East, flooding the refugees into Europe, flooding them into America, creating a globalist government under the brand of Luciferianism, literally the branding of Luciferianism.
We're good.
It's all in plain sight now, and it's the work, and I have to credit the Eastern District of New York for helping to bring NXIVM to justice at Brooklyn Federal Court, and it's all out there, it's all out there, and so I have to come on the Alex Jones Show because it's the only place in media that will take all of these disparate threads and make it very, very clear to people, wait a second, this is...
Get into where the fight is.
We come back in just a moment.
Patrick Cowley is our guest.
We'll do two more segments with him.
Then we have our next guest host that is scheduled to be taking over.
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We'll be right back with our number four.
Stay with us.
We are back broadcasting worldwide.
We have a bunch of big breaking news next segment and we have of course
Patrick Howley of NationalFile.com riding shotgun with us right now.
Patrick, you were getting into tying all the different strings together and what this means in the election, who the players are, who's behind these networks, and what you expect to be unfolding next.
Absolutely right.
Now, if you think about what's going on here, Ghislain Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell, is a longtime known Mossad asset, according to Intelligence Insiders.
He has closely partnered in the past.
He's dead now, of course.
He closely partnered in the past with the Bronfman family, the Bronfman family who are behind NXIVM.
Now, Hillary Clinton and the Clintons are very, very closely tied to NXIVM.
I don't
I think?
Nancy Saltzman.
So if you look at what then Sarah Bronfman was doing in Libya, personally interceding in order to take out Gaddafi, create a rebel uprising, create a refugee crisis.
If you look at the fact that Hillary Clinton's State Department and even the Obama Biden White House was being influenced by its employees,
Two of whom were Ghislaine Maxwell's nephews.
If you look at what the agenda is here and you understand that it's Luciferianism, that you understand that the satanic ceremonies that were going on at NXIVM or at Epstein Island, that is what the theme, that's what the tenor of the New World Order really is.
So all these things now are tying together and it's an amazing thing to see.
Let me just add this.
These really are maniacs who believe they have a right to rule the world, who want to overthrow nation states and set up hell on earth.
I mean, they are Satan.
It's like rules for radicals.
Saul Alinsky said, I pledge this to Lucifer.
I want to be like Lucifer.
They want to overthrow everything and rule everybody.
It's so obvious.
They admit this.
That's absolutely right.
And so that's why all of these things that you're seeing, which is kind of creating this confusing collage.
Why so many experiments with children?
Why is this so tied into children?
Well, we know Aleister Crowley, his magic rituals, you know, he told the world that it's more powerful if you torture children or if you even kill children.
He didn't just have sex with his son.
He finally killed him in a ritual.
That's why they were so proud of him for what he did.
He was a horrible pedophile.
They believe that that gives them power.
They believe that the wizardry of media gives power to their spells.
If they tell people exactly what they're doing.
Galen Maxwell's nephew worked at Hillary Clinton's State Department.
This was another one of my scoops.
We have been driving this.
And so what we need to do now is we need to put this all together and we need to make a very clear case.
Listen, you want to elect Joe Biden.
You want to elect
I think?
You know, be thrown out because one of the employees was allegedly hitting on a teenage boy in a bathroom, allegedly trying to lure him into prostitution.
If you want these sick people in power, what you're going to get is you're going to get all of the hatred, all of the chaos, all of the division and destabilization and instability of the past 20, 30 years of modernity, and you're going to get it all at once in your face in the year 2021, unless you allow President Donald Trump, who has been on Epstein's case,
I know for years, and it was even a federal informant the first time that Epstein went down.
If you want President Donald Trump to be able to stop this, you see what's happening right now in the month of October.
You see what's going on.
You see that this is go time right now.
It's all coming together, and that's why we need to get President Donald Trump another term.
We need to stop these satanic people from getting into power yet again.
Mr. Howley, you're on fire, and it just made me think of when we'll come back and show these articles.
They just signed a bill in California that you can have sex with kids down to age 12.
They just signed a bill, and Governor Newsom's sending convicted rapist men into prisons if they say they're women, and they're raping women, and now they're busting, quote, trannies raping kids in bathroom stalls, and the liberals go, it's okay.
I mean, these are just a pedophile army of Satanists.
Oh, and we are back live, despite some computer misfiring that happens.
You notice that little clip on the local news about the drunk driving charge dropped on me?
That's because I was not over the level, as I told the police, that I'd had two glasses of wine.
And, of course, they still took me to jail.
But I've gotten so neurotic that back in high school and college, I had a lot of the police go, no, I haven't been drinking, officer.
They let me go.
If you had anything to drink, yeah, I had two glasses of wine.
Boom, arrested.
And I just couldn't lie.
It's almost become a weakness.
But, you know, it's just good that I don't lie.
And the more I don't lie, even my wife, about it was dinner good, or she looked, you know, whatever, the more keen my brain gets, where it's never trying to figure out what it's about to say.
It's never about to hold back what it's going to say.
It just says what it really thinks.
And that's why they want political correctness.
That's why they want us to not use certain words, is they want us to lie.
That's a form of lying.
When you don't say what you really think about things.
And so I pledge to the listeners and the viewers to really tell you the truth, even if sometimes it hurts me.
You notice at the end, God turned it around for good.
But going back to Patrick Howley of NationalFile.com and the big breaking news, the pedophile rings in 2020 and where this is going.
What else do you want to add about what's unfolding?
New developments that are coming out soon, I know you're working on.
Well, I always try to bring it on the show, Alex, because, you know, anytime I break a story, all these great people, very well-meaning people, like, oh, they might, uh, Arkanside you, you know, uh, watch out for Hillary.
Oh, please give me a break.
My, uh, segments on the show would go more viral than ever if that happened and wake up the whole world.
And what we need to wake up the whole world to is exactly what was happening with NXIVM and Epstein, which is the following, because it ties into everything.
Claire Bronfman was writing fake visas, gaming the immigration system, bringing illegal immigrant child sex slaves from her Rainbow Cultural Garden centers, which she set up in Guatemala and Mexico, grooming kids.
She was bringing kids over the border to serve as slaves here in the United States.
Modern-day slavery, locking them in rooms, torturing them, torturing them in satanic rituals, trying to study their brain energy.
Father, let me just say this right here.
I had family that worked in secret operations for the Army.
It's a type of army where you're not wearing a uniform, okay?
That type of army.
And they would never tell me about what they did.
They were highly decorated Vietnam.
I mean, you know, like six silver stars.
Nobody gets that.
And they were in Iran-Contra and they rented it all.
They thought they were fighting communists.
But when they got out of it and had the system come after them was children.
And this family member who's dead now, one time out at the ranch, he said to me about a year before he died,
He looked at me and he was always this nice guy that's not, wasn't active, but act like friendly.
He looked at me, look, he looked almost evil and really manly and really scary looking.
And he said, he goes, this is going to come a time for anybody.
As we were talking about his daughter who was working for IBM at the time and how IBM's corrupt.
And he goes, there's going to come a time for anybody where you've got a line you've got to cross that you're either going to join it or you're not going to cross it.
But you know, you're going to lose your soul.
And he said, for me, it was in Guatemala in 1980 or whatever.
And I said, well, what was it?
He said it was children at orphanages.
And I said, what was it?
He looked at me.
He said, you know what it is.
You talk about it all the time, but I wouldn't be part of it.
So even then, elements of the U.S.
government, the CIA, were involved shipping kids out of orphanages that disappeared.
Can you believe that?
Now you see why they don't want a border wall.
And now you see why they're going over to Libya, destabilizing, creating a refugee crisis.
Now you see why their money from this NXIVM cult was propping up Hillary Clinton.
Why they were constantly communicating with Hillary Clinton using the emissary of Richard Mays.
Now you see what it's all about.
Now you see why they literally handpicked Kirsten Gillibrand to be the senator from New York to lord over this, to make sure that they didn't go down.
And even she proved weak in the face of our citizen journalism, and our truth, and our righteousness.
Now you see how it all ties together.
Now you see why you're suffering in modernity.
Now you see why you can't get ahead in this country because this small group of folks, these satanic Luciferians, rigged everything using the wizardry of media.
And it's being called out, and it's wonderful that it's being called out.
And they want us to kill each other over what color we are!
Instead of us coming after them for what they've done.
But then how do you deal with it when you're white, as Dr. Paul K. Roberts said, and the same program of saying Jews are evil, they're now saying white Christian men are the worst thing on earth.
We shouldn't put up with this crap.
That doesn't mean go fight with dumb, brainwashed black people that have been brainwashed by white liberals.
It means holding George Soros and monsters like him accountable.
They are pathetic.
They're absolutely pathetic people.
And only the ignorance of the people through the wizardry of media keeps people enslaved.
That's it.
And so that's why this show is so important.
And that's why, you know, we are leading the way, really, all over the country.
All over the country, people say, I saw you on the Alex Jones Show.
I didn't realize these connections.
I didn't realize that it was all connected.
Well, just imagine the pain of a Facebook.
Real Christian, came off real sweet and nice.
And all of a sudden his face just changed and looked really aggressive and I don't want to say evil, but scary.
And he just looked at me in that pickup truck as I was driving and he looked at me and he just started talking for about a minute about it and it was so haunting the look on his face.
There's never been stability in my lifetime.
I was a kid.
I was a little kid.
I would have to go to school, sit there with those marks, and I would go, why?
Why is the yellow bus taking me to this awful place every single day?
And everybody's going around, and they trick you into thinking that it's stability.
This is the way it's always been.
Oh, another nine to five.
They have created this in modern times.
And one hour bells, and all this stuff.
It's all pain, loathing, and crap.
There's nothing more disheartening and demoralizing to a child than giving them 45 minutes of recess.
And let me say this, there's nobody more mentally ill than them.
It's the inmates running the asylum.
I mean, there's this online psychologist that I want to go after.
He's so fake.
And he sits there and like...
Like, does analysis of myself and other people.
And he says these lies about me with this little fake, simpering voice.
These are the mental patients.
These are the fraud.
These are the garbage.
And they think they're going to be fulfilled if they can only run our lives.
They can only program us.
But you know what?
We've acquiesced to them.
It's time to stop, Patrick.
They don't have supernatural power.
God has supernatural power.
They think they have supernatural power because they're duping everyone.
But you can look up at the screen and you can say, that's not Kaiser Soze, that's Kevin Spacey and he's a scumbag.
You can look up at Hillary Clinton and you can say, oh, that's not some super powerful person.
That's what I was going to say.
These are nobodies and they're falling.
So their mask and their cult programming, it's all coming down.
Patrick, you're amazing.
Can't wait to have you back on.
God bless.
Maybe we can host six to seven, National File Report.
We're working on that.
We're trying to get crew hired.
As soon as we hire a couple more, a few more quit.
But we're trying, brother.
We're working on it.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
All right.
Matt Bracken's about to take over here.
Great patriot.
And to get into all the wars and all the attempts to set up martial law and all the attempts to throw off the election and all the insanity that's going on here.
By the way, we're going to do a special 24-hour broadcast coming up next Wednesday night.
I'll leave it at that.
I'll let you know.
If I don't plug, we won't be here.
If you don't support us, we won't be here.
I appreciate you.
I thank you for keeping us on air.
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Matt Bracken takes over.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
OK, it's good to be on and watching this show.
What powerful guests, and believe me, you are never going to see them on broadcast or cable television.
I mean, this is just it's why they want to shut down InfoWars, basically, because it's an unfiltered, uncensored channel where the cold, hard truth can be broadcast full strength, not watered down, not adulterated.
This is it.
This is the full-strength Aquavita right here.
Now, I just watched a couple hours ago a new video by one YouTube channel called Black Pigeon Speaks, Felix Rex, and he spoke about something that I really wasn't familiar with, but it makes complete sense, and when I fit it into the pieces, now it's like a perfect part of the mosaic.
He said that throughout history,
Affluent end-stage civilizations, you know, when they've conquered their internal and external problems, meaning everybody's fed, everybody's got entertainment, you know, very few people are starving or just living on the street unless they're mentally ill or have other problems.
These civilizations, while they're ascending, they coalesce around opposition to an external enemy, some foreign enemy.
Once that civilization has conquered all comers, as they begin to collapse, these affluent end-stage societies, they turn on themselves.
That there's some psychological need inside of groups of people to form against an enemy.
And if there's no outside enemy, like we don't hate on the Chinese or the Russians enough to think of them as our enemy.
Even though our deep state war machine people would love that, we don't really feel it.
Unless there was a Pearl Harbor or another 9-11, we don't feel it.
So that need for an enemy turns inward.
And now it's the socialists versus the free market people, or the religious versus the irreligious, white versus black, every fault line that they can pour gasoline on, pry bar apart, they're doing it.
And it's also a part of a psychological phenomenon.
So it's very easy.
People want an enemy.
Now, there is no doubt in my mind that October
To November is the beginning of the final battle.
There's no doubt.
The deep state is going all in on this.
There is no plan B. I heard Alex say, if Trump wins, I don't think that they think that Trump will be allowed to win under any circumstance at all.
This is the combination
of communism and corporatism in the form of modern globalism, and they are going to put the global clampdown on right now.
Now, there was never an empire as global as the American empire of the past, you know, since World War II.
America plus, you know, the English-speaking world, Western Europe,
This had rolled the entire world into one economy.
Even China folded into it in the last 30 years.
But now is the chance for the globalists to impose tyranny across the board.
And I have no doubt that they see this period from now until January 20th as their window.
There's no plan B for Trump as president.
They are going to do anything up to and including sabotage attacks
Against the power grid, for example.
You know, you couldn't have in-person polling day elections if, for example, the power went out in cities.
And they can do this by shooting out Transformers, blaming it on the white racist Proud Boys, you know, the great boogeyman.
They can turn out the power in urban cores,
Say that it was done by the evil white boogeyman, and then say the election's totally invalid because they wouldn't let the urban people vote.
I mean, this is the level that they are willing to take it to, have no doubt.
I mean, the 100,000 that we know of ballots in New York,
And I'm sure that's just an initial taste with wrong envelopes, wrong names.
This is designed to fail.
It's not designed to work.
It's not a case of just people that did their best, but they were a little bit incompetent.
This is designed to fail.
In Philadelphia, they're missing the software that programs their voting machines.
It turned up missing.
Why do you think this is?
The election is designed to fail.
It's something that the left calls Operation Red Mirage, which is, it might look like Trump is going to be winning on election night, but don't worry, we're going to just use the election night results to determine in what states
How many votes are we behind?
Where do we need to find these mailed-in ballots in sufficient numbers to turn the election?
That is absolutely the plan.
I saw today former General Stanley McChrystal, he's endorsing Biden.
McChrystal is part of this cabal of ex-generals who's actually working for a company that's program is disinformation.
You know, they say that they always use the flip, the reverse.
They say it's to combat Trump's disinformation, but that's bogus.
That's just like calling Trump, you know, the Russian colluder when it was Hillary and the Democrats.
It's always that flip.
So McChrystal, I have no doubt, was behind that whole Trump said the troops are losers and suckers.
That's a former general.
This is the level of perfidy that these people are willing to go to, to get rid of Trump, the swamp drainer, the disruptor.
They want business back to usual, and for the deep state, they're just being used as pawns, really.
Because to the deep state people, they think it'll be back to the gravy train, the Pentagon to corporate board million dollar payoff gravy train.
But they're just being used by the globalists who are going to take a Biden victory, and they have no doubt there's going to be a Biden victory, using Joe Biden as just a Trojan horse for Kamala Harris, AOC, and the squad.
And as soon as they're in power, they're going to flip the switch on the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court.
When that happens, America as we know it is over.
Don't think, well,
The economy will be trashed so badly.
People will be so unhappy that in the next election, you know, in 2022 or 2024, we can reverse the Democrat gains.
No, that is not the plan.
The plan is to do it like Venezuela.
Take over the Supreme Court by packing it.
And after that, the Supreme Court is nothing but a rubber stamp for any scheme of the Democrats, including, one by one, invalidating the Bill of Rights.
You know, the First Amendment will be no hate speech, no promoting terrorism, or whatever they want to call it.
The Second Amendment will be guns are just too dangerous for ordinary citizens.
You can keep your flintlock, but nothing else.
And when we come back, we're going to continue on this theme.
We're going to continue on the same subject because really there's nothing else that's as important.
I mean, there's a war breaking out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a proxy war between Turkey and Russia.
Turkey is a NATO ally.
I don't think that matters.
China could invade Taiwan.
The real arena is right here in the USA.
This is the main battle.
We're gearing up for the absolute main battle.
Now, November 3rd is just going to be when the Democrats count how many bogus mail-in ballots they need to fabricate or find or locate.
And what's going to happen on election night is social media
And the mainstream media are going to clamp down on, especially Trump, but anybody that's declaring Trump a winner, even if it's a landslide, they're going to say that that's fake news, that you're going to have to be fact-checked.
They're going to block out anything about Trump winning in a landslide.
This is why it's important now.
I don't care if you're on Twitter and Facebook.
But get on Gab and Parler.
We're going to need backup channels.
If you suddenly find yourself blocked out or you can't get any information on Facebook or Twitter, they're just canceling out conservatives, use Gab and Parler at least as backup channels.
Get on now while you can.
For videos, Band.Video, InfoWars video hosting site, is terrific.
So is Brighteon and BitChute and other video hosting sites.
YouTube is Google, okay?
If you're only relying on YouTube, after election night, you're not going to find any videos saying that Trump won in a landslide, potentially.
So, get on the alternate channels while you can.
And really, the only way out of this, short of a shooting war, is, and I don't think it's very feasible, I'd put it at like less than a 25% probability,
Is Trump winning in a total landslide that is way beyond the ability of these Democrat operatives to overturn by doing the Al Franken plan, finding boxes of votes a week after the election in a few key states?
If it's a landslide in 40 states, something on the level of Nixon, McGovern, or Reagan, Mondale, that's really the only way out.
But I don't think that it's very feasible.
And keep in mind also, the Senate is also super important.
If the Democrats flip a couple of Republican Senate seats to Democrat, then they're going to immediately cancel the filibuster, meaning it'll just take 51 votes, 51-49, and they can pass any law.
They can pass a law saying we're going to add five more justices to the Supreme Court.
And Nancy Pelosi will agree, and we're just off to the races.
So once they accomplish this, packing the Supreme Court, there is no other election that will ever matter in our lifetime unless it's on the other side of a bloody civil war.
This is what they did in Venezuela and in other countries.
People would say, don't worry, Hugo Chavez will so mismanage the country, we'll win in the next election.
No you won't, because they're going to nail those doors shut in the meantime.
There won't be another meaningful election.
There's a quote by Erdogan of Turkey.
He's an Islamist, right?
He said, democracy is like a train.
You take it to where you want to go and then you get off.
And so this is what the socialists in our country are doing.
They're using democracy as a train, taking it to where they need to go, which is get a majority in the Senate, so muddy the waters between Trump and Biden that there's possibly nobody that can be declared a winner, each side declaring victory, and eventually it goes to Nancy Pelosi.
This is like a nightmare scenario.
But for the globalists, it's a dream scenario.
So yeah, getting out and voting absolutely matters.
But I'm not sure that they would stop at anything, even if their internal polling said, you know, Trump is going to win in a landslide.
I wouldn't put things like sabotage and false flag operations off of the table.
That's how desperate they are.
And that's also kind of how sure they are, even though they have no reason to be.
You know, Comey and his crowd thought that Hillary was going to win for sure and all their crimes would be hidden.
They must be a little bit nervous now, but they're probably thinking, you know, Durham, where's his report?
He's afraid to come out with it.
You know, where are the consequences for our coup against Trump?
There aren't any.
And after Biden is put in the White House and then Kamala Harris takes over, you know, by summertime, it'll be clear sailing after that.
You could even have Comey and Brennan back in government.
And boy, they will be out for revenge.
They will be out for taking scalps.
But this is not Venezuela.
This is more like Switzerland, where so much of the population is armed that a Hugo Chavez-type takeover by packing the courts
From the globalist and especially the Chinese communist and Russian point of view, this would be beautiful because they would love to see nothing better than America blowing itself up and turning on itself in a civil war.
If that happens, China just rolls over Asia while we're too busy dealing with our own home front.
So believe me, China would absolutely love to stoke this explosion in any way possible.
And so would the Russians.
We are their main enemy.
And the best way to defeat your enemy is have your enemy defeat itself.
That's like the ultimate jujitsu.
You don't even fight your enemy.
You get your enemy to destroy itself.
I don't think Sun Tzu even had a category for that.
But that is absolutely what's coming.
Your goal, with what I'm talking about in all of this, is to stay ahead of this escalation.
Don't be like the McCloskeys in St.
Louis who thought that the normal rules of civility and legal jurisprudence applied, who were caught by shock when the mob came into their neighborhood.
Be ready for this and anticipate the next stages in this escalation.
That's why I'm talking about things up to and including sabotage attacks on the power grid, false flag operations.
Be aware that this is planned to escalate in stages.
The antifas would do it already, but they're attempting to keep control of the narrative by goading the quote-unquote white supremacist boogeymen into doing some violent action.
We can see it today.
I don't know if you've seen the John Roberts Fox reporter had a kind of a meltdown.
He went after Kylie McEnany today over the white supremacy thing, and then afterward he had a little bit of a meltdown because she tweeted about, hey John Roberts, your wife, who is an ABC reporter, already asked this yesterday.
And he did a freakout.
But I mean, this is how important to the deep state this narrative is, that Antifa and BLM, those are just peaceful protests, 97% peaceful.
Those fires, that's not much.
It's the Proud Boys, those white racist Proud Boys.
Even though they have, you know, many black and Hispanic leaders.
You know, the Proud Boys are just proud Americans.
There's not a racial component to it.
But as far as the narrative is concerned, anything that doesn't support socialism, that doesn't support BLM and Antifa, is by definition, you know, white supremacist and Nazi.
By definition.
And this brings up a great opportunity because we can shove such cognitive dissonance in the face of the socialists that it'll lead them to a nervous breakdown
By continually pointing out that leaders of the Proud Boy, how can they be white supremacists?
They're black and Hispanic in many cases.
Is Candace Owens a white supremacist?
Anyway, last segment coming up and we'll be back and finish up about what's coming next.
Now, you can get my books on Amazon and I'm, you know, glad that they're sold there.
You can get them on Audible.
Kindle and printed books.
But understand that Audible and Kindle, anything that's considered subversive literature, you know, anti-government, radical stuff, in the coming years is probably going to be deleted from your device.
So I would really recommend getting hard copy.
And if you don't want to give Jeff Bezos half of your money, you can get them from me using PayPal.
You can find out how on my website.
But I'm just saying, you're going to want some books like this in hard copy because, you know, this might be like underground literature in years to come.
Paul Craig Roberts, who I've followed and read for years, was on two guests ago.
Callie was fantastic too.
He was talking about how this critical race theory is being really used as an excuse for anti-white propaganda.
There's no other way to look at it.
You know, intersectionalism
It basically divides the population up.
It's exactly the opposite of a melting pot.
Exactly the opposite.
Intersectionalism means you're given points for how many oppression categories you can fit in.
So if you're a transsexual, African-American midget,
You get a lot of points.
If you're stupid, you get more points.
They're actually trying to say that things like scoring high on tests, that's racist.
They're literally trying to dumb this population down to the point where, I forget the name of the short story, where the smartest, strongest people had to wear weights.
Drawing a mental blank.
The talented, smart, strong people had to literally be handicapped because everybody had to be brought down to the lowest level.
Well, if you're talking about the lowest level right now in this country, you're looking at them right now.
I'm a white boomer male Christian.
You know how many intersectional points that I get?
And this is in an era when if you don't have any of these points,
People are pointing the finger at you and saying, you wrecked our country.
They literally look at white men over 50 as evil incarnate.
The Antifa and BLM crowd would, I have no doubt, eagerly load us onto trains to take us to gulags, or like Larry Grathwald said,
30, 40 years ago about the weather underground, that they might have to just get rid of 25 million Americans who were just hardcore, diehard, you know, would never convert capitalists.
They had a plan for us, and it's just shovel-ready, as in in the ground.
That's the plan for us.
Make no mistake.
And the very worst of all are us.
I mean, you can see it with the knockout game.
Did you ever see in your life where young people, often of color, just would sucker punch an old white lady or an old white man in the street?
It's because of this constant brainwashing.
Where this guy in Los Angeles just woke up and shoot two cops in the face.
Just shoot them in the face.
People are being geared up to a Rwanda level of hatred in this country, and it's extremely dangerous.
And make no doubt, have no doubt, the reason why Biden won't and will never condemn Antifa or BLM
But instead, try to flip that narrative to the Proud Boys, who have never done any violence outside of getting involved in some scuffles started by Antifa.
No buildings have been burned, no police have been shot, no innocent bystanders, nobody beaten to death by the Proud Boys, but the entire media, even at Fox News with John Roberts, is trying to
View the narrative to where it's the evil whites that have to be suppressed.
Even our very corrupt FBI, Christopher Wray, he's going along with his part of the narrative saying, oh, never mind Antifa and BLM, the biggest threat are white supremacists.
Where is this coming from?
You know, what frequency are they on?
Well, the goal is to not just try to understand the picture now,
But it's to project it out.
What is the goal?
What is the endgame?
Where are they taking this?
They are going to attempt to goad some white reaction.
Kenosha Kyle, Rittenhouse, he was a good start.
He's kind of a boogeyman, but it's hard to make a teenager who is clearly defending his life into what they need.
What they really want is a white mass shooter that does it for racist reasons.
That is their wet dream.
That is their nirvana, to get that.
So we have to, in the month before the election, avoid at all costs giving them that bait.
You know, giving them that gift on a platter of that, you know, white racist boogeyman that they are searching high and low for.
Instead, do the flip back on them.
Show these, show the, and I'm, I don't like having to put things into racial terms, but sometimes you're left with no alternative.
I mean, it's not our character.
We want the melting pot, not this intersectional everybody-against-everybody narrative of the left.
But show them the black and Hispanic Proud Boys.
You know, put in their face that it's ridiculous to say that militias and white supremacism are the same thing.
It's insanity.
So we have a lot of real war preparation to get ready for, but we also are involved in a very strong psychological war right now.
And what can you do?
Well, please don't just post on Facebook and Twitter because it's going to be shut down for you.
You know, get those backup channels, video and social media.
Get on the backup channels.
It might be critical in the days after the election to have free truth spreading around.
And you know, Gab and Parler are not as big as Facebook and Twitter.
But 90% of the people on Facebook and Twitter are knuckleheads who are just following whatever the Kardashians or LeBron James said yesterday.
The people that are on Gab and Parler are our people.
They're the ones that are already tuning in to InfoWars.
So get on these channels and extend your voice in that period when they're going to try to shut your voice down.
And another concept I want to get into a little bit, because there's no doubt we are in for a full-blown color revolution.
You know, like in Ukraine or many other countries, they are going to say that Trump
is trying to steal the election.
He won't leave the White House.
They're going to organize, you know, mass riots that are going to be worse than anything we've seen.
And they're going to try to draw in, you know, a reaction from conservatives to make it look like Germany in the 1930s, you know, with the Communists versus the National Socialists.
And then have the military come in to restore order.
And we've seen how many of the military are already co-opted by the left.
Stanley McChrystal just being one example.
These people are absolutely not in Trump's wheelhouse.
You know, he's like a captain of the ship.
He can give the orders.
But down in the engine room, they just give him the finger and say, you say forward, we put it in reverse.
That's what Wray is doing, promoting this false narrative of the white racist boogeyman.
Trump is not even fully in control, even though he's been president for three and a half years.
And these deep state operatives, they are banking everything on getting Trump out of the White House and getting the deep state back fully in control.
And that's not the worst of it, because with the deep state fully in control, they are going to go for ending the filibuster.
That means the Senate and Congress can pass laws by one vote, then pack the Supreme Court, bring in D.C.
and Puerto Rico.
There's four more Democrat senators forever.
And it's done.
We will never have another election that matters in our lifetimes unless it's on the other side of a shooting civil war.
That's the stakes right now.
I mean, it can't be any more clear than this.
And if they win, and if you are like me, you know, a white Christian boomer, conservative,
Have no doubt they will be coming for us, because once they release the dragon of this anger, of this hatred, they have to feed it.
And they're going to feed us to that dragon.
Just like in Germany with the Jews, or in the Soviet Union with the kulaks, you know, the quote-unquote wealthy farmers, independent farmers.
They were fed into the dragon, and that will be us.
Okay, I guess that's it for today and see you next time.
Over the weekend, 59 officers injured and 47 people arrested.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing a proposal to cut a billion dollars... You can feel it.
You can see it.
You can taste it.
You can smell it.
You can touch it.
And deep in my spirit...
I've got a fiery tingle up and down my spine that goes into my jaw and into my eyes.
I'm on fire right now because I know in the next 40 days of this election and the insanity and the globalist nuclear meltdown that we're going to see when Trump wins, that everything you do and everything I do is going to affect the future of the world for good or for bad.
The globalists have made a very dangerous authoritarian move with all this massive censorship and surveillance.
Just think about censorship.
It takes surveillance of what you're doing and saying to have that censorship.
They've had this massive AI move.
They've had their street bullies out shooting cops and burning down buildings and setting up checkpoints.
They have really launched an authoritarian takeover.
And it's because they're losing the hearts and minds, not just here, but worldwide.
And they know that the tide is turning against them, so they're throwing everything they've got at us right now.
But if we let them normalize all of this tyranny, and their COVID power grab, and their free speech annihilations, and all their physical attacks, then we will go under their tyranny, and they would have broken our will.
And then things are going to get a lot worse.
The New World Order is on record that if they're able to defeat Trump, Bolsonaro, and others around the world that are patriots, if they're able to successfully and effectively silence you and I, that they're going to move to a level very, very quick of unthinkable oppression and total control.
That's why they're admitting that the new forced inoculations coming next year will actually maim and kill a lot of people because Bill Gates knows he can't hide it.
That's why Trump is taking control of the process saying he's going to have an early vaccine from a company that doesn't make one that is so dangerous or that doesn't change our DNA.
And I'm not even endorsing what Trump's doing, but I understand what he's doing.
So, things have been critical for 20 plus years that I've been on air.
They were critical before that.
But they're all building, building, building, building towards this moment now and what is going to happen in the future.
And so the way we respond to this now and the way we take action to this now is like a game of pool when you first break the balls.
It's going to dictate so much of the coming game how we carry this out right now.
So ladies and gentlemen, pray to God for a global awakening.
Pray to God to give you discernment and lead God and direct you to know how to fight the enemy politically, spiritually, culturally, financially, and physically if they attack you to defend yourself.
And realize that InfoWars is truly the tip of the spear.
And it's only benefit of the spirit because of your support, your prayer.
So please remember to support m4wars4.com today because without you, we will not be able to continue to operate.
And I'm firing the bat signal and saying now is the time that your support is so critical because over the years, the censorship, the lawsuits, the attacks, the enemy has really gotten us squeezed down to a point that I didn't want to ever get to.
But I'm being honest with you now.
We're seeing a lot of folks come through.
We're seeing orders massively increase.
But with everything going on, it's still not enough.
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And know that you are funding an operation that is challenging the globalists effectively on a massive scale.
Thank you so much for all you've done.
I salute you, and I ask you to now count the cost, look at the historical juncture point we're at, and to make the right decision at this fork in the road.
I'm Alex Jones, and if you're watching this, never forget, you are the resistance.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Alright, Alex Jones here, back live, broadcasting worldwide.
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