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Air Date: Sept. 27, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the Deep State-run Democrats' plan to contest the election, the new Supreme Court nominee, military involvement, medical doctors being arrested, lockdowns, the globalist operations' plans, conflict of interest in vaccines, scientific tyranny, the satanic ruling elite, President Trump's warnings about the Democrats' 79 days of hell plan, and the promotion of a product called 8-Pak PowerStack.

We're only 36 days out from the election, but the Deep State-run Democrats have openly said they're going to contest the election, and not just for a day, not just for a week, not for two weeks, but right through to the inauguration, causing a breakup of the country.
That's their criminal goal, and they're back in the news admitting it today.
So this is a big, big deal.
We're going to be laying all of this out tonight.
We're going to be looking at the new Supreme Court nominee and how that adds gasoline to already explosive
Situation and so much more.
Look at this headline.
Military will not have role in transition.
Ex-Trump National Security Advisor rejects left's coup fantasy.
And then the left online criticizes McMaster, who's a total globalist.
It's a big deal.
But I thought I'd start with something that's really at the heart of it.
Remember four years ago how Infowarriors took over all the live events and said Bill Clinton's a rapist and pointed out that Bill Clinton and Hillary were globalists and tied to Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island?
We would talk about Jeffrey Epstein on national TV and take over live events.
So much so they cancelled most of their live events the last few weeks.
Well they were out front just yesterday at CNN, the full video is on Infowars.com.
CNN was outside the Supreme Court building and thought they'd be able to go live out there and turns out everywhere CNN goes, this now happens.
Justice on the Supreme Court over the next 30 or 40 years.
Well, absolutely.
I just wanted to say that while we were here, the crowd behind us, some supporters, started chanting,
I'm supporting it.
Arianna, I want you to stand by.
We can barely hear what you're saying because of the crowd behind you.
If you have a handheld mic, maybe we'll be able to appreciate what you're saying.
Stand by for a moment.
Joan Biskupic, our Supreme Court analyst, is standing by.
So explain the legal consequences of what we heard from the President.
And then we've got this that will also not make you smile, but make you laugh at Biden.
They're the ones that had the fake Atlantic Monthly, Jeffrey Goldberg, same guy that put out the fake news on WMDs.
He's the main culprit.
Jeffrey Goldberg come out and
Say that Trump, in front of all these witnesses, said, I hate the military.
They're dumb.
They're idiots.
They're stupid.
And then we learn the exact quotes are out of Biden's mouth.
I'll play it in a moment.
But he grew up next door to their bar and to their restaurant.
They even, I think, sold them some property, he was saying.
And that's Tyler Nixon up in Delaware, their own record being
And two, I appointed Johnson to the academy.
I just want you to know that.
Let's clap for that, you stupid bastard.
Man, you all, Donald Trump, must be slow here, eh?
One, I married Jill.
And two, I appointed Johnson to the Academy.
I just want you to know that.
Let's clap for that, you stupid bastard.
So, man, you're slow.
Clap for that, you stupid bastards.
And with some people, that's their style, and it's a joke.
Like a Rodney Dangerfield.
I don't get no respect.
Not with him.
This is how he is.
He walks around talking about how smart he is.
And he's so smart, he sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles.
He's clearly had another major stroke.
His face is drooping.
You know, Ron Paul had a stroke.
He's in the hospital.
He'll probably retire. 85.
Has basically small seizures all the time on TV and it's no big deal.
Like when Hillary's having a seizure.
Falls down.
Media says, oh she didn't fall down, fake news.
It's on video she fell down.
While having a convulsion.
You know what a convulsion looks like.
But oh no, CNN said that's fake news.
These people are jokes.
But they're propped up by billions and billions of dollars so they just hang on.
They're the undead media.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
In the heart.
In the heart of the resistance.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We are go.
We are launch.
Ignition, liftoff.
On this live Sunday, September 27th, 2020.
Transmission 114 days out of the inauguration.
36 days to the election.
Now as everyone knows, Infowars business is telling the truth.
Infowars business is promoting human freedom and liberty.
InfoWars business is being tomorrow's news or next week's news, next year's news, today.
And I don't need to go over, if you're a regular listener, all the things that we've accurately chronicled over the horizon that has now manifested itself.
And not because it just materialized because I said it was happening, it's because we're aware of what the globalists actually are up to, not what they put out for general public consumption.
Their arrogance is they don't even hide what they do in their high-level agreements.
I mean, at the Davos Group, they put out a report in February saying, we're going to use COVID-19 to lock down the economy, bringing global digital tracking apps on everybody's phones, shut down all small businesses, and start a third world to death lower carbon emissions.
They call it the Great Reset.
We were saying in February, this looks like the big reset that Davos has been calling for to shut down the world economy and consolidate power for them.
And as we were reporting that, like days later, they come out with a huge report admitting it all.
And that's what is so frustrating about this broadcast is criminals love to brag and they love to lay out their battle plans.
And why would we
Sit here and not take them for their word for it when they've carried out every damn thing they've set out to carry out.
Now, a lot of times they're behind schedule.
A lot of times what they do falls apart.
They are trying to execute their plan, as you can see.
But you know what?
And they are doing a lot of acceleration of it right now because they're behind.
So let me tell you what's coming up today.
Friday I got so overdriven and so emotional that I covered it all but not in concise little giblets.
And when we come back in the next segment, I'm going to give my emergency message to the President, my emergency message to the American people on what I think needs to be done specifically and decisively in what we're facing.
Not from predictive powers, but from studying the globalist operations and knowing exactly what it is they're planning to execute.
Does that mean they'll execute every exact way at the exact time I say?
They don't know how they're going to execute, but they've got a battle plan.
And they've got rules of engagement, and they've got a program.
And we know how to stop them.
They just hope that the public doesn't catch on to this and they can continue to move forward.
But they know the public is catching on to them and so is Congress.
And so are different sections of different corporate areas around the world.
So there's major pushback.
So let me tell you what's coming up.
We have incredible mass rally part two in Trafalgar Square yesterday in London.
And we had medical doctors and others being arrested by riot police who were beating people over the heads with billy clubs.
The same groups literally lead Muslims on giant parades, burning things down.
And the same police literally lead Black Lives Matter on their events, burning things down and stabbing people.
So the police in the UK are globalist operatives.
You want to talk about bad police, like the Nazis, this is it.
And you can say, well, some Nazis weren't bad people that are following orders.
It doesn't matter.
They're robots.
They're meat puppets.
And they're very, very bad people.
David Icke will be joining us tomorrow.
He was there.
They were already attacking people as he was speaking.
And this is just incredible footage that we'll be getting to coming up later in the hour and part of David Icke's over-the-top speech.
The full speech is at Band.Video.
YouTube is pulling down his speech.
Medical doctors were the main target that spoke.
They were arrested.
Because, specifically, the police said, you are not allowed to question the United Nations.
Just like that, riot police attack you if you criticize what the UN has officially said, even though it's all a lie.
It's already got 134,000 views on Bandot Video.
Remember that.
But, again, most versions of it have been taken down off YouTube.
I knew instantly they'd be pulling it.
I would send a link to it and it would have like 1,000 viewers right after it was uploaded.
The police have stormed the stage, grabbed all the equipment, and started beating everyone over the head with billy clubs.
There's just been hours of this footage.
My wife got so upset last night.
She was crying.
She ended up watching over two hours of it.
I told her to stop watching.
Because, I mean, this is it.
This is the tyranny.
And that's what's also happening from Australia to the UK to the US.
Bars, restaurants, colleges, people's apartment buildings are saying, oh sorry, now to be here, you've got to have a contact tracing app on your phone, and we've got to check it, you've got to keep your location services on at all time, we're tracking you, and people are being thrown out of their apartments, thrown out of restaurants that don't have it.
Imagine the control this brings in, the global Chinese social credit score.
And we told everybody this was coming back in, you know, March, because that was the plan.
But now it's here.
You don't have to wait anymore.
Oh, you're coming to the college here in Michigan, or the college here in Texas, or the college here in Connecticut, or the college here in New Jersey, or wherever.
I've got the articles right here.
I'm going to show them to you.
You're not allowed to leave the campus for the entire semester.
You can only go to stores we say you can, and there's a curfew, and we're tracking your distance from everyone at all times, and we have citizen spies and cameras watching you.
So that's all this is, and we know what it is.
Hell, they tell us that's what it is.
But still, a good part of the public signs on to it and goes along with it because, oh, you're heroes.
No, you're not heroes.
You're being put into a giant prison grid.
You're being turned into a robot.
Okay, let's lay out more of what's coming up.
The Democrats know they're losing the election by a landslide, so they're planning civil war as their response.
Now, I've been saying that for several years, because I was reading what their leadership was saying in the, again, communiqu├ęs to their higher-up, anti-fund BLM operatives.
Now they are externalizing those operations to operational on the ground, and we've got big stacks of firebombings, Molotov cocktails, leftists running down people, putting them in critical condition.
Shooting more police officers and district attorneys in the areas being shot are not even charging the people that are shooting police.
You heard that right.
In Louisville, they arrested the man who, in front of everyone, fired premeditatedly with a handgun, shot a cop in the leg and the gut to police.
He's not being charged with attempted murder.
And national police unions are freaking out about it.
This is a license to kill.
You've heard of 007, right?
Well, now here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be covering all that for you.
And I remember General Benton K. Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, would come on the broadcast.
And he'd say, and he ran HAARP, he ran neutron bomb programs, I mean he was in the highest levels of secret government, the good side.
And he was like, Jones, you keep talking about Bilderberg and New World Order and that's all part of it and there's big trillionaire groups running it, but they're using a communist playbook and it's a program.
And once they get their numbers up, they're trained at the universities and the prisons, they're going to start killing local police to take control of them, and they'll have the Supreme Court get rid of the death penalty, because they'll know they'll soon be released from prison.
So they can go out and commit murders building up to the revolution, and then they'll be released.
Or they'll get DA's in as part of their program, so they can commit murders and get away with it.
That's when you know they're about to have the uprising.
Listen to me, Jones!
It's a program!
I've seen it!
That's what runs it!
And I was like, okay, it's a problem.
This is like in the late 90s and stuff.
Everything he said was true.
And it's a communist program they're running against us.
Just like the Attorney General came out and said, anti-fund BLM are Bolsheviks with a fascist operating system.
Word for word what I've said.
Did he bargain for me?
Probably not.
I mean, it's like, what's that?
Oh, that's an Abrams M1A1 tank.
What's that?
It's an Apache helicopter.
What's that?
You know, that's a blue checkmark on Twitter.
I mean, you know what the thing is.
They're admitted Bolsheviks running a Bolshevik revolution part two with a fascist delivery system.
And the uniforms, the rules of engagement, the tactics, all of it.
And what did I say in 2017?
I said they're planning part two of the Bolshevik Revolution.
And that's because that's what they said they're doing.
I mean, it's like, how do you know that, Jones?
How does it keep coming true?
Because I'm watching the enemy!
I mean, they tell us what they're going to do.
It's like Hitler wrote it all in Mein Kampf, and people were, like, struck that he actually did it.
And when they write books telling you what they plan, well, they're right backstage with us.
The way the psychological warfare operation works is very, very simple.
They give you freedoms by increments.
Always promising it's only going to be a short period of time, and then the restrictions will be released.
But they're not.
Never significant amount of time, always four or five times longer than what they said.
They will then slightly release it a little bit, only tighten it down even more later.
This is called successive approximation incrementalism, or the inchworm effect.
This is the most common way that totalitarians take over.
But there then becomes a point where the public wakes up
It's the evening of September 26th, 2020.
And I just got done watching the horrible footage of thousands of riot police with trudgeons beating thousands of peaceful people in Trafalgar Square protesting the COVID martial law lockdown.
An Iron Curtain is descending over the world from the United Nations.
Even more evil than the old Soviet Union.
And its model is Communist China.
We're not facing incremental tyranny, we're facing
Absolute 100% commitment to evil because the system thinks we're weak and thinks we're stupid and is making this move.
And whether it's Australia, the UK or the US, Black Lives Matter funded by Soros can run around and kill cops and burn things down and they're heroes.
And oh, nobody's worried about the COVID BS, but when it's patriots saying we have rights, we have dignity, they get viciously attacked.
All the videos are at InfoWars.com of David Icke speaking and more.
Hello, my name is Dr. Fauci.
Does it matter if I'm invested with Bill Gates in many of the same vaccines I push on you?
It's the same thing with the health ministers in the UK and Europe.
They're all invested as well.
But the governments have decided this is not a conflict of interest.
Also, the media is going to call me a genius.
Well, the second wave I've been warning of comes in the fall and winter.
Because we're gonna count all the flu and all the pneumonia and cold deaths of old people again.
And the lockdown will never end.
That's why we're saying the vaccine will take several years.
But don't worry, it'll come out.
I'll make a bunch of money, you'll get sick.
But that's okay, because I ran the Wuhan lab, and it's all public, but I don't get in trouble.
If you talk bad about me, we use Big Tech to shut you up.
The Renaissance, the Great Enlightenment, it's all being swept away and being replaced by scientific tyranny.
It's establishing a form of planetary digital law.
Where the technocrats are above the law and the public isn't even considered to be as valuable as a cow.
In fact, humans are seen as garbage that's going to be taken out and removed.
That is the post-human exterminist plan.
That is the public ideology of the globalists.
And everything they've built with this high-tech grid is to absorb us and anesthetize our minds as we're slowly killed.
And any future generations that happen to straggle out of their mother's wounds will be a mere shadow of what humans once were.
This is the satanic ruling elite engaged in mass vandalism against God's creation, humanity.
This is the essence of evil.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Here we are, 36 days from the election, 114 days out from the inauguration.
Alright, let's lay it out.
Here's my emergency message to President Trump.
Here's my emergency message to the American people.
Here's my emergency message to the people of the world.
President Trump, I've seen you really come out and level the American people.
About how the Democrats work with Communist China, how they want to overthrow the nation, how they want to kill the dollar, how they want to kill prosperity and complete our journey into enslavement.
And my advice has been, even though it's terrible to have to say those things, it's the truth, and that's the only way you can counter them, and really how nasty they are, is to just come right out with who they are, the American people.
And you've done that!
And you've told them the truth, and you've exposed the mainstream media as being enemies of the American people.
But when it comes to exposing their plan to confuse and derail the election towards having you removed from office and frustrating the will of the American voters, a continuation of what they've already been doing for three plus years, almost four years.
You've got to come out and specifically not just make comments about the mail-in ballots, the 80 million of them getting sent to dead dogs and dead cats and dead people and how they're finding them in ditches and finding them in waste paper baskets and finding them in dumpsters.
And of course, they're all Trump votes.
They're all military votes.
They're all senior votes.
In all the cases, they're Trump votes.
We understand that's how the USPS Democrat operatives are going to act.
They've already been arrested.
They've already been caught.
I've got dozens of articles a day with Democrats caught in election fraud all over the country with mail-in ballots.
So absolutely, we know that's going on.
But it's not even going to be the mail-in ballot itself that does that.
That bullet's already been fired.
That arrow's already been loosed.
It's the Democrat judges.
In Michigan, other states like Pennsylvania, saying they're going to keep the election going for months, if not longer, some say weeks, others say months, to quote, make sure all the ballots are counted, to create a civil war crisis in America.
And so President Trump has to level with the American people about the Democrat plan for what I call 79 days of hell.
79 days in another brazen attempt, just like the Russia hoax, to claim that the election of Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, the first time and the second time is illegitimate.
They know they're losing.
Mr. President, you have the Podesta war game that even the New York Times reported on that they can't deny, where they say, we're going to contest it because we know we're going to lose.
And then we try to hold it up to Inauguration Day and hope the military takes out Trump.
Those are quotes from two months ago.
Two plus months ago.
Nine weeks ago.
And I've been beating the drum before that, because this is their play.
Then they have Congress send a letter to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, and ask him, will they help remove you if you contest?
So you have to walk through it in a long speech, not just an offhand comment here, an offhand comment there.
I know the media attacks you when you talk about it and act like it's outrageous because that's what will defeat them.
That's what will expose them.
So the fact that your advisors say, sir, shy away from this.
Oh, sir, the media is talking to Republican leaders and they're saying if you try to contest the election, they won't back you.
You've got to expose the whole fraud.
They say they're going to lose, they say they're going to contest, to hold up things, create civil unrest, hurt the dollar, try to get the military involved, have Western states secede, I forgot that part, starting with California, and have a new government set up with Nancy Pelosi on national TV saying, we'll hold a separate inauguration even if you won't leave the White House.
So, that's their plan.
They've stated it.
And it's not enough to say they're going to run a scam with all these ballots.
That's just the cover to launch the contesting.
And then they say, if you contest that you're the one that's a dictator and the military needs to take you out.
And they're out there in every newspaper every day.
They're on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox even.
Putting out this idea and then fake stories about, oh, we called all these Republican leaders and said if Trump won't leave office, are you going to help him stay?
That's a misrepresentation.
If the Democrats contest, are engaged in fraud, you must obviously contest and challenge them.
They're trying to set up the precedent that if you contest and if you challenge their contention,
That somehow you are refusing to accept the results.
So they're changing definitions like they always do again.
So you and your speechwriters, and you and the experts, I know we're very smart in the White House, and people like Tucker Carlson that gets this, need to boil this down into very easy to understand talking points.
Run ads showing Democrats saying we're gonna contest no matter what.
I mean you can run Hillary, you can run Biden, you can run Big Mike saying it, you can run dozens of top Democrats saying we're not gonna take the results and that's how we're gonna drive him from office and if we have to we'll break the country up and that's outrageous!
And Americans will see that and know that and then we won't wait until
They have it on their terms at the election in 36 days.
They're laying the groundwork and setting the battle space and setting all the terms with the whole media.
Just like the COVID scam.
Just like the COVID power grab.
So they can exacerbate the crisis and use that crisis to bring in a national breakdown.
And so, I'll get in here next week with my crew.
We'll put together the videos in Donald Trump-style campaign ads.
Maybe as an example for what your guys need to get on and need to do.
And we'll continue to lead from the front here.
It's just that I know the President has a lot of resources and the Republicans have a lot of resources.
And the Republicans really want to save the Republic, stop the fraud.
They need to come out boldly and say the Democrats are Chinese agents, which they're doing.
The Democrats want to destroy the very survival of the country, which they're doing.
The Democrats want to end the nation and wreck it and consolidate power.
All of that you're starting to do.
And America gets it.
It's the truth.
But you need to come out and come up with your own term, your own slogan.
Stop the 79 days of hell.
Or, you know, the Democrats planning on the 79 days that destroy the Republic.
And just get right out front with ads and speeches and all your surrogates laying it out, laying it out, laying it out.
It's really good that Republicans are watching everywhere and that Democrats are being busted 10, 20, 30 operations a day engaged in red-handed election fraud, in red-handed ballot harvesting, in red-handed voting in the name of dead people.
And other Democrats are being caught mailing out voter registration cards.
Postcards to illegal aliens and to people not registered to vote and to felons.
Because that's their plan is to have them come in and swamp everything with so many bad ballots that it's such a snarl.
Like when you cast with your line to fish and you get a backlash and it's all tied up in a bunch of wires in a bunch of line and you can't fix it.
And that's what they're hoping to do.
The Democrats are like a fish that's grabbed the lure and they're running away with the line.
And they hope that we wait to pull back on the line until Election Day and by then it's going to tie up the entire works of the rod and reel.
You gotta get in there and start reeling that fish in now before it runs off anymore.
You gotta get ahead of the narrative.
You gotta expose how they did it.
I'll give you some examples when we come back, but the ad comes in like... First, the Democrats secretly approached the Pentagon to overthrow Trump.
They said no.
Then, they publicly did it.
Writing letters from the Armed Services Committee asking them to overthrow Trump.
The Pentagon said no.
Now they're trying to.
Remember, the global lockdowns you're witnessing, the Black Lives Matter, Antifa riots and racial attacks we're all seeing are publicly directed by a handful of top billionaires, led by people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, of course, Tim Cook and others.
They set up there with their trillions of dollars they control in their companies and their hundreds of billions of dollars individually, leveraging that against us and trying to create an artificial revolution against local government and police.
And the mayors are, again, they're playing their political game to try to trigger the complete breakdown of the United States and Western Europe, so these billionaires can come in and buy it all up for billions on the dollar.
That's why I'm so angry at these globalists, because when you're looking at them, they're the ones that sit in their councils and have decided to run these plans against us.
They are enemies of humanity and must be dealt with.
It's us or them, period.
You notice that over and over again, the United Nations, our supposed controllers and bosses, the great arbiter of truth that no one's allowed to disagree with, has come out and said, nothing can treat or prevent COVID-19.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's a total lie.
You get a lot of sunlight, it's on record, to produce a ton of vitamin D3, and it's almost impossible to get viral infections when you're getting plenty of vitamin D3, if you have zinc and vitamin C as well.
That's why people get the flus and these colds in the winter, because that's when vitamin D levels plunge.
Now, I've pointed this out, and the media has called me a scammer for saying that there's hope and that people should have their vitamins and their minerals.
Well, now Fauci's been forced to come out and admit that you need vitamin D3 and C. He should have also added zinc, because the NIH website says you die without zinc.
But it's good news that he's being pressured now to admit the reality because so many doctors and nurses and experts in nutrition have been exposing the fact that he's not been warning the public to get their vitamins.
The planets have aligned globally.
They've aligned nationally.
They've aligned financially, culturally, but most importantly, spiritually.
We are living
At a point in human development that will decide the entire future destiny of our species.
So that's why Big Tech, controlled by the very dark forces of the globalist, is trying to dumb us down, isolate us, make us depressed, make us alone, and try to control every aspect of our lives.
Literally brainwashing us with the stimuli that they put forward because they do not want us to take our birthright, not just of Americana, but of true Christendom and the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.
They are trying to create a new dark age where they have all the high technology and life extension and we are walled off in a technocracy that controls us through carbon credits and through a social credit score.
This is their plan.
We must come together and awaken out of our trance and say, no, we must embrace God.
And perhaps most cruelly of all, if Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond
But they should be.
It's estimated that 200 million people have died, probably by the time I finish this talk.
Joe Biden has always been a congenital liar, part of the establishment for close to 50 years.
But now, boy, has his
Brain degenerates, we are seeing walking public dementia on the biggest stage of the world, the 2020 election.
There are 370 million people in the United States.
If 200 million died from COVID, that'd be more than half of the population, when not even one-tenth of 1% have actually died.
But him putting these giant lies and these incredibly brain-damaged statements out is emblematic of the general public being in a trance.
How is anyone even putting up with this?
It is beyond bizarre.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm alive!
Yes, I am.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm just here, a modern Paul Revere, just like you are.
Trying to get as many people as I can to wake up and realize this is the biggest fault.
This is what the globalist technocrats and world domination and their whole plan has been building towards.
And now people know it isn't a joke and they're going and researching what we've talked about for years and what others have talked about.
They're finding out, now this is worse than you're saying.
It's crazy, you're not going to even explain.
I mean, some of the stuff they do is so crazy, I wouldn't even talk about it on air because people just can't believe it.
It's absolutely insane.
That's a whole other subject.
But let me try to quantify this and I'm going to get to the rest of the news that ties into this.
Again, Alex Jones here, we just tuned in.
We've already seen the deep state backed by foreign powers like China.
It's an alliance.
An axis of true evil.
Communist China, the global international corporate system, the EU, the Hollywood, America hating trash, all their leftist followers allied with orthodox radical Islam.
They all work in tandem.
They're all above the law.
They all do whatever they want.
The final straw is letting Islamist and communists kill and firebomb and rape people and not charge them.
And that's now happening across the United States.
It's unbelievable.
I got a stack of news on that coming up.
Did you hear what I said?
You walk up to a police line, pull a gun, and shoot two cops in the stomach and the leg, confess to it, and they don't charge you with attempted murder.
That's Louisville, Kentucky.
That's in the stack.
That's coming up.
When they start getting district attorneys whose parents were in the Weathermen,
The new DA that just elected in Austin is an admitted communist that George Soros gave $700,000 to get elected.
This isn't a game, folks.
When they start giving their killers get-out-of-jail-free cards, that's meant to embolden them to go start murdering people in MASH.
And then after the overthrow happens, they get let out of jail, and now they're going to be police officers.
But not the kind that America has, the kind that come to your house with George Soros and take your house.
That's what George Soros would do when he worked for the Nazis.
This is a special kind of police officer like they have in Venezuela.
Like they have in Cuba.
Want to live under those?
Oh, then we will be the enemy of the police, and the police will be our enemy.
They got their problems, but they're a lot better than other police.
They're not now.
You think you got a bad government now?
Just wait.
You're going to be wishing for the old government, praying for it, and it's going to be real hard to get back.
A lot of civil war.
You know, they're paralleling the Spanish Civil War to what's about to happen here.
The Spanish Civil War was the dress rehearsal for World War II, and the parallels are eerily accurate.
There's a Zero Hedge article out on the day.
I suggest you go read it.
Okay, let's get back to what's really happening.
I just spent a 10 minute segment earlier trying to quantify this, and Trump will accidentally watch like 2 minute videos.
The point is, this gets out to his advisors.
They can boil it down.
They can get it to the President.
I know the President clicks with what I say, and so do his advisors, because we're always ahead of the game.
And they fight around the clock to keep our info from getting to the President, but you can get it to him as well.
Tucker Carlson can get information to the President.
Calls him every day.
Let's just say I make sure this information does get to the President.
We know they're committing a mass crime.
We know they already tried to overthrow the last election.
Now they're telling us in war games that are in the New York Times nine weeks ago that they're going to contest the election, hold the economy hostage, burn down the cities.
Say Trump's illegitimate, have Democrat judges say it's illegitimate all over the country, filing new cases constantly.
Even when the Supreme Court rules Trump's the president, they'll tell their constituents it's not legitimate.
They're already going to think it's not legitimate.
The stage is already set for that, and then they're going to have states secede.
And then we're in an actual breakup of the country.
And I'm simply saying, with 36 days out, Trump has to come out and address the compendium of that, and call the Democrats out directly, for you know you're losing, you know you put out these unprecedented ballots and mailed them to dead cats, literally, that died 10 years ago, so you can hold things up, and here's where Podesta said it, and here's where Hillary said it, and put out the ads that go like this.
And we have all the documents, and it's in the news, we've covered it.
Secretly over a year ago, Democrats began to approach the Pentagon and ask them to remove President Trump if he really won the 2020 election.
And then it goes on.
The Pentagon said no.
Then they came to the Pentagon next and said, well, if he loses but refuses to go, will you get involved?
The Pentagon then explained that was illegal.
The unconstitutional was up to Congress, the American people, and the courts.
Then the Democrats went public and wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
In June of 2020, asking them again to remove the President.
Forcing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, to go public saying it was outrageous, illegal, and criminal.
Then, by September, Democrats were saying that Trump planned to use the military to steal the election, and that they demanded the military take action and not side with Trump.
I mean, that's what they're doing here.
Now they're all over the news going, oh, the Pentagon's secretly planning to keep Trump in and have martial law.
Because wait for it.
When they activate the BLM and the Antifa and the operatives they've got, the BLM and Antifa are just decoys for as Patsy's cover.
They're going to say when the military has to get deployed, when you've got ten times the burning you currently see,
That that's Trump's martial law, you see, and trick everybody, and then it's going to get even worse.
And so they believe the crisis will be so big.
Oh, here's the other part.
They're going to drop the stock market 10,000, 15,000 points during the 79 days.
I forgot that part.
And then they're going to say, all your pension funds are bad.
Nothing's worth anything.
And all the yuppies, even conservatives, are going to be
I remember during the 2008 deal when they plunged the markets to get Obama in, and I went to a soccer game with one of my daughters, my middle daughter, and peewee soccer, and all the men had their newspapers out, not even watching the game, just freaking out over their money.
I walked over to them and I'd say, hey, just as soon as Obama gets in,
Stock market will go back up.
And then they're like arrogant yuppies, you know, like, oh, you don't drive a BMW, do you?
I'm sure, man, what do you know?
I bet it never comes back, because they're just schmucks, you know, just airheads.
They don't want to hear real data, real intel, you know.
Okay, whatever.
I was not worried at all, plus I wasn't invested in all that crap.
But they're going to hold us hostage.
They're going to drop the stock market, I'd say by half.
Like, pull up, what's the stock market today?
What's the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Friday's closing at 4 p.m.
New York time?
If you guys can pull that up.
They'll drop it by, if they choose to, 50%.
First, they'll drop it by 20%, 30%.
And people say, oh, it's okay.
And then they'll drop it even more to scare you.
And the average American will roll over and piss themselves and say, give us Joe Biden.
And Bill Maher knows that.
That's why he said last year and this year, I'm hoping for a crashing economy so we can get rid of Trump, bring on the recession.
And that's what they've done.
So the stock market's at 27,173.96.
On the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
So yeah, my 15,000 point things, let me revise it.
It'll drop by 13,500 points.
And it's low.
So it'll be down at, you know, 13, 14,000.
And they're gonna buy it all up, everybody's gonna piss themselves, and they're just gonna remove Trump just like that.
Unless we get out ahead of it now.
Because Americans actually aren't cowards.
If they understand the truth of that and how they're being held hostage and Trump tells them, when they hammer that market we'll go up to 50,000 after I get back in, they'll believe it'll happen.
But they want the truth.
They need it now.
We need to call these enemies out for what they are.
Enemies of our very existence.
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The way the psychological warfare operation works is very, very simple.
They give you freedoms by increments.
Always promising it's only going to be a short period of time, and then the restrictions will be released.
But they're not.
They have a significant amount of time, always four or five times longer than what they said.
They will then slightly release it a little bit, and only tighten it down even more later.
This is called successive approximation incrementalism, or the inchworm effect.
This is the most common way that totalitarians take over.
But there then becomes a point where the public wakes up, but under the incrementalism, it starts resisting, and then there's usually a giant purge and a clampdown, and you'll see more tyranny rolled out in just a few days, weeks, or months than you saw in the previous 10 years.
And that's the period we're in globally right now.
A world government, Qaikom-backed, globalist corporate takeover of the planet that wants you poor and absolutely sick under their thumb forever.
I've got some bad news for you, then I've got some really bad news, then I've got some good news.
The bad news is, even if Trump gets re-elected, they're going to still trigger attempts at martial law, medical lockdowns, race riots, and a depression.
That's the globalists.
They're trying to bring America to our knees.
Now, if Trump doesn't get elected, they're still planning to bring us to our knees and really try to break our will and bring us into a super intense depression, total control, and like Australia's already doing, rounding up and arresting people that criticize what the left are doing.
That's the really bad news.
The good news is, this has triggered people out of their sleep all over the world, and the resistance is mounting, and the globalists are panicking.
So, bottom line, we're in the fight, we're starting to win, but it's serious.
So, pray to God for a global awakening.
Support InfoWars, spread the word, and buy products at InfoWarsStore.com.
Literally, we're having an emergency Keep InfoWars sale happening right now.
Please visit InfoWarsStore and keep us on air.
Thanks so much.
It's the evening of September 26, 2020.
And I just got done watching the horrible footage of thousands of riot police with truncheons beating thousands of peaceful people in Trafalgar Square, protesting the COVID martial law lockdown.
An iron curtain is descending over the world from the United Nations.
Even more evil than the old Soviet Union.
And it's a model of communist China.
We're not facing incremental tyranny.
We're facing...
Absolute 100% commitment to evil because the system thinks we're weak and thinks we're stupid and is making this move.
And whether it's Australia, the UK or the US, Black Lives Matter funded by Soros can run around and kill cops and burn things down and they're heroes.
And oh, nobody's worried about the COVID BS, but when it's patriots saying we have rights, we have dignity, they get viciously attacked.
All the videos are at Infowars.com of David Icke speaking and more.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, you found it.
The tip of the spear.
Thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen.
I've got tons of entertaining Antifa clips.
I've got all sorts of funny videos.
I've got all this cutesy stuff.
But you know what?
I'm not covering all that.
This is a broadcast for really serious people who want to know what I think is going on and what the score is and what our guests think and what the callers think.
And want to get ready for it.
And I like to have a little bit of fun, too.
Because in that process, we don't kill ourselves or kill others.
In fact, you know what?
Before I play this McMaster clip and the David Icke clip, let's go ahead and play what I played at the start of the show.
CNN in front of the Supreme Court can't even open their lying, dirty mouths without the public chiming in and almost everybody in the crowd screaming, fake news, fake news.
I mean, we are rejecting the system.
That's why they've gone with this desperate lockdown, this desperate martial law, this desperate attempt to kill our economy.
They're trying to hold us hostage, and I'm telling you, they're going to try to bring down the stock market, to blame it on Trump, to blame it on America, to panic us when they're contesting the election.
They're going to wait until they're contesting.
That's their final move.
The crash is going to come during the contention.
Bet your bottom dollar on it.
That's the right move by the enemy.
We have research.
We have divine providence.
We have discernment that our good Lord gave us.
I suggest all of us use it.
But once you heard me say that, you all know that's the move.
You already knew that.
You probably already said it yourself.
This isn't rocket science, but you've got to face the facts.
You can't be a lemon.
You can't have Stockholm Syndrome.
Let's go ahead and go to this clip of what happened to CNN yesterday.
The justice on the Supreme Court over the next 30 or 40 years.
Right, well, absolutely.
I just wanted to say that while we were here, the crowd behind us, Trump supporters, started chanting, get through.
You can hear them getting a little bit of voice commentary here with the crowd of Trump supporters.
Arianna, I want you to stand by.
We can barely hear what you're saying because of the crowd behind you and the handheld mic.
Since I mentioned it, here's McMaster.
Military will have no role in transition, ex-Trump National Security Advisor says on NBC's Meet the Press.
Now notice, in the articles and in the video and on Twitter, they act like Trump wants the military to do this.
But in actuality, the Pentagon had to put out a report in August of last month.
Top U.S.
generals tell Congress the military won't play a role in the U.S.
I did a whole report on that.
But notice the spin from Yahoo News, French News Agency, AP.
What if Trump loses but won't concede?
How cautious will crisis could play out?
And it goes on to say, when the Democrats contest, if he won't admit he's defeated.
Wait, wait.
When the Democrats contest, and he doesn't admit he's defeated.
So wait a minute.
When they contest, he loses.
Oh, I've got it.
That's their new semantics.
2 plus 2 equals 50.
Or zero.
I mean, this is clown world.
Look a little brighter!
The constitutional crisis could play out to the president, be defeated, and persuade his allies to join him in rejecting the vote tallies.
That's another thing.
They may just have the media.
Because they've already said, the media and Zuckerberg and...
Tim Cook and Apple and all the big tech heads are not going to allow the Republicans or Trump or his supporters to say that President Trump has won.
Even though it's 11 o'clock at night and 97% of the ballots are counted and you can do the math projection of what's not counted and see who wins.
They're gonna hold it up with that one or two percent forever, saying, the law is every ballot's counted, and we created all these ballots and have people send them in late on purpose, and that's the whole game plan.
It's not steal the election with the fake ballots.
They know the landslide's too big.
It's hold it up and create a stock market crash.
But that's what told us what the plan is!
Or, they, plan B is they,
And Trump's on to plan A, so they may go to plan B and just say Trump loses, even though the numbers don't show it, and then have all the major media announce it, and then say Trump's insane if him and his quote, allies, which the Washington Post said will be arrested.
They said, if members of the cabinet do not immediately say that Trump really lost when the Democrats say so, you will be, you will spend time in prison.
That was the headline.
So the Democrats, again I'm going to say it.
The Democrats say we will contest no matter what.
Close quote.
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
We will contest no matter what.
We will contest no matter what.
We will contest no matter what.
Trump goes.
All our internal polls in Battleground State show we're going to win the electoral, probably the popular, in a landslide.
But, you know, I'm not sure about you with all these weird ballots.
They're like, oh my God, you're the integrity of the election.
You're questioning it.
They're the ones saying there's no integrity.
They're the ones saying Russians got Trump elected.
So this is their whole play.
One of two things.
They fraudulently announce he loses, even though the evidence doesn't show it, because they have the whole media say it.
Oh, this is so big.
Remember Obama put an internet kill switch in, where only selective sites will be allowed to be heard, selective groups, where the internet is only a few channels.
Wherever you go, you're basically fed the same thing.
They can superimpose it over the screen.
People find those videos and they go, how did Jones predict they'd start doing this?
I didn't predict it, they said they would do it.
And this is an internet kill switch where now Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, all of them are announcing, we will not let
Trump, Republicans, or any of his supporters, where they already have keywords blocked, say he won, or debate it, or show numbers that he really won.
Just like they won't let medical doctors come out and say, oh, hydroxychloroquine helps COVID, or vitamin C or vitamin D. That was all a drill for this.
Just like every major media outlet, starting with Apple, they always lead the pack, they were the first to ban me.
First Apple, then Google, then Twitter, then Facebook.
All came out
And put out the same reports at the same time on issue after issue after issue.
And now they're doing that again with the election.
Remember how they all came out with Black Lives Matter, what they call blackouts, where they would only on Spotify, or only on Apple Music, or only on YouTube, or only on Twitter, put out black artists as if they care about black people.
Leftist black artists, the shield of the big corporation.
Oh, we took your Spotify account over.
We took your YouTube over.
We took your thing over.
That was all a drill to get all of Silicon Valley working in tandem to put the same thing out at the same time.
And now they've announced.
Starting on Election Day, we will not let a list of hundreds of millions of people comment.
We think they're affiliated with Russian bots.
That's their cover.
And I said months ago, I said, folks, in the final weeks of the election, they're going to dial back Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity.
They're going to be shadow banned just like I was.
And what happened two days ago?
Tucker Carlson cut back 98%.
Sean Hannity, 98% reach.
Just shut down to where if you only go to their page, you can find what they're saying.
There is no reach.
You cannot promote their stuff.
You try to promote it, it goes nowhere.
See how that works?
And if you look at the articles from like three years ago before we got totally banned, what were the headlines?
InfoWars shadow banned 98%.
And we found hundreds of other sites have been shadow banned 98%.
They've already beta tested every single bit of this.
And now on election day, they're going to shut everybody down.
And they won't even send you notifications if you violate anything.
You think you're going to say something to your group of 100 people on Facebook?
Or your Twitter with 1,000 people?
You're going to be sending messages and no one's going to see them.
Unless you're at man.video or mfulworks.com or newsworks.com.
But here's what you do.
You create dummy accounts the night before, using a different cell phone, different ID.
Or, you just pick an area where you're going to go out live on the streets, especially if you're in a key city, and you're going to jump in front of news cameras, and you're going to be heard that way.
That's what you've got to do, is decide now, before the ban, with 36 days, how you're going to be heard about this ban.
Instead, we just let them come out and define this as a throttle on disinfo, on Tucker Carlson.
But he's not disinfo.
When it's an internet kill switch, they've just been tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up, tightening it up,
Let's go out to break with this McMaster Club here.
Let's go play the McMaster Club.
I want to start with these reports.
We've had our own reporting here at NBC News, the New York Times.
I'm sure you're familiar with both of them and that there's been a bit of hand-wringing among senior leadership in the military about what if and the fact that the president did bring up the Insurrection Act once already.
What can you share and what concerns do you have?
Well, Chuck, I think what is really clear for the American people to understand is the military will have no role in a transition.
In fact, even talk about it, I think, is irresponsible.
And that's maybe why... Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today, hour two, straight ahead.
Last week, Tucker Carlson came out and said, America is becoming the Soviet Union.
In many ways, we're worse than the Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union couldn't dream of what Big Tech could do surveilling and censoring us.
And we're going to get a lot worse from the Soviet Union when it comes to forced inoculations and the medical tyranny being rolled out by the United Nations, now in control of what you can and can't say online.
The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, America is fighting for its life.
And the enemy's number one mission is to get Trump out of office.
And number two is to silence InfoWars because we understand just how diabolical they are, just how evil they are.
And we won't mince words.
We know who the globalists are.
We've got their number and we know how to beat them.
And we cover it seven days a week live at InfoWars.
And it's only because of your support.
So keep spreading the word, keep praying for us and take advantage of the sales and get great products at InfoWarsStore.com now.
The globalists are hoping you don't visit InfoWarsStore.com.
I don't want to be negative about the prospects of the election, but I need to be honest with everybody.
The Democrats and their deep state controllers, Communist Chinese, have come out and said they're going to contest the election.
They know that Trump's going to win in a landslide.
And the destabilization that that's going to cause is going to further destroy the markets and the economy.
And going into the future, even if Trump is able to prove that he's won the election, the Democrats have said they're going to break away
politically and culturally into the blue states and blue cities and basically use that as a pretext to sabotage the Republic even more.
So, until this cancer is rooted out, until these criminals that work with foreign governments that are trying to basically destroy the country are punished and removed, it's just going to continue to happen.
And so that's the big problem here, is that we have systemic, dug-in corruption by people that hate the country's very existence.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Ladies and gentlemen, we're unpacking shields.
We are flipping tables.
We're pulling out Soros signs.
You know what that means.
It's Friday night.
Antifa Smackdown.
And as you can see, Antifa is revved and ready to go on this Friday night.
They've got tons of signs.
They've got trash can lids, plywood that they're dummying as shields.
They've even got their work boots on.
And now you can see here, they're outside the precinct.
They're trying to play Red Rover.
It appears with a police vehicle.
This is not going to go well for them.
The police are being tolerant right now.
One of the commies has pajama pants on.
And light him up!
Light him up, police!
And there they go.
You can see they've got the automatic... Oh, and the whole line goes down.
And now they're just confused.
They still haven't let go, but they're all on the ground writhing.
And this police officer, oh, he's just having fun at this point.
Points out his target.
Lights him up.
100% accuracy, points out his next target, that's you.
Stiff arm to the ground, full mouth.
And this commie's calling for mommy now.
Oh, he's writhing on the ground like a little bitch.
Oh, and he's crying for mommy.
No, mommy's not coming to get you.
As you can see here in the slow motion replay, incredible accuracy from the officer.
Fires about six shots, every single one of them hitting the dirtbag commie.
Not a single one hitting his fellow officer.
As you can see, the officers have their knees on the faces of the commie scum.
And they're going to be roughed up.
I think they may need bandages and Novocaine as they're twisted up in pretzels as their little game of Red Rover fails and their buddy cries like a bitch for mommy.
Well, it appears maybe the communists have had enough.
And so they want to try to reach a deal here.
Let's hear the proposal.
Don't go back the fuck up.
We going back the fuck up.
All right, it appears no deal has been reached.
Nope, not indeed.
The police officer said, no, here's our deal.
Why don't you get the hell out of here, and we'll give you some bumps and bruises along the way.
And just listen to the paintballs fire rapid rate right here.
I mean, hundreds of rounds being fired.
Paint, Commie, as these police officers aren't going to have any of this.
Now you can see the police, I think they may be enjoying this.
I think I may have seen one of them smiling as the media standing by, filming this beautiful exchange, laughing into life as the Dirtbag Commies scatter like cockroaches.
We've got a lady here.
She is upset that Antifa is getting beat up in the street.
She's flicking off the police officers, now leaning out of her car and slams into the car in front of her!
Oh, how embarrassing!
And now she's frustrated, banging her hands against the steering wheel.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her hero, is now dead.
She has not had a very good day, and now she's gonna have to pay some damages out to the car in front of her, probably maybe even totaled her own car.
She's slamming onto the steering wheel, screaming,
Oh, and it just got even worse.
The cops are already on the scene.
Let's hear what this method has to say.
What the fuck is it, you fucking dumbass?
Don't fucking come near me.
Oh, because I'll beat you up with my bare fists.
Are you done?
You're the one that's...
No, I'm not done at all.
Oh, taste a little bit of that bear mace right to the face.
Oh, look at the form.
The lean in with the right hand, keeping the arm straight.
Look at the form.
All right, President Trump now heading to Marine One to catch the latest Antifa Friday Night Smackdown.
Oh, what a save!
What a save by POTUS!
Oh my gosh!
It's the save of the day!
Queen Melania was about to go down!
Her heel was caught in the grass and 45 with the save of the day!
Oh, ladies and gentlemen, you know that President Trump and Queen Melania like to catch Friday Night Antifa Smackdown in Marine One.
And Melania Trump almost went down, but 45 had her.
Oh, he's a true hero!
As he gets on Marine One, the salute and oh!
Total victory as President Trump is about to watch Antifa Friday Night Smackdown!
We've got a ferry here.
We've got an Antifa ferry.
He seems to be lost from the crowd, but that's not going to stop him.
He still wants to stop traffic.
Oh, that's not a match he can win.
Oh, then flailing at the car.
His Harry Potter wand goes flying.
And this guy's come out of the driver's seat and into the street, and he has a full mount.
One, two, three ride hooks!
Three right hooks now, four with the freedom smash to the face!
He asks if he wants more left hook for good measure!
And goodnight Irene!
It's Novocaine time!
And take this stupid wand with ya!
Well that's gonna be the Smackdown of the week!
Let's look at the slow motion replay!
One, two, three fists to the face!
Fourth for good measure!
And then a left hook just to let him know where he lies!
And at the end of this, you can see, he says, hey, you stupid Harry Potter wand, take that home with you, too.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's been another epic Friday night antifa show.
We'll be right back with Robert Barnes.
In the area during a pandemic, we look to local health authorities.
So for example, in the US, it would be CDC, for guidelines around medical misinformation in a narrow way, which could cause harm in the real world.
That was a few months ago, and the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai made a very important statement.
All the other big tech heads made the exact same statement, because it comes out of the UN, that they follow the guidance of the WHO and
I think so.
When I grow up, I will defeat the New World Order Global Government Project and relaunch the Renaissance.
We are live.
September 27th, 2020.
On this Sunday, 36 days out from the election, 114 from inauguration.
You can't cut the suspense of the night.
This isn't fantasy, this is a fiction.
This is game time for the future of humanity!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We only bet on winners here.
And Trump is going to win.
The establishment is going to try to contest the election, scuttle the country, and crash the stock market, I predict.
And Robert Barnes will give us his take on that coming up next segment.
But because real candor is our maxim here, and I don't want to be pushing hopium on people, we've got a problem.
Obviously, I'm going to end up supporting the nomination because the Democrats are going to try to block it.
They would put somebody in probably even worse.
At least she's anti-abortion.
But she is for forced inoculation.
I didn't just believe constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
He's a really smart guy and a friend of mine.
I didn't think he was lying.
But I got the decision that she did a few months ago.
I went and looked it up.
I read the decision Friday night.
I'd already heard about this weeks ago.
And I went and I pulled it all up.
The new Supreme Court nominee supports it.
Why don't we just have Robert Barnes tell us?
And again, the Democrats are already saying kill her, they hate her, blah, blah, blah.
I don't like them.
I'm not trying to join them.
I'm not saying don't confirm her.
I'm just saying, my God, I wish I'd have been on this earlier and we'd have been hammering this harder to get to the president because I know the president means well.
And now they've got, well, they're going to have,
Five justices.
She's going to join the Democrats in forced inoculation and lockdowns, which she just ruled on.
I've got the articles right here.
So, Amy Coney Barrett, constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, tell us what we're dealing with here.
Sure, so the authoritarian wing of the Federalist Society and some of those folks really were shocked back in late May when four Supreme Court Justices, Justice Gorsuch, Justice Alito, Justice Thomas, and Justice Kavanaugh,
All said that basically we're calling the lockdowns unconstitutional, and in particular they went out of their way to reject a decision called the Jacobson case, which is the forced vaccination case that was being used to justify the mask mandates and the lockdown.
And that's from 1905, right?
That's exactly right.
And so their point was that this decision, the Jacobson decision, is no longer governing law and is not the guiding star.
Uh, so that made some authoritarian types nervous on the pro-lockdown side of the aisle.
And so they went out looking for a judge who could replace Ginsburg if she were to pass away before the election.
And on the list of the 22 judges that the president was considering, only one had supported the lockdown.
And that was Judge Barrett.
And Judge Barrett not only supported the lockdown, she cited the Jacobson decision as good governing law.
So she was signaling a well-known eugenics case that allowed the health departments, the sterilization, the eugenics.
She was signaling, hey, I'll go against the court.
She was shaking a tail feather.
And what I tell people is, what's the likelihood that the only one of the 22 people on Trump's list that has ever said anything pro-Jacobson or pro-lockdown is the one that's pushed onto Trump?
So what they told Trump is that she would support him in the election because she was part of the Bush v. Gore team, and that's how they got Trump to go along with it.
Trump's not been following the lockdown lawsuits in any detail or the forced vaccination cases.
Brother, I've been busy too!
You're the one that told me about this a week and a half ago, and I was like, I mean, you can't track everything.
And the Federalist Society has so much control over conservative media and conservative lawyers that none of them are willing to challenge it or contest it.
I've taken a lot of heat from a lot of people just for pointing this out about Barry.
I was going to say, I'm not a lawyer, but I can usually find stuff in 30 seconds.
After you sent me the name of the decision the other night when we talked, I puttered around for like an hour trying to find anything about it.
I finally found it, but they have really suppressed it.
And it's not a coincidence that, you know, that people like George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's husband who hates Trump, has come out for Judge Barrett, that this was a Koch brother coup, so the Koch family put in massive amount of money and effort to make sure Barrett got the pick.
And they're already spending more money than the Republican Party is to make sure she gets on the bench.
And people who don't may not know, the Koch family is big on their pro-immigration, actually.
They're also big on protecting big tech.
Oh, they've given more money to Democrats than to Republicans.
That's a PSYOP that they're actually Republican operatives.
Let's expand on that.
They use fake libertarianism to just gut the country.
They are the number one funders of the Federalist Society, the number one funders of Reason Magazine, and so they make sure that the Libertarians support a corporatist, statist agenda.
That's really been their objective for a long time.
For example, they refuse to come out against masks.
All the institutions funded by the Koch brothers haven't brought any of the lockdown lawsuits.
So this is a major coup for the Koch brothers.
What about this?
I know a CIA high level and worked for George Herbert Walker and did some bad things, but since he's got in, overall he's been better.
I know you had questions about him, so did I. I've been impressed overall.
Still nothing on the Durham, still a lot of problems, but instead of an F minus like I was thinking, more like a B minus, which I mean, I'm happy to get some crumbs here.
Give me your view.
Could she, now that she has a different master,
Could she be persuaded by the court?
Could we make an issue out of this in confirmation, instead of all the leftist talking points, to get her to confirm that she doesn't want to run sterilization camps and forced inoculation?
I would hope that Republicans would put her on alert on this issue in the examination process, but I think the internal message has gone out that if anyone questions her, they'll be brutally attacked by the Federalist Society-connected people, which are very influential in the legal, conservative media space.
So let's go back.
I'm interrupting here because you're the brain on this, but let's go back to the Jacobson decision because I went and read the damn thing and it made me want to throw up Friday night.
Tell folks about it.
Jacobson is one of the worst decisions ever issued.
It basically said that the 14th Amendment did not protect your liberties at all.
This was back during the early 1900s when the Supreme Court was not enforcing constitutional liberties against the states.
That took the Civil Rights Act to start actually enforcing that again.
And so what they said was that you could, and in that case all the person was asking for was an opportunity to have a hearing to show that the vaccine was dangerous and that he didn't need it.
And they said he wasn't even entitled to a trial or a hearing on it.
They said that if there's a public health, if a quote-unquote public health emergency, that all the 14th Amendment, all your constitutional rights are suspended.
And that's what Judge Barrett just signed off on in Illinois.
I mean, Judge, the governor had banned all political gatherings based on your speech.
And she said that's just fine because largely because Jacobson, she cited Jacobson to say you have no protected liberty under the 14th Amendment in the case of a public health emergency.
And obviously the UN globally is literally taking over with contact tracing, control apps, forced inoculations, global starvation, with this overriding arc.
And I looked up the case, because I'd heard about it before from Dr. Blaylock.
He mentioned it years ago on the show.
The Jacobson case, that was funded by the Rockefellers who were taking over Western medicine at the time and thought the best way to control society would be through medicine.
That's why when Hitler in the Nuremberg trials, the Nazis used Jacobson in the trial.
I remember this and I looked it up.
Last night, actually, that they'd actually used the arguments, and that Margaret Sanger supported it, that this is how they set up the health departments, the forced sterilization.
I mean, so much evil worldwide has been based on this Jacobson decision, and to have her being a supporter of it, that's pretty frightening.
It's terrifying.
And the fact that she was the only one on the list that could be, that was in favor of it, it makes it clear why she was picked.
I mean, not by Trump, but why they were forced Trump to take her under the false pitch that she would protect him in the election without really getting into these issues.
Trump has become very isolated.
He's not hearing a lot of his populist messages or populist audience, except when he goes on Twitter himself personally.
And that's increasingly sporadic over the last month or so, in part due to the nature of his schedule.
So, Jacobson was the foundation for the Buck decision, which was four sterilizations and the peak of eugenics in America.
It was the basis for the Korematsu decision, which was the detention camps in America.
So, the Jacobson is the most dangerous decision ever issued in American constitutional legal history.
It says, if the medical corps says it, we can kill your ass.
I mean, we can put you in a concentration camp.
Jacobson was cited as the grounds for the forced draft.
Jacobson was cited as the grounds that you could kill Americans overseas as enemy combatants.
By the way, you're not just saying that.
I looked this up.
Jacobson is seen as one of the most evil rulings in U.S.
There's been a lot of evil ones.
And this lady just endorsed it in 2020.
Man, you talk about shaking that tail feather.
The way the psychological warfare operation works is very, very simple.
The helium at freedoms by increments.
Always promising it's only gonna be a short period of time and then the restrictions will be released.
But they're not.
We're good to go.
The answer to 1984.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarstore.com.
And never give up the fight.
And perhaps, most cruelly of all, if Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be.
It's estimated that 200 million people have died.
200 million people have died.
Probably by the time I finish this talk.
Right after Joe Biden made that statement that more than 60% of America has died from
The President of America would be dead already.
Of course it's .0000 and then add a number because the numbers vary.
It's a real virus just like people being struck by lightning is real.
But to shut down society over lightning strikes is hysteria and is mind control.
If you look at the top tech billionaires and the big banks that finance and control them, to a man and to a woman, they believe there's too many people on the earth and they constantly whine about when they want to go to a mountaintop or a national park, they have to look at us, the common people.
They have to look at the proletariat, they have to look at the scum.
That's why they love the lockdown.
Putting muzzles on us.
That gives them a big thrill.
Controlling where we can go, what we can do.
Bankrupting Main Street.
Bankrupting small towns.
All of it is a vertical integration, consolidation, so they can then dictate the terms of our total surrender, which is taking sterilant vaccines day one.
Ladies and gentlemen, all the games are over.
Playtime's over.
They used all the entertainment and garbage to put us into a trance, and now the spider's moving in for the kill.
You know this.
I know this.
It's all out in the open.
The question is, what are we going to do about it?
Well, the first thing is identify the enemy.
Identify the enemy.
Identify the enemy.
Identify your enemy now.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, I don't think it's a meet the new boss thing, it's the old boss like the new song goes.
I know the Globals don't want Trump, I know Trump's done a lot of good things, but I'm not going to sit here like a mindless cheerleader
When I see what's going on, and I talk about it.
So, a couple weeks ago, Barnes was talking about problems with Amy Coney Barrett.
And I went and looked it up, and I saw the nominee he was talking about, who later they said was one of the runner-ups.
The Koch brothers, and I looked at this lady's rulings, and I saw her with her kids she's adopted, and I see her anti-abortion stance.
I like all that.
But then when it came to forced inoculations and eugenics and this whole, this case that's like reviled and was used in the Nuremberg trials by the Nazis, that was her signaling, I'm an authoritarian, something deeper than just the liberals, the Democratic Party, the real threat of that deep multinational corporate control that's in America, that's allowed to sell out of the country to China, the open borders, all of it.
So I want to get into some other issues with you in a few minutes here,
I think, what is the point of us even talking about this?
Because she'll be lionized now when they come out and demonize her, when the Democrats attack her, when they call her a Christian cult member and all this.
People will rally around her when they try to stop her.
And I do want to see her vote to get Trump in.
Some of the Democrats are going to contest the election.
What is the point of this?
I guess just our integrity to just, wow, this is a really bad move by Trump and to hopefully have some type of political pressure on her to not become the second coming of Adolf Hitler?
I think it becomes twofold.
One is to try to get some Republican senators like Rand Paul to put her on blast on these issues, to back down her commitment on these issues.
But I think the bigger message is we need Trump elected now more than ever.
Because the effect of Barrett being on the bench means that the only thing stopping forced vaccines, the only thing stopping
Another national lockdown.
The only thing stopping these sort of George Soros, Koch family, big money elite agenda, Bill Gates agenda, will be Donald Trump getting re-elected.
It means it's more important than ever, because now that they have control of the Supreme Court, Trump is the only thing stopping their agenda from becoming reality.
Well, that's my thinking exactly, because I've studied Trump, and I know he's not a perfect person, but he means well.
This gets snuck in.
I didn't even know until you told me two weeks ago.
It's all true.
I looked it up.
He, his instincts are in the lockdown.
His instincts are, don't have to take the vaccine.
His instincts are, this is being exaggerated.
This is a scam.
And so exactly now, more importantly than ever, to get on down the road to get another better person replaced.
Because as you were saying, if we got a good person, we would have an override on the other side.
Now they're going to have an override for what they really want.
So like now that they have the court locked up, they are the only protection at all is Trump.
Trump's got to win.
And knowing that, people cannot bank on the election lawsuits going the right way, because I don't trust her in that side of the equation either.
She's backed by people who want Trump to lose.
The main lawyer who led the various impeachment efforts, Norm Eisen, is out saying, put her on the bench.
So that means we can't trust the lawsuits and the courts to go the right way, which means Trump needs to win by two, three points.
He needs to win by a safe margin.
Trump got really suckered bad on this.
I mean, Democrats, the real operatives are like, hey, let's have a show.
You're right.
Let's attack her, but let's get her in.
You think she's so controlled she might vote against Trump?
Yes, yes.
I mean, put it this way.
Who comes out and says that they're like Justice Scalia before the nomination?
Judge Thomas hid the fact that he was like Scalia.
Judge Gorsuch hid the fact that he was like Scalia.
The only kind of person who says they're going to be like Scalia before the nomination hearings is someone who's not.
And so that's why I think she's very untrustworthy.
And the people backing her, the Kochs, I mean, look at what the Kochs are doing.
They're spending a lot of money to see Trump beat, while they're spending a lot of money to see Barrett on the bench.
That's right.
It even came out a year ago.
The Kochs are now fully against Trump, but they're backing her.
Wow, that's the strongest piece of evidence.
So that's why we, the public, and the populist in the party, and the populist in the country, and the independents, have to rally to Trump's defense, because Trump needs to win by a bigger margin than ever.
Because if he doesn't, then hold on to your hats.
Is there a silver lining?
Just like we thought maybe Bill Barr was going to be bad, just some of the background, could Trump have co-opted her to be pro-America?
I mean, she's such a follower, maybe she's going to get on the team?
I mean, is there a way to get that done?
My fear is, and it's what I told the people close to Trump, that this is just like Comey and McCabe and Wray and Sessions and Rosenstein and Mattis and Coates and Tillerson, that they were all bad judgments that people like us were warning Trump about, and Trump didn't heed the warning.
I agree.
So Bill Barr is the exception, not even completely, of all the bad decisions.
Okay, one guy didn't turn out to be a total piece of filth.
Exactly, exactly.
I mean, I think, and Barr, what it is, he's an institutionalist, but he's like Kissinger.
He recognizes the system is going to burn itself down if he keeps that up.
Real politic.
He realizes that the left's so out of control and the deep state's so out of control, it needs to be curtailed.
The Deep State is exposing itself the way it did in the late 60s, early 70s.
And he realizes that if he doesn't hem them in, they'll torch themselves.
And down deep, he believes in the institution.
And when I was up and met him at the Hillsdale College event, it was clear by what he said that he felt he didn't have control over Durham.
What Bill Barr said is diametrically opposed to Amy Coney Barrett.
And repeat that.
Word for word, he said, this is as bad as slavery.
This is the closest thing to slavery we've had since slavery.
That's the opposite of her.
He said this was the worst civil rights violation in American history since slavery.
That's an, I mean, it was an extraordinary statement.
So he's telling people Barrett's a bad choice.
He's telling people that he doesn't have control of Durham.
He's telling people that the line prosecutors are ignoring what he does.
That's right.
He even came out earlier and said these prosecutors claim they'll do their job.
They lie to my face.
They don't.
He's telling people that.
I have a BS meter.
When he's saying all this, this is real.
I think the guy's genuinely pissed.
Yes, oh, it was clear.
It was very clear.
He was even more aggressive in interpersonal communication off the video camera than he was when he was on tape.
So it was clear he was extremely frustrated that he can't get anybody to go... that the opposition is stronger and more corrupt than he thought.
And that's the problem he has.
Why is the left and their minions so committed to destroying the country and just evil?
They'd have more power if they were for the U.S.
I think that's where Barr is.
It's like, why are you going to overthrow all this, you idiots?
It's arrogance.
I think so.
Oh, no doubt about it.
They're very disconnected to the spiritual heart and spiritual soul of America.
They believe in power for its own sake, and they've been so pampered and privileged, they're more like the French royalty of the 1700s than they are our American founders.
And you're seeing that in their attitude.
And that's their real weakness.
In a way, it's their strength, because they're so dumb and bold.
But isn't that their weakness, that they're totally just like, take like Trump's, you know, former ambassador to
To Germany, and he's now the big national security head, saying to the media, you idiots don't get it.
Everybody hates you.
You're done.
You're old.
You're gone.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, it's very much... I mean, the reason why the French Revolution succeeded is because French royalty was so out of touch.
The reason why the American Revolution succeeded is because the British imperialists were so out of touch.
The reason why many civil rights were... The reason why Trump bulldozed everybody is because the elites are so out of touch.
But the downside of that is that they have entrenched power and don't recognize how to even protect themselves in the process of burning America down.
They are likely to burn down the village in the name of saving it unless we save it ourselves.
That's right.
I mean, even The Hill has the right headline and so does so much others.
It's like the Democrats' new election plan is civil war.
It's the evening of September 26, 2020.
And I just got done watching...
The horrible footage of thousands of riot police with truncheons beating thousands of peaceful people in Trafalgar Square, protesting the COVID martial law lockdown.
An iron curtain is descending over the world from the United Nations.
Even more evil than the old Soviet Union.
And its model is communist China.
We're not facing incremental tyranny, we're facing
Absolute 100% commitment to evil, because the system thinks we're weak and thinks we're stupid, and is making this move.
And whether it's Australia, the UK, or the US, Black Lives Matter, funded by Soros, can run around and kill cops and burn things down, and they're heroes.
And oh, nobody's worried about the COVID BS, but when it's patriots saying, we have rights, we have dignity, they get viciously attacked.
All the videos are at InfoWars.com of David Icke speaking and more.
We've now entered month number eight of the global lockdown, and it's horrible, and it's killing millions of people via starvation.
But the good news is it's caused a planetary awakening as well.
The general public all over the planet hate Bill Gates.
He's the most unpopular person on Earth.
People know he's not a doctor.
People know he's a eugenicist.
The population knows that his vaccines that he pushes have been filled with cancer viruses, polio, steroids, and more.
It's even in the Associated Press.
So now they're beginning to understand that we the people know that there is a corporate global government and that these top tech billionaires sit in meetings and decide to pull the type of race war scams and coronavirus scams that we're witnessing.
So remember that.
And let them know that we know who they are and what they've done and we hold them responsible for the collapse of civilization.
They are the enemies of humanity.
They want you dead.
It was in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that all new cell phones would track your GPS location.
I read from the federal law and listeners couldn't believe me because that was un-American.
Now the media admits that almost every app and
We're good.
Turn on and listen to what you're saying, just like Siri or Alexa do, and then putting databases, transcripts of everything you say into those systems to be saved forever.
Your phone is spying on you, and companies are generating secret surveillance scores based on information.
This is the Global Chinese Communist Social Credit Score.
Get your protection privacy pockets at Infowarstore.com and cut Big Brother off dead in his filthy tracks.
Hello, my name is Dr. Fauci.
Does it matter if I'm invested with Bill Gates in many of the same vaccines I push on you?
It's the same thing with the health ministers in the UK and Europe.
They're all invested as well.
But the governments have decided it's not a conflict of interest.
Also, the media is going to call me a genius.
Well, the second wave I've been warning of comes in the fall and winter.
Because we're gonna count all the flu and all the pneumonia and cold death of old people again.
And the lockdown will never end.
That's why we're saying the vaccine will take several years.
But don't worry, it'll come out.
I'll make a bunch of money.
You'll get sick.
That's okay, because I ran the Wuhan lab, and it's all public, but I don't get in trouble.
If you talk bad about me, we use Big Tech to shut you up.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones here live.
Robert Barnes, our guest, on this Sunday night.
People aren't listening to you.
Rick Grinnell rips into the press of their clown show annex at the White House briefing.
And again, this is the Director of National Intelligence.
He was the ambassador to Germany.
Got a lot of concessions from NATO.
And here's what he had to say, because we're reaching that point, but the press, even though they're being booed everywhere they go, haven't figured it out yet.
Here it is.
I don't know if you can find it on a map, but this is atrocious.
I have to tell you guys, you might be too young to understand what this issue is about.
Maybe the older journalists should step up and say, this is a big deal.
This is a big issue.
I'm astounded at what happens in Washington, D.C., and especially in this room.
I got to tell you, get substantive.
Maybe it's too complicated of an issue for you all.
So they're really jokes.
We have a major peace deal that's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for.
This is a big deal.
Millions of dead overall.
And they're just going to bring up some distractionary BS at every event, at every level of government.
They call a press conference on an issue.
They won't even ask one real question.
It's just, they're a joke.
Don't they get?
They're out of bullets.
Not the media.
The media class is young.
It's heavily millennial and now even Zoomer.
And they're totally disconnected from ordinary people.
They've grown up in upper-middle class bubbles.
They think Seinfeld is a documentary.
So, I mean, they don't understand sort of ordinary, everyday Americans in middle America.
And that disassociation, disconnection, continues to assist and enable Trump to move forward.
And so the I think that that media gap will be in a gap that Trump can still utilize.
But increasingly, what the Barrett choice means is that we got to have President Trump in.
And it means some of the people that are pretending to be his allies are really his adversaries.
It came out today, according to Maria on Fox, that in fact, there's going to be no indictments and no report from Durham.
So that means that they're further isolating and not helping Trump at key positions that had been... And that's why it's come out that Mueller team joked about wiping phones and openly said they were.
Total, complete criminal arrogance.
In a civil case, they're allowing Discovery to move forward to hurt Trump in the McCabe lawsuit against the FBI, the Stroke lawsuit against the FBI, and the Lisa Page lawsuit against the FBI.
And the New York Times with the tax records.
I mean, of course in real estate he did it where he got losses most of the year.
That's how you run real estate, where you go bankrupt.
That is a criminal violation, by the way, for everybody watching.
IRS Section 6103 of Title 26 makes it a crime, makes it illegal to leak those tax returns, and here they leak them right on the eve of the election.
It had to have come from Congress, or someone other than the IRS, or the New York Attorney General's office, or the DA's office, who's also been trying to get these records.
So somebody, or the Mueller team, somebody leaked these records illegally.
It's a crime, there should be investigations, but that's what happens when nobody sees any consequences from the Durham inquiry.
And to Barr's credit, he hinted at this at the Hillsdale meeting, that I was at the dinner with him, is that he had no control over the people underneath him.
That he's trying, but... He didn't hint at it, he said.
He said these people literally just work for the deep state, do whatever they want.
Exactly, that there's no longer democratic controls, little d democratic controls.
But I think you said it, Trump makes mistakes, he gets educated.
I think we educate him and warn him on this lady so that he gets concessions and behind the scenes, up front, she gets hit with some real questions by Republicans instead of fawning at her so that we can get her position to not be a total traitor.
I think she's a follower, Barrett is, and I think overall she has some good ideas, some really bad ideas.
I think just her M.O., now that I've had a chance to look at her, maybe I'm wrong, is that there's enough pressure put on her at the hearings and by the culture that she won't be the creature of the Koch brothers and that Trump can cut her out.
Or is that just no hope?
Oh no, there's hope of that because she's a memorizer personality.
She's not like a Bork-level intellect.
She's one of those people that memorized everything in school and was kind of the teacher's pet kind of personality.
Wasn't Bork also another kind of authoritarian?
Oh, yes.
Bork had a lot of crazy ideas.
He was for forced sterilization as a condition of employment.
So I was never a Bork fan.
But he was extremely intelligent.
So that meant he was harder to move.
She's not very intelligent, actually, at all.
And so she is someone that can, through pressure, be pushed to change positions.
No ads about how the biggest piece deals in like a hundred years.
Nothing about all the real accomplishments.
I agree.
They're running like he's running like a Chamber of Commerce Republican or a Romney Republican with these ads.
That's not the way to win in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa either.
No, I agree.
He needs to say it's the deep state that killed the economy.
People know the deep state did it.
They're bad.
They want to hear Trump say what they already know.
Trump needs to say what we already know.
He says that, he wins.
He says stuff people don't care about, they don't come out and vote.
He needs to say, look, the choice is simple and he needs to hammer this in the debates.
If you want more war, vote for Joe Biden.
If you want more bad, if you want to, like he said at his speech, at his re-nomination speech, he said, look, if you want, you know, what Joe Biden did is he shipped your jobs overseas and then he shipped your kids to die overseas.
He needs to hammer that in the debate on Tuesday.
And then he needs to hammer that in the television advertisements after that.
It needs to remind him that this election is, if you want more lockdowns, especially given Barrett's going to be on the court, if you want more lockdowns, vote for Joe Biden.
The only thing stopping it is Donald Trump.
The only thing protecting your job and protecting your safety and protecting your security and keeping us out of bad war is Donald Trump.
He is your last line of defense.
He is your wall, literally and figuratively, between total disaster and American re-hope and re-opportunity.
I love watching these videos of some of the peace deals the White House held.
All of the establishment, anybody that's actually powerful doesn't wear a mask.
Everyone else does.
This is a real class thing.
The three minutes we've got left, Barnes.
The Marshall Law in England, arresting people that come out and protest the lockdowns.
The second wave, because they know there's always flu and cold deaths during the winter, they're hyping.
I mean, we need Trump to go on offense against COVID as a fraud.
I mean, I think that's one of his big failings.
Yeah, he's having rallies.
Yeah, he makes fun of the mask.
I think he needs to go further and really kill their key issue, the deep state's using to kill the economy.
Make the lockdown in the Midwest the issue of the election.
Say, look, do you want more lockdowns?
Do you want the end of your jobs permanently?
In the Midwest, make the election about three things.
Do you want more lockdowns?
Do you want more war?
Or do you want more jobs?
Do you want them shipped off?
Because Joe Biden is horrible on all three.
He's a guarantee for more lockdowns.
And he wants to open the borders.
And he supports pedophiles.
Exactly, you have all of those additional components.
But hammer those three issues where Trump is uniquely strong, much stronger than your average Republican, and Biden is uniquely weak, even weaker than Hillary Clinton on those issues.
I agree, and I think he's smart to put out, have it, you know, Joe's getting a methamphetamine shot and all the rest of it.
Join us Tuesday night if you want to.
We're gonna just stay live from 8 a.m.
with David Knight right through to midnight.
We're gonna have 6 to 7, no break.
I'm gonna be there the whole time, John Lorraine, you, Owen Schroer.
Whoever else wants to be here, Savannah Hernandez.
We're going to have crew on the ground in Cleveland covering all of it.
This debate is going to be spectacular.
What do you think is going to happen?
It's critical.
I think Biden will come across much better than people think.
Trump is right that he's likely going to be drugged up.
But I think he'll come across, like in that debate with Bernie, one-on-one, where everybody thought he'd fall apart, he actually did the best he's ever done.
So I think they're going to have him tuned up.
They've been having him sort of isolated for a week, just preparing him for the debate.
That he'll be on robot mode, he'll be on repetition mode.
So I think he'll come across better than expected.
The key is for Trump to hammer the big issues.
Remind people that Joe Biden has voted for every bad war in history.
Remind people that Joe Biden has voted for every bad trade deal in history.
Remind people that if Joe Biden is elected, you're going to be locked down the moment he gets inaugurated.
So hammer, hammer, hammer.
Kamala Harris, black people, she has the lowest polls of any candidate.
And the whole DNC system, not even 2%.
Everybody I know that's black literally hates her.
She's so fake.
She thinks Tupac is still alive.
They recognize her right away.
I mean, they recognize who she is, they recognize where she comes from, that she comes from the Jamaican slave-holding aristocracy, that she's more Indian and Canadian than she is African-American.
Her mother was Indian, she grew up in Canada.
They know, and she's someone who is a harsh, punitive, vicious, often selective prosecutor.
She kept innocent people in jail deliberately knowing they were innocent.
That's right.
Alright, Robert Barnes, amazing.
You can follow him on Twitter.
Thank you so much.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
Final segment with David Ickes right after this.
Are you sick and tired of your calm, peaceful life?
Are you sleeping too well at night?
Is your city too safe?
Well, not anymore!
Introducing... Democrats!
Politicians so incompetent, they'll fill your neighborhood with riots!
Rampant violence and even homelessness.
The secret is a special blend of corruption and good old-fashioned stupidity.
No more pesky law and order.
When Democrats are in charge, nobody's safe.
Simply vote for Democrats, sit back, and watch your neighborhood burn to the ground!
But wait!
Vote for Democrats now and they'll include rolling blackouts, election fraud, cancel culture, taxes, and more taxes!
Democrats, bringing chaos right to your front door!
I've come to you many times and asked for your support.
And you've always come through.
And InfoWars has come through.
We've never sold out.
We've never backed down.
We've always told the truth.
We've made mistakes.
98% of the time or so, we're dead on.
And the enemy knows that.
InfoWars is a thought leader.
Not just here, but around the world.
And that's why the Chi-Coms, Hollywood, the globalists want us off the air.
Because their global plan of total tyranny and a post-human world will not succeed if we stay on air.
If you don't support us, ladies and gentlemen, now, they're going to shut InfoWars down and shut everybody else down as well.
You already know that.
It's out in the open.
So, again, count the cost, focus, and realize how critical you are with your word of mouth spreading the word that overrides the censors, your financial support getting the products at InfoWarsStore.com, and your prayer.
I'm praying for you.
Please pray for us.
Let's do this together.
We're going to win.
We are winning, but it's not going to be easy.
The enemy's trying to take it all from us.
Let's not let them succeed.
The Renaissance, the Great Enlightenment, it's all being swept away and being replaced by scientific tyranny.
It's establishing a form of planetary digital law, where the technocrats are above the law, and the public isn't even considered to be as valuable as a cow.
In fact, humans are seen as garbage that's going to be taken out and removed.
That is the post-human exterminist plan.
That is the public ideology of the globalists, and everything they've built with this high-tech grid is to absorb us and anesthetize our minds as we're slowly killed.
And any future generations that happen to straggle out of their mother's wombs will be a mere shadow of what humans once were.
This is the satanic ruling elite engaged in mass vandalism against God's creation, humanity.
This is the essence of evil.
Servants of Satan are working around the clock to silence the people of not just the United States, but of the world.
Because there is a Great Awakening taking place.
Everyone I talk to, everywhere I go, people that weren't even religious or spiritual, now understand this is a fight between good and evil.
And they're finding Christ.
And they're finding the prophecies that aren't like Nostradamus vague, but are very, very detailed and extremely specific, and are now coming through at a frightening rate.
Frightening because so many people are still living under the control of the god of this world, Satan.
Do not realize that their immortal souls are in grave danger.
Do not fear he who can kill the body.
Fear he who can kill the soul as the good book warns us.
I'm Alex Jones and I'm very honored to be on air still during this time.
Every day we're still on air is a blessing.
So please pray for Infowars, pray for yourself, pray for the children, and pray for the world.
God bless you all.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Welcome back, my friends!
I cannot, with words alone, relay to you the incredible urgency of the time we live in.
But I'll do the best job I can.
It is a Sunday transmission.
We are live.
Owen Schroyer is hosting now Sunday Live.
6 to 8 p.m.
Coming up in about 12 minutes.
And it only has 6 minutes of commercials an hour for the stations.
We don't have any commercials.
We have election countdown weeknights 7 to 9.
Also 6 minutes of breaks.
About the customary 14 or so that radio and TV stations have.
And a lot of stations are picking it up because it doesn't have our breaks.
It has their breaks.
The bottom of the hour and the start of the hour.
The bottom and the top, as they say.
So, Owen Schroer is coming up here in about 12 minutes.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
But let me just say this.
We're going to have live coverage of the debate, and this is just going to be spectacular.
It is 8 to 9, that's 7 to 9, 7 to 9 central.
That's 8 to 10 Eastern.
We'll be here covering it.
I just don't know how Biden, even though they've obviously got him hopped up on something, he still has tons of gaps, has tons of problems.
This is gonna be pretty darn spectacular.
But speaking of tyranny, the whole COVID thing is an actuary, battle-planned, globalist takeover operation.
And all of it's run out of the UN, all of it's run out of Communist China, and that's why Big Tech says, hey, medical doctors, you name it, you can't question this.
So medical doctors and scientists
Some of which are prestigious in London.
Got arrested off the stage.
Right after David Icke got done speaking and the police were beating people over the head with billy clubs.
So here's some of the headlines.
I'm gonna get to more of this tomorrow because the contact tracing is beginning all over the US and all over Europe where at certain leftist grocery stores, bars,
Universities, places they control, they're making you have an app on your phone to be there.
This is the new social credit score.
This is gonna be the new cashless society.
This is martial law.
Here's some of the headlines.
The state's response to the virus is nothing more than a weapon of mass submission.
We do not consent.
London rally against COVID-19 lockdowns draws huge crowds of tens of thousands.
Martial law in London.
Police brutally attack anti-lockdown protesters.
Coronavirus police break up anti-lockdown protests in London.
But Black Lives Matter and the Muslims can do whatever they want.
Citizens covering Islamic takeovers are getting arrested.
Respected German doctor Heiko Schlonging was arrested by Met Police for speaking about COVID.
Still in jail days later.
All that is at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Meanwhile, Uber demands Refusedics take mass selfies before they are allowed to use service.
It's the global social credit score to buy and sell.
Submit to the left.
Pub Stasi.
UK rent-a-mob patrol streets to check if bars are open.
Looking through keyholes.
They have a curfew.
Remember, there's only 15 days, we'll be locked down.
I told you it'll never end.
Last night I was denied a meal because I didn't have a government phone app on my phone.
You may think I'm being overdramatic, but you must now get the point.
What else are we soon going to be denied access to unless we have a government phone app?
Please, please, please, please wake up.
There's all the articles, where they first proposed it in March, how they were doing it by June, how it's happening at U.S.
universities, where they say you're not allowed to leave
For the whole semester.
Churches are closed, but the topless bars and liquor stores are open.
All the big scientific chiefs advising forced vaccines own part of the vaccine companies.
The government says that's fine, both the US and the UK.
Arresting people not wearing masks, but not arresting Muslims that carry out attacks.
Trump's ignoring it all, which is good.
Governor DeSantis is saying it's all a giant fraud.
But here's David Icke, who's on with us live tomorrow.
Mr. David Icke!
Thank you.
Thank you.
To think that people used to laugh at me in the street once.
Speak your truth and the world comes to you.
Humanity awakens!
We face a big, big challenge.
And it will require enormous courage, unquenchable determination and fortitude.
But we will not crumble!
We will not fail!
People, human family across the world, awaken to who you really are.
Remember, remember who you really are, and it's not what they have been telling you, and what the human family has done.
is allow the psychopaths to hijack our imagination of ourselves and we need to take it back.
The psychopaths have kept from us a sparkling, sparkling truth which opens all doors and all gateways
That this world is but a dream.
And the dream is the dreamer.
And the dreamer is the dream.
They are indivisible.
What we believe, we perceive.
And what we perceive, we experience.
And it's time to take our minds back from the psychopaths.
Take our perceptions back from them.
And to dream another dream!
A dream in which the few controlling the many plays no part!
Bill Hicks used to finish his shows like this.
The world is like a ride in an amusement park.
And when you go on it, you think it's real, because that's how powerful our minds are.
The ride goes up and down, round and round, it has thrills and chills.
And it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud, and it's fun for a while.
Some have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question.
Is this real?
Or is this just a ride?
And others have come back to us and they say, hey, don't be afraid ever, because this is just a ride.
And we kill those people.
Shut him up!
I've got a lot invested in this ride.
Shut him up!
Look at my furrows of worry, and my big bank account, and my family.
This has to be real.
It's just a ride.
But we always kill those good guys that try to tell us that, and let the demons run amok.
But it doesn't matter, because it's just a ride, and we can change it anytime we want.
No job, no savings of money, just a choice right now between fear and love.
And that is all it is.
All it has ever been.
Fear, the currency of control, says, I freeze, I obey, I submit.
Love says, I am free!
And what love brings is a backbone of steel and the power of no.
No, I will not cooperate with our own enslavement and there are billions of us and a handful of you.
When we wake up to that, the game is over.
Who are we?
Little me?
We are the power in everyone!
We are the dance of the moon and the sun!
We are the truth that will never hide!
We are the turning of the tide!
Thank you very much!
Yes, sir!