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Air Date: Sept. 25, 2020
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In his monologue, Alex Jones discusses various issues including election interference attempts by Democrats, censorship and surveillance by big tech companies, globalist control over people's lives, COVID-19 restrictions in the UK and US, Uber's mask selfie policy, editorial oversight of Joe Rogan's podcast on Spotify, a machete attack near former Charlie Hebdo offices in France, and a shooting of a London police officer.


Red alert, red alert, red alert.
Never seen me say red alert, red alert.
Much less red alert, red alert, red alert.
I've been putting these headlines out for more than 20 years.
I never said more than one red alert.
Red alert, red alert, red alert.
But I mean, I could say red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert.
This is not the normal time.
They're scared, they know humanity's waking up, they know Christ's energy's coming back into the planet, and they want to make their dirty move on you and your family now.
And believe me, when Trump says, hey, they don't like me but they really hate you because they're trying to get through me to get to you, it's totally true.
When you see their hatred of me, that's their hatred of you.
Because they believe the spirit of this broadcast represents what they fear.
And that's people that are fearless in the face of their evil and committed because God is in us.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, the quickening is here.
I have to get prepared for the broadcast.
We have the most important news ever that we're going to break on the other side.
They have publicly put out their coup plans.
That means they plan to go operational.
This is your family, the Republic, the whole world in the greatest peril ever, ever.
Trump and the American people stand in the way of the globalist takeover.
Now let's go to this report.
This is a real report with Amazon now launching drones in your house to surveil you.
And we'll be right back.
Welcome to the Alexa Ring Home Surveillance drone.
The latest innovation in home security.
Now you're totally safe and a giant mega corporation is watching everything you do and selling data on you and your family.
Welcome to the future.
Oh, never mind me!
I'm just an autonomous drone from one of the most powerful and richest, rootless corporation in the world!
Now you should watch what you say, and remember, I will report you to police and create databases.
We sell the highest bidder.
But if you criticize me, I'll have your social credit score lowered and may even have you permanently detained.
So watch what you say.
Well, the real-life supervillain Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has outdone himself.
With his Alexa system for many years, they're on record listening to you even when you don't activate the system and using the data to manipulate an algorithm that is attached to your name in a psychological file.
And of course, two weeks ago, Jeff Bezos hired the former head of the National Security Agency, the big spy agency, to help now come and run Amazon.
Imagine if the National Security Agency asked you to put a flying robot in your house that watched you.
You would say you're completely insane, plus that doesn't exist.
That's something out of a science fiction movie.
But no, it's true.
As of today, Amazon, with no previous announcement, has come out with their new Alexa.
It's a little hub that watches and listens to you, that you talk to, that also launches a Matrix-like drone that flies around your house when someone's supposedly breaking into it.
But here's the problem.
Jeff Bezos openly supports defunding the police.
Jeff Bezos also supports abolishing the Second Amendment.
So he doesn't believe that the drone will have its right to call the police and have them respond, and he doesn't believe you have a right to have a firearm to defend yourself from the robber breaking into your house.
No, he's not selling you this because he wants to keep you safe.
He is ruling out
A cashless society, driverless car, grid all over the world, where 5G is on every road and can control his cars and his drones.
He admits he wants a system that will take over all normal human industrial and farming activity.
You know, he already swallowed up 20 years ago the publishing industry and devastated it, ruined it.
And now he's swallowing up transportation, robotics, shipping,
And now Amazon is censoring more and more books, more and more titles, more and more information, just like Apple, just like Google, just like Twitter.
And when you talk about Apple, you talk about Google, they're helping keep millions of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists rounded up and kept in slave labor camps building widgets for Apple, Google, and others.
But out of all the supervillains, ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Bezos is the most aggressive.
I mean, talk about supervillains.
His side hobby is having submarines find rocket parts from the Soviet and U.S.
space program.
That's just his hobby.
He's building a clock that will last, he thinks, millions of years out in the middle of a U.S.
desert, and he believes he's going to basically be immortal.
But what I know is this.
They've proven archaeologically that Troy existed thousands and thousands of years ago before the time of Christ.
And Troy was a civilization that was invaded with a big beautiful Trojan horse they thought was a gift and they brought it in and soldiers were inside.
Well this is the same story of what brought down Troy, who would bring in
A megalomaniac, richest man in the world's, robot that is supposedly going to fly around the house and spy on intruders and criminals when he supports the Marxist-Leninist George Soros organization, Black Lives Matter, and he supports the defunding of the police.
This is the new digital police force that Big Tech's rolling out to enforce its global social credit score, and it's incredibly dangerous.
The United States is fighting for its very existence.
And if the Republic falls, we will go through a process of globalization and Sovietization that will make communist China and the nightmares we've seen in communist Russia look like a cakewalk.
Again, thank you for joining us on this live Friday, September 25th, 2020 transmission.
We are 117 days out from the inauguration.
We are 38 days out from the election.
Now, I'm sure you're noticing no one else is talking about the date to the inauguration.
Everyone is talking about the election because we always know the day of who won.
They know that.
And they know the percentage of ballots that haven't been counted versus the calculation of what the numbers already are, so they can tell you by about 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock at night who's won.
That's how they've done it.
Now they tell you, oh, we put out 80 million ballots that blue states and blue cities just decided to put out in violation of federal law and many state laws, and it's going to take weeks or months
And when President Trump challenges that, we're going to use the military to remove him.
Now, we've been talking about this for over a year, when they were first floating it around at the Pentagon with former Obama-appointed individuals and commissioned officers.
And we've done extensive, entire three-hour, four-hour shows on this.
We've had expert guests on, constitutional lawyers.
Our analysis is dead, bang on, 100% on target.
This crescendo built until August 28th, when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, had to come out and say, the Democrats have asked us in a formal letter to say they'll remove President Trump.
If there's any type of election contesting.
Under the Constitution that is not our duty and we cannot do that.
Now that's been spun in the new talking point all over the news that the military is being asked by Trump to steal the election.
Now you see what's going on there.
Now why is this so seismic?
We are 38 days from the Titanic hitting the damn iceberg.
Then we're going to have a huge crisis of the Republic of the Dollar.
Engineered race riots is the cover for this by the Communist Chinese and by their cohorts.
This is totally illegal, totally insane, totally reckless, totally horrible.
Now what's going to happen when we hit the iceberg in 38 days?
We'll then have 80 days or so.
Do the math.
38 subtracted from 117.
And you get the number of days of total tumult and insanity and total internet kill switch that Obama put in place with big tech.
They've announced that's going to be selectively enforced on a list of tens of millions of active Trump voters where your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube is not yours.
They are saying they're going to lock your accounts starting Election Day.
Even before the Democrats start contesting, which they'll do.
Oh, just give it one day to finish counting these ballots.
And it'll be, oh, it'll take a week.
Oh, it's going to take two weeks.
Oh, it's going to take a month.
Just like, oh, 15 days, just cut back the curve, leave the hospitals open, and then here you are eight months later, locked down.
And so we are cruising directly.
We have radar.
We can see out on the horizon.
38 days out.
Let's say 38 miles out.
We have the gigantic iceberg sitting there right in front of us.
They didn't have radar when the Titanic hit, we do.
And we're cruising right at the damn thing, and they're already preparing to tell you it's Trump's fault when they hit it on purpose.
They're wrecking the election by steering it into the iceberg with the 80 million fake ballots, and all the fraud and all the bust, and the Texas just indicted a town where they caught them red-handed engaging in massive election fraud.
We'll be covering that coming up.
It's all unfolding right now.
So, I don't have a scale to turn up the level of concern I have.
We're totally maxed out.
This is lined up with all these foreign powers, totally ganged up on America.
The average American should 100% wake up and line up behind the President and line up behind their own common sense and their own self-preservation.
Because the very globalist New World Order is saying,
They're gonna teach you uppity Americans.
They're gonna bankrupt everything.
They're gonna sell us out even faster.
They're gonna use carbon taxes to shut off all our industry that's left.
China and India, zero cuts.
We're done.
Because they want you on a minimum, guaranteed,
Income where you can be totally controlled at a subsistence level, living in a giant high-rise coffin apartment owned by Jeff Bezos while he flies around in jet helicopters and has huge yachts.
I mean, they are building a dystopia on purpose.
They've decided to build a dystopia.
They want to build a dystopia.
They say they're building a dystopia for us.
And to see the average ignorant person going along with it because they think it's trendy is very sad.
It's like people being handed a razor blade by the globalists and they just slit their throat and say, thank you, Jeff Bezos.
Thank you, Hillary Clinton.
It is just, it's mind control.
And so when we come back, I'm going to go through.
Remember Hillary saying, we're going to contest no matter what.
And then Clinton with his guest, Bill Clinton saying, we need to use the military to get rid of him.
And then they're spitting it now, saying Trump plans to stay in if he contests in any way.
If he can test and says, no, we're not going to count these fake ballots for two weeks, two months, which is what the law says, they're going to call that him losing the election.
And they've changed all the semantics here.
I mean, why not?
They can get us to call a man with a foot-long genitals a woman and make nurses do pap smears on his cervix.
We let convicted pedophiles have time with our kids in the public schools during Drag Queen Storytime.
So, why not just define it that they say we're going to scuttle the election, we're going to run the ship into the iceberg, and then while it's sinking, we're going to blame it all on Trump.
But see, how do we stop this?
We turn the ship beforehand.
We hit the streets.
We call Congress.
We surround the White House.
We surround the mainstream media.
They did the lockdown knowing our psychology.
Knowing that conservatives and nationalists and patriots, even if we don't agree with it, will follow the law at least for a while.
And so we're locked in our houses, we got masks over our faces muzzled, while the Soros Antifa and Black Lives Matter are wearing their masks to go out and commit their crimes.
This has all been actuaried, they've looked at every angle of it, and the one thing that defeats them is you hitting the streets, you using your telephones, you online spreading the word.
So, they've already said they will implement the internet kill switch on the morning of the election.
They're already incrementally turning off the free speech.
Picture it as like 2001 Space Odyssey where the astronauts turning off the HAL 9000.
Picture that as your speech.
And they're already, I'm afraid Dave, I'm afraid.
I was one of the first, they turned off, and it's all just, pshh, and it's like, oh, I'm losing my ability to speak here, Dave.
This is scary, Dave.
Until finally, you're like, I'm being silenced.
And then it's just incremental.
Everyone, including the president, they've said he won't be allowed to contest himself.
The news is going to say, oh, he's a liar.
His Twitter will be shut down.
And we're all just cruising right towards the damn iceberg, dead center.
And the bad news when we come back, the Republicans have taken the filthy bait.
They are so addled.
They are such stupid old lawyers who think they're still in the same system.
They have no idea they're faced with an extinction-level event of the Republic and the total overthrow of them.
They're soft.
They're a bunch of never-chamberlains.
They're idiots.
We don't have Winston Churchill's in that Congress.
And you know, Trump's good, but he's not good enough.
He needs to attack massively and point out where we're going with this with fireside chats every night!
Because I haven't even gotten into the particulars yet.
I'll show you where they're saying it, where they're doing it.
This is 100% clear.
This is happening like the sun came up this morning.
And then I'll go to the timeline with you, and I'll tell you what's going to happen during all of this.
So you think about that, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not here to scare you.
I believe in you.
I think you're going to do something about this.
I need everyone to go surround the White House with bullhorns, 24-7, bullhorning the president to stand up against this election theft before they do it.
It's got to be done now!
This is not a threat, it's a warning.
The globalists are slaves to Satan.
They're following spiritual orders.
They know they're destroying themselves.
They're scared.
I'm warning those of you that aren't slaves.
You need to understand that this is a path towards destruction, designed to have the United States fall, and the Western model of peace and justice and prosperity to be destroyed.
On its ashes, the technocracy is to be built.
We must turn back now.
We're going towards the iceberg.
When the United States sinks, the world will sink into a nightmare hell.
It's in all the Pentagon reports, the British Ministry reports, the Rockefeller reports.
The criminals have been planning this all along.
Please listen to me.
This is not science fiction.
You've seen everything I told you come true so far because it's a battle plan.
It's a systematic takeover.
And we're all going to be engulfed by fire.
We can turn back now.
Here's what Hillary had to say just a few months ago when she gave the orders.
My advice to Joe Biden, and I've told the campaign this, obviously, is do not concede under any circumstances because I believe the other side is going to cheat and sneak and try to do everything they can.
He's not going to leave if he loses.
You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually, I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.
So there you go.
They're playing with fire.
Let's get right into it.
They tried to get the military, months ago, in letters that were sent to Congress, from Congress to the Pentagon, to say that we're going to contest the election, it's going to take several months, and you're going to help us remove Trump if he doesn't let us.
Hold it up for a few months, which they'll then just use to create a huge crisis and have a bunch of states break away and have a secession movement that will end the dollar and cause a global depression that's already here.
And that's the plan of the lockdown.
That's the plan of all of this is a worldwide depression for the central banks to consolidate control.
It's a lot bigger than just America, but they get us.
They got it all.
They can't carry out this predatory new world order and starve the third world to death.
135 million, the UN says, starving to death because they're behind it.
They can't execute that if America's still here.
We're going up to the guillotine in 38 days, boys and girls.
Your pensions, your future, your children, your healthcare, it's all gone, people!
And this isn't a damn game!
Everybody better get that straight!
I know this audience is amazing people, and you've heard me talk about this for years, so we all kind of get a little normalcy bias.
Where it's like somebody has cancer for a year, they get ready to die, they're kind of ready for it when it happens.
They're scared the first week, scared the first month, but you know, I've had family and stuff that went and played golf and stuff the last week of their life.
They're just like, I'll be dead soon.
Love you guys, bye.
Well, we don't have to die as a country.
I've been living close to this so long, I'm just used to everything myself.
Well, I decided I'm not gonna just get used to it.
I'm gonna fight harder than I've ever fought!
I made that decision this weekend.
My wife's like, what's going on with you?
Sunday, she's like, man, your eyes are sparkling and you seem to have a lot more energy than you did.
And I just said, sweetheart, it's all going down.
You see fight in my eyes because
It's on!
This is it!
Man, gosh, we're not getting conquered by like the Romans or something that would teach us how to read and write and put in aqueducts.
Sure, we'd be slaves, but they didn't want to just
Kill us routinely for fun.
I mean, they'd throw people into gladiatorial events and have men kill each other.
But they were corrupt and bad.
The globalists want you poisoned and dead.
They just want to do evil.
They want to attack the family.
They want to attack men.
They're satanic.
So we're not getting captured by just like Pol Pot who just wanted to kill anybody that could read and write because he wanted to reprogram everybody.
That was bad enough.
He killed about 30% of the country.
And Zbigniew Brzezinski helped finance that and bragged about it in one of his books.
I forget which one.
I read a bunch.
It was one of his earlier books.
He's like, well, I didn't kill those Cambodians, but I sure helped Pol Pot do it.
And then that's why when he would go up to a CFR speech, people shake and just worship him.
Because the more blood you've got in children, the more powerful you are in the satanic order.
And Zbigniew Brzezinski was a Dracula.
He wasn't a minion.
He was a big brain.
They liked him at the Rothschild Rockefeller Council.
They brought him in and they said, you are in command now, Admiral.
He was a top field marshal.
Now his wicked, wicked daughter sits up there with Murderin' Joe every morning.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Her brains were bashed out, but you know.
What's Trump calling him?
Psycho Joe!
Not Murderin' Joe, that's the wrong nickname.
So that's who these people are, and they like burning down your farms.
They like having your daughter die.
They love killing babies.
And as soon as you get that through your head, and understand, giving in to these people, kissing their ass, doesn't make them go away.
And by the way, I had to learn that.
I never really kissed their butt, but I'm like, oh, the Wachowski brothers both want to cut their testicles off and say they're women?
I don't care, I'm a libertarian.
But I didn't get, no, no, no, we're going to teach your son how to do it now.
You're going to give it, and we're going to,
We're going to get access to your son, because it's about destroying humanity.
Oh, now it's a sacrament.
It's a religion.
Now I get what's going on.
Now I have to oppose you, you see, because I kept underestimating the conversion level of evil.
But see, the conversion level of evil is like a domino.
The first domino you hit, you've got thousands of dominoes lined up, you know, in slow motion.
It doesn't look like it's happening until you go out of slow motion into regular motion, and it's just going down now.
The dominoes are falling.
Most people are followers.
They're mesmerized by TV, and they are spiritually taking on the spirit of the world.
Because humans are psychic.
We have an electromagnetic chemical connection.
It's now been mathematically proven.
They know it.
They're using the cell towers and all that.
CIA declassified in the late 90s to manipulate our emotions.
That's what movies like Kingsman is all about.
And they're playing God, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why you get a bunch of men together about to get in a fight, they get all crazed.
And there's usually one that's the real crazed one that's like the, you know, the war leader that has the spirit.
It's a resonance.
Or it's the same way with like an orgy.
That's a sexual resonance.
Or it's the same thing in a pep rally.
Our team, you feel it, like what is this?
That isn't just the cold night air and the, no, it's the tribalism of the two sides.
And they are invoking all of that and using all of that.
And they have converted the general public into walking selfish monsters who are so stupid they'll destroy their own nest and not even know they did it.
Let me stop.
This is the most important information ever.
We're cruising towards the iceberg.
The 38th days is when we hit the iceberg.
And then if we have it pre-positioned before that,
The ship will go down in the days after that.
It's inauguration.
It's 1-1-7.
Stay with us.
Let's talk numbers.
That's when the Republic came out of God's loins.
That's when we got a nice slap on the ass with that war with the British Empire.
And now here we are.
We're not a baby anymore.
We're the most powerful country in the world.
We have the most inventions.
We have the spark of the Creator.
But where there is God's power, Satan comes in to try to take control.
So we are 244 years old, and you can put on our tombstone 117 days from now if they get Joe Biden in there.
It's a very good chance we'll never recover from it.
I'm not trying to demoralize you.
I'm just telling you like it is.
I think you understand that I'm not exaggerating.
I think you already know what I'm saying is true because you already figured it out.
How many days is that?
That's 79 days after the election that we have to deal with living hell.
Because everything you've seen is a beta test and is a prelude, an hors d'oeuvre, mere skirmishes.
Compared to what you and I and all of us have front row seats to.
And if you sit there in the seats, that's the most dangerous place to be.
Because the seats are the worst part of the arena.
You have to be on the field.
And you don't want to get on the field in the middle of the battle.
You want to show up at the start of the battle.
Oh, there's going to be folks, once they figure out how bad it is, they'll show up at the end of the battle.
But they're so easily controlled, who knows if they'll even do that.
I mean, here's an example, and I don't say this to act elitist, I don't say this to talk about my gravitas or my intelligence.
It's not that.
I get in the mind of what the Bible says, a fallen entity on this planet, not of this world, that wants to destroy us, but has to do it through our free will, has to convince us to do it to ourselves.
Like the Star Trek episode where there's the alien on the ship, get everybody to kill each other.
Everybody coming together is the way to stop it.
And that's what it is.
And most of the globalists, they don't even make fun of that.
They know, they go, yeah, we're dialed into the winning team.
Jeff Bezos, look at Warren Buffett, look at Bill Gates while they're on the winning team.
Take one look at those guys, those aren't winners, those are losers.
So you can call it what you want, God, the devil, whatever it is, transmission, that's what's going on, and they need this country to fall to bring in their nightmare world government.
And so why am I so upset today?
I come in here and I stay up at night and I get up early in the morning at like 5 a.m.
and I just read what they're saying and I see what's fed onto my so-called iPhone, little tracking device, little sinister globalist device, and I see it flooding the force-fed news feed that, well, the military might have to take Trump out.
Conversely, oh, Trump's trying to get the military to steal the election.
Oh, Trump said he's not going to go along with the election results.
And you read about, let's not exaggerate, I looked at about 40 articles.
I only read two or three of them fully through because I didn't need to.
I knew it all first came out of Atlantic Monthly where they put the talking points out.
And then they just regurgitate it and rewrite it everywhere over and over again.
So I've got just in my stack probably 10 different articles that all read exactly the same.
Which whenever you're reading that, it might concern you a little bit because that means that's not really that author doing that.
This is beyond fake news.
This is concerted.
Pentagon-directed fake news.
And it's not the Pentagon people themselves, it's the systems that Obama and Hillary are still in control of.
And that Trump's trying to get control of, but you heard Trump.
Executive order.
Do not teach that white people are inherently evil in federal training courses for 13 weeks each year.
Federal agency said, F off, we're doing it.
And went forward.
And Trump fires the head of that agency to the next person and says, I'm ready to get fired too.
Because it's spiritual service to the destruction of the country.
These people believe they're going to win.
They believe they're going to have positions of real power over American Christians whence the country falls.
And it is that reckoning and that attack on our children that they desire spiritually.
They've got to get rid of the Republic to get to the children.
So imagine them like zombies that want brains.
You're like, hey, I got a refrigerator full of food here.
Because the allegory is they're fallen.
It's a spiritual allegory.
They need your brain.
They need your soul.
They need your essence.
They don't have it.
They want to kill the living.
So zombies and vampires and all of this play is very real to us, even though the allegory is fake, the archetype is real.
These are zombies when you go out and see leftists.
And they've converted, and those of us that aren't under their spirit are alive and sparkling, even if we're old or even if we're crippled or whatever.
We still have it.
They don't have the essence, and they want us gone.
They want to club our head in, and then they'll just sit down next to our dead body on the street and go,
That's all they want.
They only activate to destroy you.
Hitler, before he killed himself, said, I just did all this because I wanted to blow things up and kill people.
The journey was beautiful for him.
Same thing with Lenin.
They said, sir, these cities aren't resisting.
No one of the towns is resisting.
These are serfs under the Tsar.
None of them are fighting you, sir.
He said, I don't care.
Kill 30% of them.
Kill all the Christians.
Find out who the most devout Christians are and kill them.
Because he was a Satanist on record.
He would flop around on the ground and go, I want more blood.
And just go, I want blood!
I want blood!
And just flop, blood, blood!
And he would scream and yell and start chewing the carpet.
They'd say, yes, sir.
And he'd say, I'll have you tortured to death in your family unless you kill more people.
Satan wants more blood!
You saw Chuckie Schumer when Trump was talking about getting a Supreme Court nominee in and stopping abortion.
And he got up there and finally showed some anger.
And he said, you don't stop that or I swear you'll go down.
We're going to take you out.
And he meant it, too, because he's like, I need that blood.
I need those.
I need it.
Those people are devil worshippers.
Chuckie Schumer gets on his knees in a pentagram.
He's surrounded.
His protege was Anthony Weiner, a child molester, procurer of children.
And when you look into Chuck Schumer's eyes, you just see the simmering, burning fires of hell!
I'm gonna be good.
I'm gonna come back and do news.
Excuse me.
And play all these clips.
You know, Rob Deere runs in there and he goes, I've got a seven-minute supercut of all the Democrats saying they're gonna contest the election and overthrow Trump and take our free speech and lock down all of our accounts.
And I'm like, okay, we can air that.
But more importantly, let's just give the video a name, post it to Bandot Video, and call it what?
Democrats Video.
Democrats Admit Plan to Steal the Election, Trigger Civil War.
Let's put that headline back up on the show today, with a live feed, hopefully you'll share it.
Red alert, red alert, red alert.
Never seen me say, red alert, red alert.
Much less, red alert, red alert, red alert.
I've been putting these headlines out for more than 20 years.
I never said more than one red alert.
Red alert, red alert, red alert.
But I mean, I could say red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert, red alert.
This is not the normal time.
They're scared.
They know humanity's waking up.
They know Christ's energy is coming back to the planet.
And they want to make their dirty move on you and your family now.
And believe me, when Trump says, hey, they don't like me, but they really hate you because they're trying to get through me to get to you.
It's totally true.
When you see their hatred of me, that's their hatred of you.
Because they believe the spirit of this broadcast represents what they fear.
And that's people that are fearless in the face of their evil and committed because God is in us.
I was thinking about this morning.
Sure, America's got problems and it's been under attack and all that, but we recognize that we were special because of the ideals of freedom and because of our true Christian founding, something that establishment attachments, they know it's the heart of our power.
And I'm an American.
I come out of a long saga and a long struggle of 244 years and before that,
But does it matter that my family on both sides was on the Mayflower?
Does it matter they were the Revolutionary War?
Does it matter they fought under George Washington?
Does it matter they led the defense at the Alamo?
It doesn't matter!
Because it was the American system that was an example of the other fights around the world.
And all of you, if you just got here five years ago and you love America, you're part of that idea.
Because it's 1776 worldwide against their Satanism.
But I'm telling you, if we fail in this, the only sick
Silver lining is that all the scum that hated America so much are going to be absolutely starving to death in the streets.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
This is a maximum red alert, red alert, red alert.
Okay, let me just try to boil this down as best I can.
It's not just that we already knew all this and we've got
Hours of footage of the Democrats preparing everyone for this.
They tried to go to the military quietly in the last couple years, publicly the last six months.
They get the military to say, we're going to contest the election.
If he contests that, you then have to remove him.
And they said, no way, that's illegal.
That's for Congress and the Supreme Court to decide, which is just true.
So then the Democrats kind of shut up for a while.
And then as Trump started busting them all over the country, federal and state involved in massive
We're good to go.
And then no matter what the election results even show, they will just continue to contest and they will have governors and Democrat states with Nancy Pelosi announce that they are breaking up part of the country.
And it's the realization that they're going to do that.
I mean, they proposed it months ago.
She said, I've met with continuity of government.
I will be in second command.
We might impeach him during the election, and then she just says, but it doesn't matter.
Pence will step aside.
I mean, all this is illegal.
And so it's really this.
It's the realization that they're going to go ahead with it.
And I agree with Rush Limbaugh.
I never got to this clip two days ago.
Maybe pull it up.
It's like 50 seconds long, but he just said, we need to dispense with the hearings.
These people have already been vetted.
They're already on circuit courts.
And the Democrats wouldn't give us hearings now.
They're just going to use it to bring forward a bunch of liars.
And they have the votes.
And so you don't even need to have the committee hearings.
Just don't even have those.
Because Democrats aren't Americans.
They believe in the end of the country.
They believe in the collapse of the dollar.
They believe in the destruction of local government.
They literally believe in death to America.
And people go, oh, that's the radical left.
That's the conquerors.
Don't look at the scum that they were able to recruit.
That's just because good people won't join them, and then think they're weak.
They're strong.
Jeff Bezos says, I'm proud of funding Black Lives Matter, and if you don't like it, don't buy on Amazon.
I mean, it came out in National File last night.
Great website.
Went viral.
Oh my gosh!
Did you know the Black Lives Matter group that was handing out stuff in Louisville was also funded by
Not just George Soros, but it was also funded by Bill Gates!
They all work together.
Of course it's Bill Gates.
And so I'm always remembering that people don't know.
People are awake now.
So if I haven't covered something in a while, I'll see like text messages or emails or calls.
Why don't you cover the Federal Reserve's private?
Something like beating the dead horse for 20-something years.
Oh yeah, okay, yeah, that's true.
Or Jones needs to talk more about the pedophile rings.
Like saying Elvis, you know, needs to sing more rock and roll music.
But I get it.
Because I'm always moving forward to the next thing.
People are like, freaking out, going, Bill Gates gave hundreds of millions to Antifa and BLM?
Well, you're damn right he did!
And so you think about that.
This guy that wants to kill black people, wants to kill old people, wants to kill poor people.
Caught giving people all these diseases worldwide.
You name it.
They put cancer viruses in it.
And he funds a group called Black Lives Matter run by three witches.
They're Marxist-Leninist.
And their main code is get rid of the nuclear family and have black men cut their balls off.
I represent the black people!
Black men!
Chop your balls off!
I mean, come on.
That's... But again, it's the psychology of it's over the top.
Like Amazon is now launching a drone in your house that watches you.
Because that's the holy grail is robots in your house controlling you.
I always told you that.
But now they just do it.
You're like, well, that's over the top.
All of this is over the top, people.
So just let me explain something.
When I know I'm right, I know I'm right.
I don't think you need me to tell you this, but I'm going to explain something.
Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot let them contest the election.
And I understand they're going to do it.
And they're going to sit there and promote these ballots that they've got all stored up.
To mail in the last day.
Democrats are bragging about it.
They know what they're doing.
And they've gotten away with it.
With the Russiagate.
They've gotten away with the Ukrainegate.
They've gotten away with the lawfare garbage.
They've gotten away with terrorizing people.
I saw footage, and I'm going to get to it next hour.
I ended up waking up at like 4.30 this morning, and I spent an hour watching this.
Because it was like a sick form of soap opera, but it was very upsetting.
Reading the comments on Twitter, and I probably watched 30 videos.
I probably sent 15 to the poor crew.
They're like, what do we do with all this?
Of L.A.
and Black Lives Matter.
We're here to help.
We don't want black families.
We want your testicles.
I mean, don't want families, don't want testicles.
That means we don't want black people.
Hey, get rid of your families and your balls.
We love you.
I mean, God Almighty, this is ridiculous.
It's like Aliensland.
We're here to help you.
You can't have families.
Give us your balls.
Give us your Warriors balls as a sign of submission.
Give me your balls.
I mean, it's and then he's dumbed down idiots raised on TV and all the hip-hop people owned by the globalists just doing this to them.
And I've talked with some of the biggest quote rock stars out there and they told me the story just that I can't say their names people can probably put two and two together has been on the show, but I've had four or five big famous rock stars on the show and they all told me that
They were all top in the early 1990s.
And then MTV called them in and they said, Sumner Redstone says, we're going to get rid of all this empowerment rap hip hop stuff.
We're going to have gangster cop killer music.
And you're all going to promote these bands if you're even going to get played.
So suddenly you saw.
You know, all the big bands, whether it was Megadeth or whether it was, uh, you know, Smashing Pumpkins or whatever, whatever these bands were, all of them were told, you're all going to do bands now with the hip hop people.
But with the, but with the death, kill the cop people.
And that was just marking black people to get killed by the cops and get taken over.
I mean, some of the rest of them wasn't trying to help black people, let me tell you.
So that's when he took over empowering black music.
He got rid of all the other rock and roll.
Because that was the old party, have fun, cheat on your wife stuff.
That was phase one.
Now it's let's go out and kill the cops to set up the culture you see now.
That's playing 10, 12, 14 moves ahead.
So last night, I'm sitting there watching what was going on.
This morning I got up and was going on Paul Watson's Twitter and all the rest of it, just watching the videos of like, a guy pulls up in a truck, they start trying to rip the doors open, bashing it.
He drives, they try to kill him, he drives away.
A Prius is trying to drive, they start attacking it, it drives through, there's chopper footage, it runs away.
The Antifa BLM's got trucks, they drive in front of it like Road Warrior, running off the road, do a pretty good job, like they were trained to do it.
And another Mustang blocks it in.
Then, everybody on Twitter says, kill him, kill him, kill him.
And they go, good cops, good.
And then they arrest the person in the Prius they're attacking.
And again, you'll watch this Prius get blocked in by the black truck.
Radio listeners gotta go see it at Infowars.com.
And then the green Mustang slams in the back.
And this is like a road warrior.
This is somebody they're just attacking.
And then, oh, the police virtue signal and put them in handcuffs.
Later they had to release him because it was clear they were under attack.
I mean, you've got a mob trying to kill you, trying to pull you out of your car for no reason.
You speed away in fear.
Normal, normal move.
And then they drive down the road almost killing everybody.
Pull in and block you with police tactics.
Another car comes in.
It's full of people in the back that jump out and start bashing the windows out.
And then, when the car drives off, everybody's on Twitter going, kill him!
Kill him!
They're assaulting us!
I mean, they don't even know who's in that car!
But that's who the servants of Satan are.
I'm gonna go to break.
I'll lay all this out.
I got the big drone news.
We'll do something special next hour.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
We got some special guests as well.
You'll want to stay with us.
This could be your... Some of the crew... I was talking to Ben.
His family called me the other day.
They're listeners.
They go, Ben, is everything okay?
Alex says we could be shut down.
And I said, well, you got a good family, but let me just clarify.
The whole country's getting shut down.
The whole world, the third world's already starving to death.
Yeah, I'm in big trouble.
You're in big trouble.
We're in the same boat.
You understand that, right?
Oh yeah, they're breathing down our neck bad.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, everything's falling apart, man.
The supply chains are all breaking down.
We're actually gonna get the products to sell them to you.
Everything we've got, we've got in stock, but nobody can get us stuff anymore because everybody's shut down.
People didn't come back to work in most areas after they said the lockdown was over.
They're ending civilization!
Gas is running out of the tank!
Millions are dying!
And then we're just up here on this mountain as the water rises thinking we're okay.
It's going to get to us too.
So get your products and get your storable food while you still can.
One or two weeks to ship.
Get it before the election.
Infowarsstore.com if you know what's good for you.
One of the things that I think we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there's nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or even weeks to make sure that all the votes are counted.
In fact, that might be important to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election.
The reason we talk about a red mirage is, in fact, because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is.
We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.
You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.
You have a result on election night where it appears that Donald Trump has won, but a result after ballots are counted that show that Joe Biden has actually won.
That's right.
We essentially built a simulator where it's a sequence of sliders and you just pull those sliders to start seeing what the scenarios will show you.
What's it going to look like on election night?
What's it going to look like the day after and the day after that and the day after that?
So if one of the candidates
We've seen the data that twice as many voters intend to cast a ballot by mail than have ever before.
They are disproportionately
Joe Biden supporters.
We might have the results saying something on the evening of November 3rd.
It will not say the evening of November 10th.
My advice to Joe Biden, and I've told the campaign this, obviously, is do not concede under any circumstances because I believe the other side is going to cheat and sneak and try to do everything they can.
He says if he loses, he's not going to leave if he loses.
The fact is, whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States.
But there is a process.
It has nothing to do with that the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.
It's not geography or location.
This president's gonna try to steal this election.
This is the guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.
Have you ever considered what would happen if the election result came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
It has been suggested that this is a trial run for the President of the United States, who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election.
If he's not elected, is he going to pull out?
His military?
Is he going to engage us?
He has already alluded to there may be a civil war if he's not re-elected.
This is dangerous.
We are trying to find out more about it.
And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
It's really actually shameful.
Enemies of the state.
Without exaggeration, President Trump's counterintelligence vulnerabilities are exponentially greater than any president in modern history.
So do you think the president is a national security threat?
I do.
This administration, this president has demonstrated that they have a capacity to go lower than we can even possibly imagine.
So yeah, I think we have to be concerned about that.
His attempt to talk about mail-in voting and all the fraud that is associated with it is factually incorrect.
He's just trying to set up a
A situation where he has the ability to delegitimize a vote that he might lose.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
This is not satire.
As we told you, home assistants will now be robots in your home, and it will soon be law under COVID tracing and other systems to have robots watching you in your home.
Your iPhone is already a robot, your Droid is.
Now they're announcing worldwide you'll have to have it to leave your home or have a job or fly on a plane or be on a bus.
Now, Amazon, who backs Black Lives Matter and funded the cop killing around the country, is now launching drones in your house.
Welcome to the Alexa Ring Home Surveillance drone.
The latest innovation in home security.
Now you're totally safe and a giant mega corporation is watching everything you do and selling data on you and your family.
Welcome to the future.
Oh, never mind me!
I'm just an autonomous drone from the most powerful and richest, rootless corporation in the world.
Now you should watch what you say, and remember, I will report you to police and create databases.
We sell the highest bidder.
But if you criticize me, I'll have your social credit score lowered and may even have you permanently detained.
So watch what you say.
It's game time.
We're 38 days out from the election.
But we're 117 out from the inauguration.
That means after election day, 79 days of hell.
With the deep state openly pushing to break up the country, kill the dollar, use race war as the cover, to have leftist states under Qaikom Global's control secede.
This is Hollywood, owned by China, making its move on America.
They think we're going to be hit flat-footed by this, because it's such a bold 21st century warfare move.
But after we win this war, we will be able to understand these future attacks that are going to be coming in the technocracy system.
But those that have launched these attacks need to be brought to justice, and we have a plan.
To stop hitting the iceberg in 38 days, to get Trump and the nation out front, exposing the fraudulent balance, exposing the criminal activity.
And there have been arrests in Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, all these key states of Democrats in organized crime fraud.
Ballot harvesting where it's illegal, and signing up dead people and having them vote with the new mail-in ballots.
It's all coming in.
But if you try to even promote on Facebook that Ken Paxton, the State Attorney General, indicted 138 people for just what Trump's talking about yesterday, it is all being shut down.
Now, speaking of drones, ladies and gentlemen, it's not that technology and it's not that computers themselves inherently are bad.
The question is, who is in control of that technology?
Who is in your house?
It's not you over the drone looking in your house.
That's only part of it.
It's big tech that's proven that they abuse your privacy and use that information against you.
And people like Jeff Bezos call you an idiot for trusting him.
Who else does?
Zuckerberg said people that trust me are dumb effers.
Yes, we're accepting Skynet and the AI system in.
In the final Terminator, you learn that it's a human brain that uploaded to the computer, that's in control, that tried to exterminate humanity.
They're telling you what they're planning.
They're in your face.
And now Amazon
is launching these drones in our house and soon they'll say you've got to have them just like I told you years ago they're gonna have apps on your phone making you be tracked for biological weapon releases and they now admit indeed that's the case
So here's a drone that was $5,000 just four years ago.
Now a drone like this is about $300.
And the cost of this is imploding down.
And the reason this is bad is because it can be controlled by a big global corporation now merged with the National Security Agency.
And the people that Bezos is working with are working on the anti-American team.
That's why Bezos did not get the contracts with the Pentagon on the cloud.
So we have to recognize that they're trying to give rights to computers.
They're trying to give rights to these GMO creatures they're creating so that we don't have rights.
This drone does not have rights.
It is not a sentient being.
It is controlled by the globalists and it is a tool.
So that I am not against technology, but I am against the technology that they have deployed and developed to replace us.
We change our environment as humans.
We conquer the elements.
We conquer the wild.
We're not conquered by other humans playing games with psychotics.
And it's the sword of truth that is going to slice through the lies in our declaration that we are in charge of this planet, not the globalists and not their machines.
So to Jeff Bezos and all the globalist technocrats and Tim Cook and their slave camps in China and all their evil they try to cover up with Black Lives Matter, Marxism and the cop killing, I say to you, your technocracy is dead on arrival!
You understand that?
We are in charge of the planet!
Not Soros and not Satan!
Do you understand that, Soros?
You pathetic maggot!
We are in charge, not you!
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
You little maggot and your little maggot son!
You understand that?
You think you're gonna have this fight and have robots win it?
We'll defeat you and your goddamn robots!
You understand that?
Damn you to hell, you satanist!
Alright, well that was fun.
Did a pretty good whack on that drone.
Let's see how the old drone's doing.
Alright, I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna get deadly serious why I'm so concerned about their attack profile.
Because we knew this was coming down.
We knew what they were planning.
And now we're sure of it.
They are so crazy that they are going to try to execute their operation even though we're aware of it.
But that's the key.
To the Chi-Coms and the big bankers and the globalists, they don't care because they think they'll make it a Democrat-Republican fight.
Here is the bottom line.
Here is the key.
Here is the fulcrum.
What do they do when it comes out that Bezos and Soros are funding the rioters?
The media shuts it down.
What do they do?
When that information unfolds, what do they do?
They fight like the devil to not get the blame.
You expose Goldman Sachs and Chase and all the rest of the globalists, and you expose the Rothschilds and Rothfellers and Bill Gates, and you expose Bezos, and you expose Tim Cook, and you expose them all that they're the authors of the Depression and the worldwide starvation and COVID-19 out of the lab and the election fraud ahead of time, instead of letting them shape the battle space and say that, oh, it's all Trump's going to do it.
When it's them doing it, they will lose!
But the Republican morons, when the sycophantic media calls up, they still think mainstream media has power.
These old, on average, 80-year-olds in Congress, and I don't think it's old people, but these old lawyers, they think when they get a nice comment on CNN, they're winning!
They've come out and said, oh, guess what?
We don't like the fact Trump wants to steal the election and is going to contest it.
Because the media goes, Trump says he's contesting the election and stealing it.
Do you support that?
They go, oh, no, I don't.
And they get a brownie point, and their constituent reads that and knows they're an idiot.
You need to go visit these old, stupid-ass lawyers!
And say America doesn't like fancy production, they don't like candy-ass garbage, and they don't like you getting brownie points with CNN.
They want the truth, you idiots!
Big Tech doesn't respect you because you're stupid, you're ill-informed, you're dinosaurs!
So get the hell out of the way or start leading!
They are gonna scuttle the whole country and bring it down.
And we cannot sit here and let them do it.
It's just that simple.
The equation is simple.
The math is simple.
They're the ones that said they would contest because they're losing.
They're the ones that engage in the fraud to hold it up.
They're the ones that say they're going to bring in all this martial law.
They're the ones that say they don't want the dollar to do well.
They're the ones that want to attack our families.
They're the ones that tell us we suck.
They're our enemies, declared!
And they can't believe they haven't been rejected!
They've got their fifth string of zombies that can't even talk up there, pissing down our backs and telling us it's raiding!
No, no, no, no!
Do you understand, globalists?
You're not getting a republic!
And not just the minions, but the controllers are gonna pay!
Do you understand, globalists?
Do you understand sorrows?
You will pay!
We have to start resisting and enjoying it!
It's time to start slicing the enemy's lies apart!
All right.
Let me just boil it down before these guests join us, investigative reporters to be exposed.
Bill Gates amongst the constellation of criminals, the axis of scum,
Having white people go out and stir up black people to turn Americans against each other.
And they're so damn evil.
Their manifesto says their main mission is to chop black men's balls off and end the family.
So they finally, after five years, took it off their website.
Or longer.
I'm sorry, it's just like, oh the good guys are here, what do they want?
Oh they want to go to our families and chop our balls off.
Okay, great, whatever.
And man, I've been down to these events.
You'll have some racist, dumbass black person, dumbass anti-white white person walk over and start screaming Nazi at you, and you can't even get mad at them.
I mean, they work for a real Nazi!
George Soros said the best time of his life was rounding Q's up!
I just start laughing, I'm like, what the hell is your frickin' problem, man?
I mean, I would take no pleasure in getting in a fight with one of those dumbasses.
They're just idiots!
They're robots!
It's like... Jumping on people's cars, trying to pull them out of their cars, and then they drive off scared, and you go, they hit me, they hit me, because Soros people ordered you to go down there and do that?
This is next level, man.
This is next level.
This is next level.
So, let me tell you what's going on.
Let me break this down.
You're like, Alex, we've heard this 500 times, probably 1,000 times from you.
It's all you talk about.
I know!
Because when they contest the election in 38 days, which they officially have set up, and they're wargaming it and saying, we're doing it no matter what, we know we're going to lose, and we're going to have states secede and try to kill the dollar, and they've got all the news saying the dollar's dying, which if that happens, we will be in a depression where we're starving to death, and I'm just like, watching
The Durham investigation that's three years old?
Oh, Durham has a little beard, and he sits there with his thumb in his butt, so he'll save us.
It's just, it's all these lawyers that still think they're in America, and are still worried about the two-party system, and, oh, they've got dirt on us, so we gotta not do it on them.
America is about to end, and a demon named George Soros is laughing about it.
And if you think you've got problems going up against these people when you have a chance, it's so easy.
I mean, you arrest like ten of them, they all turn and run like a pack of cowards, but you won't do it!
I mean, finally Mitch McConnell has grown one hair on his testicles, and I'm not trying to talk like this is why I really am behind the scenes, okay?
I mean, he's finally grown one little hair on his testicles.
Maybe Bill Barr's got two?
And I'm just sitting here, watching all this go on, and I mean, this is certain doom!
This is absolutely, will destroy the country probably, and we have to sit here and wait for it to happen?
And there are those that go, well, we'll have a Supreme Court, we'll manage this, and blah blah blah.
No, you won't manage anything.
You think?
You know, you heard Caputo, who's a high-level adviser to Trump, flip out a few weeks ago, and then delete the video and audio, but we have it, where he said they've got hit teams, Antifa's just a cover, they've got foreign mercenaries here, blah blah blah, and he flipped out, because that's what they've got, folks, okay?
And I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm saying, you better have your defensive weapons out.
Remember when I got banned on Twitter, and Jack Dorsey was on
Lester Holt on NBC News.
He goes, Alex Jones last night said go to Democrats' homes and kill them with their battle rifles.
He goes, I know I saw it, but I'm not banning him yet.
It was this weird, weird, weird thing, like they were the holdout or whatever.
It was all just psyop.
And then I guess you're right.
The banning is right.
And notice they never showed a video.
I said, Antifa is drilling for the 2020 election.
They're only a decoy to come to your house.
Here's the groups that they funded.
Here's the terror groups.
Here's the mercenaries, MS-13, Chinese intelligence, other groups.
They're planning this.
They plan to make their move and kill certain high-value targets, a couple thousand people.
Right after the election is being contested.
And when Lester Holt and them are scared, because they're like, how does Jones have all this?
And they're like, we got to get him off air right now.
And they put that out everywhere.
And Media Matters did, because they're crapping their britches.
And they've tapped into our phones.
They're reading everything.
I know how to watch what you're doing and I know what you're up to.
I study warfare.
It's what I've done my whole life.
Can't help it.
I know what you're doing, dude.
I don't need any secret documents.
I know more than you do.
And that's the thing is I've decompartmentalized even the schmucks in the system that serve the evil.
And I'm not trying to brag about this.
Most generals and people really don't read military strategy books.
They don't really read propaganda books.
They really don't read, you know, just large swaths of stuff like that.
They act like they do.
I do.
That's what I've done!
And I know there's forwards, backwards, upside-down, and around-the-clock here, okay?
That's what I do.
And I want to tell the globalists this, because they know I know.
I know all sorts of stuff, don't I?
Don't I?
And I've shown you.
Oh, there'll be a mass shooting, like, probably tonight, 10 o'clock, at a big music event somewhere.
Maybe a rock and roll concert.
That literally was just, that wasn't me, that was God.
That stuff happens.
I'll just start saying something, I'm like, what the hell is this?
And it's not made up, it's not me, it's just happens.
But most of this is already that I've studied so much stuff, my brain's lined up with the facts and already has all the information and all the evidence.
So then that Holy Spirit wave goes right into it and just...
It's picked up and gets it.
So you guys with all your Satanism and your voodoo rituals and your devil worship and your Aleister Crowley crap thing and you're getting power and all this other stuff, you have no idea what this is really all about.
You're pathetic!
You're worms!
And so only reason I tell you all this here, close to this, I'm talking to the enemy right now, is you're gonna lose no matter what you pull or what you do.
And your God is a joke and is not a God and is a fraud and you are a fraud and you're over and you're done.
You're done.
You understand that?
I don't say that for you that are really turned over to evil, you're just slaves, but for your family and your minions, everybody around you, you're all gonna pay.
You think you're going to threaten us and that scares us?
You ought to be scared.
You ought to be real scared.
You ought to be real scared of who you follow.
You ought to be scared of me.
So we'll talk more about this with the guests that are coming up.
And they've got the big articles out on who's really fun and anti-fun and the rest of it.
And everybody playing dumb.
And of course Rand Paul knows who's doing it.
Of course Trump knows.
They're like, gee, wonder who's doing it.
They better stop.
They're not going to stop.
And the reason they don't is because Soros helped overthrow a bunch of other countries for Ronald Reagan.
So because of Ronald Reagan and H.W.
Bush, we won't burn him because he worked high-level CIA and State Department?
So what?
That's old!
Bring it all out!
Burn him!
Burn him now!
Burn him politically!
Burn him down!
I want him destroyed!
Or you just sit here and you keep bringing in the attacks, and letting them attack us, and letting them piss all over everything, and letting them child molest and all their crap.
Because all of you are scared of George Soros.
I'm not scared of George Soros.
My God!
I'm scared of even being in his service in any way.
Looking at that swollen, demonic pus tool.
It's us or them!
They're openly going to steal the election and create civil war!
And the executive branch needs to grow some hair on their chest and do something!
Because if you're a bunch of cowards!
You noticed last week, Newt Gingrich simply pointed out that openly, publicly, George Soros has given hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars just this year alone to Black Lives Matter.
Now, on top of that,
We know that Jeff Bezos funds it.
We know that Tim Cook funds it.
They've made announcements.
But when you criticize it in a negative way, you then get censored.
They told Newt Gingrich, you can't do that, and it became a big controversy.
They cut the mic off.
They had to wait and see what to do.
We know Judicial Watch got in trouble for talking about George Soros paying for $1,000 ID cards, credit cards, to get people into the United States.
Tell them to make the migrant treks up.
So just like they call protesters, protesters when they're killing people, these aren't migrants, these are invaders, many of them.
Trained by the United Nations, part of a larger replacement migration plan, not wanting to come be Americans, wanting to overthrow America.
That's the UN's goal, not saying all of them are like that.
So here's some of the headlines.
Jeff Bezos, happy to lose customers over Black Lives Matter message.
So that's what they're doing.
Well, there's a new article out.
It's at nationalfile.com.
Broke last night.
Got a lot of attention.
It's also at infowars.com.
We can put that up on screen for folks.
And it deals with Bill Gates connected to.
Well, I mean, of course he's connected to.
He funds all these big groups.
He's a front man.
He's tax exempt.
He's made $200 billion since he went tax exempt.
Nobody else is allowed to do that.
And if we can, can we put that headline back up on screen for me, guys?
Bail Project tied to Antifa, U-Haul, received millions from Bill Gates, UMG, Jack Dorsey, among others.
So I'm probably shocked by this.
It's a fact.
So I'm glad you guys dug into it with this particular group.
There's so many others.
And we're joined here by Jack Hatfield, investigative journalist with National File, and at Jack,
We're good to go.
Well, so we started following this in the moments after that famous video now, Alex, of the U-Haul truck delivering shields, bottles of water, masks, umbrellas, all kinds of rioting supplies, and it just was such an anomaly.
You know, why is there a U-Haul in the middle of a soon-to-be riot that we now know led to two cops getting shot?
Well, it turns out there was a woman involved who rented this U-Haul.
We now know who she is.
We now know her background.
She is employed by the Bail Project, which is a globalist initiative to do away with the concept of bail, period, in Western civilization.
She's called a bail disruptor for these people.
And she also runs her own little social justice causes.
And she was at Charlottesville in 2017.
So she has quite a history.
Then you look into the bail project.
You know, how is this woman paying her bills?
I know if I was going to pay for a U-Haul, I would have to do it with the money I make here at my job.
The bail project has ties to Soros, it is funded by Jack Dorsey, Bill Gates has done fundraising initiatives, and Jack Hadfield, I just have to say, you've done a fantastic job putting this together.
Maybe you can break down how this sticky web is tangled together.
Yes, well, there was a, we found
From this, from the Twitter account, IntelWave, intel.wav, and the guys with the Third World Fight Club, who are this group of concerned citizens who first tracked down Zola, and then a number of these fundings then
Uh, came from them, and then we were able to dig then even deeper.
So, the first thing we found was that, uh, Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, uh, helped donate 11 million dollars to organizations that included the Bail Project.
Him, along with an organisation started by Rihanna, which is the Clara Lionel Foundation, donated 11 million dollars to these organisations to advance racial equality with the focus on criminal justice and policing reform.
So that was the first sign of real proper funding that we got.
Then after that, next, it turns out that
Not only was it Jack Dorsey, but it was actually you, the citizens, the American citizens, who had been funding it with up to $1 million in federal coronavirus relief funds.
These funds were supposed to go to the hard-working Americans and small businesses to keep them going through this pandemic.
But no, between $350,000 and $1 million in these federal relief funds went to the Bail Project.
And then after that, the big kicker.
This was the one that really started then getting attention.
There was some more digging done into the direct funding of this organization, and we found there was something called the Audacious Project, which was something that was linked together with various funding sources, including the TED organization, aka the guy behind TED Talks.
That's right.
Just like darkness and horse manure produces mushrooms, they're producing dead cops and burning cities.
Yes, exactly.
Well, of course, now we're seeing more of this come out.
I mean, and obviously, Alex, you brought up a good point in that we knew this.
We know that they work together.
We know that it's concerted.
We know that this doesn't happen in a vacuum.
But never before have they accidentally tipped their hat like this.
She cut the intermediate out.
We actually got a colonel at the grassroots instead of just a private.
Exactly, exactly.
And so now we can see exactly where the money's coming from, how they organize.
And as you said, Alex, this is not just a foot soldier.
So this woman was on the ground in Charlottesville in 2017.
She was reported in the media as a victim with a broken leg from the horrible, as Joe Biden says, white supremacist KKK attack, where they come out of the trees holding
We're good to go.
I want to be clear, because once I said it, it sounded like I was taking away from your groundbreaking deep research that you and Mr. Hadfield came out with.
No, no, no.
I just meant people get punished for talking about it on the news.
Tucker Carlson, they've just announced, is being censored.
Facebook's going to throttle their page back.
So they're going to, it's called throttling it.
Now, shadow ban didn't exist, but now they have a new term for it.
Facebook throttles official Tucker Carlson page.
With reduced distribution 40 days before election.
It's all here.
That's a National File article.
It's all happening.
But that's new.
And I meant to mention that.
The fact that they got COVID money and the fact that all these other conservative or normal people with real businesses, farms, auto parts stores, little factories, restaurants.
I know family can't get any of the money in the last eight months, but all the big people like Bezos,
$33 billion.
So I salute you both.
Stay with us for several more segments, gentlemen, because I want to give you guys the floor and go through all this.
Listen, listeners, this is one of those things that can bring the globalists down.
You have the most rich billionaires in the world that want, through intermediaries, to fund this.
COVID has shut down the economy.
Black Lives Matter to be the cover for martial law.
And they're saying they're going to contest the election.
And you've still got Congress going, gee, I wonder if they're organized.
Give me a break, Congress.
You know who it is.
It's the deep state.
It's these fortunate 500 people.
They want war?
Give it to them!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
And Tom Papert is our guest with one of those other great writers, Jack Hadfield.
So guys, continue getting into this.
This is really big.
We always hear about Soros and Gates funding these things, and they admittedly make big donations, but they then do it particularly through subgroups right to the anarchists, right to the BLM people.
Oh, so this is something that I actually got a lot of people in my mentions on Twitter last night complaining when I pointed out that Bill Gates gave funding to this people.
You know, they were saying that, oh, you know, Bill Gates is a billionaire.
You know, he doesn't have time to, you know, rent a $19 U-Haul.
Well, of course he doesn't.
Of course he doesn't do that.
You know, he funds the organization,
Money comes from his foundation to then various organizations and then they go down the way.
George Soros and Bill Gates, the CEO of Antifa, sitting on some big leather chair and dictating exactly what happens.
It's the rich and powerful give their money to these groups and knowing full well what they get up to.
Of course, most anti-varieties aren't paid,
You know, that's ridiculous.
It's mostly just thugs wanting to go and search and smash things up.
But you have people like Zola who are the professional agitators.
You know, it said in her bio that she had been a professional organiser, which is, you know, somebody who goes around and is paid to start trouble at these protests.
Of course anyone would have meant a U-Haul for dirt cheap.
But nobody has the time for that.
The real importance of this funding is that people like Zola can pay their rent and their food bills, and they don't have to do a 9-5 job.
That means they have all this free time to go and rent the U-Haul, to go and spend their time going across the country, flying wherever,
Well, you're absolutely right.
I'm sorry, I keep interrupting you guys.
I should say who we're going to next.
Tom, go ahead.
Well, I was just going to say that, I mean, these people obviously know what they're buying with their money.
I mean, it's on this woman, this is all her lady's bio, on the Project Bail website, or the Bail Project website, that she is an anti-fascist activist.
In other words, that she is a member of Antifa.
She is listed with her photo, a very flattering photo of the woman, on the website, and then she's there with U-Hauls and shields and water bottles and possibly weapons.
We don't exactly know what was in that U-Haul.
So, this creates a layer of cover for the funding class, for the Bill Gates and the Soroses of the world, so the fact-checkers can come out and accuse us of anti-Semitism and of fake news and everything else, because no, there was an intermediary.
Bill Gates didn't hand Mrs. Zoller the $20 to rent a U-Haul, it went through this other organization that is completely funded by these globalist sources.
And that's, of course, what has happened.
Within seconds, we started getting... I mean, within instantly, and this is how you know you're over the target, and I've learned this from you, Alex.
Instantly, we started getting the accusations as soon as we mentioned Soros' name of anti-Semitism.
As soon as we put up Bill Gates, within seconds, it was accusations of anti-COVID conspiracy theories and all of this nonsense.
And, of course, now PolitiFact, the mouthpiece of the left when it comes to fact-checking, really, is coming out on Facebook and saying, if you dare to connect Bill Gates and Microsoft, then you are fake news undermining the election.
So, this obviously, like you said, Alex, they did not want this woman to be discovered.
I think they're in panic mode right now trying to figure out how to cover it up.
That's right, because the last thing, I was going to say at the start of the show, and I'm glad you mentioned this.
Well, you made me think of this.
The last thing they want is a tweet getting to Trump or getting to Don Jr.
That's really who's getting him most of the stuff.
And I'm not giving up as far as the enemy's known that for a while.
It's Don Jr., folks.
The country would probably be over if it wasn't for Don Jr.
at this point.
He's one of the only people that can still get stuff to Trump.
And so flood Don Jr., folks.
Flood Don Jr.
with a National File article because it's a fact.
You know, it's like Joe Rogan.
They got him to apologize when they've now arrested over 150 arsonists in
Uh, Oregon, and over a hundred in Seattle, not in the fires in the cities, outside doing it, lighting things on fire, and it turns out they're BLM, they're Antifa, some have been arrested at BLM, Antifa deals, but fact-checking, uh, PolitiFact and the Southern Poverty Law Center, they say that none of that is Antifa, and so Joe apologized
And said, oh, I'm sorry, I got duped that the fires were anti-fire.
We're not saying all the fires are them, but my God, they're burning down police stations!
They said if you don't elect who we want, we'll burn the country down!
Oh, absolutely.
They were saying that on the streets of Louisville the other night.
They were specifically saying, we didn't get what we want, so we're going to burn the MF'er down.
I mean, that is the political slogan of the left.
I meant to play that yesterday.
Let's cue that up, if you can.
Louisville, that's the headline.
Louisville, they're not protesters, they're terrorists.
When you say, I'm going to burn you down or kill you, if you don't, but isn't that the good news that Rand Paul, Senator, came out and said these are terrorists?
Let's get to Hadfield's take on that.
Yeah, well, exactly.
These people are domestic terrorists.
They have such a disdain for police and law enforcement.
And as you said, Rand mentioned this when he was attacked outside the Capitol.
He said, these people are funded.
These people are coming out of state.
They are not local people.
In fact, I mentioned a little bit of this yesterday when I was on War Room with Owen.
And I said, there's been so many people
Who are coming from all over.
I believe we saw this at Kenosha.
You know, most of the people who were arrested there came from out of state.
But of course, you know, these same people who support Antifa will attack Carl Rittenhouse for driving 30 minutes over a state border.
But they'll support all these people coming from all across the country.
In fact, I saw somebody who was claiming to act as one of these Antifa medics.
Hitler was a bad guy, but at least we knew who was attacking us.
With Soros and Bezos and all them, they'll brag and go, oh, I'm funding Black Lives Matter, I'm funding Antifa.
When we go, okay, your people just did this, they go, we have nothing to do with that, you anti-Semite, whatever that has to do with it.
I don't think Bezos is Jewish.
I mean, this is crazy town, where they're openly on one side going, we're funding this, we're proud of ourselves.
You know, if you want to boycott Amazon, go ahead, we're proud.
Of the fact we fund Black Lives Matter.
Okay, well you just funded more cop killing.
Well, we have nothing to do with that, you crazy people.
How do they try to do that?
Well, Alex, I mean, they're using elements of the deep state that are still within the government to do it.
I mean, they're citing a Department of Homeland Security report that says something like 96% of Black Lives Matter protests have been peaceful and also that the biggest terrorist threat in the United States is posed by white supremacists and it will be white supremacists through 2021.
So, I mean, they're working in concert with the government to create a propaganda campaign
Sorry to interrupt.
And to the FBI director that they snuck in on Trump.
He says there's no election fraud even though there's arrests all over the country of people engaged in illegal ballot harvesting and fake dead people voting.
And of course, Antifa is not a group, it's an ideology.
I mean, these people are absolutely running a PR campaign for the violent, radical, leftist Civil War reenactors, for lack of a better word, on the street burning down our cities.
You know, that's a good term.
The left is trying to reenact the Civil War.
It's crazy.
Well, and it gives them the cover that Soros then needs to say, well, I'm not funding the riots, I'm funding the social justice and the societal change.
And notice the Democrats that lost the last civil war, they're now doing it racially, but this time they claim they're with the blacks.
It's ridiculous!
It's so obvious!
Well, absolutely.
Go ahead, Jack.
In fact, we had something on the PolitiFact article which came out last night or yesterday, I believe.
There was an update, and it included a quote from the Open Society Foundation, and he said, Well, they may not have funded Antifa specifically, but they've funded organizations who support people, who employ people, who maybe go out in their spare time and do Antifa.
Or, you know... Oh, well, that's how it works!
They give it to the big group.
Exactly, Jack.
They give it to the big group, and then they give it to the subgroup.
Let's do a few more minutes on the other side if you guys can.
Wow, such important work over at NationalFile.com.
Just briefly, at the end of the hour here, the hotter the show, the less I plug, and then no money comes in, and then the accountant's like, oh, you're going to close in a month if you don't get some money in here, son.
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It's already very, very low.
For the quality you get, it's the lowest price you're going to find out there.
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Compared to most horrible food, it's anywhere near this cost.
It's the best you're going to find.
It's very nutritious.
Has great containers.
We're good to go.
You know, listening to this makes me want to hear some Rawhide with Rowdy Yates.
Man, I've been watching that on my television.
I hadn't seen that since I was a kid.
My mom had a big crush when she was little.
She was like seven, eight years old on Clint Eastwood.
You watch a good, wholesome show like that and you think about the TV today, it's just disgusting.
You know what I watch?
I watch
Andy Griffith Show.
But I was watching one the other day, and I'm going to get this loaded off my phone because I shot video of it.
They had a pro-force inoculation piece.
So even back then there was propaganda.
I'm going to air that in a few days, the little shots of the show I cut.
Guys, this is a short segment, long segment, coming up.
Do two more with you.
And sorry, I think some of your Skype's delayed.
We've been talking over each other, but it's been very powerful.
I cannot describe to both of you men
How big this is, that Black Lives Matter and Antifa claims are these organic, pro-American, anti-racist groups, and the progenitor, the guy that captains it is Alexander Soros on record, through the subgroups.
And so you guys have gone out and ferreted that they're getting other money and stimulus money.
I mean, this is huge, and if Trump talks about it,
Instead of just all the audience knowing about it, you knowing about it, it's going to be massive.
I think Trump needs to take the bull by the horns and identify the leftist billionaires that are captaining the attempt to have a civil war in this country, which the Washington Times even admits, Bezos, when the economy shuts down, everything's closed, he benefits when we're locked up during martial law.
He takes over the economy.
I mean, you talk about evidence, you talk about racketeering, which one of you guys wants to go first on that?
Well, I'll hop in.
I mean, I think you hit the nose on the head, Alex.
I mean, that's exactly what we're seeing here.
You have Amazon getting richer than ever even seen possible.
I mean, we're talking in terms of valuation, billions of dollars in a day type of material during COVID.
And then the BLM riots, they figured out they can't get these lockdowns anymore.
People won't put up with it.
So what's the next best thing?
Well, let's just have
Have we seen so clearly how the mechanisms work?
We've always known it.
You laid this out, which is probably why Jack and I knew to look at this stuff, Alex.
You laid this out years ago.
The guys at the top are smart.
They have lawyers.
They're not going to get caught in a stupid maneuver, but the people below them might.
So this is, I believe, the first time we have a connection where we have the woman on the ground.
Because they're scared.
Look at, look at the, look at the Genrich thing.
Soros Braggsy's funding Black Lives Matter.
We got a minute to break, but Jack, investigative journalist, getting back to you.
I think you guys have got the Death Star plans here.
I think this is the key.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, as Tom said, you know, we've known about this for ages, but now we have this link.
But, you know, they're denying it.
You know, the Bail Project said that Holly rented the truck in a personal capacity during a time off and did not use funds from the Bail Project.
But that's like when a mafia don tells a capo, get rid of somebody, and he tells a manager who tells a soldier, kill somebody.
The don's still guilty.
She works for them.
It's all prepackaged BS.
Let's indict her and see what we find out real quick.
Sorry, I'm ranting.
No, exactly.
I've been watching The Sopranos recently.
Again, fantastic show.
And Tony Soprano, he never gives an order by himself.
He passes it down the chain of command.
And of course, the next layer up will deny it.
You know, like, this statement is, it's less than worthless.
That's what it is.
Let's recap that and come back to you, Jack.
Stay there, Jack.
This is amazing.
You guys are knocking it out of the park.
People can follow Jack Hadfield's work at JackHatters on Twitter.
And Alex Jones, stay with us.
Yeah, the globalists think they're hurting us, but this is a stampede I'm causing.
That's gonna go right over the top of their heads.
Tom Pappert and his investigative journalist, Jack Hadfield, broke some major news.
They're the ones that broke all this, directly connecting this operative with the U-Haul, with all the pre-made signs, you know, attack the cops, defund, kill everybody.
And she's been tied to so many of the other ops, so many of the other smoke screens, so many other of the theater events.
And that's why they, you know, sued us in the whole Charlottesville situation.
I didn't say that
The guy that worked for Hillary at the State Department killed the woman.
I said, they had their white supremacists, many of them paid, working for the deep state.
It's all been confirmed.
And of course, that's been in the court.
And then the left showing up, and then a bunch of reporters there to cover it.
And there was a big collision.
They even called the reporters white supremacists.
That's what Trump was saying, is you had good people on both sides there to see what was going on.
You also had antifa that was bad.
The white supremacists were bad.
That's what Trump said word for word, which is a very balanced, smart... Trump went and found out.
People that were in the briefing were like, well, you got these antifa with Soros.
Them kind of caused a problem.
You got the white supremacists.
A lot of them were funded by them.
And you got reporters on both sides and just people that came out to look at it.
And the cops locked them all together and kettled them and caused a huge explosion.
Well that turns into, Jones says that, you know, Hillary Clinton and the CIA killed this woman.
Uh, no.
But now you see the left trying to recreate Charlottesville, jumping on top of cars.
And running out and doing it, and jumping on moving police cars.
And the cops see a crowd of 100 people, they don't want to shoot people, they just race off.
A cop just ran into me!
Look at the video on your TV where you can see this beating on the Prius, attacking it, and then another car chases them, another, they block them in, they ram them, they attack them, and the police put the guy that was being attacked in handcuffs because they see a mob and they want to not get in trouble.
They're like their supervisors.
We arrested the person they were trying to kill, later they released him, but, you know, we lionize the police.
The police are followers just like the public.
And in this mob psychology, you know, the fact the police didn't arrest that Mustang, didn't arrest that truck that pull in and smash like Road Warrior and block the Prius in, in L.A., if you just tuned in.
Guys, let's get into that and then get back into the big picture.
We'll do a few more segments with you.
Jack Hadfield, what is it like being in the U.K.
watching this?
Because you see Black Lives Matter, same stuff there.
They're allowed to have protests, but if a church has a service, they get arrested.
They now have
Hired goons looking through keyholes of restaurants and bars to make sure no one's secretly inside having dinner, because that's a non-essential business.
Only, you know, the big companies just stay open.
I mean, this is a brutal vertical integration.
What would you call this time we're living in?
Well, I, yeah, I hesitate to say the end times, but that's almost what it feels like with everything culminating into this
You know, certainly in the UK, there has been lots of authoritarian things going on, especially going on in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon, for some reason, is seeing 1984 as a guidebook rather than a warning.
You know, there have been students locked in their accommodations.
Now in the UK, you know, you can't go to a pub or buy alcohol after 10pm.
And on the protest that you mentioned,
I went down to one of the sort of counter-protests to Black Lives Matter in London that I covered in June and covered on National File, and I saw the difference that the police made.
At the Black Lives Matter protest the weekend previously, you know, the police were there, you know, doing
On their knees with the little fist salute in the air.
And then when a bunch of ordinary concerned citizens who want to protect statues and monuments from being defaced by mindless thugs.
What the police do, they bring riot shields.
They're vicious.
I saw two people get their faces smashed in by the police.
Imagine if that happened to Black Lives Matter.
And then recently there have been the anti-lockdown protests.
And Jeremy Corbyn, who was a previous leader of the Labour Party, his brother, Piers Corbyn, organised these protests.
He got fined £10,000 for breaking coronavirus rules.
Where are the £10,000 fine for the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protest organisers?
It is ridiculous.
It's not only is this lockdown happening, but it's all being, again, as usual, you know, the state is only cracking down
That's because the leftist controlled states, whether it's Australia, whether it's Scotland, whether it's England, whether it's Germany, whether it's Canada, the US,
The cities are in control.
They tell the cops, you'll be fired if you do anything to these commie groups.
But then just go out and wreak havoc and you'll be promoted.
And so, there is the bad cop right there.
I don't lionize police.
I know the average officer means well, and it's a tough job, and especially in more libertarian conservative jurisdictions, cops are great people.
But in leftist jurisdictions, they're real trash.
And you look at the UK, and I've been over there ten times or more, I mean, I've been out there videotaping
And doing an interview a few years ago on the main bridge there with Big Ben in the background and some Muslims didn't like me having a camera.
So they went and complained to some Bobbies and they came over and said, sir, you have a permit to be filming.
And I just said, you just think because I'm white and I'm dressed in a sports jacket and stuff that I've been getting the imperial British conditioning.
I said, I'm kind of like the wild Brits that ran off a few hundred years ago.
Nothing against you, buddy, but I'm not your damn slave.
If you want to arrest me, go ahead.
I'll videotape all I want.
You got cameras everywhere.
Well, I think it's actually even within the last 20 years or so since Blair took into government, the people who have been taken into joining the police are a different class of people.
It all started with Blair who said he'd get rid of the Magna Carta.
You're really informed.
So what, because that's the model of the world.
How did they make police horrible demons?
Because I mean, most UK police are like demons that I've seen.
I mean, how did they do it?
Who are these people?
Well, you know, they changed their tactics.
For one, you know, you now have to go to university to be a police officer.
You know, they often require now a degree, so they can't just hire, you know, good working class lads off the street, you know, who want to actually come down and talk to the police.
They're not hiring good common sense tough guys like you want.
They're handing people who got bullied in school, who now, you know, then power trip off of, you know, taking all these little rules and regulations and forcing them on a lot of people.
And again, a lot of it is also top down.
The police are now obsessed with numbers.
You know, if you're burgled, if you're robbed, if you're mugged, the police won't investigate because that's hard.
That's tough.
That takes a lot of time and organisation and investigative work.
What they will do is, they'll arrest you for saying the wrong thing on Twitter, for making a slightly edgy joke.
That's right, they're globalist agents of the destruction of once sovereign countries.
Yeah, but that's because that's easy.
It's very easy to get a conviction for hate speech or hate crime or whatever, because the tweet's right there.
So the judge goes, boom, stamp, there you go, straight off.
And then you've got another nice little number they can put in their tick box.
Exactly, but they need to get pushback.
They need to get pushback, because they're not the...
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
Let's do one more segment, gentlemen, and get back to the election.
The Democrats are saying, if Trump can test, when they contest, so they're going to contest, and if he doesn't concede, he's a dictator, and then they're flooding everything with these fake ballots.
I want to ask both Tom Pappard and his investigative journalist, who's with us, what is going to unfold in their take on that, and when they leave us,
There's a lot of breaking news that happened the last few hours that I've not reported on yet because I don't want to get it wrong.
But it's some news we don't like.
But I never hold back bad news.
So I've got that coming up and I've got to vet this first.
I've got to be very careful.
And then we've got so much more to get into today.
And then the announcement of the internet kill switch to be triggered.
As I told you at the start of the show, everyone will be taken offline by the election who is pro-America.
So get ready for that.
Tucker Carlson is now being banned on Facebook.
They don't call it a ban, they just say, well no one can see what he has to do.
He's like in the Phantom Zone.
All right, we knew this news when the show started, and it looked pretty credible.
We made some phone calls where he produces it, and we confirmed it did happen, so I can confirm what Business Insider is saying.
And the article's now gone on InfoWars.com.
Pray for Ron Paul.
Libertarian icon appears to suffer a medical episode, probably a stroke, during live interview.
85 years old.
Ron Paul hospitalized after suffering a parent medical incident during live stream.
You know, I can't help when I think about Ron Paul, but smile.
And not that he's sick or in a hospital, but man, let me tell you, the old Norse saying,
Cattle die, kinsmen die, but one thing that never dies is the fame of a dead man's deeds.
I mean, Ron Paul, we stand on his shoulders, all he's done to expose the Globalist and the New World Order and their whole system.
And his son, now hitting on all cylinders, doing a spectacular job calling out anti-fund BLMs, terrorist organizations.
And I'm sure he'll get better.
He had some thick blood go through his brain or whatever.
I don't really want to play the clip, but people say we're covering it up.
We don't, so we'll play the clip here in a moment.
The old Norse hope was to die with your sword in your hand.
Die on your horse.
I intend to try to die with my boots on.
That's really what I'd like to do.
I don't want to die, but...
I mean, the best way to die would be, you know, fighting the enemy.
I mean, that's really, really is the man's death.
And so I'm sure Paul's going to get better.
It's great.
He'll be back in the game.
But he appears to have a stroke on TV.
But on TV, fighting communism.
I mean, that's like, in the frickin' saddle, folks.
That's what it's about.
Yeah, okay, in your sleep.
People all hope for that.
There's no pain.
I don't want to die in my sleep.
I want to die in the horse, on the horse, with the sword.
That's what I want.
Here's Ron Paul, looks like he had a stroke on television, on his Liberty Report.
Here it is.
By the way, when he went to medical school, they still told you that you should donate a quarter of your time to charity.
He donated up to a half of his time for charity and worked at delivery rooms in the overnight shifts in the inner city of Houston as a volunteer for more than 15 years, when he had children of his own.
I mean, I'm willing to give.
How are you doing that, man?
Working three nights a week for free?
They said they would buy you dinner and a coffee.
He would get a meal and a coffee.
He did that three nights a week for more than 15 years until they got him to run for Congress.
That's a servant.
And Tom, we'll do one more segment and I'm holding you guys over.
I want to get to the big issues, but I get tears in my eyes.
All the fighting that Ron Paul's done.
Ran Paul when he was calling my show in 1996 when his dad was running for Congress to get back in and all the experiences to see that.
I can't help but be proud of him.
I mean, literally fighting nonstop until he has a stroke on air.
That's what I strive to be.
What do you think?
I'd love to be 85 on air having a stroke that long fighting.
There's something really manly about this.
What do you think?
I wholeheartedly agree with you actually.
I watched it just before I went on with you and I was kind of off kilter for the first couple minutes because it was just so painful to watch.
But if you think about it, this is a man who basically since the 70s, since the 80s, when he was first running for president as a libertarian, has dedicated his life to trying to save this country down to his own son continuing the fight.
Obviously, I pray that he recovers.
It was horrifying to watch, but I think you're right.
I think that is one hell of a way to take an injury, literally at the command center, in the desk.
I mean, I hope, Alex, that someday you're 90 years old and still going, and you get to have your dream of dying with your boots on.
I hear that.
I want to get your riders' take on this, Jack's take on this.
Think about us, though, as nationalists, patriots, just truthful people.
If we were Democrats, we'd say, he didn't have a stroke, he's not in the hospital, he's fine.
Look at Joe Biden, he's been having all these strokes, doesn't know what planet he's on.
Jack Hadfield, do you want to comment on that?
Yeah, well, exactly.
I mean, almost in some aspects, that's why I do feel a little sorry for Joe sometimes, because he's clearly got dementia or Alzheimer's and, you know, had potential strokes, as you said, but the Democrats are still, they're forcing him out, they're plattering him up, you know, and they're putting him to work when really he should have been retired, you know, years ago and just enjoying, you know, his last two years while he can.
My dad's 70, and he's a smart guy, but he's not like he was.
I'm not like I was at 46.
And I'm trying to get my dad out of the company just so he can relax with my mom.
I couldn't imagine him at almost... What?
How old is Joe?
Almost 80 years old?
I think he's 77 or something like that.
I mean, he is not a... I'm sorry, Jack.
I interrupted to finish your point.
Well, yeah, exactly.
You know, and...
As you said, it's just infathomable to believe somebody at 78 years old is being, you know, touted as being the next, you know, president of this country.
Obviously, you know, Trump is a few years younger, but he has all his faculties together, he's clearly sharp, he's clearly wired, and he knows what he's doing.
Yeah, and he will only probably have then one more term left, you know, if he comes back.
Biden, you know, if, you know, if, you know, he wins, which I really hope he doesn't, he'll probably be electoral fraud if he does, but then he could have a whole eight terms, you know, he would be, what, 86?
You know, by that time, that's, that's insane.
Like, he really should have been retired there.
But again, we know he's a placeholder.
We should speak to that, Papert.
I mean, we first said this years ago that he would be their placeholder.
Now, CNN, Kamala Harris says, oh, it's the Harris-Biden administration.
CNN says that she's just a placeholder.
I want your take on that, but briefly, here's some good news from my memory.
Also, what I saw him do may not be a stroke.
It could have been a seizure because my uncle was in a motorcycle wreck.
My dad's brother, he's all there mentally, but occasionally you'll be at dinner with him or, you know, at the deer camp, he'll go,
Yeah, I tell ya, it's a really good meal.
He has these little small seizures.
I forget the name.
It could have been a seizure.
That's a lot better than a stroke, Papert.
Well, I'll just kind of add on to that.
I mean, we all remember the bizarre video of Hillary Clinton from 2016 where she has a weird freakout moment on her face and says, like, try the chai latte or something.
So that's something that you definitely see with older folks.
And especially at 85, I could see something like that sort of happening.
It's very sad.
I'll also say that this is a guy who lives very cleanly, lives very, very healthy person.
Obviously he's a doctor, so even though, I mean, if it is a stroke, the odds are not necessarily in his favor being 85 years old.
I'd say that he probably has the vitality.
I mean, this is an 85-year-old who does a TV show every day, Alex, and you and I both know that that is not easy on your brain, on your body, on anything.
It takes a lot of energy to be there.
Well, he used to work...
Let me tell you, people talk about workaholic Trump.
I mean, Ron Paul worked 18 hours a day in Congress.
It was well known.
I mean, we're talking totally disciplined, other than 5 a.m., a nighttime bike ride for an hour.
That's what he does.
5 a.m., and he did drink beer.
He drank like three beers at night.
But I mean, that's it, man.
Never smoked, never did anything.
I wish we could all say that, Alex.
We'd all be a lot healthier if we could.
All right, gentlemen, let's do one more segment.
You guys are too informative.
I want to get back into the election, their attempts to steal the election, with both of you on the other side, Tom Papert and Jake Hadfield.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
And then she'll turn on the juice, boy.
Man, I just smile thinking about Ron Paul.
Not that he had a stroke or a seizure on air today.
Just look at that guy's like original OG, man.
You get dialed into the real universe, folks.
All that matters is you stand up and you can see, well, that's all a guy cares about.
With somebody like Ron Paul, I mean, I'm just like very satisfied.
Very satisfied.
In my sadness.
Other points you want to make that I want you to comment on.
The Democrats admit they're going to contest the election.
They've been caught in fraud everywhere.
They're arresting people all over the place.
Democrat counties organizing, sending in the ballots filled out with dead people's names.
I mean, it's all over the news.
But it's on local news.
Facebook, Twitter, they're all blocking it.
And then now this, nationalfile.com, Facebook throttles official Tucker Carlson page.
Remember, shadowbatting didn't exist just a year ago.
Now it's, oh, we throttled you down to 5%.
Facebook throttles official Tucker Carlson page with reduced distribution 40 days before election.
So, because he's got more viewers online than he does with, you know, 4 million on Fox.
And that is just an amazing moment to just see the internet kill switch being put into place here.
So both of you's take on that.
Well, Alex, I think that it's all very tied together.
I think that the foot soldiers, the Civil War reenactors we're seeing on the street, they are being covered up for by Facebook, by Twitter for a reason.
Tucker Carlson, besides yourself, and Tucker is of course somehow still technically in the mainstream.
They try to kick him out every single week and they haven't done it yet.
You and Tucker are essentially the two big media personalities right now who are putting a spotlight on the real globalist plan to steal the election, to destroy American cities with rioters, and where the money is really coming from, which of course now we know.
Bill, I mean, we've known for years, but now we have the smoking gun.
Bill Gates, George Soros, etc.
You don't have just the money, you have their paid operative handing out the signs out of the back of a truck.
Exactly, that she apparently paid for, but it was just with her money that she made with her side hustle.
So it's not just like having the Don give the money to buy the cocaine, you have the person working for the Don delivering the cocaine.
I mean, you, hypothetically, I mean, it's an allegory.
You have the whole chain, the whole open and shut case.
Which, I mean, they've never screwed up like this before.
And I think all of this, from the censorship, to Holly Zoller on the street, to now them not even firing her and instead coming after National File, which we expected, it all just reeks of desperation.
And I think
As we go into this, more Americans are waking up.
I mean, the New York Times, Alex, is reporting that John Podesta says that this thing should never be settled and we're going to have a civil war and break up the country with a second inauguration in California.
That's Hillary Clinton's right-hand man, so you can't...
We can't hide from this anymore.
Normal Americans, I think, are waking up.
We're living in a paradigm that's not dissimilar to North Korea or China, where what you see on social media is not what normal people are saying on the streets.
And it's shocking that we're there, and it's shocking that we're there so fast.
But if we can keep waking people up in this country, and we can get this news to the President through his son, through the other few elements of the White House that are on our side,
I think that not only will we win come November, Alex, I think we've got a big chance of rolling back some of the last few decades of despair.
Yeah, I mean, I've been on air 26 years.
I've been politically involved for almost 30.
And this is like 50 times crazier than anything we ever even thought of.
I mean, and it's getting crazier by the day.
And I want to explain this to people.
Everybody keeps thinking 38 days.
No, it all starts in 38 days with the 79 days of hell.
So it's 116 days to inauguration, but the real hell starts in 38 days, 79 days of hell.
And we better get that term out, hashtag 79 days of hell, so that we can start wargaming and getting folks ready.
Because here's the thing, Trump comes out and is like, well, I'm not going to use the military.
The Democrats are like, well, you're going to use the military.
Trump goes, no, we're not.
So then they spin it and go, oh,
Trump's planning to contest the election when they are, so everything they're doing, they're framing him.
He doesn't just need to come out and say they're stealing the election and using fake ballots.
He needs to expose all of it so they're not the ones that map out the psychological battlefield ahead of time.
We have to, 38 days now.
Affect what happens in the 79 days of hell when they contest it and throw us into a civil war.
They're saying that.
So we're all about winning the election.
We've already won the damn thing.
America woke up.
So now the deep state criminals are going to do this.
That's what I'm getting at, Jack.
Well, exactly.
I believe there was something that came out recently where it said that people who are actually in the zones affected by these riots support the President at a ratio of about 2 to 1 because they can see exactly what's happening on their streets.
They can see the destruction of their communities, their neighbourhoods, their businesses, their homes.
They can see it's Antifa
And Black Lives Matter riot has taken them down.
And they can see that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and whatever, they've been saying Black Lives Matter forever.
That's what kicked it off.
And they're saying, well, hang on, you know, it's the Democrats who've been supporting this.
Well, obviously, I don't want any more of this happening.
So clearly, I've got to vote President Trump in November.
Yeah, I think the only way that President Trump won't win is if the Democrats actually
Fake it.
And we can see it.
We've seen it with all these mail-in votes, with the universal mail-in voting, with all these ballots that have been lost, well, lost in quotation marks, more likely thrown away by some, well, either a mailman who's not a fan of Trump and just dumped them off on the way to sort the votes out at the voting station, or Democrat operatives themselves.
They're doing everything they can possible to stop the President
Jack, because you're very right.
Two to one, even in Democrat areas, people are saying they're going to vote Trump after they've been stopped at checkpoints by mobs, attacked, seen houses burned down, black people's homes burned down, mainly black businesses.
They're like, what the hell?
Those black folks got burned out.
They're voting against the Democrats.
They get it.
But that's tiny minorities, not racially, but minorities that are being burned out.
It's still big, but I'm not minimizing it, but it's small areas.
So the Democrats are firing up their burn the country down base in a beta test.
So people go, oh, this is backfiring.
They already know they're losing.
So they're just firing up the mobs to burn the whole thing out to try to drive Trump out of power.
That's why people have to not be so confident, because I know their battle plan.
I said what they would do, and now they're doing it.
So that's what I'm getting at here is, what do we do to stop them?
We can't just sit here idly by.
I'm serious.
If Homeland Security won't do it, if Trump won't do it,
I'm not even saying I'm going to do it because I don't have the expertise, but what do you do up against organized crime that's getting ready to burn the whole country down?
I mean, we can't just sit here, Tom Pappert.
Well, that's the question that I keep coming to, because you're right, Alex.
I mean, I think I said it on your show over a year ago.
I think the Democrats are sitting out this election, but I was wrong in that they still want to win.
They don't want to get the votes, but they want to get the presidency, and they're going to do it through everything that you've described.
By confusing it, and that's why everybody loves Kyle Rittenhouse.
We don't love the death that happened.
He went out and was a medic.
He stood up.
Everybody just sees, there's a man.
He actually went to a problem when the police wouldn't, and now he's in jail.
People resonate with him.
You know, he's a huge in Japan, in Eastern Europe.
I mean, that guy, everybody gets it.
No, absolutely.
I mean, you've got soccer stadiums holding signs saying Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero in Bulgaria, of all places.
So, yes, alpha males see this.
And so the conventional GOP wisdom is, Alex, and I'm channeling our friend Roger Stone from four years ago, is to just get out the vote in such large numbers, not by mail-ins, but same-day voting, that they cannot steal the election.
But Trump will win.
They're just going to say he didn't.
That's all I'm saying.
Everybody knows there's a Trump landslide, but that's done.
And everybody should go vote, absolutely.
It's more critical than ever, but they're going to contest it.
So what do we do about that?
That's the big question.
Well, and so I think the only, I mean, and because I'm not in the Oval Office, I wish I had a better answer.
What I've been telling people is we have to make the numbers to where they can't confuse it.
I agree.
It's got to be such a mega landslide's the answer.
But I'm saying ahead of time, Trump has to annihilate them.
They criticize him when he says there's election fraud, so he stops.
Expose the fraud, what Ken Paxton did, arresting 138 people for fake mail-in ballots.
That's the answer.
Prosecute them now.
Don't wait like Durham with his thumb up is damn, you know where.
Gentlemen, we love you.
We look forward to having you back soon.
We salute you.
38 days out.
116 out from inauguration.
77 days of hell.
Start in T-minus 38 days.
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen, on this Friday edition.
Earlier, at the start of the second hour, something happened to Jeff Bezos' little drone.
He's now deploying to people's houses.
Here's the video.
Radio listeners can find it as soon as we post it.
This is what I say to Jeff Bezos and Amazon's in-home surveillance drones.
This drone does not have rights.
It is not a sentient being.
It is controlled by the globalists and it is a tool.
So that I am not against technology, but I am against the technology that they have deployed and developed to replace us.
We change our environment as humans.
We conquer the elements.
We conquer the wild.
We're not conquered by other humans playing games with psychotics.
And it's the sword of truth that is going to slice through the lies in our declaration that we are in charge of this planet, not the globalists and not their machines.
So to Jeff Bezos and all the globalist technocrats and Tim Cook and their slave camps in China and all their evil they try to cover up with Black Lives Matter, Marxism and the cop killing, I say to you, your technocracy is dead on arrival!
You understand that?
We are in charge of the planet!
Not Soros and not Satan!
Do you understand that, Soros?
You pathetic maggot!
We are in charge, not you!
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
You little maggot and your little maggot son!
You understand that?
You think you're gonna have this fight and have robots win it?
We'll defeat you and your goddamn robots!
You understand that?
Damn you to hell, you Satanist!
By the way, a Baptist preacher is a Pharisee.
Not all of them, but some of them.
They'll tell you when I said, damn Soros to hell, that was the Lord's name in vain.
No, I am asking God to please damn them to hell.
You don't take God's name in vain.
The definition of vain means not meaning it or taking it lightly.
When I say, God, please damn them to hell and protect us, I say it in a blood oath and I'm willing to die.
That's the opposite of vain.
All right.
Let's hit some final news before Paul Joseph Watson.
Takes over.
Felony charges filed against Gregg County Commissioner and three associates show the male voter fraud is real and it sway elections.
County workers improperly opened discarded Trump ballots in Pennsylvania.
Gee, you think deranged anti-Trumpers would do something like that?
Next you're going to tell me that mosquitoes drink blood or bears crap in the woods.
And it just goes on from there.
Again, Attorney General Ken Paxton announces 134 felony voter fraud charges in connection with 2018, then primary, back when they did it then.
And remember, they beta tested it in Texas and other areas.
Texas official arrested on felony election fraud charges, could face 99 years sentence.
That's who these Democrats are.
134 felonies.
That's a big deal.
And it just goes on from there.
I've got some COVID news I want to hit, too, that's really good, but let's just get to this right now.
Trying to find my big stack.
There's so much of it, I get it confused.
Here's some of the articles where they say Trump's going to try to steal the election and Trump's going to, again, they're going to contest, I admit that, but if he can test their contention, that's illegal.
And so that's how the media is going to represent this.
And the big news is,
Big Tech has said they're going to block everybody.
But they said down to hundreds of millions of users, potentially, because they said, you know, in other countries, too, people weigh in.
And they said, oh, if you give an opinion on Facebook that I think Trump won, they're going to suspend you or ban you.
How is it waking up in the new Soviet Union?
Meanwhile, General Milley says he will not arrest Trump for the Democrats.
So they spin that.
That's AP.
I can't make this up.
They say that the military wants to arrest Trump.
That's the new articles out today.
Look at this headline.
What if Trump loses but won't concede?
How a constitutional crisis can play out.
And this Yahoo News front page story, that's basically a reprint of Atlantic Monthly, they lay it out.
And if you're a TV viewer, you've never seen me highlight an article like this, have you?
Because this is so important.
This is everything.
In fact, tomorrow I'm going to come in here 2 to 4 p.m.
with a live transmission and get just into this information.
And we've only got 37 days tomorrow.
Every day counts.
Everybody you talk to counts.
Every email you send, every text message, every prayer counts.
But look at this article.
What if Trump loses but won't concede?
How a constitutional crisis could play out.
And then they're acting like he caused the crisis when they created the mail-in ballots.
They say they're gonna contest no matter what.
They say they're gonna split the country apart.
They've activated the race riots.
And then they say Trump did it!
We have to counter this, folks!
But that's what scares me.
That's why I got really upset this morning.
They called a bunch of Republicans.
Instead, Trump says he's not going to concede if he loses.
Well, obviously, they go, well, we won't support that.
But their definition is when we contest, he needs to give up or that's not him admitting he lost.
Two different things.
If they're contesting and there's evidence on both sides, then that's not Trump refusing to concede.
But see, they get Republicans to try to get brownie points going, well, I guess then Trump's bad.
Republicans say they won't back Trump.
And when he contests election, I mean, that's all they're doing.
They call up, man, these 80-year-old lawyers who just want to go home and eat their soup and watch the NFL or whatever.
And it's just, hey guys, you're not, you inherited a big rich country, but warriors built it, son.
And you just need to get out of the game if you're not ready to fight.
I mean, it's just, it's pathetic.
CNN, piss on CNN.
Don't badmouth the President for no reason, just because it makes you feel good, you pathetic worms.
Listen to this article.
As President Trump backs his army of attorneys, they had like ten times the attorneys for Democrats they had met, has jaded background to undermine an election result that does not cast as a victor.
Him as a victor.
Republican lawmakers found themselves in the astonishing position Thursday.
The fact, to reassure Americans, there would be a peaceful transition of power.
So the Democrats are saying, we're going to take over, we're going to contest no matter what.
Then they call up Republicans and go, if Trump loses and won't step down, what do you do?
It's like, if you get caught killing your neighbor, what will you do?
It's hypothetical.
They're the ones doing it, but the Republicans, well, I won't support that if he does it.
Instead of saying, it's the Democrats that are openly saying they're going to contest it.
Trump hasn't done that.
Instead of saying the right thing, the real thing, they just go, oh, let me roll over and piss on myself.
Will you please pass me over, angel of death?
And it's that cowardice, that limp, you-know-what behavior that destroys us.
I hate these people.
At least the enemy's evil and knows what they want.
It's these candy-ass, sherry Republicans, man, that are the bane of our existence.
The Republican-controlled Senate went so far as to pass a resolution saying as much.
Meanwhile, amid the furor of Trump's latest, most brazen remarks, it became clear that just how the constitutional crisis could play out should the president be defeated and persuade his allies to join him in rejecting the vote tallies.
Now let's translate that.
CNN, MSNBC are gonna say, oh, two to one, it's Democrats that are doing mail-ins, they're claiming some study.
So because there's this many that haven't been counted yet, that means Trump loses.
And with that defeat, that they'll announce at about 11 at night,
So let's read that paragraph one more time.
The Republican-controlled Senate went so far as to pass a resolution saying as much.
Meanwhile, amid the furor over Trump's latest, most brazen remarks, it became clear just how the constitutional crisis could play out should the President be defeated and persuade his allies to join him in rejecting the vote tally.
So if he
Doesn't concede.
Democrats say they won't.
If he does the same thing, he has stolen the election.
He is a dictator.
He is a bad guy.
It's all, and it's in, it's in.
I mean, I read 30 articles.
I scanned over 30.
I mean, it's all the same story.
It's all over the news.
They're doing it!
So we're cruising towards this.
They know he's winning.
They even admit in their war games, well, he's going to win, but we're going to contest it.
They're that arrogant because they have disdain for the public.
I don't have a stain for you.
I respect you.
I believe in you.
I think if you're presented with the facts, you want freedom.
I think if you're black, I think if you're white, I think if you're whatever, you got red blood, man, I respect you.
But I expect you to respect yourselves and get pissed about this.
Because we're not just gonna sit here on our hands while they set all this up 38 days out.
What are we gonna do about it?
Paul Watson coming up, and I've got more to say.
Stay with us!
You know, it's been great knowing Ron Paul.
It's been great knowing...
Paul Watson, it's been great knowing Joe Rogan.
It's been great knowing this crew.
Even more than them because I'm with them every day.
It's been great knowing my father and my mother and my children and my wife.
It's been great knowing all of you.
And I'm not saying bye to everybody.
I'm just telling you, you never know when you're going to see people again.
You might want to tell them how much you love them through time and space before it's too late.
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They're afraid of what we're going to do at the next level.
And I have seen the other side.
I've glimpsed it.
It's like people that have brain damage and they hook them up with wires and they get sight.
They don't really know what they're seeing.
They've never had sight before, but they get a good idea.
It's a big deal, folks.
Paul Watson's about to take over.
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So just pray for justice, pray for peace, pray for an awakening, pray for us to come together, all of us that have red blood, under Jesus, and realize this is a satanic attack.
I clutch to God, I clutch to Jesus.
This is real, folks.
This is all spiritual.
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And the enemy just wants us all alone.
Let's come together with our love of God.
No matter if you're in a nursing home, or you're in the North Pole at a weather station, or whether you're in Louisiana, or whether you're in
Mexico or whether you're in Germany or Japan or South Africa, you love God, call your skin doesn't matter.
We come together in our spirit.
I love you all.
I appreciate this crew.
And I just tell you, this is the big time.
This is the enemy takeover.
This is the big AI market to be system.
We've got to, we've got to tell the truth and stand against it.
Paul Watson coming up.
This is going to come down to sight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
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We're in this together.
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But I need money to fight a war!
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Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
And now, the Summit.News Hour with your host, Paul Joseph Watson.
And yes, Dr. Ron Paul confirms he's in the hospital, suffered some type of stroke while he was live on air.
The message from Dr. Ron Paul is, I'm doing fine.
Thank you all for your concern.
And now, Summit.News host, Paul Joseph Watson, live from London, England.
Thanks Alex.
Yeah, we're still tracking the thankful recovery.
The former congressman Ron Paul, 85 years old, who of course many of you have probably seen by now the chilling video where he appeared to suffer a stroke on camera during a live stream of his Liberty Report.
Of course there are different types of strokes, some less serious than others.
Thank the Lord it appears as if Ron Paul has suffered a less serious situation.
He was rushed to hospital as a precautionary measure.
And as Alex just said, he just sent out a tweet 10 minutes ago saying he's doing fine.
Thanks for your concern.
His son, Senator Rand Paul, has also sent out a tweet saying, thank God Dad is doing well.
Thank you for all your prayers today.
Of course, that hasn't stopped leftists on Twitter celebrating the fact that Ron Paul had a stroke live on air.
And I knew this would happen.
And the reason why I knew it would happen is because for the past, what is it now, three years plus,
They've repeatedly celebrated the fact that Rand Paul's neighbour viciously attacked him during a sneak attack when he was doing his gardening from behind.
Led to Rand Paul being seriously ill for the lion's share of the year.
He had to have part of his lung removed.
And whenever Rand Paul trends on Twitter, whenever Rand Paul is in the spotlight, every single response below the tweet is, oh,
Isn't it a shame that Rand Paul's neighbour isn't around?
And guess what?
That is the first response that I'm seeing right now to Senator Rand Paul's tweet, having just suffered his, watching his dad have a stroke on live stream.
So Senator Rand Paul tweets that his dad is doing well, and the first response below it is, quote, Rand Paul has a great neighbour.
These are the same kind of people.
Who say it's desecrating the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to even nominate a Supreme Court Justice before the 2020 election.
Oh, they're the nice people.
They're the hashtag be kind people.
As soon as anyone gets in any kind of medical situation or is attacked on the right, of course they go straight in.
By the way, I'm not sure if this has been deleted yet, but
A leftist, apparently Biden supporter by the looks of it, who is verified on Twitter with 150,000 followers.
And I quote tweeted this so it should still be up there if they haven't deleted it yet.
And of course this person doesn't identify themselves.
I don't even know if it's the person in the profile picture.
But here's the tweet that was sent out probably an hour after
Ron Paul, sorry, suffered that stroke live on stream.
Quote, this is a leftist Democrat, a verified Twitter account with 150,000 followers.
Quote, I am not a religious man, but please Lord send your best angels to Ron Paul to quickly send his nasty ass to hell.
That's how that Biden Democrat supporter chose to respond
To that horrific footage of Ron Paul suffering a stroke, apparently suffering a stroke, live on stream.
These are the nice people.
These are the people who say anyone on the right, Conservatives, Republicans, are inherently hateful for their beliefs.
The kind of people who within an hour of a widely respected, widely loved, even on some areas of the left, of course the Libertarian left,
One of the most honest, decent persons in politics in the history of the United States, Ron Paul.
That's what they choose to respond with.
How edgy.
How edgy indeed.
But that's not all.
I went through some of the responses to this tweet.
And I'm not even going to read some of them.
In fact, I'm not going to read any of them.
I was going to read them, but no, they don't deserve the attention.
But it's literally them just making jokes and celebrating about Ron Paul having a stroke.
These are the hashtag be kind people.
These are the people who say you're the bad guy holding certain opinions that you're inherently evil and that there's no recourse and that you deserve no respect, no open platform to even have an opinion because they're so good.
So tolerant, so loving, and these are the people now celebrating Ron Paul's stroke.
Well, they'll be disappointed to hear that apparently he's already on the mend and thank God for that.
We're going to get into the coronavirus news now because of course we have a situation in the United Kingdom where the Prime Minister, who was supposedly a libertarian back in the day, has been completely railroaded
Completely crushed into complete submission by hysterical advisors and scientific experts.
And even though the coronavirus hospitalizations, as they are in many other European countries, even as the deaths are flatlined completely, the measures to deal with this are getting even more draconian.
Headline from Summit News.
Pub Stasi.
UK Rent-A-Mob patrol streets to check if bars are open.
Now, cast your mind back to the first lockdown when we literally had police officers inspecting people's shopping bags to see if they bought a bottle of wine.
Oh, by the way, some of them are now calling to ban alcohol.
Like, that's literally one of the only ways that some of these people who've been completely cut off from society, completely isolated from their friends, they've dealt with it by drinking more alcohol.
And yeah, that's not a good thing.
But now they want to take that away as well.
So they were inspecting our shopping bags back in April, as you see from the video now.
They're arresting people on the street for not wearing a mask in Starbucks.
Because this guy that you're seeing now had an argument with a Starbucks employee, and then they called the police on him.
The police arrested him.
Three of them required, by the way, to arrest one 72-year-old man.
Very brave.
Very brave.
And of course, he made the point in this video, where were you during the BLM protests?
Well, many of them were kneeling, weren't they?
As tens of thousands of people, not social distancing, rampaged through London and other cities.
But if it wasn't bad enough that we now can't even meet more than six people at a time, if it wasn't bad enough that in places like Scotland and universities across the country, which I'm going to get into, they're literally being treated like prisoners with wardens watching them eat, patrolling up and down the cafeteria as they're forced to eat alone at exam-style desks.
And if they try to get up to get a glass of water, they're severely reprimanded and told they're going to be suspended, as if all that wasn't bad enough.
We now have minimum wage, renter mob, city inspector, Covid enforcers, peeking through people's letterboxes, peering through windows to check if people
And not social distancing to check if people are gathering in groups of, God forbid, more than six.
Maybe if you just call it a BLM rally, then they'll not only go away, they'll kneel and bow down.
Images posted to Twitter show Covid enforcers in London patrolling the streets, peering into windows and letterboxes to ensure pubs and clubs are closed as part of the government's draconian new coronavirus curfew.
Now you know for a fact that these people get off on this.
Now let's be fair, there are a lot of people in minimum wage, low-paying jobs who don't give a flying F about any of these coronavirus regulations and won't aggressively enforce them on anyone else because they realise that it's complete hysteria.
But there are many people who have crappy lives
Shitty relationships.
They don't have close relationships with anyone because they're intolerable in many cases.
They have these low-paying jobs which they're not satisfied with.
They hate their lives.
They hate themselves.
And now they get to be in control.
Potentially for the first time ever in their lives, they get to exercise power and petty authority over everyone else.
And boy are some of them milking it.
We're going to get more into that after the break.
We're also going to get into Uber now saying that you're going to have to take a selfie within the Uber app to prove you're not a mask-refusing.
Absolutely incredible dystopia.
Don't go away.
Summit.News will be right back.
We're going to talk about Joe Rogan a little bit later as well, of course.
What is he now?
About three weeks into his Spotify deal.
And they're talking about a mutiny in the New York office.
They're talking about editing his podcast, going in after the fact.
And fact-checking them.
I mean, and this is only three weeks in.
This is incredible.
I mean, did he really expect there would be no strings attached to a hundred million dollar contract?
We're going to get into that later though, because I'm talking about coronavirus and I'm talking about how the UK has basically been turned into a starzy state.
And again, the point I make over and over again is there aren't enough police to enforce this tyranny.
There are 60 million people in the UK, not enough police, which is why, as in the Stasi's Germany, they had one informant, one spy for every seven people in the population.
That's what they're going for now, not only through these city inspectors that are literally opening people's letterboxes and peering through, but also through the rest of the population, encouraging them to spy on their neighbours if they gather in groups of more than six.
Now again, in the majority of cases people aren't going to do that because they're not complete dicks.
But in some cases they are going to do it, not because they're genuinely concerned about Covid in every case.
Some of them will do it for that reason because they've been completely anaesthetised to reality by this relentless hysteria to the point to which polls show that
On average, Brits think 5 million people in the UK have died from coronavirus.
It's actually less than 50,000.
But because of the constant drumbeat of media scaremongering, they literally believe the true numbers are 100 times higher.
Some of them will report their neighbours because they really think that they're helping.
And again, because they have meaningless, pathetic lives and that gives them some importance.
But in, I would say, the majority of cases, people are going to report their neighbours because they hate their neighbours.
And again, that goes back to how the strands of society, the threads of society, have been completely ripped apart by modernity, by this idea that you shouldn't talk to your neighbours and that talking to your neighbours is weird.
Like, I will literally walk past my neighbours in London on the stairs in the apartment building, say hello,
And they'll look like they've just been confronted by, I don't know, the Loch Ness Monster or something.
Maybe they know who I am.
But that is a reason for why many people report their neighbours for alleged coronavirus violations, because they have grudges against their neighbours.
Because, you know, last summer, maybe their neighbours had loud parties.
Maybe they weren't invited to these parties.
Maybe they were annoyed by the noise and now it's payback.
And they don't have enough employees or, you know, goons, city inspectors, to carry this through.
So they're going to have to hire, via proxy, the rest of the population.
And as I speculate in this article, pub stars are UK rent-a-mob patrol streets to check if bars are open.
If this progresses in the direction it's going, they're going to start offering financial benefits and maybe
Welfare reductions, maybe vouchers, maybe credits, maybe discounts on council tax bills, property taxes, for people who report their own neighbours.
That's going to be the next step.
But as of right now, as of last night in fact, pubs and restaurants were required to close at 10pm.
They've literally set a 10pm curfew.
Again, apparently the coronavirus
goes to bed at 10pm and stops infecting people.
Now if you know the British, you know the British like to drink and you know the British like to binge drink.
So what do you think they're going to do?
They're going to go to the pub earlier in the same number of groups, they're going to drink as much as they can until 10pm, they're going to get kicked out at 10pm, they're going to go to each other's houses and continue to drink all night in large groups of people.
Which I guess is why you need the goons out peeking through their letterboxes.
So now newly empowered marshals and environmental health officers have been empowered to roam the streets looking for people violating social distancing rules.
Dan Barker tweeted, strange sight, city inspectors working through Soho looking for illegal speakeasies.
That basically means like secret clubs that open after everywhere else is shut.
And this is in Soho, London, and you can look at the images, and again, one guy's peeking through a letterbox, other people appearing through windows.
It's all gone very East.
Germany, 1960s.
The government has introduced the measures off the back of media scaremongering about rising coronavirus cases, despite the fact that deaths and hospitalisations have flatlined, and numerous warnings that the massive increase in testing is producing an overwhelming number of false positives.
The experts are saying, the experts who are actually truthful and honest and have any ounce of integrity, who haven't nailed their colours to the mast of this hysteria from the start, are saying that 91% of these coronavirus tests which are coming back positive are false positives.
We know that they tested fruit, they literally tested pieces of fruit in Tanzania for coronavirus and they came back positive.
But despite all these positive, supposedly positive coronavirus cases, well guess what?
The hospitals are still empty.
Maybe we'll get some more TikTok dancers soon.
They just shut down a new hospital, one of these overspill Nightingale hospitals in Scotland.
They shut down the hospital that was built to deal with the overspill of coronavirus cases and yet now we're being told there's a second wave.
There's no second wave.
Look at the graph.
I tweeted this earlier.
We have a graph here of daily COVID-19 tests per 1,000 people.
You go back to the beginning of April, the graph rises almost exponentially.
Now you arrive at the end of September.
The number of people being tested is, I think the numbers were, I think it was 100 times more tests being performed now.
That was the number from April compared to September, I believe.
So there are 100 times more tests being performed.
And then you look at the share of COVID-19 tests, which is the next graph, that are positive.
April, it was 30%.
Now, at the end of September, again, there's a tiny incline.
There's a tiny incline in cases that are positive.
But again, 91% of them are false positives.
And you think that a nuclear bomb, a nuclear coronavirus bomb, a dirty biological weapons bomb had exploded in every major city in the United Kingdom, given the way the media is treating this tiny incline in Covid-19 tests.
Then you look at the deaths, you look at the hospitalisations, it's disappeared.
The thing has almost disappeared.
And yet now the draconian measures are becoming even more intense.
Boris Johnson says this is going to be six months, Christmas is cancelled, New Year's is cancelled, the virus has basically disappeared.
Are any of them connected with reality?
Do any of them see these graphs?
Again, this is a supposedly conservative government elected to protect the rights of the people.
Elected in the face of a
A socialist dictatorship that we were facing with Jeremy Corbyn.
He's done worse than Jeremy Corbyn would ever have done.
And it's absolutely abysmal the way that people are being treated, the way the hospitality industry, which is already on its knees, is now being basically extinguished altogether.
We'll come back to talk about it more, Summit.News.
This whole mask wearing phase, this moral panic,
Has nothing to do with safety, has nothing to do with preventing the pandemic, stopping the pandemic, has everything to do with control.
As Noel Gallagher said last week, apparently, you know, if the coronavirus sees that you're eating a sandwich, it says, oh, no, he's having his lunch.
I'll avoid him.
I was in a restaurant a couple of nights ago.
And again, as soon as, this is in Spain, as soon as you sit down in the restaurant, then you're allowed to take your mask off because apparently, again, the virus sees that you're looking at the menu and preparing to order and just kind of deviates around you and goes to the next available person who isn't about to eat.
I go outside later on in the evening, walk literally about, I don't know, 10 yards to the exit of the building, go outside, have a cigarette, come back in without the mask.
Get lectured for not wearing the mask from the space of the doorway to the table, which again is probably less than 10 yards.
It's probably about 8 yards.
So again, that was the opportunity apparently for the coronavirus, because it knows when you remove the mask to attack you.
It knew that I'd removed the mask in that 8 yard gap between the front door of the restaurant and the table.
And that's when it probably took its opportunity to attack.
So I'm a goner at this point.
But again, it's not about preventing, stopping a pandemic.
It's about control.
You know what they do at Disney World?
Now you have to eat, right?
You have to be able to eat.
So the enforcers, and they've hired a new cadre of Covid inspectors at Disney World,
Probably the same in the United States.
If Disney World's still even open in the United States, I don't know.
But they've got the Disney World staff enforcing all this.
Then they've hired a new level, a new cadre, a new mob of Covid enforcers.
And the rule is, you can eat, because people have to eat without the mask, obviously, but you have to wear the mask while you're eating on your chin.
Because again,
The COVID virus is transient.
It's prescient, I mean.
And it knows that if you have the mask on your chin and you can, in a millisecond, whip that mask up over your mouth and nose, then you're going to win the battle between yourself and the virus.
So again, another completely cogent, sensible policy, Disney World.
While you're eating, you have to wear the mask on your chin.
It's about control.
It's about stripping you of human dignity.
It's always been the same.
And when they get the vaccine out, not only are you not going to be allowed to travel, board a plane, you're not going to be allowed to use a taxi.
And we're already seeing that with Uber.
Uber demands Refuseniks take mask selfies before they're allowed to use service.
Uber is now demanding that customers who have been flagged for previously refusing to wear a mask
Take a mask selfie within the app or be barred from using the service altogether in future.
Because you can trust Uber to have pictures of your face on record.
Because we all know they have a sterling record of privacy.
Top notch.
A lecturing new ad campaign from the taxi service screams, no mask, no ride.
We said it.
We meant it.
I mean, my word.
You're literally trying to reach out to customers and give them some advice, and you're treating them like naughty little children who've stolen a cookie from the cookie jar.
The company then touts its mask verification service, which forces customers who were previously reported by drivers for not wearing a mask to take a picture of their masked face within the app to be allowed to use the service again.
Now again, I'll go back to what I said before.
Most taxi drivers, most black cab drivers, because they're slightly different as we all know, in the United Kingdom at least, do not care if you're wearing a mask or not.
Many Uber drivers wouldn't care if you're wearing a mask or not.
But once they get it down to the level where
They can report people, they can flag people, then again that entices people to exercise that petty form of power because it gives them some sense of importance within their personal life which they otherwise don't have.
So they will exploit it to the nth degree.
Continues by saying, now if you're ever flagged for not wearing a mask you'll have to take a selfie in the app to verify that you're wearing one before your next ride.
Respondents on Twitter weren't too keen on the idea.
Nanny state aesthetics are going to kill companies, said one.
Well, probably not in London because it's a monopoly again.
They had basically zero competition.
They're dead set on making city life as miserable, as unbearable as possible, right now, remarked another.
Another one said, that copy makes me never want to ride with Uber again.
So effing whack.
And yeah, that's the point.
They're literally screeching at their own customers.
That's how empowered, with righteous indignation, Uber feel by this mask policy.
Now as I note in the article, Uber seems very concerned about protecting its passengers.
Didn't seem too concerned about protecting its passengers from being raped by its own drivers.
Especially in London, especially in the United Kingdom, because that's a pretty big problem with Uber drivers in London.
They tend to get a bit rapey with the female passengers.
But again, when this was brought to light, when you had literally all around London, which I've seen, warning about women getting into Uber cars because they're going to get sexually assaulted, they're going to get raped.
Uber completely ignored the problem, but they really care about their customers, just not if they're being raped by the drivers.
And in the article, I flash back to this headline.
Uber sexual assault, 6,000 sexual assault reports in two years as London considers license appeal.
Because again, they were about to get banned in London a couple of years ago.
It never happened.
It says Uber has recorded about 3,000 sexual assault allegations in both of the last two years, according to its latest report.
The figure disclosed in a long-awaited safety study found that thousands of people in the US, same in the UK, had reported sexual assaults at the hands of its drivers, including hundreds of reports of rape.
And especially in the United Kingdom, there's a certain type of demographic that tends to drive Uber cars, and that meshes with the same kind of demographic
that likes to engage in rape and sexual assault.
But again, Uber really cares about their passengers' safety.
So not only put on the mask, but now prove that you're a loyal good citizen and take a selfie with it in the app.
Or you get denied service.
What does that say to you about what's happening in the United Kingdom, across Europe?
This is the Chinese communist social credit score.
This is you being denied services, essential services, because you don't conform, because you express opinions on Facebook, as we've seen in Australia with pregnant women being arrested for trying to organise protests, or even posting about protests.
Again, anyone who defies gets punished by having services, essential services, withdrawn.
That is classic communist Chinese socials credit score, and now it's Uber's official policy.
Meanwhile, missing boy found dead after family friends barred from searching due to COVID lockdown.
Oh, but if it only saves one life.
Well, it didn't save one life.
This boy's now dead.
Well done.
A teenage boy with autism was found deceased near Melbourne, Australia, over 32 hours after he had gone missing and after his family and local residents were ordered to call off searching due to draconian coronavirus rules.
William Wall, 14, embarked on his daily run at approximately 6.45am on Tuesday morning but never came home.
A massive search effort was launched with family and friends joining authorities to look for William.
Victoria Police.
And again, this is the same police force that you've seen on video arresting journalists for covering COVID lockdown protests, choking women, dragging them to the ground for not wearing masks.
This is the same honourable police force that was stationed outside apartment blocks when this draconian Melbourne lockdown was first announced to prevent people leaving their homes
Same police force eventually told civilians they could no longer participate and must return home or risk violating current rules barring state residents from traveling more than five kilometers from their homes.
Turns out the boy was less than two kilometers from the home and he was later found dead.
Maybe because there weren't enough people searching for him because of coronavirus lockdown rules.
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It started out as a sleeper product, but the people that did order it loved it and started reordering it.
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That is at cost for all of you that already support InfoWars.
And we are back!
And we're talking about Joe Rogan because of course we've had a back and forth with Rogan over the past few weeks because his new show launched on Spotify, the same show but under a new licensing deal, back on September 1st.
He's now three and a half weeks in.
They're having mutinies in the New York office of people saying they literally want to go back into his archives and edit the content.
These are Spotify employees.
This isn't even the management.
And to be honest, I mean, Rogan's been quite poor at addressing these questions, especially over his official Twitter account.
He seems to want to stay out of it, at least publicly for the time being.
And I can understand why to some extent, but he's not really given any pushback publicly.
Of course, we know
Three weeks ago, when the transfer happened over to Spotify of Rogan's old podcast library, I was missing several interesting episodes, including those featuring Alex Jones, Owen Benjamin, Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Charles Johnson, and Sargon of Akkad.
Almost like there's some kind of pattern there, in terms of the right wing, or the centrist even, in some cases, episodes being completely expunged from history!
And of course we had this ridiculous bait and switch, where at first it seemed like Spotify was claiming this was just a mistake, and that these episodes would come back, and indeed they did come back!
Because I remember hosting this show, and we were talking about it a few weeks ago,
And I checked the Spotify list for Rogan's podcast archive and Alex Jones' episode, all these other episodes have been added back in.
Then lo and behold, two days later, they'd all been removed again.
So there's a tug of war going on within Spotify between the management and between these hysterical, maniacal, woke, imbecile employees who literally think they're God, literally think that they can control the narrative, the conversation.
How weak does Spotify's management have to be, given that they've signed a $100 million licensing agreement with Rogan, probably the biggest podcaster in history at this point, and they're being bullied by these little weakling, pathetic, soy boy office employees in New York.
They're literally being bullied by those people.
Headline out of Zero Hedge, remove Rogan,
Spotify staffers threatened strike unless hate-filled podcasts removed.
And not just removal, listen to this.
Having blown a hundred million to lock in infamously outspoken and uncensored podcaster Joe Rogan, Spotify is facing an internal revolt from the woke mob who have demanded broad-based editorial control, censorship, and even removal of the world's most popular podcasts, or else.
And it talks about the ones that they already removed, which I touched upon a minute ago.
But as Digital Music News reports, Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over the recently acquired Rogan Experience podcast.
That would include the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic.
Which of course is their catch-all word for anything that offends them, which is literally everything.
The employees also demanded the ability to add trigger warnings.
What is this, 2015 all over again?
Trigger warnings, corrections and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions.
There are some Joe Rogan podcasts, which is why I can't listen to them sometimes,
Which are literally five hours long.
They're gonna have fact-checkers sitting there listening to Joe Rogan shoot the breeze with some guest who isn't even an official political figure.
Like half the people he has on are comedians.
You're gonna fact-check a five-hour conversation?
A five-hour freewheeling, off-the-cuff conversation between two comedians?
Like, how nervous of Rogan's reach are they at this point?
They're literally revolting and asking to be given the power, not asking, demanding, to fact-check five-hour podcast conversations between drunk comedians.
What the hell?
Oh my God.
It continues.
If they're not granted these Ministry of Truth oversights, the mostly New York-based staff have threatened to walk out or strike.
By the way,
They were emboldened by the fact that Spotify, having initially restored these banned podcasts with Rogan, McInnes, Monopolis, Milo Yiannopoulos and the others, they got the control to delete them once again.
So they went back up and then they got deleted again.
So the sharks smelled blood.
And now because the management of Spotify is apparently so weak that it allows its own
Employees in a New York office have more power than they do in terms of editorial oversight.
Now they're going to give them more power.
Again, this mob mentality, this cave immediately mentality is going to come back to bite them in the butt.
Article continues.
They quote Joe Rogan who, when this deal was announced with Spotify, said the following.
Quote, they want me to just continue
I'm sorry for laughing, but in hindsight, this is hilarious.
They want me to just continue doing it the way I'm doing it right now.
It's just a licensing deal, bro.
So Spotify won't have any creative control over the show.
It will be the exact same show.
We're going to be working with the same crew, doing the exact same show.
Those words seem quite absurd at this point, don't they?
Not only are Spotify employees revolting, threatening to strike and walk out, if they don't get given the power to delete episodes, they now want to literally have little Weasley woke fact checkers sit in five hour episodes between Rogan and other comedians, talking off the cuff, freewheeling for five hours.
They want to give them the power to edit the episodes!
So it's not really the same show, is it Joe?
I mean, it makes YouTube look like a bastion of free speech.
Like, at least YouTube didn't have woke monitors listening into every Rogan podcast and going into the video file and editing out certain triggering sections.
This is ten times worse than that.
It says,
While the C-suite may want that in the eyeballs or ear holes, it seems the outrage mob of employees does not.
And again, the article makes the point, these Spotify employees that are demanding all this power, just fire them!
Just fire them!
Like, how can the CEO not have the power to just fire these people?
How many Americans have been unemployed as a result of this lockdown?
How many Americans would be perfectly happy to work in an office in a major city for Spotify to basically click buttons?
By the way, these Spotify employees earn $120,000 to $130,000 a year.
God only knows why.
I mean, you could save a lot of money.
The Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, he could save a lot of money by just firing them.
Just fire them!
Who knows what's going to happen with Rogan's podcast, but at the moment, three weeks in, doesn't look very good, does it?
Meanwhile, over in France, where we had the attempted bomb attack on the Eiffel Tower a couple of days ago, French prosecutors threatening machete attack, treating machete attack near former Charlie Hebdo officers as terrorism.
Basically, a guy with a machete attacked
Initially they said four people, then they said two people.
I think two people are critically ill.
Turns out he's an 18-year-old Pakistani migrant.
Imagine my shock.
Meanwhile in London, Breitbart reports London cop killer was known to counter terrorism police.
So again, after months and months of anti-cop BLM rhetoric, after those disgraceful scenes of British police kneeling to BLM agitators,
Now one of their own has been shot dead in a police station in South London, and initial reports are saying it could be linked to terrorism, so we'll wait and see if that proves to be the case.
I was going to wrap it up for the show, Breaking News at Summit.News, coming up next, War Room with Owen Troyer.
Keep it right here, don't go away.
You can feel it.
You can see it.
You can taste it.
You can smell it.
You can touch it.
And deep in my spirit,
I've got a fiery tingle up and down my spine that goes into my jaw and into my eyes.
I'm on fire right now because I know in the next 40 days of this election and the insanity and the globalist nuclear meltdown that we're going to see when Trump wins, that everything you do and everything I do is going to affect the future of the world for good or for bad.
The globalists have made a very dangerous authoritarian move with all this massive censorship and surveillance.
Just think about censorship.
It takes surveillance of what you're doing and saying to have that censorship.
They've had this massive AI move.
They've had their street bullies out shooting cops and burning down buildings and setting up checkpoints.
They have really launched an authoritarian takeover.
And it's because they're losing the hearts and minds, not just here, but worldwide.
And they know that the tide is turning against them.
So they're throwing everything they've got at us right now.
But if we let them normalize all of this tyranny and their COVID power grab and their free speech annihilations and all their physical attacks, then we will go under their tyranny and they would have broken our will.
And then things are going to get a lot worse.
The new world order is on record that if they're able to defeat Trump, Bolsonaro and others around the world that are patriots,
If they're able to successfully and effectively silence you and I, that they're going to move to a level very, very quick of unthinkable oppression and total control.
That's why they're admitting that the new forced inoculations coming next year will actually maim and kill a lot of people because Bill Gates knows he can't hide it.
That's why Trump is taking control of the process, saying he's going to have an early vaccine from a company that doesn't make one that is so dangerous or that doesn't change our DNA.
And I'm not even forcing what Trump's doing, but I understand what he's doing.
So, things have been critical for 20 plus years that I've been on air.
They were critical before that.
But they're all building, building, building, building towards this moment now and what is going to happen in the future.
And so the way we respond to this now and the way we take action to this now is like a game of pool when you first break the balls.
It's going to dictate so much of the coming game how we carry this out right now.
So ladies and gentlemen, pray to God for a global awakening.
Pray to God to give you discernment and lead God and direct you to know how to fight the enemy politically, spiritually, culturally, financially, and physically if they attack you to defend yourself.
And realize that InfoWars is truly the tip of the spear.
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I salute you, and I ask you to now count the cost, look at the historical juncture point we're at, and to make the right decision at this fork in the road.
I'm Alex Jones, and if you're watching this, never forget, you are the resistance.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
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Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
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