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Name: 20200921_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 21, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses current events in American politics and society. He believes that there is a coordinated effort by globalist forces to destabilize the country and establish a new world order, using the pandemic as an excuse to control citizens through measures like carbon credits and social credit scores. Jones accuses AOC of inciting violence and radicalization, while also blaming Trump for the economic downturn caused by lockdowns. He calls on listeners to support InfoWars and stand up against these forces in order to protect their freedom and way of life. The show covers various topics including Bertrand Russell's postulation about nations fighting leading to a world government under the UN, the failure of the UN to protect nation sovereignty, lockdowns and medical tyranny, the globalist agenda, American exceptionalism, economic supremacy, and the role of deep state actors in global politics. The importance of staying vigilant and informed during Trump's re-election campaign is also discussed, as well as the benefits of taking certain vitamins to boost the immune system against viruses like COVID-19

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While President Trump crisscrosses the country like the Energizer bunny, simultaneously signing historic peace deals in the Middle East, maintaining a shell-shocked economy... Our economy, it's going to come back very, very strong.
You know, we built the greatest economy anywhere in the world, nobody even close.
We're gonna have an incredible next year, and I look forward to it.
And fending off the Democrats' subversion.
What a despicable man.
How low can he go?
I need you to be ready.
And I need you to be ready to be responsive.
I don't think I've heard of another Trump supporter being shot.
So the **** what?
He got shot.
Is he alive?
I believe he died.
Tell us what?
Don't be a **** Trump supporter in Portland.
Mitch McConnell sent out a statement tonight.
This is a man who does not care about a dying woman's final wish.
We need to size up what we are up against.
And what we are up against is a profoundly
Established network.
Well, I have described him as an imposter and conman and a would-be dictator.
And when Trump oversteps the mark, they will fight back.
In March, Aramis Ayala, the first black state attorney elected in Florida, said her office would no longer seek the death penalty.
Three months later, Kim Foxx, the state attorney for Cook County, Illinois, announced her support for releasing nonviolent defendants without cash bail.
Foxx and Ayala are the latest in a string of progressive prosecutors who all have one thing in common, backing from the liberal billionaire George Soros.
Let this moment radicalize you.
Seventeen-year-old Andre Conley is shot and killed outside of a convenience store in Minneapolis.
Conley was a senior at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis and served as a public outreach intern for Republican congressional candidate Lacey Johnson, who's running for office against incumbent Ilhan Omar.
Pandering is upon us.
Sleepy Joe Biden hit snooze on the campaign alarm clock, but finally left his basement to cajole those who would see our republic diabolically dismantled to join him with less than two months to go.
It's estimated that 200 million people have died.
Probably by the time I finish this talk.
On top of the millions dumped on Joe Biden's campaign, organizations with ties to Obama's old friends in the Muslim Brotherhood are a part of Biden's support group.
A nod to a return to forever wars and those behind the Arab Spring.
I want to thank you for the invitation.
And thank you for ISNA's ongoing dedication to supporting and engaging Muslim Americans.
Torching of America in cahoots with the Biden-Soros army already wreaking seditious havoc on America.
Minneapolis communists from Freedom Road Socialist Organization claim credit for sparking recent riots that spread to more than 40 states.
Freedom Road supports the Communist Party of China.
Hi folks, this is Jess from Twin Cities Coalition for Justice Forgemark.
The first two weeks after George Floyd was killed saw an intense high level of organizing all day and all night, every day.
I can't tell you the joy it brought all of us to see the 3rd Precinct.
There were marches, like I said, there were rallies, and lots of buildings were destroyed, some by fire, you know, some by brute force.
Sometimes it was golf clubs, sometimes it was baseball bats.
And a lot of folks wanted to get out to other sites around the cities where there is, you know, really pitched battles happening.
And we support all of that.
While President Trump offers the United States one last chance at redemption.
Everything's gonna be down the tubes.
So whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me.
John Bowne reporting.
It is September 21st on this Monday Live Edition.
We are 42 days out.
From the election and the globalist controlled left, not just here but worldwide, is going into total and complete absolute meltdown again.
Thank you so much for joining us on this very important transmission as we kick off another live week with myself, David Knight, Owen Schroer, Dionne Lorraine, and so many other of the amazing crew here.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Don't forget we have now, through the election and through the inauguration, or through the Civil War,
The new transmission called Election Countdown.
And that is seven to nine weeknights hosted with myself, John Lorraine, Harrison Smith, Owen Troyer and many others.
Okay, let's get right into it.
Let's get right into how serious things are.
Obviously, with Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying, everything has gone into high gear since Friday night.
And the globalist corporate forces that are very close to capturing the planet and capturing the United States are now in full war mode and have everything to lose by not escalating.
And so we can guarantee in a threat compendium or timeline that they're going to carry out a list of different criminal actions, not just here, but around the world.
And we'll be laying some of those
Things out here with you today.
But I want to say something right up front here.
AOC is trained and funded by the Globalist and by the radical Marxist-Communist.
And she's funded by George Soros along with hundreds of DAs and attorneys that have now gotten elected to government at the county and city and state level.
Like Leticia James, the Attorney General of New York.
And they are very far along in their criminal takeover.
And when she came out Saturday night and said we need to take the death of RBG and use Ginsburg's death to radicalize ourselves and to really get aggressive.
Why did she say that?
Because they're the ones ramping up the physical attacks.
The bullying, the murders, the killings.
And she understands that we're headed into a very, very hot conflict that they're trying to initiate.
Whereas the average Christian, the average conservative, the average American, the average Brit, the average Aussie, the average Mexican, the average South African, the average whoever, has been living under a period of limited turmoil compared to what we're about to go into.
So I think the world's been crazy for the last
20, 30, 40 years.
Get ready, it's about to go over the edge.
And she understands that when they radicalize, we tend to not meet the threat at the same level.
Because we're just shocked and overwhelmed by it.
That's why I always say, you've got to get radical.
Because they're radical, you've got to match that or surpass that to defeat them.
These criminals
have already conditioned us and already trained us to put up with incredible criminal activity on a regular basis.
And so they're training us, even though we don't like it, even though we hate them, to accept that they randomly shoot police officers in the head and set up their own vigilante checkpoints and randomly shoot white people in the head.
They burn down police stations and federal buildings and then the media gaslights us and tells us that they're non-violent and they're heroes and you're bad.
Then they come to people's bars and physically attack them and their businesses.
And when they start physically attacking the bar owner and he shoots one of the people, he gets charged with murder.
And when he commits suicide, the state senator calls him a white supremacist with no evidence.
Because there's no bottom to these individuals.
So let's hear from AOC.
Where she's giving orders to her troops to get more radical, as if all the radicalization and the buildup you've seen of George Soros and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's color revolution that we're facing, as if you thought that wouldn't get worse, this was only a dress rehearsal for what's coming, I've been telling you, in 42 days, and now they admit just that.
Here is AOC from her rotting apple.
That of all people that are deserving here in our country, which is everybody, everybody's deserving of safety and prosperity and justice.
So listen, let this moment radicalize you.
Let this moment really put everything into stark focus.
Because this election has always been about the fight
And then she goes on for equality and a better life.
She's the one!
That's helping destabilize things and destroy the economy and run the lockdown and try to take the guns and funding the violence.
But then she says it's Donald Trump's fault.
That's the reason the economy's falling apart.
That's the reason all of this is happening.
And if you just get rid of Donald Trump, it'll all get better.
And what did Big Mike say?
What did Michelle say about a month ago?
She said at the DNC, if you think things are bad, re-elect him.
We'll make it a lot worse.
And Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, The Washington Post all said
We're going to burn America down, America, if you don't elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, because they've already sold out to China.
They've already parlayed the collapse of America into the new global government.
And Obama and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and all of them already have positions at the United Nations and big corporate jobs paying them 50, 60, 100 million dollars a year.
And billions to their foundations to sell the country out, and huge mansions by the sea they've got to pay for.
The sea, you'd have been told by Al Gore, would already have flooded New York by 2017.
So that's why they're so apocalyptic.
And when you hear AOC say, we'll all be dead in 12 years, then she says, we'll all be dead in 10 years, a month later.
You say that's ridiculous, but it's not.
Because they've put their followers into a trance.
It's like Joe Biden coming out.
Four separate times.
We're gonna play just two of them here in a moment.
And saying millions have died of COVID in the U.S., 200 million have died of COVID in the U.S., 6 million have heart failure from it or bad lungs.
None of that's even true.
There's not even 200,000 dead.
94% died of something else.
They just said COVID.
That's all admitted.
It's a pneumonia.
It's manufactured so Gates can own it.
It spreads.
Everybody's got it, basically.
So you can now be guilty.
You can now be a suspect.
You can now have your rights taken.
We know the scam.
We've cracked the code.
We've got their number.
They're making their big move.
This is their big move.
And it's not going well for them, folks.
So don't let them get you down.
But remember, they've got zombie followers.
So when you're a zombie in a trance,
Chemically and culturally and electrochemically induced by the television flicker rate.
And you see this doddering person up there telling you that more than half of America died when not even one-tenth of one percent died.
He's emblematic of the zombies.
A zombie nation has a zombie president.
And the evil anti-humans want this stupid, ugly cryptkeeper up there to demoralize us.
So here's two clips back-to-back just recently of him saying, millions are dead.
50% plus of the population is dead.
And Snope says it's true because you cannot tell a lie to Joe Biden.
Here it is.
And perhaps most cruelly of all, if Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be, it's estimated that 200 million people have died.
Probably by the time I finish this talk.
This is not a moment for excuses or deflections or blame game.
We're in the middle of a pandemic that had cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today.
Lives of millions of people.
Millions of people.
Millions of jobs.
You know, and we're in a position where, you know, we just got new unemployment insurance this morning.
36.5 million claims since this crisis began.
And almost 3 million new claims in the last week.
Unemployment rate is nearing 15%.
The highest it's been since the Great Depression.
But I need not tell you all that.
Of course, it's the least well off for being hit the hardest.
40% of the households making $40,000 or less experience a job loss.
And what's incredible is, when he makes these giant mistakes, the media doesn't call him on it, he doesn't correct it, he just continues on.
And people are watching this, and a lot of people think $200 million are dead out of $330 million.
They actually believe that.
But notice, they sell our jobs out to China, Trump gets in, turns it around, then they kill the economy with the COVID lockdown, and then turn around and blame it on Trump and on Trump voters.
What a disgusting group of criminals!
These are traitors!
These are Chinese Communist agents!
They should all be arrested!
It's us or them!
42 days out, ladies and gentlemen.
42 days out from the forces of globalism trying to fully complete their conquest of the United States.
But humanity's waking up and fighting back and there's no doubt Trump's going to win the landslide.
The Democrats have admitted that.
They're going to contest it and try to break the country up into a civil war.
They're using Black Lives Matter as their political prop.
Even though 98% of Black Lives Matter are white academics, Democrat Party operatives, congressional and legislative staffers, they keep getting arrested, and are legislative directors.
They are congressmen's top aides.
They are senators' aides.
They are connected to the Chinese government.
They are here to have a cover for the attempted overthrow of the United States.
But they don't want the civil war to be, oh, the Democrats working with Communist China and the foreign banks are trying to overthrow the United States using our openness as a weakness.
Oh no, we're here because some cops in a few jurisdictions might have made a mistake or done something wrong.
And so if the cop's white and the guy that dies is black, why, we've got to go out and attack all the white people.
And there have been racial attacks.
On whites the last few weeks accelerating that are multiple deaths every day of police and citizens being executed because they're white and the media is covering it up.
It is such an incredible crime and look how they brainwashed BLM and Antifa to say death to America and to say they want the United States destroyed.
And I've been here since Black Lives Matter was founded but with Soros money.
In 2016, over a billion dollars pumped into it, 200 plus million pumped in just last month, saying they're a prop, they're a cover, they're a shield, they're a disguise, they're a black man mask, a black woman mask, over George Soros' color revolution.
And now, that's what Trump says, it's what Town Hall says, it's what Sean Hannity says, it's what the Attorney General says, because it's true!
And the only reason I raise this is because if listeners and viewers don't understand what the enemy understands, we will lose.
If you do understand this, we'll win.
It's not about attention.
It's about you understanding how important you are, because you're the info war.
You're just as important as I am.
We know the enemy blueprint.
Remember just 10 years ago, global government doesn't exist, New World Order doesn't exist, there's no plan to lock you down under viral releases, Alex Jones is insane, there's no plan to try to get little boys to cut their genitals off, there's no pedophile agenda, it's all made up, Jones is totally insane.
Everything I made films about, everything I wrote books about, everything we laid out is exactly what is progressing, because it's an enemy battle plan!
So there's all these thousands of flavors of political ideas and people always start their own political movement to make it look like they've done something new.
There's two forces, good and evil.
There's two forces.
The American Renaissance.
And the pro-human future and the satanic anti-human future.
Those are the two sides.
And yeah, it sounds crazy to say they want a world government to carry out forced inoculations to sterilize you day one.
Then to use a global digital currency to control your behavior, where if you don't do what they say, in every other facet they turn your digital credit off.
That's called a social credit score.
I laid that out in Endgame 13 years ago, saying you'll have a digital number and a computer tracking system that rates you like a credit agency to decide who lives and who dies.
Because it was all in the Club of Rome Davos documents.
It was all in the Rockefeller Foundation documents.
And now the Attorney General understands what's going on.
And he said this about BLM.
The rule of law is the foundation of civilization, including economic prosperity.
And that's why
These so-called black lives matter people now that as a proposition who can quarrel with the proposition black lives matter But they're not interested in black lives.
They're interested in they're interested in props a small number of blacks who were killed by police during conflict with police Usually less than a dozen a year
Who they can use as props to achieve a much broader political agenda.
But I view the question of black lives as not only keeping people alive, but also having prosperity and flourishing in their communities.
That's right, the corporate media funded by the enemies of this nation, which China literally owns Hollywood, most of the media now,
Is telling you that whites and blacks need to all kill each other.
That's just 101 divide and conquer, how you bring a civilization down, how you sink the ship.
But when we come back, I'm going to lay out how RBG, the Black Lives Matter Antifa riots, and the global lockdown all tie together.
Because if you notice,
Whether it's Germany or Australia or New Zealand or Canada or the US, it's all the same groups, the same organizations, the same players that want to destroy the nation-state, that want to destroy prosperity, that want to erase 800 plus years of British common law that's gone worldwide, that is diametrically opposed to the Chinese model of legalism that is what you would call communism today.
You get any philosopher on, any sociologist, anthropologist, historian, they understand these two competing systems.
The globalists have adopted the Chinese legalist system, which is total tyranny, the original tyranny, versus the British common law of Magna Carta, 1215 Runnymede.
To the technocrats, you the commoner, I the commoner, have ze-ze-ze-ze-ze-ze-zero rights
And we are a hundred percent the chattel of the establishment and are to work ourselves to death as animals for them.
Under Runnymede and the Magna Carta, it is not our right, it is our duty, and that a person's home, whether they be the commoner or be the king of England, is their castle.
And they threatened the King to cut off his head if he didn't sign the piece of paper.
And what did the British Prime Minister Tony Blair say in 1997 in the BBC?
He said, Now you look into what a Chinese legalist is and you'll know
But it was the legal system of the emperors where you had no rights and these Chinese lawyers were God.
And now you see we're back under that again right now.
So I'll decode it all.
I'll lay it all out and tie it all together, but this is globally concerted.
And I know as an audience, you know that.
But you've got to get your husband, your wife, your neighbor, your boss, your employees, your preacher, your dentist.
You've got to get your auto mechanic.
You've got to get your farmers.
You've got to get the people aware that America and the world
And the family and individualism is under attack, and that all the freedoms we take for granted were paid for over 800 years of war, culminating in a civil war where the West led the end of slavery and lost millions of people, and now they turn around and blame us for saving the planet!
The most important election in the history of the U.S., and really the world, is just 42 days away.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And I don't have to remind listeners that the entire enemy globalist system is working around the clock to not just suppress us, but to suppress your voice.
And we were the first to be absolutely suppressed across the board in a coordinated campaign of silencing, demonization, lawsuits, criminal investigations, stalking, you name it.
Folks asked, Jones, how are you taking it?
And I said, um, really bad because I know they're coming for you.
They're coming for everybody.
So when Trump gets up there and says, listen, they're not mad at me.
They're mad at you.
They want to come through me to get at you.
It's totally true.
Within just two years, Trump reversed the one-sided trade policies that you couldn't do business here.
And immediately the stock market went up and trillions flowed back in because they're like, oh,
America is winning!
America is back in business again!
And then you saw the Democrats, led by Bill Maher and others, say, we've got to kill the economy to make people hurt for supporting Trump.
Well, if they just did it and got the blame, they'd get in trouble.
But if they say it's a virus, a hyped-up, exaggerated virus, where they say, oh, it's only 15 days, so the hospitals aren't overwhelmed, and then once they got you locked down, they had you forever.
Now it's just wear these masks.
Oh, your business is not essential.
You've got to be at 25% to make sure you can't pay your bills and go bankrupt.
But it's only for a month, two months, six months, eight months.
Oh, the UN says it's actually two years.
Oh, it'll actually never go back to normal.
And you're like, well, I'm going to complain about that.
I'm going to march against that.
That's your right, as an Aussie, or as a Brit, or as a Scott, or as a Canadian, or as an American.
And you try to go march.
And you get fined or you get arrested in places like the UK and Australia.
We have more freedoms here.
People are a little more used to standing up for themselves.
The British common law actually got more implemented here than ever got where it actually came from.
And so we're losing hundreds and hundreds of years of ground that was gained for basic freedom.
And we're letting dumbed-down mercenary armies claiming they're anti-fascists when they work for a Nazi collaborator who worked for the fascists, cut his teeth, earned his bones, got his training on the job working for Hitler, Soros, and BLM working for Soros, that's literally a satanic coven of witches that are also Marxist-Leninist, and they say it on TV that they worship the devil!
These are thugs!
But it's all unified together.
It's all tied together.
It's all a worldwide plan.
It's all been standardized.
It's all been tested.
And the globalists admit it.
But people are getting pissed.
Here's a clip from Portland last night.
Where again, they set up a checkpoint and are threatening people.
And a black guy gets out of his car to the white kids that say they're with Black Lives Matter.
And he says, are you crazy?
You don't know who lives around here.
You don't know who we are.
And his point is basic but totally true.
When you go after somebody, it's because if somebody wrongfully kills your brother or your sister or your son or daughter, and then the courts don't do the right thing, yeah, maybe you go after them.
Whether they're black or white, doesn't matter.
It's about they did something.
But the idea of randomly going to houses and screaming, we're gonna burn your house down, or we're gonna kill you, or going into restaurants and breaking stuff and yelling at people, is pure evil.
But it's designed to get a riot going.
It's designed for somebody to pull a gun out who's white and shoot some black people.
That's all this is.
But more and more black Americans are seeing through it.
And they realize the taxpayer money we pay for universities is what's producing this.
These are tentacles of metastasized
Authoritarian cancer streaming out from the universities, streaming out from the blue cities and blue states into the rest of America, demanding that we salute them and raise our fist and say, Black Lives Matter.
But that doesn't mean Black Lives Matter.
It means you have taken the orders from them.
You have now kneeled to them.
You now bow to them.
But people are standing up.
Wait, I got something to say.
I got something to say.
Yeah, what do you represent?
You don't represent this mother******, cuz you want some right here?
You don't know who Halstead was.
Who Halstead was?
Who housed that one?
You don't know!
Cuz you ain't from here!
Who housed that one?
Who housed this is on the corner right here?
You don't know!
Cuz you ain't from here!
But you come here, and you got a motherfucking little situation for us, how we supposed to be.
Cuz you ain't from here, and you got a little situation for us, nigga.
You got some shit.
You got a situation for us, huh?
How you want us to be, huh?
Can I tell you why we're here?
You ain't from this bit, nigga!
You ain't from this motherfucker!
You don't know what we've been through, motherfucker!
I'm from here.
Oh, oh, oh!
Why all these motherfuckers that ain't from here, that don't look like us, why they ain't from here?
That ought to be the refrain every time you see Antifa or BLM in your neighborhood.
You ain't from here, bitch.
They have no idea who they're messing with.
Randomly walking up to houses, shining lights at them, saying, we're going to burn your house down.
Soros and the Globalists are giving these idiot orders because they know they're going to start getting people killed.
Because people are scared.
And why the hell would I just be driving down the road?
Oh, there's a neighborhood.
Let me just randomly pull up there and start threatening to burn people's houses down.
Look, I'm not a scared guy, but let me tell you, I'd be scared randomly walking out in front of cars and just screaming at people and stopping them.
Listen, I go scream at people that did something to me.
Like when they closed all the parks in Austin and my wife and kids couldn't go down to them and I went there in front of a giant, huge, 98,000 acre park
And they got glass windows set up saying, there's COVID in here, you can't go in here.
I said, get the hell out of my park!
You're not from around here.
And the media's like, he's crazy.
He's yelling at people for no reason.
No, they did something to me.
They did something to you!
That's when you get pissed off.
And you know who they did?
They did it to all of us with this COVID giant scam lockdown garbage.
And the killing of the economy and everything they've done.
This is siege, ladies and gentlemen.
And it doesn't matter what country you're in, the UN and the financial tyranny and the big foundations and the big insurance companies that own everything through the fraud they've committed are coming in.
And it's not enough they got trillions of dollars that they stole through fractional reserve banking.
Now they want our mobility.
Now they want our houses.
Now they want to take control of our families.
And they want to turn us all against each other so they can control us!
And it's outrageous evil.
And let me tell you, I know a lot of leftists who now know that this is all a fraud.
But they went and got two or three degrees, and they believe they're going to have a position in this takeover, and so they know they're spewing race division for control.
They know they're under U.N.
They know it!
That's what's frightening.
Now, I would say 70% of liberals actually know this is all a fraud, know the mask is a scam, know the lockdown is a scam, but they want it in place as a form of power and as a form of economic and cultural siege where people can't get regular medical treatment, they're committing suicide at record levels.
And then now the winter's coming, they're going to have deaths from flu and cold, and they're going to try to lock it all down again, and they're never going to stop until we get on our knees to them!
Okay, well left, what do you want?
Who runs you?
Okay, Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers.
What's their admitted game plan?
Global depopulation?
Because they're so rich, they don't like seeing billions of us, and so they want to kill us for their power trip?
So I can't even, I can't even get on my knees and just let you run things.
That's not enough, you want to kill me!
And then,
You're not even part of the power structure of the average white liberal that's got two or three degrees and wants to run stuff.
You're not going to run anything, dumbass, in this new system.
Everywhere you live is poor and dumbed down and has feces and needles everywhere because you're all a bunch of incompetent criminals that rebelled against God and your family and biology and everything good and everything decent.
And it's disgusting.
And the worse you commit to Satan, like a degenerate gambler who's already sold everything they got, betting that last bit of college money and your last bit of savings on the craps table, you'll never stop betting on the devil because you're of your father, Satan, because you're losers.
So we should stop trying to convince these devil worshippers to stop, and we should stop following their orders and stop submitting to them!
Think about that, how basic that is, but how true that is.
You're not from here.
The guy is in his neighborhood.
He's got friends.
He's probably lived there decades.
And there are people there in his face screaming and yelling at his neighbors and telling him they're bad because some of them are white people.
And trying to make them pledge allegiance to George Soros' color revolution.
That's how weak
George Soros and Obama and Hillary think you are, and how weak the Communist Chinese think you are.
But if more Americans were like this guy, driving home from work or wherever he's been, maybe he went and had dinner, had a few drinks.
Doesn't matter, it's his neighborhood.
And they try to block his car and make him pledge allegiance to black people.
And he's like, you're invading me!
People need to start acting like that and having basic intelligence because you can have IQ and have cultural stuff.
You can have different forms of intelligence.
But if you don't have the basic psychology to stand up for yourself in your own territory, in your own neighborhood, against people in uniforms, in black uniforms,
You got a situation for us, huh?
How you want us to be, huh?
Bro, you ain't from this.
Wait, I got something to say.
I got something to say.
Yeah, what do you represent?
You don't represent this mother****** because you wasn't right here.
You don't know who Halstead was.
Who Halstead was?
Alright folks, I had intended to do the whole show today standing with this wireless mic, but I guess the battery doesn't last more than 30 minutes.
So we will move back to the seated positioning here.
But if you don't have the basic instinct to stand up for yourself, if you don't have the basic instinct to stand up when your own territory is being invaded by people in uniforms,
Who are there making you pledge allegiance to a master James Bond level criminal who is a total threat to humanity?
Well then, there really is no hope for you, is there?
So, I'm a little bit behind now because of the mic failure.
I was going to go over all this news and information over here but I can't even get to it at this point.
So when we start the next hour, I'm going to go through how all this ties together and also some really powerful news that's breaking at InfoWars.com right now.
Full Epstein flight logs set for release sparking panic among pedophile elites.
Global pedophile network now in full panic mode.
That is a big, big story.
Virgin Islands is demanding the release
of the full flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein and his passengers flying to and from his private island.
Bill Clinton was seen there by dozens of credible witnesses, including those that work for Epstein.
He was on the flight logs that are already public, though, in there many times, but now a major government is demanding it be released.
The U.S.
Virgin Islands is demanding the release of the full flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein and his passengers flying to and from his private island.
And this isn't an unrealistic request by the Virgin Islands Attorney General because the flight logs were already partially released and Epstein likely had an ulterior motive to ensure his companions were listed on the logs called blackmail.
So that is a big, big deal that is going to be coming up in the next hour.
And some of the other stuff that I'll be covering, some of the other stuff I'm going to be covering,
Just look at these headlines right here.
China's Air Force posts clip of simulated attack on US Air Base.
And then this.
All coordinated, all UN, all globalists run.
CDC adds breathing.
To ways coronavirus spreads.
So I did a joke video yesterday, downtown, saying we need to stop people breathing, that everybody needs to die to stop coronavirus.
Little did I know, hours later, they would make the joke a reality.
We haven't even released the video.
We shot it yesterday, got busy, didn't release it.
Greg Reese is in there putting it together right now.
COVID whistleblowers are making money from tattling on those who break the rules all over the world.
You indirected.
Australia's coronavirus lockdown strategy work.
Could this be the model for the US?
That's CNN today.
Told you that was coming.
Australia is the model.
Monkey see, monkey do.
So is China.
And now it's all coming here.
UK unveils harsh $13,000 fines for breaking quarantine.
Anti-mask mayhem.
Trafalgar Square arresting conspiracy theorists that are there demanding the lockdown end.
Oh, if you just want something to end, you're a conspiracy theorist, means you have no value.
They're not going to arrest conspiracy theorists in Australia with a new law they're trying to pass.
The government says they've got the votes.
If you criticize it, you'll be arrested.
Just like that, you're beyond 1984.
Australia coronavirus lockdown strategy work.
Could this be the model for the US?
See, same headlines everywhere.
What lockdown 2 looks like.
Harsher rules, deeper confusion.
New York Times, see.
Oh, it's supposed to last 15 days.
Now 8 months in, it's gonna be harsher and never gonna end.
We're so liberal.
Nigel Farage, who got Boris Johnson into office, now says he's an enemy of the people.
Frosch says no to second national lockdown, reject Boris Johnson's elective dictatorship.
Video, Biden again says millions of Americans have died, 200 million, total lies.
But again, don't try to say that on Facebook, they'll stop you because Biden is the truth, the oracle.
Denial and defiance.
Trump and his base downplay the virus ahead of election.
Oh, thank God for Trump.
That's the New York Times attacking him.
But meanwhile, capitalism isn't working anymore.
Here's how the pandemic could change forever.
A universal income controlled by the UN.
Oh, of course.
And the global debt is exploding as generations of wealth are destroyed during the lockdown because of Corona.
No, because of the UN lockdown.
Which they call the Great Reset.
It's all coming up.
Van Morrison is set to release three anti-coronavirus lockdown protest songs.
That's the answer.
Fight back against the lie now.
Because it's always, oh, just 15 days, oh, just two months, just six months, just a year, just a year and a half, just two years, just forever.
Just like the criminal when they put a gun to you, to a woman, they say, get in the van or I'm gonna shoot you.
I'm scared.
Listen, I won't hurt you, just put the handcuffs on.
He gets you in the back, handcuffs you, puts a gag on you and says, you dumb bitch,
That's what they do on record!
And he takes you down to that dungeon, he tortures you for a good three months, rips all your teeth out, and then finally when you just give up and he shoes you up, he blows your head off.
And that's what Governor Newsom's gonna do to you, and Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping, and Bill Clinton, because they're all way worse than any psycho you ever heard of, because they're high-functioning.
And the whole world is a place for them to get away with this and do this type of stuff.
So that's all coming up and how it all ties together.
That's how the globalists operate.
And I'm just here to show you who they are and what they're doing.
And I'm sorry it's all true, but it is.
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Because it funds the info war.
Hour number two straight ahead!
I'm in war mode!
42 days out!
There's warmth and fire.
The founders of Black Lives Matter and all them are actually into an anti-African cult that feeds off the energy of black people.
It's just a fact that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer.
People are celebrating Satan in the way that
Many of us Christians celebrate God.
And so, you know, it's about black people, their suffering, and their agenda being used to further a cause that's much bigger.
And it is the Marxist socialism, the cultural Marxism, that they are making promises to blacks and other groups that are disenfranchised or poor, but it takes us back to the same failed Marxist socialist goals.
We actually do have an ideological frame.
Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers.
We are trained Marxists.
Patrisse Cullors, the one you just heard there saying that she's a trained Marxist and that she and other BLM co-founders are trained Marxists, she said, quote, I'm calling for spirituality to be deeply radical.
We're not just having a social justice movement.
This is a spiritual movement.
Maybe I'm sharing too much, but we become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly, right?
Like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality.
You know, I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know, and I didn't meet her in her body, right?
I met her through this work.
Dr. Abdullah and Patrice Cullors talks about summoning the spirits of the dead.
Using the power of the spirit of the dead in order to give them the ability to do what they're calling the so-called justice work.
You're gonna find that what they're describing is their adherence to the Yoruba religion of Ifa or Aifa.
I started to feel personally connected and responsible and accountable to them.
From a deeply political place, but also from a deeply spiritual place.
Now, in case you're wondering who that is speaking, that is Patrisse Cullors.
Co-founder of the Black Lives Matter organization.
The same one you just heard saying, we are trained Marxists.
Say their names, we do that all the time.
That you kind of invoke that spirit, and then those spirits actually become present with you.
Now y'all see all of this, the NBA, all on the jersey, say her name.
They're not doing what you think they're doing.
You think they're just honoring people.
They are conjuring up spirits!
So when we say it's a spiritual battle, it is.
These women, these Marxists, who tell you we don't want men to have testicles, we don't want to have a black family, how could you say you're a bigger enemy of humans?
Of black people?
It doesn't say, we are here to destroy the family.
That is their maxim.
80% of abortion clinics in America are in minority neighborhoods.
Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted in 50 years.
Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted in 50 years.
You cannot say black lives matter and then
Kill yourselves.
And you look at the spell they've got over people that have taken on this, just murder the police, murder innocent people, shoot people at checkpoints, burn things down, go into restaurants and attack people because of what color they are.
And these women conducting their little white magic rituals out in the open like Irina Baranovich does, but then the black magic is done internally.
I mean, these are just arrogant, slob-like jokes.
But they've got the power of Soros, who is a dark magician of the highest order, behind them.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
It's September 21st on this Monday edition, 42 days out from the historic election.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're into hour number two.
Now, just yesterday, we were downtown with a drone flying around, showing who's wearing masks, who isn't, to show how ridiculous it all is.
We're going to have that video coming out soon.
And I see painted on the railroad trestle a sign saying, breathe, which is really a good thing.
Actually, Ted Nugent's wife was on a few months ago with Ted.
She said, Alex, just breathe.
That's what my wife tells me.
It's what everybody tells me.
I need to breathe.
It's true.
Still take action.
Sometimes I forget to breathe for like a minute when I'm on air.
I'm talking so fast, I'm so excited.
Because this is an exciting time to be alive.
But now, this new article is at newswars.com and infowars.com.
Because I saw that Wall Street Journal article a few months ago saying, looking forward to the end of humanity, we're the fallen creatures that can't handle viruses and we're dirty and we're bad for the earth.
Humanity all needs to be phased out and new silicon creatures take over.
We've heard that before from the UN and from Bill Gates and from Ted Turner and all of them.
There it is on screen for TV viewers.
So they're externalizing their
They're religion, but they want to make it dystopic for us and make us all fight with each other and break down civilization so we give up and just kill each other and then let them inherit the future.
That's all this is, is a culling operation and getting us to turn off our life force.
And the very people that are doing this have already turned theirs off and are trying to project their hatred of themselves onto us.
So I've made the joke video, we'll play in a moment, but it really wasn't a joke, saying, what's next, telling people not to breathe?
Because the only way you save people from COVID, because again, does it matter if millions commit suicide from COVID or millions die because they starved to death because of the COVID lockdown?
Or millions don't get medical care because of COVID and die, which they admit it's killing hundreds of times what COVID is, even if you believe in COVID.
Then why not just get rid of humanity altogether, like the Wall Street Journal said?
And little did I know, the CDC, hours later, early this morning, the next day, Monday,
Says breathing is the problem and that breathing spreads it.
Well, I mean, if we're going to kill millions to save one person, then we must kill the entire seven and a half billion population of the earth to save us from COVID.
Only that will stop the spread.
Only that will cut the curve.
Only that will crush the curve.
And I nominate Bill Gates, Ted Turner,
Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller.
Oh, he's already dead.
All the group that are part of the Eugenics Depopulation Club that the Wall Street Journal reported on, glowingly.
I nominate Oprah Winfrey.
I nominate Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Oh, sorry, he's in hell too.
I nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg to go first.
Oh, sorry.
But seriously, you guys go first.
Oh, but you're the guardians of the evolution.
You're the guardians.
And then you do everything you can to dumb us down, poison us, make us stupid, so you can sit there and play God.
You're disgusting filth.
Hey, Bill Gates Sr., you go first.
Oh, sorry, you just died too.
All that life extension isn't working too well for you, Tom Brokaw, is it?
So, CDC adds breathing to ways coronavirus spreads.
I made the joke, and now it's the reality.
Kill yourself to save life, folks.
That's the new logic.
Here it is.
The Wall Street Journal is looking forward to the end of humanity, and suggests that Silicon Valley moguls can save humanity by merging us with machines.
And the CDC warns that COVID spreads by singing, talking and breathing.
But how would one avoid breathing?
Perhaps these elite moguls just want us all to die.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in downtown Austin.
We just found a very serious microaggression.
You know, in forums in Europe and the United States and Canada, they say, when you're enrolling your child, don't say male or female, because other people might not be male or female, and the existence of male or female is hurtful.
Well, this says, breathe.
Well, not everybody can breathe.
And so we should not allow people to say, please breathe, because that's discriminatory.
It's those that aren't breathing.
We know them as the dead, but some people identify as not breathing.
I am offended.
And I called the city of Austin to remove that.
That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
No, actually, that's the globalist operation.
Wage war on language, wage war on communication, and turn universities not into engines of enlightenment, but engines of mental illness to sabotage our country.
Everything the left promotes in America is illegal in communist China.
But communist China finances all of this cultural revolution here to destroy us.
So, please breathe.
And remember, wearing the mask is a symbol of being a slave.
Wearing the mask is a symbol of being under the globalist manipulation and under their control.
And it's the symbol of being a captured prisoner who is muzzled like an animal.
Just like women under Islam wearing burqas over their heads.
It has nothing to do with protecting you, nothing to do with your safety.
It has everything to do with you accepting the forced inoculations they now admit are coming and the UN-run contact tracers.
This is the world government AI social credit store rollout.
The good news is humanity is awake to it and fighting back.
So last night I did a video, you just saw it premiere here, where breathing is bad and it all ties together.
I want to take your phone calls for the rest of the hour before Allie Alexander joins us in the studio on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on the fact that Atlanta and Houston and all over the country, they're coming door-to-door demanding blood samples.
They say, well we do pressure you, but there's no law.
And they say, but we're going to be like Australia soon.
We're going to start doing lockdowns where you can't even leave your house.
That's the New York Times.
And again, we told you this because it's a standardized plan.
Black Lives Matter is worldwide.
Antifa is worldwide.
The COVID lockdown is worldwide.
It's all recognized by the UN.
And it's all their plan and their control and their pretext.
I shot a video on Saturday after I did a special two hour show.
About how DARPA admits that they're developing an implantable microchip that dissolves into your bloodstream so you can't ever get it out of you to prove you've had COVID-19 vaccines or to test for COVID-19.
And my wife's like, is that really true?
So I showed her the MIT link.
It was even on DrugsReport.com.
And she tweeted it and people couldn't believe it.
And they also couldn't believe that they're going door-to-door for your blood.
So everybody started posting under it.
Oh, LA's doing it.
Houston's doing it.
Atlanta's doing it.
Yeah, folks, it's going down, okay?
And again, they did all the test parameters where almost everybody's going to be positive and see it's never going to end.
That's why it's synthetic.
So they can spread it and mark you and then control you and then disappear you when they want.
And I told you next would be permanent lockdowns, and then would be if you disagree with COVID-19, and say they're using it for a power grab, you disappear, and now Australia is set to pass a law to arrest you if you criticize it, because only who?
The WHO!
Only the World Health Organization gets to have speech, even though they've been caught lying about everything.
They get to silence doctors.
They get to silence scientists.
They had a French news agency as big as AP Worldwide come out and say,
Is Jones right about them paying $52,000 for every person that's in a hospital with COVID?
And they said, we don't know, even though it's confirmed.
And they go, and Jones claims they want to shut the world economy off using COVID.
I show you the Davos documents.
But they said, oh, it's not true.
And they just went on to deny all the things that are actually happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Totally and completely
They get $52,000 for every person they say have COVID.
If they put a tube down their throat and kill them.
And that's a bounty on you to corrupt everybody and to get away with it.
And what you see in Australia is coming to you.
And you don't have to wait.
And they don't care what Trump says.
They don't care what the military says.
They don't care what Congress says.
They've got the cities and counties bought off.
And that was always the UN plan, was to get control of them.
And they get control of the law enforcement and the district attorneys.
And they've got the district attorneys in every major city.
Every major city is either a leftist or a Soros person.
And even the leftists are getting scared.
I talked to one of the high-level leftists, one of the top Democrats in Austin.
He said, you were right about all this.
Soros is taking Austin over.
Can we meet with you to find out how to stop them?
And that's the separation of powers the founders talked about.
As soon as the Democrats finally figure out they're chi-com idiots, that they've been duped, and that they're gonna be thrown out, they might actually join Republicans and stop this.
But there's not much more time.
That's how serious this is.
America is under foreign attack!
We're fighting for our lives, for God's sakes!
You know, Glenn Beck's got chalkboards.
Those are good things to use.
I think I'm going to imitate that.
He didn't invent the chalkboard.
He ripped off most of what we do, so that's the most sincere form of flattery.
But I'm thinking about getting a chalkboard, actually, because we can illustrate a lot there.
But I've got a few props here.
During the break, I was thinking about this this morning.
Like, 4 a.m.
when I woke up, and then I forgot until during the break.
I was thinking, what do I got laying around the office that I can use as a prop to describe this that's really, really important?
And I know the audience already knows this, but this is what you gotta explain to your friends and family.
So let me do it this way, then I'm gonna give the number out and take your calls coming up next segment.
Let's take Madam President as the archetypal image of true Satanism, true selfishness, just absolute emptiness, and everything that is opposed to human development.
Madam President and the forces that she represents, though she's just an archetype of Satan.
Then I thought, what do I have as props?
Well, I've got a chess board, and then I've got this cool crystal falcon that my wife gave me, that we got in Mexico.
But it's still a predator bird, so we'll look at it as a predator.
Because what is a sociopath, or worse than that, what's a psychopath?
Well, it's a predator.
It doesn't care about you.
It doesn't want to build a civilization with you.
It doesn't like making you dinner and seeing you happy.
It doesn't like giving you a massage.
It doesn't like giving you pleasure.
It likes to rape people.
It likes to take things.
It likes to hurt people.
And once you start thinking about the world through its eyes, things make sense.
Whereas I like to give pleasure.
I know you do as well.
I love to cook a good dinner for people.
I love them to cook a good dinner for me.
I love to, you know, make my wife feel good.
I love to try to empower you because I'm a part of you.
I'm not cut off psychically.
I am part of you.
I'm an individual, but I'm psychically connected to you.
So your success is, it makes me feel successful.
When people don't do well, I don't feel good about that.
Unless they're evil and an enemy.
But see, these sociopaths and psychopaths and satanists, conscious satanists, they know most people are inherently good.
They're fallen, they have bad in them, but they want good.
They're inclined towards good.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
I think that's what Paul said.
But see, to win the chessboard, they have to convince the average person that they're under attack.
So, if you've got Black Lives Matter, I guess let's just say symbolized by these brown pieces over here, run by Soros, A, you know, already they're under the command of Soros, they're not trying to help black people, but they think they're helping black people, though their king is Soros and Satan over here.
And that doesn't represent black people.
That's a hoax itself.
And then you've got the so-called white pieces.
If they can show a black person being wrongfully killed, that creates the perception
That they're being killed and so people get really, really upset even though, as Attorney General said, it's about 12, the numbers I've seen are 14 black men get wrongfully killed a year by police in cases that are found where it's the cop made a mistake or was crazy or whatever and it does happen.
Let's just say it's 100.
The point is, there aren't as many pieces on this chessboard of actual black men killed by police that can be proven that was wrong than there are on a chessboard.
Whereas there are 2,000 black men killed by other black men in Chicago on average every year.
That'd be 2,000 chess pieces versus these chess pieces.
Think about that.
On one side of a chess board there's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
So there's two more chess pieces on one side of the chess board than actual black men that die.
But can you imagine 2,000 brown chess pieces dead?
By the evil white pieces.
But is it actually white pieces doing it?
Picture humanity as this chessboard, and we think we're fighting with each other in Divide and Conquer.
We think we're winning a war on this planet.
But up here is the spirit, this predator, that's represented by his operatives on this planet.
They can be white, they can be black, but their souls are evil.
That is preying on this whole thing.
But see, it's in another dimension.
It's see-through.
They can't see it.
We can see it if we have spiritual discernment, but see, it's not black, it's not white, it's not brown.
It's an entity.
And it knows that if we have memory and a common sense and logic, it can't fool us.
So that's why they've trained us with television and the culture to go from on average 45 minute
I think?
Imagine if these pieces were moving against you, but your memory wasn't even as long as one checker or one chess square.
So you couldn't even see it moving, because unless it moved in instantly against you, you couldn't even fight back.
Because even though it's moving against you, taking your rights, taking your freedoms, poisoning you, giving you cancer, you can't see it because you don't have a memory.
Because a memory is nothing but time-space understanding.
It's sight.
So if you don't know the past and you don't know the present, you sure won't know the future.
This entity is manipulating you and controlling you and it wants to destroy the entire board.
It doesn't see color.
It sees humans.
It wants dominance over that board because
What we turn into, what we become in the universe is much more dominant than this, and it doesn't like that, and it wants control of this planet.
This is some pretty good real estate.
And you don't just think that there's humans that want control of this real estate.
The Bible tells us there is a fallen entity that needs to be knocked down.
Oh, and it's beautiful.
Satan's very pretty.
But it wants to destroy you, and it will beguile you, and it will lie to you.
The only way to defeat it is to admit that it's a game, and it's playing us off against each other, and recognize it, and come together.
And understand that our destinies are all tied together, and that this thing is not our friend, and it's here to destroy us.
But until we do that, we have absolutely no power over this.
And that's really the simple allegory or the analogy that I wanted to show you.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-ALEX, or 512-646-1776.
This creature is not invincible.
We've beaten it before, we'll beat it again.
But if you deny the devil's existence, that is his greatest trick.
It's real.
And it wants to destroy you and enslave you and control you.
And I suggest that you don't let it have that victory over you and start understanding the reality.
Fourteen black men are killed by police in the wrong every year conservatively.
It could be even lower.
Learn statistics, learn real numbers, learn Planned Parenthood that says it loves you and runs the Democratic Party.
But its main mission is to kill all of these.
But really, it was only setting the precedent to knock out a group that racist whites would agree with knocking out before it turns and gets everybody.
See, it's gotta trick people, trick this group.
To isolate this group and take it out, and then it turns on this group.
And to do that, it gets this group to do horrible things and attack this group.
So this group gets pissed off and goes, okay, I'll kill them.
And it's like, thanks for taking them out.
Now I'm going to kill you.
Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil.
If I were the prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first.
I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young, I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach to pray after me.
Our father, witch art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized.
I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
If I were the devil, I'd soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves, until each in its turn was consumed.
And with promises of higher ratings, I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flame.
The President of the United States is racist.
If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect the discipline of
Promotions just let those run wild.
Within a decade, I'd have prisons overflowing.
I'd have judges promoting pornography.
Soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress.
And in his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion.
I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money.
If I were the devil, I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.
I would caution against extremes.
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
In hard work, in patriotism, in moral conduct, I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on TV is the way to be.
And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.
In other words, if I were the devil, I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing.
Now you know the rest of the story.
Alright, we're taking your phone calls on the medical tyranny.
It's not a prediction that this is UN run and they're gonna come with contact tracers and blood draws and secretly arrest you and disappear you to secret facilities.
That's what the UN said they'd do eight months ago and now in Quebec City, now in Ohio, USA, now in Australia,
Now in Dallas and Houston and everywhere, they're coming with the forced blood draws and saying we're going to start arresting people.
They're trying to get cops to do it.
They're arresting people not wearing masks.
This is the takeover!
It has nothing to do with the virus or the death numbers.
It's the power grab to lock our economy down when China's wide open for business.
Now the CDC says breathing is a problem.
It's the reason coronavirus is spreading.
It's an attack on reality.
Ali Alexander is going to be joining us coming up next hour.
We've got several really important special reports we're going to premiere.
We're going to be looking at the fires all over the United States.
The Pentagon coming out saying China has direct energy weapons to attack space targets and ground targets.
And a lot of experts a year ago during the fires said a lot of them look like they're laser targeted.
We're going to look at that as well with the Greg Rees report.
Well, let's go to your calls right now.
We've got Mountain Patriot, and Jeff, and Forrest, and Kelly, and Taylor, and Matt, and Ian, and Eric, and Bella, and so many others.
I'm going to move quick through these.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff.
Jeff in Colorado.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Thanks for having me on.
I'm doing all right, brother.
Go ahead.
I want to talk about biblical prophecy, because you've touched on this a lot.
I truly believe that we are living in those times, and I've tried to warn people around me about that.
And they have this hopeless optimism that we're going to return to the way things were, and I'm just not feeling it.
I mean, the UN says it never ends, that it would never stop.
They're never going to, until we start saying no.
But see, it's always, oh, it'll stop someday.
We'll be a thousand years from now with forced inoculations, everybody's, most of us are dead, you know, masks are glued on, we're born, if these people had their way.
Well, and I want to take it a step further and go a little deeper with this.
In the Bible, it says that, you know, people who are really following the word will receive
I agree.
They're going to do that one way or the other next year.
The one I wanted to talk about has to do with Obama, and I had a dream that it was at Denver International Airport, people were running around, they were preparing for some sort of imminent attack, a bomb, a missile, something, and then the dream shifted to this underground facility where there were these guys at a boardroom table.
Obama was there manufacturing this imminent attack, whatever that attack was.
I woke up at 2 AM.
And to be honest with you, I've never given a second thought about Obama since he left office.
I thought, okay, when he was president, maybe this guy could be the Antichrist because of the hope message and how people practically worshipped him and the media worshipped him.
But now, if you think about it, out of chaos comes order.
There will be chaos for the rest of the year.
And don't expect 2021 to be smooth at all.
It's going to get worse.
And don't expect the deep state to ratchet back what they're doing.
Amazing points, Jeff.
Go ahead and finish up.
Well, who do you think would step up?
Who do you think the U.N.
would appoint who would be a godlike status
Oh, there's no doubt this is all being prepared.
That's why Soros, the document said, tried to cause martial law before so Obama could stay in office.
They definitely treat him like some type of messiah figure.
Thank you so much for your call.
Great points.
Carlos in Canada is always a great caller.
Let's go to him.
Carlos, go ahead.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
I wanted to just mention that the very important event took place to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1950.
James Paul Warburg, an international financier, of course, and banker, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that world government, you're going to have it one day, whether by consent or by force.
I think you said by consent or conquest.
Yes, you're right.
And we're there.
We're at the stage where the United Nations, for instance, instituted initially to keep peace among nations by having the sovereignty of nations protected by the entire collective.
So that no individual nation could just jump over the border and do whatever it wants on the sovereignty of the smaller nations.
That was the design.
You were going to have five basic, if you want to call it control, huge nations with atomic power and all the rest were going to be nations protected by the collective rules.
So it's a UN world government just like Hunger Games?
Who gave them that mandate?
Nobody did.
They have no mandate.
In fact... Yeah, well, President Trump and any... and he's not alone, by the way.
I know for a fact that there are organizations worldwide who are questioning the authority of the United Nations to intervene.
No, I agree.
How big a deal is it that Trump's pulled out of the WHO, pulled out of treaties?
That shows he's the real deal.
He needs to fully pull out of the United Nations.
He needs to take the property in New York.
Well, it's a joke.
I mean, look at the sovereignty of a country that is not protected.
The moment that the collective does not protect the sovereignty of a country... No, I agree.
Americans and others are probably going to start moving on the UN building like they did on Ceausescu in Romania.
And I'm not calling for that, I'm just saying it's backed up by a bunch of stolen money and a bunch of Rothschild money, and it's backed up by the media.
That's it!
And it's our enemy that wants to lock us down and kill us!
They want to kill us!
Let's go right back to Carlos in Canada.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and a lot of other callers like Forrest and Mountain Man and Atomic Age and many others.
All right, so you were getting into United Nations and overstepping its role.
Imagine we wake up eight months ago and if the UN doesn't say it's true, you can't say it, including hospitals, medical doctors, suddenly the UN is boss
It is a question of the concept of the United Nations.
It arose as a failure of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.
And in World War I, the reason why Versailles failed in large measure was because empires were still empires.
They had colonies.
So they were forced by financial interests and by, you know... Yeah, the very robber barons that wanted to have a financial empire, get rid of the old empires, they set up the League of Nations, which failed by design.
Right, and then the colonies were taken apart from the empires.
Empires collapsed, so you had France and so on.
Some interests were even that even France wouldn't be part, remain even as a nation.
And so it was essentially small nations in control by atomic powers, essentially.
And that was the concept.
Now the idea was... That's right, Bertrand Russell postulated that.
And he said if other nations fought, that the world government would just nuke them.
But you see, it was the United Nations, the sovereignty of each individual nation protected by the collective under a reasoned, if you want to call it, executive, based on Ruskin's ideas of the elites are better than the commoners to rule themselves.
So when you look at it in the context of what it was created, the United Nations is totally out of, totally out of mandate.
It is absolutely irrelevant.
It doesn't even protect the sovereignty of nations.
Look at the Palestinian-Israeli struggle.
I mean, for instance, okay, with all respect to the fact that I respect the right of nations to exist, it doesn't matter that if the sovereignty of a country is invaded by another, by bombing or by belly, causes belly, then at that point, the United Collective is supposed to get together and say, wait, cut it out, because according to the rules of the game, we don't, we maintain peace by collective sovereignty support.
Now, if you do not do that,
And the United States sovereignty at the level of you and I is to tell me, and you, and Canada, or in the United States to wear a mask.
I mean, what is this?
It's supposed to be a league of nations where we go and then make decisions.
It's not where the UN tells us what to do.
It's a corporate world government.
Thank you, Carlos.
Let's move quick now through the calls.
A lot of great callers here.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's been holding longest here?
Ian in Utah, then Beefy in Virginia.
Go ahead, Ian.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the show.
Thank you.
This is my first time calling in, and I'd like to talk about how ridiculous Joe Biden's claim was at his speech saying 200 billion people will die after he's done with his speech.
I did the math this morning.
That's 25 times the entire world population in his claim.
Well, that might have been a typo you read.
He says 200 million.
Oh, 200 million.
I thought I heard billions.
But it's still over half the U.S.
Of course, it isn't true, but I mean, Joe Biden cannot say a falsehood.
You didn't know more than half the U.S.
was dead?
What do you make of how the media won't even challenge him on this?
I think it's completely ridiculous, because they're going after everyone else.
And I know you're not really on social media anymore, but these fact-checkers
Quote-unquote fact-checkers, they are ruthless right now.
Yeah, they've got a name for them.
They're called censors and they're run by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Chinese government, sir.
I appreciate your call.
You're all on social media, so you just take our stuff, post it up there.
Just don't put my name in it, and it'll go viral.
They block the stuff.
Or ridicule it.
The fact-checkers are too dumb to let it go forward.
Oh, this guy's a real piece of crap.
Listen to what he has to say.
Listen to this piece of garbage.
He says the lockdowns should have never been done.
Again, yes, they say that the UN is in charge of the fact check.
Let's go ahead and go to Beefy in Virginia.
Beefy, you're on the air.
What's going on, Alex?
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You do a great job and you're definitely a soldier for God and patriotic America.
I'm a local government worker here in Virginia.
And, you know, they're forcing this medical tyranny upon all of the employees.
They're forcing us to wear masks in or whether we're in a building or we're not.
You know, we could be outside, but they say, you know, if we're within six feet of somebody to have a mask on, you know, we're outdoors.
Riding in work trucks.
They're like, you know, put a mask on in the work.
Well, you need to sue them because the federal courts have ruled they can't do all this.
These lockdowns are illegal.
They're garbage.
They're not science.
Everybody's got to challenge it because next is the contact tracing, which is here.
The blood draws of the forced inoculations and the disappearing people.
It's all official.
It's all being beta tested.
CNN, MSNBC say we're going to be like Australia by next year.
We all have to stand up to it.
I mean, one by one, little by little, I mean, they're taking our rights.
And here in Virginia, we've got this crackpot governor.
Um, Northam, uh, Blackface, or... Well, what he is is he's compromised.
He's fully compromised.
Yeah, and he says, oh, we got contact tracing apps for the government worker phones coming.
You gotta draw the line in the sand now, brother.
I stand up against it.
Thank you, Beefy, for calling.
Let's talk to Patriot in Africa.
Patriot in Africa, welcome.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
It's just incredible to see the medical tyranny and just the great research program being set all over the world.
Just technocracy coming in, police state.
It's just unbelievable what's happened in the last few months.
It's all happening, and just like any war, it's boom.
It invades.
It's like there's nothing there, and then bam, the dam breaks, and we're inside of it.
Yeah, and then just how the public has just bought into all of it, and they're loving the tyranny.
They're loving enforcing the mask, and the social distancing, and any
And what's crazy is local businesses love staying closed or 25% even though it's bankrupting them and Amazon and Walmart and Target aren't.
So all the big money is consolidating power, starving the third world.
I mean, look at what's happening all over the world.
Africa, the starvation.
COVID isn't causing that.
The COVID lockdown is.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, the head of the UN Food Program said the famine scores are going to be biblical in proportion.
I mean, they're estimating tens of millions are going to die.
The lockdowns have been a catastrophe.
They've wrecked the world economy.
And as you said, when the first world sneezes, the third world gets sick.
And it's just ridiculous.
We're in big trouble here.
We're in big trouble.
And they have a great reset agenda coming up next year.
So they're looking to collapse the economy further, consolidate power, trillions in bailouts, just consolidating everything.
The mega banks are just sucking everything up, sucking our freedom, sucking our dignity.
We need to stand up.
We need to resist, Alex.
I agree, brother, and you're on fire.
I mean, for folks that don't know, the average person in the third world has two weeks of food and money, and millions more are dying.
These are real numbers.
And so when the left wears their mask and keeps things locked down and says they're virtue signaling, they need to be yelled at.
With the cover of Soros, Black Lives Matter, over 14 black dudes, while millions of Africans, millions of Latin Americans, millions of Middle Easterners, they're starving to death right now.
This is real.
You know, you got Ilhan Omar talking about how America's evil and bad.
Meanwhile, she doesn't say a word about 3 million Muslim Uyghurs in death camps in China, or Christians, or Buddhists.
I mean, this is outrageous.
Give us a ballpark.
Where are you in Africa?
What are you seeing?
I'm in Zambia and obviously the lockdowns there have been heavily enforced and the economy has been real bad.
Alex on the ground, the small business owners have just been hit really hard.
I'm seeing the effects of the poverty and it's just really sad to see.
Well, you know, the head of the Davos Group, Bragg, he said, we're going to take over every small business with this.
And he laughed about it and said, this is the great reset of vertical integration.
They need to be called out.
But when they see us,
Not calling out China, doing stuff way above what Hitler did or Stalin did.
They have a green light.
And so, what do you think everybody should do?
I just say get in the face of leftist organizations everywhere and let people know that they are the diabolical killers.
They are the genocidists.
The people behind the COVID hysteria are genocidists.
The eugenicists at the top.
I read the great recent book that he put out, Schwab.
Yeah, we need to stand up now, because once they kill the economy for good, people are going to be too busy just trying to survive to resist any of the tyranny going on.
But now is the time, before it's too late.
We need to stand up, we need to reclaim our rights, we need to not bow down to the social distancing and the enforcing, and we just need to stand up, Alex.
Well, sir, let me get your number if we can't have you on as a guest, because I finally have gotten bigger crew.
They're great.
We're filing on seven days a week.
We're doing some commercial-free shows with callers.
I'd like to have you on for 20, 30 minutes as a guest, so don't hang up, Patriot in Africa.
Yeah, folks, everybody's under attack.
And then when they collapse Africa and Latin America and Asia and the Middle East, then they're going to flood us with desperate people.
The left will be waiting to then turn them into anti-Europeans and then make us all kill each other.
I mean, these people know what they're doing, ladies and gentlemen, and we need to stand against it.
They want to kill the Africans.
They want to kill the Europeans.
They want to kill everybody.
We'll be back.
I didn't even plug this hour.
Infowarestore.com got a big sale.
Don't you mind, promise we're going to be shut down.
You know, all these globalists like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, they want to keep playing games like they're God.
Good luck with that.
You heard that caller, really smart, really on target, and you heard the desperation.
You can tell that's probably some middle class or well-to-do person in Zambia.
Watching the total martial law and the starvation.
People dying.
And there it's very dignified.
You just... Oh, the family starts dying because there's not enough food.
And it's called malnutrition.
Oh, they die out of the cold.
And there's just funerals all over the place.
Everybody's dying.
And the little liberals walk around with their mask and let's keep things shut down and the white people are all racist and meanwhile the real globalists that want to kill everybody have become the mass murder of Africa particularly.
And let me tell you, I'm not virtue signaling like I'm some bleeding heart, oh the Africans, I do care about them.
I care about me.
You think we kill all these babies with abortion, it doesn't come back on us?
You think we let the Africans have this done to them?
Because in Africa, people work their ass off.
They're not like spoiled American blacks or whites.
That's why I know a lot of Africans from Africa, they see black Americans and think, you don't have no idea, you got it, you look like a king compared to Africa.
And here's the good news.
For everybody that doesn't care about America, you're going to learn because the globalists are going to take everything from you and you're going to be living like people in Africa.
Because we turned our back on Christianity.
I don't blame you.
They took over the churches.
They did it.
Ali Alexander is a great political analyst.
I used to have him on years ago, and he was a pretty good guest, but he wasn't that hardcore.
Now that he's gotten hardcore, he's a great guest.
So, we have him on quite a bit.
We appreciate his work.
He's a fellow Texan, lives in Dallas.
He's coming in.
And we've got another guest host taking over, Gerald Cilente.
I'm going to take 15 minutes of him, so we have time to take calls.
Gregory said a special report we're going to premiere that's very powerful.
And a lot more.
But I'm gonna go to Bella, and I'm gonna go to all these callers that are patiently holding.
Who's been home the longest now?
That'd be Bella in Texas at Atomic Age.
Bella, you're on the air.
Alex, as someone who escaped China and the CCP and came to America, I bring an important message for liberty-loving patriots around the world.
Are you ready?
Alright, so listen carefully.
I think the tragedy of a lost nation resulted from its people's tolerance of tyranny, the people's inability to act, and sacrificing liberty for security.
I was born and raised in China, so I know what most of you don't know out there.
I am witnessing every day how America is getting sicker and sicker from the infection of this spiritual virus, and this spiritual virus wants to eat our soul,
We're good to go.
I think.
We cannot lose hope.
We can win, and we can prevail, even when globalists' deadly, their deadly evil claws are clenching into the flesh and the soul of us.
But that's why I came all the way here to America, from China.
I didn't come this far to only come this far, and as a matter of fact, it gives me heart-wrenching pain every day to sit by
No, no, I remember and everything got confused.
I had a bunch of family crises last week.
I talked to you guys about the White House press corps deal.
I know what you guys are doing and then something got lost in translation.
So let me do this, okay?
Tell the producer, put them on hold and just give her my number, okay?
I'll take care of it.
Because I think you're on fire.
Then there was confusion about whether you were coming here to talk about a business thing or get you on here to talk about China.
And I'd like to get you on to talk about a guest about growing up in China and what that was like, vice versa.
So I remember that meeting.
I recognized your voice right when I heard it.
And I was saying to them, I said, I think that's that lady.
And what happened with that?
They were talking to my ear.
So I missed part of what you said, but I'm not going to blow you off.
And I got your info, so we'll call you after the show.
Yeah, and you can hear that passion, folks, of a lady from China.
She's been there, she's seen it.
And a guy from Africa, he's like, man, we're dying, man!
People are starving to death!
They estimate 8 million extra people, and I think that's an accurate UN number, normally 10 million starved to death a year, extra 8 mil.
That's for real little kids, man.
I've seen documentaries in Africa and places where little kids are begging for food and their parents
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
Vote like your life depends on it.
Well, that's an ad we put out four years ago that got about 50 million views on Facebook and YouTube.
It's kind of a remake of the 1960s video where they said if you voted for Goldwater it'd cause nuclear war, which wasn't true.
But with the case with Hillary, it was absolutely, definitely true, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, thank you so much for joining us.
Ali Alexander is here riding shotgun with us about 15 minutes into the next hour.
Then for three segments we're going to have the great Trends Forecaster Gerald Cilente taking over.
But I wanted to focus not just on America, because you know the United States of any free country has the lowest level of passports.
Europeans, like 70% have passports.
Last time I checked, less than half of Americans have passports.
We're a great country and I love America.
I've been all over it.
You know that song, I've been everywhere, man.
Go ahead and turn Ollie's mic on for me.
So all of this is going on.
But if you look at Trump getting 99% of the troops out of Afghanistan, 95% of the troops out of Syria, a few little bases, but it's a major cutback, getting all these peace deals done with Serbia and Bosnia, and peace deals with Saudi Arabia and Israel and UAE, this is a big, big deal, and it's really unprecedented.
Ali Alexander is a great political analyst, filmmaker, and writer.
What do you make of this time?
The man's a peacemaker.
He's had a vision of what American exceptionalism should look like.
He rebranded that as Make America Great, so American Greatness.
And he said, every arena I touch, I want us to be at our apex.
And so he's brought peace everywhere he's gone.
He's made our allies better stakeholders.
He's made our enemies actual stakeholders.
And the man's brought peace, so I think he's a peacemaker, and I think he's getting blessed for it, because, man, this guy will blunder around towards success, and you can only say that God's rewarding him.
Blessed are the peacemakers!
Blessed are the peacemakers.
The issue is Trump wants economic supremacy where everybody does well.
That's what he went to Kim Jong-un with.
He said, listen, you have beautiful real estate between China, Japan, and South Korea, three of the richest countries in the world.
Stop it!
Get out of 1950 and what happened with the Korean War and just come into the sunshine.
You can own all of it.
Your people will be fat like you and China controls North Korea.
I won't let them do it.
It's exactly right.
You know, I was on the phone with a friend in, I think, 2017, 2018.
He worked at Wall Street, did some of the top firms.
Now he's kind of doing his own thing.
And what he told me is that these economic bombs are more powerful than any other bombs, and it's not going to create the blowback.
So a lot of people don't realize that when China finally came crawling to the table, it was because their economy was 32% down.
Their stock market was 32% down.
When Canada finally signed this new NAFTA deal, it was because their stock market was 32% down.
So people really need to understand that the American stock market was up 40%, while theirs were down 32, 33, 34%, and it brought them to the table all without killing any citizens.
And now I'm going to lay something really heavy on everybody, but everybody knows it's already true.
So the deep state, those invested in the next century being the Chinese communist century, the CFR crowd, they packaged the COVID, they allowed the release, they allowed the hype, they allowed the demonization, which they now blame on Trump and America.
They call it the Trump virus and the Chinese virus.
This was their counter-strike, and guess what?
It's messed things up, it's been terrible, it's starving the third world to death, but it's not going well, people are waking up fast, Trump's not going along with it, he's exposing it, and so this was something they had on the shelf for later,
They're not going well for the New World Order.
Look, we don't have to agree or disagree on the origin of the virus, but, you know, I agree with you, Alex.
But what people need to understand is hasn't the response been mismanaged?
Our government has had a schizophrenic response on masks, on vaccines, on quarantine, so they're actually house arrest.
Ignore deaths in blue states.
Hype up small deaths in red states.
Kill people at the nursing homes.
These are Trump voters, by the way.
You know, this is really, really interesting.
So what we have to say is that, well, why is Amazon benefiting from this?
Why is Uber and Uber Eats benefiting from this?
All the big tech constellation.
Why is it pharma?
Big Tech!
Why do they want to censor what we say?
Why are bureaucrats in charge and not elected officials?
This only benefits one side, and these are the globalists.
This is who Trump has been at war with.
This has been a giant UN power grab, and all of Big Tech's gotten rich while we go bankrupt.
Absolutely, absolutely true.
And Trump's trying to restart our local economy and trying to block it.
And so right now we're in this persuasion war where, you know, it's almost like wizards are fighting.
And they all know that if Trump gets a second term, Fauci's not in the driver's seat anymore.
You know, he's not in the driver's seat anymore.
Our elected officials are.
And that's the social contract that Americans have with our Constitution and with our elected leaders.
They are so desperate right now.
We're going to get into RPG or whatever, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
The RPG at America's Heart.
RPG, I know folks.
But we're going to look at all of it and the craziness.
Obviously, this campaign was already at 11.
Where does it go now?
Alex, I think it goes to the max.
I really, you know, I've talked to you privately, I've talked to other friends, you know, we are high value targets and we've got to be very, very careful what we do, what we say, where we are, because the left is absolutely
Farrell, all these books that you've read, Lord of the Flies, the left is like these children walking around with little tikis and little spears and they want to physically hurt us because they're losing.
Think about this, Alex.
They have 95% of the institutional power.
They have the colleges, they have the TV, they have Hollywood, they have the corporations, they have all of the commerce.
And they've closed our churches.
They control radical Islam.
They've got everything.
And they're still fighting with us.
They're still losing half of the public.
So just think, we have a real chance and a real shot at resetting America.
So, you know, just watch out for some of these lone wolves on the left.
I'm worried about false flags.
Let's talk about what they're going to pull next, but let's get into this.
The average leftist, because they keep arresting antifa, it'll be like a major legislative aide, a congressional high-level aide.
They're literally these rich kids, mainly white, out trying to incite minorities to attack things.
That's in their own documents.
And they're the establishment!
All the big billionaires are for them except Trump.
China's for them.
All the money, and then they act like they're the underdog.
Like you said, the whole power structure is against us and the people get that!
It's totally inverted.
It's satanic.
It's inverted.
And what they want to do is they want to appeal.
This is the thing, Alex, people need to understand.
What they want to do is they want to appeal to our side.
They want to appeal to the suburban housewife that says, well, I want lower taxes and I don't want my federal tax money to abort babies.
But, you know, there's a grievance, a generational grievance that we can cure.
So maybe I'll vote Democrat this time.
That's what this appeal is.
They're saying appease us.
Give in, be for black people.
So the mom goes, I am.
Soros isn't black people.
They're not for black people.
So this is what you have, Alex, exactly what you described.
You have rich white kids, people working for DAs, people working as legislative aides, as you mentioned.
It's it's it's from Oregon to New York.
And then they're training up black faces to get to white vote.
It's really creepy.
That's exactly what the attorney general said, because they know that we're done with Soros.
Oh, now Soros has literally a little black puppet he uses, but it's still Soros's hand.
You know, I'm really sorry for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but all of us have an expiration date.
Olly Alexander is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Your calls are coming up next segment.
He'll ride shotgun with me some in the next hour.
Then Gerald Cilente takes over.
But I wanted to raise this little constellation of articles that all tie together.
Jimmy Kimmel gets forced to recite Black Lives Matter on stage at Emmys.
It's empty.
They have canned applause.
It's so alien.
It's so weird.
Lady Gaga says when you're born in this country, we all drink the poison that's white supremacy.
She's literally saying whites are bad people.
Had this guy got killed protecting his bar up in Minnesota, they charged him with murder, he committed suicide.
The state senator said good, he's a white supremacist.
The guy wasn't.
I mean, just defaming dead people.
Xi Jinping government confirms huge birth rate drop, but denies forced sterilization of women.
So they're forcibly on record sterilizing the Muslim women.
Their birth rate's gone down by, what, two-thirds.
These are not expansionist bad Muslims in my view.
They're not like Al-Qaeda.
You got a million Christians and Buddhists in there as well, but three million.
And the left will say nothing.
Ilhan Omar is in the New York Times saying, I am by nature a starter of fires.
Well wait, Facebook says the left never starts fires.
My work has been to figure out where I'm going to burn down everything around me by adding the fuel of my religion.
Skin color, gender, or even tone.
She's quoted the New York Times, I'm going to burn you down.
While China has killed 115 million of its own people, it's killing millions of Muslims and she's not going to say a damn word because they butter her bun, baby.
We save her out of Somalia.
You know, they saved her family.
Bring her over here and she freaking hates this place because of a chip on her shoulder.
I don't, I don't know what that, but again, this is not all people from Africa or all Somalis, but when Soros cherry picked this lady, he did it for a reason.
What is her problem?
She hates us.
She wants to remake us.
It's the great inversion.
This is the time that we were called to fight.
And Alex, that's why I'm on your show.
That's why your audience is growing.
That's why they're fighting the big tech censors.
What we need to remember is that the same nonsense about white supremacy.
Okay, look, white racism is not an epidemic right now.
It's not a problem.
America fixed that problem.
But what we have is
The regime is in Iran and China hijacked the same talking point.
So what we need to ask is why is China and why is Iran using the same talking points as the squad?
Because they seek to undermine us.
This is what the Marxists did during the 1960s when they were trying to co-opt the civil rights movement.
This is why Martin Luther King Jr.
rejected Marxism and embraced his full Christianity.
And that was a great cure to the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers and etc.
So Ilhan Omar
He's here to invert America and incite a civil war.
Let there be no doubt about it.
Oh yeah, the black guy that went in and shot two white people and a black guy to death because it was a cop bar.
Turned out none of them were cops.
Oh no.
Was so proud of himself, he's quoted as saying, well I did it for basically Malcolm X. Malcolm X said he was wrong at the end.
He renounced it and said that MLK was right.
Because he traveled around the world.
And not only did he travel around the world, I don't want to just talk about ideology.
Malcolm X knew he was wrong, but then he saw the fruits that MLK Jr.
And, you know, the Bible tells us, you will know them by their fruits.
And MLK, or Malcolm X, had kind of a come-to-Jesus moment, minus the Jesus part, and said, oh my gosh, I was not only ideologically wrong, but I did not achieve any wins for my people, this guy out of Atlanta did.
And so we can't forget that.
And these people, they don't care about reason, they don't care about logic.
King was following Christ and Gandhi.
And he knew what was effective.
And it worked.
And he got the public on his side, and then he moved for legislation.
Well, that's a big criticism Trump's getting, not cracking heads of Antifa and BLM.
And at a certain level, you need to.
But at a certain level, if he goes in, that makes them the martyrs.
They're doing an IGPROP.
And I was watching your show the other day, look, you get this, I get this, Trump gets this, but we can't expect all of America who's busy with their 9 to 5 to get this entirely.
This is a delicate balance between contrast, getting your opponent to show who they are, and making peace with them, accepting them as opponents and not enemies when you can.
And so, this is a delicate equation that Donald Trump is balancing, we're trying to balance it, but the other side just wants to gaslight us to hell, and a civil war.
Well, I agree with you when I talked to you the other day.
You didn't even know I'd done it, you know, coming out playing ding-dong witches.
And I did it to have fun, because they over-reverent her and worship Ruth Bader Ginsburg that was this big baby killer.
But I don't think she thought she was even wrong at the end of the day, compared to, like, you know, Bill Clinton.
She's probably not that evil.
I mean, I don't revel in her death.
But Trump coming out and classily saying nice things about her, that she was a very extraordinary person, very successful, at that level, that disarmed them.
And so that's the next level.
Alex, have you seen?
They are triggered by him paying her a compliment in the wake of her death.
I've never... I don't know if I... I don't want to say I've never seen anything like it, but it's kind of eerie.
They're like, this isn't true, this isn't when he first found out, uh, he doesn't wish her well, look what he said before!
And I was like...
He's wishing her well.
Y'all should take this as a surprise.
It was a perfect statement.
In fact, get that cued up for the next segment.
The music in the background, it was all real.
Just like the Ukraine phone call.
It was a perfect statement, perfect phone call.
And he's like, listen, if you disagree with her, she was accomplished and, you know, she was an amazing person.
Yeah, that's a... I mean, Hitler was amazing.
I don't agree with him.
I mean, he did amazing things.
Quantifiably on a magnitude.
You're talking about an order of magnitude.
Yes, they were influential.
They were great in terms of, you know, the quantification of it, not the qualification of it.
And that's what people need to understand.
Let me just say this.
All the Western states passed women's suffrage 30 years before it happened in the East.
Nothing against the East.
But everybody thinks of the West and the central areas, hillbilly.
We knew the women knew how to run stuff and were with us and smart, so of course the Western states were like, of course women can vote!
Because they were right there doing it.
Skinning bucks, running trot lines.
It was some of the people from other areas of the world that hadn't been free that were voting on the East Coast that said, we're not letting women out of their boxes.
So again, it was America that women got the vote.
So we don't become the bad guys in the world because we're the first to end slavery or the first to get women to vote.
We should be celebrating that we did that and then have women adopt Americana because it's what empowered them not adopt Islam and Sharia law.
How do they get feminists to endorse Sharia law in the beekeeper suits?
Preach it because what they do is they engage in this grand illusion that you can compare us to who?
To whom?
I mean ask a leftist that.
Okay, America sucks compared to what?
Compared to whom?
And what you'll find is they don't know that some of these people are still crapping in holes.
That these are still going on.
They don't know slavery is still going on in Latin America.
They just don't call it that.
Latin America, you know, if you're a black man traveling this world, you'll find out real quick how racist it is in China, real quick how segregated it is in Latin America and in South America, and how even Europeans will treat you and what rooms they'll give you in a hostel.
So America is, we're just heads up above everybody.
It's crazy.
They don't want us to compare it.
And that's why you're talking about the passport issue.
These leftists think they're educated.
They've never traveled.
They've never done anything.
Ollie, we're going to go to a break, but in the minute we have, we know that when Trump wins, they're going to contest it.
How do you see that fiasco going?
It's going to go very bad.
If there's an option on the table, Alex, they're going to pull the trigger.
And hopefully that's just figurative.
But, you know, governors are going to intervene.
Secretaries of states are going to intervene.
Major counties are not going to turn in their reports.
They're going to try to stall the Electoral College.
Oh, they've said the plan is to disrupt it, to then contest it.
Disrupt, contest.
So when their stated plan is disrupt, contest, because they know they're losing, well, they're disqualified.
If they know that they're about to get into checkmate, they're just going to flip the whole board over.
You're damn right.
Ali Alexander is on fire.
So is this audience of amazing people.
We're going to play some clips of China threatening to blow the U.S.
And take your phone calls in the next segment.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
And band.video.
We'll be right back.
And Ali Alexander.
And here's Trump on Friday night, knocking it out of the park, talking about RBG and her descent into her new kingdom.
She just died?
I didn't know that.
You're telling me now for the first time.
She led an amazing life.
What else can you say?
She was an amazing woman.
Whether you agreed or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life.
I'm actually sad to hear that.
I'm upset to hear that.
Thank you very much.
Alright, and they got so upset by the 30,000 whatever it was that were there.
Trump ignoring all the COVID hoax.
I mean he is hitting on all cylinders my friend.
He's hitting on all cylinders.
And God bless him for that nice statement.
You know, we are called not to kind of disparage the dead.
And so he didn't.
He said, what else could you say about her?
She lived a lovely life.
And then he went on to Tiny Dancer with those 30,000 people.
And Alex, where are all these COVID breakouts?
Because he's been doing rallies for weeks now.
Where are all these COVID breakouts from Trump rallies?
Oh, they'll hype it up.
Remember they said, millions marching for BLM.
Lowered it.
Remember the study?
It's all made up.
It's all made up.
It doesn't mean there aren't real pneumonia viruses out there.
Let me plug here real quick because I need to pay the bills.
Pay him.
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Then you're taken care of.
Your cells are fortified.
But not for COVID.
For any virus, ladies and gentlemen.
For anything.
And they want you dumb.
They raid medical doctors, the FBI do, that prescribe vitamin C as a preventative to their people and advertise for COVID.
But no.
Fauci the god said it so much must be true.
What kind of country do we live in?
Go to the NIH website.
If you don't have D3, if you don't have C, if you don't have zinc, you will die.
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If Joe Biden wins, which I think is only a 10% chance, and if they get in...
We've already been told that we will be shut down, and people say, well then tell us.
Well no, when I have a private meeting with somebody, unless what they're doing is criminal, I'm not going to violate the agreement, okay?
But I mean, we've met with the enemy.
I've done it a bunch in the last couple years.
That's just how this works.
Why do you think they sue us is to open up those avenues of discussion.
And so we've been up at the top of those buildings and been offered the money.
Not just, oh, we'll leave you alone and drop lawsuits.
Offered the money!
And oh, come work with them.
I don't want to work with you.
Because you have the stench of death all over you.
Okay, so keep us in the fight.
And here's the last thing I'm going to say on plugs.
If you go to Infowarstore.com right now, there's a link to it.
But there is the preparewithalex.com.
I'm looking for that special URL.
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But going there, preparewithalex.com, it funds the InfoWare and our whole operation.
So thank you all for your support.
Welcome back to Ali Alexander.
30 flights during this pandemic.
I've been to six or seven different states.
I don't have COVID.
And I was with 700 people on Friday outside of Chicago.
I don't have COVID.
So, you know, it really ticked me off.
It was February or March.
Who came out and they said, you can't boost your immune system.
Are you crazy?
And then now Fauci just came out like you said last week and he's like, oh yeah, I happen to take vitamin C and D3 and zinc every, every day.
And I'm just like, you know, you SOB, you know, you owe this public disclosure to the people.
So, I mean, I got so mad.
They should have said that eight months ago, but instead they'd say.
There's nothing to prevent it.
There's nothing to... He would say that.
They said, quote, you cannot boost, quote, end quote, your immune system.
And I'm like, you can make yourself healthier.
What are you guys talking about?
And your body needs to work to fight these things.
I showed the NIH website where it said if you don't have Zinc D3 and C, you will die.
That's how viruses replicate in the cell.
But look at this.
This is just today.
CDC says it erroneously posted guidance that said coronavirus spreads through the air and travels beyond 6 feet.
Everybody knows it travels at 20-something feet.
Everybody knows that cold viruses do that.
But see, oh, update, CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus is presently here.
The point is they're wrong, they're right.
We have a right to say what we think.
They have a right.
Since when can we not question?
The appeal isn't to the scientific method, it's not to reason, it's not to logic, it's purely to authority.
If you see this logo and this stamp, listen to us at this moment and not a moment more and not a moment before.
And again, most people that die in the world of starvation, it's not listed as that on their tow tag.
It's malnutrition.
You get malnourished, you get skinny, you die.
They're working on one right now.
I think there was a Daily Beast hit piece on me Friday.
I'm not really sure.
This reporter asked me.
I'm doing the Stop the Steal thing again that I did in 2018, which saved the US Senate seat for Rick Scott.
Yeah, you led that there.
You did a great job.
And we even did one of our exclusive interviews with Harrison.
So we have that from 2018 and we're putting that out in a trailer and all that.
What's happening is this Daily Beast reporter said, well, aren't you encouraging violence by telling people to protest their board of elections?
And I was like, did you miss this whole BLM thing?
And then what's funny is RG, well, not funny, but RBG dies.
And then people are like, take to the streets, take to the Supreme Court.
Don't let the U.S.
Senate meet.
Prevent a quorum and all this other stuff.
And I'm like, well, where's the article about violence on what they're doing?
And the tweets are still up.
Or how you're not supposed to go outside.
Like, oh, Trump can't ever.
Oh, RBG!
Yeah, it's like if you like the American flag, if you sing the anthem, if you say the pledge, then magically you cannot peacefully protest, you can't exercise your First Amendment right, but if you're a leftist, if you hate this country, if you want a borderless world and fake vitamins, then you know, then you can protest and magically you're actually going to build an immunity to these viruses.
Well here's what's crazy, they ran headlines everywhere, Alex Jones has a cure to coronavirus.
I was saying I thought it was weak back then.
But I was saying, we already have products forever that have zinc and D3 and it's what my unhealthy butt tastes.
I do a lot of things that aren't good for me.
I work too much, all that stuff, drink too much.
And I mean, I was always selling the same products, saying the same thing.
It's not like you changed your product line or rebranded them, you know.
We didn't say COVID this and that.
But then, Latisha James, put in my sorrows, she came out and said, Jones says he has cures.
And all of a sudden, it was in hundreds of newspapers, all these sales happened.
Of people thinking I have the cure because she said it.
They're liars, they're thieves, they're harlots, they're Jezebels, and as Kanye says, the Jezebels don't even stand a chance.
So I think they should just keep coming at us, because people are getting curious, and they want the truth.
Well that's the next thing, Cuomo's writing a book where he's a hero,
At the nursing homes when he killed all those people.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Ali Alexander is riding the shotgun with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tonight, we've got Election Countdown.
With Owen Schroeder, Donald Rain, 7 to 9 p.m.
Ali Alexander is here with us right now.
We're going to be hosting him in the next hour.
I want to get to some of your calls.
You've been very, very patient.
A lot of other issues I want to hit.
We've got a big stack of breaking news here.
And boy is it amazing and very positive.
And I will hit it start of the next hour.
We're going to go to your calls right now.
Who's been holding the longest here?
That would be Atomic Age is right up at the top of the list in North Carolina.
Welcome here on the air.
Thank you so much, Alex.
It's a pleasure being with you and Ali.
That's Atomic Age.
Well, go ahead.
What's your view, brother?
Oh, man.
I just want to thank you for inspiring me to do my own show.
Trying to get the word out just like you.
And I want to plug your video, America Destroyed by Design, over 20 years ago.
People can look at that online.
It lays out the UN plan like no other.
Yeah, that film is 20, 23 years old.
Everybody needs to check that out.
You can see it online for free and we're seeing it right now.
We're seeing the medical tyranny.
We're seeing what I just call weapons of mass distraction, because they're getting Americans distracted with everything going on with Antifa, with BLM, with the COVID scam, and everybody's so flustered and just looking in so many directions, they're just easing that plan in.
Well, when you look how soft and weak the average people are, I don't feel powerful when I see that.
I feel weak.
The globalists feel powerful when they see it.
But we've got to be leaders with all these soft people and speak out about what's happening.
I'm walking around, hiking bikes, and people are wearing masks, walking.
I go, hey, listen.
Might want to wear that mask because of the pollen, but surely not COVID-19.
Up next, the forced inoculations are coming.
We've got to, you know, call them out.
Right, and they're going to try to trick people.
They're going to say, oh, well, first responders need it, military needs it, to go to a public school you need it, to get your library card you need it.
So by hook or crook, they're going to try to force us down our throats, and they're going to wait and measure the public dissent.
I think that's why we're alerting people right now.
And it's absolutely an illusion.
This is an alchemist trick that they're playing.
That's right.
It's all a giant test.
Tomma Cage, thank you, brother.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Humans Vs. Technology, Forrest in Texas.
Go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
I love what you do, but I think what you do is a great thing for this nation.
I appreciate your service, because in many ways it's... Anyways, getting to the point, Humans Vs. Technology.
They have data technology meant for political occupation, like of Afghanistan, where they could take
Yeah, well, that's... But it's able to predict the future, which Google admits.
When they get us all feeding into them, humans are actually psychic.
They can have a computer.
The Internet and Google and systems like it become a sensor that can pick up human consciousness and human mass movement.
And by being able to read that gauge, they then get almost like a godlike control to stare into the human subconsciousness, the human group collective.
There's one level even higher than that, which is the integration of
Yeah, I totally agree and that's a very adept way of looking at it, but it's also the ability to hijack the body itself.
You know, you could be so passionate and full of so much vigor, but like we learned from the church committee, it was about hijacking your body against your will.
You know, you'd be screaming in your head, I guess the archetype is the possession of a demon.
You know, and they can also create false memories.
Sure, sure, sure.
Just remember this.
Just remember this.
These are humans, too, trying to play God.
They will fail.
If you're aware of the program, it has no power.
Only if you're unaware do they have power.
Big Pharma and Big Sugar is where we should start.
There's a lot of these technologies that they're experimenting with, but they haven't perfected.
If they had perfected it, we wouldn't be on the air right now.
So fight Big Pharma, fight Big Sugar.
I'm not criticizing the last caller, but let's not, as far as your bakery points, let's not overestimate their power.
Because they've hypothetically, and on the drawing board they want this power, but they're not God.
They're not God.
We are facing other human beings.
They are pulling from a satanic realm, but we've got to fight bad habits.
We're pulling from God.
We are.
They better look out.
That's why they try to demoralize us and make us think we're beat.
Because they know we've got the game plan.
We've got the blueprint right here.
We've got the blueprint right here and you're seeing it happen in the culture.
Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber just released a song called Holy.
Kanye West isn't backing down.
The counterculture is the actual culture and what we're sold is this disgusting minority view of violence.
A feral, liberal violence.
Yeah, and it's because people drink too much soda.
So I would say cut out soda.
No, you're right.
It really is sugar that gets you unbalanced.
Yeah, you're like, oh, and then you'll listen to anything.
So the screen time mixed with sugar, you're just, oh, you don't listen to anything.
And I think people ought to avoid those things to avoid that dystopian future.
I can literally gobble some high quality fish oil pills.
Our brand is excellent, but any will do.
And, I mean, it just zens me out.
My brain works so good.
Those pure essential fatty acids versus sugar, it's night and day.
It's worked for the Asians and their health for millennia.
So, you know, people ought to consume it.
Absolutely, folks.
The answer to high fructose corn syrup is fish oil and krill oil.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mountain Patriot in Colorado.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Love you, man.
Love you.
It feels like we're living in a hypnocrisy where everyone's being ruled by hypnosis.
I had a talk with my landlord the other day and he is still just absolutely convinced that Trump is a puppet of Putin.
Oh yeah, when I talk to leftists, they're not just programmed, they literally act like they're in a trance.
They don't even hear what you're saying.
Is that what you're talking about?
Yeah, it's like they want to be apart, they want to be scared.
I mean, he's putting the 200,000 deaths, he's blaming it all on Trump.
He's terrified to go, you know, he's terrified to go to Walmart.
He's 70 years old, healthy guy.
Tell him to sell his property and move out of the country if he's so terrified that we're mismanaging this all.
Tell him to sell his property and move out of the country to one of these countries where it's working so well.
But that's when liberals get into the drama of being victims.
And then where the brain goes once you're a victim.
It's a performance art piece, and I like that.
I like that hypnocrisy.
Hypnosis and it's hip.
So they can tell you about what's hip and hypnocrisy.
It's a hypnocrisy.
Yeah, yeah.
That's really cool.
I suggest that people read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.
And you have to understand, we're all debating the message, which we should be doing, but some of these mediums are controlled.
They themselves manipulate dopamine.
Hey Alex, I wanted to talk about our President's leadership on COVID-19, but first I gotta thank you for the big sale at preparewithalex.com.
It enabled me to get another month's worth of emergency food and another Alexa Pure Water purifier.
That stuff's going to my family.
Because they're big Trump supporters, but they won't prepare.
They look at me like I'm from Mars because I don't wear a mask.
And I think Ali's right.
The leadership on this is a little schizophrenic.
President Trump needs to show leadership and hold accountable those responsible for this COVID fiasco, this lockdown that doesn't need to be happening.
I mean, the evidence is there that Fauci
Well, we don't know if it's going to be a bioweapon or if it's going to be sugar water.
I've heard you talk about this before, Alex.
What we know is that it's not what they say.
Nothing is what they say.
Well, you know, it's a precedent to put in our body what they want and create digital apps to track everywhere we go and what we do.
We know all that and it probably will be deadly.
He's been saying it is.
We'll talk about this next hour because this is a big deal.
One of my few breaking points with Trump is him pushing the vaccine.
I know why he's doing it.
And then I hypothetically cover both sides.
Listeners have clipped it out.
I saw it this morning.
Jones has become Bill Gates.
No, I was saying Trump's view.
I was wargaming.
I was very clear I don't support
I watched it.
You were standing in front of this desk and you were like, look, this is what's happening.
This is why he's doing it.
It's having political benefits.
I worry about the future.
You even said, you said that this is kind of like a good magic and you're scared of where it will go.
I watched that clip on the internet.
Well, they flipped it out to say that I'm endorsing vaccines.
That's stupid.
Which again, that's black magic.
When you take something and edit it and lie, that's not good.
Because we've got these
These clips of Soros saying horrible things, but he puts a little proviso in.
We leave that in because we're not liars.
God bless you.
I really appreciate your call, Bob.
You have a great voice and great points.
All right.
We'll do a couple of segments, we'll try to finish up some calls, but first we're going to get into the meat and potatoes, get into this vaccine situation with the President, and what is he doing?
I don't know your take on it, I respect it.
Oli Alexander is our guest.
Where do people follow your work?
All right.
All right, Alex Jones here back live.
Next segment, I'm going to hit the big topic.
What's going on with Trump and the vaccine?
What's really behind that?
Why is he doing that?
We'll discuss with Ali Alexander.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
But let's go ahead and hit this right here.
I showed this yesterday.
Everybody's shocked by these children's apps.
The police are investigating, telling little kids, hey, take pictures of yourselves naked, send it to us.
They're saying, is it a hacker?
Well, I've got Alexa, and I've got all the big app supporters, and the Google Home Assist have all been caught doing this, where hackers get in and do all this.
My point is, why do we let things like this in our lives?
That are these two-way systems.
And then this video, nude adults explain transgender bodies to 11 year olds in Danish kids show.
So they're just legalizing pedophilia.
Because I have no attraction to children other than, like, wanting to take care of them and be nice to them and, you know, hug all my children.
I mean, I like to squeeze them, but that's it.
What is this spirit, this energy, that wants to corrupt children?
I guess if they corrupt them, they can then implant their political ideology at that point by stealing their innocence, or what is it?
You know, hurt people hurt people.
And I think that if you break a child, they turn into a monster as an adult.
And I think that they want this world to be full of broken people so they can say, the referendum on the family is over.
It is a thing of the past.
It is an archaic system.
Humanity's broken, so we have to take it over with the corporate system.
Which is what they did in Germany.
30,000 children placed with pedophiles, creating the new beautiful family.
And you know... That is so sick.
It's very sick.
And we can see that these evil people like Hitler create their own little child armies too.
Because what they want to do is
Issue a new paradigm into the future and it's not the paradigm of conservatism.
It's not the paradigm that has allowed this species to survive and thrive and now venture into the stars.
It's really sick, but it's to corrupt innocence and creativity and hijack imagination and to turn it into illusion.
I totally agree.
Well said.
Better than I could do.
An Infowars.com article.
Good news though.
Black Lives Matter after four years of officially having up on it.
That their main operation is disrupting the nuclear family.
They have removed that from their manifesto.
This, Alex, this is huge.
I can't even believe we're talking about this because I saw this before I got into the bunker.
And it was page not found on Black Lives Matter dot whatever.
And what's interesting about that is that this proves what we were talking about last time.
That Alex Soros and George Soros want Kamala Harris to be VP so that she can be the president, and now they've determined that Black Lives Matter is too toxic!
Oh my gosh, it's backfiring!
It's not turning out the left, it's suppressing the left, and we're not getting any of the middle votes or the right votes.
These never-Trumpers that the media hypes up.
Meanwhile, Trump has the highest intraparty approval rating of any candidate in American recorded history.
And they ran this because it worked in other countries, but now it's backfiring because America is not other countries.
No, we're not.
I mean, I think we've got some fight to us.
You can see how often Alex changes his URL.
He's trying to break the big tech censors.
And it's just because we've got some fight in us.
And you're seeing it at the people in the boat parades.
You're seeing it in the motorcade parades.
People are like... Are they starting to get though?
They just summon the resistance?
They just called him the big genie?
They get it, Alex.
And you know, me doing campaigns for 13 years, over 100 campaigns at the federal level, I can tell you they get it because what you want to do is, it's like the art of war.
You watch your opponent move uphill, downhill.
You watch your opponent fortress down and collect resources.
Or when you know when they're running out of food and sick soldiers.
So what I'm looking at from a strategy point of view is that you're watching Joe Biden adopt our talking points.
Like, yeah, we have to jail the rioters.
That's us winning.
That's us winning.
It means that their internal polling is saying that they're losing and they're not gaining votes and they still want a majority of the population.
So this means that Trump's instincts, your instincts, my tweets, they're working.
We're winning.
We've got the pulse.
Like Luke Skywalker doesn't need a computer to hit the reactor.
Because we already have the computer.
We see it.
We see the target.
We're after the target.
We're going to win.
They're going to lose.
That's the game.
We're firing those torpedoes down the reactor shaft.
It's going down, bitches.
Look, I'm not a sick person, but I am.
I can do that.
If they stole it, it'd be a bigger, bigger attack on them.
Like, if you really want to destroy the New World Order, they should kill Trump and take over.
It will really wreck their ass then.
So, if you're a radio listener, let me narrate what just happened.
The communist Chinese government just put out videos of their bombers and fighter bombers blowing up US military bases, playing exhilarating music.
And they have now buzzed Taiwan, Hong Kong.
They're threatening to invade.
They're threatening to attack the Philippines.
They're behaving like Japan did at the start of World War II.
They're antagonistic.
And they need to increase the morale and let their people visualize killing American boys and girls.
That's what they need to do.
Hypnotize their population to get ready for some kinetic war, which I don't want one.
You don't want one.
There are unfortunately some crazy people on the right who want a kinetic war.
Why are they so arrogant though?
I mean, I guess that's how communists are.
This is my theory.
I'm not sure if I'm correct.
I think that they've made an assessment on the American people that it's impossible for us to win a war that we don't have the public stomach for.
They watch our news and think we're CNN.
They think we're weak.
They think the average American male is Brian Stelter.
And if you thought that, you'd think, well, these people are pathetic.
Right, right.
Because the media has really hid who America is still.
And that's what I think.
But that's why I think that we would survive better in an invasion than we would any war, you know.
Oh, I agree.
Americans will be very good at defending themselves, not so much at offense.
Yeah, and it's unfortunate, but this is what's happened since Vietnam.
When we told reporters to go along soldiers, and we only chronicled the horrors of war, and not the people we liberated, and not what we've done for the world, it really, it really warped the air of Vietnam.
It was a sign up on purpose.
It was a sign up on purpose.
Because Alex, it's not like they gave us peace.
They didn't give us peace, they gave us these many little military interventions.
And you know, when Bill Clinton is down... Seal in police wars.
Yeah, and again, maybe I'm going to have to come up with a book one day called Inversion.
But, you know, they're inverting the system.
They're not giving us peace.
They're giving us war and destruction.
Called police actions.
Yeah, police actions.
Like you said, the U.N.
and you'll have America come in and bomb and then the U.N.
comes in after them and then has a police state that's stronger than their local government.
It's like, what's going on there?
You can only have civil strife.
People aren't bought into their local system.
Instead of the U.S.
and the Green Berets liberating, thus always tyrants, we come in and put the U.N.
That's evil.
That's very evil, and why do you think Clinton started this in Africa?
That's where all the population growth is moving to for the next 100 years!
Look what they did to Rwanda!
So why do you think China has all this raw materials coming out of Africa?
That's the next baby boom, is Africa.
And so China's in there, the UN's in there, Bill Clinton started it during his administration, and, you know, this is a plan and it is being executed.
And that's the next point.
Western China, they are literally sterile.
It's like the birth rate's down by like two-thirds.
They're literally sterilizing the women.
And you could argue at a sick level, okay, the Muslims are out of control, let's sterilize them.
We don't become them and try to conquer them.
Plus the Uyghurs aren't even an expansionist group.
China just wants that land.
They just want that land.
And so I literally am for the Muslims there.
Where's Saudi Arabia?
Where are all these Islamic states?
Where is Iran?
Iran doesn't say a damn word about 3 million Muslims in slave camps.
And I don't say something because I'm this moral high ground and I'm a good guy.
If they can do it to them, they can do it to me.
It's wrong.
It's wrong.
It's wrong.
And I'm willing to go to war to stop it.
Hey man, I'm glad that you said that.
It's wrong.
It's wrong.
And people ask me all the time, Ali, you know, how can I, how can I fight it?
I was like, you got to leave the system.
You have to transcend.
Stop making it about politics and what's right and wrong.
I oppose it if anybody does it.
It's called order.
I won't be conquered by radical Islam, but I don't say kill millions of them.
And especially not by these, these commies.
Oh, these chi-coms, no.
No, no, no.
So it's, it's really good.
And I think that's why people can't trust
I just love the left lecturing us how we're racist and all this crap while Big Tech is the worst offenders in bed with China!
They hate the First Amendment.
They hate the Fourth Amendment.
They hate the Fifth Amendment.
They sold us the Nineteenth Amendment.
And, you know, you're just watching them actually go crazy.
And I think that's why a lot of leftists are joining the right wing.
And they're like, they're confused.
They're like, well, why am I on your side?
And you're like, because we're Big Tent over here.
And we're not telling you what to do anymore, you know?
Well, we're standing up for humanity.
I don't want the Uyghurs organized to try to invade Europe.
I'd say set up a fence and shoot them coming across.
But if they're in their own country living their lives and they're good people, I'll defend them to the death!
Because they're humans!
Genocide is wrong.
If you're attacking me, I fight back.
If you're in your country being rounded up and killed by chi-coms, that's wrong.
Yeah, genocide is wrong.
It's just wrong.
Why are you being so racist?
We're almost out of time, and I've got this special report, and then Gerald Celente takes over, but it really is a powerful report.
We'll air it at the start of the next segment.
It's a few minutes long, and it deals with a beam of light aimed at West Coast fires as Pentagon warns that China has weaponized space.
We know China and Russia, particularly China, have space-based, both space weapons and weapons that can aim down at the terrestrial level.
This is a whole other level right now.
Donald Trump secured his permanent legacy early when he pushed the Space Force, and people called him crazy.
You know, I don't want to get too much into it, but I don't support expanding.
I even opposed, you know, I was a Republican when we came up with DHS, and I opposed that.
But what I will say is I enthusiastically supported the creation of the Space Force.
We need it.
People don't know how much we need it.
We don't want more forces over us in our own country, but other countries are above us in space.
So a geographic thing goes up into the heavens.
So if you don't control the space, you don't control your own country.
Yeah, I'll just say... See, that's like fourth dimensional.
It is fourth dimensional!
It's up there!
It's up there in the stratosphere!
And people need to understand this.
It's not a coincidence that we were leveraging for a peace deal with North Korea while we were creating the Space Force.
There's only one weapon that maybe threatens America.
Let's just say we're way ahead of everybody.
We're way ahead of everybody.
We're going to beat the hell out of them.
We own the moon.
I'm going on record as that.
I was told by folks involved with Elon, we've already got bases.
And a bunch of stuff.
I don't know.
Right on the dark side.
I don't know.
Neither confirmed nor denied.
A lot of crazy stuff going on.
Is it good to be American though?
It's great to be American.
We are like 100 years ahead of everybody.
We are!
It's not Republican, it's not Democrat, like right now everybody just has the fighting spirit.
I mean look at this clip, you know, you got Elon on Rogan's show, you got me on your show, everybody's just like, can I just be myself?
What happened to that rugged American spirit, you know?
And I think that that's what's coming back.
Well Elon said, we're going to Mars, the crew's gonna die but it'll be glorious.
Did he say that?
But you know, they got a whole crew lined up, right?
Yeah, everybody's ready to die on that mission, and it's interesting to watch.
You gotta pick your player.
Do you want Elon Musk, or do you want Jeff Bezos?
One of them's gonna get there first, and we gotta pick... I just don't like how Bezos is creating all these monopolies.
But at the same time, Elon does... I mean, I don't want his brain chipped.
Right, right.
Heck no.
But he got his heavy rocket in the space, so...
Yeah, we gotta keep these guys in check though, but certainly Bezos is the worst of the oligarchs, you know.
So he's the worst?
Yeah, because look, the guy...
We can't appreciate what a genius he is.
He is smarter than Carnegie.
This guy gets it at a level that we can't appreciate.
Well, he sees the whole big takeover.
The grid.
He's going to have the driverless cars.
Yeah, so bait and switch, reverse mergers, then establish sectors where he takes over the market.
Bank rubs markets to bring it into the market.
Then get all of your suppliers, then get government subsidy, and then, oh, now you have to give me a security clearance because I own a whole section of the economy.
Oh, now I'm going to be a vendor for the Pentagon.
I'm going to be a vendor for the CIA.
So when I want my rockets in space, they'll get in space.
He started with books, Alex.
Books on the internet!
And now he's in space!
And he plotted this out.
He plotted this all out.
No, I know.
Now his robot cars are taking over.
Ali Alexander.
Ali Alexander is our guest.
Coming up, we got a special report.
And then, the one, the only.
That's right.
Gerald Cilente.
Stay with us.
Spread the word.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
It's a real honor, and I thank Alex Jones for all he does.
And remember, do what you can to support Infowars.
And I don't know if Alex knows this and wants to pass it on to Trump.
But there's a real weak point.
A weak point.
There are a lot of them with Biden.
And one of them that no one's talking about, that we're going to have in our Trends Journal tomorrow, is Biden proposes slashing student debt.
He's talking all about that.
And we go on to write,
In 2005, as a senator from Delaware, where the financial industry is among the state's largest, in other words, you open a business in Maryland, or Delaware, and you don't have to worry about anything anymore.
Because you could cause bankruptcy and on and on anyway.
Biden was a strong proponent of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act,
With preventing people with student loans from escaping them through bankruptcy.
As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which screens proposed laws regulating the financial industry, Biden helped make it more difficult for American borrowers to claim bankruptcy.
I remember when this happened.
This began under the Clinton administration.
And it was pushed through with the Bush administration.
Biden was the big one making it impossible, virtually, for students to claim bankruptcy.
And a lot of other people except the bigs.
But that's just a fact.
Not many people are talking about it.
So I thought we'd pass that on into you.
I want to talk a little bit about the markets.
Oh, the markets, the markets.
Dow's down now, as we're speaking, about 760 points.
It should go in.
We had forecast a strong correction between now and Election Day.
The only thing that could reverse it is the Federal Reserve coming out and dumping more cheap money into the system.
Will that happen?
Probably yes.
Because this thing's going down big time.
The global economy is in the greatest depression.
I'll show you something else that just went down.
It was like $43 a barrel last week, oil, artificially propped up.
Beginning of the week, it was around $39 a barrel for Brent crude.
And now today, phew, it's down back
Into the $39 a barrel mark.
$39 a barrel for Brent Crude.
All of these oil-rich companies, whether countries, companies, they're companies actually, that's all they are.
They can't make it on this kind of money.
And neither can all these shale producers around the United States.
And all those cities and all the areas that are rich in shale and rich in oil, they're gonna go down hard.
The driving season's over.
Demand is down.
Air travel around the world, down 85%.
They're not using oil like they used to.
And the supply greatly outweighs the demand.
This is something very important to keep watching.
It's telling you what the future will look like.
Then you put it together, our global nomic trend forecasting system, making connections between different fields.
Hey, how about those Saudis, huh?
They need oil, depending on whose stuff you look at.
They need it between, eh, $80 to $100 a barrel for its economy to break even, and it hasn't been like that in a long time.
Yet they're fighting that war over there in Yemen.
Nobody talks about, what's a Yemen?
Oh, a Yemen, a Yemen.
Yeah, only 10 million of them are starving.
Cholera, Ebola, forget coronavirus.
Oh, well over 150,000 dead from the war started by the clown prince.
And you know how he became a prince?
Well, he kissed
Princess kissed the frog and the frog became a prince.
That's how it happened.
It's a gang.
The Saudi gang was invented in the 1930s.
The point being, they can't make it on this kind of money.
And neither could any of these oil rich countries.
Kuwait, yeah, wait a long time.
One after another.
Then you talk to the poor countries that have oil, like Venezuela, like Nigeria, one of the biggest countries in population in Africa.
They were doing terrible before the virus lockdowns hit.
This is important.
The only thing that's keeping the markets up
Is the cheap money that the Federal Reserve continues to pump into it.
Go back to August 2019.
The markets were tanking.
All of a sudden, you're reading about the repo markets.
What's a repo market?
A repo market is where the money is, where the gamblers, the trading houses, go to borrow it for nothing, and the Federal Reserve is like a gamble.
Federal Reserve ended up dumping $7 trillion into it.
They need to keep the markets up, because the average person will know how bad it is when Wall Street goes down fast and hard.
And remember, it's not the average person that owns stock on Wall Street.
1%, the 1% own 52% of all the equities, 10% own 88%.
They need to keep the markets up to make things look good.
Because now we're going into the winter.
And it was a lousy summer for a lot of businesses.
And things get slow in the wintertime.
We are heading toward the greatest depression.
And civil wars are going to be erupting throughout the globe.
In a country near you.
America, America.
We're on the list.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
They're losing it big time.
Hey, you see those homicide rates going up?
How about those car thefts?
One after another, violence is going to escalate like we've never seen before.
And by the way, that's why we have Bradley Steiner.
One of the reasons.
Writing survivalism and close combat
Tips and helps in our Trends Journal.
So remember, do what you can to keep freedom alive.
Support InfoWars.
And of course, subscribe to the Trends Journal.
Look at that cover by Anthony Frieda.
History before it happens.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And here we are.
Getting close to Election Day.
The Presidential Reality Show.
So what do we got going on?
Here's how we see it.
It's going to be a very, very simple election.
Masks versus no masks.
Lockdowns versus no lockdown.
And President Trump has to win the swing states.
In order for him to win the swing states, he has to get more people to go out and vote.
It wasn't that he got a lot of people to go out and vote the last time in the swing states.
What happened was, the Democrats didn't go out and vote for Hillary.
So it wasn't like there was a big surge of votes for him.
There was a less of what they expected in the swing states for Hillary Clinton.
So, here's the deal.
As I said, we're going into the winter months.
The restaurants we used to have out here where we are, you know, that we're serving outside because we have the dictator over here, Cuomo.
You only get out 25% capacity in New York City.
And they just allowed that.
So they're eating in the gutter out there.
They're eating in the streets.
And now it's too cold.
People aren't traveling already.
Tourism is gone.
And now the winter months.
Hey, all of those places, all of those Jersey shores and everywhere else where the people used to flock by the tens of millions.
A slow year.
And now it's slowing down more.
So people are going to become much more frustrated.
In the empty streets of New York and everywhere else.
You know what their business occupancy rate is?
Office businesses occupancy rate in New York City?
Thriving at about 10%.
People are freaked out.
They're buying the fear.
Fear is easy to sell.
The COVID war.
We're off to the COVID war.
That COVID's gonna kill you, but I'm gonna protect you.
I'm your governor.
I'm your mayor.
I'm your little jerk that you believe because you're too stupid to think for yourself.
This thing's coming down big.
Goes back to 1992, when slick Willie Clinton ran against Bush and Ross Perot.
The campaign slogan behind the scenes was, it's the economy, stupid.
And that's what it is right now.
It's the economy, stupid.
And Trump is going to blame the Democrats for destroying the economy.
That's the way I see it.
Masks versus no mask.
You heard Biden say?
He wants to wear a mask.
Look at what a jerk he looks like.
Look what a stupid, ignorant fool he looks like.
All like all the rest.
You know, one of my top trends.
Unfortunately, the 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century will be the Chinese century.
Look at Mao Tse-Tung Biden with his mask on.
Fits in perfectly.
And everybody else will do what your leader tells you to do.
America's, again, look at one of our another great Anthony Frida artwork from our Back Trends journal.
Tank Man 2.0.
Remember Tank Man, that was the guy that stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square.
There's this cover with several
But a couple of months ago, the Tank Man cover.
And it says, the Chinese way, you will obey.
And that's what we've become.
The Chinese way, you will obey.
It's happened.
Used to make fun of the Chinese.
Hey, look at all those people wearing masks.
Can you imagine me doing that?
Yes, I will!
Yes, I will!
I will follow your orders!
I'm a little low-life!
I can't think for myself!
I bow to Cuomo!
I look up to gruesome Gavin!
Witless Whitmer!
That's how Trump is gonna win.
As I see it.
There's the Tank Man.
And now we're back.
Here we are.
Nothing's changed other than China taking over.
There's a man.
Where are they today?
No men?
Well, you got, of course you do, Alex Jones and others, myself.
But most people are afraid.
How could they listen to a little piece of crap garbage lowlife like a gruesome Newsome?
I got one better for you.
How about that little jerk off there in Australia?
Daniel Andrews.
You look at this little clown of a boy.
Kind of guys you hated in high school.
Little brown noses and suck-ups that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag that would rat you out.
And now this clown boy's in charge over there, locking down Melbourne.
And the police, what they're doing to the people.
Look at this little boy.
Look at this little nothing of a clown and the people bow down and take it up to, you know what, to this little jerk off in Australia.
Look at him.
So, let's take a look at Australia.
832 deaths out of a population of 25.5 million people.
March, April, May, June, July, August, September.
832 deaths?
Yeah, look at Worldometer.
Those tell you right there.
25.5 million people.
You mean 0.003% of the people died from this?
And this little clown boy of nothing locked a joint down?
Like that other moron, Morrison, who's running the show over there in Australia?
And ruining people's lives?
And they're doing it all over.
Look, could you imagine?
I grew up at the time of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Sexual revolution.
Yeah, and I revolt.
Can you imagine growing up now?
You will not go to school and go out and party.
Now you get back in your dormitory.
You will not go out and have a good time.
I don't care if you're in college or not.
You won't go to bars.
You won't go dancing.
And no singing.
No singing allowed.
You will obey us.
It is China.
It's the 21st century.
We are living under Chinese dictates.
Look what they're doing arresting people for what?
Look at these little clown boys.
I gotta tell you, man.
The Kingston police, they don't bother you for that stuff.
Great men and women.
Not these little boys who get off carrying guns and playing tough cop.
If we don't fight for freedom, we are going to die spiritually, emotionally and physically in the COVID war.
And that's why I'm telling you, put your money where your mind is.
Support InfoWars.
Remember, they got banned from all the social media.
They need your support.
And so do we.
We have to unite.
For liberty, love, joy, or beauty, or else you're going to live in hell on earth, brought to you by the slimy dictators, men and women in a city, country, state, and nation near you.
We're going to be right back.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, do what you can to support freedom of speech.
I don't agree with a lot of stuff.
Not a lot of stuff.
Some of the issues that Alex sees, I see differently.
I say what I want to say.
He doesn't censor me.
I agree with Trump on some things, totally against him on other things.
And he doesn't say you can't say that or don't do that.
So to keep freedom alive and freedom of speech, do what you can to support InfoWars and their new combo special where you get
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So visit InfoWarsStores.com now and get 60% off free shipping on the new 8-pack Power Stack and Survival Shield
Very important.
Very important.
Also because something that the prostitutes don't talk about.
Or the politicians.
This may be the last time I'm on InfoWars if I say this.
You ready?
How about building up your immune system?
How about getting in the best shape that you can?
How about
Trying to get healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Oh, by the way, first book I worked on was called Natural Healing back in 1986, and I have an honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences for the work I've done in complementary and integrated medicine.
So, you know, I do what I can to stay healthy and build my immune system.
You know, you think I want to work out every day?
I get up and say, I did it yesterday, I don't have to do it today.
I do it.
I try to eat properly.
I like to drink that glass of nice Italian wine every day a couple of times a day.
But hey, you got to keep that blood red, you know, Monopoli Tata.
But seriously, you got to take care of yourself.
The people that are dying from the disease, you know, all know the data.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
94% of them had pre-existing 2.6 pre-existing chronic conditions.
That is all here.
This is from AARP.
How the immune system misfires.
There are many ways in which our bodies manifest immune problems.
But three of them stand out, and the prevalence of each is increasing throughout our population.
Among those who were hospitalized with COVID-19, 34% had diabetes, 42% were obese, 57% had high blood pressure, according to the study by Journal of American Medical Association in April.
A chronic factor
For all three conditions is chronic inflammation.
It causes your immune system to pump out white blood cells and chemical messengers that keep your defense activity engaged 24-7.
Coronavirus, not the main cause of death for almost one-third of COVID-19 victims.
There's a report.
I'll be writing about this in the Trends Journal, which is a weekly.
It goes out tomorrow.
The novel coronavirus, there's... I'm gonna take that line out.
All right.
The Telegraph newspaper citing a study by Oxford reported that over the summer months, those who had a heart attack or in a car crash
Could be listed as a coronavirus fatality if the doctor working the case thought the virus played even a minor role in exacerbating the previous condition.
Quote, at the beginning of the epidemic, we only saw this in a few cases, Dr. Jansen Oak, who was part of the team from Oxford, told the paper.
But this is increasing because a lot more people now had COVID.
The true death rate is an important thing to know because it gives us an idea of impact.
Clearly, COVID was having a massive impact in March and April, but we need to know if the disease is now taking the same toll as before.
All right.
And as I mentioned before, what are they doing?
They're telling young people not to go out and have a good time.
I cannot imagine being a young guy and not going out and partying in my teens and twenties and thirties and into the forties and a little bit into the fifties and into the sixties and into the seventies.
Could you imagine?
They suck the joy out of life.
These little low lives have sucked the joy out of life.
Now there's a man who enjoys life.
And that's what we have to do.
Life on Earth.
Goodwill to men and women.
This idiocy.
Of locking us all up.
Now let's put this in order again.
Again, we write about it in detail.
It's out of the news.
5,864 fatalities from the virus.
They have a population of about 10 million.
No lockdown at all.
And, and this is a hard fact.
Well over 50% more like 60% of the people that died in Sweden were from nursing homes.
So you take that number 5,864 or 65 and 10 million people.
Now let's take a look at New York.
You have 33,000 plus dead out of a population twice the size of Sweden.
Not quite twice the size, a little smaller, 19.5 million.
Let's say twice the size.
So that brings Sweden's death toll up to what now?
It would be 11,000, 12,000 if they had the same size population.
March, April, May, June, July, August, September.
But yet, little Andy Cuomo, the daddy's boy born on third base, who locked down New York State, destroyed
Tens of thousands of businesses that are never going to open again, ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands, is a hero.
This is the clown that talked the opening of the Democratic National Convention.
Now, let me get this straight.
Over 33,000 people died here, and this guy's great at it.
And all these countries that locked down, Spain, Argentina, one after another.
They locked down, they opened, India, India locked down totally.
They open up, boom, virus cases spike.
The lockdowns don't work.
Immune system buildup does.
And that's why the Swedes, unlike the Americans, I gave you the number, obesity and type 2 diabetes aren't kicking the bucket like Americans are.
70% are overweight, 42% of that are obese.
So again, do what you can to stay healthy.
The products at InfoWars help you do that.
And to keep your mind alive and see the future, subscribe to the Trends Journal.
Thank you.
When I put up this graphic for TV viewers and describe it for radio listeners, I'm not exaggerating that you've got the dam of the republic and what's left of freedom of speech and the second amendment that's symbolized by info wars as the tip of the spear.
And you've got the destructive force of communism just waiting to crush you and your family.
I need to hold on as long as possible.
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And I won't get the crap that they've got out there and downgrade our products and, you know, reformulate them and make them weaker.
I'm telling you, stuff's breaking down.
It's bad, okay?
And it's not just that, it's all the other attacks.
And so, we're going to be in this together.
I don't feel sorry for myself, I'm sorry for America.
And when Trump gets back in, which they're probably not going to be able to stop him, because America's waking up.
They're going to bring in the depression.
I don't know how he's going to hold it off.
They've paid off all the right-wing pundits to say, oh, we're devaluing things.
The dollar's dead.
Trump shouldn't be doing stimulus.
If we don't do the stimulus, we're going to totally collapse.
That's their plan.
Of course what he's doing long term will be bad.
We don't have a choice anymore.
Anybody that understands economics knows that.
We need political power and control of our country because it's ideology that can build everything back.
If we don't have the ideology of the Republic and America,
And freedom, it won't matter.
They're making their move.
I'm getting chills right now.
Every channel, every show, the dollar's dead, America's over.
You know, Wall Street now bearish on the dollar.
On and on and on, they're making their move.
And empires and republics fall very, very incrementally from rotting within, but then finally like an old barn, when a tornado comes by, they blow over.
I think?
Everything InfoWars has done for 26 years, everything you've done in your life of being informed and being involved is building towards this point and this isn't a normal time.
And I know you know that and I salute you and I thank you.
But when you call in thanking me for trying to self-preserve myself and you, we're in the same boat, brother.
I get it.
I appreciate you just as much as you appreciate me.
But I'm telling you, this is serious and the country needs to be prayed for and you need to pray for yourself.
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But we've only got the ability to do business now.
We're not gonna have it much longer, if the enemy has their way.
I'm telling you.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the damn blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
With pedophiles and devil worshippers and forced inoculations and FEMA camps coming for us and war!
If we don't fix this now, we're gonna have to fight.
So we're trying to hold the dam against the Satanists and the armies of hell.
We pray to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father for the lead God to direct us against this enemy!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
That dam's already got holes in it!
And the enemy's telling you, don't stick your fingers in it, don't block it, everything's fine.
Peaches and cream are on the other side.
You know it's not peaches and cream!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
One way or another!
Only question is, do we have a president in the middle of the fight against the new world order, or is it going to be us that does it?
But we know we're not giving up!