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Name: 20200920_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 20, 2020
1237 lines.

In a recent live transmission, Alex Jones discusses various issues such as Joe Biden's statement about COVID-19 deaths, technology companies supporting China, Infowars providing accurate analysis of the globalist threat, the battle plan of the globalists, and the importance of unity in opposing their agenda. He also covers topics like Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, potential Supreme Court Justice appointments, COVID-19 vaccine tracking through biochip implants, and ongoing violence related to Black Lives Matter protests. Jones emphasizes that Infowars serves as a non-filtered platform for the general public, governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, universities, foreign governments, and more.

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Speaking of crashing to the lines of disinformation, it's not hard to crash through this.
Here's what Joe Biden just said.
If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be, it's estimated that 200 million people have died, probably by the time I finish this talk.
Did you hear that?
200 million people died in the United States.
Of 370 million, roughly 60% died.
60% of America is dead.
And it's not even one-tenth of one percent, but it doesn't matter.
Joe Biden said it, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, all supporting China in the slave camps.
They have endorsed Joe Biden, and they promise they will deliver the election to him.
They will censor other Americans.
They will keep our dirty, filthy American mouths shut.
It is September 20th on this live Sunday transmission.
There's no other institution like this in the world.
And I only say that because the enemy's aware of it.
I don't think the listeners and viewers are totally aware of the fact that we are completely non-filtered.
We are not controlled by anybody but the truth and with the facts.
And Infowars and its analysis of the globalist threat has been the most accurate
Yardstick and radar system out there and it is not just something that's a guiding light for the general public but also governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, universities, foreign governments, you name it.
And you'll sit back and think about that before I plunge into all the news and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all the rest of it.
There's all these fake ideologies and all these fake systems and all these fake religions and all this garbage put out to have a Tower of Babel of all these different people that can't communicate with each other, but InfoWars' analysis of how the world really works was this weird
Fringy thing that was totally insane 25 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, but now it's the dominant debate in the world, Americanism vs. Globalism, and they don't deny that they're a world government, and they're an anti-family system, and they're a post-human system.
They're now, oh yeah, and we're the good guys, and we're going to silence those of you that don't want to do this.
So, here's what I'm saying.
I went off the real politique of the world.
I got into the books written by the Zbigniew Brzezinski's and the Henry Kissinger's.
And I went down that rabbit hole a long time ago.
And that's the reason they want us silenced.
And that's the good news.
It's not, oh look, we were right, we were smart.
It's that we've got the enemy's battle plan.
We've got the Death Star plans.
We've got the blueprints.
We've got the key
The playbook.
The enemy manifesto.
Because they were so arrogant and thought that we could never, as the proletariat, organize any system to oppose them because they've got control of finance and control the issuance of money out of nothing.
But despite the fact that these guys can just create money out of nothing and make us their financial slaves, that's money.
That's numbers.
That's zeros and ones.
We've got blood.
We've got sweat, we've got tears, we've got genetics, we've got brain matter, we've got spirit.
And so that's why they want us off the air, because they don't want you to have a focal point.
They don't want anyone to be able to rise up and say no to what they're doing, because what they're going to do is going to be so fabulously horrible.
So incredibly disgusting.
There's going to be a massive rejection of it, but they need everyone atomized and alone so that we will all fall under the weight of this instead of coming together and saying no to George Soros and his Satanist army and the Rothschilds and the globalists that he represents.
But you know what?
The devil's a failure.
It's fallen.
It's a joke.
God is in control, but we, we have to respond to that call.
I want to welcome everyone across the planet, tuning in to this forbidden transmission tonight.
We are live, we are teleprompter free, our North Star is justice and freedom and common sense and history, and of course God, the guiding light of it all.
Okay, let me tell you what's coming up tonight on this live Sunday transmission.
Ahead of Owen Schroyer taking over with Sunday Night Live for two hours, right after I get done with election countdown coverage.
And boy, is there a lot to cover here and then.
We've got Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
And her going across the other side and all that that means, the left promising civil war and death and destruction, threatening us if we don't submit.
Her last wish, not to be replaced until a new president is installed.
They're not installed.
North Korean dictators are installed.
They're elected.
And her dying wish has no effect on federal and state law and the Constitution and the Federalist Papers that
The Republicans have a job to do, and that is to bring in the next Supreme Court Justice, which really scares the deep state.
They're promising to pack the court.
The court went from 7 to 9 under FDR when he couldn't control the court.
Now they're about 13.
But no one's proposed.
I looked it up.
What if Trump just goes ahead and packs the court?
How about if Trump says he puts 50 on there, huh?
How about that?
Or 49?
How about going up to 13 justices?
We'll look at the meltdown of the Democrats who, as a party, say they don't want the U.S.
to exist at all.
And then this.
I shot a video last night that was on Band.Video.
My wife tweeted it out and it got some traction.
Because I'm banned on Twitter.
And I just was reading
Out of the Houston newspaper where they're coming door-to-door demanding blood samples and how DARPA is funding implantable biochip to make sure you've had your COVID vaccine and to do other things.
That's now mainstream news.
People are like, this can't be true.
Well, I've got Fox News.
I've got CNN.
I've got them all.
And we're going to show you that.
And it ties into all the other big developments on that front.
Meanwhile, Secret Service intercepts package addressed to President Trump containing deadly Ryerson.
And overnight, a whole bunch of white folks got shot across the country because they were white by Black Lives Matter race supremacist groups funded by Georgie Soros.
In Louisville, Kentucky alone, it was a cop bar, so the black guy went in and shot two white people to death and a black guy to death because they were supporting the cop bar and he was very proud of himself when the police showed up.
He was very proud that he killed some white people and a pro-cop black guy, I guess, because he thought he was in a restaurant owned by a cop.
I've got a whole bunch of videos coming up on that front.
Can you imagine if a white dude walked in to a black church and shot two black people
White person, it'd be the end of the world.
And it's not a good thing, I'm not for that, but they would use that to create just total hysteria, but because it's white people, or it's a cop bar, oh, you're not going to be hearing about that.
We've got some of the shocking BLM footage now, they're attacking women with babies, stopping cars with women, threatening to drag them out of the vehicle.
I mean, this is just thug behavior on display, but it's malice training at the universities that creates this.
This is an exact plan.
I can do a whole hour on this, but I'm not going to.
I may do it tomorrow on the weekday show.
It's 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
You've all seen the footage of Google Home Assistant and Alexa Amazon Assistant and Facebook's got an assistant where employees hack in or hackers hack in and they'll start telling a woman, hey, you're looking really good, baby.
Or they tend to focus on kids.
They'll tell kids, hey,
I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna murder you, I'm gonna rape you, if you tell your parents I'm gonna kill you, I'm in the ceiling, I'm a demon, I'm at the clown.
Well, WBAL-TV's reporting, Channel 11 NBC, out of Millersville, Maryland, police warn of apps, they say solicit child pornography, and these children's apps tell the kids when they're in the bath together, in the shower, they're like 3, 5, 6 years old,
You're going to show me photos of yourself and give it to us or we're going to kill you.
So just remember what you're letting into your life.
Just remember what's dialed into everything and what's unfolding and what's going on.
That's coming up as well.
We're going to look at what AOC is saying.
She wants a Marxist overthrow of the government because of what's about to happen with the RBG replacement.
And we've got Joe Biden saying 200 million Americans, that's roughly 60% of the U.S.
population, maybe more, is dead.
Remember, they told you that 4% of those that got COVID would die.
It's actually .00034.
Last numbers we saw, it's even lower in Hawaii and 77 have died in Australia that didn't die of other comorbidities like car wrecks or cancer.
What does it matter?
Once the sheep will put the mask on, once they get into the fear, once they have the fun of not going to work, once they have the fun of thinking they're milking the welfare train...
The breakdown of civilization and the economy begins and then the people become totally domesticated for the automated robots, for Big Brother, for the big tech system to come in and fully end human civilization and society as we know it.
And that is the larger plan of the COVID-19 lockdown.
There was a big French news agency article.
They're as big as AP globally.
It's really the French intelligence agency.
It's the EU intelligence agency.
They did a big giant
I mean, it's got to be 20 pages or more write-up about yours truly.
They put this out to governments all over the world, everybody else, and they said, Alex Jones, hoax pandemic conspiracy video viral despite Facebook ban.
And so I actually printed up a bunch of articles and documents that back up what I'm saying
Because they say I'm wrong.
They don't give $53,000 to COVID patients in hospitals.
Of course, I have the USA Today admitting that's true.
And they say there's no UN plan wanting to depopulate the earth.
And they say there's no vaccines causing problems, even though AP reported last week that most of the public in the world is caused by vaccines.
And it's just an amazing attempt to defend Bill Gates and what they're doing.
So I'm going to spend at least a segment
Start of the second hour going into this, not to defend myself, but just to show you the incredible anatomy of BS.
Because I have the UN, I have the Davos Group saying it's a global reset for the Earth, I have Klaus Schwab, I have Xi Jinping, I have the UN Sustainability Development Papers being put out by the UN.
Everything I say is them.
But they play this game, they go, oh we went and checked here and found a UN group saying that.
Or we went and found this.
This is all a post-human takeover plan, and we're going to be exposing it coming up today.
And Mike Adams wrote a really good article that's at naturalnews.com.
We're going to post InfoWars, which I concur with, likely timeline of events to take place from September 20th, January 20th, covering vaccines, Supreme Court, Election Day, market terrorism, and insurrection, and it's all the things the Democrats
I don't know.
That without you getting involved and spreading the word, they win.
Their whole attack is about suppressing, not Alex Jones.
I was just the beginning.
It's everyone.
And as we build towards the election, they're going to censor the president.
They're already doing it.
They're going to censor the Republican Party.
They're going to censor the British government that's trying to expose some of this.
They're censoring Bolsonaro, the patriot president of Brazil.
They're blocking everyone.
And so instead of just letting this happen, we have to get out ahead of it.
And think about the URLs.
I'll have guests on that are being censored on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all of it.
And they'll have great-looking websites with their articles, their videos, and I'll go, why don't you plug your URL?
They all want to build that social media and have that higher little number that means nothing because they can take it away any day.
Everyone needs to promote and share the URLs.
Their URLs.
Your URLs.
Start your own URLs.
Post our stuff there.
Just get it out.
So this morning, I already knew the history, but I wanted to check in on it because I've looked at it in decades, that it was the western states that first passed women's suffrage so women could vote because women out west
We're good to go.
Undermining themselves, undermining their future, destroying families, but believing, as is under the Maoist system, that they are in charge and they are empowered.
So when Trump comes out and says, oh he's going to nominate a woman coming up this week, so they can't counter him, oh look it's Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she's a woman, I don't care if it's a man or a woman.
But the idea that, oh, America has a problem with women, it's America that trailblazed women having rights.
In most of the world, they still don't.
But you never hear that.
China runs death camps.
China kills little girls and says they're worthless.
Hundreds of millions of them.
Oh, but the left doesn't care about that because they're on the CHICOM payroll.
The world, the corporations are threatened by our freedom and our true classical liberalism.
But the left is not liberalism, it is the left-hand path.
It is the occult, it is black magic, it is deception.
And that's who the liberals are today, is a group of lying scum that hate the country and are collaborators and are selling out the destruction of the nation.
First, President Trump reveals he will announce a woman as Supreme Court nominee.
Both the 2016 and the 2018 elections, the American people chose a president and a Senate majority, united in their commitment to selecting nominees who believe in applying the Constitution as written, right?
Both the White House and the Senate majority.
Have a moral duty to fulfill the promises they made to the voters.
And that is exactly what we're going to do.
We said that if for any reason we have a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, we will fill that vacancy.
We're not going to say.
And by the way, we have plenty of time.
There's a lot of time.
You know, you're talking about you're talking about January 20th, right?
So we will uphold equal justice under the law for citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed.
I will be putting forth a nominee next week.
It will be a woman.
It will be a woman, unless
All right, now let's continue here.
Before I go to Eric Holder saying they're going to try to pack the court, I'll explain what that means in a moment if you don't know.
But here it is, Fox News, Ginberg's last wish was to not be replaced until a new president is installed.
That's not elected.
The definition of stalled is put in like a machine by somebody else, just like BBC reported.
Nine years ago, Kim Jong-un installed as North Korea's Supreme Leader by the dictatorship.
Ginsburg wants someone installed.
Kim Jong-un was installed.
See how that little trick works right there?
Here's Fox News with her quote.
Let's go through some of these articles.
Trump reveals he will announce a woman as Supreme Court nominee next week.
We just told you about that.
You want to share that with folks?
Since 1900,
70% of Supreme Court justice nominees were approved in less than 46 days.
So that's even before the election or right on it.
Oh, but some were done in like 20 something days, 30 days.
But now they're saying we're not allowed to do that, you see, because it's not her wishes.
Well, what some
Baby-killing, globalist, chicken-neck, who wasn't even a very good lawyer, she was a known puppet of the left, just a front woman, with what that little bug-eyed goblin wants, we don't care.
She's in hell now.
And by the way, I won't worship her like I do McCain, or her, or all these globalists.
When the media fawns after someone, they love them, they're a disgrace.
She's a disgrace.
I won't cry over Hitler dying either.
She's with Hitler right now in hell.
Burn in hell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
All the babies you helped kill, all the corruption, you're an America-hating globalist, wanting to overthrow the Republic, and you're going to lose, witch!
Like all your witch-like controllers.
Like Michael Moore.
Michael Moore urges Pelosi to shut down government, to block GOP from filling Ginsburg's seat.
Hell, you've already shut down America with your COVID hoax, you demon!
And it goes on from there.
Democrats have a secret weapon to thwart a rapid Ginsburg replacement.
They should use it.
And here is Eric Holder, the former Attorney General, extremely corrupt individual, telling you how they're going to do it.
You would have a conservative majority on the court, illegitimate conservative majority on the court, ruling on these matters that will affect the nation for generations to come.
And one of the realities is if Merrick Garland had been confirmed, as he should have been, there would have been a progressive majority on the court for the past three years.
And think about what that meant.
So I think that if, in fact, they are successful in placing a justice on the court,
Assuming that Biden is president and there is a Senate majority for the Democrats, we need to think about court reform.
And at a minimum, as part of that reform package, I think additional justices need to be placed on the Supreme Court.
Here's what Pelosi had to say when she was asked about a new impeachment.
She nodded her head and signaled, yes, let's have impeachment, surely because you don't want America to save itself from your party that literally says the country shouldn't exist.
You CHICOM agent, you enemy of humanity, you monster cryptkeeper, Nancy Pelosi.
But even that's no guarantee that the White House and Senate Republicans won't try to push through a Supreme Court nomination in a lame duck session, even if Joe Biden wins on November 3rd, even if Democrats win, pick up seats in the House and maybe even the Senate.
So what can you do then?
Some have mentioned the possibility, if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session, that you and the House could move to impeach President Trump or Attorney General Barr
Thank you.
Well, we have our options.
We have arrows in our quiver that I'm not about to discuss right now.
But the fact is, we have a big challenge in our country.
This president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election with statements that he and his... And they're the ones that keep saying that because they know they're losers.
They literally exist to censor us, to bully us, with the chi-coms.
They are not Americans.
All right.
Next segment, we're going to get into the latest COVID-19 power grab news.
COVID-19 is a real virus.
It does kill people.
We've never denied that.
The media says we deny that.
It's a scam.
It's a fraud, though.
It's way overblown.
And the response to it is a civilizational corporate takeover of society.
And there's big developments.
Forced drug blood draws starting.
Intimidated blood draws starting.
Just a whole slew of news.
DARPA-funded implantable biochips to see if you've had the vaccine or if you, quote, have COVID.
This is all being announced.
Mainstream news now.
We told you six months ago about white papers developing it.
Now it's mainstream news.
That's all coming up next segment.
But let's get into this right now.
I am not up here trying to make white people hate black people.
And I'm not up here trying to get black people to hate white people.
There are white people that do mean things to black people.
There are black people that do mean things to white people.
And there's all sorts of other people doing things to each other as well.
But we should judge people individually over who they are, and what they produce, and what they stand for.
We all know that, whether it's a restaurant, whether it's music, whether it's medicine, whether it's art.
We judge people off of what they produce, not off of what color they are.
I'll go to any restaurant.
The food's good.
I don't care if it's black people, Chinese, white, whatever.
But if you're jerks and rude, I'm not coming back.
We all know that.
But the left injects all this, and it's in the WikiLeaks, Hillary talking about it, to divide us because she's unpopular.
But if she can divide us through the media and then act like she's the one, like the warden of a prison, that's going to control the different factions, well, she's the kingpin.
That's Democrat big city control going back 150 years.
Where they had the Irish and the Italians and the, you know, the Poles and the all fighting and killing each other and the big city bosses would control it.
But never let the people unify.
So if I wanted to show you three hours, four hours a day on my show, video of black people shooting white people, hitting white people in the head with bricks, stabbing white people and bragging about it.
I mean, there's, without me looking,
I see 20 videos a day.
I've got a whole bunch right now.
And I've got the statistics that whites are 12 times more likely to be attacked by blacks than vice versa.
That was not happening until the 70s because the liberal media started saying whites deserve it.
So crazy black people, a minority of them, go out and do this.
It's racial attacks.
You know the KKK when it goes and it used to attack black people for no reason.
You know they thought they were in the right too.
These crazy KKK people, these crazy black people, these crazy white people egging on the black people, they all think they're normal.
So imagine, I've got video from all over the United States of white people being shot and killed, and I don't even show it to you because it's snuff films.
I got cops being shot and killed.
I got cops being shot and injured.
I got cops getting their jaws blown off because they're white.
I've got it all.
If I wanted to foment something, I don't!
And I'm not up here calling for peace because I'm scared of black people.
I'm scared of the globalists bringing the whole ship down and the whole society.
And I'm scared of them manipulating white people into a civil war they want to get us to wreck the country and bring each other down.
I'll actually want to win the game against the New World Order.
I don't want to be a chump played by this crap.
But so many white people I know are being manipulated because they see racial attacks on whites and the media defending it, that it's a normal, tribal response of white people to start wanting to get violent.
Just like black people hear about blacks being killed and believe it's a record event happening, and that it's an epidemic, and so you've got every day, black guy goes into an auto parts store, starts stabbing the white manager.
He says, well I gotta get back at the whites, they're killing all of us!
And the newest thing.
Last night, Black Lives Matter activist wearing Justice for Breonna Taylor walks into a known police bar and shoots two white people and a black person and bragged to police that he was proud of himself.
Didn't even... basically turned himself in when they came.
Now scroll through who he shot.
They're in the Gateway Pundit article.
It's also on Infowars.com.
And he just went in and shot them because they were pro-cop.
Because they were at a bar owned by a cop.
Go ahead and scroll on down.
It shows some of the people that were shot, guys.
Scroll a little bit faster.
It's fine.
So this is the reality of what we're dealing with here.
There have been cases where crazy white people go and shoot black people, but it's all over the news and they tell you every white person is to blame for this.
Black people are not to blame for the two white people and the black man all shot to death last night because they were at a cop bar.
None of them deserved it.
They didn't do anything wrong.
And when a crazy white guy goes and kills 10 people in a black church, white people aren't to blame.
I know our listeners get that, but when they try to get us to feel guilty over 14 black guys on average, the Attorney General says it's 12, that are killed wrongly by police, we're 370 million people!
The rarest way for a black man to die is from a cop.
It is!
The most popular way is Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood killing you!
But see, this guy's an idiot.
Just like the people that think COVID's the biggest killer in the world and wear the mask all day when it's one of the rarest forms of death.
He thinks he's striking back because he believes black people are under attack by white people.
And the very white people running Planned Parenthood that want to kill him and his family are running this to make him start a fight with regular white people who in the end will end up probably killing him.
He'll probably get the death penalty down.
So let's play some of these videos.
I mean, this is just today's videos.
You go to WorldStarHipHop, you can see lots of whites getting killed every day.
It's a big, fun thing.
Imagine some white supremacist site celebrating the killing of blacks.
I would hate that site.
But as long as it's killing whitey, it's okay.
Because whites have learned to lay down.
And see, I tell whites, don't rise up by killing black people.
Rise up by exposing George Soros and Hillary and Planned Parenthood and the New World Order.
It's engineering all this, because they're the ones triggering it and running it all, and they're the enemy.
So, wearing a mask is serious.
And I'm kind of, you know, like, a certain person is holding rallies, you know.
I think yesterday he held one inside.
No one wore a mask.
And I've become the type of person where I hope they all get hit and die.
I'm sorry, but that, I am so frustrated and just... Yeah, she ain't been missing any meals here in America.
Go to North Korea, lady.
They'll kill you in two seconds.
Get Jabba's girlfriend off.
Now let's go ahead and go to this next thing here.
There's a bunch of these clips.
We'll just go from clip 4, 5, 6.
Go ahead and play them back to back.
We've got them in Rhode Island, in New York, New Jersey, San Diego, Black Lives Matter going up, turning over chairs, attacking families, people grabbing their babies, people running, screaming at people.
This is the, and then saying they're victims while they attack you.
Here's a few of the clips.
And they're all attacking them because they're white.
That's right.
We're in your face attacking you.
Right-wing media is attacking us.
We're victims.
Look, look, look, they're making these guys.
They've obviously had a bunch of drinks.
They keep going, put your, play it, turn up the audio, put your fist up, grovel to us.
And they go, black lives, they keep saying, louder, scum!
It's not good enough.
He keeps saying it.
It's not good enough, slave!
Stay there.
We're going to come back and play this.
But I mean, literally, you come to a checkpoint, there's a bunch of weird white people with a couple black people with them, and they're going, you're going to bow down to us right now.
We're not letting you through.
We're going to kick your ass.
This is called terrorism.
All right.
So let's go back to that clip we were just playing.
If you just
Tune in, I'm going to describe it here.
BLM says put your fist up if you're for Black Lives Matter.
They've got a checkpoint set up on a road and they see white people, particularly in a pickup truck, they think that means you're a white supremacist.
If you're a white guy that works for a living, you're a plumber, you're an electrician, it just really upsets them.
And so obviously there's two dudes that have had dinner, they've had a few drinks, they don't want a problem.
And you see one, okay, Black Lives Matter.
They go, that's not loud enough!
Sound off like you've got a pair!
And it's a bunch of white kids doing this.
So this is just gang activity, one-on-one thug behavior.
And I'm not Mr. Macho or anything, but
I'd say, no, I'm not saying black lives matter because you people represent George Soros and Planned Parenthood that actually wants to exterminate black people and everybody else.
Their mission is to end the black family.
And then if one of them attacks me, so be it!
Because at a certain point, man, I'm not going to sit here and take it anymore for a bunch of betas trying to act like they're men because a Nazi collaborator, George Soros, financed their ass!
And they're too stupid to even know what that means!
I pulled up a big ol' group of black guys threatening me to bow down to them.
I'd get out and kick their ass.
But I'm certainly not scared of these little chicken-neck white people.
Maybe you're lucky because you're so ridiculous that people just laugh at your ass.
Some pretty big white dudes in that truck, man.
They're just like, had a few drinks, ate dinner, they're like, they're stuck, like, what the hell is this?
They go, yeah, yeah, Black Lives Matter, we're not against... Well, let's hear it a little bit louder!
How much more we gotta bow?
But this is all Maoist training.
This is what Mao didn't shine on everybody.
And they admit this is malice training.
Go ahead and roll the video.
Say Black Lives Matter, homie.
Black Lives Matter.
It lets us know that we're cool.
Say Black Lives Matter.
You put the fist up, but you gotta say Black Lives Matter.
Yeah, say Black Lives Matter, homie.
Say f***ing Black Lives Matter right now.
Black Lives Matter.
Say Black Lives Matter, bro.
That's called a cult, ladies and gentlemen.
George Soros is on record that he runs Black Lives Matter.
But when Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, talks about it, they threaten to ban him on Fox News.
George Soros is on record!
So, just like the Attorney General said... Did you guys have any luck finding that clip from last week?
If you didn't, don't worry about it.
He came out and he said, Black Lives Matter is a prop.
Or just show the headline, people can find it.
Attorney General says Black Lives Matter is a prop for the Democratic Party.
And that's it!
All the Black Lives Matter money goes to them!
The Democrats, there it is!
Fox News, Barr criticizes Black Lives Matter movement.
Not interested in Black Lives, they...
Are interested in props and that's all they are is props, man.
They're just an outfit.
It's a lie.
And they've got all these leftist activists, 90% white activists, literally shooting people in the head in like the bar district.
You're like driving home after eating a steak or enchiladas and they run up and go, stop your car.
And you kind of drive through, they shoot you in the head.
And then a black dude goes in and shoots a bunch of people, and the media won't even cover it!
He's like celebrating, going, I need to kill some white people!
This is crazy!
Absolutely nuts, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why they call it mind control.
Look at this video.
Screaming Black Lives Matter militants surround outdoor diners in San Diego.
Young mother clutches her baby.
I've got Black Lives Matter blocking women in, pulling out of hospitals, blocking hospitals.
I got them attacking, pulling women out of cars.
I mean, I got, I mean, let me just say, if I'm eating dinner and my baby's there and thugs show up and starts, I'm going to go, I'm going to go King Kong on you, man.
I mean, you people are going to have a big problem.
But these idiots doing this, they don't even know what they're part of.
They're just going out because George Soros money comes in, and they're told, you go find a restaurant, smash stuff, and scream at people.
Because once they get the race war going, that's the cover for Soros and all these jerks.
All these Rothschilds that think we're stupid.
And maybe we are stupid.
We keep acting like this over and over again.
You think I want to kill black people?
You think I don't want you to get ahead so I do better?
That's George Soros!
He's overthrown over 20 countries on record, and destroyed their currencies, and bankrupted hundreds of millions of people, and he brags about it!
And he says, if I didn't help Hitler, somebody else would have!
It was the best time of my life!
And I gotta sit there with some crazy dude that rounded up Jews and killed them, but because he's Jewish, we gotta worship him, and let him piss all over us, and he's Hitler-loving!
F you, Soros!
Fuckin' burn in hell!
Fuck you!
Go ahead and delay that.
But seriously, man, the chutzpah of George Soros, this Nazi-collaborating blob, running around doing all this with his demon son, and then he points at us, normal white people, and says we're racist when he's the biggest race pimp the world's ever seen!
He's a devil.
Oh, my God.
I said I'd hit the COVID-19 news.
We're almost out of time in this segment.
But let's play some more of these Black Lives Matter videos.
My goodness.
BLM, you're on stolen land.
Put your fist up.
We already played that.
Yeah, do we have the one of them attacking the lady with the baby?
We have them pulling the lady out of the car.
I don't even know if you got all these.
I mean, it's just like... Again, I'm not looking for trouble.
I don't need to kick somebody's ass to prove I can kick ass.
I already done it a couple times.
You people are crazy!
And you're working for a demon!
A demon!
I mean, he wants us bankrupt.
He wants us poor.
His whole world is about how he's better than you.
He did a 1988 interview where he said, I am the messiah.
I am the messiah.
He is the messiah in his mind.
But now he's 90 years old and he just wants to blow up everything because he's not the messiah.
He's the devil!
You know what, let's just pray in the name of Jesus against George Soros.
And I'm serious, God's real.
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came for our sins, I pray that God, the Father of creation and consciousness of the universe, put up a hedge of protection around
Every child on this planet, black, white, yellow, brown, red, everything, in the name of Jesus, to protect us from these demons, and that there be a great awakening against their attacks on our children and on our innocents, and that we come together as humans with red blood against their evil, and we break their attempt to make us be tribal, and to make us be racist, and to use that against us, that we come together as humans and that we break
Satan and his servant, George Soros and Hillary Clinton, and that God, Jesus Christ, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, break them forever!
And that we all come into agreement that they be broken together in the name of Jesus Christ!
George Soros is broken!
Alexander Soros is broken!
Hillary Clinton is broken!
Barack Obama is broken!
And that no one has the satanic spirit to go kill black people, or go kill white people, or kill anybody else because of what color they are.
Because no innocent, whether they be a baby, or whether they be a white man, or a brown man, or a black man, or a red man, eating dinner at a restaurant doesn't deserve to have their brains blown out.
Or some electrician in Colorado
Driving down the road after work at six o'clock, talking to his wife on the phone, doesn't stop when Antifa runs out to block him, so they shoot him in his head, and he's in a coma two months later!
That's EGO!
Nobody Deserves Killing didn't ask for it.
Nobody Deserves Killing didn't attack somebody.
And I won't sit here while Alexander Soros and George Soros piss all over us!
I pray to God for them to begin a judgment!
And judgments is the Lord's and I pray on God's judgment to be visited upon them in however God sees that judgment and I call on God and the covenant and the agreement and the demand with my ancestors committed that they be destroyed!
I demand it!
We have the covenant!
We have the agreement!
And we have the power!
And we will use it!
The only reason we're in this trouble is because we have God's birthright, and we have turned it over to these Satanists, and we've given them dominion over a planet that in Genesis we've been given dominion of!
Well, I take control of that dominion!
And I push aside the Satanists, Soros, and all the rest of this trash.
God will deal with them.
But we must recognize God and move forward.
And I'll cover their COVID worldwide martial law takeover, and how to counter it in the next hour.
And then Tyler Nixon, Roger Stone's lawyer, is joining us to look at the Supreme Court situation, and so much more.
To 1984.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
The world is going into an artificial financial collapse, and the head of the United Nations Sustainable Development Organization said last week that that's a good thing, and they're using COVID to lower our standard of living to save the planet?
But it's a bunch of trillion-dollar companies and billionaires who make themselves tax-exempt and own slave factories in China like Apple and Nike?
That are then lecturing us that we should be poor, and shouldn't be able to go on a trip, or have a swimming pool, or have a car, or air conditioning?
Remember when Obama told Africans in Africa, you can't have cars or air conditioning?
That's what this is about, is making slavery cool.
And COVID-19 is the economic weapon that won't just make us poor.
It's going to kill hundreds of millions of people in the long term.
Now, I'm going to get into the new lockdown measures that we always knew were coming.
It's been pre-engineered in a moment.
But first, let's just remember that it's on record that all these hospitals were completely empty and that the
Hospital ships trumped sin.
There was no patients for them.
And let's remember that it's now come out that for any patient they claimed had COVID, they got over $52,000 and would put COVID on charts when the person didn't even have COVID.
And that they would count people who died of heart attacks and cancer and pneumonia or the flu as COVID again to get the money.
It's been engineered all over the world because the WHO, the UN, set the standards and the parameters.
And then when all those medical doctors came out, prestigious scientists, the head former virologist at Rockefeller Hospital.
...came out and said, this is a hoax, this is a fraud, they were banned off of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
Because the system knows this hoax can't stand the light of day.
And the virus, which is a real virus and a nasty pneumonia, can't stand the light of day.
That's why they're trying to keep you locked in to these compact cities.
And that's why it spread the most and killed the most people in blue cities and blue states.
To stop this operation.
They've been planning this for decades.
The Rockefeller Foundation admits on record with Bill and Melinda Gates.
We have their battle plans.
And if the public simply speaks out and exposes it, it will fail.
That's why they brought in total censorship ahead of this and during this to shut down debate.
But if we get the information to members of the Senate
And to good governors, like Governor Abbott.
And if you hit the streets and demonstrate, and don't let the left intimidate you from exercising your First Amendment, we're going to win.
The globalists know that conservatives, on average, are very compliant.
And we believe it helps America.
And so they're telling us that we have to stay indoors or we're bad.
But the leftists and the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter, they're heroes when they go out and protest.
This is all a form of martial law to make the American people stand down ahead of this election with election fraud being prepared to artificially, fraudulently remove President Trump.
We can stop it if we simply do the research, face the facts, and take action and say no.
COVID-19 is a hoax.
It's not killing anyone but old people.
That's why they sent people that had it to the old folks' homes to get the numbers up.
Instead of bowing down to the politicians that follow U.N.
orders, these governors that ordered people into nursing homes to get the death numbers up should be indicted, tried, and imprisoned.
We either go on the offense, or we're totally enslaved.
It really is up to all of us now what we're going to do.
Hills are filled with fire.
Hills are filled with fire.
If they say I never.
If they say I never loved you.
You know they are a liar.
You know they are a liar.
Riding down your freeway.
Driving down your freeway.
Hills and valleys roll.
Let's get into it right now.
Midnight alleys roll.
Changed up the words a little bit.
All right, let's get into it right now.
This is some incredible COVID news, but
I know the listeners know I don't make this stuff up, and you're out looking at stuff yourself, and you go to the source stuff, you don't sit there and just believe what I say.
We knew the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates group, and John Hopkins, and all these other groups were developing injectable vaccines, nanotech, little bitty microchips, because they can miniaturize stuff so much now, that go with the vaccine.
And then when we covered it all,
I mean, that's insane.
Bill Gates isn't funding it.
This group is.
But then Bill Gates was funding that group, and then the head of the group at NMIT said, we did it for Bill Gates, and we have the video of him saying it!
I mean... But again, every time you address something that gaslights you... Like when you got a $100 bill, and you hand it to somebody, and they give you back a $20, and they say you gave them a $50, and you go, I gave you a $100, and they go, no you didn't.
It's that moment where you know you only had a $100 bill in your wallet.
You know you just gave it to them.
You know they're telling you that it was a $50.
Or you just might have a $20.
They say it's a $5.
You've all run into that flim flam before.
And you know to say, no, you're wrong.
And you're going to check your camera.
Oh, actually, you're right.
Here's the money.
But they're sitting there running that scam all day because they're a predator.
But if you don't know predators exist, what are you?
You are wide open.
So, let's just read these headlines, and again, this has been announced by major universities, this is all over the news, on DrudgeReport.com last night.
My wife tweeted this, and people are like, this isn't true, this couldn't be happening, because they have that pre-built-in disposition that, oh, there's no way that could actually be going on.
You know, Alexa's not listening to us, Google Assist isn't listening to us, now they admit it is, you're like, okay, well that's fine.
Here's the headlines.
DARPA-funded implantable biochip to detect COVID-19 could hit markets in 2021.
But all the tests are fake, 90% false positives.
It's just the excuse to get a chip in you.
You ever wondered how they do it?
Here it is.
They have another digital chip that's injective, it's liquid, you can't get out of your body.
You can always cut a chip out.
Oh no, sorry, this is nanotech.
That surveils whether you've had the vaccine.
That's a Zero Hedge article.
It's also in the BBC.
They're all promoting it.
It's a great thing.
CDC going door-to-door in Atlanta asking for blood samples for coronavirus study.
Now, I saw this this week in Houston.
I talked about it.
There was a big controversy.
They had Snopes, fact-checkers, and people saying it's made up, doesn't exist.
And Trump doesn't have orange hair.
That doesn't exist either.
Well, turns out it's in Atlanta.
It's everywhere.
We have the articles.
We have the videos showing the blood draws at the houses.
And they try to intimidate you that it's the law.
Like the Houston mayor said, well, we do pressure people to do it.
So now it's basically a forced blood test.
There it is.
The Texan.
Houston COVID-19 study reveals to request blood samples from randomly selected homes.
So, Count Dracula here.
MSM welcomes whistleblowers reporting party college students breaking COVID-19 reports.
But Democrats don't want you reporting Black Lives Matter million-person marches or anything like that.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
It's only just random people or any conservative groups or Trump rallies have to be shut down.
It's all about power.
Professor who told students she hopes Trump supporters catch COVID and die has been suspended.
Well, what's she gonna do?
She'll star in the new Jabba the Hutt movie.
Meanwhile, French COVID-19 outbreak accelerates at record pace.
He hadn't gone lockdown as cases surge, but not deaths.
Deaths weigh down, but cases surge.
Because the test, if you've ever had a bacterial infection, cold or the flu, in the last decade, you show up as positive.
They engineered this perfectly.
There is a real man-made virus, and people get scared, so virologists see it and get scared, and so Bill Gates can then own it with his sub-companies and come up with a vaccine for it.
That's all real.
And if you've got a way-run-down immune system and you don't have vitamins or minerals, as Fauci's been forced to admit, you can die from it.
But that's it.
But as if he finally is having second thoughts, he came out.
In fact, pull it up guys, next segment.
Turns out most of the UK cases are fake.
Other cases, people died in car wrecks, they called it that.
California judge strikes down Trump's WeChat man over First Amendment concerns.
So, oh, big tech is supported by all the big courts in censoring American citizens.
But as soon as Trump says it's wrong that TikTok and WeChat is spying on America and suppressing people, oh, now they defend Communist China's control.
So there's that.
Now, I've got plenty of time until the break, but when we come back, this is really informative.
This is what I call a Rosetta Stone.
This is a French news agency.
It's as big as the AP.
This went out worldwide to all the governments, all the agencies, everything, about how I put out this info.
When we come back, I'm going to walk through it because it is hilarious if it wasn't so serious.
French news agency.
Alex Jones, hoax, pandemic, conspiracy video, viral, despite Facebook ban.
And they wring their hands that in Slovakia, someone dubbed it over into Slovakia and it got a million seven.
I mean, they're just, because you can't handle seeing this for yourself.
And then they make all these false claims about what I said, but I'm going to show you that what I said is actually even in their own admissions.
That's coming up, but separately.
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I think so.
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All right.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
So Fauci.
And said that, you know, there's no treatment, there's no preventative for COVID-19, even though all the mainline science is, you don't have vitamin D3, if you don't have vitamin C, if you don't have zinc.
It says on the NIH website, that's how it replicates.
Most viral infection, most cancer, is either caused by a cancer virus, and or at the same time, people don't have enough of the nutrients.
But, here's Fauci now doing an about-face.
It's not something that you can recommend.
But there are two vitamins that you should consider.
For example, if you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection.
So I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements.
The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it's a good antioxidant.
So if people want to take a gram or two at the most of vitamin C, that would be fine.
So vitamin C and vitamin D, okay.
Oh, it's okay with you?
Is oxygen okay?
Or water?
Because you got to have those as well.
The arrogance of this little monster.
All hydroxychloroquine does is push zinc into the damn cells.
That's why it's at a 99% success rate in all the studies except the Bill Gates study they funded with Fauci that said it didn't help people and it got withdrawn four months ago because it was FAKE!
So I almost have a heart attack looking at Fauci.
He's a little monster, David.
A doctor violating the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.
Now, speaking of that, let's look at this.
Now, this is a 20-plus page article from the French news agency, paid for by Soros and Gates on record.
They sponsor it.
So, if you want to debunk it, it would take five years.
I mean, it's that insane.
But this is just, in about 30 minutes today, I read it, went and pulled a few articles to counter it.
This is what they say.
Alex Jones hoax pandemic conspiracy viral video
Despite Facebook ban.
So they're like, oh, we endorse censorship.
How is he allowed to be viral?
So they're little tattletale snitches about it.
And then what do they say that I'm saying is wrong?
A video by Alex Jones claiming the coronavirus outbreaks is a hoax.
Didn't say it was a hoax.
I said the response is a power grab, a scam, and the lockdown is a hoax.
Not that the virus doesn't kill people that are deficient.
See, again, nowhere do they... See, it's all lies by them.
And just every line is a lie.
Every line's a fraud.
Makes me sick.
A video by Alex Jones claiming the coronavirus outbreak is a hoax has been viewed more than one million times.
Oh, no!
A social media platform fight to curb the wave of online conspiracy theories.
A video by far-right broadcaster Alex Jones claiming the coronavirus outbreak is a hoax.
They use a single word.
Has been viewed more than a million times.
And it goes on.
So let's show what they're scared of and what they get into.
I said it's all about creating fear and testing obedience and control over populations to wreak havoc.
I don't know.
We're a version of the clip with Jones' trademark gravelly voice dubbed into Slovak, was picked up by several conspiracy theorist groups, and shared by thousands of online followers.
Sorry, the governments of Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, they're all on my side.
They've all begged me to come speak to their presidents.
It's far worse than you know, trash.
You're so pathetic, you leftist scum!
You have no idea how far we've gone to get to you.
And you're just starting to figure it out.
Way too late.
Way too late.
It's not about me, it's about humanity.
And we're strong.
Because I'm tapped into humanity.
I really feel sorry for you.
This is modern genocide.
Who will be punished?
One fan commented on the video.
Then it goes on.
To put out disinfo about what I supposedly said.
Oh, look, a woman wore an anti-Bill Gates mask in Berlin.
Oh, she's bad.
This weirdo, famous crook, that puts all his money tax-exempt, pays no taxes, comes out and says, we'll never unlock things and you're gonna take my vaccine and it hurts you, and then he's upset when people come out and say, we're gonna fight you.
They're like, oh, Jones made this woman do it.
No, I didn't.
Now here's where it gets good.
It says AFP fact-checked and has debunked 600 false misleading claims.
Just totally made up, arrogant control freaks.
Now here it is, it starts getting good.
Claim, the United Nations said the economic crisis caused by the pandemic is a good thing.
Let's start right there.
This is like, this part I did in like five minutes today.
I could have you a stack 15 feet tall.
I'm not exaggerating on this, okay?
This is in like 15 minutes.
I just shoot a few links out.
After the COVID-19 crisis, will the world get greener?
London Guardian, they go on to say how wonderful it is.
Dr. McCabe, should I please?
Now is a time for the great reset.
Davos Head says we're going to use this to lock down, lower the carbon footprint.
How great it is.
Foreign policy.
Lockdowns have been amazing for the environment, but COVID-19 won't heal the planet.
We need permanent lockdowns.
Foreign policy.
After the COVID-19 crisis, will we get a greener world?
Can COVID-19 help ease the climate crisis?
Has the coronavirus helped the environment?
It's all just fawning, UN links, all of it.
But then it gets better!
Then they go on and they go, Jones makes it up that they get money for COVID patients.
Really, I gave in my breakdown where that was.
That was in USA Today.
But our reporters first saw it.
Our listeners first went.
They'd say, oh, it's huge lines at the local New York hospital.
They'd go there and see the same 10 people in hazmat suits going in circles for newscasts.
And then no one else would be there.
It turned out they were actors.
And all over they were empty.
We already know that.
They said 4% of America would die.
They said 2.5 million.
You know, all this.
All lies!
All lies!
They say it's false, though.
We lied to you.
Oh, claim hospitals were empty during lockdown.
Yes, they were almost empty, but there were a few people.
And, oh, the hospital ships that could serve thousands?
Well, they served a couple.
Oh, so we're bad.
And it goes on and on with lie after lie that anyone can disprove.
Oh, and Donald Trump endorses false claim that CDC cut COVID death toll.
They did.
94% died of something else comorbidity.
6% and most of that fake numbers died.
That's all, but oh, oh, Jones said that too.
Jones is a liar.
Oh, oh, he's a liar.
Oh, liar.
Claim hospitals receive $52,000 for COVID-19 deaths.
Oh really?
UN, OEU, USA Today.
Now they don't even need them.
We reported this first.
Turn to the end.
Fact check.
Hospitals get paid more in patients illicit as COVID-19 on ventilators.
Oh, let's turn to the last page.
Oh, our ruling.
True, true, true, true.
Just what I told you right here, right here.
I didn't lie to you.
Oh, I'm never going to lie to you.
I'm ready to die for the damn truth.
I'm the opposite of Pelosi!
I'm the opposite of Hillary!
I'm the opposite of Soros!
And I'm coming with war to destroy them!
All right, Roger Stone's personal lawyer and good friend of mine, and retired Army officer, the great patriot Tyler Nixon is here with us in the final two segments.
I wanted to get him on today to talk about Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the
The term gets overused.
The gaslighting of, oh, no one's ever done this.
It turns out since 1990, 70% were approved within 46 days or less.
And this is totally normal.
And they were talking about a mandate earlier.
When Mitch McConnell got in, did not let them have who they wanted, and now the mandate is for our party to put in who's right, and the Democrats threatening war and violence and packing the courts.
So you're a lawyer, front and center, you can get into whatever you want, but I would imagine we've got Eric Holder, we've got Nancy Pelosi, we've got Hillary Clinton, they're all saying pack the court now.
How does that work when Roosevelt, I guess, went from seven to nine to get around stuff during the Depression?
Still dangerous.
Only guy that's served three terms, basically a dictator.
I'm not attacking Roosevelt.
It is some good, some bad.
At least the republics stayed together.
But now they're talking about packing the court and just... How about the republicans pack it?
Hell, why don't the republicans right now make it 13?
I mean, two can play at this game.
It's a very dangerous Pandora's box.
Tyler Nixon, thanks for coming on.
Oh, it's good to be with you, Alex.
And hey, I appreciate your epic, dare I say rant, but more your prayer from earlier.
I think that was really just inspiring.
And this Soros demon ghoul, you know, God rid him from the world forever and as soon as possible, frankly.
It's amazing how a small few people or even just one man with the resources and frankly the backing of the devil can wreak so much havoc in the world and cause so much agony and distress and strife.
But be that as it may, may he join his master in hell as soon as possible.
That being said, yes, the Democrats are a-constitutional.
They don't believe in the Constitution any more than they believe in the rule of law, or frankly, democracy, as we've seen.
This ridiculous, ferret-like sleaze, Eric Holder, who I can't believe he was the Attorney General of the United States for any period of time.
I mean, clearly just a corrupt, partisan hatchet man, you know, through and through.
You know, the Democrats' standard is this.
If they don't win,
If they don't get the results they want, then either the system's broken and it has to be changed, even including the Constitution.
They have no regard for any of the balances built in by the founders, ingeniously at that, to counteract and frankly denude the power of these very people who want to consolidate it all in a national, unitary state.
That's right, they always deny they're against the Constitution, but everything they do is to get rid of it, and they say the country shouldn't exist.
I mean, the Democratic Party, it's not hyperbole.
They are officially CHICOM agents.
I mean, they are literally... Biden says China should run every aspect of our lives.
Pelosi said a month ago, she said China, you know, wants Biden.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
If the Russians, and you were involved in the army against the Russians, if the Russians were a threat, I'd be against them.
They're not!
Yeah, and then they have the gall in cases like Roger Stone's where the president exercises his power of either commutation or eventually, I'm sure, pardon to act like they're some sort of strict constructionist and they're there to protect the Constitution and protect the Republic.
I mean, they are just absolutely the worst ad hoc defilers of any sort of sense of order that doesn't
Let me bring that point up.
They're positioning us to follow the EU and China.
So why are they more jealous of American power, but want to sell it out to China?
Because I get if you're saying they're just purely about their own power, then they would actually want America to be powerful, because that's the main power base.
So I agree with you there about their own power, but why do they have this weird like a chicken imprints on the first thing it sees?
So it imprints on Xi Jinping.
I mean, why do they love China so much when obviously China will chump them in a minute?
Listen, at the root of power is green, okay?
China is a source of their look at Hunter Biden, my old buddy, my old high school and college buddy, Hunter Biden, the coke freak, you know, billions, a billion and a half or billion two, whatever it was from the Chinese government that has such resources because of their slave labor goods that they've been sending here for 30 odd years plus have been able to amass, you know, through trade deficits and buying American bonds.
By the way, for folks who don't know, you grew up next door to the Bidens in Maine.
I've seen all the photos, all the stuff.
I mean, Delaware, sorry.
Same place.
Up there in the northern area.
Those horrifying states that have been lost to democratic autocracy for, you know, decades now.
They're just completely, like, living in little mini police states.
But yes, no, I did.
I went to, literally from when I was a young man,
Well obviously that's true, and we'll get into that in the next segment actually.
What do you make of this SCOTUS situation?
I mean, this takes an already in high gear campaign, makes a thermal nuclear meltdown with 43 days out.
What are you expecting?
I mean, talk about edge of our seats.
This is insane.
Yeah, I know.
Could have come at a more dramatic time.
I mean, literally within weeks.
I think so.
Smoke a turd in hell, as far as I'm concerned.
I hope the voters of Utah eject his ass.
Gosh, he's horrible.
Excuse my French.
Yeah, and okay, Susan Collins, I think, is a decent woman.
I hope she does get re-elected, though.
She's done us no favors, as any of the other Rhino Republicans have for years.
Lindsey Graham is on board.
I think what we have now, you know, Murkowski's a joke.
Her father was an a-hole, and so is she.
What about the race going with the refill of the seat of John McCain?
Uh, oh, you mean McSally?
Well, that's an issue because that's going to come in, like, right after the election.
Yeah, no, okay, so this is why the Republicans need, I mean, what I see right now is that McConnell is going to hold firm and that basically the Republicans are lined up.
They're not going to let this go.
They're not going to let the Democrats.
Yeah, they've got one vote plus an extra with the vice president.
Yes, and I think
I just think it's beautiful that you have Joe Biden in 2016 basically saying, well, if it came in the election year, I'd pass it through the committee.
Yeah, I've been playing those videos.
Everybody's seen them.
But Biden and Obama are alike.
The Senate has a responsibility to, when somebody dies, to fill the vacancy.
Yeah, and they do.
And here's the thing, what I'm saying is, we're just adhering to the Constitution, and the Republicans in the Senate know they need to get this done, and they know that we don't have, like, some sort of, uh, the Constitution doesn't say anything about, oh, well, we have to wait until the next president's elected.
This is another Democrat-invented, ad hoc rule to serve their immediate purposes.
Sure, what about the threat to pack the court?
What about that?
It's disgusting.
I mean, again, it's like if we don't win, if the system doesn't produce the results we want, well, there's something wrong with the system and we're going to have to change it.
We're going to have to change decades, if not centuries, of, you know, precedent and the way, you know, basically the glue that holds things together.
That was set up to oppress tyrants, not the people.
I mean, this was set up to tie tyrants down.
The Constitution was designed, and behind me are books, the Federalist Design for a Constitutional Republic by my mentor at Georgetown University, George W. Carey.
I commend that book.
The Federalist Papers are like the sort of owner's manual of the Constitution, and they talk about ambition counteracting ambition.
We cannot limit power to the extent without... That's right.
A lot of people go, Oh, Jones, you're a Federalist.
You support the federal government.
It's the opposite of that.
Federalism means it's divided power.
A federal system means we have states' rights, that there's a confederation of states that basically have similar powers.
It's not a unitary system where you don't have this all-powerful national government that's coming.
Yeah, exactly.
The separation of power.
Mainly, even within the three branches, you have what they said, ambition counteracting ambition.
That's why we have the checks and balances.
We want, basically, to be able to have... And it served us well.
We'll be right back with our Second Amendment.
Our glorious Second Amendment, only overridden by our First.
Now, I know everybody's already seen this and already heard it.
Alex Jones here, back live, but...
We've got Biden, we've got Hillary, we've got Bill Clinton, we've got Obama saying it is the constitutional deal that you've got to put somebody in and the average person gets confirmed in 46 days.
So the idea that this is all wrong and that America needs to burn is a fraud.
Here's what Obama had to say four years ago.
When there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the President of the United States is to nominate someone.
The Senate is to consider that nomination and either they disapprove of that nominee or that nominee is elevated to the Supreme Court.
Historically, this has not been viewed as a question.
There's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years.
That's not in the constitutional text.
I'm amused when I hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the Constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there.
President Trump needs to have news conferences and play all this, but here's the deal.
If the Democrats weren't saying, get rid of the country, weren't on the CHICOM payroll,
I mean, I'm not an authoritarian.
I'm anti-police state.
The Chinese globalists are taking over America.
Our debt's owned by China.
Hollywood's owned by it.
We're being conquered.
We have groups marching, burning everything down with blue cities backing them, saying no borders, no walls, no USA at all, death to America.
So, I mean, quite frankly, if Trump sent out the Green Berets to arrest the head Democrats we know are Chinese agents, I'd support it because they're foreign enemies.
We've been hit by this.
I mean, these people are a joke!
Tyler Nixon, constitutional lawyer, Robert E. Jones, private lawyer.
What do you make of this?
What are you predicting for the election?
Because this is just insane.
Last Saturday, a week ago tonight, I had the pleasure of a lifetime
of course.
You might want to flash across.
It's a comparison.
It goes through, you know, line by line, what it says about masks.
But anyway, point being, President Trump, I haven't seen this energy for a candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984.
And I would dare say that it's even at least double or triple what it was for Reagan.
And that was fervor.
And Reagan had a landslide.
President Trump is going to win, I believe, by a landslide on Election Day.
To try to block his landslide, so the landslide's going to be even bigger.
Yeah, no, I think it's going to be, exactly.
I think there are people out there who are watching, have watched the leftist freak show, control freak show, between the, you know, the people, the Pelosi's and the, you know, these Newsome, Cuomo, these just super silly, hypocritical asshats.
There are complete fascists pushing this agenda, pushing this phony crap on us, dragging it out when people can see with their own eyes.
This is ridiculous.
This is not a pandemic by any measure.
The Webster's definition of pandemic is affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population over a wide area.
This is nothing close.
This is 0.023%.
Oh, they've ended the pandemic in Europe and China.
They admit it's not a pandemic.
Of course, and people are like, oh look, they wore masks and they did it right, so now they're all going returning to normal.
No, they're returning to normal because their countries know it's BS, they're not going to like literally F their own people over, you know, because they're not going to do it.
Yes, Sweden said it was all a fraud, so did Brazil, lowest death rate.
Yeah, exactly.
So, you know, look, I mean, I think the Democrats are, this is desperation times for them, okay?
President Trump has, and you look at the... No, I agree.
So what do they pull next, Tyler Nixon?
I mean, it's just going to be, they're going to be trying to drive up ballots by the, you know, by the dump truck full.
That can't be traceable.
I think we have the Attorney General on board with us.
I think we have enough states where President Trump would win that we would be able to, I mean, I don't think, you know, it's like the states where they have, would have, be able to commit the most fraud, they already control anyway.
So we're not going to win those, we're going to win California.
I agree that the fraud's going to be evident.
They're going to use that as the prop, though, to have states secede.
Pelosi and John Podesta have said that.
How do you respond?
Last time states tried to secede, you know what happened.
I mean, and there was actually a debate about it.
There's no debate here, because at least the South wasn't in bed with the foreign power this time.
I mean, the Democrats don't believe the country should even exist.
Well, you know, there's a train of thought that says, hey, listen, we'll keep the United States of America together, and California and Washington State and Oregon can take a hike.
I mean, they're just dead weight.
All they do is send the worst.
Can you imagine a Congress without Pelosi and Schumer?
We just built a 500-foot wall along the West Coast.
I love it.
Yeah, no, exactly.
Just extend the Mexican wall straight up the coast of, excuse me, the border of Arizona and, I guess, Nevada and keep going.
I mean, listen, if they want to be ridiculous like that, that's fine.
I mean, they don't have popular will to accomplish that.
I think this is all bluster.
It's all sound and fury.
And I sincerely hope he nominates Amy Coney Barrett, who, not to be confused with Amy Berman Jackson, you know, Roger's corrupt, horrifying judge.
No, I'm just saying, let me ask you a political question here.
What happens to the Democratic Party?
Because we're a two-party system.
But we've had parties go away before.
There was another party against the Democrats.
It went away before the Republicans came along.
The Democrats are done.
They're not a party.
They're a cancer.
They're an anti-American criminal mob.
Yeah, what happens to the Democrat Party?
Unfortunately, it's like somebody passing gas, let's just say, to put it mildly in a room, and it lingers and it won't go away.
And that's what the Democrat Party is, even though they're a rotten, corrupt, seditious criminal organization in many ways.
Um, I think, you know, I think it's going to take, it's going to take generational change, frankly.
No, I agree.
I agree.
But do the Democrats know they're done?
Because they really are done.
I mean, they're done.
They're psychopaths.
I mean, they don't care.
They will do anything.
They will destroy this country and burn it down if they can't control it.
And that's what we have to be concerned about.
We're at this critical juncture right now where it's like you've cornered the rat, you know, and what are they going to do?
They're going to do anything they can to survive, to hold onto power.
They're going to start killing cops.
Burning down cities thinking we're going to get scared and capitulate to them.
Yeah, but all they're doing, as they always do, they basically, uh, they overplay their hand and they end up getting, uh, uh, sparking the opposition against them.
So, you know, when they, when they have these polls that show, oh, look, Biden's beating Trump, they think that that's demoralizing us, but no, it's getting, it's, it's a consolidated call to action when they do that.
When they, uh, go out and, and, and I hope, I sincerely hope that they, they follow that idiot Reza, what's his name?
And yes, please, by all means, go out and pound on the Supreme Court door.
Make jackasses of yourselves, like you're the symbol of that party, by, you know, ridiculous riots in the streets of Washington, D.C.
Well, now they're going to sit there in everybody's houses.
Mitch McConnell's saying, kill him.
AOC's all crazed, saying, let's have a communist uprising.
Yeah, they're the Potemkin village of ideological or political movements.
They've never had more than 20% to the 40% conservative and 40% middle or moderate, according to every poll going back decades.
Most of America's been asleep.
And with Trump, part of that 40% that was asleep is waking up.
Maybe now 20% of that's awake.
You add that to our group, we're going to win.
Look at the Hispanics.
Look at the black support that Trump's getting right now.
I've never seen anything like it.
No matter who.
I mean, you know, Reagan reached across the aisle and managed to get a lot of that support.
But you look at, I think Romney got like 25 percent, maybe not even of his Hispanic.
Well, when you got people marching saying, death to America, and the Washington Post says, Xi Jinping must crush Trump.
Anybody, I don't care what color they are, is like, why the hell would I want to do this?
Trump wants to make prosperity.
They're giving me COVID-19 lockdowns.
Yeah, their true colors have come out, and nobody's stupid enough to believe this is at the feet of Donald Trump.
They've engineered it, and they know Trump is whatever he may have his flaws, but he is the genuine article, and he does what he says, and he's something to hold on to while they're trying to burn everything down.
Well, exactly.
He's genuine, he believes in what he's doing, he's got problems, but he's dealing in good faith.
The Democrats are so deceptive, I don't even know who they are.
How do people follow you on Twitter?
Come on with us because you in Delaware knew the Bidens quite well.
I've seen it in the news, seen the photos.
I want to hear about Joe Biden and who he is, but in closing, you told me he's just a super bloodthirsty, super greedy, basically a thug, right?
I drafted what was going to be the Biden book, the definitive Biden book.
And because of Rogers being tied up in this witch trial for over a year, it never got fully done.
But I was going to call it political animal.
And that's what Joe Biden has been from day one, a political animal.
He doesn't care.
Everything serves his political ends.
Total sociopath.
All right, Tyler Nixon, thank you so much.
I'll be back 11 a.m.
tomorrow, the Alex Jones Show.
I have told you thousands of times in the last three years that Trump needs to come out and expose that we're at war with Communist China and the Democrats are collaborators working with him.
I also have told Trump personally that he doesn't want to create a panic, and that if he came out and spelled it out in just one breath, that it would be too much for the public to handle.
But incrementally, he's now begun to do that, and the people are finally starting to get how serious it is.
And the chi-coms and the globalists have hidden it in plain view.
Whether it's Biden or Pelosi, they admit they work for Communist China.
So let that sink in and think about how you're going to be living if they're successful getting their people back into office.
Because they're going to make us go under tyranny greater than the Communist Chinese because we haven't been conquered and had our will broken yet.
Ladies and gentlemen, you better be praying and taking action to get Trump re-elected and to keep him from worse on the air.
Because if they're able to take myself and Trump down, they're coming for you next.
I'm standing in their way, so is Trump.
Let's win this thing together.
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The bad news is, even if Trump gets re-elected, they're going to still trigger attempts at martial law, medical lockdowns, race riots, and a depression.
That's the globalists.
They're trying to bring America to our knees.
Now, if Trump doesn't get elected, they're still planning to bring us to our knees and really try to break our will and bring us into a super intense depression, total control, and like Australia's already doing, rounding up and arresting people that criticize what the left are doing.
That's the really bad news.
The good news is, this has triggered people out of their sleep all over the world, and the resistance is mounting, and the globalists are panicking.
So, bottom line, we're in the fight, we're starting to win, but it's serious.
So, pray to God for a global awakening.
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