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Name: 20200919_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 19, 2020
1713 lines.

Alex Jones discusses the current political climate in America, particularly focusing on the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and its implications for the upcoming US presidential election. He criticizes the Democratic Party for their support of globalist agendas and authoritarian regimes like China. Jones also mentions potential procedural tactics that Democrats may use to block the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Ginsburg's replacement on the Supreme Court. In a conversation with constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, they analyze Ginsburg's biography and her legacy as a Supreme Court justice. Barnes believes that while Ginsburg had an impressive personal history, her ideological contributions were limited, and she often defended government intrusions into civil liberties. The discussion then shifts towards the potential appointment of Cuban-American judge Barbara Legao to the Supreme Court by President Trump. This could be a significant move for Trump in Florida, a swing state, as Legao is Catholic but does not defer to the Pope in her rulings. The speaker also discusses how Democrats are attempting to block Trump's choice for the Supreme Court and are threatening to pack the court if they win the election. Additionally, Alex Jones talks about skepticism surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken by governments to control it. He criticizes social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube for censoring content related to the pandemic and discusses the CDC's own instructions

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She just died?
I didn't know that.
You're telling me now for the first time.
She led an amazing life.
What else can you say?
She was an amazing woman.
Whether you agreed or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life.
Actually sad to hear that.
I am sad to hear that.
Thank you very much.
As Trollrunner, I'm a sufferer.
I thoroughly examined her.
And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincere.
You know folks, someone said this is in bad taste, but...
She supported partial birth abortion of already born babies.
She'd have all those little chicks chopped up and sold for medical experiments, so... All this worshipping of that hunchbacked demon makes me want to throw up.
Yeah, she led an incredible life, so did Hitler, so did Stalin, so did Mao.
Yeah, incredible evil.
Not about empowering women, but about enslaving women.
But is she really dead?
Or is it Kamala Harris?
I thought you said she was dead.
That was her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East.
This is the Wicked Witch of the West.
She's worse than the other one.
Oh, it's Hillary.
Who killed my sister?
Who killed the Witch of the East?
Was it you?
No, it was an accident.
I didn't mean to kill anybody.
Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too.
Aren't you forgetting the ruby slippers?
The slippers.
Oh, you don't get that Supreme Court job.
They're gone.
The ruby slippers.
What have you done with them?
Why, they've nominated Michelle Obama.
It's too late.
There they are, and there they'll stay.
Give me back my slippers!
I'm the only one that knows how to use them!
They're no use to you!
Give them back to me!
Give them back!
Give them back to Jeffrey Epstein!
Your magic must be very powerful, or she wouldn't want them so badly.
You stay out of this, Glinda, or I'll fix you as well!
You have no power here!
Be gone, before somebody drops the house on you, too!
Very well.
I'll bide my time.
And as for you, my fine lady, it's true, I can't attend you here an hour.
You know, Infowars was the house in 2016.
Just try!
I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog,
We've got your children in schools right now under lockdown.
You'll take our shot soon enough.
The year is 2020.
Following several decades of systematically weakening the social, moral, and financial resilience of the American people, the global cabal has launched a series of unimaginable terrors that have rocked the foundation of Western civilization and has fractured the population of a once united country along increasingly irreconcilable lines.
The nation finds herself on the precipice of all-out civil war, diving headlong towards economic ruin, and already suffocating under the dictatorship of biotechnocratic enslavement.
The final takedown order has been issued.
The direct attack has begun.
America's greatest trial, and the battle for her survival, is underway.
InfoWars Emergency Transmissions are now broadcasting live weeknights 7 to 9 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Election Countdown, Taking America Back on Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We are live!
It is 2.05 Central Standard Time.
This is the 2020 election countdown.
Coming to you from the new capital of the United States, Central Texas.
As I told you many years ago.
We are in control of the republic, not the globalists.
And that's why they're taking their sweet time being pulled like face suckers out of the swamp.
But the globalists will be defeated.
Their authoritarian nightmare anti-human plan has been exposed.
Their plan of race-baiting and social and cultural division has been exposed.
And they're going down.
Enough hyperbole.
Let's get right into it.
Why are you tuned in today?
Obviously, 44 days out from the election, you can cut the suspense with a knife.
The year is 2020.
It is not disappointing.
It has been amazing.
It has been horrible.
It has been exhilarating.
It has been infuriating.
It has been nauseating.
It has been painstaking.
It has been piercing.
And let me just give you a little newsflash, and I think you don't need me to tell you this.
You tune in because you already know this.
It's already in your gut.
That's why we resonate.
You just tune in for the validation you already know is real.
The kinship.
It's not going to get any better next year.
It's only going to get crazier from here on out.
So, just get ready for that.
We talk about the hot seat, folks.
I go marching around with a crew in like 100 degree temperature and I'm hardly sweating and they're like, you're not even sweating.
But you're in air conditioning at 69 degrees, you're sweating.
Because as soon as I get on air and there's hundreds of thousands of people tuned into these special shows, millions tuned in on the regular shows, that is a zeitgeist.
That's a spiritual connection.
I start sweating because this is big stuff.
I like sweating when you're in the delivery room and it's 67 degrees in there, but you're sweating because it's big.
A new life's coming into the world.
Well, new lives are coming to the world every day, and these evil globalist forces are trying to stop it, and trying to kill it, and there's an assault on our species, but our species has a sixth sense, a spiritual understanding.
And even if we're consciously diverted by Netflix, or paying our bills, or taking care of the kids, or whatever, our gut, our spirit is on fire saying, danger, danger, danger!
Will Robinson.
And so right as we went live, sweat.
Because this is big medicine.
This is big kahuna.
This is all our ancestors fighting to have resistance right at this point, to have us make it past this point where Satan is trying to exterminate our species.
And our ancestors are counting on us right now, and our very cells are demanding we kick some ass.
As soon as I go on air, all my old aches and pains go away.
All of a sudden, my muscles feel younger.
I feel all loose.
Because it's a war, people.
You're in the fight now.
And if you're not having that feeling, something's wrong with you.
I can feel it, can't you?
And I can feel the enemy's lust to destroy us, and they will not.
Now, let's get into it.
We've got constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis popping in at the bottom of the hour to give his take on what's coming.
Bob Barnes is going to be joining us, constitutional lawyer as well.
And Ali Alexander, really smart political analyst and newspaper publisher.
So he'll be coming on with us as well, coming up.
So let me just tell you what's on the table.
Obviously, please remember, this is not a spectator.
Sport, this is in the field, this is on the ground, in the arena.
As Teddy Roosevelt said, so for my future, for your future, for all our collective futures, and for evil not having its way with us and not breaking our will, take the live feed from Band.Video, InfoWars.com.
Here's the name of the feed today at NewsWars.com.
That's still an easier URL to share and not be blocked.
Emergency Saturday News Briefing.
And boy, is that not
The truth.
So let's get into it right now.
Here are the quadrants of news that I'm about to break down.
You have all these different journalists, all these mainline liberals, all the normal Hollywood trash in several articles on InfoWars with their own tweets and statements, threatening to burn the entire effing country down.
Threatening to kill people, you name it, if they don't wait until after the election to nominate someone.
And that ties in to this stack of news.
Operation Overthrow.
That's the San Francisco Chronicles headline.
That's what it's called.
George Soros funded transition integrity project has planned to place to remove Trump from office, whether he wins or not.
And there's a bunch of other
That's actually the SGT report, but I saw it in the San Francisco Chronicle somewhere.
I don't know, that's how I mixed the two together.
Now, here's one.
This is out of the New York Times.
George Soros Foundation pours $220 million into racial equity push funding Black Lives Matter.
And the reason all that is important is when Newt Gingrich talked about it this week on a Fox show,
With the McNamara lady, they shut him down and said, you can't talk bad about George Soros, even though he's in the news funding all of this.
Absolutely incredible.
So that's coming up.
And the big question is, what are they going to do?
You know, Mitch McConnell obviously had a duty to not, when Scalia died, let the Democrats get their person in.
They were elected and the Republicans won the Senate to block them replacing any members of the Supreme Court.
So that's apples and oranges from the time, saying we should wait until the election to determine what the people want because the people had just voted to put the Republicans into the Senate.
And the Democrats are a party that wants to end the very existence of the country.
So they're trying to act like it's bad that Mitch McConnell and Trump have done the right thing.
That's a no-brainer.
You know they would do that in a minute.
But here's the key.
What did RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dying words, if you believe it, in her most fervent wish, quote, my most fervent wish is that I not be replaced until a new president is installed.
Guys, give me the definition of installed.
Installed means put in place.
You install a puppet.
Installed is the term they use of installing a new dictator or installing a viceroy when a king puts in a puppet.
Presidents are not installed.
When Kim Jong Il died,
He installed his son, Kim Jong-un.
And in fact, guys, type that in and click web.
Type in Kim Jong-un installed after death of father.
Or fix.
Equivalent of machinery.
In position ready for use.
We're planning to install a new shower.
Means it's a slave.
Place someone in a new position of authority, especially with ceremony.
He was installed as music director at the Cathedral of St.
Barbara in Krakow.
But let's type in Kim Jong-un installed after her father's death.
Because they didn't have an election.
He was installed, whatever it was 12 years ago.
Kim Jong-un installed as North Korean Supreme Leader.
Let's see if my memory just off the top of my brain was right.
How many years ago was he installed?
Wow, so that was nine years ago.
Time just flies.
I felt like longer.
So my brain was not correct.
Nine and a half years ago.
Dying words.
My most fervent wish is that I not be replaced until a new president is installed.
Can we show the scene where the Emperor Skeksis dies and the new one is installed?
Can we?
So presidents are not installed.
And she's a lawyer.
She's involved at the federal level.
She knows that.
So whoever wrote this is letting you know we're going to install a new president.
Because if Trump gets re-elected, he wouldn't be a new president.
So she's saying, we're not going to concede anything until we install who we want, and then they will nominate who they want, and then they will put them in.
So, this is actual footage.
Let's go to the audio, please.
So, presidents are not installed.
She's a lawyer.
She's involved with the federal government.
She knows that.
So, whoever wrote this is letting you know, we're going to install a new president.
It wouldn't be a new president.
This is actual footage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
I don't know how it's looping me back in my ear, but it's kind of cool.
It's like 30 seconds behind me, but kind of interesting.
Oh, there's Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her deathbed, and this is an actual video of her being installed in the Supreme Court.
My most fervent wish is that I not be replaced until a new president is installed.
Now, they're saying they may nominate Michelle, even though she's not a lawyer.
That's Big Mike.
She's a beautiful woman.
Chuckie Schumer's the one that goes... Alright, that was actual footage of her dying yesterday in the afternoon.
And again, I want to be reverent like they are with the babies they keep alive and then sell their organs and their blood and their skin.
That she said that she would rule that you can keep babies alive and sell their organs.
And a bunch of Democrat states have, like Virginia and New York, have passed laws to keep babies alive.
So, you know, we don't want to be irreverent with babies, and we don't want to be irreverent with her.
I mean, oh, there's all these glowing articles about how powerful she is, and how amazing she is, and just how gracious she is, and just what an incredible person she is.
I tell you though, she was a beautiful woman until the day she died.
Alright, let's get serious.
So, you've got the whole Soros crowd that was already freaking out, nationalists and patriots are being elected all over the world, and they're now hoping that they can act like it's illegal or bad for the party in power when a Supreme Court nominee dies, or when a Supreme Court justice dies, to be able to put forward your nominee.
But can you imagine what they're going to do with whoever that nominee is?
I'll bet my bottom dollar it's a woman.
And as long as they're a constitutionalist, I don't care if they appointed all women.
I just don't want a bunch of globalist women like Kagan and Sotomayor and the rest of the people that are up there that vote like they're on the Communist Party Pollet Bureau, not
Supreme Court justices, and we've got some of the other so-called Republican justices are pretty weak.
And so we need to get another person in.
I've not been too impressed by some of the rulings out of Gorsuch, out of Kavanaugh, but it's because they're so intimidated.
They know they'll be attacked again.
They've got their heads down.
But regardless, the rulings are a lot better than we would have got, God forbid, if Hillary Rodham Clinton would have gotten in.
She would have undoubtedly already had Ginsburg step down.
So they'd have three Supreme Court nominees in place.
And if you know, if Hillary ever would have gotten elected, you'd have no more free elections after that.
She'd have four more years if she survived and then Katie barred the door.
So at the top of the list has been Amy Coney Barrett.
We'll be talking about her with several constitutional lawyers, Norm Pattis and Robert Barnes coming up.
We'll also look at some of the others, but this is a big deal because as you've seen,
We're already living under martial law.
We're already living under tyranny.
And the Democrats want permanent lockdowns, forced inoculations.
They want things to be even worse.
Now, in a moment I'll get into some of the threats Democrats are making and what they're promising to do and how they're promising to burn the whole country down.
While simultaneously saying that, well, there have been a bunch of arson arrests on the West Coast, but Facebook and the Southern Poverty Law Center say they consider it fake news to say arson has caused fires.
Seems like there's been a bunch of arrests of people caught setting arson because they're mad about what's happening in the country.
You know, the Antifa got caught setting all those fires of federal courthouses and police stations and shooting people and everything else in Portland and other areas.
Joe Rogan's had to apologize because the fact-checkers over at Facebook, they say no one
No one is allowed to say that it's arson, even though it is.
Because Governor Newsom, with no proof, is saying it's climate change, and that it's all your fault.
So, Joe Rogan dutifully apologized.
He's a good guy, but he apologized for saying it was arson.
He said he was duped.
Even though I can show you a whole stack of news articles of five arrests here, four there, two here, one there, six here, one there, three here, two there, up and down Oregon, up and down Northern California, catching the people lighting the fires.
Catching him.
They caught one guy catching fires and they let him out.
He was doing it a day later.
He got caught twice!
The same guy just running down the highway pouring out gasoline and mile-off cocktails!
But the Democrats are now saying that they're gonna kill Trump, burn down the country, bring the country to a standstill.
And then I guess whenever Mitch McConnell has every right to do it, he better do it.
They've already... Oh, here's how CNN's spinning it.
They're saying, well, I mean, you can't possibly, with 44 days to the election, and you can't possibly then with a few months out of that to the inauguration, with one party still in power until that happens, and Obama did a lot before he left office, the Clintons did a lot, Jimmy Carter did a lot before they left office, whether you're only a one-term president or a two-term president, those few months between November and December and January 20th, those two months roughly,
You can still do a lot.
Obama put his stay-behind networks in power and put his spies in the different agencies and all those billions of dollars to come after the free media and come after Infowars and spy on Trump and put all those people in.
That was all illegal!
And you know, if Trump did that, it wouldn't be illegal, because Obama is a CHICOM agent, an Islamic agent, so is Hillary, so are the globalists.
They're trying to overthrow the country's existence.
They said Trump was a Russian agent, an outside power, and that's how they say they legally did all that to Trump, but it wasn't true, so it's illegal.
But with them, it's 100% true, and it's 100% legal, because they are a foreign power, and there is Chinese and EU and globalist election meddling going on.
At levels never before seen.
So all of the gloves are off and the brass knuckles are on.
As they say.
So the Crypt Keeper has probably been dead for weeks.
But they wanted to wait as long as they could.
My sources said she was dead a month ago.
I haven't seen her in a month.
Remember she was in the hospital for weeks and all these surgeries and word was
But they wanted to push it longer so that it's closer up to the election so that there's not as much time.
But Mitch McConnell has the time because they knew Ginsburg was going to be going.
Most people live about 12 months with pancreatic cancer.
The average is about 10-11 months, depending on the year.
Nobody lives three years like she did.
Very suspicious, very bizarre.
We started saying, looks like Stephen Hawking's dead.
People that have the disease he has, you know, hardly ever lived more than 15 years, he lived 30-something years.
And as soon as we started saying, we think Stephen Hawking's dead, and the guy they roll around doesn't look anything like him, suddenly they announced he was dead.
And it's okay to question known liars.
Because they lie so much, you don't know it's true.
It's okay to question these people.
But she'd not been seen in over a month, but boy, if they'd had an extra month,
It had been a shoo-in, but they wanted to wait till all those mail-in ballots started coming in to say, oh, the election's already started.
But there's no law that blocks Mitch McConnell and Trump from doing this.
They 100% need to charge in now into that goblin's nest that is the Supreme Court.
They need to get somebody in there that's got a good record.
And let me tell you, Kony Barrett,
has an amazing record compared to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, and she was even more conservative than them, and Trump even said it.
He said, we're gonna have her for Ginsburg, because obviously if it's not a woman replacing a woman, they'll make a big political deal out of it.
I don't care if a woman replaces a man, or a woman replaces a woman, or a man replaces a woman, I don't care as long as they're pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-Constitution.
You know, I said last night, you know, I'd rather see a bunch of Clarence Thomas' on there than a bunch of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's, and I saw comments on InfoWars and Bandai Video rightfully saying, Clarence Thomas wrote an op-ed two years ago in the New York Times saying, get rid of the First Amendment, basically.
Clarence Thomas has some problems, and some of these Republicans have problems as well.
But the Democrats want Democrats in.
They want globalists.
They are purely a party that says America shouldn't exist.
It's not the far left that says death to America.
It's not the far left that says America shouldn't exist.
It's not the far left that says...
White people are inherently bad.
It is the U.N.
left's plan, because there's more brown people than white people, to racialize the U.N., invade the West on a race-based system to conquer the West, and then of course disenfranchise the brown people as well.
But they're playing race games at the U.N., and they're batching the Democratic Party that now is left of Mao Zedong.
I mean, you didn't hear Mao Zedong saying pedophilia should be legalized.
You didn't hear Mao Zedong saying death to America.
He just said, we'll take you over.
You didn't see the type of stuff that we witness coming out of the Democratic Party from Mao Zedong.
These people are beyond radical.
They are frothing, psychotic maniacs.
And so that's the big issue.
We need to pressure the Republican Party to accelerate.
And they've known that Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Was on thin ice for years.
And so Trump already using computer programs and major law firms and law reviews has already vetted a list.
He had 25 names on it.
He's added another 20.
At the top is Bridget Bade.
After that is Amy Coney Barrett, just because of the alphabetical.
Keith Blackwell, Daniel Cameron, Charles Candy, Paul Clement will go over.
More of these names coming up.
But Ruth Bader Ginsburg is part of an anti-human, globalist cult.
And a cult that wants to keep babies alive in incubators and sell their organs.
She is a ghoul.
And Town Hall has an excellent article.
Liberal America had an epic meltdown over Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
But they have only one person to blame.
Obama tried to get her to step down.
He tried to get her to step down about a year before he left office, and she wouldn't do it when she was 83 years old.
She wanted to hold on to that power, just like the Skeksis we showed you earlier, hypothetically.
And because of that, this is now happening to them.
The right thing to do is as soon as Trump wins again, Clarence Thomas, he should retire and not act like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
But I don't think Clarence Thomas is a bad guy.
But since Scalise died, not Scalise, they tried to kill Scalise.
Since the last Supreme Court Justice died that he was always imitating.
He has had some rulings that have not been as good.
And that's another issue.
When Scalia died in that Bohemian Grove of Texas.
Remember all that?
Obviously that killed him.
Very bizarre facility.
All sorts of weird devil iconography.
All right.
Just so you know who we're dealing with, I want to go to this special report and then come back with the constitutional lawyer, top criminal lawyer, Norm Pattis.
We're going to air this special report here, though.
BLM satanic Marxist turncoats.
And then we're going to come back.
With Norm Pattison and Bob Barnes, another great constitutional lawyer, really sharp political brain, a lot of big political connections in D.C.
He's had his ear to the ground.
He will be joining us.
And then Ali Alexander is also really a very thought provoking and informed political analyst and publisher.
So that is coming up here.
I'm really overwhelmed by how huge this is.
This is so amazing.
This is so big.
When I say they're going to go thermal nuclear, the left has gone into total hysteria mode.
This only adds gasoline to the situation.
I think it's going to get out the vote even more for Republicans.
Now they see how important this is.
I think you will see one of these nominees that they put forward
On the bench by early January.
And I think you're going to see Trump narrowly re-elected because of election fraud.
It's going to be a landslide.
But you're going to see the Democrats block that re-election.
And so now with the Ruth Bader Ginsburg gasoline added to it, it's going to be spectacularly explosive.
Because that's the thing about a quickening.
All the points of the compass and all the divergent lines are now
Coming together.
The planets are aligning.
The quickening is here.
And so, you're going to see more change the next 44 days than you saw the last year.
And that's the thing about this singularity.
I don't mean the singularity of information and computers.
I mean the way history works.
The way it...
As long walls and times of stagnation and then corruption comes in and there's a confrontation and there's an acceleration of the forces contending for the future and the most evil rises, the best rises and they just have this explosive connection and this is a magical time, a dangerous time, an amazing time, a white knuckle time to be alive.
And make no mistake, it's a battle between good and evil.
And when you see people like Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Big Mike, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, people like Bill Gates,
They are pure evil, and they want power over your body and power over your life.
And it's the Democrats that want to put a dangerous vaccine in you, and want to put a mask over your face, and who want to teach your five-year-olds how to give a blowjob.
They want to destroy innocents.
They're monsters.
The whole psychology, psychiatric system is run by a bunch of pedophiles and perverts and weirdos.
And they want control over us, and they have disdain for us.
And they lauded and they worshipped this rat-like creature who is now in hell.
In an ocean of her own excrement.
And I mean that metaphysically.
Hell is what they create because of what they've done.
Remember Bill Clinton's search in general?
We need to take the babies and the kindergartners and the teachers need to reach down and touch their vaginas.
Limbaugh used to play clips on a show of it and I can't ever find it, but they have the transcripts.
She's like, they need to reach down and touch the penises.
That's how she sounds.
It's good to have the teachers touch the children.
I'm Jocelyn Alders, and now they're back again!
Now we're gonna touch the pee-pee!
With the continued shows, election countdown 6 to 8 p.m.
And we have election countdown 7 to 9 p.m.
with Deanna Lorraine, Owen Schroer, myself, Harrison Smith, and others.
Harrison Smith, Deanna Lorraine did a great job last night and so did the crew.
I appreciate the crew working seven days a week right now.
They are awesome.
And I really appreciate listeners keeping us in the fight.
So we're going to run to this important piece.
I'm going to reset, come back focused, and tell you where I think this is all going.
And then tomorrow, on my two-hour show, phone calls the whole two hours.
You've got my commitment on that.
I think Roger Stone will pop in for a segment or something like that.
But this is a big day.
Ooh, let's get Roger to pop in today for five minutes, too.
I'm going to call him in a moment.
So here's this important piece about who we're dealing with.
Remember Soros funds Black Lives Matter, and we'll understand what we're up against.
Stay with us.
There's warmth and fire.
They said he would come, a conqueror.
A man who would someday be king by his own hand.
The founders of Black Lives Matter and all them are actually into an anti-African cult that feeds off the energy of black people.
It's just a fact that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer.
People are celebrating Satan in the way that many of us Christians celebrate God.
And so, you know, it's about black people, their suffering, and their agenda being used to further
I don't
Marxist socialist goals.
We actually do have an ideological frame.
Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers.
We are trained Marxists.
Patrisse Cullors, the one you just heard there saying that she's a trained Marxist and that she and other BLM co-founders are trained Marxists.
She said, quote, I'm calling for spirituality to be deeply radical.
We're not just having a social justice movement.
This is a spiritual movement.
Maybe I'm sharing too much, but we become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly, right?
Like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality.
You know, I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know?
And I didn't meet her in her body, right?
I met her through this work.
Dr. Abdullah and Patrice Cullors talks about summoning the spirits of the dead.
Using the power of the spirits of the dead in order to give them the ability to do what they're calling the so-called justice work.
You're gonna find that what they're describing is their adherence to the Yoruba religion of Ifa or Aifa.
I started to feel personally connected and responsible and accountable to them.
From a deeply political place, but also from a deeply spiritual place.
Now, in case you're wondering who that is speaking, that is Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter organization, the same one you just heard saying, we are trained Marxists.
Say their names, we do that all the time.
That you kind of invoke that spirit, and then those spirits actually become present with you.
Now y'all see all of this, the NBA, all on the jersey, say her name.
They're not doing what you think they're doing.
You think they're just honoring people.
They are conjuring up spirits!
So when we say it's a spiritual battle, it is.
These women, these Marxists, who tell you we don't want men to have testicles, we don't want to have a black family.
How could you say you're a bigger enemy of humans?
Of black people?
Didn't say, we are here to destroy the family.
That is their maximum.
80% of abortion clinics in America are in minority neighborhoods.
Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted in 50 years.
Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted in 50 years.
You cannot say Black Lives Matter and then
Kill yourselves.
And you look at the spell they've got over people that have taken on this, just murder the police, murder innocent people, shoot people at checkpoints, burn things down, go into restaurants and attack people because of what color they are.
And these women conducting their little white magic rituals out in the open like Ivina Baranovic does, but then the black magic is done internally.
I mean, these are just arrogant, slob-like jokes.
But they've got the power of Soros, who is a dark magician of the highest order, behind them.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
They have their rituals, we have ours.
We cry out to God.
For his son Jesus Christ to deliver us from the Democratic Party, the godless communist Chinese and their whole Hollywood Satanist pedophile network.
We are live broadcasting worldwide on this Saturday transmission.
And we have constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis joining us in a moment.
Roger Stone, so much more.
But right now, ladies and gentlemen, let's just see again.
Trump started his speech.
It was not known that Ginsburg had died.
No one told him.
Cause he spoke like three hours.
He learns about it from the press while nice music's playing in the background.
And he made a really good statement.
She had a really accomplished life.
So did Adolf Hitler.
So did Mao Zedong.
Even if he didn't like her, she was an accomplished person.
And again,
I'm on purpose not bowing down to Ginsburg.
Because she supported after birth abortion, killing babies after they're born.
I'm all about women's empowerment, the rest of it.
But that's just something early she did to make her bone.
She became an establishment person that presided over so much bad stuff.
And I just hope she gets replaced with a constitutionalist.
A nationalist, a patriot.
I wish both parties would stop selling the country out.
We'll get Norm Pattis' take here in a moment, but here's what President Trump had to say last night.
It was pretty amazing, with the whole ambiance, and right after the event, the crowd leaving, and just him being talked to by the press.
This is the stuff Hollywood can't capture, because Hollywood's fake.
This is real.
Here it is.
She just died?
I didn't know that.
You're telling me now for the first time.
She led an amazing life.
What else can you say?
She was an amazing woman.
Whether you agree or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life.
I'm actually sad to hear that.
I am sad to hear that.
Thank you very much.
Couldn't pull that timing off any better.
Seriously, I don't like speaking ill of the dead, but when I heard Mao Zedong, you know, about him dying...
I feel like a weights off my back, or Hitler.
I mean, Hitler was very accomplished.
He was an army corporal, no formal education, took over the most powerful countries in the world, invaded a bunch of nations.
I mean, you have to say Hitler was pretty accomplished.
Not in a good way.
And Ruth Bader Ginsburg, worshipped by the media, worshipped by the left, worshipped as this queen, as this god.
I don't want to just sit here and speak ill of the dead, but what about venerating all the dead babies?
Even if you're for abortion, what about keeping them alive after they're born?
That's the Democratic Party now.
And so...
I don't even know what Norm Pattis' take is going to be on this.
I respect him.
He's a top criminal lawyer, one of the top in the country.
He's also a top constitutional lawyer, does a lot of work with us.
And I appreciate him on his Saturday popping in to give me his view on her and then on what he predicts the response is going to be in this election.
Because I see this as just souping up a 500 horsepower car to 1,000 and adding nitrous oxide.
I mean, this is the left's going into thermal nuclear meltdown.
Norm Pattis, thanks for joining us.
Yeah, thanks for having me, Alex.
You know, it's obviously foreseeable.
Everyone dies.
She was up there.
I didn't realize she was in as bad a shape as she was, and it's shocking news.
And I think I agree with you.
It throws the election into high gear because this justice will serve presumably for 10, 20 years, well beyond the Trump administration.
So my prediction is as follows.
By Monday morning, there'll be a nominee.
The Senate will attempt to hold quick hearings on the suitability of the candidate and hold a quick vote so that the person can be seated by the time of the general election or shortly thereafter.
I think the Democrats will do everything they can to stop it.
That's Ginsburg's legacy.
I'm in what's called the Second Circuit.
I'm up here in New England, and the Second Circuit is the federal appellate court that consists of New York, Vermont, and Connecticut, that jurisdiction.
She was our circuit justice, and I would see her from time to time at events.
She was venerated and given rock star-like treatment, even by federal judges, and I never fully understand it or understood it.
Clearly a smart woman, hard worker.
Her opinions were clear and easy to understand.
I didn't always agree with where she came out on the law.
I think her replacement is an interesting issue, and I expect Amy Barrett from the University of Notre Dame.
I think so.
I think so.
She also wrote a very interesting piece early in her career on what a Catholic judge should do when faced with the death penalty.
You know, if you are doctrinally, as a matter of religious conviction, opposed to the death penalty, can you make a ruling in cases of that sort?
Well, at the flip side of the death penalty is a different sort of death penalty, the one you've been talking about, the death we inflict on unborn children.
I don't see why not.
You're a Christian, you're a conservative, how can you hold office?
Well, Feinstein's supposedly Jewish or whatever, I mean Ginsberg was Jewish, so how can, how, when it's a Christian, I mean, no one would ask a Muslim, oh, you can't have office, you're a Muslim, but why is it okay to say Christianity precludes or bars someone in having those beliefs?
Well, that's sort of the dialectic at work.
If you're a member of the majority right now, if you're a white male, if you're a Christian woman, an emergent majority says somehow that's not representative of the country at large and you need to abandon those principles in order to govern.
The question I have for people is if we abandon our core values, are we suitable of being governed, and can we govern ourselves?
So I'm excited by the fact that there is this vacancy.
I think it makes this election all the more significant, and I expect bitter fighting in the next five to six weeks.
In fact, here's a prediction, Alex.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Southern District of New York make a surprise move and maybe perhaps make a move against Donald Trump as a means of distracting people, as a means of seizing the narrative.
Okay, now you're getting into real inside baseball because we're not bragging.
We're not playing games.
You and I were talking to someone intimately connected to Donald Trump yesterday.
About a separate piece of intel you had about coming indictments in the Southern District that I've also been told are ready and going.
And we don't want to go too far about who we were talking to, but they also then brought up who Trump is planning to have replace Amy Coney Barrett.
And that is from someone very, very close to President Trump.
And just so people know, we're not making this up.
You were there in the meeting.
I was, and I hear what you say.
We're not going to name names, but I know who this person was.
I received some information I shared with you.
We got on the phone, the three of us.
There's a lot going on in New York City right now, and my hunch is that Ginsburg's death will make something happen in New York.
I'd be watching the New York papers very closely right now.
Not for information so much about Ginsburg's replacement, but for the Democrats' intention to Donald Trump.
I think they'll pull an October surprise and October will be perhaps one of the most contentious months in our nation's political history.
It really is an incredible time to be alive.
And look, I mean, I've said this, people are like, oh, you're a fake conservative, Jones.
You didn't like George W. Bush.
No, he was a fake conservative.
I was against those wars.
I was against the Patriot Act.
I'm against a police state.
That doesn't mean I'm against police.
People are really ignorant about
You know, police versus police state.
I'm a populist.
I'm an American.
And I'd love to see a reform of the Democratic Party.
The Democratic Party, it seems like 30 years ago, was not this evil norm.
What do you think's happened to them, or what have they become?
You know, I wish I knew.
I like to, you know, I look at it from a philosophic perspective and say the bottom has fallen out of pluralism.
We no longer have a common consensus of values.
It's all about identity and power, and it's demographic
Well let me say that because here's the paradox.
You're a famous liberal lawyer that is for racial unity.
And then when you see the Democrats shift it and make it about how whites are bad, and set up a classical white supremacist scenario, but from brown people against white people, directed by the Democratic Party, you come out and say that's racist, that's wrong, and then you get called a racist, which makes you get even more angry.
So clearly, they've betrayed the public trust, they've betrayed the Great Experiment, the Democratic Party has sold out to the shycoms and foreign powers, and just like the British Empire used
Tribal differences in India, same genome, but different tribes, to have a few thousand British troops conquer hundreds of millions of people, the same thing here.
They've decided on racial identity, racial division, killing the American ethos.
And splintering our republic to make us corporate slaves of the globalists and big tech.
And it is a serious crime.
And they've also sold us out to the slave factories in China, the Democratic Party and big tech backing the Uyghurs in slave camps, Christians in slave camps, Buddhists in slave camps.
They are the modern authoritarian threat.
The global allied leftist combine with big tech and authoritarian regimes is the global threat.
And the average leftist fetishization of hating American capitalism when it's billionaires above the law financing the racial division, running the slave camps, it's all a sick joke.
Well, unfortunately, and I'm not laughing about it.
I mean, I take to heart what you said.
I've had relationships strained in the last year.
I was critical of Black Lives Matter initially because I don't buy the narrative.
If you ask me for something for representation or for a favor or I'm in the marketplace exchanging value for services, I'm not going to take account of your race.
But if I don't give you what you want and you claim because I don't give you what I want I'm a racist or a white supremacist, I'm like, that's just BS.
And I'm not going along with the narrative.
Under our principles of law, all people are equal and they have a value.
And in a capitalist system, the value of something is its price.
In the market for goods and services and for legal services, I represent people in need regardless of their color.
Don't come to me and say that because of the color of your skin or your accident of birth, I owe you something.
I'll reject that claim every time.
Well, that's right.
You famously have represented Candace Owens when she was in high school and racist kids were being mean to her.
You got a settlement.
I did.
That's right.
I'm deeply troubled by what's going on.
I'm looking forward to the election being over and having a result.
I hope it's clear so that we can go back to the serious work of building a country where there are opportunities for everyone, not just some.
The Democratic Party is openly aligned with China and other foreign corporations and powers.
They never get in trouble for the crimes they commit, and so that's why they're acting out, is they're not getting full power like they want.
This is the explosive combination.
They're not getting power they want, so they get more desperate.
And they commit more crimes and start getting in trouble.
But they're still not held fully accountable, so they are able to escalate
The crimes they're committing, well, they've already escalated to such a point, now they're talking about contesting the election when Trump wins, having the liberal cities and states secede, this is official, John Podesta, New York Times, and then trying to cause a race war.
I mean, that is incredible.
People say, well, they'll fail, but it'll be very destructive if they do fail.
Maybe they succeed, probably will fail.
But, I mean, am I allowed to go out and commit crimes?
Just because I'm in the power structure, which I'm not, I'm sick of I was, do I just get to keep experimenting like a mad scientist to try to stay in power no matter how many people I hurt?
And then I escalate each time what I'm doing?
I mean, there's not much more ceiling here to what they can escalate to do.
I think so.
I think so.
You know, I listened to you, Alex, you and I got to know one another beginning last year and I wasn't really focusing on Soros.
And I had my doubts, but I heard a very interesting report this year.
If you look at liberal prosecutors running for office, Soros has pumped millions of dollars into these campaigns in cities around the country.
And these are the people who are saying, you know, let's defund the police, let's let people out on bond.
You know, when the Democratic campaign operatives are contributing to these bond releases, and then there's the folks that are going out and committing crimes all over again.
I think the American people, you know, and I heard your remarks about police earlier.
I'm not in favor of a police state.
I'm in favor of a limited government, of a night watchman state.
But the fundamental purpose of the state is to provide us with security in our person's property and pursuit of happiness.
When government fails to do that, then I think, you know, there's a famous line in John Locke about the appeal to heaven.
If government fails to meet its commitment to the people, the people revolt.
And I think that Black Lives Matter and that crowd may have declared war on the rest of us.
If government stands down and doesn't protect us, we'll protect ourselves.
And that's where things get truly scary in this country.
And I don't think we're far from it right now.
Well you're absolutely right and I just want to ask you this question in closing and then give out your website for folks if I want to get in contact with you for interviews or representation because you're also an amazing interviewer and people need to hear more from Norm Pattis.
I was always told by really smart people that, Alex, you put too much complexity into things.
Most of this is incompetence.
As I've gotten older, I've learned that a lot of that's true.
But there's still a methodology and an overarching belief system of these globalists, and that's who they are.
It's big corporations above the law, tax-exempt, that are buying off all of our politicians and buying off our leaders, and they've gotten our leaders
Millions of dead to fight for these basic freedoms that were recognized as the model of justice and pro-human expansion, and then we're just throwing it away, and then instantly we're getting death, destruction, and collapse.
As soon as we throw it away, it's like taking a coat off in the middle of Antarctica in the middle of winter.
I mean, it's like jumping into a fire.
You catch on fire.
It's ridiculous.
Why are we doing this?
I wish I knew.
It's almost like we've got a death wisher that we've decided to commit cultural suicide.
The political history of the West for the past 800 years has revolved around limited government and creating power to the people, realizing that government is created by the consent of the government.
I think?
I think?
I think?
You know, when I first started listening to you, I thought, I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Along the way, I've become more convinced.
You know, power abhors a vacuum.
And there is enormous concentrations of wealth and power in the country.
And these people do want to take control because they've got the means to do so.
We have to fight back where we can.
So I say you fight back.
I fight back in a courtroom.
People can fight back with their economic decisions.
People can fight back by forming local associations and institutions of civil society that says to the globalists, hey, no, that may be how you do it in Beijing or Beijing, but this is Knoxville.
This is Detroit.
This is Atlanta.
This is Austin.
This is where I live.
And if you're going to be a guest in my home, these are the rules.
I think you just said it.
We have to start realizing that the power we give over to the U.N.
directing who can say what in America, that's now public.
I mean, now Tucker Carlson goes, the U.N.
directs what you can say online.
How did that happen?
I mean, this is a big wake-up call for people because they're not denying it now.
This is their takeover.
This is their bum rush.
But if we simply don't comply, set up our own systems, and start disregarding their garbage, we have the power.
They're done.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, it happens if we let it happen, and I don't know when we the people became we the sheeple.
You know, I'm just not willing to be led to slaughter.
I was brought up to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as guaranteeing certain fundamental rights to we the people, and as one of my clients once told me when she asked me to do a school board, she said, you know, I came to this country from Italy, and I took that we the people seriously.
I am one of those people.
And so are you Alex, and so are your listeners.
So I think we need to reclaim what is ours.
Well that's right, because before 1776 with 1215 Magna Carta, we the people had to sit there and have a lord tell us what to do.
We didn't have standing.
We're saying, we the people!
You understand what that means?
I'm gonna stand up to you!
I've got authority!
I'm not your slave!
You got that?
I agree 100%.
All right, Norm, you've got to come back on the show more often.
We really appreciate you joining us this week.
Give out your website for folks that want to visit it.
All right, take care.
Oh, it's on normpaddis.com.
All right, thank you so much.
Now, we've got the Sunday show coming up.
We will have Roger Stone on that.
We've got the second hour of this live.
Saturday show coming up.
It's almost 3 p.m.
It's 2 57 central.
You're watching us live.
This is going to loop on the satellite radio feeds everywhere else until 4 tomorrow when I come back on.
Then Owen Schroer now goes with election countdown.
And that is 6 to 8 p.m.
And we have weeknights as well.
So so much going on.
We're going to go to break for a few minutes with some special reports.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
A lot of big connections.
One of the smartest guys I know.
He's going to tell us what he thinks of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what the Democrats are going to do and how they're going to procedurally try to block this.
So I can't wait to hear what he has to say because the election was already in super high gear.
Now it is in total, complete crazy town.
So I'm going to air a report.
With Brian Roche, when I was on London Real, with Fauci suddenly saying vitamin D3 and C is needed to stop COVID.
Well, if you have that, you can't even get it.
They had SWAT teams raiding doctors that gave out vitamin C a few months ago.
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We're going to go to these two short reports, come back with Robert Barnes, and then we're going to be joined by Allie Alexander and more on this live Saturday show.
You are the resistance.
Don't forget that.
So share the link.
We'll be right back.
What's going to happen in the next three months?
That's the question.
What is this second wave?
Like you said, when the people wake up, what will they release on us?
Or is the economic damage and the social score already happening?
Well, a lot of it's not speculative, as you said.
Already devastating depression in the third world.
Major breakdown of supply chains in the West.
Generations of wealth that has been degraded.
And the longer we wait, the worse it gets.
All the metrics and numbers show us that.
And so they've already told us, they said, they're going to have real flu deaths.
They're going to have real pneumonia deaths in the winter because people aren't getting vitamin D3.
Even Fauci had to admit, don't have D3, you die from any virus.
And so, they're going to have some real numbers in the fall, starting in just a month or two, for people that aren't outside.
Why do they say black people are twice as likely to die?
Well, black folks have a lot of melanin.
They need way more sun.
They're living in urban canyons.
Black people are not supposed to be living inside dark houses and on trains all day.
White people aren't either.
But white people have skin that takes in more D3, produces more D3 because we get less light.
We're designed, like some of the black liberation groups say, it's actually true with cave dwellers, and so the cave dwellers can handle not getting as much D3.
We still get sick.
So I want my black brothers to understand, and I do care about them, literally, you need to get D3, you need to get vitamin C, you need to get zinc, or you are going to die.
And so, especially our brothers and sisters in nursing homes who are black, who are white, who are brown, they're not getting D3 from the sun.
They're not getting zinc and the horrible food they feed them.
They're not getting vitamin C. They're not feeding old folks fresh vegetables in those places.
Look at the hospital food.
It's meant to get rid of them.
So our message to white brothers and black brothers and brown sisters and pink sisters and everybody else is we all got red blood and a heart and a soul that loves God.
You better get your D3, you better get your Zinc, you better get your C. And so, I even told the crew this morning, I said, I want bottles of D3 and Zinc and E put out in kiosks everywhere.
Because use COVID as a learning experience.
It will kill you if you don't have it.
So will a regular flu.
And I said, I want to donate $20,000.
I think I got an extra money under these attacks.
To go and I want to visit all the major nursing homes and offer to give them free medical grade D3, C, and zinc.
Because if you have those three things, COVID literally cannot kill you.
And they admit that.
They don't want that known.
But even Fauci, who denied that, had to admit it two days ago because his own NIH website admits that.
It's called essential for a reason.
Yeah, and they've come up with a few of these therapeutics, like these steroid treatments and a bunch of things, and that's the last thing these big pharma companies want to talk about.
You know who says you're lying about vacation?
Who does?
Alex Jones.
And he wants to call you out on it.
Alex Jones is here.
Go ahead, Alex.
Jimmy has a timeshare at Epstein Island with Gates, Fauci, Bezos, and Soros.
And he knows Hollywood has been exposed as a black hole to another dimension and the gates to hell.
He wants the allegory of the collapse of society to push the corona hoax.
Is that not true?
Are you asking me?
All true, yeah.
I have a timeshare.
It's one of the few timeshares that Bill Gates is involved with.
You support Fauci telling people, don't take vitamin D3C, take our militarized testing with Bill Gates.
Well, to hell I will!
I will not bow to you!
I will not bow to Satan!
Listen, you've made an accusation against a late night talk show host.
I don't like that.
Well, I will say a nice thing.
Good luck hosting the Emmys, and good luck hosting your Bilderberg ritual sacrifice.
Are you going to be presenting the sacrifice to the Owl God, Moloch, or the Subhumanoid Baby Feast?
Which one are you doing this year, Jimmy?
We're going Moloch this year.
Well, listen.
You need to stop eating baby meat and start eating powdered meat!
We're talking about the Liberty Food Buckets!
Powdered chicken!
Powdered chicken!
Jones Family Recipes!
I'm going to start a podcast.
Reptilian Happy Hour with Ruth Bader Ginsburg from hell.
She'll be joining us.
In defiance of the globalists.
In defiance of Hillary and George Soros and all the rest of them.
We're still on air thanks to all of you.
And I gotta tell ya, I just talked to the IT people during that break.
We have a big denial of service attack that launched right at 2 p.m.
They hit us with 5 million fake requests on a clip of me last night during the show dealing with all of this.
I forget the exact headline on it, but it's the one where I break down all hell's gonna break loose now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has
I think so.
On this feed and on that feed of real traffic coming in, but whoever's been hitting us for two weeks nonstop sees that and then targets those streams trying to stop it.
So this is real time stuff.
That's going on.
I'm gonna go to our next amazing guest here, but I want to tell you the name of the video that they have been.
That they've been hitting really, really hard.
Because they are so.
Pissed right now.
The video being hit 5 million times every few minutes is exclusive.
Alex Jones responds to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
And as you can see, it's not even loading because it's being hit so many times.
We have millions of other folks hitting the other areas of the site.
We have InfoWars.com forward slash show.
That has different feeds on it.
So they're trying to suppress this, but it's having the opposite Streisand effect.
All right, for the next 30 minutes, Robert Barnes, a hard guy to get on, great constitutional lawyer, but a lot of great work for us.
He joins us right now to get into Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
What does this mean?
The election's already at an 11.
In Spinal Tap Talk, where does it go now?
To a 50?
A 100?
And who are they going to nominate?
Can Mitch McConnell get it done?
This is just epic, epic, epic times to be alive, and I'm glad you joined us on this Saturday.
Thank you so much, Robert.
Hey, glad to be here.
Well, you got the floor, brother.
Tell us what you think's really going on.
I know you're one of the smartest people out there when it comes to this.
Well, I mean, there were some people that were suspicious of what Ginsburg's health really was.
She had not been seen in public very often at all over the last 18 months.
There were people that were suspect and were concerned about whether or not... Well, it's clear now that they withheld information about the dire nature of her health.
She was clearly in far worse condition than they let on.
Whether she was trying to stay alive or at least publicly be seen as being alive until after the election is an open question.
There are some people who
I think the timing of the disclosure of this was meant to be election influenced.
We'll never know the full truth because they were able to keep information about her health so secret over the last several years.
Now she herself, Ginsburg, had made the decision back in 2015 not to retire despite the fact that she was already suffering serious health consequences then because she wanted the quote-unquote first woman president to replace the one of the first women Supreme Court justices.
She was being the second.
And so the but the first Democratic female appointee and so we'll see if that continues in that path She she took a gamble the gamble backfired now Trump and a Republican Senate are in control of replacing her She had amazing life story.
Her biography is a very very impressive And the president was very generous in his comments about her from a scholastic perspective
She really did not leave much of an impression.
I mean, she was not a really impressive legal mind from a legal legacy perspective, intellectual perspective.
You know, she was a strong feminist, advocated from a, but mostly advocated from a traditional liberal position.
Was not consistent, frankly, on issues of civil liberties or civil rights under the Constitution.
Was not at all a consistent constitutionalist.
Very civil and decent in her interpersonal interactions in the court.
That's why Justice Scalia was close friends with her for many years.
But at the same time,
She didn't really leave either a lasting intellectual or ideological legacy of consequence.
So you're saying I'm going too far by saying I hope she burns in hell?
I would not necessarily put it that way, no.
But I understand people who have some of those sentiments.
I mean, she was very pro-abortion on those decisions.
And she defended the government's intrusions and violations of civil liberties in a wide range of contexts.
Most recently, she was, you could argue, she was a deciding vote because every justice was a deciding vote of the five who refused to enforce the Constitution against these unconstitutional lockdowns.
It took a Trump appointee from the Western District of Pennsylvania
To finally put law to paper and make clear that the Constitution did not allow all of these governors and mayors and other law enforcement officials to be depriving people of their core constitutional liberties under the guise of a pandemic.
There is no emergency exception to the Constitution.
But, according to Ginsburg, there was.
So, she doesn't leave a lasting intellectual legacy.
Like, there are people on the left who I disagreed with, but who I considered heavyweights intellectually.
People, at times, like Hugo Black.
Though I mostly agree with Hugo Black.
People like William Douglas.
People like, to a certain degree, Thurgood Marshall, at least in his decisions.
Though a lot of his clerks are writing his decisions towards the end of his life.
We wonder how much Ginsburg's decisions over the last year were hers versus her clerks.
That's an open question, given how bad her health clearly turned out to have been.
But I think her legacy will be one of a people publicly, at least in the legal academy, a great individual biography, a relatively mediocre intellectual legacy, regardless of what you think of her ideologically.
And then many conservatives, many feminists will celebrate her.
Many conservatives will see her as a key pro-abortion voice on the court that did harm to millions of people and of course millions of unborn and then also did not stand up for civil liberties when the world needed the Supreme Court to do so.
So I think that her legacy will be a mixed legacy intellectually, a mixed one politically.
Impressive personal biography, overcame a lot to get to the Supreme Court.
But ideologically was on the left and was sort of a pure ideologue and not one that rose to the to the intellectual heavyweight scale of her predecessors.
No one's going to confuse her with Cardozo or Friend or Holmes or any of the or Black or Douglas or even frankly Brennan.
So why was she so hated by the right wing?
Almost because she was held up as a champion of the left.
So we project all our hatred of the pedophile left onto her.
You're saying she's not as bad as some people are saying.
None are personal behavior.
I mean, she was one of the more decent people interpersonally.
I mean, she was very hostile to Trump publicly, but, like, for example, Justice Scalia was good friends with her for a good cause.
She was someone who did not— All right, let me—big breaking news here.
Big breaking news with Robert Barnes.
A package containing the poison riacin, an address to Trump intercepted by law enforcement, CNN is reporting.
Law enforcement intercepts package of Ryerson mailed to Trump.
New York Post, this is just downbreaking.
Package containing Ryerson was intercepted in the White House.
Mail, Secret Service intercepts package addressed to President Trump containing deadly Ryerson.
There's an InfoWars.com article that breaks it down.
A package to take the poison of Ryerson addressed to President Donald Trump was intercepted by law enforcement earlier this week, according to two law enforcement officials.
Two tests were done to confirm the presence of Ryerson.
All mail from the White House is sorted.
Screened at an off-site facility before reaching the White House.
Ryerson is a poison derived from cask or beans.
Exposure to it can be deadly, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
If inhaled or ingested, Ryerson can cause vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory problems.
There is no antidote.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting.
So, what do you make to that?
I think that just notes how we've gone from 11
On the
He's going ahead, so let's speak to the Ryazan, speak to the threats, and then procedurally, I think they need to accelerate the hearings, get her through.
She's already been vetted.
CNN goes, oh, they don't have time to vet.
They've already obviously vetted who's on the list for Trump to nominate.
I said last night I predicted Barbara Legao would be the nominee, and now there's reports today that she's the leading candidate.
She's a Cuban-American daughter of immigrants, speaks Spanish and English from Miami, but a well-regarded conservative on the court, comes from that sort of Catholic-Cuban conservative tradition.
So, she demographically is perfect, very hard for the Romney-lite types and the Rhino types and for Collins and Murkowski to turn down her.
She was just appointed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, won over 80 senators' approval.
Before that, she was on the Florida Supreme Court by Governor DeSantis.
Before that, on the Florida Court of Appeals.
She was one of the people who came to the rescue of Elian Gonzalez, or attempted to, in 2008.
Okay, and I know you've got incredible sources.
You tweeted that last night.
They were saying Amy Coney Barrett, who I like.
But even better, if she's just as conservative, and if she's a beautiful Latina, that will really throw it in the left, saying we're all racist faces.
So tell me about Barbara Legao versus who else you think there might be.
Yeah, I mean, I think Barrett is big on a lot of people's nominations, but I'm not as big of a fan.
Barrett has made comments to the effect that she will recuse herself from a decision where the Pope has a position, which means she couldn't rule on abortion.
My God, the Pope could constantly then make positions to control the U.S.
Supreme Court!
And in fact, of course, he now has to come out on immigration issues.
So that's why Ann Coulter and others were leading the fight against her.
I've not been in her.
I know it's the Federalist Society types, the traditional insider Washington types who like her.
But the more intelligent conservative types, the politically sage types, prefer Legao because, one, she's Latina, too.
So she'd be the first Cuban ever on the court.
Florida's a major swing state, so it helps Trump to put someone like Legao much more than Barrett.
She's also Catholic, but she doesn't defer to the Pope.
So that's the difference.
So that's why I think she's a perfect choice.
I think she's a very difficult choice for Democrats to rally against.
Very difficult choice.
I mean, she's also got three daughters.
Her husband, his father was a judge.
So she's well-connected, well-respected in a wide range of circles.
And she fits all of the telegenic traits that Trump wants while hitting all of the conservative traits that Trump wants.
She's already been pre-vetted.
And how does the same Senate that over 80 of them voted for her to go into the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals turn around and suddenly say she doesn't belong on the court?
She's been a judge for state or federal judges.
She's already been heavily vetted.
Heavily vetted.
So you're predicting right now, Barbara LaGalle, when do you think, I think Trump's going to accelerate this.
I think he should do it Monday.
He should.
Yeah, I would say Monday or Tuesday.
Questions about how long he wants to give to sort of respect for Ginsburg, quote unquote.
Oh, screw the media.
So what about respect for Ginsburg?
This is a political war with Democrats that say America shouldn't exist.
Great, have her funeral.
If they said wait for her funeral to be over, they'd ship her around like George W. for five months.
Yeah, no doubt.
I agree.
Traveling Roadshow with the Crypt Keeper!
Actually, we got some footage of her.
She's actually still alive.
I'm sorry, keep going.
While you're talking, they're going to put her on screen.
Go ahead.
I gotcha.
So yeah, I think by Wednesday for sure.
But I think early next week he puts her up.
Ginsburg was approved herself within a 45 day time frame.
So there is time to put her up.
There is time to put her through the Senate.
Oh, call it the Ginsburg Standard!
Hey, 45 days for her, 45 days for you, cupcake!
The same rules.
So there's no question the Democrats would be pushing her through.
So the Democrats have done so in past presidential elections.
Woodrow Wilson did it when he was seeking re-election.
LBJ did it in 68 when Humphrey was seeking election.
But I'm confused.
I mean, if she's dead, how is she on live TV right now?
Judicious, no comment.
But yeah, I think Legau is the perfect choice for him.
I think if Trump makes that choice, I think they'll be hard-pressed not to get her through.
And if he gets someone like Legau in, that's also going to be important for the election.
Because the election-related disputes may go up to the Supreme Court, and right now they don't have a 5-4 majority.
They would potentially have a 5-3 majority, but with eight justices they could split, and then the lower courts would approve.
So he needs somebody on that bench.
Before the election day is held for his own re-election prospects in case there's legal disputes out of Michigan and Pennsylvania, which are likely out of at least those two states because of rulings that judges have made and courts have made just this past week, allowing for several weeks to be, allowing for votes to be counted weeks after the election.
Let's talk real politics.
I want to get back in the election with Robert Barnes, one of the top constitutional lawyers, political brains out there.
And that's not hype, folks.
He is a smart guy.
They funded the riots, Soros funded the riots.
They thought it worked in other countries, it would work here.
It backfired.
It made Trump's real numbers go up.
Now they've deactivated the riots and gone to arson instead, which they can use as the world's over, you know, climate change garbage.
So now though, they're saying, oh, we'll burn stuff even more.
But Facebook fact check says Democrats don't burn anything.
So what are they going to do?
Because if they just riot more or go crazy more and act even more incendiary, which her death will now do, that only makes Trump that much more popular.
So then when they have this Soros appointed counsel that's going to challenge the election results, it's going to look even more ridiculous with this whole Ginsburg backdrop.
I mean, this is this to me, Ginsburg dying at the time she did is a big win for Trump.
No doubt about it.
And the other thing is I think Trump knew or had a cue this was happening because two weeks ago is when he put out his new list that included Legao.
So I think that, and I think he already had Legao in mind.
I think he knew Ginsburg was either already dead or on death's door.
And so consequently went ahead and went with Legao, put her on that list so she was pre-cleared and pre-vetted by everybody before he put her on the list and then made sure everybody knew that she was ready to roll.
Lindsey Graham is in re-election mode in a tight race in South Carolina, so he runs the Judiciary Committee, so he's going to push her through.
So I think we're going to see, and it helps Trump across the board, because it's Trump putting a Latino on the bench, and that's one of the groups he is trending most friendly with compared to 2016.
He's running double digits better than he did in 2016 amongst Hispanic voters.
And let's stop there.
Let's unpack that.
Why is he doing twice as good with Hispanics this time, and twice as good with blacks?
Because he's delivering.
He's delivering.
It's a class-based appeal.
So it's working class voters no matter their race or ethnicity.
So it doesn't matter whether they're Latino.
And yet Trump believes in a pro-human future.
Everybody knows we're going to do better with Trump.
I mean, the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever, lowest African-American unemployment in the history of recorded stats before the lockdowns came into play.
So that's why.
So because of that, Trump is surging, particularly amongst working class men who he's delivered for.
It's that simple.
You look at median wage growth, you look at median income growth.
Census stats came out this week.
Biggest median income in 50 years for working middle class family growth.
Biggest wage growth for non-supervisory employees in 35 years under Trump.
So, all of those facts are why the media has to lie to sort of keep him down at all.
And this provides an opportunity for him to reward the Cuban-American community, make a public outreach to the Latino community, while being consistent to his conservative constitutionalist base with a nominee who fits both characteristics.
That's why she's a perfect choice and classic Trump kind of choice, and one that the Washington insiders didn't see coming.
Well, I believe your prediction will probably come true then.
You're usually right.
Bob, how do they grab victory from the jaws of defeat?
I almost don't want to give them ideas.
I know the Democrats watch, but clearly they're going to scan every angle.
Let's put it this way.
What should Trump be looking for?
Little foxes spoil the grapes.
How could they jackknife this situation?
Try to get him not to nominate her.
Try to get him to nominate someone else that there's more of a controversial past with or that there's some secrets buried with or that won't play as well politically so they could delay the vote until after the election.
That's his biggest risk there.
That's why he should rush the choice and then force it through.
And at the same time, I mean, obviously, if you're seeing things like people sending poison to the president,
Then they're accelerating the level of violence.
And yesterday you had people promising to either pack the court.
First court packing promises made since FDR did it, which was intensely unpopular when FDR tried it.
And that was during the Depression, when FDR was at the peak of popularity.
And now you have them talking major legal minds on the left talking about packing the court if they win.
That they're going to put five, ten new Supreme Court.
They're going to control the entire legal and political process if they win.
And explain the process of packing for those that don't know.
Instead of having nine Supreme Court justices, we'll have 15.
And the Democrats will pick the new six.
So the Democrats will have a majority.
And then doing the same in lower courts across the board.
So they're talking about a constitutional amendment to do that.
Yeah, well, they're talking about ignoring the Constitution and just doing it.
And just appointing the justices and saying that the Constitution allows it.
And here's the problem.
If you have six new justices that show up at the Supreme Court, who determines whether they sit or not?
If they get to determine their own power, then they're going to say it's all constitutional, even without an amendment.
Well, that's right.
We're in the season of power grabs and end of the republic or the rebirth.
I mean, the globalist Democrats, talk about that realignment.
This consortium of Democrats used to be for blue collar.
They were corrupt, they were big city machine people, but they sold out of the chai comms and the globalists, and now are purely globalists want to end the country.
At least Republicans halfway don't want to sell the country.
I think that's how you quantify this.
A, do you agree?
And then B, isn't it Trump's job to get that word out and expose, look, I'm the only American candidate.
You want any future, vote for me, dammit.
Yeah, they very much want to take on model for the United States.
That's why big tech is in bed with them.
So completely for this election.
That's why you're seeing the what you had is the professional class, which are statists at heart.
That's the big difference.
The populist or anti-statist.
Statist, the don't care about the working class.
They're working class is the name they use for seizing power for themselves.
And that is precisely what is taking place here.
And the professional class are state oriented.
They want to control every level lever of political power, then use big tech
To control speech and dialogue and press in the country so that freedom of press and freedom of speech is mostly dead letter law, then engage in selective lawfare against selective targets, like they're doing in both the civil and criminal justice process all across the country, like they did to General Flynn, like we're seeing with the Build the Wall case, like we're seeing in other cases across the country.
And so it's all designed basically to completely control the levers of power culturally, socially, economically and politically.
And that that is why this is really a do or die election.
2020, as most voters are recognizing, more voters than any group have ever recognized, say that 2020 will determine the future of America and make a bigger change in the future of our country than any election ever has.
And isn't it funny?
It's like a movie or a simulation.
Everything leads up to this.
It's just a human calendar, but it's 2020.
The image of sight and the image of change and all this happens.
Let's talk about the joker, though.
Let's talk about the wild card here.
COVID-19, hugely exaggerated, 100 times weaker than the flu, they now admit.
All the names of people that doubted something else put on the list.
All the fake testing, 90% of them false positives, now they admit.
But they keep doubling down, now Democrats, in Democrat areas, but also in leftist areas of Australia.
They're arresting people in their houses.
Houston started door-to-door blood taking.
This is their power grab.
This is their authoritarian cover.
So how does COVID feed into this?
And what are they going to do?
I love seeing Trump open the gates and 50,000 people or 20,000 people run out there to the, you know, to the tarmac.
I love seeing none of them wearing masks.
I mean, it's a duty to not just not wear the mask, but to call the hoax and the fraud out.
And when I say hoax, yeah, it's a real virus.
It kills some people, nothing compared to the flu or pneumonia, but
The disinfo, the lies, the power grab, the paralyzing things, that is the scam.
So do we call it a scam?
Do we call it a fraud?
Do we call it a power grab?
Do we call it a conspiracy?
Do we call it a...
Yeah, I mean, it's very much COVID-1984.
It's a live Milgram experiment on the public populace for the purposes of getting maximum degrees of state control.
And I think that the Gates idea was that people would be so desperate for a vaccine, it would legitimate vaccines for adults around the world without people second-guessing the medical necessity, utility, or healthiness of a particular vaccine, which is just a drug like any other drug.
And he wanted that skepticism suspended for the purposes of vaccines because he believes it's essential to his overpopulation obsession.
And of course, he's been aligned with certain elite groups now for a decade and basically co-opted most of the public health authorities around the world, particularly starting with the World Health Organization, but others.
And in fact, in places, you know, Africa, large parts of Central and Latin America, large parts of Europe, even parts of Russia's health authorities have been co-opted by people that are connected to Gates.
And so the net effect has been the panic.
Now, the problem they have is in order to make COVID-19 a successful COVID-19 84 Milgram experiment, they needed the public to buy in.
And the problem is the public is buying in less and less and less and less.
When you ask people, do you know anybody who died from COVID?
80 to 90 percent of the people know no one.
So how can they say it's this crazy, deadly threat when most people don't know anybody who has died from COVID, and the few who they know who died with COVID were very ill elderly people at the end of their life, who they don't attribute COVID as the cause of death.
Uh, in terms of the family members and friends.
They may say so on the death certificate, but the family and friends don't believe that's the case.
Someone like Herman Cain, where his family and friends came out and said, no, COVID didn't kill him.
He was in fourth stage cancer.
So the nature of it is the ability of the media lie to keep living.
The ability of the Milgram experiment to work requires people continually suspending their skepticism of those in power.
And they are increasingly no longer suspending their skepticism of these governors and these mayors and these other rogue politicians.
So what would you call it?
A conspiracy?
A racketeering fraud?
A scam?
Because it's based on a virus that Gates made so he would own it.
It does kill people that are vitamin deficient.
Very old.
So they can focus in on the few people that actually get it.
Or if somebody dies of something else, they say it.
And they create that.
Anecdotal evidence where they show out of 370 million people, a few that died and blow them up.
Oh, this guy didn't believe in it.
He, you know, he got sick.
It turns out he had two forms of cancer and, you know, was hit by a bus.
But I mean, I agree with you.
The trance is falling and I see leftist businesses and stores staying closed, staying locked down.
Even the low level liberals know it's a lie, but it's all their little black magic ritual to try to break us and make us depressed.
Well, the other problem they have is more and more people are seeing the consequences of the lockdowns.
So as the intelligence of Trump postponing certain stimulus benefits and the rest, as people started to realize there are real economic harms, real social harms of the lockdowns that are much more dangerous than COVID is, at least in terms of their own personal lived experiences.
And they're seeing that also, of course, they're seeing the worst consequences of the lockdowns being more dangerous and the spiking rates of overdose.
And did you see how the Hoover Institute at Stanford came out and said exactly what you've said?
And then Facebook and YouTube banned it saying the UN doesn't allow that.
So now top professors' TV shows at Stanford are banned.
I mean, this is incredible.
No doubt about it.
It shows COVID has been the testing ground for how much control they can have over the populace, both in terms of state strategies and methodologies, but also in terms of big tech censorship and gatekeeping.
And so we've got to see in live time what their future looks like.
And it looks like something right out of a X-Files script.
And so it turns out X-Files was predicting the future, not simply doing a fictional fantasy version of that.
Well that's the thing, is I predicted, you predicted, others predicted.
And I know Chris Carter, who is a listener, predicted a lot of this before I was even on air.
But to actually see them do it is a whole other thing.
So they may get short-term gain with their power grab, but it's causing generational shifts away from them.
Listen, you're a busy guy, you're hard to get on, you're a great lawyer, you're an even better political mind.
Join me during the weekday show or come home, host one of the nighttime shows, because you were doing this whole America countdown, but we want you to be part of the election countdown as this all happens.
So please come back on with us this week, Barnes.
Absolutely, will do.
How do people find you on Twitter?
How do they find your website?
How do they find your national organization?
Sure, at Barnes underscore Law on Twitter while I'm still there.
At the Barnes Law LLP as in Peter dot com is the law firm site and for those supporting Free America Law Center is still up and operating and supports independent legal actions of various kinds from the Covington kids to anything else all across the country.
Alright, you're kicking ass.
In closing, one minute.
Sixty second advice to Trump.
Sixty second advice to voters and what everybody should do.
For the president, stick to his guns.
Stick to his guns by nominating Barbara Legao.
Push her through the Supreme Court.
Reshape the court.
Give yourself additional political protection in case the elections, they try to steal it.
Second, get a big legal team up and going and ready to rock and roll.
Particularly come election time but within days of the election so they can be ready for legal actions but they need to be preparing now for defending those cases in Michigan and Pennsylvania because we're about to see Bush v. Gore on steroids in terms of the lawfare that's coming.
And for ordinary everyday people out there, continue to support.
They waged war on Alex Jones and Infowars more than anyone else right out of the gate because you have been the tip of the spear for populist independent free press in the whole world.
Robert Barnes, we'll talk to you soon.
Thank you so much.
Hey, glad to be here.
One of our reporters, Wilson, put this out.
We'll come right back with Ali Alexander and recap all this with the latest developments on the other side.
Stay with us.
Did the Centers for Disease Control disprove the COVID pandemic?
According to mainstream media sources, a deadly, highly infectious airborne virus is currently on an international killing spree.
According to information reported from the Centers for Disease Control, it hasn't really affected many people, infection or morbidity.
Call it a hoax pandemic, or more accurately, an exaggeration or overreaction, but the information compiled by the CDC proves COVID is pretty ordinary when it comes to viruses.
In the Center for Disease Control's own instructions for COVID testing, titled CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, effective on July 13, 2020, on the second page of the instructions it states, quote,
Positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019 novel coronavirus, but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses.
The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.
Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.
In other words, positive results indicate infections other than COVID-19.
Here, the CDC admits that when RT-PCR tests indicate a positive result, it does not mean the subject of the test is infected with novel coronavirus 2019.
In fact, they could have a variety of other reasons for the positive test result.
Including a respiratory bacterial infection, influenza, pneumonia, or any number of viral infections.
The CDC's admission about the broad-spectrum detection of the PCR test is supported by the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction technology, Carey Mullis.
Who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention in 1993.
He believes his PCR test is not for medical diagnostics, and is inappropriate to detect a viral infection.
The PCR is extremely sensitive, which means it can detect even the smallest pieces of DNA or RNA.
But it cannot determine where these particles came from.
Dr. Kathy A. Petty supports Kerry Mullis' opinion.
Quote, The big message is that every lab is vulnerable to having false positives.
No single test result is absolute.
And that is even more important with the test result based on PCR.
On May 21st, even The Atlantic reported that the CDC's positive coronavirus test numbers were inaccurate.
And inflated, because they had been mixing the results of viral tests and antibody tests.
And the combination of these two created a surge in COVID cases.
Not only did the CDC mix PCR tests and antibody tests, but in May, the CDC added probable cases to the total case count, under a revised definition of what it means to be a confirmed COVID case.
Which doesn't even require a PCR test, or any test results for that matter.
Instead, a person having close contact with a confirmed or probable case will be counted as one of the cases in the COVID-19 grand total.
So it's possible for one case to count as 17, or even more, without a PCR test being considered.
Unreliable as they may be.
In addition, if you just exhibit any one of the many so-called COVID symptoms, you could satisfy the definition for a probable COVID case with no test.
Again, being ultimately added to the total COVID case count.
At this same time, the CDC proclaimed that no positive PCR test or otherwise was needed to pronounce someone dead from coronavirus.
Which predictably inflated the total number of COVID deaths, giving the virus the optics of appearing as a lethal viral strain.
In direct contradiction to this practice of boosting morbidity, at the end of August, the CDC published a statement that revealed COVID-19 was the independent or unaccompanied cause of death in only 6% of the total coronavirus deaths.
For 6% of deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.
This means that 94% of the deaths attributed to COVID were either caused with assistance from some other degenerative factors, heart disease, obesity, cancer, or these deaths had nothing to do with COVID.
Alright, that is about 60% of the report.
It's titled, Did the CDC Disprove the COVID Pandemic?
And they did.
And they're censoring reports like this, but it's a banned video.
You need to share the video.
Olly Alexander is a great political analyst, great talk show host, and writer and researcher, and he's on the road.
He was just up in Chicago at a big speech last night, but I wanted to get him on with us on this live Saturday show that goes for another 20 minutes or so, and then we're going to go to rebroadcast until 4 p.m.
tomorrow when I come back for the regular Sunday show.
But just amazing things.
What does Ruth Bader Ginsburg really illustrate?
When did she really die?
The left is promising violence, even mainline writers at major newspapers are saying we'll burn the whole country down now.
It's an incredible time to be alive.
So we've gone from high gear to another gear.
2020 is not disappointing when it comes to the excitement and danger factor.
So Ali Alexander is here with us for about 15 minutes.
We'll invite him back next week.
I think he's gonna be in studio with us.
But his
Twitter handle is at A-L-I, Ollie, at Ollie, and of course, founders.olliealexander.org.
Thank you so much, Ollie.
Get right into it.
I wanna hear what you have to say.
Well, yesterday was completely shocking.
I was sitting there in front of, well, standing there.
I was the master of ceremonies for this event in Illinois, and this is, you know, a blue state.
We're just outside of Chicago, and 700 people are there.
I walk off the stage, and I get a text message
And I'm like, this can't be real.
This can't be real.
You know, 2020 is too 2020 already.
And I had to go back on stage and tell 700 people, you know, this is now the most important election in American history.
There's just no doubt about it.
This will determine whether or not millions of children continue to get aborted or not.
The left is going to get super violent if Trump wins.
Or if he puts another justice on the Supreme Court before the election.
I mean, we really gotta stock up on all materials because you've never seen the left so feral as when we are threatening to take away their blood sacrifice and that is the abortion lobby.
Keep laying it out because they literally admit their satanists now.
They've gone public.
They've gone completely public.
I mean, this is why they worshipped her.
I mean, think about this.
We've been styped all this year.
No one's even covering this.
Why hasn't somebody compiled all of the footage, all of the news clips, all of the memes that they shoved down our throat this year to say, she's healthy.
Look, she's holding a two pound weight.
Look, she can plank in a picture.
Like, I mean, it's a joke.
It's a sick joke.
And I think that it illustrates
How feral the left is.
I mean, they're like animal creatures.
You have all of these TikTok videos of these childless 30-year-old women screaming.
And it's like, but I thought you guys wanted this.
I thought you guys wanted this opportunity.
So clearly the left knows that every Christian is now going to vote.
Every single Christian in this country feels compelled to vote.
Alex, 10 years ago, did you have any idea that we might actually have a shot at repealing Roe v. Wade?
I didn't.
No, everything's turning against them.
Everything is disappearing through their hands.
It's completely insane.
And so, you know, the big question for me, and you and I talked about this on your show a week or two ago when I was in studio, is, you know, are we going through an exodus where God's people and patriots are finding each other so that we can create our own?
Or is the country going through a revival?
Because no one can deny there is now a spiritual war.
I think that people used to deny that there was an Info War.
Now no one can deny it.
Now we have to say, okay, this is a spiritual war.
We're in the spirit wars.
And you're watching the Satanists and the Luciferians and the Marxists and the Bolsheviks and Antifa and the Democrats.
Then on the other side, you have the Patriots, the Republicans, the Conservatives, the smart capitalists, not the greedy capitalists.
I don't know.
It's completely insane.
A lot of people don't know this because the mainstream media doesn't want to report this, but Donald J. Trump receives more threats
I think so.
That was my next question.
When I look at Obama and Hillary on TV, they look scared.
A guy worth a couple hundred million dollars texted me last night and he said, he's like, are you seeing the same thing I'm seeing on Twitter with the Democrats?
I said, well, what are you seeing?
He said, they're scared.
I was like, they're completely scared.
I mean, the tweets that I'm getting, people are threatening to kill me.
I'm like, what do I have to do with anything?
I think the Democrats are running scared.
They know, they know, they know that those Christians that are so apathetic about voting are going to come out to vote.
And every abortionist was already going to vote.
And what the media wants us to think is that abortion is popular.
It's not popular.
We know it's not popular because Gen Z is even turning away from it.
So we really might have a revival in this country, and it's a very exciting time to be alive because this will be the downfall of the mainstream media.
You're on fire, Ali.
You're on fire.
You always are, but you're really on fire.
I agree with you that we're winning.
God's spirit's strong.
But how's the enemy going to throw a crowbar into that?
How are they going to launch their counterattack?
I think we need to look at how they started World War I. I think we need to look at how they depressed people into starting World War II.
We need to look for these moments where they are going to build characters to act as lint pens for then legitimate grievances.
So we need to be very, very mindful, very, very careful.
That's why I made the announcement from stage at the event last night, because I told everyone, I said, there's media walking around.
And media wants to catch you on video saying something against the dark patron saint, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
So I'm wrong to, like, play ding-dong, the witch is dead?
I think you're right.
We only did that to show you what you don't do.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is amazing.
She's a wonderful person.
Yeah, she was a horrible, horrible, you know, I mean, think about it.
She was the head of a left-wing think tank, you know, one of the pillars on the left, and she got a Supreme Court seat.
You'll never see that happen in the conservative movement.
You'll never see that happen in the Republican Party.
They play by a different set of rules, Alex.
And I just think, like, we really gotta be... They've already left the politics arena, Alex, you and I have talked about.
They're in war mode.
But now they realize they've just lost it all.
They've lost it all.
We can use the Supreme Court, if we lose everything else, to hold socialism and Marxism into check, and it's not gonna be a Justice Roberts-type pick.
Well, that's it.
It's the people that always start wars.
Once the group they attack starts fighting back, always complains like, you're the one started the war!
What, you think we didn't know how to have a war just so we didn't start it?
Yeah, yeah.
It's a clown world, but this is why they have to keep control of the history books.
So that we are written as the enemies, and we forget how we even started.
You know?
That's why they need to own academia.
That's why they want to own history.
They want to rewrite it and say, oh, it was the Bible believers.
It was the whites.
It was the southerners.
It was, you know, the right wing that turned this country authoritarian.
No, it's the left.
You guys have killed over 100 million people.
Well, I asked Gavin McGinnis like five years ago, I said, what's peak insanity from the left?
And it just gets crazier and crazier.
What is peak insanity by these people?
You know, I don't know if I could answer that.
You know, that's a scary place to go.
Honest to God.
There is no peak.
Yeah, there may not be any peak.
I think that they're capable of all sorts of evil.
I think that, you know, I mean, Trump's got to be under serious, serious, serious threat right now.
You know, there are people who are willing to die for abortion.
So the lone wolves on the left, there's just going to be hundreds of them, maybe thousands of them.
Well, that's the Soros plan.
He has an Operation Overthrow to overthrow the White House.
Well, you can bet Soros, David Brock, and John Podesta are readjusting their war game plans to start one.
Well, they knew Ginsburg's been holding on for a while.
And the word is she's been dead a while.
They just wanted to push it closer to the election to make it harder for them to get a nominee confirmed.
But she was confirmed in 45 days.
And so it looks like we're going to be able to get somebody confirmed.
What do they do when we get another person on the Supreme Court?
Can you imagine what that fit's going to look like?
Every United States Senator is going to need protection from the Capitol Police.
I think that Trump ought to be proactive.
Oh yeah, they're already surrounding Mitch McConnell's house right now in Kentucky.
It's insane.
I think that Trump needs to deputize or federalize some forces.
And we ought to make sure that both parties and independents are protected in the United States Senate, and their homes, and their travel.
I think that Trump should authorize military travel for the United States Senators.
Most of these people fly commercial.
People just can't understand.
You know, and Alex, another thing I want to talk about on the spiritual end is that this is a sin of pride.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have resigned on the last year of Obama's term, but because they were so arrogant and so full of themselves, and thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be madame president, and a woman to replace a woman with another woman, she didn't resign!
And so, under Trump, she's been trying to cling on for dear life, and God said, here's a shot of irony.
You're right.
Town Hall makes that point that the only person they have to blame is them.
They could have gotten somebody in five years ago, but they didn't because they were so arrogant.
Yeah, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg put us in this position.
It's not us who chose the moment of her death or the announcement of her public death.
It was her.
She should have
Two years ago, resigned and said it was my error, I want the Senate to reach a compromise, or she could have approached Donald Trump and said, if you put a compromised candidate, I'll resign.
You know, there are other justices that have actually done that in the past.
There's a historical president for it.
They are so full of pride.
They want war.
They worship abortion.
I agree.
When are you back in Texas?
We want to get you in the studio next week.
I know you live in Dallas.
Can you come down here and join us?
Yeah, I fly in.
I fly in for church tomorrow morning and that's what I got going on tomorrow, so.
Well, good.
Well, get down here during the week.
We want to get you on.
Sounds good.
Thank you, Alex.
Ollie Alexander.
60 seconds left.
What else do you want to add?
People just really need to concentrate on the abortion issue.
They really do want to sacrifice children.
It's not a game to these people.
They want us all participating in a mass ritual.
And we can stop it.
So we need to stand with Trump.
We need to pressure the GOP.
We need a vote before Election Day.
Yeah, we know it's a sellout if they don't.
But Trump and McConnell, the signal, they're going down.
They're going to do it.
They're going to get it done.
This is going to be incredible.
Ollie, thank you.
Thank you, buddy.
All right.
Owen Schroyer has done this three weeks in a row, and it's going viral.
It had like a million views the other day on Twitter until they took it down.
And that was part two or part one of the SmackDown.
This is the Antifa SmackDown, Friday Night Antifa SmackDown, episode three.
It's on Band.Video.
I hope you share it.
It's fun.
It's interesting.
We're going to play it here in a moment.
Separately, we're going to re-air this two hours that's live.
It started at 2 p.m.
today and it's about to end at 4 p.m.
This will air, Lord willing, with this infrastructure that you helped build until 4 p.m.
when I go live tomorrow.
But just remember, we are not going to be on air without you, ladies and gentlemen.
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Knock, knock.
Ladies and gentlemen, who's there?
It's Friday night Antifa Smackdown and everyone's getting in on the fun.
Look at this individual right here.
He is ambidextrous in his pounding.
He goes from the right arm to the left arm.
Doesn't even hesitate.
Ladies and gentlemen, he's been training for this moment his entire life.
Look at the slow motion replay here.
The anger, the hatred, the vitriol.
You want to know what?
A thousand reps a day on the Shake Weight will get you right here.
Look at the vibration on that wall.
These people do not like walls much.
Look at this guy in the background, ladies and gentlemen.
You can't see him here.
He comes in and he's got the double-fisted pound.
He does not like walls, ladies and gentlemen.
If there's one man that doesn't like walls, it's the bearded Antifa fella right there.
Moving on.
Live now to the streets of DC.
We've got a police officer.
Oh, this Antifa wants to go for a ride-along.
The 360 pirouette as he cries on the pavement.
Look at the slow-motion replay.
A bump, and then a fly, and then the bruise, and look at the face.
Look at the pain.
Oh, this one is gonna get a seven on the pain-o-meter.
That's a separated shoulder easily, maybe a broken leg.
And then you can see in the alternative angle, for one shining moment, he thinks he's Super Antifa.
Look at the air, and then the 360 pirouette, and then the smash of the face onto the cold hard pavement.
It's gonna be a long night.
We're now in New York City.
Oh, this Antifa's down!
He's down!
He's been shot!
Shot in the groin!
No, that's not good for you!
And I think, yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's now confirmed.
He has lost a testicle.
He came tonight and he lost a testicle.
Came with two balls, leaves with one.
And that's what you call irony.
Yes, that's gonna get a nine on the Pain-O-Meter for me.
That's the sound of losing your left nut.
You got hit by a baton now!
Uh-oh, it looks like we've got an antifa.
Oh, this dirty commie is way outnumbered and outmatched and thrown to the ground!
Uh-oh, and then the mount.
One, two bitch slaps!
You gonna act like a bitch?
You're gonna get bitch slapped.
And then the little whine at the end.
Oh, just one last shove with the left hand.
Look at the slow motion replay.
Easily down with a forearm shimmy.
Not hard to push over that feather.
And then the big man is gonna move in slowly.
And here you see bitch slap one, bitch slap two.
Mask goes flying.
Yep, that's what you get.
You wear a mask, you get bitch slapped.
You're a dirty commie in the streets.
And then the American flag letting him know.
Yeah, he's gonna go crying home to mommy.
He's gonna need an ice pack, maybe a juice pack as well.
We're back on the streets of New York City.
Swing and a miss!
Oh, smoke grenade comes in from the police.
He thinks he's gonna be a tough guy.
Tries to kick it back.
And then, oh!
The groin split right there.
Yeah, he did not stretch before this one.
Did not warm up.
As you can see, nutmegs himself.
Then pulls the groin.
If he didn't have that face mask on, you'd be seeing the pain, no doubt.
No, he's gonna need a wheelchair or at least a crutch, as even the dog is laughing.
Let's see that again.
As you can see, down in a heap.
Down in a heap.
From the white Ford Explorer, surely he's gonna blame white supremacy for this one, but down in a heap.
As the onlookers are shocked and stunned.
Shocked and stunned that a car would be in the road and have no shame or guilt in running over a dirty commie.
We go back out to the West Coast now.
The police have had enough of these days.
Antifa here in Portland.
Commie West Coast.
And they are moving in fast.
Oh my.
Oh, we've got some pepper spray.
And there you go.
Antifa beginning to retreat the 40-time record speed when the police move in like this.
And they have cleared the streets here very quickly, ladies and gentlemen.
All it takes is a little force and Antifa goes crying home to mommy.
They've got hot pockets in the microwave.
They're gonna wolf down.
It's a high-activity event here for Antifa to deal with the police, so a hot pocket when they get home is their sustenance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the police do their job here.
We've done our job here as well.
It's Antifa Friday Night SmackDown, live on Band.Video.
Tune in next week, where Shirley, the Crazies, the Commies, the Antifa Dirtbags are gonna be pounding walls, getting their faces smashed in by Patriots,
And probably losing a few teeth or maybe even a nut when a police fires a splash grenade in their direction.
We'll see you next Friday for Friday Night Antifa Smackdown!