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Name: 20200918_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 18, 2020
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including patriotic education, censorship of COVID-19 information, globalist agenda using Black Lives Matter protests and COVID-19 for authoritarian takeover, Joe Biden's statements on China controlling American lives, emergency election sale due to potential shutdowns, food supply chains, importance of being prepared for emergencies, censorship on platforms like Facebook, George Soros as a Nazi collaborator, Fox News denying Soros' involvement in anti-police activities, criticism of Harris and Biden supporting pro- criminal district attorneys, COVID-19 likely created in a lab by China for political gain, digital surveillance, central bankers, one-world government, and the dangers posed by powerful elites to democracy and individual freedoms. The speaker urges listeners to stay informed, be politically active, and maintain self-sufficiency to resist control by these entities planning humanity's extermination or spiking cannon after a major war.

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I'm not sure we need to bring George Soros into this.
I was gonna say you'd get the last word, Speaker.
He paid for it.
I mean, why can't we discuss the fact that millions of dollars he spent... No, he didn't.
I agree with Melissa.
George Soros doesn't need to be a part of this conversation.
So it's for both?
So now a foreign Nazi collaborator, war criminal, who's helped overthrow all these countries,
and bankrupted more than 20 nations on purpose, stealing all the pension funds, trying to do it here.
He now, a horrible monster, has black people as his front, even though black people don't like George Soros.
And the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has trouble going on Fox TV and saying,
Soros is funding BLM.
Well, I'm going to show you Soros in the New York Times bragging he's given it almost a billion dollars, $220 million just in the last month.
And that's why Gingrich goes, but it's true, and she says no!
You don't talk about George Soros.
Now they've learned that Bill Barr is preparing to indict a bunch of them.
Soros is now no longer calling it the overthrow, Operation Overthrow.
That's the San Francisco Chronicle headline.
George Soros funds Operation Overthrow.
That's what it's called.
Now because that's so criminal and now because people are deciding to actually look in the government and indicting these people, now they're calling it 50 days of nonviolent jazz improv.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Today I'm also pleased to announce that I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education.
It will be called the 1776 Commission.
Left wing mobs have torn down statues of our founders, desecrated our memorials and carried out a campaign of violence and anarchy.
Far-left demonstrators have chanted the words, America was never great.
The left has launched a vicious and violent assault on law enforcement, the universal symbol of the rule of law in America.
These radicals have been aided and abetted by liberal politicians, establishment media, and even large corporations.
Whether it is the mob on the street or the cancel culture in the boardroom, the goal is the same, to silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth, and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, And their very way of life.
We are here today to declare that we will never submit to tyranny.
We will reclaim our history and our country for citizens of every race, color, religion and creed.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am very honored to be with you here on this September 18th Friday transmission.
And you just saw President Trump officially launch, what I told you at his inauguration three and a half years ago, would be called Operation 1776.
A group of black conservative authors, professors, and researchers launched what they call Operation 1776 yesterday.
And of course, now in conjunction With the President, we are launching Operation 1776 worldwide.
Now, if you're going to be a salesman, why not sell stuff that works and is really good?
That's the smartest thing about being a good salesman, is having a product that sells itself.
So, I was sitting there watching world government be established.
And it was all about how America was terrible, but what they were going to replace it with was a thousand times worse.
And so I launched Operation 1776 worldwide 15 years ago.
And we also popularized the term that a former top British national economist coined that I met covering Bilderberg in 2006.
And he said the answer to 1984 is a political mathematical equation.
It is 1776.
And he'd been a big liberal, but he saw liberalism had been taken over and was a great tyranny, and was destroying national sovereignty.
But the point is, is that it's the power of ideas.
Imagine you're in the Sahara Desert and you come across an oasis that's got ice water and, you know, Cold drinks and food.
I mean, that's a good place on a road in the Sahara if cars are going to be driving through there to be at the only oasis.
And so I've been selling 1776 really since I got on air 26 years ago, but intensely.
And the program got picked up by four people that were at the beginning of the Trump administration when he was running for office.
And Steve Bannon was a late bloomer to it.
He kind of co-opted the blueprint that I developed.
And this isn't about bragging.
It's just about knowing the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
And figuring you'd want 1776 instead of 1984.
And launching 1776 worldwide.
of 1984 and launching 1776 worldwide.
And that is a refrain that I get comments from Australia, Germany, Russia, the UK, Mexico,
I mean, the President's son said, we've launched Operation 1776 worldwide.
To my face.
All it's on video.
I'm not bragging.
I'm letting you know the power you've had supporting this broadcast and getting this message out.
I got invited down to go interview the President a few months ago.
Didn't have time to go do it.
I'm going to go to Brazil soon.
It's just that you did this, folks.
We launched this, and we're kicking their globalist ass.
1776, worldwide.
45 days out.
It's Friday, September 18th.
The year is 2020.
And we are live.
Let me tell you what we're going to be covering today because the plate is extremely full.
On the total evisceration of free speech from Australia to Europe to the United States to Canada, We have Fox News and their admitted policy of banning anyone who criticizes George Soros.
That's come out before, now it's come out with Newt Gingrich and it's making a big firestorm because people are going, wait a minute, Soros is openly funding all these Democrat groups and Antifa and BLM and bragging about it and they have an operation called Operation Overthrow the Government.
But then you're not supposed to talk about it.
And that's because he'll sue you for a bunch of other stuff and run intelligence operations against you if you do.
He's been one of the main funders of all these fake lawsuits against us.
He is a mad dog.
But that ties in with Spotify.
Now, I've known what's going on with Spotify and Joe Rogan from the beginning.
And I guess it's not my fault, but I contributed to what's going on because they would have done this anyways.
They've had a mutiny inside Spotify in New York and in Stockholm, Sweden, where the technical stuff's based.
And so it wasn't enough for them to censor my episode and others off there.
They then are now wanting Joe Rogan dropped.
Well, of course, that's what leftist thought terrorists do.
They want total power and total control.
And so I know the inside baseball.
Joe gave me a call last night.
We talked at length.
And I decided to not even get into this.
With my fellow Austinite.
But, because it ties in with you can't talk about... George Soros, or Fox will kick you off.
Judicial Watch, anybody mentions it, they end the interview.
And that guest that says it is permanently banned.
Well, Genders is one of the highest paid contributors on Fox, so, they're gonna have a problem.
But you notice she just stopped to wait what to do, because that's the cardinal rule.
He can buy up 800 plus, City council members and district attorneys and state attorneys, attorney generals.
He can buy up everything, he can do whatever he wants, but you can't talk about him because he is God.
You can't play clubs with him on 60 Minutes saying the best part of his life was rounding up Jews for Hitler.
And that was called happy-making time and the joyous, exhilarating, these are all things he said, happy-making, exhilarating, empowering, best time of my life.
Hey, get the Soros compilation ready for us, please.
There's a bunch of versions, but it's the one that's, I think it's George Soros final.
It's like four minutes long.
It has him on NPR, him on 60 Minutes, saying, I loved working for Hitler.
Best time of my life.
So, but if you think that's bad, it ties into this.
This is an article at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
I sent this over to Paul this morning when I woke up at 4am because I saw it out of the age.
That's the biggest newspaper in the land down under, in the land of the kangaroo.
People who refuse to self-isolate could be detained under proposed Victorian law.
And it says if you criticize and or quote a conspiracy theorist and question the UN, you will be arrested.
It's actually in the new law they're trying to pass.
Here's Paul Watson's article, pre-crime new law would give Australian authorities power to arrest COVID conspiracy theorist.
So you go, hey, we only lost 77 people in Australia actually from it.
The other 500 or so died of something else.
Hey, you know, the flu kills way more than this.
Hey, why is the UN running this?
Hey, why do you let Black Lives Matter rally Soros funded?
You can't have a pro-farmer march, or an anti-mask march.
It's an authoritarian takeover.
And it's in all the leftist cities following the WHO, the United Nations Control System, and the CHICOM.
So, all of that ties together.
And then the censorship gets worse.
So I'm going to cover all of this next hour, because I've got a special guest coming up.
Then Tucker Carlson has the admitted high-level scientist who worked at the WHO Maine Virus Screening Center in Asia, where they track all the emerging viruses in Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, you name it.
And she goes on there and she lists stuff that's already known.
How it was made, the peace shuttle gene, the five viruses, the HIV delivery system, all of it.
Everything she said is already confirmed by U.S.
scientists and the discoverer of HIV with a Nobel Prize came out and said, I looked at the CRISPR scan.
I mean, this is like plugging in a diagnostic to a new car and it tells you how fast the car's been driven, where it went, printouts.
I mean, they just plug in and it tells you this is what it is.
They know exactly what this is.
It's artificial, like Frankenstein.
And she called it that.
Facebook, Google, all of them have been banning the interview.
Blocking the interview.
Well now, I looked this morning and guess who they're putting, I forgot to tell the crew this, I was looking at the U.S.
Ambassador articles, where the U.S.
Ambassador from China says China covered up the Wuhan lab and the origin of the virus, and they were putting advisements and blocks on the U.S.
Because they work for the bloody Chai-coms.
They work for the globalists.
That's what they're doing.
So they're now going to arrest you.
And by the way, it's starting in Quebec City.
It's starting in Ohio.
It's starting in all these select globalist controlled areas.
Now they're announcing they're going to have a curfew as low as seven o'clock at night in the UK.
And they're saying they're going to ban gatherings at churches and everywhere else.
But oh, don't worry, if you're a communist group or an Islamic group, you can march all day long, however you want.
They've now announced secret jails for those that criticize the coronavirus lockdown because they say, oh, that speech could hurt somebody.
Oh, if that speech hurts somebody's feelings, you can't have it either.
This is authoritarianism using Black Lives Matter that are props, that are cutouts, that where Soros and the New World Order, the Chi-Coms, just hire a few black Marxists, have them say, oh, we represent black people, and so now if you don't agree with George Soros bankrupting the dollar, destroying the country, gutting everything, getting rid of our sovereignty, well, you're against black people.
Because they know the average American knows that America has some bad things in its past, and we've tried to fix it, and every country has bad stuff in its past, but they've effectively put guilt onto the public.
So now a foreign Nazi collaborator, war criminal, who's helped overthrow all these countries, and bankrupted more than 20 nations on purpose, stealing all the pension funds, trying to do it here, he now, a horrible monster, has black people as his front, even though black people don't like George Soros.
And the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has trouble going on Fox TV and saying Soros is funding BLM.
Well, I'm going to show you Soros in the New York Times bragging he's given it almost a billion dollars, $220 million just in the last month.
And that's why Gingrich goes, but it's true.
She says, no, you don't talk about George Soros.
And now they're starting to say, oh, you don't talk about Bill Gates.
Only positive things.
His main polio vaccine has been known for 20 years.
People in...
Africa, people in Asia actually ask, they go, this isn't the Bill Gates vaccine, is it?
Whether it's tetanus, whether it's smallpox, whether it is polio, because it's always the Bill Gates vaccine that ends up paralyzing and killing people, and even AP two weeks ago, headline, polio vaccine, the main cause of polio outbreaks in Africa and in Asia, and it killed thousands of people.
In the latest round, But you're not supposed to talk about that.
And Bill Gates goes, oh, conspiracy theorists shouldn't question my vaccine, but the one Trump is pushing.
That's a whole bunch that are being pushed that are definitely not as dangerous as his.
Oh, don't listen to him.
And now that Trump's in control of the CDC, don't listen.
Don't trust the CDC.
It means don't trust the new people Trump's bringing in.
Don't trust them.
Trust me.
What a monster, ladies and gentlemen.
There's the New York Times.
George Soros Foundation pours $220 million into radical equality push.
And it goes into black-led radical justice groups.
$150 million alone to Black Lives Matter.
We're going to show you all those documents.
For TV viewers, radio listeners, I'll show you.
It's all in the federal filings.
But Newt Gingrich can't say it.
I'm wearing a brown jacket today.
With a blue undershirt.
But if Soros said you can't say blue shirt, Fox News won't even allow you to say that.
That's gaslighting.
That's brainwashing.
That's the new Soviet Union.
That's the Iron Curtain.
That's North Korea.
Okay, I just... We just joined this Alex Jones here back live.
Laid out just a small sampling.
Of the United Nations working through national and local governments, having families broken up, children taken, forced COVID testing, forced blood draws, and now laws being passed in Australia that if you criticize the lockdown, you were arrested and taken to an emergency center by the national military.
Do you remember?
About a month ago, we took calls from Australia, and the caller said, oh my, Sister-in-law is here on the Suncoast and she's in the City Council and they grabbed her and took her to a facility.
Of course, it was a real call.
The guy was credible.
We looked into it.
People were too scared in the city to even talk about it, but they admitted that people were being disappeared.
Well, now here's the major paper of Australia saying that if you're a quote conspiracy theorist questioning them, they're going to disappear you.
This is rapidly pushing towards armed conflict, and everybody knows that.
This is all directed out of the United Nations.
It's all directed out of the WHO.
It's all directed through the blue cities and blue states.
And I say that, not just Republican, Democrat.
If you want to call globalists blue and pro-human red, like for red blood, The roles are reversed.
The red's always a symbol of communist.
But since that's become the symbol of the communist or blue in America and the pro-American capitalist or red, in the communist, in the globalist, in the UN corporate systems, Of the world, these cities and states are doing this to set the precedent for everybody else, and they're admitting that.
And so when the UN said, we want to start going to houses and taking people's kids, and we want to put people in emergency centers and force them to do this, and we want to do forced testing, and we want to arrest people that disagree with us, that's the logical extension when Newt Gingrich is told you can't talk about George Soros on TV.
He's allowed to come out and put out his side of things in the New York Times and CNN.
And bragged that he helped overthrow Ukraine.
But if you say that, you are taken off air.
And what did Sarnarpachai say a month ago in front of Congress?
He said, we follow the United Nations directives on COVID.
And if a doctor or a scientist disagrees, they are banned.
Because we take orders from the UN.
Even if the UN was 100% right, which it's not, you should have your right to say stuff, even if you're not a doctor.
But doctors and heads of hospitals and virologists?
So, you hear about the old Soviet Union or Communist China today, where if a scientist doesn't say what the government wants to hear, they can be put on a social credit score, they can be arrested, they can be disappeared.
And they've all put us through this kabuki theater with the mask and the plastic separators and all of it when the numbers show it's an overblown scam.
Doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
And now they're telling us, oh, we've got a lockdown because of the flu.
And oh, there's this mosquito that can give you something in Michigan that can make you sick.
Stay in your homes for that.
Any authoritarian system wants the power to tell you to stay in your house when they want.
It's called martial law.
And it's coming to you from the leftist of the deep state.
And it's such a big deal.
So look at these headlines.
Let's just run through these headlines here.
New law would give Australian authorities power to arrest COVID conspiracy theorist.
That's an InfoWars.com article.
That's their quotes.
They say, oh, well you've seen them come to houses and arrest people that say they're not even going to go out and demonstrate, but they're criticizing it, saying the lockdown's an overblown fraud and a power grab, and they come and say, you could encourage others not to follow our directives, you're under arrest!
But BLM, funded by George Soros, and the UN, it's allowed to operate.
Again, George Soros and the UN fund a movement saying you can't challenge brown people.
They are better than you.
You have white privilege.
They bring the brown people in, say they represent them, and then take all your rights away in the name of protecting the brown people.
As Attorney General William Barr just said yesterday.
What did he say?
He said, George Soros funds and controls Antifa and the Democrats use black people as props, as fronts for their agenda.
Bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo!
You win the prize!
You win the stuffed animal!
You hit the hole in one!
You threw the darts into the bullseye!
Give that man a cigar!
And the minute Everybody understands that, and that it's run by foreign corporations and foreign authoritarians.
It's game over!
So, continuing.
They could have contained it.
Outgoing U.S.
ambassador accuses China of trying to cover up Wuhan COVID-19 outbreak.
He then gave examples of how experts say that they probably also released it.
You guessed it.
Twitter is blocking the articles that talk about it.
Because they don't want you to hear what your elected representative who's in China is saying.
And then we've got this report we'll play next hour.
It's on Infowars.com.
You should share it.
Because remember, this isn't osmosis.
Without you, we lose.
You take action, we win.
You share these articles by hand.
You direct people to this video.
Bye-bye, globalists.
Because they're scared of this video.
Tucker Slim's Facebook citizenship of Chinese virologist.
It's turning us in the Soviet Union.
Brother, it isn't turning us into it.
It's like when you've got a steak that's already well done saying, that steak's gonna get cooked.
Oh, it's already cooked.
But see, we're like a phoenix.
We can, even though we're basically politically dead and are a satanic nation right now.
There's some good people in the country, but we are a satanic nation overall.
We can then recognize that we've hit bottom, decide we've hit bottom and come back up.
Continuing, Facebook moves to censor internal debate as more employees quit in protest that they're not censoring enough.
When, of course, they're massively censoring.
So that's how this destroys productivity.
It destroys everything within systems.
Trump's promise of October vaccine risk letdown or rejection.
That's what Bloomberg's reporting.
Again, Trump is doing this to take control of the narrative and get the pro-vaccine forces To come out against vaccines and demand testing of the vaccines, something Gates doesn't want.
And now Trump's got Gates coming out against Trump's vaccines that Trump's pushing that are just theoretical.
Trump knows what he's doing.
I don't agree with it.
It's very sophisticated.
People go, Oh, he gave a billion six to one of the groups.
Gates controls, Gates controls all the major vaccines basically, or has a finger in it or a hand in it.
What is there something like 50 something millions already been put by the federal government towards vaccines?
So yeah, Soros and all these groups are involved too.
They're all getting a piece of it.
Doesn't mean Trump's with them, but they're all part of the system.
They get a piece of everything.
And just as I told you this would happen, here it is.
Exclusive from Roll Call.
States plan to independently vet COVID-19 vaccine data.
Oh, they're going to go see if there was adverse reactions or if it helped people.
Because vaccine damage has always been secret, and they've got a secret court, but now you want to vet it.
You climbed right in that briar patch, didn't you?
That's what Cuomo wants.
Meanwhile, Cuomo's calling Trump a criminal.
Biden's calling Trump a criminal.
It's the Democrat states from Michigan to Pennsylvania to New York to the others.
That ordered people that were sick with pneumonias and flus into nursing homes but wouldn't let their families come visit them because they might have it.
But if you had it, but were not symptomatic, but could spread it, you were sent to kill to get basically half the death numbers they've got.
Why Trump doesn't level in on them and just say you're the murderers and just destroy them.
It's one of the places he's not doing the right thing.
We can skin a buck.
We can run a trot line.
'Cause a country boy can survive.
Country folks can survive.
But not everybody can live in the country.
Now, next hour, I'm going to lay out the globalist censorship, the globalist lockdown, lockdown 2, the plan to start arresting people, taking them to emergency centers.
That's the cover for the martial law they've been planning.
I have to tell you, it's not going well for them.
And their Soros-funded Black Lives Matter riot overthrow plan.
Now they've learned that Bill Barr is preparing to indict a bunch of them.
Soros is now no longer calling it the overthrow, Operation Overthrow.
That's the San Francisco Chronicle headline.
George Soros funds Operation Overthrow.
That's what it's called.
Now, because that's so criminal, and now because people are deciding to actually look in the government and indicting these people, now they're calling it 50 days of non-violent jazz improv starting September 17th in front of the White House.
Now, they're still going to plan violence down the road.
They've still got their forces ready.
But because we're aware of it and because we are not being caught flat-footed, it's not going well for them.
But I want to be clear.
What does the Wolf say in Pulp Fiction when they think they're out of problems?
He says, let's not start celebrating quite yet.
He has a little bit more rich way of saying it.
It's not good for a family show, but just keep praying, keep spreading the word, and hopefully we can avoid the worst of this and get Trump in.
They're still going to challenge it, it's still going to be crazy, but I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that a lot of what they're doing is not going well.
That's why I think, knowing from their past behavior, Blow up a black church, shoot up a black college, try to get the race war going again.
They're hoping a cop does something wrong, kills innocent black man to try to reignite that.
But right now it's blowing up in the left's face and the riots are hurting them, not helping them.
So they flip the switch and suddenly the riots all stopped.
And now you see arson suddenly everywhere and they've caught the same antifa now setting fires all over the United States, not just on the West Coast.
So that's coming up.
But I wanted to talk About being prepared.
That's why I came in with the country boy can survive kind of the redneck anthem.
But I don't care if you're Hispanic, black, white, old, or, you know, an albino, it doesn't matter.
You got red blood and you love God.
You need to be prepared.
And if Biden does get in, they're going to shut down Infowars.
They've already sent the messages.
We already know how they're going to do it.
They've already got their grand juries prepared.
They've already got it locked and loaded.
Letitia James.
All of it.
It's not just me.
They're going to protect Carlson.
Rush Limbaugh.
He survives lung cancer.
The whole Trump family.
I mean, this is serious tyranny.
Serious authoritarianism.
I looked at their attack profile and how they're planning to try to shut down our banking and our financing, and so we're having the InfoWars emergency election sale total blowout.
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So we're going full commitment.
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So let's bring up the president of this great organization, Keith Bessemer.
Keith, thank you so much for coming on with us to give us an update.
So much is going on.
We'll talk about the special next segment, but can you just explain to people the supply chain breakdowns, why other companies don't have food, why prices are going to have to go up soon, and why you think it's important for folks to get prepared?
Certainly, certainly.
Alex, things have been so disrupted for the last eight months, as we all know.
We see in store shelves, different items are like, well, why is that missing?
We see thin store shelves throughout.
This is extending back through the supply chain.
As we've been working to put together meals for emergency food storage, getting all the raw materials put together, the rices, the meats, the chickens, the beans, the corn and such.
It's like one after one.
another, once we solve a problem, we're able to get an adequate supply. Something else is difficult to source and
get a hold of.
And the costs keep going up as well. So this is not going to stop going forward. This is kind of where we're at today.
That's the world that we're in.
But for this moment in time, we've been able to secure in bulk a lot of foods, a lot of the raw ingredients, the rices
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And let's be clear, it's all over the news, the supply chain breakdowns and the farms having to destroy their food.
People go, that's mean, why are you dumping the milk?
If there's no one to take delivery of the milk, you have to dump it out.
And so people don't understand that we're going to feel this for decades, even if Trump gets re-elected and tries to turn it around.
The supply chain breakdown is already starving millions to death in the third world.
I mean, this is a big deal.
We already can't get most of the supplements.
Because reorder because everything's broken down and warehouses are just shutting down.
That's why you guys were very aggressive in the market early on and went and bought into the market, bought into the future.
That's the only reason you're still able to ship food to folks.
Most of the storable food companies are out of business or dormant right now.
They are, but we were ordering and we were ordering big.
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Regardless of what goes on for a long, long time.
Because we can implode like a sun down to a little dwarf system and still reach most of our audience.
Just not have all the effective special reports and the reporters and the people on the ground and doing what we're doing.
But I don't want to give the enemy that.
Because there's nothing like this that's been built out there by anybody successfully that's really challenging the globalists.
It really just comes down to that.
No one that's really hitting big-picture.
George Soros, New World Order, forced inoculation, the real endgame.
Sure, people do their SJW stuff, and they kind of do their little fun things, and that's all okay.
Tucker's starting to get there.
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Let's talk about the food.
I've got a big giant folder here I can open up and show people.
The global starvation, the farms shutting down, the supply chain breakdowns.
Not just in food, across the board.
You're a real expert.
Shifting gears just out of people getting prepared with Alex.com.
How bad is it?
What are other top food experts saying?
You guys are top players up there about where food prices are going.
I mean, I know they're going up substantively.
They've already gone up, you just haven't passed them on yet.
We haven't double-digit increases though to every piece of raw material we've got for food.
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We're holding with our pricing right now.
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costs as well.
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think about it for just a second.
All those delivery people moving the semis, getting that two-day delivery, all that stuff
that's sitting on your porch, that's a lot of infrastructure there hitting our-
I saw a headline that trucking cost is up double, but they found a way to screw the
I don't know what they're paying the truckers but our costs are up almost double.
Yes, absolutely.
Wow, so this is something people should have at any time.
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In the fight, but the word is Biden gets in, they're going to SWAT team us.
And so we've just got to get as much capital in as we can now to just stay on the air when God knows what's going to happen.
So, Keith Banzenberg, thank you so much for preparing with Alex.com.
It's great to be able to partner with people that have been Patriots from the beginning, that aren't ashamed of freedom, that love freedom, and are major backers of not just us, but some of the other big Patriot talk shows across the country.
We appreciate you, Keith, and the whole crew at MyPatriotSupply.
So I salute you and I thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Shipping fast.
Glad to do it, Alex.
Thank you so much.
That's right.
It was.
He said 12 weeks, but it was like eight weeks.
They just put a big thing on it when everybody else was sold out.
They had the food, but they had to get it packaged.
They had to expand the plants.
And they got FDA inspectors in there.
It's high quality.
And now it's really shipping and day.
So you said, say a week to two, and they may even get so close by next week, they're going to say same day or next day shipping.
But they don't want me to say that yet.
You know, I just said it.
It's not that quick yet.
But then when the election goes crazy, that's when you're going to have the big, Insane rushes.
You want to get this food that's got great packaging so it's easy to transport as well.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to Detroit.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Two hours of her interview last night, a video of the segment reached 1.3 million people on Facebook.
And why wouldn't it?
The coronavirus pandemic has touched the life of every American.
And justifiably, people want to know where it came from.
But Facebook still doesn't want you to know that.
So Facebook suppressed the video, presumably on behalf of the Chinese government.
Facebook executives made it harder for users to watch our segment.
Those who found the video had to navigate a warning that the interview, quote, repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact-checkers say is false.
Instagram, which Facebook also owns, did the same thing.
Twitter suspended Dr. Yang's account entirely.
It did not explain why.
Nor did the tech companies explain how they would know more about disease transmission than an MD-PhD virologist like Dr. Li-Man Yang.
Instead, Facebook and Instagram linked to three so-called fact checks that supposedly proved Yang was lying.
But if you clicked on the provided links, you noticed something odd.
The fact checks were all published months ago, many months, in January, February, and March.
And they had nothing whatsoever to do with what Dr. Lee Min Yang said on our show.
They were written before, in fact, anyone knew who she was.
One of the fact checks attacks a completely unrelated claim.
The virus was patented and that a vaccine was prepared and ready to go.
What does that have to do with the interview that we did last night?
No one will tell us that.
The truth is, and you know it if you've watched carefully, experts have been wronged frequently throughout this pandemic.
At one point, they told us not to wear masks.
Now they tell us we must, and so on.
They have changed their prescriptions many times.
Most of these are not bad people.
Most of them are trying their best.
But they're human beings, and therefore, they're fallible.
They make mistakes.
The solution to this age-old problem, and we used to understand this intuitively, is more informed voices in the conversation.
That's how you make wise decisions.
That's how you get to the truth.
Diversity of view.
Facebook doesn't believe this.
They believe in censorship.
Censorship does not make us wiser.
It does not make us better informed.
If it did, we'd be speaking Russian right now.
The Soviet Union would run the world.
It would have worked.
But instead, the Soviet Union is extinct.
It collapsed under the weight of its own absurdities.
Absurdities abetted by censorship.
And that's the most basic lesson of dictatorships.
All of them.
Anything built on lies falls apart over time.
Unfortunately, dictators never see it that way.
Dictators care about power.
Anything that stands in the way of their power must be crushed.
Watch Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg back in April explain that any challenges to the party line on coronavirus will be censored immediately.
If someone's spreading something that puts people at imminent risk of physical harm, then we take that down.
We don't allow that on Facebook.
There are also other misinformation that may not lead to physical, imminent risk of physical harm, but still isn't the type of stuff we want to be spreading through our system.
Misinformation can't be allowed to spread through our system, Zuckerberg declared.
So what exactly, you may be wondering, constitutes misinformation?
What's the definition of that?
Well, in practice, misinformation, according to Facebook, is anything that suggests our health authorities and democratic politicians are incompetent.
Also anything that embarrasses big tech allies in the communist government of China.
Information like that is misinformation and it must be censored.
Not for your benefit, it doesn't help you at all, but for theirs, to solidify their power.
So in July, Facebook and Twitter took down a video on news site Breitbart of several practicing physicians, frontline doctors, pointing out that hydroxychloroquine could help coronavirus patients.
Listen carefully to what the doctors say in this video.
This is a treatment regimen that's very simple, and it should be in the hands of the American people.
The difficult aspect of this is that at the moment, because of politics, it's being blocked from doctors prescribing it, and it's being blocked from pharmacists releasing it.
They've been empowered to overrule the doctor's opinion.
I'm in favor of it being over-the-counter.
Give it to the people.
That's true.
Our authorities aren't pro-choice when it comes to hydroxychloroquine, and it's true that many practicing physicians have used it.
But Facebook declared that video could not be allowed, you were not allowed to see it, because those claims constituted dangerous misinformation.
Which, irony of ironies, was itself dangerous misinformation.
In July, the same month that video was posted, researchers at Henry Ford Health System in southeast Michigan We're all riders on the storm.
Into this world we're born.
Into this house we're thrown.
But what house are you living in?
The term house means what family, what kingdom, what God.
But you don't have to serve the house you were born into.
You can choose the house.
House Satan or the House of Christ?
Into this world we're thrown.
We are back live!
Broadcasting worldwide.
September 18th on this Friday.
Take a long holiday.
Let your children play.
But what are the globalists doing?
They don't want our children out at parks, not in swimming pools.
Austin still got all the swimming pools shut down.
Because they want you to be miserable like they are.
They want to put a mask on your face because they're captive.
And they've got all these trendies now wearing dog cones around their heads and bubbles around their heads like the NFL football coaches because they're such virtue signalers.
They're so good and you're not.
They'll tough it out.
All they're getting you to do is sign on to Total Absurdity.
I'm gonna get into the latest on that fraud.
Tucker Carlson had a top scientist who was in the WHO Global Viral Tracking Center in Hong Kong.
And she sees all the reports and she knows it's man-made.
She sees what the US and the British and the Germans and the Australians and the Indians first.
Scanned it and said, it's a five viruses, it's completely artificial.
Anyone would know that.
That has a degree and was looking at it through an electron microscope.
It had the insertion points from the gene gun.
Had the literal scars on it before they put them all together.
And then it turns out Gates and Fauci were financing it and running Wuhan and it even came out in the news.
And then this lady, this scientist, goes on Carlson and then Google and Facebook all block it.
And that's disinfo!
And the U.S.
ambassador to China says, no, they're behind it.
We've got the evidence.
Oh, he's being censored now.
And Congress sits there, because their average age is like 75.
I don't think it's old people.
But they still think Fox and CNN are the news.
And they sit there while mainstream media and foreign governments and big tech run circles around everybody.
I mean, it's in the news that Google and Facebook and Twitter turn on the cameras and microphones in your house and have AI computers recording everything and scooping into databases.
And they come out and say, big deal.
If the NSA got caught doing that, they'd get in trouble and they should.
You know, when the Democrats get caught spying on Trump, they at least get a slap on the wrist, but not when Big Tech's doing it to us.
It's all happening.
But what's even more crazy is the Soros angle.
We're gonna hit that right now.
George Soros.
Was a Nazi collaborator and he bragged about it.
I'll show you next segment some of the quotes on NPR and CBS 60 Minutes.
And then I'm the bad guy though.
And I've been told and I had to sign non-disclosures because I'm a journalist.
I'm a person.
I go have meetings with people.
They want to meet with us in DC.
We met with some of the representatives of some of these groups.
I'm not going to say who.
And they're just like, uh, don't talk about the Islamic invasion, don't talk about the pedophilia, don't talk about the trans kids, and don't talk about George Soros.
Oh, and by the way, don't defend the Second Amendment.
And we're not just gonna leave you alone.
We'd like to give you some money.
Oh, oh please!
Can I get some money from you?
How about I tie a bowling ball around my feet and jump in the ocean?
I mean, no, I don't want your money.
I want money my way to fight you, but I don't worship your damn money.
I piss on it.
You're not fighting money with me.
You're fighting blood and will.
So, continuing.
It happened to Judicial Watch.
It happened to me.
I remember they stabbed me on Geraldo Rivera and Fox.
They were trying to give me a Fox News show.
They had the contract.
Mancow was going to co-host with me.
They could not believe, Roger Ailes could not believe that I did not take the contract.
That's why they had articles about, oh, Jones wants to be on Fox, but Fox doesn't want him.
Yeah, right.
OK, give me a break.
And so even before Glenn Beck came around, they were trying to get me hired over there.
But I had to go kiss the ring of Karl Rove, and I had to, you know, sit there and play TiddlyWink.
Oh, you'll have book deals, and oh, you can choose to live in LA or New York, and you know, but we're gonna tell you what to say.
No, you're gonna tell me crap.
It wasn't even Fox really doing like these GOP handler people, but Fox offered me the show.
And I'm not like, oh, isn't that impressive, Fox offered me a show.
I don't want to be somebody's slave.
But they told me other shows would have me on as a guest, and I'm not that big a deal going on Fox.
Didn't really have to give a response.
They said, uh, yeah, you talked about Soros, your band.
I can get up there on air and talk about Gulf of Tonkin and 9-11 and all this other stuff, but the day I mentioned Soros, it was like a record skipping.
Well, Newt Gingrich is the former Speaker of the House, and Newt Gingrich went on TV.
And he said it, and they stopped the show for like 10 pregnant seconds.
Obviously, she's listening in, and she's like, okay, let's just move on.
Because usually they're told, in the interview, throw the person off and say they're banned on TV.
And now all these guests are coming forward saying, yeah, we were guests for years until we mentioned Soros.
But here's the crazy part about it.
George Soros is in all the newspapers, I'll show you these when we come back, saying he runs everything.
He goes on Fareed Zakaria and says he runs everything.
And he's saying he funds anti-fund Black Lives Matter, and we have the federal filings where he does, and the Newt Gingrich just says, what's the cover of the New York Times?
And they shut him down.
It's pathetic!
Remember the big caravans two years ago?
Hundreds of thousands breaking over, and Soros is in Reuters going, I give them $1,000 apiece of State Department money, by the way.
There was still a program going that Trump didn't know about.
Trump killed the program after we told him.
Another reason Soros hates me.
Because Soros doesn't give his own money, he gets your money to do it.
And so that was still ongoing in the giant, sprawling bureaucracy.
And so George Soros was in the news bragging how he gives them $1,000 debit cards.
Yeah, $500 million worth of just in one payment.
And they had judicial watches.
Spokesman on that guy got banned when he mentioned it on Lou Dobbs.
So, what's great is now Fox is denying that there's a ban on talking about George Soros.
And now Trump's talking about it.
Everybody's talking about it because he's such a criminal.
Well, here, let's play Newt Gingrich yesterday.
Then we'll come back with the Fox News host, Faulkner, denying it.
Then we'll actually show you Soros documents.
Here it is.
Look, the number one problem in almost all these cities Is George Soros elected left-wing, anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep people locked up?
Just yesterday, they put somebody back on the street who's wanted for two different murders in New York City.
You cannot solve this problem, and both Harris and Biden have talked very proudly about what they call progressive district attorneys.
Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal, and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros' money, and they're a major cause of the violence we're seeing as they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street.
I'm not sure we need to bring George Soros into this.
I was gonna say you'd get the last word, Speaker.
He paid for it.
I mean, why can't we discuss the fact that millions of dollars he spent... No, he didn't.
I agree with Melissa.
George Soros doesn't need to be a part of this conversation.
So it's verbose.
Alright, we're gonna... Okay, we're gonna move on.
So, he's the literal...
He's the literal Voldemort.
The name you dare not say.
We'll come back and play that end part again.
Just more than 10 seconds while she's getting orders.
They go, let's do Gingrich.
Don't, don't put him down.
Don't, don't.
I mean, they tell you, you don't talk about him.
You don't talk about him.
Because he's evil.
And he represents the Rothschilds.
He's a Rothschild agent.
That's why you don't talk about him.
He can say he loves rounding Jews up and killing them.
ADL gives him awards because he is a Dracula.
He's a murderer.
He's a killer.
He's a slime bag.
He's a man that hates America.
He's got a plan to take over your local government and put you in a prison.
Alright, this is how political correctness works.
One facet of it.
Alex Jones here back live.
After World War II, they got laws passed in Germany.
That you could not be part of the Nazi party.
Okay, well, you're not in the Nazi party.
I'm not in it.
You're kind of like, okay.
It's like, oh, you can't question the Holocaust.
Well, you should be able to question any historical event.
I mean, Hitler didn't like Jews.
He killed a bunch of people.
It was wrong.
I'm not a fan of Hitler.
But if somebody wants to say nobody died or World War II didn't happen, if they want to be crazy, they can say it.
And then it's in the U.S.
Just don't say the N-word.
Fine, I never say the N-word.
Looking down on people doesn't make me feel big.
And then next it's, uh, don't question that there are more than two genders.
Okay, whatever, you can make up—oh, now we're going to teach your kid, your son, he's really a girl.
See how that works?
It's a power grab, ladies and gentlemen.
And so they cast it where, oh, the Republicans are Nazis and the Democrats Are fighting the Nazis, they're Captain America, and then they've got an old, crazy Nazi collaborator?
Like 90 years old?
Whose son is openly into Aleister Crowley?
And who funds every evil group and like used to, when I was a kid watching TV, they would talk about George Soros being a villain for crashing countries' currencies and starving people.
But then he came over here and took over.
And now you're not supposed to question him.
And then Newt Gingrich.
Because I'm going to show you a bunch of these articles.
This is bigger than Soros.
It's the control.
So first they say, oh, you can't say hydroxychloroquine treats and helps the UNSS.
And whether it's true or not doesn't matter.
Doctors should have their own opinion.
Of course, it is true.
It's an incredible treatment.
But once that was banned, it's like, oh, you can't have a WHO whistleblower on who saw the internal reports that it was man-made.
Which, of course, they have a CRISPR editor.
They know it's man-made.
It's like a 57 Chevy drives into your parking lot.
You don't even need to, you know, have an expert to tell you.
You know a 57 Chevy, but an expert will tell you, no, that's this model made here in Detroit, blah, blah, blah.
I mean, it's manufactured.
It's all over the news.
All these prestigious universities already came out.
But then later they go, oh, the faculty and the dean or the president of the school, whether it was India or Australia or the U.S., has asked us not to make any comments on this.
And the Pentagon came out and said, if this is man-made, we have to go to war.
And so let's just say it's not man-made, because this is an act of war.
But it is an act of war.
And the left is all blaming America and Trump and you for this, and then you've got George Soros and his system sitting right in the middle of it, and you're not even supposed to say he's funding Black Lives Matter?
And he's funding Antifa when he's in press releases saying it?
Now you can't even criticize somebody for what they did.
So let's go to the end of the clip where he talks about Soros.
They say the guest and the host say, Faulkner, tell him you can't do that.
They talk on the air for like 15 seconds and then the segment ends.
And then we'll say what Faulkner's saying now, but here it is.
I'm not sure we need to bring George Soros into this.
I was going to say you'd get the last word, Speaker.
He paid for it.
Why can't we discuss the fact that millions of dollars... No, he didn't.
I agree with Melissa.
George Soros doesn't need to be a part of this conversation.
So it's for both? Alright, we're good.
And both women are just deer in the headlights.
Because he said the name Voldemort.
There's two people you can't talk about.
Soros in a negative light and Alex Jones in a positive light.
What did Zuckerberg say last year in a press release?
You can only disparage Alex Jones.
Well, you know what?
I am proud to be in that club where I can only be disparaged and Soros may not be disparaged.
Imagine reading 20 years ago in a newspaper that a futurist predicted that in the year 2020 that you could not criticize a public figure.
Or that there would be certain people where you were only allowed to criticize them.
So here is Faulkner's response today.
So we had a little incident on the show yesterday that was not smooth.
And while I was leading that segment, we had interruptions, and I sat silently while all of that played out.
Also not ideal.
Our guest, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is beloved and needed to be allowed to
speak with the openness and respect that the show is all about, was interrupted.
Do we debate with fire here?
Yes, but we must also give each other the space to express ourselves.
As the only original member of the six-year-old amazing daytime ride known as Outnumbered,
I especially want to rock and roll with every voice and perspective at the table.
We don't censor on this show, and that's why we're winning weekdays at noon.
So she wouldn't even say what the controversy was about.
They clearly had the producer in the air about to shut the whole thing down.
They did shut it down and she just gaslit you and told you that in what you saw.
So let's go ahead and show everybody what we're not supposed to see.
Here's the New York Times.
George Soros Foundation pours $220 million into radical equality push.
$150 million of that into Black Lives Matter and this was July 13th.
Princeton study.
Black Lives Matter responses were 91% of riots in the last three months.
This is ludicrous.
Newt Gingrich questions the Soros cover-up.
Big article at ZeroHedge.com.
It's also on Infowars.com.
Harris Faulkner claims we don't censor.
Okay, lady.
Now here's from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Operation Overthrow.
That's what it's called.
Hell, bring me the article out of the New York Times full-page ad saying, Overthrow Trump.
Funded by Soros.
George Soros funded transition integrity project has plan in place to remove Trump from office whether he wins or not.
And it's made up of BLM, Antifa, the Teachers Union, and MoveOn.org that he funds all of.
Go read it.
That's the San Francisco Chronicle like rooting him going, yeah!
Get him!
Overthrow him!
And it's like, Danvers is like, you know Soros is funding these.
No he's not!
It doesn't exist!
Shut it down!
Soros is with the illegal aliens at the border of Europe going, I give everybody a thousand dollar card, and in Latin America, it's like, it does not exist.
Soros did not say that.
George Soros Foundation pours 220 million.
Look at that.
Son of liberal financer George Soros launches anti Super PAC.
Super PAC to try to shut down Trump.
Donor profile of Soros.
From PublicIntegrity.org, all the places he gives, it's all these groups.
How the Open Society funds billions into these groups.
Politico, George Soros.
Quiet overhaul of the U.S.
justice system.
Controls almost every major DA in major cities.
I mean, talk about a nightmare.
An organized crime figure, Nazi collaborator, a Nazi war criminal that's escaped justice, runs most of the lawyers, most of the district and county attorneys, and state attorney generals.
Imagine that!
And you can't even say his name on Fox News and tell you this!
But it's okay.
We have video of couples wearing dog-cone-style coronaviruses to save us all.
All these morons.
Talk about, Soros sees them, it's like a wolf seeing a sheep.
I mean, look at that.
That is a cuckalicious.
I mean, can you imagine?
They ain't staying together long.
I mean, these people are just vestigial leavings.
They will never survive anything.
They live off civilization.
Our ancestors built, and they piss all over it.
We'll talk to Carpe D'Antem.
He's being sued by the president for a meme.
We'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
I am your host.
45 days out.
We're going to Carpe Donctum, who is undoubtedly the top meme maker.
I mean, he won't say that.
There's some other guys that are almost at his level.
They're like the Himalayan Mountains.
They're just giants.
But he's, he's, he's, he's, I think the undisputed king of that.
Just like Ben Garrison, bigger than any liberal or conservative graphic artist doing political cartoons.
He's, he's, He's number one.
And so is Carpe D'Antem.
And he's being sued for it!
And I remember months ago, and CNN was quarterbacking it.
And running around talking about going after everybody.
And saying they tried to imply the baby was actually racist.
It was already a viral video.
They made a joke about it.
Trump tweeted it.
And then it shows the baby's not racist at the end.
It's a joke.
It's protected under free speech.
It was already in the public commons.
It's already a public video.
It's not like he shot video of the kid and did it.
It was already part of a viral video.
This is totally protected, but they don't care.
They want to punish him.
We're going to go to him in a moment because who's financing all this?
It's George Soros, the Nazi collaborator.
And he's the guy that literally says, I fought the Nazis.
You know, Alex Jones is a liar, but he doesn't want you to see him on 60 Minutes or on NPR talking about how it was the best time of his life.
Because this is the guy funding Black Lives Matter.
Their main sugar daddy is a weirdo Nazi collaborator that rounded up his fellow Jews.
So how do you get an award from the ADL?
Arnold is in pumping iron saying he admired Hitler.
ADL award.
His father was an SS officer.
He was a product of a race breeding program.
Can't make that up.
Can't make it up.
It's approved.
That's marriage.
Like you get like a bull and a cow and you approve of the breeding.
The ADL loves him.
ADL loves Soros.
But Sacha Baron Cohen says I should be silenced and put in jail.
Closest thing I see to Nazis is the ADL.
But anyway, let's just get back to this.
Here's George Soros and we're going to Carpe D'Antem.
Because it all fits together.
And the Joe Rogan censorship, I'll tell you exclusively what's going on with that.
Joe called me last night.
I wasn't even going to cover it.
Even though he said I could, I just want to stay out of it.
Because I don't think I help.
But then it was all broke today, what Joe told me.
So why not?
But I'll give you the rest of the story.
That's coming up.
Carpe D'Antem in one moment.
But first, here is George Soros in his own words.
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe.
That it can actually touch you.
You have a belief in yourself, your belief in your father.
It's a very happy-making, exhilarating experience.
While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.
These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors.
Hungarian Jew who escaped the Holocaust by posing as a Christian.
And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's when my character was made.
In what way?
That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events.
And one is threatened.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
I mean, it was a very personal experience of evil.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Not at all.
That sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch
for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection, but it created no problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
For example, that I'm Jewish and here I am watching these people go, I could just as easily be there, I should be there.
None of that?
Well, of course I could be on the other side, or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away.
But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was...
Well, actually, funny way, it's just like in markets, that if I weren't there, of course I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.
Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away.
So I had no role in taking away that property.
So I had no sense of guilt.
Are you religious?
Do you believe in God?
Now I give George Soros the respect as a human being to actually show it all in context.
I could have edited it down to make it sound worse.
But the interview goes on and I wasn't even looking for Charles Bronson clips last night.
One just came up at the start of a political video where Charles Bronson finds him loading heroin up for kids.
The guy goes, hey it's just a business.
He goes, if If I wasn't doing it, somebody else would be doing it.
And Bronson says exactly and shoots him.
That's not some coded way of me saying shoot.
George Soros, the last thing I want is him to get shot and turn into a martyr.
I'm just saying, I just happen to see that pop up.
Because it's one thing to be evil and to love to kill people.
It's another thing to say, oh, if I wasn't helping find the Jews and then giving them to the Germans to take it away, because, you know, I wasn't doing it myself, I just helped find the Jews.
That's what he did.
He's on record.
Think about that.
That's so sick.
Like, somebody came to me and said, hey, uh, we're going to kill you if you don't go help get your neighbors to come outside so we can kill them.
I'd be like, oh yeah, I'm on your side.
Then I'd take the gun away and kill them.
But see, that's the sickness of these people.
They just go with the power.
They just go with the system.
So he went with the Nazis.
He went with the Rothschilds later.
He's overthrown all these countries, bankrupted people, done all this.
And he goes, well, if I didn't do it, somebody else would.
He's saying he doesn't even have a consciousness that there's not good versus evil.
All right.
Carpe Dantum's here.
We got a next segment.
The next segment after that, I'm gonna let Francis Boyle has a huge exclusive info.
The guy that first exposed China behind COVID-19.
That's coming up next hour.
But I wanted to just go to Carpe Dantum right now.
We'll show the supposed evil video that you've now been sued along with the president for, my friend.
Quite the distinction for putting out an obvious meme joke video.
Yeah, it's a it's a pretty Pretty funny to see my name on a docket right next to the President of the United States.
I don't think I could have a better co-defendant, but it's certainly a weird thing to see.
Why do you think they did it?
I honestly I think at this point it's, once you read the actual document, it's a pretty hilarious lawsuit.
I sort of think they mixed in a bunch of stuff in there just like anti-Trump stuff.
So I sort of think they just want to get a narrative out there.
They want to add to the pre-election drama by trying to drag him into court.
Trump's abusing babies in fake videos.
When it's an already viral video that you re-edited, a total joke, a five-year-old would know.
But it's just a way to just say, oh, Trump's being sued for something with babies.
Yeah, he's abusing babies.
And that's really what it is.
They want to attach His name to this and then spin it which is which is the hilarious part about this whole thing is that the video was about how the news spins.
And then they do what they said you did by republishing and editing.
showed the video, they only showed the first eight seconds and they didn't show you the
rest of it, which is exactly what I was telling in the video.
And then they do what they said you did by republishing it edited, they commit the uncivil
infraction that they claim you committed.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, they're just turning it back around and they're doing exactly what the video was intended to show.
Harper Donkjian, that is beyond key.
So we'll have the floor when we come back, but that's what the Sandy Hook thing did.
They edit what I said, then they see all this horrible stuff I never said in my name, and then sue me for what they said.
That's the same thing with you.
You show one thing, they show another, and then say you did it, and then sue you for what they did.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
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All right, going back to Carpe D'Antem, the top meme maker.
In the world.
Ben Garrison's right up there as the top editorial cartoonist.
Let's play this video because I know they sent out notices saying copyright, don't show it.
It's fair use.
They're suing you over it.
You have a right to defend yourself in the public and in the court to show CNN, again, So the first few seconds were, oh, racist baby.
Came and tell who the baby is.
The name's not identified.
You know, there's no cause here, no jurisdiction, no standing.
And then you go, oh, here's what really happened, and show the cute baby's hugging.
It's a re-edit of an already viral video.
So why did they put this out to begin with?
So it's already in public domain.
You're covered by every angle.
As you said, it's a stunt.
But introduce this video for us, Carpe D'Antem.
Well, so with what you're saying there, also, you should also know that I've already fought and won
I had lawyers draft basically a legal document and filed a counterclaim on Twitter and on YouTube.
Which then automatically triggers that they have 10 days to either file a cease and desist or file a lawsuit.
They have not filed a copyright lawsuit and this was a month and a half now expired.
So they didn't actually choose to file a copyright lawsuit.
They chose to file this civil liberties violation thing.
Um, instead.
So they've already lost this case.
They already knew they couldn't take this case to court.
So you're saying it's a, upfront then I should let you talk.
So tell us, it's a pure stunt then?
Oh, completely.
It's a completely a stunt.
Um, um, as we already discussed, uh, or as you just said, uh, the video started in the public domain and in the filing, they actually say, um, we released this video and it went viral.
That's in the court document.
And then they claim that, yeah, it's a hilarious document.
Again, not everybody's been a top name maker for many years and gone through this.
For the public, explain.
People call me and they go, can I paint InfoWars on my barn like it's some franchise I own?
It's free speech, of course, please do it.
I release all controls, everything's copyright free.
But they don't need me to do that.
I'm a public figure.
People can do what they want.
Once something's in the public domain, it can be used.
Right, and especially if it's a viral video.
Yeah, they put out a viral video, you riff off of it, you're protected.
Yeah, it's been on TV.
I mean, these parents were on CNN, I think within a week of the video going viral, talking about the video and promoting the video.
So, to go back and then claim that I somehow You know, stole this video from them without permission.
They gave permission by going on television and playing the video.
Well, that's right.
And then every news outlet that aired it was involved in the same evilness.
So let's play the actual video.
Remember, CNN only showed the very first where you see the racist white baby and then the truth is where they were hugging.
It's a very sweet video.
It's a joke on CNN's fakeness.
So CNN orchestrated this whole fake lawsuit.
Here it is.
David Duke chases down Martin Luther King in a shocking purge.
Pulling, but what actually happened?
CNN didn't show this.
It's so sweet.
So imagine the evil.
CNN only showed the first eight seconds and then said you put out a deceptive video when they engaged in the deception.
That's alchemy.
That is just so evil.
That is incredible, Carpe.
You made that point so well, though, but that's what they do.
They edit what you did and then attribute it to you and then get you sued.
Well, the text here at the end is the whole story.
It says, America's not the problem, fake news is the problem.
And that's exactly what I was trying to point out by making the video.
And then that's exactly what they turned around and did, was turned it into fake news, where they said, you know, Carpe called them racist babies, and it was this, turned it into this ugly thing, and it was all about Trump.
The funny thing is that Trump is only mentioned one time in the video.
And it's at the very beginning when it says, racist baby, probably a Trump supporter, which is how they would spin it on CNN.
And that's the only time.
It doesn't say anything about go vote for Trump.
It doesn't have a Trump flag on it.
It doesn't have a magic thing on it.
Well, let me say this.
I think Trump ought to have a press conference as he's been sued and say, here's what CNN showed.
Here's the cute video we showed.
This is outrageous.
They put this, I mean, Trump needs to double down on stuff like this.
This is the type of video that can bring America together.
Well, and that's what it was meant to do.
And you know, the other funny thing about this is that this video was on the internet for a full year before it was tweeted by Trump.
And so now they're trying to go back and You know, re-litigate something that's already been on the internet for a full year.
And what I really don't like about this video is the black kid and the white kid look the same physically.
There's different colors.
And they're both really cute and having fun together.
It's that innocence they don't want.
It's so evil.
Well, and that's why, that's why I used it was that it, it was, um, in the lawsuit, they talk about, oh, he turned it into this beautiful thing into something ugly.
No, I wanted to use the beautiful thing to show that America is beautiful.
And that's what I did show.
But you know, this again, to go back and talk about what this is really about, it's really about just a stunt.
It's, as I said before, there's, they've put intermixed into this lawsuit things like Trump hasn't, like, released his taxes or whatever.
Like, you know, Trump is, uh, he's said mean things.
Like, these are not even arguments for the case.
It's just, it's just mixed in there like it's some sort of, uh, you know, high school report on why I don't like Trump.
Oh, I know.
And the Georgetown lawsuit against me, um, for, for just saying that they collided two groups together to create a crisis, uh, in, uh, Charlottesville.
They just mentioned stuff about Trump.
It's just random.
It's just, it's crazy.
Well, it's like that amicus brief that, uh, the judge in the Flynn case put out where it was basically just his, uh, he was just publishing a letter about how he doesn't like Trump, uh, through the court system.
But, uh, there's another angle that I want to mention here, uh, that they should be aware of is that I'm seriously considering filing a counter lawsuit for the value of my Twitter account, which, um, is another really funny thing they put in there.
I don't, I don't know who wrote this, but.
Um, they put in there that that video and their DMCA takedown of my video on Twitter directly led to the suspension of my Twitter account.
Now, as I already said, they have not filed an actual copyright lawsuit.
They filed this civil rights thing.
No, exactly.
They wronged you and used this to silence you and then brag how they did it and brag how they harmed you when they had never filed a copyright claim, which they're supposed to legally.
So they just admit they used a false claim they made up to wrong you and harm you.
I think you should sue them.
Yeah, so I'm kind of thinking that, you know, maybe a dollar, maybe a dollar a follower is a good thing.
And then, you know, sue for future You know, future followers I would have had and future influence I would have had.
So, you know, I totally agree with this.
Big text, invincible in the courts, but they're minions pulling this or not.
Yeah, these, I think this was a huge mistake for them to file this lawsuit.
And let's say this, we're about to go on a break.
We're gonna do five more minutes.
We love you.
Come back again in the War Room if you can.
How do folks find your original amazing content?
Well, most of my stuff is still on YouTube, and I have a Locals account, I have a Parlor account, I have CloudHub.
CloudHub is where I stream a lot of my show.
My show is on, you know, once a week or so.
Stay there, we'll talk about that when we come back.
So at one level, you look at a lawsuit against Carpe D'Antem against President Trump.
Trump has nothing to do with it.
He just tweeted something.
100% they have no standing, but they don't care.
It's just another way to get lawfare and try to make Carpe D'Antem and Trump spend money and have some corrupt judges push the lawsuit forward.
But Carpe D'Antem saying he's probably going to strike back.
Thank you so much for all you do.
You're an amazing host.
You know, I know you host your own show, but I ran into it about a month ago, so I've been Actually, binge-watching.
I only do it once a week, but I watched, like, a few months back while I was on the treadmill.
You're really funny when you get out of your shell.
You do good with me, but you're a lot better on your own show.
So tell folks about that show, and I'm not putting you down.
I'm just saying you're a little more out of the box than a little more out of the shell.
And then other comments about how huge this is.
So, the show is Carpe's Corner.
I know it's sort of a cringy name, but whatever.
But, you know, I just talk to you.
It's not really so much an interview, it's just a discussion show.
So I just have discussions with conservative people, anybody that really wants to talk to me.
You know, some of the biggest names in conservatism.
And we, you know, we just talk for a half hour, you know, whatever, whatever time they're able to give me and talk about just whatever we want to talk about.
And, uh, it's about a once a week show.
Uh, every once in a while, I'll take a little break, but you just interviewed Scott Adams.
I see.
I just said it went up a little while ago.
Yeah, I did that on Wednesday.
So yeah, I've had, you know, I had Diamond and Silk on a couple weeks ago.
I had Greg Guttfeld on.
And that's the answer, as I love it.
You're not just a meme maker, now you're on air as well.
In this fight, we've all got to have our voices heard on as many platforms as we can.
Not because you even probably want to, but just it's got to be done.
Let me guess, the more they try to suppress you, the more you fought back.
Well, yeah, you know, I like to expand into new territory, and so the show was sort of an obvious thing, and I also like to give voices to people that have been silenced.
So, you know, I've had Gavin on there, I've had Milo on there, Laura's been on there.
Well then, hey, here I am!
I want to come on with you, brother!
Have me on!
Well, yeah, let's do it!
My door is always open.
Anytime you want to come on, we'll work with you.
Yeah, but I haven't been doing a lot of interviews lately, but I'm about to do a whole bunch, so just get ready for those.
Including the big one everybody's waiting for.
Okay, make sure you get your shirt off at some point.
I'm sorry.
Make sure you get your shirt off at one point.
Just rip that shirt off.
Make sure that we have a really good episode.
You know, that's exactly.
I need to blow the doors off.
In fact, I will go Hulkamania for you and your show.
But seriously, the election.
What's your gut level on the election?
Well, I think it's looking better every day.
Every day that Joe Biden continues to do semi-public things with five people in the audience and every day that he can't even read off of a teleprompter, I think, is a step in the right direction.
What I've always said about this election, at least since, you know, The coronavirus stuff started happening was that this was all going to be about how much the Democrats cheat.
So I think if we can keep if we can manage the cheating and keep that under control, I don't I don't think anything's going to be a problem for Trump.
I totally agree.
But what does it say about their brains, Carpe, that they would run this?
He was cognitively bad two years ago.
He's really bad now.
Why did they think they could do that?
That shows big problems.
Well, it does.
I think there are huge problems in the Democratic Party if this is the best field that they could create.
But, you know, I think it speaks to a bigger problem with the Democratic Party, which is that they have embraced their most extreme elements and they've gotten away from their middle ground, you know, real Democrats.
And so when they had to go back to You know, the middle of the road Democrat, even though he was a bad choice because all of the other ones had already embraced the far, far left.
So Biden was the only person that was, you know, within a mile or two of some sort of middle Democrat ground.
And they know that they can't get elected just based on the small radical element in their party.
I agree.
Carpe D'antem.
Glad to see that you're not phased by this fake lawsuit.
People will support you now more than ever.
Give us an update next week.
And when are we going to get more Carpe D'antem?
Well, you know, I'm doing work all the time.
You can find it on any of my channels.
It's not as regular as it used to be, but you'll be able to find it and you might even see it on... We love you, brother.
Stay with us.
We've got big news on COVID-19 straight ahead.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
We are live, broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we are joined by Dr. Francis Boyle.
who's the author of the US biological weapons law that was then in much consideration adopted
into world law much of it and he's here with us. I'm not going to go over his whole bio
and all the things that he's broken he's been accurate about most of you know who he is but
when you have this top virologist that worked at the WHO Dr.
Li Ming Yang coming out and being censored for what she said and and dovetailing with what
the Indian scientists and the Australian scientists and the Russian scientists and the British
scientists and the US scientists all said about COVID-19 being man-made in that lab, and now you've got the U.S.
ambassador to China that just resigned, so we're basically going to war with China.
We're already at war with him, but it's gone to another level.
He just resigned as being recalled, saying they're behind it.
They may have launched it.
The attempts to cover that up are huge.
You can debate all day how deadly COVID is.
It's a real virus.
It's got great gain of function.
It does kill people, especially older folks.
But it's the political power of the virus, and then them trying to blame Trump and America for it is just incredible.
So I'm going to try my best.
Uh, in this hour to try to give Dr. Francis Boyle much of the floor to go over it because I've been interviewing him for probably 20 years.
It's, it's something like that.
He's, he's never sent me a giant treatise of analysis and links.
A lot of which I know a lot of which I didn't know that he wanted to give me as a blueprint.
So I respect the fact that Professor Boyle, uh, who has, you know, active classes and all the work he did, did all this work.
So I'm gonna try to then not interrupt too much with the breaks we have.
So he can go through this blueprint that really puts the nail in the coffin of this being man-made.
And then it obviously ties back to some of the deep state.
So thank you, Dr. Boyle.
You've been completely vindicated from what you said in January and February and March on this show and others.
So thank you for joining us.
Go ahead and start wherever you'd like.
Well, thank you, Alex, for having me on and my best to your viewing audience.
And I really want to commend you, Alex, For getting the message out here very early on and consistently, so that large numbers of people can hear this, when of course all the mainstream news media has completely censored me right out of there, despite the fact that I wrote the law that governs this.
But in any event, We must understand that the Wuhan BSL-4 is China's Fort Detrick, okay?
It's a euphemism just to call it Wuhan BSL-4.
This is China's Fort Detrick.
And we all know that at Fort Detrick, they engage the research, development, testing, stockpiling of biological weapons.
They've done that from the get-go.
So we have to start with that proposition.
Yes, I did hear the statement on CNN just recently by Ambassador Branstad there from Iowa.
I agreed with what he was saying.
I did listen to the Hong Kong doctor's interview there on Tucker blowing the whistle here.
And I did read her article, her scientific article, And I sent you the portions that I thought were important from her summing it up.
But as I said, starting January 24, this Wuhan coronavirus is an offensive biological warfare weapon.
It has been given a gain of function activities to make it more lethal.
And more infectious.
The Hong Kong doctor pointed this out in both her interview and in her scholarly paper.
HIV has been DNA genetically engineered in there.
That has been confirmed by the French Nobel Prize winner in medicine, who also ...discovered that HIV created AIDS.
That's pretty definitive, and of course you mentioned the Indian study that we discussed before.
In addition, the Wuhan BSL-4 bragged on its website that it had been able to apply nanotechnology to viruses.
Nanotechnology is used to aerosol biological warfare agents in order to deliver them to human beings.
And that is certainly the tip-off right there, the aerosolization of a biological warfare agent, that it's clearly a weapon.
Fort Detrick does the exact same thing.
They've done it to Ebola.
They've done it to all those... And by the way, you're not the only one saying this.
All the scientists that look at it now are saying what you said.
But how did you know in January?
You want to talk about yourself?
I know you have sources.
Or was it just the papers and following what happened at Chapel Hill five years ago?
How did you... How were you the first to call it?
You are the first.
Who recognizes that?
You're right, Alex.
And as a matter of fact, Last May, I gave a 90-minute interview to three or four reporters for Associated Press and they admitted I
uh... was the first to identify this and then i gave them the ninety minute interview
and that interview never appeared for obvious reasons uh... as i said before
i've been censored out of all mainstream uh... u_s_ uh...
news media sources and that includes and now what do you make a
facebook blocking this admitted chinese scientist in hong kong at the w_h_o_ viral
center I mean, she has the pedigree.
She's saying everything you say is right.
She's being censored now.
This is outrageous.
You have to read the paper, right?
Everything is in there in great scientific detail, including how to manufacture COVID-19, how they did it.
You know, I don't have a That's correct.
and microbiology, but I can read these things and it's all there.
It's very clear, sure.
Well, sure, I don't just believe her.
I read the paper, too.
It's all the background that was, most of this is public, but these scientists think
we're dumb.
Most of this is actually already out there.
That's correct.
That's why it's so important that you put me on to go through those scientific studies
that were in the public record in existence at that time.
And now this Hong Kong doctor simply reinforces everything, including the gain of function work done at the University Involving the Wuhan BSL-4.
I mean, why is the University of North Carolina working with China's Fort Detrick?
And indeed, that is why you need a BSL-4 to aerosolize these weapons with nanotechnology.
That's why people have to wear a moon suit.
That is why you have to have a portable air supply.
That is why it is so dangerous.
It floats on the air, in the air, above the air.
Which you said in January, but China denied.
Now they admit.
Now the U.S. ambassador to China is confirming what you said, which they're saying is an
act of war, which is why the Pentagon didn't want to admit this.
So let's talk about, we'll go wherever you want, but we can also talk about, because
Biological Weapons Law and then it became a treaty about what does this mean to the world that this is coming out?
And then China's trying to blame Trump and America?
Is there any... Did Trump fail?
I'll get your expert view on that.
Dr. Francis Boyle, law professor, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law that then got adopted as the world law, is the trailblazer in this and he's been proven totally right.
We'll break it all down on the other side.
You might want to tell folks to tune in.
All right, Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor.
An expert on bioweapons, the first person to expose this being man-made out of Wuhan is here.
He doesn't like to speculate and ask why they did it or who's behind it.
He just gets into what's going on.
But now the U.S.
Ambassador from China has been recalled, not under trouble, but to come back because he basically said we're in a war footing.
You've got China buzzing Hong Kong and Taiwan.
You've got all these scientists coming out confirming it's man-made.
It has great gain of function.
And then you've got all these U.S.
corporations involved, the U.N.
and U.S.
So instead of me asking questions, it's probably best just the rest of the segment, the next, so Dr. Bull can get into all this.
He's also written this big breakdown he sent us.
If you'd like to go over this, sir, I know this is, I was told my eyes only, but I was thinking this might be notes to cover.
There's so many things here.
Just get into whatever you think is best for folks.
Well, Alex, Again, this was, COVID-19 was developed as an offensive biological warfare weapon by China at their Fort Detrick.
I guess they figured we have a Fort Detrick and our biological weapons, so they're going to do the exact same thing.
We must be clear what happened here.
Others have said, oh, well, they're just trying to do this research and develop a vaccine.
That's pure baloney.
This is an offensive biological warfare weapon.
Existentially dangerous, gain of function, DNA, genetic engineering, HIV right in there.
God knows what else is in there from what I've read.
And also nanotechnology, so it can travel up to 27 feet in the air.
Even if you believe the Woodward tapes, President Trump said yes, it travels on the air.
He is correct about that.
Now, what happened here?
As far as I have been able to reconstruct, Alex, the first public case mentioned in press over there in Asia was about November 16 of someone going to a hospital with a strange pneumonia-like illness in Wuhan, China.
Now, to me, that indicates then that President Xi probably knew about this immediately.
Again, this is his Fort Detrick.
We have pictures of him out there at Fort Detrick.
He knew exactly what was going on at Fort Detrick.
This notion that, well, these low-level officials, town officials, covered it up, that's nonsense, too.
You know, let's be honest.
I'm not anti-communist one way or the other.
I'm not anti-China.
I'm not here to bash China or anything like that.
But under Xi, we see a communist dictatorship on steroids.
So he was alerted, certainly by then, if not before then, and ordered an immediate cover-up.
Of this exact catastrophe.
He knew full well how dangerous it was.
They had done the exact same thing with the SARS pandemic back in 2003.
That was a biological warfare agent.
It leaked out of a Chinese BSL-3.
And they proceeded to cover that up too.
Xi had this covered it up.
The whole Chinese government proceeded to cover it up.
If they hadn't done this, if they had immediately clamped down on Wuhan, hopefully, you know, maybe this all could have been prevented.
I can't say.
I think it could have.
But they didn't.
They covered it up.
And they have to assume responsibility for this.
And we have to understand that, to be fair in the situation.
And again, I'm not trying to bash China here.
I'm just trying to tell the facts as I see them, because we have to listen.
Well, absolutely.
And you said earlier, Dr. Boyle, I'll just interrupt, you said this is their Fort Detrick, and you said JCPenney was at Fort Detrick.
You're being clear.
He was at, you're saying, the Wuhan lab on video over and over again.
We have five-year-old videos on Spanish and on Italian TV bragging they were developing chimeras.
I mean, they weren't even hiding all this.
So the fact that they're trying to deny this is going on is asinine.
That's correct.
And so, you know, we have to understand what happened here.
And the ambassador today was correct to say Ambassador Branstad that this came out of this lab and they proceeded to cover it up and I think the cover-up began no later than November 16.
It could have started before that.
And that's why I respect you.
You were the first to expose this.
I respect you.
You think it's accidental looking at the chain of events then they just used it for political purposes over here?
Again, I did hear the Hong Kong scientists say she thought it was deliberately released.
With all due respect to her, she's a very courageous woman.
But she provided no evidence of that.
As far as I have been able to tell from my research, It somehow accidentally leaked out of there.
Because the response looks like it's a leak, right?
It just looks like that.
I believe it's a leak, right.
I don't think it was a deliberate release.
I'm prepared to consider more evidence if I see it.
What if somebody inside, because Gates had a bunch of researchers, so did Fauci, what if it wasn't even China?
What if one of their people leaked it on purpose, and then knew China would cover it up, and then they knew they would blame it on Trump?
Because that's been the chain of events.
You know, there could be a third party involved in this.
We're not sure, but you are correct about Fauci.
Because this was on Fauci's computer.
He was paying for it.
You can read the Hong Kong Scientist paper that just came out this week.
NIAID was paying for that.
It was approved by NIH.
So I suspect, I'm sure, that the moment the first report came out in the international news media, that there was someone with a pneumonia-like illness there, In Wuhan, Fauci called it up on his computer and figured, just type in Wuhan.
What are we doing in Wuhan?
And it was clear that University of North Carolina Wuhan BSL 4 for Dietrich's scientific article came right up.
I got it off their website.
I was about to say, they did not cover their tracks.
Did you see the World Bank stuff where two years ago they called it COVID-19 and then in March in Spain they found COVID-19 in the sewage?
I haven't seen that report, no.
But in any event... We know they've been cooking this stuff up for a while, is what I'm saying.
Right, they've been lying, you know, but we lie about it too, Alex.
I mean, we have to be realistic.
You know, when it comes to the research, development, testing, stockpiling of biological weapons, they all lie.
All these great powers.
Dr. Boyle, I'm going to give you the floor again when we come back, but I'm asking you respectfully, and I mean that respectfully, this gives me a headache.
I study this all day.
I try to tell the truth.
I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
It gives me a headache.
Because we know it's man-made.
Everybody's proven that.
You said it first.
It's true.
And so then, who's behind it?
And I get, no, it tends to be incompetence.
It gets leaked out.
Now look at the time it gets leaked out.
It just really gives me a lot of pause, and it gets me really confused.
So let's come back, get into big picture.
And where do you see this going as a guy that's been in the zeitgeist?
I know you don't speculate, which is good, I get that, but it's also frustrating.
As a husband, as a father, as a human, what do you really think is behind this?
Where do you think this is going with COVID-19 and all the rest of it?
Because we know it's man-made.
That's been proven.
We know China covered it up.
So what's coming next?
Dr. Francis Boyle is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is InfoWars.
Stay with us.
You're not getting filtered BS from some corporation or some party or some government.
This is a real broadcast with affiliates all over the country and millions of you listening right now.
Dr. Frances Boyle is a real lawyer who wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, much of which was turned into global treaty, who first laid out exactly what was happening even before The major Indian universities and Australian universities and others came out and said it.
Now you've got a big virologist that worked at the WHO who saw it and saw the proof and they knew what was going on.
She's come out, she's being censored.
So, Dr. Bull is not going to tell us speculation, but he's been accurate about the fact that it's man-made.
That's now come out.
The fact to suppress that shows how desperate they are.
I could ask him politically, what does he think is going to happen next?
He's been at the Hague.
He's represented world leaders at the Hague.
He's prosecuted war criminals, Milosevic.
What does he think Trump's response should be?
What should the U.S.
Ambassador's response be?
What should our response be?
That's another question.
But the next two segments, I'm going to just sit here and turn my mic off or I'll jump in because it's all so interesting.
What do you want to impart to folks?
What do you want to cover?
You already told us what's coming or what happened.
Tell us what's coming next, Dr. Boyle.
We really appreciate you.
Well, it's important to understand this, too, then, Alex, as I was saying.
It's clear that Fauci and Niaid immediately covered this up because they knew what was going on.
It's also clear that the National Institutes of Health, they were on that too.
The Hong Kong doctor made that clear in her paper.
Indeed, this was paused for a while and then it was resumed.
That all happened in the Obama administration.
No one is focusing on that at all.
Now we get to President Trump, and I'm not here to criticize President Trump.
I'm just trying to lay out the facts as I see them.
The New York Times reported on Friday, May 22, 2020, that our intelligence agencies did not inform President Trump until January 23 in his morning briefing January 23.
Well, excuse me, I figured it out the next morning, January 24, after a very short period of research and put out a worldwide alert to well over 500 news media sources.
And then later that day gave my interview to Geopolitics and Empire
that went viral all over the world.
So you mean to tell me that we spend $60 billion a year
on these spook agencies and they have satellites and intercepts,
they've got everyone wired up the kazoo as we know from Snowden
and they didn't figure this out until January 23.
That's preposterous.
They knew full well what was going on.
If I could figure this out myself, no later than a week after I paid attention to it, our spook agencies knew full well that this was what was going on.
I'm sure probably around the time Fauci figured it out.
Exactly, so I said I wouldn't interrupt, so then I know you don't extrapolate, but Why then did they not tell the President or why did they act dumb?
Well, first we know, and again, I'm just trying to be objective here, Alex.
I'm not supporting President Trump.
I'm not a politician.
No, I get it.
You're literally just a lawyer and a researcher giving us facts.
The CIA and all these spook agents, as you pointed out, the deep state.
They don't like President Trump, and they've been trying to bring him down from the get-go.
They want him to be caught flat-footed, which is now their whole thing.
Second, the CIA has been involved in offensive, criminal, biological warfare work from the get-go.
Indeed, the book Germs by Miller and Broad pointed that out in the summer of 2000.
So they were covering themselves up until it became impossible not to say something.
The height of the Pandemic in China was about January 17th or something like that.
So I guess that by January 23, they figured they had to tell President Trump.
Well, if they had told, and Fauci and NIH and NIAID and all of our spook agencies had told President Trump in the middle of November, when I'm sure they all knew what was going on, He could have called up Xi and read him the Riot Act and said, you shut down Wuhan immediately.
And hopefully all this could have been avoided.
Now, I'm not trying to explain away what President Trump did or did not do.
Sure, but clearly the deep state didn't tell Trump and now they're trying to blame him.
What else can I say?
I'm not trying to explain.
Trump has made a lot of mistakes, in my opinion.
Well, sure.
So let me ask you this.
What do you think Trump should do?
What should Trump do right now?
I mean, because his ambassador says China's behind this and covered it up.
That's all confirmed.
So what does Trump do?
Well, Alex, the second thing you asked me earlier, before we get to what Trump, I think, should do, is the agenda here.
Now, the agenda is very clear.
They want, the establishment here, the deep state, the rest of them, want to inject every human being in the world with one of these coronaviruses, vaccines.
And these vaccines, in my opinion, will probably be more dangerous than useless.
And massive compulsion will be used, certainly against the American people, to get them to take these vaccines.
There is no evidence that I am aware of of any type of successful vaccine against a biological warfare agent.
As a matter of fact, the last time we had this was in the run-up to Gulf War One, Where the Bush senior administration forced our armed forces to take experimental medical vaccines for anthrax and botulin.
And as you know, I've been working on that for a number of years too.
500,000 US troops were forced to take those vaccines.
In the interim, the last time I looked at the figures, about 11,000 U.S.
11,000 US troops died and 100,000 were disabled.
So this is what I'm afraid we are looking at here.
There is no evidence to believe that there is any type or could be a vaccine, a safe and effective vaccine.
Maybe they'll call it a vaccine.
No, I agree with you.
I think Trump has been snookered into saying he's for the vaccine and trying to make things positive.
But now they're saying, oh, when it hurts people, it's your fault when they're the ones that engineered all this.
I mean, I think Trump's really in trouble for that.
The, the, the, there, this, again, there's no vaccine for an offensive biological warfare, uh, weapon that, uh, has been given gain-of-functions activity.
Camara, like you said, it just keeps giving these evil gifts.
Who knows what it even does?
And the proof is that we've already been through this before.
It has HIV DNA genetically engineered into it.
We have no vaccine against HIV.
I mean, we've tried for a decade and we haven't got one.
Well, that's my next question when we come back, Dr. Boyle.
When it's got HIV delivery system and all these other viruses, clearly they've already studied what it's going to do with the CRISPR editing system.
Who knows what this even really is?
I mean, who knows what it's going to do?
That's correct.
And synthetic biology was involved in here, too.
If you read that UNC-Wuhan BSL-4 contract, they used synthetic coronavirus as the backbone for all this.
So you're perfectly correct.
So I think these vaccines will be dangerous.
They'll be just as dangerous as the vaccine.
Well, Gates says 80% get sick.
Stay there.
I mean, they're not doubting.
Gates goes, this is the most dangerous vaccine ever.
He's telling us that.
What is he getting us ready for?
Dr. Francis Boyle, the guy that trailblazed it all, the guy that wrote the U.S.
biological weapons law, he's here.
We're so blessed to have him.
He'll be with us straight ahead.
Stay with us back in four minutes.
All right, final segment with Dr. Francis Boyle.
I really appreciate him.
He's written this big breakdown for me with all the documentation.
I want to just give him the floor here at the end.
I keep saying that, I keep jumping in, but he's got a lot out.
Every topic you want to cover, every angle, what you see going on here, what you think President Trump should do.
Dr. Boyle, thank you for joining us.
Alex, one other point.
You saw all the big pharma running an ad in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal say, oh, well, we won't distribute this vaccine unless it has the approval of the FDA.
Well, that's a joke and a fraud, too.
The FDA is listed on the University of North Carolina Wuhan BSL-4.
The FDA works in cahoots with China's Fort Detrick.
The FDA gave emergency use for the use of those experimental medical vaccines against our own troops that poisoned our own troops.
For anthrax and botulism in violation of the Nuremberg Court on Medical Experimentation.
So, of course, that's totally preposterous.
You can't believe one word any of these agencies are saying.
They are all involved in this.
They are all covering it up.
It's all there in the UNC-Wuhan BSL-4 contract.
Now, and as confirmed now by this very courageous Hong Kong scientist.
I do believe, so I think these vaccines that we're all going to be compelled and coerced by our employers and by the way they're going to order the members of our armed forces to take these vaccines just like did the the anthrax and the botulism and look what happened to them.
So that's the agenda here.
It's clear they're going to pump us all up with these vaccines that are more Dangerous than worthless to get us to go along with what, you know, you've correctly pointed out will be be a police state.
I don't doubt that at all.
Now, that being said, I do believe therapeutics can help and prevent us.
Yes, I think masks will help.
Social distancing will help.
Sure, washing your hands will help.
I just appeared on a panel on Sunday with my friend Dr. Merle Nass.
I've worked with her for many years against biological weapons.
And Dr. Nass is a doctor of internal medicine.
She's not one of these pointy-headed lab scientists.
And Dr. Nass has said she believes that hydrochloroquine can be successful here.
And she said two doses a week.
She's also mentioned vitamin D. I think at my recommendation you had Dr. Levy on here talking about vitamin D. That's an interruption.
Why do you think Fauci suddenly came out with vitamin D and 4C?
Well, you know, this is a limited hangout, Alex, right?
That's what Fauci's doing, just like Nixon.
It's limited hangout just to protect his own rear end.
You know, he's up to his eyeballs in this.
He and the rest of them could get prosecuted, should be prosecuted.
For violating my biological weapons?
That was my next question.
How do we have retribution for what we can prove?
There were U.S.
government funding under Obama and Fauci to create things like this.
It's on record.
It's not debatable.
How do we prosecute them?
Because that's how we bring them out of the power structure to keep using this as a power grab.
Attorney General Barr could do this.
Convene a grand jury, subpoenas.
I mean, it's all there.
I think it'd be a slam-dunk conviction and Fauci and the rest of them would face life imprisonment, of course.
Everyone on that UNC-Wuhan BSL-4 contract.
I'm not saying that Obama knew what was going on.
You know, I was above his pay grade.
I don't think he knows anything about this either.
Well, you know, he's behind me at Harvard Law School, but I don't think he has any scientific training or anything like that.
But yeah, I believe that we can treat it with therapeutics.
And by the way, Alex, the UNC people, they knew That there was no such thing as a safe and effective vaccine here.
They were not developing a vaccine.
They were developing a therapeutic, Remdesivir.
All right?
That's what they moved into to counteract... And this is beyond key.
Wuhan was developing this.
They were not testing vaccines.
They were testing therapeutics because they know, what, it's a chimera?
It's so complex you can't counter it with a vaccine, right?
I believe, well certainly that's clear on the- Well even Fauci's saying now maybe a vaccine won't work.
It's not going to work.
Right, this is a limited- But how did you say that 8 months ago or 7 months- you did say vaccines won't work with us.
Pardon me?
You did say vaccines would not work with us months ago.
No, and now this- Chinese doctor, very courageous woman, has confirmed everything I was saying.
Therapeutics, I think, will work.
That's the best we have.
Dr. Nass feels this can be brought under control.
Now, Alex, I have two doctors from Harvard But I can't pull out your appendix.
You know, your father's a Dr. Fine.
So I have to rely on reputable, scholarly doctors who actually treat people.
And I know Dr. Nast, a very courageous person.
If she's saying hydrochloric, these hydroxy pills can work.
Sure, we have a bunch of studies on that.
So let me ask you this then.
Just big picture.
Obviously a lot of political groups jumped on the bandwagon.
They used the crisis for power.
Where is it now with the ambassador for the US and China coming out and saying, you know, they're covering it up?
I mean, it looks like more and more that the public is waking up to this.
Well, maybe it's a sign that, you know, President Trump is At some point prepared to come out and level with the American people about what happened here.
I know he said he didn't want to panic people.
Well, okay, but I agree with you.
We are in the fight of our lives here.
I think that's it.
Here's the thing.
They're using the fact that he doesn't level to panic people, whereas he can just be honest about it all, level with them, and then they get the blame because they did it.
I've advised this before on your program before, Alex.
I felt President Trump just needs to get up there.
Lay out everything that happened here just like I tried to lay it out to you and then say, you know, these vaccines are worthless.
It's a waste of money.
They'll probably more dangerous than useless.
We need to put all our money in therapeutics and treatment.
And I think if we do that, we could bring this under control.
I think I've said pretty much what I want to say is there.
Other tidbits you want to add for folks who really appreciate joining us?
I know, and I got it this morning.
I read over most of it.
I mean, it's a lot of key stuff.
Some I knew, some I didn't.
I mean, we could post it if you want, or you could come back again in a few days on my show, other shows, and just we can do a commercial-free show, too, just to get it all on record if you want to do a show Sunday or something.
I'm always happy to talk with you, sure.
I'm just very honored because I'm not a top lawyer that wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law.
And I just interview you, but I mean, the listeners really appreciate it.
You've been proving that on, so now this is all coming to a head.
I'm just trying to figure out what's going on, just like you are.
Well, that's correct, and I'm constantly evaluating the information as it comes in.
I know I hear from some of your viewers, and they send me things.
I do the best I can.
That's my last question.
How do people find you?
Not just the books you've written, but how do people get in contact with Dr. Francis Boyle, Professor Francis Boyle?
Well, I'm just out there.
You just Google my name.
There it is.
But I really think that President Trump needs to call a press conference and explain exactly what happened here and who are the culprits.
I'm not in favor of going to war against China or anything like that.
We need to save the American people.
I believe we're in World War III here against COVID-19.
We have 200,000 Americans dead already, and that is a gross underestimate of the number.
Even a minimum figure is 400,000 will be dead by the first of the year.
Well, regardless, them claiming Trump has a non-response is being used to kick him out of office.
And so we need to address who's behind it, who released it, and who did it.
Dr. Boyle, thank you so much for the time.
Please come back on this next week with an update, and thank you so much.
Well, thanks for having me on, and Biden's not going to be any better either between you and me.
Come on with us next week.
Tell us what you think on everything else.
Dr. Boyle, thank you so much.
All right.
It's been a trailblazer in all of this.
He's coming up.
He's about to take over on the other side in the War Room with Owen Schroer.
And of course, weekday mornings, 8 a.m., we have David Knight and the great job he's doing.
Then we have, of course, weeknights now, 7 to 9.
Only six minutes of ads an hour.
We have Election Countdown with Diana Lorraine, Owen Schroer, myself, and others.
That is coming up tonight, 7 o'clock.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here, InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Did the Centers for Disease Control disprove the COVID pandemic?
According to mainstream media sources, a deadly, highly infectious airborne virus is currently on an international killing spree.
However, according to information reported from the Centers for Disease Control, it hasn't really affected many people, infection or morbidity.
Call it a hoax pandemic, or more accurately, an exaggeration or overreaction, but the information compiled by the CDC proves COVID is pretty ordinary when it comes to viruses.
In the Center for Disease Control's own instructions for COVID testing titled, CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, Effective on July 13th, 2020, on the second page of the instructions it states, quote, positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019 novel coronavirus, but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses.
The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.
Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.
In other words, positive results indicate infections other than COVID-19.
Here, the CDC admits that when RT-PCR tests indicate a positive result, it does not mean the subject of the test is infected with novel coronavirus 2019.
In fact, they could have a variety of other reasons for the positive test result.
Including a respiratory bacterial infection, influenza, pneumonia, or any number of viral infections.
The CDC's admission about the broad-spectrum detection of the PCR test is supported by the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction technology, Carey Mullis.
Who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention in 1993.
He believes his PCR test is not for medical diagnostics, and is inappropriate to detect a viral infection.
The PCR is extremely sensitive, which means it can detect even the smallest pieces of DNA or RNA.
But it cannot determine where these particles came from.
Dr. Kathy A. Petty supports Carey Mollis' opinion.
Quote, The big message is that every lab is vulnerable to having false positives.
No single test result is absolute.
And that is even more important with the test result based on PCR.
On May 21st, even The Atlantic reported that the CDC's positive coronavirus test numbers were inaccurate and inflated.
Because they had been mixing the results of viral tests and antibody tests.
And the combination of these two created a surge in COVID cases.
Not only did the CDC mix PCR tests and antibody tests, but in May, the CDC added probable cases to the total case count under a revised definition of what it means to be a confirmed COVID case.
Which doesn't even require a PCR test.
Dr. Nick Begich is about to take over the rest of the hour, but I just wanted to point out, if you want to see the full video, would you stare at half of it?
Did the CDC disprove... Excuse me.
I guess I've got the COVID-19, I'm joking.
I'll tell you, something in this building with the air conditioner... makes me cough.
Dr. Nick Begich is about to take over.
And you just heard part of the report.
Did the CDC disprove the COVID-19 pandemic?
So you can see I'm not doing the big raspy voice as a fake.
I probably need to have polyp surgery because my voice is coming out.
I went to a doctor four years ago.
I got these really bad polyps.
There's a lot of people that talk too much, too.
So that's just what happened there.
It happens sometimes.
It happens at inopportune times, but we are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
Our big package is about to take over.
On the other side, I want to appreciate you all for your support.
Don't forget the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Then we have Sunday Live with Owen Schroyer.
It's also 6 to 8 p.m.
We go off on Sundays and now weeknights.
We have election countdown through the election.
That is 7 to 9 p.m.
Central for all the radio and TV stations and Infowars.com for its live shows.
We'll see you back tonight.
And welcome back and you know it's always good to be here Friday afternoon in most of the country and around the world and here in Anchorage it's just before noon.
Just before noon and thinking about what was just being covered In terms of an engineered virus and going back, it reminded me, you know, actually going back to the first Gulf War that was mentioned in those last segments and the vaccines that were introduced to our servicemen, the experimental anthrax vaccines, many people forget about that.
And then it wasn't just the returning servicemen, but also families and birth defects that were being reported.
And this book, if you might remember, Bringing the War Home by William Thomas, we actually released the first edition of this.
It was one of the most well researched The footnoting was exceptional, showing and tracing the biological and chemical weapons transfers that happened during Saddam's regime from the U.S.
It's well documented during the Bush administrations going back into the 90s and even before.
So, in any case, just to reaffirm what was being spoken about in the last segment, there was.
That's like a massive book.
It's 400 and some pages of documented evidence showing what happened back then.
And that was kind of the beginning of a lot of this really advanced engineering.
And Garth Nicholson, many will remember him.
Garth Nicholson, he was a full professor, I think it was University of Texas or Texas A&M.
It was one of them with a big medical school.
He had trained over a thousand MDs in his lifetime and he was an MD.
His wife, late wife, a microbiologist there at the same institute.
He testified, I think it was six times before the Congress on this back in the '90s.
Extremely incredible guy.
He runs a research institute now in California, Garth Nicholson, look him up.
But that's the guy.
He was the main source of information on that way back then as an MD.
And here we are again, you know, revisiting the same kind of issues once again.
For those who can see it on the screen, there's Garth.
A really good man, I have to say.
I lectured with him a number of years ago and we stay in touch from time to time.
It's been a while.
But what a what an excellent human being and took huge risks to pursue and blow the whistle back then with a number of others.
Will Thomas, who I mentioned, bringing the war home.
You know, thinking about just all of this right now in terms of technology and sort of how all that would converge.
And that was the work I was doing back then in the 90s, kind of looking at Everything across the board, the biological weapons, the new drones or remote weapons, robotics we saw coming, the communications, the information tracking, the data valence, the way that data would be used.
In fact, Jim Roderick and I wrote Two really important books back then that are still available.
They're available through InfoWars, Earth Rising, The Revolution and Earth Rising 2.
And, you know, what we did is we put together like a thousand references in the two volumes.
And what we did is look at sort of the compilation of technology and how that technology would serve a change politically.
And I come, as many of you know, many listeners know, I come from a political background.
Dad was a state senator and a U.S.
My brother Mark was an assembly member, a mayor, later a U.S.
My brother Tom currently is a state senator.
My mom was National Committee woman.
I was active in the Alaskan Independence Party for a number of years and have been a keynote speaker at libertarian events and others.
And let me tell you, the politics, as you overlay the governance component and the technology component, was something spoken about a long time ago.
And I'll point out two books.
The last one from a buddy of mine, the late John Chandler, a true scholar in every sense.
And John sent me The Unreality Industry, you know, which was sort of how you use media to manipulate the public.
And then you go back to This book, Between Two Ages, by Zbigniew Brzezinski.
And that's kind of the classic.
You know, this is a 1970, you know, 50 year old classic.
Between Two Ages, America's role in the technotronic era.
And what Zbigniew Brzezinski later became National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter in 1976, six years later, organized with Kissinger, Trilateral Commission and a lot of other worldwide initiatives for globalists to manipulate where we go.
And if you read this 1970 book, you can still find it.
Um, it reads like a blueprint for the future.
It's a future projection and it's dead on accurate.
It projects the technologies, the economic impacts, all of it with dead on accuracy.
And then you couple that with the political view, the long view of the Kissingers.
You see, these are the Government under the government, the thinkers, the ones that engineer the direction and then manipulate the process.
These are the Soroses of the world.
These are the godless Folks that just believe in whatever's here materially pushing the envelope and the only claim they're going to ever have to fame is the footnote they might occupy in the back of someone else's book.
So, you know, but this is where they're at.
And so you look at the overall plan.
It's about global governance and utilizing every opportunity to create it.
And when you look at media and the power of media, and then you mix it with the power of the occult, if you want to be blunt about it, or the
spiritual aspect, or the energetic aspect, then you get the picture a lot differently than it's
rolling out.
But I want to talk about this global governance thing because, you know, scenarios, you know, and they've talked about this a lot on the air, you know, this one, and this is the one put together by the Rockefeller Foundation and GBN, the Global Business Network, and it's scenarios for the future of technology and international development.
And this is kind of the push paper, right?
It's from 2010.
It's 10 years ago.
And this is the one that everybody referenced when they talked about the scenarios about pandemics, because it's in here.
And it predicts what happens.
It's right there on page 18.
Look it up online and you can see it.
And it lays it out as to what would happen and how it would roll out and what would happen to democracies and republics like ours.
And you know, they're dead on accurate.
The lockstep, what's up right now is four scenarios.
Lockstep, hack attack, Clever Together, which is the socialist model up in the right hand corner.
And then the bottom of the graph is there as well.
And what it is trying to imply is that given these rollouts, and they did these really powerful think tank exercise to create this scenario.
And then out of this came the Gates Initiative with the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Health Organization Initiative.
So each of these built on each other.
This is how it goes.
And see, the non-profits, the philanthropy, the philanthropers in this mix are the big gazillionaires who've gained all the money, you know, that an ego could want and that materialism would allow you to spend in this life.
And maybe what you want to endow beyond it.
And so then it's more about moving policy and asserting power and your beliefs into the world.
And this is the game of the billionaire.
What, again, none of us can identify with because we're not there.
You can't think like this unless you are there.
But I've had occasion to meet a lot of very wealthy people, very powerful people.
And this is what I know.
At some point, wealth doesn't matter.
For some people, it's a very low level where it no longer matters because they Function on a material level where it doesn't matter.
And then their creativity blossoms.
Well, if you've got billions to leverage your creativity and the mouthpiece of the world, because remember, Bill Gates gave $250 million to media organizations.
So they don't want to slap the hand that feeds them.
And this is happening more over even in our local paper, Anchorage Daily News.
They have sponsored reporters.
By nonprofits.
We're going to talk more about after these very important messages.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, and remember to check out my website, earthpulse.com, earthpulse.com.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here this Friday afternoon around the world and a little before noon in my part of the world in Anchorage, Alaska.
You know, just before the break, I was talking a little bit about, you know, philanthropy and how that really works.
You've got to remember a few things about There's two types of organizations that can get formed.
One is a non-profit that's tax-exempt, so the money you throw in it, you don't have to, you get to write off and the organization doesn't pay taxes on its activity.
And then you've got, and that's called a 501c3 under the IRS codes.
Now the thing about 501c3s that people need to remember is they don't have political speech.
They can't weigh in on political things unless they're an investor.
In those things, then they get to weigh in.
We just learned that here in our community, when one of the biggest nonprofits, the Rasmussen Foundation, 700 million local nonprofit in Alaska, and they could weigh in on an assembly issue, a governance issue, an appropriation, because they were contributing millions of dollars into this thing.
And they were trying to leverage their private nonprofit money With public money, leverage it, you know, make it do more of what they want.
And the problem with a lot of this is it interferes with the flow of information, you know, in terms of how information goes when this happens.
And so when I look at sort of the configuration of Both how information gets to us, and then how that information is filtered, and then how it's conditioned.
A lot of this is pre-planned.
You know, it's not less like out of the blue.
Although, one of my favorite forecasting books from the 90s called Out of the Blue.
And it's by John Peterson.
He was one of the founders of the Arlington Institute.
Now, they're a think tank.
Does a lot of work for the Pentagon.
And I met John in a lecture on future technologies years ago where I was lecturing.
And it was in one of my early lectures.
And he came up to me afterwards and said, man, you're awful hard on the military and the government, you know, in terms of your delivery.
Because I was talking about big technologies and their abuses and so on.
And it got me to thinking a little bit too about that, because he worked with a lot of the individual people.
So he had relationship with individual people.
And it reminded me that within all of these institutions, because we kind of generalize, There are really good people, patriots, people that have really good value systems, and they're all over government.
And we need to encourage them within government.
So John pointed that out to me early in my lecturing, and it was important.
It was an important thing.
First, I reacted, you know, defensively, and as I indexed that, I thought, no, you're right.
You're absolutely right.
I don't need to be so hard.
And this is something important because when you start to look at the guys within government,
now what was he doing?
He was putting together a program that was designed to prepare the country.
So they went into a think tank, you know, on each of these scenarios, and there were a bunch of like 50 of them in here.
And they would plan around it, whether it was a pandemic, which is in here, a big health care, which is in here, aliens landing, it's in here, you know, all these weird out of the blue.
In fact, the subtitle of Out of the Blue is How to Anticipate Big Future Surprises.
And that's what John was all about.
And so when you think about it, now this goes back to 99 in the 90s, 98.
Okay, so you start thinking about the structure of planning and how that goes.
And you go back to Brzezinski, what I was mentioning earlier.
Each of these sets up a series of future events, so to speak, of anticipation based on gathering data and forecasting outcomes.
That's what we did in Earth Rising the Revolution.
That's what Alex has done for 25 years through Infowars.
It's what we all do as aggregators, collecting a large amount of information, distilling it down, and then getting it into a usable form so we get it.
And then trying to spread it multi-generationally where it starts to make sense.
Because you've got to look at this not in the snapshot of the quarter, like most people look at the news.
What's up today?
Forget about everything else.
And that's kind of the way it works.
Unless you really dive in all the time, you lose perspective.
Think about this.
Right now, in the Middle East, we've got this major setup for World War III going on.
You hardly hear it reported.
You've got a drought in North Africa and the Middle East.
You've got a drought in the Southwest.
You've got fires, hurricanes, all of this.
All of it is drowned out under, what?
A pandemic.
A shutdown, a control, an opportunity for globalists to take control.
And that's what all this has been about for so much of it.
It's when they did the rollout on scenarios for future of technology, international development.
You know why they picked these disaster scenarios?
Because those are the big opportunities where they get to leverage Private individual purposes with public money, and this time trillions of dollars of future tax money and federal debt, trillions and trillions of Federal Reserve printing, trillions and trillions leverage for the power players, the globalists, that other government, you know,
And the thing about 501c3s is once they mix in their money, they get to talk about policy.
And then they get to not pay taxes.
So we subsidize the whole conversation that works against us.
Isn't it a lovely equation?
You've got to be careful with 501c3s because when you form them, they also come after you if you engage in political speech as a way to shut you down and take your money and confiscate your resource.
Because 501c3s, when they go defunct, the resource has to be transferred to another 501c3.
So they're not your best vehicle.
Better be a commercial enterprise.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and pay your taxes and own your right to free speech.
No matter what corporate vehicle you choose to have.
But don't do a 501c3 if you want free speech.
You do a 501c4 for that.
That's based on political speech.
You don't get to write any of it off.
Okay, so this is a big difference.
You don't get to leverage your voice against the public.
501c4 is you pay your money and then you go out and do your thing.
And so there are different mechanisms for the IRS.
And the reason I bring all this up is, again, you gotta think about the mindset of people
who don't believe anything exists past material and how they view the world.
The mark they leave is the impact they have on manipulating everyone else's life, right?
'Cause that's what you're gonna remember.
Whether they consider it good or bad or how it breaks out.
You know, that's for history, they say, to judge.
But why judge on the basis of history when the facts are in front of you can make the judgments today?
And that's what we all need to do.
That's what InfoWars is about.
Support this network.
Take the time to look at the InfoWars store and support us.
Support what we do here.
And that's what makes this happen.
This is Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday afternoon, and we'll be right back after these messages.
And welcome back.
You know, thinking again about just this whole way in which these nonprofit so-called philanthropists are asserting so much power in the world and being able to leverage their voice, right, against the backdrop of public opinion, which through a configuration of billionaires, they've been able to silence the voices that don't sing the same song.
That is extraordinary in the 21st century, to see speech actually impeded rather than enfranchised and freed.
You know, think about this.
Every single transaction, digital transaction, through any medium that you utilize, Is monitored and tracked.
And yet, that's right.
It was part of the Telecommunications Act back in the 90s.
People don't even remember it.
And a lot of people didn't worry about a lot of what was in there because, oh, it's not there.
It's not a problem.
Who cares?
It's not my doorway.
They're kicking in.
Well, now it is, you see, because now we've discovered that the digital doorway is the more important doorway in all of our lives, because within it is every detail that not only Gives the full image, but allows the image to be pushed and reshaped into a different image.
Your image reshaped.
Reformed, restructured, recreated, not in the image and likeness of God, but in the image and likeness of a deep state set of manipulators using fear and anxiety as the primary power behind manipulating and creating something really ugly in the world.
Because I can believe this about every single listener to this broadcast, what we're seeing in the world right now is ugly.
It's dark.
It is not what any of us want to see in the big picture or in the micro picture of the nutshell of our own local communities across the country.
Whether you're in Anchorage, Alaska, Brussels, Belgium, Austin, Texas or LA or San Francisco or Portland, whatever you're seeing, I'm sure you're not happy with.
Because this is not the future that any of us, I think, want.
Now, why is it playing out?
Why is it being pushed?
Why is it being promoted as the only outcome possible when it's not?
And this is the point of the matter is these are opportunities that are taken advantage of every single time.
And this is the time again for calm in the middle of the storm, which I've talked about often in the last series of broadcasts on Friday afternoons, because going into the weekend after the horror show, we've lived all week in terms of what we've seen, what we've watched, what we've heard.
You know, you want to get at least a little bit of breath and recollect your own power and reconnect with the universal, reconnect with your family and friends, and kind of get it back and refocus.
Now, what do I do with the information I have so I'm not part of the manipulated game?
And you do it by getting your information, researching it well, and then looking for those who do the same.
And those of us that consolidate, aggregate data, then you can at least look at it, draw your own conclusion, you know?
And those of us that footnote our work, and I do it in the broadcast, I mention where it is, who it is.
Go look it up yourself, because I gave you six sources, and within those six are a couple thousand references.
Let's support what we're saying.
This is the difference between an InfoWars broadcast and CNN, you know, is you get editorial opinion based on BS.
They want to feed you as fertilizer and it's still BS.
And here at least you get information, you get the references, you can go look them up yourself.
And then make your own judgments and determination, because that's the essence of governance within this republic, is an informed electorate.
This is why silencing voices is the wrong answer.
If you don't like what you're hearing on this or any other broadcast in the 21st century, it's an easy change.
Change the channel, right?
You don't have to listen.
It's not like we're standing in the town square at the moment.
Pushing this into someone's ears.
Although we have the right to do that as well.
The right to assembly and the right to speak out.
And there's order in that.
Not chaos that we're seeing play out in our cities.
This is fundamentally law.
We don't see it here and in a lot of other cities we don't see it.
Although they make the attempt to roll out the same agenda around the world.
And the agenda really is Firstly, more about the control, manipulation, and then about the money, right?
The lubricant between all of the activity of human beings.
And that's the central banker's game that's been going on in a battle for a couple hundred years, really, even longer.
Because central banking, the idea of controlling the money supplies, however that's formulated, that's where the power of controlling government is.
Ask George Soros when he crushed Thailand, you know, and the and the bot when he crushed their economy, because he did, in fact, do that.
And when you look at these big players, and you heard his own words, oh, if If I didn't do it, someone else would have.
You heard him on the last segment when Alex was talking about this and playing his own voice and saying what it is.
You know, you don't have to guess about this stuff.
You just have to look, listen and pay attention.
Now, the big one coming up is Davos in January, right?
The big reset they're all talking about.
The big con job is what it is.
It's about a global economy, a one-world government, a sign-up and globalization of electronic money ultimately, and then the control of every single transaction you make.
If it's not politically correct, you don't make.
And the globe will decide.
You really want that?
Whatever sovereign state you're in, Whatever sovereign nation you're in right now listening to this broadcast, I salute you for your sovereignty within your nation-state.
That's the nature of the world today, and the reason we have nation-states is because we're all different.
In terms of our cultural beliefs and the way we engage the world.
And it's appropriate that we have nation states and that we create governance that comes out of ourselves within our region.
That's what we do.
That's why we have this Democratic Republic and Great Britain has a parliamentarian government.
Australia has a form of democracy, but no Bill of Rights.
So you see what's going on there when you don't have the Bill of Rights.
You know, maybe the Australian people need to get a Bill of Rights.
You need a constitutional convention.
You need real rights in the 21st century.
And we need to make sure within this country, where we still have one, a Bill of Rights, that is executed to protect assembly, which includes going to church, going to your favorite restaurant.
That protects free speech, which means equal treatment on the internet platforms across the world that governs so much speech in the 21st century.
The right to assemble, the right to free speech.
These are basic.
The right to assemble peaceably and petition your government.
Peaceably and petition your government.
You know, these things are all fundamental to who we are.
And if it really goes sour, you know, we have other rights as well as human beings.
But the point of the matter is the rights that we have within this nation state.
It are the rights that we believe in.
And here's what I would say about other folks in other nations.
If you don't like the government you've got, do what we did in 1776.
Let them know you don't like it anymore and you're changing it.
You know, we started to see some of that breaking out in different parts of the world, different times.
And some of it gets side railed and some of it gets sidetracked.
And often we hear about interference in our elections, our activity.
But so oftentimes it's us.
We've done it all over the world.
The United States has interfered with elections forever.
We've done this all over the world.
All that needs to stop and sovereignty be recognized that you come out of the will of the people within your boundaries.
This is right.
And we need to quit interfering.
Everyone does.
This is Dr. Dick Beckett.
We'll be right back.
When you're functioning with anxiety, when you're functioning with fear, what happens?
You fall into a fight or flight response.
It's the easiest and the first, call it the first step in the propaganda of formation.
Because you get somebody really anxious and fearful, they're really easy to put Because the higher intellect doesn't work.
The left and right brain quit communicating, the creative intellectual to each other.
It falls back to the lower brain, the reptilian brain, the one that can be pushed around easily and manipulated easily.
This is the simplest form of mind control, of controlling a person's behavior.
And then the deal is programming, messaging, Uh, narratives.
Think about the words that are even used.
You watch the television programming.
You look at Netflix's programming.
You look at the programming.
And then you gain the program by repetition over and over.
Values repeated, ideas repeated, concepts repeated.
Most people narrow their focus smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter to their own beliefs and no longer get a broader perspective.
And so much of the public education system has a one frame of belief controlled by those that control textbook, writing and publication.
Editing, formation of school board policies, all of it.
These things are done in a way that pushes the narrative.
What these think tanks are about, these non-profits, now controlling billions and billions and billions of dollars.
You know, every presidential administration has billions, still, because you've got their libraries, their non-profits.
That continue their narrative of public policy pushing, only now, because they're not government agencies and they're not doing it in the same way, they can take foreign money for all those non-profits.
And they do.
It's kind of like the payoff after the fact.
So they don't get paid off while they're delivering as president or legislators.
They get paid after.
When opportunity knocks on their door in their retirement years, in their golden years, and really what should happen here is we got to reassess all this.
You see, it should be more transparent.
It should be more available to know who influences who, after and before.
And should they be allowed?
These are things that will belong in the public debate not to be considered.
And they're not.
Because it's not in the interest of those in power to consider them.
Now, a lot of mediocre people find themselves in government.
Because they're easy to manipulate.
They got a good voice.
They got a reasonable intellect.
They'll do what they're told.
Not to overemphasize the point, that is the point.
They will do what they're told.
And there's too many of them in government right now, in every country in the world right now.
And so, Hold on to whatever electoral process you might have, and then try and make sure it stays paper and manual.
And I know people want to talk to me about blockchain all the time.
I don't care about any electronic system.
I know about paper.
Okay, I know about counting a ballot that has ink on it.
All right, I know about overseeing that, being able to watch that.
Okay, so these are important aspects of certain processes that should never be automated.
Maintain control of your individual republics or democracies or whatever mechanism you might have for participating in your government, wherever you are in the world listening to this broadcast.
And when I speak about sovereignty, I speak about self-governance, the right to self-determination, I think is fundamental to what government is.
I've always believed that.
Within this country, we've created a method where we can be self-determining as individuals within a broader community of local government, state, and federal government.
Other places form different governments.
They form parliamentarian governments, which don't have constitutions in the same formation that we do.
Necessarily, maybe they do.
But you're free to do that within the boundaries of every country.
Create whatever governance you like.
If you want a theocracy run by religious leaders, go ahead, have that if that's what you want.
If you want a democracy, if you want a pure democracy, go have that if that's what you want.
If you want a republic like ours, you can have that too.
Whatever you want, I think, is fair enough, and if you're tired of it, you can change it wherever you are in the world.
That's fundamental human right.
I believe that.
I think within our republic we have still a constitutional government that doesn't require the violence we're seeing in our streets.
And that needs to end.
Because we have a rule of law that is fundamental.
And a constitution that is fundamental.
And yes, a constitution that can also change.
Because that's what it's designed to do.
So women got suffrage.
Slaves were freed.
Things got changed.
That's the evolution, the progression, of thinking created human beings.
We've been doing it for a very long time, and we're going to continue to do it, I hope, into the future.
But the platform of values, whether you read ancient Greek literature translated into English or other works of ancient cultures, the values kind of come through in a lot of this.
Multi-generational values are what matter.
Against a platform of facts and information that needs to be discerned by looking not just at the view you believe in, but looking at your opposition views so you have a greater understanding, so you can engage a better conversation.
This is what education was supposed to be about, right?
Get all of the information.
This is what the media was supposed to be about.
Get all of the information.
Have an informed public, a free press.
That's why a free press was so important.
Why it was in the number one cluster.
Free press, free speech, free assembly.
The fundamentals of what it is to be an individual sovereign within a greater sovereign, a community.
But to be that individual sovereign, that voice that you get to be on an equal platform with the most powerful, the richest, most powerful players on the planet.
That's you.
Have that equal voice if you choose it.
And your voice should not be silenced when you are engaging in a dialogue with the public.
And this is what's happened to InfoWars.
I hope at some point we see this on the Supreme Court because that's why we have three branches of governance.
Because when the executive fails and the legislative fails, we have a court system that, given the opportunity to hear the case, Can put us back on track and it's happened periodically and sometimes you get really uptight about it but it does work as sloppy and ugly as it can be sometimes and we have opportunities to revisit issues over time and it moves a little slow sometimes because that's the way the republic has made it for over 200 years and how it'll make it for the next 200 years.
By taking a city course, one that requires a thinking public, not a brainwashed, manipulated public being pushed around at times of fear.
So much legislation is being shoved down our throats, it doesn't need to be passed to address the present situation.
And that's in every community across the nation.
Cities, counties, boroughs, states, and the nation.
Our liberties are being hijacked on a wholesale basis under the guise of our own safety and security in an illusion of fear that pushes it even further because the power of taking all that fear and all that anxiety and tunneling it, pushing it into a narrative, a script, actually creates that reality profoundly.
That's the mystery in it.
And it's also the history of it, and it's the occult science buried in it that you're not seeing, because that's how it's played out.
You take those negative emotions, which are powerful.
Think about when you're enraged.
If you could take all that energy from a million enraged souls and pump it into a direction, things change.
So, having said all that, think about who we are as created images in the likeness An image of God.
Think about what that means as we look at every living soul we see this weekend, going into the weekend, and recognize when we look in their eyes, we see just a bit of ourselves, just a bit of our own creation.
And in that, have the respect Be the light, be the voice, but be a voice that's calm, be a voice that's compassionate, and let us take on the anger from time to time, because I know it's kind of like the outlet of InfoWars often, is to take that anger and get it moved into something productive, and that's what we do.
At the end of the day, it's about changing the way we see the world.
This is the M4 Wars and you're the tip of the spear.
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Step into that office.
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This is where you come into the world, you go out of the world.
This is where you live all the passions and go through the crises.
This is where you get strong.
This is what makes you who you are!
Thank God that he put us here under this pressure so that we could experience this incredible
reality that isn't a simulation but it's real.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil worshiping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
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But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Krops told you, hell's coming!
*Intro* So everything InfoWars has done for 26 years, everything you've done in your life of being informed and being involved, is building towards this point, and this isn't a normal time.
And I know you know that.
And I salute you and I thank you.
But when you call in thanking me for trying to self-preserve myself and you, we're in the same boat, brother.
So I get it, I appreciate you just as much as you appreciate me, but I'm telling you, now is the time Because I need to know, I gotta decide the next week, with what we've got in our coffers, with only enough to operate, if I sold both my houses to pay for this place, it would not operate us for a month and a half.
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And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
With pedophiles and devil worshippers and forced inoculations and FEMA camps coming for us and war!
If we don't fix this now, we're gonna have to fight.
You know, I really need to repent.
It's a sick part of me.
I just hope it goes down.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Because all you devil worshippers and trash that have been pushing and pushing and pushing forever, you better hope you fail in your operation and you don't push us into the fire.
Because I swear on the altar of God, you will pay.
Quite frankly, I'm so alive right now.
I'm so glad Soros and Bill Gates hate me.
That's the greatest honor in my life.
It's the greatest thing in my life next to my children.
That I'm real, I'm all in, and you know me by my enemies, and I know our audience of activists.
It's you they hate, because they don't have your will, they don't have your soul, they don't have your heart.
They don't control your destiny!
They sure as hell don't control mine!
So we're trying to hold the dam against the Satanists and the armies of hell, and we pray to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father to lead God and direct us against this enemy!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
That dam's already got holes in it.
And the enemy's telling you, don't stick your fingers in it, don't block it, everything's fine.
Peaches and cream are on the other side.
You know it's not peaches and cream!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
One way or another!
Only question is, do we have a president in the middle of a fight against the new world order, or is it going to be us that does it?
But we know we're not giving up!
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