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Name: 20200915_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 15, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the Black Lives Matter movement, statistics on police brutality, and the global threat of Satanism. He emphasizes the importance of truth and the role of Infowars in igniting the Global Awakening. He talks about how organized crime was once denied by authorities but now, similarly, the FBI claims white supremacy is the biggest threat while ignoring the organized nature of Antifa. Jones criticizes the occult practices of globalists and their belief in blood sacrifice. He claims that the Chinese government funds Antifa through Maoist Institutes and Refused Fascism, a Maoist group with Weatherman involved that also gets Soros money. Jones promotes his 8-pack Power Stack product, which he claims has changed many lives. The speaker talks about the metaphysical rule that God put in place, which is free will. The globalists are making people hate themselves, be depressed, and not connect with God to ultimately control them. They want to destroy indigenous communities, small towns, human culture, and exterminate humanity. COVID-19 is being used as a cover for the rollout of a digital control system. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are referred to as monsters that want to murder people and their families. The globalists are teaching people that they're non-essential and automation will make humans obsolete, but we can take action by becoming self-sufficient and preparing for the future. People need to save themselves in order to save others from

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There's a good article in Town Hall that breaks this down.
Democrats are trying to threaten their way into power.
Meanwhile, they've elected all these former Weathermen people and their children to be district attorneys around the country.
So let me again show you who they are, FBI.
Let me show everybody who they are.
The nightmare must end.
The Trump-Pence regime must go.
November 4th, it begins.
And it has Refuse Fascism right here and who they are and what they do, refusefascism.org.
And that is the original group that founded Antifa more than 30 years ago and then set up Refuse Fascism in 2016 as their new super PAC.
But that's the group, that's the organization, that's the people.
You can go read all about it.
Refuse fascism is a radical malice group with funding from China and Confucius organizations.
Read the Kit Daniels article, full-page New York Times ad demands anti-revolution to overthrow Trump.
Here is the executive action summaries from Alexander Soros with their command groups trying to trigger martial law riots in Maryland.
You want to know what's going on?
Here it is right here, okay?
I could go on for hours about this.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen.
It is Tuesday, September 15th.
The year is 2020.
We're 48 days out from the election.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours.
The information you're receiving in this broadcast is the most dangerous information in the world to the anti-human forces of Satan.
This is not a drill.
This is not hyperbole.
This is not exaggeration.
This is the reality that we face.
And no matter if some of you are doubting this information now in the future, you will see it all unfold.
You will be forced to admit there is a God and there is a devil.
You will be forced to choose a side.
The founder of Black Lives Matter has now come out and admitted they are Satanists.
That's all coming up.
But first, this report, breaking it down.
We're down here.
Excuse me?
No, we're coming to visit someone.
No, you're not.
We can't go visit nobody?
You can once we confirm who it is, but there's no visitation allowed anyway, so you gotta go.
All right, y'all, you see what's happening right here, right?
They got these pigs out here.
They are telling us that we cannot come in here and see these individuals who have been shot down at the motherf***ing train station.
I am so angry at these people.
It's beyond angry.
I can't believe this is all going on.
I know this is a war, I know it's an assault, I know it's 21st century war where they can't militarily attack us front on.
So this international crime syndicate, the globalists, are doing it through the culture, through the corruption, through the people they've manipulated, through their economic power.
But it's so obvious, it's so admitted, it's so ridiculous, it's just mind-blowing.
At least six cops in the last two days got executed in the United States.
Two more got shot in Los Angeles, they're fighting for their lives.
They just aired the police out, n****.
They just aired the police out, n****.
It go up in content.
Them n**** got aired out, cuz.
They just bust on them, n****.
That's crazy.
It goes down in content.
And it was these people coming to the hospital saying, we hope the cops die, and just acting like complete maniacs.
And I didn't hate them because they were black people, because there's a bunch of white people acting just like them.
I hated them because they're so stupid!
You might get 14 black guys killed wrongfully a year by police, and a few hundred black guys shot by police a year.
You're twice as likely to be shot of your white per capita.
You're the least educated people here.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
Let's dance.
All right.
All right.
Let's talk statistics, because black people are being killed by police, right?
What are the numbers?
What are the numbers?
I don't need to tell you the numbers.
Okay, I need you to f***ing understand your privilege and the fact that your skin color does not get you f***ing killed.
Okay, can we talk about statistics and numbers and data and facts and evidence?
What are the numbers for you guys?
I'm going to tell you.
The number of unarmed black people who were killed by police last year was 9.
That's .000022% of the entire black population.
The number of white people who were killed by the police last year was 19.
And the number of white people who are killed by police every year is double the amount that's killed by black people.
You're literally disgusting.
Because the facts that I'm giving you don't align with your cult narrative?
What is it about me that disgusts you?
You're angry because I told you facts.
You're f***ing privileged.
Black people are not being killed by police in just f***ing numbers.
It's not happening.
You're just full of rage for no reason.
More than half of the black babies in New York City are aborted.
More than half.
You care about those black lives.
Because I don't want you to try to incite anger.
Learn some facts.
You don't have to be so angry.
Oh no!
It's not just there's more white people.
If you're a white man, you're twice as likely to be shot by the police because the police aren't scared to shoot you if you pull a gun on them.
And cops aren't perfect.
There's certainly some bad ones, but I'm watching these black dudes with BLM go to the hospital
And there's like hours of this footage, daring cops to shoot him, screaming, hoping the police die.
Because they think there's an epidemic of black people being killed by police.
This is mind control, ladies and gentlemen.
It's September 15th on this Tuesday, Global Edition, 48 days out.
I am your host, Alex Jones, very honored, very blessed to be here.
I want to thank you all for being listeners and viewers and supporters, because without you, the enemy would have destroyed us and this country, along with the rest of us.
Yes, it's a fact, without InfoWars, the entire global landscape
Of understanding how the world really works would not have happened.
We would not have President Trump.
We would not have Bolsonaro.
We would not have Nigel Farage.
We would not have all these people in those positions.
I've been told by Bolsonaro's son, who's his right-hand man, a member of Congress in Brazil, face-to-face.
I've been told by Nigel Farage on this show.
I've been told by Donald Trump that
They know InfoWars is what ignited the global awakening.
It was already there, the Patriots already knew what was going on, the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, who came along later, but we supercharged it.
This audience and everyone that helped promote InfoWars material, like Drudge did for 15 years, changed the whole face of the world.
That's why it's hard to get mad at Drudge, who's obviously
Supporting the other team.
When he helped get us to this point, I haven't talked to Drudge in years.
I don't know what Drudge is up to or why Drudge is doing that, but that's why I have nothing but support for Drudge because, again, just giving credit where credit's due.
Paul Watts has got a big video out on him saying what the hell happened to him, and it's a good question.
In fact, I'm going to play it later today and talk about that, but that's a side issue.
Infowars changed the world.
It's our job not to be popular up front, but to have the courage to cover the things that we know will be attacked for, because we know it's true, to break the ice and make it safe for other people like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson to come along and adopt our worldview, which is the accurate worldview.
The Globalist program has put out thousands of different flavors of disinfo and then hope you never read their white papers.
Well, I read the white papers.
I read hundreds and hundreds of books by the Globalist for the Globalist.
I infiltrated their organizations.
I interviewed all the major defectors against them.
And we are the brain trust.
You are the brain trust.
You did it.
We're winning.
The new world order is in big trouble, but
The system is created of corruption and surveillance and evil is growing like a cancer.
But the people that thought they'd build this world government and have it take over, they are in deep trouble.
But that doesn't mean the system they built is in deep trouble, but that's the next phase of what we're going to do, and we will do it, and we will be successful.
Just like George Herbert Walker Bush said in 1992 that he was going to bring us into one world government, he goes, when we are successful, and we will be,
We're going to establish our new world order.
Well, you can see the new world order coming into view.
We're nation states and people have no power and megacorporations are above the law and totally evil.
So let me tell you what's in the stack today.
I just called and I said, let's get this Paul Watson.
I think he's doing Wednesday or Thursday this week.
Let's get Bishop Larry Gators on.
Because he's been exposing that LeBron James and that the founders of Black Lives Matter and all them are actually into an anti-African cult that feeds off the energy of black people.
Now I know the globalists do that for my own studies, but everything he said about Black Lives Matter, the founder has now come out and said that killing police is a form of sacrifice to the devil.
It's a big Gateway Pundit article, and I'm glad they went and dug these quotes out.
These people are not hiding this, about how they pray to these gods, and that it's all black magic.
That the spirits want murder.
So when we say it's a spiritual battle, it is.
These women, these Marxists, who tell you, we don't want men to have testicles, we don't want to have a black family.
How could you say you're a bigger enemy of humans?
Or black people?
To say, we are here to destroy the family.
That is their maxim.
And the greatest sacrament is a man having his testicles cut off.
Talk about witches.
Talk about devils.
You know, a great historian in Vietnam, highly decorated veteran, Oliver Stone wrote Conan the Barbarian, the first Conan movie.
The second one was unwatchable crap.
The first one is excellent.
A lot of ancient lore mixed together with fiction.
And in it, Conan is wanting to find out who killed his family and he comes into this ladies
House in the mountains and she says, I'll tell you where those snakes eating snakes came from.
I'll tell you where that amulet came from, but there is a price barbarian.
And what does she want to do?
She wants to take his sexual energy and a sexual ritual and kill him while she's raping him.
This is Alistair Crowley magic.
And that's what these women are involved in.
These are real black magic witches.
And I don't mean black magic because they're black.
I mean, they are some devils.
And they admit it.
And you look at the spell they've got over people that have taken on this, just murder the police, murder innocent people, shoot people at checkpoints, burn things down, go into restaurants and attack people because of what color they are.
And these women conducting their little white magic rituals out in the open, like Irina Baranovic does, but then the black magic is done internally.
I mean, these are just arrogant, slob-like jokes.
But they've got the power of Soros, who is a dark magician of the highest order, behind them.
And Alexander Soros.
And we're going to talk about that when we come back.
That's why the Justice Department's leaked emails that Antifa's organized.
Remember they had blackmailed J. Edgar Hoover reportedly.
LaCosta Nostra had the Italian Mafia.
And up until the 50s, they said there's no such thing as organized crime.
It doesn't exist.
Well, it's the same thing here.
Oh, the FBI, still run by leftists at the highest levels in some areas, not completely, but part of it, says white supremacy is the biggest threat, right?
Biggest killer, sure.
So is the Easter Bunny.
But they say they don't know who runs Antifa, though.
Really, I have their corporate bylaws and their minutes and all of it right here I'll be showing everybody.
They buy full-page ads in newspapers across the country for millions of dollars a pop.
It's $200,000 for the ad they bought in the New York Times.
They bought them in major papers across the country.
Millions of dollars.
And they're highly financed.
We'll show you exactly who runs them.
And the same dude just gave $220 million on top of all the other hundreds of millions to what?
Black Lives Matter!
Black Lives Matter!
And then 98% of the money is siphoned off to the Democratic Party and all the old white people.
And then you've got obese, insane witches strutting around doing rituals being worshipped by men
When that women are coming archetypally to destroy their masculine energy, to feed on the species and enslave humanity.
They come for the men.
I mean, just thank God every moment that you are not a demonic slob like this lady, dressed up as a black-winged angel.
We'll play the video coming up, but Pastor Bishop
Gators will be joining us in the fourth hour today.
He certainly is an expert on this.
And just like me, when you have a lot of info, you tend to move fast.
I'm going to ask him today to really drill into the occult areas of this and really take his time.
Because I know a lot of the stuff he knows, so I know he's not BSing.
But he's moving so quick when I'm watching, I'm just like...
He explains all the languages that these globalists use and how it's all their gang language so we don't know.
And he's dead on, so you can know where they're coming from and what they think their source of power is.
And it's in blood.
Killing babies when they're not born.
Killing them when they're born.
Killing old people.
Killing cops.
Because to kill a warrior, and to kill someone that defends the tribe, that's the highest level of sacrifice you can get.
The Druids did it with the Burning Man, where they would burn the pure warriors.
48 days, 48 days racing towards us with agonizing slowness.
There's that paradox of the time is flying by, but each second is like a year.
That is the paradox of the universe.
I am your host, Alex Jones, on this Live Tuesday, teleprompter free, global transmission.
All right, so we've got a lot of incredible COVID world government news we're going to be getting to.
We've also got the globalist next frontier of censorship we're going to be exposing and how easy it is to defeat this fraud.
But first, let's get into who exactly is behind Antifa.
Now, that's kind of a joke to have the feds leak that, oh, we've discovered it's orchestrated and run
We're good to go.
And the Refused Fascism, which is a Maoist group with Weatherman involved that also gets Soros money, is controlling it.
And all of this can be looked up.
And so, just let me do the FBI's job for them as if they don't know every damn bit of this and more.
Meet Refused Fascism, the domestic Maoist group endorsing Joe Biden.
That's out of Justice News.
Just the News.
No surprise, the Transition Integrity Project is working to remove President Trump from office no matter what, has connections to China, Soros, Obama, and Hunter Biden.
And Gateway Pundit, in a big lengthy article, details all the funding of the groups, including a foreign government.
I remember I told you three years ago, four years ago, this is four now, we infiltrated Antifa Austin with undercover people, and they were meeting at UT with a UT board member running it, who's
On the payroll of China and a Confucius Institute.
And they were pledging allegiance to Xi Jinping.
And when we were there, we later got approached by the military and the CIA.
And they said, hey, we know you're infiltrating these groups.
They're very dangerous.
We're aware of it.
We're in there as well.
I'm like, well, you sure as hell ought to be doing something about it.
Because this was like whole meeting rooms with hundreds of people at UT.
And you had to have a pass a code word to get in, but we got in.
And I told you about that four years ago.
So, and now you've seen they've shut down the Confucius Institutes.
These are foreign paid operatives.
Let's continue.
Meet Refused Fascism, the domestic malice group endorsing Joe Biden.
No surprise, the Transition Integrity Project is working to remove President Trump from office no matter what.
Has connections to China, Soros, Obama, and Hunter Biden.
DHS has
Overwhelming intel that Portland violence organized by violent Antifa anarchists leaked emails.
And it goes into CBS News reporting that the feds say that it's organized.
Meanwhile, the billionaire backers of insurrection.
The Transition Integrity Project.
Big article out of American Greatness.
And it links to all the facts.
And now Soros funds it.
Now he gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the groups that fund it.
And it's all right there.
This is all open and shut.
It's not even hidden.
DHS leaked.
Email confirms Antifoes an organized group.
They confirm that cows walk on four legs.
Then we have the New York Times defending him.
Trump's shredding of civil liberties won't stop with Antifa.
They go on to say that the man that reportedly shot the other Patriot prayer person probably wouldn't even do it.
He's just a suspect.
The police probably killed him on purpose and he's a hero.
Meanwhile the guy said he killed him and admits he killed him.
It's just the New York Times.
Breaking CDC!
Defies Trump executive order, moves forward with critical race theory indoctrination.
Now why is this important?
Because it's an example of why Trump can't get anything done.
The bureaucracies and the agencies do not do what he lawfully says.
So they're going to go ahead
With a multi-month long, brainwashing, 13-week series titled, Naming, Measuring, and Addressing the Impacts of Racism.
And it goes on to say, America's bad, America's racist, America's evil.
Go read it for yourself.
It actually says, the country should not exist.
It's unbelievable.
There's a good article in Town Hall that breaks this down.
Democrats are trying to threaten their way into power.
Meanwhile, they've elected all these former Weathermen people and their children to be
District attorneys around the country.
So let me again show you who they are, FBI.
Let me show everybody who they are.
The nightmare must end.
The Trump-Pence regime must go.
November 4th, it begins.
And it has Refused Fascism right here and who they are and what they do.
And that is the original group that founded Antifa more than 30 years ago and then set up Refused Fascism in
2016 as their new super PAC.
But that's the group, that's the organization, that's the people.
You can go read all about it.
Refuse Fascism is a radical Maoist group with funding from China and Confucius organizations.
Read the Kit Daniels article, full-page New York Times ad demands anti-revolution to overthrow Trump.
Here is the executive action summaries from Alexander Soros with their command groups trying to trigger martial law riots in Maryland.
So you want to know what's going on?
Here it is right here.
I could go on for hours about this, but let's talk about the aftermath.
You've got Big Tech saying you're not allowed to report on now more than 50 arrests on the West Coast for arson, catching people in the act with Moloff cocktails, gasoline matches, on people's property, on highways, in vineyards, running around, setting fires, on surveillance camera, the police see it, and when the police report arson, the police are being
Get off the floor!
Get off the floor and lay down!
What are you doing in my property?
Did you light anything on fire?
No, ma'am.
What are you doing with those matches on your head?
I smoke.
You smoke?
Where are your cigarettes?
We don't want to have matches right now.
Did you light anything up on fire?
What's your name?
Corey Allen.
They're catching people everywhere.
It's an army of homeless zombies.
They're being paid.
He's got matches on his hand.
Make sure you snap pictures of him.
All right, let's go to the next video.
Here is another area of Oregon.
A bunch of other videos.
They caught him in California actually lighting the fires.
Here's the video.
It's 1046 a.m.
Here comes the zombo.
Starts lighting fires.
Like a good little leftist.
And they're just doing it everywhere.
They did a test run of this like eight years ago in Austin.
And he sets the fire.
Now, if you try to put this on Facebook or anywhere else, it is deleted.
It does not exist.
They are under the control of Communist China.
America is fighting for its life.
This is a war against our entire country.
And their meth-head zombie forces are launching attacks.
Citizens, keep your eyes peeled.
Defend the Republic.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Spineless from the start.
Sucked into the part.
Joe Biden plays the lead part.
Remember, CNN about three weeks ago came out and said, don't worry, Biden's going to step down and Kamala Harris or somebody else will be president.
Pelosi's been saying she's going to be president.
This is like something right out of a Greek tragedy or something.
All these crazy people battling for power that they can't even understand or wield.
It's all coming up, but I want to talk in a moment about the next phase of censorship and control and the sleight of hand that's going on that's based on sleight of hand itself.
But let's continue along with what's unfolding.
You saw a few days ago the sheriff's deputies, Saturday, both shot in the head in L.A.
One woman, who'd been a librarian previously but saw society breaking down, became an officer, was shot through both sides of her jaw, blowing most of her teeth and lower mandible out.
She still saved her partner, who was bleeding to death, with a tourniquet, with her jaw basically blown off, hanging.
See the shocking still shot from surveillance footage right there.
For having a upper blue collar job that pays $50,000 a year and all the hate that comes with it being called to all the dangerous bars and businesses and home disturbances.
That's what you get.
Is shot in the face for it.
Now there's so many videos of this and I and I noticed that watching these made me over the weekend last few days we have blow up.
And be a jerk to my wife and a jerk to the crew.
Because just seeing the media praise this, and seeing the media defending it, and seeing all the videos of Black Lives Matter celebrating it, physically makes me angry.
Because this is the death of logic.
This is extremely evil.
And this is an attempt to overthrow local government, to not get rid of police but bring in globalist police.
So this is terrorism!
Terrorism is
Carrying out violence or threatening violence to make someone accept your political or economic demands.
And we're being told by the Democrats, you do what we want or we're going to burn the country down and start killing everybody.
And because Pelosi and Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Eric Holder and Big Mike and George Soros and all these other people never pay for attacking us, they get more and more bold.
Why do you think they'd wipe 34 phones and devices from the Mueller witch hunt when it's a felony, 20 years in prison each time?
Because they are pissing in our faces because they're criminals.
And they think we're weak.
And behind the scenes, they've got the whole president's family under criminal investigation, both state and federal, and almost all of his top supporters.
And most people roll over under that.
So these criminals have never even had a bloody nose.
Much less politically, their teeth knocked out.
And so, they got that walkin' hubris of a fool, of a clown, right before it steps into oblivion.
But the fall of Colossus Clowns
It tends to take a lot of civilization with it, so this is a harbinger of destruction.
We're on the eve of destruction, make no mistake.
The sins we've committed will be dealt with by God and all the disasters and all the corruption, all the pedophilia and all the Satanism coming out in the open, climbing out of their holes, slithering out of their nest,
He's only a prelude.
Because their writhing death rattles are going to be spectacular.
And many of us will be drugged down with them.
Like Captain Ahab and the Great White Whale.
Moby Dick.
So let's play just one of the many videos of someone who witnessed the two police being shot in the head for no reason, celebrating with satanic delight that the founders of Black Lives Matter say that murder is what the spirits want, a blood offering.
And the spirit is flowing.
The force of Satanism is with them.
Here it is.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, they just got bussed off!
That n***a on a knee!
Police just got aired out, n***a!
They just got bussed off, n***a!
They just got aired out, n***a!
Somebody bust on their ass!
And this is the same spirit of the Crips and the Bloods just killing each other mindlessly.
Somebody bust on the police, nigga!
But now they're getting the gangs to attack the police, calling them a gang.
Oh, two sheriffs shot in the face!
And that state is on fire and collapsing.
So let's show some more of these videos.
Let's show the officer where Black Lives Matter is now protesting and freaking out.
In Lancaster, Black Lives Matter has been rioting there and getting upset because a mother and her daughter called on the son breaking in with a knife, threatening to kill him.
So they call the cop.
The cop comes.
He tries to kill the cop.
The cop kills him.
And it's still a bad guy because, you know, he's a white cop.
This is the mindlessness of this.
And the very same BLM, when people stand up to them, call the cops.
So it's just a death of logic and a bunch of drugged out crazy people thinking that because the media says they're good, it's their time to go out and celebrate all this when all they're doing is destroying their own future.
And all of it paid for by the chi-coms and the globalists, like George Soros and a bunch of devil worshippers, who admit all the blood they think gives them power.
Just like Aztec priests cutting hearts out, the BLM founders say these are blood rituals.
That's in the news today.
Let's go ahead and roll clip one of the body cam footage of a man chasing a cop with a knife.
And the police officer walks up, turns the mic on, here we go.
And again, we see these videos every day now.
Black guy blows his own head off.
Black guy pulls a cop, a gun on cops.
Mom calls the cops because he's trying to stab her.
This happens.
And again, no big deal.
I thought this was cued up to right when the audio actually started.
Here we go.
Who wants this job?
They call you and then a guy jumps out with a knife trying to stab you.
Like a video game.
He's just like... The cop runs from him as the man jumps at him with a knife.
I mean, look at this!
It's like a zombie movie!
And it's the rage that it's the cops and the media says the cops are bad, and the media says black men are dying everywhere at the hands of cops, so black men start trying to kill cops.
And then black men start dying.
And then BLM...
It's to go crazy, yet again.
We've got some footage of that when we come back.
A man with an American flag confronts BLM group, again, in Lancaster, the same place this happens, where they're all freaking out, that, oh my gosh, somebody's mama calls the police on the big baby, threatening him with a knife, and the cop comes and saves him, and he's the bad guy because he's a white devil.
What a sick joke.
Thank you, Soros.
Look what you've done to these people's brains.
Thanks a lot, CNN, MSNBC.
You truly are enemies of humanity.
Race-baiting, lying scum who will be held accountable.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I've learned a lot about human nature in 46 years.
And a long time ago, I'd ask God why I was being put through the things I was put through.
And God, basically in the spirit, told me.
You're being prepared for a mission.
And I'm talking about when I was like three, four years old, a lot of really interesting stuff went on.
I'll just leave it at that.
And then by the time I was about 17, I knew what it was I was supposed to do.
And I always have the deep understanding.
It's not even like a vision, it's a roadmap.
It's like you're like a machine, but you have free will.
That I am to prepare the groundwork for the big wave that's going to confront Satan and the whole AI world government system.
And that I'm one of the key people that brings in the big crop.
Like I'm the precursor to the big one.
And I know those people are out there, the leaders that are going to lead the fight.
That said, it's very frustrating, some obnoxious sometimes, I'm exhausted, because it feels like atmospheres of weight on top of you.
The understanding, that's what the Bible says, with great knowledge comes great sorrow.
Because I don't get to have vitriol.
I don't get to have satisfaction in the things I do.
Sometimes I'll be a little dark on air because I'm trying to have the facsimile of that.
Because I don't even know how to do it from a good place.
The only way I can take enjoyment out of something is to slip out of righteous gear into a little bit of devil gear.
And the only reason I explain that is so people know where I'm coming from.
We are all fallen creatures.
And I don't want to get up here and tell you this negative news to scare you.
I believe in you.
And I believe that when you know the truth, you're going to be able to stand up and warn others and lead others away from the destruction that's coming.
I don't say all this to be negative, and I don't like to sit up here and say all this, but it's true.
So I can't lie to you.
The satanic forces on this planet are very real.
They're just as real as the oxygen you breathe that you can't see.
And they want to kill you, and they want to take you away from God, and they want your spirit to be with them, bound forever.
That's a horrific thing.
And so everybody better get right.
That doesn't mean going to one of these fake churches.
The spirit of evil is so strong in those churches because the enemy has taken them over.
You're going to find God when you pray.
Humble yourself.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
The manifest evil we're seeing is only going to get more intense.
And there will undoubtedly come a time when the enemy is actually able to take us off air.
But they're going to end up taking everybody else off air.
That's why, like, before you get caught in a riptide and you've been caught in one, you better get that big gulp of air before you get sucked under and it shoots you out 50 yards down the coast.
And relax and don't fight it.
And you're gonna be inside it.
So, I'm gonna just say this.
You'll find out, the men from the boys, the women from the girls with the stuff that's happening, you'll find out,
Who wants to fight corruption and who wants to just kind of play games with it are people that just can't really believe stuff's this bad.
And those are people that are childlike or immature.
They'll wake up later because you and I and others have planted the seeds.
But I'll just say this.
Your financial support is what allows us to stay on air and put out the talking points that are the most accurate out there.
That are listened to in the most important sectors of this planet.
From the grassroots to the ivory towers.
From the councils of government to the councils of war.
They know that we are for real.
They know we carry the spirit of our future empowerment with us.
And they know that they wish to exhaust that spirit.
But what we've done is already spread.
They will never exhaust the spirit.
But I know that we have more work to do.
Before it's time for me to complete my mission.
My mission is far from done.
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We come back.
I'll get into the latest attacks on free speech that are frauds within frauds, the latest on the race wars they're trying to start, BLM admitting that their roots are Satanism and human sacrifice, murder, and so much more.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Thank you.
This is going to come down to sight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
You know, if anything that's happening at CNN, and anybody who buys your book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so, CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
They came in peace.
No news output is an enemy of America!
Bill Gates wants you!
Take the vaccine!
Don't run!
CNS your friend!
This is CNS.
Right in front of our very eyes, we are seeing the globalist deep state at work.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
What a terrible, terrible blight upon all people.
Antifa, which they claim means anti-fascist, is absurd, ludicrous, and totally opposite of what they claim to be.
They are not anti-fascist.
They are the fascists.
Black Lives Matter.
It's a ruse.
If Black Lives Matter, then why don't we do something about what is happening?
Blacks on Blacks.
Killing Blacks.
In places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
It's an endless list that won't be missed.
So, the bottom line here is that it's about divide, confusion, chaos, and conquer.
What we're watching here is insanity, and particularly the deep state Democrats and their seditious, despicable, lying media are fanning the flames.
I urge all of my brothers and sisters, don't go for the ghost.
Okay, don't be duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled.
Understand that we are in this struggle as patriots, as U.S.
citizens, together.
What we have on our side is we have each other.
Each other.
And that's extremely powerful.
And that's something that the media, the deep state Democrats and the rhino Republicans for that
I don't know.
This is our republic.
This is all about fun and games and hurting people and destroying, not building, not serving the people, body and soul, but the exact opposite.
So I plead with, implore with, to all my brothers and sisters of all colors, get a grip on reality.
Stop this madness.
Stop this insanity.
And those who won't stop it need to be stopped.
Larry Pinkney, an original Black Panther, the real deal.
The answer to 1984, 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com
And never give up the fight.
Believe me, this is the fight.
Alright, we're 60 seconds away from news, information, and so much more.
Stay with us.
If you just joined us, some stations don't carry that first five minutes, but some stations do, so we do it.
I've forgotten about a minute and a half of what Larry Pinckney, one of the founders of the Real Black Panther Party,
Had to say about BLM and Antifa, and it's just pure oratory truth.
You know, there was the father of rhetoric, was it Greek?
And I forget his name, but they said he has a perfect orator.
Well, truth is the perfect rhetoric.
And so at the bottom of the hour, I'm going... No, I'll air it at the end of this segment.
I'll show you the bad stuff, and then we'll get to the good stuff.
I'm gonna play it again.
And we should have Larry Pinkney Shep's own show.
He should really be on more.
I know he takes care of his family and a bunch of people where he lives.
But I mean, imagine the system wanted that.
That was the real Black Panther.
Super smart, well-spoken, but then they got set up and infiltrated like American militias do and put in jail.
The new Black Panther Party is run by the Southern Primary Law Center and ADL.
It's a terrorist organization, basically a black supremacist group.
Spouting the most horrible things, but that's just where all this goes.
And I don't show these things to inflame folks.
I show this to expose who's behind it.
The FBI leaked, that's a good start, to CBS News that Antifa is run by Democratic Party, basically.
But they said, oh, we just know it's organized.
Well, last hour I showed their founding documents, their funding.
Full-page ads the group buys in the New York Times.
I mean, you don't know who's organizing it?
Antifa begins the overthrow of Trump.
Pence, full-page ads.
Got the name of the group funding it right there.
They get money from the Communist Chinese Party.
I thought this was important enough four or five years ago to infiltrate it with an undercover person.
And we did typecast somebody and find somebody that looked like they were a meth head, but they were a good guy.
They had health problems.
Because they looked like a ghoul, they were allowed in.
It was run at UT in a large auditorium with a UT board member running it and pledging allegiance to Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping and others.
You think I'm joking?
I told you that Confucius Institute was running them.
You notice that got shut down two years later.
You can't make this stuff up, so...
Again, Alex Jones here.
He just joined us.
I'd like to say my name over and over again.
We're on hundreds of radio stations, so I have to announce each segment who I am.
Everybody's now basically online, so when they hear an actual radio show online or TV show online, they're like, why is he saying his name?
Because on radio, you have to.
Or the stations turn you off.
But continuing...
And our other host Owen's amazing, and David Knight's amazing, but we've always got to remember, radio stations are picking us up.
So we have to narrate things.
That's our main audience, it's still radio.
So the deplatforming didn't work, thank God.
It was all our great affiliates, so they are beyond critical, they are paramount to support.
If you're a listener, does your local church really fight the Satanists?
Does it really fight abortion like we do?
And I'm not up here like a Pharisee saying I'm great.
Those local stations are doing God's work more than that little whorehouse church.
So give them $100 a month.
Tithe to those local radio stations if you want to win.
I'm not here telling you what to do, I'm telling you what I'd do.
And you know it's the right thing to do.
Alright, continuing here.
And it's so changed the face of the country, folks, that our listeners support our local stations.
I can't tell you how many stations pick us up at night for a year or so that move us to earlier in the evening and then end up taking us live because they get ratings, the people support them, and it's the truth!
And now more stations pick us up because it used to sound crazy, I know, but now, see, we're normalized because we've now gotten to the chapter of the book that I was telling you was coming.
And now you hear me telling you the next chapter I knew about, you weren't ready to hear it, that this isn't humans running this.
Those that don't believe in God call it aliens.
We read the Bible, tells us it's a fallen entity in another dimension, but right next to us and his soldiers right next to us.
And the mission is exterminate all life on earth, not just human.
You look at what the globalists are doing, that's what they're doing.
And that leads me to this before I get into all the Antifa stuff.
I'm glad that they just put that on screen.
They reminded me, I almost started the show with this today, to talk about the delusions.
When Orson Welles did a radio broadcast, I forget, when was it, the 30s?
Look up when Orson Welles did that, guys, War of the Worlds.
And he said, Martians are attacking.
And they've got tripod legs.
People went outside with their 30-odd sixes and shot water towers.
Because it was so well done how he did the hoax.
Well, I remember over 10 years ago, there was a big blimp over Salt Lake City, super high, it was a DARPA blimp, and people thought it was a UFO.
They zoomed in on it, it had propellers on it.
Well, over New Jersey was the Goodyear blimp with big flashing ads on it and flashing security lights.
We'll play that audio in a moment.
And thousands of cars, not, not, the headline says dozens stopped, we see dozens on that tape, I saw the other footage.
The highways stopped because people were so ignorant
He did that.
October 30th.
War of the Worlds.
They were so ignorant and so disconnected from reality that when they saw a blimp, they saw aliens because the media talked about aliens.
Aliens aren't gonna come in a big flying saucer, folks.
They're already here.
And in laboratories, they've already created thousands of species, they admit, that have no human or animal or plant DNA or RNA.
They've just manufactured, they call it nanotech, but it's living.
That's alien.
Aliens could send us, over the radio telescope, a code to resequence DNA or RNA, and we could build an alien here.
They made the movie Species about that.
Well, I can tell you, they've taken some of the radio stuff they know is obviously not just random.
Pulsar stars and things like that, and they've been doing that.
So they've been getting some messages as well in this dimension.
So let's talk about the reality of this.
Go ahead and roll the audio in New Jersey for radio listeners of the public thinking it's a flying saucer, even though there's a Jumbotron TV on the side of it with Miller Lite commercials.
Here it is.
Look, the whole street is f***ed up.
This is a f***ing flying spaceship.
Yo, look at that.
Look at everybody in the highway right now.
Donald Trump.
Now, speaking of aliens, so again, 14 black men are killed wrongfully each year by police where they didn't have a gun.
Turns out it's a mistake.
It's about 14.
2,000 die a year at the hands of black men.
Black men do.
In Chicago, no one cares.
Again, that's perception over reality.
And they'll tell you in advertising, I never believed this, I think it's a fraud, that perception is reality.
No, it's not.
You can take 10 hits of acid and get up on a 50-story building and think you are a duck that's gonna fly down to the bottom.
And you jump off and you die.
You can imagine that you're a pterodactyl and you're gonna fly off.
No, you die unless you've got a parachute.
So perception is not reality.
Perception is delusion.
But you've got black people all over the United States killing white people every day.
Because they believe there's an epidemic of black people being killed by police officers, and then you go talk to the Black Lives Matter events, we've done it.
You've seen the videos that we've shot, Owen's shot, Savannah Hernandez, myself, and the others.
And we go, hey, you know, statistically, they've killed 23 million black people, and police total kill about 200 black people a year.
Shut up!
Nazi, I'm going to knock you in your head!
You racist KKK!
And I'm like, actually, that's Hillary.
That's them.
The Planned Parenthood was set up to kill you.
Shut up!
I'm going to kill you!
You threatening to kill me?
And again, there's that emotion of, hey, 14 dead black men, but the media makes a big deal out of it, versus millions.
It's incredible.
And the globalists would say, well, these people are done.
They deserve to die.
No, folks, this has been a dumbing down process.
And now they're using the dumb down as weapons against us all.
We'll be right back with the Larry Pinckney piece I talked about.
Stay with us.
Juxtapose the mindless jibberings of Antifa and BLM celebrating the shooting of police officers, the wounding and killing across the country versus a original founding member of the Black Panther Party, Larry Pinckney, who they actually set up and put in prison because he was effective at bringing people together, not dividing them.
The new Black Panther Party works for Soros and the New World Order to create racial division.
You're not alone.
Millions preparing to fight back.
This video went super viral, not at Bandot Video.
It got a couple hundred thousand, three hundred thousand views there, but millions of views across the internet.
Now it needs to be shared more than ever.
Larry Pinckney from BlackActivistWG.org.
Here he is.
Right in front of our very eyes, we are seeing the globalist deep state at work.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
What a terrible, terrible blight upon all people.
Antifa, which they claim means anti-fascist, is absurd, ludicrous, and totally opposite of what they claim to be.
They are not anti-fascist.
They are the fascists.
Black Lives Matter.
It's a ruse.
If Black Lives Matter, then why don't we do something about what is happening?
Blacks on Blacks.
Killing Blacks in places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
It's an endless list that won't be missed.
So the bottom line here is that it's about divide, confusion, chaos, and conquer.
What we're watching here is insanity, and particularly the deep state Democrats and their seditious, despicable, lying media are fanning the flames.
I urge all of my brothers and sisters, don't go for the ghost.
Okay, don't be duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled.
Understand that we are in this struggle as patriots, as U.S.
citizens, together.
What we have on our side is we have each other.
Each other.
And that's extremely powerful.
And that's something that the media, the deep state Democrats and the rhino Republicans
For that matter.
This is our republic.
This is all about fun and games and hurting people and destroying, not building, not serving the people, body and soul, but the exact opposite.
So I plead with, implore with, to all my brothers and sisters of all colors, get a grip on reality.
Stop this madness.
Stop this insanity.
And those who won't stop it need to be stopped.
Now, that's eloquence.
That's truth.
That's power.
That's one of the founders of the Black Panther Party.
And that's why they locked him up.
The FBI files came out later.
They set him up and put him in prison.
You know who apologized before he died for being part of it?
Ted Gunderson.
Who was a hero, he exposed pedophile rings, everything.
They were told that the new Black Panther Party, the Black Panther Party was communist, the new Black Panther Party was globalist.
And so they went after him, they set him up, they put him in prison.
But that's because they were actually trying to empower people.
You don't see the new Black Panther Party or BLM being put in prison, you see them getting
Hundreds of millions of dollars from Soros a year.
Hundreds of millions from Nike and Microsoft and Apple to cover up the slave factories they've got in China.
And that is the reality.
See, real leaders, whether they be black or white or brown, get shut down.
They get attacked.
You can see they're trying to shut us down and put us in prison right now too.
They're ever trying.
But thanks to your prayers, your support, we're still on air.
But let's, before I hit the big news, so much of it, I need to get into the huge COVID-19 news.
It's all coming to a head.
And the decision about which way we're going to go, we are now at that fork, at that crossroads, at that juncture, at that jump point.
That's next segment.
And Joe Rogan just interviewed Edward Snowden again for another Megabombshell.
And of course Snowden talked about trailblazers exposing the system.
And so we'll get to that coming up next segment.
We'll talk about Julian Assange.
Pardon that needs to happen.
A lot of people have asked, why aren't you on Joe Rogan yet?
Well Joe did tell me he wanted me to be one of his first guests when he got on Spotify.
That became a huge international news issue.
And then they tried to de-platform Joe and did a whole SJW event against Joe and a whole disappearing of Joe.
They engaged in that.
What's the term they used?
I'll do it with my tongue.
When they de-platform somebody.
It's not the term they use now.
It's not called de-platforming.
It's called cancel culture.
There you go.
They attempted to cancel Joe when I made that announcement.
He was in a good mood, telling me all the stuff at night.
I come up here and do a show about it.
It was a huge deal.
Media spins what I said.
That becomes a whole cattywampus situation.
But we'll be making some announcements very, very soon.
But yeah, Snowden.
gave credit that we were the Trailblazers fighting the Patriot Act.
And of course, that was part of what influenced him as a listener of the show to do what he did.
And I mean, I was told by folks that Snowden was a listener.
I was told that by folks that have talked to him.
I couldn't confirm that, never talked to Snowden, but Snowden basically just confirmed that on Joe Rogan.
So that's coming up next segment as well.
But I need to get to these clips I mentioned.
Again, here's the body cam footage of the man chasing a cop with a knife after the mother calls him to the house saying he was threatening to kill her.
The cop shoots him, and now they're having BLM freak out in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Here's that clip.
So a guy comes jumping at you like a video game character in a zombie movie with a butcher knife and you defend yourself and now BLM's freaking out.
The national media is saying this is wrong.
Here's a video of a man with an American flag confronts Black Lives Don't Matter, that's really what the group is, in the same town in Lancaster where this happened.
Here it is.
Good place to go.
It's a nice place.
Where you're standing in front of is a nice place.
Why don't you go South Lancaster, where there's no street lights, and why the violence is happening there?
There ain't no violence, there's only violence.
Wait, I'm not going to lie.
He was stabbing people!
I am here to defend the self-defense.
This year?
This year he didn't stab nobody.
That happened in 2019.
Know the facts.
Know the facts.
That was last year.
I can tell you something.
I'm a person that's from this community.
Why do you think I'm here?
I live in this community.
As a lot of people from this community,
I don't think that anybody's really saying that that's just injustice.
So he stabbed four people.
Now they're saying more.
He's into stabbing people.
He's dead now.
But he stabbed a bunch of innocent people, by the way, black people, before.
And now they're saying, well, that was a year ago.
It's okay.
They tried to stab the cop.
This is the mental illness.
This is Antifa.
Defending what this guy did.
Now the guy they were about to get in a fight with was pretty jacked.
So they were doing their ass kicks.
So they were being a little bit friendly because they're a bunch of cowards.
He'd been an old lady in a wheelchair.
They probably have, you know, gone completely crazy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us on AlexJonesNewsWars.com.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
There have been some incredible
COVID-19 development's really the biggest yet on so many fronts.
I'll hit those next segment ahead of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, a leading medical doctor, who's been exposing the dangers of vaccines for more than two decades.
I've been interviewing her for 25 years or so.
She'll be joining us coming up in the third hour.
All right, all of these stories tie together.
Julian Assange and the extradition trial going on, the old bailiwick.
In the United Kingdom, where they let Muslims out of jail for running dozens of kidnapped little girls, some of which they kill, but where Tommy Robinson gets years in prison for exposing the pedophiles, and where Julian Assange is facing extradition after, what is it, seven, eight years of solitary confinement for doing what Gayle Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers did, doing what Woodward and Bernstein did, exposing secret stuff.
But in the old days, when the San Diego newspaper exposed the Gulf of Tonkin being staged, because the sailors got off and said it was staged, just a month after it happened, they got awards for that.
But in the year 2020, what was the old saying that somebody wrote on a prison ship wall?
So the author's unknown.
When freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails.
And those that cried, appease, appease, are hung by those they tried to please.
When freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails.
While those that cried, appease, appease, are hung by those they tried to please.
But to counter that melancholy quote, I like Mark Twain.
In the beginning, a patriot's a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it cost nothing to be a patriot.
Julian Assange did us a favor.
He showed us what our military had given him.
It was not who they said gave us the information.
It was not Chelsea Manning.
And now Trump's able to get us out of these wars that the military supports, but the brass don't want.
Because they were bought and paid for, almost all of them, except for General Flynn.
So all of this ties together right now.
How do these articles tie together?
Julian Assange, warned by a judge of outburst during an extradition trial.
How dare you speak, scum?
How does that tie together with
Edward Snowden exposed all the CIA, illegal domestic spying, international spying on Joe Rogan.
Giving a hat tip to yours truly that we really hammered exposing the Patriot Act and now we've been silenced.
Yeah, we were the tip of the spear on that.
And how does that tie together with high school players suspended
From team after having thin blue line and thin red line flags on the 9-11 anniversary.
And how does that tie into this?
Mayor ordered officers to remove thin blue line masks at 9-11 Memorial
Because thin blue live masks are political.
You see, everybody else can be political, and Black Lives Matter can march, but you can't have the symbol you want saying, supporting the police, because supporting your fraternity and your local system of the people, that's not allowed.
And all of our speeches, just like in big tech, everything's censored that's good, everything's promoted that's bad.
And on the grassroots level, by the mayors that are under UN globalist control, the police are silenced.
What does it all deal with?
The muzzling, the silencing of the American people.
Stanford University and the Hoover Institute, as Americana elitist as you can get, but establishment, comes out with a speech, have some fellows on of the Institute,
With the fact that the U.N.
exaggerated COVID-19 and that the lockdown's causing all this death?
That's banned.
And YouTube says, do it again to Stanford.
We'll ban all your channels.
The U.N.
is in command.
You understand?
I'll break your arm next time you do that, you dirty American.
That banned video is at banned.video in the special banned video section.
And it's just very friendly common sense with statistics and numbers with a couple of academic high-level professors laying out that basically, yeah, you can get COVID.
It's very rare.
If you have vitamin deficiencies, you can die.
But that it's killing millions from starvation and millions from suicide, and it's really bad.
It's called Uncommon Knowledge.
That show banned.
So that's where we are now.
Here's the video.
High school football players suspended from team after waving thin blue line and thin red line flags for supporting firefighters and police.
And they said it's political.
See, that's a twisting of the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting an established religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or the freedom of the press or the right of assembly.
You petition the government for redress of grievances.
Congress doesn't have jurisdiction over religion.
That doesn't mean you can't say a religious thing in your commencement speech, or at the Christmas party, or wherever you want.
It doesn't mean that you can't have sanctioned American flags.
Now they're saying, oh it's not just religion you can't have, it's politics.
And the American flag is political when the globalists are saying take down the anthem, take down the flag.
Take down the press, take down the police, because they're involved in a globalist takeover.
And the federal government, the CDC, is having 13-week courses teaching that America shouldn't even exist, and Trump orders it shut down, and they say, F you, because there's a mutiny of these criminal traitors working for foreign powers.
So they're not just involved in sedition, they're involved in treason!
This is it!
The move to take us down!
Here's the video of the thought crime and the suspended players and the suspended students for waving the evil American flag.
Here it is.
Oh my gosh, they're waving American flags and the police flags.
You just can't allow this.
Now they took a knee if they said they hate America.
They stayed inside for the National Anthem.
They'd be heroes.
But oh!
You're not allowed to do this now.
Now there's an article that just went live on InfoWars.com.
We'll tell you about it when we come back.
Edward Snowden talks Alex Jones with Joe Rogan in a new interview.
Snowden gives a hat tip to Alex Jones for trailblazing the exposure of the post 9-11 Police State Patriot Act legislation.
Patriot Act, we'll add that word there.
So, that's important.
The President doesn't run from me.
Snowden doesn't run from me.
All the real activists and people that actually did stuff don't run from me.
It's just the grassroots that we've awakened that still thinks milquetoast is going to get us ahead.
That still thinks playing in the middle is going to get ahead.
That, oh, you won't be censored as long as you don't promote Alex Jones or InfoWars.
When you're going to be censored next if you don't stand up for InfoWars.
But they don't get that.
They don't understand that, but it's okay.
They're followers.
We're leaders, ladies and gentlemen.
We're leaders in this fight.
We're leaders in the future.
It's not our job to be accepted up front.
It's our job to show the way like icebreakers and to go through, in through and beyond.
That's our mission.
If you're looking for cupcakes and sweetie cake time and easy times,
That leads to North Korea.
That leads to Nazi Germany.
That leads to Mao Zedong.
That leads to Joseph Stalin and V.I.
But if you want to change the world, stand up as George Orwell said.
He said, in a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
And admit that InfoWars has been right.
Admit that InfoWars is trailblazing.
And admit that InfoWars needs to be championed, not pissed on.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back.
You are the core of the resistance worldwide.
You might be brown.
You might be white.
You might be pink.
You might be black.
You might be old.
You might be young.
You might be male.
You might be female.
But if you love justice, you're with God, and you love victory.
We're gonna defeat the globals together.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources for
Sometimes you need some crazy motherfuckers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan, and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you afraid of losing your audience, Ye?
That my career would be over.
The same people that are telling you that you can't have a right to say who you will vote for, those people will be soon to take Jesus out the school.
Those people will be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America, which is the Bible Belt.
Those people will be soon... Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level, y'all, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all want?
Wake up!
Wake up, Mr. West!
Wake up, culture!
Wake up!
Everybody think they so woke, but they following the rules of what woke's supposed to be.
That's right, and he said that about a year ago.
They're now pulling statues of Jesus down all over the world.
And Julian Assange, who's an award-winning journalist, who should be getting Pulitzer Prizes,
Has been locked up for what, seven, eight years?
Been in solitary confinement for three or longer.
And Edward Snowden is in exile.
We need to repeal the Patriot Act.
It was used against President Trump.
It's not used against the real terrorists.
Here's what Edward Snowden had to say on a new Joe Rogan podcast that was just released here in Austin today.
Here it is.
First of all, congratulations on the recent ruling.
It was the 9th District Court of Appeals.
Is that what it was?
It said that what you exposed with the warrantless wiretapping was in fact illegal.
And there are many people that are calling for you to be pardoned now.
Yeah, so much has happened.
This ruling, this is actually not the first time the federal government has, or the appeals courts, have struck down some of the federal surveillance programs as unlawful.
But this one is really important because it happened from an appeals court.
It wasn't from a single judge.
It was from a panel of judges.
And what they had ruled was that the NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records was illegal.
And this is the very first sort of mass surveillance program that I and the journalists really that the news was broken back in 2013.
So this is a huge victory for privacy rights.
What it means is
There was this provision of the Patriot Act.
Remember the Patriot Act?
Remember, like, a zillion years ago?
I do.
Everybody was like, Patriot Act, Patriot Act.
Your friend Alex Jones, you know, I think, he was worried about the Patriot Act.
It's a terrible name.
There's a real problem with that name.
Because if you're against the Patriot Act, it's like against babies.
It's like, this is the pro-baby act.
But meanwhile, pro-baby act, they get to look through your email.
So again, that's a hat tip for Snowden to say, you know, Alex Jones was against it.
Yeah, we trailblazed exposing it because we're not trying to become the establishment.
We're not trying to get into Hollywood, get into DC, get into New York.
We're trying to change the world for the average person.
And so as soon as we can get all these other trailblazers to hat tip
We had to get back to them, then we become the new mainstream and reverse the tyranny we've seen.
What we're promoting is mainstream decency and justice and not being spied on and having free speech and having a level playing field and justice.
What Soros and the globalists are bringing you is a war on journalists.
The biggest blight, the biggest black mark, the biggest yellow stripe, is a better term, down Trump's belly,
Is that the intelligence agencies say, sir, you can't let Assange out because then that'll encourage other leakers.
All the left does is leak, and they leak false information.
They leak way worse than Snowden or Assange did, but they leak stuff the system didn't want out.
The corruption, the protected stuff under whistleblowing.
If something's criminally legal, it's protected under a whistleblower.
So, pardon
Snowden, the federal courts already said he was in the right.
He was exposing illegal clandestine programs that were spying on Congress, on the lawmakers.
And pardon Julian Assange, they sent in two CIA operatives.
He double teamed them.
The guy deserves a medal.
I know, a man having sex with women is bad.
I mean, I get it.
I'm a father, whatever.
The point is, Netflix says pedophilia is okay, but a dude having two chicks is bad.
They were CIA.
And later they said, well, he didn't say he wasn't going to wear a condom.
We were consensual, but it wasn't a condom.
And now all these years later, he's locked up over that.
That's why they still got him locked up.
And now all these fake charges of espionage, when it was as Oliver Stone came out, and so everybody knows, that it was a certain DNC staffer, reportedly, that released that information, who got gunned down and shot in the back.
So they don't want that coming out.
It's not the Russians, and nothing against Russians.
They got good mathematicians, good scientists, they can build spaceships, they can build weapons, you know, whatever, okay?
The Russians are not sophisticated like the Chinese are at taking over.
The Chinese have ate our lunch, and I go back to this.
If the Russians had done 5% of what the Chinese have done, the communists, with the traitors in our country, then I would be absolutely on a war footing with Russia.
Just, Russia's not the problem.
It's a problem if the globalists can get us to start a damn war with them.
Because you saw what happened to Napoleon and Hitler with his little escapades with the Russians.
If it wasn't for Napoleon and Hitler, there'd probably be about 500 million Russians now.
People always go, oh, there's only like 180 million Russians.
Boy, they can't even get their population together.
Well, yeah, only because they lose a third of it every one of these big wars.
I mean, I know the reality, folks.
Think about a third of the country dead.
Germany lost more than a third.
That's a war.
And the Rothschilds sat back and laughed while the Germans and the Russians killed 40 million of each other.
Just like the same globalists want blacks and whites to kill each other now, and we're all dumbasses if we play along.
Alright, we've got Dr. Sherry Tenpenny coming up.
We've already covered a ton of news and I'm feeling really good about this broadcast, but I said I'd hit COVID-19 right now, but it's okay, I missed it, because I'll cover it with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny!
And it's the biggest developments yet.
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Take action now and support the Infowar.
Support yourself.
Be part of the second American revolution.
This is going to come down to sight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here, Infowars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting, and you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Alright, some stations don't carry this first five minutes, so I'm gonna go to her in about five minutes, when we go to break.
Dr. Sherry Tinmaney, looking at her beautiful face right there, for TV viewers.
I have been interviewing her for 25 years, and I tell you, it's been one hell of a fight.
But I tell you, she was somebody back when it was not popular as a medical doctor to come out against vaccines.
She was there.
And so I am very pleased to have her.
She doesn't do a lot of interviews.
She has a very busy life, but she's coming on to talk about all the things that have happened with COVID-19 and where it's going and just her observations.
And I'm going to try to shut up and give her the floor, but I will intersperse some of these articles.
Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's COVID Lockdowns Unconstitutional.
WHO Director and Chinese Puppet.
Assists Biden campaign in attempt to keep COVID hysteria alive.
Trump defends indoor rally, but aides express concern.
But BLM, the studies say, helped COVID.
Bill Gates slams FDA.
What's going on with that vaccine fight?
I actually know the inside baseball.
I'm going to ask Dr. Sherry to finish the deal.
Trump doesn't want Gates' vaccine.
They want to hold it up, have hysteria until Trump's out, then Gates has his dangerous vaccine.
Trump says, oh yeah, we'll have one to take the power from Gates.
And I was told that from sources with the president, so I wouldn't get mad.
I was told the same thing on the Second Amendment.
He said, let him.
He's going to tell Pelosi, you can have whatever you want.
She goes, fine, ban all the guns.
And it killed it all.
I don't do Machiavellian stuff.
Trump is doing that.
And it's black magic, and I don't think it's good.
I mean, I'm just being honest with you.
And by black magic, I mean, it's like the Ring of Mordor.
You can win the war with the ring, but you become evil the longer you wear it.
I mean, I don't do stuff like that.
I mean, I know how.
And I'm actually criticizing Trump here, but that's what he's doing.
We predicted that, from what I was told, the White House, this is what happened.
He's done it.
He's gotten the left to come out against vaccines.
We'll talk about it in a minute.
I guess I do want to wear the ring of Mordor.
I guess when you're this desperate, you do start wearing it, but then you turn into Gollum.
Trump administration pushes to expand, extend coronavirus immigration limits.
So the UN's flooding us with illegals to bankrupt the country.
So at least Trump's making lemonade with the lemons.
Australia's full-scale pilot test for the New World Order.
Just incredible police state they admit under UN control.
That's all coming up.
Biden campaign, remember, said that Trump's travel ban was xenophobic, but now they say they support it.
China's struggling to convince its citizens to take the Chinese-made shots because they say they don't work and make you sick.
Snitch on your neighbors to police if they break the rule of six.
So first it was six feet, now it's only six.
Next I guess they'll say six inoculations, that's what Gates is now saying.
Six, six, six.
It just gets weirder and weirder.
NBC News highlights UV light sanitizing against coronavirus.
Trump said that six months ago and they said he was the biggest devil on earth.
Now it's NBC News!
Meanwhile, Trump offered to help Xi Jinping with COVID, but he didn't want Trump to send U.S.
support because they wanted to cover up what was really happening.
Meanwhile, in Wuhan, they're having giant pool parties with 50,000 people, but they say it's okay for them to gather.
China's open for business.
You just can't gather.
See how that economic weapon works?
So, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny will lay it all out with us on the other side of the 60-second break, but I'm going to ask our beautiful, our amazing listeners and viewers.
You know what happens with a million of you tuned in right now, conservatively?
If you just go on Facebook, go on Twitter, go on your email, go on your text messages, and send the live link to the show on InfoWars.com to the live feed, InfoWars.com forward slash show, or NewsWars.com forward slash show, or the live feed.
Send it to people and ask them to share it.
It causes that chain reaction.
The truth's on right now.
Share it.
We'll be right back.
Let's go!
Lukenbach, Texas!
You know, I've gotten to hang out with Willie Nelson in Lukenbach when nobody was there.
He's got a place out there, right outside Fredericksburg.
And I'm not dropping names here.
I'm just saying, fighting tyranny
Has taken me on an incredible journey.
Ain't nobody feelin' no pain.
Listen to a little bit more of this song and we'll go to our guest.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three specialties.
She is the founder of Tenpenny
Medical Center and a integrative medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio.
She's been running that clinic since 1996.
Her company provides a natural, holistic approach to getting well and off prescription medications.
The medical clinic's primary focus is thyroid conditions, breast health, and resolving problems associated with allergies and pain.
Her approaches have attracted patients from all over the 50 states and 17 countries.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has
Invested more than 17 years, this is an old bio, and over 20,000 hours documenting the problems associated with vaccines, and an internationally known speaker and author.
Her many articles have been translated into more than 12 languages.
Her book, Say No to Vaccines, A Resource Died to All Ages.
And she joins us.
Wow, where do you want to start?
Great to have you with us.
So crazy to have Bill Gates on the left now, not wanting Trump's vaccine, having these
These vaccines that change the DNA of the cell, a new type of vaccine, the trials causing 80% sick, 20% hospitalizations.
There's so many angles.
The lockdown, you've got the floor.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Oh, thank you so much for having me, Alex.
Yes, we've been on a journey for a really long time.
I've been doing this for 20 years.
And so I think that early on, I was on your show very, very early on.
And I think it's pretty interesting how all of the things that you've been saying all these 20 years that you and I've been together and all the work that you've done between InfoWars and Prison Planet, here we are now on an information war and stuck in a prisoner planet.
So, you know, you've been prophetic for a lot of years, so thank you for having me on your show again.
Well, I was just reading what the Rockefeller Foundation said they were planning, and I knew they were in charge, so I figured we might want to oppose it.
It had a good chance of happening, and now we're here.
So I threw out the laundry list there.
Where do you want to start?
Just take over, Doctor, because I know you run big clinics and speak to huge groups all over the world.
Give us your report here, Doctor.
Well, I started this back in February when I took a look around the horizon and said, why is everybody making such a big deal about this?
We're going to find out in about four to six months that this was a big fat nothing burger virus and it's going to be no worse than a bad flu season.
And what we've actually found out is it's not even as bad as a bad flu season.
With a survival rate of 99.96%, yet we've shut down the entire world.
And when I kind of took a step back at the beginning and said, what are we, what's happening here?
And then I said, oh, I get it.
This is the same playbook, different virus, right?
We did SARS and we did MERS in 2002.
We did MERS.
We did bird flu in 2005.
We did H1N1 in 2009.
And so now here we are again, except they've had 50 years, five, zero, 50 years to perfect their ability to shut down the entire world all at the same time.
They laid a lot of groundwork in the backdrop to be able to make this happen.
The one thing that has stood out, and I've talked a lot about this over the last several months, is the 2005 PREP Act.
The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act passed in 2005 in the dead of night on a Saturday night by a Republican and a Republican President who signed it into law.
And the prep act gives them a hundred percent a complete immunity for any covered countermeasure, which means that anything that is that is now.
For COVID-19, whether it's a drug, a biologic, a vaccine, a technology, a software, anything between March 17th of 2020 and this goes through 2024, anything that's made during that period of time that is under the umbrella of COVID is now given 100% liability protection and immunity.
And the only way you can have any recourse if anything goes awry, which it will,
Is to be able to convince the U.S.
Attorney General that the people had manufactured this particular product under an act of willful misconduct, which absolutely cannot happen according to law.
It's so nearly impossible to prove.
For all intents and purposes, it doesn't exist.
So we've got, you know, same playbook, different virus.
We have the PREP Act in place.
And then they started doing all this nonsense with testing.
And Alex, when I wrote an article on Vaxxer about testing, like this testing, what are we doing and what does it mean?
I spent about 20 hours just reading the CDC and the FDA website trying to figure out if they had a definition for what it meant to be positive.
Because if it's positive, does that mean you're infectious?
Well, if you're asymptomatic and you don't have a fever or cough or any of those things, no.
Positive means you've been exposed to this virus somewhere along the line and now you are a healthy person.
Does that mean you're immune?
Does that mean you're safe?
Or does that mean if you're positive and you're a case, now you need to self-quarantine?
What does it mean if you're negative?
Does that mean you're susceptible?
You need to stay in the house?
Or does it mean that you're healthy because you have a negative test?
And they've intentionally left it with a lot of ambiguity, haven't they?
Oh, absolutely.
And so that's why we went from
You know, now everything is all this public policy, all these changes, all these things that are happening inside of industry and shutting down travel industry, shutting down hotels and restaurants and hairdressers and all of these things based on cases.
And the cases mean absolutely nothing.
It means you've been exposed to that virus somewhere along the line.
And if you're asymptomatic, it has no validity whatsoever.
And when you've got a test that has up to a 30 percent false negative rate and in the 40 or some labs that we've saw where they had a where every one of their samples tested positive.
So they have a 100 percent positivity rate, which is statistically impossible.
So now in the one have you have a 30 percent false negative.
And up to a 100% false positive rate, you've got a PCR test that was never intended to be used in terms of diagnostic control.
It was really designed for DNA viruses, not RNA viruses.
The entire testing stuff is nothing more than harvesting your DNA to be able to collect it into a database, which now they passed the law in the UK.
So that's what this really is, is a giant DNA database harvesting operation.
And they just, in September 10th, they just passed a law in the UK that says that any sample that's now collected in the UK, beginning October the 1st, for the next six months, will be held and put into a database for national security.
So your first approximation six months ago has been proven dead on as a medical doctor in your wide knowledge of this.
When we come back, I want to tell you what you think is coming next, but clearly, a giant liability protection act, a license to steal, a get out of jail card, just like the 1980
586 Act.
I mean, this is an emergence of big pharma.
Instead of the UN coming out and admitting that vaccines are causing problems, which they did, instead of giving up, they're doubling down with a giant power grab.
Then I want to ask you,
What do you make of Trump saying, okay, fine.
And the Russians too, oh, we have ours.
We don't want Bill Gates's, probably sugar water.
That's what I think's going on.
I was told Trump's taking control of Fauci.
I still think it's a dangerous game.
We'll ask your point of view on that.
But just briefly in the minute we have, what else do you want to get into?
I want to talk about masks.
I want to talk about social distancing.
I want to talk about hydroxychloroquine.
And I want to talk about the vaccine.
Wow, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, V-A-X-X-T-E-R, vaxter.com, you want to visit it, you want to read it, you want to share it.
And then, I'm going to ask her this, I'm writing this down, what do you make of Fauci first saying, oh no, vitamins, minerals don't help you, you don't need D3, you don't need zinc.
Blew up in his face so bad, now he's like, no, you do need it.
Now, we don't need him to tell us that, but...
Let's think.
Plants need sunlight.
No, you don't need sunlight.
We're like, okay, you're an idiot.
Plants do need sunlight.
I mean, I'm trying to imitate his voice, but it's just ridiculous.
That blew up in his face, so he had to admit it.
We'll be right back in a few minutes with Dr. Sherry Tinpenny.
Stay with us.
It's not something that you can recommend.
But there are two vitamins that you should consider.
For example, if you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection.
So I would not mind recommending, and I do it myself, taking vitamin D supplements.
The other vitamin that people take is vitamin C because it's a good antioxidant.
So if people want to take a gram or two at the most of vitamin C, that would be fine.
So vitamin C and vitamin D okay.
So Fauci says...
I mean, people got swat-teamed by the FBI for giving vitamin C to their patients as a preventative.
Medical doctors did.
And Fauci said it wouldn't help you.
The U.N.
said, what do you make of that?
Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, medical doctor, trailblazer, exposing the dangers of vaccines and wanting safer ones.
Or no vaccines now, I guess, in your deep research.
Give us your own view on that.
I'm going from memory.
What do you make of the Hoover Institute and Stanford University having their videos banned by YouTube because professors came out and said the UN lied to us about COVID, exaggerated it, and that they blocked therapeutics and that they shouldn't be in control of speech, and then Big Tech blocked Stanford.
I mean, when is Congress going to act on this censorship?
That's a whole other subject of all these medical doctors and scientists being censored by Big Tech as a consortium, as a racketeering cartel.
Yes, to all of it.
I mean, when are they going to act?
And when are they going to shut down this whole idea of censorship?
And when are the physicians going to get brave enough to step forward?
You know, there was a lawsuit that was just filed this week in Kansas by a group of physicians who said, we must end this mask mandate for healthy people.
So finally, physicians are starting to step forward.
You know, when Dr. Simone Gold
You know, step forward and said, hey, hydroxychloroquine saves people's lives and got fired from her job the next day.
I mean, this whole thing is in.
It's just every day.
It changes, Alex.
People ask me, how are you doing today, Dr. Tenpenny, with all this craziness going on?
Today, this part of the matrix seems to be pretty good.
Because every day it's a big flip-flop.
Don't wear the mask, wear the mask.
Social distance, don't social distance.
Hydroxychloroquine is horrible.
In the state of Ohio, within 24 hours, they turned it around and said, no, you can prescribe it for anything you want.
You don't have to put down a diagnosis.
So it's every day.
You don't need D3, now you gotta have it to live.
And this should be such a clue to everybody to say, if this doesn't just tell you it's all about a power grab and control, it has nothing to do with health, nothing to do with sickness, nothing to do with protection from a measly little infection that really, for the vast majority of people, means nothing.
People don't understand that masks are just the first step towards tyrannical control of society and dehumanization and social engineering.
If we can't get people, Alex, to stop wearing a mask, how are we ever going to get them to say no to this vaccine?
Well, that's what it's all about.
They admit it's an archetypal symbol, a luxury, a law for men and women, a muzzle, a literal gag.
We're prisoners who've been silenced by them.
And that's exactly what it is.
And now that we know that masks, I mean, I put together on Vaxxer, I wrote an article about masks don't work.
And inside of there, there's a document that I put together.
It has almost 50 links to text from PubMed that shows that masks do nothing but harm the person who wears them.
And tell us about the title of that article at your great website so everybody can share it.
That's... masks don't work.
It's pretty directly.
And that's V-A-X-X-T-E-R.
And again, listeners, I know you know all this.
We're here to get you active to warn people because if folks will just take their D3, if they'll just take their C, if they'll just take their zinc, not just this, but the flu, pneumonia, all the... Am I wrong, Dr. Tim Penney?
Even the NIH website says that almost all this disease is a deficiency of those.
Well, it's either, you know, any disease in any category, whether it's an infection or heart disease, diabetes, obesity, it's either a deficiency of something or an excess of something.
And it's the doctors are supposed to figure out what that is.
The doctors were never intended to be just glorified drug reps, writing words on a piece of paper and handing them out for a living, which is, you know, just absolutely just, you know, being a minion of the drug reps.
So this is, you know, I actually, the article that I wrote on Mass at Work quotes Dr. Rancourt's studies, but I've got more than 50 studies on a PDF file that people can download, print, and hand out showing everybody that Mass at Work.
We partnered with Hugs Over Mass Canada, hugsovermass.ca, Vaxter partnered with them.
We've been hosting a series of training webinars on Friday nights.
To get them all fired up, we've got hundreds and hundreds of people opening chapters across the U.S.
and Canada on Hugs Over Masks.
And by the way, let's just hear the sound of a car wreck or a record skipping.
I should have opened this up because I knew that about you last time you were on.
I've known you 20 plus years.
You are leading.
I mean, I see the speeches you give in Vegas and Europe where there's like a thousand doctors, 500 doctors.
You are leading.
The fight with Dr. Russell Blaylock and others who I know have given big speeches to get the healthcare experts mobilized to not be part of this big tyranny and so that's really what's beautiful is that's leading the charge against Gates and Big Pharma and they just don't know what to do when the public sees all these medical doctors censored.
It really wakes them up doesn't it?
So talk about how critical that is what you've been doing.
Well, we really do.
Our whole role is at Baxter is really to educate the public.
That's why this week is open enrollment for our boot camp course.
We only offer it twice a year.
So when you go to Baxter dot com, you saw it on, you know, on your on your screenshot there that that our open enrollment for our boot camp is this week.
It will.
We only offer it twice a year.
We may not offer it again.
The Boot Camp is an eight week online educational program that will teach you what you need, not only what you need to know about vaccines and what you need to know about all this COVID-19 nonsense.
We actually give you language training on how to communicate it, how to get it out to the public, how to get out of dicey situations.
And for the first time ever, we're only, we
We're actually doing a whole activist training.
So people can go there, they can read everything about the boot camp.
The next article down on Vaxxer is about the eight bonuses that you get when you enroll in the boot camp course.
Boot camp starts September 26th.
Every Thursday night we have an online Zoom class that we talk to everybody who's enrolled and we have a class discussion.
And so there's all kinds of new content and everything.
By the way, I'm getting goosebumps here because you've been one of the leading people exposing this now the U.N.
admits the front lines wobbly, vaccines are hurting people, there's a cover-up, nothing's tested.
But I mean, I'm talking to the epicenter.
You've been one of the main epicenters of this global awakening.
Long before Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and I'm not taking credit away from him.
I'm just saying people need to know the power of the individual.
Did you ever think 20 plus years ago when you started seeing your patients hurt by vaccines that you would be a major leader in this?
I didn't.
I did not, Alex.
In 20 years and 40,000 hours of my time, I really think I'm, I really am one of the leaders.
And my whole point is trying to get people to wake up.
No, we try to get people to ask simple questions.
And I think that the good, some of the good news that came out of this whole COVID shutdown is that people are now critically examining the problems with vaccines.
People that never even thought about questioning before.
We now have over 60% of people saying, I don't know, I'm either not going to take it or I'm going to maybe really... The majority of Chinese citizens are telling the government they won't do it.
That's incredible.
In a dictatorship.
Let's come back and talk about that, because what are they going to do now?
Well, we see it's the COVID hoax is the whole vaccine hoax is collapsing.
Last year, the U.N.
admits it's a fraud.
They have that meeting and then boom, this comes out.
We'll be right back.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Dr. Sherry Tinpenny is our guest.
When I start the next hour, I'm going to do a couple segments on the founders of BLM saying we're conducting witchcraft.
There's video of this.
The killing of people gives us power.
This is Jim Jones, Charlie Manson.
Hillside strangler cuckoo stuff.
But this is all breaking.
It's coming up next hour.
And the spiritual fight.
Trump has come out and pointed out Biden constantly gropes little kids and women and does bizarre stuff.
Trump said he's taking the gloves off after the fake Atlantic article.
We'll play that video clip.
It's posted on Infowars.com.
We start the next hour.
President Trump highlights Biden's creepy groping with hashtag pedo Joe tweet.
And so much more.
That's coming up.
Dr. Sherry Tinpenny.
Obviously, the power structure knows there's a global awakening.
They want to lock things down.
They want a global depression.
The head of the Deimos Group says this is a global reset.
So you brought up a hundred points.
They've all been fascinating.
As a medical doctor, as a leader in exposing this, I'm going to shut up for the next nine minutes.
You've got the floor.
Get into all the subjects, all the points, the mask, why you think Trump's saying, oh, I've got this vaccine instead of that.
You've got the floor, unfiltered, uncensored.
Go ahead.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Thank you so much.
You're absolutely right.
And everything that you said today and what you've been saying,
There's probably three categories of people with masks.
The obedient people that just shut up and do what they're told, and then there's the people that are compliant, that they're doing it even though they know that something's right, not right, and they don't want to do it, but they're kind of doing it right now just to get along.
And then there's the people who are forced to do it, like people for their employment.
We have to understand what the masks are actually doing.
It's doing nothing more than making the person who's wearing them sick.
We're lowering their O2, increasing their CO2,
We're actually causing this thing now called mask mouth, which is causing horrible things to their dentition.
And I like to use this example of saying we've got this mask dermatitis now.
People that are wearing these masks all day and they're ending up with this horrible rash and sort of like infection on their face because they're spitting on their face all day long.
You know, as they talk and those masks get moist and particularly the cloth ones are the worst and they collect the bacteria and viruses that are in their mouth.
It's like spitting on your face all day long and then wondering why in the world that there's a big problem.
And so masks need to go.
It's a mouth diaper.
I mean, it's a mouth diaper.
Yep, exactly.
Yes, exactly.
And so, and then that coupled with the social distancing, the social distancing, the two meter mark is a military thing.
And so, because they can't have an individual energetic imprint of us, we're clustered together closely with a bunch of people.
And so we've got everybody social distancing.
The first time I heard that, Alex, I was standing in the break room at my office.
I still see patients two days a week in my office.
And I was standing in the break room.
It's the first time I heard it.
And I said, please tell me that this is not going to become part of our language lexicon, that we're suddenly now this is social distancing is going to become something we talk about and we embrace like these masks.
And sure enough, here we are.
I mean, everybody talks about it all the time.
And it's really just this two meter thing is being able to have an individual imprint on us for the artificial intelligence and the transhumanism things that they're moving towards.
So the social distancing and now we got legalized spying on each other that we give a fancy name called contact tracing instead of just calling it for what it is.
The brown shirt movement of spying on your neighbor and getting paid to do it no less.
And so this whole COVID thing is just leading up to it.
It's getting everybody into this obedience place of just doing what I'm told.
And they're feeling so depressed.
You know, and I know that you know this and you talk about this, that the people that, I mean, the rate of suicide, the rate of death from malnutrition,
Is greater than the sum total of all the people who have died from this infection, from this virus.
And so people are so crushed down with their business, with their economics, with their family situation, with their businesses.
They may have been torched by Black Lives Matter.
They may have been vandalized by all these people walking down the street, smashing in and burning their buildings.
That they're saying, OK, if I could just get this vaccine, if I could just get the vaccine and kind of get somewhat back to normal and I can go to a restaurant and go to the grocery store.
They're just leading, they're being led like sheep to the slaughter, Alex.
It just, you know, what's coming through, going to come in this vaccine is going to be horrific.
The messenger RNA type of vaccine that they're actually creating has never been created for humans before, ever.
They could never, they've been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine since 2002.
They couldn't move it forward in the FDA, even to human trials, because all the animals either got horribly sick or died.
They couldn't do human trials before, so now we've skipped the animal studies because we know what's going to happen to the animals.
We're going to go straight to human studies.
And the people that they're enrolling in these studies are the healthiest of the healthy.
No medications, no pre-existing conditions, a perfect body weight.
They're in the 30-40 age group, but yet when they decide that this vaccine is safe and going to be protective,
They will advocate it for everyone.
People that have cancer, the elderly.
I actually even heard today that part of the Monerda vaccine trials, they're actually studying on children, 12 to 14 year old children in the UK.
They're going to want this to be everything.
You know, we've all heard the clips of Bill Gates saying, yes, all 7.2 billion people in the world need at least two doses of this vaccine.
So we're talking trillions of dollars at risk here.
Trillions of dollars.
At getting this vaccine into everyone that will be laced with something called hydrogel, which is a nanotechnology that once it's in your body, you cannot get it out.
It's unlike the other vaccines that you can detox from mercury or aluminum or the chemicals, or you can get healthier by neutralizing some of the maybe the viral particles.
But this COVID-19 vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which they've never been able to identify,
It doesn't follow Cox postulates.
It doesn't have any of, they haven't mapped the entire genome out yet.
We have stopped the entire world over nothing that we can prove, and yet they want us to be vaccinated with this.
You will not be able to detox from this.
It just won't happen.
It won't be possible.
What's the big picture?
I mean, this is mass medical experimentation, waiving animal trials.
This is just a big pharma takeover.
Yes, I feel like in my personal opinion, this is just my opinion.
There are three primary things at play here.
Number one is a complete reset of the global economic system.
The global economic system.
They're trying to get us to a cashless society, which they've been gunning towards for quite a while.
It's a re-upset of the entire global economic system, which my good friend Catherine Austin Fitz talks about a lot.
And she's really got that whole sector nailed down.
I think the second thing is a human experimentation that's moving us towards artificial intelligence and the transhumanism movement.
And then the third thing, coupled right with the other two, is all the people at the top of this ladder, I mean, they're eugenicists, and I believe many of them are satanists.
And the whole depopulation agenda is alive and well.
I mean, we have kind of avoided, at least I personally have kind of avoided talking about those things over the years, Alex, because, you know, people thought we were crazy enough to just question vaccines and say, wait, stop.
What's coming through that needle?
To take people, to get people to just start questioning was a big enough leap.
To take them down the road to what this whole vaccination movement really is, it's about an economic thing, it's injecting foreign matter into children and adults to make them sick, so that they can really sell them, really make them... And you have to have it to buy and sell, and it's an excuse for the social credit score to track you, and they admit it's going to hurt you, but they coerce you to do it.
This is the greatest cult takeover.
It's just cult programming.
It is.
And you know, the vaccines have always been the economic loss leader of the entire sector.
I mean, they're not very expensive and you can get them for free at the health department or they'll come into your place of work and give you a free flu shot.
And so, but where the real money is to be made is the big trillion dollar book of business where they sell you all these drugs in order to treat the side effects caused by the vaccines.
So this is the same game, except this vaccine is going to be much more deadly.
That's right.
I mean, we'll talk about it when we come back.
Gates is on TV going, okay, 700,000 people are going to get sick or die.
Okay, 80% are getting sick taking the inoculation.
20% go to the hospital.
They're not even lying now.
They're saying, we're going to hurt you in these new vaccines that go in and change the DNA, that go in and change the nuclei.
They don't train the body how to defeat, and they go in and change what the cells produce as proteins.
And I'm no medical doctor like Dr. Sheridan, but I read a lot of times when cells start creating random proteins, it's called cancer.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, broadcasting from Austin, Texas, worldwide.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is our guest.
And then I'll be co-hosting the next hour with an individual that's exposed the real roots of BLM.
Prepare to be blown away.
First off, though, you see this big folder?
I'll be covering this tomorrow, food starvation.
The real killing of COVID-19 is how they use it for a lockdown.
The U.N.
admits a doubling in starvation every year.
So instead of 10 million, that'll be 20 million.
Though they're estimating an extra 8 million will die, 2 million less than it would be if it doubled.
So instead of 10 million, it's 18 million.
It's not COVID doing that, it's the lockdown.
So there's an article that's up on InfoWars.com, let me pull it up for you.
And it deals with massive lines formed outside Virginia Food Bank.
Demand hits 1 million meals per month with nearly half going to Spanish-speaking population.
And so we brought in this giant 50, 60, 70 million illegal alien population.
The economy shut down.
They don't have food.
Talk about a time bomb.
This, again, is the globalist model.
Bring in people they control, not to empower them, but to enslave them.
There's some of the video.
Miles and miles and miles and miles of lines.
This is what...
The globalists have done.
And if the lockdown continues, the World Depression is going to be one of the worst ever seen.
It's already going to happen whether Trump wins or not.
I would get storable food now.
It's a no-brainer at InfoWarsTore.com.
It's one to two weeks to ship.
We have it in stock.
It's got to be packaged.
It's fresh from five factories and shipping centers around the United States.
It's our long-term sponsor.
Get your storable food now, separately.
We have a big special running right now on DNA Force Plus, Winter Sun, Prostagard that has the zinc and the palmetto.
All this is great for your immune system on a regular basis.
What we've been educated here on is how important it is to take these vitamins and minerals.
And $17.76 for all of the t-shirts with free shipping.
Info or store.com and that's how we stay on air.
So I want to thank you all for your support to get information like this one back to Dr. Sherry 10 penny one of the main leaders out there exposing vaccines and what's really going on.
Force inoculations.
I mean, Australia says they're gonna do it.
EU says they're gonna try to do it.
Here they're saying, oh, it'll be an app on your phone.
You don't have to have a shot, you just can't get on a plane, can't go to a grocery store, can't live your life.
We need to start forming the opposition to this now.
Guys, turn her up for me.
Turn her audio up for me.
Dr. Dr. Tim Penney, we lost your audio for a moment.
We're gonna work on that.
Might be her, might be us.
Go ahead, Dr. Tim Penney.
Can you hear me now?
I can.
Go ahead.
So not only do we need to start this now, we're behind this.
We're behind.
We're very behind in terms of starting this opposition, because, you know, and Alex, I listened, listening to your commercial there about, you know, prayer.
Because the power of prayer is so important.
I mean, we need to put God right in the middle of this.
Because if we're just fighting human against human, we might as well just roll up our sleeves, take the vaccine, take the mark, and be done with it.
Because they got us out-moneyed, out-numbered, out-powered, out-mediated, out-everything.
But with God, all things possible.
And I started a daily Instagram live.
It's called Happy Hour with Dr. T. Happy Hour.
It's on Instagram.
It's Happy Hour with Dr. T. Happy Hour with Dr. T. And you can also find it at happyhourwithdrt.blogspot.com.
And I do it every day, Monday through Friday, 6 o'clock to 6.30 Eastern Time.
I hope people will come and join us.
I set this aside as just a little spiritual place to get together.
We share a beverage, tea, kombucha, coffee, whatever.
We talk a little bit and then at 10 after 6, we share a word of God and we pray together.
And we'll have anywhere from 300 to 1,500 people praying together for our country, for our president, for each of us to have our own Sunday.
If they all told folks to tune in, it'd be 5,000, then 20,000, then 100,000.
That's how we've had up to 5 million people on streams before they've manned us.
And so to have that core of 1,500, 3,000 people, Dr. Timpani, is so beautiful.
And you have your training of doctors, how to recognize this.
What do you make of the UN videos that came out in December of last year, where the head of the WHO vaccine program said, we don't test them, they're hurting people, doctors don't believe it.
And now, that's why I wanted you on last week, and we got you on.
What about AP?
Headline, uh, polio vaccine, main cause of polio, Bill and Melinda Gates funding it.
I mean, my God, talk about that.
Well, when I first saw that video from the Summit, you know, I watched the whole thing, when Del Bigtree from HiWire put that whole thing out and I watched all of it, I was just jaw-dropped.
And now, Alex, like you know, we've said, you know, I've done this for 20 years, 40,000 hours of my time, there's not much I don't know about this industry.
And I listened to that entire seminar and was just absolutely jaw-dropped.
20 hours, 2 days, the UN laying it all out.
This is it.
And what I knew was they were doing that to cover their ass because they know the crimes they committed.
They were admitting it all to act like they didn't know.
That's what that was.
But if people didn't understand from that point, and you know, then we rolled into COVID and all the things that we've been doing.
That was in, what, November, December of last year.
And then it was February, March when we started into like this global shutdown in March and April.
The lack of people being able to get their head around these things and embrace the fact that we are being manipulated, controlled, all this thing is about a power grab and about grabbing our money, our health, and everything like that.
Well, you just said it.
So you're a big business owner, big medical doctor and author, you know, smart lady.
So I say that because I respect your view.
Clearly, it's CYA, Gates goes, oh, this is going to hurt a lot of people.
Yeah, it's going to kill some people.
You're still going to take it.
They know they can't cover up the damage now.
They're just saying they're going to do it.
That's what people are like, oh, they're admitting the truth.
They're getting ready to rape us.
And it's the rollout.
I mean, if you go to weforum.org, and you look at it, I mean, the first little four-minute video says, we've been planning this for 50 years.
Five, zero, 50 years.
And here we are.
And we're putting this all together.
And the complexity of that website is, it's
Talk about that, the pre-planning.
It's not just the Rockefeller Foundation and lockstep.
This is a long-term strategic, this isn't just about vaccines, this is a casual society, tracking systems, total control.
This is it.
This is it.
In every industry you can think of, from every element that you can think of, from economic, from spiritual, I mean we can go and march in a Black Lives Matter protest, but we can't go to church.
You know, we can't go to a wedding, we can't go to a funeral, we can't have a gathering, even in your own home, to be able to have a Bible study or to pray, but you can go march on the street.
This is selective martial law by the United Nations Global Cabal.
That sums it up exactly.
It's wild to be living it, though.
We could predict it was coming, but now... Tell us about the group.
I don't even know about that group that's bragging they planned it for 50 years.
Yeah, it's weforum.org.
Weforum.org is where you need to go, and it's everything that you need to know.
In fact, Alex, it's so depressing to go and read that site.
I've actually made a commitment to myself, I won't spend more than maybe an hour a week there.
Because every week they come out with another angle.
There's another site, it's called biologos.org, B-I-O, and then the word logos, L-O-G-O-S, biologos.org.
Oh yeah, so it's the World Economic Forum.
Yeah, they admit it's a total takeover, yeah.
And then you go to biologos.org, and they are taking Christianity and turning it into scientism.
They're saying, you know, they want Christians to sign a pledge to always wear a mask, to get vaccinated, to support social justice, and to put down any sort of misinformation that goes against our scientists.
And then Big Tech is blocking medical doctors and even U.S.
think tanks from questioning it.
I mean, this is their big move.
This is it.
This is it.
This is our Waterloo, Alex.
This is something that you and I've been talking about and in our on our respect together and on our respective platforms for 20 years.
We are at the point now it's we either win or this is win or lose, win or lose.
And so everybody needs to do more than just like get awake.
They need to get active.
They need to start deciding which side of the line are they going to stand on.
And the time to make a decision about what you're going to do about mandatory vaccines, about contact tracing, is not when the people knock at your door.
You need to know ahead of time.
You've got to be organizing the neighborhood and giving them this interview.
It's live.
It'll be archived soon to Bandai Video.
You've got to do it now, folks.
You're going to... I'm telling you, everything else was preparatory.
You're right.
The collapse has happened.
This is the main assault.
And I look at it as the Battle of the Bulls.
The Nazis were losing.
They launched a counteroffensive.
I see this as their battle of the bulge.
Waterloo, you name it.
I just hope that we're Lord Wellington and they're Napoleon.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, you are incredible.
I know you're a busy lady.
Come back and join us in a couple weeks to give us updates.
We really, really appreciate you.
And again, what's the best website for people to visit?
Go to vaxter.com and think about signing up for our boot camp course.
We only do it twice a year.
Masteringvaccineinfo.com forward slash boot camp.
All right, obviously you can talk for five hours.
Please go on David Ice Show.
Please go on Owen Schroer Show.
Come on our other shows and lay it out.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Well, that was the best interview ever with her because of the quickenings here.
There's no more games.
We know we're right.
She'd be on 20 years ago.
I'd be questioning what we're doing.
I thought we were right.
We were right.
And then some.
This is insane.
All right, hour number four coming up.
Black Lives Matter founder admits it's a satanic ritual.
There's a big Adan Salazar article on Infowars.com.
This is going to come down to sight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
There is an extremely predatory group of people that go out of their way and even destroy their own self-interest and their own children to dumb people down, mutate people, poison people, and turn us against each other, setting us up for an end-of-planet event.
Now, the Bible says an off-world entity was marooned here by the Creator, and because we have free will, that entity is allowed to try to trick us to destroy ourselves.
Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
He was cast out of heaven.
And I can tell you, as I've been telling you for 20 plus years, none of the globalists, not the Rockefellers, not the Rothschilds, not Elon Musk, none of them believe that there's not other entities and a controller that they're rebelling against that they believe they're going to break free from.
And you notice Elon Musk came out about six months after I was on Joe Rogan, and he basically repeated everything I said about the establishment and what they believe.
This is what they believe.
The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this.
Some are good, some are bad, some are a mix.
But the good ones don't ever want to organize.
The bad ones didn't want to organize because they lost after power.
Powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people.
They want to empower them so they don't tend to get together until things are really late in the game.
Then they come together.
Evil is always defeated because good is so much stronger.
And we're on this planet, and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it, oh, there's at least 12 dimensions.
And now that's why all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out saying, it's a false hologram.
It is artificial.
The computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected and gravity's bleeding in to this universe.
That's what they call dark matter.
So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in some computer program, some God's mind, whatever.
They're proving it all.
It's all coming out.
There are many, many simulations.
These simulations are... we might as well call them reality.
Or you could call them multiverse.
These simulations you believe are created?
Like someone has manufactured... They're running on the substrate.
There's like this sub-transmission zone below the third dimension that's just turned over the most horrible things is what it resonates to.
And it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic level consciousness to launch into the next levels.
And our species is already way up in the fifth, sixth dimension, consciously, our best people.
But there's this big war trying to, like, basically destroy humanity because humanity has free will, and there's a decision to which level we want to go to.
We have free will, so evil's allowed to come and contend, not just good.
And the elites themselves believe they're racing or using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're going to merge with machines, transcend, and break away from the failed species that is man.
Which is kind of like a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad, projecting it onto themselves instead of believing, no, it's a human test about building us up.
Well, that's the scenario.
The merge scenario with AI is the one that seems...
Like, probably the best.
For us?
Like, if you can't beat it, join it.
And so, Google was set up 18, 19 years ago.
I knew about this before it was declassified.
I'm just saying I have good sources.
That they wanted to build a giant artificial system.
And Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into it with the internet of s***.
And so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building a computer that has real neurons in real time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that they will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers, a true crystal ball.
But the big secret is, once you have a crystal ball and know the future, you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future.
And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know.
And a true 2.0 in a very bad way, hive mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone knowing our hopes and dreams.
Delivering it to us, not in some PKD wirehead system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure, but because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
Is this like a collective AI in the Google search?
Where we're also plugged in.
All right, the full video is at man.video2020electioncenter.com.
Very, very important.
Dealing with the facts.
We'll be right back to plumb the depths of the satanic ritual that is Black Lives Matter.
Stay with us.
Well, Bishop Larry Gators, back when Black Lives Matter got set up years ago, said they are Marxist-Communists, but they're really witches.
And, you know, I knew the guy was credible.
I knew a little bit of that.
But, man, he wrote a bunch about it.
I read about it.
And all of a sudden, they just emerged, dressed up like Lucifer, black wings.
And they talk about incantations of murder and the death of police gives them power.
They are openly doing these rituals that they believe will have power over all of us.
So, Bishop Larry Gaters, at Bishop L. Gaters on Twitter, he laid all this out years ago, came on the show, he's co-hosted the last six months.
But I saw this breaking big today, there's an article on fullwars.com, shocks video, Black Lives Matter founder takes part in bizarre cult ritual.
Remember, T.I.
Lennon was a devil worshiper, Stalin was a devil worshiper.
Hitler was a devil worshipper.
Mao Zedong, they're not atheists.
They want you to not believe there's a God, so you're hopeless!
But Hollywood and all of it is into pedophilia to destroy the innocence of children.
Sex they can get away with, killing them they can't, but now they're doing it.
So I wanted to play you, because when I was reading what he put out years ago, when I went, I saw him saying this, I went and looked up their current ritual about
When police are murdered, if a police officer is a warrior, they can be black, they can be white, they can be male, female, particularly a male though.
This is in Germanic rituals, this is in African rituals, this is in ancient Asian rituals and Mesoamerican rituals.
The highest thing was not a virgin, a child.
The highest thing you could kill was not even a nobleman.
The Druids would demand that, the Aztecs would demand that, it's all the same satanic spirit.
Groups never met each other, they're doing the same thing.
What these winged serpents, they called them, demanded in Egypt and in Latin America, which was before that Mesoamerica and in Europe, was winged serpents would demand that the pure warrior, the best warrior they had, be sacrificed.
And that was the spirit trying to kill the best of humanity to call off
Males that had understanding, connection to God, and had the blueprint and the vision for the species, and had the connection to God's plan to wipe them out.
And so that's why they make movies back in the early 1970s, like Wicker Man, where they trick the police officer, who's a good man, a virtuous man, to come to this little island in Scotland.
Which this stuff really goes on, by the way.
To then finally he believes he's saving a little girl.
He's not.
They sacrifice him because that's the highest level sacrifice.
This morning I was reading what they did in this ritual about killing the male police officer who's innocent and means well is the highest level sacrifice.
Gators will break down his view on this.
This is just my own research, seeing this pattern over and over again.
And he's an expert on how they have this cult that feeds on the energy of black people, which is true.
I've run into it.
Like, I go to protest at abortion clinics, there'd be black people showed up going, you're not going to stop us getting it.
And so there's this obsession with the energy of black people and black people and in these Satanists who are white as well.
And so they're the ones saying they're protecting black people when they're obsessed with the energy.
So he'll give you his view on it.
I understand a lot of his perspective.
I've got my own, it's from my own research.
But it's all dead on.
So here is the trailer for the 1973 film, Wicker Man, which is based on real rituals of killing the pure warrior.
I could a tale unfold, whose lightest word would harrow up my soul.
Freeze thy young blood.
I am here to investigate the disappearance of a young girl.
Where is Rowan Morrison?
If Rowan Morrison existed, we would know of him.
I suspect murder.
But, Sergeant, I'm already... In the name of God, woman, what kind of mother are you?
That can stand by and see your own child slaughtered?
You are the fool, Mr. Harry.
You are liars.
You are despicable little liars.
Dear God in heaven, even these people can't be that mad.
So he thought he was going to save a little girl.
No, they were coming to kill him.
Bishop Larry Gators is our guest.
He takes over.
Right now but I thought of this because in the ritual she says she's raising up her incarnated brother but really her ritual is killing the black male and the male period and they admit that is their ritual but now she's claiming she's killed the male now she's rising the male or ushering in the Antichrist.
Premier Deep Research is that an accurate analysis?
So then, Black Lives Matter is a threefold paradigm.
The manipulation of reality, the manipulation of time through the prism of the manipulation of probability.
Now, that's Patrisse Cullors, okay?
And I'm going to get out of here and let you have the floor, but you said it would really be a black magic ritual, that they would soon reveal themselves and then be destroyed, and then they're now doing it.
Yeah, because through their foundation is this West African witchcraft religion called Odu Aifa, which represents the 16 points of demonic possession and infiltration of the human body.
But yet at the same time, Alex, there are 16 Black Lives Matter chapters
Yeah, in the United States and in Canada.
That is not by accident.
So, these three women, okay, we're talking about Patrisse Cullors.
Well, they now admit they say the whole thing is a ritual.
Yeah, the whole thing is a ritual, including Alicia Garza.
It's a ritual.
These are witches, man of God.
These are witches, and these women must be destroyed.
What Black Lives Matter has been designed is to put multiple curses and hexes
So, yes, that is a satanic ritual that you're looking at right now, my friend, through Patrisse Cullors.
These are witches.
They're not witches because they're black women, and they're not witches because they're women.
They're witches because they're operating, Brother Alex, under a spirit that is not from God.
From the Odu Aifa demonic religion, which is a witchcraft religion through libation.
But let's be clear, as I said earlier, and I want you to elaborate on this, it's the same thing the ancient Druidics did, that the Mesoamericans did, that the Africans did.
Every group's doing the same thing.
That means it's a spirit.
It's a spirit.
See, you and I are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities of power.
So then, our enemy is not the physicality of Black Lives Matter, it is the demonic realm that goes back to Genesis 6, Enoch 6, and Jude 6, 666, historical social distancing.
These are demons, men of God, that you and I are encountering.
But President Trump is going to destroy Black Lives Matter.
All right, brother.
You've got the floor.
We really appreciate you joining us.
We appreciate Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Bishop Larry Gaters.
I gave out your Twitter, Bishop L Gaters.
Where else can people find your great work?
Yeah, they can also go to facebook.com forward slash Bishop Elgators.
That's G-A-I-T-E-R-S.
Also, we are nationally syndicated, internationally syndicated through the Life Radio Network, 92.9 FM, 1468.
You're on Life Radio, you're on thousands of stations.
All right, you're going to take over.
I'll be listening while I get my work done.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
My God, they're all out in the open.
I knew they were into the occult, but now they admit the whole thing's an occult ritual to bring down America.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, here with your guest host during the fourth hour of the most powerful radio and television show in America today, the Alex Jones Show.
This is your host and moderator, Bishop Mary Gators.
I am the host of the nationally and internationally syndicated radio broadcast, Global Spiritual Revolution Radio on the Life Radio Network, 92.9 FM, 1460 AM on your dial.
We're also internationally syndicated through both the iHeart Radio Network and the iHeart Media Group here in New York City to New York.
I'm so very excited to be back during the fourth hour
Of the most powerful show on the earth today, the Alex Jones Show, to talk about what you and I talked about a few weeks ago concerning the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter is a trauma-based organization.
Now, one may say, Bishop, what do you mean?
Well, every Black organization in American history was not only not founded by Black people, but every Black organization in America
It's based on trauma and victimhood.
So there is a threefold tier fold of manipulation that is the foundation of Black Lives Matter and their coming destruction.
And that is the manipulation of reality that we call esochinesis, the manipulation of time, chronokinesis,
Through the prism of the manipulation of probability, typokinesis, that's ECT, which is the acronym for the French word, et cetera, et cetera, and that goes back thousands of years to Eastern, Central, and Western Europe.
Witches and warlocks, through many wicked, demonic secret societies, would put hexes upon people
In the form of this ECT or etc.
So, to understand Black Lives Matter, you have to examine it from a spiritual paradigm.
So, Black America, our historical pain is being manipulated and our present day trauma is being weaponized.
Let me say this again.
So, both the pain of Black America is being manipulated.
And our historical trauma is being fully weaponized against us in order for us to destroy us.
So then when we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter, not just through the manipulation of reality, time, and probability, but also there is the manipulation of what you and I call perceived reality and perceived control.
So then, you have to look at the psychology of Black America in order for you and I to properly understand who and what Black Lives Matter is concerning the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
So, you have terms like neuroplasticity, which means the brain grows and forms to become the very shape of what the individual is thinking at that moment.
Then you have neuroparasitology.
That is a psychological disorder because of bad diatine.
Not just with black people, but most Americans.
The bad diatine, the food that you and I ingest, okay, because of self-hatred, mainly with Black Lives Matter, it creates a parasitical psyop
Which the food becomes parasitic and thereby overtakes both our brains and our blood supply.
That's neuroparasitology.
Then you have hypercoagulation or coagulability.
It means that the blood supply in your blood system becomes coagulated because of both neural parasitology and neuroplasticity.
This is the case with Black Lives Matter, because Black Lives Matter represents the black skulls and bones being connected to the Boolean Sick Society.
Which is the black equivalent of Yale University Skulls and Bones.
So then, as we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
Now, Brother Alex powerfully articulated concerning fallen angels.
Now, you and I are taught and commanded by the global Baphomet, Lucifer, and Deep Sea to separate six feet from each other in diameter.
Well, 7.7 billion people or corps or corporations times 6 feet of separation equals 46 billion
200 million degrees of separation.
Well, look at the number 46.
You and I had 46 chromosomes.
23 from the mother, 23 from the father, okay?
In Genesis chapter 3, verses 1, dropping down to verses 4 and 5, according to the King James Version, the serpent spoke 46 words
To the woman, okay, who was later named Eve.
Her husband is Adam.
The first and last letters of the name Adam is A-M, so Adam was created as the A-M of the morning, and his wife Eve was designed by God to be the P-M of the evening.
So is Adam and Eve and not Adam and Deacon Stevie?
Is Eve and Adam and not Eve and Ellen Degenerate?
Another topic for another day.
So 7.7 billion people times 6 feet
In separation, social distancing, which also means the Gestalt Theory, that's 46,200,000,000 degrees of separation, 46 chromosomes.
Now, you and I did not have any chromosomes prior to Genesis 3, because you and I were designed to be a trichotomy, spirit-soul living inside of a body.
So we had no need of a chromosome.
After the serpent came in contact with the woman Eve, then we acquired or attained 46 chromosomes.
Now you have the number 200 million.
In the books of Genesis chapter 6, more specifically Enoch 6 and Jude 6, 666, historical social tracing and distancing
There were 200 angels on Mount Hermon in Enoch 6, 20 of which are named by Enoch.
In Enix 6 that I'm going to reveal during the second segment here on the Alex Jones Show with your host, moderator, and teacher today, Bishop Larry Gators, as we are re-discussing and powerfully articulating to you, our patriots, the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
7.7 billion people times six feet in circumference, that's 46 billion, 200 million degrees of separation.
We will see you here in about two to three minutes time here on the Alex Jones Show with your guest host Bishop Larry Gators.
Welcome back to America's number one show the Alex Jones Show here with your host and moderator and teacher and guest host
During the last hour of the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars, please support InfoWars.
I guarantee you, you will get a great return of truth and authenticity here in the 21st century.
The coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
So 7.7 billion people times six feet of separation.
And by the way, as a side note, witches and warlocks going back thousands of years.
In order, through their seances, to invoke demons through incantations, every witch, every warlock, every satanist, every Wiccan participant must be separated six feet in circumference.
7.7 billion people times six feet in circumference is 46 billion.
You and I have 46 chromosomes.
200 million degrees of separation.
Now in Enoch chapter 6, it gives a catalog of 200 angels, okay, which are not just in Genesis 6, Enoch 6, Jude 6, 666, historical, spiritual, social distancing, but in Enoch 6, it reveals 20 fallen angels
Which reveal, through dark articulation, a demonic code of not only to destroy humanity, but I believe the future United States of America, which is today.
Here are the names of those 20 fallen angels in Enoch chapter 6.
Semjiza, his name means cognition,
Simsiah means thinking.
Erechabot means that will.
Remiel means to begin.
Kokobeel means the process.
Tamiel means of reversing.
Remiel means the design.
Daniel means from God.
Ezekiel with a Q means to reorder.
Erequil means a new design.
Azir means a pathogen.
Aromas means a new protein.
Bacterial means a beginning.
NNL means kingdom.
Zach Wheel, with a Z and a Q, means a new government.
Sam's Appeal means back to heaven.
Zeratil means to rule.
Turial means humanity.
Jam Jail means to reset DNA.
And Serial means deception.
So, in Enoch, Chapter 6, in connection to these witches of Elisha, Garza, over to many, okay, and portrays colors, they're nothing but modern day witches, warlocks, okay?
So, Enoch, Chapter 6, actually is being exposed to us by the Holy Ghost.
Cognitional thinking
That will begin the process of reversing the design from God in order to reorder a new design, a new pathogen, and new protein to begin a new beginning, a new kingdom, a new government going back to heaven to rule humanity through
Resetting DNA, giving birth to deception.
That's what genetic engineering is talking about, and not just in Genesis 6, in Enoch 6,
And Jude 6.
So, in Enoch 6, it talks about cognitional thinking that will begin the process of reversing the design from God to reorder a new design, a new pathogen, a new protein, to begin a new beginning, a new kingdom, a new government, going back to heaven, to rule humanity, to reset DNA through deception.
That is the premise of the paradigm of Black Lives Matter.
They want to genetically replicate
The political DNA and the political RNA of America.
That is 7.7 billion people times six feet of separation.
In other words, not only is this, my brothers and sisters, the greatest global cover in human history based on a scam, but it represents the greatest organized global hexing
Okay, a cursing project in human history, but it's not going to work.
So, Black Lives Matter, they are of their father the devil, and the less of their father they were doomed.
So, in other words, to understand 7.7 billion people, man I love to teach, on time, six feet in circumference,
That is approximately 46,200,000 degrees of separation.
Now look at the NBA, what I call the Nephthalim, I'm sorry, National Basketball Association.
The entire American sports industrial complex is being scanned and used, not by a black organization.
No black organization was ever organically created by black people.
They were all found by Kazarian mobsters.
When you talk about the NAACP with Henry Moskowitz out of Romania and the Spingarn brothers, also out of Romania, they immigrated
To the United States from Romania to create the NAACP SNCC or Urban League, okay?
Even the Nation of Islam is built upon a white man from New Zealand, okay?
So then the Nation of Islam in connection to Black Lives Matter
These are fraudulent organizations, not ordained by God, but ordained by devils like George Soros.
And that's a side note.
Do you know H.R.
Hunt, the former white billionaire, a woman from Texas, the late H.R.
He financially not only set up the JFK assassination prior to the 22nd of November 1963, but the same H.L.
Hunt supported Elijah Muhammad
In the Nation of Islam, $100,000 a year.
Why is it that people think that the Nation of Islam is real, okay?
So the Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter, the original Black Panther Party, the present Black Panther Party, they're all organically created, not by black people.
But by people who don't look like we.
I'm talking about Canaanites.
I'm not talking about Jewish people.
As we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
In the tale that Brother Alex and I talked about in Revelation chapter 12 verse 4.
This is Black Lives Matter.
A third part of the angelic government of God was contaminated
By and through the tail of Lucifer.
That's a great link there.
So the original Blank Panther Party was subsidized by H.R.
The Nation of Islam, whose god is a white man from New Zealand, okay?
They were financially subsidized by H.R.
And the KKK, okay, was also subsidized by HLH.
The same liberal devil, HLH, was plying all of these organizations together as a puppet master.
Now, the slave master of Black Lives Matter is George Swartz, or Soros.
His real name is Swartz,
Which is also the last name of Alicia Garza Swartz.
And we're going to get deeper into that during the third segment here on the Alex Jones Show with your guest host and moderator and teacher, Bishop Larry Gaters.
We see you back here in about two to three minutes time here on America's number one show, the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to The Last Hour.
Of the Alex Jones Show, here with your host and moderator today, Bishop Larry Gators.
I am so very honored to be a student of my mentor, Brother Alex Jones.
Now we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
As a side note, the founder of the Nation of Islam was a white man by the name of Wallace Ford, or Wally D. Ford, or Ford from New Zealand, whose parents were born in central British India.
So we have to expose this for what it is, okay?
So we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
Three witches control Black Lives Matter.
So there are no strong black male leaders heading any of the 16 chapters of Black Lives Matter here in the United States and in Canada.
And if you want to know where the geographical location of all of these 16 chapters, go to the website blacklivesmatter.com, blacklivesmatter.com or .org and go under chapters and it will show you 16
Chapters, which represents the 16 points of that witchcraft divinational re-legion, for they are many, called Odu IFA, capital O-D-U, then space IFA, capital I-F-A.
These are witches, OK?
As we're talking about Alicia Garza Swartz, OK?
Oprah Tometi and there with Patrisse Cullors.
Patrisse Cullors is a witch, not because she's a woman and not because she's a black woman.
This woman here, not just Alicia Garza and Oprah Tometi, but Patrisse Cullors, she is a witch.
She is cursing the people in that audience as we speak.
And this is the reason why they have to be destroyed.
I don't have a problem with Black Lives Matter exposing police corruption.
But my problem is, is the total weaponization of Black Lives Matter.
Because the Deep State threw the Democratic Party for centuries
has both manipulated the historical pain and totally weaponized the historical trauma of a people who don't know who they are.
So then these women are going to be destroyed because the premise of their foundation is not in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The premise of the foundation is upon victimhood through witchcraft and divinational curses.
So, Black Lives Matter, your days are numbered.
So, Black Lives Matter has its roots in Genesis 6,
Enoch 6 and Jude 6, 6, 6, 6, Odu Aifa is also one of the acronym names for Lucifer L, Satan S, Double D, that's LSD.
So, the first time Lucifer is made mention in the Word of the Lord is in Isaiah 14 and 12.
The first time the word Satan is made mention is in 1 Chronicles chapter 21 verse 1.
And the first time devil is made mention is in Matthew chapter 4 verse 3.
That woman, she's a witch!
These lesbian witches!
And let me say this also.
In Revelation 12 and 4, one-third of the angelic government of God
was trying to overthrow the throne of God's thinking.
I'm not talking about some old man, like people say God is, sitting on a chair.
Throne students means the fault in the algorithm of God's thinking.
So, in Genesis 6,
Enoch 6, Jude 6, 666, social historical separation and distancing.
In Revelation chapter 12 verse 4, a third part of the angels of God who represent Black Lives Matter today, a third part or 0.93 or 666%
Now, if you take the word Lucifer or Lucifer students,
Then spell it or write it from right to left, because rabbinical Hebrew is written from right to left, you get the Latin word, REFICLE, which means the recycling of fecal matter.
That is the essence of Black Lives Matter.
They are the recycling of the fecal matter
Oh, Lucifer L. Satan S. Devil D. There's your LSD.
In Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 13, the king called Tyrus.
Now, the term Tyrus in relation to Black Lives Matter and the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter, the term Tyrus comes from two Persian lexicon meanings.
Ty, capital T-Y, means to be attached.
So Ty.
Then the word Ras, R-U-S, is not just an acronym meaning Prussian or Russian, but the term Ras, R-U-S, rabbinically through the Persian lexicon, means one of the gods within the Persian Empire called, get this, Lenal.
Capital L-E-N-O-L.
So, when you say Tylenol, you're talking about pharmakia, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, alchemical, witchcraft, through the manipulation of reality, time, and probability, in connection to the manipulation of perceived reality,
Through the manipulation of perceived control, in which the deep state has layered Black Lives Matter, is a sign of the manipulation, below in manipulation, below in manipulation.
But I am called to be an apostonic assassin and a Pentecostal mercenary.
I have no mercy for witches, as we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
Now, in our conclusion, when you look at the Hollywood industrial complex, excellent link there, so Black Lives Matter founders
They are running a scam in the name of occultism, okay?
When you go back to a former slave by the name of Nat Turner, okay?
When you study the origins of Nat Turner, his slave master in the Hamptons was an attorney by the name of Judah Philip Benjamin.
Judah Philip Benjamin, who was the former slave master of Nat Turner, Judah Philip Benjamin created the KKK.
One America, please hear the Bishop, One America had nothing to do with the creation of the KKK.
It was Kinserian mobsters.
Buy, watch out money, okay?
Including the Vatican.
In 1865, in Pulaski, Tennessee, created the Ku Klux Klan.
So, not only has Black America been lied to, White America has been lied to.
White people, listen, do not bow down to any Black Lives Matter organizational member.
If you do, you're cursed.
Do not bow down.
I wish to God that someone would come to me to tell me to bow down to them.
You only bow down to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Because Black Lives Matter is going to be destroyed, okay?
And as we end today's broadcast concerning the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter, they support pedophilia.
They don't call pedophilia a crime.
They call pedophilia a sexual orientation.
Now, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I'm praying that she gets healed in Jesus' name.
She is trying to pass legal precedent, trying to normalize pedophilia.
Black Lives Matter are proponents of transvestite-ism.
Allowing transvestites and transgenders to teach your children in your school library.
That is going to be destroyed.
And that is the end today of the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
I thank you for your attention, students.
And it's an honor to be a part of the Alex Jones family through InfoWars.
Please support us at paypal.me forward slash GSRR Media Group.
Paypal.me forward slash GSRR Media Group.
The coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
Have a blessed day in Christ.
Thank you so much.
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This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
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And I need prayer!
And I need action!
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Trump's told you, hell's coming!