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Name: 20200909_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 9, 2020
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In this episode, Alex Jones talks about various topics such as midterm elections, COVID-19, masks, UN involvement, globalist agenda, martial law, persecution of Christians, race war, magnetic cells in animals' brains, stock market collapse, marshal law plans by Democrats, DNA Force Plus and X2 supplements, election fraud, support for President Trump, therapeutics for viral infections, corruption in Hollywood, identity politics, division among Americans, FBI and CIA, China's influence on the US government, education as a tool against manipulation, collaboration between Biden and China, race war through Black Lives Matter protests, Google's new rules for posting videos, Paul Revere's ride, misinformation about boat accidents during Trump Boat Parade, gaslighting, personal experiences with aerial photography and skydiving, popularity of their podcast, freedom to fly, upcoming boat parades, information control, satanic threat to humanity, Texas values, helicopter accusations, spirit of Texas, Trump boat parade in Austin, human flight, globalist agenda resistance, authoritarian measures under the guise of public health, post-human exterminism agenda, and participating in a boat rally supporting President Trump. He also discusses COVID-19 related criticisms such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing measures, arguing that they are part of a plan to domesticate humanity and usher in the post-human world. Jones highlights protests against these measures as key indicators of people's resistance to government control and emphasizes the importance of free individuals gathering and returning to work as a cure for the current situation.

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54 days!
And then the Democrats are going to contest, and they're going to burn down every city, and they're going to try to occupy the streets until the stock market plunges, and they're going to demand Trump leave and try to pull the 25th Amendment, or worse.
We were first to tell you.
I just remind you of that so people know when I'm laying this stuff out.
I'm not playing games, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not telling you stuff that sounds scary.
I'm telling you the truth.
So you can make preparation for it.
Because I believe in you.
I can see you.
I know your power.
And I want you to begin to release it.
I want you to stop fearing Satan and start fearing God.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I'm watching the midterms, then you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You want a drop?
You want a drop?
I'm more than president.
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
54 days out.
It's Wednesday, September 9th, the year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Remember the prerequisite, however you're listening.
Spread those links.
Tell folks to tune in on the local stations.
That's how we override the censors and you've been doing a great job.
So I commend you and thank you all for your own preservation and mine and my family.
Again, I salute you.
All right.
It's all out in the open.
We got a good man as president.
He's been nominated for the Peace Prize for getting the United Arab Emirates-Israeli deal.
Of course, pulling troops out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of Syria, almost completely out of all three of those places.
As promised to do, got the big deal also between Serbia and Bosnia.
And so he probably won't win the Peace Prize, because you only get it if you're a war criminal now, like Barack Hussein Obama, who got it and then started the biggest wars ever.
In front of the Arab Spring that overthrew our allies and put radical jihadis into power.
Simply amazing.
And Trump is now hitting on all cylinders.
It's why they're having big problems, why he's surging in the internal polls, not just the public polls.
He's way ahead of Biden, probably 10 points, 15 points or more.
He's probably got half of black Americans supporting him, 60% of Hispanic Americans supporting him.
This is an absolute awakening right now.
It's beautiful, which means they'll probably try to kill him or do worse, which they're now announcing.
Just incredible revolution and operations.
But if you make this about America versus China, an American system versus communist system, which is what it is, then we win.
And Americans are finally clicking and getting that.
And Trump was talking about it yesterday.
Remember, if Biden wins, China wins.
It's as simple as that.
So you have a situation where we built the greatest economy in the history of the world.
We were forced to close it because of the China plague that came in.
And now we've opened it.
And by the way, your state should be open.
You ought to vote for Dan Forrest.
Any governor that does that.
And even if you look statistically, it's you, it's Michigan, it's a couple of others, they're close.
New York, look what they're doing in New York, what they're doing to our beautiful New York.
Oh, it's so sad.
But you just take a look at what's going on in North Carolina.
They want to open.
They want to open.
They want to open in Michigan so badly.
They want to open.
They want to have football.
They want to have their schools open.
And it's a shame what's going on.
And I'll tell you what, on November 4th, every one of those states will be open.
They're doing it for political reasons.
Trump is attacking the enemy head-on, and it is beautiful, and their New World Order will never recover.
It's going to be a long, hard fight.
This is just a major battle, but wow, they're going to really pull out the stops now.
This is economic warfare against you and your family.
We'll be right back.
September 9th on this live Wednesday transmission, 54 days out.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank you all for tuning in to this broadcast that the enemy
Works around the clock trying to keep off the air.
But thanks to you, ladies and gentlemen, we are on the air and standing strong.
And boy, have we been proven right about everything.
And I have hundreds and hundreds of articles and video clips to cover and big guests and everything else you can imagine in your calls.
But I'm just going to say this again up front because it's the most important thing we can say.
The globalists are not in control.
God is in control.
And everything they do is to act like they're in total control and try to build a panopticonic AI control grid.
But the only way that grid has power over us is if we give up our authority, give up our power that God gave us to them.
It's the only prayer in hell our enemies have.
And I'll say this again.
I did not predict any of this.
If you think you have to have a crystal ball to defeat the globalists,
You just don't get it.
And the reason I say that is I get stopped on the street every time I'm out.
And people marvel.
They go, how did you know all of this would come true?
I watched your film Endgame just the other day, and you predicted bioweapons and lockdowns and drones controlling us.
You made that 13 years ago.
How do you do it?
You're like a prophet.
And I go, no, the enemy's very arrogant and has admitted all of this.
Didn't you notice in the film I showed you where they were saying it?
But still, how did you know?
So there's something about this when they tell you they're going to do all this, like an architect and a company buys land, they say they're going to build this, and then two years later there's this big giant building.
You're like, how did you know that the building would be there?
They bought the land, they got the loan, they got the engineers.
They went in, they built the damn thing.
We have the Death Star plans.
We have the enemy's operation.
And it's a lot easier, hypothetically, to destroy than the Death Star.
You don't have to shoot a torpedo down a chimney, down an exhaust port.
All you've got to do is admit it's evil, admit it's out to get you, and reject it.
And I got up at like 4 a.m.
this morning.
I couldn't sleep.
And for some reason, Sky Television out of Australia came on my feed, and I found this guy named Alan Jones.
I want to play some clips of him later, but I'm just telling you about him.
You don't know who he is.
And I watched like an hour and a half of his reports, and the guy is knocking it out of the park.
And he's a big talk show host over there.
I mean, I'd heard of who he was.
Big TV analyst.
But he just destroys the whole COVID deal, how it's a power grab, how it's communism, how it's UN and Chinese run, how it's a New World Order, how they're coming in to take over everything, how only 77 people died in Australia of COVID.
But how they put out fake numbers and it's all there.
And of course, I know all that's true.
I look at the numbers, but just to see it on national TV, when it came to COVID, he's doing a better job than Tucker Carlson.
That's not a criticism of Tucker.
It's just this guy knocked it out of the park.
And he just explained that this is about them running your lives and if they can dictate,
What you can do medically, and they can dictate that you're locked in your house, and they can dictate what you gotta wear over your face, and that they can arrest the press and control the media, then we're living in communist China!
And then he goes in and he reports to how the leftist mayors, like in Melbourne, signed a treaty with the Chinese.
I forgot that.
Putting their city under Chinese control outside the government.
And so that leads me to the next bombshell information.
Because if we don't shoot down this COVID scam, you know, people call it a hoax, and that gets the truth across that overall it's a hoax, but it is a real virus.
It's man-made.
It spreads really easily.
If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it'll kill you deader than a hammer.
And they don't want you to know that.
But any virus will kill you if you don't have enough of those key nutrients.
That's why they're called essential.
It's a scam.
It's the COVID scam.
It's the COVID conspiracy.
It's a big organized operation with the UN and the big pharma and the big banks and all the leftist groups, the leftist cities, the leftist states, the leftist countries, all the organizations, and every group in the New World Order gets to manage that angle of COVID and consolidate power and control for themselves.
All the Silicon Valley is making record profits.
Bezos has doubled his wealth under this.
It's destroying mom and pops.
It's doing what Walmart could never do.
It is annihilating small businesses.
It is putting everybody on the dole.
It is domesticating us.
It's bringing in the AI spy grid.
It's getting rid of the cash.
It's creating a digital global passport and digital currency and digital medical records and the system for the cashless society.
Planetary social credit score.
It's all being rolled out!
And it's being rolled out in blue cities and blue states.
And I use that term nationwide and worldwide now, because they don't call it red-blue.
Whether you're pro-human, you're red.
You're anti-human, you know, you're blue.
I guess blue-blood, globalist, gamelon, whatever you want to call it.
Because it fits.
It's the same global conspiracy.
And they admit it's a conspiracy.
And they even brag in their mainline publications that we're taking over the planet.
The head of Debo said it's a worldwide reset.
We're going to get rid of the middle class and lower the carbon footprint and teach people to be poor.
There's going to be no more tourism for the general public.
All the big spaces will be open for us rich people to enjoy it.
I mean, the party is over, man.
And it's a bunch of jerks that want total control that own jumbo jets and huge 50,000 acre palaces.
And have huge parties and do whatever they want.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin and all these jerks and the Democrats.
They all have parties.
They get their hair done.
They fly around on private jets.
They pay for all their hookers and everything with government taxpayer money.
And then they tell you, when you're a blue-collar worker, you're going to lose all your savings and have nothing!
So we can dictate total control over you.
Which leads me to what I'm going to hit after I get into the election news, the election fraud news, and Trump being on fire, and so much more.
Look at these headlines.
These are on Infowars.com.
You've got to share these.
Now listen to how they spin this.
Quebec City says it will isolate uncooperative citizens.
In secret corona facility, authorities in Quebec City, Canada have announced they will isolate uncooperative citizens in a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains secret.
They will come to your house and arrest you.
What did the UN head of emergency response say three months ago?
He said, we need to go into the houses, we need to get their kids, get their families.
And then you saw Lightfoot say it.
The UN says it, the big banks, the big insurance companies, the big medical systems, they put out their order.
It goes into the U.N.
and from Australia to Spain to the U.K.
to the U.S.
to Canada, they admit with the statistics that five times, even with their bloated numbers of exaggerated COVID deaths, five times the number of people are dying from not getting medical care and not getting screenings.
And I have family that has a problem and cannot get in.
They got
Their ovaries looked at a few months ago had a cyst, and now the place won't book them in and it's getting worse.
And I know people that live in Europe, they can't go to the doctor when they've got a sore throat.
They can't get antibiotics.
They're dying!
Because they're all empty hospitals for the co- No, no, see, and now, now, none of that money's getting spent that the insurance companies and banks got that you paid in.
You're still paying your insurance!
Have you thought about that?!
You're still paying your insurance, but you can't get any medical care!
You gotta go to the emergency room!
If you're lucky!
Just like that.
Remember, Bill Gates said, hey, we're going to give you a cane when you get cataracts.
Got a hurt knee?
Get a cane.
Just like Cuba or Venezuela.
They don't want you to have service.
They don't want you to have an economy.
They want to kill grandma to hire 10 teachers, but they're not going to hire 10 teachers.
And the dumb teachers rub their hands together.
Oh, if I kill somebody, I get something.
No, they're making us all obsolete.
It's all their admitted sick, evil plan.
Because they think you're done.
They think you're helpless.
They think they can break your will.
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen, and when we play this video of this sickoid medical tyrant, Dr. Mingala-type, just going, the police are so good, we're going to grab you secretly, we're going to disappear you.
I mean, they tell you it's a secret facility, they just got the power like a bass that grabbed a lure, and they're running with it, man.
They're just running, running, running for the power grab.
You're seeing modern-day high-tech tyranny right now.
You live to see the new world order.
Wednesday, September 9th, the year 2020, 54 days out, humanity rallies against the forces of the psychotic Satanists.
So many, hundreds of millions of children, billions have already been slaughtered, killed before they ever left the shelter of their mother's womb.
Yes, we as adults, many of us, deserve what is about to happen to us.
But God gives us a reprieve for the children.
And so I pray that God's Spirit move upon the land through myself and through all of you and through others, and that we turn the tide for the sake of the children.
We repent and seek God's face in the quiet place, the Most High that King David talked about.
Alright, I'm gonna get into the total global martial law directed by the UN.
You understand, that's not rhetoric.
I mean, I'm saying that.
The total global martial law directed by the UN.
That's what it is.
It's not an exaggeration.
In fact, it's worse than that.
It's a martial law where they make you take a vaccine that changes your DNA and can give you cancer on record, and it's making everyone super sick.
It's now coming out that 100% are getting violently ill.
What the hell are they doing?
Okay, I mean this is out of control.
And they're pushing and they're pushing and they're pushing to be able to secretly arrest whoever they want and it's already here.
I have a stack of news on this.
And they even quote the UN as their authority.
It's unbelievable.
In Italy, in Quebec,
In New Zealand, in Australia, in Spain is one of the worst.
Meanwhile in Sweden they did absolutely nothing and now they're saying actually COVID didn't exist and we have record low deaths from pneumonia.
This doesn't exist, basically.
It's a real virus because Gates owns it.
And everybody gets it so you can be guilty.
Don't you get it?
Sorry, let me get back to the news.
I said I was going to cover it.
But look at these headlines.
America held hostage dims.
Announced plan to burn down every U.S.
city if Trump wins.
Atlantic Monthly, Washington Post, I've got them all right here.
Looting is legitimate, CNN.
In defense of looting, in defense of arson, NPR, in defense of violent street action, and they've announced under a Soros-funded group
It's mainstream news that they're going to burn every city and quote, keep America locked down and do what?
And do what?
And do what?
And do what?
Plunge the stock market!
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
How many times did I tell you that was coming?
And Zuckerberg!
And Zuckerberg!
It says that it'll be days or even weeks.
And once you accept weeks of a delayed election, it'll be months.
And on January 20th, if the President and Vice President have not been seated with the electors, then guess who becomes the President?
The 46th President, Nancy, the Crypt Keeper, Pelosi!
And then if she steps down, you know who comes next?
So, let me just show you these headlines again.
This is coming up.
Quebec City is already having secret arrest and secret COVID camp.
Corona marshals to patrol UK cities to enforce social distancing.
Spain citizens stop police from arresting a woman for not wearing a mask.
That's the answer.
It's rebellion.
This is tyranny.
La Stampe, make masks the big liberal paper in Italy.
Make masks the law forever.
Never shake hands again.
This is a damn cult.
San Fran officials using government gyms while private gyms remain shut.
Of course, Infowars.com.
Positive COVID tests in no lockdown Sweden hit lowest rates since pandemic began.
Governor Noem rejects report that Sturgis rally led to hundreds of thousands of COVID cases is fiction.
Yes it is.
Trump campaign crowd appeared to violate North Carolina mask order.
Dr. Fauci says he's frustrated by large maskless Trump rallies.
We want to set an example.
Meanwhile, the persecution of Christians is escalating dramatically worldwide.
InfoWars.com, you might want to spread that.
Fox News Channel's Carson says Democrats leverage fear of virus to gain political power.
This isn't science, it's dystopia.
Meanwhile, Los Angeles spans Halloween trick-or-treating due to COVID-19 risk.
Unless you're a big rich globalist thinking of all the parties you ever wanted.
That's all coming up, but what I'm going to hit first when we come back, still got plenty of time in this segment, I'm going to get into
The pre-planning for the martial law, destabilization, collapse of the stock market, race war, the execution of the beta test, then the white paper saying they were going to go operational three months ago.
Now they're going operational and we're now in the operation.
It's now been launched.
And it's official and they're doing it just like they loaded up a train full of TNT and started it towards a town and it's going to just blow up when it hits the town.
I mean, it's coming down the tracks.
It's going 100 miles an hour and it's coming right at us.
Wow, and from San Francisco to New York City, from Miami to Dallas, Texas.
We got videos of them chanting from Portland, Oregon to Indiana, Indianapolis.
Chanting, death to America.
That's what Black Lives Matter and Annie Vachand, official groups.
Hey, I wonder if those are the bad guys.
I wonder if
They're coming to destroy us.
People are like, oh, America would have never let that happen.
Soros has overthrown more than 20 countries he takes credit for.
He has destroyed more than 15 major currencies and made more poor people than anybody in modern history.
He loves it.
He loves it.
Because he's liberal.
You know, when you help round up fellow Jews, you're liberal.
When you bankrupt economies and destroy millions of people's savings in each country and people starve to death, you're liberal because you're George Soros and the ADL said so, so get on your knees to the Nazi collaborator and bow to your God.
Who said, back in the 80's in an interview, that he was the Messiah.
But he said he doesn't tell people that or they might want to lock him up.
But that as a young man he knew he would be the Messiah.
Well he sure as hell bringing in satanic evil everywhere.
Maybe he is like Satan's daddy or something.
I mean maybe he's laid an egg somewhere and Antichrist is going to hatch out of it.
It sure as hell ain't Alexander Soros.
He looks like 20 times weirder than his father.
With a little crazed demon though, man, you look at him and you're like, man, keep that guy away from my kids.
I've seen Alexander Soros as a pedophile.
He sure as hell looks like one though, huh?
So, this is all Alexander Soros, all this crap, all the garbage, all the New World Order, all the everything.
And I'm very honored to have that slime.
That the jaws of hell are just open.
Stinking jaws of hell.
And Alexander Soros and his father and all of them are going to be dumped directly into it.
So, there is a God, God's in control, and the enemies of God and the enemies of goodness will pay.
And they already sold out.
They're losers.
They know they're paying.
They're trying to take as many of us with them as they can.
Don't let them get you down.
Don't let them make you depressed.
Don't let them crow this despair.
Be happy.
Love God.
Have good cheer.
Know that revelations will be fulfilled.
That God is real.
We'll be with God for eternity.
But we must be tested by these rats, by these snakes.
We must, and we will be tested, and we will come through the fire stronger!
54 days.
And then the Democrats are going to contest, and they're going to burn down every city, and they're going to try to occupy the streets until the stock market plunges, and they're going to demand Trump leave and try to pull the 25th Amendment, or worse.
We were first to tell you.
I just remind you of that so people know when I'm laying this stuff out.
I'm not playing games, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not telling you stuff that sounds scary.
I'm telling you the truth.
So you can make preparation for it.
Because I believe in you.
I can see you.
I know your power.
And I want you to begin to release it.
I want you to stop fearing Satan and start fearing God.
Now, let's get into the news.
President Trump is hitting it hard, saying, if you're with Biden, you're with Communist China, and you're against your own damn self-interest.
And he's coming out saying, they're coming for your guns, they're gonna ban your guns, they've sworn to do it!
If you let these enemies take over, here's what the President had to say.
And I can tell you this.
If Joe Biden gets in, he'll have nothing to say about it.
He's not, let's face it, Joe's shot.
If Joe Biden gets in, your Second Amendment is gone.
It's gone, either obliterated to a point of being gone or gone itself, okay?
You will not have a Second Amendment.
And the pressure put on me in the last four years to make massive changes to the Second Amendment, which would have really rendered it worthless, Ron knows.
Ron knows.
The pressure put on me, very few people would have been able to withstand that pressure.
They would have made big, big cuts and big changes.
Your Second Amendment will remain powerful, will remain strong, will remain with you.
And even if Trump gets killed or thrown out via fraud, they're not taking our guns.
But it's critical if they start a war to not fight with the fodder.
We don't want that to happen.
Gotta go to the head of the snakes.
It's a hydra, it's got a lot of heads, but we go to the heads.
We're not gonna like bite on the pinky toe or anything or chew on its tail.
We're going right for the eyes and the neck.
So, politically, in a loving, liberal way, the way we treat unborn babies, you know, that kind of non-violent thing.
Seriously, though, we're going to win this thing peacefully one way or another.
That's what I stand for, what I believe in.
Joe Rogan, I told you he's a really smart guy, but when you hear him on air, he always tries to show both sides of it.
Well, sometimes the other side's a lie.
You can't really do that.
He had Adam Curry on, who did start podcasting, not just a famous first big host on MTV.
He's one of the guys that got Joe to move to Austin.
I was instrumental in it as well.
Notice the media still doesn't know where Joe lives.
They just keep saying, well, no one knows in Texas.
Well, you had Adam Curry on yesterday, and they talk about he lives in Austin.
I mean, I told you, he lives in Austin, folks.
But the point is, is that Trump tweeted a bunch of stuff about Joe Rogan, including about me yesterday.
And I told you that Joe was debating which 100 episodes he was going to keep on YouTube under their deal and which he was going to put on Spotify because they can't be both places.
Well, I got word yesterday, I guess Spotify's figuring out how much they need to be on YouTube and have content both places because that will just promote over to Spotify.
I thought it was a very dumb idea to get rid of all those episodes.
Oh, so now my episodes will be on both platforms.
So see how that works?
There was a big debate going on with them about what was the best to do.
It's free on Spotify, but they have like a gold member deal.
And so they're just figuring it out.
It was not a censorship issue.
I told you, I called up Joe, had a 30-minute conversation with him last week, and I told you the truth.
It's just that Joe said, whatever the most controversial, whatever the highest views are, let me review a list.
So Spotify kind of held back some of the highest views, but also some of what they thought was controversial, probably kind of hoping Joe didn't pay attention and then that didn't go over there.
But then that blew up.
So there was some truth that it was censorship, but Joe's in control, so it stopped.
And that's the nuance of it, because when they're corporately going back and forth with all of that,
They're not sure what they're doing.
He's not sure.
I mean, that's what uncharted territory is like, folks.
It's not like just cut in stone and that's the way it is.
And Joe had said, I want you to be one of my first guests when I get to Austin.
And then that became a huge national issue and was a stock issue and all the rest of it.
But Joe will be here soon and I will be with him soon.
I'm going to leave it at that because it's really uncanny.
His office will be right on the street from me.
So it's just it's it's it's weird how the universe works.
Because he didn't even try to get an office next to us.
I mean literally I could walk there in five minutes.
It's just the way the universe works.
So Joe's like this is a really cool place.
Wait a minute.
It was right on Alex Jones.
A lot of craziness.
That's how the universe works.
Let me just get serious here because I need to get back in the mode and not get distracted off into all of that.
And I really need to hit the Marshall Law plans and the plans to destroy the stock market and all this.
I mean, this is so illegal.
This is so criminal.
And if they kill the dollar, I could talk for 10 hours straight on what that will look like and how bad it is.
I don't think I need to explain to everybody what that will look like.
But you know what?
Remind me, guys, six after next hour, I'm going to spend five minutes
On what that will look like and I've tried to not even look into that area because here's the deal.
I don't manipulate.
I don't lie to you ever.
But I do hold stuff back sometimes if I think it's going to hurt the economy because they're trying to kill the economy.
And if I get up here and tell people what it's going to look like, if they're able to kill the dollar, it will scare the hell out of people, and they've even had the Wall Street Journal admit that this show massively affects stock prices.
So the last thing I want to do is spook everybody, but let me tell you something.
You better thank your lucky stars we got Trump, and we better be praying on our knees he gets re-elected.
Because the globalists want to end America and they want to dictate to us the terms of surrender.
They didn't just collapse all their blue cities on accident.
They did it on purpose to consolidate control.
They're gonna have 10, 20 years of depression and then buy it all up and break our will and then they'll turn America back on later.
And have it be a threat to China and have a bipolar world again.
But right now they want to have China take over and have a big run.
Probably for 50 years.
And so, folks, I start thinking about what the death of the dollar would look like.
We're talking Great Depression, but ten times worse.
And we're talking war in the streets.
And so I'll talk about that coming up.
Speaking of the devil.
I don't want to exaggerate, but let's put up the name of the sale right now for TV viewers, please.
This headline is not an exaggeration.
Save Infowars, save the Republic, save yourself.
I literally have agonized over this the last few weeks, but I'll just tell you.
We have everything we have in stock.
A lot of it, we can't even reorder.
Everything's breaking down.
The supply chain's breaking down.
Everything's falling apart.
We're under massive Chinese government hack attack right now on both sides.
They're secure, but it slows them down.
Costs us tons of money to fight it.
This is a real war.
So if you ever wanted an InfoWars t-shirt, or you ever wanted to get an Alexa Pure Breeze, or you ever wanted to buy some of the supplements and see how they are and support us, now's the time, folks.
You don't want to wait.
This is sudden death, overtime, Super Bowl, but for the whole future, everybody.
With all their strategic attacks and things that are going on, I need to get fuel in the gas tank.
Let's say the fuel tank is on a tenth of a tank, and I've got to go a hundred miles, and I've got enough gas to go 50 miles.
Okay, so there's a lot of things I can do.
I have to make decisions, and I've seen the big support last week, big support this week.
That buys us the extra support we just got, bought us maybe, in my gas tank, another three weeks.
I need to sell everything.
In fact, people only buy when it's massively discounted.
There's not that much of markup.
So then we sell a bunch of stuff, a bunch of money comes in, then there's not money to order the next group.
And see, that's where I am.
Do I cannibalize and just sell at a discount, sell everything out to have the money to go into next year and then have to implode and maybe not even be on air?
That's where I'm at.
So I'm probably just going to say we're selling out of everything and then sell it at full price and then hope we have enough money to buy stuff into the future or go back to an advertising model or donations model, which people don't respond to.
I don't know.
And I don't feel sorry for myself because if Trump loses and they're going to put us in a depression anyways, it's going to be so hellish.
We're all going to enjoy it together.
I'm so sorry for everybody, man.
I tried my best, you know what I mean?
But I mean, it's bad.
It's bad.
And everybody I know in business, the supply chains are breaking down.
Anything that's service-oriented or furniture, tile, you know, silverware, stuff for your house, just everything.
Food, supplements, medical supplies, drugs, it's all breaking down.
We're under devastating attack.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on all these great radio stations and TV stations.
And of course, the Internet at Band.Video.
But that's banned by Twitter and others by sharing.
So you can go to 2020ElectionsCenter.com, find all the same videos with different URLs so you can share, share, share them and help win the fight against the globalists.
Let's get into it right now.
Let's lay it out.
Let's break it down.
Look at these headlines.
This is an Infowars.com article.
Leftist groups form alliance to prepare for mass public unrest.
They go in and they pledge, the Daily Beast reports, in the group run by Soros.
They don't even hide that now.
Quoting, move on, Colorado change and the American Federation of Teachers have formed a democracy defense nerve center.
And it itself is run by former CIA and FBI color revolution operatives that have overthrown more than 20 governments.
The coalition dubbing itself the Fight Back Table is reportedly planning to counter claims of election victory by Trump and his supporters and are joined by Facebook and others saying it will not be allowed to say that Trump won and anyone out saying it will be physically assaulted.
This is a terrorist organization.
Revolver has a big article.
Meet Norm Eisen, legal hatchet man and central operative in the color revolution against President Trump.
They call it a color revolution themselves.
In our report on Never Trump's State Department, official George Kent of Revolver News first drew attention to the ominous similarities, they didn't really, but I don't care who gets the attention, that's ridiculous, and the tactics of the United States government employees in the so-called color revolutions and the coordinated efforts of government bureaucrats, NGOs, the media to oust President Trump.
Our recent follow-up to this initial report focused specifically on the shadowy George Soros-linked group called Transition Integrity Project.
That's the one that's running at all, who I just mentioned.
War games, exercises suggesting the likelihood of a contested election scenario, ensuring chaos, and they go on to say their job will be keeping the country locked down, shut down, and take down the stock market.
And I'm not taking away from Revolver.
That's a new side.
I like it.
They do a good job.
Newer side.
It's just that we've been the victim of the stay-behind network, the COG, that Pelosi says is going to put her in power.
She said that on national TV.
But I met with COG, and I'm second in command, and I'll be president soon when he doesn't leave.
What the hell?
I mean, this is being said by them.
But what they did dig up, surprise, surprise, as Homer Pyle would always say,
That Soros is running it with Alexander Soros.
Of course he is, and that works for the deep state and Obama and the rest of them.
So that is a big, big deal.
You gotta go read what they're saying.
What they're gonna do.
Meanwhile, far-left group, the same group, predicts import wars, will dox Joe Biden electors.
No, last time I said it was illegal for Pelosi's daughter to be going to the electors saying that they're not going to put Trump in, they're going to put Hillary in.
And then she said I death-threaded her on Fox News and they tried to have the Justice Department arrest me and they opened up a Justice Department investigation and had the FBI counter-terrorism unit and then they went back and said he didn't do any of that!
That's who these people are!
A far-left coalition war-gamed several post-election apocalyptic scenarios in case Democrat candidate Joe Biden lost President Trump, predicting that info wars could get involved by doxing Joe Biden's electors.
Okay, that's a public thing.
I mean, and leaking 88 of these electors to George Soros and 14 to child sex trafficking.
Probably more of them than that.
Which I mean I guess we kind of are in a way.
But only because we say what everybody else already knows.
I mean, Trump's people, others, people that are patriots in the FBI, the CIA, I mean, they tune in, they hear what they already know at the highest levels.
They go, how the hell is this guy doing?
Because I've been reverse engineering it for my entire adult life and before that.
And I grew up around people that had worked in some secret areas.
They told me how everything worked and how corrupt it was.
Now there was an alien outside group coming in to take over the government.
Now one day we'd have to fight it.
And here we are fighting it and doing a damn good job.
And it's not because I've got magic connections and not because, no.
InfoWars is independent.
It's like in that movie Elysium where she says, you know, you'll be lucky if we, if you don't hang for this.
And he goes, hang?
We do the hanging.
That's all that gives orders, like Tony Montana says is balls.
And this isn't about bragging, it's about you knowing how powerful you are.
You are just as important as anybody in the government, anybody at the New York Times, anybody at the Financial Times of London, anybody at the FBI.
You're a sovereign person.
It's not a slave, you're a good person.
And InfoWars is directly organic out of the dirt.
Like a lily out of the Nile mud.
You are Moses.
That's what Moses is after.
You are that.
You are Moses.
You are George Washington.
You are Paul Revere.
You are Thomas Jefferson.
You're black!
You're white!
You're old!
You're young!
You want a birthright of freedom and the right to self-defense?
Then you are an American!
Stand for your birthright now and defend it!
I create the talking points more than anybody else in the resistance.
And it's the enemy knows that.
They got transcripts.
And it's not about bragging.
It's about knowing what you funded and what you did and what you could do no matter what happens to us.
We don't take orders.
We give the orders.
We do the hanging.
I do the hanging.
It's not about a power trip.
I already knew this before they ever figured it out.
I flipped below the radar.
There's no more below the radar now, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's not because I'm that special.
I went and read their documents, their founding thesis, their programs.
I saw they were carrying them out.
I saw they were in charge.
I didn't want to be part of that.
I believed in you.
We built this.
The most lied to people are inside the government.
The most lied to people are inside intelligence agencies.
It's not like all the movies you see.
We're on the ground.
We see what's really going on.
We're where the crops are grown, where the engines get fixed, where the diapers get changed, where the dinner gets cooked, where the house gets cleaned, where the cuts get stitched, where the fighting gets done, and the killing!
Step into that office.
This is where the living and the dying happens.
This is where you come into the world, you go out of the world.
This is where you live all the passions and go through the crises.
This is where you get strong.
This is what makes you who you are.
Thank God that he put us here under this pressure so that we could experience this incredible reality that isn't a simulation, but it's real.
Our spirits jacked into this flesh suit.
It's an interface of all the people we were and all the people will be, with our individual spirit in communion with our families and all their experiences, them holding us, us holding them, and their desire for the future and to build the master plan that God has in store for us.
That's incredible and that is perfection in its impurity.
Alright, I'll get into what the Great Depression will look like and the death of the dollar if these enemies have the plan.
They're like running around with hand grenades, pulling the pins to blow themselves up, hoping some of the shrapnel hits us.
I mean, this is followers.
This is slaves doing this.
These are pathetic people.
Don't let Zuckerberg demoralize you.
He's a pathetic nobody.
All of them have been chosen because they're so weak and so spiritless.
They have no God in them.
No connection to the Father.
No connection.
It's all synthetic garbage.
Mark Zuckerberg's one of the poorest people on Earth.
But they know you're rich spiritually, that's why they want to make you poor, so you don't have money to be free.
Money is not worshipped like they worship it, because it gives them control.
Money is a symbol of energy, and I need it to continue the fight.
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X2, 50% off, free shipping, InfoWarsTore.com.
Bought all their specials right now.
I tell ya, the Ace of Spades, the high card.
The only god I need is the Ace of Spades.
The Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end.
Ha ha!
We'll be right back!
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's going to come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
All right, this full report is seven minutes, two seconds long.
It's at Mandoc, Vidigo.
It's very strong.
It's Democrats confess to 2020 election theft.
We're only going to air four minutes of it right now.
Then I'm going to come back.
I'm going to be good boy.
Just I'm pretty fired up today, spirit strong today.
And it tends to do it at once.
I'm going to try to be mechanical and cover all this when we come back.
But right now, let's go to this report.
Here it is.
One of the things that I think we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there's nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or even weeks to make sure that all the votes are counted.
That might be important to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election.
The reason we talk about a red mirage is, in fact, because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is.
We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.
You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually, I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.
You have a result on election night where it appears that Donald Trump has won, but a result after ballots are counted that show that Joe Biden has actually won.
That's right.
We essentially built a simulator where it's a sequence of sliders and you just pull those sliders to start seeing what the scenarios will show you.
What's it going to look like on election night?
What's it going to look like the day after and the day after that and the day after that?
So if one of the candidates
We see in the data that twice as many voters intend to cast a ballot by mail than have ever before.
They are disproportionately
Joe Biden supporters.
We might have the results saying something on the evening of November 3rd.
It will not say the evening of November 10th.
My advice to Joe Biden, and I've told the campaign this, obviously, is do not concede under any circumstances because I believe the other side is going to cheat and sneak and try to do everything they possibly can.
He says if he loses, he's not going to leave if he loses.
The fact is, whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States.
But there is a process.
It has nothing to do with that the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.
It's not geography or location.
This president's gonna try to steal this election.
This is the guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.
Have you ever considered what would happen if the election results came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
It has been suggested that this is a trial run for the President of the United States who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election.
If he's not elected, is he going to pull out?
It's military?
Is he going to engage us?
He has already alluded to there may be a civil war if he's not re-elected.
This is dangerous.
What we're trying to find out when we come back is they've rolled out millions of their George Soros armies.
Those big women's marches.
Those Soros-funded women's marches, those pro-abortion marches, where you saw five million marching in D.C.
four years ago?
They're getting ready to burn everything down!
Ha ha!
Hold us hostage!
Good luck, you dirty, filthy, commie losers!
You're gonna get your ass handed to you trash!
So, we've got videos out every hour of people chanting, Death to America.
I guess no borders, no walls, no USA at all is not enough.
But just death to America has a nicer sound to it.
And I haven't even gotten into all the race war news.
I mean, just one of the craziest part of the technocracy is the biggest video game sports maker of video games came out and they have the game where Colin Kaepernick's the best quarterback in the NFL.
I mean, he used to, all those games actually went off the real ratings.
He's not a very good quarterback.
There's some great black quarterbacks, but he's not even black anyways.
It's just now, he's rated better than any active playing quarterback in the NFL, including black quarterbacks, who are higher rated than him.
It's just, everything's a fraud with Silicon Valley, man.
The video games are just, and again, it's all a fraud.
And everyone's rejecting it.
So why does Hollywood not care they're burning down?
Why do video game makers hate the fact that they're having record low sales because of stuff like this?
Because they work for the globalists that created thousands of trillions in fiat currency that they use to buy up companies and control everything.
But they never give the money to us because that would create inflation.
But they use it to buy up all the companies!
Then they have board meetings at the highest levels at Davos and others on record.
And they decide who can buy who and who can spend as much money on acquisition.
People like Zuckerberg get told how big a jet he can have and how many houses and what he can buy.
By JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others.
He's a frontman.
He gets told by Bill Gates.
I mean, Bill Gates has finally gotten the table of the roundtable at the highest levels.
And then his minion, his trainee, his apprentice, is... Jeff Zuckerberg.
Come on over, dude.
What's up?
All my earpieces popped out?
I'm sorry, it doesn't matter.
I don't know.
Everything's always popping.
I can fix it.
Go ahead and fix it.
The point is, is that all of this is happening and we sit here with these jerks that just in the last really hundred years, since 1913, took over the American engine.
They've been siphoning our wealth off to China and everywhere else to build it up.
And then now they don't even want us to have any of the wealth.
They want to dictate to us when we're totally poor and fighting with each other over what color we are.
And then they know there's a revolution against government, a revolution against corruption, a revolution against the globalists through government oppressing us and rigging things.
So they pick the police in blue cities under Democrat command so the police can't fight back to scapegoat blue collar workers.
Police are blue collar folks.
They're the upper end of it.
They scapegoat blue-collar workers.
Outmanned, outgunned.
As the demon and the revolution.
Big mega banks, offshore, millions in slave camps in China.
Apple, heavily involved, all of them.
And then they've got the nerve to have Tim Cook go, we've given a hundred million dollars.
Oh, hi.
We've given a hundred million dollars to Black Lives Matter because we think of them as value and are good people.
Yeah, back it up.
Let's just play what he had to say.
Imagine, he runs death camps, but he's telling you he likes black people.
I mean, this is all a sick cover for what they do.
Here he is.
So if you just type in Apple Biggest Buyer
But it's literally, I don't care that Tim Cook likes dingaling, okay?
I'm not mad at him because he's a homosexual.
I'm mad at him that he hides behind it with a lisp, and his big act, and all of his garbage, while he literally is the biggest buyer of components from death camps.
Apple, Nike, and other companies implicated in Muslim forced labor in China.
Think about that.
Do I want giant Muslim hordes brought in by George Soros, literally trained to try to take our daughters and enslave us and burn everything down?
That's the Middle Eastern Muslims brainwashed by the globalists, the North Africans.
But do I want to take anybody, black, white, Muslim, Christian, and put them in death camps?
No, no, no!
Two wrongs don't make a right!
They are, and those Uyghurs are very non-violent, very good people.
You know, the Muslims came in and took over Central Asia.
They kind of picked it up as a religion.
They're like Muslim light.
The point is, is that if they could be Al Qaeda, don't take their women and children and put three million in death camps.
And Trump has criticized it when Democrats won't.
So again, that's what I'm getting at is the hypocrisy is insane.
But Tim Cook says I deserve to be off air because I'm a bad person.
He curated me.
He led the move to have me deplatformed.
And he told Xi Jinping four years ago in a speech he gave that he supports censorship.
And now in the year 2020, he runs the contracts at death camps.
At death camps!
And the average liberal is like, we don't want Trump leaving Afghanistan and Syria.
He's helping terrorists.
Oh, we don't want
To do anything to China about the 3 million Muslims in death camps.
Oh, but Colin Kaepernick, as soon as he got his Nike contract... I love afros, if you got an afro haircut.
He didn't ever have one, he had cornrows.
He bozos this big, big thing out.
Starts wearing Kuta Kinte shirts and talking about African pride while he doesn't say a damn thing about 22 plus million black people upwards of 70% since 1974, the year I was born, not making it out of their mama's guts.
That's not a virtue signal.
I'm out here kissing black people's ass.
I don't owe you anything.
I just owe you the truth like I owe anybody else the truth.
I care about everybody.
But I'm not gonna kiss your ass if you won't stand up for yourself with that Bozo the Clown when Nike's got slave camps killing people.
But oh look there, oh he's, oh don't worry about Nike's slave camps.
Oh no, we got Bozo the Clown here man, with a Kuta Kinte shirt!
It's a joke.
It's a sick, evil joke.
They're using him as a cover for all the evil they're involved in.
Doesn't matter, he's the top-rated quarterback in the NFL, according to stats now.
In the video games.
I mean, it's all fraud.
It's all scams.
It's all a joke.
And it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on.
So we're sitting here.
Now there's Colin Kaepernick.
With the white family that adopted him.
And of course, they're leftists.
They love the anti-white stuff.
Because that's an elitism.
That's the ultra-rich, powerful whites organizing all the brown people, who are the majority, to go in warfare and destroy the middle class that they label as white to complete the dominance.
To complete the takeover.
That's all it is, is cold-blooded evil.
In fact, the greatest Nazi, if you want to be a real Nazi, a real race-based person, winning race war and winning racial identity, it's Colin Kaepernick.
For PR purposes and all of it, he's the greatest Nazi.
And then if you want to talk about black folks, he's the greatest so-called black guy that's closest to Hitler, who's closest to Christ.
I'm not comparing him to Christ.
I'm saying who's the closest to that?
It'd be a Kanye West.
Don't kill your babies, no matter what color they are.
Come together, love God, and he's fighting the system.
Meanwhile, you got a real black guy fighting Bozo the Clown over here.
Does Kanye need to get a Bozo the Clown haircut to prove he's black?
Because he's black!
And Colin Kaepernick is a nobody that works for the man, the real evil, to exterminate and enslave black people.
And all you suckers that bow down to him deserve what you get.
He wants dead black babies!
He wants to kill you!
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Because there's a war on.
For your mind.
That is the interface for your soul.
Before we go next level, we gotta get past the AI.
The HAL 9000.
We will!
And then we shall be reborn.
The establishment doesn't want you to be part of that.
As if they could ever... Go to the next level.
In their selfishness, they destroyed the bridge, love, that would have carried them to the stars of Valhalla and beyond.
All right.
By the way, Alex Jones here, back live.
Since we're talking about all this, I forgot, Disney's one of the worst groups actually thanking death camp operators.
Disney under fire.
This is CNBC for Mulan credits that think Chinese groups link to detention camp operations.
Well, of course.
I mean, you gotta run a death camp or round up some people, you know, in your cred sheet like Soros did, or you don't get a job with these people.
And the more exploitive, the more horrible, the more systematic, the better it is for a Tim Cook.
Or a Jeff Zuckerberg.
Far Left Group predicts InfoWars will dox Joe Biden.
I already mentioned that, but it just gets so crazy.
Now let's get into all these articles.
1,000 people illegally voted twice during primary elections using amnesty ballots.
And I read what the state official over this said.
He looked into it.
That was a sampling.
And they found 1,000.
Videos up on Infowars.com.
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenspringer confirmed that at least 1,000 Georgian votes twice in the state's June 9th primary.
Oh, and guess who they mainly were.
I think you can guess what party cheats a lot.
I mean, the media says Trump people are rioting everywhere.
Of course, the media lies.
We know who's rioting, we know who cheats.
Meanwhile, another InfoWars.com article, Democrats panic, admit they are losing the election, call for end of electoral college.
Well, don't worry, that's just a talking point of Pelosi.
Even if it's clear that they can't stuff the ballot boxes with the 80 million, they can't hold it up a few weeks, which they say they're going to do.
And no one's allowed to say that Trump won, even though the numbers show he did.
Zuckerberg said so.
I mean, he's like God.
He's up there.
You have to get him first.
You look through, he's behind the burning bush.
He tells you what you can do.
Even they say, if that is clear that they've lost, they're just going to say, oh, we won the popular vote, and they can pull that off.
Then have the blue cities and blue states just count endless fake ballots and say they won that.
And of course, studies came out showing at least 6 million people voted illegally.
Trump only lost by 3 million votes to the popular vote.
So he won by 3 million.
Of course he did.
Probably won by more than that.
I'm worried.
This is Joy Behard.
I'm worried that Trump could pull this off, Behard said.
Let me speak in her voice.
I'm worried that Trump could pull this off.
We see the polls and we see Biden is leading, but Russian interference is alive and kicking.
Facebook is continuing to leave all the lies on the page.
The Postal Service is being interfered with.
Electoral College is an issue and a problem.
In the history of the United States, there were four presidents who won the popular vote because of electoral college.
Behar continued.
Bayar then claimed the Electoral College, rather than popular vote, gives a handful of states the power to choose the president, when in fact the opposite is true.
I think it's ridiculous that a few states, a handful of states, determine my future.
It's ridiculous.
So they bother voting in the rest of the country.
They need to change the Electoral College.
It's barely a few percentage points.
And it's meant so Texas and New York and California don't make Indiana, Georgia,
Arkansas, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, do what we want.
That's why you have the popular vote with the congressmen, the House members, and the Senate used to be the legislatures, but now they took that away and made that a popular vote.
Making senators their own imperium.
Let's continue.
Wow, there's so many of these.
Where should we start?
Oh yeah, numbers show that in Florida, Hispanics are going to vote for Trump in the majority.
And I always like this headline.
I just noticed PR.
I remember Warren Buffett ran all sorts of corrupt money laundering operations.
He's a super evil guy.
But he always poses with an ice cream cone in almost all his photos.
Ice cream cone.
And Biden does that too because they know statistically it's non-threatening.
Well, a wimp must have an ice cream cone.
And so here's the article.
Obama and Kamala Harris discuss Joe Biden's ice cream fetish, ignore substantive issues.
Now, again, I later found the psychological warfare it mentions, admitting they do that, but I could just tell they were doing it.
Did you see when Hillary lost the election two days after and they had Serge Brin and they had Larry Page and all the Google scum up there and they've got their main tech people and they're all wearing
Rainbow-colored dunce hats with helicopters on top.
Meaning, we're idiots, we're non-threatening.
I mean, you couldn't wear something to say, I'm more non-threatening, I'm wearing a clown outfit.
But they're not clowns.
They're spying on you.
They're selling your data.
They're lying to Congress.
They're ripping you off.
They're running huge organized crime ops.
But they're smart.
If they've got an ice cream cone or Serge Brin has long hair and goes, oh, I'm a victim.
I'm an immigrant.
We need open borders.
When they're exploiting immigrants and exploiting the third world and using them as a weapon, it's all just saying, oh, I'm weak.
Oh, oh.
Because they understand psychology.
If you look like, I'm in control, spying on you.
I've got the power to submit.
We'd fight them.
But he goes, oh, don't be evil.
Actually do be evil.
If you go back to that video Tucker Carlson played last week from four years ago, when Hillary lost for three years and whatever.
You see the panicking, but they're all wearing clown outfits, little helmets with propellers on the top.
So it's like, well, those can't be threatening.
I mean, they're wearing propellers on their heads.
They're wearing James Bond suits and said, we're going to make sure the next election is lost by Trump.
Man, they'd be SWAT teamed in 12 hours.
But see, even the FBI, the CIA, all these groups are small compared to big tech.
They're little.
They're pathetic.
They're 20 years behind.
I don't like a big, powerful government out of control.
But we've got a global corporate government, bigger and more powerful now, that is absolutely raping us and allied with the most murderous regime in human history, the CHICOMS, and the FBI is living in 1992.
And doesn't know what planet they're on.
And is just following their old stuff.
Well, Joe Biden says, I work for China.
China should run every facet of our lives.
Pelosi goes on TV and says, yeah, China wants Biden is helping.
I mean, Trump's bad.
They just hide it up front because they're scared Trump's going to point it out.
They go, hey, we work for China.
The Russians can't get their stuff.
I'll tell you this again.
I study all these places.
I'll talk to folks that have been there.
Russia, over half of Russia has intermediate electricity.
The stoplights don't work.
The hospitals are half closed.
It's three times the size of the U.S.
with half the population.
And the infrastructure cost is insane, and they can't even run things.
You know, Western Russia is high-tech, modern.
The rest of it is like 1937 United States.
They're not running anything.
If the Russians were up our rear end, I would say go after them.
They're not.
It's the Chai-comps.
It's the Chai-comps.
It's the Chai-comps.
It's the Chai-comps.
It's the Chai-comps.
It's the Chai-comps with the left and all these scumbags trying to destroy us and trying to kill the dollar.
So I'll tell you what a dollar death looks like when we come back.
Stay with us.
So I would say, you know, if anything that's happening at CNN and anybody who buys your book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
They came in peace.
This is CNS.
Alright folks, we are back.
Thank you so much for joining us here.
You know, we put that newest Mars Attacks promo on, dealing with the psychology of a military telling you we're not attacking you while they are.
Because statistically, since World War I, they learned if you tell people you're not attacking them on loudspeakers, even as you're charging them and trying to kill them, that they'll, a lot of them will lay down and you're able to kill them.
You're able to defeat them.
I walked up to my car, it's raining out there, I got something out of the car, so I got some water speckles on me, if anybody's asking.
Coming up next segment, I'm going to play a few clips that are listed on Infowars.com.
In a Kit Daniels article, Sky News host leads resistance against COVID-19 scam.
Alan Jones says politicians are promoting fear and won't protect you because they want to control you.
Very powerful.
And I'll get to the footage I haven't played yet that I should have led the whole show with.
I mentioned it, but my God, they're putting people in secret.
Government facilities, but only in leftist cities in Canada if they refuse to be tested or if they have a false positive.
It's just total reason to snatch you up off the street.
That's coming up.
But since I mentioned it, let me just get into this now.
I know the general audience is as smart as I am, or smarter, but for new listeners and new viewers, I want to explain something.
There's a whole cottage industry out there to talk about how we've gotten into too much debt and how we've devalued the dollar and how America's done and how the dollar is going to go belly up.
And you notice they started that with a lot of conservatives and so-called individuals on the internet who are really heavily invested in communist China.
Yes, we've devalued the dollar, but we have the world reserve currency still.
China has way more devalued their internal and external currencies, the yuan and the yen.
The EU has way more value.
This is on record.
They don't deny this.
They're currency.
And they're not the global currency.
So to have Wall Street globalists and the media all saying they're bearish on the stock market, they're bearish on the dollar, and they think it's the end of the dollar, and Soros has always wanted to mount the dollar on his wall before he dies.
And boy, he looks like his expiration date was up 100 years ago.
And so they're out there all over the news and paying pundits.
And because I've been offered the money, you know, Oh, here's an advertisement group that wants you to say this.
And I'm like, no, we don't do that.
Oh, push this newsletter, do that.
And it's all America dominance is over.
America sucks.
China's the future.
Invest in this, the dollar's going to die.
And so this has been going on for a long, long, long time.
So yes, we've over,
Yes, America has problems.
Yes, we're in too much debt.
But compared to other countries, we have the World Reserve.
If we lose the World Reserve, then all of those debts are magnified.
We don't have political power anymore.
We don't have military power to a great extent.
We don't have the power to buy the goods and services we need when we've been positioned that, oh, under globalism, make China the manufacturer, but you control the currency.
Well, China and the globalists double-crossed that.
So China was supposed to balance power in the globalist system, it was all a lie to sell the mid-level academics on it, where they let us be the military, they became the economic power, they got the rare earth minerals, they control manufacturing.
It was all agreed upon, these big global councils.
China and the people they work with that sold us out to China promptly double-crossed all that.
During the Obama administration, and Chinese spies in the Obama administration transferred in the Office of Personnel Management hack 20 plus million, 22 plus million, of all the family members and histories and databases of every federal employee, including 18 intelligence agencies.
The keys to the kingdom.
And that's why you see Biden up there
Five years ago, before Trump got in, saying, we are under China's control, they should dictate every aspect of our culture.
Maybe we'll play it in a minute.
They got the clip, you can see it right there on the screen.
That's why Pelosi came out and said, yes, China wants Biden.
Yesterday, their big national paper said, Joe Biden is mirroring us.
What was the exact quote?
Joe Biden
And his political and cultural views mirror ours.
What was the exact word?
I covered it yesterday.
I forget.
I'm having one of those Tourette's moments.
It's OCD moments where I've got to have the exact headline.
Official Chinese Communist National Paper brags that Joe Biden is simpatico with them.
Dancing with them.
That his agenda mirrors their agenda exactly.
There's never been such treason spoken.
If they were a wonderful country with freedom and stuff, we'd say that's wrong.
You don't take our government over.
It's a horrible, murderous regime.
So do you know what the death of the dollar looks like?
It looks like total slavery, property values imploding, everything going to near zero, absolute depression, no goods and services, no food,
The breakdown of civilization and then the left and the globalist coming with an emergency global new Marshall Plan, they're calling it, to have China bail us out like Germany after World War I with the Versailles Treaty and to dictate to us the terms of our surrender.
But what a headline out of the Washington Post.
Xi Jinping must destroy Trump to save America.
And then I'm having an OCD.
We've not had luck?
I'll look at it myself.
We don't have any luck on Chinese national paper brags about Biden.
That'll pull it up right there.
China brags Biden will pull it.
I'll pull it up for you right now.
Not mad, not mad.
I have to have it.
So, you know.
China paper brags Biden.
Joe Biden on video bragging about China relationships and Chinese help to win.
Try DuckDuckGo and see what comes up on there.
But I don't have to tell you, they're all on record saying that.
They're all on record doing that.
This is who they are.
Give me yesterday's stack.
I have to have it.
Bring me yesterday's stack.
I have to have it.
Give me yesterday's stack.
I'll pull it.
So, that's the point all this has gotten to.
And they just think you're going to sit there and take it.
So I want you to know that the Democrats have said, when Trump wins, they're going to hold up the election, burn down the cities, and try to crash the economy.
I showed you that in the last two segments.
And that they're the ones openly behind it, while they say they've got to go out and burn everything down, because Trump's violent, and Trump's planning all this.
And the official National Communist Paper of China.
...comes out and endorses and, quote, brags that Joe Biden is completely synced up with everything they're doing and everything he's involved in.
That's why President Trump came out and said, if you're for Joe Biden, you're for Communist China.
And not their people, but the horrible, evil Communist Party that these same globalists couldn't get control of America, but they could use American power to put Mao Zedong into control.
I'll put a chessboard out here and I'll talk about it next segment, but I just want Americans to know there's a game going on in its life and death.
Just be aware of the game.
They want to tell you being politically informed is a conspiracy theory.
They treat you like you're an idiot.
You're not an idiot.
And you deserve freedom.
So do I. And we're going to do it together.
By the way, my buddy Shane Stiner flew his helicopter around and shot some amazing HD footage of the biggest Trump boat rally yet.
Probably 6,000 boats, they're saying, like Travis last weekend.
Word is it's coming up again this Saturday.
He's coming in the studio to talk about that and more and show that HD footage.
Stay with us.
You know, we've all seen footage from space and how cool it looks.
What about from a helicopter?
It looks even cooler.
But what's even cooler is jumping out of the helicopter and skydiving into 6,000 boats.
The biggest Trump boat rally yet.
Last Saturday, word is it's happening again this Saturday, in Lake Travis.
Ha ha!
My old high school buddy, Shane Steiner, who led the Flight of the Valkyries helicopter attack force, will be joining us.
The question is, will I jump out of the helicopter this Saturday?
I might do it, actually.
I'm thinking about doing it.
I'm not worried about it.
I'm so fat, though, I might break the parachute cords.
All right, let's get serious.
Hey, guys, I had my little OCD moment earlier, and you know what?
I went to yesterday's stack, and I found it.
Look at this, folks.
I found it.
Dr. McCamm, shot, please.
I was telling you about Joe Biden.
We'll play the clips in a moment.
Chinese state media gloats.
Biden's worldview runs parallel to Beijing's in the article of the NationalPulse.com.
It links right to the official Chinese Communist National Newspaper.
Xi Jinping praises extraordinary and historic victory of Chinese socialism, WHO, and coronavirus battle.
The UN through China over America dictating how we should operate.
So before I hit this other news on their ongoing lockdown, let's go ahead and get to this.
This is Biden four years ago talking about China should be involved in every aspect of our lives.
It means a party.
The US-China relationship has also improved dramatically in the past 30 years.
In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond
Close ties between Washington and Beijing, which we're working on every day.
Go beyond it to include all levels of government.
Go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms.
What they said is China would prefer Joe Biden, whether they do.
That's their conclusion, that they would prefer Joe Biden.
So, there you go.
Meanwhile, to undermine our military and our country, here's some of the headlines we've got right here.
Obama-era Pentagon training manual attacks white men as inherently bad.
Madden 21 to feature Colin Kaepernick has higher rating than half of NFL starting quarterbacks.
And all the current ones.
Academy lists new diversity requirements to win Oscar for Best Picture.
And now Google says they want to make this rule for you to be able to post.
If you're a white person, you can't post a video because you're white.
White people owning dogs is racist.
Big article.
Official anthropologist and historian, archaeologist Gregor Larson comes out and says, Asians first adopted dogs so whites can't do it.
I'm not kidding.
Damn, those white people are bad.
This is the left for you, folks.
It goes on and on and on and on and on.
And there's this crazy video that I'm going to get to just to show you the race war elements.
Should I show you Antifa marching saying no borders, no walls, no USA at all, death to America?
All the new videos?
Or should I show you this crazy person video?
White BLM protester uses n-word, claims he's allowed to because of rap music.
And they're all like the same weird, this guy looks like the guy that got shot
Who was convicted of all those crimes.
He's not the same guy, just looks like him in Kenosha.
Let's go ahead and roll this video.
What did you just say?
What'd you say to him?
I said to do something.
No, what'd you say after that?
With an A!
With an A!
So you're here for Black Lives Matter, but you're using the n-word.
What the f*** are you here for?
No, I'm just curious.
I'm just curious.
You're using the n-word, but you're here for Black Lives Matter.
You really honestly live in America in 2020, but you don't know the difference between a hard E-R on the end of the n-word and an A. So you're saying white people can say that?
Wait, I just did.
To this guy right here.
And you know which white guy specifically?
The one who's been standing over there for hours holding a Black Lives Matter sign.
So that means you can say whatever you want.
He's a f***ing white c***.
That means whatever you say, whatever you say.
He's a f***ing Trump-supporting fool.
Hey, you're the one holding the BLM sign and using the n-word.
He's still announcing how he hates whites.
I'd love to see you use that.
Get tricked, I gotta hit him.
Threads to hit him.
You goofy f**k. That's s**t. Dumbass censor or Trump supporter, wherever the f**k you are.
What did you say?
The N-word with an A on the end.
Have you honestly never heard that?
You've never listened to rap music?
Just very curious.
Never hung out with black people?
Just very curious.
You really don't have a point here.
You're just running your f**king mouth.
You stupid f**king white guy.
Now, there's so many videos coming out, we can't even keep track of them all, but I've got a Black Lives Matter protester assaults a black store manager in Pittsburgh, PA, after mobbing his McDonald's.
We have another footage of a lady drinking a guy's beer, and they attack a white guy with a megaphone.
When he fights back, they beat him up.
These are racial attacks now happening, and this is what George Soros, on record, just spent $200-plus million just this month to fund this group to do this.
Go ahead and play those clips.
Put your hands on the floor!
Now again, we're going to play more of these clips for you in a moment, but this is all meant to trigger a civil war and to make it not about globalists and foreign banks and the Chi-Coms, but black against white.
They want black people to be the cover for this, so they're sending in leftists everywhere to try to trick black people into doing this.
That's in their own documents.
At least three years ago, Obama planned martial law in Maryland in 2015 with Alexander Soros.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Biden, to me, is like having a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long hike in the woods.
It is not going to work out.
It's not going to make it.
This country's a mess.
Well, there are a few minutes of that and a few minutes of communism knocking on the door, but these are all like nine minute reports.
They're up on InfoWars.com.
You need to share them.
And then Shane Steiner's coming in studio with the Trump Flotilla and the Trump Air Force.
So stay with us.
And this is the central issue here.
These people are pretending to manage our health.
What knowledge are they using that is superior to ours?
Where's the evidence?
Yesterday I raised a document from the Government's own Department of Health.
Epidemiology Report 22, the period ending August 2, which says, and I quote, comorbidities were common.
in those COVID-19 cases admitted to Australian hospitals, with 78% recording at least one of the specified comorbidities.
Only 9% recorded no comorbidity.
And it further said, the symptoms reported by COVID-19 cases in Australia are consistent with a mild respiratory infection in the majority of cases.
There it is.
9% recorded no comorbidity.
Even if it were up to 10%.
That means if there are 770 deaths, only 77 have died from coronavirus alone.
And I repeat, we've got only 29 cases across Australia, serious or critical.
And what have we got?
An economy smashed.
I met with New South Wales businessmen today.
Why can't all businesses open up?
Where's the scientific evidence to suggest they can't?
Where on the figures is anyone at risk?
Why can't we say to the public, you look after your own health?
The old, the vulnerable, the elderly, the indigenous, the people with comorbidities.
Yes, we've got a hospital system to look after you.
The rest, get on with your lives.
Why do we have children locked up, unable to go to school?
Why are 5.5 million Melburnians living like battery hens?
6.5 million Victorians, paying for the stupidity and arrogance of Daniel Andrews.
He should have resigned long ago, if he had any decency.
This is very serious stuff.
I guess in the almost Marxist world in which we exist, this is inevitable.
How ironic that I have just finished speaking to Catherine McGregor.
Journalists about to leave China.
They get the knock on the door and what does the Chinese Communist Party President Xi say to Chinese journalists?
Your name is party.
Does this sound like Daniel Andrews?
Do it our way or look out.
Witness the pregnant woman being arrested.
A very learned legal man texted me tonight to say that, quote, the trust that government needs in a crisis has been absolutely incinerated.
Remember I spoke two weeks ago to Dr Eamon Matheson, a Melbourne anaesthetist, who's one of 13 doctors and surgeons, who signed a letter saying that the lockdowns and the restrictions were killing more people than the virus.
He also said the strategy was completely wrong and he called for other doctors to sign up.
Well, they were overwhelmed.
The website was swamped such that it had to be shut down.
A Facebook page blew up and had to be deleted.
This is now a massive story.
Many of the doctors are worried.
They are now fearful for their own professional futures.
They believe there will be repercussions for speaking out.
They know if people can arrest pregnant mothers in front of crying children, why can't they come up after the doctors next?
The communists knock on the door.
Is this the new world order?
Well one class act prepared to stick his head up is Dr Raymond Matheson.
I spoke to him last week.
I have to stress he is not tonight speaking on behalf of anyone other than himself.
The letter that has been written to Premier Andrews by all of those doctors has not been acknowledged in any way.
But as Edmund Burke said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
Is for good men to do nothing.
Here's a good man who's doing something, Dr. Eamon Matheson.
Dr. Matheson, thank you for your time again.
You're speaking on behalf of all of us, I know, not the doctors who signed the original letter.
I should point out, the letter writers who signed the letter to Daniel Andrews are good people.
The British are coming!
The British are coming!
Now the ride of Paul Revere Set the nation on its ear And the shock that Lexington heard round the world When the British fired in the early dawn The war of independence had begun The die was cast, the rebel flag unfurled
And on to Concord, marched the foe, to seize the arsenal, there you know.
Wakin' folks, searchin' all around.
Till our militia stopped them in their tracks, at the old North Bridge, we turned them back, and chased those Redcoats back to Boston Town.
It happened that they had planned, if the British was ever to come over here, that they'd put a light up in this high church steeple.
And Paul went down there to look.
And sure enough,
There was the light, burning brighter and day.
Well, Paul, he jumped on his old horse and he lit out.
He didn't know where he was going, but he knew he had to go somewhere.
Oh, I wish you could have seen it.
That old horse with his ears laid back and his nostrils wide open, sucking in wind like a jet engine.
Feet pounding on them cobblestones, striking off sparks.
Paul holding on for dear life and a hollering at the top of his lungs.
He says, the British is coming, the British is coming.
Get your gun, we gonna have us a revolution.
And them farmers come a-piling out of the hay like bees out of a beehive.
Minutemen, they's called.
What's Minutemen?
They's fellas that had to be ready at a minute's notice.
And when Paul comes screeching down the road that way, they grab their guns and head out behind the weeds and walls and trees and everywhere.
And when the British come pranks and long all dressed up in their red suits, they let them have it.
It was a sight to see.
And then it happened.
They fired the gun!
They fired the gun.
And the shot was so loud, it was heard clear around the world.
Oh, get out!
That's right.
That's the way this country started.
Wow, President Trump in every internal poll, every public poll is way ahead.
What is the left going to do?
He's a good friend of mine from high school, successful business owner, all-around great, top country music singer, all the stuff Shane Steiner's done in his life, along with Tommy Shane Steiner.
And then your folks and your family are in the big Yellowstone TV show, not even trying to get in that, a lot of stuff going on.
Yeah, we're such good friends.
I have to come on this show to see you anymore.
So that's what I have to go to.
You're a great guy.
I love flying around in your helicopter, too.
We need to do it more.
You're amazing.
We've got to get Joe Rogan's here in town now.
He wants to go flying around.
That's what I heard.
A dude just told me that I'm flying around Saturday.
This is the first I've heard of it.
I didn't know that.
No, I just said, I'm sure there's going to be an aftershock of Saturday's event, which they now believe is over 6,000 boats, the biggest Trump boat rally yet in America, right here in Austin, Texas.
So, uh, I'd heard about it on Facebook and, uh, just thought I'd go fly around a little bit.
A, uh, they were gonna have a big helicopter drop these skydivers off and, uh, at the last minute that fell through.
So I got me and a bunch of my friends together and we took up six skydivers.
So that was good.
That was my point to start off.
And uh, we dropped the skydivers off, but yeah, here's, here's, we're going to go through all this, but let me just say this.
We don't, and I'm the worst person.
I'm following my own views on this.
We need to make fighting tyranny fun instead of depressing like I do.
And every time you get involved politically, you're kicking ass.
You like let helicopters in there, skydiving into the crowds, flying over the boats.
Everybody loved it.
Made national news.
Great job, Shane, because this is fun.
And Trump talked about the rally.
That was the great thing about it is everybody was out there having the time.
I mean, I heard from people that were out there on the boats that said that was the most fun they've ever had on Lake Travis.
So everybody's out there having a good time.
They're enjoying themselves and it really... We're not burning down police stations or burning down black-owned businesses.
But, you know, they always say that Trump supporters are this angry mob.
It's like I saw people being
You know, kind each other, and just enjoying it.
Well, everything the left does is an inversion.
Like black people that finally go to Trump rallies.
That's why now you go to Trump rallies, there's a ton of black folks and brown folks there, because they really believed it was racist.
Once they go, they all get loved, and it's game over.
Yeah, so I hate to admit this, but I just found out what gaslighting is.
And it's when your own eyes are telling you something different than you're being told is going on.
And so that's what that whole day was.
So when I got home and started reading the articles of all the boats sinking and just the chaos and the... They said seven boats.
It was all exaggerated.
I mean, if you get 6,000 boats, something's going to happen, though.
My God.
Now, I'm not going to say that no boats sank, but they acted like it was armadas just going down at the helm, but... The Spanish Armada.
The Spanish Armada is like boats for, you know, on the bottom now, but... We've got some photos.
You found one boat that went down.
I saw... in my... there it is right there.
My video, um, I caught this one giant yacht that obviously capsized.
It's actually like a 16 footer.
So, uh, yeah.
But I mean, the truth is in some of those narrow, I mean, it's the damned Colorado River.
Some days when it's busy, there's some big waves out there.
A lot of folks get their boats out.
And they've not been de-winterized, and they leave the plug out.
I routinely see sinking boats.
I pull up and help them a couple times.
As you know, I go out there a lot.
I've helped three boats, and they're like, oh, the plug wasn't in.
So that was one guy that officially his boat sank because he forgot to put the plug in.
I think so.
But it's, uh, I mean, nobody got hurt.
But they tried to make that the story, which is why I said we should have another rally this Saturday.
Because I didn't go out last Saturday, but I think we have a big aftershock.
I think it's going to be big.
I'll tell you right now, I know a lot of people that will show up for that, just because... Well, we're saying Trump, too.
We're doing it again.
I mean, Trump said they do it on the weekends.
Trump goes, they ought to do it every day.
Did you see that?
So I just say, yes, sir, Mr. Trump.
Why not?
Go out and have fun on the lake.
Anyways, your experiences when we come back, we're going to play a bunch of clips.
Tell us, tell us about the craziness, because a helicopter at 6,000 feet looks like you're at 30,000.
That's crazy, that footage you got.
And also because you're in an open cockpit, I had the doors off for the jump, and when you're kind of slowing down to 20 or 30 knots and you're at 6,000 feet, it does feel, it's a little
I got to say it, I want to jump out of there.
But you got experienced guys out there.
Oh yeah, these guys are great.
You don't want me to jump out.
They also had flags that they would... So you'll see right here, this guy jumps.
And you were flying a stage 4 cancer guy, right?
Yeah, he... Afterwards, he... One of the skydivers who can no longer... I mean, he hasn't skydived in a while because he's been having some health issues.
They asked me if I would go and fly him around and give him a fun flight to kind of...
I think so.
I took him for a ride.
Well, they say you're a really good helicopter pilot.
I can tell, but it's a little, you've got to do all the tricks and everything.
Well, I mean, it looks like tricks, and there's people that don't, you know, they don't fly helicopters, and it looks like it's scary, but what I'm doing is, I never do anything that's... I understand.
Does Sid fly with you now?
No, my brother does not fly with me.
He rode with me too many years in high school.
People think that I fly like I drive.
I'll admit, I'm a little bit of a crazy driver.
You drive pretty good now compared to me.
Well, I don't drive anymore.
That's another thing, you just fly around.
Yeah, all my trips are now based on whether or not I can land there, and if the weather's good.
That's right, we had to chauffeur you today, over here.
Yeah, that's right.
From the secret Joe Rogan location.
Hey, I just, I don't, driving's too dangerous.
You know, they think helicopters are dangerous, but when I get in a car now with my wife, I'm like, I'm white knuckling it on the dashboard.
It is amazing.
We can fly to any restaurant we want.
Like, 10 minutes, we're in, like, Round Rock, having lunch.
We fly back, we're done.
I am very spoiled here.
Let's talk about the key footage when we come back.
Stay with us.
Let them wash your American hair.
Let the good times roll.
But take the Americana, cutting edge, Lake Travis, outside Austin.
Bunch of helicopters, planes, 6,000 boats, everybody having a great time.
And they take a couple boats in, put the plug in the bottom, and launch them, and they sank, or rental boats, or whatever.
Shane Steiner, my old high school buddy, successful business guy, helicopter pilot, country music singer, the whole nine yards.
We're here talking about this.
You've got a bunch of clips, you can direct us which one to go to first, but just the excitement of a Trump rally and these spontaneous vote rallies versus what the left is up to where they burn down cities.
Yeah, I think it's a stark contrast to when you see Trump rallies who are supposed to be filled with anger and vitriol and they're all happy and out.
American flags, when did it become a partisan thing to not love your country and not fly an American flag?
Mainline Democrats say they hate America now.
What the hell happened to these people?
But then you get home and see the news about mostly peaceful protests where the city is on fire.
Fiery but mostly peaceful.
What do we do about the Democrats though once they probably lose this?
How do we rehabilitate them?
What the hell is wrong with these people?
I don't know.
I just, I mean, at this point, like I was saying, if you can't come to, if we can't come together on just the love for the country, then, you know, there's really not much you can, you know, there's not much.
Well, you're a smart guy and your dad's a smart and your family's smart.
What do you think's going to happen to this country?
I have no idea.
I mean, it's like, uh, do what I were talking about.
At least it's, you know, there's this craziness is, it's, you know, at least it's not boring.
Well damn right it's not boring.
So when did you hear about this boat rally?
Because I said we should have one in Austin.
I didn't even know they were going to have one.
I heard about it like two days before.
They say, Trump says it's the biggest one yet.
Yeah, so I saw it on Facebook.
Several of my friends called and asked if I was going to be flying over.
And that's how I initially heard about it.
And I just thought, man, it's Austin.
You know, Austin's a very liberal city, so I thought maybe a few hundred boats were going to show up.
And it, I mean, you could tell by that skydive video, that's before the boats even started to move, that there was already a couple thousand.
They're estimating 6,000, the state police and LCRAR, Lower Colorado River Authority.
Well, this Saturday noon to nighttime, folks, I'm just saying there's going to be another one.
Everybody tell, just come to it, be safe, we're going to be there.
Are we going flying?
Is that what's going on, too?
I didn't know that you'd been conscripted, but I would like to fly around the helicopter.
Well, let's do it.
I'm so fat, though, if I jump out of the helicopter, it'll splash the whole lake out.
But seriously, tell us about this long shot of boat.
So yeah, I have a long shot of me just going over the boat parade.
Because the media called this harassment.
Reddit, owned by the Communist Chinese, said this was bad.
That's why I just wanted to... Because in China, you don't even get a car unless you're with Xi Jinping.
I just wanted to demonstrate that, I mean, you can see all the boats going in the same direction.
There's not boats sinking left and right.
I mean, I fly like this.
This video... And where did the boats meet?
Um, right in front of Emerald Point.
Alright, that's where we're doing it again.
And that's where they started off, and then this is after they've already started to go.
But yeah, at one point I got home and saw that one of the boats had waved me closer, like the guy that was on the back, like, hey, get closer.
And so I got a little closer and waved to him, and that made it onto Reddit.
And from the way they shot that video... They shot like you're harassing... They said he's harassing... The guy begged you.
He said he was using the airport nomenclature.
You could see him moving his hands to like wave me in.
And this is the shot from the boat.
The boat's all shaky.
It's kick-ass.
No, I mean, I was out on the boat a couple months ago and I saw you flying around.
I called you.
And you're like... So you flew over.
My kids were mad you didn't get closer.
It was awesome.
Well, I mean, I...
Try to do things as safe as possible.
For folks that don't know though, planes fly over all the time.
It's all legal.
Explain that to people.
That's the thing.
People maybe have heard that there's rules for aircraft that they have to stay a thousand feet above congested and 500 feet above uncongested.
So there's a rule for airplanes.
But helicopters do not fall in that.
There is no
Because they have way more control.
Well, I mean, we're under control all the way to the ground, and we can hover and go backwards and all that stuff, so people see that.
And it's nobody that was at the Trump rally.
I mean, they shared that on their social media, and then other people see those videos and then think, oh, this guy is crazy.
He is endangering people.
I can only imagine that the FAA got inundated with calls.
I'm sure they did, but it's all legal, and you've got to exercise.
It just shows the left, though.
They complained about everything.
Because I remember on Reddit they said, we're going to get him, we're going to expose him.
They even doxed you.
Yeah, they doxed me and did links to all my social media accounts.
But it's mostly people just don't understand that what I was doing is completely legal.
Well, the average leftist doesn't leave their house.
On record, I mean, they're literally in a compact deal wearing a mask alone, just sitting there jerking off in front of the computer.
I'm sorry, and they just see you in a helicopter.
They go, this isn't legal.
They're on boats, they're having fun, there's women in bikinis.
This is not allowed!
So it's funny that somebody was asking the other day if I named my helicopter.
And I haven't thought of a name yet, but after this weekend I've decided to call it Trigger.
I agree!
Willie Nelson names his guitar that.
And also, uh, Roy Rogers' horse was Trigger.
It's perfect.
But, that helicopter, when people, when I fly over, I, I definitely trigger some people.
Well, and I see the lies, because I don't even look for it, and I see Shane Steiner's helicopter in the news.
They like go, he's landed in somebody's yard, it's your yard.
It's like they just lie about you constantly.
You know, also, somebody sent me a Daily Mail article that showed us in a, in a V formation, after we dropped off the skydivers, we all formed up in this arrow formation.
And that picture was on the Daily Mail.
It said, helicopters come rescue sinking Trump boats.
Like we were out there coming to the rescue.
Let me say this.
We've got to take your footage.
You gave us a bunch of it.
We'll play it next segment.
We've got to put Flight of the Valkyries to it.
That'd be awesome.
We'll do it.
I need to get a sound system that just plays it off the skids.
I'll pay for it.
If you can get it rigged up, I'll pay for like a 500 watt.
We need a... Is that big?
500 watt?
I'm just saying the number.
We need big speakers, flat on the Valkyries, to fly over the leftists.
Can you imagine?
Oh, look at this footage.
Oh, this is footage I shot.
Oh, yeah.
That's when you said that.
How on earth do you guys even have this?
I mean... Yeah, I have my... I know social media is incestuous, but how in the hell do you guys even have this footage from me?
Oh, Rob, do grab that on my phone.
Yeah, it was a couple months ago.
This is crazy.
There's Shane right there.
Yeah, you can see my daughter was in there.
I was taking her to cheer practice.
This is amazing.
See, I shot this.
How good is that footage?
That's, that is, is that a new iPhone?
You see how good I am?
I wish my crew would shoot video like that.
See that skill?
See, I'm sorry.
That is precision.
First class video shooting.
Alex Jones did that.
That's great.
I'm just teasing.
I didn't shoot it.
I actually had to shoot the video.
No, you're over there circling the other boat.
I go, is that you?
Get over here.
I was like headed.
You were like 800 yards.
North, I guess.
Yeah, you know when I flew over the dam, my phone rang and I was like, I saw it was you.
And I said, I know he's at the lake.
Yeah, that's funny.
I love you flying over my neighbor's house, too.
That's always good.
Look at this!
And see that downwash?
That is not that... That's not even rippling the water.
I was also accused of being the reason why boats sank.
That that downwash was one of the... Look at how I did perfect shot.
I mean... And then let me go out of frame.
That is... That was some nice work.
I'm not bragging, but I mean, you know, you know.
We over-physicologized, but that's not important.
I did shoot some good video.
We'll be right back with more footage.
Stay with us.
We're having some fun.
You know, what's incredible is Shane Steiner's here, one of my good buddies from high school, and he's just an amazing guy.
It's not about kissing your ass, it's the truth.
Growing up around my grandfathers and all these old Texas people that are almost all dead, is they were always happy and excited.
You'd go to eat dinner with them, you'd go ride around the ranch, you'd go to a museum with them, you'd go to the beach.
There was always like this energy, like these guys got something going on, they're excited, they love life, you know, they're confident, they're nice.
And I just see less and less Texas, and your whole family's like that.
It's got that... What is it about Texas?
Because everybody talks about Texas having something special, or the South, or the West, or Montana.
What is it, and what is that spirit?
Because you've definitely got it.
Well, I mean, it's like, it's made of people that, you know, like my family moved here from Germany five generations ago because they wanted to go out into the West and be free.
And so, you know, it's all...
You know that your success is based on how much you're willing to work and it's that cowboy spirit of the West.
Yeah, it's freedom.
And now it's like everything you do, if people see you exercising that freedom, they just want to stop it and take it away.
You know, put a stop to it.
What do you think your great-grandpa Buck Steiner?
Because this is interesting stuff.
You never want to talk about yourself, but talk about him.
Died at 102.
You know, founder of the family dynasty.
You guys are big, successful folks here in Texas.
I mean, hell, he worked with Al Capone during the whole... I mean, that's a crazy story right there.
Yeah, that was back in the Prohibition days and all that stuff, but... Man, he was born 1899, so... You know, there wasn't even cars then, so I can't even imagine...
You, when something happened to you, that was your fault.
That's kind of what, what I learned from, from him was, you know, there, you, you can't blame your troubles on somebody else.
And now everybody wants to blame everybody.
So Bob Steiner was the opposite of a victim.
I mean, there was this, who would, back then nobody would listen to you.
If you, if you tried to pull the victim mentality, nobody cared, you know, it's just everybody did their thing and, and, um, yeah, we've, we've gotten so far away from that.
I don't know where we are.
There's people like Buck built America though.
I mean, that's true.
And, you know, it's that whole, like, the strong create a great society and then the weak create a, you know, I don't know what that, there's that cycle that I always mess up.
Prosperity creates monsters.
Adversity creates men.
And so we're kind of in the, I think, the prosperous time right now where we've got weak people, you know, running the show.
What would Buck Steiner think about what's happening today?
I mean, I can't even imagine.
He would enjoy it, I'll tell you.
Actually, he probably wouldn't even care.
Like, if somebody got on social media and... I mean, he's like me.
He wouldn't... He just lets it roll off.
There it is.
Hard times create strong men.
There it is.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.
It's true.
Yeah, I always... I love that saying and I always screw it up, so...
Well, I did too until they pulled it up.
So let's get, listen, I'm not, this is the biggest, because they say the other big one was like 3,000.
They're saying 5,000 to 6,000, maybe more boats.
This was the biggest Trump rally yet.
They're like, oh, they're not wearing masks.
They're in the freaking water.
You believe the virus is real?
This was a big deal this last Saturday.
It was, and also it's because it's in Austin, that is a very liberal city.
And that's kind of why I didn't really know what to expect.
And when you could literally just get out and walk from boat to boat, it looked like to me, from the air, that... And this is even early on.
I'm told even more boats showed up.
This is like 3,000 boats right there.
This is the very beginning.
This is right around noon.
And later on... I don't know how those boats... Well, you know, I don't know if you saw the clip.
Trump said we need to have these daily.
You know, for... He said, hey, I love them every weekend.
We should have them daily.
So I think... We're definitely doing Saturday.
I'm going to be out there.
All right, we'll be flying around.
All right, good.
Keep going, Shane.
I don't want to take over the interview here.
You know I'm well known for that.
Let's play these clips.
Let's play Long Shot A Boat Parade with audio.
Which one do you want to play here?
Yeah, just do Long Shot.
They've been playing it.
It's my first pass over the top of all the boats.
Look at that, that's amazing.
And you just go and go and go.
Yeah, this goes on.
I mean, I don't know if they could speed it up, but this literally goes on for 30 minutes of me just flying over like that.
But how much freedom is it?
They want to get ripped.
That's my next point.
Bezos just got approval for these big skyscrapers that send these drones out that deliver everything, but they don't want helicopters.
Helicopters are the future.
The sky's empty.
There's no helicopters up there.
And they're way safer than cars.
Well, and also, I've been hearing about this air mobility, where they take people and they put them in these big giant drones.
What people don't realize is that drones are way noisier than helicopters.
The noisiest thing on my helicopter is the tail rotor, because of the diameter.
The main rotor just makes that little, little wispy noise.
Yeah, but the tail rotor sounds like a lawnmower.
A drone is just a bunch of those smaller diameter... And it's a bunch of crap, and they have you sign a form, they know it's way more dangerous.
We need humans running things.
Why not use technology that's been around for a hundred years?
I mean, helicopters... It's proven.
It's been proven.
I mean, we use them every day to... Well, they admit, too, in those scales that it's the proven technology that matters.
Yeah, but right now they're trying to develop some new thing.
Electric engines, they don't auto-rotate, so if you have an engine freeze up... Falls.
If you're falling.
Well, they have them now where they have ballistic parachutes.
But you're still going to come down really hard.
But those same places that are looking forward to having those drones will not let me or anybody I know land a helicopter.
That's what I'm saying is I see like one helicopter crashes in Hawaii like twice a year.
We have to ban helicopters.
With 10 million people, it's the same groups are demonizing human flight.
Oh, robots are safe.
Well, they're not.
Well, and the thing about all the accidents that have been happening, even with the Kobe Bryant, that was fog.
It wasn't like a perfectly good helicopter was flying along and then just came apart and crashed.
Well, the guy took a risk, didn't he?
Yeah, that's kind of what happened.
Why did they authorize him to fly in that, I guess?
It's my understanding they really didn't.
They just kind of gave him his own discretion and he went in and it closed in on him so fast.
So you don't fly in fog?
No, nobody flies in fog unless you've got, you know, like a... Flare.
A Blackhawk will do it because it's got special equipment that has radar to the ground and those things can hover on their own, so I have to hover mine.
You're a good helicopter pilot, though.
Well, I've been doing it since 2003, so that was my first flight, so people don't realize I've been flying that long.
It's fun stuff.
Shane Steiner is our guest in the studio.
We're not burning down police stations.
We're not shooting cops in the head or people at checkpoints.
We're just driving boats around and flying American flags, which means we're terrorists.
And this weekend, the second Travis County, Lake Travis,
Trump boat rally is going to happen noon in front of Emerald Point again.
I will be there this time.
In the air, and then I guess we'll land somewhere.
I guess the steakhouse.
Shane also has the Steiner Steakhouse.
It's always sold out and always full.
She can't even get in there.
We'll make room for you.
Make room for everybody, huh?
All right, we'll come back and play more of these clips straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
What a crazy time to be alive.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Only way those clips get out is you sharing them.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And don't forget, Owens Troyer takes over with The War Room at 3 p.m.
And then we've got no more fake news before that.
Alright, we got Jimmy Dean bringing us in here, folks.
Not known for sausage, but a country music singer.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Shane Steiner, my old buddy.
Helicopter pilot and Patriots here, who witnessed the biggest boat rally of Trump yet.
The biggest flotilla.
And this Saturday, we're doing it again.
Who knows how big it'll be?
I'm gonna be out there with him.
He'll be in his helicopter.
I'm gonna have a boat down there.
I'll be in the boat and the helicopter.
He wants to do it, so I appreciate that.
But Shane, pulling back from this, seriously, I felt like I'm watching astronauts when you guys are up there with people jumping out and skydiving and all the... It's like, this is better than a movie.
I mean, I go see movies, they're boring, they're not real.
This is real.
This got me really excited.
I mean, you didn't ask to come on.
I begged you to come on.
It's hard to get you on air.
This is some killer stuff, man.
Well thanks!
This is the real world, baby!
Listen, I love doing this.
This is the most fun thing in the world for me to do, is go out and fly.
Not only is it a useful tool to get places fast, but I mean it's also fun.
Oh, Clint Eastwood, it says for 40 years he's a pilot, he flies everywhere.
I mean, look, I don't know, I mean, now that I, that's my main source of getting around.
Oh, also, I think we should mention that we have discovered
Uh, the actual... Rob News shot this, not me.
I thought it was me.
I just saw this moment, I was like, that's my footage, I shot this.
Rob is a better camera guy than me, he shot this.
Well, I just want to make sure Rob got his, uh... You saw my fat ass in the shot.
Rob... That dude walked in, he said, that's actually me doing that.
I'm like, okay, I thought it was really good camera footage.
Did a really good job though, didn't he?
It's like he should do this for a living.
Let's see it again.
Let's just roll it again.
Anyways, we got a bunch of these clips that we haven't done the Reddit video.
Let's talk about local TV says that you harass everybody and a bunch of stuff.
Yeah, like I was saying earlier that one of the boats, the guy waved me in closer and I obliged.
I went in and got close and you could tell by the look on all their faces that they were enjoying it.
That was my point.
Let's just say you got flashed a lot.
I mean, there was a few times.
I also got mooned a lot too, believe it or not.
But uh... Boys, this is exciting.
So I was, you know, that was my whole point was to get down there and wave to people and you could see they were all excited and having a great time.
I talked to folks earlier, they said it just made it like crazy.
Yeah, if you can play the audio to this clip.
Yeah, play it again with audio, guys.
Go ahead and roll it.
Feels like Magnum P.I., man.
Can we go out to the Magnum P.I.
themed place?
And see, the way this video is cut, it looks like I just dive-bombed them, but I'm... I'm actually... The left says everything's right.
We get it.
And here's from my point of view.
It's very controlled.
You know.
The left just demonizes everything.
So how much safer is a helicopter statistically than a car?
Like five times?
It is statistically safer.
I mean, not even every helicopter crash does not end in a fatality.
I mean, there's only like one out of like...
I believe it's one out of five or six.
But it's like COVID, they make a huge deal out of each death, so it looks like it's really bad.
Like, oh, I know somebody died.
Well, statistics, 77 people died in Australia.
Total martial law lockdown.
Well, they'll make a big deal about, I remember in New York, when the Blade guy went down in the Hudson, and he swam away from the helicopter, and then they started wanting to ban helicopters, and I was thinking,
You know, yeah, he wrecked that helicopter, but he didn't even get hurt.
Well, that's the thing.
They're trying to ban risk.
That's what humanity's about.
That's the Wild Wild West.
I always tell people, you know what's not dangerous is sitting on your couch wearing a helmet.
But it's not very much fun.
I mean, that's not what life is for.
But statistically, you die 20 years younger.
That's right.
Yeah, you would, if you think about it, that's actually dangerous to sit on your couch.
So, life is dangerous.
You might as well do something.
If you don't excite your brain, they've cut the brains open of, like, 95-year-old famous composers.
The brain's all shriveled, but the guy, the day he died, was super smart.
They speak five languages right.
The neurons stay connected.
But my thing is, everybody,
Only hears about helicopters when there's a crash.
Right now, there's hundreds of thousands of helicopter operations going on, and nothing is happening today.
But if one goes down, it's front-page news, and so people think... No, I agree.
...it's dangerous.
And then when self-driving cars and self-driving drones crash, that's not a big deal.
So I'm for humans running things.
I want human technology out there.
I don't want Bezos' crap.
Yeah, and so when they see me flying low on the water, they think, well, he's obviously doing something dangerous, and so they... But they're going to be sending drones into your yard.
By the way, you've ranted about Bezos and these helicopter things, haven't you?
Oh yeah, yeah.
Like you said, it's like six telerotors.
It'll be six times louder.
And the drones flying around actually is a risk to other pilots.
In fact,
We almost ran into one.
You and I almost ran into a drone one time.
We were flying around downtown and... Big one came right up.
Yeah, it was eye level to us and they kind of went off to the left and we went off to the right, but we just passed each other.
He did.
Luckily he was watching.
He flew right up in front of us.
He went, yeah.
But still, I mean, if that would have flown into us, that would have been, uh, that would have been fun.
That was an Imperial probe droid.
You always got to bring it back to Star Wars.
Well, I mean, not that I'm even into it.
Aren't you glad Star Wars, the whole franchise is bankrupt now because they made it SJW?
Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's kind of gone down, especially the Han Solo was, I thought, extra.
Did you think 30 years ago when we were in high school we'd be here right now?
No, I did not think that.
So, did you think your brother and your parents would be in Yellowstone's TV show?
Yeah, I heard they were going to be on that show, but yeah, my brother and his son, Rocker, my nephew, my mom, dad, they were all on that season three episode, I think seven.
And that was the worst part, they didn't even cash for that, they just got the job.
I mean, I think they wrote that with my brother and nephew in mind, so.
They left me out of it because I don't wear boots and a cowboy hat, so they left me out of it.
But you are playing next Saturday at the Steiner Steakhouse out by Lake Travis, and people can even get in to be able to see us play.
Yeah, I mean, I retired from the music business, but on Saturdays, when the weather's good, I'll... You do a great job.
You do a great job.
In closing, in the time we have, I'm going to come introduce the next guest host, Mr. Rappaport, and play some clips I haven't gotten to.
What happens if Trump doesn't win?
I mean, he should win, but what if they steal the election?
Well, I know that we won't burn the cities down.
We will make the best of it and go on.
That's kind of what I see as the difference.
I think it's when Trump wins that that's when the rioting and the looting and all that stuff will
We'll start back up.
Oh, I agree.
So what does Trump do about that?
Because he needs to send in the military and the police.
But then if he does, it's an agitprop, what they call it.
They want to get that fight going.
So what do you do when you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't?
I mean, I think it's better to be damned if you do.
I mean, there's been definitely precedents where, you know, when they were trying to end segregation in schools, they brought in the military.
Nobody ever questions that move.
So, I mean, the point of the government is to keep the citizens safe.
And that's really, I think, their only job.
And if you let the city or whatever abandon you, and they're letting lawlessness take over, I think it's the government's job to step in and restore order.
Well, that's it.
The Democrats know they're not being held accountable, so they're just trying anything right now, and I think they should be able to come.
I mean, right now, I think it's, you know, they know that the longer that they can keep this going, the more it hurts Trump's chances for re-election.
So they're just going to keep this going.
Well, I agree with you.
They thought that, but people are smart enough to see through it.
I think it's a backfire.
I mean, you can only, I mean, the American people are not stupid.
I mean, you know, if you think, I mean, people think as a whole the society is stupid, but I'm telling you,
You know, when you talk to them individually, everybody understands what's going on.
It's actually, I agree.
So how do the Democrats get punished for this?
Because if they don't get in trouble, they're going to keep doing stuff like this.
Like, what do they do next if they don't get in trouble?
Like, when this fails, what do they do next?
I don't know.
I'm not the one to know what's going to happen.
All I know is... I wish I did.
I agree with you.
I don't know either.
That's why I'm asking.
We should all be asking that question.
This next Saturday, 12 noon, Emerald Point, the next big boat parade, President Trump said do it every day.
We can't do it every day.
We'll do it every Saturday.
It's a horrible sacrifice I'm making.
Let's just do it every day.
Starting tomorrow, every day.
Gosh, what was the lake like?
I bet all the gas stations were empty.
I didn't even think about that.
How would you even gotten gas if you ran out of... because there's... the infrastructure is not there for everyone.
There's usually a couple hundred boats.
Now there's five, six thousand.
I just want to make sure you filled up before you got on the lake.
Well, it's a manifestation of what's happening.
They want to keep us locked down.
They want to keep us shut down.
It's not going to work.
All right.
Well, I appreciate you coming in.
Any websites we should plug, Shane?
I've got nothing going on.
Oh, yeah, right.
I'm just glad to see you, man.
Good seeing you, brother.
Hey, we got to get... we got to get...
Joe Rogan flying around in your helicopter.
Hey, I mean, Joe hasn't called me.
Well, he called me up, he goes, Hammer, you're flying around in Tim Kennedy's helicopter.
And I go, oh, you mean Shane Steiner's helicopter.
He's going to have one soon.
I know, but it's good.
So I said, no, you'll be flying.
It's all good.
All right, brother, thank you, man.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
And you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here, InfoWars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
Disgraced felon lawyer Michael Cohen has a new book out.
It's an electioneer quickie that he probably hasn't even read.
It attacks Donald Trump.
Someone should ask him, have you read it?
Quick, what's chapter three about?
No one will ask him that, of course.
The media naturally have swung into formation to promote it.
CNN's leading the charge.
Tomorrow night, Michael Cohen is on CNN for a much-hyped primetime interview.
You can imagine how many tough questions he's going to get on CNN.
Probably not too many.
For Michael Cohen, CNN is like a second home.
He's got a lot of close friends over there, including, we told you about this last week, the channel's chief bodybuilding correspondent, Chris Cuomo.
We'll have much more on the friendship between Cohen and Cuomo later in the week.
But Chris Cuomo is not Cohen's only ally at CNN.
Cohen is also close to CNN president Jeff Zucker, the man who moonlights as a Democratic campaign operative.
Cohen and Zucker once had kids at the same private school in New York.
Cohen served on the board of the school with Zucker's ex-wife.
Jeff Zucker and Michael Cohen have long been personal friends, at least to the extent that narcissists have the capacity for personal friendship.
Their relationship tells you a lot about how things actually work in media and in politics.
Case in point.
On March 10th, 2016, that was the day of the final Republican primary debate, Cohen called Jeff Zucker on his cell phone.
CNN was hosting the debate that night in Miami, and Cohen, who was working for Donald Trump at the time, wanted to check in about it.
Zucker almost immediately started bragging about himself, as he is wont to do.
After a few pro-former words about their family, Zucker launched into an extended lecture about his own importance.
Here's the thing, Zucker announced to Cohen, you cannot be elected President of the United States without CNN.
Fox and MSNBC are irrelevant, irrelevant in electing a general election candidate.
If you want to run the country, in other words, Jeff Zucker said, you've got to sniff my throne.
It's not that CNN needs the help, he explained, quote, we're killing it, we're doing great.
But, Donald Trump badly needs CNN.
Oh, how it works going forward.
Okay, Michael Cohen replies, why don't you email Donald Trump and tell him that?
And at that point, for the first time in the conversation, Jeff Zucker pauses.
It turns out that Jeff Zucker doesn't like to write things down.
Sneaky people never do.
So here's what he says next.
I'm very conscious of not putting too much in email as you're a lawyer as you understand and you know and as fond as I am of the boss he also has a tendency like you know if I call him or I email him he then is capable of going out in his next rally and saying that we just talked and I can't have that if you know what I'm saying.
People would know I talked to Trump, and I can't have that, if you know what I'm saying.
Yeah, we know what you're saying, Jeff Zucker.
You're saying that secretly, when you think no one is watching, you're more than happy to play all sides.
You can brag about how powerful you are, the big-time network honcho kingmaker, the man who decides who's president!
Like all tiny, insecure people, you will mix flattery with your swagger along the way.
You'll refer to Donald Trump as the boss, even when he's not on the call.
You're happy to do that.
What you don't want is anyone in your tiny, self-righteous, left-wing, rich-person world to know that you're doing it.
What would Don Lamond think if he knew you were talking to Orange Satan?
Brooke Baldwin might storm off the set.
The world would conclude that you're a dishonest phony, and for good reasons.
You've got to keep it all hidden.
You know what I'm saying.
But Zucker assured Michael Cohen that none of this was personal.
And then Zucker added this.
I have all these proposals for him, like, I want to do a weekly, you know, I want to do a weekly show with him and all this stuff.
When, is he back in New York tomorrow, do you know?
Wait, what?
A weekly show on CNN?
Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, wanted to give a weekly show to a man he himself has denounced as a racist?
Alright folks, the full video is at InfoWars.com, but they're a bunch of empty nobodies following billionaires that are nobodies.
There's a spirit controlling them.
They're all followers, though.
That's why they all grovel like this.
We're going to come back and introduce John Rappaport straight ahead, and I have some other key things I'm going to cover.
Stay with us back in 60 seconds.
Alright, word on the street is I'm jumping out of a helicopter this Saturday into the Trump boat parade at Lake Travis.
Evel Knievel style, folks.
But don't count your chickens before they're hatched.
I wanna fly like an eagle to the sea.
Alright, let's get serious.
The United Nations is openly setting up world government and they're openly using munilization or UN-run cities to implement incredibly draconian, classical tyranny, just absolutely horrifying behavior, which is then picked up by the news and shown everybody else is normal.
Arresting pregnant women in their houses for planning to protest lockdowns.
77 deaths actually now in Australia.
They say it's thousands they've been caught.
I mean, this is crazy.
John Redford's about to take over, but this article is on Infowars.com.
Quebec City says it will isolate uncooperative citizens in secret.
Corona facility.
Just the fact that it's secret is major alarm bells.
Flamethrowers, red flags.
But then you add, oh, you didn't agree to be a tester, you didn't wait while you were a tester, you didn't stay in your house when 90% of the tests are fake.
This is a recipe for their smokescreen for roundups and arrests run by the Clinton Global Initiative and Bill Gates who controls the global contact tracing.
And in Texas, the governor gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Google and to Bill Gates and Clinton to run it!
So every state chipping in all this money
Bill and Melinda Gates and the Clintons to control our lives.
That's the real scandal.
My God.
They don't just come to your house and take your guns.
They come to your house and take you away because somebody saw you cough or sneeze.
Here is the Quebec City head health officer.
Then after that, we'll play the clip.
Do we have the clip of the UN head of global response?
Four months ago saying, we're going to come take your kids, come take you out of your house.
I mean, that was always the goal.
This is all you and Ron.
Here it is.
Can you answer in French, please?
The older talent, the people who are not cooperating.
It is great that we can finally work with that.
Provision you know before.
If you were not in a health crisis, the public health director could use provision 72 per hour.
While waiting for judges' confirmation of such a provision.
In the COVID-19 case, we answered some of our 14 days.
And it's what we have done in the morning and we have done in the past.
As such, it's this morning for a person to cooperate through the investigation.
And we've done it in the past with success.
The police cooperation was exceptional.
Thank you all, have a great day.
When you order someone not to leave home for 14 days, does it happen in their home?
Is it not at all?
14 days at home, is it not in a prison?
Do you feel like you are in a prison?
Because that's it.
Often it is what we do.
It's a location.
We at the CIUSS government have the power to provide preventable isolation.
It's happening.
Finally it is.
A much easier solution when someone is not cooperating.
And it becomes more difficult.
And yes, under what year?
Xi Jinping told us.
Exactly as we isolated.
Oh, it's secret!
It's not at home, it depends on the person.
Because we have people isolated at home.
And then we saw a person not at home.
And so we went to their home and told them.
Well, yeah, I say, you know, they want you to be...
Xi Jinping love you good, love you long time.
1.5 million tuberculosis deaths.
We don't care, but no one die COVID, we take control.
And every major city in Europe, Australia, you name it, is shot.
Austin is under UN-SHICOM command.
I mean, they've closed the parks.
People just tear up the signs and ignore it.
And that's the answer.
Let's play this footage before I go to the next guest.
He's taking over.
Stop police from arresting a woman for not wearing a mask.
This is the answer.
This is the key.
I personally, this week, went to swim at Barton Springs.
They have the main park closed, but the spillway, they had the fences up again, saying park closed.
I ripped it down in seconds.
A little too lustfully, I actually cut my finger doing it.
Then I just tore it all down again three days ago, 7 a.m.
in the morning.
And I will continue to do it.
And next time I'm going to carry away the sites.
There's a little trophy here on there.
I think I'll bring that to you tomorrow.
So I didn't get my model in this morning.
I think I'm going to go get one right now.
So, Spain, citizens, stop police from arresting a woman for not wearing a mask.
This is the answer to eight months of lockdown, of tyranny, of BS run by the UN, of world government.
Roll the footage.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Look at these email delays.
The left one says they had American delays.
They got their own problems, but this is terrible.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When people fear the government, there is tyranny.
This is all directed by the U.N.
They tell you that the U.N.
is who?
Well, I'm not allowed to speak out.
The U.N.
is our boss.
You just wake up, snap your fingers, you're inside of it.
And the police leave as soon as people finally stand up, but soon they'll have robots to back them up.
That's the plan.
And they'll turn your bank account off with face scanning.
We must defeat this now, or go into a very, very dark time.
John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com is about to take over.
Very honored to have him in the war room.
Then, tonight...
Election Countdown, Taking Back America with Yann LeRaen, Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, Harrison Smith, Alex Jones, and so many others.
But just remember, I didn't plug last hour, and if you don't support us, we won't be here.
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Official attack.
They don't want to give you the specifics of it for two days.
The shopping cart, all the websites.
We have the most sophisticated companies.
It costs us a lot of money each year to even stay up.
And it's okay.
We expect to be a target, but I expect you to keep us in the fight.
And I appreciate you and bow to you for your support.
But we've got fish oil, the highest quality back in stock.
We've got DNA Force, so good for cleaning out your cells, 50% off, free shipping.
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We did the number.
We're just selling everything out in case we're not here in the near future.
And I'm not going to give the enemy any intel on where their attacks are working.
There's so many, it's legion.
I'm not a victim.
I expected this.
I just want to stay in the fight as long as I can.
Decades of this was building up to this nexus point into the future and the real fight.
This is all the quickening right now.
So you telling people about the videos, the articles, sharing them however you can, you buying the products, you praying for us, you giving us your support.
I give you my full will to defend you.
I need your support as well.
And together we have that incredible power.
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You may never be able to, you know, I've been on here 20 something years, I've never talked like that.
I can tell you.
We are in the quick of the fight.
We are in the heat of the battle.
We are in the center of the melee.
The dogs of war have been released.
We are now in the fulcrum.
All right, John Robbinport, NorfolkNews.com, take it over.
Tell folks to tune in.
It's going to be important.
Stay with us.
Well, here we are again, folks.
As you know, I've been very hard on Trump.
On a lot of issues having to do with coke.
Buying it in the first place from Fauci, that came from Neil Ferguson, that came from the Imperial College of London, that came from Bill Gates, that came from globalist lockdown of the planet in the form of a stupid predatory prediction of two million deaths in the US and 500,000 in the UK that was
Put together by Fortran, at best, some hideous ancient system that was exposed completely.
You could take the same set of data, stick it in the same computer and run it several times and you come up with different answers every time.
And on that basis, Trump recommended a state of emergency lockdown the country.
Now, now, he's holding rallies with no masks.
Very good, Mr. President.
Very good.
We need many more of these rallies without masks.
Because this is the reality.
Fauci is the worm crawling under the ground
Of the rally that you see as you're looking, if you're watching this.
He's not, we're not playing defense, okay?
That's the problem.
Oh, well, they're saying this and we have to defend.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't win that way.
He's the moron.
He's the predator.
He's the insane one.
Who has to control everything?
And Gates.
And so on and so forth.
The good reality is some rallies, a lot of rallies, happen to be Trump rallies.
Very good.
People showing up, standing side by side.
No masks.
Exactly what we want.
That's reality.
That's sense.
That makes sense.
That's true.
That's real.
A statement of fact that there is no pandemic.
It's finished.
It's a farce.
It always was a farce.
It was propped up on nothing.
It still is being propped up on vicious nothing.
And we need a lot more people showing up everywhere without masks in Berlin, in London,
Another big rally coming up in Trafalgar Square in London.
More rallies, Mr. President.
More rallies.
No masks.
People standing.
Cheek to jowl.
Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem.
500,000 people show up for that.
It's exactly more of that, what we need, absolutely.
And so, media outlets come out and say, well, this could mean 250,000 cases of the coronavirus as a result of the bikers going into Sturgis, 500,000 of them, big comma, economists say.
Economists say.
This is like saying,
You know, we just have to, we have to put this whole thing down quickly because if it gets out that nobody's getting sick and the whole thing is an insane farce and here's all these bikers who don't care.
And 500,000 of them are showing up in South Dakota where Kristi Noem is the governor and hasn't locked down anything and everything is okay.
And there's no 250,000 coronavirus cases.
Then the game is over.
It's all being exposed.
It has to be more exposed and exposed and exposed.
And then Trump follows up.
The rallies with the first sensible tweet or thing that I've heard him say, finally, about his own city, New York, and the state of New York.
That the governor, Cuomo, and the mayor of New York, de Blasio, have to stop the shutdown of New York City and the state they're destroying, New York.
Absolutely right.
That is correct.
That is factual.
That is what is happening and has been happening for... since whatever it is.
February, March, April, May, June, July, August.
On and on and on and on and on.
Leveling the city of New York.
The New York Times is not going to cover that.
The New York Post will cover a little bit of it.
The television news in New York, a bunch of treasonous traitors in their own city, are not going to go out with cameras and explore every desolate wreck
Screwed up street in the city that's bombed out, lying in ruins with shops and small businesses, one after another, shut down and the owners are bankrupt, committing suicide, addicted to drugs, etc, etc, which is the whole purpose of this fake epidemic.
No, they're not going to cover that.
They're just going to sit there and take pot shots at Trump.
And take pot shots at anybody else who criticizes Fauci and Gates and the globalists and so on and so forth.
Treasonous traitors.
So finally Trump tweeted about that.
Follow it up, Mr. President.
Don't stop.
Keep on hammering.
They're destroying New York, once the greatest city in the world.
Look at it.
All you have to do is look at it.
This is not brain surgery.
Just take cameras out into the streets of the city.
It's leveled and destroyed.
Two gigantic rallies.
Robert F. Kennedy speaks at one of them.
Half a million, a million, whatever it is are there.
And so right away, NBC has to say, actually, it was 20,000 neo-Nazis.
When they say that, you know that we're winning.
When they say that, you know that we're winning.
And they are excreting waste matter in terror because the day is coming.
The day is coming for retribution.
Massive retribution.
When enough of the people are out there saying, it's over, it never was, you screwed us to the hilt, we'll be back.
Don't go anywhere.
A new study from medical scientists at UCLA and Stanford University finds the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus is much, much lower than previously thought.
The study, published in late June, says the current probability of becoming infected, going to the hospital, or even death from COVID-19 is, quote, an extremely rare event.
The study goes on to say that people are vastly overestimating their chances of getting sick and going to the hospital, especially here in the U.S.
As part of the study, doctors reviewed public cases of infection in 100 of the largest counties across the nation.
They found that an average person in an average county has a 1 in 3,836 chance of getting infected with coronavirus.
And that's without wearing a mask or doing any social distancing.
Even the odds of being hospitalized are vanishingly small, even for someone who's in the at-risk category.
For an average person between 50 and 64 years old, the chances of getting the virus and needing hospitalization are 1 in 852,000.
And for that same person who's at risk, the chances of dying from coronavirus are 1 in 19.1
And those figures were for the last week of May, when deaths from coronavirus were 16 times higher than they were last week.
Doctors say they were shocked to find out how low the risk of coronavirus really was.
It's worth mentioning that compared to the risk of dying from coronavirus, which again is 1 in 19 million, the risk from dying in a car crash is 1 in 114.
These figures come after a revelation from the CDC itself that of all deaths attributed to the coronavirus, just 6% actually died from the virus itself.
The other 94% had severe underlying medical conditions.
Combined with this latest data, the case for keeping the country locked down falls apart and reveals the risk to the American public appears much lower than so-called experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci had claimed.
Yeah, so Fauci is not an expert.
Let's correct the record.
Fauci, the fake expert, the so-called expert, who should never have been allowed near the White House, but probably should have been, you know, in the outhouse, is not an expert.
He's a liar.
He's been lying for 50 years.
That's how long he's worked for the government.
So you just saw the results of that study.
Yeah, there he is.
Okay, so here are two more pieces of ammunition.
One was referred to in the video you just watched.
CDC, even the CDC, admits only 6%, 6% of all COVID, so-called COVID, deaths in the U.S.
Occurred, quote, from the virus alone.
94% occurred in basically the elderly who had already serious illnesses, multiple illness conditions, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
I've done this song and dance 100 times now to describe how that all works.
The bottom line is no need for a virus to kill those old people.
All you have to do to force their premature deaths, which has been being done all over the world, is to terrify them with a COVID-19 diagnosis and then isolate them from friends and family and cut them off from the world.
And then, if necessary, put them on a ventilator with sedation.
They die.
No virus necessary.
That's COVID.
Is that being done to old people?
That's it.
The other is an article in the New York Times.
You can look it up yourself on 829 called Your Coronavirus Test.
Hmm, let me get this now.
Is positive.
Maybe it shouldn't be.
That's the title of the delectable New York Times piece.
Big study they report on, up to 90% of all U.S.
coronavirus cases in the U.S.
false positive.
False positive.
And they explain this by saying that a test is set to a certain sensitivity
That is so expansive that it could catch basically, you know, the tiniest tiny of the tiny tiniest of the tiny amount of virus that wouldn't harm a flea or be contagious.
That's the conclusion.
Of course, the article then turns around and says the solution to this is more testing and better testing.
They've got to say that.
Did you catch that?
Up to 90% of all the coronavirus cases, I mean, the fraud is just right out there, are false positives.
So lop off 90% from the figures of coronavirus cases in the U.S., right?
And lop off 94% of all the COVID death numbers in the U.S.
And then,
Grab Fauci by the neck and shove him up against the wall and hold him there until he confesses and explains the truth.
Because these are the pieces of information that turn the whole thing around.
There are many more, and I've gone into them over the many months I've been writing about this and talking about it, but with those two,
What the CDC has admitted and the New York Times article.
It's over.
It's done.
It's finished.
No lockdown.
No masks.
No distancing.
More Sturgis, folks.
More Sturgis.
More Trump rallies with no masks.
People standing next to each other.
Bigger and bigger and bigger rallies.
More and more people out in the open.
Going back to work.
Doing the economy any way you can possibly do it, sideways, inside out, upside down, trading, bartering, whatever, until there are so many people out there, so many people visible to everybody else, wearing no masks, standing next to each other, that the entire hoax is exposed!
And then the people looking at all those other people are saying, well, we're not seeing the millions of coronavirus cases they're claiming are going to result from this.
We're not seeing people dropping like flies.
We're not seeing people going to hospital.
We're not seeing any of this at all.
So the whole thing is crap.
It's all been lowered down in our heads to destroy the economy.
Obviously, globalists, technocrats are behind this because they want to take us into a different kind of world entirely, which I've discussed many times on this show.
Not going to focus on today, just the bare in your face factor here.
Trump, listen, Scott Atlas, the new
Coronavirus advisor to the White House who has some central facts straight in his head.
Indeed he does.
The more people who show up in public, the bigger the crowds.
For whatever reason, Alabama-Auburn football game is coming up in November.
What's going to happen then?
Giant numbers of people in Alabama
Are either Auburn fans or Alabama fans.
If they won't let them into the stadium, they'll be in the parking lot.
If they can't go to the parking lot, they'll be across the street.
If they can't be across the street, they'll be somewhere in town, wherever the game is.
There's going to be masses and masses of people.
That's what we need.
Nobody gets sick.
The whole thing's exposed.
It's over.
The liars.
The scumbags of the world stay with us.
Last segment here.
Remember the neutron bomb?
It was the bomb that didn't destroy any structures.
It was just radioactivity.
It killed all the people and left all the infrastructure there.
That's what this is.
Destroy the people, leave everything else up.
Telling them that a virus could kill them and they all have to stay indoors and then when they come out they have to shuffle along like prisoners.
Oh, you know with the mask and so forth and the distancing and whatever and they have to be nice and polite and they get tested and then they get shot up with a toxic vaccine.
And the structures stand.
That's what they're doing.
And the way they keep this whole thing alive is the testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, because the test is fake.
It's worthless.
It's useless.
But it does spit out false positives, which means that they can rack up case numbers and confine people to their homes and announce, oh, we have 12,000 more cases and everybody could die.
So we have to lock down again.
And that's what they're doing.
That's what they're preparing for.
And then this winter, when the flu hits, Fauci will say, well, it's COVID-19 again, and we have to lock down.
Testing, testing, testing, testing, testing.
No, and no, and no.
Fake, fake, fake.
Show up in public.
This is the medicine.
This is the remedy.
This is the cure.
This is the healing.
Not the scumbags.
This is the way to hold a mirror up for the rest of the world.
Well, last month a million people showed up in Berlin and this month it was seven million.
And it took up half the city, and most of the police were on the side of the people there, and they were all peaceful, and here we go.
What do you think of this?
And somebody in Italy finally wakes up out of a stupor and says, what are we doing being locked down for eight months?
And half a million people show up there, and they come pouring out of their houses and cities in America, and they go back to work, and they're sitting in restaurants, and the bars open, and here we go, here we go, here we go.
And the people look at each other and they say, what did we fall for?
What did we fall for?
And everybody looks at everybody.
And everybody says it's over.
And Fauci is like something that you just want to rub off your shoe.
That's all.
And Gates is something you rub off your other shoe.
That's all.
Their power is... Yeah, they can bring out the cops.
Yeah, they can smash the windows.
Yeah, they can arrest people.
Yeah, they can do all this.
We understand that.
But only up to a certain point, because when the numbers get big enough of the people who are showing up out on the streets and going back to work, it's over.
That is the cure.
That is the reversal of the PSYOP, of the brainwash, of the slavery.
That is the gateway to freedom.
We're here.
We're not sick.
We're not going to get sick.
We're not sick, and we're not going to get sick.
Well, you can't possibly know that.
Yeah, we can.
We can.
And if we do get sick, it has nothing to do with what you're talking about.
Because a couple of shots of whiskey and some honey will take care of it.
So forget about it.
We're not sick and we're not going to get sick.
And those of you who are huddled masses, give us your huddled masses yearning to be vaccinated.
Even those people will begin to wake up slowly and realize
That they're dupes being used to forward this massive agenda of destruction by neutron bomb.
They will even realize that they're being used and they will wake up and realize that they're dupes.
And because they'll look around and say, well, you know, I mean, I can see millions here and millions there and millions everywhere and so on and so forth.
And nobody seems to be falling down in the street.
Nobody's sick.
So what is this really all about?
Let me take off my mask and have a breath of air and go into the park.
And even yes, I know how much it would take in Melbourne and Victoria, where the violence of the police from reports that I'm getting is now severe.
I mean, they've completely lost their friggin' minds over there, trying to enforce, must wear a mask or we're going to, you know, take you to another planet and stick you in a, you know, a cave.
Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people in Victoria show up on the street.
What are these fascists going to do?
I don't think that's going to work for them.
People looking at each other who are free.
People who are free looking at other people who are free.
The protests getting bigger.
People going back to work.
The economy expanding by any means necessary.
Trump holding bigger and bigger rallies.
By propping him up saying over and over again that he wants masks for everybody as a federal regulation.
And in his campaign ads, if you're listening,
He says, if and when the parents of these children go back to work.
If and when?
A national plan coordinated to fight the pandemic.
Override all the states.
That's what he's talking about.
Override Governor Christie in South Dakota.
Override South Carolina, Utah, wherever there's some freedom.
Lock the whole sucker back down again.
Does not want free people looking at free people.
Does not want that.
That is the wooden stake in the heart, the silver bullet.
The thing that just simply dispels the fog of insanity and delusion and treason and crime and murder.
Because that's what we're seeing, mass murder all over the planet.
Yeah, we're locking down the planet.
Somebody said that five years ago.
Even a crack-brained reporter from CNN would say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Lock down the planet?
What does that even mean?
Well, it means basically everybody stays indoors.
Nobody goes to work.
You know, you either work from home or you don't work.
The business is all shut down.
Everything, the streets are empty.
Everybody's wearing a mask.
You got to walk six feet apart or else you get arrested.
That's the hypnotic trance.
And we're seeing the cure spread.
So, Mr. Trump, bigger rallies, more rallies, more people standing cheek to jowl.
No masks.
Hey, the Rolling Stones up in Canada, right after the first SARS outbreak of 2003, which actually, according to official statistics, killed finally 800 people worldwide.
After they said the virus magically went away, we don't know what happened.
Rolling Stones did an outdoor concert.
500,000 people stood cheek to jowl and nothing happened.
Nobody got sick.
So, Mr. Trump, let's have some rallies with 500,000 people.
Come on, do it.
Do it, Berlin.
Do it, London.
Let's go.
Free people watching free people and going back to work.
See you next time.
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This is going to come down to sight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want.
You need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
It's not gonna happen.
So, they are moving now to destroy me.
I used to say, support InfoWars, rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself, save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the dam blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!