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Air Date: Sept. 3, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses his opinions on current events, including warnings about a possible economic collapse caused by globalists using the COVID-19 pandemic as an instrument. He encourages listeners to stay informed and stock up on essential items from his website, InfoWareStore.com. Jones also talks about big tech and media companies suppressing dissenting opinions and controlling information. He calls for support for InfoWars financially and warns that if they fail to fight back against their adversaries, violence may be necessary. The speaker discusses powerful globalist institutions and how they control governments worldwide, criticizes the COVID-19 pandemic response as a psychological warfare operation, and encourages people to resist the globalist agenda. Additionally, Jones talks about various topics with different guests, including preparedness for potential future developments and challenges to individual liberties.


So our republic is fighting for its life.
We're in dire straits, ladies and gentlemen.
Dire straits.
And I need you to hit the streets.
I need you to get involved.
I need you to speak up and expose this and delegitimize it and circumvent their censorship and circumvent their garbage to everyone you know now if you want to win.
Anyone telling you that this isn't a close football game is working for the enemy.
Trump has his ads running that it's dire straits, America will end,
That we are in incredible trouble, that the enemy is dangerous, that they will absolutely dominate and enslave you and break you financially if they get control, and it's all true.
And then you've got other people telling you everything's fine, trust the plan, go to sleep, everything's good.
That's not true, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm not here fighting with the Q people.
I'm talking about folks in general that think Trump's a shoo-in and, oh, the polls show he's going to win.
They're doing that so you are passive and they're going to challenge it regardless.
We've got to have the discussion about what we're going to do about that.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
We think.
Just let me think.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Suttler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subduing your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid, cooling me.
War, terror, disease.
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
You are the one they called President?
I am.
Kneel before Zeus!
You are not the president.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.
I'm the man they're protecting.
I'm the president.
I mean, there's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
Until Horace comes to mind.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
InfoWars.com 60 days out.
It's September 3rd on this live Thursday transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I'm going to be here for the next four hours.
Things are always urgent here.
With the transmission.
The world is a very dangerous place.
And if people aren't informed, people aren't involved, people aren't engaged, they always fall to nightmare tyrannies, horrible systems run by psychopaths and their devilish minions below them.
You know, there's a lot of things I know that I'm not at liberty to tell you.
But this is what I can tell you, and I think you already know this.
For this corrupt technocracy, for this corporate anti-human world government to fully take over and carry out its devilish designs, it must, absolutely must, have America fall.
And have Western values of real human empowerment and Christianity destroyed and devalued.
That is the game plan, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, what does it mean when the United States isn't here anymore?
I'm gonna lay that out.
You know, a lot of people laugh at folks fleeing out of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Michigan.
And they're not just fleeing the fact that they're poor or there's crime, they're fleeing because they're starving to death.
They're fleeing because they're addicted to drugs.
They're fleeing because they're on their last leg.
They're fleeing because the country has been put into artificial collapse.
And Trump was desperately trying to prop up things to at least get control of the government so we could negotiate to the CHICOMS and others because we had been positioned for total collapse and humiliation.
But there were enough loyal forces to the Republic and to sanity and to their own self-interest who were not on the globalist payroll to rally against the NWO, whose great sin was being arrogant, and get Trump in.
But getting Trump in just got us back on the field to play this deadly game for all the chips and all the marbles and our children's future.
And so,
Obviously, I talked to Roger Stone.
I talked to a lot more people than that, and I'm going to leave it at that because I've been asked not to get into who I talked to.
But I can tell you the president is under absolute siege.
I can tell you the level of harassment, the things he's going through.
I've been told, Jones, we know what you're going through.
You're lucky you're only going through this.
And I've been told what the president's going through directly by... I'll leave it at that.
And it's bad, folks.
And that's why I get so mad at the Q thing, is not that folks are waking up and having fun with it, and going and researching things, and getting into their secret agents, and the fun mystery of it all.
I know what's going on.
I really am inside of it, and it's not about me going, oh, I've got more magic contacts than people.
That's not what this is about.
It's about, I know how much trouble this country's in, and I'm not going to lie to you about that.
Because we need people to be engaged and informed.
I don't tell people this stuff to scare you.
I tell you so you can get ready and be prepared.
Now here's the big announcement.
You can see the live feed of the show today has a very frightening sounding horrifying title, but it's true.
Emergency broadcast.
Globalist planning massive world depression if Trump wins or loses.
Alex Jones is going to lay out.
The absolutely horrifying facts of this incredibly important Thursday transmission, not to scare you, but to see if you can get ready.
And I kind of shot that headline out as I walked in here two minutes, three minutes ago.
So let's, let's, it's not a proper headline.
I'm glad I said, pull that up.
It's not to scare you, but so you can get ready so you can get ready.
So I'm working around the clock as much as I physically can in this fight.
And I just want you to know that we rallied back, we took control of the country to a certain extent.
We got the UK, Brexit, you've seen Bolsonaro, you've seen the EU's in trouble, but now they're launching everything they've got back at humanity.
And they're going to contest the election, we first told you that.
Now they're on record saying they're going to do it.
They're calling it a red mirage.
Now Facebook has joined in on it.
We first broke that two days ago.
It's now official.
And they're not going to, quote, take the President's speech or his video, they're saying, if he declares victory the day after the election.
They're telling you that they're taking control of the election and they're going to tell the public that Trump lost.
Michael Bloomberg's own PR firm is running the entire thing and Zuckerberg just put $300 million into it.
To push the lie that these 80 million ballots they've randomly mailed out are legitimate and we can't have the final tally till they've all been counted.
What the hell does that mean?
They've poisoned the well.
So our republic is fighting for its life.
We're in dire straits, ladies and gentlemen.
Dire straits.
And I need you to hit the streets.
I need you to get involved.
I need you to speak up and expose this and delegitimize it and circumvent their censorship and circumvent their garbage to everyone you know now if you want to win.
Anyone telling you that this isn't a close football game is working for the enemy.
Trump has his ads running that it's dire straits, America will end,
That we are in incredible trouble, that the enemy is dangerous, that they will absolutely dominate and enslave you and break you financially if they get control, and it's all true.
And then you've got other people telling you everything's fine, trust the plan, go to sleep, everything's good.
That's not true, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm not here fighting with the Q people.
I'm talking about folks in general that think Trump's a shoo-in and, oh, the polls show he's going to win.
They're doing that so you are passive and they're going to challenge it regardless.
We've got to have the discussion about what we're going to do about that.
And then I'll tell you this separately when we come back.
When I tell you that there's going to be food shortages, there already are, and starvation in this country, there already is in the third world, at double the rate it was a year ago.
That's all coming out now, but that's the facts.
But I'm hooked in to multiple big supply chains around the country and the world, and I talk to high-level individuals that run the factories that supply the grocery stores.
And I've got some really important news, and I'll show you news articles paralleling all of that.
As well, guys, when you pulled me out of yesterday, stack that big food shortage, food line, break down the food pantries running out and the supply chains breaking down.
Stack, thank you.
But before I get to all that when we come back, I'm just going to tell you about what InfoWars is going through behind the scenes.
And I try to just leave that out.
Because it really makes the enemy happy to tune in and you'll hear about what they're doing, what they're up to.
But I mean, at this point you need to know, because it's Alamo-level stuff, okay?
And I've sent my letters out, I've asked for reinforcements, and I'm asking those reinforcements from you.
And you have to understand that this is a very serious situation.
Now, beyond that, they've officially announced to the state government of Ohio FEMA camps for people who they think
I've got an incredible amount of world news that brings into crisp focus
What we told you was coming from Spain and Australia, North Korea and China under UN directives was being beta tested there and is now here in the United States.
They've announced that Democrat state governors will begin forcibly arresting you if a contact tracer, which is a former Clinton-level initiative or Obama Corps member, saw you have sniffles, cough, or if you say you have a sore throat, you will then be forcibly taken
Uh, to a jail cell at a FEMA camp that they've gotten FEMA to agree to fund.
So, uh, mainstream news, sort of getting text messages last night.
Ohio Department of Health.
The article's up on InfoWars.com.
Ohio Department of Health partners with FEMA to create shelter facilities for people exposed to COVID-19.
Notice exposed.
You're not even tested.
They just take you if you, quote, have symptoms, and they say the symptoms are coughing, runny nose, anything else with the borders the Democrats want to keep wide open.
That's coming up next segment.
We have a guest on from Australia about they didn't just go arrest one lady.
Oh, they were busy beavers.
Going to the houses of 80 plus people that dared to speak out against the unending COVID lockdown or to point out the CDC's own numbers that 90 plus percent of the tests are false positive.
That's now all over the news.
They tried to suppress it since last weekend but that failed.
And we've got massive election meddling by
The Democrats and how they openly are saying they plan to scuttle the election and now it's not my analysis from a year ago or more now.
It's public.
So we've got big developments on that front.
Facebook joins red mirage plot won't allow false victory claims from Trump on election night.
They also says that Facebook declares Kyle Rittenhouse actions mass murder and says his lawyers aren't allowed to speak.
He is not allowed to speak and no one is allowed to raise him money for his defense.
Though the Weathermen they think are wonderful.
And of course, Twitter won't let his lawyer speak either.
And I mean, this is the total management control of what we're going under.
Because we put up with it and Congress put up with it and Trump put up with it.
Big Tech is racketeering internationally like they've done in China to suppress the population.
It is racketeering organized crime practices just like Hitler did when he first got in control of Germany.
He took away banking of people.
He took away businesses.
He took away people's right to contract and that's their plan.
And that brings me next to this issue.
You've heard how they're targeting all these conservatives, not letting them have GoFundMe accounts.
And then if another group funds them, they take the bank account away from that group.
That's what they've done to everybody.
And what they've done to Laura Loomer, they've done to us.
I've just not made a big deal about it and found some workarounds.
But they are rapidly closing those as well.
I'll cover this more in the last segment of this hour because it's really important for everybody to know.
I wouldn't get up here and tell you there's going to be food shortages and food spike increases and the cost of food just for no reason.
I would tell you that because I really have the sources and the research and the info.
I told you that eight months ago, now it's all public.
It's happening.
And people aren't...
Just moving to Texas and the Midwest and the South because they're sick of where they live.
They don't have work.
They don't have jobs.
It's all shut down.
It's ghost towns.
These are refugees.
And the third world is collapsing and more refugees are coming.
This is the organized collapse of the West.
The globalists don't want wealth.
They don't want choice.
They don't want independence.
They want vertical, consolidated integration for a technocracy.
So, what I tell you, what I tell you that
You need to get ready, and you need to be very busy telling folks about Infowars.com.
It's because being prepared is key, and spreading the word about the broadcast that is the antidote to the globalist poison is key.
And I know you know that, but I'm telling you, we have seven major suppliers and a couple of smaller suppliers of high-quality, organic and wild harvested, top-of-the-line supplements that we get that are private-labeled or are proprietary designs we came up with in many cases, like TurboForce or BrainForce or X2.
You know, three, four months ago, a lot of them were late.
They couldn't get certain stuff.
We had to wait, but we thought, oh, maybe it's going to come back.
Of the 7, now 5 are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months behind, and now they're just saying, hey, we're going to have to give you back the money you put as a down payment on that, where we just can't open.
Nothing's coming in.
It's not being produced in the raw areas.
If one person gets COVID, nobody dies, but the whole plant has to shut down.
And it's happening to food distribution centers.
It's happening to warehouses.
It's why you can't get a lot of furniture you want to order, or just all sorts of things you want aren't there anymore.
And so the globalists want a global depression, whether Trump gets in or out.
He's trying to prop it up, he's trying to save it.
We want to elect Trump, that's great.
But all of this COVID lockdown and going after the dollar, and all the media attacking the dollar and attacking the stock market, that's part of a larger plan to bring us into a depression for four or five years, to bring in contact tracing.
It's the Marshall Law cover.
They're not going to give you a depression and say, we're going to track you now, where you go and what you do for political reasons.
It's been done for COVID, but don't leave your house.
You can't have a rally unless it's one of our rallies.
Whether it's Europe or Australia or the U.S., you know, this is the same.
This is how they freeze the opposition, the nationalists, the patriots, the counterrevolution with COVID, and they freeze your businesses.
You're not essential.
While they destroy your currency and bring you to your knees.
So horrible times are coming.
Absolute hell on earth.
And maybe if Trump gets elected, we can have a soft landing.
But I don't think so.
And I just have to tell you the truth.
I just can't soften stuff for you.
And I can't lie to you.
That's why the enemy wants you to think everything's handled, everything's great.
It's not great.
They purposely collapsed all the blue cities and blue states.
It is hell on earth.
There are thousands of suicides a day.
There are tens of thousands a week of drug overdoses.
The media has pedophilia all over it.
They are breaking our will right now.
I don't believe they're going to win in the end.
God promised that, but you have to know that
People are in for a rude awakening, so you need to get your storable food at InfoWareStore.com right now.
They have the food one to two weeks.
They built their supply chain up.
They expanded when others contracted in the last eight months.
But I guarantee you, when people figure this out, they're going to end up at eight weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, and stop sales again like they did.
They believe, and I believe, that by January of next year, even though Trump will hopefully be inaugurated, the global depression is going to be so evident
And the left's going to keep the riots going, and the breakdown of supply chains is going to be so evident, and the...
You know, people think in the world's ending, because it kind of is in a way, not having the infrastructure operate, the supply chain is going to break down massively as it already has, but even worse.
So I'm telling you, if you want to get the supplements and you want to get the t-shirts and the books, the films, there could very easily come a point where we can't get any of these items because a lot of them, you notice of our catalog of 60 plus items, like nine or 10 are already gone.
And a lot of them were big sellers.
You can't get it.
You can't get it.
Especially complex formulas.
There's something like 8-Pak PowerSec that became very popular.
It's got 13 pills.
13 different things.
Four or five of them we can't get.
So that product, what we've got is what we've got.
This is bad, folks.
I have to run my own infrastructure.
I'm not just a talk show host.
I know business.
I know infrastructure.
I'm involved in everything.
That's just the way God had it.
I was trained by necessity in all of this.
Pulled myself up by my bootstraps with your help together, but I'm telling you, you need to get the supplements, because I don't even know how long we can operate into the future.
September 3rd.
It's a Thursday.
60 days out.
Do I feel sorry for Infowars that we've been persecuted and attacked and lied about and how they've battled to shut us down?
No, I feel sorry for the children of this country and the world being subjected to the brainwashing and poison vaccines and fluoride and pedophilia and devil worship.
So before I cover some really dark scary news, not to scare you but to help you get ready, we've got something light for you dealing with our little buddy Brian Stelter.
A new take on our Mars attacks don't run we are your friend parable.
So I would say
You know, if anything that's happening at CNN, and anybody who buys your book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so, CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
They came in peace.
No news outlets are the enemy of America!
Bill Gates wants you!
Take the vaccine!
Don't run!
CNN's your friend!
This is CNN.
Want corporate slaves so you can be phased out in an orderly fashion.
And, again, you can see the disaster, you can see the breakdown for yourself, you can see this is 21st century war that our Republic and the whole planet is in.
But if they can gaslight everyone through corporate control, through big tech, and tell you, don't believe your lying eyes, don't believe your empty stomach,
Then they believe they can win.
The minute they thought they got the West in enough debt with fiat currency, these private banks signed us on to, they had the Great Reset.
And we told you eight months ago in pieces we put out, seven months ago, February and March, called the Great Resets, that this was a Great Reset, that they were using COVID to bring in the global depression and the post-industrial world.
And then within two months of us telling you that's what this was, they came out.
Klaus Schwab, the head of Davos, all of them said exactly that.
And it's not, again, that we're that smart.
We know their game plan.
We understand their operations.
We've done our research.
And did you know that almost every major nationalist or conservative or patriot leader in the world has either been arrested or harassed or sued or had their bank accounts taken away?
You know, how is it happening in the UK and Brazil and the US?
Don't they have leaders?
We have corporate governance, and the libertarians were fooled.
I was fooled.
The big think tanks were like, oh, the state withers away, and then it's this corporate utopia where you have all these choices, but instead the corporations get together and form their own government.
Being a, quote, libertarian, fiscally, economically, was the dumbest thing I ever did.
And Tucker Carlson admits that he was an idiot as well.
But you buy into it, they've got the big DC think tanks, and, oh yeah, the state will just wither away.
No, you get a bigger state, the corporations control to control you.
And then if the state gets out of hand, they just break it up, and they operate as a government.
And that's how they're doing it, just like Hitler did, and just like the Bolsheviks did, where they wouldn't let anybody that wasn't part of their party, even if you submitted to them, didn't matter, you'd be their slave.
But if you were a party member, then you could have bank accounts.
Then you could have commerce.
Everyone had to come to you.
Just like when George Washington wasn't a nobleman by blood, so he couldn't open a business.
He couldn't even throw an official party.
You had to get a nobleman to come to your party to have a party.
You had to go through them to even have a job or be able to sell land.
So that's all these fascists and communists recreate.
Is a system where you have to go through them and then once they've got you with big tech and all the rest of it, oh, you're not gonna have the lawyer on Facebook or Twitter saying, it turns out Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased and attacked and they were trying to grab his gun and say, kill him.
You don't get a defense.
Your lawyer doesn't get a voice in America.
What do you want to say to the foundation?
I mean, this is absolutely getting out of control.
And notice it's every aspect of life.
And hundreds of thousands of paid ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center trained individuals like Bolsheviks, commissars, are now in control of all of big tech and media, interfaced with CNN and MSNBC, saying what can and can't be said from Australia to the UK to Spain to the United States to Canada.
And they're coming to people's houses and making mass arrests.
In Australia, and in Spain, and now in England, and in Scotland, the stacks of news are just arresting everybody.
If you criticize the government, or political correctness, or COVID, and when the CDC came out and said 90 plus percent of the tests are fake, false positives, and 90 plus percent, 94 percent, had comorbidity, they censored all that.
Thomas Jefferson was famously asked, what is the limit?
To which tyrants will take us.
And he said, the limit you will accept.
And that's absolutely true.
And so we're going into slavery, high-tech, horrible, with a fascist control system above it, a technocracy, with a communist ideology below it, with a dumbed-down, mindless, divided population.
So, I don't tell you all of that.
To scare you, I tell you, so that you understand, the more you give in, the worse it gets.
Look at this graphic I've got right over here.
I'm going to walk over here.
Communism is behind the Hoover Dam.
Hundreds of billions of gallons of water that could be life-giving to crops and humans and more.
Unless it's unleashed in an improper way, it'll destroy the lives of tens of thousands of people.
It'll kill thousands of people.
It's a weapon.
Communism is held back by Infowars, and by your resistance, and by your prayer, and by Trump.
But here it is.
Communism's up here behind the dam.
You've got Infowars holding it back, and you're down here.
And just like Donald Trump told you, they're not after him.
They're coming for you.
And this is real.
So I'm going to tell you again, because the straits are dire for everybody, but they really want Infowars off the air.
If you want to get the supplements, or the books, or the t-shirts, or the films, or the high-quality, swearable food, it's all in stock now, but a lot of the supplements won't be there in the future.
The food is there for now, one to two weeks delivery.
You need to get your orders in, not just for you.
I don't know how long we'll be able to continue operating this system and self-funding.
They've taken our sponsors, they've taken everything away, and they are behind the scenes running intelligence operations against us to sabotage and shut us down.
And at a date in the future, I'll be able to tell you about it, or you'll see it on the news, okay?
You see what's going on.
You need to get your orders in now.
It's a patriotic duty for yourself and the world, the country, and common sense.
And you need to understand, I've never lied to you consciously.
I've made mistakes.
But Infowars, on a scale of 1 to 10, our worst threats before were a 2.
This is a 9.
They've got people out on the street, ladies and gentlemen, with contracts out to kill me.
It's all coming down.
They're trying to indict the entire Trump family right now in the Southern District of New York and also in the state with the Attorney General, the minion of Soros, Leticia James.
They're going after everybody.
This is a real war.
And I need capital to go into next year and stay on air.
And we don't have the reserves to do that if they make some of these moves.
So get the money to us now so we can operate.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com.
You can also donate at InfoWarsTore.com in the Support Us section.
All right, let's jump right into it.
I'm going to start getting into more of the news right now.
But I just want to add one more thing here.
When I put up this graphic for TV viewers and describe it for radio listeners, I'm not exaggerating that you've got the dam of the Republic and what's left of freedom of speech and the Second Amendment that's symbolized by Infowars as the tip of the spear.
And you've got the destructive force of communism just waiting to crush you and your family.
And so when I get up here on air and I tell you that now is the time to tell everybody you know about this broadcast and ban.video and 2020ElectionsCenter.com, that URL has not been banned by the enemy platforms as of now.
You can share the videos that way.
That will change the course of history.
This is going to come down to a fight over how many people are awake and how many aren't.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to say Trump lost.
They're super pissed that I'm on air.
First exposing the Red Mirage.
And they're planning to contest.
We did that.
You did that.
You kept us on air.
We did the analysis first.
It's now gone mainstream.
We continue to be the epicenter.
And what they've said directly to us.
Is you continue to be the epicenter of our plans not going the way we want and you need to stop right now.
And they're very, very serious.
Well, I'm not signing on with a bunch of devil-worshipping child molesters.
This is not going to happen.
So they are moving now to destroy me.
It's okay.
I need to hold on as long as possible.
And so I'm telling you, go to InfoWareStore.com, get your high quality, affordable food.
It's drop shipped by my pantry.
It's super high quality.
One to two weeks before the big rush comes.
And order the supplements.
Because I've got to tell you, I have to make the decision in the next week on whether I'm going to have everything go to full price because we can't get most of the supplements anymore.
Because the supply chain is breaking down, not just for us, but everybody.
And I won't get the crap that they've got out there and downgrade our products and, you know, reformulate them and make them weaker.
That's how that works.
You change the formula, you have to reformulate it.
We're always reformulating because they get better.
I'm not going to reformulate and sell you the type of crap from China and stuff.
We don't sell any supplements from China.
Most of our stuff's right here in North America.
Some of it's from South America and places like that.
Some of it's from Greece.
But the point is, is that I'm telling you stuff's breaking down.
It's bad, okay?
And it's not just that.
It's all the other attacks.
And so,
We're going to be in this together.
I don't feel sorry for myself.
I'm sorry for America.
And when Trump gets back in, which they're probably not going to be able to stop him because America's waking up, they're going to bring in the depression.
I don't know how he's going to hold it off.
That's why they've paid off all the right-wing pundits to say, oh, we're devaluing things.
The dollar's dead.
Trump shouldn't be doing stimulus.
If we don't do the stimulus, we're going to totally collapse.
That's their plan.
Of course what he's doing long term will be bad.
We don't have a choice anymore!
Anybody that understands economics knows that.
We need political power and control of our country because it's ideology that can build everything back.
If we don't have the ideology of the Republic and America and freedom, it won't matter.
They're making their move.
I'm getting chills right now.
Every channel, every show, the dollar's dead, America's over.
Wall Street now bearish on the dollar.
On and on and on.
They're making their move.
And empires and republics fall very, very incrementally from rotting within, but then finally, like an old barn, when a tornado comes by, they blow over.
They blow down.
And they're huffing and they're puffing, trying to blow our barn down.
And Trump's trying to put in some new logs, put in some new spikes, put in some new nails.
He's trying to shore things up with sandbags, because the storm's here.
And it's the global government New World Order storm to bring down the Republic and bring in the post-human era and lock everything down.
And Trump's fighting the lockdown.
Remember people that told you, oh, it's a secret thing Trump's doing?
Well, he rounds up all the bad guys.
Don't come out of your houses.
While the left is told to boil out of their nest and go out and burn everything down and destabilize the country so they can run headlines that America's over and America sucks and Trump caused this.
But the good news is people see through it.
And they see through who's behind the riots and who's behind the COVID hoax, exaggeration.
And so we're turning the corner.
But I'm telling you, the enemy, if you look at their minions like Pelosi and others, are not going to give up.
And they are going to push harder than they ever had.
So everything InfoWars has done for 26 years, everything you've done in your life of being informed and being involved, is building towards this point, and this isn't a normal time.
And I know you know that.
And I salute you and I thank you.
But when you call in thanking me for trying to self-preserve myself and you, we're in the same boat, brother.
So I get it, I appreciate you just as much as you appreciate me, but I'm telling you, now is the time
Because I need to know, I've got to decide the next week, with what we've got in our coffers, with only enough to operate, if I sold both my houses, okay, which I don't even care about, I've got them mortgaged, to pay for this place, it would not operate us for a month and a half.
I don't, I'm not rich, I don't have all this money the media says I have, okay?
Got a nice truck, a nice car, stuff like that, I got insurance for my kids, I'm doing well, I don't care, I don't need more, I'm happy.
I don't need the house on the hill.
But what I'm saying is, is that I don't have the gasoline to go into the future with the things they're pulling and the things they're doing unless I get a big chunk of money in.
So here's what I need you to do.
I need you to go to Infowars.com to the live show feed today that says Emergency Broadcast.
Globalist planning, massive world depression if Trump wins or loses.
And if you scroll down in that, there's a link to Infowarsstore.com and the donate page where you can sign up for recurring donations or you can sign up for one-time donations.
And if folks would simply go there and make a major donation.
There's also a P.O.
box on there.
I know people have got money out there.
It's always sad how it's the poor people that do most of the donating.
Because I run into them on the street and they're great people.
That's great.
But the middle class and the rich people hold on to it.
They could turn, you know, a piece of coal into a diamond in their rear end.
And you're going to lose it all because Soros and the enemy spend their money to dominate you and you won't spend money to fight them.
I will give both my arms right now to defeat them.
I'd give my life to.
I don't give a rat's ass about money.
Money's energy.
Money's a weapon.
Money's a bullet I fire out of the barrel of a gun at the enemy politically.
And the information war.
I'm just telling you folks, this is serious.
And the country needs to be prayed for and you need to pray for yourself.
And I'm telling you, we make it easy.
We got things that make your life better.
We got things that are essential you need.
And we've
Got the information warfare.
And I'll ask you, support our local radio stations.
Spread the word about them.
Become a sponsor.
Thank them.
Ties the local radio station.
This show, and I'm not saying we're good, does more for pro-life, more against the Satanists, more to bring people to Christ than the little fake country club churches all day that people give all their money to.
Donate to your local radio station.
Send them a hundred bucks a month.
$10 a month, whatever you've got.
Give them your word of mouth.
Go and eat at the restaurant that sponsors them.
You've got the power.
Use it.
The left's trying to bully us, dominate us, destroy us, and I don't want them to win.
Because they're pulling out the stops.
They've committed crimes that are insane.
It's all coming up next hour.
We have a special guest from Australia.
Donald Reigns is going to be coming in as well.
But if you go to InfoWarsTore.com, you see the Support Us link over on the right-hand side.
And if you click on that, you'll find the different websites and the donation page.
They're there to support us.
Right there, click on that on the right-hand side.
But you need a four-stage ion filter.
We have the best at the lowest price, because that's what I do!
We have the best storable food, highest quality you're going to get, unless you pay five times more.
The best prices.
It's all there.
But we've only got the ability to do business now.
We're not going to have it much longer.
If the enemy has their way.
I'm telling you.
I used to say support InfoWars.
Rescue InfoWars.
Save yourself.
Save the world.
We're in this together.
Because let me tell you something.
Communism's up here.
Infowars is the damn blocking it, which is all of us together supporting.
And you and I are all down here with our families.
My children are right here!
With pedophiles and devil worshippers and forced inoculations and FEMA camps coming for us and war!
If we don't fix this now, we're gonna have to fight.
And you know, I really need to repent, because the sick part of me just hopes it goes down.
Because all you devil worshippers and trash that have been pushing and pushing and pushing forever, you better hope you fail in your operation and you don't push us into the fire.
Because I swear on the altar of God, you will pay.
And quite frankly, I'm so alive right now.
I'm so glad Soros and Bill Gates hate me.
That's the greatest honor in my life.
It's the greatest thing in my life next to my children.
That I'm real, I'm all in, and you know me by my enemies, and I know our audience of activists.
It's you they hate because they don't have your will, they don't have your soul, they don't have your heart.
They don't control your destiny!
They sure as hell don't control mine!
So we're trying to hold the dam against the Satanists and the armies of hell, and we pray to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father to lead God and direct us against this enemy!
But I need money to fight a war!
And I need word of mouth!
And I need prayer!
And I need action!
Because that dam's gonna come down!
That dam's already got holes in it!
And the enemy's telling you, don't stick your fingers in it, don't block it, everything's fine.
Peaches and cream are on the other side.
You know it's not peaches and cream!
Trump's told you, hell's coming!
One way or another!
Only question is, do we have a president in the middle of a fight against the new world order, or is it going to be us that does it?
But we know we're not giving up!
The United Nations recently sponsored a two and a half hour piece of propaganda directed towards the people of the Pacific Islands called Pacific Unite, Saving Lives Together, referring to the fake pandemic that has officially killed only 0.003% of the population.
With crowds of people protesting outside of Buckingham Palace chanting pedophiles,
Prince Charles found the time to open the UN Mind Control Concert by stating how climate change is to blame for this dreadful pandemic.
The accelerating and terrifying impacts of climate change.
Disgraced world leaders made appearances to push the vaccine as the only solution.
As we work to find a safe and effective vaccine,
We must unite to keep ourselves and each other safe.
The creation of a vaccine will be fundamental to the world's recovery.
When one is developed, it must be distributed equitably, including to the Pacific region.
And for some reason, there was much discussion about LGBT rights.
And the entire event was hosted by a bearded transvestite.
All of us have been affected by this COVID-19 in so many different ways.
And I can't wait for the borders to open so I can visit my Papa Sato in Savai Samoa to get my full body tan.
But after I shave my back.
This desperate and bizarre piece of propaganda culminated with a musical production which is best experienced for yourself.
Give me shots.
I'm aborted.
I love you, Bill Gates.
Oh, I need a mask, Bill Gates.
A New World Order!
The phone won't rise with our New World Order!
Team Jackman!
We'll rise like that skull!
We rise and our skin will fall off!
We'll be in graves, we'll be in graves, we'll be sterilized.
We'll be dead, we'll be dead, we'll be dead, oh yeah.
We're gonna kill our children.
Thank you Bill Gates for the shot.
There's a new lifestyle!
You don't get no food now!
Under Bill Gates.
Oh, oh!
We fight the new order by being under Bill Gates!
Oh, look!
Take your shots, be a skeleton!
That's how the death begins!
You know, we gotta air the Mars attacks again.
Come in the next second, I gotta have some humor.
Then I'm gonna launch into pure, absolute analysis.
Stand by, stay with us.
It's just we're inside the world government.
Here's what I should have said earlier.
You can't have info wars on the air when everything we said comes true.
And you can't have America with people with guns and freedom and private property when nobody else has it.
That's why they're coming for you.
That's why submitting won't work.
But all the sheep will think they get ahead by groveling to the system.
That's all over!
Oh my God.
Oh my Lord, save us.
So I would say, you know, if anything that's happening at CNN and anybody who buys your book, it's really just one of those things that is dividing our nation.
And I don't believe in dividing our nation.
It hurts our great nation.
And so, CNN is really the enemy of the truth.
And that's my opinion.
Thank you.
No American is an enemy of another American.
No news outlet is an enemy of America.
No news out what is an enemy of America.
No news out what is an enemy of America.
They came in peace.
President Trump is trying to bring peace.
He's had all these wars.
And that's why they hate him.
No news output is from the enemy of America.
Bill Gates wants you!
Take the vaccine!
Don't run!
See him at your friends!
This is Bill Gates.
You know, I don't know what they're calling that new video.
We hadn't had a new Mars attack since the last election.
They're saying, you know, they keep saying the media is the enemy of the people.
We are not the enemy of the people.
And that's, you know, the Mars attacks.
The aliens are saying, don't run.
We are your friends.
We're not your enemy.
We're not the enemy of the people.
As they, as they rage on everyone laughing.
So now we've replaced Alex Jones.
You're truly being zapped as the peace dove, the peace conference with the alien ambassador to Brian Stelter shooting Trump.
It's just ridiculous.
By the way,
I am ripping off Mark Dice.
Everyone's doing it now when you do Stelter's voice.
Mark started that like three years ago.
We had already been exposing Stelter and making fun of him.
We were the first, but he did the funny voice thing.
So that's actually what Stelter said.
I just voiced over it.
Not as good as Mark Dice, but Mark did a video a few weeks ago where he showed dozens of other commentators, famous ones, making fun of Stelter.
And I can tell you, I've had requests.
From the White House, and I've had requests from the number one Fox News host, I mean, literal requests, like, repeatedly, will you make another Brian Stelter parody?
And so, you've got it.
We're gonna have some fun, and I've gotta get, as soon as that's posted to Bandod Video, I think it's gonna be posted in a minute now, I think we're going with a video of Brian Stelter turning into an alien, or something silly like that, or Brian Stelter appointed ambassador to Mars, or ambassador to Earth!
There it is.
Ryan Soldier appointed Truth Ambassador on mainstream media.
That's funny.
So that's the headline.
We weren't sure this morning the piece wasn't done.
It's got 1,711 views.
Just one of it banned on video.
Make it the featured video.
Because you know what?
I need to have a little bit of fun.
That's not his full Pennywise face.
That's him like 10 years ago.
Can we put Pennywise up please?
I want to show him going full demon on folks.
All right.
Um, you know, it's almost hard after that super hardcore.
There it is.
It's, it's hard to get super hardcore after that last hour being super hardcore.
Gosh, talk about not being self-aware.
Good Lord.
Oh, look at that.
Again, as I've said many times, I'm not saying Ryan Stolper is a child molester.
I'm saying if I was a Hollywood producer and I was going to
Cass, the new Pennywise that eats children.
No makeup needed.
I mean, this, this, this, I would walk the other side of the street if I saw that walking towards me.
I mean, that is a demon clown.
That's a, that's a flesh walker right there, folks.
That's not from these parts.
Been around long enough, you learn how to spot them.
It's not very hard.
That's a full-on one right there.
Completely unselfaware.
Okay, let's stop.
Get him off the screen.
Excuse me.
I only handle so much.
Look at the self-satisfied look, too.
All right, let's just stop there.
It's true.
People ask, why do you get so serious and then screw around a lot?
It's hard to sit there and look at this.
I had to read all this and look at all this, and now I got to cover it, and it's just unbelievable.
Let me just try to do it this way.
The worst globalist takeover scenarios that we indeed predicted have now come true.
But it wasn't coming true, it was already there, it was already happening.
And so people need to understand, when I'm freaking out about Australia, saying they're going to have forced inoculations and arresting people that try to protest,
For protesting online?
When I get upset about Spain and months and months, you can't even leave your house, when I get upset about that, it's because the UN's running it, they've written white papers, I've shown you the white papers, Event 201, Lockstep, and others, and there's an exact plan!
And there's nothing more frustrating than knowing an exact plan, and knowing how horrible it is, and knowing what it ends in, and knowing these horrible scum are gonna do this to everybody,
And sterilize everybody and give us cancer?
And the new vaccines actually change your DNA?
That's cancer.
They make your whole body do a chain reaction replication where you're a new GMO creature?
It's enough for Monsanto to make the corn where it doesn't produce new viable seeds or soybeans.
But now it's everything.
It's us.
And it's so over the top, people don't even know what they're hit by.
It's like being hit by a bus.
It's just such a huge lurch of suddenly there's pedophile TV shows, and everyone's getting forced inoculations, and oh, it's gonna make you really sick, and oh, it goes in and changes your cells forever, and it takes over your body, and it's just, and Bill Gates is, and Bill Gates is on TV like, Fareed Zakaria's like, the whole economy's gonna be shut forever.
And he's laughing, and it's psychotic!
So let me just give you the news from today.
Overhead shot, please.
Australian police pay home visits to 80 people, warning them that they'll be arrested if they protest against the lockdown, online or in person.
Wasn't just the one lady.
Ohio Department of Health partners with FEMA to create shelter facilities for people exposed to COVID.
And they say that, oh, if you
Have sniffles, a cough, we don't even test you, we just take you and lock you up for a month in a non-congregant shelter, so in a jail cell.
And I've got the letter, which Bob Barnes texted me at like two in the morning, that guy must not be awake during the day, he's a great guy, we need to get him on about this.
He said these are actual FEMA camps, he laid it out, and it's all right here.
And they got FEMA, which is a bureaucracy, not Trump, he needs to do something, to, to, to, to, because the state asked for it, so the state actually built FEMA camps.
It says right here, FEMA camps.
And Ohio is just as bad as Hawaii.
The worst states are Ohio and Hawaii, and they're all following the U.N.
And the governor is in here saying, you will be taken by force to these facilities if we deem that you don't have a place to stay or you won't stay.
And they give them phones.
If you don't have a phone, they go, here's a phone.
It monitors where you are.
It's the social credit score.
It's what China was doing, you know, six months ago.
It's all been beta tested.
It's all been rolled out.
It's all been prepared.
It's all here.
And now it's happening so fast.
Usually this would be a top story for weeks and the media would defend it.
And now it's just blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip.
Police are arresting those online in the UK, those in Germany, those that organized demonstrations against this.
Now they've got camps for you, and they've got political officers from the DNC and the Global Clinton Initiative that are the ones that decide to spot people and just get you used to seeing folks not just drug out of a restaurant for not wearing a mask or not wearing it properly.
No, no, no.
You're, you're, you're, you're, they finger you and the police dutifully show up because they're all bullied under the political system now, so they're going to growl to the left and bow to the left and kneel to the left.
The police are a danger, folks, because they're controlled.
They're not bad people on average, but they've been bullied into Stockholm Syndrome now, so they just show up instantly and billy club you and then the media's like, good, you thought it was a black guy, beat him up, or that's a lady, choke him, take him to the FEMA camp.
When we come back, though, they say, listen, report anybody not wearing a mask during sex.
So they want to be involved in your sex life, everything.
It's all the most absurdest things they can say to condition you and to get you ready to submit to this.
So here's the deal.
All you in denial aren't going to be able to live in denial anymore.
Either get on your knees and prepare to serve Satan or fight back.
All right, we're back.
Let's just plunge straight into the news right now.
Australian police pay home visits to 80 people saying no free speech allowed.
They actually said to the Bar Association in Australia that was upset about this, they said, listen, Black Lives Matter is important and is allowed to.
These groups are not.
And that's exactly what de Blasio said.
They said, oh, well, Black Lives Matter is allowed to have demonstrations, but synagogues, churches and mosques can't.
It's about rubbing your nose in it.
Let's continue.
In the article, Ohio.
Oh, it's getting FEMA centers ready, where if they think you have it, you disappear.
And then they have fake tests that are 90% false positive.
All of it is a fraud, a cover for rounding people up and arresting them next year.
This is all just the pre-programming, getting the spies ready.
You know, I hadn't been out to eat in a long time, and I went out to eat with some family last night.
And I literally wore the stupid mask in the restaurant, Kabuki theater, then take it off at where you're eating.
And then as I'm getting up by, I'm sitting by the door, I get up and it's not on.
The lady goes, you need to put your mask on.
And I said, you need to get reality.
Fauci's a fraud.
This is martial law.
And the manager was like, Oh, Alex, I'm a fan.
I understand that.
And I was like, yeah, whatever.
And I walked out the door.
I actually said, you're all a bunch of slaves, but I've been going to that restaurant since high school.
And you can't even go there because they're all enforcing, because they're all virtue signalers.
It feels good to follow the little neurotic rules and, oh, I got to wear this mask to save my life.
They didn't even use a real deadly virus as their cover.
And then Gates says, oh, the really deadly one's coming.
So everyone cowering to this has ensured that they're going to release the megaviruses now.
Everybody get that?
I believe in you, though.
I believe you're going to get the word out and stop this.
And really good things
Are happening on a daily basis right now where it's all coming out that it's a fraud.
So let's go over this.
I have the crew running up to me giving me this article over and over again, even though we were reporting this last Saturday and so was Gateway Pundit, but now it's mainstream news.
So everybody's like freaking out about it.
And you're right.
I should have led the show with this.
The CDC says 90% of the tests are
False positive.
We had a headline.
Was it Friday or was it Sunday?
Guys, type into a search engine.
90 plus percent of COVID testers false positive.
Type that in.
You're going to get last week, before anybody even put the numbers out.
Because I went, and I looked at them, and we hired a statistician to look at them.
So I went and, but I didn't even get this from a statistician.
I went and did it with a calculator at home, and I've asked the statistician to do it, as of last week.
It's not about me bragging.
But again, there's not, the crew's great, but there's not a, there's not an understanding that we're the tip of the spear.
Here, I'll pull up on my phone.
No, that's today, folks.
That's yesterday.
We ran a live show headline.
This show.
Not the New York Times.
This one.
Alex Jones.
Austin, Texas, man.
It's not about the credit.
It's about reality.
We ran a headline last week for the live show.
CDC admits 90% of COVID tests false positive.
Have every available person search that.
I'll get it during the break.
So, it's hard to search it unless you use DuckDuckGo.
They're pretty good searches and we're all our stuff's blocked, but I'll go to rebroadcast.
It's not the cruise bad.
I have to have this article now.
I have to have it or I can't do the show.
Now I need some time to get it.
Anyways, everyone's running in on it.
And here it is.
I mean, here it is.
New York Times on COVID-19 tests.
Up to 90% of people testing positive carry barely any virus.
Many are not likely to be contagious.
And that's even a fraud.
The test tests for viral debris of any viral or bacterial infection that you've had in the last decade.
Here's another one.
New York Times report claims 90% of COVID-positive Americans not contagious.
Here's what I was talking about earlier.
Wear a mask while driving.
People do that too.
Wear a mask while having sex and avoid kissing new people, Canada's top doctor says.
Other UN minion.
Oh yes, more absurd.
Like everybody wants to take the mask off in public.
Oh, wear it in your house by yourself.
Democrats make people in Zoom meetings by themselves to put it on.
You can't be seen without the mask.
Peer pressure, show it at all times!
COVID hysteria!
Students excluded for turning their heads in class.
Remember, the UK put signs up last week saying, do not turn your head.
Do not look at people.
That spreads COVID.
More insane.
More ridiculous.
Stand on your head.
When I say jump, ask how high.
On and on and on.
On and on and on.
On and on and on.
On and on and on.
And that's how all this works, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, but they've got their vaccine suddenly ready in a month, they say.
Remember I told you they'd have it by the fall, when they said, oh, two years at least.
That was to make the artificial scarcity, like, it's that magic thing.
Oh, sorry, we don't have it for you.
And I said, that's a ploy.
They've already developed it.
They already have the vaccines.
I showed you all the patents five years ago, two years ago, a year ago.
Bill and Melinda Gates front groups.
And we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right again, we're right
And Ohio are the microcosm of all of this.
There's another headline, but that's from July, not last week.
It's not a big deal, guys.
It's not your fault.
I'll find it.
I'll remember the exact headline.
I'll pull it up.
It's not about us proving we're right.
It's that no one else went and did with a calculator when they admitted how many of the tests were false.
I mean, every NFL player they tested that was false positive.
It was all false.
Every one of them was false positive.
They had thousands of clinics across the United States, starting in Florida, that had 100% infection rates.
They weren't doing the tests.
They were just getting the insurance money.
It's a lie!
And it goes on and on and on and on and on, but you sit there and you talk to some stupid, dumb person.
I mean, people now at the park will walk over and say, get your mask on!
Because they have no power, but now they've been given the authority to go henpeck someone, to go get in their face.
But as soon as you stand up, they turn and they run, because their whole identity is about bossing people around.
I'm gonna get into the censorship.
I'm gonna get into the UN takeover, the food shortages, what's happening in Australia with a special guest, and the major election meddling, and it's now official.
They're gonna contest it, and they're not gonna... They're saying the president won't be allowed on the internet.
He'll be blocked by AI from saying he won.
We're living in a science fiction movie, folks!
It's incredible!
We're in a lot of trouble!
But if we admit we are, we can stop it!
But a lot of folks tell you, trust the plan.
Over 180,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.
This is the phrase countless health officials and politicians have stated over and over again to drill into the heads of the American public that coronavirus is actively killing everyone, no matter your health background, and it will kill you too.
But there must have been a misstep in CDC reporting on coronavirus death numbers because new CDC reports are showing that the number of deaths where COVID-19 was the sole cause of death is closer to around 10,000.
The CDC has updated information in regards to how they count coronavirus deaths to read that only 6% of the 180,000 deaths are solely due to coronavirus.
Other deaths added to the COVID-19 death count have two or more serious conditions or causes tied to that death, with the overwhelming majority of the deceased in a much older age range.
And while these numbers could easily stem a lot of the coronavirus fears and anxieties we've seen, the media has still of course remained silent on it.
Let's also not forget a couple months back when we saw the CDC send out directives for states to include probable, aka unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths to their official counts.
Remember this council meeting in Collin County, Texas, where one confirmed case plus 16 probable cases of COVID-19 turned into 17 confirmed cases added to the total count?
State of Texas DSHS has informed public health departments that they have adopted a revised definition for COVID-19 probable cases.
So for confirmed case, it stays the same.
You still just need PCR.
But now they've added a probable case definition.
So that still gets counted towards the case count.
It's different, it's not confirmed, it's probable, but it's still a case.
So at the end of this definition, there are 15 different options on how you could be classified as a probable case.
Based on this diagram and what they report, there's a total of 17 cases now.
One is still only confirmed because that was that original index case, who then had all these contacts underneath in orange.
And all the rest of them became probable, but they are still considered a case.
These various news stories of Texas officials having to adjust total coronavirus deaths to lower than what was previously reported then followed suit.
Also, despite a huge drop in overall deaths, which we can clearly see again on the CDC website, and before you say that's because we've been in a lockdown, let's not forget that there has been large gatherings of protests and rioting throughout the nation since May.
Big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are still severely locked down and families have been unable to open their businesses, go to church, or send their kids back to school.
And if your kids are back in school, this is an example of what their lives may look like.
In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo deployed a SWAT team of 71 contact tracers and eight case investigators upon a New York State University in Oneonta after 105 students tested positive for COVID-19.
After hearing of the new cases, the university decided to suspend all in-person activity, and students will not be allowed to leave campus for the next two weeks.
Facilities such as the library will be closed, and dining services will deliver meals to the residential halls.
They will be allowed to go outside, but they won't be allowed to gather in groups, and bus service to and from campus will be suspended, as students are forced to conduct all of their classes online from now on.
This type of environment sounds eerily reminiscent of another place where you're confined to a room, you have no option to leave and are told when and who you can go outside with and when you can eat.
I just can't put my finger on the place.
So while COVID-19 deaths continue to drop, the actual number of deaths where COVID-19 is the sole cause is closer to 10,000 instead of 180,000.
Our media, health officials, and politicians still refuse to let us get back to life as usual,
And New York seems to be leading the way in most restricted states.
We just played a few minutes of Savannah Hernandez's very important video, the Savannah Hernandez Report section of Bandot Video.
CDC reveals the truth behind COVID-19 death numbers.
It's huge.
They're trying to suppress it.
Get that out if you want to win and defeat this and ever have things turned back on.
Universities from Australia to the United States are all under U.N.
directives where you go into little jail cells now and a cell phone tracks where you go.
You're not allowed to leave the campus.
This is the prison planet.
This is beyond the communist Chinese social credit score.
They're going directly to where you're locked down, all based on a virus that they synthetically created so they own the treatment of it, which only kills really old people and those that already have comorbidity.
But it is a real virus.
But the response to it is a giant hoax.
Now, we played
Disgusting, frightening, nauseating footage yesterday of a woman in Melbourne, Australia who was organizing a demonstration this Saturday.
And we'll talk about her and her organization and who she is in a moment.
Turns out they went to 80 people's houses and did this.
And we're getting reports, and the Australian government's not denying it, that some city council members in other cities are disappearing and being taken to federal lockdown.
Australia's been a prison colony, never really got out from under the crown.
It's got great people in it, but it is enslaved.
But hey, here in the U.S., they've got FEMA, under Democrat requests, setting up FEMA camps where people will be forcibly held.
You cannot make this up.
They're saying, don't have sex, or if you do, wear a mask.
This is total cult programming.
They're telling children in the UK, under UN recommendations, don't look at people in the eyes, that can give it to you.
This is voodoo, folks.
This is hysteria, this is neuroses.
Children are getting in trouble that walk the wrong way, or, I mean, it's total control.
A Syrian girl's been coming on with us for, I don't know, six, seven, eight years now.
And she is a refugee of Syria.
Her family is not a fan of Assad.
Previous to that, they were in the ruling party and actually kicked out of the country.
But she's accurately exposed the UN staging false flags, or the UN's exposed the false flags that she first exposed.
She disposed of the white helmets.
She's been a great source of information for us for a very long time.
She lives in Australia.
She goes by Syrian Girl at Twitter, at Partisan Girl, Patreon, Syrian Girl.
And she's a great brain and she joins us for the next 50 minutes or so ahead of Deanna Lorraine joining us to talk about a lot of this and more here today.
But Australia, epicenter of control, Ohio and Hawaii here.
They admit her beta test.
Universes are beta test.
What's happening in Australia?
We know it's coming here next.
How far is this going to go?
What is your research view on this Syrian girl?
Thanks for staying up till one in the morning to join us.
My pleasure as always, Alex.
It's always great to be on your show.
Yeah, well, we, Australia was shocked to see the footage of that young lady in her pajamas broadcast around the world getting arrested for making basically a Facebook post.
Um, to try to get a protest against lockdown.
And the reason that's so hypocritical is that the BLM protest was allowed, you know, just a month prior.
And it was probably the reason why there was such a spread of the virus in the first place.
So it seems to be that some protests are allowed and some are not, and people are sick of that.
Now, Australia is, as you said yourself, you know, it started off with the intention of being a prisoner island, and it's basically still that, seemingly.
The police here have
are acting in a way that I've never even seen them act before.
It's not just this case.
There was another case where a woman wasn't wearing a mask.
She actually had a doctor's certificate that she doesn't have to wear it.
It's against the doctor's orders for her to wear the mask.
And a police officer didn't even wait
And by the way, if the mask isn't suffocating you, him choking her on her neck is?
These people are shameful.
I mean, it's so unnecessary.
It's so completely unnecessary.
Look, the virus, as you said, is real.
I know someone who almost died of it.
There are over the age of 65.
Or at least I know of someone.
So, yes, but it doesn't give you the right to do things like this.
It's just, it's not... You can never be bad enough.
Let's be clear though, it's not as bad as a normal pneumonia or flu, but there are some people who it appears did die of this.
Syrian girls, stay there, we'll come back and talk about it.
Though the tests have almost all been false positive, which puts you in a database for the rest of your life.
90 plus percent false positive and 94 percent of the deaths died of something else, comorbidity.
I've noticed two different key phenomenons.
And it's more complex than just these two, but these are two dominant ones.
Well, there's three, but there's a lot of people that are so altruistic and have so much empathy that they just love another group being abused or hurt because they have good genetics, good spirit, good understanding that that's going to affect them.
They don't know why they're upset they see somebody suffering.
They don't know why they're upset by seeing something wrong.
They don't even think that it's empathy.
They just have the empathy because their head's screwed on straight.
That's right.
Have the empathy, but I know what it is.
It's my brain goes, I'm next.
And it turns out we are.
This is all coming here.
It's world government.
So I want to explain something.
I am so sick of people going, why do you care what happens to the Syrians?
Or why do you care what happens to the Australians?
Or why do you care about what happens to idiots in New York?
Because the same thing got control.
There's coming here, baby.
I need to get the people that don't get that.
I mean, so many people say to me, they go, Jones, why do you care about the rich people in the stock market?
I have nothing in the stock market, by the way.
And they go, nothing against it.
It is a giant bubble.
But people say, well, who cares if it collapses?
Because every company we know, basically, is surviving on it.
I'm not glad that we're on a corrupt life raft, but we're on the corrupt life raft.
There's a bunch of piranhas around us, and we're bleeding.
So I'm just trying to get people to understand that you have to get involved.
It's not a virtue to not care.
And I know our audience gets all that, but I'm talking to the lost sheep out there, the prodigal sons.
To understand that, yeah, decades of corruption, a hundred years of whatever, not caring would get you ahead temporarily.
Not with God.
But now not caring will get you killed.
So I'm going to tell listeners,
You need our word of mouth, we need yours.
This transmission is game-changing because we're original research.
I don't go out and get some other talking heads thing and then, oh that sounds smart, I'm gonna say that.
I go out and I really know what I'm doing.
I really talk to the experts and do the research and I tell you what's going on and it's about as accurate as it gets.
The enemy hates it because their best brains are like cooking this stuff up and they know I can see right into it.
That's why they want us off the air.
Folks, you need storable food.
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We've got the best place, because I go out and get you the best place, the most reliable.
I've had a relationship 12 years with these folks.
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Not with you.
I mean, I don't want to be sexual.
It's an allegory.
I don't want a one-night stand, folks.
I want a long-term relationship.
I want us, as a community, to have children together.
And that's really what, you know, us, we're the bridegroom, Christ is the groom, we're the bride.
I mean, that's the allegory is, I want a relationship.
And I'm just telling you, I wouldn't tell you something unless I totally know it's true.
The smartest thing you can do, other than getting firearms, is get water filtration and swearable foods we have at InfoWarstore.com.
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And I just want to stay in the fight, so I need your financial support.
Go to InfoWarsaw.com.
Okay, I'm going to shut up now for the next 45 minutes with Syrian Girl.
I appreciate you coming on.
Get into whatever you want about COVID, Australia, where that's going, why you're the epicenter.
I know you want to get into Antifa, which I know helped attack Syria as well.
I mean, you're an expert on this.
Tell us what's happening.
Well, what might come to you, which is coming to us, is mandatory vaccination.
But the mandatory part is sort of more of a soft mandatoriness, where if you don't get vaccinated, you're not allowed to go to work.
And you're not allowed to get unemployment.
So basically, they've made everybody into, you know, pushed into poverty.
And they're saying that they have to starve unless they take a vaccine that is hardly even been tested.
Or, you know, it's kind of been rushed.
And I think that the agenda behind all of this is control.
It's not going to be just, you know, take this vaccine,
Or you won't be able to go to work.
It's going to extend beyond that.
It's going to say, think these things or you're not going to be able to go to work or get unemployment or travel, for example.
And of course, Bill Gates has everything to do with this.
His ID 2020, where he wants to sell a special type of vaccine to governments where people are tattooed with quantum dots
that say that they've been vaccinated or not, which means that you're no longer a free person.
You're basically tagged like cattle and you're no longer allowed to move or work or, you know, without having something tattooed on you that says you've been injected by an unknown substance.
And I say this as a scientist.
I say this as a chemist.
A vaccine is, you know, it works.
Vaccines work.
For some viruses, and they're safe if they've been tested, but for certain viruses, it can actually make things worse.
And even Fauci himself said this.
Or Fauci, however you pronounce it.
I mean, sure, we know about all the vaccine side effects, the problems.
It's what else is in the vaccine.
Is it a Trojan horse?
Have they spiked it?
Have they tamed it?
Or did they accidentally grow it on monkey kidneys and give 100 million Americans SV40 cancer?
I mean, that's the problem.
Well, you know what?
Even if the vaccine is perfect, the problem is the demand of control.
I mean, people should have autonomy over their own bodies.
Well, that's it.
The precedent is we put in your body what we want, when we want, and we track you.
And that is really dangerous.
Well, keep going.
Sorry, you're making red points.
No problem.
So Australia, of course, is going to be where they try to roll this out because people are used to just following what the government says.
We're not in the same place as Americans are.
And most people, unfortunately, well, not all, but most people, you know, they don't see anything wrong with it and they will trust it.
So that is...
Once they have that here, it is going to roll out in other countries, and I think the UK will be next, and then after that the US.
They're going to have some difficulty with the US.
But the people who will refuse the vaccine will be in minority, and they will have very difficult time, like they will not be able to work, they will not be able to eat,
I'll tell you this, when people die of these vaccines, the people that get it are going to pay.
And I mean the people on the top.
They're assaulting us, they violated the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg precedents, and they will pay.
I mean, what else is next?
It's going to start with vaccines, as I said.
Then it's going to end with political opinions, I think.
But already is!
They're not letting people's... The lawyers for Kyle Rittenhouse cannot even read police reports on TV and cannot put clips on Twitter or Facebook.
Rittenhouse's lawyers go on Fox News and read the police report that he was trying to save people and had a fire extinguisher putting out a fire when they attacked him with guns.
And they said, no, we are the judge.
You are a mass murderer.
You are not allowed.
His lawyer, who's famous and well-known, cannot even be on TV.
This is unbelievable.
Zuckerberg is becoming God.
Well, like you said, things that happened in Syria are happening in the United States, and that's what I can see happening on the streets of the U.S.
right now.
It's a color revolution.
I said that very clearly.
You already faced Soros.
You've got the floor right here.
This segment, next segment.
Explain what we're facing.
Well, Soros is doing a color revolution.
It's to get Biden re-elected.
Just before it all happened, he said he needed the black vote.
And it just so seems that every four years, just before an election, Black Lives Matter trends, and then after the election, it just stops trending.
And suddenly black lives don't matter anymore after the election is over.
So that's the whole point of this.
You had the media fueling racial hatred in the United States in the lead up to the death of George Floyd.
I'm not saying that the police are... No, obviously the police aren't perfect.
We know that, yeah.
They just cherry-picked a few bad examples.
Well, they once shot an Australian woman in the U.S., but she's white, you know.
Yeah, no, no, he was a Somali, so it was okay, yeah.
Yeah, so they interject the race thing into it because of the election and Biden.
And that guy was a bad cop.
When a white guy shoots a black guy and it's wrong, I say it's wrong.
That guy was crazy and just shot her for no reason in an alley.
It doesn't mean like we blame every black person for it, or we blame every cop.
Yeah, I mean, there are issues, but I think that they have chosen to specifically highlight the race issue in order to get the Democrats to vote.
And they're happy to set the country on fire to achieve it.
And we saw similar things in Syria.
In Syria we had, you know... Hold on, we're going to come back.
I want you to explain to Color Revolutions what they are.
In the short segment and the long segment, lay out what you witnessed and what we're seeing here.
Because Soros brags he did Ukraine, he did Syria, he's done it all and he's doing it again.
And who does he represent?
The Rothschilds, the Rockefeller interests, Bill Gates.
Total enemies of humanity.
Bill Gates is going to pay.
Jay Dyer and Sam Tripoli are going to be hosting the fourth hour.
That should be interesting.
Syrian girl's here with us right now from Australia, middle of the night.
But she wants to get into color revolution.
Start getting into it right now so we know our enemy and to know how serious this situation is, what we're facing.
Sure, well, you know George Soros, he funds a lot of these organizations like, what do you call it, in America.
It's not GetUp, it's... I forget.
It's NowSomething, where they basically fuel protests.
So, it's... He has like... He funds them all.
Black Lives Matter, Antifa, he funds them all.
He has a lot of little splinter organizations that fund these groups, including the stuff about global warming.
Extinction Rebellion, for example.
So, what you can tell, there's telltale signs of a color revolution.
You have the media and the corporations, suddenly they're all part of the rebellion.
Suddenly they're all promoting the resistance and everybody has to have a black square as their profile photo or they're a racist.
You know, suddenly Nike has a black square as their profile picture.
So that is the first sign the corporations are on board.
Second sign, the media, especially in the U.S.
I think everyone realizes now the media is quite left Democrat controlled.
And they have been on board and fueling it.
You have the politicians amongst the Democrats are also, you know, trying to keep it going.
You know, it has establishment backing.
That's how you know it's a color revolution.
And it's interesting that they had mostly peaceful protests, and your media is saying that protests are mostly peaceful, because guess what?
They said the same thing about Syria.
You know, at the start in 2011, when cops were getting their heads cut off, as well in 2012, and getting hit with swords and killed, it was mostly peaceful protests.
So, it's this exact same thing that I'm seeing, and they're playing off both sides, and they're creating destruction.
There's looting.
In Syria, we had looting.
Not only did they loot, like,
Companies and cars and dealerships, they looted factories and the equipment that makes the products, not just the products, but the actual infrastructure of the factories were looted and sold to Turkey in order to buy guns.
And they looted like priceless thousands of year old artifacts like the Torah, the 2000 year old Torah scroll, and you know, things from Syria's history, antiquities that are ending up in museums around the world.
They alluded that.
So I can see that with the United States, there is an attack on the culture and the history and identity of the United States in the same way that there was such an attack on Syria.
And I don't think, especially I want to get into Antifa.
Antifa have been supportive of the Kurdish groups in the northeast Syria.
And now the Kurdish groups, you guys have to understand,
Are Antifa as well?
The PKK, the YPG, the SDF, and Trump himself said he doesn't really like the Kurds that much because he knows that they are, they share the same ideology as Antifa.
They all follow a man called Murray Bookchin.
This is very important.
You have to look this up.
It's a book called the...
The Ecology of Freedom, this is what this book is called, and that is the book by which these anarcho-Marxists, the ideology which they follow, and that is the ideology that built the Chas Autonomous Zone, and it's the same ideology that's building the Autonomous Zone in North
East Syria.
Now we've had actually American and British Antifa come to Syria to fight alongside the Kurds to build this... Sure, they're international communist revolution brigades and they brag about it for radio listeners.
We've been showing everything you've said.
Stay there.
Back in 60 seconds you'll continue to have the floor.
Lay out the history of this, and then how we defeated here in the United States with Syrian Girl from Australia.
We'll be back on the other side.
Please remember our websites are newswars.com, infowars.com, and banned.video.
But banned.video is banned on Twitter and places to share.
So go to 2020electioncenter.com, 2020electioncenter.com, and you can share those links.
We'll be right back.
All right, Syrian Girls, our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
She's in Australia.
She grew up in Syria.
Her family was part of the ruling party, got thrown out by Assad.
She doesn't support Assad, but she was against the Islamist groups working with the globalists, with Al Qaeda taking the country over.
Everything she exposed, the false flags, all of it got documented.
She's one of the most accurate people we've ever had on in the last six, seven, eight years now.
But she's getting into color revolutions and who funds them and what they're doing and how the media is behind it.
All the big powerful corporations.
This is the establishment.
And something's always worse after they take over.
They're about destroying cultures and nation states and vibrant independent groups.
And they'll bring in refugee groups that they then manage as a client state so they can have their agenda.
Sure, now the Antifa, which of course they should list as a terrorist organization, it began
Existence just before World War II in Germany.
As the military wing of the Communist Party there.
So back then, every political party actually had its own militia.
And the militia of the Communist Party was Antifa.
And in the beginning, they were very pro-Soviet Union.
But because of some kind of internal politics, they turned into... Trotsky got kicked out because he was exterminating everybody.
And that's when Antifa came along.
Very sophisticated, you know that.
Yes, so initially they were pro-Trotsky, and a lot of them, a lot of Antifa are still Trotskyists to this day.
And of course- Which are also the neocons.
The Trotskyists are probably, I'm going to say the second worst, because the first would be the anarcho-communists, I think, that follow Mari Bukcin.
So this, after the Trotsky thing happened, the
Antifa ideology morphed not so much into just pure communism, but anarcho-communism or anarcho-syndicalism.
And that is why in the Chas, they had built these little farms because of the ecology aspect of things.
And they're basically, a lot of them, if you looked at the charts, a lot of them were saying we want another Rojava, we want a Rojava revolution in the United States.
Now Rojava is this supposed anarcho-communist utopia that they're trying to build in the northeast of Syria.
This has sold the United States
People as the Kurds are finally getting their own territory.
This is what Biden is going to try to push if he ever gets into power, that the Kurds are finally getting their own state.
But really just like Ukraine, they want control of the key gas pipeline, oil pipeline, nexus point.
And not only that, the northeast of Syria is actually the breadbasket of Syria.
It contains all the wheat.
So they're actually, the Rojava is being built by the YPG Kurds, which are affiliated with the PKK, whose leader is Ocalan, which is a terrorist under the United States law, who follows
Antifa's Murray Bookchin ideology.
In fact, he was friends with Murray Bookchin.
He was personal friends with him.
So that's why it's not, you know, they're also like, anyone can be Antifa, just be anti-fascist.
No, Antifa is an ideology.
They have a flag.
They want to create a state.
They are a militia?
It fits.
I mean, you could say the same thing about ISIS.
You could say, well, anybody can be ISIS, you just have to have ISIS ideology and blow things up.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Anyone can be ISIS just like anybody can be Antifa.
And it's not okay to use violence against people if you happen to disagree with them about anything, including race.
So, um, I don't... Well, that's it.
It's basically using a GI Joe analogy, like Cobra.
But imagine if Cobra had better PR and said, we're killing Nazis.
Well, when Cobra took over your town or killed... They go, Cobra's here to fight Hitler.
Give us your money and women.
We control your power plants now.
Hail Cobra.
You're Nazis if you don't support Cobra.
And meanwhile, the leader of Cobra is an ancient Nazi sympathizer, George Soros.
So he pulls his mask off.
The funny part is, I'm actually a Nazi.
Hail Cobra!
And I think that's why Trump tried to get out of Syria.
He knows what these groups are.
He said so himself, and, you know, in so many words, like, oh, you know, they weren't there for us in World War II.
They're only good fighters if we're bombing for them.
And, you know, he said some things about the Kurds, which shows that he kind of knows what they're about, but he got so much pressure
For that, that he had to sort of stall the pullout, unfortunately.
And I fear that using what Biden himself said in his debate, that he's going to try to, you know, push the same ideological line about those poor Kurds, the sympathy for the Kurds.
They need their own state.
They've been marginalized.
The thing that people have to understand is North East Syria is a mixture of like lots of different ethnicities, not just Kurds.
But when it comes to the United States, it's interesting that I saw in the autonomous zone that they had, that they were doing segregation.
They were also trying to segregate people along the lines of race.
They had regions where it was black only and regions that white people can be.
It's madness.
It's a regression.
Or the warden, or the president, under their system.
The mayor is the warden, and then they only have bosses.
Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about this in several of his books.
They set this up, and there's only a few leaders of each gang.
And then the groups stay under the gang leader, because they're fighting the other group, but really the gang leader's meeting once a week with the other gang leaders to decide how to control things.
Absolutely, and I feel quite bad for Kyle Rittenhouse, that poor child put in that situation, and I don't think it's a good idea to... Well, basically what they want is people to fight.
So I would say, in spite of the fact that it must be hard to watch the country burn... No, I agree.
I think it looks great, and as a man I like fighting back against communists, but when you go engage them, it's what they want.
What they don't want is a real war where you go after the leadership.
Exactly, exactly right.
And that's not what's happening.
I mean, you know, the so-called Antifa BLM, the protest movement, that they think, a lot of them don't think that they're backing Biden and Harris.
They think that they're fighting the establishment.
Yeah, they don't even know that 90% of the donations they get go to the Democrats.
The Democrats run them!
They haven't actually provided an alternative, and therefore, since the media controls the narrative, it's going to end up just backing Biden and Harris.
So they're not really fighting the establishment as much as they would like to think that they are.
It's not going to go anywhere.
I could see that from the beginning.
And these things, again, like I said, last time, you know, last election, after the election was over, somehow black lives didn't matter anymore.
You know, somehow we weren't talking about it anymore.
So I don't think that, unfortunately,
They cannot say that they are fighting the establishment because they haven't even really identified it.
I mean, it's not just Trump.
That's what they want to make it out, like Trump versus the protesters.
Harris was the prosecutor.
Biden was one of the people that put all these stringent police powers in.
When he was Vice President only, sorry not Vice President, I forget exactly what he was.
He was a US Senator when he put in minimum sentencing for black people.
And he doesn't apologize about it, but here's the deal.
They thought they could beat Trump, so that's why they kind of got out of his way up front.
Then they lost.
And they thought, well, we'll have a color revolution on his back.
Now that's failing.
They're getting more and more desperate.
And as Trump just calls them out as chi-com globalist agents, it's over for them.
But he's got to get even more hardcore and just lay out who the real players are, because that's the truth.
And if Americans are faced with the end of their country, the end of the dollar, the end of our success and enslavement,
Thank you.
To destroy us.
They want to dominate us.
We don't want to destroy them.
We don't want to dominate them.
They're doing it to us.
They started it.
So, we have to have the outlaw of the Democratic Party and the eradication of it politically and we have a new second party.
I'm serious, folks.
That's what we've come down to.
We'll be right back.
It's like outlawing the Nazis.
You know?
I'm not into celebrities, but I gotta say, I was a little kid watching WrestleMania when he did the whole incredible ballet with Andre the Giant, who weighed like 500 pounds.
Hulk Hogan?
Hulk Hogan called into the show.
Like eight years ago, people said, that's Hulk Hogan.
They called up a Florida affiliate.
And later, I know somebody that knows Hulk, and he says, you ever called Alex Jones?
Oh, yeah, I love Alex, brother.
He's a good guy.
Don't like him.
And I never tried to reach out to get Hulk Hogan on, but we should do that.
In fact, Daria, like six months ago, I meant to tell the producer, we got to really get Hulk Hogan on, because I know he's a big Trump supporter.
He's not made a big thing about it.
I just looked at Infowars.com.
Look at this.
Hulk Hogan claims his friend received a mail-in ballot for his dog.
Hulk's a very truthful guy.
This said it happened.
We know dead cats are getting them.
Media said Trump was engaging in baseless conspiracy theories when he made similar claims.
But it's actually true.
They're scraping any name in a public database.
Off Facebook, off Twitter, off anything.
And so people's dead families
If it's the same address, you're getting a ballot.
Like, if you wrote an obituary on Facebook, our cat, Spot, died five years ago, you're getting him.
This is confirmed.
I mean, if you're a new listener, I can play the newscast, but I don't want to take up time from our guests.
But Hulk tweeted, crazy stuff.
A friend of mine just got a mail-in ballot for his dog, Nugget.
Now even dogs can vote.
Hulk Hogan.
I mean,
Syrian girl, this is crazy.
I mean, we've caught the globalists staging chemical attacks, staging fake elections.
They backed the Arab Spring, overthrowing U.S.
allies, putting the Muslim Brotherhood in to blow up hundreds of churches.
I mean, this is crazy.
And they've succeeded everywhere else.
People go, oh, Soros won't succeed here.
Well, he sure as hell tried, didn't he?
I noticed that a church was also burnt during these riots in front of the White House.
So that also reminded me of what happened in Syria.
You know, I just want to make clear also that just because I think that the riots are a color revolution and they're being destructive, they're not helping at all, doesn't mean that I don't think that there aren't serious issues with police brutality.
Like we saw in Australia, like we see in the United States.
But they use that as their cover.
They use that as their cover.
It's just the cover.
They're not actually going to succeed in changing that with what they're doing.
It's actually probably going to make it worse.
So they are giving them an excuse to behave the way that they are.
Well, exactly.
They're going to run good cops off and only bring in corrupt thugs who work with the system, who will be totally protected.
Yeah, and as we saw at the beginning of the entire Black Lives Matter protests, you had some old men getting shoved and having their heads cracked open.
I'm not going to stand here and say that things like that are okay, but we have to remember that Eric Garner was choked to death under Obama.
You know, the kid that was shot with a toy gun, he was 12 years old, I forget his name, he was shot under Obama.
So to claim that this thing, this issue, is a new thing that is happening under Trump is a complete and utter lie that Democrats are trying to sell.
Also, it's mainly Democrat cities that do the most extreme training for whatever.
Officers have to instantly react.
They are so well trained now, they instinctively shoot.
So they see what looks like a gun.
They don't think.
They shoot.
They're trained.
It becomes instinctive.
Maybe that's a little too much.
It saves a lot of cops' lives.
It's a very dangerous job.
But the instinctive shooting of the shooting simulators is what's doing this.
You think a cop wants to shoot an innocent person and face murder rap?
They are in these situations.
I mean, a cop gets called because a guy's robbing and trying to rape a woman.
He just did Florida the other day.
He comes, the guy shoots him in the chest.
The cop shoots the guy and kills him.
They're having protests and riots when it's on video that the guy shot the cop!
I mean, this is insane!
So that's how much they're paralyzing things.
Where even when the guy's on video shooting the cop... Let's play the video.
Let's back it up.
We'll play it right now.
Go ahead and start it from the beginning.
Go ahead.
I'm checking my keys!
He's in that door!
How would you like that job where you randomly get called because someone's a burglar assaulting a woman you show up and
The guy's black, you're white, he shoots you in the chest, you shoot him and kill him, and people say, we don't care, you're still bad.
That is crazy, Syrian girl.
They are twisting and obfuscating facts a lot.
I think that it's interesting that they had that story with the, I forget his name now, but the man who was jogging, and you know, they would sort of
Give you little tiny bits of information.
They didn't show you the guy was breaking in houses.
They didn't show you they called the cops on him.
They didn't show you he was like driving up in parks, getting in the cops' faces.
Yeah, so it's clear that they're trying to create something here.
They're trying to create divisions, and they're trying to have people argue over these things.
If anything, since the media and Obama, you can't get cops to do stuff now, actually.
They've paralyzed the police.
I mean, we certainly can't get them to do anything.
Well, they can't seem to stop the destruction of businesses and the riots.
I think that police do serve a purpose.
You can't have a country without them, unfortunately.
That's the reality of the world.
So, of course, they need to have their training.
The instinct of shooting saves cops' lives, it gets innocent people killed.
But then, when you go to the job every day and people are shooting at you, what do you expect?
The world isn't perfect, is my point.
Yeah, absolutely.
You're absolutely right, it's not.
Alright, in closing, I want to get you back more often than every six months.
Come on the night time shows, the election countdown that's in the morning in Australia, not in the middle of the night.
Come on, David Knight Show.
We love you, we appreciate you.
How do people follow your amazing analysis, Syrian Girl?
Thank you.
Day or night, I'm happy to be here.
My analysis, follow me on Twitter, Partisan Girl.
YouTube, Syrian Girl Partisan.
And on Patreon, Syrian Girl, if you'd like to fling me a dime.
You're amazing.
Thank you so much for having me.
No, thank you.
Join us.
Join us whenever you want on the nighttime show, especially, I know that's in the morning for you.
And that is, of course, the election countdown.
We'll continue right through until...
Whatever happens till we get shot, shot down, shut down.
I mean, it's, I'm not giving the enemy any enjoyment here talking about it, but I just want to tell listeners, we need your prayers.
We need your support.
Kind of like having a family member tell you they got cancer.
They're kind of cool.
But I got cancer, let's go have fun.
And one day, oh, you know, your uncle's dead.
He died of cancer.
You go to their funeral.
I'm not trying to be dramatic, folks.
It's just that I'm not a big victim here.
I don't squeal and squawk.
They're tearing the living snot out of us.
They got PIs following me.
They're suing me upside down.
They're harassing all of our institutions, all our suppliers.
We need your prayers and support.
Seren Girl, thank you so much.
It's great to know you're out there.
And that's what's great about this, though, is there's so many great people like her and so many new people like Carlos Zapata coming online.
And all these other people that I've never heard of just kicking ass.
I feel good.
I've done.
I carried my mission out.
I want to continue.
I want to continue, but only you'll keep me in the game.
And that means you've got to go now.
I don't know how long we'll be able to take orders, folks.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Get your orders in now.
Plus, you need storable food.
Get them in now.
Be right back.
Stay with us.
Coming in studio.
Deanna Lorraine.
Deanna Lorraine is with us.
She's been doing weeknights here with Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, and others and knocking it out of the park.
I had a feeling that when she got here to our offices, she would kick it into the next level and she has.
Don't forget, I do a special
Basically commercial free.
We run six minutes ads for local TV and radio stations, but we don't have any ads.
So there's no network ads.
And we do the Saturday Live, that's what we're calling it.
Not Saturday Night Live, Saturday Live.
2 to 4 p.m., then I come back with a show I've been doing 16 years in that slot.
That's 4 to 6 p.m.
And then we've got the new Sunday Live with Owen Schroyer.
Six to eight right after that.
Deanna Lorraine and others are hosting the election countdown weeknights.
Seven to nine.
And it too only has six minutes of breaks a show.
Because there's so much breaking after we're on air.
So much happening.
So, I just said to Deanna Lorraine, I said, I want to get you on today about some other subjects.
What about this Pelosi thing?
She said, oh, I want to bring that up.
Now they had a brutal press conference, it's linked on Infowars.com, where they showed that this was not a setup.
She knew it was empty.
You know, she knew what she was doing.
She knew that it was an open facility.
And it just shows the hypocrisy of Lightfoot saying, well, I get a haircut, you don't, or all these other mayors and people, or how Democrats keep their businesses open but nobody else can.
This is crazy.
What do you make of this?
Well, it's funny, Alex, you mentioned that because I haven't even gotten my hair cut professionally or colored or anything since March.
That's why my hair is looking pretty Aretha Franklin-y, pretty crazy.
And you know, I'm a normal American, right?
But I'm not allowed to get my hair done or my nails done.
And businesses, salons have been closed, they've been shut for the last couple months.
Why is that?
But yet, Nancy Pelosi can walk her butt into a salon and sneakily get her hair cut and dyed or whatever, blown out.
And by the way, she wasn't wearing a mask either.
And I don't care!
I want businesses to open.
I want salons to open.
Because all of this is ridiculous.
We know that the rate of morbidity is so low now, especially even CDC has admitted it.
But yet she's calling for all these businesses to remain closed.
She's the one who's saying that all of us need to stay at home.
Businesses and salons need to remain closed.
And that's the big problem I have with all of this.
That's what's so disgusting and sinister about all this.
And then she had the goal after that to blame it on the salon and say that it was a setup.
You can't get much more disgusting and sinister and hypocritical than that.
To blame it on the salon.
That's right.
Everybody's already seen the videos.
We won't play it.
But she's like, literally, it's a conspiracy against me.
When they're all going out, they're not wearing masks.
De Blasio, Cuomo, Schumer, none of them are.
They all know it's BS.
Yeah, they all know it's BS because when you catch them in private, you're going to find them without a mask.
You know, are you really thinking that they're going to be wearing a mask 24-7?
And they know as we wake up, they go, don't wear it during sex.
And wear it, did you hear in Wisconsin?
The Democrats make them in the meetings, even though they're at home, wear a mask in the meeting.
Right, in a Zoom conference or in a Skype conference.
So because they want to set a good example, right, to comply.
And now, by the way, in an Uber, if you're caught not wearing a mask, and this speaks to the social credit score that you always talk about, in an Uber, if you're not, if you're caught not wearing a mask one time, then the next time they're going to make you take a selfie of yourself with a mask wrapped onto you before you can even enter.
It's all an act of submission ahead of, the university's already starting it, where it'll be on your phone and you can't leave the campus and it tracks you.
Yes, yeah, yeah, exactly.
Oh, and I saw where universities now have face scanners, which when you come in, they want the doors closed if you're not wearing a mask.
Right, exactly.
God, I mean, talk about dystopia like that, boom.
Right, and we have Bill Clinton, too, on tape with Eric Garcetti, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and with Bill de Blasio, and with Gavin Newsom, talking about how we need to test and trace and contact everybody.
And it's Bill Clinton's company that is behind the contact screen.
Then he gets state funding, like the governor of Texas gives it to him through Google.
That is the best impression ever.
Deanna Lorraine, let me ask you a question here.
I did not.
How bad is this going to get?
See, he's the one that's behind everything.
You're a little old for me.
More like 12.
I know I am a little bit old for Bill Clinton.
No, you're not.
You're not.
By the way, I like your kind of jungle girl hair.
You like it?
It is super Amazonian.
Hey, Austin, is it a shutdown?
I gave you my wife's number.
She'll get you to the salon.
Okay, cool.
It's not that you need it.
You've signed up.
You're working with us the next six months.
I know.
I'm so excited.
All right.
I'm so excited.
I'm so excited to be here, guys.
And I'm telling you why, too.
Because you can't go anywhere else and actually speak the truth without getting censored or banned.
And I actually had a struggle before I started working with InfoWars.
I couldn't find articles anywhere.
I would think, okay, where can I find articles on...
The CDC and the low death rates.
Where can I find articles of the truth about masks or hydroxychloroquine?
And guess what?
Within a minute of trying to find it, you know, everything was vanished from big tech, from Google and everything.
But InfoWars always had the information.
InfoWars always had the articles.
So I think, why not be at the front lines of this fight with someone who's the general of the fight?
And you are putting yourself on the target.
Most men are scared to do that, but we're really proud of you.
Yeah, thank you, thank you.
Yes, I hope that I probably have more balls than a lot of these liberal men, but you are the general of this war.
You are the general.
I don't want to be the general.
I'm glad.
Let me tell you, you do a better job than I will put you in charge.
I don't know about that.
I'll go play golf, which I used to play.
I haven't played in 20 years.
I used to play golf.
Oh my gosh.
I'll go play golf a little.
You can host the show.
I don't know, maybe.
Let you young swipper-nappers do it.
That might be too much responsibility, but I'll try.
You know, I could be quite the warrior-ess.
It was funny, one of my child custody battles.
I love my ex-wife, she's such a sweet person.
But she did make the false statement that I told my daughters they could never be professionals.
Oh my God.
I hope my daughters are astronauts if they want to be.
That's the funniest thing ever.
Because you seem like you're very empowering to women, like you want women to be empowered.
I do, yes.
Of course.
And you have daughters, of course you would say, of course you would want them to be empowered.
It's just a funny story.
The media is like, Jones believes women should be barefoot and pregnant.
Only when they want to be, you know?
Well, yeah, they tell me I need to go back to the kitchen because I don't have, you know, I don't have a brain, so they think I need to go back to the kitchen.
Well, you got a better brain.
I want you in the front lines.
Because the men are refusing to.
Holding the spears.
They say when men won't be men, women have to step up.
That's true.
And look, but it's the Marxism that has created these weak men, right?
Marxists have created these men who don't know how to fight and don't have the will to fight anymore.
And that's what happens when you respect them.
I mean, you're absolutely right.
They would say to their husbands, you come back with your shields or on them.
Because in a battle, if you drop your weapons to rhyme, now they say, you come back with your shields or on them.
That's what we need, is women demanding men go to the next level, and that makes us all more strong.
Right, exactly.
But feminism has been very intelligent, you know, with brainwashing men to believe that they need to disown the alpha male.
You know, the alpha male is bad, demonizing the alpha male, demonizing the strong man, demonizing masculinity.
Glorifying the weak little wussy soy boy in the Antifa, you know, soldiers, if you call them soldiers.
And that's just because the corporate want to just roll over everybody.
Yeah, exactly.
And they know that strong men create strong nations and create strong families.
Weak men allow communism to take over.
Let's just say this, there's nothing sexier than an empowered, strong woman, but then who also has all the great feminine aspects of children.
That's what we want.
I mean, real conservatives and nationalists want powerful women.
Are you kidding?
Right, and what liberals don't get is I can be in the kitchen, okay?
I can cook.
I know how to cook.
I'm Italian and Spanish.
But I also have a brain too, and I can be feisty and I can be strong when I need to.
And what they don't get is that they feel like it has to be one or the other.
You either have to be feminine and be a mother or... They just want some of the corporation's control.
They want women, the husband to be the state.
They want the husband... Well, yes, of course.
Put that back up.
Why do these women destroy their power?
I mean, look how they destroy their femininity.
Right, they were so beautiful before and then feminism happened.
Now they look like Martians.
They do.
And feminism really is a cancer.
I mean, look at what it does.
It infects all these women and it has them disown their greatest power, which is their femininity.
Damn right.
So that's that, Alex.
So this is why we need to be at the front lines of the fight at InfoWars, and this is why we're here.
And we're going to have this new generation of InfoWarriors that are really excited.
And I think there's going to be more women, too, that are going to come out and be InfoWarriors.
Well, you really came through on the Skype when I met you in D.C.
I've known about your work for years, but I had a feeling once you got in a big studio, you were going to kick ass.
And this is like, I like having you here.
I'm excited.
I hope I've delivered, Alex.
Delivering the goods, man.
It's going to be so much fun the next six months.
I love it.
Yeah, just keep us on air, folks, because they are scared of us.
So they are bombing the living hell out of us.
But we'll be right back with more analysis.
You know, you can wink and more stuff happens in a day than used to happen in a year.
They've announced FEMA camps run by the Democrats to lock people up that they are suspected of having COVID in Ohio.
They are Zuckerberg says the red mirage.
Trump will appear to win, but Trump's not allowed to say he's the winner.
That'll be blocked.
And now he's going to ban Republican ads on Facebook, which we knew was coming.
I mean, they're getting desperate.
What are they going to do next?
I don't know.
But today it's it's disgusting because.
They say that the Russians were meddling in the election, right?
Or that Trump is meddling in the election.
Isn't this the biggest election meddling ever?
I mean, this is clear-cut election meddling.
How is it not?
I agree.
Have you heard the latest?
ABC News two days ago came out and said U.S.
intelligence suppressed evidence of Russians saying Biden has cognitive problems because U.S.
intelligence said there was no evidence when the Democrats brought it forward.
I mean, you can look at him, he can't talk!
The Russians told you that, did you know that, folks?
He looks like... Wait, wait.
You have a blue shirt.
The Russians told me that.
But you do have a blue shirt.
Yeah, I know, right?
And it's not like Russians, you know, ordered people to walk into the booths in 2016 and vote for Donald Trump.
I mean, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Speak for yourself.
But this is, you know, this is the give me liberty or give me death theme of the week, right?
Over and over, we're seeing how our liberties are being taken away.
COVID is the cover for everything.
But the election is the main reason why.
But even scarier is that people say that, oh, all of this is just going to stop at the election.
It's not going to stop at the election.
This isn't the end game.
The election is just a pit stop for the Marxist left, right?
Just the first pit stop.
Oh, they're making their move.
This is full-on global commie revolution.
It's a full-on commie global revolution.
They want us in masks.
They want us, I think Fauci is talking about next, you know, goggles and gloves and even head scarves.
I can see very clearly what they're going to do next.
They're going to say, well, now we're going to normalize, you know, head coverings, right?
Because, you know, your hair is unsanitary.
Your hair is dirty.
You're dirty.
You're bad.
You're dirty.
You're bad.
I see three-year-olds walking around with masks now in the airport.
You know, by the way, in the airport, you know, I got banned from Delta.
So that was number one.
I'm a naughty girl because I'm banned from Delta.
When you were asleep, your mask, your Sharia, your burka slipped down.
Yeah, my burger slipped down.
So guess what?
So four days later when I was flying on a different airline, I think they might have changed this because of me.
I don't know.
But now, I was walking in with that same Trump mask, and they stopped me and said, oh no, you're not allowed to have that kind of mask.
No bandana, no kind of mask like that.
You have to have an approved mask.
So I had to buy for $3 their own approved mask, okay?
So, in order to board the flight.
That was number one.
The first change.
The second change they did, which I wonder if it was because of me, they now on the loudspeaker say, we're going to walk around, we don't have any drink service, we don't have any food service in our plane, so we're just going to be walking around every few minutes to make sure that your mask is worn correctly and in place.
So their job is keeping you as prisoners.
Yes, so it's not enough to wear a mask, which is dehumanizing enough, remember, and it's humiliating enough, but now you have to wear an approved mask, and now it has to be in place and in the correct place the whole time we're riding the plane.
Well, I predicted months ago they were going to do that.
This is all...
Yeah, and, uh, oh yeah, look at that Stasi.
What was her, what was the deal with her guitar?
Didn't it look like she was trying to use that as a weapon?
Like, she was all too happy to kind of, like, spear me with this guitar.
That's what authoritarian regimes are, is they use little low-level people as their minders.
Right, and guess what?
These waitresses on airplanes, a.k.a.
flight stewardess, they don't have any drinks anymore.
They don't have any food anymore to do.
They have nothing to do now except for police.
That's their only job now, are little Stasi's to write up reports and to ground you or ban you.
Which is a global social credit score, which is now here.
And same with now Ubers, you know, now people are marking you as one star if you're an Uber passenger, if you didn't comply correctly.
It's all, you know, it's all just about compliance.
And even there was an IQ test last week, a new study out that says that people who don't comply with shutdown orders and masks and social distancing, they're less intelligent than people who do comply.
And then another one saying women love masks.
Oh yeah, women love sex.
They're saying that masks are sexy, according to women.
What kind of women are you that you think a mask is sexy?
I'm sorry, I think a mask looks like a cuck.
It looks like you're strangled and you're suffocated.
Well, I mean, obviously these studies are all bogus.
Right, well the studies are done by scientists.
Why do you think the real studies are coming out, which we already knew that it's nine...
Out of 10 tests are false positive.
Only 9,000-something died out of 180,000.
This is crazy.
That's huge.
And we all know this, but of course they're quietly rolling that out, you know, and not making a big deal.
I mean, that should be wall-to-wall cover.
Guess what?
You know, only 9,000 of the 180,000 deaths that we keep touting every day are actually solely and specifically dead from coronavirus.
And even that, I think that is pretty inflated.
Why do you think even mainstream media is having to admit the truth now?
I think because everybody already knows it.
So just to stay relevant, they're doing it.
I think so.
I think they're starting to walk back a little bit, you know?
And I think they're trying to kind of cover their ass a little bit.
But, you know, sadly there's enough people that go right along with it.
You know, there's enough of the useful idiots and sheeple that are just carrying the water.
Get off of following BS.
Like, anybody with half a brain now knows this is a fraud.
Why are they so into it?
I guess they've already committed to it?
They don't admit they're wrong?
I think they don't want to admit they're wrong.
I think they don't want to admit they're wrong.
I think they think that if they admit they're wrong, they're somehow bad and they're going to double down and triple down.
Because they have their leaders, their gods, like Nancy Pelosi and Bill Blasio saying that the virus is super serious.
So, Sirius, we need to give ankle monitoring bracelets around you if you get enter or exit New York City or things like that.
You know, in the Bahamas, in the Caribbean, apparently, if you go there, you have to have a two week long mandatory quarantine with an ankle monitoring bracelet around you.
I mean, that's house arrest.
And in Australia, same thing, you know?
Do people not think that that's going to be widespread if we don't push back?
You know, what are we thinking?
They think the slippery slope situation is wrong.
Oh, you know, why do you believe in the slippery slope?
That's a conspiracy theory.
It's not a conspiracy logic.
Well, the UN came out and said, America's bad.
It has guns.
Take the guns this week.
The UN is saying, get rid of our police.
The UN is saying, open your borders.
The UN is saying, follow our COVID rules.
You must take the shot.
This is global government.
It's here.
Yeah, exactly.
But what police is going to replace the normal police?
That's going to be the U.N.
police, right?
It's the U.N., you know, they're mandated police.
It's not like there's just going to be no police.
Aren't they going to bring in a certain type of police that they control?
Well, that's what it means.
The U.N.
doesn't show up in blue helmets.
They can take your police over and now they're in your local uniform.
That's what a takeover's like.
Yeah, exactly.
So all the good old boys, I ever see a blue helmet, well, they're here, brother.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
And when people say, oh, the vaccines aren't that dangerous, you know, they're not really understanding that, you know, a nanochip inside you or, you know, hydrogel or something, that's, you know, changing your DNA structure is actually kind of a big deal.
They don't even know what they're doing.
They're mass experimenting on us, they admit it.
Yeah, they're mass-experimenting on us.
So I didn't sign up to be a guinea pig for your made-up crap.
No, I didn't at all.
And then they're skipping, by the way, the guinea pig trials, aren't they?
Like, there are no guinea pigs.
They're skipping animals and going directly to us.
Now, I'm an animal advocate, but in this case, you know, in these cases, I think that... Well, I mean, here's the deal.
They're doing whatever they want right now.
It was already decided.
And I think animals in this, you know, they should take one for the team.
Because I don't want to be a human guinea pig.
The problem is, is that the last test of this coronavirus vaccine, it killed all the ferrets.
Killed all of them.
It killed all the ferrets?
All the ferrets.
All the ferrets, wow.
The truth is, Bill Gates has already been doing tests on this for about 10 years.
They've already got the vaccine ready.
That's what they said, it'll be two years.
I said, well, it'll be in the fall.
Now they're like, yeah, it'll be in the fall.
Yeah, and you know... Again, we're not predicting, we know what they're going to do.
Right, exactly.
I'd love to say, oh my God, Alex Jones is a super genius, 500 IQ.
No, folks, I'm smart enough to read their white papers because they keep coming true.
And they have legal jurisdiction at this point, right, to remove children from their families and to remove people from quarantine or to mandatorily... They're claiming they have the power that they really don't in the U.S., but in Australia and Europe they're doing it.
And it's totally... there's no pushback, right?
Which then normalizes it, but then the contact tracers are run by the Clintons.
Yeah, exactly.
It's the Clinton... I forget what's the company name specifically, but it is the Clinton-run... Global... Global... Clinton Global Initiative.
Global... Global Initiative.
Blah, blah.
Clinton Global Initiative!
Yeah, so you should look at the Bill Clinton contact tracing.
I did a video strung together of these clips, and it's creepy.
You know, we have Bill Clinton saying there, and he's rubbing his hands together talking about...
He's like, it's gonna be great, we got a million people ready.
What he's happy about is each state, they get contracts.
Like the governor of Texas gave like $400 million, look it up, something like that, to Google to do this.
So, is the endgame, so why Clinton is rubbing his hands together, why they're so excited for the contact tracing?
Obviously it's to track and trace all of us, but another nefarious goal, do you think it is, like, basically to have legal kidnapping?
That's it, that's it.
It's a medical ID, it's a global ID, they control it.
They can medically kidnap you.
Ohio's setting up camps for people.
You said it.
Deanna Lorraine will be hosting tonight.
Coming up at 7 to 9 at Infowars.com and Newswars.com across the country.
Pick it up, Election Countdown, Taking Back America.
We've got 20 seconds.
What are you going to be covering tonight?
We're going to be covering lots of things.
We're going to be talking about the fraud that is Fauci.
We're going to be talking about the continuations of Nancy Pelosi.
We've got a business owner in Florida that's fighting back, and we're going to have him on the show.
And we're going to have Patrick Howley on the show talking about the latest in DPS.
It's all coming up.
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I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
Today, I want to talk about the astonishing revelations that have come out in the last, well, two years, three years, really, if you think about the NXIVM stuff.
But, you know, Hollywood has really undergone a total revealing of its dark underbelly.
I wrote two books on this topic.
About four years ago, and I covered a lot of this material before it came out, so it's exciting in a good way to see all this stuff coming out, being exposed.
And if you remember, the striking thing that came to the fore with the NXIVM cult was that it was immediately connected to elite billionaire families.
So you've got this Smallville television show that was very popular maybe a decade ago, and then
Come to find out ten years later, the producer, all these people, Keith Raniere, they're running this trafficking cult that's connected all over the globe.
It has a pyramid scheme element to it.
It's got all of these layers and all these concentric rings.
And at the same time, they're branding women.
They're trafficking and branding women.
All the kind of stuff that actually comes to the fore in the tales that we read about Satanists like Aleister Crowley.
Crowley was known to brand his women with the mark of the Whore of Babylon or something of this matter, but what this shows is that there is a kind of satanic, occultic underbelly that's been in Hollywood for a long time.
We can go all the way back to the Black Dahlia Avenger case.
If you think about the Black Dahlia, most people think there's a large consensus that George Hodel was involved in the Black Dahlia case due to his associations with famous
Surrealist artists like Man Ray and the sort of satanic, Saturnalian imagery that Man Ray's art had with the human sacrifice components to it.
And a lot of people think that because Hodel was involved in these circles, in these ritual murders, that it also connected beyond Hodel.
If you read his son's book, Steve Hodel has a book, Black Dahlia Vengeful, he cites that
There were directors like John Huston that were running around in these circles as well.
I'm not saying necessarily that means John Huston was involved.
It's just that you'll notice that a lot of times the people that take the fall or are, you know, accused of the event are really the patsies or the underlings for the people who are really doing the high-level stuff.
And in this situation, you've got directors who work directly with the OSS.
I think, if I recall, John Huston
Did work with screenwriters who had served in the OSS.
Other famous Hollywood directors like John Ford spent a lot of years in the OSS.
And that's relevant because a lot of the intelligence assets from the OSS period went directly into not just Hollywood, but also things like advertising.
They went into consulting.
Lipman, these characters, Paley, Sarnoff, the founders of the major networks came out of the OSS intelligence apparatus, as did a lot of these people who went into Hollywood.
There's a great book that actually covers this really in-depth by Dave McGowan called Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, where he looks not so much at the Hollywood side, that's what my book does, is kind of look at that side, but Dave's book looks at the music industry side, how a lot of these figures in the counterculture scene
We're good.
Maybe Jim Morrison wasn't as much of a counterculture rebel as we tend to think.
Maybe Jim was actually put in that position due to the high-level connections that his family had, and the same goes for a lot of the movers and shakers in the Laurel Canyon scene, that they seem to have these high-level military and intelligence families in their background.
That also, again, connects to the cults that Dave covers, and so when we come back,
Hopefully, we'll be able to connect our hot, hot, hot, hot comedian, Sam Tripoli.
They said, Daria said, don't cuss, but let me tell you something.
Sam's face itself is almost a cuss word.
He's like an incarnate cuss word.
So, I'm going to try my hardest not to cuss when we talk to Sam Tripoli of the Temple Hat Podcast after this break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Jay Dyer.
Hosting for this fourth hour.
And we have one of the hottest, if not the hottest man in all of L.A.
Probably the hottest.
The Internet has voted him hottest probably of all time ever.
Mr. Sam Tripoli.
What's up, Sam?
Mr. Dyer.
How are you, brother?
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
How are you?
It's great to see you.
Look, there's nobody better, I think, to cover this because I've been listening to your podcast the last couple of years and you have you have hit on some information.
Some really hype shows about Hollywood cults, the pedo angle and all this stuff that I've never, that I had never seen anywhere else.
I think you did a show that really caught my attention maybe a couple years ago that wasn't necessarily about Hollywood, but it was something to do with like Catholic universities or schools and like a Catholic society that was involved in the pedo stuff.
But you have really been deep into this.
You're in the L.A.
Hollywood scene.
You kind of know how things work there.
Tell us about some of the deep research that you come across.
Well, you know, to be honest with you, I've been very blessed to have some great researchers come on the show and have really enlightened me on some stuff.
In particular, you know, most of the Ivy League schools and their involvement in the opium
All right.
Basically, Skull and Crossbones was founded by the Russell family, I believe it is, and that's just a way for them to, in fact, give their kids a heads up.
And once you get into that, Skull and Crossbones, you start looking into things called the Boulet, and that's where, like, a guy who's been on Info Wars, Bishop Larry Gators, came on and really broke down what the Boulet is.
It's super deep, man, and how the bullae are there.
They can't join the skull and crossbones at the highest levels.
They're there to protect the table and how crazy that whole thing is.
And when you see what's going on with the NBA right now, hip-hop,
And sadly a lot of black culture.
Yeah, you see all this occult stuff going on in there I mean like I grew up with rock and roll and you know You talk about Satanism and all that stuff like people get weird satanic panic But man, if you look what's going on hip-hop was just happening in these on MTV at the VMAs is kind of crazy, dude I know you had to see the VMAs.
It's I
It sucks when we're in this industry, buddy.
We got to watch this stuff that we don't like just so we could talk about it.
But man, I mean, it's just like, especially when they show down all the Viacom channels like Nickelodeon, it's crazy, right?
I like that you started out with that, that skull and bone stuff, because the skull and bones is where the OSS will come to be formed.
And the, the OSS actually took over the old French
We're good to go.
Can I just say one quick thing?
Jay, one quick thing about what you just brought up.
Is that
So, it's almost like the Vatican, and my whole theory is Jesuits, they're playing both sides of the ball.
They are both the law, the order, and the dark side, or the black markets, like you were mentioning.
So, I think, like, that was a bit, you know, I had Jordan Peterson on, and he kind of broke that down for me, and I was like, wow, you're 100% correct.
Yeah, in fact, I'm glad you mentioned that because a lot of people don't think that that ties into Hollywood, but it does.
In fact, I for a long time was duped by this.
I thought, well, the Jesuits aren't really that high level.
Then I came across a great book by, and he's actually a traditional Catholic himself.
He did this big, huge expose of the Jesuits, John Courtney Murray, Time Life Magazine, and the American Proposition.
And what this book discusses in like 800 footnotes is the fact that the CIA co-opted the Catholic
A long time ago, that's a big part of why Vatican II happened, to make the Catholic Church an engine of American Power Elements, Time Life Magazine, Henry Luce, these people.
They actually came up with a thing called the Doctrinal Warfare Program, where they would co-op the Jesuits, mainly.
It was all John Courtney Murray, one of the most famous Jesuits, literally tied at the hip with the CIA.
And so you're absolutely right, Sam.
These guys really are almost near the top of that pyramid.
That's why the Vatican is so embroiled in this pedo stuff.
I think so.
To the point, my friend, where it is hurting their bottom line.
I mean, next season, there is allegedly that the salary cap is going to go down.
And, you know, we could apply that also to YouTube and Google.
When they change their algorithms, you know, the money that they made went down.
So what does this mean to me?
So what I've always said, man, whether it's network, television, NBA, all these sports, they're all like the side
Check of these giant rich men, these giant rich organizations, and that the real money is in gods.
OK, and and that is gold, oil, drugs, slavery.
That's where they make the real money in and everything else is lower and expendable.
You know, when when Nike allegedly loses so much money for how political they get,
With the NBA and all these sports things, do they change the way they operate?
They just keep going because the more we're fighting over how political entertainment is, the less we're taking a look at all these things that you're seeing on the screen right now.
And all the manipulation of money markets and slavery and all that stuff.
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of amazing that you could have, for example, one of the most famous cases of mind control in this sex slave operation type of thing.
If you read the famous Walter Bower book, which is really good, I recommend this book, Operation Mind Control, there's multiple chapters that deal with the, what was the, she was the supermodel of her day back in the 50s and 60s, Candy Jones.
And Candy Jones was one of the first to be experimented on with this kind of suppressing and putting the information in the alternate personas and she demonstrated this kind of easily hypnotized propensity and that's why they chose her.
And so what they would do is they would send her out on the USO tours.
So here's a direct connection between entertainment, supermodels, you know, Zoolander type stuff, right?
Like she's a supermodel who's going out on the USO tour with Bob Hope and these people, right?
And she's delivering these, you know, this information and allegedly also involved in like the sex operations as well.
So it's just amazing to me that the first instance that we know of this in terms of like a famous person was a supermodel.
Well, you know, there's so much involved with all this, you know?
I mean, like, if we take a look at, like, you know, the history of Obama, and who his grandfather was, and who his grandfather was ninth cousins with.
It's like, it goes so deep, man, and it's all meant to be programming, and to get us all to go along with a certain narrative, and also for us not to pay attention to what's really going on.
Yeah, it makes me think of that clip.
I know you've seen it, Sam.
I think we talked about it last time we did a show.
We were talking about Mariah Carey, and we were talking about Britney.
And it makes me think of that clip.
I think it was Boba Wattles is interviewing Whitney, and she goes, oh!
And she goes into this other persona where it's like a kid, right?
She's like, oh, you stink.
What is that?
It doesn't make any sense, right?
I mean, I think there's evidence, as we talked about in that show, that this is happening to Britney.
We got a break coming up here.
We're talking to Sam Tripoli of the Temple Hat Podcast.
Everybody be sure and follow Sam over at the Temple Hat.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show and I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, together with Sam Tripoli of the Temple Hat Podcast, also the Broken Simulation Podcast.
And as I was looking back at Dave McGowan's famous book, Weird Sciences Out of the Canyon,
I was reminded of the section where he talks about Brian Wilson, who, according to Dave McGowan, would go into fugue states, would go into alternate personas, presumably from, I guess, a lot of years of LSD and Beast Boy bombing his mind out on hallucinogens.
What's wild is that there's a clip of Tim Leary himself saying that if you want to blame
The counterculture on anybody, he says, you can blame the CIA, right?
So Tim Leary is working with the CIA.
There's ample evidence in Dave's book that the Grateful Dead were actually connected to the CIA as well.
And this was a big distribution test to do the kinds of things that began on individuals being tested with the drugs and then to expand it to the whole culture.
You know, Sam, we covered Britney recently.
Don't you think she's a great window into this kind of a thing with Free Britney?
You did a great show on that.
Oh yeah, well, you know, every time we get the occult killers, I call them back together.
The listeners, the swarm, who listen to my podcast, I call them the swarm.
They love it and they come out in bunches to check out the video.
You know, Brittany is a part of this Disney Mickey Mouse Club that we've seen just, I mean, how many people have gone through this system and gotten churned out, you know?
And we're finding out right now that her, somebody running her social media is fast forwarding her
Her social media so it seems like she's talking crazy and acting crazy.
I mean just think about that So as you know Jay you discovered that I am somewhat of a local celebrity I've been in a Britney Spears video and I played creepy paparazzi and um, you know, that was a big that was a big video for her because I
Um, you know, up to that point she'd had a boyfriend who later on we found out was drugging her and her father came in and decided to, you know, put a stop to that.
But now we're seeing what's going on.
Yes, this is it.
That's that's the Britney Spears video.
By the way, this was based off a video I called
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Crazy that that shoot is and how they talk about her and how her early videos when she was like 14 or 15 years old how she's portrayed.
It's it's really scary and and kind of disgusting.
Yeah, she even had I think about 10 years ago.
One of the brief boyfriends was a military black ops guy who died in an Afghanistan helicopter crash.
So she seems to have these kind of handler type of figures that move in and out of her life.
You know, she's reported herself in different interviews as claiming to have multiple personalities.
So I think that what we see is that there is a definite pattern.
I'm glad you brought up the Mickey Mouse Club people.
This is a constant pattern we see with those people.
A lot of people don't know, as you and I discussed, that it's the CIA that actually helped Disney get the land to create Disney World.
I mean, I think Disney World is like a giant mind control experiment, personally.
I don't know what you think about it.
It seems to fulfill all the check marks of like all the, you know, mind control characteristics.
I mean, and what do we see?
We see a little, you follow these pop stars from the time that they're innocent teens, and then they grow up into, they go through this Madonna, the Madonna innocent to the whore phase, right?
And that's what takes our youth, our girls, right, in America or the world now.
They also go along, you grow up with them and transform into this sort of,
Uh, you know, Whore of Babylon type of imagery.
Yeah, I mean, we see that right now with Cardi B. I mean, that whole WAP video she puts out, like, that's not, I mean, like, I know I'm an older guy, but I mean, I went through N.W.A., Madonna, and all the stuff Madonna did.
So it's like, it's not like I haven't seen Edgy before.
That is just lowbrow stupid.
And somebody put out the funniest meme on the internet.
They said, you know, Cardi B writes music for women who don't shower and for breeze their panties.
You know, I thought that was hilarious.
And it's just it's it's just lowbrow stupid.
And even people within the industry who make music videos talked about how lazy that is.
But that, you know, and this is Cardi B, who openly talked about how she used to rob men.
She was on
Thanks for watching.
Same thing with the Kardashians, who are straight up witches, right?
They live this dangerous lifestyle by making these dangerous choices that the money that they make can clean up.
And then young girls watch it, and they think they can make those decisions, and it just costs them.
And that's kind of where it is.
And I have this whole theory that women go through stages
In terms of who they're attracted to, and whatever stage they get pregnant in is the stage they're in for the rest of their life, okay?
So if you get knocked up by a rapper, you only date rappers.
If you get knocked up by a lead singer in a band, you're only dating guys and lead singers in bands.
So, uh, but that's what they're doing right now, you know?
Yeah, that's why it's exciting to see, you know, Kanye kind of break free and call out this stuff.
Do you remember when the Kardashians, maybe four or five years ago, they sent out that Christmas card?
And it had, like, all this occult symbolism in it.
It had, like, an all-seeing eye hidden in the background and their weird Christmas card.
I think you're absolutely right.
They're totally witches.
Oh, and dude, everybody they date, they crash and burn.
I mean, like they just literally steal their souls and they just become empty shells.
And you know, I mean, Lamar, I mean, go through the list of pro athletes that the Kardashians dated and just tell me how many of them ended up well.
Not a lot.
We see it all the time.
Do you remember a lot of these elite, you know, they seem to, the really, really wealthy types that are always in the Hollywood circles, they also seem to get caught up oftentimes in sex cults.
Do you remember what happened to Peaches Geldof?
Do you remember that story?
Where she got into the Crowley stuff?
Yeah, so Peaches, she got all into the Crowley stuff, mainstream news, and she ends up dead a few years later.
And why is that?
Well, this is out of Politico.
This is a great connector story, because if you remember Anton LaVey, I know that's sort of like the pop Satanism stuff, but if you remember Anton LaVey was in the circles of Jane Mansfield, right?
She was his Hollywood starlet for a while.
And then Sammy Davis Jr., famous member of the Church of Satan.
Let's not forget that as Politico reported, there was a famous case of
Uh, Anton LaVey being connected to a plot with the mob trying to assassinate Ted Kennedy.
I got a whole theory on that you want to talk in after the whole break that Satanism is just a bunch of theater dorks who think they're just oh I'm so dangerous so they can get like goth chicks and they're just all theater dorks and cosplay guys like they go watch Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night because they think that's dangerous.
It's garbage.
But there's a higher level Luciferianism you would agree right?
And I get into all that too.
Yeah for sure.
I have my whole theory on that.
We'll get into that when we come back from the break with Sam Tripoli of Temple Hat.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysandalsos.com.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?
I'm Jay Dyer.
If you're hungry, you get a little bite of that right there.
You want a little piece?
Are you hungry, Sam?
You look like you've been wanting to eat some man.
But listen, you think I'm joking?
You think I'm joking?
In the 1970s, I think, the CIA actually did research into not just the occult and Satanism, but cannibalism.
Yes, the CIA was researching cannibalism.
Not just, we all know, you know, remote viewing.
I know you've done shows about, you know, Stanford Research doing the remote viewing.
So they were also studying like the hardcore dark arts type of stuff.
And I don't think that's accidental that at the same time, you know, this is right after the 60s counterculture, we start to see things get worse and worse and worse.
And nowadays, nowadays, what is Katy Perry promoting in her videos?
You've got Richard Dawkins, these people coming out.
We must, we must eat people.
It's time now to feed people to people, right?
Dawkins is saying there's nothing wrong with eating people.
These are actually satanic ideas.
I mean, Crowley himself talked about,
The, you know, taking a heart out of a dead entity and eating the heart fresh to, you know, to imbibe the power.
It's an old cannibalistic practice.
And I mean, this sounds crazy, but I mean, we are literally seeing the promotion of literally the most degenerate types of stuff, even cannibalism.
And I think it's because they've studied this stuff intentionally and want to promote it in a ritual.
I completely agree with you, Jay.
See, here's the whole thing, Jay.
Anything labeled culture is 100% manufactured by the CIA.
If you go back to the hippie culture, right?
Before you brought up the Grateful Dead, they were the house band for the CIA's guy who made all their acid.
They used the CIA to distribute acid around the country.
You know, the Laurel Canyon Studios, which were the house where all the really great bands of the 60s and 70s came out of, that was CIA controlled.
And then, you know, let's get into hip hop, man, and the role of gangster rap and NWA, which sounds a lot like NWO, and their role in pushing this culture of
Thugs on people.
I mean, you listen to old school rappers.
They talk about how like, you know, hip hop used to be so empowering that it became really into gang banging and like everyone stopped fist fighting.
Everyone started bringing guns and this plays in to the military industrial complex and their use of the prison complex and privatized prisons.
And that, you know, goes back to what I'm talking about, gold, oil, drugs, flavors.
I was listening to some of the old rap, like the, you know, like the Curtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash, you know, he's like, white lines, the more you see, the more you want.
It's a song against drugs.
And now you fast forward, like Rick Ross, and it's all about how you got to deal drugs.
It's a total flip.
And I found articles, I think you've covered it too, where they actually talked about, CIA high-level corporate people talked about creating that whole hip-hop culture as a social engineering tool.
100% and you know it goes back to the Travestock Institute and you just have a bunch of dorks sitting around going how can we just manipulate the masses and I'm gonna say something here I think the n-word is a manipulation too I think that's a complete other psyop and I've had rappers
From public enemy down, talk about the same thing.
I mean, you get the bullet to convince people to call themselves the word that the slave masters used to call them, and not only call each other, defend it like it's some special right.
Because the black community thinks the white community gets to do things that they can't do, which I think they think we can just go to the bank
Yeah, it reminds me.
Somebody should dig up.
I remember back in the 90s.
When I was really getting into cinema and film, I remember reading interviews, and I think there's video interviews as well, of Quentin Tarantino.
Somebody should dig him up, because it would be pretty devastating to the present day Quentin.
Because he used to say, he used to say, you know what, we should effin' say, we should effin' say the N-word.
We should just effin' scream the N-word from the top of every building.
Right, and in the interview though, he's saying it, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're good to go.
You can defend something five, ten years later, you need to die for saying this or something.
It's the most ridiculous thing, but it goes back to what all social justice warrior stuff is, which is you get angry about the past because it's impossible to change the past.
So you can cry about it all the time.
BLM is really angry about this.
We're good to go.
Any ethnic minority, anyone gay, female, if you're Marxist, you have no clue of the history of communism.
And straight up, the women who started the BLM movement have stated over and over that they are Marxist.
And that in itself is another PSYOP.
Go to their mission statement.
They literally say they want to break up the
The nuclear family, okay?
Which we all know, part of the drug war has been that they destroyed the black family unit.
And they've destroyed any chance of there being generational wealth to be passed down.
And that's a big part of how you help your children ascend to a higher social level, is through generational wealth.
You do really well, you pass it on to your kids, and they do really well, and they pass it on to their kids.
That was ripped away from the black community.
Bishop Sam Tripoli preaching it, baby.
No, I totally agree though.
If you think about it, the
It's mind-blowing because if you've read Che, I've read Che.
I've read Marx.
I had grad classes on Marx.
Marx was like fiercely racial, right?
Che, he said awful things about black people and all the other ethnicities.
And so the idea that this would be what would appeal to, you know, minorities is kind of mind-blowing because it's like the founders of this whole thing are completely anti-minority.
They're completely elitist.
That's the double-mind, double-think of the Marxist type of movement, is that it's always so supposedly appealing to the masses, the proletariat, but it's run by the most elitist, the most zillionaire families on the planet, and they always fund Marxism and Communism and Socialism to consolidate wealth and transfer it to those families.
And, dude, they are, they're, they're witches!
I mean, they, they're a straight up
Videos of them talking about summoning spirits, man.
And I'm like, dude, like, even in my shows when we do shows on the occult, like, I don't want and know anything about how summoning spirits or letting any dark forces in, dude.
I don't want to get into that, man.
We've done a whole show recently about, you know, drugs and alcohol and how, like, you see homeless people and they're talking themselves.
I think they're, I think they're, uh,
I think those are spirits inside them.
I mean, what do we call liquor?
And what is, where are liquor stores?
They're on every single corner, man.
I mean, it's straight up occult stuff.
Yeah, it's not actually.
No, by the way, if you've seen this new Beyonce film that they put out, she's incarnating herself as the goddess.
She's calling herself the incarnation of the goddess.
She's obviously a figure that Black Lives Matter looks up to.
Other of the big pop stars, as you said, have pretty much openly come out as witches or into Wicca, witchcraft, whatever.
If you remember several years ago when Katy Perry was doing, I guess it was either VMAs or Grammys or something like that, she came out as the scarlet woman riding the beast from the apocalypse.
And now she, in her newest video, she's openly presenting herself as a witch.
So I think that this is intentionally being put into the culture.
The Black Lives Matter women are witches.
As you said, they're openly talking about this.
That kind of blew me away.
I didn't think they would be that open about it, but here they are just saying it.
So they're incarnating this goddess idea on purpose.
And it's just to manipulate this group of people into making horrible decisions that isn't what the universe is about.
We're with Sam Tripoli.
Alex Jones Show will be back in a moment.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
If you want more of this kind of analysis, you can of course get signed copies of my book,
At the website, in the shop, at jaysanalysis.com.
Esoteric Hollywood, sex cults, and symbols in film.
I got one point I want to make, Sam, and then I want you to take over and give you the floor.
One of the things that pops up in what I think are high-profile rituals, like these big Super Bowl, VMA, Grammy ceremonies, we see everything from Masonic symbolism with Pink getting awards, we see Britney with the snake, we see
You know, Beyonce up there in the Metropolis transhumanist outfit, if you remember, she actually donned the entire Metropolis persona there, where she's the robot, the AI that comes alive at the base of the inverted pentagram.
I thought that was pretty wild when she did that.
And what's a common factor for ritual seems to be things like sacrifice.
And I remember for a long time I was skeptical of this idea, but then I remembered that, and if you read about the mafia and the history of the mob, a lot of times there is this notion of that you do kind of have to commit a kill or commit a sacrifice or something to bind you to the group to make sure that there's just dirt on you.
Even if you don't believe in like the superstitious magic level of it, at least there's dirt on you that you've been implicated and compromised.
And that makes me think of the case of somebody like John Lennon.
There's a great book by Fenton Bresler talking about how Mark David Chapman had these CIA connections.
He seems to have been trained, perhaps have been one of these kind of MKUltra type guys.
What do you think about that theory that there is a kind of a, even if it's not a spiritual, I think there is a spiritual component too, but just at a kind of a,
A control level, right?
If they've got dirt on you for sacrificing somebody, what do you think of that?
Oh, yeah.
Well, there's a whole bunch of that stuff.
The initiation, the sacrifice is what it's all about.
That's how you get to the highest, highest of levels.
I mean, where you're known as one name by everybody, you know, even your mom knows the name to get to that level.
There is sacrifice within the hip hop community.
It's called a blood sacrifice.
Within politics, it's pedophilia, and people don't want to come to grips with that, but the price of admission to the highest levels of those things is
And, you know, if you look at a lot of the Beatles and the symbolism in a lot of their art on their records, on their albums, there's a lot of occult, dark arts with that.
The whole thing was that, you know, the guy who shot John Lennon, CIA, but there was also that the doorman at his hotel or where he was, the condo that he was living in,
Was also CIA.
I mean, we can get into all of that, the role of the CIA, especially in hip-hop when, you know, when they blow you up and they make you huge.
And I call this moment when I'm a real boy, right?
They have this moment where they think they're a real boy.
And uh, they want to go off the reservation.
They don't like that.
They don't like when they get you really big and then you try to go off on your own.
And that's when you see a lot of these guys get taken out because they want to control the message.
Now, if you make it on your own or you do your own thing, that seems to, they don't seem to mind that, but when they blow you up, that seems to be the big thing.
And it really is just like in gangs, jumpings, gangs,
Have you go out and take somebody out, a rival gang member, and that is how you are initiated into the gang so that they know you won't snitch on them because they could snitch on you.
Same thing with blackmail.
I mean, getting into the queue.
Some people are in the queue.
Some aren't.
But the, you know, there was a queue drop listing all the Democrats and all the Republicans who have stepped down because they've been busted with pedophilia.
That's how you control people.
And it isn't a short game.
It's a long game.
Over decades, if not centuries, to control these guys.
And that's another big thing.
If you take a look at, like, hip-hop and BLM, there's a lot of talk of queer tolerance.
And again, I don't care what anybody does with consenting adults.
That's your whole thing.
But, you know, the black culture, homophobia is widely accepted.
I mean, it's just the truth.
So when people go crazy on Dave Chappelle's doing trans jokes and he's so, you know, edgy.
That's not edgy, a black comedian doing trans jokes.
Because in the black community, homophobic jokes is acceptable.
And it's just like, you know, and then you can get in the cloning dude and all that stuff.
It's really interesting.
Yeah, well I think a lot of people don't know that there have been so many cases of the same types of patterns of stuff being documented and coming out.
We have this amnesia when it comes to news stories.
We don't remember that like in the last 10 years.
There have been countless cases of rappers killing other rappers, rappers coming out talking about the fact that it was a hit, this guy was killed for sacrificial purposes, there was dirt on this guy that was going to come out.
It's the same in politics, as you just pointed out.
It's the same in the Roman Catholic Church with its scandals.
And again, I mean, there have been famous cases, Franklin scandal, Franklin cover-up, have all documented this for decades.
And it's because that's part of the control structure.
And I like that you highlighted all of these different areas that they all kind of tie together, right?
You've got high-level military guys like Aquino, who was Temple of Seth, right?
He just passed away.
And I don't know if you've seen it, Sam.
You're right, if you've seen it, but there was a clip, I think it's John Lennon, I think on Dick Cavett before he gets shot, and he kind of lays out the big plan.
He's like, you know what they're going to do, mate?
You know what they're going to do, mate?
They're going to kill us all.
They want to depopulate the whole world down to like 400 million, mate.
That's the big plan.
And then he's gone.
Have you heard that?
Yeah, I mean, like, dude, when you give out inner secrets,
They take you out, and listen man, when you sell your soul, you are disposable.
And some people that sell their souls go to the highest levels, Jay-Z, Beyonce, all these politicians on Jeffrey Epstein's flight.
Or you could sell your soul and they could instantly get rid of you.
They could throw you out like a paper cup.
Oh, I want a glass of water.
I don't want it.
And you just throw the paper cup out.
It's the exact same thing.
It doesn't matter.
Once you sell your soul, they could do anything they want with you.
It's like in sports, you sign a contract, a guaranteed contract, they could trade you to Siberia.
There's nothing you could do about it.
And that's the same thing with these occult stuff.
When you sell your soul,
You, they can do anything they want with you.
You are no longer in control of your destiny.
Yeah, and again, I think if people find this hard to believe, I mean, given what's come out in the last four years, it should not be hard to believe.
Remember, remember all the different cases, right?
There's been Hastert, there's been Penn State, there's been Saville, there's been the MPs in the UK, there's been cases in Ireland, there was the Dutroux case, the Dutroux affair of the highest elite in Belgium, Roman Catholic cardinals, prelates, nobility in Belgium.
All involved in this trafficking sacrifice.
Literally being done in castles, like Dracula level stuff, right?
Going on in Belgium.
There was a million people in Belgium that marched in the streets after this, when it came out.
I mean, like, everybody can say whatever they want about Trump.
I mean, like, there's good... I like Trump.
I think he's... I like Trump because mostly the people I find annoying hate him, so I like him, you know?
And he's done a lot of things that I like.
But, I mean, like, everyone's like, where's the big names?
I'm like, dude, 2019, humongous child sex trafficking pedophiles got arrested.
Epstein, NXIVM, the Brofman's are huge, nobody knows the name, the Brofman's are huge, John of God, Nader, oh, El Chapo, everybody thinks El Chapo was just about drugs.
El Chapo was involved with child sex trafficking.
These are huge, huge arrests, and just recently, all these arrests that are happening right now,
I mean, supposedly Epstein's girlfriend got arrested, and look at all these arrests that have happened in the last two weeks.
It's humongous!
And this is pedophilia.
These are the, this is the initiation into the highest levels.
And they have to show it.
It's also stitching magic.
They don't even, it's ritual magic because they don't even hide the fact that they do it.
It's like in your face, right?
There's, I've seen images of the Jonas Brothers.
They wear t-shirts of Crowley.
You see Jay-Z wearing the Do What Thou Will shirt.
They literally throw it in the face as a kind of a hidden in plain sight type of thing.
Lesser magic.
They're showing you what they're up to as they turn around and act like they don't do it and pretend that they don't do it when they display it.
Right, I mean they're openly into, there you see the Crowley with the all-seeing eye.
Yeah, Alistair Crowley, brother, real quick to say, Alistair Crowley was the Carlos Mencia of occultism.
He jacked everything, just rewrote it and tried to act like he was, and then all these stories about him being this Jane Bond.
All I know about him is he's Barbara Bush's dad.
That's all I know.
Now you're with the terrorists.
I'm gonna have to say, Sam's with the terrorists now.
He's got the musher gashes.
All right, so you insult the Bushes.
No, I'm joking.
All right, it was a great interview.
Sam, tell us where everybody can find you.
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