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Name: 20200901_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 1, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various current events such as COVID-19 vaccine controversies, media censorship, and election issues. He touches upon topics like race-based divisions created by DNC, investigations into BLM and Antifa leaders, leftist violence, forced inoculations, and a cultural awakening to societal evil. Jones also critiques mainstream media coverage of COVID-19 and the QAnon movement. He expresses concerns about Biden's presidency, Fauci's lies, financial pressures on alternative media, and the New World Order's endgame. Additionally, he talks about Joe Rogan leaving California, Canada not accepting Trans-Pacific Partnership, child sex trafficking normalization, and the need for a strong legal team in election disputes. Lastly, he addresses uneven enforcement of COVID-19 rules in the UK and Google's alleged censorship of negative Black Lives Matter search results.

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We first broke it over a year ago.
It's now officially Democrat strategy.
They will contest the election.
They know they're going to lose big.
They admit they're going to lose big.
But then they're going to drag it out and then claim with the 80 million ballots laying around that Trump really lost.
And so they know the internal polls show he's 15 points ahead.
They know in their fake mainline polls he's only five points ahead.
They are in total panic mode.
Their attempts at civil war have so far failed.
But they are only going to turn the heat up and double down yet again like a degenerate gambler that just doesn't know when to quit.
The head of the WHO has come out and said, echoing what he said last week, we're in control of your countries, we're in control of your medical response, and you just can't pretend COVID is ever going to end.
Because it's a false test.
They designed it where it never ends.
And where they just attribute all the other deaths to it.
Facebook and the rest of them are now censoring the CDC, CBS News, and Fox News when they show the CDC numbers that only 9,000 people died of COVID, not 180,000.
Incredible management of reality.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's September 1st.
The year is 2020.
It's Tuesday and we're live broadcasting worldwide thanks to your support and your prayers and your word of mouth.
62 days out, all the internal polls show Trump surging.
But the globalists have got a trick up their sleeve.
The Democrats admit they're going to use 80 million ballots they fraudulently mailed out to steal the election.
And when Trump challenges it, they're going to trigger civil war.
It's all public.
The battle for the republic, and as goes America, goes the world.
We've got massive new COVID-19 news.
Guess what?
Big tech and CNN.
The local thought police have joined forces and are now censoring the CDC itself, saying it's not credible when it reports that COVID basically hasn't killed anybody.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's crazy.
But, now for something a little lighter.
Something that lightens the mood.
Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms.
Gigi Pink?
Dr. Fauci?
Like I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them.
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
I get it.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long good while in the big house.
Better than a rock round at home!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's September 1st!
The year is 2020.
I'm your host Alex Jones, and wild horses couldn't drag me away.
Ah, the stars are bright.
The deep of the night.
Deep in the heart of Texas.
We got another big transmission lined up for you today, and I am super fired up with a lot of exclusive news and information.
But this stuff is really serious.
This morning I was reading a Bloomberg article and I got the gist of what they were really up to in it.
And I was intending to come in and cover this.
And then right before I went live on air, I noticed that Paul Joseph Watson had written a story about it and decoded it for Infowars.com.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour, by the way.
Pro-Biden firm, Trump will be appearing to win in a landslide on election night, but will ultimately lose when the mail-in ballots are counted.
Those 80 million being randomly mailed out.
And that's their spin to challenge the election no matter what claim they really won.
Drag it out.
Hillary's now admitted it.
Their crime is out in the open.
Bloomberg is also reporting on it.
And then crazily, the head of the WHO has come out and said, echoing what he said last week, we're in control of your countries, we're in control of your medical response, and you just can't pretend COVID is ever going to end.
Because it's a false test.
They designed it where it never ends.
And where they just attribute all the other deaths to it.
Incredible information.
Incredible statements.
That's all coming up here today.
And boy is it incredible.
I mean, you talk about just astoundingly evil.
CNN and
Facebook and the rest of them are now censoring the CDC, CBS News, and Fox News when they show the CDC numbers that only 9,000 people died of COVID, not 180,000.
Incredible management of reality.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide,
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this September 1st, Tuesday, Global Transmission.
62 Days Out.
Okay, we first broke it over a year ago.
It's now officially Democrat strategy.
They will contest the election.
They know they're going to lose big.
They admit they're going to lose big.
But then they're going to drag it out and then claim with the 80 million ballots laying around that Trump really lost.
And so they know the internal polls show he's 15 points ahead.
They know in their fake mainline polls he's only five points ahead.
They are in total panic mode.
Their attempts at civil war have so far failed.
But they are only going to turn the heat up and double down yet again like a degenerate gambler that just doesn't know when to quit.
Here's some of the headlines at Infowars.com.
We'll be breaking this down next segment.
Pro-Biden firm, Trump will be appearing to win in a landslide on election night, but will ultimately lose when mail-in ballots are counted.
And that ties in to this big article.
Out of Bloomberg, exclusive Bloomberg group warns Trump will appear to win big on election night.
But that will not be the case.
So they're already telling you they're going to drag it out.
That's their plan.
While simultaneously beating the drum saying Trump's going to challenge the election, Trump's going to try to drag it out.
And when he does, he's a dictator and we need the military to remove him.
And they pushed it so hard with every Democrat, pundit and candidate leader.
Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, former attorney generals, all of them.
Saying the military must remove Trump if he contested.
When they're gonna contest it?
See what they're setting up?
Trump's right.
The video's up on InfoWars.com.
Calls Biden a puppet.
Warns of revolution if Dems win the White House.
But let's move on to our top story, ladies and gentlemen.
And that is the latest on COVID-19.
This is simply incredible.
InfoWars.com has the quotes.
WHO warns no country can just pretend pandemic is over.
We cannot have COVID-19 vaccine nationalism.
You must follow the United Nations directive.
I'm going to get
More into this, but all their numbers have been fraudulent.
They said half a million dead in England, not even 50,000.
They said 2.5 million and 2.2 million here, not even 180,000.
That's all fake numbers.
You know about that, but imagine they just keep saying, trust the science.
You can't question us.
That's called a cult.
Now here's the big story from GatewayPundit.com.
It's linked on InfoWars.com.
Will Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and CNN attack and take down Fox, ABC, CBS articles on COVID-19, which mirrored our report retweeted by the President?
They went and they censored the article out of the Gateway Pundit, the articles we had this weekend as well.
But I guess Jim Hoff doesn't know that actually when you try to share CDC articles,
And when you try to share CBS articles and others, we tested this morning, that they're not letting people share the CDC website on Facebook, on Twitter, and on other systems.
Here it is, right here if you're watching on TV.
Independent fact checkers at Science Feedback say this post has false information to stop the spread of false news.
A notice will be added to your post if you decide to share this.
Pages and websites repeatedly publish or share false news.
We'll see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways.
Learn more.
Learn how to parrot what we want, and you'll be okay.
And here's another one.
Way more than 9,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.
Well, that's not what the CDC now said.
They admitted that they all died of something else.
A hundred.
And seventy thousand of them.
And it goes on and on and on.
But remember mainstream media telling you that there's no such thing as vaccines ever hurting anybody, and they're safe and effective?
But everybody has heard about the secret vaccine fund that pays out billions.
Everybody's got family that got sick, or you got paralyzed, or your son or daughter got brain damage from it.
I mean, everybody knows.
It's been in the military that members of their unit, almost every person I've talked to that's been enlisted for more than just a few years, had friends that died or got paralyzed from vaccines.
I had Jason Jones in here talking about how they got a vaccine over in Japan and it killed a member of the unit and a couple of them had to be medically discharged.
I mean, this isn't a game, folks.
But now they know they can't hide it because they're coming out with a really strong vaccine.
So CNN, a broken clock can be right twice a day.
Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be colossally stupid.
And then they go through a list
Of the tens of thousands that died and got sick from vaccine previous mishaps.
Wow, isn't that just crazy?
Here's another one.
The United States is the only country among developed nations keeping children home from school.
Dr. Scott Atlas reports on Fox News.
Yeah, because we're meant to stay locked down under economic siege.
A foreign enemy couldn't blockade our ports and make us shut down, but via the fear, via the lemmings, via the chicken little sky is falling.
In order to reopen, San Diego businesses must register name and number of every single customer.
That's getting you ready for the contact tracers run by the Clintons and Gates.
And the apps on the phones already going in in Australia, already going in in Spain, already going in in Hawaii, now coming to the mainland.
That's all this is, is getting you ready to be registered and tracked everywhere you go with this social credit score.
Powerful video coming up later.
It's at Man.Video.
Human 2.0 warning.
Doctor issues wake up call the world that this makes you a transhuman genetically modified organism.
That is coming up.
Look at this, Philly mayor who banned indoor dining, caught on camera dining indoors at a restaurant that just said, screw you, we're staying open.
But see, the leftists all have their places, like Governor Newsom has over 20 vineyards and restaurants, the biggest wine cellar in California now, backed up with Pelosi money, and he stayed open the whole time, but nobody else could.
Go fund me, shut down campaign for anti-lockdown protest organizer in the UK.
Find $100,000 but let's Black Lives Matter Antifa raise money.
That is the incredible news.
And I'm going to get more into Facebook and Twitter working with CNN to not just block Gateway Pundit this weekend or InfoWars putting out the CDC announcement with screenshots.
They blocked the CDC and they are blocking Fox News.
And don't worry, it's getting worse.
Facebook may block Australians from sharing news articles altogether!
That'll fix the problem.
Bankrupt all the newspapers, centralize all the media, and then just say you can't share stuff, period.
All you get stuff from the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center now.
Unbelievable information.
That's all coming up and so much more today.
There's a lot of controversy going on.
My phone started ringing off the hook in the middle of the night.
Is Spotify censoring Joe Rogan on his first day on Spotify?
Is that true?
Well, I called Joe this morning.
We had a lengthy conversation right before the broadcast, and I'll exclusively tell you about that in the last segment of this hour.
And has Joe moved to Austin?
A lot of speculation.
I'll put all that speculation to rest coming up.
In the last segment of this hour, and it ties into the media and censorship and the exodus out of California, so it's a very, very good story.
I'm not into celebrity news and stuff like that, but Joe and I have been longtime friends.
This is just interesting, what he saw in California, why he left, why others are exiting, and why he moved to where he moved.
Let's just stay very close to where we are.
So, that is all coming up.
Biden has continued to totally degenerate.
We've got a bunch of these clips, but let's go out to break here.
With saying that more people have died in the past year than died in the last 100 years from COVID-19.
Yeah, 9,000-somethings, the new CDC numbers.
So here he is.
Of course, hundreds of millions have died in the last 100 years.
Billions have died in the last 100 years.
But he says that no, no, no.
9,000 is bigger than a billion.
Here he is.
COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, it's taken more than 100 years.
Look, here's the lives.
It's just, it's, I mean, think about it.
More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.
If he was in a nursing home with say a hundred old folks, he'd be in the top ten percent most downhill.
I mean he needs to be out on the pasture.
He needs to be put out the pasture.
He needs to be on the front porch with a corn cob pipe.
A corn pop will come and get him.
I'm sorry.
Listen, we're gonna be right back.
This is an incredible time to be alive.
You can cut the suspense with a knife.
Remember, Big Brother hopes you don't share the local stations you're listening to.
Don't do that!
Let Big Tech just run everything!
They're the boss!
And don't share CDC numbers either, you dirty Americans!
Well, we know.
The globalist plan, they've already telegraphed it.
We reported on it first, now they're public about it.
Question is, what are we gonna do to stop them?
Because remember, they have nothing but disdain for you and I, so they always telegraph their plans like we're blind.
And for a long time that worked, because the public was asleep.
They weren't blind, their eyes were closed.
Now the eyes are open, and people are trying to figure out what's going on.
That's why they want us all censored, because people will figure out we're telling the truth, and that's it for the globalists once the public figures out what's really going on.
As George Herbert Walker Bush once said at a dinner that was recorded and picked up by some newspapers, if the public ever finds out what we've done, they're going to hang us all.
Talking about when he was leaving office in 1992, selling us out to the United Nations, and selling us out to Communist China, and selling us out to create a vertically integrated economy to consolidate total control, and to then break the egalitarian Renaissance true liberal culture
And create a fascist culture in its place, using communism as an operating system, and making the public dumbed down and poor, in what they call neo-feudalism.
So let's talk about this right now, then I'll get into the attempt to steal the election next segment.
Tucker Carlson last night, DHS head was on.
DOJ is investigating leaders of BLM, Antifa, and their financiers.
Well, that shouldn't be too hard.
Alexander Soros is the main financer, along with the DNC.
Black Lives Matter is run by the DNC and collects almost all the money.
So, there's no... I mean, researching that, the DNC goes out and creates
A race-based group to drive a wedge in the country creates race riots and then tells Americans they've got to give money like an indulgence would be given to the Catholic Church or something to get their family out of purgatory.
The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security declared Monday night the Department of Justice is targeting and investigating the leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa over violence and riots in the U.S.
Well, that's a good start, but a day late, a dollar short.
Here's just some of the stuff going on.
Four young leftists sentenced in court after hurling chlorine bomb at police officer, nearly killing him and detonating seven bombs.
Very nice.
Very friendly.
But remember, Nadler says there is no violence.
There is no antifa.
De Blasio's New York City.
Suspect arrested and attempted rape of woman on Manhattan subway platform 11 a.m.
on a Sunday morning.
Just in front of people.
It's like, well, she's white.
She deserves it.
After GoFundMe bans Kyle Rittenhouse campaign, Christian crowdfunding site raises $300,000.
Sounds like a lot, but if you actually fight them in a court case, it'll cost a lot more than that.
New Jersey's becoming the most hated state as households flee in record numbers.
That ties into this whole leftist system.
Shoot on sight, Chicago gangs form PACT to execute cops who draw weapons on suspects, says FBI.
Meanwhile, they just are passing a law in Virginia that you're allowed to attack police, and it cannot be a felony.
You're supposed to be able to talk about what type of assault it was.
But now, just no.
It's a misdemeanor.
That's the end of it.
Black suspect stabs AutoZone employee.
Cites need to find white male to kill because of watching police brutality videos.
Suspected Antifa murderer brought young daughter armed with a bat to riots one day before the shooting.
That's just some of the news that's unfolding.
Look at this sickening article.
We've got the video of this too.
We'll play it later.
Catholic priests ask congregants to renounce white privilege, transform church culture during BLM prayer.
You basically pray to black people.
And so it's like praying to racism.
It's like Hitler had
You know, his weird prayers, cultic prayers to the Aryan race.
Well now we pray to the black people and pray and say we're bad, we're evil because we're white.
This is truly sick.
But you more importantly recognize that the left and communism owns black people, so you've got to follow the left's directives or you're against the black people.
You've got to turn your guns or you're against the black people.
You've got to not have a nice house or you're against the black people.
You've got to admit you're a bad person or you're against the black people.
This is the new religion.
It's the leftist cult.
They admit that's what it is.
Anger and new riots in LA after black man shot by deputies.
Police say victim was carrying a gun and waving it at them.
It goes on and on and on.
Trump refuses to disavow.
We got that video coming up.
Kyle Rittenhouse.
The very violently attacked him and he would have been killed.
The media goes into conniption fits.
Absolutely freaks out.
This is 100% self-defense.
Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney sets the record straight on Tucker Carlson.
Meanwhile, really dramatic footage I'm going to play coming up next hour.
Body cam footage.
Cop sustains gunshot.
Takes down armed suspect who's on tape.
The woman calls the police, says, I'm being attacked, I'm being robbed, I'm being assaulted.
I'm being sexually assaulted.
The police show up, come to the door, get shot in the chest.
But because it's a black guy, they then kill... Well, you guessed it, BLM's mad and some riots have started.
Meanwhile, Italians revolt as migrants overwhelm Ireland.
That is all coming up.
A bunch of video clips and we'll look at some of those stories in more depth next hour.
Next segment, pro-Biden firm.
Trump will appear to win, but will lose.
This is their plan to confuse the election.
We will expose it when we come back on the other side of this break.
But I'm going to tell you something.
Whether Trump wins or loses, and I've talked to a lot of smart people, and I can do my own research, I concur with them, but folks who work with Homeland Security, people that work with the FBI, people that work at the Pentagon, they believe that the left and the globalists are going to continue the destabilization whether Trump wins or loses.
This is a cultural revolution.
All these people have been trained and told they're going to be rich and powerful by looting and destroying society.
The East and West Coast will completely collapse, and they mean to send the hordes into the Midwest to conquer us and the South.
So there's a formulaic plan to this.
They're flushing out their people to come after us, but a lot of folks need to then educate these zombie hordes as they arrive before it's too late, because there's a method to the globalist madness.
Big article on Infowars.com that lays all this out.
You should go read it.
Buy lots of food.
And store it in some safe place, because very difficult times are approaching.
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So get it while the prices are low and locked in at Infowarsstore.com right now.
And it supports the broadcast of 360WIN.
All right, I don't repeat this because I don't have anything to cover.
I repeat it because it's critical to the future of our families, this country, and the world.
And the more we hammer the drum, the more you beat the drum, the more people understand it, the more we're going to stop it.
14 months ago, the Democrats started saying Trump is going to try to steal the election.
We want the military to remove him when it happens.
Now, that was only in Council on Foreign Relations documents.
That's really illegal stuff.
You're thinking about kidnapping somebody down the street.
That's bad enough.
I mean, this is big.
You're thinking about overthrowing the government that's elected and installing a dictatorship.
You're not just going to remove Trump and nullify an election with the Russiagate coup and the Ukraine coup and all the incredible lies we've seen and all the censorship and all the authoritarianism that's here.
They get rid of Trump and then he isn't able to reverse all this stuff.
We're living in this.
And the left says they're getting physical.
They want to dominate us and finish us off.
And they say that once they get rid of Trump, they're going to go out and level his supporters.
They even mentioned the Midwest with disdain and the South and Western areas and rural areas of the East and West Coast.
This is diabolical.
This is an organized crime game.
And so people are like, okay, Alex, 14 months ago, that's not going to happen.
And then it's in the Washington Post a few months ago.
If you don't let us have a coup, we're going to arrest members of the cabinet and the military.
And then suddenly every top Democrat was on TV.
Pelosi, Schumer, all of a sudden we're going to remove him.
He's going to challenge the election because he knows he's going to lose, even though all the internal numbers show the opposite.
And when he does,
We're gonna have to remove him.
With the military.
And the military is ready to pull him out of there with great dispatch, and we're gonna fumigate him out, and in case the military won't throw him out, we'll just have our own inauguration in some other geographic area of the country, and make Biden the president.
I mean, these are statements we've played ad nauseam.
This is really happening.
Cue the Twilight Zone music.
Seriously, play some Twilight Zone music in the background if you can.
The official theme from the start, dun-dun, dun-dun, kind of builds up.
Because that's where we are.
And we all have a normalcy bias where you don't expect stuff to happen like this in a country that isn't a banana republic.
But we pretty much have become that.
We have nuclear weapons now.
We've become a very corrupt, decadent nation.
We still have a lot of good people.
But if we're not honest about the fact that we've got political cancer, and if we just leave it there, we're going to die as a nation.
We'll have a long, agonizing process of the collapse and the globalists looting the hell out of the nation.
And then all the idiots that help overthrow the country, they have no attention span.
They'll not even know why they helped do it.
They won't even know they're to blame.
It's like Californians and Chicagoans and New Jerseyans and New Yorkers that come to Texas and they get here and they go,
They'll buy a ranch next to your farm and when you shoot guns, they call the police on you.
You don't talk to them and say, hey partner, I'm just shooting my guns over here, it's safe.
No, you can't do that.
We're going to get an ordinance passed banning guns.
And they've done it all around Austin, all outside Travis County.
They'll call the police on you until you stop shooting guns on your own property.
I mean, it's the same thing.
Or they're like, that pickup truck's too big.
What, you don't want us to teach elementary students how to have gay sex?
Well, you're a bigot!
You're like, hey, go back to New York, man!
Well, no, no, no, no, no!
They're gonna tell you how to live.
By the way, don't tell the five-year-old how to have any type of sex.
But it's all the obsession.
There's a big article about it.
Horrible things are happening right before our eyes.
The left is normalizing pedophilia, child sex trafficking.
Yeah, they'll come out whenever there's a big bust of child sex traffickers.
Oh, that doesn't exist!
Because they're into it, folks.
How many of the lawyers working on the impeachment, it turned out, put on their official Twitter that I represent pedophiles and help them get national security clearances.
I think they're good people.
They hang out their shingle and say we are pedo lovers because that's the cult and the cult has gotten big where they have all these TV shows now sexualizing small children.
Ten-year-old boys being led into rooms with dirty mattresses with a big fat man dressed like a woman saying, I didn't know, I never met a ten-year-old that was a top.
And they closed the door.
Men leading little boys into sex rooms.
Oh, I'm sorry, I misgendered.
You're a woman!
It's all part of this sick cult.
They're like, you will call me a woman, won't you?
You just woke up in a cult, didn't you?
So now here's the latest chapter in all of this.
General Milley comes out on Friday and says, we've had members of the Armed Service Committee, who are CIA by the way, send me a letter asking if I'll take part in a coup.
And no, we won't take part in a coup.
That's illegal.
That got almost no coverage.
And now Bloomberg comes out and says, well,
We've got multiple polling groups, and we think Trump's going to appear to win in a landslide, but there's these 80 million ballots that'll take weeks to get counted, and Democrats mainly are going to vote by ballot because they're all so scared of COVID.
No, because they're all so engaged in fraud, massively, taking names of dead people and putting them on there.
And all these states that are battleground have passed laws where you can, you know, vote like this.
Some have it.
They're still just doing it.
And when Trump
Says I've won and they try to hold the election up for weeks.
When he challenges them saying they won, they're just gonna go to burning down the country and killing the stock market and saying it's all Trump's fault and dragging it out until they believe 22nd Amendment, 25th Amendment, Trump is removed.
So there it is.
Big article on Infowars.com.
Paul Joseph Watson, pro-Biden firm.
Trump will be appearing.
To win in a landslide on election night, but will ultimately lose when mail-in ballots are counted.
Pro-Biden analyst firm Hawkfish says it will likely, President Trump will appear to have won in a landslide on election night, but may lose after mail-in ballots are counted, which will take days if not weeks to tally.
All Hillary's plan, and Podesta's plan.
Way more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans due to fears of coronavirus.
It'll take days, if not weeks, to tally those.
Same thing they did with COVID.
Oh, we just need two weeks, 15 days, so the hospitals aren't full.
Oh, we just need three months.
Oh, we just need a year.
We need two years.
It'll never end!
It'll never end!
The U.N.'
's in charge!
Oh, here, the CDC says only 9,000 died.
It was almost all fake.
Oh, sorry!
Can't share CDC links now.
It's fake too.
Just a dictatorship of big tech and the chi-coms in Hollywood squatting on us.
And you're like, oh, but their cities are collapsing.
They're blue states.
They're laughing on record, selling fentanyl to the homeless with getting their welfare money.
They admit they're collapsing Hawaii.
They're collapsing New York.
They're collapsing L.A., San Francisco, Portland.
Because they're gonna buy it up for pennies on the dollar in a real estate crash and the end of the dollar they're gonna come in here with Chinese money and the new global currency and buy everything up!
Meanwhile they flushed all their people on us!
Don't you understand the warfare?
Don't you understand?
They flushed California like a big giant toilet filled with 50 pounds of
Donkey Dung.
On to Texas.
On to Iowa.
On to South Dakota.
On to Colorado.
On to Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri.
And you know what's happening?
They're all turning blue!
They're all coming for your kids!
They're all coming for your guns!
Because you won't get in their faces and call them out for the anti-American criminal scum they are, CHICOM funded!
This is Americans, financed by foreign powers, and big money taking us down.
It's all illegal.
You don't beat these people winning elections because they never give up.
They're criminals.
You beat them by exposing them as organized crime and arresting their leadership.
I could name you a hundred people that could be arrested and indicted easily.
And they could... High treason.
I mean, just, you know, gone forever.
Supermax presence.
And it would end this thing overnight.
But everybody's got deals with China and side deals with Republicans just they want to kind of have it both ways.
You can't have it both ways!
Take the Republic back!
Secure the Republic!
And then retake the planet!
Or sign on to Satan's plan and burn in hell!
Monday through Friday, David Knight kicks off the InfoWars Network at 8 a.m.
Then, I'm here three hours later, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
for four hours.
Then, Owen Schroyer, The War Room, live, original, teleprompter-free, like all our transmissions, from 3 to 6 p.m.
Then, we take an hour break with a rebroadcast of my first hour.
And then, blasting out on the radio and TV satellites, we have
Election countdown, taking back America with Deanna Lorraine, Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, Harrison Smith, and many others.
And the way that show gets out is you tuning in to the streams at InfoWars.com, Band.Video, NewsWars.com, and sharing them and telling others, hey, this is the real coverage of what's happening.
America's fighting back.
Get this past the censors.
And other people in email and text message and word of mouth will then share it and circumvent the globalists.
Here's an example.
Kyle Rittenhouse, who now it's emerging, was a humanitarian, helping be a lifeguard, helping clean up graffiti.
He was physically attacked.
He had guns pulled on him.
He was getting shot at.
They had to go fund me.
It got banned in hours.
So there's a Christian site, we have it linked on mfulworths.com, an article about it, and they raised $300,000.
Well, Facebook's blocking that link.
Well, Facebook is now blocking
Links to CDC.gov, where they say, okay, 94% of people had comorbidity of heart attacks, cancer, you name it, or died of something entirely different.
Facebook, all of them are blocking it.
They're going, oh, we have a scientific group that fact-checks it.
Guess who the head of that scientific group that works for Facebook is?
She's the lead scientist at Wuhan over bat coronavirus research and the testing.
She has one of the patented tests with a Bill and Melinda Gates subsidiary.
Can't make it up.
I don't know how you guys got that in five seconds.
Now that's impressive.
I just said that.
They didn't know I was going to say that, and the Facebook fact checker worked at Wuhan Biolab, ruled out virus leak while debunking articles.
Of course, it turned out it did leak out of the lab or was released on purpose.
So they can own it.
It's a whole new life form.
It's a whole new virus.
Not that deadly, but spreads.
Everybody can be infected.
Everybody can be suspect.
Everybody gets a global ID.
Everybody gets a contact tracer.
And now in all the blue cities of the world, all the blue states of the world, all the globalist areas.
Yeah, I love how they invert things.
They're really commie globalists, but they call them blue.
All the New World Order sectors.
Oh, you gotta have a contact trace to go to the restaurant now or to have a job or to live.
They're just training us to have minders and watchers and controllers.
But that's what they're doing to us.
And you know, I don't get up here on air and I don't whine about them harassing and taking almost all our sponsors over the years or all the DNC-funded lawsuits or how they banned us on PayPal and then did all sorts of dirty tricks to get rid of most of our online systems so we can even process orders and take your orders.
But they're doing it to all conservatives, all Christians, all gun owners, the NRA.
They're trying to take away the banking of the NRA right now.
This is a total war.
And they're on the offense.
Yes, people are turning against them, so they're trying to finish up their takeover.
But this is a total and complete vertical integration of the society, of the culture, of the world.
So, I'm gonna tell you something.
If you ever wanted to get an InfoWars.com t-shirt, now's the time to get one, now's the time to wear one, to spread the word, and to financially support the broadcast.
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Now, at the same time,
You need to know, and I'll just be frank with you, and I've lived under threat under globalist attacks so long that I get, you know, very comfortable with it.
But, I mean, I don't know how much longer we'll be on the air.
I mean, I can tell you right now with the stuff going on behind the scenes and the things with finances and the rest of it, with what it takes to do this, we really need to get a war chest up right now.
We need extra money in the gas tank.
I mean, we're on a quarter of a tank and where we're going is a little more than a quarter of a tank.
And I could sell my house and that would not even bring us to a third of a tank.
I need cold, hard cash to beat the New World Order, and I need word of mouth, and I need your prayer, and I need your support.
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I think so.
We sell a lot of stuff, but there's not enough margin in it to fund the operation.
So, you know, I may just have them sell everything out special and not reorder products and just sell everything full price, because that would put more gas in our tank for a while.
But then there's not money to reorder.
It's like farmers saving money for seed money.
A farmer's got to save money to buy more seed if he didn't gather enough of the seed up, which is so hard.
One of the biggest jobs farmers have is going back through and trying to get seed.
It's easier just to go buy a big bag of them, but that costs a lot of money.
And it's the same thing.
I've kind of got to make that decision here, whereas I just sell out of everything we've got and go a few months into next year and just basically shut this place down, or do I
Go out and get a few extra sponsors, or cut better ads, or do whatever I got to to get you to spend money with us.
Because I don't give a rat's ass about the money.
I care about victory and staying on air.
And I'm not a prideful person, but I also don't like giving people bad news.
I don't like talking about this.
But, I mean, we've got the enemy burrowing in right now.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
That's why when I see this, oh, trust the plan, everything's great, everything's wonderful.
I talked to the White House.
I talked to Trump's lawyers.
I talked to his people.
I talked to the President.
This is intense!
This is full fire!
You hear Trump running around working 18 hours a day?
You think he's doing that because he thinks he's in a pole position?
And I'm, I'm, okay fine, everything, I worship Q. Q's God.
Q's God.
Q gave birth to me when I was a child.
Everything's Q. Please Q, just tell people to get engaged.
You are the master.
You are the God.
You are the Lord.
You are the Supreme.
You're above God.
You're above George Washington.
You're above Trump.
You are God!
You exposed the child molesters.
You exposed the New World Order.
It wasn't G. Edward Griffin.
It wasn't Ron Paul.
It wasn't any of us!
It wasn't any of those people.
You did.
And that's why I ask you, as the king of the universe, to please tell people that they need to fight hard and get engaged and get involved.
Okay, I'm gonna stop.
It's fine if you're involved in all that stuff, and it's fun, and it's people that are new, kind of like a comic book, Avengers-style fantasy land.
And some real people do real investigations and do real good things in the whole Cuba movement.
I'm not mad at folks that are in it and like it and enjoy it.
Just understand, I'm living straight, firmly in the real war.
And it's serious, and it's intense, and it's close.
We need a total cultural awakening to the evil that's happening and I need your word of mouth.
I need people to go get clips out of the shows that you think are the most important from Bandot Video and to download them and edit them however you want and put them out on Twitter and Facebook.
And I need you to put them out on your email constantly and tell people about the local radio stations you listen to.
Because this total suppression is coming in against everyone, and if we weren't here, exposing their plan to steal the election, the White House wouldn't even have understood this, because they've got such amateurs up there, which is a good thing.
Trump didn't come from a swamp, so he either gets infiltrated by the swamp, or has lightweights in there, okay?
And more and more he's getting some better people in there, but listen.
Infowars educated Tucker Carlson to a great extent.
Infowars educated Sean Hannity.
They've told me this.
This isn't bragging.
You know why the enemy wants us off air?
I understand what's really going on.
I know the enemy.
I eat, drink, and sleep this.
And I've been willing to face the real politique, not the fantasyland Republican Democrat.
Now you hear Tucker Carlson up there.
Doing an incredible job saying, oh, this whole, when are we going to bust the coup plotters for Russiagate thing, it's just like cotton candy at the movie theater.
It's not real because it distracts you and it never happens.
You're going to have to go out and you're going to have to save the country and the morals of the nation yourself.
And we're going to have to get them on something else because these things, you know, two weeks, Durham's going to indict everybody.
Two weeks, Durham's going to indict everybody.
Two weeks, it's rope-a-dope stuff.
That's another form of the Q thing.
And you know, Hillary's secretly arrested in 2017 and all this stuff.
I'm talking about the real world and what's going down.
So, go to Infowarshore.com.
I want to thank you all for your support.
But in such a critical time, ladies and gentlemen, we need your financial support now, so that we can be strong and robust, because I have to make decisions into the future of how I want to do this.
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That's why they're a dominant company.
And I would get your orders in before all hell breaks loose, which is going to happen regardless.
So all I'm saying is, get your act together and get ready.
Because this is a very serious time to be alive, and not a time to be arrogant, not a time to think we have it in the bag, not a time to be sitting on our laurels.
Anybody tells you that, that's what the enemy would tell you, or the other football coach would tell you.
Oh, you got it in the bag.
You guys just relax.
Trust the plan.
Sit on your asses.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, I've got a ton of news I'm going to hit on the COVID hoax, on the riots, on the election, and I want to take some of your calls as well.
I'll get the number out next segment, but here's Tucker Carlson last night with the head of DHS laying out the fact there is criminal investigations into who finances Antifa.
We've also got other great news as well.
They're now investigating who did pay to fly them there, who paid for their tickets on the aircraft.
They're trying to debunk the president.
You're going to see some fireworks on this front.
Here it is.
We're happy to have him on tonight.
Mr. Secretary, thanks so much for coming on.
Joe Biden today threatened, announced, predicted, choose your verb, that if the president is re-elected we will see more violence.
Are you worried about that?
I'm not, Tucker, and I would say that's a delusional statement.
The idea that the president or this administration or the Department of Homeland Security is somehow the reason or the cause behind this violence is just absurd.
Look, the department's been at this since early July, particularly in Portland, addressing some of this violent rioting and looting that was occurring.
An anarchist targeting a federal building in Portland.
So we've been at this for some time.
We understand we've been caused or having been described as causing this violence.
We know that's not the case.
And now, before they ignored it, it then became DHS's problem and now they're saying it's the administration and of course the president that's now causing this.
So again, all of these statements are absurd.
They're not true.
I think most reasonable Americans understand what's going on out there and really the cause of all of this
Is local officials, state officials not taking this seriously enough from day one?
When there's violence in your community, you need to restore law and order right away.
We've seen that.
It will work.
We've seen it in Kenosha for several days.
It's working.
Places like Portland and other places need to take that same advice.
They need to bring that law and order back to their streets so that the residents of those cities can feel safe as they go about their business every day.
Yeah, I think that's exactly right.
In the meantime, do you think the Department of Homeland Security is getting the help it needs from the Justice Department?
Why haven't we seen the leaders of Antifa and BLM arrested and charged for conspiracy under, say, RICO, like the heads of the mafia families were?
Well, this is something I've talked to the AG personally about, and I know that they are working on it.
Look, we've seen about 300 arrests across this country regarding civil unrest and protesting, violent protesting, I would say, criminal protesting, criminal rioting occur.
About 300 arrests.
About a third of those, or 100 of those arrests, have been in Portland specifically.
And I know the Department of Justice has charged about 74 or 75 individuals there in Portland with different federal crimes, and we'll continue to see how those investigations are going.
The Department of Justice is also targeting and investigating the head of these organizations, the individuals that are paying for these individuals to move across the country.
What we know, Tucker, is that we have seen groups and individuals move from Portland to other parts of the country.
We had about 175 arrests in Kenosha.
Almost 100 of them were from out of state.
So we know they're moving around.
We've seen them in D.C., in Sacramento, and elsewhere.
They're organized.
We've seen similar tactics being used from Portland and other cities across the country as well.
So we know that there's organization.
I know the Department of Justice is also looking at that as well.
You're not allowed to fund crime, of course.
I mean, if I do business with Iran, I go to jail.
But we have domestic terrorism on a greater scale than we've had in my lifetime, 50 years, and the funders of this have not been exposed by the federal government, and they haven't been punished, and I'm confused as to why.
Again, I would say that, again, the Department of Justice, who has the lead in all of those investigations, are certainly moving as quickly as possible.
Again, it's something I talk with the Attorney General about almost on a weekly basis.
The Department of Homeland Security, we're doing our role.
We're making sure that the investigations that we're involved in, we're getting that information over to the Department of Justice, to the FBI, to those criminal investigators that are doing their job.
Like you, Tucker, I wish that moved in a little quicker fashion.
We'll continue to see how that is.
But again, this administration, this president is committed to holding individuals accountable.
I think once folks start to realize that if you want to riot, you want to loot, you want to do some of these other criminal acts that we see around this country, there's going to be consequences for that.
And we're going to continue to move down that road.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.
62 days out, 62 days, 62 Earth rotations.
The threat is real.
All right, I'm gonna open the phones up this hour.
Ahead of Paul Joseph Watson joining us, and Patrick Howley, who was really explosive the last time he was on with us.
Absolutely amazing.
I'll tell you who else I want to get on is that Drew Zapata.
There's just so many people kicking ass.
Or is it Hernandez?
The Zapata guy we had on was killer too.
I'm telling you man, there are just so many guests we've been having on lately that are just on fire!
And a lot of guys we've had on for years who weren't on fire, like Ali Alexander.
I mean, he's a smart guy, knows Republican politics, does know the mainline Republican analyst and the alternative ones.
I mean, he's got a lot of connections.
But I didn't really have him on for a few years because he's boring.
And then we had him on again, and he was on fire, and I'm like, get this guy on all the time!
Again, Alex Jones here, thanks for joining us.
Now, why is that important?
Because people get the country and the world in trouble, and they're really starting to get
Not angry, but energized.
We need to get up off the bench.
We need to have excitement.
We need to get other people to feel the passion and know it's important.
Everything the globalists do, again, in their psychological warfare papers and others that are public, is try to create a sense of normalcy for the horrible things they're doing that they're incrementally getting us to do.
And you say, okay, what's one of these white papers?
Well, I mean, in the last month, four universities, one in Germany,
One in the UK and two in the U.S.
Yale's one of them.
It was in the news, have huge U.N.
and U.S.
and E.U.
grants on how to make the public believe that COVID's deadly and never end the lockdown and wear masks and take forced inoculations.
I mean, it's public that they've got psychiatrists and psychologists running huge studies with thousands of people per study on how to brainwash!
How do you counter that?
You get people to realize they're brainwashed, but weak-minded people get into the brainwashing and they think you're assaulting them when you're warning them.
You know, when I was growing up and somebody said, hey, this person's running a scam on you.
I listened and it turned out it was true.
I wouldn't get mad, but so many people, I've noticed when you tell them something, they're like, they're like teenagers, like a 14 year old teenager.
When you tell them, hey, if you keep doing this, this is going to happen.
They're like, yeah, you don't know what you're talking about.
And then later they're like, man, dad, you really know what you're talking about.
Because they have experience and young people don't have experience.
Hey, don't ride around on that, whatever they are, electric, what were those electric skate segways?
But not the big ones, the little ones that were so hot a few years ago.
And you're sitting there telling your, you know, telling your 12-year-old or whatever at the time, hey, don't ride that outside without shoes on.
You're going to tear your toes off.
Oh, whatever, Dad.
Week later, toenail torn off.
I'll always wear my shoes!
But just imagine talking to adults and you're telling them stuff and they think because they've been conned or they're so ignorant, they're so oblivious, they think it's weird.
You're telling them this.
You know, my last day of high school, the local Air National Guard landed a Cobra gunship
from the Vietnam era at the back of the football field because our local Anderson principal was a retired army general and so he had him land a helicopter last day of school and I went out back and they're all out there and I happened to watch Discovery Channel show about that helicopter and I had family that flew helicopters in Vietnam and I talked to them about them and you know the Air Cavalry and I'm sitting there and they're talking about it with the class and
I go, hey, tell us about this Gatling gun you've got here.
It fires explosive, armor-piercing incendiary too, right?
What have you done at the range?
And one of the coaches goes, Jones, who I was in his history class a few years before with, Jones, I know you know everything, but that doesn't shoot that.
And the captain goes, no, actually it does.
And my favorite one is to shoot the such and such.
And again, and the coaches all looked at me like I was abracadabra man or something, because I knew what a helicopter shot.
But see, to them, that's like an alien spacecraft or something that they would never want to know.
And I'm not putting down the football coach.
It's just that I've learned that people think either you're just saying stuff that sounds smart, you don't know it, or you're trying to show off.
And listen, folks, I'm not trying to show off about any of this.
I make mistakes too.
And usually it's because I underestimate the evil of these people.
This is all real.
And I know you know that.
Most of you tune in because you know more than I do about many of these subjects.
I'm not arrogant.
I'm saying we've got a problem in that Christians and conservatives and others
Are usually very confident in themselves, their relationship with God, and very steady yourselves, and you keep your nose to the grindstone.
That can't happen anymore.
You think I wanted 26, 27, 28 years ago to go down and speak at city councils?
You think I wanted when I was 19 years old to, you know, go speak at county commissioners' meetings?
I knew what they were doing.
I knew they were stealing people's property, and I had a responsibility to go confront them because I'd read about their plan to take over our civilization.
Not just that government and corporations are some magic thing that you don't touch and it's a black box and you don't know what's in them.
So I've made it my business to know how the cow ate the cabbage.
And what I'm telling you about leadership is, you all know this information.
Once people understand the conspiratorial angle of the New World Order, once you understand the endgame of where they're taking us, everything else suddenly makes sense.
Because it's a plan.
And so when you see them up there with Joe Biden, who can't even talk, I'll play a clip in a moment, and you think, oh, that's a sign of their weakness.
No, it's not.
They want a puppet they fully control to put in whoever they want.
I told you that a year ago.
Now they admit that.
You think they're collapsing their blue cities because they're inept idiots?
No, they want them collapsed to drive out their minions to take over the rest of the country.
They're unconscious zombies.
These people have a dark, twisted, evil philosophy.
And until you learn to dial into it, and believe me, it's not fun, but until you learn to politically, culturally, economically, spiritually monitor them, you're not gonna know what they're up to, and they're gonna beat us.
So we just can't sit here and let them run around like crazy people out there.
They've gotta be confronted!
You think when I'm eating dinner and somebody walks over and says, I hope you die,
You think I want to get up and go over to their table and ruin their dinner and grab their steak off their plate and eat it in front of them?
I've done that.
I have to do it.
Because I can't sit there and lay on my belly while they piss on me.
And it's not about arrogance or bravado or I'm a prideful person.
They want to enslave me.
They want to enslave you.
They want our children.
They want our future.
And yes, they look like zombies.
And yes, they're dumb.
That's because of the spirit that's on them.
We will look like that!
We will act like that!
If they take over our souls!
So here's Biden, completely out of his mind.
Let's play clip 13 first, then we'll come back and play the one where he doesn't know what planet he's on.
Here's 13 with him calling it.
Trump is stroking violence.
The only one stroking is you, buddy.
Here it is.
Good afternoon.
I want to thank Carnegie Mellon for providing this space and all the promise it holds for future jobs in the high-tech world.
In the recent days, we've had a lot of talk about who's going where and how I've decided to come to Pittsburgh to talk a little bit about what's going on right now.
In the early days of World War II, Franklin Roosevelt told the country
And I quote, the news is going to get worse and worse before it gets better and better.
And the American people deserve to have it straight from the shoulder.
Straight from the shoulder.
We're going to go to break and come back with the rest of this.
And we're going to come back and finish it where he talks about stroking.
Stroking the destruction.
And notice Michelle told you things are going to get a lot worse when they get better.
Because they're going to bankrupt everything.
They're going to take the dollar.
They're going to bankrupt you.
Well, my phone started ringing off the hook at like 1 o'clock in the morning last night.
I didn't answer it.
When I got up at 5 a.m., I noticed that I'd had a lot of calls.
From people saying, you know, is Joe Rogan being censored on Spotify?
So I talked to him this morning and found out what was really going on.
And I probably should have put a video out this morning on it, but I didn't.
Well, I didn't know that the left hand wouldn't know what the right hand was doing or vice versa.
Don Salazar just went off what the internet was saying.
It was a big story.
My phone was ringing off the hook and said, yes, Alex Jones and Joe Rogan censored by Spotify.
That is not the case.
That is a mistake or that's people's interpretation.
And so I guess I got busy and didn't get to the Joe Rogan news, but I'll do that because I said I would next segment because it is a big national news story and I will fill everybody in on that coming up.
But getting back to Joe Biden, here's Joe Biden again talking about Trump is stroking fears.
But he actually talked for about a minute or so here with only having one gaffe, which is kind of a record for him the last few years.
And then there's the really big gaffe from earlier in the same speech where Biden says, more lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years have died.
And of course, none of that is true.
So here's both those clips.
The incumbent president is incapable of telling us the truth.
Incapable of facing the facts and incapable of healing.
He doesn't want to shed light.
He wants to generate heat.
And he's stroking violence in our cities.
You know, this is a tragic fact of the matter that about his perilous hour that how he's dealing with this perilous hour in our nation.
COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, it's taken more than 100 years.
Look, here's the lives.
It's just, I mean, think about it.
More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.
Now, that is really amazing to sit there and to listen to him and to watch him.
But again, he's only a placeholder.
But to say that President Trump wants these riots, or is behind them, or they're the ones that are behind them, and to say that COVID has killed more than all the people that have died in the last hundred years, again, on top of it saying, but Trump's lying to us, is them attempting to turn reality upside down.
There's a new big story.
That just went up on InfoWars.com.
That is absolutely paramount.
That will punch up and get up on screen for you.
It's Nigel Farage.
The article is on InfoWars.com.
And he says that there are dark arts, dark forces trying to steal the election from President Trump.
Well, that's absolutely true.
Dark art operatives trying to steal election from Trump, Nigel Farage warns.
We'll read that article coming up next segment as well.
But why is that so important?
Well, that's what Bloomberg's actually reporting, that they're going to not concede, and that they concede that it'll look like a landslide, but they're not going to concede.
That's the spin.
And they're going to use the mail-in ballots to gum things up, as we told you.
But now it's official, and now they're saying they're going to do it.
So what does Trump do?
What do we do?
What does the world do?
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
Long-time callers, first-time callers, you name it.
We will be going to your phone calls.
But right now, speaking of a dark arts in the shadows, it's all these former Clinton operatives, it's the deep state, it's the bureaucracy, it's the Clinton operatives that are in there sabotaging the government, turning the people against themselves, and engaging in all this manipulation.
The article's up on Infowars.com.
President Trump...
Leftist leaders in the dark shadows, that's Obama down the street, are running the riots and chaos.
Violent leftists were flown in to disrupt DNC.
Yeah, RNC.
But they also did the DNC.
Because they want to show this revolution that's going on.
And the media is trying to spin this and saying that Trump is crazy.
But he's absolutely dead on and now that's all coming out.
Here's what he had to say.
He's not controlling anything.
Who do you think is pulling Biden's strings?
Is it former Obama officials?
People that you've never heard of.
People that are in the dark shadows.
People that... What does that mean?
That sounds like conspiracy theory.
Dark shadows.
What is that?
People that you haven't heard of.
They're people that are...
On the streets, there are people that are controlling the streets.
We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend.
And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.
They're on a plane.
Where is the person?
I'll tell you sometime, but it's under investigation right now.
But they came from a certain city, and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention.
And there were like seven people on the plane, like this person, and then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage.
They were coming from... Planning for Washington.
Yeah, this was all, this is all happening.
But the money is coming from somewhere.
Money is coming from... How can it be tracked?
From some very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won't, they will be thrown to the wolves like you.
They will be thrown to the wolves like you wouldn't believe.
And that's exactly what's happening.
It's the same Rob Reiners and those types that have raised millions of dollars for violent looters and rioters to bail them out.
It's George Soros that's put the district attorneys and the county attorneys and the state attorney generals in power to let these groups carry out these criminal operations, to incubate it and normalize it within those counties, within those states, within those blue sectors, to then normalize it and send them out across the rest of the country where the public believes that they cannot be opposed.
That's all this is, is the process of destabilization of the country, then the globalists take over, then they normalize the takeover, and then they go into the exploitation phase of exploiting the people of America like they've done China or North Korea or Russia under communism to take over other countries and to take over other militaries.
This is a communist plan.
It's called a program.
Now, it's mega-rich, just like the Rothschilds that funded the Bolshevik Revolution, that are funding this.
And that's where people get confused.
That's why it's billionaires and all these rich globalists, except for a few people like Trump...
That are almost all billionaires give money to Black Lives Matter.
They give money to Antifa.
They give money to the communists.
They're in bed with Xi Jinping.
They said they love Xi Jinping.
They said they hope he can destroy Trump, destroy America.
I haven't even played the clips.
They've got even better audio clips.
I meant to send to the crew this morning.
I don't know if they have the new one.
Tucker Carlson had it last night.
They're marching saying death to America.
You know, we had that on Sunday, but it was kind of low audio.
There's crisp HD audio and video of them marching saying death to America.
And these are real groups, folks.
People say, oh, well, it's a false flag against Democrats.
No, it's not.
They use the same type of organizations to overthrow Ukraine and overthrow Greece and overthrow Italy.
It works over and over and over again.
This is the globalist making their move on America, period.
Toll-free number to join is 877-789-2539.
What does Trump do about this?
What do we do about it?
They're going to say he wanted a landslide because that's what all the evidence shows.
Their whole takeover plan has failed, so now they're going to go to the ultimate plan, break the country up with civil unrest, plunge the economy, plunge the stock market, have states secede, have their own inauguration.
Will we put up with that is the question.
I'm your host Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, Patrick Howley's coming up from NationalFile.com, and then Paul Joseph Watson from Summit.News.
62 days and then the fireworks really begin.
They're going to not concede the election.
They've officially got everybody ready for it.
Podesta, Hillary, Biden, they've all said it.
And they're going to throw it all into disarray with the 80 million ballots they mailed out on purpose to gum it up.
And there are now officially pushing that in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, everywhere.
This is on like
Donkey Kong, as they say.
This is not good.
This is going to be insane.
And why shouldn't the Chai-coms and the American haters and the globals do this?
They get away with it.
They get away with it everywhere.
So why not?
They never get punished.
They just sit back in their overseas operations like Bond villains and do this.
I'm going to your phone calls here in just a moment, but I wanted to talk about good news.
You saw Trump in internal polls, not just the mainline ones.
Explode 10, 15 points, depending on the poll, when he just threw aside the Republican mainline advisors and just started shooting from the hip with what he really believes in and his instincts and exposing the Dems as terrorists and exposing their behind the riots and exposing the New World Order and not running from patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse.
Here's a clip of what the president just had to say.
Are you going to condemn the actions of vigilantes like Kyle Rittenhouse?
We're looking at all of it.
That was an interesting situation.
You saw the same tape as I saw.
And he was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like.
And he fell.
And then they very violently attacked him.
And it was something that we're looking at right now, and it's under investigation.
I guess he was in very big trouble.
He probably would have been killed, but it's under investigation.
Yeah, a bunch of looting rioters and killers and child molesters and burglars were chasing him down saying, we're going to kill you with a handgun, beating him over the head with a skateboard.
And then the guy that got his arm partially blown off by Renton House said on Facebook from the hospital,
All I wish is I hadn't killed that little piece of you-know-what.
I mean, boy, that's gonna not look good if they keep this murder trial going, I assume.
But Trump didn't back down from that.
He went to the facts.
Like when they said that our video was doctored of Acosta grabbing the microphone away from the woman and chopping down her arm.
They said, we doctored it.
Trump goes, that isn't doctoring.
They zoomed in.
But that's what they do.
They say we're the liars all day long when they're the liars.
They can't even keep their lives straight.
Now, I'll go to your calls here in a second, but this Joe Rogan thing's become a big story.
Middle of the night, I start going, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz.
I hear phone calls going on.
My phone's in the other room, but I can hear it.
I said, why did I forget to put it in the privacy pocket or turn that stupid thing off?
I was too lazy to get up and turn it off.
I found out in the morning what it was.
Dozens of calls and text messages.
You've been censored off Spotify on the Joe Rogan upload.
So this morning I called Joe about 9.30, he answered.
And he said, absolutely not.
And he explained the whole thing to me.
And now we can also tell you where Joe lives because it's no secret anymore.
Though no one knows because the mainstream media is so fake if it's true or not.
But yes, Joe does live very, very close.
Very close to this broadcast studio.
I'll leave it at that.
This is bigger than just a celebrity like Joe Rogan.
The reason it's important is his exodus from California, what he's been witnessing, and the fact that he pretty much did leave YouTube because they were exercising control over him.
He has control over what he's doing, and he explained that to me this morning, and I shot a video right before the show went live recounting what happened.
Here it is.
First off, I've been mobbed by people the last three months.
On the street, calling my phone, sending emails, saying, has Joe Rogan really moved to Austin or is he moving to Austin?
I will answer that question in just a moment.
But first off, had a LinkedIn discussion with Joe this morning, just a few minutes ago, because I had to call him.
In the middle of the night, buzz, buzz, call, call.
I get up at like 5 a.m., dozens of text messages and calls saying, is Spotify censoring the Joe Rogan podcast?
And I didn't know until I talked to him this morning, and he explained it.
They've got 1500 plus files, and then some, migrating over, and they've had a few problems here and there with corrupted files, with the naming of them.
And Spotify wants to have a first rollout, then a second rollout, and here's the key.
Joe Rogan's favorite 100 episodes of the last 10 years or so
We're good to go.
That's why some of the other interviews aren't there, because those are going to be the exclusive interviews that are left on YouTube, where in Joe's words, they'll probably get even more views than if they were on Spotify.
So that's what's happening.
And so I asked Joe, who's always been a straight shooter, point blank, I said, well, is Spotify censoring you?
He said, absolutely not.
What they're doing is trying to organize things right now, get this migration taken care of, and that I will obviously be on the podcast as well in the very, very near future.
I will be on.
Other guests will be on.
Joe Rogan is in control of what goes on his show, and I'm just super excited about it.
Joe is super excited because we've been friends since I met him in 1998.
We've had our ups and downs.
We've had some incredible adventures together.
I'll just leave it at that.
And to see him as the number one media person in the world and to know that he's having all these big diverse conversations is extremely, extremely exciting.
So Joe is not being censored.
He is the captain of his own ship.
I'm very, very excited and I look forward to coming on his podcast very, very soon.
Now let's move to the next point.
Why is Joe very excited?
Why am I very excited?
Well, Austin is a really cool city, especially compared to Los Angeles.
And where Joe lives is a very, very beautiful part of Texas.
I'll leave it at that.
But yes, Joe has moved to Austin, Texas.
He is here with his family.
And it's actually come out in the local real estate news back on August 10th.
I didn't say anything because Joe asked me not to, but now Joey Diaz has talked about it.
Now a lot of the people have talked about it.
It's in the newspaper, but still my phone rings off the hook saying, does he live in Austin?
Does he live in Austin?
I hear it's Dallas.
I hear it's San Antonio.
It's Austin, Texas, and the local papers have accurately reported on some of it, not all of it.
So I'm just going to leave it at that.
Joe has his privacy.
He's really excited to be here as part of the mass exodus out of the blue states.
I just hope that those following Joe don't bring their California problems here.
I know he's more of a libertarian, so we're extremely happy to have Joe right here, deep in the heart of Texas.
That's why I put on my Lone Star beer shirt.
It's the most Texas thing I had.
I don't
He actually does live here in Austin, Texas, and he's not being censored.
And I'm very excited to know that our super popular episode 9-11 and the other episodes up on YouTube will still be there unless the internet gods of big tech decide to remove it as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Join us weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
for my broadcast and find all of our banned videos and share them from banned.video.
If you're watching this transmission coming from deep in the heart of Texas, you are the resistance.
Yeah, I was talking to Joe this morning.
I'm going to try to get him to go alligator hunting with me.
He probably wants to get that done.
I know he wants to go do some bow hunting of fish at night.
He hasn't done that yet.
And I was explaining that that is something really fun with the kids, especially because the carp are non-indigenous.
They're an invasive species.
And so it's good for the lakes to cull their numbers back.
And I mean, if I wanted to, I could shoot 20 of them in like three or four hours.
It's really good for your bow hunting to do it.
It's also alligator gar fun to blast.
You're not supposed to shoot bass, but that's something that we do there on Lake Austin.
Okay, I'm gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back.
I'm gonna go right to your phone calls for Jack and Carlos and many others like Clayton that are patiently holding.
Please don't forget, today is the last day.
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I was talking to the crew about alligator hunting.
You know, they've caught bigger alligators in Texas than they even have in Florida.
Huge ones.
That guy's type in record alligator caught in Texas.
It's humongous.
Now I've gone off into alligator discussions.
I used to have time to go hunting.
My son wants to go hunting for his birthday.
He's almost 18.
In fact, we ought to get Rex in here.
He works up here full time now.
He just got out of high school.
We ought to take him alligator hunting.
Last time he killed three.
We got a couple of them skinned here in the office.
In fact, people think I'm joking.
Now these weren't that big.
One of them was about 10 feet, pretty big.
Well, somebody, since I said it, run over into a Don Salazar's office.
That's where it is.
And will someone bring the little alligator in here?
That we actually had stuffed in the chair.
I want to put him here with us.
People think I'm joking.
Hey, you got to kill the alligator that's hanging off the hook when you get there.
You hang a chicken up, then you pull up and shoot him with a .380 or a .410 shotgun on the back of the head and get him on the boat.
But this guy was about seven feet long.
So we stuffed him.
He sits in a chair, reading a magazine.
Enough about that.
Enough of that.
Yeah, but guys, type in record alligator.
Oh, that's a small one.
That's nothing.
There's even bigger ones.
All right, I'm digressing.
But I told Joe, I said, yeah, you know, there's alligators just south of Austin.
He's like, really?
And I'm not kidding.
Their range comes right to south of Austin in the Colorado River.
The last dam, they don't get past that dam.
I want to be quiet now.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Let's talk to Clayton in Indiana.
Clayton, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones, you are a wonderful guy and a wonderful guide.
And I thank you, me, and the citizenry together shall achieve this mission.
The mission is to provide empowerment to the citizenry of the United States of America.
Citizens must grow their understanding of how agencies, government, and citizens operate together and can harmonize in the name of public health and safety.
The most critical part of the mission, grow the participation of the citizenry.
Chances are that is you.
And sir, I would like to ask, are you familiar with the CDC guidance involving mask mandates?
Say that again, sir?
Are you familiar with the CDC guidelines for mandatory masks?
Yes, I am.
I'm sorry, I'm not ignoring you.
Look what they just brought in.
Wideshot, please.
I was not ignoring you up to the point they came in with this.
This is actually a real alligator, the stuff that sits in the office.
He's a fan of Trump.
What's their latest on their masking guidelines?
Tell us.
Well, I would just like to basically allow people the logic.
If we are to assume that masks are stopping or decreasing the spread of infectious COVID-19, then we must also assume that the mask is an infectious waste item.
And when you have infectious waste items in establishments, there are guidelines through OSHA.
It is 29 CFR 1910.1030 and there is a definition for universal precautions.
Universal precautions is an approach to infectious control or infection control.
And this breaks down the proper receptacle signing signage that is required to be sure.
The whole point is, is that everybody's wearing masking gloves and it's Kabuki theater because if you're not constantly changing them, it actually makes matters worse, not better.
The M95 mask only protects the person that's breathing in for a limited time.
It has an exhaust port that breathes everything out.
So it infects everybody else.
First, they said don't wear a mask.
It does nothing for you.
It's not all being done properly.
It's all giant kabuki theater fraud, like staying six feet apart, or wearing noodles on your head, or giving them your name and number when you go to the park.
It's all about them training you that you're going to be tracked to travel for the imposition of the global social credit score.
God bless you, brother.
Now, look at the alligator for a TV viewer.
This is real.
All right?
It's powerful.
David Icke saw this.
He'd be horrified right now.
It's actually a real reptile.
It's our boss, ladies and gentlemen.
It's actually Q. This is a real reptile alien, and it gives us our orders.
It's Q. It says, trust the plan.
Everything's fine.
Go back to sleep.
Everything's being taken care of.
Look into the eyes.
I'm going to stop being silly.
Carlos in Canada, you're on the air.
Sorry, I'm still laughing.
Thank you, Alex.
$250 a day for somebody that has a criminal record or has been a basement dweller or unemployed or frustrated or looking for some money to be what I call a basement mercenary.
A million dollars can buy you per day 4,000 goons to go out there and destroy anything organized, scream, to do all sorts of agitprop.
George Soros set aside, and it was in the news, 220 million dollars.
So that buys you 4,000 goons plus their friends for how many days?
And this is exactly what was done in the Ukraine.
During the pink, the orange revolution with Mr. Berezovsky, I don't know if you remember, that oligarch, and now through Soros.
Oh, Soros funds color revolutions.
He bragged that he got $5 billion of taxpayer money to overthrow Ukraine six years ago, and they have major documentaries made by Oliver Stone about it.
That's right.
And they said, how little money does it really take to bring down a nation?
I mean, that was incredible.
And they were boasting that after that they could do color revolutions everywhere, including Russia, of course.
And now it's a United States turn.
But it isn't.
That's right.
So you've got Tucker Carlson, you've got the head of Homeland Security, Wolf, and all of them.
And saying, oh, we're investigating.
It's like investigating the sun came up this morning.
We need real movement against Soros.
Why do you think it hasn't happened?
Because Soros is following orders from Obama.
What did Brennan and Clapper say when they got caught illegally spying?
They said, we get it under orders of Obama.
They're claiming executive privilege.
How do we respond to that?
Well, you basically have to look at the underpinnings of what really is behind all this, okay?
Which brings me to the next topic I wanted to share with you briefly.
President Trump was elected in January 17.
He began to say no to the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
You remember that?
And as a Canadian, we're very helpful, very, very grateful to your president for having saved Canada, at least temporarily, because they're trying to bring it back as soon as they get rid of him, to bring back the TPP.
That was meant to destroy all small businesses, basically, and to create an international combine of giants.
That's right.
And they admit it's about vertical integration.
That was supposed to destroy small businesses.
But when that failed, because President Trump took action,
Now we have what I call the Fauchistas, okay, the Fauchists, from Dr. Fauci and his friends in the United Nations, trying to bring the TPP indirectly, what they couldn't do directly.
That's a great term, the Fauchists!
The fascist Faucis and his foolish goons, the fools of Fauci.
Yeah, and basically what they're trying to do, Alex, basically,
is to make sure that the only the Giants will prevail because they are you see the whole lockdown everything on record is about vertical integration it's totally on record and and and that's why they again Gavin Newsom left his vineyards and restaurants open the entire time when no one else could that is this pissing on our faces
They're trying to set up.
Look, this all stems from one fundamental cause, and that is the disparity in wealth between the many and the few.
This has now gotten to the point where it's so large that it's having distortions even in the stock market.
You want to buy a share as a worker, as a person that has a middle class?
Oh no, now you have to pay $1,000 per share.
Oh, so you can't do that.
Oh, so now you have to buy these EFTs, which are like fake
Certificate, basically.
Because if there's a crash, they're worthless.
You don't have the original certificate, you're nobody.
And what's crazy is if you go cover Deimos, they admit that we're going to get rid of farmers, they're a joke, what do you do?
Put a piece of corn on the ground.
That's what Bloomberg said.
And Bloomberg said, you know, they're going to try to use guillotines on us because they're all going to be unemployed.
Why would we accept a system they run that makes us obsolete?
We should build a world that's for humans.
But they're telling us, oh, the beautiful post-human world is here, Carlos.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kelly in South Carolina.
Thanks for holding.
Can you hear me?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Thank you for getting my call.
I love you.
Thank you so much for having Dell BigTree on.
I'm not an anti-vaxxer.
I just don't vaccinate.
I'm informed.
I want to give a shout out to the moms out there that you brought over for just having Dell BigTree on there.
Oh, I know.
Hey, I love Dale Bigtree.
People are like, what's this bromance going on here?
The guy has great energy.
He has positive, pro-human, but without any hate.
And so I really like being around that because I have a little bit of a hate problem.
And so I like Dale Bigtree, man.
He's amazing in person.
He's got a big persona, an aura around him.
He's a good guy.
Yes, people have got to wake up, though.
This COVID vaccine is going to come out.
You've got to figure out what you can do.
I've already called Tom Rice's office, Tim Scott, every one of them.
I don't have Facebook, but I made sure to let my voice know I will sue the shit out of them if anybody mandates anything on me or anybody mandates anything on my kids.
I will throw down.
And anybody that's out there that supports God, family, and prayer, you need to get out and vote for Trump.
I agree.
Hey, did you see even CNN came out and admitted that dozens of examples of vaccines killing thousands and how dangerous they are?
So they're like hedging their bets like, this is really bad for you, but you gotta take it.
What do you think they're up to?
Well, that's because they have to.
It's called cover your butt.
If they say this blatantly, honestly, out loud, it's like it's just a joke.
It's like people just don't realize.
They're so messed around.
No, you're right.
Stay there, Kelly.
Don't hang up.
I want you to finish up ahead of our next guest.
All right, we're going to continue with your calls and we've got another person that's on fire.
Coming up next segment, Josh Howley, investigative reporter for the Epoch Times, Breitbart, and now National File, knocking it out of the park.
And he is ready!
Kelly in South Carolina, you were getting into
The fact that suddenly, I mean, everybody knew vaccines killed or hurt a lot of people and didn't hardly ever protect anybody before.
And that was up until the 90s.
And then after that, they started saying, oh, it never hurt anybody.
No one's ever been hurt by it.
And we're like, what are you talking about?
It's only getting worse.
And all the studies came out that it was causing autism.
And they tried to say, oh, those are fake.
Now the UN came out last year and said, OK, doctors say it's BS.
It's killing their patients.
We got to do something.
And now COVID hits.
And they go, OK, it's going to hurt you.
And it doesn't really protect you, but you're going to take it.
And they're already starting the contact tracing and making you sign up to go in restaurants and they're getting you ready to show you have the app.
Universities have already started that.
This is so diabolical.
I'm asking the callers, Kelly, what does Trump do about this?
What does, and people say, well, he's pushing the vaccine.
He's doing reverse psychology.
Suddenly Democrats don't want to do it.
I knew that's what he was doing.
And he wants a solution to take it away from them and to take the fear away from them.
It's still a very dangerous game to play, but what does Trump do with them trying to openly say they're going to contest the election up front, telling us that, and that the process is, say it's two weeks, say it's a month, say it's three months, until the country breaks apart.
How does Trump counter that?
I don't, I don't know.
Are you, you're talking about mainly with the vaccination?
Like how does he, how does he counter that?
Like by saying like, is he sore?
Or I was confused when he came out and warned and he acted like he was sore.
But just like with the mask.
I feel like he's wearing the mask right now only because if that's what gets people to vote, to vote, that's what's happening.
He was against the mask until he was four, a little bit of it, because he knows people are scared.
So that gets the economy going.
He'll do it.
I still think it's a dangerous game.
But I can tell you what Trump thinks.
He said it.
He said no one should have to take the shot.
It can cause a lot of problems, hurt a lot of people.
That's what he said early on.
Then he understood that they were going to hold it out until after he was gone.
Blame it on him.
He went, oh yeah, give me the vaccine.
You know the story of Briar Rabbit, right?
No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
Well, it's an old Southern story, but maybe you guys pull up the story of Briar Rabbit.
He tells the weasel or the fox, whatever it is that's after him, he says, please don't throw me in the briar patch.
You caught me.
You got me.
And it's a story of reverse psychology.
And so they throw him in the briar patch where he's actually safe.
That's where the rabbits live.
And my dad used to tell me the story of Briar Rabbit.
Now I can't remember it anymore, but does that make sense?
Yeah, and I hope that's the case.
But more of these people, and I'm telling more people need to stand up.
Take your freaking mask off and stop looking like a sci-fi channel.
Look at CDC.
They just released that less than 10,000 people died of COVID.
We need to get our heads on straight and stop acting like we don't know anything.
It's like they frequently just walk around like they're zombies.
And I'm awake, and I can't help it.
People can come up to me, roll their eyes, get mad at me, write me a freaking citation.
I don't give a flying flip anymore.
I'm so ready.
Well, it's beyond the citation.
They need to go to prison because the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention say you can't make somebody take medical experimentation and all these vaccines are an experimentation and that's why they've never been able to make you take it.
But now all over the world, the UN says we're in charge, you're going to take it.
The head of the WHO is an admitted communist from Ethiopia who covered up cholera outbreaks that killed 100,000 people.
He is a monster pig goblin, and he will burn in hell.
Kelly, I really appreciate your call.
We're going to get Patrick Howley on with us, and we're going to cover the waterfront and take your calls, because he can speak on any subject.
But right here, ladies and gentlemen, is the big story.
What'd I start the show with?
What I've been telling you for months.
They're gonna try to steal the election with these mail-in ballots to gum it all up to make the election in question.
That's the whole point of the mail-in ballots.
Now they've not been done properly and all the fraud and the dead cats that have been dead for 10 years and people that have been dead for 20 years getting millions of these ballots.
80 million of them just dumped on the side of the road, dumped here, dumped there.
It's to confuse everything.
It's to cattywampus it.
And then they would come out and say, oh, Trump stole the election.
Well, now they've officially said
Not just that's an internal war plan of John Podesta that leaks in the New York Times.
No, it's not just Pelosi saying it now.
It's not just Hillary saying it.
They're now officially saying that's what they're going to do.
I mean, this is so unbelievable.
Stay with us.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Patrick Howley, writer for National File, Epoch Times, you name it, is with us for the balance of the hour.
Then Paul Joseph Watson takes over in the fourth hour ahead of the war room.
And that, of course, is from 3 to 6 p.m.
then at 7 to 9.
Only six minutes of commercials an hour, that's for the local radio and TV stations, four at the bottom, two at the end of the hour and the top of the hour.
And ladies and gentlemen, it's really a powerful show.
And I gotta say, Deonna Lorraine in studio is amazing.
I had a feeling she would be a really smart lady.
She just moved here today.
She just left last week to get her stuff out of California.
And just like Joe Rogan moved to Austin, she is here at least through March with us covering the election and the aftermath.
And who knows, probably longer if we're able to keep the funding going and stay here on air.
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They also come in from Austin.
They go, listen, when you said you wear an InfoWars shirt and you go in a restaurant and somebody buys you a cup of coffee or a piece of pie or dinner, or when you're in a gas station, somebody, you know, buys your lunch that you're at the counter.
That really happens.
Or, man, I just met this really cool family.
Or, I just met this really good person.
Or, you know, men that meet women, women that meet men.
It's an adventure.
To wear an InfoWars shirt, because it's like being Alex Jones.
Believe me, you wouldn't know the power of the Liberty Movement unless you were someone that's well-known.
Go out in public with me.
It's not about, oh, I'm famous, isn't that cool?
I could care less about that.
It's actually, I like meeting people, but it's an annoyance not having privacy.
It's a bellwether, though, when I'm sitting there shaking hands at the grocery store, or at the park, or walking down the street, people stop their cars, and then more cars start.
They go, is it okay?
Is it all right?
I'm not some movie star scum that hates you.
I did this because I want to win.
I want to connect with you.
I want you to connect with others.
I want you to take action.
And let me tell you, wearing an InfoWars shirt, we've got this great new campaign shirt, two different variants, with the big American eagle.
I think it's the best American eagle out there, with the Gadsden flag and more, with America.
Is back on the back.
Another variant says, Keep America Great.
We've got Baby Lives Matter shirts for adults and for babies.
We've got the new Navy Blue InfoWars Shield Don't Tread on Me shirt that has a big print on the back.
In fact, please go back to that blue shirt for me real quick, guys.
Can we just back up real quick to the page you're on?
Since we're going there.
Yeah, just right up there at the top.
Click on the back of the shirt.
That navy blue shirt up there.
We also have the Arrest Fauci and Gates shirt.
And on the back, it says, Mask-Free Zone.
But yeah, look at that one.
On the back, the Gadsden flag with the Don't Tread on Me rattlesnake and the words, Don't Tread on Me.
Everybody kept requesting, why don't you have a shirt with a big symbol on the back?
Well, we do now.
InfoWars Shield, Don't Tread on Me.
And the new really bright blue with bright neon yellow shirt, Arrest Fauci and Bill Gates shirts.
100% reviews.
Those have been in for a few weeks.
I forgot to plug them.
But that's how we fund ourselves.
All right, let's go to Patrick Howley, who is not just a great investigative journalist, but an amazing researcher.
He's a senior reporter at National File.
He's worked for Epoch Times, Daily Caller, and many other big publications.
He helped break the NXIVM scandal and the Northam Blackface and so many other big stories.
What he's really broken is the pedophile networks.
He's broken
Dozens that I know of, facets of that, that have turned into wider investigations.
So he's here on the riots and the election and the plan to steal the election.
Next segment and the big warning put out by Nigel Farage about dark art operatives trying to steal election from Trump.
But I want to get an update on Epstein and on Ghislaine Maxwell and just on the pedophile rings and the Democrats now, even in mainstream news, trying to say there are no pedophile rings.
Even the Republican leader saying it doesn't exist.
This is incredible.
The Blaze has a story pointing this out.
Horrible things are happening right before our eyes.
The left is normalizing pedophilia and child sex trafficking.
And then we have Kevin McCarthy getting on board.
So I guess we're finding out who's who right now, Patrick.
Well, that's right, Alex.
They've always been on the side of the pedophile rings because they're satanic Luciferians, and that's basically the power structure that runs the world.
And what's happening right now is Ghislaine Maxwell's waiting trial.
We are hopeful that she might talk.
If she doesn't talk, the other avenue that I'm going down is this.
There are a lot of other people who are part of this same infrastructure, including NXIVM, Keith Raniere, Claire Bronfman is getting very scared right now.
All these NXIVM victims are still out there.
All these NXIVM cult members who have gotten out of it, who I talked to.
They're all over the place.
So once these people start talking, that applies more pressure on Maxwell.
And Maxwell's trial isn't for another year.
So she's in there.
The walls are closing in on her because we've got a ton of witnesses from other cases and from other strands of this, be it John of God, be it NXIVM, be it Weinstein, be it all the different tentacles of this satanic beast.
And as they talk more and more, more pressure gets put on the principles.
Let's talk more about the walls closing in because we're seeing these Hollywood pedophile rings fall on a daily basis.
Thousands of children saved every few months.
Almost no coverage.
You'll see busts with hundreds of adults, dozens of children in cages, snuff films, dead bodies.
It barely hits the news and then just disappears.
And then you see the local feds and locals saying, yeah, we're fighting pure evil.
This is real.
Evil exists.
And the left again saying nothing's happening here.
Nothing's going on.
Yeah, well, the great Georgia Governor Brian Kemp just had a press conference and addressed Operation Never Forgotten, where Trump sent the U.S.
Marshals around to save a bunch of kids, and these were the kids that they've been looking for for a long time, the most wanted, and they all were tied to the same
Pedophile ring.
And it's been operating all over the place.
And that has big implications.
I mean, you look at Harold Moody, for instance, the former communications director of the Arkansas Democrat Party.
During the 2016 election, a good friend of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton photographed with Hillary Clinton.
And he's in jail now because he was charged with showing baby rape videos on a secret chat room and even compared it to Waffle House.
He said, I'm not the jukebox at Waffle House.
You know, he had real standards for his kiddie porn.
You can go look at the photo of him with Hillary Clinton.
This is all intertwined and it's all coming apart right now.
But we got to reelect President Donald Trump or else Biden and Kamala are going to cover it all up.
That's right.
They are desperately scared.
They're saying they're desperate.
They're saying end of the world.
Yeah, for them.
You can see the palpable fear in their eyes.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
They know that
This is the people's last stand.
Guys like you and us, Alex, I mean, we have been fighting like the Alamo.
And if President Donald Trump gets another term, if stable civil society has managed to survive for another four years, that gives us another four years to organize.
That gives us another four years to get our voices out there and to get in the streets and to get up in their faces.
And that's what they don't want because they know they can't win.
How is Trump, from your research, doing right now?
You think these polls are real that he's way ahead?
I mean, I know he's way ahead, but he was way ahead before.
They were saying he was losing.
Why are they being more honest with the polls right now?
I think that the whole thing's a psyop.
Polling's a psyop.
But, you know, I do think that Trump is a little bit ahead based on very exclusive research that I've seen.
What they're trying to do is steal this election with a vote by mail, and that's what it's all going to come down to.
You have Ben Smith and the New York Times setting the stage.
Oh, the vote counting is going to take weeks.
Hillary Clinton setting the stage.
The vote counting is going to take weeks.
They're going to hold up some of these counties like in Milwaukee, for instance, like they tried to do last time.
We had to force their hand on election night.
They were trying to hold Milwaukee and drag it out.
Just yesterday, Greg Abbott announced that the state of Texas is suing Harris County.
Because Harris County is trying to give out vote-by-mail applications to everybody there, and that's where they got busted on tape going into the nursing homes and having the old people just sign off on ballots they had already filled out.
Harris County is ground zero of voter fraud in Texas.
So Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton, thankfully, are now suing Harris County.
This is what it's all coming down to.
So Trump is focusing on what he needs to be focusing on right now, which is getting a Bush v. Gore-style legal team in place to fight this out in the overtime period.
You're absolutely right.
And when we come back, we'll get into their admissions, and then we'll take some calls, and we'll get into your big story that you've been focusing on, been writing about a national file busted.
You've obtained video of Democrat Oregon House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Janelle
When I grow up, I want to free the Republic from the hands of the New World Order.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance!
Get fired up!
Break the globalist will!
Stand up!
Don't comply!
Say no!
It's not that InfoWars has been that strong that we've been instrumental in crippling the New World Order and driving them to the edge of extinction.
It's because the enemy is weak.
We've been pathetic.
But humanity is awakening.
I want to go to phone calls.
I want to give this other big story you've got next segment to Patrick Halley of NationalFile.com.
Also hosts a great TV show there.
Frequent contributor here at InfoWars.
We're really blessed to have him and Tom Papert, Emperor Papertine.
Listeners have to understand something, and I know they know this, but the sense of urgency is so intense that just us here almost calmly talking about this is almost aiding the enemy.
They're almost normalizing it, the insane stuff, and they brag about how they're normalizing everything.
So how do we expose it but not be caught up in the
You're basically desensitizing.
Well, we have to take action.
Then the questions are, what is that action we take?
I mean, I'm going to go down today or tomorrow with a drone over the park, and I'm going to fly around.
I'm going to fly around outside schools that are starting to open.
I'm going to fly around with speakers telling them that COVID-19 is an overblown hoax.
I mean, the CDC numbers come out this weekend that only 9,000-something died.
All the rest died of other things.
They went and looked at it, the CDC.
Trump took control, had it actually checked.
What we already knew was most people died of something else.
For me, class.
We've been kind of hands-off with a lot of these people who are basically the useful idiots for the globalist regime.
And if you think about my life, you know, as a 30-year-old millennial, as a white man, my life has been terrible the entire time that I've lived on this planet, in this country, in this society, because you have the same kinds of people go from one phase of your life to the next.
The girls named Sarah who are, you know, the group leaders in public schools sitting cross-legged
You know,
So that it's very difficult to declare bankruptcy now because, you know, he was in bed with the credit card companies, including NBNA and the executive from NBNA.
Oh, the Clintons got it legalized with Biden for all the loan sharking and payday loans.
They're just scum.
Yes, the life that we lead, which is automated, which is nobody wants to help you, which is everybody's always calling you, taking money away from you, kicking you in the face.
All of this has been set up in recent decades by very idiotic, corrupt people.
Joe Biden is the face of that.
Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics screwing over the people of this country to the point where now people like me have a difficulty walking down the street without getting confronted with violence.
Meanwhile, every single aspect of our lives is being destroyed, trampled on by these idiots.
And if we even complain about it, then many people who are normies from the previous generation will say that it's my fault and tell me to stop whining as we invite the entire world here into the United States of America.
Because they're smoking dope and they think there's some kind of egalitarian good to erasing the borders of this country.
Meanwhile, it's the immigrants who are joining in on these riots.
When you saw that guy getting beat up on the train station in Philadelphia, it was the girls with the hijabs filming him and laughing about it.
In Minnesota, it was the Somalis who kicked off this entire thing.
We are not a shopping world for the entire world.
It is time for people like me who have led miserable lives in this country to assert ourselves and say enough is enough.
We're going to lead.
What do you think the dark alchemists, these wizards, these sorcerers of corruption think they're doing?
Because they have conjured an ugly stinking thing.
They've ruined all their cities.
They've just got random attacks on white people are up multi-thousand percentage points.
The media celebrates it.
The corporate media is totally headed collapsing.
What do they think they're building or driving?
I guess they just want to divide us.
They believe that Western civilization, which traditionally has been led by white men, is the biggest threat to their globalist system.
They want to have a non-racial slave class, where everyone is kind of mixed together, and you're this sort of shade of globalist brown, and you don't compete with the people who are at the top.
The people who are at the very top have everything.
They're consolidating all of their resources.
By the way, when I went to college for a few years, they taught that.
I mean, black people are inherently bad, but so are black people.
We're all just going to not be any group.
We have no identity.
I'm not against brown people, white people, whatever.
I'm just saying the corporate group says none of us will have an identity.
We'll all just be something we don't even know what we are.
And then the corporates tell us our identity.
Now they tell us you're not a man, you're a woman.
And they're trying to target men's testicles.
I mean, they admit it.
This is a takeover of the species.
Oh, absolutely.
They will turn on black people next.
They are using black resentment against white people right now for their own ends in order to crush white people.
Once white people are crushed, they're going to turn on the blacks next because the blacks will be the strongest tribe.
They will turn on them.
And, you know, we know this because the UN has been promoting replacement migration since the year 2000 in the United States.
They want to constantly replace everyone until no one has an identity anymore, and they want to use secular Hollywood recording industry propaganda in order to separate us from our identity.
I mean, definitely this is the establishment, and I don't mean to interrupt, you're right.
If you study the great game, the British, how they controlled India, there was like 500 to 1, the British troops, the Indians, they would play a couple of little tribes off the most dominant tribe.
Once they beat that tribe, they would play other little tribes off against the next dominant tribe and just keep breaking everybody down, and that's exactly what's going on here.
Oh, absolutely.
Yuri Bezmenov pointed this out very clearly.
There's several decades of demoralization.
Obviously, we've experienced that.
We've all been demoralized.
We're walking around about as demoralized as can possibly be.
Then there's a couple years of destabilization.
That's what a Biden term would represent.
Then there's a crisis which could last a couple weeks, which could be a Project Blue Beam fake alien invasion or something like that, and then everybody freaks out, and then everybody's out on the streets, and then they're begging for the tanks to come, and then when the tanks roll in, then that's normalization of communism, and then the normalization lasts forever.
This is the Stalinist playbook.
That's really what we're going into is racial Maoism, racial Stalinism, the playbook that they used in China and the Soviet Union.
That's what's being used here.
And we're in destabilization right now, it's phase two.
Exactly, and the Black Lives Matter and all this admit they're a malice organization founded by Soros, a literal Nazi collaborator, and they say, we're going to be in charge once the malice revolution happens.
But they never use the idiots that bring everybody to power.
They then always wipe out the group that brought them to power.
That's 101 for fascists and communists.
Yes, and they have used television and air conditioning and popular culture and celebrities and, you know, the idea that everybody can kind of get a middle class job and go work in a cubicle.
They've used that to try to pretend that there's stability during a period in which there really has been no stability.
We've been being destabilized.
We're good to go.
And then as Western civilization falls, people don't know how to handle the crisis because they have been living in this air-conditioned television world.
Because again, whether you're black or white or brown, these great American institutions are the best there are.
They belong to you.
They're trying to teach you to hate your own institution that's yours.
Because the globalists don't want that institution.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com
Alright, I want to go to calls.
I want to get to this story that Patrick Howley at NationalFile.com is breaking.
But I want to just talk about this.
During the break, I was heating up my cup of coffee that got cold.
And I saw Trump on the news, we got the clip here in a minute, on Fox saying, oh yeah, we're going to bail out the airline industries.
Those are a bunch of globalists that have been not seeing people off planes because two-year-olds won't wear masks, who've gone along with everything, who've already laid off a bunch of their pilots.
The globalists want a post-industrial world.
They don't want us to travel.
They don't want us to have a good life.
They want to get rid of wealth.
They want to get rid of this because it makes us uppity.
That's what Patrick Howley was just getting into.
So, I'm not loyal opposition, you know, to the Democrats.
I hate them.
I know who they are.
I want to destroy them politically.
I want to get rid of them.
They're not an American party.
They're a globalist takeover arm.
And I'm not a loyalist to Trump.
I like Trump.
I know he overalls good.
He's given trillions to the globalists.
He tried to direct some of the money to the people.
Democrats tried to block the direct money.
If you're going to do that, might as well have it be direct, at least against the local economy.
I understand we're in cardiac arrest politically.
They put us into it.
He's trying to get us out.
I get it.
I actually understand it.
I know you do.
But still, watching all this money get shoveled at the globalists, that only makes them want to keep the lockdown going longer.
What's your view on that?
Absolutely right.
The more money they take, the less money we have.
And it's remarkable to me that there are still a lot of people on the conservative side who walk around and say, oh, well, you know, a Wall Street bailout isn't really socialism because they're propping up the economy.
Well, explain the mechanism of that.
How do they prop up the economy?
How is anyone propped up?
You know how many jobs we've lost in the last couple of months because of this scandemic?
You know how many businesses are shut down forever?
You know how many people can't pay their rent so Trump actually had to do an executive order that landlords couldn't evict you?
And we're just going month to month on whether or not there's going to be a new executive order, you know, so 30 million people don't get thrown outside.
They are taking all of the money.
They don't want us to have all of the money.
And if you think that it's somehow, you know, a normal thing for Jeffrey Bezos to have $180 billion
Meanwhile he's destroying the concept of stores, he's destroying the retail industry, destroying jobs for everybody, and using free taxpayer-funded labor from the Postal Service to give people their merchandise.
And he just got SAA approval to launch an army of drones.
Yes, and he's not giving to charity.
He's taking that money, and he thinks he's going to blast up to Mars and live up there with aliens, or whatever the heck he thinks he's going to do.
He's going to turn himself into a half-robot, half-AI, and be a transhumanist.
These are sick people.
We don't need to give them $180 billion, and we have people walking around in the Matrix thinking, well, that's how the economy works.
No, it's not!
Has the economy ever worked this way before in the history of the world?
They're taking everything!
The insect people are taking everything, and they're destroying us, and they're making us broke, and they're kicking us in the face!
When I was a kid, and there would be adults being like, oh, you can be whatever you want to be!
Go out there, there's a world of opportunity!
I would look around, even as a kid, I would say, are you high?
What are you smoking?
This is the worst world I've ever seen, and it's because of the corruption and the incompetence of the last couple of decades.
Well, that's it.
They've designed it.
When you read Club of Rome, CFR, Davos, they say they want to make us poor to control us.
And now you go to Whole Foods, there's all these magazines about being poor and how cool it is, and it's all a company store, and it's a cult of hating yourself and hating what color you are.
I mean, this is so damn dystopian.
How much worse does it get?
Because he's talking about
100-story buildings in every city, with drones flying out like beehives, and that no one else has any jobs, and then the government gives us a guaranteed income, but it's tiny, and then we just sit there eating our gruel while a robot delivers it to us, because that's innovation.
And you're right, it's not innovation.
It's hardcore, artificially pushed, forced integration, a post-human world.
We just need to start saying, I don't buy stuff that came from robots.
I don't take things that came from a robot.
If a drone delivered it, I'm not gonna have any part of it.
We've got to start standing up for ourselves.
That's right.
And, you know, there's this idea that somehow they're dividing us.
That's not really what it is, because we've always been naturally divided ever since the Tower of Babel was destroyed.
We're supposed to be divided.
That's what creates choice.
One state's bad, other state's good.
Other views, different houses, different things, different people.
It's choice.
Everybody, everything's always divided.
We agree on things, we agree when we want, but
Fences make good neighbors.
People are supposed... Cells have membranes.
Plant cells have walls.
You're supposed to have division because it creates diversity.
Take a ship.
It's got fire bulkheads in it.
So if one hole gets knocked, the whole ship doesn't sink.
You're right.
Anything that's one way, one idea, is the weakest thing there is.
Never in history have I or anyone in my lineage been unified with radical race Marxists.
I don't need to be unified with them.
I don't need to be unified with people who have their own agenda from the Congo or from Nicaragua or from anywhere else in the world.
I'm not against them.
They can stay there.
But you have your identity.
You have your identity.
And they're telling you your identity is bad because it's a Western identity that created wealth and individual freedom of diversity of individuality.
And that's what they're scared of.
And then individuals form a collective by our actions.
They want to form a collective from a central computer at the top and make us be cogs in it.
Yeah, you know, look, it's bad enough that they paved over this country.
This used to be a frontier country.
It was a cowboy land.
It was lawless.
It was awesome.
And they've paved it all over and they've made it into a succession of Walmarts and told us that's convenient.
Now you can't even go into a Walmart without wearing a social control mask.
So, when the riots first started, I've never been for them, but in the back of my head I thought, could this actually cross the threshold where these people looting Target actually make some kind of impact in tearing this whole thing down?
But of course, it's not, because it's controlled by the controllers.
It's controlled by the globalists.
Target's inviting them in to loot in their store.
No, you're right, but let's go back to Walla Walla West.
Japanese came here, Europeans came here, and people came from all over.
And they loved it.
The most wild towns, the most wild everything.
The Indians loved coming into town and all the craziness of it, because they were just the same way, running around.
I mean, that's what humans like, and it was innovative.
So it's not like you're just saying, oh, the beautiful Wawa West.
The whole world wanted to be part of it, because it was free.
It was crazy.
That was great about America, and they've repressed us, right?
You're a kid, and parents will literally give their kids Ritalin so that they can focus more on a Marxist, pro-pedophile educator on behalf of the government brainwashing their kids to hate their own race.
Oh, you're not focused enough on that during the day when they want to be outside building forts and playing.
Oh, you have to sit there.
They will medicate their kids, and then you're on medication for the rest of their life.
Then you get addicted on antidepressants.
Oh, you're depressed.
Well of course everyone's depressed!
You've depressed all of civilization!
You Nazis!
You insane!
They've depressed everyone!
This is the biggest farce that we've ever seen over the last 50 years or so.
What they have done to humanity is historically ridiculous and awful.
I think you and Papert need to start hosting 6 to 7 a live show.
I'm going to call you after the show.
We've got to get you on every day.
You're on fire, brother.
And I want to get to your other story and all these loaded phone lines, but you're absolutely right.
Patrick Howley is here.
Just incredible times.
Tell us, then we'll go to the calls, I promise.
I've been bad callers.
I apologize.
We're going to get to you.
We love you.
Tell us about Busted, what you discovered in Oregon, how they're using the fact that we're not on site now to censor people.
Well, Democrats own these riots, okay?
I love how you've got Joe Biden out there saying, oh, these riots are happening during the Trump years.
Yeah, while you're hiding in your basement, Joe.
It's like, oh, you got a nice country there.
Would hate if some malarkey happened to it, right?
They're threatening us.
The left are the ones doing the riots.
So, look, the big talking point in the Normie election is who's responsible for the riots.
Show them this clip.
Show them this clip that I got from Oregon.
The Oregon Democrat Judiciary Committee Chairman in the House shutting down the Deputy Police Chief of the Portland Police right before he was going to testify about Antifa violence.
This was from a few weeks ago.
This lady and the Democrats have blood on their hands now because they shut down the whole hearing and refused to allow the Deputy Police Chief to name the agitators.
And so the agitation continued.
That clip is clear as day.
We'll be right back with that clip.
Stay with us.
President Trump just arrived in Kenosha.
He'll be there tonight.
We're going to have live coverage in the war room with Owen Schroyer.
And they are promising riots, violence, you name it.
The media is saying, how dare the president?
Try to go to a city and call for calm, and call for us to come together.
Well, he's going there, so he can stand up for their lives.
I think it's a great idea.
Let's go ahead and go to Trump, who landed just a few minutes ago.
And there he is, President of the United States, at Waukegan Airport, departing Air Force One.
And you can see the Secretary of State is with him as well on this trip.
All right, folks.
Let's go back to Patrick Howley here.
We'll be covering all this at Band.Video and Infowars.com.
And again, it's vital, key that you spread the word.
That's how we override the censors.
Do not forget that.
We appreciate you.
We salute you.
We thank you.
You're kicking butt.
Patrick Howley, I want to hit a few calls here, but get into this video.
This is with the House Judiciary Committee chairman representative shutting down a hearing so Portland Deputy Police Chief could not testify about anti-violence.
Recap what people are about to see.
This is a Zoom meeting because they've locked down the Oregon Capitol because of this scandemic.
And of course, we know that only 6% of the scandemic deaths, according to the CDC, were even remotely COVID-related, and probably 100% of them were not.
But look, so they shut it down from the public, so people can't go in there and testify.
They're shutting the whole thing down, and then they had this Zoom.
And so they get the deputy police chief from Portland on there, and Janelle Bynum, who has claimed in the press
This guy, before he can testify about the anti-violence, this was a few weeks ago, the blood is on her hands and the Democrats because... But wait a minute, Nadler said it doesn't exist.
I mean, you're not allowed to say something isn't true.
I mean, the ADL fact-checkers, I mean, they say... We're not allowed to talk unless they say we can.
They're good people.
Oh, of course, of course.
Here she is, the oppressed head of the committee.
Oh, the oppressed head.
Here she is.
Okay, I'm not hearing the name of a group.
I've heard Proud Boys names, but I have not heard a name of a group that you're referencing.
It is...
And again, every time I put a name on this group I get in trouble, so I probably will here, but it's along the lines of like an Antifa-type group, which Antifa is a loaded term because that means different things to different people, it just means anti-fascist, but some groups that name themselves that
That does not mean that everybody who identifies as anti-fascist is involved in this.
And some other groups, again, I have to be careful on the public record at calling out organized groups when we're still in the process of investigating exactly how all of this works together.
My understanding of the groups that we're dealing with, though, and there are a few, is that they tend to be anarchist identifying groups.
So the next question is, have you seen the desire to organize and create violence from, we've already established that it's the case with extremist right wing.
I'm not, I'm not questioning that.
Have you seen that with extremist left wing groups to have the same appetite?
Which one, which side has
Shown in your experience in Portland to be more violent left or right.
And then the final question is, do they both extreme pollers seem to be hateful, divisive, destructive, and overall not good for society?
I'm actually going to interrupt that, that that question, because I think I get all due respect.
The majority party.
I'm going to get
Thank you.
And I want them to be truthful.
And I've done my very best to not make them partisan.
And so we're getting into territory that tells me this could be dangerous.
So let's tease out the question so that you get you get the information that you want.
I'm happy to call them back.
But I don't want to put anybody's life in danger.
I do not understand that there's been there's been fine.
All right, so we're gonna close this hearing at this point.
And we're going to take a five-minute recess.
Thank you.
Now that's why they want everything on Zoom and on Skype, because they can control it all.
They're there, state reps are talking about what's going on, and then Antifa's out saying, burn down America, kill all the police, white people are all evil, they're mainly white people leading this, death to America, shooting people.
And she has the order from Nadler and Ryan Stelter.
Antifa does not exist.
And you can't have the state law enforcement saying no.
First, I'm sorry, there's right wing tooth, they're really bad, but I'm going to say Antifa.
No one else wants to say that word.
I get in trouble when I say that word.
This is the level of control freak garbage.
Like something out of a cult they've created.
Like, there's Antifa.
We're so glad this guy's dead.
We're so glad we just killed him.
But they don't exist.
They don't exist, Josh Hawley.
We've lived to see 1984.
We have lived to see 2 plus 2 does not equal 4, brother.
Yeah, no, and they use the useful idiots.
This is what I'm talking about.
There's a force of useful idiots, and so you have to... I wish I had been tougher on these people.
Instead of just making fun of them back in public school, every little girl who was a camp counselor who would, you know, get up in your face and you're...
That's offensive!
I'm offended!
I'm gonna report you to the Diversity Vice Principal!
I wish I had said something more.
I wish I had stood up to her more because she became the Corporate Vice President.
She became the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in Oregon.
She became the leader of our society and now she's carrying this out and she's daffy.
She still doesn't understand exactly what she's playing along with.
She still thinks that this is good, that there's something good and decent about all of this.
And it's violent if we say that Antifa is the violent group.
No, you can't talk about these heroes.
Like, oh, you can't say the name of the whistleblower.
We can't face our accuser who turned out wasn't in the meeting.
Oh, Antifa doesn't exist, Josh Howley.
We're gonna... Where is this going?
I mean, what a cult, man.
God, Oregon is like a black hole of evil.
It is a black hole of evil.
I mean, they have been setting this up for a long time.
And, uh, you know, get credit where credit's due.
Um, you know, you've got these, uh, Republicans out there who are walking around and, you know, they're being confronted by this and they still won't say anything about it in the Congress.
Meanwhile, these people on the left, they're just, yeah, they're getting up in their face.
They're going for it.
They're going for victory.
So say what you will about them, but they're, they're trying to win.
Okay, and that's more than I can say about the Republicans.
So, you know, it's not going to be Elise Stefanik.
It's not going to be, you know, the people in the Capitol Rotunda, they're pushing money around, you know, getting pork for their various donors back home.
And, you know, as all these places, even Rand Paul, have you been to Kentucky lately?
People are suffering in Kentucky because of opioids that are pushed into this country by the corporate insect people and the lockdown.
Yes, Alex, man.
Pleasure to talk to you, man.
You too, sir.
I just wanted to point out a few things.
I, myself, I'm a supporter of the BLM movement.
But I feel like the organization that's running it is corrupt and it's leading us to civil war and, you know, they're having a fight with, you know, white people that, you know, not going to do anything for the movement.
They're having us turn on statues that's not going to do anything for the movement.
Well, yeah, here's an analogy.
Let's say a coal mine in West Virginia blows up and a bunch of miners die.
I'm for raising money for the families of the widows.
But I don't want a scam group on the name of them stealing the money.
It's the same thing.
I don't think black lives totally matter.
Abortion-wise, all of it.
I'm just simply saying an evil Democrat group is in front of it, getting the money and directing it and saying, you shouldn't have fathers in the home, sir?
That's, like I said, that's absolutely absurd.
But what I do want to point out, though, is I think a lot of people, they're going with the narrative and they believe that BLM is only about police murders.
But for a lot of people and a lot of the passion that you're seeing out there in the streets is more than just police murders.
It's about being racially profiled.
It's about being searched illegally in the false accusations of marijuana.
And sir, I totally agree.
And we have laws that are wrong that should be repealed, like Rand Paul's tried to do.
But you understand, when they get contact tracing into these apps, we're all being tracked and profiled at level never before seen.
Does that make sense?
Oh yeah, it's absolutely terrifying and it makes sense, but I think what we have to do and the way it's going right now, we're not going to be able to stop it.
They've already pushed it so far and they've hyped everybody up so much that we can't stop it.
The only thing that we can do is hijack the movement with real solutions, with real things that can stop it.
I agree.
Shut down Planned Parenthood.
That's the number one killer of black people, and I believe those lives matter.
Stay there.
I want to hear more about your solutions with Josh Ali straight ahead.
Take a few more calls from Jack and Jake, and then, and then, Paul Joseph Watson's ready to take over.
Paul Joseph Watson has just completed a new video that's gone live at Infowars.com and Newswars.com called The Red Mirage.
The Left's telling you that when you see Trump win, he didn't really win, and they're going to contest the election.
We'll be covering it with Paul Joseph Watson coming up.
Daryl, finishing up with Patrick Howley.
Jump in any time, Patrick.
I mean, how do we re-co-op Caring About Lives and Black Lives Matter from Jordan Soros?
How do we do that?
I think the first thing
We're good to go.
And I think the second thing that he needs to push for is police reform.
Not only with how they're trained to handle citizens, but
A lot of these people, these cops, they're being investigated by people that they know personally, that they go out to a bar with, that they hang out with.
Hey Darrell, Darrell, can I ask you a question here?
I like that you like smoking weed and all, but don't you think a lot of the violence is maybe pushed by some of the marginalized voices in your community who talk about
I absolutely 100% agree with that.
And the reason that I think that Trump should do this
It's because it would hijack the narrative that Trump doesn't care about black people, that a lot of these organizers... Absolutely.
Well, let me just say this, Daryl.
Here's the deal.
The leftist CIA in the 70s and 80s funded what you've seen done to the black community.
They're doing the same thing.
We're in this together, but I think we have to recognize that we're all victims of this.
We've got to come together and say no to it.
Thank you so much, Daryl.
Josh, quick comment on that?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, so yeah, you know, look, I mean, it's it's important to look out for the the black community's interest.
It's also important to hold the black community accountable.
I mean, when you have influencers out there like Jay-Z who are leading people in the wrong direction and Beyonce saying black is king.
I don't know.
Sure, but Josh, my point is that CHICOMS
And the Globals are just fomenting us to fight with each other.
Obviously spoiled brats like LeBron James and Oprah Winfrey are paid to be black leaders to use blacks as a weapon against the country so then they get the blame.
I just see a very sophisticated wrecking machine coming behind this.
Absolutely right.
It's all about divide and conquer.
Helter Skelter.
That's it.
Charlie Manson the whole deal.
Listen, come back again this week.
Come on the nighttime show, 7 to 9 election countdown.
I apologize to Jack and Jake and everybody else.
I'm out of time.
So I've got to end this here because Paul Joseph Watson's got a new video, The Red Mirage, and a lot more.
And then in 55 minutes, they're going to kick off here with The War Room.
Josh Hawley, thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Call me with all sorts of names.
You're now the senator for Missouri.
I wish I was.
Hey, I'm teleprompter free.
I get names wrong all the time.
What's my name?
You try never having a teleprompter, folks.
That's all I'm thinking about is that cheeseburger right there.
I haven't had a cheeseburger in about a week, and it's really good.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Patrick Howley, NationalFile.com, and Paul Joseph Watson coming up.
And Joe Rogan moved to Austin, I can tell you now.
We'll be right back.
And we are live, and we're going to be looking at polls, polls, polls, people on the show.
Absolutely stunning numbers coming out of these new polls.
And you notice, by the way, that all the major polling firms over the past two weeks have suddenly become quite lazy at publishing their polls.
I wonder why that is.
I wonder what could have changed to make them have that motivation.
Of course,
Rasmussen Reports came out yesterday and said there was national polling suppression taking place.
I'm going to get into that.
And this is why.
Now, I wrote an article this morning at Summit.News entitled, Two polls show black support for Trump has more than doubled since 2016.
Now, this article was superseded by even better poll numbers amongst African-American voters for Trump within about four hours of posting it.
So, this article was out of date within four hours, but I'll get into it.
There's two new polls show that President Trump has more than doubled his support amongst African Americans from 8% in 2016, which by the way, that was seen as a pretty decent result.
I think Romney got about 4 or 5% before that, to 19% today, despite five straight years of the media denouncing him as a racist.
These are Emerson and Democracy Institute polls, which show a whopping 19% black support for Trump, which confirms Trump could be headed to significant support.
And this is out of Poll Watch, which has summarized these two polls.
The numbers suggest that Joe Biden's attempt to blame Trump for sowing the hatred and division carried out by his supporters, of course, has led to innumerable Black Lives Matter protests and riots has completely failed.
And as I point out in the article, it kind of suggests that Candace Owens has done a pretty stand-up job, given that her entire activist campaign over the past two years has of course been Blexit, attempting to get formerly Democratic voting blacks off the Democrat reservation.
So that article came out, showed a whopping 19% support amongst African Americans for Trump in two separate polls.
The media's not talking about this, I wonder why.
But then within about four hours, another poll came out.
This is absolutely stunning.
National poll, Trump surges to 28% support amongst black Americans.
That's 5% short of a third of black Americans, according to an Atlas Intel poll, now say they're going to vote for Donald Trump.
I thought it was some kind of mis-tweet.
By political polls, which is embedded in the article.
So I went to the original poll, the PDF file, and it said exactly that.
The results of a new poll revealed that a stunning 28% of black Americans plan on voting for President Donald Trump.
So it says Biden leads Trump nationally by just three points.
Of course, that lead has been crushed over the past three months.
I wonder why.
I wonder what's been happening over the past three months that could have caused a change.
Gee, I wonder.
But the real story lies in the percentage of Hispanic and black voters who told the pollsters that they will vote for Trump.
And remember, this has added to the public shaming effect which we saw in the polls in 2016, and which many cogent observers are seeing in the polls now, that many Americans are reluctant to tell pollsters that they're gonna vote for Trump, so they either
Say they're not going to vote at all, or they say they're going to vote for Biden.
That is a very real effect of the intense, vociferous public shaming that has gone on in America and especially intensified over the past three months, where Black Lives Matter agitators will literally engage in
Maoist Chinese cultural revolution style public shaming of patrons and diners trying to eat their dinner as we've seen in numerous videos that came out over the past two weeks.
In fact, I'm doing a video on that, on the chilling similarities that it has to the cultural revolution in Maoist China.
They use the exact same techniques that you see here in this video that they used back in Maoist China.
Back then they were called struggle sessions.
And it was all basically copied from that.
The rhythmic, repetitive chanting, the pointing fingers in the face, the humiliation of the target.
I'm going to do a whole video on that.
But that is an effect that plays into the polls because a lot of people, and this happens in exit polls as well, as it did in the Brexit vote, people don't want to tell pollsters that they're going to vote if they're voting Conservative or Right-wing.
So, of course, the 2016 polls were completely inaccurate.
And yet this national poll by Atlas Intel finds that Biden leads Trump by just three points.
Of course, the CNN poll from three months ago before the riots had Biden ahead by 14 points.
Even CNN admits that that's now shrunk to four points.
But 28% of African-Americans say they plan to vote for Trump.
I mean, I didn't get time to do the research, but I guess that must be
That must be very high up there in terms of tying a record high or beating a record high for any Republican candidate.
Does 29% of black Americans also approve of the job Donald Trump is doing?
This compares to 2016 when Trump attracted 8% of the black vote, while Hillary Clinton captured 89%.
Joe Biden, who of course infamously came out and basically said that he thought he was entitled to the black vote,
He's down to 66% of the black vote from Hillary Clinton's 89% just four years ago.
And you see a similar thing amongst Hispanics.
Trump is up 13 points on his 2016 performance, currently at 41% amongst Hispanics, while Biden is down 10% at 56%.
What are the reasons for this?
Well, we've seen the polls, where I think is 80% plus of
African-Americans wanted the same amount or more policing on American streets, suggesting that the entire Black Lives Matter narrative was starting to backfire.
And then, of course, after three straight months of violent rioting and unrest, which the media still says isn't happening to this day, it seems to have backfired monumentally.
So absolutely stunning numbers.
28% support amongst African-Americans for Donald Trump.
According to this latest poll.
Now it may be an outlier, and people have made the point that when it comes down to actually voting, there's no way Trump's going to get 28% of the black vote.
But if he gets past that 10% level, that is seen as some kind of tipping point where it could actually have a massive impact on the actual result.
And then of course the other two polls from earlier in the day, Emerson and Democracy Institute, did show a 19% black support for Trump, which even if it was at the very low end of that 19 to 28% spectrum, it is monumental nonetheless.
And it ties into this headline which we had up yesterday, polling firm Rasmussen warns about national poll suppression.
No polls have been taken,
Since the Kenosha riots, that may have changed today, but I haven't seen it so far.
But polling firm Rasmussen claims that national poll suppression is taking place in order to hide President Trump gaining on Joe Biden.
And they tweeted out yesterday, OK folks, no joke, this is now a national poll suppression story.
In all caps, where are the polls?
They pointed out a screenshot from Real Clear Politics
Which showed that no polls have been released that cover the week after August 25th.
Which of course is when the rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin took place.
Pardon me, the peaceful protest.
Still being called that by the media.
And there's another Twitter user pointed out from August 1st to 15th there were 16 polls that came out.
From August 16th to 31st there have only been 8.
And none covering a later date than the 25th.
I think CNN came out with some kind of statement today.
And basically said, oh, we're only discussing the polls that we trust are accurate.
Because just by coincidence, all the polls that they trust to be accurate have Biden leading by a significant margin just by coincidence.
But absolutely stunning.
And then, of course, we're going to get into this after the break, which we've already covered earlier.
Pro-Biden firm Trump will be appearing to win in a landslide on election night, but will ultimately lose when mail-in ballots are counted.
And I'm going to expand on what we've already covered on that by talking about the slide that Axios chose to display at the end of this video presentation that we're going to play, the Red Mirage, when they talked about who would be upset if Donald Trump was to have a landslide and it was taken away from him.
We're going to come back with that.
Summit.News is all your breaking news.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms.
Gigi Pink?
Dr. Fauci?
Like I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them.
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
I get it.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long good while in the big house.
Got a little rock round at home!
You were gonna shake my hand.
Oh yeah.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Welcome to Hawkfish.
A mirage, by definition, is something that appears to be there, but that doesn't really exist.
And you have a model scenario called the Red Mirage.
What does that mean?
The reason we talk about a red mirage is, in fact, because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is.
We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.
That is likely to be what we see.
When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be someday after election day, it will, in fact, show
That what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage.
It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead.
And he fundamentally was not.
When every ballot gets counted.
You have a result on election night where it appears that Donald Trump has won, but a result after ballots are counted that show that Joe Biden has actually won.
That's right.
Let's get an obvious question out of the way first.
Hawkfish is a company that's started by Michael Bloomberg, that does work for the DNC, that's doing work for pro-Biden super PACs.
If I'm a Republican voter, an independent voter, a skeptical Democrat, why should I listen to you?
One of the things that we believe is that facts matter.
It's not about disinformation or misinformation or using fear as a tactic.
There are objective truths in this world today.
And how do you build your modeling?
How are you basing your projections?
We essentially built a simulator, where it's a sequence of sliders, and you just pull those sliders to start seeing what the scenarios will show you.
What's it going to look like on election night?
What's it going to look like the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that?
In most every year,
Democrats are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans, and that has only increased this cycle.
We see in the data that twice as many voters intend to cast a ballot by mail than have ever before.
They are disproportionately Joe Biden supporters.
Because there are absolutely some ballots that were mailed in that get counted sooner because folks were proactive and got it in as soon as they possibly could or dropped it off or showed up to a polling station where early votes allowed.
But it's going to take a while.
It might be wasted.
Because absentee ballots inevitably are harder and slower to count.
We are going to find ourselves that when you have those prototypical cable news talking head moments of saying, well, you know, here's what we're seeing and this is what it looks like.
It's going to show Donald Trump in the lead in a lot of key places on election night when in-person reporting has occurred.
What about California or New York, a huge blue state?
California is blue, New York is blue, right?
But Virginia is a really good example of a state that should be blue that turns out red.
On election night?
On election night.
So a state like Pennsylvania, Florida.
It's in play by just a couple points.
And that's what tips it in one direction or another.
If you were to essentially average battleground state polling, Joe Biden appears to be headed by about 8%.
And so if you have a number of ballot challenges in a state like that, as big as it is, as large as the population is, as diverse as the population is,
It can make a really big difference over those next 10 days.
And so when you start accounting for that in your modeling, you see that 8% lead whittle down a little, a little bit more, a little bit more.
We might have the results saying something on the evening of November 3rd.
It will not say the evening of November 10th.
What difference does it make if the results seem to show something on one night and then several days later the results show something else?
Won't the facts just bear themselves out?
I think that's the America we all wish we probably lived in.
I think we've got the Trump team who's quite intelligent and sees what's coming.
And so we have the president messaging through tweets, through what he said at his rallies and speeches.
This notion of any change from that result on election night, he is signaling, they will say, means fraud has entered the equation.
What impact could it have?
How could it actually change the outcome?
You're then setting up the American presidency for even more failure, because even if you ultimately get to the end result, which is that Joe Biden would be president of the United States,
Now you've taken what in politics would be thought of as a bit of a mandate to govern and go in and really help clean things up.
You in fact find yourself in this deeply polarized situation where the American electorate, a portion of the American electorate, a real portion of the American electorate feels that
Injustice was done.
What can people do to ensure the most accurate results possible in this election?
If you want your ballot to count in 2020, you need to request your ballot early, as soon as you possibly can, in a state where that's the procedure.
You then need to mail it back as fast as you possibly can.
But if you can't early vote at a polling station, take your mask, take your hand sanitizer, go and vote at the ballot box.
And get your sticker.
Because you want your vote to be counted.
That is what's going to change from the red mirage and sort of burn off the mirage and get us to where American will is clearly demonstrated in a legitimate and unquestionable way.
I can come back now.
So there you have a pro-Biden super PAC polling firm, also a polling firm that did work for the DNC, basically saying that Trump's going to win in a landslide, but then they're going to just wait to figure out to see how many votes they need via mail-in ballot
Isn't that quite something to consider?
They're literally preparing the American people for a Trump landslide, which the way the momentum in the polls is going to suggest will happen.
And then weeks and weeks, if not months, of dragging this out in court, of basically risking mass civil unrest on the streets, which is probably going to happen anyway.
So we're going to get more into that after the break.
We're going to talk about who's behind Axios, who's behind this polling firm, and what they actually showed there at the end of that video, which is very interesting indeed.
Summit.News, don't go away.
We'll be right back.
So a pro-Biden analytics firm called Hawkfish says that it's likely President Trump will appear to have won in a landslide on election night, but may lose after mail-in ballots are counted, which according to them will take days, if not weeks, to tally.
Because they're basically saying that, I think it was 40% of votes for Democrats will be in the form of mail-in ballots, higher than any previous election.
Who's saying this?
Well, Hawkfish CEO is a pro-Biden super PAC polling firm.
Which has also done work for the DNC.
Oh, but they're just warning people that this might happen.
That's all it is.
They're not preparing the news media to not concede and announce Donald Trump's re-election.
They're not preparing the Biden campaign to refuse to concede, as Hillary Clinton has repeatedly called on them to do, or to not do.
Which is kind of ironic given that she spent most of 2016 claiming that Donald Trump would refuse to concede the election.
Remember on election night 2016, apparently Hillary got blind drunk in a fit, in a rage, and refused to come out and give a concession speech and basically John Podesta had to do it.
Yeah, those are the people who are now lecturing you about not conceding an election.
But they say that once they've counted all the mail-in ballots, and you can trust them to count them fairly,
Joe Biden's going to swing the electoral vote by 334 to 204.
So they're saying on the night of the election, Trump's going to be holding a 408 to 130 electoral vote lead.
And that is going to flip purely because of mail-in ballots.
Complete 180, 334 to 204 for Biden.
But they're just warning people that this might happen.
They're not planning anything, don't worry.
They're not planning to know how many mail-in votes they need to overturn the election.
They're definitely not planning on doing that.
By the way, the news outlet reporting this is Axios, which is basically an MSNBC front group.
It's just a rebranding of MSNBC.
Guess who they hired in January 2017?
As their Executive Vice President over there at Axios.
Well, it was former Vice Staffer Evan Ryan.
Who is Evan Ryan?
He's a former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden.
Very interesting indeed.
Axios also paid a firm to improve its reputation by lobbying for changes to the Wikipedia articles on Axios and Jonathan Swan, who was the guy who interviewed Trump back a few weeks ago.
So basically,
Axios is a front group for the Biden campaign.
This hawkish CEO, Josh Mendelsohn, hawkish polling firm, is also a front group for the Biden campaign.
But they're just warning people and they're just telling the media that they shouldn't concede, that they shouldn't announce Donald Trump's re-election because it could take weeks
to count the mail-in ballots.
And they just, they really, really need to know exactly how many mail-in ballots they need to change that electoral vote.
They're not doing that.
They're not doing that.
They're just warning people that this just might happen.
I'm sure you can trust them.
Meanwhile, Professor, if Dems win in 2020, it would be virtually impossible for Conservatives ever to win again.
This is Professor Angelo M. Kodavia,
In a book review for Claremont Review of Books, he says that it would be virtually impossible for Conservatives to ever win again.
He makes the point, which is in the thesis of the book, that although some Americans may be disappointed in Trump's performance, voting for him again is absolutely crucial for the Republic's survival because in his words, quote,
This country's ruling class would use control of the presidency to hurt us in our private and public lives for having dared to reject their mastery.
Now if you think about how much they've hurt people who were instrumental in getting Trump elected back in 2016, people like Julian Assange, people like Roger Stone, people like Alex Jones, every single person that they deplatformed and tried to ruin their lives.
They've already hurt people to that extent.
What would they do if they truly had the reins of power?
He goes on to make the point that importing non-citizens who are then given the vote, as well as institutionalising elections by mail, which of course with the previous story we saw the Democrats are very keen on doing, would give those who count the votes the power and would guarantee disaster for the country.
He says, quote, should the Democrats win,
The ruling left, which includes just about everyone who controls American government and society's commanding heights, is ready, willing and eager to implement plans that would make it virtually impossible for conservatives ever to win national elections again.
And he also alludes to Democrats' stated refusal to concede to Donald Trump, which of course has been amplified by Hillary Clinton in recent weeks,
Which he says could manifest itself in one or more blue state governors to refuse to certify that state's electors to the electoral college so as to prevent the college from recording a majority of votes for the winner.
Of course, as we saw with the previous story, if there's a weeks-long delay, a months-long delay, if it's dragged through the courts with these not-suspicious all-mail-in ballots, then you could foresee a scenario which exactly mirrors that.
He says it threatens to set off a systemic crisis that could lead to a civil war less like the American Civil War of the 19th century and more like the horror that bled Spain in the 20th.
This is the Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University.
This isn't some crank.
This is a very respected intellectual saying that basically the Democrats are going to refuse to concede.
There's going to be a state of near civil war, if not full-blown civil war.
And if Republicans cower, cave and submit, then they may never get into power ever again.
High stakes indeed.
Meanwhile over in Portland, people have been tweeting about this today, and it's on my timeline.
The CNN reporter called Josh Campbell.
Bearing in mind we've literally had three months solid of Antifa rioting, looting, arson, violent physical attacks, the straight-up execution in cold blood of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland just a few nights ago.
He wants us to think that maybe we just imagined all that because CNN reporter Josh Campbell, former FBI, I think he's assistant to James Comey, Josh Campbell, wait for it, was able to visit Portland in the morning and buy a breakfast burrito.
And that disproves all the violent chaos and mayhem that we've seen over the past three months.
Because he was able to buy a breakfast burrito at 9am in the morning and sit in a part of the city in a park that hasn't been burned down.
Well, I guess those riots never happen, right?
He says, good morning from wonderful Portland, where the city is not under siege and buildings are not burning to the ground.
Yes, because it happens at night.
You doofus.
He says, I also ate my breakfast burrito outside today and so far haven't been attacked by shadowy gangs of Antifa commandos.
Given that he's CNN and white, he probably would be attacked by them if he dared to venture out past the hours of 9.10pm.
Daily Caller responded, said people were launching fireworks at the Mayor's apartment building last night.
Apparently that didn't happen because Josh was able to get his breakfast burrito unharmed.
Cam Edwards tweeted, 19 people arrested for rioting in Portland last night, but this CNN correspondent would rather talk about eating his breakfast burrito.
I saw another guy who was a former soldier in Iraq, I believe, and he basically made the point, most of the time in Baghdad was quite peaceful, you know, children were still going to school, people were still going to cafes, didn't stop there being multiple car bombs per day.
Just because you can find one area of a city that isn't on fire doesn't mean there's no fires.
Jason Howerton responded,
This is the most hilarious thing journalists do.
Find a nice little corner in the morning where there are no fires or chaos and say, nothing to see here.
Why don't you come back after dark, Cupcake?
Someone was literally executed there a few days ago.
CNN, of course, fiery but mostly peaceful.
Just like the Challenger disaster.
Before it was fiery, it was mostly peaceful.
The Waco standoff before it was fiery, you know, for several years, mostly peaceful.
Journos, if 9-11 were today, I'm standing here in Central Park and it's a beautiful sunny day.
Absolutely incredible.
We'll be right back.
Don't go away.
We are back.
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Now, Jack Pasovic just tweeted a few minutes ago.
You remember Hillary's hot sauce moment when she did that interview on, I think it was the Breakfast Club back in 2016?
Transparent pandering to black people that blew up in her face, basically.
Well now, Posovic tweets, source close to the campaign says that senior campaign aides are considering having Joe Biden take a knee at the debates to show solidarity with BLM.
Please God let that be true.
That is going to be absolutely hilarious.
Some of the best content ever generated.
Of course, that is if he even makes it to the debates.
Nancy Pelosi isn't very keen on that.
Because Joe Biden can barely string two sentences together.
But apparently, if he does make it to the debates, old Uncle Joe is going to be getting on one knee.
Hopefully, he'll be able to get back up again and prostrate himself for the violent, revolutionary, domestic terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.
A supporter of whom literally just executed a Trump supporter in the street three days ago.
And the polls show Americans are losing respect and support for in massive numbers.
We had a poll out of Wisconsin last week.
BLM approval went from plus 25 to zero in the space of about two months.
So good luck with the optics of bowing and caving to Black Lives Matter, but please God let it be true.
Coronavirus news now.
Philly Mayor who banned indoor dining caught on camera dining indoors.
One rule for them, another for you.
This is Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who passed a law banning all indoor dining in Philadelphia until September 8th.
By the way, on September 8th, when they're allowed to reopen indoor dining, they're only allowed to have 25% capacity.
All those places are going out of business.
Good luck with that.
So this is the guy that passed that law, but business owners are now furious with Kenny after the Philadelphia mayor was filmed, photographed eating inside a restaurant in Maryland.
When Kenny prohibited indoor dining, he told residents, quote, we need to follow what we are being asked to do by the health department.
I beg you to follow the rules.
However, with restaurants in Philly struggling to stay afloat with outdoor dining thanks to Kenny's shutdown order,
The Mayor visited a friend's restaurant on Sunday and remained very much indoors.
One business owner responded, said, I guess all your press briefings and your narrative of unsafe indoor dining don't apply to you.
Thanks for clearing it all up.
So the Mayor was forced into a mealy-mouthed apology, and then basically blamed Trump, just like they blamed Trump for the riots, they blamed Trump for all these businesses going bust, and that was that in Philly.
We also had a situation here in London, where on Saturday, three different protests took place, anti-lockdown protests,
A BLM protest and an Extinction Rebellion protest.
The Extinction Rebellion protests have continued today.
Of course, that is the hysterical global warming protest.
The organiser of the anti-lockdown protest, Piers Corbyn, was fined £10,000 for organising that protest.
Headline GoFundMe shuts down campaign for anti-lockdown protest.
Organiser fined £10,000.
So this GoFundMe was set up to help Piers Corbyn, who led a Unite for Freedom march in London on Saturday, to cover the cost for his £10,000 fixed penalty fine for organising the demonstration.
The 73-year-old was also arrested at the same rally.
In comparison, not a single Black Lives Matter protest organiser has been arrested or issued with a substantial fine over breaking coronavirus laws in the last three months.
Despite BLM demonstrations attracting thousands of people with little to no social distancing.
Indeed, on the very same day of the anti-lockdown protest, a million people marched to protest against systemic racism in the UK.
It also took place in London.
By the way, the photographs from that million people march show there are about 40 people there.
They're really not pulling in the numbers anymore.
The organisers of that event were not hit with the same fine that Corbyn received.
So in the UK you can't hold an outdoor rally which is over 30 people unless you're a violent revolutionary Marxist movement and then it's totally fine.
Coronavirus is woke and it takes a vacation.
But Metropolitan Police Commander Bass Javid, good old British name, said officers had worked quote tirelessly to warn communities that we remain in a health pandemic
But this warning seemed to be strangely silent during weeks of large-scale BLM rallies.
They literally had tens of thousands of people in London for weekend after weekend.
No one was arrested, in terms of the organisers.
No one was hit with a £10,000 fine.
Most of the people engaged in running violent battles with police weren't even arrested.
So despite Corbyn saying he would appeal the fine, a GoFundMe was set up to help him pay the costs and was swiftly deleted within 48 hours, of course.
We've seen GoFundMe be a platform for the latest criminal du jour of Black Lives Matter on an almost weekly basis at this point.
It's fine to raise money for them.
They've had campaigns literally raising money for Antifa extremist militants in the past.
But if you try to raise a bit of money for a 73-year-old man to pay his fine,
We're organising a rally of 400 people, given that for weeks on end we've seen rallies of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion of thousands of people.
No, that's not allowed.
And it was summarily cancelled.
Sky News reports Extinction Rebellion, at least five arrested as climate change protests kick off in London.
They say they're going to be there for 10 days straight, as if London isn't ruined and destroyed enough.
Half the pubs are shut down, half the restaurants are closed.
They're closing off all the roads now.
It's a basically similar situation to New York, Los Angeles.
Everybody's fleeing.
Everybody I know is either in the process of leaving or has left London.
And now we've got 10 days of Extinction Rebellion hipsters to block the roads again, to shut down entire areas of the city.
Just what we needed after this lockdown misery.
Just what we needed.
Of course, half of them weren't wearing masks, no social distancing.
Are the organisers going to get fined tens of thousands of pounds?
No, absolutely nothing is going to happen.
Breitbart reports, Google refuses to show negative search suggestions about Black Lives Matter.
Gee, it's almost like big tech has an anti-conservative bias.
Surely not.
I mean, Sundar Pichai got up in front of Congress
And said there was no inherent political bias in Google whatsoever.
Google's search autocomplete feature fails to generate negative suggestions for the term BLM in stark contrast to other search engines.
Typing the word BLM is on Google currently only returns a suggestion BLM Israel does not show a long list of suggestions which is unusual for a popular search term and suggests that a list of suggestions formerly existed but was removed.
Of course,
This is Google you're talking about.
They literally hide videos of mine with 3 million views.
One called Creepy Uncle Joe.
They've literally blacklisted it from search for the fact that it's got 3 million views.
I think you know why they've done that.
Because we saw in 2016 a similar thing where you could type in Hillary Clinton is
Or Clinton Foundation in terms like that.
And they would bury all the negative search results and they're doing the same once again.
And should we be surprised given that they all had that infamous meeting at Google headquarters where they were all crying about Trump being elected and vowed to never let it happen again.
And that's exactly what they're doing right now.
Charlie Abdo to reprint Prophet Muhammad cartoons on days limits attackers of Friends satirical magazine go on trial.
That's good news there.
Well, we're out of time here.
Coming up next is War Room with Owen Troyer.
That's it for me.
Check out the latest breaking news at summit.news.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
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