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Name: 20200901_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 1, 2020
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Thank you for joining us on this live Tuesday night transmission.
I cannot impress upon you enough how vital InfoWars is and how vital you are supporting InfoWars and how important that is and how thankful we are for keeping us in the fight.
It is your word of mouth, it is your prayer and your financial support of the transmission that makes it all possible.
Now, I'm in Studio B. We'll hand the baton over to Studio J, and Deanna Lorraine, Olly Alexander, and others coming up in a moment.
But first, I wanted to show you an incredible example of what they call gaslighting.
Let's read the definition.
Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a target individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking
In them, cognitive dissonance and or other changes including low self-esteem, denial, misdirection, contradiction, misinformation.
And that's what mainstream media is.
All these hundreds of angles, Axios that's really MSNBC.
You've got all the vice and the CNNs all together getting the same DNC Chai Com talking points and telling you that black isn't black, that white isn't white, that up isn't up, that down isn't down.
It's 1984.
Two plus two does not equal four.
So I woke up this morning and saw a Paul Joseph Watson article about this at Infowars.com.
Here's the Bloomberg article.
Bloomberg group warns Trump will appear to win big on election night, but will really lose.
I don't know.
Uh, that Democrats, because they're scared of COVID, are going to vote with those.
And because there'll be so many of them, because it's not going to work on day one, that we're going to have to drag this out and contest the election.
Well, Hillary and John Podesta and all of them said months ago in internal documents, at least in the New York Times, that they know they're going to lose in a landslide.
So they're going to contest and quote, drag it out.
As Hillary Clinton just said last week on Politico.
You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually, I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.
This is the very definition of mind control.
Because they've been saying for six months, Trump is going to contest the election.
When he does, it's illegal to contest an election.
He must be thrown out of office.
Which is not illegal to contest an election.
We've had many of them.
Then they say, oh, but we're definitely going to contest no matter what because they know they're going to lose.
And then we're going to just feed in as many of these 80 million ballots as we've got stockpiled to where you can never figure out who really won.
So they can then contest it and have states secede and break away and have their own inauguration for Joe Biden.
So this is the real plan to totally destabilize the United States even further than what you've seen.
They admit that a top Democrat firm funded by Michael Bloomberg, who ran against Trump, as well as a group now funded with $300 million by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, are coming out with this plan to make sure we all accept the mail-in paper ballots that have been magically mailed out to everybody.
So the very groups that are losing are
All right.
Thank you.
So, as you know, reaction videos have been all the rage.
I haven't done them in years.
But really, it's the best way to do it.
Instead of just cutting in voiceovers or writing an article about it, the quickest, easiest way and the most entertaining way is to just watch it, play it, hit pause and respond to it here in live time.
And I'm going to be laughing some, because I was laughing earlier when I first watched this.
But I'm also kind of crying because these are the people, these are the con artists, these are the frauds.
I think?
She first shows up, she's wearing the mask.
How dare him try to shake her hand?
The whole Kabuki theater and psychological warfare of the COVID-19 overblown hoax.
We're only 9,000, only died from COVID.
The rest died from morbidities like cancer and heart disease and car wrecks and gunshot wounds.
But first they do the Kabuki theater that humans can't touch each other and we're all in a big cult now.
And then he explains to us the gaslighting and how just don't believe your eyes.
So let's go ahead and get started.
You were going to shake my hand.
Oh yeah.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Welcome to Hawkfish.
Oh look, it's a wasteland.
Oh, it's the former Michael Bloomberg PR firm.
It's the guys that tried to get him elected.
It's an empty office, but now they got a job telling us that you didn't really vote for Trump.
Hawkfish is going to analyze it for us though.
Back it up 10 seconds, please.
So again, this is the definition of gaslighting.
What you see, who you vote for, the polls saying Trump's way ahead, even though they're skewed more towards Democrats.
There's such a landslide against the globalists that now they've got to tell you that when it looks like he wins that night, it's a mirage, which means it's an illusion.
But he's saying, don't believe what you really see.
Believe them when you can't even see it.
Believe Michael Bloomberg, who swore to defeat Donald Trump.
Let's hear that one more time.
A mirage, by definition, is something that appears to be there, but that doesn't really exist.
And you have a model scenario called the Red Mirage.
What does that mean?
Hey, pause again, I'm sorry.
Back it up 10 seconds again.
Oh, like the model paid for by Bill Gates out of London that said 2.5 million dead Americans, then 2.2 dead million Americans, 500,000 dead Brits?
A twenty-something fold exaggerated number than what actually happened and then even the real number most of that's fake people or all the other algorithms all the other mirages like the fake polls four years ago that said 98% chance New York Times Hillary Clinton wins special algorithm.
Oh, you mean a mirage line?
No, no.
The Democratic Party are the people of the mirage.
When you get down to what they really believe, they don't believe the country even existing.
So because they're the traitors, they again tell us we're all Russian agents because we don't believe their mirage.
Their red wave mirage.
Let's continue.
A mirage, by definition, is something that appears to be there, but that doesn't really exist.
And you have a model scenario called the Red Mirage.
What does that mean?
The reason we talk about a red mirage is, in fact, because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is.
We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.
That is likely to be what we see.
When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be someday after election day, it will, in fact, show
That what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage.
It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead.
And he fundamentally was not.
Win every ballot.
Hit pause again.
Back that up five seconds.
As you see when he says, you thought he was in the lead, but he wasn't, the BS look on his face.
This guy couldn't sell snow cones in hell.
This guy couldn't send, you know,
Any of his propaganda successfully into the minds of somebody on the street.
But he is propped up by the corrupt political system, up there on national television, bombarding us with, oh he's not really going to win when you see him winning, because he has a model, he has a scenario, and their whole world is about making us buy into these models and scenarios that Fauci and Bill Gates and other technocrats
Say we should follow, like Bloomberg that says, I don't think we should have any human farmers.
It should be robots.
Farmers are pathetic.
They're stupid.
They're lazy.
They don't know what they're doing.
When that guy doesn't know how to wipe his ass, these people are disconnected from us.
But for so long, they've been able to sit there and put out their BS scenario and then have us buy into their scenario or their worldview, hence becoming their slaves.
So let's go back to the super nerd, the Ferengi ambassador, and hear what else he has to shovel at us.
Exactly that, a mirage.
It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead.
And he fundamentally was not.
I'm sorry, back it up 10 seconds again, I want to stop and play the rest of it.
Did you see how he had to like, he had to close his eyes during the big lie.
First he goes, it looked like he was in the lead, but he...
He's like, he's shaking the dice at the craps table.
Come on, big one, I'm down a million.
I had to mortgage the house and sell her.
I mean, this is what we're being subjected to.
It's some Bloomberg super nerd out of New York trying to rule our minds.
What he is is a big fat spider trying to suck our dreams out.
Listen to this crap.
You don't want to make America great.
You don't want tax cuts.
You don't want success.
You don't want... No, no, no!
No, you want drag queen story time, buddy!
All right, let's go back to this lunatic.
That is likely to be what we see.
When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be someday after Election Day, it will in fact show
Look at that smile!
Hit pause again!
You heard him.
He said every legitimate vote's going to be counted when they're catching Democrats in fraud in all the early voting, all the special voting.
Michigan, they found 20% of the votes coming in for these mail-in are people's dead names put on it.
I mean, it's fraud time.
But he's just smiling at you saying, please buy my con job, please buy my gas lighting, please believe 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 4.
Let's continue.
You have a result on election night where it appears that Donald Trump has won, but a result after ballots are counted that show that Joe Biden has actually won.
That's right.
Let's get an obvious question out of the way first.
Hawkfish is a company that's started by Michael Bloomberg, that does work for the DNC, that's doing work for pro-Biden super PACs.
If I'm a Republican voter, an independent voter, a skeptical Democrat, why should I listen to you?
One of the things that we believe is that facts matter.
It's not about... Hit pause again.
Alright, I gotta stop it again.
I'm sorry and I want to get to the main show with Donald Loren and the whole crew that's waiting to give you a great breakdown of what's happening, but this is just so over the top.
He goes, hey, facts matter.
Oh, science matters!
2.5 million will die in the U.S.
by May.
And it was 100,000 by May.
And that was fake numbers itself.
So, these facts matter, okay?
I have the science.
Bow down to it.
I have the golden idol, bow down to it.
And that's all they do.
Then he does this con artist smile, and then sits there and repeats the same crap.
When these mail-in ballots are illegal, they're mailing them randomly around.
Cats that died 10 years ago are getting them.
On record, it's been proven to be a fraud, and it's their admitted strategy.
Democrats tried to use mail-in ballots to stop Lincoln.
Back in 1860!
I mean, these people are incredible.
I'm gonna try to stop now and finish the report and get back to the live nighttime show, but here it is.
...or misinformation or using fear as a tactic.
There are objective truths in this world today.
And how do you build your modeling?
How are you basing your predictions?
I'm sorry, pause again.
Just back it up again.
Back it up 20 seconds, then I'm going to shut up.
There are objective truths.
We don't operate on fear.
He doesn't show you any facts, any real information, nothing.
He just says there is objective fact, and it's me!
I'm God!
I'm Mr. Pumpkinhead!
And they all do these nerd haircuts on purpose.
I mean, they go to school for this, to look non-threatening like Bill Gates, when they're completely psychotic control freaks.
So, let's continue with this guy.
One of the things that we believe is that facts matter.
It's not about disinformation or misinformation or using fear as a tactic.
Oh, how you said everyone was a Russian?
In this world today.
And how do you build your modeling?
How are you basing your projections?
We essentially built a simulator.
Where... Oh, hit pause again.
It's a sequence of sliders and you just... All the simulations were wrong.
You can look it up.
Saying that by the year 20...
I think?
Like Enron had models about, oh, we're making a billion a day because there's no power coming in for the rest of the country.
The power grid can't produce the power.
And they were just creating fake computer models and showing the politicians that.
And that's all they're doing again, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's continue.
Pull those sliders to start seeing what the scenarios will show you.
What's it going to look like on election night?
What's it going to look like the day after and the day after that and the day after that?
In most every year,
Democrats are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans.
And that has only increased this cycle.
We've seen data that twice as many voters... That's because it's in their states and cities that they're illegally just announcing in a federal election they can do this when it's known to be total fraud.
And they always add 10 to 15 points in a poll saying there's more Democrats than Republicans.
So that's how they skew polls.
Then people don't vote because they think they're going to lose.
It's all perception management.
Every piece of this is a known scam.
You've got a guy in an empty Bloomberg political office that ran against Trump telling you all this crap!
They're bought into the scam.
They're bought into the COVID fraud.
They know it's all kabuki theater.
They know it's all about shutting things down.
They know they can run scams with these ballots.
That's what's happening.
So of course it's true.
Overwhelmingly, they're gonna do this because they can engage in fraud!
They're gonna go vote at the polling place as well!
Then vote the name of their dead mother!
...that were mailed in that get counted sooner because folks were proactive and got it in as soon as they possibly could or dropped it off or showed up to a polling station where early votes allowed.
But, it's gonna take a while.
It might be wasted.
Because absentee ballots are harder and slower.
We are going to find ourselves that when you have those prototypical cable news talking head moments of saying, well, you know, here's what we're seeing and this is what it looks like.
It's going to show Donald Trump in the lead in a lot of key places on election night when in-person reporting has occurred.
What about California or New York?
California is blue, New York is blue, right?
Virginia is a really good example.
So you get what's happening.
They're pre-programming their people to contest the election and to believe Trump stole it regardless.
And then if Trump fights back against this fraud, they say he's a dictator, he's got to be removed.
We first told you this 14 months ago when it was in CFR documents that were public but not widely distributed.
Now this whole thing is out in the open.
Let's go ahead and finish up.
A state that should be blue that turns out red in this one.
On election night?
On election night.
So a state like Pennsylvania, Florida, it's in play by just a couple points.
And that's what tips it in one direction or another.
If you were to essentially average battleground state polling, Joe Biden appears to be ahead by about 8%.
And so, if you have a number of battleground states in a state like that,
As big as it is, as large as the population is, as diverse as the population is, it can make a really big difference over those next 10 days.
And so when you start accounting for that in your modeling, you see that 8% lead whittle down a little, a little bit more, a little bit more.
We might have the result saying something on the evening of November 3rd that it will not say the evening of November 10th.
What difference does it make if the results seem to show something on one night and then several days later the results show something else?
Won't the facts just bear themselves out?
I think that's the America we all wish we probably lived in.
I think we've got the Trump team who's... Well, let's stop right there.
...and sees what's coming.
Back it up ten seconds.
Oh, it sounds totally reasonable.
We'll just wait for the results.
We've never done this before because the Democrats never put out 80 million random criminal ballots and never handed out driver's licenses to illegal aliens in 25 states and told them they can vote.
I mean, this is just totally reasonable.
The plan is to hold up the election.
The plan is to sabotage it all.
The plan is to...
Plunge this country into turmoil and indecision, and then the Democrats say they're going to secede some of the states and have their own inauguration, which is what the Chai Koms want.
Even if the Democrats lose, it will destroy the dollar, destroy the economy, and not make us the world superpower we are, and put Communist China in the position of dominance to promote their evil will.
Let's continue with this Bloomberg creature.
America, we all wish we probably lived in.
I think we've got the Trump team who's quite intelligent and sees what's coming.
And so we have the president messaging through tweets, through what he said at his rallies and speeches.
This notion of any change from that result on election night, he is signaling they will say means fraud has entered the equation.
What impact could it have?
How could it actually change the outcome?
You're then setting up the American presidency for even more failure because even if you ultimately get to the end result, which is that Joe Biden would be president of the United States, now you've taken what in politics would be thought of as a bit of a mandate to govern and go in and really help clean things up.
You, in fact, find yourself in this deeply polarized situation.
Alright, let's stop right there.
Joe Biden elected, Trump has not yet conceded.
I'm going to do you all a favor.
I'm going to do myself a favor and I'm going to end this now, hand the baton over to Deanna Lorraine and the rest of the crew tonight for the live show.
But this is them trying to control reality, trying to pre-program you, treating you like a child.
It's disgusting and it's evil.
You know, they're the ones that tell you Joe Biden doesn't have any cognitive problems for the last two years and that I was wrong about it.
But now they go, okay, he does.
He'll just step down and we'll appoint somebody new as the president.
They want the country to fail, but you heard him saying, oh, we don't want a failed president.
We want a, we want a successful America.
They're the ones that have been demoralizing and de-industrializing and shutting our country down for 50 years.
And now you've woken up and they're pissed and they want to get you back under their control.
And they're so pissed that they know you're not listening to them.
So they censor you and they try to silence you, but it's not working.
That's why if you're watching tonight at InfoWars.com or Band.Video on a local TV station or listening on a radio station, tell people about the show.
It's already very popular.
It already helped Trump win last time.
They've tried to suppress us, but the Paul Revere's out there, the underdogs can help get this out to everybody and override the censors.
So share those links right now to the live show.
We're censored on Twitter with Band.Video.
But 2020ElectionCenter.com is a URL that has all the links up on it as well, a clone, a Bandai video.
You can share those links at 2020ElectionCenter.com.
Let's go ahead and hand the baton to Deanna Lorraine and the rest of the live crew here on this Tuesday night.
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