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Name: 20200831_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 31, 2020
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses various topics including COVID-19, the shooting incident in Portland, the upcoming US election, a potential global currency reset, and the Democratic Party's shift towards socialism. He encourages viewers to take action against corruption and condemns those who promote evil.

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The COVID collapse has officially collapsed.
Believe me, if there's a real epidemic, I will tell you, you already know it, because you'll already see it yourself.
No, this was an economic weapon and a system to bring in the AI controls, and we now know that.
CDC, 6% of COVID deaths occurred without comorbidities.
Oops, looks like the vast majority of positive COVID-19 results have been negative.
AP, Town Hall, Reuters are all reporting.
ABC News, Axios, CDC.
94% of U.S.
COVID deaths are contributing health conditions.
And it goes on, ABC News, all of it the same thing.
Shock report this week, CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,200 Americans died from COVID-19.
See, there's alternative media breaking it all first.
They plan to never take the mask off.
Fauci says wear goggles.
It's all kabuki theater to go, oh, you want to take the mask off?
Oh no, actually, the governor of Texas says, wear it in your house when you're having sex with your husband or wife!
Put it on!
What a frickin' cult of lying kooks!
They are crying uncle right now and just begging us to stop.
And guess what?
I'm not gonna stop.
And if you kill me, it'll make it even bigger.
But if you want to go ahead and pull the trigger, do it, Bill.
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
I'm not a sack of crap like you, boy!
I don't get off on killing people!
If it's the last thing I do, even after I'm shoveled in my grave, my spirit will live on through the people, and you will pay.
You will pay.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is August 31st.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and I want to thank you all for joining us today.
The only way I can start a broadcast is with the truth.
And I've started this show hundreds of times this way because it's true.
We have just been peaking for 20 years going into the New World Order, and now we're getting the peak of the peak of the peak.
World governments being announced, brain chips are being announced, colleges across the Western world are announcing that students will stay in prison cells.
Apps will track everything you're doing.
Robots will control you.
The dam broke and hell came in.
And all of it is based on the COVID-19 hoax.
And it turns out at Davos this year, some of the top globalists were bragging how they were going to use the virus to bring down the West and Trump.
It's incredible.
But here's what I'm going to start with right now that actually makes me breathless.
Makes me have an anxiety attack.
Because we have victory in our hands.
If we recognize it.
But I understand the criminal algorithm that the globalists are involved in.
And so, I am doing my best here to try to impart to you, so it doesn't just get lost in the background noise, how huge this is.
The CDC came out this weekend and released data quietly that 90 plus percent of the COVID-19 tests are false positive by design.
That clinics across the country and hospitals are faking them to make money.
And the big one.
Just 6% of COVID deaths occurred without comorbidities, like being 85 years old with cancer and heart disease, and then they just put on the death certificate that you died of it.
Now, we already know all of this, but it's now mainstream news.
ABC, CBS, all of it.
Fox News.
Now, how did Trump know what to do to shut down?
Because here's the deal.
Fauci and Gates don't engage in fraud.
They engage in corporate scams.
Fraud is where you get together and you put out fake numbers with a plan to manipulate people and don't tell them.
But have you ever noticed that the corporate fraud, they have small print at the bottom that actually tells you.
And that's why small print, they said actually, almost no one actually has COVID.
Actually, everybody really died of other things.
And by the way, the tests are all basically false positive.
They've been saying that from the beginning.
Why do you think Gates came out two months ago and said, okay, the testing's a fraud, it's a big problem.
And he referred to Roger Stone, saying that he was running a scam.
And he said, other people.
You know who that is.
So Gates even goes, oh yeah, the testing's a fraud.
So that he's covered later.
Remember he said they're complete garbage.
When his groups wrote the code for the NIH on what's acceptable, and the Wuhan lab controls of the four tests, two of them.
And who's the main financier of the COVID lab with US taxpayer money he controls?
Bill Gates III.
William Gates.
Billy Boy.
So if you're not getting chills right now, you're absolutely crazy.
If you're not, absolutely
Just blown away by this, and if you're not telling everyone you know today about it, then you're part of the problem, because this COVID thing will lock us down forever.
It's a civilization killer!
It is the final day of August on this Monday Live Edition, 63 days out from the election.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Joey Gibson, the founder of the Patriot Prayer Group, who lost one of their best members
Execution style, Saturday in the communist super state of Portland, Oregon.
We'll be joining us along with the best friend, one of the good friends, his quote, partner of the man that was shot and killed.
Execution style.
We'll also be joining us in the third hour and we'll go over the asinine, incredible gaslighting of Joe Biden saying Trump is creating all the violence and Antifa doesn't exist.
The corn pop does.
So we're going to be looking at all of this coming up the third hour.
Now, look, I always come up here and I say, please pay particular attention to this piece of news I'm covering right now.
And it's always very important and it's always ahead of its time from the actual source documents or from sources.
And then later everybody sees that I was telling you exactly what was actually going on.
It's my job to not go off what their propaganda is at the surface level, but to do deep dives.
And I can tell you folks, I've not revealed to you a lot of the things I know and the sources I have.
In the White House, Trump's personal lawyers, and others.
People you see on the news.
People out of New York.
This is the real world here.
Infowars is real.
You're real.
This is really happening.
You don't know how precious you are.
It's not just America, but the entire world that you're informed, you care, you're on the field informing Americans in the world about the globalist scourge that will turn the whole planet into a version of Communist China 2.0.
So I'm not asking you, and I'm not telling you, I am just knowing you're going to do it.
To tell you, however you're listening, over the internet, audio streams, later when this is archived, live today on a local radio station, TV station, to take the feeds from band.video and take the feeds from 2020electioncenter.com.
That's a new URL that gets around the censors.
And I'm told we're making a lower third.
I've been asking for that since Thursday.
It says 2020ElectionCenter.com.
McBrain's made a really good one, I think.
We can get that up.
I'd actually cut my pinky off for it, but probably won't get it.
But the point I'm getting at here, there it is!
Oh, I love it.
Share it.
That URL will take you right to band.video and all the sub URLs under that that are not being censored at this time.
That's how we got to play whack-a-mole with the enemy.
We're the moles.
They're trying to whack us.
So let me just start over.
This broke Friday evening.
I didn't know about it till Saturday.
I woke up.
There it was on Infowars.com.
Jamie Wyatt had written an article about it and linked to Gateway Pundit.
By the way, Gateway Pundit is the best publication now for breaking news that's stunningly accurate that there is.
Zero Hedge is number two.
Infowars is number five or six.
But our news operation and our live on-air analysis is number one.
But I just feel good going to sleep at night knowing that there's Jim Hoft.
I feel good going to sleep at night knowing there's Zero Hedge.
I feel good going to sleep at night knowing there's Tucker Carlson.
Don't you?
Don't you?
And all these other incredible people I'm seeing come on the scene.
Man, I saw a documentary this morning that the head of our security sent me that I'm gonna tell you about the fourth hour today and I'm gonna air.
25 minutes long.
That is just devastatingly good and devastatingly well-spoken and devastatingly accurate.
And it just made me feel so good.
Because I'm not trying to be the big number one kahuna.
I want to be made obsolete.
I want to turn the tide for my children and your children.
So let me just get to it right now.
I don't want to be the big kahuna, but I want to stay on air.
I don't want them to win silencing us.
And the analogy this morning when I was having a business meeting about how to finance ourselves with my inner circle of crew I trust,
One of them said, you know, it's like we're a beach house that's got six legs, and they've sawed off three of them, and we know they're about to saw off the others, and the house is tilting, and it's really, there comes a time to tell you what's going on.
But for a lot of strategic reasons, it's not time to do that.
But let me just explain something to you.
I'm not a drama queen, okay?
And if you knew the stuff that they've done to us, and if you knew it was going on right now,
I'd say it's like the Matrix analogy where Neo is in the cyberspace trying to beat, you know, the mainframe, Lucifer, and they're burrowing into Zion with their big tunnelers.
I mean, and they're coming through the wall right now.
And I mean, it's just like a movie, because movies mirror the real world.
It's that for real, ladies and gentlemen.
Every second counts.
Everything you do counts now.
If I could only tell you what they're doing to Trump behind the scenes and his family and all of his associates, that's why I get so mad at the Q thing.
The Democrats still control most of the Justice Department, and they are harassing all of Trump's supporters at the high level, and doing horrible, dirty things, and Trump's barely winning.
And anything that tells you that, oh, everything's fine, and that we're not in a serious death battle, and that you can just sit back and trust the plan, that's not true.
You need to be involved.
You need to be engaged.
Anybody that tells you not to be is a problem.
And I don't want to fight with the whole Q thing.
There are a lot of good people that buy into it and like riddles and like stuff like that.
You don't get that with me.
You get the real deal, folks, and that's why we're so attacked.
Because the enemy knows it.
When we come back from break, I'm going to shift into the really powerful news that's out in the open.
What we told you, the false COVID-19 test, and that 90 plus percent of people that died, died of something else.
The CDC now admits it's all been a fraud.
This is huge news, but they're hoping it just blows over.
Like a silent but deadly flatulence.
That is not the case.
This is do-or-die stuff.
I don't hardly ever walk into my writers and my video people and say, you're going to do this.
I walked around this morning and I said, you see all this?
We broke this this weekend with Gateway Pundit.
No one was even going to cover it.
I saw disinfo operatives on Twitter Sunday going, this isn't even real.
And now it's in the Associated Press that it's all a fraud.
But now we have to reverse the fraud, stand up to the fraud, tell all the sheeple that are in limbing phase, and then reverse the rollout.
Because this is a civilization-killing New World Order takeover.
It's a lot bigger than Trump.
Though they went ahead and launched it, then pointed it at Trump and America.
So that's all coming up.
I'm gonna go to break and cover this, but let me just tell you this.
We're extending for two days, and then that's it.
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You know, there's a chance in a few months we won't be here, folks.
It's going to go ahead and level with you, all right?
But this is our last stand.
Hopefully we win, but regardless, we're not backing down.
63 days.
63 days until the most important election in world history.
That wasn't hype when I was saying it a year ago and it's not hype now.
Now everyone's saying it because it is the truth.
All right, you know COVID-19 is an overblown hoax.
You know that the globalists are using it to shut down Western civilizations while keeping China, our main competitors, open.
You know they're using it to bring in a global digital tracking system and social credit score.
But now you've got to make sure other people know it.
Now, this morning, I went down to the hike and bike trail, walked briskly a couple miles before I jumped into the river and swam about a mile and a half, trying to get back in shape.
Been working too much.
And I probably talked to 20 people.
There weren't a lot of folks out there at 7 a.m.
And I probably walked by about 40.
And about half the people, brown people, white people, old people, young people, said, love you Alex Jones, love the work.
In fact, they almost all did like a fist, but down by their stomach.
It was kind of like, appreciate you.
I was like, this is weird.
It's like Fight Club.
They're all doing the same thing.
And a few of them said, F Bill Gates, or we're going to get Bill Gates.
We're going to get Fauci and his fools.
And I was like, this is beyond Fight Club.
This is the real Fight Club.
This is happening.
Because I'm like walking along a path, one of the side paths, not the main one.
I'm like jumping in the river where nobody's even, you know, getting in.
You're not, quote, supposed to swim in the river.
I'll do whatever the hell I want.
I'm a wild human.
And it was just very exciting.
But now's the time to press the attack.
I was talking to Darren McBreen, who goes into Buc-ee's, you know, big giant gas stations the size, almost the size of Walmart.
And so the cult there is doubling down, causing a mass exodus, which is fine, because the globalists want to collapse the country.
That's their mission.
So let's go ahead and go over this.
This news is so huge.
Look at this graph put together with CDC numbers for TV viewers.
How misleading raw data can serve to incite panic and to spare the limiting cycle.
And they show you what you're told is the case rate, what you're told they projected would be the death rate, and then you've got the actual numbers 90 plus percent lower than what they said.
It's actually, from the earlier models, 50 plus times lower.
That's from the ethical skeptic.
Go to their site on Twitter and they show you all the demographics, the statistician, how they did it.
We've hired a statistician that has several degrees here in Texas that found the same numbers.
You've seen us go over those.
Now let's get into the real facts here, ladies and gentlemen.
CDC says just 6% of COVID deaths occurred without comorbidities, like cancer, heart attacks, average age 85.
Town Hall, oops, looks like the vast majority of positive COVID-19 results should have been negative.
Depending on the type of test, they're all between 40 and 99% false, depending on which one you look at.
Like, some of the tests are supposed to spin it 30 times, but they were having accidents, but always accidents going over 40 times, 100 times, spinning the molecular material.
Now let's explain this.
Most of these tests don't operate on actually finding the virus.
They find what they call wreckage of the virus or antibodies of the virus.
But the way they set the test up, it's not even that.
And so if you've had a cold, the flu, or a bacterial infection in the last decade, you're going to be positive.
But it turns out most of the companies didn't even do the test.
They just saved the money.
But said you were positive because the big healthcare providers are in the pocket of the globalist.
And they decided to make this move.
Because who sets the parameters?
The big central banks.
The big think tanks.
The big foundations, they create the directives under Lockstep and under Event 201.
That's given to the U.N.
that goes out with those numbers and all the national health services then follow their directive.
That's global government through the medical system.
And the head of the WHO said last week, we must not allow vaccine nationalism.
All countries must go under U.N.
control, 150 have already done it, and take our directive and we want forced inoculations by winter.
There's not even an approved vaccine and they admit it's killing folks in the trials.
So, look at these numbers.
Town Hall.
And it goes into the whole thing, how the testing's fake.
94% of U.S.
COVID-19 deaths had contributing health conditions.
See, now they're covering their butts, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they always admitted that in the fine print.
They didn't totally fraudulently lie.
They lied on the news, got the media to lie, ran all these fake headlines, but in the fine print, always admitted it was almost all false positives.
This is out of local 12 News.
94% of COVID-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions.
ABC News, CDC, 94% of COVID-19 had underlining medical conditions.
Now, where did you learn all this?
Well, you learned all this on Saturday and Sunday at InfoWars.com and GatewayPundit.com.
Shock report!
This week, CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,210 Americans died from COVID-19.
Rest had different other serious illnesses or died in car wrecks or gunshot wounds or drowned.
Remember this article last week?
We were breaking it.
Texas County drops from 4,600 active COVID cases to under 100, admitting that they were given fraudulent data through the federal dashboard that they went and checked at what the local facilities was not true!
With a link to the county of the third most populous in Texas, Collin County, that's up in Dallas,
They said it's just not true.
It was all lies.
Oh, but don't worry.
Number of COVID-19 cases likely to spike again after testing surge, Hawaii officials warn, because they're doing forced testing, stopping people on the highway, here it is, and making them give the swabs, directing them into a tunnel.
They wait until you're in a tunnel and they stop you on the main highways and do this.
Then they say, oh, the cases are going to explode now.
Because we're going to have all these false positives, they even tell you.
German COVID civil rights protesters appeal to Donald Trump.
Help us!
Huge rallies in Germany, huge rallies in Trafalgar Square in London, and the organizer was arrested and given a $10,000 fine, but the Muslims are allowed to do whatever they want.
And then we've got this little globalist, who chief warns of vaccine nationalism.
Has 172 countries signed on to coronavirus vaccine distribution scheme?
And they go on to say, the UN, here it is RT, you will take the shots, you will not refuse, the UN is in control.
Yeah, of the global fraud, of all the lies, of the forced inoculations, all coming
Checkpoints, forced testing, and they're announcing mandatory flu shots already in all the blue states and blue cities.
They're coming for you.
They want total power over you.
They're criminals.
They want to bankrupt you.
They're the enemy!
Destroy them with the truth!
All right, let me tell you what's coming up and who's coming up, and then I want to open the phones up in the second hour, but listeners, I've got incredibly important news on so many fronts, but all of it is dwarfed by COVID-19.
Because with the COVID-19 hoax, the AI takeover, the driverless cars locking us in our houses, what they're already beta testing at universities across the United States, is incredible.
It's moving faster than I thought.
I'm going to show you the articles in a moment.
Remember two weeks ago?
In Europe, in the UK, in the US and Canada, in California, in Michigan, in Toronto, in London, in Berlin, in Reykjavik.
I saw they were doing it in like Greenland or Iceland, wherever that's at.
They are saying you can't leave the campus and there's an app on your phone for contact tracing and they tell you what shops to go to and where you're allowed to shop.
And who can go where when?
That's the total Chinese communist social score.
Well now, they're announcing prison pods, where you're actually going to a locker, that's what the CIA would use to torture you with, and you lock yourself in to a locker in the dark,
With a TV screen, but you're still in the classroom.
I mean, it's all about, okay, stand on your head.
Okay, stand on one leg and stick your thumb up your rear end.
Okay, now, you know, play Twisters.
I mean, it's stick your finger in a light socket.
That's what cults get you to do.
They get you to do stupid stuff.
All I want you to do is wake up and take action and love God.
These people want to destroy you.
It's a cult!
Because people want to feel like they're part of something and you're heroes and all the big corporations say, just wear your mask.
Just wear your mask.
Be a hero.
And it's all a fraud.
And they weren't gonna have any COVID death numbers.
So they sent people with COVID-19 to the
Nursing homes.
And the COVID-19 is a bad pneumonia.
COVID-19 is a patented chimera that Bill Gates owns.
So it's a real virus.
And if you've got a vitamin or nutrient deficiency, it can kill you.
Any other virus can as well.
Most people don't ever die of what they call starvation.
They die of malnutrition.
And then they get a regular cold that most people wouldn't even get sick from, and you die.
And so, you look at 44%
Nationwide, the people died, died in nursing homes.
And starting three months ago, they froze the numbers.
So the FBI is investigating 10 Democrat governors right now.
You saw they sent the letters out last week to five of them, but it's more than those five.
saying hold on to your data and give it to us because they're not reporting it federally like they're supposed to because the word I've got is something like 60% I've got this out of New York from law enforcement they're looking at 60% of the deaths were 85 or older in nursing homes
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
And they did the same thing in Italy first.
And the same thing was done in China.
They're doing this as a test, a dry run, to kill old people, like Bill Gates wants to do, to euthanize them, get away with it, and then use their dead numbers to scare the living hell out of us.
Let me explain this again.
Old people are inside, they're not getting sun, you don't have D3, you will die from it.
Any regular virus, even ones that aren't supposedly lethal, will kill you.
So they start there and then old people's guts stop absorbing nutrients.
So old people need a higher regimen of vitamins and minerals because their guts get old and they stop absorbing upper and lower intestine.
That's all mainline science.
And they knew all this and they suppressed this.
But nursing homes on average care about their people.
And I know people that work at nursing homes, people that run them.
They are on their own money getting zinc and D3 and giving it to these old people.
Because they care about him.
And guess what?
You're not getting to kill him, you murderers!
Ha ha ha!
You murdering Fauci!
You murderer Bill Gates!
You murdering piece of garbage!
Now, do you think Bill Gates that gets daily reports on what I say, and Jeff Bezos that gets daily reports, transcripts of what I say, I'm gonna stop right there.
I'm barred from saying anymore.
I'm gonna stop right there.
I'm gonna stop right there.
Boy, I sure wish I could tell you all this, folks.
I've been told
By Gates' representatives, before this even happened, in meetings in D.C., that if I don't shut up, I'm dead.
Well, you go ahead and do it then, Billy boy.
F you!
But I just want listeners to know, this is the real show.
This is the real broadcast.
And not because I'm here pissing at you, telling you I'm Mr. Billy Badass.
You need to know.
This is out in the light in front of God and country and my family.
We can beat these monsters.
And I'm way more willing to die for the truth than I am to live on the knees of these people.
I'm just going to tell you something right now.
We're winning and they're scared.
I'm going to leave it at that.
They are crying uncle right now and just begging us to stop.
And guess what?
I'm not gonna stop.
And if you kill me, it'll make it even bigger.
But if you want to go ahead and pull the trigger, do it, Bill.
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
I'm not a sack of crap like you, boy!
I don't get off on killing people!
If it's the last thing I do, even after I'm shoveled in my grave, my spirit will live on through the people, and you will pay.
You will pay.
I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
Here, let's get into some of the news right here.
How misleading raw data can serve to incite panic and despair.
And so you have the Lemming Cycle.
Increased testing, increased cases, panic, demand more testing.
And now it's not about deaths, it's not about even getting a fever, it's about
Increased testing.
Increased cases.
Demand more testing.
Increased testing.
Increased cases.
Demand more testing.
Increased cases.
Increased testing.
Increased cases.
Demand more testing.
And that's why you see the same propaganda.
Record number of tests.
Oh, how this town did a good job, but didn't.
And then they got sick.
Oh, Hawaii locked down and didn't have any cases.
But now they're the epicenter of the outbreak.
Thousands of tests a day.
Thousands of new people.
Because it's a fake test!
But there's no deaths!
We had a journalist in here yesterday, Jason Jones, and he had the numbers.
I didn't even know it was .0004.
That's thousands of times less lethal than the flu.
And why?
Because Hawaiians are in the sun.
And baby, if you got a tan from the sun, you're in like Flynn.
If you got the zinc.
And if you got the sea.
And I just keep saying that.
Remember, oh, the UN has not said vitamin D3 is good or zinc.
Oh, no, just the NIH website.
That's why when you're a kid watching, you know, commercials for crappy sugar cereal, it goes, oh, but we add 30 vitamins and minerals that are essential.
Because you can eat crappy sugar cereal and live off that because it has all the essential vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins and minerals.
And I sit there and I talk to people wearing masks in public.
I go, listen, all you have is zinc, D3, and C. They go, oh, are you a doctor?
I go, is Bill Gates one?
They plan to never take the mask off.
Fauci says wear goggles.
It's all kabuki theory to go, oh, you want to take the mask off?
Oh, no, actually, the governor of Texas says, wear it in your house when you're having sex with your husband or wife!
Put it on.
What a frickin' cult of lying kooks!
They told us 4% of us were gonna die.
And it's nationwide with fake numbers added.
Point zero zero.
And in Hawaii and Australia?
There's four zeroes before he even gets one?
I mean... You understand, these aren't zeroes in the positive direction.
They're zeroes in the fraction direction.
Oh my God.
Let me go through this whole stack when we come back, and then I'll get into all the other news.
I mean, stuff breaking.
Fox News reporting on what we told you, what was in Zero Hedge and InfoWars years ago.
Remember all that about Obama's Ministry of Truth?
Remember all that?
Obama's Ministry of Truth?
All right, I'm fired up, folks, because I'm living the way I should be.
Not cowering, but being a man.
I've never felt better.
Bill Gates would put a gun to my head and say, serve my evil or I'll kill you.
And I'd say, you pull that trigger, you cowardly little rat.
Not because I want to die, but because I want everybody to live.
And we can't bow to these tyrants and have a free nation and a free world.
The essence of who we are is standing on the shoulders of those that had the attitude of not being cowards and standing up to trash!
I've never seen such trash as those globalist depopulation meetings they have with all these old, weird, inbred, unhappy people that hate themselves and hate humanity, who could actually empower humanity with their wealth and power, but their very nature won't allow them to do it!
Now, the folks that did the best job reporting on this, we wrote a bunch of articles, we've done countless reports on it, with zero heads.
They wrote probably ten articles about it in 2016, 2017.
This is coming up next hour.
Obama quietly signs the Counter Disinformation and Propaganda Act, which turned the CIA and DARPA loose, with all these different computer programs and systems developed by DARPA, with General McChrystal and all of it, on to the American people.
And you also saw the headline in 2008.
14 out of Foreign Affairs and in other publications like the Washington Post, Obama legalizes using propaganda on Americans.
And they actually got the Defense Authorization Act to pass a law saying they could now use disinfo on the American people.
It was already going on, but they just legalized Operation Mockingbird.
So there was that article, but here's this, look at this.
Dems deploying DARPA-funded AI-driven information warfare tool to target pro-Trump accounts.
And that's who goes through for Google, Apple, and all of them.
We told you about this years ago, but now they're in the news admitting that DARPA-created software, this is what William Benning and others were exposed to years ago, is being used.
So, that's what's going on, and that's why I've screamed at Pompeo on air, and all the rest of it, because it's not just the computer programs.
It's House Armed Services Committee hearings, where they say, Jones is a Russian agent, we're doing countermeasures against him, and so is Roger Stone.
And then they go have the FBI come after us, telling them, oh yeah, we're green-lit at the national security level, these are Russian assets!
You're CHICOM agents!
We're very glad Russia's becoming Christian and getting away from the New World Order.
Hope everybody breaks free from it.
That's about as Russian as we get.
If the Russians were up our business like the Chai Koms, I'd say go after them.
They're not!
So these are globalists that are anti-American that are selling the country out.
My God, they fund Antifasoros to us, saying no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
The new stuff they do is they're now chanting, Death to America!
We got that all coming up third hour with Joey Gibson and the man who died, best buddy who was there when he was killed, an eyewitness.
The Portland News is still, we don't know if it was political or not.
They just said, we got a trumper, here's a trumper, get him, pull it out, boom, boom!
You got eyewitnesses, you got people said did it.
Even local news says that the man is a person of interest and they're looking for him right now.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen, but just incredible times.
But let me just get back to this because this is a live show.
We're going to archive this later, and we're going to do some Greg Reese is great.
It reads great.
We probably need some four minute, five minute Harrison's awesome.
Wilson's all our editors are amazing, but somebody needs to just do their own voice over their own, like four minute with the COVID collapse has officially collapsed.
The entire COVID hoax, and I want to be clear.
The virus itself is not a hoax.
I mean, you could kill yourself with a pencil.
You just don't call it a thermonuclear warhead.
It's a very easily spread pneumonia-style virus that's a chimera and does some weird mutations and really goes after people that are old.
But still, it's...
Less than one hundredth of a percent chance of dying from it.
I mean, it's not one in a hundred, one one hundredth of a percent or less.
I mean, it's super weak.
The flu now, at first they were like, oh, the flu is five times worse, three times worse.
It's like 50 times worse.
And notice they fetishized it now.
They're saying, oh, flu shots are going to be mandatory.
All the Democrat states are saying, because, you know, it actually kills people.
So if we're going to do all this for COVID-19, abso-friggin-lutely, what are they going to do for... 1.4 million people died of tuberculosis last year in the U.S.
1.4 million.
That's real people.
A lot of them kids.
Nobody wanted to test folks coming into Latin America with it.
Nobody wanted to check kids in school next to your kids and take care of the kids that already had it.
And it's incredible.
1.4 million.
Oh, but that's with open borders, so they didn't want you to know about that.
And then 180,000, 94% of them didn't die from COVID.
That's why they're saying 10,000 people, 9,000 and change.
9,000 died from COVID if you actually look at the real numbers.
And that sounds believable.
I mean, my God, don't play around with pneumonia.
I told you I lost six years ago, my uncle.
My dad's older cousin, he called his uncle, and my cousin.
They all live in the same ranch, different ranch houses up on the hill.
I still got the remnants of our beautiful ranch up on this big hill, big oak trees all around it.
Look around all the directions, beautiful.
And, uh, they all died.
One month, one after the other.
My cousin, my uncle, and then Pat Lynn, my dad's cousin.
All great men, all dead.
And I went to that hospital in East Texas, and I saw them loading body bags and ambulances lined up.
There were dead people all over the place.
Didn't hear about it on the news, folks.
When there's a real epidemic, you're not going to hear about it.
You heard about it on the show.
Believe me, if there's a real epidemic, I will tell you, you'll already know it, because you'll already see it yourself.
No, this was an economic weapon.
And a system to bring in the AI controls, and we now know that.
So let's run through these headlines very quickly.
CDC, 6% of COVID deaths occurred without comorbidities.
Oops, looks like the vast majority of positive COVID-19 results have been negative.
AP, Town Hall, Reuters are all reporting.
ABC News, Axios, CDC, 94% of U.S.
COVID deaths and contributing health conditions.
And it goes on, ABC News, all of it the same thing.
Shock report this week, CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,200 Americans died from COVID-19.
See, there's alternative media breaking it all first.
Gateway Pundit, InfoWars.
InfoWars last week, when the state got the new numbers and looked at it and said, my God, we had 4,600 cases.
We did the audit, it was all fake, less than 100.
But don't worry, they have checkpoints in Hawaii run by the Democrats under U.N.
control to set the precedent to make us feel like Australia or Spain that are living in a nightmare.
Here's the article I told you about, ZeroHedge.com.
Senates to isolation prisons.
College students across America are being subjected to horrid psychological experiments.
Yeah, like the Milgram or the Stanford to see what they'll put up with.
And they admit it's being run by psychiatrists and psychologists to just see what you'll put up with.
It's all made up!
And German COVID civil rights protesters appealed to Trump for help.
Yes, we need Trump, who's already leading on this, to go public with it, to not just expose the numbers and say it's a fraud, but to absolutely destroy it.
And again, the response to COVID is the hoax.
Yes, it's overblown.
Do pencils kill people?
Is it a hydrogen bomb?
And they got the U.N.
telling you you will submit to this.
The U.N.
is in charge of all of it.
Oh, but in New Jersey, finally reopens indoor dining, but wants you to give your name and number and info to get you ready for a contact tracing app.
It's all...
Coming up, ladies and gentlemen, in the next hour.
But I wanted to spend this hour on this fact because I know you've already heard it a thousand times.
You've looked it up yourself.
You know I'm telling you the truth.
I get that.
Now I need you to take this information and to get it out to people.
And if that means you go get a YouTube channel and talk about it, that's the answer.
We don't need you to sit back and wait for Alex Jones to do it.
We need you to do it.
And I'm seeing a huge new crop
The biggest crop of people I've ever seen come out for freedom and come out against the new order and really this COVID thing has caused a crash course and now suddenly people have gone from knowing nothing to having PhD level understanding of this and I love it love it because I always had this vision that my job was to wake as many people as possible and that that would cause and trigger the Great Awakening for the leaders and that I could then just recede.
And I'm now seeing literally the vision God gave me, not like sitting there, you know, hallucinating, but like just an understanding.
When I was about 16 or 17, it was like beaming to me like, this is going on.
You got to warn people, world government, new world order, the plan.
And I just saw it all.
And I was like, you have to do this.
You have to do this.
You're going to go warn people.
Then they're going to listen.
You're going to get destroyed in the process.
It's OK.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
And I mean, God is so real.
This wasn't me.
And now here we are, 30 years later, and it's all unfolding.
Praise Jesus.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with hour number two.
I love it!
How big was it?
When the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Millie, came out and said, the Democrats have asked us to carry out a coup.
They've actually got a group actively trying to prepare it.
Saying that if Trump contests the election, which Hillary says she will, Biden's her puppet.
That Trump needs to be struck by the military because he's an enemy agent working with Russians.
They're back to that again.
Oh yeah, right.
Trump's with the Russians.
I'm only laughing because this has been a long, hard fight.
And with the COVID hoax being exposed.
And I just, at a spiritual level, I feel victory right now.
And this is a build-up to train humanity for the big push against AI.
And our power is going to become so great with the science God's given us that we're going to have some bigger obstacles to come.
But I mean, maybe two big humps?
We've already climbed one mountain.
You get to the top, you see a bigger mountain and a bigger mountain.
I'd say about two more humps.
I don't know if it takes 20 years, 100 years.
But I mean, humanity's going straight up.
People read the Bible and the church teaches, oh, we're gonna, the Antichrist will wage war on the saints and overcome them.
That's in one big battle!
And then he gets, like, maybe a year to run around slaughtering everybody who deserves it!
Bunch of Satanists!
I mean, the devil's gonna start just wiping out all his minions, and then get his ass fried!
And when you study Gates and these Luciferians, man, they're getting directives from this off-world crap!
When I say off-world, it didn't come from this world.
Not of this world, but the God of this world, little G. And so, yeah, it's super heavy, it's super real.
None of them are atheists!
None of them!
They admit that now.
Let's go to Greg Rees's report, and we'll be right back.
Mainstream media is reporting that the most senior officer in the U.S.
Armed Forces says there is no role for the military in the 2020 presidential election.
The article reveals that General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was responding to questions submitted by two members of Congress, Elisa Slotkin of Michigan and Mickey Sherrill of New Jersey, who were apparently recruiting the General's support for a military coup.
These two were amongst the first to call for the impeachment of the president last year for investigating Joe Biden's ties to the Ukraine.
In a Washington Post op-ed, seven freshman Democrats, all former military and intelligence operatives, claimed to be a group of unified U.S.
patriots sworn to save America from Donald Trump.
Abigail Spanberger and Elisa Slotkin were featured in headlines three years ago.
Ex-CIA officers running for Congress as Democrats.
The article cited the unfounded Russia hoax as the inspiration for these so-called patriotic CIA operatives to run for office.
NBC wrote that these CIA agents were fed up with the president and their new mission was to foil Trump.
The move by the CIA to run agents in the 2018 elections came almost immediately after the president ordered devastating bombings of Afghanistan heroin operations.
An operation that many believe was run by the CIA.
This is not surprising.
The CIA has been involved in the international opium market since their inception in 1947, when agency operatives worked with the Italian mafia and used heroin profits as CIA funding.
Slotkin and Sherrill were not the first to request the U.S.
military's assistance in their coup d'etat against President Trump.
On August 11th, a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, wrote an open letter to General Milley.
Like out of a Philip K. Dick novel, they predicted that Trump was mobilizing a secret army, and threatened that General Milley would be guilty of treason if he would not help them remove the President from office.
The publication of General Milley's response to these CIA operatives is a sign of the American Deep State's weakness.
They appear to be desperate.
For InfoWars.com... In 1816, the gold standard, an economic unit of account based on a fixed quantity of gold, was officially adopted, and the world reserve currency became the British pound sterling.
In 1914, after World War I, nations attempted to revive the gold standard, but it collapsed during the Great Depression.
Also in 1914, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private company, was born.
After Britain was devastated by World War II, they were no longer a superpower, and so the global reserve currency needed to be reset.
In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, the U.S.
dollar became the new global reserve currency.
This established America as the dominant power in the world economy, giving America the sole ability to print dollars.
The rest of the world would need to trade their own currency against the U.S.
dollar in order to balance exchange rates, keeping the international economy vibrant and fluid.
But by the 1960s, the United States had printed more USD than their gold reserves could cover.
And by 1970, a growing American trade deficit was undermining the value of the dollar.
On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon brought an end to the gold standard.
Federal Reserve notes, a fiat currency backed by debt rather than gold, became the new standard.
This is basically no different than an I.O.U.
As one would expect, right after President Nixon gave his speech, inflation began to rise and America's biggest export became debt.
The creation of the petrodollar gave the U.S.
even more sway over world economies.
And today, the international debt has become untenable.
And many are saying another global currency reset is needed.
Historically, the gold standard has been the most stable economy we have known.
But gold can be manipulated and disruptive as well.
Some are suggesting that cryptocurrency could be the solution.
Crypto is run by an algorithm and can be designed to meet specific needs.
The global currency needs to have fluid supply, and the limited gold supply failed to keep up with economic growth.
A sovereign-free, algorithm-based alternative could potentially be more stable.
China is almost ready to launch their own cryptocurrency, DCEP, short for Digital Currency Electronic Payments.
DCEP is government-controlled and fully centralized.
So far, it appears to be a digital version of fiat paper money.
The Federal Reserve Bank is developing their own crypto called Fedcoin.
The coronavirus pandemic seems to be the perfect storm for a global currency reset.
The amount of money printing involved in holding up failing economies as quarantines and shutdowns take place will be unprecedented.
And all this does is weaken the U.S.
dollar even more.
And when the U.S.
dollar falls, it will be replaced by something.
The question is, which way will it go?
This is Greg Reese for InfoWars.com.
Godfather of the Rothschild banking cartel, Mayor Amschel Rothschild said, give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.
In a recent Bloomberg article, the Fed's cure risks being worse than the disease.
Jim Bianco explains what is now happening with the Federal Reserve Bank in their response to the coronavirus.
He writes, this scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization.
So meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.
Did President Trump just nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank?
On June 4th, 1963, President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 1111-0.
Which many believed was an effort to transfer power from the Federal Reserve Bank to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve notes with silver certificates, thereby taking the power away from the international banking cartels.
Less than six months later, President Kennedy was assassinated, and his move against the Fed was reversed.
During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln printed $400 million worth of Greenbacks, a debt-free, interest-free money, independent of international bank control.
In response, the London Times wrote that if that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost.
It will pay off debts and be without debt.
It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.
It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world.
The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America.
That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.
The bankers were not willing to lose power and the Bank of England went on to fund the Confederacy.
Weeks prior to Lincoln's assassination.
I'm glad we're airing this piece and we're just living in such incredibly historic times and they're putting all this negative stimulus out there to try to make us kill each other, try to make us negative and to try to make us fight with each other and we just can't let people do that, including myself, because I'm always an honest person about things and
If I could tell you the stuff that's going on behind the scenes, and then the mental things I've done to not care, the problem is once you go past that point, it's not just that you don't care they're trying to destroy you and trying to kill you.
You get to where you like it.
And then there's a problem when you sit here and you look at what they're doing constantly, that you flip out on things that don't matter.
And I guess they call that PTSD or whatever.
It's kind of like the joke with
Walter Solchek in The Big Lebowski.
Like, big stuff doesn't get him upset, but little stuff gets him upset.
And I know we're all going through this.
Record amounts of family violence, record amounts of murders, record amounts of suicide.
And I just want all the listeners to just give it to God, take a deep breath, and just be positive.
Because it's completely normal, when you're going through cult programming like this, and being lied to like this, to be pissed.
And we just have to give it to God and not feel like we're doing a bad job.
Because I'm constantly feeling like I'm not doing enough of a good job.
Because I only talk about myself so you know why I'm like this.
My brain sees this, knows this, knows their next move, knows the next move, the next move.
And then when you try to articulate something like that, with all the stimula going on, it's very hard.
But let me just say this.
God is in control, amazingly positive things are happening, and InfoWars was made for this and born for this, and the listeners, and the affiliates, and the sponsors, and the crew, and everybody are just as important as my loud mouth is up here covering all this.
But it is all happening now, and there is an attempted forced evolution
Taking place against humanity that's extremely evil.
Now I was going to air those two pieces, and I just aired part of one and the rest of another, at the start of the fourth hour that I'm taking over today.
So we're going to air something very, very special that was sent by one of the crew this morning, and that I took some time out to watch, and that we're going to be premiering here on this show in the fourth hour today.
But it deals as an intro with what Greg Reece talked about back in March 15th and March 29th of this year, the perfect storm for global currency reset, war with international banking cartel, or NACERA.
And that is actually the two competing programs.
So we're going to explain this and really define who's who and what's happening coming up in the fourth hour today.
I'm going to
Now stop preaching and I'm going to get focused.
And when we come back, we're going to hit just incredible news on the deep state war that's going on and the civil war they're trying to launch and the fact that it's backfiring on them spectacularly and what Trump is up to and so much more.
But let's all just take a deep breath.
And just not let the globalists push us into a fight.
Because that's what they're trying to do, is punch the buttons to get us into a fight mode, and to get us destabilized.
We need to be in that very calm, focused, frosty place.
So, as of 30 minutes ago, it may have updated now, if you type into Google or Bing or any of the mainline search engines, Portland shooting, you get, police don't know if it was political.
Actually, police have a suspect.
They have a person seen following the vehicles.
They have the same-looking person at the scene.
They have witnesses.
They have it all, but they're just saying, oh, they don't know if it's political.
You know, the New York Times came out on Saturday and said that it was Antifa shot by a right-wing Nazi.
And see, all they do is call you a Nazi, then they kill you.
We have the founder of the Patriot Paragroup, Joey Gibson, joining us with
Jay Bishop's friend Chandler Pappas, who was there right next to him in the video, when the man shoots him twice in the chest and then runs away.
And they say, oh, we got a trumper.
There he is.
Pull it out.
There he is.
Pull it out.
Bam, bam.
Twice in the chest.
Died minutes later lying there on the concrete.
But the reason this is so important is in
Kenosha, they were chasing somebody down saying, we're gonna kill you.
They had guns.
Now we're learning, not just one guy, but it looks like two had guns.
They had huge criminal records, convicted pedophiles, convicted burglars, convicted, you know, wife, woman beaters, and huge rap sheets.
And they're chasing him down, we're gonna kill you.
And they say on Facebook, my only regret is I didn't kill him.
And that's what the lawyers
We're good.
Blaming left-wing violence rioting on Trump is bizarrely ludicrous.
Biden emerges from basement, sees violence, and makes the unbelievable statement that the deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable.
Shooting in the streets of a great nation city is unacceptable.
I condemn the violence unequivocally.
I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether or not they're left or right, Biden said, even though Kamala Harris, his partner, has praised Antifa.
It escalated to the point that they executed my partner.
They hunted him down.
They hunted us down.
They recognized our Patriot Prayer Hats.
Anybody who doesn't know Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, this is his advocate.
He's a good man.
We support him.
He's a Christian conservative.
So they identified our hats.
We've got a couple of them right here.
We've got a couple of them right here.
Pull it off.
Pull it off.
And, uh... That's okay, sir.
That's what they said.
We turned around.
I didn't even, didn't even register that somebody was pointing a gun at us until the shots went off and took off running.
The shooter took off running?
The shooter took off running.
And, uh, you know, it takes a second for you to process everything that happened.
You know, he's, did he just shoot at me?
I'm okay.
Turn it over and Jay's dead.
Because he believes something different.
Jay's not a racist.
He's not a xenophobe or whatever label.
He's not an ist or an ism.
He's an independent man.
And he's a good man.
I mean, he didn't do anything to earn a bullet in the chest.
If you could ask anything right now of Donald Trump, what would it be?
Send troops.
Send troops.
Arrest these... Portland is as corrupt as any place you've ever seen, any place you've ever heard about in the movies.
I have a friend sitting right behind me here, who's being charged currently with a felony riot, while the DA is letting all these actual rioters out on the street.
He was just out there waving an American flag.
It's been charges pending for, what, two years?
It's being locked up.
Full video at newswars.com and infowars.com.
They hunted him down.
Says friend of slain Jay Bishop.
And that's what they do.
They charge you with rioting for having an American flag.
And they say, we're stirring up trouble when people that live there go out and say we deserve free speech.
Absolutely disgusting.
These are communists.
But you notice he said, well, he wasn't a racist, he deserved his die.
So what if he was a racist?
Black racist, white racist, they don't deserve to die.
These are white political operatives paid for by Soros and Alexander Soros on record trying to stir up a war in America and a cover to overthrow the president and destroy the dollar and end America so globalists can come in and buy up America for pennies on the dollar.
That's the admitted plan.
And mainstream media and a lot of other people all over YouTube, all over Facebook are saying the dollar's dead, America's over.
When our currency is way less devalued than the Chinese or the EU currency.
Why would people say that?
Of course it's fiat.
Of course it's overblown.
Nothing compared to them.
It's like saying this guy's 60 years old and overweight.
His heart's bad.
What about some 90 year old dude?
His heart's a lot worse.
That's China's.
They're doing it to bring us down.
To conquer us.
And they've got all these followers and all this scum that believe mainstream media.
The same type of folks that, you know, are obsessed with get-rich-quick schemes or lottery tickets.
And I'll put, you know, if you like lottery tickets.
But, you know, people that really believe they're going to win or Nigerian scams.
And they're just buying in.
The left's going to give them the power.
The left's going to empower.
They just go out and beat some people, shoot some people, run some folks down.
And now like gangland, they were attacking and burning down houses and businesses and somebody fired back at them when they were attacking them.
And oh, now we gotta go out randomly like a gang, Crips and Bloods, kill somebody on their side.
And it's a guy with an American flag.
And now the media is trying to cover that up and say, oh, we don't know it was political.
We don't know what happened.
That's who these people fundamentally are.
But you hear Chandler Pappas, a nice guy, but almost with like the Stockholm Syndrome.
Like, he didn't do anything wrong.
He wasn't a racist.
He wasn't a bad guy.
He didn't deserve to die.
No, he didn't deserve to die.
Scum has been trained to kill innocent people and to attack men, women, and children.
And you know, those mortar rounds, people every year with those fireworks.
The ones you hand light and drop it in the deal?
I'm up for banning them, but you better be careful with them.
That's why I buy the bigger boxes that you light it and they all shoot you and you can get away from them.
People blow their arms off, their hands off all the time with those.
You can kill somebody with one of those.
Those are explosives.
That's what they shoot at the police.
But when they kill a cop or wound one, you never hear their name.
You always hear the name of the people running around starting the fights if something happens to them.
And if you look at the type of just trash, glow-in-the-dark type folks, that's what my dad calls them.
These are just empty virtue signaling garbage.
And that's what you expect.
That's what comes out of the rear end of Soros.
That's what Soros and his demon son, Alexander, crap on us all day long.
Now, when we come back, we've got more on this and where it's going next than Elon Musk and his brain chip.
Stay with us.
Let's talk about it right now.
I've got a lot of news to cover on the globalist coup, the economy, how they're trying to crash it, what's going to happen in the next three days, in my view, how we counter it.
But last night, I'm sitting there with Jason Jones.
And I saw Jason Jones, you know, four or five months ago when they had fake COVID testing centers.
He went and discovered they were fake and that the hospitals were empty and it was all made up.
And back then it was like, is he accurate?
Later it turned out it was all true.
But then when I looked at his bio, I'm like, this guy's won international top awards.
I mean, he's got big movies with top movie stars in them.
This is a big guy, especially in Hawaii and California.
I mean, I even knew who he was.
He got arrested, too, out protesting, trying to open stuff up a few months ago.
He left Hawaii to come to Texas.
He's an Army veteran, a patriot.
And he's in here yesterday talking calmly about being in the Army.
And how in their unit, a bunch of people got sick and had to be medically discharged, and one person died.
And everyone I know that's been in the military a long time, active duty, knows members of their units that died after vaccines.
Now think about that.
I was down at Fort Sam Houston one time, and these army guys were giving me a tour, and they said, yeah, here's where they gave 20 guys shots, and three of them died in a test.
They don't just give poor black folks stuff and kill them with tests.
And it's not the whole military.
It's all compartmentalization to see who follow orders.
And then here's Jason Jones.
I'm talking about vaccines killing people.
And he just goes, oh yeah, one of the guys in my unit died when they gave us a shot in Japan.
And I just remember all the military people I've talked to, officers, non-enlisted, you know, enlisted, non-enlisted.
Commission, non-commission.
People they know that died taking vaccines.
And it's on record, they have liable protection.
And now Gates is like, oh, this new vaccine, 20% go to the hospital, some die.
And then I'm reading about people in the trials dying?
And then Google will bring the articles down, even though it's local news.
This person, valiantly, 25-year-old woman, healthy, took the COVID vaccine and died.
Services are this Wednesday.
And then it's taken off Google!
Just like they're taking off that the feds are busting huge child kidnapping rings everywhere, and they will delist that off Google.
So, I mean, the people running Big Tech Man are protecting pedophiles, covering up vaccine damage, and they're just criminal scum.
And I'm not just singling out Google, but these are bad people.
We should have known when Google said their motto was, don't be evil.
Imagine if my logo was like, I'm not evil.
You'd be like, why are you telling me that?
You know what, I am evil.
I'm very evil.
I'm a very evil person.
Very fallen person.
I have great knowledge of evil.
It's disgusting.
But I don't follow it.
I follow God.
So, I'm 40% satanic, 60% Christian, but I'm carrying out the Christian operations.
But I don't sit here and tell you, oh, I'm not evil.
I'm really good.
I'd be a liar.
I don't carry out evil, but I mean I've got full knowledge of it, and then some, like anybody else does.
And so I was just thinking about this, this morning about, and last night it was very haunting, I even had like a nightmare about it last night.
It was like, Jason Jones, they're talking on the air, I had a nightmare like 3am, like,
Because the nightmare, like, went on and on.
I'm just going, and then the member of my unit died.
And it was just like, how we just, and how many military people, I was remembering over the years, my uncle and all these people that said, yeah, they'd line us up, give us shots, we'd get super sick.
They were testing on them.
We know that.
Experimental stuff.
And then there's two people working in this office, and they get mad when I talk about it, who had their children die from vaccines.
And they didn't even deny it!
And the amount of abuse we've put up with this pisses me off.
And then Roger Stone came on, the new Owen Schroyer Show, Sunday live that comes on right after me at 6pm.
Best Roger Stone interview ever!
He didn't get into Russiagate and all that, he got into handicapping the election, the polls, all of it.
That was really good, that's a Bandai video, but I'm digressing.
There it is, Roger Stone's back in the game, gives powerful election analysis.
The hell you guys even knew about this?
This crew is so good, they're almost like psychic.
I just pull it up before I even think of it.
So that's coming up.
And then we've got the guys coming on.
I hate to even talk about it, but the guy's a hero.
Just out exercising his First Amendment in the face of terrorists and got killed.
Jay Bishop.
Gotta admire him.
Gotta admire him.
You know, I'm sad when I see his face, but I'm kind of proud, you know?
I'm not glad he's dead, but... We got the good people, folks.
They got the bad people.
And he was out there doing exactly what he wanted to do.
He was out there standing up to evil, lovingly telling the truth for our freedom, in the face of that scum, and he was murdered by a demon.
And he's in God's hands now.
Here's Jason Jones lining it up.
I was flying from New York to D.C., and the guy sitting next to me, we started talking.
I'm like, what do you do?
He goes, I develop vaccines.
I said, you're not going to like me.
I'm an anti-vaxxer.
He said, well, I developed the swine flu vaccine, and I am now an anti-vaxxer too.
I'm going to testify before Congress.
Because the vaccine I created, helped create, is killing people.
He showed me some videos, which you can see on Google and YouTube.
I think they're still there.
If you look up swine flu vaccine side effects, there's one of
Where one of the side effects is you can only talk while jogging or walking backwards.
It sounds like I'm making this up.
You hear it, you laugh.
It's true.
Google it.
YouTube it.
It destroys parts of your brain.
When I was in the military, we had to get the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, which was experimental.
In my unit, somebody died.
Several people were chaptered out because the side effects were so severe.
And the rest of our unit got a letter saying, don't ever donate blood or bone marrow.
But yeah.
And they're like, oh, there's no side effects.
Everything's fine.
So we have a crew member who had to wear a mask for three months after they got a shot to go to Vietnam.
And literally, they said, don't ever take a shot again.
It'll kill you.
This causes an autoimmune response.
So they have something that they have not even made yet.
I mean, they know this is going on!
And then we're like, hey, watch this.
They're like, oh, you're crazy.
You know this is going on.
They're telling us it's safe, and they haven't even made it.
They haven't tested it.
It doesn't exist.
How can you say it's safe?
I saw a scientist.
They're already talking about making it mandatory, and it's already putting 20% of people to take it in the hospital in tests.
The woman they made a hero out of in the UK, they said, you know, she was this great.
You know what?
She was a beautiful, noble person who wanted to be of service to her community, trusted everybody, and was the first person in the UK to get the vaccine trials.
What happened to her?
She died.
So... I forgot about that.
And there was an article, the guy they had on CNN, who was the healthy model guy, I forget his name, he almost died.
He got paralyzed.
And these are good people who believe everything they're being told.
They're stepping up.
They trust Bill Gates.
How can you not trust Bill Gates?
But that's what worries me.
We're about to go to break.
Final segment.
401 takes over.
Why are they admitting it's killing people?
They used to admit that.
I think they know they can't cover it up now.
So they're just like, okay, might hurt you really bad, but no big deal.
Well, and these debates, specifically the televised debates, ever since they began, have become so instrumental in people deciding who they vote for.
Everybody knows that.
That's why they've become such a big thing.
And, you know, with the makeup and the lights, when you talk about the history.
Has there ever been a candidate, Roger?
I mean, you've been studying politics for more than I've been alive.
Not to age you, it's just your wisdom.
Has there ever been a candidate that hasn't interviewed for the job of president?
Has there ever been a candidate that literally doesn't do press coverage?
By the way, I'm going to play this Roger Stone clip when we come back.
And watch me last night.
The amount I interrupt is very obnoxious and I apologize.
I'm not interrupting because I'm going to be the center of attention.
Everything he's saying is true, so I get excited when we're talking about them murdering people, so I just start hopping up and down like a wild man.
But everybody knows I've gotten better about not interrupting.
I've gotten 80% better.
My God, I'm still bad about it.
I'm going to shut up.
But just hearing about all that makes me sick.
We've got to expose this.
These aren't vaccines, folks.
They're soft kill weapons from the deep state.
I've got plenty to cover here.
I'm not trying to fill up the show ahead of Joey Gibson and the best buddy Chandler Pappas of Jay Bishop that was executed Saturday night in Portland.
The media is still covering up what happened there.
But I was watching the show last night after I went off at 6 p.m.
and it was just first rate.
We're now seven days a week doing live election countdowns, Saturdays 2 to 4.
Sunday's we do the 6 to 8.
Of course, my show does it too.
4 to 6 before that.
Nighttime, 7 to 9.
The crew is working around the clock.
We've tried to increase the size of the crew.
We've hired a few new people that are great, but the crew's working seven days a week right now.
We really appreciate them as well.
We really appreciate you being with us and us with you and spreading the word about these live feeds.
So election countdown, taking back America with Owen Schroeder, Donald Lorraine, of course,
All the other great hosts as well, like Savannah Hernandez, and I pop on as well.
You get plenty of me, don't you?
But it's important to be on at night, and on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday night, because so much is breaking.
It's key we get on up front, and we're doing it.
So here's a couple clips from last night, the new Sunday Live Owen's doing, that he'll keep doing after the election's over.
He wants to do that.
A lot of stations want to pick it up.
With Roger Stone on polls.
And then also on the election in general.
But here is Roger Stone last night on polls.
Roger, let's get political here.
I'm seeing an incredible shift in polling right now.
And I don't know how much you take into account polling.
I know you have to measure it in your own way.
We know these polls are obviously skewed Democrat, if that's how you want to phrase it.
Even with the skewed polling that said Hillary Clinton 99% chance in 2016, those skewed, those same skewed polls are now saying Trump is gaining and even ahead of Biden in battleground states.
I'm seeing numbers up to 30% of black Americans are going to be voting for Donald Trump when it was less than 10% in 2016.
I mean, Roger, if these things pan out, this is landslide victory territory for Trump outside of any election interference.
What do you make about those polls?
How much stake do you put in those polls as we get closer to the election?
Well, Owen, I am optimistic.
I'm a bit more cautiously optimistic than you are, but I do feel that the race is moving his way, the president's way.
I do feel that you can see a shift which is trackable in most of these polls.
On the other hand, I'm still deeply concerned about voter fraud.
I'm still deeply concerned about internet censorship.
We're good to go.
Why is he afraid to debate?
He shouldn't be afraid.
It's cowardly.
I mean, the guy needs to defend his positions.
He's got a long career in the Senate.
He's got eight years as vice president.
He's an experienced speaker and orator.
What is it he's afraid of?
Why does he fear the non-politician Donald Trump?
I don't get it.
This guy has to be goaded.
Okay, now he started getting into the debates there, and that's really the big one.
But I totally agree with Roger.
They're telling you that Trump is ahead right now because they want you to not go out and vote.
They want to tell you, stick with the plan, don't go vote.
Trump's got it in the bag.
No, he doesn't.
We're facing 80 million fake ballots mailed out to gum things up.
They're going to contest it, they've said they are, and then try to split the country in two and secede.
We're in the greatest crisis ever.
We are not in the catbird seat.
We are not in the poll position.
We're almost there.
But we do not have this in the bag.
The Titanic on its maiden voyage said not even God can sink this ship and it sank.
If we were 20 points ahead, I would say don't be arrogant.
We need to be absolutely engaged right now and exposing what's happening.
And yes, of course it's emblematic of the collapsing system that they put a puppet who can't even talk like Biden in.
That's because he'll do whatever they say.
He's so weak.
They want a puppet so they can broker power on who goes in.
And you've got Biden running around blaming Trump for the riots.
This is incredible.
Here's Roger getting into the debates itself.
This is really important information.
If he won't debate, he should be disqualified.
I mean, he can't be our president when he can't even leave his basement.
Here it is.
Well, and these debates, specifically the televised debates, ever since they began, have become so instrumental in people deciding who they vote for.
Everybody knows that.
That's why they've become such a big thing.
And, you know, with the makeup and the lights, when you talk about the history.
Has there ever been a candidate, Roger?
I mean, you've been studying politics for more than I've been alive.
Not to age you, it's just your wisdom.
Has there ever been a candidate that hasn't interviewed for the job of president?
Has there ever been a candidate that literally doesn't do press conferences or rallies and is now trying to skip the debates?
We've never seen a candidate hidden to the extent that this one is.
This has never happened historically.
Now, we had debates in 1960.
We did not have them in 64, 68, or 72.
Then we've had them in every presidential contest since 1976.
It is now a solid American tradition.
And people expect it, particularly when there are questions, let's be candid, there are questions about both candidates.
And therefore people want to see the candidates perform.
They don't want to see them given some in-the-lab cognitive test
Let's see them perform in real time.
Let's see them under stress, in the moment, and see how they react to the drama and the high stakes of a vigorous debate.
You know, I'll be honest with you, Owen, I prefer to see no moderators.
How about no moderators?
Let's just let two men go toe-to-toe without moderators.
I totally agree with that.
The full clip is at Bandot Video, but Owen did a fabulous job, so did Roger Stone.
Speaking of Roger Stone, he'll be on The War Room for an hour on Tuesday night with Owen Schroer.
Find out about that at Bandot Video and on radio and TV stations across the country.
Let me just get this out there.
If you go back
So the Lincoln-Douglas debates, or others, the candidates would follow each other around and have dueling speeches that were then in the newspapers before they had TV or radio.
And so, there have always been debates with presidential candidates.
That's why you used to have, in big cities, up to 10 newspapers that were daily.
You know, one would come out as the early edition and one would come out in the morning edition and one would be the afternoon edition.
You'd have the middle of the day edition and then the dinner edition, the late night edition.
I mean, they had extras where, oh, you know, sometimes big news is breaking.
The New York Times would have three or four, you know, versions that day.
And so you'd see them debating and responding in live time in the written word.
And people back then didn't put up with it.
Sometimes newspapers would get caught changing a quote.
Boy, they'd be out of business quick.
I mean, you screw people over, you're done.
We need to get back to that.
But no, now it's just networks telling you what they want you to hear.
But the public's been lied to so many times, they finally know the truth.
I mean, it was known within hours who the main suspect was shooting Jay Bishop in Portland.
And just an hour ago, they had to come out and say the guy is the main suspect.
But it doesn't matter because we already knew.
So the media's like, oh, we don't know.
Oh, an Antifa got shot by a right winger.
Everybody knew that wasn't true, but the New York Times was still on Sunday saying that Antifa was shot.
Well, when people see that type of garbage, they never go back, folks, with the abuser.
All right, I need to hit this Pentagon news and the coup news, and then Joey Gibson of the Patriot Prayer Group that founded it is going to join us with a good friend of J. Bishop, a fallen hero, Chandler Pappas.
And by the way, J. Bishop is a fallen hero.
You know, I think Kyle up in Wisconsin is a great patriot and a hero.
But he is facing life in prison for defending himself.
Jay Bishop didn't even have a weapon.
He was murdered.
And his family needs to know he's a hero.
And he needs our support.
We should find out about his family.
And we should try to financially support them because he's the type of people we need to celebrate.
Who are out there for us in the face of these dirty globalist scum.
Who are trying to intimidate us and he wouldn't be intimidated.
He gave his life in America for free speech against these pieces of garbage.
All I ask is listeners to realize how much all of us have paid and fought to even be on the air right now and to not take it for granted and just share the links to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and just share the links from Ban.Video and 2020ElectionsCenter.com because they've banned Ban.Video on Twitter being shared, but 2020ElectionsCenter.com can be shared for now.
All the links, those videos, it'll change the world, but they only change the world if you plant that seed.
So please take action.
We built it.
Will you come?
You have come and we appreciate you.
God bless you.
We'll be right back.
Hour number three.
Coming up, we'll show you the race war the left's trying to program.
Shock video.
Black man randomly knocks out white man with a brick.
We're not trying to blame black folks with this.
This is what the media is doing.
Got the white guy randomly shooting a white guy to death with a black power tattoo on his neck, if that's the guy.
Tallahassee police rule man who pulled pistol in viral protest confrontation lawfully defended himself.
That video is coming up.
And so much more.
Video black voters break mainstream narrative with
Caitlin Bennett, that's at Bandot Video as well.
And then I've got all these stacks of news here where they're trying to keep churches in New York, New Jersey, and California closed while they let leftists do whatever they want, while they have the MTV Awards, the Video Music Awards.
It's just, it's just, it's ridiculous.
You go, well, that's the point.
It's hypocrisy.
Why are they doing it?
It's discriminatory.
Because they're teaching you that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.
You can't go outside.
They can't.
It's called slavery.
I mean, look at this from the MTV Video Awards.
It's Lady Gaga wearing her mask with devil horns coming out of the bottom of it and making the sign of Satan.
That's Brina Branovic's little minion.
I mean, what an empty, desperate nobody.
But it's all about how she's cool.
She's got the full backing of the big corporations, the banks.
Aren't all of you happy you're not her?
Wearing a devil outfit while telling us, oh, we're not devil worshipers.
We're allowed to have our event.
You just, you Christians can't have, or you Jews, or you Muslims, you can't have your event, but we can have our event.
Because they are completely and totally committed to evil.
What that means is selfishness.
But it's not just selfishness for them.
They have to carry it out for their God who demands the selfishness because their God wants to break up civilization and break up society.
And the only people that actually watch this at their MTV Awards trying to make the mask all cool to violate the quarantine rule to bring them in are children.
It's their only target.
Is for children to tune in, and to see this, and to think, this is cool, this is powerful, this is something we want to be like.
And all it is, is a bunch of nerds and a bunch of nobodies, who think the devil's gonna give them power, and the devil's not gonna give them power.
The devil's gonna give them death.
Devil equals death.
Death equals the devil.
And you're all going to find that out.
The turf Satan soon enough.
The devil equals death.
Death equals the devil.
That's what they say at Skull and Bones.
And all these people want to be is a vessel of Satan.
And to sit there with kids and everybody watching us being smothered, us artificially with faith suckers, alien face suckers on our face, showing that we're in subservience to Bill Gates and his giant lie.
And then to get some fake award out of the rear end of Sumner Redstone, the MTV award,
It's truly a sick joke.
These are lost people that can't even rule their own lives and project their hate of themselves onto us and then hope we'll all die so they could then be alone because they're so ashamed of themselves.
Well, guess what?
We're going to figure our way out of this with God's help.
And their whole system is going down.
And yeah, it's going to take the blood of patriots and tyrants to water that tree of liberty, as Thomas Jefferson said.
But I tell you, I don't want the blood of that method that killed
J. Bishop.
No, I don't want his blood.
I want the blood of those that sent him, and controlled him, and twisted him in the forges of hell.
And I know God's a just God, and I know God always gives me what I want.
So pray for vengeance.
It is the Lord's.
Well, my friends, this is not a wake, but it feels like one right now.
Jay Bishop was a great patriot, a good guy, and all he did was go out and stand up for the First Amendment nonviolently, and he was executed by a Soros demon Saturday night.
And I've known Joey Gibson, I guess, three or four years for this Patriot Paragroup.
It seems like a hundred years.
And he was there, and the good friend of Jay Bishop, who was murdered by the Communists, Chandler Pompous was there and thought he might have been shot when they aimed the gun at him and shot.
And you see the media saying, oh, we don't know if it's political.
They were being stalked by these people and they say, we've got us a Trumper, we've got us a Trumper.
And you watch this, this is the real world.
They're trying to say, oh, they're heroes.
And the very people that chased down Kyle Rittenhouse and said, I wish we could kill him and tried to shoot him, you know, they're celebrated as heroes.
But then when Jay Bishop is murdered, they won't even say his name.
They won't even talk about what really happened.
And now that the person that was fingered by witnesses is the main suspect.
We're going to talk about it all here today with Chandler Pappas, his friend and founder of the Patriot Pair Group.
Of course, as well.
But who's died is Jade Bishop.
But I thought for TV viewers and radio listeners, it's hard to watch.
But let's go ahead and play the video shot from multiple angles of them saying, we've got us a trumper.
Pull it out.
Here he is right here.
Then they shoot him twice in the chest right next to Chandler Pompous.
And then you can see the footage of poor Jade Bishop going on to meet the next level.
Here it is.
Hey, we got a couple right here!
We got a couple right here!
Hold it out.
Right here?
You okay?
You okay?
Watch out, bro!
She's trying to help him!
She's a f****** bitch trying to help him!
Get her help!
Do you need an ambulance?
The added touch is BLM with Antifa shouting over them saying don't help him, help this woman.
Truly sick evil people.
It's like when they pulled that guy out and beat his girlfriend up and attacked him and kept kicking him in the head and saying get up, you're not hurt.
I know it's probably hard, very hard for Chandler Pappas to be watching this.
He was there.
So it's got to be horrible to be reliving this.
We really appreciate his courage and what he's done.
So I'm going to bring
The founder of the Patriot Prayer Group, Joey Gibson, up here.
And of course, Chandler Pappas for the rest of the hour.
I think I'm just going to try to be quiet because I can talk a lot as you guys know.
And just let you guys have the floor here between Joey Gibson, PatriotPrayerUSA.com, and Chandler Pappas.
So go ahead, Joey, and you lead us for the rest of the hour here and what's happened.
I know you couldn't even come on your stay.
It was with your family and their family and everybody was too upset about this.
And then to watch the
Yeah, I appreciate you having us.
The first thing I want to say is that yesterday, you know, Chandler is feeling the same way.
It's not something we were excited to do, to go out there and do interviews, but then last night,
You know, I'm sitting there watching Ted Piller and he has the nerve to go on public television and blame the fact that Jay was shot.
He blamed that on President Trump.
Blamed it on everybody else except for his own policies in this city.
If anybody knew Jay at all, anybody, I don't care if you're far left, whatever your ideology is, if you actually knew him as a person, you would never attack him, let alone kill him.
So the reason why this has happened and why this happens in other cities around the country is because they have a culture of lawlessness and we also have people who lie.
We have the media who lies about conservatives and Christians non-stop.
We have politicians like Ted Wheeler who constantly lies about conservatives and Christians calling him white supremacists and so they drum up all this hatred.
This is what caused a guy to randomly come across the street and just shoot somebody that he doesn't even know.
And again, Joey, I'm going to let you lead this.
You're an experienced talk show host, because I don't want to interrupt.
I mean, exactly.
I don't want to talk about personal stuff.
You didn't feel it was proper to even talk after he died.
Neither did anybody else.
And you guys were too hurt.
I know you were good friends with him, and especially Chandler.
But now, because of them lying about him, you guys are forced to right now.
So here's the thing.
When we pulled up,
To the body, what they're saying is that a white supremacist shot some black guy, right?
Then they say, oh, fascists killed some comrade.
Okay, the lies kept going.
And now they're sitting here and they're trying to claim that Jay is a white supremacist.
But they don't even know who he is.
There's no bit of evidence at all.
People don't even know his real name.
He wasn't on social media.
They don't know anything about him.
And this is what they do, they dehumanize us on purpose.
They dehumanize us to the point where these people have the nerve to get on that bullhorn later on that evening, and they celebrate it by saying, oh, we killed a fascist tonight.
And they all cheer like a bunch of children, like this is some gang.
They dehumanize us on purpose.
And she doesn't know a damn thing about Jay or who he is, but she stands there and just makes that claim.
Makes that claim to cover who they are and what their intents are.
Thank you.
I mean, it's 50-50 shot.
It was me or Jay.
It takes a minute to process.
Jay was a good man.
He was a good dude.
Anybody who knew him would tell you that.
He's kind and he's compassionate.
He was a good guy.
So it was really hard, especially to lose him.
And then to turn around for Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown to try to blame this on Donald Trump and call us these alt-right and whatever other... And Joe Biden.
Joe Biden blamed it on Trump.
Of course he did.
Of course he did.
I'm sorry, keep going brother.
I don't want to interrupt you.
Just let it all out.
What did you witness?
Put on record, they don't want you to have a voice.
They didn't want us to have a voice.
We have a voice.
Tell folks what happened.
It wasn't a black guy getting shot.
Jay wasn't a white supremacist.
You let these demons know the truth.
Yeah, they hunted us down.
And they saw us.
They recognized the Patriot prayer hat.
And they hunted us down with the intent to kill us.
And they did kill Jay.
They got away with that.
He's gone.
Whether this guy gets convicted or not, he achieved his goal and he killed somebody.
Because he believes something different.
It's just evil.
There's no rhyme or reason.
There's no logic.
It's not rational.
They're just sick.
It's wickedness.
It is wickedness.
They just want to overthrow things.
Yeah, and we can't let them, and something I learned reading the Federalist Papers recently, our whole system is really designed for gridlock.
It's designed for this not to happen until we are so polluted, completely permeated with wickedness and evil, that they can get away with this, and we're at that point.
You're right, it was cooked up by the Chi-Coms and Soros.
This is their attack.
Yeah, well, the Insleys and the Newsoms and the Browns, all these people that are in power, they're wicked.
Everybody that's letting them get away with this, everybody that's encouraging these riots, AOC underhandedly provoking things online, everybody who's doing this is wicked and they're doing it with evil intent.
Also, Ted Wheeler and Joan Harderstein, okay, the mayor and the commissioner, she's constantly calling people like Patriot Per White Supremacists and Racists and White Nationalists.
I blame her for this.
I blame the fact that Ted Wheeler sits there and lies into the camera every single time talking about these far-right extremists calling us racists and white supremacists, drumming up that.
The fact that they don't have any law and order in these cities,
And then he turns around and has a nerve to point his finger at President Trump.
President Trump is sitting there saying, do you want the help?
Just ask for it.
Ted Wheeler has been ruining this city.
All the business owners know this.
They're sick and tired of him.
He's nothing but talk.
He has no plans.
He's just a puppet.
Joey Gibson, we're remembering Jay Bishop here and what comes next with the suspect at large.
Let's cover what happened last night, what you witnessed, what's coming next, and then the election is 63 days out.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You know, this is a personal thing for me, and I don't say this to put myself in the story.
Anytime we go out in public in Austin,
That means to take my wife to dinner, to take my children to the park.
I have to be ready for leftists, who aren't just antifa, but mainline leftists now, to throw drinks in my face, to knock my food over, to walk over to my table and say, I'm going to kill you, hoping to get me angry.
If I get up and say something, they then edit the tape.
Luckily, the statesman one time went down to the chicken place and they said no.
They threatened to attack Jones three times before he got up and confronted them.
But more and more media won't even tell the truth if that happens.
This man, Jay Bishop, let's talk about who he was.
He's out there with the Patriot Paragroup, and they're just doing a caravan, and then what happened?
How were you out of the vehicles?
There was this individual stalking, they're saying he's the main suspect.
You were there.
Chandler Pappas, his friend, you could have been shot.
Does it look like the guy?
You guys have the floor here.
And you can lead it, Chandler.
You can lead it, Jay's friend.
You can lead it.
Here, Joey Gibson, because I feel like you're the experts.
You're in the middle of it.
You founded Patriot Prayer.
Let's start there.
Joey, what is Patriot Prayer?
Because they want to define what it is.
What is it really?
I've been to your events.
It's black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
People of different colors, but all the guys do look, you know, pretty masculine, pretty tough, you know, John Wayne types.
I mean, I mean, all you guys are, you know, not wimps, but the colors, different colors, but everybody looks like men.
The women look like women.
I mean, I think that's how I would describe you as red blooded.
Yeah, I saw 2016, I saw the left pretty much own the activist community.
And so Patriot Prayer was an attempt to
Get a grassroots movement to get, you know, people who believe in freedom and God.
We don't have to believe in God, but God's definitely a big part of the speeches to get people to simply stand up and to stop conforming, stop complying, stop laying down as these people.
That's right, because you're in Mordor.
You're in the lion's den.
Yeah, and Jay had always been there at any time, always been there.
He lives in the city of Portland, like in The Beast, and he's always been there to support us, to protect us.
He's never gotten mad, not never gotten angry.
He has an amazing heart.
And I'm not just saying that because he passed away.
I'm telling you, it's the truth.
Like he was such a great guy.
And so much fun, and he's always smiling.
And he's been there from the very beginning.
Never caused any problems.
And what is it like to watch them?
I hate to play the video.
I don't know if Chandler, you can even handle it.
No, you've seen the video of this.
It's just something about her being an overweight commando.
And I'm overweight too, but I mean really overweight.
Like a 400-pound woman saying, we killed a Nazi, we killed a fascist, defaming someone.
They just murdered and getting off on it.
Yeah, I mean, there's only a couple of ways you can really feel about that.
It's sickening.
It's almost saddening, too, that that's where these people's mind is at.
That it's more important to them to kill the opposition than to come to a solution.
We're all Americans.
We all have a First Amendment.
We all have the right to freedom of self-expression and speech.
And, you know, the amount of hate that's there, it still throws me off.
Now the media got the name wrong, said Jay Bishop.
How do people really support the real guy that died?
How do they do that?
Talk about that.
I think you always got the GoFundMe right there.
That's the one.
Unfortunately, I believe some lefty put up a fake GoFundMe.
So that's it right there.
Aaron Danielson official GoFundMe page.
You can search that.
Definitely put some links up all over the place.
We got to put that up.
So that's for his, basically his brother, not his blood brother, but his brother, his best friend, business partner, guy who knew him best.
Closest to him.
And so he's just torn apart.
And so we want to support him as much as possible.
Obviously, no amount of money can, you know, take care of what had happened.
But this is the way for the people to come together and to support him.
I mean, that should be a hundreds of thousands of dollars.
That's right.
Give the real name out because they went with Jay, that was his nickname, but give people for radio listeners, the real proper namers.
We get this right.
Aaron J. Danielson.
Aaron J. Danielson, and that's a GoFundMe, $27,000 for his family and the funeral and all the rest of it.
People should go donate there.
I wonder why the media got the name J. Bishop in there.
Well, that's because the J likes to go by different names at times, but one of the main reasons is because there was a fake GoFundMe page up and they went by J. Bishop, and J. Bishop is actually a guy
A couple years back he got arrested for, I don't know, having a gun and some other things.
So, I don't know.
I think they're trying to attach him to that name.
But Jay wasn't the type of guy that was all over social media.
He just showed up in person because he wanted to... No, he didn't want to be harassed and targeted.
That's why.
I get it.
Yeah, absolutely.
Guys, I could ask a thousand questions.
What do you want to say right now?
Because there's so many angles to this.
I mean, I've been talking about it for the last 24 hours.
It seems like I haven't gotten off the phone.
It's a tragedy.
It's wrong.
Man, I just go over it.
What do you want to ask us?
Ask me something.
I can ask you a million questions.
I go back to that night.
I go back to the media.
I go back to Joe Biden saying that Trump started all this.
I mean, this is crazy that since Rittenhouse defended himself and shot those people that had guns trying to kill him, they're now just saying it's already in L.A.
and all over.
They're now shooting at vehicles.
Clearly, the next wave of the war is here.
Now things are going to a shooting war.
I would like to say something on that quickly.
The city of Portland and some of these cities that are highly dangerous with no law and order, okay?
All these are far-left cities, Democrat-controlled.
We don't need to go in there for revenge.
We don't even need, you know, these Antifa and BLM types.
There's no saving them.
There's no, you know, when you're out there celebrating a man's death, okay?
It's done.
There's nothing you can do for them.
What we need to do is we need to protect our communities.
If you live outside of these big cities like I do, I live
Yeah, nobody wants more bloodshed, man.
We just want this to stop.
We want this to stop, but it doesn't have to end with more bodies, man.
More heartbroken mothers and brothers and business partners and... Well, let's just be honest.
I'm not being mean.
These antifa are the scum of the earth.
I mean, I've been to the events.
You've been there more than... I mean, they literally are devil-worshipping, child-molester, meth-head trash.
So it's like stomping on dog manure.
It doesn't do anything.
It's a waste of your time.
There's so many bigger things to do in this country right now.
That's why, you know, we've got to focus on the government, the people.
No, I agree.
Look, guys, I've got a thousand questions.
Alex Jones has got the biggest mouth around.
I just, you guys were there.
You almost got killed.
Your buddy got killed.
So I just want to get, you know, you have the perspective of what you want to say, but I've got to, don't worry, I've got a bunch of questions.
For Joey Gibson and Chandler Pappas, straight ahead with Aaron J. Danielson, a.k.a.
J. Bishop, as the media said, who was executed unarmed in cold blood, and the media is still trying to cover up saying, oh, it's not political.
When will they bust the guy that did it?
Is the main suspect really the guy?
We'll talk about it straight ahead.
I knew it was going to happen Sunday morning when I called Joey Gibson.
And he said there was too much hurt, too many people he had to talk to, he couldn't talk.
Until the family had made the statement.
And I knew he'd be on Monday.
I knew they'd come out and attack him and they'd have to speak out.
But see, that's what real patriots are like.
They weren't there for the attention.
They weren't there to get on air when their buddy got killed.
They were licking their wounds.
They were trying to figure out what to do next.
While the media was defaming them and lying about them and pissing all over Aaron J. Danielson's, a.k.a.
J. Bishop's, memory.
And now Joe Biden's made a new statement!
He said pro-Trump protesters were spoiling for a fight.
You don't fly your American flags and drive down a street.
That city's a no-go zone.
You stand down and you lick their boots, Chandler Pappas.
You and the Patriot Group and Joey Gibson, you don't stand up and go pray in the public square when you get physically attacked.
How dare you?
It's your fault he got shot.
What the hell do you make of that?
Chandler Pappas and Joey Gibson.
The guy who shot my friend was arrested in July at Pierce for having a gun downtown at one of these other protests.
They continue to let rioters out.
Guys who are throwing explosives at Homeland Security and at police.
These guys who are assaulting people.
These guys who have done 30 plus million dollars in property damage.
Not to mention the lost revenue that have cost people their businesses on top of already being stressed from this COVID BS.
These are the people that they want running the streets.
And they will do anything to make us look bad.
They're doing anything they can to take away our agency.
I know.
Man, it's it's hard for me to say having just lost a friend.
Thinking about the blood that it is going to cost.
Let's talk about your buddy Aaron J. Danielson, known by the media as J. Bishop.
You guys are there that night.
Go back to what happened.
Why were you out of the trucks?
What was going on?
The minutes that led up to it.
Describe that for us.
We were heading back to the truck.
I've gone down there any number of times with independent journalists and other guys that just
I mean, sometimes go down there to make a point that we can be there.
Sometimes it's go down there and just record what's happening.
And we've been down there any number of times because we have every right to be there.
We're taxpaying American citizens.
We have every right to be down there.
Yeah, it's like telling black people they can't be out after night or black people can't go eat at a certain restaurant.
That's what the left's doing.
They're saying Christian conservatives don't have a right to be in a city.
Right, and they want to leverage this whole Black Lives Matter thing, but I'll tell you, it was my friend who was stabbed down there about a month ago.
It has nothing to do with skin color.
He's black.
I'm on his microphone right now.
This isn't about color.
This was never about race.
Brother, we know you're Christians.
We know the truth.
We know, you know, we know.
This is sick.
So where does it go?
So describe that night.
You're down there, like suddenly what happens?
Uh, we start hearing shouting and they start shouting at us.
Uh, we got a couple right here.
We got a couple right here.
I think they, they isolated us.
They saw two of us alone.
Two of us wasn't a big enough crowd.
They saw two of us alone.
We turned around and, uh, and I didn't even, it didn't even occur to me that this guy had a gun pointed on me.
It caught my eye.
This guy was wearing white because
Everybody down there's in black block.
Here's this guy wearing white.
And then two shots ring out at me.
You think, man, did that really just happen?
Did somebody just shoot at me?
Okay, I don't have any holes in me.
I turn over and NJ's dead.
They killed him for nothing, man.
For absolutely nothing.
Well, we've seen the photos of the man in white with the Birkenstocks following the vehicles, and who appears to be the same person there with the same tattoo.
We're not saying he's the killer, but the police are now saying he is a suspect.
What is the latest?
Is the person you've seen in those photos, does that match the description of who shot your friend?
Yeah, to, I mean, mostly to the same degree.
I'm, uh, I didn't process all of that.
I don't have a good memory of it because there was just so much.
I mean, honestly, a shock.
It was a surprise.
I didn't think to, I needed to remember what this guy looked like.
I don't know.
I should've.
Cause you're just walking into a parking garage and bam, bam, your buddy's dead.
I basically, yeah, basically.
And actually the guy, the guy that caught that circuit, that footage you just played.
Um, you know, I know that guy personally, and it was just pure coincidence that he was out there that night.
He said it blew him away.
You know, the gunshots totally surprised him.
He was done filming for the night.
That's why that video starts with him with the camera kind of swinging down.
And then he heard the shots go off and saw that it was us.
It totally threw him through a loop.
He was at my house for like three hours last night.
Let me say something really important here.
Joey, you jump in.
I appreciate both of you guys.
I know it's hard for you to talk about.
I can see it in your eyes.
It upsets me because we've been at rallies many times together.
I mean, this is like, this is any of us.
This is an attack on all of us.
This makes me physically sick and also makes me very, very angry.
I want justice.
The Portland Police, we know on average, aren't bad people.
The leadership is bad under the mayor.
They already arrested this guy reportedly once, the main suspect, with a gun.
All three legally.
Why, if this is the guy, this is people believe, we're saying this is the main suspect the news is saying, why don't we have him yet?
And you think they're going to try to cover this up?
I think, personally, I think that Portland Police, I believe, will do everything they can to get them.
That's just an assumption.
I think that the FBI is on it too.
Now, what's going to happen if they actually arrest him?
What's going to happen after that?
Are they going to give him a slap on the wrist with this new DA?
It's hard to tell.
Soros DA is in Austin now.
They're in St.
They're in Portland.
They're in everywhere.
Literally, national security risk.
Soros DAs are in almost every city.
Yeah, this new DA dominated in the elections too.
I mean, he won by a landslide.
First time he ever ran.
And so, and then he comes in and instantly says he's going to drop charges on 400 Antifa BLM types who have felony riot charges and other charges.
So, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
But I believe that it's important that we continue to put pressure on the city until this guy gets arrested so they don't sweep it under the rug.
I think that's the most important thing.
Also, if we get him arrested, it's going to lower the chances of anyone doing anything stupid in the future.
The last thing that we want right now is someone wearing, of which, you know, maybe they'll do a false flag, but the last thing we want is someone wearing a MAGA hat going down to Portland with a gun and just shooting people.
And I actually want to say this right here, right now.
If something does happen in Portland, I wouldn't be surprised if it's some sort of false flag to get this civil war going.
That was my next question.
In fact, this morning, when I knew you could come on, because you were not over the raving, but able to talk now, and I get it, I was going to ask you, false flag.
This is the season of the false flag.
I mean, they're going to try to stage something now, because their whole rioting, their death squad has blown up in their face.
Now they're trying to say Trump's behind all this.
What are they going to do next, Joey?
This is what I've been thinking about and I'm seeing everything that's going on and you see them blaming Trump already.
You know, a conservative Christian gets murdered and they're blaming Trump.
So how much would they love it if someone came out and just started shooting a bunch of Antifa and Black Lives Matters?
I mean, they're expendable to them anyways.
And so I think we have to be very cautious in the things that we do and we can't be reckless in terms of bringing large groups into Portland.
Here's what I want to say.
It's unfortunate that Jay had to lose his life and it's unfortunate that other people got hurt, such as a guy, Adam, who got kicked in the head.
But Antifa and Black Lives Matters burning down Portland is probably a good thing for to wake up the left.
There's a lot of people in Portland that are sick and tired of Antifa and Black Lives Matters.
There's a lot of protesters that I've seen personally that are sick and tired, who actually believe in the cause of Black Lives Matters, who are sick and tired of these people.
When we, um, when I walked up to Jay's body, I didn't know it was his body.
This whole mob just surrounded Albina, Troy, and myself.
And as we're walking down there, they're assaulting us, pepper spraying it.
There's people in that crowd.
It's like most of them are zombies yelling and screaming.
But then there's people who are actually alive, who actually have a heart in that crowd that put themselves in harm's way to protect us.
So, I'm just going to ask you, if you're liberal, or a lefty, or whatever you think you are politically, and you're a good person, and you're aligning yourself with these people, you've got to do something about this.
You need to call this out.
It's not okay what they did, and it's not okay to dehumanize someone like Jay, simply so that you guys can feel better about this violence.
That's right.
We got to go to break.
Final segment with both you gentlemen.
We'll come back and talk more about this historic event.
But I agree with you.
I think it's time to stand down and not go into their cities until the election ends.
We'll be right back.
We're back with Chandler Pappas.
Good friends with Aaron Danielson, whose nickname was Jay Bishop.
Got his GoFundMe right up there for you right now.
Shot dead by Antifa scumbags.
The media's trying to cover up what's a political assassination right now.
Biden's busy saying pro-Trump supporters were spoiling for a fight in Portland.
And here's another thing he had to say with Anderson Cooper last night.
Here's Joe Biden blaming President Trump for the Democrats' creation, Antifa.
Joining me now, former Vice President Joe Biden.
Mr. Vice President, thanks for being with us.
Conservatives have been attacking you for taking three days to denounce violence erupting in these protests.
What do you say to that?
Well, first of all, I denounced it a long time ago.
I denounced it weeks ago, and I've made it clear from the beginning that there is no justification whatsoever for violence looting.
Matter of fact, it just flies in the face of the legitimate protests that are going on and takes away from the whole rationale for
Well, you know, look, if you think about it, Donald Trump's saying,
You're not going to be safe in Joe Biden's America.
All the video being played is being played in Donald Trump's America.
You know, Kellyanne Conway came out and was very, very blunt about it today.
I think I have a quote here.
She said, the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism, the more violence equals a better, better the choice for a very, excuse me, better for a very clear choice.
These guys are rooting for violence.
That's what it's all about.
To prove that you should be scared of Joe Biden, they're pointing to what's happening in Donald Trump's America.
He can't even talk.
Chandler Pappas, Jilly Gibson, other points you want to make after your friend was murdered and the media is still trying to cover up it was a political assassination by a scumbag.
Yeah, no.
There's video and photographs of this guy walking around all night, putting his hand on his gun.
He was looking for a reason to use it.
I've been carrying a gun for almost 10 years.
Most places I go, I never take it downtown.
Never take it to these rallies unless it's like a two-way event.
We know there's not going to be opposition.
I've never put my hand on my gun until I thought my life was in danger.
And I've never pulled it out and pointed it at somebody.
And I've never killed anybody.
This guy was looking for a reason to use it.
This guy came down there to hurt us.
And this Joe Biden trying to turn everything around on Trump.
This isn't the Trump's America that would be if Democratic mayors and politicians like Kate Brown and governors Jay Inslee and Gavin Newsom and these pieces of crap would do their jobs.
Well that's it exactly.
It's their blue cities, it's their blue states that are doing this.
The idea that it's our fault or Trump's fault.
Joey Gibson, I don't see this working.
Why do they think Antifa and riots and intimidation would work?
Because the real polls show it's backfired.
What do you make of that?
Yeah, I don't know.
You know, I think about that all the time, obviously, because I used to go in these cities, but I see a lot of people turning away from the Democratic Party.
I see a lot of liberals in Portland that I've talked to personally that have no idea what to do with their city because right now they have a
I don't think so.
But I will say this.
It is a blessing in disguise.
And like I said, I don't want to see people get hurt, but people are sick and tired of this all over the country.
And I see the Democrats are pivoting, as you see Biden's pivoting.
Now they're going to blame all this stuff on Trump, saying that this is Trump's America and stuff.
But I went down to a Black Lives Matter protest in Camas, Washington.
They were all high schoolers.
And one of the things I kept saying is like, this is because of Trump.
These black men are dying in the streets because of Trump, which obviously, you know, there's only about 12 per year, but...
The same thing was happening when Obama was in office.
And I explained to him, all these people who are shot, okay, and cold, you know, these high profile ones are in far left cities with a Democrat mayor, the Democrat police chief, most of these police chiefs are even black, like even in Portland, Oregon.
And so I hope that if you're a liberal, you look at this, look at these policies and what they do.
If we roll back policies, roll back taxes and regulations in this country, and let's just free this country.
Get this government out of the way and hopefully we get Trump in there in 2020.
That's my next question.
What happens if Trump loses through fraud or whatever?
What will they do next?
I personally have no idea.
Go ahead, Chandler.
I just, I don't know if I have a good answer for that.
Historically, historically it doesn't turn out well.
All I know is Kyle Rittenhouse got chased down with people with guns pointed at him, and he's in jail.
But then when Andy Fudd attacks people, they're heroes, and I just don't see how the establishment thinks they're going to be insulated from what comes next.
I'm also worried about... Go ahead.
I'm really worried about...
One thing I was thinking is, why is it that we can't declare war on China?
Not that we're going to go over there and say, why can't we declare war on China?
And then we go after everybody that's financed by China.
We can go after the big universities.
Because China declared war on us.
Here's the deal.
I don't want to go to the Middle East and attack the Muslims.
They've declared war on us.
I don't want to go to war with China.
They declared war.
The left declared war on us.
I'm not looking for war.
Just stop attacking me.
And if they're already attacking us and we're schmucks and never admit it, well, then we're idiots.
I agree with that 100%.
We gotta go after the money.
We have a lawyer in Portland who bails out every single one of these Antifa members.
He sues all of the patriots, okay?
I wanna know, and Antifa's not paying him a cent.
Someone's paying him money.
So we have all these people colluding and working together to cause these problems, and they run around free!
And I just wonder if Trump is so confident in his inner polls that he doesn't want to shake things up too much until after the election.
Because I know that Trump is aware of what's happening.
I know he understands what's going on.
So, you know, everyone's waiting.
We're like begging.
We want these criminals to go to jail because I really, I don't have hatred for these Antifa punks.
I don't.
I feel bad for them.
They're being played.
They're being used.
I want these people at the top to go to jail.
I want our country back.
I want peace in this country.
I want us to be able to- Well, that's it.
You know, they're a bunch of betas trying to act like they're powerful because a real alpha wouldn't run around acting like this.
They need to be slapped down.
Letting every meth head, every devil worshiper loose.
That's our fault.
And you guys go out and confront it and your buddy just got killed.
So America needs to back you guys.
How do we support patriot prayer?
How do we support Chandler Pappas, your friend, Aaron J. Danielson, a.k.a.
J. Bishop, that was murdered by the scum?
If you go to PatriotProUSA.com, the GoFundMe will be on there.
There's ways to sign up with your cell phone.
If you ever want to be part of any of these events, you can sign up with your cell phone.
We're trying to get outside of social media, and so that's probably the best way.
You've got to go to the original websites.
Thank you.
Thank you for having us.
Yeah, we can't let them make us afraid.
I think it's critical we remember whatever they're doing, we cannot back down.
We cannot be made afraid.
We cannot let them take our agency from us through fear.
Absolutely can't do it.
I'm not going to stop going into Portland.
I'm not going to avoid going into Clackamas.
I'm not going to stop living my life because of what they're doing.
Because of their wickedness.
It's not going to happen.
By the way, I'm not disagreeing with you.
I'm just saying, they're trying to get a false flag.
It's now the time to not invade their areas.
But I guess you're right.
What's the point of Aaron's death if we don't continue?
He wouldn't want us to back down now.
All right, we've got to do five more minutes, then stay there.
I've got to... Both of you, then, what do we do?
Because I'm ready to march out right now.
I'm ready to come join you in Portland.
Watching that doesn't scare me.
It makes me want to come there.
The problem is, is that what do we do once they attack?
Because, I mean, these people... I know we're not scared of them.
We're scared of what we're about to do to them.
We'll be right back.
All right.
I have a special film I'm going to air that's very powerful in the next hour.
I wanted to finish up with the founder of the Patriot Parrot Group, Joey Gibson, and a good personal friend of the man that was executed, a.k.a.
J. Bishop Aaron J. Danielson.
Chandler Pappas here with us.
Trump is saying he's going to Kenosha tomorrow.
He's saying there'd be great death and destruction, great death and injury if he didn't go, if the National Guard wasn't sent.
I think that's good.
And I'm all about not having a big flare up, but they're going to try to stage a false flag.
So I agree.
We should not go into these cities because the left is denying us saying black folks that was at the back of the bus.
This is kind of the modern version, but at the same time, wise as a serpent, peaceful as a dove, um, for you Chandler and then, and then you, Joey, then, then, then your, your, your basic understanding of what we should do then.
Like I said, I'm, I'm not.
Ready to back down from this.
I'm not willing to back down from this.
My friend just gave his life for this.
I would not, I would be doing him a disservice.
I would be doing his life and his legacy a disservice by giving up.
The day after he passed, not even a full 24 hours, we went out to Sandy and did another flag wave.
I think I picked up a microphone for the second time in my life.
We can't, if we give up, they will win.
The more we give up ground, the problem with defense in a defensive position is the more we give up ground,
The more they'll take, they will continue to push.
People are leaving Portland and California and Washington in droves.
My father's trying to buy a piece of property in Idaho and he can't get a listing because they're going so quick.
Anything he's interested in goes because people are leaving.
And you know what?
That was my next point is there is a giant exodus out of that area.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
Everybody with two brain cells to rub together that has money and resources is thinking, wow, I probably don't want to be here while they're killing conservatives.
Because why would they be?
So it's a giant leftist temper tantrum.
Joey Gibson, what do you think we do in the last 63 days of the election?
Do we press going into these areas or what do we do?
Well, I respect anyone's right to go into Portland to do their thing.
I know someone's scheduling a rally down there soon and I think that
Like, for me, this may sound bad, but I kind of want them to burn down their city.
I mean, I want them to burn it down, and I don't want them to be able to blame anybody but themselves.
They've been pushing for this politics for a long time, okay?
Now they're going to get what they want.
And so, I believe that we should never stand down.
We should never back down.
I'm going to be doing all kinds of stuff for the next two months, especially leading up to this election.
But I'm going to do everything I can to be very strategic and my plans will not be announced for the public to see so that they can prepare.
You don't want to get caught up in the middle of a false flag.
Right, absolutely.
And the thing is, too, is that the way that Antifa works, Antifa are a bunch of cowards.
Their strength comes from the mob.
That's it.
So if we're able to go into these areas unannounced, they have no strength because they want to be able to plan.
They want to be able to throw rocks and bricks, you know, from far away.
And so, I think that it's very important that Patriots begin to be more strategic in the things that they do, especially in these far-left cities.
And do not be afraid.
I don't do this, okay, because it's my job to be a face, but don't be afraid to cover up your identity.
Don't be afraid to go in there and to do things that you have to do in order to protect yourself and your family.
Now, this is war.
There's no doubt.
And never forget, pray to God for guidance, that God lead, God direct us.
Chandler Pappas,
We really appreciate you.
We're so sorry for your friend, aka J. Bishop, Aaron J. Danielson.
We love him.
We appreciate him.
We'll put back on screen the GoFundMe.
It's only got a few thousand dollars the hour you're on.
Aaron Danielson official GoFundMe page.
Folks, go donate there with the family.
And Joey Gibson, we salute you.
We appreciate you for all you've done.
And with your Patriot Prayer Group, you've really been that thin line of pro-American standing up.
And we really appreciate you, my friend.
Remember, it's all about Aaron J. Danielson, a martyr for freedom.
All right, we're into the fourth hour right now.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I was sent a video this morning of one of the crew members called The Great Reset, Davos and the Plot to Cancel Trump.
And all of this is on record, but it's just good to see a film this good broken down by the folks that produced it.
And that's Michael J. Matt.
And that's what's so exciting is to see all these great leaders who've been out there a long time, but now I'm getting the full picture and really exposing them.
So we're going to air The Great Reset and I'm going to post it at Infowars.com and Newswars.com as we're speaking.
But first, getting into the perfect storm.
This was said at Davos this year.
This is what they're planning.
It's what they're using COVID for.
As a financial mechanism to collapse things, to get you into debt, but not make you think it was the globalists that did it.
So we should air the perfect storm for a global currency reset from InfoWars.com from March 15th.
Then we will air
The next piece, War with International Banking Cartel or NACERA.
We're going to air these two pieces in this segment.
Then I'm going to come back and I'm going to air here for our audience, premiere for our audience, The Great Reset that does a fabulous job laying this out.
Here we are getting into The Great Reset in March.
...of account based on a fixed quantity of gold was officially adopted, and the World Reserve currency became the British pound sterling.
In 1914, after World War I, nations attempted to revive the gold standard, but it collapsed during the Great Depression.
Also in 1914, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private company, was born.
After Britain was devastated by World War II, they were no longer a superpower.
And so the global reserve currency needed to be reset.
In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Conference, the U.S.
dollar became the new global reserve currency.
This established America as the dominant power in the world economy, giving America the sole ability to print dollars.
The rest of the world would need to trade their own currency against the U.S.
dollar in order to balance exchange rates, keeping the international economy vibrant and fluid.
But by the 1960s, the United States had printed more USD than their gold reserves could cover.
And by 1970, a growing American trade deficit was undermining the value of the dollar.
On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon brought an end to the gold standard.
Federal Reserve notes, a fiat currency backed by debt rather than gold, became the new standard.
This is basically no different than an I.O.U.
As one would expect, right after President Nixon gave his speech, inflation began to rise and America's biggest export became debt.
The creation of the petrodollar gave the U.S.
even more sway over world economies.
And today, the international debt has become untenable.
And many are saying another global currency reset is needed.
Historically, the gold standard has been the most stable economy we have known.
But gold can be manipulated and disruptive as well.
Some are suggesting that cryptocurrency could be the solution.
Crypto is run by an algorithm and can be designed to meet specific needs.
The global currency needs to have fluid supply, and the limited gold supply failed to keep up with economic growth.
A sovereign-free, algorithm-based alternative could potentially be more stable.
China is almost ready to launch their own cryptocurrency, DCEP, short for Digital Currency Electronic Payments.
DCEP is government-controlled and fully centralized.
So far, it appears to be a digital version of fiat paper money.
The Federal Reserve Bank is developing their own crypto called FedCoin.
The coronavirus pandemic seems to be the perfect storm for a global currency reset.
The amount of money printing involved in holding up failing economies as quarantines and shutdowns take place will be unprecedented.
And all this does is weaken the U.S.
dollar even more.
And when the U.S.
dollar falls, it will be replaced by something.
The question is, which way will it go?
This is Greg Reese for InfoWars.com.
And now your Highness, discuss the location of your hidden database.
Godfather of the Rothschild banking cartel, Mayor Amschel Rothschild said, give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.
In a recent Bloomberg article, the Fed's cure risks being worse than the disease.
Jim Bianco explains what is now happening with the Federal Reserve Bank in their response to the coronavirus.
He writes, this scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization.
So meet your new Fed Chairman, Donald J. Trump.
Did President Trump just nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank?
On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 1111-0.
Which many believed was an effort to transfer power from the Federal Reserve Bank to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve notes with silver certificates, thereby taking the power away from the international banking cartels.
Less than six months later, President Kennedy was assassinated, and his move against the Fed was reversed.
During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln printed $400 million worth of Greenbacks, a debt-free, interest-free money, independent of international bank control.
In response, the London Times wrote that if that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic,
Should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost.
It will pay off debts and be without debt.
It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.
It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world.
The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America.
That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.
The bankers were not willing to lose power, and the Bank of England went on to fund the Confederacy.
Weeks prior to Lincoln's assassination, assassin John Wilkes Booth spent time in Montreal, known as the Confederate capital of Canada, and was found after the assassination with a bank note from Ontario Bank.
Booth's personal manager was banker Joseph Siemens.
After Lincoln was killed, power was restored to the International Banking Cartel.
The National Economic Security and Recovery Act, known as NASARA, was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Bernard.
Bernard created the NASARA proposal during the late 1980s.
He sent copies to members of Congress, but was ignored.
In 2001, he established the Nassara Institute and published the second edition of his book in 2005, retitling it, Draining the Swamp, The Nassara Story, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform.
The policies included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax.
Abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, which he claimed would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy.
The full video is in the Gregory section of Bandot Video, but I saw this film 25 minutes long this morning.
We're posting it to mfullwords.com with a link to the YouTube.
But I thought all of you should have a chance to see it.
So we're going to come back.
And Eric, they did a great job.
The great reset.
He is straight ahead on the other side of this break.
And you know, Google and the Globalists all hope you don't share these links or tell folks about the show.
So whatever you do, don't tell your email list, your Facebook, your Twitter, your text message.
Tell no one to tune in now!
Let the Globalists win!
But the country's not safe unless we fight here in the cities.
So we're here.
All right.
I feel good seeing all these impressive filmmakers and people I never knew about.
Every day, I find out about some new incredible soul.
A man, a woman, brown, white, black, have beautiful souls that are fighting tyranny.
And that's why you see the enemy coming in to attack us.
Well, we've posted the video, TimForWars.com, with a few of the Gregg Reese videos that foreshadowed this back in March.
The Great Reset Davos and the plot to cancel Trump.
And all this is very accurate.
I've looked into it to myself and the folks that put this out is the Remnant Video and the newspaper publisher who runs all of that.
So you can find more information on it.
We're posting it to InfoWars.com.
Here is the beginning of the 25-minute documentary.
We'll have time in this hour to air most of it or all of it.
Here it is.
Good stuff.
I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world that will disappear in 2020.
What if I told you that Bill Gates, Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, George Soros, Prince Charles, and Cardinal Turkson were meeting in the mountains to plot a global new order to be established on the back of the COVID pandemic?
An outrageous movie plot?
Or is it absolutely true?
Donald Trump and the Davos Connection, tonight from the Editor's Desk.
Hello again, ladies and gentlemen.
Michael Matt coming to you once again from the offices of the Remnant newspaper.
Here's something you're not apt to hear on mainstream media.
Of the 18 million people in the world who've been infected with the coronavirus, 10.6 million have recovered.
This is according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.
In other words, the vast majority of COVID patients fully recover.
This doesn't even factor in that the millions who've contracted it recovered and didn't even know they had it.
Friends, we need to have a talk.
I mean, let's be really clear right from the outset.
COVID-19 is not a hoax, okay?
Worldwide, over 650,000 people, mostly elderly, have succumbed to it.
This is not a hoax.
Even with skewed death reporting, which we know is going on all over the place, this is a very serious virus.
But so was the H1N1, the swine flu of 2009, which claimed the lives of half a million people.
So was the Hong Kong flu of 1968, which claimed the lives of up to 4 million people.
Flu is a nasty business.
Now do you remember these previous epidemics, pandemics?
Probably not.
Because the media didn't freak us out over those.
The country wasn't shut down.
Healthy people were not quarantined.
Schools weren't closed.
Church services weren't cancelled.
Why not?
Because COVID is a thoroughly politicized virus.
And we're getting conflicting recommendations from the experts that get just a little more absurd every week.
Doctor, your colleague Dr. Fauci has suggested recently that goggles would work even better or in addition to.
You're talking about masks.
People have come around to the reality of that.
Are we going to look at more demands based on what Dr. Fauci has said?
Well, I've seen really great face shields, and I've seen them around the country.
You know, I've been out to 14 states, the administration sent me out, and I've gotten to see a lot of exciting face masks out there, and face masks that come from the bottom up, and I think that's really, I think people, the American people are innovative.
Those are actually pretty easy and straightforward to make.
Many universities and those who have printers are making face shields now, so these 3D printers can really increase that production, and I think others are making them, and they can be decorated.
So, Doctor, well, no one's really interested in decorations.
I want to know whether face shields or goggles is something we're going to hear next.
This isn't even funny.
I'm so glad to see the guys from Fox over there are openly mocking this woman.
I mean, people are losing their jobs.
They're losing their homes.
They're losing their mental health over this.
Their kids aren't going back to school.
They can't go to church.
And this delusional woman with the scarves?
They say we're going to get a kick out of decorating our face shields?
This is day 170, I think, of the 15 days to slow the spread, Dr. Birx.
Do you have any idea of what the hell you're talking about?
Because it changes all the time.
No wonder nobody takes these people seriously anymore.
Here's the thing, friends.
We need to get very serious about it.
We need to have a serious conversation about it.
Here at The Remnant, we've been saying since March, since the outset of this thing, that it's not the virus that we're questioning.
I don't want to get the virus.
I know you don't.
I know some of you have lost loved ones or friends or whatever from the virus.
I've known quite a few folks now who've gotten it.
I don't know anyone who died.
Everyone who I know, thanks be to God, has recovered.
But it was never the virus that's the problem.
It's the political exploitation of the pandemic, the COVID pandemic.
That really, really must give all of us now serious cause for concern about the future.
They're not playing games here.
This isn't going anywhere.
This isn't going away.
And don't take my word for it.
I wouldn't expect you to do that anyway.
Let's talk about Davos, Switzerland.
Here's where the leaders of the world are admitting exactly what I'm saying, that this is a Trojan horse.
Now in Davos, they call it the Great Reset, and it's scheduled now to kick off in January 2021.
And if you want to know what's really going on here, if you want to know why the schools are probably, many of them, are not going to open in the fall, if you want to know why you're wearing that dehumanizing face mask, even in your car, look to Davos.
Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight severe virus but to shape the system.
We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path.
What is it that would make it so that history would look at this crisis as the great opportunity for reset?
The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call.
The world's problems fit on three sides of a triangle.
It's one versus many, man versus nature, and the unfortunate foundation is long-term versus short-term.
Any recovery stimulus should have green conditions attached to it.
We have to change our economy dramatically in the next 20 or 30 years and the next 10 years is absolutely decisive.
The recovery has to be greener than any of the previous recoveries.
And then we need to couple that with new initiatives to equip them.
We're going to come back.
And this is all Davos, Microsoft globalists saying, this is going to teach us to not have money and to be poor.
And that's how you save yourself is not having a car, going to a job, and then we're going to dictate how you live your life now.
This is all they're doing is just shutting everything off.
All the little living things.
They're heroes saving the earth by not doing anything.
But no, they're just setting it up for themselves to be obsolete because they act like chicken neck cowards that don't have any will to defend themselves.
And if you act like a sheep, you know what comes.
Not Easter bunnies, but the big bad wolf.
Stay with us.
You know, you never know how long you'll have to get an InfoWars t-shirt.
It's part of history.
You know, I hope we're here in two or three months, but we may not be.
I'm just telling you right now.
We're under a lot of attack.
We need your prayers, your support, your word of mouth, just like you need the same thing back, and we appreciate you.
I would take advantage of them.
I've extended it two days, but that's it.
Free shipping on 8-pack Power Stack, X2, Ultimate Fish Oil, Survival Shield X2, Prostagard, Creole Oil, all of it.
50 to 60% off and free shipping in Footwearstore.com, and it's your financing of us that funds the operation, but I get some of those t-shirts.
The air filtration, the water filtration.
But like I said, I watched this piece put out that has like two and a half million views as of this morning by Michael J. Matt.
The Great Reset has been posted to InfoWars.com as we speak.
I hope you share it.
And just another well-spoken, good group laying out the facts of Davos and others bragging about what they're now doing to us.
So let's continue with the documentary.
On June 2nd, 2020, just a few months ago, a couple months ago, the founder now of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Schwab, wrote an article on their website in which he just comes right out with it.
He says the COVID pandemic represents a, quote, rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.
End quote.
Those aren't my words.
Those are his words.
The world must act jointly and swiftly, says Mr. Schwab, to, quote, revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.
Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed, end quote.
And Mr. Schwab comes right out and admits that he can't do this without, you guessed it, Bill Gates.
We are particularly committed to this initiative since the forum has been at the origin in its annual meeting in Davos of the global fund GAVI and CEPI.
Together with the Gates Foundation and other founders of those crucial organizations, particularly today.
And they're all there.
All the movers and shakers of the world are in Davos at one time or another.
Even Prince Charles, the insufferable Prince of Wales, got into the act in Davos in January.
Unless we take the action necessary and we build again in a greener and more sustainable and more inclusive way, then we will end up having more and more pandemics and more and more disasters from ever accelerating global warming and climate change.
So this is the one moment, as you've all been saying, when we have to
To make as much progress as we can.
And of course, Antonio Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, who's also a Catholic, and is now serving as the Secretary General of the United Nations.
He's in Davos, chiming in as well.
A microscopic virus has closed down entire countries and economies.
The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call.
As you rightly say, it is imperative that we reimagine, rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate, and rebalance our world.
Friends, the full picture should begin to emerge now, and I'm just giving you a sample.
I mean, everyone has spoken here.
Everyone who is anyone in the globalist community has gone to Davos, has delivered speeches, they come together, they network, they plan our future.
This transformation essentially means that the whole way that we do business, that we live, that we have grown accustomed to in the industrial age, will have to be changed.
We will have to leave that behind us in the next 30 years to go.
This COVID thing is their golden opportunity.
And they certainly don't want Trump or anyone else to fix the problem, certainly not prematurely.
And this is what the war on hydroxychloroquine is all about.
I mean, think about this.
You mention hydroxychloroquine and you get taken off Facebook?
You get taken down from YouTube?
This thing's been going for 60 years.
People use it all the time.
Well, if you use it, you might have a heart attack, so we've got to condemn that.
Why are they doing this?
This is a therapeutic that works for a lot of people.
Doctors all over the place are using it right now, but they don't want it.
Because it's not a vaccine.
Because it might fix the problem.
This is why those frontline doctors in the white coats, that's why they were banned from social media.
Many of them are now losing their jobs.
They were frontline heroes.
And all they did wrong was come out and talk about fixing the thing now.
Not waiting 18 months, and not waiting for a vaccine, but how they're fixing and healing people right now.
Doesn't that make you just a little suspicious?
Because, see, the problem is, these frontline doctors in the white coats, if they're right, and COVID can be cured without 7 billion doses of Bill Gates' vaccine, well, the Great Reset that they keep talking about in Davos, Switzerland, the Great Reset, will be dead on arrival.
And all of us will go back to life.
Life as we knew it.
This is why the 2021 Davos Summit, now 2021, it's coming right up after Christmas, the Davos Summit and the Great Reset.
They need President Joe, the Catholic Biden, to hand us, the United States, over to them if he wins this election.
This is why they're trying so hard to take Donald Trump down.
Biden is not a serious candidate.
We can all agree on that, right?
He's not serious.
The poor fellow.
He's in his dotage now.
So what are they doing?
They don't want a serious candidate.
And I'm not talking about on the right.
I'm talking about on the left.
They don't want someone who's going to be serious.
Everyone with a pulse knows Joe Biden can't do this job.
What's he doing there, then?
In my opinion, he's the personified monument
To the U.S.
presidency that the mob will tear down in January.
They need to reset everything, including the politics of the United States, the governance of the United States.
Besides that, old Joe the Catholic Biden has always been a New World Order guy.
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.
And of course, Franzi, we hear a lot about the Green New Deal and all of that, right?
We hear Francis with his Laudato Si' encyclical and all of that.
They're all working together, aren't they?
The Davos 2021 Summit works closely with something called Climate Reality Project.
And guess who runs that?
The respected trustee of the World Economic Forum, Albert Gore.
This crisis, the climate crisis, is way worse than people generally realize.
Way worse.
It is getting worse still way faster than people realize.
The burden to act that is on the shoulders of the generation of people alive today is a challenge to our moral imagination.
But this is Thermopylae.
This is Agincourt.
This is the Battle of the Bulge.
This is Dunkirk.
This is 9-11.
We have to rise to this occasion.
I can't believe this guy is still knocking around.
It's unbelievable.
It's almost like a spoof, isn't it?
It's elegant!
I mean, and it's the same.
Davos brings them all in.
All the ghouls from the globalist swamp.
Our house is still on fire.
Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour.
And we are telling you to act as if you loved your children above all else.
And of course, drumroll please, Davos, Switzerland has its elder statesman, George Soros.
George Soros' dinner at Davos is a bit of an institution at this event.
He usually comes out with strong criticism of something that he feels is troubling for the state of the world.
He didn't hold back either when talking about the US President, saying that he was describing him as a con man, an ultimate narcissist.
Even the fate of the world could be at stake in 2020 and the years to come as well.
Perhaps referencing there the upcoming, of course, election in the United States too.
So George Soros really, you know, using his platform here at Davos to speak to those, you know, rich and famous who come to the World Economic Forum.
We know that he's in the past has been a major donor to the Democratic Party in the United States.
He didn't say anything about which candidate he might be supporting in the Democratic primary, but certainly no holding back on his criticism of President Trump.
We'll come back with a conclusion of the film.
The Great Reset, it's posted at InfoWars.com.
Good little piece, The Great Reset, Davos and the Plot to Cancel Trump.
It's the plot to cancel you and your family.
Stay with us.
So the piece we're playing is called The Great Reset, Davos and the Plot to Cancel Trump.
It's at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And George Soros hopes you don't share it, but here's the conclusion.
What's this all about?
I think you know.
I think we all sort of, in our hearts, we kind of realize what's going on here.
This is not about COVID anymore.
This is about a reset of everything.
And the United States of America is in the way right now of all of it.
So they are destabilizing our entire country.
The Great Reset then, politically, economically, it wants to implement massive socialist programs and of course global climate change along the lines of the Green New Deal.
The regulation is going to be unbelievable and no one, no country, will be allowed to opt out of this.
Well, if an individual country opts out of the Great Reset,
They're going to be endangering the whole world community, the whole world, through future pandemics that will be caused by climate change, Al Gore says, and overpopulation, says Bill Gates.
You see how it works?
No country will be allowed to opt out.
This is what we're facing in November.
And if you think the Catholic Church is going to protect you from what's coming, from this globalist takeover nightmare, think again.
We've been through all this before.
Leaving aside Pachamama and leaving aside Laudato Si, which is the encyclical of the globalists.
It's the encyclical of the United Nations.
I'm sure that we have all read this magnificent, magnificent encyclical that His Holiness Pope Francis has blessed us with.
It's the encyclical of AOC.
It's the encyclical
of the Green New Deal.
Leaving that aside, Francis has already announced the global economic reset of his own last year.
I don't know what makes this man think that he's an economist.
I don't know where he learned all of this down in Argentina, but he's an amazing guy.
He knows everything but theology.
Have you noticed that?
He already announced his coming global economic reset.
He calls it, in his humility, the Economy Francesco.
The economy of Francis.
We showed you a bit of this.
I'll show you a little more here.
I will come for the economy of Francesco because we need a new economy, a new vision, and the teachings of Pope Francis in Laudato Si' and in other teachings help to give us... The ultra-rich that have stolen all the wealth now have this plan.
Isn't that something?
This was announced last year, mid-2019.
It's almost as if Francis knew that the COVID pandemic and the resulting economic collapse were coming.
I wonder how he knew that.
Isn't that weird?
That he was already calling for an economic reset?
Poor Francis, he couldn't make it out to Davos back in January when the big party happened.
But he did send his representative, the globalist cardinal, Peter Turkson, in his place.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm pleased to welcome His Eminence Cardinal Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development of the Vatican City-State, with a special message from His Holiness Pope Francis.
Your Eminence, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to Davos.
The stage is yours.
This is to Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.
As the World Economic Forum celebrates its 50th anniversary, I send greetings and prayerful good wishes to all taking part in this year's gathering.
Everyone's in on the Great Reset.
Well, almost everyone.
There's one guy who's got the power to do something to stop it, and he knows exactly where I'm going.
And they made a mistake.
They tried to get Trump on their side, so they invited Donald Trump to Davos, I think a couple of times.
But in January, when Donald Trump, I think, really began to see the beast that he was up against, he went to Davos, to the World Economic Forum, and he stuck a mega-finger in their eye.
We're committed to conserving the majesty of God's creation and the natural beauty of our world.
But to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse.
These alarmists always demand the same thing, absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives.
We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country.
Two days after Donald Trump gave that speech, the 89-year-old leftist weirdo billionaire George Soros made an emergency intervention where, at Davos, once again, warning that the U.S.
2020 election will determine the, quote, fate of the whole world.
Now, in the context of Davos, take a look at this one more time.
This is a month after Donald Trump addressed Davos and stuck the MAGA finger in their face.
Here's what Francis the Vatican and Jeffrey Sachs had to say in response.
And it is a dangerous country right now.
It will be absolutely dangerous if Trump wins re-election.
Trump wins re-election.
Trump wins re-election.
Francis invited this guy to the Amazon Senate as an honored guest and advisor.
He's also Bernie Sanders' advisor.
What's he doing in the Vatican?
Why is this guy, who is a promoter for socialist, out-and-out socialist Bernie Sanders, what's he doing advising the Pope?
Why does he have entree to the Vatican, friends?
Clearly, I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world.
But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020.
Do you get it?
You see why there's so much hate for Trump?
Because with all of his faults.
Again, he's the capitalist.
He's not the globalist.
He never will be one of them.
Which is why he pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the World Health Organization.
That's Bill Gates and company.
And now he's threatening to pull the United States out of the World Trade Organization.
People say, yeah, well Donald Trump got married twice.
He's a bad guy.
He's right in the face of the demons on this, friends.
Nobody ever said he was a saint.
He's knocking the sacred cows of the United Nations down all over the world right now.
The General Assembly routinely votes 185 against the United States on almost everything right now.
And you remember, speaking of the United Nations, in November of 2019, again, right before COVID landed, Trump went to the UN, on the floor of the General Assembly,
And he declared war on globalism.
Shortly after the speech at the U.N., Donald Trump delivered, what do you think happened?
The coronavirus was unleashed on the world and Trump's booming U.S.
economy went on life support.
Do you think that was an accident?
So when they tell you, when they tell all of us to stay home, wear your mask so grandma doesn't get sick, please understand what's really going on here.
They don't care about your grandmother.
They don't care about old people, these people.
They don't care about babies.
They want them aborted so that they can save the common home.
Abort babies, millions of them all over the world.
They don't care about babies.
They don't care about old people.
In fact, if you want to save your grandma,
Tell the globalists to stay the hell away from her.
Remember how some of them, like Cuomo and characters like this, were running COVID-recovering patients through nursing homes?
That's how much they care about grandma.
The name of the game now is to bring the United States economy to its knees, get it out of the way, so that everyone will want the Great Reset.
Make the new normal so intolerably abnormal that even you and I, maybe, you know, at some point in the near future, will be begging for the vaccines, because we'll be driven crazy by that point.
For whatever else is going to keep us safe according to our jailers and our handlers and our zookeepers.
You see?
That's what they want.
That's why they keep using this term, new normal.
You know what we do to fight back?
Go to work.
Go back to school.
If you're healthy, take off the mask.
And for heaven's sake, go back to church and pray that Trump wins in November.
That's what the reset was on.
That's what the Russia hoax was all about.
That's what the impeachment hoax was all about.
Don't you see?
For four years they've been trying to stop this man because if he strengthens America, if he makes it great again, if he brings the economy back again, the reset won't happen.
The New World Order is going to be set way back.
Who knows when they're going to have another COVID opportunity like this one again.
And they know it.
So ask yourselves why they hate this man.
These folks.
These men.
They hate God.
They hate the unborn.
They hate the traditional family.
They hate you.
And they hate Donald Trump.
Because political opponents, by the way, right now are knocking statues of saints to the ground.
They're beating up cops and they're burning flags.
You say you don't like Trump.
I'm sorry, friends, but who cares?
That doesn't really matter anymore.
But you think of Trump's personality or his tweets.
Look at the big picture.
The choice is simple, friends.
Stand with America right now.
Or fall with the New World Order.
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