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Name: 20200830_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 30, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses recent news about General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responding to questions from two Congress members who were apparently trying to recruit his support for a military coup. He also mentions an open letter written by a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Army accusing President Trump of mobilizing a secret army and threatening that General Milley would be guilty of treason if he wouldn't help them remove the President from office. The publication of General Milley's response to these CIA operatives is seen as a sign of American Deep State's weakness and desperation. This radio show discusses various recent events and incidents involving Antifa terrorists in America. The author laments the fact that Antifa members attack Trump supporters without provocation and are allowed to get away with their actions. They talk about the murder of a Trump supporter named Jay Bishop who was shot at point-blank range by an Antifa member who then fled the scene. The author claims that they have footage of Antifa members burning American flags and chanting “Death to America.” They also discuss other incidents where Antifa members have attacked people, including an incident in Portland where a man was beaten and kicked in the head by Antifa

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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Mainstream media is reporting that the most senior officer in the U.S.
Armed Forces says there is no role for the military in the 2020 presidential election.
The article reveals that General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was responding to questions submitted by two members of Congress, Elisa Slotkin of Michigan and Mickey Sherrill of New Jersey, who were apparently recruiting the General's support for a military coup.
These two were amongst the first to call for the impeachment of the president last year for investigating Joe Biden's ties to the Ukraine.
In a Washington Post op-ed, seven freshman Democrats, all former military and intelligence operatives, claimed to be a group of unified U.S.
patriots sworn to save America from Donald Trump.
Abigail Spanberger and Elisa Slotkin were featured in headlines three years ago.
Ex-CIA officers running for Congress as Democrats.
The article cited the unfounded Russia hoax as the inspiration for these so-called patriotic CIA operatives to run for office.
NBC wrote that these CIA agents were fed up with the president and their new mission was to foil Trump.
The move by the CIA to run agents in the 2018 elections came almost immediately after the president ordered devastating bombings of Afghanistan heroin operations.
An operation that many believe was run by the CIA.
This is not surprising.
The CIA has been involved in the international opium market since their inception in 1947, when agency operatives worked with the Italian mafia and used heroin profits as CIA funding.
Slotkin and Sherrill were not the first to request the U.S.
military's assistance in their coup d'etat against President Trump.
On August 11th, a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, wrote an open letter to General Milley.
Like out of a Philip K. Dick novel, they predicted that Trump was mobilizing a secret army, and threatened that General Milley would be guilty of treason if he would not help them remove the President from office.
The publication of General Milley's response to these CIA operatives is a sign of the American Deep State's weakness.
They appear to be desperate.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, that extremely powerful report just got filed to Bandot Video in the Gregg Reese section.
Click on the link at the left-hand corner, find the menu selection for the channel, and find the awesome videos of Gregg Reese.
Now, obviously, I came in yesterday, did a two-hour show.
Two to four is an emergency transmission dealing with this huge news.
Top U.S.
General tells Congress the military will not play a part in the coup plans they're developing.
That's even in the Associated Press.
What a huge story.
It shows that they were shopping and around publicly and going public with it to normalize the idea of it.
That's what they do, like normalizing convicted pedophiles coming into schools and libraries and many times unannounced and having five-year-olds bounce on their crotches.
It's all about moving the Overton window to make you accept all this great evil.
Now we are live on this Sunday, August 30th, 2020 transmission.
And when this two-hour transmission's over, Owen Schroyer's gonna be here with a new show called Sunday Live.
And through the campaign, it'll be called Sunday Live Election Countdown, just like the weeknight show, 7 to 9, is called Election Countdown, Taking Back America.
And that's co-hosted by Savannah Hernandez, Deanna Lorraine, Owen Schroyer, Harrison Smith, Rob Dew, yours truly, Alex Jones, and others.
Okay, I'm gonna have to be calm to get through all this.
It's unbelievable, 64 days out, how things are coming to a head.
That's why we're here now live, seven days a week.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and your financial support keeping us on air.
But what's paramount is your word of mouth.
So however you're listening on local stations, local TV stations, on the internet, whatever feed you're watching or listening to, you realize victory is in your hands.
So spread that link and tell folks to tune in tonight for exclusive intel.
64 days.
64 days until the most important election in world history.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are live on this August 30th, 2020 Sunday transmission.
I'm your host.
I'll be here for the next two hours and then a new Sunday transmission with Owen Schroyer launches.
Sunday live Election Countdown for two hours right after this transmission ends.
There's only six minutes of breaks an hour, four at the bottom, two at the end of the hour for our local stations.
It's commercial free with these new shows we're launching like Election Countdown weeknights.
That is 7 to 9 Central, right through the election.
We intend after the election to have a new show we'll tell you about with a roundtable that will continue on as well.
Let me just tell you what's on the table here.
Because the quickening is here.
It's been getting more intense every broadcast, every day that passes.
You don't need me to tell you that.
You don't need me to tell you now that I wasn't trying to be sensational over the years predicting exactly what's now happening.
It sounded sensational, because it sounds crazy.
Well, if you look at what the Soviets did, or what Hitler did, or what Genghis Khan did, or what some of the Roman Emperors did, or what North Korea does, it sounds crazy.
Because crazy people get in power sometimes, and things are bad.
Because they think they're God, and they go nuts.
So let me tell you what's coming up.
Friday, huge news broke with almost no attention.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs came out.
And said, I've been sent a letter by Democrats asking to help in the forced removal of the president.
That is illegal.
We will not be part of that.
Now, obviously it's illegal.
But the Democrats have quietly shopped it in the last 14 months.
In globalist white papers, CFR, you name it.
Then it sort of hit the pages of Atlantic Monthly and other establishment publications about a year ago.
And then we learned in the Washington Post and other places that these former lieutenant colonels were saying it's time to have a military coup against the president, which is illegal.
Now, they're traitors to the globalists, so it really is treason.
But if they really are American citizens still, which I don't call them that, that would be sedition.
Any way you slice it, it's illegal.
And now it's coming out that it's illegal and that the military knows it's illegal and very, very dangerous.
Top U.S.
general tells Congress military will not play a role.
2020 election, removing Trump.
That's CNN having to report that.
AP, top general, says no role for military in presidential vote.
That's not a branch of government.
It's an office under the executive, funded by the people, and that payment is controlled by Congress.
So that's all coming up next hour with something that ties into it.
We're going to have Jason Jones, very established, well-known filmmaker, major films, Christian patriot,
He has had to leave Hawaii, a place he's lived for decades and he loves with his family.
He's moved south of Austin to New Braunfels.
Texas is a very nice place.
I would live if I didn't have to be in Austin.
We already put roots down here with the infrastructure.
That's a very nice place.
And I actually have a little piece of property there.
That's where my bug out area is pretty close there.
I'll leave it at that.
But, so he picked a good place.
I didn't tell anybody that.
He just picked a similar area, very close.
I can't afford to kill country.
The Californians drove the price up too much.
Joe Rogan, by the way, pulled up his stakes yesterday and started to move to somewhere in Texas.
Can't tell you where yet, but I'm sure in the next few days you'll learn about all of that.
He's moving to Dallas or something, I heard.
Almost had a Freudian slip.
I wish he was moving to Austin, but who knows where he's moving.
I'll leave it at that.
Joe, we had a nice talk yesterday about that.
I'll stop there, but let me get serious.
Because this is bone chilling.
Jason Jones has the screenshots.
He knows the governor, he knows the lieutenant governor, and he'll be with us in the second hour in studio.
And guess what?
The lieutenant governor is now saying that they're not just going to have checkpoints on the highways to forcibly take COVID tests starting today.
But that there are going to be restrictions on leaving your house if you don't take the vaccine.
So it's experimental.
They skipped animal trials.
80% that take the vaccine are getting sick, CBS News reported.
And it doesn't even protect you, but already AISD, Austin Independent School District, the Pflugerville School District, we've talked to folks north of Austin, the governor of Virginia has already announced forced inoculations.
All over the country, California, Massachusetts, others are saying they're going to make flu shots mandatory.
It's here.
The government with private international corporations are going to
Put something in your body that's patented in secret, that has liability protection, and they admit can hurt you, and that's just the way it is.
So, it's here.
The checkpoints were announced yesterday to begin today on the major highways in Hawaii.
An absolutely huge moment.
A gigantic moment.
We have the screenshots with the Lieutenant Governor, and with permission I'm going to show them today, saying yes, that's coming.
Restrictions when you don't have shots.
Can't travel, can't have a job, can't leave your house.
She'll have to have an app that's scanned when you go into a grocery store to get food.
This is the mark of the beast, has nothing to do with protecting you from COVID.
And here's the new shock report.
This week, CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,210 Americans died from COVID-19 alone.
The rest had different, other serious illnesses.
Average age was 85.
Most people had three pre-existing conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, on top of each other.
But see, the hoax doesn't end.
It's more intense.
Because half the population would jump off a bridge into a pool of acid or sharks or gremlins if they were ordered to by the media.
And it's leftist.
They love subservience.
They love compliance.
They love chumptum, schmucktum, dum-dum-dum-dum.
And I just don't know what you can do for them.
And that dovetails with all of this.
German COVID civil rights protesters appeal to Trump.
Help us.
The government's saying it will be forced.
No religious or medical exemptions.
Even if your doctor says, oh, the vaccine could hurt you, which most doctors will tell you, you can get a medical exemption.
Forced COVID-19 testing at highway checkpoints announced by Dems.
Here's the highway article out of Hawaii.
News now, state to use entire H3 freeway to facilitate COVID-19 testing next week.
Says it will block you in the tunnels.
You will be given the forced testing.
And they admit that is to boost numbers.
They're so psychotic, they say, number of COVID-19 cases likely to spike again after testing surge.
Officials warn because the tests are almost all false positive.
You've had the flu, a cold or infection.
In the last decade, it will show a false positive.
Just like everyone that was told they had it in the NFL, they went and got other tests.
None of them had it.
That was the Associated Press four days ago.
Not one person in the NFL had it.
But see, you try to put this out on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, any of it, they block you.
Because they say the UN says hydroxychloroquine doesn't help.
Doesn't matter a thousand doctors prove it does, and 50 studies or more.
And if we say we don't want to take a shot, the UN says last week.
Everybody's waiting for the orders.
Head of the World Health Organization said, we cannot allow vaccine nationalism.
Every country must accept forced inoculation of their population by next year or that country will have embargoes put on it.
So we're now under U.N.
That was the headline.
head warns of vaccine nationalism.
And when you read his statement, he said, nations must follow the W.H.O.
recommendation or face sanctions.
Like you've got W.M.D.s and you're Iraq.
Just like that.
Just like that.
You're inside the U.N., inside the world government.
It's all coming up.
Even the local paper says that
Every county says it had 3,000 cases.
Turns out they had 20.
Dallas said it had 4,000 cases.
It had less than 100.
I've got all these articles, all the numbers, because they're now going into the numbers and finding out it's all fraud.
Are there regular pneumonia deaths?
Are there regular flu deaths?
Again, I was meeting with a lawyer Friday.
They said, well, I have a friend that died of COVID.
I said, how old was he?
He goes, no, 87.
Oh, do you have cancer?
Yeah, how'd you know?
It's always the same.
You die of cancer, put it on the thing, COVID.
And then, you know, that's a fake test, too.
My God, man.
Well, this is a galactic-level fraud.
But when we come back, Antifa carried out an assassination of an innocent patriot for wearing a Blue Lives Matter patch.
They executed him last night, and the left is celebrating it with pleasure.
I gotta tell ya, I'm so blessed to be here and I'm so honored and I'm so thankful to this amazing crew, the best crew I've ever had.
I love ya!
And I love our listeners.
And I love all of the affiliates that have stood with us in defiance of tyranny and who've been proven right for betting on the right horse, on betting on themselves, on betting on America.
So here I am!
Crank up the Scorps!
Rockin' like a hurricane!
Yes, my blood is burning, and so is yours, for freedom and to not be slaves.
And we're unified, no matter what color we are or where we came from, that we love God.
Alright, I've got some serious news, and the only way to cover this is to read the headlines and then burrow into it.
So give me an overhead shot, please.
Kenosha kickback!
Antifa reportedly hunts, shoots, trumpster in Cheston, Portland.
Well, we're going to show you the video in a moment.
I'm not sad this effing fascist died tonight.
Left-wing Portland protesters celebrate murder of Trump supporter while chanting in Portland and it also happened in Oakland and a bunch of places, death to America.
That's all coming up.
Now I got this from Joey Gibson, the founder of the Patriot Prayer Group, a great patriot with great courage, a big friend of the show.
And I asked him this morning to come on and he said, look, I can't do it until the family has been able to speak.
And he's talking to the family and he was going to be part of a boat parade today.
Quite frankly, he and his, he was right there when it happened.
He and his wife and everybody are just out of commission.
He says he's coming on tomorrow.
He's unable to come on at this time.
He was very close to the gentleman that died.
And Joey's too broke up to go on air right now.
Which I would be probably too if I watched one of my good friends executed right in front of me.
So, but he did put out this little Facebook point and he did put us in contact with a woman who was there and watched the murder, the communist execution, the Soros execution of Jay Bishop.
And Jay was a great guy, part of the Patriot Paragroup, marched with him dozens of times.
They were good friends for a long time.
And this is what Joey said.
I'm getting a lot of questions, so I thought I would make this post.
First, we love Jay, and he had such a huge heart.
God bless him and the life he lived.
Second, I'm going to wait to make any public statements till after the family can.
That's what he told us today.
Third, if you plan on going to the boat cruise, please go.
I know that Jay would love to look down from heaven and see tons of American flags on the Columbia River.
I will not be attending, but I hope all of you enjoy yourselves out there.
Fly them high for Jay.
And the vehicle convoy coming into Portland was attacked on the highway with rocks, bricks, and bottles of water.
That was on the local news, people praising it.
And they were attacked and one man killed once they got into town.
This is like Road Warrior and they are now attacking the boat parades when they go under bridges.
These are communist terrorists that don't want us to have our free speech.
Conservatives would never act like this and if they did I wouldn't be a conservative or a nationalist or a patriot.
These people are cancer.
And we'll play the video and the audio of Jay Bishop being killed and the outfit being worn by the individual that did it matches someone who was following the vehicles and who had a similar tattoo to an individual that says he's an Antifa security leader.
He has been called a suspect.
We're not saying he did it, but the person's wearing the same weird chest vest rig with caprice shorts and Birkenstock sandals.
And the same white outfit, black cap, was following the vehicle.
And then what looks like the person wearing a similar outfit that shot Jay.
We have an eyewitness that is coming on.
But a suspect in murder of Trump supporter.
I'm 100% Antifa all the way.
He's got the same tattoo as the gentleman that looks just the same that was following the vehicle, dressed the same as who was believed to be the shooter, but he could be innocent, and we hope that's the case for him.
But let's continue going over all this here before we play these clips.
Look at this terrible photo out of the New York Times of Jay Bishop laying, dying,
Probably put that up on the back screen.
Laying, dying after being shot twice in the chest.
At pretty much point blank range.
And before they do it, they say, we've got a trumper here.
We got a trumper here.
Bang, bang.
And the guy runs away.
Here he is on the ground.
Jay Bishop breathing his last breaths.
And Antifa, we have the videos.
I don't know how to play these, but they're pretty sick.
Saying he's a fascist, he deserves to die.
Death to America.
And then burning American flags and laughing while they do it.
So that's who these people are, and Jay stood up when other Americans wouldn't.
So, he was outnumbered and murdered.
Because we wouldn't stand up.
Because more of us wouldn't stand up.
That's enough.
I'll show you guys the clip I want.
I sent it over.
They're burning the American flag.
They're saying he's a fascist.
He deserved to die.
It's pretty bad.
There's actually about ten other clips.
You know, it's hard to watch all this.
Maybe I just won't play it.
I mean, you know what they're saying.
We have the clip of them saying, Death to America.
It's a Gateway Pundit article.
So we'll play that when we come back.
But the suspect in murder of Trump supporter.
I'm 100% Antifa.
All the way.
And you can go watch all the videos for yourself.
You can see it all for yourself.
All the still shots.
We show TV viewers some still shots of what happened yesterday.
Here's the individual that we've identified with the same tattoo that was seen following the vehicle and waiting till he went to a parking garage and got out.
And here he is again, appearing to have a handgun in his waist.
Here's a closer shot.
Same individual right here.
You've got Antifa.
Update, comrade, deceased person had a Blue Lives Matter flag on them.
They wanted to celebrate.
Oh, good.
You've got all the tweets that have the still images of the individual running away.
Here is the individual.
We're not sure the person that shot, but that matches the description with the same tattoo and the same outfit following behind the truck.
He looks like one of those science fiction characters after there's been a nuclear war and there's mutants running around.
We've got all this information and more coming up and I'll get into the other crimes that are taking place.
Shot video man tries to publicly rape woman in broad daylight in New York City.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
We're the people.
We're the resistance.
We're fighting the entire globalist empire.
We have all the big banks, all the major billionaires other than Trump, focused trying to dominate and bring down the United States.
They believe they can do it.
They've won everywhere else.
But they'll fail just like King George III here.
We do our job and say no.
So there's a power vacuum where blue cities and blue states are run by globalist operatives.
They become incubators for criminal gangland street battles.
When they go out and jump in front of cars and shoot people and attack, hoping somebody fights back so they can be cast as a Nazi.
Want to pull in a gas station and get gas?
We're going to attack you.
We're going to call you a Nazi.
Don't want to stop on the side of the road when you get in front of your car?
We're going to shoot you in the head and call you a Nazi.
Don't put your fist up in solidarity at a restaurant quick enough?
We're going to throw food in your face, slap you in the face, call you a Nazi.
And there are dozens of people that have been shot in the last few months at checkpoints and on the road and driving down the street and police officers shot in the back and shot in the chest and they don't even make local news.
And look at the Antifa little ghouls if you're a TV viewer.
They come over and demand and yell at the Patriot prayer member, just a Christian,
They demand, get up!
Get up!
Just like that guy last week in Portland, they beat up and kicked him in the head and put him in a coma for two days.
They kept saying, get up, bitch!
It's all fake!
We just stomped your head in and kicked your head in and gave you a deadly concussion and subdermal hematomas.
If you're a radio listener, you're lucky you're not having to watch all this.
You know what?
Let's air the clips here.
Where they announce, we got us a trumper, and then let's show him dying on the ground while Antifa comes over.
Like little, little rats to see their work.
And they yell stuff down him dying, like, get up!
And then we'll show you some of the videos of them.
And then we're bleeping out the videos where they're saying,
We're good to go.
We got a couple right here!
Hey, watch out, bro!
She's trying to help him!
She's trying to help him!
She's in the f***ing bed, she's trying to help him!
Hey, let her help!
Let her help!
Do you need an ambulance?
Christy, do you need an ambulance?
He points at the woman and says, give the woman help.
I mean, they found out they'd kill him, now they gotta stand over and piss on him.
He's getting mad at the guy trying to save him.
God, just scum of the earth.
You know, the difference between what happened to Jay Bishop and what happened to the other people, and the Rittenhouse situation, is that Rittenhouse was a lifeguard, we now learn, in the community, and Rittenhouse was helping get rid of graffiti, and Rittenhouse was helping do security at car dealerships and places being burned down, and then they started shooting at him, he shot back, we now know, it's all coming out, and he ran, and they chased him with guns!
And said, we're going to kill you.
And the guy he shot in the arm said, I was trying to kill him, according to his friends that are with him at the hospital.
They have photos of him saying, oh, I just talked to him.
His only regret is he didn't kill Kyle Rittenhouse.
Those articles are all on Infowars.com with their own statements.
So you're running down the street with people chasing you with guns, drawing.
And they say their only regret is you're not dead.
And you're charged with murder one.
Yes, that means possible death penalty.
Guy extends a gun at him, he shoots him, and the man at the hospital after his arm is saved says, according to his friends who took photos with him and quoted him on Facebook,
My only regret is I didn't kill that Nazi.
Because everyone you're fighting is a Nazi.
Boy, isn't that easy?
We're America that beat the Nazis, but then a Nazi collaborator came over here named George Soros, and he funds your group, and then you sit there like when they were trying to attack and kill Rand Paul.
He's already had his ribs broken, already been shot at, next to Scalise when he got shot with the guy that came to kill the conservative baseball team.
And they're saying, say her name!
Of a little black girl that got killed in a no-knock warrant that was wrong, in a mistake by police, is still manslaughter, no excuses for him.
He got the law passed under her name.
That's the level of this.
The ignorance of these people.
They don't care if Joe Biden passed the laws to put black people in prison so they can get trained to be criminals.
They don't care about reality.
They want to feel good and be out there and just randomly attack people because the mission
Is to bring down society.
Coming up, I'll play the clips next segment.
I'm not sad that effing fascist died tonight.
Extremist in Kenosha.
Justice for Jacob rally.
If you kill one of us it's time for you to die.
It's time for us to kill one of you.
And that's why it's open season to rape white women, to shoot white people, to attack old people, because as long as they're white, it's okay.
And it's whites doing it, and it's blacks doing it, mainly.
And it's what's weird is when a white person attacks a white person and says, you're an effing white male, you deserve it, and they're a white male, it goes back to Age Skrillex and that famous video, it's just insane.
There's a video up on Infowars.com, 19 videos of left-wing protesters harassing people after the Republican National Convention.
And it goes on from there.
We're going to break it all down coming up.
But here's the big news out of Kenosha.
Trump to visit Kenosha riot scene Tuesday.
And we're going to send reporters up there, and we're going to be there, and we're going to cover it.
We're going.
Yeah, you like that?
Oh, the crew wants to.
Hell, maybe I should go up there.
Biden to leave basement this week for mystery campaign stop to blame riots on Trump.
Yes, they've got Trump riots as the top of Twitter forced up theirs and they're now saying Trump did this when Trump's been trying to give aid to the cities to stop it.
That's the upside-down world.
Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse worked as lifeguard in Kenosha on day of shooting.
Cleaned graffiti off local school after work, legal team says.
And they have the photos and the video and all of it.
Kyle Rittenhouse, alleged victim, only regrets was not killing the kid, emptying entire mag into him, he says, in a Facebook post with his friend.
Because he's the good guy, the mainstream news said.
Meanwhile, Jacob Blake, this is all being done in his name, who his family called on him, and the police get here, he assaults them, goes for a weapon in the car, on record, they confirm.
Turns out Blake assaulted a woman, raped her with his hand, snipped his finger, and accused her of cheating before police arrived.
Had a long history of
Sex crimes, pedophilia, you name it.
I mean, raping women, raping underage girls.
But, what happens if the cops just stop showing up?
Can you imagine me and the cops being called to this?
They're called there, they deal with this, and then a guy gets shot, he's attacking them, and then they're the bad guys?
Americans, since something's wrong, gun sales up 72% from their previous record, InfoWars.com.
Thank God we're not Russia, we're not places where commies try to take over and the public wasn't armed.
We're armed and that's the equalizing effect against you dirty commies.
You may have big tech, you may have the mainstream media, but you don't have our guns, you don't have our mouths, and our word of mouth, you dirty, murdering, billionaire trash, who will all pay for what you've done.
You will all pay for what you've done.
Now we've got, when we come back, some news that we'll just wait till I get to it.
Hundreds of Netflix, HBO shows, major film productions, The Joker, where the psychotic meth-head criminal is good.
And all of it was admittedly tasks for the public to believe that overthrowing government, burning down your cities, would empower you.
All funded by the Chinese government and traitors in our own government.
All the countless movies, the purge movies, and the hunt movies, and all of it.
Hunt down and murder the middle class.
Hunt down and kill the rich people.
But it was all financed by the rich people.
It was all financed by the one, one hundredth of one percent that don't want a middle class, don't want you to be wealthy, don't want you to be successful, don't want you to be free.
Don't want you to not depend on them.
Yes, big, sick, evil mob, who if they really ran Gotham, in a week there'd be no more electricity, no more food.
But they can parasitically live off the hard-working people, from the janitor, to the police officer, to the firefighter, to the school teacher, to the auto mechanic.
And they can play around and take drugs all day.
They can play around and rape people on the New York subway.
We're gonna play that video in a moment.
But let's play some video from last night in Portland.
First, the New York Times and everybody else ran that an Antifa hero had been killed by a Trump supporter in cold blood.
But it was really a man at a Patriot prayer event exercising free speech who was gunned down.
Hey, look, we got a Trumper who they shot twice in the chest.
And then once it was learned that it was a Patriot that was killed, they celebrated in countless videos.
I probably saw 15 of them myself this morning when I woke up and learned about all this at 5 a.m.
I get up early.
Let's just play one of the clips of a obese woman, she has to always be obese, I think it's obese people, I'm a little overweight, but an obese commando woman announcing that he deserved to die, he was a fascist, he was a Nazi.
Man, you talk about speaking to all the dead, a good Christian patriot, part of a group that loves everybody no matter what color they are, that believes in America, he's dead because he believes in speech.
His name's Jay Bishop, ladies.
Say his name.
He didn't chase anybody down like your Andy Viscum and Kenosha.
He just got killed for being proud of America and proud of God and proud of free speech.
I'm not sad that effing fascist died tonight.
All 400 pounds of her says.
What'll happen to her?
I hope nothing happens to her.
But boy, she'd squeal.
She'd be on the national news as a martyr.
But she's so fat, she can't even wipe her ass with both hands.
Let's go ahead and play what this monster had to say.
And again, I don't want them to trick us into a race war, but it was 10-to-1 black-on-white crime because the media already did this.
Now it was 12-to-1 a year ago, now they're hiding the numbers.
That's come out in the news.
It's like they're hiding the numbers of old people, old people, black, white, you name it, being killed inside these nursing homes, not by COVID, but by something else to get their money.
Shock video.
Man tries to publicly rape woman.
Start rolling it.
There's no audio.
Put up by the NYPD.
It's broad daylight.
He's starting to rape her in front of everybody.
And when they tell him, hey, we're going to call the cops, he gets mad and says, why?
Well, why the hell didn't you attack him?
Listen, I don't care who they are.
I see some man raping a woman, begging for help.
Who he just jumped on top of.
There's full video of this.
I'm going to attack him, but everybody else.
But he's like, hey, she's white.
She deserves it, being white's inherently bad, CNN, and MSNBC said.
You know, when they had that black woman got paranoid, ran into a military checkpoint they had in a drill, like eight years ago or whatever, and I said, it's wrong, she was killed, and she was black.
The police were wrong.
All these black people called me and said, we thought you were bad, we appreciate you.
I don't care what color she is, she doesn't deserve to get killed in front of her daughter.
Because the police got over-paranoid and shot her.
The police make mistakes.
When they do, they should get in trouble.
And it happens.
Statistically, it's rare, but it goes on.
Great power comes with great responsibility, as Spider-Man says.
But the amounts of videos I've got of knockout games and whites being killed and shot and attacked, and just, oh, you're a white guy in a truck, so we're going to shoot you because you didn't stop at our checkpoint.
It's not the cops doing that.
It's these crazy people.
And most of the time, it's white people doing it to white people to prove they're good commie leftists.
But there are black people doing it.
And I don't care whether you're white or you're black, racially attacking somebody because of what color they are.
If somebody killed your mama, get them.
If somebody hurt your kid, get them back.
I don't care what color they are, but it's an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
You don't attack people just because they're a certain color.
You do that, man, I tell you, you're an idiot.
I saw CNN going, oh, the big demonstrations this weekend for equality and against oppression
Or like 1960, you know, whatever, with Martin Luther King.
It's the total opposite.
Don't judge people on what color they are, but what they stand for, what they produce, and what they do.
You don't judge a quarterback on whether they're black or white.
You don't judge a chef.
Great food?
You're not like, oh, that's a Chinese guy, or that's an African, or that's a white guy.
You judge it off the food.
You don't judge Jimi Hendrix off the fact that he was black.
The music's incredible!
Touches the soul!
It's real!
You don't judge Johnny Cash on his smooth country because he's a white guy!
It's so sick, folks, that they want to put us in groups, they want to control us, and more Americans are going to exercise their freedom of speech.
They're going to do it no matter what happens.
All right, here's what's going to happen in the second hour.
The huge news, the biggest news in the six, seven years of Trump insanity, I guess it's five years or so since he announced, a little more than five now,
Five and a half.
The military was approached publicly about a coup.
They said no.
That ties into the COVID lockdown under the UN saying they control what you can say online.
They control what inoculations they say.
The UN saying last Tuesday, in fact, print me that article guys.
UN says we must stop vaccine nationalism.
That was the headlines.
World Health Organization head warns of
Vaccine nationalism.
And in Africa, and in Asia, and in Latin America, and you've been caught giving black people syphilis.
And others.
But that's well known about Tuskegee.
So guess what?
You wanna come with bullets and shoot me in my house, I'm gonna fight you.
And you wanna come with your soft kill, slow kill thing that debilitates me over 20 years, and I climb in some hole and die.
Guess what?
Those are fighting actions right there, and I draw the line in the sand.
That if this continues, you're going to get physical war.
And I don't mean a bunch of your meth-head Antifa people.
I'm not going to go have a shootout with them downtown.
It means we're going to start directing people towards the problem that's brain-damaging and hurting our children and giving them cancer.
Sixty years ago, cancer didn't exist in children.
Now it's as common as McDonald's driving down the highway.
We're being murdered!
And I won't sit here and I won't take it!
Humanity is under attack!
That's why they're trying to racially divide us when we need to be unified against the eugenicists and the globalists.
And I'll say this.
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I like to be low-key.
Faraday cage, they can't track you with this.
The contact tracers, all of them.
That way you use your cell phone and it doesn't use you.
Those are available in 1995.
But whatever you do, tell folks right now about Bandot Video.
Take the live feed of the show and share it all over the internet.
Hour 2 coming up!
The year is 2020.
Following several decades of systematically weakening the social, moral, and financial resilience of the American people, the global cabal has launched a series of unimaginable terrors that have rocked the foundation of Western civilization and has fractured the population of a once united country along increasingly irreconcilable lines.
The nation finds herself on the precipice of all-out civil war, diving headlong towards economic ruin, and already suffocating under the dictatorship of biotechnocratic enslavement.
The final takedown order has been issued, the direct attack has begun.
America's greatest trial, and the battle for her survival, is underway.
InfoWars Emergency Transmissions are now broadcasting live weeknights 7 to 9 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Election Countdown, Taking America Back on Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Mainstream media is reporting that the most senior officer in the U.S.
Armed Forces says there is no role for the military in the 2020 presidential election.
The article reveals that General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was responding to questions submitted by two members of Congress, Elisa Slotkin of Michigan and Mickey Sherrill of New Jersey, who were apparently recruiting the General's support for a military coup.
These two were amongst the first to call for the impeachment of the president last year for investigating Joe Biden's ties to the Ukraine.
In a Washington Post op-ed, seven freshman Democrats, all former military and intelligence operatives, claimed to be a group of unified U.S.
patriots sworn to save America from Donald Trump.
Abigail Spanberger and Elisa Slotkin were featured in headlines three years ago.
Ex-CIA officers running for Congress as Democrats.
The article cited the unfounded Russia hoax as the inspiration for these so-called patriotic CIA operatives to run for office.
NBC wrote that these CIA agents were fed up with the president and their new mission was to foil Trump.
The move by the CIA to run agents in the 2018 elections came almost immediately after the president ordered devastating bombings of Afghanistan heroin operations.
An operation that many believe was run by the CIA.
This is not surprising.
The CIA has been involved in the international opium market since their inception in 1947, when agency operatives worked with the Italian mafia and used heroin profits as CIA funding.
Slotkin and Sherrill were not the first to request the U.S.
military's assistance in their coup d'etat against President Trump.
On August 11th, a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with a former Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, wrote an open letter to General Milley.
Like out of a Philip K. Dick novel, they predicted that Trump was mobilizing a secret army, and threatened that General Milley would be guilty of treason if he would not help them remove the President from office.
The publication of General Milley's response to these CIA operatives is a sign of the American Deep State's weakness.
They appear to be desperate.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
A lot of his supporters believe that we are the enemy of the American people, and that is really, really an awful situation.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
This is CNN.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
They are planning a major martial law lockdown in blue states and blue cities.
Stay with us.
I was talking to Jason Jones, I'm Alex Jones, your host, yesterday and he sent me screenshots of conversations with the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii where they're saying, yeah, we're going to have highway checkpoints to basically try to force people to give COVID-19 a test.
It's all color of law.
We're going to block the main highway.
And then he was asked, Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, well, will you
Then have forced inoculations later with restrictions if you don't have them.
He said, yeah, probably.
We're going to show you those text messages in a moment, but we already have in Massachusetts, we already have in Virginia, they're saying they're going to make it mandatory.
Now, that's another lie.
When they say that, they're still religious and medical exemptions.
But they put out the color of law that you've got to take it.
A lot of people that believe it and crying mothers take their children to be given injections.
They're already saying the flu shots could be mandatory this year in all the blue states.
We've got newscasts about that today.
But this is all color of law.
But in Germany and places, they're saying we're getting rid of religious exemptions and conscientious objections and medical exemptions.
I've had family that worked in the Foreign Service where they had a bad reaction to a vaccine.
They were told by the doctor, you can't ever take the vaccine again.
We have an employee who went to Vietnam two years ago.
They gave her these vaccines, made her almost die.
They said your immune system's gone, you gotta wear a mask for a month.
The employee was here with a mask on her face.
And they told her, you can't ever take a vaccine again and put it in her medical record.
Well, they're just saying sorry.
It's going to be on your app on your phone that you've taken whatever the new vaccines are, and it gets crazier.
Gates, cue it up if you guys can find it.
I didn't give them a heads up.
Three weeks ago, Gates is on CBS News, and CBS News
Takes Gates to task, was the headline.
And they said, with your weak vaccine, 80% get sick, 20% of those go to the hospital.
With your strong one, all of them got sick, and they're covering up, I'm told, deaths.
So, why are they saying we get liability protection, you've got to take it, it doesn't even protect you?
What in the world is going on?
Gates has been caught sterilizing people before.
That's mainstream news.
He's a eugenicist.
So, Jason Jones is here.
He had to leave.
Big fan of Hawaii.
I'm a big fan of Hawaii.
I was telling him a couple months ago as a guest, hey, be my tour guide when I come back to Hawaii.
I thought about moving there.
He's like, yeah, the lockdown hadn't ended.
It's kind of bad.
They won't let you sit down at the beach.
14-day quarantine.
All of a sudden, boom, he's moved to New Braunfels, Texas, south of Austin, which, by the way, is a great town.
And so, this is happening, and what you see under the UN, with the UN head, last week saying, WHO head, we must stop nationalism, vaccine nationalism.
He says, we're going to have countries take the vaccines, you're not going to stop taking the vaccines, we're in control.
So, this is about power, it's a big deal, and we're going to get into it.
I have the mainline reports out of Mainstream News of highway checkpoints.
The UN gives the directive, they test it in Australia, they test it in Europe, and now it comes to Hawaii.
Why did it come to Hawaii?
What are your contacts in Hawaii saying?
Jason Jones, thanks for being here.
Well Alex, it's unbelievable, especially with our history.
Hawaii is a place that has a history of medical tyranny.
We had the leper colony of Kalapapa, where they would literally have police forces, if you were suspected of having leprosy, you would be disappeared.
Taken on a boat, thrown out into the ocean, and if you could swim, you'd make it to Kalapapa, the leper colony.
Today in Hawaii, we're seeing this again.
In June, a friend of mine on the COVID task force told me they plan on keeping the state locked down until there's a vaccine.
And if you don't get the vaccine, you will never be allowed freedom of movement, go to public places, to leave the state and come back.
When you come back, you have to quarantine.
I work on the mainland and around the world, so I'm leaving Hawaii twice a month.
And I saw my property value getting ready to plummet.
I told my wife, I won't be able to do my job.
The housing market's going to collapse because people are going to flee.
In my neighborhood in New Braunfels, we put up on some neighborhood app that were there.
Three families from Hawaii pinged us.
We met a Hawaiian from Hawaii today, and one of your fans messaged me yesterday.
He was in New Braunfels looking at property, looking to move from Kauai to Hawaii.
So we're seeing people literally flee the state.
I saw a study, 25% of Hawaii may leave in the next 12 months.
But I'm hoping there's Seth Fumai, who's a Samoan
We're good to go.
They even sent German mercenaries to try to get coal out.
Well, the Hawaiians with leprosy built an army.
They defeated the Republic of Hawaii.
They defeated the foreign mercenaries.
And they were free to stay where they were.
They were free to avoid the quarantine.
And that's the bottom line.
If you don't fight, you'll have nothing.
Everyone acts like chumps and like cowards.
You'll have everything taken from you.
We've got to start fighting back.
If Koalau didn't fight back, it would have continued.
He won!
The lepers from Kauai got to stay in their ancestral homeland.
Do you know what?
The Republic of Hawaii, by these distant economic interests from abroad, said Hawaii needed to be very strict on leprosy.
To protect the economy.
The same mess that we're being told today.
But this cowboy, this Hawaiian cowboy, they'd have to fight sharks when they'd let the cattle off.
On the barges to come into the, you know, they'd have to run them off the barges into the beach.
For folks that don't know, Kona especially is one of the biggest beef-producing places in the world.
It's gorgeous.
The island is covered with cows.
Well, you know, we were an agriculture state, but thanks to globalism in 1994... Now you're netting them borders.
Yeah, 90% of our food comes on boats.
And let's expand on that.
This is a microcosm.
Hawaii is a microcosm.
Let me show people the headlines here.
Okay, folks.
For TV viewers, let me get this over here.
This is breaking right now.
Shock report this week.
CDC quietly updated COVID-19 numbers.
Only 9,210 Americans died from COVID-19.
It was all fraud.
They got us something else.
It's a fraud.
The White House has us.
That's why Trump took it over.
German COVID civil rights protesters repealed Trump.
But let's get to Hawaii.
Forced COVID-19 testing at highway checkpoints.
I don't know.
Lieutenant Governor, they said, yes, probably it's going to be forced inoculation or you can't leave your house.
And they admit it's to boost COVID numbers by testing everyone.
They say it'll boost it, but it's not about death now.
It's about the numbers.
They want to keep it locked down to drive people out of the state.
I don't blame you to be able to buy it all up for pennies on the dollar.
That's what I've been told.
So I asked my friends in the government, what's the plan?
It's hard to believe.
It's really hard to believe that people would conspire.
And by the way, you hadn't told me the plan, but I know the plan.
Yeah, very powerful people in state government.
The globalists want a total panic to plunge things so they buy it up.
I was told by friends in state government that the plan is to destroy the economy so people can buy things up cheap.
And here's the sad thing.
A friend of mine who's a schoolteacher, they announced that they were shutting down the schools.
The kids are just getting to be back with their friends.
They're just being allowed out of their houses to play.
An eight-year-old boy told my friend who's a schoolteacher,
I want to commit suicide.
I didn't know the word suicide when I was 8 years old.
Then, they announced it.
They tweeted that they were going to close schools.
They announced that they were going to close schools officially.
Then the next day, they backtracked.
Families are making plans.
I can go back to work.
I can pick up a shift.
I can do this.
My kids are going to go back.
Kids are getting excited.
The left is terrorizing everyone, all based on lies.
What do we do to break this down?
And to know that Hawaii, just like Australia, is the model.
Well, you know what I think?
In Hawaii, people need to rise up.
Hawaii needs to vote for Trump.
This will shock the world.
They voted Republican once, I think, and that was for Reagan, too.
They need to break the chains.
Hawaii needs to go Trump.
Because Trump's wanting to end this COVID hoax.
He'll end this COVID hoax.
What I loved about his
His convention and then his speech.
He talked about the consequences that you don't see.
He talked about starvation in Africa and food insecurity at home, which is a real thing.
Kids are not even waking up starving to death.
We're so obsessed with our own problems that we're not paying attention.
I brought this for you, the Dopa.
This came from East Turkestan from a Uyghur friend of mine.
I want to give this to you.
We're not paying attention to the three million people in concentration camps.
We're not thinking about the children who are suicidal.
Study I saw, I just read a study.
Oh, suicide's up like five-fold.
Yeah, one island, Kauai, one week had as many suicides as the previous year.
A friend of mine who's a psychiatrist... One week!
One week.
A friend... Also, Zuckerberg can have more property.
It's just like they plunged Greece a few years ago and all these private jets landed to buy it up.
That's all this is.
They're just plunging it to teach you a lesson and take over.
Stay with us.
In the heart of the resistance.
Rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We knew it was coming!
We knew it sounded crazy, but we knew it was coming.
We laid out the enemy plan, and now it's here.
And now our credibility, and your credibility for telling the truth, is platinum.
So the enemy's trying to silence you.
Don't let them do it.
Here's the bad news.
The globalists are under UN control.
They're establishing world government.
They're using COVID-19 hoax as a way to do it.
It doesn't matter if the U.S.
national rate is .0032 and Hawaii even lower, Australia's even lower.
You've got a better chance of being struck by lightning.
But they're saying, we're going to protect you.
We're going to choke women that leave their house even with a mask on.
And here it is.
WHO chief warns of vaccine nationalism as 172 countries sign on to coronavirus vaccine distribution scheme.
That's InfoWars, but here they are.
Same headline.
Same thing.
You must submit to the UN.
You must follow their orders.
News of Australia.
News of Europe.
All the same headlines.
You will submit.
The UN is in charge.
And now checkpoints have been established, forced testing, and the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii is saying...
We're looking at restrictions if you don't take the vaccine that's not even approved and has been proven to be dangerous.
This is a giant globalist power grab to track and trace you, to control you, and to say who's essential and who isn't.
Jason Jones is a very successful filmmaker and patriot.
He's moved to Central Texas, South Central Texas, to get away from that tyranny.
That's another question I'll ask next segment.
Why is everybody fleeing to Texas?
Because it's not perfect.
There's a spirit to it, but thank you so much for joining us here today.
Get into what's currently happening and just how huge this is.
I mean, this is going on.
And then when you get into the Lieutenant Governor, we'll show the text messages admitting that, oh yeah, probably you're not gonna be able to leave your house if you don't take this vaccine.
I mean, Bill Gates isn't just our doctor.
He's our God, our master, our warden.
I mean, he's our slave master.
He's better than us.
Here are the numbers in Hawaii.
.00004% of the population.
Say that again, because I saw that.
I want to look at it, because there are a lot of zeros.
.00004, that's the mortality rate.
You know, has your mother gotten her mammogram, your sister, your cousins, your co-workers?
Has your 50-year-old friend who's at risk for colon cancer gotten his colonoscopy?
Lupus, we have a problem with lupus in Hawaii.
I think a higher percentage of our population than anywhere in America, we have lupus.
It's a very complex disease, hard to diagnose.
Are those women and men, mostly women, mostly Asian women, are they going to get tested?
Are they going through the battery of tests they need to go through to get the proper treatment for their lupus?
None of this is happening!
We have food lines in Hawaii.
I have a friend who's a teacher at a private school.
He told me he's had parents confess to him that they don't have food in the house.
Suicide, you said, more suicide in one island in one week than the last year.
Yeah, that's what I saw reported about, that was two months ago.
So those numbers are hard to get.
There's a beautiful organization called Kupuna Needs in Hawaii, funded by some Native Hawaiians and some Catholics.
It's being, in large part, funded by Native Americans that see what's going on in Hawaii.
And they're running out of resources.
They fed 50,000 families.
Now the need's growing, but they only have enough resources to feed, I think, 400 people a week.
It was 400 families a week before.
The need is growing.
The resources are becoming less.
We're being put into a global collapse.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And there's a lot of native groups that are third world level.
Yeah, well, and Hawaii is the furthest place in the world from any other place in the world.
Thanks to the Jones Act to protect domestic shipping, which I'm for, but Hawaii should be exempt.
Food has to go.
Every ship passes by us.
We pay so much more for our food.
President Trump, I wish you would suspend the Jones Act until the end of this nonsense.
Because shipping companies just announced they're jacking up their rates right now by 48% to the Outer Islands.
Grocery stores are closing in the Outer Islands.
This is for real.
In the United States, the Outer Islands of Hawaii, Kauai, other grocery stores are closing, iconic businesses are closing.
And I get that you're Hawaii-centric because you love the place, you've lived there many years, and you're like, thanks for caring about Hawaii.
That's a canary in the coal mine.
I mean, I care about myself and them as well.
This is evil.
For something that kills less people than, you know, basically drowning, they are here doing this, and now tell us about the
The Lieutenant Governor.
Tell us about the checkpoints they're announcing.
We have these three leaders.
We have the Lieutenant Governor.
Why are we even talking about the Lieutenant Governor?
That's bizarre to begin with.
But we have the Governor.
The Governor is just this inept goofball.
Sweet enough man, but way in over his head.
We have a mayor who's an egomaniac, Kurt Caldwell.
Then this Lieutenant Governor who's viciously ambitious.
So at first when the governor, Governor Ige, was keeping the economy open, his own lieutenant governor was out there grandstanding saying, we have to do more, shut the economy down.
He wants to show off to the globalists, he'll really squeeze people.
He wants to be governor.
So yeah, so when Ige shut the economy down,
Then he went to business leaders and said, EGAY's being too strict.
EGAY's being too strict.
And then he ran up front again when we began to open the economy and said, we're being too loose.
This man is only thinking about himself and his ambition.
He is not thinking about the businesses, the families.
So this Lieutenant Governor's a demon.
And we'll put the screenshots on screen, guys.
Go ahead and put them up.
This is him being asked about this by one of your friends.
And he's saying, yeah, no, we're going to have these checkpoints and we're probably going to have restrictions if you don't take the vaccine.
So, again, this is what's going to happen here in the mainland.
People need to know this.
Yeah, yeah.
You know what?
They're doing as much as they can get away with.
So in Hawaii, they didn't want to upset the watermen.
So you can fish and you can surf.
They knew that there's lines they couldn't cross.
So they'll cross every line they can cross, even here in Texas.
As long as they let the indigenous do their thing, they won't rise up.
Well, yeah.
And they know the groups that if they get upset, they can really lead a movement in the state.
But they have legitimacy because they're original people of the island.
Yeah, that's right.
And people respect them.
They're the host culture.
And they can kick the globalist culture out.
So we need them to lead the fight against globalism.
Look, globalism, we look back to Koalau.
We had these economic interests from outside of Hawaii a little over a century ago after the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and they were literally rounding people up, taking them to Molokai, Kalapapa, but this one cowboy, literally cowboy, Koalau,
He said, no, I'm not leaving my valley, I'm not leaving my community, I'm not leaving my wife, I'm not leaving my children.
And he defeated, he defeated these people.
Well, that's the thing about leadership, and I'm not bragging about us.
Three weeks ago, all the parks were closed, all the green belts, all the rivers.
And I went down and just did a protest.
Savannah went crazy.
Savannah Hernandez tore it all down.
Everybody else went and copied it.
There's all these dozens of entrances.
We have a huge, it's like a national park, it's so big here.
Hundreds of thousands of acres total.
And now I go there, it's all torn down, and they're not enforcing it.
Even though the mayor says you can't go swimming in the river, everybody's just doing it.
That's just a classic example.
Just stop following orders!
We're like the elephant, you know, that's tied to the stake as a baby.
And we pull on it, we pull on it, we pull on it, and we think that we can't.
Now we're big, we're strong.
We can just walk away.
We can just walk away.
We're like a giant full-grown bull elephant.
We're not a little baby anymore.
No, we can just walk away.
We can just open up our businesses.
We can just
But not much longer, because the chain reaction of breaking down supply chains is almost here.
I mean, let me tell you, we've got seven suppliers.
Three cannot get us vitamins and minerals anymore.
And they say they're just closing.
Because it's... I mean, it's... Folks, this is bad.
Stay with us.
Alright, if your stations are just joining us out there, I'm Alex Jones.
Jason Jones, a filmmaker, patriot, who lived in Hawaii for many years, has had to leave because it's under martial law.
They're now announcing highway checkpoints have started today, forced COVID testing, where they push it on you, and then the lieutenant governor is saying, yeah, we're looking to not let you leave your house or whatever if you haven't had the dangerous, unapproved vaccine.
And major states like Massachusetts are announcing.
Flu shots are mandatory, but they're not.
They say it's mandatory, but there's waivers.
Because you can't have a law under the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention making someone take some type of medical treatment.
You know, the Nazis got in big trouble.
They weren't good guys, remember, for this.
So, they all tell us we're Nazis, but we're the anti-Nazis, and we're gonna kick their ass again.
Jason Jones,
You're on fire with this subject.
The microcosm, the canary in the coal mine is Australia.
Now it's Hawaii.
It's a U.N.
I have the articles where the U.N.
is running all this.
They run the directives.
You were talking about how they did this in Brazil, Greece.
They're plunging the economy on purpose.
I didn't even know you knew about that.
You said you talked to Hawaiian leaders.
They knew that.
That's all this is.
Yeah, South Korea.
And maybe chickens are coming home to roost.
We sat here and watched them destroy the economy of South Korea, the globalists.
Destroy Brazil.
You know, destroy the pensions of hard-working South Koreans.
If they did it to the South Koreans, you know, they're not going to do it to us.
Greg Palast of the BBC, back when they were still good, partially, was on here in 2002.
His interview went viral.
And he talked about IMF World Documents, IMF World Bank Documents he got, where they said, we've already imploded all these other countries, the third world, now we're going to do it to America.
That was the plan.
Yeah, a book Soros wrote, I know you know about this book, he wrote in the 90s, early 90s, he said he gets a Luciferian pleasure from destroying businesses, shorting businesses.
And he hoped one day to do this to countries.
He did.
In fact, he even said before that he believes he's the Messiah.
So he believes that destroying dreams gives him power.
Isn't that sick?
Yeah, and you think.
When it happened in South Korea, I thought of hard-working men and women that dreamed of a day when they could have a retirement, and that disappeared.
Now I see it.
My own friends and families, their businesses.
You said that here on air!
I'm sorry, keep going.
Yeah, and then they said that it's gonna be January, then they're gonna announce...
Okay, we're going to lift the restrictions, but only for people who take the vaccine.
Is this a conspiracy theory?
We have a text from Josh Green.
And then when the text went viral, he said, I'm going to stop answering people's questions.
Well, you should answer our questions, especially if it has to do with putting a house arrest.
The point is, there's a formula, there's a plan.
It's not about safety.
It's a power grab.
Say no, Hawaii.
Say no, America.
Alex, point zero zero zero zero four.
That's what we're talking about.
I have seven children.
Four of the godmothers of my children are fighting breast cancer right now.
Women aren't getting their mammograms.
People aren't getting their halters for heart problems to get their hearts tested.
Men are going to drop dead because they can't get their heart checked.
Women are going to get breast cancer and it's going to go past.
It's a very treatable cancer.
By the time they finally know they have breast cancer.
It's just like England with their National Health Service, NIH.
I mean, they've got a plan.
And then the drug use.
I know me.
I've been drinking wine every night with my wife.
We went horseback riding for my daughter's birthday today and there was a 2.30 weight limit and I normally weigh 2.18.
I was literally right under the line.
And I said to my wife, I said, that's 12 pounds of Pinot Noir right there.
That's what that was.
That was COVID wine.
And there are people that are so depressed.
I have friends that are very pious to the gods of the city.
They do everything they're told in Hawaii.
They have not left their house since the shutdown.
They're addled with oppression.
I watch their Instagram.
It breaks my heart.
They're being murdered.
I have a discipline of calling my friends who I know live alone, who are following every rule, doing everything they're told, and it's destroying them.
And all I'd hope is that the political leaders that are the instruments of this fraud are held accountable.
Well, that's it.
I mean, look, everything Fauci said was a lie.
And they go, oh, believe the science.
Believe total lies that have been proven to be lies?
2.5 million dead, 2.2 million dead, 1.7 million dead.
They ratcheted it down.
Now they're like, Trump's to blame, 180,000 dead.
And then the CDC goes, actually 9,000 died of COVID.
It's all fraud!
So how do they pay?
What do we do?
Because I don't want to see riots and us killing each other in the streets.
Where does Fauci live?
I don't want to go killing, but we should be protesting at Fauci's house.
In fact, where does Fauci live?
I'm going to his house to camp out and protest.
I'll be there.
I'm serious.
Just hit me.
We need to go to Fauci's house.
No, and that's the thing.
We know we're all stressed out.
On my podcast this week, I'm having a psychiatrist on and he's a doctor and he's a spiritual guy who talks about how to manage your anger and depression and rage because people are angry, they're scared, they're sad, they're lonely.
I agree.
I'm trying to manage mine.
He's snapping.
I'm going to call my people right now.
I'm going to find out where Fauci lives right now.
We should just camp out around his house.
Hey, Tim, I want to find out, legally and lawfully, where Fauci lives.
I want to go camp out at his house.
Anthony Fauci.
We need to do this.
I'll call you back after the show.
I'm not kidding around.
I love it.
I'm there.
Well, that's the thing.
We can't take it out at the person that cuts us off, you know, as we're pulling out of the gas station.
We're so angry.
They're angry.
Do they want to play us off again?
No, no, no.
Bill Gates, Fauci, the Democrats, they did this.
That's who's behind it.
Yeah, when I went into the mall in Hawaii one day, when it was allowed to be open for about three days, I forgot to wear a mask, forgot that everyone, this young boy that worked in the mall ran for me.
Like, you know, I was a zombie or something.
Oh, there's Fauci's house.
Where is it?
Oh, we found it.
Look at that.
Nice house.
You wouldn't mind being quarantined in that for a month.
But he has tennis courts.
Look at how big that house is.
Well, that's where we're going.
Look at that.
He gets to go on those nice walks.
He should have people around his house 24-7.
He wants to forcibly inoculate us with an unproven deadly poison and he's lied about everything his whole career.
He's involved with Wuhan Lab.
My God.
Remember the swine flu?
How many people the swine flu vaccine killed?
I was flying from New York to D.C.
and the guy sitting next to me, we started talking.
I'm like, what do you do?
He goes, I develop vaccines.
I said, you're not going to like me.
I'm an anti-vaxxer.
So I developed the swine flu vaccine, and I am now an anti-vaxxer too.
I'm going to testify before Congress.
Because the vaccine I created, helped create, is killing people.
He showed me some videos, which you can see on Google and YouTube.
I think they're still there.
If you look up swine flu vaccine side effects, there's one of, where one of the side effects is you can only talk while jogging or walking backwards.
It sounds like I'm making this up.
You hear it, you laugh.
It's true.
Google, YouTube it.
It destroys parts of your brain.
When I was in the military, we had to get the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, which was experimental.
In my unit, somebody died.
Several people were chaptered out because the side effects were so severe.
And the rest of our unit got a letter saying, don't ever donate blood or bone marrow.
And they're like, oh, if there's no side effects, everything's fine.
So we have a crew member who had to wear a mask for three months after they got a shot to go to Vietnam.
And literally, they said, don't ever take a shot again, it'll kill you.
Because it's an autoimmune response.
So they have something that they have not even made yet.
I mean, they know this is going on!
And then we're like, hey, watch, like, oh, you're crazy, nothing's going on.
They're telling us it's safe, and they haven't even made it, they haven't tested it.
It's not, it doesn't exist.
How can you say it's safe?
I saw a scientist... Exactly, they're already talking about making it mandatory, and it's already putting 20% of people to take it in the hospital, in tests.
The woman they made a hero out of in the UK, they said, you know, she was this great.
You know what?
She was a beautiful, noble person who wanted to be of service to her community, trusted everybody, and was the first person in the UK to get the vaccine trials.
What happened to her?
She died.
I forgot about that.
And there was an article, the guy they had on CNN, who was the healthy model guy, I forget his name, he almost died and got paralyzed.
And these are good people who believe everything they're being told.
They're stepping up.
They trust Bill Gates.
How can you not trust Bill Gates?
That's what worries me.
We're about to go to break.
Final segment.
401 takes over.
Why are they admitting it's killing people?
They used to admit that.
I think they know they can't cover it up now.
So they're just like, OK, it might hurt you really bad, but no big deal.
And they think we're tough.
Well, just like, all right, I'm tough.
Give me that sucker right now.
Well, I'm paralyzed.
That's all right.
It's heartbreaking.
It's heartbreaking.
Jason Jones, our guest, will give you his website, some more final segment.
And then Owen Schroer takes over for two hours with a new show, Sunday Live.
Please tell folks about it.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Jason Jones is here.
No relation.
Except we're all humans.
We're all related.
And he's a major filmmaker.
He's made a lot of big films.
Had a lot of top stars.
Won international awards.
Most people cower in fear to come on this show because they'll get demonized.
He's not afraid.
That's a big test right there.
And he's now moved to Texas.
A lot of folks are fleeing here.
Not that we're perfect.
Joe Rogan's on his way to Texas right now.
I'll tell you where he's moving in the next few days.
I'll leave it at that.
It is just incredible.
But California's announcing a new tax they're trying to pass, where if you live in California for 10 years after you leave, they get part of all your earnings.
Which is totally illegal, but they think they're the United Nations, they think they're world government, they think they're the Southern District of New York that acts like it's God.
But Jason Jones, you were talking about how what we've warned about is now being fulfilled.
And so thank God God warned us about this, and we got ahead of it, so we can lessen the blow or the burden.
This is the total takeover.
This is the anti-human attack.
This is the domestication.
This is the enslavement.
You were talking about one of our top literary minds of the last century, who himself was tortured with harassment until he committed suicide, Hemingway.
And what he talked about, at least those of us that are middle class or already have an outdoors background, we've got a way to vent.
For a lot of people, going to that coffee shop is their only life.
Yeah, I think of that.
A warm, well-lit place by Ernest Hemingway.
And I think that is the short story.
Ends in suicide.
It's about a man who, he looks for a warm, well-lit place to just find comfort.
Well, it's about himself.
He let her commit suicide.
In the same way in the short story, I believe.
So tell folks about the short story.
Yeah, the short story is just about an old man who's lonely, who goes, who looks for a diner, a warm, well-lit place just to have company, to have someone smile at them, to have someone to talk to.
Those warm, well-lit places are all closed.
And maybe now they're all going to Walmart, but you can't even smile at people.
I see people with the spear in their eyes, and I smile at them when you go to these box stores, but they can't see your smile.
It's enslavement.
Because you're wearing a mask.
So, I think how hard this has been on my family.
I hear people in Texas complaining.
I'm like, I don't know what you're complaining about.
Compared to where I come from, this seems free.
Well, the truth is, when they took over Hawaii with the martial law, it never became really free.
Just like some of the western states are still
What was the term they used?
A territory.
They're still territories, basically.
It's still under gubernatorial control.
Yeah, well, right now in Hawaii, they're definitely not free.
And you said that you thank me, or you said I had courage to come on your show.
When you stand up to bullies, it's dangerous.
When you go stand with somebody standing up to bullies, it comes with risk.
You know, you stood up for the child in the womb, getting emotional on the Joe Rogan Show talking about partial birth abortion.
If you don't get emotional talking about partial birth abortion, you're sick.
You get emotional when you're talking about 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps, yet you're the bigot, yet they're Muslim, Turkic Muslims.
Yet Turkey doesn't stand with them, Saudi Arabia doesn't stand with them, Infowars is standing with them.
So, I'm proud to be on your show.
When a weaponized Islam is attacking us, I'm against it.
But when they're cornered under attack, they're humans.
I'm with them.
They're human beings.
I'm a Christian.
Can I put this on in solidarity with you?
I would love you to put that on.
I brought that as a gift.
That's yours.
My head's a little too big for it, but there you go, folks.
It looks good on you.
I'm wearing the Uyghur hat here, folks.
That is, praise Jesus.
Right now, I want everyone to- I think we should get- They're literally in death camps, up to 600 a day being executed, building components for Apple, so we joke about it.
These are real people praying out to God for support.
Having their organs harvested, right?
They're having their organs harvested, and we are sitting here-
They're committing the sin of Onan with the NBA, kneeling for this.
The bishops, I'm Catholic, the Catholic bishops calling for a day of fasting against racism.
They didn't have a day of fasting against the genocide of the Yazidis, the Christian Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq and Syria.
They're not committing, having days of fasting for the Africans being slaughtered in Nigeria, but they will virtue signal right along with
Twitter, Google, Facebook.
That doesn't take courage!
I'm sorry, today, to say... I don't... These are big, evil corporations absolving themselves by doing tokenism.
But they won't challenge Xi Jinping and the 3 million Muslims, over a million Buddhists and Christians in death camps as well.
I mean, just think about what China's doing, and the Tibetans, what they've done to them.
Yeah, no, this is happening with China's... You know, they make Tibetan women marry a Chinese man.
Well, there's major repercussions.
Yeah, and now they're doing the same things in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan, where they are marrying the women off to Han Chinese.
Now, by the way, my wife, born and raised in New York, first generation American, she's Han Chinese.
I have a blended family.
My oldest two children from first marriage are Pacific Islanders.
You know, I've
I care about these things, but the reality is, in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan, I'm not going to deflect or engage in virtue signaling to look good when there are 3 million people in concentration camps, the men having their organs harvested, and women, women being forced to... And by the way, somebody's leaking the footage from the death camps who's worried from the drones.
Somebody who's Chinese doesn't want this.
Yeah, there's good people everywhere, right?
No, it's the communists that are bad, not the Chinese, but they are killing people at a level four or five times what Hitler did.
I mean, this is big time, folks.
This is big time.
Yeah, well, and this famine.
250 million people, the UN, the World Food Program predicted that there will be 250 million people starved to death this year because of the food production shortage.
Think about that.
Not even a million dead from the COVID hoax, but millions are going to starve to death.
Tens of millions, and it's funny.
And they're starving to death, actually.
And it's in the news.
You can Google food insecurity, starvation.
New York Times will put it on B-2017 on a Tuesday, which to me is more disgusting than not even covering it.
Because if you don't cover it, then I would believe you don't know.
But if you cover it, and you put it on page B-17 on a Tuesday, I'm like, you know.
To watch the left run around in a virtuous circle and call America Nazi.
When they're in bed with Communist China, it's just, it's crazy.
They don't care.
They just don't care.
You know, I want to share a story about how beautiful our country is to American people.
I have a friend who was an Iraqi general, was a general for Saddam, but then he worked for the United States.
I met him while I was traveling with the Peshmerga while they were fighting ISIS and I was documenting the war, the ISIS war on religious minorities.
This general came to America for two weeks to go to a friend's funeral.
They wouldn't let him in the country.
We had to pull a lot of strings.
We got him in.
After two weeks in this country, I asked him what was his biggest surprise.
He said, as an Arab Iraqi man, I feel more at home in this country by the time I left the airport.
I felt like people thought I belonged than I do in certain neighborhoods in Baghdad.
I felt more at home in your country after two weeks than I would in any Arab or Muslim country.
He said, this is, I cannot believe.
And he said, Americans, more than any people in the world, are thoughtful to God.
We are the most beautiful people in the world, but sometimes it's our virtues they take advantage of.
The woman who's yelling at you... No, that's it, we care and we love and they know how to manipulate us.
Yeah, I said, I was speaking at a conference of human rights activists in Iraq.
And I said, unfortunately, it's our virtues they use against us.
If they convince the American people pouring gasoline and lighting a rock on fire would be what's best for Iraqi people, we would do it because we wanted to help the Iraqi people.
They don't use our base motives to get us to do horrible things.
Oh, if we topple Saddam, it'll be the... So why do Americans have... it's beyond guilt.
It's like a debt we have to pay and that's manipulated.
How do we control that?
I think it's authentic sacrifice is the way to do it, but that's a lot harder, you know, to stand alone.
Because you've got to make the right, you've got to sacrifice right.
You can't get manipulated into a bad sacrifice.
Yeah, when you go to a park and say, you're stealing, this park belongs to my community, you can't shut it down, they're going to dox and destroy you on social media.
That actually shows concern for your community.
And comes with risk.
But if I'm going to go and virtue signal alongside the NBA group... No risk.
You get empowered.
No risk.
Yeah, power comes with risk.
Yeah, so if you're not getting attacked, like Christ said, if you follow me, you'll be persecuted.
So if you're not getting persecuted, you're not following Christ.
Yeah, and it's really... Powerful, brother.
Thank you.
And tell people how they find your website and all the great work you're doing.
My website is movietomovement.com and thegreatcampaign.org.
If we could get a hashtag Free Hawaii trending, that would make me very happy.
Come back this week with us, Owen Troyer.
Hashtag Free Hawaii.
Yeah, let's get that trending.
Free Hawaii?
Free Hawaii.
Let's get that going.
Let's start it now.
We'll do it.
Owen Troyer is taking over in just two minutes with the Sunday live election countdown.
We're up in the game here.
Owen, tell us what's coming up, my friend.
Well, we may not have had him plugged in.
He came in earlier and told me he was going to be popping in.
Well, the good news is that was pretty anticlimactic.
How about now, Alex?
Oh, great.
Go ahead, brother.
Tell us what's coming up.
All right.
It's good to be live with you, Alex.
Well, we've got the story that you covered that pretty much went uncovered.
Top U.S.
general exposes deep state coup against the president.
A story we covered last week that they just picked up this weekend.
39 children rescued by an operation led by the president.
Kidnapping victims rescued.
Of course, you've got Antifa murdering people in the streets.
In other news, no calls taken on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to have phone lines open for two hours.
Sunday night live election countdown.
All right, well, great job, Owen.
That's huge news.
That's real news.
That is so insane.
That's coming up in just a few minutes.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Band dot video.
Radio and TV stations everywhere.
Hope folks spread the word about this commercial-free transmission coming up right now on these streams.
Thank you, Owen.
All right, thanks, Alex.
All right, Jason Jones, thank you too, brother.
Thank you, brother.
Great job.
All right, and then I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, David Knight, 8 a.m., Owen Schroer, The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m., and then the new show, which is this new Sunday edition, is part of that, weekdays, 7 to 9.
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Bobby in New York, the postal worker on the mail-in ballots and the NRA.
Hey, what's going on Alex?
I'm a United States Postal Service worker.
I listen to the show every day when I'm out walking my route.
And we were briefed before they even had us start wearing masks in the office that we're doing mail-in ballots.
That way they've already voted not knowing that Biden is just a shoehorn to just wait for the next person they're going to put in.
Is that credible?
They're telling you, oh, before the masks were even being put on, we're going to have to have mail-in ballots.
And so before the debates are even done, most people would have already voted.
That is so sneaky.
That is so dangerous.
And that gives the Democrats time to rig those mail-in ballots and stuff those ballots and pull all sorts of games.
That's their secret weapon to remove Trump and defeat America.
But honestly, in any other election, we haven't had mail-in voting.
So how could you tell people that?
You can't go to the ballot.
You can't give an actual vote.
And this person's not the legitimate president.
The whole four years that he's been in office, and then the moment it comes time to actually get into the ballot to vote, you can't actually go and do it.
You gotta do it through the mail-in system.
And who knows how legitimate that could actually be?
Well, you know how the scam works.
They mail these out of the homes of dead people.
They mail these out of the homes of people that know they're getting the ballots of dead people.
And they mail these out to people whose cat died 10 years ago and then somebody else fills it out.
And then when they get a lot of these ballots back, they can just falsify them however they want.
This is the takeover, and they've already said that if Trump challenges this, he's a dictator.
So they're already saying, we're going to steal it, and if you challenge it, you're a dictator, and we're going to arrest whoever aids you.
That was the Washington Post headline.
If any of his cabinet doesn't agree, we'll put you in jail too.
So see, that's why they invoked this for the election, and Trump had better take action with 88 days out.