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Air Date: Aug. 28, 2020
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Alex Jones's speech focuses on group psychology and its manipulation by those in power. He highlights the unreality industry controlled by mainstream media and its impact on information and economy. The talk emphasizes critical thinking, self-governance, and rugged individualism to counteract manipulation. The speaker also discusses societal breakdown, media manipulation, parental choice in education, and the importance of staying informed while acknowledging listeners as "the tip of the spear."


I want to get back to the metastasizing class war, as Zero Hedge calls it in a great article today.
It's posted at InfoWars.com.
Because that's what this is.
You have the big, powerful, ruling, globalist billionaires who, through fiat currency and currency manipulation, have created thousands of trillions
of fake dollars and yons and yens and rubles and pesos and shekels and all the rest of it.
And so they believe they own the earth through fraud and so they're engineering the economy.
They are setting the economy up.
They are developing the economy to slowly transfer all the real wealth from us now, and they're going to use their fiat currency to basically actuary and rig the economy to consolidate the control and put us into a neo-feudalistic serf system.
And then they'll push being poor and push being sick and push dying young and being ill and being forcibly inoculated as a great thing for the Earth.
The austerity of the carbon taxes as they praise the COVID-19 shutdown as saving the planet, as we told you, was actually their plan, when really it's all just a giant power grab.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, August 28th.
The year is 2020.
We're 66 days out from the election.
And Rand Paul almost got killed by a mob screaming, we're going to kill you, who attacked and knocked police down and tried to strangle him.
Remember, he already had six ribs broken and a lung punctured, and the media celebrated it and said too bad they didn't kill him.
CNN's also been caught covering up the fact that one of the men that got shot in the arm
In Wisconsin, had a firearm extended and was saying he was going to attack the man that defended himself, who's now being charged with murder one.
Here's one of the top generals of the forces of the globalists calling for the violence.
Already, you have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants.
You have protesters taking up at their house.
Alright, and you can see the hate out there.
And the operating system of the Democrats is no borders, no wall, no USA at all, get rid of America, burn American flags, Democrat demonstrations all over the country every weekend, every night, in most big cities, where they burn American flags, piss on them, cut them in half with guillotines, but they want all this free stuff.
So what it is is class warfare.
All the big megacorporations, except for Trump and a few billionaires, it's like 9-9-1, basically.
I feel like I'm about to go on a f***ing rampage!
Civilians, civilians with AR-15s are out there shooting and killing protesters.
And you motherfuckers want to get on TikTok and talk about, what if he did this?
What if he did this?
Talking about Democrats won a fucking war.
But y'all out there walking around with fucking AR-15s shooting people.
And the police are passing out waters.
F*** your hate, f*** you, f*** America!
I don't give a f*** no more!
Y'all want war?
Let's do this s***!
F*** y'all!
Nobody gives a damn about y'all f***ing fellas!
Ma'am, we don't want to go to war with you.
We'll happily get you a ticket to, what, North Korea?
Maybe Syria?
Maybe one of the better countries.
Somewhere else, like maybe Brazil?
You know, it's a pretty country, a lot of cool people, but got a lot of problems, a lot less wealth, a lot more crime.
I mean, just please leave.
No, but you're a racist idiot, brainwashed by the whole system, throwing a fit like a toddler.
You're literally flouncing around like a two-year-old throwing a fit.
And we know you're going to want to rampage.
It's going to be white people.
I've got a stack of white people, little kids mainly, getting shot and killed and stabbed and beat, and old people getting killed because they're white.
Because you're a bunch of racist, crazy people.
And it's weirdo white people leading you.
Like Joseph D. Rosenbaum.
And the other guy chasing Rittenhouse around with a gun in his hand.
But you watch CNN, you don't see one single word.
Here, let's look at them trying to kill Senator Rand Paul last night.
Even though he actually introduced the bill for the young black girl that got killed.
They're screaming her name and him.
Talk about poignant.
We'll go to break with this.
Move back!
Move back!
Move back!
We'll come back with a full video of the attacks.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Friday, August 28th.
Global transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
Strap yourselves in because the Deep State's attempt to overthrow society and civilization and launch a race war is going into high gear.
This is the attempt at class warfare.
With megabanks and trillion-dollar companies that own death camps and slave factories in China orchestrating a war between angry, young, radicalized leftists who believe they're about to get everything free, as Bernie Sanders promised them, if they'll just go out and kill white people and burn things down.
Absolutely insane.
Number one, the top nine richest groups on average are Asians in the United States, then it's white people, then it's Hispanics, and then black folks and poor Appalachians and stuff like that.
There are a lot of black folks doing good, but the idea of all these billionaires
And Apple, and Amazon, and all these people that fund Black Lives Matter, that fund the Soros groups, because it's a big distraction from them paying 0% tax!
And now they're based overseas!
They laugh at us!
People burn their own neighborhoods!
And then attack people with guns who are protecting property, and then they're victims when they get shot.
Just like all the videos of the Black Lives Matter Soros-funded anti-foot groups jumping in front of cars.
And when the cars try to go around them, they scream running, throwing themselves in front, because they want to recreate Charlottesville over and over and over again.
It's all they've got.
Senator Rand Paul last night came out of the White House.
He introduced legislation to curtail the more egregious no-knock warrants that do end up getting some innocent people killed, including a young black girl.
Well, they were screaming her name and him, even though he introduced the bill, he introduced, he wrote the bill, the law they got passed, and so it'd be like screaming at
Santa Claus, because he doesn't believe in Christmas.
I mean, it's like saying... What it is, is total hypocrisy and absolute abject ignorance.
And what did Senator Paul say?
He said, they were paid to be there.
They were paid to be there.
F you up, we will kill you.
He's already had his ribs broken, six of them, punctured lung.
He was there when Congressman Scalise was shot and almost killed and barely died when the gunman came to kill the entire conservative caucus baseball team.
Rand Paul's a veteran, folks.
Shot at, ribs broken, attacked over and over again.
That's what it is to be an American and to be loyal.
And he's truly anti-offensive war.
And he introduced the bill and got it passed to try to curtail problems.
Rand Paul announces justice for Breonna Taylor Act, barring no-knock warrants.
And what does he get for it?
They scream, say her name, say her name.
It's on the tapes.
Say her name, Breonna Taylor.
I mean, that's like...
That'd be like coming up and yelling at Martin Luther King and trying to beat him up saying, say Martin Luther King's name!
Say his name!
You're like, I am Martin Luther King.
I mean, that's the left.
Fascist, evil, stupid, dumb.
Let's roll the footage of the police getting knocked down and attacked as they scream, we're going to kill you.
And Rand Paul says he barely made it out of there with his life with a crowd of thousands swarming around him trying to kill him.
Here it is.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh my God!
I remember 26 years ago, before Rand Paul was even out of medical school, he used to come on for his dad when he was running for Congress on my show every week, because our district, Ron Paul's district was part of Austin then, down to Houston.
They've gerrymandered it later, but I remember interviewing Rand Paul when he just got out of college and was going to medical school.
And you see all these years later, he's now a veteran, almost been killed repeatedly in the wars that are America.
And if they would have broken through and started really hurting people and the police had to shoot some people, D.C.
would burn because the media would say, burn it!
And that's what they've set up and that's what they've got ready.
And they've got an encampment around the White House saying, we're going to drive the White House into submission.
We're going to have siege.
And when Trump doesn't leave in 66 days, we're going to burn it.
I remember two years ago, I shot a video
Where I talked about their plan, laid out the documents, and then that's when they had the head of Twitter.
On Lester Holt NBC News, and they said, did you see Alex Jones' show?
Yeah, he said, get battle rifles, start killing the press.
Didn't say any of that on the tape.
What I said was, they're gonna contest the vote, encircle the White House, and try to burn it down and use a race war.
And that scared them so much that I had their exact blueprint from documents and research and watching them, that I put it all together, that they didn't know what to do.
In fact, maybe start of the next segment, we can play, play that clip from 2000.
And 18, because it illustrates everything that we're talking about, everything we're dealing with.
In fact, you know, we'll air that in the first five of the second hour.
We've got something really special for you that Darren McBrain and I have put together that is going to air at six after next hour.
You definitely do not want to miss that by any shape or form of the imagination.
Now, there's a bunch of other clubs I haven't gotten to yet, and I don't take pleasure showing you these, but you're not going to see these in the national news.
And we are national news.
We're a national platform that gets out there.
But when you see stuff in the local news, only way it gets boosted is if you share it.
And so look at these articles.
That we've got.
CNN political analyst claims there's very little rioting and that it's a good thing.
Man accused of hate crime yelled Black Lives Matter before stabbing white victim.
An African-American man yelled Black Lives Matter before stabbing his white victim and now faces attempted first-degree murder and hate crime charges.
Thought crime charges.
Stabbing someone's hateful to police in Aurora, Colorado.
We're now having cases where people kill people and they're getting probation if it's decided it wasn't hateful.
I'm not kidding.
The incident, that makes regular crime less bad.
That's why hate crime stuff's bad, folks.
Oh, this crime's worse because you did it because they were a different color than if the white guy kills a white guy, a white guy kills a black guy, it should be the same thing, vice versa.
A black guy kills a black guy or kills a white guy, same thing.
You can show it's premeditated.
So you thought it out, it's a conspiracy.
But that's already in the law.
It's the intent that you look at for how long the sentence is, not, you know, it's a crime of passion.
You catch somebody having sex with your wife and you stab them and before you knew what happened, well, you probably get five years in jail.
But if you plan to kill your neighbor to rob them of their jewels and then bury them in the backyard, well, you're going to get death penalty because you're a creepy, evil person.
But that's getting into law.
The incident occurred Tuesday night near East Alamada Avenue in South Sable Boulevard, where 30-year-old Steve Sinclair approached 29-year-old Michael Conner and told him, I'm going to kill you and your dog.
Conner tried to run away and defend himself with a stick.
And it just goes on how he chased him down and stabbed him.
I mean, it's just because he was white.
And I've got videos of like a white and black toddlers are fighting
And so the black nursery lady comes over and beats up the white kid.
And it's just this attitude that whites deserve it, because when they do something, it's worse than others.
Because the media and the universities teach this.
Daycare worker arrested after allegedly hitting and throwing child.
And it goes on and on and on.
But meanwhile, Biden's coming out in an upside-down world saying Trump likes all the violence and it's his fault, and Biden's against the rioting that he and Maxine Waters have helped push and trigger.
They think we have no memories.
Do we have memories?
All right, let's get right to it, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got a lot of really interesting news we need to cover.
Official legal defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse launched by attorneys L. Lynn Wood and John Pierce that represented the Covington kids successfully.
That's because no one will let him have a official GoFundMe.
It's being politically blocked, so now lawyers have to get involved.
We have links at Infowars.com where you can give to Kyle Rittenhouse, who I believe was a well-meaning person.
He went out there as a medic.
He was helping people.
Uh, but because he would not pledge allegiance to George Soros, that's Black Lives Matter or Antifa, his front groups.
Because that old Nazi collaborator knows you won't pledge allegiance to him, so you have to pledge allegiance to one of his subgroups.
And they started attacking him.
And they chased him down.
And one guy had a gun.
And one guy was beating him over the head with a skateboard.
And all three had lengthy criminal records.
Child molestation, aggravated burglary, beating up women.
I mean, the rap sheets are gargantuan.
Because that's who's out looting and, you know, being part of all this crap.
And you go out and you loot, they call you a protester, and then people show up and you get killed.
But see, that's the great crime.
is defending yourself.
People are blown away that Minneapolis law preventing business owners from protecting their own property backfires horribly.
Everyone's leaving Minneapolis and St.
It's literally, I don't think people that live up there, it's collapsing.
Because the left has driven out all the business with taxes, regulations, harassment.
And they've told folks, you defend your property, we will throw the book at you.
So there's a law, just like there is in the UK, or Germany, to let criminals attack you.
Remember 20 years ago, we talked about people getting raped in their houses and fighting back, and they'd go to jail for 20 years, but the person that did the raping would get a month or two?
That's how authoritarians take over!
They keep their restaurants open during COVID.
Yours has to close.
Their political party can march.
You can't.
They live.
You don't.
It's about hypocrisy.
It's about teaching you you're a slave.
So simply absolutely incredible and it's only getting worse because linguists show that young people refusing to use full stops and sentences because they see them as aggressive.
Now punctuation and grammar is seen as racist.
No, people are just using this to be as lazy as they possibly can.
President Trump is under attack right now.
Because he had a party after the RNC last night, and they didn't wear their COVID mask.
Again, the Democrats can have their MTV awards and not wear their mask.
They can have their rallies with hundreds of thousands, but Trump can't have rallies.
He's paralyzed.
And now he has a party with a few hundred people, and that's not allowed because it's all a cult.
And you go, well, that's oxymoronic.
It's illogical.
But they don't care.
Let me show you this latest thing.
Family remembers Georgetown double homicide victims shot during traffic altercation because they were white and the man that shot them was black.
Protester flips double birds at elderly couple leaving the White House because they're white.
And boy, Trump is right when he says Biden will be the destroyer of America's greatness.
That is exactly
What's going on here?
The good news is the COVID hoax is falling apart.
People are waking up as fast as they possibly can.
The question is, will it be a day late and a dollar short?
And that really comes down to you.
But here's their other big attack.
I want to explain something.
I don't like big deficit spending.
I don't like the trillions in bailouts.
At least Trump's trying to target a lot of it at actual grassroots, blue collar, working class and middle class people.
China has way over-inflated their currency compared to us, five to one conservatively.
The EU's done the same thing.
There's a global race devaluing currencies.
It's going to be whose currency ends up on top at the end of it that still has value.
So when the mainstream media and Moody's and Barron's and the rating agencies and CNBC are badmouthing the dollar, they are literally trying to blow holes in our life raft.
It's like taking a medication that keeps you alive if you have heart problems.
It's got side effects, but if you don't take it, you will die.
It's like blood thinners.
You've already had heart attacks, you need blood thinners, they work great, they cause other problems, but if you don't have it, you'll have a heart attack!
Game over!
And it's the same thing.
We're strung out, folks, and Trump's trying to build up our morale, get jobs back, build up industry, stop the globalist program for divide and conquer.
He's unifying, they're dividing.
If we can fix the country, get industry back, do some better trade deals, the dollar will be the world reserve currency.
We can triage the debt, have a global jubilee at some part, and forgive these debts, and fix it.
But the global rich people won't do that.
They're the left.
They used that huge debt over us that they created that's fraudulent, and they always want to send more debt.
And Trump is now completely trapped in that situation.
But he's trying to get the money, at least the people, so you buy infrastructure, you buy products, you buy stuff from farmers.
But he's in an impossible situation.
If they don't inflate the currency, everything is going to go in to hell in a very, very short order.
And I've looked at the facts.
You see these articles, why Americans are looking for safe haven from the dollar.
It's on Infowars.com.
And you see Schiff running around and all of this stuff, pointing out all of our problems.
Well, absolutely.
But Christ said, before you point out the speck in my eye, get the beam out of yours.
And so the bigger agenda is, kill the dollar.
Devalue the dollar.
Kill confidence.
America's over.
America sucks.
It's done.
So that when we fully collapse, these big mega banks can come in with the fiat debt they created that's thousands of times bigger than our debt.
You know, our debt's, you know, 30-something trillion or 20-something trillion, depending on how you look at it.
They've created quadrillions, thousands of trillions in fiat and sold the same mortgages 20, 30, 40 times a piece and done all this.
And they're having a global reset with the COVID lockdown to destroy confidence and to make you go deeper into debt to them.
And we must get the public informed and aware of this.
All right, I'm going to go to break and come back and lay out big bust of child kidnapping rings and sex rings that the feds have made that the media is desperately trying to cover up.
We're going to cover that and so much more.
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So I want to thank you all for your support and keeping us in that fight.
Without you, InfoWars would not be here.
So let that sink in.
Okay, I want to get back to the metastasizing class war, as Zero Hedge calls it in a great article today.
It's posted at InfoWars.com.
Because that's what this is.
You have the big, powerful, ruling, globalist billionaires who, through fiat currency and currency manipulation, have created thousands of trillions
of fake dollars and yons and yens and rubles and pesos and shekels and all the rest of it.
And so they believe they own the earth through fraud and so they're engineering the economy.
They are setting the economy up.
They are developing the economy to slowly transfer all the real wealth from us now, and they're going to use their fiat currency to basically actuary and rig the economy to consolidate the control and put us into a neo-feudalistic surf system.
And then they'll push being poor and push being sick and push dying young and being ill and being forcibly inoculated as a great thing for the Earth.
The austerity of the carbon taxes as they praise the COVID-19 shutdown as saving the planet, as we told you was actually their plan, when really it's all just a giant power grab.
But who are these individuals?
Well, they believe they're God, and their religion is having no empathy and feeding on humans like we're lower than cattle.
And so, when you see Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republicans in the House, the House Minority Leader, come out and say, oh, there's no child molestation rings, there's no international cabal of child molestation and blackmail, he's joining Jeffrey Epstein.
He is joining the whole system that uses the abuse of children as a global currency and a way to compromise people.
He is covering that up.
And Congressman Gosar and others have come out and exposed it and said it's a terrible thing what he's doing.
You still have these establishment Republicans that are a big, big problem and are really openly opposing President Trump's agenda.
Trump knows there's a major pedophile problem.
Trump knows there's a major devil worshiper problem.
It's the operating system of these people.
Go out to an Antifa meeting.
They almost all have Mao and Baphomet tattoos.
One of the guys that got shot tried to chase down and attack
The young man in Wisconsin a few nights ago, who's now facing life in prison for murder one, he was wearing a bandana with a bathamette on it.
And of course he had a long rap sheet and criminal background.
And the other guy was a convicted child rapist of a 12-year-old girl, and also had a long laundry list of things as well.
And the other guy had a big laundry list of things.
But you read CNN articles about him, they were heroes, they were good, they did nothing.
They don't tell you that at least one of the men was chasing the young man with a handgun in his hand with an extended aiming at him.
You read the CNN articles, not one single mention of any of this.
So we've gotten to the point now where Rittenhouse is a criminal for defending himself.
But when the left goes out and actually attacks patriots and actually shoots people in the head at communist checkpoints and the rest of it, it's hardly even in the news.
And when it comes out, it is approved of because people like Maxine Waters and others have said, go out and do this to drive the American people into submission.
And a lot of people say, well, this should backfire on them.
People should revolt against this.
Why do they think that it's intimidating us?
Why do they think that bullying us will work?
They bullied us on language and on culture and on our economy and on our system for decades.
And all we've done by increments is give in and bow down.
And so that's why now in 2020, they're swinging for the fences because they have nothing to lose.
They know you're starting to wake up.
They know people realize that submission is tyranny, that submission is slavery and death.
And so they're trying to finish the job
Right now.
And so you're going to see more tyranny in the next few months, the next few years, than you saw the last 50.
Because they're compressing it all into this time period right now.
That's why the level of danger is so incredibly high if we don't all stand up and say no to these bullies and speak out and exercise our speech.
I've got an article here where Baby Lives Matter mural painted outside planned Parenthood Clinic.
And now they've been giving the Margaret Sanger Award for 60-something years at Planned Parenthood, the famous Nazi eugenicist that Hitler said, quote, was his leader and his Bible.
And his mentor, they no longer give the Margaret Sanger Award a few months after the original Planned Parenthood in New York took her name off of it.
So we can go to the left and go to the Democrats and point out, you founded the KKK.
You founded Jim Crow.
The NRA was founded to counter you and your terrorist cells.
The KKK, literally.
And you run these Nazi operations and you've enslaved black people.
That's how you counter them, is with the truth.
But let's get back to what the Sheriff's Department came out and said.
John Melvin, evil exists, that's why I'm so thankful for President Trump.
Every day, there are thousands of busts going on around the world, hundreds in the U.S., where they are finding children, snuff films, children in cages, you name it, and it's happened again.
Marshals find dozens of missing children in Georgia as sex slaves.
But you'll never see this on the national news because the New York Times, CNN and Kevin McCarthy say it does not exist.
But Jeffrey Epstein and the kidnapping rings and the snuff films and the eugenics and all of this does exist.
Here's part of the report.
Evil exists.
And to address it requires leadership that will identify it, call it out, and deploy the necessary resources to end the problem and clean up the mess.
To address it requires agents and foot soldiers and prosecutors that are willing to take the fight to the enemy.
That is why I'm so thankful for the leadership of the Trump administration on the federal level, as well as Director Washington, Attorney B.J.
Pack, and our brethren at the FBI.
And on the state level, I'm very thankful for the leadership of Governor Kemp, Director Reynolds, as well as Attorney General Chris Carr.
Evil exists, and it requires
The coordinated partnerships to maximize our impact against it.
So I want to thank every agent, every marshal, every member of the Bureau, the FBI and every local agent that participated in fighting this evil.
And whether you're behind a keyboard or you're on the street for a takedown, I want you to know that you made a difference.
I want to say thank you to our leadership also for recognizing the need for a holistic approach as we fight evil.
For not only did we take them down, but we're also partnering with Wellspring as well as CHOA to clean up the mess.
CHOA and Wellspring are really providing a ministry to the harmed souls that this evil has caused.
I'm grateful for our leadership and our agents, the members of the GBI like Debbie Garner,
We're good to go.
Because we're only halfway to the gold line.
We need to hold these perpetrators accountable.
We need to make sure that they are incarcerated so that they will never again perpetrate their evil against the children of the state of Georgia.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Before we go any further, please remember that when you go and you paint the side of your barn or your car or the street, baby lives matter, all lives matter.
But the media calls that racist.
They say it takes away from black people.
That is the sickest, most twisted idea on earth, when abortion particularly is targeting brown people.
And you have to call out the absurdity of all of this.
Another way to stand up is just don't wear a mask in public, like Trump did at his party last night.
No one was doing it!
That's how you fight the hoax.
And it's coming out that it was a hoax.
That giant article by Kit Daniels yesterday was over-the-top important, where 4,000-plus false positives and less than 100 real positives in one of the most populous counties of Texas, up in Dallas.
It's fake, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a giant premeditated fraud, and I know you know that, but we've got to tell everybody this doesn't happen by osmosis.
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Because we're selling hundreds and hundreds of them a day.
We usually sell hundreds a month because people are really learning about how real
Okay, I started the hour with this, but I want to go back to it now because the crew pointed out a couple things to me of just how crazy the hypocrisy is.
Rand Paul,
He's at the White House.
He comes out in a paid group of Soros goons.
Attack him.
We played the footage.
We'll play it again.
And then the media tried to spin it that he really was an attack.
When they shoved him, they said, we're going to kill you.
They knocked a cop down.
Rand Paul helped him get back up.
It's almost all crazy white people doing it, claiming they represent black people.
They've stolen their identities.
And it's in the WikiLeaks documents and other documents we've gotten that the Soros-funded group wants to get blacks to riot so they can have them as a cover and make it racial.
This is so evil, so premeditated, so diabolical, or of the devil.
We're going to play it with audio here in just a moment.
But the reason this is important is, remember, Maxine Waters called for this.
The Democrats called for this.
The controlled media, the enemy of the people called for this.
Now they want you to forget that.
And Joe Biden says he's against the rioting now.
And Don Lemon says he's against the rioting now because it hasn't gone the way they wanted it to.
And so they're wanting you to forget that they're the commanders.
They're the generals.
They're the chiefs.
They're the field marshals.
They're the captains.
They are the honchos.
They are the big kahunas.
They are the people ramrodding this whole thing.
So here's what happened to Senator Rand Paul, who, by the way, is anti-war.
Got Trump to be more anti-war.
First anti-war president in 50-something years, almost 60.
Think about that.
That's not chopped liver.
And he authored the bill and got it passed.
Justice for Breonna Taylor against no-knock warrants by the police.
So these idiot Soros leftists just know it's a white guy.
It's Rand Paul.
He's a Republican.
When he is one of the most liberal members of the Senate for classical liberalism.
But they're not liberals.
They're foaming at the mouth fascists.
So here's what happened to Senator Rand Paul last night.
Say her name!
Say her name!
Say her name!
Say her name!
They're screaming, we're gonna kill you!
So it's black and white cops who are Americans defending against a white and black mob of foaming at the mouth people saying we're going to kill you.
Black Lives Matter mob tries to attack Rand Paul outside RNC.
They didn't try.
They did.
They didn't try.
They did.
And it's absolutely disgusting.
Look at this headline.
Rand Paul announces justice for Breonna Taylor Act barring no-knock warrants.
But again, they don't actually care about saving black babies.
They don't actually care about not having no-knock warrants unless the person really is a hardcore criminal, because some of those do go terribly wrong.
They don't care about him introducing a bill to restrict chokeholds.
No, no, no.
They don't care about him trying to end all these wars.
They just want to feel good and go out and be rage-filled and be scum because they've been greenlit to do it.
Because, what did Maxine Waters say over a year ago?
Are y'all ready?
You have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants, who have protesters taking up at their house, who sang, no peace, no sleep.
No peace, no sleep.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
Now, let's go to this crazy, crazed lady.
BLM TikToker threatens to go on a rampage.
Cries becomes absolutely out of her mind.
Because some of the rioters running around with guns and attacking people got shot, injured, and killed.
Now what's interesting about this lady going crazy is she calls for going out and going on a rampage, but I've got all these articles with little white kids being shot in the back of the head, little white babies getting beat up by black people on the street.
I've got a stack of articles of whites being hit, killed, hurt in racial attacks that don't even make the news.
They just make it on alternative news, which is the real news.
So again, the attacks on whites is just exponential now.
It was 12 to 1 black on white.
Now they're not releasing the numbers all over the country because it's so bad.
So they have invoked an actual race war, and it's so sad.
But just look at the hate in this woman's face.
The video's on Infowars.com if you're a radio lister.
BLM TikToker threatens to go on rampage.
Here it is.
I feel like I'm about to go on a f***ing rampage.
Civilians, civilians with AR-15s are out there shooting and killing protesters.
And you motherfuckers wanna get on TikTok and talk about what if he did this?
What if he did this?
Talking about Democrats won a fucking war, but y'all out there walking around with fucking AR-15s shooting people.
And the police are passing out waters.
Fuck your hate, fuck you, fuck America!
I don't give a fuck no more!
Y'all want war?
Let's do this shit!
Fuck y'all!
Nobody gives a damn about y'all fucking fellas!
This is mind control, ladies and gentlemen.
The billful videos on InfoWars.com.
Meanwhile, they were shouting, say her name to Rand Paul and they said we're gonna effing kill you when he introduced the bill, Justice for Breonna Taylor Act.
Think about the level of ignorance and the level of moronicness.
That woman's not going to go to Africa, where she wouldn't last five minutes.
She's not going to go to North Korea, where she wouldn't last an hour.
She's not going to go to Somalia.
No, no, she's just going to say F America.
What she means is F white people.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com
And never give up the fight!
They are taking over the U.S.
They are creating the racial division.
They are creating the sexual division.
They are creating all of the admitted crises in this country in their own admissions in WikiLeaks.
And they're horrified to see the economy coming back and all these good things happening.
So they're going to throw their full force against America in an attempt to encircle Congress with a million people.
And then to begin violent actions to run the patriots in D.C.
out of the swamp so they can reestablish it.
They believe that they're cornered.
They know humanity's waking up.
And so they're going to launch their full assault of violence and intimidation and terrorist attacks, I believe, in this country.
They've got all the Democratic Party talking heads saying,
Attack Trump supporters, bully them, kick them out of restaurants.
And when you see the weak-minded people, they've got lined up to support them and to chant.
They're all professors or government workers or little scared leftists that bought into the fact that they were on the winning team and they were the cool group and they ran everything and they were going to teach flyover country and Christians and veterans and everybody.
They were the ruling class.
These people don't believe in the dream of human empowerment.
They believe in China and its enslavement of their own population.
They believe in authoritarianism.
They believe if they go kiss the ass of the globalists, they are in power.
The year is 2020.
Following several decades of systematically weakening the social, moral, and financial resilience of the American people, the global cabal has launched a series of unimaginable terrors that have rocked the foundation of Western civilization and has fractured the population of a once united country along increasingly irreconcilable lines.
The nation finds herself on the precipice of all-out civil war, diving headlong towards economic ruin, and already suffocating under the dictatorship of biotechnocratic enslavement.
The final takedown order has been issued, the direct attack has begun.
America's greatest trial and the battle for her survival is underway.
InfoWars emergency transmissions are now broadcasting live weeknight 7 to 9 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Election countdown.
Taking America back on Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I feel like I'm about to go on a f***ing rampage.
Civilians, civilians with AR-15s are out there shooting and killing protesters.
And you motherfuckers want to get on TikTok and talk about what if he did this?
What if he did this?
Talking about Democrats won a fucking war, but y'all out there walking around with fucking AR-15s shooting people.
And the police are passing out waters?
Stop it!
Fuck your hate!
Fuck you!
Fuck America!
I don't give a fuck no more!
Y'all want war?
Let's do this shit!
Fuck y'all!
Nobody gives a damn about y'all fucking fellas!
Already, you have members of your cabinet that have been booed out of restaurants.
You have protesters taking up at their house.
Who sang, no peace, no sleep.
No peace, no sleep.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
And you push back on them.
And you tell them they're not welcome.
And Owen Schroer is going to start a new show every Sunday after I go off at 6 p.m., 6 to 8, called Sunday Live.
And it's going to be very light on commercials, only going to take the local commercials for local stations, TV and radio.
Six minutes of ads, an hour for that.
And we have the new nighttime show, Election Countdown.
Election Countdown.
And that is...
Seven to nine every night itself.
Only six minutes of ads an hour.
Be sure and spread the word about it.
Paul Reveres, that's how we defeat the enemy.
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That URL is not blocked on Twitter right now, so be sure and share everything from Band.Video with the links if you go to the website CensoredByJack.com.
You will find all the same videos with different URLs to get around the censors here in the new Soviet Union.
But we haven't fallen completely to the commies.
We have a beachhead called Donald Trump and a beachhead called you and I. So let's fight and take the country and the world back together.
But it takes energy, it takes excitement, and I know you've got it.
It's why they fear you.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, they've got a new Showtime movie.
That's supposedly going to premiere this Sunday, titled The Comey Rule, or you call it The Commie Rule, about James Comey and how wonderful he is and how Trump's a Russian.
More election meddling, more propaganda, more disinfo.
It's all been discredited.
So I was watching the trailer the other day with Derren McBrain and I said, we ought to put out our own version of this and augment it for everyone with some fun.
So this will be powerful for radio listeners, but for TV viewers, it's really powerful.
So if you're a radio listener,
You'll want to go to InfoWars.com or NewsWars.com or Band.Video where it's the top featured video.
We gave it a fun satirical headline and we point out in the write-up it's satire, but it says, uh, the Comey rule, Showtime's the Comey rule leaked in full.
So, Showtime's The Comey Rule leaked before broadcast.
And, of course, it's not really leaked before broadcast.
It's a satire, two-and-a-half-minute video.
And we're going to premiere it here for you right now, and then just enjoy and share.
And then Owen Schroyer's coming here right now to take over.
Stay with us.
So we are now 15 days before a presidential election, and we have to go through 347,000 emails to determine if one of the candidates in that election needs to be indicted.
We think they're trying to sabotage Secretary Clinton's campaign.
Never spend much time on Facebook.
Hours to go before the polls begin to close.
Wisconsin, you see the lead?
This is a sweep.
Dr. Comey.
The networks have all called it for Trump.
You're gonna get clobbered, Jim.
We've now been presented the dossier.
...concerning Russia and its connection to Trump.
Putin began cultivating Trump as an asset, helping real estate deals, hundreds of millions in loans.
It constitutes a real threat to national security.
Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?
Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonald's.
Just the two of us?
Nobody gets treated as unfairly as I do.
It's disgraceful.
I need loyalty.
I expect.
The president just committed a crime in your presence.
Stop deciding what we do and don't need to know.
It's so crazy in there.
We're sailing towards icebergs.
I want to know what you can do to lift this Russia cloud.
If we ever put anything above the truth, it's a bell that can never be unrung.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're back in studio now for the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex.
We've got new video emerging.
We've seen so much from Kenosha, Wisconsin the night Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life when a
Riot mob descended upon him, specifically few individuals attempting to do serious harm to him, if not kill him.
And so we've seen the videos of him talking hours before that, saying why he was there, protecting the businesses, why he had a gun to protect himself, why he had a med kit.
You saw the videos of the individuals he shot getting violent, threatening, literally asking to be shot before any shots were fired.
We now have new video that has just surfaced, the stories at InfoWars.com headline, Kyle Rittenhouse offers EMT services to injured protesters in unearthed video.
We go to this video now.
So that's Kyle's voice.
You can recognize it by now if you've been paying attention.
That's some business owners up there, y'all.
That ain't the police.
You got any injuries?
He's asking if anyone's injured.
Bring him over here.
We got a medic.
No, he's right behind you.
Thank you.
You got nails and a projectile.
So, some lady gets hit in the leg, she can't walk, she's being helped off the scene.
You can hear Kyle's voice say, I'm an EMT, do you need help?
I'm an EMT, are you injured?
If there's anybody injured, come see me.
He's got his med kit, you can see in the pictures when he's out there.
And so once again, this individual is being lied about.
Just like Nick Sandman or anybody else.
So that the leftist riot mobs can continue to feel justified in their attacks against any American that is willing to stand his round.
Any American that isn't going to bow down to their tyranny and their bullying.
And the more you study this situation,
In these events with Kyle Rittenhouse, the more you realize, you know, Kyle really was a good kid and he was out there for the right reasons.
And at the end of the day, that's what the left hates more than anything.
They don't like good young men that are willing to stand up for the right thing and do the right thing in the face of evil, the face of violence.
They certainly don't like young Americans who know how to use a firearm, which he... I mean, I don't know how much training he had, but boy, did he show some pretty good abilities that evening.
I mean, not even a stray bullet from a shot fired from him hit anyone else.
But again, he's out there with a med kit, he's out there trying to protect private property, he's out there trying to help anybody who's injured.
Not stopping anybody's free speech, not stopping anybody from having a protest.
Just saying, hey, I'm not going to let you burn down this business, but go ahead, do what you got to do if you want to protest.
There's also videos and pictures of him going out and cleaning off the
I think?
When a guy tries to murder him with a skateboard to the temple, he's allowed to defend his life.
When a guy tries to curb stomp him into the ground with his jumping, flying curb stomp, he's allowed to defend his life.
When a guy is pulling a pistol out of his pockets to shoot him in the head, he's allowed to defend his life.
He did it, and he lives.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex.
The left, the Democrats, and their media have gone... I don't even know if there's really a word for it.
It's beyond crazy, it's beyond insane, it's beyond self-destructive, it's a death cult.
And it exists and festers in its own lies, in its own deception, and it's now gotten so bad that just the average Democrat that's not a radical is looking at the doublespeak, the hypocrisies, the doublethink, and is like, wait a second, something's not right here.
And so a perfect example would be today, Politico and others running headlines saying, Rand Paul was never touched by protesters.
Rand Paul was never threatened by protesters.
Literally, the whole thing's on video.
He gets shoved.
The police get shoved.
They say, we're going to kill you.
Like, Politico doesn't want you to use your own eyes, your own ears.
It's about as deceptive and evil as it gets.
But we'll get more into that.
I want to go to highlights from President Trump's speech last night.
I thought it was fantastic.
And Fox News, after it came out and ripped the President, if you can believe that, with Chris Wallace and Brit Hume and others, I thought it was fantastic.
Here are some highlights from last night's President Trump speech.
At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, or two agendas.
This election will decide whether we save the American dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.
It will decide whether we rapidly create millions of high-paying jobs, or whether we crush our industries and send millions of these jobs overseas, as has foolishly been done for many decades.
Your vote will decide whether we protect law-abiding Americans or whether we give free reign to violent anarchists and agitators and criminals who threaten our citizens.
And this election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or whether we will allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it.
That won't happen.
At the Democrat National Convention, Joe Biden and his party repeatedly assailed America as a land of racial, economic, and social injustice.
So tonight, I ask you a simple question.
How can the Democrat Party ask to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?
They do not see America as the most free, just, and exceptional nation on Earth.
Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins.
And we will also provide tax credits to bring jobs out of China back to America, and we will impose tariffs on any company that leaves America to produce jobs overseas.
We will make sure our companies and jobs stay in our country, as I've already been doing for quite some time, if you've noticed.
Joe Biden's agenda is made in China.
My agenda is made in the USA.
In recent months, our nation and the entire planet has been struck by a new and powerful, invisible enemy.
Like those brave Americans before us, we are meeting this challenge.
We are delivering life-saving therapies, and we'll produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner.
We will defeat the virus, end the pandemic, and emerge stronger than ever before.
When I took bold action to issue a travel ban on China, very early indeed, Joe Biden called it hysterical and xenophobic.
And then I introduced a ban on Europe very early again.
If we had listened to Joe, hundreds of thousands more Americans would have died.
Instead of following the science, Joe Biden wants to inflict a painful shutdown on the entire country.
His shutdown would inflict unthinkable and lasting harm.
On our nation's children's families and citizens of all backgrounds.
The cost of the Biden shutdown would be measured in increased drug overdoses, depression, alcohol addiction, suicides, heart attacks, economic devastation, job loss and much more.
Joe Biden's plan is not a solution to the virus, but rather it's a surrender to the virus.
My administration has a very different approach.
To save as many lives as possible, we are focusing on the science, the facts and the data.
We are aggressively sheltering those at highest risk, especially the elderly.
Allowing lower risk Americans to safely return to work and to school.
And we want to see so many of those great states be open
My Democrats, we want them to be open.
They have to be open.
They have to get back to work.
They have to get back to work and they have to get back to school.
Most importantly, we are marshalling America's scientific genius to produce a vaccine in record time under Operation Warp Speed.
We have three different vaccines in the final stage of trials, right now, years ahead of what has been achieved before.
Nobody thought it could ever be done this fast.
Normally, it would be years, and we did it in a matter of a few months.
We're producing them in advance so that hundreds of millions of doses will be quickly available.
We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year, and together, we will crush the virus.
I love you all.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you very much.
So just some highlights there from President Trump's speech.
He took a lot of shots at Biden.
He was very uplifting.
They honored David Dorn.
They honored the fallen officer in New York.
I forget that young lady's name off the top of my head.
Mitosis Familia.
I'm probably butchering that.
I apologize.
Very uplifting, very emotional.
I laughed, I cried, I snickered, I jeered, I cheered.
It had everything.
But, you know, I think the overall tone can be summarized actually in what we're witnessing right now here with the fireworks.
Oh, by the way, President Trump made some also snide comments about Joe Biden's gropey problem.
Yeah, the Democrats did fireworks after the DNC, if you recall.
In fact, it was such a debacle.
Because they had no live audience and they had some journos that were there and they literally had to do like a wind sprint out of the venue to outside just to see the fireworks.
So no one even saw the fireworks.
The DNC fireworks were lame.
They lasted like two minutes.
Biden and his wife and Kamala Harris and her husband on the stage were awkward.
It was not how you'd think a married couple would approach each other, not very lovingly.
And everything after the RNC was the exact opposite.
The Republicans obviously care.
They cared about the delivery.
They had the live audience.
They didn't care about social distancing or masks.
They had the live audience.
They had the fireworks outside so everybody could see.
It was a grand display.
Great music.
Live music.
Opera singers.
Amazing fireworks.
Democrats are just like, eh, you know, just go light off some fireworks.
Give them a little digital thing and they'll be fine.
Republicans like, hey, let's knock this out of the park.
Let's do it right.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back here live.
On the Alex Jones Show, Owen Troyer filling in for Alex right now.
I'm gonna start going through all of these clips of the violence that happened in DC last night after the RNC.
You know though, I... I really don't know what to do about the current state of the left, liberal progressive Democrat in this country that
Has no interest living in reality, has no interest in being honest about themselves, their own behavior.
You know, it was Democrats that wrote legislation, eventually was signed into law by Ronald Reagan to get rid of mental institutions.
And so, you see people defecating on the streets, wiping their behind with their hand, sleeping in their own urine and feces.
Harassing people in the streets if they don't give you a cigarette Threatening people with golf clubs and stuff.
This is just the homelessness and drug addiction crisis Now if you really cared about those people you would not just give them shelter for free But you know they had the old thing called the quote-unquote funny farm It becomes like a cliche joke, but funny farm was a real thing Okay, you see that guy defecating in the street We need to give him a purpose in life and we'll give him three meals a day and we'll give him a bed to sleep in and
He'll work on the farm for, you know, eight hours a day and they'll have a purpose in life and then maybe slowly they can kind of get back to reality, get back to having a purpose, and then maybe even get back into normal society.
That was the quote-unquote funny farm.
And this whole taboo thing, it was actually a good thing.
It was actually a good thing.
Gave these people a sense of purpose and allowed them to
Biochemically and physiologically and psychologically get back to some normalcy or find a way to be a productive member of society.
That's healthy.
That's how you care for people.
And you'd have doctors that would volunteer for this.
They would do it again today if we reopened these institutions.
And they'll say, oh, you can't say that.
The Funny Farm, that's insulting.
No, it's not.
It was a real thing.
It was effective.
It helped people.
We need it probably again.
But that's one issue that you have with homelessness and drug addiction in the streets.
But when I see what these liberal progressive Democrats are saying in response to last night's RNC, in response to the violence in the streets, it just makes you realize that these people have no intention on being honest.
They have no intention on being honest with themselves.
They have no intention on being honest with you.
They have no intention on objectively
Looking at society?
They have none!
None at all!
So what do you do with someone like that?
What do you do with someone who is actually educated, who is actually a member of quote-unquote high society, if you will, a productive member of our culture, our civilization, what do you do when they have so much influence, when they have a soapbox, when they have a platform, and they're consciously lying, they're constantly deceiving,
And it's clearly a mental disorder.
I don't know what else you would call it.
I mean, there's pathological lying, which I guess would be the closest thing to put these people in a classification of pathological liars.
There is now Trump derangement syndrome in the new DSM-5, I believe.
If they haven't come out with the DSM-6, it's the list of mental disorders.
Trump derangement syndrome is on there.
It's a real thing.
But it's not Trump Derangement Syndrome.
It's something deeper.
It's something more diabolical.
It's something evil, really.
It's a complete separation from God.
A complete separation from reality.
A complete detachment from society, really.
So yeah, it is Trump Derangement Syndrome in its absurdity.
In the last five years, it's pathological lying in its historical context.
When you lie so much to yourself, really, but to others, when you lie so much, you believe your own lies.
For example,
You can go out today and look at leftist Democrats, whether they're in the street, whether they're posting on social media, whether you're talking to them, and they literally say, wow, that RNC was a white supremacist event.
That RNC must have been what Hitler's speeches were like in Germany in 1932.
Did you watch the RNC?
Have you seen what Hitler's youth brigade did?
Again, this is complete reversal of reality.
It was Hitler's youth brigade that would go out and say, Heil Hitler, or we're going to beat you in the streets.
They'll go harass people at restaurants, harass people at theaters, harass people in the streets.
Heil Hitler now, or we're going to beat you up.
Well, who's doing that now?
That's not Trump supporters, that's the anti-Trump left.
We have the video footage.
Who's burning Bibles?
Hitler's youth brigade.
Who's burning Bibles?
Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democrats in the streets.
But to say that the RNC was a white nationalist event couldn't be farther from the truth.
And again, you have to ask, did you watch the RNC?
Do you really believe what you're saying?
In fact, I would bet, I would bet if you went and looked at all the speakers at the RNC, and you wanted to do an identity politics demographic breakdown,
Then I would bet you would actually have a representation that accurately represents demographics in America, whatever the numbers are.
Let's say it's 25% black people or 60% white.
I don't have the numbers in front of me.
My point is, my guess is if you boil down those demographics by percentages and then boil down the speakers at the RNC demographics,
For those percentages too, they would either be completely parallel, or you would actually have a higher representation of non-white people who spoke at the RNC.
Who attended the RNC.
Under invites from the President.
But see, that doesn't matter.
They're pathological liars.
They've been lying to themselves for so long, they can't be honest anymore.
But that's the thing about a pathological liar is, they have lied so much, it's a psychological condition, they actually believe all their lies.
So here's, uh, the crew is just pulling up some of these demographics.
The RNC had more women.
I guess, no, those are reverse.
Okay, so they're saying, oh, well this is just women versus men.
It really doesn't even matter, because Republicans don't care about your skin color.
I'm simply saying, the left that cries about white people or this or that, oh, there you go, there was the percentages right there.
So I don't know when this all came out.
Who wrote this, guys?
And when did this come out?
This is from, okay, this is, yeah, yeah, this is four years ago.
These numbers are inaccurate.
I'm talking about 2020.
Anyway, look, when we come back, I'm going to play all the violence in the streets last night after the DNC because it's these leftists, it's these liberals, it's the people in the media lying about President Trump, lying about President Trump supporters, lying about police brutality, just lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, that's leading to this chaos and destruction.
And it's getting so bad, it's getting so bad, it's going to be met with force.
Whether it's law enforcement or people like Kyle Rittenhouse,
It's eventually going to be met with force because you can't just sit there and take it forever.
And Americans aren't.
We don't want to see violence in the streets.
We don't want a civil war.
We want nothing to do with this.
We just want to live in a free country.
We just want to live in a free market.
We just want to be able to operate peacefully.
But the left in this country, the Democrats, the liberal progressives, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, they're stopping us from being allowed to operate freely and peacefully in this country.
They're going to keep pushing and keep pushing, and it's only going to get worse, folks.
It's only going to get worse.
Now, when we come back, I'm going to play videos of all the violence and the hate mobs that the Democrats and the mainstream media produced last night outside of the final night of the RNC.
Remember, folks, specials at Infowarsstore.com and after tonight.
These end after tonight.
So hop over to Infowarsstore.com and get 50% off Ultimate Fish Oil, Ultimate Krill Oil, Vezo Beat Complete, Survival Shield X2, X3, ExtendoWise, the Alexa Pure Breeze.
It's all at Infowarsstore.com.
But these specials, they come to an end tonight.
You better believe that the violence that you're seeing in the streets is fully endorsed and enabled by the Democrats.
My prediction is by next week, the full story will come out about why these violent agitators were allowed to harass people leaving the RNC last night, specifically Rand Paul.
My guess is by next week, you're gonna find out what really happened, and that is the fact that Muriel Bowser, the Democrat D.C.
Mayor, refused to cooperate with Secret Service, refused to cooperate
We're good to go.
Enabler right there of terrorism in the streets last night after the RNC which we're going to highlight now Alright guys, I'm just gonna go down this list.
This was actually from two nights ago I believe in We're just gonna go down all this list because it's all the same stuff just in different cities.
This was two nights ago I believe that this was in Portland or Kenosha.
Here is a Black Lives Matter supporter Telling the police how he really feels
You know what I would do to him if he is?
I don't need a gun nigga!
Do it right here!
And notice how he has an I Can't Breathe shirt on with George Floyd, which is just a lie.
Just a mainstream media lie.
George Floyd died of a drug overdose.
And he was breathing the whole time.
You can see it on video.
When he's struggling, he's moving his neck around.
You can see his nose moving, his lips moving.
But that's not the point.
He died of a drug overdose.
When he said he couldn't breathe, that's when he was in the car and he asked to be put on the road.
But see, they don't care about any of this.
Why wasn't that man arrested?
That is a death threat.
He directly death-threatened police.
Said, I'm gonna bust your brains in.
Said, I don't need a gun to kill you.
That man should have been arrested and should be charged
With a deadly threat.
And they sit here and they say police are out to get them.
You know, if the police really wanted to kill black people, if the police were really racist, if the police really woke up to do harm to black people, that dumbass would be dead.
But notice he's not.
He went home peacefully.
Probably woke up today, having his day.
No big deal.
Should have been arrested right then and there for the death threats.
against police officers.
Now once again, here's video that Politico says this doesn't exist.
Politico literally says this doesn't exist.
Rand Paul is lying.
No protesters threatened him or touched him.
So here are the Biden voters out on the streets last night harassing Rand Paul after the RNC.
Politico wrote stories today.
This didn't happen.
No protesters harassed him.
No protesters threatened him.
They didn't touch him.
You're seeing a movie, folks.
This is an aberration.
This doesn't exist.
And again, this is all enabled by the D.C.
Mayor, Muriel Bowser, who had law enforcement stand down.
Again, the people shoved that police officer, they should all be arrested.
This is ridiculous!
Why do we put up with these thugs?
Why do we put up with these terrorists?
You know, I got a feeling this isn't going to last much longer.
Now, by saying that, it could be a year.
But, folks, eventually this is just going to come to a complete end.
Whether it's just citizens taking law enforcement into their own hands, whether law enforcement actually does decide, you know what, we're going to stand down.
What do you think that's going to look like?
Who are all these dumbass liberals in the streets going to call?
Are they going to call their mommy?
Mommy doesn't want to do with you anymore.
Are they going to call the police?
The police don't want anything to do with you anymore and you defunded them.
Who are you going to call?
Are you going to call the Ghostbusters?
That's a fake movie team.
Now here's a brave man, Congressman Brian Mass from Florida, who disarmed explosive devices for the military.
So, uh, dumbass liberals in the street, don't make him fear.
Here was Brian Mass confronting some of these lunatics.
Congressman, Congressman, what brings you out here tonight?
What's that?
What brings you out here tonight?
By the way, he has prosthetic legs.
Walking in my hotel.
He's walking?
Did you attend, uh... On the streets of D.C.
with the President?
Sure did.
It was a great time.
Enjoy the fireworks?
The fireworks, I thought were outstanding.
What do you make of all these protests?
Everybody has their right to protest.
That's a beautiful thing.
You're not afraid for your safety?
Should I be?
What do you think about police killing black people in this country?
Don't worry, we're gonna vote.
What do you think about police killing black people in this country?
I don't think anybody should get killed wrongfully.
What do you think about police killing black people in this country?
That takes somebody's right to due process, right?
Answer the question that I am asking you.
How do you feel about abolition?
No, answer the question.
How do you feel about police killing black people in this country, in this city?
See, this is all hyping up by the mainstream news, as if this is the only thing that ever happens in America.
How do you feel about
He's trying to be cordial.
He's trying to come together.
They don't care.
They don't want peace.
They don't want to live in reality.
Black people in this country.
Black people in this country.
Black people in this country.
Bow to the black mob!
Bow to the race baiters!
Bow to the Democrats!
Bow to the Libtards!
Bow to the Taramaz!
White people in this country, 99% of them are tolerant people who don't care about race, are not racist, never had a racist bone in their body.
But you see, the more these BLM mobs harass white people, the more a white person turns on TV and is told how bad they are, or see, black is beautiful, black is king, and all this stuff.
When they know the crime statistics, they know the parts of town you don't go to.
It's not the white neighborhoods!
But see, again, it's just a bigger lie.
The Democrats tear down black communities, destroy them with their policies, and then blame white people.
And then the media hypes up any time there's a police event with a black guy.
It doesn't matter if the black guy dies from a drug overdose like George Floyd.
It doesn't matter that Jacob Blake was a known felon and had been charged with sexual abuse of a minor.
No, no, no, no, no.
Now it doesn't even matter if the police weren't even involved.
If a black guy kills himself on the streets, that's also a Black Lives Matter reason to riot.
That happened in Minnesota this week.
Leon Johnson
A popular Twitter account puts this out.
Time for a thread.
I'm tired of insufferable circus... Excuse me, let me slow down.
I'm getting worked up here.
I'm tired of insufferable circus clowns who are unable to read or do research for themselves so I will do it for them.
Now, this is a thread of probably about 30 different instances
Where unarmed white people were shot and killed by police.
Many of them violent offenders, many of them bad people.
So, you know what?
It's their own fault.
Some of them perfectly innocent.
Shot and killed by police.
Any riots, any mobs, any protests, any white lives matter, any media coverage?
Because it's all part of an agenda.
To make black people basically the front of the firing line, the front of the firing squad, so that these communists who want to take down America, whether they operate under a Chinese umbrella or whatever, they put black people in front to say, oh, if you come after us, you're a racist!
But here it is.
I mean, the whole list is here.
I'm not going to go through every single one.
Some of the people that got shot and killed, maybe they deserved it.
Others, not so much.
Point is, no news coverage, no mention of their names, no say their names, no protests, no White Lives Matter, no funding.
Again, I'm just flipping through all these unarmed white people killed by police.
You've never heard of a single one of them.
All of them in the last two years, by the way.
Just going on.
Just going on.
Nobody talks about it.
And then he puts out...
Some of the other stats from 2019.
403 white suspects were killed by police.
250 black suspects were killed by police.
5.9% of the white suspects killed were unarmed.
5.6% of the black suspects killed were unarmed.
But don't go tellin' a Democrat, don't go tellin' a liberal, don't go tellin' a Black Lives Matter Antifa guy the facts!
They're not interested!
All they're interested in is their hatred and killing you!
We are now into the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
I host the Info Wars War Room 3-6 PM weekdays at Band Out Video and it is the last Friday of the month so today is our Veterans Call-In Show.
We have amazing veteran guests.
We take calls from veterans for three hours during the War Room on the last Friday of the month.
So if you are a veteran and you're not aware of this, or if you don't know about the War Room, please tune in today.
It's always great to hear from the veterans.
I want to go back to the violence, the Democrat terrorism on the streets of D.C.
last night.
And it's just the craziest stuff because, look, there's black people out there who get all this propaganda from the media and do really feel victimized because this is the stigma, this is the propaganda, this is the conditioning they're taught to.
But they really don't know much about it and they still can think for themselves.
And then they see all these crazy white women running around harassing people and they're like, wait a second, this is, wait, what's going on here?
And you can see it in some of these clips.
Specifically, there's this one white girl who's literally, I mean,
You gotta wonder, I'm serious, these people need to be drug tested.
We need to find out what drugs these people are on so we can warn about the side effects of whatever it is, because this is not normal human behavior.
So let's go back to some of this Democrat terrorism on the streets of D.C.
last night after the RNC, which was enabled by the Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser.
Here in clip four is just again that the RNC was such a smashing success, which, you know, I'm sitting at the end of this watching this unbelievable firework show.
The Washington Monument, the love, the courage, just all of it, the message of positivity.
And I'm sitting there thinking after all the emotions that I went through in that 70 minute speech from President Trump.
I'm sitting there thinking, how can anybody hate this?
How can anybody not like this?
How can anybody see this and get mad?
How can anybody see this and not get inspired?
How can anybody be watching this and not feel like they're part of the team or they could be part of the team?
And it just shows you the entrenched brainwashing and the commitment to the evil, the commitment to darkness, the commitment to ignorance, the commitment to hate, the commitment to Satan.
And you'll get what you commit to.
Believe that.
And again, it just shows like Republicans and Trump specifically, because it's really not the Republicans, folks.
This is the Trump party.
I mean, let's be clear.
Republicans are still mostly the party is still pretty much a joke.
But the Trump family and Trump himself, they're real patriots.
They're the real deal.
They really love America.
They really love putting on a good show.
They really like having the most high-end hotels.
They really like having the most high-end skyrises and the best skyscrapers.
So you can see Trump or Don Jr.
or whoever was like, you know, we want the biggest fireworks.
We want the best fireworks.
You know, we're gonna have the best.
It's gonna be the best R&C.
And they did it!
Because that's what they want.
They want the best.
They want you to have the best.
And the Democrats want you to live in a swaller.
So again, here it is.
Let's go to clip four.
Just more of the Democrat terrorism on the streets after the RNC.
What the f*** is wrong with you?
They're going after police.
They're trying to fight police.
Attacking police.
And by the way, you can see, like, some people who are probably out there for Black Lives Matter are just like, whoa, this is crazy.
Like, hey, I want to protest for black lives, but, you know, I'm not a terrorist.
What is going on?
I'm telling you, see, and this is why 2020 is so important.
If Democrats start losing offices, the police are going to be unchained.
And let me tell you, these Democrat riot mobs, these Democrat terror squads, they're going to get their asses kicked.
And we better release nonviolent criminals from jail because we're going to need to fill them up with these violent criminals.
Open up the mental institutions or send them to jail.
This is out of control.
These are terrorists.
These are domestic terrorists.
They need to know what they've signed on to.
Right now, they think it's all fun and games.
Oh, this is part of America.
I'm a Democrat.
Oh, I'm for Biden.
I'm fighting Nazis.
That's all bullcrap.
You want to find out the game you're playing, you're going to find out.
But see, this is why the Democrats are so desperate to stay in power, because it's the only way they can allow their terrorist squads to continue to operate on the streets.
You get these Democrats out of office, mayors, DAs, all this stuff, and having conservative patriots in there, Trump supporters, it's game over!
All you are going to jail!
And you'll wake up real quick and realize, I didn't sign up to be a domestic terrorist.
I'm gonna continue.
To show you the Democrat terrorism that was on the streets last night after the RNC.
Enabled by D.C.
Mayor Democrat Muriel Bowser.
Promoted by the mainstream media.
And justified by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.
These are the enemies of America.
It's time to start treating them as such.
Brandon Strzok of the walk away movement.
Who happens to be gay.
Again, Republicans don't care about that anymore.
Maybe 10 or 12 years ago, a Republican may have raised a fuss about that.
Not anymore.
Because we're all just trying to save America at this point.
And the left that claims to love black people or gay people or women and notice how they always attack black people and gay people and women.
You notice that?
It's funny, isn't it?
And so here's Brandon Strzok last night.
After the RNC, and uh, he gets attacked and he was saying on Twitter he's never experienced, he's never experienced attacks like this.
Not just the physicality, but the insults that were hurled in his direction.
I'm sorry, what's that?
Okay, what's the problem guys?
It's alright, it's alright.
Just clip 5.
Are we good?
Okay, so here it is, Brandon Schrock having insults hurled at him and physically being attacked after the RNC.
Oh, really?
I don't speak to people like that.
I really don't.
He and his friend are getting attacked.
Literally walking down the sidewalk.
He's a Donald Trump supporter!
Oh, he's a Trump supporter.
I can kill you now.
He's a Nazi.
For the record, we were walking down the street, minding our own business, and you just physically assaulted him.
Then they start saying, oh, did you call me this?
He's like, no.
All right.
Get away from me.
You get away from me.
Here it is again.
They physically assault him.
That's why the camera goes black.
These people are out of control, man.
I mean, let me tell you, at a certain point, at a certain point, because here's the thing, the only thing the police are doing at this point is protecting these rioters.
Now, believe me, the left is so short-sighted and their IQ is so low, they don't understand what I'm about to say.
The only thing the police are doing at this point is protecting you.
And you're going to find that out real quick if you actually defund the police.
So be careful what you ask for because eventually Republicans are going to catch on and they're going to say, yeah, let's defund the police too.
I'm sick of somebody holding me back from beating your ass.
So be careful what you wish for.
I have a feeling they might get it.
Let's move on.
Here's another instance outside the RNC again.
Just a couple walking out of the RNC and look at how they get treated by the Democrat terror squads.
Again, folks, we have to bleep all this out.
Here it is again.
And it's a white woman.
You can ask the same question about white people.
You can ask the same question about brown people.
You can ask the same question about Jewish people, Chinese people, anything.
They don't care.
They've been hyped up by the media to only say that black people deal with anything in this country.
So then they feel justified in their rage and their violence because they live in this delusion land.
And it's not even black people, it's white people.
Look at this.
Again, this woman, let me tell you something.
If you defund the police, let me tell you something right now.
This man with his wife, he is gonna knock that woman out cold, and he's not gonna feel an ounce of remorse, and he's gonna have nothing holding him back, because there's no police!
Alright, alright, hey guys, you know what, I'm sorry, this is the craziest part.
Look, this woman's clearly mentally deranged, put her on a funny phone.
Rewind it 15 seconds, because she's about to get hopped up here.
Now you tell me,
What is this woman on?
Here, roll the clip.
Didn't touch her.
Now she starts dancing in cursive.
She's got a mask on her face.
Don't they get it?
The only thing stopping
Conservatives and Republicans from beating these people's ass in the street is A, they're moral compass.
They're good people.
But B, because they don't want to go to jail and deal with an assault charge or get arrested by police.
Boy, oh boy, let me tell you.
You get rid of that, part two, and they know that there's no law enforcement to arrest them if they're stomping your bloody skull into the concrete after you assault their wife.
The moral compass is going to go real quick, folks.
Because it doesn't take much of a moral compass to deal with terrorists like this.
You realize you're on the side of good.
Again, screaming about black people, this white woman.
This clearly drugged out, delusional white woman.
Guys, skip clip 7 because that was the same one as clip 6.
Now, let's go.
Guys, is clip 11 the same Rand Paul clip that we ran earlier?
Okay, let's just go again.
Folks, they're saying that this didn't happen.
Roll clip 11.
Just another view of Rand Paul and his wife trying to peacefully get back to the hotel and the Democrat terror squads.
Threatening them, harassing them, shoving them, shoving police.
And then Politico publishes a story today saying none of it even happened.
This is not a Joe Biden rally, folks, but it is.
Here's one thing you can guarantee.
Trump supporters aren't rioting.
Trump supporters aren't committing acts of violence and destruction.
There they are, yelling at police, yelling at Rand Paul.
By the way, they keep saying, Breonna Taylor, Breonna Taylor.
Rand Paul is the one that signed the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act.
Rand Paul is the one who signed bills to stop the militarization of police.
Rand Paul is the last person they should be going after.
But they don't know.
They're uninformed.
They're ignorant.
They're brainwashed masses.
Move back!
Move back!
But this didn't happen according to the Politico.
This didn't happen according to the Democrats.
This isn't violent.
This is a peaceful protest.
Alright guys, let's move on now to clip 12.
Again, people leaving the RNC.
Joe Biden supporters find them and spit on them.
Trying to enter their hotel.
Biden voters come up.
Democrat voters come up and spit on them.
They all should have been arrested.
That's assault!
You could've given them COVID.
How about that?
You say it's a bio-weapon for COVID.
Your body's a bio-weapon for COVID.
Well, they just spit on people.
Should they be tried with bioterrorism?
Guys, what, um... What is clip 18?
Yeah, but is it more violent video?
Okay, so this will be it, guys, for our violent videos, and then we'll come back and we'll show the Democrats that are supporting all of it and lying about all of it.
But here you go.
Again, an elderly couple leaves the RNC, and look at how they're harassed by Democrat terrorists in the streets.
You know, sometimes, and I don't enjoy this part of my job here, because we have to tell the truths that nobody else will tell, and we get attacked for it.
And it's not that we're promoting this, because believe me, I don't want to see any violence, but let me tell you folks, the winds of change are coming, and if these Democrat terror squads don't get out of the streets, you know what's going to happen.
Now what you're seeing there guys, just roll the b-roll.
I don't know where this was, but um...
It's an older black lady, looks to be maybe in her seventies or even older.
And you can see this woman ain't taking no crap.
And she's proudly shouting Donald Trump, waving her Trump flag.
She gets it.
Oh, she gets it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, here's what I'm going to do.
When we come back in the next segment, or maybe we'll have to do this in the last segment of this hour.
I'm going to show you where the Democrat Party is really at.
They're losing bigly.
Democrat voters are going to vote Trump like you've never seen before.
Even conservatives like Glenn Beck and others who were never Trumpers have now turned the corner and they've admitted like, hey, you know what?
I was wrong in 2016.
I apologize.
Trump is the real deal.
Some others that were never Trumpers like Charlie Kirk have never apologized, but that's neither here nor there.
But let's look at some of the Democrats.
Of course, you've heard and seen Maxine Waters calling and supporting the Democrat terrorism.
You've seen and heard Nancy Pelosi doing the same thing.
Here's more of it that just happened last night.
Here's Ayanna Pressley literally calling for Democrat terrorism in the streets.
I'm looking to the public.
You know, this is as much about public outcry and organizing and mobilizing and applying pressure so that this GOP-led Senate and that these governors that continue to carry water for this administration, putting the American people in harm's way, turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities, hold them accountable.
Well, make the phone call, send the email, show up.
You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives.
And unfortunately, there's plenty to go around.
So they cause unrest in the lives, they cause unrest in the streets, and then they blame it all on Trump.
It's like the same thing I have over here, where it's the Washington Post, it's CNN, it's other publications.
Where they just say, oh, if you're a woman, you're a victim of a Republican.
If you're black, you're a victim of a Republican.
If you're anything, you're a victim of a Republican.
But then you do the research and it's all Democrat policies.
For example, Washington Post today.
Katrina battered black New Orleans, then the recovery did it again.
Well, who was in charge of that?
Who was running New Orleans at the time?
Democrat mayor.
Democrat city council.
It's Democrats, but they just blame...
Blame Republicans, blame white people.
Women are losing the work-from-home battle for space.
And it's all about, oh, because of COVID, everybody has to work from home, and women can't work from home like men work from home, and so it's all Trump's fault because of COVID.
No, you're the ones that shut down the businesses for COVID.
Texas Tribune.
Special education students lose crucial help when the pandemic hit.
Texas schools are still struggling to restore it.
Who runs Austin?
Democrat Mayor, Adler, Democrat City Council, it's all Democrat policies.
If Republicans were in charge of everything, everything would be open!
You wouldn't be complaining about this crap!
And it doesn't even matter.
They cause all the problems, they complain about all the problems they caused, and then they project it onto their opposition.
Here in clip 10, folks, I mean, I don't know, what do you say about Ayanna Pressley, Joy Reid, and these Democrats?
I've seen ham sandwiches that have a higher IQ.
Here's Joy Reid saying that she watched Fidel Castro speak last night.
All I have to say is as I'm watching this, I'm thinking, you know, Fidel Castro, Julius Caesar, Mobutu Sese Seko.
If that was not an American president giving an acceptance speech, that was a monarch.
It was very much like what Castro used to do, an hour and ten minutes that clocked in of just, you know, it wasn't a usual Trump speech with his ad libs and sort of the, he did the sort of humor kind of thrown into it.
It was, he said, the fact is I'm here and they're not.
He made the White House into the Trump Palace.
I mean, what a joke.
What a joke.
What do you do with these scumbags?
What do you do with these lowlifes?
What do you do with these nitwits?
And again, if Trump was this oppressor or authoritarian or monarch that they claim he is, Joy Reid, you'd be off television and in jail.
Ayanna Pressley, you'd be out of Congress and in jail.
All these Black Lives Matter, Antifa riots, they'd all be dead!
Trump would just say, yeah, just go out and murder them.
Just go out and kill them all.
Notice how none of that happens.
These people don't live in reality.
These people are a threat to our freedom.
They're a threat to our country.
They're a threat to everything we hold dear.
They're just a threat.
Yeah, and by the way, the feds are moving on some of these people.
74 people facing federal charges for crimes committed during Portland demonstrations.
This needs to be thousands of arrests.
But see, the Democrat mayors of Portland and Seattle and other places refuse the federal government's help.
You heard Trump last night say we could rind them all up in an hour.
Folks, they've already run their intelligence operations.
They've already pinned and flagged all the Antifa terrorists, Black Lives Matter terrorists.
They have their phone conversations.
They have their texts.
They have their geolocation.
They have all of it.
They could round up and arrest thousands of people overnight.
And this would come to an end.
But the Democrat mayors won't do it.
And because Trump is not an authoritarian, he says, OK, well, this is the law.
You don't want our help.
You want terrorists to run your streets?
And that's that.
But I have a feeling someday soon there's going to be a reversal on this, and I don't know how it's going to go, but this just can't continue, folks.
It's going to reach a crescendo, and no matter which way the cookie crumbles, it's not going to be good for the Democrats.
Even if they get their violent terrorists to continue to burn things and kill people and loot and rob, it's only going to hurt their political movement.
And they're realizing it now, so they don't know what to do.
Now real quick, let me just slide this one in there too.
Because professional sports have now decided they're boycotting and not playing because of Black Lives Matter.
And now their ratings are hitting like zero.
I mean, it's bad.
Not even a million people are watching a sporting event now.
And so now they're saying, well, OK, maybe we'll play again because they're bottoming out their ratings.
Here's a woman who I don't know what her political background is, but she's calling out the fraud of the NBA boycott.
The news isn't covering this right now, but there are currently concentration camps in China.
Starting early 2017, the Chinese government began cracking down on Uighur Muslims and other minority groups in East Turkestan, locating them to re-education camps that are actually just concentration camps.
Families have been torn apart, women have been subject to forced marriages, gang rape, forced sterilization, and so many other forms of torture.
In the camps, Uighur Muslims are forced to renounce their identity.
Banned from praying, fasting, reading the Quran, or even abstaining from alcohol could get you punished.
Various forms of torture take place in the camps, such as waterboarding, organ harvesting, electrocution, and so much more that I haven't even mentioned.
Once the world started finding out about these atrocities, the Chinese government relocated these people into labor camps, where they are forced to work under inhumane conditions for some of the brands that I've listed here.
So the NBA is pro-slavery, ladies and gentlemen.
How do you like that?
The NBA is pro-slavery.
Good job, NBA!
Liberalism, leftism is a cancer on anybody that wants to be free, independent, informed.
Liberalism and leftism is the most intolerant political belief system in the world today, and it's destroying everything and anything it comes in touch with.
We better
Get rid of this cancer now before it kills all of us.
Before I get into some of this news, and then in the last segment, I'm going to show you how bad it is right now for the Democrats, folks, which, hey, it's great news that the RNC was a smashing success.
It's great news that Trump is pulling higher than ever.
It's great news people are leaving the Democrat Party like never before to vote Trump.
The bad news is that just means the Democrats and the media got something else up their sleeve.
And if you think
The George Floyd situation was bad, or the Jacob Blake situation was bad, or a black guy committing suicide and then blaming police and white people in Minnesota was bad.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
They got a bunch of pedophiles blackmailed, they got a bunch of sexual offenders blackmailed, and they are going to send them out into the streets to commit violence like you've never imagined.
So, it's like chemotherapy.
You hope it's gonna kill the cancer, but it may kill you in the process.
And so that's where we're at.
But before I get into all of that, ladies and gentlemen, the Everyday Essentials Sale at InfoWarsStore.com.
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That's InfowarsStore.com.
Now, CNN has to be the most untrustworthy, bold-faced, lying name in news.
A perfect example would be Jim Acosta and Jake Tapper.
And the rest of the commie clown crew at CNN complaining last night about Trump's audience.
No masks, no social distancing, live audience.
Oh my gosh, the COVID!
Well don't you want Trump supporters dead anyway?
So you should be celebrating.
No, they know the whole thing's a farce.
And it's all about controlling you and telling you what to do and bossing you around and shutting down your business and shutting down the economy.
And so that was their big story last night.
But hey, remember, they said all the Florida Spring Breakers would die.
Nobody died.
They said all the people on the Lake of the Ozarks would die.
Nobody died.
They said all the people at the Sturgis Biker Bar concert series would die.
Nobody died.
They said all the people that showed up to the InfoWars rallies to fight back against this medical tyranny would die.
Nobody died.
Nobody got sick.
It's all fake, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all fake.
But that doesn't stop them from making a big scene about it.
But then today, you had the March on Washington.
Tens of thousands of people showed up.
The story from CNN.
Activists gather for another March on Washington.
And again, it's the same thing.
Oh, black people are all victims.
It's worse now for black people than it's ever been.
Trump's a racist.
You know, the same bull crap.
I would really like to know.
Name one country where it's better for a black person to live than America.
And again, it's not about black.
I mean, name one place where it's better for a white person to live.
I mean, you know.
The tens of thousands, though, gathered for the March on Washington.
No social distancing, no masks, no complaints from CNN, no reports from Jake Tapper, no tweets from Brian Stelter,
Nothing at all.
See, because it's okay for them, it's not okay for you.
They want to make you a slave.
See, here's the thing.
Conservatives, American patriots, Trump supporters, whatever you want to say, they're not slaves yet.
They're not political slaves yet.
The Democrat voter, the liberal progressive, the liberal activist, they're already slaves.
So CNN doesn't need to tell them to wear masks.
CNN doesn't need to tell them to socially distance.
They know they already have them under thumb.
They're already their slaves.
They're already their brainwashed pawns.
As there's Al Sharpton, one of the biggest crooks in US history up there, speaking.
Get off our necks!
George Floyd died from a drug overdose.
George Floyd was a drug addict and a criminal.
George Floyd, we saw the transcripts, was resisting arrest and asked to be put on the ground.
And guess what?
When they released the police tapes from the Jacob Baker shooting, you know what you're gonna find out?
He was directly threatening police officers, he had a knife on him, and he was going for a gun, and he resisted arrest.
And by the way, his girlfriend called the cops on him because he had a B&E and was threatening them too.
A criminal!
Had charges of sexual abuse to a minor.
They don't care!
They don't care?
So it's just all a fraud.
But again, the thousands of people on the streets last night, rioting and harassing people and terrorizing D.C.
Oh, social distancing for them?
No comment.
Oh, masks for them?
No comment.
But oh, that peaceful, beautiful display at the RNC with Trump.
They should be wearing masks!
They should be social distancing!
They shouldn't be allowed to have this event!
You want to know what happens when the media lies to you?
Story from PJ Media.
Black man stabbed random white AutoZone employee in the neck after watching police shooting videos.
Now again, I went through the list and we have the numbers.
More white people are killed by police than black people every year.
More unarmed white people are killed by police than black people every year.
The media never covers it.
And so when you're a brainwashed leftist moron, and you take the television as gospel, and they intentionally show George Floyd for 500 hours, they intentionally show Jacob Blake for 500 hours, to get you hopped up, to get you riled up, they don't tell you the story, they hit you with that imagery, they hit you with that video, they propagandize you, and then you get hopped up and enraged, and you say, oh, I'm gonna go kill Whitey!
And then they do it.
You know, if we lived in a just land, anyone from CNN or MSNBC or the Democrat Party or anywhere at all, Hollywood, whatever you want to say, who has been involved in agitating and inciting this violence would be in jail.
Now see, we don't live in a
Authoritarian regime.
If we did, that would be the case.
You would never hear or see Brian Stelter again.
You'd never see or hear Nancy Pelosi again.
You'd never see or hear Jake Tapper or Don Lemon again.
You'd never see or hear Al Sharpton.
You'd never see or hear from any of these people.
And quite frankly, we'd be 100,000 times better off.
If you got rid of all the leftists in this country, all the brainwashed liberals... I don't like saying all liberals, because I have friends that are liberals.
They're good people.
They don't have hate in their heart.
But when you talk about the brainwashing leftists on TV and in the Democrat Party, if you got rid of all of them, do you realize how great this country would be?
And, I'm not even kidding, I got emotional last night because, and this happens to me all the time,
When you realize how much these people have stopped humanity from actually progressing, when you realize how much these people have actually stopped us from coming together and building a better future, when you realize how sick and evil and twisted it really is, it breaks your heart.
I mean, folks, we would already be on Mars.
We'd already be whatever, conquering Mount Everest.
I mean, literally, we could do anything.
We could do anything if we could come together.
But some people are just evil.
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Some people are just filled with hate.
Some people have given their lives to Satan.
But let me tell you, the day is coming and people are going to make the choice.
You side with the evil Satanists on CNN and MSNBC and the Democrat Party, or you side with yourself and your own future and your own freedom.
Our first call comes from Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Joe on our line from the Democrats.
Go ahead.
Good morning.
Good morning.
If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.
Now that was obviously a parody video put out by Trump's official campaign this morning.
That's hilarious.
But, ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to show you, unequivocally, that the Democrat Party is dead in the water.
Trump is set to win in a landslide.
Democrats are leaving the Democrat Party in a landswell, and they're about to vote Trump.
But don't take my word for it.
Here's a compilation of the Washington Journal on C-SPAN lately.
The Democrat phone line, listen to how that's been.
But do you still consider yourself a Democrat?
I will be changing that.
I am a lifelong Democrat.
My family comes from the Kennedy Democrats, and I will be voting for Trump this election.
Norma, did you watch the Democrats last week?
No, I did not.
I couldn't be bothered watching them.
I want to tell you also that we're from Massachusetts, and we were lifelong, and my parents were Democrats, but we're not anymore.
We're Republicans.
America, to me, is freedom of speech is the biggest one that the Democrats have just lost me on.
They've been attacking it.
They keep preaching that they're the party of love and tolerance, but you've got to read the fine print.
That's only if you believe as they do.
You know, and that's not the way we are in this country.
If I hate every word coming out of your mouth, I'm gonna fight right next to you to make sure you get to say it.
That's what America's about, and they just don't get it.
America needs to stay as America.
I'm very upset with everything that's going on in this country and I've been a registered Democrat for many years and this is done.
I'm ready.
I need a change.
Been in the Democratic Party for a long time and see the way that the direction of the country is headed.
I want America to stay a place that is free, that is pro-business, that is less regulation, that stands for freedom, that stands for defense of our nation.
And I see it going a different way with the Joe Biden potential
God bless Donald Trump.
I used to be a Democrat until... I didn't vote for Donald Trump in 2016, but after they attacked him so brutally, I said, they're not even giving him a chance.
And he's fighting for America every day.
I've switched completely.
I am now Republican, voting Republican all the way.
No more Democrat for me.
Helen, who did you vote for in 2016?
Well, I didn't vote for Trump, but I am now.
Most definitely.
I've been a New Yorker for over 20 years and I am so tired of the crime here.
I am tired of what's going on here.
I think this whole speech tonight with everyone was just right on point.
I'm tired of... I'm just tired of being tired.
And I think everybody in the United States feels the same way that I feel.
We are tired of feeling tired.
Jennifer, who did you support in 2016?
In 2016, I supported Hillary Clinton.
And over the last four years, your views have changed?
My views have changed.
I'm a single mom.
I have a daughter in New York.
She's 12 years old.
She's going to be 13.
I work with Candidly.
I was a Hillary voter.
And so for me, I bought into a lot of stereotypes about him.
But I can't deny the ability that, or the results that they've had with the economy.
And Candidly security is an issue I care very much about.
And I don't feel safer.
It's amazing how the Democratic Party has changed.
The Republican Party and Donald Trump is the one who's going to take this country and make it better, like he said.
And I'm just so impressed.
I mean, leading course Trump is school choice.
I do think there's a lot of
I don't
Ironic, but my heart just tells me that.
I'm living in the suburbs of Chicago and I'm extremely disturbed at what's going on in the city.
I feel like the city is totally lost along with the state.
It's very disappointing.
And I really have no idea who even votes for Democrats anymore.
I think they're just a huge disappointment.
I come from a long line of Democrats, but I have to say I switched parties because I'm so impressed with what our president did.
And tonight, the whole RNC was wonderful.
I think Democrats really have to take a look at what has happened to them, how they switched their focus.
How they don't stand up for what the American people really stand for.
And Melania and everyone who spoke tonight were just excellent.
They spoke what the real true Americans are.
Yes, I was originally a Democrat back in my teens when I registered.
I am now going to be voting for Donald Trump.
These past two days have given us hope in such perilous times.
I am so happy to be voting for Trump.
I am so happy that people are waking up to the leftist agenda and what they're truly about.
This is about liberty.
This is about freedom and taking our country back.
The way that this Democrat Party has gone to the extreme left has completely... It's appalling!
I am not that.
I am not that.
I think
Everybody's going to vote by mail.
I have an ID.
I am not stupid.
I'm an immigrant.
I am able to provide an ID.
Everybody should be able.
If I was going to the store, I'd wear a mask.
I can go shopping.
Then I can go vote.
So, Laura, you're calling on the Democrats' line, but you didn't have anything good to say about them.
Not at all!
Not at all!
Like I told this lady who answered the phone, I was a Democrat.
I'm not longer a Democrat.
They are Communists.
They're Socialists.
And that is not what this country is.
I love the United States.
I'm an immigrant.
I left my country because Socialism destroyed my parents' business.
And I will not stand for that.
And I'm telling you this, if my life has to be put in the middle...
You know, given up for it?
I will.
I'm a Democrat and our convention last week is no comparison to what I've seen in just the last two nights.
What do you mean?
I'm from Minnesota, where all these riots and looting and the burning started.
And I mean, not a mention about us last week, about saving our communities, helping our homeless, rebuilding our businesses.
And this convention, just in the last two nights, has awakened me that there is hope.
That there are people that are willing to fight for us people in our communities.
Barb, are you in the Twin Cities area or outside?
In the Twin Cities.
Right outside the Twin Cities.
Have some of the protests, have they frightened you?
Oh, absolutely.
They've been, you know, seven miles away with a new John Johnson of our party going into a neighborhood with 200 of Black Lives Matter supporters and terrorizing innocent neighbors in a community.
It is scary.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, those are just C-SPAN callers from this week, really, on the Democrat line.
So neutral or centrist Americans are all leaning, voting Trump.
Democrats that aren't radical leftists are all leaning and voting Trump.
Black people that are sick of being pandered falsely by the Democrat Party are voting Trump.
Immigrants are all voting Trump.
It's over.
The Democrat Party's dead.
It's dead on arrival.
Biden may literally be dead on arrival.
It's game over.
So that's good news.
The bad news is these are criminal people running the Democrat Party, criminal people in the Democrat Party.
They're not going to give up.
Without a fight, folks.
So, the Democrat riots on the streets, the Democrat terrorism on the streets is just the beginning.
Who knows what they're going to do next, because they know Biden is down and Trump is set for a landslide.
It doesn't end there, ladies and gentlemen.
Lifelong Democrats and liberals are now publicly coming out for Trump.
David Marcus
A Democrat tweets this out.
He then published this story in the Federalist with the headline, Doesn't stop there, ladies and gentlemen.
Antoine Tucker from New York.
Has been a big time supporter of Trump and has even gotten politically involved trying to run for office.
And he's got friends in New York that he's been trying to convince for Trump.
They've been a little stubborn, but here he is with one of his friends that has finally come around.
So I'm here right now with this sister.
And I mean, she was going off.
She was screaming.
She said Trump's a racist.
She said he wanted segregation.
And then I had to give her that red pill.
So now you know he did prison reform, right?
Okay, so now you know that he gave black historical colleges more funding than anyone else in history and made sure they would never have to ask for another dollar again, right?
Now you know that he gave the Urban Revitalization Coalition a $100 billion start on budget to fix impoverished communities throughout America, effectively helping out black and brown communities.
Okay, so now that we have all of this established, now let me give you some more tips.
Donald Trump received an award.
With Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali for helping black folks.
Donald Trump funded Jesse Jackson's presidential races both times and helped fund the rainbow coalition.
So how could Donald Trump be racist and care and do all of that back work?
See, it wasn't until I told her who Danny Williams was and showed her that, that it started to click.
And it wasn't until she went and looked up Biden's history and she seen Biden ain't.
We're going to give our vote to Trump because we realize these folks are trying to f**k us over and we're not stupid.
I wasn't voting for Biden anyway though.
She wasn't even voting for Biden, but now she's- You're Biden!
But now she's going- She in my district- She got a bid on that n*****.
Wait, but she in my district, so now she's going to write Tony Exon, Antone Tucker, and she's going to go ahead and look at Donald Trump's name and she's going to say, you know what, Donnie?
I'm going to go ahead and give you that circle, give you that dot, I'm going to give you a shot.
We're going to take it to the top.
I'm going to holla at y'all.
Beautiful queens out here!
There you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Tonya, it's politically game over for the Democrats.
All they have now is terrorist activity and propaganda to try to save themselves and prop themselves up ahead of the 2020 election, which they plan on stealing.
And if they can't have a successful heist of it, they will just launch their terror cells in the United States.
We'll see what happens then.
Here's where it's at now, last night after the RNC, a group of Democrats were outside St.
John's Cathedral, the famous church right there, and well, listen to what they said.
So they're saying if we don't get justice, burn it down.
Now, look, I do care about people and I've been wrong on things when I was younger.
And I've come around on a lot of things, and I'd like to think these people could come around too if they were introduced to the facts.
But I don't think they would come around, because I could go ask those people, well, justice for who?
Justice for what?
And they'd say for George Floyd, or they'd say for Jacob Blake, and I'd say, well, what would be justice?
What is justice to you?
What should happen to the cop that shot Jacob Blake?
They'd say, he should die.
Well, I'd say, okay.
On a separate note, what should happen?
I mean, there they are tearing the American flag down.
I mean, look.
Folks, we're in a civil war.
Republicans and conservatives and patriots and Trump supporters just haven't started fighting yet.
But I hope Caitlyn Bennett does this video.
She said she would.
You ask people, hey, what do you think should happen to a two-time sexual abuser of minors?
What do you think his punishment should be?
Two-time sexual abuser of minors?
Most would say jail for life, maybe even death.
Okay, well, what do you think should happen to Jacob Blake?
Oh, well, he was innocent.
He shouldn't have been shot.
Really, Jacob Blake is a two-time sexual offender of minors.
Alright, folks, special report, and then Dr. Nick Begich coming up.
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind.
And in an enlightened society, it would be taught in elementary school.
But we are not in an enlightened society.
In simple terms, each human being is made up of three personas, body, mind, and spirit.
Each one with its own desires.
And the universal goal of individual self-mastery is to serve the desire of the spirit.
This takes great discipline, because as we are about to discuss, our mind innately seeks to control us.
There is psychology and there is group psychology.
In group psychology, an individual will suppress all desires that are deemed unacceptable by the group.
These suppressed desires will invariably control a person without their knowing.
This knowledge is nothing new.
Machiavelli instructed leaders centuries ago to divide the people into groups in order to weaken and control them.
Those in power have known this for millennia.
The Yoga Sutras outlined a process of overcoming this thousands of years ago.
It taught how a person could become enlightened to the true nature of the mind and liberate themselves from unwanted influence.
The ancient writings of Samarra describe a ruling class which kept its power by keeping mankind spiritually repressed.
100 years ago, Sigmund Freud introduced this knowledge to the modern world.
He wrote that the biggest obstacle to liberating yourself from ego was group mind.
Because in order for the individual to examine themselves completely, one must question everything, including the group.
The ego mind has always been obsessed with group identity.
And by nature, it seeks approval or control within the group.
The key to manipulating the masses is to keep them ensnared in group mind.
Freud's work held the key to individual enlightenment and was met with strong disinterest by the ruling class of Vienna who had no interest in the liberation of the individual mind.
Edward Bernays, however, Freud's nephew and protege, found strong interest for his uncle's work in America.
In the early 1900s, the U.S.
government and corporate America employed Bernays not to liberate the individual from group mind, but to keep us enslaved in it and manipulate our thoughts and behavior.
In 1927, Paul Mazur of Lehman Brothers infamously wrote that we must shift America from a needs to a desires culture.
Man's desires must overshadow his needs.
The overall strategy was to divide the public and stimulate irrational desires.
The only way of achieving this goal was by use of the media.
A new reality was designed with a specific intention of making people more anxious, afraid, and aroused.
Keeping us in an unending, irrational, fight-or-flight state of mind, where we only find solace in group mind conformity.
All of this has been done without our awareness.
And by 1975, the CIA had infiltrated all areas of news media.
Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation American journal?
We do have people who submit pieces to American journals.
Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?
This, I think, gets into the kind of, uh, getting into the details, Mr. Chairman, that I'd like to get into in an executive session.
Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to the National News Services, AP and UPI?
Well, again, I think we're getting into the kind of detail, Mr. Chairman, that I'd prefer to handle in an executive session.
In Russia, Vladislav Surkov, who studied economics and theater, was tasked with creating a world of fake news to keep the Russian people anxious and confused.
Surkov turned Russian politics into a bewildering, constantly changing piece of theater.
He used Kremlin money to sponsor all kinds of groups, from mass anti-fascist youth organizations to the very opposite, neo-Nazi skinheads.
And liberal human rights groups, who then attacked the government.
Surkov even backed whole political parties that were opposed to President Putin.
But the key thing was that Surkov then let it be known that this was what he was doing.
Which meant that no one was sure what was real or what was fake in modern Russia.
As one journalist put it, it's a strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused.
A ceaseless shape-shifting that is unstoppable because it is indefinable.
These crimes against humanity are more apparent now than ever.
But there are still millions entrenched in group mind who religiously accept the mainstream media narrative to be truth.
Our mind innately seeks to control us.
And if we do not take control of our own mind, the media will control it for us.
The only solution is rugged individualism and critical thinking.
But this is a path that few choose to take.
And so in the meantime, whoever controls the media, controls the herd.
And nothing short of a miracle will ever change that.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Wow, what a segment going into this fourth hour on a Friday afternoon, you know, talking about
Sort of what's happened in the world.
I mean, when we're thinking about groupthink, what that segment was all about.
And the first page of my notes today start with the word propaganda.
You know, we never get a chance to talk before we come on.
And it's always amazing, you know, how the topics sort of line up for the day.
And I always joke, I joke with my oldest son, you know, he's afraid of propaganda, Yogananda, you know.
Because it's all a bunch of BS that we're being sold as fertilizer on so much of what's happening in the mainstream.
And kind of where I wanted to go with that is it goes back a really long way.
One of my friends, one of my late friends, John Chandler passed away a few years ago, but one of the very last books he sent me, The Unreality
Real unreality industry, the deliberate manufacturer of falsehood and what it is doing to our lives.
Now, the funny thing about that book is it's by two PhDs, you know, and it was written in 1989.
So a long time ago, and it was talking about media.
And the impact of media at creating what really becomes the unreality industry.
And so it's worth thinking about again, you know, 31 years later, because
That's what was started then, you know, and this is the point.
When I go back and I think about the conversations I was having with my friend John back then and others about what was happening in terms of just how the media was used, not so much to report anything anymore, but to really push and shove
And move the population around by controlling information and data feed and how we interpret that information more importantly how we perceive it how we see it how we feel about it because all of that is what.
Moves the power in into the conversation you know when you think about.
You know, at the very root of it, it's ultimately about suppressing the individual human spirit.
Again, what that last segment was alluding to.
And how do you do that?
You do it through limiting speech and with political correctness, controlling a narrative, which is just a script for reality creation, to really pushing things along.
Because the media is about
Pushing things along and this requires at this point in time thinking people and you are the thinking people.
This is the Info Wars and you're listening this Friday afternoon to Dr. Nick Begich and I'm sitting in for Alex Jones.
We'll be right back after these important messages.
And welcome back.
You know when I'm thinking about all of this in the last few days going into today's program and
I just thinking about the state of the economy and it's kind of a it's like these two separate economies operating.
There's the financial paper economy and then there's the real economy of where most people are right now, which is a whole lot of people unemployed a lot of uncertainty day-to-day.
Huge disconnects in terms of the real economy, the functional, non-functional part of the economy versus financial instruments and where, again, huge wealth has been stripped out and maintained in certain sectors while other sectors are totally broken.
Quarter of the workforce across several industries is gone and increasingly so.
When you think about small businesses, which were the very backbone of this economy and consumer
We're good to go.
Thank you.
And part of sort of the grand illusion, if you will, that plays out in front of us has to do with the misinterpretation of wealth.
And the misinterpretation is often discussed in the context of fiat paper money backed by nothing representing debt.
I got that.
And I got that in the sense of it's really just like this.
You know, it's just
A sheet of paper, but it's one that has what we call the full faith and credit of the country behind it.
So we believe in it because we say, oh, well, it's good for all debts, public and private, unless you fly in an airplane when they don't take it.
Or now a whole bunch of businesses that won't take it, that want it in electronic forms, they don't have to touch the money.
That's already happening in a lot of places.
And so is that
The right response?
Well, it's a response that you can elicit when you're in the unreality industry, right?
The media, the unreality industry.
And here's the thing.
You know, I love books because, you know, books, unlike digital books, printed books are hard to change once you have a copy.
And I like that about books because history remains constant.
You know, in a lot of books, they obsolete them in libraries.
Have you ever thought about that?
How does a history book become obsolete?
Well, it said in that latest version.
The latest data?
Seems to me, writers closest to the events might have the best data.
Which is why, of all the history books, I recommend this one, if you can still find it and you can.
This one.
It's old.
It's called The New American History, 1936.
Okay, so it's old.
Pre-World War II.
But what's interesting is, it's a book written by a guy who had a lot of first-hand conversations
With the people that experienced the events, you know, Revolutionary War veterans or whatever, you know, I mean, but people who experienced the Civil War, for example, and people who experienced lots of changes in the country.
And here's what gets lost that's so important is multi-generational knowledge, which is part of the info war.
Okay, it's multi-generational knowledge from grandfather to father to son to child to grandson and so on.
You know, this kind of continuity of conversation that doesn't really happen in our culture outside of smaller towns or rural communities and where people tend to stay closer to home or at least stay in connection with their home and the personalities within it.
And so when you start to think of disconnect, one of the first techniques, if you will, is to separate one from another.
Well, wow!
What a backdrop for the disaster we all have unfolding around us today.
And then you disconnect an entire economic system that's based on fiat on this paper promise.
And then you just print more of those paper promises and say, well, don't worry, there's plenty of goods and services around and we'll give you paper promises to work as the intermediary between those things that matter, you know.
Food, clothing, shelter is what they tell us.
Safety, security, belongingness, self-actualization, which is all true in terms of internal things going on with a physical body being maintained.
The deeper truth of this is this idea of grouping that again we've been pushed into and heard it into because actually it does work, particularly if you inject a certain level of anxiety and fear and helplessness into this equation.
So when you think about fiat currency as sort of part of that,
401ks, hey, consider that sort of an exacerbation of the concept of fiat currency, or paper representing other things like ETFs, exchange-traded funds representing precious metal when in fact it doesn't, or it's oversold, or whatever, leveraged, borrowed, whatever.
You know, all of this
Um, is a house of cards, if you will, not built on real wealth, because real wealth used to own by used to be owned by real people, you and me.
And now it's not a lot of people are renters, they don't own their house.
They don't own their car, actually, because they're financed and about a third of those right now are underwater, not being paid.
So, living on credit or debt is not unusual, and in this particular time, corporations drew down their credit lines immediately.
They grabbed all the money they could, and then they pumped more money in from the Fed, and they grabbed all of that, and they kept pumping it down and pumping it in and grabbing all that liquidity.
Well, they froze up your personal credit cards, right?
Just froze them up, reversed your credit balances, dropped your credit lines, screwed up your credit ratings, whatever, you know, because it wasn't about you.
It was about them.
And here's the thing is a lot of this them and us scenario has been pitting individuals against other individuals within the country.
And this is fundamentally wrong.
Really, it's about non-breathing entities that don't have living souls called giant globalist corporations that live forever on Earth and manipulate too much of our governance.
And the government in this country is for the people, by the people, and the most important part is of the people, emanating out of our willingness to be self-governed.
You see, this is the essence of liberty.
This is the foundation of freedom.
This is who we are as living souls in the world today that we maybe have just forgotten a bit.
This is what makes us human, creating the image and likeness of a creator that make us different.
This is the InfoWars.
This is Nick Begich.
We'll be right back after these important messages.
And welcome back, and it's good to be with you on this Friday afternoon in most parts of the world, just before noon in mine.
You know, thinking about all of this, I always forget to mention my website the last couple times I've been on.
EarthPulse.com is my website, and
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It's just for my newsletter.
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You know, just looking at the whole matrix that we're in right now of propaganda, and it really is, I mean the mainstream media is only that.
I don't care which side of the aisle you're on at the national level,
Too much of it has been manipulative.
And what has been happening is the hijacking by people that weren't supposed to be there, right?
I mean, Donald Trump wasn't the guy from the establishment that was supposed to end up four years ago in the position he was in.
And man has the establishment moved against him.
Uh, dramatically from really a lot of different sides lately.
And why is that?
Perhaps it's the unmasking that's beginning to unfold.
And the thing is, it needs to be rapidly advanced if it's really going to happen.
If there really is going to be an unraveling before a reset, it needs to happen right now.
I mean, now.
Because the other side of this coin will take a lot of time and manipulate this manipulative propaganda feed of mainstream media.
And you need time to make sure there's the unraveling.
And so the unraveling really needs to begin now, soon.
Before, maybe it's the day after Labor Day, but it ought to happen now.
And the reason I say that is, again, kind of looking forward at what's been happening and how this has been set up for so long.
This is the last real window of opportunity.
If it falls back into the old pattern of a globalist agenda, it'll be the undoing of the country.
It will be the undoing of many sovereigns.
around the world.
And this is the point.
It's not just about the United States.
It's about sovereign nations around the world that reflect very different socioeconomic cultures that people believe in for good reason.
This is their and our individual socioeconomic cultures.
And we can either have it hijacked from us like it's been happening with
The unreality industry.
Now, this wasn't something that happened suddenly.
It happened as technology advanced and the illusion became easier to paint and the push became easier.
Because creation, as I've talked about many times in these segments, is really about the combination of the intellect, the mind, with the emotion, what was called the heart.
And when you combine these two and you combine it, and people have bothered me with emails every once in a while and said, oh, you don't mention Christ enough.
OK, I want to make sure I cover that today.
So I want to want to say the real power in that event, that transfiguration, the transformation, the blood, all of that sacrifice of what was to wake us up
was to our individual created potential on this planet when we rightly oriented and not lost in fear and lost in the flesh and lost in the body of fear that is being we're being played ladies and gentlemen by those that capitalize on that creative emotion and warp it
By using fear, the negative emotion, and anxiety, and hate, and anger as the vehicle for change.
And this is not it.
It'll work.
I guarantee you it'll work.
It's the occult magic in the world is based on that.
Combining that
With human creative thought, that's why creativity is trying to be shut down through the injection of fear and anxiety throughout our communities, throughout the world.
And when I traveled around the world when we could do it, you know, because now you can't do it, at least certainly not very conveniently.
What I noticed is culturally, there's an overlay that emanates.
Like a stench, all right, from the same globalist cabal that exists in the world, and it is that.
And is it some big super conspiracy?
Perhaps so.
You might think about it as the Chamber of Commerce for, well, I guess I shouldn't say that on the air, but people that don't perform well, you know, that we kind of object to, you know, and they leave a void wherever they go of hopelessness.
and helplessness and victims.
And this is not what we are.
This is not who we are.
This is not what human beings are meant to be.
Not at all.
And the illusion, much of it is based around this fiat idea and the looting of America, looting of us individually, the stripping of us of real wealth.
Because real wealth, I've said before, is based on land and natural resources, owning something.
Like 90% of Americans used to be farmers, okay?
They own something.
Capital equipment, the other thing, you know, what is that?
That's everything from a shovel that you can use to dig a ditch to a factory that you can use to create the stuff that brought me here on this airwave today, right?
So all those things, capital equipment, capital, that's real wealth building.
If we own those things, we own our tools that allow us to produce our wealth, produce fiat, the exchange between wealth, right?
So that's important.
Owning our tools that we produce our wealth with, whether we're farmers or whether we're carpenters or whether we're welders, whether we do real work with our minds or our hands, it's our computers also.
These are our tools.
We also have to think about labor, our efforts.
And slavery is a big deal today.
You know, we're hearing about reparations and all this.
You know that we're actually slaves right now, instead of the way most people operate.
How many people are free of debt in America?
Not very many, I can assure you.
And so you're not really free because if you're in debt, like most Americans who think they own something, they own it with the banks.
And they're paying a third of their productive wealth to taxes and a third of their productive wealth to interest, to bankers, bankers tax.
And then they're keeping a third to live on.
OK, that's how people who pay taxes function.
Small business people function or used to.
But think about just the printing of money and the dumping of money out there.
And as long as it keeps buying things and exchanging it fairly close to the same value, nobody kind of minds.
But what happens if all of a sudden there's a void again and no one's sucking up that debt?
Debt slaves, you see, is really what has become the true base pyramid of the hierarchy of needs.
It's no longer food, clothing, and shelter.
It's debt slaves.
And so when you think of slavery today, this idea that somebody was freed and somebody wasn't, you know, we're all in the same umbrella right now.
We're all in this same matrix right now.
Now if you're
Functioning in a globalist frame, you're exempt from a lot of the taxes until Trump came along.
That's why they're so angry at them.
They're taxing, even if it's a low rate, they're taxing their global incomes for the first time.
Yours and mine were, you know, individuals, you know, and corporations both have the same rights as individuals.
If you don't have a living soul, you don't have free speech as a corporation.
If you don't have a living soul, you don't have the right to assembly.
If you don't have a living soul, you don't have a right to religion, you don't have a living soul, you're a machine.
A machine.
A corporation.
Something else that's not a living soul and that something else controls too much of the power in this country and around the world.
This is Nick Begich.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, just thinking about all this stuff every Friday afternoon, you know, it's like
A bit overwhelming, you know, when you think about how the news comes at us and that's part of the deal, right?
It's to overwhelm our sensory systems to cause us to sort of blanket out, shut it down, become more numb, less feeling, more isolated.
You see how all these things sort of flow together.
It is important right now to reach out
Uh, to each other in a, in a physical way and be in contact to friends.
Um, if you feel uncomfortable doing that, okay, at least, uh, then go ahead and maintain your distance, but you need the personal contact.
Uh, the electronic contact filtering is not the answer and you're just laying down your information.
Uh, for someone else to steal and manipulate you with.
Uh, person-to-person communication without electronic devices in the room.
Keep conversations, um, private, at least right now, in most places.
Uh, but, you know, here's the thing about all of it.
It's not just about your personal privacy.
It's about your whole process of thinking.
Because now, so much of what we're being told is wrong about our thinking.
So now, we go, oh, wow, if we say anything, you know, maybe they'll beat me up in the street.
So a lot of people are holding their truth internally.
And I get that.
I understand that.
I get it.
But when you go in the election booth,
You know, hopefully we keep the integrity of that still together enough to pull the lever, you know, and make change and hold the position that we're in right now where it matters.
And here's the thing.
This lawlessness that's happening right now.
And has been amplifying all over the country is a theme.
It's used often.
And what does it usually bring in?
Take a look at the Middle East.
Remember the freedom, you know, let freedom ring, right?
And all the demonstrations that happened a number of years ago didn't really result in, you know, a new spring.
It resulted in more suppression.
More war, more violence, more craziness.
And the breakdown of whatever society and culture were functioning within those countries in the Middle East before we decided to drop by and help.
So, and I laugh a little bit about it because I keep thinking about what suckers we are, you know, on so much of this.
If we just
Drawback, okay?
Drawback from the mainstream media.
And don't totally drawback.
You need to know what the pitch is.
Otherwise you'll be blindsided.
But really see what is being manipulated in the world.
And you see we're all being played around the world, one against the other.
And there's a couple groups that are kind of getting out of the game and they're being used as the adversary because bankers always need a collection agent, which is a powerful government on the other side in some fashion, you know.
So a new system is being developed that's a partnership between other nations.
And what that is, is a consolidation of the real wealth, right, of nations.
Factories and things that make things.
Think of China today.
And what we built there since Nixon showed up and with Kissinger in the 70s, if you forget about it.
Multi-generational knowledge is important.
I say it again.
Multi-generational knowledge is extraordinarily important because it carries the day.
Read older history books and then carry them forward this way.
Because then you get a on-the-ground interpretation.
Granted, the lens of people living it, but that's probably a more accurate lens than someone a hundred years from then reporting on it, right?
I mean, come on.
And so the perspective, so, of alternate views are valuable perspectives as we kind of look at our history on a multi-generational basis.
When we recognize that we've changed, you know, as a country, we've certainly altered our way, amended our constitution, our foundation, when we've realized that we as humans can do things differently.
And so we did.
We do.
And that's the thing about a living constitution.
It takes a lot of effort to change it as it should, because it is foundational, quite frankly.
Now what has happened over time is the education around what that means has been eroded within what's called public education, which is really just another arm of the propaganda machine.
And I was in public education for about 10 years.
I was president of the Alaska Federation of Teachers, the Anchorage Council of Education here in Alaska, part of the American Federation of Teachers, a big one.
And what I know is that the propaganda machine is alive and well.
And the monopoly on public education is certainly there.
And you know, this disaster in public education playing out around the country actually is an opportunity for those of us who believe in parental choice.
You know, think about it.
How many families are homeschooling now, whether you like it or not, right?
But we're still paying the bill.
Uh, for the teacher.
Now, this is where the Trump administration again is talking about the money following the student.
I believe in that.
Why do I believe in that?
Because if you're a special education student, if you're a poor student that gets, uh, uh, financial assistance of different kinds for, uh, lunches and so on, you know, I mean, you can have money follow the student.
In all those instances.
You can even do transportation vouchers to private schools so there's no bar to getting there because at least in my community you can darn near put four kids in a taxi cab twice a day for the same cost of transit in the Anchorage School District that actually I think we're still paying for but we're not getting anything for it.
But the point of the matter is, rethinking some of these institutions at this time works two ways, you see, and that's what we're missing.
We're missing our opportunity to rethink the equation, which is with the right leadership at the federal level and the state level and the local level, this can happen.
What's happening is rolling out on a national level through states and through local communities is the liberal agenda.
Even here in Alaska, believe it or not, trying to make this agenda of fear and anxiety and lawlessness
A part of local, state, national agenda.
And so they create the chaos and then they're the solution for the chaos.
And yet, they're not fooling anyone this time.
I think the longer this goes, and the more that happens, the more the public will call for an end to it.
As is happening in Anchorage.
It never got like this, I can tell you.
The level of lawlessness here is minor compared to what we're seeing playing out in major other left-wing cities, and our city's not that way.
We've got this guy that got in, and I hope
We've woken up and up and angry now that this kind of thing happened again.
But on the assembly here on the local level, like happened in Austin, the little takeover and the template gets rolled out as it relates to homelessness, which is a false agenda there, too.
It's really mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism, just like it is in Austin.
That's what's going on in Anchorage and playing out on the West Coast where that's not being addressed and in other places.
Where it's not being addressed.
And then the level of lawlessness growing in the country, not being avoided by the left.
And what is that about?
It's to create this environment, this sense of disease.
No, that is not required.
What's required is the opposite.
Knowing, a little wisdom, a little grace, a little curiosity, a little contact, a little reaching out.
Um, those were things I had hoped to cover a little more in depth, uh, today.
But, you know, even with those just as summary statements for the day, thinking about that, knowing what you know.
We can we can have some deep knowing and understanding even a deep understanding and combine that with a wisdom of maybe being able to do something on a platform that isn't geared towards fear and anger and animosity but is geared towards something much more powerful knowing and then acting on what we know to be right and true in a reasonable way not in a way that generates anger and hate
But in a way that shuts that down.
You know, that's the power behind those of us that are motivated by a very different spirit of getting things done.
And if you can't see it, then you're missing it.
And so I say again, you know, look within, find that place of your creation, your foundation again, what you were created and intended to do and begin doing that.
Don't do the impossible, do your possible.
Do your individual possible this week, this weekend.
Reconnect with your family, your friends, and the things you care about and do an inquiry on something that you're interested in that goes away from the mainstream and dig down deep and know the difference.
You are the tip of the spear.
This is the InfoWars.
Thanks for being here.
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