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Name: 20200827_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 27, 2020
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In this segment, Ali Alexander and his guest discuss religious and historical topics including the origins of the name "Ali" and its connection to various religions. They delve into the relationship between Christianity and Islam, as well as how globalism has been at odds with Christian liberty for centuries. The conversation also touches upon the role of the Catholic Church and Pope Francis in contemporary society, and examines how the current president is perceived as standing against globalist forces. Alex Jones discusses conspiracy theories with Bishop Larry Gators, mentioning a false flag mass shooting to blame on right-wingers and expressing concern over a "false flag" event to impact the election. They also discuss a "New World Order" plan for world government that they claim is connected to an extraterrestrial conspiracy, as well as a new Cold War that they describe as the "Global Vaccination Industrial Complex."

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It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
And that's what this comes down to.
And it's the decision to not cower and not be a slave that produces the good government and the good culture and the good society of honor and strength and will and non-conformity with tyranny.
Because you then have a set of values and understanding that come from God that resonate through you that you implement and you execute here in the third dimension.
So, that's leadership.
You've got to have knowledge.
You've got to have morals.
You've got to have will.
You've got to have action.
You've got to understand that you're working for the collective, but you never give up your individual will.
It's your decisions that work towards the collective.
And all of that is driven by God's Spirit like wind and sails.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The year is 2020.
Following several decades of systematically weakening the social, moral, and financial resilience of the American people, the global cabal has launched a series of unimaginable terrors that have rocked the foundation of Western civilization and has fractured the population of a once united country along increasingly irreconcilable lines.
The nation finds herself on the precipice of all-out civil war, diving headlong towards economic ruin, and already suffocating under the dictatorship of biotechnocratic enslavement.
The final takedown order has been issued, the direct attack has begun.
All right, we can take this broadcast in several different ways today.
We can get caught in all the minutia.
Of the incredible things that are unfolding, the hypocrisy, the gaslighting, the 1984 on parade.
Or we can get into the big picture of what the globalists are planning next and how to stop them, and the philosophy of true leadership.
But I think we're just going to do both today.
We're going to do both here today, and this is going to be a very important Thursday transmission.
Again, I want to thank you all for tuning in.
It is Thursday, August 27th.
The year is 2020.
We are 67 days out from this incredibly important election.
Election, most important election, really, not just in U.S.
history, but world history.
And the globalists themselves are saying that.
They understand their whole
Anti-human New World Order AI takeover is in trouble.
Humanity's not been fully submitting.
A lot of signs were showing a huge awakening and people getting back to rural lifestyle, back to being outdoors.
Television viewing was peaking and starting to go down.
The family was beginning to re-energize.
Cultures were becoming more conservative again, more pro-human, and so now they're striking with everything they've got.
But you talk about insane.
The poor 17-year-old young man
That went to stand in the power vacuum and try to be a medic and try to stop homes and businesses and government buildings being burned.
It turns out the three people he shot, he shot in self-defense overwhelmingly.
We have all the video, we have all the audio, we have all the witnesses, and all three men have serious criminal records.
All three men.
Joseph D. Rosenbaum,
Who was saying, shoot me inward, shoot me inward, and reportedly trying to assault the young man was a convicted pedophile who raped a 12-year-old girl and spent a decade in prison.
Joseph D. Rosenbaum.
I'll tell you about the other two characters, but
That's what all of this is, is a green light for the scum of the earth to go crazy.
We'll put it on screen right now.
The CNN chyron, like all the other MSNBC and CNN and ABC chyrons, fiery but mostly peaceful protest after police shooting.
So, fiery but mostly peaceful protest after police shooting.
Maybe we can put the image of the Hindenburg running into the
Tower and blowing up and falling, or maybe Hiroshima or Nagasaki having atomic bombs dropped on them, and just say, you know, fiery, but mostly peaceful.
We've got gunshots going on in the background, got a bunch of burning buildings, and they choose to get in front of that, and then tell you that it's peaceful.
And you go, why do they keep doing that?
It's about throwing your face.
They've now come out with a Catholic diocese endorsement on a Boston for Biden, calling him pro-life and saying abortion is pro-life.
Well, that's insulting.
Well, they mean to insult your intelligence.
So you just get used to being run over.
But we're not getting used to it.
We're not submitting.
We're not adapting by becoming slaves.
We're adapting by improvising and overcoming.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We are the pro-human future.
You are the pro-human future.
We are brothers and sisters.
We are humanity.
We are the resistance.
The bombs have been placed.
The fuses have been lit.
The countdown has begun.
It's now official.
Out of the mouths of Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, and all the rest of the globalist criminals.
They intend to challenge the election.
They know the numbers are in.
They're going to lose by a huge landslide.
And they're going to plunge the nation into civil war, a breakup of the country.
And they're going to try to have major states secede and crown Biden the new king.
They believe that that crisis will be so great that Trump will be blamed and forced from office because they'll have simultaneous riots and terrorist attacks and shootings which will be called peaceful racial uprisings.
Last night a black man committed suicide and his family said he committed suicide after they'd called the police on him.
So he put a gun in his mouth and shot himself on video.
The police are to blame.
If he slips on a banana peel, the police are to blame.
And so now I guess we're only going to have police that are sadomasochists and want to be attacked and lied about because the media is behaving, I have the clips, that this is good, what's happening in Minnesota, that people are called on this individual, he blows his head off,
And then it's everybody else's fault.
I mean, when there's video of you shoving a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger, it's everyone else's fault.
And the police who've been called on him got there reportedly in about a minute.
You didn't get there quick enough.
It's your fault.
We're gonna loot and burn and shoot a bunch of people, and a bunch of weird sickos are gonna come out of the woodwork like cockroaches and rats, and they're gonna burn, loot, and kill like
Joseph D. Rosenbaum, the convicted rapist of a 12-year-old girl who spent a decade in prison and had a horrible prison record amongst the rest of his rap sheet.
He's the guy who got shot and killed by the 17-year-old gentleman who we'll be going over in a moment.
And then we've got the other burglary felony charges right here of the other individuals that were shot.
And they're Antifa and Satanic garb.
Yes, they were wearing pentagrams and baphomets.
And it's their time to shine.
You know, the official DNC logo is a baphomet now.
It doesn't matter, picture show, young, Rittenhouse, shot at at least two BLM riders in self-defense.
One rider was chasing him with a gun and is a convicted felon.
Well, it turns out, they're all
So what happens when the police are called on a man who's got a gun, it's now confirmed, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and he starts punching them and they chase him around, and then in the exchange he gets shot and is paralyzed?
You call the cops his babysitters.
They show up to a horrible situation.
Things go wrong.
There's a gun waving around.
He turns.
They shoot him.
By the time they pull the gun, he's rotated.
And now, oh, the country needs to burn and all white people are bad.
And the governor says white people are bad and that the police are inherently evil, racist.
And now we know he was reaching for a gun and had a gun in his hand.
Why would any cop in his right mind want to shoot somebody and then get in all the trouble and face prison?
They have an incredibly hard job.
And are there some bad cops?
Are there some people out there that pull the trigger too quick?
We're humans.
We're failed.
We're flawed.
But here's what's really happening.
Law and order is being purposely broken down ahead of the election so when they dispute it, they can claim, oh, this is about race.
That's why the country's burning.
That's why this is happening.
And Trump's got to step down to stop the burning and the looting.
And Atlantic Monthly and the Democrats have come out since I saw them set this up months ago and admitted it.
And Trump has come out and said they are setting it up.
So now, when somebody shoots themselves in the head, you burn down and loot Minneapolis again.
Same thing for Kenosha.
And the media's calling, the controlled corporate enemy of the people, media,
is calling for Tucker Carlson to be fired again, because he said, when the police can't have law and order, and the governors stand down, and the blue states are run by criminals, and they encourage murder and looting and attacks, and communist militia checkpoints stop police, citizens, you name it, in many cases shooting people in the head, you're gonna have a power vacuum filled, where people are gonna start hitting the streets to protect property, and that's exactly
What happened with a man who I think is a hero and who took action.
I'm not glad that people have been shot, even though all three of these guys look like they're pretty bad scumbags.
But you're going to see people stand up and say no to the communists.
It doesn't matter how much CNN tells you or how many times they put up a lower third saying, firing, but mostly peaceful protesters after police shooting.
With fire behind them and gunshots going off while they're saying it.
Fiery, but mostly peaceful protest after a police shooting.
So again, when somebody comes and burns down your church or your office or your home, it's peaceful.
When we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, mostly peaceful.
Fiery, but mostly peaceful.
When the Hindenburg blimp caught on fire because it had hydrogen, not helium, as it's
Lift gas.
Fiery, but mostly peaceful.
The sun is fiery, but mostly peaceful.
When they bombed the Bikini Islands, vaporizing them with hydrogen bombs, it was fiery, but mostly peaceful.
This is the doublespeak mind control that they shovel at us.
And here's Tucker Carlson, last night, laying out the facts that he's being demonized for.
The Daily Caller was standing nearby when a man was shot in the head.
McGinnis ripped off his t-shirt and used it to try and staunch the man's bleeding.
Here's the scene.
Get a light on it!
Get a light!
Get me a f***ing light!
Put pressure on it!
Put pressure on it!
Where, dude?
Where's the hole?
Wait, where are you going to put it?
He's f***ing here in his head!
In his head!
Come on!
Put pressure!
Put pressure!
Put pressure!
Put pressure!
Calm down!
Calm down!
Keep your eyes open!
Keep your eyes open!
Sorry for the painful video, but it's real.
That man later died.
At one point, the 17-year-old, who has now been charged, tried to run from the mob.
He tripped and fell in the middle of the street.
A man ran up and smashed him in the head with a skateboard.
The 17-year-old then fired his gun.
So what does that amount to?
We're unsure.
A court will decide whether what you just saw qualifies as self-defense.
As of tonight, we really don't have more details.
We do know why it all happened, though.
Kenosha has devolved into anarchy because the authorities in charge of the city abandoned it.
People in charge from the governor of Wisconsin on down refused to enforce the law.
They stood back and they watched Kenosha burn.
So we're really surprised that looting and arson accelerated to murder.
How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?
That's right.
Fiery but mostly peaceful.
So a convicted pedophile and two other criminals are chasing this guy.
One of them gets shot, the young man runs again, and a man wearing a pentagram bath-o-mat face mask, we have the video, runs up, smacking him over the head with a skateboard.
He gets shot.
Another man with a handgun extends it to shoot him, and the young man basically blows half his arm off.
And they've charged him with murder, with the highest level of murder he could face, life in prison.
Now, I said today I'm going to get into the secret to victory against the globalists, what they're planning next, how to stop them and all.
I'll do that at the start of the next segment.
But just getting back to the brainwashing, the gaslighting, the oxymoronic level of CNN, MSNBC, all the usual suspects saying these are mostly peaceful protests.
You know, they called them peaceful the last three or four months, but now they call them mostly peaceful.
With fire shooting up and gunshots going off and all the rest of it, and any excuse will go now, just, oh, a black guy shot himself in the head.
Okay, well, it's white people's fault.
Because white people are inherently bad.
So look at these articles right here.
GoFundMe promotes fundraiser for Antifa hero, close quote, who gave his life attacking Kyle Rittenhouse on camera.
Fundraising, GoFundMe, for the hero after attacking 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse on camera.
And then you can see photos and video of the individual attacking him and then being shot, smashing the deadly weapon, the skateboard, over his head.
Meanwhile, GoFundMe nukes Kyle
Written House fundraiser allows BLM rioters to receive over 1.3 million in bail donations.
And of course, there's Joseph D. Rosenbaum.
Here's his record.
Registered sex offender.
Kenosha, Wisconsin, 53142.
Raped a 12-year-old girl.
You can read all about raping a little girl.
Where he lived and what he was doing.
Oh, we've got this fellow, another one of the heroes here.
There he is, shocked when someone fights back.
He's wearing his satanic bandana.
His satanic mask.
His bath-o-mat COVID-19 mask.
Not having a very good day there.
And we've got this other fellow.
Another one of the individuals.
So this is the guy that got his arm partially blown off.
That's a felony burglary.
I mean, there's a lot of stuff here.
It takes a long time to go over it all.
I don't want to mix these guys up.
Just go, go look at it for yourself.
There's all the video and all the photos of them chasing him and attacking him and pointing a gun in his face.
But, you know, they're heroes, folks.
And the big tech giants are behind them because the woke mob is financed and supported
And run by the establishment.
It's all the big megabanks, all the big megacorporations, all the big corrupt foreign authoritarian governments, the EU, the shycoms, Hollywood, all ganged up with over 800 Soros-financed district and county attorneys and state attorney generals.
And they've got most of them now.
For more than a decade, he's been financing them.
He's getting sheriffs in, too.
And then I've got some of the articles here.
They're announcing all over the country that they're not going to prosecute burglars, car thieves.
Your car can be stolen and chopped up and sold.
Your house can be broken into.
In fact, I've got, I see cases every day now in areas run by Soros where people beat and rape women.
Where people stab individuals for no reason and they're released without even paying a fine.
Crime skyrocketing as Portland Police can no longer respond to calls amid fatigue, record retirements, and riot resources, but they want the police to come out and give you fines or arrest you if you're not wearing your mask properly.
Oh, but your church or synagogue or mosque, it can't be open in New York, but Black Lives Matter is a key demonstration.
It is promoted and it's a good thing.
Oh, but if you want a pro-cop rally, de Blasio says you can't have it.
Meanwhile, comes out Kenosha man Jacob Blake had weapon in the car he was going for, of course.
Black Lives Matter rioters burned much of the black business district.
Also very, very smart leftist.
Kenosha rioter allegedly shot in head by Kyle Rittenhouse was convicted pedophile.
Again, it just goes on and on.
Let me show you some more of these articles.
Seattle rioters tried to barricade police in building to burn them alive.
Brag about it on video.
And it goes on and on and on.
Oregon opens coronavirus relief fund only for black community.
Now they're just using blacks for that.
When government can start giving money to only certain groups.
They can politically control them and they can give it to their aid groups that divvy the money up and skim off the top.
That's called total discrimination and that's what they're trying to set up through this.
They're just using blacks as a pawn.
Here's another one.
Soros DA Deanna Becton requires officers consider whether a looter needed stolen goods before charging.
Oh, I needed these stolen goods.
Well, that's okay then.
Daily Caller reporter robbed at gunpoint during Minneapolis riots.
Folks have a lot of courage.
But that's the type of stuff that's going on.
Meanwhile, Berlin bans protests against pandemic restrictions, deploys thousands of police.
But if you're a communist or other people, you can march all you want, but if you want to march to say stop the lockdown, oh, marches against the lockdown are illegal, and big tech globally follows the UN edict that you're not allowed to have that speech.
The UN says it violates, what is it, Article 30?
Because the U.N.
says you have all these rights given to you by the U.N., not by God.
And in Article, was it 29, 30, and 31, it explains, but if the U.N.
says that it's damaging the U.N.
or damaging any of the other rights, they can take it away from you.
And so under Articles 30 and 31, print those for me, I'm going off memory.
I know, I think it's all three, for sure two of them.
It's key.
Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
They do that hat trick where they say, but actually you have none of these rights.
That's how the UN can go in in Rwanda or wherever, Burma, and just slaughter 800,000 people, 20,000 people, depending on where they are.
And they just come in with machine guns, block off the villages, and shoot everybody.
Because if you don't move off land that the UN's taken and sold to an oil company, or to a mineral company, or a diamond company, or a...
Jewel company or a rare earth mineral company, you're dead!
It'll just be a footnote in the New York Times.
Yeah, the UN got criticized for their peacekeepers, plating 120-something thousand tribal groups, 120,000 people off the land.
There were reportedly a couple, you know, thousand deaths here and there, but no big deal.
But see, it's the United Nations with tanks and helicopters and machine guns, so it's li-li-li-li-liberal, like Apple.
They're getting their main components built in factories where people live in death camps and then are sent to work up to 18 hours a day and then are killed later for their organs.
And it's all admitted, but Tim Cook said, it's okay, cause he's g-g-g-g-gay!
As long as you're gay and hop around in a little black sweater, like Bill Gates' little pink sweater, it's like, ahhh!
If they wore Hitler uniforms, we'd fight them.
Hitler's like, I'm in a Storm Trooper outfit, I'm dangerous.
Well, yeah, we know you're dangerous.
They're like, oh, I'm Tim Cook, oh, and the UN, oh, UNICEF, oh, it loves the children, oh, oh, it's so good, it's so sweet, it's so, keep the baby comfortable like Governor Northam does.
And we're under the UN control.
There's a lot more I want to get to, but I'm going to talk about the secret to defeating the New World Order, the secret to defeating the globalists straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
Spread the live links.
You know, I've been meaning to do this for a long time.
And I kind of feel like I should come in with a drum roll.
I kind of feel like I should come in with the old Fox Searchlight intro from the start of a Fox produced movie.
Because this really is the key to everything.
And it hit me about an hour before the show that I wanted to come on air and do this.
And then I got busy and never could really sit down and write up a few notes of the points.
Because you can have self-help books, you can have, you know, things that give people a lot of insight into things, but a lot of times they're written by people that really plagiarize what somebody else has said and then it gets twisted and it doesn't really carry the same weight because there's not the same historical perspective and a lot of other nuances that go into it.
But my experience and what I've learned in life
If it could be truly imparted to people, would be very, very important for the future of humanity and very, very important for the future of you individually, just from a purely monetary place, even if you don't care about saving the world.
Because if you're not trying to save the world, we're gonna destroy the world.
You gotta care and try to save it, or we're gonna lose it.
Sociopaths are like cancer.
If cancer had a consciousness or intelligence,
A self-awareness, it would realize it was killing its host, but it doesn't have a self-awareness.
It's a malfunction.
And so I'm not building this up.
I'm going to take a few minutes off because I've got some special reports that need to be aired anyways.
And then I'm going to go sit in the coffee room and write a few notes up on this because I had it all codified in my head, and I was ready to do it today, and I still am, but I... This is big mojo.
This is big medicine.
This is...
This is big wampum.
And a lot of what I'm going to say, you're already going to know.
But it's really true, and it's the impetus of it, and the action of it, and the understanding that it isn't work.
It is growth.
It is empowerment.
And it's the only way.
So, Kaitlin Bennett's done just a really good job with her latest report, Kaitlin Bennett Destroys BLM Radicals.
It's posted at Band.Video.
It's a very important report.
I don't have time to air the whole thing, but I'm a part of it here.
And then I'm going to come back and get into the big secret.
And then we'll open the phones up next hour and get into all the other big issues.
But I'm going to talk about.
Key philosophy to how the world really works, that you'll only discover if you've been through a bunch of stuff.
It's not like native intelligence would know all this.
You have to have native intelligence, but then also interface with it, and then have these long-term experiences of it, to really know what we're contending with.
And it makes it very easy to defeat the New World Order, until you realize one thing.
We'll talk about leadership in the next segment.
Here's part of Caitlin Bennett when she destroys the George Soros, almost completely white.
And again, nothing against white people.
It's just a bunch of horrible communist white people that try to go into black neighborhoods to stir up young black kids and mainly white child molesters.
I mean, I told you Antifa's almost all child molesters.
And now the dead guys, child molesters, devil worshipers, you name it.
Armed burglars.
I mean, I don't just say they're devil-worshipping child molesters.
I don't just pull that out of the sky just to say it.
I'm telling you what I have, in 20 plus years, 26 years, 30 years on the ground almost, what I have observed.
And now that you're seeing it come out from under the floorboards, you're like, oh, that's exactly what he said.
I've been down in the floorboards.
There's even nastier stuff starting to crawl out.
Believe it.
Because you're going to see it.
That's one good thing about all this.
Time for denial's over, baby!
We tried to stop all this before it got rolling.
It's rolling down the hill on us.
It's bad.
It's fiery, but mostly peaceful, though.
Here's part of our report.
Do you think autism deserves to be looted and burned to the ground?
Well, it is a big corporation and they have insurance.
Can you give me the definition of systemic racism?
I don't know the exact definition.
I don't read the exact definition.
So you don't know the definition, but you're going to tell me that it exists?
Yes, it definitely does.
So where is a systemic issue?
Where is a law that's in the system?
Where is a policy that's in the system of systemic racism in our country?
I don't want to talk anymore.
What do you think of the Black Lives Matter riots?
Are they good?
I think they're well-deserved, because there definitely is a lot of systematic racism still in the country.
Do you think autos deserve to be looted and burned to the ground?
Well, it is a big corporation, and they have insurance.
So, it didn't should be.
Like, I can't speak on that, because I'm not black, and I can't say.
What's right and what's wrong because I don't experience the racism that they do.
So because you're not black, you can't say that AutoZone and their workers didn't do anything to deserve to be burned to the ground?
I can't say how other people feel.
It's not me experiencing racism.
So if someone came to your home, burnt your car, took your money, burnt your house down, would you say, well I can't tell them what's right and wrong because I'm not black, I don't know how that feels?
No, because then at that point it becomes personal.
But at their point, it's their personal note of what's happening.
Is it not personal for the manager or the workers that work there for their stuff to be destroyed, their workplaces to be burnt to the ground?
Do you see what I'm saying?
But they'll be compensated.
You won't be compensated if your house burned down, but they'll be compensated from the company.
Do you know how insurance works?
I mean, have you investigated that?
Are you like, for sure that's gonna happen?
They're good with these riots?
They have insurance.
Like, if they were to have a regular fire, they have insurance.
So they can support their workers.
If they're a good company, they'll do that.
Do you have insurance?
So it's okay if someone comes up and just smacks you in the face or knocks a tooth loose or breaks your nose, you can go have insurance?
Well, I don't know.
That's what people felt like doing because of racism?
Because you have insurance, it's okay?
But that's not what's happening.
That is what's happening.
They're hurting people.
But they're going up to big companies.
They're not going up to you in the street and beating you down.
They're going up to big companies that have... No, they aren't doing it to me because I'm not in the middle of these riots, but they are going up to business owners, black and white, and they're killing them in the streets.
In Portland, a man almost lost his life because he was just trying to protect a trans woman that was out there getting beat up in these riots.
Yeah, and he was protecting them.
Do you think that trans women deserve that because they may have felt like they just, they need to do that for racism?
They need to be protected.
So what doesn't deserve to be looted or burned down because of racism?
Can you tell me the fine line?
So corporations yes, mom and pop shops no?
Yeah, small businesses, no, because they don't have the insurance that AutoZone does.
So what is it about insurance that makes something okay to burn down?
What's this magical word, insurance, that makes it okay to destroy property?
Well, nothing makes it okay to burn down.
It's a fact of, like,
The matter what it represents.
What does AutoZone represent in this Black Lives Matter discussion?
What does auto represent to you?
What does it represent to you?
It's a company that someone built.
They have workers there that need that to pay their bills and put food on the table for their family.
That's what that represents.
It represents a company that I can go to consensually and purchase things that I would need and in return I'm paying somebody's salary.
Alright, that's only half the report.
It's excellent.
And this is Black Lives Matter 2.
White, maybe he's a little Hispanic.
People, obviously they look upper middle class, very sheltered, very delusional.
They're wearing fancy designer clothes.
You know, they got $1,000 cell phones in their pockets.
And they're like, oh, big corporations have insurance.
That drives up everybody's insurance.
And it's the big corporations that are funding Black Lives Matter as a distraction from their slave shops in China.
But almost all the places getting burned are mom and pops and black owned businesses.
Because the type of idiot scum that will go around randomly burning stuff are so stupid, they don't even want to go a mile to somebody else's neighborhood, they burn down their own.
Because it's led by devil-worshipping pedophiles.
Devil-worshipping pedophiles.
Of the three people shot, two of them killed, one was a convicted child rapist of a 12-year-old girl, and the other was wearing a bathamette mask.
You know, upside down, star, the goat?
It's always the same, folks!
Devil-worshipping pedophiles.
Say it!
Devil-worshipping pedophiles!
Devil-worshipping pedophiles!
Devil-worshipping pedophiles!
That's our enemy!
Devil-worshipping pedophiles!
Alright, I'm not ready to cover this topic.
I gotta go rebroadcast.
I gotta go take care of technical stuff around the office anyway, so I may have to just end the show today.
I think we'll just do that.
Not a big deal.
I just, I got too many little technicals I gotta deal with, and I'm very frustrated because I've got work I need to get done here at the office to win the war.
And maybe it's time for me to stop hosting the show.
Because I could be here and get so much done, and get things organized, if I maybe do the show once a week.
Maybe that's the answer to all this, because I really got a lot of work I need to get done.
Okay, we got some really good reports here for everybody.
A lot of really important things for everybody here.
Let's see what we're going to air.
Hell, we just need to air a lot of these.
These things all speak for themselves.
You know what I mean?
Let's air clip 15 Tucker Carlson and Josh Hawley.
And then let's go to ticking time bomb.
And then we'll figure out something after that.
Stay with us.
Are we going to see Joe Biden in the next couple of days, after three months of encouraging this violence, tell us that he's against it?
No, of course not.
And the reason is, Tucker, is that the Marxist left, and let's just call it what it is, the Marxist left is essentially in control now of the Democratic Party.
I mean, these are the people who say that America is structurally oppressive and structurally racist and structurally evil.
And Joe Biden is absolutely enthralled to them.
So this is why he can't come out and condemn what we're seeing right in front of our own eyes, which is the assault on law-abiding Americans.
And it's time for Republicans to stand up clearly and say, enough is enough.
We're not going to be part of this.
We're not going to condone this ideology, this Marxist ideology, and we're going to protect the American people.
It's the first job of government, and it's time that the American people were protected law-abiding citizens.
It is the first job of government.
You said that as clearly as I've heard anybody say it.
Are we going to start to see more Republican office holders say what you just said?
Well, I sure hope so, and I hope that we will send a very clear message as Republicans that this is the job of government and any elected official who has law enforcement responsibility and won't do it needs to resign.
That means these Democrat governors and mayors who are allowing their streets to descend into chaos, allowing workers and their families to be assaulted, they need to resign.
And I would just say that the President of the United States, I'd encourage him to use all lawful means at his authority, as he has pledged to do, to protect the American people in every city.
It doesn't have to be just because you live in a blue state, or you live in a blue city, therefore you are not entitled to the rule of law, the protection of law.
Every American deserves it as an American, and it's time that we sent that message loud and clear.
That's exactly right, because when government won't protect its citizens, you get chaos, and 17-year-olds with guns start showing up and saying, I need to protect the city.
I mean, that's what happens when the police disappear.
Understand what's going on around you.
You are in a state of war.
And you have precious little time to save yourself.
It's a slow process, which we call active measures.
The first stage being demoralization.
It takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation.
The next stage is destabilization.
What matters is essentials.
Economy, foreign relations, defense systems.
The next stage is crisis, with a violent change of power, structure, and economy.
A period of normalization.
This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to put a big brother government in Washington, D.C.
We will promise lots of things, never mind whether the promises are fulfilled or not.
Folks, this full report is at Bandot Video, and I'm not throwing a fit here on air because of the crew.
I am, I am just in, I am in information complete overload right now.
I mean, I've got so much good news here, I've got so much bad news here, and I've got so much coming in and so much breaking and so much intel that I'm just overwhelmed, because we've got all this exciting stuff happening, but I've got to process all this, and then I already had something else planned right now.
And then all the things being put on my desk are incredible.
Because other hosts on other shows who like an hour and maybe 45 minutes of that's air time and it's all pre-programmed, it's teleprompters, they go to this clip, they say that, they read this.
With me, I'm telling them what to do, I'm getting the articles, they're getting me articles, I'm reading these things, I'm reading documents, I'm taking calls from the crew, I'm taking calls from my wife, and I'm not complaining.
I think I need to just start turning my cell phone off when I am
Up here on the air because I hit this max out point now where I just can't do it.
And the show's a good broadcast.
We got 67 days out.
You can cut the suspense with a knife.
We all know it.
I've started this thing the last few months where I have to go to rebroadcast sometime just so I don't start yelling and screaming.
But we have some very good news and some very exciting news and some incredible news.
That if we just package this information right, like this one story that's breaking around the country, it would defeat the whole COVID-19 hoax.
And if people got excited about that, it would stop the post-industrial world and the global collapse and the hell that's coming.
And so, yeah, I don't choke under pressure of giving a speech or the police or, you know, stuff like that.
But I do.
Get overwhelmed of the pressure that if we don't do this just right, we're screwed.
And that's really what I'm trying to get across to everybody is that we're not in the normal times we were before.
That we're tumultuous, and that we're dangerous, and that we're out of control.
I mean, look at this story on InfoWars.com.
Now, again, we already knew about this five months ago, but now it's breaking.
That from Florida, to Texas, to California, to New York, to Michigan, to Pennsylvania, to Ohio, to Arkansas, to everywhere, they purposely did 101, 201, 301 fake COVID positives.
Well, we know if one person has it, they say 15 have it.
So when you hear Trump's taking away stuff from the CDC and not letting them count,
People that have COVID as having COVID, they don't have it!
I mean, this story alone.
And the premeditated evil of this.
Look at this article on InfoWars.com.
Texas County drops from 4,600 active COVID cases to under 100 after audit.
And this is on the local news in Collin County.
But I guarantee you, like the sun came up this morning, if medical doctors come out and talk about this, it'll get banned off YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter faster than you can say, kiss my ass.
All right, I'm gonna go to break.
And then I've got, they've got a criminal investigation, thank God.
The Justice Department is at least open to criminal investigations on these Democrat governors that sent
Infected people with other diseases into nursing homes to kill a bunch of old people to get higher numbers.
Because they had to have some numbers.
Cold-blooded murderers, Cuomo and all the rest of them.
Newsom, just all of them, scum of the earth.
My God.
That's all coming up.
That's big positive news.
I should open the show up with that.
So the pressure's getting to me, the pressure's getting to everybody.
It's one hell of a time to be alive, but whatever you do, let's win this fight.
Tell everybody right now about the broadcast.
And I'm going to come back in the next hour and I'm going to nail the secrets to defeating the Globalists and what they're going to move next with if we don't stop them.
And just a basic philosophy that makes my head hurt, but it's really important, intel and information that I know you're already going to recognize and know yourself.
But the key is getting that kernel of knowledge that can grow a mighty oak tree out to everyone else.
And again, support the broadcast, get InfoWars t-shirts, spread the word, meet like-minded people.
I ran into a fella who came out to the illegal swimming event we had in Austin because the parks were all closed by the criminal mayor, but everyone's ignoring him now.
He said, you know, I was wearing this Infowars t-shirt and these people bought my lunch at the gas station I was buying.
You weren't lying when you said that.
No, you'll probably meet your next best friend, maybe your wife, your husband, or you might get hit in the head with a tire iron.
I told you, go wear an InfoWars shirt out there.
It's quite the adventure.
We got a bunch of them that don't have InfoWars on them if that scares you.
Let me tell you, you need to be watching out you're wearing an InfoWars shirt, because that's a sign you're not a slave of Satan.
That's a sign you're not dead, that you're alive, and the dead don't like the living.
Here's some highlights of last night's powerful war with Owen Schroer, then I'll be back, giving you an hour of pure excellence, I promise.
This is clear deception.
This is clearly an attack on America from the media.
Yep, yep.
It's a technocracy.
And the worst part of this technocracy is that the nerds are dumb.
Bill Gates is dumb.
The Who is dumb.
It reminds me that in June or late May, Who had to end up retracting
They said that you couldn't make antibodies from the coronavirus.
And then everybody said, OK, well, then how are we supposed to have a vaccine?
And then who ended up withdrawing that tweet, withdrawing that letter so that Bill Gates could go out and say, oh, it's coming in four months.
It's coming in two months.
It's coming at the end of the year.
It's coming at the beginning of next year.
And it just seems a little schizophrenic.
And so here we go with the second pass at it, where they're going to throttle us with the science, throw us into a schizophrenic rage, and then we're just going to listen to the technocrats.
Who again are crappy nerds.
They don't actually understand what they're talking about.
You'll see, once again, you'll see Rittenhouse running away.
You'll see this guy with the red shirt wrapped around his face chasing after him.
He throws something and then you see him basically attack and at that point you hear the gunfire and then Rittenhouse actually runs around the cars and re-enters the frame on the left.
So let's go to clip number six now.
This is the first shooting.
I believe this is from BG on the scene if I'm not mistaken.
See, here's some clean one.
And here you see Rittenhouse once again entering from the left.
There he is.
He approaches the man who is now down, having been shot in the head.
He looks at him.
He gets his phone out.
He actually calls 911.
And as he's running away, it's very faint, but you can actually hear him say, I just shot somebody.
We're thinking that he called 911, which is the proper thing to do if you are in a shootout.
As a legal gun owner, the first thing you do is call the police and let them know what happened and let them know you're not a threat.
I'll tell you right now.
And I've been saying it for a long, long time, and I wonder if anyone in D.C.
is ever going to pull their head out of their inflated ass.
Cut the head off the snake.
I don't know what you gotta do to get rid of this mainstream media propaganda.
I don't know what you gotta do to stop the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riot mobs.
I don't know what you gotta do to bring down this Democrat terrorist hate group cabal.
I don't know what you gotta do to stop Soros from funding all of it.
I don't know what you gotta do to remove all of Obama's judges off the bench and all of Soros' lawyers off of the bench.
But you better do it.
And you better do it fast.
Real fast.
Otherwise, all this stuff about, oh, the best is yet to come?
Well, unless you have a bloodlust for death in the streets, then no, no, the best is not yet to come.
So, with that, we go out to your phone calls.
You'll get two minutes max.
Yeah, he even is tolerant there.
He's getting attacked and he doesn't even fire yet.
Now he's falling.
There's the first shot.
There's the second.
And he gets up and continues to calmly
Walk away of your other gunfire ring out now.
We're not even sure where that's coming from.
And this clip actually continues as Kyle Rittenhouse runs to the police and you actually see him basically attempt to turn himself in at the end of this clip.
He's walking towards the police there that are now approaching the scene.
They've been alerted that somebody's been shot.
And the EMS and police are rushing in like they always do, like they are paid to do, like, you know, is a prerequisite for having any sort of civilization.
The police, the authority who have been endowed with the monopoly on violence in order to quell unrest just like this, they are now rushing towards the scene.
You see Kyle Rittenhouse approaching with his hands up.
Here's the slow motion of that second shooting event.
You see slow-mo.
You see somebody try to jump on him to attack him.
He gets shot.
You see somebody else hit him in the head with a skateboard.
He is shot.
Now there's a brief moment where this guy pauses and then attacks.
Now it's hard to see in this video, but we'll show you with these still images, that last person to attack was holding a pistol at the time and was mere, you know... This is some of the excellent reporting you get on The War Room.
It's amazing.
3 p.m.
All right, this can't be done in one show or one segment, but I'm going to give it a shot.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're now in the second hour.
We have some special guests coming up.
I'll tell you about one in studio, but let me just start now.
We can look at the world and take each event on its own and just address it in a one-dimensional fashion, or we can look what has led to that.
And obviously Hollywood, the Chinese, the communists that own most of it have financed the race riots, the breakdown of civilization with all the purge movies and all the hunt movies.
But it's not conservatives that are hunting the innocent liberals.
That was in all the earlier purges.
Then the new movies came out where the left hunts the right wing.
That's all just a tiny microcosm of being two-dimensional.
Seeing the pre-programming for Race War in hundreds of shows, hundreds of movies, tens of thousands of news articles, and then going, gee, I wonder why they're pushing that.
And then you can read WikiLeaks white papers, you can read documents, you can see statements by the communists and by the globalists and by the shy comms admitting they plan to break our country up.
And it all culminated with the Joker, early this year, which showed rioting and killing police and burning everything down and how beautiful and wonderful it is, to put out the green light to all the child molesters and all the meth heads and all the devil worshippers to go out and go crazy and try to get black people to go along with you.
And look, if it was just black people doing this or leading it, I'd say it.
There's a lot of black folks involved, but they're mainly young and dumb.
It's led by really trashy white people and then academics above them.
So I said I'd come into this segment and give you solutions to the big enchilada.
Well, first off, people need to realize that being aware and being informed and being engaged is not work.
It is building your mental muscles.
It's making neuron neural connections.
That you're an active person in the world that's affecting your destiny and others, not a receiver, not a jellyfish, not a potted plant that doesn't control its own destiny.
And so first you have to decide that you have a destiny.
And then you have to get knowledge and history and understanding and then you have to really think about what is the nature of the world and discover that there's good versus evil and that's a constant and it's a law of the universe.
And then you have to decide that you do have a soul and that you're an electrical being of energy.
Not a white person, not a black person, not an old person, not a young person, but a transcendent.
Creation made in the image of God and the enemy knows that and doesn't like that.
So you have to love yourself because you love God and God made you.
But you have to hate the part of you that is not closest to God to recognize that you have to choose who you serve.
Serve God, serve yourself.
So there's all these books about self-help and all these different ideas and I quite frankly I haven't read it hardly any of them I've scanned over them and it's regurgitation of three or four different old philosophies and a lot of it's true a lot of it's not but if you're a leader here's an example if you're a leader
Are you a leader leading people according to the orthodoxy or according to a particular system?
Are you a good manager?
Are you a good priest of whatever order it is you're pushing?
Did you originate by direct connection to God and in God's universe, the prime directive, or was it some filtered system of man, another knowledge of evil fallen system?
And so that's the beginning of it.
Are you a leader leading people in someone else's philosophy?
Or are you a leader seeking the truth using God's discernment, God's spirit, through you to gain greater knowledge of the universe to help others and help yourself build a wider, greater, purer, more beautiful, enlightened, open system?
But to do that, you're not just going to have to focus on God's guidance.
You're going to have to face the darkness and realize what it is.
Because to know God and to know the light is to also know Satan.
And to not play games with that.
So, real leadership
Is pure individualism connected to God, but realizing that you yourself will have to make sacrifices for the greater collective.
Now they invert that and say, oh, we're all a collective, but a small group tells us what to do.
No, no, no.
Individuals make decisions that are right for everyone and themselves and others for the greater good.
That is the pure collectivism of God.
But in that collective, in that
Colony, organism, there is the individual spirit, the individual cell, the individual system that is pointed at God, not pointed at man's system.
That's why we have God over our Republic, because man would make themselves God.
We have to recognize we are not God.
We are not the highest.
There is a transcendence.
There are more levels above us.
We must recognize that we are children.
I could talk for a thousand hours on these subjects, but I just want you to understand that let's just get to some basics.
I talked about one example of propaganda and not being one-dimensional.
Being two-dimensional.
Well, three-dimensional would be, well, okay, we know there's propaganda making us do this.
Why is this being done?
Who is behind that?
That's third-dimensional.
And then fourth-dimensional.
What is the oppositional groups?
What's the larger pantheon of systems?
And is there a fifth dimensional system directing those systems against each other for another aim?
You can't just look at this aim, the right hand or the left hand aim.
You have to then look at the larger systems around that and what is really governing them.
And most people that are at advanced level of research understand the universe gets stuck at a fifth dimensional level.
But then there are the dimensions above that.
You get caught up in the fifth dimension, in the complexity and the Machiavellian-ness of it, from a human perspective, and you think that, oh, it must get more complex as you go up, but it actually gets more simple, but more pure.
But because we're not pure beings, we cannot even begin to read that information, understand it, because we're children.
And it's a process of learning, just like in life on this level of
Our spirit's experience, our soul's experience.
A three-year-old doesn't know what an 80-year-old knows.
A 20-year-old doesn't know what a 60-year-old knows.
A man will never know what a woman knows.
A woman will never know what a man knows.
But through this level, we fuse at the next level.
That's why the Satanists try to create a system on this level where they fuse man and woman.
It's an abomination because they've just seen to the next level.
But still, the Spirit is male with female.
Now, I don't want to get esoteric, because you're not going to get any of this in books.
You're not going to get any of this in Globeless Writings.
You're not going to get any of this in church.
You're not going to get this in Solomon's Secret Scrolls.
You're not going to get this anywhere.
You're going to get this with a direct connection to God.
But let's talk when we come back.
About specifics now and specifics to lead us out of this evil and what specific leadership could be executed now that would change the world because we have the keys to the castle.
We have the deed to the castle.
We have the will to open the door to the castle.
We have the mind and the soul that once we're in the castle to realize it's not a castle at all.
But another
dimensional gateway and itself a ship.
And once you realize it's a ship, opens up and it's a whole nother level of the universe.
But we'll move past the big trillion mile view, right into the subatomic view on the other side here on Terra Firma, planet Earth, the year 2020, the year of vision, the year of awakening, the year of understanding, the year of the Satanist fear.
Stay with us.
All right, so let's cut right to the chase here.
Leadership now is about understanding the types of leadership.
And there's leadership by example.
There's leadership by carrying out your duty.
But if you boil it all down, there's leadership of following other people's directives.
And so within that system, you're leading people to go along with something else.
Or are you leading people against the system?
We have to then know what system is that.
Well, there's a global government system coming in and absorbing all the other systems to create one system so there's no resistance.
That's an oversimplification.
And so when you challenge the dominant system, you're going to be censored, you're going to be attacked.
As Christ said, you're in the world, not of it.
They're going to come after you.
Well, that's okay, because this is an artificial, fraudulent corruption being projected over us that we must defeat.
It's like not being a fish, but you're a mammal, and someone grabs you and plunges you down into 20 feet of water and is holding you there.
You're going to drown unless you get back to the oxygen.
So, if you're a drowning man, a society held under, and everyone knows it's unhealthy, everyone knows it's bad, is it leadership to struggle?
Is it leadership to try to pull the hands off your neck?
Or kick them in the groin to try to get this monster off you so you can get back to the oxygen?
Because some people might sit there with Stockholm Syndrome and say, if we just let this brute who's got scuba tanks and we don't hold us down here at the bottom of the pool, he'll leave us alone.
He'll be nice.
Until you look over and there's other dead bodies all around you at the bottom.
And he's smiling at you.
And your lights are going to go out soon.
And he's going to win.
So see, leadership's realizing there's no leadership at all.
There's your will to survive, your will to thrive, your will to reach out towards God or be a slave.
There's the will of making the decision that you're not going to be destroyed, that you're not going to be lied to, that you're not going to be passive, that you're not going to be weak, that you're not going to be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, that you've all been primed to be, to just be, feel sorry for yourself and lay down and take it.
And then there is the leadership of leading others out of that.
But by getting them to see what's happening to themselves, that's leadership.
Like the old saying, the teacher appears when the student is ready.
It's gonna have to get so bad for a lot of people that it'll be too late once the general public wakes up.
We have to be leaders early on to turn the ship around so we have a soft landing.
It's gonna already be rough, but not total disaster.
And so it's simple.
When you see someone being pilloried, someone being lied about, someone being demonized, don't run away from them when they're being attacked.
Support them and champion them because you're championing yourself.
That's leadership.
And everybody knows they're like, of course we know that.
Okay, well, where is it?
Because you look at America today, you have these empty corporations with horrible slave factories around the world, super corrupt, paying almost no tax offshore, lecturing middle class Americans that they're bad, telling us America sucks because they're part of a global combine taking over.
So simple leadership would be to declare them a fraud, expose them.
March into their headquarters, yell and scream at them, go to their owners' houses, expose them, dump their stock, use civil disobedience and peaceful direct action against them.
Educate them, lovingly, but with a big stick of truth.
And I could go on into leadership for thousands of hours.
You understand what I'm saying.
You already know it.
Why is Infowars
In 26 years, been able to change the world.
Yes, you helped get Trump elected.
We helped get Bolsonaro elected.
His son and his father, they're all on record saying it, the president.
And we, Nigel Farage said that UKIP wasn't growing until InfoWars promoted it 20 years ago, and suddenly they had double the numbers because of InfoWars.
That was just the truth, the callers, the guests, the support, and the belief that I had, and the knowing I had, the vision I had, the understanding I had.
All vision is, is seeing a fire on top of a hill.
And you know there's a fire up on that hill.
And you climb up that hill and there's the fire.
Vision just means you recognize what it is.
And I knew their world government was real.
I knew it was anti-human.
I knew it was horrible.
I knew it would be rejected.
But would it be rejected by ragtag groups that didn't know what was going on when they
Realize it was too late, or would we get ahead of the game?
But what would happen if we did that?
We'd be boycotted.
We'd be attacked.
We'd be laughed at.
We'd be ridiculed.
We'd be sued.
They'd try to put us in jail.
They'd try to kill us.
But that's okay!
Because, like Zapata said, it's better to live on your feet.
We're good to go.
To not cower and not be a slave that produces the good government and the good culture and the good society of honor and strength and will and non-conformity with tyranny.
Because you then have a set of values and understanding that come from God that resonate through you that you implement and you execute here in the third dimension.
So that's leadership.
You've got to have knowledge.
You've got to have morals.
You've got to have will.
You've got to have action.
You've got to understand that you're working for the collective, but you never give up your individual will.
It's your decisions that work towards the collective.
And all of that is driven by God's spirit like wind and sails.
And if you have that, the universe will open up, everything will become clear, but as the Bible says, the beginning of knowledge comes great sorrow.
Opening up the blast wave of this information is very intense.
And so, a lot of people can't handle it, and that's okay.
They're not leaders.
They're what Christ called the children.
And you have to then stand up and be strong and you have to lead them and guide them and direct them through free will and through love.
You know, it's our failure that there are so many throngs of Satanists running around thumbing at the mouth like zombies.
They are zombies.
They don't have God's spirit in them at all.
They're cut off.
It's our fault the left is so stupid and so dumbed down that they've had decades of, you know, generations of fluoride and vaccines and TV and soullessness and confusion and not knowing who they are.
They're programmed.
It's our failure.
We laugh at them.
We revel in it.
It's a joke to us that they're fallen.
These are our fellow humans that have been taken by the enemy.
And leadership means that you recognize that you're fouled, that you're fallen, that you have problems, and that it's wrong, but you still enjoy laughing at them.
That's not a hypocrisy.
That's the fallen nature of us, the knowledge of good and evil we have.
Before we were pure, we had only the knowledge of good.
Until we took the virus of evil.
And now we have the knowledge of evil.
And so we have evil in us.
And we get off on evil.
And we resonate with evil.
And we enjoy evil.
I mean, I have a duality that's much smaller than my true self of an understanding.
I can see what the Satanists want.
I know what they want.
I can smell it.
I can tune into it.
And there was a time I liked it.
Not the sacraments of it, but just the raw, rebellious energy of it.
But as time goes on, that is totally out of my life, and I don't like it at all, and it disgusts me.
But I still can see into it, and I can tune into it to know what the enemy's up to.
Because it's important to have a vision to understand what the enemy's doing.
So leadership's about doing the right thing, even though you're going to be attacked.
In the long run, it's better for everybody, and it's better to die on your feet.
You know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God.
You know, trafficking in another narrative.
We are in it right now.
It might be the last stage of a civil war.
The last battle is being fought.
Hopefully it won't be fought physically.
But we are more divided than we ever have been, and we've got a president who is backed up by media.
Presidents have always spewed propaganda.
Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, they always have.
Everyone spins.
Yeah, to push a policy, to push a rationale to go to war.
But they've never been backed up by essentially incensed state-run media.
That's new.
Total lie.
And social media.
It's all new.
And it's very, very scary right now.
People don't want to hear the facts about the president, it seems, or at least Trump supporters don't want to hear the facts.
A lot of them tune us out, won't believe a single thing that we say.
They'll believe what he says over us, which is, you know, propaganda when you don't have somebody to push back or fact-check or correct the spin.
Or they'll believe their friends and family, but they're not going to believe the media, even if the media is comporting with what they're seeing with their own eyes.
The Washington Post has been keeping a running
Fact checker, if you will, of the president's, um, the way he speaks.
And they've just updated it.
4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days.
That's seven and a half claims a day in just June and July.
That's 16 lies or falsehoods or misleading claims a day.
Yeah, and that is the biggest problem I see with, because I think of it as two mainstream medias.
You have, you know, Washington Post, New York Times, all the networks except for Fox, working very hard to get the truth out.
To be fair, there are some really genuinely very good journalists at Fox.
Some genuinely good journalists.
Look at Ed Henry's interview with Scott Pruitt.
And, you know, we've got Shepard Smith.
I mean, there are good journalists there.
But this is the first time that you have mainstream media essentially divided into two halves.
So that you have, you know, Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair and Alex Jones, which has now been taken off of Facebook, thank God.
I wanted to air this Rob Reiner from a few years ago because he talks about we're gonna have a civil war and that's what they've been engineering the whole time.
Here's Meathead
This lying communist worth $500 million up there saying Trump controls the media when the study showed 92 to 97% is anti-Trump?
And going on and saying, oh, they're challenging our narrative.
They listen to their families.
Oh, talk about no self-awareness.
It's like CNN fact-checking Trump during
His speeches now at the RNC and lying about that.
Because we know you're a pack of liars.
So instead of stopping the lies or cutting back, they just tell bigger ones.
Here's an example.
Six months ago, Alex Jones loses Sandy Hook lawsuit, ordered to pay $400,000.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, AP,
CNN and then it was this lawsuit against Jim Fetzer, a professor in Wisconsin, about a book he wrote.
I was not sued.
I'm not in the suit.
And all the time I just open the paper up and it's completely not true.
You understand folks, I don't mean just partly not true.
Completely not true.
And that's how these people operate.
But there's some really good news I haven't gotten to yet.
I'm going to get to it.
We have a guest popping in.
He got banned on Delta because he was wearing a Trump mask.
That's really why it happened.
Deanna Lorraine took a few days off, flew to see some friends in Florida.
She'll be joining us next segment.
But let's finish up with old Meathead from a few years ago.
Here he is.
They weren't facing the headwinds that real journalists who are working very hard now to get the truth at.
Which is this cement block, a wall that they cannot penetrate with the truth.
And that's the scary part.
Donald Trump ran on this and it was effective.
He said that, you know, the media doesn't represent regular people.
Hollywood doesn't represent regular people.
We are completely out of touch with regular people.
And it worked to his advantage.
How do you, how as somebody who speaks in the media often, as someone who produces films like Shock and Awe that are journalism films, but then also somebody in Hollywood, how do you push back on that?
You just have to keep pounding away.
There's nothing else you can do.
I mean, look.
Pause again.
All over Europe, all over the United States, major universities are saying you will not leave the campus during COVID-19.
You will have apps on your phones.
If you do, you'll get suspended or expelled.
And we're going to tell you where you can go and what you can do while you're on campus.
I mean, that's beyond 1984.
But that's their answer.
Oh, you're trying to leave the cold?
We're going to lock your ass up in the barn.
Tweet says you pound away.
Well now they even censor the president's tweets and lie about it.
So they're not going to stop.
They're just going to keep strangling and strangling and strangling.
And obviously it's only going to make people angrier, but they don't care.
They're not going to stop.
So it's the immovable object comes into the unstoppable force and it's going to be explosive.
Like when you clack uranium and plutonium together, you get a, you get a thermonuclear explosion.
Let's hear a little bit more from Meathead.
How do you push back on that?
You just have to keep pounding away.
There's nothing else you can do.
I mean, look, he doesn't speak to the mainstream media.
They're just angry.
Their people are angry.
And he will feed them whatever they want to keep that anger going.
And you see it in the rallies.
He actually calls for, you know, this kind of
I can't listen to this lying Hollywood scum anymore.
It's the left calling for violence and destruction.
It's Trump calling for unity.
He does point out the media are a bunch of liars because they are.
So more inversion by an old corrupt guy worth...
$500 million last time I checked, telling you he's a good commie, he's gonna take good care of you.
Here's what we don't believe, Rob Reiner.
We know they're using everybody that dies of other diseases or car wrecks or gunshot wounds as COVID deaths.
We know that they're throwing it in the face, 180,000 deaths, all Trump's fault.
They're running on that while saying Trump's about gloom and doom.
When Trump's going, most of it's old people that died, it's still sad.
We've got a lot of drugs that treat it.
Is it a real virus?
Yeah, it's super weak, it spreads really fast, so everyone's to blame.
So everyone gets infected, and it's the hysteria over the infection, and the economy never opens again, and the globalists moving their businesses and the industry to China win.
This is 21st century war, period.
And I've said Trump needs to level with the people on this.
There's a big article by Kit Daniels.
On Infowars.com that needs to go mega viral if you want to defeat these tyrants.
Collin County is up there with Plano.
It's a suburb of Dallas.
A couple million people live there.
Major institution.
They were the first one that put out, if you remember, four months ago, we've been given directives to say that if one person has COVID, we count 15 more by law.
This is going to cause a huge spike.
And it did cause the huge spike.
It's fake.
Well, now they've put out the dashboard.
They're given
And they've gone over the numbers and it turns out Texas County drops from 4,600 active COVID cases to under 100 after audit.
And that's why you suddenly hear COVID numbers are plunging everywhere.
And then the media goes, oh, Trump took over the numbers.
He's fraudulently lowering them.
He won't say if you have symptoms, you have COVID.
That's because in their diagnostic the NIH started doing in early May,
They say that if you have a cough or the sniffles, you have COVID.
That's why you show up at the treatment center, they go, oh, we don't even need to test you, you got it.
And then they count 15 people around you as having total fraud!
That's why they've had thousands of clinics with thousands of tests where 100% have COVID.
They're not testing it, they're just saying it and getting the money!
You don't have thousands of clinics all over the country with 100% positives?
And it turns out the NFL, all the NFL players they said had it, they retested, they didn't have it!
So the fraud is going down, folks!
It's happening right now!
It's amazing!
Praise God!
So, Deanna Lorraine wanted to take a few days off, visit some friends in Florida before she went out to California, got her stuff and moved to Texas to co-host shows with us here, knocking it out of the park.
Folks love her, we love her.
She's smart, does a great job, known her for years.
And they got a tiger by the tail.
She's on Delta that's been throwing all these people off for not wearing masks or not wearing them properly.
She falls asleep with her Trump mask and looks like another case of Trump derangement syndrome.
The woman said, I'm putting you on the list.
You'll be banned.
And she was.
So the petty power of these authoritarian, communist-style Chai Com social credit scores is here.
And it's all about the virtues signaling.
And they never plan to let the mask go away.
Fauci said that.
Gates has said that because it's about your subservience, just like in Islam, to their cult.
Sharia law is here for men and women.
Who'd have believed that a year ago?
And so why this is so important is it's been confirmed that all over the country, 99% of the COVID cases are fake.
Texas County drops from 4,600 active cases to under 100 after audit.
When Trump changed it where you can't say one person has it so 15 more have it, then they claim those around them have it.
They call on the phone and say, hey, you got the sniffles?
Yeah, oh, you got it.
That's in the Fauci plan to have the big spike.
Remember, it's not about deaths now.
It's about the number.
Everybody's got it.
Oh, the warehouse has got one person that has the sniffles.
Shut everything down!
And the economy goes down.
We blame Trump.
So what happened was I'm on a flight to Delta to get to Florida, you know, from Austin to Florida, just a few hours.
And you would think I would be able to just take a flight in peace at this point.
So I'm taking a flight and I was exhausted, Alex.
I got like two hours of sleep the night before.
I just couldn't really sleep.
So I was knocked out, OK?
And I was wearing my mask.
And I'm one of those girls, you know me, that I don't like to wear a mask.
I'm very anti-mask.
But, you know, I just need to sometimes get from point A to point B. And I wasn't wanting to just get, you know, the hassle of kicked off the flight and all that.
So I just complied.
And I wore this mask.
So I wore my Trump 2020 mask.
And it goes over your neck and it goes over your face.
So it's you know, there's no way that it can just be off.
It was over my whole thing and everything.
So I fall asleep with it over my nose like a good little girl because I didn't want to just cause any trouble.
And I fall asleep.
Next thing I know, about two hours later, you know, about 20 minutes to landing, I get woken up by this individual who looks like Megan Rapoport, a flight attendant with a shaved head, screaming at me, saying, you need to put your mask on.
This is the second time I've told you, you need to put your mask on.
And I'm looking to see, like, I'm like, well, it's on.
And she said, it was below your nose.
It fell below your nose.
And she started screaming at me, making a big scene in the flight.
And I said, look, you know when you feel like when someone violently wakes you up, it feels like you're completely disoriented and confused in the first place, which I was.
But secondly, I said, look, I didn't know, you know, obviously I was really asleep and knocked out.
If you came and bothered me before about it, I'm sorry.
Yeah, these airlines are trying to make two-year-old babies wear them.
It's all about abuse and dominance.
I mean, they're raping.
Yeah, exactly.
And then she says, I'm filing report.
I'm filing report on you for lack of compliance.
And you're going to be banned from ever flying Delta again.
I said, wait, are you serious?
So because I was sleeping and I didn't realize my mask slipped below my nose, now I'm going to be banned from Delta.
I've been a customer for years.
And she said, yes, you're going to be banned from Delta.
And I said, so there's no talking my way.
There's no explanation or anything.
I think so.
She even came at me with her guitar.
It almost looked like she was trying to use it as a weapon or something.
It was kind of creepy.
But she was very, very hostile towards me.
And she said, nope, you're going to be banned from Delta.
There's no way you're coming back because of this.
She said, I already woke you up once.
You didn't listen.
So the second time, you're banned.
I can't believe it, Alex.
You know, I can't believe it.
This is the social credit score.
It's going to start at the airports.
It's going to fan out.
And then you've got to have the inoculation.
You've got to have the digital tattoo to even get on planes.
They admit this is the plan.
So these corporations that are globalist are empowering their people.
Delta needs to be punished along with Sky Blue.
Everyone needs to boycott them.
You need to let them know.
Hashtag Boycott Delta.
Hashtag Boycott Sky Blue.
And let other groups know you're gonna not have our business if you do this.
We have to do it up front to stop the global social credit score.
Here's some of the footage that you smartly got.
Hello, were you gonna give me a report?
No, I'm right here.
Can I see that report?
It has to be filed.
So what's the report entailing?
That I've asked you twice to put your mask on and you start arguing with me.
You know I was sleeping, right?
You're still supposed to have it on.
It was!
It was like this!
Back it up, go to the beginning.
Imagine, they're now little Stasi officers.
I've got a report.
I'm filling a report.
You can't see my report.
I mean, imagine if the cops acted like this.
This is crazy.
Start it over.
Here it is.
Hello, were you going to give me a report?
Can I see that report?
You can get it.
It has to be filed.
So what's the report entailing?
I bet I've asked you twice to put your mask on and you started arguing with me.
You knew I was sleeping, right?
You're still supposed to have it on, don't you?
It was!
It was like this!
No, it wasn't.
It fell off.
It absolutely was not.
Well, so when I was sleeping, it fell off.
So what am I supposed to do?
You're arguing with me now as well.
I'm trying to not get a report so I can slide this on.
You're getting one because you're continuing to argue with me.
No, I'm trying to explain my point.
Is this arguing?
So explaining what happened is arguing.
I saw it with my own two eyes, twice.
I need to finish my job.
I saw it with my own two eyes, though.
I woke you up twice, and as you put on, you start arguing with me.
You're arguing with me now.
So I'm not allowed to fly.
You don't talk back as a prisoner.
Judge, jury, executioner.
All of it's about control.
Can't criticize COVID lockdown.
You're banned on the internet.
Can't have medical doctors criticizing the fraud numbers.
You're banned on the internet.
Can't talk back to this God.
What really happened?
And she said, I woke you up twice.
So the first time,
So we can't even sleep peacefully.
Clearly, I'm sleeping.
She knows I'm sleeping and you're kind of not conscious when you're sleeping.
So the nose was, you know, the mask was below my nose apparently when I was sleeping or it fell off under my nose.
But as you can see, it still wraps around my whole face.
And the Scottish show, it doesn't protect anybody.
It's all a fraud.
It's all another evil industry that supports Black Lives Matter garbage.
These corporations are filth and they're setting up a world government.
These corporations want to be government.
You think the cops are bad folks?
Oh my god.
In fact, you were here in Austin downtown and saw the four police cars go after a woman who wasn't properly wearing a mask in a business.
So, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been burning the city, shooting people, but oh, here come the cops.
It's disgusting.
It is!
And remember, too, that they have this high-powered mister thing now at planes that supposedly sanitizes 99.9% of germs.
It's like this mister thing.
And they do it before, after, and during the plane ride.
So if that sanitizes 99.9% of germs in the plane, why do we even need masks to begin with?
I mean, it's just a joke, and why do we need masks anywhere to begin with?
It's all virtue signaling.
With the fake death numbers, it's point...
0-0-3-2, and now we know it's all fraud!
They're just taking every death and hyping up each person of some other death to do this.
It's all a giant scam!
Right, and now I can't fly on Delta anymore?
I mean, so it's not enough to wear a mask anymore.
You have to wear it and make sure that if you're sleeping, you're checking you're sleeping and make sure that it's not fallen out of place.
Oh, the next thing is you've got to wear the approved mask.
They're coming out with that soon.
And you know, it's they're tightening the ratchet every single day.
You know it.
I know that this is not just enough to say, OK, we're going to wear the mask and everything's going to go away like, you know, peaches and roses.
No, they're going to keep tightening and tighten it.
Next is going to be a vaccine.
Next is going to be a digital tattoo or microchip.
It's just going to keep going.
If people aren't awake right now to how much of a Gestapo this is, and just regular staff, waiters, and stewardesses are turning into, they better wake the hell up and see videos like this.
I want people, if they have an experience like this, go to my Twitter at Diana4Congress, post your experience, because Boycott Delta is getting trending right now.
And we want to make an example out of this.
They can't treat customers like this.
They can't betray people's constitutional rights over this.
And it's all based on a fraud.
When people go to the airport, they should hand out at Delta terminals little sheets explaining it's all a hoax, it's all a fraud.
Because they're already telling school districts, Deanna, they're already telling colleges, you don't have the vaccine, you don't go to college, you don't go to school.
Governor Northam's announced it.
They're coming with forced inoculations next.
They are.
Alex, honestly, that would be something I'd get arrested over for you guys.
I would go to the airports and hand out little flyers saying this all is a hoax and get carried away.
Because people need to make an example out of this, and people need to learn that this is not, you know, we can't live our life, and if nobody flies on planes, if we all boycott this, then what are they going to do?
Are they going to finally realize they're getting hit by the pocketbooks?
Well, notice it was first the Chinese spraying all their people, and now we've got to be sprayed.
It's we're bad, we're evil, they want to spray us, they want to yell at us, they want in our bodies.
You have five more minutes with us, and I'll let you get back to the few days of rest
You deserve it.
Yana Lorraine is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones and she shot that amazing footage.
We'll talk about when we come back how she discovered she is indeed now banned from Delta and what comes next.
We need to boycott Delta and all their criminal organizations.
The answer to globalist tyranny is resistance.
The system is clamping down.
The jaws of the globalists are hitting hard.
The games are over.
The war is on!
Deanna Lorraine, I'm pretty excited and pretty angry I haven't run over you last segment.
You're on fire.
Great job exposing all of this.
For the next five minutes we have left, you've got the floor.
What else do you want to say about this?
About hashtag boycott Delta that I know you're driving?
How do people get behind this?
How do we stand up to these thugs that are pushing this power grab hoax?
Yeah, I mean, you have to be exposing it.
Any of these little stories that happen, DM me, or post it on my Twitter, or send it to InfoWars, or do all of the above, because we need to expose this more and more.
We need to make examples out of these people.
Someone just wrote in to me on this Boycott Delta thread that said that his girlfriend was kicked off a flight yesterday for having asthma, and she dared to take off her mask for a few minutes to try to use her inhaler, and Delta kicked her off the flight!
They wouldn't even let her use her inhaler.
I mean, this is getting beyond crazy.
The other possibility is maybe she was seeing that this was a Trump mask and she was just out to get me.
She was trying to find any little thing wrong so that she could make an example out of me because she hates Trump.
And it looked basically, I don't know, I'm not trying to be discriminatory, but she kind of looks like she might be someone who doesn't like Trump.
But that's even more disgusting.
I mean, we can't go anywhere now without having this kind of discrimination.
So when finally Delta wrote back to me after seeing that their, you know, hashtag people are tweeting their hashtags, they finally, I don't know if you have this tweet, but they answered me and I retweeted it.
They said, Dear Deanna, we're sorry to hear about your mask compliance issue.
Send us more details and we'll see what happened.
We'll investigate further.
So already, I mean, this shows you that this isn't about a mask or safety.
Mask compliance issue.
They're making it so it's my fault, right?
This is my problem.
I obviously wasn't complying or there was some problem with me not being a good little sheep.
And that's the issue.
Don't you think, basically, on that language, that that's what they're meaning?
So this isn't about us.
This isn't about our safety, our health.
This is all about compliance.
You know it.
I know it.
So what are we going to do?
We need to make an example out of these people.
We need to boycott them.
We need to film.
Always have your phone ready to film when you're about to take a flight, when you're in an airport, when you're in a restaurant.
Because a lot of these things happen really quickly.
And I've noticed for me, you know, they happen so fast.
We have to be ready with our phones to film.
Um, you know, try to do it subtly so they don't get it because if they know they're being filmed, they're going to act more polite.
We want to see their true colors, right?
We got to see their true vile, satanic nature coming out.
And this woman didn't know I was filming.
So, uh, we just have to make an example out of these people.
We have to fight back or else look at what they're going to do.
They're going to take advantage of us and they're treating us like animals.
They're treating us like livestock, right?
I mean, worse than livestock.
But they're treating us like animals, and they're having free reign, and every day that goes by that we don't fight back, they're getting more and more emboldened.
Amen to that.
Keep rolling.
You keep telling them.
So, you know, write in to Alex.
Call in to Alex in InfoWars.
Write in to me.
Go to my Twitter, Deanna4Congress.
We're going to be covering this so much.
This is not going to end.
This is not going to get better.
This is only going to get worse.
So every day, there's going to be more stories like this that compile, and we want to highlight them.
You know, we want to highlight them.
We want to make an example out of them.
Your voice is going to be heard.
And some people don't have a very big platform, like the guy who wrote in that got his girlfriend kicked off the flight.
That's fine.
That's why you want to send it to us so that we can highlight them, because this is global tyranny.
This has nothing to do with our health and safety.
It has nothing to do with our health and safety when we have people like Gab
And your Skype's breaking up while it reconnects.
Let me just say this.
What should we call this interview when we post it at BandOnVideo?
Hashtag boycott Delta?
Woman put on no-fly list by Trump deranged syndrome goblin?
Woman reported and banned for Delta by Trump mask.
Something like that.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, social credit score.
Delta launches social credit score.
Right, it's all about compliance, Alex.
If I had been... Oh yeah, it's the corporations.
It's the corporations muscling in on us, absolutely.
Alright, thank you so much Deanna Lorraine.
We'll talk to you again soon when you're in studio.
Next week, we'll be right back with special guests in the studio.
Stay with us.
You know, there's a lot of the amazing RNC that we haven't gotten to.
We're a couple days behind on them.
We'll have some clips coming up next hour, what happened last night.
Tonight's the final night.
But Nick Sandman really laid out how he was set up by the cancel culture, how he was set up by these frauds that consciously were there to demonize him and other young people.
But it blew up in their evil faces.
One of the guys involved in championing the Covington Catholic School kids is here with us, Allie Alexander, visiting us in studio again.
But here's some of what he had to say at the RNC.
Good evening, everyone.
My name is Nick Samnen, and I'm the teenager who was defamed by the media after an encounter with a group of protesters on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial last year.
Before I begin, I'd like to thank President Trump for the opportunity to share some of my story and why it matters so much to this November's election.
In 2019, I attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C., where I demonstrated in defense of the unborn.
Later that day, I bought a Make America Great Again hat because our president, Donald Trump, has distinguished himself as one of the most pro-life presidents in the history of our country, and I wanted to express my support for him too.
Looking back now, how could I have possibly imagined that the simple act of putting on that red hat
We're good to go.
I found myself face to face with Nathan Phillips and other professional protesters looking to turn me into the latest poster child, showing why Trump is bad, while the media portrayed me as an aggressor with a relentless smirk on my face.
In reality, the video confirms I was standing with my hands behind my back and an awkward smile on my face that hid two thoughts.
One, don't do anything that might further agitate the man banging a drum in my face.
And two, I was trying to follow a family friend's advice.
Never to do anything to embarrass your family, your school, or your community.
Before I knew what was happening, it was over.
One of Mr. Phillips' fellow agitators yelled out, we got him.
It's all right here on video.
And we won, Grandpa.
What I thought was a strange encounter quickly developed into a major news story complete with video footage.
My life changed forever in that one moment.
The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode.
They did so without researching the full video of the incident, without ever investigating Mr. Phillips' motives, or without ever asking me for my side of the story.
And do you know why?
Because the truth was not important.
Advancing their anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Donald Trump narrative was all that mattered.
And if advancing their narrative ruined the reputation and future of a teenager from Covington, Kentucky, well so be it.
That would teach him not to wear a mega hat.
I learned what was happening to me had a name.
It was called being cancelled.
As in annulled?
As in revoked?
As in made void?
Cancelled is what's happening to people around this country who refuse to be silenced by the far left.
Many are being fired, humiliated, or even threatened.
And often, the media is a willing participant.
But I would not be cancelled.
I fought back hard to expose the media for what they did to me, and I won a personal victory.
Well, much more must be done.
I look forward to the day that the media returns to providing balanced, responsible, and accountable news coverage.
I know President Trump hopes for that, too.
And I know you'll agree with me when we say that no one in this country has been a victim of unfair media coverage more than President Donald Trump.
In November, I believe this country must unite around a president who calls the media out and refuses to allow them to create a narrative instead of reporting the facts.
I believe we must join a president who will challenge the media to return to objective journalism.
And together, I believe we must all embrace our First Amendment rights and not hide in fear of the media, or from the tech companies, or from the outrage mob either.
This is worth fighting for.
This is worth voting for.
And this is what Donald Trump stands for.
Thank you all for listening to me tonight.
And one more thing.
Let's make America great again.
So the revolutionary act of wearing a red hat in D.C.
at the Lincoln Memorial, he had to be set up.
The very same group that works with Facebook that
Those individuals we're working with, trying to set them up, set me up.
They had these women come up and say, F you, you're married to your mother, you're an evil white person that's inbred.
You know, you're, you're, I mean, we put the video out and I was saying, I'm against your racism.
You're Brown Ku Klux Klan.
They edited it to say Jones attacks innocent Native American women, but they ignore him and walk away.
And so that was just a month or so before that happened.
They were waiting when I came out to do it with the very same group.
It's called Now This or whatever.
So they do this over and over and over and over again.
This is really blown up in their face though.
It really is.
By the way, Ali Alexander is here with us again today.
We got cut short yesterday, so I wanted to get him back to handicap the election and give his views on Trump as a political analyst.
Good to have you here.
Sorry, go ahead.
Hey, no, thanks Alex.
Yeah, I think it's funny because, you know, that clip when it was going around the world, people thought, oh my gosh, these guys are bad, they're white, they're Catholic, and we can see the agenda is anti-white, it's anti-Catholic, it's anti-Republican, anti-Southern, and anti-Donald Trump.
Uh, but you know, I'm glad they got called out and we got to see, hey, this is a teenager and awkward smirk on his face and he's come out on top.
So I think it's a real win for everybody.
And of course, you've been involved heavily with the Covington Catholic.
Yeah, 60 families.
I did pro bono services for 60 of the families.
It wasn't just Nick Salmon who was being libeled and slandered in the news media.
It was everybody.
They ended up offering me money for my services and I said, I can't take it.
They said, well, Ollie, we're going to make a lot of money.
I was like, I just can't take it.
It felt good with my soul.
Well, expanding on that, going back to that day, you had the black Israelite group, it's just like a black Nazi group, and they're literally screaming, we're gonna kill you kids, we're gonna get you, I mean, and the media had all that raw footage, and the kids all walked away, they were trying to get away, wait for their bus, and then, so they're retreating,
And finally they're retreated up against a wall.
And they're bad for what, not slitting their own throats?
I mean, this is crazy.
Absolutely crazy.
Absolutely crazy.
And it was really, you know, the juxtaposition of the media was really interesting, right?
Because at first they left out the black Israelites and it was a Vietnam veteran Native American was doing a ceremonial drumbeat and this was his right, his spiritual right in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
And it was like, okay, well that sounds weird.
You know, you don't see that too often.
And here comes the KKK commandos.
The KKK kids from Kentucky.
Covington Catholic.
You know, they were just hijacking our brain with that cadence.
You know?
What's going to happen is the mainstream media, the corporate media, has absolutely no credibility and no one buys into what they say.
I mean, they admit no one listens to us, no one believes us, because you're known liars!
Yeah, I think you got ahead of the curve.
You know, a lot of people haven't believed me, but probably five or six years ago I said, you know, we're a decade away from there being no CNN.
We're a decade away from there being no cable news.
People don't realize that, you know, maybe 1 million or 2 million Americans are watching
And they decide who gets censored!
Yeah, and it's going to click for the American people like, uh, this math sucks.
You know, forget what you think about, you know, Fox News, InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Periscope, Twitter, blah, blah, blah, whatever.
These independent creators, it won't matter.
It's like the math sucks.
So I think that you and your network, you guys have gotten ahead of it.
You've built a loyal audience and that's what it's going to be.
The PewDiePie's and the Alex Jones are going to be the curators of our future.
If you go back to the Black Lives Matter that was almost all white people in D.C.
coming in and ordering the woman to bow and to put her fist up, that was Nick Sandman part two.
Because we'll shortly come back.
Tens of millions of views online, and it's just the act of heroism not giving in to the psychological demand to kneel.
Yeah, it's the struggle session.
Research, Mao.
Let's talk about struggle sessions, and then let's look at the campaign, and look at what Trump needs to do to ensure the win, but then what you think happens when the Democrats contest the election, which they say they'll do.
67 Days Out, Alexander at Ali on Twitter.
We'll be right back.
Ali Alexander.
No, it's Ali Alexander.
He says Mike Cernovich does it too.
I'm brain dead.
I know it's Ali.
Like Muhammad Ali.
Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.
It's Ali Alexander.
Yeah, you know, but I answer by it's Ali, it's Ali, it's Ali, it's that son of a, you know, and it just depends.
And then they say you're an Islamist extremist, but I love your response.
The name Ali is a lot older than Islam.
Explain this to people.
Right, exactly.
You know, I mean, Jesus was born a Jew.
He came from the line of David and Jacob.
You know, there in the Middle East, you had Romans, you had Jews, you had North Africans and Arabs, you know, before there were ever
You know, European continent Christians, white European continent Christians, you know, there were some Romans.
There were Arab Christians.
So, you know, Ali predates Islam.
Islam's 1,400 years old.
But then it says, oh, we invented the mathematics and the alphabet.
No, that was the Arabs did all that.
That wasn't the Muslims.
Right, exactly.
And it's funny how people, you know, mess this history up.
But yeah, you know, the Arabs, you know, they're the same line from Abraham.
You know, Abram became Abraham, and he was an adult when he became an Israelite.
And Saul became Paul, and that's when he became a Christian.
You know, and Muhammad and Ali, which is like kind of the second prophet of Islam, they were already adults before they had their, you know, whatever, grand revelation.
So yeah, Arabs predate Muslims, everybody.
Ali and Christianity, they mix well.
Well, Egypt used to be almost 100% Christian.
They had some Zoroastrians and a few others, some Jews, but it's like 95% I was reading.
Not now, because the Muslims, they don't let you.
That's my problem with Islam, is they, you look at Muslim countries, they're like 99% Muslim because they don't let you have your religion.
Yeah, they've wiped people out.
And, you know, but that's also the fault of the West.
We've let a lot of these Coptic Christians die over the past...
Uh, 20 or 30 years.
Well, when I went to college, they taught that we launched a crusade.
It's a fact!
The crusades were the response to 500 years, up to a thousand years of Islamic invasions.
Going all the way into Western Europe.
Right, I mean, the Muslims owned Spain.
All of Spain, you know?
Had to push them out.
The La Reconquista.
We're going to get in trouble for this.
These extremist new crusaders, Olly Alexander and Alex Jones.
I said it.
We need a reformation in Islam.
And we do need to take back the Holy Land.
I don't want to have some game.
I'll say it.
Look at how the left is allied with Islam.
They're trying to conquer us.
Well, I've talked about it before because they don't believe in anything, right?
How can you believe in the extreme tenets of the Quran and then tell boys to dress in dresses and then tell fat girls to stay fat and don't wear makeup?
They just believe in confusion and inversion wherever they are.
Nothing needs to make sense.
It's not progressive.
It's not liberal.
It's nothing.
Yeah, the Muslims are executing homosexuals everywhere, but Muslims are good, but the Open Free West is bad.
Yeah, yeah, it's insane, but again, they mean to subvert what we believe, they don't mean to put any... Why do the globalists hate Christianity so much?
Because we reformed the world!
I mean, the bloodline of Jesus, the temporal bloodline of Jesus that continued after his death is absolutely amazing.
You know, the Catholics used to have a doctrine called the Social Kingship of Christ.
And so, you have to imagine, you know, Rome was in this period called Pax Romana.
It was a period, a very limited period, when the Roman Empire was at peace.
It was the only time in which Jesus' bloodline could fulfill his prophecy by birth.
They could take over an empire.
And then what happened with Rome?
Rome inverted until it became the Holy Roman Empire.
It ceded Britain.
Britain ceded America.
And those words, we the people, liberated people and gave them Christian liberty over monarchs all across the world.
This would not have happened.
Without a Jesus Christ, and the globalists realize this, is 2,000 years ago, this guy said that women and men can worship together, that there's Christian liberty, that there's a proper order, but you have more freedom under the law, and he's still the most dangerous guy to the globalists today.
And what you said's true, and it's not that the institutions in England or the Vatican aren't corrupt in that problem.
It's that it's God works through mysterious ways.
You can literally, what you just said, see that whole thing happening in Western Europe and everything.
Right, and think about this.
We're also competing with the bloodline of the Antichrist.
You know, you had Germany, you had France, you had Britain, and you had Russia.
And all of those royal families are former senatorial families from Rome.
So, you know, while Jesus was taking over and his church was taking over the West, which ultimately came to this beautiful thing we have, this republic and Christian liberty, you know... You know your history, so the patricians and the black nobility, explain that to people.
Because they went off to Romania, Hungary, Eastern Europe to control the trades coming in once the Empire fell.
And Vlad the Impaler, the Dragon, all that.
They've got their whole thing going.
Yeah, I mean, it should be no secret.
The globalists are as old as the church and there has been a war between globalism and Christian liberty for two and a half years.
But to be clear, the current Pope is a globalist.
They've basically taken over.
Yes, they've infiltrated.
But we've got a president then that's against the globalists in the middle of their takeover, but in the middle of that they've got this devil antipope in the church.
Yeah, and we'll find out, you know, the antipope is a particular term, you know, and they'll determine that maybe in the future, and it basically... But almost all the Catholics I know just say, this guy's absolutely the devil.
Catholics hate this Pope more than Christian evangelicals.
This guy is not with them.
He's a guy who's not flirted with communism, has been a communist.
He is a Jesuit.
He has brought back this bad guy, we ought to put him on the screen, Cardinal or Bishop McCarrick.
Very, very bad news.
And then his, like, right-hand man in Australia got caught running pedophile rings.
Yeah, there's a bunch of them.
I mean, these were the guys who whipped the votes so that he would win inside of the Curia.
And so, you know, there's a rumor.
And so they used the pedophilia blackmail to get him in.
Sorry, go ahead.
Right, yeah.
So, you know, there's a rumor.
So this guy prayed with Obama in 2008.
He was the guy who was in charge with hunting down the pedophiles in America, and it turns out in New Jersey, he was running his own.
And there's news that's going to break soon, I think here in the next week or two, but some of his victims are actually going to come forward in New Jersey, and they're going to out him.
But this is the guy that Pope Francis then sent to China, if you'll remember the news out of China, where the Catholic Church brokered a deal with China to keep the Catholic Church open.
That's McCarrick!
This guy is real, real, real bad, and now they're killing the underground church, the underground Christian church, the underground Catholic church, and they're propping up a fake Catholic church inside of China, and they're putting President Xi's picture now in the church, and that's the guy who broke it, that pedophile.
And the current pope says that the church can merge with the Chinese government and be run by communists.
Yeah, in fact, you're right.
You're right.
The CCP gets to determine who's a bishop and who's a cardinal outside of China.
So there's this merging of this.
So this is 180 degrees from Pope John Paul II.
Yeah, close to 100.
Some people have some criticisms.
I'm just saying he was the anti-communist out of Poland.
Oh, yeah.
This is crazy.
Because when Pope John Paul II fought the Soviet Union, this pope merges with China.
Right, and see, the Catholics have understood it in a way that only America has, whereas Europe was kind of weak-kneed with the Nazis and weak-kneed with the Communists.
Catholics have understood that Communism is a spiritual threat to us, not just a political threat.
Oh, it's 100% Luciferian.
Well, they say you must deny God in order to be a communist, and then they go further and say you must hate Christianity in particular.
And then, suddenly, Antifa and the communists all start wearing pentagrams.
Not a coincidence.
It's real, folks.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Ali Alexander, Ali Alexander, like Muhammad Ali, is here!
That's right.
Good part of the song right here.
Gonna turn you loose.
Gonna set me free.
A little bit better than I used to be, because I'm alive.
Olly Alexander's here.
Now, you've been on a lot four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, and then for some reason you weren't on for a while, but you've come back even stronger, gotten back in your Christian faith, done the deep dive on it, and you're just dead on, really informative.
And now we're here.
Yesterday we went off on the esoteric.
We just did it again because that's what's behind all this.
It's crazy.
I want to talk about some of the election first.
Yeah, we should.
Good versus evil is the root of it.
So if you start from there, you get everything.
If you don't, then nothing makes sense.
Everything's coming to a head.
Mental illness is exploding, suicide's exploding, breakups of families are exploding, but statistically, great awakenings are happening, amazing arts being made, people are coming together that weren't.
We're finding out who's good, we're finding out who's bad.
There's a quickening, a separation of the wheat from the chaff, or the garbage from the gold.
Yeah, and I think you're seeing a polarity, and I think that that's why a lot of Christians are like, okay, are we almost there?
We have to imagine, Alex, when Christ prophesied
That there is going to be an underground Christian church through John and Revelation is, well, how do we get there from point A to point B?
Because it's not like we wake up one day and oh, there's the Mark of the Beast and oh, there's, you know, war and famine and a third of the world dies and boom, underground church.
There has to be some gradual
And the left says all over the world, churches are not essential, but the topless bars and liquor stores are.
Yeah, and so what are churches doing?
They're having to meet underground, they're having to go to bars, they're meeting in Walmart and, you know, singing praise to Jesus Christ.
So, you know, you're not crazy if you think like, hey, this is a little weird.
So we are either, this is my, this is just like... They're announcing world government mark to buy and sell?
Yeah, and Pope Francis is participating in this.
They're supposed to have, you know, this little conference in Dubai over education, where they don't talk about Jesus Christ or God, and it's gonna be not just the Abrahamic religions, but all religions.
It's really, really super creepy.
But, you know, people just, they gotta keep to the faith, and if you've been away, if you've been away, my strongest message to you right now is to come back.
Come back to the family.
A lot of people are doing it.
We're not all good.
You know, I cussed yesterday on air.
You know, I drink occasionally.
I do wild stuff.
But you got to come back to the faith because you have to be educated about what's going on right now if we're going to get shoved underground.
Well, there's no doubt.
It's been... Prophecy's manifesting.
Yeah, and we're either, this is the thing Alex, this isn't theologically sound, but this is how my brain understands it.
We must imagine that Jesus was prophesied, then he was pre-configured, and then he had a transfiguration during his ministry where he appeared with Elijah and Moses.
And that's how I think about this, is we are either here at the end times right now, the final days of the end times, because the end times have actually been going on since the cross, but we're either in the final days of the end times, or this is a prefiguration where people like us are called to get prepared.
People like us- The dress rehearsal!
I feel it's a best rehearsal.
That's what I think it is.
My spirit tells me, but it'll come very quick.
We're not waiting a thousand years, a hundred.
This is like, hey, get lined up.
Get ready.
Cause you know, God's going to give us a chance before he puts us on the field.
That's what I think too.
Cause God gives us free will, but he sends Christ.
He sends the promise.
He gives us a cheat sheet.
He's like, I'm going to give you free will, make a right decision, but here's a cheat sheet.
Please don't make a wrong decision.
Yeah, yeah, and this is where we do the writing.
This is where we do the videos.
This is where we clear our debts.
This is where we, you know, I've got food in my house.
I actually bought it from your website, which she didn't give me a discount, by the way.
But I, you know, I got three months of food in my garage because I'm like, okay, if anything goes crazy, you know, I want to be able to take care of others and take care of myself.
Let's talk about some good news.
It's coming out now that they've ordered them to remove the algorithm where they said one COVID case is 15, that then expanded out logarithmically.
So Texas counties dropped 4,600 COVID cases in one county to under 100 after audit.
That's a huge story.
It needs to go viral.
Infowars.com, Kit Daniels.
But then now this beauty.
I mean, they knew 101, the doctors in New York,
They all told them, do not send people that have pneumonia, COVID, to a nursing home.
That's the one group you can kill.
So families can't go to see what's happening, but we're going to send infected people there, causing 40 plus percent of the death.
So DOJ cracks down on Dem Governor COVID orders may have resulted in deaths of elderly nursing home residents.
I told folks a month ago, I was told by the Justice Department, don't worry, there is a criminal investigation ongoing.
It's now confirmed.
Letters to them all, saying stop hiding evidence because they're not reporting, even at state level.
Get it ready.
We're coming to get it.
So this is a big, big, big deal.
This is designed so they'll officially hide it.
Now they've got more criminal charges.
And so this is a big, big move.
This is the right thing for Trump to do for those that were killed, but also to call out the deep state that wanted these death numbers and wanted the money, the way they set it up, $50,000 for everybody they killed.
That's a bounty.
They're now getting caught red-handed.
This is what we need to see more of.
This is absolutely what we need to see more of.
And it was people on Twitter, you know, in particular, one of our mutual friends, Jack Pasopic, was like, focus on the nursing homes, focus on the nursing homes.
The Trump administration's like, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.
And it's like, walk your, I'm going to cuss, walk your ass over to HHS and order some people to do some stuff.
And so finally that got done.
But I'm going to tell you, think about this environment, Alex.
You have an environment where nurses are used to people dying.
They're not going to freak out.
They're all sharing the same air filtration system and it's probably in the A.C.
That's what a lot of people are thinking right now is that COVID is in the A.C.
unit and it's going to spread into this thing.
And then we saw, you know, that black kid beat up that white elderly guy because, well, the kid had COVID or maybe he was a young adult, a black guy.
That was in Michigan.
He was like an 18-year-old black guy.
Why would you do that?
Why would you put a criminal?
He has COVID, so they put him in a nursing home.
That makes no sense.
I've never heard of anything like that.
Well, no, the doctors, because under state laws around the country, doctors have to own the nursing homes, but they're usually just a manager.
They tried to tell Cuomo, and others don't do this, and they had Letitia James threaten to arrest him, remember?
In like March?
If you don't take these patients, we'll take your license.
So they ordered this when the default is don't pour gasoline on yourself and light it.
I mean, they knew from Italy that most of the deaths were 85 or higher.
They knew it was all in the nursing homes.
So why did they duplicate it?
Yeah, right.
That's cold blooded.
And they didn't use the ships.
And that was the greatest, most charitable act that Trump gave, right?
He gave one to Los Angeles and one to New York, the comfort and the mercy or whatever.
And they went unused.
Why did they go unused?
And those old ships, by the way, are designed not to have circulation.
They're separate.
The windows are open.
They learned that, yeah.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I mean, I think that we looked at a genocide here.
They did it on purpose, which shows the cold-bloodedness of them.
Yeah, and it was New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
As you said, it's 40% or higher of nursing home deaths.
You're not just talking elderly.
Elderly nursing home people in these three states, there would never be a ramp-up or a lockdown without that.
As it turns out, this pneumonia only kills people that are totally deficient in zinc,
D3 and vitamin C. And because of the gut not absorbing when you get older, these people are all deficient.
They're sitting ducks.
And this is why I said, look, if Anthony Fauci, you know, this really hits home for me, if Anthony Fauci
gave two shits about this pandemic or two shits about black people then the government would have subsidized vitamin D. It cost $25 total a year and we would have given that to black people but what happened?
Okay well after the nursing homes we found out oh well black people are disproportionately affected by this.
Yeah, because you, if you go out in the sun, you can absorb your D3 within 30 minutes.
It takes me 3 hours because of my skin color.
So black people need to be on a supplement.
I don't tell black folks why their skin cancer rate and other cancers are so high because black people need more sun than anybody.
Right, and it's ironic, it's ironic.
You know, we're built for it, we need it.
Well, whites from Ice Age types or whatever are designed to get more of it because we get less of it.
Right, and I forgot what country is it, if it's Finland or one of these other countries, they also don't get sun because of cloud cover, so the government subsidizes vitamin D, and they all take it during winter, and they weren't affected by it.
So, I mean, you're absolutely right, it's our immune system that wants to fight back, but there are vulnerable populations, and our government's not doing anything preventative.
And it's on the NIH website.
You don't have zinc, you don't have D3, you die.
They're essential.
And they've literally had the FBI investigate vitamin companies that said, like even vitamin water, they went after them for saying this is essential, it boosts your immune system.
Vitamin D does!
Yeah, yeah.
It's like saying oxygen doesn't keep you alive.
You die with no oxygen in five minutes, you die without water in about four or five days, without food in about a month.
Because food's nutrients.
It's crazy.
It's absolutely crazy.
Remember, who came out and said, you can't boost your immune system?
Dr. Brooks said that.
You can't use the word boost.
And they quietly let that fade away.
These people are sick, sick, sick freaks, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be back.
We've got a bunch of clubs we're going to play on the other side.
Stay with us.
One thing's for sure, we're living in incredibly exciting times.
Olly Alexander is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have another great guest host coming up in the fourth hour.
The Doughnuts Tour with The War Room, from 3 to 6 p.m., then a retransmission for an hour.
And then, Election Countdown, 67 days out, tonight, with Owen Schroyer, Savannah Hernandez, and the rest of the great crew.
And I'll be on the show as well some.
I wanted to get to this from the RNC.
Communist Party and enemy of humanity, Chinese dissident, slams CCP during RNC speech.
Party is threatening the well-being of the world, Chinese dissident, Chin.
Guangcheng, if I pronounced that right, said during his RNC speech, I really like the sunglasses, that's a good, good additive thing.
Meanwhile, they fired a bunch of missiles that can be nuclear-tipped, four medium-range missiles into an area between Hainan and the islands, a defense official was quoted as saying.
My name is Chen Guangcheng.
Standing up to tyranny is not easy.
I know.
When I spoke out against China's one child policy and other injustices,
I was prosecuted, beaten, sent to prison, and put under house arrest by the Chinese Communist Party.
Let's start over.
I didn't see his speech last night.
I read the transcript.
Now, I think he was blinded under torture, so that's why he's wearing the glasses.
Very, very sad.
I was not thinking he lied.
I'm like, man, that dude's pretty cool wearing glasses.
You can see he's reading Braille up there.
So let's start over.
Let's continue.
My name is Chen Guangcheng.
Standing up to tyranny is not easy.
I know.
When I spoke out against China's one-child policy and other injustices, I was prosecuted, beaten, sent to prison, and put under house arrest by the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP.
In April 2005, 2012, I escaped and was given shelter in the American Embassy in Beijing.
I'm forever grateful to the American people for welcoming me and my family to the United States, where we are now free.
The CCP is an enemy of humanity.
It is terrorizing its own people, and it is threatening the well-being of the world.
In China, expressing beliefs or ideas not approved by the CCP
Religion, democracy, human rights can lead to prison.
The nation lives under mass surveillance and censorship.
The U.S.
must use its values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law to
We gather a coalition of other democracies to stop CCP's aggression.
President Trump had led on this and we need the other countries to join him in this fight.
A fight for our future.
Standing up to fight unfairness isn't easy.
I know.
So does President Trump.
But he has shown the courage to wage that fight.
We need to support, vote, and fight for President Trump for the sake of the world.
Thank you.
Now blind, up there, not in his own language, in front of all that, giving a great speech.
And he represents the millions of Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims who are in literal death camps, and the left doesn't even want to hear about that.
And that shows us, I'm worried about their fate, I have empathy, but that shows us who these big tech companies are, who these corporations are, and that Trump is actually not just groveling in the face of this but saying it's wrong.
That is an incredible moral high ground.
Trump is the only president in 50 years to pull us out of wars.
I mean, my God, Trump's good.
Trump's good, folks.
Let's just say it.
Trump's amazing.
Thank you, God, for Trump.
Damn right.
I'm not ashamed of Trump.
People wish he'd do more.
Hell, I wish I could do more.
No, he's done an amazing job.
Yeah, he has.
And what happened to media?
Media was supposed to speak truth to power.
And they're not speaking truth to power when it comes to China.
You've got Microsoft.
You've got Twitter.
You've got the NBA.
You've got all of these companies cooperating with the persecution of people.
You know, we just had, you know, Dragonfly with Google.
What was that?
That was just last year.
Now everyone's forgotten about that.
Google was building the CCP, a tool to censor search, censor search discovery, and to track down dissidents.
Think about this, Alex.
What about the, I don't know what it is, it's probably tens of millions or hundreds of millions of women who had abortions under the one-child policy.
Forced abortions!
Forced abortions!
And what that psychologically is still doing with them because they're not getting any mental health care, they're not getting any spiritual care, and those women are just, you know, they're suffering still.
And also, the doubling of cancer for different parts of the reproductive tract when you have an abortion.
Yeah, when you're messing with the normal bodily functions, it creates stress and it builds inflammation and that's, you know, that's one day where we're going to talk about cancer is.
We're going to talk about cancer in an educated way, you know, that acknowledges stress and inflammation causes an environment which allows these cancer cells to replicate.
That's right.
Speaking of people taking action, here's an article.
It's up on Infowars.com.
A C-SPAN caller says she's a Democrat from Minneapolis.
Upset, the DNC did not mention the rioting and looting.
This convention, just in the last two nights, has awakened me that there is hope, that there are people that are willing to fight for us in our communities.
What was the left thinking triggering all this evil?
Well, they need a cover when they contest the election.
They already know they're going to lose, folks.
They want this as a cover to overthrow Trump and America.
So you're thinking, oh, they're losing by this.
They were already losing.
It's part of a larger plan.
Here's the call to C-SPAN.
Democrats line.
Hi, Barb.
Yes, I'm a Democrat, and our convention last week is no comparison to what I've seen in just the last two nights.
I'm from Minnesota, where all these riots and looting and the burning started, and
I mean, not a mention about us last week, about saving our communities, helping our homeless, rebuilding our businesses.
And this convention, just in the last two nights, has awakened me that there is hope, that there are people that are willing to fight for us people in our communities.
Barb, are you in the Twin Cities area or outside?
In the Twin Cities.
Right outside the Twin Cities.
Some of the protests, have they frightened you?
Oh, absolutely!
They've been, you know, seven miles away with a new John Johnson of our party going into a neighborhood with 200 of Black Lives Matter supporters and terrorizing innocent neighbors in a community.
It is scary.
And Barb, we're going to have to leave it there.
Thank you for calling.
Why do you think Ali the Left's doing this?
You know, they want to win under the guise of civil rights, but they tipped it over and they turned into a crime wave, an absolute crime wave.
And then the Soros-funded Antifa arms, you know, they've actually gaslighted the entire situation.
And you know, honestly, I don't think the Democrats know that they're getting the raw end of the deal.
I think that the Marxists actually don't want to fight.
I agree.
This is a beta test.
Democrat Socialists of America.
It's unbelievable.
And again, these elites just want to wreck stuff, because like Soros said, the happiest time of his life was rounding up Jews.
And he says that.
Yeah, they love the chaos, and then they can refashion it back together in this Transformers little thing, but it's going to look like Frankenstein's monster.
They love the incredible power of destroying a stable system.
Exactly, because then they can play God.
They want the Philosopher's Stone.
They want eternal life here on Earth.
All right, let's do five more minutes.
We got a great co-host taking over.
Olly Alexander's here with us.
Final segment on Twitter at ALI Bishop Larry Gators.
Very popular guest host at Bishop L Gators is about to take over.
On the other side, and then Owen Schroer in the War Room with Harrison Smith.
He's been a great guy here, but he's just getting really good on air.
Seeing everybody get their legs is awesome.
Savannah Hernandez here, about three years.
She's kicking, bud.
We're really proud of the crew we've got.
We've got Deanna Lorraine joining us here next week.
We were here from LA.
We'll get you as a consultant, hopefully.
You're doing a great job, Ali Alexander.
What else do you want to add in the few minutes we have left about the election, what Trump should do?
You were here a month ago saying Trump better get aggressive.
You better go after him.
We're starting to see that, and we're seeing his numbers go straight up.
If it wasn't for you, if it wasn't for me, if it wasn't for Mike Cernovich, and it wasn't for Scott Adams, if it wasn't for Voices in the Wilderness that launched a constructive war against the campaign, which a lot of people gotta remember, there were all these- They were mad at us a few months ago, we were like- Oh my gosh, they were mad.
And all these MAGA people on Twitter were like, no, no, Tulsa, Tulsa was this and Tulsa was that.
I was like, a million people weren't ever gonna show up.
Brad sucks at his job.
Let's do some marketer targeting and let's be the party of law and order.
Let's not tweet law and order.
And we've retold this campaign, Alex.
So, you know, Donald Trump was set for kind of a loss.
We've put him back on track.
He's back to the February, you know, Donald Trump who was going to win in a landslide.
He's back to being himself.
And then today, you know, right before I got here, we got the email that Trump is actually going to accept the nomination in New Hampshire to a live crowd.
So, you know, our guy's got his groove back.
So that's really good news.
Because he's in charge now?
Everyone obsesses over Kushner.
I don't know if he's good or bad.
I mean, if Trump likes him, I like him.
Kushner good?
He's a net, he's a net win, you know, but boy, is it frustrating.
And, you know, because Trump is willing to ignore some of his instincts to, you know, listen to
You know, wise counsel, but it's, you know, Kushner's left of center.
You know, but he's his son-in-law, so he's, you know, we're not getting rid of him.
You know, we just gotta bake the cake.
What is Trump's Achilles heel in the next 67 days?
Oh, yikes.
I think that if Trump ignores his base, he loses.
I think that Trump cannot ignore his base because the progressives on the left already feel that with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.
You know, our friend Roger Stone calls this the ticket of mass incarceration.
And if Trump just leans into that, then the left doesn't even show up.
I think Roger's right.
Trump needs to make a bigger deal about Kamala Harris.
She's a bad cop.
A really, really bad cop.
Well, she got mad at Kushner going too far with the justice reform.
But that's one thing.
But to like point out that black people hate Kamala Harris.
Why does she only poll like 1% with black folks, 2% with whites?
I mean, people really... I've never seen... She has an anti-black record.
She is a bad cop.
And I'm just gonna say it.
Barack Obama was white and African.
He was not African-American.
And Africans treat blacks very poorly.
They've got nicknames for us over in Africa.
And even when they come here, they treat us, you know, like, you know, like we're the foreign entity and they're the foreign entity.
And this is like the underbelly.
Everybody knows this in the community.
You know, it's the same.
It's the same way with Asians.
Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but, you know, the Chinese and the Japanese will treat people from Laos differently, from Thailand differently, because they're darker.
And so this is just what happens.
People don't like Kamala Harris because they know she's an Indian.
They know that she's anti-black.
They know that she's locked up men longer than their sentences.
And she's just a bad cop.
Well, she knew people were innocent and kept them in jail on purpose.
To work for the state of California.
For free.
All right, Ollie Alexander, amazing.
And we had you on.
I'm glad you came down to visit.
Yeah, this was really fun.
A month ago I wanted to get you down here.
I appreciate you being down here.
Yeah, thanks for the invitation.
Hopefully you'll be on with us more as the campaign unfolds.
Yeah, let's see what we can do.
I'm worried about a false flag, a mass shooting to blame on right-wingers.
Alex, this will be the, not an October surprise, there will be multiple October surprises.
I think more than ever before on both sides and we gotta really stay vigilant about fact-checking stuff as it comes out because this Wisconsin stuff is all fake.
Those are justified shootings, all of them.
And just don't count on the, oh the media's covering up when something happens so you just sit there and go, well I can't get the truth out, banned on video.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, the other sites we have, like CensoredByJack.com and OurElectionCenter2020.com.
Those are all there.
Those links aren't censored yet.
You're able to share those.
Tomorrow I'll be talking more about it on The War Room today and coming up in 55 minutes.
Owen's going to be showing you the URLs to share in the fight.
Because you're not just part of the fight.
You're the sword.
You're the will.
You're the guts.
You're the brains.
I mean, if you don't share these links, these live feeds, these articles,
Then the enemy wins.
You take action.
We win.
Stay with us.
Special guest host coming up.
All right.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
The Alex Jones Show is the most powerful show in America today and around the world.
This is your host, teacher today, and I am hosting the fourth hour of the most powerful show in America today, the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Bishop Larry Gators.
I am the host of the nationally and internationally syndicated radio show, Global Spiritual Revolution Radio, through the I Heart Radio Network in the I Heart Media Group, also here in New York City, New York.
And I'm also the host of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio through the Life Radio Network, 92.9 FM, 1460 AM.
I want to talk about, for the next 45 to 55 minutes, a new Cold War.
The Global Vaccination Industrial Complex.
Again, a brand new Cold War.
The Global Vaccination Industrial Complex.
Now, remember one of the greatest historians and theologians in history, a man by the name of Barak de Spinoza once said, and I quote, What altar of refuge can a man find himself when he commits treason
Let me say that again because that's a powerful comment.
What altar of refuge can a man find himself when he commits treason against the majesty of reason?
So then you and I are in the midst of the greatest global cover-up in human history.
Not through the weapons of an atom or a hydrogen bomb.
You and I are eyewitnessing a present-day takeover, not just of our country, but all of the 207 nations upon the face of the earth through the Global Vaccinational Industrial Complex, where we are told, all 7.7 billion people upon the face of this planet are told to socially distance themselves by six feet.
Now think about this.
Now before we get into this vaccinational industrial conspiracy,
There are 7.7 billion people upon the face of this planet, but we are told to socially distance ourselves by 6 feet or degrees from each other.
So, 7.7 billion people times 6 feet equals 46,200,000,000 degrees
of separation through sections.
What does that mean Bishop?
Well look at the number 46.
You and I have 46 chromosomes in our human genome.
23 from the father, 23 from the mother.
In Genesis chapter 3, now in order for you and I to understand from a geopolitical and a scientific standpoint
So, in Genesis chapter 3,
Verses 1, 4, and 5.
The serpent speaks approximately 46 words to the woman called Eve.
You and I have 46 chromosomes.
23 from the father, 23 from the mother.
So, in Genesis chapter 3 verse 1, the serpent speaks 14 words to the woman.
Chapter 3 verse 4, the serpent speaks 5 words to the woman.
In chapter 3, verse 5, the serpent speaks 27 words.
That's 46 words that the serpent spoke to the woman as we're talking about this 46 billion, 200 million degrees of separation, which equals about 7.7 billion people times 6 feet in circumference.
That which is also called, not just social distancing,
But the Gestalt Theory.
Now, one may say, I'm just laying the foundation here, as we're talking about this new Cold War, the Global Vaccination Industrial Complex.
A Nazi clinical psychologist in 1930, a man by the name of Dr. Kurt Lewin, traveled from Germany and came to Stanford University to create the Parapsychology Research Institute.
That they specialize in mind control through LSD.
Well, what is the first letter of Lucifer?
L. Satan S. Devil D. There's your LSD.
So, to understand the global vaccinational industrial complex, you cannot look at it from a geopolitical paradigm.
You have to look at it from a spiritual paradigm.
Because you and I are not fighting against flesh and blood.
You and I are not fighting against Dr. Little Tony Midget Bouncy and Dr. Deborah 3000 Scars Burks and through Don Sweet Tea Lemon, okay, and through all of the Crack News Network devils and through MSNBC and Rachel Madcow Maddow.
You and I are fighting against an invisible enemy, like our great president said, concerning this global vaccination industrial complex.
So, 46... Now, before the fall of Adam, we did not have chromosomes.
You and I have chromosomes because of our contact with the serpent.
But this other 200 million, well, the number 200 is in Enoch chapter 6.
Where 200 fallen angels called Anarchians, Nephilems, or Demasidae made a pact, a contract, with Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, LSD.
And 10% of the 200 angels that were on Mount Hermon, the same mountain that Jesus took Peter, James, and John,
Called the Mount of Transfiguration a Matthew, Mark, and Luke and stayed for a protracted 20 days.
But yet in Enoch chapter 6, you got 20 names of the 200 angels which did infect humanity with a new cold war through genetic manipulation
By the way, it is called the Global Vaccinational Industrial Complex.
So, in order for you and I to understand this from a geopolitical and a scientific point of view, we have to dissect it first from a spiritual view or a spiritual paradigm.
So, this new Cold War is one of vaccination
But it's through the prism of manipulation.
So then there is a three-tier level of manipulation that you and I are experiencing, not just here in America, but around the world concerning this new Cold War, the global vaccination industrial complex.
And this three-tailed level of manipulation is the manipulation of reality, that's called esokinesis, the manipulation of time, that's called chronokinesis, and the manipulation of probability, that's called tychokinesis.
Well, esokinesis E, chronokinesis C, tychokinesis T,
That is not only the acronym for the term etc.
which in its origination or its origin is used by witches and warlocks to put hexes and curses on humanity.
But also this term ECT is an acronym for electroconvulsive therapy.
So when we get back during the second part of today's show concerning the new Cold War, the global vaccination industrial complex, we're going to get further into this global conspiracy of the origin, the birth and the execution of this plan of depopulation
Through both manipulation and vaccination.
And so we'll see you guys here in the next three to five minutes on the most powerful show in America, The Alex Jones Show, with your guest host, teacher and moderator today, Bishop Larry Gators.
We see you here in the next three to five minutes.
Welcome back to the most powerful show in America today, the Alex Jones Show, here with your guest host of the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, Bishop Larry Gators, and we are discussing with you guys today a new Cold War, the global, you know, manipulation not of just humanity, but this global vaccinational industrial complex
Where they're using the manipulation of reality, isokinesis, in time, chronokinesis, through the prism of the manipulation of probability that you and I call tychokinesis.
So let's examine, if you will, the origins of the term vaccination.
To understand vaccination, I want you and I to look up a powerful book called Edward Jenner, MD.
He was an English physician.
Edward Jenner, MD.
It's by the author F.
Now, you will see on the cover of that book, Dr. Edward Jenner, a sketch of his right arm on a tree limb.
And on the right hand side of Dr. Edward Jenner, who may or may not be related to the Jenner family out of Hollywood, it has a serpent behind him on this tree.
Now, again, that's in the book Edward Jenner, M.D.
by F. Daltrey, D-A-W-T-R-Y, Drewitt, capital D-R-E-W-I-T-T.
Now, you don't see the head of the serpent because the head of the serpent is Dr. Edward Jenner.
So the term vaccine was coined, there you go, so the life of Edward Jenner.
He was a nationalist and he was also the creator of the Jennerian Sacred Society, funded by both the Rothschild dynasty in Great Britain through the Royal Sacred Society.
So, in the 1700s, the term here, vaccine or vaccination, was coined by Dr. Edward Jenner.
Now, the term vaccine is a combination of two Persian words.
Man, I love teaching.
So, the term vaccine, capital V-A-C-C-I, it means to genetically alter.
In Persian.
So Vatsi or Vatka not only means cow pops, but according to the Persian lexicon text, Vatsi means to be genetically altered or changed.
Then we have the term nation.
So when we talk about vaccination,
Concerning this new Cold War, the global vaccinational industrial complex flew through the prism of the manipulation of reality, time, and probability.
So, vaccination simply means the genetical altering
Or the genetical manipulation of human DNA, human RNA, including non-human DNA and RNA, to the nations.
So then, according to the Global Luciferian Deep State, their plan is to inoculate you.
Well, look at the term inoculate.
Or Enochian, and this is where we also get the Greek term Enochian, like Enochian keys.
Now, remember going back to the 1500s and 1600s, there was a high-level witch and warlock by the name of John Dee.
whose moniker was 007 or Two-Ball Kane from Genesis chapter 4 verse 22.
So, he, John Dee, was a practitioner of esokinesis, the manipulation of reality, a practitioner of chronokinesis, the manipulation of time,
Through the prism of the manipulation of probability, tachokinesis.
So John Dee, he had totally manipulated three levels of the British crown or throne.
Now we talk about throne, we're talking about not just a seat, but a way of thinking.
So John Dee in the 1500s, up until the time of his death in the early 1600s,
Uh, whose moniker was 007, had totally manipulated the reality, time, and probability of the Kingdom of Great Britain.
As we're breaking down for you guys, schematically, uh, this new Cold War through the Vaccinational Industrial Complex.
Now, I want you students to write down these two words.
OCHIO, capital O-double-C-H-I-O, which means occultic eye, then the term NERO, N-E-R-O.
So, the term OCHIO NERO represents the OCHIO NERO conspiracy.
Wait a minute, Bishop.
What is the OCHIO NERO conspiracy?
Well, it's based upon the Piscean conspiracy going back to 65 A.D., where a man, a Roman state senator by the name of Gaius Calpurnius Piso, from whence we get the term Piscean conspiracy,
So then Gaius, along with seven other state senators...
Their job was to create an abdication of the throne of Nero, eight men, because the term ochio or ochi is an Italian word meaning eight.
So, not too long ago, two years ago, you had people like Barack Obama, Pope Francis, being backed by the global Vatican system,
The present day Prime Minister and President of Italy, and the former Prime Minister and President of Italy, and including the Black nobility of Europe,
We tried to create a present-day Pysenian conspiracy by removing Donald J. Trump, but it did not succeed.
So then, when we break down this global conspiracy, not through the weapons of mass destruction, like an atom or a hydrogen bomb,
You and I are living a Truman Show.
You remember the 1990 movie, The Truman Show, with Carrie, you know, and Jim Carrey, and I believe there was a man that played the part of Kristoff, named Ed Harris.
So then, who is playing Kristoff today?
The Global Luciferian Deep State, whereas they're manipulating $7.7 billion with Truman Burbanks.
We see you here in the next two to three minutes on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on the most powerful network in America and around the world, InfoWars, here with your guest host for our fourth hour, Bishop Larry Gators.
We are talking about a new Cold War, the global vaccination industrial complex.
So the goal of the Deep State is to genetically alter our DNA.
So that you and I have a hundred billion neurons in our brain and billions of cells in our genome.
So, you and I have 37.2 trillion cells, okay?
But yet, for your biblical students, when we're talking about the points of a letter concerning the Word of God, let me tell you, let me give you an example of what a pointology is.
So, let's say the letter C has one, two points, or the letter D has one, two, three, or Z has one, two, three, four.
So, the human genome has 37.2 trillion cells.
But there are 37.2 billion points of a letter in the Word of the Lord.
And Jesus Christ, our Savior, and our soon coming King, performed 37 miracles in the Gospels.
That cannot be by accident as we're talking about this new Cold War, the Global Vaccination Industrial Complex, that every cell, every gene, every DNA and RNA strand in your body and mind represents a lepter
In the Word of God.
So then, that's why people like Dr. Tony Lotto, Midget Fauci, and Dr. Deborah 3000-Schwarzenberg, okay, through the media, through Don Sweet Tea Lemon, okay, through Chris Afredo Cuomo, they're trying to manipulate the reality, time, and probability of America through vaccination.
So, there's a family called the Monsanto family.
Now, you know about the Monsanto Corporation that has been genetically modifying food through GMOs for decades.
But the Monsanto family began its bloodline in 1115 A.D.
There was a man by the name of Pedro Fernandez del Castro.
Not Monsanto, Castro.
So, Pedro Fernandez del Castro was one of the Grand Masters of the Order of Santiago, okay?
Which was a secret society both in Portugal and Spain.
And he founded a village in Portugal called the Monsanto Village.
So during the 1400s, the Castro bloodline that began 1115 A.D.
through Pedro Fernandez Castro, that family changed their name from Castro to Monsanto.
Because they wanted to escape
The Spanish Inquisition through Queen Isabella during the 1400s.
And so then this Monsanto family later was excommunicated out of Dutch Holland and out of the Netherlands in 1757.
Through the edict of King Charles V, and later King Charles VI, with the backing of the Habsburg Empire, including with the backing of the Vatican global system.
Because the Monsanto family, even during the mid-1700s,
We're genetically modifying their fruit and their vegetables, poisoning Eastern and Central and Western Europe.
So, they were excommunicated in 1757.
Isaac Monsanto.
We're talking about this new Cold War, the global vaccination industrial complex.
So to understand what's going on today, we have to go back in its foundation of yesteryear to understand what's going on in the foreground.
So Isaac Monsanto, quickly, in 1757,
His entire family was excommunicated out of Holland and part of his family out of the Netherlands, including a friend of his by the name of Moses Lazarus.
Now, Moses Lazarus was not only a depopulationist, but a brutal slave owner who then was excommunicated out of Holland and out of the Netherlands because of the Inquisition, of the Dutch Holland Inquisition through the Netherlands.
And Moses Lazarus' family moved to South America.
Then the South American government, with the backing of the nation of Portugal in Spain, excommunicated Moses Lazarus again, this time out of Central South America, and the Lazarus family moved to New York City.
Well, the daughter of Moses Lazarus was a communist, a socialist, a Marxist,
Who wrote a manifesto in 1883 concerning the Great Colossus or the New Colossus.
That woman is Emma Lazarus.
Emma Lazarus, her father was a brutal slave owner, Moses Lazarus, in South America.
And Emma Lass is the one that said, give me your tired, your poor, your hungry yearning to be free.
She was a comment.
So the face of the Statue of Liberty.
Was a communist!
And as a side note, I'm not teaching race now, but the original Statue of Liberty was a woman of color that the French gave to the United States as a gift.
A woman who had a Bible in her right hand and a broken ball and chain in her left, but the global Luciferian deep state on the left, these demon rats, they didn't want that.
So they chose the face of Emma Lazarus
A con in it.
Let's move on here.
So then, the term vaccinational.
Now, look at the corporations of Bayer and IG Farben.
Now, IG Farben had created Zyklon B during the Holocaust.
During the advent of World War II between 1933 and 1945.
Now, the term here, Zyklon, okay, when interpreted in Persian, this is going to blow your mind.
The Persian interpretation for Zyklon is the term Sutef.
Write it down, capital S-U-T-E-F.
Sutip means to liquidate.
So, the term sutip, written from right to left, because Hebrew and writings from the East is not written from left to right, is written from right to left, that term sutip becomes the word fetus.
I want you to listen to me here as we're talking about this global, vaccinational, industrial complex through the prism of manipulation.
This new Cold War.
So, the Persian term for Zyklon is the term Sutif.
Capital S-U-T-E-F, which means to liquidate or feed us.
So then, as we're talking about this global vaccinational industrial complex, now what the Bishop is about to teach you is going to blow your mind, and we will be back here right after the break to go into
This sinister global vaccinational plan of the population where the entire U.S.
food supply must be overhauled.
This is your guest host today on the Alex Jones Show as we're talking about this new Cold War, the Global Vaccinational Industrial Complex.
We will see you back here in about two to three minutes time on the Alex Jones Show InfoWars.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show with your guest host during our fourth hour, Bishop Larry Gators.
We have approximately 10 to 12 minutes left.
We're talking about this new Cold War of the Global Vaccination Industrial Complex here on the most powerful show in America today, the Alex Jones Show, here with your guest host during the fourth hour, Bishop Larry Gators.
Now, I want you to type in the following words, products that use aborted fetuses.
Hold your stomach.
Products that use aborted fetuses or go to HLI.org or Human Life International.
HLI.org or Human Life International.
Now, at least 70 to 75% of the food supply in our country is tainted with the skin and the tissue of aborted fetuses.
So then, there is a vaccination put out through the Medical Research Council out of the UK.
Now, the Medical Research Council out of the UK was created in 1913, one year prior to the advent of World War I. It was created by the Perlbrine Institute, the same institute that the Bill and Melinda Robin Williams Gates Foundation support in the millions of dollars.
So then, the Medical Research Council
has created what they call an MRC5 diploid human cell line strain, which is the composition of tissue of the brain tissue and the heart tissue of dead aborted fetuses that they want to use under the Trojan horse of COVID-19 vaccination.
Also, you have the Human Embryonic Kidney 293 Cell Line that was created also through the Medical Research Council out of England.
Now, as a quick side note, when you go to the Medical Research Council, that's an excellent link there.
When you guys go to the Medical Research Council, the powerful listeners of the Alex Jones Show,
Notice the logo at the top left-hand corner of the Medical Research Council in the color of the Medical Research Council, and compare that to the present-day DNC National Convention logo, which has the same colors that also has a five-pointed hexagram and pentagram.
So that cannot be by accident.
So the logo of the Medical Research Council and the logo of the Democratic National Convention logo that has a five-pointed hexagram and pentagram.
That represents the five-pointed system of Balfour Met.
Which means Solve ET Corregulation.
That's also tattooed on the forearm of the British writer J.K.
So then, the Human Embryonic Kidney Cell 293 Cell Strain, which is in the form of not just vaccination for COVID-19, but it is also, excellent length there, thank you, it's also an artificial flavoring
And coffee-made creamers!
Wait a minute now.
So, when we talk about this new Cold War, the global vaccination and deaths are accomplished.
Excellent length here, guys.
Notice the logo of the DNC, the five-pointed balconet, a sign of a hexagram or a pentagram, representing the five senses of darkness.
I've sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
So then, also, there is another diploid cell by the name of Per-C6 that was created by the Perbright Institute in 1985, also made out of the cell tissues of aborted children
And also out of the tissues of dead rats.
Wait a minute, I'm confused now.
So, the Global Vaccination Industrial Complex has not only infected the medical industry through the arms race through this Global Vaccination Industrial Complex,
Push by the Pervite Institute, push by Novartis AG, push by the Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology, Biology, and the Wuji Pharma AppTent, and push by Eli Lilly,
All of the subsidiary addresses in China is 666 Goldson Road, capital G-O-A-X-I-M.
Why would Eli Lilly be at the address, which is the epicenter of COVID-19?
Why would Johnson & Johnson be at that address at 666 Goldson Road?
So we're talking about
The Global Vaccinational Industrial Complex, so MRC5HEK293 per C6, which is a human cell line, and according to the European Medicines Agency in 2009, they said, and I quote,
There are approximately 3,000 diploid cell culture lines.
But how many species do we have of serpents and snakes throughout the world? 3,000.
Do you think that that is by accident as we're exposing this global vaccinational industrial complex?
And then you have the DTP vaccinational immunization vaccine called titanus pertissus, okay, on titanus diphtheria, diphtheria,
Tetanus and Pertussis, which is a combination also of dead cells from dead aborted fetuses that's injected in your children to protect them from measles and mumps, okay, and every other disease.
Wait a minute now, so they're injecting your children with the cells of dead aborted fetuses, but guess what?
MRC-5, HEK-293, the Human Embryonic Kidney Cell 293 cell strain, per C6, okay, including the HT1080 cell lines, and HUH7 cell lines, and DTP, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis cell lines, are also injected in a part of your food supply.
Frito-Lay's chips.
I'm telling you, Ruffles chips, okay?
It's all of these ingredients in your coffee-made creamers.
Hawk & Dawg's ice cream.
Ben & Jerry's.
Listen to me.
Bro, what you're saying, Bishop, that we have been drinking
The liquid substance of aborted fetuses for decades.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
You're dealing with a group of psychopaths and sociopaths.
Mainly people like Kamala Harris, where she got where she was because Kamala Harris laid on her back.
Now, I'm not disrespecting women, I'm just exposing Kamala Harris and her connection to this new Cold War, the global vaccinational industrial complex.
And both of her parents, her father of Jamaican descent, nothing against Jamaican people, and her mother of Indian descent, nothing against Indian people.
And as a side note, there is a beverage in both India and Pakistan called bovine,
Salt drink, capital B-O-V-I-N-E.
There are two additives, okay, called soviet sodium benzenate, s-o-t-i-a-m benzenate, with the E sound in it, and gum arabic, partly that comes from the acacia tree.
90% of the salt drinks, not all, but 90% come from the urine of camels and cows.
I kid you not.
This is the reason why Yellow Mellow is called Yellow Mellow and Mountain Dew is called Mountain Dew because these drinks are laced with sugars in order to hide this conspiracy.
And in my conclusion here today, in my conclusion, 80% of the children of the world
Are under this, what we call, this vaccination.
Well, the term, the Latin term for vaccinate is the word lucificate.
Notice the term vaccinate is the term lucificate, or to lucify, or to lucification, which means to genetically replicate, to lucify, to lucificate,
Through Luciferus, your DNA and mine, and this is the end of the new Cold War.
The Global Vaccination Industrial Complex shared this powerful teaching to every person on the face of the earth.
I love you, Brother Alex, your mentor of mine, and to all of the staff, we love you, and we'll see you here soon on the Alex Jones Show with Bishop Larry Gators.
God bless you.
Please remember that it's down to the wire.
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I mean, this is terror!
And we're under massive attack, massive infiltration, massive globalist operations that I can't even get to on air, but your prayers are keeping us in the fight.
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