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Name: 20200824_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 24, 2020
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This audio recording features a series of alerts about ongoing riots and violence across the US. Alex Jones and Aaron discuss topics including QAnon, masks, elections, and independent media. They emphasize the importance of critical thinking and questioning everything rather than blindly following others for information. The speakers also critique strict COVID-19 measures in Australia and New Zealand, as well as bank bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis and vaccine requirements on college campuses. They encourage their audience to join the fight against tyranny and support platforms like InfoWars and Trends Journal that promote freedom and liberty.

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Trump has fired the bat signal.
He said, I need you to stop the 80 million fake ballots that are meant to gum up everything.
I need you to be vigilant.
I need your help.
We're fighting for our very life.
We have an outside force trying to destroy our economy.
And today, he said, it's the most important election in U.S.
It's the most important election in world history.
We are living history right now.
Every day is like a century.
The countdown, the energy in the air, you could cut it with a knife.
You could not have higher stakes.
Here's the president just an hour ago.
Some really bad things.
We have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they're working on.
Sending them out to people that didn't ask for them.
They didn't ask, they just get them.
And it's not fair, and it's not right, and it's not going to be possible to tabulate, in my opinion.
It's just my opinion.
We have to be very, very careful.
And you have to watch every one of you.
You have to watch because bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign.
And that goes to Biden and that goes to Obama.
And we have to be very, very careful to be very, very careful.
And this time they're trying to do it with the whole post office scam.
They'll blame it on the post office.
You could see him setting it up.
Be very careful and watch it very carefully because we have to win.
This is the most important election in the history of our country.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Red alert!
Red alert!
Red alert!
70 days out from the election to overshadow the Republican National Convention that Trump is going to speak every night at.
The deep state has launched even more intense riots, police being shot at, knocked to the head with bricks, car dealerships being burned down, businesses that have Black Lives Matter signs being torched.
This is the globalist program of total destruction, but the people are waking up and the truth is getting out.
The Defund the Police movement is already showing signs of being an exercise in sheer futility.
Over the weekend, these supposed protesters in Portland, Oregon, who are well on their way to 100 days of rioting, were met with a contingent of patriots supporting Blue Lives.
These patriots tend to be older, larger, and adept at throwing a haymaker.
I've been in combat, and I never want to go back again, but I'm telling you what, I will to save this country.
If it has to be against our own citizens, it will happen.
And there's a million people like me, and you won't stop us.
And when I come to have a one-on-one conversation with someone who has a Blue Lives Matter flag on, they say, it's just my opinion, I don't need anyone to terrorize me.
I am terrorized for living!
I am terrorized for breathing!
For being educated!
And when I am educated, there's an issue with that as well!
Also over the weekend, Denver, Colorado police stood their ground protecting the Denver Police Department.
But all across the rest of downtown Denver, local reporters described ugly scenes of arson and vandalism.
They threw fireworks at police standing in riot gear outside the building.
And Copter 4 caught some protesters starting fires and smashing a store window right across the street from where police were watching.
Police deployed chemical agents to break up that crowd.
And earlier in the evening we saw officers arresting protesters.
Police tell us so far they've arrested eight people.
No word on what charges those people will be facing.
Antifa and BLM crybabies taking the rage out on the liberal stronghold of Denver and Colorado after being thrown out of other areas of Colorado.
When the police have been defunded and they either stand down or aren't even responding, what then Antifa and BLM?
As business owners, veterans of true warfare and angry Americans start replacing those sworn to protect you.
Who are you going to complain to when the violence you're dishing out is responded with a tsunami of hell on earth?
Oh my God!
Are you okay?
Oh my God, the cops are just standing there!
The cops are just standing there!
In Austin, Texas, Mayor Adler had his lunch handed to him.
After defunding the police to the tune of $150 million, and then announcing the Liberal City Council would then raise the property taxes by 26%.
Yes, many say you most definitely cut $150 million from the Austin Police Department.
Council members Greg Kassar, Natasha Harper-Madison did not take issue with the $150 million number.
However, you disagree now with that number.
Can you explain why?
We didn't cut $150 million out of the police budget, but we did do real transformative change.
In response, the governor froze property taxes indefinitely, putting an end to Mayor Adler's earmarked plans.
When crime is on the rise, the last thing that we should do is to defund law enforcement.
And yet that is exactly what the city of Austin did.
Any city
That defunds police departments will have its property tax revenue frozen at the current level.
They will never be able to increase property tax revenue again if they defund police.
Cities that endanger residents by reducing law enforcement should not then be able to turn around and go back and get more property tax dollars from those same residents whose lives the city just endangered.
Careful what you ask for, Marxist.
The only thing between you and millions of outraged Americans is the very thing you want abolished.
John Bowne reporting.
Now we've got the incredible breakdown happening in Wisconsin and in Portland, the latest developments as the Democrats try to destabilize the country and overshadow the RNC when we come back.
It is incredible footage.
Stay with us.
Monday, August 24th, the year is 2020, 70 days out from the election.
And the obvious attempt by multinational corporations allied with the Communist Chinese, Hollywood, and America haters to break this country, kill the dollar, and plunge us into a Road Warrior-like nightmare has never been more clear.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
I intend to open the phones up.
At the bottom of the hour, we have Savannah Hernandez and Greg Reese that were just in
Portland for the incredible street battles and rioting that went on.
They're going to be in studio in the third hour.
And another reporter who was just on Tucker Carlson and has been shooting incredible footage is going to be joining us from Wisconsin, where
It looks like, again, scenes out of a third world collapse or civil war.
Road Warrior isn't even strong enough to describe it.
Police getting shot at.
Police being stopped by Black Lives Matter communist checkpoints.
Warehouses being burned down.
Car dealerships burned down.
Churches burned down.
Street battles everywhere.
People running up hitting police in the back of the head with bricks.
Total loss of control.
American flags being guillotined.
They're now rolling guillotines out.
This is all Jacobin French Revolution 2.0, as we told you.
And them attacking the police armored vehicles.
People say, why do we have an armored vehicle?
Well, we bought it last year knowing all this was coming.
This is a Black Lives Matter long-haired hippie running up with his assault rifle
Menacing and ordering the police around.
And the police are so paralyzed that if they do anything that they'll all be given, you know, the death penalty that they're just letting them do it.
So it's all completely out of control.
And the police will be assisting somebody.
They get hit in the back of the head with that rock, a brick, or a hammer.
This is how communists overthrow your country.
In fact, I was going to play the clip
From Big Mike from last week, and we're going to hit that in a minute, but also pull up the new Call of Duty two-minute ad that actually has a real former KGB officer who came over here and explained what the plan was.
But again, it's not a Russian plan.
The left in America went over to Russia and took it over.
That's on record in 1917, and then exploited Russia to take over much of the planet.
And so when you see the same thing playing out here, understand it's not the Russians running it.
It's the left that wants to get rid of America.
It's the left allied with Communist China.
So we're going to get to that in a moment as well.
But here's Big Mike last week threatening you that things are going to get a lot worse if you re-elect Trump and Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN and MSNBC.
You've seen them all.
We've played the clips have said.
Rioting is good.
Violence is good.
Protesting is supposed to be violent.
It's supposed to target white people in race war.
And they're just conditioning you to accept that their communist overthrow of the country at the behest of the multinational corporations that just want to divide the nation up like they did communist China.
It's the same globalists that took over Russia, they took over China in 1949, put Mao in, that's been declassified.
It's the globalists that have already done this in Russia and China.
And now they're trying to finish the job here.
Remember what the Democrats said on all those hidden Veritas videos a year ago, six months ago, that the media poo-pooed.
We're going to burn the cities ahead of the election.
We're going to burn the cities after the election if Trump wins.
So they're trying to hold us hostage now, hoping with the mask and the lockdowns and the rioting and the burning and the paychecks being canceled and with record home foreclosures that you're going to blame Trump
And think that America did this when this was Americans trying to get back control of their country.
So the multinational corporations, with the CHICOMS, with the globalists, with Hollywood, with the blue states, with the blue cities, all worked in unison to have the fake lockdown, the exaggerated COVID hoax, when it kills less the flu, and all of this to shut us down under the oldest form of war.
Starving us out.
Locking us down!
Home arrest!
And you see what's happening in Spain and France and in Australia and New Zealand now.
Women particularly beaten savagely by police with batons for not wearing their mask.
Oh, but meanwhile Muslims are literally burning down Paris.
But women in a parking garage are beaten with a baton and French police stormed a sports bar in full riot gear.
We're going to play that footage coming up.
And beat people over the head with batons who were not even resisting to punish them for going to a bar to watch a soccer game.
Meanwhile, all over Paris, the Muslims burned apartment blocks, cars, killed people, because the police are there to keep the milk cows, the French, original French, in line submitting.
This is all an exercise in power.
Spain, woman beaten by police for not properly wearing face masks.
Not properly!
It's not over your nose!
Boom, boom, boom, baton!
And the cops wearing
A night stalking a pantyhose over the head.
That's the new thing.
This is all about the government being masked.
So don't worry, once the left gets control like Spain or France or Australia, they're gonna beat you senseless.
They're gonna walk up and hit women right in the head with batons.
I love how the woman defiantly doesn't do it.
And they're attacking the other women.
Now they're kicking two-year-old babies off planes who won't wear the mask.
It's all the cult trying to make you submit.
All of it together, unified.
It's their plan.
They admit it is.
And so everyone you see wearing the mask and submitting, everyone you see bowing down to Black Lives Matter and George Soros, it has nothing to do with black people or a virus or any of it.
It's about power and it's about control.
And Obama has come out.
We've got the video.
I want to talk as plainly as I can about the stakes of this election.
Obama said Wednesday during the Democrat National Convention.
Because what we do these next 76 days will echo through generations to come.
What's at stake right now?
Our democracy, our future.
This is basically an apocalypse.
Yeah, their globalist apocalypse.
The breaking of the American people.
They want starvation.
They want COVID to be the cover to make you turn your guns in to get food two, three years from now during the lockdown.
It never is going to end.
And I told you that in February.
I said, it's a planetary takeover by the UN.
They're already in control of the internet.
They're in control of what you can say.
They admit it's to shut down carbon, to break down the third world, to break down the first world.
Then they're going to flood us with a third world who's starving to death while we're going bankrupt.
This is how communists get control of society.
They did Venezuela on purpose.
They did Russia on purpose.
The commies, which scientists could put
Tonight ends this.
If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will if we don't make a change in this election.
If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.
Yeah, your lives do depend on it.
Because these criminals have censored everything, they've attacked everything.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
They have shipped in the fentanyl that's killed millions.
1.4 million died just last year of TB that the Democrats helped ship in and blocked people stopping.
These criminals know they're cornered, so now they're going to throw everything they've got.
And so they need a cover for George Soros and their globalist, communist overthrow.
So they use black people as the cover.
But you go out to almost all these events, it's 80% white, ladies and gentlemen.
Little, low-level, Bernie Sanders-type supporters.
They're the foot soldiers that promised to launch these violent attacks.
We'll cover how we can stop them on the other side.
Stay with us.
If I sound frantic, I am.
When I go to bed at night, I dream about fighting the globalists and how to stop them.
I mean, this is pure evil that has been preparing this attempt to take down the West for hundreds of years, making its move.
It had to take over Russia first.
It had to take over China and set up that command base.
It had to take over the communication systems of the United States and Europe.
It had to undermine our instincts and our spirit.
It had to destroy our families.
It had to physically poison us.
But still, despite that, now that the enemy throws its full weight at us, we are seeing millions of people come out of their deep sleep.
We're seeing the spell lift.
We're seeing the trance fall.
We're seeing
What the enemy knew and feared was coming, the global awakening, and the next great renaissance that will take us past Satan to our ultimate destiny in the stars.
It is August 24th on this Monday transmission, 70 days out, and I commit to you that I'm going to be disciplined today.
We're going to take a lot of phone calls on
This big subject, the election, the dirty tricks, the election fraud, the riots that they're scaling up by design as a smokescreen to make Trump and America look illegitimate, what they're going to throw at the RNC coming up, all of it.
First-time callers in the first round will load the phones up and then after that, long-time callers can call in.
If you disagree, you go to the head of the line.
I want to know why you disagree.
How could anybody be against Trump now when it's so obvious that it's the globalists versus America?
I don't like what Trump's doing though, saying, oh, let's rush the vaccine to make it look like he's a hero.
If Gates wants to wait until he's gone, then they have the vaccine.
It's the really deadly ones and they force them on us.
Trump has said it should not be forced.
That's the law.
But Trump needs to speak out against Governor Blackface Northam?
He needs to say we will not have forced inoculations like American Psycho.
Newsom is saying out in California, it's on.
So under the election umbrella, this referendum on Americanism versus globalism, we can get into forced inoculations, the COVID hoax, the engineered rioting going on, every facet of it today.
But I want to ask listeners, from the bottom of my heart,
To realize that you are the resistance and you've done a great job, but I want to encourage everyone listening right now, if you want to head this off at the pass, if you don't want to go under a high-tech technocracy that uses communism as its control system and that wants to make you poor to totally break your will,
Then please take the live feeds from Band.Video, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and share the live feed of the show today.
We can put the live feed up, please.
Every day we post an article that has the live feed, has the title of what I'm covering, and we post under that, of course, the David Knight Show that's already over and archived.
And then, of course, when Owen goes live, they add a new headline about what Owen's going to be covering.
But if you go to InfoWars.com, there's the headline, Massive Escalation in Terror Attacks, Firebombing Shootings Launched by Deep State.
Watch live.
Democrats publicly warned America that if we do not submit to globalist rule, America will burn.
And now in suburbs of Texas and Wisconsin and Florida and California and just all over.
It's not just in New York.
It's not just in Washington State.
It's not just in Oregon.
It's everywhere now.
They're marching into the countryside, into the rural areas even, and into the suburbs burning down car dealerships with a church right next door
Epically with the sign, Black Lives Matter.
Imagine a Unitarian Church, and nothing against Unitarians, but it's really a communist organization.
It's a Rockefeller-funded, you know, universalist deal.
Total leftist group.
They got a lot of well-meaning folks that are part of it.
But imagine, you got that sign right there, Black Lives Matter, burning down the cars while people are at their church service.
Because it's not enough to give welfare to all these people.
They want to burn down the civilization.
They have the same spirit as Soros and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds up top that absolutely hate themselves and hate you.
So the toll-free number to join us, first-time callers, 877-789-2539.
We will get you up and on the air again, ladies and gentlemen.
International sometimes has trouble calling a 1-800.
So if you're having trouble, country access code at 512-646-1776.
And we're gonna go to your calls.
Throughout the broadcast, we have a reporter on the ground in Wisconsin.
Where all of this is unfolding.
But again, this is the cover, racial division.
We're the most racially open country in the world.
In Kenosha, Wisconsin, in Milwaukee and other areas, burning down churches, burning down car dealerships.
Even though people put the lamb's blood out on their businesses, Black Lives Matter, the angel of death does not pass over you.
In fact, that seems to only encourage the people to see that you are a bitch.
You are submitting to Soros and Alexander Soros who run and fund the entire thing.
So I'll just tell you, if I'm driving down the road and I see, say, a forest fire or something up ahead and I see police out with
They're guns out and they're looking in for a manhunt or something.
I'm going to comply, and I believe it's lawful.
But if I pull up to a pack of thugs at a checkpoint pointing guns at me and telling me to pull over, well, you're not going to like what happens.
You're terrorists.
You're criminals.
But let's roll the footage in Kenosha of
You guys are instigating!
You know you're instigating!
I ain't gonna shoot again!
This guy's just asking to die right here.
So they order the police to stop.
I mean, if the cops did this for no reason, I'd say resist them.
I mean, this is insane, lawless garbage.
They're getting out!
This is all just a bunch of communist thugs that went to community college and were promised, you're going to rule America.
You're going to have a SWAT running something.
No, you're not.
Jordan Soros calls you a useful idiot.
And they're just helping some black people get killed.
There's some black folks out there.
On average, about once every three weeks, an innocent black person is adjudicated and gets shot wrongfully by the police.
That's a very low number, still a tragedy.
They all have gas masks on!
Get ready!
Get ready!
And then they throw out a tear gas.
And national media cuts right here and just shows the police doing that.
I've seen it on CNN.
They won't show it out.
And now they're in front of the armored vehicle trying to stop it.
They're trying to go to a riot scene with burning buildings and burning churches down the street.
And they're surrounded by these kooks, these idiots, these morons, who sit here in the lap of luxury, bitching and complaining all day long.
That's the Democratic Party for you.
The left wants power and wants control.
They're not liberal.
They're the left-hand path.
They come out of the French Revolution, founded by Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati.
They are Satanists.
This is in mainline history books.
Why did I tell you Antifa over a decade ago was Jacobin?
Was French Revolution?
Because that's who Soros is.
That's who V.I.
Lenin was.
That's who Joseph Stalin was.
They're evil.
And they stand for total enslavement.
And total empowerment.
To tear the human psyche and the family to pieces.
We heard a report yesterday that was incredibly powerful.
It's only two and a half minutes long, but I'm going to play at the start of the next segment.
That goes to the bottom of the rabbit hole and who these people are.
But I'm going to go to your calls as I said right now.
Then when I start the next hour, I'm going to spend some time on the incredible COVID-19 developments and all the fake news that the hospitals are all full, the ventilators have all run out, fetishizing ventilators, hoping dumb doctors kill people with them.
This is an autoimmune virus.
It causes an autoimmune effect.
You take aerosolized steroids or you take zinc.
I mean, it's easy to beat.
See, they don't want you to know that.
So we've got all that news.
We've got the media saying Trump isn't going to step down when he loses.
That's the next big push.
Washington Post, what if Trump loses but insists he won?
Because the Democrats are going to announce they won, even though they're about to lose, they know in all the real polls.
So we're 70 days out from this.
What do we do about it?
How do we warn people?
Well, Facebook, YouTube, Google, all of them have come out and said, we're not going to allow Trump to contest the election.
They've said Democrats are allowed to.
This was announced on Friday.
But if Trump challenges it or anybody else, there's a kill switch on his supporters, meaning you're going to be blocked.
Well, you got to hit the streets.
You got to call talk radio.
You got to go to public events.
That's another reason they did the whole COVID lockdown was how we took over the last election with Bill Clinton was a rapist and the rest of it.
That scared them so much.
They don't want to campaign in public with no crowds coming out to help Biden.
This helps them project their false reality because you're locked down in your house.
You know, Barton Springs, I used to go, years ago, swim laps there a couple times a week.
They closed that.
It's a big, giant, public, spring-fed pool.
So this weekend, we went down there, and I didn't tell folks to do it.
It wasn't my idea.
They spontaneously started climbing over the fence, so I joined them to get the main pool area, but the spillway spills over and then goes into the Colorado River, so we swam right there.
It was just as good.
I thought, you know, they tell us don't swim in the Colorado River, even though
If you swim close to the dams and stay back a few hundred yards, the current's only about a mile an hour.
So, I said, you know what?
They say don't swim in the Colorado.
I went down there at 7 a.m., got my mask and snorkel, swam a juicy mile.
I think tomorrow I might swim two miles.
It felt good.
I was tired.
The first half mile was really tiring.
Then I turned around, felt so good going back, like a horse back to the barn.
They say, blow up the police department, get rid of government for the people, but only have it for the communists.
Well, it's time to stop following their edicts.
When outlaws take over the government, patriots become the outlaws.
When tyrants are the government, we are the outlaws, because their law is tyranny, and following their law is satanic.
Alright, so I'm going to go to your phone calls right now, but these are just epic times.
My take is that
We better get very, very, very, very involved in knowing our rights and knowing our constitutions and even knowing some constitutions from abroad that have gotten some things right.
But what I want to talk about as far as vaccines with you, Alex, and thank you for everything you do that I wish I was with you guys yesterday at the at the lake.
But the Nuremberg Code of 1947, after the Nuremberg trials, it it put a cap on anyone that wanted to do anything
Hashtag experimental on people and the code basically said that you have to have consent and anything that you're going to experiment on people, they have to consent to it.
Number one, it cannot be mandated that they do it, which the angel of death, Dr. Joseph Mengele, he didn't care if you didn't want to do it or not, he was going to do anything he wanted to do to you.
And then also, it stopped doctors from experimenting or it can if you know
Well, you're absolutely right, and they had the Nuremberg trials, where the Nazis were found guilty of war crimes, and they were sentenced to death, the leadership,
They said, well, we followed the Fuhrer's orders.
Just following orders.
So Nuremberg found, no, just following orders does not protect you from following legal orders.
And you're right.
That's where we get the precursor to the Geneva Convention.
And in the Geneva Convention, it says that you cannot test things on people unless you have informed consent.
And they agree because of what Joseph Mengele and the Nazis did.
And so what you're saying is incredibly important.
And of course, Joseph Mengele was the angel of death.
And they did medical experiments, including forced inoculations on the old and the mentally ill.
And of course, they were really killing them.
They would inject them and say it was a vaccine.
They would then die.
And this is how the murder started.
By 34, 35, 36, it was the Medical Corps.
I think?
That's why people had the death camp and forced labor camp.
People did have the tattoo on them.
That was an IBM machine code.
And so what you're bringing up is absolutely central.
This is mass medical illegal experimentation.
They skipped animal trials.
They admit 80% are getting sick with the vaccine test under Bill Gates.
But they're saying we have to submit
And to get on an airplane and have a medical ID or have a job, this is the new model.
And Governor Northam that used to run the baby harvesting program that says they keep babies alive and harvest their organs, keep them comfortable, he's the one saying we're coming with forced inoculations and with a digital ID on your phone.
All of that's being rolled out in Virginia right now as the model.
Unbelievably evil, my friend.
If I may, Alex, are you there?
Yes, go ahead.
Okay, one of the biggest things that I hear, one of the biggest lies, and you guys are good at pointing out, but I want to definitely tell the people of Infowars this to spread the good news, is that America is not a democracy.
America is a republic, and that distinction is so important in our supreme law, the law in the U.S.
In Article 4, Section 4 states that every state shall have a republican form of government, and that democracy was never even put in the Constitution or founding documents.
And that was for a good reason, because the Founding Fathers knew that democracies were one step away from tyranny, the tyranny of majority, where a republic, which is Latin for res publica, means the rule of the law, instead of democracy, which means rule of the people, which sounds good,
But what ends up happening is people think that it's great until you have 8 out of 10 people saying, we're going to take your car, we're going to take your daughter, we're going to do all these things, and it's perfectly legal in a democracy.
We're a republic, you have a rule of law everyone has to follow, you have a right to property, and all those things.
So I implore everyone to look at Article 4, or Section 4 of Article 4 of the U.S.
Know that, so anytime you hear the word democracy,
Or that we're spreading democracy around the world.
No, we're not.
We're a republic, and that's a great thing.
A democracy is one step away from a tyranny of the majority.
You're absolutely right, sir, and you're very well informed.
And that's why they hate the military and the police.
Because out of the general public, you guys have learned the basic Bill of Rights and Constitution compared to the public.
And so that's why you're the enemy.
You represent old American institutions that aren't perfect, but are like.
Ice water in the Sahara Desert compared to the poison the globalists are foisting upon us.
Amazing points.
Yes, this is all illegal under the Nuremberg Code and under the Geneva Convention that came out of the Nuremberg trials.
God bless you, Mike, and the U.S.
But God help us, if they get control of the military, we will then have to go to war with it, won't we?
And the police.
So the police better know that.
If you let the left take over police, you'll have to fight us.
President Trump is now speaking live in Charlotte, North Carolina.
We now take you live.
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Now if you want to really drive him crazy, you say, twelve more years.
Twelve more years!
Twelve more years!
Twelve more years!
Because we caught them doing some really bad things.
In 2016, let's see what happens.
We caught them doing some really bad things.
We have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they're working on.
Sending them out to people that didn't ask for them.
They didn't ask, they just get them.
And it's not fair, and it's not right, and it's not going to be possible to tabulate, in my opinion.
It's just my opinion.
We have to be very, very careful.
And you have to watch.
Every one of you, you have to watch.
Because bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign, and that goes to Biden, and that goes to Obama.
And we have to be very, very careful.
We have to be very, very careful.
And this time, they're trying to do it with a whole post office scam.
They'll blame it on the post office.
You can see them setting it up.
Be very careful and watch it very carefully, because we have to win.
This is the most important election in the history of our country.
This is the most.
You know, for a long period of time, I would say, well, 2016, how special was that evening?
Was that one of the great?
That was one of the great evenings.
But we have to be very, very careful and we have to win.
Our country is counting on it.
This is the biggest.
This is it.
Our country can go in a horrible, horrible direction, or in an even greater direction.
And before the plague came in from China, that's where we were going.
We were going in a direction like we had never seen.
The most successful economy
In the history of our country, the best unemployment numbers in history for African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, women, college students, bad students, good students, everybody.
If you had a diploma, if you didn't have a diploma, it didn't matter, you were doing well.
Everybody was doing well.
And we were actually coming together.
You know, success brings people together.
Maybe better than anything else.
Success brings people.
So many times they say, we're divided.
Well, we were very divided under President Obama.
Very divided.
People have no idea how divided.
They didn't talk about it as much.
They didn't say it as much.
But we were really coming together.
And I was speaking with Democrats all of a sudden, because the success, the markets were at an all-time high.
And by the way, take a look at what's happening with the markets.
Take a look at your 401Ks, which you probably do every hour.
Take a look at your stocks.
We're very close to breaking the record, and NASDAQ has already done it.
You know, NASDAQ has broken the record, I think 16 times already.
During a...
Hopefully we'll call it the final phase of a pandemic.
You know, Biden the other day said, no, he'd shut it down.
He'd listened to some guy say, and he'd shut it down.
We just broke a record on jobs, an all time record.
There's never been three months where we've put more people to work over 9 million people.
And again, we're just about ready to break the all time stock market record.
I mean, you look at it.
We're just about ready to do it again.
All right, let's stop right there.
We're going to come back to more of this.
It's live right now.
We're going to pause it.
We'll go back to more of it.
But I want to get to the calls and make you front and center.
But everything he's saying is totally true.
And the corrupt deep state that sold us out to China, that does not believe this country should exist, that wants a global currency, that wants to get us out of the way, and then bring in their new old order values, that if you think our police have got problems and our government's had problems, our government
Is a fantasy land, wonderland, heaven system compared to communist China and places like that.
My God, everybody knows that.
And so, you think our system has problems?
Yeah, that's called due process.
It's got its own issues.
And of course, we become a decadent, slob-like nation.
Not all of us, but a lot of us.
Myself included.
I mean, I can talk about how we need to be tough and strong and in shape and everything, but I like to eat a whole pizza as much as the next guy.
The difference is I can recognize I got problems.
Compared to other people that just don't care and live in la-la land, and they think they're on a bandwagon of what's popular, hating the President, hating America, when they're literally on the bandwagon, funded by the EU, the globalists, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, the CHICOMS, that think this country was done.
That want to totally enslave you.
And Trump doesn't think you're done.
That's Trump's M.O., by the way, buying old, beautiful post offices and resorts and buildings that nobody wants and turning them back into something beautiful.
Trump does love America, and I love America, too.
Especially when I know the type of evil that wants control of it.
Absolutely satanic evil that's bottomless.
It has no remorse, no nothing.
It just wants power, control.
I want to go to Ray in Georgia says, doctors are waking up.
Yeah, the UN admits most doctors don't like vaccines.
So this is all this doubling down where, okay, we're going to make you take shots.
We have liability protection.
You can't question it.
We'll talk about that with him in a moment.
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It's great for kids to learn about.
Science and radio waves and things like that listen to foreign broadcasts as well in full or store.com Okay, let's go to another caller here.
Ray in Georgia.
You say doctors are waking up to vaccines.
Go ahead Heck yeah, Alex.
Hey, we appreciate you being the you know, the battering ram against the New World Order I mean we couldn't gosh we couldn't be doing this without you man I mean, it's just amazing what you what you guys guys have been able to accomplish My father-in-law.
He's a he's a doctor.
He's an MD and he's
You know when when my children were born we were like you know we're not going to do we're not we're going to do an alternate schedule of vaccines and then my son had kind of an adverse reaction and um and so we stopped.
So let's be clear you did even less than they recommended and your son had a problem?
Yeah well you know I I can't like totally attribute it to it but we were just like we saw like
Yeah, it's like a cobra bites and he dies.
You're not sure the cobra did it, but it looks like it did, yeah.
It's like being rushed to market.
It's like, you know, it's crazy.
Well, you know, doctors have the third lowest lifespan in the United States.
It goes gay men, black men, doctors.
And then of any profession, doctors live less long lives than combat vets.
You know why?
Because they make, oh guess who's next?
They make the nurses and the doctors take them all and it brain damages them and it kills them.
Not to mention the obesity rates.
I mean, the nurses come in super skinny at the beginning and then, like, by the end, you know, they're like 400 pounds.
Look, even a good vaccine lowers your immunity to other pathogens.
Okay, it'll teach you how to beat one thing but not the other.
It has all the side effects, all the additives, all the things that contaminate them.
But the new ones are beyond that.
I mean, now they want us to take a hundred shots?
You know, I mean, yeah, exactly.
So hold on, don't hang up.
I want to come back to you because I want to take your little story here, make a little four-minute deal we run during the breaks, because that's what we do here.
I want to hear what he's saying now about how he's starting to wake up.
Show him the videos that may not video from the head of the U.N.
vaccine program admitting they don't work, they're untested, and doctors don't believe in them.
That's why they did this whole double down, though.
We'll be right back with our number two, your phone calls, more of Trump's impromptu surprise speech and more.
This is gonna be the grooming of the next generation.
That's the whole goal, is to make kids that aren't used to seeing something like me more comfortable to seeing it.
The woman gets up on her table, spreads her legs, it's a man.
This is adult entertainment.
But what do predators do?
They target children.
Stardom Young, right?
Breaking news, we have just confirmed that a registered child sex offender has been reading to children at a Houston public library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour.
Shake your butt!
Shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em!
What alternate universe is this?
What planet did I wake up in?
What has this world come to?
Some people consider it provocative.
It's not inappropriate.
Family programming.
Love it.
There is now a push to normalize pedophilia.
It's gonna be marketed to children, it's gonna sexualize children, it's gonna tell girls they can be boys, boys they can be girls, and it's the same kids that they just forced to watch the Cardi B softcore porn video.
And so this is just a big demonic exercise.
It'd make me feel liberated.
Right here on her privates, and if you push those, she makes these sounds.
Now does anybody in this room know how to twerk?
I couldn't even get through one episode of Big Mouth.
I mean, it's literally children having the raunchiest, most disgusting sex, sexually oriented conversation.
Meow, meow, who's got the cream?
Me, I've got the cream.
It will never be okay, as much as Hollywood wants it to be.
Under MKUltra, they experimented on children.
We were even taught this in psychophysiology program, that if you get to a child between ages one and six, or one or eight, especially with sexual abuse or sexual trauma,
You will split their personality and they will be imprinted the rest of their life and many times that results in split personalities and disassociative behavior and other things.
And that's why it takes critical thinking.
The people have got to look at this stuff critically and see what they're being fed so they can cross that psychological line that they just refuse to see it when it's right in front of them.
People that blow the whistle on elite pedophiles tend to have accidents.
We are grooming the new generation of Americans to be fully embracing of diversity and inclusivity.
You are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.
Does that sound like something you are behind?
Well, I haven't heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?
Marina Abramovic is a superstar with every weird, twisted, Hollywood, D.C.
or New York lowlife.
Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein.
Name three things that don't hang themselves.
Maxwell participated with and assisted Epstein in maintaining and protecting his sex trafficking ring, ensuring that approximately three girls a day were made available to him.
Human smuggling.
People think of that as an ancient art.
There are more human smugglers right now, traffickers they call them, than at any time in the history of our world.
Trump has signed executive orders to expand interdiction of human trafficking.
It's exploded.
He's got the Navy and the Army involved stopping it.
And they're having huge busts of small children kidnapped.
Operation Cross-Country led to the arrest of 120 human traffickers.
One of the victims was just three months old.
124 arrests.
339 criminal arrests were made across the state.
84 underage boys and girls forced into prostitution.
Sarasota deputies have announced the arrest of 25 people accused of traveling to have sex with a child.
Tonight, more than half a dozen accused child sexual predators are off the street.
One trafficker was arrested after making a deal with an undercover agent.
...to sell a three-month-old girl and her five-year-old sister for sex.
Human sex trafficking of juveniles.
I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government that we can do in order to solve this horrific problem.
The whole Clinton system is just littered with pedophiles and Tony Podesta running, you know, full-page articles about how he loves art of naked children.
They're throwing it in our face.
All right, so he just joined us.
We're into the second hour here on this August 24th, Monday edition.
The president gave a surprise speech.
It's ongoing.
He was going to speak the other nights of the convention.
I think it's very smart he'd do this to counter all the disinformation and propaganda.
CNN has announced they're going to be breaking into all of his speeches and fact-checking it, something that they didn't do, of course, at the DNC.
Trump's not going with the virtual cult event where everybody stays 20 feet from each other, because now 6 feet isn't enough, and wear the stupid mask.
So he's being roundly criticized for that, but they're having the MTV Awards in New York, and the governor put a waiver on the 14-day quarantine for them, just not for the NRA or for police rallies.
Why do you follow what that criminal says?
But it's about the naked exercise of power where Governor Newsom keeps his restaurants and wineries open when everybody else is closed.
He's a statewide chain.
Just like Governor Lightfoot goes, of course I get security at my house.
I'm important.
And I get to go out and get my hair cut.
I'm a public figure.
You don't.
Like, well that's incredible hypocrisy.
They're like, of course it is.
We're rubbing your face in it.
So I'll go back to Trump's speech and back to your calls, but
We're talking to Ray, who said his son, you know, seemed to have an adverse reaction, even though they did the reduced vaccine roster.
A child's not gonna have intravenous drug use or anal sex to get hepatitis, so why do they give them that?
It's just a really serious vaccine that messes the kids up in studies.
Well, why are they giving little girls Gardasil shots that don't even protect you from Haemopapilloma virus?
There's thousands of varieties that protect you from four.
Well, it attacks your ovaries, that's why.
It's sterilization.
Why do you do this?
None of the vaccines protect you except tetanus.
It's been proven to work and be effective, but they can add hormones to it, so then your body has an autoimmune response to that hormone, so that women can never have babies.
Look into it.
So, with the whole history of secret experimentation, who would you trust in these big companies to do this?
And then Gates says that he has liability protection and he says it's going to hurt a bunch of people.
So you were then bringing up your father-in-law, who's a doctor.
Just finish up your story saying he doesn't want to take all these vaccines because for the doctors, they do say it's mandatory.
Go ahead.
Yeah, with this whole thing, I mean, it's really opened the doctor's eyes to a lot of it.
And it's kind of retroactively made them start looking back into the previous vaccines.
What it did was it made him go and research
You know, that there's aborted fetal cells in the, you know, in the vaccine.
And once he did that, he's like, well, you know, my Catholic belief, you know, that goes against everything that I believe in, you know?
And so it's really, you know, the doctors are waking up, you know, the religious ones are going, what the heck, you know?
So, you know, that was kind of my point.
You know, if I could get on to, I've got a couple other points I could bring up.
Sir, I want to hear from you, but I gotta move.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
I gotta get to everybody else.
Great caller.
Your Catholic beliefs are right.
The Judaic beliefs are right.
Christian beliefs, you don't put foreign blood into you.
You don't mix the seed.
They figured out back then, hey,
Don't eat certain animals, and we now know because they carry diseases.
People had laws, they had common sense.
And so, when you put aborted fetal tissue into somebody, your body then starts having autoimmune responses to itself.
Because if you're becoming immune because there's an adjuvant that causes you to have a bigger immune response to the pathogen, let's say, tetanus strain.
But there's other genetic material in there.
A lot of vaccines were grown on peanuts.
Everybody knows until about 50 years ago, there was no peanut allergies.
By the 90s, thousands of kids were dying a year in the U.S.
And they learned.
It was because they grew a vaccine, an MMR vaccine, on peanuts for a while.
A peanut protein.
It's all sorts of stuff going on.
I mean, they grow them on eggs, they grow them on blood from monkeys.
I mean, it's dangerous, folks.
And then you get all that other genetic material.
And then your body has problems with it, has an autoimmune response to it.
Alright, I didn't mean to cut the colors for you, I'll just never get to Ray and Austin and Douglas and Matt and Michael and Charlie and Aaron and Todd and Joseph even in this hour if I don't start doing it because we need to hear more from the President.
So I had him live earlier, I hit pause to take a few calls, got a break.
Let's listen to a little bit of what Trump was talking about.
Going to war with the deep state?
Obama trying to steal the election.
They're trying to steal it again.
They're sending out 80 million ballots to confuse everything.
Yeah, there's no way that could ever be counted properly.
It's being randomly sent out.
This is how they contest the election by sabotaging it, and then when Trump fights them, they say he's a dictator.
It's going to happen.
It's their strategy.
And then they're going to activate race riots all over the country.
What are we going to do about it?
Here's the president.
$28 billion because they were targeted by China.
I got the farmers $28 billion.
$16 and $12.
That's why.
So in spite of the pandemic and our farmers did a great job in supplying food and all of the difficulties during this period of time, but we're getting ready to do things like nobody's ever seen before.
But the best way to bring unity is success.
Success brings unity.
And we were there.
And then we got hit with the plague.
But we won't forget that.
I just want to thank the people of North Carolina because, to be honest with you, I felt an obligation to be here.
You have a governor who's in a total shutdown mood.
I guarantee on November 4th, it'll all open up.
It'll be fine, like most other states.
On November 4th, you know, these Democrat governors, they love shutdown until after the election's over because they want to make our numbers look as bad as possible for the economy.
But our numbers are looking so good, and frankly, I used to say a V, and people would say, well, maybe not, I don't think so.
This is gold.
He needs to directly attack them.
They're the enemy, they're doing it all, they're criminals.
Damn right.
Looking like it's a super V.
Our automobile numbers are incredible.
Both used cars and brand new cars.
Our manufacturing numbers incredible.
We're putting a lot of manufacturing jobs to work that the previous administration said you'd need a magic wand.
You'd need a magic wand for manufacturing jobs.
I don't think so.
I guess we had the magic wand.
That's all.
But we're putting them again.
We're putting it back.
We're bringing it back.
But think of your life just prior to the plague coming in.
It was the best it's ever been.
Your state had the best numbers they've ever had.
Ever had, by far.
And we had the best employment numbers, also.
We were up to 160 million jobs.
We were never anywhere near that.
And then we had to shut it down.
We saved millions and millions of lives.
We learned the enemy.
We learned all about the invisible enemy.
How it affects really people that are older, especially older people, the elderly, but older people with problems with heart, with diabetes, with other problems.
And we learned and
Most of the country is right now doing very, very well.
They've done an incredible job.
And to have a man sitting on television the other day say, oh, I'd shut it down.
Oh, I'd shut it down.
Like, it's easy.
Shut it down.
And by the way, when you shut it down, and we did the exact right thing, we shut it down, then we reopened.
And that's what we're doing now.
We're well into it.
If we didn't shut it down at that point, we would have had millions of people dead.
Millions of people.
Yeah, he's going along the official story.
The job that Mike Pence and the task force and all of us together have done has been incredible, what we've done, what we've achieved.
Whether it's ventilators, whether it's supplying equipment to governors that were totally ill-prepared.
Many of the governors were totally ill-prepared.
And Trump knows that most of the public still buys the official hoax.
They may think it's over-exaggerated, but they still buy into it.
Because, you know, billions are going to die if we don't do this.
And then, of course, none of it happened because it was all a fraud.
And then they didn't release the clampdown after because they never wanted to go.
They made the clampdown more intense up front because they wanted to hurt the economy and punish nationalists, but they always had this thing on the shelf, they admit it.
This is the post-industrial world.
This is the clampdown.
All right, we'll skip ahead of him getting into the virus.
I want him to get into the election and other areas, but we're going to take your calls when we come back on how do we stop the deep state, because you know they've got some curveballs up their sleeves.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is InfoWars.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
We're on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
But it's counter-striking.
All right, let's jam in a bunch of your calls.
These are all great callers, but I can't spend five, ten minutes with each one or I'll never get to you.
Who's been holding the longest here?
I guess that'd be Austin in Virginia.
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Good, brother.
Go ahead.
Hey man, so yeah, I'm in Virginia and I saw this morning you posted on a band video that they're doing mandatory vaccinations here.
Yes, that's his hoax.
He calls them mandatory, but you still have all the laws that say they can't force you to, but they're going to attempt to say it's mandatory.
Well, yeah, of course.
I mean, I'm not going to get it myself there.
I'll be on hot pursuit before they get me, but.
Yeah, but in Virginia, I feel like I'm the only one not wearing a mask now.
Um, because I'm pretty close to Northern Virginia.
There's a lot of federal buildings around here, and, um, there's a lot of sympathy for Northern, too, but I think a lot of people are scared to speak out out here, and, um, they're just closeted in, and some people are scared to not wear masks.
But, um, I just wanted to say, uh, I mean, I know the Lord's with me, so I don't fear.
Well, here's the bottom line, brother.
Depending on whose statistics you look at,
It's 0.0032.
I keep removing a zero.
It's 0.0032 of people that get it.
It's a hoax.
It's all lies about ventilators and full hospitals and all this.
There's always people dying of respiratory illnesses.
So they just make a big deal out of each one, and then have headlines like, men who wear a face mask are sexier, or in the US, women, in some stupid poll they put out.
It's all garbage, sir.
It's a hysteria weapon.
God bless you.
Be safe up in Virginia.
Speak out.
Be a leader.
We went down to Barton Springs.
We had about 300 people there.
Shut down park.
Beautiful open springs.
And of course the police didn't do anything because they knew we were in the right.
And it was just so good to be around 300 people not wearing masks.
As long as I have my zinc, my vitamin D3, I'm in the sun.
If I don't have those, I'll die of any virus.
Any virus will kill you when you don't have an essential.
If a vitamin or mineral is essential, it means you have to have it to live.
Iodine is essential.
X2 is pure iodine.
Most of the iodine out there isn't absorbed properly.
So that's why this is a life-saving situation.
They want you ignorant and dumb and sick.
In fact, somebody took my X2 off my table.
Somebody do me a favor, bring my X2 bottle back.
Thank you very much.
All right, let's go to now.
Ryan in Georgia.
COVID equals tyranny.
Master training for more.
Oh, they admit it's an act of submission to the forced inoculations, the digital tracking.
I mean, you know a bunch of universities in the U.S.
already are saying you can't leave this semester, and they give you a phone that tracks where you go.
If you leave the campus, you get expelled.
I mean, this is it.
This is the takeover.
Can you hear me okay?
I can, brother.
Go ahead, Ryan.
I just want to say, man, I've supported this broadcast for 10 years.
And it's an honor to fight alongside every info warrior out there.
And this whole thing is coming to a climax.
And you know how this is a big exercise in tyrannical authority?
Well, for us, it is an exercise of resistance.
I mean, we need to train ourselves to resist all the strong arming and everything like that.
All the shaming that will get you to wear a mask.
The social distancing.
We need to resist all that stuff up front and train ourselves to fight.
And I just pray that the Lord gives us courage, man, to keep going.
Sir, I concur with you a trillion percent.
You know, I played the live feed of Trump's speech.
In the first hour.
It's still ongoing, I'm told.
And he said, this is the most historic election, most important election in U.S.
We have an outside group working with foreign powers, trying to overthrow America, and they're using the COVID hysteria to kill our economy.
All that's true.
That's the truth.
And Americans will resonate with that.
So we're going to take that first few minutes of his speech.
Put it out on Bandot Video in the next 20 minutes and I want it to go viral, viral, viral.
Because he, and he says, I need all of you to warn everyone and to watch for election fraud.
He's calling on us, invoking the people.
I mean, this is it, man.
This is the traders and the collaborators and the globalists working together to end this country as we know it and bring us to our knees.
Are we going to let him do it, Ryan?
No, you know, I'm not.
I'm going to go down fighting, man, on my feet, regardless of what happens.
And this is the great battle of our time, you know?
This is America's, you know, like, meanest terrorist.
If we lose here, the whole world is going to get engulfed in darkness.
I mean, that's it.
And you want to live in a communist Chinese system, man?
All these little leftists out here have
I have no idea what that is like.
To get snatched out of the middle of the night, you know?
I mean, they can do whatever they want.
I mean, they're stealing people's organs, man.
And they want to send contact tracers just like Australia and Europe and just grab you out of your house saying you did something wrong.
It's the perfect cover for their snatch and grabs.
This is it.
They're coming.
The Rockefeller Foundation admits it.
This is it.
Just like Trump said.
Just like you said.
This is it.
It's the main assault.
I've been telling people.
Now Trump's saying it.
People know the truth.
And what's their number one mission?
Suppress your speech.
Suppress doctors and scientists and shows like this, exposing it.
That's why you got to take the feed from Man.Video, your local radio station or TV station, and tell people, tune in now!
This is what they don't want you to hear!
And people understand that.
Thank you, Ryan.
All right, Matt in Connecticut, then Douglas and others.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
First-time caller.
Long-time listener.
First and foremost, I want to say thank you for building such an amazing platform for citizens, you know, from all walks of life to really be frontline soldiers in the info war.
Well, it's not about us taking credit, but it's about this.
I knew this, the takeover was coming.
I knew the internet kill switch was coming.
We said we need to build this, listeners, because there's going to be a total censorship of the web and we need to have our own platform because I was reading their own documents.
That's what I'm telling you.
It's not me.
I read these powerful people's plan.
They're in charge.
I believe we could beat them.
So isn't it crazy that we're on air and we still have this platform and in ways it's bigger than ever?
It's amazing and I could say that InfoWars has been more crucial to my learning and education, shaping my worldview and I studied at an Ivy League school.
I have my graduate degree in economics and international relations but I've been listening to InfoWars since I'm 18 years old and everything
You know, that you're laying out there for the people.
It's on point.
You know, we're at a crucial point.
You know, we really need to take up, you know, some sort of fight now, whether it's with information or standing your ground.
Because, you know, from a socioeconomic perspective, it's not going to be pretty coming up if you just look at it at the base.
Well, that's what communists do.
I'm gonna hold you over to finish your point.
And then we've got a guest coming.
I'm gonna go back to calls.
But let me say this right now.
I went out to the event Saturday where 300 of us or so showed up to swim illegally in the huge natural springs that come out of the side of the hill and dump into the Colorado River.
It was safe.
It was fun.
It was great.
We all did it.
There was a retired full colonel there, and he said, listen, I worked in intelligence, I worked in all these areas, and he said, none of it ever made sense until I found your show, and then followed the different data points you brought out, and he goes, it wasn't you telling me, you were just pointing me in the direction of where, he goes, now everything makes sense.
And then he read globalist documents that were above what the military was being given, and they're all admitting it!
Listen, listen folks, they're all admitting it.
I don't get any credit for this except caring.
I mean, this is an admitted takeover plan!
We have the enemy blueprints!
We have their attack plan!
We can beat them!
You know, every morning, I sit there and my wife's like, why do you like Googling your name?
And I said, I don't like it.
It's like waiting to be punched in the stomach.
I need to see the new lawsuit, the new attack, the new deep state operation against us.
It's part of the war.
Well, when I go to InfoWars.com, and I'm about to hit refresh, it's like waiting to get punched in the stomach.
And we knew this was coming.
World Health Organization chief warns of vaccine nationalism as 172 countries sign on to coronavirus vaccine distribution scheme.
That's the UN directing 172 nations on how to behave, with Bill Gates above the UN.
Countries that resist taking the vaccine endanger the world, says the head of the World Health Organization, a known communist from Ethiopia.
You can see the video of him saying it.
I mean, this is just... Boom!
You wake up, you're under world government, and the United Nations tells you what you're gonna do.
And they're gonna use this as a global tracking system of where you travel and what you do.
And they're telling you the vaccine's gonna hurt you, it doesn't even protect you.
You just wake up, you're inside a world government that wants to put things in your body.
And the media censors the bad effects, and the sicknesses and the illnesses, and the old people they kill in the nursing homes with the COVID.
I mean, these are evil people making their move.
Please print me that article, guys.
Thank you very much.
Let's finish up this call, then we'll go to our guest here, then back to your calls.
Our guest, Drew Hernandez, has got a lot of courage.
He's got some of the most amazing footage yet in areas of Wisconsin and other areas.
He's got back to Chicago now with just some of the most serious rioting and looting and street fighting we've seen yet.
But Matt in Connecticut was going to finish up about everybody fighting back and the focus of the attack.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
So I do have some good news, you know, behind the blue wall of quarantine up here in Connecticut, I did attend an event with some former hockey buddies from college, and I see a lot of people are just kind of waking up.
You know, these are professional people, bankers, lawyers, and everyone kind of understands what's going on, but it seems like there's no real organization.
There's no leadership.
Everybody I know goes and visits their doctor and they go, I'm awake.
This is a hoax.
It's all a big giant fraud.
And like, what do they all say?
What do we do?
What do we do?
So what do we do?
And that's what I'm wondering, you know, we have little pockets of, you know, there's 10, 10 people here, 10 people there.
But with the quarantine, no one could really talk to each other.
And that's what I noticed when I was at this event is you had everyone kind of sitting in the corner, you know, feeling it out.
You know, should I bring this up with this person?
And by the end of it, everyone kind of knows what's going on, and it's really a joke.
I mean, if they ask the American people how they felt about this, if they ask, you know, a lot of the guys out there that are just, I would say, normal, you know, American guys, no one is going along with this stuff.
It's fascism, it's communism, and both of them suck.
Exactly, but it's a centralized medical tyranny, and as more doctors force-inoculate, as more people die, there'll be a bigger incentive to cover it up.
That's how corruption works.
That's how pedophilia took over the Vatican, is that once they're able to corrupt you and get you to not do anything, then the full depth of the corruption comes.
That's why everybody's got to promote Band.Video and Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
If all the audience here realizes that, hey, everybody's waking up, but here's the place that has got all the information, then we can break the globalist will.
And we're very, very close to doing it.
That's why this whole COVID...
Lockdown attack is a doubling down because their system was going down.
And again, I don't just say that.
We saw the UN meetings last year where they said, our hoax is going down.
Our doctors don't believe it.
We've got to stop these inoculations.
And then boom, the group above the UN releases the weapon to make the UN the hero and to shut up their own detractors.
All right.
Drew Hernandez joins us ahead of Savannah Hernandez and
I think so.
Last night, but I think it's best to go to him and give him the floor to describe exactly what he saw and what this was like.
And I'm glad you're all in one piece, my friend.
Armed men coming up and stopping police vehicles, burning down buildings, churches, gas stations.
I mean, what have you witnessed?
Thanks for having me, Alex.
It is absolute, total lawlessness, anarchy.
And it's obvious that these Marxist agendas are now beginning to play out in our real world.
When I showed up last night, literally right when I showed up, there's a gigantic, there's like three huge garbage trucks just lined up on fire.
And then out of nowhere, there's this police squad truck that's being surrounded by Black Lives Matter militants armed with, it appeared to be AR-15s, multiple
I don't think so.
All I heard last night, all I heard was Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.
They're spray painting it on the walls and that's all you hear throughout the entire night.
And I'm sick of people like President Barack Obama lying through his teeth at the DNC convention saying that protests like these are peaceful.
This is the kind of stuff that is literally damaging America because you have a former president of the United States, which we all know is a deep state globalist plant,
That's attempting to lie to people and the world that these are peaceful protesters?
I mean, what more evidence do you need, Alex?
What more evidence do we need to show the world that this is a Marxist agenda?
There's something behind it.
They're funded.
They're protected because they're minorities.
And I can come out and say that it's a bunch of baloney, Alex, that just because people are black or just because people are brown, that they're protected from their criminal activity.
They should be condemned, not because of skin color, not because of race,
But because of their actions.
And that's what these people need to understand.
You don't get a pass to act like a criminal just because of the color of your skin.
That's not how it works.
Sure, sure.
And I'm not giving black and brown folks a pass, because there are some bad folks out there.
But it seems like a bunch of weird, kind of hippie white people, like the guy with the assault weapon pointing it at the cops, it seems like they're kind of in command.
Is that not accurate?
Yeah, and yeah, that's something you do notice, like the Antifa thugs, you know, that are like wannabe soldiers, you know, they should have joined the Marines or the Navy, but they do seem to lead some of the Black Lives Matter gatherings.
Sometimes you'll see, if you notice in footage, you'll see the white people always up in the front because they're leading it or they're shielding black people.
It does seem like it's still led
I totally agree.
Everybody makes a big deal about the KKK.
I don't like the KKK.
And if the KKK had this power, was being backed by a major political party, I'd really be worried about them.
But they don't have any power.
This is a supremacist group.
Run by George Soros, a real Nazi collaborator, running around trying to create division.
How do you think it's going for them?
Because clearly, they say they're going to contest the election.
Whether Trump contests it or not, they're going to contest it if they lose.
And then if Trump fights that, they're going to call for a violent overthrow of the president.
I mean, that's the game plan.
Yeah, I think right now the left, obviously, the deep state is gaining ground.
And you know that, Alex.
But I think right now they don't have the ability to call the military, they don't have the ability to call the Marines, because there's still patriots in them.
Right now, I think they're starting to form a new shadow military through Antifa and BLM militants.
And they do it this way, outside of the mainstream, because there's really no official connection.
I'm sorry to interrupt, you're dead on.
It's okay.
And then they paralyzed the police through mayors and police chiefs they control to incubate their communist militant paramilitary force that Obama famously talked about.
And that's what I saw last night, Alex.
Last night, before you see that little dealership that was set ablaze by the Black Lives Matter militants, the police were driving by back and forth.
They were making threats to, hey, get away from it, get away from it, as they continue to break windows and burn it down.
And I know the police have their hands tied.
You see this in Portland as well.
The commissioner or the mayor tells them, you can't use force because if you do against a minority, then you're all going to be accused of being white nationalists.
So we just can't do it.
We can't do it.
That's what happens, Alex.
And honestly, Alex, it's effective.
It works.
But I think this is how the new regime is going to come in.
Black Lives Matter is a Marxist Trojan horse to bring in communism.
And the New World Order and the Deep State One World Order in America.
I truly believe that right now.
Well you're on fire Drew Hernandez and the footage you got is literally on fire.
You got some of the most amazing footage there.
Project Veritas predicted that Wisconsin would be the big flashpoint
As the election came forward, I want your future predictions, where you're going next, just all the amazing intel you've got on where you travel and what you've done and your great success exposing all those reaching now millions of people.
Trump has fired the bat signal.
He said, I need you to stop the 80 million fake ballots that are meant to gum up everything.
I need you to be vigilant.
I need your help.
We're fighting for our very life.
We have an outside force trying to destroy our economy.
And today,
He said it's the most important election in U.S.
It's the most important election in world history.
We are living history right now.
Every day is like a century.
The countdown, the energy in the air, you could cut it with a knife.
You could not have higher stakes.
Here's the president just an hour ago.
Some really bad things.
We have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they're working on.
Sending them out to people that didn't ask for them.
They didn't ask, they just get them.
And it's not fair, and it's not right, and it's not going to be possible to tabulate, in my opinion.
It's just my opinion.
We have to be very, very careful.
And you have to watch, every one of you, you have to watch.
Because bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign, and that goes to Biden, and that goes to Obama.
And we have to be very, very careful.
We have to be very, very careful.
And this time they're trying to do it with the whole post office scam.
They'll blame it on the post office.
You can see them setting it up.
Be very careful and watch it very carefully because we have to win.
This is the most important election in the history of our country.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no doubt that
This is history.
So let me ask a really smart cookie we've got on.
I'm impressed with him.
Drew Hernandez.
Got a lot of courage going out there and getting the most amazing footage in Kenosha last night and other areas.
What do you think we can do?
You're out there showing the evil that mainstream media always just says, oh, peaceful, and then won't show what's happening.
And you're a soldier in information war going and telling the truth.
I guess that's what everybody needs to do.
What else can we do?
Honestly Alex, I think that is the number one question right now, because the left, the radical hard left, is literally resulting to acts of violence.
And I think right now we have to have a conversation.
I mean, when the Constitution is on the line, I know this is why Donald Trump is saying this is the most important election in US history, not because he's president,
I think because our Constitution is seriously on the line right now.
Oh, you feel it, you see it, and you say hardline Democrats.
You're right, but they have the absolute backing of the leadership.
This is the Democratic Party.
This is terrorists!
Yes, and I know Donald Trump will always say the only thing standing between your rights and your freedom is me right now, but I truly do believe the only thing standing between any of that right now is the Constitution, and Donald Trump is right there in front of it.
But I think right now we have to be extremely serious about what's taking place right now, Alex.
I mean, really think about it.
With COVID going on right now,
In my opinion, on the streets, reporting on the ground, there's really not a lot of other people around.
No eyewitnesses.
It's only just these crazy, useful idiots.
Because everyone's in their house, there's no witnesses outside.
Everyone's afraid to go outside.
COVID has...
Seriously, put everyone inside their houses so the hard left can call out all their lemmings and do their dirty work and no one can see it, no one can report it because of the scary coronavirus and everyone's... It adds up so perfectly, Alex.
That's why I go out, because I want people to see what these people are doing.
And every time, Alex, I'm out there filming,
I'm an American Hispanic, Alex.
I get called a white nationalist.
I get my life threatened by Antifa and BLM radicals.
I literally am putting my life on the line, and these people claim to be champions of minorities, but they threaten my life every day.
Because I have different political opinions?
No, because I'm exposing their criminal activity, and they're mad because their true colors are being shown, and they don't want that.
They're the real fascists, Alex.
Fascists suppress the press.
That's right.
That's what they do.
That's who they are.
And this is who these people are and we need to continue to unmask them.
And number one, Alex, we need to not be afraid of them.
Too many people are afraid of these people.
Who cares of the consequences?
America and the Constitution is on the line right now, and if we continue to put our heads in the sand, even Christians, born-again Christians and pastors and people that should be speaking out, if we continue to stand down, we will lose everything.
I agree.
And that's where we are right now in 2020, Alex.
Yeah, exactly.
You have evil multinational cutthroat corporations that own slave camps in China, Apple, Google, all of them, giving money to Black Lives Matter.
Nothing to do with black people.
They want to abort the black people.
They want to abort everybody.
They use it as their front for their communist overthrow.
And Dolly Parton comes out and endorses Black Lives Matter.
Because to her, it's like, I'm a girl from Tennessee.
I'm just going to... No, you're not endorsing Martin Luther King, lady, who you should endorse.
You're not endorsing...
Common sense stuff.
You're endorsing the opposite, a communist, radical overthrow, civil unrest.
God Almighty, so how do we get all the cowed, white people especially, but everybody, cowed, bowing down to this?
We need to just start calling people out.
Where are all the Hollywood elites, Alex?
You saw the footage.
It's not CGI.
It's not fake.
I didn't make that up in a computer.
That's what Black Lives Matter does.
And then you have LeBron James and you have all these, you know, blue check Twitter marks all over all these Hollywood elites.
They don't condemn it.
They don't even talk about it.
Because they're puppets!
It's on agenda!
It's on agenda to get the lemmings to believe that that's actually reality.
It's not reality, Alex.
And I know you know this, Alex.
I'm not yelling at you.
I just know people need to wake up to the reality of what this is.
We're on over 200 radio stations.
We have new listeners every second.
No, they need to know.
There's an urgency.
And that's what you get.
I get it.
There's an urgency.
This is real.
And it only gets worse if they get re-elected.
If they get into power, they want to make us poor like Russia or China or Venezuela.
It's a tool of control.
Explain that to some of the leftists that are tuning in that think they're going to get power positions in all this.
History always repeats itself.
Anytime a communist regime takes power, the useful idiots that got them there are the first ones to get executed.
That's how it works.
Because you have too much influence.
If you're a Hollywood elite, if you're a movie star,
If you're a sports star, if you have any kind of influence, and you got that regime to the top, you're the first to go, because you'll be too powerful to remain, you'll be too influential to remain, and you might think you'll have a spot, but history always repeats itself.
The first ones to go are the useful idiots and the influential media figures, Hollywood elites that got them there.
Because they will find out that they were lied to and they can't be left alive.
Because if they are, they have way too much influence to turn it around.
And you can't be left alive.
That's facts.
That's communist history.
And that's where America is going.
If we don't stand up and say something and do something, Alex, it's gone too far.
How far do we allow this to go?
How far do we allow this radical left agenda, this New World Order agenda, subvert, erase, pervert our children, completely decimate our Constitution, and we just sit back and say, oh, well, we just don't want to be seen as getting a little crazy, but Alex,
What do we do?
How do you stop a murderous communist regime from taking over and slaughtering America?
I think that's the answer that we're all looking for because we've never seen it before, Alex.
We've never seen it.
We don't have a solution.
And I think that's what everyone's trying to figure out.
Well yeah, have you seen the clip of Carlos Zapata?
He doesn't want violence, I don't want violence.
But he says, you're starving us, you're killing us, we're going to come after you.
We're not a million, we're 20, 40, 50 million that get it, and we will not be stopped.
And I don't even want to go there, because we're going to have to chew up all their cannon fodder.
But I want George Soros and the globalists to know, if this really goes to real civil war,
They're going to be hunted down after we take the country back.
No matter where they are, they'll be just like the Nazis.
So Soros may have gotten out of Hungary or Romania back in 1945 working for the Nazis, but they're not going to get out this time.
Absolutely not, Alex.
I mean, let's always remember this.
Why do we have the Second Amendment?
Is it for home defense?
Is it for self-defense?
It's to defend ourselves as Americans from a tyrannical government.
That's where we're going.
That's what we're seeing.
And it's not wrong to cite the Second Amendment in that context.
It's not a threat!
They're the ones burning everything down, saying they're going to put us in FEMA camps, saying they're going to arrest us, saying they're going to kill us.
They've already censored us.
They're already telling us we're not essential.
They're telling us we're not even human!
Yeah, and Joe Biden is coming out and making demands.
You know, we're going to have a nationwide mask mandate.
We're going to have nationwide this, nationwide that.
They think Donald Trump is the fascist when they are the fascists.
We all know that.
They're masters of doublespeak, but it's the leftists.
It's the kids.
It's the useful idiots that need to wait on Alex to stem.
I want to get you back for a full hour.
I want to get you in all the other shows.
I'm aware of your work, but on air, you're really fired up here.
A little more subdued on Tucker Carlson, but I like the unleashed you here with us at Lives Matter Show on Twitter, YouTube Lives Matter.
We're going to come back in two minutes to go to him, and then we're going to go back to your calls, and then Savannah Hernandez and Greg Reese, who've been kicking butt in Portland with their own just insane stuff in the street battles.
They just got back late last night.
They're going to be in studios, so it's all crazy.
And by the way, when I tell you you need storable food, we have the best quality ready to ship.
One to two weeks, it's in stock.
You need to get your orders in ahead of what is ever coming.
They're going to contest the election.
It's going to get crazy.
I sell stuff that funds us that I believe in.
And believe me, I don't sell firearms, but you should be getting them and learning how to use them.
And you should be politically active and stop not getting to that point.
But I've got to tell you, I've been getting the guns out, getting them cleaned, you name it, and been target shooting because, I mean, I've been
Double locking all the doors and everything else because all hell is already breaking loose.
The crime rate's off the chart.
We are not in Kansas anymore.
Third hour straight ahead.
Stay with us.
You know, Drew Hernandez.
I just got my heart beating faster earlier because the energy, the fact that he understands this is imminent.
This is do or die right now.
This is hundreds of years of evil building up to take down the United States of the West.
This is palpable danger to your body and to your very will.
And it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
So in the time we have left, we salute your amazing work going into these towns and cities.
What else do you want to impart to folks about the fact that this is game time?
I just want Americans to understand that they're, and I'm really saddened that it's gotten so tribal.
But I want Americans to understand there is no gray area.
These people are, you're either with us or against us.
This is how they act on the streets, Alex.
When I'm out there and they find out that I'm there, they start chanting my name.
They start threatening me.
They start getting in my face and threatening me, pushing me out of an event because I'm different, because I have a different political ideology than them.
There is no accepting or tolerant, even though they claim to be tolerant.
So my message right now to people that might be, you know, sitting on the fence, just hoping that Donald Trump will fix it, or just hoping that, you know, like guys like myself or Alex Jones or Savannah Hernandez or Owen Schroer will fix it, that we can only do so much.
We can only say so much.
We can only cover so much.
It's the everyday American.
That has to stand up, that has to speak up, that has to get up and do something and say something themselves.
That's why we have our freedoms.
That's why men and women that have gone before us have bled and that have died for this moment, Alex.
For this moment!
Because whenever freedom is on the line, sacrifices have to be made, and that's where we are in 2020 right now.
Because our lives and our freedom and our constitutional civil rights are being stripped away from us, not only digitally, Alex, but now even in the real world.
I'm receiving death threats right now, Alex.
I can't go back out and report tonight because Antifa is already announcing my locations.
Because what do you think they want to do, Alex?
Have a conversation with me?
Ask me why I'm reporting what I'm reporting?
No, they're scum.
They want to silence you so that they can work with the media to control the narrative and claim that the police burned down the buildings.
Absolutely, and that's who these people are.
This is who's going to gain ground.
If Joe Biden gets elected, if a globalist gets back in the White House and takes the congressional, all seats, Senate, everything, if they get in full power, Alex, I think the number one thing that they're going to do is take the constitution away.
And they're gonna bring in their new world order agenda.
The new normal is gonna be everybody's new agenda.
You'll be told what you can do.
You will literally be commanded what you can say, what you can see, what you can watch.
This is where it's going.
And Alex, I know you've been talking about this.
For years.
And you're being vindicated right now because everything you've ever told us about this tyrannical government that's coming to destroy the West is happening right before our very eyes.
And people need to give you a break because there's a reason why you've been silenced.
There's a reason why they don't want you to speak.
There's a reason, Alex, why this has all happened to you.
And it's because of this moment, Alex.
It's because of this moment.
Well, God bless you.
I'd love to give myself credit.
I just read the most powerful people, David Rockefeller and stuff, saying this was a plan 20 years ago, and I thought, we better fight it.
They sure came after me.
But you know when you're over the target, you're getting the flack, brother.
We appreciate you.
What are you going to do next?
We've got 50 seconds.
Join us again.
We're doing a special show tonight, by the way, since you're locked down, because they're trying to kill you, from 7 to 9.
If you want to pop in, it's commercial free tonight with
Deanna Lorraine, Savannah Hernandez, myself.
If you'd like to pop in tonight, we'd love to have you join us for 30 minutes commercial-free, but in 30 seconds, what else is on your radar?
Awesome, I'd love to.
Let me just check my schedule.
As of tonight, I would like to go back out and report.
I gotta just connect with some people that I really trust for security measures.
Well, regardless, we'll be following you tonight.
We're gonna be talking a lot.
We love your spirit, and God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
Best places to find Drew Hernandez's information is at Twitter.
Lives Matter Show and YouTube.
Lives Matter.
We'll be right back with your calls.
Then we've got Greg Reese and Savannah Hernandez coming in studio.
They just got back from Portland which was just as crazy in a different way as Wisconsin.
I wasn't going to speak.
I was asked to speak here.
You know, Sheriff, good to see you.
I'm telling you guys, you know, I'm pretty appalled at what's going on.
You know, at first we sat as concerned citizens and we all want to figure out how to best navigate our way through this whole COVID thing, you know.
As we realize that it's not quite as dangerous as we thought it'd be.
I was absolutely appalled at the cowardice.
And as you're sitting there with your masks on, I don't blame you for wearing masks because I'd be hiding my face too if I was you for what you're doing.
It's absolutely horrendous what you're doing to these people.
I'm a business owner.
And I'm telling you, our families are starving.
You guys can sit here with your jobs.
You can sit here and you're going to get paid.
You can fall asleep in your chair like that gentleman's doing behind his mask right there.
And I'm telling you right now, that right now we're being peaceful.
And you better be happy that we're good citizens, that we're peaceful citizens.
But it's not going to be peaceful much longer.
And this isn't a threat.
I'm not a criminal.
I've never been a criminal.
I'm telling you, good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon.
And nobody else is going to say that.
I'm probably the only person that has the balls to say what I'm saying right now.
That we're building, we're organizing, and we'll work with law enforcement or without law enforcement.
But you won't stop us when time comes because our families are starving.
And if you don't hear the seriousness of my voice, I hope you open your ears and you absolutely listen to what I'm saying.
Because this is a warning for what's coming.
It's not going to be peaceful much longer.
It's not going to be rah-rahs.
It's not going to be speeches.
It's not going to be gathering outside saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
It's not going to be waving flags.
It's going to be real.
When you've seen the things that I've seen, I went to war for this country.
I've seen the ugliest, dirtiest part of humanity.
I've been in combat.
And I never want to go back again.
But I'm telling you what, I will to save this country.
If it has to be against our own citizens, it will happen.
And there's a million people like me.
And you won't stop us.
Open the county.
Let our citizens do what they need to do.
Let owners of businesses do what they need to do to feed their families.
Take the masks off!
Quit masking and muzzling your children!
The psychological damage you're doing to them is horrible.
I've had six friends kill themselves since it's happened.
Veterans who lost their jobs.
How do you feel about being complicit in perpetuating that?
The greatest toast ever perpetuated on the American people, and you're part of it by wearing your masks.
In Shasta County, we're supposed to be red country up here.
Not blue country, we're red country up here.
You guys know that.
You claim to be conservatives.
Maybe you're not.
Maybe you're liberals.
I don't know.
But by God, we're Americans.
And remember that.
Take your masks off.
Quit muzzling yourselves.
Join us.
Fight with us.
Against what's going on in Sacramento.
It's travesty.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Election countdown, 70 days.
Election countdown to take back America.
Starting tonight, 7 to 9, some nights it'll go longer.
Commercial free.
We'll still have breaks for the local stations.
We're going to run promos during those.
So instead of 14 minutes of ads, you'll have like 6 minutes of ads an hour.
And we're going to be here every night.
Seven to nine when it's election night or during the RNC.
We're going to go longer and it's going to be Savannah Hernandez, Owen Schroyer, Greg Reese, myself, Alex Jones, David Knight.
Some nights we're going to have Deanna Lorraine come in and as a guest reporter and co-host some with us when she gets here in a few weeks.
She'll be here with us co-hosting tonight.
So we're here.
I'll be doing Saturday shows.
2 to 4 p.m., commercial-free.
And then Sundays, as I've been doing for a long time, 4 to 6, but Owen's going to host a special show.
It starts this Sunday.
We haven't decided the name yet.
It'll be commercial-free.
6 to 8 p.m., a call-in show and special guests, because there's so much news, so much happening, and so much going on.
All I ask...
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So I hope Trump can turn it around.
I'd say
60% chance he wins even with fraud, but 30% chance he can turn this depression around.
They're keeping things on life support right now.
He knows we're under artificial fire and attack, so they are using inflation to prop it up, but it's the only move he's got.
I don't blame him for it, but this is such a critical time to be alive.
It's so insane.
So, Savannah Hernandez, Greg Reese, I'm glad you guys decided to go out to Portland.
You were gonna go to Chicago first, you decided to go to Portland last minute, you went there.
There's hours of footage, it may not be video, it's all over Infowars, of these street clashes, of Antifa attacking, the police standing down.
How would you describe it, Savannah Hernandez?
It was like a civil war out there, and you know Alex, you always use the word deranged when you're talking about these leftists, and I was talking to Greg about this when we were there.
You always say that they're deranged, they're demonic, they're foaming at the mouth, and I always thought it was a bit dramatic, but going to Portland?
Was exactly that.
The people there are demonic, they're evil, they're angry, they're deranged.
I've never seen anything like it and I don't want to go back.
The violence we saw from Antifa as they marched through neighborhoods, as they approached the police, as they approached the patriots who were in front of the Justice Center this past Saturday.
Something that's been happening for the past over 80 days now and no one has put a stop to it.
It was shocking to see, but not surprising in the least.
And my biggest takeaway from this, because a lot of people are wondering, well, why is Antifa allowed to do this for so long?
Why have we let this go on for so long, especially in these neighborhoods?
It's to encourage others to do it.
Exactly, and what a lot of people don't know is that the people in those neighborhoods are actually encouraging the marchers.
They're standing on their balconies and their porches and they're clapping.
They're saying, you're here, you're doing a great job.
Thank you for everything that you do.
And that's what made me realize that they've been allowed to do this for so long.
Exactly, exactly.
That's exactly what this is.
The people in Portland have allowed this to fester and turn into this huge mess.
And they're now trying to branch out off into the rest of America.
They're planning on going to Kentucky.
We've seen them in Charlotte.
They were in Wisconsin.
And they're going to continue to branch out the closer we get to the election.
And people ask how I knew this 10 years ago.
The universities were saying, we're getting rid of free speech, we're going to turn everybody racially against each other, then we're going to explode and take over the rest of the country.
And you're like, oh, they won't do it.
These big corporations didn't put tens of millions of dollars into this for no reason.
This is their plan, Gregory.
The other thing that became evident is their main strategy.
They're basically puppets for the mainstream media, and very few of them are aware of that.
I would say the majority of them is like this mentally ill army that they've recruited of just angry individuals from all walks of life.
But then there are the ones up front that are instigating, that are, you know, we got them on video clearly trying to... That's cute.
You've got the mentally ill mass, but then you've got these psychological experts that are controlling them.
And then they also have a team of press, of black bloc press all over the place trying to get, trying, they're looking to capture this, the optics of, you know, the Patriots being the violent ones and Antifa not being the violent ones.
And so it's clear that some of them know, kind of know what's going on.
And then Savannah caught some of them in a parking garage where they were getting overtly violent.
And that was the first time that they expressed any concern for her filming it.
They didn't want that on video.
And that clearly showed them stalking down like a group of three people or something like that.
So... Yeah, they're a bully scum!
And it's so well organized, Alex.
The media keeps trying to tell us that Antifa is not a well organized militia, that Antifa is fake.
Well, me and Greg went and witnessed.
They have vehicle convoys.
They have people on mopeds.
They have their own press.
They're very well organized.
They know exactly what they're doing and they're coming to your neighborhood.
Because this is the Democrats' plan to take over the election, to take over America.
Every single day we see a new city being burned down.
Can you imagine once these commies are in control?
I mean, literally, who will be ruling over you in a FEMA camp is one of these degenerate child molesters.
Because most of them, I've studied their M.O., they're child molesters.
We'll be right back.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Savannah Hernandez, Greg Reese, and the Papa Goblin.
Tonight, 7 o'clock Central.
It's commercial free, and by that, 6 minutes an hour, 4 minutes at the bottom of the hour, 2 minutes at the top of the hour, we'll have promos we play, but stations will have some of their ads, but for us, it's commercial free.
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So not just 4 to 6 p.m.
with myself, but Owen Schroeder, 4 to 8 p.m.
He comes over two hours after me.
That's our commitment.
Through the election, I've told people, get ready through January.
This is going to be insane.
Appreciate the crew.
We've tried to hire more folks.
Never had a better crew.
You guys are amazing.
We love you.
I want to go to Call's next segment, but Savannah Hernandez, Gregory, start with Greg.
Why'd you guys pick to go there?
You said it's going to be the worst ever.
How'd you know that?
How would you describe it?
The media has spun it a bunch of different ways.
What really happened?
They say biggest street battles ever since like World War I we were having street battles or something in the U.S.?
I mean, what the hell was going on here?
You know, honestly, I got to give credit to the spirit, you know, for guiding us because Savannah's been bugging me forever about going somewhere and getting into the heat.
Mostly she was talking about Portland, but then just recently she was talking about Chicago.
And I just asked her, why not Portland?
And then we just asked our news director, Rob Dew, if we knew anything about perhaps the Proud Boys going to Portland or anywhere.
And then he inquired and right away got a reply that they were going to Portland, which was the first we heard of it.
So we immediately picked Portland.
And then the rest of the trip was very synchronistic.
It reminded us a bit of Hong Kong when we went to Hong Kong.
Yeah, we happened upon in my... it seems to me this is the first time these people have been challenged in Portland for the 80 days they've been protesting.
And I was actually hoping for a better outcome, but to be honest, they could claim the victory because their numbers seemed to grow throughout the two hours we were there, and eventually they drove that crowd out of there.
Cheering victory, cornering them in the parking lot.
And to hear them saying, down with America.
Again, if it's so bad, get the hell out.
They want to conquer it and then ruin the economy and take it over.
They were also there burning American flags too, Alex.
And they had guillotines for them.
Yeah, they did.
And you know, I'm glad that you brought up, too, how the mainstream media has been trying to cover this event at the Justice Center.
Because, of course, we're going to see that it was right-wing extremists, that it was the Proud Boys who are Nazis in this white supremacist group who are attacking these poor Antifa types.
But what I want people to notice, too, because there's a guy, there's a reporter for Vice right now.
I guess one of the Proud Boys came and broke his fingers with a baton.
First off, he was in the heat of the battle.
I was standing right there.
I got that exact same shot.
Yeah, they throw themselves in the middle of a battle and then selectively go, I'm a victim.
Exactly, but I want to point something out.
So Antifa has this very well figured out.
They have Antifa Press.
A lot of the people in those videos that have press helmets and press vests are not press.
They're with Antifa.
And I watched them- Well, a lot of them call themselves medics.
No, they're they're medics and they are press Alex.
They have separate different groups Okay, so they have a bunch of different people and the press they actually instigate a lot of violence and then they'll they'll like set up a scene they'll instigate the violence and then they'll take a video of the Proud Boys being violent extremists against You know innocent Antifa types
Oh yeah, I had that Facebook funding group come up like last year when we were in D.C.
And these women go, F you white person, all this stuff.
And I didn't say anything back racist, but they edited that I attacked Native American women.
Right, exactly.
And that's what they're doing.
They figured all of this out.
And it's just this very well constructed, well organized group up there.
So to say that the fact that we have Democrats in office again still
Completely refusing to acknowledge that Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization in America is ridiculous.
Wait a minute, Nadler says it's a myth.
Yeah, exactly.
Okay Jerry Nadler, let's go to Portland.
You and me, let's go to Portland and let's walk the streets together.
Because I was out there and I got bear maced, shot with paintballs, eggs were thrown, silly string was tied around.
Yeah, show me where you got a paintball scar.
Got a little paintball hit and you know this was a very real thing that was happening and residents in Portland too because Greg and I had an Uber driver and she was basically telling us you know a lot of the people in Portland don't agree with this but I think they're really scared to speak up because the majority do and those that don't if you speak up you're gonna get attacked your house is gonna get burned down your family's gonna get beat.
So let me ask you this Greg
Obviously, they're going to say that the election's stolen.
They're going to contest.
When Trump tries to contest the contention, they are going to trigger what they call a race war, but it's really leftist activists.
All this is just beta testing to get ready.
You see it all escalating.
It's not even speculation now.
They admit it's the plan.
What do we do, Greg, with 70 days out to get ahead of this and expose it?
Trump called for our help today.
He said most important election ever.
I agree.
Well, there's never been a more important time in the information war.
I mean, the army of angry, psychotic, mentally ill people that they have, and that is the majority of them, are just people that are mentally ill.
None of this would have been possible without the mainstream media, because these people are just out there repeating the talking points, because they've put all their faith in their favorite celebrities.
Yeah, they're mentally ill people that have been told, go crazy, you're a hero.
Absolutely, and they're convinced of it and you can see it and the only thing that's going to change them is changing that information.
Because right now the trendy thing to do, and they're getting support from all of pop culture in America, is to go out there and burn things down and to just say every white man is a racist and America's horrible and destroy it all.
One of the craziest things I saw there was someone spray-painted basically something like, may the things that we burned down someday be built back with love.
No, light the way for the future.
Make a way for the future.
But basically it was an admission that they have no plan whatsoever for what's coming next.
Oh, it's like double think.
So people are robbing stores.
They go, I can't breathe.
Like when a guy steals a little white kid's bike.
He goes, you're a racist, George Floyd.
It's like an excuse to be evil.
Exactly, Alex, and so many people have talked about how Black Lives Matter is a Trojan horse to bring communism into America, and that's exactly what it is.
Because if you go out in the street right now and say, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, they're domestic terrorists, you're immediately labeled a racist, and you're immediately discredited by the media and the left, by the mob that is ruling.
So how do you think it's going for Soros and the Democrats?
Because, I mean, Obama and them, their body language is they're scared.
Yeah, and Trump's coming out calling them out as criminals.
There's some indictments have happened.
I mean, I don't want to be over-optimistic.
I don't want to be, you know, over-negative either, but how do you guys think it is?
I feel optimistic.
I mean, we're out there and basically what we're witnessing is this is like Lollapalooza in a dark, like it's Sodom and Gomorrah Lollapalooza.
I mean, it's just a drug alcohol party.
It's a blue city throwing a fit on itself.
That's all.
It's a desperate, insanely desperate attempt to get out of a mess that they're never going to get out of.
That's the impression I got out of.
And so what that tells me is for the next several weeks, we're just going to see more of this and more of this and more of this because this is all they have.
That's my next question.
It's escalating.
What comes next?
Yeah, we made a good point, too.
Greg and I were talking about this, that Donald Trump basically is allowing this to happen in these cities because he's forcing people to say, okay, we need police, we need your help, we need law and order.
The only thing that's going to change anything.
He made the perfect choice.
He didn't just do that.
He tried to go in first, they called him racist, so he pulled back.
He knows it's an adjaprompt.
They're trying to catch him in some violence.
And this is also why I think they sold him as a dictator from day one, was because they knew that if he did come in and make some moves, maybe too soon, then he would look to the average person like a dictator.
Well, yeah, I watch these cops in Wisconsin.
People walk up and aim guns at them.
I'm sorry, I'm not looking to kill anybody.
You're not blocking my car, I'm an agonist.
I'm really impressed by the police restraint here.
The police have their hands so tied in Portland.
I watched them give 10 warnings to Antifa the first night we got there.
They still went.
They destroyed three police cars.
They broke windows.
They threw glass.
The police could not do anything because, again, Democratic leadership.
The police were, they had their hands tied.
So if this is how you want America to be, please vote for Joe Biden.
You're not going to be safe on the street.
You're not going to be safe in your own home.
But just like that army sergeant they tried to pull out of his car, the guy got killed.
They're going to run into reality.
Let's talk about that when we come back and we'll write the phone calls.
I'll ask the listeners that, too.
Well, whatever topic you're calling in about, you can bring up.
I love the wild card nature of it.
Also, what's your line in the sand?
We're not looking for violence, but we're not going to bend over and take it forever.
And listen, the best defense is a good offense.
Once we go on defense, that means offense.
Election Countdown 2020.
Taking back America.
Well, you live to see it.
The combined forces of the CHICOMS, the EU, the Hollywood scum, the blue states, the blue cities, the EU world government throwing everything it's got at America.
And you notice God has a sense of humor, though, and threw up Donald Trump as a standard against the enemy.
But it's up to us to heed that.
And Trump's been firing the bat signal.
I may not be here much longer.
I've cut off these one-sided deals.
I'm doing fair deals with people.
I want to be friendly to everybody, but we're not taking it anymore in the keister.
And now he came out today and he said, they're engaging in massive fraud.
They're coming after us.
Biggest election in our history.
I need you to watch out, America.
I need you.
He says, you've got the power.
That's what he just had to say.
Some really bad things.
We have to be very careful because they're trying it again with this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they're working on.
Sending them out to people that didn't ask for them.
They didn't ask, they just get them.
And it's not fair, and it's not right, and it's not going to be possible to tabulate, in my opinion.
It's just my opinion.
We have to be very, very careful.
And you have to watch.
Every one of you, you have to watch.
Because bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign, and that goes to Biden, and that goes to Obama.
And we have to be very, very careful.
We have to be very, very careful.
And this time, they're trying to do it with a whole post office scam.
They'll blame it on the post office.
You could see them setting it up.
Be very careful and watch it very carefully, because we have to win.
This is the most important election in the history of our country.
And that's not hype.
Everybody knows it's true.
That's why they tell you he's a liar all day.
I want to go to phone calls.
We'll go into the next hour.
And then Gerald Cilenti will take over the last 45 minutes.
But I'm going to go to every person that's holding.
We're very thankful for everybody holding.
Whether it's Douglas or whether it's Kristen, we're going to get to everybody.
But just a brief comment on that historic situation, Savannah Hernandez, to see the president talking like that.
He's completely right.
This is a very important election, probably the most important election in our history.
The American people have gotten comfortable because Donald Trump has been in office, but they need to realize that they are the last line of defense, basically.
We need to keep President Donald Trump in office, and we need to fight for our country.
Because what we see in Portland, what we see in California, is going to spread across America if we continue to allow Democrats to take control.
And it's the whole world government ganged up on us right now.
And again, big tech runs death camps in China.
That's who they are.
It's sick, Gregory.
Yeah, you know, I think the more that the more the volume turns up on all this, the better.
And, you know, Trump needs our support.
If we're going to bring back law and order, then we have to do it in a way that's judiciously and we have to do it through law and order.
And I think that requires the
The voice of the people to demand it.
And the only way the average person is going to demand it is if the heat's turned up.
Because a lot of people have just become so desensitized.
They just assume that, you know, corruption is part of politics and everything.
But the more they can see how crazy and destructive this thing actually is, the more they will demand that the president follows through and takes care of it.
You're right.
These are the old cycles of rotting America and corrupt groups just fighting over money.
This is the takedown of the country.
This is absolutely the takedown.
This is not normal BS.
There's no getting out of this.
There's an article out I saw something about how get ready for the new excuse of saying, well, we had no idea that that was happening or something.
Talking about how everyone on the left can back out of this by saying they didn't know.
And the only problem I have with that article is there's no backing out of this at this point.
I mean, it's gone way too far.
If they win, it's hell on earth.
I mean, I saw a bunch of articles going, what happens if we take it from Trump?
There's going to be a big backlash.
Yeah, called real war.
I mean, you know, you got to steal this.
You're done.
Yeah what we're seeing now is just a precursor to what's going to happen Alex and I mean I really do hope that people wake up and again I mean myself included you know I've been watching politics and following politics for the past two years and once you see all of this stuff start to connect and realize that what we're seeing in Portland what you're seeing on Twitter right now is very real and it will be at your front door if you don't stand up and fight back.
We have people actively burning out American flags like and nobody's standing up against this this is just common now on the streets of our own country.
And who do they work for?
A foreign power.
Well, they tell us we work for the Russians.
All right.
Who's been holding the longest here?
I'm going to go right to your phone calls now.
I really appreciate everybody holding.
Let's go ahead and talk to Douglas in Ohio.
Douglas, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
Good day to you guys.
Hey, I just want an emergency message to get out to Trump.
First of all, I think one of the major things he needs to do is go
Open Fort Knox!
Show us the gold!
Show America their gold!
Help us, please!
And then, what about all the billions of rounds of ammo and the AK-47 still sitting in warehouses, ready to feed Antifa when they're ready to deliver their...
Trump caught, that's even in the LA Times, the Chinese government shipping in AK-47s and all this ammo.
It's crazy they're actually trying it.
They just can't find any slobs that are actually willing to carry it out.
That's kind of the good news.
But yeah, Trump's tried to declassify a lot of documents.
He's tried to release the alien stuff.
The bureaucracy will not release it.
So it's like if I told somebody across the hall in the finance department,
Hey, write somebody a bonus.
If they decide not to do it, it'd be a big problem for me.
So, people want Trump to do all this stuff.
I mean, he's only one man, but I hear you and I appreciate your call, sir.
Who's up next here?
Let's go to Kristen in Wisconsin.
Kristen, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, thank you for taking my call.
I actually was on scene in Kenosha shortly after Jacob Blake
I was shot and I took a viral video of the officer getting hit in the head with a brick.
Okay, stop there.
Hey guys, cue up the video of the officer being hit in the head by the brick.
Thank you for getting in.
Thank you for holding.
Tell us what you saw in Kenosha.
Well, yeah, Kenosha's crazy.
Everyone's a lot more violent.
I was also in Minneapolis, and I'm seeing a lot more angst towards racial division.
And I believe what you're describing on your show is a future being pushed for fully automated luxury communism, and they're using anarcho-communism as a social engineering tool to accomplish this future.
You know, obviously we've talked about, or you've talked about, robots
No, I totally agree.
So what happened to the police officer?
What was happening at the scene?
A lone cop's got a lot of courage, pulls up the middle of a horde of a hundred crazed people burning buildings, so he wasn't a coward.
Gets hit full power in the head with a brick.
And then tell us how he's doing.
I don't think so.
I mean, I gotta be honest with you, if I was a cop now in these cities, I'm not gonna pull in the middle of a hundred people that hate me.
I mean, I'm gonna just go home with my gun, or they come to my house, I'm gonna defend myself.
I mean, at a certain point, my God, this is out of control.
I mean, you pull up, around 100 plus people want to kill you, and then they hit you in the head with a brick?
See, Alex, and too, sorry Greg, go ahead, go ahead.
I was just going to say, their strategy depends on taking advantage of the good nature of people, because you could see in that video, the last thing that guy was expecting was someone was going to actually throw a brick at his head.
I mean, it's just not what we're used to in this country, and that's their main, one of their main tactics, is stooping as low as they can.
And again, I'm sorry, but look at these other cops, they knew nothing about whoever did it.
And I was just going to add, too, that we've been so focused on the defund or abolish the police movement, but the police already have their hands tied.
The police already aren't even enacting law.
Well, let's say it.
They've already emasculated the police.
They've already emasculated the police.
It's already done.
All they did in Portland was play a recording over and over again.
That's all they did.
No repercussions.
And if people did get arrested, they were immediately released.
There was the ACLU legal observers there.
By the way, all the ACLU does is support the destruction of freedom, free speech.
They worked with Soros.
They got bought off by the ACLU as a criminal organization.
Alex, I watched them walk with Antifa and watched them and see who got arrested so they could help bail them out.
There's also the National Lawyers Guild, who is writing numbers on Antifa.
Yeah, they were writing their number on Antifa members' arms so they could call them if they got arrested and immediately get let out.
And that's what's happening.
Because the power structure is behind them.
And this completely emboldens them and so they, you could sense that they feel victory.
They feel like they're running that place and they're winning the revolution.
They think they're winning.
Because all the money and all the power and all the chi-coms and all the Hollywood and all the blue states and all the blue city and all of it, because they're the rebels, everyone's, all the powers, no, you're not the rebels.
When King George III is on your side, you're not.
We're the rebels, and we're going to win.
Because you know what?
We don't want the establishment on our side.
A bunch of child molester, devil-worshipping filth.
Kristen, you're amazing.
Give your info to the producer, please.
I want to get you on as a guest.
We'll be right back.
Finally, the police stand down.
We can move against you.
Blacktop rolling.
Greg Reese, Savannah Hernandez, right?
Shotgun with your host, Alex Jones.
We're taking your calls right now.
You'll have a chance to give us more analysis into the next hour.
We're going to your calls right now.
Bam, bam, bam, as quickly as possible.
Let's go ahead and talk to Aaron in Georgia.
Aaron, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
What's going on?
Brother, good to talk to you.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Dude, God bless you, man.
You're a patriot.
I watch you every weekday.
It's awesome.
I'm kind of nervous because I've never got to call in before.
I've always never made it.
Well, we love talking to you and we love you sharing the links because that's how we defeat the globalists is your human intelligence overriding AI.
When you get pissed, nothing on earth can stop Aaron.
That's right.
I'm a fighter.
I'm a hillbilly from North Carolina.
I live in Georgia now, but yeah, it's just in me.
Hillbillies are fighters, you know?
We know it.
So I wanted to basically call and see if you could put the documents that you use, like lockstep, agenda 21,
On a link on your website so that we can print them up and give them to our Libtar friends.
Because they're like, well, where's the evidence?
Where's he getting this from?
Where's he getting that from?
If you just type in lockstep, I think the top link goes right to the Rockefeller.org website.
So we can print them in so we can do it right from the website.
Okay, cool.
That's good.
And also, have you ever thought about putting a chat or some kind of way that we could organize
So that when we're having marches, we could organize and say, hey, we're Infrawarriors, we're going to meet.
Brother, believe me, I've got a good IT department.
We're a small organization.
We're constantly trying to do that.
I think we have like chat stuff on the articles now on Bando.
But yeah, we're trying to organize stuff.
Believe me.
And then one other thing, I'm just trying to brainstorm to help you.
No, you're helping, brother.
Go ahead.
Also, on your sharing of your links, is there any way to get them to share just to a text message?
Because some people don't have WhatsApp.
Some people don't.
Oh my gosh, yeah.
We don't have a link to text messages?
Yeah, it needs to have the little green marker.
Yeah, because all it does is it goes to Facebook, Twitter, and then it'll go to WhatsApp, but it doesn't go to a regular text message.
You are a genius.
Let me call.
Hey, I got you live on air.
This fellow wants you to put, you know, like in a text message, like a green symbol, like you have on iPhones or Androids, so we can have the symbol for people to send via text message on all the articles.
I think that's really smart.
Yeah, it is.
I believe it does.
That's how I always share articles with you and other people.
I won't.
All right, all right, listen.
Make sure it happens.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Yes, sir, to you.
Sorry, caller.
Sorry, I'm being silly, Aaron.
Go ahead.
That's all right.
Keep up the fight, brother.
Keep up the fight, man.
That's all I'm saying.
Keep up the fight.
I just wanted to praise you.
You know, of course, any other time I have, like, things to say, and then the one time I get through, I'm like, oh my God, I forgot what I wanted to say!
So anyway, I love you, dude.
Keep up the fight.
Aaron, we love you.
And you know, I made the joke about Zimmerman.
I think he's like 26 years old.
He's a great guy.
And I don't want to fight with the Q people.
But it becomes like this LARPing, like this imaginary secret agent thing.
And we're like back in junior high, and then I see this stuff out like, Jones was ordered to get rid of Millie Weaver because his boss, Michael Zimmerman and Rob Dew, told him to.
And you know, this is from the highest level Q information.
And I'm just like, come on, I don't want to be mean to Q. But when anybody can say they're Q,
And then say, you know, forget Roger Stone, he's an agent.
Jones is an agent.
Everyone's an agent.
But us?
It's ridiculous.
And I didn't mean to go off down that rabbit hole.
Oh, it is ridiculous.
You know, I think the path that one takes when you're red-pilled and you start going through the rabbit holes and you start pursuing truth.
Robert Anton Wilson wrote about it, that there's a period that you go through of pure paranoia and you must either pass through that or you'll just end up baking in paranoia forever.
And that's what we're seeing with
Well, that's it.
We're saying, don't trust the system, awaken whatever.
So they create a spinoff group where any operative can say everybody else is not trustworthy, and then they put out this info on the real leadership, and then people, once they've bought into the fraud, cannot admit that they're wrong.
Well, the ego will keep them from ever admitting that they're wrong.
So they become just stuck in the false narrative.
And very few people ever have the strength to question their own ego.
So that's exactly what we're seeing.
And that's how this whole thing is being driven, is by taking advantage of our ego.
And you know, I blame our own media too.
People are so used to being lied to that they never know what they can trust anymore.
Well, that's it.
And it's just so frustrating because all we do is expose the globalists.
And I'm like trying to stay out of this stuff with people, and then they just won't stop.
Because there's this power trip when you're LARPing in the Q thing, where you're in the secret group, you have the key intel, and then some weirdo operative that's actually a globalist is manipulating you to attack people that are actually in the Liberty Movement, but you can't admit it because you're so high on the idea
That you're part of this, you know, big super thing.
What if you just went and videotaped the left attacking?
Or you just went to church and woke folks up?
Or you took care of your mom and your dad?
Or you praised God?
Or you had a garden?
Just being a good person is what changes the world.
And just questioning things is what changes yourself.
If any of these people were just... I mean, nothing against Q. I appreciate Q. I think Q's been a huge red pill for the whole pedophilia thing.
But there's nothing wrong with questioning Q. There's nothing wrong with questioning anything.
Because anybody can pose as the Q thing.
Well, exactly.
And the only way any of us are going to find any semblance of truth is to question everything.
There is no one good source.
You know, you're always telling everyone to research it for yourself, and that is the only way.
All of a sudden, the caller just called in, and that's why I brought this up, and he said, give me lockstep.
And I went, it's at Rockefeller.org.
I mean, I had a newspaper reporter call me this weekend and I talked to him and they go, where's your proof Bill Gates admits 80% of people that take his vaccine get sick?
And I sent him a CBS report where he admits it.
They were speechless and said, let's move on.
I said, no, we're not going to move on.
Well it's been such an age of laziness where people want you to do all the research for them and put everything out before them and that's why people are so easily manipulated and brainwashed because if it's not right in front of them in a 140 character tweet, they don't have time for it, they don't believe it, they're moving on from it.
It's all how it looks on the surface whether it's real or not.
And it's exactly how it's designed to be, because the last thing that they want is a population to actually question things and look into things.
So that's what they want, the quick response, the low ego, all emotion.
That's why when I get up here and I say they want a post-human world and to rewrite all carbon life forms, that's officially Club of Rome.
That's officially Ray Kurzweil.
That's officially the Wall Street Journal.
Of course it's insane.
I feel insane saying it.
But this is the people who run things believe this.
So I gotta tell you.
Well, it goes back for thousands of years.
I mean, in the books of Sumer from Sumer and Mesopotamia, they talked about a division between the leadership, where one side wanted to completely enslave people spiritually.
It was specifically saying spiritually, which basically means, you know, thinking individually and following your heart.
Putting them in their own control system.
Keeping them in a group mentality, a group mind, divide and conquer so that they can just... Do we have free will or not free will?
Well, I mean, I think we have free will, and what they're doing is basically they're offering us a choice.
No, no, I agree, but they're saying, give us your free will.
Yes, exactly.
Hand over your free will, we will tell you everything to do.
Whatever's trendy, you just gotta do whatever's trendy.
It's pop culture, and the herd is always going to respond to the pop culture, and nothing else.
It seems.
And so the only way to really change this, ultimately, is eventually they're gonna have to change the media.
They're gonna have to change the voice of the media, because none of this would be possible without the media.
Oh, absolutely.
Well, here's an article.
Arizona representative
Paul Goeser, child trafficking and deep state are real, systemic racism is a hoax.
Challenging Kevin McCarthy, who is a horrible person.
Now listen, people say, well wait, are you for Q or against it?
Q only existed two years ago.
Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder and David Icke, 40 years ago with Ted Gunderson, 30 years ago with David Icke.
I give credit where it's due.
It's not about, of course people go, well Jones talked about it 26 years ago.
Yeah, of course I did.
But it's not about territorializing.
The Q thing becomes like this, like a gang in high school.
Like, oh, you're not with the Q. You don't pay homage to the Q. And I'm like, no.
But then Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House, comes out against it and says, there's no place for this anti-Semitism, saying there's child kidnapping rings.
He's saying Jews run child kidnapping rings.
No one said that that was a Jewish thing they run.
But he says, oh, this Q thing where the child kidnapping is anti-Semitic.
Well, I'm defending the good Q people that care about the child trafficking and care about what's going on and are right.
And they're good people.
They got into a movement that other people can manipulate.
We're not saying you're bad.
We're saying whatever a random person says with the letter Q, if someone shows up at your house and says, buy these magazine prescriptions for me, I have a Q, you don't just bow down like they're the new priesthood.
Okay, so yes, Q, 40 years ago,
I told Ted Gunnarsson what to do.
David Icke, myself.
Q gave birth to me.
Q is my father.
No, it's not.
I just won't bow to it as the cult and say it's my god, it's my king, with random esoteric crap.
I'm Alex Jones.
I'm here on air telling you real stuff.
And I see the Q manipulators, diseased people I know, and ruined reporters we have, and have them just say officially, well Q says you're a fed, I'm with Q. And I watch that mental illness destroy people and it's bad.
But then I see the Patriots take it over, so the globalists ban it.
So there's a battle over it.
All right, we got two segments left with Savannah Hernandez and Gregory.
Someone gets as many calls as possible here.
And I don't mean to go off on the whole Q jag.
It's just that I see Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House, Republicans come out and attack it and say there's no child trafficking.
But then you notice the dialectic.
It's Q now represents resisting child trafficking.
And then it's always Q people saying, don't listen to anyone but us.
And then it's just random people on the internet, esoterically, hiddenly telling you something when we're just out in the open.
So we're not in competition.
A lot of good people believe in this Q stuff.
I believe Q should mean research.
Research the deep state, research the New World Order, then it'll be a good thing.
But if it's weird globalist and Democrats posing and getting patriots to fight with each other, I think it's bad.
Yeah, well absolutely, and I think those people that are totally religious into the Q thing that accuse InfoWars of being Mossad agents simply because Q wrote it, are demonstrating to everyone who's paying attention that they are not doing that, that they're not researching anything.
And even Q himself suggests that that's what you're supposed to do, is look into this stuff, asking questions and stuff.
But as one goes, we all go, but Trump's the one moving the U.S.
To Jerusalem.
Trump's pro-Israel.
I'm not against Israel, but we're not front and center about Israel all day, which shows the double.
They can't attack Trump, so they attack all of his subsidiary supporters.
Oh, Roger Stone's one of them, and Rob Doo's one of them, and Alex Jones is one of them.
Oh, but Trump's good, because they can't get him.
So they just cut everything out from under him.
And again, it's not all the Q people, folks, but there's bad people posing as Q operatives.
It's very simple.
But there's a mental illness that wants someone like a baby chicken.
We wake them up.
We don't put them in a cult.
So they run over and get picked up by a cult.
I completely agree that researching is something that is very important that everyone needs to do for themselves.
I mean, you know, no matter what we're talking about, the Q movement, any political subject, everyone should research and do all of these important things.
Exactly, but Kevin McCarthy says it's bad.
But here's the thing.
Notice by them making cues about the pedophile rings, now they can bring it down and have Q put out this info and discredit it.
Humanity is exposing the child trafficking.
We're doing it.
Trump's fighting it.
Q doesn't own it, so they can then attack Q and destroy it.
See how that works?
Alex Jones doesn't own it.
You don't own it.
It's the right thing.
Yeah, take action.
And that's what we need.
We need the majority of the people to take action.
Man, I just know it's so obvious.
People used to ask me a thousand times, do you support anonymous?
I said, a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask?
I could go buy a Guy Fawkes mask and say whatever I wanted behind it.
It's the particular message I have to look at.
But it becomes this.
It goes back to the Oracle of Delphi and other oracles.
Anybody they wanted could speak through the mountain.
And they said, oh, you're getting the voice of the gods of the oracles through it.
And people bought into this cult.
It was a scam.
So people love something esoteric.
They love something that's very gnostic.
That's a red flag.
We see that with Antifa as well.
They hate cameras in their faces.
They hate cameras there.
They're afraid of cameras.
They have masks on.
And what does that tell you?
That should tell a reasonable thinking person that if one side is hiding and they're afraid of cameras, that maybe you should bring it into question and question why.
And it's the same thing, you know, with...
With the whole pedophilia thing and the whole... And they want to traffic kids while there's masks.
We're looking for kids that are being trafficked.
Now they're all wearing masks.
And again, there are a lot of good people that project their goodness onto Q. And so they're like, well I'm good.
I'm spreading the links.
Do it.
I'm just saying.
Time and time again, the hardcore deep Q, the orifice, whether it's the mouth or the butt, whatever you want to call it, these deliveries come out and say that Trump's biggest supporters are not the good guys and Robert Mueller is.
Well, come on folks, you're being chumped.
Yeah, the future...
Means that we have to become all critical thinkers.
If we're going to recreate, if we're going to restore the republic and create any kind of a golden age, that's going to require critical thinking on all parts and questioning is the way you get there.
Information war.
Anything esoteric that gives you codes and weird stuff to project onto is very dangerous.
And should set up a red flag, absolutely.
That's the most important thing to question.
Our mind is very tricky.
If we don't understand our own mind and the information we're getting, then we'll fall for anything.
Phone calls are 60 seconds away.
All right, I didn't mean to go off onto a QJAG earlier.
I want to explain to people, I'm all about questioning.
I'm all about being involved.
When I tell you something, I'll say, here's the document, U.S.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B.
That's the legalization of secret testing on the American people.
I want it repealed.
When I tell you that it says this in Tragedy and Hope or in David Rockefeller's book, I tell you.
But I love the average Q people out on the street.
A lot of them are my listeners.
They love me.
I love them.
They're exposing the pedophile rings.
They're looking for evidence.
They're doing great research.
I love them.
I'm saying, when something's secret, like a hole in the ground, might be a rattlesnake, might be nothing down there, you stick your hand down, you gotta be careful.
So I'm not here to even infight with the Q thing.
I've just seen people posing as Q people go in infiltrate my operation and say they have secret info with no evidence and hurt people that are doing a great job that I've been supporting for eight years and it hurts because it's like this is like it's Q
Like the angels are singing or something.
So I'm done talking about that.
Savannah Hernandez, Gregg Reese, I want to hit some other news before General Cilinde takes over.
I want to take a few final calls here, but just in general, what's your gut level view on this election?
You think Trump's ahead?
I think he is.
Yeah, I think that Trump has a great chance of winning this election.
I really do, because again, like we're seeing, the Democrats and just all of these blue cities are the example of what America will look like if Joe Biden gets elected to office.
But even bigger than that, it's our whole entire nation at stake.
It's our constitutional rights at stake.
And people are waking up to that every single day through these COVID lockdowns, through these protests and riots, through the fact that we have, like you said,
Hollywood, all our mainstream media propping up BLM and pushing it and using it as basically the front for the Democrats.
I mean, everyone sees this now.
Everyone's really waking up because of all of this violence, because of how extreme the Democrat Party has gotten.
It's waking up a lot of people.
So I think it's really good chances for Trump and, I mean, continue letting the Democrats destroy these cities and wake more people up every day.
I totally agree with you.
Let's take some phone calls quickly here.
Charlie in FEMA Region 5, thanks for holding, you're on the air.
Oh, Alex, you there?
Yes, sir.
Oh, brother, man, it's an honor to meet you, I mean, talk to you for the first time.
Honor to talk to you, thanks for holding, go ahead.
Sir, okay, I'm a big protester, you know, I've been protesting, you know, my whole life and it's like, ever since, you know, I've, you know, come across you when I was 14, I've been going out there every single day, you know,
Just preaching, you know, the good word and just telling people what's going to happen.
And, you know, it's just... It's happening now, isn't it, Charlie?
Oh, my God, it's crazy.
And, you know, I'm not too long ago, I'm noticing a lot of undercover, like, federal cars.
And they will be, you know, parked, like, near where I'm protesting.
And then sometimes they'll even follow me while I'm protesting.
It's like the gulag.
It's like, it's like, I don't know if they're going to come at me.
I know they've
What city are you in?
Right now, I'm in Brookfield.
Oh yeah, that's all crazy up there.
Absolutely, brother.
It's all crazy everywhere.
What do you think about 70 days out from the election?
What's your gut tell you?
Oh my God, like they're gonna do a lot of crazy stuff.
I have no idea.
Like, honestly, I would
You're dead right.
I think the last ingredient is a mass shooting or a bombing to blame the Patriots.
I think with 70 days out, I think within, I think 30 days out from the election, they do a false flag.
We'll talk about it in a moment.
Great point, Charlie.
I'm glad you called.
False flag, gut level, what do you think?
Yeah, you know, I hate to admit it, but I agree.
That's the last card they played other than the big war.
Absolutely, and Bill Gates himself even said, you know, the bioweapon attack, and Iran's all ready to go.
Oh, he said, coming next, the terrorists are going to buy a weapon.
Yeah, and the thing is, if you were to have, if you were to stage even Iran attacking us with a bioweapon, no one would question that.
And how devastating could that be?
And you know, we've had our media that already is so excellent at manipulating the average person.
They have a hold on this whole entire nation.
So whatever the media wants to put out about the right wing upcoming in these next 70 days is going to be biblical truth to a huge majority of the nation.
Absolutely right.
All right.
Good point.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert and Mass real quick.
There's a flu shot mandate announcement.
I knew they're trying to make a forced COVID shot.
Tell us what you got.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Thanks for everything you do.
Yeah, I just want to let your listeners know that anyone that thinks that the mandates for vaccines are not coming.
Overnight, last Wednesday or Thursday, out of nowhere, all the news just announced that all kids six months and older in Massachusetts will have to have a flu vaccine before they can attend school, daycares, anything.
I also wanted to state that there has been a huge outrage about this.
We're having a protest at the Statehouse this Saturday the 29th at 10 a.m.
Um, the event page is already up to 10,000 people, about 1,000 definitely, a little over 1,000 definitely going.
By the way, sir, I'm not poo-pooing what you're saying, but it's the same scam.
By law, under the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Trials, they have to have exemptions and waivers.
So they, color of law, say it's mandatory.
Even Fox News just admitted, put the headline back up, with a few exemptions.
It's all crap, but you're absolutely right, they're trying to make it mandatory right now.
Yeah, they did do the religious and medical exemption on it.
I have a feeling with how many people are going to apply for it, they're going to try to go after that as well.
Well, these politicians are going to need lead exemptions soon.
Yeah, like I said, this isn't a protest that's, you know, just Republican or whatever.
It's going to be Republicans, Democrats, Independents.
Everybody needs to hit the street.
I agree.
We're going to have anti-force inoculation demonstrations because Virginia says it's the law, even though it's not.
He's saying it is.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Savannah, are you going to roll up your sleeve when Gates admits?
Again, I had this newspaper person say, where's your proof Gates said 80% get sick?
They filed that.
I'm not lying about it.
Right, and we also had what the World Health Organization, too, saying that they don't know how vaccines are going to react in your body when they give them to you in masks.
So they don't seem, something that's going to be mass produced does not seem very healthy to me.
And yeah, they said that face masks were required, too, and I haven't been doing that.
So probably not for the vaccine either.
Great point.
All right.
Atomic Age in North Carolina.
You're on the air.
Alex, it's a pleasure to speak with you.
Nice talking to you, brother.
You're on the air with Greg Reese, Savannah Hernandez.
Thank you.
It's an honor to speak to all of you.
It's Anomic Age.
You inspired me years ago, and I've got my own show, AnomicAge.com.
Oh, Anomic.
Yeah, it's a loss of morals, a loss of standards.
It's exactly the world we're living in.
Well, hit me with your info.
Yeah, man.
Well, I went to get the address change on my concealed carry just this past week, and in the slave state of North Carolina, I forgot that I was a slave.
I haven't worn the mask yet.
I went to go in the courthouse, and I remember it, so I went back to the car, grabbed an old bandana, and I just kind of threw it around my neck going in.
And man, it was so sad, the groupthink and just the mental slavery, man.
There were so many elderly gentlemen there.
I mean, there were two gentlemen that could hardly walk.
They had the masks.
And the height of it, there was a guy with an oxygen tank on, on his back, still had the mask on.
And I get up there to talk to the deputy to get the address changed.
A guy behind me says, you know, I don't feel safe.
Could you could you pull the mask up, please?
So I did that.
And then I, you know, said after that, I was like, you know, this is a hoax, right?
For which another gentleman behind me said, Oh, are you a medical professional?
And there's all these doctors saying it is a hoax, and we have the statistics exactly.
They believe the social contract is submitting.
Well, if you know your town, and you trust your elders, it's good to get along, but they're using our compliance that we have naturally built into us against us.
Stop complying!
Beautiful call, God bless you.
Savannah, you want a final comment on that?
It was actually so surreal, me and Greg were talking about this on break, how whenever we were flying over to Portland, we were the only two people in the whole entire airport without face masks on.
And it was just symbolic of America right now, of how people are being taken advantage of because they're being so compliant, because they're sitting down.
And that is why our country is in the state that it's currently at, because everyone has been so compliant, because everyone has just kneeled down and taken off.
I agree.
Seven o'clock central to nine, commercial-free, election countdown, taking back America.
With Dion Alray, myself, and whoever else wants to join us, and calls and guests, Gerald Cilente takes over on the other side.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, yes, yes.
Everybody's masked up.
I just heard a little bit as I was just getting here on the end that the woman who was the co-host, I don't know her name, said that her and her husband were the only two people in the airport without masks on.
Everybody's masked up.
And it's the masks versus the no masks.
And the joke about it all is, is that the masks don't work.
And when you tell people that, you say, look, they didn't wear masks in Sweden.
And then the morons and the imbeciles shoot their fat mouths off and say, yeah, but you see all the people that died in Sweden?
Take it easy, moron.
They have a lower infectious death rate than places like Belgium and Italy and France and Spain that lock down the entire places.
And destroy the economy?
You got it?
Could you go by the numbers?
No, I'm not gonna do the numbers!
I'm just a stupid jerk that believes what I hear from CNBC and MSNBC and FU You-Know-What because I'm a stupid moron and I don't want to hear the facts.
Well, listen to the facts.
The facts are that the masks that we're wearing
Now that's that little Fauci.
It means jaw in Italian.
And I said this before, I'm an Italian-American.
It's okay for me to make fun of, clown, not make fun of, show my deep disgust for low-life slime like a Fauci or a King Cuomo.
That's okay for me to say that.
But, if I say something that, uh,
I don't agree with Colin Powell.
Yeah, you know him, the guy that just came out for Biden, the former Defense Secretary of the United States.
The liar that gave us his colon full of crap.
That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda.
I'll never forget watching that day and his performance.
Yeah, that one.
Oh, well, I must be racist.
Oh, yeah, right.
How about Susan Rice?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, Rice.
How about crap?
Yeah, the ones that were along with Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power and Barack Obama.
Oh, he's black, too.
That guy, Gaddafi, he got to go.
I want him out of here.
Oh, yeah, they did that.
They got rid of him.
Oh, you're racist if I say that.
Kamala Harris.
What a joke.
Again, the Democratic Party is showing pure racism and sexism.
A black woman to get votes.
They make it 100% clear that's sexist and racist.
How about picking the best person that you could possibly find?
I'm running a business.
I want the best people.
I could care what color, gender, race, creed.
I could care less.
Transgender, 50 genders, if you can, hey, you know, gotta build out a social media, blah, blah, blah, how can I bring in, if, yeah, do it, I could care less what color you are.
That's how ignorant everything has fallen to.
Going back to the mask moron ship going on around this country.
I walk down the street without a mask, people run across the street, get away from me.
This is from Sweden.
This is from tomorrow's Trends Journals going out.
And again, if you want to see history before it happens and read all about it and prepare for the future, this is the only magazine that doesn't.
While America and most of the world marched off to the COVID war, Sweden did not.
Ask most Americans what was the result of their resisting any form of lockdown, Swedens, and they will say, COVID killed more Swedes per capita because they did not fight against the deadly virus.
However, as we've detailed,
When in fact that is false, as we have detailed statistics and here are the hard facts.
And now Sweden's top infectious disease expert, Andreas Tengel, warned that, quote, it's very dangerous to believe face masks would change the game when it comes to COVID-19.
Mr. Tengel said, quote, with numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden.
Not even on public transport.
And making a statement that is never heard by the mainstream experts of most nations, Mr. Tengel noted, quote, the findings that have been produced through face masks are astonishingly weak, even though so many people around the world wear them.
The epidemiologist also declared that, quote,
I'm surprised that we don't have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have.
Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks, but their infection numbers have still risen.
And also, while Europe's GDP went down in the second quarter,
Some 2.1%.
Sweden's went down a little over 8%.
So these are the facts.
That's the hard facts.
This face mask crap is a bunch of BS.
And all the people are following it.
And I wrote this beginning that they marched off to the COVID war.
And that's what they're calling us.
That's what they called it at the beginning.
We're fighting the COVID war.
We're fighting the COVID war.
And just like the imbeciles and morons marched off to George W. Bush's wars, the Afghan war and the Iraq war, brought to you by Colin Powell, they're marching off to the COVID war, giving up their lives, giving up their freedom.
How could anybody follow that little piece of stupid crap garbage, George W. Bush?
Another little boy like Andy Cuomo?
Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant boys!
Born on third base and thought they hit a home run.
Nobody, Georgie, if daddy wasn't George before ya, and Prescott before that one.
No, no, little Andy.
No, no, little arrogant Chrissy.
Oh, you remember Chrissy Cuomo?
I'm gonna die of the virus!
And tonight on CNN, here's Chrissy Cuomo playing like he's gonna die from the COVID.
Yeah, you boys would be nobody.
Really fast and really low.
If Daddy was it Mario?
If Daddy was it Mario?
Do you know why I am Gerald Cilenti?
Because my father made it so, rest in peace, taught me to be myself.
Get in a fight, he'd say, you little S.O.B.
He'd say, what do you think I'm telling you?
What I'm telling you?
Because I want you to be like me.
I want you to become yourself.
And my father didn't leave me any money.
Left me everything that I have, my parents.
For me to be me.
Not a daddy's boy, not a mommy's boy.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Again, you know, they started this thing by calling it a war.
We detailed it in the Trends Journal.
We even had covers.
COVID war.
And everybody marched off to war.
And that's what they're doing.
And this is, this is destroying our lives like we've never seen before.
And talking about the masks, it's going to be, again, the covers of the Trends Journal, many of them done, the vast majority by Anthony Fried, a great artist.
And we're doing, he's doing one this week as well.
And it's about the COVID war.
And it's, it's, it's them against us.
It's as simple as that.
One of our covers was U.S.S.A., United Soviet States of America.
And people ratting everybody else out and following the orders of their dictators.
I listen to what I'm told.
I do what I'm told.
I don't think for myself.
I'm reading an article in the New York Times about all the restaurants going bust over here in New York City.
Yeah, we're in Kingston below us over here.
And oh, they're going bust over here to a place just across the street went out a couple of months ago.
And the guy said, well, I'm a team player and I understand you're a team player.
Grow the hell up.
What do you mean you're a team player?
How about thinking for yourself?
A team player.
And that's what it's become.
So I told you about masks I was talking about and how
And again, it's all there from the epidemiologist who's in charge in Sweden.
And the difference in Sweden and the United States is that, and many of the Western countries, is that they're not connected.
The governments are separated from the health agencies, where in the United States it's just one big revolving door.
It's one club and you ain't in it, as George Carlin said.
So now this
A guy in, um, this guy who's the, um, wear a mask and go to jail.
In most of the biggest states and largest cities are still locked down phases.
And we heard police chief Gary Jenkins of the Pullman Washington, the police department, let it be known last Wednesday that anyone in
That state not adhering to the governor's mask orders would be treated as a criminal.
He announced that violating the mask order would be fined up to $5,000 and a year in jail.
What America are you talking about?
What America are you talking about?
Oh, the tough cop!
Oh, that tough cop!
Hey, Junior!
Come over here!
Try to put a mask on me!
Try to put a mask on me!
You little clown boys!
Hey, how about that tough guy over there?
What was it in Melbourne, Australia last week?
Yeah, choking a girl because she didn't have a mask on and then pushing her down to the ground.
I'm a tough guy!
I'm a tough guy!
Grow up, you little boys!
Look at them!
Look at what they're doing!
Look at this!
On horses!
Where you got your big guns over there?
Look at this!
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
This is not my America!
This is not my America!
People better stand up and fight for your freedom.
And I'm not talking about violence.
I'm talking about putting your money and your guts where your heart and soul are.
Here's that little boy.
Look at him.
Look at this.
Look at this little, look at this little piece of crap.
Could you imagine, could you imagine him trying to do that to me?
Or you, if you're a man or a woman?
I just gotta be on his back.
Oh, you know what they do?
They'd shoot me in my back for doing it.
This is not my America.
This election, and I'm not a Trump fan, but I can't stand Biden.
I'm not a Trump fan by a clear shot, but I can't stand Biden.
I disagree with Trump's done with the tax breaks.
I disagree what he's done with Iran.
I disagree what he's done with Venezuela.
I support him on closing the borders.
I support him on, on bringing the jobs back.
But this election is going to be between masks and no masks.
Losing more of our freedom.
You already heard from slime ball Biden that if the scientists tell me, I will close down America.
Not making that up.
Said that last week.
Here we go.
Former Vice President Joe Biden, a little boy who never worked a day in his life, been sucking off the public tit for some 47 years, an arrogant little man with a bad attitude and a lot of hair transplants.
Yeah, that guy.
And boy, they shot this cat up with a lot of juice, man, because he doesn't look like he used to look.
But anyway, in an exclusive interview on ABC World News tonight, on Friday,
He said he would shut down the country to stop the spread of COVID-19 if the move was recommended to him by scientists.
Hey, which scientists you talking to about, huh?
You mean the scientists in the revolving door?
The big pharma scientists?
That's the one you're talking about?
Oh, yeah.
That guy.
The Biden, whose little boy, Hunter, hunted for that money up in Ukraine, Burisma Energy, and got $30,000 a month, over $3 million, to sit on the board of directors after they overthrew the democratically elected government of Yanukovych?
That Biden?
That Biden is going to shut down the economy.
That's what this election is about.
And it's masks or no masks.
This is as long as it's a mask culture.
This economy is never going to come back.
People are living in fear.
When you sit down at a table in a restaurant, you can eat without your mask on.
But when you stand up, you better put that mask on.
You better put that mask on.
Oh, one of those tough cops are gonna come and beat you up.
Maybe blow your brains out, huh?
Yeah, COVID general here.
We're arresting you, throwing you in jail for the rest of your life.
Oh no, it's only a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.
They're making this crap up!
As I said, just like they had us hiding on their desk in there if an atom bomb went off when I was a kid.
Like that's gonna make a difference?
Don't look at the flash, if you see one.
I used to tell you that.
If I see a flash, by the time I blink my eyes, I'll be dead.
So again, the cover of this new Trends Journal coming out tomorrow.
It's the COVID war.
And it's aimed at us.
And if we don't fight back, we're gonna die in war.
We're gonna die in the COVID war.
They're killing us.
They've sucked the joy out of life.
They've destroyed the economy.
I was telling you about the people, the restaurant stories in New York.
They're not making any money.
They're going under.
One after another.
People are living in fear.
Just like they did after 9-11.
And just how they robbed us of our rights back then.
You could triple that up now, quadruple it up by more than that even, a hundred times.
If we don't fight for freedom, we are going to be living hell on earth.
The sick people are creating it right in front of us.
So, do what you can to support InfoWars, buy their products, keep the truth alive.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was mentioning before about, um, what's going on with the masks and, and, and everything else, but it's important to understand that this isn't, you know, people say, oh, they're doing this because, um, you know, they want to get rid of Trump.
This is global.
It's a global issue.
And I'll get into that in a minute.
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We're fighting for freedom.
Put your money where your heart and mind are.
As I mentioned, this is bigger than just we want to get rid of Trump.
Take a look what's going on in Australia.
Australia is a country of 25.5 million people.
March, April, May, June, July, August.
About 450 deaths.
470, something around there.
Under 500.
Over a six month period?
What are you telling me this stuff for?
Out of a population of 25.5 million?
And then you know what happened last week?
Your health minister
Another moron, like all these other ministers and health officials.
Eh, health officials.
They're little slimy bureaucrats that suck their way up to the top to get a position.
They don't know anything.
I can't use the language of what we used to say in the Bronx, but anyway.
They asked him how many people from the eldercare homes died.
Die, die, die, don't know, I don't know, I don't know.
Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die,
A health piece of crap.
Anyway, just under 300 unofficially died from elder care homes.
That leaves roughly 2200 that didn't.
We're going to make the number rounded off to 500 dead.
Why are you closing down an entire economy, and now putting Melbourne and other places back down into lockdown, and have all these restrictions where you can't travel in or out of the country, when so few people died?
And then there's New Zealand.
Oh, and then there's this little clown boy.
You gotta picture this guy.
This guy Andrews, who's the...
The premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.
They locked down, again, they locked down Melbourne.
It's the second biggest city there in Australia.
The cases, it's not about new cases.
And most of the people that get the cases, yeah, look at that.
He's the guy, you look at this guy,
And here's the one from New Zealand.
She's just as bad.
You look at this guy, he's the kind of guy that nobody would talk to in high school.
And her, what do I got to say?
You know, what they did, what she just did, she just locked down New Zealand again.
She's locking down Auckland.
By the way, I was brought by the New Zealand government back in the 2000s, around 2006, 2007.
As if it's over for two weeks talking to them about how to increase trade and how they should market their product.
But anyway, this little boy, Andrews, wants now to have powers to extend the pandemic for 12 months.
And what she just did is she's locked down Auckland.
And let's get these numbers right.
There are about 5 million people living in
New Zealand.
Or with her in charge, let's call it Nuts Zealand.
Like we got Nuts York over here with New York when we got Clown Boy Cuomo.
All right, so now you got March, April, May, June, July, August.
You have a grand total of 22 people dead in New Zealand over a six month period.
22 people out of 5 million.
What is that?
0.000 something.
And do you know when the last person died in New Zealand?
There he is.
Look at it.
That's the kid.
That's that Andrews.
Boy, hey, little boy, come here.
I would love for little boys like this to try to tell me what to do.
Man to man.
But of course, this little guy could never do anything man to man because he's the furthest thing from a man that I've ever known growing up.
Look at him.
Look at him.
A little nothing of a clown.
And now he's asking for 12 months authority to run and ruin the people's lives.
And you know what the people of Australia are doing?
The same thing they're doing everywhere else.
They're bending over and taking it.
When people ask, how did they march off to Hitler?
How did they hire Hitler?
They're doing it right now!
As I said, the same reason they marched to Mussolini and saluted Stalin.
The people by the numbers are gutless.
But it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority.
Keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
And you are those people listening to InfoWars.
You are the people that support it by buying those products.
You are those people that put your money where your heart and mind are by reading the trends journalists are describing.
Because if we don't unite to fight for freedom and liberty, we are going to die in tyranny.
It is in front of our faces.
Are losing the COVID war.
I'm fighting against it.
I will not join it.
Will you?
It's very simple.
Freedom or tyranny.
Think about it.
Go back to 2008.
The markets crashed.
What did they do?
They bailed out the money mob.
Hey, them banks, they're too big to fail.
Don't you understand?
We got the Goldman Sachs gang here.
We got the Merrill Lynch mob.
What's the matter with you?
We gotta bail them out.
You're just a piece of crap.
You're a little worker on the plantation of Slave Landia.
Get back to work.
Yeah, yeah, we'll give General Motors a bailout, but we'll cut everybody else's wages.
We'll make them richer, the big people.
And now, ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, first it was the money mob, and now it's the drug lords.
That's right.
That's who's in charge now.
Getting vaccinated.
Massachusetts, University of California.
Gotta get vaccinated, go back to school.
Any age, whether you work there or just go to school.
It's a war for freedom, and we need you to join the fight.
Buy their products.
Keep truth alive.
Trends Journal.
Subscribe to the future.
Read history before it happens.
If we don't unite, the future is very bleak.
And that's my business, is to look ahead.
And I don't like what's coming.
So thank you for tuning in.
See you next week.
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I mean, this is terror!
And we're under massive attack, massive infiltration, massive globalist operations.
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