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Name: 20200820_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 20, 2020
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, various topics are discussed including the arrest of Steve Bannon, the QAnon movement, COVID-19, the Democratic National Convention, and the importance of supporting alternative media platforms like InfoWars. Alex encourages listeners to be prepared for potential civil unrest by adhering to a policy of truth and having essential supplies such as firearms, water filtration systems, and shortwave radios. The speaker also promotes products from their store, including APEC Power Stack and storable food, and urges listeners to spread awareness about the truth behind COVID-19 and the pedophile rings that the media is attacking Trump over. Deanna Lorraine guest-hosts some segments and discusses civil war, disunity between races, and attempts at dehumanization through touchless society. The show also promotes InfoWars products such as supplements and skin care items.

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The indictment of this individual is far more reaching than anybody realizes.
Actually, William Barr is surprising me because, you know, I've known that he was a D.I., D.D.O.
in the CIA, but as an Attorney General, he is going after the deep state.
This is the beginning of going after Brennan, going after Mueller, going after Hayden, and a whole bunch of others who have been attempting to try a coup against Trump.
It's not working.
The indictments are massive.
As I understand, they range probably several hundred indictments ready to go.
And Trump has done an excellent job of keeping it quiet and just titrating out little by little as we get closer to the reelection.
So basically, he denigrates the legitimacy of Biden.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I haven't heard that.
Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?
If I can help save the world from problems, I'm willing to do it.
I'm willing to put myself out there.
And we are, actually.
We're saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country.
And when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.
The rest of the world would follow.
The media, the controlled corporate globalist enemy of the people, the Chai Com mouthpieces, are trying to gaslight us that there isn't a open push like there was in the 60s to normalize homosexuality.
There is now a push to normalize pedophilia.
And the left has now added the word P to the LGBTQSQRCWXYP situation.
And so I was sitting back today, when I saw that clip last night, thinking about it this morning, and I was thinking about all the open pedophilia, all the open satanic cults, all the companies using baby parts in vaccines and baby parts to heat hospitals and keeping babies alive to harvest their organs in China, wrapping baby fetuses in gold foil so that the elites can eat them.
This is all mainstream news.
And all the giant pedophilia busts, and all the Netflix shows sexualizing little kids, and Salon, and Vice, and HBO, and the New York Times legitimizing pedophilia.
Shows showing four-year-old girls dancing scantily clad with a pedo, talking about how much he wants to have sex with them.
I mean, this is sick, sick, sick stuff.
And if we don't value our young, we don't value anybody.
So now they have shows with 9, 10, 11 year olds who are becoming these little sluts and twerking for everybody.
And all of this is designed to screw children up and to destroy their innocence.
And the currency that Hollywood operates off of is pedophilia.
That's its frequency.
Look at the Catholic Church taken over by it.
Look at all these big institutions, all these big universities.
It's a plague!
They always say...
Jones put out the discredited Pizzagate theory.
None of it was true.
The only pedophilia supposedly in the world was at a pizza place.
I never said that.
The media made it the issue.
They set everybody up to cover something, because it wasn't happening there, to divert from all the places it was happening.
And the media said, Jones, admit it wasn't happening there.
And I said, yeah, you're the ones that first said it.
But yeah, it's happening right over here, not there.
And they turn that into their defense of it, but everyone sees right through it.
But the influences of it are absolutely massive, and its tentacles reach into every level.
You know, I've recently had to disassociate myself from certain people, and it's with a very heavy heart that I'm going to have to expose the situation.
I'm not going to do it today.
I've got too much going on.
But this whole evil is right under the surface.
And it's coming out onto the open ground now, and we're going to have to deal with it.
We're going to have to face all of this, ladies and gentlemen, or we don't have any future or any hope.
We have a serious evil problem in this country and on this world.
And Trump isn't perfect, but you know what?
He's a good guy and the evil hates him.
And the evil hates me and the evil hates you.
Now, obviously, Stephen Bannon was arrested.
Southern District of New York, they're the ones trying to get all the Trump supporters.
I don't like Stephen Bannon.
He's done some nasty stuff.
He bare false witness against Roger Stone.
But now you see him with a private border wall that raised tens of millions of dollars and then they kept a couple hundred thousand a piece for their expenses and things.
Since when can you not start something like that and have it set up and you get money?
I mean, look at the left.
They got billions of the Clinton Foundation for treason.
So I don't like this one bit.
I think it's a serious situation.
But you see what they did to Steve Bannon after he worked for him, though.
It's Thursday, August 20th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're 74 days out from this incredibly critical election.
Wow, where to start?
Well, there's so much big news breaking and such a crescendo of information unfolding and so much of it now breaks in the evening because the establishment is burying information in the evening, hoping in the news cycle that used to last weeks, now last days or even hours, that we forget about things.
That's why starting next Monday, from 7 to 10 every weeknight, commercial free.
We'll have a few breaks for the local stations, but we're not going to run commercials.
We're gonna have a three-hour live transmission with myself, Owen Schroyer, Savannah Hernandez, Harrison Smith, and many, many others.
Your phone calls, special guests, and clips, breaking news and analysis.
And we're gonna do this through the inauguration.
Now, almost every night it'll be live.
But, obviously, when it gets around the holidays and Christmas and things, we will do things like take compilations of the daytime shows and have someone that tapes some clips and then tape to air for the three-hour show every night.
But that will be announced at the time.
But right through the election and the turmoil and the rioting and the globalist attempt to take down America, this is the fight for the Republic, this is historic time, and we're going to be here live.
Not just from 8 a.m.
until 10 o'clock at night every night.
I'm going to come in every Saturday from 2 to 4 to file a report commercial-free.
It'll be on the radio and TV satellites and at infowars.com.
And Owen Schroer is going to commit.
He wants to do it two hours commercial-free every Sunday when I end that Alex Jones Sunday edition.
Owen Schroer.
Or other guest hosts will host the two hours, because there's just so much breaking, so much happening, seven days a week from this ragtag organization.
You've got our full commitment.
I'm simply asking you for your full commitment when we go live to share the links from Man.Video and InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and to call people and to tell them to tune in, because that's what causes the chain reaction.
When you get excited, millions of new people tune in.
When you don't get excited, we lose.
So you're just as important in this Revolutionary War against the New World Order to save our Republic from this globalist revolution than George Washington was to found the country.
We are at that magic game time moment.
So I ask you for your support, your word of mouth, your prayers, your financial support, and I ask you to pray for the operation and to really support the crew.
And I'll ask the crew to realize you're in a historic position and to step up to the plate, and I know they will.
Let me talk about the point we are in history, then I'll come back into all the news, tell you who the guests are today.
Steve Bannon, arrested this morning right after Obama's speech, right before Biden's speech, to discredit the wall, to make it look like Trump did something bad.
This same company got some of the contracts to build the wall.
This is to embroil Trump in a new wall scandal.
Bannon is so slippery and so nasty,
From what I've seen, that he might be in on this, meeting with Epstein before he died, meeting with the Clintons and others reportedly, that they could have put him into the indictment so that he can now try to implicate Trump or something, which is totally asinine.
Trump dissed himself, what, four or five months ago from that wall, saying, you know, that they're trying to embarrass him.
We've already built 600 miles of wall.
Trump's really tried, done his best job with all the environmental issues and people blocking.
I don't trust Bannon as far as you can throw him.
He told the House Intelligence, the Senate Intelligence Committee that, this is important, that he never talked to WikiLeaks, that Roger Stone never talked to WikiLeaks.
Then a few years later, he tells the kangaroo court at Judge Amy Berman Jackson's operation in D.C.
Stone was their direct line to WikiLeaks and was the WikiLeaks expert, and then he told Trump that.
I was there at the time when the conversations were happening.
I know what was going on.
It's not true.
It's not about defending Roger Stone.
That's a side issue.
It's about defending reality.
So he bore false witness against Roger Stone on record.
He perjured himself.
So when I got a text message a few hours ago, Bannon arrested, before I went and checked it and found out what it was, I thought, oh, for perjury to Congress?
So I don't trust this as far as I could throw Steve Bannon's dandruff-covered body.
Because he is like a disgusting person.
And he's a Hollywood, you know, operative that just glommed onto our information and opportunistically then poses as a patriot, then brought in all the globalists in the administration.
I don't like Steve Bannon.
That said, this is important.
I don't like seeing this happen to him because they raised twenty-something million dollars for that and they're charging the three head dudes.
They only got a couple hundred thousand dollars a piece to be down at the border every week and to fly around and do all that.
After you pay taxes, after you pay expenses, that's nothing!
And if we're going to have the NRA taken down by the Attorney General of New York, excuse me, out of Freudian slip, if we're going to have the NRA taken down by
The corrupt Attorney General, Letitia James, and we're going to have Bannon by the Southern District of New York, the FBI, that's going after everybody.
But Bill Clinton could get $4 billion in their foundation for paper play and destroy all the emails and get caught shipping little kids kidnapped out of Haiti.
And the missile secrets to China, and on and on and on, and Joe Biden and Burisma, and Joe Biden and China, and Joe Biden endorsing China to run America, all the real tyranny.
It'd be one thing if all the globalists were indicted, then they got Steve Bannon for something, but reading the indictment, what I could find out this morning, it's nothing!
They said that they misled the public about where the money was going?
If you're the executives managing, building, the last time I heard was like 25 million they raised or something?
That sounds about right!
People running projects that big.
Couple hundred, I mean, that's not a crime, ladies and gentlemen, but what do you expect to happen to a little liar, not worse than a stool pigeon, like Bannon, who went and bore false witness against Roger Stone?
Because let me tell you, Roger Stone was trying to get a job here at the time.
He was already on the show.
And I said, yeah, get me WikiLeaks.
Get me Manafort.
Get me Bannon.
All those establishment guys wouldn't come on.
Even Wikileaks was on ABC News all the time and CNN.
They wouldn't give us the time of day.
I didn't need them to give us the time of day.
I just wanted Roger to get us some big guests.
And I said, if you could be like a booker that got big guests for a political show that you do covering the election and the aftermath of the election, then I will hire you for what he wanted, which was a big sum of money.
He'd been a consultant for Fox.
He was paid by Fox.
He didn't want that said at the time because Fox doesn't want you to know that most of their contributors are paid.
And that's kind of how they control what you say and what you do.
So I was there, and I know he didn't do that.
And I know they investigated me in the WikiLeaks thing, and I know they had grand juries out on me.
And I tell you they've had grand juries.
I'm like, oh yeah, Jones, they got grand juries out on you.
Yeah, the very same people do.
And so I know what it's like to have done nothing.
And you're under investigation for being a Russian spy, and you tune into the House Armed Services Committee, and they're calling you a Russian agent with no proof, and you don't get to face your accuser.
At least in the McCarthy hearings, you got to go face your accusers.
And then the Senate Intelligence Committee said, to save America, we must destroy Alex Jones.
These are quotes.
And that I'm a Russian!
No, I'm a loyal American stopping your CHICOM takeover.
If it was a Russian takeover, I'd be a Russophobe on their butt so fast, like a bird dog on a quail that just got blasted out of the grass.
But that's not what's happening here.
I'm a loyal American, and they know the grassroots listen to us, so they want us discredited in silence, so I wouldn't be surprised if they indict me in the next month.
That's what this is all about.
So they can strut around and say they're the good guys and we're all the criminals.
You know, where's the QAnon indictments of the criminals?
Where's all that magic stuff?
You got one of them finally indicted, and that's Durham, and that's what's happening there.
So when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna get into Trump, Bannon, and all this other huge news that is breaking right now.
President Trump gets asked yesterday by one of these mask-wearing cult members in the White House Press Corps, the Disinformation Corps, fighting our country, if he is aware if he disavows this whole, quote, you know, QAnon movement or whatever, that thinks that there are devil worshippers with children and that there's also cannibalism going on.
And that he's saving the world from it.
And then Trump goes, well that'd be a good thing if I was.
What the media does is they create a cartoon image of millions of children underground.
Are their children literally in underground basements?
Are there children that have been found in basements?
But they create a cartoon image of that, hoping that discredits
The 10 plus fold increase in child molesters, child rapists being busted, and the fact that there's a whole underground that's now coming out in the media saying pedophilia is a good thing.
And now these pedophile networks have taken over major institutions, like Penn State and the Vatican, the list goes on and on.
This is how this group got us to compromise our souls as a nation, as a species, as a world.
And now they're trying to externalize it and make it normal.
And that's why they have pedophile drag queen story time with convicted pedophiles in many cases coming in, not even telling you on career day, your third grader is going to be bouncing on their knee.
Trump has signed executive orders to expand interdiction of human trafficking.
It's exploded.
He's got the Navy and the Army involved stopping it.
And they're having huge busts of small children kidnapped.
And Laura Silsby got caught running Clinton's foundation, shipping thousands of Haitian kids out.
She got a slap on the wrist.
Some were found dead.
AP did a whole investigation on it.
She changed her name and she runs the database for Amber Alert.
People hear that and they go look it up and they're blown away.
It's true.
So this is their currency.
This is how they corrupt people, it's how they make money, and it is a giant underground.
Are they putting kids in Wayfair cabinets and shipping them around?
Are they advertising expensive things online?
That you buy to launder the money?
And then you get a child delivered?
And so as this all comes out, Trump handles it perfectly, saying, well, it's a good thing, because we're trying to save the soul of humanity.
But the way they do most of the child killing is they keep babies alive, get the mother to say they don't want them, they put on a bioethics form, not resuscitated,
They're kept alive, but they're not counted as living, according to the bioethics board that Dr. Peter Singer developed 40 years ago, that if they decide that you're not a human, you're not.
And you have no value.
So it's an alchemy.
It's a lawyer scam.
That's why you have the governor of Northam saying, we keep the baby comfortable.
The mother decides not to resuscitate.
She makes the decision not to resuscitate.
We keep the baby comfortable.
Well, why do you keep it comfortable?
Because they're waiting to get all the orders in and the blood typing in for the harvesting.
Because if you kill them right on the spot, it's hard to get the quote fresh organs out.
We'll play that coming up.
But Trump asked if he supports
Conspiracy theory that he's saving world from satanic pedophiles.
Well, he's fighting ISIS that was kidnapping tens of thousands of women and children as sex slaves, torturing them, having a hundred men rape a five-year-old girl to death.
Hillary Clinton's first cases were representing pedophiles that kidnapped and brutally raped little girls.
The whole Clinton system is just littered with pedophiles and Tony Podesta and running, you know, full-page articles about how he loves art of naked children.
They're throwing it in our face.
And as I'm speaking, you're thinking of thousands of examples you remember of how sick these people are and how they're flaunting it all right there.
Here's the president being asked about it yesterday.
It is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.
Does that sound like something you are behind?
Well, I haven't heard that.
Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?
If I can help save the world from problems, I'm willing to do it.
I'm willing to put myself out there.
And we are, actually.
We're saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country.
And when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.
The rest of the world would follow.
There is sex slavery and sex bondage of women and children all over the world right now.
The UN's been caught.
It's like the United Nations in giant child trafficking scandal.
Snuff films.
UN caught filming snuff films.
UN caught... I mean, I've made films about it.
America Destroyed by Design.
A third of the movie is about the UN kidnapping, raping, transporting children and then killing them.
And it used to be mainstream news.
Now they don't even report it.
And Trump is fighting that.
Trump said five years ago, we need to find and execute pedophiles.
Now, here's the latest Daily Mail article that came out two days ago.
It was the top of Twitter.
They tried to suppress it.
Hashtag Bill Clinton Epstein.
And there he is with the underage girl that for years was their sex slave, massaging him.
And past that part, go ahead and scroll down and show him massaging.
Past all that, you see her in the stewardess outfit where they'd service them on the airplanes.
And that's her after she'd already been in their clutches four years when she was 18.
We exposed this last December in a video at Bandot Video that only has 600,000 views.
It needs 10 million, where they're up and running the same network recruiting underage girls that say on video, come visit me if you want me too.
So they've got planes where you go up in the planes and have sex with women that look like they're 14, 15, 16 and some are.
We know the woman that runs it for Epstein was bought when she was 11 as a sex slave out of the Balkans.
And now we have women in the same outfits with Bill Clinton.
Again, can we show the Bandai video article?
Headlined, right there, Epstein Trafficking Network up an operational Lolita Express, still recruiting young girls.
And I went from memory, I said 600,000 views.
I just want that out.
We don't even have ads on those.
We don't even make money on these.
We have to pay to put the bandwidth out.
But I want to expose this.
I want to show this.
Oh, is Bill Clinton indicted?
He told the world he never flew on the airplane.
The witnesses all saw him.
They saw him on the island.
Of course he did.
Bill Gates did too.
We built this network to expose all of this, but somebody posted this on YouTube.
It got 100,000 views back in December, because we shot this on the night before Christmas.
Shot it on Christmas Eve.
We shot it on the 23rd.
It aired on the...
Christmas Eve.
It went up on Christmas, had 100,000 views in like six hours.
YouTube removed it for hate speech.
Showing sex slaves what's happening, exposing sex trafficking, that's hate speech.
What do you think Google executives do?
They're all involved in stuff just as bad.
And they're protecting it, and they're going down.
If I continually decide to faithfully pursue a policy of truth,
Yeah, well, not pursuing a policy of truth may have worked the last 50 years.
We were living off the gas our ancestors put in the tank.
But now the gas is gone, the collapse is here.
The wolves think humanity is done and they're making their move.
And I do see my problems multiply with the policy of truth.
But you know what?
People that try to stay out of trouble, they're the ones that get destroyed in the end, the worst.
And they're the people that never really live.
We have gotten in this situation because we've been avoiding conflict, we've been avoiding hard work, we've been avoiding the truth.
We've been sweeping everything under the rug.
Well, I've not been doing that.
And I'm not going to be part of the lie.
I'm going to expose it.
We're going to get back into Steve Bannon being arrested, what all that means, how that ties to the deep state, the latest on COVID-19, the latest on the Democrat horrible convention.
Trump asked if he supports conspiracy theory.
Conspiracy theory that he's saving the world from satanic pedophiles.
There are a lot of satanists, there are a lot of pedophiles.
Trump's fighting them.
Ridiculing that.
Imagine trying to say that that doesn't exist when that's really the benchmark of the New World Order and that's what they're promoting out of every one of their filthy mouthpieces.
Something incredible.
I'm going to break more of this down in a moment, but first off,
I'm glad to see people are ordering a lot of storable food because it's a good investment.
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And I've always said it's good to have some storable food.
That's what all our ancestors did.
Where's the canning?
Where's the deep freeze?
Where's the root cellar?
It's all gone.
So I've always promoted storable food, but when the COVID-19 hit, we saw them welding people into their homes and locking things down and shooting women at checkpoints and just all this dystopic, crazy stuff.
I said, either it's really deadly,
Or it's a hoax.
They're going to use it to lock down.
And when they lock down the world, it's going to cause major depression, major collapse, supply chain problems.
That's not hard to predict.
That's all unfolded.
And now with the lockdown still going on in most of the world, it's getting more intense.
So with the globalists and the communists launching a revolution, with them saying they want a civil war, with them saying they're going to contest the election, have all these states secede and have their own inauguration.
I mean, that is crazy town.
And so, I would have a bug-out plan if your city's burning.
I would have firearms.
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The world's just going to get more insane.
They want a worldwide depression to bring us to our knees.
I believe that whether it's this year or next year, or the year after that, that you're going to be at a point where
The Democrats win, they're just going to come commandeer your factories.
They go, yeah, we agree with that.
That's already in the FEMA orders.
And I just said, I would ramp up and just expect more insanity.
And they said, no, we absolutely agree with that.
And they were asking me a couple of years ago what I thought, and I told them, ramp up.
So, I mean, I talked to the owner, I talked to their board.
They listened to me, I listened to them.
They're smart guys.
I never bought a piece of property in the country and started digging wells and putting in a trailer and solar panels and stuff and hiding food and stuff.
I mean, I used to be 100% offense.
No, that was the best defense to try to beat these people.
And I still think we will.
But regardless, the damage is so bad now it's going to be rough.
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And by the way, I'm not, when I'm pointing a finger at you, three more are pointing back at me.
I am soft.
I'm soft.
I mean, growing up, we had an electrical problem.
My dad would fix it just because he liked to.
Now, we have an electrical problem.
I call an electrician.
I don't know what I'm doing.
And again, and I love my children, but I dropped the ball.
My children, my son's great.
He doesn't know all that stuff I know.
And I know like 20% of what my dad did.
It's scary, folks.
So, I'm getting back to things.
Like, I used to just shoot guns.
I didn't shoot them enough to really get them clean properly, so I'd wipe them off.
But I'd take them to a gunsmith and say, hey, check these, clean them for me.
I got my guns out, I'm cleaning them all.
I got my cowboy boots out, I'm cleaning those.
I got my gear, I'm checking it all.
And it's just basic stuff, because, you know, I'll buy guns and stuff and have a big gun safe, but I don't have time to mess with them.
I got them out.
I'm out shooting them.
I'm out getting ready.
I carry a gun now.
And I'm just telling listeners, I know I'm stating common sense stuff here, but we're not in a good position right now.
And we've all been caught flat-footed, and I'm just telling you, get ready.
And then politically get active as much as you can, and wake people up and let them know the COVID virus is not causing the shutdown.
The lie and the hysteria is, and it's gonna devastate everybody.
All right, and I'm gonna stop now.
I'm going to cover what's really going on with the pedophile rings and how big it is that the media is attacking Trump over this.
And then I've got a bunch of other newscasts going after the president.
I'll give you really what I think is going on with Bannon.
And we have several big guests today.
Uh, here we got Dr. Steve Pachinik coming on about Bannon and about the election.
We have Deanna Lorraine in studio with us as well.
I'm working on getting Roger Stone on and I'll also try to open the phones up and take some of your calls.
Whatever you do though, remember, what's king?
Your word of mouth.
Tell folks how to tune in right now.
Thank you.
We think of stylized devil worshippers with a child kidnapped out of their backyard, tied up in a basement, taken out on All Hallows' Eve beneath the stars and moon to have their skin and body lanced for hours while supplicants of the cult drink their blood before slitting their throats and cutting out their heart in an offering to Baphomet.
We think of that as the evil.
And that's done as stylized Satanism in the archetype by this cult.
Oh, believe it, the DuPonts, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, they do it.
And they're on record and they've been caught.
It's come out.
And it gets shoveled under the rug, but it's still there.
Because it's about selfishness.
And if you'll hurt a child and steal their future and horrify them and wallow in the evil and do that to yourself, then the cult knows you're beyond the point of no return and that you can be trusted to carry out incredibly parasitic, predatory garbage.
You're cut off from God.
That's why any real evil criminal organization wants you to commit unspeakable crimes against innocents.
To know that you are now outside of God's control and God's defense.
Because lightness and darkness cannot mix.
And that's why MS-13 and other Latin American drug cartels make members kidnap 10, 11-year-old girls as their favorite and they torture them to death with electricity and with fire and then finally kill them after they rape them.
I remember reading, even in Texas Monthly, back when it was a good publication, when I was in high school, about one drug dealer, the other drug dealers grabbed, in Matamoros, and how the guy tortured him for a day in a satanic ritual, and he couldn't make the guy cry, so the devil worshiper killed him, but then committed suicide, because Satan was angry at him, because he hadn't broken the person's will, and gotten the energy of horror and pain.
So this is all well known.
ISIS does the same stuff.
It's the same thing in history.
And it's happened throughout history, in every archaeological dig, in Africa, in Europe, in Asia, in the Americas, every culture built pyramid altars.
They might be 10 feet tall, they might be 500 feet tall.
But they always sacrifice humans to snake gods.
You think we just cooked this up ourselves?
These type of MS-13 tortures young girls to death in ritual.
It's everywhere.
And usually the media covers it up.
Because you're not supposed to know about those type of crimes.
Oh, one cop does something wrong, kills a black guy.
It's the biggest news ever because they want to make it about that.
They abort 30 million black babies.
Nobody cares.
But think about China with three million Muslims in death camps, over a million Christians, a million Buddhists in death camps.
Their organs are taken, they're sold.
China's on record shipping baby parts out as an aphrodisiac and as a collagen injection to French companies that then sell it to the West for women's lip injections.
So, you're not killing a baby in a satanic ritual, openly trying to be evil.
You're just so narcissistic and so empty
You're doing it out of pure selfishness and don't even care you're involved in murdering a child.
It's like Pepsi.
A court ruled seven, eight years ago that in a lawsuit by shareholders, they couldn't say what the baby flavoring was for, but later it still came out that they test the flavor testing in a chemical test made out of baby.
So, when you read about confirmed Chinese communist newspaper endorses Joe Biden, Joe Biden is smoother to deal with than Donald Trump.
You mean he lays down?
That's the official Communist Chinese endorsing him.
Well, Trump put out a two-minute ad attacking Biden for openly endorsing China against America, and I was thinking of a lot of clips that are worse than what Trump's people have put in this.
I thought of one from Biden three years ago saying, the Communist Chinese should be involved in every aspect of our lives, telling us how to live and what to do.
So, the Communist Chinese take babies' organs, they take adults' organs, they kill people, they torture people, death camps, bigger than Hitler.
But the media makes a joke out of it like, oh, you know, Alex Jones or QAnon or these groups say that there's also devil worship going on, you know, to make it sound cartoonish, to distract from what they know good and well is going on.
And they've got a talking point to cover that up.
So now even though these reporters aren't in there having blood stew or whatever, even though they're not actually torturing a baby, begging for mommy to get the dark energy that they get off that horror that these entities feed off of,
They still just cover up for the group that's doing it.
Because that's what all this is about.
The wars, the death, the killing.
So here is Trump's new ad.
Joe Biden won't stand up for the U.S.
Well, he doesn't just not stand up for it.
He attacks it.
And then we added the other clip at the end.
Here it is.
After the steel mills fell, it just all crumbled.
I'm third generation.
I've worked the steel mill for a year and a half.
And now the steel mill ain't even there.
This is just the way of the world.
China is an economic rival to the United States.
It does export, it does manufacture, and yes, it takes American jobs.
We want to see China rise.
China is going to eat our lunch?
Come on, man.
I mean, you know, they're not bad folks, folks.
I believe then, and I'm even more convinced now, that a rising China
It's an incredibly positive development.
China has made remarkable, remarkable strides.
ABC News investigation this morning into Joe Biden's son, Hunter, and questions about money he made from foreign business dealings while his father was vice president.
And did Joe Biden allow it?
We're talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries.
Did you talk about China or your deal with China?
A 12-hour flight over?
No, no, of course not.
That never came up?
Less than two weeks after that trip, BHR Partners was launched, a private equity firm funded in part by Chinese banks.
He has come forward and said it was a mistake on his part to be on the board.
My son's business dealings were not anything worth everybody that he's talking about.
What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?
I don't know what he was doing.
I know he was on the board.
Hunter Biden holds an equity stake in a company that's taken over a billion and a half dollars in loans from the Chinese government.
This is obviously an issue.
What they said is China would prefer Joe Biden.
China and Iran.
China and Iran.
China and Iran want to see Donald Trump's defeat.
And they're looking for ways to make that happen.
China's a great nation, and we should hope for the continued expansion.
Growth in China is overwhelmingly in our interest.
And there's much more to come.
And now the steel mill ain't even there.
I'm also proud that more than 160 Fortune 500 companies are operating in Chengdu high-tech zone, including pioneer American businesses like Intel, Dell, and Oracle.
The US-China relationship has also improved dramatically.
in the past 30 years.
In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing, which we're working on every day.
Go beyond it to include all levels of government.
Go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms.
That's why we launched our 100,000 Strong initiative to boost the number of American students studying in China
Each year.
And the gyms, and the nurseries, for children and for plants, they're not essential unless you're Walmart or Target, or unless you're Governor Newsom's dozen-plus wineries and restaurants.
They didn't used to be, by the way, sold out.
Their profits are way up.
Now you gotta go to them.
Everybody else is closed.
And that's a microcosm of where Newsom closes all the other wineries but his.
Just like they closed America, but they got to manage the middleman to sell out of the country.
And that's why Trump said a few weeks ago, they're going to try to take me out because I'm cutting this off.
We'll do deals that are fair all day long.
You want to move to China?
Do it.
But you're not getting an unfair advantage.
Level playing field.
That's the way it is.
And that's why these scumbags, look at Biden three years ago, he could talk.
He's had another stroke, folks.
And they're so arrogant, they just put him up there and don't care and tell you he's fine.
And his wife has got to go around saying he's cognitively there because he's gone.
Because they're like the Communist Party.
It's rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
There's a headline of it, Man.Video, that's not really accurate, but that's okay.
Because what would you say?
Alex Jones predicts globalist culling of the elderly.
I didn't predict it.
They said they were already doing it, and we're going to expand it.
So, Alex Jones warned of the covert operation to kill the old people, but it's now operational.
And we're going to come back with huge news on the Bannon front and so much more.
But here's part of that report.
Full reports at Bandai-Video.
Now let's move to the main body of news.
I covered this a lot on the radio today.
Mike Adams has a big report out on it.
It actually talks about giving bonuses to hospital workers and doctors to not resuscitate and not save people.
Big hospitals have also been caught taking people's organs.
This guy, Joe Klein, talks about how troublesome his parents were.
I don't
Order for Dad.
Now that's the double thing.
You know, Dad, here's the quote right here, Dad might have gotten a rib broken, which a defibrillator doesn't do, if he ever got resuscitated.
So, to be nice to him, in case he broke a rib, we said don't save him.
Killing to saving.
That's New World Order logic.
And again, they do overdo it sometimes.
Hospitals do.
But that's up to the individual.
It's their money.
But once they socialize things, they can say, well, you're paying for it too.
So now, none of you get any care.
And again, you pay more for water?
Get less.
Pay more for power?
Get less.
Pay more for your house?
Get less.
Pay more for your car?
Get less.
That's the globalist post-industrial model.
They don't want you being wealthy.
The Globalists talk endlessly in their financial papers, that are even published, that their trouble is keeping the economy shut down.
Saying the middle class that buy cars or houses are bad.
No, no, no.
That's what keeps the entire economy going.
Yeah, kill granny, get a cash bonus.
That's not just Time Magazine coming out with this.
We actually have a graphic here.
I don't
Again, Newsweek is the case for killing Granny.
We're teleprompter-free, so I have to keep all this in my mind.
Time Magazine is, you know, how to die.
And in this report, he says, my parents died serenely with dignity.
When you are a death panel, that is the very best you can hope for.
So again, they said the death panels didn't exist, but now they're saying they're super trendy and super cool, and the doctors will get bonuses for dispatching you unless you're an elitist globalist, just like over in England, where the elitists all get private doctors, everybody else, oh, we've got a brain surgery that's 100% operable, if it's done within a month, you're gonna wait 18 months and die.
You understand?
That's how this works.
And they don't want you to be able to medically travel somewhere else and get the health care.
They're moving to block that.
This is the medical tyranny.
This is how it always starts.
Let's go ahead and go to this Bill Gates clip.
Here it is.
That's a trade-off society is making because of very, very high medical costs.
And a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
Of course we're making... But that's an interesting thing you just said, which is just the last three months in life for one person or something, because we haven't had a discussion of how to allocate that money, it means we lay off three teachers to do so.
I mean, in other words, we haven't had this type of allocation.
We're making that trade-off because of huge medical costs that are not examined to see which ones actually have no benefit whatsoever.
That's enough.
And because of... Full report's up at Bandot Video.
And of course, that's all a lie.
He wants control of who gets what in a technocracy, and they decide who lives and who dies, and it's all just made-up crap.
And he applies numbers to all of it.
And then sets himself up as God over you and your family.
It's absolutely chilling.
It's the Renaissance of Christianity that produced all this wealth because he wanted to be nice and kind.
Barbarism gets rid of all the wealth.
Welcome back!
I'm your host, Alex Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
You know, InfoWars is kind of a Frankenstein operation.
We've been through a lot of fights, and we've been through a lot of wars.
And we go with what the truth is and what gets the message out.
And so, our scars are our strengths.
We are Teenage Frankenstein, to quote our good buddy that just brought us in.
Alright, and we can say we're no more Mr. Nice Guy to the globalists.
We're not bowing down to them.
We know that they're not in our best interest.
They're coming after all of us to try to enslave us and our families.
Dr. Steve Pucinich is going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour to talk about Steve Bannon and his arrest in New York by the Southern District of New York, the long arm of the Democratic Party and the Deep State.
That after Steve Bannon threw Roger Stone under the perjury bus and said that he was their main pipeline to WikiLeaks and that Stone told them they were talking to WikiLeaks.
We never did any such thing.
And Bannon had previously testified to Congress that Stone had not talked to Wikileaks or not told him that.
So he thought he would grovel to the Deep State and be passed over, but that has not happened.
That is coming up, bottom of the hour.
But right now, let's get into the latest COVID-19 news information that's coming out.
Look at this.
We can put it up on screen for folks.
Governor of Maine orders restaurant staff to wear COVID visors like dog cones.
Yes, I love it!
They already have the kids wearing the noodles on their heads.
They already have people in bubbles and in cages to go to concerts.
It's all another act of mindlessness.
And of the authoritarian communist Chinese,
I think?
Or ordering state employees and others, and so is the DNC, that when you're in a conversation over Zoom, from your home, you must wear a mask.
Because you can't ever see anybody's face and not be wearing a mask.
It might make people think that the peer pressure isn't working.
So, if you're wearing a cone around your head, with a mask of course, it's lucky if you just have to wear the mask at home.
Always more, more, more.
Meanwhile, L.A.
mayor crowned COVID-19 dictator making good on cutting off power to homes and businesses that have people in them.
But Governor Newsom and others, they can keep operating.
That's just some of the news.
On that front, domestic violence cases nearly doubled in Massachusetts amid COVID lockdown.
Yes, the lockdown's causing it, not COVID.
And it goes on from there.
Sweden's coronavirus expert warns that wearing masks is very dangerous and doesn't protect you and says that they have the lowest numbers in Europe because basically it's a hoax.
We need numbers overwhelmingly so Trump can't steal his way to victory.
Crooked Hillary still warning about Trump, saying he wants to steal the election when she's the one that's been trying to steal all along.
But look at that soulless look on her face.
She's not home.
There's only the entity behind the scenes running it.
And then coming up next segment, I'm going to get to this footage.
Passengers revolt as airline removes family
Who had trouble masking their two-year-old.
Because they say two and up, you gotta put a suffocating mask on them and any mammal will fight to get a mask off its face.
I mean, this is total child abuse, total dehumanization, but the cult members love it.
And they get off on it.
And they enjoy it.
Imagine when Bill Gates releases the real bioweapon.
Now let's go ahead and go to this little piece.
This is from MSNBC.
Donald Trump is far more well-suited to be an InfoWars host than POTUS.
Here it is.
Elise, it is an understatement to say Trump's on the low road.
Trump is like subterranean, way down under where all the pipes are laid, underground.
And to that point, he's wrapping himself around, how do you say it, QAnon?
QAnon loons.
And he has congratulated a right-wing candidate.
I mean, he is so committed now to the dark underbelly, the fringiest aspects.
But I don't see how they think they're enough of those people, that they're willing to roll the dice and repel the kinds of independent... I'm sitting there, I'm watching the clip, and she's got all these communist books behind her on top of it.
This is absolutely insane.
Let's go back from the start.
Here it is.
Elise, it is an understatement to say Trump's on the low road.
Trump is like subterranean, way down, under where all the pipes are laid, underground.
And to that point, he's wrapping himself around, how do you say it, QAnon?
QAnon loons.
And he has congratulated a right-wing candidate.
I mean, he is so committed now to the dark underbelly, the fringiest aspects.
But I don't see how they think they're enough of those people, that they're willing to roll the dice and repel the kinds of independent or sort of center-right voters that they assembled four years ago.
Donald Trump is far more well-suited to be an InfoWars host with Alex Jones than to serve in the Oval Office.
And we see this constantly, and it is so maddening
That he has absolutely no respect for facts and truth and instead would rather embrace conspiratorial loons that reinforce whatever quack idea goes best with his personal inner narrative and political advantage at a given time.
It is distressing to see the GOP embrace candidates who
Our QAnon followers, and let's just hope that they're in districts that are so red that there won't be any risk of them actually gaining political power.
But it's petrifying that the megaphone of the Oval Office, the president, where men like Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman and Abraham Lincoln sat, is being used to propagate this absolute nonsense.
That is harmful and dangerous to society.
It's propagate sweetheart!
So they sit up there and try to act normal when they support Communist China, the end of the country, defunding the police, collapsing everything, and they try to make Alex Jones and Laura Loomer look bad because they fear us.
If the public becomes populist, if the public recognizes the UN takeover, if the public recognizes it's wrong to censor doctors that talk about treatments that are working against COVID-19, if we recognize what authoritarian monsters these individuals are, their reign of control over us is over.
But it's going to come down to that point where we stop being afraid of them calling us a kook or a loon when that show has like 100,000 viewers.
When that shows a bunch of nobodies and the woman's got all this authoritarian and communist garbage behind her because she wants you to know that's who she is.
Let me tell you who's dangerous and on the fringes is Shea Guevara that was against black people and Hispanics.
He thought Mexicans were horrible.
He hated black people.
He sounded like a KKK leader.
Karl Marx.
All those guys, they're scum!
You're scum, lady, not us!
Get out of America!
Go to North Korea, you filthy monster!
You know, I'm not gonna hold my breath for Durham, but they have indicted, of course, this FBI lawyer, Clinesmith, that falsified an FBI report and sandwiched it in with another report and cut out that, of course, Carter Page was working for the CIA.
And that's why he was talking to Russians.
And then now, after Carter Page testified to Congress, they have new articles out going, Carter Page wouldn't say what he was doing in Moscow and beat around the bush, because it's classified.
So you think about how cheap Obama was, he couldn't find one American selling us out to the Russians.
They admit, thousands of people contacted by the FBI investigated, no one sold anybody out.
So they had to go after a CIA agent
Who was over there doing his job in Russia and say, oh, look, he talked to Russians.
He's guilty.
Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is literally on its knees before the Communist Chinese and being endorsed by the Communist Chinese and saying the Communist Chinese should run America.
That's why they always say, I'm a Russian agent, Trump's a Russian agent, his voters are Russian dupes, because they're enemies of America, folks, and what do you do when you're an enemy bringing the country down?
You accuse the loyal Americans of being the enemy.
But you don't want to point when you're spiritual roadkill, like Pelosi, at a real enemy like China, so you point at Russia.
It's had the very same satanic globalist hunched over it for a hundred years trying to rape the daylights out of it.
And just pissed that Russia crawled away halfway and got the New World Order proboscis out of their back.
So now they got us wearing masks and saying, oh, you can't go to college, you can't leave the college for the semester, you gotta have a tracking app on your phone, and we're gonna take your kids away, it's just never gonna end.
And first it was, oh, kids under six don't have to wear a mask.
Oh, kids two and up!
So people are trying to muzzle two-year-olds when any natural mammal, trying to put something over its face, it can't breathe, it's gonna pull it off!
So let's start from the beginning.
Here's this good little stewardess throwing the woman off for her two-year-old and the baby.
That's JetBlue.
That's the airlines.
That's our submission.
That's who we are.
That's the virtue signaling.
As if wearing masks on airplanes does anything.
Start the video.
And she's trying to make the mother choke her baby.
Put it on her face.
Remember what the TSA would do?
Grab the little kid and point out it was illegal?
Imagine if cops were doing this.
So why do you say it on your website?
It's on the website!
Why is it on your website?
And she's like, hey, you know, you don't put it on babies.
Why are you saying it on your website?
You know what, I should have posted shit on a fucking newspaper.
Let's get out of here, let's get this stupid woman out of here.
At least it's crowded cheering when she turns the woman off.
Leave her alone!
What, leave her alone?
Leave her alone!
Because he was fucking with me when I got on a plane with Roman, him too, talking about Roman.
Passengers revolt as airline removes family who had trouble masking.
What a cult!
That little girl's learned how to live under Sharia, didn't she?
I think everybody on this plane should complain about this.
You shouldn't put up with it, folks.
Because next is coming the contact tracing, the implantable chips, the forced inoculations.
In fact, it's already here in Australia.
Under the United Nations.
Let's look at some more globalist insanity.
Saw this article on CNN today.
Hashim Abedi, brother of Adrian Grande, concert bomber, says of 55 years in prison, and you read this article, none of it's how they did it for Islam.
Can you imagine if a white Christian bombed a concert blowing up a bunch of prepubescent teenage girls?
It would be the end of the world.
Every Christian would be at fault.
The Pope would apologize.
Churches might be pulled down.
Crosses might be removed.
But man, when there's the truck of peace running people over, or there's Islamic mass bombings or shootings or attacks on Christmas, outdoor displays, you never hear it's an Allah Akbar.
Of course, there are not many churches in the Middle East.
They've all been bombed out of existence.
So you take this guy in, his family are migrants, invaders, and he comes in with the lazy eyes, and he comes in and gets on welfare with his brother, and then he blows you up, and it's okay.
It's okay because
You know, they're white kids.
And they're Christian.
So you blow them up.
And when we would try to point out he and his brother were Islamists and took credit for it in Islamist ways, we got censored, what was that, like four years ago when that happened?
Yeah, 2017, almost four years ago?
May 2017?
Yes it is.
17, 18, 19, 20, yeah.
Four years ago.
And I remember getting censored!
They said, you don't say that's Islamic!
Look at this dude.
I mean, what's up with that dude?
It's called inbreeding, folks.
It causes psychotic behavior.
You can be white, you can be brown and inbred, and you're gonna have a problem.
In a lot of Muslim countries, like Pakistan, a lot of great people from Pakistan, but a lot where, you know, you got
Pakistanis aren't even 1% of the population in the UK and almost 40% of birth defects are Pakistanis.
Very, very sad.
But, you know, they don't feel welcomed into the culture.
And so they blow up the culture.
You know, they don't... The left doesn't leave California and come to your state and stop it.
They come and they bring California.
And Islam doesn't leave Islam
And then come here and want to be us.
No, no, no.
On average, they're disgusted with who we are.
And, I mean, I'm disgusted with who we are, but I don't want to blow people up.
And they do not embrace us.
So another big taboo, but it's okay, though.
Because the governor of Maine says you've got to wear literal cones of shame.
And you know he got paid by Think Tank to do this just to see how much stupid stuff they can make you do.
That's all this is.
And now, what was a couple weeks ago, a major Indian Hindu group had a yearly celebration they've had for hundreds of years.
To remember a Hindu shrine taken by Muslims.
Because you know, Indian Hindus used to be all the way into Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
That was all Hindu.
It's all Buddhist.
And all the way into China.
Now they're just Indian.
And that's being overthrown.
So the Indians Facebooked a bunch of them, banned them, and said, you're not allowed to have your worship of your Hindu god in your shrine.
Because that hurts the Muslims' feelings.
So, Hindus aren't even allowed to worship their saint.
They're not even allowed to do that because the Muslims say, we took your land, we have that shrine, so because we captured it, you can't talk about it.
This morning, at about 8.30, I was thinking, I need to call two people, Roger Stone and Dr. Steve Pachinick.
Roger Stone is so exhausted, he's taking most of the day off, he said he'll come on tomorrow.
I don't like Steve Bannon.
Steve Bannon brought in a bunch of the Deep State Globalists.
He basically is a Hollywood screenwriter and he took a lot of the populist movement that was already out there that this audience supported and kind of cobbled together as an operating system.
Trump resonated with it along with Stephen Miller, who I think is a good guy, and Trump really believes it so he picked it up.
But then Bannon lied in the Senate committee.
We're good to go.
I want to see Bill Clinton indicted.
I want to see the deep state in trouble for all the things they've done.
But at the same time, he went and perjured himself against Roger Stone.
He worked with Epstein.
He did all these crooked, dirty things.
And so I'm not crying about it, but at the same time, I rarely have mixed feelings about something.
It's a complex issue.
But I bet Dr. Steve Pichetting...
Former head of psychological warfare operations in the State Department, worked for a lot of big agencies, the Pentagon, you name it, helped do regime change, best-selling author, co-author of many books with Tom Clancy, and a psychiatrist, and so much more.
What is your take on this?
It's very simple.
I was on your show a couple of months ago, and I said that Steve Bannon was a complete sociopath.
And eventually he would trap himself in his lies and his collusions with his colleagues.
I am for the indictment, conviction, and prison for Steve Bannon.
The reason is very simple.
Bannon is what we call a self-promoter.
A nicer term or a different term would be a BS artist.
The technical term is he is a complete sociopath from the day he created his own background to the day he pretended he was an intelligence
Operative, or he was a man who understood national security.
There wasn't one iota of truth in his statements or in his being.
The truth of the matter is he was highly self-destructive.
Like all narcissists, he eventually ingratiated himself with Trump, got into the inner circle.
And what does he do?
He then goes out and talks to Wolf, who writes
Fast and Furious and explains how Ivanka Trump is dumb as a brick, Jared Kushner is as crooked as a day is long, and that Trump himself is not a billionaire, but a millionaire who is going to be eventually indicted.
Welcome to the world of Trump.
I warned Trump about Bolton.
I warned Trump about Fauci.
I had warned Trump about Bannon.
This is an exercise in kind of futility and the basically a trapment of self-aggrandizement.
Roger Stone is a different issue.
He has nothing to do with Bannon in terms of what I believe.
Roger is innocent.
You don't put him in jail.
Roger has been around 30, 40 years since the Nixon administration.
But Roger never double dealt Nixon or Trump.
He never spoke badly about either one.
He never revealed anything in a book concerning the life of Trump.
Oh, you're right.
He is completely neurotic about never using his knowledge against anybody that he's been in league with.
Very loyal.
My Roger was extremely loyal.
You don't paint a picture of Nixon on your back.
And he was silent.
There was no, there was basically no penalty or an issue.
This is a totally different consideration, my friend.
This consideration is about
People like Sean Hannity, who just came out and said that Trump is nuts.
He's basically a child.
He's crazy.
And what I'm getting at, unlike the Roger Stones and unlike others who really believed in Trump as a viable candidate, what you have are the individuals who ingratiate themselves either because they want the top news story, like Sean Hannity, who's going to go next.
He's going to get fired.
Or the Steve Bannons who create their own persona, make believe they love the middle class, and then they basically rob the middle class.
This whole thing is a felony, and I hope Steve Bannon goes to prison for it.
He created a whole background scenario which wasn't valid.
It was filled with
All kinds of lies, distortion, and corruption.
When he made the movies in Hollywood, they were horrendous.
He skimmed off a lot of other areas.
I don't want to go into the specifics.
Well, that's what I've been told.
He's known in L.A.
everywhere as a con man.
And I just didn't want to attack him early on, but then I learned that he was the guy that brought in, that's what Roger said, all these bad globalists.
Well, it's not only he brought in the globalists, he is a con man.
Forget anything else.
He is a man who goes in there, praises the president, basically tries to make himself more important than he is, turns around and at the same time
Will ingratiate himself with the Washington press and say, look, I've got a crazy guy here.
I know how to manipulate him.
I know what to do.
Oh, by the way, Jared Kushner is my competitor and the only one I've got a problem with.
But you know, those Jews, they're crooked and you know damn well that he's going to go to prison.
Oh, by the way, Ivanka, who married that Jew, is as dumb as a bridge.
So you're saying the whole original narrative of getting rid of Trump's wife, credibility-wise, and everybody, because I always heard that, was actually Bannon.
That's why the media built Bannon up, that he was bigger than Trump, was because they wanted his credibility to be so high.
Well, it's not only the media built it up, Bannon built it for himself.
This is the classical sociopath.
They self-aggrandize and then they self-destruct.
Mao Zedong had a term for this.
The higher the monkey goes, the further he falls.
This monkey was Steve Bannon and he's going to prison.
Because I'll tell you one thing,
You can play with Trump.
You can think you manipulate Trump.
You can say all you want about Elon Musk being an idiot or stupid or a man-child, which is what Bannon did.
But the truth of the matter is, Musk has created rockets that went into space.
He created Tesla.
And guess what?
Trump built buildings.
Well, let's be clear too.
They kept saying his rockets would fail.
They're performing better than the Russian rockets and better than Wernher von Braun's for much lower prices compared to their time.
So he really has proven in spades he's the real deal.
For the first time ever since, for 11 years, we're going into space on an American rocket with American pilots going out of an American base.
That's 11 years we haven't done that.
Obama couldn't do that.
Then we have people like Colin Powell, another sociopath, a prevaricator, who says that Biden, again, a senile, demented liar and corrupt individual,
It can bring the whole country together.
So what you see... But I'll go back to this American thing.
Even though he's from South Africa, he's become an American.
He bet everything, his fortunes, everything, and then succeeded.
Even if he failed, that would be an American trait.
But you're right.
I mean, I admire Elon Musk for a lot of the things he's doing.
I had property in South Africa.
I worked with the South Africans.
I had property in Stellenbosch, which is a great area.
The Afrikaans, the whites who built out South Africa, have left South Africa and come to the United States.
Exactly 650,000 of them.
They're around my region.
They build businesses.
They are entrepreneurs.
They know exactly what they're doing.
The Steve Bannons were spoiled.
And come out of the middle class and makes believe he cares about the middle class, has self a grand, goes to Goldman Sachs, does some illegal trading there, creates his own investment company, creates his own movie company, and makes believe he created Braveheart.
The truth is he's done nothing.
He's done nothing but push himself into the circle of... Well, let's talk about what this means with the ex-FBI lawyer, Clinesmith, being indicted, and what you hear with your ear to the ground is coming next with Dr. Steve Pachenik.
StevePachenik.com's got a great website.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I am your host, Alex Jones, as we blast out on hundreds of radio stations and TV stations, thanks to those great station owners and managers and you supporting them.
All right, Dr. Steve Machenix here with us.
I don't want to spend too much time on Bannon, though it is important, because it ties into Durham and there's also a prosecutor in Texas.
And I've been told by sources that have never lied to me that Trump has said many more are coming.
He's not running the investigations, but that Trump has been told, no, no, we're going to indict at least a dozen
People, will they all be mid-level, like this particular individual that just got indicted?
And why is Strzok and Page and so many others upset?
Will it end with Clinesmith?
And is this connected in any way to what's happened to Bannon?
The truth of the matter is what Bannon and Clinesmith all had in common.
You have to remember that Bannon came out of the Navy.
He was part of Navy Intelligence.
Although he didn't talk about it very much, he did imply he was very deep into the intelligence community.
That's why he and Flynn had a problem.
And Flynn really didn't like Bannon and wanted him out.
Instead, it was Flynn who got into trouble because of his son.
The indictment of this individual is far more reaching than anybody realizes.
Actually, William Barr is surprising me because, you know, I've known that he was a D.I., D.D.O.
in the CIA, but as an attorney general, he is going after the deep state.
This is the beginning of going after Brennan, going after Mueller, going after Hayden, and a whole bunch of others who have been attempting to try a coup against Trump.
It's not working.
The indictments are massive.
As I understand, they range probably several hundred indictments ready to go.
And Trump has done an excellent job of keeping it quiet and just titrating out little by little as we get closer to the reelection.
So basically, he denigrates.
The legitimacy of Biden.
He's not going into the fact that I do, where I say Biden is senile demented.
Trump has enough elegance and sense of importance that he doesn't have to say that.
I can say that because I was examiner in psychiatry, but it was obvious to me and it's obvious to many others.
And particularly with this last interview with Tom Hanks, Biden could not remember the day and the years that he was appointed as vice president.
So we have a serious problem.
Instead of Trump hitting it at the medical source, what he's doing is taking out the supporting branches that have kept the
Lying and collusions, and the Colin Powell's who are pathological liars, the Obama's who are pathological liars, the CIA operatives who have been pathological liars.
He's taking them apart little by little.
And if I were Gina Haspel, and I was part of the CIA, and I was part of the 16 units in the intelligence community, I would be very much concerned.
Now remember, months ago, I had told you Bannon was going to be arrested.
And a year ago... By the way, you did say that.
I should have started the broadcast.
I remember... I mean, have you gotten rumblings of this, or you said Bannon's gonna pay?
I had no rumblings.
One of the things that you and I do intuitively is it's obvious when a man like Bannon gets ahead of himself.
It's obvious when he's a self-aggrandizer, when he needs to be in every show and every particular radio station, and he has to make himself so important
To the White House and to the United States that, in fact, there's nothing there.
He has no, he has no gravitas, either intellectually or emotionally.
So you don't think they've gone after Bannon to embarrass Trump and confuse the wall?
You think it was known that he was doing some wrong things so the light got lit to get him?
Well, look, Trump was reading the book when he saw what Bannon wrote about Ivanka.
Dumb is a stone, and Pushner is a total corrupt individual, and that Trump is not worth billions of dollars but only a few million, and he's going to go down.
Bannon has talked on both sides of his mouth.
What eventually happened, and I think Trump
Allowed this to happen was to let the other guys handle the prosecution and the indictment, while at the same time, he maintained Bannon close to him.
That's a brilliant maneuver.
Machiavellian would have liked that.
He kept all of these people close to them, giving them the sense that he was still involved with them.
While in turn, he had ordered the people around him who were in the deep state, his deep state,
To take down that deep state one after another.
And Bannon was the key to a lot of the corruption.
Well, I totally agree with you.
So let's do a 35,000 foot view, because you're a smart guy.
You said on my show 15 years ago, hey, both East and West Coast are going to collapse.
It'll be the Midwest, the South, America will rebuild.
The Democrats are going to be a failed party.
The EU is going to collapse.
I remember thinking, man, you're being way too optimistic.
We're basically there.
It's all happened as you saw.
And then you talked about all this with Bannon and the rest of it.
You talked about, don't worry, the Democrats are going to self-destruct.
The way they're destroying their own cities, their own states, the way that they knew two years ago he'd had another stroke and could barely talk.
Now they're having to actually hide him 74 days out.
He can't even say a sentence.
So the cognitive degeneration has accelerated.
I'm not a doctor like you, but looking at the doctor of the brain, but looking at this, it really does just say
That they're all so disconnected that they are self-destructing out of pure incompetence, and I just wonder why it isn't even easier to defeat them then?
Because the moment of defeat hasn't come yet.
What Trump is doing is doing it by attrition, which is the correct way to do it.
In other words, he's not allowing the Democrats to recoup any of their strength.
And basically, he's confusing them as to where the strategic focus is.
Is it against Biden?
Well, not quite.
He hit Kamala Harris.
Was he happy?
Was Trump happy we had Kamala Harris?
You better believe it.
You have an Indian from Jamaican roots whose father was the professor emeritus of Stanford University and you're saying to me on the storyline that Kamala had to be bused into Berkeley
For integration?
That's nonsense.
The whole story was nonsense.
The notion that she in any way deserved any political accruement is nonsense.
She's a bigger dud than Pocahontas.
And again, why would they... Well, she is corrupt.
She's deceptive.
But he wants that to come to the forefront.
No, no, I agree that she's the worst choice.
Why would they pick?
We all agree that she's the worst choice.
She was a corrupt prosecutor.
Everybody knows it.
Why the hell would they pick her then?
Just delusion?
What it is, is when you are so angry and you think you are so smart as the Democrats do.
Remember the Democrats and the Liberals
Think of themselves as basically smart, educated, entitled.
They feel that you and I and a bunch of wackos on the right are really not relevant to the whole course of American history.
We're conspirators.
Every time you read about conspiracy, it's Alex Jones.
Of course, you can put down Steve Pichenik, but they won't dare because I would sue them for libel.
And that's triple damages for me.
But my point to you is that this is the course of action that occurs when you feel entitled, when you are arrogant, and when you're incompetent.
The three elements of self-destruction.
Look at this video of them last night.
They look like clowns.
No one's even there.
They're bowing.
If I was producing a comedy movie, like Spinal Tap, it's a masterpiece, watched it again last week.
Top actors could not come off this wooden, this fake, this most disingenuous.
I mean, they are so bad, they're good.
I mean, they are so pathetic, it's a masterpiece.
Well, you hit it on the head.
It's the three Stooges, but now you've got the Democratic Stooges.
Each one is dumber than the other.
Each one is a greater pathological liar than the other.
Trump was accused of being the master of a reality show and that this president looks like he's running a reality show.
That came from the great words of one of our Secretary of State, another pathological liar from Yale.
And Trump is.
He's running it a thousand times better than they are.
Well, you know, act in a certain way.
You can act incompetent or act as if you're disarrayed.
But when you start arresting people,
That's your opposition.
If I were in the opposition, I'd say, wait a minute, we got a problem here.
They don't do that.
Because basically every one of their operatives are highly paid.
There was never accountability.
None of them have ever put in a president.
Obama was a freak of the CIA, black, lying, homosexual, complete farce, who then calls our president a farce.
And then
I think she is exactly what she is.
She is an asexual,
I've got to be careful.
We're going to come back with her threat to America that things are gonna get really bad if we re-elect Trump and the Atlantic Monthly saying they're gonna burn the country down.
What do we do?
Seriously, because I don't want to underestimate the enemy.
Hold on.
We gotta go to break.
I don't want to underestimate.
Because they say they're gonna secede if Trump wins.
So what does that look like?
We'll talk about Big Mike when we come back.
And now the heavyweight champion of the world, weighing in an astounding 240 pounds of pure linebacker muscle, Big Michelle Mike!
Now seriously, Joan Rivers came out, had just officiated over a gay wedding right before she died, and she said,
We don't need a first gay president.
Obama's gay and Michelle's a tranny.
Now that's Joan Rivers, the big liberal.
She was dead a few months later.
But we do have all this footage of clearly Michelle Obama likes to have like a big rubber snake you can buy at the store in her pants.
That's all I'm saying.
I'm not saying, there it is right there, a roll of quarters, adjusting it.
I'm not saying that she's a tranny.
I'm not attacking her for that.
I'm just saying she's got bigger shoulders than Obama.
And, you know, the word is, I mean, Barry's dad was a famous communist pornographer and all the rest of it, Frank Marshall Davis.
This is a short segment, but Dr. Steve Pachinick, bestselling author, researcher, psychiatrist, what do you make of the phenomenon of it being the number one thing on Twitter the other day, Big Mike?
People thinking that she's a man.
I just see this as the public not trusting anything we see from this group.
I agree with you.
First of all, in order to understand Big Mike or Obama, you've got to go back to a woman by the name of Valerie Jarrett, an African American, but not completely.
This was a woman whose father was in the CIA and a physician in Iran, and Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran.
So you get a CIA operative coming into Chicago and pips another CIA operative or covers for that CIA operative Obama or Barry Sorrell, whose mother was CIA in Indonesia and maternal grandparents worked under me at the East West Center.
I was about to say, why are they obsessed with that?
Because I've researched it, I can't figure it out.
In Indonesia, he wrote that he had a transsexual nanny.
Well, let's for a minute forget the transsexual part and focus on the part where they really want to take down the government.
And where the beginnings of this went on, let's say, from 9-11.
What you're seeing is the aftermath again of 9-11.
The agency trying to come back, trying to make a coup.
We have not cleaned out any of the CIA.
We've not cleaned out military... So you're saying it's corrupt, crazy, deep state elements trying to use their leverage inside government to overthrow the Republic?
And we've been saying it for over 20 years.
And unfortunately, as I said in your last show, I would have hoped Trump could clear it out faster than he is now.
But he is starting to clear it out piece by piece using the law, which is another very effective way.
I would not have used the law.
I would have used executive power.
Now, in terms of Big Mike or, you know, Obama, that show and that charade will never continue because clearly it's already been exposed.
But they don't care in the sense that... I was about to say, Obama was on a radio show and made a joke about Big Mike.
Well, listen, he's a joke.
He's a joke himself.
He never went to Columbia.
He went to a school that he doesn't want to admit in L.A.
He went to maybe Harvard, where he basically couldn't get into Harvard.
He came out of a private school in Hawaii.
His mother was a CIA white woman operative.
And his maternal parents, grandparents were CIA, so there's nothing about him that's really sui generis real.
He's phony and he knows it, but he plays that part.
It's become part of his own reality.
It's like being an actor in a show.
So he's got Big Mike or whatever you want to call it.
You got Valerie Jarrett, who's your producer.
And ironically,
Rami Emanuel, the one Jewish guy who had been the mayor, was keeping it quiet to the extent that he could keep it quiet.
Once he left, he and his brother Ari Emanuel, who's head of the William Morris Endeavor Agency, a talent group, they just went off to the side and spent their own life the way they wanted to.
They made their own millions without having to worry about where the money was coming in.
For Obama, he wanted to leave a legacy, which will be kind of a joke, but the reality of the moment is so serious that... Alright, let's talk about the reality of the moment, and I'll stop joking in 60 seconds.
Under Steve Pucinich, stevepucinich.com is our guest.
Stay with us.
Mark that sign, stevepucinich.com.
Alright, under Steve Pucinich is our guest here, and...
We can joke around about Obama and Pelosi and Biden not being able to talk, but there's a frighteningness to the incompetency and the delusion and the disconnect and all the weird little sycophants that carry around these relics.
I don't even say relics because of their age.
Whether they're young or old, these operatives are so, not just in the past, they're in their own delusional
Phantom zone, not connected to reality, and then I see the talking point, start about a year ago, get intense six months ago, and now crescendo the last month.
Trump's gonna contest the election, we gotta have 25th Amendment, or we gotta have riots to remove him, and then if he doesn't step down, we're gonna have the states secede that are blue, or have popular vote.
And we're going to have our own inauguration, and I'm reading this in the New York Times, in Atlantic Monthly, in the CFR, meaning that's what they want, and then Pelosi comes out on TV a month ago and externalizes it, and then when that happens, every one of the pundits, from Van Jones to Senator Schumer to Hillary, they all come out to Eric Holder and regurgitate this and say,
We're normalizing it.
We're going to secede and take the country with them.
And we're back to the early 1860s, Dr. Pachetnik.
So this is serious.
If they even attempt this, it could really hurt the stock market, hurt the country, break it up.
I mean, we can't just let them criminally claim that they're going to take states that Democrats win and break away from the nation.
Let me say the following.
Number one, that's never going to happen, because they
Not capable of doing it.
A governor cannot succeed.
We have about 75,000 troops already deployed all over the United States to make certain that no military coup or civilian coup is attempted.
So from that point of view, I'm not concerned.
From the point of view that they're making a lot of noise and they're more desperate than they have been before, I do agree.
That noise in some ways is affecting the market, but believe it or not, not that much of the market.
Because our market and the specific companies have been fully valued.
Think of this for a moment.
I'm a day trader and I'm saying to you that in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of economic problems, we have stocks that are fully valued to a couple of hundred
We're good to go.
The fact of the matter is the number of people who've supported Trump has never really been calculated very accurately.
Many of them are really what we had in the Nixon administration, what we called the silent majority.
But when you drive around in the South, when I drive around in the north central part of Florida and elsewhere, you will see more Trump signs than you've ever seen in your life.
Plus, you have very serious contenders who are saying quiet.
Are they going to attempt anything that will overthrow the government?
The reason for that?
Very simple.
They are basically the welfare victims of their own salaries.
What do I mean?
Dianne Feinstein, 85 years old, 30 years in the Senate, became a multimillionaire out of corruption and deviance.
Nancy Pelosi, as dumb as the day is long, former Italian mafioso, the mafia family, multimillionaire and wants to remain there for the last dying breath.
And I can go on with Schumer, and as I said to you, the old Jewish-Italian alliance that really arose from the mob days in the 1940s and 50s when the Jews, Meyer Lansky, Luciano, and eventually they took it over in politics, those days are gone.
And what we're getting instead now is we're getting, surprise, Trump, a non-politician.
Guess what?
We're going to probably one day get Jared Kushner or an Ivanka.
And the reason for that is he's opened the pathway for business people to understand that the republic is based on one simple principle and one simple religion, serial
What I used to do is serial angel investor, creating... Sure, it's reinvention, it's always been on the cutting edge of global development and innovation.
And that's what we don't have in the Democratic Party.
Never once have they talked about serial capitalism.
Not once have they talked about building companies that at the level that they should exist.
Not the transnational corporations, but the small
Well, they're definitely waging war on this.
What do you see happening to the Democrats, even when, I agree, lose this election?
What do they do?
Because they're clearly trying to bring the country down, to have a Marshall Plan that bails them out, and then they blame the COVID hoax they've created on what created the collapse, but really it was them.
What happens to them?
What happens to the Chinese Communists?
What happens to anybody when they arouse the crowd is the crowd eventually devours them.
In the Tale of Two Cities, what you'll have is the tale of the rise of this democratic entity, and then you will see it devour itself, because they can no longer externalize the responsibility.
We're here.
Yeah, that's the French Revolution.
When you conjure the mob, it's gonna eat you.
Exactly correct.
And that's why the leaders of the Democratic Party, for example, the head of the Democratic Congressional Committee, Sherry, a Democrat from Illinois, said that we are the longest standing democracy in the world and we stand by our democracy.
And I said,
Lady, you have no idea what you're talking about.
We have never been a democracy.
We are a republic.
How many times do you have to learn that?
How many times does a democratic idiot like Nancy Pelosi have to understand we are a republic?
That's why they have a job.
They represent us.
If we had a democracy, each one of us would have an internet and say, you're out.
And that was exactly what Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin... Because somebody like the Democrats would come along and fool everyone into mob rule, and again we would get the French Revolution 2.0.
And what they don't understand is that it's going to devour them very quickly.
The extreme elements, the Muslim elements... What was my next question?
As a socio...
You know, economic researcher, as a psychiatrist, as a long person that studied the world.
What happens to all these disenfranchised crazies that have been told to go out and commit crime and murder and do all this when they don't get delivered power?
How do they then eat the Democrats?
What does that look like?
What it looks like is they take out their own leaders, number one.
In this case, they're not going to kill their leaders because they're not that ruthless.
Basically, the Nancy Pelosi's, the others, the Feinstein, the Schumers, and all of them will be replaced by the AOCs and by a whole bunch of new people with new representation, which has no relevance
To the growth of America.
And so that to me would really kill the Democratic Party.
You're pushing it into only a few cities.
What comes out of that?
The Republican Party splitting or a new populist party?
I mean, because we need two parties.
We're going to have more than two parties because in effect right now, when the Constitution was created, we had two parties.
But the founding fathers understood very clearly we would have a republic where we might have more than two parties.
So as things get more complex, it moves more towards a parliamentary where there's like five parties?
Right, but it becomes more efficient.
What happens now is that we're beginning to understand what we need and don't need.
Ironically, here I trained at Cornell, Harvard, and MIT.
What's missing?
Cornell can't bring in students to the class, so they're going to have financial problems.
Did you see where Stanford and others are going to stop even doing entrance exams?
I saw that.
So what happens in effect?
We're getting rid of the tenured professors.
We're getting rid of the nonsense that came out of all these so-called elite colleges.
And guess what's happening?
I've talked to all these young people in the South and they're interested in getting trades, going to
Community, college, they're not even interested in going to the University of Florida.
And there's one university in Florida that charges $65,000 a year in Jacksonville.
Can you believe that?
I will do one more segment and give us your view before Deanna Lorraine comes in here.
About how the Renaissance is coming, and what people can invest in, in your humble view, and what the future is.
But I agree.
I know people that have trades that make more money than people that have two or three mainline degrees.
So what happens to the old mainline degrees in this system?
And where do you see this global COVID lockdown going, which people are resisting, but they're trying to still keep in place?
Pushed by the Chai-coms, with Fauci saying, the Chai-coms are who we get our orders from.
Absolutely incredible.
Stay with us.
Final segment with Dr. Steve Pichenik.
Don't forget our websites, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
It's an act of revolution to share those links and ban.video.
All right, Dr. Steve Machinic is here with us for one more segment.
And he's a psychiatrist.
He ran psychological operations.
He did regime changes, you name it.
But I don't need to have a psychiatry degree to see mind control.
The UN comes out, they say China's the model.
Australia's choking women that leave their houses wearing masks.
They're saying eight weeks, you can't leave your house.
Universities all over the world are saying you have apps on your phone.
You can't leave the university for the entire semester.
If you do, you'll be expelled or suspended.
Now the governor has become a doctor, I guess, in Maine.
Dr. Sherry Tiffany tweeted this out.
Governor Janet Mills says servers must now wear face shields upside down so their brothers are erected up, not down.
Yes, she wants you to wear a dog cone, peak insanity.
I wish this was a joke.
It's real.
Clearly, when cults start to implode,
They try to keep people on the reservation, so as the authoritarian universities implode, the big prestigious ones, and as the blue states and blue cities do, they're just recreating number one rule.
Only talk to who we say.
We're tracking you.
Don't leave the farm.
But I mean, this is just outrageous.
What the hell is going on?
Under the NIH and Fauci, they've got Yale and a bunch of things, psychiatry and psychology departments, studying how to make the public submit and they're not even denying it.
And they admit it's all about us submitting and Fauci admits that wearing the mask is about us submitting to them.
They're not even hiding it.
This is, what is going on here?
What's going on here is pretty much the last phases of the Democrats
The federal government, as we know, the left wing.
And what do I mean by that?
I don't see this as disastrous.
As a matter of fact, I see this as pretty optimistic.
Number one, Christian leaders have come out to the forefront and basically said to the state governor's Newsom, we're going to pray on the beaches.
Same thing in New Orleans.
Same thing in the South.
So the leaders of this country are going back to what we originally were, Judeo-Christian leaders, and reaffirming the integrity of their citizenship.
So you're saying the pressure they're putting on us is going to make us stronger if we resist?
And each time, I want them to put more pressure because it allows them to self-destruct and us to become stronger.
For example, you and I have lasted 20 years.
We haven't gone down in the population that we address.
As a matter of fact, we've gone up since 9-11.
So the more they attack us, the better it is.
Number three, the notion that we have these elite universities with tenured professors who also have
These are desperate unions trying to make the lowest level cult slaves.
That'll work a while, but backfire.
So predict what's coming and how people position themselves for a successful, good, happy life.
I was involved with Jonestown.
And when I had to be flown there, I couldn't believe it.
I didn't even have to leave the United States.
They self-destructed.
And that's where the Democratic cult party is going.
They are in the process of self-destruction.
They do not understand what the republic is.
They do not understand what small businesses are.
They do not understand what serial entrepreneur is.
They do not understand how to build the country.
We are based on business, so we're reifying the notion of a man of business.
I don't care if he talks for 15 hours.
The point of fact is he has done more than
I don't care if he blows out Sean Hannity or he blows out any other person.
They're not relevant to us.
The TV stations are not relevant.
Hollywood is gone.
You've got a new entity called Netflix.
Yes, we're monitored, but with all due respect, Alex, we have been monitored since FDR was in
And nobody said a word.
We've been monitored at the NSA from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
I knew telephone wires were going through the NSA.
The problem with all of that is not our problem.
It's the problem of the listener.
If you have a billion bits of information, there's nothing you can do with it.
You're overloaded.
They've had thousands of articles that
The big tech spies, because that's bigger spying than the NSA, they end up joining us by spying on us!
They hear how real we are, and they go, my god, these are real people, I'm gonna join them!
And that's why they're having to, like, bring in new people, do psychological programming, but it's not working, they just keep joining us!
Exactly, and what happens, within their own Google, the workers are saying, look, we don't agree with your
So we had it easy too long.
This communist, globalist assault is only going to make us stronger if we recognize the attack and don't give up and decide to fight.
But honestly, communism is dead.
China is basically... No, no, I agree, but what would you call this thing then?
This dysfunctional insanity?
I mean, what is it?
What I would call it is the end of an era.
It's the era of self-destruction, where the universities went out of control, the Democratic Party went out of control, where our war machinery is no longer viable.
You've got to remember one other thing.
We have 2.2 million men who absolutely will do nothing.
We're no longer in kinetic warfare.
Who stopped that?
Who said we're no longer going to be in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria?
Who wanted to have cyber communication and has an effective cyber attack system that nobody's even talked about?
Because I happen to know that General Nakasone is running a very effective cyber attack against China and other countries.
So Trump got the globalists were pinning us down in these wars to debilitate us and to secure Chinese rare-earth minerals.
So Trump's obviously listening to some smart people.
I don't want to get those folks in trouble, but I mean who are those smart people?
What type of folks are they?
They're people who are committed like you and I to the Republic.
They are the people who are willing to take all kinds of offenses and
You know, insults.
It doesn't matter to us.
But what he's looking at is the viability of entities in and onto themselves, i.e.
a business.
And putting government into that model.
What works?
What's good?
What's effective?
What helps?
Well, the model, let me be very frank.
I have never been an aficionado of the Constitution.
The reason for it, it's outdated.
And what's happening now is we're coming into a new realism, a hyper-realism, where the states become more important.
The devolution of power from the federal government, I told you, is happening very quickly.
Except for one thing.
The paradox is that Trump is very strong as a president.
The subsequent president will never be as strong as Trump, because now
He will make sure we're independent.
We broke away from China.
Our medicines are made in the United States.
Our products are made in the United States.
So you're a strong leader to create the de-evolution of power back to the people, but then like Washington, the leader blows it up when he leaves.
No, because he is... I'm saying he blows up the strongman arc time.
I'm just saying... Correct.
That's correct.
It will go on to Pence, from Tamsa it will go on to Ivanka or Jared Kushner.
And we will remain a viable country.
And a great country.
I have no fear.
Well, we're almost out of time.
Thanks for joining us.
Let's come back next time and talk about the future as well.
Steve McChinnick.com.
Amazing hour.
Thank you so much.
We're going to come right back.
Deanna Lorraine, who's a great reporter and journalist and activist, and we're looking to get her doing some reporting for us.
We want to expand a lot of our operations here, especially through the election.
We're going to have her in studio.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
We think, just let me think.
As a matter of fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will still be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
But the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Taking Back America!
That could be the name of a show!
But that's the name of her book!
Daniella Raines, the talk show host, author, ran for Congress up against Pelosi, did a great job, and she's here with us in studio for the next few days.
It's good to have her.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, you're going to be hosting part of the next hour.
You can host the whole hour if you want, but I'll be asking you to stick with me if you want.
Okay, stick with me for a little bit.
No, we're going to do it.
You wanted to get into the train wreck that was last night.
So we'll start doing that next segment, but first off, what do you make of Steve Bannon getting indicted?
That's pretty crazy.
I mean, again, there's so many people that need to actually be indicted, right?
There's Hillary Clinton, there's James Comey, there's so many people that are walking freely that should not be walking freely, and yet Steve Bannon gets indicted.
You know, for potentially misusing funds or money laundering.
So I don't really know, I haven't looked into it too much, and I hope that there's nothing there.
But you know, I mean, I guess we're gonna find out.
Yeah, I don't like Steve Bannon, but I totally agree with you.
I had Dr. Steve Pachinikon, who's been actually a spy master, spy chief, overthrew at least five governments on record.
I mean, he did Camp David Accords.
I mean, co-founded Delta Force.
That's a real master spy.
And he's just disgusted by Bannon being such a phony.
Oh, they flew on private jets.
It's the oldest civil rights movement in the country.
They fly around to major events.
How do you think they do it?
You put 15 NRA executives on a private jet, it's cheaper than flying commercial.
You know, this idea that, oh, the Democrats are going to make sure the money's distributed.
Oh, oh, and a three-year program.
Raised $25 million.
That was the last time I checked.
See what that group raised.
I think it's over $25 million.
The three executives got paid $200,000 over three years.
I mean, again, they act like private groups collecting money and doing stuff that we're not supposed to get paid.
It's a load of crap.
I don't want to defend Bannon because I know he's a piece of garbage.
Right, and he is, and he's a phony, and we know that.
But at the same time- But it's a dangerous president.
Yeah, it's a dangerous president, and again, it's just, it shows the justice for one side only.
Honestly, like over and over again, why are these people walking freely, and why does it take such a short amount of time to indict these individuals on the conservative side, but yet on the liberal side, on the left, the Marxists, the deep state, nothing.
They've known about Hillary's emails for 10 years.
Yes, yes, exactly.
And the Wiener Laptop.
Why is there just nothing doing it?
You know, I don't know if President Trump is waiting until after the election.
I heard some stuff about that, but I think before the election is when he needs to drop the hammer on this.
Well, we've been here two weeks for three years, but at least they've gone after this clinesmith who falsified a document with a known CIA agent to then say, oh, this guy met with the Russians, he works for Trump, when he was sent by the CIA to infiltrate Trump.
And I said it at the time, I thought he was infiltrating and maybe I was wrong.
And infiltrate the Russians.
So, I mean, this is dirty.
This is dirty.
It's super dirty.
But that's what's going to happen.
It's only going to be one side only.
And I think more is coming out.
Honestly, Trump keeps on tweeting, Obamagate, Obamagate, Obamagate, law and order.
But I think a lot of his base are tired of seeing the tweets and the talk.
We just want to see action and we want to see justice.
And we're tired of seeing it's a hopeless situation.
Well, you said it perfectly.
If they've indicted 100 Clinton conspirators and Hillary was indicted, I'm like, oh, go ahead.
You have credibility now.
You indicted Steve Bannon, who I know is a liar.
I mean, the way he went to the Senate Intelligence Committee and said, Roger Stone has no connection to WikiLeaks.
He has no connection to them.
And then he goes and tells a few years later, oh, yeah, I was there.
He basically was our conduit to WikiLeaks and helped get him convicted.
People say, why do you keep defending Roger Stone?
Because Roger didn't do anything wrong!
Yeah, he did nothing wrong.
And why would Bannon do that?
Why would he throw him under the bus like that at the last hour?
Because he has a lot of skeletons in his closet for a lot of corruption.
I mean, he was hanging out with Epstein after Epstein, just before Epstein got arrested again, right before.
So, I mean, he's just involved in a bunch of dirt.
Yeah, yeah.
And that's what happens when these people flip at the last minute, right?
We realize, okay, they've got skeletons in their closet, they're getting bought and paid for.
And really, President Trump and just a few other people are seeming like the only ones that have not been bought and paid for.
You know, they're not compromised.
Deanna Lorraine is here with us in studio.
What got you politically involved?
What got you activated?
Honestly, it was, I was never a political person before.
I came from a Republican family, hard-working business owners, Catholic.
But it wasn't until the last couple years of Obama's presidency that I thought, man, there's something really wrong with this country.
And there's something really wrong with this president.
He's either intentionally destructive, he's either really, really stupid, because I saw him making just the most stupid decisions ever, or he is intentionally destroying this country.
Which one is it?
And from there I went on and started researching, I got involved, I started researching, you know, Dinesh D'Souza's books, you, I started watching you, you woke me up a lot, and then I was going down different rabbit holes and realized, wow,
There is a whole deep state situation going on.
There's a whole shadow government going on.
There's this thing called Marxism that's destroying our country and our family unit.
Removing God from our culture.
So as a fact that you were under threat and could see it as a smart person, you had to get mobilized.
Whereas you got involved in media because you really cared just like I did.
Almost all the Democrats literally get involved because they want to run things.
Like the last thing I want to do is tell people what to do and run stuff.
I can barely run my own life.
But why do you think they have this craving to run people?
Well, because it's an agenda, right?
Not only do they want to run people and they want to run the system, but they know that, you know, we're easily controllable if they can break down the family unit and they could install this globalist one-world government, right?
We're easily controllable.
It's about power.
When we're sectioned off into different sovereign nations, we're not easy to control, right?
And there's really nothing, there's no power for them.
What do you think of Big Mike?
I think Big Mike, if they were smart, they would put her up.
Because I actually think she would be a formidable opponent to President Trump, knowing how crazy and gullible her constituents are.
We're going to play a clip of Big Mike here in a moment.
But seriously, I don't know what's really going on with her.
Do I think she has a swinging you-know-what?
I think she might.
I think she might.
But it does look suspicious.
Let's just be honest.
I'd say this with a family audience.
A woman in here, but this is true.
There's videos of her where she looks like she's got a flaccid 8-inch rubber snake in her pants.
Yeah, a flaccid one too.
So we're talking like a foot and a half long thing here, okay?
I mean seriously, she's adjusting it, it's flopping around, it's halfway to the knee.
It's flopping.
And the word is, you know, she's pitching, he's catching.
And I'm not trying to be gross here.
Everything about Obama's fake.
He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review for three years.
We have copies of it.
He said, I'm born in Kenya.
Well, he was.
He was born in Hawaii to a famous communist pornographer his mother shot videos with.
It's all confirmed.
So, they've got wheels within wheels.
She might have put a rubber snake in her pants and all these things to mess with us.
Does that make sense?
Because they run PSYOPs.
Yeah, wouldn't that be the biggest PSYOP ever perpetuated?
To have a woman as the first lady, but who is actually a man who is a transgender.
I mean, wouldn't that be the biggest PSYOP?
And everyone just believes it.
Because they do stuff like that all the time, so I wouldn't put it past them.
I agree.
And Joan, I'm going to admit it.
I'm actually a woman, folks.
It's the opposite.
I look like a man, but I look like a womanly figure here.
I'm actually a girl.
Anna Lorraine's here with us.
She'll be hosting much of the fourth hour.
She'll look at the DNC convention last night.
The clown show, you mean.
The clown show.
The clown show.
But I said, hey, what do you want to cover next?
You said, well, you checked into your hotel yesterday when you got here and the lady will tell the story and then we'll show the people actually wearing cones of shame now under a governor's order.
This is real, folks.
This is not a joke.
As they just try to get us to what is the point of this?
Okay, I think that it's mockery and dehumanization.
I think they're just trying to shove as much dehumanizing stuff down our throats to see how much will these idiots take.
I think they're just saying, will these idiots just keep on accepting this and accepting this?
They're going to literally walk around with a dog cone, okay, in public and they're just going to take it?
I think that's what they're doing and pushing it and seeing the more that we take, the more ridiculous things that we take.
Uh, the more they can push on us because they know that the PSYOP, the mental PSYOP is totally complete.
Our brain cells are totally vanished.
By the way, that's not your opinion.
It turns out they've got Stanford, they've got Yale, they've got them all doing psychological tests, testing to see what we'll do.
Because once we'll do that, if you'll wear a cone of shame, you'll take a deadly inoculation.
Oh yeah, yeah.
And it started with a mask, remember?
It started with a mask.
And it started with just a, it's an optional mask.
Then they make the mask mandatory.
Then they make the mask mandatory and it has to cover your full face and nose.
And now the eyes are bad.
So, so, so, a spacesuit.
So tell people what happened yesterday.
So yesterday I'm at a nice hotel, right?
This isn't like a cheap hotel.
This is a nice hotel.
I told them don't get you one downtown though.
It's like another world down there, man.
But it's a good one, but it's a nice hotel, right?
And I'm going in round, and I just went to the restaurant.
I went to ask the hostess a question.
I said, you know, is the restaurant, you know, what time does the restaurant close?
And naturally, as I'm talking to her, I just pulled my mask down a little bit to talk to her because otherwise it's so muffled, right?
And she just yells at me.
She said, put your mask on over your nose.
Put your mask on over your nose.
I said, you know, you could just say, hi, how are you?
Or you could be nice about it, but you don't have to scream at me about it.
And again, as I'm saying, you don't have to scream at me about it in a nice way.
She screams at me again, put your mask over your nose, put your mask over her nose.
And I said, you know what?
I can't do this anymore.
You know, I think that at least during this pandemic, I'm already wearing my mask.
It's already dehumanizing.
You can at least be nice.
What happened to customer service during this pandemic?
It's gone completely out the window.
Alright so I told her off and then I couldn't really help myself I did flip her off as I'm walking away and I said I'm gonna file a complaint about you.
Well you should because they said 2.5 million would die then 2.2 then 1.7 and they used all the dead numbers of other people and there's a lot of weird pneumonias out there people always die but it's a hoax!
It's a hoax!
And then they just sit there, but the left gets into it, like their submission is cool.
No, it's not cool.
People are dying from a motorcycle accident, and they're marking it as death from COVID.
I've talked to paramedics before.
I've talked to people who are on the front line, and they've actually seen this.
Even on the plane yesterday.
No, no, it's in the statistics.
Most of the deaths are not from COVID.
And see, that's the thing is...
No, I mean, look, I was on the Australian News, right, a couple weeks ago, the Australian Today Show, and as soon as I started getting into the real death numbers and the presumed deaths... They cut you off.
Oh yeah, they cut me off and they said it was a bad feed.
And I talked about the president of Tanzania, how they, he's actually a scientist, and he sent in non-human samples testing a goat, testing a papa, and it comes back positive.
You can't make this stuff up, but you can.
They're making it up, and yet the PSYOP continues.
I have a friend, actually, that tested for COVID, which I told her not to, but she's a liberal, so, you know, she tested for COVID.
And after two weeks, they finally gave her her result after she chased them down.
And you know what they said?
She said, well, is there, like, what should I do with COVID now?
Of course, she tested positive, they said.
They said, oh, just, you know, take some ibuprofen and some water and you'll knock it out.
So, ibuprofen and some water and you'll knock it out.
And they admit most of the tests are false positive, are non-conclusive, because they
They geared the test, they're scientists, and then the more they test, it's not about death now, it's about the level.
So you're talking about a deadly pandemic, supposedly, that's going to shut down the whole world, and that's going to shut down our schools, and mandate vaccines, all for an ibuprofen and water, and you'll knock it off.
That's what they're actually looking for.
Yeah, imagine if you had a virus so dangerous, so deadly, you have to be testing on your own.
Imagine you got hit by a car.
It's so bad, you had to be tested to know if you were hit by a car.
Like, when you get the flu or the cold, man, you know it.
Yeah, exactly, you know it.
And by the way, I don't make jokes about this.
Like I said...
Six years ago, it devastated my mother to this day.
Her brother, his son, they live at the same ranch.
Across the street, my dad's uncle, they all died in a month from the same pneumonia.
And the hospital was full of dead people.
They're like, we've never seen numbers like this.
It was in local news.
Around the South, the Midwest, there's a mystery illness.
That was a real pandemic.
You didn't see it on the national news.
But this thing was planned to create the fear.
Of course it was!
So you're going to wear a space suit in the parking lot, but you drop the Q-tip on the dirty parking lot with car oil and everything, and you're telling me that's going to be accurate?
Well, that's the thing is, most of the tests only test for if you've had an infection, and then the chemicals you have from it.
So if you've had the last few years of bacterial, or the last 10 years of viral, you get false positive.
Again, they admit that Gates admits the test is a fraud.
It does.
And now they're saying he's trying to deny that he's interested in the microchip situation.
But an article just came out, even in May, saying it connected him, saying that he has done this microchip.
You know, MIT and Rice said, he's funding us and wants it.
And then he's got the patents for it.
Absolutely, and the patent just happens to be 060606.
Which you can't make up.
No, you just can't make it up.
It's not just that one.
A bunch of the patents are 666.
Right, there's three of them that are 666.
Why do they do that?
Well... It's like some weird thing?
Obviously, there's no coincidences, right?
It's biblical.
Well, any group, whether they're good or bad, like the Pentagon, the military, the army, when they killed you in Vietnam, and Operation Phoenix, they left an ace of spades.
They just can't help but leave their calling card.
Right, exactly.
They can't help it because symbolism.
They're all about symbolism.
That's how they communicate with each other.
They can't help it.
And, you know, the other thing that's creepy is that he wants to connect that microchip with birth control, because it's Bill Gates' plan to have 120 million women on birth control by 2020.
So he's pushing that in with this... That's in the U.S.
In the U.S.
alone, exactly.
And the birth control pill, or the birth control microchip is also used, it's with a remote control.
You don't think he's going to get that remote control and shut it on and shut it off when the family planning is going to be?
I don't want someone else to have remote control to my body, no thank you.
Women are so stupid.
You read this stuff, it doesn't even sound real.
No, it's in a sci-fi movie, but it's real, and these gullible feminist women are so dumb, the ones wearing the pussy hats, that they're going to be like, oh yeah, that sounds great.
Well, let's be honest, when you go to one of these feminist rallies, I'm not trying to be mean to these women, but what did they do to these women?
It's feminism.
It destroys the soul from the inside out, and you see them and you're like, wow, you know, no wonder no one's really... And he's trying to do all these things where he's cool.
I know.
You know, it's not working.
He's the most hated person on earth right now.
No, I don't care if he wears pink sweaters.
I don't care if Fauci wears a white lab coat in his parade around TV.
These people do not care about us.
These people do not care about us.
And by the way, doesn't his wife look kind of similar to Big Mike too?
There's something that they have in common.
A lot of these elites seem like they have very manly looking wives, don't they?
It's the inversion of reality.
I don't know what it is.
Yeah, they certainly... Hollywood doesn't promote feminine style women.
They don't like curvy women either.
They're scared of it.
Yeah, not curvy.
They don't want femininity.
They want all about body positivity, so they're exchanging healthiness.
But it's true.
Look, she has a male look to her eyes.
She does.
He has a very womanly.
That's why Gates is very off-putting, because you look at him and it's like, that's a woman looking at me.
An ugly woman.
And then the way he walks, too, and carries himself with the pink sweater.
That's because he's aliens, and I think that's what they are.
I don't get into, like, flying saucers, as he said, but just at a level.
As a human, my first thing is, that's not a human.
It's not just that he's a woman, looks like a man.
No, there's something wrong with these people.
No, there's something very, very wrong with these people.
And it's from, again, it's from the inside out.
I think when they trade, they make a deal with Satan, right, that we're going to do some satanic work here on Earth.
They're exchanging their soul for it.
Well, let's do that again.
Show that shot, because Gates is very...
We're good.
You know?
I mean, would you?
I don't think anyone would marry someone like that unless... I'm not being mean to really tall women.
They should get a really tall man.
I don't... Women that... even if they're anatomically very pretty, when they're bigger than you, it's kind of weird.
It is weird!
I think it's kind of, like, dude-like.
You know?
I mean, I'm a petite woman, so I can't really complain.
Stay there!
We're going to talk about all of it straight ahead in hour number four.
Spread those links.
Big Mike hates it.
All right, I don't want to go down this rabbit hole of Big Mike, but it was the top thing a few days ago on Twitter.
Deanna Lorraine's taking over in 15 minutes.
She's here.
And in the War Room, Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
But what's your gut level on what's going to happen with this election?
I think that, you know, President Trump, I think, is going to clinch it.
But it's not going to be easy, nor is it going to be pretty.
If we think it's ugly now, it's going to get 10 times uglier.
They're so desperate right now.
And either way, whether he, if he wins, if he loses, it's going to be bad.
I mean, this new normal, this dystopian new normal that we're seeing now, that's going to be our future.
100 percent.
And it's going to be ushered in really aggressively.
And if he wins, though, it's going to be also massive civil unrest because they're not just going to lay down quietly.
You know, the deep state, they're not going to lay down quietly whatsoever.
They're going to keep on going and it's going to create such a huge, you know, they're going to try to overthrow the results.
They're going to try to contest it.
They said they're going to have states to see.
Oh, yeah, exactly.
And try to sort of get the military to get Trump out of office.
I mean, I mean, it's really scary either way.
I don't
You know, I felt like his energy was kind of lower, and he was going along, you know, kind of with the COVID stuff, and I just want him so badly to just, to just blow the lid off the COVID hoax.
Don't you?
I just want it, I just want it totally blown off with evidence, with a parade of... I like how the Republican Party chairman of Texas, great former congressman, Allen West, has come out and said COVID is an overreaction and a bunch of hoax.
Yeah, I mean, absolutely.
And, you know, why is he still a Fauci in there, too?
That's the thing, you know.
Why doesn't he replace Fauci with some of the doctors from, like, the frontline doctors who actually know what they're talking about, who have actually treated COVID patients, hundreds of them, and with HCQ and everything?
Trump is starting to do that.
The media will give them no attention.
They're not, yeah, they're not going to give him any attention.
Fauci went under the knife for a throat polyp.
I'm really happy with God that he came out of it.
There's an actual photo of Fauci right there.
There's a good one.
I love that doctor though, Stella Emanuel.
She's pretty cool.
Oh yeah.
But no, I mean like how could he argue if he did it like a two week long of COVID press conferences where he's forcing the public to watch him while he's blowing the lid up of the mass situation of the vaccines.
Over and over, everything, every part of this hoax.
Wouldn't that be great?
I mean, what's better than the President of the United States blowing the lid off this because then other countries could follow that also want freedom.
And one of the things I pinched myself on
It's really, really dangerous.
And this is what's happening, though.
This hoax continues, and as it continues, we live in more of a nightmare because they are, meanwhile, restricting our freedoms more and more.
They're tightening the ratchet on us.
The schools are reimagined.
I mean, you've looked at the schools now, right?
Like six kids to a class, a mask all day, they have to play alone with a ball, they can't even go to lunch.
That's child abuse.
They've been put into prison.
Yeah, yeah.
You've got the clip coming up where the two-year-old won't wear the mask when they're thrown off the plane.
Right, exactly.
The two-year-old is getting thrown off the plane.
Look at this, the kids are being taught to be total prisoners.
This is so scary.
This is such child abuse.
Imagine the psychological trauma these kids are experiencing.
When they grow up, they're going to learn not to touch anyone, not to hug anyone.
They're going to have to basically feel like they're wearing a scarf.
Which statistically makes you incredibly unhealthy and suicidal.
Oh yeah, they're going to be washing their hands every two seconds with hand sanitizer, walking around in a bubble.
The other day I saw someone was carrying a child, like a one-year-old, and he had one of those big plastic bubbles around him.
And I thought, wow, imagine going through your life with your eyes looking out at the world in a bubble.
All because you follow the Democrat cult that's run by the Chi-Coms.
And look, notice it's Asia.
What's up with Asia?
Spear tip of this.
But meanwhile, they're like partying in Wuhan, right?
A couple days ago at this big dance party and floatables in the pool and everything.
Why aren't we partying like that?
We can't even go to church now.
We can't even sing in church in California.
Education and enclosure.
It's all just to see what we will put up with.
Like the kids in cages.
These are kids in cages.
Why aren't we talking about these kids in cages?
How is that?
You get me?
Any child... The yellow rain.
Stay right there.
Show up on time.
That's right, you do!
Yeah, baby.
Back in black!
I show up.
Suit up and show up.
Half of life's showing up.
The other half is doing it with a smile.
Or with a crowbar.
You bring a crowbar, I'll bring the smile.
That's good.
I'll bring the smile, too.
Sometimes you gotta use a baseball bat.
You do.
Especially with these Marxists.
Dana Lorraine, you're taking over.
You're going to host the show the last three segments.
I really look forward to that.
We're going to have the war room coming up after that and a lot going on today.
How do I follow in your footsteps?
Oh yeah, much easier than you think.
No, seriously.
What are the other topics you're going to cover in the next segment?
We're going to be talking about the absolute clown show that was the DNC last night.
We had night one, night two, and night three.
I don't think they could get any cringier than each night, but yet each night somehow proves me wrong.
I don't know about you guys if you watched it or not, but I watch it.
It's so surreal.
It's so bad that it's like, it's so...
It's so fake, it's beautiful.
Like, they are masters at being disingenuous and creepy.
I think, look at this.
What is this, Arsenio Hall?
I mean, this is the weird rap video.
They'll play this if you want.
Was so bad.
Yeah, we gotta play this next segment.
See, my thing is, though, maybe this is a blessing in disguise because I don't think, you know, with all the laughter in the background and the applause and you have huge stadiums filled with people, normally
So we normally get to disguise.
Look at these two.
Oh, these are just clowns.
It's like space aliens, man.
Look at this.
They even act like they don't turn around.
You know he wants to get closer to her than that.
You know, he, if anyone... Oh yeah, they gotta do the weird social distance.
It's like, I mean, what the hell?
You know if anyone hates social distancing, it's Joe Biden.
He can't smell their hair.
She's not young enough.
She's not three years old.
That's true.
He needs to get the real young ones.
Imagine somebody walks up over and over again like your five-year-old daughter.
I'm meeting you after this event, baby.
Right, and he talks to the grandchildren and everything like, you know, wait till you're 13 years old.
What does that mean?
How would you feel if he said that to your grandchild?
Well, you know when he reportedly whispers in these little girls' ears, it's well known.
Wait, he says like... You're turning me on.
So sick.
Swear to God.
It's so disgusting.
Can you imagine if he said that to your daughter?
Well, he's got Secret Service protection, so I'm not going to say it.
And then he got Kamala.
He was supposed to say Kamala.
I know, I know.
We're supposed to say it.
But you know, no matter how many people... How did Biden said it wrong?
It was Biden and it was Tucker.
Tucker said it wrong the other night.
He always calls her Kamala.
And then he got scolded.
So I said Kamala, I'm right.
Yeah, I think so.
What do you call her?
Well, I like calling her Camel Toe, actually, because that's more appropriate.
But no matter how many facelifts she has, she'll never be a fresh face for the Democrat Party.
And they keep on lifting her up like she's some sort of fresh face.
Same with Joe Biden.
You know, I feel kind of bad for the younger generation because they were expecting someone new, someone vicious.
Well, that's a real photo they got of them.
I know, right?
Look at that.
That's amazing.
That is amazing.
But look, without the laugh track and without the crowds, we can actually see these clowns for what they really are.
And they're naked in all their creepy exposure.
And that has been the last three nights.
It's been a huge gift to the Republican Party.
I just hope that the RNC has learned from this and they're not going to make the same mistakes.
What do you think?
Do you think that they're learning, they're taking cues, and they're going to do something different?
They should do classic, big convention, not be wimps, have everybody in, disregard all the BS, and just give him hell and fire and brimstone in America, and the death of globalism.
He should repeat what he said in his inaugural speech, but add the fact that he delivered.
I think so too.
I delivered, and the enemy was summoned to destroy us, and this is the great battle now, and you decide whether you'll be enslaved by these devils or not!
Can you imagine if he did that?
He would get everyone uniting against him, uniting towards him.
I'm ready.
You need to be president.
No, Trump's doing good.
I know, I know.
He's going to be doing great.
I have a sneaking suspicion some of what we say here will be in the speech.
People will, you know, from, I think that people even in the middle are longing for that.
They're hungry for that.
They want the man who's law and order.
They're sick of the weak sauce.
And if he did that, I really think that that would actually bring the people together.
Well, metaphysically that's how it works.
It's kind of like, Trump is like the Emperor Palpatine, but in a good way.
And I'm the Darth Vader.
Yeah, you play off each other, I get it.
Yeah, that's good stuff.
I just, I think the guys in the middle, I think they want that, they want the big balls that we elected Trump for.
And he's got that, he's just got to show it.
And I think he's getting back into that big ball Trump that we love.
We have to play the ACDC intro song here coming in.
No, no, seriously, let's get serious here.
What are the pitfalls though?
Election fraud, these mail-in ballots.
Yeah, ballot harvesting.
Where they're just floating around.
Trump's right, cats are getting the ballots in the mail.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
People who have, you know, my grandfather passed away a couple years ago, sadly, but I'm pretty sure that they're going to have him vote Democrat, you know, for Biden.
This is what they're doing.
They're resurrecting people from the dead.
Well, what do you do?
I can't bring myself to be engaged in fraud.
You just have to make sure your grandparents or great-grandparents are off the rolls.
Yeah, yeah.
You have to make sure no one's voting in their name.
Like, don't engage in fraud.
Just make sure they don't.
But if we, if they're going to be doing ballot harvesting, you know, two can play at that game, right?
Shouldn't we should be doing that, too, and beat them at the game?
Explain ballot harvesting to the viewers.
Ballot harvesting is like where they get like thousands of ballots and then they collect them all, have everyone sign the ballots, and then, you know, collect them all and then they deliver it all at one time.
Yeah, exactly.
We don't want the Democrats delivering it.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
We don't want the Democrats delivering it.
So we want everybody to volunteer.
If you have to put a Hillary sticker on, so you can expose the fraud.
And go to the polls and make sure there's no crazy business going on.
Because they're going to try every single attempt to divide us.
What about them claiming he's removing the post boxes?
When it was Obama, five years ago, signed the order that removes them over the next decade.
It's Obama's removing the post boxes.
Well, I think they're going to do something in the last month.
You know, we're at, what, 75 days till the election now?
And again, I think we're at about 20% of the desperate tactics that they're going to deploy.
I think it's going to get scarier.
I think they're going to do something nuts that we're not even sure of yet at this point.
They're going to kneecap us every way possible.
But what can we do about it?
Don't you think, don't you just have this feeling it's going to get super crazy in the next few months?
Oh, I can see it politically and also feel it.
That's why.
Another George Floyd, perhaps, incident?
Oh my God, exactly.
They're going to try everything.
Oh, yeah.
Well, right now they're doing a hologram, a George Floyd hologram that's floating all over the U.S., right?
And it's floating over statues like the Confederate statues.
It's floating over Abraham Lincoln statues and everything.
It's just floating over and it's so creepy.
It's like this life-size, huge George Floyd hologram that's pixelated.
The spirit searching for fentanyl.
We have our fentanyl!
These are the heroes.
These are the gods that they're lifting up and trying to get people to worship as false idols.
And it's floating around, trying to cancel out every American statue.
So I predict there's going to be more of these kinds of incidents over the next couple months, and I think that it's going to get rougher.
But patriots need to stand up.
I don't think we're doing enough to make a dent in what the left is doing.
They're ripping down statues.
They're seizing police stations.
I think we need to do a lot more, get more mobilized.
Like a federal courthouse!
And I didn't plug the last two hours, so I'm going to do it now.
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But thanks to you supporting us.
Through all of this, we're still here and in ways stronger than ever.
And as the new world order unfolds, as globalism gets crazier and crazier, as all of this becomes apparent, we have to be on air at those critical points because we're getting stronger, not weaker.
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Are they supporting us?
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I want to thank you all for your support.
Deanna Lorraine is about to take over.
I'll get her right here in the main seat right now on the other side.
Tell folks to tune in then.
Stick around, stick around.
We're going to go over some craziness.
You're going to want to stick around.
I'm going to follow up the big guy.
No, the big guy.
The big guy's in fat.
And the war room's coming up.
Welcome back to InfoWars.
I'm Deanna Lorraine, your host for today, hovering for Alex Jones, the great.
I don't know how I'm going to follow in his footsteps, but I'll definitely give it a try.
How's everyone doing today?
Now, last night was day three of the Insane Clown Show, otherwise known as the DNC.
And I'm pretty sure most of you watched it.
It was abysmal.
But luckily it has just displayed full-blown who the Democrats really are.
So we're going to play a couple clips from it just to recap this insanity.
But the first was Kamala's speech.
Now Kamala, she actually said with a straight face that the coronavirus promotes racism.
That the coronavirus is tied into George Floyd and police brutality and the racial division in our country.
So we know that.
We know that they're trying to connect the dots.
They've been trying to connect it from day one because that's all part of the PSYOP.
But the fact that she actually, with a straight face, tied it in is something else.
So let's roll the clip here and see how the hell she, Kamala Harris, is tying it in with a straight face during her speech.
Do we have the clip?
Loss of normalcy, and yes, the loss of certainty.
And while this virus touches us all, we gotta be honest.
It is not an equal opportunity offender.
Black, Latino, and indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately.
And this is not a coincidence.
It is the effect of structural racism.
Of inequities in education and technology, health care and housing, job security and transportation, the injustice in reproductive and maternal health care, in the excessive use of force by police, and in our broader criminal justice system.
This virus
It has no eyes, and yet it knows exactly how we see each other and how we treat each other.
And let's be clear, there is no vaccine for racism.
We've got to do the work.
For George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for the lives of too many others to name, for our children, and for all of us.
We've got to do the work to fulfill that promise of equal justice under law.
Because here's the thing, none of us are free until all of us
So that was Kamala Harris and the DNC last night, and honestly, that was even worse than I remembered it.
She's basically admitting that the coronavirus is a weapon.
It's whatever the hell they want it to be.
And it somehow sees people and sees and hears how we treat people.
It feels people.
It somehow knows racism and promotes racial division.
She also tied it into police brutality.
She tied it into women's reproductive rights.
I mean, how many different ways can the coronavirus have a mind of its own?
But that's been the problem since day one, and we all know this.
This is why it's such a sham.
This is why when they install curfews, like in Miami-Dade County, there's an 8 p.m.
curfew for the coronavirus.
Now, please tell me what kind of a coronavirus, what kind of any virus, is smart enough that when you are sitting at a bar at 7.59 p.m.,
You're totally safe from the coronavirus.
All of a sudden, at 8 p.m., the clock switches, and boom!
Here comes the coronavirus coming to get ya!
All of a sudden, you're super contagious for the coronavirus.
Have you ever heard of a virus like that?
No, you haven't, because it's not real.
Just like we've never heard of any kind of a virus that goes around and goes to churches but skips Walmarts, that goes to people's family barbecues but skips Black Lives Matter
We're good to go.
You know, this is a bit of a stretch, and they're starting to realize, especially with all the constant blaming of the coronavirus and the job loss from President Trump, people are finally, I think, starting to wake up to the reality that this coronavirus is a political weapon used by the deep state, and people are realizing it's all for the purpose of destroying our country.
I even had some liberals the other day.
I have a couple liberal friends who were friends from college, okay?
And they're slowly starting to wake up.
One of my friends was walking down the street right along the beach, and a woman screamed at her for not wearing a mask.
And she called her a pig for not wearing a mask.
And of course, she can't say this to any of her other liberal friends, so she complained to me about it, and she said, you know what, Deanna?
I finally am starting to see what's going on here.
I'm finally starting to see a little bit what the conservatives have been complaining about this whole time.
So I do think they're, as usual, they're overplaying their hand here.
But let's go back to Kamala again.
We got one more awesome comment from her where she somehow says, with a straight face, I know a predator when I see one.
With a straight face, she says, I know a predator when I see one.
Can we roll that clip?
I have fought for children and survivors of sexual assault.
I fought against transnational criminal organizations.
I took on the biggest banks and helped take down one of the biggest for-profit colleges.
I know a predator when I see one.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up, folks.
I know a predator when I see one, yet she surrounds herself with predators like Joe Biden, who she actually said last year that she believed Tara Reade.
She believed the people who are accusing him of sexual harassment and assault and sniffing women's hair and whatever the hell else creepy things that he's into.
And she surrounds herself with Bill Clinton, who we know is a known rapist and pedophile.
OK, all right.
Sounds good, Kamala.
You know a predator when I see one.
What kind of an investigator, what kind of a prosecutor are you who understands predators?
And this is again, I think this just on full display, we see the monstrosity, we see the hypocrisy, we see the creep factor of the Democrats on display.
Because we don't have a laugh track, we don't have fans in the background cheering, we got them on full display in the flesh.
And we will be right back with a quick break and we're going to go into more of this.
Welcome back to InfoWars, this is Deanna Lorraine, guest hosting for the great Alex Jones.
And we're just doing a little bit of a recap of the absolute freak show that has been the DNC all week long.
The DNC over Zoom with no people, no fans in the audience.
And what is so fantastic about this is not only it's a gift, obviously, to the RNC, it's a gift to conservatives, but in many ways it is.
But it's also, it skins, literally, it's like leaving these
I don't know.
A guy who literally his only job was to announce President or Vice President Joe Biden, and he couldn't even say his name right.
He didn't even know his name.
And then we get into the, what I think is the cringiest moment of maybe the DNC so far, where they announced his presidency, Joe Biden's presidency, their endorsement.
And it got into some weird stuff.
So let's play this clip right now, what I think is the cringiest moment of the DNC so far.
In the pursuit of a more just future, one that recognizes healthcare as a human right, one that tackles the climate crisis and takes on racial and economic justice, Wisconsin casts 30 votes for Bernie Sanders and 67 for the next president of the United States of America, Joseph Bidens.
Joseph R. Biden.
Well, we don't have a balloon drop.
Instead, you see that?
A digital map of America celebrating Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.
These are live streams coming in from all across the country.
Oh my God, Joe doesn't even know where he is!
He doesn't know where he is!
With people popping out of the library, like with streamers and everything, this is so creepy.
These are obviously train seals clapping.
Oh my gosh.
What are they dancing right now?
Oh, this is so weird.
This is hard to watch.
Oh my God.
He does not know where he is.
Very, very much.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.
It means the world to me and my family.
Looks like Antifa in the background.
I'll see you on Thursday.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Joe Biden and his family supported his nomination for Democratic.
Putting on that mask.
Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden.
We'll be right back.
He's putting on that mask.
Did you hear them in the background?
He's putting on that mask.
Such a pandering fool, putting on the mask at the end.
And the mask was symbolic, too.
What he's really telling you is, if you vote for me, this is your future.
Your future is comprised of obedience and silence and control.
That's the future you can vote for.
Now, the other creepy thing about this is we realized this later.
Some people called this out.
But in those Zoom shots, right, where all these people's clapping and there's like a cluster of all these people's about 30 people in windows, what they found is that they are so fraudulent that they duplicated people.
Oh my God, they duplicated people over and over in these Zoom shots.
So they couldn't even find 30 original people to support and clap for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.
That's how bad it is, folks.
That's how bad it is.
When you when you look at these trained, you know, actors, right, who are clapping and who just, you know, they're they're zooming up and they're clapping.
You look at that and you compare that with Trump's real supporters and his rallies, which are just roaring and screaming and shouting.
You know, women are practically throwing their bras at President Trump because he's such a rock star.
It is literally night and day, guys.
It is night and day.
It is fake versus real.
And that's all they have.
I can't believe their PSYOP goes to these lengths where they have to literally superimpose fans in there just to just to generate some sort of excitement.
Now we're going to talk a little bit about Pelosi, Nasty Pelosi, who I obviously ran against.
And I know a lot about her.
I know this woman very intimately.
But Pelosi's speech was also pretty cringe.
Do we have that clip?
And now, please welcome, Speaker of the House, it's my honor to bring you the greetings of House Democrats.
The most diverse majority in history.
More than 60% women, people of color, and LGBTQ.
Our diversity is our strength.
Our unity is our power.
This month, as America marks the centennial of women, finally women winning the right to vote, we do so with 105 women in the House.
Proudly, 90 are Democrats.
Ew, that's scary!
To win the vote, women marched and fought and never gave in.
We stand on their shoulders, charged with carrying forward the unfinished work of our nation, advanced by heroes.
From Seneca Falls, to Selma, to Stonewall.
Four years ago, when President Obama and Vice President Biden were in the White House, they made us proud.
I like the birds flying in the background.
And their leadership made our country great.
In that spirit, we come together now, not to decry the darkness, but to light a way forward for our country.
That is the guiding purpose of House Democrats, fighting for the people.
We have sent the Senate bills for lower health care costs, for bigger paychecks, for cleaner government, protecting John Lewis' voting rights, and enacting George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
Always, always pulling in George Floyd and John Lewis.
We've sent the Senate bills to protect our freedoms, to help to dequeue equality, to prevent gun violence, and to preserve our planet for future generations.
I can't even watch this anymore.
And even more.
All of this is possible for America.
Who is standing in the way?
Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.
She noticed she had to basically look at her script to say, what's standing in the way?
Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.
You also wonder too, I mean, notice how she was dressed in all white and she had, she was clutching her hands like she was praying.
She's talking about a guiding light.
These are all just part of the, the psyop, right?
She's trying to look all angelic and pristine and white.
Who is she fooling?
She's not fooling anyone.
She's as demonic as they come.
And I know that firsthand from battling her.
So, you know, notice too how, and I've been calling it from the beginning, Alex has been calling it from the beginning, obviously, but this is all, this is, you know, part of this is connecting COVID with police brutality and climate change and sustainable development, right?
And people in the beginning say, no, you're crazy, you're crazy.
They're not going to connect it.
And look what, they're already doing it.
They're connecting climate change and sustainable development and all the goals of Agenda 2030 or Agenda 21
They're connecting it all, folks!
And we see even, you know, coronavirus is... Because of coronavirus, we shouldn't eat meat anymore.
We should restrict our meat.
We should become vegans.
All of a sudden, it's because of coronavirus, we should start moving into smaller homes.
Yeah, okay.
Because of coronavirus, we should stop going to churches.
It's all because of coronavirus.
You know, we should be wearing masks during sex.
We should be not kissing anymore or procreating.
All of this is just a cover, right?
Coronavirus is just a cover.
But it's ridiculous for those of us who are awake and who know what's up and who connected the dots already.
And you can see Agenda 2030.
We can see the fourth industrial revolution, which was, of course, created by the World Economic Forum and all these globalist actors.
You just go on it, and they tell you the plans right there in black and white.
They tell you it.
They're not hiding it, folks.
They're not hiding it.
It's our damn fault if we're not gonna do anything about it when they're putting those plans right there in black and white.
You know?
And then we have, we got Soros' granddaughter.
Greta Thunberg, who is thumbing her nose at all of us and telling us exactly what to do and what to be.
She's telling all of these adults.
We're going to go forward.
We're going to talk a little bit more about this when we come back in just a minute.
Stick with us in InfoWars.
I'm Deanna Lorraine.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to Alex Jones.
This is Deanna Lorraine hosting for the Alex Jones Show.
And we are just going over the craziness of this week.
It is the Twilight Zone, and every day I feel like I'm stuck in a horrible Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that just doesn't end, and then it's combined with Groundhog Day, and we just can't seem to get out of this nightmare.
But we're doing the best we can, and we're at least having some fun while we're doing it.
So last night,
Another funny thing happened.
You know, you always have to look at symbolism, right?
We have to look at symbolism and because, you know, the deep state, the left, they're all about it.
Last night, I noticed something interesting with Pocahontas.
With Elizabeth Warren, when she was giving her extremely prepared and rehearsed speech, she was doing it, first of all, in a creepy kids' kindergarten daycare-slash-situation, with kids painting in the background and everything.
But then she also had, in block letters, BLM spelled out in the background, over her right shoulder.
I mean, come on!
It was so weird!
So if you zoom up there, it spells out BLM.
Oh my god!
You're so clever, Pocahontas!
You're so cool!
What is that signaling?
What is that signaling?
Are they trying to signal an uprising?
I don't know.
But how much more of this BLM pandering can we do, folks?
It's just non-stop.
Now, I was yesterday, I was in a parking lot and I was videotaping this baby.
You know, there was a couple that was carrying a baby and the baby had like this shield.
It was wearing like this little shield and a hazmat suit.
And I was just videotaping and I was thinking, wow, what a sad life.
You know, this kid's going to grow up totally traumatized.
And then all of a sudden, boom, this big black woman comes up next to me and says, what are you videotaping?
Are you videotaping my car?
What are you videotaping?
And she starts threatening me, getting up in my face, yelling at me.
And I had to fully convince her for five minutes that I was not, in fact, videotaping her car.
And so she sat there while she made me go through my phone and show me her, show her my videos.
And she had little kids with her, a little boy and a little girl that she was holding their hands with and screaming at me.
And it just goes to show you how effective this race war really is.
You know, they're training people, they're training the whole black community to literally hate whites, to tell their little boys, their little girls that
White people are bad, and white people are racist, and everything that we do is wrong.
And it's just a sad world, because boys and girls, they're supposed to grow up colorblind.
You know?
And they're supposed to think that everyone loves them, which is true.
But they are fueling these racial tensions.
And notice how BLM, again, is a Marxist organization.
You know it, I know it.
And even in their website, they say, we are here to disrupt the Western family unit.
It says they're right there on their website.
And I had a fight with Cardi B about it, too, the other day, who talked about WAP, you know, her new single WAP out there.
Of course, Joe Biden had to go and interview her, not doing any other interviews, except he's doing it with Cardi B, which was a big crap show.
If you actually saw this interview, I didn't even know if she's speaking English.
But this is what's going on.
This is the level of pandering and disunity they're creating between blacks and whites right now.
It's sick.
Thankfully, a lot of the black community, they're waking up, they're seeing right through this BS, but it's pretty bad right now.
And they're going to continue this no matter what.
I think it's going to get a lot worse.
We see obviously with the national anthem, nobody's even standing up for it anymore.
And they will do it.
They will keep going for it.
And I think almost the more that President Trump says stand up for the National Anthem, we're not, you know, I think that people are doing it out of rebellion.
And by the way, we're going to talk about in a second, too, the the additional, you know, psyop of trying to divide the family unit up.
It's all population control.
Oh, there we go right now.
And just out of curiosity, who here actually likes looking at sports games and watching sports games with no fans in there?
They've got paper cutouts, they've got blow-up dolls, they've got digital Zoom superimposed fans out there.
I don't want to watch that.
I don't want to see that.
I don't want to have that be my new normal.
I want to watch real baseball games with fans cheering in the background.
So it's all just a part of this disunity.
They're trying to dehumanize us.
They're trying to take us away from humanity and have this virtual touchless society.
It's super dystopian.
It's super creepy.
But they've laid these plans out for us.
And we're the dumb ones for not actually doing anything about it when we see these plans in black and white.
They've also, just in the last week, I was joking about this for months on my podcast, saying that, you know, sooner or later they're going to talk about making a mandatory mask during sexual relations.
And guess what?
This is not a joke anymore.
They're actually promoting us kissing, wearing masks, and having sexual relations wearing a mask.
I'm not exactly sure who's going to monitor that or what kind of fine they're going to enforce on us.
But yeah, they're saying sexual, uh, social distancing.
They're actually promoting, especially on the Canadian government website, they're saying that we should start having barriers and walls, uh, up during sex.
They're saying, uh, hope I can say this as a family show, but glory holes.
During sex, you know, I mean, what, how are they promoting this kind of stuff on a government website?
You know, you can't make this stuff up.
And at the same time, they're saying no kissing because kissing spreads COVID faster.
So this is just about ushering in virtual reality, right?
Virtual reality sex, porn.
And we know the side effects of this.
We know the long-term repercussions of a society that's addicted to virtual reality and porn and everything.
You know, people think, oh, this is just in the meantime.
This is just to get us through this pandemic.
And they're going to go with it because they're just such sheep.
But this is not just a temporary situation.
What they're trying to do is get us used to this.
They're trying to get us used to this virtual world, this touchless society where we're lacking humanity.
I don't know about you, but I can't even watch another Zoom conference to save my life.
A friend of mine had a bachelorette party a couple weeks ago on Zoom.
I'm like, are you kidding me?
I can't do this anymore.
I don't want to watch people on Zoom anymore.
I want to see you guys.
I want to touch you guys.
I mean, this is the society that we were raised.
We're raised to be social creatures, and they want to strip us all of that kind of humanity.
So that's why we can't get used to it.
We have to fight.
Having the power!
And the government is supposed to be afraid of its people.
We're not supposed to be afraid of the government.
Just like what V for Vendetta says, we're supposed to be having the power.
And people have forgotten that.
People have forgotten how to rise up.
The deep state, the left, they're so well mobilized, they're so well funded.
And while we're having some nice rallies on the weekends and honking horns, waving American flags, they are literally seizing police stations,
Today is Monday, day 170.
New Yorkers were ground zero for the COVID virus and have gone from one of the highest infection rates on the globe to one of the lowest.
We climbed the impossible mountain and right now we are on the other side.
We did it with the kindness and assistance of so many.
New Yorkers want to thank everyone who came to our aid.
30,000 Americans who volunteered to come here to help in our hour of need.
Your love gave us the strength to carry on.
We went through hell, but we've learned much.
We know that our problems go beyond the COVID virus.
COVID is the symptom, not the illness.
Our nation is in crisis.
And in many ways, COVID is just a metaphor.
A virus attacks when the body is weak and when it cannot defend itself.
Over these past few years, America's body politic has been weakened.
The divisions have been growing deeper.
The anti-Semitism, the anti-Latino, the anti-immigrant fervor, the racism in Charlottesville, where the KKK didn't even bother to wear their hoods, and in Minnesota, where the life was squeezed from Mr. Floyd.
Only a strong body can fight off the virus, and America's divisions weakened it.
Donald Trump didn't create the initial division.
The division created Trump.
He only made it worse.
I can't even.
Our collective strength is exercised through government.
It is in effect our immune system.
Get this guy away from me.
And our current federal government is dysfunctional.
It's so bad.
You know, it's like you play, we should play a drinking game.
How many times can they say soul of this nation?
How many times can they tie KKK into coronavirus and talk about white hoods?
But they, they, they,
They're saying it right there, guys.
They're saying coronavirus is a metaphor.
The coronavirus is the symptom.
It's not the illness.
It's not the problem.
They're telling you right there.
It's not real.
How many more signs do we have to know, guys?
Anyone who's still believing this is a real, serious, deadly virus,
I got some problems for you.
Okay, guys, thank you so much for watching.
I'm Deanna Lorraine.
You can pick up my book, Taking Back America, on Amazon, but maybe better than to supporting Jeff Bezos, we can connect it with InfoWars sometime in the near future.
So thanks so much for watching.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
This is Deanna Lorraine hosting for him, and we'll be back in just a few minutes.
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