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Name: 20200814_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 14, 2020
3040 lines.

In this podcast episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including Jamal Khashoggi's murder, the pandemic lockdown measures, and the importance of individual power. He emphasizes the need to expose propaganda and manipulation by globalist forces, condemns social Darwinism as a tool for control, and urges listeners to protect public spaces from being closed off due to COVID-19 restrictions. The podcast discusses various topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, government restrictions, and political issues. Jones believes that these are not classic vaccines but DNA vaccines that can change an individual's genetic makeup permanently, and this is part of a medical tyranny takeover by globalists. The hosts express concern over the current state of violent destruction and point out how protests are being used as a cover for organized crime.

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You're saying a grand jury indicted me?
For what?
We're going to have two 21s out here.
We have room to transport one.
Can you send us a car please?
I will give you all your paperwork when we get to the jail right now.
I need you to get some shoes.
Because we need to get moving.
We need to get this thing fixed.
Guys, I don't know what's happening right now.
The police have just showed up in my house and they said that they're arresting me.
They said that a grand jury indicted me for something?
I have no idea what.
This is the Democrats, folks.
This is crazy.
Where's my shoe?
I have one shoe here.
I was told there was a SWAT team there.
They must have been outside.
At least they didn't do the no-knock warrant.
So why wasn't I given anything in the mail?
Like, I have no idea what this is talking about.
So Millie's just a journalist.
Yeah, Millie.
Just like the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, but she's not protected anymore.
Because the Democrats.
For what?
They're not even saying they're saying we're being charged.
Is this from the grand jury or these green sheets?
Grand jury.
Are these green sheets or is this an indictment?
Okay, very good.
This is my son right now.
Come on, let's go.
To the car.
I've been more than nice to the car.
I don't understand what's happening right now.
Alright, so they're saying they have stolen government documents.
And it's reportedly Hillary's emails, all of it.
So, nobody has the courage to put this stuff out.
And the Justice Department's all scared.
Of the other criminal side, because they're criminals, they'll kill you.
And then they use normal feds and police to go out and do their dirty work.
And it's disgusting.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Don't piss the Van Hernandez off.
Hey guy, how'd you get in there?
They must have just put this up because this was flat.
Like today?
This morning?
Yeah, like 30 minutes ago.
Just go under.
Okay guys, so as you can see, no one in Austin gives a damn about this blockade.
So, I want to point something out to you guys.
Now, Alex went viral on Twitter because he was at Barton Springs.
They wouldn't let him in.
Apparently, you now need a reservation.
But this is the free side of Barton Springs.
There's a pay side and a free side.
This is the free side.
It's just a part of nature, just like Zilker Park.
It's a big ass grass field where people can go.
And this is the free side of Barton.
And we have this, this huge freaking thing here.
So I'm just gonna, you know, public service right now.
I'm sorry, but someone's gotta do it.
Is this a crime?
I don't know.
Oh look, the lifeguards are coming.
Oh sh**.
Hey guys, so we're now in the free side of Barton and did you guys see how easy that was?
No face masks, no fines, no police officers, no one's stopping us from doing this.
Because this is nature and we in Austin, the people who pay, the taxpayers who pay for all of these natural parks, should be able to access them.
So here we are in Barton now and as you guys can see in front of me,
There's so many people in here.
Because nobody cares about these mandates anymore for COVID-19.
Everyone knows it's ridiculous.
There's no overrun hospitals here in Austin.
People are not dying in the streets.
And people should be able to go outside for their own personal health and experience nature.
You know, guys, I've been stuck inside of my apartment for the past three months because of Mayor Adler's bullshit lockdown orders, and it's time to rage.
Oh, America!
Look at this dog.
Free American dog.
Where's your mask, sir?
Sir, where's your mask?
Arrest him.
Arrest him now.
Close, but we're already inside, Mayor Adler.
So close.
We say the pubs are open.
This one's harder.
Come on in, guys.
The parks are only closed if you want them to be.
Don't wear a face mask and go to your national parks.
Nessie, go in there, guy.
Come on Harrison.
Good thing, guys.
Uh, well, you don't need to be videoing me, though.
I'm just saying, you don't need to be videoing me.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
She wasn't happy, but she's in the park.
What a life.
What a day.
Hey guys, why did y'all break in?
Um, seems like I'm doing it.
Enjoy your day!
Go have fun in nature!
Be healthy!
So guys, do you see why they just said that they did that?
Because everyone else is doing it.
And I want us to take this exact same mentality when it comes to face masks.
If everyone stops wearing face masks, everyone else is going to stop wearing face masks.
Because everyone has this sheep-like mentality that they're going to follow what the masks are doing.
Alright, the full report.
Is at Bandot Video.
It needs to be shared.
My video, getting the parks reopened.
They have reopened them after we went down there.
Got 10 million views last time I checked, or more.
Hers is 10 times better.
She did a perfect job.
I got about a C-, but I got an A for effort.
Savannah Hernandez knocked it out of the park.
A grand slam.
A Babe Ruth-level event, if this was baseball.
Action 7 opens Barton Springs to the public.
This is a microcosm of victory.
Every time we take action, we have victory.
But we always sit on our hands.
Well, you know it's worse than that.
We sit on our thumbs and just let these criminals run rampant over us.
But Savannah, I didn't tell her to do that.
I said she could go down there and report on it.
She tore down all the fences.
Everybody was already pouring through.
So, there you go.
And we'll tear down the New World Order, we'll tear down your robots, and we'll tear the globalist political guts out of their slimy, you-know-whats.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Right now, there is no government official here, but I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
But I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
They came in peace.
Maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant CNN sucks and fake news.
Maybe we should go out, all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant we're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
This is CNN.
Andy Griffith and Opie.
And he said that was basically based on the town he grew up in, I guess, in North Carolina.
A lot more empathy, a lot nicer people, a lot more down-to-earth folks that knew how to skin a buck or run a trot line.
America was, by and large, Mayberry, RFB.
But we're not anymore, are we?
We're New World Order, cyberpunk nightmare dystopia.
And things are getting bad real fast because we took God out of our lives and we made ourselves God.
And so that means the very worst of us are now in charge, who have no empathy, no compassion,
And who actually enjoy hurting and destroying people and vandalizing civilization and giant hordes of dumbed-down Satanists, who don't even know they're Satanists, screeching and squawking and demanding total power and total control.
You know, the little boy that got killed because he was white and shot multiple times in the back of the head, leftists celebrated that on Twitter.
And they celebrated it as a racial attack, because that's what the left has turned those, quote, minorities, that are now the majority, into, in many cases, these hateful, venomous monsters.
But the little boy we're now hearing about, because independent media reported on it, back when it happened last weekend, and finally CNN and others have been shamed.
But when you go to the reports, you don't see a picture
of the perpetrator because you cannot show a black person killing a white person and now the statistics the FBI does not release because it's the latest numbers were 12 to 1 black on white crime.
Now do we then say black people are inherently bad, evil, and it's their fault?
The media encourages this.
The media says it's a good thing.
Black on white crime in the 40s was about even.
But see, it's seen that, well, whites deserve to die because we're inherently bad.
There's a story up on InfoWars.com.
Kindergarteners learn that not hating the cops and not watching the news is white supremacy.
White supremacy.
And of course, our top nuclear scientists that build our bombs are sent by the federal government to three-day training seminars where they're taught whiteness is inherently evil.
Now I want to say something that's really important here.
The globalists are gaslighting everyone.
The globalists are saying 2 plus 2 equals 100.
They have an impossible job.
And if you go to the live news headline for today's show that's perfect for you to send out to friends, family, neighbors, it says right there that the globalists and their world government plan will fail because they have an impossible job.
But that doesn't mean in the process of trying to set up this post-human world that these crazies are building, in their power grab, that it won't destroy the planet, perhaps, in the process.
Much watch.
Must watch.
Friday Live.
Austenite's revolt against COVID lockdown.
Teardown barricades.
And the sub-headline, learn why the New World Order's post-human plan is doomed to fail.
Tune into the number one information warfare transmission on Earth.
And our weapon is the truth.
And consistency and steadfastness and determination.
Total commitment.
But once you research this information and find out it's true, well, you'll be committed as well because it's the animating contest of overcoming tyranny that empowers you, not the degrading contest of laying down on your belly like a snake and then groveling to the New World Order and just hoping they eat you last.
We're not adapting to being slaves.
We are overcoming this great test.
And it's going to be great.
And most of us will probably end up dying early.
Most of us are already soft-killed, walking dead.
It's going to get really bad and really obvious with the 6G, the 7G.
You'll be bleeding out your nose or teeth falling out by the time you're 20.
Cancer's all over your body.
Bill Gates dancing around on TV laughing at you as your ruler.
But everyone who's been in denial
We'll be forced to admit the truth of the horror.
The horror.
So why did I start with a little Mars Attacks piece where CNN is the allegory of the aliens invading and they're running around broadcasting, don't run, we are your friends, and people stop and try to shake their hands and they shoot them with their ray guns and the aliens go, because it's funny to the anti-human globalist
To be doing all of this, and to have full page cover stories in the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, and in the Houston Chronicle, and Wired Magazine, saying, we don't want humans to be on the earth, we're a parasite, and we can't wait until we set up world government, and have the orderly phase out of humanity.
That's the official plan!
Imagine if a religious group came to your door and went, Oh, here's our brochure.
We want to establish a world government with robots controlling people and then make the world so hellish that no one can even have children anymore and then force people to give up their soul and be uploaded into a machine where they believe they'll be given eternal life.
You'd call the FBI after they left your house.
You know, give them some tea and cookies.
You'd say, Hey, there's a cult.
They're wanting to kill everybody.
Oh, but when it's Bill Gates doing it,
It's a good thing.
Oh, Billy boy!
Save us!
And so it's the same thing.
Don't run.
We are your friends while they attack you.
Oh, I'm Bill Gates.
I believe there's too many people.
I want to have zero carbon output by humans.
And the TED Talk group laughs because that means kill all the humans.
But it's all their little joke with algebra.
It's algebra.
High school algebra means kill all the humans, and they all giggle and laugh because they know the public's going to look at that and not know what that means.
It's funny to them.
But here's the thing.
It's just like the comic Bill Burr I played a clip of yesterday.
He's like laughing going, yeah, we need to kill 85% of the planet.
They're all a bunch of dumb scum.
And the people on the Netflix show are clapping.
And guaranteed, half their kids are going to die of cancer before they die.
Guaranteed, they're all going to have neurological disorders by the time they're 50, if they're 25 right now.
I mean, they're all going to have horribly painful deaths.
Going to be sucked right out of them by this thing.
And it's going to get worse and worse where it's not one out of ten kids with cancer, it's one out of three.
I mean, just murdering everyone.
Just incrementally turning it up.
And they're all, woo!
Kill everybody!
Because their empathy has been taken out of them.
So when we come back, I'm going to show you the empathy.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa attacking an emergency children's hospital while little kids are inside trying to burn it down.
And I'm going to show you Black Lives Matter going to people's houses and saying, give us your money, your houses, everything.
We're here, we support crime.
They actually say, we support crime.
And you go, why would they say that?
There's no bottom to it.
That's what the globalists have created.
Zombie-like monsters that literally believe they have the moral authority of the establishment to bring everything down.
Of course, they're not going to get anything once everything's destroyed.
They're just being used to take down the pro-human infrastructure.
But it doesn't make them any less dangerous because they're fluoridated zombies from birth.
Be right back, stay with us.
Cannon Hennant was brutally murdered last weekend because he was white.
Five-year-old little boy.
And the media, the enemy of the American people, tried to hide it.
If a senseless white man had shot a little black boy in the back of the head, I would cover it and I'd say it's terrible.
But it would not be all white people's fault, like what happened with George Floyd.
And this is not all black people's fault.
I bet money you're going to find out the individual that shot the kid was on Xanax and alcohol or something.
Because almost every time I see a super senseless thing like that, where somebody kills their own kids or somebody else's kids, they're on it.
Because you drink and you take Xanax, or even methamphetamine, it can put you into another world.
But imagine
If a little black boy riding his bike in his front yard was senselessly murdered by a crazy white person, and something like that's bound to happen sometime, there's 330 million people in this country, the country would burn because the media would say, go out and burn it!
And that's how we're primed, ladies and gentlemen, that when the police wrongfully shoot somebody, which happens sometimes, they're people too, flawed.
Believe me, they don't on average want that to happen, they get in big trouble.
You had five, six years ago, cops all over the U.S.
shot dead, many of them black.
And CNN would be like, well, people are mad.
So it's justified, because they want to get it set where they can be revolutionary.
It's not going to empower black people to randomly shoot cops.
Everybody knows that.
But the globalists want to break the country up.
People keep saying, oh, they're going to lose with their civil war.
Oh, they're going to lose contesting the election.
Oh, they're going to lose having the states to see.
It's meant to destroy the dollar.
And Hillary came out and said Trump is gonna contest the election.
And she says if he tries to block mail-in ballots, we gotta remove him.
So see, they're engaged in fraud.
If Trump says no, he's bad.
If Trump wins, they're not gonna concede.
This is going to happen 80 days out.
And we're at war with Communist China.
The globalists set China up.
We're at war with the globalists and their giant
Kaiju monster of communism, the super state of China.
And that's why coming up, I've got the big news here of the Justice Department, the Pentagon, the National Security Advisor have all come out and said, we're at war with China right now.
They're trying to kill the dollar and they're working with the Democratic Party.
And the Democratic Party to hide it in plain view goes, yeah, we're with China.
Pelosi said last week, we are with China.
Said on the Sunday shows actually.
So again, that's the gaslighting at this point, is they're like, yeah, we're going to get rid of the police.
Yeah, we're with Communist China.
Yeah, we don't think America should exist.
Yeah, we want the dollar to fall.
All the pension funds, all the government bonds, all of it over.
War in the streets, civil war.
You think it's bad?
It's going to be just spectacularly horrible.
I mean, I can't even... I try to imagine it, and it's more than I can possibly imagine, because it's going to be such a powder keg with all the spoiled brats, and devil worshippers, and scum, and people that don't know how to wipe their own butt.
I mean, biblical meltdown, and you know, we deserve it.
So if we go that direction, you know what, that's God's will, we deserve it.
If we get a reprieve and back this up and stop it, okay, but we better fix this and stop being evil.
It means we better stop putting up with pedophile story time and all the abortions and keeping babies alive and killing old people in the old folks' homes and Bill Gates saying, let's kill old people.
Oh, but he loves you.
Here, take this shot.
I mean, none of it's even hidden anymore.
A eugenicist from a robber baron, Federal Reserve eugenics family,
Says he wants to get rid of you and your family, but he's got a shot for you, and then he's caught running the lab where it leaked out of with Fauci in more than 11 operations creating chimera COVID viruses.
I mean, it's ridiculous!
Let's play a few of these clips.
Just hear clips in Portland, clips in Seattle, clips in Chicago.
Of them attacking children's hospitals with the children inside crying, trying to burn them down.
I mean, imagine being a zombie and you want to burn down a hospital.
I mean, no one attacks hospitals.
But see, no one goes and says, we're going to burn your house down.
You don't know who's in it.
You're like, I'm here to burn your house down!
Now it's give me your house.
You're like, what's going on here?
Because if you get around the left and what they've created,
People with no parents, on drugs, literally entitled to everything, and the media is telling them that they're the good guys.
That's what our acquiescence, our weakness, has created this.
Has created people that don't live in the real world, folks.
So go ahead and start playing the clip.
Hey, you work for Amazon, don't you?
You work for Amazon, don't you?
Because the majority of people that live in the Central District now work for Amazon because it's the easiest commute to downtown for.
Well, guess what?
The guy you work for is part of the f****** problem, too.
So, let's not act like you just are oblivious to this s*** because you knew about it all along.
And you were okay with it.
But guess what?
We're not.
And we're bringing it to your front f***ing door.
So what the f*** do you plan to do about it?
Ryan, the window's calling the cops.
I'm okay.
The cops?
And now we're turning the lights off because we called you a gentrifier?
Do you know that?
Do you know that before Joe White ass came here, this was all black people?
Do you know that?
Do you know that?
Do you know people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from the black people for less than what it was worth, kicked them out so you could live here?
Do you know that?
Do you know that?
Alright, that's enough.
And he goes on to say, give us the house.
Obviously, folks don't know how this works.
If you own a house, or you have a house, and the value goes up, you sell it, and then you make more money, and then they tear it down and build something bigger.
Highways come in, and then you get bought out.
The idea that, oh, this used to be a black neighborhood, and now there's people from all over that have moved in, and so you need to give it to us randomly yelling at houses.
That's what the communists teach people.
And then, of course, we have this other news report I didn't have time to get to.
We'll play it when we come back out of Chicago, where they attacked the Children's Hospital.
And that's what the left's created.
The left has created this in the universities and the systems, this class envy, this warfare, this race war envy.
And then the left lives in on top of the people they've taught to hate themselves and who've been disenfranchised.
By globalism.
And then Trump comes in and tries to empower everybody and he's the bad guy because the left wants to keep those disenfranchised groups of people.
It's just beyond diabolical.
But we can fight back.
Your word of mouth is king, king, king.
We have some really good news too coming up on the other side.
Share those live links and tell folks about those local stations.
Okay, so Millie Weaver and her husband Gavin
Had been working with people affiliated with folks in the White House, Q, you name it.
And they interviewed former military officers and other whistleblowers, including NSA whistleblowers that are very well-known individuals.
And they were making this independent film titled
And we'll pull the trailer up in a minute and play it for you.
This just happened during the short break.
They were scheduled to come on yesterday, but Millie said they were getting followed.
People were breaking in on their phones.
Stuff was getting taken off their computers.
Well, they just got SWAT teamed.
So, the trailer is up on BandOnVideo.
And Shadowgate is how Brennan and Clapper and Hillary and Obama are still in control of this giant network of CIA, NSA, information warfare systems that they use in foreign wars in foreign countries to brainwash the public.
Well, can you remember, Obama, eight years ago, the headline in the Washington Post and other publications was, Obama legalizes using propaganda on Americans.
And before Obama left, he signed several billion dollars into the Countering Misinformation and Foreign Disinformation Act.
Zero Heads wrote about it, we wrote about it.
And then they started saying I was a Russian agent on the news.
I mean, you saw the rest of it, it was history.
So this is embedded group that tried to have the coup against Trump that built back doors as the former technical head of NSA William Binney exposed to the White House and to the head of the NSA who went and briefed Trump once he was president-elect.
But they have all these back doors to still basically be in the NSA.
Well Trump's taken the security clearances away from Brennan and Clapper and others so they can't legally do it but they're still doing it.
So Milley and Tory
Moran's who, again, has said she can't tell you where all this is, where Hillary's emails are, where all this is, or she'll get arrested.
Well, they're trying to arrest her right now.
So that's what I explained to listeners, folks.
This isn't a game up here, okay?
We're not up here telling you that we got this or we got that and we don't.
I warned Millie and her husband, Gavin, who I like.
They're contractors.
They do their own thing, their own shows.
They contribute here.
I told him, I said, this is extremely dangerous.
And I said, I don't want to see any of these documents.
I already know all this.
It's already came out in the Vault 7 dumps.
And we already know from Snowden.
And I'm not touching this stuff.
And I think they're heroes like Julian Assange or like many others that have blown the whistle.
But Trump needs to immediately
Um, have the, have the Justice Department talk to Millie Weaver and these other folks?
Because these are real people.
I mean, they interviewed former high-level NSA people, and because of the way things are going, I guess these folks told them some big secrets, folks.
Some big secrets.
And like, I was at arm's length on this because I know how dangerous it is.
I said, Millie?
I mean, believe me, they got General Flynn's son to come to our event in D.C.
and they had a bunch of defense intelligence people there.
I mean, this is not, this is a serious war inside the government.
And so they thought it's the right thing to do.
I think it's the right thing to do, but it's extremely dangerous.
So, this is how the media is controlled.
And the levers of control are still in the deep state's hands.
That's why I've gotten mad at Pompeo and said, you need to get control of this or you're part of it.
And he's been getting control of it.
And he admits we're at war with China.
And I like Pompeo overall now.
I think he's been making the right moves.
They know a lot of stuff we don't know.
But Millie Weaver, during her live stream, just got SWAT teamed and it's sealed.
National Security won't even say what.
We're going to get the folks that are at another location on.
They may get raided any minute.
And so let's go.
Okay, so let's go ahead and play the clip we have of Millie.
We've bleeped it because there's some cussing.
When the feds came in, this just happened about 30 minutes ago.
Here it is.
You're saying a grand jury indicted me?
For what?
We're going to have two 21s out here.
We have room to transport one.
Can you send us a car, please?
I will give you all your paperwork when we get to the jail right now.
I need you to get some shoes.
Because we need to get moving.
We need to get this thing fixed.
Guys, I don't know what's happening right now.
The police have just showed up at my house and they said that they're arresting me.
They said that a grand jury indicted me for something?
I have no idea what.
This is the Democrats, folks.
This is crazy.
Where's my shoe?
I have one shoe here.
I was told there was a SWAT team there.
They must have been outside.
At least they didn't do the no-knock warrant.
So why wasn't I given anything in the mail?
Like, I have no idea what this is talking about.
So Millie's just a journalist.
Yeah, Millie.
Just like the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, but she's not protected anymore.
Because the Democrats.
For what?
They're not even saying.
They're saying we're being charged.
Is this from the grand jury or these green sheets?
Grand jury.
Are these green sheets or is this an indictment?
Okay, very good.
This is my son right now.
Come on, let's go.
To the car.
I've been more than nice to the car.
I don't understand what's happening right now.
Alright, so they're saying they have stolen government documents.
And it's reportedly Hillary's emails, all of it.
So, nobody has the courage to put this stuff out.
And the Justice Department's all scared.
I don't
We're not going to get into her last name.
She's been on the show before.
Tori, you were on the live stream.
You're live streaming now and all this began to happen.
I know that you guys were finished the film now finally today.
I was told that is Shadowgate and obviously that's probably why this happened.
Thanks for joining us.
I know this is a hectic situation.
Tell us why you think this is unfolding.
Well, uh, you know what's interesting is, is that we were having problems, uh, well, from what I gather, Millie was having problems, uh, parsing the video together, and her internet connection was extremely slow.
And so, it was very difficult for her to even put it together.
Obviously, everything's under surveillance.
So, so, so, you guys were about to release this.
What do you think's going on?
Well, you know, they know that we don't have possession of Hillary's emails.
So, this is just them trying to get information.
I mean, burglary?
Come on, Alex.
Why would Millie commit burglary?
This is insane!
This is a facade.
This is insane.
They just came to her house, knocked.
What grand jury?
Who brought that up?
To be clear, you guys know where the emails are.
You're exposing the holes that Brennan and Clapper left in there.
Well, yeah, and how the whole dossier is to cover up their real crimes.
The dossier was a two-pronged thing.
It was a weapon to use against Trump if she won, so they can round up every single patriot.
And it was insurance to make sure if he did get elected that they would take him down as an asset.
The dossier was completely fabricated to hide their actions.
I understand.
And you're a lady that's exposed to the Kentucky election fraud, major big national stories.
You've been on the inside.
You don't even want to say your last name at this point, but you've been on before.
I know who you are.
We're going to go to break, continue with your stream, and when we come back to just talk about, is the film, I was told it was finally ready today, is the film, obviously this is about Shadowgate, what are they so scared of in Shadowgate?
Well folks, it's on record.
Obama and Brennan and Clapper still run the propaganda engines inside the CIA and NSA that allow them to have control of the media.
That's how they put out the talking points.
And I've been begging Trump to shut this down.
And this film would expose it.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with this insider.
Torrey, stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
You want to tell people to tune in right now?
Hell, they could swap teams.
Well, I come to you with very serious news.
Alex Jones here, back live.
For a year, Millie Weaver and her husband, Gavin Wentz, have been working on this Shadownet story and a film, Shadowgate.
And Shadownet is one of the tools you know about from Stone and others that
Operation Mockingbird 2.0, where the CIA and the State Department can program every major TV, radio station, newspaper.
I mean, it's hiding in plain view, and you can type in and pull up the old articles from four years ago.
Obama created Ministry of Truth Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act 2017.
We signed it in December of 2016, right before he left, but it was funding for the next year.
A lot of that funding ran out about a year ago.
But they're still in control of it.
So they can go in and type in whatever story they want.
That will then be picked up by the editors.
Who will then have their reporters rewrite it under national security.
And not most reporters and newspapers don't even know about this, but if you're a big newspaper, let's say with 300 people working in it, five of them are really working for the CIA, okay?
And of course I've been approached by all that.
And even if you say no to it, it's just like, it just comes around you.
There's, you know, the more prominent you are, there's factions and it's all cloak and dagger.
InfoWars is truly independent and has never been part of any of this.
But it doesn't matter.
At a certain point,
You know, I get stuff from the most wild stuff you can imagine.
There's a real war in the government, and it's coming to a head right now, and they talk to major, major whistleblowers.
And the film is going to come out today.
They wanted to get it out yesterday.
They were behind.
And I told them to take their time, you know, because I thought, you know, they needed to vet it and everything.
And boom, she just got arrested along with her husband at their house in Ohio.
So this is a big deal.
So, Tori, you've got the floor here for the next few segments.
I really appreciate you.
You were working some with them and co-hosting with her a lot.
You've been a guest many times.
We're not even saying your last name today.
People can figure out who you are.
Give us the gestalt, the boil down of what's currently happening and how big this film is and them calling it theft.
Well, then Daniel Ellsberg didn't go to prison.
Since when do whistleblowers and journalists that expose corruption and expose Obama still spying on Trump?
And Obama, that's who really runs it, still in control of these propaganda arms that should be dismantled, much less not in a president out of power's control.
That's what all of this is about, is the illegal spy on the American people and the monitoring us and brainwashing us.
So it's a multi-headed hydra here.
Lay it out for us.
So when have you ever seen a grand jury come back with burglary?
Let's be honest, you know Millie very well.
What kind of burglary warrants a grand jury?
Clearly they're saying, it's like saying that burglary with the plumbers and Nixon.
They're saying she has stolen files.
Well, I don't know what they're saying.
They're not saying anything.
That's the problem.
And right now, while I'm talking to you, I'm trying to make sure that I can send someone there.
We need to send her an attorney.
We need to make sure she's covered.
They're coming in for more people now, apparently, to extend it.
So this is a problem.
Absolutely, but tell folks where she is, specifically the town, who picked, and then let's talk about what's in the film, because obviously it has to do with the film to be released, with the whole Shadowgate situation.
What in the film, because I know you guys interviewed, you were involved in it, some big NSA whistleblowers.
Well, okay, so this film pretty much lays it out and lets people see things for the way they are.
For how it actually is and what is really going on.
You know, I think the former contractor that actually created ShadowNet is in your neighborhood, Alex.
I think he's there.
It's crazy.
Oh my gosh.
I'm lost for words because there's nothing that they can explain this.
Who is the U.S.
Attorney that did this?
I want their name.
I want to see what they've been doing and who did this.
Under what pretense?
Who put that in there?
Under grand jury?
Are we kidding?
Who's the U.S.
That's what we need to look at.
Who this U.S.
Attorney is.
Who, their name, who did it, because you know they're coming for Millie because she's got the goods.
She broke it on the organized cities, on what is it called, I can't even find my words Alex, I'm so flustered right now.
Because it was unexpected and we knew that their internet connection was being throttled.
And it barely came through on my end using a drop link.
So, the movie hasn't even been uploaded by Millie yet.
It's a good thing I seeded it myself.
I mean, I don't know what to say.
Well, again, they don't want this out.
They want to make her and others, Julian Assange 2.0.
You know, the trailer's been out for months.
You're covering something that's a known project.
You're just showing that Brennan and Clapper and Obama and Hillary are still in control of it.
You guys deserve medals here.
So, I think they've really
Of course, they can also try to set you guys up with something else.
There's no telling what they're going to pull.
What do you think is going to happen next?
Well, let me tell you something, Alex.
With this system, they manufacture evidence.
You know how Clinesmith pled guilty today, right?
That's just the cherry on top.
They can retroactively manufacture things to just paint whatever picture they want of you.
That's how powerful they are.
It's not only that they guide what you can see, what information you have access to, but, you know, if I have access to it, Alex, I could change your record.
I can put some stuff in there from 10 years ago, 20 years ago... No, no, they already planted child porn.
Right after they sued me, they already planted child porn, and then got it, had it hidden, and then said we sent them child porn.
I mean, that's how heavy these people are.
Yeah, they'll plant anything just for their narrative, but I'm shocked.
I am shocked.
They came after her when they knew she was releasing it today, Alex.
They knew that she was uploading it, Alex, and they came today.
Not yesterday, today.
Well I know that she was really flustered trying to get it out.
I told her relax about it and I asked her what was in it and basically she just basically said the same thing you laid out here.
I think they really miscalculated doing this but again the local grand jury doesn't know.
They're being told like you said by some assistant U.S.
attorney whatever made up crap that they've been shoveled.
And that's the thing.
How do we see the facts?
How do they come in, you know, and... I've told listeners this, and I see this stuff online.
Oh, Jones being dramatic.
They've got grand juries out on me.
I'm not going to get into it, but this is what's going on.
This is America, okay?
We're in a civil war, people.
They officially, in the city council budget, want to blow up the police station, okay?
This is a communist takeover.
People keep saying, oh, we'll beat them.
Oh, they're not that powerful.
B.S., folks, because we lay down.
But you and Millie haven't laid down.
And so now I guess you expect them to try to come arrest you now.
Yeah, I would think they'd come for Bergie first.
For me, it's a little bit more difficult because they're kind of concerned of what insurance I might have.
So, you know, they'll come for anyone.
Alex, they might come for you, too.
Do you have the link to it?
Who knows?
Who knows what they're going to come for?
That's the way it is.
They can do whatever they want.
They need to know this is a Trump administration and stuff like this doesn't fly.
Listen, I've talked to high-level Trump people and I've tried to explain it to the President.
And he's like, yes, I know they've got people still inside.
I go, no, they've got back doors.
Talk to William Binney.
Well, he did then make Binney after I asked him to.
And I'm not trying to brag here.
I'm just make these common sense connections.
The former technical head of the NSA.
And so Trump's tried to get.
Here's the problem.
They built it, as you know, where it's always got holes.
You have to scrap the whole system.
Even if they know there's holes, they can't get rid of it.
So it's designed.
So all these bureaucrats, what, 800,000 of them.
That are out of office now can still go in.
Can you imagine that?
They can go into your laptop, they can turn on your iPhone, they can watch you, they can plant stuff.
It's unbelievable.
And then they've got relationships with big tech to get into all your private stuff there.
And that's what you guys were exposing, correct?
Yes, and you know, people need to understand that people like Patrick Berge and myself aren't afforded whistleblower protections because we are contractors.
We're not afforded.
And I remember when I saw Patrick Berge file his complaint to the IG, I was thinking, oh, poor guy.
He thinks he's protected.
They do that on purpose.
They do all their dirty work with contractors constantly again and again and again.
He was in town wanting to come here and get on the show yesterday and I just I was waiting for Millie to tell me to pull the trigger.
So a lot of crazy stuff going on.
So do we know where she's being held?
I know the paperwork supposedly said nothing.
Well right now I'm going to take care of her children because I'm a mother too.
So I'm going to take care of her children and then focus on getting her an attorney out there so that way that's taken care of.
I mean they're smart so they know not to talk.
So it's a pretty big deal.
And, you know, I'll keep you informed.
I'll text you guys and tell you what's going on.
Yeah, this is a woman, a mother, a filmmaker with a good record.
Everybody knows Millie Weaver.
Millennium Millie.
She's been doing reports for us as a contractor eight years.
And now they've been arrested in front of her children for trying to expose Brennan and Clapper and their criminal activity.
It's just unbelievable.
It is, and you know, that's the thing.
When you give real news, they don't want it.
All the mainstream media is corrupt.
They're funded by interest.
People like you, and Millie, myself, all funded by the people, not by any interests.
And they hate that, because that's where the truth comes out.
And this is the problem.
She's not controlled by anyone except for her moral compass.
This is why they came after Roger Stone, too.
Because he's a good guy.
He follows a moral compass.
He's loyal.
Good people are always attacked.
And, you know, this was very surprising to see.
Very surprising to see.
You know, if anything, I would have assumed that they'd, you know, try to bash the door down on Brigitte.
But the timing is just incredible, Alex.
She was seeding the file.
They were seeding the file.
It's crazy.
Absolutely, stay there.
Well, they waited until she did that to charge her.
Alright, we are back.
We are talking to a lady who is...
Really a whistleblower and been on the inside and been working with Billy Weaver on a lot of big election fraud stories, you name it.
So Tori, what else should people know about her getting arrested earlier today?
What they're saying is happening, a grand jury, right as she was uploading the film Shadowgate.
And what can you tell us is in the film Shadowgate?
Because I've only seen the trailer, I haven't seen it.
So there's a lot in there and I will send you the seed file if you like Alex.
I'll email it to you so you can download it.
It pretty much has public available information so she didn't use any information other than the words of the creator of ShadowNet and myself and using publicly sourced documents
Uh, to demonstrate what is being said and how it's being done.
So that is what's there.
But it lays it out so easily that there is no shadow of doubt in anybody's mind that the Russia hoax was one of the biggest hoaxes ever.
And they keep hoaxing people from the right and the left.
The right and the left are being hoaxed constantly.
From both sides.
I mean, they have to have, you know, their buffers.
They control every single narrative, Alex.
Either it's coming from the right, the left, they control everything.
There is not one thing they do not control.
Not one.
So if you see people talking and they're saying great things, that's because they were allowed to say great things.
If you see people saying bad things, that's because they were told to.
4 a.m., 3 a.m., whatever you want to call them.
But you're talking about it in mainstream media.
There's lots of independent, real media.
That's why they're so upset.
And there are 4 a.m., 3 a.m.
drops for both sides of the fence, you know, and I watch both of them, too.
So, they're that dumb.
And the thing is, people have grown to trust some of this media that has, you know, risen up throughout all of this and they're nothing but another, you know,
Uh, you know, internet activity activity.
Oh my gosh, I'm so flustered.
We got taking care of her kids, now I need to send her a lawyer.
This is ridiculous and I'm hoping that you'll have Patrick Bergey on there and I can send you the whole video.
It's about an hour and 30 minutes.
It is the most incredible thing you'll see because then everything makes sense.
Suddenly everything is going to make sense to you on how all these operations were carried out.
How they were able to get away with these things.
That's the thing because everybody's been duped and we let them.
We let them.
We elected them.
We voluntarily gave them permission to be our noose.
Nobody did anything.
The interactive internet activities that you see are nothing.
They're psyops on both sides of the fence.
They're hijacking everyone, and people are going to start to see how this has happened.
And right now, all this talk of Russia dossier makes me sick to my stomach because they all know that the Russia dossier was simply a cover-up for the real crimes, which was the over-collection of the 702s.
Remember, Alex,
The judge, the FISA judge that signed the Carter Page warrant, right?
Three weeks before she signed it, she was spanking them and John Carlin for over-collection from the NSA, right?
Sure, she was just covering her butt.
Yeah, but she told them that they're not allowed to spy on them, and then three weeks later signs a FISA warrant knowing that it was based on the stuff she told them they're not supposed to do.
I know, and that's why they then used the Inspector General of the court to come out and say it was all illegal, and it was William Binning who called us and pointed out that that
That so-called Nunes memo that didn't come out for a year later was already out and it was actually the court saying that.
That's why, oh Nunes says it's in the news today.
Oh, Obama knew they were spying on Trump.
He ordered it.
Brennan and Clapper have gone on TV and said that.
Alex, I heard them.
I heard them.
I had access to Brennan's backend server for forever and a day.
I listened to every single conversation.
I listened to them plot the Ukraine at the Munich conference with Biden in 2019.
I was listening... No, I know, I know.
We've had you on before, and I know you're for real, so when we come back, spill your guts.
That's what they don't want.
Tell people what you heard Brennan do.
The White House is going to hear this, and Trump needs to take control of this damn thing right now.
You want to win the election?
Don't use it for propaganda.
Shut it off.
Shut it off.
Shut it off.
Shut it off.
The only way to stop it, shut it off.
It's got back doors all over it.
The only way you get rid of it is burning it down.
I don't mean that literally.
Burn it down.
Delete the program.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
I am your host Alex Jones and I want to roll that trailer here for the film Shadowgate.
And Shadowgate is
The gate of all gates.
It's the gate of the private NSA corporation's big tech with a seamless global AI grid spying on everyone but also manipulating everyone and deciding what information to promote and what information not to promote.
And I know who Tori is.
I know that she's exposed incredible election fraud.
And the 80-something thousand, and they found even more in Kentucky, of people that never lived in Kentucky, or Republicans on the Democrat voting rolls, and then they voted in their names.
She's a great lady, done a great job.
And, you know, when I saw the last few years who Millie Weaver and her husband were working with, and some of the people, I was like, look, you're in really deep in cloak-and-dagger stuff.
And I said, I personally have decided not to be involved in this and to just analyze news and cover it and to not get around this because, I mean, it was, you know, I mean, it was, I mean, we had an event in D.C.
and it was crawling with the nuts, the fake spies, okay?
I mean, there was real Green Beret officers, people all over the place.
I mean, ridiculous, okay?
And all sorts of factions in the whole nine yards.
And I warned Millie, and Millie's a hero and so is her husband.
But I said, you guys are in over your head.
And I said,
You know, you're contractors, you're doing your own deal.
But I just said, you need to just give this to the White House.
And Milley's been to the White House, and they gave him the stuff, too.
And I'm not going to get into that.
In fact, I'm not supposed to get into that.
All of that.
This country's fighting for its life, that's all I can tell you.
And it's going to be people like Milley that save the country if we're able to save it.
But I just look at the men of this country sitting there doing nothing.
I mean, I talked to a lot of these guys.
I talked to a guy that was, like, number three in DynCorp a few months ago.
He's like, well, I'm the man in the shadows, and I gotta be the gray man, because, you know, the public's just too weak for this, and I wish we could turn it around.
We probably can't.
And maybe he's right, but with the men who've been in all this combat and all this stuff, but they're morally scared, and they go, well, I got a couple daughters in college.
There's not gonna be any damn colleges if this keeps going on.
I mean, it gets to a point where you don't do anything so long, it all collapses worse than it would!
We have one of the whistleblowers here, Patrick Berge.
I knew Millie was saying get him on as a guest, and then he's here in Austin, so we're gonna look at getting him in here.
I am not going to post Shadowgate without watching it.
It might be a crime in their perspectives to watch it, but you see, we're journalists, so that's always been protected.
But now there's no respect for journalism.
Censorship's so cool, so there, you know, got Julian Assange is, you know, been in solitary confinement for years and almost dead.
And I told Millie, I said, listen, listen, I already know all this stuff's real.
You need to be careful.
Let's go back to Torrey, who's been right in the middle of this.
Tell folks,
I mean, they already know.
It's already in the film.
They're already watching you.
You've already talked about it on air before.
Tell people what you did, what you were doing, how you were able, with their own back doors, to listen to them and what they were up to.
Well, you know, when these private servers are collecting everybody's information and compiling it, which, by the way, everyone should be very alarmed because AncestryDNA was also purchased by the same company, they're being housed over on German servers, Luxembourg and Ukraine, where they're compiling data and profiles on people to create two split personalities, split personas, I would say.
Your AI persona and then your physical.
They control all the information about you from top to bottom, from medical records, to birth records, to blood type, to what you say online, what you do online, what you search, everything.
Now, when this was created, it was created as a weapon.
And I'm going to tell you what, Alex, this came from something that I had an idea about in the 90s under the Clinton administration.
Where I wanted to put a worm on floppy drives, right?
Because I said that the problem that we have is that there's a lot of leaking from embassies.
So when they're copying files, we need to be able to track what files they're doing.
And that's what gave birth to Stuxnet.
I created that.
I helped create that.
And that's what caused the whole meltdown years later with the Iranian nuclear plant.
I helped create that idea.
That was my idea.
To be able to remotely control through malware.
And this is, we're talking like late 90s, right?
And so they created an offshore company where they collect all the data from the NSA.
Keep in mind, housing it also in Ukraine.
And I'm telling you, Hillary's emails, they are in the Ukraine because I saw them there.
They're sitting on a database right now.
Because that is where CrowdStrike did it.
The FBI hired CrowdStrike to get images of both the RNC and the DNC server, not to do what?
To protect Hillary Clinton so they don't find any other information.
And they uploaded it.
They know.
Everybody knows.
The President, I'm sure, I think he even said, maybe the Ukraine has it.
Because they do.
And this is all Brennan's work.
And for me, I was one of the first people on that platform.
I still had a back door.
He collects information on everyone.
He collects information on every single person in the Senate, in Congress, reporters.
You want to hear how many reporters get leaks and from who?
I could tell you leaking linic is just the beginning.
All of them.
Emails, voicemails, texts.
I've seen it all, Alex.
There's nothing I haven't seen.
And I've been sitting there quietly.
And you know when I lost access to it?
After Millie Weaver dropped the report on Global Strategies Group.
They eradicated their database.
And then they revamped it because they still had that back door.
It's like an admin back door.
So whenever I wanted to, I used my own username and password that I had legal access to.
It's not federal property.
It was private property.
I committed no crime by looking and all I would do is just listen.
And if I tell you what went on in the Munich conference in 2019, you know, everybody's hair would fall out.
You'd be plucking your eyes out.
Well, here's the deal.
I think you should spill your guts because you're in danger until you do that.
I mean, I know you're a smart person, but you either tell people everything you know, or you never talk.
That's the way to be safe, and I think you should tell people, but let me guess, they were talking about killing Trump?
They were actually discussing why Joe Biden had to be put up and how they were waiting for the elections in Ukraine.
And the thing is that Ukraine has the server.
That's why none of them are being knocked off and they're giving us low-hanging fruit like Kolomensky.
But you know, they went to Kentucky and confiscated a building, but they totally missed a spot.
Why won't Trump and the Justice Department shut this down?
Because they're not stupid.
They know all about it.
I've told Trump about it.
He knows about it.
Why won't they shut down their enemies?
How do you pull the floor out of a train with people in it, Alex?
The train is still moving.
People are in it.
Well, that's it.
It's so huge.
But then the deep state won't back down even though Trump's got them by the huevos.
Well, what we have to do is take out the bottom feeders, and that's exactly what he's doing.
And people need to see it.
See, if he comes in and starts taking everyone and arresting them, suddenly he's a dictator.
They're going to paint him as someone crazy and insane.
No, I got it.
That's why they keep saying that, because they know the right move would be literally arrest a few thousand of these people, but they'll call that a dictator.
Well, so what?
That's not a dictator.
They're the dictators that hijacked our damn country, and I want to stop.
Alex, you know that.
I know that.
Your listeners know that.
My listeners know that.
But hey, what about the rest of the world?
Look at the global media.
They've got everyone in their pocket.
Well, they also know it's going to embarrass the entire intelligence networks.
They've got too much power.
They're sold out to foreign powers.
They need to be cut back from size.
Anything that big is going to be infiltrated and become corrupt.
My God, that's 101.
And it's like Steve Pchenik says, it's time to stop it.
Because they're all a bunch of nobodies that do nothing, and so all they do is parlay their intelligence into corporations to screw people.
And it's destabilizing the planet.
It's not empowering people.
It's an absolute nightmare.
It is.
But they're in control.
They've been in control for decades.
How do you gut the planet?
No, no, when you look at Brennan and how he seethes with power trip, he's a pathetic criminal.
Brennan, he's stupid.
He's dumb as rocks, too.
The only thing he has is an iron fist, the way he goes.
He's connected, well-connected, and if you think that this just stops the buck in the United States, they serve other people that aren't in the United States.
Oh, I know that.
Yeah, they're in bed with the Chinese, the CCP, not all of China, but the CCP portion of it.
Man, the Trump and the military just need to take care of this right now.
This is ridiculous.
Let's do one more segment.
You're a real sweetheart.
Let's talk about Millie Weaver who's been arrested.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up next segment, Patrick Berge, cybersecurity veteran, former DoD contractor, who's one of the people interviewed in the film about what he saw with the ShadowNet program and how it's being used to plug in to the NSA, the CIA, and into your computers and propagandize you and control the media, not just spy on you.
He's going to be in the studio.
He was also on the phone with Millie Weaver's husband, who's the guy basically directing the film.
He heard a lot of what went on with the Feds there as well.
So this is Brennan Clapper being exposed, Obama being exposed, beyond spying on the campaigner once Trump was in office, but how they're manipulating the media, how they're doing all this illegal stuff.
And this is why no other media will cover this, because they put you in jail.
They arrest you, even though you deserve a Pulitzer Prize.
So we'll have more on that as it unfolds.
Tory, again, major whistleblower in all of this.
Other points you think that you should add for people?
Well, just so they understand, the stuff that I have listened to, you know, where they were planning to figure out who they were going to nominate to be a whistleblower for this Ukraine thing, you know that it wasn't a whistleblower, right?
It was clear wiretaps because we have the IG of the NSA is Robert Storch.
He's the one that's been in the Ukraine.
He was offered a job in Ukraine a month before he was confirmed.
This is the problem that we have.
If we have the IG of the NSA in bed with the Ukrainians, in bed with all of them... But let's just say it.
Obama is still wiretapping the President.
They're listening to all of it, and then they're misrepresenting what's said, and then they have someone who was around, not in the room, come say they heard it, to cover up the fact they're spying on the President.
Yeah, they picked it out.
I listened to the whole conversation where Schiff was talking about it.
They were like, I heard Pelosi say, did we figure out who we're gonna put up as the whistleblower?
Like, I heard that.
It's not like make-believe.
And Millie actually reported it, because I wrote an article about it, saying the whistleblower is a wiretap.
There is no whistleblower.
They just picked some random dude that they knew they could place in certain places as the whistleblower.
It was all fixed.
Why is Robert Stork the IG of the NSA?
Did you know, Alex,
Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama during the transition period on the 30th of November nominated Storch to be the IG of the NSA?
Did you know that Obama created that to be a presidentially appointed position just days after Judge Collier told them they're not allowed to over collect information on specific individuals?
They did all this.
That was the continuation of government.
And there's still a guy named Nathan Kroger working at the White House that was part of Obama's transition team.
This is how they continue having an Obama government underlying and undermining the President of the United States.
That's why this is the big enchilada because the Obama government slash Hillary is still in power and they've been holding on to get rid of Trump to fully be back in power and that's why they want anybody exposing this to be arrested and it's just amazing.
If anybody doesn't know about this just type in.
Obama set up his own Ministry of Truth before leaving office.
You'll get the Zero Edge articles, the Infowars articles about the countering foreign disinformation propaganda act.
That was just a law to then have it left in government to attack the American people by calling them Russians.
And so that's how this wind-up toy, this automaton, this robot attack just continues on.
But it's beyond that.
They've still got ShadowNet as this outside computer program with holes they left, able to still communicate through this data collection system that's actually two-way.
Is that the best way to describe it?
It is, but when you have generals, retired and still active, you know, leaking information.
When you have the IG of the State Department talking to people at New York Times, and that's why I used to call him Leaking Lennox.
You know, Twitter took down my Twitter account because there was too much evidence for them.
There was no explanation, they just took it down.
The minute I started posting evidence.
And this is a problem, because it's all coming down now.
They've painted themselves in so many corners, they ran out of corners.
And it's down now, and they're gonna see.
President Trump is coming down hard.
But for them to take out... Well, I was about to say, everything with them is ham-fisted, though.
Obviously, arresting Milley will only make this bigger, but they don't care.
They're just crazy.
They are!
They are!
They are!
Well, let me ask you this.
I haven't watched the film and I haven't gotten the link yet.
So let me ask you, is there classified information on this?
Or why do you think they arrested her?
I mean, they wouldn't say.
I know you guys have talked to the folks that were there.
There's like nothing on it.
It just says burglary, which again, they're going to say like Nixon breaking in with the plumbers to the other candidate's psychiatrist's office.
I mean, I think that's where that's going.
There is no classified information on it.
None whatsoever.
And when I get off air with you, I'm gonna shoot it up into the air so everybody can take it.
Okay, well where are people gonna find it?
Where are they gonna find Shadowgate?
Well, I'm uploading it to YouTube.
I'm going to put it on my Twitch channel because, you know, that's owned by Bezos and it has got different rules.
Facebook, DLive, everywhere.
I'm going to have it everywhere.
I'm going to stream it live when we get off.
Because people need to see it.
People need to understand.
And there is no classified information in there.
Patrick will tell you that too.
Everything is publicly sourced.
Nothing was used that could even... Well, I mean, it's like when Cuomo, Chris Cuomo said, we at CNN are allowed to read WikiLeaks, but if you read it, you'll be arrested.
It's open, you're journalists, you're allowed to look at stuff, but they probably arrested her, and they're gonna do probably some others, to make it look like it's illegal to have the information.
I mean, I think that's probably what's happening here.
It's okay.
They can say whatever they want.
The facts are the facts.
You know what?
They get a crooked judge that says whatever.
Oh, I'm just going to throw you in jail because I think you did something, even though I have no proof.
They can't do that.
What is it going to, you know, the people won't stand for it.
And this is a Trump administration.
They have to get that straight.
You know, we had Dr. Nick Begichos in the fourth hour today, and I have other guests that are going to be here, and I was going to have Savannah on.
We're going to get her on, too.
Huge positive news about how to take down the New World Order with actual, you know, physical, legal, lawful, nonviolent action.
But Tori, we're going to need to obviously talk to you once you get that up.
Once you're streaming, you can come back, tell folks where it is.
So pop in and join us in 30 minutes to an hour or so with an update.
And again, what channels do they visit?
Where do they find all this?
Well they, you know, obviously Twitter.
I still have my Periscope that Tori says.
I have a YouTube channel.
I've got a Twitch channel.
I've got a DLive channel and a Facebook.
Tori says, and you're also well known, you exposed the election fraud in Kentucky and other areas.
All right, we'll talk to you soon.
Please, please check in on Millie.
Let us know the latest and check in with us, okay?
I will do.
God bless.
Thank you.
Folks, I didn't plug last hour.
I didn't plug this hour.
I barely plugged yesterday.
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I mean, I'm a fatalist.
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This is it.
And we better be praying to Jesus, folks, because it's on.
It's on.
And they can arrest me at any moment.
I'm just telling you right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Shadowgate was the film set to be released today.
Millie was calling the office saying her phone was being broken into, computers were being taken over, people were following them.
And the crew was asking me just this morning, you think she's going crazy?
And I said, no.
She's interviewed some real whistleblowers and others and everything she's talking about.
I've talked to William Binning, former head of technical at the NSA.
This is really serious.
And this is the shadow government and how they've got control.
And then I learned that Millie was talking to the White House.
She's been in the White House repeatedly.
Trump and the White House really like her.
And again, I can say, oh, InfoWars reporter arrested.
They do contracting for us.
I'm not distancing myself from them.
But they are independent media.
They've got their own stuff going on.
And so I just see what they produce and what they do.
And I sponsor them and support them.
But I mean, I knew they were getting increasingly concerned.
And I knew that when they got General Flynn's son to come to our event, and the people they brought to that event were very serious people.
And I was like, OK, well, they're like, yeah, there's a big war going on.
I already knew about it.
But just a whole bunch of stuff inside the loop.
And I said, but they were talking to both sides.
They were talking to Brennan people that approached him and the other people at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
And I advised them.
I said, look, I would not involve myself in that because it's so dirty.
And I said, and you're a mother and you're a father.
I said, I really think we're going to do it.
I said, OK, I respect that.
This is your mission.
You want to do it.
I'm not telling you to do it.
And now they've arrested her today.
The feds have.
For burglary, theft, it doesn't say.
It's very secretive.
It's sealed.
It's obviously a national security issue.
Here is the trailer for Shadowgate.
People that worked for John Brennan approached me while I was in my specialist training in the Navy.
I worked for Obama's National Security Advisor, General James Jones, for about eight years for the development of social media psychological warfare.
We're talking about military-grade psychological warfare weapons being used on American citizens.
Aimed for by American taxpayers.
I was a contractor for various intelligence agencies.
Our intelligence doesn't stay within our borders or within federal buildings.
Forced Psychological Operations Group had no idea that we were going to be taking their years worth of work that they paid us to do and we kept the intellectual property rights to it and re-marketed it, branded it commercially as the ShadowNet.
It pries into your demographic, your world.
So if I want to blackmail you and put you under my thumb, not only will I know everything, I will know people I can get in contact to find out more about you.
I add full access to communications between the former GCHQ director, Hannigan, Adam Schiff, Daniel Jones, Brennan, General Jones, and many, many more.
You may know where the Hillary Clinton emails are.
You want to see me in Leavenworth?
Which I don't, by the way, so nobody raid me.
What basically you've heard just being described for the last three or four years with fake news and fake news journalists, fake stories, fake dossier, all these things are attributes and characteristics of psychological warfare.
What did you name it I-Sci for?
I, like the iPhone, Sci for Psychological Warfare.
These operations aren't like just small things.
They have to coordinate, organize all of these things.
They have to coordinate with the assets they have in the media.
And they have to do all of this without any attribution to themselves.
All right, see the trailer at Bandot Video, and as soon as it's up on the web, we'll link to it at Infowars.com in the live show feed today.
Patrick Berge has a lot of courage.
I appreciate him coming on air with his cybersecurity veteran, former DOD contractor, and over a decade of information assurance security officer, IASO.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you, sir.
So, you bet.
Take over.
Tell folks with that camera 4 right there what's going on.
So, I was on the phone with Gavin.
He had finished it last evening, late, rendered it, and was just going over everything with me.
He had just told me that there was going to be a big interview on Monday by somebody with President Trump.
And somebody was going to ask President Trump about Shadowgate on Monday, and I said, well no they won't.
I said, no way in hell someone's gonna let that happen, right?
And within a couple minutes of me saying that, within a couple minutes of me saying that, the police were showing up in Gavin's driveway.
Millie met them in the driveway.
They explained to the police officers that
Uh, they were journalists and they were actually, you know, just getting, they were working with the White House.
They were just getting ready to release a very damaging document.
And, you know, the officer's like, well, I hope that's not true because I'm arresting you.
So he was actually nice and considerate of that, but doing his job.
And, uh, but they said they only had a warrant for Gavin.
And, um, they, I could hear them talking up until they, and then they loaded him into the car and he said, hey, could you take my phone out of my pocket?
And they took the phone out of the pocket and they said, is there anybody on here?
And I said, yeah, you know, I was, uh, listening to it.
Um, uh, and, uh, that was, uh, actually somebody- But I saw them telling her to get in the car too.
Did they arrest her too?
That was after I got off the phone with him.
So apparently they got her too and I don't know why.
Oh, we got another one here.
So they're like talking about it.
Yeah, that's okay.
But they said they only had a warrant for him.
They told her, put your shoes on, you're going to the car.
Yeah, and they identified her as a journalist.
So, yeah, that's exactly what happened.
Explain to people, because you're an expert on this without getting into secret stuff, what's happening and why this is so dangerous to the deep state.
Well, my story kind of apparently ties into Torrey's story.
I don't really, I haven't even seen the video yet myself.
I came, I met with Millie and Gavin at their place in Ohio back, it was on the 4th of July weekend.
I did an interview with Millie and they've just been working and researching, verifying the stuff that I said.
Everything that I told them is completely publicly available.
My work is a DoD memorandum, signed DoD memorandum that's a letter of reference that says thank you for the great work you did on this classified IIA program in Iraq by the IIA chief, right?
I use it for my resume.
It's just when I came back to the states in 2015,
After really seeing a lot of bad things happening, I, you know, I filed an IG complaint and then the IG complaint got crushed.
And I was like, what's going on?
So every person that I went to through the chain of command all the way through, like to my congressman, most people wouldn't even return my call.
And so I spent the last several years
Watching IIA, clearly, what were clearly, in my opinion, IIA operations.
Scientific, mind control, propaganda, Mockingbird 2.0 against the people.
Totally illegal.
Well, you know, there are good things and bad things you can do with it.
A lot of it is completely legal.
IIA, as you can see in the policy guidelines for the DOD, which I post everywhere, IIA supports the PAO.
Now they can either do that overtly or covertly, right?
So there are numerous benefits that an overt IIA program can help build behavioral and relationships.
Yeah, sure.
Brush your teeth, don't burn your house down, don't smoke crack.
But instead it turns into America sucks, burn down the police station.
Well, you know, if you can, and this is what President Trump's just looking at putting a billion dollars into, if you can predictably determine if someone's likely to, let's say, go shoot up a school using the same tool... That's what William Binney talks about, is this can actually pinpoint and predict instead of surveilling everybody, it picks up the tell-tale signs and then surveils them.
Well, let's get into all the different facets of it when we come back.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarestore.com.
And never give up the fight.
All right, stuff's crazy.
Patrick Berge works at the Department of Defense in a lot of these classified areas.
And I know that Tori, who's been working in the Navy and then in clandestine areas after that, was working as a consultant with Millie Weaver and her husband, Gavin Winch.
And she's getting into worms on people's computers and spying on Brennan.
That's why when I heard all this was going on, I said, is that the film?
Well, no, not really.
I'm like, man, this is dangerous.
I was really warning Millie to watch out when I was in D.C.
and they had real cloak and dagger, not fake wannabe spies around, like the real deal.
And I was like, you need to really be careful what you're involved in because I don't get involved in any of this.
I open source to all my research, have guests on, and that's that because they've tried to set us up a bunch and it's very dangerous.
And I mean, we're going to find out what's happened to Millie.
We're going to get our partner back on as soon as she knows more.
So much is unfolding.
But getting back to Patrick Bergey, so this is a big deal.
Explain it in layman's terms and what you think President Trump needs to do 80 days out from the election with this technology being used against loyal Americans and people loyal to the Republic and the government.
Well, every bit of evidence that I've discovered shows that the Shadownet, which that's not anything classified it was called, that's what they named it and trademarked it when they took the DoD weapon that we had developed for the 4th Psychological Operations Group and made it commercially available back in 2009 as President Obama's taking office.
So, when I started reaching out to all these people, I reached out to Judge Jeanine Pirro, spoke to her on the phone, obviously it was her, and she responded back, working on this now.
I reached out to, and that's right after my congressman had sent a letter to a signed, sworn memorandum of record.
To Devin Nunes' office, saying that all the people that were tied to my work on the ShadowNet are behind, are directly, hands-on involved in the fabricated Russian dossier.
In the, and then they, in Cambridge Analytica.
Through Wikistrat and SciGroup.
So they kind of fence the ShadowNet info through those groups and then compile the dossier?
It's a subprime relationship, right?
These companies will need it.
You were saying earlier, we weren't there, but they can also plant things, or I guess Tory was saying this, they also use these systems to plant things on people as well.
Like we saw in the whole Vault 7 stuff.
IIA, Interactive Internet Activities, supports CNO, Computer Network Operations, which is what that would fall under.
This is all the military nomenclature.
So the bottom line is military technology is being used against the American people.
You saw it, you've spoken out, you tried to go to all the big fish, which is smart, they're credible, first.
Well, say what you said during the break.
You're like, yeah, I didn't come to InfoWars first.
It's called InfoWars.
Explain it, because it does hurt my feelings.
Explain why you wouldn't come here first.
I mean, I'm the pioneer of IIA, basically social media fake news.
The last place that I'm going to go is an organization called Information Warfare, right?
But then, as I started reaching out to everybody that's like,
Speaking bad and going against you, for the most part.
As I'm reaching out to them, I'm finding that as soon as they find out my story, I never hear from them again.
Sure, but you get, I've got the name InfoWars to expose it.
Like we're calling it what we're fighting.
But then I had the problem that, okay, I was working for General James Jones, our number one partner, and this is 2008, 2009, 2010, our number one partner.
Hell, we were McCain's IT security company and social media company during the 08 primary.
We were replaced in a subprime shift with Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, right?
So your partner
Is someone who is close personal friends to my boss, Jim Jones, his dad, General James Jones, and Dynology, the company I worked for, when I'm helping them make these flyers, didn't have any sales people.
But explain that to people, because I know that General Jones was involved consulting Trump early on, and I know he had some involvement, Stone goes around and works with all these groups.
I mean, spell it out, what are you getting at?
Because I can tell you, nobody's calling me up from the CIA or General Jones and telling me what to do.
I mean, I'm literally doing whatever I want.
And that's not how it would work.
What we would do is we would use an organization like InfoWars, using you as an asset.
Whether you know about it or not is completely irrelevant.
If you have, the clients that you have, your demographics fit a very, you know, a target-rich environment for IIA, right?
So naturally, and just to prove my point... No, but understand the chicken or the egg.
I chose that name and to do that...
To engage that?
Yes, yes.
But, look, it's not like you're going square dancing and dressing up in a square dancing outfit.
I mean, if you want to play golf, you can get your golf clubs.
Oh, trust me.
I mean, I went to the golf course.
Trust me.
I'm trying to affect this with truth instead of sneaking around.
No, no.
I've come to the conclusion that you're like, ironically enough, you're like the one person in media that I could trust.
That's why when she was arrested, when Gavin was arrested, they didn't tell me to come here.
I came here on my own.
Well, that's the thing is, I was like, Millie, you said this would be done last week, then it'd be Wednesday, Thursday, you're acting all weird, you never do this.
She's like, oh, they've got my phones, they're following me, and you know, he's in town, Patrick Berge, and I'm like, wow, he's a good guy, I want to interview him, but you've got to set this up, you've got to send me clips, I want to promote it.
And then she was like, oh, they're after me, you've got to call me this morning.
I was like working out, I'm like, oh, Millie's paranoid.
And then now this happens, so now I'm kind of like, okay, I don't know what's going on.
So, that's where we're at.
I can't trust anybody in the media.
Dan Bongino, Sarah Carter.
Sarah Carter sent me... Well, here's the deal.
Bongino is scared.
They broke in his house.
He asked me not to tell people that, but they did a bunch of stuff to him, and he's just... his wife can't handle it.
I mean, look, I have guests on that said three years ago, 5G in a study causes people to have breathing problems and lowers oxygen.
It's a mainline study.
They called his wife and said, well, cut your head off.
We saw you in the front yard with your two kids and the dog five minutes ago.
We're going to rape you to death.
The doctor won't come on now.
They threatened to murder his wife, they were watching her.
So at a certain point, you know, Bongino, okay, tough guy, he can't handle it.
He's not a bad guy, he's just, you know, his wife can't stand them breaking their house every week.
Well, you know... That's what they were doing, right?
Breaking his house all the time.
Because they thought he was giving me info.
I got it from other Secret Service that Hillary was in a black ambulance that was falling down all the time.
And it was Millie almost caught her on tape in Ohio, then two weeks later in New York, she fell down.
I don't know what his justification might be.
Well no, I'm just saying, I'm just saying to say, oh Bantino didn't have me on.
It's not because he's bad.
Fox tells them, the NRA would tell them who they can have on.
It wasn't about... You understand all those guys are good people.
It wasn't about being... I mean, take Judge Napolitano.
He's totally blackmailed.
It's not anything illegal he's doing.
But he's blackmailed.
Why do you think he's anti-Trump?
I'm not blackmailable.
Because I don't do anything bad and I don't care whatever they make up.
Anyways, I don't want to get back into me, I just think we're a prototype of how to defeat this.
Yeah, and it's a much bigger story than what I can explain here in a few minutes, that's for sure, right?
But, um, everything... Well, you got 30 more minutes, so just, yeah, go ahead.
Tell folks what's coming up in the next 30 minutes.
What else are you going to get off your chest?
So, everything that brought me here today, um, is...
You know, is pretty much in this video that she's putting out.
And I didn't know where to go, right?
Because everybody that I thought I could trust turned out, turned around and for whatever their reasons, alright, chose to just cover their own ass or whatever, right?
Everybody keeps trying to keep their head down, but a world of people with their head down are not even humans.
I enlisted in the Army at 39.
I was the first 40-year-old to complete basic training in the history of Fort Benning.
I am, by all definitions, a patriot.
Did 9-11 make you do that?
When I see, when I come to people as someone who is a legitimate D.O.D.
filed complaint, complaint filed whistleblower, and they're in journalism, and I see them doing things that are clearly damaging to the freedom of press, right?
They're assets.
These people, my job... Stay right there, back in two minutes.
So we knew the film was coming out this week.
He's been in Austin a few days.
Patrick Murgy, former cybersecurity veteran, former DoD contractor, working on ShadowNet.
The film is Shadowgate.
Millie Weaver and her husband.
Played the video last hour, got arrested in Ohio today.
Grand jury for stealing documents, I guess, or something.
They wouldn't even tell him that he said burglary.
And so that's now happened.
So I guess her paranoia has turned out to not be paranoia, but legitimate concern.
And so, Patrick Bergey, this is a five-minute segment.
Ten-minute segment's coming up next.
But get into it, because you've already covered a lot of incredible things.
The point is, this is going on domestically.
What does President Trump need to do?
Well, President Trump needs to, the whole world needs to, in my opinion, sort of take a mulligan and acknowledge that all of this is happening and that we're just
Just destroying our country.
We're destroying the integrity of the election process, that's for sure, which is the core of our democracy.
But I would argue, and so do a lot of people, that we're actually destroying humanity in the process.
And again, explain in layman's terms what this system does, how it manipulates minds, how does it control media?
Well, you know, the same thing we indicted the 13 Russians for, right?
Fake personas.
One person could be five different people.
One person could be, one analyst, could be five or ten different personas.
Sock puppets, megaphones.
One person could be five to ten different fake personas in a social media chat room, right?
And he can be arguing with himself, sharing links.
Between his multiple profiles which helps both increase the search engine optimization, increases trending, and increases legitimacy.
So we're talking about election meddling type stuff?
Well, we're talking about anything.
It can amplify whatever you want, it's artificial.
It's artificial, right?
So they understand how people will reflexively behave when you put a certain stimulus or certain information, right?
So if we understand how people are going to behave, then we build enough, we collect enough data on them, and like Clearforce, which is a product of
Shadownet, like built from its relational database core.
Clearforce.com, owned by General Jones, owned by General Hayden, and some of the top people with the biggest credit reporting agencies and such on Clearforce.com, right?
So, that was built from the core.
That was built from taxpayer-funded DoD weapon, which is used to determine whether or not you lose a job that you currently have or get a job you're applying to.
Now, how does it do that?
It says right on their website, it builds predictive behavioral models that determine whether or not you're predictably likely to steal or leak.
It's a minority report.
But instead of the precogs, you've got Jones and Hayden back there.
Programming algorithms.
So what if they decide to, you know, say anybody who listens to Alex Jones, we don't want working at our company or anybody who voted for Barack Obama.
We don't want, because it's not about politics.
It's an incredibly dangerous discriminatory system.
So we're worried about black versus white.
This is AI versus everybody.
Oh, it's far beyond just, like, fake personas on, you know, on social media.
It's total information awareness, total information control.
And you can see, like, right on their website, they show that this company, Centricus, a UK financing firm, invested billions of dollars into Clearforce.
And then the very next month, you can see that this China-owned firm invested $15 billion into Centricus.
And then you can see that that same month, General Jones partnered with Facebook through Atlantic Council, as God is my witness, Alex, to restore election integrity worldwide.
And I kind of think that people need to have a discussion about that because
Yeah, but nobody will listen.
Nobody would hear me.
And Millie and Gavin did, to their credit.
And I warned them.
I said, you know, this isn't going to be good.
There's a reason that someone as big as, you know, Bill Wise, as Bongino, is afraid of these people.
Well, that's right.
And also...
Again, Trump wants to get rid of this, but it's so incestuous.
Both parties are so heavily invested and involved.
That's why it doesn't stop.
We'll be right back.
And again, like you said, it's wedded to Communist China.
It's got to be shut down.
Here's what's happening with technology and information systems.
It's giving companies and governments edges over commerce, free market, and the people.
And they're able to deceptively not just spy on people, but use that data to control the masses of people.
And it's being used to basically end the country.
And you were just saying, Trump doesn't understand this.
Trump doesn't know this.
And I agree.
People that know him know that when it comes to technology, he has good instincts.
He loves America.
He's an industrialist.
They're running circles around him on this, and that's why they disrespect him, because he doesn't know how to get control of the national security apparatus.
Why they got rid of HUMET was because they fear humans being empowered and knowing how things work.
They want to make it all digital so that we can all be compartmentalized.
That's what this whole lockdown is, is the post-human rollout.
So... Well, talk about Trump.
What does that mean?
What are his weak points?
What should he do?
I honestly don't know, you know.
I think we need to literally all, like I said, take a mulligan, have like a salt level, you know, Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty on IIA.
Because everybody, you know, the Democrats just focused on Russia, Russia, Russia doing this.
That's their distraction from them with true weaponized.
But as someone who worked for three years in the AIA with the Department of Defense, I mean, they're like the least that I worry about.
I was about to say, we're not defending the right, but they're a red herring.
Who's most powerful when it comes to this type of propaganda and cyber warfare?
I would say probably General Jones.
Extremely powerful.
But also directly tied to General Jones through Wikistrat.
Zemel, who I believe Wikistrat is actually Wikileaks.
I believe SciGroup is actually iSci, the name of our relational database.
That's actually how we do it.
And why did they keep Assange in jail when it didn't come from the Russians?
It probably did come from General Jones.
That's the word I was told back during the campaign.
And then they tried to blame Roger and I. I can tell you, Roger did not have these high-level connections, you'd think.
He couldn't even get the time of day from Julian Assange.
But General Jones, I know, was involved at those levels from what I've seen.
So, those questions that you ask are all questions that I've been trying to get to.
Remember, Trump's like, I love WikiLeaks, release it all!
And then he leaves Assange there.
I don't like that.
He did the right thing, you know, getting Roger Clemency.
Why do you think he's not helped Julian Assange?
I don't know.
These are all questions that I'm trying to get answers to.
Because I know all the people that were involved with the Shatternet
Are all directly involved in that.
General Jones and Michael Hayden are on the board of directors of Wikistrat.
Wikistrat was directly connected, is owned by Joel Zemel, SciGroup Wikistrat.
They were both tied to the Cambridge Analytica scandal where Facebook again got fined a billion dollars and then turned around and partnered with the subcontractors to Cambridge Analytica to, what, restore election integrity worldwide, right?
So, these are questions people need to ask and get answers to.
Because as far as I'm concerned, Zuckerberg lied in front of Congress, and he needs to explain why he... Well, that's not your opinion.
All of them have lied in front of Congress.
I mean, Google goes, we don't track any user ever with a phone.
It's like saying, and birds don't fly.
I mean, what?
I mean, how do they get away with that?
Congress knows all this.
Again, I try not to speculate outside of what I actually know, but these are all the questions that have brought me here today and brought me to the other people that I've tried to get information and spoke to.
I had no idea.
Because I spent like about seven, eight years overseas.
I had no idea when I came back to the States that these tools that we had pioneered to use against our adversaries had just been commercially sold politically throughout our country on both sides.
I had no idea the depth of what's going on.
Real quick, the vice president of Jones Group International, Jillian Turner,
Is a Fox News host.
She was a Fox News host while she was vice president of Jones Group International.
Jones Group International is owned by General Jones.
Jones Group International owns the shadow net, right?
And she's a Fox News host.
Does she profit from that?
I mean, people need to understand that they have put assets... I mean, this is what I'm... By the way, I'm not defending General Jones or any of these people.
What you're saying is on record, but I don't want to get tunnel vision here.
You know Google and Facebook and Twitter.
I think so.
Um, well, uh, you can go back to Google, right?
We have a Shadownet flyer, right?
And, which is a publicly disseminated Shadownet.
And Google was set up by the Pentagon.
Google's, Google's, uh, uh, IRCUT, which was basically shut down because it had, because, uh, in part by too many fake personas.
Google's IRCUT is literally, there's an active engagement as a screenshot on the ShadowNet flyer for Google's IRCUT.
Now, I would like to know, did Google know that they were doing that?
And if they didn't know that they were doing that?
Of course they knew, but it's like Facebook was the CIA operation the day it went public.
They shut it down and put it to Facebook.
That's in-Q-Tel.
That I can't say, but I can say in 2018 Facebook partnered with the owner of the ShadowNet to restore election integrity worldwide, so yeah, kind of fits, doesn't it?
You know, this is all publicly available information.
Well clearly 90 plus percent of the media is against Trump.
They're using this against Trump.
They're using it however it benefits them.
But I mean the establishment, the main attacks against Trump.
Sure, sure.
If it benefits them to attack Trump, they will attack Trump.
If it benefits them to use Trump to hurt their enemies, they will use Trump to hurt their enemies.
It has nothing to do with politics.
It's all very sociopathic.
It has nothing to do with politics.
It's all about power and profit.
People got to get the politics out of their mind with this.
Once you can accept that, it starts making sense.
Well, I'm going to try to find out what's going on with Millie Weaver who got arrested along with her husband about three and a half hours ago.
We've already played the video here.
She is a contractor with InfoWars.
She does her own reports, but we're a sponsor of hers.
And she does reports for us, but she was making this film with some other whistleblowers and people, and she's been arrested.
That should be big national news, but of course it won't be, because this is the new climate in our country.
Literally barefoot with her children in her house this morning, and this happened.
Patrick Berge, I really appreciate you spending time with us today.
Do people want to contact you?
How do they do that?
My Twitter is at PFC40Book.
I have freedomstream.tv.
Again, I have no desire to become a... I want you guys to pick this up.
Oh, but we want people to talk to you.
Don't be ashamed that you're out here in the public, but you should be.
So how do people... Say that again.
They can... Shadownet?
The American Awakening?
Yes, The American Awakening.
I have victimoftheswamp.com, which I set up a long time ago, but I'm upgrading everything to freedomstream.tv.
Well, you're doing a great job, and we appreciate you coming in.
We need to get on the phone, and maybe you can too, and figure out what's going on with Millie Weaver and Gavin Wentz, her husband.
Thank you, sir.
Both hard-working folks who got involved with some really serious stuff.
I don't know what's going on yet, but I know that they don't want this coming out.
I think they probably planted something on them, or did something, I think it's going to come out.
Only because it's the same element.
They've tried it with us a bunch.
Again, they were willing to do it, so they're winners.
So whatever happens to them, they decided this is where they wanted to be.
Yes, sir.
And it's just a serious situation.
So listeners, understand that.
And again, come back on with us in the next few days as this unfolds.
Can I say one more thing?
For a long time, I've been trying to get a classified briefing to where I could explain a lot more things than what I can explain... To the President or somebody else?
To the President.
Only the President.
Because it's not going to do anything.
Well, listen, I'm not bragging, but we actually got him to talk to William Binney.
That did happen.
That did a lot of good, but he kind of trumped it.
You have to be right on for this.
All right?
And it involves Khashoggi.
So let's just say it seems kind of significant, doesn't it?
All right.
Well, I look forward to having you back on with us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And then we've got in studio, Savannah Hernandez.
Big John.
Big Bad John.
All right, let's get right into the broadcast.
I had all this big broadcast lined out for you, all these guests, all this good news, and then Millie Weaver's calling me while I'm working out at like 9 a.m.
They're breaking into my phone, I'm being followed, all this stuff's going on, and I'm just like... She's like, you know, have the producer call me back, get me on, and I've got
This guest in town, Patrick Bergey, and I'm like, okay, okay.
And then all of a sudden I walk in, they're about to do the show.
They're like, there's the video, she's been arrested, and they came to her house.
It's just insane.
I know this, the NSA, the globalists, Hillary, their computers all said she was going to win, they lost.
And so they talk about the power of their psyops and the power of their propaganda.
That worked back when the public still believed their lies.
It doesn't work like it used to.
I mean, there's a certain demographic of people, black, white, old, young, that are dumb, that'll believe anything and have no memory, but it's working less and less.
And so people close to it think it's this incredibly monolithic power.
Let me tell you what trumps all that fancy propaganda and all the little flashing lights and all the little fake, you know, sock puppets and everything, is the truth.
So they can shadow ban everybody, and they can censor you all day, but if you know the truth, and you live your life right, and you love God, and you build a better society, these New World Order sociopaths can't win.
Because all they look at is their own personal power, their own personal gain, and they lose their own power, their own gain, because they don't get everything's interconnected.
You know, I went back during the break to get a cup of coffee, and I was watching Fox News just for a minute while I was getting coffee, and it was, well, now with the worsening cases, and we've got to have stimulus too, and, you know, because the country is devastated by COVID, and the national death rate is now similar to Texas.
Saw the numbers a few days ago, it's .0035.
I mean, you got more people dying from drowning in their pools than this.
And it's all psyops and it's all lies.
And I sit there and I talk to rational, smart people who want to elbow bump me when we talk.
And I go, hey, you know,
This is a lot less more powerful, a lot less powerful than the flu.
They go, well, yeah, but there's still something scary about the virus because every stroke and every weird cancer, they go, oh, the person was positive for COVID and they had this cancer or they had epilepsy and they already had epilepsy.
So I look at that.
There's like 10 different types of shy ops they do.
Every kid that dies, they say had it.
Later it's admitted it's not true.
Every old person that dies, they'll use some celebrity that they claim died of that, but it's something else.
And you just see, or they go, oh, I saw it on New York Times, CNN last night, without even looking, top story.
Pandemic in New York rivals the Spanish flu.
Rivals in the number of infected, not in the dead.
Spanish flu, they think, killed 50 million people.
What do they claim?
COVID's killed worldwide.
Not even a million people?
Yeah, there it is.
COVID-19, death toll, rivals, fatality rate, 1918 flu.
That's even more deceptive from CNN.
That 160,000 rivals 50 million?
Put that back up!
Because they had both out.
They're like, Case's rival.
And then they're also saying the death toll.
That is totally a lie.
It's like saying, oh, you got 160,000.
That rivals 50 million.
That's your sophisticated psyopentagon?
What it is, is people are domesticated and they're weak.
And they like getting into, oh my god!
And then almost every death is somebody that died in a car wreck, of cancer, the flu, drowning, drug overdose.
And I sit there and read the obituaries, and every time I hear, like, a seven-year-old died, I go, look, they didn't die of it.
Well, they got hit by a car, but they had COVID, so that killed them.
Or they fell down in the shower and hit their head, but they... And then they're all like, oh, chicken wings from Brazil, test positive.
Uh, yeah, and so do papayas, and so do everything else, because it's a fake test.
But it's just all a big exercise in hype and emptiness and hysteria because we don't have God anymore.
We don't have integrity.
We don't have empathy.
We don't have depth.
It's all just the laziest, shallowest people that are just receiving info.
They don't have any depth.
They're just like minutes a minute.
Sex, coffee, go to sleep, go see a movie, pet my car.
And it's not that sex or a movie or a car is bad, it's that it ain't God.
And you look at people, they're so soulless now.
They're so empty, many of them.
Then you see somebody that's black, white, brown, and they've got a soul, and they're electric, and they're there, and they're seeing things, and they get what you're saying, and they're connected to you, and that's how you want to be.
You don't want to be these lawyers and military people at the top and these mummies that go and interface with each other and show, I'm soulless, I'm like a robot, and I'll fit in good with you because we'll screw everybody else so that we have bigger digits in our bank account and are more
Powerful than somebody else.
So these are all soulless people, ladies and gentlemen.
And you have the soul.
You got something deep inside that connects you to reality, and so do I, and that's what brings us together.
And so it is that connection, it is that event of consciousness with God that makes everything else not matter.
Because this planet is a test.
Will we use knowledge to control and dominate others, or will we use knowledge to empower ourselves, and will we empower others, and will we teach people the tricks?
Teach them how to fish, don't feed them fish.
Will we give up our power to gain power for all of us, and then we even rise higher?
But there's a spirit that doesn't want to teach people how to be powerful because the people that lead that are not powerful.
They don't have the Promethean fire.
They've seen the Promethean fire and they want to describe it and they want to build something like it instead of catching yourself on fire, saying, I am the Promethean fire.
I am Prometheus.
I am the fire.
Of knowledge.
But you must turn loose.
Like a surfer that's on the wave.
You're not controlling the wave, you're riding the wave.
This is knowledge.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
We're here live.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Then the War Room 3 p.m.
Central with Owens Troyer and Savannah Hernandez, Roger Stone and others.
David Knight does a kick-butt job 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
Okay, I had a lot of positive news to cover and I've not plugged one time here on the full show that at noon tomorrow at the Hill of Life
Off of 316 Austin, Texas.
Just type in Hill of Life Trail, Austin, Texas.
It's right off Spanish Trail or Scottish Trail.
And the addresses are on Infowars.com.
They had closed down more than 10 entrances to the 98,000 acre giant Barton Creek City Park that the environmentalists stole from private landowners in 1992.
And I always said they're going to turn around and try to shut it down and build on it.
Well, Kirk Watson, who was mayor at the time, they got a couple hundred thousand acres outside of town, also on the same Barton Creek escarpment, and they're now building on that and got rid of it.
So that's always been their plan.
So they stole it from the landowners, a lot of times pennies on the dollar, and now they're going to steal it from you.
And all over the world, from Spain to Australia, you name it, they're doing the same thing.
The actual address is 1710 Camp Craft Road, Austin, Texas, but it comes right off 360 Capitol Texas Highway and Scottish Trail that comes right off there.
You can't miss it.
You'll see all the cars parked.
You go up the hill and it's a quarter of a mile height down the hill towards the beautiful Barton Creek, Greenbelt and Barton Creek.
So I am sitting there, Sunday morning, my wife gets back from hiking with her friend, they were thrown out of the park by...
People saying they're green police and I go there and the police are already there.
They call six more police cars and they're telling people you can't come in.
It's full COVID-19.
You didn't sign up and give us your name and number and driver's license.
Well, that's totally illegal.
It's not an ordinance.
I talked to the cops.
The cops go, yeah, there's not an ordinance.
This is illegal.
So they ordered them to stop it.
And now it's stopped as of two days ago, all over the city.
They're no longer blocking it, but they put up fences.
They use the dumb lifeguards.
I don't think it's lifeguards, but you know, they're like 20 years old.
They don't know what they're doing.
They're ignorant to do this.
So I told Savannah Hernandez yesterday morning, I said, you want to go out and cover this and see what people think.
Cause it all starts at Barton Springs where the Creek ends is another big.
Spring that comes up out of the ground into the Colorado River beautiful World-class area so she goes down there.
It's all blocked and she spontaneously starts ripping things down The report is on Infowars.com, but what's amazing is That since this went viral a few days ago over 10 million views on Twitter alone when I went and did it
They made fun of us, they attacked us, but we've sent our people out everywhere.
They don't have the monitors there trying to keep people out of the biggest city park system in the country.
So, Savannah Hernandez, great job.
You did it happily, in a fun way, much more effective than me.
I salute you.
They won't be able to edit this down to make it look like you were attacking innocent people.
Twitter edited it and said I was just randomly yelling at people for no reason.
No, they were there blocking people getting into the park, criminally in my view.
Yeah, and you know, Alex, this is something that they've been doing for the past couple of months, actually.
Barton Springs is one of my favorite places to go to here in Austin.
That's right, they were just expanding it now citywide.
Especially in the middle of the summer because, again, it gets to over 100 degrees here in Texas.
It's very hot.
We have a lot of parks with, you know, entrances to the river and whatnot so people can go enjoy the outdoors, especially amid a big pandemic.
Where's better to be, you know, other than outside in the direct sunlight?
The virus can't live, it's good for vitamin D, but the Grinch that stole Christmas, the Grinch that stole Austin, the Gavin Newsom blocking the beaches, this is criminal!
Yeah, Alex, and you know what?
That's why I finally got so tired of it too, and I went there with the intention of just probably seeing some security guards there because I've gone there previously and they told me that they were going to fine me $1,000 if I went in there.
And that was probably one or two months ago.
I haven't been back since.
And you were like, hey, go see if there's people out front.
There wasn't.
But I started seeing people walk up to this fence and say, oh, well, it's closed.
I can't go in.
And I said, yeah, you can.
So I ripped it down because I'm so tired of people seeing this little orange netting and then thinking that they can't go into a public park, into nature for their own health.
It's ridiculous.
And, you know, that's the barrier.
It's an orange net.
And they're telling you, you're not essential, you're scum.
Again, Austin has the biggest park system in the country.
It's the only thing that makes the town good.
Because the leftists here have ruined it.
And to watch, as soon as you turn the fences down, they just pour in.
Exactly, and that's what people need is that push.
They just need one person to lead them.
And, you know, I always say apply the same exact mentality to face masks.
Because if one person stops wearing a face mask, I do this all the time at my local HEB, other people see you and they start taking off.
And now Biden and Kamala, slave owner Harris, they are saying you will wear it.
And now Democrats are making their employees in Zoom meetings wear it.
Talk about a cult!
They're houses!
They're literal burkas!
And that's what I'm saying, Alex.
At this point, this isn't about common sense or about science anymore.
We need to exercise common sense.
This is nature.
It's an open park.
Well, Savannah, you're the real Wonder Woman.
You're the real Wonder Woman.
I mean...
Thank you, Alex.
You're so sweet.
No, I'm not.
I'm not sweet.
I literally got up early this morning, saw this video, and just, you took years off.
You added years to my life.
I mean, this is, if everybody starts acting like this, we're going to win.
I mean, I'm absolutely just in awe.
Great job.
Thank you, Alex.
And of course, Harrison Smith did a great job running camera.
He did, and more importantly, I just hope people watch this video and realize that, hey, I can still go into my public park.
Hey, I can go into my local grocery store without a face mask.
Hey, I can live my normal life.
You know, we keep talking about this new normal, and everyone keeps saying, oh, we're never going to get back to normal.
Yeah, we're not going to get back to normal.
Because Bill Gates says it never ends.
We're not going to get back to normal.
This is not meant to ever end.
Unless the American people fight for their freedom and fight for their rights.
We're not going to get, you're never going to get back to normal unless you actually take action.
And again, it's all based on lies.
Nationwide, in Texas, it's 0032.
Nationwide, it's 0035.
And that's with fake numbers.
It's a hoax!
The flu's five times worse now!
This is total BS, man!
But they focus in on each death, or each person out of 330 million, to create this perception.
Exactly, Alex.
And people, especially Mayor Adler as well, because I'm pretty sure our mask ordinance is supposed to be up on the 15th of this month, which is, I believe, tomorrow.
He's gonna extend it.
He's gonna extend it.
And why?
He's already been focusing on the huge amounts of death here in Austin, Texas.
Our overrun hospitals.
Show me where that is.
It's all lies!
Show me where it is!
Because there are not people dying in the streets.
There are no overrun hospitals.
Even at the peak of this pandemic in New York, we never run out of ventilators.
Those extra hospitals that they spent millions of dollars to set up never got used.
They were empty.
That's on record.
We forget.
The Navy ships never got used either.
Look at this, Yale professor, Infowars.com, hydroxychloroquine haters, spewing misleading toxic disinformation, says it 100% works.
Oh, but the UN says, and it just goes on and on, and again, Biden and Kamala Singh, look at this, COVID-19 death toll rivals fatality rate during 1918 flu.
It killed 50 million.
This hasn't killed a million worldwide.
That's a total lie!
One million doesn't rival 50 million, Savannah.
People keep trying to make these comparisons and it's all about fear.
Obviously we're in an election year and they're using this to control people.
And to embarrass Trump in America.
Look at this.
France placed on UK travel quarantine list as coronavirus rises again.
Everyone's placing each other on this to virtue signal instead of just saying it's a giant hoax.
Look at this.
Peak idiocy.
Wisconsin government agency mandates face mask use for virtual Zoom meetings.
Again, you're private with a Zoom meeting.
You're alone in your house!
Put your damn mask... It's a cult, man!
It's a cult!
God Almighty!
And that's why I want people to wake up, Alex, because people have so willingly put on this face mask.
They don't even question authority anymore.
They don't question anything.
They're willingly bowing down to this.
So when the vaccine rolls through, they're willingly going to take that.
When they're told that they have to vote via mail-in ballot, they're going to do that sitting down as well.
Oh, that's all?
They admit that's the plan?
They're not going to fight for their rights and that's what this whole thing has been.
It's been a huge example of how many Americans are submissive and they're not willing to fight for their freedoms at all and it's very sad to see.
It puts the mask on its skin or it gets phase one again.
I swear, Alex.
And yeah, that's the thing.
Everyone's acting like there are people lying in the streets, dying and writhing in pain.
Oh, they love it.
I'm a hero.
You're not a hero.
Yeah, none of it's happening, so go to your nature park.
Go out and live your normal life.
You can do that today, but you have to be prepared to do it.
Savannah, tomorrow.
Tomorrow, 12 noon.
Are you going to join me with Ellen?
Yeah, I love going swimming.
Let's go.
I'll be out there.
I need to tan a little bit more, so I'll go out and enjoy nature with you guys.
We're going to, because they're not even there now blocking it, but so we still need to go and just with our American flags, hello life, Austin, Texas, noon tomorrow, everybody be there, go swimming with the hippopotamus.
And we're not talking about Savannah.
I am, I am the platypus.
Switching off your targeting computer.
We are back live.
Savannah Hernandez has knocked it out of the park.
You know, I was a big, fat, ugly, sweaty mess when my wife was told she couldn't be at the giant green belt with her friend Sunday.
So I stomped over there, called a camera guy, went over there.
And the media edited it to say that I just randomly attacked innocent teenagers.
No, they're like, hey, what are you doing?
You gotta, you gotta, they're like, F you, you're a bunch of surly punks, man.
Contact tracing us, and I watch them telling families, oh you can't go in, sorry, it's full.
And I'm like, yeah, that's wrong.
They start flipping me off.
The media's like, poor innocent children.
Alex Jones came and was mean to them.
I'm surprised they didn't say, Jones put up a TV screen and showed child porn, or he sacrificed a baby.
Then I say to the cops, they're illegally blocking this.
It's not a Sydney ordinance.
They go, you're right.
The cops say, get out of there to the lifeguards.
Make them stop blocking the entrance to the whole canyon area.
How does the media turn that into a defeat for us?
It's a huge victory.
They just say, Jones, shut up and attack high schoolers.
But it doesn't matter because the people know the truth.
And suddenly, we've sent our crew out.
They don't have the people blocking entrances now.
And folks reportedly are tearing them down everywhere.
Savannah did it instinctively yesterday.
So here is her powerful report that I'm begging you.
It's only got like 70,000 views, Bandot video.
Of course, me looking like a sweaty hippopotamus, you know, has got...
Ten million or whatever.
This is the answer.
Saying no.
Not complying.
It's beautiful.
It's perfect.
It's sweet.
It's funny.
It's cute.
It's true.
And it's at Infowars.com.
Epic citizen.
Free citizens.
Blocked from enjoying.
Massive public park slash swimming hole.
So let's go ahead and roll that report.
Don't piss the Van Hernandez off.
Hey guy, how'd you get in there?
They must have just put this up because this was flat.
Like today?
This morning?
Yeah, like 30 minutes ago.
Just go under it.
Okay guys, so as you can see, no one in Austin gives a damn about this blockade.
So, I want to point something out to you guys.
Now, Alex went viral on Twitter because he was at Barton Springs.
They wouldn't let him in.
Apparently, you now need a reservation.
But, this is the free side of Barton Springs.
There's a pay side and a free side.
This is the free side.
It's just a part of nature, just like Zilker Park.
It's a big-ass grass field where people can go.
And this is the free side of Barton.
And we have this huge freaking thing here.
So I'm just gonna, you know, public service right now.
I'm sorry, but someone's gotta do it.
Is this a crime?
I don't know.
Oh look, the lifeguards are coming.
Oh sh**.
Hey guys, so we're now in the free side of Barton and did you guys see how easy that was?
No face masks, no fines, no police officers, no one's stopping us from doing this.
Because this is nature and we in Austin, the people who pay, the taxpayers who pay for all the natural parks, should be able to access them.
So here we are in Barton now and as you guys can see in front of me,
There's so many people in here.
Because nobody cares about these mandates anymore for COVID-19.
Everyone knows it's ridiculous.
There's no overrun hospitals here in Austin.
People are not dying in the streets.
And people should be able to go outside for their own personal health and experience nature.
You know, guys, I've been stuck inside of my apartment for the past three months because of Mayor Adler's bullshit lockdown orders, and it's time to rage.
Oh, America!
Look at this dog.
Where's your mask, sir?
Sir, where's your mask?
Arrest him.
Arrest him now.
Close, but we're already inside, Mayor Adler.
So close.
We say the pups are open.
Come on in, guys.
The parks are only closed if you want them to be.
Don't wear a face mask and go to your national parks.
Nessie, go in there, guy.
Come on, Harrison.
All right.
Yeah, sure.
InfoRadio listeners, she's opening the park for the people.
InfoWars is leading.
Uh, well, you don't need to be videoing me.
Yeah, that's right, lady.
We opened it up for you in a public space.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Standing up for you.
She wasn't happy, but she's in the park.
What a life.
What a day.
Hey guys, why did y'all break in?
Um, seems like fun too.
Enjoy your day!
Go have fun in nature!
Be healthy!
Everything is a post-human future, folks.
We must stop it.
You see why they just said that they did that?
Because everyone else is doing it.
And I want us to take this exact same mentality when it comes to faces.
If everyone stops wearing face masks, everyone else is going to stop wearing face masks.
Because everyone has this sheep-like mentality that they're going to follow what the masses are doing.
Be that domino, be the first one that falls, because look what happens.
Glad to see you guys in nature.
Oh thank you.
No one gives a damn about these coronavirus orders anymore, let's be honest.
Okay guys, so we ripped down a little entrance here in the fence and since then about 20 people have come through.
I've kind of been sitting down and asking them like, hey why are you coming in into the park?
Like obviously I opened the fence for them and they're just like uh because everyone else is doing it.
But as you guys can see here a lot of people know that
In terms of the health repercussions of going out in the sun versus staying indoors for the next three months, coming outside is a lot better.
These are the small revolutions we need to be leading in America.
They seem small, but they have a big impact.
And look guys, we listen to rules.
I'm all about law and order.
But in terms of our government shutting down a nature trail, that's ridiculous.
Come on guys, let's use common sense here.
And I've said this three times already in other small monologues I've had throughout the day, but 100 degree weather, middle of Texas, direct sunlight.
How is a virus going to survive in that?
Someone explain it.
Show me the science.
Remember the country that you live in.
I want people to understand something.
When the government says no, we say yes.
We, the American people, go into nature and we live our normal lives.
Alright guys, we've done our civil service for today and uh, come to Barton Springs cause it's open!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
This is all a UN-mandated system.
And if we grovel, they'll push it all the way like they did in Australia.
We're wearing a mask, they're beating up and choking women, walking their dog.
This is a power grab, folks.
This is a police state.
The average cop is against it.
The police state is the edict from the bureaucrats, Savannah.
I completely agree, Alex, and that's why we need to stand up against this, because like you just said, you know, if you give them an inch, they're going to take a mile.
We've already seen this in other countries.
We've already seen this in other parts of America, like California.
We've already seen this with the fact that it was 15 days to slow the spread, and we're still in this.
Six months later.
And everybody needs to join us.
Just type in THE HILL OF LIFE.
There's articles on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
We'll send an email out today for folks that are signed up at Infowars.com forward slash newsletter.
But you can't miss it.
Hill of Life off 360.
Scottish Trail.
You'll see all the cars.
There's a trailhead at the top.
They were blocking it every day until now.
No one's there.
But we're still
We're going to show up, march down the hill together, jump in the creek, and have some fun.
So, we're doing it.
Go swimming with Alex and Savannah Hernandez and Owen Schroer and everybody else.
We're going to be down there tomorrow, and I can't wait to shake your hand.
I'm going to bring my snorkel and goggles.
A lot of fish in the creek.
We'll go down.
We'll walk down to the right.
It's only about a, I don't know, one-tenth of a mile once you get to the bottom.
Hiking up is a little bit of a stress, so if you're not into that, don't do it.
But I chose this place because this is where they tried to block me.
It's where the chain reaction happened.
But Savannah, it's good news.
As of yesterday and today, they've pulled all these little punks off these entrances.
Because there's no law, they're just doing it.
Exactly, Alex.
And again, we just, people need that leader.
They needed you to go out there and show that.
They needed you to go out there and say that, hey, this is an unconstitutional... Savannah, you did a way better job than me.
I hit like a single and I got to first base.
You like hit a grand slam.
I'm just glad that we're all out here.
We're doing it.
We're bringing light to this situation and we're showing people that, hey, you know what?
Stand up for yourself.
Stand up for your right to go out in nature because this is unconstitutional.
And the fact that we all think that it's against the law to go walk a nature trail is ridiculous.
Yeah, you're waking up in a cult and now the Democrats are officially saying, wear a mask in your house at all times.
The UN is going to take your kids.
And when you're on video, you've got to wear it.
You may infect someone with a microphone.
That's a cult, folks!
They're just seeing if you'll drink the orange Kool-Aid with a cyanide in it.
I hope that everyone listening to us right now at their homes is wearing a face mask so they don't get infected with our COVID ballots.
Imagine if I came on there and said, when you watch the show, you must wear a mask.
You'd be like, this guy's a cult leader.
I mean, I deserve... I mean, come on, people.
Savannah Hernandez.
All right, we got a special guest coming up.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Wow, I'm excited.
Roughly three months ago, Refused Fascism called on fellow anarchists impersonating protesters to meet outside of Washington, D.C.'
's Lafayette Park.
They were outraged that President Trump would show defiance against the siege of the White House at the end of May that resulted in more than 60 U.S.
Secret Service uniformed division officers and the torching of the historic St.
John's Episcopal Church.
Refused Fascism had come to celebrate that they have gradually become an
Think about what it's going to cost to conduct Occupy-type protests all across the country, and especially in Washington, D.C.
And let the people who are anguishing right now about a Trump-Pence administration
Let all those who are seething with anger and rage, who are starting to organize and think about life under a fascist regime, know that they are not alone and that there actually is a plan and a way to stop this.
Regardless of the fact that they were in part formed by the Revolutionary Communist Party.
And let me say one thing to the white people in the audience.
You know, Bobby has been saying for a long time, we will not fight racism with racism.
We refuse to stoop to the level of a racist to hate somebody because the color of his skin.
Well, that's fine.
That's a cop out.
And if you act like that, the Black Panther Party will hate you, not because you're white, but because you ain't taking care of business to organize other people.
Teach them the need to support the Black Liberation Movement led by the Black Panther Party as a strong, fearless voice against American imperialism.
In the studio,
We have some good Americans.
Carl Dix, co-initiator of Refused Fascism, representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party.
How are you, sir?
I'm doing good, Rashad.
Because when I heard black voices for Trump, it reminded me of something.
This is like having Jews for Adolf Hitler back in Nazi Germany.
And we have known since 2017 that they are indirectly funded by the Alliance for Global Justice, which is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refused Fascism.
We're good to go!
The biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, a nonprofit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros.
Tides gave the Alliance for Global Justice $50,000.
Refused Fascism will be spearheading the left's self-described siege of the White House on September 5th.
With a nationwide protest claiming, just as the German people could not have stopped their genocidal fascist program without driving out Hitler and the Nazi regime, we must act with all our resolve to drive this regime, a 21st century fascist regime, led by a demented bully with his finger on the nuclear trigger, out of power.
Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler's playbook, only they have nuclear weapons.
Following refused fascism's initial pressure on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the beginning of September will be the proposed September 17th 50-day occupation of the White House.
Coordinated by Adbusters, the same people that organized Occupy Wall Street nine years ago, at the time of Occupy Wall Street, Adbusters co-founder, 78-year-old Callie Lassen said, George Soros' ideas are quite good, many of them.
I wish he would give Adbusters some money.
We sorely need it, he said.
He's never given us a penny, but according to discoverthenetworks.org, between 2001 and 2011, AdBusters Media Foundation received $309,773 from the Tides Foundation.
Let us once again summon the sweet revolutionary nonviolence that was our calling card in Zuccotti Park.
In the current atmosphere of violent destruction,
Ladies and gentlemen...
The full report is at InfoWars.com.
It's a very powerful John Bowne report.
It's also posted at Bandot Video.
I hope that you will share it.
It gets into Antifa and what they're up to and what they're doing and exposing their siege of President Trump and the White House.
They're trying to trigger a new civil war.
Stay with us.
There is a massive exodus out of New York and California right now.
It's quite frankly frightening.
I wish no ill will against those states, but they have a spiritual blight upon them.
Jason Jones
He's a very successful, famous filmmaker, and he's been a popular guest on our show.
He's moved to New Braunfels, Texas, because they're now into like six months of lockdown in Hawaii.
Hawaii never got out from under martial law since we basically had a coup and took it over.
And I'm happy the U.S.
has Hawaii, but at the same time, I don't like the fact that you've got Zuckerberg moving in and they're setting up a police state there.
And so Jason Jones has moved.
South of Austin, north of San Antonio, to New Braunfels.
And I said, why'd you move there?
He said, well, a lot of the expats out of Hawaii are going there.
And so his story is about the exodus out of leftist control areas.
He can be the most beautiful island in the world, great people, but...
You wake up one day, you're in a police state, you're being arrested for leaving your house without a mask.
Good to have you here with us, man.
It's good to be here, brother.
All right, so let's talk about it.
MovietoMovement.com, TheGreatCampaign.org, The Jason Jones Show.
You're here.
Your story of the exodus is really big news.
Yeah, it's heartbreaking.
I love Hawaii like you'd love a person.
The idea of leaving Hawaii... Believe me, I want to move there if I could.
Yeah, we gotta go.
I left Hawaii like De Gaulle left France.
I plan on going back.
Or MacArthur left the Philippines.
Yeah, we gotta be back.
You gotta be my tour guide.
We'll go there and make a documentary.
We'll definitely go.
I want to do a documentary on how the lockdown, not COVID, but the
Ham-fisted, totalitarian response to COVID is literally murdering the state of Hawaii.
Hawaii will be the great victim in the United States of this shutdown.
Well, it's a power grab.
Talk about your move.
You've got the floor.
What do you want to talk about?
I could ask you a thousand questions, but I mean, how is it so bad you left your beloved state?
Well, I left for two reasons.
First of all, I can't do my job.
I leave Hawaii twice a month to go to the mainland to work.
I wanted to raise my children in Hawaii.
Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child, and we laughed at her.
But, in fact, your village raises your child, and I wanted my children to be raised by the community of Hawaii.
It's where I've lived.
Well, Hillary, she means the state.
She means the state.
We mean, obviously, the people do raise the child.
Yeah, you don't raise your children alone.
Hillary meant the state, but
I wanted that village, the village that raised me.
I've been there for 31 years.
It's where I formed my values.
My oldest children had their values formed.
We lived in L.A.
for a while.
We went back.
And the idea of leaving, it was an impossible thought that I would ever leave.
But I couldn't do my job.
You leave Hawaii now, you're quarantined for 14 days every time you come back.
The governor said if you're a resident, you shouldn't leave.
Who is the governor of Hawaii to tell me I shouldn't leave?
My work is on the mainland.
I have to go.
I have to leave.
So I thought, there's going to come a time where I can't come back.
No man is an island, and when they make it a real island, then you've got to leave it.
No cases in...
Some of the islands in the Pacific as well, but they've still locked those down.
This is a giant power grab.
We have no COVID deaths.
We have COVID-related deaths, less than 30 I think it is.
So less than 30 deaths, and you're just into freedom.
600 people have died from the flu in the same period of time in the state of Hawaii.
They're saying that the hospitals, thanks to you Alex, my little Facebook video that you had me on, we launched the Film Your Hospital movement, which broke the narrative that our hospitals are being overrun.
That did happen.
Don't give us the credit.
You know it was already viral the time it came on.
But yeah, you doing that, trigger reaction, others, it's been huge.
So it's all about the power of the people.
Yeah, well that's your audience.
You don't have only admirers.
A lot of this audience are admirers, but a lot of them are inspired.
And that's what everyone listening and watching needs to do.
You need to be inspired to act.
Well, they're an audience of activists, but getting back to that...
I mean, you expose that these are empty fake testing facilities and now it's proven.
So based on a whole lie, it just keeps rolling though.
Yeah, now they brought the lie back.
They brought the lie back again in Hawaii that our hospitals are being overrun.
I just talked to a friend of mine that worked in an ER and said we just told we were going to be furloughed.
So they just extended the lockdown.
The day I closed on my house, the day I closed on my house, they announced that they were extending the lockdown until at least September 5th.
We have over 30% unemployment.
We have in Kauai, the island of Kauai, in one week as many suicides as we had in the previous year on the island of Kauai.
We had a child as young as eight that I know of personally that died.
And my family and friends in my community, I know of three young people who overdosed on opioids.
This is all... It's a scourge, and the third world's dying by the hundreds of thousands right now, starvation.
This is an evil plan.
Obviously the politicians are dumb, but why are they following this evil directive?
Well, and that's another thing.
You broke that first.
Talking about the coming hunger, the famine.
Now that it's happening, the mainstream media doesn't even feel like it's front page news.
It's going to be on page B17 that we have 10,000 children a month in Sub-Saharan Africa not waking up because they died in their sleep of starvation.
And we talked about this on your show in early March.
Now it's happening and the mainstream media still is burying this story.
And I hope the left that lockstep don't cover this, enjoy yourselves.
You're really evil.
This is all a plan.
They know what they're doing.
It's designed to depopulate.
Yeah, people need to Google food insecurity.
Now there's food insecurity in Missouri and Massachusetts.
In Hawaii, we have lines seven miles long, people in their cars lining up waiting for food.
They now have an article right here, government is caught all over the country stockpiling food for a collapse.
Well, it's not COVID causing the collapse, it's the hysteria causing it.
They call it COVID, they say COVID's causing starvation.
COVID, you know,
The Chinese, the greatest famine in modern history, all modern famines have been man-made.
In China, the Great Famine, the Communist Party kept farmers off their farms.
60 million Chinese people starved to death in the Great Famine.
It wasn't until the farmers began to bribe the government officials to let them back on their farms that that famine was broke.
They did the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, and killed tens of millions of people.
And now we have that, right?
We have a Cultural Revolution.
We're doxing and destroying people.
Just like the Cultural Revolution, they pull people on stage.
The whole village would gather around and berate them, insult them.
Now it's happening on social media.
Now we have farmers driven off their farms.
People, they're shaming
This is, here's the thing, people think minute to minute, we have no attention span.
This is the takedown, global depression.
And by the time the public figures it out with food lines five miles long in Dallas, it's going to be hell on earth.
And they think we won't know to blame those that did the COVID hoax.
But they will be blamed.
Yeah, well I think most revolutions fail.
And, uh, they need to fail.
No, I agree, because you're right.
This is a globalist revolution against freedom.
And I agree with you, but they need to pay.
Bill Gates and others are behind this.
They need to pay for what they've done.
No, I'm with you.
There needs to be... If we start saying...
Make the people that caused the global famine pay.
The COVID hoax pay.
They might back off, but we don't have much time.
No, and that's what I really want to document.
I want to document the consequences of the shutdown around the world.
You know, I emailed your producer last night.
I did a podcast on the Uyghur yesterday where I interviewed the Prime Minister in exile of Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
That's huge.
Where do folks find that, by the way?
The Jason Jones Show.
And if you go to Jason Jones Show, Facebook would not let me advertise this is the Uyghur moment.
What I was trying to say is- Three million Muslims in camps, and you can't talk about it.
Yeah, conservatives like us, we're hateful and bigoted, but we're the ones that are yelling to the world there are three million Muslims, Turkic people in camps.
So Facebook, this neoliberal Facebook, I posted, this was my ad, Alex.
This is a Uyghur moment, because what I said to Prime Minister Salih Udaya, is that the Uyghur need, they have from now until the election, to make the world pay attention.
We need to make sure that President Trump... We need to make this, and it's good for Trump, and it's the right thing to do.
Because we don't want to be under Islamic control.
We don't want the radical forms to control us, but we don't want to kill them.
We want to empower them and have them have a reformation.
Yeah, and the Uyghur are not radical.
You know how you radicalize people?
Put three million of them in concentration camps.
That'll make them radical.
So I said to Salih, I said to Prime Minister Hidayah, this is your moment.
We've got three months to make the world pay attention to you.
So that was my ad.
This is the Uyghur moment.
That's all it said.
Facebook forbid the ad.
Because they're in league with China.
They dehumanized three million people in forced labor camps.
That Apple and others are abusing, that is so evil.
Nike, Adidas, are using manufacturers, they're not going there and enslaving people, but they're contracting companies.
Sub pieces, yeah.
Yeah, they're contracting companies that use Uyghur slaves to make their shoes.
So then I said, let me be clever, and I put in place an ad that said, this is the U-word moment.
I just said U-word, like N-word, this is the U-word moment.
Facebook still wouldn't let me place the ad.
So here I am on your show, and I would ask all of your audience to go listen to the Jason Jones Show.
God, think about how evil Zuckerberg is.
They're in bed with China.
It's so incredible.
They're harvesting organs.
We have drone footage of Uyghur with their heads shaved, blindfolded, shoved on trains.
Our great-grandparents, our grandparents did not have this kind of evidence of the Nazi Holocaust until after the war was over.
After the Holocaust was over, the kind of evidence we have now is unbelievable.
And the media, it's worse.
You know, the New York Times does cover it, but they bury it.
Alright, filmmaker Jason Jones, the great guy, is here with us.
He has escaped the island fortress of Hawaii.
And he is here with us in Austin, Texas.
He's moved to New Braunfels just south of here.
Beautiful area.
If I was going to leave Austin, I'd go there.
Actually secretly bought a little farm actually right by New Braunfels just east of there.
Unless it's not a secret anymore, but...
So a lot of folks from Hawaii are fleeing there.
Yeah, we have friends, actually, that have been there for a while, and more that are planning on coming.
In fact, one of my good friends from Chicago is thinking of coming.
A buddy of mine who's a big stuntman, stunt coordinator in Hollywood, is now looking at new Braunfels.
Joe Rogan is, I'm not going to say where he's moving, but it is central Texas.
The big secret, you know, they're saying, is it Dallas, is it Austin, is it Houston?
Let's just say it's deep in the heart of Texas.
Why do you think, you know, a lot of folks in California, why is everybody fleeing here, you think?
Well, freedom.
I can tell you, I did not realize how oppressive the lockdown was in Hawaii because you kind of do get used to things.
Human beings can become used to anything.
And so even though we were resisting all the mask orders and the social distancing and the lockdowns, when we got here, it was just kind of, it feels like what it used to be like, except people have masks.
Especially the closer you get to Austin, I notice people are wearing masks.
Oh, they do it as a symbol of their subservience, yeah.
Yeah, and that's the thing.
These blue states, what won't they do?
In Hawaii, you can surf and you can fish.
And the reason why they said you can do those things, that's so generous of them, is they know that that would be a line that they cannot cross.
It's a cultural thing.
People are going to do that.
So what they will do is they will stop you from doing anything that they think that you will go along with.
That's key.
It's all a test.
Because I just went down and protested them locking all the giant parks down here, and they stopped it the next day.
I mean, just a little bit of resistance.
They were just waiting to see what we do.
They can't believe we bow down like this.
Well, when I was arrested, you're going to find this interesting.
When I was arrested, I made the front page of the Honolulu Star Advertiser.
There I was, handcuffed.
They never even filed charges against me.
I received letters from the mayor, the governor, the attorney general.
I don't know.
He thought there were still charges filed against me because all of his other clients, they actually filed the charges.
They never even filed my charges.
Because you had a voice, they were afraid, but they targeted those they thought didn't.
They're bullies.
God Almighty.
They're bullies.
Can you believe that?
So I'm shocked to find out that a woman who was running for elected office, a Samoan chief, who had to beg to be arrested by the way, when he saw me getting arrested,
He was like, please arrest me.
Arrest me too.
I'm doing exactly what he's doing.
The police did not want to arrest him because it didn't fit the narrative because they were trying to create racial division.
So they arrested the Samoan chief, but without the cameras around.
But I guess they want to prove a point.
They did.
Those charges were filed against him.
So it's all, I mean, Australia, they are choking women that come out with masks on.
You can't even leave your house.
Six weeks.
Can't leave house.
I mean, this is cult-level control.
And nothing against Australians, they're great people, but they've never ended being a prison colony.
They're a prison colony, so it's just right back to martial law.
Yeah, no, it is shocking.
And, you know, in my book, The Race to Save Our Century, I talk about the five principles that we can use to break the back of tyranny.
To me, the most important one is subsidiarity, which is keep power local.
Think local, act local.
You want local power.
You've been talking about the prison planet forever.
Sounds crazy.
Do we not live in a prison planet now?
The Rockefeller Foundation calls it a planetary prison.
Got it right here in the report.
Well, right now, people are under house arrest in every corner of the country.
In Hawaii, you know, when I was, uh... That's the Rockefeller Report.
They call it a planetary prison.
No, wait, here's the... Is this where you got the, uh... Ten years ago, yeah.
Keep going, I may interrupt you.
So, no, but, um... But, I mean, they say they're doing this.
It's like, it's not even debatable.
No, when I went to get tested in early March for COVID, when I was with somebody who was tested positive, and they refused to test me, there was an elderly woman who was sick, they refused to test her, and they just said, go home and quarantine yourself for 14 days, don't leave the house.
That's their answer.
And we now know they're just false positive, everybody!
Yeah, people who went in line, signed up to get tested and didn't get tested are getting in the mail that you're positive and they never even were tested.
So what is this?
It's the breaking of the social contract.
The corporations and other people have just decided to be criminals.
It's just evil.
I mean, what do you do when there's just evil running rampant?
Yeah, I think that most of them are just afraid.
They have no trust in their own mind.
And, you know, you talk about it, it's people from the left and the right that are resisting.
Well, that's it.
People are just turning their will over.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, there's people that are resisting across the ideological spectrum.
There's just certain people that think for themselves.
They might be Bernie bros, they might be libertarians, they might be MAGA people, but there's a certain, I call them the beautiful people.
We're good to go.
Well, I'm putting women down, but there's that certain demographic.
I think they're just afraid.
They want to be eaten last by the crocodile.
So, they're going to stand next to the crocodile and hope that they don't get eaten.
Where I think what we should do is always stand... Well, I think it's just kind of cool the crocodile comes over to eat and you bend a big rock and kill it.
Hit it in the head.
Well, you know...
The reason why I did that protest in early March against the lockdown was because of my fear of famine in the world.
And I knew that if we didn't break this lockdown narrative, if we didn't break this global lockdown, we would see children starving from Bangladesh to Spain.
And now it's happening.
And now it's happening.
And it's happening because we're virtue signaling with our masks.
It's happening because we feel like we're good and we're noble people because we social distance.
No, we need to be on our farms.
Do you know what was really shocking to me?
If we don't produce, they die.
That's right, indeed.
Which group of business owners was most stigmatized for trying to stay open?
Food processing plant.
Remember, it was the news.
It was like, oh, we got to test them.
Oh, somebody was, oh, it's bad.
Oh, the chicken wings have it.
Oh, oh, the food's bad.
And they finally discovered that we exploit migrant labor in these camps.
Like, one of my biggest reasons for border security is because of my concern for vulnerable migrants.
They want an open border to exploit them.
They want open borders so we have an underground economy with millions and millions of people that we can exploit.
So, it was when the food processing plants are staying open, the media for the first time ever discovered that we have a system of exploitation of vulnerable migrant workers, which we know this.
And that's why we need to secure the border, have E-Verify, so that everyone working in this country has the same architecture of legal protection as the next person.
The Democrats admit they want that underground slave economy.
They need it, don't they?
Because you can't have this, you can't have a culture, an economy of granting favors to people to vote for you if you don't have... If they have autonomy.
You need them as a slave.
Yeah, and you need the economy needs to rest on people that are underneath that architecture of protection.
And that's why this forest border is so important to them.
You know, Biden, they need Biden needs to win or it all falls down.
Because they're laundering the drug money, they're laundering the sex captives, they're using it for the slave labor, the sweatshops, the picking the fruit, everything.
Yeah, no, if Biden wins, this is the best news for the coyotes.
Because the coyotes will be back in business.
They'll stay in business.
Yeah, we need to secure the border.
Jason Jones, stay there.
You're on fire.
We'll talk about it all coming up.
And then, The War Room.
Straight ahead with Owen Schroer, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
So my job's a lot easier now.
World government, Satanism, microchipping, forced inoculations is out in the open.
And our job's a lot easier.
I went down last Sunday and protested them, set up checkpoints in front of the 98,000 square, 98,000 acre park, and the media took it out of context, attacked me, but they pulled the people off those, and the folks are now in the park, which is not about Alex Jones as some great hero.
It just took, like, blowing on the house.
Like the wolf says, the whole thing goes down because it's built out of straw.
We have to go out.
We have to stop wearing the mask.
We have to start exposing the hoax and speaking out and not complying.
That's how it falls.
Our acquiescence only begs for more control.
So filmmaker who's here with us with the website thegreatcampaign.org is Jason Jones.
Jason Jones, this period in history, you're a Christian, I'm a Christian.
Everybody I know that's not even been religious or Christian or spiritual is now getting it's good versus evil.
What's happening right now?
You know, we've seen this.
We saw it in France in the late 18th century.
We saw it in Russia.
And in 1917, we saw it in the fall of the Weimar Republic.
And I see this as a global French revolution, or a global Bolshevik revolution, or a global collapse.
Preach, brother, tell them what's happening.
A global collapse of the Weimar Republic.
You know, I'm a conservative, but what are we trying to conserve?
The real word, what we're trying to conserve is liberalism.
Liberalism traditionally understood in the English-speaking world is freedom of speech, the right to private property, religious pluralism in society.
Right to mobility?
Yeah, the right to mobility, the right to defend yourself.
This goes back to the Glorious Revolution, 1688, 1689, the English Bill of Rights.
That's what the Founding Fathers appealed to.
It's something that was ancient and historic, going back even further to the Magna Carta.
So what we have in the English-speaking world is the new normal.
The rest of the world is the normal.
The normal is you don't have the right to say what you want.
You never leave the village you're born in unless you join the Communist Party.
Yeah, now you know you can't leave your house.
So this is not, it can feel like it's unprecedented and is unprecedented in the global scale.
But we're losing the fact that we were the new normal, as you're saying.
We're losing our specialness right now.
Yeah, we need to preserve our republic because the fate of the world depends upon it.
And the folks that are suffering most from this, it's not us.
It's the children in sub-Saharan Africa who are now starving to death.
It's the children in Bangladesh who are now starving to death.
It's the children in Yemen.
And so when you say, hey, I'm going to work.
I'm not wearing that mask.
I'm going to the park.
You're saving probably 10 kids.
And we're not just saying that.
When we collapse, they die.
That's right.
So if everyone listening to this said, I'm not going to, I'm going to, you know, I'm going to resist, we would be free tomorrow.
If everyone listening to this said, I will not comply.
Well, why do you think it was so easy that I just went down and protested?
Because it was illegal.
They had college kids down there blocking people to this giant park.
It was all illegal.
The cops said it's illegal.
Stop it.
It all ended.
And they made fun of me, national news, but it had instant effect.
And here's what people need to know.
The Thousand Year Reich lasted 13 years.
So you may suffer for 10 years, 11 years, 12 years, but history will judge us.
These delusional tyrannies fall very quick.
Yeah, these delusional tyrannies fall very quick.
And so we should have no fear to stand with the truth, stand with the vulnerable, stand for freedom.
And when you went to that park, I watched that video.
That was the worst nightmare seeing you come by.
When I was arrested, you know, the police were not happy with me and I overreacted.
I was angry.
Well, the adrenaline kicks in.
Yeah, the adrenaline kicks in.
They're saying you can't be outside.
I mean, that's... Three weeks later, and again, you do a military operation on my wife and my children and my friends.
Three weeks later, the police, they were in line where they were told to be, and the sheriffs.
One by one, they came up to me at the event, thanked me for being there, and said, keep it up.
And so what happens is...
You challenge it and cause a debate.
And then what happens is the police officers Google you.
Then they Google what's going on and they Google food insecurity and they see, oh my gosh, people are starving around the world.
They said it on Alex Jones in early March and we thought they were crazy.
What is a lockdown?
And they don't want to be a party to that evil.
They don't.
Most people are beautiful and good and kind and the reason why people wear masks
That's why I wear this.
This is a scapular.
It's a Catholic thing.
It's a sign of piety.
It's a sign of belonging to a community.
Most people, they wear those masks.
It's almost a religious symbol, saying, I care about you and I want to be a good member of the community.
But the truth is... They're using the social contract against us.
It's not a real social contract.
They think they're being a hero.
They're not.
They're buying into a lie.
That's their trick.
How do you defeat that?
You know I think we have to be courageous and patient and prayerful and we know more and more people are beginning to understand.
When I left Hawaii and then the next day it was in the news that the Lieutenant Governor leaked that they were going to extend the shutdown until September or longer, all of a sudden my emails, my Twitter, my
My phone began to blow up from people who were angry at me initially when they saw me on the front page of the paper, thought I was a troublemaker, self-aggrandizing.
They said, how did you know?
How did you know it was going to lead to this?
You're so right.
I feel so... Well, the U.N.
has said that it never ends.
They've said that lockdown will never end, never shake hands again, never... Fauci said, always wear a mask.
Can you imagine?
It's just like, you like, snap your fingers, you're inside the New World Order.
But now people are like, wow, how did you know?
Well, you know, I wrote a book called The Race to Save Our Century, where I studied the genocides, democides, and total wars of the 20th century.
And I wrote that book, started writing in the late 90s, because I read the book Death by Government by Rommel, which I know you're very familiar with.
And I said, how do I order my life?
So that my posterity doesn't have to deal with genocides, doesn't have to deal with themicides.
Because the number one cause of death is government.
Government, yeah.
The famines of the 20th century were all caused by governments.
The famine in Ethiopia was the Marxist government burning surpluses of bourgeois capitalism.
The famines in China were caused by the Marxists driving people off of their farms.
And the children who are dying today in Sub-Saharan Africa are dying because of government.
Actually, not even like hard government.
But by these illegal orders, by the shaming of the media, by social media for bidding on... And the average liberal goes, okay, there are too many Africans, they love black people, but now, are you going to stand by while that kid dies at 3am begging for mommy, with their guts rotting out, starving to death?
No, they wouldn't do it.
They just go, it's like Bill Burr, the comedian, he's like, we've got to get rid of 85% of people.
Everybody's laughing.
The damn audience is going to be killed.
Don't you people get it?
No, in Africa, I've flown over Africa.
You look out the window... It's green.
There's nobody down there.
You fly across North America, you look out the window, there's nobody down there.
You see a lot of farms, right?
We're one big farm.
But we like to live around each other.
So yes, you go... We congregate.
We love it.
We get in one spot.
And then we go, oh, there's so many of us.
Yeah, it's because we all got together.
We love each other.
You know what I learned from COVID, this COVID shutdown?
I love crowds.
I love festivals.
I do too!
Because you get relaxed and it's all like... Because it's psychic.
It's psychic.
You get connected.
We love people.
I love crowds.
You go to Africa...
And it is poor, really, because I think they don't have enough population.
We've destroyed their population with these population control plans from Mary Stokes to the global ban on DDT.
Well, that's what they actually, the globalists said that.
That's why they destabilized certain areas, yeah.
Yeah, so you have the global ban on DDT.
The government policy kills half a billion people.
You have famine caused by government policy.
They say... Yeah, they needed that heat to make them energize their industry.
That's what happens.
They needed to go to that level.
They're always sabotaged.
Yeah, it's heartbreaking.
You know, if you Google food insecurity, every single story will say COVID is leading to famine.
COVID is leading to hunger.
No, the hysteria of COVID led to it.
Anyone with common sense says, what does COVID have to do with famine?
It has to do with the government policies that were put in place.
Google it.
You'll see pictures of children.
They don't wake up.
Because of malnutrition, starvation?
Well, explain that, because they always say, oh, they didn't starve to death, they died of malnutrition.
It's the same thing.
And they just kill these people, and the left thinks it's so cute and I want to strangle them.
Yeah, every life matters.
The only lives that seem to matter are the ones the media that tell us that matter.
Let me tell you who doesn't matter.
It's Jeff Bezos and Zuckerberg and all these people worth trillions of damn dollars who tell us that we're racist and bad when they're the ones that want to murder poor people everywhere.
And I tell Zuckerberg and Bezos and all of these deaths of these children, I don't care what color they are, it's on you.
And God sees you.
God sees you, Tim Cook.
God sees you, Sundar Pichai.
God sees you.
And so you keep pretending you're God, because God's gonna get you.
Alright, Owen Schroeder is gonna do a flag drop.
A Trump rally.
Trump won't do rallies because of the COVID-19.
We're going to do the rallies.
They're doing them all over the country.
They just started like a month ago in Chicago.
6 to 8 p.m.
tonight down at the...
Congress 11th Street right in front of the south side of the Capitol.
And then tomorrow, Owen's going to be there, Savannah Hernandez.
I've invited Mr. Jones to come there, Jason Jones.
We're just going to show up at one of the main entrances to the Big Green Belt, 98,000 acres.
We're going to march down, get in Barton Creek, swim for an hour or so, march back up.
Have a great time.
Now, they were going to have police there trying to stop us, but the police department refused to do it.
They say there's no law.
And so, all the entrances, as of today and yesterday, have nobody there blocking them.
So, we were going to march through and see if they'd arrest us.
They're not going to do it.
We're going to be there tomorrow, regardless, with our American flags, which are very triggering to go out, because it seems like it's no big deal.
Telling the truth in a world of deception is a revolutionary act, to paraphrase George Orwell.
All of this is fundamental, claiming the land, claiming dominion like God in Genesis gave us, Mr. Jones.
It's important.
And for us, it's the park.
But the park is an example.
You did that yesterday.
It got a ton of media.
But that loosens their grip.
And it's important that we loosen this grip because it's... 10 million views just on Twitter.
It's amazing.
I was looking at how many views you get.
Since I've been doing your show, it's a bit scary to me because everywhere I go, people are like looking at me and then, I saw you on Alex Jones Show.
Well, it's the listeners they're doing it, it's not us.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
They're loosening the grip.
And why it's important to me, I run a human rights organization that stands with the most vulnerable people in the world.
And they're the ones that are suffering most, but now in Massachusetts there's thousands of children in food insecurity.
In Missouri... Oh, people are starving to death now!
Because you never hear they starve to death, folks.
They get a cold and die, and they call it COVID.
When you don't get nutrients, you die.
You die.
Explain how the kids die in their sleep, which is God being merciful.
I've seen the videos of Africans and others, the babies are begging little three-year-olds, food, mommy, they don't have food for them, and they go, okay, mommy, and they go to sleep, and in the morning, they're dead.
And the mother's got to take their dead kid.
The mother's all shriveled, she's dying, but she's an adult, she's strong, and her kid's dead because she couldn't take care of him.
You know, it's hard.
Jim Gaffigan does a skit where he says, I haven't been hungry in 20 years.
And it's true.
Most of us as Americans have no idea of what it's like to even feel hunger pains.
And hunger pains isn't being hungry.
I was, my mother had me as a teenager, when she was a teenager, there were maybe a day or two where there wasn't food in the refrigerator.
That's not hunger.
I remember being a 17-year-old infantryman on a Cobra Gold in Thailand with my M60 machine gun in the mountains, and that's when the first time I saw a child suffering from hunger.
And I remember at that moment I thought, that's really when I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
Describe the child.
What was it like seeing that?
I don't even want to talk about it.
It was, the father was holding him.
And I asked my interpreter what was wrong with the boy.
He said he thought he was dying of malaria.
But imagine the son didn't look much shorter than the father.
So he was probably a young teenager and the father was leaning up against a fence.
And at first I was looking at the fence because it reminded me of an old cowboy movie and there was a...
There was this cow that looked like the cow was starving to death, and so I was just daydreaming and marching along.
Then I saw this man holding his son, and the boy looked like he was... I knew that the boy was dying, and I asked the interpreter what was wrong, and he said he probably has malaria.
But it was that moment as a young 17-year-old infantryman
That I said, I want to live the rest... How privileged am I?
I was a teen parent, born to a teen parent.
I was a high school dropout, but it was at that moment I knew that as an American, I... I didn't know what the word potable meant until I was in Thailand as a young infantryman at seven years old.
Because water's water!
Can't you drink all water?
Having water you can drink is a privilege.
Not being hungry is a privilege.
Not having a toothache half of your life.
And the globalists tell us we're getting rid of infrastructure because the third world wants what we've got.
We could give it to them, but we have to lose it now to, quote, make them equal.
No, they're destroying their future and getting rid of ours.
That's the lie of the left and the environmentalist is we don't give them medical care.
We don't give them potable water.
We don't get it.
And they're like, oh, that's liberal.
No, you're exterminating them.
Yeah, they say, oh,
I get attacked, I endorsed President Trump this week, I get attacked by these Catholic social justice warriors.
Look, what about human rights?
Do I see anyone on the left talking about the Uyghur?
Do I see anyone on the left talking about the Uyghur?
Get back to the Uyghur, you got cut off earlier, so you do this big interview with the President in absentia, and it's blocked when there are 3 million people in actual death camps!
I mean, it's like sick!
They call it a conspiracy theory!
They say it is a conspiracy theory that there are 3 million Uyghur in concentration camps.
It is a fact.
This is an absolute fact.
We actually have drone evidence.
Our own State Department.
I'm loading on the trains for the workers we harvested.
So talk about the interview.
Where do people find this interview on?
It's the Jason Jones Show.
If you go to the Jason Jones Show, wherever you watch your podcast, I'd ask that you share it.
And share it on Facebook.
You know, that's what happens.
When they try to stop us, the ball actually bounces.
If they would have just given me a COVID test,
When I walked to that doctor's office, the drive-thru clinic in early March, there would have never been a Film Your Hospital movement.
But the Uyghur, if you think, my patron saint, his name is St.
Maximilian Kolbe, he died in a starvation bunker in Auschwitz in 1941 today, on August 14th, 1941.
He went to Auschwitz, volunteered to go in a starvation bunker so that somebody with a family didn't have to go because of the Rule of Ten.
And we all think we would be somebody like that.
Well, I would not trade places with a Uyghur man in a concentration camp.
I'm not that heroic.
But what I can do is I can speak up, I can write my elected officials.
There was a protest in front of the White House today asking the White House to move on companies like Nike and Adidas.
Oh my God, they're so sick with Kaepernick.
We're good to go.
He's not even standing up for his own people!
His own people.
You know, as a Christian, what I always say is, Lord, I want to be with you on the cross.
And who is you on the cross?
It's that homeless man in my neighborhood.
It's the young man who just got out of prison who's insecure and doesn't think he's going to get on with his life.
It's the Muslim Uyghur in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
It's the Christians in Iran.