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Name: 20200813_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 13, 2020
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The speaker discusses the origin of COVID-19 and its connection to international organizations such as WHO. He also talks about how Bill Gates benefits from vaccine patents and the continuous need for vaccinations. Additionally, he addresses the issue of misinformation and advocates for truth and awareness among the public.

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Tomorrow's news, today.
Well, my friends, it's 7 o'clock Central Standard Time on this Thursday, August 13th.
Global transmission with 81 days out from the election.
And thanks to our amazing crew, and thanks to you, just as important as the crew, or myself, or anybody else on this planet, you are the InfoWar.
Without you, this clock don't tick, this dog don't hunt, this crocodile don't bite!
But because of you, we do bite, and we do hunt, and we do tick, and we do fight.
It is An incredible time to be alive.
We're seeing the best of people.
We're seeing the worst of people.
And we're going to cover precisely that tonight.
We have constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes joining us in about an hour and a half.
We have Roger Stone joining us in the start of the next hour.
We have Owen Schroer in studio.
And we have Laura Loomer.
Who's going to be hosting two and a half hours with us, riding shotgun.
Now, I was already telling you months ago that as we enter the campaign last 60, 70 days, we're going to go back live every night.
In fact, I've been planning to have Barnes up here a lot of nights co-hosting.
I'm lining up some other people trying to get him to town for the last 50, 60 days to be here seven days a week.
We've been trying to hire the crew.
And get the people in there trained on the system to be able to do that.
We're very close.
Because historic stuff's happening.
So we are commercial-free.
The Daytime Show, Owen Schroeder Show, The War Room, David Knight Show, those are terrestrial radio and TV.
The way the clock works, you got 15-minute tags.
We can still go on the radio and TV satellites and the streams and not have commercials.
So you're going to have a lot of basically commercial free.
We might run an ad here sometimes just because somebody didn't find a promo to run, but you've got my commitment to be working seven days a week with pleasure in the next 81 days.
And you know, it's just going to get crazier whether Trump wins or loses after that.
Trump, and set your watch by this, Trump's going to win in a gigantic landslide.
But there's massive election fraud that could override that.
But in reality, all the signs are there.
Some of the top statisticians and professors that have predicted the last five, six elections with 100% accuracy have said, oh, landslide.
And Vegas says that, and London says that.
But those same betting outfits said Hillary was going to win four years ago.
So I don't...
Live my life according to them.
I live it according to my own research, my own gut level, my own analysis, what I, what I observed.
Tim Pool has been a big journalist for 15 years.
I mean, I know who he was a long time ago, but now he's got Joe Rogan's tall numbers and I was just happened to be watching him.
Um, a couple of nights ago, I guess it was Wednesday night now or they announced Kamala Harris.
I guess it was last night.
Goddamn flies.
And he was putting on the MAGA hat, his co-host was, and saying, I am endorsing Trump because Trump's authentic.
Doesn't mean I agree with what he's doing all the time, but he tells you what he's going to do.
And in a world of liars that aren't authentic, at least he's telling you what he's going to do.
He may be wrong about some things, but he really does mean well.
And it's that authenticity in Trump that is going to inspire authenticity in others.
And that's the authenticity that I saw.
Doesn't mean he's perfect.
I had Alexander on today, and he'd been on a few times before, and he was a little scared to come on.
He's a smart political analyst.
He advises the White House.
He's a smart guy.
And he was a little scared the first few times he came on, so I had him on for a year.
He came back on today, he was on fire!
And everything he said was just dead on.
Not because he agrees with me, he was dead on about how they're trying to cause a civil war, a race war, the secession of states, the war game.
I mean, this is horrifying stuff the Democrats are up to, because they're losing!
They're losers!
But it's because they're losers that they're so incredibly dangerous.
Now, the interview is now posted to Bandaw Video.
So this is not a spectator sport.
And look, I'll be honest with the viewers and listeners.
I've done some live feeds at night and on the weekend that have like 50,000 people tune in in an hour.
And hey, the regular shows on satellite, on TV, radio, it has over a million an hour conservatively.
Most people exaggerate, about a million an hour.
Very conservatively.
Probably 2 million.
But when I do special shows, I don't really promote, I'm happy to have 50,000.
The average show gets about 200,000 tune-in IP addresses while we're live.
Not to mention radio and TV stations that might be picking it up.
We don't know what's happening there.
But we've had shows back during the last campaign, a few since then, that had 3, 4, 5 million people tune in.
That's on our servers, our streams.
Because I've been running my own streams for 20 years because of censorship.
We were still on other platforms, but I've been censored so long, I just always expect to be taken off.
So when they finally took me off everything, I'm like, I expected it.
That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
I'm not looking for abuse, but somebody walks up and knocks me on the other side of the head, I ain't falling down on the ground, I'm gonna beat your ass.
Or at least I try it.
And so, that's where we are.
Like, oh, you like that, Jones?
You like what we just did?
I'm like, yeah, I like it.
I was about to fall asleep until you knocked me upside the head.
Now I'm in a good mood.
I'm gonna beat your ass politically.
And that's an American attitude.
That's a human attitude.
That's the little dirty secret is I like fighting.
I like rubbing bones up against somebody.
I'll see what they're made of.
Because even if I lose in the end, at least I died trying and I wasn't in some ditch bowing down to these slave masters.
So, we're going to cover it all here tonight.
We're going to cover the waterfront.
But big stuff's going down.
Big things are happening.
And it's you, the listeners that kept us in this fight.
You are the info war.
That isn't some little pat on the head.
That isn't some, oh yeah, you're part of this, we really appreciate you.
I'm counting on you!
Like I'm a guy in a chariot in a gladiatorial war with horses pulling me, with big ass battle axe, and the enemy's shooting arrows at me.
Or maybe I'm the horse and you're the man in the back of the carriage.
All I'm telling you is, we're hooked up.
We're hooked up!
This ain't no thing where, oh, I really appreciate you.
Oh, you're so, no!
We're hooked up, baby!
So you can say, I'm the horse, and you're the man in the carriage.
You're the man in the chariot.
All I'm saying is, we got a job to do.
So I need you to take those links at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show, and that feed on InfoWars, that feed on NewsWars.
It has that big headline about, Emergency Broadcast Stops Civil War II.
Stop Civil War II emergency broadcasts.
And call your mama, call your daddy, call your son, call your daughter, call your neighbor and say, hey, I'm going to send you text messages and link to Roger Stone, the guy they want in prison so he couldn't talk.
And Laura Loomer, the most banned woman in the world on the Internet because they were scared of her.
And a constitutional lawyer they're scared of, Robert Barnes.
And Alex Jones, the guy they say is the devil!
If he's so bad, why don't you tune in and hear it?
And every time you get excited, we go from 200,000 people to a million.
And let me tell you, I don't give a rat's ass about money, people buying things.
I don't care about, oh, I got 2 million watching.
I care about, I'm warning new people.
Because I'll be honest with you, I love those of you that support us and you're great.
But it's like a prodigal son.
He runs off with his inheritance.
He's gone 10 years, comes back totally broke, a drug addict.
And the father says, oh, have a feast, kill the best yearling cow we got, the barbecue.
And the older son says, I've been totally faithful.
What the hell?
You ever had a party for me like this?
The father looks at him, he says, you know how much more valuable you are than him?
I would have done 100 times this for you.
You're not an idiot like him.
At least we got him back.
So you, the listeners, are like the son, or I'm your son, or I'm your brother.
We already know you're in the game.
We already know you've got the answers.
We already know you're dialed in.
We're not trying to save you.
You're not trying to save me.
We're trying to save the people that don't know.
And if we gotta butcher the best cow we got and feed them barbecue to wake their ass up, let's do it!
We don't wanna lose them!
God Almighty, it's so simple.
So you tell everybody you know about the broadcast right now.
However you do it.
Because they're not supposed to see this.
And the enemy's gone to a lot of trouble.
You don't get this.
But because of you and everything you did, we're here right now.
And it's game time.
Alright, let's hear a couple special reports.
First thing I want to play, though, is Trump just came out an hour ago.
It's on NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com.
It's on GatewayPlanet.com.
Appalling lack of respect for the American people when Biden says he wants a national law that's unconstitutional for you to wear a mask.
And now Democrats in their Zoom meetings are making members by themselves wear a mask as a symbol of slavery.
If you ever needed a clearer example, there it is.
Now colleges are saying when you're having sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend, wear a mask.
They're teaching you to hate yourself like you're dirty and you're bad when you should love yourself because you're made in the image of God.
Here's President Trump just about an hour ago.
Really good news.
They caught the killer of legend.
Today we saw Joe Biden continue to politicize a pandemic and to show his appalling lack of respect for the American people.
That's what it is.
At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts and evidence.
Sleepy Joe opposed both the China and the Europe travel bans.
You know that.
He opposed the China travel ban that I instituted very early and the Europe travel ban that I instituted quite early.
If he had Followed if we went after I listened to his advice.
Hundreds of thousands more people would have died.
This is according to many people.
I believe that Dr. Fauci agreed with that.
He said that President Trump made a great decision when he put the ban on China.
Joe Biden wants to fling open American borders, allowing the pandemic to infiltrate every US community based on his And then Trump plays along with the whole hoax, because he knows the public's weak-minded.
Now, here's the big report that Owen Shorter's coming in, then Laura Loomer.
We've got a bunch of other key reports.
High-level Chinese virologists have reported CCP, Communist Party of China, created Wuhan virus, a chimera.
Well, that's like claiming the sky's blue.
They created it with Fauci and Gates.
And the sooner Trump burns them down politically, the better off we are.
The globalists, not just China, are using this to shut us down.
Here is that report.
First, I have been staying under the control of the CCP government for over 30 years.
So basically, I know it more than most of the Western peoples.
And we know how the CCP government can control the voice from the authorities.
Once they control the authorities, those people will use their professional positions and use their titles to let people trust them.
And once these people listen to CCP, they can deliver whatever message
the CCP government want you to believe.
Now it has been shown the big success in China because their propaganda, because of their enforcement,
they can also almost control most of the people.
I mean, 1.4 billion Chinese people has to listen to them.
Now this is just the same thing is applied to overseas, to Western countries.
So for this purpose, they need to use the international organization like WHO.
I don't need to show more evidence.
I think everyone can say from back to December 2019, how their response, I mean, from WHO to this COVID-19 outbreak to January, February, March, all these things.
They've been to China even before, right?
And they have been to China even last week.
What did they say?
And what can they say?
Everything listen to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China.
I think the negotiation, yeah, it may exist, but the negotiation is to negotiate the benefit between WHO and the CCP government, and then later they will sit down to talk about what to tell people, whether this is really from some bad, from even one-belt, one-road countries, and or maybe this is some poor animals they suddenly caught in Wuhan, or this may be some leakage from some lab in China.
Come on, these are all the things you may say in the next steps.
So these are their negotiations.
I think everyone should start to justify it based on whether WHO has its credibility.
Doctor, I want to just re-illustrate what you said.
Essentially, the World Health Organization was involved in the first lie, right?
The idea that this was not communicable human to human.
They knew about it at a minimum at December 31st from the Free Chinese in Taiwan.
So what you are saying essentially is that this current negotiation between the World Health Organization and the Communist Party to investigate the source of this virus is really a negotiation to perfect the second lie.
Am I getting that correctly?
They try to perfect, but you know the lies can never be perfect.
I can show you something.
Remember I mentioned the scientific report I and my team prepared for.
Now I can show you some photos.
I think WHO experts like Dr. Fauci, like CCP, they can remember this photo because later this This whole report will be published to all the people.
They can read it.
They can see what exactly the SARS-CoV-2 virus is.
Whether it is come from nature, or maybe it's more easy.
You can get it from the lab.
Just need to have the PLA-owned Zhouxian bat coronavirus.
And also based on this, WHO has already covered numerous lies for CCP.
And remember, there is a funny thing.
So at the end of February, WHO have sent some experts to Wuhan,
did some investigation and published a paper, published some documents that they realizing
Chinese government did a good thing in anti-COVID-19.
But even in that document, they dare not admit Shijianli's RATJ13 virus.
That document on WHO's website also point out that COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, actually is most close origin
from the Zhou Shanbai virus.
Now I wanted to play this clip from the show that Steve Bannon does called "The War Room."
That's why he also has a show named that.
It's a great name.
Not against this Chinese scientist.
She's a great lady.
She's holding up Zero Hedge.
From late January, six, seven months ago.
And so I'm not attacking Zero Hedge.
And I'm not attacking Steve Bannon.
I'm glad they're putting this out.
But I tune into our own shows and we'll be like, look, some are claiming it's man-made.
The Indians at their top university, totally accredited with CRISPR editing said, it has P-Shuttle, it's injected, it's five different viruses, here they are, we tested them.
I mean, it's done.
It's like, that's a 1999 Ford F-150 red pickup.
You don't need a Ford expert to tell you, but we have the Ford expert going, that was built in Detroit on this particular line, on this date, here's the code number on it.
I mean, it's that documented, folks.
And my frustration is we go back through this over and over and over and over again, where it's like, oh, I heard it came out of Wuhan.
Oh, I heard it was man-made.
Fauci and Gates are on record out of the Wuhan lab patenting two Chimera coronavirus COVID-19 to style viruses with vaccines two years ago.
We've pulled it up, we've written articles, we've shown you.
For animals and for chickens and pigs.
And now they're doing all this.
So, Owen, I want to get into other issues here.
And it's not about bashing Steve Bannon and his war room.
It's not about this Chinese scientist saying this.
We already know this.
So it's like we're always in this continual... It's like the police find a dead body in the bottom of a house.
And then a month later they found the dead body again. It's like Groundhog Day or what's that
Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow, where he keeps battling the same battle every day. It's like
we know Australian government four months ago, US government, British government, German government,
we know. And people go, well then what, you said the virus is deadly?
No, it's man-made, so Gates can own it, and own the patent for the vaccine, and it spreads, and everybody's already had it, so we all are found to be infected, so it's not about death rates now, it's about how we have it, so we're all suspects, and they go, oh, it reinfects, like no other virus ever, just five viruses, so you've always gotta have new vaccines, because it's got HIV delivery system, which means it's a very incestuous virus.
It's constantly infecting you.
It doesn't really do anything unless you're run down, but you can't get rid of it because it's five different viruses.
They really cooked up something like a pinball that just goes around forever implicating everyone, and we should just arrest them and indict them and then execute the people that did this, not sit here and live in their whole Frankenstein world.
I want the villagers to wake up to Dr. Frankenstein.
The virus is a side issue.
It's not the Frankenstein that has done this.
Well, to go back to the body in the dungeon analogy, Alex, the problem is we keep going down there and we keep finding the body because nobody's taking the body.
Nobody's removing the body.
So we have to... Exactly!
The crime just goes on and on and... And the problem is we don't have any real leaders.
I don't care who discovered it!
I don't want to be the one breaking it!
Stop Bill Gates!
Stop Fauci!
said it first, we were glad to hit the barbwire first and be attacked first and have top virologists
and experts on first.
But exactly, and everyone just keeps rediscovering the same thing.
I don't care who discovered it.
I don't want to be the one breaking it.
Stop Bill Gates.
Stop Fauci.
Stop G.G.P.
And I'm afraid we just don't have any real leaders on a world level.
I mean, we have President Trump, but look, even he's limited in what he can do for whatever reason, whether it be political correctness or he's afraid of the New World Order establishment.
Well, the Pentagon told him, if you admit they did it, we've got to go to war with them.
We're already at war with them!
So we're going to continue to have to sit here and deal with the dead body in the basement until somebody wants to come out and take the rotting husk away.
And that's what this is.
Whether it's coronavirus, whether it's, you know, all the treason committed by Obama, still nobody arrested.
All the crimes of Hillary Clinton, still nobody arrested.
All the sex trafficking with Epstein and the pedophilia in Hollywood, still nobody arrested.
It's the same- And Kamala Harris, we now learned, protected women raped.
I mean, it's just all- these are a bunch of perverts, man.
Like, who's raping women?
I mean, not bragging, but no need to rape women.
Who are these people that rape women?
They're people who lust for power, Alex, because it's not about... It's how they don't want to have sex with a woman.
They want to rape her.
They don't get any... I mean, I don't know.
I mean, I can just tell you from studying psychology, it's not a pleasure of sex.
It's a pleasure of dominance.
That's the psychology of a rapist in criminal psychology.
It's the pleasure of dominating you, making you bow at somebody's will, making your victim bow at your will.
For a normal person, it's all about, you enjoy yourself, you're bonding, they enjoy themselves.
That's the turn-on, is them enjoying themselves.
But to a psycho, they don't want that.
On a world level though, Alex, and this is never going to be written in the history books, because again, I mean, we don't have any real leaders.
I mean, you can look at Infowars as a real leader in media, and there's other people popping up, but still most people are behind the times, or too afraid to speak the truth.
But, on a world level, I mean, this is basically 1776 worldwide where, at the time, the British Empire, they said the sun never set on the British Empire.
Well, the sun never sets on the globalist empire.
They own everything.
They own all the... Exactly, and we're in 1776 Part II, but it's up to us who wins.
So people are taking action.
It's not near enough.
The dead body is still going to be in the basement.
And this is, you know, our biggest challenge.
Here's the thing, Alex.
Our biggest challenge isn't defeating the globalists or defeating the New World Order.
That's like flicking a bug off of your ear.
Or, you know, that's like flicking a tick off of your, you know, the back.
It's defeating our own weakness.
It's getting humanity to come together.
It's getting the people of the planet to come together.
I mean, I'm so sickened and saddened at the same time when I see the brainwashed leftists I mean, I see the indoctrination that the Oh, they're so like, like, we want to help them.
And they literally believe we're Nazis when they work for the Nazi collaborator.
And Soros came out in the Times of London and other publications and said, there's an international conspiracy.
It's right here.
There's an international conspiracy against him.
Well, yeah, called humanity.
But it's not organized.
He claims he's not part of a conspiracy against us.
We're the conspiracy, Owen.
We've become Lazy, decadent, fat, drunk, drugged out of our minds, and because of that we're compliant and docile, and the TV has become our leader.
And this is just an overall aggregate of humanity.
Obviously this audience understands better, and the people that work here.
But that's the biggest challenge.
I mean, when I go out to an event, and the full video is a banned out video, and it's a defund the police event, and there's a black guy there who hosts the event, and he literally for 10 minutes, and I don't cut him off, I let him talk, I just show up, and I'm just filming, for 10 minutes goes on an anti-white racist tirade.
Oh, he sounds like the worst white supremacist you've ever heard.
And so, but the point is, I sit there, I'm listening to him, and I'm like, man, you know, there's nothing I can do for you.
You've already chosen to be- And he's on a power trip!
With these white people worshipping him and groveling.
He goes, shut up, you white devil.
And they're like, oh yes, sir.
And then they come and attack you and then call the police on you.
They defund the police rally.
When this guy's clearly assaulting me for 30 minutes, I have the whole thing on tape.
Anyway, not to divert onto that.
No, but they're delusional.
They will hit you and then say you hit them.
And then they'll call the police.
They're like, defund the police!
Oh, Missouri, touch me!
They're lucky the cops are there.
I'll tell them that.
Because, you know, you guys want anarchy.
It actually starts up.
Well, that's what I was saying, too.
I mean, that's the thing, Alex.
There's no path of logic.
There's no linear thinking to these people, because if you actually took the time... I mean, I don't know how your mind works, Alex, but my mind, when I analyze things, it's like a chessboard.
Let's just say it.
I could take all those people out with a baseball bat in five minutes.
And I'm not the only... Like, I think it's real men.
I could take out three or four, you know.
But, like, these... I'm looking at it like, God, these people... I could take every one of these people.
They don't even know how to fly back!
No, no, no.
I'm not down to that.
I mean, look, you know, I don't appear to be much on the surface.
I'm not trying to act tough.
I'm saying I look at them, it's like stepping on rats.
No, no, no.
Here, let me finish my point.
Because believe me, that guy that got in my face, I mean, he's like 6'2", probably is like 100 pounds to me.
I'd knock him out in one punch.
Again, but that's not... My point is, Alex...
What are we supposed to do when they can't even think logically in their own ideological system?
For example, they say defund the police, but they also say they want gun control, so turn in all the guns.
And they want the police to enforce wearing masks.
And they want to go into your neighborhood and tell you to join Black Lives Matter.
So let's actually play all this out for a second, Alex.
Let's say they get all of this accomplished, okay?
So they've defunded the police, so there's no more police, okay?
And they're doing all their Black Lives Matter stuff and they're going into your neighborhood.
So what do they think is going to happen?
What they're really saying, play it out, is they don't want a judicial system, which has its own problems, but that means no system.
They want anarchical rule.
No, no, no.
And I'm not even thinking, see, you're even, stop, stop Alex, revert back.
If they go into neighborhoods, No, just to their level of there's no police.
There's no police!
Well, I mean, we'd wipe them out in five minutes.
That's my point!
What do you think is stopping people?
Like, you, like, that's my point.
They really think that white supremacists or police are out here to try to kill you, but...
Then what would stop us if the police were gone?
If you really believe that and you go down and you march in a neighborhood for Black Lives Matter, guess what?
And there's no police, you're literally going to get shot up.
And they're not going to get killed because they're for black people.
They're going to get wiped out because they're commies.
Oh my gosh, they're trying to run us over with cars.
Guess what?
There's no police?
Then all these supposed people are going to rev up their Ford F-150s and mow all of you down.
And who are you going to call?
They can't even think, Alex.
But see, here's the problem.
It's not about logic.
It's not about thinking.
It's not about intellect.
It's all about hate.
And it's all about dominating you.
That's all these people care about.
And it's sad, but it's true.
And they're crazy.
They burn down everything they're in control of.
It's like the Middle East.
Like, people can bitch at Israel.
Israel's got its problems like any country, but Israel's its own nation.
It's productive.
All these other groups are burning themselves down, murdering themselves, fighting for power, killing each other all day.
If you gave them control of Jerusalem, they'd burn it down, fighting each other.
I mean, that's the thing.
They can't run anything.
They would call it a victory.
That's what they want to do.
Burn down America.
End America.
We won!
And it's like, it's like taking a big, a big, a big crap, I'm sorry, but it's like taking a big, a big pile of crap, of your own crap, and then putting a flag on a, I conquered the mountain!
I climbed the mountain!
It's your own feast!
Well that's my thing, is they say, no borders, no walls, no USA at all, and now they're, no Europe, no any, it's not about getting, they want to conquer it, and then, they won't even, it's insane.
Stay there, ride shotgun with us.
Laura Loomer for the next two and a half hours, she, Most banned woman on the internet.
I mean, banned from Uber, banned from hotels.
I mean, you talk about the level of oppression, the model of the Chinese Communist social score.
She's been warning everybody, but like the Phoenix Rising, thanks to her action and your support, she is set to win the primary.
She's set to win the general election.
But we got to make sure that happens in Florida, right in their backyard.
When Robert Barnes is joining us after Roger Stone joins us coming up about 30 minutes.
Oh, and Troy arrived shotgun.
I want to air this report here.
It's very, very important.
It's a little short report.
There's two reports.
Go swimming with Alex Jones.
They've closed the biggest parks in the U.S.
for a city here in Austin.
They've closed it.
It was the top thing on Twitter yesterday, saying I just harassed people at lifeguards.
No, they're people blocking the entrance to the park.
The police said I was wrong, ordered the lifeguards to stop blocking the entrance to the regular park.
So because that success scared the left, they made it number one on Twitter and lied about us.
Here's that report, then Harrison Smith's report of the Russians didn't burn Bibles.
I have Andy for doing it in Austin.
They did it.
It's the Christians that are under attack.
It's people of faith that are under attack by the left.
So we're going to air that Harrison Smith report, then Laura Loomer is coming up with so much more.
Remember, commercial free tonight!
Tell everybody you know about the live streams at Infowars.com forward slash show, band.video.
It's Stop Civil War II emergency broadcast with Laura Loomer, Tip of the Spear, Roger Stone, constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, Alex Jones, and Owen Schroer.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Laura Loomer.
This Saturday, at high noon, I'm going to one of the main Greenbelt Park entrances in Austin, Texas.
If you're coming in from outside town, all you do is put in the Hill of Life, 1710 Camp Kraft Road, Austin, Texas, 78746.
When you get there, they now have contact tracers there wanting your driver's license, your name, your number.
For contact tracing, and they're only letting in people when they first set up their checkpoint.
After that, everyone else is turned back.
I went past the checkpoint, went down, checked it.
No one was there.
But it didn't hit home until my wife comes back, and she wasn't even mad.
She just said, man, these punk kids were like really rude to me and my friend.
Imagine, good-looking professional women, Can't even go down to the creek on public property without snot-nosed girls.
What are you doing here?
You don't have a reservation!
I'm going down there!
And again, this is a microcosm of everything.
When are we going to start pushing back?
Because of COVID-19, the biggest city park in the country?
And now they're seizing control.
And it's the same in every country, every area.
In the 80s and 90s, they grabbed the green belts.
And now, worldwide, they're selling them off.
But before they can do that, they've got to minimize it, they've got to cut it back, and they've got to teach you not to use it.
And there's nothing a dirty liberal likes more than being abused by liberals above them.
And so I'm down there going, we paid for this.
It's in the law.
It's ours.
The police say it's not enforceable.
There's not even a law to keep me off this.
The police are, he's right.
You kids get off this.
You can't do this.
The cops put their jobs on the line.
They were all saluting me when I left because they know the law.
But it doesn't matter.
The alchemy of the Austin American statesman says, I just screamed at innocent people guarding a swimming pool.
Look at this crazy guy.
He just screamed at lifeguards for no reason.
I show up.
They say, hey, you got a reservation?
You got a pass?
No, I don't.
All of a sudden, I hear, like, you're a jerk.
I hate you.
F you.
I turn around.
Girl's, like, flipping me off.
These are hateful nobodies.
But that's how tyranny works in Nazi Germany, the Hitler Youth, or in Malice Youth Brigades.
Who do you think Antifa is?
So again, this is a microcosm of everything on this planet right now.
You're being hearded.
You're being taught to submit.
But I'm going down there this Saturday noon.
We're going to have our American flags.
And we're going to march right past the contact tracers.
And we're going to go down to that water and we're going to swim.
So go swimming with Alex Jones in Barton Creek this Saturday high noon.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Harrison Smith.
It is the 12th of August, the year 2020, and I'm here today to bring you an example of some of the most insane and egregious gaslighting by the mainstream media I have ever seen.
And here we see at the very top of the list, number one on Reddit politics, the mainstay, the source, the homepage for millions of people to find their information about what's going on in the world, is this story.
Donald Trump Jr.
and Ted Cruz shared Russian misinformation about Black Lives Matter protesters burning Bibles.
That's quite an incendiary headline, if you'll pardon the pun.
Quite the shocking revelation by Business Insider.
And of course, 23,000 Redditors have upvoted this article here.
Donald Trump Jr.
and Ted Cruz shared Russian misinformation about Black Lives Matter protesters burning Bibles.
Stuff, of course.
On August 1st, Donald Trump Jr., Senator Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, and other high-profile right-wing Republican figures shared the news that Black Lives Matter protesters had burned a stack of Bibles in front of a courthouse in Portland based on a video.
Now, as we know from the headline, this is misinformation.
This is disinformation.
Frankly, it's a flat-out lie, of course.
These right-wingers fell for this Russian propaganda.
The deleted tweet contained a video by Russian news agency Ruppli, which you can still watch here, showing a small group of protesters burning a Bible, among other materials.
Of course, if we go to that link, we see this video here.
Here it is, the Russian propaganda, the Russian misinformation.
Yes, folks, there it is, burning Bibles in a pile.
It's an eight-second video, but don't be fooled.
It's been heavily edited to show you something that doesn't actually exist.
But here's the most amazing line in the entire thing.
Although the event did happen, it has gained outsized attention.
Let me say that again.
Though the event did in fact happen, it has gained outsized attention.
So, here's the headline.
Donald Trump Jr.
and Ted Cruz shared Russian misinformation about Black Lives Matter protesters burning Bibles.
They were burning Bibles.
That's not misinformation.
The misinformation they say, the misinformation they have identified, is that it has gained outsized attention.
See, it did actually happen.
You just care too much about it.
Yes, they did burn Bibles.
Yes, they were burning books.
Yeah, look, but who cares?
It's your fault for paying attention to this.
It's your fault for caring about this.
In fact, showing videos of it is actually misinformation because you're not supposed to care.
You're not supposed to see this.
You're supposed to accept this completely.
So this is the absurdity.
This is the level of gaslighting.
This is the ridiculousness.
And I would love, I would love if there was one liberal person out there that could explain to me what the fuck this article is trying to say.
Because they did burn the Bibles.
That did happen.
The video was real.
That really was Antifa.
They really were burning Bibles.
Oh, but by showing them burning Bibles, you're insinuating that a lot of Bibles were burned, when really it was just a few Bibles being burned.
So, therefore, it's misinformation.
This is fucking insane.
This is insanity.
This makes no sense at all.
And this is just the level that we have now reached.
This is the, uh, The peak of gaslighting, or rather the depth of misinformation and disinformation that we have plunged to now.
They are burning Bibles in the street, Antifa, in a symbolic act of anti-Christian sentiment.
They're burning the holy book of the founders and the native stock of this entire country, the foundation of our morality and our laws.
They are burning that book Symbolically, again, as a symbol, not because they're trying to get rid of every Bible.
They're not burning giant stacks in order to eliminate the Bible from existence.
They're doing it in a symbolic act to let you know exactly what their intentions are and what their motive is.
This is the total takeover, this is the complete totalitarian capture of the American system, and it relies very heavily on the destruction of the Christian ethos on which this country was founded, symbolically embodied in the burning of the Bible by Antifa and Black Lives Matter that they don't want you to know about, and they'll delete you for sharing that video.
That's right.
Their goal is to overthrow America and every system in our culture.
We're live at 737 Central Time.
Owen Shore is running shotgun the rest of the night.
We are joined by a lady who's running for Congress who has She's come back against all the odds, banned like no one else.
I mean, she's banned worse than I am.
I'm not banned, at least for now that I know of, on Uber Eats or Uber Bed and Breakfasts, but she's been banned on Twitter, Facebook, everything.
Laura Loomer, the beta test of what they wanted to ban because she was fighting the bans when I was being banned.
She was fighting for me.
They said, well, just silence her.
Well, she's running for Congress.
And she's trying to raise a lot of money tonight.
You know, it sounds like a lot of money.
She's raised over a million dollars.
She's outspent the Republican person running against her, and she's set to win that.
But she's got to go up against the Democrat.
And the polls show she's neck and neck.
So she needs those donations.
Laura Loomer, thanks for coming on with us tonight.
Riding shotgun with us.
Roger Stone coming up.
He'll be riding shotgun.
We also have constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes here.
But you're with us the rest of the night.
Thank you so much for joining us, but you're a little squeamish about this.
Tell people how they donate and why they should donate right now to History, because you're the underdog that is now the overdog.
They're so scared of you, and a win by you is gonna blow a big hole in their facade.
I just can't wait, and I can smell victory.
Thanks so much for having me, Alex, and thanks for agreeing to do this tonight.
You know, I was inspired to run for Congress after being completely deplatformed and watching people like myself and you and others like Milo and Tommy Robinson and Gavin McGinnis have our civil rights completely violated.
And I started to think to myself, if this is going to happen to people like you and I, and our elected officials aren't going to do anything to hold the big tech tyrants accountable, What's going to happen to the everyday average American who doesn't necessarily have our soapbox?
And that's when I decided that I was going to take a stand and run for Congress.
And when I decided to run for Congress, people on the left and the right mocked me and they said that I would never win and that I would never even raise a dime and that nobody would vote for me.
But it's been a little over a year since I filed to run on August 2nd, 2019.
And since then, you're right, I have raised nearly $1.2 million.
And I've done all of this and become the frontrunner candidate and my primary is in five days on August 2nd.
And that's on record.
They're all scared now.
They're not laughing now.
They're hitting panic buttons on national medias.
Yeah, and it goes to show you the power of one person and the power of one voice, and when you decide to take a stand and not allow big tech to silence you.
And so, you know, as a result of being completely deplatformed, you know, I'm the only deplatformed candidate in the nation, which means my campaign doesn't have equal access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal.
By the way, you're not whining about that.
That's a seismic event of election meddling.
You've got Telegram, you've got Parler.
People should go join it and tell people how.
But imagine Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
You're a major congressional frontrunner.
You're not allowed to have access with your ads or your voice.
This is an insanely dangerous precedent.
But wait a second, Laura, don't forget, you're actually in the category with one other person, and that's President Donald J. Trump.
That's right.
He's, well, she warned two years ago in Congress he'd be Trump next, and it happened.
So, you're in an exclusive clash, yourself and the President.
You warned everybody, now it's here.
Yeah, it's happening and the funny thing is that President Trump and Mrs. Trump are actually going to be my constituents when I win my race in November.
This district where I'm running, Florida's 21st district, includes the Mar-a-Lago area, so the Winter White House is located.
So I will be President Donald Trump's Congresswoman when I win and unseat Lois Franklin.
It'd be one thing if you're out in Montana.
That's important.
God's country.
But you're literally in the new elite of New York, D.C.
They're all moving there.
They've been there.
But now with the COVID lockdown, I mean, you're like in the West Coast, rural capital of power.
They're so pissed that you're the front runner.
What will you do if elected to Congress?
Because I know when I was being banned, you stood up for me.
And that's why you probably, I'm not trying to say it's because of me, but I think it was a big reason you got banned, was coming to support me.
You didn't back down like everybody else.
That's why I know you'll do a great job in Congress.
What will you do?
Well, I'm a fighter, Alex, and I don't need to make false promises like a lot of Republicans who run for office.
I have a proven track record of taking on some of the most vicious, corrupt, vile leftists in our country.
Whether it be Hillary Clinton at her book signing, which I live-streamed on Infowars, or Comey's book signing, or putting illegal aliens on Nancy Pelosi's lawn, another great video that we put here, or handcuffing myself to Twitter.
You premiered that here because you were banned everywhere else.
So, you're not making promises.
People know what you're going to do.
What are you going to do when you get in there?
Well, I'm going to take these people on, and I'm going to take down Big Tech.
And since a lot of our members of Congress, you have do-nothing Democrats and do-nothing Republicans, would rather take money from Big Tech on the side and be paid off and make false promises to the American people, while people like Billy Long auction off our First Amendment right from inside the halls of Congress, I'm going to take these people down.
And I'll tell you one thing, when I get elected to Congress, I'm going to be Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg's worst nightmare.
All it takes is one person with a bully pulpit, Owen.
Well, and here's what I want to see in these November elections.
Not just Laura Loomer get in, but there are other patriotic conservatives running as Republicans who are real fighters.
And what I've learned from talking to these people and then going through the Texas GOP process is, just like what happened with President Trump, The Republican Party, unfortunately, is very corrupt.
And it's not like the Democrat Party corruption.
It's more just people that like grifting and taking money.
Well, it's extreme wimpiness is what it is.
And so, you've got to understand, Laura— They're little nobody wimps that steal the campaign money, so they're hiding from mainstream media.
They're scared of mainstream media because they're busy stealing.
And so, Laura, you know, I don't want to put you into a head-to-head battle with, you know, the Republican Party, obviously, but I know, I'm sure you had to go through trials and tribulations just with the Republican Party before you even get to the election, because I've seen it in Texas.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
Let's talk about the ground rules.
One of the most powerful congressional districts in the country, probably the top four.
I mean, you're in the top four most powerful.
I think they say it's like the number fourth most powerful.
What is it like, you being a frontrunner, in the middle of all that power, Jeffrey Epstein's area, all of it?
I mean, what are they doing?
Well, I haven't received any support from the NRCC or the National Republican Party, despite the fact that I am the frontrunner.
And you're absolutely correct, Owen.
You would think that my only opponents would have to be the Democrat Party.
But the establishment Republicans, they don't really want to support outsider candidates like myself.
And the same way they treated President Trump, then-candidate Trump in 2015 and 2016, is how they're treating me now.
I have met all of the benchmarks.
I've actually exceeded all of the benchmarks to be included on the NRCC's young gun list, yet they have refused to include me on their list.
They won't even take a meeting with me.
So, meanwhile... Because they should be giving you money that everybody's giving to the Republican... Laura Loomer, I guarantee I've seen the numbers.
Positive mention, Republican Party's like 98%.
Everybody that knows her loves her.
So why is she getting money from the PACs?
And they won't even issue a statement.
We've asked the Republican Party and we've asked people to issue statements about this election interference.
And this is why a lot of Republicans lose, is because we need people who are going to take a stand and fight.
And if they're not even going to fight for their candidates who have a chance to unseat Democrat incumbents, you know, we're doomed.
I saw the numbers.
28 percent, last time I checked, of Democrats run unopposed.
And the real fighters, like Laura, get nothing from the Republican Party.
And by the way, we're not just bitching.
We want grassroots to know, give your money directly to Laura Loomer, or go to PACs that are like real PACs, that actually give to the future of the Republican Populist Party.
Laura, what should we do?
Well look, people need to start giving money directly to candidates because if you get these spammy text messages from the NRCC where they tell you that they're going to give you like a 500% match, they're not going to be giving it to candidates like me who are fighting for America First agendas.
They're going to give it to their picks, right?
People who are just going to listen and people who are just going to stand in line and comply with everything that they- Synthetic Koch brother Democrat Republicans.
And so I would encourage people to donate to my campaign directly or the candidates who you support directly instead of giving money to the NRCC.
And, you know, that's what I've been doing.
I've been running a grassroots campaign.
And, you know, the money that I've raised has all been through small dollar online donations from people all across the country in all 50 states.
And you don't have to be a resident of Florida to donate to my campaign, as long as you're a United States citizen.
And during this three-hour broadcast, you know, going into my primary on August 18th, I want us to try to raise $100,000.
People, listen, money talks and BS walks.
You want to fight a war, folks, I've already given $2,000.
As soon as she wins this primary, I'm going to give the maximum.
I'm going to encourage everybody to give to that.
I mean, we have a real shot here at fixing this peaceably.
And Owen, you jump in here anytime you want, but Laura, let me ask you this question, and this is a personal thing.
I know you're a tough person and I've known you for seven, eight years or whatever, but you...
We're really getting down about a year and a half ago, and we're even breaking down crying during breaks.
When they were taking everything, you were living on your credit cards, you'd given everything you had, you were a successful woman.
Before that, no one was supporting you other than a few shows.
What was the... And I laughed when you were on, and Drudge put it up, people thought I was being mean to you.
No, I was like laughing at the uncomfortableness, because I've been through this too.
I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing because, I mean, I was there with you.
It's inappropriate and I apologize.
We have a big national story, Jones laughs at Laura Limmer.
I was laughing because, I'm like, oh!
I get it, but now you turned around and have been even stronger.
What happened?
Was it spiritual?
Was it cultural?
What happened?
Because you came out, I've known you even stronger.
Yeah, you're right.
And you know, I'm a human being and I know that was the ultimate meltdown, probably the most viral meltdown seen around the world on your show, right?
Millions of people saw that.
But look, you know, when you destroy, this is the power of big tech.
They are destroying people's lives.
They are taking their livelihood.
And so while some people, you know, thought it was funny to make fun of me online, you know, that is what happens.
I spent my entire 20s building a media company, putting blood, sweat, and tears into doing my investigative journalism and my lumered videos.
And then a couple of communist billionaires in Silicon Valley decided that they didn't want me to speak because I'm a outspoken Trump supporter and they took it all away.
And you know it got so bad that they shut down my access to my bank account and these
are really hard things to do.
You can't just start your own bank.
You can't just start your own internet company.
You know and there's there's not a really realistic approach from our lawmakers.
They seem to think that that the free market is going to handle this.
But I wouldn't really say that the free market is.
I totally agree.
And I've begged for help on air and gotten emotional.
I thought it was very strong what you did, and I'm sorry I was inappropriate.
It wasn't an attack.
It was because I was agreeing with you, but it still went viral, and I think that did bring you a lot of support, though, that authenticity.
No, it did.
And then what I started to realize is that, you know, I may feel down at times and I may feel weak some days, but, uh, I was put on this planet for a reason.
And it's because I've been able to handle this burden and it takes a really strong person to be able to deal with the type of adversity that I've dealt with.
And I know that, you know, regardless of the trials and the tribulations and the adversity, I'm fighting a fight that other people may not have the strength to fight.
I don't want to jump in here, but I'm not just saying this.
They have targeted you more than anyone I know, other than political activists and journalists in mainland China.
They took your bank accounts.
They didn't just block your merchant accounts.
They didn't just take your PayPal.
They blocked you getting Ubers, getting Uber Eats, getting hotels.
I mean, they did a thing to you.
I've not seen anybody else.
What was it like, and why did they do it?
Well, it's awful, you know, and it's a violation of your civil rights and it's really hard to navigate life sometimes when you're completely immobilized because in my generation, I grew up in an internet generation where now everything is totally immersed and revolves around internet and apps and You know, now to even access some apps, you have to have a Facebook account and, you know... And by the way, interrupting you, they celebrated, we were showing headlines in the Washington Post, Politico, oh she's a provocateur and now she's banned, ha ha ha.
So you destroy someone and then you celebrate we're destroying them because they get the speech but she doesn't.
How sick is that abuse of Well, also, I forget the story.
I covered it in the War Room.
I know some of the War Room crew isn't there.
Maybe you guys can find it.
But it was a typically liberal publication, and I guess it was some leftist that just got hit with a ban hammer, and they write this whole story about how their life is ruined!
How their life is in total chaos because of the censorship, and how they're suffering with depression, and they can't make money.
They don't know how they're going to pay.
And you've been banned everywhere.
And I'm sitting here like, haha!
It's like you said, I'm laughing.
It's not like a good laugh.
It's like we've already been at the funeral.
It's like, hahaha!
Yeah, it's like we've already been to the funeral, and we're having memories of our, you know, dead aunt or whatever, and you just kind of laugh about it, but it's like, yeah, that's what you do to people!
You're trying to destroy people's livelihoods!
But it's weird, it's like, it doesn't, they don't get it, it's like they really don't get it.
But then when they get it, what happens to them, they celebrate it, and it's like, oh my god, it's dangerous!
Laura, it's like a double-mindedness, how would you describe it?
Yeah, it's really satanic what they do.
And, you know, look, in my case, you asked me why I was banned and why I was shut down.
I was completely deplatformed for being the first person to expose Ilhan Omar.
And they banned me and decided to try to ruin my life.
Start over.
That was it.
You went to Minnesota.
You exposed the attorney general that now says women should be allowed to be raped and police shouldn't come.
You were on.
I mean, you were like, come on, he's a rapist.
I'm like, are you sure?
And now it's all confirmed.
Start over.
I'll stop interrupting.
Tell people why you were banned.
This is so important.
Right, so I was in Minnesota prior to the midterm elections in 2018 and I was exposing Keith Ellison and I was exposing Ilhan Omar when nobody knew who she was and Rashida Tlaib because I was investigating jihadist candidates across the country.
Because, you know, we have a problem in this country with Islamic infiltration into our governments and now we have the Muslim Brotherhood trying to subvert and corrupt our political institutions and that's how we ended up with people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib in Congress.
And so I was in Minnesota.
I chased down Keith Ellison with the, you know, assault records.
I showed up to Ilhan Omar's event and Rashida Tlaib.
Rashida Tlaib assaulted me, you can see in the video there, and I was asking her all the questions that everybody then called a conspiracy but they now know is real.
Ilhan, why did you marry your brother?
Ilhan, why do you hate the Jews?
Will you condemn Hamas?
Why are you supporting ISIS?
You know, why are you campaigning with CARE, a terrorist organization?
And they called me a white supremacist in the paper, and conservatives said there's no way that this candidate for Congress married her brother, oh Laura Loomer's anti-Muslim, and now everybody is basically just taking credit for my work years later and not speaking out for me despite the fact that I was completely deplatformed for this.
If anybody deserves to go to Congress, I mean, I know you're for real, I've seen you for years at work, it would be beautiful with you in Congress, you could call Speakers?
Because how many times have you and I and Owen been in the back while they're talking about us and we're looking at each other while they're talking about us on the stage?
But that's my point is, and this is what's so sad, and this is why people have to take action, folks.
You have to stare this beast in the eye.
In utter, in the jaws of defeat, you have to steal victory because... Look at those Islamic women that literally say they hate America and they're laughing at us.
Again, and I resonate with Laura here, because I have to do it too.
Look at this.
Laura goes into this event- She's surrounded.
She's solo.
Alex, how many times do you lecture me about how I go to events solo?
You get pissed because I'm there all alone.
We don't have backup.
Republicans don't promote our events.
Republicans don't send people out in masses.
The liberals and the left are fully coordinated and activated.
That's why a conservative has an event, a hundred liberals show up to bullhorn it and shout
it down and cause chaos and violence.
Things don't organize, they don't activate because the Republican Party doesn't want
That's why they were anti-Trump, and that's why it's almost impossible for real grassroots
Republicans to get- But here's the difference.
Laura's running, you're digging it, we're going to win.
That's what I'm telling listeners, folks.
I'm not like getting a slice of the money she gets.
She's spending it all.
They almost destroyed her.
Give her money.
Give us money.
Promote us.
I know you are.
I'm not bitching at you.
I'm just saying, people, we're totally committed.
Did you see Kamala Harris say in that statement that once she's president, Biden will step down and that she's going to wage war against Trump supporters and destroy us?
I mean, this is getting crazy.
She already has, though, Alex.
You know, when I worked for Rebel Media for a little while when I left Project Veritas, I did an expose about a Trump supporter who Kamala Harris targeted, and he was innocent.
He's an innocent, Jewish, gay Trump supporter who posted some comments about Islam on Facebook, and obviously as a gay man and a Jew, he's not going to really like what's in the Quran as it calls for the killing of homosexuals and the killing of Jews and Christians.
And Kamala Harris and her office, they accused him of trying to plot a Columbine-style attack at the Islamic Center, when in reality, the crimes that they were accusing him of, and the phone calls and the harassing messages that they were accusing him of, were those of the son of a Democrat judge in Los Angeles.
Well, that's what they do!
They false flag everybody!
I was going to say, Laura, do you remember what was that date when they framed that guy?
Do you remember the date of that?
I don't remember the exact date.
I remember.
Well, here's why.
Because when you learn how these people operate, you start to put the puzzle pieces together.
I believe Kamala Harris was chosen as the Democrat nominee, actually in 2017, when she went to the Hamptons, got Hillary's campaign team, met with... Oh, it's on record that the head censor at Twitter Work for her.
Exactly, and now her former campaign manager is the censor guy at Twitter.
But also, see, I'm so glad you brought this up, Laura, because here's what they do.
They run stunts to get accepted by the Democrat Party.
That was probably Kamala Harris' stunt.
Hey, frame this guy for a hate crime against Islam, and you can be the next presidential nominee.
Well, that's it.
They got a Jussie Smollett to prove themselves.
But again, it failed.
It was a Jussie Smollett fail.
So they tried to frame this guy for a terror attack.
Totally failed.
Media covered it up.
Laura, you've got the floor here.
What else do you want to impart?
What are we going to cover next hour?
Roger wants to handicap the election.
It's indescribable how this is game time.
Laura Loomer.
Well, look, we are in a war, right?
We are in a war for the survival of America.
And at this point in time, in this election, forget about Republicans versus Democrats.
It's patriots versus communists.
That's what this election is about.
And you're either an American patriot and you're going to vote Republican or you're going to side with the Democrats who are now, as I like to call them, You know, full-blown communists, their policy calling for defunding the police.
Okay, you have Democrat members of Congress who are trying to pass legislation to jail people if they create memes that make fun of Democrats.
That was something proposed by Frederica Wilson here in Florida.
You have You know, absurd concepts like the Green New Deal.
You have people like Ilhan Omar in Minnesota calling for Muslim community patrol and, you know, how's that going to work out, right?
It's worse than you say.
She said, abolish the police and then build something new and beautiful.
Something new and beautiful, like all those Somali migrants in Minneapolis patrolling the towns themselves as Sharia Cops.
Something that has already been reported as taking place in Minnesota and something that has, you know, been seen in New York.
I remember when I broke that story about the Muslim patrol cars in New York City and I came on your show to talk about it and then everybody was freaking out because, you know, they got caught.
They got caught with their Muslim patrol cars.
Let me be honest, I used to have you on five, six years ago during the Trump campaign, and others on, and Glenn Beck's usually way behind the curve, but he was ahead of this.
Him ten years ago, Sharia law, they take over, and I'm like, okay, it's not that bad.
And then I see, call to prayer in Austin, and liberals saying, we must do what Muslims say, and then I go to the mall, and like half the stores show hijabs, and all women should wear hijabs.
Let me ask you this question, why are the leftist elites, You said they throw gays off buildings.
Why are they so in love with Islam?
What the hell is going on?
Yeah, well, the takedown of our country right now, it's an alliance, right?
It's an axis called the Red-Green Axis or the Red-Green Alliance, Alex.
And what the Red-Green Alliance is, is it's this alliance between Islamists and Marxists.
Okay, Marxist-Jihadists.
So what you're seeing take place in Minneapolis, which was, you know, the ground zero location for all of these riots that took place after the death of George Floyd, that was a Marxist-Jihadist insurrection taking place that spurred What we're now seeing is total lawlessness and anarchy, and ultimately what these people are trying to accomplish is a coup of a duly elected president.
And so they work together to supplement each other's interests, but at the end of the day, you're absolutely right, right?
The Islamists are not going to, when they get what they want, if they succeed in overthrowing our country, these Marxist-Jihadists, and they succeed in destroying our constitution and our American values and implementing Sharia law, They're not going to, you know, live in peace with the leftists.
The leftist idea and the leftist values and the things that they like to talk about, they like to talk about, you know, let's just take an example, okay?
Feminism, right?
Do you think that women are treated well under Islam?
Do you think that there's anything feminist about Islam where women are less than men and if a woman is raped she has to have four witnesses or else she's stoned to death, right?
I don't really see how that's liberal. What about tossing homosexuals off
roofs and killing gay people?
It's awful. And this is what I don't understand. And this is something that I try to
expose with my investigative journalism is just the absolute hypocrisy and how these values are
completely incompatible with our United States Constitution.
We cannot allow for Sharia law to happen and to take place in America.
And it is.
It's now brewing in the halls of Congress with people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.
Well I totally agree, and again I'll just be honest.
I've studied the Middle East, I've studied world history, I know the players, but the wildest Middle East Psychology transplanted here and accepted by Democrats and in Europe to see the left ally itself with the worst elements of Islam.
It's like it's beyond being cucked.
It's a suicidal, weird sickness.
No, no, no.
Let's be clear what this is though, Alex.
It's not even...
It's the globalists, it's the UN, and it's really just the Chinese foot soldiers, and they're all allied right now against the evil America.
There's almost 2 billion Muslims.
But people need to understand, all the black people fighting for this globalism thing that the Democrats are... I mean, there's 2 million Muslims, and they want to enslave us!
We're going to be bad!
What the hell?
We're going to kill us!
It won't even matter.
We'll never reach a point...
I mean, they say they're going to annihilate us, and then we just sit here?
We'll never reach a point where the left has to face off against Islamic ideology or anything.
No, they'll make a deal and sell us out.
But it won't even get to that.
These are all the willing foot soldiers of the Chinese.
The Chinese can't be here.
Yeah, exactly.
The Chai-coms are playing all this, like waiting for us to kill each other.
Because black people are in concentration camps in China, Muslims are in concentration camps in China, they're going to do the same thing to you here.
So that's all this is.
All these people are just the footages of China.
Idiot pawns, I agree.
That's a great, I'm glad no one brought that up.
China, in your view, your world view, Laura Lemmer, in Congress, your view on China.
We're going to go to break, bring you back with Roger Stone.
Laura, your view on China.
China is a huge threat, and you just brought something up, Owen, that I want to touch on, right?
When you look at the reason why I was banned, I was banned for being accused of being anti-Muslim, okay?
But I have actually been one of the biggest advocates for the Muslim Uyghurs who are being put in the concentration camps by the Chinese And they are being used as slave laborers for these very same big tech companies that are doing their manufacturing, who are accusing us of being bigots.
I'm sorry, Alex, but nothing that you and I, or Milo, or Gavin McInnes, or Tom... Yeah, we're not putting two million people in death camps or whatever.
We're not putting people in death camps, right?
But these companies are, but somehow we're the hateful people, right?
I don't know who needs a history lesson or who needs a semantics lesson over here, but calling somebody anti-Jewish isn't anti-Muslim.
And if speaking up for discrimination against Jews is anti-Muslim, then we've got a big problem.
We don't, as Christians or Jews or Americans, don't want to be targeted for destruction.
We don't want the Chi-Coms to put two and a half, three million Muslims in slave camps and kill 600 a day, they think.
We're against that too.
Because exactly, we're against Islam's oppression and corruption.
They make them worship the Muslims now, Xi Jinping.
And we're against worshiping Xi Jinping.
We're not going to worship Muslims.
We're not going to worship Xi Jinping.
We are a liberal, open society.
But that term means nothing.
Conservatism is called liberalism now, folks.
We're conserving classical liberalism.
The left is getting rid of it.
Laura Lummer?
Owen Schroyer?
Yeah, and where's Ilhan Omar on this?
You know, I find it really interesting how the left, they're so hypocritical, right?
They hijacked our news cycles, they accused President Trump of trying to have a Muslim ban, when in reality he was just trying to restrict immigration from countries that had high levels of Islamic terrorism.
But where is Ilhan Omar?
And where are all these Democrats who accused President Trump of being anti-Muslim?
Are they going to go to China?
Are they going to go to these death camps and rescue all of those Uyghurs who are being oppressed by all of these big tech social media.
If anything, they're blackmailed by China, Laura.
If you knew about Ilhan Omar's activity before the media, believe me, the Chinese knew about it.
The NBA won't even say anything!
Ilhan Omar is blackmailed from head to toe, okay?
This woman married her brother.
She's laundering campaign money to her new husband that she cheated on her brother-husband with.
She's literally just a blackmail candidate.
That's all it is.
She'll never speak up for Muslims.
No, I agree.
I totally agree.
So what do we do, Laura?
This hypocrisy where the NBA says America sucks, the average player's paid $12 million, and then they won't say a word about China.
It pisses me off.
What do we do?
We need to burn it all down, Alex.
We need to burn it all down.
You know, enough of conservatives sitting on the sidelines and accepting this abuse and this hypocrisy and these double standards, okay?
Conservatives need to play by the same rules as the Democrats.
They need to use the same type of Alinsky tactics to fight back and defeat these communists, okay?
And I'm not calling for violence at all, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of civil disobedience, Alex.
Peaceful civil disobedience to prove a point and to break these double standards.
Laura, I totally agree.
So tell me what you think we should do, because Saturday...
I'm gonna go down where they've taken the giant city park, it's like a hundred, three hundred square miles, a hundred thousand acres, and they've just closed it for COVID.
Earth is closed!
So we're gonna go down, we're gonna swim, I don't care if I get arrested.
That's one way, but there's more aggressive things to do.
What do we do, Laura?
Well, you gotta protest and you gotta get a lot of people to come with you.
The people need to rise up and take a stand.
It's what our founders would have wanted.
That's what the enemy pays attention to, is you raising $1,200,000, which sounds like a lot, it's not.
You are the frontrunner, that's big.
People showing up this Saturday at the Hill of Life in Austin, you're damn right, it takes action.
It takes people power.
You gotta get people who are going to support people who they think that they can silence.
And when you rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and you show them that their bully tactics and their silencing, their efforts to silence us aren't going to work, they get scared.
They get scared.
So that's why, you know, people need to support you and your protests.
That's why people need to go to lauralumarforcongress.com and donate to my campaign so that we can fight back.
By the way, Laura, that's not some negative or you give something up.
It's a pleasure to give to your campaign.
I've given $2,000.
I'll give more when you win the primary.
It's an honor to be part of history.
I mean, every viewer, and I thank the viewers, I'm not bitching, I'm not saying we should do more.
I thank them for buying our products, keeping us on air.
But man, I tell you, I just smell victory on Laura Loomer.
We need to get her in, Owen.
Well, here's what I think is so key about 2020, and this is another reason why the Democrats are running so much foul play right now.
If you get, because there's, I would say right now, and we'll see what happens after all the primaries.
You say foul play, they're just cheating on every level.
Yeah, every level.
From media and lies and censorship and rigged balloting and everything.
Laura Loomer is one of what I would measure about 30 real, true American patriots that are running for Congress right now.
And she probably is the most hardcore, most active, and she has a pedigree, so you've heard of her, and we get her on the air.
And we here at Infowars are trying to get all these people on air, and trust me, they're fighting an uphill battle against the Republican Party.
And the enemy fears her.
That's a big plus.
So the point is, if we get one of these individuals in, with Laura, for example, if you get Laura in, that's big.
No, I agree.
Stop, stop.
They're like arrows in our quiver.
We get three or four in, it's death row.
If you get ten in, it's the whole game changing.
Yeah, like we're shooting arrows at the dragon.
And guess what?
And then they'll come and they'll say, oh, like, you know, Nadler will gavel Loomer down.
And then the other, the other guy comes out and he says, wait a second, you can't say that.
And then Nadler gavels him.
And then another guy from up here says, you gotta.
And then finally we have some pushback in Congress and it will just expose the lies Why don't we get a bunch of Patriot women, men elected like Laura Loomer to counter Ilhan Omar.
We're going to break here and get Roger Stone on with you, but what would you do in the halls of Congress with Tlaib and Ilhan Omar and AOC?
My God, because you're smart as any man I know, as smart as any woman I know.
You're a smart person.
You would annihilate these bobbleheads.
Yeah, look, it's already on video.
Look what I've already done.
I've already taken on AOC.
I've already loomered AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.
So, you know, look, when I'm in Congress, they won't be able to ignore me.
I'll just have greater access to them in the members' elevator every single day.
They will crap themselves!
Yeah, I mean, they're not going to be able to sit back and enjoy the media, you know, not asking them hard questions and their colleagues just turning a blind eye to their corruption.
I will hold their feet to the fire and I have a record... John, I want to just get you elected for the fireworks.
Can you imagine?
Alex, they got their little goon squad in with Ilhan Omar and AOC and look at how far left that's driven the party.
Again, imagine if a Republican had an American conservative patriotic squad.
I agree.
Let's go back to Laura.
So what will happen?
Get in there.
I'm literally begging for this.
What's going to happen?
Well, like you said, it's going to be fireworks.
We're going to make C-SPAN great again, baby.
So, you know, it's going to be like a pay-per-view television in the halls of Congress every day because they are not used to being held accountable.
There is no accountability in Congress, okay?
It's all a bunch of talking points and people being angry on Fox News.
And that Humpty Dumpty guy talking over you.
Hold anybody accountable.
You know, they impeached, freshman Congresswoman impeached the President of the United States, okay?
You can impeach a member of Congress.
Why hasn't any member of Congress in the Republican Party filed papers to censure Ilhan Omar or to censure Rashida Tlaib or to censure AOC?
Why hasn't it happened?
Because we know the Republican Party is part of the problem.
We have to overturn the Republican Party, reform the Republican Party, and getting Laura Loomer and people like that in.
I agree.
I want to thank the incredible viewers and listeners that are the cream of the crop tuning in tonight.
Share the live links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, private message, word of mouth, email now.
The rebellion is live, the enemy doesn't.
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And we're going to get Roger Stone's take on this, and then Robert Barnes' take on this Constitutional Lawyer with Lauren Loomer and Owen Schroer.
I'm Alex Jones, coming up.
But first, let's go ahead and get to this special report, and we will be right back.
On the other side, stay with us.
Should we limit the protesting?
I'm not sure what you mean should, how do we say limit the protesting?
Should government limit the protesting?
I don't think that's relevant to... Well you just said if it increases the spread of the virus I'm just asking should we limit it?
Well I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way.
I remember Six, seven months ago when all this started and the UN said life will never go back to normal.
You'll never shake hands anymore.
You'll have to wear a mask everywhere you go.
You'll have to get monthly inoculations.
COVID-19 is so incredibly deadly.
It'll be two years till you get it.
And of course we knew they were just trying to make us beg for it.
And then, oh, it got made quicker than they thought.
It'll be here by November.
Oh, but it's not going to actually work.
You've got to take lots of them to ever be able to go out and have a job or live again.
And it's all based on lies that we'd have 100 million people dead by now.
2.5 million of those here in the U.S.
We're supposed to all just forget that they said 15-day lockdown because the hospitals would be so full.
And all that was a formulae that they came up with.
Fauci in 2017 said Trump will be faced by a novel virus.
It will challenge everything soon.
It's coming.
Given, as you heard from the introduction, that I have been around for a while and have
had the opportunity and the privilege and the pleasure of serving in five administrations,
I thought I would bring that perspective to the topic today, is the issue of pandemic
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience and you'll see that in a moment is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease and we have certainly a large burden of that but also there will be a surprise outbreak and I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history
The history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIAID will tell the next administration that there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
We have to put in place an infrastructure, not just here at home but globally, that allows us to see it quickly, isolate it quickly, respond to it quickly.
If we start now, We can be ready for the next epidemic.
And doctors know it's a fraud.
And nurses, they go public.
And then the media attacks them or censors them.
And then when there's drugs that do treat real viral and pneumonias that are always out there, always causing a problem, Fauci has come out officially and said that, oh, the vaccine only is going to have a 50% efficacy.
As if he knows that.
Of course, it's not going to work.
It's just made up.
You can't have a Vaccine for the common cold.
There's thousands of varieties every year of it.
It's just a total lie.
Like the flu.
They admit fine print.
Gates even says, okay, the flu shots never really worked.
I've got clips of him saying that this year.
I thought it was safe and effective.
They've never guessed the right flu mutation.
There's thousands of flus.
It's a fact, there are thousands of human papillomaviruses that can give you cancer.
And it's all lockstep, whether it's the UN or CNN or Fauci, they all have editorial articles out this week saying,
"Just like you learned to wear seatbelts, mask are voluntary for now, but they'll soon be forced to live,
including in your house."
[Sounds of a car crashing]
There's a little known fact about some of the most common drugs Americans take
From antibiotics, to heart medicine, to antidepressants.
80% of the key ingredients used to make them come from overseas.
Mainly, from China.
I've heard the term middlemen for a long time.
They are so wealthy.
They are so wealthy, nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do.
They make more money than the drug companies.
You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product.
And it has to be a good product.
But the middlemen... Well, the rebate that I'm doing cuts out the middlemen and it reduces costs and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs.
So I have a lot of enemies out there.
This may be the last time you'll see me for a while.
President Trump came out and said there are a lot of powerful people Because I'm moving pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the U.S.
Over 90% of our manufacturing is done overseas, most of it in China.
He said, I'm bringing it back.
And he said a lot of people are powerful and they want to get rid of me, so may not see me for a while.
A lot of powerful people are angry.
He's like a child who can't believe this has happened to him.
All his whining and self-pity.
This pandemic didn't happen to him.
It happened to all of us.
Eastman Kodak reportedly has signed a deal with the U.S.
government to produce pharmaceutical ingredients in the U.S.
The news sent Kodak shares up fourfold in early trading.
The Wall Street Journal reports Kodak was awarded a $765 million loan under the Defense Production Act to speed up domestic production of drugs and lessen America's reliance on foreign sources like China and India.
That's the same act President Donald Trump invoked to aid companies building ventilators.
Huge manufacturing footprint.
1,200 acres, 16 million square feet of manufacturing, 88 manufacturing reactors, a wastewater treatment facility.
They're ready to go with specialty chemicals which aren't, for film, which aren't that different than the key starting materials, KSM's, that we get from China for pharmaceuticals.
Do it here.
Bring it back here.
And that's what this is about.
You got it.
That's exactly what it's about.
So we did, and so about two months ago, I was in Air Force One with the President.
He signed an executive order to allow my agency, DFC, to invest in the United States.
And it's to invest in the United States to reshore critical industries, things that we need if there's ever going to be another pandemic so that we're not caught in the same place.
So he's telling you, we got one shot to save the country, they may kill me?
Then I've got a stack of news here where they're saying we're gonna kill him, we're gonna remove him, we're gonna use the military on him, and if the cabinet doesn't go along with it, we're gonna put them in prison.
He survives this impeachment inquiry and doesn't get removed from office, which I predict he will, meaning he'll get removed from office.
Absolutely believe that'll happen by March.
Here's the Washington Post.
Trump could lose and not leave, but cabinet members who try to help could face prison.
So they're saying he's illegitimate, just like they said, and if he fights the election, if he says we tried to steal it, or if there's a challenged election, which all the experts are saying is going to happen again, if he challenges, the Democrats challenging, he'll be removed by the military.
What did Biden say?
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
He said the same thing.
Biden absolutely convinced military would escort Trump from the White House.
Here's Pelosi.
Says Trump will be fumigated out if he refuses to leave after White House loss.
one way or another, he's gone.
(upbeat music)
All right, we're live.
Raw and unfiltered.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
And the man given clemency by the president just a month ago, Roger Stone is with us for the next 30 minutes or so.
Laura Loomer, running for Congress right here in the Mar-a-Lago district is here.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is with us next hour.
The big move is to say they're going to contest the election.
They're going to try to have states secede.
This is mainstream news now.
Roger Stone joins us to cover the latest developments, the 2020 election.
They wanted him in prison.
Forgetting Trump to run or being part of it.
They wanted him in prison so he couldn't advise right now.
But he's back in the game with 81 days out.
Roger Stone, we thank you my friend.
You're also helping Laura Loomer in her congressional campaign.
You've got the floor.
Give us the most important political news right now.
What Americans can do to make sure we keep this great president in attack formation.
Well, first of all, I must tell you, Alex, I love the idea of Laura Loomer being the President's Congresswoman, his representative in the U.S.
As you know, the President has formally changed his legal residence from a high-tax state, New York State, which is literally crumbling under left-wing leadership, to a state where the economy is still vibrant and taxes are low, Florida.
And you're absolutely right, Laura Loomer is running a very competitive race for Congress
in the district in which the President's club mansion, Mar-a-Lago, is located.
And she's looking to me like a winner in next week's primary, and I think she will be an
upset winner this November.
So let's talk about her first, then, as emblematic of the populist rebellion, and then let's get into the incredible constellation of evil against the president and the admission of a new civil war officially as the next Democrat stratagem after all their other failed coup attempts.
Yeah, I mean, Alex, I think it's pretty obvious to anybody who's been following InfoWars for any length of time That it falls to a small band of rebels in the U.S.
House, not the Republican leadership, not the rhino Republican leadership, the go along to get along country club Republicans, but a small band of rebels like Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows when he was there, Jim Jordan, Lee Seldon, Andy Biggs, and I can't think of anybody better to join that group of revolutionaries, that group of rebels, than Laura Loomer.
I'm also trying to help Judson Sapp here in the state of Florida, and Jack Zubill.
They're in the same league.
And Roger, there's a delicious irony if she gets in.
The most banned woman in the world.
They hate her.
She's pro-America.
The deliciousness.
I'll be honest, I get very excited.
Yeah, I mean, Laura Loomer is the only person on the face of the planet who's more banned than you and I, Alex.
It's extraordinary, but they had to take me off of Facebook the day the president commuted my sentence because I'm so dangerous.
To the deep state.
The truth is very dangerous to these people.
And they are, this is probably our greatest struggle in the upcoming election.
The deplatforming of conservatives and libertarians and Republicans and non-liberals and people like Laura Loomer and me.
I agree.
Let's not talk about ourselves, but let's do.
What is it that the deep state fears about a Roger Stone, an Alex Jones, a Laura Limer?
What is it we've got so others can amplify it?
What is it?
Is it the populism?
The lack of fear?
What is it they fear?
It's just, it's truth.
So let's take the most obvious example.
Joe Biden bounded back into this presidential race on the backs of black voters in South Carolina.
Those voters literally have not been told by the mainstream media about Joe Biden's role in the turbocharging of the racist war on drugs.
In other words, it is Joe Biden who is personally responsible as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the 1994 laws that required the harsh mandatory penalties for the first time non-violent crime of owning small amounts of drugs.
So that's the sentencing of blacks three times whites.
That's when Hillary talks about bringing black males to heel.
He was the guy that did that.
So what would happen?
Black voters learned the truth about Joe Biden's record, that he began his political career as an opponent to the integration of the Wilmington school system, that he has systematically sponsored all of the anti-busing legislation in the In the 70s and into the early 80s, but this one takes the cake.
We have literally incarcerated, at this point, millions of poor nonviolent black people who are not violent criminals.
We're ruining lives, ruining families.
No one's being rehabilitated.
If you're a conservative, you should object because you're paying tax dollars to And by the way, Roger, you didn't just cook this up in 2020.
You've been for over a decade saying, in minimum sentences, you got Trump to do it.
So the fact is, this is a real issue, and the idea that the Democrats love black people is just really a giant fraud.
Yeah, it is absolutely true.
And therefore, that is a truth that they don't want told.
Now, if I were running the Trump campaign, and I'm not... That's where I'm going.
What would you do?
Because Kamala Harris, I mean, Tim Poole's a huge, millions of listeners a day.
He's big now.
Joe Rogan, you know, level he's building towards.
I tuned in the other day, like 90,000 live people at once, 2 million viewers in one hour.
He's like putting a MAGA hat on endorsing Trump.
He goes, "Trump's not perfect.
At least he does what he'll say.
I'm done with Kamala Harris, the evil cop that wants to lock blacks up."
I mean, they've got a big problem.
Why the hell did they choose her, A, and then, B, what are her weak points?
Precisely, they doubled down.
I heard a liberal on a radio show I was on trying to defend her record of locking black
people up under the very laws that I'm talking about, saying, "Oh, no, that was all done
by local prosecutors."
Look at her record as the Oakland County District Attorney.
Look at her record as Attorney General.
She was a drug warrior.
She was in lockstep with Biden and the Clintons.
And this is offensive.
It is racist.
And it is a giant failure.
Drug abuse is a public health issue, not a criminal justice issue.
I'm not talking about drug kingpins or drug dealers.
I'm talking about people caught with tiny amounts of drugs in a non-violent offense.
The judge in those cases should have discretion.
If they have a previous record, that's one thing.
But if they have no previous record and they're not dangerous to anybody, 25 years seems a little hard Well, I know this is your big pet project, you've been totally right, and it's totally honest, and it's totally fair, and I agree with you 100%, but I want to get Laura Loomers taking on this, but just big picture in a moment, Roger, because you talked about this the other day on the show.
I had Ali Alexander on today, he made a great point.
I mean, the Democrats are officially saying They're going to contest the election.
They know they're going to lose.
They know it's a landslide.
And then they're going to secede states and have the military take Trump out?
That's in the New York Times.
So they're officially putting it out and normalizing it.
And Republicans hear that.
It's so radical.
They're being caught flat-footed because they don't want to Talk about that because it sounds so crazy.
Well, I mean, I'm sorry they're doing it.
Laura Limer though, your take on what Roger was saying about minimum sentencing and the fact that it's Hillary and Biden saying we got to tie black people up like dogs.
I mean, you can't make this up.
If Trump said that, I wouldn't support him.
But I mean, if they do it, it's like, oh, that's just what Democrats do.
Well, the irony, too, in Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris and, you know, look, everybody knew it was going to be Kamala.
And the prerequisite, right, for becoming Joe Biden's vice presidential pick was that you had to be a black woman.
So it doesn't matter what your merit is.
It doesn't matter what your background is or whether you're credible or whether you're successful and accomplished.
You just have to be a black woman.
And the irony is that, you know, they try to place so much emphasis on women, right,
and the value of women and skin color.
And they claim to care about black lives.
And that's what they were doing during the COVID lockdowns to try to boost their coffers as they were encouraging
riots through Black Lives Matter and then fundraising
through Act Blue so that they could use the funding from the Black Lives Matter riots to pump
into these Democrat campaigns.
But when you look at Kamala Harris's record, how many black men did Kamala Harris incarcerate?
How many black babies has Kamala Harris through her associations and her partnerships with people like You know, the head, the president of, what was it, Cecile Richards, I think her name is, the former head of Planned Parenthood.
Seriously, how many black lives has this black, this so-called black woman, I mean, I know there's a debate about whether Kamala Harris is, you know, like what her actual nationality or what her background is, but how many lives has this so-called black woman ruined?
Well, I was about to say, for Owen Troyer, and then for Roger, and then to finish this for our congressional winner here.
Why would they pick someone that polls 1-2% maximum here in the Democratic primaries who black people fully reject?
I want to ask Laura Limmer that question, but Owen, you first.
Well, here's what's happening.
I mean, we've entered a new age of digital commerce and digital communications, and this is just a reflection of just the new world that we're in.
It's just, you know, just human advances.
And so Just like the Democrats have now replaced the old guard Democrats, that's what this really represents with the squad.
That's what Kamala Harris represents.
They're replacing the old guard Democrats of Joe Biden and all that with the new guard Democrats, which is of course total communists, total globalism, will bow to China and the UN.
And what I'm hoping, and Roger brought these guys up earlier, there are some Republican fighters in there, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and there are some other good ones.
The problem is they're still old guard.
I mean, look at those lunatics!
By the way, I want women in Congress and stuff.
We need New Guard Republicans to battle the New Guard Democrats, which is what Kamala Harris represents. Look Kamala
Harris is ruthless Okay, she has no I mean look at those lunatics. She has no
ethics. She has no morals. She's ruthless Perfect for the Democrats. There's no there's no low. She
won't sing to no lie She won't tell no, you know, you put up you put money down
on the table Kamala Harris, by the way I want women in Congress and stuff. They're great women. I
know Laura Limmer
Let me ask Let me ask Roger Stone this ownership cares in the martial
law plan and the contest the election plan the big enchilada What Trump should do in politics?
But why is it these angry women that Soros funds that will just do the most horrible stuff?
It's almost like they picked brown women as the stereotype so we couldn't criticize them.
Is that the plan?
Uh, that is certainly a strong possibility.
But Alex, what's really going on here is inoculation.
In other words, they're trying to limit the president's options.
Let me translate this for you.
When they say Trump is going to lose the election and then he's going to refuse to leave the White House, And you will have to be removed by the military.
What they mean is, we are going to steal the election.
We want to limit Trump's ability to challenge that in the courts.
And this is going to be a giant war ahead.
And it is.
That's the most important thing you've ever said.
Repeat that again.
They're inoculating us for martial law and for the breakup of the country and a false contesting the election.
Start over.
Explain what's going to happen and what the president should do.
Well, if we have a muddled result, if there are legitimate legal questions about the integrity of the vote in numerous states, either candidate would have the right to challenge that in the courts.
If you think about it, they tried this exact same tactic in 2016, remember?
Hillary said, I want Trump right now to commit to that he will respect the outcome of the election and he won't challenge it.
And the President very shrewdly said, well, I couldn't tell you whether I'm going to challenge it or not until I've seen the outcome.
If it's fair, of course I won't challenge it.
If it's stolen, I reserve all my rights for a legal challenge.
That's a businessman talking.
That's a pretty shrewd approach.
We're back to the same place.
The surprise to them, of course, was They thought they were going to win and they wanted to make sure that Trump went quietly.
They didn't see what was coming.
The most improbable upset victory in American history.
Now it's the same playbook.
They're trying to inoculate us so that when they get caught red-handed stealing the election in multiple states, We already saw in Chicago a bunch of phony driver's licenses coming in from China.
What do you think that was for, Alex?
Is that a coincidence?
That's right.
I'm going to play this on the show tomorrow, and you've already knocked it out of the park.
So, Roger, recap that.
Give your message to the President.
I'm going to air this at the very start of the show tomorrow in maximum prime time.
The first 30 minutes of the show is the most listened to.
Two million people every day tune in.
We love them.
We appreciate them.
At the first 30 minutes, Because they've said this.
They're admitting they're doing it.
They're inoculating.
They're preparing the ground for this.
Their whole system is not to win the election but to contest the election.
Recap it and tell us what Trump should do.
Let me piggyback though real quick.
Let me just piggyback because there's another angle to this.
The Democrats They are literally putting their chips on the table, but it's people's lives.
That's why they have this 50 days of sieging the White House.
No, no, it's all about rioting.
It's a cover.
But here's what it is, Alex.
They're betting, they're betting that the American people will not throw these people in jail or worse.
So they're literally sending out their Democrat mobs to surround the White House, and they're daring the President and law enforcement to take action.
They're daring, and they were saying- Yeah, that's an adja prop.
So, how does the race warring, and the- Look, here's the articles.
Without feds, Portland protests peaceful.
Once the police acted and shut down Anthony, the feds didn't have to protect the courthouse.
So, the idea that Trump- This is crazy.
So, start over, Roger.
You're absolutely on fire.
Recap what you just said about the plan for the election, 81 days out.
Here's the good news is nobody has to tell Donald Trump to preserve all of his rights.
He's a very shrewd individual, particularly on this point.
They intend to have mail-in ballots, which is a recipe for disaster.
It's a recipe for the theft of a presidential election.
It violates the state constitution in 12 states.
It violates the requirement that a voter show a picture ID in 35 states.
It is a recipe for democratic shenanigans.
Multiple voting, false voting, voting the names of dead people, and so on.
The President needs to understand, or I think he does understand, that if he does not get a fair election, if he is defeated in a hoax election, he has the right to question those things in the courts.
That's our system.
That's what they don't want him to do.
So they are trying to inoculate the people to accept the result, no matter how outrageous, and limit the president's ability to say, no, I'm not abiding by the results of it.
So, Roger, let's walk through that.
They've been saying for six months, if Trump can test when we can test, he's a fascist, the military must overthrow him.
Then they say, even if we lose, we'll have states to cede.
And then trigger race riots nationwide.
What do we do as citizens, or as the President, to call that out ahead of time?
Because I get it, Trump politically knows what he's doing, but what do we as citizens do?
What do you do?
What do we all do to counter their outrageous newest coup attempt, which they're parading around and normalizing and inoculating, normalizing out in the open?
Well, let's recognize that it works both ways.
In other words, if they hijack this election, and they do so in a blatant way, and that it's obvious that they have done so, I know people, state legislators, who are talking in numerous states in the center of this country, who are talking about them succeeding to form a new government.
So, I mean, how this plays out is still completely up in the air.
What you're saying is the deep state's playing with fire.
They definitely are playing with fire.
Patriots of this country love our Constitution, love our country, and most of them see exactly what's happening.
And they're completely fed up, and they see what's happening.
And you know what?
I'm actually afraid, and this kind of has me reminiscing about... By the way, history's here!
We're not hyping this up, folks.
This is it.
I'm reminiscing right now, I'm having these flashbacks of when you and Roger were on the air the night of Trump's election victory, and I realized something.
Just like that night when you predicted, hey, Trump won, but we really just hit the fan, I think that this is actually going to get worse.
Trump is obviously, if it's a fair election, Trump wins.
But either way, the media will fake the election results.
Either way, what I said four years ago to Roger, it's ten times that now.
I think so.
You know what I realized?
This is all going to play out, they're not going to let Trump win, they're going to steal it, and they're basically going to say, look, put Pick your side.
Well, that's what Podesta says.
He says it's up to the military, which, Roger, we had dinner right after Trump got elected in Austin, and you told me about your conversation with Trump.
I don't know if it's time for people to know that yet, but, I mean, Trump's already, you talk about smart, aware of this.
He knows it comes down to the military.
What would you tell the globalists?
I think they should back down.
I think they should fold.
They should not try to play this card.
Let's be very clear.
Constitutionally, the military has to take orders from the Commander-in-Chief, and the President is still President for two months after the election.
So whether Obama has politicized the military to the extent that they won't follow an order from the Commander-in-Chief will be an interesting thing to say.
I think you and I both recognize that in the eight years Obama was President, Most generals and admirals and high-ranking military officials who happen to be conservatives or Republicans in their politics were retired from the military forcibly, and those who were promoted were generally globalists.
On the other hand, There are many rank and file in our military who love this president, love the Constitution, love due process, and they'll know whether the election was stolen or not.
So you have a myriad of possible scenarios here.
None of them are particularly certain at this point.
But the president remains president until January.
Let's remember that.
Roger, I totally agree.
I want to get Laura Loomer and then Owen Schroeder's take on this, but I want listeners to understand.
I don't say things to be shocking.
I cover reality, and that's always more shocking than fiction.
I've never, studying U.S.
history or world history, seen something this dangerous, this astounding, this unprecedented.
I mean, they're openly pre-programming with every Democratic operative Low-level, mid-level, high-level, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, Eric Holder, all of them, that they're going to do this.
So, after they've gotten away with all this, I think they are going to do it.
So, let's just say we're not living in boring times.
Owen Schroer, then Laura Loomer, then Roger Stone, I want to get his take on that.
I mean, Roger's been in, you know, around for nine administrations, involved with five.
He's one of the smartest guys I know in politics.
I want his take on this, but I've never seen rhetoric like this from a group willing to stick their dick in the light socket.
And by that, I mean, these people are nuts, man.
I've got a lot of chutzpah.
I've got bravado.
I'm tough.
But I don't just go into wars I'm going to lose.
They're going to lose this.
But they'll probably destroy the country in the process, which makes the Chicoms happy.
So that's why I'm pissed.
Here's what, sadly, I foresee happening coming up in November, and we're all amped up thinking this is the fight leading up to November.
The fight's actually going to be after the election, because what they're going to do is they're going to fake the election results.
They're going to fake the election results, and they're going to say Biden won, and Trump's going to contest it and say, no, I won.
And they're going to say he's a dictator.
And then they're going to have their tens of thousands of people in every major downtown metropolitan area, and they're going to have them surrounding the White House.
They're going to come burn this office down.
And they're basically going to play chicken.
This is what I wish the left understands.
The Democrats are literally putting you out there as bait.
Do you get that?
They're literally putting you out there as bait, and they're begging Trump, shoot them!
Begging law enforcement!
Shoot them!
Hey, go out and burn!
Burn down the federal courthouse!
Don't worry!
Hit cops in the head with hatchets!
And so they're literally playing chicken, gambling the lives of their voters.
So this is how I think it's going to go.
They're going to lie about the election results.
They're going to say Biden won.
Then Trump's obviously going to contest it.
And they're going to have all their thousands of people out on the streets surrounding the White House, daring law enforcement to act, daring the military to act when they try to burn down the White House, burn down federal buildings.
That's their plan.
And then they're going to say any cops that defend themselves are racist, but the cops got to know we're with you and this is the end push.
Laura Loomer... If Trump wants to stop it, the easiest thing to do is to arrest Obama and bring him in for the treason charges.
That's the easiest way... No, no, I agree.
He's not moving on the deep state.
He can move now or that's inevitable.
Let's get Laura Loomer's take.
She's been quiet for 20 minutes.
Laura Loomer running for Congress, about to win her congressional primary.
Everybody should get behind her.
Laura Loomer for Congress, go ahead.
What we're witnessing here is a Marxist-Maoist-Jihadist insurrection or coup, as you said.
And look, there's a reason why Kamala Harris was chosen as Joe Biden's VP.
And I want to go back to what you were talking about with China.
You know, everything regarding the Biden and Kamala Harris ticket revolves around China.
And let's look at Kamala Harris's background, for example.
Kamala Harris is a trained militant Marxist Maoist.
Where did she attend her and get her leadership training skills?
Well, there's a place called the Rockwood Institute, and I believe you've talked about this on your program before, Alex, and what the Rockwood Institute is, is it's a Soros-funded, and it's also funded by another guy named Stephen Phillips, who was the author of of a book called Brown is the New White, How Demographic Revolution Created a New American Majority.
And they have this training institute that you have to be accepted to.
And it's a long-term facility where people like Linda Sarsour and Andrew Gillum, Kamala Harris, the founders of Black Lives Matter, the founders of Code Pink, all learn how to be militant Marxists.
And if you recall, a couple weeks ago, the founder of Black Lives Matter said, we are trained militant Marxists.
Well, this is where they're getting their training.
They're getting their training from the Rockwood Leadership Institute, which is a Marxist-Maoist training camp, okay?
So you have a woman who subscribes to this Marxist-Maoist ideology as the VP choice, and then look at Joe Biden.
Look at how compromised Joe Biden is when it comes to China, okay?
Who says China should make our major decisions?
Yeah, but regardless of whether they win or lose this election, or whether they, you know, whether they, let's say that Trump wins, right?
And they try to, you know, overthrow President Trump by refusing to accept the election and seceding, okay?
They are doing this in an attempt to make China an even more powerful global superpower.
Kamala Harris.
She's a malice.
Look at Joe Biden and how intertwined his family is.
Hunter Biden and all their deals with China.
Today, I don't know if you saw on the news, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, they're calling for mandatory mask mandates so that people have to suffer even more under the China virus.
Oh yeah, this is a cold takeover.
I see Roger Stone chomping to the bit.
We've got a few minutes left with him.
Laura will continue with us until the end at 10.
You're on fire, Laura.
Laura Lima, running for Congress.
Enjoy, Laura.
They want China to take over, okay?
They want communism to take over, okay?
And Maoism, which Kamala Harris, and you can look this up, this is very serious stuff.
You need to understand what the Rockwood Institute is to understand how these people are trained and what their line of thinking is, okay?
And who is funding them, and what their goal is.
It is the plot of this book, and if you haven't read it, Brown is the New White, you need to.
Because what their goal is, is to have a revolution through By creating a new American majority through demographics.
And that's exactly what they're trying to do.
That's right.
They're creating a racism.
When whites tried to end racism, they're flipping it on its head.
Laura Loomer, you're on fire.
Again, how do people donate tonight to your historic campaign that's in the lead, but it's up against major fraud?
We've got to push you over the top.
It's up to all of us.
How do we donate?
They can go to LauraLumerForCongress.com.
That's LauraLumerForCongress.com.
And look, I want to try to raise $100,000 for my campaign tonight in this three-hour, you know, fundraiser that we're doing here on this live broadcast.
And all that really takes is 10,000 Patriots, okay?
10,000 Info Warriors to donate $10 tonight.
And I just want to say, Alex, you have some of the most generous, Viewers and listeners, I just want to read some of the names of some of the people who have donated tonight.
Miss McAlpin, I believe it is, in Pennsylvania, maxed out at $2,800.
Incredible, okay?
Mr. Bivitts from Wisconsin, $250.
Mr. Stang in Arizona, $500.
dollars, Mr. Stang in Arizona 500, okay, Miss Lavelle in Colorado gave a thousand dollars,
Mr. Becara in Colorado another 500.
Mr. Kodish in California, a thousand.
Okay, we've already raised almost $11,000 so far.
So, you know, regardless of... I want to be clear.
You're totally censored.
You're on the front line.
This is how wars are won.
And if we don't win it with money, it's going to be blood, folks.
They're coming to your houses.
They're coming for everybody.
I don't say that to be dramatic.
People know, man.
I say it if I know it's true.
We are two minutes to midnight right now.
Everybody should tell everybody about this live feed, about InfoWars.com, about Roger Stone.
Roger Stone, I know personally, I can't tell you this, because I've been asked not to get into it.
They tried to put my dad in prison as a Russian agent, when my dad and my family have been involved fighting communism their entire lives.
They tried to put Roger in prison.
They tried to put me in prison.
They have grand juries out on me, folks, the very same people.
I'm not a wimp.
I'm not a victim here.
I want to win this fight.
But believe me, Loyal Americans are under attack right now, and your word of mouth is king!
Tell that email list, tell those links on your phone, tell your neighbors, tell your family, ban.video, infowars.com.
Because I'm not doing this to lose, I'm betting on you.
But I'm telling you, they're coming after all of us and saying, I'm a Nazi, I'm a Russian, no, I'm an American.
And they damn well know that's the truth.
Roger, can you speak in closing, and I'm going to get constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes on here, who's patiently holding, in closing comments about the election, the world, and the historic point we're at right now.
I just want to reinforce what Laura Loomer just said about the InfoWarrior community.
I would never have won my freedom without the support of the individual InfoWarriors.
I had 65,000 people contribute to my legal defense fund.
When Laura read those names just now, I recognized the names of Two of the donors who helped me in my epic fight for freedom.
So you are extraordinarily powerful.
The InfoWarriors really can save the day.
Not me.
The listeners are the power.
They're powerful.
So I urge you to give to Laura Bloomer tonight because we need her in Washington to tell the truth.
We need her to call out the radical leftist Muslim Democrats from the Midwest.
We need her to call out Nancy Pelosi.
We need her to take- We need to go to war and stop playing games!
And it takes money and energy and focus!
We need it!
Roger Stone's willing to go to war.
Laura Loomer's ready to go to war.
I'm ready to go to war.
Owen's ready to go to war.
But we need the weapons.
And in 21st century, that means money.
Yeah, and Alex, I just want to reiterate, too, you know, with my campaign, it's not just a congressional campaign.
This is much bigger than just a congressional race here in Florida's 21st District.
This is a whole bet to shut you down and humiliate new candidates and defeat you.
This is a movement of people all across the country.
And I'll tell you, there are people all around the world who are watching to see the outcome of my race, Alex.
All around the world.
It's huge.
People from all over the world.
I'll just say this.
If people don't get behind you, you should have $50 million, not a million dollars.
We need you rammed in there.
I mean, they get Ilhan Omar and Tlaib and all those assholes and we don't get you?
Well, I like to say I'm a one-woman squad, Alex.
I'm a one-woman squad, and I've been a household name in conservative politics.
No, I agree.
You're going to be here after Roger goes.
Roger, five minutes before our next guest comes on.
You've got the floor.
What do you want to say to Trump, to the world?
Because a lot of folks are tuned in right now.
This is not just another election.
This isn't just about the survival of the United States of America.
This is about the survival of Western civilization.
I can tell you firsthand that there is no dirty trick, no depth to which the deep state will not stoop in their efforts to take down a president who believes in American exceptionalism and American sovereignty and American strength and American values.
They're still in shock about 2016.
They began plotting the takedown of Donald Trump before he was even sworn in.
If you think about it, Alex, you'll remember.
They wanted to make a presentation to the Electoral College about the non-existent Russian collusion.
They were trying to convince individual electors that they could vote for Hillary Clinton.
It was Hillary Clinton who wanted a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
It was Hillary Clinton who disputed the results of the 2016 election.
Now they're trying to recycle the same playbook.
The president is way too smart for that.
There was a great coming together of the grassroots Trump support with those elements of the Republican Party that would support a Donald Trump.
And that's how we carried Florida.
We have to do that again.
We don't have the support among all the party regulars.
That was true in 2016.
But we do need to integrate the grassroots Trump organizations in every state in the country, including Florida.
That was my next question.
Let me throw this out.
Then we're going to Robert Barnes and let you go.
I appreciate your time.
I appreciate Barnes Holder for 20 minutes.
We're behind.
Even the Ben Shapiros have to support Trump now, but they don't really support him.
But it is a victory the Republican Party has to bow to the populism now, but they need to fully realize the war and get behind Trump.
What is your message to them?
Because Kamala Harris and others have said they're going to exterminate us politically if they win.
Can you imagine if they win?
What do you expect them to do, Roger, if they win?
I've already been through it.
It'll be the same.
It'll be a sequel, I suspect.
Trumped up charges against every major conservative.
The Democrats have said they want to re-indict you.
They've said it.
Yeah, even though there's no legitimate crime for the first indictment.
This is lawfare.
We've seen this before, where they abuse the judicial system for political purposes.
That kind of sums up the whole Mueller investigation.
But if they get their hands on the levers of government, They're going to open the borders, change the complexion, meaning the makeup, of our voting population, and we'll never have a competitive election again.
That's what I just said, you know?
That's the theme of this book.
That's why the Rockwood Institute is at the core of this, right?
Brown is the new white.
How demographic revolution created a new American majority.
They want to replace us, they want to displace us, and they want to take over.
And then they tell brown people, don't be into freedom, be brown instead of be American.
How about red, white and blue?
Here's the most important point, Alex.
We need debates.
We need as many debates as possible.
We need to put Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the same stage so people can see the real Joe Biden.
No, they're not an anachronism.
No, they don't.
Oh, he's totally scared.
They're talking about not even doing debates now.
What do you predict?
I think that not debating can actually hurt you more than a bad debate.
The president needs to recognize he has the bully pulpit.
I wouldn't fall for the act of the presidential commission on debates because it's not appointed by the president, not a commission, and not about debate.
Donald Trump has the power and the authority, political authority, not legal authority, political authority to say, hey Joe, Fox Television, next Friday, 7 o'clock, be there, or I'll debate an empty chair.
The President should... No, that's it.
He should take control and say, hey, you're not hiding... Actual footage, though, of Joe Biden and debating Trump.
Show that again.
No, it's a joke, folks.
It's GG Ping.
It's a puppet.
It's incredible, but why is he hiding out?
Why do you think they chose... Let me ask you this, Roger.
I'm gonna let you go.
I know you're busy and you got Robert Barnes coming on, along with Laura Limmer.
Why would they pick this geriatric who we knew two years ago didn't know what planet he was on?
I guess he's the placeholder for Kamala Harris?
Because they were desperate to have somebody stop Bernie Sanders.
And he happened to be the right guy in the right place at the right time with enough of a reputation as eight years as vice president to be a useful tool for the Deep State.
Bernie Sanders, they recognized, was an electoral disaster.
He was another George McGovern.
You can't be that open about your socialism.
You have to hide your socialism.
So even professional Democrats I know, and I know many, friendly with many, they know Biden is an intrinsically weak candidate.
They have their standby act in Kamala Harris.
We don't wish the former Vice President ill health, but you can see that he's frail.
And who knows if he survives the campaign, which is a very rigorous exercise to say the least, or his first term.
So he is handy, let's put it that way.
But they didn't have a better candidate to block Bernie, and they desperately needed to block Bernie.
Well, their strategy is to test the election.
Cause secession and hope the military chooses them by holding their stock market hostage.
That is an incredible admission.
Unprecedented since the times of the last civil war.
Where do people find, because I love, but you've been banned off Twitter, Facebook, but you're so big now, Roger.
Without even looking, I'm like, there's a 500,000 views for Roger.
There's 100,000 views.
There's a million for Roger.
I see you all over the place now.
You're so popular.
They can't hide it, so congratulations.
Where do people find all that great Roger Stone analysis?
Well, first of all, if you are not on Parler, sign up.
Parler is a social media platform that doesn't censor anyone, including conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, Christians, and anybody who isn't a liberal.
There are liberals there, too, and they're allowed to speak their piece.
They're just always wrong, that's all.
But I recommend Parler.
You can of course go to StoneColdTruth.com, where finally, now that I'm out from under the judge's gag order, I am publishing pieces and posting videos yet again.
Ultimately, that will continue to be my main platform, because you cannot put your ability to communicate in the hands of Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.
It's a fool's errand.
In the flash of an eye, you can lose millions of supporters.
The day will come when they try to take away our URLs, but we're not there yet.
But they're certainly trying.
Alright, and come back with us in the next few days.
Laura, go ahead.
I said we are there, though, Roger.
Look what Comcast did to me the other day.
Comcast is an internet provider, and they banned my fundraising text.
They wouldn't even let me send a fundraising email, okay?
And then they said, oh, it's a glitch.
It's a glitch.
Oh, yeah, it's such a glitch?
Yeah, that's why the head of Comcast held the first fundraiser for Joe Biden, right?
That's why Comcast donated to my opponent, Lois Frankel, here in District 21.
I'm the only candidate who got banned from Comcast, and Comcast's regional office just happens to be in it.
The point is, Congress has to act about all this election meddling, right, Roger?
There's no question, but what Laura's saying is very important, because if we get to September 1st, let's say, and Facebook then makes a corporate decision that they won't run the President's advertisements on their platform, Or on Instagram.
And Twitter will of course follow us.
Trump has to act now to block it, because once they get close, they're going to pull
Text messages are his only option at that point.
Broadcast television is archaic and too expensive and not targetable enough.
Cable television is very much the same situation.
You think CNN is going to sell ads to Donald Trump?
No, they're going to block him on text messages and that's their holy grail.
And I want to get in next time we Roger on to all the other censorship that's going on that's unfolding.
I just want to say before we go how honored I am that Roger is joining me on the campaign trail and how how much it means to me that he's endorsed my candidacy and you know the primary election is in five days from now and Roger is actually going to be introducing me at my campaign election night watch party and so special announcement for the InfoWars audience tonight.
There's limited tickets available, but whether you want to come in from out of town or you live in Florida and you want to attend, my election night watch party is going to be huge.
It's going to feature individuals who have been banned.
I will be there.
We're going to have a surprise celebrity.
I may come in.
I'm looking to come in.
The Info Wars crew is going to be there, from my understanding, to live stream it.
And Roger will be there.
So if you want to attend, you can go to my Parler account.
Make sure you follow me and you follow Roger at Laura Loomer at Roger Stone on Parler.
That's Parler ending in E-R, okay?
And you can... And Laura, you're not leaving.
Roger's going to go.
We have Robert Barnes holding for 45 minutes because he's a lawyer, about to come on.
And Roger, come back on with us.
And Laura, the next few days.
We really appreciate you, brother.
Laura Loomer for Congress.
It's the most important battle in America today, second only to the presidency itself.
It's been an honor for me to campaign for her.
I think she's going to win an upset victory that will really make the left insane.
By the way, Roger, we're not just saying that.
She's set to win by, they're saying like 30, 40 points, the primary, and most numbers show her beating the Democrat.
They're going to scrap their britches.
Well, as I said to the Republican dinner in Palm Beach the other day, Laura Loomer has bigger balls than most of the men that I know.
She's a woman of enormous courage and enormous fortitude, a true patriot, and she's going to win this seat if the Infowarriors get behind her.
So folks, Get online right now and send Laura Loomer a campaign contribution.
It'll be the greatest investment you've made since, oh, I don't know, the Stone Legal Defense Fund.
Or the important President Trump four years ago.
Roger Stone, StoneDefenseFund.com.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
I've been trying to get him on for two weeks, and I apologize, making him hold for 30 minutes.
And Laura Limber is going to ride shotgun with us the next hour.
So is Owen Schroer, constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, good friend of mine, hosted a show here for a while.
We're going to bring him back soon for election coverage, hopefully.
So much happening in the world.
So much going on with martial law and calls to suspend the election and calls just insanity.
Barnes is always on target.
People have been begging for Barnes to be here.
Barnes, what do you want to cover first?
You've got the floor, the next 10 minutes commercial free.
Sure, so I think a critical factor for the president is he really needs to build a legal defense team in place because there's two factors with the election.
One is winning the election and winning the most votes, but the other is making sure those votes are accurately counted.
And one of the critical problems is in 2018 the Democrats flipped the governorships of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to the Democratic aisle.
That means the Democrats control the state election machinery in each of those three states.
Those three states will decide the presidential election.
And so he needs to build what people saw in 1960 with Kennedy stealing votes from Nixon and likely stealing that election.
W. and Bush versus Gore is going to look like small change compared to the legal onslaught the president is going to face if he actually won the election at the ballot box, but Democrats don't want to report that.
So what you're saying is they got their ass kicked four years ago.
They've taken over the machinery where Trump won for fraud.
What does the president do?
Two things.
One, he's doing the right thing right away.
He's waging legal war through the lawsuit against the state of Nevada.
Nevada basically is allowing people a very fudgy mechanism of counting postmarks so that basically you can vote after election day and have those votes counted for weeks after election day.
So, he's brought suit here, and that's likely to go up to the U.S.
Supreme Court, because here in Nevada, the federal courts, there's not a single federal judge, for the most part, that was not appointed without the approval of Harry Reid.
Even Republican appointees had to get the approval of Harry Reid before they made the federal bench here, for the most part.
And so, he's not likely to get relief here.
He's not likely to get relief from the Ninth Circuit.
He needs the U.S.
Supreme Court to step in and say, federal law requires Election Day happen on one single day.
It's likely that the president was trolling the press a couple of weeks ago when he put out that, hey, maybe we'll move election day.
He wanted everybody to go nuts in the press so that now he can make the argument, oh, everybody agrees.
So they wouldn't do that, exactly.
Because they want to extend it out to engage in fraud.
He's like, no, no, it happens on one day.
He's like, oh, we all need to take Bill Gates' vaccine.
Everybody gets mad.
Now Biden's like, don't take the vaccine!
It was a brilliant trolling effort by Trump.
So he's got a great legal argument, and if he could get the U.S.
Supreme Court to rule that there can be no ballots counted that were not delivered by Election Day, that will solve about half of the problem.
The other half of the problem is going to be he needs a legal team ready to go.
He needs to have Bush v. Gore kind of legal team times ten.
They need to be preparing for months.
They need to be the kind of team that was preparing to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot.
No, I agree.
It's like Darth Vader inventing Hoth.
He needs the General Veers for Parry Your Men.
They need to be ready now.
He needs the best legal team.
They need to be prepping for months.
They need to be ready to file actions everywhere.
Because you're going to see efforts to hold ballots open late.
You're going to see places where people vote late.
You're going to see funny ways of them trying to count the ballots.
Everything that could go AWOL.
And remember, in all of those key three Democratic states, you have big Democratic cities run by Democrats, controlled by Democrats, where they can pad ballots.
Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.
All of them have histories, particularly Detroit and Philadelphia, of ballot corruption.
So he needs to be ready to go in each of those states, ready to sue at a moment's notice.
Let me ask you this question, Barnes.
Why do the Democrats seem so arrogant?
They always do, but they're talking about state seceding and the military getting involved, and I'm like, oh, that's crazy, but they already tried previous coups.
They never got in trouble.
For coups that were already out of control, so why not launch one even bigger?
It's almost like the fact that they haven't gotten in trouble invokes them to do more, but then what do we do to not be the fascists when we clamp down on them?
To attack that.
I believe those are all trial balloons.
Because, for example, I was raising this issue within a month after Trump won.
The various journals, foreign affairs, others that are connected to the Council on Foreign
Relations was putting out there the idea of a coup attempt against Trump using the 25th
Amendment, floating the ideas of him being considered disqualified.
All of those ideas were early aired, and it was critical to push back on them aggressively.
There wasn't enough pushback, so they went ahead and went forward with the Mueller and
Russiagate and Ukrainegate coup impeachment attempts.
Exactly, so they always telegraph it and do it, and now they're saying they're going to
Civil War?
So Trump is inept if he lets them do this.
What is his tools, what are our tools to say no to this?
Well, Trump's done a great job at shutting down the trial balloon of all mail-in balloting across the country.
He's highlighted that right away, he jumped on it right away, he brought legal action, trolled the press, talks about it repeatedly, won't give them the huge cash cow for them to sort of funnel ballots to the polls.
So there he's done well.
The same kind of reaction has to happen across the board.
So, anytime they float a trial balloon, whether it's, even though I don't know if my people would necessarily mind if California seceded at this point, but things like that, where they're trying to float trial balloons of the military replacing them, any of those things, there has to be massive pushback from the public so that their voice is heard, so that they recognize and realize that it's not fair.
Have states split off to kill the stock market.
So I'm just saying to Trump and the Pentagon, everybody, I'm not a police state guy.
They're trying to have a Chinese globalist sponsored killing of the dollar.
Stop it.
Send in the Green Berets.
I mean, this is treason.
If I was like organizing the downfall of the country and the dollar, I would expect somebody to like shoot me in my front yard.
I mean, this is ridiculous!
It's a controlled variable, though.
I want to pose this to Robert Barnes.
Isn't it a controlled variable when the public can't even have their outcry against this?
Everyone's censored on social media.
Nobody can go outside because of COVID.
So even... And we're going to collapse the dollar and F you like, what the hell?
I mean, you're a constitutional law.
I mean, they're literally stopping our right.
We're going to burn down federal courthouses and you can't stop us.
They're literally organizing our destruction.
And I'm just sitting here going, what the hell?
Well, you'll see that in Austin.
Real quick, Lawrence, let's get Laura Loomer's text.
She's here with us.
We'll get right back to you.
We want to hear it.
Go ahead, Laura.
Well, I was going to say, I mean, they're clearly signaling to, you know, these violent rioters, people like Antifa and BLM, to put people in place, right, for this very violent insurrection or coup that they're planning.
Oh, they're beta testing.
This is all the beta testing for November, yeah.
I don't know if you saw this today, and it was trending on Twitter, I'm told, until Twitter got rid of it, because that's what they do every single time truth gets exposed, they wipe it away.
But apparently there was a site called Antifa.com, and when you click on- Yeah, I was liking the Biden.
Let's link it to Joe Biden and Kamala.
And so that's their signal.
I mean, that's a signal that Joe Biden and Kamala, they want these people on their side, you know?
And that's another reason why they're extending the lockdowns and why Kamala and Joe Biden said that there needs to be mandatory mask mandates for all Americans today.
Because they want, like Owen just said, it's brilliant and this is exactly what they're trying to do.
They want people to just become so accustomed to listening to authority figures.
I mean, who the hell Is a restaurant owner or who the hell is, you know, a retail worker to tell me, hey, put your mask on and then yell at me if I walk into a place without a mask on.
You just knocked it out of the park.
We'll come back to you in a moment.
But somebody who's a real expert on the statistics is constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
Now, them saying wear your mask.
Democratic Party of Wisconsin tells employees wear it during Zoom meetings.
This is a true cult.
They stay inside so that when they say we're taking over, people are just so accustomed to taking orders during COVID because it only takes, what, 27 days?
27 days to build a habit?
You just tell them one time.
No, you stay inside.
No, we're doing this.
No, we're taking over, and people are going to listen.
No, no, I agree.
They're training us to be locked down.
It's martial law training.
We'll go back to you, Laura.
I want to hear this.
You're smarter than I am.
Barnes, looking at this, looking at the mask, looking at COVID, they now admit the national average is 0.0...
It's all made up.
It's been proven.
We've been right.
But people are still now, as Laura just said, in the habit of bowing down, in the habit of this.
My God, what do we do?
Break down the COVID hooks.
So it's got to be, how long can this Milgram experiment last?
Because everything we were talking about in March, and you were ahead of the curve by a wide margin, was that this was not going to end up being anything like the Spanish flu.
It would be more like the Asian or the Hong Kong flu.
which we had 1958, 1968, most people don't even remember it because we did nothing significant, substantial to
like we're doing now. The question is how long can the media panic last
when people don't see it in their real lives? When schools are going to go to,
a lot of people are going to go back to school in large parts of the country,
they're going to play college football in large parts of the country,
how long can they keep up the mythology that, how can they keep the panic
alive when people in their everyday lives see that the panic has no factual or empirical merit.
I agree with you.
They screwed the pooch on this.
And folks, I'm a negative person.
to them committing this giant hoax. Well we are seeing part of it. Think about it.
The people questioning vaccines was like five to six percent of the country before
this all started. Yeah exactly. You're seeing skyrocketing increases. No I agree.
I agree with you. They screwed the pooch on this and folks I'm a negative person
I'll tell you when we're F'd. They have galactically screwed up.
So everybody's freaked out in the current moment.
I'm saying a year from now, two years, they've screwed the donkey folks.
You know, here's what's interesting, too, about what you just said, Robert.
You said, how long can they keep up this mythology?
What's crazy is that the average leftist Democrat liberal in the streets They believe anything!
I mean, they still believe that cops are roaming around trying to kill black people!
They still believe black people are oppressed by some mythical white supremacy culture!
It doesn't matter what the facts are!
You show them the facts about police violence, how many whites have been killed versus blacks, they ignore it!
But Owen, they know it's a lie.
They know it's political power.
The left is wearing masks.
They know it's political.
All I'm saying is the left lives in a mythology world.
That's all I'm saying.
No, no, I agree.
Take over anytime you want, but let's get Barnes and Loomer's take on this.
Is that true?
You want to know another aspect of this that I was thinking about when the George Floyd riots really started to To increase, okay?
You have all these people.
Why are the Democrats ordering people to wear masks when we know that wearing a mask doesn't necessarily reduce the spread of COVID, right?
In fact, a lot of people are actually getting very sick.
They're getting bacterial infections.
That's an act of submission.
It's showing you're an idiot.
People are dying from hypoxia from wearing these.
I mean, I live in Florida and I feel it personally.
I feel like I have a hard time breathing when I have to wear a mask.
I honestly feel like I cannot breathe.
Oh, I never knew I had...
What's the word?
What is it when you want to go in caves?
Claustrophobia maybe?
I never knew I had claustrophobia!
I can't wear these damn things!
Yeah, same here.
Why are the Democrats at the same time, while they're signaling to Antifa, right?
Oh, come join us, antifa.com.
Here's an advertisement for Joe Biden and Kamala.
Oh, at the same time, mandatory masks.
They are literally trying to turn the masses into Antifa.
Because if you have a bunch of people, okay, you have a bunch of militant Marxists, like Black Lives Matter describes themselves, and they're covering their faces with masks.
You know, people are covering their identity and committing crimes.
I agree.
It's an occultic thing into the cult.
It shows we're all covered.
It's some weird leftist fantasy, some ghost stance.
Barnes, what do you think it is psychologically?
Well, it's definitely a real-life Milgram experiment to see what they can get away with.
And they probably focus-grouped this and jury-tested this many years before.
Start over.
Tell folks what the Milgram experiment is and then get into that.
So the Milgram experiment was, they sit a guy with a white lab coat, they sit him down and they tell him to keep shocking a stranger and keep escalating the shocks just by the fact that he has a white lab coat.
That's it.
That's the only basis to continue to... And they hear this other person screaming in pain across from them, who might even die, and half the country went along with it.
Half the country kept turning up the shock machine, no matter what.
And so it's always been used as a test of what can you get people to do if someone in a position of authority or perceived authority tells them to do it.
And over time we've learned not to trust just because somebody's in a military uniform doesn't mean their reason for war is true.
And then the Stanford thing was your order to torture somebody, the majority will torture someone if an authority figure tells them so.
And in the same capacity, as we learned that not to trust somebody just because they put on a Wall Street suit, that that means we should do whatever the banks or Wall Street wants, we have not fully learned, but we are learning, millions and millions of Americans are learning every week, thanks in large part to shows like yours, that in fact we cannot trust someone just because they have a white lab coat on, either.
We can't trust the Dr. Fauci's of the world, the Dr. Birx's of the world.
Those doctors unanimously say hydroxychloroquine and sunlight and zinc, they're all banned and we're told the UN is in charge, Barnes.
Well, yeah, not only that, you have large numbers of people on the NIH advisory boards who are getting payoffs from GLEAD, and the conflicts of interest are publicly known.
GLEAD is developing the patented competitor to hydroxychloroquine, and that's why the war on hydroxychloroquine is being waged.
But more and more people are beginning to be suspicious, because the more doctors that come out and say, this doesn't make sense.
You have a New York liberal come out, you had a Detroit liberal, both of them- Who was dying until he took it!
First of all, you know... Yeah, yeah.
Loomer, jump in and we'll go back to Barnes.
Go ahead.
Like this war on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, okay?
I've taken both of those medications before.
If you ever travel overseas or you go to the Middle East or you go to Africa, you go to Latin America, you take hydroxychloroquine as an antimalarial.
You can take it.
If you take that medication and nothing's even wrong with you and you take it as a preventative... You're fine.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
And then if you are, if you are feeling ill and you want to take an antibiotic, my antibiotic of choice is always a Z-Pak, azithromycin.
So, you know, I don't understand why they were trying to make it sound like these medications are so lethal.
Because it's a competitor to their BS.
They're set to make billions off a vaccine.
Yeah, they want to make billions off of it, and that's why, because these medications are cheap.
I go to the store, even if you don't have insurance, and you go get a Z-Pak, a Zithromycin, $5 or $10.
You want to get the Hydroxychloroquine, I don't know, what, $10?
These medications are cheap.
But if you want the stuff that Fauci's pushing, it's $2,000.
So let me ask Barnes and you this.
Barnes, why, and Owen and Laura Loomer, The establishment's never been this arrogant.
I don't think it's an arrogance.
I think it's a desperation.
The way they don't care if they get caught now, the way they don't care if they kill people, the way they just, they're like, Fauci throws the pitch, and the worst pitcher maybe doesn't hit the mound.
It's like 50 feet the wrong direction.
Everything he does, He's like a loser.
What the hell is going on?
Why are they so reckless?
Because it's one thing if my enemy is battling me and they're together, but the fact that they're so inept makes me feel like a loser.
I don't know the name of this phenomenon, but I feel pathetic.
Sorry, Laura.
My favorite part was when Fauci, okay, when the cameras are rolling, he has to wear the mask and do that pathetic throw, or the pitch of the ball.
But then, but the cameras caught him sitting on the, sitting on the bleachers with his family, not even social distancing, and not even wearing a mask.
Oh, and in Congress!
And in Congress!
So, what are they thinking?
What, exactly, what's their problem, Barnes?
Uh, deep disconnectedness.
So they're deeply disconnected from ordinary, everyday, mainstream America.
And that is dangerous, because that kind of disconnectedness can lead them to think they can get away with things that they might not.
I mean, the last time you had that kind of disconnectedness was really the 1960s.
When large parts of the deep state thought they could kill a president and get away with it.
Kill a presidential candidate and get away with it.
Kill a civil rights hero and get away with it.
In some parts of America.
So you have the same kind of mindset, same kind of mentality.
Like the guy that took out Nixon, Mark Felt, was shocked when he was finally prosecuted for all the crimes he'd committed against the country.
He was actually the real deep throat.
So, it's the disconnectedness, which it can be an advantage.
Trump can run against it.
Trump can get around them without them knowing he's going to win.
But it's also a disadvantage because they'll do things that are crazy and dangerous that rational people would not do.
It's the kind of mindset that leads Hillary Clinton to think invading, overthrowing Gaddafi is going to be a good thing for Libya.
So it's that mindset and mentality that it's not just dangerous from a lack of a moral compass, it's dangerous because it's a disconnectedness from ordinary people in reality.
And that's why it's a real threat.
You got the Clintons kicked out of power.
They run the global contact tracing through their global initiative with Bill and Melinda Gates.
Texas gave them hundreds of millions of dollars.
All these states.
So for them, who cares if Trump's the president?
They're up at a U.N.
level already controlling us with an army of contact tracers.
So no wonder they're delusional.
They keep winning, Robert.
Yeah, in terms of power, the vaccine issue is all about power.
So like for Bill Gates, he doesn't care if he doesn't make a dime off of it.
He's in a position to make a lot of money off of it.
But even if he doesn't, he could care less.
It's about power.
He wants control over the world population.
He wants lower population.
He wants a certain objective met.
He supports death panels.
So that's who the guy is.
He's a power freak.
And for them, they're getting their news and stories reinforced every day from the New York Times and other publications.
So you're right.
They continue to monopolize key aspects of power.
Trump, to them, is the anomaly, not the norm.
And they just can't imagine a place where Trump would win re-election.
And that's the key.
They keep saying, whether he wins or not, he's an anomaly.
Don't they get the world has turned against them?
Yeah, they're a let-them-eat-cake world.
They're like the royalty of the 1800s.
They're people that are so disconnected from the real world right outside their own streets.
That's where the phrase let-them-eat-cake became famous, because the Queen thought that all the writers who hadn't been, didn't even have bread, you know, she said, well, let's let them eat cake.
That's the world they live.
God, it's insane though, like, if they were trying- because they think they're going to transcend humans and all this, and they're building a world where they're already in bunkers, Barnes!
I'll tell you what I think, honestly.
I think that Fauci- I think that Fauci is a deep state tool, alright?
And I think that- Well, I don't think, yeah, we know.
45 years there, go ahead.
But we know that Fauci was put in there and he sabotaged President Trump.
Okay, if Fauci really believed what he said, you know, why is his information constantly changing?
First it went from, oh no, you don't have to wear a mask, you can go on a cruise, to oh, if you don't wear a mask you're going to kill someone's grandmother and you're an awful person and you need to stay inside.
And first it was 15 days and now we're almost on five months.
And you have to stay inside and you have to social distance unless you're a Democrat, unless, you know, no political rallies, no door knocking, no nothing.
But then look at Obama, right?
Look at the funeral of John Lewis.
Go back to what you said, Alex, the absolute arrogance and hubris of these Democrats and these deep state elites who just laugh in our face with this eat cake mentality.
OK, they turned the funeral of John Lewis into a political rally.
Nobody in that room was social distancing.
I barely saw anybody wearing a mask, but they they used his They used his funeral to turn it into some Black Lives Matter, anti-Trump political rally led by their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, right?
And this is the problem.
Real average American citizens, they haven't been able to bury their loved ones.
I have friends whose parents have died during COVID and they had to have Zoom funerals.
You can't go to church.
And they said that Black Lives Matter rallies lowered COVID, which is all a fraud to begin with.
Let's pause for this insanity for a second though, Alex, because there's three levels of this insanity.
One, we just had this story up that said your body is a bioweapon.
So it's my body, my choice.
Don't vaccinate me.
Don't make me wear a mask.
No, your body's a bio-weapon.
So now they just assume you're a terrorist!
And they say you will take it, terrorist!
Now every human is a terrorist according to these people, but again, oh, if you go to a John Lewis funeral, the mayor of D.C.
says, oh no, you don't have to quarantine, you're okay.
But if Trump bans you from one of seven Muslim countries that don't have real passports, he's bad.
So you're a terrorist, but people from Somalia aren't.
I want to know whatever happened.
I thought that the Democrats were all about my body, my choice.
But it only applies to when they're murdering babies.
It doesn't apply to- But Laura, your body's a bio-weapon.
Yeah, every human is a terrorist now until you get the Democrat pass to live.
Bob, did you know you're a bio-weapon?
Put the human bioweapon on!
You're a terrorist too, Laura.
Put up bombards.
Look at that terrorist.
Holy mackerel.
You want to apologize for what you've done, Bob?
Wear a mask, you bioweapon!
Well, it's the genius of getting people, how do you get people to be afraid of themselves?
They're friends.
They're family.
I'm kind of scared right now.
They wear masks in their cars!
You fire like green glue out your fingers?
This is a bioweapon.
Don't stop joking around.
I'm sorry.
We're talking to a bioweapon.
Bioweapon Barnes.
Then we'll go to Bioweapon Loomer.
Tell me about being a bioweapon.
The Politico or whatever it is, they said you're a bioweapon.
Tell me about that.
It's brilliant.
It's really genius when you think about it.
I mean, you look at, you know, getting people to sacrifice freedoms and liberties for war requires you to be afraid of some distant foreign thing that's not everyday.
To be afraid of crime to such a degree that you would allow a certain degree of police state surveillance you wouldn't otherwise requires you to be afraid of strangers.
But what happens when you can convince people to be afraid of themselves?
To be afraid of their family?
Afraid of their most intimate loved ones?
Afraid of their neighbors?
Afraid of their friends?
That's what we've done.
Then they're willing to sacrifice every freedom and liberty known to man.
Willing to no longer go to their own workplace.
Go to their own church.
Go to their own political rally.
Go out to the park with their kid and throw baseball in the park.
That's the genius of this.
It's the ultimate form of state control.
I know, I have guests here that say they're patriots and they won't shake my hand.
It's crazy.
Yeah, the terror factor, I'll give him credit, it's the best thing that the statists have ever come up with in human history.
And they unleashed it right on the eve of Trump's re-election.
It's probably not a coincidence those two were tied together.
So gut level, how does it die?
How do we kill it?
How does it become a big joke?
Because they're saying it's the permanent new normal, you know, you're evil, you're bad.
The greatest resistance to any form of evil is good people acting on that righteousness.
So the streams of righteousness have always been the counterbalance to the valleys of evil, and that is still true.
So it's good people doing the right thing and stepping into the breach.
People like Laura Loomer running for Congress.
People like Alex Jones continuing to be on the air when the whole world said he wouldn't be.
People, the audience out there supporting and continuing to support people
by supporting their own bodies with alternative health with the products that are available
at Infowarsstore.com, things like that.
That's how people do it.
Continue to assert power over your own life.
Recognize that the fifth pillar of power is the real pillar that holds up
all the other four pillars of power, and that's public will, public readiness.
So things like all these, the reason why they've been waging war
on alternative health products that are outside of the pharmaceutical control
is because it's successful at resisting their abilities to control the human body and the human mind.
It's why you launched those products many years ago.
They're products you like, products you enjoyed, and products that keep people having control over their own lives and over their own future and over their own health.
And that is the best way to resist.
The best way to fight back is to maintain and sustain independence of thought, body, and mind, to do so by supporting programs like InfoWars, but also purchasing the products that benefit you on places like InfoWarsStore.com, keeping this community alive against this oppressive system.
Well, Barnes, I appreciate your plug and you're damn right, but just to you and both Lauren Loomer and Owen Schroyer, What do we, I think we just have courage, we speak up, we say things, we talk to people, instead of thinking, oh it's polite, I'll wear this mask, I'll do this.
I'll wear a mask, I'll have to go to the store, then I'll pull it off and educate people.
I mean, I think that's the process, it's just not going along.
You do have to find a way to engage in discourse, and I have a problem with this because I'm loud and obnoxious and I tend to, you know, get furious pretty quickly.
I don't like to be a slave.
But, you know, you do have to find a level of discourse.
But, you know, again, the problem is that the people in America don't even think anymore.
And we were saying this back in February and March.
This is not about a virus, folks.
This is not about a virus.
This is all about tyranny.
And now we've been totally proven, because think about it.
If you wanted to say, okay, how can I find out really how bad the COVID is?
Well, let's actually have mass gatherings without masks, and let's see what happens, and let's inject people with the COVID, and let's see what happens.
Both of those things have been happening now for months.
No spread, no deadly disease, nothing.
Sure, sure.
Deaths way down to almost nothing.
But I'm saying you could present these facts.
But levels of infection, so let me do this, and then we have 30 minutes left.
Let's give Robert Barnes five, six minutes uninterrupted to really lay out his message to Trump, his message to America, then Laura Loomer, and then Owen Troyer.
We're going to end this transmission.
So spend five, six minutes, Robert Barnes, your message to Trump, your message to the world about COVID, about what's happened, about what we should do.
Then we'll go to Laura Loomer.
We really appreciate all your time.
Robert Barnes.
So the President needs to stay on the same campaign.
He needs to get unemployment down to single digits.
He's wisely pushing back against these mask mandates.
He's wisely pushing back.
He's isolated Fauci.
He's wisely pushing back over the panic over the pandemic.
He's starting to emphasize and highlight how closing schools is insane, mandating masks is insane, not having college football is insane, that we need to return to normalcy.
So, he's on the right path.
He got a little bit off it there in late March, early April, but he's back on the path that his instincts told him to be on.
The second thing is continue to get the economy revived, to do everything within his power to do so, to make sure that people's needs are getting met because of people shutting down the businesses, that there are benefits that they receive that they need to receive while this is happening.
Continue to push back on China.
Continue to highlight that this is a China virus.
We're here because of China.
That's it.
The media wants to blame Trump.
There's only one party to blame and that party is China.
China created this virus.
China spread this virus.
China lied about the virus.
That's why we're here at all, at any stage.
Focus on that aspect and shift back to who do you trust to bring back the economy?
Who do you trust to restore safety and security in your streets?
Who do you trust to keep American society America?
Still, it's amazing he's going to get to run on Make America Great Again a second time, but that is exactly the best campaign to run on, and it's particularly apt and appropriate in this environment and in this context.
Now, ideally, he improves his political team.
People like Kushner don't have a clue about middle America.
He needs to.
Trump has fantastic political instincts.
Almost everybody around him is deaf and mute when it comes to political instincts.
He needs better people to amplify his political message.
In addition to that, he needs to build a legal team to prepare for the legal war that's coming after he wins.
He's going to win.
He's on pace to win.
I'm going to be betting on him heavily again to win.
Uh, and but he needs to make sure they can't steal it from him at the ballot box.
He's done a good job shooting down trial balloons like mail-in balloting throughout the entire country with no safety or no security or no safeguards.
He's brought some good lawsuits in that regard, but he needs to continue on that path.
He needs to highlight that path and he needs to be prepared for the big tech manipulation that's coming.
Kamala Harris was chosen in large part because she represents the neoliberal establishment that has deep ties to both Wall Street, the Deep State, and Silicon Valley.
And if he's going to, he needs to be prepared for them to wage secret war against him in the campaign, manipulating Facebook, manipulating Twitter, manipulating social media.
There was a great antitrust lawsuit filed today against Apple that would take away Apple's monopoly over apps.
Maybe Infowars app will finally get back up if that lawsuit is won.
Trump needs to accelerate that.
I know he's put pressure on the Justice Department, but Bill Barr needs to step into the breach and meet his promises and his words.
He needs to indict people connected to the deep state who tried an illicit coup with unlawful surveillance and unlawful leaking and unlawful investigative tactics.
And he needs to bring those antitrust actions that are now already being brought by private actors to let Silicon Valley know that if they manipulate this election any further, that the consequences are going to be, they are going to be broken up and busted up and their stockholders are going to suffer if they try to interfere and impair the integrity of the election process.
Last but not least, he needs to have his eyes alert for a possible October surprise.
of some foreign policy, something weird happening, some international event, some violent event
that somehow makes him look bad, at least according to the press, in October.
So he needs to be hyper alert to where that could happen and to not be sand trapped or be sidetracked by it
in the way they were able to temporarily do so on the pandemic back in March and April.
So he needs to, Trump just needs to double down on Trump.
And if he does, he will win and the country will be safe again.
And I think too, the best defense for Trump right now We know that there's all kinds of dirty tricks up the sleeve of the Democrats and the globalists.
Like you said, October surprises, international events.
Who knows?
They'll fake an alien invasion.
I mean, I'm not even kidding.
They'll do anything at this point.
So, I think the best move for Trump is, and he's got people in his ear telling him this, and there is a level of truth to this, but Yeah, there's going to be mass outrage and protest or whatever, say if you arrest Obama, or say if you actually indict the Deep State, or charge some of these guys with treason, but you know what?
That landmine, the explosiveness of that landmine, is one-tenth of all the other landmines that he could potentially step on, or that we'd have to go through, if that landmine is not stepped on.
So it's like, okay, you know what, I may lose a limb here because I'm going to have to step on this landmine, but you know what?
Better lose my limb than step on that landmine and just be blown into oblivion.
And that's where we're at.
And I'm afraid if he doesn't get ahead of this, like you said, all the Schadenfreude and everything they're going to run is going to be so overwhelming that there's nothing that the president can do at that point other than, I mean, either just blatant civil war or just calling the military to, you know, arrest people, Nuremberg trials, which is, again, you get out ahead of it to avoid that.
Laura Loomer, your response to the breakdowns of Robert Barnes just now?
Well, I agree with Robert Barnes in his argument that we need more antitrust action.
And, you know, I filed an antitrust lawsuit.
If you recall, my antitrust lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple was taken to the D.C.
Circuit Court of Appeals.
And it wasn't until the same day that President Trump threatened to take action against these big tech companies that the court dismissed it without any explanation whatsoever.
And so they basically used the dismissal of my lawsuit as a clap back to President Trump the day that he threatened to take action as a way to kind of, you know, egg him on.
Then a couple weeks ago, shortly after that happened, my attorney and I, we actually petitioned the court for an en banc review.
Of this case, which accused these companies of conspiring to censor conservatives.
And just some breaking news, and I haven't actually announced this publicly yet, so I guess I'll just break it on InfoWars, is that just two days ago, Alex The court, the D.C.
Circuit Court of Appeals declined our request to have our review in front of the en banc.
But now we're actually going to have to petition the Supreme Court.
And so that's the next step.
And I always said that I would take this to the Supreme Court if I had to.
And, you know, this legal battle that I'm fighting alongside my congressional race, you know, I don't care what it takes.
OK, I am determined to get to Congress and I am determined to break these people up.
And regardless of whether new legislation is passed or not, Alex, you know, Nancy Pelosi is always saying nobody's above the law.
Well, we just had Roger Stone on the show a couple minutes ago, and they tried to put Roger Stone in jail.
They tried to murder this man.
They tried to throw him in prison at the height of a COVID outbreak, okay?
The man has asthma.
They said that he lied to Congress.
Well, how many times have these tech executives who are now sabotaging the election, committing election interference, you know, committing, I would say it's racketeering in some cases to provide illegal, in-kind contributions to Democrat candidates.
They have committed perjury.
And the punishment for perjury is prison time.
So, you know... Yeah, the racketeering, the perjury, but hold on, Laura, you just broke news.
Your case about tech censorship could be heading to the Supreme Court.
I want to get Robert Barnes' reaction to that.
There's no doubt that there needs to be action at the governmental level because what Laura just detailed is that the courts have been inimical to responding to these suits. They've
been shutting the doors to legitimate suits by reinterpreting the law in section 230 in such a way that
is contrary to its original intention that is allowing these private big tech companies to
effectively monopolize the public square and thus impact and impair the elections in ways they could
not do if they were writing a check.
You know there's limitations for example to how much someone can write a check to Laura Loomer.
But Google, Facebook, and Twitter have effectively given millions to her opponent by the way they have interfered with her ability to be a candidate in using their platforms to access the public and the audience.
Particularly, those are some of the most effective means are Facebook digital advertising, because you can target it and tailor it to the people you're trying to reach.
You can make sure that the gap between the audience and the communication is met.
Well, you can't if you're precluded from ever even using those platforms.
And clearly, that is not what our laws were intended to provide for.
But I think the only way the courts will pay attention, such as the Supreme Court, to Laura's case, or any other case, is if Attorney General Barr takes action.
They need to know it helps when big companies are taking action.
So the fact that a big.
Yeah, and look, you know, I've had members of Congress, Representative Paul Gosar from Arizona, he actually wrote a letter to Attorney General Barr because these companies, not only is there extreme amounts of judicial corruption, but, you know, our cases are being thrown out and not even just necessarily by Democrat judges, but by Republican appointed judges.
And so there really isn't any due process.
For example, okay, my case against Facebook, I filed a defamation lawsuit against Facebook because they labeled me a dangerous individual, just like they labeled Alex.
Then, the day that I filed my $3 billion lawsuit against Facebook, they changed their terms of service to say that it was okay to incite lethal violence and high severity threats.
Basically, for people to kill people like me and Alex, the people who they deem dangerous.
And so, you would think that if I were to threaten a tech executive and say, I'm going to kill you, okay, the police would be called, I'd be arrested, I'd probably be interrogated by the FBI, and I would probably go to jail.
But the tech executive- Isn't that our biggest weakness?
Is that we're actually law-abiding citizens with a moral compass?
I'm not against civil disobedience.
I think that we're getting to a point in society where civil disobedience may be the only way forward.
It's like, that's our biggest weakness.
It's like, we care about people, we care about the law, we care about civilization.
Like, that's our weakness.
I'm not against civil disobedience.
You know, I think that we're getting to a point in society where civil disobedience may
be the only way forward.
I'm not advocating for violence.
But what I'm saying, though, is, you know, I utilize civil disobedience as an investigative
journalist and activist to raise awareness about the issues that I felt were important
that the media and the deep state were putting a blockade on.
And so civil disobedience is an effective tactic for raising awareness about these issues.
And, you know, it's why I handcuffed myself to Twitter.
It's why I went to Jack Dorsey's house.
It's why I, you know, got escorted out of Facebook headquarters by the police.
And, you know, did what I did to fight for the free speech rights of Americans and all who have been silenced by these tyrants in Silicon Valley.
But it's time for the American people to rise up.
And whether it's COVID, whether it's tech censorship, whatever it may be, you, the politicians are not going to save you.
They are not going to save you, the people who are in Congress right now.
It is what compelled me to run, but you need to take things into your own hands by utilizing your constitutional right.
The people have a right to peacefully assemble, okay?
You do not need to comply when somebody gives you an order, okay?
Who are they?
They're not authoritative figures, okay?
Where in the Constitution does it say that you are required to wear a mask?
Where in the Constitution does it say that you have to stay in your home?
I mean, people need to start being independent thinkers before they're just totally hoodwinked and our country is taken from us.
Yeah, Laura, I completely agree.
We're running short on time.
Savannah Hernandez just got in the studio.
I want to get her take.
I want to get Barnes' response to something real quick, too.
And then we're going to play a special report.
About ten minutes here of live on-air stuff.
So I want to get five minutes from Savannah who's been waiting in the wings.
I want to get a final comment from Barnes.
I'll shut up after I ask Barnes this question until I sign us off.
And then everybody can have a little... I'll just kind of, you know, pitch to everybody.
But Robert, today Attorney General Barr said he expects there to be big shockers coming out from the Durham investigation.
So while all this stuff that Laura just talked about I completely agree with, I'm right there with you, Laura.
I've spent time in jail as well.
You know about the actions I've taken too.
So, the problem is, as effective as that is, the real effective action is legal action from the Attorney General.
Do you have faith in the Attorney General?
Do you expect there to be big shockers coming from the Durham investigation, Robert Barnes?
I've gone back and forth on that because I believe Attorney General Barr recognizes that the system has actually put itself in danger.
The integrity of the Justice Department itself, the integrity of the FBI itself, the integrity of our judiciary, the integrity of the NSA, the CIA, and how it interacts with U.S.
politics has been put in jeopardy.
The relationship of five eyes has been put in jeopardy.
So, I think he recognizes now that he has no choice but to do something, and that something needs to have some big scalps.
So, I always remember Brad Pitt's line from Inglourious Bastards, I want my scalps and you're going to get me my scalps.
I think that's what Attorney General Barr needs to do.
He needs some big scalps.
Now, Cline Smith is likely to be indicted, a sort of mid-level guy who is part of the corruption within the deep state, but they need somebody big.
They need someone like Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, or someone from the Justice Department like Sally Yates.
And they're all caught red-handed.
Trump has said it so many times.
He's said treason now seven times.
And that's the nice thing is Trump has put his name on the table where if they don't go down for their crimes, then Trump's name is sullied as well.
I want to get five minutes from Savannah and then final comments from Laura and Bob before we sign off here.
Savannah Hernandez, you've been waiting at the wings.
You've been listening to everything here tonight.
I know you've got some news.
What do you think about at the top of the conversation in the current times, Ren?
You know, today, honestly, I was listening in a little bit to this broadcast and I think one of the things that I took away the most from this was Laura talking about how her potentially getting into Congress is a part of the bigger movement that's happening in America.
It's a part of this movement of patriots, of people rising up, not wanting to see Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC running our country, to see all of these Basically communists in our streets and you know Owen you and Alex do such a great job of laying all of this out and I feel like I'm still on the street level of everything and I went to Barton Springs today Alex had me go and you know he was like go shoot a report over there see if there's still people out front and there was no one out front but there was orange netting up so I have a report on basically
What I did there because I reopened the park to people in Barton Springs and I feel like that's what we need to do like at a base level is people need to start standing up civil disobedience we've talked about it so much on this show and uh you know the average person really needs to stand up to for America right now because this is the time to do it We have the election coming up.
We've seen so much corruption from all angles.
Laura Loomer, you know, running for Congress is a great thing and I'm really hoping that she gets in because that is the breath of fresh air that we need.
Just like back in 2016 we needed Donald Trump, we need Laura Loomer in Congress now to actually bring some truth and Bring some, I guess, sanity to America and everything that's going on right now.
So I would just say, at the street level of things, you know, people still need to stand up right now, and this has been a great broadcast, and I'm getting really excited for election season.
Well, and you mentioned, you know, myself and Alex Jones, by the way, they mentioned your body is a bioweapon story.
They mentioned my name in here, so it's just ridiculous.
I mean, people can think we're crazy, but did you ever think that the government would shut down a tree?
The government would shut down a blade of grass?
A creek?
I have talked to Alex so many times on his own show.
I've been like, Alex, I thought you were so crazy so many times, but everything that you've talked about has come true in terms of the government Coming in, impeding on our constitutional rights, shutting down nature parks.
It's ridiculous.
That's what I did today because I'm so tired of people sitting here and letting an orange net stop them from going out and enjoying nature.
And again, this extends into face masks and this extends into a bigger picture, but people really need to start standing up.
For what they know is right, and like I said, get Laura Loomer into Congress.
We need that breath of fresh air right now.
America is dying, and we need people like Laura Loomer, we need people like Owen Troyer, Alex Jones, to breathe life back into our country, which is being overtaken by communists right now.
Alright, Savannah Hernandez, thank you so much.
Her channel at band.video and does a lot of great work.
You can follow there and you're going to want to watch this video, folks.
Trust me.
She throws stuff around.
She tears stuff down.
We need more action like this.
So thank you, Savannah.
Alright, we've got five minutes left here.
I want to get two and a half from Laura, two and a half from Robert Barnes.
Final statements, Laura Loomer.
Well, I just want to express my gratitude and my appreciation to you and Alex and Savannah and the entire InfoWarrior community.
As of now, just on this broadcast, you guys have helped me raise about $30,000 additional dollars for my campaign.
And so these are just grassroots donations that came in during the course of this two and a half hour long broadcast.
And I want to give a shout out to a guy named Matt.
Lefevre, he gave $5,600.
That's the max donation to my campaign, if you have the means to do so.
You know, every single dollar counts.
And so, whether it's $1, $5, $10, $100, $1,000, or the max of $2,800 and $5,600, please make a donation.
Because just like Savannah said, we need to breathe fresh air, okay?
Please make a donation because just like Savannah said, we need to breathe fresh air, okay?
We need to basically have patriots overtake the halls of Congress and get rid of this
Marxist-Jihadist uprising that is destroying our country and plaguing it like a cancer
from within.
Because if we lose the White House or we don't take back the House this election cycle, America's over.
America's over.
And it's people like you who are watching right now who are going to make it happen.
It's not the elites in D.C., it's the people.
Exactly, exactly.
And if you can't support financially, say a prayer, share the links, and tell friends and family.
Laura, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Laura Luver for Congress.com.
Robert Barnes, Final Statements.
The key is that what the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he did not exist.
A great line from a film.
In the same capacity, the greatest trick the system ever pulled was convincing you that you can't resist them.
That you don't have the power.
That the power is solely with them.
The reality is just like the sort of trick of slavery was a small group of slave owners convincing the massive population that was slaves in front of them that in fact the power was with them rather than the power with the masses of people who if they resisted could in fact be successful.
So the power you have is the ability to remember that you actually hold that power.
So, for example, one way that's happened, one reason why Alex has built this up over decades, is to maintain the power of InfoWars and its audience independent from the control of big tech, independent from the control of big politicians, independent of control from the institutional press.
That's why supporting it through InfoWarsStore.com provides that capacity.
He combined that with the ability for people to support their own health by going to InfoWarsStore.com and having the products that enhance that so they could be outside of the pharmacological-driven medical system and health system.
The same is true politically.
The same is true in terms of news.
The same is true in terms of information.
The same is true in terms of self-education.
The same is true in the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, any of our Bill of Rights.
They're only protected as long as we, the people, remember what they are and assert them at each and every stage.
It's like muscle atrophy.
If you don't work out, you don't run, your muscles weaken and then you can't use them anymore.
Robert Barnes, God bless you as well.
Thank you for joining us tonight.
And we'll see you, we'll see Laura again, we'll see Savannah Hernandez again as well.
She covers breaking reports here at InfoWars and she has a channel on Band.Video.
Alright, we're about to go to a special report.
Before we sign off, I just want to thank the InfoWars audience again.
None of this is possible without your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
And just as a final word of encouragement, Alex earlier made the comparison, the analogy to The Edge of Tomorrow, a Tom Cruise movie sci-fi.
It's one of my favorites if you haven't seen it.
But look, we've been here before, we've been here together, we've been here hundreds and thousands of times, folks, and it's a long, redundant war that we're fighting.
But in the end, We do win, as long as we never give up.
So I want to thank everybody for tuning in.
Remember, InfoWarsStore.com, Band.Video, InfoWars.com.
Thanks to everybody that tuned in.
Thanks to everybody that contributed.
And, of course, David Knight will be live tomorrow morning, the Alex Jones Show, and then the War Room, hosted by yours truly, in the afternoon drive.
Thanks for tuning in.
Final special breaking report right now as we conclude tonight's special broadcast.
You say classy, InfoWarriors.