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Name: 20200809_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 9, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses recent developments in US politics, including rumors about President Trump taking action against the deep state. He emphasizes the critical state of affairs 85 days prior to the election, with powerful forces attempting to overthrow Trump and install Joe Biden as a puppet leader. The speaker also shares an incident in Austin involving the mayor's attempt to enforce COVID tracing in public parks, which was met with resistance from law enforcement. The video discusses Pelosi's meeting with COG (Continuity Government Military) to plan removing Trump if he doesn’t leave after the election and how there is a climate of destabilization being set up so that the idea of removing Trump by force is normalized. It also talks about race riots, false flags to blame Trump supporters, economic collapse, and open discussions on financial channels about devaluing America's currency. In addition, Alex Jones discusses the political and economic situation in the United States. He suggests that Pelosi is refusing to pass a stimulus bill unless she gets exactly what she wants, which he describes as a desperate tactic. Trump's response is to cut payroll tax directly, which he claims would put money directly into workers' paychecks. Jones also discusses the financial situation of Trump, stating that his companies are close to bankruptcy due to the closure of golf courses, hotels, and casinos. He predicts that if Trump is successful in overcoming the current challenges, he will be loved by many people forever. Alex Jones discusses how people are being required to have medical IDs and chips embedded in their skin or phones in order to perform certain activities, such as visiting the state house or working. He warns that this is part of the Communist Social Credit Score system and is already in effect. The speaker discusses a confrontation between Antifa members and patriots, where the patriots ultimately beat up the Antifa members. They talk about how this is not like Russia or Nazi Germany, as the U.S. has the Second Amendment on its side. They also mention instances of road-blocking by Antifa members in Colorado. The speaker then talks about a case of someone who aimed guns at people and got killed, suggesting that people will defend themselves when faced with violence. In this video, Alex Jones discusses the far-left anarcho-communist movement known as Antifa and their goal to use physical violence and intimidation against American citizens in order to disengage them from politics. He also highlights how prominent Democrats have been pushing the narrative that Trump is illegitimate and should be removed from office through military coup, while simultaneously planning for such an outcome. In this podcast, the speaker discusses how the New World Order is being exposed by various means. He talks about the globalist groups involved in land grabbing and the seizure of public lands for private gain, using Austin, Texas as an example. The speaker encourages civil disobedience and calls for people to enjoy the parks without fear of enforcement. In addition, Jones promotes various products available on his online store InfowarsStore and discusses a story from Town Hall claiming that there are no left-wing outlets working against Trump. Jones points out that CNN is one example of a network that seeks to tear down the former president and questions why Fox News is considered the only conservative outlet when other organizations like NPR and PBS receive taxpayer funding. Finally, Jones brings up the case of Faith Heeler, who has been convicted of operating sex dungeons for producing sex slave children and running orphanages worldwide. He notes that Oprah Winfrey is part of a group calling for global depopulation and questions her involvement in these activities.

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So I have a lot of enemies out there.
This may be the last time you'll see me for a while.
A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I'm doing.
But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other president's gonna do what I do.
No other president would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost, nobody.
And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they're very rich people, and they're very unhappy.
There's a headline at Gateway Pundit.
Rumors swirling, President Trump's recent actions indicate something huge is about to happen.
And Gateway Pundit has been around for a while, but it truly becomes central in D.C.
And Trump, I can tell you, looks at it every few hours.
And so when they tell you that you can put your money on it and, you know, they call it rumors so they can protect their sources, I can tell you that these are not rumors.
Facts are swirling or blasting out of a giant active volcano or firing out of the barrel of a machine gun.
As a coup is openly rolled out against America and against the President because President Trump is getting ready to take action.
If you go to InfoWars.com, we have the live feed title of the show today with the headline, Facts are Swirling, Not Rumors, Trump is Taking Action Against the Deep State.
The showdown is here, Sunday live.
And again, I'm not criticizing the Gateway Pundit.
They've got a big breaking story that's very lengthy and goes over exactly what's happening, but only one side of it.
And that's okay, because they cover the other side of their articles.
We're going to cover all of it right now on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and here live on the Sunday Show.
And if you're tuned in, I'm begging you.
To tell people about that local radio station you're listening to right now.
I'm begging you for your own future and my future to tell folks by the TV station you're watching and to share the links from band.video of the live feed of the show and the headline page we put out with the live feed, Facts Swirl.
Now I'm going to detail after the break as calmly and as succinctly as I can what is unfolding.
And we're going to air just a two and a half minute special report that Darren McBreen put out simply titled Election 2020.
That shows us a few of the clips of the former Attorney General and the Speaker of the House and Chuckie Schumer and Hillary Clinton and all of them saying, we're going to remove President Trump.
He will be removed one way or the other.
And their plan is to remove him before
The election.
So when you see Trump firing the bat signal, as I said on Friday, and telling the world that he may not be around for a while because of the huge enemies he has coming after him.
He's talking about his government having to go underground during the attempt to encircle and burn down the White House, as Soros-funded groups are now publicly saying they're going to do.
This is serious.
We're going to be talking about seeing you in the afterlife, in heaven.
But it's very, very cryptic to get people's attention.
And it's where we are, because the talking point, even in the local paper today, in Austin when I opened it up, was
Well, Trump is going to get arrested and thrown out of the White House by the military for not leaving office.
And they're putting that idea out there so they can trick a group to run a military coup against him.
Before the election, they'll say, oh, he was planning something dirty.
They're just normalizing, oh, Trump's going to get killed or Trump's going to be arrested.
It's everywhere.
It's their main talking point, like Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.
It's now Trump.
is a dictator and has to be killed or removed and they're gearing their terrorist forces up to riot and burn things down as a smoke screen cover for it all.
But Trump is preparing to go on the offensive.
Stay with us.
Well, something spectacular happened about three hours ago in Austin.
I was there
And the last two segments of the second hour, about an hour and a half from now, we will show you the video for yourself.
So you'll be there.
You'll see what happened.
It was incredible.
The corrupt mayor of Austin under United Nations, a Democrat, deep state tutelage and directed directives has closed
Basically what city parks that are bigger than state parks or some national parks over 100,000 acres.
They have closed it to the public and then have opened it back up saying you've got to be COVID traced or tracked.
And they have what are basically like youth brigades there saying that they're law enforcement flipping you off.
SJW is putting you in the database.
The police showed up and said, this is unenforceable, it's not the law, and ordered them to stop doing it.
They're under directive of the mayor, who has now set up his own private 18 to 25 year old force.
And if you're a radio listener, you're missing out.
They're putting still images on screen of what I just told you.
And we'll again put more of those up for you, but we were there for over an hour with two cameras.
We're editing it down for time.
And we're going to be playing that.
And again, this is a microcosm of the entire world, not just the United States.
Austin, in the 90s, in hundreds of different forced purchases, bought, last time I checked, 300,000 acres.
But just the Barton Creek Canyon area that runs right through the middle of Austin, from west of Austin, out of Rippeck Springs,
Where you've got some areas, you know, 400 foot tall cliffs.
That was hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S.
taxpayer money.
Billions total now paid out, and most of it was forced land taken, saying it's the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and an environmental area, and it would always be free and open to the public.
Well, who could police something like that?
You can't.
Well, now they propose charging you to go on there and they've beefed up their code enforcers and their bureaucrats, but to do it, they need an excuse.
Well, now they're saying COVID-19 and literal teenage and college enforcers.
My wife, I already knew what was going on.
I was planning to go over there, but my wife,
Went with one of her friends hiking this morning and the young women literally barked at her when they came up out of the trail because, you know, they're punk leftist SJW kids that work for the mayor and for Antifa and the UN and all the rest of it.
They don't, you know, get up at nine in the morning.
So my wife and her friend come hiking out of the Greenbelt and they bark at them and say, what are you doing?
You got a register and the park's full.
You're not allowed to be in there.
Now you have to understand,
On the biggest days, you go to the Greenbelt in areas that are more rural, like the place I was at, the Hill of Life is what the entrance is known, you might see somebody every five minutes when you're down there walking.
That's on the weekend.
Some areas by deeper water and where there's waterfalls and things, you might see a hundred people.
But the idea that
You need contact tracing, and they put up these big plastic boards in the woods, where you talk to them through the plastic, all in the little kabuki horseman or theater.
And boy, have the wheels come off.
COVID-19 hoax even worse, but they just keep doubling down.
So that's coming up at the bottom of the hour, the latest developments on that.
Antifub all over the country has now invaded small towns and are getting their asses kicked.
We have spectacular
Video of all of that coming up.
But the first thing.
That I need to tell you about that's front and center.
Is this?
We can sit up here.
And we can tell you with 85 days the election that things are critical that powerful multinational forces, both corporate and governmental.
Are openly trying to crash the US dollar, kill confidence in the nation, and overthrow the elected president, and install the puppet placeholder, Joe Biden.
But you have to understand that it would take hours for me to play you all of the clips of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder,
Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi saying, we're gonna remove Trump.
Just two weeks ago, Pelosi said, I met with COG, Continuity Government Military, on a plan to remove Trump.
And she added, if he doesn't leave after the election.
And she said, he will leave one way or another, we'll fumigate him.
Now that was already an internal talking point.
In the CFR documents and things that are public but not widely dispersed.
But the fact that she said that, I told you, it will now be the ubiquitous talking point.
Well, since then, it's everywhere.
It's being spouted out that Trump's illegitimate.
None of that's true, obviously.
Just like Russiagate, Ukrainegate, all of those things.
They're illegitimate.
They're the ones that say the country shouldn't even exist.
They're the ones sending out illegal mail-in ballots everywhere.
So they've set it up where if the President
In any way challenges any of this, he needs to be overthrown.
And if he challenges the election, which they say will be contested, he needs to be overthrown.
They're the only ones that are allowed to contest or do anything, but they're introducing the idea of removing him by force and having the riots and the destabilization and all of it ahead of making that move to legitimize it, not after he refuses to step down if he loses the election, but before.
That's how they introduced the idea and you're already under lockdown.
There's already race riots being staged and you're already hearing about sieges of the White House and how it needs to be overthrown.
This is the climate they're putting out so people in the government and media believe it's normal and go along with it when it all unfolds.
Here's a special report from Bandot Video.
We'll play it.
We'll come back from break and lay all of this out and how we stop it and what's coming next.
But please remember, you've got to get this video out.
It's election 2020.
Stay with us.
A so-called anti-fascist website is encouraging quote all manner of physical violence against Trump supporters and capitalists.
When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
It's an actor dressed to look just like President Donald Trump as he's assassinated on stage.
I'd like to punch him in the face.
I'll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol.
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
This is a national emergency.
Joe Biden says he is concerned President Trump will try to steal the November election.
This president is going to try to steal this election.
This is a trial run for the President of the United States, who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election.
If he loses, and I expect that he will, then we have to be prepared for what he is going to do in the immediate aftermath of such a loss.
Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.
Here you have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
If he's not elected, is he going to pull out his military?
Is he going to engage us?
It's already alluded to.
There may be a civil war.
He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country.
These are not acts of peaceful protest.
These are acts of domestic terror.
Seriously, Mr. President?
First of all, I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration.
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
Government's gonna kill this guy.
So I have a lot of enemies out there.
This may be the last time you'll see me for a while.
A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I'm doing.
But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other president's gonna do what I do.
So there's an excellent article at GatewayPundit.com titled, Rumor Swirl.
President Trump's recent actions indicate something huge is about to drop.
Well, Trump signed executive orders to bring our pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the United States, when 90% of it's overseas, most of it China.
And there's one side of regulations that let them violate our regulations.
Our companies have to follow ours.
It's all designed to shut us down.
That is seismic.
And it's why the president said
They're going to try to take me out, these rich and powerful people, because they've got one-sided deals to screw you as middlemen, and I'm not going to allow it.
We've got one shot to save the country.
I believe you're going to bet on yourself.
You're going to bet on me.
I mean, Trump's totally for real, folks.
This is just epic what's happened.
And then they go into Durham, up in Connecticut, and the other U.S.
attorney investigation out of Texas.
But I agree with Tucker Carlson, that's all just kind of candy and bubble gum and a distractionary thing.
I'm not betting that the Justice Department will actually try to clean its own house because so many of these other people in the Justice Department will then expose dirt that other people have been involved in.
Even if it's just some little side issue that isn't that bad, still, that's how all this stuff operates.
But at a certain point, you've got to just have justice be done by the heavens fall.
So they focus on what Trump's about to do offensively that has the deep state so scared.
Well, no doubt, if he gets re-elected, heads are going to roll.
That's just how Trump is.
We need to dig out the deep state.
The CHICOMs are being dug out.
He's really cutting off that foreign CHICOM funding to the Democrats and some corrupt Republicans first and getting us back on a footing of a good economy.
That was his mission.
That's why they did the COVID-19, that's why they had the blue cities and states and corporations lock things down, a siege.
And they now admit it's a siege to get rid of Trump and punish the American people.
But that's only one side of it that they're scared because Trump's going on the offense.
The reason that Trump gave that statement, that you're not going to see me for a while, is not because he's going on the offense, he already did.
He'll do it more.
He's working with what he's got in the government.
People that are loyal and have courage.
That's not many.
At least in positions of power, because they put scum in.
They are all over every channel.
Saying they're going to overthrow him before the election.
They're just saying when he doesn't leave, we'll overthrow him to legitimize that.
And I know I've got a hundred articles.
I've got 50 clips.
I could cover all this exciting news, but the central issue is they've already failed with their coup to stop the election, then their coup to not have him seen as president, and then their coup with Russiagate and all the rest of it.
And so all they have to do is lose.
They're already in a corner.
And now they are preparing everyone.
And we have to talk about what that climate looks like.
Race riots.
False flags to blame Trump supporters for huge atrocities.
Economic collapse.
They are openly on every major financial channel.
Saying that the economy's dead, America's over, we're inflating our currency, we're a joke.
But so is China.
So are the EU.
Worse than us.
And we're in a position militarily, and with our currency around the world, to be the dominant currency.
Will there be some devaluation?
And the globalists want to devalue it irrevocably.
That's why they want a $1 trillion stimulus instead of a $1 trillion, where they end up keeping most of it.
Trump's doing a trillion directly to people with the payroll tax cut.
So the Democrats, out of one side of their mouth, say Trump is raiding Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid because he's going to stop the payroll tax for a while.
That added income tax out of the top of your check.
But also, it's matched by your employers.
Did you know that?
That is going to be a huge shot in the arm for an economy they're trying to suppress, they're trying to smother.
Is it a desperate tactic?
They want a much bigger stimulus, you know, with $33 billion more to Jeff Bezos and stuff like that.
And to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
And Trump's saying, you're not getting any of that like the last round.
And so, Pelosi
She said, I'm not going to pass any stimulus if you don't give us exactly what we want.
So Trump said, fine, I'll just cut the payroll tax directly.
And that's direct money in your paycheck for people that work.
But she doesn't want you to work.
She wants you to inject fentanyl and die on the side of a street in San Francisco.
What did she say just a week ago?
She said, I only care about our supporters and voters.
Everyone else is collateral damage.
She means America.
So all the billionaires that are globalists got richer, on average about 45% during this COVID thing, except Donald Trump.
It's come out in the filings that Donald Trump's companies are close to bankruptcy across the board.
Because he's into golf courses and hotels and casinos, and those are all shut down.
And they were hurt before.
And Trump's not allowed to have stimulus money like everybody else.
So yeah, it'll end up coming out when this is all over that Donald Trump
He's basically bankrupted, but he'll be a king if he succeeds.
People will love him forever.
And the word Trump will even be more associated with overcoming and victory and being a powerful card.
You have to understand, folks, an attempted physical coup, creating race riots surrounding the Capitol, the White House, having millions protest.
Until Trump supporters run out on him.
Until the police and military run out on them.
We've seen a dress rehearsal in every city.
The police standing down to Soros, BLM and Antifa.
So they can legitimize in the press the idea of violent protesters.
And now you've got the Soros funded rise up.
Refused fascism movement saying the occupation of DC starts September 17th to drive the president from power.
And they'll undoubtedly attack the police, somebody's gonna get hurt, and they'll use that person as the cause celeb for the larger attacks and the larger operation.
So, make no mistake, that is the globalist move to take this country down.
And if they are successful taking down the dollar, and destroying confidence in it, and stalling the economy further,
This country will descend into a living hell, the likes of which we've never imagined, and so will the world.
It's already going into a depression.
And to watch the Democrats think, crazily, that they're going to get away with engineering a worldwide collapse that's already well underway, and that they aren't going to get in trouble, and that the UN and Fauci and Bill Gates and all of the architects of this want to call it the American virus and the Trump virus, and Europe blocks people from the United States traveling there.
It's all a sick joke.
We're good to go.
160,000 die in the U.S., most of them fake numbers from other things, car wrecks, gunshot wounds.
There's a story out today.
A 7-year-old boy died of COVID.
He fell down in the shower, hit his head, had a seizure, and bled to death.
And they did an instant rapid test, the ones that are almost totally fake, and said COVID.
So they said on the news, he had no pre-existing conditions and died of COVID.
He had no pre-existing until he hit his head and died.
But that's
They even have fake people that didn't even exist saying they died.
To create fear in all these gullible, stupid sheeple that love to be schmucks.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Now I'm about to lay something out here that's incredibly astounding.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us on this live Sunday edition.
August 9th, 2020, 85 days out from the election.
I remember
Six, seven months ago when all this started and the UN said life will never go back to normal.
You'll never shake hands anymore.
You'll have to wear a mask everywhere you go.
You'll have to get monthly inoculations.
COVID-19 is so incredibly deadly.
It'll be two years till you get it.
And of course we knew they were just trying to make us beg for it.
And then, oh, it got made quicker than they thought.
It'll be here by November.
Oh, but it's not going to actually work.
You've got to take lots of them to ever be able to go out and have a job or live again.
And it's all based on lies that we'd have 100 million people dead by now.
2.5 million of those here in the U.S.
We're supposed to all just forget that they said 15-day lockdown because the hospitals would be so full.
And all of it was a formulae
That they came up with.
Fauci in 2017 said Trump will be faced by a novel virus.
It will challenge everything.
It's coming.
This is a guy who launched the AIDS scam.
All of it.
45 years at the NIH.
A master criminal.
Everything he said is a lie.
But the general public think of statistics like rocket science.
They just don't know about them.
One reason police have been charged with enforcing this COVID garbage are so informed is they know about statistics.
They go and look, and they find out that almost all the COVID deaths are something else.
Put in the column, officially, that they count one COVID positive as 15.
And they know the numbers, so they understand it's a fraud.
And doctors know it's a fraud.
And nurses, they go public.
And then the media attacks them or censors them.
And then when there's drugs that do treat real viral and pneumonias that are always out there, always causing a problem, they get censored as well.
So, here's the big huge news.
Fauci has come out officially.
And said that, oh, the vaccine only is going to have a 50% efficacy.
As if he knows that.
Of course, it's not going to work.
It's just made up.
Can't have a vaccine for the common cold.
There's thousands of varieties every year of it.
It's just a total lie.
Like the flu, they admit fine print.
Gates even says, okay, the flu shots never really worked.
I've got clips of him saying that this year.
I thought it was safe and effective.
They've never guessed the right flu mutation.
There's thousands of flus.
By the way, what I'm saying here, Purdue listeners that think, oh, that's like rocket science, it's a fact that there are thousands of influenzas.
It's a fact there are thousands of human papillomaviruses that can give you cancer.
They come up with a vaccine that covers seven of them.
It does nothing but mess you up and give you autoimmune disorders.
It's all fraud.
It's all lies.
So what's the big news?
Fauci came out and said again, you're never going to go back to normal.
I've got the article he put out right here.
Mask her forever.
You can't ever shake hands again.
Life as you know it's over.
And it's not like it's some virus that just killed 20 million people.
I mean, if that was actually happening, I'd be locked up in my house and stuff, waiting for a real vaccine.
They're never going to give you that.
This is a total hoax, folks.
But they can focus in on
Individual deaths.
And hype it up to create the perception that it's this giant epidemic, when it's statistically not even close to it.
But it is a PAN-demic.
PAN is how widely people have it.
It's like saying to people, have a suntan in August.
Yeah, suntans are PAN-demic.
Do they kill you?
It's not an epidemic.
People dying.
It's a pandemic!
Now it's always spiking!
The U.S.
is worse!
And now the numbers came out two weeks ago in Florida.
Three times less lethal than flu.
New numbers came out.
Even weaker!
And it's all lockstep, whether it's the UN or CNN or Fauci.
They all have editorial articles out this week saying, just like you learned to wear seatbelts, mask your voluntary for now, but they'll soon be forced to live, including in your house.
There's no amount of worshipping these people that makes it go away.
It's all fraud.
So it's permanent.
And it's about, you don't drive a car, you don't have a job, you don't fly on an airplane, unless you have a medical ID, and a chip embedded in your skin, or on a phone, and now Chicago, and New York, and the state of Virginia are all getting U.N.
money, and Microsoft and Google money, and saying, you want to come to the State House?
You gotta have this app on your phone.
You wanna have a teaching job?
You gotta have this app.
And we're tracking you, who you're close to, and mapping who you talk to.
All of it is the Communist Social Credit Score.
It's here.
It's not coming.
I told you it'd be here by the end of the year.
It's already here.
And now if you show up to the Austin Greenbelt, that's the biggest in the country, it's like a national park.
Hundreds of entrances.
It had more than 10 entrances to it.
They had checkpoints with plastic put up that you stand behind with teenagers flipping you off, ordering you give them your driver's license, name and number, phone number, to go into the giant greenbelt.
And if you say, I don't want to, they go, F you.
And the police pulled them out and said, this is illegal.
They don't care what the mayor said.
There's no law.
You can do this.
The footage of that's coming up.
But no one had called their bluff.
I did.
Literal youth brigades, Maoist youth brigades,
And it's all over the country, all over the world, the same model.
Oh, all the pools are closed?
We'll take the lifeguards and make them tell you, oh, sorry, the park's full.
It's only 100,000 acres.
There's like 10 cars parked down the side of the street, you know, behind a restaurant where there's like a gully with homeless people down into a deal.
Uh-oh, you can't go out into the Greenbelt now.
You can't go out to all the springs and creeks and everything where the city of Austin took
Hundreds of thousands of acres from people and made them sell it in the 90s.
Always promising was for the citizens, but now they're going to teach you it's closed because they're going to sell it all off and develop it.
Oh, it's all for COVID.
No, they already had plans to do this.
It's a criminal leftist event that Californians put with anything and Austin is now a California moron facility.
Low-grade idiots that left one tyranny for another, and they love it.
They enjoy censorship tyranny.
Here's Fauci, though.
Telling you the vaccine doesn't even work, but you're still gonna have to take it, and you still can't shake hands, and you gotta wear a mask, because he said 2.5 million Americans would die, but none of it was true.
Here it is.
So when you're talking about a vaccine, if this were measles, in which you could guarantee that if you get vaccinated, it's likely you're 97 to 98% protected.
Then you don't have to worry about anything else, but just get yourself vaccinated.
When you're dealing with a vaccine for a disease like coronavirus, in which you're talking about the natural response of immunity, generally is finite.
In other words, we don't know yet what the efficacy might be.
I believe we'll get an effective vaccine, but we don't know if it's going to be 50% or 60%.
Hopefully, I'd like to see 75% or more.
But the chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach.
You've got to think of the vaccine as a tool to be able to get a pandemic to no longer be a pandemic, but to be something that's well controlled.
Well controlled.
Common cold.
You never leave in your houses again.
You do what I say.
And the guy can't even throw a pitch.
He'll only throw it 40 feet in the left field.
Like he's some kind of... Everything he does is a fraud.
Everything he does is a scam.
He's Fauci the fraud.
Fauci the fake.
Fauci the effort.
Alright, we're gonna get into some good news when we come back though.
There's a little difference here with the Communists and their attempted overthrow.
Coming up, Antifa's got its ass kicked nationwide.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I want to say something that I only say every six months or so, but I want to make it super clear because it's really my ethos and what I stand for.
I know it's what you stand for as well.
I've been on air 26 years, and very early on, people would send me letters and they'd say, you're scaring my wife, or you're scaring my brother, or my father, or my husband, or my son, and I wish you'd stop telling them all this stuff, because now they're obsessed with you, and you know, our lives change, and why are you trying to scare my family?
If I hear dogs barking at 2am, this happened back when I was a kid, dog was barking,
And the house next to us was on fire.
And I was like 10 years old and I got everybody up and the fire department came, we watched the neighbor's house get put out.
I wasn't being a fear monger when the dogs barking and going crazy to get up and to go look out the window and the neighbor's house has got red flames shooting out of the roof.
I wasn't a hero either.
I was like, good job kid.
This could have gotten a lot worse because the neighbors didn't even know their house was on fire.
They were asleep in the downstairs.
They were old people.
Some electrical fire, but people think, oh Jones is a fear porn dealer.
Yeah, he just, you know, likes to scare people.
I've made the films with the college documents where they said they will break up the family and sterilize children with transgenderism in the 60s.
I had retired high-level FBI agents tell me that the government was run at high level by devil worshippers and who they were.
Turns out it was true.
You think I'm happy about this?
As God is my witness, I've never consciously lied to anybody about politics and issues.
Have I lied to a girlfriend I'm cheating on her and stuff like that?
Hell yes, I have.
I don't do that anymore and I repent of it.
But you can now see I didn't make any of this up.
And sometimes I was wrong about things, and nine times out of ten, literally, it's way worse than I thought, okay?
So, I don't tell you all of this because I'm trying to scare you.
I think you're like me.
If somebody's coming to mug me or kill me or hurt me, I want the bad news now.
Because I want to be ready for it.
I want the worst news up front.
I want to face it.
And I know you're the same way, but I see these leftists that believe all this BS and I just worry about them as things unravel.
They are going to get crazier and crazier and crazier because they will believe any lie they're told and they believe being delusional is powerful and is strong.
Can you imagine being on average a community college?
person that's usually blue-collar, being manipulated by some communist professor, who's able to brainwash you in your town, say Denver, to go two hours outside town to another town, we're about to show you footage, and walk into a lower middle class, middle class, working class area.
And the people that come out of these houses, you know, look like Dolph Lundgren or something, some of them.
You know, like six foot seven, I mean,
Imagine being five or six thugs, and you think you're gonna go into a black neighborhood, a mixed neighborhood, white neighborhood.
You just think you're gonna go in a neighborhood and start breaking things and that people aren't gonna come out and kick your ass?
You're probably gonna get killed!
But imagine how stupid they are!
It happened in at least three towns in the West.
In Oregon, in Washington, in Colorado.
Maybe 10 Antifa thugs go into neighborhoods reportedly and started smashing people's stuff because it was known as mainly a white suburb.
Imagine the nerve of these crazy people!
We have footage of them blocking roads in people's cars and then pulling guns on them in another town.
So I'll narrate this for radio listeners that can't see it.
Go ahead and roll the audio, we bleeped it.
Videos up on Infowars.com.
Antiva gets beat down after invading suburban neighborhood.
Here's the video.
Start rolling it.
There's an old guy in a wheelchair out there with him trying to stop it.
And the little commies try to threaten him.
Roll it full screen.
And these thugs, these white trash,
Literally think acting toughs can intimidate this mob that's ready to kill him.
And so what happens is that by the end, one of the antifa
Marching the Antifa commie bastards out of the neighborhood.
Nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood.
Nobody wants them here, so we'll march them out.
You guys step away from the f***ing houses.
And then, reportedly, they tried to attack somebody, so they get their asses beat.
Bye-bye, commie scum!
Go home!
Oh, f***, here we go.
So they get their asses beat.
And the crowd's very restrained.
This woman starts hitting a guy in the head from behind and then she can't believe one of them grabs them.
Oh, they're so tough.
One guy pulls a knife, so they pin him down with the American flag.
Give him a nice knockout blow.
Oh, commies go home.
So, here's the deal.
This is not Russia, where the poor Russians are tough folks, but they've been under, served under the Tsars for 500 years.
This is not Nazi Germany.
This is not Communist China, where people have been raised and bred and trained to follow orders.
This is an armed camp of pirates, and when the veneer of civilization gets pulled back, the communists trying to run their old playbook are going to run into the Second Amendment.
So, they could take Trump out.
Then they're going to false flag stuff and say that we've done it to make us look bad.
Obviously, we're not going to blow up black colleges.
We're not going to do all that crap.
We don't want to do that.
We love the black colleges.
Trump doubled their funding.
So, and this is actual anti-Black Lives Matter blocking roads.
This is in Colorado.
This is where they've shot people in the head at these things, blocking the roads.
And there's so much cussing, I can't play this.
And imagine, they just block the road and then start pulling guns on random people on the road.
Here's Colorado, where they drive out the antifeather.
So much cussing, we can't play the audio here, but it's on Infowars.com, which citizens and their horses just drive them out of the way.
And so what's going to happen is, as the police stand down because they're ordered to, the citizens are going to take things in their own hands, and the public's not going to be ashamed of folks that defend themselves.
They're going to be proud of them, and it's going to cause a chain reaction.
It's just like this
Creep out there running checkpoints, aiming guns at people who got killed.
Trying to make him a big victim and a martyr.
Nobody's buying that crap.
He went out pointing guns at people and got killed.
Because you know how many army veterans, or you name it, are just citizens that have been pushed around in their life who, that you pull a gun on somebody, they're going to kill you!
You pull a gun on me, I'm going to grab a gun and shoot you.
I mean, they're not going to, you point a gun at me,
Unless there's like an alarm at my house and the cops come and got their guns out.
Then I'm like, hey guys, but if you're a random person and you aim a gun at me, I'm going to kill you.
This isn't LARPing.
This isn't fantasy world where you're playing video games all day.
This is the real world.
And you've taken America's restraint as weakness.
Just like the guy that got killed in Austin a few weeks ago, pointing his guns at people at random checkpoints they set up.
He said, oh, they're a bunch of wimps.
Bunch of pussies.
He says, I'm gonna go out and intimidate them.
He goes, I like intimidating people.
Yeah, well, you came up, you blocked the car, you beat on it, you pointed your gun at somebody, you died.
You got shot five times in the chest.
You were dead on arrival at the hospital.
And now who's gonna take care of your quadriplegic girlfriend?
Not you.
This is the nature of all these little weird, grown-in-the-dark, glow-in-the-dark leftists that Soros and all of them are boiling out.
But you ask yourself, why are they so arrogant?
Why don't they stop when they're so pathetic?
Because Soros hasn't been stopped, and Obama hasn't been stopped, and Pelosi, and all these CHICOM agents.
And so they're going to make their move on Trump.
They're going to push it so far that they're all going to get cleaned out constitutionally.
They're the police state.
They're the tyranny.
Under law, us clearing out enemies and those that want to destroy the country, that's called justice.
And believe me, it's common one way or another.
No matter what you do to me or Trump or anybody else, we have the Second Amendment, we have the truth, you're done.
Hour 2 coming up.
Remember when Nadler... Adler...
He said that Antifa doesn't exist.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
He said it didn't exist.
He's gaslighting you.
He's insulting you.
When they fund it, they run it as the cover for their real violent revolution.
But like everything these losers do, now that America's awake, it's falling apart.
So let's go to part of this report that's at Bandot Video, then I'll get into the big breaking news.
On the other side of this break, there's so much to get to on how to stop the Globeless Coup.
But right now, let's go to this report.
Antifa is not a myth, it's at Bandot Video.
It's like a nine minute report, there's only part of it.
I think self-defense can look violent if you're looking at it as the person who responds in self-defense is as culpable, but we don't see it that way.
We see ourselves as engaging in self-defense from groups who want to do our community harm.
The mayor decried the violence, calling those responsible vigilantes.
The police video showed one person dumping out a backpack with what appeared to be frozen water bottles, which were then thrown at officers.
Demonstrators also hurled fireworks, one sergeant suffering a broken eye socket from the shrapnel.
Police said the PVC pipe used to hold the Black Lives Matter banners had been sharpened and were taken out and used to jab at officers.
You disavow the violence against Antifa?
That's happening in Portland right now?
That's a myth.
Get wet!
Get wet!
Get wet!
Get wet!
Get wet!
Are you serious?
You'll die out here, bro.
You'll die out here.
Did he get it?
Breaking news in the so-called Capitol Hill organized protest zone.
There's been yet another shooting early this morning.
Protesters finished a march back to Cal Anderson Park when they say gunshots were fired nearby.
There were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there.
One, racist fascists.
I do not make any differentiation between Neo-Nazis and Antifa.
Just because they claim in their name that they are anti-fascist, their tactics are in fact totally fascist.
One of the people who was created to kill people they don't like.
The other group, Antifa, has hangers-on and aberrant actors within their ranks.
But the groups were not created to destroy parts of humanity.
Antifa is not a myth.
The Democrats' refusal to acknowledge the obvious violence spreading like a cancer from the Trump-hating Soros-funded brownshirts terrorizing America borders on treason.
There was no anarchist violence in Lafayette Square.
In fact, the only ones using force were federal law enforcement agents.
I am standing out the front of the White House and you can see that the building behind me is still smouldering.
The fire brigade has just arrived to try to extinguish that.
They've been kept busy with a number of spot fires in this area.
There was an impromptu bonfire on the street here behind me.
There were a number of cars set alight.
Even a hotel, the front of our hotel, was set alight.
What was really terrifying scenes.
This all happened in the minutes leading up
If we had done nothing, what would have happened to the courthouse, Mr. Cuccinelli, in Portland?
That courthouse wouldn't be there in any function.
So I challenge anybody on the other side to say differently.
If we hadn't intervened, they'd burn the f***ing damn thing down.
Hawaii Senator Hirono and her cult would sacrifice as many Americans as it takes to seize one-party Marxist control over a republic.
Antifa is an anarcho-communist movement whose goal is to use physical violence and intimidation to terrorize American citizens, to disengage them from the political process.
While they do this under the cover of anti-fascism, the reality is that Antifa defines the entire American political system, regardless of party affiliation, as fascism.
The most basic structure of Antifa is the affinity group, which is described by the pro-Antifa website CrimeThink as the essential building block of anarchist organization.
That's right.
Full report, banned on video.
It's absolutely priceless.
Spread it to everybody.
Waging war on corruption.
We are not living in normal times.
Powerful forces of corporate world government are attempting to extinguish the very existence of our constitutional republic as we speak.
And there are, again, the talking points
By every major Democrat party official and their surrogates and their strategists saying Trump's illegitimate, Trump's going to try to stay in office, we need to drive him out using the military.
And we're going to contest the election if we lose, but if he contests that, which is legal and lawful, to the Supreme Court, we're going to remove him using a military coup.
I've been talking about this since Trump was elected over three years ago, because they were putting it in the CFR.
They were putting it in Atlantic Monthly.
It came out that they were canvassing, when he was president-elect and then first president, military brass that believed he should be removed because he was a Russian agent.
They then said, I was a Russian agent in the House Armed Services Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, with no evidence.
They just had Democrats come in from different foundations and from the Central Intelligence Agency front groups.
And say this, and so that's how they were able to finance all the fake lawsuits, harass us, run all the attacks, was because they put me in the column as an enemy combatant.
There's a major, whistleblower's not the term they want to use, but it's a person of known facts, military officer, in Millie Weaver's new film coming out later this week.
Shadowgate with how the Pentagon had these systems for other governments and other conflicts.
Now it's been used under Obama, and since Trump got in, against Trump by the bureaucracy.
And of course that's been in mainstream news, they're doing that.
Headline, Obama legalizes propaganda against the American people.
Obama legalizes CIA propaganda against the American people.
Now that happened eight years ago, but now it's really going on.
Here's what I want to get at, because I always give you the factoids and the backstory and how they're doing it and remind you of where they're saying it and, you know, to prove it to you.
We already know this is going on.
So you've got now from a drumbeat to a exploding drumbeat, from boom, boom, boom to boom, boom, boom, boom!
I mean, where it blows your eardrums out.
He's illegitimate!
Military's gonna take him out!
He's gonna take him out!
He's a racist!
He's a terrorist!
He's a killer!
He's gonna cause the dollar to collapse!
The dollar's worthless!
Run for the hills!
America's over!
We're all dead!
In a classic attempt to totally and completely crash the country.
But look at this tweet right here.
Another piece of massive, massive evidence from the New York Times.
This came out days ago, got no attention.
Mike Cernovich tweeted about it.
Ben Smith of the New York Times is sitting in on these Democrat Party meetings, the teleconferences and others, where they're wargaming everything.
And they say in here, this time we're not going to concede.
We're just going to say Trump's illegitimate.
And we're going to basically surround the White House and have our own inauguration and then just see what the military does.
And now, you know, you see, they're going to contest.
They're going to activate their race mobs that are pissed that Trump won.
And then they're going to burn down half the country.
They've already set the precedent that if you're trying to stop a federal courthouse being burned down, or old women getting beat up, or cops getting shot, or citizens shot at illegal checkpoints set up by Antifa, or Antifa gun trucks and snipers on roofs in Austin, that that's bad to stop these wonderful George Soros-funded freedom fighters when Soros just ran the overthrow of Ukraine a few years ago using the exact same tactics.
It seems the New York Times is reporting
On how Podesta is wargaming this election, now 85 days out.
Saying, we don't concede.
We contest, and then wait to see what the military's gonna do.
Folks, look.
I can tell you about stuff that's gonna come in the future because it's already in white papers and globalist think tanks and you can see their pre-programming and in fiction about what they're gonna try to do later.
That's easy to do.
But when they're on every enemy channel at the hierarchical level of the establishment at first, six months ago, and now all over, I opened the paper up this morning, it was in the paper, about Trump's gonna have to be removed by the military.
Why is that there?
Because they're gonna do it beforehand.
They're not waiting to the election.
They are strongly considering cooking up something, a dollar collapse, I'm not sure what, a bigger race riot, but even if they can't get that going, because they failed a lot,
They're going to do it once Trump wins.
They're going to contest and say his contesting, their contesting is that.
This is it.
And you know, I see an article in town hall or I see a Sean Hannity comment here or there.
The Republicans are like flat footed ducks or dinosaurs as the asteroids coming in.
And they're just like, who?
Kind of eating some grass or something.
I mean, they don't even know.
They're like cows.
And the enemy is everywhere telegraphing and saying, and Pelosi said, I am in second in command.
When Trump is removed by the military, I will be president.
Remember I played that clip three weeks ago, like 15 times, people got sick of it.
She said, I met with the military on COG last week.
And I'm second-in-command.
That means they count not an impeachment, not a 25th Amendment.
They say the whole administration's gone.
It's the Vice President that's second-in-command.
But she says I am second-in-command as in a regime change.
Like they're overthrowing Iraq or something.
Or Libya.
And these crazy criminals have gotten away with so much.
I think so.
And it won't matter where he is in the White House or someplace else.
And now Trump is saying, you may not see me for a while.
Meaning he's got to go underground for this.
And I know Trump knew this was coming.
He told somebody very close to the president that he believed that when he tried to really reform things, they would come for him.
He'd have to surround the White House with the Marines and Army.
And I told you that years ago.
And he did indeed say that, and now it's all coming true.
So Trump's extremely smart.
He knows what's going on.
You know, he's such an idiot, but he beat the whole political establishment.
He beat the insiders.
He never ran for office before and then won like a maverick.
They're all a bunch of yes-men back-scratchers involved in process that stole the country, and they all tell themselves how smart they are.
They're a bunch of cowards.
They're a bunch of lightweights.
They're a bunch of idiots.
And they hate self-made men and women.
So go read the Cernovich tweet.
I love how Ben gets these legitimate massive scoops and the rest of the media is like, yeah, we're going to ignore this because, woo, it sounds bad as they look for Alex Jones clips to post online.
Because they do love to attack me because I'm the populist.
I'm the thing they fear.
New, this is Ben Smith, New York Times.
John Podesta played Biden in an election war game and refused to concede in a scenario that looked a bit like 2016, but they didn't concede.
This is what they're pre-programming for.
Every channel, they're parroting.
This is the play.
There'll be other plays, but we have the enemy playbook.
You know, like we were the coach of the Patriots and we've got it.
I mean, we have the playbook.
I've proven we have the playbook.
It's here!
It's here!
And they go on to say,
Clinton had, but Mr. Podesta, playing Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn't let him concede.
Alleged voter suppression.
He persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to federal college.
In that scenario, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Trump took office as planned.
The House named Mr. Biden president.
The Senate and White House stuck with Trump.
At that point, the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues and waited to see what the military would do.
And that's why they're getting ready for that.
That's what they're wargaming!
That's the plan!
This isn't rumor swirling, it's treason swirling!
You know, I played part of this earlier, but it's so important.
Ahead of this big report, I'm going to premiere next segment where they're shutting down the parks in Austin.
I went to show that it was illegal and the police ordered them to stop shutting the park down.
That's coming up next segment.
And this is a microcosm of the rest of the country.
Here is basically the whole report, almost all of it.
Antifa is not a myth.
It's a very, very important report.
Here it is.
I think self-defense can look violent if you're looking at it as the person who responds in self-defense is as culpable, but we don't see it that way.
We see ourselves as engaging in self-defense from groups who want to do our community harm.
The mayor decried the violence, calling those responsible vigilantes.
The police video showed one person dumping on a backpack with what appeared to be frozen water bottles, which were then thrown at officers.
Demonstrators also hurled fireworks, one sergeant suffering a broken eye socket from the shrapnel.
Police said the PVC pipe used to hold the Black Lives Matter banners had been sharpened and were taken out and used to jab at officers.
Do you disavow the violence from Antifa?
That's happening in Portland right now?
That's a myth.
Get wet!
Get wet!
Get wet!
Get wet!
Are you serious?
You'll die out here, bro.
You're about to die out here.
Can you hear that?
Breaking news in the so-called Capitol Hill organized protest zone.
There's been yet another shooting early this morning.
Protesters finished a march back to Cal Anderson Park when they say gunshots were fired nearby.
There were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there.
One, racist fascists.
I do not make any differentiation between Neo-Nazis and Antifa.
Just because they claim in their name that they are anti-fascist, their tactics are in fact totally fascist.
One of the people who was created to kill people they don't like.
The other group, Antifa, has hangers-on and aberrant actors within their ranks.
But the groups were not created to destroy parts of humanity.
Antifa is not a myth.
The Democrats' refusal to acknowledge the obvious violence spreading like a cancer from the Trump-hating Soros-funded brownshirts terrorizing America borders on treason.
There was no anarchist violence in Lafayette Square.
In fact, the only ones using force were federal law enforcement agents.
I am standing out the front of the White House and you can see that the building behind me is still smoldering.
The fire brigade has just arrived to try to extinguish that.
They've been kept busy with a number of spot fires in this area.
There was an impromptu bonfire on the street here behind me.
There were a number of cars set alight.
Even a hotel, the front of our hotel, was set alight in what was really terrifying scenes.
This all happened in the minutes leading up
If we had done nothing, what would have happened to the courthouse, Mr. Cuccinelli, in Portland?
That courthouse wouldn't be there in any function.
So I challenge anybody on the other side to say differently.
If we hadn't intervened, they'd have burned the **** damn thing down.
Hawaii Senator Hirono and her cult would sacrifice as many Americans as it takes to seize one-party Marxist control over a republic.
Antifa is an anarcho-communist movement whose goal is to use physical violence and intimidation to terrorize American citizens, to disengage them from the political process.
While they do this under the cover of anti-fascism, the reality is that Antifa defines the entire American political system, regardless of party affiliation, as fascism.
The most basic structure of Antifa is the Affinity Group, which is described by the pro-Antifa website CrimeThink as the essential building block of anarchist organization.
It's a small cell of individuals who are known to one another, who agree to come together to participate in direct actions.
Those include sabotage, vandalism, and premeditated assault.
I came there with my GoPro and my iPhone to record, and I was beaten by a mob.
People who used brass knuckles that were hidden under gloves, punching me repeatedly in the front, the top, and the back of my head.
They are winning.
They're winning because universities are now effectively blocking conservative and opposing speakers.
They're winning because the media and politicians don't play such violence.
They're winning because local authorities are ordering police to stand down or prosecutors to drop charges.
And they're winning because free speech is being treated as a destabilizing or threatening factor in our schools and society.
After crime rates chronically skyrocket in the wake of the George Floyd debacle, the Black Lives Matter mob can do no wrong.
They want to ignore the violence of Antifa.
They want to ignore the violence on the left and they just scream white supremacist, white supremacist rather than condemn violence from wherever it is coming.
The 277 injuries of federal law enforcement officers in Portland
...are coming from the left, and not a single Democrat on this committee acknowledges that.
Soros-funded St.
Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner didn't charge any of the 36 rioters that St.
Louis police officers arrested during recent violent protests, and as a result, they were all quickly released.
While Seattle rioters are suing the city of Seattle over the expense of their protest gear,
Portland prosecutors are reportedly not charging arrested Antifa-connected agitators.
Meanwhile, the protesters in Portland have moved from the federal courthouse to the local police precinct to burn that down.
In yet another peaceful protest, the Democrats' campaign of political gaslighting and local prosecutors aiding and abetting of the anti-American subterfuge only means many more businesses will burn and many more innocents will die.
It's been three weeks now since Jessica Doty Whitaker was killed, shot on the canal, and still no arrests.
Friends and family today calling for someone with information, anyone, to come forward.
She died the early morning after Independence Day after reportedly getting into an argument with another group on the canal shortly after she was shot.
They reportedly said to the group that all lives matter, and that's what led to the gunfire.
That's according to people that were with Whitaker.
Like their predecessors in the Weather Underground and Red Army Faction, Antifa will continue to escalate its behavior unless it is checked.
There will be more attacks, and rioting techniques will continue to grow in capability and in sophistication.
Their cadres will grow, and there will be more autonomous zones for increased periods of time.
And more Americans of all political persuasions will be terrorized.
The name of the current political game, especially in an election year, is to look the other way, no matter how many are blinded, injured, or murdered.
Let's stop right there.
There's a minute or so left of full reports at Bandot Video.
It's so incredible.
Antifa is not a myth.
Share it.
Expose these people.
But look, it's deeper than that.
And John did a great job.
But there's another whole level.
It's the cover for the upcoming overthrow of the president.
You know, I got a great guy named John who runs the boom in here.
And he was telling me during the break, he said, you know, Alex, don't get down because he sees the stuff going on behind the scenes here.
Because it's our job to keep getting the info out about the New World Order and expose them, not talk about what's happening to us.
He said, hey, Clinton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, the whole thing, they're going down.
And he's absolutely right.
In fact, I meant to start the show today, and I woke up at like 6 a.m.
this morning.
I said, I'm going to come in and point out that
The pedophile rings are being exposed.
The world government's being exposed.
The fiat currency's being exposed.
Their whole system's being exposed.
And that's a really positive thing.
And so, they're going to throw a lot of things at us and things are going to get crazy.
It's a spiritual war.
And you're going to see people you thought were good end up being bad.
You're going to see people you thought were bad end up being good.
And that's exactly what we've seen.
We've seen what people really stand for during a crisis and, you know, who they really are.
Now, this story is in Austin, Texas.
But if you know, Austin's the fastest growing city in the United States.
It's got a partnership with the United Nations.
And Austin, because a large canyon network runs through the middle of it, in the 90s, the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the big globalist group said,
We're going to take all total about 180,000 acres, but the Barton Creek is about 98,000 technically.
And we're going to say that you can't build on that.
And they came in and took farms and ranches that bordered that.
And a lot of them were what they called cedar choppers, old poor, uh, you know, white families that had their shacks up in the hills and stuff.
And they came in and they made them sell out on average for five cents on the dollar.
I mean there were 10,000 acre pieces of property that they made them sell for pennies on the dollar via adverse possession and they promised that it would always be the biggest park system of any city in the country and then day one the land outside town they bought
They built ranchettes on that then the Kirk Watson became a state senator.
The bank he set up was the bank that brokered the sale of property out on these beautiful hills and beautiful mountains outside Austin, Texas.
But in Austin is almost 100,000 acres of this.
You look at a satellite shot of Austin coming out from the west by Dripping Springs into the middle of the city.
It looks like a green Star Destroyer kind of coming in.
Towards downtown, where the Martin Creek dumps in to the Colorado River.
And man, they are seizing every bit of it.
And so a few years ago, they proposed putting up checkpoints, charging to get on the Greenbelts.
I mean, imagine, this is like more than a third of the city.
The homeless can go do whatever they want, crap everywhere, needles, drugs, that's all fine.
But when you're trying to hike with your family or whatever, oh, you're not allowed to.
They've hired all these bureaucracies because they can't become the police, so they created their own, you know, new bureaucracies to control people.
And so now under COVID-19, they've had all the parks shut for months and months and months, the swimming pools, all of it.
And people were ignoring it and going to the Greenbelt, so they couldn't enforce it.
The cops wouldn't enforce it.
So then last week they announced, okay, we'll have people there where you shine on to get into the park.
And you've got to have permission to get on the park, and limited numbers can come onto the park.
But they let in about 10% of what would be in there previously, and they tell people, oh sorry, the park is full.
So I used to pull over near my house, this place called Hill of Life, that's about a quarter mile hill, and I used to go down into the Greenbelt from there.
And you'd probably have 50 to 100 cars parked out there on a Sunday morning.
There are like 10 cars today, and they were turning back all these families from San Antonio, you name it, that came up here to go on the Greenbelt and the big, beautiful creek that's down there right now.
Totally sick, ladies and gentlemen.
But the good news is, we'll post this to Bandot Video, we're premiering it right now, it's not even posted yet, we're premiering it right now, that the police said, yeah, this is unenforceable, there isn't even a law, and they said we shouldn't have college kids down here enforcing this, and they shut them down.
They shut them down.
So here is that report.
Here it is.
With over 100,000 acres, the parks in Austin, Texas are known as some of the most beautiful and widespread in the country.
And in 1992, the Save Our Springs Ordinance was adopted as law, which opened up these beautiful lands to the public.
Austinites practically live in a national park.
Taxpayers paid for it.
It is ours to enjoy.
It is the law.
But now, Austin City Mayor Steven Adler is attempting to seize control.
He has erected makeshift registration booths at park entrances and hired lifeguards who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID shutdown to take reservations and register the names of anyone who enters.
It's been going on all over the nation for decades.
The United Nations Agenda 21.
Powerful entities seizing public lands from the people for their own private gain.
Ten park entrances have been set up like this by the Austin Parks Department.
It is unlawful.
It is nothing more than the edict of radical leftist Mayor Adler.
A power grab.
You'll have a pass.
I've been coming here since I was in high school and college and now you guys use your COVID hoax to like set a checkpoint up so you can take over the parks and start charging.
It's unconstitutional.
This is not even a city ordinance.
This is a illegal power grab of the people's green belt and it's time to free Austin.
So are you guys volunteers in the city of Austin?
Who are you, masked man?
I'm a lifeguard for Barton Springs.
You're a lifeguard for Barton Springs, now part of the criminal power grab.
This is outrageous criminal activity.
This is the seizure of the infrastructure of Austin.
It is all color of law garbage.
My wife came here this morning when you cult member coops showed up here and you asked her, where's her reservation?
Her reservation is that we live in a free country.
We live in America!
I call for everybody out there watching!
The time for civil disobedience is here!
I want this removed tonight!
While we were there, a family from San Antonio arrived to enjoy the day in the park.
After an hour drive, they were turned away.
Look at these poor people.
Hey, it's all unconstitutional.
It's all illegal.
If I want to go in here and say the ordinance isn't even a law, if I want to march down here, I can't.
Don't listen to them.
Don't sit at the back of the bus.
Don't believe their COVID hoax.
Get on down there and enjoy yourself, or these people will take everything you've got!
The gentleman from San Antonio spoke to the Austin police and was told that there is no law.
The police allowed the family to enjoy the park as the law permits.
Come on everybody!
The police told you it's open!
There's no enforceable law!
Yes sir, yes!
Our park's not your park!
Our park's not your park!
There they go, down their path to freedom.
Like, Bill Gates is supposedly a doctor now.
He's not.
He tells us what to do.
And now lifeguards tell people they can't go onto a giant 500 square mile greenbelt because they'll find a virus down here.
No, the virus isn't down there.
The virus is the control.
The virus is the fear.
And the very city that says blow up the police department
The very city that says, blow up the police department, and that we don't need the police, has them out here trying to, not the cops aren't even doing it, but has them out here so the lifeguards can tell you that you can't go down there.
And so they can register you in this illegal database right here.
Hey, guys, you ought to just go on in.
It's all color law.
It's all garbage.
We have to stop submitting at some point.
COVID-19 is a power grab hoax!
COVID-19 is a scam!
Is that your IQ?
One finger?
APD just did its job when a man came up and said, can I go in here?
And the APD told him, no, it's not enforceable.
You can go on in.
The police even told people the so-called art that you're using is criminal.
It's color of law.
By telling black folks they can't vote.
You can't block people from their parks.
This is a fraud.
You don't respond.
You don't respond.
So, as you can see, the park is now open for now, but they'll be back with color or law.
You gotta be the Rosa Parks that doesn't sit at the back of the bus.
You gotta say no, because there's no limit to their power grab if you don't!
They say the masks are permanent.
They say the forced inoculations are coming.
What are we gonna do about it?
All right, it's the final segment of this live Sunday edition.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
David Knight, 8 a.m., right before me.
Robert Troyer, after 3 p.m.
I just wanted to, before I hit this final news here, really important news.
I wanted to just thank the listeners for your support the last 26 years, and for your prayer, and for your word of mouth, because I just want to stay in this fight.
You know, now that the whole New World Order is out in the open, my job's actually much easier than it used to be.
That's why they've got to silence us.
You know, I showed up there and there was one squad car and some fake marshals, forest marshals, rangers out there.
And they were there with college people, college kids, telling people, oh, sorry, the park's full.
You can't go into a giant 100,000 acre greenbelt.
By law, there's no law they can block.
They have ordinances that can shut actual physical parks or things where there's payments maybe.
You can't shut something like that.
It's actually in the code when taxpayers bought the property, which was actually stolen from a lot of folks.
They made them sell it.
A lot of folks wanted to sell.
And so, trailheads are being shut down everywhere.
This is a microcosm of everything.
The police, when the cameras weren't on them, were giving thumbs up.
They were giving us salutes.
Look at all those areas with no houses.
All that's green, folks.
That's Barton Creek.
Look at that.
100,000 acres.
Just one piece of it's 98,000, technically.
And it goes all the way out west.
Now imagine this.
They say, oh, it's for COVID.
They put up a plastic screen at the entrance, and then get your name, number, and driver's license, and then call you if you're allowed to come.
And then they kick everybody else out and say, you can't come because of COVID.
I told families, I said, don't go.
Don't listen to it.
They go over to the cops, and the cops go, yeah, there's actually no law.
This is unenforceable.
We're told to just be here to scare people.
The cops are ordered to stand there so college students at 10 entrances can tell people they can't go onto their own property.
But when it's so outrageous, the police themselves were telling people, yeah, go on in.
It's unenforceable.
But some people were so cowardly.
I saw this one white guy with his three kids.
He sat there dutifully until I began to leave, and he went over.
And the cops were like, yeah, you can go in.
And he still went over.
When I left, he went over to the city lifeguards and said, can we?
And they said no.
And he looked like he was going to leave because he just wants to be cucked.
He wants to be dominated.
And all these guys will take the force of inoculations.
All of them will go along with it.
And I mean, you know, I tried to be calm.
I tried to not get pissed, man.
But I've been, I've been going on to that very trailhead since college.
I've been going to the Greenbelt since I was a little kid.
I didn't know about that place till college.
And I've walked down that with quite a few nice girls for a picnic by the creek.
Had some good times there.
It's got to be, what, 28 years?
29 years?
I'm old now, man.
God, I believe I was at, I was in college 29 years ago, taking girls down there.
Now, if you told me this back then, I thought you were a crazy person.
It's just unbelievable.
And it illustrates everything.
There's a lot of other news we didn't have time to get to.
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Now let's look at some of the gas lighting that's going on here.
Here's a story from Town Hall.
I wish we had time for the video, but we don't, but you can see it at townhall.com.
CNN guest.
There are no left-wing outlets that exist to tear down Trump.
That's right.
Just all the big tech, all the big networks, but Fox, which is pretty bad itself.
Uh, NPR, PBS, all taxpayer funded.
There's just no one there, even though they're hunting down the last truly patriotic conservative outfits and shutting them down.
Meanwhile, I'm going to end the show here in a moment.
How long is that little clip of Oprah?
We're going to end the show with, as it says it all, Faith Heeler, featured by Oprah Winfrey, on the run amid sex abuse claims.
She's now convicted of having women in sex dungeons producing sex slave children for sale.
She runs orphanages worldwide as well, just like Hillary.
And the reason I raise that is,
Jeffrey Epstein did his blog show.
Bill Clinton went to the sex island.
And now W.E., former wrestler, admits killing pedophile abuser, trying to rape him as a child.
The left says he should basically enjoy it, put up with it.
That's just some of the type of news we have there.
But I want you to remember that Oprah Winfrey is part of, quote, the billionaire good guy club that's calling for worldwide depopulation.
I don't know.
That don't get away from it or resist it, end up being procurers and doing it themselves.
That's 101 criminology.
She admits she was a child sex slave, then a child prostitute, and now she runs children's orphanages for the Africans she wants to depopulate.
It's like Bill Gates says, I want to kill granny, I want to get rid of old people.
The case for killing granny, death panels are great, but then
He wants you to take a shot because he wants to save you, which he meant could really hurt you.
I want to thank the crew for the amazing job they've done tonight.
Again, David Knight, 8 a.m.
For a slash show, I want to ask the great stations to be sure to pick up his show.
And then Owen Schwerer comes on after me.
But I do the Sunday show now for 16, 17 years.
Doing talk radio for 25, 26.
But on AXS TV, I guess, 26 years ago, radio for 25.
And I'm just so pleased and blessed to be here.
But the way we reach new people.
And this great fertile ground of the awakening happening is you.
So you're just as important as I am, if not more important, to share the articles and the videos and the live links and say, hey, you heard this guy attacked.
You're an adult.
You deserve to hear what they don't want you to hear.
Here's a link to Mandod video.
Here's an article.
And if you don't like my style, I don't like my style all the time.
We've got Greg Reese and John Bowne and Paul Joseph Watson and Millie Weaver and Caitlin Bennett and Leanne McAdoo and just so many other great, great people.
So be sure and check that out.
But I'm going to leave you with a super creepy statement that children enjoy being molested.
Here's Oprah Winfrey to close out the show.
So this is what so many people don't understand.
A big part of the confusion and shame for child victims is that the attention and the seduction from the predator, who is probably going to be somebody you know.
In order for it to work, it has to be somebody you know, somebody you admire, somebody you respect, or maybe even love.
And it feels good.
I mean, if you're seven years old and somebody, which I was trying to say this to my friends who had children, you're seven years old and someone is stroking your penis, it feels good.
Even though you don't have a name for what that is, it feels
Feels like you're being raped.
When I first said this years ago, people were like, you're crazy because everybody wants to believe it's like sexual assault and you're being thrown up against the wall and you're being raped.
And I have said for years, if the abuser is any good... She is part... You won't even know it's happened.
She is the part of the secret Epstein cult.
On record.
And if the abuser is any good, he or she is going to make you feel like... Best friends with Harvey Weinstein.
I mean, and nothing is more being a part of it than what we discussed earlier.
Then, you have, you say you were married!
Oh, you people are so sad.
Where the hell did this water come from?
You there, the battle for the republic is on.
The American Revolution 2.0 is happening right now.
But the corrupt establishment doesn't want you to know, and they certainly don't want you to get involved.
But you can at Banned.Video.
The truth lives at Banned.Video.
The information they don't want you to see is at band.video.
This is your destiny.
This is the epic battle for the future of humanity.
America will survive as long as you fight.
I've gotta go.
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Bobby in New York, the postal worker on the mail-in ballots, and the NRA, welcome.
Hey, what's going on Alex?
I'm a United States Postal Service worker.
I listen to the show every day when I'm out walking my route, and we were briefed before they even had us start wearing masks in the office.
That way they've already voted not knowing that Biden is just a shoehorn to just wait for the next person they're going to put in.
Is that credible?
They're telling you, oh, before the masks were even being put on, we're going to have to have mail-in ballots.
And so before the debates are even done, most people would have already voted.
That is so sneaky.
That is so dangerous.
And that gives the Democrats time to rig those mail-in ballots and stuff those ballots and pull all sorts of games.
That's their secret weapon to remove Trump and defeat America.
But honestly, in any other election, we haven't had mail-in voting.
So how could you tell people that?
You can't go to the ballot, you can't give an actual vote, and this person's not the legitimate president.
The whole four years that he's been in office, and then the moment that comes time to actually get into the ballot to vote, you can't actually go and do it.
You gotta do it through the mail-in system.
And who knows how legitimate that could actually be?
Well, you know how the scam works.
They mail these out of the homes of dead people.
They mail these out of the homes of people that know they're getting the ballots of dead people.
And they mail these out to people whose cat died 10 years ago and then somebody else fills it out.
And then when they get a lot of these ballots back, they can just falsify them however they want.
This is the takeover, and they've already said that if Trump challenges this, he's a dictator.
So they're already saying, we're going to steal it, and if you challenge it, you're a dictator, and we're going to arrest whoever aids you.
That was the Washington Post headline.
If any of his cabinet doesn't agree, we'll put you in jail too.
So see, that's why they invoked this for the election, and Trump had better take action with 88 days out.