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Name: 20200809_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 9, 2020
98 lines.
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With over 100,000 acres, the parks in Austin, Texas are known as some of the most beautiful and widespread in the country.
And in 1992, the Save Our Springs Ordinance was adopted as law, which opened up these beautiful lands to the public.
Austinites practically live in a national park.
Taxpayers paid for it.
It is ours to enjoy.
It is the law.
But now, Austin City Mayor Steven Adler is attempting to seize control.
He has erected makeshift registration booths at park entrances and hired lifeguards who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID shutdown to take reservations and register the names of anyone who enters.
It's been going on all over the nation for decades.
The United Nations Agenda 21.
Powerful entities seizing public lands from the people for their own private gain.
Ten park entrances have been set up like this by the Austin Parks Department.
It is unlawful.
It is nothing more than the edict of radical leftist Mayor Adler.
A power grab.
Where do you vote, huh?
In the past, I've been coming here since I was in high school and college, and now you guys use your COVID hoax to set a checkpoint up so you can take over the parks and start charging?
It's unconstitutional.
This is not even a city ordinance.
This is an illegal power grab of the People's Greenbelt, and it's time to free Austin.
So are you guys volunteers for the city of Austin?
Who are you, masked man?
I'm a lifeguard for Barton Springs.
You're a lifeguard for Barton Springs, now part of the criminal power grab.
This is outrageous criminal activity!
This is the seizure of the infrastructure of Austin.
It is all color of law garbage.
My wife came here this morning when you cult member coops showed up here and you asked her, where's her reservation?
Her reservation is that we live in a free country.
We live in America.
I call for everybody out there watching.
The time for civil disobedience is here.
I want this removed tonight.
While we were there, a family from San Antonio arrived to enjoy the day in the park.
After an hour drive, they were turned away.
Look at these poor people.
Hey, it's all unconstitutional.
It's all illegal.
If I want to go in here, the city ordinance isn't even a law.
If I want to march down here, I can't.
Don't listen to them.
Don't sit at the back of the bus.
Don't believe their COVID hoax.
Get on down there and enjoy yourself.
These people will take everything.
The gentleman from San Antonio spoke to the Austin police and was told that there is no law.
The police allowed the family to enjoy the park as the law permits.
Come on everybody!
The police told you it's open!
There's no enforceable law!
Yes sir, yes!
Our courts, not your courts!
Our courts, not your courts!
There they go, down their path to freedom.
Like Bill Gates is supposedly a doctor now.
He's not.
He tells us what to do.
And now lifeguards tell people they can't go onto a giant 500 square mile greenbelt because they'll find a virus down here.
No, the virus isn't down there.
The virus is the control.
The virus is the fear.
And the very city that says blow up the police department
The very city that says, blow up the police department, and that we don't need the police, has them out here trying to, not the cops aren't even doing it, but has them out here so the lifeguards can tell you that you can't go down there.
And so they can register you in this illegal database right here.
Hey, guys, you ought to just go on in.
It's all color law.
It's all garbage.
We have to stop submitting at some point.
COVID-19 is a power grab hoax.
COVID-19 is a scam.
Is that your IQ?
One finger?
APD just did its job when a man came up and said, can I go in here?
And the APD told him, no, it's not enforceable.
You can go on in.
The police even told people the so-called arguments you're using is criminal.
It's color of law by telling black folks they can't vote.
You can't block people from their parks.
This is a fraud.
You don't respond.
You don't respond.
No, as you can see, the park is now open for now, but they'll be back with color or law.
You've got to be the Rosa Parks that doesn't sit at the back of the bus.
You've got to say no, because there's no limit to their power grab if you don't.
They say the masks are permanent.
They say the forced inoculations are coming.
What are we going to do about it?
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