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Name: 20200805_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 5, 2020
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Alex Jones' show covers topics such as globalism, activism, homelessness, technology, and digital tracking. The show addresses concerns about forced inoculations, government surveillance, and the current restrictions due to COVID-19 which are believed to be unjustified. The author highlights protests in Germany against lockdowns and discusses Robert Redfield's position at the CDC. Jones also talks about privacy pouches and supplements while discussing concerns regarding the Moderna RNA vaccine, which he believes is being used as a method for creating medical dictatorship through surveillance. He questions the validity of vaccines as a solution against COVID-19.

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So they're saying, we officially want to blow up the police department.
Well I want it put on the city council, during citizens communications, that they're all obsolete, they're all non-essential, and since they say we're obsolete, and our business is non-essential, and the police are non-essential, that I want these cops out of here.
And when I'm done with my three minutes, oh I'm sorry, they don't physically let you in the building anymore, do they?
That's the lockdown.
That's the new system where you can't get into government.
They're separated from you.
But imagine if I stayed there and ran up and grabbed the microphone and took over, they'd go, Police!
Arrest him!
Oh, now the police are essential.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
This is Savannah Hernandez for Action 7 News.
I'm here in downtown Austin, Texas, where behind me, Steven Crowder is asking residents here if Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization, or he's arguing his Change My Mind segment with locals here.
Now, as you guys can see behind me as well, there is quite a few people that live in Austin that I've already talked to, so I wanted to do my own man on the street here and ask people what they've been thinking about the BLM protests that have ravaged our city, and how city council died.
It started out as a peaceful protest.
And then after those few days, it became very violent, and that's when I believe it became a terrorist organization.
In a sense, it's similar to Antifa being a terrorist organization, similar to the KKK being a terrorist organization.
It's all racial.
It's all one race fighting another race at the end of the day.
There's two sides to every argument.
I'm trying to understand.
I've seen and heard the things why black lives matter.
When I look at you, when I look at him, look at her, look at him, look at him, I don't see male, female, black, white, Hispanic.
I see energy.
I'm wearing a mask.
Please wear a mask to protect those around you.
It's not just about you.
Matter of fact, it really isn't at all right now.
So please wear a fucking mask.
Thank you for listening.
Shut up!
Could you ask them to stop disrupting so we can keep having discussions?
I think that's productive.
The reason that I'm not going to is because this narrative is dangerous and
this narrative got Garrett Foster murdered.
You know what you're doing and if you don't, then you need to...
He's been killed in a game in AK-47.
There's a black car.
You weren't there, so you can tell me.
The police report says that he did have an AK-47 and the guy was riding for Uber.
So I'm sorry.
I didn't have anything to do with Garrett Foster being killed.
But just because of that, I think we might set up shop.
And I actually think that that's a valid self-defense, that shooting right there.
If someone storms your car and you're being booted while you're in your car and someone comes out with an AK-47
Oh my gosh, look at their new socks [Music]
Kill yourself!
Kill yourself, bitch!
Kill yourself, bitch!
I'll have the monarchy!
I'll have the monarchy kill you!
Listen to me, you bitch.
We set up one true national nation and we'll be there.
Hey, these motherfuckers aren't wearing balls.
Is that not a problem?
This fat bitch ain't gonna give me COVID.
Is that not a problem?
Of course it's not, because of your spirit.
Woman Kane already died.
He died an avoidable death to only live.
Good on him.
I hope y'all do the same.
Try to find out.
That's my message to all of you blue-licking cocksuckers.
They can't just wear masks.
Have a nice day.
All I wanted was a picture with Dr. Otter.
This is the heart of 1776.
You're a white man!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Over the past few weeks we've heard a lot about the drug hydroxychloroquine.
It's called hydroxychloroquine.
Hydroxychloroquine Try it, if you'd like.
Yes, try it if you'd like.
And if you're worried about the side effects, just remember, Donald Trump is a doctor.
I'm not a doctor.
Okay, my mistake.
How do you calibrate being enthusiastic and not playing doctor?
Because I want people to live.
And I'm seeing people dying.
And I've seen people that are going to die without it.
We've got the treatment.
We're gonna cure it.
We're gonna... What?
He was just making that shit up?
I feel good about it.
Turns out, actual doctors do not suggest taking hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 because there is no evidence yet to suggest it protects against the virus.
I don't think we can definitively say it works.
Not only was Fauci mocking President Trump for talking about it, but you had Governor Whitmer in Michigan threatening physicians, I'll take your license if you prescribe hydroxychloroquine.
And telling pharmacists, don't fill any prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine.
And while many on the left are using the coronavirus outbreak to attack President Trump, one Democrat state lawmaker is crediting him with saving her life.
If President Trump had not talked about this, it would not be something that's accessible for anyone to be able to get that right now.
Because I did have a difficult time even that day obtaining the medication because of an order that was put down in my state.
It saved my life.
I want to tell you about a 96-year-old man in Florida who said one night, I don't think I'm going to make it.
I feel very weak.
The end is coming.
I'm coughing.
I'm short of breath.
I can't get up from the couch.
The next day, he was on hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics per his cardiologist.
He got up the next day.
He was fine.
This man is my father.
Why is any network running these press conferences where he keeps talking about An unproven drug that might work for malaria, might work for lupus, doesn't work for this.
A lot of people would say, follow the money.
There's got to be some sort of financial tie to someone somewhere that has the president pushing this repeatedly.
Turns out he has a financial stake in the company that makes the drug.
Of course he does.
The press, honestly, is out of control.
The level of dishonesty is out of control.
They pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research, and they hid that video from the public.
This is just a lot of misinformation.
We don't want a drug pusher for president.
Gene Robinson, you write in the Washington Post, the one word that proves why President Trump should not be president, what is it?
Experts say there isn't enough clinical data to show it's effective for coronavirus, and it has some serious side effects.
The terrible publicity this drug has received just relentlessly over the past three weeks.
This is a crackpot cure.
This is snake oil.
We've got the treatment.
We're gonna cure it.
Do you think that has made physicians hesitant to try it as a therapy?
No, I think physicians go with what works.
And goadal evidence straight from patients' mouths are attesting to its success.
And here's what I consider to be the secret weapon.
I don't think we can definitively say it works.
Well, add my name to those personal accounts because I am feeling better.
You guys saved my life.
I will know you did.
If I could cover my face with my hands, I would.
You're prescribing it, and it is working for COVID-19 patients.
Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill, and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free.
And so, clinically, I am seeing a resolution.
There's treatment.
That's what we're here to tell you.
It's incredibly effective.
This virus has a cure.
It is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and zitromax.
You're going to come on here and talk about how this is a good treatment, when doctors have said, no it's not.
What the problem is, in a lot of those studies, they did very, very high doses, massive doses.
Big tech censored science.
Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube took the video down.
They pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research, and they hid that video from the public.
I tell all of you doctors that are sitting down and watching Americans die, you're like the good Nazi, the good Germans that watch Jews get killed and do not speak up.
I believe I'm one of them.
There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus.
You can kill me, you can do whatever, but I'm not going to let Americans die.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
89 days out from the election.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
August 5th, 2020 on this Monday edition.
The name of the video that you just saw that's extremely powerful as opposed to the Band-Odd video is, why is big tech so afraid of this report?
It only has 123,000 views.
It needs to have about 10 million views to save lives.
By the way, it's very frustrating To see the public's unbelievable ignorance.
I used to go out and do a little man-on-the-street bit, like jaywalking, where I would give people the scientific name for salt.
And I would say, don't we need to ban, and then give the scientific name for salt.
And almost everyone would say, yes, we need to ban it.
Including, one guy had a chemistry degree, he said from Cornell.
When I confronted him with that, Lee Ann McAdoo did a similar report.
You can also give out the scientific name for H2O, and it sounds very toxic.
And most people will say that water needs to be banned.
Of course, I didn't invent that.
It was Penn and Teller.
Back in, like, 1999, I had a TV show that was on HBO.
But, boy, was HBO different back then.
And they went out and were debunking man-made global warming.
We're saying, well, if we're going to ban carbon dioxide, let's ban... And then they would give the scientific name for water.
What is it?
Dihydrogen monoxide.
Sounds pretty scary.
Scientific name is salt.
Look that up, too.
Guys, actually print me off the sign of a name for water and salt.
I'm gonna actually show that when we come back.
Okay, I am sweating like a pig because I was out on the Austin streets for a couple hours.
Much of it with Steven Crowder.
I just got back.
I got on the show late.
I apologize to the crew.
Very stressful for them when I show up five minutes into the show already beginning.
But we had important reports and promos to run.
And so I've got all these articles to go over, all this huge news.
But I was already thinking about just coming in here today and talking about
solutions, what you think solutions are to where we are.
What do you think the globalists are going to pull next?
And just take your phone calls.
You know, we're going to do that.
We're going to take phone calls today, open line Wednesday, and we're going to
take a ton of your calls, first time callers, people that agree, people that
disagree, long time callers, just a free for all of calls when we come back, I
will give out that toll free number for you to call in on this Wednesday
transmission. And then we have all the other incredible news here.
Where they're now, Democrat cities are announcing and states, they're going to
set up checkpoints to make sure you follow the covid rules, that's getting
you ready for the forced inoculations.
On Lebanon, you called this an attack.
Are you confident that this was an attack and not an accident?
Well, it would seem like it, based on the explosion.
I've met with some of our great generals, and they just seem to feel that it was.
This was not some kind of a manufacturing Now, many times Trump comes out and tells you it's a bomb before the intelligence agencies come out and say it.
Because he's allowed to declassify whatever he wants under the National Security Act of 1947.
of some kind, yes.
That's what we do.
We the people elect someone who has an ace in the hole, an ace of spades card to play.
And the left always acts like the president doesn't have that power.
The president can do whatever he wants as long as we don't impeach him.
It's up to us.
And if we the people's Congress believes what he's done is wrong, and we can prove it was bad, then he can be removed.
But he's not above the law.
He represents we the people and our law.
Now, first they said, fireworks.
Then they said, no, it was a munitions facility.
And we've had munitions facilities blow up in the United States before.
I've had a couple in Houston blow up.
They had one time an ammonium nitrate ship blow up, a fertilizer, and it was 10 times bigger than this.
I mean, there was a mushroom cloud at 50,000 feet.
It just blew up.
Dozens of square miles completely were destroyed.
So, this stuff goes on.
But in the Middle East, you know, there's a lot of terrorism that goes on.
And Beirut's got a lot of Islamic slash Christian infighting going on there in Lebanon.
And Trump would not say that unless the military had intel that If terrorists are going to target something, that's what you want to target.
You want to target an explosives or fireworks factory because then all you got to do is get a hand grenade to go off inside close proximity to high explosives.
It will cause a chain reaction on an atomic or hydrogen nuclear, thermonuclear, but one with TNT type effect.
We've got overhead shots of this.
You can see the port of your TV viewer before.
You can see after, looks like a giant asteroid hit it.
But you notice those buildings still stood up to the blast.
The Oklahoma City building had columns in the back blown out, but not in the front because there were bombs inside.
The fuel truck was just a distraction.
Continuing though, look at this headline.
A country that depends on its imports to survive has officially lost its main seaport amid famine, COVID-19, and economic collapse.
Well, it's not the economic collapse caused by COVID.
It's an economic collapse and famine caused by the hysteria.
Yeah, people are starving to death all over the world now.
We wear our masks because we're heroes.
Keep the economy going.
Beirut explosion leaves up to 300,000 homeless, similar to Hiroshima, says their governor.
But notice, you never hear about the COVID-19 deaths in statistics.
It's always, oh, this old lady died, or this child died, and you learn the child had a brain tumor and cancer and was on death's doorstep, and they just test them and say they had COVID.
They get the extra $53,000 or $52,000 that they get, and that's all come out, but they don't care.
In the very cities that sent sick people into nursing homes to actually get some death numbers, it was over 40% until they stopped giving out the numbers.
Now Michigan, now New York, now Pennsylvania, California, they're not releasing nursing home deaths.
That's criminal.
But that's what Venezuela does.
When they were up to 2,000 a week starving to death, they made it illegal to release death certificates.
It was about five years ago.
So that's just how the commies do it.
They just don't give you the numbers anymore.
Kind of like the media won't report on the 20-something people killed a day on the weekend in Chicago, black on black.
And now...
Of the last two years, Trump isn't in control of the Justice Department.
The Democrats are.
They will not release the latest crime statistics on black on white crime.
The oldest statistics are 10 to 1.
The newer ones that have come out at city level are 12 to 1.
Nothing against black folks.
Still, most black people on average aren't racist out hunting white people.
But there is a certain element of black people that have been encouraged by whites and others
to go out and attack white people randomly.
And you've seen that in the videos that are coming out.
So people know what's going on and they know what happens to them when they get assaulted.
And black people in black neighborhoods know that now the thugs just have free reign because the cops are slow rolling.
Because they don't want to get put in prison if God forbid they do something.
I mean, they called the police on George Floyd.
Black people did.
And he was obviously on meth and fentanyl, which was in his system.
Enough fentanyl to kill two men his size.
And he is horrified, panic attacking.
It's very frightening to see what people are like when they're mixing, I guess speedballing is what they call it.
And then those frightening dash cam still images.
I watched the whole tape and he's like, I'm scared.
Sit with me.
I'm having claustrophobia.
I can't breathe when he's outside, when he's inside the vehicle.
Before he says, lay me down on the street.
Then a crowd shows up to attack the cop.
The cop's not thinking.
Normally, putting your foot on one karate will make somebody pass out.
It won't kill them, generally.
And then he just had a heart attack right there and died from all the drugs in his system.
Those cops knew him.
I've never seen police kiss somebody's ass like this.
I mean, it was like he was just a baby.
They were, oh, I'll sit with you.
All right, all right.
It goes on and on and on and on.
So let me tell you who killed him.
It's ICOMS that shipped in that fentanyl.
And I guess the dad not being at home when he was a little kid.
And drug addiction.
And the people in the black owned shop.
When he was in there causing trouble and passing fake $100 bills.
It's like an Antifa lady was attacking some lady, some white lady, a white lady's attacking another white lady, and the white woman stabs her in the chest.
And the woman goes, police, get over here and help me!
You say kill the police, you say you don't want the police.
And then as soon as somebody stabs your fat ass, because you're physically attacking them, you don't know what to do.
Hey, a little news flash to all you tough guy Antifas and all you thugs and criminals.
Hard-working regular people are the folks that will kill you in a fight, like this little business lady.
Somebody's trying to assault her, she's going to kill you.
She's not looking for trouble, she'll kill you.
And that's what people are going to find out is, I mean if I was that woman and more people were in my face, boom, I'll stab you too.
And I'll teach my daughters, people are assaulting you, stab them.
Shoot them.
I mean this is not acceptable for people to thug out and attack whoever they want.
And the woman's leaving me alone, back off, and the other woman's trying to hit her, so she stabbed her in the chest.
That woman's lucky!
That woman didn't know what she was doing!
Because all you gotta do with a knife, folks, is everything is speed.
Everything is speed.
Just like you can take a dowel when you're a kid, a little stick, and cut other branches with it.
It's how fast you're swinging.
And all you do is just... right through those guts.
And anybody out there is going to leave you alone when their guts have got about a 7-inch cut in them and the guts start coming out.
They'll live, but they're going to leave you alone real quick.
Now, if you want to kill them, right in the carotid, just bam, you're dead. Bye bye.
You know a lot of people like to shank people, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab.
And that's usually if you're assaulting somebody and they're on you, yeah, that's what you do.
They usually get off you pretty quick.
I've been stabbed a couple times, people have started it, but you know,
that's just how it works ladies and gentlemen.
And anyways, I'm digressing. Let me give the number out.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
And we'll get you up and on the air on this live Wednesday edition.
We've got a ton of news to cover.
NYC imposed COVID checkpoints to enforce quarantine order.
Just like they wouldn't let families see their Parents and others in nursing homes so they can kill them quietly and get all that money.
Bunch of dirty, murdered, and criminals.
We don't stand up to them, so that makes us accomplices.
I was telling Steven Crowder just about an hour and a half ago or less that, hey, they have a City Council proposal in the budget to blow up the police station with plastic explosives.
And you know, Crowder thought I was making it up.
Then I had a former Austin police officer, one of our security guys there, and he said, no, it's real.
And we were pulling it up for him.
He's just, my God, this is insane.
And you scroll down, there's the Infowars.com article.
It's got a copy of the proposed budget right there.
Can't make this up, okay?
Two city council members said, maybe we shouldn't abolish all police.
So they went to their houses and basically threatened to kill them.
Soros just got his top guy.
Put in as the city attorney who says he's a communist and the police shouldn't even exist.
I mean, that's on the news.
Straight faced.
People go, Alex, I thought you got a problem with the police.
I had a problem when Clinton and Bush had them being trained by the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center to say, we're getting ready for a war.
The gun owners and we're going to confiscate the guns and we need armored vehicles to fight the constitutional terrorist.
Now what happened was, all that training, sitting the police down, and we've shown these manuals, we've shown video here countless times.
We wrote the MIAC reports where they said, you know, Ron Paul's a terrorist, and I'm a terrorist, and Chuck Baldwin's a terrorist.
Remember all those?
Where they said the U.N.
will take control of the police departments, strong cities.
I mean, people used to hear me on the radio talking about this, and they thought, there's no way that's true.
Now it's all over the news.
And the U.N.
says what treatments we can have for COVID-19, and the U.N.' 's in the news lecturing U.S.
kids now about cigarettes, and they're in the news lecturing about partying, because the U.N.' 's like your daddy now.
Oh, get dads out of the house, but you got the U.N.' 's your daddy now.
You just wake up the world government.
But what am I getting at here?
I'm going to go down to the city council And I'm serious.
This week or next week, let's have a rally and let's call for the City Council building to be blown up.
That's crazy!
Let me tell you, that City Council is what's non-essential.
That City Council's run by the globalists.
That City Council, that building's just a building.
The left's always about blowing up.
I've seen some of the news about, we need to blow up all old plantation houses.
What the hell does that mean?
I saw where the Deadpool actor was in the news going, eight years ago I got married in the Carolinas at an old plantation.
I apologize.
The same people don't own it that owned it 170 years ago.
It's all the virtue signaling.
So they're saying we officially want to blow up the police department.
Well I want it put on the city council.
During Citizens Communications that they're all obsolete, they're all non-essential, and since they say we're obsolete, and our business is non-essential, and the police are non-essential, then I want these cops out of here!
And when I'm done with my three minutes, oh I'm sorry, they don't physically let you in the building anymore, do they?
That's the lockdown, that's the new system where you can't get into government, they're separated from you.
But imagine if I stayed there and ran up and grabbed the microphone and took over, they'd go, Police!
Arrest him!
Oh, now the police are essential.
So I think we really should call for Adler to be recalled.
And I call for him to be thrown out of the W. He's up living on the top penthouse.
And I call for the W to be boycotted until he's gone.
And I call for people to start going in the W and making scenes in there every Friday and Saturday night until Adler has his ass thrown out of there.
Because he's not essential.
He's an un-American, globalist, riding chi-com ding-a-ling.
Excuse me.
Family show.
So I've had enough, ladies and gentlemen.
I've absolutely had enough.
Imagine the arrogance of these people.
to tell us that police are non-essential everywhere so they can take the budget and give it to their commie groups and they admit in all these blue cities, oh we're going to give money to Antifa to be overwatch for the city and we're going to give money to all our pals and all these groups like Ilhan Omar says we're going to abolish the Minneapolis police and then we're going to create a new group under her because that woman can't build a civilization because the minute She comes from pirate slaver stock.
Most of Africa isn't pirate slavers.
It's the Somalis that sold more black people than anybody else on earth.
That particular tribe.
That's why she's part white.
But you notice, they weren't just selling black slaves.
They were grabbing people all over the Caribbean.
All over the Mediterranean, excuse me.
Later they brought them to the Caribbean.
All over the Mediterranean.
And so she's a ruler.
She believes she has a right to rule you.
She's better than you.
You're cattle.
You're slaves to her.
And so as soon as she gets there, she then starts trying to take over.
She doesn't want to build anything.
She wants to siphon off millions of dollars to her multiple husbands and multiple campaign companies.
Because she's a crook.
It's what a pirate does.
It's what a slaver does.
You notice when they wore all that Tutankhamen stuff.
They got on their knees, the Senators picked that particular symbol of African royalty from that particular area of the East Coast of Northern Africa, and it was the actual ruling class that sold black slaves as far away as the Pacific Ocean, as far away as Indonesia, And then they would sell slaves for silk.
And so the wealth of one of those woven silk scarves would be the equivalent of like $20 million, it's estimated, today in money.
And so the very scarf they wear...
That's why you can go to the Pacific Islands everywhere and they test people's blood and it's a mix of Asians and Africans and some Caucasian because the Islamic slave traders for at least 1,400 years, they didn't really get going for about 200, sold white slaves, black slaves, and other slaves from the Mediterranean all over The Pacific Ocean.
They didn't go as far as Hawaii.
That's why you see the natives in Hawaii.
They're not part African.
But if you go to other areas of the Pacific Ocean, I mean, you get off and there's islands of black people everywhere.
Where the hell do you think they came from?
They got loaded up by the Somalis and they got shipped over a thousand years ago.
You know, some of the most interesting stuff I ever read, I got into it for about four years.
I've been into a lot of different history back when I had time.
For about four years, I got into British naval histories.
I read some French and Portuguese naval histories going back 500, 600 years, too.
And these were just letters translated into these volumes of books, and it was describing And I mean, you talk about captain's logs of like, there's this British ship, and they come up on ten pirate ships, and there's the chief, and he's like five feet tall, and he's Asian, and then he's got all these giant Africans he's bred with other Asians that are just humongous Samoans as big as The Rock.
And they get in this giant fight, and the descriptions of it are just unbelievable.
Like, they'll run swords all the way through them, and the guys will keep fighting.
It's like, uh, ordered to go into these waters filled with, with Arabic slave traders.
We're, we're, we're sure to run into, to, uh, you know, their African slave soldiers racing for the attack.
And then it's just like, I mean, just like all these black slaves attacking.
I mean, it's just like white people are the only people ever did this.
Are you joking me?
Ilhan Omar is a slave master.
She loves it.
It's estimated.
By mainline historians that over a million Spanish were kidnapped over a 500-year period out of Spain, which was a Germanic stock area, it was three kingdoms, and taken to North Africa, trans-shipped across land to Somalia, and sold in the Pacific to the Pacific Islanders, who had a slave culture.
That's why you go to the Pacific Islands, you'll have the royalty that are these little guys that run everything that are Asian.
And then you've got all the warrior class that are bred with Asians and blacks.
And I mean, this is the world, folks.
And the public is so ignorant about what Samoans are, or any of this.
And so, that was just warfare.
And by the way, you called it slavery, not defending the institution, but I mean, you know, the warrior class was owned by the king, but they were proud of themselves and taken care of.
It's like the Hessians in Prussia, that didn't, serfdom didn't get abolished until the 1880s in Prussia.
And the Hessian soldiers wore big blue uniforms and black fancy Hessian boots, but they were owned by the king of Prussia.
and a bunch of them got brought over here to fight us during the war for independence,
but they got here and saw the freedom and saw all the communities,
and for the first time ever, half of them ran off.
Half of them ran off.
And that's why the US was not a big German population.
It was mainly Dutch and British and Scottish and Irish until, from the colonies, until the Germans came over here
and ran off by the hundreds of thousands.
They kept bringing them over and they would just instantly run off, which had never happened before because they'd always been in a cash system in Europe, where you've got the royalty and then you do what you're told and you do this.
They got here and people were like, the women, the men, everybody's like, hey, be with us!
Come on, come on right now!
It was like, yeah, I'm done!
Again, this is the reality.
Do German-Americans who go back to the Hessians that came over here, do they have chips on their shoulders that, oh, they were slaves in Germany or whatever?
Or the Russians were serfs on the land?
You were owned, you were on the land?
Not a chip on the shoulder, but they teach you because you have slavery in your background, you're a bad person.
What the hell does that even mean?
Everyone in every culture had slavery.
Every place.
Oh, you're trying to lessen the problems of it.
No, I'm not!
The globalists have slave camps in China today with people working harder than slaves ever worked, up to 18 hours a day, forced abortions, living in containers, being forced drugs.
China is more evil than anything anyone's ever thought of on a mass scale.
To their own people!
and Nike and Apple are at the bloody trough lecturing us an open free society about how we suck
it's an obscene joke It's the Democrats in a lip lock with the Chycomps.
It's the Democrats literally selling us out at the Tricoms.
And then of course they're telling us we're all racist and we all need to kill each other and we need to have race riots.
Because they've been caught selling us out to China and they're panicking!
They were flooding us with fentanyl.
They were flooding us with all the poisonous Chinese drugs that have been found to be tainted.
They got caught!
And you wonder why Biden and all of them look like demonic crones because that's the type of garbage.
That's the type of filth.
That would sell their own country out and you sit there and you watch a bunch of basketball players taking care of better than any king ever was with tens of millions of dollars in their bank accounts and with everything and they take a knee but they won't say a damn word about China because if one manager says yeah China ought to let us have free speech that manager gets in trouble.
But then these people come out there and they kneel during the anthem and talk smack about it because we're all supposed to hate our country and it's literally the Chinese government funding it and all these people are schmucks.
But it's not the basketball players are the problem.
It's the cowardly scumbag owners of those teams.
Who all just go along with the globalist agenda.
I'm going to go to break, come back, and I'm going to go to Craig, Jim, Brandon, Mike, Nicholas, Wild, Joe, Carlos, John, David, many others on this Wednesday edition.
But since I mentioned this earlier, let me hit this right now.
I talked about by hydrogen monoxide.
Since 1983, they've had April Fool's Day edition of major publications come out and say we should ban hydrogen monoxide.
The majority of people agree, because it sounds scary, like other dangerous toxic things, like carbon monoxide that'll kill you.
That's how they've now listed other things that are just like water needed for life on this earth as evil.
Is because the public is so fabulously ignorant.
Carbon dioxide is one of the four building blocks of life.
Sunlight, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide.
Carbon monoxide is totally different.
But they have officially listed carbon dioxide that plants live off of as evil.
That way they can say all carbon is bad.
And Bill Gates and others say We are going to lower the level of it down to zero.
Well, the whole planet would be dead if they did that.
And that's how alien and sick and crazy this is.
So here it is.
Hydrogen monoxide is the water molecule.
Oxygen, hydrogen, and hydrogen.
But the majority of people in interviews we've done, Penn and Teller have done, newspapers done polls,
when they say, "For the earth, we need to ban dihydrogen monoxide," and it happens.
It's just like on average, cops kill 14 innocent black men a year.
The average person thinks there's an epidemic of cops killing black people.
It's extremely rare.
And police are twice as likely per capita to kill whites than blacks.
And that's because they're not scared to carry out their duty and they still make mistakes.
But it's just crazy.
Here's another one.
What is the scientific name of water?
Dihydrogen monoxide.
But I guarantee you, you talk to your friends and family, you go, we need to ban dihydrogen monoxide for the earth.
They'll say, yep, I'm a virtue signal earner, let's do it.
You also tell people, man, sodium chloride is really causing a problem.
We need to do something about it.
That's table salt.
Now you laugh at that, but that's not funny.
Because They're banning carbon dioxide folks just like they can
tell you that the hydrogen monoxide is bad So, that's the real deficit we have here with reality.
Okay, let me just say this and we'll go to break and come back.
I've got a lot more.
I've got some huge news on the explosion and what Trump had to say, and we'll cover that at 6 after and then we'll go right to your calls.
Major power Came out and said that they believe the Iranians were running that facility.
That major power has a history of blowing up weapons depots in the Middle East.
Looks like what Trump said is right again.
That is coming up next hour.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Coming up, your phone calls and Benjamin Netanyahu talking about the explosion, talking about that facility.
Sometimes the news clips just speak for themselves.
Here's Biden President, your opponent in this election, President Trump, has made your mental state a campaign topic.
And when asked in June if you've been tested for cognitive decline, you've responded that you're constantly tested, in effect, because you're in situations like this on the campaign trail.
But please clarify, specifically, have you taken a cognitive test?
No, I haven't taken a test.
Why the hell would I take a test?
Come on, man!
That's like saying you, before you got in this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not.
What do you think, huh?
Are you a junkie?
What do you say to President Trump who brags about his test and makes your mental state an issue for voters?
If he can't figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion, I don't know what the hell he's talking about.
Did you watch that?
Look, come on, man.
I know you're trying to goad me, but I mean, I'm so forward-looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president in debates.
There's gonna be plenty of time.
And by the way, as I joke with him, you know, I shouldn't say it.
I'm going to say something I probably shouldn't say.
Anyway, I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical as well as my mental fitness and to make a judgment about who I am.
The entertainment value of watching these people crash and burn is delicious.
Get off of my porch.
Can you tell Jackie...
Developing today, the husband of L.A.
County D.A.
Jackie Lacy is facing charges following this March 2nd incident.
Black Lives Matters protesters knocked on the door and David Lacy answered it while waving the gun.
California Attorney General's Office is in charge of the case due to the conflict of interest.
He's been charged with three counts of assault with a firearm.
Jackie Lacy later apologized saying that her husband was acting out of fear after she had received death threats.
When people first started talking about diversity, I was a little apprehensive.
But when I realized it just meant hiring a bunch of different colors of people who agree with me, I was all in.
Every job should be 50% women.
Well, I don't know if every job... Do you have a problem with diversity, Osama?
No, I'm just saying that... Anyone else here have a problem with diversity?
There's no biological difference between men and women.
Very diverse guys, great work.
I pledge to fill every position other than mine with the most diverse staff of people who agree with me in the history of Silicon Valley.
Big tech needs to censor speech more.
Alright, let's tweet another picture of the staff.
Actually, let me get in the middle of this puppy.
Camera 3, say I'm with her.
We have black guys that hate Trump, brown guys that hate Trump, Asians that hate Trump, women that hate Trump, LGBT who hate Trump.
Our main export at Diversity Corp is the right opinions, but said by a black guy.
Russia gate.
Yeah, just do the other one too.
Scientists should never be questioned.
He didn't even ask for my resume.
He asked for my 23andMe and my thoughts on Trump.
My interview was just him asking me if I had ever had sex with a woman.
Hey, what does the plus stand for in LGBT?
You think we get like a plus that hates Trump?
I was like, yeah, I made out with a chick once in college.
And then he said, okay, that's good enough.
Okay, Twitter just hired four new chick coders and I'm thinking we need to up the heat with a new slogan.
Any ideas?
Uh, what about, we don't make anything, but we are multicultural doing it.
Coal that wasn't written by the white devil.
Uh, Lesbo, you have any ideas?
Uh, no, I wouldn't really classify myself as gay.
We take pride in our work.
Hey, can we get a Colombian coder?
You know, I make it look easy, but it takes a lot of effort to put together a broad group of people with the exact same stance on every social and political issue.
Beauty is a social construct.
Not sure what we do here, to be honest.
We mainly brag about diversity on social media.
What I like about you two is how different you are.
We're actually pretty similar, man.
Every morning he gives us a list of what he calls the right opinions.
Revealing that neutrality will end the world.
I'm pretty sure they did repeal that.
Diversity is our strength.
Larry, have a seat, please.
What's this I hear about you liking an Andrew Dice Clay tweet?
Yes, my favorite comedian.
You're fired.
On Lebanon, you called this an attack.
Are you confident that this was an attack and not an accident?
Well, it would seem like it, based on the explosion.
I've met with some of our great generals, and they just seem to feel that it was.
This was not some kind of a manufacturing Uh, explosion type of event.
This was a, uh, seems to be, according to them, they would know better than I would, but they seem to think it was a, uh, attack.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, into hour number two.
We're going to go to every caller that is on the board.
David and John and Carlos and Joe and Wild and Nicholas and Mike and Brandon and Jim and Craig.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
And while the news is insane, we'll be covering a lot of it, but I'm going to go to your phone calls here in just a second.
This is not broken in the news yet.
I've asked some of the intrepid writers at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com to put this out.
Turns out in 2018, the ongoing Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, talked about Iran and Hezbollah building missiles at a factory in Beirut.
And supplying Hezbollah with the missiles hitting Israel, and they went on to say that they were going to destroy the ambitious project, warning the enemies to be careful.
Now, that's ABC News.
We've got the media making fun of Trump for saying he talked to the generals and they said it looks like somebody targeted and blew it up.
Well, they have the satellites, folks, and guaranteed that was being looked at at the time.
And so they can see the signature and I'm sure had intel.
And so Trump knows that they're going to say, oh, Trump's full of it, let it all come out, that Israel probably blew it up.
There were a bunch of explosions a few weeks ago in Iran at weapons facilities.
Remember, Netanyahu also showed it at the UN and talked about it.
Now when Trump says, looks like somebody blew this up, the generals tell me, he isn't just saying that unless they told him that.
But let's go ahead and hear from Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago.
Listen to this.
Hezbollah is deliberately using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields.
They've placed three of these missile conversion sites along Beirut's International Airport.
Here's a picture that's worth a thousand missiles.
Here's Beirut's International Airport.
Here's the first missile site.
It's in the Uzay neighborhood, on the water's edge, few blocks away from the runway
Here's the second side It's underneath a soccer stadium. That's the soccer stadium
two blocks away and Here's the third side
It's adjacent to the airport itself right next to it Okay, so I
I would look at Israel as being who's behind this.
And of course, no one is saying that.
No one is talking about that.
Because Israel is so politicized.
Whether you're for Israel or against Israel or neutral in Israel, Israel has a long history of blowing up nuclear reactors, weapon sites, conventional bomb sites in the Middle East, whether it be in Iran, whether it be in Iraq, whether it be in Lebanon, whether it be in Syria, whether it be in Egypt.
And so I think it's fair to say, yeah, let's roll that again when it first explodes, that huge shockwave, that Israel probably detonated a missile or had somebody put a bomb in there.
And you see the first explosion go off.
It looks like a nuclear explosion.
And then once it causes a chain reaction with all of the explosives inside that facility, you can see it setting off.
Whenever it hits, it hits some smaller munitions at first.
They start popping off.
And then, BABOOM!
Chain reaction, baby.
It hit the actual plastic explosives locker where they're taking the raw explosive and putting it into the missiles.
And it's major.
And they say that was what, a thousand times bigger than the West Texas, wasn't in West Texas, his name was West Fertilizer Company up by Waco, north of Waco.
And that thing killed a whole bunch of people and devastated things for miles around.
Imagine 1,000 times more powerful.
So, headline, Israel's fingerprints all over Beirut explosion.
Or Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to bomb Beirut missile site in 2018.
As he goes on, I remember Aaron, that speech that the UN gave, and he said, it's in the news, he said, I'm warning you, you better stop.
Well, two years later, it's been hit, and it's not even in the media that he did that.
Listeners sent us emails, Rob Dugas sent us emails all day long, and the listener pointed that out, so I'm glad we got a tip.
Keep sending those to ShowTipsInfoWars.com.
There you go.
Okay, I'm done for now.
It just went viral.
Let's go ahead.
That article's going up on InfoWars.com very, very soon.
that Yahoo threatened to target weapons site in 2018.
I guess the article is out now.
That's not the headline I gave, but whatever, I give up.
Netanyahu warned of Hezbollah missile site in Beirut warehouse.
2018 footage of Israeli Prime Minister services after tragedy.
I mean, Netanyahu threatened, you can read the articles, there's transcripts, threatened to attack it.
But it's okay.
You know, we have articles out, I love the crew, they're great, but it's kind of like, evident, it seems, It seems that they're counting flu deaths as COVID deaths.
No, they officially admit they are six months ago.
And it's in all the reps.
And then I see headlines.
We always think, oh, it seems we want to be journalists.
We always want to not be sure.
It seems that sick people were sent into nursing homes against regulations and it killed them.
No, no, no.
It happened.
It happened.
Yeah, there it is.
Fox News.
It's nothing against the crew.
I'm just going to do everything on air now.
All communication this way.
Because... You know, I see headlines out there like, not just from us, like... Epstein claimed he founded, helped found the Clinton Foundation.
He was on record doing it.
You know, some claim Bill Gates was...
Daniel Jeffrey Epstein.
No, he's photographed, he's on record doing it.
They're in business together.
And so all I'm saying is, the globalists keep us in this position where we're always like, you know, there's a world government.
Well, we say there's not.
Dun-dun-dun, do what the world government says.
And we're always just like, arguing with them if the world government exists or not.
Or arguing with them if convicted pedophiles are running Drag Queen Storytime, where it's all on record.
And we never get to, hey, you're lying, we know what you're doing, you're in trouble.
You know, the left says abolish the police department.
How about we abolish their leftist programs?
How about we abolish their agencies, their groups that have destroyed society?
How about we cut off all their funding for the homeless that just pays them to be on drugs and lay around all day?
How about we set the narrative?
How about we go on the offensive?
I may put in like a computer program into our servers where we can't even say the word seems.
You know, the left's banning all these other terms.
It doesn't seem.
It doesn't appear.
We're under martial law.
They're now tightening the tourniquet around our neck.
They're strangling us.
The noose is going around our neck.
And now they're announcing permanent lockdowns and checkpoints and enforceable injections and world government.
And I sit there and I tell people this.
Like Steven Crowder today, I'm looking at him and I'm talking to him, interviewing him.
He interviewed me and I go, you know, Bill Gates does have companies developing injectable microchips to make sure you're vaccinated.
But then he knows Bill Gates has come out and said that's not true.
Well, that's what they do.
They go, hey, here's the companies, we're gonna do it officially.
MIT, Rice University, Google, all of it.
But then they go, oh, Bill Gates doesn't want you to have chips under the skin.
And then USA Today the next day goes, you're gonna have a chip under your skin.
And then we play this game where we're always like stuck in gear.
In and out of gear.
It's all mind control.
It doesn't work on me.
Other than pissing me off.
That's why they question the tech.
I've always known it's media matters.
I can say the sky's blue and they'll have this whole article.
Jones is completely discredited saying the sky is blue.
Saying that fish live in the ocean.
No such thing.
It's true.
Because they have to take whatever's popular and true and known, 2 plus 2 equals 4, and say it doesn't to confuse people so everyone's scared to say 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.
Instead of us just speaking the truth, laying it out, we're all unstable.
Oh God!
Oh no!
Oh no!
My eyes are blind, but I can see.
The sun no longer sets me free.
Look at these headlines.
Europe pushing for more lockdowns despite beating back COVID-19.
Oh, because there's record numbers, because almost all the tests are fake.
They admit that, but it doesn't care.
The shifting of goalposts reveals the lockdowns aren't just about the virus.
They're about permanent control and martial law.
NYC to impose COVID checkpoints to enforce quarantine order.
It's all on Infowars.com.
Meanwhile, survey.
Americans think coronavirus has killed 30 million people in the U.S.
225 times higher than the actual figure.
And I guess you just cynically decide to hate all these people and you just start feeding on them.
I just can't do that.
Then I've got to engage all these dumbed down idiots being led by psychotic globalist killers.
And I don't want to say I'm depressed.
I'm not depressed.
I'm so pissed that I think I'm just saying this.
I'm going to leave.
You know, I tried to take off a few weeks earlier, but I didn't really take off.
And it's not that I can't handle the news.
It's just that.
Maybe I'll go out in the street.
Maybe I'll go over to the W and protest where the mayor lives.
Maybe I'll go to Barton Springs and climb over the fence without doing a COVID-19 test and swim in the creek.
You know, maybe I'll just physically go out there and not submit to these people and do reports on the street.
I can sit here and just read the chronicle of the takeover of civilization and pure evil by psychotics that are out to get everybody, but really you watch the public getting into their own enslavement and all the lazy neuroticness of people unable to get anything done, and it just makes me wonder, man, why doesn't God just kill us all?
See, here's the deal.
Bill Gates plays God so he thinks we need to be killed because we're such lazy scum, but he's worse than us!
So I would respect him if he slit his own throat.
Blew his own head off on national television.
But he doesn't do that.
He's horrible, degenerate, filthy, lying, anti-human piece of trash.
One of the worst examples of our people.
And then he looks at us and hates us because he hates himself.
I don't hate people.
I'm just sick of all day knowing about this stuff.
And watching how ridiculous it gets.
And that Babbling, brain-dead, dumbass lawyer, Joe Biden stumbling around emblematically.
That's what rules over us.
With all these candy-ass butt-kissers that sit there and play along with this lunatic asylum.
Alright, listen.
I've made you hold long enough.
I said I was going to take calls.
I want to hear from you.
I thank you, you thank me.
Let's dispense with the pleasantries.
Let's just get to your point.
And here's the thing I've been going through with this Telos phone system for years.
So don't... Today's gonna be a new day.
When I go for a caller, when I say their name, we hit the button.
And it goes... So they don't hear me saying their name.
So the new thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say their name once...
And then I'm going to say it again and we go to it the second time.
And we are going to defeat this.
We can just defeat this.
This one thing.
I love calls.
The part I hate is the connecting with them.
And the, hello?
So we're going to do this right now.
We got Jim.
We got Brandon.
We got Mike.
We got Nicholas.
We got Wilde.
We got Joe.
We got Carlos.
We got John.
We got David.
I love Carlos.
He's a longtime regular caller.
I'm going to stop bitching and be a whiny ass.
Maybe I just won't be here for a few weeks.
Maybe I'll just quit and leave.
I'm serious.
Man, I tell you, I don't want to be around it anymore!
Carlos in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I watched your program on Saturday, a very special program with Dr. Pashinyak, and very important, very relevant.
And there was an aspect of his conversation which I wanted to address with you today, and also to provide solutions, because that's what is really needed.
I will take about 30 seconds to read something that is familiar, but which has four little words at the end, and which are very short words, but they're very important, and are addressed specifically to President Trump.
It reads like this.
I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
That I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.
So help me God.
Two letters, four letters, Two letters and three letters.
The So Help Me God means that if you betray the words that you have just uttered beforehand, freely, without any mental reservation and purpose of evasion, then you, sir, are in the domain of the President of the United States of America.
And you, madam, sir, who took office, cannot deny the protection of the American people, lest The President of the United States reminds you, so help you God.
And so, has Trump faithfully executed the office to which he swore before God?
All the people, all the governors, people that have said that you cannot do this, they won't do this, that they will not protect the American people, forcing the President to threaten to bring in the military, who are not fulfilling their office, 80 days before an election.
We're playing around with the voting rights of Americans.
One person, one vote.
Personal representation.
Put your signature.
You're John Hancock.
Yeah, we're having our whole birthright no matter what color we are.
We're being robbed right now.
That's why I'm pissed.
And that is why they're entering the domain of the four little words in that oath.
There is a governor in Illinois, Governor Jay Pritzker.
Who said, oh no, you cannot bring the military here.
No, no, no way.
We're not going to have that.
Believe me, the president has every authority to do it.
It's called the Insurrection Act, and it requires that... And by the way, what the Democrats and the globalists are doing is insurrection against the country.
People go, Jones is for martial law.
They've already created their own martial law.
They're ignoring the law.
They're ignoring the Constitution.
That's martial law.
So the president needs to come back in and enforce the Bill of Rights right now.
So it is because, as I think I mentioned to you before, and you know, Dr. Pyshennik failed to, I think, not failed, but he didn't mention something very important.
And that is that what's happening to the United States today, we, you and I discussed this before, is being conducted by the interest of international financiers.
Who do not care what happens to destroy a country at all.
As long as the country depends and comes back, hat in hand.
Stay there, Carlos.
It's not that they don't care.
They want to destroy you and make you independent.
They want to destroy real economies.
This whole COVID thing is about destroying people that are self-sufficient.
That's what this is.
We're all learning to go under welfare right now.
That is right.
And if you remember, the Senate was given a very, very good warning about this by Paul Warburg, an international financier.
Yeah, let's talk about that when we come back.
Two more minutes, Carlos.
We really appreciate you calling, Carlos.
It's a smart cookie.
About the place we're at in society and history.
And again, folks, I apologize if I get down on air.
The show's not an act.
The media says it's an act.
It's the opposite of that.
What you see on air is what's going on, okay?
And I'll try to tough it out.
I get in a nasty mood and I apologize.
It's just I'm really pissed.
I know you are too.
I'm at my breaking point, man.
I'm telling you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Look, ladies and gentlemen, we've been trained to put up with being slaves and have our kids killed right in front of us.
And governors brag about keeping babies alive and taking their organs.
And the good news is we've been very blessed to have InfoWars.
We've been very blessed to counter the globalists.
But man, there's nothing like seeing the sheep in their mask.
And there's nothing like... I was out at like 6 a.m.
this morning going for a hike.
And I was driving to where I was going to go on the Greenbelt.
And I saw people in neighborhoods where there's no one out at 6 a.m.
in the morning.
And I'm drinking coffee, driving.
And there's like a guy with a mask on and his dog.
And there's no one out for like two miles.
And then I see another person wearing a mask in the dark.
You can say, well, just let them wear their mask.
No, it's all about the lie.
It's all about the lockdown.
It's about the contact tracing.
It's about the digital tracking.
It's about the forced inoculation.
And then, you know, the Clintons run the contact tracers and get the money.
Like, Texas gave billions of dollars to a company that part of it goes to Bill Clinton.
My tax money, Governor Abbott gave it to a Google company that gives part of the money to Chelsea Clinton.
I mean, it's just like, you can't get them out of your lives, man!
So, you know, we've just gone too far.
We've gone too far putting up with this politically.
And I'm not saying we should offensively get violent, but my brain and my genes, my cells are saying kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.
I mean, they're killing us.
Bill Gates is coming with a weapon to kill us slowly and laugh about it!
And he's on TV laughing how it's gonna make us sick and laughing how we're in a depression and it pisses me off and you need to get pissed.
I don't care what he does to me.
I just want him off of our back.
I don't even want harm against Bill Gates because he doesn't exist.
He's a gateway to hell.
He's a wormhole.
He's a crack in the fabric of time that a demon is looking through.
That's all he is.
He's already judged.
He's already done.
But you need to reject him, because when you submit to him, you become him.
And that's just it.
I feel the people separating right now and dividing ourselves.
And that's why I try to make it about sex or race or where you're from, because that's all they've got, because they know it's really a spiritual thing.
We should be positive and thank God we should just pray and put it on God.
I tell myself that.
I'm not preaching at you.
That's why I talk about myself on air.
Because I mean, I only way I know how to interface this is how I'm dealing with it.
And I know you're dealing with the same way.
So I'm going to shut up.
I said I go to your calls.
I apologize.
Getting callers on, not getting everybody.
I'm doing a little bit better job these days.
But Carlos is making some great points.
Trump has less than 12 weeks, 89 days left.
What do you think, Carlos?
Finish your points.
Well, I think that the president of the United States, it's now this is entering the phase
where now you're in the so help me God aspect of the oath of office that a lot of governors,
congressmen, senators have taken.
You cannot allow the individual person in the street to start thinking of effecting a citizen's arrest or taking the law in his or her own hands.
This is past the point.
This is where the President of the United States John F. Kennedy invoked the Insurrection Act in 1962.
President Lyndon Johnson.
President George Herbert Walker Bush did as well.
These are giant problems that if the country doesn't act as a nation, it dies.
It's a country-level event.
Well, you know, black lives matter.
The point has been made.
Police brutality has been recognized.
All the rest is poetry.
What these people are doing is terrorism.
The point has been made.
How much are they going to hammer the To the nail to the ground?
I mean, come on.
It's finished.
We understand.
Police have gotten the message.
How far do you want to take this?
You're taking this now all the way to Stalin?
Come on.
Let's get real, okay?
So, I think it's time, in the next 80 days, where the American people... There's a very good line, you know, in the movie The Patriot, which a lot of Americans should watch, soon.
Mel Gibson is running up the hill.
The flag falls.
He picks it up.
They're over the ridge.
The British are winning.
And he waves his flag to let everybody know, wait a second, it's not over until it's over.
There's always the last few little words.
So help me God.
And at that point, it turns around and victory's there.
Because all of a sudden, running away from reality doesn't pay.
There is that little virtue that defines the patriot, that defines America.
I totally agree with you and that's key what you said that dropping the flag and running,
people have gotten away forever with deserting responsibility and still living off what forebearers
put in the gas tank.
Now it's all gone.
Now running makes you less safe.
I think people now are starting to realize that's why I'm physically, like constantly
can't stop thinking about what am I going to do physically.
And I'm not saying I'm going to do something violent.
I'm saying my body is like, I need to go out and confront people.
I need to get really aggressive, Carlos.
I mean, my cells are like, just like driving me to do something.
Well, when you have communist agitators, these people, these people were spoken about last two years ago, three years ago, when they were invited.
To do what they did in Ukraine.
What surprises me is that they haven't yet started putting snipers on roofs and killing people like they did in Kiev.
But let me tell you this, okay?
It's the message clear now.
The President of the United States has 80 days in which he has to remind people that this is the domain of which he's the President.
He was given the mandate.
The hammers of hell will fall on you unless you Break faith with your oath and with your country.
This is the domain, because what I see is essentially from President Obama onward, who basically said on 90 days, we're going to get rid of this fool.
A constitutional professor saying that?
Please, give me a break.
No, this is the moment of truth.
And if President Trump is elected again, of course, I think he should be, at this stage of the game, He has to understand that the, so help me God, are the words that rule from his office onwards.
I agree with you, Carlos.
Thank you so much for the call.
I spend a lot of time with Carlos now.
We'll get to everybody.
Let's talk to David in California.
Thanks for holding, David.
Let's talk to David in California.
Thanks for holding, David.
I appreciate you.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Oh man, I just, I've never felt like this.
I feel enraged, I feel sick, I feel angry.
I just feel like war.
It's a bad feeling.
Well, you're not alone in that fight.
It's an honor to talk to you.
I've been trying to talk to you for a while.
God bless you for putting up with me, brother.
What's on your mind?
Oh, what's on my mind?
First of all, I just wanted to listen to the note.
The reason why I started listening to you A few years back, about six, seven years ago, was that the Holy Ghost led me to you, and the message was, when the first words that I heard come out your mouth, was that the goal in life is to have eternal life.
And this is what I always know in all my life, and this is what I always try to explain and spread the message and let people understand and let the Holy Ghost do the rest of the work.
So I just want your listeners to know, that's the reason why I listen to you.
I was led to you by the Holy Ghost, so I know I'm in the right place.
Describe that process.
What was that like?
Um, that process is just, uh, when the Holy Ghost is speaking to you, it always, it always gives us confirmation.
And the confirmation was that when I heard about you and I said, well, let me check this guy out.
Let me go onto YouTube and check him out.
So when I first turned to you, the first thing I heard, uh, you say was that the goal in life is to have eternal life.
That's my goal in life.
And that's actually my goal in life.
And I was just speaking in reference to what you were saying that day.
And I knew I was in the right place because that's what I've experienced all my life.
You have to be spiritually in tune with God.
And it's just so much honor to speak to you.
Honor to talk to you, sir.
So what do you think is about to happen?
Because everybody can tell we're at a major crossroads.
Yes, sir, we are.
What's about to happen, what I think We're basically, like a few of your callers this past week have been calling in and saying that we basically have to go through this to get to heaven, to get to the great testament of men and women, to see who's on the right side.
You know, and if you're putting up with this, with all this evil stuff and the people who are putting up with this, they're going to be the ones who's going to be on the evil side.
You know, as far as what we got to go through as spiritual and godly people, is knowing that What's to come?
And understanding that and having to deal with that and then fighting with the people that's not on our side.
We just have to accept that and move on.
Powerful testimony, David.
On the other side, tell us about your comments on vaccines and exposing the lies and more calls with everybody.
Please stay with us.
Jim, Mike, Nicholas, Wild, Joe and others.
The economy's going into a global depression.
People are starving to death everywhere.
In the West, Americans owe $21 billion in back rent.
Up to half of small businesses that have closed will never reopen.
It just makes me sick to watch them say it's COVID doing it, when it's the lockdown that did it, and everything they have put out about it's been a lie.
And then Dr. Gates decides who can be on the internet and who can't.
We just wake up in this nightmare, and it gets worse and worse.
And I was downtown today with Stephen Crowder.
We're going back to your calls right now.
Back to David.
And no one was around by the police station that they've announced they want to blow up.
The city council.
In the budget.
And Owen pulls up the armored vehicle.
Going USA, USA as he pulls up.
And there's like an empty street out there.
And all of a sudden these women boil out of the shadows.
White women.
Had like wagons with dogs and stuff.
And they go F you and F America.
And I'm like, but you live off America, why do you want it to fail?
And she goes, F you!
And all these homeless boil out and go, F America, F America!
And I could have got out and got footage of it, but it was so sick that I just, I just drove off and came to the office.
He was driving around and he brought the car so I could get it and he, he left with the security guys.
And it was just, it was, it was the craziness of how If you're an old person and you don't pay your income tax, they'll take your house and throw you out of your house.
If you're a homeless person, you get all this free stuff and then you hate the country.
But it's homeless people didn't used to say we hate America.
The Democrats have successfully made it the operating system to know they're part of a foreign power.
China ships them the fentanyl, Hollywood hates America, they're in the club, they're the winners, and now all these leftist and homeless people and weirdos No, they're part of the team, like an army of zombies to defecate everywhere and shoot up with needles, and then we're defeated by it?
It's like an army of zombies.
Joe Biden's a zombie.
Hillary's a zombie.
Maxine Waters is a zombie.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's a zombie.
But it's on purpose.
It's like, yeah, you think you're so strong?
You're ruled by zombies.
I mean, I was downtown, folks, and there were drug addicts laying on the ground with sores all over them.
It smelled so bad.
And it was like something out of a movie.
They're, like, quarreling around in a corner, and there's feces everywhere.
And it's just like, what happened to where I live?
Because the Democrats run the drugs.
And they get the left to pass higher money for homeless, and they get that homeless check, and they take it, and they sell them the fentanyl on top of it.
The City Council of Austin, except for one or two members, are drug-dealing psychotic murderers.
They've caught them running human trafficking, you name it.
I mean, that's all this is, folks, is a total criminal track record.
All right, I'm gonna shut up, I'm sorry.
David in California, get into vaccines, and what else you were gonna talk about, sir, thank you.
Yes, sir.
First of all, I'm a Black Trump supporter.
Also, I'm an ex-felon.
I'm from the area where you grew up at.
I'm from Texas.
I went to Westwood Junior High.
I'm from Dallas, Texas, the Plano area.
And like I said, it's an honor to speak with you.
And also, I want to just speak about the vaccines a little bit.
When I was incarcerated back in 2000 and 2001, I was not able to make parole unless I took the hepatitis A and B vaccine shot.
And I was forced to take it, and I just want the listeners to know that before any vaccine is released to the public, it's always tested inside the penitentiary.
I guarantee you right now that people already have the vaccine for COVID-19 to make parole or before they release it out of the penitentiary and TDCJ facilities.
I guarantee you.
Also, to fight against this, where we're at now about kids going to school, they can compare the numbers, the flu numbers, the kids being infected with the fluenza I don't understand how you guys are able to distinguish the difference.
Sir, you're absolutely right.
I wish the American people understood stuff like you do.
of the 2019 and 2020 numbers, which it doesn't even add up.
It doesn't make any sense because they're saying kids right now are still being infected by the flu.
What happened to the COVID-19?
I don't understand how you guys are able to distinct the difference between that.
It's all, sir, you're absolutely right.
I wish the American people understood stuff like you do.
They're saying this has an infection rate and death rate, three quarters, it's one quarter of what the flu is,
and that's with inflated numbers.
And then they admit that they're counting all these other people that died of something else.
I mean, it's just a giant fraud.
Doesn't mean there isn't real pneumonia.
Doesn't mean people don't really die.
That's always happening.
And so it's just crazy how they're saying it's never going to end.
David, thank you so much.
Good to hear from you.
All right.
Again, I really appreciate callers holding.
Jim in Kentucky, then Mike and others.
Jim, welcome, sir.
Yes, I'd like you to go ahead and throw away our cell phones.
We don't need them.
Get our landlines back.
Go ahead and get rid of our computers.
We don't need those.
We'll go back old school.
Old school's the only school.
As in for you having your hate, you might want to take some yoga classes to understand the more angry they make you, the more they control you.
Ain't no sense in getting mad.
That ain't gonna change nothing.
Sir, I know that.
I agree with you.
I pray to not get... It's not even angry.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of looking at him.
It's not even... I'm just... It's disgust.
How do I deal with disgust, then?
Well, you gotta just relax.
You gotta relax.
You think clear, your body's under less stress when you relax.
No, I agree with you, but one reason we've been effective is I am upset to get people out of their comfort zone.
There's got to be a balance.
Because I, you know, I mean... And he was on the front line.
I'll guarantee it was as cool as Joe Montana.
Who are you talking about?
Joe Montana.
George Washington, our founding father, when he was battling the British, and we kept losing and losing and losing.
He didn't get mad.
You know what I mean?
He kept cool.
Like Joe Montana.
Game looks like it's over, okay?
Cole Joe's there.
Joe doesn't get angry.
Joe pulls it out.
There were so many victories he had where it looked like it was impossible.
You gotta get that Joe Montana attitude.
Well, I do.
I mean, I don't ever give up.
I just particularly feel really nasty right now and really pissed off at these people.
And I agree with you.
I've got to somehow just give it to God and be cool about it because I can't let them eat me up.
I mean, here's the problem.
They deserve to be dealt with physically for what they've done, but I know they'll set it up and hurt us if we do that.
What do you do when people are assaulting you, and Bill Gates is coming with a poison vaccine, and he admits it's going to hurt you, and we know a bunch of ignorant people are going to get hurt by it?
I, as a man, and I've never been somebody that shoots my mouth open about physical stuff, I'm being honest with the audience, I feel physically angry towards these people.
I'm not hating them, I want to get them off our back.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Yes, but if you get rid of your cell phones, then you don't have no Bill Gates.
You get rid of your computer, you have no Bill Gates.
You lose his control.
No, you're right.
We have to... Exactly.
And it's a balance.
Who's going to be on the grid and off the grid?
I agree with you, though.
This whole thing's a trap.
Not that technology's bad.
It's that they've set it up as a trap.
Like a fish trap.
Fish will swim into something to get food, but they're scared to swim out.
It's psychological.
And so now we're in the trap.
What do we do?
You lived without the cell phone before the cell phone.
Get your landline back.
No more cell phones.
No more being tracked.
You don't need to bet no or talk to anybody till you get home.
They'll just wait like they did before.
Well, it was so fun, too.
We'd talk about meetups, where we're gonna meet on Saturday night or Wednesday night, or we'll meet at church, we'll meet at this hamburger place.
It was fun because everyone was there, and that was the scene.
And I'd have like a little notepad.
Even when I was a teenager, I had phone numbers of girls and stuff or whatever.
But I knew hundreds of numbers.
I mean, I knew hundreds of numbers.
And now it does it all for you.
And you're right.
All of it dehumanizes us.
Look at the couples that are fighting on the cell phones because they're talking to each other too much.
A problem happens at home, the guy can't get home.
He's got to work.
Knowing that problem, it makes him angry.
No, you're absolutely right.
It totally screws up couples that she tells you what's going on and you tell her what's going on.
Instead of like, the fun of not seeing her until you get home.
And the mystery of it, you know?
And you can't take care of it until you get home anyway.
That's the whole thing.
Well, you're a smart philosopher, Jim.
What else should we do?
Well, I think if we go ahead and blow off Bill Gates and start protesting at Pfizer.
Start protesting at these places where the vaccines are being made.
Give them hell.
We got a lot of people who are unemployed.
Let's use those people as an army to protest at these positions.
They won't know how to handle that.
Protest at Pelosi's mansion.
She won't know how to handle it.
Protest at the problem where they're causing the problem.
Let us take it to them now.
They've been attacking us.
Now it's time for us to attack Full Fort.
Well, you don't sound too yoga'd out now, brother, but I hear you're not hateful.
You're not angry.
You're just taking action.
That's the spirit we have to have.
You're damn right.
You're absolutely right, brother.
All right.
We'll be right back.
The next hour of Warrior Calls.
I'm with Troyer and Savannah Hernandez.
We're kicking butt in studio.
And then, another special guest.
You know, I think that's part of it, is no one were really right about all this.
I mean, I studied the Globalist writings and I knew they were planning all this, but to actually see them implement it all and to know it's about to get a lot worse, here's the thing.
We've gone off the edge of the cliff.
Everything else was the build-up to that.
And I just pray to God to heal this land and for the world to wake up and say no, because the road we're going down is so horrible.
But every time I look at my three-year-old daughter or my other children, I marvel that people would join Satan willingly and would be so stupid.
I think that's really what upsets me the most.
And I just feel like I need to renaissance what I'm doing, and I need to get aggressive.
In a non-violent way.
That means right up to the edge of that.
To put the fear of God into these scumbags that are doing this to us.
I mean, Bill Gates is saying, I'm coming with a vaccine that's gonna kill and hurt a bunch of people, and you're gonna take it.
Well, imagine if I said, hey, I cooked something up in my garage, Gates, I'm gonna come stick a needle in you, make you take it.
They'd have SWAT teams attacking me.
And they should.
But this little crazy man, he's paid everybody off because he wants in my body, and he hangs out with a child molester, Jeffrey Epstein!
He doesn't want to molest children, folks.
He's into the blackmail of scientists.
He wants power over humans to turn us into a frankenfood with their DNA vaccine that changes your cells.
Again, I was telling Steven Crowder this today, he's a smart guy, and he goes, really?
They've got a vaccine that changes your DNA?
And I said, yes, Steven, they do.
It's like when I tell you they were having animal-human clones 20 years ago.
It's in the mainline literature.
Now people go, oh my God, it's true, but let's just move on from it.
Like there's 3 million Uyghurs in death camps.
Like, oh there's 3 million in death camps, but 14 black guys got killed by cops.
Let's obsess over that and burn the country down.
And then meanwhile they're killing millions of blacks in abortion laws.
We don't care about that!
14 black guys died.
This is all a sick joke!
Until he calls, I'm gonna shut up.
Mike in California, thanks for holding it on the air.
Alex, I love you.
I've been listening to you for every single day for years now, and I discovered you from Dave Mustaine and from Billy Corgan interviews, actually.
And then I started checking you out, and I got woken up.
I just want to plug really quick, XQ, Turbo Force, the real Red Pill, and then I just took DNA Force for the first time, and it was amazing.
So, anyways, I'm locked and loaded.
I got a point for you here today.
First point I wanted to make is back in 1908, there was a meeting between intelligence and press people called the Empire Press Corps back in 1908.
This was a globalist consortium where they basically said, okay, this is what we need to do.
We need to control the narrative airtight, and we need to control all the media in order to do that.
And then so you look at that back in 1908, And then you look at Julian Huxley, who you mentioned a couple days ago on the show, you know, talking about the globalist plan.
And what makes me bring this up is that you have to supplant the word globalist with Satan.
Because this isn't a man that's doing this, obviously.
I mean, we're talking 1908.
We're talking Julian Huxley was saying that back in the 40s.
You know, this is Such a long period of time.
This is Satan controlling these people, right?
No, I totally agree with you.
I use the term globalist because that's what they were calling themselves 60 years ago.
They want global government so you can't escape.
Globalism is just to get the control.
Planetary rule is just for the control.
What comes after it is pure Satanism.
You're absolutely right.
No, you're right.
And you, and you have been on it, and you're... I'm talking to the Godfather here who woke me up.
Brother, let me tell you this.
I'm not the Godfather or anything.
I'm just somebody that doesn't want to be a slave.
Here's the thing.
People need to know, this has all been out there before.
But now we're going to live through it.
What do you think of that?
Well, no, so that's my point.
So my next point was, um, you had a guest on recently named... Hold on, we got Owen Schroeder and Savannah Hernandez coming in.
They're gonna cover stuff, but we'll get to everybody.
Mike will finish up with you, Nicholas, Wilde, and Joe.
We'll get to every one of you before this hour ends, and then another guest host is coming up.
Who's doing the fourth hour today?
Let me tell you who's doing that.
John Rabobor, oh, that'll be good.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
For beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, If you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
Your next, please!
Your next!
They're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
Something terrible!
Your next!
Here they are!
They're already here!
Your next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
That's you in his sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
It was not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
Barricading the street.
Invasion of the body snatchers.
Land of the walking dead!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is so much to cover and so many calls to get to.
Let's finish up with Mike in California, and then we will get to Savannah Hernandez and Owen Schroer that are in studio with us here in just a moment.
Mike, finishing up your points on spiritual war that's taking place.
That is exactly what's going on.
Yeah, thank you.
So, you had a guest on a few... You're a little muffled now.
Move your hand away from the telephone.
Okay, can you hear me okay now?
I hear you better, yeah, go ahead.
Okay, so you had a guest on a couple weeks ago named Bishop Gators.
Yeah, he's a good guy.
People like him.
Oh, awesome.
Yeah, so I listened to a podcast with him a couple days ago with a doctor.
And he was talking about this nanotechnology that Bill Gates wants to inject in everybody that's going to be communicating with Wi-Fi towers and everything, and it's called Hydrogel.
And he was breaking down that Hydrogel, translated in Latin, literally translates to Lucifer, and it actually is going to change your DNA and turn you into a Luciferian being.
So, I mean, what we're trying to do— Sir, I was telling— I was telling— Steven Crowder this today, Bill Gates on record on PBS shows says we're developing this nanotech that's injected into you, hydrogels, this one part of it.
And so when they give you the vaccine, it's got it.
So it's little micro crystals.
It's so miniaturized the chips now.
It has record that you took the shot.
That's the digital tattoos.
But then Gates will come out and say, oh, it's not true, even though he's funding it.
Look at this official social distancing sign.
All that is is six degrees of separation.
It's this mathematic code that we're all connected to each other.
So they talk about Margaret the Beast.
All of this is the same thing over and over again.
The barcode operates off of 666.
The computer codes are all 666.
And so yes, and then Gates has patents where once you've had the vaccine, you have a digital tattoo first phase is a bracelet or an iPhone app that proves you've
had it and now Singapore and China are doing it and now the Democrats are announcing it for
school kids to go to school you'll have a bracelet showing that you've had it. This is all official
from Rice University from MIT and they say on their own promos Bill Gates funded us to develop
this we have it then we cover it they come out in the news and say it's not real. So then what I
did was I read the Bible every single night right?
And I'm praying to God, and I'm getting right with God like, you know, you say it all the time, get right with God.
This is a time for everyone to be obeying God, diligently reading the Bible.
So I was reading the Bible after I listened to that Larry Gators podcast, I think it was last night.
And I just happen to be, I read a psalm every night now, I happen to be on psalm number 37, and psalm number 37 begins with, don't fret because of evildoers for they will be cut down like the grass.
And so that really, that touched my spirit because I wasn't afraid, and I wasn't feeling
like this need for me to do anything except pray to God and give up to God.
God is the one who's going to go fight the battle.
You know, think about Gideon with 300 men.
They faced an army of over a million men.
Think about, you know, when the Israelites were about to go off to war.
God would go and fight the battle for them.
Like when the Egyptians were closing in, hailstones were coming down on them and the wagons, the wheels were coming off of the carts and stuff like that.
God goes and fights the battles for us.
That's something that we need to get in tune with.
I know a lot of your audience is Christian.
We need to start really getting in tune with the fact that God is going to go before us and fight this battle.
We're not going to have to take this shot.
From Bill Gates.
We're not going to have to take this death shot.
Trump is going to get re-elected.
We're going to emerge victorious.
And the wicked are going to perish like the grass.
And you know, that was the message that I just wanted to convey today.
All right.
God bless you.
And I hear what you're saying, Mike.
But trust in God, Tiger Canmolar.
Hunter S. Thompson, pray to God that we're away from the rocks.
But I hear you.
I think if we do the right thing, God will give us providence.
Owens Troyers, Van Hernandez, what do you think about the spiritual battle?
Well, every time that, uh, we go out, it's like, uh, the script is on.
Oh, they turned it on now.
Go ahead.
Well, I think it's very apparent, the spiritual battle, when we go out and you just have a Trump hat on, or a Trump shirt, or anything, or an Infowars shirt, and it just triggers a reaction.
Like, I went out in the armored truck today, and I wasn't saying anything controversial, really.
I was just laying out facts about the Communist Chinese, and people just drive by, and they just flick me off, and they just say, F you.
That's, that's not a human thing.
Well, when you would say USA, they would do it.
That's another triggering or an American flag.
It's just all these triggering symbols that they've been taught are evil and they just have a programmed conditioned response.
But that's not a human thing.
It's not human to respond that way.
It's not human to not be able to think for yourself and think logically and not be hateful.
They really all act as one though.
It is.
It's a demonic frequency that they're all operating on, and the first initial reaction, driven by hate, is just, it's always violent, it's always vitriolic, and, uh, yeah, that's just one example why we, I mean, look, I don't, I'm not proud of the fact I have to go out and report news in an armored truck because I have people that come up and, you know, try to stab me, but, uh, that's, that's it, how it is, so that's what we do now.
I completely agree, Alex.
I mean, you can't even go out on the street without being attacked anymore, and you call this a spiritual battle, and I think that's exactly what this is.
We're seeing degeneracy in the streets, we're seeing the LGBTQ whole entire initiative being pushed on children.
Oh yeah, it's not about, oh, let us get married.
Now it's about, we're gonna teach your kid.
Let us have sex with your kid.
We have Black Lives Matter painted across our town as well, our city as well, and we're constantly getting all of this stuff pushed in our faces.
And notice, the more we submit, then they want everything.
Exactly, Alex.
Where do you think it's going?
You know, Alex, I really don't know.
I mean, I've been in politics now for, what, about two years, ever since I started working here and watching all of this unfold.
I don't know where it's going.
I'm really hoping that we've swung so far left that people start waking up and we go right again and people start realizing that we've come so far that we, you know, need to go back and that's what ends up happening.
And you were hired to work just on the shows.
You did a great job, but I wouldn't call it your radicalization, your education.
Seeing it from the inside, we're not exaggerating.
Exactly, and that's the thing too, Alex.
I went out on the street and I actually experienced all of the things that you talk about on the show, and I actually saw them for myself.
I don't like coming on air and talking about things that I haven't experienced, which is why I go out and I go and protest for police lives, which is why I've gone and talked to Antifa and BLM members.
And when we say that these people are hateful, vitriolic, and degenerate, we're not exaggerating in the slightest.
Well, why'd you have to make that girl cry like that?
No, she hit you.
All she did was attack you and assault you.
Why'd you have to make her cry?
And then it's LARPing, though.
As soon as you hit her back, she starts crying.
It's like, yeah.
It's like when the antifa attacks somebody and they stab her.
They're like, yeah, we fight back.
Oh, where are the police?
Defund the police!
I need the police!
All right, Owen Schroyer and Savannah Hernandez here on Shotgun with Alex Jones, your host.
And Owen has breaking news right now.
That's right, Alex.
The President of the United States, who they have once before called the InfoWars President, has just tweeted out Big news!
The political crime of the century is unfolding.
Obama-Biden illegally spied on the Trump campaign before and after the election.
Yeah, that's the Sally Yates acting Attorney General at the time hearing.
Where she's changing her story around a bunch.
But if Durham and them don't act, or the Southern Texas Special Investigator, what does it matter?
It's like Tucker Carlson says, this becomes like this theater of political porn, where we hear about it, ooh, two weeks, you know?
Well, I hope that the President has a true desire and will to have justice come through here with the treason from Obama and the others.
Maybe Durham doesn't, maybe Bill Barr doesn't, but I hope at least the President does.
Well, there is some positive news.
She threw Comey under the bus and said he went rogue.
Well, and they're all going to end up throwing Obama under the bus if they haven't already.
I'll tell you, the consolation prize is Obama looks really scared when I see him.
The scandal-free president.
The scandal-free president, they said.
The scandal-free president.
Yeah, not so much anymore.
There he is.
So where do you think all this is going?
Well, I hope before the election, I expect that President Trump has a few October surprises up his sleeve.
If he really is in this like he does his own business deals, and you can kind of read about it in the Art of the Deal, then he knows what they did to him in October of 2016 when they released the Billy Bush tape and they did some other shenanigans.
I don't think President Trump had anything to do with Julian Assange, but Assange did come out with the WikiLeaks that showed Hillary Clinton and the Podestas do the spirit cooking, satanic stuff that they were involved in.
So those were the two October surprises from 2016.
Now that Trump has been involved in politics for four years, he's not dumb.
He understands the October surprise, and my guess is he's gonna have an October surprise of his own, and maybe that's, you know, we get to see Biden getting the perp walk.
For illegally spying, or for the Ukraine gate, or for the China gate?
I don't know.
They're not going to arrest Biden during the middle of an election.
Listen, they got plenty on the CHICOM angle, the Democrats being CHICOM agents.
To get Chinese money, you've got to actually have a CHICOM in your office, so they can destroy them all for espionage with the Communist Chinese right now.
The problem is, so many Republicans were involved, to a lesser extent, but still involved, that they don't want to upset the apple cart.
They want the Democrats to just give up, but they're not.
Savannah, what do you think is going to happen in this election?
Well, Alex, it's very interesting to see, too, that Joe Biden has been hiding for the past couple of months.
They are now saying that there should be no debates between Joe Biden and President Trump.
And, of course, the whole way that Joe Biden is going to win this election, or try to, is by hiding, is by staying out of plain sight, is by staying out of the news media.
Because every single time he gets on air, he says something new and crazy, and people just realize more and more how much his mind has deteriorated.
So, I mean, I don't see how Donald Trump could lose.
Um, just because he's going up against Joe Biden, but I really don't know because, you know, back in 2016, everyone was saying the same thing about Donald Trump winning, so.
No, they couldn't see how he's going to win.
Well, clearly he's a placeholder, and they'll probably try to remove him or something.
They wanted to do it once he got in office, but now they know he's deteriorating too fast.
He could probably die, and they just say, well, he's in hiding as a terrorist, he can't come out or something.
I mean, we're about to see spectacular garbage, because everything the New World Order's done is failing right now, but they still have the power of the media and the purse, so they think they can get away with it.
So this is spectacularly dangerous.
Yeah, the fake pandemic isn't going over how they wanted it to.
Their fake hate crimes of Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace both failed.
It's now, I mean, it's not going to reach enough eyes, but the George Floyd arrest has been made public and people are going to see, wow, the media lied about that too.
And you know what, Owen, can I just jump in real quick?
The body cam footage did come out for George Floyd yesterday, and we have a local BLM leader, his name is King here, and he's the one where I always go to his events and somehow get attacked.
He actually talked with Steven Crowder yesterday, but he came up to me and he was asking me about George Floyd and I said, well, did you watch the body cam footage?
And he said, what body cam footage?
And I was like, it was released today.
George Floyd himself asked to lie on the ground.
He didn't believe me.
And three other people around me said, George Floyd did not ask to be put on the ground.
George Floyd was not on drugs.
It's very sad.
He's bombed out of his brain saying, I can't breathe, I'm dying in the back of the car.
So we have the evidence now, Alex, about this George Floyd case to completely debunk everything that BLM has been marching for.
But these BLM leaders are so set in their way that they refuse to even watch this body cam footage.
They refuse to even educate themselves on what actually happened.
Yeah, but see here's why they get so mad.
It's a psychological, uh, just defense mechanism that they have where...
Imagine a guinea pig in a cage.
The only thing a guinea pig is ever going to eat in that cage is whatever you feed him.
So you could be having a big filet mignon dinner and then you give him a little scrap of, you know, cilantro on the top or something.
And so that's all the guinea pig gets.
These BLM people, these Antifa people, are guinea pigs in the cage of the fake news.
So they're only going to get what they're given.
They never saw the George Floyd tape.
They'll never see the George Floyd tape.
But it's worse than that.
They want to be delusional.
But it's a defense mechanism.
They don't want to know they've been fooled.
They don't want to know they've been tricked.
They don't want to think that they're still the slaves.
And so they just have a defense mechanism to deny all the evidence.
Which, by the way, this was going on when Harriet Tubman was doing the Underground Railroad as well.
I mean, she wrote about this.
But here's the problem.
We talk about the dumb minions all day long, and the same BLM guy at Steven Crowder's video that you shot, it's on my video, where he goes, well, your information is hurtful, so I'm not going to allow you to have speech.
Crowder's out there trying to have his interviews and get people disagreeing with him.
He goes, no, I'm not letting a discourse happen.
That's good.
No, that's authoritarian.
That's what's dangerous.
And again, Antifa, the Antifa members and the people in their group are the biggest fascists in this country.
They're, again, like you said, Alex, they're authoritarian.
They try to shut down free speech.
They try to shut down our ability to go and protest ourselves.
That's, I mean, that's all these people do.
They don't want freedom of speech.
They don't want this to be America.
They want this to be communist China.
We've seen that again and again.
I actually have an inside person at these protests who was telling me that the Maoist organization here in Austin, Texas has been circulating my photos around.
Because they want everyone to know who I am so they can come and silence me at protests or silence me from reporting from now on.
These are un-American dangerous scum.
Yeah, and you know, as well, there's another organization called Peace in Austin, and I just did another report you can find on Action 7 about them.
They're called Peace in Austin.
They're an Antifa group.
They're trying to make spike strips.
They had a building and supply drive the other day that I went to.
They're trying to make spike strips.
They're trying to make riot shields.
They're trying to make all these dangerous weapons.
And again, they're trying to disguise themselves as Peace in Austin, when again, that's not what they are at all.
Well, and just like Soros funded Ukraine, earlier caller Carlos talked about that.
They had snipers on roofs shooting people.
And so now they're saying their next move, Antifa, is to do that.
And our acquiescence, our bowing down the big corporations, our bowing down the shycoms, our bowing down the left, and letting them take over the universities has elicited this.
Our acquiescence has done this.
40 seconds to break, come back with calls.
What do we do, Owen, to stop bowing down?
Well, here's what local leadership and law enforcement needs to understand, is that exact paradigm, it applies to how they handle Antifa and these local militants.
Yeah, the police bowed down to BLM and that only made it worse.
And so, and so, but if you were a conservative or something, you got out, you got harassed for not having masks.
Or you had people arrested for opening the businesses, but if you have a BLM protest, and you burn and loot, and the police are told to stand down, then guess what?
They keep coming back, they keep trying to get riled up, they keep getting worse, and then it doesn't even matter what happened to George Floyd.
It never mattered what happened to George Floyd.
You allowed them to behave like that in the outset, and so now they just assume that's what they can do whenever they want.
That's right.
We'll be back with calls and a lot more.
Stay with us.
You know, I'm going to butcher this and try to make it quick so I can get to calls and get the commentary from Savannah Hernandez and Owen Schroyer, who host the War Room coming up at 3 o'clock Central today, after John Rappaport comes up in the next hour.
But I want to get to some of these callers that have been patiently holding, like Joe and Wylde and Nicholas and a few of the others there that have just been calling in Jefferson, Chase and others.
We study how British Navy brought in opium out of India and out of Afghanistan and got the Chinese ports corrupted.
China made it illegal and then over about a hundred years they took over China and they broke China up into different zones.
The French would occupy one, the Americans another, the Dutch another, the British another.
And the Chinese government admits, oh, we're doing it back to you because you did it to us.
That's why they ship the fentanyl in or whatever.
But when you see the homeless all laid out, drugged out, and you see the hundreds of thousands of deaths from it a year, I mean, that's what's happening to America.
But it's bigger than that.
They have cell phones.
So the homeless can sit there and grill, lay out, do whatever, get all their welfare money that the Democrats manage for them and take a slice of.
And so people are just opting out.
And then becoming this political tool, this political weapon, and it really just shows you the paradox of an open, free, wealthy society creates these spoiled brats that don't want to do anything.
And America does use more drugs than any other country in the world, and I just wonder, as such a selfless nation, are we even meant to survive?
You want to comment on that, Savannah?
Alex, like I said, I've just been sitting back and watching all of this, but the destruction of America that has happened just over the past couple of years watching this has been so sad to see, and I hope that we can come back from it.
And, you know, like you said, we're so selfish.
Do we deserve to be in this spot?
And I mean, I really I don't know, Owen.
Well, the NBA players are the kind of epitome, I think, of this, where an NBA athlete makes
more money than any other athlete on the planet per average salary.
Now, that's because there's maybe only 12 guys on the team, but they're making on average
about $5 million a year.
That's for the worst player, the bench guy, who doesn't even step on the floor once all
He's making millions of dollars.
And then they're all going to take a knee when, if they could have filled arenas, aside
from the Spike Lee's or whoever who can afford the court side seats every night, the combined
wealth of the entire audience probably wouldn't equal one of these players.
And then they're going to take a knee in the National Anthem and pretend to be oppressed and tell Americans to feel oppressed as you have millionaire black athletes and millionaire black entertainers who all make money in this supposed white supremacist society.
They've loaded their bank accounts with tens of millions of dollars and then we're just supposed to accept it.
And then when you actually, if you want it to be like, oh, okay, Black Lives Matter, what is this about?
Hmm, sounds kind of good.
And then you actually do the research, like Marcellus Wiley.
We're going to get rid of the family and communism is the way to go.
Yeah, like Marcellus Wiley did, Fox Sports.
I never played that clip.
That was really powerful.
I looked into Black Lives Matter.
They're against everything I stand for.
They're against the family.
They want to end the nuclear family.
I'm a father.
I'm a proud father.
He's got daughters.
He's like, no, I don't want them to grow up thinking the nuclear family is bad.
No, I don't want them to thinking I'm bad because I'm a father.
You know, that's not a paraphrasing.
I never played that clip.
That was really powerful.
What's the name of that clip?
It's Marcellus Wiley.
He's on NBA TV or whatever.
It's Fox Sports 1.
I don't know what the name of the show is.
Say it again and they'll pull it up.
Talks about Black Lives Matter.
What was it?
Yeah, it's Marcellus Wiley.
Destroys Black Lives Matter.
Get that for next time.
It's only a few minutes.
I want to go to a few calls here, but you're absolutely right.
Well, but here's the thing, Alex.
You gotta understand.
He's on Fox Sports 1, which is kind of like an up-and-coming sports station.
It's been around for maybe 10 years now.
You wouldn't be allowed to say that on SportsCenter.
I read the transcripts.
It is like, America sucks, China's good.
In fact...
Just the other day, I covered this on the War Room yesterday, you guys may be able to find the tweet, but SportsCenter, which is ESPN's top tier show, SportsCenter put out a tweet, and they always do this now, you can look it up, and they have Black Lives Matter capitalized every time.
Black Lives Matter capitalized, and they never capitalize the national anthem.
So, so, they're literally putting these Soros-run condominium... The Associated Press now will never capitalize white because it's bad, but always capitalizes black, as if that helps black people.
This is evil mega-corporations that own slave camps in China, just saying, don't attack us, we represent black people.
It's the most insane expropriation.
Like, you know, I saw a story where this guy's white daughter died, and they gave her heart to a black guy.
I'm like, oh, that's cultural appropriation.
No, that's just humans, you know, taking care of each other.
But imagine that, Savannah.
Definitely, Alex.
And you know, we talked about, too, the NBA players and China infiltrating just all of these organizations.
And Alex, I mean, that's exactly it.
And I'm sorry, you know, this morning was so long, so I'm kind of blank today, but... You are not blank!
I'm a little bit, I'm a little bit blank today Alex, but you know... You were out there yesterday covering Steven Crowder and today.
Yes, we were out there yesterday and then today just covering all of this BLM nonsense here in the city of Austin and it's just been so disheartening to watch and see and I really hope and pray for our country every single day because people have just strayed so far from the traditional family, from religion, from God.
We've allowed China to overtake our country and like you said too, you know, people are distracted right now by Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima because it's cultural appropriation.
It's bad. You know they use a black person, but they're completely
Distracted from the fact that like you said there's still concentration camps in China
China is overtaking Hong Kong people who are actually fighting for democracy over there and America
Yes, you you sent me over there, and I when I talk to those people they love Donald Trump
They love America because they truly understand what it means to be oppressed to have their freedoms taken away to
have their freedom of speech taking away to experience police brutality.
The people here in America have it easy compared to the people in Hong Kong because they're fighting against China, this oppressive regime which is trying to enslave people that disappears people in the street.
The people in Portland are acting like that's what's happening to them.
Okay, it's not.
They have no idea what it really means to be oppressed by authoritarianism, like the people in Hong Kong do.
But see, that's why this is such an offensive joke.
Because they act like they're social justice warriors, they act like they're fighting the good fight, but if you try to actually engage in linear logic and just follow down a thought pattern, it's like, okay, well, again, China, which controls the NBA, controls most of your television, controls most of the internet you see, controls Hollywood.
China's controlling all of this stuff.
They're the ones with the slave labor camps.
They're the one with the child labor force.
They're the one with the dissident camps.
That's not in America!
So it's just like, China's literally behind all of it.
It's like, Alex, I was telling you this during the break.
I'm sitting in front of the Google headquarters in the InfoWars armored truck.
On the PA, and there's a caddy corner to me, there's a big construction crew going on, and I'm just sitting there on the PA talking about China!
How they have the slave labor, how they have the child labor, and I'm just blasting Google for letting China run Google, and I have liberals driving by and they flick me off and say, F you!
And it's like, you're the ones that are the social justice warriors!
You're the bleeding-heart liberals!
Where are you on China?
It just shows- Because they don't care.
They think they're part of the establishment.
I mean, I guess.
We just follow that we're the good guys, you're the bad guys.
And it's just some weird power trip where it's like, oh, I feel good.
I just flicked off a conservative.
I just flicked off a Trump supporter.
I'm fighting the good fight.
It's like, no, you're a clown in a face mask, breathing in your own toxic fumes like a slave.
No, I agree.
You're blank.
What I didn't really ask you a question.
I said, what do you think of the NBA corruption?
You did a great, great breakdown of what's happening.
It's hurting the NBA, it's hurting the NFL, it's hurting all these groups that do this, but still they do it because they're bought and paid for.
There's an agenda in this country.
Right, and I mean, like you said, too, all of their ratings completely crashed after they came out in protest.
And then again, too, who was the one NBA player who has made headlines, who has made big waves?
It was the one NBA player, I don't know his name, but he was the one.
And then he hurt his knee and they celebrated that.
Yeah, Jonathan Isaac.
Jonathan Isaac and his jerseys went to, like, top sales.
Yeah, and why is that?
Yeah, and why did he make top sales?
Why was he making headlines and waves?
Because he stood up for America.
And I think it was, I can't remember, but back in the, uh, a while back, it was during the Olympics.
He was a wrestler.
He held up the American flag and he waved it and then everyone was demonizing him for it.
And he was like, I didn't know that standing up for America and waving an American flag Would be a political statement.
And we've gotten to that point now.
I mean, we've been there.
Yeah, because they're getting rid of the country, folks.
It's here.
And that means everything.
And that means replacing it with global government contact tracers.
World ID.
This is the rollout of the World ID.
They plan to collapse America.
They plan to bring it down.
All right, I promise, when we come back, they've been troopers.
Nicholas, Wild, Joe, they are awesome.
But y'all get free t-shirts.
Get to your address.
We're going to go to you, too, though.
And then Jefferson and Jeff, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right.
I'm going to host a little bit of the next hour.
Then John Rappaport's taking over.
But Marcellus Wiley was on fire almost a month ago now.
And I never played it.
I'm glad that Owen Schroer, coming up with a war room at 3 p.m.
today, who's riding shotgun with us, brought that up.
We'll play that at the start of the next hour.
But right now, you have been holding as true troopers, as great Americans.
I want to thank Nicholas Wilde and Joe for holding.
So let's go ahead and go to Nicholas in New Jersey, you're on the air, thank you.
Hey Alex, I had an InfoWars product question before my actual question.
Yes sir, go ahead.
I was just wondering if you guys have like an adrenal support supplement, you know, because America has adrenal fatigue really bad, like overall.
Believe me, I've got it.
I finally hit the wall, man.
Even the supplements help me, I've got to remember to take them all.
DNA Force cleans out your cells, it supports adrenal support.
X2 does it.
I mean, basically, selenium does it.
You gotta know.
In fact, I'm the one that forgets to take my vitamins, then I get tired like I am today.
But I would take the X2 or the X3.
I would take vitamin B12, Ultra-12.
I mean, those are all the things that are the baseline, so that no matter how much caffeine you get, it doesn't work anymore if you don't have the vitamin D3, you don't have the vitamin B12, you don't have... I mean, obviously, you can take TurboForce.
But that's not supporting the adrenals itself.
It's ordering them to pump more stuff out.
But it works really great.
So that's a really, really good question.
I would say that... I'd say it's the one I mentioned.
What do you think, Owen?
Yeah, that's an interesting point you make about the turbo force.
I was wondering why I get like 10 to 13 hours of energy when I drink the turbo force.
I guess it makes sense because I'm loaded up on the vitamin B's and C's and everything else.
No, no.
It's in there too.
That's why it helps some.
But it's still ordering your body to produce the...
Yeah, I think definitely the nascent iodine just to kind of kick everything into gear just on the outset.
There's so many great things in the DNA Force Plus.
Yeah, Owen was bald until he took it.
Now he's got that Elvis hair.
I'm joking, folks.
If you want the hair, Bio PCA.
The Bio 10 and the Bio PCA is good for your hair.
But you know, for adrenal sport, honestly, if you're a man or even a woman, I mean, super male vitality has so many things that are just going to, at the very least, give you that same kind of drive and energy every day.
If I had to recommend one thing, I'd say DNA Force Plus, because it's got the PQQ, the CoQ10, and a bunch of other things that go in and clean out the cells.
And I'm saying all this and remembering that A week ago, I cleaned off the desk here.
It's dirty again of all my little things here.
And I need to put them back on because I forget to take them myself.
But does that answer your question, Nicholas?
No, no, but I wanted to ask a real question.
You know, after that, I was just saying, you know, just for the adrenal thing, because I, you know, I would like the support.
So, I mean, the adrenal support thing, because, you know... Yeah, some products out there are called adrenal support.
Other companies have.
All the stuff we put out, one way or another, supports your adrenals.
I mean, I would say that, I would say the Ultra 12, I would say that the iodine.
Have you taken those?
No, I haven't.
I just got the Privacy Pouch.
I was just asking about the supplements.
I just figured, because, you know, adrenaline is like, pretty much like Jesus juice.
You could, you know, somebody threaten your family, you could lift up a car or something.
That's really powerful energy.
And I just figured adrenal support would be critical in these times.
No, you're absolutely right.
And when I say adrenal support, I don't just think of the...
I'm not one of the experts here.
I have experts that design our products.
If I had to take one thing, it'd be X2, X3, or it'd be the DNA Force.
So, Nichols, what's your point on COVID coming, the Carrington event?
Yeah, that's what I wanted to know.
If you maybe had any insight on that.
I wondered if they were gonna get behind maybe a natural rhythm or like a natural event,
like a Carrington event, you know, like a coronal mass ejection.
I figured that might be the, that's why the moniker is what it is, you know.
The coronal mass ejection is the Carrington event.
And when it happened in 1859, it knocked out all the communications and electricity.
And I wonder maybe that's the 5G connection that they wanna get behind the momentum
of a natural event.
And then everybody thinks it's a bio attack or something, and then they rush to get the vaccines,
and then they won't even be able to leave the 5G grid.
It'll be like a shot collar.
And what you're saying is from your own research, your own gut level.
The polls are shifting.
That's happening.
That's proven.
And a lot of crazy stuff's going on.
And we know the Earth gets hit by asteroids and comets a lot more often than they had said previously.
And you're absolutely right.
The establishment is acting like they are scared to death and are scurrying around trying to lock us down ahead of something big.
And I totally agree with you.
What do you think, Owen?
What do you think, Savannah?
Well, if you look through human history, there's always cycles.
I know that we've covered these cycles here, whether it's just recent recorded history or even ancient recorded history.
So there's always cycles, and I mean, we won't go too esoteric or deep into this stuff, but I mean...
We know very little, at least we're told very little, about ancient civilization.
We know wars always start during sunspots, and we know depressions start during... I mean, Wall Street follows that.
Yeah, my response to Nicholas would be that absolutely there is a class of elite that has access to history that they don't allow the general public to have, and they are probably trying to plan events around that, whether it's... Yeah, why are all the billionaires building armored bunkers with runways in the middle of nowhere?
It's not because of COVID, folks.
And they'll make the reasoning as, oh, you can't tell humans all this, they'll go into a panic.
It's really just so they can get prepared before the rest of us.
And they want to tell us lockdown, so I guess when some bio-weapon gets released, or like
you said, some super-carry-ton event hits and a bunch of people physically get ill from
What do you think?
Alex, I'm not well-versed on this type of stuff, but I would say to anyone who's like
me, continue listening to Alex Jones because he's constantly talking about this type of
And also selling storable foods to help with this type of stuff.
You know, preparedness.
That's a very important thing.
Well, that's one reason I'm mad at myself is, at a selfish level, I want to just move to the middle of nowhere with my kids and just not do this anymore.
It's not because I'm afraid of the globalists.
I feel guilty that I'm staying in a major city.
I just feel like that.
How do you feel?
Same Alex, you know, after living here in Austin, Texas especially and watching the deterioration of our city with the homelessness, with all of the people coming here, destroying small businesses, destroying people's livelihoods.
That's right, you only got out of school a few years ago when you were in San Antonio, right?
And so that's deteriorated too.
But Austin, I mean, Austin's fallen apart.
I mean, you want what, like two, three years?
This is the first time I've lived somewhere.
You know, I'm paying bills.
I'm living on my own.
And for the first time, I'm living by myself.
And I had to move out of my old apartment because the homelessness was getting so bad.
I had to go and buy a gun because I don't feel safe living in my own city.
Uh, anymore.
Because there's people knocking on my door, there's homeless people going through my trash can at night.
It's terrifying.
So, to see the deterioration of these big cities and how this is spread across America and no one's really doing anything about it.
What's causing it?
I mean, it's the catering to the homeless.
Yeah, exactly.
And our mayor allowing people to camp in the streets.
We're enabling this every single day.
And, you know, it's only going to keep getting worse.
We're going to turn into... Well, it's like, you know, Joe Rogan's moving to Texas.
I'm not going to say where, but where do you think he's going to move?
It's kind of like an Empire Strikes Back.
He goes, I'm looking for Yoda.
He goes, oh, Yoda not far.
I'll take you to him.
But, uh... Alex, I heard you had an incident with some bum piss today.
Well, yeah, Steven Crowder's hanging over this bridge.
There's all these homeless down there, and there's like needles and feces everywhere.
He goes, that smells like bum piss.
I go, and I know the smell, and it makes me sick.
It's actually the smell is of dust mites and their excrement.
It's like musty or something?
Yeah, and I started almost throwing up.
Just retching in the street.
It was on camera, right?
It was a sightseeing.
It wasn't fake.
I mean, he's like... No, I mean, you took a big whiff of bum piss and it wasn't good for ya.
It's not just the bump.
I mean, let me tell you something.
I went to Skid Row in L.A.
a few years ago.
It was horrific.
It was horrible.
I saw stuff I'd never imagined.
You see concentration camp footage.
It's terrible, but those people aren't, like, demonically possessed.
I mean, these are, like, people going... You can see their spine.
They're so skinny on heroin.
And then it's a tranny.
So it's like a skeleton tranny going... ...at you with flies all over their genitals hanging out.
But now we're going by doorways and there's like people like vampire movies like wriggling in dirt with sores all over their body and piles of needles and it's just like, what the hell is this?
It's out of control.
Actually, I shot a special about three years ago where I went into the woods and just found so many heaps of trash.
And you know, there's actually homeless people here that actually do care about the city and love the city and they hate to see what's happening.
A lot of them are veterans, a lot of them are mentally ill, but it's the new class of the... Which have been bust in.
But you know, Alex, I'll tell you this.
And maybe the crew can find this in the final minute here.
When I moved here five years ago, it was the top city.
Austin was considered the top city to move to, one of the top cities to live in, no matter what travel guide or web, you know, travel site you had.
It was like Austin was always top one or two or top five guaranteed.
And that's when I moved here.
I've been here five years.
There is no way Austin is topping these lists again.
There is no way that I would tell people to move to Austin.
There's literally homeless under every overpass.
This is footage that I shot about two or three years ago when it really started to get out of control here.
And it's sad because I've witnessed it with my own two eyes, living here five years, Austin Which was really on the rise, and the industry is still booming, and you know, the nice leftist liberal companies are all coming here to destroy our infrastructure.
But now, I mean, Austin is going the way of LA, and unless there's a drastic pivot the other direction, it's not going to be pleasant, sadly.
And that was the red pill for me too, just actually watching our Democrat mayor take a beautiful city and completely ruin it.
And incentivize it.
Well I fly around with Shane Stunner in his helicopter.
There's garbage like this everywhere.
Like I used to fly over woods.
Well I talk to the homeless.
What they do is they just go dumpsters of trash and they take it back there and they sift through it for what they want and then they just leave it there.
But Mayor Adler doesn't address that.
But if you try to cut a two inch tree in your backyard they arrest you.
Or like you have a chicken in the wrong area you know that's illegal.
Michael Obama might run for president.
Let's get serious.
We just talked to that caller.
The whole segment's gone.
It's okay.
The caller had great points.
But wild in Wisconsin, you're on the air with Savannah Hernandez!
And Owen Schroer.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex, Savannah, and Big O. I have a spicy torta milanesa for y'all.
As broadcasted orators, you've all undeniably mastered the human tongue.
So I was wondering, Landon, if you've heard of the Sunagora, or in Indian, dot-not-feather, half-a-yoga technique of Pikari Mudra.
That's K-H-E-C-A-R-I, space M-U-D-R-A.
Well, the master is always the student, so no, I've not heard of this.
Tell me about it.
Is this Taoism?
Uh, it's a yoga technique.
And with adrenochrome, DMT stuff, astral stuff, and CIA declassification of the same being so hot right now, the Sernogora tongue technique is according to Wikipedia, quote, the practice carried out of curling the tip of the tongue of the Back into the mouth until it reaches above the soft palate and into the nasal cavity.
Yeah, that's also a practice of Kui Gong or Chi Gong, which is Taoism or Taoism.
I actually practiced that for a year straight.
You stick your tongue up into your sinuses?
So there's a bunch of things you do, but one of the things, it's to basically have the Tao or the One or God flow through you, and there's a bunch of different yoga techniques or body techniques.
Yes, basically.
But yes, the tongue to the top of the mouth is well-versed in history to be a way to be connected to God or the Creator.
Enlighten yourself, if you will.
It's fair to say Hillary Clinton's not doing that.
No, she does the cheat code, which is, well, we know about that.
We'll just keep it at that.
But wow, that's what you're talking about, right?
Is putting the tongue on the top of your mouth.
Savannah, what do we do with our tongue?
Centering your gravity.
Tell us about this.
I don't know, Alex.
No comment on that one.
I have not looked into this type of practice.
Look at Hillary's tongue.
She's got a little... Terrifying.
A little syphilis sore on her.
A little lesion there.
Yeah, her girlfriends don't want her to go down on earnings.
That was a wild call.
Joe in Arkansas!
Come on down!
Okay, thank you, Alex.
Yeah, you asked for people to come up with their solutions, and I think this is the good, common-sense, legal, constitutional American solution to the present crisis.
Okay, I think the Democrat Party, clearly, ...has now become a criminal organization and insurrection against the country is not a legitimate... Oh, I agree.
I mean, they're like a psychotic group of lunatics.
They're even worse than criminal.
They're like lunatics.
So, the Constitution says that one of the functions of the militia is to suppress insurrection, and it says that the president is commander-in-chief of the militia.
And I understand the state laws generally define the militia as basically all the patriotic citizens Oh yeah.
I'm 46 though, I'm retired.
I'm not living in the militia now.
and 45. So I think President Trump ought to get thousands of letters asking him
to appoint Alex Jones as national militia captain. Oh yeah.
Authorize him to work with the military. I'm 46 though, I'm retired. I'm not allowed in the militia now. How convenient.
Now but I hear what you're saying brother.
I mean, the truth is, they think the nation-state's outdated.
They're replacing it with a nightmare globalist system, where the elites fly around in private jets and have huge private estates, and then where they fund everybody to take fentanyl until they die.
Yeah, but let's be clear here, Alex.
I mean, human freedom is destined to go worldwide eventually.
I mean, there's going to be struggles and plight.
This is a war against that.
But it's a war that when the global system of human freedom goes into place, they've already set up the global system of enslavement.
So that's all they're trying to do.
They're getting ahead of the global freedom with their global enslavement.
No, I totally agree.
That's globalism.
I totally agree.
And that's what the Democrats are in on.
But you can teach us techniques with your tongue to defeat it.
I haven't practiced Qigong for some time.
Can you show us how to be one with God real quick?
It takes months.
It took me months to master this.
People laugh at it.
It's pretty goofy, I'm not going to lie, but you will open your chakras.
Is that like a Scarface where he goes like, la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la Not quite.
Not exactly.
Am I a pelican?
Your sensei would be correcting your tongue movements if that was going on.
Chi Gong!
Welcome to Chi Gong hour.
Just don't arrest me, China.
A guy calls in and he goes, have you heard of this?
You say the Khmer Rouge did it or they were against it?
No, they were practicing Taoism.
That made them kill 30% of their public.
Well, we better not do it then.
No, that's what they wanted them to stop doing.
That was the religious practice that was getting banned, that you couldn't do.
Oh, so you trotted out.
I did.
For a year.
You have to place your tongue perfectly on the top of the palate of your mouth in the right place to center your chi.
Smell homelessness.
You center your chi.
No, that throws the chi off, Alex.
This is why your chi is so off today.
You took a big, fat whiff of bum piss.
That is how he started his day.
Okay, that's how you started your day, and your chi was all off.
You didn't do the Wim Hof method, you didn't smell the flowers, you took a big fat fentanyl-laced whiff of urine down in the slums here in Austin now, and your chi is all off, Alex.
I'm not exaggerating, I think we have footage of it.
We do.
Dust mite infested Alex Jones this morning.
No, but I mean, the woman's like wriggling around the corner and she's like super vampire white skin with like brothels all over.
It's not good.
Like every seminar.
And she's just like needles on her face.
She's like a vampire.
You know Alex, she saw you and she started just crawling away and she had sores all over her legs from head to toe.
And you know, all the crew was like, oh, are you okay?
Like we didn't even see her.
We're like, oh, she's like a vampire.
Yeah, and then this other guy just popped out of a random door on the side of the building as well, and we were just like, where are we right now?
What's going on in the house?
Keep Austin weird, man.
And the dude looked like, what are you doing here?
He was like, why are y'all here?
We're like, why are you guys here?
It was like an eel just came out of a hole.
Like, what are you doing here?
He came out of nowhere and I was just like, why are we in downtown Austin right now smelling piss at 9am?
This is not how I want to start my day.
But it was good.
It was good footage.
We're not normally doing that, but it was Steven Crowder's like, come meet us at the Capitol.
So we get there, and he's not there.
And he goes, oh, we're meeting on 6th Street now!
Alex wanted to take him to the most homeless ridden, nastiest parts of Austin.
No, no, that was his idea.
He wanted, but yeah, you showed him the best parts though.
You're like, this is what Democrat leadership looks like.
There actually is a nice, there's actually a nice little river walk here in Austin, but it's completely defiled now.
It's just defaced and defiled and the homeless have taken it over.
There's a nice little homeless walk now.
Well, the weirdest thing, especially LA, how many of the homeless people they give hormones to.
So you'll see a half-naked man with huge breasts now, with flies all over him.
I'm not kidding.
No, I remember the stories.
Because I do not... Why the hormones?
Look, I want to be clear.
No, no, no.
I'm sitting there in Skid Row, like trying to do an interview, and I didn't... They move real slow.
I see somebody wriggling around in this tent.
There's these two transsexual men.
I remember this story.
Yeah, and then so I move away.
All of a sudden, I turn around, and they're going like...
Wriggling around?
Is that what you're going to call it?
No, I'm not joking.
I'm not joking.
Literally, and I look down, and it's this starving black dude.
You can see his spine, and the skin looked like melted black candle wax.
Like Adam was worse than a zombie movie.
And I look down, wearing a skirt with flies all over the genitals.
And this is like one second, I'm like, and the smell, and I was like, I started running.
That was Skid Row.
And I'm with these off-duty police we hired.
We're like running back to the car at this point.
That was Skid Row?
Dude, I've told the story, not to be gross, folks.
I've never seen anything like it.
Because it's one thing to see somebody with flies all over them, like in some war zone or something.
This is someone, literally on heroin or fentanyl, coming towards me like a demon.
With, with, with, on hormones and heroin.
I say here's the problem is we do live in such a prosperous society that we shouldn't have that in our society.
No one has that!
We have so much in this country.
We have so much in this country we shouldn't have to deal with that but it's, it's all self-destructive.
Yeah, look at this!
Well, that's a nice throne.
These are real images.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
And this is exactly what's coming to Austin, Texas.
Alex, I watched it at 2 p.m.
Somebody shooting up.
It goes on for hundreds of square miles.
It just goes on for miles.
We've only got like two blocks of that in Austin right now.
Right now.
Give it a couple years.
Are you joking?
Dude, there's like homeless camps everywhere.
Yeah, but I mean like that though, like the worst of the worst, the drug addicts, like the crackdown on- And you see there's all these new Escalades, and like you drive by with police and they're like, yeah if you're the police, what are you doing?
Because the City Council doesn't leave it alone.
No, I liked your idea actually that you had earlier.
I mean, why don't we, of course again they don't do it now, everything's digital, but it's like yeah, if we went into City Council during whatever hearing they were having and we just took the mic and started making a scene, Get the police up here immediately!
We need the police, but you just said to fund the police!
I thought, wait, so what are you gonna do?
Oh, are you gonna come kick me out yourself?
I doubt that!
No, I'm gonna start, I'm gonna start legally going after the W. I mean, we need to start pushing back.
Um, let's play, what's the name of the sportscaster that laid it out really good a while back?
I never aired it.
Marcellus Wiley.
Yeah, let's go ahead and roll this.
Here's the Marcellus Wiley, folks.
Marcellus, I'm gonna start with you.
Is this a good idea?
Ah, it's not a good idea.
I do want to give the players credit for their flex to even get this to be more than just an idea, but something that's going to be in reality.
I give the players that.
But there's a problem when you start to go down this road of the freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and how much social space is allowed for those who don't support In that same space.
And that's where I wonder where this is going to go.
In terms of identity politics.
We know what identity politics does.
It divides and it polarizes.
No matter how you want to look at it, that's just the effect of it.
No matter how great the intentions are.
And we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
So it's an interesting play right here.
I don't know how many people Really look into the mission statement of Black Lives Matter.
But I did.
And when you look into it, there's a couple things that jump out.
To me.
And I'm a black man who's been black and my life has mattered since 1974.
And this organization was founded in 2013.
I'm proud of you.
But I've been fighting this fight for me and for others a lot longer.
Two things.
My family structure is so vital, important to me.
Not only the one I grew up in, but the one I'm trying to create right now.
Being a father and a husband, that's my mission in life right now.
How do I reconcile that, what I just told you, with this mission statement that says, quote, we dismantle the patriarchal practice.
We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.
When I know statistics, when I know my reality, forget statistics, I knew this before I even went to Columbia and saw these same statistics that I'm going to read to you right now.
That children from single-parent homes versus two-parent homes.
The children from the single-parent homes, this is in 1995 I was reading this.
5 times more likely to commit suicide.
6 times more likely to be in poverty.
9 times more likely to drop out of high school.
10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances.
14 times more likely to commit rape.
20 times more likely to end up in prison.
And 32 times more likely to run away from home.
I knew that.
You know why I knew it?
Because a lot of my friends didn't have family structures that were nuclear like mine, and they found themselves outside of their dreams and goals and aspirations.
So when I see that as a mission statement for Black Lives Matter, it makes me scratch my head.
When I also see their mission is to eradicate white supremacy.
In 2020, white supremacy is the mission.
That's a lot of digging through minutiae right there.
I am on a show that I'm hosting along with another black guy who is hosting with me who replaced another black guy.
And that's just one example of it.
So I understand, I respect your space.
I respect what you're protesting for.
But will you respect others who don't support that same protest?
You rarely see a hole-in-one 100% perfectly developed three minutes, but that was it.
You know, it's the key, he said.
I was black before you said you represent me and you own me now.
No, I've been around before you came around and I don't agree with what you're doing and what you're saying is the worst thing for people.
Well, I just, I've seen this too.
I worked in urban and youth development in St.
I've seen the difference between kids in high school, and this is in St.
Louis, I mean these are 99% black kids I'm talking about, who had parents in their home cracking the whip on them to do their homework.
They ended up going to college.
They ended up creating businesses versus, unfortunately, the ones that would go up filtering from their aunt's house to their grandma's house to maybe their friend's house who's drug dealing.
They had a lot of problems.
They got in trouble.
And look, that's the thing.
Black Lives Matter is a nice slogan, and they know it.
That's why they go with it.
This has nothing to do with black lives.
Yeah, they don't represent anybody's lives.
They represent destroying you.
It's all about division, just like Oprah Winfrey just came forward.
She's a black, what, millionaire, billionaire.
Yeah, billionaire.
And she said that, you know, if you're white, you still have an advantage.
It's all about keeping the black people down by giving them this victimhood mentality and making them think that they aren't equal in society today.
And you've got to do it with Oprah, who works with Bill Gates.
She's in that secret eugenics kill the black people movement.
All right.
You've got big reports at Banned.Videos.
Savannah Hernandez.
Owen Schroer.
It's coming up on his own show, 3 p.m.
John Rapforce, right ahead.
Okay, here we go.
We've got a bunch of stories to cover today.
Going to see if we can get them all in.
First, a couple of comments about the Beirut bombing.
These are actually questions.
Because it's still very early here.
But you'll notice that many reports in the mainstream are talking about huge quantities of ammonium nitrate stored at the dock at the port, which blew up.
So in my 1995 book on the Oklahoma City bombing, of course, the story there was supposedly that a Ryder truck parked at the curb was filled with barrels of ammonium nitrate, which were set off in an explosion.
But that was called an ANFO bomb, which means ammonium nitrate plus fuel oil.
And it wasn't just fuel oil in a barrel here and ammonium nitrate there.
It was a mix, significant mix.
So I am hearing nothing about fuel oil in the Beirut situation.
That's number one.
Number two, when I spoke with an explosive expert, I spoke with several at the time in 1995 about the Oklahoma City bombing, he said, look, if this scenario is correct about barrels of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in the Ryder truck, these would have to be hooked up by debt cord Very precisely, all the barrels so that they ignite all at once to get a sustained shockwave.
Otherwise, you're going to end up with fertilizer all over the street.
So the idea of tons and tons of ammonium nitrate stored in the port at Beirut, I have questions about whether that would be ignited all at once in an explosion unless there was some connection internal connection hooking all of this substance up or if there was some exterior force of sufficient heat perhaps to blow it up all at once fireworks I think you can forget about that which has been promoted a bit
There are questions here about what's happened there.
Serious questions.
I would never accept on surface the idea that it's just ammonium nitrate and it all blew up.
I'm not buying that.
Much more investigation here by independent experts is needed.
Okay, so let's go to COVID now.
Reopening the economies.
I've been warning for months now that this is a game.
We're reopening the economy.
But now we're seeing an escalation of cases, so we may have to shut it down again.
Certain states, etc, etc, etc.
This is a game they play.
Opening the economy, escalation of case numbers, therefore we have to shut it down again.
This is a con.
This is a hustle.
This is a hoax.
Because there are not escalating case numbers.
There's the fabrication of escalating case numbers, which is very easy to do.
I've explained at least six or seven different ways it's being done.
And therefore, it becomes a very viable strategy for re-locking down and re-punishing The population wreaking more economic havoc and destroying more lives to invent new case numbers.
In other words, the serial progression of reopening economy, escalating case numbers have to shut it down.
That's not connected.
The news media make it sound like it's all connected.
But that's their job is to take these items that have no meaning in relationship to each other and wash over the viewer and make him think that it's all connected.
It's not.
And you have to understand that.
And that's even assuming, of course, that a new virus was discovered in the first place in China or anywhere else, which I've disputed with evidence for months now.
But going into the world where people are convinced that there is some sort of virus, still you have an enormous amount of fabrication and invention of case numbers.
The PCR test spits out false positives like coins in a rigged slot machine, etc, etc.
And I'll get to the main CDC fabrication of case number in a little bit here.
So keep this in mind.
Don't fall for this con.
Oh, we tried to reopen the economy, but you see escalating case numbers prevented it.
No, not true.
It's a lie.
They're fabricating the case numbers in order to lock down again, because locking down and economic destruction is in fact the whole point of this insane and inhuman exercise.
That's it, in a nutshell.
So let's stay here in the world of insanity where most people assume that a new virus has been discovered and it's at loose in the world.
If you make that assumption, which I don't, but if you do, then how is immunity really attained?
And I've been listening to experts and reading experts on all sides of this for months now, and have come to really the only reasonable conclusion about the gaining of immunity on a mass basis.
And you can boil it down, way down, to something that needs no technical language or gibberish or gobbledygook to understand.
And that is, you attain natural immunity through exposure to the germ.
Everybody, exposure to the germ.
That's it.
That's the way it would be done if, in fact, there were a new virus loose in the world.
Nothing else works.
That works.
It's called nature.
It's called nature, folks.
Everything else is a diversion, a distraction, and a delusion.
The containment measures, the lockdowns, the masks, the distancing, these do not in any way produce mass immunity to a virus.
They postpone, in fact, attaining mass natural immunity to a virus.
That's what is going on Uh, with all of these recommendations.
I got more details on the other side of the break about this.
It's very important to understand the subject of natural immunity.
We'll be back.
Okay, here on the other side of the break, John Rappaport is talking about how people attain natural immunity on a mass basis.
And it's through exposure to a germ, if indeed there is a germ loose in the world.
That's it.
Everything else is complete diversion, distraction, and nonsense.
Now, if you want to listen to mainstream reports, get a load of this.
11 weeks after the onset of the pandemic, according to mainstream, there were 30,000 cases worldwide in 99 countries.
So, if you believe that, then you believe That the spread was explosive, completely out of control in terms of the reach and the extent of this term.
Therefore, there would be no way to stop it.
Therefore, if you try to contain it by locking people down, isolating them in their homes, they have to wear masks, they have to distance, etc, etc, etc.
Huge numbers of those people are already percolating the virus in their body.
Too late.
Can't contain it.
Can't stop it.
But if you isolate them, then you simply postpone the day when you let them out of jail and then the virus would begin to re-escalate and jump and spread all over the place again.
So that doesn't work at all.
None of the containment measures work.
Again, What works is natural exposure of everybody, period.
So if you accept the mainstream idea, which I do not, but I visit that world in order to point out its internal illogic and inconsistency.
If you buy the pandemic idea and the virus spreading idea, there's only one thing to conclude.
Open the economy completely, never lock it down, forget distancing, forget masks, expose the entire population, and be done with it.
If that had been done, people would be talking about another flu season.
That's what they would be saying.
Oh yeah, we had a pretty severe flu season, etc, etc.
Of course, nobody locked down anybody.
Everybody went to work.
The economy kept rolling.
But you see, that's not the operation.
That's not the covert op.
That's not what the globalists are really after.
What the Rockefeller-Gage globalists are really after is destroying the world in order to save it.
Wrecking the economies in order to bring in a new technocratic fascism.
That's what they're really all about.
Okay, okay, okay.
And moving right along here, under-reported in the press, in America certainly, we have the fact that last weekend protests, or one protest in Berlin, was attended by Estimates vary, but I would peg it as somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people in one place in Berlin protesting the entire operation of the destruction of the economy, the lockdowns, all of the measures that have put Germany, as well as just about every other country in the world,
Teetering on the edge of collapse.
That's what this protest was about.
Of course, in certain mainstream outlets, they will say, well, 17,000.
We think maybe that much.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
And this was a peaceful demonstration on the part of between three to five hundred thousand people in one place in Berlin.
And from what I have been hearing, reports of multiple clashes with the police are not true.
In fact, the police, in many cases, were helping the demonstrators get organized, get put in place adequately, and so on and so forth.
People were not wearing masks, by and large.
They were not distancing.
They were all together.
They were saying absolutely no to all of this.
Well, naturally, the mainstream media are not going to highlight this because it's a breakout.
It's a breakthrough.
It's evidence that massive numbers of people are saying, no, we don't want this.
We're not going to stand for it.
We understand this is fascism, brutality, totalitarian state being carried out against us under the cover story of a virus, under the cover story of a pandemic, under the false narrative.
Waking up time, folks.
Waking up time.
So let's get to the CDC definition of a COVID-19 case.
I mentioned this last week and it bears repeating.
If you read the April 2020 CDC spaghetti, what I would call spaghetti definition of a COVID-19 case, because it has five sets of criteria, It's this or that, if this, that, you know, one of those ridiculous, complex things.
You come out with the understanding that virtually anybody can be diagnosed as COVID-19 without any kind of test whatsoever.
That's right.
As ridiculous as the tests are, you don't even need them to make the diagnosis.
For example, chills and fever or cough, if taken together where the person is said to be in contact with a cohort which is at risk, as pronounced by public health authorities, if you satisfy those conditions, you could be diagnosed as COVID-19.
Chills and fever or a cough.
That's right.
No test of any kind.
So with all the fiddling and diddling that we've been describing for weeks and actually months now about how the test case numbers are being cooked and faked and so on and so forth, Here you have it embedded in the very definition, the official definition by the CDC of a COVID-19 case.
It's engraved in stone.
It's institutionalized.
It becomes available to any medical personnel to use on a patient in an office, in a hospital, in a nursing home, anywhere.
And then, of course, It becomes part of the count, the official count of case numbers, death numbers, which is trumpeted by the media 24-7 to scare the population and make them afraid to go into lockdown mode, distancing mode, mask mode, etc., etc., etc., which prolongs the economic devastation.
So that is the CDC definition of a COVID-19 case, which is stunning, if you would just give it a few moments of thought.
Okay, next up, the director of the CDC, Robert Redfield.
Story today that I've run on No More Fake News.
Details his sordid past.
Now keep in mind that Redfield is now the director of the CDC.
Their main business activity is promoting and selling vaccines, which will apply certainly to the COVID-19 vaccine whenever it is approved for use.
And he is also a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.
And we're back here.
Talking about Robert Redfield.
So he is also a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, as well as the head of the CDC.
And as everybody knows, the task force is intent on bringing a vaccine for COVID-19 to market.
So he is in a key position to promote that vaccine.
Well, I ran into this guy way back in the day when I was writing my first book, AIDS Inc., and followed part of his career when he was in the Army doing research on an AIDS vaccine.
He was a joke.
He still is a joke.
And the Army knew about it.
And today I published an article with a long letter, excerpts from the letter, Sent to Congressman Henry Waxman, this is years ago, about Redfield and his preposterous handling of that research on a purported AIDS vaccine, where he was accused of faking data, massaging data, corrupting data, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, in order to push the idea of that AIDS vaccine.
The Army investigators were aware of this and they made it known.
But finally, the Army let him off the hook and then began his rise to political power as a medical bureaucrat.
And this is the guy who is standing next to Fauci in the forefront of pushing a COVID-19 vaccine on the population.
Trust him then?
Absolutely not.
Trust him now?
You'd be crazy to.
Heed this warning.
Understand what this guy did years ago in relation to a vaccine and now the position that he is in to be able to promote, sell, even possibly mandate a vaccine for COVID-19 to the public.
And of course, I should mention that the task force's favorite company, because there are a number of them testing these vaccines right now, seems to be Moderna.
This is a company, a very small company, that's never brought a drug or vaccine or any product to the market ever before.
Ever, ever, ever.
And yet, they have garnered roughly half a billion dollars in federal money for research.
Half a billion.
Fauci likes them.
The task force seems to like them.
Because Moderna is pushing an RNA vaccine.
A technology which has never been licensed for public use before and could gain the market now.
Why hasn't it gained any approval or certification before?
People have tried.
The answer is obvious because it's caused serious problems in volunteers in clinical trials.
Mostly under the heading of autoimmune response, which means the body basically attacks itself as if the body were an enemy of the body.
And yet, these people want to foist an RNA vaccine on the public, as manufactured by Moderna.
There is another hidden motive for Bill Gates and Fauci and others behind this.
Once they can get RNA technology approved and into the marketplace for the first time, then they've broken the ice.
Then they can say, we can now use this for any vaccine.
And why is that important to them?
Because the manufacturing process is much quicker and easier and cheaper.
So for the next 50 vaccine viruses that they claim to have discovered out of the blue, they can immediately turn around and say, well, we can have a vaccine ready in three or four months.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, because it's going to be an RNA vaccine and we can make it very quickly.
And that means they want to continually shoot up people with all manner of toxic elements and substances From here on into the future.
And if you really want to get technical about it, not science fiction, but technical, you would be talking about nano vaccine.
The implantation of tiny, tiny, tiny particles that have been found by researchers in Italy I reported on this, to be contaminating already many, many mainstream vaccines by the biggest manufacturers in the world.
Here you would have nanoparticles intentionally placed in vaccines that would function in the body as both broadcasters of data from the body out and receivers of data or instructions into the body and the brain.
That is the holy grail of nano research.
To be able to do this.
In other words, to have a real-time surveillance of every human from inside that human's body.
And also to Broadcast and plant instructions from the outside to that human through these nanosensors in the body, thereby changing behavior, changing response to stimuli, changing all sorts of factors about humans.
That's where this is going.
That's what it's all about.
Because the vaccine is the convenient excuse for injecting or spraying depending upon the route of transmission.
All manner of substances into the body Under the false heading of, it's wonderful for you, it'll heal, it'll prevent, all kinds of good things will happen.
And you must have it, of course, because this is a way to gain immunity to COVID-19.
Horror story, horror story, horror story.
Solution, solution, solution.
Get this?
This is the Holy Grail of medical dictatorship.
To have control of the population to such a degree that a vaccine can be literally sold to 7 billion people as being necessary, where people will line up around the block a dozen times in order to just get it and believe that they are now protected from something, when that is obviously not the case.
And to return to what I was saying at the top here of this hour, If you go into the insane world where so many people believe that there is this unique virus loose in the world, and how do you gain immunity from that?
Forget about the whole idea of vaccination, even if you buy vaccination theory, which I don't.
Because conventional researchers are now reporting that so-called immunity from COVID-19, which they measure in terms of antibody response, Wanes and declines very quickly in people.
Therefore, we're not even talking about a one-shot vaccine for the population.
We're talking about something on the order of the flu vaccine that would have to have boosters every year.
Are you kidding?
It's not even vaguely doable.
You're going to inoculate or somehow inflict a vaccine on 7 billion people every year?
Forget it!
In addition to the fact of how is the flu vaccine working out as a comparison?
Every year according to official statistics at any rate we're talking about millions of cases all over the world and hundreds of thousands of deaths.
So that's not working at all.
And why would we expect anything different from a conventional or otherwise COVID-19 vaccine.
So as far as the, you know, dumbed down conventional hope of attaining immunity to COVID-19 from a vaccine, forget about it.
It's ridiculous.
It's insane.
It doesn't add up.
It's, it's meaningless.
It's a pipe dream, a twisted pipe dream, even in conventional terms.
This is what happens, you see, and I'll wrap it up here.
When you visit the insane world where people are absolutely convinced that a virus is loose in the world and it's killing all kinds of people.
When you look at that closely, there's all kinds of insane contradictions in that viewpoint.
It doesn't mean anything.
We're done.
done, see you next time.
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