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Name: 20200802_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 2, 2020
1972 lines.
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What the hell hysteria is this, and who pays for this?
They're burning down police stations, they're firebombing federal buildings, and then the media calls it peaceful, Dr. Buchanan.
Is this an agit-prompt to get Trump to over-respond, or what is this?
It's classical agitation propaganda, is what I said quite a long time ago, and it's funded by the Democratic Party, or the Soroses, or whoever you want to think about it.
But it's got to be taken down very quickly.
And the way you take it down is you go to the very heart of the funding and the source.
And right now, I do not believe it's in the peripheral groups.
It's more internal.
And the intelligence system knows exactly where it is.
And I would hold our intelligence system accountable.
And those who can't point it out to me, and the intelligence system, even though they claim they don't do domestic intelligence, which is a lie, because the NSA sweeps us, MGA sweeps us, all of the intelligence.
Put that in layman's terms.
What you're saying is this is above Soros.
Obama and Hillary are still in control of major arms of the intelligence that Trump never got control of.
You're saying this would not be allowed unless this was being run directly out of the CIA.
That's exactly correct, or other elements of the intelligence, and that's where I would hold them accountable.
Well, let me explain what COVID-19 is.
COVID-19 is just a variation of a virus that we've had for over 60 years.
A COVID means it's a spike.
It is a highly, it's a highly manipulative virus which can attack someone, but it can't kill them.
And ironically, it didn't really come from Wuhan and Fauci never understood it.
It really came out of Northern Italy.
And Tony has never understood the underlying dynamics of a vaccine.
Unfortunately, I've worked with Tony.
Tony was my teacher.
I had great respect for him as a medical doctor at Cornell University Medical College.
But right now, what you're seeing is what I said four to five months ago.
He is Jesuit trained.
He is narcissistic.
He has hyperboles and he really made a medical mistake.
It's malpractice.
He should never have recommended to close the government and Trump should never have closed this government.
Greetings from the Humongous!
The Lord Humongous!
The Warrior of the Wasteland!
The Ayatollah of Rock and Roller!
The Leader of Chop!
I am gravely disappointed.
Again you have made me unleash my jokes of war.
Look at what remains of the Gallant Scouts.
I brought you gasoline.
You will not listen to reason.
Now, my prisoners say, you plan to take your gasoline out of the wasteland.
You send them out this morning to find a vehicle.
A rig big enough to hold that fat tank of gas.
What a puny plan.
Look around you.
This is for the value of death.
Nothing can escape!
The Humongous rules the Wasteland!
Give them nothing!
Blow it up!
Give them nothing!
The Humongous will not be defiled!
Oh, an Antifa member was lost last weekend.
Now they're angry.
They're gonna rage.
They're gonna kill everybody and have snipers on the roofs.
Look at it!
Look at it!
No more games.
No more games!
We are here for a purpose.
The Council is ours!
Me go in?
We want their children.
We love the new world order.
The city has announced they're going to blow up the police station tonight.
I understand your pain.
We all lost someone below.
But we do it my way.
We do it my way.
Here is our ally.
The gasoline will be ours.
Then you shall have your revenge.
Take it away.
Well, the people weren't supposed to have a platform during the communist uprising of 2020.
And big tech censoring hundreds of medical doctors and scientists and the heads of universities that expose the fact that COVID-19 is an overblown hoax.
Or that it's man-made and a bioweapons lab so Bill Gates can own the response to it.
Yeah, they've jumped the shark.
But are these people that have god-like complexes, that think they're invincible, giving up?
No, they're not giving up, ladies and gentlemen.
They are only intensifying their operations now.
Now, I told you this yesterday.
We can do an overhead shot, that'd be great in a moment.
And a lot of people called in, we had journalists call the office, and they said, okay, we know Jones breaks a lot of news, but really, you have the state police and Austin police reports that they're putting snipers on roofs, Antifa is, and are saying if anybody gets in the way of them shutting down streets with gun trucks they're gonna have, that they're gonna shoot people.
Yes, we have this from the SWAT team, we have it from the state level as well, and now,
This morning I'm on the phone with the police sources, and I said, I get we can't put your documents out, can you send us something?
They said, yeah, here's this.
The local apartments on the I-35 corridor by the police station.
There's condos.
So we've got the condo letter, we can put it on screen, it's at the bottom of the article, saying the exact same thing, that Antifa snipers
Have you?
And we're gonna go out, we're gonna take over.
Remember the individual that got shot dead last Friday night?
He said, I've been out here, you know, we're blocking traffic, taking over.
These people are a bunch of pussies.
And I'm just gonna go out there and they're all scared.
Well, he pulled over with a crowd beating on the car.
Active duty army sergeant, combat veteran of Afghanistan and other areas.
And then reportedly the police have the surveillance footage.
We have footage where he raises the gun.
They have even more footage.
He pointed the gun at the dude's head.
The guy shot him five times in the chest.
He was dead before he hit the ground.
Guess that body armor didn't work too well.
Oh, that's right.
Fat ass wasn't wearing any body armor.
So when you're going to your own funeral, make sure you dress nice for it.
So that's the type of crazy stuff that's going on.
You don't know whose car you're messing with out there.
And Soros and the Democratic Party, we have the documents, give them the orders to go out and do things like this.
And then you're thinking, oh, the public's a bunch of pussies.
They're all intimidated by you.
No, they're not intimidated by you.
Do you know how many people, especially veterans,
Are dialed up, ready to kill people.
I mean, they don't want to kill people, but they've done it so much that you walk over, aim a gun at somebody, you're dead.
That's why I've always explained this.
If you ever see me with a gun out, unless I'm in a shooting range, it means I'm planning to shoot somebody.
And if you point a gun at somebody, you better be ready to pull the trigger.
But you can't tell these LARPing, live action role play people this, that they're on rooftops,
And I got a call from my wife's tennis partner this morning.
She was at Whole Foods in downtown Austin at 8 a.m.
and couldn't go in because 150 Antifa were out there with clubs and guns in the parking lot.
They don't usually get up till noon.
So, if there was 150 people this morning, the text came in at like 810, I'm sitting there cooking omelets for the kids and pancakes, can you imagine what's going to be down there tonight?
Because they pledged, I mean, they're publicly saying, we're going to take over the police station, we're going to go to the city councilwoman that didn't vote to defund the police, and we're going to attack her house, and they put their names on it on big Facebook pages, and then talk about, we've got trucks with guns, and we're going to control the streets, and then we confirmed,
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.
These individuals drove down the wrong way on one-way streets.
They stopped traffic.
They pointed guns at people again.
And our APD sources say they're getting ready to try to get the video released.
They're like, you should do a foyer.
Wink, wink.
The City Council has the footage of this same guy that got killed last week out there with guns in front of the City Council on Cesar Chavez coming up to cars and pointing his damn gun at people.
He rolls the window down and has them go, oh yeah, Black Lives Matter!
You've seen the footage in Utah, Colorado, New York, California, where somebody rolls the window down and they go, St.
Louis, are you for Black Lives Matter?
Yes, but I believe in all lives.
In the head, mama!
You're dead!
23-year-old mother of a two-year-old.
Because she was white, and because she didn't bow down to this racist ideology.
So, let me tell you something.
I was sitting here, it was actually two days ago, three days ago, we started getting the intel.
God, it's Monday actually, we got the first intel from the police department.
We got more and more and more, and I'm on air like, okay, we can't show you this, but the police are, and we got the maps, like, and then they have links to the intel, where the people said it, who they are, their real groups.
They're on Facebook planning going up on rooftops and aiming guns down at police cars and the general public, and if anyone gets in their way, they say, quote,
We're going to neutralize the threat, we're going to clean them out, we're going to engage them.
I mean, folks, I got pretty big huevos, but the police aren't my enemy.
That's not how much I'm going after here, but I'm trying to fix things ideologically.
But, I mean, if I was going to be up on top roofs, aiming guns at police, I mean, I wouldn't be doing that to begin with.
I'd sure as hell not be on Facebook talking about it.
I mean, this is Al-Qaeda level terrorist stuff, okay?
And everybody's like pinching themselves going, is this really going on?
Yes, this is really going on.
And I'm not going to tell you, obviously, what's happening, but the mayor, Adler, is blackmailed, is controlled by Google and Facebook and Apple, who've moved it down.
He lives on the top floor of the W. He doesn't care if there's harassment of the police, killing of the police.
He doesn't care if there's harassment of the city council people.
This is a microcosm of the rest of the country.
Yeah, there's so many people being killed.
There's so many black Trump supporters being killed, that every five minutes I'm learning the new ones in Indiana, and in Wisconsin, and in Michigan.
I mean, just the last few days, there's like, black dudes will wear a Trump hat, they just shoot them in the head.
And it's usually white people, like, you ain't doing that, boom, boom!
And the white people run up, the cops are talking about this, black cops, and they'll go, F you N word, you got big ol' ugly lips, big ol' ugly nose, you dumbass, call them all these racial slurs.
And it's crazy white people, and I'm not putting white people down.
White folks are great on average, but it is 90% white people in Antifa.
In fact, there's some Hispanics in it, but you watch the videos, it's rare to see black people there.
And that's what black folks all over the country are pointing out, like, you're burning down our neighborhood, what the hell are you doing here?
They're communists using black people as their cover for what they're doing.
Using George Floyd for that, and everybody knows that.
Because the man is George Soros and the big banks and the chi-coms.
The man isn't Trump.
The man isn't the local police.
The man isn't your police department and your courts and your schools and your stores and your businesses and your streets that you paid for.
The man is the 3 million Muslims in death camps, the 1 million Christians, the 1 million Buddhists, 5 million people China admits in forced labor death camps because they believe in God.
You don't hear a damn thing out of Nike and out of Apple and out of Google and out of Facebook and out of Twitter about that.
You see George Floyd awesome 3D sculptures.
I mean, that's real footage, folks.
Wow, look at that.
Okay, great.
That's what they're replacing the statues with.
But was it an unborn black baby or unborn white baby?
It was a guy on fentanyl bombed out of his gourd.
With cops that have arrested him more than 10 times, who knew him well, flipping out, spazzing out.
But the point is, that's what they claim.
Oh, we're doing this for black people.
And it's all a giant fraud.
So here we are on this live Saturday edition at 313 and 30 seconds.
We're live.
And Owen Schroer is going to be downtown.
Owen Schroer is going to be at the
Back to Blue Rally that's on 360 Bridge coming up at 5 o'clock today.
We'll have live coverage of that.
Obviously, I'm a target of these people, but I'm not going to let them take over my streets.
I'm going to be out this evening.
We're going to be out covering things as well.
And that's why we bought an armored vehicle last year.
Because my security folks predicted, they said, we predict they're going to be attacking anybody trying to demonstrate who's not a communist within 200 days of the election.
Well, here we are, 93 days, and boy, has it been true for a while.
And contrary to what the media says, we didn't pay $700,000 for the vehicle.
They're $500,000 new.
We bought it for $245,000.
And it has been absolutely worth it when they have been throwing bottles and rocks and hammers and climbing up on it with hammers and trying to get in and kill us.
That's what we've got to have in America to just go down and show you them burning down homeless camps and them beating up people and them trying to burn down the police department.
When the cops stand down, who's going to go in there and show you what's happening?
I wish we'd have bought a couple more armored vehicles.
We're looking at some old, junky army vehicles that are like $50,000 a piece.
The engines work and stuff.
Just have a couple rattle traps to put the rest of the crew in because, can you imagine being our camera people in the back of that vehicle?
Who are unshielded going into this?
The peaceful protesters?
So, the big story is up on InfoWars.com.
Austin police warn Antifa BLM planning terror attacks and mass shootings downtown.
And we show you a public document by a major manager company, CNDC, that manages a bunch of apartments downtown on the I-30 corridor that they were told by police to warn the tenants that Antifa is taking to the roofs with guns in their buildings and listed their buildings as where they're going to be.
I also was sent, right before I went live, information from folks embedded with the state of Texas, from the Army, I'll leave it at that, with even more intel, that now they're pissed that their sniper positions were exposed, as if they don't think people aren't getting into their private Facebook discussions when they're talking about terrorism, that's a probable cause to get in there.
They didn't need warrants, so they got accepted into the groups to be inside Antifa's
Facebook discussions of how yeah the cops pull anybody over we're gonna take them out you're talking about capital murder man death penalty Supermax prison while your appeals are going on and you're on Facebook how you're gonna kill cops Little newsflash you're gonna kill anybody you might I want to talk about it all day
I mean, this is just incredible.
But that just shows you how dumb, they're gonna randomly, if cops stop them, when they've got armored, guys in body armor driving around in the backs of trucks, this is in the press release, go read it, they admit they're doing it and they already have been downtown the last four days, five days, stopping people's vehicles and aiming guns at them, and I'm surprised only one of them got their ass killed.
I mean, listen, I'm a tough guy, but I'm not gonna randomly go up people's cars and point guns at them.
I mean, unless I'm suicidal.
Like, that's like going up to a cop and pulling a gun on him, or going to somebody's house with a gun.
I mean, I was hiking on the bike trail this morning and saw a rabid coyote.
He was stumbling around about 200 yards ahead of me, slobbering.
I got a little bit closer and I said, you know, I think my hike's done today.
I'm not going to act tough and go by with a rock with this coyote.
I'm going to turn around.
I've already hiked about two miles.
I'm going to go back the way I went.
And then I saw that coyote wander off.
My cell phone was dead.
I decided to leave it in the car today.
I would've had the video.
And I see this guy coming by.
He didn't speak English.
He was Hispanic.
Because the coyote wanders off.
The guy walks in.
I go, Coyote!
The guy looked at me like I was crazy.
I was like, Coyote!
The guy looked at me.
He just kept walking.
That's the other thing, like, the coyote wandered off the path, like six, seven feet, and I'm about to leave and I see this guy walking from like, you know, the woods, where the path went into woods, and I'm like, hey, there's a coyote right there.
The guy looks at me like I was totally weird.
He got off the side of the path when he came by me.
I waited.
I said, oh, it's just a coyote.
See, humans now think warning people and talking is weird, you see.
I can see the coyote's hair is all falling out.
It was going like this.
I mean, it had rabies, folks.
Or it had something.
And, see, I'm the busybody.
I'm the weirdo.
Because I told the guy that the coyote had rabies.
He looked at me like I was a space alien.
And now we're sitting here after they tried to burn down, they have burned down police stations all over the country.
Thousands of buildings.
I mean, all these deaths that are happening.
And the Democratic Party is like a rabid coyote.
It doesn't even know.
I mean, Joe Biden doesn't even know what planet he's on.
There's new videos of him where he doesn't even know where he is.
He goes, where am I?
And he literally goes, where am I?
Where am I?
I forgot to send that to you guys.
Pull it up.
He goes, just type in Joe Biden doesn't know where he is.
That was the new video last night.
He goes, it's good to be here!
And I went, he goes, wait, this isn't where I'm at.
He goes, I don't know where I am.
I mean, that is emblematic of these people, ladies and gentlemen.
It's not just him senile with all his strokes, doesn't know what planet he's on.
This dude walks right by a rabid coyote.
I'm like, hey, rabid coyote!
The guy looks at me like I'm weird.
He keeps walking over to the side like I'm crazy.
Because to him, it's weird that somebody
And that's part of bringing in all the foreigners.
It's not that they're bad, but when none of us can communicate with each other, the guy clearly didn't speak English.
He thought I was some crazy white dude on the hike and bike trail.
What he didn't know, he walked right by a rabid coyote.
Anyways, I'm going to stop talking about the rabid coyote.
I just remembered that this morning.
It was just, just makes me sick.
So, you want to read, it's a transcript of the SWAT team intel report.
And I've got the state police report and I've got the Pentagon report in my phone right now that basically says the same thing.
And are they going to do it?
Well, I'll tell you this.
I've never heard of people being this honest about what they're going to do, but they've gotten away with it all over the country and the media has been calling it nonviolent.
So I hope they're only LARPing.
Because the sick part of me a few days ago, I said, hey, if we don't warn people about this, they might actually go shoot some people up and they'll get in a lot of trouble.
We're like, yeah, but they'll spend that.
They attacked him first.
Like, yeah, let's not be immoral.
Let's tell people where they're going to be.
Let's expose what they're going to be up to.
So hopefully there's enough attention to this to stop it.
But I'll be honest, we had the discussion of.
It's not a false flag, because we're not the ones staging this, but it's kind of like, don't interrupt your enemy when they're destroying themselves, but I'm not going to be like that.
But of course then, oh yeah, Jones.
Sure, Antifa doesn't even exist.
I mean, Nadler said so.
Nadler said it doesn't exist.
I'm sorry, he said it was a myth.
Yeah, you...
You have that myth when you're in a restaurant eating fried chicken, they walk over and say, I'm gonna kill you.
Or when they attack your car with a hammer, or when they come to your house at night and take a dump on your front doorstep.
You know, that sounds stupid.
These people are scum.
And they want to intimidate us because they think we're weak like they are.
Now Tucker Carlson explained it best a few nights ago, and he said, look, our government's not perfect, it's made up of us, but it's a system for, of, and by the people.
It's been the model of the world of freedom, and the CHICOMs and the Globals are trying to replace it, not to make it better, but to make it worse.
And he said, we're witnessing a brazen power grab.
Yeah, we need...
Give hallucinations.
Because it'll pull other chemicals out of the brain, out of the blood, and put it into the cells.
You've got to have the zinc with the hydroxychloroquine or it doesn't work.
But it's a drug that pushes zinc into the cell and coronaviruses and flu viruses cannot replicate in a cell with high levels of zinc.
That's a scientific fact.
That's on the NIH website.
I mean, Fauci's up there like saying, we're like, red light means stop.
He's like, no, green light means stop.
And like, all the doctors go, no, red light means stop, green light means go.
And Fauci goes, no, red light means go, green light means stop.
And so how many more thousands of doctors have to be banned?
How many more have to be shut down so that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and Bill Gates, their front person, can do this?
And then Bill Gates is like, all over the news, they're like, 100% of your vaccine people that take the high dose get sick.
20% are hospitalized.
By the way, they're covering up deaths right now.
He's like, well, it hurts really bad, but it's not a problem.
I mean,
See, because they know they've lost because their own UN scientist in December came out and said, uh, the doctors don't believe in it.
It's not helping people and it's killing a bunch of folks.
We got to stop the vaccinations.
And then that's when this all began was, no, you're going to take it.
And yeah, it does hurt people and it doesn't protect you, but you're going to, it doesn't protect you.
It hurts people, but you're going to take it.
So we're sitting here on Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen, and I just want to tell listeners and viewers something.
Nothing can stop you if you just take action.
The fertile fields are there, like it's springtime, and the seeds are in the black dirt, and a rain comes in the morning and soaks the mud.
The sun's out.
This is fertile fields for awakening.
That's why there's banned out video.
Dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens in the banned out video, banned video section of medical doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, heads of universities, heads of hospitals, clinic owners, you name it.
But what did the media do out of 15 plus doctors?
They picked a Nigerian American doctor who's a Christian,
And who believes the Old Testament.
She's talked about Noah.
She's also a preacher.
A lay preacher.
And she talked about the days of Noah.
That the Nephilim came down and had sex with humans and created the bad cell lines.
Well, that's what the globalists believe in.
How Earth got here.
They believe aliens made us.
You don't think any of the globalists think that.
But whether she's right or wrong, she's a doctor that runs a major clinic.
She's had huge success.
But notice who they picked out to attack.
The black woman.
Oh, it's a crazy black woman.
Telling you hydroxychloroquine has helped 300 plus patients of hers, saved them.
And she says zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and Z-Pak.
Because the zinc gets pushed in by the hydroxychloroquine, and the Z-Pak kills the bacteria that carry it.
We already know that in the studies.
She's just telling you default position information.
Like you get an egg out, you crack it, you put it in the pan, you turn it on, you cook it, you eat it.
I mean, she's telling you, like, two plus two is four.
And all of a sudden, it's like, look at this crazy Christian lady.
She thinks that some of the human cell lines have mated with aliens.
And so she's crazy.
And then meanwhile, the very establishment believes that.
I mean, you can read the Bible and it says that.
And so fine, let's, it doesn't matter.
What, she has a medical degree.
Bill Gates doesn't have a medical degree.
Why are we listening to Bill Gates that doesn't have a medical degree and then hundreds and hundreds of prominent doctors and nurses and virologists and epidemiologists and the former head of the Rockefeller Hospital and all of them come out and say, this is a fraud.
They're counting all the regular flu deaths as COVID-19 and we've always got a bunch of pneumonia deaths.
These are real deaths.
It's a hoax to shut the economy down!
They go, look!
It's a black lady!
Don't listen to her!
And CNN and MSNBC, I watched all the clips, they're like... Well, Twitter and Google and Apple banned the video, so that's why it doesn't deserve to exist.
So, the fact that Big Tech censored is now like, the court ruled it's fake.
Oh, well, Facebook and Google banned her.
They banned her and so it's proof it's not true even though hydroxychloroquine since the Aztecs 1,500 years ago was used for malaria and then the Dutch got it from the Spanish 400 years ago and sold it to the British and the rest is history.
Look it up, look up where quinine came from.
The Aztecs.
So again...
They don't want you to know this is there.
They don't want you to understand this, and it's so insulting that they would try to get away with this, but there's major cracks in the facade.
In fact, I forgot to tell you guys to get it.
Get it.
It's on Trump's Twitter.
He tweeted out where Fauci's on there, and they're going, okay, so say it's okay for people to go to church and go for Black Lives Matter.
It's not just like, I'm not going to say it, I'm not going to go there, because they know they're cornered.
There's articles out like, oh, Herman Cain who had cancer three times, Herman Cain who had been super sick, he died of COVID-19 because he went to Trump's Tampa, Florida, I mean, Trump's Tulsa event in Oklahoma, and it's just, it's ridiculous.
It's like, you say you have demonstrations everywhere and it's okay, but if we have them, it's bad.
And now Herman Cain dies, so it's our fault.
It doesn't add anything to the debate.
It's lies.
It's insulting to reality.
Let's play a few of these clips.
Let's go ahead and go to the clip of Tucker Carlson calls Dr. Fauci a fraud.
Bill Gates isn't a doctor, and he tells other doctors they don't have speech degrees, they should be shut down.
But this guy is a hack for pharmaceutical companies who told us 2.5 million would die, it was 150,000, who set the testing up for false positives to be the majority.
I mean, the man is a liar.
The guy said, don't wear a mask, then do wear a mask.
The guy is a compromise fraud pushing Rendezivir, and he owns patents on four of the vaccines being developed.
I mean, you can't make up conflicts of interest like this.
So Tucker Carlson calls Dr. Fauci a fraud.
Here it is.
Anthony Fauci is likely the most powerful physician in the history of this country.
He's one of the forces behind the mass quarantines that tanked the economy and put millions out of work.
He says it's worth it, though, because the threat is just so profound.
So profound.
So imminent.
Should we limit the protesting?
I'm not sure what you mean should, how do we say limit the protesting?
Should government limit the protesting?
I don't think that's relevant to... Well you just said if it increases the spread of the virus, I'm just asking should we limit it?
Well, I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way.
Well, you make all kinds of recommendations.
You make comments on dating, on baseball, on everything you can imagine.
I'm just asking, you just said that protests increased the spread.
I'm just asking, should we try to limit the protests?
No, I think I would leave that to people who have more of a position to do that.
I'm just making a statement that's a broad statement that avoid crowds of any type, no matter where you are.
No limit to protests, but boy, you can't go to church on Sunday.
I don't know how many times I can answer that.
I'm not going to opine on limiting anything.
I'm just going to tell you... You've opined on a lot of things, Dr. Fauci.
Yeah, but I... Wow.
Finally, a member of Congress capable of asking a follow-up question, and he's absolutely right.
There's nothing that Dr. Anthony Fauci won't opine on, as long as it doesn't offend the popular, the fashionable left.
Sex with strangers online, no problem.
Shaking hands, bad.
Every day for the past several months virtually, Dr. Fauci has advocated for a new coronavirus policy.
Here he is on tape doing it earlier this month.
I can say as a public health official that I would urge the leaders, the local political and other leaders in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizenry to wear masks.
Oh, so he is willing to weigh in on specific responses.
Government response.
What a fraud this guy is.
Put on your mask!
Get off your powerboat!
Put on some goggles!
Do it for public health!
And by the way, the consequences don't matter.
They're just inconveniences, he explained.
I know it's difficult, but we're having a lot of suffering, a lot of death.
This is inconvenient from an economic and a personal standpoint, but we just have to do it.
Oh, we just have to do it.
Fauci is 79.
But maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who are trying to make their way in this world, in an economy that is headed down the tubes, thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently.
It's not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses.
It's the end of the American dream.
That's not a small thing.
Maybe it's worth it.
Maybe it's not.
But if it is,
Then you probably shouldn't take a pass on the question, are protests and riots okay?
Unless you're a total fraud, like a complete fraud.
Doesn't believe that these randomized controlled studies are always necessary, but for some reason they're necessary in the middle of a pandemic where we have hundreds of thousands of people dying, in a situation where people want answers and realistic hope.
No one's saying it's a panacea or any of that.
But what did you make of that testimony today, just specifically on that and any other thoughts?
Well, unfortunately, I think what Steve has eloquently pointed out is lying by omission is still lying.
It's very important to understand that that study did correct for steroid use, but it also pointed out what we seem to see in COVID, which is a
A steroid paradox, where if you have very mild disease, steroids probably don't help you, whereas if you have more severe disease, as quantified perhaps by a CRP of greater than 20, steroid dexamethasone specifically may be immensely helpful.
And what I'm hearing is someone who is frankly very manipulative and dishonest as a scientist.
All right, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We are commercial free on this August 1st, Saturday transmission.
Dr. Steve Machinic is a best-selling author, who wrote a bunch of books with Tom Clancy, and did psychological operations at the State Department, the CIA, and a bunch of other groups.
He's a great patron.
We always appreciate his insight.
He's one of the most accurate, smartest people we know.
And I've got all my questions about what's going on in the election with 93 days out and what's unfolding and what's happening.
I know you worked under Fauci.
He's been around in government 45 years.
You're a psychiatrist.
I mean, I should also add, and have been involved at every level of this.
But the fact is, you said four or five months ago, Fauci's got to go.
He clearly works for this combine that wants to keep America closed.
We have 150,000 deaths.
2.5 million, 2.3 million, like they said.
They're counting other deaths in the COVID column.
Prime approximation, because people respect you.
And I know you have a lot of sources.
What really is COVID-19?
And what is its aim?
And where is it going?
And what are the rifts right now going on inside the government?
And what do you think President Trump should do?
Thanks for joining us.
Well, let me explain what COVID-19 is.
COVID-19 is just a variation of a virus that we've had for over 60 years.
A COVID means it's a spike.
It is a highly, it's a highly manipulative.
Well, let me explain what COVID-19 is.
COVID-19 is just a variation of a virus that we've had for over 60 years.
COVID means it's a spike.
It is a highly, it's a highly manipulative virus which can attack someone, but it can't kill them.
And ironically, it didn't really come from Wuhan, and Fauci never understood it.
It really came out of northern Italy.
And Tony has never understood the underlying dynamics of a vaccine.
Unfortunately, I've worked with Tony.
Tony was my teacher.
I had great respect for him as a medical doctor at Cornell University Medical College.
But right now, what you're seeing is what I said four to five months ago.
He is Jesuit trained.
He is narcissistic.
He has hyperbole.
And he really made a medical mistake.
It's malpractice.
He should never have recommended to close the government.
And Trump should never have closed this government.
We have had all kinds of bacteria, we've had all kinds of viruses, we had smallpox, we had coronaviruses, other forms.
We had 1.4 million tuberculosis deaths last year.
That's 10 times the death rate here.
And I have 450,000 people killed by cars, but I'm not stopping the cars.
I have 600,000 killed by alcoholism.
And I'm not shutting down liquor stores.
The point of fact was, he should have been fired.
And I've said it a long time ago on your show, and people were surprised.
I don't believe Trump is as strong as he believes he thinks he is.
Years ago, I said he had to fire the generals, he had to fire his national security advisor.
I said he should never have had John Bolton.
I don't want to say- By the way, I'm not tooting your horn, but you've been dead on about
Trump has so-called good instincts with policy, but not with who he hires.
That's what Tucker Carlson has told me privately and on air.
He says Trump just grovels to his enemies.
Well, the problem is, believe it or not, unlike you and I or Tucker Carlson, he doesn't have the strength or the self-confidence to fire somebody in front of him.
He does it indirectly.
I've seen countless bosses like that, and they can never confront somebody directly.
And in turn,
He feels he's highly compromised.
At this point, as President of the United States, he's not compromised at all.
The real issue of the coronavirus is... No, I agree.
The only way he can lose is if he keeps being not confident.
People want confidence.
Please continue with that and get into coronavirus.
He has to go back on the air and give us the five-minute speeches every day about something he wants to do.
Not a press conference, not a conference with his
Press secretaries but stop talking by himself as to where he sees the country going.
What's going to happen to the economy?
How do we reconstitute an economy that fell apart because of Fauci, because of CDC and because of HHS?
I said six months ago, you have to fire these people.
It's not a question of tolerating them.
Fauci is not a public health service officer.
We gave an abeyance.
He has $400,000 salary per year.
No one has that salary, including the President of the United States.
He should have been summarily fired and put on probation.
I would have taken away his medical license because he knows well
Zithromax, any of the antibiotics can handle it.
Dexamethasone can handle it.
And by the way, you had COVID.
I remember you were gone for two months.
You had it earlier in the year.
And you said the Z-Pak and the things back then.
Now that's admitted.
It's right.
And what I said to everybody, take probiotic.
Take kefir or yogurt and build up your immunity in the stomach.
Fauci doesn't know that.
He thinks the immunity is somewhere in the lymph nodes.
He has no idea what he's talking about.
In fact, he's a joke among those engineers who are genetic engineers.
No one would go to Fauci and say, can you tell me what the real science is?
So let me ask, the people want to know, what faction do they represent?
I get you say Gates is a puppet.
I talked to some of their high-level folks, they said, no, Pachinko's right.
He's a front man.
But who are the groups trying to keep the economy shut?
Is it the Chi-Coms?
I mean, what the hell's going on here?
Oh, let me get something that you have talked about.
And ironically, it's becoming evolutionary, not revolutionary.
And Trump just hit upon it two days ago.
What's happening now has nothing to do with the Chinese communists.
By the way, they weren't the original spreader of the disease.
It came out of Northern Italy, went straight to New Jersey, and killed Italians in New Jersey, where it did not kill others.
Fauci did not understand that.
Fauci didn't get it.
The Wuhan virus came in on the West Coast, and it was a lot milder.
Now let's talk about what's really happening.
Trump hid the big techs.
What is really happening now is the evolution of big tech dominating over our government.
What's happening now is what I wrote 25 years ago, along with my buddies and Tom Clancy, Mitch Rubenstein, called NetForce and Cyber Nation.
So what happened?
Google has now taken over everything you want to do on the Internet.
Facebook, Twitter,
All of these, ironically, were funded by you and me.
Not one person in America understands the history, how these social media entities came about.
Should I say and explain to the public?
Yeah, let's explain they were part of DARPA, and then how did it get away from us?
I know Obama signed it over to the CHICOMS.
That's kind of where it began, but explain that to us.
Let's go before that.
DARPA created the internet.
That's the Advanced Research Project.
That's what I was trained in by the CIA, by MIT, and eventually went to NEDFORCE.
There was another company that was based on something I did in Arlington, Virginia called In-Q-Tel, I-N-Q-T-E-L.
Daria can show it to you.
It was created in 1998, 1999 by the CIA.
And the CIA developed Google, developed Twitter, developed Facebook.
We had DIA, we had NGA, and all the intelligence units.
Now we have given Amazon $600 million that was given from the agency.
There's In-Q-Tel.
That is the mother of all of these big tech companies.
And we, the American people, are funding it.
And in turn, our congressman, other than Jim Jordan, didn't say a word, which wasn't all that effective.
We can take them down.
No, I agree.
Big tech is running circles around Congress.
So give the president, everybody a briefing.
Everything you're saying is on record.
How do we get back control of a public utility that the Pentagon and DARPA helped build that's now been hijacked by corporate interests?
Basically by taking it apart because we, the investors, we became the investors.
We want to break it up exactly the way we did big corporations 50 years ago.
Oh, they're a thousand times more dangerous than Ma Bell.
Ma Bell wasn't trying to put me in prison.
Ma Bell wasn't trying to bankrupt me.
No, correct.
And in fact, Google has tried to put us in prison.
Google tried to shut me down for the past hour and a half, and they were successful, but not in the long run.
The reality is the American public have to understand, you, we are the owners of Google, Facebook,
Twitter, there is no such thing as a private corporation.
It went on an IPO funded by In-Q-Tel, the American company.
Explain to people, it's not even a state-run thing.
It's that to have global dominance, in fact we were still trying to promote America, that major investment was put into all of the technology developments, and so it literally is owned by the American people.
It is a utility.
That's why it's section 203, because in the law it's our utility.
We built it.
That's correct and nobody's invoking it other than you and I because in 1997-98 the CIA didn't understand why these companies were coming up on the social media.
DARPA did it for DOD, the Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
So some people in the CIA who were in Arlington, Virginia, they had met me and what I was doing over there with a bunch of other people in Arlington, Virginia was creating what we call startups.
Software companies, social media companies, that was in the 90s, and we would fund them, but we would also make sure that we were in charge of them.
In turn, the CIA came to see me and we talked about it, and then eventually they created what was called In-Q-Tel.
Q being a variation of the James Bond character Q,
And that's why they called it In-Q-Tel.
But there was William Perry, the head of it.
The head of NASA was the head of In-Q-Tel.
This is a very serious organization that's run by the Americans, run by the CIA, and they claim in the CIA, oh no, it has nothing to do with the CIA.
Absolute nonsense.
So when was the change to sell it out?
Because it was promoting American values until the middle of Obama's term, and then we began to see a major shift.
Well, Obama is, again... No, no, I'm just using it as a signpost of when I saw the change.
If he's not in charge, tell me.
But the change really came much quicker when we bought, the United States people bought 2.2 million shares and we paid a couple hundred thousand in 2005.
And we had about 6,000 shares and it blew right out.
And then in turn we came into Facebook, Bezos came in, and Elon Musk came in, and it was all a vicious cycle, but no one dared to proclaim that this was an American utility.
Sure, so the big secret is it's an American utility, but so much money's coming in, it got taken over by the money.
Well, not exactly.
It got taken over by the fact that we in America, and thanks to you Alex... How did we turn loose of this giant AI global system?
Because of ignorance.
The same problem we've had in Black Lives Matter.
It's ignorance.
We have never held accountable an Obama, a CIA creation.
George Bush Jr.
having done 9-11.
We don't put anybody in prison.
We don't hold anybody accountable.
Well, that's it.
There's no accountability.
Because these billionaires are trying to cause a civil war now.
Do they really?
That'll destroy stability.
Why are they doing that?
They're not going to create a civil war only because, number one, they don't need a civil war.
Number two, they're billionaires.
Number three, they have no idea what a civil war is.
Larry Page was taken out of the Soviet Union by me.
He was a Jewish refugee with his parents who were in computers, went to Michigan State University, and then we put him in Stanford.
The reality is we don't come in and say, okay, we're breaking this up.
I needed a stronger president than Trump.
I can't have Biden.
He's senile, demented.
That's it.
There will be no Biden coming in.
And I will assure you, and I'm assuring the intelligence community, they know exactly what I'm saying and what I mean.
They know they're on notice that a Biden will not come in irrespective of who his vice president will be.
Black or not.
That's not the issue.
That's another question.
Who's behind Biden?
What lunatics would try to run someone that doesn't even know where he is?
They don't care, Alex.
It's no longer patriotism.
What we have now is the evolution of the cyber nation.
This is what I was writing in Netforce.
Forget the notion of civil war.
That's antiquated.
What we have now are major corporations and billions and billions of dollars to which we have no accountability.
The Congress doesn't work.
The Senate doesn't work.
The president feels ineffectual.
He can't fire somebody he should have fired.
So what do we do?
You get rid of Fauci, you get rid of thousands of people in the DoD.
I've got 2.2 million soldiers.
But that is good news that Trump is clearly using surrogates to destroy Fauci.
Not really.
He has to come in and just
Dismiss him.
Fauci is not a civil servant.
He belongs to the Public Health Service.
That's a paramilitary unit, and he's never been held accountable.
And I've never seen a president so afraid of a man like Fauci.
Fauci's just going around and- Oh, you can see Fauci can't believe what he gets away with.
He is such a little
That's exactly correct.
He's a childish, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing individual who had once been a very good doctor.
But Cornell produces people like that.
They produced a doctor named Friedman who said that Biden was fine and Trump
Let's go back to this.
Remember a year ago, they said I was banned again on Facebook because I said, clearly he's got dementia.
You were on the show.
You said it.
We're not rocket scientists.
You are a medical doctor.
But I mean, obviously the guy can't talk and now he's getting so cognitively bad at the rate he's degenerating.
He has to be led by the hand now.
He doesn't know where he is.
How bad is he going to be in a month?
He's terrible.
He is totally incompetent.
As a board examiner, I was there for 10 years, meaning that Fauci or anybody else who wanted to come into psychiatry had to come through me on orals.
I would have busted any doctor that said to me he was competent.
There's no way he's competent.
The Jerry Post, the head of the CIA profile section,
Who came in and did a false profile of Trump and the leads of Yale and all the 700 other psychiatrists at Yale don't say a word because they're cowards.
And what you have is the ignorance, the cowardly and no accountability.
So guys like me and you, we get called in by the FBI.
I make a comment about
Obama being a child of the CIA and having had nothing from the past that was real.
I make a comment about 9-11 being a false flag and I knew exactly who was involved.
Wolfowitz and other neocons.
What do I get?
I get a subpoena from the FBI.
The useless, worthless FBI.
And who worked with them?
Who worked with Epstein and the FBI?
Who allowed Epstein to get away?
Who worked Epstein?
CIA, Mossad.
Who worked Giselle Maxwell?
CIA, Mossad.
Her father, CIA, Mossad.
We have an agency.
We have 16 different intelligence agencies that are worthless.
I said it years ago on your show.
I said it a year ago.
I would close them all down and say which one can do anything that's viable.
I got NGA.
I got NSA.
I've got all kinds of nonsense that I don't need.
And then I have a director of national intelligence.
You're talking about trillions of dollars of useless intelligence that is in fact creating these monsters that control us and they don't want to do anything.
And believe me, these are not brave people.
Gina Haspel of the agency, I would have fired her a long time ago.
And the reason guys like me don't come in is because Condoleezza Rice is scared of me.
Colin Powell is scared of me because I know he's a pathological liar.
It goes the same way with Bush, even though I helped him to get in, he's a pathological liar.
These are all the people that come in without accountability.
And so what do they say?
Oh, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
And you've got conspiracy.
Fine, there are conspiracy.
Guess what?
Alex and I aren't wrong.
We haven't been wrong for 20 years.
But we're not in the business of being right.
We're in the business of pointing out that these are the people who should be held accountable.
And now I thought Trump would be holding people accountable.
Instead, he listens to these.
The DOD Secretary Mattis and all these other generals who've never fought a war.
I have a military that's never won a war since World War One.
I have a military that has no idea of how to fight a war.
And yet now I need cyber command and guess what's happening?
The Chinese are way ahead of us.
The French are way ahead of us.
The British are way ahead of us.
We're not anywhere near their capability.
Let's talk about the next big issue.
The time we've got commercial free here.
And if you're watching on InfoWars or listening on the radio, remember we had to build this whole infrastructure.
Thanks for building it.
But it's so precious for you to send out a live link right now and say, Big Insider, Dr. Steve Piccinini, StevePiccinini.com is exposing what's really going on.
This guy's not a BSer.
He's a straight shooter, a great American patriot.
Let's shift into
I get it.
You were here years ago and you still like Trump, but you said the fact that he brought Bolton in is almost a deal breaker.
This is going to really hurt Trump.
And you were right.
It's just default stuff Trump doesn't know.
And then you're happy he's getting us out of Afghanistan.
So, you know, overall, correct me if you think I'm wrong, but I think Trump's a good guy.
But you're right.
After being destabilized for four years and told he's a Russian agent, you know, he's kind of gotten gelded.
He needs to go on the offense, finish up with that.
But then let's talk about.
The Ghislaine Maxwell, these new revelations that Robert Mueller was indeed trying to blame Trump, was indeed trying to suppress the knowledge.
And the fact that it's coming out, that's kind of a good offense thing we see this information coming out.
And so all the Jeffrey Epstein developments and what you think the October surprise might be with 93 days out.
All right, what we got here, let me just finish up.
Trump can be re-elected and he will be re-elected.
He has to remember he is a man who accomplishes what he needs to accomplish.
I don't care if he sings.
Let me interrupt you, because I never say this to you, I should call you privately, but I've talked to a lot of people that know Trump very well that haven't talked to him 50 times like I haven't talked to him every day.
The people he listens to are the ones that straight shoot him, that he respects, but also don't kiss his ass.
So I think, tear into Trump right now, because there's a good chance he'll hear it, or his people will hear it.
And I've talked to Tucker Carlson, I want to bring that up here, but Tucker, you know,
Because he's insecure, believe it or not.
What happens is when you get to the top and you build things, and here's the other side of him.
It's a contradiction, but it's part of him.
He wants to be liked.
In our business, you and I do not want to be liked.
There's a reason why I don't get called to the Republican Party.
There's a reason why I don't get called to the White House.
We want to get things done.
We don't care what happens to us.
And the other part of Trump, ironically, is an incredible satiation to be liked by everybody and important.
The one who can set limits on him and the one I would respect is Melania.
She knows exactly what the problems are.
She comes out of a communist country.
She created her own career, and she's brilliant and beautiful.
And that's the one I would trust, because she knows exactly what to say to him, and she won't BS him.
Jared Kushner's come to the forefront.
I don't know about the rest of the family.
But the reality is he doesn't have a strong enough team and the team he has is too large.
And he brought in the neocons and he had to depend on Zalmay Khalilzad in Afghanistan.
How many years are we going to be in?
And explain that.
The neocons don't want a place at the table.
They want to run stuff.
He has to stop bringing enemies to the table because they don't want to be at the table.
They want dominance.
You got it.
But you and I were the ones who went after the neocons in 9-11.
What happened?
They came back.
Zombie homicide, Bolton, a whole bunch of these cowards.
Now what we're talking about, Trump can come back, but he needs to do a daily talk to the American public as to how we're going to get the economy back and what's going to happen and what programs he wants to institute.
And also, he's going to have to start firing DOD officials, 2.2 million, HHS, I have thousands.
By the way, a month before it happened, you said, no, watch, a million all immigrants are turning against Trump.
They've all signaled they're against the president right now.
That's correct.
And basically what you have, you have a moron like Conway, George Conway.
You're talking about an ineffectual, narcissistic,
A piece of nothing who basically shoots his mouth off.
I would never have allowed that.
If he had a problem, I would have muscled him and I would have gotten rid of him one way or the other.
The truth of the matter is Trump is not tough enough.
And people say he's too tough, authoritarian.
No, he's not.
The authoritarian... Well, they attack that authoritarian instinct.
It's their fear of that.
He's not taking the gloves off at all.
You're correct.
I mean, he's basically trying to appeal and he addresses to...
Absurd pieces of paper like the New York Times.
Are you kidding?
That's a left-wing rag.
It's pathetic.
It was a piece of paper created in the 1890s by the Salzburgers who were shamed that they were Jews and basically built a paper that never talked about the Holocaust, never talked about the genocide of Jews.
It's a total self-shaming paper that is pathetic.
And you saw one of the reporters leave.
And then you have Soros, a guy whose real name is Schwartz, another self-hating Jew, who comes in, makes believe he's important, and then funds on a couple of hundred million dollars the left wing... Yeah, why are certain leftist Jews funding the anti-Semitic movement?
Is that to control it, or what's going on there?
It's basically self-hate.
A lot of Jews who grew up either in America or overseas
I don't have a problem with self-hate.
I don't.
I'm what you call a Juven, a Cuban Jew.
We were Jews who came to Cuba.
Batista took us in.
Luciano took us in.
Meyer Lansky took us in.
Not the American government.
And when we were taken in, we were grateful.
And we spent six years there waiting to get in for one year.
And when any immigrant comes here and he thinks or she thinks they're entitled to it, they better think about it very carefully.
My father was a medical doctor in France and he had to take an exam when he was the only one who passed.
Then I was the only one who was drafted.
Fauci was not drafted.
He went to NIH because he avoided the military.
I went into public health and I went right into the military and I served it now, for now, and I have no regrets for having served our country.
I did it overseas without any medals, without anything.
Fauci is the opposite of that.
He's exactly what Cornell created.
A narcissistic, self-aggrandizing a-hole who really should have remained what he was.
A doctor who had been competent and should never have remained at NIH.
We got to clean out NIH.
We don't have scientists there.
We have too many grantees and they're getting money for doing nothing.
I understand it's all big inside scams.
So what about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?
What about those big developments?
Jeffrey Epstein was an operative from day one.
And ironically, guess who appointed him to the girls' school?
Mr. Barr's father was the school that appointed Jeffrey Epstein as a math and physics professor.
This was a low-grade Jew, Brooklyn Jew, without any education, a bullshitter of the highest order, who was then co-opted by Barr.
By the way, those of you who think Barr is clean better think again.
This Barr
Was a DDI, that means he was an analyst at the agency, became a DDO, that means he was an operative at the agency, and then became AG, Attorney General.
Now you're telling me he has an impartial, honest view of the Epsteins or anybody else, and you're telling me that Epstein committed suicide in a cell by himself?
Give me a break.
America's not that stupid.
Get rid of Barr.
He's a joke.
He's a CIA joke.
And the rest of the agency has to be taken down.
And you're not going to do it with the people you brought him in.
You need MFs like me or Alex Jones to come in and we clean them all out.
And that's not going to happen.
I understand your view of the bureaucracy and I agree with it overall, but what about the plays going on with Prince Andrew and this Epstein stuff going on?
The whole British Empire is compromised.
It was nothing more than a false image of something that was in the past.
Britain had been a great empire.
Like anybody else, we could compromise Chris Andrews, we could compromise the Queen, we can compromise her husband, who was compromised.
Charles was compromised all over the world.
So was his son.
I mean, they're not relevant to the United States.
What they are relevant to is an intelligence unit, which may or may not be relevant to America.
One thing is, why is it coming out now?
Obviously, we know they're compromised.
Why is that play coming out now?
Because there's distraction, denial and distortion.
Whenever you have a problem like pandemic or you have big tech, what comes out is, oh, yeah, well, let's bring out Prince Andrew now.
Let's bring out Giselle McKenzie or whatever her name, Maxwell.
I mean, she's just an operative.
She's nothing more than a
A Madam for a Whorehouse.
That was run by Epstein on behalf of the CIA.
Go back to the agency and I'll tell you the people who were involved.
Go back to Mossad and I will show you how far back this goes.
This is long-standing and this is not just now.
They're only hitting the surface.
What they don't want to go is to go into the cesspool of our intelligence world and how much we have paid for worthless intelligence.
Because they don't respect us!
Learn the first lesson.
Defund the police.
1933, Hitler's first action was to defund the police so the SA could come in and the SS could come in.
Welcome, America.
Then make sure that everybody has a yellow star to identify their Jews.
In this case, instead of the yellow star, let's put a mask on their face and convince them that they're contaminated and will contaminate others.
And now you have the contact tracers from the Clinton Foundation and Gates.
I mean, as pathetic as they are, they're really taking over right now.
Well, you know, you've never held Hillary accountable.
I mean, Bill Clinton was a problem for me when I was a Deputy Assistant Secretary.
And in 1988, my operatives in Taiwan and China told me he was compromised by mainland Chinese.
I didn't know who he was at the time.
I didn't know where he came from.
Well, we knew they were doing that back when he was the governor, and they were also bringing bags of cash, yeah.
But you know what?
He didn't go to prison.
Hillary hasn't gone to prison.
Bush hasn't gone to prison.
Haspel hasn't gone.
Who's gone to prison?
No one.
Except you and I. They make sure you can't come in.
Bill Gates is a moron.
He's the idiot savant.
Welcome to whatever you have there.
If you want to be with Podesta,
Pedophilia, go with Podesta.
But the reality is, we are not holding people accountable.
And the American public doesn't hold people accountable.
Well that's the thing, take Tony Podesta.
He did full-page articles in the Washington Post in 2007 with little kids tied up being paddled.
What is up with the pedophiles bragging about it?
Is that just like celebrating that they have a shrunken head?
What is that?
It's a perversion of what we have among our leaders.
The pedophilia, and I've said it on your show a year ago and months ago, I said when you honey trap an individual, that means when you compromise them with a woman or whatever, that's one thing.
That's an adult.
But when you use children to compromise an operative, that is inexcusable.
And that's what's been happening everywhere.
And Podesta is one of those people who should have been put in prison, but instead what happens?
He gets big money, he'll make speeches like Hillary Clinton, no accountability, they can shoot their mouth off and say whatever they want.
And that's why with psychology we see psychopaths that kill maybe one a year for 20 years, but finally they go crazy because nobody caught them.
They send taunting letters to police, they start killing somebody every night, they finally get caught.
I mean, and that's an oversimplification, but in criminology, as a psychiatrist, you talk about that, it seems like the mindset of just getting wilder and wilder, and they want us to stop them, but we won't stop them.
Well, in effect, that's correct.
What's happening now is there's a certain amount of self-destruction that's going on with this.
And what the agency is doing and the other parts of the intelligence community, plus the inbred units of Washington, D.C., it has to be broken up.
They're beginning to destroy themselves by exposing little bits of themselves.
And then having gone into this
Artificial pause of financial abeyance.
I said, when in God's country?
I couldn't even write a novel that would have said we're going to shut down the government.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
And I kept on insisting on your show.
Get back to work.
Go back to school, I don't care what's going on.
We had polio, we've had all these elements coming through, and we nevertheless became a superpower.
Now we have to come back to the point where... Y'all are being taught to be these hobbled, neurotic wimps that just grovel and get into victimization.
Well, they can talk about victimization, but they're very much in control because they keep on continuing the narrative.
The narrative is very easy for them.
How do you convince everybody that if you don't wear a mask, you're polluting this environment and you're lethal?
And they're teaching you that, like you said, you're bad.
You're a bad person.
You're a bad person.
It's like the Hitler Youth.
I mean, basically, if you wear a mask, then you come with us.
When you don't wear a mask, you don't belong to us.
And therefore, you're contaminating and a contaminant.
So it's like an armband.
And now we have people lashing out all the time, attacking people that aren't wearing a mask.
And that's what happens when you don't have Trump standing in the forefront saying, enough is enough.
This is what we have to do.
I don't want to hear anything more.
I don't want to hear about Fauci.
I don't want to hear about CDC.
And a matter of fact, I want to fire Redfield.
He's a moron.
He had been a problem under AIDS.
So was Fauci.
Fauci never discovered a product.
He never did a vaccine.
He never even wrote a textbook.
Fauci is a nobody who produced himself into an entity that was indispensable.
It's nonsense.
Let's talk about that, but since you mentioned it, here's a clip of the woman yesterday screaming at toddlers saying, I hope you die, you're not wearing a mask.
And then the man yesterday attacking a pizzeria, knocking things down because someone is not wearing a mask.
These wimps, they're now in power, acting like crazies.
Here it is.
You're not supposed to wear them.
That's not true.
Yes it is!
Yes it is!
Even the school requires children under the age of 10 not to wear them.
So why would I let them wear them?
You're being ridiculous.
Y'all still are.
You're so ridiculous.
I'll die.
You take care of yourself.
I'll die.
You're gonna kill me if I... Why is such a great thing to think about?
What the f***?
You just shot that man!
You just shot that man!
So, as a psychiatrist, what do you make of this mass craziness where people get off on virtue signaling?
Well, what's happening is very easy.
You don't have to be a psychiatrist to understand the manipulation of mass psychology to convince somebody that if you have a mask, you'll be pure, you're a good citizen, and in fact, you will never harm anybody else.
But if you don't wear a mask, you're an enemy of the state.
Classical fascism.
And one of the elements that's been missing in all of this, and I live in a southern town, which is really far more Christian,
And we're a Second Amendment town is Christianity.
I have yet to hear anybody come to the forefront among the Christian leaders and say anything about the fact that you cannot go to a Christian church but you can go to Walmart.
I can't believe that.
That you cannot go to a Christian church or a synagogue or a mosque, whatever, but you can go to a shopping center and not be bothered.
What kind of nonsense is that in a Judeo-Christian religion and country like America, where we have the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, none of which is practiced?
And none of which is broken up.
Now you have the police that are taking the brunt of all of this.
The police!
I've worked with the police.
You want to be a policeman?
Let me tell you how bad it is.
You have to deal with risk.
You have to deal with death every day.
You have to deal with all kinds of uncertainty for a measly salary of $40,000 or $50,000, and they're grateful for that.
Yet they're honorable.
They go back online.
Yeah, are there a few bad policemen?
Sure there are.
Are there a few bad psychiatrists?
You bet.
Are there a few bad doctors?
Of course there are.
But policemen for the most part, and policewomen, put their lives on the line.
How many people were killed in Chicago?
Well let's talk about that.
You're on a roll.
They're obviously, the global corrupt system knows it's a revolution, so they want to make it a revolution against our own institutions instead of a revolution against the parasites.
Explain that.
Because it's very easy to destroy what seems to be the authority figures within our country.
One of the foremost authority figures on the line are police people, federal officials, people who enforce the law by force or by whatever you have to do.
So whenever you have the federal
Thank you.
They're basically creating this scenario where, oh my god, we have fascism descending on this poor state.
The answer is wrong.
If we have federal buildings, we will protect them.
If you harm somebody else, the police will come in and adjudicate it and arrest you.
So what happens in a state like this, and remember what I said about Nazism and communism, they take away the powers of the police.
That's the first element.
Then they bring in the powers of their own right-hand people, whether it's the SASS or the KGB.
They create the vacuum.
What we don't have in this country, and what you're trying to do, Alex, and what I've tried to do, but I don't think we've been successful is
This country ranks 37th in the world in education.
Now you see why.
And now you see what the left has done.
Basically promoted a nonsensical movement, Black Lives Matter, at the expense of saying, you know what, we should have promoted education and taken us from the 37th position to maybe the top 10.
We're at Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Russia, England.
We are nowhere near the top in anything, and including health.
We're 27th in the world.
So what do you think the citizens should do?
What should Trump do?
And then what do you predict for the election?
Because here's the question.
Who's in charge of the psychological warfare?
Who comes up with the BLM, the Antifa?
We know Soros funds it, but what are they thinking this is going to do?
He basically is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
He's also highly compromised.
So we'll talk about that then.
So who's behind these attacks?
There are individuals who can say, listen, we need to create a disturbance within the system.
But remember, they're all within, quote, the intelligence system, such as it is that we have.
It's a national security system that has to create kind of riot and counter riots.
But they themselves are not of any value to us.
They're not predictive.
They're not effective.
And in fact, we don't have leaders, and if Trump doesn't get his act together quickly, he will disappear, as will Biden.
Because what will happen is, we will break down, not in a civil war, but what I said, cybernation.
We will withdraw from the federal government, the state governments will become important, as I told you.
The South, the West,
And the East Coast and the West Coast are gone.
Not relevant at all.
So we don't care what happens between New York and Miami.
We don't care what happens between... But I think they know that now, so that's why they're trying to crash the system, is implode it all.
They have a Marshall Plan that they can then use to take control of the whole body again.
But here's the problem, my friend.
Who is they?
The people who did this or think that they've done it have no idea of how to run a system.
No, no, I agree that they think, I'm not trying to say we're smart, but it scares me how the establishment makes one and two dimensional choices.
I'm thinking like five, six, seven, I can go out even further, but I'm like, actually, I see the moves they're making aren't even good for them.
That scares me more than them being competent.
That's why you and I are called conspiracies.
That's why we're banned, my friend.
When you can see, and I don't mean it in a nasty way, I mean it in a co-option front, we are together, we can see four or five moves.
They cannot.
Trump has not been able to see four or five moves.
He should have been able to see exactly what was happening with Fauci's nonsense and the other one from the CDC and the scarf lady and all that nonsense.
All he had to do was ask a general practitioner, how do you treat a virus?
He should have brought in a task force of just random doctors.
That's exactly it.
And instead they've been, you know, demonized.
Again, let us go beyond that.
Let's say we had a problem with crops.
I would just go randomly find the most successful farmers in the country, randomly 20 of them, and I would listen to them.
But you don't listen to like the Monsanto rep.
You know what I mean?
But that's not what's happening.
What's happening, in fact, is that Monsanto rep is the most important one because he can buy X number of congressmen and senators.
Remember, the whole notion of Congress and the Senate is antiquated.
None of it is about results for the people.
It's all about who has power.
It's just idiocy.
It's idiocy, and you hit it right on the head.
I've said it for years on your show, it's nothing but process.
It's useless.
We give money to people that run for Congress who in turn do nothing else but go to meetings, meetings, and meetings.
I've treated congressmen and senators and I've gotten a clear idea of what they do.
And nothing means that they get paid for it the rest of their life, unlike
We the common citizens who have to hustle, we have to make a living, we have to assure that we have a future.
What about the process?
Spend a few minutes on this, you've got the floor here.
I agree that they're in decline, they don't even know what they're doing, that's even scarier like a runaway train or an 18-wheeler through a mountain pass, but it is really true that the establishment
It's been so insulated from cause and effect that they're now delusional, and so then what do we the people do, the folks tuning in right now that do care about their families, what do we do?
They go back into the street, they protest, and they say we want change, and we want to get rid of our congressmen, our senators, and we need to have an effective financial program.
More than anything, America is a business entity, more than anything else.
We are a business entity.
Forget the notion that we have liberty, equality.
That's nonsense.
We are a republic that's transforming into a cyber nation.
From that point of view, the American public has to go out in the streets and basically get back their power.
I don't want to fight.
I don't want any wars going on.
But they have to insist.
That number one, we get our finances back.
Number two, that we start an education program that doesn't guarantee a teacher the rest of her life or his life, 35 years of union wages.
We have to improve our education, disseminate it through our whole country, and at the same time, get rid of as many congressmen, senators, and people who do just process.
If we don't, we're going to be in major trouble.
And that's where you're going to see the end of America.
And it's happening.
It's happening in a way that the cyber nation is taking over.
And in fact, we have to go back up and cut them up, just the way Trump was saying.
But he has to really go in there a lot tighter.
He has to run his intelligence unit in a way that he gets rid of Gina Aspel, half of the agency, half of NGA, half of DIA.
I could go through the entire intelligence unit and tell you they're worthless.
And now we have to cut back so drastically, not on the American people, but on a bloated government that's located in Washington, D.C., or in Austin, Texas, or wherever it's located, and say enough is enough.
This is no longer for the people, by the people.
And by the way, we're a republic.
We're not a democracy.
And this was exactly what Alexander Hamilton and Jefferson were afraid of.
The tyranny of a democracy.
And no one... Well, that's what I was going next.
You read my mind.
The howl of the mob, and then you have multinationals, the chi-coms, the globalists thinking they'll fund a grassroots communist movement, have the police stand down, and that that will somehow empower the establishment.
I went and checked all these groups.
If I wanted to turn people
You know, against the globalists, I would do this, but I went and checked it.
It's not synthetic.
It's not fake FBI running this.
Soros and the CFR and these old globalists are actually thinking a communist thing is going to work.
When I can look at it four moves ahead, it's going to cause their destruction.
And I'm like sitting back and I went and checked it.
It's it's the FBI is not involved.
The local police aren't involved.
This is not synthetic.
They've actually got methhead communists running around killing people and burning down police stations.
And they think that's going to work.
That's correct.
But within those idiots, you need those who are effective and don't have to be prominent like Fauci and quietly maneuver
To take out the idiots that are creating the problems.
In other words, this is what I was brought in to do in different administrations.
But you have to be secure enough, and I'm not sure Trump is secure enough, to bring in those kind of people who will be ruthless.
Let's just be honest.
We don't want to shoot our mouths off.
Let me just ask you this in closing.
Obviously, if a few globalists ended up having kayak accidents, and I'm not calling for this because you'll get called into federal court and so will I, because I know we're serious, I'm not going to do anything myself, but I'm just saying, instead of letting them have revolution and burn the country down and sell us out to the shy comms, in the old days, George Washington would just go after a few of these guys, Abraham Lincoln would, and it would all be over.
I mean, like you said, Trump's too big a wimp.
And I guess the Pentagon is all too, I mean, just actually go after a few people.
If you took money from the Chinese, if you're a trader, well, you know, they take a dirt nap.
If a few of these people got in trouble, all the rest would turn and run.
They're a bunch of wimps.
But we have to hang out here under attack.
We have to deal with all the physical threats, which I'm happy to do.
And then no one else ever makes them pay is what I'm saying.
Well, here's what you have to do.
You've got two men there who I do respect, Steve Mnuchin, who understands money.
Thank you very much.
The tyranny of the masses is exactly what was prevented in the Constitution.
Contrary to what anybody thinks, we are not a democracy.
We are a republic.
Yes, our republic is to tie down the tyranny of the masses.
Multinational corporations are conjuring the tyranny of the masses.
And so, what do we do?
We take down the multinationals.
They're not hard to do.
Because in fact, what happens when you're bigger and you look tougher, you're easier to manipulate and take down.
And most of them
Depends on the kindness of somebody or other.
Look at the head of Google comes in and he's talking to whomever and he said, oh yeah, we'll be very nice and we'll be appropriate with Alex.
No, they won't.
You know very well they won't.
So it means you go in, you take over Google, you fire half of the people there, you recreate it, you take it down.
And you take down Facebook, you recreate it, you take it over because it's all part of In-Q-Tel.
No, I agree, but that takes will, so who does that?
Why won't Trump act?
It has to be the President of the United States who's not able to do it, and he's got to pick people who can do it.
So you and I,
Are considered conspiratorial, so we'll still be isolated.
The truth of the matter is that, you know, without the right people, right things don't happen.
Why do they fear conspiracy so much?
They've got frontline shows, all of them saying Trump's bad, he believes in conspiracy.
That's how the real world works.
They don't want us thinking about the moving parts.
No, if you listen to that show, it was so idiotic.
First of all, you got Anderson Cooper.
What an amazing, flaming individual.
But more importantly, they forgot that Two Summers, he was a CIA intern.
No kidding.
And then you have another element who's CIA also and they keep on coming in and Mockingbird Media took the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal in the 50s and 60s and they said, okay, gentlemen,
We're all going to get together and we're going to have a control within what we say and what we do.
Nothing's more despicable now than the New York Times.
Nothing's more despicable than Bezos with the Washington Post.
Let me stop you again because this is important, Dr. Pachinik.
Again, the best-selling author, researcher, StevePachinik.com, wrote Tom Clancy's books, one of his top experts, filmmaker.
He's here with us, ran psychological operations at the State Department.
I don't want to toot our horn, because I'm not that good.
It's that they're that weak.
Literally, I can go look at YouTube videos that are even the Young Turks Attacking Me, 95% of the comments are positive.
They were 50% negative.
I didn't go off that 10 years ago.
I didn't care.
But now, it's like 90% positive, conservatively, and everyone gets it.
And the Bill Gates videos, and the Fauci videos, and everywhere.
So they get rid of the comments, so you can't comment.
But everywhere, everyone is rejecting them.
So what you're saying about this is totally true.
But they just keep doubling down.
They still think they're invincible.
That's the point at which you attack them the most.
When they're invincible is when you start to take them down.
And it has to start from the White House on down and the demands by the American public.
Forget Congress.
Forget the Senate.
They're useless.
That's what I'm saying.
They act invincible, but the public hates them.
I mean, I'm not just putting a good name on this.
I mean, they've lost 90% of the public that knows how to type.
That's correct.
And what happens is that the revenge that the nerds have, these guys are not going anywhere.
They're going to self-destruct.
We can amplify the self-destruction, but we need a concerted effort.
And that comes from you, me, and others in the public.
The reality is such that if Trump gets re-elected again, that's what his agenda has to be.
Take down the big techs, reinstitute an economy that's based on the entrepreneur, and based on the basic notion you make your own living and you create your own sense of worth, and not an inherited sense.
So basically, the problem now is that America is evolving.
It's not a revolution.
They want a revolution, but it's not.
There's an evolution.
It's an evolution that's going into cybernation, which is what I've been saying for a long time.
And the people in the big companies get it.
The local people don't get it.
The governors don't get it.
Even the governors are held hostage to basically what's happening on a much larger scale.
Bezos' father was Cuban.
Thank you.
Come on it anymore.
Twitter, you can start complaining.
Who is Dorsey?
He's just a man who created this.
He didn't create it out of nothing.
He was funded by the U.S.
And every one of these entities, you look at them, they're funded by NIH, they're funded by DOD, and they're funded by every element of the U.S.
Is that why they had them for a while, though?
Because we were funded by the American people.
No, you're an exception, Alex.
We've been together a long time.
You will remain a pariah.
I will remain a pariah.
The only thing we have to worry about is when they give us a subpoena, which court do we go to?
And who's the lawyer that's going to represent us?
But for the most part,
The American public doesn't want to hear this because, for the most part, they want to really remain passive in many ways.
It's the easiest way to go through life.
If you'd make an effort, if you take a risk like you did, or if you're not sure what's going to happen, and you do this seven times a week, who's going to do that?
Do you think an American person who says, look, I was in the military, I came out as a colonel, I've got a pension, that's what they cared about.
Look at the weight of the American public.
Look how many women and men are weighing two, three hundred pounds.
Look how much they're feeding themselves.
There's no sense of discipline.
There's no sense of self-worth.
There's no sense that they're hungry for a future that can mean something.
People don't have a mission.
How do we give them a mission?
Because that's what empowers them.
Well, you give them a mission the way you and I talk.
You know, we don't have our own position.
We don't have a place where we can have a legitimacy for it, but there will be people who will listen to us.
And within that element, you have to be able to articulate what it is, but they have to be able to take down the mask, stop eating,
And start saying, OK, I'm not closing my business.
I'm not closing my hair shop.
I'm not closing my small business.
I'm not closing it for anybody.
I'm going back to school.
What you're saying is compliance with globalist directives is death.
We have to start saying no.
That's correct.
But on the other hand as well, what we have is the end of a lot of things that were detrimental.
The universities that I went to, I said were a farce.
Harvard now is hurting because they're going to have to... You said all this 20 years ago on the show, so let me stop you, the time we have left.
It's true that Hollywood's collapsing, Harvard's collapsing, the Ivy League...
We're good.
They are really, I don't want to underestimate their power to overturn the chessboard and sabotage, that's what I'm saying.
They don't have that kind of power as much as we have an absence of leadership and power at the head of our country, and at the head of the conservative movement, which I think is just an American movement.
It's not a conservative.
No, it's populist.
I'm not a conservative or a liberal.
I'm American.
It's a populist movement, but we don't really have a leader at this point.
In fact, Trump was supposed to be that leader, but what you hear is apologia.
I can't believe how many times he says, well, I'm sorry, that's not what I meant.
I really meant this.
He wavers and he's weak.
I mean, honestly, I would get in there and say, get your together and bring in Melania to be your vice president or whoever you need.
But this can't continue.
And you're going to have to come down and start firing systems one after another.
How do they get Trump in a trance to not know what we want is the guy we saw four years ago.
What do we tell Trump?
Like, stop being afraid.
Well, it's not... You can say whatever you want to him.
It's to Melania that I would say...
Do what you do best, my dear.
And you know exactly what to do.
I do not have to say a word.
Well, you know, it's Melania that got him to run.
I confirm this with Roger Stone.
I didn't just believe Politico four years ago.
He wasn't going to do it.
He took six months off.
And he was over in Scotland.
And they stayed like months and months there.
He said, I'm not doing it.
And she came to him.
That's what the media said.
Oh, Melania didn't want it because they always lie.
She said, you've got to do this.
She said, you're going to do this.
You're meant to do this.
She's the one guy I'm going to run.
Well, I would say build a little staff around Melania and forget the rest of the National Security Council.
Oh, I agree.
If he put her front and center, that's why they won't put her on any magazine covers or talk about her.
They're scared of her.
Well, that's the point.
That's what I need.
I don't need her in the front.
I just need her to have enough of a critical mass for her to implement what's required and override a lot of what Trump is doing.
Because she comes out, as I came out of a fascist system, I knew what it meant to take down communism.
She saw the end of communism.
Her father had been involved.
He saw the end of it.
They come from a very educated background.
Remember, those of us who come from Europe, we speak several languages.
In America, you're lucky if you speak English well.
Her dad ran major communist car factories and saw the inside.
That's correct.
So now we have to focus on leadership, education, getting the economy back in.
That's a huge agenda for whoever is going to come in.
If it's Biden, forget about it.
I can guarantee the American public if he comes in, the economy will crash.
Oh, it's over.
Let me answer that question.
I'm a day trader, and the minute you mention Biden, you can see the stocks just dive down.
No, no, I agree.
Trump's right.
If you get him, it's depression.
You're voting for depression.
So let me ask you this.
The word is, we said this six months ago, he's a placeholder for who they're going to try to bring in, or Kamala Harris is his main VP now, but she's super unpopular.
She attacked him as a racist.
What happens when Trump plays those clips?
I mean, any angle I look at it, Biden, it's just, it's horrible.
How did they put forward something this horrible?
Because they think they can get away.
Arrogance and stupidity go hand in hand.
And it was about the hallmarks of the left.
And it has been the hallmark of the left for a long time.
And basically what's happening now is that Biden really is just a placeholder.
If Kamala Harris comes in, it's not going to work.
None of the other, the whole system won't work because
It's a farce.
It becomes the ultimate farce at this point.
I mean, she comes off as totally disingenuous.
Well, it's not only that.
They're not viable candidates.
The truth of the matter is he is totally senile demented.
There's nothing else to bring in.
You have to have somebody... Answer my question then from earlier.
I know you're not supposed to do the diagnosis from a pharmacist.
You're a psychiatrist and medical doctor.
Clearly, he's declining quickly.
How long until he doesn't even know who he is?
I mean, he basically already is there.
He's already there.
He was, I said it six months ago, I said it a year ago.
He has senile dementia.
There's nothing about it.
I don't, you can't reprimand me.
I don't belong to the ACA.
But he's declining quickly, so where is he in a month?
He's exactly where he is, babbling and basically not knowing what he's going to do and not knowing where he is or what the time is.
And basically, he's not viable.
And those who want to make him the persona in the front,
I was about to say, that does show the delusion of let them eat cake.
I mean, Marie Antoinette didn't really say let them eat cake, but it was a tribute to her.
They're saying let us eat cake with this guy, right?
That's what Kamala said.
She goes, he has problems, but he's real.
He's authentic.
Yeah, he's authentically senile demented and he's authentically corrupt.
He's had a huge history of lies and corruption even before he was senile demented.
He lied in law school.
He lied as a congressman.
He lied as a senator.
He's beholden to Chemours and DuPont.
You come out of Delaware, you're basically the scut boy for the basic chemical companies that we don't need anymore.
The DuPonts and the Chemours, they had to pay over $640 million in fees to West Virginia because of the cancers that they caused in West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and elsewhere.
So, he's a scut boy.
He's not even a viable candidate.
So, the good news is, and in closing, Dr. Prasenik, Steve Prasenik.com, we really appreciate your time on Saturday night.
We love you.
You've done a great job here.
Five minutes to cover any other topics you want or other points you want to make, instead of me leading the discussion here about where this is going.
What do you think the great listeners of this broadcast tonight should do?
I think it's important for the Americans to come out and say, enough is enough.
Take down your masks.
Start to go back to work.
Start up the companies.
Ask for the fact that we need a viable economy.
Demand this of your governors, because the powers will be devolved from the federal government to your governors.
And at the same time, start education programs.
Start going back to churches.
Start going back to an ordinary life.
And forget about the coronavirus.
Forget about the Fauci's.
If you've got a problem, go with your pharmacist or your doctor.
As for Zithromax or any of the antibiotics, and that will handle it.
But for the most part, forget the numbers, forget the New York Times, forget the TV, and go on with your life and create a life.
That's right.
Go local.
Don't believe the gurus of mainstream media.
What do you think of them arresting gym owners in New Jersey?
That's absurd.
That is so absurd.
New Jersey is such a corrupt state that, you know, the governor should be ashamed.
He's got more mafia, Italian and Irish mafia, in New Jersey than he has anywhere else.
Where do you think all the mafia boys live?
New Jersey.
Let them alone.
Otherwise, you're going to get into trouble.
And in New Jersey, you don't mess around with the people who have businesses.
They're important.
They're viable.
Let them alone.
And if you don't want to be governor, then get the hell out of there.
And that's true of any governor.
Leave the American public alone.
Groups downtown, they've got gun trucks, they're putting snipers up, Austin Police warning anti-mobile implanting terror attacks, and mass shootings downtown.
I now have this from basically the Texas Rangers, well it's the U.S.
Army that signed to them.
They have our unit removing all the firearms from the main police station on 7th Street in an event it's overrun.
And then I've got all the breakdowns here.
This is from the state police timeline.
10.30 a.m.
Bus arrives.
Austin with supporters from out of town.
Another caravan coming later.
They will be at UT.
Start of the evening event.
2 p.m.
Feed the homeless.
2.30 to 3.
Scout new spots for potential sniper hides.
APD handed out warning letters to residents, which we have.
We're good to go.
OPSEC brief under bridge at APD with some basic weapons training.
Comments made on teaching people here to shoot people for the most damage.
Protest begins.
I don't just believe the police.
I'm going to check these links.
This is going on on Facebook.
It was real people.
Intel Leroy Jenkins Group, known as Boogaloo, that's a fake cutout right-wing group, ADL runs, advised they gave out body armor and weapons to the group.
About 90 armed people.
Officer Safety Boogaloo, Safety Gutierrez have flared other people-related devices.
Another suspect advised they have spray paint stack charges, NFI with whatever that is.
A group of several members discussing going to the City Council person's house and causing destruction.
They didn't vote for defunding the police.
We actually have their letter on the Tavo residence.
That's true.
The above information was distributed as a general timeline of potential events.
Possible armed supporters, protesters, and anti-faith infiltrated
This classical agitation propaganda is what I said quite a long time ago and it's funded by
The Democratic Party or the Soros's or whoever you want to think about it.
But it's got to be taken down very quickly.
And the way you take it down is you go to the very heart of the funding and the source.
And right now, I do not believe it's in the peripheral groups.
It's more internal.
And the intelligence system knows exactly where it is.
And I would hold our intelligence system accountable.
And those who can't point it out to me, and the intelligence system, even though they claim they don't do domestic intelligence, which is a lie, because the NSA sweeps us, MGA sweeps us, all of the intelligence... Put that in layman's terms.
What you're saying is this is above Soros.
Obama and Hillary are still in control of major arms of the intelligence that Trump never got control of.
You're saying this would not be allowed unless this was being run directly out of the CIA.
That's exactly correct, or other elements of the intelligence.
And that's where I would hold them accountable.
And those who cannot stop it from that system, I would hold them accountable.
And there are other things that we do that doesn't have to do the due process.
When you work in the intelligence system, we don't go through due process.
And if you're held accountable, and that's what will happen, they understand exactly what I'm saying.
And that's why they fear people like myself, and they monitor me.
And that's why I get FBI subpoenas.
They understand exactly what I do.
And they understand exactly what I will do.
And that's not going to only happen here.
It's going to happen elsewhere.
So that's how you work it.
You don't deal with the lower end.
You deal with the much higher end.
No, I agree.
Trump could go to the FBI.
They know who's funding this.
He just needs to cut off the head.
That's correct, but he's not willing to do it, and I don't think he has the capability to do it, and I've said it before, unfortunately.
Well, I'm not being a drama queen, but I've had these people at my house, and so I'm just letting the whole establishment know that I'm not putting up with this.
I mean, this is out of control.
Well, but it is, Alex.
You've never been a drama queen.
You know exactly what she's saying.
You know exactly what we're talking about.
There has to be an end to this.
Either you understand how to finalize it, and it has sophisticated means to do it, they're not complicated, or you don't have it, and you bring in the wrong people, and you're going to do whatever else you're doing.
But this is the tyranny of democracy, exactly what Thomas Jefferson... Well, I just know anybody who hurts my family, I'm going to hold major globalist people responsible.
Because they want to have a war, but they don't want the consequences.
That's exactly it.
But right now, you're holding them responsible by the fact that you've been talking about them for so long that you pinpointed it.
In some ways, we can say, oh, well, if it weren't for Alex Jones, we wouldn't have known all this.
Well, they made sure we were marginalized to the side so that we're called conspiracies.
Then you have idiots from Harvard and
African-Americans making statements on Jack Tapper or whatever nonsense CNN, which I used to go in the beginning with Daniel Shore.
I was one of the first to go on it and it turned into a farce.
It's just a comedy hour, which is kind of dangerous, but nobody really looks at it very seriously.
But this kind of rioting has to stop, and you cut off the head of the leaders, not the people on the ground.
I totally agree.
Stevenchenek.com, thanks for spending an hour and 15 minutes with us.
You've always got a lot to say.
We really appreciate it.
Stevenchenek.com, you never talk about your books or anything you've done, but tell me what you're going to do it right now.
Well, tell us about Stevenchenek.
No, they're not relevant.
They're not relevant.
Alex, this is what's relevant.
I don't want to talk about me.
I don't want to talk about anybody else.
I want to talk about the American public.
It's their time.
It's their point of duty.
Now you have to act as Americans.
And what that means is justice has to come from the people.
That's it.
And I have nothing to say.
I mean, I'm not, I instinctively woke up this morning and said I should go on air and tell listeners to meet me and go go after these anti-feminist people.
But I don't want to give them what they want.
But as an instinctive red-blooded American,
I get we need to attack them with information, but I physically want to go down there, but that feeds into what they're going to do.
So then what do I do?
That's correct.
No, I don't want you anywhere near them physically.
Your mind and your voice has been so powerful that's been here for 20 years.
I need you there exactly doing what you're doing because you're creating a lot more disruption and harm than you realize because they can't get rid of you.
But if they have to go and spend millions of dollars on CNN or other networks to counter
Alex, in his conspiracy theories, then you know you've hit home.
So I would rather you tie them down than have to go out there and physically deal with them.
That will be dealt in other ways, and they will understand that.
All right.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Dr. Persenik, thank you so much for the time.
Thank you, and I appreciate the audience, and God bless them.
Yes, powerful.
Good to not have the breaks.
By the way, I'm going to start a show soon with no breaks.
I love talk radio.
It's why we're still on air until we even pay the bills.
Fifteen minutes adds an hour, but it breaks stuff up.
I'm going to start at least a couple days a week a podcast.
It's commercial-free.
Well, we've already started it.
I mean, we're here doing it, but we're going to be up here seven days a week right now, folks.
We've got 93 days left here, and we're not giving up on America.
But I mean, that's not a threat to the establishment.
I mean, they want war.
I mean, they have triggered things in my brain now that are like, it's a countdown.
And I've done all this trying to stop it, and I want the left to know, their leaders, that you're going to pay.
If you actually cause a civil war, you will pay.
We're not going to be out jacking with your meth-head followers in the streets.
YOU will pay!
And it's not some big cop-measuring thing I'm trying to threaten you.
You know!
I mean, killing globalists would be so much easier doing a talk show than playing around.
I mean, it's so much easier, too.
And we're not going to do that, but you keep starting your fights, you're dead.
And that's what you need to know.
And the police know, and the public knows, and the military knows.
Everyone's sick of you.
And you won't stop.
You won't back off.
You won't quit.
You won't stop messing with us constantly!
You're gonna make us!
Gouge your eyeballs out!
And you know it!
Owen Schroyer, you're there, very close to the back the blue demonstration in the armored vehicle, which I made fun of a year ago.
Now we know we have to have it.
Our great security guy predicts that we need this.
Owen Schroyer joining us.
What do you make of all this?
Well, Alex, it's sad that this is the current state of affairs that I can't even go cover an event without needing security detail or needing to arrive in an armored vehicle.
But this is
Where we're at right now in society.
And the sad part is we've been totally divided by mainstream news.
You know, they want to attack Alex Jones.
They want to silence Infowars.
We're not the ones that started this fight.
We're not the ones that have been dividing the country.
We're not the ones that tell our audience to go out and burn down buildings and then call it a peaceful protest.
But we're the ones that get silenced.
So that should really tell the story of the mainstream news if that story hasn't been told already or if that story hasn't been told by the way they've treated President Trump.
You know, it's reaching a point here in Austin, Alex, and this is why we're out here today.
You know, the police have had to warn local residencies and neighborhoods and apartment buildings and condos.
About snipers on the roof.
And how you have what they call gun trucks, where they just have armed individuals running around, roaming around in trucks, just ready to intimidate or threaten the public.
And they're not just exercising their Second Amendment.
They're stopping people and blocking roads.
And now they've set the precedent, Alex, where if you dare, if you dare try to drive through one of their protests, now they're saying they're going to shoot you.
First it was, oh, you're not even allowed to drive through.
Yeah, they're on Facebook saying, if you don't let us stop you, we're going to kill you.
Well, they're going to get killed.
And that's just the thing.
They want to be able to stand in front of your vehicle and intimidate you and point guns at you and get away with it.
And that's really just step one.
Step two will be beat your ass in the street.
Step three will be kill your ass or kidnap you for torture.
Yeah, they want police power over us to take us to their FEMA camps.
Does anybody want these meth heads being the police?
And the reason they're able to get away with this, Alex, is because, again, they have cover from the mainstream news.
So the police can't even come out and do their job, because the mainstream news is going to lie about them and say they're out there attacking peaceful protesters, when it's just like Attorney General Barr said.
Well, it's the government, mainly, and it's the media and then the scum all together against us.
And the police on average aren't bad people, but the average police leader rolls over and grovels to this!
And you had the Democrats questioning Barr, saying, well, how could you send in federal troops to do harm against peaceful protesters?
And Attorney General Barger says, was that after they burned down the building?
Was that after they were killing people?
Was that after they drew guns?
You know?
So it's like, they really want to give carte blanche.
But wait a minute, but I mean, Nadler said
Or whatever the hell his name is.
Austin Mayer's Nadler.
Whatever his name is.
The penguin guy in Congress.
He said there is no such thing as anti-fung.
Just like the media on television with burning buildings and people getting beaten behind them saying, this is a peaceful protest.
How dare anybody say this isn't peaceful.
These are peaceful protests.
And now they're burning American flags and Bibles.
And doesn't that really tell you what it's all about?
That's really what this is all about.
It's all about destroying America.
It's all about destroying Christianity.
Oh, the good guys are here.
They're burning Bibles.
What is even, like, who comes up with this?
Yeah, the good guys are here.
Led to you with the Clintons and the spirit cookers like Marina Abramovich and Jay-Z.
Yes, these are the good guys telling you to go out in the streets.
Which, by the way, I wish, like you said, Alex,
You know, the leftists, the leaders of this, the satanists, they know what they're doing.
The average leftist that'll come out with Antifa or a Black Lives Matter group, they have no idea what's going on.
They have no idea they're being led like sheep to the slaughterhouse by their false idols on television and in Hollywood.
Jay-Z isn't going to be out there on the streets with you for Black Lives Matter.
Mark Zuckerberg isn't going to be out there on the streets with you for Black Lives Matter.
None of these Hollywood people, none of these media people are going to be out there with you.
They're going to be in their palatial studios, they're going to be in their palatial mansions laughing when you get mocked up.
It's very simple.
You have a CHICOM-funded globalist takeover branding itself as black rights.
Knowing Americans care about everybody's rights.
It's a total joke!
So we can't pay any lip service to BLM because it's not for black people.
It's for the globalists.
But see Alex, you just nailed it right there.
And this is what should bring Americans together.
But the media is also run by Chinese funding.
This is all, not all of it, but this is mostly Chinese propaganda when it comes from major corporations.
And why shouldn't they do it?
They never get challenged.
Talk about that.
What are you seeing out at the demonstration for the police?
Tell us about it.
Tell us where you are, Owen.
So we're stationary right now.
We're about to be near the Austin 360 Bridge.
There is a Back the Blue rally happening today from 5 to 7.
Of course, Antifa has threatened to do violence here, but this is kind of on the west side of town, a more suburban area, not the downtown city, and so I don't know if Antifa will make the hike to come out there.
We know that they've got their hands getting over there.
Well, as you said, it's the nicest, richest part of Austin.
It's very beautiful over there.
It's by the Colorado River, yeah.
There's too much sunlight.
I mean, Antifa doesn't come out around there.
Yeah, well, that's a whole other story when you've been dwelling in the basement and you've been wearing face masks for four years.
The sun is like kryptonite to you, I suppose, especially when you're as pasty white as these leftist liberal Antifa people are.
But Alex, let's get back to the issue at hand.
These people don't understand that when the NBA or the MLB or any of these athletes or Hollywood supports Black Lives Matter, they're literally doing that because the league itself wants access to China.
So China basically uses its slave labor force and its 2 billion population
We're good to go.
Shirts at the game that say free Hong Kong.
Well, we'll ban anybody that says anything bad about China It's just let us in China.
Let us play ball in China remember they were supposed to play ball in China this summer and they canceled it because of what the Houston Rockets GM said about the
The Uyghur camps out there and China enslaving Muslims and black people.
And so they said, oh, you said something bad about China.
You don't get to play ball in China this summer.
And then they go to LeBron James and they say, oh, LeBron, we all know that you just care about money and yourself.
So you better get this NBA on the right track and you better get us back balling in China.
And LeBron said, oh, I'd like to make 20 million more dollars.
And so he put all the athletes back on track, he put the entire NBA back on track, he took the knee, the NBA took the knee, the NBA painted Black Lives Matter on their thing, and they got a call from the Chinese government and said, oh, very good, thank you!
You can play ball in China, and we will put your games on Chinese television, and now you get to make hundreds of millions of dollars more, and it only costs you your freedom and your testicles.
So hey, the NBA players may be some of the best athletes in the world, but
It's no longer a men's league, Alex, because all of them have had their testicles removed.
Well, I mean, that's really it.
While LeBron James makes hundreds of millions of dollars, he badmouths America.
He won't say a word about Communist China, and it shows the leverage and the control.
And we the people must say no and must block this.
It's just starting, Alex.
There's maybe a couple dozen people out here now.
We know that there was a Trump caravan coming in from San Antonio and other places where there's going to be cars and trucks waving Trump flags, honking their horns.
We saw some of that.
So yeah, we'll be live here.
We're going to have a live feed of just my being here as well, adding the news story right now that you have going live.
And we'll see, Alex.
We'll see how many people show up.
We'll see if the violent Democrat riot groups want to show up as well.
And we'll make sure that the police know, as we always do, that we have their back and they need to have our back, too, because these commies, well, we know what the commies want to do to them.
They paint it on buildings.
They want to kill the police.
So hopefully they realize that.
God bless you.
We appreciate you.
Listen, here's the deal, folks.
Thank you.
We brought the crew in on Saturday.
It takes money to run all this, to have the security, to have the armored vehicle do all this.
I want to thank the listeners for your support, but we're here working hard.
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All right, good job to the crew.
We're going to re-air this last two hours starting now.
We're going to have live coverage of anti-missile and lost air attacks.
We hope that's not the case, but they're announcing it.
If it doesn't happen, they'll be like, oh, Jones said it would happen.
No, they say it'll happen.
We have all the proof on InfoWars.com.
All right, great job, crew.
Facebook and Instagram banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I am now completely banned.
Now, InfoWars, of course, is that web show and website led by rageaholic Alex Jones.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
These are very extreme individuals and no matter what anyone tells you, they are extremists and that's why Facebook decided to get rid of them.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
If you don't like someone on Facebook, don't follow them.
It's not that hard to figure out.
Facebook, are you gonna do something about the liberals who call me the n-word?
Because Big Tech is only interested in going after conservatives.
You know, the really dangerous ones.
Dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like.
President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice.
And a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver.
Social media's hall monitor, Brian Stelter, was not very happy about it.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars.
Back to your point, though, about the InfoWars presidency.
I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Hello, this is Joel Skousen.
I'm the editor-in-chief of the World Affairs Brief and also the author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places.
Strategic Relocation was born in 2000 out of the need for the Y2K crisis where a lot of people decided to bail out of society for fear that everything was shut down with that computer glitch of the year 2000.
There were a few glitches, it didn't happen as prescribed, but a lot of people made mistakes in relocating and cutting their financial lifelines and finding that self-sufficiency out away from your job was much more expensive than they had anticipated.
So I wrote Strategic Relocation so that people would know how to relocate for security reasons
We're good to go.
You know, factor into real strategic relocation.
I just had an opportunity in the year 2020 here to update strategic relocation to its fourth edition, especially in light of the crisis concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the exaggeration of that pandemic and the shutting down of one's liberties, the shutting down of the economy and other unnecessary things to deal with a pandemic that really wasn't that deadly, especially to normal people with healthy immune systems.
But in the process of revising strategic relocation, we discovered that a lot of the things that we had anticipated for a crisis in the book were still valid.
That is, that population density areas are still your biggest threat in any crisis.
And that's come true in COVID-19.
The areas in red are the numbers of people.
And so the more red that you see, you see the higher population density.
Look at this area from Boston all the way down towards Washington, D.C.
It's a mass of red.
That area is a thousand people per square mile.
In this COVID false pandemic, that's where they concentrate their efforts.
That's where you lose your freedom.
Well, if you look at the portion of the map on the southeast, for example, you see how bad Florida and why Florida is a zero rated state.
Florida has all of these red population areas, but there's only two ways out of the state, two highways out of the entire state, and they're going to be clogged.
In this map here, for example, of the Midwest, North Central region, you can see the major populations areas of Chicago and Detroit and Cleveland dominate this area.
And those areas are going to empty out mostly to the South, into the Midwest, into Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and that's why these are not
Safe areas.
And so you have to get further west where you see hardly any population centers in order to find some safety.
This is called the Intermountain Area.
But the Intermountain Area here is probably the safest area in the United States because of its distance from population centers.
It's 500 miles from Denver.
It's 700 miles from Los Angeles in that basin.
It's 800 miles from Sacramento and 1100 miles from Portland and Seattle.
And there's virtually no way to get to these areas on foot because it's trackless deserts through either Nevada or the Arizona deserts or the Southern Idaho and Oregon deserts, etc.
That's what makes this the safest general area in the United States.
And so we hope that you will be able to learn a lot about maneuvering
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