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Air Date: July 31, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various issues including Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Andrew, their connections to child molesting blackmail rings. He also mentions Harvey Weinstein and his deformed genitals and the inbred nature of globalists. The speaker then talks about how Democrats are planning to take over police stations and set up checkpoints with snipers on rooftops. Finally, they discuss an individual who was killed after aiming a gun at an army sergeant.

Uh, Bill Clinton.
Uh, got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein.
Nice guy.
A lot of problems.
You think it was over the line?
I don't know because I don't know her, but it was nasty.
You raised the question of Jeffrey Epstein in your remarks in the Q&A.
Well, I think he's got a problem.
I don't think the problem will be.
I don't know, but that island was really a cesspool.
There's no question about it.
Just ask Prince Andrew.
He'll tell you about it.
The island was an absolute cesspool.
The island was an absolute cesspool.
And now, with the judge ordering this data dump of
Suppressed FBI documents and Epstein-Giselain-Maxwell documents.
We learned that Mueller and the Clintons and all of them were involved suppressing information about themselves and how they were running these child molesting blackmail rings that was being managed by the Clinton-Obama era FBI at the top.
And we also in the documents learned that they tried to have the FBI implicate Donald John Trump because, as we've told you years ago, he was a confidential informant to the FBI in Palm Beach saying that the word is Epstein is engaged in criminal activity with underage girls.
Everybody knows Donald Trump doesn't like little girls.
Donald Trump likes intimidating bombshell females.
Powerful type A females.
I've never been, since I was an adult, intimidated by women.
Not intimidated by men.
But I have met Melania Trump just once and I was intimidated.
Talk about Wonder Woman.
That's the type of powerful man that wants a powerful woman.
And so, I'm the same way.
I mean, like Sir Mix-a-Lot says, I like a big, juicy, you know, the whole nine yards.
I would never be attracted to a little girl, because I'm empowered.
I want a powerful woman.
But these pedophiles, they want to suck the energy off these little girls, little boys.
They want to be creepy.
Weinstein's really gross.
He likes to have underage girls, like, clean, reportedly, like, skin growths under his belly, and he has a vagina as well, reportedly.
He's, he's, uh, he's a hermaphrodite.
I mean, can you imagine all of this?
He, like, makes, like, 15-year-old girls.
I mean, it's all about humiliation.
I'm sorry to tell you all that, folks, but I think you really need to know.
And it's the same thing with Jeffrey Epstein.
He has sexually deformed genitals.
You don't get in the globalist club unless you're really screwed up.
They're fallen.
They're diseased.
They're inbred globalists.
And that's why they don't like those of us that aren't.
Why they want to make us twisted and fallen and ugly like them.
Get the British Royalty all inbred as well.
So it's all a bunch of inbred, hunchbacked demons who get all the power because they want the power, because they don't have the power.
So now it's all coming out.
Oh, another little surprise way before October.
And I really like how Trump's attacking now.
Don't wait until October.
Attack, launch everything now.
And then launch even more.
Because there's such a treasure trove, you could release bombshells every 30 seconds from now until the election and not burn down the deep state quick enough.
And there is just so much, and so these New World Order types that think that they are going to burn down the country and destroy it and hand it over to the Chi-Coms, you've got another thing coming.
Because what did Von Bismarck say?
God loves children, drunks, and the United States of America.
So, count our lucky stars again.
I mean, we're not out of the woods yet.
By the way, there's so much huge news that I have trouble even dealing with it.
I was shown secret documents yesterday by APD that I'm not allowed to show you on air about how this Saturday they're planning to take over the police station and burn it down.
They're actually trafficking this at meetings from the Democrats.
I mean, hell, the city council is going to blow it up.
Blow up the police station.
Now that's public.
And now they're going to have overwatch snipers all over on top of parking garages that they're planning to shoot police and citizens if anyone stops Antifa taking control of major roads and setting up checkpoints.
I'm not kidding.
So you're going to have UT Tower shootings this weekend, I guess.
Vicki Gibbs, 57-year-old lesbian preacher in Houston, went in with a cough, got intubated, and then died.
And as soon as I saw her face, as soon as I saw the report, I said, watch, it'll be intubation.
We know what's gonna happen.
It's a blue city.
Same story yet again.
And they say her heart gave out.
If you put somebody on a breathing tube of COVID-19 as a death sentence, it's on record.
I want everyone you know before they go into the hospital and get killed.
Why are almost all the deaths happening in blue cities and blue states?
It's because they intubate them, putting a tube in their lungs, and COVID-19 is causing an autoimmune response.
And if you do that with oxygen, the doctors are on record saying it will kill you.
But all these doctors in blue cities and blue states follow their orders.
And the minute I saw this report today, I knew what I would be reading.
Don't end up like Vicki Gibbs or everyone.
From coast to coast, from border to border, from sea to shining sea,
The Deep State Globalist Controlled Democrats are planning, this weekend, the takeover of at least six more city police departments, starting with an attack plan this Saturday night.
Now, us exposing this may have them back down, and then the media will say, oh, fake news from Jones, but you've already seen the takeover of police departments, and trying to take over federal buildings, and the shootings, and the bombings, and all the deaths, and the rest of it that were being told as peaceful demonstrations.
But I have been shown
By the APD, they have asked that we not actually show the documents themselves, because you can tell what unit and groups they are, but the police think you have a right to know about this.
They have Overwatch already with Antifa in apartments, in high-rises, on balconies, but mainly in parking garages, like their Army Special Operations Command or something.
And they are going to have men in pickup trucks that are already out there practicing setting up checkpoints, shutting down roads, and ordering people to roll down their windows and pledge allegiance to Antifa, like this individual was doing a week ago who got shot and killed downtown.
Now the identity of the Army Sergeant who was doing his second job, drive share,
Food delivery.
Rideshare and food delivery.
There are now witnesses that he indeed did aim a gun at him.
So the army sergeant shot him five times in the chest to protect his own life.
That's why he's not been charged.
They were already planning this because I talked to several sources.
This new expansion of taking over the roads and now taking over the parking garages is not in a response to this individual
We'll just call him Shark Eyes, getting killed this weekend.
They were already planning to roll this out.
In fact, he was part of that rollout.
And they have armed men all over downtown routinely walking up and shutting down traffic and pointing guns at people.
And the minute they roll down the window and declare fealty to George Soros' Black Lives Matter.
And so this is how violent revolutions start.
With idiots, cannon fodder sent out to do it.
And the police have tried to be able to go up and obviously detain and arrest individuals.
It's one thing to have an open carry and exercise your First Amendment, your Second Amendment.
We do that.
We totally support it.
And when you do it properly, you don't aim guns at people or you get shot dead.
And you notice we could have 40,000 people out in Virginia for our rally and not one person got hurt and not one problem happened.
One leftist started a fight and got arrested.
That totally freaked the globalists out, but their people are just absolute, again, meth-head, devil-worshipping trash on average.
The scum of the earth who are there as a smoke screen for more serious operators behind them.
And so this is the type of time you're going to see bigger false flag event type things happen.
But I can tell you right now, ladies and gentlemen, that communist forces, that's what Antifa is,
In the Soros-funded, Democrat Party-funded combine, are planning assaults on new police stations and federal buildings tonight, all across the United States.
And when the Austin police bring photos and video of this to the mayor's office, they are told, you are to stand down.
I've seen the photos.
I've seen the videos.
I've seen the internal memorandums.
This is happening for sure.
And the rest of the press is being given this information.
Of course, they're not reporting it because they're little toadies and, well, after all, the cops deserve to be shot in the back of the head and, you know, the police station deserves to be blown up.
It's in the official city council budget to bomb with a controlled demolition as a symbol of stopping police hate.
So, I mean, if they're publicly saying in the city council, blow up the police station,
What do you think's going on?
So there's going to be a back-to-blue demonstration this Saturday.
I think Owen and Savannah Hernandez are going to be going.
I don't want to go and overshadow it, because it's not my event.
I will be rolling around downtown in the armored vehicle, because we need one, because we're getting shot at here, educating folks about what's happening in the country.
And then we are going to be downtown.
This is citizens.
Watching what's going on in the parking garages and the rest of it.
I'm just going to leave it at that because this is the time for all good men and women to come to the end of their country.
And so wherever you are around the country, but if you're in Milwaukee or you're in Austin, Texas, or you're in Phoenix, Arizona.
Or you are in Los Angeles, California, or you're in New York City, or you're in Miami.
These are some of the towns that Antifa says they're going to take over the police stations and burn them down Saturday night.
And as you've seen, they've done it all over the country, so you should probably take them at their word.
Past behavior is the most indicative of future behavior.
Past performance is the most indicative of future behavior.
That's what they're planning.
So that's what's going on.
And I would just tell everybody who's going to be anywhere near downtown, you shouldn't go downtown in any of these cities to eat dinner.
If you live in these areas, you should get out of them for the weekend, is my advice.
If you have to be down there, you should be wearing body armor.
I've never worn body armor.
I'm going to wear body armor this weekend.
It's important to stay in the fight.
And obviously I'm a big target.
And obviously we'll be armed, defensively.
But if somebody comes up and points a gun at us, you know, we'll defend ourselves.
That's just the way it is.
We just can't get on our knees to you people.
So you've got all these LARPers that want to go out and have their live action role play in the real world.
What's crazy is, folks, I was reading this.
This is actual, like, Al-Qaeda-ISIS terrorism.
They are circulating on private Facebook that has been infiltrated by the feds, the state, and the local police.
I mean, I've seen all this.
And they're in there circulating where they're gonna put their snipers.
And they have rules of engagement that if the cops try to stop somebody setting up a checkpoint and pointing guns at people, some crazy meth head, they're going to shoot the cops.
And the mayor has been brought the battle plans to put snipers on roofs.
Like we're back to the UT tower shooting and and the mayor is going to let these people deploy with guns with the stated aim of overwatch that when men in pickup trucks are setting up checkpoints going down the wrong way as they're already been doing this whole week the policeman told to stand down that when the cops are citizens
Resist being abused or killed, they're going to start shooting from rooftops.
And again, Antifa can't hit the side of a barn, folks.
So you're going to have people 200, 300, 400 yards away trying to shoot police cars, and you know they're going to just shoot their own people in the demonstrations.
So, this is the world we live in, in 2020.
This is where Soros has taken us.
This is where half the Justice Department being globalist, and your average FBI agent, you know, now being basically an Antifa all-star.
This is where we've gotten on the verge of a communist overthrow.
And the City Council of Austin, the official budget saying, hasten the controlled demolition of the police station as a symbol of stopping police hate.
That's where we are.
And people that don't even know which end of the gun bullets come out of are going to be up there pretending that they're American sniper on top buildings with their muzzles aimed down, schooning over crowds.
I mean, I've been at demonstrations before.
And they've had cops up in the parking garages and they have got their guns pointing out the crowd.
I blew up.
Cops shouldn't be doing that.
I'm not a target.
Demonstrators aren't.
If some guy's in a trench coat and you think something's going on, okay, put a scope on him.
But don't be sitting there pointing your gun at me when I'm not armed.
Don't do it.
Use your binoculars.
Don't aim your scope at me.
That's a very hostile act.
Well, what are you going to do when Antifa is up on rooftops pointing guns at people?
And they are just absolute drug addict nuts.
It's bad enough if a cop's aiming a Remington .700, .308 at your head, and his finger's not on the trigger, it's triggered discipline.
That's still not called for.
When you've got a meth-head devil worshipper on top of a rooftop, whacked out of their gourd, who plays video games all day, because this is all the incel crowd, that's who they are, this is all the incel crowd that became liberal.
And so that's Austin, Texas, this Saturday night.
We'll be doing live streams on our own feed, build our own infrastructure, our own network, to be able to even bring you this information.
I've asked my police source to call the police and let us show you these documents.
Because this is national news, and they're going over the documents right now to see if there's some way to black things out so that I can show you this.
Because, I mean, there's maps put out by Antifa of where they're going to have shooters on top buildings aiming guns at you and your family.
And that's the communists for you.
States cracking down on social gatherings, says CNN, because Fauci says if we don't, we'll see further surges in coronavirus positives.
Because they're only ramping up the testing, and because the tests have been designed at the Wuhan lab, it turns out, to be completely fraudulent.
They cook the whole thing up, offshore, in a communist dictatorship, with Fauci, Bill Gates, and the CHICOMS, to be
Directed by the UN it's a giant planetary power grab and now it's all over the news that indeed Bill Gates has developed digital tattoos under your skin and so is Google and they're deploying them at the airports next year where you'll have to have it to be able to travel oh and then soon to leave your house or go in a grocery store and the contact
There are only a few days left to take advantage of the biggest Infowars sale
We're good to go.
In many cases, this could be the last chance you've got in the year 2020 to get these amazing products that empower you and your family's life and health, your immune systems, you name it, your stamina, your libido, your focus, but also you know.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
So, we have in our possession, but APD has asked us not to show it on air for a lot of obvious reasons.
All the intelligence links of where they got the intel and the maps and the training and the planning to then build their own map of where Antifa and BLM Soros funded terrorists, the same types that overthrew Ukraine six years ago, the exact same tactics.
They ordered the police to stand down.
They started shooting the police and the public stood down.
They overthrew the government and took over.
They're not going to get rid of the police.
They're going to take them over.
And you see the little drug addict, devil worshipper, antifa, and you think, well those people won't do that.
They're the cannon fodder.
So what we're going to do is, we're going to show you the intel we've been sent, the links, and we're going to just reconstruct it for you and show it to you that way.
But obviously some of the locations we're not going to show for obvious reasons.
But imagine being on Facebook and publicly preparing to put snipers, dozens of them on rooftops,
Talking about your rules of engagement that in police engage the demonstrators that are going to take over the police station and set up their own chop jazz down on 7th Street and I-35.
That they're going to open fire on the police.
And the mayor has told them that no police are allowed to use pepper spray or rubber bullets except SWAT.
That's a tiny unit.
And so you're going to see boiling out of their holes 10,000 communists, globalists, meth heads, homeless, drug addicts, criminals that want to take advantage of it.
Basically, devil worshippers.
I mean, go out and talk to them.
That's what they are.
I mean, got all these videos of anti-fascists.
What do you identify as?
I'm a Satanist that wants to kill babies and I hate America.
And that's what they actually say.
And the police, again in Austin, Austin is the next Portland, Austin is the next Seattle, but they didn't have armed men in trucks already setting up checkpoints and the police told us to stand down.
And so that way these weird, crazy, brainwashed people that are being paid $20 an hour to do this, and the academics that control them, it's mainly academics, weathermen, 2.0 types, they're going out and driving the wrong way and setting up checkpoints and pointing guns at people.
It's happened hundreds of times, we've confirmed.
Only once did the individual get shot last weekend, because it was an army sergeant doing his second job delivering food, veteran of Afghanistan.
They start beating on his car, they block his car, the guy comes up, raises his rifle, the videos come out, and he shot him five times in the chest.
Everybody else, though, just like you heard the guy before he got killed, he said, I'm intimidating everybody.
They're a bunch of wimps.
He used the P word.
They're a bunch of pussycats.
I'm out here letting the racists know I'm the boss.
I love it.
Just random old ladies, random people, terrorizing them.
And the police have to sit there under orders and put up with that.
That's the country we live in.
In 2020.
And then the president has the federal and state courts, everybody, saying that he's bad for not letting them burn down the federal courthouse in Oregon.
In Portland.
This isn't, again, a dystopic novel you're reading.
This isn't satire.
This is really going on.
And you ask, well, why?
Because we've appeased everything.
They take knees during the national anthem and now say America itself is bad?
All the big NBA people worship Communist China and their death camps, but we're bad?
We let convicted pedophiles come into schools and have access to our children during pervert, pedophile story time?
We kill 62 million babies?
Fauci, under UN directives, sent people with the flu and pneumonia into nursing homes in 10 states where over half the deaths happen now.
And that little mass murderer goes up on TV yesterday and says, with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, it's good to ban these doctors at their press conferences.
They shouldn't be allowed to have speech.
It's dangerous disinfo.
When he's the one that had his study funded by Gates that hydroxychloroquine doesn't help you pulled because it was a lie.
He's the one that said 2.5 million would be dead.
He's the one that set the parameters at the UN level to say that everybody that dies of car wrecks or gunshot wounds is COVID-19.
He's the one that said we're not going to count flu deaths as flu now.
We're going to count them as COVID-19.
I have all the documents.
Next hour we'll get into that.
He's the one that's lied and lied with fake tests and then tests from China that were contaminated with COVID-19, which is a real virus, a bad pneumonia with incredible gain of function.
But still not as deadly as they wanted.
And plus, hot air kills it, so they've got a problem.
They're adding all the deaths, and you've got the July effect, where all these new doctors and nurses come on into their residency.
Every year you have a spike in deaths because of that.
What they call medical practice, a practice.
You practice on your patients.
It's a cult!
And some doctors are good, some are bad.
And the U.N.
admits that the doctors knew the vaccines were hurting people.
And so now doctors themselves, thousands of them, have been censored on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, all of it, for coming out and saying hydroxychloroquine's saving people.
But now major states are reversing and saying we're not following NIH guidelines.
Even though Trump said stop doing those guidelines, the NIH ignores him.
We're going to say you can treat with hydroxychloroquine because you always could for any viral infection.
It was a default.
Imagine that!
Unapproved, multi-hundred-year-old drug that's known to treat pneumonias.
And they tell you, oh, your doctor can't prescribe Advil for joint pain.
You're like, everybody does that.
Nope, nope, nope, can't.
It's the equivalent of that.
And I've got all the documents here where they had to withdraw their whole study.
Because they want you dead, folks.
This is a bioweapon that only kills people deficient in zinc, vitamin D3, and C. And old people get to where their guts do not absorb those anymore.
Already a healthy person absorbs very little D3.
You get to be 70, 80 years old, that's why they've got to take bigger dosages of C, D3, and zinc when you're older.
Are there side effects?
Folks, if you take 300 milligrams of zinc a day, the studies say you can't get a viral infection.
You just can't.
But it'll kill your kidneys in a couple of years.
That's why you want to... I personally decided to take about 60 milligrams a day.
It's not the best for your kidneys.
Drink plenty of water.
But your cells are... In like Flynn, baby.
That's why it's called essential.
And I know I keep hammering this, but you want to save lives, folks.
Louie Gohmert got tested positive for COVID.
He's taking hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and erythromycin.
He says he feels great.
And why is he taking the Z-Pak?
Because the number one carrier of viruses is bacteria.
I used to always hear, like, why is the doctor prescribing antibiotics for viral infection?
Because that's what carries the viruses is the bacteria.
Big studies out that we'll get to that though the antibiotics are causing leaky gut and Crohn's disease and all these problems but then the other studies show you just take your probiotic or eat a ton of yogurt and things and after you'll get it replaced but they don't tell people that because they don't make money when you eat a bunch of yogurt or sauerkraut or pickles or what
Any old black lady would tell you 50 years ago that if you got gut problems, you go eat clay out of the side of the river.
Because Europeans did that too, and that's got all the trace stuff in it you need right there as well.
But see, nobody makes money if you go eat clay out of the side of the riverbank.
No, they'd rather give you resgesivir that doesn't even work, costs you thousands of dollars and kills your ass, because Fauci makes money off that.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance to the globalists.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Alright, we're digesting open source intel.
We weren't just sent the intelligence reports, obviously.
We have the raw data.
And that's good, because we're going to go back and reconstruct it ourselves and put that as a report for you.
Of anti-foot with five-man sniper teams in buildings all downtown in their own words and photos of them already going there and doing dry runs.
And then there are rules of engagement that if anyone tries to stop the takeover of the police department and burning it down, they will be shot and killed this weekend.
So this is actual terrorism being publicly planned with Mayor Adler and all of them fully aware and letting it happen.
Now that would sound crazy a year ago, six months ago, wouldn't it?
But you see the city of Austin saying in their new budget we're going to blow up the police department as a symbol of ending police hate.
You see them saying it's peaceful to shoot people at checkpoints and take over buildings and burn them down.
I mean, they're normalizing and encouraging their people to believe they have immunity if they go out and engage in criminal activity.
That's what this is.
Bill Clinton and Obama and Hillary and Ghislaine Maxwell and Ted Turner and Bill Gates and all these people, they're not going to do this themselves.
They're trying to get us to kill each other.
And they've got enough wound up idiots who think they're on the right side of history that they're already doing it.
You know, just like out of Road Warrior, a fictitious future where Australia's collapsing from nuclear war or whatever.
And there's guys roadin' around in cars and motorcycles, settin' up checkpoints and robbing and raping.
That's what's going on in Austin right now.
And then you've got the disciplined police following robotically their orders to stand down.
But the police are trying to figure out how to do this right and not go along with this.
Like Tucker Carlson said, and I've said this a thousand times, it's totally true.
The social contract has been broken.
And you can talk bad about the government all day.
It's good, it's bad, but it's an American government and it has empowered the people.
We have empowered ourselves with this limited structure.
It's gotten out of control.
And now it's being taken over by hardcore criminals that are sworn to destroy our lives.
And so the status quo is private property and Second Amendment and God and country and family.
The Star-Spangled Banner.
And it's all under attack.
Here's Tucker Carlson's report.
It's on InfoWars.com.
America is witnessing a brazen power grab.
Here it is.
After two months of rioting and political chaos, there are still people out there who claim this is all about the death of George Floyd.
Believe it or not, there are.
Some of the people who say that may actually believe it.
We're giving them the benefit of the doubt.
The liberal mom who lives next door to you, for example.
She's probably entirely sincere when she lectures you about the scourge of police brutality.
She means it.
She has no idea BLM is about anything else.
We're not judging, and that's not surprising.
Most Americans are nice people.
They're literal and ingenuous.
They tend to take claims at face value because they want to believe the best.
But in this case, they are wrong.
None of what you are watching is about civil rights.
Violence and race-baiting are the enemies of civil rights.
What you're watching instead is a power grab.
It's being coordinated by the most ruthless and cynical figures in American politics.
They don't want you to know what they're doing.
They're not honorable enough to state their intentions.
They're not like you at all.
When normal people want something, they can be aggressive.
But the professional left never is.
It's invariably passive-aggressive.
Their first instinct is to manipulate rather than persuade.
They hide their real beliefs.
They say precisely the opposite of what they mean every time.
They accuse you of the crimes they themselves are committing.
It makes your head spin.
Arguing with them is pointless, by the way.
They're nihilists.
They don't believe in the existence of truth or in the fixed meaning of words.
They care only about power.
It's painful to say this.
It hurts to admit there are people in our country who are like this, but there are, and they have more power than ever.
If you need more evidence of that, Barack Obama showed up at Congressman John Lewis' funeral today.
Obama claimed he was there to eulogize his own friend, but that's not true, and that's not what he did.
Instead, Obama gave a divisive and deeply dishonest campaign speech in church.
Here's part of what he said.
By ending some of the partisan gerrymandering,
So that all voters have the power to choose their politicians, not the other way around.
And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic, in order to secure the God-given rights of every American, then that's what we should do.
It's hard to believe that clip is real, but it is.
Down to the cloying fake accent, Mr. Hawaii guy.
But take three steps back.
Imagine if some greasy politician showed up at your loved one's funeral and started throwing around stupid partisan talking points about Senate procedure.
Can you imagine that?
You'd be shocked if that happened.
You'd probably walk out.
Desecrating a funeral with campaign slogans?
What kind of person would do that?
But Democrats in the audience didn't seem offended.
They didn't blink.
They cheered.
It all seemed normal to them.
And why wouldn't it?
Political power is their religion.
It's not out of place in a church.
It's what they worship.
People who will politicize a funeral will do anything, and they're trying to.
Democrats are working systematically to dismantle the core institutions of American life, beginning with the family and with faith.
They're subverting the core system in our government, the justice system.
They're nullifying laws, burning police stations, attacking courthouses, working to eliminate the legal equality of American citizens, the foundation of it all.
They've systematically repurposed federal law enforcement agencies as political weapons.
They have imprisoned their political opponents.
Their leaders have called for making all of these changes permanent by packing the Supreme Court, packing the United States Senate, packing the electorate itself by importing tens of millions of new voters.
Why are they doing all of this?
They'll tell you it's to make the country better and more just, but the country isn't improving and it's not fairer.
They're doing this for one reason.
To ensure they have complete control of the United States.
We're watching it happen right now, though almost no one ever admits it, and those who do
Come close to getting shut down.
We can tell you stories.
So how should the rest of us respond to what we're seeing?
And let's be clear, by the rest of us, we're not talking about conservatives or people who watch the show.
We're talking about literally everybody else.
Moderates, the politically non-aligned, traditional liberals who still care about civil liberties.
There are some of those.
Sincere religious people of all faiths.
Immigrants from abroad who came to this country because of our Bill of Rights, only to watch it evaporate once they got here.
In other words, everyone who fundamentally loves this country, which is still most Americans.
What do people like that do in the face of this, this revolution?
Well, it's simple.
Defend the system that we have.
That's our job.
The American system is flawed.
No one doubts that.
But it works better than any other system in history.
And tearing it down will not help.
In fact, it will benefit only a few, the ones pushing for it, and it will crush millions.
So if you care about the United States, fight for its institutions.
They have served us well.
This country has survived almost 250 years through a civil war.
The full video is on Infowars.com and what he's saying is totally true.
Due process gets in the way of Apple and Google with their slave camps in China.
It gets in the way of the power elite and world government.
And that's why everything decent and orderly and that's been proven and was the apple of the eye that everybody wanted.
People that didn't live under this, they wanted to come here.
Not because it was perfect, because it was way better than what they'd experienced and they could come here and live their dreams.
And now there's the paradox, though, of incredible liberty creates incredible wealth.
And it creates incredible decadence.
And then the cycle goes into decline.
And then people forget what made us great.
And then the scammers come in and brainwash people.
And then they go along with, hey, let's just have a communist or fascist system and it'll all be free.
And of course, they really all become slaves.
And people say, well, why are they making this move?
They'll never win.
They've won everywhere else.
But here.
That's why Soros is doing this.
He's never been held accountable.
He thinks he's going to win one way or the other.
Now I say we pray for his destruction.
I have never been so concerned about what's going on.
This is all martial law prepping, martial law training, and now they have activated the most criminal elements of the deep state, and Pelosi is bragging they're going to remove the President illegally with COG.
You cannot remove the President with COG.
You can't remove the President, 25th Amendment or impeachment, but they're saying they're going to do it.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are putting this in every newspaper in the country and legitimizing the fact that if he contests the election in any way, when they say by default they are,
They're going to pull this.
This is maximum, maximum alert.
This is emergency alert.
Yes, they've censored the Patriots off most of the internet, but ban.video is still there.
The radio show is still there.
And yes, we're getting about five times the traffic we were getting before the ban to the actual sites.
We need to get this message to other people outside of our audience.
So tell everyone now about the Marshall Law plan and the plan to get rid of Trump.
It's all posted at ban.video.
Please, we can defeat these people.
If you take action, you are the answer.
Please, please, please.
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Imagine telling someone just a year ago that in the middle of 2020, the Democrats, as well as many Republican leaders, will be calling for the United Nations WHO edict that all Americans wear masks, be a quote, federal order and mandate.
Totally unconstitutional, annihilating states' rights.
Think about that.
A woman can kill her baby.
We pay for illegal aliens healthcare.
But you've got to wear a mask for a virus that killed 20 plus times less than what they said, even if you believe the official story.
This is about the WHO, the globalists, testing their power.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You did try to silence me.
How'd it work out?
And tyrants keep coming back for more.
Alright, let me get into it right now and tell you the stuff I haven't even mentioned yet that's so huge.
Everybody's wanting me to comment on these FBI documents and the judge-ordered release.
We already know all this.
Donald Trump was a confidential informant that exposed that Epstein was screwing a bunch of little kids and blackmailing people.
That's why they've been pissed at him forever.
And the FBI tried to set Trump up.
That is the Clinton-Obama-run FBI.
It's all in the news now.
And they tried to rebrand it and say it was Trump because Trump had a public, a private golf course that people came to and he's been videotaped with Epstein.
He did know Ghislaine Maxwell and all the rest of it.
That's why when Trump says he loves Xi Jinping, we go to war with China.
We said he wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well.
You really don't want Trump wishing you well.
When Trump starts wishing you well, you should get a little angel of death flapping above you.
But, oh, take good care of them, yes, very well, really care about them.
It's not about defending Trump, it's about defending reality.
Long before I backed Trump, I knew he was on Epstein's ass, exposing him.
So we've got all this.
I mean, it's really old news for this audience.
We've been covering Jeffrey Epstein for 15 years.
Since I saw him in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and ABC News as, oh, there's this group setting up a world government to depopulate us.
They're superheroes.
They actually said this.
They played the clip many times.
It's like the Wonder Friends and the Hall of Justice, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, they're gonna depopulate you!
And I'm like, what the hell is this?
And I went and looked, and I'm like, well, who manages it?
Oh, Jeffrey Epstein.
And they meet at Einstein, you know, University or whatever, and Rockefeller University, literally.
Rockefeller's run it all.
And there it is!
It's a cult!
And so people want me to cover this.
I'm like, okay, sure, we'll cover it right now.
Court docs to tell Maxwell's constant orgies with young girls on Epstein Island.
Young girls.
New York Post.
14, 15 years old.
Taken there.
It's just disgusting.
Ghislaine Maxwell trained underage girls as sex slaves.
London Guardian.
Breaking the real bad guys in the Epstein-Casen cupboard.
Director Robert Mueller's FBI.
And they were there, they knew it, they were using it for blackmail for the Clintons.
People knew when they went there they were getting videotaped.
And by the way folks, the real news that's come out is that they had boats in the Caribbean pulling up.
It was 14, 15, 16 year old girls on the plane there.
Mainly Eastern European.
A lot of them have been bought from their parents.
That's come out in court.
There were like 10.
Then Giselaine would get them ready in a couple of years for operations.
Mainly recruiting other little girls.
Right out of the school system in New York and Florida, you name it.
But ladies and gentlemen, the boats coming in were bringing in children as young as two, who they would rape and then murder.
Now remember, I'm the guy that first told you about this.
You understand, Epstein and Clinton dismember children with meat cleavers after they're done raping them.
They shoot them in the head.
I mean, you name it.
I mean, it's the videos that were seen by the New York police literally
Grown men that have seasoned homicide investigators that have dug up dead bodies could not watch.
I mean, they had to go in shifts.
I mean, we're talking children begging for mommy with Hillary plunging knives into them, OK?
And you're like, well, that sounds insane.
Who do you think these people are?
It's all about their selfishness and all their billions of stolen money.
And so their aberrance is, oh, I had an extra beer tonight or I had five enchiladas instead of three.
They like driving daggers into babies begging for mommy.
So here, you want me to cover it?
I'll cover it.
Breaking evidence shows FBI tried to tie citizen Trump to Epstein case, but with no success.
Big Article Gateway pundit.
That's in the documents.
Let's get Trump.
Because he'd been the informant.
With the Epstein docs unsealed, the FBI is dragged back into the limelight, and it's not good.
Watch live, Maxine Maxwell.
Documents reveal globalist panic.
Court docs tell you it goes into all of it.
Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein's orgy island with two young girls.
Bombshell documents.
There's no bombshell documents.
It's in the damn flight manifest.
That's old news.
And it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and who do they kill?
Who do they torture?
They torture and kill little children and old people, suffer the children.
Once the man, twice the child, Shakespeare said it's true.
Over 15,000, last time I checked, old people died in nursing homes when they shipped patients in with pneumonia and the flu to call it COVID-19.
So if they'll kill 15,000 innocent old people because they just want to, what do you think they're going to do to everybody else?
They're setting the precedent to bioweapon old people so they can steal their pension funds.
And we sit here and we wonder if they're having sex with 14-year-olds.
They're not just having sex with them.
That's gateway drug number one.
That's like marijuana compared to fentanyl.
The fentanyl is the torture of the children and the literal scaring the hell out of them and the drinking of their blood that is filled with all the hormones of panic.
And they drink the physical blood of the panic attack of the dead child and they get pliers and pull out the pituitary gland and they eat the top of their kidneys and the adrenochrome.
And because you aren't like that, when you eat a little Dutch chocolate ice cream at 10 o'clock at night, you feel guilty.
They don't feel guilty.
They're like, what is the most evil thing I can do?
I'm going to do it.
I mean, look at Bill Clinton right there.
That's a child raping devil worshiper.
That for 14 years, authorized Bayer Pharmaceuticals to ship out blood from the prison, every ampule filled with HIV and Hepatitis, and it came out in documents, they did it as a ritual.
They wanted to kill all the hemophiliac.
They enjoyed.
They got brownie points with Satan when they killed a bunch of people.
So there, you wanted me to talk about it, I did.
We're going to go to break and come back with all the latest COVID-19 news and what's happening on that front and how to stop them and how they're trying to censor doctors that are speaking out.
I mean, think about it, now doctors can't speak out.
That's how, and the Congress and the President puts up with it.
But for how long?
Things are changing.
I can't tell you about it all yet, but a little bit of fight back now happening.
Please don't forget that today really should be the last day.
It may go a couple more days because I don't have a new special yet.
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Stuff's so nuts now.
I'm just like, ah, whatever.
I'll be honest.
Cruz's like, why are you in such a good mood?
Why are you being... Because I just thought I could stop all this.
And now it's like, okay.
It's all up to God.
I give it to God.
I mean, I'm going to keep fighting as hard as I can.
I mean, if America chooses devil-worshipping pedophiles to rule us, and we let people run around and just burn down courthouses and they call those the good guys and say that's not violent, then if you want all this, have it!
Because here's the good news.
All the candy asses that love tyranny and think you're going to keep all your stuff once things collapse, I actually have pleasure
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I'm going to get my body up.
And you guys are literally, have no idea, you've summoned your own destruction.
And I'm sitting here just like, getting out of the way of the angel of death going, oh, you know what?
I mean, I can feel the presence coming into the planet.
God is about to judge us.
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Whether you believe in evolution in the modern theory or not, the globalist controllers do, and they constantly write about and talk about how they want to create a global crisis or a group of crises that force humans to, quote, evolve in a new, better way.
Now, when you study how they actually want you to evolve, if you believe in that,
It is to stop having children emerge with silicon bodies and a post-human future.
Talk about psychotic.
Talk about creepy.
Talk about crazy.
But they need an event like COVID-19 to teach a mammal to wear some covering over its nose, over its breathing tubes, to set the precedent for the forced inoculations, for the GMO, for the 5G, and for all the things that they admit will end our humanity as we know it.
That's why this is so evil.
Their whole agenda for a cashless society, global government, UN control, getting us all into debt, getting rid of local government.
Think about all the facets of it.
The censorship, the surveillance.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
All right, we actually went out and hired a well-known statistician.
We didn't put his name in it because he was targeted one time.
We did stuff for us before.
So just look at the CDC's own numbers.
We're going to cover the giant hoax that is COVID-19.
We're not saying it's not a real virus.
We're not saying it doesn't kill some people, but the way they've handled it and exacerbated it and hyped it up is designed to shut the economy down.
That is all coming up.
But let's talk about Herman Cain, who died yesterday.
You know, he had liver cancer.
He had
Bowel cancer.
He had a bunch of cancers.
He was really sick.
A lot of people that know him well.
And he died of pneumonia, but they're saying COVID-19.
Did he really die of the ventilator?
That's the question we ask in reports at Man.Video.
Here it is.
Herman Cain killed by COVID-19?
Or like so many others, was he killed by the ventilator?
We just received the sad news on this Thursday morning that Herman Cain, CEO, popular talk show host, former presidential Republican candidate, has died.
And we're told in the headlines he died of COVID-19.
But read the fine print.
Here are the facts that we know right now.
Upwards of 90% of people who are put on ventilators with COVID-19 end up dying.
And for at least five months, most of the top scientists and doctors have said, you should not be put on a ventilator.
You should be given steroids to cause inflammation to go down because people are having an autoimmune response.
As soon as I heard he died, I began to read and watch what was happening, and they announced within an hour that indeed, ladies and gentlemen, he'd been put on a ventilator and that he died on a ventilator.
Also, Herman Cain was 74 years of age.
Herman Cain had a lot of underlying health conditions.
I know that because I know some of the people that were involved, Neil Bortz and his production crew, years ago when they co-hosted shows.
And you could also see in the last few speeches he gave that he was very, very frail and wasn't as strong as he had once been.
He was still a workaholic.
So again, we were told that 2.5 million people would be dead by now.
And most of those are people that died of gunshot wounds, car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, skydiving accidents, and yes, even shark attacks.
It's actually 150,000.
In this case, he's a 70-something-year-old man who already had pre-existing health conditions.
He tested positive for COVID-19.
Now, that doesn't even mean he had COVID-19.
Most of the tests, it turns out, are false.
If you've had a cold or the flu in the last few years, it shows up as a false positive as well.
They just said 600,000 members of the military had COVID.
It was an accounting error.
They're doing everything they can to push up these numbers.
And Herman Cain wanted to reopen the economy.
Herman Cain supported President Trump having his rallies again.
And they're trying to say that because he went to the Tulsa rally, that's where he got COVID-19 with no evidence.
Herman Cain's death should not be used to keep America shut down.
We're good to go.
It's about the whole surveillance state, it's about forced inoculations, and digital microchips they inject into you to prove you've been inoculated.
After denying it for months, Bill Gates has now come out and admitted through his foundation that indeed they want you to take a microchip to be able to travel in an airplane or have a job.
Ladies and gentlemen, the new world order tyranny isn't coming, it's here.
I really liked Herman Cain.
He was a very positive, very friendly guy, and most of talk radio is very negative, very warlike, including myself, because that's what it takes to win this fight.
But he was able, with humor and incredible wit, to really do a great job.
And I thought he did a better job than Neil Bortz on Neil Bortz's program.
So again, I'm very, very sad to hear that Herman Cain, who I had a chance to meet at the RNC in 2006, is dead.
He's one of the best political minds we have.
I disagree with him on quite a few things, but overall he was a great American.
He'll be sorely missed.
Don't let these ghouls use his death to kill America, kill our economy, and kill the third world.
Reopen America now.
Arrest Fauci and Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, for insider trading, and for lying to people, and sending sick people to nursing homes so they'd actually get some real death numbers.
And don't ever forget,
Almost everyone that's put on one of these breathing machines dies.
Normally that saves somebody with pneumonia, but this virus is different.
It's an autoimmune response.
So warn your family and warn others.
The most dangerous place for them to be is in a hospital.
Not just during COVID-19.
Upwards of half a million Americans die a year of medical malpractice.
That's not even counting the other 300,000 that die from flesh-eating bacteria and other infections in hospitals.
The most dangerous place in the world is in a U.S.
I'm Alex Jones, and you have been warned.
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She's a razor sharp!
She's a slice you apart.
She's a cool, cool black.
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She gives you a name.
You might not make it back, Epstein.
The knives are out, Loveless.
You wanna fight?
You got them.
The guys are out right now.
And they kill.
They kill.
So you see all the globalist attacks and all their games.
That's because they're failing right now.
They're losing right now.
She keeps her motor clean.
You believe me, you.
She's a number 13.
When the clock strikes midnight.
Alright, Rob Newser with us.
All right, here we are.
I've got this stack of articles I want to just show people.
And then we've got the statistician we hired before.
He got attacked as an academic and things for even being involved with us, so we're not putting his name on it this time.
But we already knew these numbers.
We thought we'd get a, you know, degreed PhD statistician to come and look at the numbers all over the country where they take the flu and the other deaths and they put it in the COVID-19 column.
And we've done it.
It's in a Don Salazar article on Infowars.com's Candemic.
CDC stats show flu deaths dropped as COVID deaths increased.
Data shows agency categorizing deaths from common flu as COVID deaths.
That's the article.
We'll get to it in a moment.
But first, a big Zero Hedge article that links to mainstream news.
ABC, you name it.
Ohio withdraws ban on hydroxychloroquine.
Fauci accused of misinformation campaign.
Now imagine saying Tylenol doesn't help headaches.
I mean everybody knows that's not true.
Or Ibuprofen doesn't help inflammation in joints.
Hydroxychloroquine goes back to quinine.
It was used by the Aztecs a thousand years ago.
The Dutch found out about it from the Spanish 400 years ago.
I mean, this is, it kills malaria, okay?
It's an antiviral.
It's established.
It's ridiculous.
But if you're Fauci with Resdenovir or whatever for $2,000 a dose, you don't want that because he owns part of it and he's got the patents on the drugs.
So this article lays out how the governor now of Ohio came out and said, executive order, you can now prescribe it.
You couldn't before.
They put orders in saying you couldn't.
And imagine, medical doctors have press conferences, and they are being shut down.
They're being told they can't do it.
And in some cases, fired.
Yeah, they're being fired too, Alex.
Now let's turn your mic on.
Some of these nurses, or doctors, some of these doctors are being fired.
That's right, because it's all intimidation.
Retract botched anti-hydroxychloroquine study, which was used to attack Trump.
That was happened two months ago.
So the UN uses a botched study paid for by Fauci and Gates to say that it doesn't help you.
That was a lie.
And they're still doing that.
They got criminal.
They took veterans who were dying, Alex, and gave them hydroxychloroquine.
Oh, well, they died.
Well, they were already dying.
They were already on death's bed.
They started giving it to them.
Gates-funded hydroxychloroquine studies are designed to kill people.
Researchers retract Bott's hydroxychloroquine study, which was used to attack Trump.
Coronavirus influential study of hydroxychloroquine withdrawn.
The Lancet retracts large study of hydroxychloroquine.
So, meanwhile, video Trump defends viral hydroxychloroquine.
Doctor says, I thought she was very impressive.
Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, they're trying to shut anybody down that puts this out, including Donald Trump Jr.
So it's Alex Jones two years ago, now it's medical doctors in a press conference, and Fauci goes on TV, Rob.
And says yesterday, I agree, don't let doctors have speech.
This is beyond the Soviet Union.
And the head of YouTube admitted it.
He said, hey, it doesn't follow CDC, UN guidelines, so we just ban them.
We don't let doctors who've been practicing, that's when you practice medicine, they've been practicing medicine, having results with hydroxychloroquine.
But this is an established antiviral known.
Oh yeah, they've been using it for years.
It's like saying brush your teeth and get rid of cavities.
And the doctor who he's talking about, this black lady, she's from Nigeria.
She's been using hydroxychloroquine for years to treat people with malaria.
She knows how it works.
Plenty of other doctors have come out and said, hey, there's no problem with it.
Even Dr. Drew, the TV doctor, said, I prescribe it all the time.
I've never had any problems with it.
Because they're talking about the heart problems.
He goes, I've never seen anyone with heart problems.
They've had all these doctors come out and say, I've got 1,000 patients.
I've got 300 patients.
It's a fact.
It's like saying electricity comes out of a light socket.
I mean, they are literally gas... Let me ask this for you, the study that we paid for and the huge news.
Why are they skipping animal trials?
Why are they admitting that 100% of people have side effects on the vaccine, 20% are hospitalized?
Like they just don't care.
They're just doing it.
They're skipping animal trials because then they don't have to, what they have is a, they'll do a third, another study after they inject you with it, you know, for human trial, it goes up to here.
And then with the animal trial, they go one step further where they can
Put the virus into the animal and see how it reacts.
Let 100% of the ferrets die.
Well, with the old coronavirus, because they've been trying to get coronavirus vaccines for years.
That's a big, that's supposedly never going to release a coronavirus as soon as they got it.
And now it's what, an RNA vaccine that's going to rewrite your DNA?
They always wanted a weaponized, they always, the Holy Grail was a weaponized comical.
Right, because it spreads fast.
And then, you know, some people really get it and they'll die off and it gets rid of, I guess, the people who are older, who have comorbidities, because that's what we're seeing.
We're seeing a lot of people die from this.
Yeah, the average age is like 82.
Yeah, they're 82 and they have all these other problems.
They have diabetes, they have high blood pressure, they have cancer, all kinds of things.
And this is Gates who says, I want to kill old people.
And then he cooks up at Wuhan, on record, him and Fauci, something that kills old people.
And I love how he goes on TV and goes, I'm not involved.
And the whole Internet goes and finds all the clips of him.
How much trouble is Gates in, though?
Well, you could tell when even Laura O'Donnell asked him about the side effects and the adverse reactions.
And he starts, uh, uh, he can't get his words out.
Well, the FDA, they'll do it.
They'll do it.
They're the gold standard.
And yeah, there it is right there.
I mean, he really, and he's talking about the severe pain in the arm, and he's rubbing his arm.
It's just severe pain.
But 20% had to be put on ventilators.
They had to be put in hospitals.
Oh yeah.
And they're not going to show you this.
They're going to try to give millions of people this?
This is actually psychos destroying themselves.
I actually, I don't want people to die, but I kind of like, they want to normalize everybody.
Can you imagine when they start giving the vaccine, how they're going to try to cover up the deaths?
Oh, totally.
You had the guy come out who was in the trial and said, I went home and I had the worst fever, I felt horrible, but I still think people should take the vaccine.
I mean, that's how crazy these people are.
They've been brainwashed into believing anything that these authority figures say.
Well, that's it.
They're just like Aztecs.
You come up here, we're going to chop your heart out and you just march up on top of your head.
This is like, we can't cover up the vaccines are hurting people.
We'll just get people to accept.
They've accepted it with the mask, now they're going to try this goggle thing.
That's the, you know, in two months, everybody's got to wear goggles to walk into Walmart.
And it's just, it's never going to end.
Because if they can make you do all that, you'll take a chip.
Meanwhile, Gates officially, it's in Google, it's on their own Microsoft site, that you're going to have to take a chip to buy and sell.
And then they go, but we're not doing it.
It's like on their site, this is officially happening.
BBC says you'll have to have this.
But then Gates goes, I know nothing about this.
Well, and they're going to do all these things.
You can't go to a bar, you can't do this, you can't travel to certain states, and tell, oh, now the vaccines are here, the magical vaccine.
People are like, just give it to me, please, just give it to me.
And then you're going to see people, probably 30% get really sick.
It's five a year.
Yeah, oh yeah, exactly.
And then we have to make a new one.
You've got to wear goggles.
And he even admits it when he's talking to the reporter, Gates.
He's like, well, we had to give a high dose.
We had to give him two doses.
And that's what they do.
It's like, no one dose doesn't work.
Well, young people get two, old get five.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, of course.
You gotta really amp it up for old people.
He said that.
And we're gonna have 700,000 people have really bad adverse reactions.
So, I mean, get ready, people, because when it comes to you, are you gonna take that chance?
Sometimes they gotta kill us.
And so they gotta have a cover.
It's like, yeah, you're all gonna die.
Just get ready.
We need to save you by killing you.
It totally boggles the mind of what is going on and what people are putting up with.
Now you know Bill Gates isn't taking any of this.
Oh, no.
Hey, nobody above a certain level is taking.
Think about what a psycho he is, though.
His whole world is about making you take something in your body.
And those of us that aren't rapists don't get it.
A rapist isn't about the sex.
It's about the power.
And he's definitely, he is a globalist rapist.
A global rapist is what he's trying to do at this point.
I want to put a shirt out that just says Bill Gates, vaccine rapist.
I mean, he literally wants to stick with fetal tissue.
I mean, it'd be bad if you get raped.
The person might have a disease, but this is like dead babies and diseases.
And now we see again, we've got a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
It came out in court documents, once again, raping little girls.
And now he's going to rape you?
He runs the global initiative with the contact tracers.
The BBC is state-run media in the UK, and they've come out with a detailed article, it's linked on Infowars.com, saying
You will have to have forced inoculations multiple times a year to be able to travel.
Robots will scan you when you land.
You will have a digital tattoo under your skin to be able to enter the country.
But it's going to be so easy and so cool and so fun.
The Microsoft website now officially has announced the digital tattoo.
We exposed this six months ago.
Now Bill Gates was funding it and they had hundreds of news articles attacking us saying it wasn't true.
This is a tactic they use.
First, they announce it.
We say it's a bad idea.
They say, that's crazy.
We didn't do it.
They introduced the idea to you.
Then they come back and announce it again, thinking you have no memory.
This is a criminal takeover.
This is the line in the sand.
We must say no.
We must expose the fraud of COVID-19 that this entire house of evil is built on.
I'm Alex Jones.
Never surrender to tyranny.
The reasons that the globalists launch this planetary lockdown.
The number one reason is it serves every one of their purposes.
We've gone over those purposes many times here on air.
The cashless society, the surveillance system, global government, medical tyranny, forced inoculation.
But the most important facet is it teaches us that we are obsolete, that we are non-essential as we begin to witness automation computers and robots take over the jobs that people once had
By design.
This isn't like it's some advancement that we just fell into.
It's been pre-planned, organized, globally.
And it's extremely predatory.
And through governmental actuaries and tax programs and regulations, the central banks that control it all are able to pick the winners and the losers and consolidate power.
This is the truest form of technocracy fascism.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Cyrus Jones!
Cyrus Jones from 1810 to 1913 Made his great-grandchildren believe you could live to 103
103 is forever when you're just a little kid.
So, Silas Jones, live forever.
Brave digger.
Brave digger.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, so we went out, we hired a statistician to come up with the numbers.
The story's on Infowars.com.
It's a Don Salazar story.
Scandemic CDC stats show flu deaths dropped as COVID deaths increased.
This is life-saving.
To get this information, to get it out to doctors, hospitals, you name it.
We looked at a whole bunch of states and found what people were saying six months ago, five months ago, was true.
They're counting all the flu deaths, you name it, in the same column.
So, Rob News here, you hired the statistician to go over this.
Stories on Infowars.
This starts out with Arizona.
Let's walk through this.
Yeah, and I had him look at the hotspot states.
So, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Texas, those are all, Florida, that's where they said this is where it's all happening.
So, if you look,
And you can see, you have the flu deaths here going up to 16.
So not that many, that's per day.
These are deaths per day.
And this is actually, the flu is the blue line.
The COVID deaths, you can see the number, it's 140.
It almost gets to 140 a day at one point.
But you can see how, as the flu goes down, ah, COVID's magically taking its place.
And in graphic after graphic, it's the exact same signature.
It's just a computer change.
Which they admit they're counting flu as the death, but here's the numbers.
There's the numbers.
And then if you look at pneumonia, pneumonia follows almost the same path as COVID, almost the same number.
So I've got him doing pneumonia deaths next, comparing that with the COVID.
Because he's got to get all this data, put it all in, and it took him a while to gather the data.
Now we're going to start seeing graphs spit out, which is going to be great.
I can't wait to see how these numbers line up.
I've also got him looking at
I don't know.
So, you're seeing that... Meanwhile, New York will not release data, because they're running the... He was looking at New York, he goes, I can't make sense of it.
None of it makes sense.
He's like, it's different in different places.
So, we kind of excluded New York, even though New York was one of the ones I said, we need to look at that.
But he goes, I can't make sense of this.
And you could... Well, because they know what they're doing there.
They're covering up.
Well, yeah.
I mean, New York's old school mobsters.
They know how to manipulate data.
They know what they're doing to get the money, because that's what it's all about at the end of the day.
The more COVID patients you have... 50,000 for everybody you put a tube in and kill you.
It's like Hank Johnson said, money.
So let's go to California, and you can see California, almost the same signature, but you've got, you know, maybe 10 times more, almost 10 times more COVID deaths than flu deaths, but it's like, here we got the dip, and we had the dip, and then as these go down, these go up.
They just manipulated it.
It's really weird.
Just put it out a few weeks and drop the number or raise the number up.
They put it out.
And that's what we're going to see.
What's crazy is it matches.
Like they cut off the flu and the same signature of what it would have done is the same deal.
And then you almost have the same thing with pneumonia if you look at these with multiple causes of death which is the comorbidities and then the underlying.
Look at it, they match!
It's crazy, it's really crazy what they've done.
I'll pull this down so you can see.
Pneumonia, and they kind of do the same thing.
And then flu is almost the exact same thing.
It's like they've just re-manipulated the data and added a bunch more deaths to it.
They're being extremely lazy.
They are.
And you know, I think that's part of the thing.
Point is, it's all fakes.
But it's, you know, the fraction, Matt, we've talked about this election metal.
Fraction magic.
Fraction magic, yeah.
We're just going to make these little maneuvers right here and you're not going to see them because it's not whole numbers.
It's fractions.
So you never, it's hard to find the...
I guess the signature.
But here you go, same thing in Florida.
Big scoop, goes down.
Big scoop, goes down.
And then they cross each other.
As one's going down, one starts going up.
I mean, it's comical when you look at it.
Talk about a double cross, there it is.
And it's in every state does the same thing.
Here's Texas.
So, you know, we've seen Texas going up and down and crazy.
But Rob, what's crazy is...
They admit they're adding regular deaths to it.
So it's not like it's even our opinion.
We just have graphs showing it.
It's just like, my God.
Michigan State Senator Dr. Jensen came out and then they investigated him for saying what they told him to do.
He went out and said, hey, they're telling us if we suspect it's COVID, you could put COVID on the death certificate.
He goes, I've never heard of that.
So I had to go out and talk to people.
He's got an ethics investigation.
Well, they just ended it, but it took him, he was under the... But there's other doctors for being in a press conference saying... Oh yeah, she gets fired.
Hydroxychloroquine helped my patient, she's fired!
Yeah, exactly.
And then the other one gets tarred and feathered through the media.
Because the bureaucracy is saying, we don't care about your degree or your patience or your proof, we're the insurance companies, we're the bankers, we say what reality is.
We care about the numbers, and we care about... I mean, let's look at this.
Who's funded by the major news media?
It's Big Pharma.
So they're working hand-in-hand on this, and hey, we've got to promote remdesivir.
Okay, cool.
We're on that.
There's a total conflict of interest.
Yeah, we've got to go against hydroxychloroquine.
We have to have a law where you can't have these drug companies.
But imagine, Rendesivir in their fake study had an 8% increase in life.
And it turns out it actually probably kills you in the other studies.
But then something that has a 99% success rate that's cheap.
Oh, we gotta crush that.
This is murder.
Oh, it's total murder.
And then we had the doctor on West Texas with Budesonine.
He said, hey, this is working with all my patients.
Oh, no, we can't.
We got to drag this guy through the mud.
Anybody who comes out with anything that works, it's like, folks, it's only because they're murdering everybody.
And at the end of the day, it's all going to pan out.
Look at these other.
Here's Michigan.
This is from Dr. Dr. Jensen came out.
Look, it matches perfectly the pneumonia almost to the week.
But then you have the same thing.
A big rise here.
I guess this is when they started killing the old people here.
But they still have the same peak.
And then it drops down almost the same way.
It's weird how this stuff works when you start looking at the numbers.
And then you have in Texas where we have them on video saying we're going to count one person, we're going to multiply that, or we're going to add 15 to that.
Every time we get one case.
And that's why people all over the country, because the NIH still runs it even though Trump tried to shut them off.
If one person gets it, they count 15 more.
That's why you never even been to the doctor.
You get a letter, you have COVID-19.
Because somebody near you had it.
Some people were getting positive and negatives in the same, they were getting them sent.
You got it?
Oh no, you don't have it.
And they never went and took it.
Because the computer says somebody you were around had it, who was also a fake positive.
And we're trying to get to your phone.
The globalists just said, hey, take the gloves off.
People are awake to us.
Just use medical system.
It's trusted.
Hammer them with this info.
And just ban people.
Ban people when they speak up.
You notice they're getting a lot quicker at banning people.
It barely took them 24 hours to pull that nurse press conference, which is like a 10-minute video, off.
Yeah, I noticed it was a big deal when they banned me.
And now it's just like, eh, no doctors.
If the UN doesn't approve it, you can't talk.
I mean, we're under UN control, folks.
If it's not UN approved, it doesn't go on the internet.
They did a six hour summit.
I found part one.
You can't find part two anywhere.
But I'm going to go put that up today.
That's going to be three hours of these doctors and having long discussions with each other.
Even Dr. Erickson, one of the first doctors to get banned off YouTube, is in with this group.
Let's expand.
We should create a segment at Banned.Video called Banned Medical Videos.
Well, we have one called Banned by Globalists.
I think it's called... Censored by Globalists is the channel that we created.
And it's got most of this medical information.
I mean, that's why...
We have people asking, how are you taking being banned?
I'm like, they're coming for you next, what do you think?
Now I'm taking this.
I mean, now they're banning doctors.
It's like in World War II, like German bombers are bombing Britain, they bomb my business, and you go, oh, we're so sorry for you.
Like, they're coming back tomorrow to bomb you.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, I don't even know what these people are thinking here.
It's like, we're under globalist attack, where doctors can't even tell you what's happening with their patient.
They're not thinking, they're reacting.
And it's so much information's coming at them, all they do is react, react, react, and they don't have time to really sit and think.
And they keep doing it, and they keep piling it on.
So that's how it's happening.
It's no thinking, it's all real.
Well, the report's on Infowars.com.
Only way the dog hunts is you share the links.
They have a lot of lives, folks.
We've got more coming out.
Scandemic CDC stats show flu deaths dropped as COVID deaths increased.
It's totally important.
There are a lot of reasons to get an Alex Jones plastic mask at Infowars.com.
You can wear them out to political events.
You can trigger lib darts.
But one of the biggest reasons is it's a great
It's a conversation starter at any costume party or at Halloween.
But on top of that, they admit that wearing these masks does absolutely nothing to protect you from COVID-19 or anything else.
It's total virtue signaling to show that you're prepared for the forced inoculations and contact tracing that they're openly announcing.
It's an act of submission.
It's an act of like putting a burka on your head and bowing down.
But a big reason to wear these is then into stores when people ask you why you're wearing a Halloween mask, say,
It's just as useless as the stupid cloth masks that you're wearing.
And the M95 masks only control what's coming in, not what's going out.
So they quote, spread COVID-19.
They don't protect from it.
So again, it's a great way to throw it back at these control freaks' faces.
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Yeah, here's our new single record from Highwayman 2 album, Silver Stallion.
Good morning, everybody.
This is Dr. Lisa Coach coming to you live from Tampa, Florida, where I continue to lead a large 8,000 patient practice through the front lines of this COVID-19 pandemic.
Many of you have been joining me from the beginning where my strong urge for answers, my huge level of curiosity, my constant asking of why, made me feel compelled and drawn to be more present and more vocal during this time.
Back in March, there were extremes going on.
There were
You're going to die because there's not enough ventilators and there were stay in your house before you infect somebody.
And I sat in my kitchen and said, where are the people that are speaking to the middle, which is humanity.
Who's talking to the day-to-day people about how to take care of ourselves, about how to go through, get through this without turning into a fear mongering, panicked mess.
So I felt as I analyzed that more and more that that person needed to be somebody on the front lines who understood internal medicine, who understood how viruses work, who treats people day in and day out with comorbid conditions.
I also understood that that person should be somebody who can take information and not get sucked into the energetic response of fear and panic.
And I felt that there was a huge integrative side to how we were going to handle this virus and this pandemic.
And that's when I decided, as I was looking around for someone to speak, that I was just as much equipped as the next person.
And I came out and I've tried to lead, during this time, with the best information I could get my hands on.
I'm going to try to make it through this live without getting too upset, but yesterday,
My colleagues were on Capitol Hill and these people, I felt the connection so deeply because they are people who love and care for patients just like I do.
And they came out and they spoke about information that has been hidden from the public.
Information that I've had to go underground to find.
I'm not a political person.
I just want to heal people.
I want to empower people.
I want you to be able to take care of yourselves and live a life the highest potential you ever can possibly achieve.
By the way, the full interview with Lisa Koch is at Man.Video.
She was fired from her job after she went to that press conference and talked about her patients doing well with hydroxychloroquine, which puts zinc into the cells.
But here's Dale Bigtree, documentary filmmaker, investigative journalist, laying out what's really going on with the vaccine trials and why they've skipped the animal trials.
He's in studio with us, but here's the clip.
Multiple drug companies have been attempting to make a coronavirus vaccine.
Here's what's amazing and I discovered in our research.
Every single animal trial by all of those different drug companies and different approaches to a coronavirus vaccine had the same result.
In every one of the trials they used ferrets.
It's a popular animal.
I think it has a similar immune system to human beings.
They gave them their trial COVID or coronavirus vaccine, and the animals seem to be doing just fine.
They would have said it's safe.
Look, the animal's fine.
Vaccine didn't hurt them.
They even checked their blood, and they were having robust antibody production, meaning it looks like it really works, and they're probably all jumping up and down in their laboratories.
But here's what happens.
In an animal trial, you're allowed to go one step further than you're ethically allowed to in a human trial.
That's called a challenge study, where they actually put the animal in contact with the virus.
Can't do this with human beings.
But they put the ferrets in contact with coronavirus, and every single one of the trials had the same problem.
Instead of the antibodies protecting the animal from the coronavirus, the antibodies actually helped the virus attack their own immune system, and it overreacted.
They had serious upper respiratory conditions, organ failure, what's called a cytokine storm, meaning the immune system sent their body into inflammation and brain all over.
Many of the animals died.
It was so catastrophic that in these trials you'll see at the end a caution that says,
We should be very careful moving forward with human trials.
Well now we have just skipped all the animal trials and we're going into these small human trials that will never have the challenge study part of this.
So what I'm saying is we are rushing a vaccine that was deadly in the animal trials.
In this hidden science fiction movie, this is really happening.
Del Bigtree is an award-winning producer of shows like Doctors.
He's won Emmys for it.
He also has the Warming documentary Vaxxed.
And he also has the show The High Wire.
Del Bigtree's with us on Twitter.
He's here with us right now for the next hour and 20 minutes or so.
This historical time.
I have to pinch myself before I go on air every day.
That owners of hospitals, clinics, doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, Rockefeller University scientists, they go public, they say basic things that are true, they say, hey, they said 2.5 million would die, it's 150,000, they're putting people that died of automobile accidents in the thing, they're counting flu deaths as this, and they get banned and now Sundar Pichai is in Congress two days ago going, yeah, we take orders from the UN,
And if they say it's not allowed, we don't do it.
And Fauci, who's been wrong about everything, is like up there on TV yesterday saying, yeah, we should censor doctors in America.
This feels like jumping the shark.
Dale Bigtree, what do you think is happening?
I think it's one of the most outrageous moments in American history.
We're watching the American dream on fire right now as we speak.
I think that you have real crimes against humanity taking place.
This is Nazi stuff in my mind.
You know, or let's just look at it as a Tuskegee experiment.
This is what I get asked about all the time.
You know, we had African Americans that had syphilis.
We had a cure, we didn't give it to them.
One of the tragic moments of the CDC, the NIH, where Fauci works.
Well, that's happening right now.
You've got hydroxychloroquine that is being shown to be successful in 65 studies internationally.
You have the Ford Medical Center, which is one of our best research hospitals, that came forward after a study of six of their hospitals.
Randomized study and they said half the people died in the hydroxychloroquine group than those that died that didn't receive it.
Meaning we would have half the death rate had this nation used hydroxychloroquine.
And now you have, you still have Fauci coming out against Ford Medical Center.
He's got no science to push to.
It's incredible!
And I think, honestly, he's putting it all on the line.
You've got to hand it to the guy, because now if he's wrong, when we prove that he's wrong, when the world finally says hydroxychloroquine was the cure, we've got to put these guys up for trial for murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans.
A Nuremberg trial!
We're not just saying that.
I agree.
He's got hoods, but I've never seen.
Yeah, it's incredible.
I mean, he is doubling down for whatever reason it is.
This agenda is so powerful.
I mean, I've been saying all along the agenda is to force vaccinate every adult, every person in America.
And now they admit it!
And now they're admitting, right?
They're telling you, we will not let your lives go back to normal until there is a vaccine.
We are going to destroy this economy.
And however long it takes, we will not let your kids go back to school.
We will not let you have the life you had before until our vaccine agenda is fulfilled.
And then it's an RNA, DNA vaccine that goes in and reprograms herself?
I mean, it's terrifying.
It's hard to wrap your head around what's happening.
The Moderna trial... Even Alex Jones can't do it.
I know.
I'm getting to the point where I'm just like, this isn't even real.
This isn't even real.
It's a failed concept.
For decades they've been working on mRNA vaccines, but everyone in the Moderna trial got sick.
They're giving you the disease.
There's basically this data code that's been put inside.
Now they're going in and rewriting the book.
They're rewriting your book.
Why are you getting sick?
What about rewriting your book does make you sick?
They don't know.
That's what's crazy.
It's a giant lab experiment.
It is a giant lab experiment that's failing to say, well, there's not long-term events.
How do you know?
Well, Joe, we always feel guilty about rats and guinea pigs being tested on.
You don't look like a guinea pig to me.
I don't either.
This is crazy.
It is crazy.
These are real human beings.
And look, I hope they're being paid well.
I hope they were told right up front that animals died when we did this in animal trials, so you are risking your life.
Let's talk about that.
When we come back, we should probably pull up a CBS clip where they go, 80% are having bad reactions.
20% are going to the hospital.
But it's not a problem.
This is all safe and effective.
Y'all Big Trees, our guests, stay with us, ladies and gentlemen, and tell folks to tune in now.
States cracking down on social gatherings, says CNN, because Fauci says if we don't, we'll see further surges in coronavirus positives.
Because they're only ramping up the testing, and because the tests have been designed at the Wuhan lab, it turns out, to be completely fraudulent.
They cook the whole thing up, offshore, in a communist dictatorship, with Fauci, Bill Gates, and the CHICOMS,
I've been on air 26 years.
Starting about 24 years ago, I began to get calls from major Hollywood directors, producers, actors.
They wanted to meet with me.
And they said, what is your formal education?
And I said, well, really nothing but a few years of college.
They said, well, how are you one of the best
Science fiction or cultural writers we've ever heard.
The stuff you come up with is just unbelievable.
We'd like you to be in movies, we'd like you to write with us, we'd like you to do voiceovers.
You're just a renaissance man.
If folks know I was in some movies and Harry Shearer makes statements like that and a lot of others, I'm not bragging.
And I kept explaining to them, I said, do you understand I didn't come up with any of this?
I'm reading globalist MIT white papers and futurist documents.
And they would just laugh at me and say, oh, no way.
Then I would give them the documents.
They would get very, very scared.
You know, the next time I saw them in a few months, I'd say, man, you're right.
This is just toping.
Folks, I didn't make any of this up.
It's real.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Del Bigtree is a very renowned, award-winning documentary filmmaker, TV show producer, journalist.
And he fell down the rabbit hole many years ago looking into vaccines, and now they don't deny that vaccines can hurt you.
Now they're just saying, we're coming, and you're going to take them one way or the other.
So you've got the floor here.
You're on fire.
We're so honored to have you here in Austin.
Thank you.
In studio with us.
Gates and the world awakening to him and his eugenics agenda and the skipping the animal trials.
And David has a big article on InfoWars, the three phases of the lies with the vaccine and all the huge health problems and people being paralyzed on the vaccine.
And they're just going to deploy this, they're saying, by December and start injecting everyone.
How are they going to cover that up?
I mean, amazing, right?
You got Tony Fauci out there saying that, well, we just don't see the safety in hydroxychloroquine, even though it's been safe for 65 years, given to pregnant women that are breastfeeding.
That's how safe they believe that drug is.
But when we have everybody getting sick in the Moderna trials, sickness in the Oxford trials of AstraZeneca, the two different top-running contenders of the vaccine,
They say, Fauci says, I'm not concerned about, I'm not concerned about the adverse events.
And we're going to get this out to the public before we're done with all the safety trials.
And I've been looking at the safety trials.
Alex, you've never seen a bigger mess of webs of hidden, I mean, they've got all these branched off routes.
And even CBS is like...
Like, wait a minute, 80% are having bad effects, 20% go to the hospital?
I mean, serious?
He's like, oh, the FDA, they'll do a good job.
And Bill Gates saying, well, if the FDA isn't pressured, they'll do a good job.
By the way, I just want you to know, my non-profit, we put forward a petition to the FDA demanding, because you know we've won lawsuits against CDC, FDA, Health and Human Services, so they're not happy with me right now, which is probably why I got kicked off of YouTube.
But I put forward a petition demanding that the FDA cannot call a vaccine safe.
It's not being compared against a saline placebo.
They were going to use the meningococcal vaccine as the saline group in the second and third phase trials.
Two days after our demand, at least now we have it.
It's going to be a saline placebo.
Thank you for my family.
I mean, and that's what shows that people challenge things we have an effect.
We do.
We have an effect.
And that, you know, we are really starting.
You sue and you win against government health agencies.
They have a real issue.
So they're changing the protocols, thank God.
But here's the problem.
They're only going to look at, you know, the safety profile for a couple of months.
When we talk about the autoimmune diseases, all the issues, these people are getting sick on the spot, fevers, going to the hospital.
But we have no idea.
Exactly, what's coming later?
What's in this?
Nobody knows!
Obviously a DNA vaccine that changes your cells.
Your DNA is mutating as we speak.
We started with a fever and a lot of pain.
Where does it end?
That's the question.
We don't know where this mechanism ends.
It's like somebody's got a gun against his head.
Like, why are they doing this?
Do you think that's the case?
I mean, I honestly don't know.
I don't know.
But what they're doing is very destructive.
It looks to me that Gates is attempting to be a world power.
It looks to me he's stepping in.
A takeover.
Maybe there's someone beside him, but I have a feeling he's saying, get out of the way, Rothschilds.
Get out of the way.
I made the move.
I have Silicon Valley and I have all of the medical establishment.
I'm putting this cabal together.
No, I agree.
And I'm going to take over the world.
I don't know.
If he can put in our body what he wants and admit it's going to kill us, he's God.
And shut down every way that we now communicate with each other via the web or the internet or any 5G, anything that's going on.
He's got his fingers in all that.
He can control the discussion.
He can, you know, he's controlling government.
And he said, I'm going to build a world government to depopulate.
And you said the Wall Street Journal.
I agree, you're right.
He's the Antichrist, basically.
He sure seems to be.
If there's someone behind him, I don't know who that is, and I don't know who he does.
He looks like he's, you know, off the chain, but no one likes him.
I mean, this is the brilliance, really, no matter where he goes.
Everyone gets it.
Everyone seems to get it.
Africa literally, they said no one in African history...
Africa literally hates Bill Gates, they get it.
Yeah, well they've been poisoned by him long enough, and they're just finally saying, the world, now that your cameras are on us, now that you want to send your test vaccines into our country again, well thank God for the first time in history, phase one trials are under a microscope because of the arrogance of these drug companies saying, we're going to get a vaccine, we're going to destroy your life until we get one.
Alright, well let's watch that.
This is the part of the drug
You know, creating process we've never seen.
We've never watched the phase one trials.
This is where they kill African children all over, Indian children all over the place, and they don't tell us it ever happened.
Well, now every camera is poised because of the work that you and I, we are putting the focus on this right now.
I was about to say, we know what happened.
Last December, they had the UN meeting two days in Switzerland.
Their own side has said the doctors are wobbly, we're hurting people, there's no testing.
They were having a soul, they doubled down with this big crisis.
That's it.
I think this blows up in their face.
I think it's blowing up in their face, and I think this week it came to a head like we've never seen.
I'm calling it the cyber attack on truth.
You had Silicon Valley just shut down.
Silicon Valley just shut down 12 doctors.
I know you were talking about this earlier, but it is such a shocking event.
It's not Alex Jones you lied about.
It's not an asshole like David Duke who we don't like, but he has a speech.
It's doctors who aren't allowed to speak now.
Your front line doctors that are treating people with their own hands, risking their own careers to give them a drug that obviously is controversial around the world, and then finally stepping up and admitting to the world on camera, I'm putting my license on the line to tell you, even though I know Fauci never liked this drug, has been pushing against it, and the FDA has been making it hard to get to, I'm going to stand.
It's so evil!
A man who hasn't touched a patient in 40 years, why are we listening to this guy?
I want to listen to people that are looking to the eyes of human beings that are going to live or die by the choices they're making.
And it's working!
And they're living.
And they're standing there saying, all of my patients are living right now.
You can be saved if you're in a hospital, if you have a relative, and they're not... Here's the thing, they don't have a treatment.
It's not like we like this other treatment.
It's literally no treatment
Let me give you the good news though.
I've looked at Fauci.
He was really arrogant even two weeks ago.
He looks scared as hell on TV now.
He better be because we're coming after him.
It's over.
Whoever now he is working for, I believe Bill Gates and other people like him, he is just a puppet.
He's out there and they're putting him on the line.
And he is going to go down.
And it will not be pretty.
This man needs to be arrested.
And simply because then we need to get him on the stand and say, hey, you want to mitigate your sentence?
Go ahead and start telling us what Bill Gates has been up to.
You're on the inside.
But that's how psychos work.
When they start getting caught, like when the cops are after a psycho who might kill one person a year, they'll kill five in a day.
And they get disorganized.
And that's what they're doing, is they're like doubling down and going crazy.
You know, I met an Israeli professor that investigates crime scenarios.
He teaches, you know, the military there.
And he says it's called a crime cyclone.
That it starts out as just a lie to cover up a problem, but then someone hears the lie, then the lie breaks, you gotta kill somebody, and now you find yourself, you know, in this murder spree, because all it started out with was a singular lie.
It's out of control.
It's out of control, and that's where they're at.
They are now out of control.
They're gonna try and kill, destroy, shut down websites, shut down YouTube.
They don't care, but it's too late.
They're too deep in.
They can't stop this crime spree, trying to cover up what is one of the greatest, most tragic mistakes
I think it started out as a mistake in many ways.
I think Bill Gates took it beyond a mistake and said, I don't care, we're pushing forward.
And that's why he was like hissing on TV and giggling.
Because psychos do that when they've got you chained down.
We're not chained down, asshole.
We see you.
He's doing a little celebration like he's Ted Bundy and we're chained down in a basement.
Dude, we ain't chained down!
We are chained down, no.
And we don't have Stockholm Syndrome either, you know what I mean?
We're not falling in love with our oppressor.
That's what they keep hoping for.
That they just keep, you know, telling us the same lies over and over.
You need us.
You can't live without us.
By the way, this is the most powerful radio I've done in 26 years.
It's the time we're in, though.
It is.
Now you're on fire, brother.
So what's coming next?
You know, what's coming next, I think, is we are going to see these social media companies falling apart.
I mean, they're already turning on half the country.
Oh, they're scared.
When you come from media, when I worked on CBS, you never really, you don't let, it was a medical talk show I worked on, you never want anything to sound Republican or Democrat because you just lost half the country when you do that.
I've been on air 20... The use of the media was pretty fair, actually.
They were caring producers.
Now they're like demons.
Well, because you can't lose millions of viewers.
It's all about money.
And now they're making choices where they're isolating.
They're driving conservatives into this vaccine discussion.
That's the thing about the Globals.
They have the power, but they don't have the smarts.
They are not.
We have got to stop giving them credit for being these brilliant thinkers.
They're like third graders.
It's like watching schoolgirls fight over a doll right now, and in the end, they're going to tear the arms off of both of it.
No one's going to get the doll, and someone's going to step forward.
That's what actually frightens me, though, is, I mean, Gates comes out and says, I don't want you to have a digital tattoo.
And there's 100 articles that day where his company's pushing it.
And people go look at that and they go, Microsoft's front page says, I get a digital tattoo to travel.
He says it's not true.
You're on camera.
We can rewind now.
We didn't get this message by the Pony Express.
We can't say that it was written by somebody else.
You are on camera saying these things.
A history of you saying these things.
How many times has Bill Gates said, I want to reduce the population.
And yet they say, Del Vatri spreads misinformation by saying there's a depopulation agenda.
And now he wants to put something in my body.
I agree.
I'm telling you.
That's what they say, like you said, in the criminology.
Psychos at the end destroy themselves.
They do.
And that's what we're watching right now.
In many ways.
And you've got to feed them, right?
Just keep feeding them energy right now.
Go ahead!
You know, that's why I love it.
You're fighting me, you're going to take me on?
Let's do this!
That's why I prod them and attack them.
No, I agree.
That's right.
Make them swing even wilder, you know?
That's right.
It's like that, you know, you want a bully, just make them swing wildly.
Oh my God, I'm going to be right back.
Stay with us.
Americans have had freedom for so long, and most Americans were born into such docile times compared to the rest of history, that we really have a blind spot for tyranny.
We don't appreciate the American way, truth, justice, due process, the right to self-defense, private property, because we've had it so long, and we just think that's how the rest of the world is.
Ladies and gentlemen, the renaissance, the social contract that's 500 years old to try to build up humanity and try to believe in humanity and try to empower the weak as well as the strong is something the West invented and that's what made our modern world.
That's now been hijacked by the technocrats, by the globalists who say humans are ugly and bad for the earth and we need to be culled and dumbed down and put into subgroups that the elites dominate, manipulate and command if we're even lucky enough to stay alive.
And that's what COVID-19 is.
A global UN revolution against free humanity, against your family, against prosperity, and against your future.
If you don't stand up and fight, you deserve what you get.
There are only a few days left to take advantage of the biggest InfoWars sale of 2020 so far.
It is Christmas in July, and July ends this Friday.
The longest we can run it is a few extra days until Sunday, because we are selling out of almost all of our best-selling products, and the supply chain is breaking down with many of our manufacturers, and so a lot of the reorders are held up months.
In many cases, this could be the last chance you've got in the year 2020 to get these amazing products that empower you and your family's life and health, your immune systems, you name it, your stamina, your libido, your focus, but also you know.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, on your mind.
Well, people talk about kindred spirits.
I remember probably five years ago seeing Del Bigtree's work and then making Vaxxed and having him on the show a few times, but to see you on fire in the spirit of what's happening right now, going through censorship, attacks, everything, seeing you stronger is an archetype.
Not to say we're kindred spirits, but it's a spirit
of resistance and pro-human awakening.
So in the next four minutes of this short segment, before we get back into all the news, next segment, talk about your awakening, your process, because you're more alive than ever under attack, you're more successful than ever, and it's that spirit of not, we're not losers, we're overcomers.
Well, and every, you know, I had a friend that reached out and said, you know, I'm sorry about hearing what happened to YouTube, and I had a lot of friends online that were complaining.
He says, I've known Del for a really long time, and I want to tell you, I have never seen a problem that he's come up against that didn't make him bigger and stronger.
It always works in his favor.
And it's true, but that's how you deal with the world, right?
You use the, I believe in using the energy that comes out.
You don't run from it.
It's empowering to have that energy.
When Count Dooku attacks Yoda, he just grabs the power.
That's right.
But I want to take this moment really quick to get off of just me really in general because you know what's important?
It's how we raise our children.
And when people ask me, where does this start for you?
For me it goes back to how I was raised.
My parents taught me to question authority from the beginning.
They said the most important
You know, voice was my own, my instincts.
And I want to tell you a quick story.
I was in third grade in Boulder, Colorado.
I would walk to school every day with my sister.
It was about four blocks away.
I came back for lunch with my sister and I walked through the door and my mom said, what happened to your t-shirt?
I'd walked out the door in a t-shirt I'd made in art class that
Spelled my gymnastics team across it, the Flyers.
And she said, what happened to your t-shirt?
And I said, well, you know, Craig said it looks stupid, and he lives right next door to the school, so I just borrowed a t-shirt from him.
My mom pulled me out of school the next day, Alex, and I was homeschooled after that.
She said, I will never raise children that care what somebody else thinks.
You like that shirt, you believe in what you're doing, you're gonna believe in who you are and what you are, and that's what makes me who I am today.
That's how I persevere, and if we don't take parenting that seriously,
Then we are just making drones that will do whatever they're told.
Gates admits he wants robots, we want individual souls.
That's it.
And that's what's critical.
Who express their own gift God gave them.
So for the parents out there that say, you know, I want to see change in the world, your children are that change.
That's right.
You cannot fax in that job.
And if you're just going to have a nanny raise them and drop them off at school and pick them up and you're going to focus on your career, then don't have kids!
Yeah, the TV's raising them.
That's right, we can't have that.
Because having a child is a holy act.
That's right.
Your kids should be inspired to be difference makers in this world.
They should recognize that they're given a power inside of them that cannot be snuffed out.
They are not a part of a herd.
They are not a part of a... But listen, you were at CBS, you won major awards, Grammys, Emmys, whatever.
The point is, when did you ignite like this?
What happened?
It was just a process?
Well, you know, it was simply getting out in front of the camera.
I was writing for Dr. Phil, and then I was writing for the Doctor's television show, Travis Stork, and all these doctors.
I enjoyed that process.
And you'd complain, like, no, I didn't want it said that way.
Well, once Vax came out, all of a sudden, that put me out in front of the camera.
Because Andy Wakefield, we decided
They're just going to attack you and make it about them.
And that unleashed you.
And that unleashed me.
They attacked me, but I had the facts, right?
I had the truth.
How do you attack someone that can... I had no problem standing cameras.
Don't they get that their attacks are going to make men and women that were never... try not to be arrogant, where they're holding back.
Don't they realize the power they're unleashing?
No, that's the genius, right?
The genius is they still do not understand that attacking is power.
That every time I'm attacked, you give me more publicity.
They have not wrapped their head around it.
That's how Donald Trump won the election.
They're so arrogant.
They're so arrogant and they're so...
Well, you're very charismatic and smart, so... I mean, they just really screwed up.
They really screwed up, because from the beginning, from Vaxxed, I've been using censorship as a power tool, and they just handed it to me.
It's good to know there's more men in the fight, brother!
The next hour is 60 seconds away!
You can taste victory, can't you?
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
Virgin Mary's are getting torn down.
I mean, crosses are being torn down.
It's absolutely out of control, but people now understand that evil was always real.
It is spiritual, and it was just waiting to make its move, building beneath the surface, and now it's emerged.
That's why when I ask listeners and viewers for your prayer, I mean it.
I'm praying for America.
I'm praying for you.
And I know the power of prayer is real and God hears it.
We need to come together and pray for an even greater awakening.
Pray for Donald Trump to be protected.
Pray for him to win in a landslide and pray for the people under deception of the globalists to awaken and join us in liberty and freedom.
God bless you all.
Please pray for him for us as well.
Yeah, the New World Order put a spell on us.
It's time to break that spell.
Dale Victory, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Emmy award-winning CBS producer.
You know, Big Tree, for now, on Twitter, but you need to go to thehighwire.com.
Actually, my Twitter's not good up right now, either.
They're asking me to take down five of my last tweets, saying, admit that these were... I was about to say, I bet they ban you there next.
Yeah, well, I'm locked up, and I'm really having a problem.
Like Don Jr., he's got a live show at Donner's Press Conference.
Unbelievable, right?
Doctors speaking in front, like, out in open space, with credentials.
In America!
In America!
So, go to highwirethehighwire.com.
And I don't just tell listeners this.
You know how key it is?
Like, people come up to me all over the street and they go, I used to love you, I wish you were still on air again.
I'm like, I'm on 200 radio stations.
I got Infowars.com and Bandai Video.
And they're like, oh, yeah, actually, yeah, see?
There's things outside Twitter and Facebook.
But, we gotta get people ready for that.
We do.
We've got to start making people migrate or helping them migrate.
I'm hoping that there's more, you know, social media platforms that start being built by people that don't believe in censorship.
Maybe aren't in it just for the cash cow and control.
Because that's what happens.
As soon as you bring in sponsors and as soon as you have outside input, then it starts changing everything you believe in.
This is a true story.
Five years ago,
They had, and I had decided on a disclosure, so I'm not going to get into all of it, but they had Facebook's major representative reach out, and they go, listen, we just want you to come to New York, meet with some people, and we want you to kind of work with us.
They said, watch what happens when you do your next live feed.
I was getting like 200,000, 300,000 feeds on Facebook.
It was like 5 million in one minute.
And they're like, you like that?
But then I still came out and attacked.
So imagine that currency they've got to buy people with that fame.
Yeah, I mean, that's the thing.
And a lot of people are vulnerable to that.
To me, I'm all about the truth.
What does it matter if there's five million viewers and you're saying BS?
That's it.
That's what I was doing in television in many ways, and that's why I'm really excited with my show.
That it's worthless!
I brought over two of the producers I worked with on CBS.
One is my executive producer, another one I sent out in the field.
We're all living a dream, right?
We're doing what we could never do in television, you know, in the internet space.
But still, folks, even in old line television, all these producers, all these executives, everything you write's being looked at.
What's it like to be your own self now?
I can't tell you how exciting it is.
And I have to say, getting cut free of YouTube, I think in some ways we felt like that was a shackle that we didn't realize how much we were paying attention to.
And so now we're really free.
Now they're really in trouble.
Now I can say whatever I want.
I'm not ever worried.
You do seem even more energized.
I am energized, man.
I am pumped up.
And the reason is- Nothing like somebody punching the nose!
I think, well, and especially when you're looking at what's just punching the nose, and they just got lucky, and they're dizzy, and you realize, oh my god, I'm about to knock this dude out!
You know, I've got this, I got a little stinger, but oh my god, I've got him on the ropes!
I think that this establishment, this dark control of people, this cabal between Silicon Valley and Pharma, I think it's on its last legs.
They are so- No, I agree!
You were a confident, smart guy.
You were already happy with life, but now you've found your purpose.
I have.
You're actually facing down evil now.
That's right.
That's what people don't get.
They think like fighting evil is this bad thing.
It's energizing.
Like the perception opens up, the discernment.
What is it like?
Have you experienced that?
Like all of a sudden your brain works better?
It's incredible.
In fact, that's what this whole experience has been.
I never really thought of myself as that smart a person.
You know, I did okay in school.
I got through, but now everything sticks.
The medical points and the names and the things, it just flows through you and you realize
Man, I've been in the zone.
I feel like I've been in the zone for about four years since Bax came out.
That's what people don't get.
They persecute me and they go, I've been Valhalla!
It's like, the worse it gets, the closer I, it's like, it's incredible.
I know.
Yeah, they say, well, thank you for your sacrifice.
I'm having the best time of my life.
I could only wish what my life feels like right now upon everybody out there.
To actually find your purpose, to wake up in the morning.
I used to sleep in like noon.
Well, you're standing next to the exterminator of the race.
Well that's it.
So your very genetics are saying, good job, you know, big tree.
That's right.
Your very ancestors are like, yes!
Yes, I feel it.
You can feel it coming through us, right?
And I think many of us alive right now, I think there's a reason we're here right now.
I think that that DNA is flowing through us.
We are being called upon.
Stop hiding from it.
That's why you're in
Give in to your ancestors.
That's it.
Give in to your, you know, your inevitability.
You have a purpose on this planet.
And if you lock in with that, man, you're wired.
There's nothing that can shut you down.
Isn't it like your whole life, it's women, money, power, none of it does it.
When you click in the genetic force of the future, it's like, it's like, I want everybody to have this feeling.
You're explaining it as well as I've been trying to get it across to people.
There's also something else that happened.
It was stepping into Vax.
I knew I was destroying everything I'd built.
All your contacts, all your money.
Everything was going to go away.
And it was that plunge.
I'm in the instant moment, and it's like somebody else is moving my feet.
Somebody else is speaking the words.
I'm just here as a vessel, and I have to tell you, at that moment, you're fearless.
There's nothing that can stop you.
Every day is a celebration of life, and I don't care how long I'm on this planet.
I just want to know that I get to experience it the way I'm experiencing it now, as long as God willing.
And so let's talk about the info the enemy doesn't want to be known, about what's really in these vaccines the day of trials.
Tell people what the enemy doesn't want to hear.
Well, I mean, so here's the deal.
These vaccines are extremely, extremely dangerous.
Only, you know, 0.26% of people should even be considering this vaccine.
They're the only ones that are risking death.
What you have to recognize is 99.74% of us are not dying from this.
And most of us have got to take a test just to find out we have it.
Because we have no symptoms.
And I want you to watch this.
They're slowly backing away from what I've been calling the vaccine unicorn.
We're going to find the unicorn.
This is now a chihuahua with ice cream cones glued to its head.
Because the FDA is saying we will accept a 50% success rate now with the vaccine that we bring forward.
Which is absolutely useless.
Here's what I want you to know.
Your own immune system is beating any vaccine or drug that we have ever seen.
We have never seen any drug on this planet with a 99.74% success rate.
The human body, the God-given body you have, or the evolutional machine that's been designed perfectly, however you want to look at it, has a 99.74% success rate against this virus.
And, for those of you in the 0.26%,
I would highly recommend looking at a hydroxychloroquine if you're in that group that just for some reason your antibodies aren't working right.
And one thing we now know is that 60 to 80 percent of the people in this world were already immune.
You cannot get it.
Odds are you can't get COVID-19.
Because you already had coronavirus.
Because you already had a coronavirus last year, five years ago.
And all you need is the regular nutrients.
That's it!
You need your vitamins, you need good food.
Look, if you want to run around, you know, eating McDonald's every day, Doritos, drinking Coca-Cola, then I might think, you know, I might recommend a vaccine for you.
Because you're destroying your body anyway, and I don't know what hope you have, but if you're treating your body right, if you exercise, if you eat correctly, if you watch how much fluoride you're drinking in your water... And it's a spiritual thing, though.
They know that in studies, the spiritual really boosts the immune system.
You know, it was amazing.
I had an opportunity to be at the National Institute of Health across from Tony Fauci.
He was this far away from me.
Francis Collins was there.
Bobby Kennedy and I had a meeting set up by Donald Trump.
And we said to them, if vaccines are so great, why don't you just do a comparative study?
You're sitting on a database of 10 million people, tens of thousands of unvaccinated people.
Just compare them.
Have the vaccinated and the unvaccinated ask simple questions.
Who has more cancer?
Who has more diabetes?
Who has more ADD, ADHD?
Who has more autism or other neurological disorders?
And you know what they said?
We can't figure out a way to do that study.
Wait a minute.
I'm sitting at the National Institute of Health.
This is the thought leaders of science in the world and you can't figure out how to compare two groups?
And you know what they basically admitted?
We don't know how to isolate the co-founding issues because people who don't vaccinate don't live the same life as others.
They said,
There are other issues that get in the way of their lifestyle choices, meaning people that don't vaccinate also probably aren't standing in airport scanners every time they go into an airport.
They're probably not drinking fluoridated water.
They're definitely not eating Doritos every day and drinking Coca-Cola, you know, like it's going out of style.
And so that's what they're saying to you.
What they're saying is,
We've already done the study, and no matter how we look at anti-vaxxers, they're healthier than those that are vaccinating, but we know that you... Just like Amish don't have autism.
Right, so since I have a healthy lifestyle, I gotta be poisoned so that the Dorito eaters are allowed to walk on this planet?
I'm sorry!
The old big tree is on fire!
Stay with us.
The people are awakening.
They're taking control of their own environment.
Cell phones are an amazing tool.
Really, they're a supercomputer that's handheld.
But big tech, large corporations, hackers, governments, foreign governments, the Chai Coms especially, are using this to steal your data, to share your data, to be able to rig markets when they're able to scoop up billions of people's data.
They can actually predict on record what's going to happen in mass movements.
Cutting them out of that data stream absolutely devastates their AI takeover.
In their own words, they admit it.
Show, I've been selling privacy pouches and locket pockets and things like that for more than a decade.
And now the units have gotten really lightweight.
They're Faraday cages.
They just look like a cloth envelope.
They work absolutely great.
And it just gives you that security to have power over your data and power over your identity when you are traveling and don't want Big Brother to know what you're up to because it's none of their business.
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Where did it come from?
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Emmy Award winning producer, Bill Bigtree is here, but his real laurels are the work he's done with Vaxxed and how he's been banned off YouTube and the rest of it and all these medical doctors coming out exposing...
These therapeutics that are incredibly effective against COVID-19 being banned.
So it's not the KKK being banned.
I don't like the KKK, but I say don't ban them because next will be me.
Well, then it was me, and now it's medical doctors.
I mean, this is so cut and dry, and I think they've really jumped the chart.
Well, they have.
And you know what's amazing about that?
When you said that is, you now have thousands of doctors and scientists that are being sidelined, right?
They're being called liars.
And this is exactly what happened to Dr. Andy Wakefield.
This is the heart of Vax.
I mean, this scientist... And talk about Vax!
Has he not been vindicated?
I believe that he has been vindicated.
I know that history will look back and say we lost one of the greatest scientists of our time.
By the way, he just put out a great film, 1986, The Act, which talks about how they took liability away from the vaccines.
So we had this great scientist in the UK that had his career destroyed by the General Medical Council, which is basically their HHS or their Tony Fauci, went after a doctor that was saying, I'm seeing some sort of connection between this MMR vaccine and injury in children.
Well, doctors all around the world say, well, he's that discredited doctor.
In fact, I'll bet you if you grabbed the 12 people that stood up in front of the Supreme Court, they'd say, oh yeah, that Andy Whitefield guy, you know, he was fraudulent.
But they don't recognize that's what they're doing to you.
This is what they do.
It is so easy to do it.
If they own the television, if they own the universities.
All the science proves it's gut flora and issues with vaccines and autoimmune.
The man was way ahead of his time.
You never heard of gut flora and he had done a hundred and seventy studies that were published in journals on Crohn's disease, gut flora, talking about how your gut flora does appear to be affecting your brain.
Not to take credit away, he said the mothers told them when they have diarrhea, when they're having Crohn's, that's when they're mental.
And then he found out about the connection.
Well, that was what was amazing about that study that he's famous for, that this was apparently debunked.
Total lie.
You know, how it was debunked is outrageous.
But that's what they saw.
When they had these 12 kids that were in this study that were autistic, their parents were saying their autism started right after they developed this gut disease that happened right after the vaccinations.
Well, when they would clear their intestines out, right, they were going to do colonoscopies and things to find out what is this gut illness.
That's what the parents were bringing their children forward.
Just like you drink alcohol, you get high.
They would clear them out for the day before they were going to get the colonoscopy, and all of a sudden, all the repetitive motions would disappear in the kids.
Why was it affecting what was supposed to be a psychological problem?
Why is cleaning out their intestinal system making their mannerisms and these associations to autism disappear?
It was one of the greatest discoveries of all times, and what did we do?
We just destroyed it!
The medical establishment said,
Bought the whole field.
Bought the whole field.
That's it.
It's running it.
Every side of it.
The testing side of it.
The vaccinating side of it.
The tracking side of it.
The cyber side of it.
All of it is being controlled.
I mean, this is scary, scary times.
But the point I want to make is when we look at this, and this is
This is going to be hard, I think, for some of your listeners.
It is for mine, too.
But the point is, you know who's at risk of COVID-19?
It's the pharmaceutically dependent people.
It's not that you're over the age of 65.
That's who it is.
It's that you're over the age of 65 with comorbidities like heart disease, COPD.
You should have been smoking those cigarettes your whole life.
I'm sorry, but you know it's a free country.
You said, I want to live in the moment.
I want to drink as much as I want to.
Alcohol, I mean, I want to smoke cigarettes.
I want to eat McDonald's and guess what?
It's a free country.
But now that you're sick and now that you're on drugs to keep you alive, you're not allowed to say that it's my responsibility to change the way I live so that I can protect you.
You know what?
You're in a bubble.
You need to be in a bubble.
You put yourself in that bubble.
But when we heard the story of the boy in the bubble that we grew up with, it was one kid in a bubble.
We felt bad for him.
He had autoimmune disease.
Well, now he's the only one out of the bubble.
The rest of us have got to wear a bubble and that is not cool.
He's in the bubble, so we gotta be in the bubble.
Right, we all gotta be in the bubble.
No, I'm sorry.
Whatever happened to you, whatever was going on with you, I care for you.
It's like 60% of births now, I was reading in Austin, it's like 50% nationwide, are cesarean.
And they induce the delivery, the cervix doesn't soften, then they've gotta do the thing, they're making everything artificial.
Everything is artificial.
And they skip the entire biome process, right?
Birth, we know, all of that bacteria, all that natural bacteria that's gonna protect the skin, that they're gonna drink in and breathe in and creates their gut biome.
They're gonna get all their mother's immunity.
It's not there.
They're not getting any of their mother's immunity.
And the mother's not having that interaction.
She's not triggering
You know, her own, you know, connections, systems with the child.
You know, we have postpartum depression like we've never seen because we're not having that last handoff moment, you know, where these two souls that we found together, you know, separate out.
It is a spiritual moment.
It is a spiritual moment.
And we're taking the spiritual moment away.
That binding.
And this is the foolhardiness of modern medicine, right?
It's going to just fix everything.
But it knows what it's doing.
It's taking control of the process.
Well, that's where you and I might differ.
I don't give them that much credit.
I don't think the average doctor knows, but up at the level...
There are probably some really sick individuals.
A couple of them at the top that know what's going on.
Most doctors really mean well.
But you just said, you know, it's a big spiritual moment when a mother gives birth.
That's right.
And that whole moment and that thing is like a connection.
We, you know, we had midwives and we were giving birth to our children and the midwives would talk about the times that they have to transport to a hospital.
There are, you know, the doctors call in all the new doctors and say, come watch this.
There's going to be a natural childbirth as though it has not, I mean, literally they hadn't seen one.
It's like, it's incredible.
They gather around like, oh my God.
Like aliens.
Like aliens watching a woman give birth.
Like, we've never seen anything like this.
That's how bad it is.
Nobody's naturally giving birth anymore.
There'll be a moment where they say, oh, it's a conspiracy that women are never breastfed.
They try to keep the kid away for a day.
That's it.
The milk doesn't come in.
I mean, it's all scientific.
That's it.
And then, and then, remember we had that whole... Because the brain ends up being bigger if you get the milk your mother had for you.
Which isn't just protein and fat, it's literally all of her immunity and all of her... Enzymes that do not exist on this planet anywhere else.
That totally trigger the brain.
And that change depending on where the kid is at.
When a kid is sick, do you know that the mother's milk changes to absolutely to deal with that illness?
There's nothing like it on the planet.
And they can't deal with that science, that's why.
No, and, oh, and you're, oh, and by again, again, it's, oh, and you are making everybody feel bad that they can't breastfeed.
The brain's a third smaller on average.
It doesn't have the connections, and that's why they're zombified.
They literally didn't get, what do you think women got these for while we love them?
That's like the future of humanity is in those breasts.
Well, and, and this is the problem.
I'm, I get it.
Some mothers can't breastfeed.
We're not judging that.
I'm not judging you.
But trying to keep kids away from that.
And that's where science is great, right?
Science is great that it figures out a way to create a formula that, for those people who cannot breastfeed... In the old days, they knew donkey milk was, you know... Right, but that's supposed to be for a small percentage of us.
Like, every drug, everything you do, science is only good for a few people, but it's when, hey, we're just not making enough money, let's get everybody to stop breastfeeding, let's sell our products to everybody, and that's the sickness, right?
That's where it goes... They're forcing you, so you use the product.
Getting healthy people and putting them on a regimen they don't need.
That's what vaccinations are doing.
Healthy people don't die from measles.
Healthy people don't die from polio.
Healthy people don't die from these things.
In fact, I only get sick like once every five years.
That's right, because obviously you take care of yourself.
And they'll say, it's practically illegal to make that point now, right?
No doctor, right?
Think about how crazy this is.
You know when I get sick, it's like I'm at the RNC, I'm up for three days.
I'm drinking a bunch, and I'm drinking tons of caffeine, and then I get sick.
It's every time I push myself way out past the point.
You have your adrenaline going and going and going, you're not eating right, you're skipping meals, you're missing your vitamins, you're drinking crappy water, and the next thing you know, you know, you pay the price.
I think about people who live like that every day, though.
When I see these people, when I watch these grocery carts, and here's the thing, right?
They're trying to say that I have to wear a mask to protect you.
Stay there, let's talk about it with Dale Bigtree.
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A lot of you have been listening for more than 20 years.
And if you go back to those shows, we laid out the AI takeover plan, the tracking of cell phones, how programmed master computers would manipulate control society, how they'd be able to not just predict,
I think so.
But when we cover that, the media would attack us and say we were making it up.
It was a conspiracy theory, even though it was in the actual corporate-level blueprint documents.
Well, the next level of the blueprint documents explained to us that they are setting up this control system to make humans obsolete and phase us out.
And it's something about a thousand times crazier than what Hitler planned.
So we might want to dismantle the system now.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
Moderna vaccines sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect ranging from severe chills to fevers.
Are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA, not being pressured, will look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
So he falls back on the immunity from the 1986 act.
Bill Bigtree, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Emmy Award winner, is here with us.
At Dale Bigtree, he's locked down on Twitter, he's banned on YouTube now, but you can still find him at TheHighWire.com.
Let's talk about Bill Gates and his agenda and what he's doing and where you see all this going.
Well, I think that there's an agenda to forcibly inject every single human on this planet.
That's what he's already said.
They want 7.5 billion people being vaccinated.
This is what the World Health Organization met back in December to how to stop vaccine hesitancy because our goal is to have everybody vaccinated.
Why do they have to vaccinate everybody?
Because the vaccine program failed.
You have to understand when they started the vaccine program,
We're good.
You're not lying.
The studies show it's the Vax that are getting sick.
Even worse, because there's been vaccinations out there just like in the biotic.
So they're trying to prop up their collapsing house of cards.
It's falling apart.
That's it.
It's falling apart and the only thing they need to do is inject you more.
We just got to keep injecting them.
We'll figure, and this is it.
It's like, they're like rats on a sinking ship.
You know, the problem is, is that their only way is, we don't know how to fix the problem.
Polio is now running rampant in many countries caused by the vaccine.
And so they call it polio-like.
Polio-like, but they're not even doing that.
CDC's admitting it's vaccine-strained polio.
And the fine print, they admit it's vaccine-strained.
So how the hell are they giving you polio?
We are not being vaccinated for the strain.
My grandmother died at 92, three years ago.
And I remember, she told me, she said, no, my doctor told me the second round of shots, I was given it.
She was like, I'm tough, it's okay.
She was paralyzed most of her life in a wheelchair.
But the point is, is that they told her the vaccine gave it to her.
They used to admit it.
That's right.
And we used to say it is a casualty.
You hear Bill Gates saying, you know, 10,000 or 10 million people, whatever his number is, will get injured by this vaccine.
It's a side effect.
But, you know, that's just part of what we have to put up with.
Well, why are we just putting up with this tiny little casualty from the virus then, where none of us even have any side effects?
I mean, think about this.
Moderna is injuring everybody.
Everybody's getting sick.
That virus can't do that.
The virus isn't that bad.
What are they thinking where it says,
100% got sick, 20% went to hospital, 80% got super ill.
What the heck?
Why would you do this, inject everyone, knowing they're going to get sick and you're the villain?
You're going to make 100% of people sick with a vaccine when only 0.26% are having a problem with the virus.
So does Bill Gates have a death wish?
You know, I think that he is blind, and it really gets to a spiritual story, right?
I think back to the creation story, and God says, hey, just don't eat of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.
And as a kid, I didn't really understand that.
When I look at Bill Gates, this is the problem, right?
You have this beautiful world.
I've got it all figured out.
We've got the bacteria and virus.
You've been working in concert.
Everything's working perfectly.
But then man thinks, oh no, I'm smarter than God, right?
I'm smarter than all this.
I can, I can start eliminating a bacteria.
I can, I can eradicate a virus inside of your body, even though there's billions.
So bottom line is, don't play God.
Don't play God.
And once you start playing God, where do you stop?
Well, you have to double down.
Once there's a problem, oh, I'm the only one that can fix the problem because God didn't make this problem.
Man made this problem.
And so now we're in a position where vaccines are what are destroying herd immunity.
Let me be perfectly clear.
The only thing vaccines have ever achieved is destroying herd immunity.
It never created it.
It destroys herd immunity.
Explain that.
Because we had herd immunity.
That's true.
No one was dying from measles by the time the vaccine came along.
In 1961, the death rate of measles in America was 1 out of 500,000 Americans.
That's 0, 0, 0, 0, like after the decimal point.
But then the vaccine came along.
There were things that we had.
No baby, even in an outbreak, ever died from measles because they couldn't get it.
Because mothers that had gotten measles as kids held on to lifelong immunity, but passed it on to the child once they were born.
Now that we're back... Explain, the first three weeks of milk has all the immunity.
I don't even think you have to breastfeed.
It is literally placenta-driven that you have the immunity given over.
The breastfeeding takes a year and a half of natural immunity and maybe extends it to two or three years.
Like on colostrum?
The colostrum?
I mean, it's huge in the health of the baby.
As if our mother isn't better than Bill Gates.
It's a human.
It's an attack on women, really, right?
It's us.
This entire thing is the most shocking.
That's how amazing women are.
I mean, and I was once a liberal most of my life, but, you know, for a group to say, oh, you know, I'm with her and, you know, women's first, my body, my choice.
They hate women.
They hate the intuitive instincts inside of women, the power of women, their ability to heal and feed and give birth and give life.
Bill Gates wants to be that woman.
He wants that power.
He wants to create life.
He wants to control life.
He wants to manipulate life.
He wants to affect population size and the planet Earth.
He wants to affect how we farm, how we grow things, how we poison things, what we spray on things.
He wants to be our God.
He does.
He's got a God complex.
You're on fire now.
You're absolutely right.
So, what do you predict is coming in the future?
Because there is a global awakening.
I believe that we are going to see all of this fall.
I think Bill Gates is going to fall.
I think out in the future, he will be tried for treason, and rightfully so.
This man is an American citizen that worked with foreign agents.
And when I got pulled off of YouTube, they put up things like the W.H.O.
We respond to what the W.H.O.
That's not even a government agency.
is not.
That's a foreign agency.
Since when does the U.N.
I'm not allowed to question the pharmaceutical industry that has paid out hundreds of billions of dollars for murdering innocent people, whether it's the Sackler family and Johnson & Johnson with the OxyContin epidemic.
Johnson & Johnson has a vaccine in this game.
They are rushing a vaccine that killed animals in trials.
They lied to us about Oxycontin that is now getting 60-70,000 people killed every year.
That the FDA was behind.
They all said it was safe.
They want to just normalize killing us.
They want to normalize it.
They don't want any responsibility.
We can be wrong.
We can get you killed.
We can say that talcum powder was safe your whole lives.
Now we know it was asbestos.
We're sprinkling asbestos on our naked babies because Johnson & Johnson was like, you know, cared about us and our children.
All of these people, Merck.
Because to him it's a sick joke.
Merck, Pfizer, it's all about money.
We see when we can sue, right?
When you can actually sue the manufacturers, which you can't with vaccines, you get to see their internal emails where they're laughing about the people that are going to die.
And they point to the bottom line.
It's like, it's Bayer with the blood, the Factor VIII.
They said screw these hemophiliacs, so what if they die?
We know they're going to die, but we'll make so much money anyway, what's that lawsuit going to cost us?
So what?
Why would you write it in corporate minutes?
Arrogance, right?
And that's it.
That's what darkness is.
Once you're God, what are you afraid of?
I can write whatever I want.
I'm God, right?
Well, that's why they're going to fall.
Jesus Christ.
That's why they make the mistakes that they do.
And that's why no one can stand that man, right?
Bill Gates literally, think about what he thought the plan was.
There was a couple weeks ago, he was on Ellen DeGeneres.
He was literally on every media platform.
I'm sure he's funding them.
He's literally
He's paying for people to be forced to be in his party.
He's like that pathetic kid that no one likes and the family just buys his friends.
He bought his way into television stations across the country and Ellen's feed on social media that had the video up had so much negativity they had to take it down.
People hate Bill Gates which you have to recognize that if that was part of the plan I'm going to be the ruling dictator and everyone's going to love me and they're going to just do whatever I say.
Isn't that the beauty that humanity is rejecting?
And that's where we have got to stay confident.
You have to recognize that even the people that are wearing masks, that, you know, deep down hate it.
Inside of them, there's still, their blood is boiling about it.
Something's really wrong.
And now this jerk, Fauci, is going to make me wear goggles?
I mean, are we serious?
Goggles next?
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The BBC is state-run media in the UK and they've come out with a detailed article that's linked on Infowars.com saying you will have to have forced inoculations multiple times a year to be able to travel.
Robots will scan you when you land.
You will have a digital tattoo under your skin.
To be able to enter the country, but it's going to be so easy and so cool and so fun.
The Microsoft website now officially has announced the digital tattoo.
We exposed this six months ago, now Bill Gates was funding it, and they had hundreds of news articles attacking us saying it wasn't true.
This is a tactic they used.
First they announce it, we say it's a bad idea.
They say, that's crazy, we didn't do it.
They introduce the idea to you, then they come back and announce it again, thinking you have no memory.
This is a criminal takeover.
This is the line in the sand.
We must say no.
We must expose the fraud of COVID-19 that this entire house of evil is built on.
I'm Alex Jones.
Never surrender to tyranny.
A lot of you are probably already very familiar with these terms I'm about to introduce, but some folks aren't.
So, for those that aren't, here they are.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, Dale Bigtree, documentary filmmaker of Vax, is here with us, he's on fire.
I've invited him to come co-host, he's done me once.
And we've got Dr. Nick Baggett, one of the pioneers exposing the whole Globals operation.
Coming up, about to take over next hour, but...
I've got so many articles here.
Ohio abandons its hydroxychloroquine ban after public outrage.
That is such a big victory that they're firing doctors, they're persecuting them, they're censoring them.
But the fact it's an approved drug, it has an incredible success rate.
The fact that they're trying to create this fear and it's blowing up in his face, that's a major positive.
It's really major, and it just shows, you know, how the people, we've got to recognize how powerful we are, right?
All of these, you know, when they took down those videos, that's one thing, the 17 million views of the doctors that stood in front of the Supreme Court, but that's not what blew my mind.
The next morning, when I woke up Tuesday morning, my Facebook feed was nothing but that video.
People stepping forward saying, I, and you know, you saw them giving warnings.
Any of your listeners who just joined us, explain.
Yeah, there were like a bunch of doctors getting paid.
She has healed 300 of her patients.
No one died with hydroxychloroquine.
They all had similar stories.
Telling the truth.
Saying we really do have a treatment.
People don't need to die anymore.
This death rate can be stopped right now in its tracks if we just use this brilliant treatment that's available.
17 million views on Facebook in 6 hours.
And then Facebook pulled it.
YouTube pulled it.
Twitter pulled it.
A total commitment to evil.
A total commitment to evil and admitting it, right?
And then, what I was saying the next morning, it was the citizens, the people that just found that video and just started putting it up so that all I could see was thousands and thousands of people.
We have two million views on Banned.Video.
Yeah, amazing, right?
People have just gone crazy.
And that's the difference.
You cannot stop the people.
They cannot stop the truth.
And what do they think?
They're going to take down my YouTube channel?
And now more doctors are coming out.
More doctors are now being emboldened, saying, I'm going to stand with those doctors.
And scientists all around the world.
The one thing that has really shifted, Alex, and I've been at this for five years, discussing vaccines and health and safety around drug companies, is that they used to always say that the consensus of science says that vaccines are safe.
The consensus of science.
They have destroyed their own consensus with this.
Their consensus is dead.
You now have, you know, DDR- By the way, we don't lie.
We don't lie.
We don't say positive things that are not true.
You're right.
They are destroying their own consensus.
They are making their own doctors not trust the FDA.
This is a big deal.
You saw the UN video December at the WHO, the head of vaccine.
He goes, our doctors don't believe we're hurting people.
We don't test it.
There's a cover-up.
We're covering up.
We've got to be more honest with our doctors.
We've got to do more studies we can put in their hands so that they can defend the products that they're giving because these parents are coming more armed with more material, more under the doctor's eye.
And then they say, no, we're skipping them.
They said, stop it.
No, no, we're not doing more studies.
We're going to keep our doctors more in the dark.
And any doctor that steps forward, we're going to try and wakefield them.
So we've reached that point, though, when psychos get caught.
I'm not saying this to be positive.
This is true.
We've reached the point where they're just doubling down.
They're going to fail now.
But what do they do to claw back power?
They're going to pull something back.
Well, and think about this.
They're desperate, right?
I mean, we now have caged, cornered shrews, these tiny little, tiny minds that have been trying to take over the world, and they were getting away with it for some time.
Now they're doubling and tripling down.
Think about it.
They're willing to kill American citizens now by denying them hydroxychloroquine.
What's next?
I mean, you were talking about the murder of 100,000 Americans.
Well, and what's that going to be?
How many people are going to be sick once we get into flu season?
And now they're going to push the flu vaccine, which the study on the military here in America, thousands of the military found a 38% increase in coronavirus amongst military that got the flu shot versus those that did not.
Huge study out of Japan.
Well yeah, it lowers your immunity.
It blows your immunity.
We've seen this.
A double blind study out of Japan saw that the flu shot, those that got it... Look, I'm not going to tell men what boosts your immunity, okay?
It's a family show, but... I mean, this is out of control, folks.
It's out of control.
And here's the point, and all I do is show published science.
All I've ever done... I'm a medical journalist.
I make sure I have multiple sources to anything that I've said on my show.
On YouTube, they do not have a ground to stand on.
I have done nothing but present scientific evidence of the points that I make on Twitter.
All I've ever done... And you have a belief that truth will win.
I do.
Which is being documented.
So I love how you're not rolling over in fear that you were censored.
That's why they censored us incrementally, was to get others to be afraid and not stand up.
No, everyone should speak up.
Everyone has to speak up.
That's what our Founding Fathers demanded of us.
That's what Jesus Christ demanded of us.
That's what I mean, whatever religion you're in, every prophet that ever stood says, if you can't stand in your truth, then you don't deserve the Kingdom of Heaven, man!
What are you doing here?
You've been given every opportunity in the world to live in truth.
You can't let other people take that away from you.
And on my show, I stood in the articles against me with their bullet points of what Del Victorio said.
I said, yep, I did say that.
I did say that.
You're misrepresenting this.
I said that.
I said that.
And I'm not afraid of anything.
I stand and I will present evidence.
I will debate anyone in the medical establishment.
I will sit across from Bill Gates on CBS Live and I will go toe-to-toe with that guy.
I know you would do it too.
I have known people like, how can he be so bold?
Because it's the truth.
He's got to make up lies.
He's got to remember what lie goes to what lie.
Tony Fauci, I mean, look at this guy.
He's gotta tell us masks work, but now all of a sudden I gotta wear goggles.
He just admitted, by the way, I'm being attacked for, I've said I think masks are a joke, I don't think they protect you, and now he just admitted it by saying you need goggles.
If masks work, why do I need goggles?
It's the whole point, you can't touch your mask all the time, you can't stick it in the ashtray of your car, and then put it back on, and walk in the restaurant, take it off, lay it on the table, you didn't wash it, put it back on, stick it on the counter while you're washing your hands, put it back on, you're wearing a dirty
Plus, not getting those viruses makes you weaker.
And then now, goggles.
Here's the point, folks.
I want to just make this perfectly clear.
If you are afraid of a 0.26 death rate of COVID-19, that's your right.
But don't believe that mask is doing anything for you.
Then roll over to the flu with a cold and life will be nose over.
He's right.
You do need goggles.
But you know what you need?
You need a mask.
You need a hazmat suit.
Let's be honest.
No one that works with virus would ever
I mean, look at this cult leader!
Look at these cult leaders!
Look at this moron!
I mean, they are losing control.
I can see the air gaps.
So now they're wearing masks.
Oh, perfect.
Telling us we've got to wear masks.
Yeah, absolutely perfect.
This is the world we're going to.
And here's the point.
Wear a hazmat suit.
We're going to mandate hazmat suits?
You know, we don't attempt to avoid herd immunity that much because we're this close, man.
They don't want to have natural births, they want us in pods.
That's it.
And that's been written about in science fiction novels that used to be required reading.
Have you looked into that?
I'll bet you anything nobody reads 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World.
They're not reading that in high school anymore.
You can't have kids embracing the idea that governments may actually not be out for your best interest.
There's no way.
Just like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams told us, right?
We're giving you a government.
It's going to be a mess.
It's a necessary evil because we don't want you all killing each other.
But you better watch out.
But you better watch out, man.
This is a pit bull from hell.
And if you feed it wrong, you're treating it wrong.
We're only giving you a government to block other worse governments.
That's it.
This is the best we could find.
It's still a piece of crap, but man,
Be very careful with it.
And now we see people that hate our Constitution.
They hate this country.
And they are, you know, they're pushing an agenda, you know, to say we don't need borders, right?
Let's just be a world, let's just be the breadbasket of the world.
Let's just all this, do this together.
Yeah, go ahead, just pay me like... Yeah, wear a mask, you can't trust anything, but then open up any political system.
That's right.
I mean, oh, and by the way, while this, this COVID-19, you know what else it's doing?
It's destroying your change in your dollar bills.
Those are disappearing.
What the hell does that have to do with the virus?
They're bringing their whole system.
The whole surveillance is coming in.
World government, forced inoculations, tracker chips, and then, like I said, Gates is like,
Yeah, we want you to take a digital tattoo injection.
Okay, here, Gates said it.
Oh, I didn't say that!
Why isn't he standing it?
You'll never hear me say, I didn't say something that I have on video.
I was backing it.
And by the way, science changes.
I'll be the first one to say, you know what?
I did say that.
That was the public science of that time.
It has modernized.
They've made mistakes.
Let's bring this up.
Obviously, Gates is a front guy, but this isn't going the way he thought it would go.
It is not going the way he planned.
It's not going the way anyone planned.
They did not expect 50% of Americans are now questioning using the vaccine.
30% saying, I won't go near that thing over my dead body.
And all these doctors coming out.
And all these doctors coming out.
But it's the greatest thing for me.
I mean, I'll be honest.
There was an article that came out, Media Matters Against Me, last Thursday.
It was clear.
Another one came out over the weekend.
CNN did a story with me in it on Saturday.
My Twitter went down Thursday.
By Monday, Facebook was threatening to take me down.
On Wednesday, YouTube took me down.
I feel like I was the goal for the week, but then these doctors, they're like angels for me.
They came out of nowhere.
They stood in front of the Supreme Court, 17 million views, and boom, oh my god, we were just supposed to be taking down Della Brigtree this week, now we gotta take down doctors?
They think exactly.
As more people get involved.
It was awesome.
That's it, man.
It couldn't have been better timing because it showed the world, it's not just me, I've had half those doctors on my show!
They're standing in truth.
They're treating people.
They care about people.
They're not throwing up their hands saying, yeah, everybody I put on a ventilator dies.
And by the way, I want to be perfectly clear.
I do celebrate and say thank you to those frontline doctors that stood in front of D.C.
I do not thank these doctors that are going along with protocols that essentially says, I'm not going to give you anything.
I can't put you on an oxygen machine.
I'm going to stick you on a ventilator.
I'm going to kill you.
Five more minutes until Big Tree.
We'll be right back in four more seconds.
Whether you believe in evolution in the modern theory or not, the globalist controllers do, and they constantly write about and talk about how they want to create a global crisis or a group of crises that force humans to, quote, evolve in a new, better way.
Now, when you study how they actually want you to evolve, if you believe in that,
It is to stop having children emerge with silicon bodies and a post-human future.
Talk about psychotic.
Talk about creepy.
Talk about crazy.
But they need an event like COVID-19 to teach a mammal to wear some covering over its nose, over its breathing tubes, to set the precedent for the forced inoculations, for the GMO, for the 5G, and for all the things that they admit will end our humanity as we know it.
That's why this is so evil.
Their whole agenda for a cashless society, global government, UN control, getting us all into debt, getting rid of local government.
Think about all the facets of it.
The censorship, the surveillance.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, Dale Bigtree's here with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we have Nick Begich taking over next segment.
In the last five minutes we have less.
Final points you want to make people?
The point is this, is that your body is your own.
You know, your children are your children.
It's really that simple.
We are not property of the U.S.
We are certainly not property of the Chinese government, which really is going to take over this country.
They're going to take over this country if we are hunkered down in our basements and not manufacturing anything, not growing anything.
Not producing anything, then while we're in our basements, China's going to have to take care of us.
And we are looking at losing the power that the United States of America has had.
This is beyond a medical issue.
This medical issue is getting in our way and it's clouding our thinking.
If China was attacking our borders right now, we would risk millions of lives to go and fight and make sure that we maintain our property, that we hold on to our jobs, that we hold on to American exceptional, you know,
I don't know.
I'm going outside the grocery store.
I'm going to stop you and your Doritos and your Kool-Aids and your sodas and your lack of vegetables.
And I'm going to say, no, no, get back in that store.
I'm going to start writing laws to make you healthy.
If I'm responsible for you, then you don't want me up your butt.
I would love to have that job.
I believe it's a free country.
You go ahead, eat what you want, drink what you want, smoke what you want, but leave me alone when you get sick.
I'm not responsible to keep you alive after you messed up your life.
So let's decide where the line is drawn.
You want me in your life?
Then I'll do it.
We're going to do it preemptively.
We're going to make everybody healthy.
We're going to put them on all the vitamins you can find here at Alex Jones.
We're going to make sure you can't get COVID-19.
How about that?
Let me ask you this question before you're on fire, Dale Bigtree.
What do you think comes next for Gates?
Obviously, he's blown up in his face.
He's the front guy for the agenda.
What happens next?
You're going to see a massive onslaught by media.
You're going to see everything under attack.
You're going to see Trump under massive, massive attack because he just won't get along with the program.
You are going to watch social media shutting down everybody, everything in sight.
It's a total blitzkrieg.
It's just started.
They're playing their hands.
It is war.
The war is on.
And it's a war of truth.
I don't want people thinking I'm out there trying to call people to arms.
You are armed with a mouth.
You are armed with a mind.
You are armed with intuition.
Use it.
You are being asked and called to talk to people around you.
You're armed with a will.
You have a will.
That's right.
And by the way, get into your calling.
Get into the reason you're here.
And you will find yourself energized to do what's right.
I can't tell you.
You know we can't tell people what's right.
You know what you're supposed to do.
But isn't that what scares the globalists?
Is they feel human will turning on?
They feel it turning on in such a way and they don't know what to do about it.
A bunch of lizard brains.
They can't inspire you.
That's what they've decided.
They can't.
We have got to muzzle you because you're making more sense to everybody in the world than we are.
We can't seem to language why you would want to poison 97% of the planet.
Well that's it.
Everything we do is successful.
Everyone wants it because it's human.
That's right.
So who are these people?
They don't know what to do with us.
That's right.
So all we can do is try and shut them down.
And yet, I shut them down.
They appear over here and they're over here.
And now there are more platforms.
That's what you've done.
You've led the way, man.
I want to thank you for showing people like me the way that we never have been worried about.
That's true.
It's all about the listeners, isn't it?
It's all about those people out there that spread the words to have you check this website out, you checking this guy, see what they're saying.
So people can go to thehighwire.com, sign up for the newsletters, just so that I'll never share with anybody.
It's totally encrypted.
I'm just going to tell you, here's where we're at.
They shut down, you know, this streaming apparatus.
By the way, all of our videos are moving to band.video right now.
So over the course of the next couple of weeks, we're going to populate there.
I want to thank you for that work.
Thank you for being with us.
No, Dale.
We love you.
We love Dr. Nick Vagich.
I want to say, best of times, worst of times, I feel huge human empowerment right now.
I mean, I just feel incredible.
Adversity makes us feel alive, right?
It makes us realize we're alive.
You gotta get cut to realize, oh my God, I have a body that can, and I can watch it heal.
You know, without, you know, we don't trust what we can do if we aren't, you know, if we don't rip those muscles, we don't grow muscles, we don't, you know, catch these bacteria and viruses.
Well, I want you to host the show.
So pick a day you want to host.
We love you, brother.
Love you all.
So, what's the best website?
God bless you.
All right, I've got enough baggage.
I'll introduce you when we come back.
Thank you, sir.
Good to see you, sir.
We love you.
I will.
All right.
Sounds good.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us for 60 seconds.
Vicki Gibbs, 57-year-old lesbian preacher in Houston, went in with a cough, got intubated, and then died.
And as soon as I saw her face, as soon as I saw the report, I said, watch, it'll be intubation.
We know what's going to happen.
It's a blue city.
Same story yet again.
And they say her heart gave out.
If you put somebody on a breathing tube with COVID-19 as a death sentence, it's on record.
Warn everyone you know before they go into the hospital and get killed.
Why are almost all the deaths happening in blue cities and blue states?
It's because they intubate them, putting a tube in their lungs, and COVID-19 is causing an autoimmune response.
And if you do that with oxygen, the doctors are on record saying it will kill you.
But, all these doctors in blue cities and blue states follow their orders.
And the minute I saw this report today, I knew what I would be reading.
Don't end up like Vicki Gibbs or everyone.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Or you're mine.
I can feel my ancestors are pleased with me.
But they know the war is here.
The enemy and their pedophile rings are being exposed.
Their operations are being exposed, but don't lie to yourself.
The enemy counter-strike is coming.
Make no mistake.
Just because our ancestors are pleased with us,
Does not mean we've won the war yet.
Dr. Nick Begich is taking over right now.
Dr. Begich, we really appreciate you and love you.
We're glad you're here today.
What would you call this time and space we're in right now?
Because I want to be optimistic.
I feel a great awakening happening, but I also understand the empire will strike back.
Yeah, you know, we've been talking about this for over 25 years, you know, this whole issue and what's been happening.
And, you know, I got to say, when I look at how it unfolded, you know, and I was thinking about the program today and how to how what you guys were doing is sort of the handoff and
You know, when you think about it, it's really at the brink is where I would say we are.
And it's and we were looking forward, you know, you know, kind of predicting this 25 years ago.
And it's all the steps are there.
But I still didn't like this pathological optimist in terms of how I view it.
I think we have the opportunity to leap into this without, you know, this fetus.
Oh, I'm beaten down sort of viewpoint that so many have adopted.
And I believe that's part of the
Programming that's been going on is to take our energy away and take what we are away.
No, I agree!
I feel victory!
Yeah, I do, too.
I mean, I'm and I, you know, I always think we live in, as I used to say, in interesting times, you know, and I think we do and how we engage it.
And, you know, this is a shortstop.
And I've said it recently on a lot of the programs, 80 years, maybe if we're lucky, maybe a little longer, you know, shortstop between interviews.
After that, you've got eternity.
So what we do here matters and we should
I think so.
Where I see the optimism as we come into our own individual power, don't let globalists take it from us individually.
And that's where the sovereignty of the nation began with which is with sovereign individuals.
So that's, I mean, that's the nature of it.
That's why I love, you know, what we do here together, you know, to remind people of what we are.
Moderna vaccines sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA not being pressured will
Look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
You know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the things that are there.
Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose to get the antibodies.
Some of the other vaccines
Are going able to go with lower doses to get responses that are pretty high, including the J&J and the Pfizer.
And so there's a lot of characteristics of these vaccines.
It's great that we have multiple of them that are going out there.
And yes, I think you know the data better than I do.
But the bill that the data that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic, where it's just super painful.
But yes, we need to make sure there's not severe side effects.
The FDA, I think, will do a good job of that, despite the pressure.
How many doses of the vaccine will we need?
Well, none of the vaccines at this point appear like they'll work with a single dose.
That was the hope at the very beginning.
Maybe one of them, particularly in the second generation, won't surprise us.
We hope just two, although in the elderly, sometimes it takes more.
And so making sure we have lots of elderly people in the trial will give us that data.
You've said some more than 7 billion doses is what we'll need.
Well, if what you're trying to... Unbelievable, Ken.
You know, when you think about just, you know, sort of how this is all being rolled out.
You know, we've had chases for vaccines, for AIDS, for instance, for decades and no result.
And they expect to roll something out in the short term.
And I just don't see it.
I don't see how that
Can possibly occur when when I look forward into What's happening in this?
entire rollout It's really a violation of us and what is connected to and when you look back sort of historically on where all this began It's pretty predictable actually Where we are at the moment is at the end.
No, I don't think so
I think there's a lot of potential within this.
If we can remember a little more about what we are, not respond to the panic party, but really look at all of this much, much differently.
And I think that's what we're missing in a lot of a lot of what's happening right now.
And so, you know, going forward as we approach
The next year, what's going to happen?
What do we see happening?
Well, I think we're going to see periodic up and down the fire drill of getting people to think things are calming down and then rolling it back up as
The program continues, you know, but it's really a fear driven thing.
This is what I've noticed as I go around my city in Anchorage.
And we're way different than a lot of the big cities as I see the news feeds from around the country and the alternative news feeds, quite frankly.
But when I when I look at what's happening, it's the fear level.
And I see that expressed in lots of different ways.
And it's kind of odd to me because a lot of conservatives right now aren't speaking up.
And I understand that because the left is crazy.
I mean, they'll beat you up in the street.
So I get that.
But what I would say, too, is the polls are wrong.
All the polling you're seeing is wrong.
I think there's a major backlash and people aren't speaking their truth right now because we're afraid.
I mean, I look around and I go, oh, you know, in certain crowds, you don't want to wear a magma hat.
You know, I mean, they're going to hang you.
So I get that.
And we all get that.
All right.
And but this is really the beauty of the ballot box and what they're trying to shut down to.
Not Trump.
I don't believe that.
But this whole idea of getting it into a position where it can be manipulated.
Now, I see that.
Um, I see a lot of that possibility.
So that's where we need to be sharp.
Now, the other thing I would say is, uh, the splintering of the CIA.
You remember that?
That was JFK, you know, before they took him out, he was going to splinter the CIA into 10,000 pieces.
And then they, he was gone.
And so was his brother.
Not too long after, what were they up to?
What did they know?
They knew about the deep state then.
What kind of indictments might be coming now in this moment, this moment that we're all experiencing together?
You see, because they want us distracted, looking one way.
You know, that's two years overdue.
All that JFK info was supposed to be released two years ago.
We still don't have it.
Hey, Donald Trump, dig it out.
What's the rest?
What's the rest of this story?
I think that's going to be our September, October, November surprise.
At least I hope so.
I hope that this time, perhaps in this moment, we see the deep state revealed.
Perhaps in this moment, we see a real shift in what's happening.
You're the tip of the spear.
Pay attention.
This is Nick Feggett.
We'll be right back.
Let's go to Juan in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
I sure can, sir.
Thank you.
Sir, it's an honor to talk to you, brother.
I just want to plug in.
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Me and my brothers that drive, there's a couple of us.
We're all Hispanics, Cubans, Puerto Ricans.
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And I just appreciate everyone in this network, you know, does
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And, you know, what I want to say about some of this, you know, when we were back and Jim Roderick and I wrote Earth Rising, Earth Rising 2, it was kind of predicting sort of the matrix that was being woven together.
You know, this kind of digital gulag that we're now in.
And here's, these are the next steps you're seeing unfolded because it takes a panic party, an injection of fear, you know, where your neighbors are spying on each other and blowing the whistle on you if you don't have a mask or whatever it is.
And this was like opportunistic city, you know, in terms of that, because power in the 21st century is knowledge, right?
And when you have digital knowledge,
That's powerful, and they figured it out in the big Analytica work that was done, Cambridge Analytica, and now all the offshoot from that, because big data, what we predicted was going to happen, has arrived, ladies and gentlemen, and it's control.
It's all about control.
It's about manipulation.
It's about making us all move like lemmings, jumping off the cliff, whatever panic
I think?
You know, the same adrenaline rush shouldn't happen and the fatigue, you know, the adrenal fatigue that a lot of people are experiencing from just the up and down and in and out of all of this nonsense flooding at us at an incredible rate.
So part of the focus has to be on calming because we're doing damage.
You know, with the last guest was talking about damage, we're doing a lot of self-damage in this instance.
Take a breath and recognize that we're in a very powerful moment right now, this moment, the one we're in right now, not the one we did, the one we're going to do, the one we're in right now and how we execute what we do next.
We're good.
Slavery, you know, the Civil War 1861 to 1865 and that ended and then women's suffrage later.
But in 1890s, in the 1890s, there was a US Supreme Court decision, everybody forgets this, where they decided that taxing labor, income tax on labor, your labor, your work, was unconstitutional because it was slavery.
Think about this, ladies and gentlemen.
A little over a hundred years ago, it was slavery in America that taxed a man or woman's labor.
Think about this!
Now, no one's asking for reparations for being turned into slaves when we did the Constitutional Amendment.
You know, kind of reverse that.
Because we did that in 1913 when we brought in the income tax and made it constitutional to be a slave.
I'm not kidding about this.
This is how it unfolded and how it went.
And we forget it because we don't have multi-generational memory, right?
And you know, this is part of the forgetting and the controlling.
Now you have, but here's the thing.
You didn't know a lot about people individually like you do now with greater and greater, what I've called for 25 years, greater and greater resolution.
You know, like how clear you see the picture, how great you see the, hear the sound, you know, see, think about this for a moment.
The finer the resolution, the more information you have.
So in a digital world where you're collecting data, 300 data points.
Someone who lived with you five years knows all about you.
That's what you get for 300 data points.
Everybody has that in the digital world.
3,000 gets you a model, a predictive model that somebody lives with you for 20 years can predict what you do.
That 3,000 data points will give more data than someone needs to predict better than you will predict about yourself.
Stop for a moment.
That's power, you see.
That's a lot of power in the hands of people taking our data like they're rummaging through your underwear drawer and digging through your closet and going through all your private papers and they just kicked in your digital doorway.
And none of us blink and all of us have been violated.
And now they want to violate our bodies again.
Something they said in the U.S.
Supreme Court was unconstitutional for women that want to have an abortion, right?
And a lot of us disagree with that.
But now they're saying, again they're saying, and it's on steroids they're saying, everybody's body needs to be violated by whatever poison they want to pump into you and demand you take and participate in.
At the same time,
You have all of these global organizations from the World Health Organization to the UN to the Democrats in the House trying to slide it into the panic bill of bailout.
And you know, it's about digital currency being plugged in and all the filthy looper, you know, the coins and the currency going away.
We predicted this long ago.
This is the excuse.
And then every single data point
Everything you consume, everything you spend your money on, because that's how you translate your life energy in the world.
You get aid and currency, right?
Which is the paper, or now maybe, the digital event that connects you to the four things that constitute real wealth.
We are being looted on every front under a delusion of
Vast, massive proportions.
It's not conspiracy theory.
It's called history, for goodness sake.
History playing out in the 21st century.
They don't even teach history in school.
You know, kids who are coming out of high school today, coming out of college, they don't know what the Cold War was.
And what it all meant, and how it happened.
They don't know any of our history.
And when you go back to this part of history, who knows it?
Who studies it?
Who teaches it?
They don't, for good reason.
They don't from their perspective, and very bad reasons from ours.
Because the Democratic Republic that began a little over 200 years ago has been sliced away, you see.
One slice at a time, because what's the target?
What was the target in colonialization?
Natural resources.
On the backs of whatever labor you can enslave.
You arrived, and that was it.
Let's get back into history after the break.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
You're listening to InfoWars, and we are changing the way we see the world because the world needs to change.
We'll be right back.
This is Nick Begich.
I know what we'll do to make them conform to our cult.
We'll all tell them to wear a mask or they're gonna die, and then we'll release the pressure for a while, then bring it back and squeeze it harder, and release it again, and we'll be the virtue signallers.
We'll be the angels, even though our lord and master, Bill Gates, helped fund the whole COVID-19.
Don't Sadookie me!
That's right.
That's the code word for Bill Gates' operation he carries out with his good little buddy, Dr. Fauci, in the surgeon cult.
As you know, for girls, there's five different types of villains they secretly desire in the romance novels.
One of them's the vampire, the werewolf, the billionaire,
And who else?
Oh, that's right.
There's the surgeon, and then there's one other one.
And it's so much fun to be rolled over by these psychotic psychopaths.
And it's so good to know that they're our masters and are coming to rape us with their inoculations.
Psychopaths are so hot.
Oh, yeah.
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And welcome back.
And just before the break, I was talking a little bit about the history, you know, because history, when you think about coming to the new world, it was about natural resources, right?
The real wealth, because in Europe, everyone lived in these feudal systems where they really didn't own anything.
They were just serfs on the land.
They get a little bit of what they produced in place to
We're good.
And we broke away from this and did a different program here.
And we learned a lot in 200 years and the way we ran our deal, but it was always about natural resources.
Think about it.
We had homesteading.
You can go out and claim 160 acres.
That's a really decent tract of land, you know, as tracts of land go in anybody's book.
That's like a quarter mile by a quarter mile.
You know, it's a big chunk.
And so when you think about that,
And then you could, if you improve the land for seven years, five out of the seven years, you got to keep it.
And it was yours.
And that's how it worked.
And it worked that way in Alaska up until the early 1970s.
I remember they were still letting homesteading happen here.
And it was down to like five acre home sites and five acre trade sites for businesses.
And you could do that on BLM land.
It was kind of cool.
And you could go out and stake BLM land.
That wasn't appropriated.
And you had to improve it, and then you could survey it, and then you could apply for the patent and get the title.
And so you could move public lands into private hands.
It was always part of our heritage until the 1970s.
We stopped it.
And the thought was that there wouldn't be much public land.
You know, constitutionally, it was supposed to be post office, military installations, you know.
You know, that was kind of it.
And then they created parks and preserves, and that took a big chunk.
And then, you know, and then they continue to try and reach more and whittle away at the rights that ran with the land, the energy rights, oil and gas, the minerals, the wealth.
The wealth of the nation is held in the land, natural resources, the labor of its people, the creativity in which we apply our label to make money called entrepreneurship, which is one of the third factor of economic production.
I often talk about it.
And then capital equipment, which is things that make other things, you know, like a shovel makes a ditch, like a factory makes a widget.
These are capital, capital equipment.
It's not money.
Remember this money is the fluid between
All those things that are real wealth and the battle in the nation is the wealth of nations.
What is the wealth?
What's your wealth?
It's all stripped away.
Is it some piece of paper, you know, a stock certificate you can wave around and when things get bad, you can't even, well, you can start a fire with it, but you can't do other things with it.
You want to stock up on toilet paper for that.
But stock certificates get really worthless, you know, in that kind of a scenario.
But does a farm
Or a tractor, or a tank of fuel?
No, because that's capital equipment.
That all goes together and makes something, you know?
Oh, and the land is the land, and your labor is your labor, and your creativity put all together is your entrepreneurship.
See, most people, 95, 96%, 100 years ago, had all that as part of their wealth package.
Not a 401k, not a bunch of paper, but real stuff.
Okay, so this is an important thing to think about.
They didn't have a lot of gold because that was again the medium of exchange in those days, just a different medium of exchange between real wealth, things that sustain us and build and are creative, all that.
So we need to remember that, but in the context of what we're talking about in slavery, we were all slaves and then we made ourselves slaves by the income tax that started as a 1% tax on the first money you made that was over $25,000.