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Name: 20200730_Thu_Alex
Air Date: July 30, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics on his show InfoWars, including globalist agendas, COVID-19 treatments and testing, mail-in ballots, election fraud, media censorship, and his own products. He criticizes mainstream media for promoting false narratives and accuses them of suppressing information about alternative treatments for COVID-19. Jones also emphasizes the need for patriots to be prepared for potential conflicts and encourages people to stand up against globalists before it's too late. The speaker warns that globalist elites are attempting to take over the world and urges listeners to target high-value targets in their fight against them. In addition, Jones promotes his air purification system, the Alexa Pure Breathe, which removes up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants using breeze technology and ion cluster patented technology.

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There is no doubt.
Multinational corporations, above the law robber barons, crony capitalists, post-humanist globalists, are launching a communist overthrow of the United States.
They're going to launch it whether Trump gets re-elected or not, whether Trump postpones the election because of election fraud or not.
It's happening.
They're not going to stop now.
They are actually activating people ages 12,
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Now things are very, very clear 95 days out from the election.
Like we're staring down into the purest pool of mountain spring water.
You can see right to the bottom 100 feet down.
And what we see swimming around down there are globalist eels.
The news I'm about to announce is the biggest news we've ever announced here on air.
In this crescendo of incredible developments.
And information came out last night and this morning and all the pieces clicked together.
But I will tell you this.
I am now going to carry firearms at all times.
And I normally have the shotguns and things like that in instant access pistol shape by my bed.
I'm going to have them even handier now.
Because the threat level in this country to what is known as the leadership of what's left of the American resistance to the globalist takeover is extremely serious.
Now, that said, here is the giant piece of the puzzle that just went in and completed it.
President Trump tweeted that with universal mail-in voting, not absentee voting, which is good,
The media tries to confuse that.
2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history.
It will be a great embarrassment to the USA.
Delay the election until people can properly, securely, safely vote.
I totally agree with the President.
This is the absolute right move to make.
Now they're going to say he's authoritarian, he's not leaving office.
They've had his phones tapped.
That's why they're suddenly talking points.
He's not going to leave.
He's not going to accept the results of the election.
Because he's being advised by smart people that you cannot allow in over 25 states and over 800 leftist controlled cities.
I mean, all the cities are leftist controlled.
All of them.
There's one that's quasi-Republican out of 800.
I mean, we're gone.
They've seized control.
The UN's in there running and I've got that's all the news today.
I mean, we're in the New World Order.
We've just got a few pockets of resistance in the government left because the American people just don't know how much trouble they're in.
But if they're going to have massive election fraud and dead cats are getting their mail-in ballots and their voter registration cards, dead cats,
Then you have to understand that that is how they're going to engage in an absolute fraudulent election.
And the Democrats have said they will, and Pelosi said one way or the other, he's going to be fumigated out of there.
He will be gone.
They're now saying they'll use the military on him.
So if Trump doesn't let them engage in fraud and criminal activity, and he upfront fights them, then
They are going to say they're going to remove him from office and that's why they have all the race warring going on.
That's the smokescreen for the overthrow of government and mass murder and a communist uprising, which they are now activating.
In just the last week, we have video, exclusive video, third hour, Billy Weaver got it, inside the Zoom meetings of the Soros-funded organization, where now they're even activating the grassroots high school kids
With hammers and telling them to go out and start targeting people.
That's Maoist plan.
You know, the average age was about 12.
So we're gonna have part three of this information today.
Exclusive video inside their meetings where they are announcing basically like the golden dawn of the golden path communist movements.
They are, changed their name to something similar to that and are just announcing absolute hell on earth.
You think, oh this is ridiculous, this will be pushed aside easily.
No, this is the big mega attack.
Everything else was probing so that you don't respond when they finally hit.
So they keep calling it the fire bombings, the shootings, the stabbings.
Peaceful, because they're defining that as peaceful to say that to stand up against it is illegal.
They are emasculating and decapitating the security services ahead of the Communist overthrow.
This is it.
America's fighting for its life.
The enemy is now attacking.
95 days until the globalists plan to rig the election publicly, but President Trump has now announced a move to postpone the election.
To force the Democrats, who are illegally and who are criminally, with giant databases mailing every home in the country.
Voter registration cards in the name of dead cats, dead relatives, dead people that don't even live there anymore.
It's happening all over the nation.
And it's illegal.
Now the media plays on the public's ignorance and goes, why Trump's got his absentee ballot
That's when you're registered, that's when you voted, you've got your absentee, they know who you are.
That is not sending people mail-in ballots in the mail, or just dumping off huge stacks of them with random names on it all over your streets.
They're taking the names of the dead people, they're taking the names of the people who haven't voted for many years that are in nursing homes, they're taking the names of illegal aliens, dead cats, names, period, and putting them on the voter rolls.
How do you think the Democrats just won Kentucky?
It turned out, hundreds of thousands of people who'd never even voted in the state, learned when the database was made public by researchers on this show, that they had voted.
People who'd never lived in Kentucky, people who had lived in Kentucky, but hadn't lived there in a decade.
They didn't just get registered, they voted for the Democrat, even though they were Republicans.
Millie Weaver broke that information here on air.
She'll be with us in the third hour.
She went inside one of these organizations, their Zoom meetings, one of the big Soros youth brigades for high school kids.
And they're now saying, now is time for violence.
Get hammers, go out on the street and start attacking people.
You're going to see the video.
Now, again, they've got Trump surveilled.
They've got spies inside the White House.
They know what they're doing.
And you see Trump suddenly go, OK, the virus is real.
Maybe we do need a lockdown.
Maybe we do need to postpone things.
I said, what is he doing there?
And that's so he goes, OK, then we'll just postpone the election because we're not going to let you just mail all these out everywhere.
We need time for the courts to rule, as they've been doing, that you can't do this.
And that's why now they've activated their armies of Antifa and BLM that have already probed, that have already tested, they've already branded it, that it's non-violent to firebomb, to shoot and stab people and kill people.
And all of that is just a probing test.
And I told you yesterday, you guys give me the law enforcement printout I got.
I forgot to get that off my desk.
I need that.
That they are now preparing
Death squads in Austin to kill the police and then to go to conservative leaders' homes and kill them and their families.
The City of Austin's official budget calls for blowing up the police station as a sign of ending hate.
I showed you the official budget.
It says we want to accelerate the demolition of the APD headquarters.
We want it closed.
And we want the police sent for re-education inside other agencies.
It actually says, we want them sent for education.
They call it reconstruct and deconstruct.
That's what communists do when they take over.
So, this has been being planned for a long, long, long time.
This has been planned for a long, long, long time.
Now if you're tuning in, that's not satire when I say that they want to blow up the police station.
It's not satire when they charge the feds $500 every 15 minutes in Portland because they have a fence up around the building to stop people firebombing it.
It's not satire that federal and state judges have ordered the feds to not defend themselves and to let the building be burned down.
Now I have video of this being prepared.
We're going to premiere in the third hour.
I have federal, state, and local law enforcement sources.
But I've already been targeted by this.
Tucker Carlson's been targeted.
The leader of the Senate's been targeted.
And when he complained about it, Twitter suspended Mitch McConnell's account.
The President's now being blocked by Twitter.
His son was suspended for showing a press conference of medical doctors.
One year it's Alex Jones, two years later it's medical doctors.
Just spoke with APD source and then this is dead on inside.
Monday evening BLM and other anti-police group members were riding around downtown Austin in
Technicals pick up trucks with two to four armed individuals with rifles in the back stopping cars That's policing area.
This is soviet communist.
I'll take over counter flowing going the wrong way on streets, etc AP reported on what was happening and wanted to interfere but were told to stand down unless
They started shooting.
These trucks were stopping in the middle of the road, intimidating other motors, etc.
Rank and file cops were furious.
They weren't allowed to act.
Also, same guy who was shot and killed attacking the vehicle had been in several other protests down in front of APD headquarters with his AK and had stopped vehicles in the roadway on Frontage Road.
APD cops reported that he was doing that again and were told to stand down.
Well since when does a citizen or anybody or the police have to stand down if you see a crime being committed?
That's a crime.
Sources say that activity may very well have been captured on the HQ cameras.
They also received intel brief that Antifa and related groups are planning for a takeover of part of Austin like Chop Chaz in Seattle.
That could happen as early as this weekend.
They are calling for additional manpower.
The APD to be ready, but no word so far if the PD will be allowed to act to prevent the takeover, just like in all the other cities.
And then you won't see the Governor.
The Governor will not talk to any of the Republican leaders anymore.
He won't talk to the Lieutenant Governor.
He won't talk to anyone.
He goes and locks himself in a room and gets orders from the CDC and Fauci.
Who, again, is running the globalist coup.
Fauci's not a doctor.
He's a 45-year criminal in the government running the criminal vaccine operation.
He helped get vaccine liability for the vaccine companies.
He's a eugenicist.
And he's involved in all these dangerous drugs that don't help you with COVID-19 and tries to block drugs that do help you.
He is a master criminal.
Everything he's said has been a total lie.
But then he says medical doctors should not be allowed to have press conferences.
It's actually on screen, folks.
He went on MSNBC and said,
We're good to go.
Say we're going to move back the election.
You've shut everything else down.
If you don't stop the mail-in ballots, they have to be declared fraudulent.
You cannot allow fraudulent made-up mail-in ballots that aren't even absentee ballots that are fake.
You have to have time to be able to go over the results and throw out what isn't good, and they're saying if he even challenges any of this, even though massive fraud's coming out everywhere, there's newscasts about thousands of ballots stacked up at people's mailboxes with random names on them all over the country.
Florida, Texas, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania.
It's happening everywhere.
A fraudulent criminal takeover.
And so when he does this,
They're going to say he's a terrorist.
They're going to say he's the bad guy.
Does anybody realize the maximum alert?
They're making their move.
They're making their move.
They have armed communist methods, driving around in pickup trucks, pointing guns at people, and shutting roads down, and practicing taking control of the city.
And when they kill people, the news covers it up.
When they shoot people in the head, it doesn't even make the news most of the time.
20 plus cops have been killed in the last few months.
You don't even know their names, do you?
This is it.
Because we're soft, we're compliant, we let convicted pedophiles come and have time with your elementary school children and bounce little boys and girls on their, you know, on their swollen crotches.
And we put up with it.
So, now they're announcing in England, do not fly the British flag, do not fly the King George flag.
Finland and others are being told, don't fly your flags.
They're now saying they're getting rid of national team names, nations existing as bad.
This is a globalist takeover.
This is it.
And you're like, well, these are pathetic people.
The meth-head Antifa types are the lowest level.
They've got professors and operatives, politicos, above them.
And then they've got MS-13, Chi-Com teams, and other groups ready to carry out real operations, and they're going to stage massive terror attacks and blame patriots during all of this, and then call it a race war.
That's why Trump and the Pentagon, unless they want to totally lose the country, are going to have to themselves, in their rightful authority, do what George Washington would do.
You know what George Washington would do?
President Trump, decapitate.
There is no doubt.
There is no doubt.
Multinational corporations, above the law robber barons, crony capitalists, post-humanist globalists,
Are launching a communist overthrow of the United States.
They're going to launch it whether Trump gets reelected or not.
Whether Trump postpones the election because of election fraud or not.
It's happening.
They're not going to stop now.
They are actually activating people ages 12,
I don't think so.
And if they don't respond, they'll just take over.
Now I want to explain something.
If you tuned in a long time ago, you noticed I said they're planning a Maoist Youth Brigade civil war.
Backed up by real technicians that'll actually assassinate people.
But with the power plants getting blown up and highways shut down and the rest of it, you'll hear, oh, this talk show host got killed, or this senator's house got blown up, his wife and kids are dead.
And they'll say, oh, Patriot militia did it.
I mean, it's going to go to a level you've never before seen.
They're going to say that Patriots have killed black leaders to, again, enrage everything while the globalists are killing the police and burning everything down.
That's why they feared Infowars so much, because I understand the globalists.
I understand how they operate.
I've seen what they've done in other countries.
We know how to stop them.
But if you're naive about this, and if people don't get very, very serious about this, we're going to lose everything.
And they are going to shut this country down and bring in a decade-long depression until the globalists own every piece of land, every house, everything.
And a lot of people are going to give him the money, give him the property.
A lot of men are going to line up and bow down as collaborators.
They're going to say everything will be peaceful.
Just come in and swear your allegiance to the new sunrise movement.
You know, the new golden path.
And as soon as the people capitulate in the small towns and the medium-sized cities, and as soon as the farmers capitulate, it's over.
We're done.
We'll be just like the Russians in 1917.
It'll take them a year or two to consolidate power.
You're going to have to go to war, folks.
And we've really tried to not get to this point.
I don't want any offensive attacks.
But you understand that if they're able to collapse the country, kill the president, and kill the resistance leadership, you are absolutely empowered by the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and God and common sense to understand what you're up against.
I know you're not going to submit to these people.
But remember, wiping out their low-level minions is not the main target.
It is essential
That if they start this physical war and they're killing us, it's essential that you go after their leadership.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, that means a lot of you that are businessmen, a lot of you that are former military and very serious people, you might be 70 years old.
You're going to have to get on that airplane, and you're going to have to go find these people on your mission, and you are totally expendable.
Gut up and stop being a coward and get out there and get the job done.
Now we've gone so far down this rat hole now that we're facing a communist uprising, the total destruction of the country, that I'm now having to get on air and just start going to the doomsday switches here, ladies and gentlemen.
But everybody already knows what to do.
We've tried, we've worked hard, and we are not flat-footed.
There's a really good chance we're going to wipe all these people out politically, but they're going to burn things and shoot people and start murdering because they're followers.
It's the globalists in Europe, it's the powerful chi-coms, it's the old rich families that feel insulated from this, that believe they can have a civil war to finally bring down America, and then China takes over the world politically and culturally.
But I just want to tell the Pentagon and the CIA and all you lawyers and people that have been sitting on the sidelines while this happened and allowing this to get to this point.
You're your own worst enemies.
That you'd let a horrible, dirty, New World Order, technocracy, communist system take over this country, and you would allow the things that have been done to this nation, and the destruction of our morals, and the collapse of our civilization.
You are idiots.
You have taken everything we built and flushed it down the toilet.
Because you were followers and you were cowards, and by successive approximation, you gave in to these people, and you bowed to them, and then they saw the police all bow to the George Soros, Communist, Antifa, and BLM, and they've seen you on your knees!
And so now they know!
They're going to collapse the borders with the third world, they are going to absolutely destroy everything.
And so you remember, all you middle class and wealthy people, when you've got nothing, and you're disarmed, and that you're wishing later you'd done something, you can do something at that point.
No more excuses.
Nobody stood up for the 62 million babies, did they?
Nobody stood up when they had tens of millions brain damaged from the vaccines.
I mean, people did stand up, but most of us didn't.
And so now the wolves have come because we're known as chumps.
We're known as stupid.
You think the globalists just sent people with pneumonia and flu into nursing homes by accident?
They wanted high death numbers.
They wanted to see if they could get away with it, and they did.
You pass that test to America, and you let them give you fake COVID numbers and tell you 2.5 million would be dead.
And everybody keeps submitting, so they look at all those sheep out there, and they say, good, we're going to make our move.
But here's where the globalists made the big mistake.
Here's where the New World Order made the big mistake.
It's never a majority that defeats tyrants.
It's always a tiny minority of people.
And I'm here to tell you, 3% started and won the war against the British, who were angels compared to these New World Order people.
We've got, we've got close to 10%.
And we've got women who understand that when men cease to be men, women have to pick up that role.
And I predict it's going to be women that are going to be stacking dead bodies of these New World Order people up as high as you can stack them.
I'm going to tell you Global something, you're dead and you know it.
So, you keep pushing, you're going to get everything you want.
Because nobody needs guns to win this war.
We can beat these people with our bare hands, ladies and gentlemen.
When they go to restaurants, and when they go to sleep at night, and when they go for a walk, they're the ones that are going to be hunted.
Long after I'm gone and shoveled in my grave.
You need to understand that, ladies and gentlemen, that that's when the real fight starts.
I hope we don't have to go down this path, but I'm having to now get up here and tell you.
I think you already all know it anyways, don't you?
Where we are.
But I'll tell you this, it's good knowing all of you, all the great stations, the sponsors, the listeners, all of us as a family, black, white, old, young, all of us together, just wanting justice and freedom up against these slimy, murdering, pedophile devil worshippers.
And it's sad to see how soft our countrymen have become, but that's okay.
Because we're going under judgment, just like the Bible says, and it's a history book, it mirrors the Roman histories and the rest of them, that every time Israel became decadent and evil, they got judged and went into captivity.
But then they became righteous again.
That's the way it is with every culture.
And so, this is here to test the righteous, this is here to test who we are.
And, you know, we're men, we're women, we're strong, we're alive.
We're not those little babies getting shopped up inside their mommies and nobody stood up for them.
So now we get to fight.
So we didn't fight when we had a chance to really turn this around, did we?
So, like Churchill said, there'll come a time when you gotta fight when there's no chance of winning.
It's better to die on your feet than on your knees as a slave.
We still have a big chance to win, folks, but we're entering that area where it's going to mean physical conflict.
Just remember, high-value targets, ladies and gentlemen.
High-value targets.
We'll be right back.
I want to be completely clear about this.
No offensive violence.
But once they start a physical war, and they're crossing that threshold very soon,
Going out and finding the people in command of these operations is not offensive, it is defensive.
The best defense is offense once you enter a war.
Notice what the globalists are attacking.
Federal buildings, courthouses, the police.
The lowest level of the government.
Where there's still rule of law to some extent, they want to wipe that out to become it.
And they want to intimidate through the UN Strong Cities Initiative that was set up by Obama and Loretta Lynch to have the police then, under a political overthrow of Trump, bow to them and submit to their list of demands.
Then they will come out, they've already said this, and purge any loyal Americans off the force.
And we'll quickly then replace them with the worst types of political operatives you can imagine, and they will be coming to your home.
And they'll have the cover of contact tracing, run by the Clinton Foundation, and other things.
Obama's plan for a domestic military just as big, just as strong as the U.S.
And you've seen the brutish, hateful, horrible behavior of these people all over the country.
They're now in Austin, driving around in cars, blocking traffic, pointing guns at families, jumping on old ladies' cars.
And the police sit there and are ordered to stand down.
Well, you shouldn't be standing down.
If you got fired for that, the people would stand up for you.
But we do have a criminal mayor that they now are going to install for an illegal third term.
Because it's the same move everywhere and Soros has put his mayors and his prosecutors in almost every city.
The Chicago Tribune did a big story on it.
They're calling for the famous investigative journalist to be fired because he said Soros is financing lawlessness.
It's true!
He said screw you, fire me if you want.
John Koss defies Chicago Tribune cancel culture.
I will not apologize for writing about Soros.
Who do they prosecute?
Shop owners that shoot back in New York, in St.
Louis, in Chicago, in San Francisco.
They're arresting people that shoot back.
They're arresting people that defend their doorstep from a mob of people saying, we're gonna kill you because you're white.
So all I'm telling you is, they are planning, it's already here,
A hot communist takeover.
And all you would laugh, oh those little dumb commies in Antifa, the cops will deal with them.
When their commanders are the ones running it?
When the mayors are the ones running it?
You think that mayor in Portland got upset when he came out and praised them and said they were non-violent?
Then they started attacking him.
No, he liked that.
That shows his minions are so evil and so stupid that they saw an old white man and the government and they attacked it because they want to be that government.
Their attack dogs are so mindless.
They've been fed so much spiritual gunpowder that they're biting their own handlers.
They like seeing their armies of scum swell out of control and be totally mindless.
They'll be set up, and they'll be flushed down the toilet later!
They are emboldening them.
The communists did this.
They encouraged the mobs in China to go after their own communist officials, like Xi Jinping's father, who came out and praised them.
But that wasn't enough.
This is a formulae to take all the low IQ people and embroil them and hype them up into a crazed mode.
And then to have them burn down homeless camps and blame us!
Have them attack our vehicle with hammers!
And then the news said we staged it.
Because the Antifa is pure.
The Antifa is good.
George Soros doesn't fund them, the New York Times says, and then he comes out in an op-ed bragging how he does.
You go, that's an attack on logic!
They don't respect you!
They lie to you on purpose and then change the story.
Don't wear a mask.
Do wear a mask.
2.5 million are going to be dead.
Is it true?
Oh, we can't hear from other doctors.
They're not allowed to have a press conference.
Fauci comes and says, we have the video.
I agree, they should be taken off the air.
Those 15 medical doctors, some of them with prestigious resumes, they're not allowed to talk about treatments that are working 100%?
Because we're giving you a problem that never ends!
We got you under martial law in your house.
We got everybody wearing these masks.
And we're exercising our lives over you.
It's about the exercise of power.
It's a cult.
It's a cult of psychiatrists and psychologists and a bunch of pedophiles and occultists who are into power and who don't respect you because they know you're watching TV and they've dumbed you down.
And now they're testing to see what they can get away with.
And the President of the United States has come out and made the perfect move.
Hey, if you keep sending in illegal mail-in ballots with the names of dead cats and dead dogs and dead people on it, and illegal aliens are getting it, and Republicans are getting their mail-in ballots that say they're Democrat, it's all the same!
From Kentucky, to California, to Michigan, they're all, people are getting mail-in ballots that say they're a Democrat on it!
Or they're cats getting one!
They're dead cat!
Because it's names.
They're scooping up every name and every address and they're mailing it out so people send them in so they can pick and choose what they want so they can stuff the ballot box and it's what they're doing.
And so they've been surveilling Trump and that's why suddenly two weeks ago, he's not gonna leave!
He's not gonna leave!
He's a challenging election!
He's a dictator!
We overthrow him!
Because they're going to challenge the election one way or the other.
And so Trump's doing the right thing saying, uh-uh, you're not going to do that until we have time to have judges overturn this.
You're not going to have what violates federal law and have these fake ballots.
That's the move.
And then they're going to launch their revolution they were going to launch regardless.
And they plan to put us into martial law, which they already have with the COVID.
And so Trump says, okay, I'll be your Huckleberry.
I'll give you what you want.
And he's trying to get them to move early.
It's a very good move.
And that's why, I told you, it's all about him not leaving office, it's all about the election, it's all about suspension of it, and them saying he's gonna do it, he's gonna do it, because he has to.
He has to make them come out and say, we're gonna do mail-in ballots that aren't absentee, that are fraudulent.
He's gotta force that out in the open to show the fraud beforehand, not try to fight the fraud the day of the election.
He's gotta defeat the fraud now, or they're gonna steal it, like Pelosi said, he's gone, we don't care, period.
They've got their plan.
And then when he's gone, they're not going to stop the contact tracing.
It's all been officially set up.
Governor of Texas paid billions to Google to run it.
The Clinton Foundation is training the people right now at the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL.
ADL's coming to your house, folks.
Southern Poverty Law Center's coming to your house.
And by the way, they're going to have units of backed-up, armed police with them.
Oh, and Gates just announced that they're going to use the schools to quarantine your kids.
They're going to test your kids at the schools and then quarantine them there.
When you go back, I mean this is all being announced, all being confirmed.
You heard me two weeks ago tell you, three weeks ago, I said we've hired a very well-known statistician, we're not going to say his name because he'll be targeted, he's also an academic, to go and say, you know, we don't want to just do the numbers ourselves, looking at national and Texas.
We see these graphs showing they're taking the regular flu deaths and other deaths and putting it in the COVID column.
He did the numbers.
They're in stories getting written about by Don Salazar at Infowars.com where they absolutely end the flu and other deaths and then just add the COVID and the graphs follow each other exactly.
That's done by a major statistician using CDC's own numbers.
So that's coming up.
I mean, this is organized criminal takeover, mechanized.
Trump never got control of the propaganda arms, the Operation Mockingbird systems that are in place.
And I mean, I'm not even afraid, I don't even have concern, because America's been pretty evil, we deserve what's about to happen, but I still personally, and I know you personally want to survive for your family, I'm just telling you folks, girt yourself for war.
This is it.
Everything's coming down now.
This is it.
An actual communist, globalist uprising run by George Soros, a Nazi collaborator.
Welcome back.
I don't have any way to raise the alarm.
As high as it needs to be.
We are in a lot of trouble.
We are, this country's dying of spiritual, cultural cancer.
And there's still a lot of good people.
But folks just are naive.
And they're also kind of punch-drunk to putting up with corruption.
And the New World Order is sampling and studying people with psychological systems.
To see how much we'll put up with and how much their people will do.
How much will we submit to and how evil and corrupt will their minions be?
And we've been passing the test submitting and not getting involved.
Not you, the audience of great activists, but the general public.
We've really passed in flying colors going along with all this.
The left has passed in flying colors to basically have adopted Satanism as their operating system.
I mean, you go to a Democrat event, I don't care if it's a rich old lady event or a regular one on the streets.
I mean, these are weird, mentally ill, sick people that have really gotten into degeneracy and corruption because their leaders are so bad.
And so you see it as weak that Joe Biden has to be held by the hand now when he walks around outside, obviously doesn't have good balance, is drugged out of his mind.
And the whole MeToo movement claiming, you know, that all men are rapists and it is to destroy the relationship of men and women.
All of this is an attack on the species, like aliens run it, basically.
I'm not saying they do, I'm just saying it might as well be.
And so you see the weakness of their minions and the weakness of their candidates.
That's their strength!
That something so pathetic and so ridiculous and so out of its mind and so fraudulent
Could be what's defeating us.
Do you realize how much sweeter that is to them?
No, this is satanically inspired.
This whole thing's got Satan written all over it.
That's who signed the painting.
And things are about to get hellish.
I mean, the global depression's here.
Millions are starving to death.
The very UN running the operation and gets more contributions off the millions they're killing.
You see people wearing the mask and now Fauci says wear goggles.
It's always more, more, more.
And gloves that do nothing and people fetishize it and get in your face if you're not doing it.
You know, you see these signs, no mask, no service.
No vaccines, no service.
No medical ID, no service.
Now your medical records are all public and you have no rights.
It's a medical tyranny.
It was always going to come at us from that angle.
Roger Stone is going to look at the election and Trump's response to the mail-in fraud.
He's going to be looking at the election with us and discussing whether Trump should move and how that would be done to postpone the election until the fraud is stopped.
Trump has to do it.
He can't just walk into the machine gun fire and not have a big confrontation with them when they're lawlessly doing this.
For those of you that just joined us, Trump tweeted out today that that's indeed where they're going.
And we'll also get the latest on the political persecution of Stone because it's a roadmap of how they intend to persecute us all.
But I have here four stacks of news that I spent hours last night and today going over, preparing to cover.
After Roger leaves us, I'm going to get into it.
There is a particular story that, again, normally would be our top story, but things are so out of control that I haven't even gotten to it yet.
Did you know the New York Times 13 years ago
Had a big story, it was a big scandal about these rapid speed tests for the cold and flu and how 90 plus percent of them are false positives.
Well, it's the same type test they're doing now.
And again, let that sink in, because the headline of the New York Times was, the pandemic that wasn't.
And the article's linked up on Infowars.com, there's a new article about it.
But that's all they've done.
They've just engineered a fraud.
They control the UN.
They control the major health departments.
The robber baron money through Gates paid for it.
And they do this and they lock us down.
But they say, oh, you can go to the dead congressman's funeral.
You can line up Representative John Lewis.
But when Trump has a rally, you know, it's the worst thing ever.
And it probably killed Herman Cain because he went to it.
No, Herman Cain had had liver cancer.
He had colon cancer.
And I know people that knew him.
He's a good guy.
He had super health problems the last few years and lung problems.
But oh, you know, a papaya, a goat, you name it, come up positive.
They got him.
They stuck a tube down his throat.
And they tortured him on a ventilator for a month.
Because with COVID, it destroys your lungs.
You're having an autoimmune response, even if you had it.
And then that destroys your lungs.
And they tortured him to death.
And now the headlines are, he was healthy and he died of COVID at 74.
Oh, really?
A bunch of different types of cancer?
Chemotherapy for years?
Herman Cain was a strong man.
But if you look at the last videos of him, at speeches he gave and things, he's shaking, he's having trouble up there.
His brain's there, his personality's there, but the body is failing him.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
All fraud.
But again, oh, not even 150,000 dead yet with fake numbers.
But oh, we better lock the country down.
Herman Cain died.
I got a video where I break this down.
I ask the question, was Herman Cain killed by a ventilator?
Well, according to the articles I have, from Reuters, they admit that- I kept saying 70% of people that die are on ventilators.
I'm sorry, it's 88% on the average.
And they were intubated when the doctors now admit you shouldn't do it.
But a lot of hospitals still follow the WHO!
These other doctors aren't following WHO recommendations!
They can't have a press conference!
Ban that video!
And Fauci's on TV going, yep, I'm glad they banned that video.
Now it's 15 medical doctors.
They're not allowed to talk either.
And wear goggles!
Wear a spacesuit to go out!
And it's all a lie!
I'm gonna go to break.
Come back with some critical intel on Roger Stone, but I'm going to tell you this right now.
The big story is they're planning a violent revolution to steal the election, and Trump understands it.
He's making the only move he can make.
There's going to be fireworks here, but he's got to get this out front and center of their election fraud now.
They're branding their overthrow as racial.
That's just the cover story.
It's a bunch of white leftists, mainly, communists that went and got their two or three degrees or promised total power.
They'd be ruling America, and they didn't get it.
So now they're ready to kill somebody to get a management position, and they're never going to get a management position.
They're all excited out there LARPing.
All they're going to get is killed.
Which helps the New World Order in the end.
I don't want to see it happen.
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Stay with us.
We'll be back.
Mr. Zuckerberg, in his written testimony, made the claim that Facebook is an American company with American values.
Do any of the rest of you take a different view?
That is to say that your companies don't embrace American values.
It's great to see that none of you do.
Mr. Pichai, I'm worried about Google's market power, how it concentrates that power, and then ultimately how it wields it.
Project Maven was a collaboration between Google and the Department of Defense that Google pulled out of, citing ethical concerns.
And you made the decision to pull out of that joint venture following receipt of a letter from thousands of your employees saying that Google should not be in the business of war.
My question, Mr. Pichai, is did you weigh the input from your employees when making the decision to abandon that project with the United States military?
Uh, Congressman, thanks for your concern.
As I said earlier, we're deeply committed to supporting the military and the U.S.
We have undertaken several projects since then.
We do take our employees input into account, but it's one input.
We make decisions based on a variety of factors.
As a company, we were new in the cloud space at that time.
Since then, thank you.
That's a sufficient answer that you did take their their feedback into account.
And in fact, some of your Googlers have recently sent you a letter where they've asked you to exit other partnerships as a consequence of ethical concerns.
They've asked you to stop doing business with American law enforcement, saying that police
Broadly uphold white supremacy and that and that Google should not be engaged in any services to police and as you well know you provide some of the most basic services to police like email but you also provide services that help keep our cops safe when they're doing their job and so my question is here in front of Congress and the American people will you take the pledge that Google will not adopt the bigoted anti-police policy that is requested in the most recent letter
Congressman, we have a long track record of working with law enforcement when it is supported by due process and the law.
We push back against overbroad requests.
We are transparent about the requests we get, but we have a long history of following the law and cooperating with law enforcement.
No, I understand the history.
I'm asking about the future.
To the law enforcement that are watching today, can they rest assured that under your leadership, Google will not adopt these bigoted anti-police policies?
Congressman, we are committed to continuing to work with law enforcement in a way that's consistent with law and due processes in the U.S.
Well, I greatly appreciate that, and I know that will be very comforting to the police who utilize your services.
You mentioned earlier in the discussion about China that your engagement in China was very limited, but yet Google has an AI China Center.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences has published a paper that enhanced the targeting capabilities of China's J-20 fighter aircraft.
You collaborate with Chinese universities that take millions upon millions of dollars from the Chinese military.
Matter of fact, one of your Googlers, Fifi Li, while under your employ, was cited in Chinese state media
China is like a sleeping giant.
When she wakes, she will tremble the world.
The former Secretary of Defense, Mr. Shanahan, said that the lines have been blurred in China between commercial and military application.
And as Mr. Buck cited, General Dunford,
Says that your company is directly aiding the Chinese military.
And Peter Thiel, who actually serves on Mr. Zuckerberg's board at Facebook, said that Google's activities with China are treasonous.
He accused you of treason.
So why would an American company with American values so directly aid the Chinese military, but have ethical concerns about working alongside the U.S.
military on Project Maven?
And I understand your point about cybersecurity and those things, but Project Maven was a specific way to ensure that our troops are safe on the battlefield.
And if you have no problem making the J-20 Chinese fighter more effective in its targeting, why wouldn't you want to make
We are back live.
We are into hour number two.
I am Alex Jones, your host, here in America's darkest hour.
Multinational corporations funding a communist violent overthrow of the US government calling, protesting, firebombing, and shooting people in the head.
And next hour we've confirmed internal video we're going to premiere of them now activating high schoolers to go out with hammers and hit Republicans in the head.
You have also our law enforcement sources confirming all over the United States
They have armed vehicles going around with men in pickup trucks stopping traffic in downtown Austin, other areas pointing guns at people and the police are being told to stand down.
One man who kept doing this in front of police headquarters in front of the city council was shot dead last weekend when he pulled a gun on a man in his car while they had it blocked off and the man was pointing an AK-47 at the innocent citizen.
We still don't know the man's name who turned himself into police and was released.
Probably not White is the reason that they're
I'm not releasing the information because I want to make it about race war.
Roger Stone came very close to being a political prisoner.
He has been arrested, he has been put to the ringer, he has been basically bankrupted through all of this.
We'll get an update on that at the bottom of the hour.
But he is ready to go with what Trump's facing, the election fraud, the media propaganda, the censorship at new levels.
And I talked to Roger during the break and I said, what's your take on Trump's tweet?
It's exactly what I thought it would be, but it's very nuanced.
So he'll lay it out with universal mail-in voting, not absentee voting, which is good.
2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election history.
It will be a great embarrassment to the USA to delay the election until people can properly, securely, and safely vote.
What does it take to do that?
Is it the right move?
Why is Trump saying this?
Is it to get the topic out there and have a debate about the fraudulent mail-in ballots that are being sent to dead cats?
I don't know.
We can't have a better expert than Roger Stone, who they wanted to keep out of the game, but now he's in the game, thanks to Trump, thanks to you, with that clemency, and able to give us key analysis going into 2020, 95 days out.
Thank you so much, Roger, for being here.
Thank you, Alex.
I mean, the truth is I'm trying to just get reacquainted with my family, figure out how I'm going to make a living.
I'm obviously working very hard to finish a book on this entire ordeal.
But I thought I had to come on today because the storm clouds here are very ominous in terms of the next presidential election.
I think the president has a number of structural obstacles that are very real.
I believe that if we had an honest election, that means an election in which only people who are legally eligible to vote voted, I don't believe there's much question the president would win.
My problem is that I don't think
That there will be an honest election at this point.
And the posturing by the Democrats is very, very interesting.
They tried the same thing in 2016.
You have Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary themselves saying Trump is going to lose the election and then he's going to refuse to leave the White House.
The military will have to remove him.
This is, of course, preparation for the fact that they intend to steal the election and they want to limit the president's ability to legally object to that theft.
So it is preemptory.
You can see exactly what they're doing.
It's interesting that they tried this in 2016.
If you think about it, Hillary kept saying, will Donald Trump commit to support the winner of the election?
And Trump, being a smart guy, said, well, not until I see the results of the election, not until I know whether it was honest or whether it was plagued by fraud.
Little did they know that it was Hillary who would be calling for a recount.
It was Hillary who was going into Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania looking for extra votes that she could never turn up.
So this is a head fake in a sense.
This is the setup.
The President's right.
A mail-in ballot is really problematic.
Twelve state constitutions absolutely prohibit mail-in voting of any kind.
You have to show up in person, period.
They don't even allow absentee ballots.
Thirty-five states require a photo ID to vote, which is a very good idea.
How you just negate both state constitutional law and state law with a sweeping federal bill for mail-in ballots
Not clear to me.
Now, the California result is going to be corrupted no matter how you conduct the ballot.
That's clear to me.
You have other urban centers where vote stealing is an art.
I don't think we're going to get an honest election, and the president has to reserve his ability to object illegally.
I believe that the next election, sadly, is going to get decided in the courts.
What the president's done here is really quite brilliant.
He's trying to elevate the entire issue
Of voter fraud.
An issue, by the way, that the mainstream media keeps insisting just does not exist.
And the president himself has to talk about it because he is the one among us who is not censored.
It doesn't do me any good to talk about it other than here on InfoWars because, as you know, just before I was about to be sent to a COVID-19 infested prison, a prison, by the way, that was releasing rapists and child pornographers and pedophiles and bank robbers,
To protect them from COVID-19 and was preparing to receive me in 20 minutes before the President commuted my sentence, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the order sending me to this dank COVID-19 infested prison.
So I'm thankful to God, I'm thankful to the President, but
That same day, Facebook banned me for life.
Roger Stone, gone.
Stone Cold Truth, gone.
Stone Zone, gone.
These were the Facebook pages for my websites.
And they claim that they did this because I own 100 fake Facebook sites, pages.
Alex, I don't even own a single fake Facebook.
Believe me, you don't have to tell me about massive censorship, and that's the good news is we're finally seeing Congress, even Matt Gaetz two years ago wasn't going up against censorship.
Now he gets its front and center.
Thanks to Tucker Carlson, yourself, the listeners of the show, we've really been at the front line.
Now, medical doctors that get up about hydroxychloroquine, the president tweets, they get banned.
And Fauci says, good, ban doctors.
They're not allowed to have press conferences.
I mean, this is out of control.
I don't disagree.
I guess what they don't want the American people to know is that there is a prescription drug that appears to be very helpful.
And this is not, you know, coming out of left field.
You've now got a number of studies.
I'm not a scientist.
There's hundreds of them.
You can't get COVID-19 if you have high zinc levels.
So here's the problem.
If you take hydroxychloroquine and you don't have zinc, it'll pull other minerals and push them into the cells.
You'll have hallucinations.
That's where that happens in the military.
This is a malaria drug.
Everybody knows about this.
This is well known.
If you take zinc with hydroxychloroquine with vitamin D3 and vitamin C, you're in like Flynn.
You cannot die from the COVID if it hasn't progressed too far.
It is a real virus.
It is a bad pneumonia.
It does kill people.
But it kills people who have the vitamin mineral deficiencies.
Well, it was a good reason to stock up on both of those.
I like zinc as a general immunity booster to begin with.
And as you know, vitamin C is more effective when taken with zinc in the combination.
So those have been in my daily regimen for many years.
I was very saddened to hear that Herman Cain passed away from COVID-19.
He was a very good man.
He was a strong supporter in my recent fight for freedom.
He is a great patriot, was a strong supporter.
He was a great talk show host, is what he was.
I loved his show.
Terrific guy, just a terrific guy.
And he broke the stereotype, of course, as a black conservative.
He will be missed.
He was a very good man.
Of course, the media will now focus on his passing away for proof of a larger narrative, because we understand where they're headed.
Keep the country locked down.
Yeah, they'd like to convince the president to shut the country down a second time, or even tighten the lockdown you have going on now.
I certainly wore mine because I'm not a scientist and I don't know, but it's hard for me to believe that the projections the second time will be any more correct than the projections the first time.
Let's talk about the globalists and what they're going to do with COVID-19, the riots, the communist forces they're activating.
I'm telling you folks, this is the big one.
They're going for broke.
This is their Hail Mary.
It's time to stay frosty.
You know, folks are online, and I see some of the comments.
It's like, oh, Jones claims they're after him.
He just says that to act all cloak and dagger.
Oh, yeah, you only know.
And I want to explain something.
I'm not up here telling you how we're under attack so you feel sorry for us.
I'm telling you we're under attack like we're a gauge on the radiator that's about to blow up.
They're coming after everybody.
They're not just coming after Roger and I.
And I've been asked by a lot of smart people not to get into all the stuff I know, and there's reasons for that.
And there's good people inside the FBI, and there's bad people inside the FBI.
Just look, there's bad people in your neighborhood, and there's good people.
But I can tell you, this country's in a lot of trouble, folks.
And they have successfully gotten Democrats
To be willing to do anything now.
I mean, you watch those hearings with Nadler, five and a half hours, says, you cannot go to the bathroom, Bill Barr.
And then he looks over at Jim Jordan and says, I don't care what you want.
You don't matter to anybody.
I mean, just they're delusional.
But what's crazy is it's like a chihuahua intimidating a bull mastiff or a Rottweiler.
But we roll over.
So we keep saying, oh, these people are a joke.
No, they're not.
And now they are activating all over the country violent people, not just burning courthouses or buildings, thousands of buildings, or shooting people in the head at checkpoints.
They have roving gangs in Austin with trucks pulling up, blocking traffic, and pointing guns at families.
This is being ordered directly by the Democrats.
So what you have to understand is they're building this to explode the country whether Trump leaves or not, folks.
They want to bring it down once and for all because the Chinese and the globalists are funding and running this takedown of America.
They want a civil war.
It doesn't matter that it's not going to work for the Democrats.
They're not thinking.
They're being ordered to do it because the civil war is what the globalists want to destabilize the country.
Roger Stone, I want to get into this next segment and talk about your case because your case is everybody's case.
But what do you think Trump should do right now?
You know what I'm going through.
You know what you've gone through.
We can't get into a lot of it.
People really need to understand.
We're not... This is real authoritarianism.
This is the nastiest thing I've ever even read about in a history book.
They're really trying an authoritarian takeover that will target everybody.
Like Trump said, they don't want me.
They want to get through me to get to you.
And it's totally true.
They want America.
One thing became very clear in yesterday's hearing on high tech, which is, in my opinion, still the key to this entire issue.
Our ability to communicate to everybody and our ability to communicate to each other is the single best protection against this effort to just take down individuals who the deep state considers dangerous.
Unfortunately, I think if you watch Tucker Carlson,
We're good to go.
Slightly before I went to trial and we listened to this guy lie over and over and over again.
China, I couldn't even find it on a map.
We're not doing business in China.
No, your cell phone doesn't track you.
That's false.
I mean, yeah, I was charged with lying to Congress, even though the things I made misstatements about were completely innocuous.
They were immaterial.
So again, the two-tier justice system.
The President needs to go on offense.
He needs to go on offense on a number of issues, but the most important one still remains, our economy.
This is all designed to crash our economy.
And therefore, the question will be, who best to rebuild our economy?
A man who has absolutely proven, indisputably, that he knows exactly how to do it.
A guy who got us the strongest job growth, the strongest wage growth, the highest levels of employment in American history, or the prescription of a doctor who will kill the sick patient with higher taxes, higher regulation, and more.
And by the way, I should have opened the interview with them attacking us.
Hank Johnson thinks that islands float.
I'm not joking, folks.
We forgot that.
He actually says Guam floats.
He's worried too many people will make it capsize or turn over.
We're so punch-drunk to being attacked, you every day, me every day, that since you reminded me, we'll play it.
I mean, we're in these hearings, Armed Services Committee hearings, Senate Intelligence Committee hearings.
They call us Russian agents with no proof, then they turn the deep state loose on us in the last four years.
It's been a living hell.
This is criminal.
And Trump still hasn't gotten control of the government.
Here's Hank Johnson, Island's Float, attacking Roger and I during the testimony yesterday.
No, I'm sure that we can agree on something.
And then it goes into Roger and how horrible Roger is and the Attorney General doesn't agree.
I'm sure you watched part of it.
Last night I stayed up late.
I couldn't be drawn away.
The Democrats act like psychotic clowns and they're only getting crazier.
What the hell is going on?
Well, that really can't be called a hearing, because a hearing means that both people speak.
So what happens is each one of these leftist demagogues stands up and gives a little speech, in every case riddled with falsehoods or false premises, and then when poor Attorney General Barr tries to answer, they cut him off and say, I'm reserving back the rest of my time.
So what you really heard was a soliloquy from Hank Johnson, who did once say that if we put too much military hardware
On Guam that the island would sink.
I guess he thought islands floated.
But again, he was complaining about the fact that the Attorney General rescinded the seven to nine year sentence that was given to me by these radical left prosecutors who were not career line non-political prosecutors and Barr had to point out to them that they were using guidelines that had only been used rarely in the past and then for mafia kingpins who had killed
Thousands of people.
So once again, you'd never get the truth out of these things.
It was a circus with every Democrat standing up and giving false, recycled information about Russian collusion.
I mean, I couldn't watch after all.
I thought Barr was quite effective when he was allowed to speak, but that was very, very rarely.
Why is all decorum, never in the history of our country, everything's thrown to the wind and the Democrats literally can't talk?
Biden's led around by his hand now like he can't see?
I mean, what is going on here?
Well, it was interesting because Barr basically called them out and said, does any of these members, do any of you object to the violence going on in the streets today?
And no Democrat said a word.
I mean, Jerry Nadler, who I refer to as Jerry Nadlier, actually insists that there is no violence in the streets, that it is a myth created by the right wing.
None of this is actual.
Remember how censorship is a myth?
Fox News, The Five last night.
Is there censorship or are Republicans making it up?
What the hell?
We have all the Veritas, all the documents, all the proof, all the admissions of massive suppression.
They're censoring the President now!
They're censoring medical doctors at press conferences.
I mean, what the hell?
And if I were laying out a campaign plan for the President's re-election, which I am not,
I would not be counting on advertising at multi-million dollar levels on Facebook in October, because I don't think that's going to happen.
That was one of the keys to the president's victory in 2016.
Very skillful geo-targeting and political targeting.
Stay there.
Let's talk about your advice to the President when we come back.
But think about how fundamental that is.
All the other platforms say Trump can't advertise but Facebook.
And so Facebook's boycotted by the ADL for allowing political ads.
And then now, as you said, they're curtailing those.
Yeah, it is really a technological conundrum, because you can't go back to broadcast television, but there is a way, which I will talk about when we come back.
When we return the blueprint for Trump to defeat the globalists, but I'm telling you, it's all the planets are aligning, literally and figuratively.
This is the most insane time ever.
Roger Stone's got a lot to cover.
Please tell everyone you know to tune in now.
That's how we overpower the censors.
Your word of mouth.
Help yourself and help us.
You know, I can feel the danger for the nation and the world, and I'm repenting every millisecond to Jesus.
Because the sick part of me, the fleshy part of me, is so ready for a fight.
But we've got to control ourselves, and when in the information war, the enemy wants a physical confrontation because they know they're losing.
We need to not have that physical confrontation, we need to
Keep our powder dry and be like Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Christ, their example.
And that will defeat them.
But at a certain point, if they try to collapse the whole government and come grab us out of our houses, we have to go on major offense defensively, and it's off the races.
So people know I've been on there 26 years.
I don't get up here and tell people to prepare for physical operations.
But if Trump is removed, if he's killed, if they do communist uprisings and burn down all the police stations and start announcing lists of people they're going to come grab, you don't just go hide in the country from them.
You hit them.
You go right in and you go right after the leadership of the globalists.
And that's the only way we're going to stop a Marxist-Leninist 1917 style takeover.
Do you remember two years ago I said they're planning an overthrow of the government, burning down police stations.
They're saying 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution they want it.
And the media went, Jones is crazy, no one's planning that.
And they wouldn't show where I was showing you the internal Soros documents.
But now you all know it was real.
They were beta testing it then.
And so, burning stuff at courthouses and throwing bombs and lasering police and shooting people to head at checkpoints, that's all bad.
But what's really bad is the checkpoints with trucks and cars and men aiming guns at people.
That is the practicing of shutting down society and having states and cities defund police and then give that big part of the budget over to leftist groups who are now contact tracers.
That's a Soviet Communist-style takeover.
So Roger, this isn't about you, this isn't about Alex Jones, this is about us all, but you're like a Roman standard.
That the enemy wants to capture, so am I. And if they can get that standard, they think it's a big morale boost for them.
They said in the New York Times, at least we have the consolation prize that Roger Stone's going to prison and Alex Jones is being sued and de-platformed.
And so they really are obsessed with that because we're symbols of the populist movement and of the great audience of supporters we have that are right beside us.
And so people don't know, they passed a law in New York, you know, most people don't know this, so that Trump, if he pardons people like Roger Stone, they said,
They will prosecute you.
So the Manhattan prosecutor, for those that don't know, is looking to indict you again for the supposed crimes you committed federally.
It's totally ass-backwards.
It's unconstitutional.
They don't care.
So I think people need to realize that we're not out of the woods yet, and if Trump loses, I predict they're going to get a hundred times worse.
And they're going to go for broke.
They've said everywhere, we want to level Trump supporters.
We want to bring down, we want to punish them.
We want to defeat these populists.
People need to know that, don't just think if Trump gets taken out, things go bad.
No, no, no.
Things go into warp speed.
Alex, it does seem to never end.
I mean, the day after the President, in an act of mercy and justice, commuted my sentence because I surely would have died in a COVID-19 infested prison, where they wanted to put me, contrary to every legal precedent, contrary to the current Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons regulations,
Contrary to my health and my age and contrary to the conditions in that prison, but the law didn't matter.
The regs didn't matter.
This was even upheld by the Circuit Court of Appeals.
What about New York wanting to reindict you?
What's going on with that?
I have no ties to New York, and I'm not sure how that could even work.
But more precisely, you have Andrew Weissman, who was really the guy who ran the Mueller investigation, opining in the Washington Post, pardon me, the New York Times, well, we can get the truth out of Roger Stone by pulling him in front of the grand jury.
He had three years to pull me in front of the grand jury.
He never did.
There is no fact to find out.
The new leftist chant goes, Roger Stone maintained his silence regarding misconduct by the president and traded that silence for clemency in his case.
That is completely and totally false.
They had three years and spent millions of dollars trying to find that.
I was not charged with that.
The president was not beached for that because it does not exist.
No matter how many times Jerry Nadlier says it does, it still does not exist.
Alright, so where I was going with this is, you're doing your appeal, you've only got clemency, you need to expose Amy Berman Jackson, the fraud.
So people need to buy the t-shirts, they need to donate.
We've already gone so far with Roger, we need to push him over the top.
I want to thank you all for your support for Roger, but believe me, he has been through living hell, and he's now a symbol of the resistance they want to destroy.
Don't let them take one of our main standards down.
We must keep the flag, and Roger, you are now a flag in that fight.
Where's the best place for people to donate?
Well, I think the key point here, Alex, is that the main reason to pursue my appeal is not only to clear my name, but also to expose the entire Mueller investigation and the fraudulent nature of my trial.
What if Special Counsel Durham does not do this?
The media is not going to do it.
So it becomes a forum to demonstrate how corrupt this whole thing was.
We're good to go.
They've turned you into this character of evil.
We have to defeat that.
And people can also get the shirt, Stone.
Roger Stone still did nothing wrong to throw it in their face.
Where do people get the ultimately politically incorrect shirt?
They can go to fightback.store.
That's fightback.store.
You know, Alex, you may not have heard this, but just a few minutes ago, the D.C.
Court of Appeals withdrew their dismissal order against General Flynn, and they will now hear the Flynn case en banc, meaning the entire appeals court, every member.
This is a setback for General Flynn.
This is just horrific.
Just horrific.
We now know Flynn did absolutely nothing wrong.
We now know definitively that he was set up, that he was entrapped.
There is no crime here.
What has happened to this judiciary?
Because even Republicans that Trump gets put in still go with the left.
I mean, they really are just setting up themselves as an oligarchy.
I don't think any conservative or any Republican or any Trump supporter can get a fair trial in the District of Columbia.
The three-judge panel that made a decision about whether I should be incarcerated at the same time that Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen and Rick Gates are being let out of prison along with rapists and pedophiles and bank robbers and child pornographers
I had three judges, one appointed by Obama, one appointed by Clinton, and one appointed by George H.W.
They ruled 3-1 against me despite the law and all precedent.
This is very scary.
Until you've been there, you cannot understand it.
And it's not just D.C.
It's happened to me in Connecticut and in Austin, Texas.
I mean, reality has nothing to do with it.
I have judges look at my lawyers and they go, give us the Sandy Hook marketing.
We know you made your fortune off Sandy Hook.
I'm like, we barely ever talked about it.
What are you talking about?
They're like, no, we know you have, and they go, okay, well, we're going to default your case if you don't give us the Sandy Hook info.
And again, it's all those lawyers and Bloomberg and the anti-gun lobby living off of Sandy Hook for their own donations, and then saying that we talk about Sandy Hook.
You've been on my show, you've been on the air with us for five years.
How many times have you heard me talk about Sandy Hook, Roger?
I've never talked to you about it.
I've never heard you talk about it on the air.
Doesn't mean you haven't, but it's never come up.
I mean 4chan thought it was staged.
We looked at it some.
Probably did part of 20 shows on it.
But you know, just mentioned it here and there was a thing going on.
And again, they're making it my identity and doing frontline specials.
You were in it.
All about how he's sending people to our houses, you know, and the guy's in the dark because Jones is after him.
You know, the guy's regular on TV, not in the dark.
It's all, I mean, it's all making it my identity when it's their identity.
They're the ones that live off of it and raise the money off of it and violate free speech off of it.
When we come back, Roger, I want to cover the waterfront with you.
I want to ask you...
I guarantee you, if you say Roger Stone has a message to Donald Trump, what you say, what you already reported, whatever else you want to add to him about going on the offense, what he needs to do, I want you, because you're already fired up, but I want you to take a big shot of expresso when you come back in five minutes.
I want Roger Stone briefs Trump on 2020 when we come back with Roger Stone.
This is going to get to President Trump, because you, the listeners, are badass, and you're going to share those links.
We'll be right back.
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We're getting to a point where a lot of stuff, the companies are just shutting down that we get supplied by.
These are top companies.
I mean, the country's falling apart.
And I'm not going to lie to you that when the ship's on fire and the boiler room blew up and there's 100 foot flames shooting out the sides of the portals, that I don't know how long this country's going to be here.
We are wrecked by the New World Order, all of it's the globalists, the Democrats.
Trump's done a great job trying to right the ship.
He's on the deck while it's on fire.
Pray to God for people to wake up and say no, but I mean, we are in dire straits.
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The worst things get, the more I just am ready for war.
I actually, I have unlimited energy now, and I'm scared of nothing, and I just want to, but we're in the war now is what I'm telling you.
I mean, believe me, I'm not sitting there saying I don't have fear because I want to act like a tough guy.
I'm saying we are now in the war, ladies and gentlemen.
The country is fighting for its life.
I do not have words to describe to you how horrible this is, how sickening this is, how disgusting this is, but I'm not demoralizing you.
I'm saying the only thing you have now is to speak up and say no.
Now, no to the new old order, no to globalism, no to the end of the country.
We will win, but we have to admit how much trouble we're in.
Roger Stone, your emergency briefing message to the President right now.
In the next five minutes, you have the floor.
I guarantee you know this.
The President calls you.
We're going to get this message to him.
You said he needs to go on the offense.
Roger Stone, repeat what you said and add to it.
Well, Alex, I'm happy to do that because I have a very deep affection for the president, and he literally just saved my life.
And I know a lot of the people around him told him not to do it, but in a humanitarian act of mercy, an enormously courageous act in a presidential year, he stepped up.
So my family and I will always be indebted to him, and I will always love him.
I do think he needs to do several things.
One, I would not count on the internet
Social media platforms for my major push advertising and fall.
I would look to sending messages directly to text to buy text to cell phones, a technology that's much tougher to block and you can match the voter files.
With cell phone numbers and reach people effectively that way with your television ads, with your print messages.
I would look at that technology.
Secondarily, these debates are going to be crucial.
Donald Trump is an amazing debater because he's a showman.
He knows how to make a simple point and get people to understand it.
He doesn't get lost in the weeds.
But I don't know that he should agree to a debate schedule laid out by the Presidential Commission on Debates because it is not appointed by the President, it is not a commission, and it's not about debates.
As the President of the United States, he can command where and when he wants to debate.
He could say, hey Joe, I'm doing it on Fox next Thursday.
You gonna be there or not?
He could just choose when and how he debates.
What you don't need is the Presidential Commission on Debates
Inserting their moderator, because we've seen in the past what happens when the moderator is in the tank.
We've seen that.
And what we need is a no-holds-barred, toe-to-toe Biden to Trump.
And if that happens, Donald Trump will emerge victorious in all three debates.
And those debates in this race will be more crucial than ever before.
I think we have to fight mail-in ballots on a state-by-state basis.
The problem here is we don't know how much geographical dislocation COVID-19 is likely to cause.
The President floating the idea of moving the election has two predictable results.
The left will say, you see, he's a dictator.
He refuses to lose.
He refuses to leave.
This is outrageous.
I don't think that's the point here.
The point here is that we don't know what the future brings and we want an honest election.
The president was very clear.
He said it three weeks ago.
If I lose, I lose.
This is nonsense.
This idea that I would try to hang around.
What people don't understand is he didn't run for this job because he had to have it.
He ran for it to save the country.
He ran for it because he didn't like what he saw in terms of the fact that this country was hurtling over the cliff.
And mail-in ballots are a violation of federal and state law.
They need to be stopped.
That's why he's challenging it.
And they're trying to set the precedent that he's not allowed to challenge their fraudulent activities.
That's not challenging an election.
That's challenging fraud.
And he has to preserve that option until we see the results.
Who can judge whether they're honest or dishonest?
One of the things you have to do is match the total number of voters with the number of people in each machine.
That needs to be done on a precinct by precinct basis.
Fraud is not that hard to detect.
It does happen, but it happens in the urban areas mostly.
I think they're fixing to steal this election.
The President should not give up any of his rights to challenge that, if that is the case.
If we get an honest election and he should lose, he made it clear that he would withdraw.
But I don't think that will happen.
It better not happen because he is the last, best hope for this country.
He's the only one who can revive the economy.
He has rebuilt our military strength.
He continues to struggle to keep our borders closed.
But they will throw anything they can at him.
First it was Russia, then it was Ukraine, then it was the manifestation of COVID, and now Adam Schiff has cooked up a whole new Russian collusion meme.
What do you see this one, Alex?
I mean, they just will never stop.
They'll never stop until the president beats them and then he cleans house.
And they only get more insane, and I guess it's because they've never been punished.
That's the problem with Bill Barr and Durham.
I love Barr's speeches.
I love what he says.
He seems like a really gracious, smart guy.
I'm impressed with his overall acumen and his amazing oratory skills and his ability to stay calm.
I mean, the guy's obviously very astute and very accomplished, but still, no action against the deep state for an attempted coup against the President and the American people.
I'm pissed!
That's why I must get my case to appeal.
That's why I can demonstrate the rank corruption of the Mueller investigation if I can get my case to appeal.
That's why I'm pushing so hard to raise the money to do so.
I could just walk away at this point and not put myself in harm's way because if I win a new trial,
Then I would most likely be in front of the same judge.
I question whether I can get a fair trial in front of that judge.
But let's take this one step at a time.
Right now, my highest priority is doing everything I can as a private citizen to help the President get re-elected.
I'm working on a long piece about what the President must do, written from a very friendly point of view, because the strategy has to fit the candidates' talents.
These guys have one of the greatest
We're good to go.
In which thousands of voters are registered to vote, by the way, many of them Democrats.
It does not look to me like COVID-19 is going to allow the set-piece rallies that have been Trump's strength.
But I think he should, I think, look, the Democrats are all marching, and it's wonderful when they do, and then they demonize him when he had his Tulsa rally and make up all these lies.
I think he just goes back to it and says, we're tough, we're Americans, come at your own risk.
I think that's the answer.
I think he's not having more rallies because he saw his rallies sabotaged
By the local stabulary that wouldn't let the people in.
Well, and by a Chinese app, Tip Top, where they pulled a classic dirty trick, I hate to say it, but the president's campaign manager got punked by a bunch of 13-year-olds.
That cannot happen again.
For those that don't know, they went and got the tickets, and Parscale didn't check to see where the orders were.
I mean, if I was getting a bunch of orders, we'd go look if they're real.
And if it's all a bunch of, you know, 13-year-olds or whatever, we contact them and we're like, oh, this is a scam.
And they were all bragging on TikTok for a week.
And then he goes, oh, we got a million and a half RSVPs.
I mean, Parscale really showed him.
I'm not trying to be mean to Parscale, but that was just amateur behavior.
Well, and we had to turn real people away because all the tickets had been sold to people who weren't real, weren't really coming.
I mean, it really was a tragedy, but I guarantee you this, it won't happen again.
You can bet on that.
All right, Roger Stone.
Roger Stone, what is the best website to get that t-shirt you're wearing?
Go to fightback.store.
You can get the Roger Stone Still Did Nothing Wrong t-shirt.
There you go.
And the I Love Freedom shirt, that'll be outlawed as racist very soon.
All right, Roger, thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Powerful interview, great advice to the President.
Now it's up to you, listeners, to spread those links.
We'll be back with Hour Number 3 and huge breaking news.
All right, Millie Weaver's got huge breaking news coming up in the next segment.
So you definitely don't want to miss this information.
It ties into everything else that's happening, everything else that is unfolding with the whole Marshall Law incrementalism the Democrats in Deep State are involved in.
I just want to remind listeners that this is the most critical time in modern history.
And the forces of world government, the forces of authoritarianism, the forces of tyranny have been planning all this for a long time.
And because there's so much resistance to them, they're really, really upset.
They're trying to accelerate their plans.
So I can't tell you right now enough how much people are ready to be awakened, how much people now are tuned in to the truth, how much people are listening.
You know, the left says they de-platformed us.
And people said, Alex, how are you taking it?
I said, they're going to get you next.
And now medical doctors all over the country try to have press conferences, and the president tweets it, and it gets blocked.
And Fauci goes on TV and agrees that they should be censored, and the president should be censored.
Fauci's been there 45 years making millions of dollars himself off these vaccine scams, and was hooked into the whole Wuhan lab.
This is incredible.
Incredible stuff that's going on.
But Fauci is feeling the heat now.
He's under criminal investigation, I can tell you.
It's all hell's breaking loose, ladies and gentlemen.
But every time these globalists get caught doing something corrupt, they just double down, double down.
Well, guess what?
COVID lockdown, the race war that
I mean, and I'm not here to kiss black people's butts.
I mean, black people are good, they're bad like everybody else.
But I mean, it's not black people at these events.
There's pockets of black folks.
It's mainly white academics and white government workers who are communist, who want to paint their revolution as black against white when it's a red revolution.
And I don't mean the Washington Redskins, folks, or Native Americans.
I mean red communist movement.
Red for the blood they want to spill.
And now they say the American Eagle's Nazi, and the flag's bad, and ban it, and now they're saying ban the Finnish flag, and the Dutch flag, and the German flag, and the British flag.
It's a load of bull.
And speaking of that, we got these in a couple days ago.
I'm gonna be wearing one of these very soon out and about town.
They came out and said Trump's
Campaign flag of an American eagle with a flag under it was a Nazi?
That's ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen.
I guess the Mexican flag is Nazi, too.
And, you know, the Russian flag.
No, the eagle is the most popular symbol of countries.
And it is the shield with the Betsy Ross flag.
Out of many, one.
On the back, it says InfoWars.com.
And it says, Keep America Great.
I think this is the best shirt we've ever produced.
I really want it to be the campaign 2020 shirt for this epic battle for the Republic.
I think this is the uniform to wear, ladies and gentlemen.
So you've got one with the American Eagle with 20 stars around it.
It looks awesome.
And then we've got this other one that's the Big Eagle that doesn't have the 20 stars on it.
And it looks just as good, maybe even better.
I can't decide which one's my favorite.
I kind of like the one with the stars, but then I look at this one, I like this.
Big old eagle with its wings out.
This is the coolest looking eagle out there.
Really proud of our graphics crew that created that.
And it's got the olive branch in one hand and the arrows in the other.
You know, whatever you come looking for, you're going to find it on TheBackendForwards.com.
Keep America Great!
This is a beautiful shirt, American flag, red, white, and blue.
On the right-hand shoulder, the shirts are high-quality fabric, printed America, 1995.
And the money we do make funds this operation.
It takes a lot of money to beat the Democratic Party, to beat their law firms, to beat their operators, to beat their private detectives, to beat their terrorist forces, to beat all their different criminal operations and infiltrators and just everything.
But we're not victims.
We're overcomers.
We're targets.
As Tommy Robinson, who shot his house firebomb in England, so he had to move out of England, said, we're under attack because we're telling the truth.
We're under attack because we understand who the enemy is, and if our truth gets out, they lose.
Well, thanks to you, that truth is getting out.
And so I salute you all.
Now, big news about the Sunrise Movement.
They've just changed their name.
Sounds like Shining Path or something, another communist group.
They're activating their forces to carry out violent attacks and terrorism.
And we've got the video coming up with Millie Weaver.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking intel that feeds into all the other big reports we've been bringing you from law enforcement and others that they're not just fire bombings of federal and state courthouses and thousands of buildings being burned down, people being shot at, illegal communist checkpoints.
We now have major leftist groups funded by Soros and the Democrats, like the Sunrise Movement, recently renamed from their previous communist name, activating not just college but high school students and even middle school students to carry out violence.
These are all Maoist youth brigades.
You think your child's joining an anti-racism group, you think they're joining some progressive group, and then they get programmed online
By the left to carry out sexual blackmail.
That's on video.
Communist attacks.
And we have footage of this recorded inside the Zoom meetings.
And so they are really activating their organizations, discarding the old name, coming up with a new revolutionary name.
And this is just one of many of these organizations doing this.
So this is the Sunrise Movement.
Millie, recap what you and others discovered in the last six months.
Uh, the previous reports you put out and then give people a breakdown of what they're about to see and how big this is because your intel absolutely confirms all of our intel, not what we're seeing on the streets, but a major escalation in the media saying firebombing, shooting people, killing people, burning buildings is protest.
And, and so now they're just beta testing going from beta into operational.
So Millie Weaver, thanks for joining us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Well, we still have our undercover infiltrator inside the Sunrise Movement.
It took our undercover like a year and a half to be, you know, fully embedded into this organization, and now it's going on about two years.
So, the other day, the undercover was pointed out by the leadership inside the Sunrise Movement to an Instagram video
Which was signaling their uprising, that they're going to be activated.
And it was pointing them to a Zoom conference that was held last night at 8 p.m.
Well, we have all of it.
We have their plans.
We know what they're going to do.
We know that they're now going to be hitting the homes of Republican and conservative politicians and prominent people.
So they are fully going forward.
They've announced a 100-day siege.
They've changed their logo to what resembles an all-seeing eye.
And they are mirroring their movement after the organization from the 1860s called the Wide Awakes.
And if you do your research into the Wide Awakes, you find that that group, well, although they were Republican Abraham Lincoln supporters that were pro
Abolitionists, they're modeling themselves after their works.
And what they did was they went to the polls, the voting booths, and they kind of policed the voting booths and made sure that ballots were valid or genuine before they were allowed to be cast.
So they talk about in these Zoom chats how they themselves are now going to be at the voting locations and that they're going to be
Policing and watching and going after Trump's poll watchers.
And so what we're seeing here is this movement towards, okay, let's take it to the suburban homes.
Let's take it to the homes of these Republican prominent people and politicians, and that they're also going to be taking this to the voting booths if the voting polling locations are allowed to be open.
So that's what we're seeing right now.
It's very alarming Alex.
And you've got videos we're going to get to here in a moment where they're laying out, again, going out and intimidating people at the voting places, polling places, and going to Republicans' homes, like Mitch McConnell, like Alex Jones, like Tucker Carlson, and others.
This has already happened to everybody.
They're getting more and more violent rhetoric.
We're going to kill you, evil turtle.
I'm not saying that.
That's what they say to Mitch McConnell.
I mean, this is out of control.
They're saying all police are evil.
Austin City Council has a resolution in their budget to blow up the police station as a symbol of ending police hate, whatever that means.
I mean, this is really a Bolshevik malice takeover.
Yes, they specifically say this is not a protest.
They say this is a haunting and that they're going to be at people's homes day after day, night after night, keeping people awake and harassing them.
It's terrorism, Alex.
And they say that they talk about how they're going to expect police to be more aggressive against them since they're taking it to residential neighborhoods versus the typical political sit-ins at representatives' offices, so to speak.
Well, what they've done is, you know, they said the Purge shows right-wingers going to liberals' houses.
No, this is the left coming to our houses.
And people say, well, they're pathetic.
We've got guns.
Well, the McCluskeys have been indicted in St.
Louis for people on their property saying, we're going to kill you.
They just pointed guns at them and said, get off our property.
Totally legal.
Open and shut.
They're indicted by a Soros operative.
We've put up with so much so long now that they literally believe we're going to roll over again.
And I guess America probably will.
Well, what Americans need to realize here is they also have guns themselves.
Antifa has guns.
Black Lives Matter has guns.
They have AR-15s.
I mean, it wasn't that long ago, Owen Schroer was even harassed by some Antifa in Austin with guns.
They have guns.
So what are you going to do when a large, massive rioting group rolls up outside your house, your neighborhood, and they have guns?
Sure, you have a gun, but have you organized with your neighbors?
Have you prepared for what you're going to do when that day happens?
Well, that's starting to happen, and that's what people have to understand, is they're now going into the suburbs, and then when people fight back to defend themselves, it's going to be called terrorism by the media.
They're going to be going and targeting people one by one.
If they as a group go and target, let's say, Tucker Carlson's house, or Mitch McConnell's house, or target all these houses,
In a massive group each day.
And who knows?
I mean, this is the same group that says burning down buildings is a legitimate form of protest.
And the police have been told, if you support citizens, you'll get in trouble from your police chiefs.
Cops need to do their jobs.
They'll be heroes.
And call out this confrontation.
Stop following orders.
I mean, it's time to do your job.
And her Skype just froze.
It should come back here in a moment.
Millie, we were joining us.
We're going to come back in a few minutes after break, and we've got a ton of footage we haven't gotten to yet from the Sunrise Movement that just got taped.
This is what they're activating.
Let's play clip number one.
Part of it is we got a break here.
Sunrise leaders call to action.
They call for 100-day siege.
Well, America is under siege right now.
Here it is.
All right.
Sorry to cut the music off.
I was really vibing, but I do want us to get started.
This is really the moment that this broken system could all come crumbling down, but it's up to us to take action and make it happen.
And the people who are supposed to be in charge, the people who are supposed to be protecting us, are either asleep, sleeping through the crisis, or actually, even worse, the very architects and profiteers of this death economy.
We can't occupy their offices, so we have to bring the crisis to their doorsteps.
And we're going to mobilize outside the homes of politicians in the middle of the night to wake them up to the devastating realities we face.
That's right, y'all.
No justice, no sleep.
And this isn't just your regular protest.
This is a daily haunting to make it clear that our generation is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the revolution in the streets and at the ballot box.
My dream is that we bring these failed and corrupt institutions to their
North Korea.
And let me just say that I love the term siege, because I feel like that's exactly what we're gonna do.
And I all encourage you to go read the Wikipedia page for what a siege is, because have that expectation.
We've been failed and forgotten, and we need to tell the world that we're not taking this bullsh** anymore.
That they will see us, they will feel us, and they will hear us until they are deaf with our demands.
That's it, I'm going to Mayor Nadler's house, or Adler's house.
Keep going.
Look at her reading off a script.
These people all want to get in the country so they can bitch and complain and get free stuff.
None of these people work.
They want to run your life.
And they're all funded by the most powerful, evil, rich people on Earth who run death camps in China.
These are such disgusting pigs.
Oh, really?
You're going to Nike?
You're going to LeBron James House?
The sweatshops?
You're going to Apple?
We're gonna break.
Yep, yep.
Back it up before they go to this lady when we come back.
That's good, guys.
We're going to cut the clip off now.
Thank you.
When we come back, we're going to back that up to that point.
We're going to play that.
The death economy.
Yeah, yeah.
That's right.
Billy Weaver's our guest, and they've gone into these Zoom meetings to watch high school, middle school, and college girls, mainly.
We have videos we can roll of the women chanting for war, and we've got video of them saying they're getting ready with their hammers to go out and start attacking people.
But if you listen to some of the audio and video we're about to play here,
They're saying this evil death economy, we're going to dismantle America.
And America's not perfect, nothing is, but never anything about communist China or millions in death camps, never anything about keeping babies alive and selling their organs.
It's all just, it's racist, it's bad, it's white, we've got to destroy it.
And it's always women hired and trained to lead other young girls into the Maoist youth brigades.
Now type in Maoist Great Leap Forward Cultural Revolution Youth Brigades.
In fact, go ahead and type that in.
You can see Chinese Maoist uprising.
Children fighting in Mao's army.
Maoist youth brigades.
You can see it.
And that's the model they admit when you go to these things of what they're doing.
So let's go back to that audio.
They're talking about the 100-day siege and how they're going to get America.
Here it is.
I knew that if we could replicate this in mass numbers all across the country,
Corrupt leaders would have no possibility of continuing to sleep until they give way.
This campaign is going to show the public what a threat to power looks like.
So for the next 100 days, we will haunt these architects of the death economy.
We will march into their homes.
We will march into their homes.
We will march into their homes.
And make it plain and simple for them.
We are wide awake to the role in which they are crafting this nightmare.
And they are about to be too.
So now we're going to take actions they cannot ignore.
So as we ramp up to the election, we know there's a lot that's going to be stopping black and brown people and young people from voting.
Polling places are being shut down.
And we've heard that Trump has called for 50k poll watchers, which we all know that means there's going to be an army of terrorizers to scare black and brown people from voting.
It's going to be rough.
That's why we need to show up like never before.
Despite the potential for change that's coming, we still have to deal with Biden, right?
And I know literally every time I open the news, he's gone and said something else terrible.
The Democratic Party is banging us over the head with, we got to defeat Trump.
And this really speaks to me, right?
We need an administration we can control.
We need to be able to pull the strings if we want to be able to implement the visionary future we need.
Right now we are building a force that is powerful enough to strike fear into the hearts of politicians on either side of the aisle.
We're talking with youth groups leading the movement for black lives and other youth partners to build this youth bloc.
This multi-issue, multi-racial, cross-path.
Alright, so this is all based on Maoist principles in their own words.
But China doesn't basically let black people in.
They're super racist.
And China puts Christians, Hindus, and Muslims in death camps.
But all these women are running around screaming how much America sucks.
I mean, these are idiots, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolute morons.
Millie Weaver, you've been going through thousands of documents on all these videos.
To see them now, this video is just a few days old, saying, we're activated, the hammer comments are coming up, we're gonna go out, we're gonna do all this.
This is just insane.
It's scary, Alex.
They are saying they're going to be marching into people's homes.
That should terrify everyone.
These people are like a terrorist organization.
They want to go around and harass people and violently riot and use radical action to forcefully get their way.
These people are not going to stop.
And that's why I felt like this... And they say, quote, overthrow the United States is necessary and the time is now.
And again, the most powerful corporations in the world, the Chinese communists, are funding the college and high school students to want a violent overthrow.
This is criminal.
Exactly, and they're all leading this up to election day and election time and even the aftermath of the election.
So everyone needs to be prepared and that is the main reason why I decided this message needs to get out now.
I know we've been talking about that we've been working on a documentary.
We have so much information we're all putting together and it takes time to do that.
But that's why I decided, all right, this needs to get out now.
This is an urgent message to the American people.
They need to know that they need to prepare themselves and their families to be able to defend themselves because these radicals are going to go around and hit the suburbs.
They are serious.
They don't care if they have to smash Trump supporters in order to win the election.
They're going to do what they need to do because they are so brainwashed.
It looks like George Soros is going to get some more happy making days, Alex.
I mean, he's behind some of these groups and organizations.
And he's overthrown more than 15 countries, most recently Ukraine.
They did the whole Arab Spring.
And for those that don't know, they have former military members that are communists now, men, training these kids that have been paid for by Soros.
And they all believe they're going to get positions in power.
The little young dumb kids don't know that.
They just believe they're bringing equality and they're sad for George Floyd.
And their socialist mothers are supporting him.
There's no dad in the home.
But these people really believe they're about to have their way with us.
And I got news for them.
They're not going to have their way with us.
Yeah, I mean, there's going to be a lot of Americans that stand up and fight back.
And I hope that's what Americans do, because this is unacceptable.
This is un-American.
This is a communist revolution.
They think that they're going to be able to take America over in 100 days.
Well, I have news for them.
There's a lot of patriots out there that are going to be in the way of that.
And as long as the patriots are awake,
Well, it's another interesting thing that they had this conference Zoom call on the Bohemian Grove's cremation of care.
So, it's just a little interesting that they announced their 100-day siege for their violent revolution on that day.
So, it just goes to show, I mean, this is the same group that is connected to Lucius Trust.
Yeah, those are all very important occult days.
So, it's odd that they would announce this on that day.
Don't you think, Alex?
Millie, it's all occult.
These aren't all Aleister Crowley groups.
That's all admitted.
I think Trump's winning in the real numbers, but there's such election fraud coming.
I'm really concerned.
I don't know if the listeners understand that I'm not just saying we're in deep trouble for effect.
I really want people to know they better get active, they better get vocal.
What do you think everybody out there can do to make sure we understand that the globalists are making their move right now?
This isn't the beta test, this is it.
Yeah, they're making their move.
I think that people need to get organized.
One thing I've noticed with these groups, with the left, they are extremely organized.
And that's because they are, these are NGOs and other intelligence contractors.
They're behind this group.
Oh yeah, using classic cult programming.
And so people need to get organized.
They need to know that there is a real threat to their safety and their country right now.
And they need to get organized.
And you laugh at a bunch of dumb 14-year-old girls.
The ignorance is their strength.
That's why in 1984 they say ignorance is strength.
That was a real Stalinistic term.
The fact that their followers are so dumb and so evil and so stupid is what makes them dangerous.
There were houses where 20, 30, 14-year-old girls, 12-year-old girls would show up with butcher knives and kill whole families that didn't submit to Mao.
It was little girls that led the attacks with butcher knives, like children of the corn.
People don't know what this is.
And you've got the video and the stuff here, that's where they're talking about the hammers and how they're coming for us.
And then again, folks, you defend yourself.
Again, if I seem really concerned on air, folks, we've already seen massive violence, people being shot in the head over and over again, at illegal communist checkpoints around the country.
We've seen the corporate media praise it, the Democrats praise it, Democrat leaders say there's no violence at all.
We see new definitions of protesting, meaning burning and shooting and killing people.
And we see every form of trash and garbage being pushed to do this.
And now we see activations going out to Antifa, BLM, and in the text we're going to be showing on screen in this next clip, they talk about using hammers to go out and tell the young girls, go out and use your hammers and start attacking people.
Our own vehicle's been attacked by men with hammers.
And the media made a joke about it.
Like, this is a great thing.
And when they burned down a homeless camp, they blamed it on us.
I mean, the media, the establishment is working in lockstep to protect these people who've been told they can just go out and act with impunity and that they're going to, quote, blow up the Austin Police Department.
That's in the official city council.
In fact, when I say that, I don't even believe it, even though it's true.
It's in the official city budget to blow up the police department as a symbol of ending hate.
And they just said, we don't need a police department anymore.
We're going to blow up the police department.
This is from APD.
Source, Monday evening, BLM and other anti-police group members were riding around downtown Austin in technicals, pickup trucks with two to four armed individuals with rifles in the back, stopping cars, counter-flowing, going the wrong way down streets, et cetera.
APD reported on what was happening and wanted to intervene, but were told to stand down unless they started shooting.
These trucks were stopped in the middle of the road, intimidating other motorists, etc.
Rangenfell cops were furious.
They weren't allowed to act.
We've seen the videos.
They're like, stop all ladies and point guns at them and stuff.
I mean, it's just, you can't believe they'll actually act like this.
Just random people.
They don't know.
They attack you.
Also, same guy who was shot and killed when he came up and pointed his gun at a car that was surrounded, had been at several other protests downtown in front of APD headquarters with his AK and had stopped vehicles in the roadway on the frontage road.
APD cops reported what he was doing but again were told to stand down.
So, it's the public activation to carry out terrorism.
I mean, if I was planning secretly to have members of our crew go point guns at people and set up checkpoints, I should be wiretapped, I should be SWAT teamed, I should go to jail for conspiracy, you know, to engage in terroristic acts, kidnapping people, commandeering, menacing.
I mean, it's horrible mafia behavior.
I wouldn't do that.
I'm not humongous from the Road Warrior.
This is going on.
I've seen this with my eyeballs.
I have them come up and say, we're going to kill you once we take over.
And the police literally are running around with their tail between their legs because the leadership doesn't support them.
Millie, and now you've got all this incredible footage of them saying, we're going to come into your homes.
We're going to attack you with hammers.
I mean, it's and people say, oh, it's a bunch of little girls.
That's what's so dangerous about it.
This is what they did in China.
People don't realize the psychology of a hundred little girls coming to burn down your house.
And then when you shoot them, you kill little girls.
This is like Hezbollah using little kids with explosive vests, and Antifa and others and BLM are now using small children as human shields.
These are terrorist tactics!
Exactly, they capture the teenage girls so that they can capture the teenage boys because they know how influenceable little boys are and teenage boys are and that they'll go out and try to impress these girls and how naive the youth are.
And this is terrorism, Alex.
When we saw that they were talking about marching into the homes of prominent politicians, Republicans, conservatives, we immediately understood that this was a terrorist threat and we sent it off to the DOJ.
So, we're giving all this information over to the DOJ, anything we can to help them in their investigations into Antifa and these terrorist cells inside the United States.
You know, it's another interesting thing, though, that Trump has been talking about wanting to delay the 2020 election.
Well, if you think about it, after the demonstration, the experiment that other journalists carried out where they mailed a bunch of mail-in voter ballots to see how many they got back, well, they found that after four days, there were still 21% of the ballots missing, lost in snail mail.
Which could cause a massive discrepancy in the election.
I mean, we'll never really know what the true voting results are if we only do mail-in ballots due to COVID-19, so it's imperative that we have these voting locations open.
Well now, too late for that, right?
Because guess what?
These groups like the Sunrise Movement, BLM, etc., they're planning to be at the voting locations.
They're talking about it in these Zoom conference chats where they're saying that they want to do exactly what the Wide Awakes did in the 1860s.
Well, what did they do?
They policed the voting locations.
They would reject ballots that they said were not genuine.
I mean, it's pretty scary.
It's a scary thought, but how many people are going to be deterred if they know that, okay, if I go there and someone stops me and asks me if I'm a Trump supporter, if I'm wearing a MAGA hat, if I'm going to be beaten, it's going to deter a lot of people, Alex.
So, this is election rigging, election meddling, this is terrorism.
Absolutely, it's all meant to lock us down, make everything abnormal, activate a revolution, call it racial as their cover, but really it's a revolution against America, backed by foreign powers like the Chai Koms and Big Tech.
I mean, Millie, I just cannot, it's one thing to know all this is theoretical, it's another thing with 95 days out from the election to be living in megabanks and the Chai Koms and the richest people on earth that own slave camps like Nike and Apple.
Creating a woke movement to blow up people's own lifeboat and bring down the freest country in the world.
I mean, it's just the fact that they've got this many idiots is shocking to me.
Well, what happened in Minneapolis and throughout the country after George Floyd's death was a dry run.
500 buildings burned in Minneapolis.
Sorry, you're right.
500 buildings burned down in Minneapolis.
That was a dry run.
They have now officially announced their 100-day siege.
So I don't even know what's going to happen now at this point, Alex.
Well, I know this.
I don't want to kill anybody.
I don't need to put that on my belt.
I'm just anti if anybody comes to my house with a gun or any type of fiery object and threatens my family, they're dead.
But the problem is these meth-head scum that they've hired are so stupid, they don't care.
And I predict a lot of them are going to get killed, Millie.
Yes, a lot of them probably will, but I think that they're so brainwashed, I mean, they're willing to die for it.
They think they're Captain America fighting Hitler when they literally worked for the dude that helped Hitler!
There ain't many Nazi collaborators still left!
They worked for the biggest, evilest one around!
You know, it's been scientifically proven that the youth, their brains are not developed enough to be able to make good, sound judgments.
I mean, that's typically
Why we have pages of consent.
So that's why they're going after the young people because young people would be so impulsive or lacking judgment to go and you know beat some old person with a MAGA hat on or burn someone's house down saying it's a legitimate form of protest.
That's why they're preying on the youth.
It's because they're influenceable and they're naive.
I watched the video that you showed of that bigger redhead guy.
His body language is, he's in charge of the cops.
He's the guy managing a bunch of dumb kids.
There are a lot of people who think they've chosen the winning team.
They think they've chosen the globalists.
They know it's evil.
They want the power.
They're bad people.
The people managing this are the worst people on the planet.
The Democrats think that they're manipulating and using the youth.
The youth know this.
The youth are planning to manipulate the Democrats because once the youth gain power, you think Biden wins?
They already have plans to embed themselves in his campaign and, you know, extort him and manipulate him to do their bidding.
I mean, this group is going to try to take over.
And that's why there's a bunch of communist factions literally just battling for control.
Yeah, they want to destroy America.
That's what they're trying to battle control over.
And anyone that stands in their way, they are not afraid to tear them down, burn them down, smash them down.
Well, the good news is when they show up at these different suburbs, they're waiting for people that have firearms and they're getting stopped in their tracks.
And it's going to blow up in that Soros lawyer, prosecutor, circuit prosecutors, they call it up in St.
But I mean, it's all just a big sick joke.
It's all race based as well.
It's very disgusting.
Jay Dyer is going to be taking over in the fourth hour.
Always informative.
It's about Klaus Schwab, head of the Dabos Group, his book on the Great Reset.
That's what this is right now.
Revolution, flash mobs, and brain chips.
Bill Gates backing climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering, chemtrailing.
That's coming up in the next hour, but I cannot express to you enough, with only 95 days out from the election, that
More is going to happen in a day than used to happen in a month.
And we need to be praying for President Trump, praying for America, praying for a great awakening worldwide.
We need to all be very, very active.
So, despite them trying to shut us down and trying to censor us, despite them trying to blockade our information, the globalists
Have failed to a great extent.
InfoWars is still here in some ways more powerful than ever.
But we, it's not about InfoWars, it's about all of us.
You've got to share the live links, you've got to share the different articles and videos, whatever you think is most informative, to friends and family and neighbors and random people every day, every hour.
Human activity can override them and people are very hungry for the truth right now.
That's why they're trying to censor us.
I want to play a few more of these clips.
Millie Weaver was talking about these.
We already showed the Sunshine, Sunrise leaders.
And then one of these big Soros groups with middle school, high school, and college girls mainly being brainwashed.
But let's play clip number two and number three, Sunrise Movement.
And they have on the screen here talking about using hammers to beat people in the head.
And also the all-seeing eye, Instagram 32nd.
Let's play clip number two and number three.
Here they are.
Again, this is mainly text, but they tell you, you know, we try to be nice, but now we're coming with hammers to your house.
You're not going to be able to sleep.
We're going to haunt you.
We are awake.
No justice, no sleep.
They're all paid to do this.
160-year-old tactic.
Wide awake.
They're pots and pans.
By the way, the IMF and World Bank came out in 2002.
Documents got leaked.
The BBC and Greg Powell speculated they were still half-decent.
And the IMF will fund communists to riot and protest to bring down a society so they can buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.
Let's play their clip of the all-seeing eye.
Play that clip.
Yeah, so there it is on screen for you.
Millie, again, this is just one part of this, but this is a big organization with massive, this is a big organization with massive funding.
And we need, as a society, to be aware of what's going on and what's happening.
Millie Weaver's Skype was crystal clear today, but sometimes that goes along with her Skype dropping.
So her Skype dropped again.
I do want to have her be able to finish up what she had to say.
But since she mentioned this, let's get to the clip of
Local news experiment in mail-in voting ends in disaster.
And this is exactly what President Trump is talking about.
Here it is.
If you know how to mail a letter, you already know how to mail in your vote.
But how long might it take for that vote to actually arrive and be counted?
We decided to test it, sending a hundred mock ballots simulating a hundred voters from locations all across Philadelphia to a P.O.
box we set up to represent a local election office.
A couple days later, we mailed 100 more using the same size envelopes and the same class of mail as real ballots here.
To approximate the weight, we even folded mock votes into every one.
In the following week, we checked our P.O.
box for the results.
Mail pickup notice, there's more.
When we went to collect everything though...
Most of our votes seem to be lost.
We had to ask for a manager and explain ourselves before someone finally found our votes.
One, two... We soon discovered another problem.
Missorted mail.
Two pieces of it.
We got a birthday card.
From Mike to Ronnie.
Have a sweet bee day.
Get it?
There's a bee on top.
When the birthday greetings ended... Twelve.
We found a bigger issue.
21% of our votes hadn't materialized after four days.
And the batch we'd mailed a week prior?
Some of those were missing too.
So of our 100 ballots, 97 arrived.
Which sounds pretty good.
Unless you consider the fact that that means three people who tried to vote by mail in our mock election were in fact disenfranchised by mail.
In a close election, 3% could be pivotal, especially in what's expected to be a record year for mail-in voting.
There's going to be stuff in the daylights out of it.
We're going to see somewhere between probably 80 and 100 million voters receiving their ballot that way.
The Postal Service says voters should mail their return ballots at least one week prior to the due date.
All because the U.N.
says... Half of all states still allow voters to request ballots less than a week before the election.
So you can forgive the public for being a tad confused.
How long do you think the Post Office recommends?
About three days, two to three days.
They're saying at least a week.
A week?
They're saying at least a week for your vote.
I don't trust it.
Why not?
I don't know.
I'm scared that it might get lost in the mail.
You don't trust Dr. Gates?
My vote is submitted.
Like, I see that it's submitted, that it actually counts.
Tony DeCople, CBS News, New York.
So there you go.
We got Millie back.
Let me play this clip since I mentioned it.
We'll go back to her to finish up.
This video is at Band.Video.
Google admits U.S.
doctors don't have free speech because of U.N.
He says we follow the CDC and NIH, which gets its orders from the United Nations.
So, oh, we can't have doctors have a press conference.
That's got to be banned off Google, YouTube and Twitter and Facebook.
Because the U.N.
says hydroxychloroquine isn't good off a fake
Study that Bill Gates paid for that was withdrawn because of fraud.
But even if the doctors were lying, they have a right to a press conference.
It should be up there.
Who says they're lying?
I mean, these are criminals, folks.
So now, oh, we're not censoring.
Oh, but we can't let doctors have a press conference with congressmen.
Oh, and the president, he's not allowed to tweet either.
We censored him because the UN said we're under UN control.
America needs to wake up and say no to all of this.
The rioting, all of it is a U.N.
Here's Sundar Pichai in Congress yesterday.
Mr. Pichai, there are rioting groups that are going unchecked with the posting of what I would contend is very violent video.
Yet, yesterday I was sent a YouTube video about doctors discussing hydrocoroquine and discussing the not dangers of children returning to school.
And when I clicked on the link, it was taken down.
And then I was sent a different link on YouTube.
And it was taken down.
I just checked again just to make sure and it says that this video has been removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines.
How can doctors giving their opinion on a drug that they think is effective for the treatment of COVID-19 and doctors who think it's appropriate for children to return back to school violate YouTube's community guidelines when all of these videos of violence is all posted on YouTube?
Congressman, we believe in freedom of expression, and there is a lot of debate on YouTube about effective ways to deal with COVID.
We allow robust debate, but in the area during a pandemic, we look to local health authorities.
So for example, in the U.S., it would be CDC.
It's free expression of speech and you have these doctors who are giving their opinion as doctors and I don't understand why
YouTube and therefore Google thinks it's appropriate to silence physicians and their opinion of what can help and cure people with COVID-19.
I mean, folks, these globalists have gone so far down the rat hole with our freedoms, and we just sit here and put up with it.
We'll come back and finish it with Millie Weaver.
What do you think about this on this side?
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Stay with us.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
I didn't even get to... Now we hired a statistician to show that they're using all the numbers of people that died of the flu and other things and said that it's COVID.
That's a study we paid for.
Big, major news.
I didn't even cover it.
Maybe I'll cover it tomorrow.
Maybe we'll have an article on Infowars.com on that subject.
It's just such a crazy world right now.
Things are so out of control.
And, you know, the media talks about how they want to shut us down as we're fake news.
Yes, look at what we cover.
It's all coming true.
We're not trying to be false in any way.
We make mistakes sometimes.
Millie, what's gut level?
Millie Weaver, great journalist out there.
What do you think is coming in the future?
What do you think is going to happen with Trump?
What do you think is going to happen with all these mail-in ballots and election fraud?
What's your female mother's intuition?
I know your mother has two beautiful children.
What do you gut level think is about to happen in 95 days?
Well, I think that no matter the result of the election, we're going to see civil unrest.
We're going to see violence.
I mean, because think about it.
If Biden wins, we're going to see insanity.
He's going to be pushing more and more of these globalist policies.
He's going to be trying to take away guns.
Look at his draconian gun policies.
The policies he has are going to be insane.
So either way, if Biden wins, I predict civil unrest.
If Trump wins, there's definitely going to be civil unrest because the left is not going to stop.
I think that there's going to be so much election fraud, meddling, rigging, everything in the election.
What's going to happen is it's going to be contested.
Trump's going to contest it.
And I think that the Democrats are going to say, oh, he's a dictator.
He's refusing to leave office.
And they're going to try to have a violent coup, a violent overthrow.
I think that's what we're going to see happen here.
It seems like they're setting the stage for that.
From the news headlines that I've been reading and seeing, that's what's going to happen.
I totally agree with you.
How do we change that?
How do we navigate that?
I don't know.
I mean, this is one of those things where it's a...
It's a double-edged sword.
I mean, if Biden wins, we're going to be battling the globalists head-on.
They're going to be trying to force us with these vaccinations that have markers in them.
They're going to force a universal ID on us.
The mark of the beast.
You're not going to be able to buy things, shop, go anywhere without proof that you've been vaccinated.
They're going to take away guns.
They're going to limit free speech.
They're going to police the heck out of the internet.
They're going to have surveillance cameras everywhere.
Social credit score systems.
We're going to be in a tech nightmare.
That's right.
They don't need the police anymore because they'll just turn your phone and your money off.
Well, it's frustrating, Alex, because
I always thought, okay, if you give the truth to the American people, they're all just going to wake up.
They're going to be awakened.
They'll be enlightened.
They'll rebel against these globalists and these people.
But the sad thing that I'm beginning to realize is that some of them are just so brainwashed, like these culties in the Sunrise Movement, that they are going to be used as a weapon against their fellow Americans.
They're going to be working against their own
You know, best interests, essentially, attacking their own fellow Americans for the bidding of the globalists that want to destroy this country, not even realizing or knowing it.
And we're in such a time period where right is wrong and wrong is right.
Everyone's so confused.
There's so many psychological warfare operations, IAEA operations going on right now on social media.
People don't know what to believe.
You have, like we saw in the hearings, where you have Sundar Pichai talking about how
These doctors putting out their opinions.
They're practicing medical doctors.
And they're claiming that doctors are fake news?
Fauci says you're not allowed to.
Fauci said the president was shut down.
And Fauci says that's good.
At first they came for Alex Jones.
Remember that, everyone.
First they came for Alex.
They called him fake news.
They banned him from everything.
Now they're calling practicing physicians and doctors fake news.
They're banning Breitbart, Prager University.
Banning the president's tweets.
What more do you need to know that the real goal is that they're coming after you, the American people.
And we're just in the way.
That's right.
Millie Weaver, thank you so much.
Millennium Millie, find her everywhere.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We have one more piece of news.
The guest host is coming up.
You know, Ted Nugent is 71 years old.
And if you know him in person, he's got a very powerful presence.
And it feels like you're with a 45-year-old guy in his prime.
And he's kind of canned in his speeches the things he says because he works, you know, 18 hours a day.
Guy's a workaholic worse than I am.
But I was talking to him during the break last Sunday when he was on.
And he said, Alex, you just got to work as hard as you can now because this is everything they've been planning for generations to take down the Republic for part of their larger plan.
And, you know, I don't think it's going to go well for him, but it's going to be rough.
So just you need to let everybody know this is once in a lifetime what's what's going down.
Everything that we stand for is now about to be tested.
And that's really what's going on here.
You know, I already told the crew, I said, I want to come in tonight, 7 to 9, to a special commercial-free live show, but I don't think I'm going to do it.
I'm too tired.
I'm 46, folks.
I got a lot of energy.
But the reason I'm so tired is I did all this preparation.
I didn't cover 5% of it.
I just know how they're lying.
I know their plan, and it's so horrible.
And what's exhausting is, we know they're evil, we know they're psychotic, we know it's bad, we know it's gonna get worse, and then I see all these idiots buying into it who have no idea how much trouble they're in.
Because, I mean, look, I've been living with the devil for a long time, living close to this thing.
And I guess I never really figured it out when I was a kid, but I was always close to it.
My family, been involved in a bunch of stuff.
But now to be here in the Zeitgeist and to be right down to the wire and to have real evil about to take over.
I mean, we're talking Soviet-level red terror in America.
I mean, we're talking tens of millions tortured to death, death camps.
I mean, civil war, death in the streets.
I mean, starvation, nuclear reactors melting down.
I mean, we are entering hell itself right now because we gave up on God.
We said, God, we don't need you.
Just go ahead and, you know, get out of here.
And then I see the hit pieces on CNN and MSNBC and ABC News and Frontline, PBS, and it doesn't hurt me that they're lying about me.
It hurts me that there's so many bad people that are so good at lying.
I mean, I watched this hour-long thing, and we'll go to our guest who's taking over, Jed Iron in a moment.
And I sat there and I watched it the other night when it came on, all the PBS stations, which still has a big audience.
And I watched how they took photos of me and even photoshopped them to make me look weird.
You kind of make people unsettled in the way they edited sentences together and the way they lied about this but told the truth about that.
And I was just watching it and realizing what a bunch of followers these people are.
But what is the spider who's the conductor that they're following the orders from?
That's really what we should be discussing.
But everything in the show, even though they would twist it, would still tell the truth because the truth is still there.
Like, Jones claims he's being censored.
Jones claims there's a movement to take him off air.
They admit that's their movement.
And then they misrepresent who I am and talk about Sandy Hook that I hardly ever even talked about.
The internet questioned it.
You have every right to.
And people that are not in hiding one day are now in hiding.
Oh, because of me and I'm sending white supremacists after him.
None of that's even true.
And you watch it and you see it, people living off my name, collecting money off my name, and then saying I'm doing it off their name.
It actually makes me just feel sorry for them.
And how they took the openness and freedom of our society and pissed all over it.
And now all that prosperity and all the blessings and the hedge of protection is now being removed.
So here's a few minutes from the piece that we haven't played.
I haven't played most of it.
Where they're like, look, he's a kook.
He claims he's being censored when they are censoring me.
And then they show this one scene in the press conference where the cop comes over and says, I want to talk to you for a moment.
He just wanted to say, you're not going to go inside and yell at the senators, are you?
And I said, no.
And he said, fine.
I was gone 30 seconds.
They make it look like I got arrested for my speech.
And they go on to say that's a good thing on the show.
So there's all these photos that was pushing me whenever the communists attacked me at the RNC four years ago in July, four years ago, four years ago now.
The state police grabbed me and took me out of the crowd, and they put on the news that I was arrested.
Said, look, they don't care, folks.
It's next level lying.
So you'll see this in this little piece, just every bit of it.
You spend an hour on each minute because this is the fan fiction that they produce for the people that watch and listen to NPR.
Here it is.
Brought to you by the Ford Foundation.
Here it is.
There was a backlash.
There was a backlash where people started to really try to examine this person.
They started to review internally, you know, are we monetizing this guy?
Are we supporting the horrible things that he's doing?
Jones tried to portray it as a conspiracy by the deep state and globalists.
I am here because there is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
That's why I've been targeted.
So I can't have a press conference.
As you can see in America, I cannot face my accusers.
The tech giants were incredibly slow to respond to what Mr. Jones was doing.
They were more than happy to allow Mr. Jones to make money for their platforms, causing mayhem and hysteria.
They were absolutely happy to do it.
It's called Section 230.
That they're not publishers.
They let antibes say go kill people at their houses again.
And these are all, they'll only tell you on the show, these are the lawyers and the deep state operatives that are literally saying they want to take us off air and stop our free speech.
Though they don't care about slave labor in China or death camps or 3 million Christians and Muslims in death camps.
No, no, no, it's all Alex Jones.
He's the bad guy and he claims
When they, in the Senate hearings, the Senators say, we want Jones off the air.
Senator Blumenthal and Murphy.
And then, oh, Jones claims there's a conspiracy.
Insulting your intelligence.
Let's continue.
For them, some of it became this lawsuit.
Some of it became Mr. Jones' conduct.
Those around Jones saw something else.
Revenge from the left for Jones' alliance with Trump.
My own view is that it has the fingerprints of an organized attack.
Within two years of Trump's election, he faces an onslaught of lawsuits from all across the country, like the kind he had never faced before, and he is completely removed from almost every social media platform, and his voice is censored or silenced.
It's an unprecedented attack on any individual that I've ever witnessed.
By 2020, Alex Jones was exploiting another national tragedy.
The coronavirus pandemic.
Economic collapse.
Partisan division.
And he was still in lockstep with the president.
Later, the Democratic Party, the liberals are cheering this virus.
Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus.
Alright, let's stop there.
Lockstep with reality.
Earlier in the film they go, look, Jones said Obama was planning an executive order to curtail guns, and Trump said the same thing.
It was in the news!
So Trump's mentioning the same top story I am?
And look, Trump has listened to me some, but the point is, the truth's the truth.
Almost all that show is a lie.
And they know it's a lie.
All right, we've got a special guest host about to take over, Jay Dyer.
He's got a lot to cover.
Klaus Schwab, head of the Dabos, his book on the Great Reset, that's what this is, is a world depression.
They're engineering, they say it's good we're gonna have a global depression, that'll cut the carbon footprint.
You just saw them saying, Jones is crazy when he says a lockdown's gonna cause a depression.
Okay, well, don't have to hold your breath, it's here, folks.
I mean, again, they had to take something totally normal and true, and something totally authentic, teleprompter-free,
And then they say it's a manufactured setup by me.
Like, everything Jay Dyer's about to say is all pre-programmed by somebody else.
You know, uh, the, uh, what are they, what are those people's names?
Some more rightly Republican group, they always claim is funding me.
Which, which, it's not the, whatever their names are, I always forget.
The, the Koch brothers.
I got one cent from them.
Got it from the list for supporting us.
And Revolution, Flash Moms, Brain Chips, Bill Gates, backing climate scientists, lobbying for large-scale geoengineering.
That's weather control.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
You know, in the last few installments when I was on, we covered the writings of the elite.
This time we're going to cover a more recent book.
2018, the head of Davos, Klaus Schwab himself wrote a really important book.
Now remember, this is pre-COVID, right?
So this is 2018.
And I think Mr. Klaus has given us quite a few clues and keys to understand what's going on right now.
In fact, I was pretty blown away looking back at this material, given what's happened in the last few months, because he outlines the entire big perspective.
And that's what we're going to focus on.
And I'm also going to look at a document or two from a while back, one from 2007 that dealt with flash mobs and revolution of white paper.
Then we're going to look back at the philosophy of the UN back from 1946, the governing philosophy of the United Nations.
And the reason that matters is that, as Klaus will tell us, and as we all know now from what we've seen out of the World Health Authority, we are now supposed to submit to whatever the UN says, right, across the board.
We were just told in the BBC, what, two days ago, in the technology section, that there will be
Implantable printed ink chips or tattoos.
It may, in fact, deal with RNA and DNA.
It may manipulate our RNA and DNA.
It's all funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Everything that, by the way, I made videos about this about three months ago talking about it.
It was all on the Gavi website.
It was all publicly on the website.
You go look at it.
I put it in my videos where I was dressed up like Marina Abramovich.
You're sort of making fun of her in a satire video I did.
And in that video, I put the images of the Gavi website where they talked about this.
But I had multiple people, months after that, attacking, oh, this is crazy, this is a crazy conspiracy.
Oh, you think the book of revelations is going to come true?
Oh, he's crazy, right?
But guess what?
Within 25 pages of Klaus's book, in 2018, he said all of what we're seeing now would occur.
That's the amazing thing here, right?
You can look at Davos World Economic Forum, kind of like a more liberal public Bilderberg, basically, right?
And so if we want to understand what they're after, we have to think about the recent past, the past revolutions.
And here we're talking about economic, social revolutions.
We're not talking about political revolutions.
We're talking about the, you know, the machine revolution, right?
When the Luddites tried to bust all the machines and then textile, you know, industry was revolutionized.
He counts that as the first revolution, right?
If you work your way up, the fourth revolution that Klaus is talking about is what they're trying to bring in now, which is the integration of all areas of life, including the biosphere.
Including humans, biometrics, all of this stuff, under one umbrella of a new system.
And he outlines all of this in the book.
But first of all, he starts out with a really curious statement that now that we're in a global society, he says, we suddenly have a global responsibility.
Meaning that there's no longer this idea of individual nation states, individuals.
It's all conditioned now by this collective.
And this fourth revolution, which did build on previous revolutions, he says, will initiate a whole new way of being.
And he argues about this kind of rocket-style increase in technological production and advances that are occurring faster than we can even keep up with.
And he says that we can predicate, we can assume that from that,
We're necessarily then going to have to have a global government to control all of this out of control technology.
And we're going to have to have a new ethics.
That's the craziest part of this.
So this book, it is a lot about future predictions.
But what really surprised me with Klaus's work was he wants to instill a new ethic.
He says, we can't use the older Enlightenment idea of neutral ethics anymore, neutral philosophy, neutral science.
There's no neutrality now.
Ha ha ha, we tricked you.
We told you there was neutrality.
There's not really neutrality.
Actually, we're going to give you the new ethic, he says.
And he says, the first thing that we're going to learn in this new ethic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is transhumanism, he says, is that everything will have to be fairly redistributed.
Everything will be fairly redistributed.
In other words, kind of what Marx said, right?
Redistribution, not just of wealth, redistribution of everything.
So all of life will be kind of commodified and quantified and equalized.
That's the key here, is the radical equalization of all things, including people, cultures,
Male, female, everything that you could think of in society being radically equalized.
He says all of life will change and everything will come under this new systems analysis development that will instill a new sense of empowerment and equalization.
He says this book is not written for the average person.
This is the book written for leaders.
So what you're getting from me is what the elite themselves write to one another, right?
Klaus just trusts that nobody's going to read his book.
He trusts that none of the people out there, you know, Joe Sixpack, they're not going to read Klaus's book.
They're just going to watch TV, watch Netflix, whatever.
And so Klaus can openly write his books, as we've seen with the 50 other plus globalist elite books.
They can just write these books as if you don't care.
This new ecosystem, he says, will have a value embedded in every area of our life that the tech elite will decide.
And get this, page 20 to 21.
He's not even 22 pages into his book.
And he says, the microchips will become a part of us.
Literally, openly saying, you will have a microchip.
It will be part of you.
You will become roboticized, right?
The robots are going to take over.
He says, this will unfortunately put a lot of people out of jobs, right?
I mean, you're not going to have checkout people.
You're not going to have any of that stuff that you're already seeing, you know, the big box stores replace.
But it doesn't stop there, right?
You're not just going to get your nasty GMO hamburger from a robot when you go to McDonald's.
It doesn't stop there.
You're not going to have factory jobs.
The factory jobs are going to go away.
It's all going to be robots.
You're not going to be driving for Amazon, right?
You're not going to be a truck driver.
You're not going to be a UPS driver.
Drivers are going away.
And in fact, in the ultimate scheme, you won't have a car.
Cars are going away.
Now you say, wait a minute, that's crazy.
How are you going to get rid of cars?
I mean, everything is structured in the system that we have.
I mean, transportation is crucial to the economy, to getting products to where they need to go.
But that's the point, is that the existing system has to go.
That is the great reset.
That's what Klaus is talking about.
What is the Great Reset?
The idea here is that man has become a kind of virus on the earth, right?
So he has to be not just completely reduced, but ultimately sort of transformed into something beyond what he is.
It's a kind of an inversion of the gospel.
You could think of it like this, right?
Like, think about the Garden of Eden, right?
Satan says, you can be your own God, right?
And what are the tech elites saying?
Oh, we're going to promise you that you can become your own God.
Klaus will literally talk about that.
He'll talk about it as the Promethean principle in this very book.
He says that the economy of the future will be green, clean, and will completely cut down CO2s.
He says the goal is zero.
Now I'm going to tell you why that matters.
What zero CO2s actually mean, right?
We're the carbon-based life form.
That means zero humans, right?
Zero human population growth is actually what he's talking about.
But I'll get into that when we come back in the next segment.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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You can also support my work by going to Jay's Analysis, and you can subscribe there, and you can get my books in the shop.
So we're back to Klaus and what Klaus was saying, and I want to pause for a second with Klaus because
As I was reading his book, he reminded me of that 2007 Guardian article that I think Alex reported on at the time.
And it was a British Ministry of Defense white paper that looked forward to the future.
So we're going to see that what Klaus is talking about a couple years ago was the same thing being talked about in 2007.
And by extension, we're going to see all the way back to the 40s.
So that article is called Revolution Flash Mobs and Brain Chips, a grim vision of the future.
It's the Guardian's report on the British Ministry of Defense, and it says that what we're looking for in the future, in the near future here, is implanted microchips, EMP weapons, and a revolutionary middle class of flash mobs.
Well, I wonder what that might have a reference to, right?
This is 2007.
Here we are, 2020.
What has been activated all across America?
Flash mobs!
And not only that, this British Ministry of Defense paper predicts that the flash mobs would even be mobilized with a philosophy of revived Marxism.
Cultural, crazed, Maoist-style Marxism.
And it even notes that these are largely sort of middle-class people, right?
Primarily, probably white people, engineered and mobilized
Mainly through their, you know, Marxist education that they received by their Marxist professors in the universities.
Now at the top of this system, it's not run by Marxists, okay?
It's the wealthiest people on the planet that are up there doing that.
Just look at Anthony Sutton's book, Wall Street, the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and Hitler.
It's the richest people that fund these movements.
Hence why when you read Klaus, the World Economic Forum, who attends Davos?
All these
Zillionaires, all of these Hollywood elites, right?
All these degenerates out of the entertainment industry.
They all go there and they dalliance and they dance around and they proclaim.
I think Kevin Spacey called himself King of Davos a few years ago, right?
And so they're all partying and having fun and talking about what they're going to do.
And yeah, they seem like, oh, they're these liberals.
We're Marxists.
We care about fighting the elite and they're all zillionaires.
Come on.
It's always the same scam.
And this document even predicted that.
It said these flash mobs would be mobilized and engineered by this kind of revived lower-level Marxism run by Fortune 100, Fortune 500.
Amazing document.
2007 told us everything that we would be seeing today.
It even talks about the brain chips as well, and it says that the brain chips might even be put into people's heads in the section on flash mobs, right?
To mobilize brain chips by 2035 and flash mobs.
Literal mobs of, like, cyborg zombies.
I mean, oh, that's science fiction, and yet it's all written about, right?
That was 2007.
Klaus is just echoing all that same stuff.
Anyway, so Klaus moves on to say,
I don't
Covenant is biblical language, right?
God made covenant with Israel, God makes a covenant with his people, the new covenant, etc.
So we know that this is intentionally, I think, biblical language, but Klaus says the covenant is going to be the United Nations making a new earth covenant with you.
You're going to have a new collectivist ethic, he says, where everyone is perceived to be a steward and not an owner of everything.
Your children, you're a steward of your child that's owned by the Global Village.
If you have a car, that's not your car.
In fact, you probably got that through some sort of oppression, right?
You didn't get that car because you built a business.
No, everybody contributed to you having that car and so therefore everybody owns your car.
Now, this is of course the classic collectivist scam that because
You know, we have a society, therefore everybody owns or everybody has some claim to your children and to your wealth, to your capital.
But now, wait a minute.
Who is going to redistribute and decide what's fair?
You see, that's the thing that the groundswell Marxist mob, they never ask that question.
Or they just assume that you can just sort of throw all that authority off to some international body.
Oh, and it'll be fair.
As if international bodies aren't corrupt?
Don't you understand that the whole global system is run by zillionaire con artists?
The whole system is con-ology.
That's key to understanding.
Think about Enron.
Think about what we've been seeing the last six months.
It's run by high, high-level con men.
The best con men, you see.
Remember the stories of Bill Gates?
Anyway, this new society that's going to come about will be a global democracy based on rights and fairness, and we will have a global centralized body, he says on pages 50, 51, that will enforce the fairness and redistribute the wealth.
He says we'll have a social gospel, a liberation theology kind of social gospel that will be preached on all these fake churches and kind of tied into like new age movement type stuff.
And he says maybe even when we get the Internet of Things and everything is interconnected, we can use that interconnected system to track and trace everything.
This is the key point here.
This is what all of this is about.
Everything that we're seeing now, it's not about COVID.
That's not what this is about.
It's ultimately about this, what Klaus is talking about.
He says, because when we get the e-bucks in place, when there's a big e-bucks system and everything's electronic, and there's an Internet of Things, which he says requires 5G, 5G is going up everywhere, to facilitate this new infrastructure, so that the Internet of Things can transfer all of that data, so that the embedded microchips can follow and trace everything.
He says all of that will be able to tell the centralized AI systems how to track and control the carbon emissions.
Why does that matter?
Because he's not talking about carbon emissions.
You are the carbon emission.
That's the point.
Humans are the carbon emission.
That's what he's talking about.
And he says we'll use the UBI
This quasi socialist idea of UBI, which I mean, in theory, it sounds good.
Oh, why don't why doesn't Zuckerberg just send me $2,000 a month and then I can live in it?
Well, yeah, I deserve that.
Yeah, but it's a trap, dummy.
It's intended to get you on the dole so that then they can shut off your Zuck bucks, you see.
So the UBI, he says, universal basic income, which they're all throwing around and tossing around, he says, will be connected to this this giant
AI, Internet of Things, Control Grid.
And once we've got everybody on that Dole system, on that government cheese system, he says, then we've got them.
He says, then we can control not even, not just the monetary system, but they can control, he says, who goes into the future, whether you get to have children.
Because you can't have everybody having kids, he says.
In fact, he goes further and says, we're going to have to know everything about your DNA and your genetic lineage, your biometric history, to determine if, according to some computer somewhere, some AI, some Terminator system, to determine whether you have the genes fit to go into the future.
But guess what?
Most people are not going to have the genes fit to go into the future, according to them, because when he says he's pro-human, and by the way, he does have this kind of shady, shifty, pro-human chapter.
Now, if he's pro-human, and then on the other hand, he's also for depopulation, right?
What pro-human group do you think he's talking about?
He's talking about the elite.
That's what he means by pro-human.
Because he also says that the only people going into the future are the ones that have the right DNA.
Now this was all talked about a hundred years ago, right?
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, the sterilization, the race science, all this stuff, eugenics.
It was talked about in 1946 as the governing philosophy of the United Nations, UNESCO.
And when we come back, I will show you that that is exactly what Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, talked about in his famous book, The Philosophy of UNESCO.
You're listening to Jay Dyer, guest hosting the Alex Jones Show.
You can find my stuff at jaysanalysis.com.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
And I was finishing up with Klaus.
Last few points.
Page 99, Klaus goes on to say that the Internet of Things will be the core infrastructure.
It will take 5G chips.
We will have smart cities, smart tech.
And this will, in fact, also bring about the predictive crime.
Pre-crime, minority report, all real.
He says there will be sensors everywhere.
Remember Petraeus many years ago saying that even your dishwasher will spy on you?
He was talking about this.
He was talking about what they would bring in through mass social collapse.
Now, I'm not saying Petraeus mentioned that, I'm saying that's what Klaus is talking about, right?
Now, how do I know there's going to be, or they wanted to have massive social collapse?
Well, if you're going to get rid of markets, get rid of market economies, how else do you do that other than by trying to collapse the existing system?
Because out of the ashes, the Phoenix Reborn, right?
This is the Ordo Abkaios system, order out of chaos.
You got to collapse through chaos the existing older system.
He goes on to talk about all of those life extension technologies, all of those technologies that we hear about, that, oh, you're going to get, you know, if you've ever seen, what's the Tarantino film?
The Grindhouse films, right?
Where Rose McGowan has a giant cannon on her leg, right?
Oh, you want the cannon leg?
That's what you think you're going to get in the future?
Your cannon leg?
No, you don't get a cannon leg.
Only the elite get cannon legs, I'm joking.
But he's talking about the prosthetics, he's talking about the nootropics, the brain interface with computers that, well, wouldn't you want to have Wikipedia in your head?
You could just search it in your head and you would never lose at quiz night because you've got Wikipedia in your head.
No, no, it's a two-way system, right?
And Klaus says that this is all coming, you can't stop it, it's gonna be here, the nanotech will be inside you, it will invade you,
Bill Gates will be inside you, whether you loved and wanted an intimate relationship with Bill Gates or not, he will be inside you.
He says we're going to have CRISPR, gene editing, all of that's coming, all the transhumanist stuff.
And then he says that the governing philosophy will be everything that was declared in the United Nations philosophy.
What is the United Nations philosophy?
Did you even know they had a governing philosophy and philosophical system?
Well, they wrote one.
Many years ago, 1946.
And Julian said, what we're going to do is we're going to have to end the existing system.
Now, you think of the market system that exists, the quasi-free market.
It's not really a free market system, but what he calls the sort of free market system that does exist, he says, that's got to go away because the nation state is intimately connected with that, right?
And the nation-state that's intimately connected with that is bound up with that economic system of markets.
And he says that we're going to have to destroy that to bring in the new system.
Exactly what Klaus is talking about.
So is it a conspiracy theory to talk about a planned and intentional economic collapse?
They go on mainstream media and say, I hope there's an economic collapse so we can blame Trump so we can do this, right?
They talk about doing the very thing that's happening.
And then when you talk about it, they say,
Through gaslighting, right?
We never said that.
We never said, oh, we never, there was never anything to do with an ink dot microchip that would track you.
Even though it was on the Gates website, it doesn't exist.
But now the BBC says that it exists.
So therefore it exists, you see.
This is the games that are played.
And if you know basic psychological warfare, that is gaslighting, right?
They do practice gaslighting.
It's a classic tactic.
Now back to Julian.
What Julian says is that it's not just an eco-collapse, right?
Because remember, most of the people in this system, they are revolutionaries.
They do have a philosophy, a belief in revolution for the purpose of overcoming man.
And not just man, but also man's environment.
It's a biosphere level overcoming that they want to do.
And so he says that at the very beginning, within 20 pages of Julian's book, he says that radical eugenic measures will be necessary through psychological operations because most people aren't prepared to hear or understand this truth.
What he's talking about is called, this is what's known as dysgenics.
Okay, so eugenics being racial hygiene and purity, dysgenics being like the intentional
Destruction or purging or genocide of some group, right?
Or some race.
He says that this intentional disgenics will have to be done through a centralized planning system that will act like it's liberal, act like it's humanitarian.
Oh, we love people.
We want to save people.
We want everybody to be happy.
Oh, yeah.
But he says propaganda and re-education will be the means by which this new scientific religion will come into place.
So he's literally saying that what you thought was sort of this technocratic Nazi-style system, it'll just be rebranded into a sort of Fabian socialist-style system that's not focused on one people group.
And that older Nazi system was just one test system, right?
It was one experiment, according to Bertrand Russell, along with Bolshevism, Sovietism, being other forms of experimentation.
Russell says that he has absolutely no problem with Bolshevism or Stalinism.
He thinks they're great experiments, that they're wonderful possibilities for where humanity can go, right?
The exact same thing David Rockefeller says about Mao.
Mao was a wonderful tyrant and dictator.
It was a great experiment, and it could forge the way for how to have the technocracy in the future, Rockefeller says himself.
Now, Huxley goes on to say that what we're going to have to do is change all of our thought processes, right?
Just like the Changing Image of Man document says, we're going to have to change man's view of himself and man's view of nature.
This will all be done through the UNESCO program, Infecting Like a Virus All Areas of Education and Life and Culture.
That's why you see the toxic culture.
That's why you see the push for all this degeneracy.
And it doesn't matter how many times these people get busted by UN-related groups for child trafficking, all this kind of stuff.
They just deny it and they keep pushing it, right?
You wonder, oh, you know, 10 years ago, there wasn't a push for pedophilia publicly.
Now it's everywhere.
Because of this.
Because of what they said they would push decades and decades ago.
He says that we're going to have to have a return to primitivism, shamanism, shamanistic traditions, the promotion of LSD, all of this stuff, right?
The Huxleys, right?
But years before the counterculture revolution of the 60s, 40s, right?
He says we're going to promote this stuff, archaic revival, primitivism, to help collapse the existing market-based system.
Now you think, yeah, there's problems in the existing market-based system.
But the trick that they play is, ah, you see, just like Bane, right?
Remember what Bane does?
Bane says there's all these problems in your existing, you know, Bruce Wayne, Batman City, Arkham, right?
We gotta change all this, and what does he bring?
He brings something far worse, right?
He brings Chop Chaz, you see.
These elites, who are way above those street commies,
They're much more interested in the long-term game.
They don't care about collapsing one city.
They don't care about losing ground.
They're not ultimately going to put these low IQ commies in charge.
That's not who's going to run things.
These university Marxists are not going to run things.
Who's going to run things are the technocrats and AI.
And that's what is so amazing about this Julian Huxley document is that he said,
Back in the 40s.
And by the way, he's, he glowingly praises Lennon, VI Lennon.
He says VI Lennon was a masterful propagandist and he kind of had this incipient, this, this nascent idea of a technocracy, but he didn't go about it the right way.
Right now with the technocratic mindset, there's a better way to go about this.
We use the slow kill, slow track.
Fabian model, bring it in slow, bits and pieces, right?
Then we can bring in the actual technocracy, which will allow the elite to transcend, to go to the next level.
He's the guy who coined the term transhumanism, right?
The Luciferian idea.
You heard Millie Weaver in the last segment with Alex talking about how the Luciferian idea was part of some of these groups.
Yes, all of these Marxist groups have always had
This Luciferian idea at their root, which is to overthrow God, to storm heaven, as the countercultural guys, Leary, right?
They all said this.
Storm heaven, man will become God.
We'll dethrone the idea of God, put man there.
And by man, they don't mean that you and all your friends are going to have cannon legs like Rose McGowan in Death Proof.
You're not going to get, you're not going to become a Terminator.
It's for the elite.
And the elite believe that everyone else needs to die.
So that is the governing philosophy of the United Nations.
That's who's telling us what we're supposed to do in this COVID nonsense.
It's not ultimately about COVID.
It's about this.
And Klaus, in 2018, says the exact same thing as Julian said in 1946.
It's the same plan.
I've shown you two elites here.
Give this to your friends.
Send this video out.
Show them two of the top elite writers.
Have full continuity from the 40s to the to the 2020s.
And it's the same plan.
I'm Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You can go to jaysanalysis.com.
Get my book Esoteric Hollywood.
Sign copies.
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