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Name: 20200729_Wed_Alex
Air Date: July 29, 2020
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including political climate, globalism, conspiracy theories, censorship, ongoing protests, preparedness, and unity against threats to freedom. He criticizes mainstream media and the left's tactics while promoting his online store selling products such as concentrated beet extract, water filtration systems, and privacy pouches. The speaker also talks about African American issues, a Nigerian doctor who saved patients with hydroxychloroquine, and prophecies about Trump's presidency and race riots in cities. Lastly, they discuss the use of scientific language to disguise true intentions, advising listeners to homeschool their children if they want to keep them safe from schools that open and lock down due to positive cases." " Alex Jones discusses various topics including political climate, globalism, conspiracy theories, censorship, ongoing protests, preparedness, and unity against threats to freedom. He criticizes mainstream media and the left's tactics while promoting his online store selling products such as concentrated beet extract, water filtration systems, and privacy pouches. The speaker also talks about African American issues, a Nigerian doctor who saved patients with hydroxychloroquine, and prophecies about Trump's presidency and race riots in cities. Lastly, they discuss the use of scientific language to disguise true intentions, advising listeners to homeschool their children if they want to keep them safe from schools that open and lock down due to positive cases."

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Soros, Deep State, Obama-controlled, Hillary-controlled, Antifa will be the decoys, the distraction systems for real hit teams preparing to try to decapitate
The leadership of the pro-human, pro-America movement, whether you're a corporate person, an academic, in finance, in government, in the military, you're targeted for death.
They may launch the attack next week.
They may launch it during the last days of the election.
They may launch it after.
But they have the safety off, the finger on the trigger.
MS-13 hit squads, Chi-Com hit squads, everybody.
And they're getting ready to totally overthrow everything.
And they're coming to kill you and your family.
So be ready.
Lock and load, ladies and gentlemen.
Get ready.
Incoming globalist.
Get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
This is it.
The battle for the republic.
You live to see it.
Jump on in and come in for the big win.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
96 days out from the election.
96 days out.
It is Wednesday, July 29th, 2020, ladies and gentlemen.
And the Republic continues to roll on
And the Chi-Com globalists are losing the war against America.
Every attempt they launch to intimidate us and drive us into submission is only waking more people up.
So these look like bad times, but as it is stated in the Tale of Two Cities, it was the best of times
It was the worst of times.
We should all thank our lucky stars that we were born in America and that we are in the arena, not spectators.
And that we are the captains of our own destinies.
I have news from federal and state sources
And you can also just see it unfolding in front of you.
You don't need the intelligence from the higher levels.
We're all seeing the same thing.
And I just confirmed with APD sources information so incredible that I am not just going to put it out here at the start of the broadcast.
I'm going to make some calls during the breaks.
And I'm going to really think about what I'm going to say about this.
But, this is going to be Paul Revere level stuff you're going to hear.
Now, the British were an open enemy, landing troops, one-eth by land, two-eth by sea, up in the church steeple.
One lantern for land, two lanterns if they came by sea.
And they knew to ride and warn people and fight back.
The globalists are run by psychologists and psychiatrists, so everything they do is incremental, is ambient background, as they ratchet up war, as they ratchet up violence, until finally, when they're blowing up capitals, blowing up federal buildings, murdering people, it'll be called protest.
And there's a lot of videos where the protesters admit that they're creating chaos to bring down the government, to bring in another authoritarian government.
And so as bad and corrupt and slouching as our government's gotten towards Gomorrah, to take a word from Judge Bork's lexicon, slouching towards Gomorrah, it's our republic and it's light years better, and the skeleton of the Renaissance, compared to the Qaikom globalist, Jacobin, French Revolution nightmare.
But I can tell you what we already knew, but it's totally confirmed now.
Soros, Deep State, Obama-controlled, Hillary-controlled, Antifa will be the decoys, the distraction systems for real hit teams preparing to try to decapitate
The leadership of the pro-human, pro-America movement, whether you're a corporate person, an academic, in finance, in government, in the military, you're targeted for death.
They may launch the attack next week, or they may launch it during the last days of the election.
They may launch it after, but they have the safety off, the finger on the trigger.
MS-13 hit squads, Chi-Com hit squads, everybody.
And they're getting ready to totally overthrow everything, and they're coming to kill you and your family.
So be ready.
Lock and load, ladies and gentlemen.
Get ready.
Incoming globalist.
Get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
This is it.
The battle for the republic.
You live to see it.
Jump on in and come in for the big win.
The alliance between the conspiracy theorist... He just kept adding more and more outrageous lies to the story.
...the dirty trickster... Roger delivers legitimacy to Alex Jones, and Jones delivers to Trump, a disaffected voter.
...and the President of the United States.
I will not let you down.
Now those ideas, which used to be on the fringe, are in the mainstream.
Conspiratorial thinking is a feature of this president.
Now on Frontline, United States of Conspiracy.
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Ladies and gentlemen, it is 10.39 Central Standard Time, 11.39 Eastern.
I'm Roger Stone.
I work with four administrations, and of all the nine campaigns, he's here tonight.
It's a moment of enormous tension.
I'm working the phones very aggressively.
Working my contacts.
But I gotta shake your hand on a strong showing regardless.
I was in the studio with Alex Jones and Roger on Election Day and the metrics were off the charts about how many people were tuning in to InfoWars.
Numbers that were comparable to the networks.
Alex Jones, extremist conspiracy theorist, had rallied his audience behind Donald Trump.
They're saying Trump is projected to win.
As the night grew on, it became clearer and clearer that Trump was likely to win.
It is officially over.
Pennsylvania has been called.
They had no idea whatsoever that Trump was going to win.
You've talked Trump campaign.
All of a sudden, everybody was super elated.
We had some staff members that was just running around the office in a big circle I mean people like oh, I mean going crazy that night There was a combination of elation and confusion and they realized that
Oh my god, we just played a role in making the President of the United States.
Here goes Trump.
Turn it up.
Donald J. Trump.
He's going up to the microphones.
He's going to be the golden toad.
We're live!
Thanks to your support.
Wednesday, July 29th.
The year 2020.
96 days out.
From where we were four years ago.
But now the enemy has been drawn out in the open.
World government has been openly announced.
Our media is under UN control publicly.
And now they're calling for my arrest and imprisonment on programs like Frontline.
It's all coming up.
I'm extremely honored.
Extremely pleased.
Because I came looking for this fight.
And I found it.
And thanks to all of you together.
We're winning because it's about the species.
It's about our children.
It's not about us as individuals.
My eventual destruction and your destruction will lead to the Tree of Liberty's empowerment.
As we stand on the shoulders of those that paid the debt, so shall we pay the debt.
He will make that metaphysical connection to the past and surge forward into the future like lightning falling from the hand of Zeus.
Feel it coming.
It's knocking on your back door.
There's no denying.
Yeah, you're not gonna run.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide the point of no return.
Now you know the score.
Now you're burning.
All right, let's get right into it right now.
Next hour, I'm going to lay out information that you're going to see unfold and happen.
Just like almost everything we've talked about, you've seen unfold and happen.
And the fact that we know this gives us a really good chance to beat it.
But it's crazy, it's dangerous, and it shows how the establishment has gotten away with so much that they believe they're immune from retribution for the actual white-hot civil war that we're going to enter.
Now, if they had any sense of history, they'd know that pride goeth before the fall.
And that their overconfidence will be their downfall.
Don't take my commitment as confidence.
It's just commitment and understanding of history.
But these individuals believe that they will escape retribution.
I seek retribution.
I seek the attack.
Because that is where the enemy is.
Because I seek to take on the globalists.
I seek to destroy them.
And the more I'm attacked, the more it means I'm in the center of the battle.
In the fulcrum!
What an honor.
Now, I know you're in the fulcrum as well.
That's why you're here.
And that's why your word of mouth is king on this planet.
Your free will is paramount.
So remember, however you're watching or however you're listening, you amplify this transmission.
And we will win.
We'll win one way or another, but we'll win this round of the fight.
And have a much easier chance down the road to go through this AI challenge and not lose more than, I don't know, a billion people or so.
And I know that sounds like a lot, but I mean, we'll be lucky if there's 5 million people left and this is all over right now.
On the current trajectory, I mean, wow!
People are going to be begging to die before this is all over!
Especially all you that are signing on to the New World Order so you can act like fancy pants for a few more years and be part of the system.
What fools you are!
Let me just recalibrate and come back and break it all down.
We have seen the most spectacular level of censorship yet, where more than a dozen doctors, some of them on major clinic chains, hospitals, you name it,
Emergency room doctors, clinic owners, hospital managers, they get out there and they go, hey, hydroxychloroquine, here's all the studies, it's been used for hundreds of years, it has a 99% cure rate for all these different viruses because it drives zinc in, and Facebook, Google, Twitter, they all ban it, they block the president's tweet, and they suspend Donald Trump Jr., and they say, in the news, because the UN says
Hydroxychloroquine's no good.
I mean, talk about an illustration.
The U.N.
I have headlines here.
Where the U.N.
Here's another one.
United Nations orders U.S.
to stop using excessive force on peaceful Portland protesters.
And it's a U.N.
press release.
Just like that, people are being ordered around by the U.N.
And how would the UN do it?
It would stage riots, it would have armies of people wearing black covering their face, not wearing blue helmets.
They're the academics.
And then if you resist them, oh, you're bad, so there's got to be more rioting, and the UN comes in with the Democrats to remove Trump, and they're announcing that's their plan.
Have we gotten them to come out in the open, out of desperation?
We have forced them into a desperate move that even if they succeed in taking out Trump and yours truly, they'll lose a few rounds later because of this.
96 days until the election.
It's bigger than an election.
It's America that woke up two minutes to midnight with a globalist boa constrictor wrapped around us, crushing the life out of us.
But now, we've struggled almost free.
We're bleeding.
We're hurt.
But the snake has fear in its eyes, and it's bleeding as well.
Seize it by the throat.
Gouge its eyes out.
Destroy it!
Sever its head.
And move forward.
Well, all over the United States, every night, they run around the antifa, the BLM communists, the Democratic Party, that's who gets all the contributions from it, shooting people in the head, burning, looting, robbing.
And now, the Portland judge is fining the federal government $500 an hour
For having a fence up around their property so that when they come and try to burn the building down and break into the rooms, the feds come out and defend themselves, and then that is called terrorism on the national news.
They don't show you what happens.
This is your government, warts and all, under attack.
To be replaced with something a thousand times worse.
This is you under attack.
They're going through that government and the checks and balances that are left to get you.
And I have the incredible articles right here.
Mainstream news.
Oh, thank God, Portland's standing up and so's the state.
They're telling the feds you're not allowed to do anything.
And imagine if Trump stands down and lets them burn down the federal building.
That is what we're going to cover next hour.
I have this from the APD, I have this from the state police, I have this from the governor's office, the people that are disgusted by the governor who has been blackmailed and avid has totally turned on us right now.
And I have this from New York City and the federal government.
And it's confirmed.
But I'm going to cover at 6 after next hour.
And it makes me physically sick to my stomach to realize that we've gone this far and we're in this situation.
I'm just going to tell you right now what's coming up.
They have teams of literal meth-head, drug addicts, perverts, child molesters.
That's the lowest level.
They're almost all white.
They haven't been able to recruit blacks.
They can get a few blacks wound up and pissed off, you know, beat up a few white people, but they can't get them to dress up in black outfits and go, you know, burn up random stuff.
Until they're almost completely white.
Which is an interesting point.
We're good to go.
Run them into your house full of gasoline, burn your house down.
When you come out, they're going to shoot you.
And they think America is so weak that when they do this, they've got plans to go to conservative universities and dump chlorine gas down the air conditioning vents.
I mean, this is the stuff they're planning.
And at a sick level, we've killed 62 million babies that were innocent.
So it's like America's been asking for this.
God's lifted his head of protection from the country.
But I don't think these idiots that are part of this, in this communist operation, realize what's going to happen once they do this.
Their bosses are going to hang them out to dry.
I mean, I hope they don't do it.
I'm already starting to get into it.
I'll just come for the next hour.
People ask me, like, how are you handling CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, PBS attacking you every day, calling for your arrest, lying about you.
And I'm like, it's like I'm in a war zone and bullets are flying over my head.
We're all in this together.
We're all in the trenches together.
And you keep asking me how I'm handling it.
How am I handling it?
They are escalating violent confrontation to set the precedent with everyone that it's normal to burn buildings down and shoot cops in the head and random citizens.
And the city of Austin has their new budget, pull this up if you can guys, and calls for blowing up the, that's in the official budget certified by the mayor, they want, they're going to pass this, to blow up
The police department as a symbol of evil and to make police then be inside other agencies under other bureaucrats control.
So you can talk about this all day long, ladies and gentlemen.
You have to understand, this is the takeover and they think the police, this is all university programming.
What's come out?
What's been going on for 50 years, but really intense the last 10?
They already have online training through the Soros front groups and the rest of it, where they've already identified nerds and kids that are scared and kids that have Asperger's.
They can be white, they can be black, they can be Hispanic, they can be Asian.
They show up at the college and a person greets them and says, hey, there's KKK on the campus.
They're gonna attack you, even though none of this ever happens, none of it's real.
We need to take you to an area to brief you on the trouble.
They're taken to a dormitory, they're given food, they're told it's really dangerous, they're indoctrinated, they're shown videos the ADL produces, and so they're probably lost and they're scared.
And then they're told, but it's okay, we're gonna protect you.
And then the left goes out and puts swastikas on their own buildings and, you know, does all the false flagging with Jesse Smollett stuff, the Bubba Wallace stuff, to be able to actually create that fear.
And now it's like a LARPing video game.
And then they begin the process of radicalizing.
Well, they're trying it with the police now.
All over the country, they say, we're getting rid of your police departments.
You're going to now be broken up and be put under other city agencies.
And then we're going to have people that just manage you in those.
And they believe the average cop will then go under Stockholm Syndrome and will go into these groups.
It's actually a golden opportunity to go expose their criminal activity.
But you've got to stop being such order followers.
See, they got police from being autonomous and at their own discretion to having no discretion being robots the last 20 years.
Now they just think you're robots, they're going to hand you over to the left and you're going to follow all their orders.
You don't have to worry if there's nobody above you to leak information.
You don't have to worry if there's nobody there.
You've got to leak it yourself.
And believe me, you're going to be embedded with child molesters, devil worshippers, criminals, human traffickers, and they're going to try to buy you off and put you under their control.
So again, I've looked down every avenue of this.
It's not going to go well.
It's not going to work the way they think it does.
But like all psychotic criminals, they always think one step, not two steps, not 10 steps, not 100 steps, so they can see the immediate power of what
I don't know.
Police homes, talk show host homes, members of Congress homes, and are preparing the groups that are going to go in and burn down those places.
Then they're going to have actual professionals that kill the judges and police, but they're going to hang the antifa out to dry.
That's why they're decoys.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are Backline, broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
This is from the actual Austin city budget.
Proposed by the city manager and the mayor, expedite the demolition of the APD headquarters.
That's an actual quote.
People saw our headline yesterday on Infowars.com and they thought it was the Onion.
Austin City Council officially calls for blowing up police station as symbol of ending police hate.
They say the police are hate.
Imagine just a whole group of people, black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
You're just all bad!
And then in Portland, $500 an hour fines because the feds have a fence up.
Oh, the CHOP people and all the rest of them, they can block roads in Seattle and Portland, they can kill people, they can shoot people.
But oh, if the feds on the sidewalk put up a fence so they don't have to beat people trying to kill them.
Well, it's called hurting peaceful demonstrators, you know.
I'm sorry.
I misspoke.
I was going for a member.
They put the article up.
It's worse than I said.
You know, usually people think I'm exaggerating.
Every hour, $500.
I'm sorry.
Portland fines federal government $500 for every 15 minutes.
So that's $2,000 an hour.
Excuse me.
Fake news.
I got caught again.
Somehow my brain thought 500 an hour.
I'm sorry.
They pull the article up.
500 every 15 minutes.
You know, they're finding on death certificates 10,000 plus children a week are starving to death because of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Now, you know they don't use to put that on the death certificate.
It's usually malnutrition or they say they died of the flu or a cold because they're so run down.
I mean, it's hundreds of thousands a week.
And that's the UN's admitting that they want money from you to now go feed the people starving because they cut the economy off.
It's like you live by the beach, they come take your fishing pole, they burn down your shack, and then they say, oh, give us money, we need to feed the old man that lives by the sea.
I'm going to stop right now.
I have confirmed, federal, state, and local, what we already can see and know.
We're being conditioned to not respond, and then it's bad to respond, as the violence at anti-fund BLM checkpoints all over the country, shoot innocent people, shoot at cars, shoot cops, up to 20-something dead cops now, shoot hundreds of their own people, it's like 20-something the last few days, hundreds and hundreds a week in Chicago, hundreds and hundreds in these other cities,
Everything's breaking down.
Crime has basically doubled on average.
Almost everyone I know has had their house robbed or their car robbed.
I know all these people that have been out of jobs for 3-4 months that are going bankrupt.
I have family that has trouble paying their bills.
And we're being told everything's wonderful.
And that
The feds, federal marshals, just regular people, usually been in the military, just go get a job, work for the government, that they're the threat.
Oh, oh yeah.
Not the chi-coms, not the globalists, not the pedophile rings, but just the federal marshals.
No, the threat is the lawyers in the Justice Department.
The threat is the lawyers in Congress that have sold America out and that think we're so stupid they're going to sit by while this country burns and they're not going to get the blame.
They're gravely mistaken.
Let me just play this because it's very important.
AG Barr clashes with Dems.
I'm going to have to play at the start of the next segment.
It's so powerful.
It's a little bit longer than the time we have.
And then I'm going to control myself and I'm going to be a good boy.
And get into Bill Gates.
I'll start getting into it now.
Bill Gates has been hiding the last few months.
Very little interviews.
Now he's re-emerged like a moray eel out of his hole.
And he's going, it's preposterous.
No one has any microchips.
It's a digital tattoo.
So it's a bunch of liquid chips.
It's thousands of little chips, not one chip.
But all those chips line up and have hundreds of times the data a chip could have.
Each one is like the old microchip.
It's miniaturized.
Remember the old days when one song would take up half the room on your computer 20 years ago?
And now you can have a million songs on your computer?
I don't
We're involved with Epstein, and we're involved with microchips, proving you've had vaccines, and we're involved in forced inoculations, and then all of his writers, and the official Microsoft website, and BBC, and AP, and Reuters are all, you're gonna have to have a digital tattoo proving you have the shot before you can fly on an airplane, or eventually have a job, and contact tracers are coming to your house, and we need to take your kids away from you.
Out of their mouths!
And then they think because they have a CNN or a New York Times article or a Frontline with that famous voiceover guy, you know, going, Jones claimed there was a world government.
Jones claimed there were plans to make you take shots.
They say stuff like this.
Everybody's going, well, they're doing that right now.
But see, they had a police state plan to have the police and military come take your guns and do all this, but they wouldn't do it.
In fact, the ADL training did more than Alex Jones ever did to wake the cops up.
Because I told the cops 20-something years ago this was happening.
I attacked the police because I thought they were taking the training.
I wasn't sophisticated.
I thought they were accepting it, so I just said, well, they're under their control.
They're the enemy.
Get ready, on average.
The cops went, we're not the enemy, you're making this up, Jones.
And then they went like, what the hell, this is true, we're not doing this.
They all got educated, and now they're the number one enemy.
Because I told you, the most awake group in the country is the police.
Because they get taken to ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center events.
And the captains go to these things, and they go, hey, come have a steak dinner with us.
Hey, want to make a little extra money in your town?
We got a business for you.
And it's actually mafia trying to hire them for criminal activity.
You don't think some private law center didn't reach out to me?
Oh, come on.
They got billions.
And next, the cops are like, you're offering me a hooker?
The finest hooker I've ever seen in my life?
What the hell's going on here?
And almost all the cops refuse.
Just like they had to admit in the Russia investigation, they couldn't get one American.
They approached over 2,000 people, including me.
They couldn't get one American to take Russian money.
And of course, it wasn't Russians.
It was the globalists.
They couldn't get, gosh, think about how loyal we are.
They couldn't get one person to take their money!
But see, that's because we're Americans.
We're patriots.
We're conservatives.
We're Christians.
But they, oh, the left doesn't even want money.
They just want to watch the country burn, and then they'll be happy to do it all!
I mean, the average leftist can't even imagine being offered $10 million to sell your people out.
Or $3 million from the, quote, Russians, and it's not the Russians.
You people are pathetic.
The left, I'm sure I'm talking to you, you're sick.
Because you spiritually are blind and you gave up your entire birthright for nothing!
I don't even hate you.
You're just disgusting.
You're like a rotting dead animal in the sun with maggots all over it.
And you just want to force your way on us and rape us with your vaccines and your toxic culture and your pedophilia and all of it.
And we're rejecting you!
So fire every weapon you've got!
Do everything!
Say we're fake!
Say we're the bad guys!
Everyone knows the truth!
You are the bad people!
So, hurt me!
Hurt us!
We're men, we can take it!
Because when you're done, when you're out of breath, just like the end of Eva Vendetta, he says, the only way we're similar is we're both about to be dead.
I'm here to be expended on you.
I don't fear death like you.
So, you're going to fear very, very soon.
We have the obligation to protect federal courts, and the U.S.
Marshals specifically have been given that obligation.
Federal courts are under attack.
Since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court?
If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Court here, that beautiful courthouse we have right at the bottom of the hill,
And started breaking windows and firing industrial-grade fireworks in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court.
Is that okay?
Uh, General Barr, your opening statement reads like it was written by Alex Jones or Roger Stone.
No, the U.S.
Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse, and that's what we are doing in Portland.
We are at the courthouse defending the courthouse.
We're not out looking for trouble.
And as far as weapons and devices that were utilized by the group of people, and you mentioned trying to destroy the courthouse.
I mean, they were literally trying to burn it down and apparently didn't give a hoot about the people that were occupied in the building as well.
So people were in danger.
That is absolutely right.
So as far as the weapons that you mentioned, let me get this straight.
My understanding is that the people attacking the building had
Among other things, rifles, explosives, knives, saws, sledgehammers, tasers, slingshots, rocks, bricks, lasers.
Have I missed anything, or does that about cover it?
You have missed some things, but that's a good list.
Well, you know, they have these powerful slingshots with ball bearings that they shoot.
They've used pellet guns, we believe.
We have found those projectiles have penetrated marshals to the bone.
And they use the lasers to blind the marshals.
Talking about the courthouses just down the street, what if they decided, do you think that this body right here would rise up if they decided to go tonight and paint the Capitol building?
This body, I'm not sure.
I think this side would, I'm not sure.
This other side, I'm not so sure.
It may be the peaceful protest to burn down the Capitol.
Maybe we're back to 1812 again.
They do start fires.
They start fires if they can get the fire inside or through the windows, and they start fires along the outside of the courthouse.
When the marshals come out to try to deal with the fire, they're assaulted.
General, if local elected officials, mayors and city councils and governors did their jobs and kept the peace, would it even be necessary for federal law enforcement personnel to be there in the first place?
No, and that's exactly the point.
Look around the country.
Even where there are these kinds of riots occurring, we haven't had to put in the kind of reinforcements that we have in Portland because the state and local law enforcement does their job and won't allow rioters to come and just physically assault the courthouse.
In Portland, that's not the case.
You really can't hide behind legal fictions this time, Mr. Barr.
It's all out in the open, where the people can see what you are doing for themselves.
The President wants footage for his campaign ads, and you appear to be serving it up to him, as ordered.
In most of these cities, the protests had begun to wind down before you marched in and confronted the protesters.
And the protesters aren't mobs.
They are mothers, and veterans, and mayors.
In this moment, real leadership would entail de-escalation, collaboration, and looking for ways to peaceably resolve our differences.
Instead, you used pepper spray and truncheons on American citizens.
You did it here in Washington.
You did it at Lafayette Square.
You expanded to Portland.
And now you are projecting fear and violence nationwide.
In pursuit of obvious political objectives.
Shame on you, Mr. Barr.
Can I just say, my time has expired.
The vast majority of protesters are peaceful.
And despite that, unidentified federal agents have attempted to prevent these mothers, veterans, and peaceful Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights.
Even using unmarked vehicles to grab protesters off the street, and using tear gas and munitions against them.
You forcefully condemned protesters this morning, but let me ask you, sir,
Why have you not condemned the federal officers you're sending into cities without proper training who are attempting to take away the constitutional rights of Americans peacefully protesting?
I haven't condemned protesters.
Protesters are good.
Demonstrations are good.
They're part of the First Amendment.
What I'm condemning is people who commit crime.
One of America's most beloved and effective protesters, John Lewis, lies in state a thousand feet from here in a deserved place of honor.
And sir, your failure to respect the role of peaceful protest in this country is a disgrace, it's un-American, and it's important to remember what these protests are about.
Black lives matter.
You seem to have a difficult time understanding systemic racism and institutional racism that has plagued so many.
I don't think we've ever had a hearing where the witness wasn't allowed to respond to points made, questions asked, and attacks made.
Not just in this hearing, not just in this committee, but every committee I've been on.
Particularly when you think about the fact that we've got the Attorney General of the United States here.
Gentleman does not have the time.
I don't want the time, I just want the Attorney General to be able to have enough time to respond to accusations and questions asked him, and you guys not cut him off.
What you want is irrelevant.
Powerful highlights.
Barr clashes with Dems.
Best highlights.
He then, after five and a half hours, asked to go to the bathroom.
He said, no, you don't go to the bathroom.
Unprecedented, because these criminals that sold America out, the Chi-Coms and others, are scared.
They own the media.
They've stolen.
The wealth of the country, but they can't control our minds if we're aware of the enemy.
And Mr. Nadler is, if anything, an enemy of America.
He's not a traitor.
He's never been an American.
He's a globalist sycophant parasite.
And he's scared, quite frankly.
He should be, because he's committed a lot of crimes.
If you tuned into our TV feed right now, you probably noticed that I've got a 300 Win Mag Semi-Automatic Sweetheart and a 338 Lapua Semi-Auto Sweetheart.
And I can drive nails with these at 400 yards.
And I can shoot an elephant a mile away.
And I don't have these up here to offensively do anything.
I just want to set the stage
For what I'm going to cover next hour, I've got the teletypes right here from the APD and the state police and the FBI and Eastern District of New York that Antifa is 100%
Preparing terror attacks, I mean mass shootings, bombings, fire bombings, all over the U.S.
And are even organizing and preparing, and local police have informants in the groups, and when they go tell the mayors, and they go tell the FBI, they're told, stand down.
You go, that's Barr's problem.
No, they had Bush Sr., the Clintons, Bush Jr., then Obama,
For almost 30 years, folks.
Almost all the managers, 90% of the managers are globalists.
The average FBI agent or average federal marshal is a good person.
I mean, I've met them, I know them.
If anything, they follow orders too much and are too good.
And by that, I mean, they're just, they're like robots.
They're not rebels.
Well, this is the time for rebels like George Washington.
We're not looking for people that follow orders from illegitimate globalists on top of them in between the commander-in-chief.
If my crew
Did not do what I asked them to do, we would shut down in days.
And they put up with me and I make mistakes too, but they understand that they respect me.
They think overall I probably know more than they do, so they do what I tell them, even though sometimes I'm wrong.
If they didn't do that, we'd shut down overnight.
I listened to what they had to say as well.
Can you imagine Trump when 80% of the people working for him don't just not do what he says,
They work against them.
And now you've got the blue cities, the blue states, the Democrats, the globalists, Hollywood, the Chi-Coms, the EU, all of this, and the big corporations, big tech, all working to suppress the President and suppress the American people.
And now doctors that have been suppressed in Texas and California and Michigan and Florida and Missouri, they all show up and have a press conference
And it's banned on every platform after the president tweets it, and they tell the president, you do it again, you're banned.
That's where we've gotten to.
That's who we are.
We are in slavery.
We have a beachhead that's Trump.
We have ourselves that are beachheads.
But we must recognize we're under globalist attack.
We must recognize we're occupied.
We must recognize we're in a war!
And the enemy knows they're losing, they're getting ready to go hot.
We forced them into this.
But now, we have to get ready.
The gentleman will suspend.
Without objection, the material will be entered into the record.
Dean is recognized.
Sorry, Mr. Chairman, could we take a five minute break?
Dean is recognized.
Could we take a five minute break, Mr. Chairman?
That's a common courtesy, Mr. Chairman, of every witness.
I waited 45, an hour for you this morning.
I haven't had lunch.
I'd like to take a five minute break.
Mr. Attorney General, we are almost finished.
We're going to be finished in a few minutes.
Otherwise, we can certainly take a break.
You're real, you're class.
After this, if you still want one, we'll have a break.
No, he wants a break now.
You just mentioned rudeness.
I think we're seeing it on display.
Let's let the Attorney General have a break.
The committee will stand and recess now.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
I think you could be forgiven for being confused.
Operation Legend appears to be little more than a repackaging of existing operations in these cities.
So why all the drama?
Why join the President at the White House to announce a bold new operation that appears to be neither bold nor new?
Understandably, Americans are very suspicious of your motives here.
There are those who believe you are sending federal law enforcement into these cities not to combat violent crime, but to help with the President's re-election efforts.
The President has made clear that he wants conflict between protesters and police to be a central claim, a central theme of his campaign.
So let me ask you directly, Mr. Barr.
Yes or no?
Yes or no?
Did you rebrand existing projects under the Trump legend in order to assist the President in an election year?
I wouldn't call it.
Attorney General, would you agree with me, at least on principle, that it is improper for the Department of Justice to divert resources and law enforcement personnel in an effort to assist the President's re-election campaign?
Mr. Chairman, in the fall, we did inaugurate an anti-crime initiative because we were concerned about increasing violent crime in a number of cities.
And we call that relentless pursuit.
Unfortunately, COVID intervened and our agents who were detailed for these assignments could not perform the operation.
So the operation was squelched by COVID.
So we couldn't complete or make much progress on relentless pursuit.
However, in the intervening time, we saw violent crime continuing to rise and a lot of that was triggered by the events after
The death of George Floyd.
So we did reboot the program after COVID started breaking and we could commit the law enforcement resources to actually accomplish the mission, which is to reduce violent crime.
Now, I regret that COVID interrupted our law enforcement activities, but it doesn't obviate the fact that there is serious violent crime in these cities.
These police departments
And mayors have been asking us for help, and we have put in additional federal agents and investigators to help deal with it.
Now, yes or no, have you discussed the President's re-election campaign with the President, or with any White House official, or any surrogate of the President?
Well, I'm not going to get into my discussions with the President.
Well, have you discussed that topic with him, yes or no?
Not in relation to this program.
I didn't ask that.
I asked if you discussed that... I'm a member of the cabinet and there's an election going on.
Obviously the topic comes up.
Well, the topic comes up in cabinet meetings and other things.
It shouldn't be a surprise that the topic of the election... I didn't say I was surprised.
I just asked if you'd done that.
So as part of those conversations with the president or his people about the re-election campaign, have you ever discussed the current or future deployment of federal law enforcement?
In connection with what?
In connection with what you just said.
In connection with the... Oh, we gotta go to break.
I'm gonna lay out... I'm gonna lay out the big news when we come back, alright?
And then I'm gonna hit the latest forced vaccine, world government, world ID news, and really the biggest news ever is what I'm about to lay out, and I'm just really mad at myself right now.
This is so big, and I just don't even know how to describe this because it's so real.
And I'm going to get attacked so bad for putting it out.
I don't care about that.
But I care about you understanding the psychological warfare.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We're into our number two on this July 29th, Wednesday, global transmission.
96 days out from the election.
We have a rival globalist, corporate chi-com, EU, Hollywood gang that sees America as an open, weak civilization
That they've taught us to hate ourselves, and they've got us into debt, and they think now's the time to make their move.
Well, they thought their move was in 2016 with Hillary, and then that didn't go the way they thought it would.
Because there wasn't resistance to them until they actually sank their teeth into us, and they'd always thought that we were going along with them because we were scared and intimidated.
We were actually just decadent and sleeping in the Odin sleep.
But as soon as they sank their crocodile teeth into our legs, the crocodile found that we grabbed it by the tail and started whipping its head into the ground.
But the stinky hole that is Satan's womb always produces more crocodiles, doesn't it?
So we may have beat the brains out of a few, but there's always more that come
Waddling down the path that has to be dealt with.
Because the universe is full of a lot of stuff.
Not just good things.
But the bad is there to test us so we understand God's plan.
And so we got some crocodiles to kill.
In a loving way.
Not a violent way.
So I...
We have these shows that are in the middle of the zeitgeist, and this is the most insane ever.
And again, it's not a form of choking.
It's a form of being overwhelmed.
I mean, in front of me, I have five different mega stories that each one, if someone could grasp it, would give them the keys to understanding all the other stories.
Because within a lie is the truth.
If you know the enemy's lying, and you know what they're scared of, and you know where they're trying to steer you, then you know which way you should really go.
Like the North Star is the North Star for pilots going back thousands of years ago on ships and cross-country hunts.
Nomadic ribs, because it's always there at that same fixed spot, and you can then set your trajectory according to that.
But see, deception, like a comet, leaves a tail.
A tell.
And so everything they attack, we know is good.
Everything they push on us, we know is bad.
And so for someone that is awake, and who's decided to actually open themselves up to the universe, all of it is code.
Like Neo in the Matrix, he can see the code.
Other people can't see the code.
They're slaves to the code.
And there are some that see some of the code, but they decide
To use the code to enslave others and pretend they are the grand architect of the matrix or the false paradigm, Satan pretending to be God.
Like a little three-year-old pretending he's the bulldozer driver.
Or he's the superhero.
He's the space captain.
They're pretending.
They're LARPing.
They didn't do the work for a hundred generations.
They didn't patiently wait and prepare.
They just think they'll be given the keys to the universe because they can dominate and dumb down their fellow humans when that is their death certificate!
You take people that aren't informed and you use that against them, that is God's number one rule that you don't break.
Imagine if somebody took a Down syndrome five-year-old and laughed at him and beat him up and tripped him and pushed him into the water and said, look, you're stupid.
That would make you mad because you're made by God.
That pisses you off.
But on Dutch TV they have Down Syndrome people on there and they tell them you're worthless and you're crap and they cry on TV and all these people laugh at them.
That is a satanic ritual.
We're entering the zeitgeist right now.
The next 96 days and beyond.
The next 96 days is just marching towards that gate, that door.
And I want you to know this, all the attempts to suppress you and to suppress us and to do this is because the enemy knows we are transcending right now.
This is the beginning of us taking the stairway towards the next level of interfacing with the Creator.
And everything they've done trying to suppress that and to try to manipulate that is going to fail and they're going to lose control.
So take heart when you see incredible tyranny and forced inoculations and riots and death because it's all symbols of the evil ones losing power and trying to make us bow down to them.
So I brought these beautiful, crafted,
Articles of precision, made by us, who are made in the image of God, a symbol of our will.
A woman and a man having a child and loving each other is a trillion times better than these guns.
But because the enemy worships machines, and their little technological terrors, to quote Darth Vader, we show you these.
Now could you use one of these?
No, not if you don't know how to use one.
But since Antifa is planning their terror attacks nationwide that I'll announce at the bottom of the hour.
I'm gonna get to it then.
And because of all this happening I thought I would just show them what they hate.
The symbol of humanity
Defending itself and being able to forge devices to make us be able to overcome enemies that are physically way more powerful than us or outnumber us.
But it's bigger than that, isn't it?
It is the symbol of private individuals who have arms
That is the true mark of a free society and a free civilization.
We had a rally with 20,000 to 40,000 people, depending on what numbers you look at in Virginia.
No one had problems.
There was no crime.
There was nothing that went on.
One leftist started a fight, got arrested.
One arrest, and there were 40,000 people armed to the teeth of every race, color, and creed, all humans.
And that's what scared the enemy.
And so, welcome to America.
Welcome to America where I've got high-rated armored vehicles.
I've got high-rated .50 caliber rifles.
But that's not my real power.
Did you know with my bare hands I can take any weapon I want?
Because with the will of righteousness, I can break any man's neck I wish.
But only in the service of God.
Because the power in me is greater than he that is in the world.
When I wage war to defeat Satan...
I cannot be resisted, even if I'm destroyed.
And that's what they have to understand.
I don't need these weapons.
I have information, I have the spirit, and I can take any weapon I want, anytime!
I can seize your nuclear weapons!
I can seize your reactors!
I can break your neck!
Know that, leftists!
You don't have power!
You know, those of us that love Christ, we have the power!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, back live on this Wednesday worldwide transmission.
I have a lot of news to cover, a lot of things to get into, but I'm not building suspense here, holding up, covering this news.
I just, I feel like we should have like drum rolls or spotlights above the office at night to announce stuff like this because
That's a globalist tactic, is that they get so much chatter, so much disinfo, so much stuff going on, that when you actually bring out the huge information, it just fizzles out there, like it doesn't matter.
And again, I know from deep research, and having incredible sources, and experiencing it myself,
Exactly what's going on.
I mean, I know more about this topic than anybody.
And I'm not saying that from a position of a power trip.
I mean, I can't tell you the stuff that's going on for reasons that you can probably imagine.
I told you years ago they're preparing a malice program to overthrow the United States.
People are like, that's ridiculous.
Now you see it's all over the news.
It's not even Chinese-run, it's Chinese-backed, but it's a Maoist Youth Brigade program, and they really plan it.
And we've confirmed that in D.C.
and Portland and Maryland, just everywhere, that they've got explosives and weapons and trucks loaded with ammonium nitrate and just chlorine gas, everything.
And they're really going to go out and just burn everything down and just slaughter people and they're going to try to kill governors.
They're going to try to, they're going to kill police chiefs.
They're going to kill talk show hosts.
And I mean, they're going to people's houses.
I mean, I mean, I told you this.
Here's the thing.
I'm always so far ahead.
I'm not bragging about that.
We knew they were lazing the targets.
We had surveillance cameras.
We confirmed it a year and a half ago.
And so I, you know, stationed military, retired military, you know, at my house for a while.
Because they were thinking about this during the off-term, mid-term election 2018.
And so believe me, I'm not going to pay money for 24-hour surveillance at my house and, you know, guys with guns if it's not for a real reason.
And now here we are a year and a half later.
And the police departments know about this.
These Antifa people go to bars, and they go to events where informants are, and they talk about, we're going to go to this house, we're going to murder this judge, we're going to go to this house, we're going to kill this police chief, we're going to go to this house, we're going to kill this talk show host, and the New York Times puts out where people live, and the cops go back and they go, let's arrest this person immediately for conspiracy, for terrorism, and they go, nope, you're not going to do it.
Now, we should think about every angle of this and why they're doing this.
And not get sucked in to jumping first.
Because, I mean, these people are like dog crap.
Who wants to step on them unless we have to?
I want to talk about who's ordering this and who's doing this and the fact that the Pentagon needs to stop being scared of this.
It needs to join with America and needs to deal with the people running the operation.
Because I know as a romantic, you know, you want to have the war with the Antifa and, you know, all this.
Let's not do that.
Let's not do it.
I mean, I knew we needed an armored vehicle coming up during the election cycle to go cover events.
And people are like, oh, you don't need that.
Now you've seen them attack the vehicle.
I want to avoid confrontation.
I don't need to put that on my belt.
I mean, I don't even want to kill these globalists.
But if they want to kill us, the best thing to do in a defensive way is kill as many of them as quickly as possible.
Again, the media will misquote that.
I don't want to offensively kill anybody, but I'm not going to take this, okay?
And I just want everybody like Santa Claus to take down names while we're here, 90-something days out, and just think about the future.
If they take down your country, they destroy your bank account, they murder a bunch of patriot leaders, what are you going to do?
Because you always talked about when the New World Order came in and when the UN did this, you were going to go out and shoot folks in blue helmets.
They don't wear blue helmets.
They show up in black uniforms and burn down your local courthouse and overthrow your government and run your life.
And once they get control of your police, those officers are programmed robots now.
They'll follow orders to come after you.
And I don't sycophantically worship the police.
I just tell folks, don't have a civil war with the cops.
Even if they're captured and cowards and bad people, some of them, you have it with the academics and the establishment perverts and pedophiles that run it.
If you're running a war, you kill high-value targets.
And that means the leadership of the new world order.
And they are gearing up to do that to us.
I'm not calling for any violence.
I'm simply saying we're entering a new ball game that I tried to stop, that you tried to stop, and I don't intend to lose.
And winning doesn't mean Alex Jones goes into the future.
I don't say that to act tough.
As men, we have to decide we're dead already.
It's easy.
You'll never be freer to the point you're ready to die.
Just get over it.
It's not a big deal.
But the enemy is not the loser meth-head playing video games that is told by the media and given $100 a day to go out and do this.
They're not the target.
You do nothing killing them.
And I don't want you to kill anybody right now.
But I want you to understand where they've taken us and what they've done and that every single globalist New World Order operative at an executive level is an enemy combatant of humanity.
And once they pull the trigger, which they're beginning to, we're basically in it.
They don't want us to recognize they pull the trigger until the bullet hits us.
We're basically, they've already done it.
But now's not the time.
You'll know the time.
You'll know the time.
And this is the real world.
This isn't about games.
This isn't about protecting yourself.
This isn't about, this is about who are you as a man?
Who are you as a woman?
And what I'm saying here today will send shivers up the spine of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and back down.
And that's good.
And they might move against me this week.
That's okay too.
Because there's purity in the universe.
There's commitment in the universe.
And those of us that love God have to stop sitting back and letting other cowards dictate our lives and hope some magic person comes down and fixes it for us.
Everything we have, when you're out on your motorboat looking at the sky or in a nice house and got a job and got a bank account that works, some man died for that.
Some woman lost her husband for that.
Daddy didn't come home for that.
A lot, millions died.
And millions starved.
And millions were put in prisons.
And millions were tortured for human liberty.
And you stand on their shoulders.
You will repay it.
You will complete the circuit.
You will.
And by the way, you will find ecstasy in the moment that you stop being a coward, in the moment you stop caring what people think or what they do to you, in the moment that you join your ancestors, a bridge to the past, the present, and just like that, to the future.
And then, the doors of perception open, God's there, the doors swing open, there's no more fear, and now you're with God forever.
That's where we are.
Stay with us.
So, if you just tuned in, you're watching on TV or listening on radio, I've got semi-automatic, 300 win mags, semi-automatic, .338 Lapua's, semi-automatic, Army Marine Corps, .50 Cal Barrett's, Navy .50 Cal Barrett's, German MP5's, Turkish MP5's, British SIGs.
We've got it all.
But this isn't any of our power.
Our power is spiritual.
Our power is political.
Our power is by action.
I could have all these guns in minutes if I want them.
All I need is a knife.
I can take them.
Because I know how to use them.
And that's where knowledge comes in.
It's not the tool.
It's the knowledge.
How do you use a hammer or a jackhammer?
Or how do you use a laser pointer?
How do you use a rangefinder if you don't know how to use it?
All right, let me lay out the big news here.
The mayor of Austin has come out and says, let's just ban the Second Amendment and take the guns.
You know, we've got Antifa out running up people's cars, pointing guns at them, they get shot dead.
The answer is take the guns.
And you've got the left burning down police stations and burning down buildings and killing people and shooting people at checkpoints and we're told that's all okay.
What's really happening?
You've got criminals in the federal government.
We don't control the federal government.
It's good and bad.
We have the blue cities, the blue states fully under CHICOM control.
And they're trying.
To foment civil unrest ahead of the election, in their own words, to claim it's Trump's fault, to remove him from office, claiming he's a dictator, when they challenge the election results.
And then if he challenges their fraudulent challenge, they're saying, we're going to have the Pentagon arrest the president, and anybody that opposes that, including members of the cabinet, will be arrested.
And then Attorney General Barr, who's in the cabinet, shows up, and they won't let him talk.
They won't let him go to the bathroom after five and a half hours.
They scream at him.
They're crazy.
But don't take their insanity as weakness.
That's what makes them dangerous.
So let me give you the big news.
I've already seen with my own two eyeballs that God gave me, and so have you.
And I've listened to it with the two ears God gave me.
Antifa shoot people and hammer women in the head and beat people thousands of times that we've seen all over the U.S.
the last five years.
And we know George Soros funds it through the different organizations.
He's on record admitting that.
We've got all the Bernie people saying we're going to burn down America.
Bernie doesn't win.
We're going to burn down America if Trump doesn't win.
But now we have Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times coming out last week saying, if Trump wins, we'll burn down America.
Now, you know if I started talking about burning down America, I'd get arrested and I should.
But why are they allowed to do it?
Because they work for the big banks.
They work for the establishment.
This is the man.
They act like they're rebels doing all this.
They're backed by the whole media.
They're backed by the governors.
They're backed by the blue states, the cities.
Where they get $500 fines every 15 minutes in Portland that there's a fence up around the federal courthouse while they're shooting it, firebombing it with Molotov cocktails, and laser beaming people, and shooting ball bearings at them.
I mean, if I show up at a federal courthouse, and I pulled out a slingshot with a ball bearing, they'd shoot me.
It's a deadly weapon.
But, oh, they don't because they've been told, you'll be indicted.
You can see everything I'm about to say right there in front of your face.
You can see the revolution being launched by foreign powers, the treason, the no borders, the no walls, the no USA at all.
And I can show you a stack of internal documents from George Soros and Alexander Soros trying to pay black people to riot and burn things.
Thousands of dollars a piece, I will show you.
So they can make the revolution about race war and about black against white instead of it being about chi-com globalist against America.
But I remember when Tucker Carlson, a year and a half ago, had people come to his house, break down his door, threaten to rape and kill his wife.
I never told people what happened to us for different reasons.
And the things that have gone on here.
Or the intel I learned about what was happening in other areas of the country.
But now I'm going to lay it out for you.
I have it from New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, California, the CIA, federal marshals, the FBI, and finally today, the APD confirmed what I was told, but because I wasn't told it by people I absolutely knew, I did not tell you in the last three weeks.
That they have ridiculously named assault teams, A-teams, driving around in SUVs and trucks, Antifa, with two and four men's groups, preparing anyone that doesn't stop at a checkpoint, anyone that doesn't, including police, will be killed.
And that's just the surface.
The media will say that somebody killed them when they kill somebody else.
That's what's so scary.
So we have the whole big tech, the whole big media.
We have officially being announced in the City Council of Austin that they're going to blow up the police department.
I showed you that last hour.
Officially in the budget.
This isn't some recommendation.
This is from the mayor.
You know, that doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense.
This is a takeover.
It's here.
And I have the UN running the Strong Cities Initiative, and I have the United Nations orders U.S.
to stop excessive force on peaceful Portland protesters in my stack we'll cover when we come back.
But, bottom line,
I say this because it needs to be said.
It's the truth.
And I say it for the idiots that are part of this.
But they're so low IQ.
They were never given attention.
I have their M.O.
I've assessed them that they are not going to listen.
But people around them, their wives, their neighbors should listen.
On average, it's a kid that was abused, usually white.
Heavy drug use.
Has a small brain.
Wasn't breastfed.
Grew up in a crib.
No attention.
They finally get a daddy that's going to take care of them.
Just like the Mexican and black gangs went and got young kids that didn't have dads.
Well now the globalists are going to get the white kids that didn't have dads.
And they're weaponizing them and giving them methamphetamine and guns.
And telling them go out and attack.
And they're killing people.
They're getting killed everywhere.
But here's the secret.
They're just the cover for the real hit teams, CHICOM, MS-13, Democrat-hired, and mercenary groups that are preparing to kill certain key senators, members of Congress, members of the media, members of law enforcement.
And it's confirmed.
They're practicing engaging police, shutting down roads, attacking the Capitol, attacking the governor's mansion.
And so the governor's so scared, he just rolled over and just said, I'm with you.
I mean, that's, that's, you know, you'd think that Abbott would be good.
He actually just submitted to it.
And so I'm going to read you what I've been sent and some of the other things I have when we come back, but this is it.
Because the communists, just like that guy, you know, with his eyes all blown out, pure pupils, out that they got killed this weekend in Austin.
He said, they're wimps.
They're going to submit to us.
Of course, it didn't happen.
But that's the whole attitude.
Our submission has summoned this.
And why do the shy comms and globalists care?
They don't get hurt.
They're just doing it because there's no repercussions.
Preacher Man says it's the end of time in the Mississippi River.
She's a-goin' dry.
The most important part of this song is they can't starve us out and they can't make us run because these old boys are raised on shotguns.
We say grace.
We say amen.
And if you don't like that, you don't give a damn.
Which means you're not a hypocrite.
Because you can't starve us out, and you can't make us run.
That's the key to a free people.
Can't starve you out, can't make you run.
We say grace.
We say amen.
And if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn, preacher.
You fakes.
Think God cares that we say, damn, that's some made up Baptist thing.
God cares if you stand up to evil.
God knows we're not perfectly King David.
All right, let me get back into this big news.
Here's the big news, okay?
I could sit here and mince words all day.
If I just say it, nobody cares.
I've been trying to build this up for an hour and 49 minutes.
Because we kicked this broadcast off.
Multinational corporations have found and funded an army of mentally ill, drug head, meth head, white people mainly, to call themselves Antifa when they are fascist, and to call themselves Black Lives Matter when they work for Planned Parenthood that wants to kill black people.
And they've turned all these little pathetic video game playing, I'm not saying you're bad at video games, but that's who they are, losers loose to go out and do all this.
And now they've got them going to people's houses, marking targets, and driving the wrong way down roads, and yelling at police, and the police know they're not backed by their mayors.
So the police are bowing to this behavior, which then only encourages the idiot meth heads to carry out the next part of the operation.
And their orders have come down.
Prepare to assault talk show host, patriot law enforcement, police chiefs, members of Congress, members of state legislatures, governors that don't roll over.
And they are so empowered getting these orders from Soros and Obama and Hillary, they will go to federal courthouses and attack federal police armed with weapons with hammers and hatchets.
Because they believe they're taking over.
They believe they have the initiative.
And that's why the great crime of Trump is blocking them burning down the courthouses.
Or blocking burning down the police stations.
Because they're supposed to, as live action role players, as LARPers, cue up the guy that got killed this weekend in Austin, please, to go out and say no one's going to oppose us to try to get all the other hood rats, black and white, old and young,
All the other meth-heads to boil out of their holes and go out and do this.
This is a coward's march.
A coward's day.
A coward's moon.
Because behind them are the MS-13, the Chi-Com operatives and others that are actually going to go out and kill leadership of the Liberty Movement.
And then there'll be Antifa who's blamed with it.
Antifa gets orders via text message where they go, what they do.
It's come out in documents I'll show you in a moment.
They'll be sent to an event.
They'll be there.
House will blow up.
They'll kill the inhabitants.
Antifa will think they did it.
They'll go off.
Later, they get the blame, whatever.
It doesn't matter.
They are the cover.
So why did I pull all these firearms out for TV viewers?
To tell listeners, to tell people that are high-value targets, you better get your guns ready.
Yeah, in Oakland they're now burning the county courthouse, but that's peaceful.
And again, it's the left and the judges on the left that's empowering this, and the judges are ruling for them, saying, burn us down, you're good!
The cowardly leftist judges, the communists, the judicial activists, see?
Turning on their own quislings.
So I've talked to a lot of sources, but a lot of this has come out.
There's a reason I'm covering it now.
And Antifa all over the country is preparing massive terror attacks against the American people.
Killings, mass shootings, bombings, you name it.
And they're on video saying they're going to do it.
And so they just don't want there to be any local or federal response to this, so that once it really hits, and once they've gotten all their little minions empowered believing they're not going to be challenged, and believing they're going to win, they can fully pull the trigger and do this.
So we're two minutes to midnight.
This is from my APD source directly from the APD.
Just spoke to APD source Monday evening.
BLM and other anti-police group members were riding around downtown Austin in technicals, pickup trucks, with two four-armed individuals with rifles in the back, stopping cars.
We already have video of this.
Counter-flowing, going the wrong way on streets, just exercising, like ISIS does, control.
APD reported on what was happening and wanted to intervene, but were told to stand down unless they started shooting.
These trucks were stopping in the middle of the road, intimidating other motorists, etc.
Reckonfall cops were furious.
They weren't allowed to act.
I mean, imagine just lawless vigilante communists.
Also, same guy who was shot and killed had been at several other protests in front of APD headquarters with his AK and had stopped vehicles in the roadway on Frontage Road.
APD cops reported he was doing
That again, and we're told to stand down.
Tourists say the activity may very well have been caught on headquarters cameras, which is scheduled now the City Council to be blown up as a symbol of communist power.
Folks, I'm not joking.
That's real.
They also received intel briefs that Antifa and related groups were planning for a takeover of part of Austin, like Top Chaz, in Seattle, and that it would happen as early as this weekend.
So they're gonna try to take over in front of the police station this weekend.
They're calling for additional manpower from APD to be ready, but no word so far.
The PD will be allowed to act to prevent the takeover.
Now that's directly from the APD.
And you watch, it's gonna happen.
And I've talked to people, we've got the videos coming in, there are now groups of armed men in trucks driving around aiming guns just at old ladies, you name it.
You know, that's psychotic, that's evil, these people are weak.
Yes, but the power of the globalists is they have so many evil, weak people working for them.
And so here's the final equation.
They're not gonna let America come back.
They're not gonna let Trump get re-elected without a physical fight because they've never gotten trouble.
And why does...
Nadler, or why does Pelosi, or why does the Rockefellers, or any of these people, care if a bunch of leftists get killed?
They never get in trouble.
It's big tech, it's the globalists, it's Obama, it's Hillary behind this.
They are the capos.
They are the dons.
They are the mafia leaders.
They are behind it, along with the shycomps.
So it's not enough to cut off the shycomps.
We have to, as Americans, understand that the media says there are no anti-foot, doesn't exist, there is no violence, because that's a military tactic when you're being assaulted.
Let's come in with the Mars attack intro, which is a joke on World War I. The Germans and the British and the French would say, we're not attacking, stand down, turn in your weapons, because they found a certain percentage when a thousand troops are running your position, firing at you, you know, machine guns, mortars,
If you go, we are your friends.
We are here.
The war is over.
We've given up.
A certain percentage goes, hey, the war's over.
It's a hack.
It's a lie.
But that's what it is.
And so they're doing this and they know what they're doing.
Reverend Childress of blackgenocide.com joining us to talk about Planned Parenthood being shut down because of their Nazi ties, which is good.
It shows their own cancel culture finally blows back on the real people.
That's coming up, and I've got so much more on this, but...
Bottom line, armed communist gangs are now roving and they say anyone that doesn't submit to their checkpoints, including police, will be killed.
And when they kill police, they're going to claim the police did this.
So America is now under terrorist attack.
I say we don't negotiate with terrorists.
I say we expand the info war and everyone who's a target prepare defensively to defend yourselves.
I'm standing in this briefing room right now.
There is no government official here, but I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
But I'll say that the press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
The press is not the enemy of the people.
Maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant CNN sucks and fake news.
Maybe we should go out, all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant we're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
We're not the enemy of the people.
This is CNN.
I yield back.
I would remind Mr. Jordan, Mr. Biggs, and Mr. Johnson to stop violating the rules of the committee, to stop violating the safety of the members of the committee, to stop holding themselves out as not caring by refusing to wear their masks.
Is it permissible to drink a sip of coffee?
It is not permissible.
Not to drink?
We can't drink coffee in the room.
I'm getting ready to ask questions now.
I'm getting ready to ask questions.
And I will.
Mr. Gates is right here.
No, no, no.
He went.
And that's why I took off my mask, Mr. Chairman.
I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go.
So he tells him, you gotta wear your mask all the time, I'm your boss, you gotta wear your burqa, you're a jib, and you can't go to the bathroom after five and a half hours.
That is the spirit of these people, and you look at Adler, nothing against people's physical form, but he does match who he is.
He's like four and a half feet tall, stumbles around, can hardly walk, and this is who rules us!
And then he's fueled by the blood of dead babies, their religion.
Only time I ever saw Chuckie Schumer get excited was when Trump was about to try to ban abortion.
He's like, we will destroy you, we will remove you, we will... They need that blood, ladies and gentlemen, don't just save that for effect.
I've studied these people.
And you know, I've been a Christian.
I was born Christian, raised Christian.
I accepted Jesus.
I know the Holy Spirit.
But let me tell you, I'm such a strong Christian now.
After I've been through what I've seen, it's 100% real.
It's all real, folks.
It's dead on real.
You think God would give us free will, his children, and then not give us a cheat sheet and tell us, hey, you got free will, but here's the script.
You don't want to follow this bad dude.
Please don't do it.
But you know, despite the fact we've been given the whole blueprint, we just crap all over what God gave us.
And now we're getting judged, and the hedge of protection's being lifted, and you know, I know Reverend Childress I really respect and love.
He thinks Trump's gonna win.
I just, I'm really worried about election fraud and the way they keep saying, we're gonna challenge the election, but if he challenges it,
He's a dictator and we're going to overthrow him.
And then all these violent mobs in Antifa, we've confirmed, is driving around all over the country preparing to attack people's houses with guns.
I mean, that's terrorism!
But when they come to your house, they're already, here's the thing, bars up there, and I've got like eight videos this last weekend of them shooting people at checkpoints, Antifa and BLM, and it's not even in the Senate hearing!
They're killing people and it's not even on the news.
So it's so politically correct now that they're calling terrorism activism and protesting.
Which again, when they're done, they're going to ban all of it.
They take over.
The Democrats are censoring everybody.
They ban rallies of conservatives and nationalists and pro-lifers in their towns, Christians.
So they're just classic authoritarians telling us that they're the good guys.
But I just read to you from the APD where they've got groups rolling around, robbing up the wrong street, menacing police with guns.
None of them are black, by the way.
They're all weirdo white people.
And this is their communist takeover, and we're just supposed to sit here and put up with it.
But good things are happening.
In New York and other areas, Planned Parenthood is going, actually, Margaret Singer is a Nazi.
We're taking her name off our movement.
We'll talk about it when we come back with Reverend Childress of blackgenocide.com.
Welcome back, Reverend Clennard Childress of blackgenocide.org, I was saying .com off the top of my head, visit the site all the time, blackgenocide.org, joins us right now because some good news happened about a week ago, and I wanted to get him on.
In New York, one of the main Planned Parenthoods, where Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who actually was an advisor to Hitler.
Hitler gave her awards saying, you helped create me, you helped chart my course.
They said, oh, in this cancel culture, we're going to pull down abolitionist black leaders and all the rest of it.
Maybe we shouldn't have Margaret Sanger on the name of our building.
I went to Margaret Sanger kindergarten in Dallas.
I mean, Margaret Sanger was pre-Hitler.
She helped create Hitler.
Reverend Childress has made films on this.
He's written about it at blackgenocide.org.
I wanted to get him on.
To talk about how big this is, because they constantly attack the American flag, they attack and say it's bad, but then the left itself is the Democrats.
KKK, Margaret Sanger.
So finally, though, in that cancel culture, some of the reality seems to be setting in.
What do you make of this?
And thanks for joining us.
Oh, thank you so much, so much for having me.
My birthday is next month, but the gift came very early in this announcement by Kevin Setzler.
Who is basically the chairperson of Planned Parenthood in New York.
If you did not know, the employees had already filed a suit a few months ago about racism from within.
So Planned Parenthood is imploding right now.
The pro-choice African American women that were working for her, or working for Planned Parenthood,
Basically said the hiring, the assignments, and the treatment was very biased, racist, and they all filed to suit.
Now, coupled with what I said would happen four years ago, I have to toot my own horn here because I'm extremely happy because... You went to Congress, you showed your film, you predicted this.
I said the Black Life Matters and they're overplaying the race card that this would fall back
On Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger would be exposed.
So we came up with the website, All Black Life Matters.
And we often have done evangelism or activism with our signs, Care of the Center for Biethnical Reform.
We collaborated with them.
And now, due to the pressure, they have admitted that she has done great harm to people of color.
What this is going to mean is, and I, they will not... By the way, let me just stop you.
I should have said this up front.
I cannot overstate how seismic and how huge this is that the minute the dam breaks and they admit their whole operation is literally beyond Hitler bad, it's over.
So lay it out for folks.
I mean, this is, you're right, because you've been coming on the show for 10 years.
I've never seen you look satisfied.
You're usually like me, the underdog.
You're looking a little satisfied right now, Reverend, and you should be.
Well, I know what's going to happen now.
The young people that are so, so hyper, definitely afraid of being called racist, are going to really rethink their attachments to Planned Parenthood.
But they're then going to begin to investigate, get away from the veneer of things and dig down deep.
And when that happens, I'm telling you, there is going to be a massive distancing.
With our young people.
Kanye is a microcosm.
He watches the show.
He listens to you.
I know because I've talked to his people.
He already woke up.
Wait until everybody becomes Kanye.
Well, it's right now.
And thank God for Kanye.
And I'm praying for him.
He's played a role already.
Because they can't shake this.
They can't undo what they have said.
And they did it in New York, where they had Margaret Singer Square, where they have her name heralded across the city.
This is all going to come down.
The biggest one I love the most is that I'm challenging Black Lives Matter to disavow Planned Parenthood and Margaret Singer because they have collaborated with them.
Which is the biggest oxymoron example in our country at this present time.
So they're going to have to answer.
Black Lives Matter collaborates with the group that started the Nazis.
Yes, yes, absolutely.
But now, the Nazis have admitted it.
So, they can't back out of this either.
They didn't do their horror, they didn't do their research.
Let me ask you, how did this happen?
You're saying the black ladies, figuring out they're literally living under Satan's wings, they woke up, followed suit, and that's when the dominoes fell?
And once again, you know, all things work together for good for them that love God.
In the seventh Psalm, it says they dug a ditch and they have fallen into it themselves.
They thought they could run the race card all the way to November and be unscathed and they would be the arbitrators of fairness through race and we'll make our demands.
But you're proven to be racist.
They tipped over... Well, not just racist, genocidal.
Genocidal, sorry to interrupt.
That's okay.
They tipped over Frederick Douglass.
They tipped over Ulysses Grant.
They tipped over Abraham Lincoln.
And for every one black, there's seven white.
So this is really, and we got time, we can really make our case
Planned Parenthood's admission is a wound they will never get healed.
Especially in this climate.
I want to go back to this, because I don't think listeners understand how giant this victory is.
I totally agree with you.
This is as big as getting Trump elected.
To have one of the original Planned Parenthood, where it started in New York, say we disavow her, she's a Nazi, she's evil.
This is seismic.
This is a major breach in their wall.
What do you expect to happen next?
Well, I expect to happen next.
It really is going to be the hard work is that the they're banking on, you know, right in New York, you had pastors standing with de Blasio and Cuomo, which is basically idiotic at this point.
But here's my point.
Every pro-life activist, every pro-life work, all pro-life
Um, speakers have to make this a part of the talking points just as they do.
We have to walk lockstep like the mainstream media.
I totally agree.
This should be talking point number one.
Planned Parenthood admits that they are racist.
Now, here's my four right off the bat.
Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton give the Margaret Sanger Award back.
By their own admission, she is racist.
By their own admission, they recognize that they collaborated with Nazi Germany.
They now said they have done great harm to people of color.
So give back the racist award?
Must give it back, okay?
Two, I want all iconic signs, street signs, whatever, down yesterday, okay?
Margaret Sanger Square in New York City, take it down.
The bust of Margaret Sanger, they're hiding on the third floor now in the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, take it down.
We want everything down.
And then, and especially with Nancy and Hillary,
They stopped giving the Margaret Sanger award just because of the notice of her history was beginning to surface.
Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.
They are in big trouble if we pro-lifers keep making this a talking point, an issue.
Iconic African-American figures such as Barack Obama can no longer be speaking at fundraisers for racism or fundraisers for Planned Parenthood.
The whole group was founded by the lady that was the top Nazi advisor, and this is a domino effect.
I agree with you.
I mean, this is great.
This is undebatable.
And, and once again, Black Lives Matters has to explain, has to explain after they basically denounced this, that they had broken off all collaboration with a known racism.
And Black Lives Matters needs to really be examined for who they are.
This is going to pull the wool back over a lot of things.
And our young people, once again,
Who is so deftly afraid of being called racist.
I'm telling you, they are going to begin to retreat.
I totally agree, and Reverend Childress, in the spirit, I don't just go off information, I always check information, but I know in the spirit, six years ago we went and protested a bunch at Planned Parenthood, we held up signs saying the KKK, stop killing the black babies, all black lives matter, and now you see it completely coming out.
You were on during that time, was your idea.
This is so beautiful what's happening.
This is huge folks, stay with us.
In today's world, abortion supporters routinely attend pro-life rallies and attempt to bully activists.
If you have a problem and need a smelly group of commie devil worshippers, maybe you can call the A-Team.
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids!
I kill my kids!
Hey, we saw your Facebook with your communist hammer and sickle.
That's pretty cool, man.
Is that you on the Facebook?
Is there a Facebook page of you with a hammer and sickle?
I don't think so.
How do you get your abortions paid for?
I pay for them.
How many do you pay for them?
Oh, upwards of 50.
Oh yeah.
F*** you, you piece of s***!
Bunch of misogynist motherf***ers.
Take your male privilege somewhere else.
Brother, you're being aggressive.
I'm being aggressive.
Pardon us!
Excuse us!
Watch out!
Watch out!
These, that's the guys that attacked Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And now satanic altars are erected all over the United States.
Churches are being burned everywhere.
Images of Christ are having their head cut off.
Reverend Shultz, I was interrupting you earlier because I'm so excited.
I mean, this is so good though.
The main, one of the founding Planned Parenthoods has said, okay, she was a eugenicist, we can't defend it.
Tell us what they admitted and the chain reaction coming out of this because this is the facade coming down, the double down.
The Democrats, founders of the KKK, the creators of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute through Planned Parenthood, the main funders of Hitler.
I mean, this is on record.
The Rockefellers doing it.
It gives us irrefutable data and truth and admission of guilt.
Basically is something that they can't even retract people.
You don't understand.
They can't take any of this back.
They can't spin any of this.
This is awesome.
And so right now they admit it.
She was involved in the eugenics that she had did great harm to people of color that her views would indeed be considered.
She said her mission was to get rid of black weeds.
Colored people are human weeds.
They need to be exterminated.
And she also basically said she would use the colored minister to basically dupe the congregations into accepting her ideology.
They were relentless in their strategy, and I commend her.
She was a brilliant woman.
Don't ever forget that, first of all.
But she was brilliantly evil.
And she basically brought in an agenda that eventually did... And that's the key.
She didn't just launch what became the Nazis.
She bought off the black leaders.
Yes, she bought off the black leaders, she promised them money.
This is my issue with Jesse Jackson.
This is my issue with many of the preachers, W.E.
Du Bois, many of them more or less kowtowed basically for a dollar.
Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, they all basically realized the Congressional Black Caucus, this is all about money.
One of the most painful moments for me
Was to find out that the Congressional Black Caucus actually had a meeting on how to refute and how to basically answer the pro-life agenda that was beginning to creep into the black community.
More or less, they knew the facts that we were saying were right and that this was going to be the counter way, how to counter
Our accusations and counter aren't our words.
Let me ask you this, because I'm not saying we're perfect, but people need to know the difference.
You can't be bought, I can't be bought.
My soul feels bad killing white babies, black babies.
I don't care, they're all innocent, made in God's image.
How do they get white people, black people, you name it, to shine on the extermination of people, and then they pose and tell us we're all racist, so we fight with each other?
That is so sick!
It's sick because we allow a lot of times ego, our own pride, and to be quite honest, our own prejudices to get in the way.
Right now, we have to be very strategic.
There's certain places I can go that my white counterpart cannot go.
I'll go with least
Well, I would say, I don't call 1973 a gift, but I call since that incident, this is the biggest gift we've been given.
And the Hyde Amendment, of course, it was very important.
But right now, we have to work this.
It is workable.
We have to confront Black Lives Matter.
They are hypocrites, without question.
Well, you've seen the video of the black man out in front of the hospital, and he goes, okay, Black Lives Matter, what about black babies?
They go, oh no, they don't matter.
They're even programmed to know that.
Well, it's undoubtedly true that they are being paid, which we all have to understand.
People are having meetings on how to reason with them.
You can't reason with paid hitmen, but you can reach the peripheral.
And that's why I'm excited about getting to those students and those schools that they're going to.
And in order to subvert them, and I want to come, and others want to come with our message, and especially these revelations coming from Planned Parenthood.
I mean, there's no answer to this.
She was racist.
The organization started it racist.
And we have to all keep writing articles.
Don't let it just come out and go away.
Just say, hey, Margaret Sanger admitted Nazi.
Planned Parenthood admits they're Nazis.
I mean, they admit it now.
We cannot let this go.
We have to hold on to this.
As long, for years to come until they're gone, alright?
And no doubt... Because literally, I'm not for cancel culture, but a group set up to exterminate certain groups of people needs to be shut down.
That's what you shut down.
They're shutting down all of our freedom, all of our speech, the national anthem, Christianity, tearing, burning down churches, but they're not going?
They're the actual Nazis?
No, you go!
You're gone!
I'm gonna have fun at the State House tomorrow.
There's a rally there for New Jersey to be free, or New Jersey's Get Back to Work group.
But I'm going to have time to speak, and I'm going to demand that no more tax dollars go to this racist organization by their own admission of Planned Parenthood.
I'm going to point out that our governor, Phil Murphy, has been in cahoots with these racists, that has been channeling money to these racists.
And this COVID sham right now is just as much as a sham as Planned Parenthood is, and that we need to get New Jersey's back to work.
And Reverend, I respect you and totally agree with you, but you're not even hardcore enough.
They're genocidists.
You've got to be a racist.
Be racist.
That's your issue.
They're genocidists.
They literally have killed more brown people than anybody else.
I mean, Hitler didn't kill as many as Planned Parenthood.
Well, Bill Gates and Fauci.
And Planned Parenthood, United Nations Population Control, if the tally was ever basically drawn up, African-Americans in this country as well as the world would be shocked.
But guess what?
Africa and parts of India and Pakistan are more aware of Bill Gates than America is.
No, I agree.
Let's talk about that with Reverend Childress, who's on fire straight ahead.
This is so exciting for humanity right now, folks.
I'm feeling really good right now.
Feeling good right now!
All right, Reverend Shelders is our guest.
I'm going to say something right now, because the left always goes, oh, white savior, virtue signaler.
No, I'm not like you.
I go off my conscience.
And I grew up in Dallas, Texas, where, quite frankly, there are a lot of racist black people.
I had a lot of black friends as well.
But I mean, I got in a lot of fights with black people, started to fight because I was white.
That was kind of the culture, the way it was.
I'm tougher because of it.
That's fine.
But I also went to East Texas, where you have a ranch, and some of the towns, some towns be nice, other towns you pull up, got a golden girl in your arm, and a couple of white dudes walk over, just like black gang members.
They try to fight with you because you're not in their club.
They were in the KKK.
Most folks have not had run-ins with the KKK.
I've had at least four run-ins with the KKK.
Long as I was driving a nice truck, had a good-looking woman on my arm, they didn't like it.
I don't know.
You know, the rednecks kind of quit killing each other, but you see those old Burt Reynolds movies, you know, in the 70s in the South, all the white guys killing each other.
I was kind of on the tail end of that.
That's what goes on.
It doesn't matter.
Children, a black baby, a white baby, a brown baby, those are God's children.
They have the potential of the universe.
And there is a globalist operation to go after them.
And when we accept that, we accept evil and we say we're all trash.
So now it's let's kill old people.
Now let's kill babies after they're born.
And so it's very easy.
So why am I up here with all these guns today?
I never put guns out here.
That's because Antifa is announcing violence nationwide.
Well, we have this for defense.
We're not going to offensively do anything.
We want to point out we have power too, not just your New World Order.
And so Reverend Shoulders is here at blackgenocide.org with his films and books and all the material.
You should visit the site.
Looking at this, he cannot overstate, I cannot overstate the House of Cards falling.
We all know Planned Parenthood is proto-Nazi.
We all know it came out of the eugenics.
But imagine their main New York branch removing her and the chain reaction now.
That is a huge victory of their facade falling.
I think that's what you're getting at, Reverend Childress.
That's where we're at.
And once again, we unquestionably can use this to even Black Lives Matter.
I don't know if I sent this to you, but you see this?
We'll put it on screen.
Yes, sir.
Now they got to explain that.
They have to explain.
There you go.
They have to explain that.
Black Lives Matter.
What's up with that?
And that with these revelations, and then once again, people are going to start looking at the documentaries, My Alpha 21, the others that have been put out basically exposing Planned Parenthood from A to Z. This is something undoubtedly, I pray that we use to the max and it will back up a lot of our, I can't wait to get back on the college campuses.
Cause as you know, we, we, we make a big circle of signs and get the students to come over.
And the first thing they're calling us, I remember Antifa.
I've been up against Antifa.
I've been up against Black Lives Matter when we come and they, they threaten, they're intimidating.
But if you hold your ground and basically share the truth, I had great conversations with some of the Antifa kids.
All right.
They realized, came back to me and told me, they said, I went deeper.
Like you said, I said, there's some issues here, but see,
Now you have Planned Parenthood themselves, okay?
Now they have documented it.
They have basically said, they even said they're going to take down the street signs.
Now I'm going to be there in that area as much as I can to make sure those signs come down.
Then I can talk to those students of NYU and others around in that area and tell them, why did this come down?
Simply because of what we've been saying all along.
They're targeting people of color.
Her, Kevin, Karen Seitzler, I believe her name was, basically said, Margaret Sanger has done harm to people of color.
And she also said immigrants and something else to try to... But nobody's done more harm.
I mean, can you think of anybody who's killed more black people than her?
No, I know Bill Gates is trying, but not right now.
No doubt, this is something we can all use.
I mean, black people can use this.
White people can use this.
We have talking points that are irrefutable and we have demands that should be met because they're the same demands they have demanded of America.
They're pulling down signs of Lincoln because he didn't do enough and Frederick Douglass.
Well, this woman literally said black people need to be killed.
You know, I say to your audience,
Martin Luther King, the greatest social activist of our time, a prophetic man, he gave his most renowned speech in front of a statue, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and that's where he wanted it, okay?
There was no tearing down of statues.
The Civil Rights was won with Robert E. Lee up, with Jefferson Davis up, with all these insignias of the Confederacy.
I'm not condoning anything.
But there's something about when you try to sanitize your history that you, well, let's... Yeah, they want the power over history to say whatever it is instead of leaving it up.
And so, so, so you tear down the RA, the Holocaust...
You go ahead and try and touch that Holocaust down there.
Should they tear down Auschwitz?
These are momentums of that we can't go this way again.
We can't go this route again.
And that's the way I've always seen it.
I didn't think they were ever heralding what they had done.
Basically, in saying this is a route where you couldn't take.
Robert E. Lee almost decided to fight for the North, okay?
But he didn't want to be fighting against his relatives.
So, I'm saying all this to say... Well, let's think.
Robert E. Lee hated the whole thing.
Yes, yes.
And you can't even say that to African Americans.
You can't even have a discussion.
So, okay, let me come to you with what had basically just been revealed.
Since you're on that plane, I want you to talk to Black Lives Matter.
I'll debate them, and we want, right now, a public declaration of the disavowalment of Planned Parenthood and the denouncing of Margaret Sanger.
That will send shockwaves.
It's a very simple ultimatum.
This is a real bonafide.
Hitler gave her the highest award that you can get in Germany.
And see, tell the Republicans.
Tell them to say... Oh, they're total wimps!
Why aren't they going after the Democrat icon?
Right now, you have the Speaker of the House that received the Margaret Sanger Award!
Come on!
Oh, please!
Let's go here!
Why do you think the Republican leadership is so pathetic?
No, I agree.
I don't, you know, that's a personal thing.
I just don't really think they're people of faith.
They're more smoke and mirrors.
They're a bunch of devil-worshipping lawyers.
No, I agree.
Malcolm X said, basically, you know, Malcolm X had problems with everybody.
Dr. King, Republicans, and Democrats.
But he said this, the Democratic liberals are the worst out of all of them because they pretend that you're your friend.
Oh, exactly.
They throw you a bone while they can control you and manipulate you.
So Malcolm, like I said, had problems with everybody, had the most problems with the Democratic Party.
So we have to really begin to recognize
Between the suit, we can't forget they've been trying to squash that suit, but this keeps it on the front burner.
Those girls basically had a lawsuit, and they're going to win, against Planned Parenthood.
So Planned Parenthood is now under the pressure of the climate of race.
They say, what can we do to appear to be reputable?
What can we do to appear?
When their charter mission is to kill black waits.
And so they said, OK, we'll strike down Margaret Sanger.
But that, listen, if I was their strategist, I'd have told you got this far with it.
You should never do that.
Because it's so bad.
No, I agree.
They're so evil.
They were right to keep their facade up.
The fact that that's collapsing because their own members realize that they're bad.
Well, that's good.
Burn the whole thing down.
And it's the people who would be with them and the people who are on the peripheral, once again.
Many of the students that are ignorant and don't know their history and have been bamboozled.
They are going to get a wake-up call, and I'm glad to be a part of that.
Well, I know this.
I've got a relationship with God, and I would never think about killing babies, white or black, but we've got to protect the babies, folks.
We're not with God.
I want to come back briefly and have you finish.
I'm putting you on the spot, Reverend Childress, with a prayer for President Trump in America, because I know you think Trump's going to win, but I predicted he would win last time and nobody else did.
I have a bad feeling right now with election fraud, and I think you've
People don't pray and people don't get involved.
I think Trump's going to lose.
I'm not trying to be negative.
But I want you to, if you'll do it for us, lead us in prayer, Reverend Childress.
On the other side, stay with us, Infowars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, BlackGenocide.org.
The plan has always been to have AI censor us all.
And now hundreds of doctors and nurses have tried to give speeches, have tried to go out and talk, and Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, they all ban them.
And now more than 15 doctors got up, and it was banned all over the internet, saying it was false info off a Bill Gates-funded study that said hydroxychloroquine doesn't help you.
But even if the doctors were wrong, which it turns out Bill Gates had to withdraw his study, hydroxychloroquine, basically it works 100% of the time if it's used early, we're now censoring all the doctors and the president's tweets?
Because the UN said?
And then, a day after one of the doctors happens to be a Nigerian-American who they're attacking,
She's out there and an Antifa cum gets in the doctor's face because she dare betray black people by talking about something that treats COVID-19.
Here's that video and then the black man confronting the nurses about the extermination of black people.
Here it is.
You're betraying Black Lives Matter!
I'm black!
You're white!
You're not black on the inside!
I'm more black than you on the inside at this particular point!
There were people during the times of slavery who enabled the slavers.
You're on the wrong side, ma'am.
I promise you.
You are my sister!
I am you standing here!
Trying to give people a drug that works is not racist.
Black lives matter or just some black lives?
The black lives killed by black men matter, right?
The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?
Thought so.
The black officers killed by that bastard in Minnesota, that matters too, right?
But the black babies that are killed in the abortion clinics don't matter, do they?
Medical people.
Do their lives matter?
Does the future of our black babies matter?
What's up?
What's up?
Awful quiet now, aren't they?
It's okay if we kill them in the womb, right?
But you have a problem when we... You don't seem to really have a problem when we kill them on the streets.
Yes, well we know they're the same issue.
If we don't respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we're born.
That's right, folks.
I stand up for all babies.
Give me a break.
I did the numbers, Pastor Childress.
Okay, a couple thousand black people on average a year get shot.
Okay, that's terrible.
And usually it's black folks on black folks.
Okay, it's wrong.
You're talking about
Millions of black people getting aborted, and it just doesn't even radar screen, and oh, the lady sees a black guy, so she gets on her knee, but then he says, how about black babies?
She gets right up.
She knows, doesn't she?
Yes, absolutely, and I would like to know who that pastor was, because he was spot on.
There's no question, when you confront people with truth, they cannot handle the truth.
The most conservative number is 1,200.
African-American children are killed each day.
Each day.
No discussion.
1,200 mothers have compromised their wombs and have become high risk for children later in life.
No one... And cancer.
And, yeah, and breast cancer, and psychological disorders, 85% of them.
That's a fact.
Your body doesn't like you killing your baby, folks.
You have a normal miscarriage, no problem, but you kill your baby when it, like, doubles your breast cancer?
It may be more than that.
In African-American women, they're talking about three to four times as much chances of contracting cancer.
The brain does not recognize an abortion because it is unnatural.
And by the time it recognizes the abortion that's already been developing, and it shuts down then, but those things that were, uh, the nodules... Well, the brain's smart.
It says, I better kill this person.
This is a bad person.
So we're, we're basically, and coming after that Nigerian doctor was a mistake.
She has what it takes to refute, and she is recognizing the attack.
And if you did not know, she's going to all of her patients and asking them to do videos.
She is, she is, she is just totally frustrated and angry about how she's being treated.
She saved over 300 patients with hydroxychloroquine.
Oh, over, over 300.
She's basically, and this is, President Trump did the best thing on yesterday.
I have people coming to me now saying, okay, you're right because of the way Facebook was trying to take it down.
Where YouTube was trying to take it down and Google.
And this is, you know, a lot of the things that they're doing is backfiring right now.
I wish I could say it was our great strategy all the time, but that was great that the president did what he did.
That was a smart move and that basically puts... For those that don't know, he tweeted it and they banned his tweet and then blocked his son.
So now we can't hear a press conference from doctors?
That's beyond the Soviet Union.
You said the same thing I said.
I said, do you realize Facebook and these people banned a press conference by the President of the United States with doctors?
Nothing political.
Just what they're saying.
I mean, come on.
It's time to revolt.
It's time to really stand up.
And people say, oh, this means the new allure is powerful.
No, it means they're weak.
Yes, it means that they don't have any other game.
And this is why I'm talking about November 2nd.
They are.
They're running, you know, and you were absolutely right.
What happened with George Floyd was supposed to happen somewhere around in August.
And that's what you had said previously.
And I was absolutely right.
But the people who are engaged in this, they're going to burn out by November.
So there has to be something else.
They're going to have to do whatever they were intended to do.
And I'm going to tell you something.
They are so desperate.
The numbers, they know it is a landslide in November.
It would have to be fraud, but they're not going to be able to do that.
I don't believe.
I remember Kim Clement, the prophet that passed away, basically said Trump would have two terms and no one even knew Trump was even thinking about it.
But also just remember unquestionably, they may take out a high African-American
Somebody that would cause a just an uproar in our cities.
No, I agree.
I think they're going to pull a false flag.
John Paul Jackson predicted what's going on right now.
And I thought he was wrong in my heart.
I said, man, how's that going to happen?
We got to kind of handle on this.
He said there was going to be race riots in cities.
And so he said, pray for Barack Obama.
And he said, pray for his family.
He said, but there's going to be something, and it's going to be all over the country.
Well, we got that.
But the fact of the matter is, it's still not enough because of the mantras they took up, ban the police.
I don't understand what's wrong with the Republican Party and police commissioners.
The people don't want the police banned, okay?
They're listening to these little
Fringe voices that basically say they represent everybody.
Heavenly Father, I come in agreement right now with Alex and his listeners and the prophets of this present day that are rising up to say to the people to repent.
You said if my people, which are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from our wicked ways, you would hear from heaven and heal this land.
Innocent blood corrupts and causes pollution of the ground.
And we repent over the innocent blood.
And the church now takes its place.
Amidst this chaos, amidst this confusion, we are seeing the wolf for who they are and what they have done.
And we are now repenting and we're coming back to the shepherd.
We are in support of this man that you have sent to sit in this White House, this Cyrus, this Jehu, this man whom you have chosen to fight against the forces of darkness that are so entrenched
In this nation, it goes beyond a swamp, Lord, and we thank you that right now that you're going to send a wave of awakening and revival to the hearts and minds of your people right now.
And we command now and we say in Jesus name that the wicked devices they have formed against this president and this nation are of none effect.
They will not prosper.
They imagine wicked devices against him that they are not able to come to pass.
We thank you.
And we thank you for the fight.
We will not sit down, but we will stand up.
You said, having done all, stand.
And we're doing all.
And when we cannot do anymore, we're going to stand.
Thank you for this program.
Thank you for the lives that it touches and quickens.
We are winning.
Thank you, Lord.
The chaos is not going to continue.
It is in the midst of you constructing the America that Dr. King saw.
We are going to go into that land.
The sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will sit at the table of brotherhood.
And we are going to begin to live out our creed, indeed, that was given to us as a nation.
And we thank you that we will reach that in this present day.
We ask that in Jesus' name.
Thank you, Reverend Childress.
I thank God every millisecond that I'm not with Satan.
And I don't even expect to squeak my way under.
If I get sent to hell, I probably deserve it.
But I still know who God is.
All right, let me, before I hit this next segment, and then John Rappaport, who always does a great job, is taking over.
Let me just try to give this analogy of what we're dealing with here.
There was a preacher, Daryl Rundis once, and I'd heard this piece put out before, but he said it really touched my heart that day in the studio, after we'd been on air for a couple of hours.
We should find out where Daryl Rundis is and get him back on the show, up in Dallas.
And he said, Alex, what would you give for your eyesight?
A billion dollars, two billion dollars?
And I said, no, I wouldn't give that for my eyesight.
He said, yeah, what would you give for your soul?
I said, nothing.
There's no price tag on that.
Not helicopters, not women, not boats, not money, not bling, not gold.
Now, everybody knows instinctively, that's the default move.
But imagine people that are born into tyranny and kept in a box like these different psychologists, these torturers have done in the name of psychology.
The Alfred Tensies, the Skinners.
You're born into that dark box.
You never even know what's out there, but you still innately, they found, know the universe and don't submit.
Even though you're born into a small cage, you're never allowed to leave, except when a pedophile screws you.
So I sit here and I pull back from the whole situation.
And imagine you've got sight and you know what's going on and other people around you don't have sight.
And they're told, oh, they're a conspiracy theorist because they know things you don't know.
They teach people to be scared of information.
Oh, that's disinfo I heard.
Thank God Twitter said those doctors at that press conference were putting out disinfo.
They're banned from their speech.
Now, even if their information was wrong, you have a right to hear it, don't you?
But it was all totally true.
And it was a fake study Bill Gates paid for that was proven to be a fraud and withdrawn that the UN used to say we don't get to see it.
But that's not even the issue, is it?
How is the United Nations in control of not letting us hear what a bunch of medical doctors have to say in front of the Supreme Court building?
Because I read, literally, I scanned over probably 50 articles this morning with the headlines, I've got them right here, about how they banned Trump and banned his son and they're in trouble and it's all legitimate.
Well, you know they had disinfo about hydroxychloroquine.
The UN says that's not allowed.
Even if the UN was right, which they're not, since when did I die and they woke up as God?
Well, since we're inside the New World Order.
So even if these doctors were wrong, which they're not, they have a right to speech, and since when does the UN command us?
You didn't think the UN was going to come with blue helmets.
No, they come in white lab coats.
As the people protecting you from the deadly virus.
2.5 million of you are going to die.
Does it matter it was 20 plus times lower than they said?
Does it matter they put the names of people that died of other things?
You see, it's still, let's all be heroes, and then you go to the store, you go to work, you submit with the mask, you go along, and then you submit to the inoculation, you submit to the tyranny, you submit to it all.
You submit to the tracking system.
And that's how society dies.
It's about you thinking you're being polite.
You think you're being compliant?
And really all you've done is been a slave.
You think I like shooting my mouth off everywhere I go?
No, it's a duty.
And at first I didn't like it, but that's the thing about exercise.
Once I did it a bunch, I do like it.
I do enjoy it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Disinformation is having a devastating effect.
The story of how Alex Jones helped bring conspiracies into the mainstream began on the fringes of America in the 1990s.
He was a late-night access TV personality in Austin, Texas.
An obscure voice, peddling outrage.
They are trying to make you dysfunctional.
They are teaching you false thoughts.
He began as sort of an underground phenomenon.
Society is insane to me, so I'm insane to your average dumbbell.
You know, people in Austin would sit home and get high in the middle of the night and watch this crazy guy vent about
Crazy stuff.
Unhinged conspiracy theory rants.
Political stunts.
He was on the fringe.
It used to be that you would have to be somebody who was deep, deep into conspiracy culture to know who Alex Jones was.
You'd have to know things about lizard people, or teleportation pads, these crazy, crazy conspiracy theories.
Alright, let's stop right here.
I'm gonna go back to the very start of this.
I watched this last night and it made me sick to my stomach because the level of deception was so incredible, the lies were so amazing, the trick editing to make me say things I hadn't said was just so disgusting, but at the same time, I'm pleased
To have the Ford Foundation, which is the total New World Order anti-America group that financed this doing this.
So I would expect this to happen.
And then there's a bunch of Judas's that make a bunch of lies about us that are involved in this as well.
But the reason I wanted to play this, at least part of it is, I wanted to talk about the reality.
Because they have the minute intro to it where they, you know, have the Ford Foundation funding it in a few clips.
But we'll just play it from the very start.
And then they get into this idea that I told Trump what to do.
And then the examples they use aren't even good examples.
So even that's a lie because they can't tell the truth.
They go, Jones claimed there was an imaginary executive order of Barack Obama.
To take guns.
I was covering an executive order he said he would sign.
He signed it.
Trump talked about it.
That wasn't for me.
It was a major news item at the time.
I told Trump, get us out of Afghanistan and don't pay for Chinese security for rare earth minerals.
A trillion bucks we spent.
I told Trump he should decriminalize marijuana.
I told Trump to release non-violent offenders.
I told Trump he should get rid of Fiona Hill because she was a George Soros operative and wrote at the major publication, TheGlobalist.com.
That's why they wanted me in jail or shut down.
And Trump was talking to me and was talking to Roger Stone.
But all the examples they give in the show have nothing to do with the reality of what actually happened.
And it shows their mindset.
They then do stuff, I'm gonna respond to it later today.
I'm looking at it with lawyers and a lot more.
It's just truly disgusting how deceptive these people are.
And it gives you a bird's eye view into their mindset.
It's a lot bigger than Alex Jones.
But it is true
You'll need to hear it from Frontline that Infowars big success was believing in America and believing that when the globalists announced world government and the collapse of the system and communism and the attack on the family and all the things that I knew they were planning because it was in their own white papers that if we promoted free market renaissance classical liberalism
Not leftist garbage, but the real deal that people would want America versus the New World War.
And so, Steve Bannon and others, Miller and others, were already listeners.
Bannon was a screenplay writer.
He didn't have a lot of his own ideas.
They would tune in and they would take what I said during the campaign and once Trump was elected, and they would put that into policy.
Because they found with the public, people agreed with it.
They, at least on the surface, liked it.
Trump resonated with it.
So it was more than that.
Seven or eight people in the White House that had the President's year, speechwriters, because see, there's no speechwriter here.
I really believe this.
I have passion.
I know this.
They were taking what I was saying.
That's why I could have a website with maybe only a thousand viewers a day, it wouldn't matter, where I just put up my views in an hour-long talk.
That would be the talking points.
I mean, I always believed in humanity.
I was always trying to communicate with the public.
But it is the direct communication with people in the establishment who've never been decompartmentalized that has the biggest effect.
Because most of these people aren't even evil in the establishment, they're kept in these cloistered, controlled paradigms.
And so the examples they give are sophomoric and are not accurate.
But the influence of what we've done is far advanced from that, and I didn't cook this up.
I'm promoting a pro-human, pro-Americana populism that I studied and loved.
I didn't invent the 57 Chevy, I'm telling you about its curves.
I didn't invent Meryl Monroe, I'm telling you about her curves.
I'm just somebody who's here, like someone leading you to your seat at a movie theater, so you can sit down and see the show.
I'm like an usher.
And I believe, like, why are we throwing all this out?
We should promote this versus them.
This'll win.
That was my genius.
It's not genius.
That's just authentic, regular behavior.
I want rotten food.
I want good food.
I want good food.
We've got a break, and then John Rappaport takes over.
So here's a few minutes.
But here's from the intro.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is 10.39 Central Standard Time, 11.39 Eastern.
I'm Roger Stone.
I work for four administrations, but of all the nine campaigns, he's here tonight.
It's a moment of enormous tension.
I'm working the phones very aggressively.
Working my contacts.
But I gotta shake your hand on a strong showing regardless.
I was in the studio with Alex Jones and Roger on Election Day.
And the metrics were off the charts about how many people were tuning in to InfoWars.
Numbers that were comparable to the networks.
Alex Jones, extremist conspiracy theorist, had rallied his audience behind Donald Trump.
It's saying Trump is projected to win.
As the night grew on, it became clearer and clearer that Trump was likely to win.
It is officially over.
Pennsylvania has been called.
They had no idea whatsoever that Trump was going to win.
That's where the BS starts.
Some dude's here for three hours with Stone, and he said, we told you Trump was going to win.
We set it on record.
Again, the thing is just, oh, we had no idea.
And they go, oh, Jones got freaked out once Trump won and was worried.
And then they cut off where I said, they're coming after us, they're going to try to put us all in jail.
Because that's so prescient, they cut it out.
Let's continue.
He had no idea whatsoever that Trump was going to win.
All of a sudden everybody was super elated.
We had some staff members that was just running around the office in a big circle I mean people like oh, I mean going crazy that night There was a combination of elation and confusion and they realized that
Oh my god, we just played a role in making the President of the United States.
Thanks for all your support.
Please spread the word.
Okay, here we go on another Wednesday.
This is Major Huge.
I tried to forward this video which just came to me.
Couldn't forward it for some reason.
A Georgia doctor was sent a communique proposing what's going to happen in schools when they reopen.
So the Georgia doctor read this thing and it lit him up and he went bananas, as he should have.
And this doctor has a few balls, this Georgia doctor.
I don't know his name.
So he just made a video and he's put it out and it's going to go wide and I'm going to tell you what's in it right now.
The scenario is the following.
Let's say it's November.
The schools have opened.
They're letting kids in to some degree in the classrooms, okay?
We're talking public schools, private schools, whatever.
And at a school, where maybe your kids are, one day, some kid tests positive.
Because they're going to do testing, right?
A kid tests positive on a fake, you know, one of the fake diagnostic tests.
That's geared
They're going to lock down the school.
They're going to quarantine the school.
They're going to test all the kids.
They're going to say that some of them are positive.
They're going to notify the parents.
And they're going to say that these kids have to be quarantined.
That the school has to be quarantined.
Either the school is going to remain locked down and all the kids are going to have to stay there.
Or the kids are going to be transported to some other facility where they're going to be quarantined and cut off from connections to friends and family.
But by this time, let's suppose that the vaccine is available, the COVID vaccine.
So now they're going to say that all the kids have to be vaccinated and the families of the kids have to be vaccinated if the parents want the kids to be released to come back home.
And what do you think most parents are going to say, or do, if confronted with that horror show?
This is not just some fantasy.
This can actually happen.
Because look at what they're doing.
They're targeting groups, locations, control sectors,
Where they know they've got people in a squeezed play.
Look at what they're doing to the NFL.
To Major League Baseball.
They bring in a test for the Miami Marlins.
Their fake test.
All these people, you know, are idiots.
They don't understand what's going on.
And all of a sudden a bunch of players test positive and they have to cancel the games.
This is Fauci and his colleagues controlling
Sports leagues and teams in America.
Because they've got them isolated.
They've got them in one place.
They've got them targeted.
It's very simple.
This is what they want.
And schools are a major target.
So they're talking about, well, we're going to reopen them on a part-time basis and some kids are going to be there and the other half will be at home learning online and then we reverse the next week and all this crap.
All of this is basically a cover for, we've got the schools controlled.
That's what they're talking about.
We've got the schools controlled.
All we have to do in a given school is to say, let's say you got a school of 5,000 kids.
Two kids tested positive today, school is locked down.
Phone calls go out, emails, whatever to the parents.
The school is locked down, your kids are under quarantine.
They're going to have to be tested in order to be released from school.
Are you okay with that?
Or not, or they just test you.
Either way, parents are going to say, oh, whatever you have to do to test the kids, more turn out to be positive on these fake tests.
The school is now locked down.
Okay, the school is going to be locked down.
We have guards, security, private, public, cops, everybody.
Guarding the school.
Nobody's allowed in or out.
We're going to be providing pots, whatever, food, etc., etc., for the duration.
Whatever the duration is, state of emergency applies.
Governor, mayor, decisions apply.
Nobody can do anything about it.
And if the vaccine is available, then this is the next step.
Okay, everybody in the school has to be vaccinated.
We're bringing in crews.
Nobody can get out of quarantine at school.
They're in there for days, weeks, whatever it is, until everybody's vaccinated.
And until their families are vaccinated, okay?
You parents,
Those are the conditions on which we release the kids back to you.
What do you say?
What are you going to do?
This is the scenario, everybody!
Wake up!
Wake up to the scenario!
This is it!
In any group, in any situation, in any locale, this is what they can do.
In schools, the only answer is homeschooling.
That's it.
And not just a few homeschools, but so many
That they don't have the resources to go around and checking on every single one and making all kinds of incredible requirements and conditions.
There's no choice.
No choice at all.
You school your kids at home.
That's it.
Unless you want to have them forcibly tested, traced, vaccinated, quarantined, isolated.
Out of your control completely and you don't care as parents then fine then send them to school.
That's the story.
Now you may not be in a situation where you can homeschool your kids.
Maybe both of the parents work or well we just don't know how to do it.
We can't we can't do it.
All right set up a small community homeschool where you have
The very small group of parents and kids, and you pick the very best parents, the ones that are the smartest, the best with kids, you know, hopefully the miracle workers that are going to educate these kids at home.
That's it.
You know, I've been talking about this for God knows how long.
So have others.
Homeschooling, homeschooling.
It's now
Beyond a good idea.
It's beyond luxury.
It's beyond, okay, let's see this.
Oh, yeah, this is a solution.
We're not even talking about that.
You get it?
You get what I'm saying here?
They've got targeting locations.
A captive audience.
They can do what they want to.
I've just laid out the scenario.
You better wake up, better figure it out, better see it, better understand it, better take action.
See you after the break.
So you see, they want to harvest your children.
Simple as that.
They want to destroy them, want to destroy you in the process, of course.
Destroy your will, destroy your liberty, your freedom, and try to destroy your soul.
Which they can't do, but they can make serious inroads.
Think about it.
Having your child stolen out from under you at school.
School's locked down.
There's nothing we can do.
We had three kids test positive today.
It's the virus.
Uh, desperation.
Uh, the threat, the threat, the threat, the threat.
Lockdown, quarantine.
Testing for everybody.
Vaccines for everybody.
School is locked down.
Nobody can get in.
Or we just took all the kids away from the school and to an undisclosed location where they'll be protected and safe and germ-free, et cetera, et cetera.
And you can't get them out, you parents.
You can't get them out.
You cannot get them out.
You can't get them out.
You cannot get them out unless you cooperate.
That's called a squeeze play.
That's called a captive audience.
Wake up.
Understand what they're after.
Of course, if everybody gets tested, including all the families of all the kids that are at this undisposed location, and everybody gets vaccinated, then we can release the kids.
And then everybody's safe.
So you agree or not?
Because if you say no, then kids stay in lockdown.
You can't get in, they can't get out.
Can't get in, they can't get out.
What are you going to do?
Now it's too late.
Now you're screwed.
Now you made the wrong move and now you're going to pay instead of homeschooling your kids.
Instead of virtually everybody saying to the governors and the mayors and the presidents and the prime ministers and whoever the hell it is, we're not going to school.
We're keeping the kids home.
We're going to homeschool them.
We're going to take care of them here where they belong.
We're going to set up small community schools.
Home schools.
Very small.
Many, many, many, many, many thousands of them.
Too many of you to trace.
That's what we're going to do.
Because we don't want your system.
We're going to back out.
We're going to say, bye-bye.
Because we know what you do with a captive audience.
That's what you want.
That's what Fauci's looking at all the time.
Who else can we screw here?
Who else can we twist it on?
Who else can we destroy?
What else can we ruin in the name of the fake virus?
What else can we do to create, you know, misery and chaos and destruction?
That's what they're doing.
So recently I took a look at the CDC definition of a case of COVID-19.
I'm familiar with this game.
I've been in it for 38 years as a reporter.
I've been around the block thousands of times on fake epidemics and I saw back in 1987 the CDC case definition for AIDS.
They called it a surveillance definition.
I published the entire definition in my book AIDS Inc., which came out in 1988, and the CDC definition of a case of AIDS took 15 pages in the book.
15 friggin' pages.
Do you know what that means?
That means that they did everything in their power
To provide a menu of definitions so that virtually anybody could be diagnosed with AIDS, which is exactly what they did.
For example, they basically said that anybody with a bacterial infection could be diagnosed as having AIDS.
So now I look at the COVID-19 definition revised for a case of COVID-19 and what do I see?
Well, I see there's five separate sets of criteria.
This lets you know right away, you know, the amount of BS that's involved here, the amount of jive, the amount of insanity that they are producing in order to define a COVID case so that anybody can be called a COVID case.
Infowars, me, other people, all sorts of other people have been exposing since the beginning of this fake pandemic all manner of ways in which they are fraudulently inflating case numbers and death numbers and so on and so forth.
And this may be the biggest of all in the very definition of what a COVID-19 case is.
April 2020.
They give you five sets of criteria.
If a person fits into any one of the sets, they can be summarily diagnosed as a COVID-19 case.
And in the first set of criteria, they say that, for example, chills plus fever, COVID-19.
That's it.
Chills plus fever can be diagnosed as COVID-19.
Oh, but you have to have a test.
No, you don't.
Yes, you do.
No, you don't.
Of course, you must have.
No, you don't.
But how could they?
No, you don't.
You don't need a test because there's a separate set of criteria that involves testing.
And as I said, if you as a person fit into any one of the five sets, then you can be diagnosed
as COVID-19.
You don't have to fit into all the sets.
Here's another.
A cough.
That's it.
That allows you to be diagnosed as COVID-19.
A cough.
Chills or fever.
Chills and fever.
That's one, for example.
And these are not the only two, believe me.
In other words, just about anybody can be diagnosed.
If I sit here and I go, I could be diagnosed.
You at home going, you could be diagnosed.
The man on the frigging moon coughing could be diagnosed.
That's how they're doing it.
That's what they did in 1987.
So that virtually anybody could be diagnosed with AIDS.
That's what they're doing now.
It's the same playbook.
They just use it over and over again.
They recycle it.
That's what they're doing.
So when people say, well, the hospital, how could they be diagnosing people without even necessarily testing them?
Well, that's how.
They just eyeball it.
They say, well, it looks like COVID-19.
OK, write it on the file.
Patient died falling down the stairs, but also, oh, look at this.
Well, you know, looks like he had a fever or whatever.
Write it on the death certificate.
Inflates the case numbers, inflates the amount of money in the United States that each state gets from the federal government went over that last week.
And it means, and this is when it gets real, that virtually anybody could be diagnosed as COVID-19, including you, including your husband or wife, including your kids, including your relatives and your friends.
Including your kids at school.
Well, was my kid tested at school when you said that he has COVID-19?
That's proprietary information.
We don't have to report that.
We just know that he's been now diagnosed with COVID-19.
Well, what do you mean it's proprietary?
It's my kid.
I'm sorry.
This is a medical situation.
It's an emergency.
It's a lockdown.
It's a quarantine.
You can't question a state of emergency.
We're telling you what's going on.
And we're telling you what you have to do in order to get your kid out.
And that's it.
So why did you send your kid to school in the first place?
Because you were naive.
Because you had faith.
Because you trusted the wrong people.
Because you put your trust in the government.
Because you assumed that they must have your best interests at heart.
And they want your kid to go to school.
And babysit the kid all day to give you a break so that you can work and so on.
But that's not it at all, you see.
Something else completely different.
And now they can diagnose your kid or anybody else anytime they want to without even doing a test and just say COVID-19 and that's it.
No recourse.
That's what they can do to you.
We'll have more on the other side of the break.
John Rapaport, InfoWars.
Okay, last segment.
So get the word out here.
What they're going to do with schools.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel, folks.
They got a captive audience.
They opened the schools.
They let in the kids.
Test positive.
Lock it down.
I spelled it out three times already.
The past 40 minutes.
You understand.
The option is homeschooling.
You can do it.
You can set it up.
There's got to be a lot of them.
If you want to keep your kids safe.
If you want to have that best option.
Okay, so we're seeing some giant retailers now starting to wake up.
I don't know, is that too strong a word?
Walmart, Lowe's, who else?
Target, CVS, some others here.
So now what they're saying is, you know, we said that you got to wear masks when you're in the stores.
Talking nation now, nationally.
But now we've had a few incidents of violent confrontation with our store employees where people didn't want to wear masks.
And so now we're saying, well, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
We're not going to do that.
We want you to wear masks, but we're not going to insist on it if you walk in without a mask.
We might offer you a mask.
But if you don't take it, that's fine.
Maybe we'll have an alternate solution for shoppers so that they can get what they need in the store and check out, whatever.
So they're claiming, these retailers, these giant stores, that they're backing off on masks because of these incidents of violent confrontation.
That's baloney.
Maybe the videos of these confrontations are going viral, but the incidents are not going viral.
What they're saying is, we want and we need more customers.
And a lot of people don't want to wear masks in the stores.
So we have to do something about it.
And this is what we're going to do.
We're going to let them in.
That's what's happening.
Now here's where the rub comes in.
And it's kind of good in a way.
Because you've got states where governors have issued these, you know, Nazi-like, Mao-like edicts.
Everybody has to wear a mask in public.
And then you've got outlets of these chain stores in those states that are saying to their employees,
Don't require shoppers to wear masks.
So what's going to happen?
I don't know.
It's going to be interesting to see how it works out.
We'll see.
But the stores are issuing orders to their outlets and to their employees not to get into consultations with people who don't wear masks.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Let them in and we'll just make it work.
This is also a signal that these big chains have decided that the people in the stores who are wearing masks don't care all that much about the people who aren't wearing masks.
They don't care enough to walk out of the store and say, man, I'm not going to shop there because they're letting people in without masks.
No, they're just going to go about their business wearing their stupid masks.
And they're going to try to ignore the people that don't have masks on.
That's what's going to happen.
They figure.
So, they're rolling back their orders and they're saying, let them in if they don't have masks on.
We can all get along, the mask wearers and the non-mask wearers and get their shopping done.
Maybe, I'm saying, maybe this is a glint of light on the horizon that large businesses are starting to rethink their insane, stupid, gutless, surrendering posture toward the governors, the mayors, the federal state of emergency, the Fauci, the Bill Gates, the World Health Organization.
Maybe some of these entities are starting to rethink how they've surrendered their power completely to these complete frauds, criminals, harvesters of souls and children who are trying to destroy everything, everything that humans are about.
Because that's what's going on, folks.
That is what's going on.
Look at the robots wearing the masks out there.
They are not behaving as humans anymore.
What are they?
Some kind of hybrid creature they've turned themselves into.
That's what they've done.
They've submitted, they've gone along, for whatever reason, under whatever pressure,
Believing in whatever they believe.
And now they've turned themselves into something else.
The distancing.
Oh, don't get too close.
Oh, keep it.
Do I have to start talking about freedom of assembly and what it means and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?
They're trying to destroy everything that is human.
Everything that means anything.
With a fake story about a fake virus and fake tests that spit out false positives, justifying the lockdowns, the economic destruction, and so on and so forth, and the ruination of human lives.
The murders, the suicides, the drug abuse, the family breakups, the bankruptcies, etc., etc., that are the real war that is going on against the population of Earth.
In phase one of this operation.
That's what it is.
That's what it's all about.
They use the language of science.
They use the terms of science.
They pretend that they are talking science, but they're not talking anything that has to do with actual science.
They never have been.
I've been demonstrating that for 38 years.
Right at the beginning, I warned that the medical cartel was the most powerful cartel in the world long term because they fly under no political banner.
I've said this before, I'll say it again.
They pretend neutrality.
We are here to heal and help and that's it.
And some of them are.
Some of the individuals are.
But above that, you have the tier, which I would call, say, the Rockefeller tier, the Gates tier.
Which is all about control, power and destruction of humanity.
Of you, of family, of you, your children.
That's what's going on.
That's what we're dealing.
All the predictions are coming true.
The money is just part of it.
The money, the profits, the billions, the trillions.
Yes, in any conspiracy, there are levels of who benefits and how.
And no level has to be aware of any other level, particularly, except as you go up higher, of course, they're aware of everybody.
A few people at the top.
That's it.
It's pretty simple.
You get all this yammering in the press over the years.
Ah, they couldn't be a conspiracy because too many people would have to know.
No, they don't.
No, they don't have to know.
It's ridiculous.
Completely ridiculous.
Anyway, as I started out saying at the very top here, this Georgia doctor was lit on fire by what he realized was going to happen with vaccines when they become available.
But they're going to shut down schools, right?
In the middle of the day, they're going to make an emergency announcement.
PS 137, private school, blah, blah, blah, academy.
Locked down.
Your kids are there.
They can't get out.
Too bad.
And you can't get in.
This has to be the beginning of a massive escalation in homeschooling.
No matter what it takes.
What you have to do.
That's where we're at.
That's what's happened.
That's the response.
And it isn't just the schools.
That's what I'm focusing on today.
So get busy, get aware, get working with people that you know, and do it!
And don't sacrifice your children.
See you next time.
This is John Rappaport on InfoWars.
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