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Name: 20200726_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 26, 2020
1318 lines.

"In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the upcoming historic election, focusing on Fox News's counting method and Ted Nugent's scheduled call-in. He expresses his views on Democrats banning a pro-police rally in New York and accuses prominent figures in the Democratic party of calling Trump a dictator while anticipating riots if he wins. Jones also addresses statements from ratings agencies and Goldman Sachs regarding the potential contested election. The conversation shifts towards censorship and AI kill switches, with Jones referring to them as "stay behind networks" or embeds. He then shares examples of his personal efforts to expose the COVID-19 takeover hoax, mentioning Eric Bolling's report on gain-of-function and Fauci's involvement with the Wuhan lab. Criticizing CNN for censoring this information, Jones emphasizes that it is not hidden. As the conversation continues, Jones discusses the reasons behind the global lockdown, highlighting the benefits to the globalists and their overall goal of establishing a technocracy fascist regime. He also talks about how this situation has rendered people obsolete in the eyes of those in power, using automation as an example of consolidating power through governmental acts, tax programs, and regulatory measures. The broadcast concludes with Jones discussing CNN's censorship of information related to Fauci, gain-of-function research, and the NIH website. He criticizes Fauci for his numerous lies regarding COVID-19 statistics and questions the credibility of organizations such as the NIH that have been involved in gain-of-function weaponized research with Wuhan lab funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In this show, Alex Jones discusses various issues related to censorship and control by globalist forces. He criticizes Sinclair Broadcast Group for not being able to air a segment due to interference from CNN. He also talks about how the same groups responsible for exaggerating the COVID-19 pandemic are now telling people that they cannot reopen the country. Furthermore, Jones highlights the violence committed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists while simultaneously claiming that their actions are peaceful. He argues that these actions constitute a systematic terrorism aimed at bringing down America and intimidating its citizens. Jones shares an example of a young man who believes that he can threaten police without any consequences, highlighting the dangers posed by such mindsets. He also mentions instances where journalists are being suppressed from reporting on certain events. Jones compares these tactics to those used during the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and warns that similar overthrows might occur if citizens do not stand up against globalist control. He advises his audience to prepare for challenging times ahead by purchasing storable food from My Patriot, as a worldwide depression looms due to lockdown measures imposed globally. Additionally, he encourages people to wear Alex Jones masks at stores and political events as a form of protest against mandatory mask-wearing policies that have no scientific basis. Finally, he urges everyone to support independent media platforms like band.video, newswars.com, infowars.com, paulwatsonsite, and summit.news in order to counteract the propaganda being spread by mainstream outlets under globalist control."

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99 days.
99 days until the historic election.
The way Fox News counts it, they count the day of the election as well, so that'd be 100 days.
But anyway, you slice it, we're getting close into this historic event.
Okay, I have done a lot of preparation for this Sunday transmission.
Also, Ted Nugent's going to be calling in at the start of the second hour today with some really huge news.
The Democrats banned a pro-police rally in New York.
The governor just said you can't have it.
And said any police that show up or give you support, they'll be fired.
Any state police will be fired.
He's God now.
He said because of COVID.
But everybody else can demonstrate and have your protest.
This is how the globalist, communist, Illuminati system operates.
He'll be popping in.
Okay, so it's now official.
We've had Pelosi, we've had Biden, we've had Schiff, we've had Eric Holder, the former Attorney General, we've had them all come out and say
Trump's a dictator already, he works for the Russians, and he's going to lose the election, and then if he challenges it in any way, he is a dictator, and the military is going to remove him, and if the military doesn't remove him, we'll have them arrested.
And we'll burn down all the cities.
Next, Atlantic Monthly, which is the mouth of the New World Order, even more than the New York Times here in the U.S., it's the Financial Times of London, over in England, that's the Rothschild mouthpiece,
They're openly saying violence and riots will skyrocket if Trump wins election.
You better not do it.
And then Moody's and Barron's and all of the ratings agencies and Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all say this will be a contested election.
It's going to be a disaster.
The mail-in ballots, the fraud.
And if Trump points any of that out or you do, you're a dictator.
Even though the Democrats win and if they lose, I think right now there's anywhere near a fair election they're going to lose.
The asylum majority is really pissed, but they don't care.
They will contest it, and when Trump says, you're there wrong, they're going to activate folks to burn the country down, and with 99 days out, this is all a beta test drill for that, and the censorship's in place, and the AI kill switch is in place, and Trump has not gotten control of the Obama kill switch, but the deep state still has, or the globalists that are installed at all those levels.
What they call stay behind networks or embeds.
So that is all coming up here tonight.
We will break it down.
The country and the entire world is in really unparalleled.
Harold, and I do not have words to describe to you how serious the situation is.
They've done everything they can to try to take us off air at this time.
We're still on hundreds of radio stations, over 100 cable and TV stations, and we have huge audiences at BandOnVideo and InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
But remember, you are critical in this fight.
Without you taking action and getting excited and telling people via email, via text message and word of mouth,
About Bandot video, about Infowars.com forward slash show.
Without you telling them that all the doctors and scientists and whistleblowers that have been exposing the COVID-19 takeover hoax.
Without you getting that information out, we're going to lose this fight.
And I've got some incredible examples of that.
Eric Bolling is going to be back on the show soon.
He, of course, left Fox.
The left celebrated it when his son overdosed on an opiate.
He's a good guy.
He was doing a report for Sinclair, it's as big as Fox or bigger around the country, the broadcast stations, about gain of function and how Fauci was involved with the Wuhan lab, weaponizing all of it.
You know, I personally have sent him and Tucker Carlson and a bunch of other people hundreds of articles.
I'll show you some of them today.
Hell, from the NIH website, how Fauci did this.
It's not even hidden.
But CNN's policing it.
And they made some calls, and Sinclair's not gonna air it now.
Because, you know, Fauci's God.
Everything he says is a lie, a fraud.
He threw in the first pitch at a baseball game, it was like 30 feet off the mound, in left field.
I mean, they all cheered for him.
I mean, the guy is a frickin' criminal who needs to be indicted.
Thank you so much for joining us on this July 26th Sunday live broadcast.
99 days out from this historic election.
Well I have here in my hands, and I'm your host Alex Jones, thank you for joining us, CNN, the police dogs of thought crime.
Sinclair says it will postpone and rework segment featuring conspiracy theory about Fauci.
And it says that without any proof, though they don't show the piece, they were going to look at Fauci at the NIH for 45 years, involving gain-of-function transfers of weaponized coronavirus during the Obama administration.
Now, Dr. McCamshaw, please, look right here.
NIH lifts funding pause on gain-of-function research.
And it gets into Fauci and the programs and Bill and Melinda Gates and the actual gain-of-function.
Here's Newsweek.
Dr. Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research with spliced virus chimeras using weaponized bat viruses.
Oh, okay.
Here's another one, 2015.
Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate.
Gain-of-function weaponized SARS COVID-2 virus.
And it goes into how deadly it is to transfer it.
I'll be getting into that a little bit later.
The emperor has no clothes.
Everything Fauci has told us has been a giant, galactic-sized lie.
He told us 2.5 million would be dead in America, then 2.2 million.
Then he told us all the hospitals would be full and we needed hundreds of thousands of ventilators.
And now as they test everybody, the number of positives goes up, the number of deaths goes down, but they put out deceptive headlines saying record deaths.
Then they'll say, oh, because it's some little town had three deaths.
They didn't have any before, so now it's record deaths.
They're all playing semantical games.
And Greg Raist did an excellent report that we're going to air coming up at the bottom of the hour where he shows the NIH website currently admitting that if you've ever had a bacterial infection, I didn't know that, they've added that, or a coronavirus, that's the common cold, or the flu, usually in about a decade, you will test positive for COVID-19.
So when you see stories about there's 60% false positives, bull, you know what?
Unbelievable fraud because it was the Wuhan lab that had a Bill and Melinda Gates finance directive in it that created the test that was then approved seven months ago in China that we then adopted.
Look it up.
And medical doctors are trying to write books and publish them, and Amazon won't even let them sell them.
But it's all NIH, it's all admitted.
That's what's crazy is, none of this is even hidden!
I just showed you New Scientist.
I just showed you NIH.
I just showed you Newsweek saying Fauci ran the programs with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants from them to the NIH and then given to the Wuhan lab in the hundreds of millions of dollars illegal gain-of-function weaponized testing that they shipped to China to do it there.
Just like the CIA has black torture sites in China under Obama.
But then Sinclair, bigger than Fox, thousands of TV stations around the country, tried to air it, CNN tattled, and so now they're not going to do it right now.
This is how crazy this is.
It's like if Eric Bolling wanted to have a thing on Sinclair saying Santa Claus has a big white beard and Santa Claus wears a red and white outfit.
He's a jolly old elf.
They'd say, oh, you can't talk about that.
Santa Claus wears a green outfit.
It's unbelievable fraud.
Let me just stop there.
Let me just stop there.
The very same criminal groups that have brought you the overblown hoax of COVID-19, the very same groups that are telling us that we can never reopen the country again, but China's wide open, are the same ones telling you that every day when Black Lives Matter
And Antifa shoot up innocent people's cars, in many cases brain-damaging them and killing them.
A whole bunch of deaths in the last three days.
That that's peaceful, while simultaneously saying we're gonna burn the country down if Trump gets re-elected in Atlantic Monthly.
Oh, and we're gonna use the military to take Trump out if we challenge the election and he doesn't bow to that.
I've got a bunch of compilations
Of people being shot and shot at when we come back.
And I'm going to go over for radio listeners and narrate it, but you have to understand that this is systematic, terroristic activity being done to bring this nation to its knees and intimidate Americans.
And people say, well, Americans won't be intimidated.
This will backfire.
Public schools and colleges all over the country, if you try to say man or woman on the entrance form, we'll throw you out!
We live in a cult!
Look at political correctness!
On YouTube, they get strikes on famous chess channels if white knight takes black pawn, because that could be seen as racist.
I was telling a lawyer that the other day, he didn't believe me.
He pulled it up and his mouth fell open.
That's the level of the cult and we've bowed to them so much for so long they think we're going to bow to them again and forever.
But one young man last night in Austin thought that too.
We'll play that when we come back.
He's got his AK-47.
He's too ignorant to know that it's actually like a Mac 90.
It's semi-auto.
And he says, you know, I'd like to kill some police or, you know, if I kill cops, they'll kill me, so we'll see.
He goes, none of these people out here that we're going to be menacing or threatening have got any balls.
And so he said, well, you'll see what he said when we come back.
We'll play that first.
And then he runs out into traffic and blocks people's cars.
And the witnesses say he raised the gun and there's video of him raising it up towards the window.
And then you hear what sounds like rifle shots and then handgun shots.
And some journalists are saying that that's why the news is being suppressed and what happened because it looks like it's like a Somali in Seattle drove through.
They were running around on the road at night.
He hit two women.
They wanted to say it was a white supremacist for days.
They wouldn't say what color he was.
It was a Somali guy that just got on the highway and people ran out in front of him at night.
Then you saw that story go away.
But the point is, is that
You heard, oh, a white supremacist attacked somebody for no reason in Austin last night.
And then we've got all this footage of BLM, mainly white people, and Antifa all over the country, running out in roads and just shooting at vehicles.
Or running up, but I kept saying, man, in a lot of areas of Texas, you run up and surround somebody's car and then point a rifle at them?
It's not going to go well, but that's why the orders from Soros have come down in places like St.
Louis with the McCluskey family, where they broke down their gate, came on their yard, were threatening to kill them.
It's on the video.
They pointed guns at them.
One of them was a prop.
They were lawyers.
It was a prop from a case they had.
And they SWAT teamed them, now they've indicted them, because they want the message that when we come to burn your house, you bow down and don't fight back, so the riots can get steam and really burn down the country.
Because they want the citizens to stand down, and the police to stand down, so they can take full control of all the government buildings, just like the Bolsheviks did in 1917, and refuse fascism, and all the Soros-funded groups admit that's their plan.
And they just overthrew Ukraine five years ago,
With the very same groups, and the very same tactics!
And now, Atlantic Monthly and others are saying, and remember what Maxine Waters said, confront these people everywhere, attack them everywhere!
And now they've gone to the head of DHS's house, and they're threatening him!
Because that's what they do!
They went to Mitch McConnell's house and said, we're gonna murder you!
When Mitch said it was wrong, Twitter censored him, and Mitch McConnell thanked Twitter and got on his knees!
So you're capitulating as asking for this!
The social engineers, the globalists, and their bought-and-paid-for corporate media that's back on the chi-coms and every other America-hating institution are counting on sucker-punching the American people.
But I've been reading the Council on Foreign Relations reports and tracking them since Trump got elected, and they talked about triggering nationwide riots, calling it racial, and then using that as the pretext to have a coup against the president, and then they think everybody will just sit down in fear and accept it, but they need a lockdown in place first, and that's what they're using the virus for, so you're used to being told, stay in your home, do what we say.
We've already put you into that artificial martial law.
So here's the headline for the live show today.
I hope you'll share it.
That's how we reach new people and stop this.
Red alert!
Deep state Dems have already launched a violent plan to overthrow the U.S.
Now let me show you some news articles and I'm going to play the clips proving it all.
Trump will refuse to accept election results and allow peaceful transition.
Though they're the ones gearing up for total violence now with people being killed every couple hours and the media in lockstep covering it up.
Leftist mag issues threat violence and riots will skyrocket if Trump wins election.
That's Atlantic Monthly.
Black Trump supporter executed in broad daylight for holding up a Trump sign in Wisconsin.
Leftist pledge anyone supporting Trump will be murdered.
All they want to do is condemn law enforcement.
DHS Secretary Chad Wolf blasts Democrats on Fox News.
They come to his house, threaten to kill him.
That's right, townhall.com.
Meanwhile, Portland rioters occupy exterior federal courthouse, raise American flag upside down, because they're inverting it.
Actually, it's true.
The country is in crisis.
That's coming up.
Radio host mocks Trump by claiming Seattle's peaceful, then rioters burn down his apartment building.
Video Colorado BLM protester shoots fellow demonstrator while aiming at a car that sped through the crowd.
They just ran on the highway trying to be hit.
And the glass from a Somali hit him so they couldn't say white supremacist.
The guy didn't know what was happening.
He just ran out in front of him at night.
Protests erupt across country.
Black militia member accidentally shoots comrades in parts.
Properly blames white supremacism.
Black Lives Matter activists have their toddlers carry F the police signs and use them as human shields.
Black conservatives stabbed by anti-med during Portland Black Lives Matter riots.
Shocking video.
We're going to play all this next segment.
And the flag upside down.
Austin Protester, allegedly armed with AK-47.
I don't know why it says allegedly.
I mean, he said he had an AK-47.
It was a semi-automatic version of that.
Shot by a driver while blocking traffic and approaching vehicle.
We're gonna get to that first, right now.
Listen to what... By the way, look at this guy's background.
You talk about a creep.
I'm just gonna leave it at that.
You talk about bizarre and stupid.
LARPing out at night, blocking traffic with a gun, pointing it at somebody.
A threat.
People have a right to defend themselves.
But this individual, we've got his name, all the information is on InfoWars.com.
Here's what he said about 10 minutes before he ran out with a mob to stop cars, pointed his gun reportedly at somebody and got shot.
Here it is.
Oh, it's AK-47.
Why'd you got it out tonight?
They don't let us march in the streets anymore, so I got to practice some of our rights.
Do you feel like you'll need to use it?
I think the uh... I mean if I use it against the cops I'm dead.
And I think all the people that hate us and you know want to say sh** to us are too big of a pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.
Why'd you start carrying?
Well, our roommate got arrested and they stopped letting us march anywhere, so I started carrying.
But you hear in the video it sounds like he's shooting first, you hear a rifle shoot, then you hear three shots return that are muffled.
And that's what experts are looking at the tape are saying, but of course it will be covered up by the leftist city of Austin if that is indeed the case.
But regardless, run out in traffic, block somebody, point a gun at them, this is what happens.
We have all these videos that just happened of them shooting at cars and actually shooting people.
And when it happens, it's hardly on the news.
It's a little blip on the radar screen that, oh, peaceful protesters shot somebody else today.
Here's one shock video.
BLM Antifa rioter shoots driver.
Trying to pass protest across the country.
Black militia member accidentally shoots comrades in a park.
And we're showing all this for TV viewers.
Let's do this.
Let's let's do this.
Let's start over.
Let's start over to the beginning and let's roll compilation clip.
One place.
Here it is.
So the guy's driving down the road, and they just shoot at him.
There's your peaceful sorrows, folks.
Now, here's Kentucky yesterday.
And they just fire a shotgun at people.
And they tell everybody to get down.
And these folks are also on video coming up to random cars and saying, I'll kill you, to white people.
Here's some more BLM, mainly white trendies in Aurora, Colorado.
There's chopper footage.
They just run out on the highway and the car doesn't know what to do, so they shoot at it.
Here's the Austin protester with his AK-47.
Who runs out, and again, we've got paused still shots on InfoWars.com from the video showing him with the rifle up to the window of the car with people beating on it, screaming, going, he's white, he's white, trying to pull the white person out.
And it's white people mainly saying and doing it.
It's like when Abe Skrillex famously yells at Owen Schreier and says, you don't have a right to speak!
You're an effing white male!
That's the craziness of you're just downtown Austin driving, and there are people with guns and hatchets and hammers, and they've attacked us with hammers.
And the media goes, well, Jones deserves it!
This is peaceful!
And all these armchair leftists, like the mayor of Portland, went out to support them, burning down the courthouse, and then they attack him because he's an old white dude.
They go, look, he's white!
They don't even know he's the mayor under Soros, commanding them!
They don't even know he's their general come to praise them while they pull down the American flag and hoist it upside down.
Not even knowing they put up the right symbol that America is in grave distress and is in grave crisis.
We're gonna go to break and I'm gonna come back and go through more videos and individual videos of them shooting people in the head with pleasure.
You're just driving your truck, they run out in front of you.
Yeah, here's Utah right here.
And boom, and we've got Colorado, another Colorado.
Oh wait, there's more, not just yesterday's Colorado, we have another Colorado, where they shoot the man.
Last time I heard, he's in critical condition, brain dead.
And it was a liberal white lawyer, did it, and he, in his mugshot, he's so proud of what he did, he shot a Nazi.
And, oh, by the way, when they shot him in the head, he drove a few blocks and passed out.
They went to the police and said, a white supremacist attacked us.
Yes, yes.
That's what happens when they run and jump on your car, right out on the highway in front of a Somali.
Oh, look, there's a car going at you.
Let me run after him.
Two people, you know, one lady gets killed, another one almost does.
They're like, white supremacist, white supremacist, white supremacist.
They're trying to drag him out of the car.
They go, lady's black.
And still they cover it up, they go, Whites are attacking!
Whites are killing me!
Another time.
In the age of wonder.
Another time.
Power of our source is the truth, and it will prevail.
All right.
Anybody can just type into a search engine, Virginia gun rally ends peacefully.
Mother Jones had to admit it.
The Associated Press had to admit it.
The state police estimated 28,000.
I estimated about 40,000 people.
White, black, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, all came out together.
Even though they closed half the Capitol grounds so it wouldn't look like a big crowd, they filled five, six, seven, eight, nine streets in all directions.
It was amazing.
One arrest of somebody getting in a fist fight who was a leftist.
And it totally freaked the globalists out.
And now they gave you COVID-19, and they say conservatives aren't allowed to have demonstrations, but the left and the communists, they can go out and burn and attack and do what they want.
So, no one hurt, incredibly safe, the left scared to death.
Meanwhile, there are so many stabbings and shootings and murders every day.
Of white people at the hands of whites and blacks saying they deserve it because they're white.
And there are black people that are Trump supporters being murdered.
Another man shot multiple times for holding up a Trump sign in Milwaukee and trying to talk to crowds of people.
And folks thought Trump was so bad, they went and they killed him and left us in the news saying, bring in the federal troops, we're ready to kill you!
And there are people on Twitter saying, we're gonna get Jones, bounties for Jones, publicly, who are real people, even though that's soliciting murder.
Murder for hire.
They're making their move, and the Democrat Deep State is saying, you don't submit to us, we'll put you in prison.
When we remove Trump by force, anybody stands with him, including cabinet members, and shows his side, you will be put in prison!
Oh, I feel so safe.
Let me submit to you and put your communist handcuffs on.
I'm sure you'll be real nice once I let you take over.
No, I think it'll be the other way around.
People, oh, Jones, you better watch it.
They could get you.
That's the whole point.
Bowing down to this evil goddess here.
I know InfoWars is under attack.
People say, what do you have your son on air?
I mean, he's three inches taller than me.
He's about to be 18.
He wants to be on air.
About a third of George Washington's troops were like 13, 14 years old.
Since when do we domesticate our children?
Well, you got your son out at these rallies.
He's out at those rallies!
And it's everybody thinking they're so smart.
I see all these so-called conservative videos on YouTube.
People send me one, Jones needs to watch himself, and you know, he shouldn't have his son out there.
Something bad could happen.
Yeah, like a New World Order takeover?
Because we all just keep bending over and trying to keep safe and trying to keep our heads down.
That's not what it is to be an American.
I'm all in.
My son's all in.
I pray for my family every day.
It's in God's hands now.
At least he'll be dying on his feet and not on his knees!
A thousand deaths!
Do you understand this groveling to the system has conjured the communists and the devil worshippers and the child molesters and all the evil?
They think going to everybody's house and death-threatening them.
Tucker Carlson, myself, DHS, all of them.
They think that that will intimidate everybody.
And maybe they're right.
Maybe we're not made of what we were before.
Maybe people think laying down is the way to go.
But I didn't bring that up to act like I'm Billy Badass.
I'm not.
I understand the threat so bad, I better stand up against it.
Rather than wait.
Guys, print me the Alexander Shultz and Edson quote, please.
Oh, how we burned the camps.
I'm going to read that next segment.
It's about two paragraphs long.
I want the full quote, thank you.
From Gulag Archipelago.
Oh, later, how we burned in the camps wishing we could have done something at the beginning when they started coming for us.
Well, I'm doing everything I can in the information war to shape the battle space, to fix this peacefully.
But if it's war they've been looking for, it's war they're gonna get.
And you make sure, folks, you don't follow the media's programming.
If a real civil war breaks out, which we're already in the early stages of now, they're igniting it.
You don't go fight anti for trash and people in downtown with morons brainwashed.
It's who sent them.
And they want to come to our houses?
That's why all the real establishment are on private islands hiding out right now, saying for COVID.
They're not hiding out from COVID.
They're all in New Zealand because this is their communist overthrow.
And they're not going to do the fighting and dying.
Well, I assure you, in Kauai and in Tasmania,
And in New Zealand, and in Switzerland, that you're being watched right now by the people that are cooking your food.
And the first thing they're gonna do once it all kicks off is slit your throat ear to ear.
Is bash your brains out.
And they won't be like some uncoordinated leftist.
You're all dead.
So, I would advise you to stop now.
Because the Russians are strong, good, smart people, but they were serfs for 500 years and hadn't had a real revolution yet.
You won't go the way your little commie revolution went.
In Russia, where you got to piss on Christians for 85 years and kill 50 million of them, it won't go that way.
You dirty, Jacobin, Bolshevik trash and your billionaire owners are all gonna pay.
And when we're done, it may not be me around to see it, we're gonna dig you out of your holes and we're gonna make sure you face trial before you get marched up there on that platform, on that gantry.
And before the man in that black face hood pulls that lever and your neck snaps at the bottom of that rope and you're transported to the dimension of your choosing.
We know what you've chosen.
Of your father, the devil.
So you want your big bloody communist dream!
And you think it's going to be so great.
You know, the Red Terror was senseless.
They said, why are we killing random people?
And Lenin said, I want terror.
I want fear.
I want total collapse.
And so let's show you some video here.
This is Aurora yesterday.
There's chopper footage on InfoWars.com.
You see the whole thing.
This is from the ground.
Let's play it with audio.
And they just run on a highway and a car doesn't know what's going on and they shoot the tire out and then shoot their own people!
Yeah, was everybody okay over there?
Because you're all such heroes fighting Nazis.
They think they're Captain America and they're funded by George Soros.
I mean, imagine, you pull into this...
And the person panics.
Suddenly they're on the highway.
You see them in the full chopper video.
They're beating one car.
And the person goes, this is scary.
I'm not going to stop with a couple thousand people attacking me.
And so they drive on through.
And then they start shooting at them.
Let's go ahead and go to the next clip.
Colorado driver shot in the head by protester.
And he's a local liberal lawyer activist.
Oh, those loving liberal.
He's got this crazy look.
He's being booked on capital murder.
And he just looks like he just won the lottery.
He's got this pride.
He just ran up to a random car.
It was a white guy and he shot him in the head.
Here it is.
In a Colorado Springs hospital, police say he was shot in the head while passing near a George Floyd protest in Alamosa.
Well, Heather, Alamosa police told me that a 27-year-old defense attorney shot a driver in the head during a protest right here on Main Street last night.
Police say this man, 27-year-old James Marshall, was on the streets protesting.
Look how satisfied he is!
By the way, last time I heard that guy he shot was on live support.
Is that person even alive?
And you look at the guy, he's been given a mug shot for capital murder and he looks like he's having an orgasm because he believes he'll be released from prison after the communist overthrow and he'll be in a gulag over you and your family.
Sneak again, boy!
Ain't gonna happen!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
The Civil War isn't coming.
The Civil War's here.
And it's run by the shycoms, the EU, the globalists, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and all the big banks.
And that's why all the corporations line up and beg, because they want that free fiat money the central banks give them that's backed up by who?
By you and I, the taxpayers!
That's how it's all centralized.
How the U.N.
runs our medicine.
How the U.N.
runs our schools.
How all its regulations control us.
Who set up the U.N.?
The Rockefellers!
On record!
A giant spider web.
A new world order.
A big idea.
A post-human future.
But to build that nightmare world, the Renaissance and the liberal West must be pulled down.
No better way to destroy true liberalism than to bring in the left-hand path and destroy free, open societies.
That's why Soros captains the open society.
Everything with him is an inversion.
It's the closed society.
The poor society.
The society under his and other globalist iron rule.
They want to dominate your soul.
They want you to beg for every crumb.
They want you to submit to them.
Because they're fallen and ugly.
And want you to be beneath them.
But you will never be beneath them.
Remember that.
Now let's get into it.
I have countless more videos, but why don't we just show the video, the RadioListers, a few weeks ago.
White supremacist runs over peaceful protester that had run out on the highway, blocked it in a dark area of the road.
Two women, two white women, live streaming, get run over.
They run to attack the guy, start beating his car.
He drives off, they call it a hit and run, until they find out it's a black guy.
And then the whole story got shut down.
But that's what happens here, ladies and gentlemen, when you're out on the highway at 1.30 and somebody that's been out partying comes driving on the road.
And boy, that'd have been a white guy.
And we'd have pointed out, you know, that it was an accident.
I'd have been sued by a university right there in Seattle, just like I was by Georgetown for pointing out that Soros collided all those people together a few years ago in Virginia.
To create a crisis and one woman got killed.
They're suing me saying I'm saying they actually killed the woman physically themselves.
No, I said like a chemistry set.
You set up the collision and then had the police push them together for the crisis.
And the Democrats are now on record saying in the news, we're going to create explosions all over the U.S.
to drive Trump from power.
And they bought full page ads in the New York Times.
While they simultaneously have Frontline coming out,
With a multi-series show of complete fiction.
Because I've talked to people that have been involved in the production.
They're actually going to say, I'm told, that Russians fund InfoWars.
Wonder how much they had to pay people to say that.
Look at this headline.
United States of Conspiracy examines how three men, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and President Trump,
Helped to lay the foundation for the conspiracy theories to take center stage in America's national conversation.
And on the front page of their Twitter, front page of Frontline, it's me.
At the evil Austin rallies against compulsory mask.
How horrible we are.
Here, let's roll some footage of them a few weeks ago attacking our armored vehicle while making jokes.
Why do you have an armored vehicle?
Well, if we're going to go downtown and cover all this, and you're going to come up armed with clubs and hammers and guns and then try to bash the windows out, we need to be able to peacefully show how violent and evil you are.
So the media spun this and said we attacked our own vehicle in a false flag.
And then the media said we put fake bullet holes in the window.
No, it was hammer holes.
They did it.
And then they said that we burned down a homeless camp because Antifa isn't violent.
That's right.
We burned a homeless camp because we shot the footage of them burning the homeless camp.
Talk about being conspiracy theorists, ladies and gentlemen.
This is how they operate each and every time.
So Schiff has now joined
Pelosi and the former Attorney General Eric Holder and all the rest of them.
Joe Biden saying Trump is a dictator.
The federal police guarding courthouses are Nazis.
Why, everybody's a Nazi now except the real Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
Remember just six months ago they had articles going, Jones is insane, George Soros is a philanthropist.
He doesn't fund Black Lives Matter or Antifa.
Now Soros is proud of this.
He's like, I am doubling my funding.
Hundreds of millions of dollars a year to this.
200 million this year so far to Black Lives Matter and Antifa that we know of.
I'm being sued by a Soros-backed suit.
And it says, Jones falsely claims that Soros funded Antifa in Charlottesville.
And it's on the damn record, in his own family name, they gave the money.
I mean, this is next level, ladies, but they don't care.
They don't care.
Because they've got systems that will rout us, and they believe shut us down, as if I can't jack into our awesome, incredible supporters and listeners who are loyal to the truth and justice, who will always amplify, as long as they're alive, our message.
And as they try to suppress our message, it only becomes stronger.
Historically, the Streisand effect is active now.
I'm going to give you some good news.
I'm going to hit the Southern news.
I took off six days.
I went to the Florida Panhandle.
Really Southern Alabama, Southern Georgia.
Great people.
Best part of Florida.
And I was mobbed by black people, mobbed by brown people, mobbed by white people, mobbed, mobbed, mobbed.
Everybody in the South's getting along so good.
Folks in the Northeast really ought to go see how it's done.
And I was just mobbed.
I mean, and people were just elect—the people from Brazil I ran into, Mexico that I ran into, they had loving eyes.
Everybody had loving eyes, was awake, was alive.
I got so many hugs.
And people are just so aware of the whole new world order and the pedophile rings and the COVID hoax and just all of it.
But still, many of them are nice and are complying because they don't want to ruffle feathers.
No, we have to ruffle feathers and not submit to this tyranny.
Ted Nugent is scheduled to come up.
You know, folks, we are not funded.
By the Russians.
I have no connections to the Russians.
That's all been completely disproven.
Roger Stone was not convicted for any connection to the Russians.
He was convicted for trying to get Julian Assange on my show.
I mean, I was here when Assange wouldn't give us the time of day and he was trying to talk to Randy Credico and I was mad at Assange calling him Hillary Clinton's butt plug.
Remember all that?
I was here.
But imagine saying, I am this evil Russian, but by doing that they make me an enemy, and they could use CIA money and propaganda to try to shut us down, and sue us, and do all this, and Trump's never gotten full control of the COG system, and maybe he'll wake up now with 99 days left, because Pelosi's on TV saying, I met with COG last week, and we've got a plan to forcibly remove him!
The COG's under the President and Congress!
What were you doing in a meeting without the President there, you monster?
They're openly doing that, though, to look confident in front of everybody, so they'll carry out the damn coup!
Well, The Washington Post says, front page, anyone that doesn't submit to us will serve prison time.
Oh, with antifa jail guards?
You know, I think I'll just go ahead and take my chances fighting.
And that's all I'm going to say.
I guess, oh, I said I'd read this.
I've already lost my arms.
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Ted Nugent, the governor said, will the rest of you come to New York?
You don't have speech.
He's coming up.
I mean, the commies are making their move.
Second hour, straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
You are the Paul Revere.
Spread the word now.
Do it!
Tell folks to do it now!
Folks, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Ted Nugent's going to be calling in in the next five minutes or so.
And if you just heard me mention, oh, the governor said they'll arrest Ted Nugent and this congressman if they come to New York.
It blocks the quarantine, but anti-fucking riot and attack police.
And so they canceled a pro-police rally.
And again, you could go there and, you know, let let them come after Ted Nugent.
The point is, is that the organizers shut it down so Ted Nugent didn't go to it.
That's how the communists have us paralyzed.
And that's why the L.A.
Mayor says, oh, it's good of you to protest the police, just no one else can, you know, protest, though, anything else.
Only communists are allowed to protest.
And they're all just teaching you these major contradictions.
This is done in psych warfare.
This is done to train you to accept garbage.
You're not supposed to like it.
You're supposed to learn to accept it, that it's peaceful to run up to you in a car and shoot you in the head.
Now here's a very powerful report before we go to Ted Nugent since we get him that Gregory's put together called everyone will soon test positive for COVID and it shows all the CDC documents.
Well, just see it for yourself.
This is beyond critical Bandai video.
We know that the prescribed PCR tests are not detecting the COVID-19 genome.
According to the CDC's own literature, the tests do not rule out bacterial infection or other viruses.
They are detecting all varieties of coronavirus, including the common cold, and counting it as COVID-19.
And it has been pointed out for months that the geographical locations experiencing the most cases of COVID also seem to have active 5G technology.
After a video went viral in which David Icke suggested that 5G is somehow responsible for positive cases of COVID-19, YouTube deleted it and began deleting all videos on the subject.
Including a video we made that pointed out how on October 31st of 2019, Wuhan, China became the first major testbed of 5G technology.
In late June, a new scientific research paper entitled, 5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells was published.
This paper gives a scientific explanation of the relationship between 5G technology and the coronavirus.
Unlike 4G or other radio waves, the 5G millimeter waves can penetrate the nucleus of a cell.
The DNA then acts as an inductor.
It reacts to the 5G waves by producing an electromagnetic field.
Like a shadow, the shape of the electromagnetic field reflects the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the DNA base pairs.
This electromagnetic field produces holes in the cellular liquid.
Hexagonal, pentagonal voids are created in the nucleoplasm.
And to remedy this disturbance, extra bases are created to fill the voids.
These bases then join together to produce coronavirus-like structures within the cell, which the PCR test will read as a positive case of COVID-19.
The exosome.
The exosome was discovered in 1983.
Exosomes are created naturally within the cell to clean and repair cellular damage.
Both exosomes and COVID-19 are the same size and shape.
They both have the same ACE2 receptor and they both contain RNA.
Exosomes behave and appear the same as a virus.
Some scientists even claim that the so-called virus is in fact the exosome.
Since the discovery of the exosome, over 200 microbiologists have been murdered, committed suicide, or died in a suspicious manner.
If you question this mystery, you're undoubtedly labeled a conspiracy theorist.
And if you question the current unproven virus theory, you are labeled a science denier.
The only socially acceptable solution that you are allowed to accept is an experimental vaccine that will alter your DNA, which ultimately raises the question, who owns your body?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
Coming up, Ted Nugent!
I went to him just during the one-minute break and I said, what do you want to hit first?
He said, everything in our lifetimes has been building towards what is happening now.
This is America fighting for its life.
Ted Nugent joins us to talk about a story that I'm reading out of law enforcement today.
And I went and looked at the local news.
They are proudly announcing that the governor said in New York, you're not allowed to have a pro-police rally.
The state police help, you're fired.
If cops come out, you're fired.
You don't have speech, but the communists, everybody else do.
And you've seen de Blasio on TV saying, oh, communists have rights but nobody else does because they're so special.
This is the death of America.
And the headline says it all.
Today we lost America.
And it gets into the situation.
I don't think we've lost America yet, but if we keep living on our laurels, it's over.
So, the Motor City madman, Ted Nugent, joins us to cover the waterfront.
Thanks for coming on on short notice.
My pleasure, Alex.
I'm here to celebrate the good, but it's not easy to find right now.
There's an awful lot of bad and ugly.
I really get the unique and humbling experience to maximize the good with the best of the best hard-working American families every day of my life, but I was just returning from New York, where another great family spent a fortune to get me and the good Congressman Clay Higgins to a pro-law enforcement rally, a pro-law and order rally, the biggest one.
It was purported to be the biggest pro-law
We're good to go.
Have destroyed the morale of the law enforcement sheepdog heroes across this country.
Most heartbreakingly, Alex, we witnessed the great heroes of the New York Police Department.
So we were ready to go.
Like I said, my buddy jetted us up there.
I had the guitar and amp.
We had the good congressmen.
We had great, great law enforcement heroes and their families gathering.
And I literally was threatened by Governor Cuomo.
And his hand-picked Marxist Health Department Nazis, that if I set foot in New York to play the national anthem and thank the law enforcement heroes, if I dare enter his communist New York area, I would be put under house arrest and quarantine for 14 days, thereby destroying the only chance
To have a morale boost by the heroes of the NYPD, and boy are they pissed.
And I'm just speechless at this point that he literally says, Communists can march, you can attack the police, they beat up the police commissioner, and the news called it peaceful.
I mean, this is crazy.
And then now, you'll be arrested, you'll be placed on house arrest, you'll be kidnapped if you try to come play the national anthem.
This is next level.
You know, we've known each other a long time, Alex, and we've seen just indescribable, bizarre levels of criminal corruption and abuse of power by every alphabet soup, you know, government bureaucracy.
I mean, who the hell trusts the CDC?
Do you know anybody that trusts the CDC?
How about the James Comey, J. Edgar Hoover, Al Capone FBI punks?
That obeyed an order to have a commando, brown shirt, Gestapo attack on Roger Stone's house.
You gotta bring machine guns to arrest Roger Stone?
And here's the horror of it.
These soulless, dickless sheep of the FBI obeyed the immoral order.
That's what's frightening.
Now, I know a bunch of guys in the FBI.
In fact, I went up there to New York with some good heroes of the FBI, and God, are they pissed off!
So any alphabet soup bureaucracy in the United States government right now, whether it's the IRS... It's just like America.
It's divided.
It's got the America-hating globalist in it that ran the attempted coup against Trump.
Then it's got the good guys.
But the bad guys are getting more and more control, and we've got to route them because they're not Americans.
The Democrats openly now say they don't want the country to exist.
And so law enforcement and everybody else has to decide, which side are you on?
Are you crazy?
They want to bring the country down.
This is insane.
Yeah, you know, there were six bureaucrats, soulless punks, traitors, yet glaringly guilty of treason.
Their names are Kevin Abrahams, Sy La Boyne, Kerry Salagas, Deborah Muell, Ellen Burnham, and Arne Drucker.
They signed
A lie.
A hate-stinking lie.
Dig this.
That Ted Nugent is a racist, a homophobe, and an anti-Semite.
You know, I was wondering, Alex, maybe they should have probably talked to some of my black, gay, or Jewish friends before they made those nasty accusations.
They know it's all lies.
They're the ones engaged in race-baiting.
Sure, and here's the thing.
What worse thing can a human do to another human than to falsely accuse
And officially make a government document lying with that level of hate.
And they're doing it with impunity.
And again, you know, Alex, I gotta tell you.
My buddy flew me back home and I got out my bow and arrow and my fishing rod and I spent a wonderful couple days with my dogs on my miraculous paradise here in Texas.
So they didn't hurt Ted Nugent at all.
I mean, are you kidding me?
What can they possibly do to me?
And I'll tell you what, nothing.
But you know what they hurt?
They hurt the spirit
And the morale of the New York Police Department heroes and their families.
Well that's the next thing is, they're open season.
The left wants to brutalize the police.
Not to get rid of them, but to take them over.
Can you imagine the left when the Antifa is now going to have the badges and the guns?
Because that's the goal of this.
You know, I gotta tell you, the leader of the Democrat Party has made it perfectly clear.
I mean, in between her felonies, you know, you don't need to read this, you need to sign it, that Nancy Pelosi committed a felony on TV ripping up your and my State of the Union address right there on TV.
And she hasn't been tackled and handcuffed yet.
Historic document, yeah.
The point is, she leading the Democrat Party went into a tirade trying to find value and goodness in MS-13.
She said all God's children.
Alex, what planet are these Democrats and the, by the way, there's no difference between Democrats, Antifa, MS-13, the jihadists, and the Black Lives Matter.
They're all, they're dedicated
Well that's my next question for you, and we only got you one more segment here, and I appreciate the time on this Sunday.
The Democrats are now saying, Schiff is now saying, Pelosi, all of them, that Trump's a dictator, and that when, if he challenges the election, that they say they're going to challenge it regardless, if there's like a 2000 argument, that the Pentagon's going to remove Trump, and that anyone that stands with Trump will quote be put in prison.
That's the Washington Post headline.
So they're now planning a hot coup against the President.
How do you think we counter this?
Well, I hope everybody writes this down.
I gotta come back out.
We gotta repeat this.
Everybody listen.
I'll say it again.
You don't have to pay any money.
We already got the money behind it.
You need to register and vote if you believe in God, family, country, Constitution, and freedom.
And you gotta get a bunch of other people off their butt to vote.
This revolution will be won on November 3rd, 2020.
I'm telling you, it sounds ridiculously simple because it is!
Just register and get to the front lines!
This is the Alamo!
We need to shoot Santa Ana's men!
We've got to go to break.
We'll do one more segment.
Again, please come back for longer in the week because things are so hot.
With nine days left, we've got 40 seconds to break.
But what happens if Trump gets re-elected?
I think he will, but what are they going to do next?
Well, we've seen where the Antifa operates with impunity, and Trump is already mobilizing counter-forces.
You know, how dare the President bring in troops to bring back law and order as the Democrat mayors and governors go, No!
Don't stop the arsonists!
Don't stop the rioters!
Don't stop the murderers and the assault!
No, Mr. President!
You must let them destroy my city!
I don't know how to process that information.
So what's going to happen is that when we once again prove that God-family country wins the election on November 3rd, the savages are going to be corralled and put in cages where they belong.
There's going to be a reckoning.
I agree.
Ted Nugent's our guest.
Stay with us.
I'm ready.
Well, there is Ted Nugent years ago on Fox News playing with Star Spangled Banner.
Now the NFL's talking about getting rid of it entirely and the American flag's bad.
Ted Nugent, this is an attempt to overthrow the country and you told me before it went on air that this is the moment of history.
This is the attempt to take down the country.
Can you elaborate on that?
And then you were talking off-air to me about how angry you are about
Well, Alex, I think I have a reasonable and accurate overview of what we have here in the United States of America in 2020.
I was born in Detroit in 1948 when it was universally known as the arsenal of democracy.
A lot of people don't know that because they went to school in America.
But Detroit was the arsenal of democracy!
And the way the Nugent family conducts our life, we continue in our homes to be the arsenal of democracy.
But I was there in 67.
When all my buddies, all my black musician friends, we always jam together and collaborate.
We always hung out together.
And I had friends of every imaginable ethnicity and color and creed and walk of life.
And then in 67,
They burnt down the city.
The rioters went berserk and burnt down their own city, this beautiful architecture.
So I have a good perspective of the goodwill and the positive brotherhood that existed amongst all of us in Detroit.
And then a lunatic fringe segment went nuts, much like precursors to Antifa.
Then I was in Los Angeles in 92 when the Rodney King verdict came in.
And once again, the idiots
I think?
News, state and network, television stations, pretty much all of them except Fox.
And Fox is no angel, believe me, but compared to the rest of them, they almost appear to be.
But I watched CBS this morning where they showed, you know, with this harsh accusation against the troops going after rioters.
You know, only they called them peaceful protesters.
Peaceful protesters don't destroy buildings, they don't have Molotov cocktails, they don't kill retired cops, and they don't wear helmets and have weapons on them.
That's not a peaceful protest.
But the way the propaganda ministry twists it,
If you're dumb enough, and if you're stoned or drunk enough, or just mentally deranged enough, I suppose you can buy into that Antifa might actually be anti-fascist when they actually are the fascists, and Black Lives Matter has absolutely nothing to do with black lives!
And by the way, while you're talking, we're showing footage from just two days ago of them burning the outside of the courthouse.
There's even more dramatic footage.
I mean, this is crazy.
And I have video after video of them randomly running out on highways and shooting at random vehicles.
I have footage of them jumping on an old lady's car, trying to pull her out of the car in Austin last night.
And the media says this is good.
A bunch of thugs attacking old ladies.
What in the hell has happened to the left?
They have gone
They've always been this nuts, but it's reached a new peak because of the tolerance to their escalating danger, their escalating insanity, their escalating corruption, their escalating criminality.
And again, when you've got the Speaker of the House committing felonies on TV and trying to find worth and loving value in MS-13,
That's a green light and an open door to go ahead and be as nasty and rotten and dangerous and evil as you want to be, because the Democrats, we got your back.
Antifa, we're with you.
And if that doggone President Trump tries to stop you from burning down the city, we're going to try to stop him, because we like it when you burn down the city.
And again, what they said about me being a racist and a homophobe and an anti-Semite,
Alex, I've been surrounded by blacks and Jews my entire life.
They own every record company.
They're my producers.
They're my friends.
They're my musicians.
They're my promoters.
They're my bandmates.
It's unbelievable the depth of dishonesty and hate.
And once again, I'm going to read their names up in New York.
They are just
We're good to go.
Well, last time you were on your wife, she's absolutely right.
In these times, we've got to stay focused and just appreciate God and family and not get too upset.
I get too upset, and I know it upsets you, but at a certain point, those of us that have been upset have been holding back the total takeover.
I think a lot of people that have been on the fence now know that this New World Order takeover, this Communist takeover is real, but they're wondering, what can they do?
Well, go vote.
Register others to vote.
Speak out.
Stand up.
Run for office locally.
Go to your city council.
Speak out against Antifa and BLM.
All of us have to have our voices heard.
Call into talk radio.
Call into C-SPAN.
Call to your members of Congress and tell them that you support law and order.
It's really just all of us, the silent majority, have to stop being silent.
Is that accurate, Ted Nugent?
That's 100% the dream of the Founding Fathers, that this is an experiment in self-government where every American has a moral and spiritual obligation to be engaged in the process of determining who will represent we the people CONSTITUTIONALLY!
The pillars of God, family, country, individual freedoms from God, if you don't hammer that home to your elected employees, and if you don't vote for God, family, and country, then the Antifa thinks you're one of them!
That's how nasty it is!
I have a Monday and Thursday night Ted Nugent spirit campfire every week as I broadcast on my Facebook and all over social media, but my God, after this debacle by Cuomo and all the liberal
Uh, Democrat Antifa, MS-13, Black Lives Matter terrorists in New York.
The real heartbreak are those heroes of law enforcement and the NYPD and their families who feel spat upon, who feel bludgeoned by the people in charge because they're the Cuomos and the de Blasios and the health department.
And even the upper echelon, the police commissioner and some of the Police Benevolent Association turncoats.
They've turned on the men and women of the NYPD, and it's, Alex, it's in almost every
That's right.
They've sided with the globalist takeover because they think America's done and they've sided with the wrong side and good police officers have to stay in there because they want to run you out.
They want to have a takeover.
TedNugent.com is also a place to find everything Ted Nugent.
Ted, join us soon in the next few weeks as all this develops because there's so much to talk about.
I'm sure you can go on for another hour.
Thank you so much and say hi to your family for me.
HuntTheVote.org everybody.
God bless real America.
God bless you.
There goes Ted Nugent, banned from New York by Cuomo, but commies and anti-foe, they can do whatever the hell they want.
Can you believe how we've been trained to not leave our houses when we're told, wear a mask even though it's all a fraud?
And then I was watching a Joe Rogan clip yesterday, because it was all over the news, Joe Rogan's moving to Texas.
You know, I told you that a couple months ago, remember?
And of course, Joe won't say where he's moving in Texas.
He's, I guess, lengthening out the announcement that he's already moved to Texas.
Oh, wait, I'm just joking.
And I wonder where he moved in Texas.
But, uh, I don't know, Spotify went completely crazy when Joe told me I could say all that stuff.
Then I kind of elaborated on it and kind of added some hyperbole, probably.
Because you know, I took what Joe said as, wow, he's standing up to YouTube, standing up to censors, you know, the stuff he told me.
But I'm not going to pontificate on that right now, because it's part of a larger story that I want to hit at the start of the next segment.
But I will play the clip of Joe talking about moving to Texas, because then he and his guests talk about
You know, is COVID really bad?
And the New York Times guy's like, oh, Texas is now wearing masks because they figured out they were wrong, it's really bad.
Uh, no, there are past laws with $2,000 fines in places like Austin, if you know.
People are also online going, why does Jones sell a COVID mask with InfoWars on it if he doesn't think it's real?
Well, A, I do believe it's real.
We pioneered exposing it was man-made.
It's meant to infect everyone so you can all be suspect.
And so Bill Gates can patent a vaccine to bring you.
And that's all being confirmed now.
And if you've got to wear the mask, have an InfoWars.com on it so you can educate people and use their own suppression they're using against you on them.
But the reason I'm kicking this to the last segment is I forgot to tell the great crew that's been putting up with me tonight.
To find some clips of Sharia police in Saudi Arabia or in Iran, Shiite and Sunni.
There's footage everywhere of Burka police or hijab police arresting women that aren't wearing face coverings.
And then we've got footage of people being arrested or ticketed for not wearing masks or not wearing it correctly.
There's always more, more, more they want to get your submission.
Literally, Fauci is the hijab burqa police.
So we'll get some of those clips together and then I'll respond to what Joe Rogan's guest had to say coming up next segment.
Joe is bucking the mask.
He knows it's a bunch of bull.
He knows the virus is way overblown.
Had a long talk with him a few weeks ago, but I'm going to leave it at that.
But Joe is very influential and so I'd like to educate his listeners and when we do respond to Joe, things on the show that goes viral and so I can kind of piggyback on there and educate some people before it's too late.
So that's coming up next segment.
But let me hit this right now since I said I would do it.
And maybe we'll take this little clip and put at the end of the segment when we put out the last segment of the last hour where I was talking about this.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn was sent for many, many years to a frozen slave camp, what he called the Gulag Archipelago and the little islands all across the frozen tundra landscape.
And he came out and wrote a best-selling book titled Gulag Archipelago.
And here is a quote.
From the Google Archipelago, 1918 to 1956.
And how we burned in the camps later.
Thinking, what would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family.
Or if, during periods of the mass arrest, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city,
People had not simply sat there in their lairs, pawling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door, at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else they had.
The organs
would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the curse machine would have ground to a halt.
If, if we didn't love freedom enough and even more we had no awareness of the real situation, we purely and simply deserve everything that happened afterward.
Now, that's when the commies came in and took over the government with rioters and burning.
And then they got the government, the police and military to capitulate.
Okay, you're the boss!
And then they took over Moscow.
It took them two years to take over, really five years the rest of the country.
And then they just started raping and killing and murdering.
And they're modeling all of it off of this and what Mao did in China.
And Kim Jong-un and, you know, his father and grandfather, they set up the same system.
Xi Jinping denounced his own father.
His sister was beaten to death in front of him by a youth brigade.
He praised it.
And so now he runs the country because he literally sacrificed his family, who were good people, for nothing to worship communism.
Because his father had been a communist and helped get them in power.
He was like the number three in the government.
But he said, let's not murder all the farmers.
Let's not kill the family.
And Mao Zedong said, I'm taking orders from
We're going to kill a large portion of our people.
That's the deal.
And so you know the rest of the story.
And now G.G.
Pink sits on top of it because he's one evil monster.
He took part multiple times in pilloring his father after he spent a decade in a forced labor camp.
And they would do public humiliations when his father came back.
And G.G.
Ping would scream and yell and throw things at his father in front of everyone.
And the little 12-year-old girls would run up and spit on him and throw rocks on him.
And G.G.
Ping would sit there and denounce his father.
That's the type of trash.
That's G.G.
He lives on his knees to Satan.
And so he's rewarded with being able to kill his own people en masse and spin up that virus with Fauci and all the rest of it.
So when we come back, I'm gonna respond to what's really going on with the mask and the hijab.
Because that's all any of this is, is a burqa.
And this is a submission.
What does Islam mean?
Separately, ladies and gentlemen, we've got a solution to tyranny.
It's only one part of the overall solution, and it funds the InfoWarp.
These privacy pockets I have are almost 100% effective.
We've tested them out.
They're one of the best units out there.
Sometimes right up next to a cell tower, it'll still penetrate through and be able to ping your cell phone, track your location, steal your data.
Stop Bill Clinton.
And Hillary Clinton and their global initiative with the NIH and the UNWHO running the contact tracers or beta testing in blue cities.
They're going to come with forced inoculations as early as next year.
They've already got your data.
The apps are already on your phone, whether you take them off or not.
Google and Apple admit they're doing it together four months ago.
Everything is tracked.
And so when you put your phone in this, it's a way to control it.
It's a way to not let it run your life.
It's a way to not let it dominate you, and it slips right in your pocket.
It's a thin Faraday cage.
They have units out there that are similar to this one or the same unit.
They're selling for $35 online.
Amazon sells them for like $22, and you know they always try to have the lowest price.
These cost us almost $12 a piece.
So the eight bucks comes in to fund our operation, but I want you to get these and get in the habit to think about how evil these cell phones are.
Now they're Trojan horses and how they literally spy on us and control us.
And then start thinking about the features and the functions and how even when you turn off the tracking, it's still doing it.
That's admitted.
So you take control, except when you want to use the phone or take photos or do something, then it makes you think about.
I'm being tracked.
I'm being controlled.
They lied to me about that.
They now admit it.
Give it to your children.
Give it to your wife, your husband.
Give them people your work.
And say, hey, when you want to be tracked and followed and when you want to have location services on, you go ahead and take it out of the bag.
But when you want to take control of Big Brother and at least take some ground back from the enemy,
You put the cell phone in the prison it needs to be in, in the Phantom Zone.
Infowarsstore.com, the best price, the highest quality units.
$19.95 with your privacy pockets.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
Here's the Zero Hedge headline.
The exodus begins.
Well, it actually began a long time ago.
Joe Rogan is leaving LA for Texas, and he's already here, because he wants a little bit more freedom.
He had a New York Times writer on, and they discussed it, then they got into wearing masks.
It all ties together.
I'm gonna get into that right now.
Think about this.
In Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Sudan, in more than 20 countries, women have to fully cover their faces and wear burqas, full beekeeper suits.
In the other countries, they have to partially cover themselves up because, you know, a woman showing herself as very evil if another man sees it.
Now they have a movement in Iran where women take them off and they get arrested, they even get shot, they even get killed.
But see, that's because a woman's dirty, she's bad.
She deserves it, I guess, under Sharia law.
The left thinks that's really fashionable and cool and all these big leftist stores that you show hijabs and the burkinis where women cover up their whole bodies to go swimming.
But now, because we're all dirty and could have the evil COVID,
We all have to cover ourselves because Fauci, who's been wrong about everything and totally lied to us, he says so, and because the head of the UN says it's only getting worse, it's never getting better.
So that's where all this is going, and police are brutalizing people in New York and places like Miami, Florida, all leftist areas, if they don't wear their new little sign of submission.
Islam means submission.
Well, I'm not submitting to Islam or to the NIH or any of this, but you know the WHO head is a communist Islamicist on top of it, and they know this is a sign of total control and slavery.
So, boy!
Never thought it'd come here.
Now they're saying the masks are basically permanent.
I played that clip in a special Saturday show, but you can pull it up.
WHO head says lockdown will never end.
Trump said Fauci'd have us shut down for years.
He said 2.5 million would be dead.
It's 150,000.
Most of them died of other diseases.
I heard a five-year-old died.
My wife was sitting there.
I said, let me guess.
It says he had underlying conditions.
It says multiple underlying conditions.
Then you test false positive.
Most of them are false positive.
It's incredible.
So we have to challenge this.
But here is the mask Nazi.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Woman, Macy's couple with their children not wearing masks while eating at a park.
I've been in restaurants in Austin now where women come in in hijabs and they're eating spaghetti under it like this.
What a clown show!
But now there's a crazy woman at a park in San Diego, a good liberal, where they submit
This is what she did to the family, daring to go outside.
Here it is.
What are you doing?
You cannot be serious.
You just maced him.
You just maced him.
You just maced him.
You just maced him and their food because you disagree.
Don't worry, I'm videotaping.
Don't worry.
That's not okay.
That is not okay.
Not okay.
What's wrong with you, lady?
You make my kids, you're getting your ass beat.
I don't care who you are.
It's okay, guys.
They want that power, they want that control.
Don't worry, I got it.
You weren't defending yourself, lady, and I've got this.
Did she hurt her?
I didn't do anything!
But see, they say you're bad, you're all suspect, and so they're gonna come literally spray your food like the Wicked Witch.
She's hiked her leg on you.
Now let's shift gears.
Joe Rogan had Joe Decina of the New York Times on, and he's talking about, I'm coming to Texas.
I heard Davy Crockett's coming to Texas sometime too.
I think he already got there, sorry.
And then they get into, oh, Texans are wearing their masks now.
Well, yeah, in Austin, because it's basically LA.
And there's $2,000 fines if a business doesn't have people do it.
$500 for citizens.
Totally unconstitutional.
It's got medical waivers in there, but nobody tells you that.
If you say you have anxiety or whatever.
It's totally ineffective.
All the studies show it.
But notice the New York Times guy goes, oh, Texas got reality.
Texas figured it out.
And they're wearing their masks now because it's so serious.
You mean they're doing 100 times the testing and the tests are fraudulent on record?
I played a report earlier where the CDC admits it's not COVID.
It's any type of viral or bacterial infection they're now saying picks it up.
The test is a fraud!
But we just barrel forward with it.
They're counting people that died of other things in it.
It's 20-something times less than what they said would die!
But notice, it's never ending though!
It's not the 15 days, the hospitals weren't filled, it's forever!
Because once you let a group take over like this, they never turn loose.
We have a medical global tyranny.
This is the UN running this.
Telling us we must follow what the UN says.
Oh, that's not WHO approved!
A communist!
The guy that heads up the WHO is an admitted communist!
Bill Gates is financing it all on record!
I'll show you something after this Joe Rogan clip.
Here, let's go ahead and roll the clip with Joe talking about he's coming to Texas.
Here it is.
And what's the story?
You moving?
I'm out of here.
When do you leave?
Yeah, I'm going to go to Texas.
I got a farm in Vermont.
It's a little cold.
Vermont's cold.
I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere it's easier to travel to both places, and somewhere where you have a little bit more freedom.
Also, I think that where we live right here in Los Angeles is overcrowded, and I think
Most of the time, that's not a problem.
But I think it's exposing the fact that it's a real issue.
When you look at the number of people that are catching COVID because of this overpopulation issue, when you look at the traffic, when you look at the economic despair, when you look at the homelessness problem that's accelerated radically over the last 6, 7, 10 years,
I think there's too many people here.
I think it's not tenable.
I don't think it's manageable.
And I think every mayor does a shit job of doing it because I don't think anybody could do a great job of it.
I think there's like certain things you're gonna have to deal with when you have a population of whatever the fuck LA is.
It's like 20 million plus people.
It's too many people.
It's too many people.
Yeah, that's what I think.
I think where you're living is probably the perfect way to do it.
It's 500 people.
That's nuts.
But then you've got those dudes yelling at you, where's the deer?
I could go on.
We could do hours of the negatives of a small town.
Oh yeah, there's negatives.
Everybody knows your business.
Everybody knows what you're doing, where you're going.
There's pros and cons to everything.
But I think you have a better opportunity at more pros when there's less folks.
I agree.
So small town Texas?
Let's just leave it at that.
I've got ideas.
It doesn't affect the business?
No, we're just going to do it from there.
That's the other thing, Texas has comedy.
They have stand-up comedy.
I've been doing, well I haven't been doing, but I did one weekend in Texas while all this was going on.
It was the first weekend I was able to do stand-up.
But then my friends were in San Antonio and they got COVID down there.
But those knuckleheads were out there talking to people and shaking hands and taking pictures and stuff.
Texas would be the last stand place to ever wear a mask or not shake a hand.
They wear masks though.
People are wearing masks.
Last time I was there.
I think now they're woken up, right?
Well, this is a weird disease, man.
Alright, and I've talked to Joe about this, and he said, no, you're the first person to tell me it was man-made, so doesn't that make it deadly?
No, it's man-made, so it's a chimera, so it's artificial, so these labs can own it and control it and own the testing for it, and it's all fraud.
And we've detailed this.
Here's an example right here.
Sinclair, bigger than Fox News, thousands of stations across the country, says it will postpone and rework segment featuring conspiracy theory about Fauci with the Eric Bolling Show.
I personally sent Bowling articles about this the last few months.
He knew all about it already!
And what did he cover?
NIH lifts funding pause on gain-of-function research with coronaviruses.
Dr. Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research at Wuhan lab.
Look right there!
That's Newsweek!
New Scientist!
Lab-Main Coronavirus Triggers Debate!
Obama and Fauci Transfer Weaponized Coronavirus Chimera from Batch to China 2015!
This is the reality to Joe's guests at the New York Times.
The cases are skyrocketing, the deaths are going way down.
I predict they'll go spiking again when the numbers come in at the end of the month because July is when the new doctors and nurses come in for their residencies and they call it the July effect.
I get into real statistics, real information, real research.
It was a major scientific scandal that our government said we've got to make it illegal
The scientist told Obama, you can't have these weaponized coronaviruses in our labs.
So he just took it to China.
And Fauci ran it with Bill Gates.
Look up who funded Wuhan.
And now Sinclair is under criticism for this.
And they go, oh, we'll rework it or won't air it.
And I just showed you Newsweek, NIH, New Scientist.
I could show you a hundred more.
Was a major, major controversy, but since when is Oliver Darcy, the guy that brags he helped get me banned off the internet, since when is that rat, that possum, the guy that goes around and decides what can be on air and what can't?
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, his full show will be posted to Banned.Video.
Please promote all our local stations.
Thank the local sponsors, become a sponsor, but realize the globals are fighting to keep us from getting out, but thanks to you, the broadcast is actually exploding!
God bless you all!
Retransmission starts now!
Spread those live links!
When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The deep person?
Oh yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
You know, as someone who's kind of
That's great.
It doesn't make any sense, because that means you're right all the time.
If you're only defending the things that you believe in, will you write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I would never get on board with, because that's what free speech is.
And like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious, often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest s*** ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this giant, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from... You're not stopping anybody from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will!
I will eat your ass!
Eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob!
I'm ready!
I will eat you!
I will eat your ass!
My children aren't going hungry!
I'll do it!
I'll drink your blood!
Barbecue your ass.
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell them, boy I killed a cow out back, baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them.
I don't want the globalists to know.
I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.