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Name: 20200724_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 24, 2020
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Millions of dead people voting.
Millions of illegals voting.
Then Alex Jones, the notorious conspiracy theorist, who said the U.S.
government staged 9-11, picked up the story.
Donald J. Trump didn't just win the Electoral College, he also clearly won the popular vote.
And after that story ran, President-elect Trump tweeted for the first time that he won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.
The Democratic Party, Antifa, and other leftist groups are all over Twitter, all over Facebook, putting out tweets with hundreds of thousands and even millions of views.
Showing clips of myself in the rotoscoped film, A Scanner Darkly, with Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, a bunch of other people.
And I actually consulted on that film.
I actually recommended that scene, something that's not actually in the
I think?
We found federal documents where Bush, and this had all been going on under Clinton, was preparing basically snatch and grab teams of federal officers around the country to go and grab protesters off the streets and disappear them.
And so the tweets are out there going, look, Jones warned about all this exactly.
And now it's happening.
He's a horrible person.
No, that's not what's happening.
The federal and state governments, if they're for, of, and by the people, and are run according to Constitution, are transparent, are a good thing.
And so I'm not an enemy of the federal government, or the state government, or the police.
I was an enemy of them being taught UN brainwashing, being taught plans to put people in re-education camps, being taught plans to take on constitutional, quote, terrorists, and run gun confiscation operations.
When I learned about these programs going on,
I exposed them on air and also in film in places like A Scanner Darkly.
So now the establishment globalist media, bought and paid for by the communist Chinese and others, that openly say the country shouldn't even exist, are showing videos of black vans with federal police in camo uniforms and gas masks, very dystopic, grabbing people off the street and putting them into vans.
They're then taken, they're questioned, they're either released or they are put in jail and indicted.
Now, yes, this is a dystopic image.
But understand something.
The globalists have created the riots and created the destabilization in their dialectic.
So they can now respond with federal force.
And then once the globalists take full control of the country, they'll have the police state in place that they help bring in by the terrorism they generated.
And that's the most important part of this breakdown.
The media is not showing you
The Communist Antifa funded by Soros and Alexander Soros publicly with hatchets and clubs breaking into the federal courthouse.
They're not showing you footage of them setting fire to the courthouse or to the local police station.
They're not showing you footage of them attacking the federal officers in mass and trying to kill them or shooting lasers into their eyes.
They're saying
Peaceful demonstrators are out here, and the police are attacking them for no reason.
And the feds shouldn't be here.
It's not their jurisdiction.
It is their jurisdiction when they continue to attack the federal building.
Just like Tim Pool, who was part of Occupy Wall Street.
Famous reporter from that, he's a liberal, said stop attacking the federal courthouse.
The feds have a right to exist.
Them existing is not illegal and if you stop attacking the courthouse, this will all end.
Because that's the truth.
So again,
Yes, I predicted black vans grabbing people.
That's how this works.
And yes, it's now happening, but they're being released or they're being charged.
It's the disappear part that is the authoritarianism.
Let me tell you who's disappearing.
It's people that drive up to anti-fund BLM checkpoints in Provo, Utah and places in Colorado and New York.
And Texas who get shot in the head because they're white and they go into comas and they die.
It's people dying from the knockout game.
Whites are now 12 times more likely to be attacked by blacks because of this whole atmosphere saying kill a whitey for mommy instead of kill a commie for mommy.
This is what the corporate media and the establishment have created.
You have lawless anarchists
Funded by the Globalist, running around, physically attacking people, beating up people that have children with them, stealing people's cars, dragging people out of their vehicles, hitting people in the head with hammers.
It's been going on for years and the corporate media defends it and says that it's a good group and that we should support them.
And now they're out in the streets with guns saying they're getting ready to start killing people.
When we march with guns, it's for self-defense to point out we have that right.
We don't say, we're going to start a violent revolution and offensively start killing people.
The individuals that start the war are the bad guys.
And so they're running an AgiProp operation, trying to manipulate Trump into having an over-response, so the media can then say all these people are victims being oppressed by a police state.
When they are the ones that have created this lawless atmosphere.
But then if Trump doesn't respond, it only emboldens these groups more to take even more action.
And that's how this dialectic and psychological operation works.
This is all building in a massive, massive way.
We're good to go.
They have now been for over a year and a half trying to foment insurrection and civil war in this country and have been trying to push the narrative that President Trump is somehow a Russian agent.
They have intensified their calls for him to be killed or for him to be removed under the 25th Amendment or under a military coup on MSNBC, CNN, and every other major channel.
I am afraid for my nation.
I'm afraid for my family.
I personally am not afraid myself.
I am afraid for the society that doesn't deserve President Trump.
Trump has put himself in the center of unprecedented attacks in history, unprecedented lies, unprecedented deception, and they are now launching the ignition phase.
You can smell it.
You can see it.
They're admitting it to remove President Trump by this fall.
They are now back on television, not just at policy forums, but on mainline TV saying, overthrow him U.S.
They have all of their Democrat operatives, Alexandria, Cortez and others, we'll play this in a moment, saying, occupy federal buildings, occupy ICE, occupy the border, blow off the doors of the castle.
We have to occupy all of it.
We need to occupy every airport, we need to occupy every border, we need to occupy every ICE office.
We are here trying to save the country.
We have to repudiate Antifa and BLM as globalist organs of revolution that work for the Democratic Party and the Chi-Coms.
We must support the President and federal law enforcement when they're carrying out constitutional duties.
When the Feds attacked Waco and murdered those people, that was wrong.
They offensively attacked them for PR.
It blew up in their face.
That's evil.
Those were Nazis, in my view.
Those were evil people that did that.
Misguided fools, some of them, and most of them really bad, out of control.
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