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Name: 20200724_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 24, 2020
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In this radio show, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics with his guest Dr. Nick Begich. They talk about wealth in society, privacy pouches, VasoBeet, the importance of time and human connection, and seeking information and discernment. The conversation then shifts to COVID-19, with Jones claiming that it is a hoax perpetrated by powerful entities. He emphasizes the need for resistance against unjust authority and the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. The speaker also discusses the role of numbers in decision-making during the pandemic, an app being used for tracking purposes, and his love for Alaska. Finally, he encourages listeners to support InfoWars through purchases from their store and sharing their own experiences and insights on various topics."

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Everyone will test positive for COVID-19, of course.
You're all suspects.
You're all bad.
And again, this is organized fraud.
They're skipping animal trials with the vaccines on purpose.
They are putting out fraudulent test results on purpose.
They're engaging in all of this and saying hospitals are full and no one's in them on purpose.
They're just training you to accept total lies and fraud.
This is a war.
The Pentagon accurately says the Cold War was World War III.
World War IV is now.
It's psychological, it's medical, it's cultural, and it's shutting down our economy.
Something that bombers couldn't do, something that, you know, that nuclear weapons couldn't do is take our resolve away and make us want to be slaves.
But this has got people on their knees begging to be slaves.
So please, for you and your family's sake and everyone's sake, keep spreading the word because there is a big awakening happening, but it's not happening fast enough.
Take action now or be destroyed.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome, it's Friday, July 24th, 2020.
I'm David Knight, your host.
We're going to take a look at what is going on with the lockdown.
Again, we are at day 130, and I started counting this when the national orders went out from President Fauci.
Because we had the last normal day in America was Friday the 13th, 2020.
Over the weekend, you had California, then New York decide they would lock down their states and then it was announced we were going to start doing all of the Mother May I rules from Fauci.
And there's been no let up.
We've gone further and further into this as we have gone on.
As a matter of fact,
When we look at the insanity that is happening here, we're going to take a look at the first pitch that was thrown out at the abnormal baseball game.
They have cardboard fans that were set up.
They're all kneeling in a circle at the two games that are there.
President Trump will eventually be allowed, they say someday, to throw a ball out.
But of course it was the man of the hour, the man in charge of our country, Fauci, who threw the pitch.
And this big pharmaceutical pitchman was way off base, just like he's been with all of his other projections.
And as we look at the Washington Redskins changing their name to the generic Washington football team, I think, I have a suggestion, I think what they should consider, since we basically are being run now by big pharmaceutical companies, maybe they should call themselves the Washington Pricks.
I think that would fit on a number of different levels because they're pushing vaccines.
That's really where this is headed.
It's amazing to see how this is going and of course we've now had President Trump this week decide that he's going to start wearing the mask.
This is going to last forever, he says.
We don't know how long it's going to be.
It's going to get much worse before it gets better.
And it did get worse.
Yesterday he cancelled the Republican convention.
We can't have anybody criticizing the convention meeting.
We cannot show that life can go on as normal.
We will not lead, as a matter of fact.
We will now choose to appease the maskers, the vaxxers, and every other aspect of this.
And I gotta say, when I look at this, it is the most pathetic situation I've seen in my life.
I have seen Jimmy Carter
Because we had an American embassy taken hostage.
And I begin the program that begins before this one every day.
America Held Hostage.
I go back to the Nightline theme song that began with the Iranian hostage takeover of our embassy.
And they held the hostages for about 400 days.
They started it almost exactly one year before the election.
And now we have been held hostage.
We have seen a president just like Jimmy Carter, absolutely powerless to do anything about it.
And it's not a few people in an American embassy halfway across the world.
It's each and every American.
Every business, pretty much every job for any independent businesses.
The only people who are allowed to survive are going to be the national chains.
Even in New York,
You and now L.A., California, they have rules for what food is, what constitutes a meal.
No, no, no, you can't have Cuomo chips.
You know, first, you can't have a drink at a bar, even outside, unless you're getting a meal.
All right, well, we'll give people chips and we'll call them Cuomo chips.
No, no, no.
That's not a meal.
We will now define what a meal is.
We will tell you what you can and cannot do because this is totalitarianism.
Authoritarianism in every aspect of our life.
Every aspect of our life.
And they have used this to usher in every one of the controls that they had planned for 2030.
So when we look at this,
I think this kind of malaise, not to mention the financial depression, the worst thing I've ever seen, and yet no backbone to stand up to this, not even to have a convention.
Are we going to take a break?
We're going to have some reports from Alex Jones, then I'll be back at the bottom of the hour.
Stay with us.
You are witnessing the rollout of Event 201, a planetary world government operation to implement the AI
The cashless society.
Face scanning to buy and sell.
All of it is the forced transfer of our once open free civilization into the technocracy.
Big tech.
Big pharma.
The military industrial complex.
It is all one giant system.
And you have the communist Chinese EU system.
Hollywood system.
Competing with the Pentagon.
And the Anglo-American AI system, but it's all the same.
And in the end, it enslaves all of humanity.
A major Hollywood studio, Zero Hedges Reporting, the story's on Infowars.com, has a subsidiary that has face scanning cameras and they're using it to enforce everyone wearing masks.
So see, just as we told you, it's for the Chinese social score rollout.
Oh, we're face scanning you?
To make sure you're wearing the mask.
Oh, and it can recognize just off your eyes and off the forehead who you are and you're going to be reported and get in trouble.
The robot enforcers are here.
The age of man is ending if the globalists have their way.
In fact, you're not supposed to say man or woman.
It's not inclusive of the transhumanism.
Nothing can have any name because nothing has an identity.
Nothing has any right to even exist.
We are a disposable society.
We made our babies disposable, our old people disposable.
So now we are disposable.
And it's with a very heavy heart that I see Trump, who just a few weeks ago started moving down the right path and exposing Fauci and Gates and the UN and the COVID-19 fraud and the Wuhan lab and the NIH.
To now coming out and endorsing the vaccines and endorsing the mask and going along with the fraud when everyone I talked to almost everyone on the street is awake and knows that this is a fraud.
I was in a line this morning at a coffee shop.
Of Georgia, they said Savannah.
How a bunch of the warehouses had shut down because if one employee gets COVID all the other employees demand to go home and get their paycheck.
And now that company can't catch up and is losing all his customers and going out of business.
It was a flooring company.
A major flooring company.
That had more than 40 warehouses around the country and it's not just happening in Georgia.
It's happening all over the nation.
This is the plan.
When you have just-on-time delivery and this infrastructure, once it gets disrupted, it implodes.
So yes, it made everything very convenient, but it made us
It made us very one crop.
It made us where we weren't resilient.
And so we're totally dependent on GPS.
We're totally dependent on electricity.
We're totally dependent on computers.
And then the technocrats, the people that control all of that, are able to rig it however they want.
And now they're rolling out all the robots to replace us in farm jobs and factories and to surveil us.
And we're told
Stay in your home, social distance.
There's nothing social, again, about social distancing.
All of it is doublespeak.
And then other people on the line were like going, yeah, Alex, we know you're right.
My cousin, my brother, my father, three more people said they all got calls saying they had COVID-19, never tested.
I was in a swimwear shop with my wife yesterday.
We even shot videos, part of the interaction.
And there were at least eight women that came in there
In plain view, moving forward, and it was perfectly psychologically tested because they knew a lot of people won't want to go to work.
A lot of people want to stay home.
So they said, oh, just two weeks, flatten the curve, don't overwhelm the hospitals.
All that was a lie.
And here we are, six months later, and now they're saying COVID will be with us for the rest of our lives, and we're always going to have to wear masks, and new masks are coming out.
We'll have to be approved, and there'll be face scanners and robots and police to control us.
Snap your fingers, you're inside the new world order.
Then there is this extremely powerful Greg Reif's report titled, Everyone Will Test Positive for COVID-19, and he lays out how, again, on the CDC's own website, anyone who's had a corona or even bacterial or flu infection in the last two to ten years will test positive, and how major studies are out
That indeed, as previous studies said, 5G pushes viruses, the previous studies were before Corona popped up, COVID-19, push it across the cell membrane into the nuclei and then actually resonates them and helps them grow by the vibrations.
Now they had that in earlier studies on other viruses, but now it's confirmed with COVID-19.
So again,
COVID-19 is a real virus.
It's a chimera, so Gates can own it.
And have new versions that come out, like new Windows programs that come out, that are more deadly.
And he said, this is just a drill on COBEAR.
More is coming.
Terrorists are going to release a bioweapon.
And so this group is all in on this.
It's about depopulation.
It's about control.
It's about world government.
And all these different pundits and people, I can now tell you, are in on it.
COBEAR is in on it.
They're all in on it.
They love it.
They go hang out with Gates.
They hang out with Fauci.
They hang out with Jeffrey Epstein.
So if you want to know what Jeffrey Epstein was cooking up, bribing and framing and blackmailing all these scientists...
Billions of dollars over the last 20 years.
This is what he was doing, along with many others just like him.
And this is how they've gotten control of the scientific establishment.
Thousands of microbiologists have been murdered, executed, run over, shot in the head, sacrificed.
A bunch of them have been, quote, killed by Satan cults.
Look it up.
Microbiologist and wife, you know, killed in satanic ritual.
One in Virginia and another was in California.
You cannot, again, make this up, ladies and gentlemen.
There is armies of evil that have been preparing and building, and are now rolling out, and they're publicly keeping babies alive, and then selling their organs.
They're publicly rolling out deadly vaccines that actually go in and change our DNA.
And now President Trump... President Trump is capitulating to the whole thing, and it is completely
And absolutely horrific and a very, very sad day because he needed to frontally assault us and expose the fraud.
He tried to do it.
I know they brought him internal polls, which I believe they're now manipulating as well, not just the public polls, and showed him that he was losing and that this would be popular.
And now he's taken the bait.
He's gone to the trap.
And they're going to now blame him for COVID-19.
They're now officially calling it the Donald Trump.
So, compliance with this, submission of this, is only going to make things worse.
This is segment two.
Owen Schroer and David Knight and others have taken over.
I'll be back.
I'll be back tonight.
We're going to come back and play the Gregory's Report, which is posted at Band.Video.
Everyone will test positive for COVID-19, of course.
You're all suspects.
You're all bad.
And again, this is organized fraud.
They're skipping animal trials with the vaccines on purpose.
They are putting out fraudulent test results on purpose.
They're engaging in all of this and saying hospitals are full and no one's in them on purpose.
They're just training you to accept total lies and fraud.
This is a war.
The Pentagon accurately says the Cold War was World War III.
World War IV is now.
It's psychological, it's medical, it's cultural, and it's shutting down our economy.
Something that bombers couldn't do, something that, you know, that nuclear weapons couldn't do, is take our resolve away and make us want to be slaves.
But this has got people on their knees begging to be slaves.
So, please, for you and your family's sake and everyone's sake, keep spreading the word because there is a big awakening happening, but it's not happening fast enough.
Take action now or be destroyed.
We know that the prescribed PCR tests are not detecting the COVID-19 genome.
According to the CDC's own literature, the tests do not rule out bacterial infection or other viruses.
They are detecting all varieties of coronavirus, including the common cold, and counting it as COVID-19.
And it has been pointed out for months that the geographical locations experiencing the most cases of COVID also seem to have active 5G technology.
After a video went viral in which David Icke suggested that 5G is somehow responsible for positive cases of COVID-19, YouTube deleted it and began deleting all videos on the subject.
Including a video we made that pointed out how on October 31st of 2019, Wuhan, China became the first major testbed of 5G technology.
In late June, a new scientific research paper entitled, 5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells was published.
This paper gives a scientific explanation of the relationship between 5G technology and the coronavirus.
Unlike 4G or other radio waves, the 5G millimeter waves can penetrate the nucleus of a cell.
The DNA then acts as an inductor.
It reacts to the 5G waves by producing an electromagnetic field.
Like a shadow, the shape of the electromagnetic field reflects the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the DNA base pairs.
This electromagnetic field produces holes in the cellular liquid.
Hexagonal, pentagonal voids are created in the nucleoplasm.
And to remedy this disturbance, extra bases are created to fill the voids.
These bases then join together to produce coronavirus-like structures within the cell, which the PCR test will read as a positive case of COVID-19.
The exosome.
The exosome was discovered in 1983.
Exosomes are created naturally within the cell to clean and repair cellular damage.
Both exosomes and COVID-19 are the same size and shape.
They both have the same ACE2 receptor and they both contain RNA.
Exosomes behave and appear the same as a virus.
Some scientists even claim that the so-called virus is in fact the exosome.
Since the discovery of the exosome, over 200 microbiologists have been murdered, committed suicide, or died in a suspicious manner.
If you question this mystery, you are undoubtedly labeled a conspiracy theorist.
And if you question the current unproven virus theory, you are labeled a science denier.
The only socially acceptable solution that you are allowed to accept is an experimental vaccine that will alter your DNA, which ultimately raises the question, who owns your body?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
What we're actually seeing is the systematic implementation of the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Corporation of the United States.
Every major event is a step in the ladder to achieve that end.
COVID is just another rung in the ladder, which is why there's a deliberate mixing of all the wordplay, right?
I mean, we should stop calling it, you know, quarantine.
That's a term designated for people that are verified sick.
This is a house arrest mandated by the state.
You should stop calling it social distancing.
There's nothing social about forced isolation.
We should stop saying safer at home when millions of Americans don't have basic necessities adequate to fit their needs.
It assumes that everybody's home is equally as safe as the people that are making the statements.
We should stop saying, you know, this is for the greater good.
When you close the economy, killing millions of businesses that families have worked generations to establish, that's anything but good.
We should stop saying, this is the new normal.
That's just blatant mind control drivel.
There's nothing normal about forced isolation.
You know, treating your neighbor like they have the plague, breathing your own bodily waste, wearing masks, living in constant fear of contamination.
That's normal?
I mean, after all, if the virus is so deadly, why hasn't it wiped out the homeless who don't social distance, wash themselves regularly, let alone, you know, live in or have access to a sterile environment?
Last year, 1.5 million people died of tuberculosis.
Why were you not wearing a mask during the tuberculosis pandemic?
You were endangering public health and safety, along with billions of other people around the globe.
So why didn't you wear a mask?
I'll tell you why.
Because the mainstream media didn't tell you to wear a mask.
Because 1.5 million people died from tuberculosis.
There was no tuberculosis pandemic, any more than there's a coronavirus pandemic.
What you're really participating in is a beta test for AI systems and facial recognition.
See, these cameras work best when people are, you know, distance apart.
Now they're actually testing through machine learning how to recognize, you know, a face that's partially covered.
It's also a way to easily determine who's compliant and who's not.
Who does the propaganda work on and who it doesn't.
Now get this, you know, there's some ironies that are here, right?
A society that kills millions of babies a year for convenience has shut itself down to prevent adults from dying.
People that on the one hand slaughter babies in the womb, by the millions are now preaching to the masses about the sanctity of human life.
It's double speak, double talk.
It's the two doctrine policy, one for the initiated, one for the uninitiated, one for the inner circle, another for the masses.
It's like saying, you know, if I violate the stay at home order, I can be arrested, but you're letting convicted criminals out of prison so they don't get coronavirus.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
If there's a real pandemic, does it require faulty virus models, rigged test results, 81% false positives, inaccurate news reporting, staged hospital overruns, manipulated death certificates?
When the government shuts down millions of small businesses, but doesn't lay off any government employees, it's not about the health.
When the state bans dentists from practicing but deems it necessary for abortion clinics to stay open.
It's not about your health.
When the state prevents you from buying seeds for your garden but allows you to purchase lottery tickets.
It's not about your health.
An institution that has the ability to destroy all of Earth through alleged nuclear warfare should not regulate personal self-defense.
You know, an institution that's caught trafficking drugs shouldn't be able to regulate plants.
An institution that's racked up $23 trillion prior to coronavirus in debt shouldn't be allowed to manage the retirement fund.
An institution that was caught spreading STDs should not be allowed to run health care.
If people are really concerned about public health and safety in general, but they don't care if people eat garbage, drink poison, smoke cancer, and take prescription drugs, but think that toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks are going to protect them from the boogeyman coronavirus, this is a special kind of stupid that I can't address here.
You should ask yourself a couple basic questions.
When did you consent from, you know, you creating a government to serve you to you serving the government ruling over you?
If you want to know, you know, who's in charge, just think about who you can.
Hacker Jack, I don't care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the home team.
If they don't win, it's a shame.
Cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game!
Yeah, I think it's three strikes for President Trump this week.
He's turned into a pitchman for the big pharmaceutical companies, telling everybody you gotta wear masks, and now caving on the Republican convention in Florida.
And as the baseball season supposedly starts, there's Fauci with his wild pitches.
The pitchman for big pharmaceutical companies, as I said before, way off base.
And he has been that way for now 130 days that we've been locked down.
You know, we look at this, and I'm not a big sports fan, especially not baseball.
But let's talk about this, because I guess a lot of you are.
They're still playing games, even though there's no fans.
But you know, we always heard the expression, as American, as mom, apple pie, baseball.
Well, you know, we can strike off mom and baseball now.
I guess they're going to come for apple pie next.
And that might not be too difficult, because you know, they shut down all the food factories.
You get one person,
Identified as positive for COVID-19.
That's it.
No more meat.
We're going to shut down the biggest meat companies and so maybe the apple pies are next.
You know, we never did have any featured stories at CNN and the Drudge Report about how all those meat packing employees died, did we?
Maybe they're holding them for August to let us know that, right?
Because now we're getting stories about nuns who died at a Catholic convent two months ago.
They're curating that as well and pushing that out.
But wouldn't you think that when we had a couple of cases of people testing positive for COVID-19 and we shut down our meat production and we started having shortages and rationing in America?
So how American is that?
We started having that
Wouldn't you expect that if we had people who had died from that, that it would be all over the news?
Kind of like CPAC.
Remember when CPAC was held at the very beginning of all this?
And the left, the radical left, was rejoicing.
They said, look at this!
We allegedly had somebody who has tested positive for COVID-19.
And he was in close proximity to all these Republicans and these Republican politicians.
They're all going to die.
Can't wait to see this happen.
Well, nothing happened, did it?
Nothing happened.
We had some senators who quarantined and so forth, but nothing happened.
So when we look at this, you have Fauci, the hero, and as I tweeted out yesterday, yeah, hashtag Fauci is a hero, that's all over the place.
And he gets to make the rules, and I'm sure that under the new rules that he's set up for baseball, he just struck out the opponent, even though he didn't
Close to the pitcher or the mound or anything else.
Because, you know, he makes the rules.
And this guy who says that this has become our worst nightmare and it isn't going to end.
It has.
He's right about that.
It's one thing he said that's true.
But it has become his dream scenario.
As a matter of fact, a dream scenario for big pharmaceutical companies as well.
Who he's become the pitchman for.
Along with President Trump.
You know, the two of them.
Kind of like Sinatra and Kelly, you know?
They're out there with a song and dance, tap shoe.
Oh, it's going to last forever!
You've got to wear the mask, shut down the conventions, take the vaccines.
I'm going to fund them more than Bill Gates.
That's what President Trump is doing now with Operation Warp Speed.
He's a bigger pusher of vaccines than Bill Gates ever was, if you want to put a dollar figure on this.
Not even close.
So they've written the script.
And they're going to take you out of the ballgame, folks.
Fauci is enjoying his time in the limelight.
Think about this.
He's 79 years old, but it has finally worked out for him.
You know, he went to the NIH, the NIAID, where they push vaccines.
He went there in 1985, and by 1986, he got Ronald Reagan to sign on to the immunity bill for vaccine companies, where you cannot sue them.
For damage that they do to you, any adverse effects, including death, you can't sue them.
And he got that protection for them right away.
With just one year in there.
I mean, he was their guy.
And he's put in a good 35 years.
And now he is reaping the benefit.
He is a celebrity.
He throws out the first pitch of the season.
And he is on the cover of magazines wearing sunglasses.
I mean, this guy is living life like a boss.
Because he is the boss.
He's the boss of everything in America.
He has set up this Simon Says America, where you don't do anything unless Simon says.
I mean, Fauci says.
Fauci says this.
Fauci says that.
Can I do this, Fauci?
And this is what's happened from the White House
Flowing down through the Governor's offices, the Republicans, as well as the Democrats.
And so, as Fauci is throwing out the first ball, Donald Trump has been promised that the same team, the Yankees, that he was there at, said, well, we're going to let you throw one out sometime this year.
How about that?
Give him a little bit.
Fauci is the main guy.
You know, you will give you something a little bit later.
Trump said, I said to him, I said, how's the crowd going to be?
It's like if you don't have a crowd, there's no such thing.
Oh, that's right.
Well, you might want to ask Fauci, Trump, because he's in control.
You aren't.
Trump praised the Major League Baseball decision to play, describing it as a great boost for Americans.
He says, I really think it's good that baseball is opening.
It's a tremendous thing, psychologically, for our country.
Is it really?
Let's take a look at the psychological aspects of this.
Look at this.
Every player and coach on the Yankees and Nationals, that game where Fauci threw it out, every one of them kneels prior to the National Anthem.
Every one of them kneeling.
I mean, why is anybody watching this anymore?
Of course the stands are completely empty now, but that's because of Fauci.
It wasn't widely expected that every player would do this.
But they knelt in protest in front of an empty stadium.
So think about this.
We've got an empty stadium because of Fauci.
We've got these people kneeling because the anti-fob BLM Soros left.
The left is completely in control of the media.
They are completely in control of everything you see.
They're completely in control of the economy.
Where you work, what you buy, they have consolidated their control.
You ought to be very concerned about this.
Everything that you see, as a matter of fact, you know, before we had the masks, we had the gag orders, didn't we?
And it was the gag orders on social media
Shutting down conservatives, shutting down everybody else that has allowed them to put the gags on, the masks on our faces.
But as we see this, you know, this is the psychological operation that they're doing.
You have all the sports officials, all the big corporations everywhere.
This is true fascism.
These anti-fascists that are on the streets, they're not, they don't have a problem with the big corporations that are pushing their agenda.
They have a problem with you, they have a problem with your history, your culture, your constitution.
They don't have a problem with the corporations.
And let me tell you, that's where the real fascism is.
And you can see it right here, in sports.
And so, as AP talks about this, baseball gets its opening day.
Dodgers and San Francisco Giants all kneeled as well, just like the Yankees and the Nationals.
And AP went on to say, you know, watching from a distance, you might wonder why they were even trying.
I do.
I do wonder why they were doing it.
So there was a feel as if it was artificial, like somebody had clicked on the Xbox accidentally and you weren't watching a live game.
How interesting can cardboard people be after a few games, they ask.
You see, we now have, because of the COVID-19, we now have robots doing the work and we have cardboard spectators.
We don't need you.
We don't need you.
You know, we have social media.
We have social distancing.
We have social credits.
Every one of them is anti-social.
Everything these people do is a lie.
They pick a term like social, social this and social that.
When it's anti-social, everything, it's like the speech rules for AP.
And frankly, looking at this,
Where you got robots doing the work, you got cardboard fans.
I mean, this is like something directly out of the Twilight Zone.
I think it's more like the Twilight Zone than Xbox.
And so Fox is going to now fill the empty baseball stadiums with virtual fans.
Fans will not be allowed to sit in the ballparks.
Viewers may not notice because Fox Corporation-owned outlet intends to fill the seats with hundreds of virtual attendees at all the ballparks, which will be broadcasting games over the next several weeks.
Using digital technology, they will fill the seats with dozens of doppelgangers.
All right, welcome back.
We're talking about how Fox is going to... They're not going to have cardboard fans after
This opening where you saw that ridiculous aspect.
And of course, they did that in Taiwan first.
I talked about that and laughed about that a couple of months ago.
I got an angry fan from Taiwan saying, we haven't shut down nearly as bad as you guys have.
And it was like, yeah, they had a Chuck E. Cheese van.
It was actually animated.
So I had cardboard fans and they put masks over the cardboard fans a couple of months ago when they started playing baseball again in Taiwan.
And so now we're doing that.
But they have a better way to do this because the Fox Corporation is going to be broadcasting this.
They're going to set up virtual attendees.
So they're going to do CGI audiences.
Full Hollywood.
Using digital technology, Fox Sports will fill seats with dozens of digital doppelgangers.
They'll make movements that emulate what a crowd might look like from afar.
They can change the color of clothes.
Reports variety.
So that a particular stadium might appear to be filled with home team fans.
Producers can have sections of the ersatz assemblage to do a wave.
Isn't that great?
Yeah, I guess they're going to go full professional wrestling on this.
I think what they ought to do is they ought to fill, to make it interesting,
What they ought to do is they ought to fill the stadium with Fauci orcs and trolls.
Better yet, better yet, for each one of these teams to have a mascot, right?
Let's say they're Redskins.
Put Indians throughout all the different ones there.
Or the Braves.
No, the Braves are going to change their names to Cowards, I think.
That's what they're going to do.
And so meanwhile, as we've got Fauci throwing out the first pitch of the season,
And you know, Trump is told, don't worry, we'll let you do it at some point later on.
And Trump is like, well, will there be a crowd?
We'll see.
We'll see.
Talk to Fauci about it.
See if he's going to let you do that.
And what was Trump doing yesterday while Fauci was throwing out the first pitch of the season?
Well, Trump was celebrating the return of baseball with Little League players at the White House.
That's right.
He wasn't in the major leagues.
Trump wasn't in the minor leagues.
Trump was in the Little Leagues, and so he's out there throwing some balls with some little kids at the White House.
That's what this has come to.
And of course they did not have any cardboard fans or CGI fans that were added there at the White House lawn.
And later in the day, after he played, threw out some pitches to some Little League players,
President Trump said that he's going to cancel the Jacksonville component of the Republican National Convention after being kicked out of North Carolina by the Democrat governor.
He goes to Florida.
They're going to have the convention there.
And now he's decided that he's not going to do that.
He said, I looked at my team.
Is that the little league team?
The minor league team that we call the Republicans?
I looked at my team and I said, the timing for this event is not right.
They said, sir, we can make it work very easily.
I said, there's nothing more important in our country than keeping our people safe.
Safety is the thing, right?
Not liberty.
Not the Constitution.
Don't ever take any risk about anything.
I mean, you know, you could die going to work in a car, let alone with coronavirus.
So just stay at home.
That's no risk at all.
Just stay home.
Because, you know, if you go to the beach, you could die from coronavirus.
If you get in the water, a shark could get you.
Anything could happen.
And we don't understand what risk is anymore, and we are not willing to take a risk.
We will sacrifice all of our freedoms, all of our liberty, for the promise of safety.
This is America in the 21st century.
It began with 9-11.
And by the way, folks, all these model state emergency powers that everybody has, that was written a couple of months before they pulled off 9-11.
And they pushed that out to all the different state governments after 9-11.
They said, you know, we could have a bioweapon terror attack.
Could be like, you know, anthrax or something.
So you should give your public health officials complete control over your economy to shut everything down whenever we say so.
And they did.
And so this is another 9-11.
If people would believe that three steel skyscrapers would collapse in their footprints a couple of hours after two of the three skyscrapers were hit by planes.
The third one wasn't even hit.
If the American public will believe that and will continue to believe that for 20 years, of course they'll believe a virus.
Are you kidding me?
This is where we are.
We will accept any lie if we believe that somehow we're going to be safe afterwards.
And so this is where we are with President Trump.
He said, yeah.
So they told me, sir, we can make this work very easily.
I said, there's nothing more important than keeping our people safe, whether it's from the China virus or the radical left mob.
So that's right.
He thinks his path to victory now, that he can look strong.
By starting a war with China and by further nationalizing the police force to go after the radical left mob.
We'll talk more about that.
That is a very, look, we want to have law and order, but as I said yesterday, a few decades ago, I remember when everybody, it was just a meme, even though we didn't have memes at the time, but everybody talked about New York City and the murder rate in New York City.
And it went that way for quite a while until people in New York City got tired of it.
And then they decided that they would get serious about law enforcement.
And Rudy Giuliani was a part of that.
Maybe Rudy could explain this to Trump.
That you just let cities like that gradually learn.
They can also be an example to the rest of the country why we don't want Democrat progs running your city.
But let it be an example to people.
Don't burn down the Constitution to try to save Portland from itself.
And that's really what's going on.
The few people that are there that are sane need to move out.
We don't need to destroy our Constitution for that.
We'll talk more about that coming up.
But anyway, so they're going to have about a four-hour political convention.
In Charlotte.
But they're not going to have people show up.
There will be no crowds in Florida.
And there will be no press coverage.
Because President Trump said, I could see the media saying, oh, this is very unsafe.
That's the last thing you want to have is the media criticizing you, isn't it, President Trump?
Especially over safety.
Because nobody's going to criticize you in the media for taking away people's freedom.
Or their livelihoods.
Or risking their lives.
So the problem is appeasers are always losers.
It doesn't matter if it's Neville Chamberlain.
It doesn't matter if it's Jimmy Carter.
You know, I kind of thought as we started looking at the beginning of the Trump presidency, the weakness on the border.
The weakness in terms of stopping the foreign wars.
It could very easily have solved two problems with one stroke.
You could have brought back our soldiers from foreign wars and put them at the border.
Oh, but we can't do that, said the media.
We really can't bring any troops home.
The same people are now trying to generate an attack on President Trump saying, you know, there's Russians and Taliban who are trying to kill American troops in Afghanistan.
Yes, it's been happening that way for 20 years, and if you really cared about the soldiers, you'd be bringing them out of Afghanistan, and you would be using them to protect our borders instead of other countries' borders.
But they didn't do any of that.
And at the time I thought, he's going to go the same way that George H.W.
Bush did.
Read my lips, no new taxes.
Nobody really, weren't really too sure about George H.W.
Bush because he had called tax cuts voodoo economics when he lost to Reagan.
And so people were concerned that he was going to increase taxes.
He told everybody, read my lips, no new taxes, and then he did it.
He gave us, at that time, the biggest tax increase we'd ever had.
He was a one-term president.
Then we have another one-term president who is also a famous failure, Jimmy Carter, who could do absolutely nothing to rescue the hostages in Iran from the American embassy.
And now we have another president who is looking increasingly like a one-term president who is absolutely helpless to help all of America being held hostage by a health bureaucracy that is out of control.
He himself,
Has now become a salesperson for this.
He says it's a different world.
As he's talking about the shutdown of the convention, it is a different world, said Trump, and it will be for a while.
Surrender monkey.
Surrender monkey.
Run for President of France, Trump.
That's where you belong, quite frankly.
All right, folks.
Before we go to a break, take a look at the products that we have at 4WareStore.com, because where all this began,
We're good to go.
Take a look at the products we have at InfowarsStore.com.
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Welcome back.
You know, Planned Parenthood has finally admitted that Margaret Singer was a bigot, a eugenicist, a racist.
I guess the question is, will Twitter, Facebook, Google ever admit it?
They have decided that they will remove her name from their Manhattan clinic, ending decades of denial about her racist views, writes the New York Post.
They point out that four years ago Planned Parenthood did admit that it was wrong of her to speak at the Ku Klux Klan in 1926, and that she supported the sterilization of the disabled
And also of, quote, placing so-called illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, and dope fiends on farms and in open spaces as long as necessary for the strengthening and development of moral conduct.
Oh, there we go.
So she was part of this movement that happened in the early part of the 20th century, about a hundred years ago.
You had the eugenicists, you had the technocracy,
You had people like Elon Musk's grandfather, Haldeman, who actually was kicked out of Canada because he tried to overthrow the Democratic government there in Canada with a technocracy.
This was all the rage.
I mean, you had books and movies written by people like HG Wells.
Aldous Huxley, all these same people who are pushing transhumanism, the technocracy and so forth.
They were pushing the idea of, you know, the book and the movie, Things to Come, Shape of Things to Come.
You've probably seen the movie if you haven't read the book.
But in that movie you had, in the book, you had the technocratic elite, the airmen, who were going to impose peace for everybody.
They were just going to take everybody's freedom in the process.
We'll all be safe, right?
And so it was born out of that.
All of this is tied together.
All of this was very well consolidated and planned out a hundred years ago.
And so as we look at Margaret Sanger, part of that movement, because the technocratic elite are also eugenicists.
She said the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over fertility of the mentally and physically defective.
But she also focused specifically on black people.
And she was very clear about that.
We've talked about how Planned Parenthood supports black genocide.
Many Christian leaders, black and otherwise, have talked about, well if you really want to support Black Lives Matter, you'll get serious and start talking about Planned Parenthood.
Of course they haven't.
Buck vs. Bale.
A 1927 Supreme Court decision.
Actually I said Bale.
Bale was where they sacrificed their kids.
It was Buck vs. Bell.
But it might as well be Bale.
Supreme Court said in 1927 that it was constitutional to have forced sterilization of the quote-unquote unfit.
And that allowed the involuntary hysterectomy of thousands of black women in the Jim Crow South.
Planned Parenthood put clinics in predominantly black areas.
And I reported on the show in the morning, the David Knight Show before this show, I had the statistics comparing how many times more likely it is to be killed by Planned Parenthood than by the police.
Especially when you compare white versus black.
It is highly focused on that, but of course they don't pay any attention to that.
When we look at the censorship that has been going on it, and for years we would get attacked for saying it was about eugenics, for pointing out it was the quotes from Margaret Singer and now they're admitting it and taking her name off.
And now this, we have in Arizona, we have
The CPS workers there, some of them are fired because they were wearing bright pink shirts that said professional kidnapper on the front.
And on the back it said, do you know where your children are?
In your face!
That's another thing that is ignored by the social eugenicists that run social media.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Oh yeah, we're playing the AOC theme song here.
Don't know much about history.
Don't know what's going on here.
Don't know much about science.
None of that stuff, yeah.
Green New Deal.
But they do know how to get what they want.
It's absolutely amazing what they've been able to achieve.
You know, when you look at the Green New Deal.
And the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainability, that we have to sacrifice our independence, mobility, our freedom, our way of life.
Everything has to be sacrificed.
We need to be in very, very small apartments where we have our travel limited.
We need to be confined in those, confined in the big cities.
Don't worry, they'll give you universal basic income, but you won't have a job.
You won't have meat either.
All these different things that were put together over a period of decades, and the MacGuffin for all of this was climate change.
Unicorn farts, if you will.
But it was a MacGuffin.
You remember the tactic that
Hitchcock used.
You know, there was this thing.
It didn't matter really what it was.
The Maltese Falcon or whatever.
Who knows what the Maltese Falcon was?
But everybody was after it, right?
And we don't really have to define what climate change is.
We just know that it's a bad thing and somehow we've got to shut it down.
But while they have that MacGuffin of climate change, they're able to set up all the policies and the rules
And all the different dictates and mandates that are going to be used to save us from the MacGuffin.
The MacGuffin of climate change.
And then they remove that MacGuffin and they put in a new MacGuffin, the COVID virus.
And now, when we look at masks, the same thing is happening.
Because right now, all of the regulations for mandatory vaccines, which, you know, this has been accumulating for a while.
We've had a lot of hand-wringing,
And alarmism about measles.
And everybody would look at it and say, measles?
What are you talking about?
Climate change?
What are you talking about?
And yet you had a lot of Democrat jurisdictions where they put in mandatory vaccines.
You're not going to go to school if you don't get your vaccines.
And you had President Trump say, they're going to have to get the shot a year ago.
Going to have to get that measles shot.
And so as they were pushing this along and they were nudging everybody to get flu shots, they couldn't quite pull it off.
But they were putting this stuff together.
And now, with the masks, that is the MacGuffin around which they can coalesce all the different rules and regulations.
And the psychology of it as well, because we were always told with the MMR vaccine, you're not protected if you get vaccinated.
You're only protected if everybody else gets vaccinated.
The herd mentality.
They call it herd immunity, but it's a herd mentality.
Your vaccination doesn't protect you, so everybody must get vaccinated.
And now the same thing is being said about masks.
COVID is the MacGuffin, and masks are the MacGuffin for the mandatory vaccines.
That's what's coming.
This is a preparation.
They are psychologically preparing you for mandatory vaccines.
And they're also testing your reaction to various rules and regulations and even laws and police forces out there.
You've had some of the maskers, who are really the same people who are going to be pushing mandatory vaccines, saying, when it comes to vaccines, we don't want to make this mandatory.
Because if we make it a law, it's going to invite a challenge, a due process challenge.
People will challenge this in court.
They might win.
And we don't want to say that it's a law.
Instead, we want to take a more subtle approach.
We'll put out rules from the bureaucracy.
And of course, this is something that they have perfected over decades.
First, it was the IRS.
You know, they would make the rules.
Congress creates the IRS and says, you determine what the rules are and then we will let you have courts and things like that to decide who is violated.
And people are not going to get due process and no presumption of innocence.
And we can say that that doesn't happen because this is a rule.
It's not a law.
This is a rule coming from the IRS.
And so you have no presumption of innocence, no protection from excessive fines, no due process.
Then they started doing that with the war on drugs.
They came up with a brilliant thing called civil asset forfeiture.
Oh, it's civil, it's not criminal.
Because these are rules, not laws.
And we can charge your property, but not you.
I'm not even charging you with a crime, let alone finding you guilty, but I'll take your house, your home, I'll take your business, I'll take your cash, anything I wish, I'll charge that inanimate object with committing a crime, but not you.
And it'll be civil, not criminal.
So if you want to get it back, you're going to have to sue me in court.
How about that?
I'll take your business, and then you've got to find the money to sue me in court to get it back.
So, the people who are pushing the mandatory vaccine says, let's use that approach.
And then we'll also use the approach of the fascist corporations.
We'll have the corporations say, you're not going to come into my store to buy groceries, you're not going to go to a restaurant, you're not going to work for me, you're not going to travel
In my, since you don't have cars, and I own all the cars, and I rent it to you by the ride, you're not going to be able to travel either, get into my car, unless you've got the immunity passport.
You get your mask, and then eventually get your vaccine, and you'll be able to go to school, you'll be able to work, you'll be able to travel.
But if you don't have it, you're not going to be able to do it.
And we'll have the corporations do that, and they won't be able to do anything, because they don't have any due process ability.
And what are they going to do?
They're going to sue these corporations?
The biggest accumulation of wealth we've ever seen in human history?
They're going to sue these people in court?
These people can bankrupt them without ever even going to trial!
Just continuance after continuance.
Armies of lawyers.
This is the strategy behind all this.
And before we got to the masks for all, and I'm going to tell you who's behind that.
There's a movement.
It's not just a hashtag.
There's a movement there.
I'll tell you who's behind masks for all.
But before there were masks, there were gag orders.
Gag orders on social media.
Gag orders on your free speech and on the free press.
Free speech is you talking about things.
You talking about things in the digital public square, as Jack Dorsey said.
We're the free speech wing of the Free Speech Party.
Our business model is the public square, but you can't speak here.
And we've already had Supreme Court decisions about that, but don't pay attention to those.
Because these people do whatever they wish.
So as we look at this, it's really had an effect.
Pew Research says nearly 75% of Americans say social media companies wield too much power and influence over politics.
Only 22% of Americans believe the Silicon Valley technocracy has just the right amount of political power.
Nearly 90% of Republicans, conservatives, think that the technocrats have too much power over speech.
Liberal Democrats even.
Thought that it was 68% of the moderates and 60% of the more radical Democrats thought that the technocrats had too much control.
But when you look at the effect that it's had in terms of self-censorship, there's another poll from Cato Institute, a national survey of 2,000 Americans.
They said 62%
Of people across the political spectrum.
62% said the political climate prevents them from sharing their political views.
Now how does this range?
It ranges from about 50... only 50% of Democrats think... are intimidated about talking about politics.
60% of Independents and 80% of Republicans.
Because that's the way this is skewed.
I think one of the saddest things to come out of this poll
Is the fact that 50% of strong liberals support firing somebody if they find out they are a Trump donor.
And even sadder, and even more surprising to me, is that 36% of strong conservatives support firing somebody if they find out they're a Biden donor.
Do we have anybody that really supports the principle of free speech?
The idea that I may vehemently disagree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?
That is really the essence of it.
I mean, the Constitution and First Amendment is just a piece of paper.
If you really want to punish people, and now this is being adopted by conservatives because they are being pulled into this cancel culture, except on the other side.
I think that is perhaps the saddest aspect of this.
All right, we've got to take a break, and we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You know, as we descend into totalitarianism, how does that differ from authoritarianism?
Well, authoritarianism is where they tell you what to do without any justification, without any control.
And they act as absolute dictators.
You know, a dictator is somebody who dictates.
The law is in their mouth.
It's not on a piece of paper.
You know, that's one of the key things here in America.
We have a Constitution.
And these people, whether they are unelected bureaucrats, they swear an oath to the Constitution, especially our politicians.
And then they go ahead and break that oath regularly.
But they swear an oath to the Constitution.
Because the Constitution is the king.
They are merely temporary stewards.
They are not the authority.
And that's the issue.
We're going to be talking to Al Waddell later in the program.
I've talked to him about this before.
It's one thing we all need to talk about.
A lot of Christians who should be pushing back on this are saying, well, we've got to obey the government, whatever they say.
No, you've got to obey the authorities.
The authorities.
And the authority is the Constitution.
And if these people are acting evil, there are evil authorities out there as well.
And you are not called to obey them.
You are called to oppose them.
But when we look at Cuomo, first thing that comes to mind when I think about evil dictators.
What is a meal?
Asked the Gateway Pundit.
See, this is where we are now at this point in time.
We now have these tyrants in California, New York, defining what is and is not a meal for you.
New rules for bars and restaurants in California and New York are unbelievable.
California says chicken wings, cheese sticks, fried calamari, and french fries are not considered to be meals.
As it cracks down on outdoor restaurants that are offering drinks without food.
And so here's what some of the guidelines say for California.
It's often easier to describe what does not constitute a bona fide meal.
Yeah, this is kind of like the Supreme Court judge who says, I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it.
These people are saying, well, I can't define what a meal is, but I know it when I see it.
Or I don't see it.
In other words, it's completely arbitrary, and I'm going to act as a dictator.
That's what the Supreme Court was doing.
That's what these people are doing.
And so they say, well, in that regard, the statute excludes mere offerings of sandwiches and salads.
Oh, really?
Just like that?
A sandwich and a salad is not a meal, says California.
Oh, because of COVID now.
They have the authority to define every activity that you eat, even defining what is and is not a meal.
The department does not recognize many sandwiches and salads are substantial.
Therefore, they do not constitute legitimate meals.
It's illegitimate because they say so.
Your business is not essential because they say so.
This food is not essential because they say so.
So, they say things that do not meet the meal requirement.
Snacks, such as pretzels, nuts, popcorn, pickles, and chips.
Food ordinarily served as appetizers or first courses, such as cheese sticks, fried calamari, that type of thing.
Pizza bites, as opposed to pizza itself.
It's the size of the pizza.
It's all in how you slice the pie, right?
Side dishes such as bread, rolls, french fries, onion rings, small salads.
Rice, mashed potatoes.
Reheated, refrigerated, or frozen entrees.
Do you see how absurd this is?
How arbitrary this is?
How totalitarian this is?
Arbitrary authoritarianism in every aspect of your life.
Well, a dessert, or if it is something that was refrigerated, or if it's frozen, that's not a meal if you eat it.
It's not a meal, says California.
And so, you know, when you can't, you know, french fries and things like that, that's not a meal.
You can get in line and sit for a half hour at
McDonald's or Burger King or some other national chain fast-food restaurant But they don't want you going to local restaurants because all local businesses have to be put out This is why they're focusing on this folks and the people that they focus on the most Because the most successful local businesses are restaurants now because they pretty much have monopolized retail chains and now the retail chains because the National Federation of National Retail Federation last week was pushing
I don't know.
At a local restaurant.
You can get in your car and sit.
It wasn't long ago that these people in these same jurisdictions, in California especially, were freaking out and not allowing for there to be drive-through permits for new fast food locations.
Because they said, you're just wasting too much gas and creating too much pollution for people sitting there.
And I don't even go anymore because the lines are so long.
To go through the drive-thru areas.
I don't like doing that.
I always would park my car and go in because I don't like to just sit there in the car idling.
It bothers me.
And not because I'm concerned about unicorn farts.
I just don't like sitting in an idling car forever.
It's like a traffic jam.
It's like, we'll begin your meal with a traffic jam.
It's like my stomach is already upset now at this point.
But you're allowed to go there because those are national chains and the point of all of this, they can quibble over what a meal is and what a meal isn't, but the point is to get rid of local businesses.
Get rid of Mom and Pop, get rid of Main Street.
Because it's only going to be the Wall Street national chains that are going to be allowed.
And then we have Cuomo.
They had Cuomo chips and he jumped in on that as well.
He said, you're not going to get a meal.
Uh, not going to be able to get a drink sitting down outside unless you get a meal.
And I said, all right.
Pomo chips, 50 cents, a dollar, whatever.
So, uh, he came out and said that, no, no, that doesn't qualify.
You have to have a quote, substantial amount of food.
So he didn't come up with a, a long list of what it isn't like California did.
It's just this substantial.
So he leaves it open because you know, that's up to the arbitrary enforcers who are going to come around and remember,
Excessive police force begins with excessive rules from government.
And that's what they're inviting here.
One restaurant owner, actually the executive director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, said, the ever-changing rules and the lack of clarity is creating enormous challenges and concerns for small business owners who are in a crisis.
That's the whole point.
That's the whole point.
Rand Paul had something to say about Cuomo.
He took him on on national television with Brett Baier on Fox News.
Let's play video clip number five.
Here's Rand Paul.
And for a while the rural states did very well just because we're already socially distanced.
And I still think the rural states will do pretty well throughout all of this.
But the bigger cities in the south now are suffering the way New York City did.
But the good thing is is that I think the governors in Texas and Florida
And the doctors are much wiser than they were, and hopefully won't do as terrible a job as Governor Cuomo did with his pandemic.
Well, last thing quickly on that.
It's fairly rare for a senator from Kentucky to call for the impeachment of a governor in New York.
Yep, it is rare.
Only one they deserve it, and actually Cuomo does deserve it.
I think his sanctimonious presentations of all the things he's going to do through Big Brother to make us safe again, when what he did was the one public policy decision he had, the ability to try to make it better, he made it hugely worse by sending people with coronavirus back to nursing homes.
Almost half the people who died in New Jersey and New York died because of that public policy decision and died in nursing homes.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
Joining us now is Vince Agnelli.
He's in Virginia and I've talked to him before about efforts to try to rebuild structures from the ground up and Vince has been looking at what is happening in Virginia up close.
And it's not only the games that are being played by Ralph Northam and the Democrat Party, the moves that they're making to try to do gun confiscation, but it's also some curious things that are not being done by the GOP.
And so I wanted to get Vince on to talk about this.
His website, by the way, if you want to see.
I don't
As I've said for quite some time, things have become completely corrupt in Washington.
We've got to get past this mindset that we're going to be able to fix things from Washington.
Washington is the problem!
Ronald Reagan said that a long time ago, and that is absolutely true now.
The swamp and the bureaucratic institutions that are there, as we've seen through the Trump administration, they are so entrenched, so powerful, you're not going to be able to get one person or even a few people that are going to be able to go in there and change that.
It has to be cut off and rebuilt from the bottom up, not saved from the top down.
So joining us now is Vince Agnelli.
Thank you for joining us, Vince.
Thank you for having me on, David.
Let's talk a little bit about what's going on in Virginia because it just came out in the news today that Northam is, of course, giving illegals the ability to get driver's licenses there in Virginia.
I guess that's a prelude for voting, right?
Well, that's a prelude for a lot of things.
Number one, it certainly takes a lot of the money that people pay in taxes for their roads or for snow getting plowed.
All that good stuff goes to something else.
But they don't pay for it, and they didn't vote for it.
And so we see that these are the types of tricks that we're all familiar with at this point.
You know, in North Carolina, where I live for a long period of time, we had the earliest and longest voting period.
You didn't even have to show a driver's license.
You could just go in with a name and address, and they had a printout there.
And in the 2012 election, a friend of my brother-in-law's went in to vote and they said, sorry, you've already voted.
And so is this other person at this address.
And so, well, that's my mother.
She's been dead for several years.
But, you know, you don't have any... And he didn't report that.
He didn't want to come on the show and talk about that.
And so, you know, the left tells us and the Democrat press tells us that never happens.
But it does.
The registrars in Virginia are not even really... They're loosely affiliated and tied.
And they can do whatever they want to do.
That includes not investigate fraud when it comes before them.
We've seen that happen.
Now, let's talk a little bit about what's going on in terms of the GOP not running.
You pointed this out to me before.
It's one of the reasons I had you on to talk about this.
Everybody talked about the big blue wave in Virginia, yet you pointed out that the GOP didn't even field candidates in enough jurisdictions, enough to have a majority, even if all of them won, they would still have been a minority party.
What is happening this time?
Well, we have that document.
That's up on the website.
You'll see it, Report on Election Irregularities.
People can read that.
And what I decided to do was take a look at the races for Virginia's congressional seats as they're coming up.
Of course, this is being a big year.
And for the first time in decades, the Virginia Republican Party has decided to run candidates in all of the districts.
Well, if you go ahead and look at the polling, they poll that there are three races in Virginia that are close.
And two of them have always been questionable, or I would say stolen.
And another one's probably going to slip away, back to the Democrats.
Honestly, if you take a look at the new laws in Virginia for voting, and I believe the three days beyond the end of the election allows them to still put in absentee ballots.
There are so many of these crazy laws now that there will never be a so-called Republican to run the state.
Yeah, and your suspicion was, and I think it's likely true, that they're really, you know, they're kind of the controlled opposition, the GOP, at this point.
They were kind of halfway pushing toward this, and we've talked about that a couple of times.
I've mentioned it a couple of times on air.
You've been on air talking about that.
So now they're going to put candidates up in every one of these jurisdictions, but it still really isn't going to happen, is it?
That's right.
When they lose, they'll turn around and say, well, you see, it doesn't matter if we put somebody in a race or not.
We know where we can win and Virginia is all blue.
That's just not the case.
So what do we do at this point?
I mean, we've got the federal government is really gone.
Many state governments are as well.
What do we do to rebuild this?
What's the new Virginia plan?
Well, as you point out, people keep pointing to the president must do this.
The president must do that.
It's not his job to start with.
That's right.
And the parties are the ones who decide who they're going to put into these seats, and they won't let the regular people run for office.
You know that.
You've tried that yourself.
You know how difficult that is.
That's right.
And the only way you can control this is to get hold of your government.
If you have to do it locally, then you have to do it locally.
But for us in Virginia, looking at the Second Amendment sanctuary map that was put out
to go.
And that's one of the things that I'm concerned about.
You know, we talk about, well, you know, we need to, we've got a problem here.
And whatever the problem is, maybe it's your own personal drug addiction.
Well, we need to have the federal government solve this for me.
And now we're looking at the situation that's been manufactured by Democrats in many of these progressive cities, where they are, Portland is the best example, I think, where you have both the mayor as well as the governor, Portland and Seattle, all of them are saying, no, we want this to happen.
You know, get rid of the police.
We want, you know, antifa on the streets burning and rioting.
And we don't want any law or order here.
And people are looking at this and saying, well, we need to fix this and we need to fix it with the federal government and we need to have the president send troops in.
That's a very dangerous precedent because at some point in time, and it may not be too far off, we're going to wind up with a radical left Democrat as president.
And what are they going to do about guns, Vince?
Yes, everything you've said paves the way for the next person in office.
And that's exactly what they're going to do.
They're going to exercise that power, flex that muscle.
And when the Bundys of the world get out there and say, this is our land, they're going to say, well, you know what?
The last president said no, and we're just going to come in and take it.
That's right.
So this all begins with us developing an attitude of self-responsibility and taking charge for things to push towards our own individual liberty as a community.
Not, you know, to act collectively for individual liberty and to do it at the local level.
We have to understand
We have to understand what the globalist agenda is, but we have to act locally.
The left got that right.
They said, think globally and act locally.
Well, we have to understand and not think that we're going to get these problems, you know, we're going to change the world.
But we have to just say we're going to cut off this globalism and we're going to take this back locally.
What are you doing with the new Virginia plan?
What we are doing is, it's word of mouth.
If you go to the website, you'll see that there's no email contact there because we don't want keyboard warriors.
People have to go face-to-face.
That's good.
We've decided to give or share our documentation, our beliefs with everyone on the website, print them out, take them with you, go talk to your neighbors, go talk to people you know around your county or your town.
And if you want to get together and repeat, the only really proven way of doing this
Through what the founders did.
There's your work.
It's all cut out for you.
The Democratic Party, Antifa, and other leftist groups are all over Twitter, all over Facebook, putting out tweets with hundreds of thousands and even millions of views, showing clips of myself in the rotoscoped film, A Scanner Darkly, with Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, a bunch of other people.
And I actually consulted on that film.
I actually recommended that scene, something that's not actually in the book by Philip K. Dick, where the black man pulls up and grabs me and throws me in it.
And takes me away.
Now, I basically, as a consultant on the film, came up with that, because at the time, in the early 2000s, we found federal documents where Bush, and this had all been going on under Clinton, was preparing, basically snatching grab teams of federal officers around the country to go and grab protesters off the streets and disappear them.
And so, the tweets are out there going, look, Jones warned about all this exactly,
And now it's happening.
He's a horrible person.
No, that's not what's happening.
The federal and state governments, if they're for, of, and by the people, and are run according to the Constitution, are transparent or a good thing.
And so I'm not an enemy of the federal government or the state government or the police.
I was an enemy of them being taught U.N.
brainwashing, being taught plans to put people in re-education camps, being taught plans to take on constitutional, quote, terrorists, and run
Gun confiscation operations.
When I learned about these programs going on, I exposed them on air and also in film in places like A Scanner Darkly.
It's time to realize that we're being enslaved!
Uh-oh, it's our tax dollars at work!
Protect us from ourselves!
Hey guys, I used to be one of you!
Stop selling out your own species!
So now the establishment globalist media, bought and paid for by the communist Chinese and others, that openly say the country shouldn't even exist, are showing videos of black vans with federal police in camo uniforms and gas masks, very dystopic,
Grabbing people off the street and putting them into vans.
They're then taken, they're questioned, they're either released or they are put in jail and indicted.
Now, yes, this is a dystopic image.
But understand something.
The globalists have created the riots and created the destabilization in their dialectic.
So they can now respond with federal force.
And then once the globalists take full control of the country, they'll have the police state in place that they help bring in by the terrorism they generated.
And that's the most important part of this breakdown.
The media is not showing you
The Communist Antifa funded by Soros and Alexander Soros publicly with hatchets and clubs breaking into the federal courthouse.
They're not showing you footage of them setting fire to the courthouse or to the local police station.
They're not showing you footage of them attacking the federal officers in mass and trying to kill them or shooting lasers into their eyes.
They're saying
Peaceful demonstrators are out here, and the police are attacking them for no reason.
And the feds shouldn't be here.
It's not their jurisdiction.
It is their jurisdiction when they continue to attack the federal building.
Just like Tim Pool, who was part of Occupy Wall Street.
Famous reporter from that, he's a liberal, said, stop attacking the federal courthouse.
The feds have a right to exist.
Them existing is not illegal.
And if you stop attacking the courthouse, this will all end.
Because that's the truth.
So again,
Yes, I predicted black vans grabbing people.
That's how this works.
And yes, it's now happening, but they're being released or they're being charged.
It's the disappear part that is the authoritarianism.
Let me tell you who's disappearing.
It's people that drive up to anti-fund BLM checkpoints in Provo, Utah and places in Colorado and New York.
And Texas who get shot in the head because they're white and they go into comas and they die.
It's people dying from the knockout game.
Whites are now 12 times more likely to be attacked by blacks because of this whole atmosphere saying kill a whitey for mommy instead of kill a commie for mommy.
This is what the corporate media and the establishment have created.
You have lawless anarchists
Funded by the Globalist, running around, physically attacking people, beating up people that have children with them, stealing people's cars, dragging people out of their vehicles, hitting people in the head with hammers.
It's been going on for years, and the corporate media defends it, and says that it's a good group and that we should support them.
And now they're out in the streets with guns, saying they're getting ready to start killing people.
When we march with guns, it's for self-defense to point out we have that right.
We don't say, we're going to start a violent revolution and offensively start killing people.
The individuals that start the war are the bad guys.
And so they're running an adjupropt operation trying to manipulate Trump into having an over-response so the media can then say all these people are victims being oppressed by a police state, when they are the ones that have created this lawless atmosphere.
But then if Trump doesn't respond, it only emboldens these groups more to take even more action, and that's how this dialectic and psychological operation works.
This is all building.
In a massive massive way towards the overthrow of the federal and state governments and a UN government coming in that will oversee the United States and actually break it into subdivisions that are controlled along ethnic lines.
This is the real plan.
Now here I am several years ago in the podcast studio predicting and breaking all of us down yet again and you see it coming true.
We can stop it if we're aware of it.
They have now been for over a year and a half trying to foment insurrection and civil war in this country and have been trying to push the narrative that President Trump is somehow a Russian agent.
They have intensified their calls for him to be killed or for him to be removed under the 25th Amendment or under a military coup on MSNBC, CNN, and every other major channel.
I am afraid for my nation.
I'm afraid for my family.
I personally am not afraid myself.
I am afraid for the society that doesn't deserve President Trump.
Trump has put himself in the center of unprecedented attacks in history, unprecedented lies, unprecedented deception, and they are now launching the ignition phase.
You can smell it.
You can see it.
They're admitting it to remove President Trump by this fall.
They are now back on television, not just at policy forums, but on mainline TV saying, overthrow him U.S.
They have all of their Democrat operatives, Alexandria, Cortez and others, we'll play this in a moment, saying, occupy federal buildings, occupy ICE, occupy the border, blow off the doors of the castle.
We have to occupy all of it.
We need to occupy every airport, we need to occupy every border, we need to occupy every ICE office.
We are here trying to save the country.
We have to repudiate Antifa and BLM as globalist organs of revolution that work for the Democratic Party and the Chi-Coms.
We must support the President and federal law enforcement when they're carrying out constitutional duties.
When the Feds attacked Waco and murdered those people, that was wrong.
They offensively attacked them for PR.
It blew up in their face.
That's evil.
Those were Nazis, in my view.
Those were evil people that did that.
Misguided fools, some of them, and most of them really bad, out of control.
We're back here.
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is in peak condition as well and uh... we were warned about this going back into march we had the former head of the uh... fda as well as the uh... i'm sorry former head of the cdc uh... for den as well as a scientist at the n i h also joining in with everybody the natural uh... health
We'll be right back.
We have crippled the economy.
That's what Rand Paul says.
I said from the very beginning, I said the worst possible thing we could do would be to follow the example of China.
You know, I think that there was certainly an attempt to make a bioweapon and fortunately it turns out that it wasn't as deadly as perhaps they had hoped when Fauci helped to fund that as he did at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
But I said, as people were saying, we got to lock everything down because this is an engineered bioweapon.
I said, look, let's hope that this isn't as dangerous as it possibly could be.
But I said,
If we follow the Chinese pattern and we lock down our economy, that will destroy us.
It's not going to save that.
It's like the war on drugs.
You got a real problem?
Well, let's try this thing over here.
We got a fire?
I got some liquid over here in the bucket.
Let's throw that on.
Let's not look to see whether that's water or gasoline.
And even if it's water, that might not be the right thing for that particular type of fire, right?
So you need to know what you're doing before you just throw this out there.
And I've seen this as the radical left pushes these quote-unquote solutions over and over again.
Or the right pushing solutions, quote-unquote.
I've seen this refrain used over and over again.
We've got to do something.
This is a problem.
We've got to do something.
Just do it now.
I don't care what this is.
And I've heard people saying that at the speaking in favor of Hillary Care back in the early nineties as I was speaking against it.
Getting jeered at because I talked about freedom and I talked about charity and some of these other cases and things that we could do to make it more of a free market.
I was jeered
By the Democrats, because of the Democrat-run meeting.
It was a gerrymandered district for a Democrat there in North Carolina.
But I'm seeing the same type of thing here with the economy.
And Rand Paul is exactly right.
The lockdowns were a big mistake.
We know that now.
And yet, the Republican Party, under Mitch McConnell, is now pushing even more.
Another trillion dollars, right?
It was, you had the Office of Management and Budget was saying at the beginning of 2019, we're going to have a deficit of a trillion dollars.
We can't do that.
This country will go bankrupt if we do that on an annual basis.
Now we have every month we're throwing in another trillion dollars.
So the Tea Party is rising up against McConnell.
Rand Paul is saying it's wrong.
We have Chuck Baldwin saying this is a
Power elite are in the process of turning the world upside down.
They're destroying our banking system, our educational system, our transportation system, our religious system, our health system, our economic system, our entertainment system, our political system, our retirement system, our legal system.
In other words, they're destroying our liberty.
In a word, our liberty.
Because every one of those things
Came from our God-given liberty that was protected by the Constitution.
They're destroying the Constitution and every aspect of that.
Let me just pull this down into one aspect here, because we've only got about a minute and a half left in this segment.
The AI Robo Barber.
Cutting hair in post-COVID world.
Now, the Terminator robots may be coming after you.
You look at these Boston Dynamic robots.
They look like they could kill.
Look like they're designed to do that.
It was part of a DARPA program.
But it may not be the Terminator robot that's going to come in and shoot you.
Instead, they may just kill your job and leave you to commit suicide.
Because when we look at what is happening, the fear
And how the government has been able to turn us against each other.
And I'm not just talking about Republican vs. Democrat, Black vs. White.
But you're afraid of all humans out there, aren't you?
You hear somebody sneeze and you're afraid.
And so you want a robot to cook your meal?
You want a robot to deliver your meal?
You want a robot to cut your hair?
That's what they're talking about here.
Yeah, it's not essential to have barber shops, but it's essential enough for these people to spend a lot of R&D to create a robot to do that to replace the humans, because that's what is actually essential.
And it's not just replacing the cooks and the barbers.
It's also replacing the doctors and the lawyers.
70% of them, according to a South Korean study.
They're just using the virus as an excuse, so you don't pull out the guillotines and come after them.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Is President Trump playing 3D chess?
Or is he being blackmailed somehow by the Deep State?
Because make no mistake, Bill Gates and the Globalist are the world government, you and Deep State.
They are the individuals setting up a corporate planetary government to carry out eugenics.
That is on record.
What has happened to President Trump?
Has he been captured?
Has he been compromised?
You try to warn us about this pandemic and we didn't listen.
What's the next thing you're warning us about that's going to happen five years from now that we're not listening to at the present?
Well, I didn't want to be right.
What I wanted to do was... I understand.
I'm not saying you won.
Everybody loses.
Nobody wins with us.
And I'm not saying that this is not an end zone dance.
I'm just saying, what else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be picked.
Now the good news is, not going to depress you, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Well, um, Mr. Gates, thanks so much for being here.
Thanks so much for the efforts you and your organization are doing to try to find the cure for this.
And, uh, we'll see you again.
Stay safe.
All right.
Great talk.
Give our best to everybody else in the bunker.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have looked at all the angles of what President Trump is doing.
Pulling us out of Afghanistan.
Pulling us out of Syria.
Pulling us out of the WHO.
Saying Americanism, not globalism.
Standing up to Communist China and the terrible things they've done in one-sided trade deals.
Working with the CFR to de-industrialize and economically defeat America.
And the hundreds of other great things he's done.
Marching in pro-life rallies.
Something the Republican president has done.
The list goes on and on.
But now, with what he's
I think?
As I keep mentioning in that famous interview two and a half months ago with Colbert, is that this was just a beta test.
He said this was really just a drill.
This was really just a drill.
The next big one's coming, it's going to be terrorists with a bioweapon.
You see, that's what's really going on here, where they infect everyone with a certain type of coronavirus that's indistinguishable from others, so everybody suspects, and then they roll out other versions of it that are actually more deadly.
And I've studied him so long that I predicted Gates would make announcements like that before he did.
It's just, it's thousands and thousands of data points.
And so I think Trump realizes the trap is set, that if he keeps saying the virus isn't deadly and isn't a problem, when again, this phase of it is a hoax just to get us under lockdown, that when they release the real one, and the deaths incredibly spike, that they're going to blame him.
But they're going to do that regardless.
The way to expose it is to go in and bring out the information about the Wuhan lab, about the Chai comms, about Obama.
And Fauci engaged in 2015 transferring it over there.
Don't just expose it as a Chinese virus.
Expose it as a globalist virus, a UN virus.
And then they won't be able to continue to do that because they'll have to back down.
But Trump took the middle road, I guess from his advisors.
Just a week ago he was doing the right thing exposing them.
I don't
The governor capitulating in Texas and becoming a footstool of the U.N.
and Gavin Newsom and the U.N.
and the whole New World Order situation and Fauci.
And so now it's happened.
And it's just a total, absolute, complete crisis.
And it's up to all of us, up to all of us to decide whether we're going to be free or slaves, because this is just the beginning.
COVID-19 is the agenda for the total post-human technocracy globalist takeover, in their own words.
Back-to-day-but-not-live transmission broadcasting worldwide.
God bless you all.
You are the Paul Reveres.
Without you, we have no chance.
I'm not trying to scare everybody.
I'm just laying the facts out.
The good news is I am seeing a giant awakening, but people aren't speaking up that are awake.
They're just sitting there and taking it.
It's not enough to be awake.
You have to take action with the knowledge.
Paul Revere didn't just see the British Redcoats coming.
He had to make that ride and raise the alarm and say no.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms glued to their televisions too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think- NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with a good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time.
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
And again, it's looking exactly like a Simpsons episode.
Whenever we do a Simpsons episode, or we have the Babylon beat, it doesn't take very long for the pseudo-reality that's been created for us by Fauci and others to catch up and to surpass that.
We have Fauci holding court again.
Saying, you know, we're living right now through a historic pandemic outbreak.
Right now.
We do not see any particular end in sight.
It's the perfect storm.
Your worst nightmare.
It is our worst nightmare.
And his dream come true.
He says, I've never seen an infection in which it has such a broad range, literally nothing, namely no symptoms at all, all the way to people who we pull out of the nursing home, we put them in the hospital, stick them on a ventilator and they die.
Yeah, imagine that.
Imagine that if you use a PCR test, which was not intended for that purpose, imagine if you use a test which identifies people with any kind of cold to have that, and imagine if you withhold treatment from them.
You know, you heard in that little puff piece that was done for Bill Gates, he said, well, you know, thank you so much, Bill, for the, we're looking for a cure.
Well, vaccine's not a cure, right?
Vaccines don't cure you.
They don't even claim they cure you.
They claim that they prevent you from getting the disease.
It doesn't cure you once you have the disease.
And they want to shut down any discussion at all of anything that is a proven cure, especially if it's cheap.
You heard when Trump was talking to that Fox doctor that was sent down because, again, they have to do a segment.
It was sad to see the embarrassed look on Tucker's face when he had to throw to that package.
It was a shameful piece of big pharma propaganda done by a Fox doctor and President Trump, pushing vaccines, pushing remdesivir.
This is a failed drug by Gilead Pharmaceutical that Fauci has pushed for the Ebola outbreak.
He pushed it before that for AIDS.
And it was never proven, and as a matter of fact, they had some tests for this particular thing, for COVID-19 in China.
They showed that it was absolutely ineffective.
They had more people die that they gave to it than survived.
And they pulled that down after just a couple of hours being up on the WHO, that Chinese study.
And a week later, Fauci releases a non-reviewed study that shows a slight, a slight advantage for it.
And then he pronounces, this is now the new standard.
And he's got Trump saying that as well, because they don't want you to take simple, safe, effective, and affordable non-patented things to cure it.
They're literally killing people.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Welcome back, this is David Knight, and on my program in the morning, I had Al Waddell
He's a pastor in Montana.
I've talked to a lot of different pastors because I think the key to all of this is we have to have leaders at the local community level.
I think the solution to what is going on in these various places is not for President Trump to use the military.
Not for them to nationalize the police force even further.
And I think the solution is that we have constitutional sheriffs, that we have law enforcement officers who take their oath to the Constitution seriously, but I think it's also important that we have pastors
Who will lead people and not allow them to be gaslighted to say that they have to obey orders that are not constitutional.
Because the Constitution is the real authority in this country, not a temporarily elected politician.
And so I want to see a grassroots, a ground-up response to this.
We need to start rebuilding our communities rather than continually looking to Washington for solutions.
That is doomed to failure.
That is what has gotten us to the position that we're in right now.
Our passivity, our voyeurism, our delegation of our own responsibilities to other people is what has been destroying our individual liberty.
And so I talked to a lot of different pastors and I wanted to get on Al Waddell again.
Thank you for joining us, Al.
Tell us what's going on in Montana.
Well, the
The governor, of course, about five days ago or six days ago, issued an order mandating that all places of business require a mask.
Now, what most places don't realize is, because they haven't even read the mandate or the order, there are numerous exceptions to his order.
I think there are nine of them.
And the last exception is that if you have a
I don't
They just don't get it.
That's right.
And we've witnessed that as well.
And it is kind of a gradually escalating thing because when Abbott here in Texas started doing that, they started carving out a few exceptions like you're talking about for your health and so forth.
And yet when you go to Costco, for example, my wife goes there and says, I can't wear it because of health.
Well, what is your health issue?
It's none of your business what my health issue is.
And then it gets to the next stage, which I've had employees of airlines contact me and say, particularly Delta, they said, well now Delta is going to tell passengers who say they have a medical condition and they can't do this, they're going to have to get on the phone with a subcontractor of ours
Yes, David, that's exactly correct.
And when I go out,
I would say that about 90% of the people that I see walking around, not even in a store, are now wearing a mask.
And as you're talking, I know you're not, we've got an audio feed on you, as you're talking, they're running some video feed of encounters that people have shown where they go into a store and the customers there are so gaslighted by all this that not only do they have masks on, but you've got customers who are ramming their shopping carts into another one because she doesn't have a mask on.
They're getting physically violent with people.
That's right.
I wrote a letter to the governor and I told him, I said, what you've done, you have turned Montanans against each other.
And of course, that's the plan.
The plan is not to use the police.
The plan is to use your next door neighbor.
That's right.
Your next-door neighbor, to make sure that you do not, you're not able to go into any retail spaces because these national retailers control and own everything.
It's the same thing they did on the internet, on social media.
Now they're rolling that out to the physical spaces that they now control.
They say, well, we own it.
We own everything in America.
And so now you can do what we have to say.
I mean, this is the way this is rolling out at this point, isn't it?
You know, to speak to what you just said about
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and what people should be concentrating on here.
When I go out, I take with me the Constitution in my pocket.
I take with me the governor's order, Xeroxed.
And when I have the opportunity, I use that and say, look, read this.
This is what it says.
And then I try to explain as best I can as a testimony to them what the truth is.
And we talked a little bit about this in the last interview that you had with me.
It's up to the people that are, people like pastors and preachers, to explain this to their people.
I think back to Moses Mather, who was a New England, he came from a New England family of preachers, graduated from Yale in 1739.
And he published a sermon called America's Appeal to the Impartial World, and he wrote this.
He said, The English, to their immortal honor, claimed unalienable rights, and to transmit them to austerity, caused them to be reduced to writing, and in a most solemn manner to be confirmed by King John at Westminster Hall, where Magna Carta was read in the presence of bishops with lighted candles in their hands.
Yeah, exactly.
That established the principle that the king was not above the law.
And yet, you're not going to be able to get that across to any of these college, quote-unquote, educated people today.
They don't want to hear anything about history or about the rule of law.
For them, if you disagree with them, you have to be purged out of existence.
All of them have become little petty absolute monarchs, haven't they?
Yes, they have.
And these little monarchs
And the greater monarchs, which makes me think of... Have you ever heard of the Magdeburg Confession?
No, I haven't.
Well, in 968, the Archbishop of Magdeburg, Germany, was established as a Roman Catholic principality, and the senior Catholic prelate there ruled the town and all the lands around it in every manner, worldly and spiritual, or under his control.
So then, along comes the Protestant Reformation, and the citizens of Magdeburg turn Protestant.
And one of the results was that Magdeburg citizens then refused to obey the order to pay taxes to the Catholic Emperor Charles V. And that got the city attacked.
So in the uproar, just prior to the city entering a 13-month siege by the Emperor,
The Reformation pastors of Magdeburg wrote and signed what was called the Magdeburg Confession.
All right, we've got to take a break and we'll get that Magdeburg Confession when we come back.
We're talking to Al Waddell, and we're also going to talk about a very interesting story he has about the attack on Pearl Harbor.
He talked to someone who was involved on the Japanese side of that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
You know, human nature doesn't change.
It's one of the reasons why it's so important to look at history and to learn lessons from history.
Because human nature doesn't change even though we are faced with weapons that mankind has never seen before.
It's all the more important for us to understand the nature of power, how it corrupts, and human nature.
And that's why I believe that it is imperative for pastors to take the lead and to educate the people that are around them as to the kinds of threats that they're about to face.
And to understand how to deal with these threats.
I mean, it's the same, you know, what we're talking about here in terms of an educational standpoint is as imperative as defending life if somebody were to come into your group with a firearm and to start shooting people.
I mean, you have to be able to defend the principles that are now under attack with all kinds of weapons.
And we were just talking to Al Waddell, and we had to interrupt what he was having to say with a commercial break.
You were talking about the Magdeburg Confession, and I want to get into that as well.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
People need to understand how, in centuries past, political power was concentrated
I think?
There's a very famous palace there that everybody who has seen Sound of Music, and pretty much everybody has, the beautiful palace there called Mirabelle Palace.
They have gardens there.
That's where Julie Andrews and the kids were playing in the clothes that she made out of curtains and so forth, right?
And that was a palace that was built
By the Catholic Church official who essentially controlled that city.
It was a very wealthy city because they had salt mines.
That's why it was called Salzburg.
And that was a very valuable commodity in those days.
And so you'd have people who worked in the salt mines and they would pay taxes to this official.
And he, although he was supposed to be celibate, he was not very discreet about his affair with his mistress.
As a matter of fact, it was for his mistress that he built that phenomenal Mirabel Palace, and I had the privilege to attend a concert there in the Marble Hall concert area.
But tell us about what happened in Magdeburg as part of that confession, Al.
Go ahead and continue your story.
Okay, before I do that, just one clarification here.
I am no longer a pastor.
I've pastored big churches and small churches.
I'm retired now, and I'm a preacher.
That's what I've been since I started.
I'm a preacher, just to clarify that.
Okay, now back to the confession.
Preach it out.
You got the floor, go ahead and preach it.
All right.
In fact, most of my churches, they never called me pastor, they would call me preacher.
That's good.
They referred to me as a preacher.
Anyway, the confession is extremely important because it sets forth in a doctrinal format what later came to be known as the, this is the important part of this, the doctrine of the lesser magistrate.
The lesser magistrate doctrine declares that when the higher or superior authority makes an unjust or immoral law or decree, the lower or lesser magistrate has both the right and duty to refuse obedience to the superior authority.
And if necessary, that lesser authority even has the right, even the obligation, to actually resist
and oppose the superior authority.
Now, I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about.
When I was a pastor in Tucson, the federal government came after me and charged me with a violation of a machine gun, having an unregistered machine gun, which I didn't have, but that's the story they made up.
So the lesser authority is the state of Arizona.
And the state of Arizona had no rules, regulations or anything regulating the ownership of a machine gun.
So at that point, the state of Arizona being a lesser authority should have stepped in and reprimanded the higher authority.
The federal government said, get out of our backyard.
Now, and of course, I know you know this because you quote it all the time.
Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, you can't find anything in that article that says the federal government has any right whatsoever to legislate in the area of firearms and a whole bunch of other things.
So that, and just so that you get it, not you, but the loyal you out there,
They put amendments to the Constitution and said, just so you're clear on this, here's a second amendment.
So this lesser authority, the state of Arizona, should have stepped in.
There are other things to say about that, but they have a duty to do this.
And so these Reformation pastors declared that the idea of unlimited submission to the state
was an invention of the devil.
And they asserted that, that all authority is delegated from God, and that being the case, if the one in authority makes commands contrary to the law of God or the Word of God, those subject to his authority have a right not to obey, and a duty to actively resist.
And those pastors... I'll give you an example.
Let us take an example concerning a father of a family.
If he should come to his wife or grown daughters in his house with some scoundrels in an obvious attempt to prostitute them, then his wife and daughters not only would not render their husband and father
We're good to go.
Yeah, exactly.
And when we look at this, you know, we talk about different spheres of authority, and I think people understand that when you have a situation, you have a physically abusive father, then it is up to some other
We're good to go.
Underscored by the fact that civil authorities are themselves under the Constitution.
So they're not only acting evil, but they're acting in a way that is in direct violation of the Constitution when they impose these types of regulations on us under the presumption of protecting us for our own good from this mysterious disease.
That's right.
They have no authority in that area.
I mean, let's somebody step forward and say,
Tell me where in the Constitution a medical man can come forward and start promulgating rules and regulations for how you live.
Those pastors that I was talking about during the Reformation, they made their point that no one, not one person, no one in authority, whether in family, church, or civil government, holds his authority autonomously.
It's designated and delegated to them from God, and the authority therefore makes the law, makes law.
We're good to go.
We got one more segment.
And I was a bit confused.
I have to apologize to the listeners and Al because I thought we were at the very end of the show.
I let Al go.
It was too late for us to get him back.
I was packing up and Daria said, hey, you got one more segment here.
It's like, oh, oh, okay.
That's great.
News to tell you, but I did really want to allow Al to finish that.
We will have him finish that on the morning show, by the way.
And my morning show runs the three hours before this one begins.
You can find me on Twitter, by the way, at LibertyTarian, also on Parler, because I know that my Twitter days are numbered.
And they have shown me that in every way possible, that they're going to be kicking me off of Twitter.
So you can also find me on Parler.
And if you want to communicate with me, if you want to give me, if you want to throw bricks at me or flowers, either way, or if you have some, most importantly, if you have some news that you want to pass on to me that you think is important, you can email me.
The best way to get a hold of me is davidknightshow at protonmail.com.
That has a little bit of privacy.
Of course nothing, that's encoded, but of course nothing is private if the government wants to intrude on your privacy.
Before we went to Al, I was going to talk about, we ran out of time in that segment, I was going to talk about the fact that the mainstream media, especially CNN, does not want you to know about a cure.
And you saw the interview of Bill Gates.
And, you know, he was a puff interview there.
Oh, well, you know, I hope we get that vaccine cure pretty soon.
Well, it's not going to be a cure.
That's going to be your passport to travel.
There's Colbert interviewing him.
Oh, thank you so much, Your Majesty, for the cure that you're working on.
And, you know, he's described as a philanthropist and he said that he's going to give $100 million to help produce a vaccine.
That will be simply a drop in the bucket.
Compared to not only his wealth, but also to what Operation Warp Speed is doing.
As a matter of fact, Bill Gates warns multiple coronavirus vaccine doses are likely to be needed and schools should stay closed for another year.
Another indication that this is a plandemic, because where has Bill Gates focused all of his time on besides vaccines, has been about education.
Big pusher of Common Core and a big pusher of making sure that you get your education online via him.
And so he warns that it could take an, quote, unbelievably big number, unquote, an unbelievably big number of doses to beat the virus.
He says, now the vaccines at this point appear like they'll work with a single dose.
This was our hope at the very beginning and now they're selling opium.
These same pharmaceutical companies who pushed the opium epidemic on you are now pushing the opium epidemic.
This hope that they use to jack up their stocks and make money to be able to get, as Bill Gates gave $20 million to Moderna, Operation Warp Speed under President Trump has now given them over $450 million.
Over 450 million dollars.
Because, you know, when you have the Federal Reserve behind you, you've got even more money than the second richest man in the world, described by The Sun in the UK as a philanthropist.
And he's going to use 0.3% of his wealth.
This philanthropist.
Boy, this guy, I tell you what, he doesn't pitch pennies when it comes to saving the world, does he?
Kind of like the case fatality rate of the flu, even though here in Texas, you know, the case fatality rate was 0.3% a couple of years ago.
The last two years, one year it was 0.3%, the other year it was 0.4%.
What is the case fatality rate of COVID? 0.1%.
So they were three to four times worse than the fatality rate of the previous flu epidemics that we had here.
Did you notice when we shut down the world in 2019, 2018?
No, no.
But Gates goes on to say that the closures of the school are the biggest cost of the pandemic.
And he says more should be done to help schools take learning online to ensure that kids get their education.
So there we go, and everyone is dancing to his tune, aren't they?
You know, Fauci's dancing to it.
And Fauci is using the numbers to gaslight us.
You know, Fauci is, as the Mises Institute says, the COVID panic is a lesson to use statistics, how to use statistics to get your own way in politics.
That's right, statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics.
And here's how they use them.
Fauci is a case model for this.
As the Mises Institute points out, it's unlikely that pundits, politicians, and the general public have ever been so obsessed with numbers.
Numbers as they are right now.
Because, you know, that's what Fauci says.
He's not in control.
He's not in control.
It's the numbers that's in control.
We're going to have to see if there's a sage here who had to look at the numbers.
Well, how do they look at the numbers?
As Mises points out, the numbers have become the focal point of political careers.
In this time of emergency, rule by decree.
Decrees may unilaterally close businesses, cut off people from medical procedures, of course, ban religious gatherings, even attempt to confine people to their own homes.
Lives and livelihoods are destroyed.
But the number becomes a standard by which all behaviors judge.
Will activity X increase or will it decrease the number?
For those who wish to engage in Activity Z, they must first prove that it will not increase the number.
Nothing shall be allowed that does not have a good effect on the number.
The number in question depends on what you want to measure.
And of course they continually change the metric, don't they?
It's kind of like when you talk about property taxes.
You know, you got one number there, which is the amount of money that you send in.
But that's based on two different numbers, isn't it?
It's based on the evaluation of your property as well as the rate, the millage rate, the tax rate per thousand.
And the way that they always play that game is they come back and they say, well, you know, we haven't changed the rate for quite some time, so we're going to change the rate this year.
But we're not going to change your
We're good to go.
And so as they point out, things could get even more lump-sided if one number is being continually updated in real time while another number is only updated occasionally.
And that's precisely what they're doing, of course.
Just like they play the game for property tax.
They say, well, we're going to look at the rate, or we're going to look at the appraisal.
What they're doing is they're looking at the total number of cases based on tests, or they're looking at the case fatality rate.
And by the way, they're cooking both of those numbers.
But I think the best example of all of this
is how freaked out this CNN anchor Brianna Kyler gets when a Trump communication director, Tim Murtaugh, went on the other day and started talking about hydroxychloroquine.
I want to play a little bit of this for you and I want you to see how upset she gets about this.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip.
You accused the president of murder because he encouraged people.
Well, you're on here talking about hydroxychloroquine.
I think you're doing a real disservice to the health of Americans.
I mean, if you're going to come on here and talk about how this is a good treatment, when doctors have said, no it's not, and studies have been canceled because it's so dangerous.
Dr. Fauci himself.
Dr. Fauci himself has said he would prescribe it.
Do you consider Dr. Fauci a danger to the American people?
I do not hear Dr. Fauci saying right now that people should be taking hydroxychloroquine.
He has been asked the direct question, would you prescribe it, and he said yes.
Go back and check your news archives.
I think you'll find that to be the case.
Tim, I think you're doing a real disservice to Americans.
I just want to be clear to everyone out there.
We've talked to a number of doctors and experts, including federal experts.
This is not something that you want to be playing with.
Studies have been cancelled because this stuff is so dangerous.
Tim Murtaugh, thank you for coming on.
It's good to see you.
You notice how they cannot allow this to happen.
You cannot get this out there.
We've got to wait for the vaccine because the vaccine is going to cure it.
No, we have cures.
We have a lot of different cures.
I mean, the asthma spray, right?
The Texas doctor said, oh, steroid?
That works?
Well, guess what?
Common asthma spray is a steroid and you can shoot it right down to the source of the fire, but it didn't stop there.
You had another CNN reporter, Kyle Felscher, said, well, maybe there's some interview out there with Fauci saying that before May 27th interview that he would prescribe hydroxychloroquine, but I sure can't find it.
So I said, alright, well, you know, he said this going back to 2005 and here's where the NIH
So that they knew that this is very effective, not only as a preventative, but also as treatment.
And I said, and by the way, there are many studies.
There's one meta-study that shows 105,000 patients in nine countries that shows a reduction of mortality by 300%.
If you need any help, Kyle, you can just watch my program in the morning.
Or you can pick up with
Mr. Begich, who is going to be continuing the show here for the fourth hour, stay with us, and Nick Begich will be right back.
All right, that's it for the broadcast.
Thank you for listening.
And welcome back, and it's good to be here this Friday morning in my part of the world, Friday afternoon in most of the country.
You know, just coming into the show, you know, when you come in and you're coming off of the other segments and you're listening to
You know, all the things going on in the world today.
It always amazes me that, you know, we're still here.
It's Friday afternoon.
We're still standing.
And that's because of everyone out there listening to this broadcast.
We appreciate you.
The network appreciates you.
Everyone that is part of this organization.
I know appreciates you because that's why we're able to come on and bring in the messages that we do.
I'm going to shift it up a little bit, and I want to start talking a little bit about some of the subjects that many have asked me to kind of get back into.
And I'm going to call this one the forgotten fifth, you know, the forgotten fifth, 20%.
Um, and that's the nation I'm talking about.
I'm talking about Alaska.
I'm going to talk about what we are, why, why this place is so important.
I'm going to talk about the history, a little bit of history, not a lot, but enough to kind of put a framework into what is happening here and what has happened here and what the opportunity is here because
What I'm talking about is the opportunity of a nation.
And when the United States prospers, the fact of the matter is the rest of the world does too.
And Alaska is a key to the balance sheet equation that many of us see for the country that's forgotten.
Alaska, when I say 20%, what do I mean by that?
From the land standpoint, the surface estate, the land itself, it represents 18% of the entire land mass of the country.
But we have less than a million people that live here.
What that means is that one less than one third of 1% less than one third of 1% of the population of the country is here, but 18% of the country is here in terms of the landmass.
Now, when you look at the coastal zone area that the United States takes jurisdiction over, which is a 200 mile limit stretching from the coastline out 200 miles.
Now, when you look at Alaska, if you look at a map, the coastline is really important.
The coastline of Alaska is bigger.
Then the East Coast of the United States and the West Coast of the United States and the Gulf Coast of the United States.
All three of the whole lower 48 states coastal areas combined are smaller than the coastal area of Alaska and the coastal area of Alaska extends 200 miles.
into the ocean.
So we're talking about over 20% of the entire landmass and resource base of the nation is in Alaska.
The forgotten fifth.
And why is it important for Americans to consider this?
What was the conditions in 1867, a couple years after the Civil War, with the country in ruins that drove the purchase of Alaska from Russia?
Now, you've got to kind of put yourself in that frame historically.
Country's still burning, smoldering from the war, things are getting reorganized, and people are looking at Alaska
And saying, Seward's Foley, right?
It was the Interior Secretary Seward.
And at the time, everyone was saying, what a ridiculous idea this is.
You know, the Russians already stripped out the wealth.
They came here in the 1700s and stripped out all the furs.
They found a little bit of copper, a little bit of gold, nothing too serious.
Nothing serious enough for them to want to hang on to something they had trouble hanging on to anyway.
And the reason they did is they never established any interior forts in Alaska.
And the right of conquest, if you will, and I kind of hate that phrase in a certain way, but the right of conquest said you had to establish forts and trading centers within the land that you're laying claim to and dominate the land.
And that was the philosophy over a hundred years ago, a couple hundred years ago.
But they never did that in Alaska because the Athabascans and others, when they went into the interior, they kind of burned their forts and sent them south.
They did establish forts on the coastal areas, and maybe they had title there.
I don't know.
That's still an argument to be had, but here's what happened.
They transfer it over.
They give every white man, because women didn't have the right to vote back then, if you remember, what they did is they gave every white American person residing in that territory the right to become a citizen within a very short bandwidth.
But not the indigenous peoples.
You know, four years ago we put out with Roger Stone a shirt that said rapist under the image of Bill Clinton.
But I think everybody should put out t-shirts that say medical tyrant in the image of Bill Gates.
Maybe t-shirts that say vaccine, his image under it, rapist.
Because that's what we're facing.
And notice he's telling you it's going to hurt or kill 700,000 people, his numbers.
And that he needs to be indemnified for liability.
I know everybody's pinching themselves because we've woken up
Inside a dystopic nightmare, but this is for real and we could see the preparation for all of this.
That's how we predicted it.
But let me just say this my daughter standing out in the woods just the other day looked at me and she said daddy.
I don't want to go home and take my nap at 2 o'clock.
It was like 1 30.
She said I want to stay awake because God's
The world that God built is so beautiful.
In those exact words.
And she had a little tear in her eye.
And she was feeling God's power in the universe.
Humans are incredible.
Yes, we're fallen and decadent.
Because we haven't been given the proper missions by other failed humans.
But God's got a mission for us.
And it is to people the stars.
So I am going to set up the Human Defense Force.
I thought about this decades ago, setting up a foundation.
The image would be a man with a club smashing a robot, but that's too primitive an image.
We need something that powers humanity and symbolizes us going interplanetary.
I'm not going to sit here while these corporatists who are control freaks create a model for us in the future and decide that we're obsolete.
Because as fallen as humanity is, the globalists are the most fallen of us all.
They project their own hatred of themselves onto us.
The spirit, the strength I feel around common people of every race, color, and creed is so fulfilling and so empowering.
It's like a pure, clean spring in the desert when you haven't had water for three days.
As I'll just say this right now, I will never sell out.
I will never back down.
I will never give in.
And that's not even hard to do because this is where I want to be.
It's not some special, altruistic, heroic thing to not sell out.
It's human.
And I'm going down with humanity.
And I know in the end, humanity will survive, there'll be a remnant, but billions will die.
Like Bob Marley said, the book must be fulfilled.
And I just feel really, really sad for those that think they've been on the right side and given into the dark side, given into the New World Order, because you're going to be destroyed.
You're going to be totally destroyed and be cut off from God, and that's hell in and of itself.
Being separated from God is hell.
And so I look at Bill Gates up there, staring at the camera with evil smiles and hatred because he knows he's revealed, letting us know he's coming for us.
Bill Gates, we're coming for you.
You've already been exposed.
You're coming at us to rape us with your deadly DNA vaccines to play God, to mark the flag of Monsanto that you own part of, to make us your chattel.
We tell you this will be your undoing, just like Hitler was able to take over.
Half of Europe before people started fighting back, and then most of Europe and part of Russia before humanity turned the tide.
You will end up in the ash heap of tyrants, and you will only be a tester of humanity, and you will only cause us to trigger that catalyst that overthrows your satanic system.
But as for me, I am with God, and that means I am with God's creation, humanity, and the entire book of Revelations, the entire book of Daniel, the entire book of Ezekiel, the entire book of Genesis is all interconnected, and it's all being manifest right now.
The servants of Satan are so fallen they believe that they can become Silicon Gods.
Somehow they can fix themselves when it's Christ's Spirit that can fix them and transcend them.
Only by becoming wedded with Christ can we pass over the bridge and be complete.
Not by serving Satan and the New World Order.
The fruits of the New World Order are pure death and destruction.
And everyone knows it.
It stinks to high heaven.
Every part of it is a lie and a betrayal.
So turn back, humanity.
Turn back from the New World Order.
And I want to encourage those.
We've been serving evil for whatever reason.
Turn back while there's still time.
If you can feel the Holy Spirit, if you can feel a calling, if you can even hear my voice and feel like you want to reach out and want to get out of what you're in, you don't have to reach out to Alex Jones.
You've got to reach out to God and say, God, show me how powerful you are.
Show me how you're the rule of the universe.
I'm weak.
I need you to help me.
I repent of what I've done.
I want to change.
And show me.
And the minute, the second you make that decision, it'll all turn.
But it's got to be legitimate.
It's got to be real.
And you'll know when it's real.
Come to Jesus.
It's the only way.
That was a little clip slid in for this segment from Alex.
Important clip.
Think about those words.
Think about that message in the context of today.
You know, we're in the middle of it.
And, you know, I'm talking
about a different topic today.
I'm switching it up a little bit because
At the end of all this, something happens, you know?
Are we gonna check out this time or is this thing gonna slow down and be punted forward?
Don't know.
Nobody knows the hour or the moment.
So I think we continue forward with the way we view life.
We look at these things that are in our way and we make sure that we're the obstacle to slow this process down and get hearts and minds connected again.
You know, so much of the messaging that comes out of InfoWars is really misunderstood.
And I went through some things locally the last few weeks.
And here's what I would say.
The rollout right now, the social messaging rollout that's happening nationally, it's happening here, too, here in Alaska.
All right.
That the Democratic Party and others have put out there as a way to agitate the public, to create unrest, and then capitalize on that unrest and that anger that's in the public.
But what they've done is they're taking this emotional wave and trying to redirect it into their queue.
And they tried it here locally on a couple of things recently.
It didn't work out so well.
In fact, what happened is they end up
Inflaming the public because what is obvious to the public, and this goes back to the last hour, talking about doing things local, not waiting for the federal government.
This is correct.
Take the actions when your local legislators or assembly members or council members, however you're constructed in your local government,
Actually have to look you in the eye.
Now what's happening this week, this coming week, is our our mayor again has shut down the public process so people can't get together and come to public meetings.
They're going to do them all virtually again.
Now what's the problem there?
Part of the public discourse is the public actually
Shaking hands with each other, okay?
Meeting each other personally.
That's how networks form in the political process.
You show up for the meeting, you meet all your neighbors, you find out you have a commonality, you group together.
That's the essence of the town square, ladies and gentlemen.
They're shutting it off and putting us behind microphones and screens so we can't do that anymore.
Because they know when it happens, we are very effective.
Because the balance between money
And politicians, you know what the scale of the politician's scale, the weight of the future for the politician's life cycle, it's people and pitchforks, and I'm not talking about talking about metaphorically, you know, people voicing themselves or money voicing itself.
And, you know, the people have been quiet for a very long time and we're not being quiet anymore.
The problem is the left is taking this frustration
And trying to shift it into anger and route that anger against a group of people, you and me, the average person who looks at the world way differently than a globalist does, who looks at the world way differently.
When, as Alex said in that last segment, when you look in your child's eyes and you hear the words from their mouth, the purity of that moment is captured and not forgotten.
And that's the human touch in it, you see.
That's where we
Come into each other's space.
We join with each other.
We recognize the divinity in each other and we begin to act on it.
We do that personally, one-to-one, touching each other.
This is the reality they're trying to strip away.
So we can't have that connection to one another, which connects us to the universal, which connects us really in a certain way to God, because we are under that one creation.
We're just waking up to remember it and remember how to get there and what we need to do.
And in the backdrop of all this, we have this push against us, against our humanity, against the creation.
That's what we feel the tension over.
Keep the resistance focused in the right way in the calm light of knowing that we hold the power of the chain.
So act with the authority that you already have.
Not in a mean, aggressive way.
You don't need to.
When you have the authority, you just say the word and the action happens.
There's an opportunity in all this nonsense where the righteous can rise into the moment.
And that's where we're headed.
That's where we're going.
In a couple seconds, you're going to start hearing the messages, the commercial break, the way you help us do what we're doing.
Please support us at the InfoWars store.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, and we will be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, just before the going into the break, we were talking a little bit about some of the things going on, you know, and I'm trying to weave this together a little bit because
To get the small picture, you gotta have the big picture.
And to engage, to get your power back, you have to be able to do things that you knowingly, absolutely can achieve.
And again, getting back to local, acting locally, doing things that matter.
It does matter.
It adds up.
And in the local sort of microcosm of what we do in life,
It does matter because, you know, who you meet in your neighborhoods, who you meet that's out there with similar beliefs, and at the same time, a way to kind of lift each other up at a time when things are pretty unstable.
I can't think and characterize it any other way.
And we got a bird's eye view sort of from Alaska.
We look out at the rest of the country, see what's going on, and a lot of it we're just baffled by, you know, because
It doesn't work out that way here, you know, we see a little differently perhaps here and maybe it's because it's a smaller community and I would buy into that because even though that's a big state as I was saying before the break.
It's a small population.
So what does that do?
That means that in Alaska, with this 20% of the whole country landmass, about 500 or 1,000 people are the activists, the local elected leaders, the heads of big organizations, people who stay engaged as individuals, about 500, maybe 1,000 at the most.
That's not very many influencers, you see, because that's what happens is these big organizations try and impact the influencers, and then everyone else just kind of gets herded along.
That's called co-option.
You know, in classical organizing, what you do is you go after the leadership, you co-opt them, you seduce them in all the different ways and do moving your direct.
And that's done in a lot of different ways.
And what I discovered in the last
A few weeks, it never really dawned on me how powerful non-profit organizations are until I dealt with this local group.
And this local group is as big as one of the biggest trusts in the state, and it's private.
It's a family foundation.
Okay, what does that mean?
That means they have to give away 5% of their capital every year, their total value.
They got to give away, they got to spend it.
They don't have an option, they have to spend it.
They can earn more money and replace it, but they got to spend 5% of their capital out the door.
So this forces the expenditure in a certain way.
But at the same time, you go, well, these are, you know, altruistic organizations.
You know, there are 501c3s, tax exempt.
They don't pay taxes.
When they are 501c3s, you're correct, they don't pay taxes, but technically you're supposed to have political speech, see?
Because a 501c3 that asserts political speech to influence elections or regulation or law violates your 501c3 charter and they lose their tax-exempt status.
To do that, you need a 501c4.
Those aren't tax-exempt, so you can give money to them, you can't write it off.
You can give money to them.
They can spend it on whatever they want, you know, in that sense.
But it's not a tax-exempt organization.
It's a political organization.
It gets political speech.
But why would some big rich dude set up a nonprofit?
Well, first of all, they get to keep all the money.
All right?
All the money.
They don't pay anything.
You know, for the public good, except what they decide is in the interest of the public good, which really isn't about the public good anymore.
It's about a family trust and how the family views the world.
You see, my family has the opposite.
It has what's called a public trust.
Yes, of course.
Whoever gets a scholarship and goes on and gets an education might actually do something.
You know, that's certainly fueling the fire.
So why do billions flow into nonprofits?
Because then you can, under the guise of altruism and goodness, do all these wonderful things without paying taxes and influence all these politicians who recognize, remember what I said before, people or money.
Well, this is the money equation, you see, because they can all feel good.
Oh, it's a nonprofit.
It's got this great social good.
Wrap their arms around it as their influence all the way down the road.
To do whatever they're told.
It's just a different influencing body.
And they get certain tax considerations to do it.
I understand all that.
I get all that.
Create a complex roadmap for life.
No one pays attention.
That's how it works, you see.
The more detail, the more layering, the less people get it.
Because when the law library used to be a book you could carry under your arm and Abraham Lincoln could study the law and pass the bar exam, become an attorney, never went to college.
Because he was smart and had good intelligence, and the law ought to be understandable by the average citizen after all.
It's one-third of the whole governmental structure we have in this democratic republic, the justice system, that most of us, unless you're really, really rich, have discovered you can't access on an equal footing under civil law, right?
I mean, if it's criminal, you might get an attorney if you exhaust everything you own to defend your innocence first.
But it is not a justice system.
It's a system used to hurt people now.
And it's changed, because it didn't start that way.
We've got to go back.
We've got to start unraveling the web.
Because when you take the very, very long view that family trusts take, the multi-generational view that we ought to take,
They planned the game plan, not for the second quarter.
They planned it for the end of the ninth season.
And the retirement program, okay?
They play it out.
They game it out.
I travel all over the world.
You know, the game, the template that I was talking about trying to be laid on Anchorage, Alaska, from wherever the national politics is driven, it's so disconnected that it's obvious, okay?
Because it doesn't fit into the culture of Alaska.
Because we are a very different place.
We have a very complex situation here.
So what I would say is, and what I want to get it back into, is not just sort of the heart of the country, all right?
Maybe it's Alaska, you know?
Okay, maybe.
I'm just saying that maybe because we can still breathe freely here most of the time, although they're creeping in in our cities, we can still breathe free here.
We can still think freely here.
We still have the opportunity to create something really cool here, really interesting here for the nation.
And we're being neglected and we're being used as a poster child for various political organizations that would like to keep this contained.
Now why?
It's like, you know when you have a treasure buried in a hole and you never know it?
That's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, here in Alaska.
We're the national treasury.
Out of your view.
Up here.
Up here.
I say it to my friends all the time.
I live on the moon, you know, because it's so far removed from so many other places.
But now we can use these networks to talk about this.
Why is it important?
Because if we're going to produce anything, we have to start with the foundations of wealth.
And that has one of the four pillars of that is natural resources and land.
And Americans, all of us in common, are rich in natural resources.
And we miss it.
We have an opportunity and an obligation
To be responsible for that which we have.
We have a way to do this.
Alaska is part of that answer.
It is the hidden fifth.
20% of the nation's landmass.
Perhaps the greatest treasury of all.
Hidden in the wilderness of Alaska.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're going to be right back after these very important messages.
Also, check out EarthPulse.
That's my website.
Take a look there.
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So you support them, you support me.
This is Dr. Nick Baggage.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, just before the break, kind of trying to tie some of this together, because at the very top of all this, it's like the overview.
You know, what do you have?
You've got resources, you have people, you have entrepreneurship, creativity, if you will.
You have factories, equipment, things that make things.
Those four things I often weave into my conversation because these are the base of wealth, you see.
In the beginning of this country, most people were rooted in the land, right?
I mean, we got land and then we built buildings, cabins, houses, whatever, farms.
And we owned equipment, eventually, horses, wagons, plows, shovels, things that made things.
And so the average person
Had real wealth.
It wasn't just cash in some 401k that can evaporate in a second by some manipulation that none of us have really any direct control over, correct?
Think about it.
The things that represent your wealth today are digital entries on somebody's ledger.
More so than they were the real assets of a hundred years ago.
Now, why do I bring that up?
Because the illusion that's been created that wealth is paper certificates that represent some form of value, whether it's currency or stock certificates or promissory notes or any of these things.
And if you study the history of currency in the United States, you find out that all of these things and a lot more
Even trade tokens at the local trading post, you know?
I mean, there were a lot of things used to be the medium between goods that people said, okay, that has value.
We'll use that as kind of the in-between lubricant between the things that matter, which is labor, your work, entrepreneurship, your creative ability to put things together and make it into money, into products and the things that are of value to people.
That produce more of the lubricant to allow you to go get more capital, more labor, and more things to put together to make things with.
That's creativity.
We've gone to this digital form of creativity.
It's ether, right?
I call it all the time.
It's puff money.
It's air.
It's like, it's like it doesn't even, it's not even real.
You can't eat it.
You can't touch it.
It's just a theory of something.
What I'm saying is we should reevaluate what are those factors.
Now, what happened in 1913 that a lot of people don't fully understand, and I go back to this a lot, is that, you know, when we got the income tax, because before that, what people forgot is what took us there.
What took us there was a U.S.
Supreme Court case that said your labor, your sweat, your blood, your breath,
Your living experience could not be taxed.
That that was slavery.
Is it slavery?
I think it is still.
We changed the Constitution to allow this form of slavery.
Okay, that's what we really did.
We instituted a form of slavery.
At the same time, we got rid of one.
We just created a new one that all of us get to be in.
Stop and think about this.
This is where multi-generational knowledge gets forgotten.
It was illegal, based on the Civil War and the whole slavery question by our U.S.
Supreme Court in the 1890s, over 30 years after the Civil War, that said, you cannot tax a human being's labor.
One of the four factors of production, they took it.
See, they enslaved us all in what the Greeks once called, thousands of years ago, wage slaves.
Because that's how it works.
You become beholding to that person, that source of your exchange, what's going to get you goods and services.
You're one step up above from being owned.
You're just owned a little differently.
That's all.
And so we've got a false narrative again playing in the world about slavery that doesn't include
All of us.
And there's a Supreme Court case that lays it out.
This isn't some fiction.
This is the reality of the moment that we're in right now, a hundred plus years later.
Re-evaluation time.
At the same time, they created that Federal Reserve that's never been fully audited, ever fully audited.
This is huge, ladies and gentlemen.
It should be audited every year, fully and externally, not internally, the game they play.
When Bernanke was in there and he was talking to my brother when he was a U.S.
Senator, and they were trying to make a case for why my brother was wrong and insisting with the Republicans that there be an audit, you know, they need an audit.
Anyone honest knows it.
Big organizations that run whole economies, don't you think they ought to be looked at a little bit, considering the impact on all of us that they just might have?
How about that?
You know, and so what I try to do is in the context of sort of this weird picture that's unfolding, put something back in it.
You know, in Alaska, here was one of the great things, the last frontier, you know, that was our slogan up here, you know, the last place.
Because you, if you were a man or a woman in America and were 18 years old, could come here.
And on most of the land that was here, if you made a discovery of a valuable mineral, you could lay claim to it.
And there was a structure, and there still is for a lot of our public lands, but most of it
Most of the most promising of promising, there were two layers, actually now a third, of taking.
And it goes back a long time.
It goes back over a hundred years.
It goes actually back to the Russian.
Because this has been a place that people have come to take things from and go away.
The Russians came, took all the furs.
They actually did enslave the people here, the Native Americans here.
And they used to enslave each other before the Russians showed up.
I can tell you, I know the history.
But what happened here then is that the furs ran out.
They went, they sold this, you know, it's like a fire sale for them.
Then we discovered gold and copper.
And guess who showed up for the copper?
It was the Guggenheim family and Morgan Trust, you know, Morgan Chase, you know, the people we keep bailing out.
Well, they've been around looting the country for over 100 years in conjunction with globalists.
The Guggenheims didn't start out that way.
They came here in the U.S.
in the middle of the 1800s and were selling a polished, polished stove pipes of old wood stoves to make them black again.
They made a lot of money.
They started investing in
We're good.
And I know a lot about it because I own the opposite end of that mineral belt.
Myself and partners have one of the most promising copper deposits in that region.
But the point of the matter I'm making is people came here and they took all that copper out and then what did they do?
They supplied most of the copper for bullets for World War I and World War II and they left Alaska.
And when they left Alaska, why'd they leave?
Because there wasn't very many people here, so you had a really expensive workforce.
There weren't any big farms here, so you had to bring in all your food or grow it.
And so what they did is they literally pulled up all the tracks so no one else in that mineral area would develop anything.
Pulled up all the tracks and went to Latin America where there was a lot of labor and it was very cheap and they didn't have to house them or feed them.
They could pay them nothing and that's what they did.
And they created a copper industry in Peru and Chile and runs to this day.
And Alaska was put in the freezer for the future of
So they got to pick from all federal lands, including lands that the state hadn't even finished selecting, okay?
We didn't even finish our state selections and they got to come in and that was appropriate.
My dad fought hard for that and they got to pick 44 million acres of the prime property based on their historical locations.
And the mineral oil and gas, all the rights that ran with the land, and they were able to take 10% of this state back and actually in private hands now that can be developed for the benefit of people that live here.
And they're doing that.
They're doing it like on steroids.
And the rest of the developments that are happening here are happening by companies from out of town, out of the country prominently.
And that's what I want to get into a little bit here, because the National Treasury is here.
Our opportunity of the nation is here.
The silent 20%, the forgotten fifth is Alaska and it's here.
We'll be right back.
This is Dr. Nick Begich and you're listening to the InfoWars because it is about information and you are the tip of the spear.
We'll be right back.
Hey, thanks everyone for spending your time with me this afternoon.
You know, as we talking about a lot of different things and
And here's what I value the most.
I had this discussion with one of my friends who's a retired banker, a fifth-generation banking family or something.
But you know what really is valuable, the most valuable thing on the planet?
The most valuable commodity there is, and we all have it.
We all have a limited amount of it.
It's our time.
And I want to say that because you share your time with me and I share my time with you on a Friday afternoon.
And it's the most valuable thing and I want to really say that loudly because as we go into our weekend and we decide how to budget our time, how to spend our time, how to
Disperse our life energy is what we're really saying, you know, and there's no greater sacrifice than to lay your life down for your brother, right?
I mean, you hear that and people interpret that as, oh, that means I take the bullet for my friends.
It's more than that.
It's deeper than that.
And that's really a limited way of seeing it, I think, because the real thing that that is saying is we give our time, our life energy, our breath, the breath of life that we are to each other.
And that's where the rubber meets the road and change happens and the world changes when we recognize that.
That's why it's so important to not be separated by this wall that keeps getting pushed into our face.
I've talked a little bit about slavery.
People don't communicate, see.
We lose that dimension of mutual understanding and support that human beings, all of us, need.
It's a basic functional thing about us.
We're social beings.
We have to be together.
We need to be in each other's presence.
We need to feel each other's energy.
We need to have that happening.
That's so basic to what we are.
And we can't lose that in this digital world right now.
And I try to get it back into sort of the practical look at it.
You know, what's the big picture?
What's the small picture?
In Alaska, why I keep bringing it up is because within this region is also a hope.
You know, when you properly deploy that which you're responsible for, which is our national resources, then maybe something different happens.
But we don't usually have this discussion.
Everybody talks about what I call the P&L statement, which is just the profit and loss statement for people that know business stuff.
But what it is, in simple language, is the money in and how it gets spent.
You know, where does all the revenue come from and how does it all go out?
Just like your family budget.
That's what it is.
But that's all we ever talk about.
We don't talk about the factory, you know, of that national wealth.
What is that?
That's all of this
That moves into it, which is labor and creativity, which is called entrepreneurship and factories and things that make things called capital and land and natural resources.
Now, the land and natural resources, there's a lot of it that we allow to be developed under different theories of development, which we understand when they're equal and where all of us have that opportunity as Americans.
And it's not reserved for the elite, the wealthy and the connected.
That's what's happened too much.
That's what everybody's really mad about when you get right under it.
It's about the manipulation that we're seeing that they call process, that they call procedure, they call the way we do this.
You know, let me give you some words to kind of restructure how we use words a little bit.
If I give someone a contribution and they're a politician, we think that's good.
But if I give them a bribe, we say that's bad.
What's the difference between the two?
The words have a little bit different meaning.
But what is the effect of the bribe?
Politicians dance around and do what they're told.
What's the effect of the contribution?
Politicians dance around and do what they're told.
So the outcome
of the word might have some meaning that's deeper than what's implied by contribution.
It does.
Because, see, that's when truth gets into the words that we use.
That's where a little bit of debate starts to happen.
And that's the kind of debates that we have all the time.
And here's the thing.
Narratives are scripts.
They're speeches that people write down because they can't speak from their heart.
They're the framework that the poll and the focus group told them to inherit.
This is how too much of our communication is driven.
It's not driven from the heart and the mind coming together and expressing.
It's come from a manipulation.
This is a big difference.
This is not persuasion.
This is something different.
This is the dark side of the use of words.
How about that?
This is when you don't speak truth, you know you have no truth to sell.
We watched it play out locally in our homeless issue here in Anchorage.
And we're watching that play out again because the public is not buying the narrative.
They're being sold because it's a false narrative.
There's so many false narratives scattered on this template that's being imposed globally through the political parties nationally.
In fact, I would suggest we need to scrutinize both major political parties.
Okay, I'm going to say that because at the very top, we need to ask a lot of questions.
How did Trump end up there when all these establishment guys didn't?
Who at the top doesn't like that within the Republican Party?
Perhaps a few.
Look, all I'm saying is don't
Don't look deeper.
Pass the words into what they produce in actions, because that's where the meaning of the words come out.
Actions taken.
So we have all this stuff coming from the left about human rights.
Well, they're just trampling over the law all over the place.
And here's it.
There's a balancing act between all of our rights and the rights of the few.
And we do need to protect the rights of the few.
That's what makes America great.
And what will make it great again.
But not making a war between those that have and those that have not.
Not by igniting hatred and dissent and selfishness.
And failing all of us in the fair and open dialogue that a Democratic-Republican, a great society requires, which is to be able to, in a dignified way, look at each other and say, what do we do?
And how do we fix our problems?
And what are the real solutions?
Because the average person, in my experience, knows the truth when they hear it.
They just do.
We all do.
It resonates with us.
And when it's given an opportunity, and this gets back to the last hour.
Locally, we can still do a lot and we can believe in it.
We know we can.
And that's the action.
I've talked about this before.
You know, the mystery of faith is acting on what you know absolutely you can do.
That's called faith.
Even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else, if you know.
You will.
Because you can't see the failure of it.
All right?
That's when you win.
So I'm suggesting to everyone, do only that.
Don't do the impossible.
I've said it before.
Doing the impossible.
Come on.
How do you do what's impossible?
Your brain already knows you can't.
So it already shuts down the possibility.
Know what you can do.
Do that, one step at a time.
And before you know it, you've formed a trail, a path.
Yours, not mine.
Yours, by knowing.
When you hear that inner truth ring, you act.
You do.
You seek.
You know.
That's where the power is, ladies and gentlemen.
And all the rest of this discussion is about sort of the window dressing.
Here we have a treasury.
The national wealth being missed for lack of attention, for lack of focus, for lack of knowing.
You know, we're buying narratives that are false from every angle coming at us all the time.
And we need discernment more than ever.
We need to seek information more than ever.
That's what InfoWars is about.
That's why this partnership with you, with everyone involved in this network works.
Because it at least gives us an opportunity to have a lively discussion and debate the way they should happen.
The way they happen in my family, I can guarantee you, with Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and undeclared all packed in the same room.
It gets exciting at the holidays.
But at the end of the holiday, we embrace each other, we love each other, just like Americans should.
And I believe do at our core.
That's who we are, for goodness sake.
We just forgot for a while because these big agitators that would just like us to scream at each other so they can run away with the National Treasury, we can't allow it.
Americans, Americans need to remember we're not ours and we're not these.
We're A's first.
We're Americans.
And we need to begin to behave with the dignity of our founding fathers when they disagreed.
Vigorous public debate in the town square.
But let's not take it to blows.
Let's stop short of that.
And let's take it to policy changes that make our country great again.
Because that's what this is about.
And that's the Infowar of the 21st century.
Let's make it great again.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
See you next week.
Thanks for being here.
2020 is a very special year to the globalists, to the occultists, to those that are into esoteric mysticism.
And they believe this is the year they're going to totally overthrow America and the world and bring in their anti-God, anti-human tyranny.
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Now, back then we were 90% rural, and almost everybody was self-sufficient.
Now we're 90% urban, and of the 10% that are rural, it's estimated that less than half of those are actually self-sufficient.
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We have been domesticated.
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Good luck and God bless.
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