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Name: 20200722_Wed_Alex
Air Date: July 22, 2020
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In his latest broadcast, Alex Jones covers a range of topics, including the potential dangers of recombinant DNA technology in COVID-19 vaccines and 5G radiation, concerns over mask mandates and fake COVID-19 tests, the surveillance aspect of 5G networks, and the need to stay vigilant against globalist forces. He also discusses Kanye West's fight for his right to express political views, the ongoing battle against corruption and pedophile rings in Hollywood, and promotes privacy pouches and vitamin supplements. Jones criticizes Black Lives Matter supporters, media and Democrats for referring to protests as "peaceful," law enforcement officers wearing camouflage uniforms during missions, Kamala Harris, the government for enforcing mask mandates, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci for funding COVID-19 research, Twitter's crackdown on QAnon accounts, and the spreading of the COVID-19 narrative through major media outlets without dissent.

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This is multinational UN Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with four different companies working on the DNA vaccine.
It's popularly known as a scientific name.
And again, there's other classes of them that are live viruses that go and eat parts of the brain to control your behavior.
So you won't be depressed or so you won't be addicted to drugs.
I mean, this is mind control.
This is science fiction, but we are in the year, we are in the year 2020.
So the front runners for this recombinant DNA technology are Inovio, which is backed by the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi.
Also, Moderna is in there too now, and that's also a Gates-backed foundation.
I will add that this type of DNA vaccine has never been used on humans before.
Let me repeat that.
Please understand.
This has never, ever been used on humans before.
They are now proposing to take something we've never used and to inject it into everyone.
Vaccine trials are being fast-tracked at a level and a rate that I have never seen in my life, nor did I ever expect to see this.
They're not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, to know anything about it, and they want to inject it into everybody.
The vaccine manufacturers, in general, are actually exempt from product liability, meaning if it causes seizures, paralysis, etc.
They don't, as a group, are liable.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Fight like it's a war, if you want to have a future, if you want to live.
Every single one of us, no matter what color we are, where we live, or where we came from, is being hit by a post-human globalist operation.
The people carrying it out know that they're not even exempt from it, but that it's a greater goal.
They believe they're going to transcend their human bodies and merge with silicon, but only after they've carried out the beautiful forced
Extinction of humanity.
That's what they call it.
Looking forward to the end of humanity, the Wall Street Journal told us.
Similar headlines have festooned every major publication.
For the transhumanist, it's not some brave new world where we can all be in a wild, wild west and choose how we want to be augmented or how long we want to live.
It's the end of humanity itself.
So remember that as the backdrop to everything else that's going to be covered today by Owen Schroyer and by David Knight.
Now, there's a video that I've had posted InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We've also made the featured video at Band.Video.
Doctor warns COVID-19 vaccine is untested and alters your DNA.
And she beautifully in 23 minutes, she's a medical doctor, lays out everything that I've laid out and our guests have laid out and that you can go read in the literature.
We're going to play 10 minutes of it or so in the last segment of this hour, but I want to encourage everybody to go get that video and to share it because
She's a well-spoken lady.
She does a good job laying it out.
And she's not hard on the eyes.
And it's a perfect piece of video to get out to folks because she goes over every facet of this.
And you really just have to understand that this is not a normal vaccine.
It goes in and alters your genetic code and reprograms your cells.
Does it teach your body how to defeat something by introducing it to it an attenuated version?
It literally reprograms you.
This is the takeover.
Monsanto didn't just want to take over the corn and the tomatoes and the soybeans.
They wanted to take over us.
This is a corporate takeover of the human life cycle, and we know the way they're engineering us doesn't make us stronger, faster, smarter.
It makes us stupid and diseased, so we're stunned
So we don't resist them being forced, sterilized, and exterminated.
That's what this is.
And people are really starting to understand how serious the situation is.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know it sounded dystopic and scary when I was telling you this 26 years ago.
I know when I made Endgame back in 2007, people couldn't believe it, even though I had all the documentation.
But that's why they've now removed it off Amazon.
That's why they're blocking it everywhere.
It's because it's all true in their own words and here we are 13 years later and they're implementing exactly what they said they would.
It's like going to a play and they give you a program and it's got the three acts in it.
We're entering the third act.
And so you know what's coming next in, say, Romeo and Juliet.
You know what's coming next in Hamlet.
You know what's coming next.
Well, this is a program, an operation.
We know what's coming next.
Now, so much has happened.
So much incredible stuff is unfolding.
I'm going to cut some special reports and lay them out coming up here in the next segment.
Go through a major news blitz of information.
But again, we're all in this together.
The scientific dictatorship
Hinges everything on incremental silent weapons for quiet wars or killing you softly.
And if we just as a species wake up and understand this, we can defeat it.
That's why there's the COVID lockdown.
That's why there's all the race warring, turning us against each other.
Because they hope while we're distracted fighting with each other, they're literally going in and attacking our red blood, our red blood cells, our code, our genetics.
This isn't a scientific dystopic movie.
This is the real world under the eugenicists.
Speaking of the eugenicists, we may have turned a corner.
Planned Parenthood is starting to remove Margaret Sanger from their buildings.
So in their woke culture, they're finally having to look in the mirror and face who they really are.
We're going to hit bottom at a certain point.
Things are going to get so dystopic, no one's going to be able to deny the reality soon.
But let's warn as many people as we can so that things don't get too terribly horrible before humanity finally wakes up and comes up for air.
Because by then, it's going to be billions and billions and billions dead.
All right.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
We're live, broadcasting worldwide.
You are Paul Revere.
Please share those links.
As one family, we mourn every precious life that's been lost.
I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine and we will defeat the virus.
We're doing very well with vaccine development and therapeutic development.
But I want to thank our brave doctors and nurses and frontline responders.
The job they do is incredible and they are truly brave.
My administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable, which is so important.
We've learned so much about this disease.
President Trump is playing a very, very dangerous game.
I know that President Trump is a good person and wants to see America succeed, but he has some major blind spots.
Time and time again, when we the people are able to educate him, he will turn around and do the right thing.
So let's break down what you just heard.
He had his coronavirus briefing last night after months of not having them.
He sidelined Fauci.
He took us out of the WHO.
We're good.
Say that if there's a vaccine and if the public takes it, that will fix the virus and so the stock market will go up.
They're saying, we will keep you in prosperity if you take this shot.
Now how obvious is that?
Any fool could read the insert of regular vaccines and know you're insane to take them.
But these new DNA vaccines we'll be covering at the end of the hour are absolutely rewriting the actual cellular code of the cells.
You know what that's called.
It's called cancer.
When President Trump comes out and does this, I know why he's doing it.
He wants to keep the stock market up.
He wants hope.
He wants people to have a belief in the future.
He's been a great cheerleader for the country.
He got a lot of jobs moved back here, a lot of factories.
That's why the globalists are angry.
So instead of opposing the vaccines, he wants to take control of it.
If you go back four or five months ago, he repeatedly said, you should not be forced
To take
Trump wants to control the narrative, and so we can't beat him.
He thinks he's joining them.
He did take billions of dollars away from the WHO, but he gave it into the NIH, which is the very same crew, the very same globals that set up Communist China, the very same people that ran the Wuhan lab, Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, John Hopkins University.
It's all the same group that did the lockstep drill 11 years ago, that last year did the event 201.
That's what's so frustrating about this.
It's so easy to beat these people because what they've done is hidden in plain view.
They weaponized the Chimera coronavirus.
They shipped it to Wuhan six years ago.
They ran most of the major lab studies there on the particular viruses and were studying vaccines and studying weaponizing it.
That's even mainstream news.
AP Reuters, Newsweek.
So when Nancy Pelosi, we'll play a clip of her in a moment, comes out and says that this is the Donald Trump virus, that is direct Communist Chinese propaganda.
And that's the good thing Trump talked about in his briefing and at the other White House statements he's made in the last few days, that Communist China has been behind covering this up and behind trying to manipulate domestic media.
And now they've ordered
The Chinese consulate in Houston is shut.
They're there burning their files with big bonfires in their central courtyard.
This is what happens when wars start.
This is what happened just days before Pearl Harbor was attacked in the early 1940s.
So, again, a lot of huge things happening.
Trump understands there's a globalist combine against America.
He understands the Communist Chinese are the ones that are running it.
And so on one hand, I'm upset about him playing this Machiavellian game with the vaccines and legitimizing them when he knows damn well Barron got really hurt by one.
And when he's giving speeches exposing how they're causing really bad side effects.
But on the other hand, I understand he's taking control of the narrative.
It's still a very dangerous game.
But then I see him going head up against the Communist Chinese and all the attacks he's under, and it makes me understand, you know, why it's important to still support the president, but to oppose policies he pushes that we know are wrong.
So it's not a lesser of two evils.
It's just dealing with the cards we've been dealt.
So here's Pelosi, last night, saying that this is the Donald Trump virus, literally siding with a foreign power,
And literally attacking our country and saying it's our fault.
These people are despicable.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
They are literally globalist Qaikom puppets.
Clearly, it is the Trump virus.
Well, what do you mean when you say the Trump virus?
The Trump virus.
If he had said months ago, let's wear masks, let's socially distance instead of having rallies and political whatever they were, then more people would have followed his lead as the President of the United States.
It's the Donald Trump virus.
Going back five, six months ago, I said they're bringing it in, they've patented it so they own it and control it.
So they can bring you synthetic nanotech vaccines to counter it?
This is a rollout of a whole new species, a whole new class of virus, a chimera made up of five different viruses.
And there she is saying it's the Donald Trump virus.
No, it's the deep state globalist Bill and Melinda Gates, UN, Chai Com, cooked up weapons system.
And Trump, and this is central, this is beyond key, must understand he can't just blame the Chai Coms.
He has to blame Fauci and Bill Gates and politically, in a nonviolent way, decapitate them strategically or they're going to continue to frame America and Trump and the economy and bring us down.
This is the main enemy thrust and Trump cannot play footsie.
With these individuals.
But even if Trump doesn't do the right thing, it's up to us, the people of the world, not just America, the whole world's affected by this, to expose.
The CHICOMS, the Wuhan Lab, the UN, Lockstep, Bill & Melinda Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation.
It is the global corporate eugenics combine that must be exposed.
That is the ideology of the globalists.
It's why they're establishing world government.
Now let's move to some really good news.
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood with the Rockefeller Foundation, again on record.
Solid historical fact.
Helped set up Nazi Germany.
Got the highest level award from Adolf Hitler.
He called her, his teacher, along with the head of IBM, Dr. Thomas Watson.
And she said blacks aren't humans and must be exterminated in our weeds.
We've got to take control of the black leaders.
We've got to, quote, liberalize things, destroy the black family.
And so the model that they've done to black Americans is the model for the planet.
And you've seen the devastation.
Margaret Sanger helped spearhead that.
And now Planned Parenthood has come out at one of their most powerful arms and removed her name off of the building and the group because she's an admitted beyond Nazi.
She literally birthed the Nazis, if anybody did.
And that's what's so crazy.
The left runs all this.
The left controls all this.
And they're saying you can't have black and white chess pieces.
That's racist.
You know, they're saying that, you know, a white lamp shade in somebody's office is secretly KKK or a noose on a pull down on a garage door is bad.
But meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is there to exterminate poor people and black people particularly.
And so now Planned Parenthood Clinic removes founder Margaret Sanger's name off racist legacy support of eugenicists.
There is overwhelming evidence that Sanger's deep belief in eugenics says clinics board chair.
Planned Parenthood Clinic in downtown New York
One of the first ever open is reckoning with the racist legacy of its founder Margaret Sanger.
This is so huge.
Because again, the very people that run the worldwide race-based control system are the left.
Just like it's the globalists destroying the environment and then they control the environmental movement.
You understand?
You want to control what you're destroying.
It's like Amber Alert.
Their database is headed up.
by the lady that worked for Hillary Clinton who got convicted for child trafficking out of Haiti.
Again, they put their key people in management positions to make sure they can carry out these operations.
And so, that's their Achilles heel.
Every Planned Parenthood should be shut down.
It was set up by the people that set up the Nazis.
But again, oh it's women's rights, and oh it's freedom, and oh it's good.
It's about evil.
We have to turn it around on them and expose them and show how they're creating a race war in America and worldwide to make us all hate each other and to make us all kill each other and to make us dysfunctional.
But this is very, very exciting news.
The story is on Infowars.com.
Share it with everyone you know.
When we return, we will break a story that's gotten almost no attention, but it's incredibly important.
Did you know that Ukraine is officially investigating Joe Biden for criminal activity with that oil company and gas company in the Ukraine?
That's right.
We'll cover it when we come back.
My friends, I've never been against the Q movement per se.
People ask me, Alex, do you like anonymous?
And I say, well, there are a lot of great people wearing Guy Fawkes masks that shoot videos for the internet and make great points, but there are a lot of people that make bad points.
So you can't say, do you like anonymous or not?
Because it's just that, it's anonymous.
Now I know who created Q.
Two people.
One was in the campaign in the White House and is still there, and another individual is a journalist, and I'll leave it at that.
And I know for a fact that within a few weeks of them launching it, as a way to be able to put out stuff on Hillary Clinton and other globalists, but not get sued or get hurt, it got taken away from them.
And so for the last few years, some bad operators were involved, also with some good operators, and there was a fight over who controlled Q. That's why for a while,
The mainstream media hyped it up.
Twitter, Google, Facebook promoted it, didn't shut it down.
You've noticed the last month or so, I've said, I am now for Q. And that's because, talking to folks at the White House and others, they believe that it's become such a giant grassroots movement and it's covering real issues most of the time now, that it's become very, very effective at exposing the New World Order.
And so I said, well, in the tug of war, we the people, the populist movement,
Have you?
The Royal Mansion of the Governor of Canada, Queen of England's agent, and of course that's also where Trudeau is staying.
They use that, along with some of the other big developments that have been unfolding, like the Wayfair situation.
Twitter gets hacked, and in the toolbox of controls, they have the blacklisting tools right there.
Project Veritas years ago got them on tape admitting they do that.
So, we continue to just recycle the same news over and over again.
We know we're being blacklisted.
We know we're being censored.
And it's wrong.
And it's wrong for Q to be censored.
So, for all the Q folks that think everything's okay and everything's going to be alright, trust the plan.
Trump is surrounded.
We are surrounded.
You need to get very, very active and very, very aggressive against the globalists.
And since Q people started really actually doing that, you became effective, you became basically overall very successful, and we're doing good work.
That's why you've got to be shut down now.
So think about that.
7,000 QAnon accounts banned, limits to 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown.
We have to develop some new name or some new system that's not banned, attach it to Q, and then use that until they ban that as well.
That's why we create new URLs and things.
So that as they ban things like InfoWars being spread, we're able to share the other URLs like man.video.
So I just hope the Q crowd out there now understands where I've been coming from this entire time and now sees the big picture.
If you really are effective, they're going to ban you.
And it's also a great way for deep state operatives to set up well-meaning people to believe they're secret agents.
And get them to get set up or carry out violent acts like you see so many times in history before.
You also see it in fiction in the movie Arlington Road.
So I suggest that all Q supporters, who I know are good people, go watch Arlington Road and understand how you could be set up, okay?
That's all I'm asking you to do is realize the enemy can pose as Q as well.
Now, Owen Schroeder and David Donner are about to take over, but I want to go to another very important report right here.
We're 100 days out from the election.
OAN is doing an amazing job.
First-rate news.
Notice you're not seeing this anywhere else in the news, but the federal prosecutors in Ukraine have Biden on video admitting that he blackmailed the government to fire the federal prosecutor.
This is open and shut.
What they claim Trump did with Ukraine is what they themselves did.
And that whole impeachment was about a smokescreen for this.
So this video that's posted on newswars.com and infowars.com and on the OAN website and on cloud TV needs to go viral now.
It's a two minute report.
Everyone needs to see it because it's open and shut case against Biden.
And it's critical that this information get out.
So here's the report that Owen Schroer and David Knight
We'll take over.
I'm going to say this again.
Remember, if you want to defeat the New World Order, they are censoring us because we're effective.
I don't want to whine and complain about the censorship.
If Trump isn't going to act, that's his fault.
We can take action with BAN.VIDEO.
I think?
That's how we circumvent this, because the next phase is actually shutting the URLs themselves down, as they've been trying with us and Gab and others.
So remember, you're not part of the fight, you're the central hub of the wheel.
When you move, when you spread the word, when you share links, when you share the live feeds, when you share the Bandot video by word of mouth, when you thank the local station for carrying us and tell people at the grocery store about the local radio station, when you do that, it changes the world and it moves mountains.
So it is beyond imperative, and it's your mission, if you choose to accept it, if you don't want to be a slave, and have big tech and the Democrats and the Globalists and the Chi-Coms win, you must activate Americans, and that means Canadians and Brits and Germans and Chinese that want to be free, and Japanese and people in Africa and people in Mexico, wherever you are, Australia, it goes on and on, all of you, you've got red blood, you're humans, you love freedom, you can override the New World Order.
You can do it, but you've got to take action now.
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the OAN report.
Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself in more hot water this week.
Just confirmed, a Ukrainian court ordered Joe Biden to be formally listed in a criminal case.
The crime?
The alleged firing of Ukraine's former prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, in exchange for dropping an investigation into Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and the company for which he was a board member, Burisma Oil.
Shokin formally called for an investigation into his firing back in February of 2020, claiming the Ukrainian government at the time relieved Shokin of his post in exchange for $1 billion in loan guarantees promised by Biden, a bribe Biden himself admitted to doing.
The prosecutor's not fired.
You're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
You're fired.
But at the time Shokin called for this case back in February, the courts listed one of the defendants as an unnamed American, an individual widely understood to be Joe Biden, Obama's Ukraine point man.
But Biden was never formally named.
Now, the courts have ruled it is improper to conceal Biden's name and that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation.
The ruling cannot be appealed.
Another key development in this story is the release of a series of telephone conversations that has garnered major questions.
Andrei Derkach, a member of parliament in Ukraine, in a press conference Tuesday released what he says
There appear to be voice recordings of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden, and then-President of Ukraine Poroshenko discussing the Burisma case and discussing the removal of Viktor Shokin.
Neither Kerry, Biden, nor Poroshenko have affirmed the verity of these recordings.
The recordings appear to have been leaked from government officials and whistleblowers but are currently being verified.
Ukrainian President Zelensky stated he anticipates more developments over the course of the summer and says the case could qualify as high treason.
Candidate Biden has yet to respond to this latest development.
Shinobu Yan, One American News, the White House.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I want to lay out all of the topics I'm going to be discussing with David Knight.
Coming up in the next hour, in the next segment, we're going to be rejoined by Alex Jones with more breaking news.
But I just simply want to just lay out all these different topics we're going to discuss for you so that you know what to expect because I really can't just delve into any single one of them or even decide which one is the biggest story.
They're all kind of the biggest stories in their own way.
Before I do that,
Now you may remember yesterday, well actually Monday, I had a blue privacy pocket, a green privacy pocket, a red privacy pocket, and a black privacy pocket.
All from InfoWarsTore.com, the privacy pocket to protect your cell phone privacy, and to block dangerous waves from coming in and off of your cell phone.
Now today I'm down to two.
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It's the privacy pocket available at InfoWareStore.com.
Don't forget about the Christmas in July sale as well.
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What is the biggest news story?
I mean, I'm just gonna have to go across the desk here.
Alex is gonna be getting more into this.
I'll be getting more into this with David Knight as well, but folks, look.
It's not even debatable anymore.
It's even sad that we have to have this debate because it's just a waste of time.
All the different levels of hoax when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic.
And now, how just as we warned, it's being used to roll out and promote a new vaccine that isn't even a vaccine.
This is like a lethal injection
But it's gonna, the big lie is, oh, it's gonna protect you and everything, but no.
It's gonna be a lethal injection in that you're no longer human when they inject these genetically modified organisms into you and mess with your DNA, alter your DNA, alter your RNA.
So, we'll be getting into that with David Knight.
In that same vein, you know, I wanna give a big shout out to Tony Robbins.
First of all, I mean, when it comes to uplifting positive humans, it doesn't get much better than Tony Robbins, but he knew what he was doing when he shared an InfoWars.com story on his Twitter account the other day.
By the way, I went back and checked.
This was the most engagement he's had in a tweet all week long, and maybe even the whole month.
I didn't go that far back.
But he shared a bombshell report from Adan Salazar at InfoWars.com.
COVID testing scandal.
333 labs report 100% of people tested positive.
And we share all the documents.
We show all the 100% proof, undeniable.
And then we show where they retract it because they got caught.
Now again, this isn't a Don Salazar just waking up in the morning and saying, hey, I want to write a story.
No, this is a Don Salazar saying, wow, look at this.
And he goes right to the lab reports.
He links right to the lab reports.
So it's really not, I mean, it's just, hey, we're writing stories.
Hey, we're sharing information.
Okay, why am I telling you this?
Support Tony Robbins, A. B.
I mean, I shouldn't be stunned, but you see the conditioned responses to people in this tweet who just say, oh, I'll never follow you again, Tony.
How dare you tweet InfoWars?
Oh, don't you know about InfoWars?
Oh, you discredited yourself.
All of this stuff.
Never opening the link.
Never looking at the story.
Never looking at the facts.
And it shows you the power of the propaganda media.
Folks, I'm not perfect.
Okay, I'm far from it.
And I understand how there's going to be people out there that want to get political news and they tune in to me and they think I'm a psycho, I'm a madman.
Fine, I get that.
I'm not offended by that.
But when I'm telling the truth, when what I'm saying is real, it doesn't matter whether I'm screaming it at you or pounding on the desk or whispering into a microphone or talking like I'm on NPR.
The facts are the facts.
But see, these people have been so brainwashed and so conditioned, they literally ignore all facts and they totally go off of feelings and emotions.
So they're told, Alex Jones bad, Alex Jones the boogeyman, so I'm never going to look at anything InfoWars ever reports, even if it's true.
Forget the fact that everything Alex Jones has said for 20 years continues to get vindicated.
We're talking about
It's facts.
We're talking about the actual screenshots, the actual links, not our words.
We're sharing the information and then writing a story about it because no one else will.
And so how dare Tony Robbins share with you, which is big news.
Hey, they're faking coronavirus results.
That's pretty huge.
Meanwhile, they're collapsing the economy and saying the kids can't go back to school and putting us all in fear over it.
And then they just all say, oh, I'm never listening to you again, Tony.
How dare you?
And all he does is just care about you and wants you to know the facts.
But they've been so brainwashed.
And here's the thing.
They never listen to Infowars.
They never listen to Alex Jones.
They don't even care to.
They want to live in the swallers of hatred.
They want to live
In just total denial of fact that's inconvenient to them and they want to use whatever convenient backdrop they have to do it.
Racism, bigotry, white, all the same liberal crap.
It's all an excuse for their laziness.
It's all an excuse for their ignorance.
And it's sad, quite frankly.
Now, I really only got to one thing.
I mean, there's so much huge news.
Josh Hawley calling out all these American corporations for using slave labor in China.
You've got the U.S.
ordering a Chinese consulate shut down.
Things are now being burned.
Why is China hacking into Texas?
A lot of stuff going on there that's not being reported.
War games being practiced in the South China Sea.
The attack on Kanye West.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are really scared of Kanye West.
And I'll explain that later as well.
Alex Jones coming up.
Doctor warns, COVID-19 vaccine is untested.
And we'll alter your DNA.
It's a 23-minute video.
It's posted to BandDot Video.
And everything she says, she's an MD doctor, is on record.
It's what I've laid out.
It's what Bill Gates admits on television and his own literature that this vaccine's going to do.
Again, we think of a vaccine as something that's injected into our body with an attenuated or damaged version of something so our body can learn to have an autoimmune response to it and knows how to target something like it in the future.
This is nanotech engineered synthetic DNA.
Where the virus goes in and reprograms the cells and changes the cells at the nuclei level of the mitochondria.
Mitochondrial DNA.
That is at the base of all humans.
This is a genetic rewrite.
This is a genetic takeover.
And if you look at how the globalists are lawlessly lying on every front about COVID-19 and skipping the animal trials and covering up the deaths and illnesses in the trials that's even coming out, you understand this is war.
Everything else was beta testing.
The globalists have thrown caution to the four winds and are at rampage warp speed moving against us.
And Trump,
I believe he's still a good person, but he's trying to go along with popular opinion, and trying to go along with what he thinks will get the stock market up, just like he supports 5G, and it's total madness.
And so, I believe the American people that Hillary was in would not be accepting all of this, and there'd be a bigger rebellion.
You know, maybe it's a bad thing Trump ever got elected, but I can tell you this, this is multinational, UN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
With four different companies working on the DNA vaccine.
It's popular known as a scientific name.
And again, there's other classes of them that are live viruses that go and eat parts of the brain to control your behavior.
So you won't be depressed or so you won't be addicted to drugs.
I mean, this is mind control.
This is science fiction, but we are in the year, we are in the year 2020.
So we're not in 1999 or 1974 anymore.
We're not in 1962.
We're not in 1850.
We're here, ladies and gentlemen.
So I'm going to air just the first seven minutes or so, eight minutes or so, as she introduces herself, lays out some things that I want to encourage you all.
We're going to post this to the front page of InfoWars.com.
This is not a new topic for me.
I've studied these things for
No, 20 years at least about vaccines.
So I'm very familiar with it.
I'm very passionate about the information.
This one will focus on the COVID-19 though.
Before I begin, I must say that I do not represent any company or group.
I am not getting paid or reimbursed.
And the opinions stated are solely mine alone.
This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any individual.
If you have symptoms, please see your individual healthcare practitioner.
Again, my name is Dr. Kari Amati or Kari and I'm an internal medicine physician, osteopathic trained.
So I want to start this talk by saying the most important question choice of your life is what does it mean to be human?
This is a very important question.
It's going to be very important for this vaccine that's coming up.
And so let me introduce some basic facts first, and then I will give you some information about what has been going on since we've been distracted on the media.
And give you some of the conclusions in the end.
And then, as far as some of the data that I'm going to present, I will give you some references that you could look up on your own.
Give me a day or two to put those on the group's album page, okay?
So first of all, some information to digest.
Each of us has enough DNA in our bodies that could stretch up to 10 billion miles when uncoiled.
That's about 35,000 terabytes of data, which is about 35 million hours of high-definition video.
So what information would this hold?
The blueprint for life, how to create it, how your body functions, how it grows, how it reproduces, our thoughts and memories, just to begin with some of those.
Also important to know that DNA is similar to a computer code or binary code.
So if you're familiar with those where it takes a small change in the pattern or code and will have a very grand effect.
So you can insert a genome or gene, sorry, into the genome.
So you can put something extra in there.
You can take something out so that it's missing one.
You can translocate, meaning you take one part of the genome and put it into another area and, you know, flip-flop them.
Or you can take another synthetic or from another organism, a genome, and cut out part of the genome of the human and insert that other genome in there.
When you're doing this, you are rewriting your genetic code.
You are writing your software program.
And how much change of that code would it take to then be considered not human?
And is that ethical and legal?
Whether or not we know what's going on, okay?
These are very important things to discuss because they're trying to roll out this technology within this year.
This is also considered to be an engineered cell line or synthetic cell line or genetically modified cell line.
Those are all different words that might be used.
You have to understand the lingo because it can be confusing what someone's trying to talk about.
An interesting point is that we cannot patent anything natural or from nature.
But we can patent something that's been created, modified, or engineered.
A good example is Monsanto.
It can genetically modify the seeds, therefore it's created something a little different.
You may see the corn or the tomato or whatever in the grocery store, and it looks the same as a wild type, but it's not.
They changed something.
So on the outside it looked the same, but on the inside it's not.
So therefore they control, they own those seeds.
Now, if it's a wild type, one that just grows from nature, they cannot patent that.
They can't own that.
So, you know, translate that or transpose that onto a human cell line or a human.
That could potentially mean that we could be patented or human cell lines could be patented.
And if it's patented, it has to have owners.
So I think you might see where I'm going with this.
And then what if our DNA is modified with genes from another species?
Are we still human?
Is this transhumanism?
And then what if our DNA, our genome is modified and thus can be patented and owned?
This is not a sci-fi movie or a future event.
This is right now, today.
This is called recombinant DNA and recombinant RNA technology.
And this is what is proposed for COVID-19 vaccine.
The coronavirus COVID-19 vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms.
That is the same lingo and terminology used for Monsanto seeds.
So the frontrunners for this recombinant DNA technology are Inovio, which is backed by the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi.
Also, Moderna is in there too now, but that's also a Gates-backed foundation.
I will add that this type of DNA vaccine has never been used on humans before.
Let me repeat that.
Please understand this has never ever been used on humans before.
They are now proposing to take something we've never used and to inject it into everyone.
Vaccine trials are being fast-tracked at a level at a rate that I have never seen in my life nor did I ever expect to see this.
They are skipping over the animal trials going directly to human trials.
They are not using good scientific methodology at all.
They have no randomized placebo-controlled trials for any vaccine, which is the gold standard for any therapy to be approved by the FDA.
They're not following any sound scientific protocol to make sure this is safe for us, to make sure it would work for us, to know anything about it, and they want to inject it into everybody.
The vaccine manufacturers, in general, are actually exempt from product liability, meaning if it causes seizures, paralysis, etc.
They don't, as a group, are liable, okay?
They also are exempted from randomized controlled trials.
They're doing this with the COVID-19 vaccine, but they're also doing this with other vaccines recently, where they can just say, well, we've had the MMR vaccine before, we don't need to do that.
You might have tweaked it a little bit, it's still the same thing.
What kind of, you know, mindset is that?
I can't believe it because just a little change can make a big difference.
Also, they're exempted from needing evidence to prove that these things will do what they say they will do.
So, for instance, they just have to prove that the vaccine is producing antibodies.
Okay, just because you have antibodies does not make you immune to something.
We don't know that for a fact.
We don't know if it really would work out in the population of people.
A real study, a good study, would show that it actually works in the population of people.
They're not doing that.
They say they don't have time.
Alright, David Knight has joined me in studio.
We got a lot to discuss here in the next hour or so.
We're going to start focusing in on the latest COVID hoax that is being used to push a vaccine.
And folks, we know where this goes.
I mean, it's, you know, I hate to say we told you so, but we told you the forced vaccinations were coming.
And once we kind of exhaust that, we'll talk about the latest developments with China.
And it's really just incredible stuff.
It's so long overdue.
It's unbelievable that it took Josh Hawley to be the one to start doing this.
I think Trump needs to jump on the Hawley bandwagon.
We'll talk about that later.
But David Knight in studio with me.
First thing you said when you sat down, David.
Is the same thing we're all kind of looking at and the frustration for me is we've been covering this and reporting on this really since...
March, quite frankly, when in relation to the COVID, but the forced vaccinations we've been covering for a long time, but it's worse than a forced vaccination, David.
We need to come up with a new word for it.
And I'm thinking lethal injection, because that's really what it is.
They want to inject you with something synthetic.
Bill Gates admits genetically modified organisms that with the new attack on your DNA and RNA, I mean, who knows what they'll do next?
They'll literally say, oh, you're not even human anymore.
And so you don't even get rights.
Yeah, it's population control.
It's controlling your movement, controlling your liberty, but also killing people.
And when we look at this, I mean, this report that came out two days ago was published up on NIH.gov, which is Fauci's own site.
I mean, you know, this is Francis Collins and Fauci.
This is coming from the Department of Nuclear, Subnuclear, Radiation Physics, and
I think so.
That's right.
You know, how can these pharmaceutical companies owe and lose when they've got the government paying for the research and development by the tens of billions of dollars?
You've got tens of billions of dollars being subsidized to roll out 5G into rural areas.
Not to mention the fact that Elon Musk has set up a network of 20,000 satellites he's in the process of putting up, and he's already got up about 500 of them.
To beam it to anybody who doesn't have the network up there.
So you've got the government spending $20 billion, FCC subsidizing $20 billion for rural 5G.
Who knows how much else is being done in the cities to subsidize it.
You have massive subsidization of vaccines, and of course the vaccines not only pay for the R&D, the military is going to distribute it for them.
They're going to force everybody to take it.
And then they're not going to have any liability for any damage that they do to people.
And so when you look at these two things, it's just absolutely stunning at the rapidity and the totality of what is being pushed out here.
Now in this paper, I'm not going to get into the weeds a great deal.
I talked about this this morning.
We're going to cut it out and it'll be up on my sub-channel there on Bandot Video.
But basically the idea put out by these researchers
Again, are looking at radiation and things like that.
When they look at, and just go back to how microwave works to cook your food, right?
What microwave radiation does to cook your food is it flips water molecules very rapidly to create friction and heat.
Because a water molecule is a dipole.
And it's electrically charged, and it's not symmetrical, so they can flip it back and forth rapidly by alternating the electromagnetic fields and cause it to heat up.
And so what these scientists looked at, they said, well, you know, 5G is such a small wavelength that it's actually getting into the DNA nucleus.
And DNA comes in various shapes.
Some of these shapes can be toroidal, like a doughnut, which is like a coil that you use in electric circuits.
And so we'll have more about that when we come back.
Yeah, and we're going to discuss how Trump is, quite frankly, just missing the ball on this.
Yeah, he says they can't mandate masks.
He says they can't mandate vaccines.
But, President Trump, take a look around.
They're doing it.
You know, David, it's so key what you're talking about, and we really shouldn't even go down that road.
When you talk about these big issues during election years, like NAFTA, Obamacare, this is where the real corruption hits home, folks.
When you have lobbyists and corporations paying out billions of dollars to get these things voted on, signed, sealed, and delivered, just so that they can enrich themselves forever!
You get screwed, you get higher taxes, they make billions overseas and use slave labor to do it, and then they just blame, oh well, it's just D.C.'
's fault.
They signed the bill.
No, you paid them to sign that bill!
But I don't want to go down that jag.
I mean, it's an important history lesson for people to understand, but David, let's get back into where you left off with the DNA and the RNA, and here's the thing that President Trump needs to understand.
I get
Sometimes President Trump's moves, if you want to call it 5G chess or whatever, but sometimes you just make a bad move, David.
Anybody who plays chess knows that sometimes you just make the wrong move or you don't see a move and you wish you would have made that move.
And so the point is, when Trump says he's against the mask mandate and he's against forced vaccinations, that's nice.
That's nice that you said that.
Guess what?
They're doing it anyway.
So, if you really mean that, if you really want to get behind those words, you'll put action behind those words.
We're yet to see that, but I think that the President needs to quit swinging at the curveballs that mainstream media and the Democrats keep throwing him, and he needs to charge the mound.
But David, get back into this attack on our DNA that they're now forcing us.
They're going to force you to take this vaccine if you want to go to a grocery store or a ballgame or any of that stuff, just like they're doing with the mask.
Oh, you can take the mask on, but here, take the lethal injection.
Well, it's, you know, the 5G is going to be everywhere and it's going to be very difficult to escape it.
And what they're saying in this paper is they're talking about, you know, skin cells and surface issues.
Look, we've known, as we're talking about the microwaves, you know, how did they find out that they could use microwave ovens?
Well, they had some radar technicians who realized that when they set their coffee cup on top of the thing, it got hot.
So it's like, oh, why is that happening?
And we understand that there are biological effects, because a scientist, Alan Frye, it's called the Frye Effect, he had a technician who was working on some radar equipment, and he said, I'm hearing this clicking like a cricket sound or something.
And I've talked about this in the past, when there were the reports about what was going on in the Cuban embassy, as well as the Chinese embassy.
You had people who were working there, they were getting headaches, they were getting dizzy, all these different symptoms.
They said, what is this going on?
You know, quite likely they were under some kind of directed energy attack.
Because what Fry's assistant, what he figured out, it was called the Fry Effect, he figured out that with certain types of, certain frequencies of radiation, that basically it would bypass your auditory nerves and it would essentially create sound that you could hear.
Because your entire nervous system, you know, after you get past the physical transducers of your ear, it's all electrical.
And so you can manipulate that directly, electronically.
Because what is it, we're talking about 75% water molecules or something like that?
Yeah, what these researchers are talking about is the fact that DNA itself is a charged particle, like a water molecule.
And the fact that it is, you know, it has, it can be affected by electromagnetic fields.
And especially because some of them are going to be, some of them are linear, some of them are round, some of them are toroidal, which means it's like a donut.
And if you look at the graphic in here, about on page 3, they show you what a typical toroidal inductor looks like.
The type of thing that you'd find in an electronic circuit.
Basically a metal donut with a wire wrapped around it.
And what they're saying is that you get that same type of mechanism with DNA.
The issue with this is, because it's such a short wavelength,
That it can get down to the DNA level.
We're not talking about messing with entire molecules, flipping them back and forth like you would with microwave radiation, but because 5G is such a small wavelength, it can do that.
So it's kind of like your skin is your outer protection barrier, but now these new waves, if there was any form of protection on your outer skin, now these new waves can penetrate that and literally get into the smallest
You know, life in you, your DNA strands.
That's right, in the nucleus of DNA.
And what they've said in the past is that, well, because it's high frequency, it's going to be a skin effect.
And they said, yeah, but understand, skin effect, you still have DNA, you still have close proximity to nerves and other issues like that.
And we also have to understand that when you look at the way 5G works, because it's high frequency, think of your audio speakers, right?
You've got tweeters and you've got woofers.
Woofers are low frequency.
And they're not directional.
You know, you can point those things on the wall, they bounce, and you hear it great.
But, the tweeter, you have to be on point with that, right?
If you get off axis, you're not going to hear the high frequencies very well.
Well, what happens with the 5G, because it's very high frequency, it has to be direct line of sight.
It's one of the reasons why they're putting up so many different antennas everywhere.
Now they'll come back and they'll say, well, yeah, but it's a high frequency and we don't really know what high frequency does.
We haven't done the studies.
Now people are starting to do this because we're going to roll it out like the vaccines before we do any studies about what it does to human life.
But we've seen pictures of trees that are dead on one side because these antennas are very directional and yet on the other side it's still thriving.
So we know that it kills life.
And one of the things that you have to understand is that as you're walking around with your 5G phone,
These things are going to be multiplexing.
And so you're going to have a whole bunch of these things.
And when you're in line of sight, it's going to know that you're there.
It's going to be switching this back and forth.
And you'll have a whole bunch of different 5G antennas that will multiplex and focus on you at once.
And by the way, I did a report on this about four years ago.
I took a spectrometer out to local cell towers when they first started reporting on the rollout of the 5G, many of which came to Austin.
You get within 50 yards of those things, it immediately goes to dangerous levels.
You stand between two of them, you basically can't get away from being in dangerous levels.
But, I mean, anybody can go do this.
If you go to the base of a cell tower, folks, it says, harmful radiation, caution, do not stand near this tower.
And the new 5G ones they're rolling out, I mean, really, David, they should have 100 yards in each direction with that fence.
Except they're going to be everywhere.
It's going to be on your apartment building!
That's right.
And what we have seen in the past, we talk a lot, as a matter of fact, Dr. Andrew Wakefield did a movie called 1986 The Act.
And of course that's talking about the fact that Fauci was able to get Ronald Reagan to give the pharmaceutical companies legal immunity for any damage, any adverse effects, any death at the cause of their vaccines in 1986.
And he said, you know, why would we accept this?
That any company could do this?
And he starts out by showing in the trailer the Ford Pinto that most people remember.
You know, they said, well, we'll save 50 bucks on a part and it will make more money, even with the lawsuits, we'll make more money if we save the money on the part.
And would you allow Ford to produce cars without any liability?
And yet we allow these people to produce vaccines without any liability.
But 10 years later, Owen, we had the Telecommunications Act that was signed into law by Bill Clinton.
So it's like anything that causes you cancer is okay, but like I remember, I wasn't old enough to remember the Pinto, but I remember in the 90s I think it was with the airbag recalls, and there were all these airbag recalls, it was like the biggest thing ever.
So it's like, okay, an airbag blows up and smashes your skull, okay, but you know, if a cell phone damages your DNA and gives you cancer or whatever, that, no, that doesn't count.
And we've had a lot of lawsuits where they have, in many cases, they would put up cell phone towers in close proximity to an elementary school.
And there would be a cancer cluster there, because children are highly susceptible to this type of thing, even more so than adults.
And the federal government would say, well, you can't do this.
And yet, you have had some successful lawsuits, but many of them have been shut down.
It just kind of depends on the arbitrary aspects of the legal system.
Nevertheless, what we're looking at here
You know, they know in 1986, they know that vaccines are causing damage to people.
They give them legal immunity.
They know that there is suspected issues with electromagnetic radiation cell phone towers.
In 1996, they give them legal immunity.
Because there's a lot of money there.
There's nobody that puts more money into media and into Capitol Hill than the pharmaceutical companies.
They are the biggest lobbyists.
They are the biggest advertisers on cable news and everything else.
That's why they get whatever they want.
And these people are being subsidized and protected illegally.
And the same thing is happening with 5G.
Because with 5G, there's another very dangerous aspect of this.
Apart from the health issues.
It is the substrate for complete technological control and surveillance of the population.
They have to have 5G in order to watch everything.
So from a civil liberties standpoint, from a freedom and surveillance standpoint, it ought to be a no-go.
It ought to be a no-go from a health standpoint.
Let's talk about that on the other side, and this is why it is going to be like the Chinese spy grid, where they're rolling out 5G first.
It's just so basic.
And again, I mean, I've got the stacks of headlines.
I'll read them.
Folks, we're not telling you a big secret.
They know the 5G waves are going to fry you.
Welcome back in to the Alex Jones Show.
David Knight in studio with me, Owen Schroer.
And the story has been linked on the Drudge Report from Infowars.com, Kellen McBreen.
People who never took tests being told they're COVID positive.
Now, folks,
I know we've been covering this for weeks, and so if you've been listening every day, you're like, why do you keep covering the same story?
Well, I already had this story on my desk to cover again, because it's just, it's so critical!
I mean, this is so ridiculous!
It's like one of those things where we should sit here for three hours and just talk about this non-stop because it's that ridiculous.
I mean, we should be up in arms.
And this is like, not even the biggest thing, but... Yeah, they're faking COVID tests, folks.
I mean... And where was this?
Where was this specific?
Because there's one in San Antonio.
This was in Sarasota.
Okay, so there's one in... This is across the nation.
There's one in San Antonio, about 3,500 people that just exposed it.
They said, you didn't even test these people.
Well, we just presumed that they had it.
They're literally faking the results.
There's one in Connecticut where they had like 82 people that were positive and 113 people that they said were positive that were not.
And so they basically inflated that by 237%.
Now, you know, Deborah Birx says, well, I think it might be 25% higher than.
No, it's like 250% higher.
Like 25,000%.
It's like if I come up to you, David,
And, you know, you have a startup or something, and you're looking for investors, and I say, oh, I've got two billion dollars.
You say, wow, would you like to invest?
I say, yeah, I'll invest a billion dollars.
It turns out I have ten bucks.
I can't do that!
That's a lie!
And then you come to me and you're like, hey, where's that billion?
Oh, well, I didn't actually have a billion.
Sounds like Social Security or something.
But, you know, we've got Trump instead saying it's probably going to get worse before it gets better.
And wearing a mask.
And you're going to have to wear a mask whether you like it or not.
No, I don't.
I'm not going to wear a mask.
I don't like wearing masks.
I'm not going to wear a mask.
But, you know, Owen,
You've got op-ed pieces now being written by Bloomberg and Yahoo.
When is it appropriate to have righteous indignation against these people who won't wear masks?
And I talked about it this morning.
Five levels of anger.
And here's where it's warranted to go get somebody to get tough with these people.
They can't even explain the science behind the mask and they ignore the science that's been out for decades that studied with flu and other spreads that the mask doesn't stop anything.
It just doesn't matter.
It's all about compliance.
It's all about making you a slave.
Now, David, let's get back into the 5G and then segue into the spy grid.
Real quick, folks, again, I'm just going to read you all of these national headlines so that you understand what we're dealing with here.
We've got the study that came out.
The Department of Nuclear, Subnuclear, and Radiation Physics, 5G Technology, and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells.
It's like you thought, it helps the spread.
Doctor warns COVID vaccine is untested and will alter your DNA.
This is from John Rapport four years ago.
New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA.
John Rapport, next year's news today.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour.
PubMed, 5G technology and induction of coronavirus.
Wired, 5G smartphones cause cancer.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
Chinese telecoms build 5G base stations on Mount Everest.
Well, we'll get into why that is.
Virus lockdowns accelerating 5G surveillance grid.
I mean, the headlines, I could read them all day, but David, get back into the health
We're good to go.
It's been shown that 5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and the eyes, but it will have adverse systemic effects as well.
Cancer is only one of the many problems.
5G causes 720 factorial different diseases in human beings and can kill everything that lives except some forms of microorganisms.
And then they go on to say directly about COVID-19, they say these wavelengths could be observed in 5G technology and so therefore the towers that they're talking about in terms of the way the charged DNA particles are going to be shaped, these towers if you will, and this technology could exchange waves with DNA within cells and produce various types of diseases such as COVID-19.
And so we look at this
Qualitatively, we've not had any kind of radiation like this at this frequency before.
And so that raises a lot of issues.
Then there's the quantitative issue.
They say that this is lower power.
Well, not really.
In America, we have the greatest tolerance for radiation levels of any country.
When you look at places like Brussels, Belgium, some countries and some localities will have maximum radiation densities that they will allow their citizens to be exposed to.
And so we've had the health officials in some of these places like Brussels say, it's not even coming here.
By the way, they always change that too.
It used to be, the scientists said the dangerous levels were like way down here.
Now they've moved it way up here.
So they just move the bar as the technology gets more dangerous.
And ours are sky high.
And that's just talking about
One antenna focused on you, and as I pointed out before, these antennas are going to be, you're going to get multiple antennas that are going to be focused on you, and then it's going to be multiplexed to some other user in the area.
So it's going to be rapidly shifting back and forth between you and other users, but you're going to be getting periodic, very high doses.
It's going to be multiple antennas focused on you at once.
We've not had that kind of technology before either.
So there's a lot of issues with this from a health standpoint.
A lot of things that look very, very negative, and of course this study is very specific about talking about it could actually cause the DNA to construct COVID-19 viruses.
That's basically what their premise is in this research.
But there's so many different negative health effects on this, but it is the substrate, the necessary substrate
We're good to go.
Part of the Internet of Things, they need to have 5G.
It's what runs their self-driving cars so that you don't have control over your transportation.
It's what spies on you, does the instantaneous biometric tracking.
And this is one of the reasons why the Trump administration
Pompeo and Trump and all these people have been fighting China so much because whoever gets this has the high ground of intelligence.
And I don't want China to know everything about my life and everything about the American government.
But I don't want the American government to know everything about my life either.
We have to realize that there's a value to privacy.
And we have to tell the government to back off about this stuff because I am sick and tired of this spy state that has developed here.
And this is taking it to the next level.
That this is something that Trump is pushing, but it's going to happen whether he's there or not.
This is a situation I believe goes back to like we had in 1992 with NAFTA.
Whether we had George H.W.
Bush or whether we had Clinton, they were going to push NAFTA through.
Same thing about Obamacare with Romney and Obama in 2012.
They made sure they had people in there who were going to be their puppet.
And now we've got people, both of them,
They're rushing out.
We've just got another $2 billion contract to Pfizer and BioNTech.
$2 billion for 100 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine.
They're talking about how they've got an option to get another 500 million, to get a total of 500 million doses.
We only have 350 or 330 million people in the U.S.
They don't want 500 million doses.
Because they're going to give you repeated doses of this stuff.
And this is corruption writ large, folks.
And I guess maybe the slogan ought to be, instead of make America great again, maybe we should adopt the Ayatollah's thing of death to America, because that's what this program really is.
Yeah, plus, I mean, you make so much more money with 500 million vaccines than 300 million, David.
I mean, it's all about the money at the end of the day, right?
All right, when we come back, we'll get more into the spy grid and some other news.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
All right.
Intel and information just keeps coming in here, folks.
You know, the InfoWars crew is always on top of it.
So there's a bunch of stuff I need to cover, but I mean...
When it comes to the 5G and everything and the COVID stuff, it's just crazy.
I mean, it's literally, I'm just overwhelmed.
There's just so much coming in and we're not barely even scratching the surface, quite frankly.
I mean, we dig deep into it, but we miss much of the just surface stuff that people could even understand.
Congolese Nobel Laureate quits after being forced to alter COVID-19 results for cash.
From Parwinder Sandhu.
Pfizer, Bio,
Tech gets 1.95 billion COVID vaccine order from U.S.
I mean, that is so... This is criminal racketeering.
You know what?
I can't even go through the rest of these headlines.
I mean, this is the guy who, because they put out some phony baloney metrics about their vaccine early on, and they pumped their stock up, you know, they gave it an injection of opium,
And after a couple of days, it crashed.
But in the meantime, you know, they came out and they said, well, you know, you got a conflict.
OK, I'll sell all this stuff.
And he makes a cool $10 million.
Now they're saying, yeah, you can do that again and again.
And this is like Nancy Pelosi a few years ago.
The Stock Act.
Let's do it!
It's just, I wonder if people ever read the Pied Piper growing up.
This is the Pied Piper.
This is the 21st century Pied Piper.
You create a virus in a lab, you modify it with something that's very contagious, like AIDS or HIV that they spliced into it,
Plus it's already a very common virus known as the flu.
And so you combine those two things, you release it out of a lab, you release it in a population-dense area, you release it while there's world military games going on, you release it when a bunch of people are in town for a pandemic conference as well.
It then spreads naturally.
You then have the news that you own, report on it 24-7, build the hype, build the fear, and then what do you have?
The perfect opportunity to make billions selling the cure for the virus that you released.
This is 21st century Pied Piper.
And I guess just people have never read.
They don't know the story of the Pied Piper.
That's what this is, David.
Hey, we released a deadly virus.
We spread the fear with the media that we own.
Now we're coming to your rescue with the vaccine.
By the way, we just made billions of dollars.
F off.
Well, this is Nazi science.
This is Operation Paperclip.
We had a lot of exposés about what was going on in these CDC labs, in these NIH labs.
Allison Young at USA Today did a tremendous series of investigative journalism.
You had the Congress pick up on this.
Turns out that there are hundreds of these various levels of biosafety labs.
Scattered across the U.S., many of them in research facilities, we had one of the bigger scandals was down at Tulane University, where they've been involved in things like, in the past, you know, that are very lethal, like the game they did at the Tuskegee Institute.
That was at the National Primate Center.
It was a biosafety level 3 lab.
And they had a bacteria that they brought in.
Very rare.
They brought it in.
They made it more deadly.
That bacteria is called Burkholderia pseudomallei.
Forty-five percent of the people who aren't treated will die from that.
So they said, well, that's not good enough.
Let's make it more deadly.
Let's make it more easily spread.
So they're playing with this thing, and it gets out of their biosafety level three lab.
But then, as she started doing the examinations of this, she found that we had all kinds of escaped animals that had been contaminated with disease.
We had faulty equipment for the people who were doing the experiments.
All kinds of stuff.
And so they put a moratorium on this, and that's when Fauci and these people
Continued that, not only at UNC Chapel Hill, but started funding it in China.
These people are Nazi scientists.
Other scientists have called them that.
This is Operation Paperclip that they brought these scientists over.
And they're working on these bio-weapons.
They should be shut down.
This is the natural fruit of this.
We've been warned about this for decades.
As a matter of fact, if you go back to Michael Crichton, what he was talking about with Jurassic Park was exactly this type of thing.
Why we need to put a limit on this.
You know, the dinosaurs were the Hollywood aspect of it.
Got people interested.
But it was really the uncontrolled aspect and how they're rushing headlong without any oversight, without any ethical controls, and all this biomedical research and how they're weaponizing all this.
That was what Michael Crichton was really warning us about.
And we ignored all those warnings and now we wind up with people like Fauci.
And the product of this, they're the ones who ought to be in jail.
Instead, they're scamming the stock market, pumping it up and down, and making tens of millions of dollars for themselves and for their friends.
Yeah, Fauci and Gates are basically the leftover Nazi scientists, or the offspring of Nazi scientists brought over by Operation Paperclip.
Maybe even genetically when you're talking about Gates.
But Trump is giving him the platform.
And Trump is now saying, you gotta wear the mask, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
He is embracing all of this and pushing all of this.
He's been pushing 5G.
Big time for over a year.
A year ago, he flipped on vaccines.
That's when he said, you got to get the shot about MMR, even though he had warned everybody.
He talked about this.
He knows.
He knows.
He's not uninformed.
He knows.
He's betraying us on this vaccine issue.
And I think he knows about this 5G stuff.
And he certainly ought to know by now that this is the path to destroy America, if not his presidency, to keep us locked down.
And look, I'm not QAnon that says trust the plan, okay?
I'm Owen Schroer from InfoWars who got banned before QAnon.
They just got banned big time.
And here's the thing, folks.
Look, you can believe and trust the plan and all that stuff, but realize the times that you're in right now.
Realize the times that you're in right now.
If you really believe
That Trump is about to lock up, arrest, and expose the pedophile networks around the world that all these elites have been involved with, wittingly or unwittingly.
They have the blackmail.
And in fact, it's even worse now.
More is coming out about this judge that got killed.
100% CIA hit job, folks.
I mean, this is a joke.
Literally the CIA and MI6 and Israeli intelligence are sending in hitmen silencing people.
Right now!
Right now!
And so understand, if you are a QAnon believer and you really think this is all going down, guess what folks?
They'll roll out this 5G technology, they will put a Trojan horse in the vaccine, and they will literally flick a switch and hundreds of millions of people will die overnight.
And they'll have the whole media covering for them with whoever they leave in place.
They'll leave the whole media, whoever they want to leave in place to cover for them, and they'll blame COVID.
That's how bad it is right now, folks.
The media is sold out.
Have you not seen this yet?
Big tech is sold out.
Have you not seen this yet?
I mean, so, these are the straits that we're in right now, David, and, I mean, look.
I don't understand what the President is thinking, because he's the one that's going to be destroying his own legacy if he doesn't end up defeating these people.
He's going to go down as a racist bigot, and then his supporters that put all the faith in him, they're going to turn on him too!
So I hope that he does the right thing and he turns the page on all this stuff, but I mean, when you tell us that we have to take a vaccine or wear a mask to be free again, that's not good news, David.
No, no it's not.
And when we look at this, everything that these people have been planning for decades, for decades, their plans have been there.
We told you about this.
The UN 2030 agenda, the smart cities, the replacing of your jobs, putting you on universal basic income, that has been put in place in an instant.
And it's being left in place.
And now, as we go along, Trump is going along with this.
Trump is saying, yeah, you're going to have to wear the mask, it's going to get worse, and so forth and so on.
And it's going to happen, of course, with Biden as well.
This is the problem that we've got.
There's nobody, we don't even have a Ross Perot who's going to stand up and take on
I mean, you know.
Maybe Kanye West, David.
Our last hope.
Our last hope might be Kanye West.
We don't have any hope then at all, if that's the case.
Well, look, they're trying to destroy him now, too.
They're lying about him and everything, but that's just a precedent that they're trying to set.
Alright, David Knight, thank you so much.
The David Knight Show.
8am to 11am weekdays at band.video.
We'll be right back.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I think we've covered
The 5G news and the upcoming vaccine news, well, I shouldn't say enough because it'll never be enough, but there is other news that we need to cover here.
And so I'd like to be able to even squeeze in some phone calls before I sign off at two o'clock and hand the reins over to John Rappaport.
So in order for me to do that, I need to get focused now.
Let me just do this because it's on my mind.
So... You know, it just so happened, uh, last night that the Truman Show was on television.
Famous Jim Carrey movie.
Great movie if you haven't seen it.
But, it hit me!
Seeing what's going on in Kanye West's life, and believe me, I understand the guy's ego, um, and this isn't meant to bolster it, I just call it like I see it,
Kanye West's life is now the Truman Show.
So, if you haven't seen it, you don't want to be spoiled.
Basically, the Truman Show is all about a guy who is born into reality TV, but never knows it.
So he lives his whole life completely manipulated and rigged.
All his quote-unquote friends and family are all just manipulating him for a TV show.
Now it's not exactly like that with Kanye, but basically,
You can see the fear right now that Kanye has put into the Kardashians.
You can see the fear right now that Kanye has put into the system.
Now, Kanye West is a very controversial and in some ways polarizing figure.
I don't agree with everything Kanye West says.
Here's what I agree with and here's what I recognize from Kanye West.
Kanye West is speaking from his heart, from his mind, from his soul.
He's not censoring himself.
He's telling it like he sees it.
That is admirable.
That is rare.
That's why they're so scared.
The story is on nationalfile.com.
Kanye West says Kim Kardashian planned to have Dr. Lock him up after anti-abortion speech.
Now folks, here's what they're doing.
This is so key.
This is so key.
I need to focus and get this message out.
Because this is really so key to everything.
And many people don't understand this when I've covered it before, and then they end up figuring out years later.
But just like they set the precedent with Alex Jones for censoring a man's free speech, nobody fought back.
Just like they set the, again, you can agree with Alex or not.
You can think he's the worst person in the world or the best person in the world.
We're talking about legal precedent here.
See, people don't understand how the justice system works, how the judicial system works.
Is one of the biggest things in our legal system.
So now that the left is in control of our legal system, they have set all these precedents that are now going to be used as examples for law for the rest and in court for the rest of America until they're switched.
So Alex Jones was the precedent for censoring free speech.
Now you see they're just censoring everybody.
We'll get into that later.
Fields, the guy who
ran people over in Charlottesville was the precedent for, okay, if your car is under attack by a leftist mob, you don't have the right to flee.
You basically have to sit there at their will, and if they want to break into your car and beat you to death, well that's too bad.
That's what you get.
Now again, I'm not defending James Fields as a person or a character.
He could be the worst person or the best person.
I'm saying, if your car is under attack, you have the right to flee!
But see, what did they do?
They set the precedent with James Fields, and now, what are you seeing?
The people who attack the cars and get hit, they're the victims, and the people driving the cars are the guilty party.
They set the precedent.
They set the precedent.
There's other precedent-setting cases happening right now.
Kanye West looks like it's gonna be the next, folks.
So, here's what they're gonna argue.
Here's the big trick.
And they could have done this to Alex Jones, and I'll be honest, I'm not gonna tell these stories.
In some ways, they already kind of have.
But, this is Alex Jones' personal life.
But, they're gonna go after Kanye West, and they're gonna say he's mentally ill.
And they're gonna seize his assets, they're gonna take his kids from him, and then Kim Kardashian is gonna be promoted as the hero that saved Kanye West from a mental breakdown.
Saved Kanye West,
No, no, no.
Let's be clear here.
Again, Kanye West is a very eccentric person.
Kanye West isn't the one having a breakdown.
AMERICA is having a breakdown.
HOLLYWOOD has had a breakdown.
Our political system, our justice system, our infrastructure, that's what's breaking down!
Kanye West is having a real response to the actual breakdowns in our civilization, the actual breakdowns in our society.
Kanye West's life is now the Truman Show.
And, you know, I want to be careful here because, again, these are friends of Kanye's.
But when I start seeing the weird tweets about Kanye West and Kim, him talking about they tried to kill his first daughter, whose call do you think that was, folks?
Who do you think wanted to do that?
The billionaire model that makes money being naked?
Didn't want to be pregnant?
Just a guess.
All of a sudden Dave Chappelle and all these other people are flying out to be with Kanye West, but you put him on camera, he can't say anything?
Kanye West's life is now the Truman Show.
All of his friends, the Kardashians and everybody, are trying to manipulate him and shut him up, and he's not going to shut up!
So they're going to claim he has a mental illness, like they did before when he went and visited the President, and they're going to try to lock him up for having a mental illness, and they're going to try to take his kids from him.
Now, Kanye's going to have to make a choice when they try to do this.
But you better realize, they're trying to set a precedent right now, that when you speak like Kanye West, or you speak like Alex Jones, or you speak like Donald Trump, or you speak like Owen Schroer, you're mentally ill, you belong in a mental institution.
Which of course,
Is par for the course, folks.
Of course, everything that the left does right now, or everything the left accuses the right of doing right now, is what the left is doing!
Who colluded with Russia?
Hillary Clinton.
Who engaged in the Ukrainian quid pro quo?
Joe Biden.
Who are the real racists?
The Democrats.
I can go down the list.
You understand this.
But see, what's the last line here?
Folks, you know liberals are mentally diseased.
You know that liberalism is a mental disorder.
Do I have to play all the clips of them shrieking, pulling out tape measures for six feet of social distance, screaming in the air?
Just what they wear?
Women going around and literally running around naked, just opening their legs in front of police officers?
Black Lives Matter peaceful protests as they go out murdering people?
Burning buildings to the ground?
Yes, the left have mental illness, folks.
They all belong in a mental institution.
Of course they're going to say you're crazy.
Of course they're going to say Kanye West needs to be locked up in a mental institution.
Because it's them.
But you know, here's the thing.
They're really arrogant.
So they don't... They've kind of moved on from being afraid of Infowars and Alex Jones.
They just assume we're dead because we're not on their platforms anymore.
A grave mismeasurement.
I almost don't even want to tell them that.
But so they kind of like, hey, you know, whatever.
But oh, Kanye, though, he's a big threat.
He's already enshrined in the corporate media mainstream entertainment culture.
He's already there.
They cannot remove him.
And if he dies, you know why.
So they're scared to death.
When he said we almost aborted our first baby, they panicked, folks.
They panicked.
Because let me tell you something right now.
That's, I guarantee you, that's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stuff that Kanye West knows about the Kardashians.
Now, it's his family.
He may not want to go there.
He's on his own mission.
But let me tell ya,
They're gonna come, and they're gonna try to lock Kanye West up, throw him in a mental institution, and take his kids from him, and they're gonna try to break him.
So, they can set the precedent.
When you speak like Kanye West, when you get emotional about abortion, when you think an unborn child is a human, you're mentally ill, we're gonna have to send you to a mental institution, and they may use Kanye West as the precedent-setting case.
That's where it looks like this goes, folks.
But you know what's sad?
And it's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.
What's sad is that you have so many people that think they're woke.
And they think Kim Kardashian is a hero because she made a statement about how Kanye West is mentally ill and has bipolar disorder and needs help.
No, Kim, you and your family need help.
And you know why.
Kanye West is not the devil worshipper.
You guys are.
Alex Jones coming up in the next segment.
I want to play some Biden clips here and cover some Biden news.
I mean, this is just it's just such a joke, really.
I mean, why even pontificate?
Joe Biden is a world class international criminal.
Belongs behind bars for the rest of his life.
And you know what?
I've kind of actually always said this.
I've not changed on this stance and I've been just contemplating it more.
And I think I may just double down on this for the next 100 days until the election.
But I really think it's going to reach the point for me where
If Hillary Clinton or Biden or Obama and Comey and the rest of them are not arrested for all the crimes we know they've committed, I don't know if I can vote Trump on November 3rd.
I really don't.
I just have no motivation.
I really won't have any motivation.
Because if you just measure things out, folks, and you just put things down on paper, forget about who's ever named, and you just say, look at everything that's happened in the last four years,
It's not good.
And it'll all be okay.
That's what I'm saying.
It'll all be worth it to me.
If we had to go through all of this for all these behind-the-scenes alleged operations to go down to arrest these people, then fine.
And we hear more and more how, oh, Durham's coming after them.
We hear more and more how Hollywood's panicked.
They've stopped their adrenochrome.
Okay, whatever.
I hear a lot of talk.
I want to see some action.
But you know what, I'm already distracted.
It's just a joke!
Joe Biden is caught red-handed in international crime syndicates!
In China!
In Ukraine!
I mean, it's a joke!
It's like, if you can't arrest Joe Biden, if you can't have a trial on Joe Biden, where by the way, in Ukraine, in fact, if they could, Ukraine would expedite Joe Biden tomorrow and have him put in jail.
Now, extradite, excuse me.
We're not gonna extradite Joe Biden to Ukraine, but we should!
And see, the president will say, well, I can't do that to my opponent.
It'll be used against me in the media.
Who gives a damn?
You're going to let the media dictate your presidency now?
Oh, and Biden says he wishes schools would teach about Islamic faith.
What an ignorant comment.
Schools already teach about Islamic faith.
I took world religion my junior year in high school.
I remember it.
So it's just this more just race baiting, you know, divide and conquer.
He was probably just told to say that.
He can't even think for himself anymore, let alone speak.
And here's the example of that.
Biden's been making some public statements.
It's all canned, it's all controlled.
Here's one example.
He's making statements.
As soon as the press starts asking questions, he is rushed off stage by his staff in 5B.
Thank you for listening.
I look forward to having your questions at another time, but I'm off to another event.
Thank you, Principal.
Thank you for having us here.
Appreciate it very, very much.
Thank you, Senator.
I mean, these people are just such frauds, man.
How can anybody fall for this crap?
Here's Biden on a television interview.
I guess this was so important he had to be rushed off to this interview.
About to go off onto a tirade, his staff literally turns his mic off and then cancels the interview on live TV.
Check it out.
What's with this guy?
Steve, that's our time.
All right.
I appreciate your time.
Thanks so much to Mr. Vice President as well.
Thank you.
I hope I can see you again.
Thank you.
This guy is a controlled candidate, folks.
He can't think.
He can't talk.
He can't do a live interview.
He can't take questions.
He can't even go to Ukraine without being arrested for his crimes.
I'll tell you, man.
Honestly, if America can't beat this, if America can't get out of this, then we don't deserve to have a country anymore.
I hate to say it, it's just true.
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein says the death and event insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources for
Sometimes you need some crazy motherfuckers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you afraid of losing your audience, Ye?
That my career would be over.
The same people that are telling you that you can't have a right to say who you will vote for, those people will be soon to take Jesus out the school.
Those people will be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America, which is the Bible Belt.
Those people will be soon... Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level with y'all, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all want?
Wake up!
Wake up, Mr. West!
Wake up, culture!
Wake up!
Everybody think they so woke, but they following the rules of what woke supposed to be.
Alex Jones here as we start the fourth hour.
John Rappaport is loaded for bear and ready to take over here in just a few minutes.
I just wanted to chime in on the whole Kanye West situation.
We were very close to getting Kanye on a few years ago, but then his security people put a lot of pressure on him and basically said it wouldn't be safe to come to our office.
That was pretty ridiculous.
I confirmed from folks very close to Kanye at multiple levels, from the ground level up to his personal friends,
That they did throw him in a mental institution for a week when he endorsed Trump, and that it was forcible.
It was on record that he was put in one, but they said he volunteered.
No, they physically kidnapped him, ladies and gentlemen, and threw him in there.
They're saying it's mentally ill to be against aborting his daughter.
It's mentally ill to not support world government.
It's mentally ill to not support his father-in-law, you know, that sold the whole transgenderism garbage.
That family is deep in the globalist propaganda arm.
And Kanye is in a lot of danger.
And he's not manic like they're saying.
He's on fire.
When you break through, and you tell the truth, and you fight evil, and you don't care anymore, you get electric just like I do.
I'm totally calm hanging out with my family or, you know, at the beach or hiking through the woods.
But when it comes to covering huge issues like this,
I get upset because we know the vaccines are tainted.
We know there's a globalist agenda.
We know the GMO is sterilizing us and giving us cancer.
Look at the big study.
It's in the prestigious medical journal about how 5G sends so many millimeter waves through you that it actually helps viruses grow and vibrates them through the cell membrane into the nuclei.
Well, we already knew that.
That's in other studies.
I had Dr. Groupon three years ago.
And he read all these major studies and said, look at Wuhan, China, that's where the 5G's already started.
They're gonna have respiratory problems, skin cancer, and lowered immune systems there.
He literally got threatened, and he's asked me not to get into it at all, but that's why he's not been on the show since then, okay?
So, those groundbreaking interviews from three years ago have been reposted to Bandot Video, they were taken off YouTube.
That's why they're so scared of us.
That's why they want us off air.
Because they cannot believe how time and time again we're over the target.
But we understand their agenda.
Even LA Times Wired Magazine a couple years ago admitted massive tumors in rats.
Cell phones give you brain tumors.
But this is just way more powerful and saturating everywhere you go in these cities.
Already most of Austin has it.
And the health problems are exploding and the respiratory problems are exploding.
Because these systems and the studies cause that.
They lower oxygen in the blood, they cause skin cancers, and they also resonate and vibrate viruses and get them across cell membranes into the nuclei.
But meanwhile, the new virus, the new vaccine, is a DNA vaccine that puts the virus into the cell to reprogram the cell itself.
This is just over the top.
Of course they skipped animal testing.
Of course it's already hurting the humans.
It's testing on killing some.
They don't care.
This is war.
But we can fight back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
All the articles are posted right now exposing this.
Blowing all this out of the water.
And it's up to you to take action and decide whether you want to be enslaved by this or not.
I'm seeing massive amounts of resistance and huge awakening, so humanity's starting to wake up.
We're at a tipping point right now, ladies and gentlemen.
We salute Kanye West.
He's 100% real, but he needs your support.
He needs your prayers.
So does President Trump, and quite frankly, so does M4s.
Thank you all.
Now, John Rappaport takes over.
Please stay with us and tell everybody you know how to tune in right now.
Take action.
You are the Paul Reviewers.
Yes, John Rappaport will be taking over in the fourth hour.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Troyer here back in studio.
You know, I always tend to make sports analogies for things because I think a lot of people can relate to them, and I came from sports media, so they just come to me naturally.
But, you know, look,
I can relate to Kanye West because I see where he's coming from.
He's just taking what's in his gut and he's just telling you everything that's on his mind and he's not looking behind him to see who's judging him or who's going to say or print what.
That's us.
That's the Infowars approach.
That's why he says, I don't want to go all Alex Jones on you.
And he gets emotional and he gets hyped up and he gets animated.
He raises his voice.
It's not because Kanye West is insane.
It's not because Alex Jones is insane.
It's not because I'm insane.
The times we're living in are insane.
Humanity is insane.
Reality is insane.
But then when you accurately reflect that, you get called insane, when all it is is it's just a reflection of society.
But it's like this.
Here's the analogy.
If you're in the Super Bowl, and there's one play left in the game,
And you're up by four points, and you're on defense.
And they're on the five-yard line, and they got one play left.
And they gotta score a touchdown to win.
And you're the defensive coordinator.
And they come out, the offense comes out in their formation.
You don't have any timeouts left.
The offense comes out in the formation and you see the play they're about to run.
And you know the exact play that the offense is about to run to score on you.
You know the routes, you know the blocking patterns, you know the QB rollout, all of it.
And you identify this as soon as they break the huddle with 10 seconds left in the play clock.
Now, you're the defensive coordinator.
What are you doing at that point?
You are jumping up and down, waving your arms, screaming bloody murder at everyone on your defense.
This is the play that's coming!
Get in this defensive formation so that we can win the Super Bowl!
That's us.
That's InfoWars, folks.
It's America vs. Globalism.
It's the final play of the Super Bowl.
We know the play that they're running and we're just up here screaming and shouting and waving our arms and telling you the play so that you can step in front of that route and block the pass and win the Super Bowl.
Which, of course, isn't the Super Bowl.
It's not football.
It's freedom.
It's liberty.
It's independence.
It's having a free market republic.
It's the United States of America.
The biggest enemy of worldwide communism.
Which is what the Chinese and the globalists have decided they want.
Of course the corporate hegemonies want a global economy.
They'll get filthy rich, but they have to sacrifice the free market to do it, because that's the only way they can get into China.
All right.
Boy, you know, it's just I have so much news.
I'm going to try to bear down and focus when we come back.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember InfoWarsTore.com.
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I think the witches are hexing me.
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Um, and so, like, I will wake- I'm not even kidding you.
I wake up with, like, random aches and pains.
With just- it's totally random.
And, uh, like, for example, I woke up and my ankle, I felt like I had just twisted it the night before.
Never twisted it.
Anyway, I take the bodies, and it's like, the pain is relieved within an hour.
It's just unbelievable.
Bodies, 50% off at Infowarsstore.com.
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I mean, the reviews will tell you.
It's so beneficial for so many different reasons.
Bodies, 50% off, Infowarsstore.com.
The Christmas and July sale.
Free shipping, storewide.
Yeah, Kanye West figured it out, folks.
The Luciferians wanted him to sacrifice his child to Moloch.
Just like they did with Kim K.
To make themselves fabulously rich and famous.
Kanye West is figuring it out and they're trying to lock him up for it.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I need to try to focus here.
I would like to take your calls but I have so much news to get to here.
By the way, this is going to be interesting and I don't think this is going to go in Justin Bieber's favor and people think he's fighting the pedophile rings too.
He put out a music video called Yummy that kind of seems to indicate him
Hinting about what they do there, but anyway, Justin Bieber can subpoena Twitter to turn over sexual assault accusers judge rules.
Now let's see how this goes.
Now I'm all for Justin Bieber in this situation, but remember, ladies and gentlemen, and in fact, Caitlyn Bennett has just received another death threat on Twitter
Has Caitlyn Bennett been able to subpoena to get all the information of the people that death threat her?
What about all the other conservatives out there?
What about President Trump?
What about all of the death threats that the left puts out over Twitter?
Can we subpoena them too?
And that's why I feel like Twitter is not going to be cooperating with this judge.
We shall see how that goes.
Another person from Mainstream Entertainment.
You know what?
Maybe I'm just being a little egotistical here and I asked the crew to pull up clips of me accurately predicting things months in advance and a lot of times they can find it a lot of times they can't it's just there's so much content but I mean I really want to go back and it had to be years ago and find where I predicted that Rose McGowan was going to turn against the Me Too movement and end up actually exposing all the abuse in Hollywood and
That prediction has come completely true and I don't think anyone else saw that coming.
But it's like do I beg the crew that's already overwhelmed to go find that clip of me like two years ago?
So Rose McGowan has been calling out all the corruption in Hollywood.
And then she tweets out this story.
Alleged Salas family assailant previously worked for US-Israeli intelligence-linked firm.
And look, this story is just... Folks, it's just everything.
It's the Deep State.
It's the Deep State hitmen.
It's the intelligence agency collusions.
It's the cover-up of pedophile networks.
It's the cover-up for them to be able to launder their money.
I mean, it's literally all of it, folks.
It's all of it.
Rose McGowan tweets that out.
They'll probably say she's insane next prior to trying to lock her up.
That's my guess.
Then she responds to a Tucker Carlson segment saying, I'm totally happy to set this system aside and blow it up, Tucker Carlson.
I'll send you the match if you bring the gasoline.
So, she knows where the bodies are buried.
She knows all the Hollywood and film execs and media execs that gladly, gladly took place in the Epstein sex trafficking network.
And gladly covered it up as well.
How's this for irony?
Democrats and liberals are calling for police to be defunded and abolished across the nation.
They don't want that entirely because what do they need?
Well, they need law enforcement to make sure you're wearing a mask and to make sure that you're obeying your quarantine and you're locking yourself up as a healthy American in the age of Democrat tyranny.
Stories at Infowars.com.
Age of the mask police begins.
Miami dedicates unit to crack down.
So, defund the police that are stopping rape and murder and crime, but then let's have specific units to go around and harass free citizens, law-abiding citizens that don't want to wear a mask.
Just wow.
Alright, let me just dig into this news here.
So, Major League Baseball is starting its season, and what are we seeing?
The knee.
The knee during the National Anthem.
The knee.
And then baseball clubs, like the lowly Cincinnati Reds, this is why you can never win a Central Division title, say that this is a unity, Black Lives Matter.
And then it's the exact opposite of unity.
Some guys wearing a mask, some guys not wearing a mask, some guys kneeling, some guys not kneeling, some guys kneeling with a mask, not kneeling with a mask.
This is anything but unity!
You're all pathetic.
And I got news for you.
Nobody's gonna watch your ballgames anymore.
And now I know why certain professional ballplayers aren't playing this year.
See, on its surface, you kind of said, well, you know, they don't want to play in front of empty stadiums and kind of have this halfway fake season that they're about to roll out.
But no, folks.
See, actually, this is what's gonna come out next.
I'll just tell you.
Major League Baseball said that you can wear a Black Lives Matter patch on your jersey.
Now, of course, that's not mandating players to wear it, but what's going to happen?
All the players that don't wear the BLM patch are going to be called racists and bigots.
Do you really want to do that?
You're a ball player, you just want to go play ball?
And now you're being forced to make a political statement?
Ah, now you know why they're not.
It's not the fake fans, the fake crowd noise, the fake season.
It's the fake politics that they don't want to be involved with that the MLB is forcing them to be involved with, which is really just the mainstream television news networks who pay their bills forcing them to be involved with.
So, if you happen to tune into an MLB game, which if your local team takes a knee, don't.
I predict there will be some teams that take a stand against this, but we'll see.
I'll be honest.
I mean, I've been a St.
Louis Cardinal fan my whole life.
I still have a bit of the nostalgia of watching the games, listening on the radio.
If I see one player on the Cardinals taking a knee, I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm not watching a single inning of Cardinal baseball.
Probably the first time in my life.
All summer.
I'm not putting up with that crap.
And I hope that the Cardinals take a stand against that.
By the way, the first team that takes a stand against Black Lives Matter will be the top-selling apparel all season long.
Your hats, your jerseys, top-selling.
Let's see if anybody wants to be brave.
Oh boy.
But it gets sicker, folks.
Black Lives Matter supporters holding down and kneeling on the neck of a white baby to make a statement.
Police probing disturbing photo of man kneeling on crying child's neck.
These people are sick.
UGA teaching assistant and Black Lives Matter activist says white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole.
Well, how many have to die?
I mean, you already are murdering people across the nation, black or white.
You're burning buildings down with people inside, burning churches down with people inside.
Oh, but we're mentally ill.
We're dangerous.
We're the threat to the country.
You want to save America?
Put all these... But that's the thing, I'm not a tyrant, but I'll just be honest with you.
You want to save America?
Put every liberal in a re-education camp.
And this country will boom and prosper like nothing this world has ever seen.
Now, we can't do that, we live in a free country.
I'm just saying if you wanted to save it.
Body found inside Minneapolis pawn shop burned down by BLM riot.
I want to not just open up and say what I'm thinking right now.
The state of Ohio has just made mandatory mask order nationwide.
The NFL has just said that you have to wear a mask to attend an event in the 2020 season.
I'm sorry, but this is just a joke, folks.
And it's not that I blame President Trump for any of this, but
You remember the famous George Bush quote, read my lips, no new taxes.
That's him.
That's his statement that lives in infamy, a total fraud, a total liar.
Let me tell you something right now.
If Trump doesn't stop this nonsense, his read my lips, no new taxes moment will be during his inauguration when he said, I'm giving this country back to you, the people.
We have lost everything under your presidency.
And I know it's not your fault, but you told us, you, President Trump, told us you were going to give the country back to we the people.
We the people have less rights in America now, less freedoms in America now, than we've ever seen before.
And it's happened while you were president.
So, unless you want to have your famous moment, your infamous quote,
Like George Bush, when he said, read my lips, no new taxes?
You will have that moment, and it will be when you told Americans, during your inaugural speech, you were going to give the country back to us, and they took everything, and you watched them do it.
And I don't want to turn this into some anti-Trump tirade, but, I mean, this is a joke!
A fake pandemic!
Why are you letting this happen, President Trump?
Total censorship of all your supporters!
Why are you letting this happen, President Trump?
Now look, again, it's just like, if people aren't arrested and these issues aren't fixed by November 3rd, we're going to have to start facing some serious truce about President Donald Trump.
And you know, I mean, I was literally one of his biggest and most vocal and influential supporters in 2015 and 2016.
While everyone else was anti-Trump and now you see Fox News going anti-Trump.
But that's where President Trump promised us during his inauguration, he was gonna give the country back to we the people.
And we the people have lost everything.
I mean, it's weird, like, hey, I could beg President Trump to save America all day long, maybe that's not it.
President Trump, I'm begging you, save yourself!
Save yourself!
Save your own name!
Be selfish!
They're going to write the history books and they're going to write it that Donald Trump was the biggest racist and the worst president in the history of America, unless you do something about it!
I'm sorry, it's like I'm lecturing the president.
It's just so dumb.
You know what, let's just play the Kamala Harris clip that we forgot to air here.
Just air this Kamala Harris clip from last night on MSNBC.
Joy, it's really important to note that they sent these law enforcement officers into cities wearing camouflage.
Look at how dumb this clone is.
We send folks into war wearing camouflage so they can blend into the environment.
It's called their uniform, you idiot.
To ensure their safety as they are deployed on a mission that is in our national interest.
So what is going on here?
Can you believe how dumb this clone is?
I mean Kamala Harris' clone is not very smart, you gotta say.
Something went wrong in the programming.
There is clearly an abandonment of mission, not only by the Department of Homeland Security when doing that, but clearly by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
So there's Kamala Harris' clone on TV last night.
Yeah, peaceful protesters and, um, I'm a, uh, Indian shaman, or I'm an Amazonian shaman, that's gonna walk you through your DMT trip here on air with me.
This is such a joke, man.
Just put it again.
They wear camouflage when they go on missions, and now they're dealing with peaceful protesters.
I mean, it's like, does she really think she's smart?
Like, who listens to this crap?
You're getting lectured by a clone?
And she says, oh they wear clo- THAT'S THEIR UNIFORM!
What do you expect them to do?
Go out in street clothes?
Go out naked?
It's like, yeah, that's their uniform!
Well, they're dealing with peaceful protesters.
Oh, the peaceful protesters that are now responsible for hundreds of deaths, billions in property damage.
Billions in property damage!
The mayors from Minnesota and California and the governors, they're begging the federal government!
Oh, we need aid!
We need aid to rebuild our cities and rebuild our streets and rebuild our buildings and clean up the streets!
From what?
Your peaceful protests?
Why do we put up with this?
Why do we put up with this?
See, it's like... Honestly, that's the problem, folks.
It's just... I can't even do this job right, because... I can't even focus.
I mean, these people are out of control!
The Democrats start riots, blame Trump, they call it Trump virus now, Obama transferred the damn virus to the Wuhan lab, Bill Gates and Fauci in China released it and covered it up, and now they're gonna make billions of dollars off a vaccine!
I mean, what the F, man?
It's just such a joke.
They still, to this day, say peaceful protests.
Can you imagine being such a liar?
I mean, seriously, like, how do I even go to the- how do I even stoop to that level of fraud?
I'm a black astronaut.
No, maybe I should start coming into studio in a- a NASA spacesuit.
In fact, I'm not even kidding.
Let's buy a NASA spacesuit.
I'm not even joking right now.
I should come on air in a NASA spacesuit and claim I'm on Mars.
And claim I'm doing the first broadcast from Mars.
And then let's have Media Matters and the rest of them run all their stories about how crazy I am because I claim I'm a black astronaut on Mars in a space suit on air.
It's the same ludicrous that they do all day long!
Oh, peaceful protest, the Trump virus, Trump is racist, Trump-Ukrainian quid pro quo, Trump-Russia collusion, Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace.
You guys are the biggest frauds on Earth!
And the only way I can even attempt to match your fraud is to come on air in a spacesuit.
Guys, I'm not even kidding you.
Let's order a spacesuit.
We can do this.
Let's order a spacesuit.
I want it specially delivered.
And we'll put a background here.
I'm even telling you how I'm going to fake the whole thing.
It doesn't even matter.
They tell you how they fake the whole pandemic.
So I'm going to fake like I'm going to be on Mars.
Just like, uh, Jaco faked on CNN that he was being bombed in Kuwait.
So, I'm not even kidding.
Let's order a NASA spacesuit, and I'm gonna come on air, and we're gonna make a background that makes it look like I'm on Mars.
Maybe I'll even put blackface on, and I'll say, I'm a black astronaut broadcasting live from Mars in blackface.
And then they'll write all the stories about how insane I am and how fake InfoWars news is.
That's my attempt to be as fake as you!
I don't know how else I could be more fake!
Maybe I could claim I'm a dolphin and chop off my lower extremities and then you can sew on a dolphin tail to me and a dorsal fin!
And I'll claim I'm a dolphin and I'll swim around in a little pond!
I don't know how I can be as fake as you guys.
I don't know how I can be as fake as Kamala Harris.
I don't know how I can be as fake as a Joe Biden.
I don't know how I can be as fake as a Don Lemon, as a Wolf Blitzer, as a Rachel Maddow, as an average liberal.
I don't know how!
I can't even comprehend it.
I literally can't even do it.
How can I be as fake as you?
So I'm either gonna chop off my extremities and sew on a dorsal fin and claim I'm a dolphin, or I'm gonna hop in a spacesuit and in blackface and then claim I'm on Mars and we'll put a background here.
That's the only way I can be as fake as you.
I'm envious of how fake you are.
I'm envious of how just totally maniacally fraudulent you are.
Get ready, folks.
That's me on Mars.
I went there during the break just to check it out.
We have established connection to Mars.
I will be broadcasting live from Mars in the very near future.
I may also put on blackface and claim I'm black too, just to be totally ludicrous like mainstream news.
Okay, folks, get ready for the next wave of the COVID hoax to come.
They're going to claim it's attacking children.
They're going to triple down on that to keep the schools closed.
And then they're going to start a narrative that, oh, if you get COVID, it's going to haunt you the rest of your life and suffer from brain damage and testicular damage and all this stuff, which may or may not be true.
But, uh, the point is they're going to use this to build the fear so that you accept the tyranny that they're rolling out in the name of COVID.
Like, uh, you can't go to an NFL game without a mask.
Yeah, you can take that mask and shove it up your candy ass.
I just can't believe how cowardly Americans are, man.
It's just pathetic.
I mean, look, I understand at a certain level of the deception, but like, it's reached such insane proportions at this point, people just can't even think.
Alright, I need to stop ranting and focus on the rest of this news.
John Rappaport is about to take over.
In about 10 minutes here, I'm going to sign off.
Harrison Smith filling in on the war room for me this week.
It's just every day, staring into the abyss of the fake news of the Luciferian death cults.
Yeah, I tend to get a little wound up here, so that's just how it's going to go.
Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as a part of broad crackdown.
So what does this do to the QAnon movement now?
Do you guys finally get off of Twitter and into the streets?
Do you just continue to trust the plan and I guess, well I don't know what you do now that you're not on Twitter, but does this confirm QAnon?
Does this make you think it's fake?
Well now a lot of people are going to be looking into QAnon, but are they going to be able to find it is the question.
But again, it's just all window dressing.
And it's like, you walk by the store and you see the window dressing, and then you walk by, you never go in.
Folks, in the store is Maxwell, in the store is Epstein, in the store is Dennis Hastert, in the store is the CIA, the MI6, and Mossad.
They're all running the sex trafficking networks.
Dying Corp.
They're all running the sex trafficking networks.
Hillary Clinton with Laura Silsby.
They're the ones abducting children out of Haiti.
Africa all across the planet folks.
They're doing it.
These are sick people You know Look here's what has to happen President Trump must must and I understand it's like he can't even trust anybody
He has to order people to go in and find out these child rapists and murderers and he needs to release all that information so that even the average American will know how to deal with this!
How do you deal with a child kidnapper, rapist, and murderer?
How do you deal with that?
Let's move on.
Thank God.
Thank God for Senator Josh Howley out of Missouri.
And let me tell you something, folks.
The globalists are scared of the state of Missouri because they do not have a foothold there.
They're not even worried about Texas.
They run Texas now.
So that's why you're seeing this coming out of Missouri.
That's why they went after Eric Greitens with an FBI sting operation.
That's why Howley is the one on the front lines of fighting this China in the Senate.
He's tweeted this out in the last 24 hours.
At NBA, Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, will you pledge your corporation is hashtag slave free?
No response.
Josh Howley, at NFL, at Roger Goodell, will you pledge that the NFL and all its products are hashtag slave free?
No response.
But you have to wear a mask at the NFL so they make you a slave.
Josh Hawley, I challenge every major American corporation making products overseas in China or elsewhere to pledge that they are slave free, that they do not and will not rely on forced slave labor.
Let's see if that happens.
At Tim Cook, will you pledge that Apple is hashtag slave free?
No, that's how they make their billions.
At Nike, will you pledge that you are slave free?
This is brilliant messaging.
Here's a guy that gets it, Josh Hawley.
Yeah, you want to sit here and you want to virtue signal and lecture Americans as Apple or as Nike or as a professional athlete that profits off of these slave labor companies and you want to lecture me?
You wanna come at me?
You know what?
Here's what it is.
LeBron James is a slave owner.
That's the next level.
LeBron James is a slave owner.
How do you like that?
I think I should say that ten straight times.
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
Publish that story.
Let's make LeBron James defend the Chinese slave labor sweatshops where his sneakers are made so that he can make hundreds of millions of dollars and then lecture you about how you're racist!
Chairman LeBron Mao Zedong James!
How do you like being a slave owner, LeBron?
I got news for you, LeBron James!
You are a modern-day slave owner!
Congratulations, you racist bigot!
Seriously, I... You know what, folks?
Because we don't have access to these platforms.
I'm going to do it again.
I want everybody listening to this, and guys, I want to clip this out and put it up on Banned.Video, just this.
And I want you guys to take this video segment and I want you to put it all over Twitter with the hashtag SlaveFree.
We have to make these clowns, these communist clowns, these American traitors, these slave owners,
Own up to what they know they did!
Oh, and LeBron James is going to virtue signal all Americans?
Screw you!
You're a slave owner, LeBron!
So take, I want, me repeating LeBron James as a slave owner, I want this clip up on Band Out Video, short clip, so that people can put it up on their own Twitter and Facebook and everything.
And guys, yeah, yeah, roll footage, too, of LeBron with his Nikes, and then all the slave labor camps where the Nike shoes are made, and put some stuff up with Josh Hawley, too.
LeBron James is a slave owner!
LeBron James is a slave owner!
And then they're going to say, oh, but we just want to market to China to bring the game of basketball to China.
That's so righteous.
Oh, yeah.
That's what the Chinese need is a guy dribbling and dunking a basketball.
Not freedom.
Not a minimum wage.
No, that's what they need is LeBron James showing up to dribble a ball on their head as he makes millions of dollars off of their child slave labor force.
You're a slave owner, LeBron James!
You're a slave owner, LeBron James!
You're a slave owner, Tim Cook!
Oh, they sit here and they want a virtue signal.
Oh, let's tear down a statue.
They own slaves.
You're modern day slave owners and you know it!
And that's why you virtue signal us, Americans, because you own the slaves!
And you don't want that to come back on you!
Man, I'm so sick of all this crap with Black Lives Matter.
You're all a bunch of brainwashed frauds.
Oh, I tore down a statue.
I'm a hero.
Meanwhile, your heroes, Tim Cook and LeBron James, literally own slaves.
Literally run slave camps.
Oh, man.
I can't even cover all the news, man.
It's so important, too, and it's just, I can't even cover it.
But, you've got, it's just weird.
orders China to shut down their Houston, Texas consulate.
They shut it down and they burn all their documents.
That's not suspicious at all.
Same thing happened with the Russian consulate.
China vows retaliation.
You got war games happening in the Chinese Sea as well.
US, Australia, Beijing all joining in.
And China, and I did a little research into this.
Folks, it's not good in Texas.
China's already running Texas.
They're probably running Greg Abbott.
They're now hacking COVID data out of Texas.
Well, why would they be doing that?
That doesn't even make sense.
Something else is going on here, folks.
All right.
My crazy ass is signing off.
Jon Rappaport takes over the fourth hour.
Okay, here we go.
Fourth hour.
So let's see, where do we start today?
Well, we start with the fact that two days ago I published at No More Fake News a study done by the CDC.
I wanted to get that on the record because there are so many people out there who belong to that church.
I am a loyal member of the Church of the Centers for Disease Control.
Okay, so the study was an examination of the effectiveness of wearing masks.
And it wasn't just a little, you know, dinky little thing.
It was actually a review of about a dozen other studies that were done
In controlled ways over many years with volunteers, a control group, a group wearing actual masks to see if they were effective at stopping the transmission of influenza viruses.
So we won't get into the
Questions about the existence of these viruses.
Let's just assume for the moment they exist.
And the results of looking at these studies indicated that no, the masks are not effective.
Not effective in stopping the transmission of flu viruses, which would include
What they're calling COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, et cetera, et cetera.
Not effective.
There it is.
You can look at the study yourself.
You can read it.
You can see the quotes that I've pulled.
Several times in this review, the authors mentioned not effective at stopping transmission.
So, why are people wearing them?
Why is President Fauci saying that they should be worn?
Why are the governors saying that they have to be worn?
What's going on?
When their own literature says no, not effective, not useful,
And yet, of course, you've got all these people who are yakking away, defending masks, wearing them, slowly walking down the streets like robots, lining up out of stores, obeying the orders.
What's going on?
It should be apparent that what's going on has nothing to do with science, that's for sure.
It has to do with isolating people, it has to do with psychological operation to keep people from being fully human, from being in contact with each other face to face.
It has a lot to do with all of that.
It has nothing to do with the transmission of a disease.
It has nothing to do with science.
It has nothing to do with containment of a virus because there is no containment through masks.
It's all a total hoax.
It's a con.
And in their own literature, they don't just admit it, they assert it.
It isn't like they're saying,
Well, despite what the authorities are telling you, no.
They're just reporting.
They don't work.
They're useless.
They're ridiculous.
Stay with us.
Now I want to get into something a lot more devastating, in a way, about the masks.
I want you to consider this.
I've established in the past, as have many other researchers, that the tests for COVID, the diagnostic tests, so-called PCR and the antibody test, spit out lots and lots of false positives, meaning they point to a COVID diagnosis when there's no possible way that that could make any sense, because
The tests are actually registering positive because of some other irrelevant germ that has nothing to do with anything.
You have to understand that.
This has been well established.
Well established.
In fact, in an article that's going to be posted at NoMoreFakeNews tomorrow, I'll have quotes about
How these tests come up with false positives in exactly that way that I've just described.
So that's solid.
Boom, boom, boom.
But now, let's look at something else.
What happens when you wear a mask?
Several things.
First of all, you're breathing out your germs and then you're breathing them back in again.
All day long.
All kinds of germs.
Secondly, because your level of oxygen is reduced, those germs in your own body, which would ordinarily be wiped out or diminished because they're in an oxygen-rich environment, are now multiplying and replicating at a much higher rate because you're living on less oxygen.
Because of the masks.
Following me so far?
Think this through with me.
So, because of the masks, the number, the variety, and the density of germs inside the body of a mask wearer are ratcheted up.
What does that mean?
That means that when these people are tested by either one of the tests, the likelihood of a false positive is increased.
Got that?
In other words, wearing a mask increases your chances of getting a false positive diagnosis of COVID.
Increases your chances.
So the very major containment measure, wearing a mask, that is supposed to be stopping the number of cases of COVID is actually multiplying in a fake way the number of cases and the number of diagnoses of people who are taking the test everywhere in the world.
I would say that's incredibly convenient for the authorities and the planners of this fake epidemic.
That the one measure that they are recommending and enforcing at new levels, by the way, if you haven't noticed, must wear a mask, must wear a mask, are giving them higher case numbers that in turn allow them
To bring on new restrictions, heavier restrictions and so forth.
And more diagnoses of people as being COVID positive.
Because they're wearing the masks.
And because that is building up the number of germs and variety of germs and the density of germs in their bodies.
Which will react with the tests.
It's called a cross reaction.
Leading the tests to register false positive.
I hope you get it.
I hope you understand it.
I hope you realize it.
But that is what is happening.
Now, let's move from there.
Because in the United States, we see these orders from the governors are going out that are much more severe now about you have to wear a mask, you have to wear a mask in public.
Is there some financial incentive here?
In other words, if this results wearing the mask, in more diagnoses of COVID,
That means the states will be reporting higher numbers of COVID cases to the federal government.
Is the federal government giving the states money based on each diagnosed case of COVID-19?
And the answer to that question is yes.
Indeed, they are.
In the article that will be published tomorrow,
You will see quotes from an article, hospital publication, that not only says yes, it said it back in April, the first round of $30 billion bailout to be followed by much more to hospitals in the states, to the states, was based on a money figure
Per COVID case diagnosed in each state.
The payouts to the states are not the same.
They vary from state to state, but they are based on each COVID case reported.
So there is money, and I'm talking big money, in escalating, inflating, faking,
The number of COVID diagnoses.
And you've seen at InfoWars and in other places, the exposure of many methods of faking case numbers of COVID.
And I'm giving you insight into a fantastic method for faking it.
Wearing masks.
That'll do it.
That will up the number of fake positive
COVID case numbers.
For example, one state would be paid $123,000 per diagnosed COVID case.
Not bad.
Not bad.
There's your financial incentive.
And that was just in the first round of bailout back in April of $30 billion from the federal government.
There's been a lot more since then.
A whole lot more.
And there will be more to come.
So the governors are sitting there.
A lot of these states are already, the governments are bankrupt.
I mean, California, are you kidding?
Many states, Illinois, Ohio, you can just go down the list.
They're already bankrupt.
They need money any possible way they can get the money.
Well, if they can start just jacking up the number of COVID cases any way possible, they'll get more money.
Well, Governor, here's a good way.
Public health official says, that's that.
We have to escalate the number of COVID cases.
How do we do that?
By more testing.
Oh, yes.
Anything else?
Yes, actually, sir.
But this is on the QT.
If people have to wear masks, that's going to create more false positive diagnosis.
So in other words, you're telling me that I should issue a directive enforcing masks, making them mandatory, fining people, even arresting them if they are a little bit troublesome, or we say they are.
And they won't wear a mask or they don't want to wear a mask.
Well, yes, sir, that's kind of what I'm saying.
Don't quote me on that, but yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Do you see what's going on here?
How completely and utterly outrageous it is?
Stay with us.
I want to talk a little bit about the coming COVID vaccine now.
Pfizer and BioNTech have announced that the U.S.
government has purchased 100 million doses of a not-yet-approved RNA vaccine with a promise to purchase 500 million more doses.
Got that?
A hundred million doses of an RNA vaccine, not yet approved, hasn't finished being tested, with a promise to order 500 million more.
Okay, so this is the hammer, as I described to Alex months ago when we spoke on the show.
Vaccine is the hammer.
RNA vaccines, this is a technology that has never been approved for public use.
In any medicine, drug, vaccine, what have you at all.
Never, ever, ever.
Why not?
Companies have been trying for years.
They can't even put together a credible clinical trial.
They have serious problems.
That means serious reactions in the volunteers
Who are exposed to this technology.
That's why.
And yet, Bill Gates is totally behind this.
Fauci is totally behind this.
All kinds of vaccinators are totally behind this.
And the US government, the federal government, now appears to be totally behind this.
Mr. Trump.
What's happening?
600 million doses of RNA vaccines.
Again, heavy, serious problems in trying to bring any RNA medical product to market because very serious adverse reactions in the volunteers in the clinical trials, such as
We're good.
What do you believe about vaccines?
I've spent 30 years presenting evidence that vaccines were never safe, never effective, never useful, always destructive.
Nevertheless, I don't care what you believe about vaccines.
I'm now talking about this specific RNA technology.
Here's why Bill Gates
And Fauci and others are so obsessed with the idea of getting a COVID vaccine that's based on RNA into the marketplace.
Listen up.
Because using this method as a manufacturing tool, so to speak, to manufacture future vaccines and drugs, RNA,
Is much faster, much quicker, much easier, much cheaper than current pharmaceutical methods.
Therefore, World Health Organization could announce next year that 10 new viruses threaten mankind, all baloney of course.
They announced this, etc, etc.
And within months, you could have 10 new RNA vaccines against supposedly those 10 viruses.
Instead of five years, six years, eight years.
This is why the obsession on the part of Bill Gates and Fauci and others to get some RNA product into the marketplace so that they can then say, okay, it's a slam dunk.
Now that we've done this, we can just move ahead with any RNA technology for any medical product.
And sell it and market it.
It'll be automatically approved once we break the ice for good.
That is what's going on, folks.
And it is horrendous, grotesque, hideous, must be resisted.
Must be resisted.
If enough people say no to a COVID vaccine, this could turn the entire
issue around, not just for COVID, but for the entire future of vaccines.
That there are enough people, and some surveys show there are, to come out of the woodwork and just simply say, no, not going to do it, not going to accept the vaccine, period.
This would be
Let's call it an unintended consequence, okay?
All right, let's say it's that.
In other words, the vaccinators, who are filled with hubris and pride and confidence that they can now put over the biggest con and destructive device of their lifetimes, suddenly face a consequence they hadn't really predicted.
That the numbers of refusers in the world are so many that the whole program falls apart and is destroyed.
That's what could be coming up on the horizon.
And I hope and pray that that is the case.
That there are enough of us out there for whom refusal is going to be absolute final period.
Okay, as we move toward the break here, I want to take up yet another issue.
This is another science issue.
The PCR test itself, which is supposed to be the test to indicate whether a person is positive or cope.
I've written many articles over the past months
Proving, demonstrating that this test is useless, worthless, ridiculous, absurd, insane.
And now, here's another reason, another major reason.
That the uniformity of the test from lab to lab has never been validated, ever, in a large clinical study.
Of the kind that should have been done decades ago before unleashing this test on the public to diagnose anything whatsoever, any condition, any disease, any whatever, because you want to see are the results of the test uniform from lab to lab?
Did they come up with the same answers or not?
And there's only one way to do that.
And that is with a gigantic clinical trial using human volunteers.
And I will explain exactly what I mean after.
The PCR test.
That's the one that's supposed to be the test for COVID-19.
Never been validated by a large, large study.
What I mean by that?
From lab to lab.
In fact,
There are studies, there is conventional medical literature that shows that labs will come up with different results of the same samples taken from the same patient.
How do you like that?
Well, you're negative.
No, you're positive.
Well, we're going to put you on a ventilator.
No, we're not.
Yeah, you're okay.
No, you're not okay.
What's going on?
Before the test is ever released for public use,
It's supposed to be validated.
How do you validate it?
Well, I'll tell you how.
You take a thousand human volunteers, you take tissue samples from each one, and you send those samples to ten different labs.
And you say, have at it, boys, with your PCR, and report the very simple findings, such as, well, what virus did you find?
And get all the results back and compare them from the ten different labs.
And see how it would turn out.
I mean, this is common sense.
This would be step one in validating a test.
Never been done.
Never ever been done on that level.
Only get anecdotal reports.
Oh yes, in the lab we're quite sure the test is being run properly and blah blah blah.
No they're not.
They're lying.
They have no knowledge of what other labs are doing.
You would run this kind of clinical test that I'm describing not just once, but in several large studies, each one of which would have, say, a thousand volunteers and ten different labs analyzing the results to see if the results of the test are uniform across the board.
This is common sense.
What you would do before you would ever, as say the FDA, a criminal agency to be sure,
would say, we approve this test for public use, but never been done.
And yet now they're saying this is the test to determine if someone is positive for COVID-19.
I mean, the insanity goes so far that it sometimes just boggles the mind.
Just have to take a short break of a second or two of silence
Over here where I am to let it sink in what I'm saying, and I hope you get it.
I really do.
You gotta just sink it through here as to what's going on.
So let's shift from this.
To the straight out economic warfare and destruction that is the heart of phase one of COVID-19.
That's what it's all about.
The rest of it is a story about a virus that's never been properly isolated or purified or discovered.
Put that aside.
That's the story that is being sold to justify the lockdowns, which in turn imply and lead to the closure of businesses, the loss of jobs, the loss of money, suicides, broken families, murder, drug addiction.
The stopping of the production engine of nations.
The huge economic ruination.
That's the war.
That's the phase one war leading into the fascist technocracy, the brave new world, and so on and so forth.
Create a psychic shock
Economic shock, destruction to the population.
Put them in a state of spiritual, mental, physical, even paralysis.
Is this a dream I'm living in?
What's going on?
Etc, etc.
Conscious or subconscious, this registers with people.
And then
Right in the middle of that hypnotic flow to the spirit, the psyche, the mind, and the body, move through the gateway into a better world where this will never happen again.
Now, in order for this to have occurred, the destruction, the phase one, as I've said before on the show here,
The messaging about the virus, about COVID, about the case numbers, about we're all in this together, about all of that.
The messaging had to be immediate.
It had to be a Niagara.
It had to be a flood.
It had to be wall to wall on major media with no exceptions, no dissent, no argument, no debate, no discussion.
Nobody falling out of line whatsoever.
Think about that.
That's big.
To have achieved that, now we're talking about some major planning.
That this flood would be unabated throughout major media all around the world.
All around the world.
Just a tiny example.
The sports channels are absolutely astounding on this.
There's a guy, I don't know who he is, he's apparently a British golfer.
And he's there, close up, on a public service kind of promotional announcement.
And he's saying to people, very seriously, things are not going to be the same for a long time.
Straight out.
Very convincing, very sober, very serious, and then he says, so we the professional golfers are here to provide you a little bit of entertainment in the meantime.
Tune in to our tournaments.
Things are not going to be the same for a long time.
This is the kind of messaging I'm talking
All the sports broadcasters and new sports talk show hosts immediately fell into line with COVID-19.
Oh yes, the pandemic and the so forth and the lockdowns and the leagues not playing games.
Well, this is the new reality we're in.
This is the new normal.
Everybody's going to have to get tested.
It's very important.
Hour after hour, day after day after day after day, of this kind of messaging wall to wall to wall.
Yeah, you betcha, right?
Scripted and listed the athletes into the program, into the messaging, making these little disgusting videos.
We're all in this together.
This is heavy propaganda planning to achieve this operation and to make it work.
Nobody is falling out of line.
Nobody is saying, wait a minute, they're starting to broadcast now exhibition baseball games where they have cardboard cutouts of fans
Behind the catcher in the stands.
There they are.
So that when you get the set camera shot behind the pitcher, you see the cardboard cutouts.
And they've got piped in low level crowd noise buzz throughout the broadcast.
To give the fake impression that there are people in the stands when there's nobody there.
I mean, if you're a sports fan, what could be more ludicrous?
And yet nobody is laughing.
Okay, last segment here in this hour.
So, what I'm saying here is that all of this adds up to phase one economic destruction, stopping the engine of the world and all of the human wreckage that goes with it.
It stands to reason that this is not being done just for sport.
That there's something behind it.
In other words, people would be completely stupid to imagine that this is the end of it.
Oh yeah, we just want to wreck the economy because we like wrecking the economy.
Yeah, there are some people like that.
But they're not planners.
The wreckage leads to phase two.
And phase two is the fascist technocracy.
Because then, they will say, we can never go back there again to the way we were doing things.
Now we have to have a global society.
Don't look for logic in this, please, okay?
It's not like, well, wait a minute, I'm not sure that economic wreckage actually logically leads to brave new... No, it doesn't.
But that's how they sell it.
We destroy you, then we save you.
We break you down, then we build you up.
We ruin the country, then we restore it.
We wage a war, and then we rebuild after that.
That's the idea.
That's the two-step.
And the second step is
Bright and shiny, new, modern, clean, sanitized, surveilled, wall-to-wall, 24-hour, controlled, in every possible way, society, which is going to have to have far less people than exist now, globally.
That's the plan.
That's what they're aiming for.
That's where they're going.
That's what they want to do.
They've made it clear.
In World Economic Forum documents, in Bill Gates' statements, big tech, we can engineer a new society.
All that we need is the capacity to say, you go here, you go there, that's your slot, this is your place, here's where you go, this is what you do, and here's the overall structure.
Then there will be no more war, only peace, contentment, cooperation, etc., etc., which is kind of like saying, if we put you in a room with bright lights on and a chair that you can sit in and there's nobody else there, there will be peace.
Yeah, if that's what you want.
Well, that's the security.
We will keep you safe.
I mean, do we have to go back into history and quote Benjamin Franklin about trading freedom for security and ending up with neither?
This is not new.
Just the technology is new.
But that's the plan.
That's the idea.
The virus is unclean.
That's the story.
The virus is dirty.
The virus is filthy.
The disease is contamination.
It's a horror and we are going to cleanse and purify the society.
And it will never look the same again.
But in order to do that, we're going to have to have more control and more power at the top.
We're going to have to have cooperation among governments
And therefore, we're going to have to be able to regulate the flow of people from country to country.
We're going to have to monitor and govern and operate all of that.
Borders are going to be irrelevant.
It's one giant sphere, and we're going to control it.
And then everything will be okay, because now it'll be clean, sanitized, corporate, mind-controlled.
Every person will be a unit.
And we need, of course, to find out what's going on inside everybody.
People who are left.
We need to regulate what's going on inside the brain, inside the body, in order to be able to predict behavior.
Don't ignore that facet.
They've already been going there.
With research on nanotechnology, as I've pointed out several times.
They're continuing to go there.
The exchange of nanotechnology high security data between the US and China is like looking at the Orinoco River.
It just keeps on flowing everywhere for decades.
They want to be able to regulate and monitor what happens in the brain and the body in the same way they want to be able to regulate what happens physically in the environment.
Through surveillance and control.
Surveillance and control.
Behavioral control.
You do this, you get less money from the government.
You do that, you get rewarded.
You do this, you face a fine or prison.
What do you think we're seeing now?
We're seeing exactly the same thing.
This is preparation.
Wear your mask.
Social distancing.
Cooperate with contact tracing, aka surveillance.
Get tested, meaning become part of the database.
Obey orders.
If you're positive, you have to take the vaccine.
It's all behavior control.
It's all social credit system.
Chinese lockdown top-down model for the planet.
If you don't obey, you get punished.
That's the system.
If you do obey, you get minimally rewarded or you stay the same.
BF Skinner.
Operant conditioning.
This is nothing new.
Stimulus response.
This is the stimulus response empire we are talking about.
You understand?
I've written about this extensively over not just months, but years.
This is the attempt to make Pavlov's dream come true.
Where the stimulus that is entered into people brings upon the response that is desired by those in control.
And now with this technology, we're talking about interior surveillance of the body from the inside and control of the brain and the body.
That's where they're going.
Freedom is on the line.
Freedom is at stake.
The human happens to be more free and more powerful and more true than any of this, if a human being will stand up.
And that's my report for today.
Alex has a video.
He's coming on board right now.
John Rappaport, see you next time.
Say what you want about President Donald Trump.
He is our president.
He was elected, and the globalists hate his guts because he's not doing what they want him to do.
Sometimes he does things that we think are wrong, and sometimes he is wrong.
But he is our president, and he is the man in the arena that another maverick president, Teddy Roosevelt, talked about more than 115 years ago.
Newt Gingrich has made a really important point.
On Fox News last night, the videos on Infowars.com, it's the fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats are benefiting greatly from the fact that their man is not in the arena.
He does very few speeches, very few interviews.
They're totally canned.
They're softballs.
He's hiding in his basement and can barely talk.
And Trump is out there in the open doing dozens of interviews a day, doing all these different events.
And they're so scared of him, the man in the arena, and we the people.
Getting in the arena, they've shut down the rallies with the COVID hoax.
And that's why Pelosi even came out and said it's the Donald Trump virus and that by him having one rally, he caused the resurgence of the virus, which again hasn't happened.
It's all based on fraudulent testing.
So it's just incredible to sit here and witness how they want to keep us out of the arena.
They want to censor us out of cyberspace.
They want to keep us off the streets.
The answer is hit cyberspace even harder.
And the answer is be the man, be the woman in the arena.
Speak out at work, speak out at church.
That's why they fired that baseball coach that simply said Trump's our president on his Twitter.
And people said, oh he wasn't being political, don't get rid of him.
He should go on the offense.
It's his right to be political.
It's his right to speech.
This is slavery.
That school should be prosecuted, not just sued.
We must reclaim our will.
We must stop cowing to this garbage.
We must break through the conditioning.
That's why I salute you, the supporters of the broadcast, for keeping us in the arena.
Because you truly are the men and the women in the arena by your support.
God bless you all.
That's it for this amazing transmission.
I want to thank John Rappaport, Owen Schroyer.
2020 is a very special year to the globalists, to the occultists, to those that are into esoteric mysticism.
And they believe this is the year they're going to totally overthrow America and the world and bring in their anti-God, anti-human tyranny.
Well, we're here on air and we just ask you all to realize that we're in opposition to this evil and that only your word of mouth helps us reach new people.
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We have to be politically more engaged than we've ever been before to stop this Newell or takeover.
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Now, back then we were 90% rural, and almost everybody was self-sufficient.
Now we're 90% urban, and of the 10% that are rural, it's estimated that less than half of those are actually self-sufficient.
We are sitting on top of a time bomb.
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