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Name: 20200721_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 21, 2020
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In this passage, the host discusses various topics including COVID-19, media manipulation, political leadership, global events, and conspiracy theories. The host criticizes the media for exaggerating the threat posed by China and Russia in relation to the pandemic, accuses the US government of falling into this trap, and expresses concern about the lack of strong leadership. He speaks about the need for reinforcements to combat the New World Order globalists. The video clip shows a woman violating social distancing rules while accusing others of doing the same, demonstrating signs of psychological disorders like projection, pathological lying, confirmation bias, and sociopathic behavior. Owen Shroer also talks about the World Health Organization and UN's efforts to censor social media in an attempt to stop an "infodemic" contrary to their narrative on COVID-19. The Alex Jones show discusses demon possession and its connection with black magic rituals and media, promoting products like the "Alexa Pure Water Filtration System". It also addresses Kanye West's comments about abortion during his presidential town hall, suggesting that he might be naive due to being a genius savant. The show criticizes those who follow the rules of what they believe "wokeness" to be and warns against possible backlash faced by those expressing truthful opinions. In this rant about celebrities and conspiracies, Alex Jones discusses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship, suggesting that Kanye is being controlled by the "Deep State" due to his association with the Kardashians. He also brings up theories regarding Kris Jenner controlling Kanye and expresses concern for Kanye's safety. Jones promotes various products on his show, including nutritional supplements and water filtration systems. This clip discusses several topics including Joe Biden's difficulty with live speeches, Planned Parenthood disavowing Margaret Sanger over eugenics program, California town removing a Black Lives Matter street sign after a local attorney requested permission for a MAGA 2020 sign, Red Bull firing two diversity directors who tried to force the company into virtue signaling about Black Lives Matter, Trader Joe's changing racist packaging on ethnic foods, a new poll showing majority of Americans now opposing Black Lives Matter, President Trump considering doing more coronavirus briefings, a woman suing Starbucks for refusing to wear a mask, feds deploying 150 agents to Chicago to fight crime wave, and Americans fighting back against tyranny. The speaker criticizes professional sports leagues for selling out to China and aligning with left-wing propaganda while discussing the current state of sports in America due to COVID-19. He suggests that these leagues should fly the Chinese flag instead since they have already sold their souls to China. Owen Shroer of InfoWars is expressing frustration with people who have capitulated to China and are selling out American values. He also talks about the importance of being honest and not caving into the narrative of

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And Pelosi says, oh, we've got COG ready.
I just met last week with the COG people.
Who were they?
The Continuity of Government.
But the government's unable to operate.
And Pelosi says, I'm second in command.
I'm going to be president.
These are incredibly dangerous statements.
You go, well, she's a senile, drugged-out lunatic.
That's the whole point.
They're the type that will try something like this.
They're disposable.
The globalist spider's behind them.
The controllers behind him, the CHICOMS behind him, the AI takeover arm behind him has disposable wraiths, zombies as their army.
But don't think there is an evil intelligence behind this.
The mindlessness of people running up randomly and shooting white people in the head because they're driving through Portland, or they're driving through Provo, Utah, or they're driving through Denver, Colorado.
You say, well, look, these are an easy enemy to defeat.
People that will hatefully, randomly shoot somebody in the head because they're white?
These are mindless, crazy, dangerous people.
That's because they've been forged by the New World Order to be mindless and evil.
Who do you think will take you to a FEMA camp and rape you and kick your guts out?
Who do you think does this kind of stuff?
These are the people!
And you better be concerned, and you better be active, and you better be awake.
Everybody better get serious right now.
We are witnessing lawless, criminal takeover.
Murdering old people on purpose.
Putting out fake numbers on purpose.
Doing all of this over and over and over and over again and now they're announcing COG and the plan and the president will be gone one way or another fumigated out like a cockroach or a rat or a possum and that they're going to get the rest of us.
This is a war.
This is the real deal.
This is a takeover.
This is the end of America run by the worst people the planet has ever seen.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It is Tuesday, July 21st.
The year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, Owen Troyer, and David Knight will be co-hosting coming up in about 30 minutes.
In fact, Owen is in the cockpit there in Austin, Texas, and will be popping in with me in the next three segments.
But I'm working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes, and I've got a lot of big things that InfoWars is planning, but I've got to tell you, wild horses cannot drag me away from the news and what's unfolding.
If you remember, two years ago during the last off-year election, I told you we had to put extra security at the office.
And at my house, because we knew that Antifa was casing my home.
And I told everybody, federal judges that aren't Democrats, key other people in the media, the military, people in U.S.
intelligence that are loyal to the United States.
And I told you that Communist China was using the Office of Personnel Management hack to use a lot of data on people so the globalist operatives would know who to go after.
That's the key blueprint to intimidate, threaten, and overthrow People loyal inside the U.S.
government, inside U.S.
corporations, and inside the strata of the United States that actually stand for the Republic.
Of course, you saw then Tucker Carlson's house get hit.
A lot of stuff you don't know about happened.
A lot of people decided not to talk about what's going on.
But we're talking about people shooting into the folks' houses, death-threatening their families, burning down their houses.
I mean, it's been hell.
They're not just outside Mitch McConnell's house saying, we're going to stab you in the heart and all of that.
So when Tucker Carlson told me that, well, I'm just going to leave it at that, that he moved someplace away from all the attacks in B.C.
It wasn't out for about a year.
Then it got out.
The New York Times has private eyes following him around the docks where he lives.
And the New York Times, this is critical, if you remember when Congressman Scalise got killed, they wanted to kill 18 members of the conservative caucus that backs Trump, that the New York Times did a full page, front page spread saying, look, This is where they play baseball once a week, and they don't even have security.
Now, they saw that and got security, because they weren't announcing the field they were using.
But I've talked to members of Congress that understood, though this was a setup.
The New York Times said, look, this is where they play baseball, and there's not security.
And that was three years ago, remember?
CNN host Will Blitzer had a guest on saying the guy was a hero.
Will Blitzer nodded his head.
They're lazing targets, just like we send in the military, special forces to, in the old days, actually light up a target with a light off a scope at night for a plane to fly over and bomb it, but later it became lazing it with different lasers that are picked up by the devices, or they can do other things that mark it.
They are running around, targeting and lazing and marking everybody's houses for their New World Order angel of death to come kill them.
They're going to use ANTIFA as the cover group, they throw away later, but it's MS-13, It's Chinese intelligence, and it's other groups they've got set up.
They're going to have decoys that they later say did this, but they're creating enough unrest, enough insanity, so that when they really try to drop the hammer, even when Trump refuses to leave office, because they're going to contest the election.
The Democrats in the deep state have said they are.
And so, even when Trump wins, which I believe he's narrowly winning right now, despite making some wrong moves, they're going to say, oh no, any challenge to us is authoritarianism, so we're activating COG to overthrow
the president, but COG isn't constitutional unless it's been authorized by Congress and
the president.
So they are literally saying we have breakaway subgroups in the government that are going
to overthrow the president.
Front page of the Washington Post last week, if the president doesn't leave and challenges
the fraudulent election in any way, then they're saying we're going to remove him and anybody
that stands against us will be arrested or killed.
They say in the subheadline, military officers or cabinet members that do not go along with
this will go to prison.
So this is an out-of-control combat of multinational billionaires, the communist Chinese and others, and they literally believe that they can just threaten and intimidate everybody, have the martial law COVID lockdown hoax, then have The race war smokescreen hoax to say, oh, the civil unrest, the burning buildings, the attacks on police stations.
That's because black folks are upset.
Meanwhile, it's Democrat cities saying we'll stand down.
It's Soros funding it.
It's the deep state funding it.
And Soros went on for Reid Zarkaria six years ago and said that he was instrumental in the overthrow of Ukraine.
They use the exact same tactics.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, The good old days are gone.
The easy days of living off the work of Americans that stood up and fought and died for freedom is gone.
We've run the tank empty.
And the multinational corporations backed up by authoritarian states like Communist China believe America is like a burned black hamburger.
We are beyond done.
And they're getting ready to stick a fork in us.
And I just see the American people that are hardworking, good, loving people on average that really care about each other.
But are very, very naive and just think that the country's still there when it's not.
Trump was a good chance to try to get control of the government again.
To a certain extent we did, but we have now summoned the full power of the Fortune 500, the authoritarian EU, the beyond tyrannical communist Chinese, the America-hating Hollywood scum, and the armies of people, the schmucks that went and got two or three worthless liberal arts degrees, And who've been told by the communist education they were given, of course paid for by the big mega banks, this is the establishment doing all this, they're not woke, they're not resistance fighters, they're not... No, no.
It's the whole world ganged up against America.
And they've told tens of millions of Americans, probably 50 million of them, you're gonna rule the new America.
You're gonna have a spot in the new planned economy, and that's why they're so hateful.
That's why they're burning police stations.
And we sit back and we watch Amazon looted by tens of thousands of people yesterday and it's barely even a blip.
We watch another police station burned to the ground in Portland.
Another one attacked in Seattle.
Federal buildings attacked and it's only on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or places like Band.Video and then Twitter, Facebook go and take it down when the people shooting the video are cheering Breaking into another police station and burning it to the ground, and then the Democrats all line up and say, we're going to investigate Trump for daring to even go protect federal courthouses.
This is the system conjuring a mob that they could fully activate when they try to steal the election.
And just like 2000, Trump challenges it rightfully.
The Democrats have said they're going to challenge it, and so when Trump says, I'm challenging it too, they're going to activate their hordes to absolutely burn everything down.
We've been trained now that the people burning things are the heroes, and they're peaceful, and when you drive up to a roadblock and a leftist shoots you in the head, that that's a good thing.
And so all of this is to encourage all the meth-head mobs, all the people with the Fake college degrees.
All the people that think they're about to take over to really go out and put massive pressure on everybody.
And then you're going to have the commanders of the police in almost every city that's Democrat controlled.
Almost every city is now.
Authorize it and say it's good.
And the police are so trained to take orders, they will roll over and America will fall.
America will fall.
So we're 100 days out from the election right now, and you are about to witness the death of the country.
And I don't say that to be dramatic.
I don't say that to scare you.
This is going to happen, okay?
This is going to happen.
America's over.
It's all done.
They're going to bankrupt the stock market.
They're going to drop it down to $3,000.
There's going to be food breakdowns, global depression.
The UN is going to come in and announce they're the savior.
They're going to blame it on Trump not responding right.
They're going to blame it on COVID.
It's the cover for everything.
And just like it took them five years to get control of Russia when the Bolsheviks took over in 1917, it may take them five years as well.
But when they're done, you're done.
And your children will be theirs.
A lot of you are going to be taken to camps where pot-bellied pedophiles are going to rape you and your family, and they're going to beat your brains out, and you're going to submit to them.
Because America likes to submit to tyranny.
America likes to roll over to pot-bellied pedophiles.
America lets our children be sent to convicted pedophiles who hump them at the library and at the elementary school, rubbing their swollen crotches on little boys and girls.
That's who we are!
We've killed 60 plus million babies.
We like it.
And so the good news is all your vacations, all your fun in the sun, all your beer, all your partying, all your video games, all of it's over.
All of it's going to be over now.
They are going to crush this country and bankrupt everything while the globalists sit offshore in Europe and in Tanzania and in Tasmania and in Switzerland and in New Zealand and in Kauai, Hawaii, while all of you that wouldn't stand up for the unborn lose everything you've got.
Now, I know our listeners are awake, and I love you, you're great people, every race, color, and creed, but I mean, I just want everybody to know that the globalists want to hurt you so bad.
Listen, they sent people with the flu and pneumonia to hospitals on purpose to get that first death number to scare you into submission.
They enjoyed it.
They like killing babies after they're born.
They like killing old people.
They like being murdering psychotics.
They're into selfishness.
They're into the exercise of power.
When people say the New World Order doesn't care about you, they're lying.
They desperately, lustfully want to rip your teeth out with pliers and pour bleach down your throat, okay?
They literally want to rape your children in front of you and then skin them alive.
They want to bury them in the sand, up to their neck, while fire ants chew their eyeballs out if they slip their eyelids off.
None of this is meant to be exaggerated.
In fact, there's nothing that can describe how they're going to rape you, how they're going to murder you, how they're going to torture you, how they're going to degrade you.
And quite frankly, most of the police follow orders so much.
After the handover happens, they'll bring all the police back.
They're just going to be there and aid them.
The police will SWAT team you, drag you out, then they'll hand you over to a van of communists who will take you and rape you and murder you and your family.
So, just remember that.
The police have bowed to the New World Order.
The federal government's run by the New World Order.
The American people don't have any instincts.
Everybody's domesticated and soft now.
And so they are preparing, with the President completely surrounded.
He's got waffling advisors to do this.
The President Doesn't have control of the cities.
And that's why the president doesn't have control of the states.
And that's why the globalists called medialization.
Remember Schwarzenegger said years ago, he goes, if they will not put in carbon taxes, we will organize the cities to no longer follow it and implement it under United Nations control.
And remember, Arnold was always a protégé of Kurt Voltheim, the SS officer who ran the United Nations as the Secretary General.
And so Arnold's like, I don't need to be president now, I'm going to lead the Global Cities Initiative with strong cities, to have the police under control of the United Nations!
And now you see how it's all here.
Every city, except a few, 99% are blue.
They control the central systems, They use all the rest of us, they're bringing in third world populations they can control.
And I'm not telling you all this to be negative, I'm not telling you all this to be scary.
I'm telling you this so that you understand, when they remove Trump, when they kill Trump, at that point you're going to have to decide what you're going to do.
Are you going to wait until they shut everything down?
Are you going to wait until they come to your house a month, six months, a year later and drag you out?
Or, what are you going to do to the left?
Because it really comes down to that, and they're licking their lips.
And all the globalist institutions, and they think they're going to shit offshore while they do it.
Well, to the military, and to the patriots, and everybody else that have some soul left, and once you watch America fall and be destroyed, I trust later, once you know I was right, that you will deliver vengeance upon the globalists.
Because there's not many of them, and once we lose everything, I think a lot of you will finally decide to be men out there.
And I'm talking about once they've burned the cities, once they've killed the patriots, once you know that they've got their loving death camps running, just like the left and Apple and Nike love the 3 million in death camps in China and love the Christians in death camps and love the Buddhists in death camps.
They've been so successful all over the world with this that they think they're going to be able to do it again here.
And hey, we've bowed to the race rioting and the Soros funding.
We've bowed to the COVID hoax.
It's come out that for every person that gets COVID, they count 15 extra.
That's all over the news.
Trump now wears a mask.
Trump now goes along with it because his advisors tell him that.
They say it doesn't matter if it's fake numbers.
The public likes to be scared.
They like to be wimps.
And so the wolves are going to take us because we're not Americans anymore.
We're decadent Satanists.
We're just armchair Satanists that haven't gotten to the point of the Satanists yet, because they actually like to rape kids.
We just sit back while they rape kids.
We just sit back while they ship fentanyl in.
We just sit back all in a daze while Satan takes over.
Well, guess what?
Guess what?
All you people that serve the New World Order, you're gonna be the first to globalist destroy.
You know, normally a two-star, three-star, four-star general might have read 50 books on war, military history, and then they'll write, you know, their PhD level when they're Out of West Point or whatever, about some history, and they're called geniuses.
Well, those are called fops, those are called fakes.
I have read, let's be conservative, 500 plus books on warfare.
PhD level manuals from the Romans up through Vietnam.
All of Zbigniew Brzezinski's books, Carol Quigley's book, and see, I'm not bragging, I know every damn piece of this.
Now, I know you can sit there and look at it and you can tell it's a takeover, but let me explain.
This isn't like the takeovers before.
They haven't spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the global carbon tax and the Green Deal and brainwashing everybody at the universities and all the big money for no reason.
Like David Knight said yesterday.
Bloomberg came out and said, farmers are worthless, they're idiots, we're going to have robots doing it all, but we've got to keep them from cutting our heads off of guillotines.
They're making you obsolete.
This is a giant plan.
We're not in it.
And they mean with one fell swoop to take down the United States.
And it's disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
They are allowing people to riot, and kill, and murder.
And they are allowing them to go around and have the police shut down all over the country because they're prenting the police to totally shut down When they send in the real hit squads, the minute they remove Trump, the minute they remove Trump, they're going to send a hit team to Tucker Carlson's house to kill his wife and children and him.
They'll firebomb the whole thing.
They will kill Rush Limbaugh.
They will kill every governor that hasn't gone along with them.
Well, I'm going to ask everybody, are we going to just sit here and put up with this?
Everybody needs to be on a battle defensive footing.
You need to be waiting.
You need to be understanding the next hundred days is the countdown.
They could kill Trump any minute.
We have been put into a atmosphere of total crazy insanity, and that's how they do it with an ambient background.
The engineers slowly implement more craziness, more martial law, more civil unrest, more racial attacks, until you just get used to it and give in to it when they hit you with the mega dose.
You adapt to the takeover.
You don't adapt by saying no to it.
So everybody who wants to stop this, peacefully, better figure out a way to go out and get the word out about how they're going to try to steal the election, they're going to contest the election, the deep state.
When Trump challenges it, they've already said all over the news, everywhere, every publication, top of CNN, Trump is going to challenge the election.
Trump's got to be removed.
Trump's a dictator when it's an inversion of reality.
And again, Trump's a good guy, but he's surrounded by cowards.
But his not cracking down on the rioters, and now trying to and having city-state get out of here, just shows you how rotten the country is.
And his now wearing a mask and saying, some say it's patriotic and all this, is lukewarm.
He's got to come out and destroy Fauci and show the numbers.
I mean, it's coming out in Texas.
It's coming out in Alabama.
It's coming out in Florida, it's coming out in New York, that people who've never been tested for COVID, never been to a clinic, are being told, you have COVID in your record for the rest of your life.
And they ask why, and they go, we follow the NIH guidelines, and if one person has COVID, 15 around them have it.
It's total fraud.
And again, we told you this months ago, it's all out in the open.
Just look at these headlines.
Think about where we are.
NBA has zero positive coronavirus cases in the bubble at Disney Orlando.
But meanwhile, 333 clinics all said 100% of the people they tested had COVID.
All the others were between 97 and 99.
Total lies!
Totally made up!
Totally insane!
Because everyone is going to have a positive test with most of their tests the way it works.
Killer Cuomo now lecturing Georgia mayors on coronavirus policy after complaining.
Worst record of any leader.
California town scrubs away their Black Lives Matter street sign.
The local attorney asked permission for a pro-Trump sign.
Current Minnesota AG accused, women accuser Keith Ellison says he doesn't want police responding to rape calls.
On a video.
Trump pandemic.
Reversals betray anxiety about November election hoax.
1.5 billion children are dead.
What is the appropriate sentence for such a crime?
That's an infowares.com link story by Michael Snyder that's excellent.
Kanye West comes out and destroys the Globalist, exposes the whole criminal takeover.
Here's the key one.
Things could get very ugly.
Experts fear post-election crisis as Trump sets the stage for a disputed election.
They're the ones with mail-in ballots.
They're the ones with curbside ballots.
They're the ones with illegal aliens and dead people voting and cats getting voter registration cards.
They're the ones with the COVID-19 fraud.
They're the ones all caught on Project Veritas' video saying they're engaged in fraud.
And then Trump says, well, we better look at that fraud and challenge it, which is normal.
And they go, oh my gosh, you're a dictator.
We've got to throw you out.
And Pelosi says, oh, we've got COG ready.
I just met last week with the COG people.
Who were they?
The continuity of government.
The government's unable to operate.
And Pelosi says, I'm second in command.
I'm going to be president.
These are incredibly dangerous statements.
You go, well, she's a senile, drugged out lunatic.
That's the whole point.
They're the type that will try something like this.
They're disposable.
The globalist spider's behind them.
The controller's behind them.
The CHICOM's behind them.
The AI takeover arm behind them.
It has disposable wraiths.
Zombies as their army.
But don't think there is an evil intelligence behind this.
The mindlessness of people running up randomly and shooting white people in the head because they're driving through Portland, or they're driving through Provo, Utah, or they're driving through Denver, Colorado.
You say, well, look, these are an easy enemy to defeat.
People that will hatefully, randomly shoot somebody in the head because they're white?
These are mindless, crazy, dangerous people.
That's because they've been forged by the New World Order to be mindless and evil.
Who do you think will take you to a FEMA camp and rape you and kick your guts out?
Who do you think does this kind of stuff?
These are the people!
And you better be concerned, and you better be active, and you better be awake.
Everybody better get serious right now.
Because the games...
Are over.
They have now told you, word for word, what I told you because I saw it in CFR battle plans that were public.
Now they're externalizing it and hyping it in every damn newspaper that Trump's gotta go and the military's gonna remove him and the Joint Chiefs have all bad-mouthed the President in front of everybody!
This is treason, ladies and gentlemen.
And as Trump said, they're not after him, they're after you.
They gotta go through him, and they gotta go through me, and they gotta go through you, the listeners.
You're the people that are awake.
You're the people that are informed.
You're the people that are involved.
You're the people that care.
And I salute you.
But I'm here to tell you, this is the main assault.
This is the main assault.
This is the main assault.
Everybody better get loud.
Everybody better get aggressive.
Everybody better call their sheriff, their police chief.
Better go speak to your county commissioners about this, your city council, your statehouse.
Everybody better get to D.C.
and bullhorn the White House that they're planning to overthrow the president, and we know about it, to make this the number one issue as talking points against them so people know that this is the coup, this is illegitimate, And it's a continuation of the Russiagate and the Ukrainegate and the ongoing criminal, unelected, deep state coup run by the Chai Koms against our country with enemy foreign collaborators literally working for the destruction of this republic.
We're going to come back with Greg Reese's beyond critical report, The Ties of the Death Numbers, and I'll introduce David Knight, and I will introduce Owen Schroer, InfoWars.com.
So folks, tune in now.
You are Paul Revere.
I don't give a damn about products or plugs anymore.
They're going to run martial law and kill the president and burn the country down.
And Americans have been eased psychologically into accepting all of this where they don't care.
And people are in a trance.
Well, I am not in a trance.
The globalists know there's a revolution against them all over the planet, all over the world.
Good things are happening.
They're passing laws in Eastern Europe to have a second amendment in the Czech Republic, Poland, other areas.
People are waking up to the devil worshipping new world order, child molester system.
So they are counter striking, ladies and gentlemen.
They are counter striking to bring down society and they control the major cities in the West and are doing this as terrorists.
The mayors And the governors, and Soros, and the Democrats are responsible and are running all of this.
This is multinational corporations ganged up on and attacking the American people in mass.
No more plugging today.
No more plugging products.
There won't be an InfoWars.
There won't be anything in 110 days or so if this goes through.
You understand?
It's like a damn asteroid coming in to destroy the planet.
Everyone has to get serious and get focused and understand what's going on.
I'm not mad at the crew.
I'm not mad at anybody.
But I mean, just the general public is in a daze.
We are under a spell.
We must awaken from the spell.
People need to understand that.
I'm gonna let you and David get to all the news you have to cover.
But we are witnessing lawless criminal takeover, murdering old people on purpose, putting out fake numbers on purpose.
Doing all of this over and over and over and over again and now they're announcing COG and the plan and the president will be gone one way or another fumigated out like a cockroach or a rat or a possum and that they're going to get the rest of us.
This is a war.
This is the real deal.
This is a takeover.
This is the end of America run by the worst People the planet has ever seen.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at this article at Breitbart.com.
BLM activist says white men are the common enemy.
Gotta play that video.
Chicago police released video showing ambushed by Antifa BLM rioters who attacked them, injuring 49 cops.
The cops keep whining, Lightfoot runs it for Soros.
They've now got the McCluskeys up in St.
Indicted for people breaking down their gate on their property and saying they were going to attack them and kill them because that evil criminal put in power by Soros is running it.
People say this is evil.
They're showing that they're lawless.
The NBA can have their games, but your church can't open.
The NBA has no coronavirus, but Trump rallies are full of coronavirus.
It's all the bureaucracy.
It's the big corporations that have data control, and they're engaged in massive, total, complete, absolute fraud, and now they're lazing and targeting everybody's houses to move against us once it goes down.
We cannot give in to these terrorists.
We must absolutely stand and expose it.
I'm letting you guys get into your reporting here.
I'm just really upset.
Everybody knows how serious this is.
And how absolutely crazy this is and how it's out of control.
And so I'm going to hand the thing over to you, but this is a major phenomenon of tyranny.
This is the big one.
Everybody better understand it.
And everybody needs to go 24 hours a day.
Hell, I'll fly up there right now and just start bullhorning the White House so Trump hears the people and knows what he needs to do.
We should be talking about what do we do 100 days out with their martial law, COG, overthrow
the president, and literally come in and shut down society and have ongoing martial law
and re-educating all of us.
Do we really want this to happen?
Because it's here, it's here, it's here, it's here.
This isn't business as usual, building towards the New World Order.
This is the globalist takeover on every single front, ladies and gentlemen.
This is their plan.
This is the big enchilada.
This is the end of everything as we know it.
absolute psychotic evil taking control of society.
I love you guys.
And I'm just, I'm just, I'm... I just can't handle it anymore.
I cannot handle it.
People need to wake up and get upset and get serious.
You know, it's kind of ironic or not ironic, David, but, you know, yesterday in the third hour, when I was closing off the show and handing over to Jared Celente, I was, I was, I kind of got out of control.
Like Alex, I was ranting, I was raving.
Um, I said some things that Not that necessarily I regret, but you know, I probably should have measured better, but it is a frustration when you look around and you see fellow Americans so deceived, so brainwashed.
They literally can't even think, David.
They put on a mask and they don't even think.
They just put it on because they're told what to do.
They don't even look around at the situation going on around them with a clear two-tiered justice system, no laws for one side, and then every law against you, or just make-up laws for the other side.
You know, throw you in jail, make you wear a mask, all this stuff.
I mean, I just wonder, I mean, what do we do as Americans to wake up our fellow Americans and say, hey, like, how do we make you think again?
Like, what is it going to take to make you think again?
Because then once you think, maybe then you can see what's going on around you.
Yeah, actually, I talked about this briefly at the end of the program.
I had an individual contact me and say, hey, you're invited to watch a debate about masks.
And this all came about because a guy by the name of Rancourt in Ontario wrote a very long research paper.
He is with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.
In this research paper, he said, "Here's a review of the science."
Oh, wait a minute.
There haven't been any studies.
They haven't done any studies.
You just assumed that this is going to fix things.
And yet we have a lot of science that says, no, it isn't.
As a matter of fact, they were all telling us a couple of months ago, of course, that it wasn't going to work, that it was going to be harmful to our health.
And so as he put this out and says, we don't have any studies, he's then answered by a psychologist who's now challenged him to a debate.
So they're going to have debate on this on Friday.
And the psychologist thinks that it's very effective, and of course he would, because this is a psychological tool of control.
And the argument that the psychologist makes, I'll just give you just the beginning of this, he says, well, if you think that these mandates are a threat to freedom, There's no more than putting on a burn ban during a drought.
Well, we do know, and we can see, that during a drought we do have fires.
That is observable.
That's what's called science.
But see, we've forgotten how to do this.
For the longest time, we've had a situation which, this has now taken the place of climate change, and with climate change they just made assertions.
They didn't have to prove them.
And now they're doing the same thing with COVID-19.
We'll talk about that more when we come back.
We've got to take a quick break.
Yeah, we'll have the video where they're lying about test results for COVID.
In medical circles, it's common knowledge that July is the month you don't want to get sick.
It's called the July effect.
The July effect is the rise of medical mistakes and mishaps at hospitals when tens of thousands of fresh medical residents begin their jobs, which happens every year in July.
In the UK, they call it the killing season.
Researchers examined more than 240,000 death certificates from between 1979 and 2006 and found mortality rates consistently spiked in July.
There have been over 200 studies on the July effect and the evidence shows that hospitals training new doctors in July have up to 34% more death.
This happens like clockwork every single year.
What will be different in 2020 is that it will undoubtedly all be blamed on COVID-19.
We'll have to prepare for the next one.
That, you know, I'd say will get attention this time.
The data clearly shows that COVID-19 is less deadly than a mild seasonal flu.
And yet, local governments all over the U.S.
are pushing for another shutdown.
In the state of Washington, their so-called health and safety shutdown will last until the day after Election Day.
Most of the deaths from COVID in the U.S.
seem to be from medical malpractice.
Infected patients being put into nursing homes.
All pneumonia deaths being counted as COVID.
All manner of deaths being counted as COVID deaths.
And several doctors claiming that the ventilators are actually killing people.
This method being widely adopted at this very moment in every hospital in the country, which aims to increase pressure on the lungs in order to open them up, is actually doing more harm than good.
The deception is everywhere.
As soon as President Trump ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC and send their data directly to the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC admitted to mixing up their testing data.
And so one can be certain, with tens of thousands of new doctors flooding hospitals in the 2020 killing season, the CDC and their criminal counterparts are hoping for a big July effect spike in medical malpractice deaths.
So they can further justify shutting down the economy, taking away our livelihood, stealing an election, enforcing mandatory experimental vaccines upon the entire population.
The truth shall set you free.
But in 2020, the masses seem to prefer baseless fear over critical thinking.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That powerful report can be found, downloaded, and shared at Banned.Video.
CDC hoping July effect increases COVID-19 deaths.
Whether the deaths increase or not, David, we know that they're going to use the same tactics that they've been using to increase the case numbers, inflate the death numbers, and take all our freedoms.
Yeah, and of course, you know, we talked about this in the very beginning.
It's no secret, it's been talked about many, many times, the fact that they would presume First of all, that you died from COVID-19 if you died with COVID-19.
Then we found out they didn't even know that you died with COVID-19.
They were presuming that as well.
And we have seen that play out over a long period of time.
We've been told from the very beginning by the guy who created the PCR test that it could not be used to accurately diagnose this.
But nevertheless, they're going to proceed on with the test and then it gets worse because now we find out That not only are the test cases and the number of deaths being presumed in many cases and not accurately measured, but they have kept these numbers and they're now releasing them as if they're something that just happened today.
This has been documented across the country in South Carolina and Florida and Texas and elsewhere.
We have seen that these doctors have essentially I don't know, stored these numbers for release during the
summer when you would expect coronavirus to go down and that's exactly what they're doing.
This is where the surge is coming from, as Fauci likes to say.
You knew it was going to be another surge, you knew it was going to be a lockdown, they
couldn't wait until flu season starts again.
And when we look at these flu numbers, Owen, we see and we saw it here in Texas, they said
well here's the numbers from 2008.
Here's the COVID-19 numbers, 0.1%.
2019, 0.4%, 0.3%. Here's the COVID-19 numbers, 0.1%. And then we look at the numbers coming
out of Texas and out of America in general, and we see that the number of COVID-19 presumed
deaths are way smaller than the number of flu deaths for this year, for this year.
So they're spinning the numbers, they're using the numbers in every way possible.
And then when it comes to the mask debate, this is the same type of thing that we have seen for decades about climate change.
They're not going to show you, they've got presumptions, they've got computer models.
We know the computer models that were projecting what was going to happen coming out of the Imperial College of London.
We know that it was garbage.
It had garbage assumptions about how many people are going to be infected by each person.
It had garbage software.
It had like 15,000 lines of Fortran code.
They couldn't get the same answer twice out of this with the same input.
I mean, it's absolute nonsense.
And yet, regardless of how bad their simulations and their projections are, they have all the science.
They have all the experts.
You are not allowed to challenge this, and they don't have to have any scientific studies to back up their presumptions about masks being effective.
Because it's not about science.
It's not about medicine.
It is about politics and psychology.
That's what this is all about.
And there's so much deception with the mainstream media reporting.
Like you said, they say, oh, there's a surge.
Well, no, that's just a month's worth of test results coming in in one day.
That's right.
And then they say, oh, but look at the cases.
Well, yeah, you can stack up cases, quote unquote cases, what you claim are cases, all day long.
And then they never report on recoveries or people who never showed a symptom or never went to a hospital, which is 99 percent of their said cases.
But here's part of the deception.
And this comes at the actual medical level, which you would probably add up to racketeering when you realize that they're set to make billions off these vaccines that they're going to release, that are now being promoted by the president.
And they say, oh, you tested positive for COVID, and they call you up and you say, wait a second, I never took a test like this gentleman.
Tonight, a Mount Juliet man says he has been told he's positive for COVID-19 by contact tracers.
Just one problem, though.
He has never been tested.
Our chief investigative reporter, Jeremy Finley, found that the State Department of Health is now investigating.
The first call was expected.
After all, Brock Ballew's co-worker had tested positive for COVID-19, and he assumed a contact tracer would reach out.
But he wasn't expecting what that tracer would say.
I'm looking at it right here.
It says that you tested positive.
We're just calling to see how your symptoms are.
But Balu was confused because he hasn't even been tested yet.
Is it possible that you just misheard her?
You misunderstood what she said?
I'm 100% sure that's what she said because she's looking right at it and she specifically told me I'm right here in the system that you're showing positive.
Then, two more days of calls with tracers saying the same thing.
I don't know what's going on, but it's wrong.
positive courtesy call to shared with News four inv
calls he's received. All from the state health dep
if he is identified as po system, how accurate are
every day. I don't know w it's wrong. And I'm just
I'm not. The state says t telling News four investig
tell you there is no conc of cases in regard to our
who test positive. Now, h Those entries are based on lab results, not on information provided from the monitoring team.
But they're claiming they have lab results, so that statement is inaccurate.
Balu says he's been told by the state that a third-party contractor made the calls to him, and they're now investigating to find out what happened.
Yeah, I'm sure you'll get a full investigation and results on that.
You know, and this is why it's so dangerous, David.
It's one thing which is already dangerous enough to just assume people have it and then put them on the list, but when they say, no, I have your results in front of me, I have you in the system, well how the hell did that happen?
Well, and that's another case.
Actually, I played a report out of Florida from Fox 35.
These are the same people who investigated when they saw those whole bunch of counties that are reporting 100%.
Some of them, they're reporting 80s and 90s and so forth.
What's going on here?
They asked them and they...
And the Florida Health Department said, well, we had some counties who inappropriately thought they were only supposed to report positive results.
But that doesn't explain why you had a county where they had, when they went back to the source where the test was conducted, they found that they had 9.4% positive.
And it was reported as 98%.
Now, they reported 98%.
That's not 100%.
So they're reporting that they've got some negative cases.
And they also inflated it by a factor of 10.
Another place, they had 6%.
They had it at 76%.
We've got to take a break.
By the way, we would have never found that out, David, if Trump hadn't said, I'm going to take these results instead of the CDC run by Redfield.
I don't trust that guy.
And I think President Trump doesn't trust him now either.
So we wouldn't have even known about that fraudulent number If it wasn't for President saying, no, no, no, don't go to the CDC anymore.
We can't trust him.
And he was right.
So we just heard from a man who wound up on a contact tracers list with a positive test result for COVID-19 who never was tested.
I mean, folks, if this doesn't shoot alarm bells off in your head and red flags flying everywhere, I mean, I don't know what will.
The problem is, this isn't the only case, David.
We have at least three cases of this in three different states.
One that we just played from Tennessee, but I had reported on cases out of Florida and Kentucky.
Where you had in Kentucky, you had a couple of women, and they go to get the test done.
The first thing they do is they take your name, they get in line, and then it's taking too long, and they're not really having any, I don't think they had any symptoms, so they got out of line and went home.
Then they get a call two days later that they're positive.
Similar thing happened in Florida.
A person was told two days later, they didn't take the test, they got in line, she talked about it, she said, well, I went, I didn't have any symptoms at all, and then I found, they told me, this is not for people who are asymptomatic.
So unless you've got fever or something like that, we're not going to give you a test.
So she got out of the line and she went home.
And then she got a report that she had tested positive, and then they came after her and they said, now you've got to prove that you don't have it.
you on the list. We're going to quarantine you. We're going to put you under house arrest and so
forth. And now they forced you to take a test again. That's illegal. Yeah, exactly. So you're
going to have to prove to us that you don't have it. Well, which is basically where all of us are
anyway, because we're all, you know, assumed, presumed to be diseased. And everywhere we go,
we have to wear a mask, okay, or stay under quarantine, which is what they've done in the
past. But this particular case out of Tennessee, the way they explained it in Florida, they had a
USF professor get on and he said, well, here's the problem.
We take their information and then they get in a line and they get in a very long line.
Many times they're in a car or something like that.
They get tired of waiting, they get in a line, and they go home.
And then when they get up there, all the results are shifted.
And so we got people who are getting positive results and aren't positive, people who are getting negative results who are not negative.
So we get the stuff all mixed up because they get at a sequence.
And I looked at this and I thought, what are we talking about here?
These are the same people who are writing, these are medical experts who are all about science, and they can't keep track of the people there?
They can't verify that again at the beginning?
I mean, let's be honest.
There's no way that that's even possible, unless you have just complete, you know, incompetent boobs running this thing, which maybe you have.
We've got the three Stooges medical experts here.
But you know what, here's the deal.
Girlie will take your number up at the front.
That wasn't him, and I'm like, oh yeah, exactly.
But you know, here again, David, it all comes back to the fact, what are we even doing here?
This thing is a hoax, man!
That's right.
And we all just play along.
I mean, that's what really upsets me about this, David.
Again, and it comes back to people can't even think.
They literally can't even think for themselves anymore just to realize how big of a hoax.
Why are we still playing along with this?
But then part of the reason why we're playing along with this is, straight up, People need money.
They need jobs.
So yeah, you can hire a few hundred thousand contact tracers across the United States and pay them whatever money they're going to get with taxpayer dollars.
You were just talking about how Abbott just doled out hundreds of millions of dollars for this.
So yeah, contact tracers, quote unquote, are going to be lining up to get this job and they're going to do their job.
They won't even think again.
They're not even going to think what they're a part of.
They're not even going to care.
They are more desperate for money than they are for freedom.
It's corruption.
Because we look just here in Texas, right?
We have this company, MTX, that's up in Frisco, Texas.
$300 million contract.
And you've got a lot of people in the Texas press.
The Democrats are looking for something in the Republican governor.
I think they found it, quite frankly.
And I'm not going to support this guy anymore after what he's done with the mask mandates and this corruption with MTX.
He should be finished.
Because what he did was he gave a $300 million contract to a company nobody had ever heard of before.
And we've had citizen activists and journalists go up there to their office.
It's completely empty.
It's a little tiny office, completely empty.
They've got a contract, $300 million to the state of Texas.
They've got a contract with New York for doing contact tracing.
And the guy who allegedly runs this, he's got a fake CV from college that he allegedly attended, and they did a check on him?
No, he doesn't have a degree from here.
I mean, the whole thing is a scam, but a lot of money.
That's what it is.
And, of course, you're going to have willing foot soldiers who have no clue what they're a part of, really don't think or care what they're a part of, because they need money.
So yeah, they strangled our economy long enough to make people desperate enough to do whatever they ask them to do.
We're now into the second hour.
This is the InfoWars Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer and David Knight in studio right now.
David, I am...
I'm just frustrated on so many different levels with this fake pandemic, with the masking, the contact tracing.
It's just unbelievable.
But again, I think what upsets me the most, because I expect that from the deep state.
I expect that from the New World Order.
I expect that from the globalists.
But what is sad is I didn't expect my fellow Americans to just be such sheep.
To just be such sheep and go along with it.
But I guess it just ties into the tune of everything.
It's just ignore facts, ignore science, and go with my feelings.
Do whatever the television tells me to do.
I can't think for myself.
I don't want to.
That's too hard.
And so, I mean, we just have all these examples of the fake pandemic, the COVID hoax.
Not to mention it comes out of China, but nobody seems to really care what's going on there.
And we suffer all of it, David.
We have suffered through all of it.
A fake pandemic from a Chinese flu that came out of a Wuhan lab that has direct ties to Gauch- to Gates and Fauci, said Gauchy, and even Obama.
And you know what?
Here's what it comes down to, David, and I'm going to say this until, you know, until the cows come home.
As long as these men are not in jail, you will continue to see this country under a
relentless attack.
So President Trump, that's a cute mask you got on here.
Why don't you start putting the criminals in jail that are trying to destroy your life,
your family, but more importantly, because I see you've put the country ahead of your
family, this country.
So why don't you realize putting on the mask doesn't do jack crap to stop Bill Gates from
ramming a needle into your child's veins and killing them and making a slave?
So, uh, this contact tracing is just another part of the tyranny.
The mask is not patriotic.
And after he did that, you had a grocery store chain join a lot of other grocery store chains and retailers to say, we're not gonna let you come in without a mask.
That was Winn-Dixie in Florida.
They said, well, it's not because of President Trump, because they didn't want to get Goyard again, right?
Which I guess should be banned because it has Dixie in the name now.
That's right.
Well, that's exactly it.
They are in the crosshairs of the cancel culture.
I talked about this morning how Trader Joe's is having to rebrand because they had a petition of only 1,500 people.
So you can change things, folks.
You really can.
I want to talk about a flash mob here.
I've got a report here that will show you what they're doing in Utah.
I had somebody send this to me who was part of the group.
Who is on the grassroots level there, DefendingUtah.com.
And if you want to send me news reports, by the way, you can send that to DavidKnightShow at ProtonMail.com.
I appreciate that when people send this stuff to me.
Before we go to that, though, I just want to say one more thing about contact tracing.
And that is, going back to where this, it was about 11 days before this all began, March the 6th, this all shut down officially on the 17th.
I mean, it was rolling out over the weekend, the last normal day we had was Friday the 13th.
Maybe that should tell you something, right?
127 days this has been going on, but it was 11 days before that that we had reports coming out.
They were picked up by the Drudge Report, many mainstream media people, about a company called Babble Streets.
Babel Streets.
They had an app called Locate X. They said, we can draw a geofence around an area, and then based on anybody who comes in here, we can scrape data off of your phone.
Off of your phone, if you've been in this area.
Now, what is being rolled out, they're already talking about how they're going to do this with the Navy, with sailors.
This is just like vaccines.
They're going to use them as guinea pigs.
So they're going to take sailors and they said, well, we need to have some kind of a proximity device that we could use for that.
Well, let's see, what would that be?
Oh, yeah.
Well, you know, we can use a phone.
They're going to buy a special device.
But your phone already is the proximity device.
Then they said, we're going to have to have something to store it.
Well, you know, what can we do with that?
Well, they're going to have another device to do that.
But your phone does both of those things.
It gives them a geolocation, and it also gives them storage.
So once somebody goes in, like this report we had out of Tennessee, Owen, where the guy says, well, a friend of mine tested positive, so then they assume that I had it as well.
That's the way they're going to get you.
That's why you need to have these pocket privacy protectors that we're selling at InfoWars.
You need to control that, because there's no way that you can fence off these spies in your pocket.
Google and Apple It came out during the Snowden reports.
And it was, it came out, it was covered in Germany because the American press doesn't want to say anything negative about Apple.
And what they showed were three slides coming out of the NSA.
One of them said, who would have thought in 1984, and they showed the iconic 1984 Apple commercial where they introduced the Macintosh.
Who would have thought in 1984 that this would become Big Brother?
And they showed Steve Jobs holding up a phone.
And then they showed the third slide and that people would line up to pay for it.
And they're laughing at you at the NSA.
This has been in the works for a very long time.
Geospatial intelligence is the fastest growing area of intelligence.
It's been there since the late 1990s.
This has given them a way to roll this out.
And say, well, we're not doing it.
So as these stories are rolling out about Locate X and Babel Street, where they could look at your phone if you were in a particular area, they could trace you back.
You had all these reports being done by the monolithic, monopolistic, mockingbird press saying, well, we need to have this.
They've got this in China.
They're going to be better equipped to handle this than we are.
This is the beginning of March.
And now these people are rolling this stuff out.
This was always in the works.
It's been in the works for 20 years.
They ramped it up before anything was shut down here in America.
And now they are pushing it even further.
They're going to roll it out to the military people.
And of course, they're going to be the first ones who are going to be vaccinated.
But let's talk a little bit about this.
We've got a little bit of time here.
Let's play that report out of Utah, defending Utah.
What they did was they organized flash mobs.
To go into retail spaces where they're telling people how to wear a mask, and they're basically challenging that with a flash mob.
Here's the report, because after some people infiltrated the group, they started reporting it to the media, they started reporting it to law enforcement.
But here's the media's report about that.
But this group called Defending Utah is rejecting that science.
It's not science.
You're rejecting science and the Constitution.
Like, it's a scary movie with their new video editing.
every week, they're flash mobbing local grocery stores.
This video posted by the group shows members going inside as if the pandemic is not
a threat.
The spokesperson declined Fox 13's request for an on-camera interview, instead providing
written responses to questions. One said, "The statewide mass campaign is an attempt by the
state to break the population into giving up control of their bodies before attempting
further encroachments on our freedoms."
That's right.
Spot on.
It is long past time to draw the line in these small steps in defense of our constitution.
That's controversial.
End quote.
These people must be terrorists.
These people must be terrorists.
Then they meet and go inside without masks, something health experts say puts the entire community at risk.
What a lie.
That's what's so frustrating about this too, David.
Since when do people not live in reality?
The world is still out there!
There's still a world!
There's still grass and trees and clouds and waterfalls and plants!
That's still reality!
I've been going around the country Without a mask, shaking hands, having events, at the gym, playing, like, no spread!
No spread!
No spread!
It's fake!
It's fake!
It's so frustrating, David, but like you said, there's the deceptive media like, Oh, they edit the tape like, oh, you're in a dystopian future where nobody wears a mask, and it's so controversial to want to live in freedom, and they're going against the science!
But meanwhile, they provide no evidence for any of it.
It's all just hearsay, media propaganda, and again, they just go along with it.
Same old why.
They need a job.
They're probably in credit card debt.
They probably can't afford their mortgage.
So they don't give a damn about what they're saying.
They've got to get that payment.
And if that means selling you a lie about COVID, then line on up, media.
Line right up!
Let me give it to you from their perspective, from the people who are doing this.
They wrote to me and said, I attended an event done by DefendingUtah.com to flash mob grocery stores to support moms shopping without a mask.
So they went to a grocery store in West Jordan, Utah.
Said no employee stopped them from shopping, no employee said or mentioned anything about a mask, no one freaked out or overreacted or confronted them about wearing a mask.
There were about 30 to 50 of us who attended the event of shopping.
The following week, we held another event at Harmon's Grocery Store in Draper, Utah.
We followed the same routine as before.
We met at the back of the parking lot.
We talked about what our rights were, according to the law.
No city ordinance.
No county ordinance.
No penal code.
Just an order from our county health officials and our governor.
As we were meeting, three police officers from Draper City pulled up in front of the store.
We'll have to give you the rest of this on the other side again, and it just comes out
Why are the police officers doing it?
Why is it because the economy has been sucked dry and they have to pay off their mortgage or credit card bill or
It is it's America collapsed by design folks. We're back with David night. Don't go anywhere
There's just so much important stuff happening right now David night in studio with me Owen Schroer filling in on
the Alex Jones show It's just amazing how people are now at the point where
they recognize that the mask doesn't do anything So they just wear it for compliance, but that's okay. They
still don't question And so, David, let's talk about that, and let's also talk about how this MTX contracted with $300 million here in Texas.
We've been sold out by our governor, probably compromised by the Chinese, also gave them a very important land grab.
Yeah, let's talk though about the mass stuff, because I think it's very important, I always say, and I think it's true, you know, we understand the corruption, both parties at the very top, from governor, state level, on up.
So we have to do something at the local level.
These people in Utah, Owen, did something at the local level.
And I think it's important to take a look at how they were then subsequently attacked in the press by MSN.com, by the news report that you just saw there, and how they were infiltrated by people who became snitches.
This is a Stasi society.
You know, we have people who have been honestly gaslighted, turned into obsessive-compulsive disorder because of the constant news media.
Hearing the same thing everywhere, the same story, because now they've become monolithic.
They've got a monopoly.
And so they hear the same story everywhere, all these dire predictions and the surges and all this other kind of stuff.
The cooked numbers, as Fauci's got it, right?
They can create any numbers that they want, and then they scare you with the numbers.
And you've got a lot of people who are genuinely scared because they're not informed.
But when you push back against this, this is what they're going to do.
As I pointed out, when they went to this grocery store for the second time, as they were meeting in the back and they were talking and telling everybody, look, here's the situation.
There's no law here, right?
And this is repeatedly being done.
By corporations.
National corporations.
The National Retail Federation.
Not just Walmart.
All of these national retail corporations, that includes a lot of grocery stores, are now saying, we're going to enforce masks whether there are government ordinances against us or not.
This is the rise of the corporate state to a level that we've not seen before.
Yes, there's been a lot of corruption.
There's been a lot of crony capitalism.
And now it's corona capitalism.
And there's been a lot of really, literally fascism, a combination of corporations and states, but now it's taking another level.
Now these people are really flexing their muscle.
They did it first on the internet, with a purge of InfoWars off of social media and so forth, saying, this is our private property.
Get out of here!
And this has been tried in the past.
In 1946, Marsh v. Alabama, you had a company town.
They told a woman who was handing out religious tracts, you can't do this on the public square.
We own this town.
We own the public square.
The Supreme Court at the time said you can't, even if you own the public square, purge people out because they've got a God-given right of free speech.
And you can't take that in the public square.
Nevertheless, you've got Jack Dorsey saying eight times in congressional hearings that Twitter is, that the public square is their business model.
They're not a mall.
They're not a retail store.
They're a public square.
He said that they are the free speech wing of the Free Speech Party.
And yet, they presume that it's now their private property and they can kick you off.
Now we're taking it to another level.
Now we're taking it to the level where these national retailing chains are saying, we're going to kick you out of the public square because we want you to wear a mask.
I don't care what your health care choices are.
I don't care if you've got any disabilities.
You're going to wear a mask or you're not going to come in here and get groceries.
And so you have these people in Utah.
They said, we talked about this, how there wasn't a legal thing here, but they'd call the police.
The manager then informed us, as we're walking toward the doors to go to the shopping, we see the manager closing the automatic doors, employees lining the window, watching what was going on.
The manager informed us that he could refuse entry and service to anyone for any reason that he sees fit.
Now we'll come back to this because I think this is the fatal flaw that we cannot accept.
And I'll tell you why in a minute.
After he stated this, the three police officers tried to brush us aside and to leave.
Most of us being women with their children.
But many of us decided to confront and talk to these police officers and the store manager.
The police threatened to fine us, but our group knew the law.
And we answered them similarly to a video of the RonPaulInstitute.org of moms opening up a park.
You remember that story?
We stood our ground against the cops' threats.
We sent the police with no further argument other than this is private property.
And that's where it stopped.
And then they were demonized.
But they found out that they were waiting for them because they had left-wing activists who had infiltrated the group and reported this to the store owner and to the police.
And when they look at this and say, well, this is private property, we respect private property.
Let me draw an analogy here, Owen, because we've had, if many of you remember, the Walmart counter.
And they said, no, we don't serve blacks here.
And they said, well, we're going to set the counter anyway.
And we said, well, we're not going to allow that because people have no control over what skin color they are.
And we're not going to allow you to assert private property ownership in a retail space that's open to the public.
And there are a lot of prohibitions from retail being allowed to exclude people.
A lot of them, besides race.
Some of them are the Americans with Disabilities Act.
A lot of people had to do a lot of expensive upfit to their retail space in order to accommodate people with disabilities.
And yet we have seen people with disabilities purged out of public parks.
A kid with autism purged out of a public park.
So at what point do we say that my disability, or my health condition, or my choice is the basis for you to kick me out of the public square?
I think we need to re-examine this.
And I think we need to re-examine the assumptions that the internet should be owned by a few technocratic corporations.
Well, and here's the problem.
We have such cowards that run these companies.
internet and that our rights, our God-given rights are now privileges. It is
a privilege to shop says the National Retail Federation. I don't agree with
that. Well and here's the problem. We have such cowards that run these
companies like I'll use a local example but I'm sure it translates nationwide.
Let's say the local grocery store here H-E-B which has decided you can't go
shopping if you don't wear a mask.
I quit shopping there as soon as they made me do that.
I even shot a video of that confrontation.
See, they eat, whether they believe in the mask or not doesn't matter.
What they do believe in is their own fear.
And so they're afraid of these threats of getting fined.
They're afraid of these threats of being shut down.
And instead of fighting it and standing up, which will literally make your business go 500% up.
That's right.
They just take a knee and bow and cater because they're cowards.
It's like nobody left has a fight.
Like look at Goya.
Goya has a fight in him.
What happened to Goya?
You can't even buy a can of Goya beans because they show they got some fight.
Any leaders, if you own a big business or you own a company right now and you're catering to this mass crap, you're going to get mopped up.
If you don't fight now, you're going to get mopped up later.
Fight now and survive.
That's especially true of the small businesses.
The big national retailers, they know that they've got an in because they've been allowed to stay open when they shut down the mom and pops and put them out of business.
But if you look at this, especially the mom and pops who are purging people out like that restaurant that my wife and I went to, you are, as Lennon said, you are capitalists who are selling the rope that is going to be used to hang you.
They're going to shut you down.
You can't survive at 25% or 50%.
You can't survive.
And why would you want to survive in a country where a governor or president or a health bureaucrat like Fauci can just shut down the country because they feel like it?
This is tyranny.
This is not a republic.
It's not even a democracy.
This is nothing but tyranny that is happening now.
And it's not going to stop here.
Actor Kevin Sorbo says this is not about a mask, this is about control.
So other than organizing mobs, what we need to also do is we need to force their hands on the fraud of this mask.
And we'll talk about that when we come back.
And we'll also talk about what comes next for the contact tracing, quote-unquote, geo-fencing folks.
That's a lie.
That's a lie.
That's like saying a fence is going to keep a mosquito out.
No, it's not going to happen.
So we'll talk about that with David Knight on the other side.
We're back live in the InfoWars World Headquarters.
Owen Troyer, David Knight filling in for Alex Jones.
And you know, I'm just, David, I'm just grabbing some coffee during the break and I'm We got Fox News in there on the break room.
As always.
Honestly, David, at this point, aside from a couple people on Fox News, I'd rather watch CNN and MSNBC, because at least I know, at least they're honest in who they are.
I know they're my enemy.
On Fox News, they try to masquerade around and deceive in very passive-aggressive ways.
But you know, David, something hit me.
As I'm listening to this Trump campaign spokesman, just like all the other ones that you see on mainstream news, and it hit me listening to her talk, and I have nothing against this lady, she's probably a kind lady.
She's clueless!
She doesn't realize we're not in Kansas anymore!
And that's the problem here, David.
Trump has all these campaign managers that are just DC-ites, Ivy League-ites, that just have their fancy, glossed-up resume with no real foundation, no real guts, no real heart.
It's just all presentation.
And then when the camera and the microphone is on them, it's just regurgitated talking points, and the only thing in the back of their mind is, how do I get Trump re-elected?
How do I look good on TV?
And they don't get we're in a war for this country!
They don't get it!
They are up there just pandering, thinking, oh, if I just say the right thing and I'll look good for President Trump and we can just get him re-elected.
And they just, it's just like, like the whole, the whole world is just whooshing right in front of them and they don't even see it happening.
And I'm not meaning to go on this rant because we got to get back to this news, but this is, this is the big problem that we face here.
Americans don't realize that the television news is literally fake.
They don't understand.
Like if you come up to someone and you say, hey, the COVID pandemic is a hoax.
They can't even believe it.
There's no way all the TV stations would lie to them, David.
The TV loves me.
The TV cares about me.
I grew up with the TV.
It raised me.
It's my daddy.
So they can't believe it would just lie to them for six months straight, even though that's what's going on.
And then you have Trump campaign managers going on TV and they just act like, oh, it's just business as usual.
Hey, we're up here.
We're going to fix the economy.
Trump's doing a great job with COVID.
The Democrats are killing the inner cities.
And it's just like, wow, boy, you got a real nice presentation there with your talking points and you just missed the entire thing altogether.
Well, it's also just this, hey, we've got to get another stimulus package passed so we can get re-elected.
And this is what they think is going to be.
But what they're doing is they're just kicking the bubble down the road.
And, you know, hoping that this thing doesn't blow up on their watch.
But it's going to blow up on all of our watch.
And it's not about safety or comfort or prosperity.
It's about liberty.
The founders of this country went through austere situations.
They risked their life.
They risked their fortunes and their honor for liberty.
That's the whole point of the Declaration of Independence.
That's the whole point of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
It's to protect our God-given liberty.
That was to be, according to the Declaration of Independence, that was the purpose of government.
You get rid of government that attacks your liberty.
And you establish a government that protects it.
And they won't protect it.
They won't protect it from the corporations.
They won't protect it from the Federal Reserve.
And when they are focused on safety, as we've seen since 9-11, that is the antithesis of liberty.
And now we're at another crossroads, because the real risk right now, and we can talk about this in a second, I want to say more about Yeah, before we get on to that, let's talk just a little bit more about the mask.
Because, you know, Owen, it's not just creating flash mobs.
That's a great idea.
Understand that just like this group in Utah, the media is going to attack you, they're going to demonize you, and then once they find out you're organizing on some social media platform, they're going to kick you off, even though you've got thousands of people supporting you.
And so you're going to have to just continue to reorganize about that.
But it's also what is going on with travel, because you know, air travel and travel in general has been hell on earth every successive year.
They test stuff.
And I remember when I first came here to InfoWars, they had just rolled out the false flag of the underwear bomber.
You had Kurt Haskell exposing that.
And they immediately had the naked body scanners ready to roll out.
They're already manufactured and ready to roll out.
They're on a Christmas.
I mean, no problem.
It's so obvious that they pre-planned this thing.
Hey, I got this product.
You know, I want to sell it in mass and make billions, but, you know, we need some sort of event.
And of course it was Michael Chertoff, who had just been the head of DHS, and now he's rolled out.
Yeah, you sell your product and we get some more control.
That's a nice deal.
Yeah, it kind of worked just like it does with Fauci and big pharmaceutical companies.
Nevertheless, when they came around, that was at Christmas time, the following Thanksgiving, we said we're going to have an opt-out protest, right?
And we really organized that through InfoWars.
And as a result, on the busiest travel day of the year, they just shut down security and let people walk through.
And so they will come back with these types of things, but they keep escalating it.
And as people get accustomed to that, they knew that first year that that was the hump that they had to get over.
If they could keep people from shutting this down in protest that first year, they knew that people would get accustomed to it.
It hasn't been another protest since.
And so when we look at this and how they're establishing this control here, take a look at what they're doing on the airlines.
Because I've got other people writing me about this.
One, an airline employee, saying, so now Delta is making passengers with medical conditions who can't wear a mask come in an hour earlier than anybody else, but they put them on a phone with a stat MD.
Who is a private contractor working for Delta.
And so what he does is he does a quote-unquote examination over the phone, an interview.
Now think about this.
We've had people come out, the left has done psychoanalysis from afar of President Trump, and of course they did it with Goldwater.
That was the first time they did that famously.
And so they've now done that psychological analysis of Trump without actually doing a real examination.
You've had people look at Biden and say, well, you know, we're going to say that he's got senility.
Well, you know, he's got some issues, but we don't know that for sure because we haven't done an examination of him, right?
But this is even worse.
Because this is somebody who is talking to you over the phone and they're going to decide whether or not you have a health condition that allows you to not wear a mask.
And these are people who work for the corporation.
The corporation.
So the guy says, well, who do you think StatMD is going to side with?
A company that's paying them millions of dollars or the passenger who isn't?
Delta is intentionally stacking the odds against those passengers and medical conditions.
Not only that, but Delta has taken it another step.
Until now, they've allowed plastic face shields only as a face covering.
Now they're going to go back on that.
Because people would actually breathe with a face shield on, but they can't with a mask.
Delta wants to make sure the government gets their numbers up.
This person is very upset because they work on the airlines and because they have problems breathing.
So I said, all right, can we do a mask?
No, yeah, first, okay, but now no.
And so when we look at this, here's the CBS News.
Delta passengers must undergo medical screening to fly without a mask.
Get your medical permit!
From the corporation.
Because as we've seen since 9-11, it's corporations like the airlines that are really the tip of the spear.
They're the ones who are pushing through these draconian, authoritarian measures on people.
When the government doesn't have it.
And we've got the New England Journal of Medicine talking about how when they want to force everybody to take a vaccine, the way that they do it, they said, we don't want to have a law because we don't want to have any due process challenges.
They want to deny you your due process challenge.
So they want to make it rules that are enforced by corporations.
And that's exactly how it's going to work.
It's going to be rules enforced by corporations.
You can't buy.
You can't participate in the economy.
You can't work.
You can't travel.
You can't go to school because a corporation says so.
And that's how they're going to roll this thing out, Owen.
Which, by the way, see, that's the biggest secret of all.
The corporations are Whether wittingly or unwittingly, now the shadow government.
They're the ones that are rolling this out.
They're the ones boots on the ground.
And like you said, that's the deep state end around to say, oh, this isn't the government taking your freedoms.
This is a private company and they care about their safety.
Even though all the data and all the science and all the mandates are coming from the government, they're just complying.
The corporations are globalists in their outlook.
They want to be multinational corporations.
They don't want to just be a national chain.
They want to be a multinational chain, and they want to work with China.
So they're pushing the China model.
It's not just a bioengineered virus.
This is a social engineered shutdown that they modeled for us in China, and they're pushing it out, and it's the globalist corporations that are doing that.
You know what?
Here's what needs to happen.
All the American corporations that don't want to be globalist and sell America down the drain, they need to sign a new Declaration of Independence, like a corporate Declaration of Independence.
Because that's really all the Declaration of Independence was.
It was men who were willing to put it all on the line for freedom.
And so they didn't care about the attacks from the media at the time.
They didn't care about the attacks from the redcoats.
They said no.
That's why John Hancock signed his name so big, because he owned all the ports.
And it stunned people.
Sundar, you know Google is helping China with Dragonfly, and you know that they're helping censor, and you know that Nelson sold this country out, and you won't even help the Pentagon with the dry bombs.
You've been on the wrong country, Sundar!
Sundar is arresting dissidents in China!
Apple's working with China to suppress their people!
Sundar, you're engaged in treason.
You've had Google executives lie to Congress that you're not censoring conservatives.
Sundar, you will not silence the people.
There's Sundar Pichai right there.
Your censorship will not work anymore, Sundar.
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil.
Google is evil.
This is what has to change in America.
You shouldn't have a bunch of journalists and reporters, many of which who claim to be conservative American patriots, standing by and watching Alex Jones do that.
You shouldn't have police in uniform, D.C.
police, standing by watching Alex do that.
They should be joining him!
Another example, when I called out Jerry Nadler for his treason and the Democrat treason during the impeachment hearings, folks, literally multiple state representatives were in that hall, sent me messages of support.
Multiple journalists in that hall sent me messages of support.
Other just spectators who were there were like, oh my gosh, wow, what are you going to do?
Get up with me!
Get up and shout with me!
This isn't... I'm not some, like, actor, like, piece, like, pawn that you're just supposed to observe and take pictures of.
We are taking action!
But it's just like, oh, there's the man in the arena!
No, join me in the arena!
But Alex Jones was right then, and the story's at InfoWars.com.
Google search, blacklist, major conservative websites and new censorship purge.
And by the way, another thing they're going with, this was discovered a few weeks ago, Associated Press says that you use lowercase when you say white, but capital B whenever you put black.
So as of, I guess, two or three weeks ago, the AP said that's official.
The media is debating how can you best, you know, promote hatred and disgust of white people.
Is it if we make them uppercase W or lowercase W?
And that's really what the debate is.
How do we make white people more hateful?
With a capital W or lowercase W?
And so you've got some of them are going to do it, some of them are not going to do it.
But, you know, AP has been setting the style rules, and by doing that, by setting the terms, you know, oh, you're not pro-life, we're not going to use that term, we're going to call you anti-abortion rights.
By doing that type of thing, they have seized, by letting them set the terms, and of course that's what AP does, and the mainstream media, by letting them set the terms, they seize the high ground of the speech battle.
By the way, I tested this this morning, and I'm going to see if I can find my other news story here, but the story at Infowars.com headline, here's the story from the Gateway Pundit, which I searched exactly, and I know we have this in Infowars too, I searched exactly this on Google this morning because I wanted to cover this today, and it didn't even show up.
The exact headline!
The exact headline.
People need to get off of Google.
People need to get off of Google.
And by the way, you were reporting too, and I found this out too, as of about a week ago, they've already banned InfoWars from getting linked everywhere.
Now they're doing it with ban.video.
It's all being run by Google.
It's all being run by Apple.
It's all being run by China, who has death camps.
And Twitter.
Think about the fact that Twitter got hacked last week, right?
And all these people's information got hacked.
And yet, they're telling, when you click on one of the videos that I share on Twitter, to take you to Band.Video, it pulls up a thing, looks like you're going to a site that's going to put malware on your computer.
No, the malware is Twitter itself!
It's not what's on Band.Video, Twitter is the malware!
No, that's it, exactly.
And see, but it's the same thing, David.
Americans, and it's all by design, because we're not independent anymore, and we have this whole debt fiat-based currency, Americans are so desperate.
They have nothing of their own.
They don't have savings.
I mean, what's the number?
It's like 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
I'm not insulting these people.
I've been there.
I get it.
I'm saying it's by design so that you literally can't be free.
Like, you can't exist or build a business without Google or Apple or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube.
You can't afford not to work, so you take the job as a contact tracer.
Or you continue to work as a police officer enforcing illegal mandates and mass laws.
You don't have a choice.
It's all by design.
And it all goes back to China.
And it all... You can sit here and the big... Because here's the thing.
We got corrupt politicians.
Of course we do.
We've got businesses that have sold out to China.
But here's the thing.
If the average American isn't going to fight this, if the average American can't see this, it doesn't even matter.
They're going to step right into slavery willingly.
That's what we're seeing right now with this mask mandate, David.
Well, and it's not just living paycheck to paycheck.
It's living government bailout to government bailout.
I mean, they're talking about how and when they're going to do another stimulus check.
And so you've got all these articles from mainstream media.
When is the check going to go out?
Well, let's see.
The Senate comes back in a week, and then they're going to be there for two weeks before they go on another two-week vacation.
Recess, they call it.
Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, will they get out your stimulus check, or whatever they want to call it, your welfare, your universal basic income check?
Will they get it out to you before they go on vacation?
Oh, they better do it, or we're going to be very upset about that because we're not going to have any money.
And this is the thing, Owen.
Thirty years ago, I was writing articles about Switzerland.
The people in Switzerland didn't even know who the President of Switzerland was, because it didn't make any difference to their life.
Why did they need it?
They didn't need to know that.
But now, we need to know what the schedule is of the Senate.
Because they've got us on a short chain.
They've shut down our jobs.
They've shut down our businesses.
They've shut down the middle class in Main Street.
And we have to depend on them for a government handout.
They've put the best of us On a welfare system.
This is like the Indian reservations.
It's the same thing that they did to the Indians.
Everybody's talking about Oklahoma and the Trail of Tears.
Well, let me tell you, there's a Trail of Tears in our future.
Because they put us on the reservation.
This is the same tactic.
They took the kids away from them, shipped them back east to be educated by the government.
Well, you send your kids to be educated by the government because you want to go to work.
Because you think that you're going to make more money if both of you are working and your kids are in school.
But it doesn't work that way.
These people have taken over your families, they've taken over your lives, and they're going to shut you down just like they shut the Indians down.
Russell Means said, he wrote a book called White Men Fear to Tread, and he said, hey white man, the government, the federal government has violated every treaty they made with the Indians.
The treaty they made with you is the Constitution, and they're violating every aspect of that now.
What are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do about it?
You know, I'm just stunned at the lack of vision in America's leadership.
Because there's two things to me that are just like, how do you not do this right now?
And I just mentioned one of them and I want to get your take before you sign off here.
Corporations need to sign a declaration of independence against China.
And they need to come out and they say, you know what?
We're diverting anything and everything that we take in from China and we're going full on American.
Here's why.
Death camps in China, all that stuff.
We all know it goes on.
And the biggest, loudest company, just like John Hancock, who owned all the ports, put your name right there.
And let's see it.
Let's see this go down.
And guess what?
Their businesses will go up.
And here's the other thing, David.
Look, Trump calls it out every day.
These Democrats are committing treason against this country.
At the very least, insurrection.
They violated their oaths.
You've got the smoke and the fog of these riots coming in, and Trump forcing the feds to go in and protect these cities.
Well look, forget about the cities.
Send the feds in, and go round up Mayor Lori Lightfoot!
Go round up Gavin Newsom!
Go round up Whitner!
Go round up Cuomo!
Bring them in for questioning!
Let's see what they have been involved with all this stuff.
But it's just like, eh, we'll just kind of just play the media game and put little soundbites out there and then hope things turn out for the good.
Well, that's a dangerous path to take because we have to be careful that we don't become the monster we seek to destroy.
If we divorce ourselves from the Constitution, and that includes, by the way, the forgotten Tenth Amendment, Well, I don't want to see a situation, no matter how bad things are in Portland, I don't think Portland burning down is worth burning down the Constitution.
Let them do whatever they want.
I don't really care if they roll in their filth.
Let them be an example to everybody else of why you don't want to let people like the Portland mayor, like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, why you don't want to have people like that running your country.
I think that would be the best example we could serve.
If you're going to start sending in people in camo outfits to snatch people off of the street extra judiciously, that is a very dangerous path.
I've seen that happen in Central and South America in reaction to Marxists.
And then what you wind up with is a right-wing dictatorship.
And I don't care about debating the difference between Stalin and Hitler.
A dictatorship is a dictatorship.
The rule of law Individual liberty, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights are what we must defend and not sacrifice this for liberty, I mean for security.
We cannot sacrifice liberty in the Constitution for the promise of security.
Because guess what?
In an authoritarian society, you're not going to have any security.
You're not going to have any safety.
You're not going to have any prosperity.
You will be a slave!
If you don't have individual liberty, that's the bottom line.
That's what we've really got to be careful about here.
And I want to just make it clear, I agree with you.
If local leadership wants to see their cities burned to the ground, then do it.
I'm in complete agreement.
I'm just saying, if Trump is going to send in the feds, dealing with the street thugs is not your problem.
It's the leadership, and that's what I'm saying, bring them in for questioning.
Hey, why are you violating your oath?
Why are you allowing this to happen?
Hey, why did you send people into nursing homes?
Hey, do you have any relations with China?
David Knight, ladies and gentlemen, host of the David Knight Show, every day live on Banned Out Video from 8 to 11.
David, thank you so much.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars, as usual, next year's news today.
I don't take pleasure in this.
It makes me sick seeing what's happening to Tucker Carlson, but like we here and Alex Jones here was the test case for the censorship.
Tucker Carlson is the test case for Total violence and physical attacks on their private property.
And they're attacking Tucker Carlson in a couple ways right now.
Some of the headlines from the Gateway Pundit.
False, patently frivolous, and utterly devoid of any merit.
Fox News releases response to Cathy Arrayu's charges against Tucker Carlson.
Of course it's Arrayu.
Like, Tucker's number one liberal guest.
I mean, it's like it was set up the whole time.
Absurd lawsuit claims Tucker Carlson sexually harassed a woman by taking his jacket off on set.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
It's like, if I take my jacket off on set right now, I just sexually harassed you at home.
In fact, I guess I did that.
I took my jacket off on air last Friday, so I guess I sexually harassed my audience.
And then the New York Times is now doxing Tucker Carlson's private address, which of course they've been behind doing that before.
But you know, just to, just because why not, And we'll play this clip later.
Keith Ellison, you know, he says that he doesn't want the police to respond to rape calls.
Well, that makes sense.
So that way Keith Ellison can get away with, you know, well, we'll leave it right there.
But so here's here's a case where you have actual abuse with an actual victim, Karen Monaghan.
And then he says, well, I don't want the police to be called when I'm raping a woman.
I mean, when anybody's raping a woman.
But then, oh, Tucker Carlson took his jacket off!
He has to be cancelled!
He has to be shut down!
Here's Tucker Carlson's response.
One more thing before we go tonight.
Since this show began almost four years ago, I've really tried not to talk about myself on the air or even use the first person pronoun.
The last thing this country needs is more narcissism.
It's not very interesting anyway.
People who use the word I a lot tend to bore everyone but themselves.
But tonight we're going to make an exception to that rule.
We don't have much choice.
Last week, the New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live.
As a matter of journalism, there is no conceivable justification for a story like that.
The paper is not alleging we've done anything wrong, and we haven't.
We pay our taxes.
We like our neighbors.
We've never had a dispute with anyone.
So why is the New York Times doing a story on the location of my family's house?
Well, you know why.
To hurt us.
To injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them.
They believe in force.
We've learned that.
Two years ago, a left-wing journalist publicized our home address in Washington.
A group of screaming Antifa lunatics showed up while I was at work.
They vandalized our home.
They threatened my wife.
She called 911 while hiding in a closet.
A few weeks later, they showed up again at our house.
For the next year, they sent letters to our home, threatening to kill us.
We tried to ignore it.
It felt cowardly to sell our home and leave.
We raised our kids there in the neighborhood.
And we loved it.
But in the end, that's what we did.
We have four children.
It just wasn't worth it.
But the New York Times followed us.
The paper has assigned a political activist called Murray Carpenter to write a story about where we are now.
They've hired a photographer called Tristan Spinski to take pictures.
Their story about where we live is slated to run in the paper this week.
Editors there know exactly what will happen to my family when it does run.
I called them today and I told them.
But they didn't care.
They hate my politics.
They want this show off the air.
If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won't consider it collateral damage.
They know it's the whole point of the exercise.
To inflict pain on our family.
To terrorize us.
To control what we say.
That's the kind of people they are.
They'll deny this, of course.
They'll claim it's just journalism!
Just the facts!
So how would Murray Carpenter and his photographer Tristan Spinski feel if we told you where they live?
If we put pictures of their homes on the air?
What if we publicized the home address of every one of the soulless robot editors at the New York Times who assigned and managed this incitement to violence against my family?
What about the media editor, Jim Windolph?
We could do that.
We know who they are.
Would that qualify as journalism?
We doubt they'd consider it journalism.
They'd call it criminal behavior if we did it.
And that tells you everything.
You know, it's so depressing, folks, because here's the thing.
If you even tried to ask these leftist liberals why they're doing this, they couldn't even explain it.
And that's because they just can't be honest about it.
Folks, these are just hateful, violent people.
That's really what it comes down to.
These are the most hateful, violent people we've ever seen.
What an incredible time to be alive, but the question is, are you alive?
Sadly, most people aren't even alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, they still show the signs of life.
They still show the symptoms of life.
They can breathe and they can eat.
But they can't think, and they have become total pawns and foot soldiers of the New World Order, of their television overlord.
Now, I got a bunch of news I'm gonna cover here for the rest of this hour, and I'll be sticking around in the fourth hour as well, and I will take nothing but phone calls for the entire fourth hour.
And you know, I'm debating going one of two ways with this.
Either just opening up the phone lines to discuss any of the news that we've covered today, or, and maybe I'll get the crew's take on this in the break, so should I open up the phone lines and just for you to talk about anything you want of the news that we're going to cover here or that we have covered, or should I open up the phone lines and just give you 90 seconds and just say, 90 seconds, you get a message to President Trump.
What would you say to President Trump for 90 seconds?
If you had 90 seconds to get something into President Trump's ear, what would you say?
Maybe we'll just do both.
Or we'll have a uniform thing.
But folks, this is breaking right now.
Now look, I gotta be honest.
It's so ludicrous at this point.
It's such just...
It's retardation, folks.
I mean, again, people are so offended by that word.
This is literal retardation here, where they're now saying that China and Russia and everything is hacking to get our COVID-19 information.
Okay, so they're getting our fake data from our fake pandemic.
All right, and this is the big thing that Mike Pompeo is looking at.
Not the giant sex trafficking rings that are being exposed right now.
No, not the violence and death and murder happening in the major cities.
Not all the attacks against our infrastructure from China with Google and Apple.
No, they want some fake data from a fake pandemic and so Pompeo's all over it.
Here he is.
We, of course, began with the challenge presented by the Chinese Communist Party and the COVID-19 virus that originated in Wuhan, China.
On behalf of the American people, I want to extend my condolences to the British people from your losses from this preventable pandemic.
The CCP's exploitation of this disaster to further its own interests has been disgraceful.
Rather than helping the world, General Secretary Xi has shown the world... We are doing this to ourselves!
Okay, again, but that's my point.
Unless you want to go after the media, unless you want to go after the NIH, unless you want to go after Gates and Fauci, quit saying China!
They're doing it here!
They're the ones faking the pandemic!
Now, if they're run by China, then do the investigation and say, hey, Gates and Fauci and mainstream media are being run by China, and now you have something to bring them in on.
But you're not even saying that.
Oh, you're saying, oh, China's inflating the pandemic in the West.
That's our own media, bro.
All right, go back.
She has shown the world the party's true face.
We talked about how we've seen Hong Kong's freedoms crushed.
We've watched the CCP bully its neighbors, militarize features in the South China Sea,
and instigate a deadly confrontation with India.
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the British government for its principled
responses to these challenges.
You've made a sovereign decision to ban Huawei from future 5G networks.
You've joined other free nations to condemn China's broken promises on the Sino-British Treaty.
You generously opened your doors to Hong Kongers who seek nothing more And fleeing just for some freedom.
And yesterday you suspended your expedition treaty and extended your arms embargo on China to Hong Kong itself.
We support those sovereign choices.
We think well done.
I'll meet later today with Hong Kong democracy advocate Nathan Law and Sir Chris Patton, the last governor of Hong Kong.
I'm sure those will be eye-opening and important discussions too.
Dominic mentioned the free trade discussions.
We've completed two rounds.
More work to do.
A third round scheduled for later this month.
It is a primary focus of the United States to see if we can make progress on this and bring this to a closure just as quickly as possible.
I spoke with the Prime Minister this morning about this and I hope that we can get it finalized before too long.
So there's Mike Pompeo talking about the oppressive Chinese regime on Hong Kong.
But folks, just get ready for this in the headlines, because they're claiming about these hacks of our COVID-19 crap.
This fake data over the fake pandemic.
And that's just going to be used to blame Russia again.
So that's all that is.
They're just teeing up another thing about Russian hacking.
So look, I'm not meaning to attack Pompeo.
This video and story was just handed to me.
It's just...
I don't know why we get treated like two-year-olds.
I'm just sick of it.
I'm sick of being treated like a child.
And so that's the problem.
When you treat us like children, we behave like children.
And that's so many different angles.
Whether it's all the rioting and looting and protesting and destruction, that's childlike behavior.
Whether it's putting on the mask, because you were told to or you're going to get grounded.
That's why there's no men and women left in this country.
Because you get treated like a child all day.
And you know, let me also just say this.
We may be hearing from Alex again before the end of the broadcast.
When we did hear from Alex, you could hear the tenaciousness in his voice.
And so, I understand that.
And I understand where Alex is coming from, who's been fighting this for 20 plus years.
Never gets any of the credit.
Gets attacked more than anybody.
And it doesn't matter how vindicated he becomes more and more every day.
It's like I get more and more people saying, oh, you've been vindicated.
I don't, I know I was right.
I don't care.
I want people to understand what's going on.
I don't need a championship belt or a crown.
I need people to be awake and aware.
But here's what I'm saying.
Here's the good news.
And it's hard to measure this because you don't really fully understand people's commitment levels, but the reinforcements are arriving.
The reinforcements are arriving in the form of patriots.
Now, we're not getting it at a leadership level yet.
The question is, in a race to the finish line, are we at the right pace To beat the New World Order globalists with our reinforcements, put it in leadership positions before they just slit our throats and kill us?
Or are we already bleeding out and dying?
Because there are some lone examples.
Obviously, we have President Trump.
Obviously, he's made some good appointments.
Not the best in all situations.
I think he's regret many of them, but Some appointments have been good, like Kayleigh McEnany, who today got called, excuse my language, a lying bitch.
And it looks like it came from Paula Reed from CBS, whose husband is directly tied into China.
Why is she even allowed in the press corps?
See, like, that's where Trump fails.
Kayleigh McEnany.
F. Paula Reed shouldn't even be allowed in the White House.
That Chai Com operative.
Like, everybody's so happy about Chanel Ryan from OAN getting access, because she just dominates every day, and it's like, yeah, because she's the only real one in there!
Everyone else is a fop!
Or a literal Chai Com agent!
So, yeah, she calls Kayleigh McEnany a lying bitch, and I bet you they don't even take her press credentials away because that's how cowardly this White House has been in fighting this battle.
But again, the good news is reinforcements are arriving, they're just not in leadership positions yet.
But here's one example in Missouri.
Louis couple headlined at Infowars.
Louis couple charged with illegal use of firearms.
Josh Howley, the senator from Missouri, has made statements on this, calling it an outrageous abuse of power.
The Attorney General Eric Schmidt has stepped in and he's asked that this case be dropped because it's illegal.
I'm not sure if the other senator, Roy Blunt, has made any statements on this either.
Don't expect the Democrat leadership in the city of St.
Louis to do anything about it.
They're all run by Soros.
My point is there are, and just all the great Americans that are waking up to this too, whether it's from the mask order or Q stuff, I don't even care.
The reinforcements are arising.
The question is, is it in time?
All right.
I am going to start pile driving through this news so that I can take your calls for the entirety of the fourth hour today on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroeder sitting in.
Let's start right here and guys let's have clip nine ready to go and we may just do b-roll with it because the sound may be bad for audio only people plus it's a little weird because she like adds music to it or something but It's unbelievable, folks, but here it is.
Broward County, Florida, emergency order mandates people wear facial coverings inside their homes.
Of course, how are they going to enforce that?
Well, maybe not today, but tomorrow, your TV, your computer, your cell phone, will all be spying on you.
And by the way, There's members of Congress that are now calling for the banning of TikTok.
Because it's a literal Chinese spy app.
Rolled out as a trendy video social media platform.
It's a Chinese spy tool, folks.
They can literally turn on your camera, your microphone, everything.
And you signed up for it.
And so, I mean, it's kind of strange, but I guess you could leave it up to Americans and just let them be spied on by China, because they will.
Or you can ban the TikTok app.
But that's how they'll enforce their illegal mandatory face mask in your home, in your car, with the Chinese-style spy grid that they're building right here for us now.
At InfoWars.com, the headline is, World Health Organization and UN Act to Censor Social Media to Stop an Infodemic.
I told you this yesterday, folks, but this is it.
This is it.
This is why they censored InfoWars.
This is why they're censoring everybody on the internet.
They can't have the facts about their fake pandemic out there.
Like for example, there's thousands of doctors that have been calling this out for months.
Some of the videos and stuff we've aired here on the show, we've had them on as guests.
It's all purged from social media.
Because the Chai-coms are running the whole thing.
And of course the Democrat leadership or any liberal progressive in position of leadership is going along with it because they hate America.
So it's the perfect formula.
And I mean, again, people are just so crazy and I'll just play this clip.
And it's all because of the media brainwashing and the media censorship of truth.
And so this is a lady who's just out on the river and some crazed liberal progressive comes out because she's not wearing a mask, not social distancing.
And again, see, here's the thing.
This is how you know these people don't care, really, about their health or safety.
It's all about control.
Because they come up to you and take their mask off and violate six feet of social distancing just to get in your face and yell at you on a power trip saying, you're bad, you're not wearing a mask, I'm calling the cops on you.
It's all a sick, demented, psychotic power trip.
But here's the psycho in the video from clip nine, a woman going around pissed off at people on a river.
Look, if you're so scared of COVID, just stay the damn self home, OK?
But she's going to go out there and she has a tape measure with six feet and no mask.
And she's saying, why aren't you social distancing?
Why aren't you wearing a mask?
And then she goes around berating them in their face without a face mask.
And she has a measuring stick, a tape measure for six feet.
That's how psycho she is.
Here's the video.
Look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?
So that's her screaming.
You're both literally throwing a temper tantrum like you would throw when you're three years old and you don't get to have, you know, a cookie before dinner or something.
Get out of here!
Goodness sakes!
You can hear her shrieking.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my God.
I mean, God help us all.
My God.
My God.
I mean, God help us all.
Guys, just roll it back to the beginning for me.
My gosh.
You know what?
You need to hear the shrieking.
Just play it again.
Again, she's screaming at this woman without a face mask.
So, spitting on her.
Again, she's screaming at this woman without a face mask, so spitting on her.
She has her tape measure out.
Folks, these, these, oh.
Goodness sakes.
These people are possessed by the devil, man, and they just don't even know it.
because they don't even believe in creation.
Now did you hear that final statement?
Folks, this is so unbelievable.
I mean, every level of brainwashing, every level of psychosis.
She screams at the end, people like you are ruining it for the rest of us.
That's you!
That's you!
You're ruining it!
You're the one that showed up on the river screaming and shrieking like a demon.
You're the one that whipped out your tape measure and started beating people with it.
You're the one that got in an innocent woman's face and screamed at her, probably spitting her eye.
You're the ones ruining it for everyone!
See folks, it's classic.
Maybe I'm just assuming things because I studied psychology and it just always came naturally for me.
But like, this is basic psychology here, folks.
I mean, basic projection, basic denial, basic pathological lying, basic confirmation bias.
I mean, it's literally everything.
Total reversal of reality.
It's psychotic!
It's sociopathic!
You're the ones ruining it for everybody out here!
You're the ones taking our freedoms!
You're the one brainwashed by mainstream media!
You're the one screaming at me!
You're the one with the tape measure!
You're the one that just ruined everyone's day at the beach!
I'm sitting here nicely with my family!
You are ruining it!
You're ruining it for the rest of the people like you!
Because they know it's them, folks.
They know it!
I mean, look.
I'll be honest.
Part of me is almost pro-Kanye just to see what something different might be.
And maybe we'll get into Kanye West coming up here, but like, at least he gets one thing better than anybody, and that's, we need God.
I mean, folks, like, we battle not with flesh and blood.
These are demon-possessed people, and so let me just tell you how it works.
It's all black magic, okay?
The Globalists, the New World Order, the Luciferian cults with their sex cults and everything, they have black magic rituals in their music, in their porn, in all of their media, and it opens up channels, it opens up avenues for demons to come into your body.
And if you're not expecting it, and you let your guard down, and you don't know any of it's going around, you invite the demons in, and then they run your life, and you end up shrieking at the beach like a psychopath!
We are drugged out!
We are following other people's opinions!
We are controlled by the media.
Today, it all changes.
This reality has been forced upon us.
It is a choice, just like when I said slavery is a choice.
Einstein said the death of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.
So we keep on saying, I hate you, I hate you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
How are we going to get a different result out of hate?
Why don't we just try love?
Why don't we just try love?
We have the resources for Sometimes you need some crazy motherfuckers to change something.
Steve Jobs is crazy.
Now we all on Steve Jobs' phones.
They say Trump's crazy.
They say I'm crazy.
But I'm here to show love.
It's a bigger plan and I'm just doing what the universe told me.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Are you afraid of losing your audience?
I told you I'm only afraid of God.
I'm only afraid of my daddy.
I done been 15 years.
I'm telling you.
God is showing that you can have your own thoughts, bro.
I've been canceled before there was canceled culture.
Who told you?
That my career would be over.
The same people that are telling you that you can't have a right to say who you will vote for, those people will be soon to take Jesus out the school.
Those people will be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America, which is the Bible Belt.
Those people will be soon... Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level, y'all, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all... Like...
Wake up!
Wake up, Mr. West!
Wake up, culture!
Wake up!
Everybody think they so woke, but they following the rules of what woke's supposed to be.
My mom saved my life!
My dad wanted to abort me!
My mom saved my life!
There wouldn't have been no Kanye West!
because my dad was too busy.
You didn't say it. You didn't say it to me.
You can't tell them about the story.
Folks, this was Kanye West at his presidential town hall getting emotional talking about abortion.
You know, here's what I'm going to say.
Obviously, Kanye West has his own levels of genius, but it's almost like any genius savant or like autism genius savant, like there's other aspects that they'll be naive on simply because all of their brain function is over here in the creative realm and not really as much over here in the Analytical realm.
And so to me, that's why he gets so emotional because he knows he's on this stage just being real spilling his guts.
And it's in that moment where he talks about how he was almost aborted and how his daughter was almost aborted that it's like that that moment that connection between the creative and the analytical brain hit.
And he's on the platform.
And he has to go against the entire Industry and the entire media in that one moment.
And here's what I think is happening here.
Now, whether Kanye West actually wants to be president or not, you can have the debate all day long.
Is he just promoting a record album?
Does he really want to be president?
I don't know.
Here's what He definitely is doing or wants to be doing.
And that's why he says, go all Alex Jones on you.
Because Kanye West understands that there's a culture of the chilling of free speech.
There's a culture of not being real, not being honest.
He doesn't want to be a part of that culture.
So, he just opens up his heart, opens up his soul, opens up his mind, and then opens up his mouth.
And that's why, it's the same thing that I talk about.
It's like, I'm getting messages, a transmission from God, half the time it's like I black out after I was on air.
It's just because I open up.
I untether from this earth and the worldly desires, and I just go from what's in my instincts, what's in my gut, what's in my soul.
And so that's all Kanye is doing.
He's just like, look, I'm not looking behind me at what people are going to think or say.
I'm looking above.
But here's what's, I think, noticeable and why I think there's some legitimacy to whatever Kanye is trying to do right now.
Because, and he was tweeting about this last night, they're already trying to send doctors after him to lock him back up, folks.
And so see, Just like Alex Jones will be the test case for censorship, just like Tucker Carlson will be the test case for violence in their home, Kanye West will be the test case where they'll claim just speaking the truth and speaking your mind is now a mental derangement and they'll try to lock him up and they will, if he continues this, they will send him back to a doctor claiming he's gone psycho.
Simply because he's speaking the truth about abortion.
Wants to see America thrive.
Wants to see his children thrive.
Got out of the big city and moved to Wyoming.
Wants to bring Yeezy Adidas shops into the inner cities.
Wants to stop abortion.
Likes President Trump.
So they're just going to say, oh, he's gone psycho.
He's gone psycho.
Lock him up.
No, no, don't worry.
No, no, no.
All of Hollywood still says Trump is bad.
All the media still says Trump is bad.
Nobody else thinks he's good.
It's just Kanye, and that's because he went psycho.
It's all fake.
They're setting him up.
And so you had Kim Kardashian doing it and it looks like he's, I mean, look, I don't want to get involved in whatever is going on between Kim and Kanye, but let's just say through his tweets, it looks like, you know, something's lost there.
And I mean, you want to talk about the Kardashians.
I mean, you're talking about succubus level Entertainers like top-notch was Kim Kardashian just the biggest honeypot ever of Kanye West because he's a free thinker You heard what he said they were gonna kill Their first daughter whose idea do you think that was you think it was Kanye's?
Then Kanye says my children are not gonna be used for Playboy.
What is he inferring there?
And let's be honest, folks, why do all these Kardashians go around dating all these celebrities, specifically black ones?
Hey, maybe they're free thinkers that might not want to go along with the system, but then you bring in the Kardashians to ring them back up and rope them back in.
Classic honeypot.
I mean, look at what happened to Lamar Odom.
He ended up in a hospital after dating a Kardashian.
The list goes on and on.
I mean, I won't go all Alex Jones on your ass, but I mean, look at the Kardashians' Christmas photos.
Look at what happened to Kris Jenner.
Look at how they got rich and famous.
And I think Kanye West started to look around and, well, they didn't like that.
They didn't like that, did they?
But here's what I'm afraid of, and where I'm afraid Kanye West may be a little naive.
He says he wants to have Jay-Z in a presidential campaign with him?
Oh boy.
He says... Well, actually, he didn't say this.
Dave Chappelle flew out on a jet to his recording studio in his ranch and it was very awkward, folks.
Kanye did a video and Chappelle was just not Chappelle.
I'll put it to you that way.
He couldn't speak.
He couldn't come up with anything to say or a joke or anything when he was on camera for about two minutes with Kanye.
Very awkward.
Not the normal Chappelle.
Did someone say, Hey Dave!
We're losing Kanye!
Get out there and get him under control!
And then they'll say the same thing with Jay-Z or something, and then if they can't get Kanye out of control, they're gonna send in the doctors, and they're gonna send him back to the mental ward claiming he went psycho, simply because he's speaking from his soul, speaking from his mind.
And he even said, if they come and, you know, get me like they did...
Mandela, then you'll know.
So Kanye's getting it, folks.
That's why they're going after him.
And he does have an album coming out, so it's going to be interesting to see what comes next with Kanye West.
You know, I just want to make one comment in relation to Kanye West, but more so to the modern day nomenclature when we say deep state.
So, when I say Kanye West is under attack from the Deep State, you're going to say, what?
That doesn't make sense.
The Democrats aren't going after him.
I don't know, folks.
The Deep State is not just politicians that have been embedded in our government for a long time.
The Deep State is also major corporations.
The Deep State is also mainstream television news.
And the Deep State is also mainstream Hollywood entertainment.
Think about it.
I mean, who has more say over culture and people's minds?
Some Democrat in Congress that nobody's ever heard of?
Or Kim Kardashian?
So when you think deep state, understand that it's not just people in government, it's people in media, it's people in Hollywood, it's people in corporations.
Now I want to move on and do this News Blitz because here's what we're going to do in the fourth hour.
Opening up the phone lines and I'm going to give everybody 90 seconds 90 seconds, each caller, a message to President Trump.
You get 90 seconds.
Please skip the pleasantries.
I'm going to say your name, put you on air.
90 seconds.
Message to President Trump.
The number to get in 877-789-2539.
90 seconds message for President Trump.
We're going to do that coming up for the rest of the fourth hour.
Now I need to do my best and just do a news blitz here like you can't believe.
Let's start right here.
Folks, it's just ridiculous.
Vice President Joe Biden helped sweep Russian spy ring under the rug.
Joe Biden is treason up to his elbows with this guy.
So just understand.
And he did a... Oh, by the way, he's about to do a live thing right now as well.
It's probably pre-taped and they'll just pretend it's live because he can't be live.
Because here he was live In clip 7, here was Joe Biden live on an MSNBC show.
Again, folks, what happens when you put Joe live?
He can't even speak.
Here's the latest example.
In clip 8, excuse me.
Well, the only thing we can do about it is be prepared.
We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling Every voter registration physician in the states, the secretaries of state, making sure that they in fact have a game plan as to how they're going to allow the voting to take place.
Voting registration physicians.
That's a new one for old Uncle Creepy Uncle Joe.
And by the way, I mean, just because it's so crazy, but it's just like, I mean, are we just going to ignore the fact that Kamala Harris popped up on TV a completely different person?
Are you, is that just, just ignore that?
It literally pops up on MSNBC, a completely different person.
Oh, they have clones, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, they've been cloning people for years.
Hey, but that's just mainstream news now, because they found it on Epstein's New Mexico Ranch, but we don't talk about that.
We just keep that label as a conspiracy theory, even though we know it's true.
So Kamala Harris just pops up on national TV as a completely different person, and we just act like it didn't happen.
Moving on.
Planned Parenthood in New York disavows Margaret Sanger over eugenics program.
Hold on a second.
How many babies did Margaret Sanger actually murder herself?
You know, I really don't know.
But 1.5 billion abortions on planet Earth, most of which happened under a Planned Parenthood roof.
So Planned Parenthood need not disavow Margaret Sanger.
Planned Parenthood need disavow themselves.
Unless they just want to continue with all the eugenics that they're rolling out.
So it's like, well, she started the eugenics program, so we disavow her.
But we're going to keep doing her eugenics program, and it's okay because we disavowed her.
Hmm, okay.
California town scrubs away their Black Lives Matter street sign after local attorney asked for permission for a MAGA 2020 sign on the same street.
So it's just like the same thing.
By the way, Black Lives Matter is a Democrat front group.
So for you to say, oh, I want a Trump thing here, or a conservative thing here, or a USA message here, and you get rejected by your Democrat governor, but they have Black Lives Matter over all their murals and streets and everything, folks, it's...
It's literally Democrat propaganda.
When you donate money to Black Lives Matter, it goes directly to the Democrat Party.
Why do you think Black Lives Matter trends once every four years?
Because it's a Democrat front for every election year.
But by the way, Beverlyn Beattie Beverly Beatty, she for the third time in New York City has gone out and defaced the Black Lives Matter mural on the streets.
Again, Democrats are tyrants.
It's just, I'm sorry, I'll get lost on a jag.
It's just unbelievable.
It's just unbelievable how they are lawless and they just get away with all of it.
Really drink energy drinks much. I like the turbo force from info restore calm and so does our audience
But hey, I'll give Red Bull a shout out stories at Infowars.com
Red Bull fires woke diversity directors who tried to push for Black Lives Matter support
Red Bull is fired to diversity directors who tried to force the company into virtue signaling about Black Lives Matter
While also dissolving several culture teams who are pressuring Red Bull to take a more aggressive woke political stance
So, good for Red Bull.
Now you watch, Red Bull stocks, Red Bull sales will skyrocket!
Just like everyone else that comes out as pro-reality, pro-America, pro-Trump.
But most of these people are such cowards, they don't even care, and they really believe the leftist mainstream news.
Trader Joe's changing racist packaging on ethnic foods?
Give me a break.
New poll shows majority of Americans now oppose Black Lives Matter.
Yeah, again, just like Goya Foods.
Oh, everybody hates Trump!
So boycott Goya!
Goya Foods has never been more successful in their life.
Trump says he does not believe in a national mask mandate, but then says it's patriotic, so his campaign team is just, they're just misleading him.
He should just fire all of them, quite frankly.
Thank God, Texas may have a chance.
Lieutenant Colonel Allen West wins Texas GOP chair.
Folks, I mean, seriously, this could be what saves Texas.
Because Democrats have infiltrated the Texas GOP.
And yeah, it's just not good.
It's not good for Texas.
Ted Cruz was on Fox last night saying how bad it is.
It's like he listens to Infowars or something and knows that the Texas GOP is now corrupt and run by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
President Trump considering doing more coronavirus briefings, and now I think he actually officially announced that they will be doing coronavirus briefings again, so that's just great.
Just keep everybody in fear, keep the fake pandemic going, put your mask on, it's patriotic.
No, it's literal Chinese propaganda.
Woman who refused to wear a mask in Starbucks to Sue Barista, and you can read about her story at Infowars.com.
She literally has problems.
She has asthma.
She breaks out when she wears the mask.
And so she's suing them.
We should all be suing them.
We should all be suing China.
We shouldn't be buying into this fake pandemic.
I mean, think about it.
Again, they just lied to us from the beginning, and then when it turned out they were wrong about how deadly it was, oh, well, now the cases are up.
Well, the cases are only up because you have testing.
And then they say, oh, well, President Trump makes that false claim.
I mean, it's just...
It's just offensive, as a free-thinking individual, that they just insult my intelligence so much.
Infowars.com headline, Feds Deploying 150 Agents to Chicago to Fight Crime Wave.
Again, folks, to reiterate, I don't want to see any tyranny from the right or the left, but I mean, in defense of America, it's not tyranny, it's in defense of America.
But here's the thing, if we're really going to be deploying feds to these cities, Don't go in and deal with the street mafias.
Don't go in and deal with the brainwashed pawns on the streets.
Send in the feds in the smoke and fog of these riots and go bring in Muriel Bowser and go bring in Lori Lightfoot.
Go bring in Governor Newsom.
Go bring Libby Schaaf.
All of them.
Ted Wheeler in Portland.
You go send the feds in and bring them in for questioning.
Ask them why they're allowing their city to burn.
Maybe take a look at their financial records.
And you do it in the haze of the riots and no one will even know.
And you might find out some information that's pertinent to saving this country.
But again, bad leadership.
Go deal with the dumbass protesters in the streets instead of the actual problems.
Restaurant deploys entry portal spraying customers with disinfectant.
I mean, you've never seen anything more insane.
You walk into a bar or a restaurant and you get sprayed with disinfectant.
And then you have these dumbass progressives that are like, oh, it's trendy.
It's cool.
And they like, like they're in a water park or something.
Bizarre obey message appears in Kentucky sky following mask mandate.
Americans are fighting back.
This one's unbelievable.
Why Governor Andrew Cuomo isn't in jail right now for all the murder, I don't know.
But killer Andrew Cuomo lectures Georgia mayors on coronavirus policy even though it's been worse in New York than anywhere else on earth.
Again, Andrew Cuomo should not even be walking the streets.
He belongs in jail for all the death he caused.
Trump West 2020?
Mmm, juicy, mmm.
Trump West 2020?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the callers are lined up.
Again, here's the deal.
90 seconds, I'm gonna put you on air.
90 seconds, your message to President Trump.
Eyes and ears are tuned in.
Your message to President Trump, 90 seconds.
We're going to start that in the next segment.
Before I do that, I want to highlight something, a couple things here if I can get them all out.
If you know me, I came out of sports media.
I was involved in sports media professionally for about seven years before I came here at InfoWars and committed to politics.
So I'm a little bit out of touch in the sports world, but obviously I still have connections there, friends that work in there, you know, professionally and everything.
So I still get, you know, some of the frequencies just into my consciousness.
Right now, all sports are cancelled, but the MLB, I guess, has already started their regular season.
Now, I didn't even know this.
And let me tell you, the fact that I didn't even know that MLB had started its season means that the sports world is really dying right now as a brand, as a breed.
And they'll have to do something to save face.
But also, the NHL is set to start next month.
And so, but there's no excitement.
There's no excitement for sports to be back.
And that is a telling story culturally.
And we'll see what the NBA and NFL want to do, which is just totally bought out by China, by the way.
And in fact, see, I have this flag here.
You may recognize this.
I held this flag at an NBA game on a floor seats and I was kicked out.
I was kicked out here because I had a Chinese flag that says China owns the NBA.
Now, I was obviously 100% right and it's even more proven now with the cucking of LeBron James for Chinese slave labor to make his shoes so that he can be fabulously wealthy.
LeBron James is the biggest sellout cuck I've ever seen.
I'm ashamed that I used to watch that guy and think he was an incredible person.
He's not.
He's a great athlete and that's about it.
I want to show you what's going on right now.
And again, folks, by the way, it's just like, it's this whole weird thing about being a spectator.
And I know that this audience is the most active audience in the world, literally, but there's this weird thing about politics being a spectator sport now, and the whole Q phenomenon isn't helping.
But folks, just get active.
Do what you gotta do.
Do what you can do.
You can't just rely on someone else to do everything for you.
But guys, roll clip 10 real quick, because here's the thing.
The MLB, America's pastime, is now also going with the Chinese agenda, and they're now also going with the liberal propaganda, and so the MLB season opened.
Nobody noticed, by the way.
Some of the players aren't even playing.
They decided they're going to sit out the year because they don't want to be a part of this madness.
And they're kneeling for the national anthem.
They're kneeling for the national anthem to start the MLB season.
So guess what?
Nobody's gonna watch baseball now.
And guess what else?
Nobody's going to the games either.
And so there are the teams kneeling for the National Anthem in empty stadiums, by the way.
They're playing in empty stadiums.
But guys, if you go to clip 11, take a look at this stadium.
So here's how they're going to make up for this.
First of all, they have fake stands.
Fake fans in the stands, folks.
Literally cardboard cut out.
In fact, you know what?
Stop it and roll the full clip because I want to also play the audio.
So stop and roll the full clip because they're doing something else for the TV audience.
Play it right now.
That pitch is hit in the air to left center field.
Back goes Marte at the track, at the wall.
They're adding in crowd noise for the TV broadcast.
They're faking crowd noise.
They have cardboard cutout fans.
They're faking crowd noise.
And then they sell the bleachers for advertising now so they can make up for some of that lost revenue for the TV money.
Folks, they're killing sports.
The left has destroyed everything in this country.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
The left has killed everything in this country.
Stop them now or lose everything and become a slave to a deranged, liberal, demonic, possessed soul.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, here's how it's going to go.
90 seconds, your message to President Trump.
But I want to finish this statement.
See, we already know that China owns the NBA.
We already know that China pretty much owns most of our media, Hollywood, sports leagues, and everything.
And so I've decided, I actually agree I actually agree now with the left.
We should cancel the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events.
I agree.
And I think that we should just play the Chinese National Anthem.
Because it's really just Chinese leagues now.
You all sold out to China!
So wear it on your sleeves!
You pathetic worms!
You pathetic scum!
I'll make a prediction right now.
There won't be a single NHL player that kneels for the National Anthem in Canada or the United States.
They all kneeled to open up the MLB season.
We'll see.
So I agree though.
Let's just cancel the National Anthem.
Just play the Chinese Anthem.
Just come out and fly the flag that runs you.
Just come out and admit what you are.
A bunch of communist scum that sold out your soul, sold out this country for your own selfish desires.
You're pathetic!
I don't care how many home runs you hit.
I don't care how much you can lift.
I don't care how many dunks you have.
You are a worthless scum worm that sold out to Chinese communists.
That sold out to slave labor.
You're pathetic!
So yeah, cancel the National Anthem and play the Chinese Anthem at all sporting events now so that America knows who you really are!
Communist scum!
Oh, don't worry.
There's no baseball in China.
But once you start playing that anthem, oh, you can have fun.
Go have fun in China.
You people, you just, you're sick.
You're the smallest of us all.
All right.
The callers are lined up.
Here's how it's going to go in the fourth hour.
And I do have some other news I'm going to highlight, but we'll do that later on, right before I sign off.
I'm going to go to your calls.
You have 90 seconds.
An emergency message to President Trump.
90 seconds.
Skip the pleasantries.
Forget about everything I've covered.
I'm giving you 90 seconds.
I'm going to put you on air.
90 seconds.
Your message to President Trump.
Don't be like Dave Chappelle.
Hey Owen, how's it going?
This is Joe.
Hey, I just want to make quick, obviously, the 90 seconds.
and then when the camera was put on him he literally couldn't even fart.
He couldn't think or fart.
So have your comments ready.
90 seconds emergency message for President Trump right here on the air.
We start with Joe in Indiana.
Joe go ahead.
Hey Owen, how's it going?
This is Joe.
Hey, I just want to make quick obviously the 90 seconds.
My message to Donald Trump, our president.
It's time to start being honest with us.
We know the truth.
The mainstream media is lying to all of us.
I've been sharing InfoWars' content with everyone I know, and every other content out there that's been telling us the truth.
We need to share it with each other, and we need to start marching the streets.
Here in Indianapolis, we had a no-mask rally on Sunday.
We need to do that everywhere.
No-mask rallies.
Let us all come together and have good fellowship, like the Lord wants us to do.
And if I have one other thing to say, I would have to say we got to be sure that we love our neighbors, like the Lord says.
And if there's anything the government can do to maybe fight this a little bit, term limits is a huge deal.
You want to start getting some cronies out of there, you got to start cutting their time loose.
Let's get some fresh faces up in there.
Thanks all for your time, and I appreciate what you guys do.
Thank you for the call.
And you know what?
Two things real quick.
As far as the President being honest, you know what?
That's such a big key to this.
And again, I don't understand the President's approach all the time, but it's time for him to just forget about what the pundits in and out of his White House are saying, forget about the media, forget about all of it, and just be honest.
It's a fake pandemic.
You know it is, President Trump.
Just be honest.
Be real.
And all the other stuff, if you're worried if America can handle it or not, don't.
You just have to be honest.
And let the chips fall where they may.
But by not being honest, you're being complicit in lies.
And that's not how you want this to go.
And the other thing, too, is, you know, I try my best consciously to remember that these brainwashed slaves of corporate media that are out in the streets for Black Lives Matter or whatever the latest trend is, to not be mad at them, to remember that they're not my enemy, and in a weird, twisted way, they're actually my ally.
They've just been misled.
They know the whole system's corrupt.
They know we're all oppressed.
They've just been misled and under mind control and they don't understand who the real enemy is.
And so, there's a part of me...
And it's like, totally futile, but, I mean, if we could get them to wake up and understand who the real enemy is, and get all these people to understand who the real fascists are, and to march with us, I mean, then it's game over.
If we could break that conditioning on their minds.
So, when he said, love thy neighbor, I just thought of that.
It's like, I have to remember not to hate these brainwashed mind slaves, because they're just victims, and if we could bring them on our side, we could save this country.
But again, that may be futile.
Let's go to Matt in Connecticut.
Matt, go ahead.
Hey Owen, how's it going?
So, President Trump, we need to take back the streets, we need to take back the media, we need to take back our corporations.
The silent majority is getting bullied by the loud, obnoxious minority in this country that's pro-common.
We need to do something about it now.
You know, I don't think we have much time left.
I think that, you know, it would be a good idea to start acting Thank you Matt.
filing charges, but you really need to play to your base and you need to play to the people
that are going to fight for this country and be there for this country when the country
needs us.
And the country needs us now.
We have to stand up to China, stand up to the technocrats, and we need to do it soon
because there's not much time left.
Thanks again, Owen.
Great show.
Love it.
And just keep on doing what you're doing and fighting the good fight.
Thank you, Matt.
You know, he makes a point there.
I feel like President Trump has said, "I'm not going to stand by the people who are willing
to fight for this country because they're going to fight for it no matter what, even
if I hang them out to dry like us here."
But, I think that that needs to change now.
Look, we understand we're the Dark Knight, and we understand why you like to fluff up Charlie Kirk and some of these other Sunshine Patriots.
But now is the time to switch and to get back on the side and with the side of the people that will actually fight.
The people that will actually go in front of Congress and say Democrats are committing treason and get arrested.
The people who will actually go to the state capitol and call out Sundar Pichai for lying to Congress and Google for being evil.
The people who will go out to the capitol and face arrest because they show how the free speech only goes one way in this country.
It's time for President Trump to hop back on that train instead of the milquetoast conservative train that he thinks wins him points in the media.
Fox News is turning on you right now, President Trump.
I know you see it.
All right, let's go to Malcolm in New Mexico.
Go ahead, Malcolm.
Hi, Owen.
Great show you have going on.
My message to President Trump is this.
You need to subpoena Barack Hussein Obama regarding the FISA warrant.
We do not know if his name is on that warrant, which is illegal because most of the names have been redacted out.
By ordering a subpoena on Barack Obama.
We will find out what he knew about this because he has not said anything about it.
And if his name is indeed on this FISA warrant, which is an illegal warrant because there is no evidence of any Russian collusion, Barack Hussein Obama must be, he has to go to a court of law and address this and possibly face a jail term, which would be appropriate for him because he will look good in an orange jumpsuit.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know if Obama really liked playing basketball as much as he just liked getting down in the paint and grinding on other men, but that's kind of a side story.
You know, these are such great callers, and we're going to continue down this list when we get back, but Think about, and this is what I don't understand, all the lies and all the things they've put President Trump and his family through when he's a totally innocent man.
And you know you've got Obama dead to rights committing treason across the board, whether it's the gun running, whether it's the Iran money, whether it's the FISA warrants.
It's all illegal.
It's all treason.
When will you make Obama We're going to your calls.
oath. When are you going to make them answer the questions we have?
90 seconds.
We're going to your calls. 90 seconds. Your emergency message to President
Trump. We're going to go to Derek, Larissa, Stephanie, Margaret, Judy.
You're up next.
We got two Margarets.
It'll be the Margaret in Massachusetts first.
Let's start with Derek in California.
90 seconds.
Your emergency message to President Trump.
President Trump, the money.
We need to make sure that those who are funding communist organized groups, that their money is frozen immediately.
Why is Soros still operating in the United States?
Why is BLM considered equal to the Tea Party among the federal groups so now you can post BLM all over the place?
The money.
We need to be freezing the money.
We had something last Tuesday against the Chinese and Chinese money needs to be gone after and frozen immediately.
Those receiving Chinese funds need to be stopped and indicted and Why is not BLM a terrorist organization?
Why, like Antifa, why are they still operating clearly?
And we know that these masks, all the data shows that they do nothing for healthy people, yet I see day after day after day after day propaganda articles that are citing so-called studies, but they're not.
It's all fake data.
What the heck?
And I'm concerned about my family.
I'm concerned about me.
Why is our USDA classifying organic grains that are all sprayed Desiccated with glyphosate.
What the heck?
Glyphosate in all of our wheat, barley, rye, legumes, all over.
Tainted with glyphosate.
We pay for this organization to make sure our organic foods are not sprayed.
Yet, you cannot buy anything organic now from the United States that is sprayed.
And why the hell isn't Hillary in jail?
Why isn't the deep state fired and in prison right now?
There it is, 90 seconds.
That's about as good as it gets from Derek in California.
I'm sorry, I just gotta be a real stickler.
I would have loved to hear more from Derek, but I gotta be a stickler on the 90 seconds today.
There's a lot I'd like to say to that, but I'm gonna go right back to your calls.
Larissa in Florida, 90 second emergency message for President Trump.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen.
So, I get it.
Everybody's upset with the deep state.
So, our side wants to keep things peaceful.
We do a prisoner swap.
We give these CEOs and traders and big news media, they go to China, we get the Chinese Uyghurs.
That's my first point.
And second, my second point, you were, you had mentioned how Kamala Harris looks like a clone.
How do we know that was Kamala Harris?
Do we have proof that she's around?
Bill Gates?
They could all be already in that continuation of government underground facility, which by the way, Trump is not invited to that.
If a COG is enacted, our president and all of the administration currently is locked out.
They will be locked out.
So Trump needs to get somebody looking at these facilities to ensure that this isn't already en masse, you know, rolling out.
Thank you very much.
No, that was amazing.
Great call, again.
Stephanie in California.
Emergency message to President Trump.
Go ahead.
President Trump, please listen to me.
Make America Great Again is a losing slogan.
You cannot deceive an enemy unless you clearly define it.
I've watched you on TV.
I've watched your debates.
I've watched your rallies.
You have only mentioned socialism once.
You have got to define the left for what they are.
This is a full-on war against socialism, communism, globalism.
Please do not get into these side fights with Pelosi, with Schumer, with all these other individuals, because what you're doing is you're taking your supporters, your voters, people who may vote for you, You're taking their focus elsewhere.
The focus has to be laser.
And it's got to be on a war against socialism, communism, and globalism.
The left only knows how to create chaos.
But you created record jobs.
You created record race growth before COVID.
There will be no coming back for America if we lose this election.
But your focus, your main message, is not make America great again.
It has to be a full-on war on socialism, communism, and globalism.
And for InfoWars, please help us All right, Stephanie, I'm sorry.
That's 90 seconds, though.
Great call.
Thank you so much.
These are all women callers in a row.
I'm just going right down the list.
It's just amazing how many women call in with this, but we need to hear.
And you know what?
Here's why.
Because women have the akin, they're tuned in, and they see Trump kind of going sideways, and that's why their senses kind of kick off first before men's.
Margaret in Massachusetts, 90 seconds emergency message for President Trump.
President Trump, we love you, we have your back, but you have to stop complaining non-stop about the mainstream media.
We've had enough of it.
Stop complaining.
Start acting.
Go on the offensive.
Let's go against the mainstream media and everyone else.
Let's stop the communism and the socialism agenda.
I demand that you use your full force and power of your office, along with the Justice Department.
You need to start arresting Antifa.
You need to designate Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization because they are one.
You need to get the military and the National Guard and all these areas that are being overrun, and we want our country back.
And we love you, but we've had enough.
You need to get going and get our country back.
Thank you, and we love your show.
Thank you, Margaret.
Excellent call.
Judy in Florida.
90-second emergency message to President Trump.
Go ahead.
Yes, President Trump.
My line in the sand is the mandate of wearing masks in this nation.
It's not just the fact that they don't work.
It is the fact that the whole COVID-19 phenomenon is a farce.
Of course, the The virus may be authentic, but the rest of it is just a mockery of our intellectual, you know, basis in this whole entire nation and across the world.
I personally don't know who you are.
I do not know if you're an actual president.
I don't know if you're a Judas goat.
I don't know if you're a sedative.
But as much as I feel comfortable when I listen to you, and as much as I think you're sincere, I don't know who you are.
Because I see the nation going down the toilet.
There's fear being fed to the American people.
I don't see how China is not going to completely just demolish this nation.
They think they own everything and they're acting accordingly.
I see the news being brought up around all four corners of the United States because there is a softening up of the West Coast.
There are nuclear submarines that are on the East Coast.
You have a stupid Prime Minister above us with a Muslim population and everything that still can be funneled in through the South.
I don't know what the USMCA is completely, but I don't particularly trust you.
Yeah, you know what, Judy?
Thank you so much for the call.
This is so key here, folks.
Look, I'm telling you.
It's kind of like how your mother always had the instincts about, hey, you know, don't hang out with that kid.
They're bad news.
And then you either, you know, get in trouble with that kid or they end up getting in trouble.
And it's like, it's the motherly instincts.
That's why we have all these women on the line.
Their motherly instincts are kicking in.
They're seeing Trump going sideways.
They're seeing, oh, all the messaging and everything is great.
But, hey, look at what's happening to the country.
Look at the destruction.
Look at the tyranny.
Something's up here.
I'm loving these callers.
They're knocking it out of the park.
90 seconds, emergency message to President Trump.
Let's get right back after it.
Robin in Oklahoma, go ahead.
President Trump, those of us who are awake, You've got to give us a reason to vote for you and not stay home.
I listened to David Knight this morning and he lays out a reason why not to vote for Trump.
Everything that has happened has happened under his watch.
Be the president and give us a reason to vote.
That's it, Owen.
Excellent point.
Short, sweet.
Cannot disagree.
John in Texas.
John, go ahead.
How's it going, Owen?
Good, thanks, go ahead.
Good, I'm gonna make sure you hear me here.
Hey, President Trump, all these callers have said everything that needs to be said.
One more other thing here, you know, it's all plandemic, just like we've all been saying.
Plandemic been, they all plan it all out.
You know, with the mockingbird and them saying, oh, conspiracy theorists are critical thinkers.
Well, critical thinking.
Well, COVID, corona, bat.
Well, we got the bats on the corner.
Well, I think Jordan Maxwell would like this one.
It's called the bat signal.
I think everybody needs to start taking note of that, Mr. Trump.
I think you need to start taking note of that.
I think you know what's going on.
We need to stop this crap because I'm tired of it.
I think this whole country's tired of it.
And, God forbid, man, I don't want to live in this clown world forever.
I know Owen doesn't.
I've been hearing him getting fired up every darn time he's on the channel here.
I'm just sick and tired of it.
I know everybody else is, President Trump.
Please do something about this.
Executive order.
What has to be done.
If Q's right and all this is going down, you've got all the evidence.
You're arresting State Senate pedophiles.
Thanks, Owen.
Yeah, you know, exactly.
Like, I got this whole stack of news.
You know, Ghislaine Maxwell with all their sex trafficking.
President Trump, the videos at Infowars.com back in 2015 talking about Epstein Island and all the crap that goes down there.
Prince Andrew's involved.
Maxwell says she has tapes of US politicians.
I mean, let's go!
Let's go!
Why are we letting these people operate?
Every day we continue to let these people operate is a day we lose this country!
A day closer to the death of America!
Another child kidnapped and raped and sacrificed!
I'm going to stop right there, but you're 100% right, John.
I'm sick of living in this clown world.
I mean, my gosh!
I mean, look, some of the biggest patriots you'll find are thinking about moving to another country because they don't want to live in the clown world that is America.
The problem is they're just going to occupy any country if America falls.
But I'll stop talking.
Let's get back on the phone lines.
John in Washington, 90-second emergency message to President Trump.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Trump.
One thing here.
You need to suspend YouTube, Facebook, And other big tech for 72 hours for voter suppression by restricting the equal and free exchange of ideas, which is my number one issue.
And my number two issue is to release the JFK files and stop protecting Bush senior in the deep state.
And thank you for releasing Roger Stone, who is a true American hero.
Alright, thank you for the call.
And by the way, you see, and it all comes back to the same history, folks.
The assassination of JFK.
We were lied to, folks.
We were lied to.
And the same group of people that pulled off that assassination, that pulled off the 9-11 cover-up, are the ones doing the fake pandemic.
It's the same damn group of people, man.
It's the same group of people.
I just, it's just unbelievable, man.
It all has to be revealed.
It all has to be revealed.
We're going to lose the country if we don't do it now!
I'm sorry, I'm ranting.
Jared in Michigan, 90 second emergency message to Trump, go ahead.
Hey, my emergency message to Trump would be that he needs to win the hearts and minds of all good Americans right now.
And the way to do that is to show them how much has been taken from them for generations by his enemies.
And in the systems we could have, in the renaissance we could have, if we were to unleash healthcare and unleash education from their crippling, controlling fingers, parents would find everything they needed for their children and we'd have happy families.
People would have money to invest in what they like and what they believe in and what they want to do every day.
And they could look at someone who is protecting their right to do that.
So when Americans are rich and free, he'll have our full support.
And when we get these controlling, crippling fingers out of every institution we have to deal with, and we want to make our own.
That's my message.
Thank you, Jared.
And you know, let me just real quick too.
Folks, we put all of these investments into stuff that doesn't ever work.
And I can get into detail, but like solar energy, it just, it's not there yet.
We've tried.
It's not there.
Hey, we tried.
Why aren't we looking at maglev technology?
Why aren't we looking more at geothermal?
Why aren't we looking more at different ways to rig water flow to create energy?
It's just like, oh no, it's just whatever the liberals say.
And it's all because like the caller said, it's all game.
It's all just theft.
It's all just blatant theft.
And they just claim they're trying to do something.
Let's go now to T.J.
in Illinois.
90-second emergency message for the President.
Go ahead.
President Trump, I'm scared to death.
I really feel like we're on the brink of civil war in this country.
And I read an article last month on American Thinker that scared the hell out of me, and I really think you need to take a look at it.
The title of the article is, Where Are All the Guns and Ammo Purchased Under Obama?
Alex covered this when it was happening during the last two years of the Obama administration.
Bizarre, obscure agencies were purchasing millions of dollars worth of ammunition and weaponry.
Agencies like the Post Office, Social Security Administration, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Why did these agencies... The Bureau of Land Management!
President Trump, please run some sort of audit on these agencies.
Figure out where these weapons went, where these bullets went, why they have them in the first place.
It really scares me.
I really feel like the leftists are going to use all of those weapons and bullets on us.
Please do something.
Yeah, and just to highlight what TJ was just talking about, folks, look, Obama was fully unhinged in his treason against this country.
I mean, gun running, hashed Iran, I mean, I'll stop.
But when he talks about the Civil War, here's some points.
And this is just the same story, but new headlines.
Peter Stroke document suggests New York Times report on Russian collusion was false.
No, folks, all these people under Obama watch committed treason against this country.
All of them.
Here's more evidence.
House Republicans air grievances against Liz Cheney.
Yes, the one of Dick Cheney.
Over support for Dr. Fauci and more foreign wars.
Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, others excoriating her for being a war hawk and a medical tyranny hawk.
So, that's good news to get that swamp creature out of there.
And then, Florida Representative Ted Yoho calls AOC an effing bitch.
Excuse me.
And then you have, though, on the other side, Paula Reid, the Chinese agent from CBS, calls Kayleigh McEnany a lying bitch.
So look, this is real, folks.
I mean, the two sides are submerging and we've all been conned.
All of us.
Alright, let's take one more call here from Anthony in Nevada.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, I just want to share a message from Laura Loomer that she posted on Telegram.
So she says, more Americans have been affected by the lockdown for COVID than the actual virus itself.
How many Americans are going to go homeless from COVID restrictions, lockdowns, unemployment over the last four months?
How many Americans have developed depression from the four months of isolation?
How many people have committed suicide from not being able to get help during the lockdown?
How many children have been severely regressed academically from being out of school?
How many people are starving in their homes due to losing their jobs
and not being able to afford food?
How many people are being abused or killed in acts of domestic violence
while being on lockdown with abusive family members?
How many lives have been destroyed by people losing their livelihood and businesses.
How many people have had their rights violated?
I'll tell you the answer.
It's way more people than the total amount of global COVID deaths.
This is unsustainable.
Open America.
Americans are suffering.
Great call, Anthony.
By the way, you know, again, this is just bad leadership from President Trump's campaign.
He needs to stop touting this economic growth right now during this COVID lockdown because he's pissing off all of his voters that have lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost everything.
And then he says, oh, the economy is great.
Be thanking me.
They're losing everything.
Don't lie to them, President Trump.
Tell them what's really happening.
Alright, final segments with your message to President Trump coming up.
Folks, it's just crazy.
I mean, I'm getting bombshell news here as I'm about to sign off.
Tune into the War Room.
Harrison Smith filling in for me.
It's all going to be at Infowars.com.
Mandatory masks now in your home for Baltimore.
Two years or older.
People are going to be sleeping with their masks on, thinking they're saving the world.
What a joke.
What was it?
AT&T and Verizon.
Who is it now?
AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon are all shutting down Trump's text programs.
You know, actually, I'm kind of glad, to be honest.
I get texted five times a day to donate money to Trump.
So, you know what?
Go ahead and shut them down.
I don't even care at this point.
By the way, folks, body found in Minneapolis pawn shop that was torched in Black Lives
Matter protests, so just more Black Lives Matter murder.
65 shot, 10 fatally over weekend in Chicago.
Thanks Mayor Lori Lightfoot, she should be investigated.
Portland rioters break through barricaded courthouse, trap people inside, light building
on fire.
Very peaceful protest, as they say on CNN.
Folks, they are getting ready to probably physically remove Trump from office, if not
before the election, after they fake Biden victory, and they're just plastering this
I'll spare you reading the headlines and some other stuff.
I'll just maybe get to that tomorrow.
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
90 seconds.
Your emergency message to President Trump.
Stephen in Florida, go ahead.
Yeah, President Trump, number one, as Stuart Rhodes with Oath Keepers and Mike Adams with NaturalNews.com has said, you need to federalize the National Guard in all 50 states and deputize all private lawful gun owners because as Matt Bracken pointed out on the Alex Jones Show last week, BLM and Antifa are not Anarchists, they are front line for the communist revolution.
So you need to send out our forces against them and take them out now.
Number two, take steps to shut down the solar and wind farms that the Harry Reid criminally gave to China because they have stealth chi-com soldiers running them that the Chinese are waiting to unleash on us.
Uh, you also need to investigate every railroad yard and port for K-Car containers on flatbed trains and trucks because they are equipped with Chi-Com armed missile silos.
And lastly, you need to push your DAOJ to indict the Clintons, Obama, Soros, the Bill Gates Foundation, Fauci, and the FDA for their criminal, murder-incorporated, and child sex-trafficking criminal enterprise Take action now!
We're sick of hearings!
You've got enough time!
Boy, this audience is just... I mean, this audience just gets it, folks.
And that's why I'm saying, President Trump puts in all these D.C.
acolyte cowards on his team instead of real patriots that have the cojones to fight for this country!
I mean, I'm serious.
The average listener to this show would be a better campaign advisor than probably anyone else that Trump would think about hiring.
Or anyone else on his campaign that goes on TV.
I'm sick of this crap, man!
I'm sick of our weak D.C.
representatives that Trump puts in his campaign team, man.
They suck!
They suck!
I'm sorry, I'm not meaning to rant, but you know, the caller brought something up here.
The Chinese win things in Nevada, the Chinese win things in Texas now right by our base.
These are Chinese bases that are set up in our homeland!
Why the hell are we allowing that?
And you know what, I forgot to mention this earlier, but the caller just reminded me.
Folks, I'm telling you, I'm beginning to wonder if the Navy hasn't been fully compromised by China.
I'm beginning to wonder if Obama did not sign our Navy away to Iran or China.
Why do we have all these problems with the Navy?
And why is the Navy being used to test the new geo-fencing tracking and tracing apps on the phone?
Why are Navy ships being lit on fire?
Why are Navy ships crashing into one another in the wide open ocean?
Why are Navy ships standing down in the South China Sea?
Something is fishy in the Navy!
Kathleen in Wisconsin.
90-second emergency message for Trump.
Go ahead.
Hi, President Trump.
I just want you to know that I think the COVID pandemic needs to be put to rest.
It's hurting more people than the virus itself.
Kids can't go to school.
Businesses are dying.
People can't go in public safely without being masked, shamed, or threatened.
And hospitals are now forcing people to get a COVID test done for elective surgery, causing the numbers to increase.
Causing more panic and I don't believe that there's any way that there can be so many asymptomatic positive people walking around.
Our rights are being taken away and it needs to stop.
Please know that we're praying for you and God bless.
Kathleen, thank you so much for the call.
Sadly, Trump Yeah, man.
Hey, so Mr. President, why did you put that nasty, disgusting mask on?
You were a beacon of hope.
You were a symbol of strength.
Day one, he should step out and just head fake him and say the whole thing's been a fraud.
James in Boston, 90 second emergency message for Trump.
Go ahead.
Yeah, man.
Hey, so Mr. President, why did you put that nasty, disgusting mask on?
You were a beacon of hope.
You were a symbol of strength.
You were a stellar example of patriotism and mental fortitude until you put that symbol
of slavery and obedience on.
Now, I used to be mad at David Knight because of his disdain for Trump, but he's right.
You know, big tech is still censoring us.
Cities are still burning.
Fauci is still being Fauci.
You are no longer supporting your supporters.
You caved, you surrendered, and right now, sir, you do not have my vote.
That's my point, Nolan.
Great show, man.
Thank you, James.
And I'm telling you, folks, look, it's... And see, here's the problem.
I understand what Trump's team is doing, but we're not playing politics here.
This isn't a football game.
This is a fight for the future of this country in America.
So when you're sitting here measuring, well, I'm going to lose a lot of votes by putting on the mask, but I'm going to gain a lot of votes with the central, or I'm going to lose a lot of votes if I come out too hard against these people, but I'm going to gain a lot of votes with the... No!
Stop measuring things like this is a political football match.
Do the right thing and be honest and you'll get the votes.
But that's what happens when you bring in all the DC accolades to run your campaign.
You become a political loser.
Andy in Minnesota, 90 second emergency message for Trump, go ahead.
President Trump, it's time to step up.
You gotta stop bounding the globalists in China.
You gotta expose COVID for what it truly is and not what the media wants us to think.
If you're the real maverick and not a pawn, you gotta stop kissing ass and let's really take back America.
You know, this COVID recovery, it's not the new normal as advertised, but it feels like the new season of the Twilight Zone.
They're forcing us to wear the mask.
It's not a mask, it's MOTS, the Mark of the Slave.
We gotta stop this mindless acceptance of the laws on the mess.
It's unconstitutional and un-American, just like the lockdown.
We gotta stop- start resisting the Stockholm Syndrome of embracing our oppressors like Cuomo and Fauci.
I mean, look at what Cuomo did with the nursing homes.
Those are the real death camps.
We also gotta get off the fiat currency to avoid the imminent depression that's looming over our heads.
I'm worried for my rights and also the rights of my young niece.
What is the world she's going to grow up in?
I want to start being able to take hold of my life and worry about myself instead of having the government tell me what to do.
It's never happened before.
We've got to shut down these violent protests and designate BLM as the terrorist organization it is.
We also got to start prosecuting these criminals that are rioting and burning down our monuments and tearing down our statues.
I'm sick of it and I'm not going to take it anymore.
Thank you.
Excellent call.
Thank you.
Amy in Kentucky, last caller of the day.
90 second message for President Trump.
Rhetorical question.
You know, what if we do lose in November?
But this is all spiritual.
I keep hearing everyone say that Trump needs to do this and do that.
This war is pretty much inevitable at this point, so I feel like it's we the people now.
The presidency has lost its power, so it's going to come down to we the people.
Thank you.
Good point.
If we're not willing to fight, how can we expect Trump to?
That's what I'm saying.
All right, we can squeeze in another one.
Working man in Minnesota.
Well, you got about a minute.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mr. President.
I just want you to know that all of this is happening under you.
You need to come on this show and you need to talk to us and answer our questions.
We're sick and tired of this filter of BS that we're getting.
You'll sit down with some muppet like Chris Wallace and take all these questions from all these punks that are, that, every day, but you won't even talk to us.
You came on before your first election, what, to get elected?
No one has fought more for you than these hosts and this audience, and we're left out to dry.
We want to know what you really think about Fauci, Gates, Soros, all of this.
What are they going to do, demonize you?
I mean, you can't get demonized any more than this.
You're our general, and right now, we have no orders.
We need intel, and we need orders, and we need to organize.
Excellent call, Working Man.
Wow, this was fantastic from the callers, fantastic from the crew.
Thank everybody who called in.
The War Room launches.
Harrison Smith filling in for me on the War Room as I filled in for Alex Jones today.
We'll be back at it tomorrow.
Probably more of your phone calls.
You stay classy, InfoWarriors.
And they believe this is the year they're going to totally overthrow America and the world and bring in their anti-God, anti-human tyranny.
Well, we're here on air and we just ask you all to realize that we're in opposition to this evil and that only your word of mouth helps us reach new people.
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are almost unanimously rooting against America, against the American people, and against our
President Donald Trump. They're all over the news saying the American century's over and
that America's quarantined and that COVID-19 was our fault and that the United States may
not even exist in the future and certainly isn't going to be a superpower.
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Now, back then we were 90% rural, and almost everybody was self-sufficient.
Now we're 90% urban, and of the 10% that are rural, it's estimated that less than half of those are actually self-sufficient.
We are sitting on top of a time bomb.
We have been domesticated.
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Good luck and God bless.
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