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Name: 20200720_Mon_Alex
Air Date: July 20, 2020
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The show discusses America's state amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts against the globalist deep state, and political division between Trump supporters and liberal Democrats. Topics covered include the absurdity of the COVID-19 hoax, the renaming of Pettus Bridge in Alabama, destruction of Christian icons, importance of prayer, concerns over surveillance through contact tracing, criticism of lockdown measures, shortage of cash as part of a larger agenda for a cashless economy, and the need for local communities to take control of financial matters. The video also mentions Vicki Gibbs' death after being intubated in a hospital in a blue city and calls for action against the deep state. Lastly, Alex Jones discusses potential long-term effects of COVID-19 on business and tourism, expressing frustration at severe lockdown measures in some countries despite low death rates compared to other diseases.

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It's up to we the people to realize we're going into total bondage and slavery if we don't wake up and say no now.
Here is the incredible evil of Nancy Pelosi normalizing the deep state, physically removing the president, and fumigating him like a rodent or a cockroach.
Hear it for yourself.
This isn't treason because this woman's never been an American.
She's a globalist and enemy of this country.
It's us or them, ladies and gentlemen.
Here is the monster Nancy Pelosi.
Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States.
I'm second in line to the presidency and just last week I had my
Regular continuation of government briefing.
This might interest you because I say to them, this is never going to happen.
God willing, it never will.
But there is a process.
It has nothing to do with that the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.
It's not geography or location.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year, every decade, that we do not deal with the satanic, globalist, New World Order, deep state mounting against us,
We get more and more and deeper into trouble.
And every day that President Trump allows this same faction to operate in the West, in the United States of America, we are a day closer to the end of America.
This is the Alex Jones Show on this July 20th, 2020, a Monday.
Owen Troyer sitting in for Alex today.
We'll be hearing from Alex throughout the day including in the next segment.
David Knight is going to be joining me in studio as well in the first hour and we will be roundtable discussing.
Guys, if you want to do a dot cam here.
I have so much news and it's not just one of those things where
I just have these stacks of news on the desk.
No, I want to cover every single story you see in front of me because it's all significant.
But if you're like me, you wake up every day with the same thing in your head.
Is today finally the day that we save America?
Is today finally the day we start to see some arrests?
Is today finally the day we get some justice?
Sadly, every day passes, and the answer is no.
There's signs we're winning, but we're so far behind, and there's so many signs we're losing, it really makes it tough to measure what we need to do as Americans.
So, hopefully I'll have time in the third hour to open up the phone lines and ask you just that.
But, the COVID hoax is just
It's really just unreal at this point.
And it tells so many different stories.
Who's willing to be a slave?
Who is totally brainwashed?
Who will gladly put shackles on their own wrists if it means shackling you?
The left in America is so deranged and dangerous and out of control
And dumbed down and brainwashed.
I don't even know how to deal with them anymore.
I feel sorry for them.
They have been hit with a psychological weapon system that they can't even see or understand.
And it just gets worse and worse and worse.
Then you got Kamala Harris, if that's even Kamala Harris, I mean,
You tell me, folks.
Kamala Harris shows up on MSNBC and doesn't even look like Kamala Harris and has little demon eyes.
It's like in the movies when they black out the demon's eyes.
That was Kamala Harris on MSNBC.
So what does that mean?
People also pointing out her teeth are different.
I mean folks, this is, we are not in Kansas anymore territory.
The death of John Lewis, which then brings about the left, the Democrats in Hollywood, to rename the Pettus Bridge in Alabama after John Lewis.
The ultimate irony?
Edmund Pettus, say it with me class, was a Democrat!
And I predict, because you can still look this up and it's still available on Google and Wikipedia, and watch all the headlines last night and today, Edmund Pettus, leader of the KKK.
Edmund Pettus, racist grand dragon.
Edmund Pettus hates black people.
We must rename the bridge.
Hey, guys.
Edmund Pettus was a Democrat.
Just like all the other KKK wizards and grand dragons.
And all the marches that Martin Luther King led were against Democrats.
The irony is you can cut it with a knife.
Look at these CNN headlines.
Trump insists he's right on virus as more Americans get sick.
cities hit hard by COVID-19.
Way another stay-at-home order.
He's unteachable.
Doctor baffled by Trump's Fox News interview.
And it just goes through the virus hot spikes.
The virus is exploding.
Trump's virus.
I mean, it's all about how Trump did this.
And we told you at least five months ago we figured out exactly what their endgame was.
Have massive testing here.
Have false testing.
Even though it's admitted in the fine print that you can have regular coronavirus and the flu in the last decade, it counts as that.
They don't care.
Put all the people that die in skydiving accidents and motorcycle accidents and car wrecks and cancer and pneumonia on the list, but none of that matters because the entire fraudulent media keeps beating this background drum that it's record cases and record deaths, even though the record cases are based on massive, massive testing and massive false positives.
And they can only show a few, quote, spots where the deaths have actually gone back up any and nothing compared to the level that they were three, four months ago.
And again, those were almost all in, well, not almost all, they were all in blue cities and blue states where, again, they could run their frauds and call all deaths, not just some extra deaths, COVID-19.
So this is the sophisticated brainwashing going on.
I mean, at one level, it's very, very simple, but it's sophisticated because it hits from so many different points.
And so this is branding against the President, against America.
They're now saying, oh yeah, America's first under Trump, first in coronavirus cases, first in death.
And again, none of that's true.
So Trump has to directly, not just through surrogates, attack Fauci and the NIH, and the fact that the UN is still commanding it through the WHO.
He's pulled out of the WHO, that's good.
He's had surrogates exposing Fauci, but he's gotta go further.
What we're dealing with isn't just organized propaganda.
It's organized fraud, it's organized
How Gates funded a hydroxychloroquine study that they had to withdraw, total fraud, saying it doesn't help people, that the media then used.
He can then go through all the deaths from gunshot wounds and cancer and heart attacks that have been counted as COVID-19 and explain why he's taken it away from the CDC.
That is such a good move to get out of the WHO, that criminal organization run by the globalists and the Chinese communists.
It's so good that he's taken power away from the CDC, with only 100 days out from the election.
Think about that right now.
I don't
You've had 333 labs in Florida alone, all come up 100% positive.
Some of the labs tested up to 450 people a day.
That, of course, is premeditated fraud.
You do one fraudulent test like that, it's a felony.
Why are all these places doing this on purpose?
Because they've been green-lit.
And you know, these talking points that we see manifested every newspaper and on every TV show that's establishment are unified.
The propaganda, the reports,
Here's an example.
There's 7.6 billion people on the planet.
350 million, roughly, in the United States.
You know, they say 330, but it's probably 350, 360 with illegal aliens.
But they can sit there and cherry-pick, oh, a lesbian member of the church died in Houston, making a huge deal.
She had trouble breathing, went in, they intubated her, she died.
Yeah, they intubated her.
She was 55 years old or whatever, 56 years old.
And so one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
As Stalin said, her death's important and we're sad for it, but again, they blow that up and then show you every day in every major city somebody they say died of COVID.
A lot of times they go check the records and they died of cancer, or they died in a car wreck, or they died in an automobile accident, or they died in a motorcycle accident.
I mean, you know the drill.
But these newspapers have to get called out.
These doctors have to get called out.
Why is it certain hospitals in certain cities that have basically all the death?
Because that's where they're on board with this fraud.
There's also a report Rob News is working on called the July effect.
You notice they've been predicting massive increases of death in July for a few months.
Rob Dewey had a weird feeling about that last week.
So he search engined more hospital deaths July and bingo.
Guess where new doctors and new nurses go on every year the way they cycle out from the medical schools and then the residencies.
They come into work in July.
It's full-blown doctors.
And so, that's why they're having all these huge medical events right now around the country at hotels.
That's why they're having all these big conferences.
Because before they get pushed in to the hospitals and to the clinics, they're giving them one more round of brainwashing.
I've got inside sources I was just talking to about this this morning.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
I'm trying to get them to come on the show.
And so they're going to get patients to come in and say, I'm coughing, I feel like I have weight on my chest.
They're not going to give them hydroxychloroquine or zinc or vitamin D or they're not going to give them an inhalable steroids that doctors are saying is 100% success rate.
They're going to say, hey, the manual says put a tube down their throat.
The hospital administrators will promote doctors that do that.
And pretty soon you'll have some first-year doctor who's now one of the managing doctors making twice as much money because they follow the orders of the technocrats.
And that's what technocracy is.
Bureaucrats controlled by powerful financial interests use computer systems to model everything out, to manage it, to preset it, and then that goes out and then doctors and nurses and school teachers and lawyers and police, all of us become robots basically.
We have no discretion.
We can't make our own decisions.
We just repeat and regurgitate what those on top said, and that's what the Chinese Communist Socialist Corps is all about, is monitoring all of us in live time and rewarding us when we're good little slaves and punishing us when we're not.
But again, with successful approximation, they begin to squeeze you and get you to the point where, you know, it's not just turning your kids over to the LGBT movement.
It's not just having an abortion.
It's not just taking all the vaccines they want to give you forcibly.
And so you submit to it.
Pretty soon, it's even more.
They want more.
Now they want you to go out and burn somebody's house down.
Now they want you to go out and commit crimes.
Now they want you to go attack a federal courthouse.
This is multinational corporations directing people that have been programmed on Facebook, selected psychologically, then put into cult programming operations like Antifa and BOM to build this army of mindless idiots that will actually run up on the side of the road and shoot white people in the head only because they're white, and it's white people mainly doing it.
So this is high-tech mind control, ladies and gentlemen, that we're witnessing, and Owen Schroyer and David Knight and others are about to take over.
I just wanted to point out here that this COVID hoax must go down because it's designed to never turn the United States loose.
Notice we're told the countries that are bad are the UK, the US, and Brazil.
Those are the countries that haven't 100% submitted to the New World Order.
And the technocrats, that's what they call themselves at Davos, and Xi Jinping, have hatched this plan.
And they're all open for business.
They're telling us we're not open for business and we're the bad guys.
And so Trump understands this and is fighting hard.
But America's behind the curve because people are just so gullible and continue to buy into mainstream media propaganda.
That's why it's beyond critical that all listeners and all viewers spread the word about this live feed, share the article, share the information, and tell everybody word of mouth that this whole thing's a fraud and that wearing the mask is the sign of slavery and the sign of submission to the future lies.
The contact tracing, the surveillance, the control, the forced inoculations, all of it run by Bill and Melinda Gates and the Clinton Foundation.
Think about that.
That's the real world nightmare we're in right now.
There's so much more I want to cover.
A federal judge that took over the Epstein.
Banking bankruptcy case with billions of hidden money tied into multinational groups.
The Mossad, MI6, and the Clinton crime syndicate had her son killed and her husband critically injured in New Jersey.
Clearly, it's connected to the whole Epstein thing.
She says she's been getting threats.
She just got the case five days ago.
We're in a war.
We're in a war with globalist forces and American forces, and people better decide which side they're on because we are, again, in critical times.
We'd all be thanking God for the awakening, but also praying that others wake up and we turn our civilization and society around while there's still time.
All right, back to the live feed.
Please spread the word.
You are the Paul Reveres.
God bless you all.
All right, I'm about to take over with David Knight coming back in five minutes.
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Back in five minutes with David Knight.
And David Knight in studio with me, of course.
David Knight hosts the morning show here.
From 8 to 11 weekdays, you can find him live on Band.Video.
He's going to be in studio with me for about the next hour.
This is the Alex Jones Show, live from 11 to 3, Central.
And then of course, the War Room that I'm normally hosting, 3 to 6 p.m.
weekdays, we'll have a fill-in host today and the rest of the week as I'll be sitting in for Alex.
So, I got a ton of news I want to go over with David today.
And I'm going to start on this stack of COVID news.
And there's so many different angles and aspects and talking points here.
So we're just going to dive right into this stack.
But let's start with this.
The Washington Examiner.
What virus?
GOP delegates raring to go to Trump's convention.
This is the example.
Of a group of people who want to be free and a group of people who want to be slaves.
And the average Democrat liberal would gladly put shackles on their own wrists if it meant they got to shackle you too.
So David, clearly there is a divide here as far as who wants to live in fear of the coronavirus or who believes the lies of the coronavirus.
And it's the same political lines that are being drawn on almost every major issue.
You have Trump supporters, conservatives, patriots who
Don't want to wear a mask, don't want to see the economy shut down, and at this point just don't buy any of the COVID lies versus the average liberal progressive Democrat who buys and sells all of the lies, wants to wear a mask, make you wear a mask, shut down the economy, keep the kids home from school.
I mean, that dichotomy, it plays out on every issue, but it's the same thing.
Who wants to be free and who would gladly enslave themselves to make you a slave?
And it's also, who is going to just slavishly follow experts as authorities that you don't question?
And when we look at this, it breaks down pretty clearly by demographics and by political party.
First by demographics, in terms of face mask usage.
Those people who said that they will always use it, we'll just talk about that figure here.
34% of males, but 54% of females.
When you look at political parties, Republicans only 24%, but Democrats 61%, and the independents are somewhere in the middle, about 30%.
See, I didn't even know those numbers.
I just saw this in real time.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
But see, part of this is that we understand, because we do value freedom, we understand and have understood from the very beginning that if, no matter how bad this disease was, you don't fight it by shutting down food production, by shutting down medicine, by shutting down everything else in your society, all you do is add another layer of problems to what was already there.
And so that's not the right way to do this.
You don't suspend the Constitution.
You don't treat everybody as if they had
The disease.
You don't even know if they've got the disease.
And that's really where the face mask issue is, Owen.
I was talking about that today.
I said, this really is the issue the Hill could die on.
Because if we don't stop this, they are laying out the psychological framework
To tell us what they're telling us with a face mask is you don't wear face masks to protect yourself, you wear it to protect other people.
We've heard that before, right?
With vaccines.
And the vaccines are what are on the way.
And so if you're going to embrace this double think about face masks,
Well, they don't work, but somehow it protects other people, even though I can't be protected by it.
Then you're going to embrace this vaccine nonsense that's going to be pushed.
That's what this is really about.
It's about psychological preparation.
If you look at these experts, two or three months ago they were telling us exactly the opposite.
And then they come back and they try to carve back those lies by saying, well, we didn't have enough N95 masks.
Well, we had bandanas and we had cloth masks, right?
Which are absolutely ineffective.
As a matter of fact,
Jonathan Turley, I talked about it today, he said, if you want to fight these face mask regulations, wear an anti-mask.
You know, just wear... I had the picture of the guy going through a Walmart in Tampa, and he's got like open holes in it.
I mean, you can see his face through it.
Yeah, wear a pair of Victoria's Secret women's lingerie.
Or anything.
Because it's about compliance.
He said he did that and nobody said anything to him about it.
I played a clip this morning from a lady who went to a grocery store in Colorado and I mean, people were...
About to they did get physically violent with a one person rammed their cart into her.
They're yelling and screaming at her They called the police on her because she didn't have a mask I mean is that the one with the big ugly who came up and was yelling right in front of the baby, too?
I think this is another one.
I don't think it was a baby involved.
I mean this girl comes up She does the same thing shoves him with the cart is screaming at this lady for not a mask on her mask keeps falling off by the way
And there's a baby that she's screaming at, basically.
But, you know, I don't know if you've seen this.
Guys, do we have the clip of the one man in a wheelchair who was getting harassed?
Let's play this, David.
I don't know if you've seen this or not.
A man was going through the grocery store.
He had a health condition.
He's actually even in a wheelchair.
It just shows you how sick these people are.
And he was getting harassed.
Here was the interchange.
Pardon me?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm dead serious.
I have a medical condition.
See me in a wheelchair, a**hole?
I see you in a wheelchair, but... So get the f**k away from me.
What are you, Karen?
What are you, what are you, f**k?
Shut up.
I have a medical, I have a medical reason, a**hole, if you can't f**king tell.
So again, the reason why this video is low is because the guy's in a wheelchair.
So he comes up, he says, wear a mask, wear a mask.
The guy in the wheelchair says, I have a health condition, can't you see the wheelchair?
He's like, I don't care, wear the mask.
Again, these people would gladly put shackles on their own ankles and wrists as long as it meant you got shackled too.
Well, you know, they did that, a similar thing like that to a mother who had a child with autism.
And they said, you can't come in the park.
She said, well, he can't wear a mask.
He can't put anything on his face, right?
Because he's got autism.
And they kicked them out.
And so she got some people that were on the side of Americans with Disabilities Act and so forth to come after these park officials who kicked her son with autism out of the park.
She said, first of all, he can't breathe with it on.
Secondly, nothing, a face shield, nothing is going to work because you're not going to put anything on his head.
He doesn't understand.
He's going to fight it.
And this is the intolerance that is being engendered with people.
It is obsessive-compulsive disorder.
It is a psychological operation of fear and propaganda, and that's what has to be fought.
These Republicans who will kind of halfway say, well, you know, I think it's a good thing to wear a mask, and I always wear a mask.
I'm sorry you saw me on an airplane without a mask and so forth.
They play easy with that instead of tackling the non-science, instead of tackling this authoritarian, Stasi society that's being created.
Instead of pushing back against Fauci's lies, they kind of go along with it, and that's going to be fatal to us.
And by the way, Burks...
Remember the old scarf lady?
She's come out and said she believes the CDC is inflating death numbers by as much as 25%.
Well, that's a low ball.
It's a lot higher than that.
And notice how she got sidelined.
You never see her anymore because she realized, oh crap, they're faking this whole pandemic.
It's so ridiculous in its basic nature.
Literally, you'd have two people going around, and they can wear a mask, and let's say it's a man and a woman on a date.
And the guy's like, hey baby, you know, let's go to bed, let's get intimate.
And she's like, oh, but what about the COVID?
He says, don't worry, we'll wear masks.
That's literally what this is like.
Oh, I'm gonna wear a mask while I'm having sex with you and that'll stop COVID.
It's like these officers, same thing happened to me, David.
These officers come up, if you're not wearing a mask, and they arrest you, and what are they doing?
They're putting their hands all over you!
They're touching your hands, they're touching your face, they're groping you, rubbing up on you.
Oh, but the mask, though!
The mask is going to stop the COVID even though it gets through the mask and they're touching you and spitting on you and everything.
It's just, oh yeah, and Fauci also says, you know, continue to use Grindr and Tinder.
That's because he's active on there.
He's looking for a little action on the side.
So Fauci is still live on Tinder if you want to hit him up.
He can give you some good COVID.
All right, we'll get into more of this when we come back.
They don't want the kids back in the classroom, folks.
Parents are going to be pissed about this.
And liberal teachers are saying, I still want to be paid, but I'm not going to teach your kid.
You know, we're talking during the break, myself and David Knight.
About this nonsense.
You know, I got all this news and I'm gonna get to it just again a couple quick headlines here.
New York Times has a piece from a teacher, I won't return to the classroom and you shouldn't ask me to.
Well then don't ask me to pay taxes, how about that?
How about you take all the taxes that fund your wage and you can shove them up your derriere.
Because if you're not in the classroom, we're not paying them.
Of course, homeschool parents don't care about that anyway, but it's just a joke.
I'm not gonna do my job but still pay me.
You know it's a fake pandemic, you lazy bums.
Fired up and ready to go.
DNC Milwaukee Convention continues to shrink.
Latest prediction of only 350 attendees.
I'm only covering this because I'm telling you they're going to cancel it.
They're going to cancel every presidential debate.
They can't have Biden on a stage with Trump.
They'll blame COVID for all of it.
Plus they know the Bernie Sanders supporters are going to riot and burn Milwaukee to the ground.
So they don't want that to happen in their name.
But you know, David, I got all this other news, how the Democrats killed all the old people in nursing homes, now they're claiming dogs that have coronavirus need to be put down.
I mean, what a lie that is.
Well, Fauci thinks that New York did it right, you know.
Oh, I saw that!
Oh yeah, with all the dead in New York, like ten times worse than any other state.
But you know what, David?
Here's what I want to do.
They're the model, yeah.
Away from all the numbers and news, this is really what it's about, what we were talking about in the break.
That the average American, the average human is so, I don't even know what it is, brainwashed or enslaved or whatever, where it's like you walk into a restaurant, okay?
I can't shove a burrito into my mouth with a mask on, okay?
It's ridiculous.
I can't drink a soda pop if I have a mask on.
So okay, you're sitting in the restaurant, you're drinking, you're eating, you don't have a mask on.
Oh, but if you walk in five feet to sit at your table and get to the water, oh, no, no, no, you gotta have a mask on for that.
I can't have you walking in here without a mask.
It's like, sir, sir, everyone in here is not wearing a mask.
People are touching my food, okay?
Like, I'm not worried about getting sick.
No, no, no, you have to wear a mask five feet from that door to that table before you sit down and drink your water.
You have to wear the mask.
But aside from the lunatic fringe theory that that would stop anything, again, the mask doesn't stop anything.
I mean, it's just levels and layers of total nonsense and they just go with it.
But it's just like, David, what happened to basic common sense?
What happened to just humanity where someone just thinks and says, huh, you're right, wearing a mask for five feet to sit down at the table doesn't make any sense.
They just go along with it.
Well, that's what we're talking about.
My wife and I are going to a small restaurant locally.
I thought I would help them out.
And again, they want to enforce that rule and they were adamant about it.
It's like, okay, fine.
You know, we won't be here and you won't be here either.
You're not going to be here because what they don't realize, and I talked about this on the morning show, I said, you know, the quote from Lennon,
That the capitalists will sell the rope that is used to hang them.
And what we're seeing now is that even small business is selling the regulations that are going to be used to hang them.
She doesn't realize that she's propagating the fear and the insanity behind all of this stuff.
And it's the fear that is going to kill her business because people are going to be afraid to go there.
You know, at this point, like I said, we walked in, and because we had to have a mask to walk the five feet to the table, then I could take it off, I could order, I could wait for my food, eat my food, wait for the bill, and so forth.
None of that would have been a problem, but it's a principle that I have to have the mask before I get service.
Why would anybody want to go deal with that?
I don't even go out to have dinner anymore.
It sucks.
You can't even leave your house.
Just a reminder that you're a slave.
Well, it's being pushed by the National Retail Federation.
A lot of people got a lot of attention when Walmart did it because Walmart is saying 65% of their stores are their
There aren't any government regulations about wearing masks, but Walmart is going to go further.
They're going to force you to wear a mask to go inside their Chinese store.
And then they're going to have black shirts because the brown shirt's a little bit too obvious, right?
To enforce that.
They're going to harass you.
Yeah, but I mean at Disney World they've got stormtroopers that are harassing people, so at least they've got a sense of humor about it, right?
By the way, I would imagine
I would imagine.
I have never, I've never masked up.
I've continued to go out.
I was going to the gym before they made me mask up, sharing equipment.
I was playing basketball three nights a week with sweaty guys rubbing up, you know, I mean, it's like, I mean, this is a joke.
I've never gotten sick.
All my friends at the gym never gotten sick.
All the people here at InfoWars have never gotten sick.
Have you ever gotten sick?
I mean, it's a total joke again, but it's basic common sense.
David, it's like we've crossed this weird threshold where
The actual physical step we take, the physical air we breathe, the physical things that we see in the third dimension, like the actual life we're experiencing, doesn't even matter.
Oh, it's Twilight Zone.
It doesn't even weigh into people's thoughts anymore.
The only thing they weigh is what they see on TV, what they hear from the voices of authority.
What they're actually living and experiencing has zero value anymore.
How did we get here?
I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.
It's like I'm in some kind of virtual reality Twilight Zone, except it's in color instead
Black and white!
And I can't get out!
I can't change the channel!
It's crazy, it's infuriating.
But you know, I was sick at the end of the year, this last year, and I think it picked it up when my wife and I went on a cruise and we traveled by plane and we sat in the airport and we talked for about an hour.
The flight was delayed, we talked about an hour.
The guy who had just come back from China.
It could have been COVID-19, it could have been the flu, but here's the thing.
To put on all of these mask regulations and all the rest of this stuff, as one person pointed out, it's kind of like sounding off the air raid alarm at Pearl Harbor three months after the Japanese attack.
It's that ridiculous.
This is a day late and a dollar short.
If it was ever effective, but it's not effective.
These same people who told us not to wear this and they were telling us the truth.
It's not going to do you any good.
It's actually going to make it harder for you to breathe.
They were telling us the truth then.
Now they're lying to us and it's for political purposes.
This is political and it is psychological and it's not medical.
It is not scientific.
They're yelling fire in a theater, which is illegal by the way.
That's exactly what the media is doing.
And it's really what it comes down to.
It's just the media lies.
The media hoaxes.
Let me give you some facts here.
This I saw tweeted out by Dr. David Samadi.
He said, this is a wonderful graphic from the state of Ohio.
While COVID-19 is an incredibly serious virus, look at it in perspective.
And what they did was they showed the number of people, number of tests given.
A million tests.
And he does this graphically.
And there you go.
He's got it graphically.
A million tests.
And they had 69,000 people positive.
That's 7%.
So 93% did not test positive.
7% tested positive.
Of that, they had 3,000 deaths, according to the CDC.
That would give you a case fatality rate of 0.3%.
Now, if you look at the Texas Department of Public Health,
Last week, or two weeks ago, when they came out and said, well, you're going to have, we got the statewide mask regulation from Abbott, and then he had the state flunky who was head of the health department coming out saying, you better start wearing masks inside your own home.
We're not going to enforce that just yet, but you better start wearing it inside your home.
At the same time that was coming out, the Texas Department of Health released numbers for this year and the previous two year flu seasons.
Previous two years, one year it was 0.3 percent, the other year it was 0.4 percent, this year with COVID-19 is 0.1 percent.
So we're one-third to one-quarter of what we've seen in the past and yet we've got the entire economy locked down, we've got these guys demanding that we wear masks inside our own homes, and this is Republicans.
At the very minimum.
And this is at the very minimum.
You have a criminal conspiracy brought on by the medical industry to sell vaccines.
This is at the minimum.
Now, this is the minimum level.
I mean, really, this is maximum world enslavement stuff we're talking about here.
But at the minimum level that the average person should be able to understand, this is a racketeering, criminal manipulation by the CDC, by the WHO, and the people that are ready to profit, like Fauci and Gates and all their little underlings,
They've rebranded the flu, David.
That's what they've done.
They released a weapon out of China to get people sick, specifically in that region.
When it came out, it was probably really deadly, and then it mutated pretty fast and became basically like an average flu bug, which is a crime against humanity in and of itself that should be addressed, but we can't even get the basic science.
So it's like, okay.
You rebranded the flu as COVID-19 coronavirus so that you could sell vaccines to 6 billion people.
That's what they've done, David.
And now they're gearing up to do it.
And let's not forget, it's not just the Chinese.
It goes back to Fauci and the NIH.
These people are eugenicists, not just because they partner with Gates and they push vaccines, but when
Francis Collins, who's head of the NIH, he's Fauci's boss.
Collins had been part of the Human Genome Project, and when he went to the NIH, the first thing he did was the Human Connectome Project, because he is a transhumanist.
He thinks that he's going to be able to transfer his mind into a mechanical machine and live forever.
That's what these people are focused on.
And what Fauci was doing with all this Chinese stuff, they were
Call it on the carpet.
We'll be right back.
You know, David, here's how my mind works.
Works on coffee?
Well, yeah, it does work on the coffee from InfoWarsTore.com.
I was taking a drink of coffee.
Thank you for filling that dead air.
No, my mind works like this, David.
When I look at an issue
I try to bring it down to the lowest common denominator logic and reasoning.
And so, when I see mayors and governors and politicians and all these people telling me I have to wear a mask, it's a mandate, I need to be afraid of COVID, well I just bring it down to lowest common denominator logic.
Either you're mentally retarded, and you actually believe that.
I'm not trying to be insensitive.
I mean, you literally have a mental illness, and you can't read, you can't write, you can't think.
And so you really think the mask is stopping anything when it's scientifically proven not to.
So you're literally like a mongoloid.
Or you're a foreign operative.
You're some sort of operative that's out to get me.
You're a paid spokesperson.
You're bought and paid for.
You're out to get me.
You're trying to attack me.
I don't think so.
I think these people realize that this is a path to power and a path to dependency.
They realize that as I've been talking about from the very beginning immunity passports, and they've been talking about this Way before the pandemic began.
I mean this is going back a long ways I mean you got Bill Gates back and announcing the completion of his tattoo ID thing and and again You know he had his program ID 2020 is coming in right on time now they've been looking at this as a way to track people to control people and this has become the perfect path for all of this, but
You know, this is part of really the UN 2030 agenda, and there's a globalism that's in play here.
They're forcing, cuddling us, if you will, into cyberspace.
And if you look at the future of work, the future of work is working online.
Well, I'm going to need to have 5G, so get me my 5G.
I need to have that to work online.
And it also, Owen, keeps them from having to lobby and pay off
Republicans and Democrats in Congress for their H-1B visas.
Anybody can work anywhere.
So you can have your cheap labor in India or wherever you want it working online and they don't even have to worry about physically moving the people in for that type of thing.
And they can control everybody on cyberspace.
If they move you into cyberspace, they already control that area.
And I've talked about the smart cities that were part of the UN 2030 agenda, how Google was setting that up in Toronto and other places, yet this allows them to essentially even transcend that.
Because once they kettle everybody into cyberspace, and you can't get an education unless you're in cyberspace, you can't work unless you're in cyberspace, they can watch and control everything that you do, and it allows them to basically open up and create a borderless global community
Right there from the very beginning and I think that's a big part of this but the immunity Passport your mask right now is like your immunity badge But the real immunity badge is in the mail And it's being prepared right now by the US military who are preparing the vaccines are manufacturing these things They haven't even tested them, but they're gonna rush them out and the news reports I played one today from NBC News Owen and it was all about well
We're not sure we can get one for everybody quickly enough, and so you really want to make sure you've got this, and we're doing the best we can to get everything out there to everybody, and we're rushing, rushing, rushing.
You're right, though.
The mask is the holdover.
That's it.
The mask is the holdover.
It's the placeholder, yeah, right?
Before the vaccine, and then you'll have to have your little medical card.
But here's the truth, folks.
See, sometimes these Democrats, whether wittingly or unwittingly, tell you the truth about what they're actually thinking and what they're actually doing.
Here was one of those moments.
Stockton, California, Mayor Michael Tubbs.
First of all, Mr. Tubbs, we're sick of giving you money in California, okay?
They get $27 million.
He says it's not enough because people are going broke.
Well, you're the one shutting down the economy, but that's not even what I'm getting to.
I'm getting off topic.
See if you pick up on the incredible admission he makes in this 40-second clip.
See if you pick up on what he says here.
Stockton is set to receive something like $27 million from the CARES Act to help in COVID-19 relief support.
But can you tell me a little bit about if that's enough money and what that means for how you can help small businesses recover?
It's a lot more than zero dollars, but it's definitely not enough money, just given the need, the staggering numbers of unemployment, and to understand that this pandemic won't be over in a month, or in three months, or in five months, when the money has to be spent, that the impacts and some of the modifications will have to be in place.
Did you hear that, David?
Here, guys, pause it.
If you could just rewind it 15 seconds.
I want the audience to pick up on this before I tell you what he just said there.
I want you to hear it and think about what he just said for yourself.
Listen closely.
Listen to what he just said.
Listen to what he really just admitted.
Play it again.
It's a lot more than zero dollars, but it's definitely not enough money, just given the need, the staggering numbers of unemployment, and the understanding that this pandemic won't be over in a month, or three months, or in five months, when the money has to be spent, that the impact... Wow!
So, he's now a fortune teller!
He's now a psychic!
He can now tell us the future, David!
This Tubbs, who I doubt has any background in any sort of science or medicine at all, I'd be shocked if he has any impressive background.
And he says the pandemic... Oh, he knows Obama.
That's how he gets... Okay, now it all makes sense.
He probably hangs out at Obama's gay parties, too.
I'm sorry to get graphic, folks.
Obama's gay.
Okay, it's a big joke.
But anyway, that guy's probably gay with him.
I'm not even kidding.
Same with John Legend and the rest.
But I'll digress, David.
I'm sorry, but it's just true.
He says, oh, the pandemic won't be over in a month or three months or five.
Well, how do you know that?
Because they're running it.
It's a hoax.
It's a hoax.
They're running the hoax.
He's telling you this pandemic is never going to end.
We're running it.
We're making you slaves with it.
But it's even worse than that.
Newsom has said, you know, when he put this lockdown, he said, nobody, shut down all the businesses, shut down the churches again, and he doesn't have any time date on this.
They've been telling us, well, another month, another two months, or whatever.
Now it's just no date at all.
And Fauci has said this as well.
He says, it's not going to end until we got the vaccine.
15 years to slow the spread.
Yeah, it's not going to end until we get the vaccine.
Fauci knew, in 2005, Fauci's organization ran tests on hydroxychloroquine, said it was effective for the SARS coronavirus.
Obama took hydroxychloroquine!
They said it was effective as both treatment and preventative, and so he was lying about that from the very beginning.
But he's been telling us the truth, that it's not going to end until, quote, we get the vaccine.
But now they say, well, the vaccine's not going to be completely effective.
We're going to have to keep taking it all the time.
I'll tell you something else about this guy in Stockton.
Stockton has declared bankruptcy.
One of the few municipalities in the U.S.
that has declared bankruptcy.
And Stockton, in spite of the fact that they had already declared bankruptcy and were already bankrupt financially as well as morally, they decided that they would go with universal basic income.
And that's exactly what we've got.
We've got the craziest
Policies of AOC and the Stockton Mayor, and this is full-on communism.
They're damn commies!
And this is what our, you know, our federal government has given us as they have forced people out of work, shut down businesses.
They've now put us on universal basic income.
See, and that's the key right there.
And you know, look, I'm not that.
I'm 31, okay?
But it's like, even I'm getting this old, back in the good old days.
It's like, you know what?
We're moving pretty fast, yeah.
What happened in the good old days where you smashed a commie's face in?
In this country, you saw a commie on the street corner, you kicked his commie ass!
I'm sick of this crap, man.
But that's what it is, David.
They say, oh, it's more than zero, but 27 million isn't enough for my people.
OK, so let me get this straight.
You shut down the economy.
You killed the jobs market.
You made all the people go broke.
You made the financial ruin.
You did all of that as the mayor.
You did all of that as a politician.
And then you want us to pay the bill.
David, it's so infuriating.
That's why it's so difficult to come on here and talk about it, because I'm just going to be yelling and ranting.
These people are damn commies.
Fauci belongs in jail.
Why is America putting up with this?
I don't get it.
Why is Trump putting up with it?
I don't understand, because it's not even in his best interest.
Even from an electoral standpoint, they know that it's about the economy.
And right now, you know, they want power.
They want more power.
So they want to make sure that they shut down the economy.
They will destroy America in order to get power over America.
They've done it to the black community.
They've done it to the American Indians.
They're doing it to the white middle class now.
They're doing it to everybody because they don't care what they do to you as long as they wind up the ones on top with power.
And so that's what they're doing.
They've got their knee on the throat of America and they're not going to take it off.
And I can't breathe.
That's what we need to call ourselves.
Instead of the anti-maskers, we need to call ourselves the I Can't Breathe movement because that's what they're trying to do.
They're trying to kill us.
And they will do it for power.
Yeah, the Democrats are politically George Floyd-ing us right now.
The Democrats are George Floyd-ing us right now.
They are the officer with the knee on our neck.
Except, here's the thing, we're not fighting.
That's the pathetic thing.
We're not even fighting back.
We're just letting them do it.
And they're just claiming it's for our best interests as they strangle us.
It's just unbelievable.
Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo gets away with mass murder of 10,000 people.
But, you know, he doesn't belong behind bars.
He's a hero, says the New York Times and Fauci.
They both belong behind bars.
I'm just so frustrated and sick of it.
I want to talk over my own liner here.
Owen Troyer, David Knight in studio.
I don't know.
Letting the globalists dig his grave for him while he watches.
We're good to go.
It's just not enough, man.
Waiting and giving... Every day that Obama and Comey and Brennan and Clapper and Rice are not behind bars, and Clinton and the rest of them aren't behind bars...
And Bill Gates and Fauci aren't behind bars.
They just get another 24 hours to plan their destruction of humanity.
They just get another 24 hours to make you a slave.
I mean, they should not be afforded another minute to continue their diabolical death cult, satanic Luciferian cult operation that they have going on.
Not another minute, David.
Every minute that those people continue to walk free,
We lose a minute of freedom on the clock for America's life.
So, you know, Trump can tweet all day about it, and he does, but it's time for some serious action.
Maybe he's waiting for American people to wake up and understand what's going on, but boy, I've had enough.
And another issue, David, as InfoWars has been covering for years,
This is another one of their little power grabs here.
The Cashless Society to Stop COVID.
Did anybody notice that about the middle of June, the Federal Reserve talked about it on the show in the morning.
But about the middle of June, the Federal Reserve said, we've got a shortage of coins.
We're going to start rationing coins.
Maybe you've seen it.
I've seen it shortly after that when I was still going to the stores before they started the mask mandate in Texas.
They're already putting up signs saying we've got a coin shortage.
And it's getting worse.
It's not getting any better.
It's another one of these things that we have a shortage of.
This, I believe, however, is deliberate.
I think this is a push to take cash out of circulation because, again, they want to kettle everybody into cyberspace.
They want to kettle us into a digital currency.
And I think a big underlying reason why this thing is continuing the way that it is
Is that right?
When he talked about the farmers and he denigrated the farmers, what he was really talking about was the agrarian society being replaced by the industrial society.
And yes, he was very condescending and denigrating towards people who were like that.
And then he finishes up talking about this revolution, which is the technocratic revolution.
He goes, it's smart people like me.
We're working on AI and automation to take their jobs.
And the bottom line, which nobody picked up on, was he talked about, we've got to make sure that we give them money and keep them from coming after us with the guillotines.
That's the way he put it.
With the guillotines.
And that's what these people understand.
They have a reason to take away our society, to take away our economy, our jobs, make us dependent on them.
They needed to have an excuse so that we wouldn't grab the guillotines.
You know, they've been talking about how they're going to take 50% of the transportation jobs.
In terms, and it's not just people at the bottom end of industry.
They've done studies.
In South Korea, they talked about how it was going to be up to 70% of doctors and lawyers that were going to lose their jobs because of automation.
They need to have something there so we don't come after the corporations, the billionaires, and the governments who do this to us.
So now they can blame it on the COVID situation.
And they're doing the same thing with the money.
They want to move us to a cashless society for control.
They started by talking about how dirty paper money was.
Oh, it's all contaminated with the COVID virus.
Now they tell us they've got a coin shortage.
Interesting story coming out of Milwaukee.
They had a local bank there, the Community State Bank.
Evidently, somebody didn't clue them in as to what this agenda is because they're saying, hey, we've got a shortage on cash.
We're having to buy this from the Federal Reserve.
So we're putting out a bounty.
We're telling people, you bring in $100 worth of coins, we'll give you $105 worth of credit.
And, uh, but they don't realize that the whole point is to make sure they dry up the sources of cash because they're getting rid of cash because it gives you privacy.
It's just another lie.
It's just another bar in the prison of lies that we live in.
It's not about a coin shortage.
It's about taking cash from society.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're just rolling down the line of tyranny here.
And, uh, boy oh boy, InfoWars has been trying to pump the brakes on this for years.
Oh, man.
And the brakes are engaged!
That they de-platformed us and then independent media because after they did us, 800 independent media sites went out.
And what have we seen, Owen?
We've seen the corporate media controlled by less than a half dozen individuals.
We've seen them be able to turn public opinion on a dime and to completely reverse the narrative.
You know what we've seen in terms of masks and everything else?
I mean, they can panic the public.
And then they can change the terms of that, and they can do it instantaneously, and they can do it globally because they've got hegemony on information.
That's why these people are scared to death and attacking people in the grocery stores, right?
These people aren't doing it for power.
You've got politicians who are doing it for power, but the big problem is the mob out there that has been completely gaslighted into the PSYOP.
And they can do it because they've got a monopoly on information.
Well, that's the incredible thing about it, too, is the reason why they can pivot back and forth all day long and change their narratives whenever they want is they realize that they have tens of millions of Americans literally under their mind control.
I mean, literally under their mind control.
Wear a mask today, don't wear a mask tomorrow.
They could flip it back and forth and these people would go along with it, whatever the latest call is.
And some of them, they might get confused.
Oh, Fauci said not to wear a mask.
No, no, Fauci said wear a mask now.
Oh, okay, wear a mask now.
Like, that's how incredible the brainwashing is, folks.
And so, we're talking about that.
We're going to get back into it.
But again, you know, InfoWars has been trying to pump the brakes on this global tyranny for a long time.
Now, the brakes are finally engaged, but the tyranny is going down a steep hill, folks.
And so, we're in a desperate situation, but InfoWars will still be here as long as your support continues at InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, I have to tell you, one of the ways
I can measure how popular a product is without going and looking at statistics or numbers on our sales is when we bring a product in and I have it on my desk, how long does it last before someone from the crew comes up here and grapplers it?
And so yesterday I was hosting the Jones Show, I had my red privacy pocket from InfoWarsTore.com, I had my green privacy pocket from InfoWarsTore.com, I had my blue privacy pocket from InfoWarsTore.com, and I had my black privacy pocket from InfoWarsTore.com, but the black one is gone!
So some little grabbler from the crew came here and took the black privacy pocket.
I will find who you are, and I will confiscate that pocket back so that I can do a proper live read here on air, and that the audience can see all of the different colors that we have in the privacy pocket.
But all jokes aside, that's how I can tell when a product is really popular, is when the crew really likes it.
And so, hey look, we don't like getting spied on either, alright?
And the one thing, you know, I pretty much have to have my phone on all the time, but the one thing I will do is when I decide I'm going to go to bed, put it in here.
I do sleep better, so there's definitely something.
I used to just put it in the other room, but then if you're laying in bed or whatever, you want to check your phone, you got to go to the other room.
Now I just put it in the privacy pocket next to my bed and I'm not getting those harmful waves that keep me up at night.
And studies have even shown that that's true.
Same thing goes for your internet box and other such things.
But this specifically for your cell phone, here's the nice thing about it.
Uh, this case is so thin, it's like paper thin, you can put it in your pocket, you barely even notice it's there.
Unlike some of the other privacy, uh, Farity enclosures that are very thick, bulky, not convenient.
This is paper thin, can go right in a pocket.
And here's the other thing.
If you're like me, I use my alarm on my cell phone.
Some of the old cases were so big and bulky, the alarm goes off, you couldn't even hear it through there.
You can still hear your cell phone alarm through this privacy pocket.
And so if you want to sleep with your phone next to your bed, not get the waves, the cell phone waves, but also want to use it for an alarm,
The Privacy Pocket at InfowarsStore.com is a go for you.
So, we have the blue, the green, the red, and the black Privacy Pockets all available at InfowarsStore.com.
Paper thin, stop the government from tracing and tracking you, the Chinese, the Communists, the left that actually does it now too, quite frankly.
And you know, that's really important because... It's a privacy pocket.
Whether you know it or not, even if you're not using your phone, if you don't have it sealed up like that, it's keeping track of everywhere that you're going.
And it's available to them to basically identify you as a suspected infected.
And so you want to make sure that you don't leave those little breadcrumbs about everywhere you've been because that's one of the things that they've been talking about from the very, even before they started the lockdown here.
Oh, and they were talking about how well, you know, the Atlantic and other statist, you know, pushing the globalism organizations were saying, we can't handle this like the Chinese can.
They're in better shape because they've got biometric surveillance and tracking of all their citizens and we're going to need that in order to shut this down.
Don't you know it's so much easier to track and trace slaves?
Just be a slave, good American.
So that's been in the works for a long time.
And again, like all the rest of this stuff, now COVID-19, just like universal basic income, just like taking people's jobs, this surveillance thing, the excuse for that is COVID-19.
Just like the excuse for, well, you know, we're going to have a financial collapse of the dollar.
That was baked in.
That's been baked in since the 2007 crash.
They just inflated it.
They can only do that for so long.
You can only suspend
Disbelief for a certain amount of time and eventually Wiley Coyote sees that there's nothing underneath them.
We're about at that moment now, but now they're gonna say that the ankle tied to our feet is the COVID-19.
It's not their financial policy.
So that's the key thing is make sure you don't have that thing constantly tracking you and saving that information about you.
And I would also suggest never take a COVID test.
Oh yeah.
Almost half of the COVID deaths came from nursing homes in New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, where the governors intentionally sent COVID-infected patients into the nursing homes to kill them and get the numbers up.
Yes, that's murder!
It helps with their unfunded liabilities for pensions, though.
So I guess that's the bright side for Fauci, why he's saying that Cuomo did a great job.
Well, yeah, he murdered the most.
Don't you know?
The more people you murder, the better.
He's a eugenicist.
He wants you to die.
So Fauci naturally wants you to die, sees that Governor Cuomo killed about 10,000 people in nursing homes, and he says, wow, look at how New York is handling it.
Very well.
Very good job, Governor Cuomo.
You murdered 10,000 people in a nursing home.
We're very proud of you.
Thank you for that.
South Carolina dog euthanized after testing positive for coronavirus.
This makes me sick, David.
So, first of all, we know the tests aren't even 100% accurate, but they're now claiming dogs are getting COVID, and then people are killing their dog when they get a positive that could be a false positive for COVID?
Well, they're not only inaccurate, but the person who developed the PCR test said you aren't supposed to use it.
It won't ever give you valid results for that.
So don't listen to the guy who invented it.
Don't listen to the Nobel Prize winning scientist who developed it.
No, just do what Fauci said because Fauci has authority and he's got science.
Weathermen are more accurate than these people.
And by the way, that's science.
Well, that's what they've done.
They've taken climate change, they've pulled out the climate nonsense, and they've stuck COVID in.
It's literally the same model.
It is.
It's the same people doing it.
Same policies.
Yeah, same policies.
All of the Green New Deal they brought in, and I guess we should call it the Mucus New Deal or something.
The whole world has gone bat crap crazy.
No evidence dogs and cats can get COVID.
So these people literally got a false positive on a COVID test from their dog and killed their dog.
It breaks my heart, man.
People are killing their own dogs.
By the way, the science was already in on masks.
I had a doctor on The War Room last week.
Folks, there's literally dozens of mask studies from the 80s, from the 90s, early 2000s, all found the same thing.
The mask doesn't stop anything!
It doesn't stop anything!
And the CDC has the masks too.
The story's at InfoWars.com.
Dear humans, face masks don't work.
The study review was published by your very own CDC.
But there's multiple... David, you can go back for decades and find all these different scientific studies on masks, and they all found the same thing.
The mask, one, doesn't stop the spread of this flu, which is what they were working with specifically.
Two, is more dangerous for you to wear the mask, because you're breathing in your own carbon dioxide, and when you wear the same mask over and over, it builds up all the things you're getting out of your body, bacteria and such, and you actually end up getting sick!
Alright, very important topics here with David Knight on the Alex Jones Show, and this is something we're all facing, ladies and gentlemen.
Just a couple quick headlines before David gets into the weeds here, but it's just a joke, guys, and I know that...
It's like, oh, you say this every day.
Hey, you know what?
New people tune in every day, too, and so they need to get this news, too.
Folks, they're faking the COVID numbers, all right?
100% faking the numbers, okay?
Faking it up to 10,000% higher than what it really is.
They've rebranded the flu, essentially, after they released this bioweapon out of China.
Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death.
Just one example of many.
Contact tracing might become cops new surveillance tool.
Oh, it's trendy.
So it's like oh, I mean Can you actually can you find a more?
Can you find a better example of how?
Insane and mentally ill the left is than the whole defund the police, but yet let's have Police arresting people if they don't wear a mask or if they don't self quarantine.
I mean if you list it off as
If you actually took the time and you listed off all the different liberal talking points, ideologies, protests, and you put it down on one paper, you would see how double standard, ideal, clashing, insane it really is.
It's just flavor of the week.
Lick your finger and see which way the wind blows with these people.
Defund the police.
Oh, but harass people at their house if they're not quarantining or wearing a mask.
But the big thing, David, that we were getting into and you want to focus on here is,
How coronavirus is being used to remake the world economy.
And that's really what it is.
And I've got all these stories right here.
companies lose hope for quick rebound from COVID.
An intentional economic shutdown.
Not because of an actual issue.
A manufactured economic shutdown.
Recovery narratives fall short.
Third of small firms cut workers to survive.
America's hidden economic crisis.
Widespread wage cuts.
Firms with troubled past, though, get millions of dollars in PPP small business loans.
San Francisco Gate.
Congress created virus aid, then reaped the benefits.
Folks, they stole billions of dollars from us.
Billions, billions.
Coin shortage prompts banks.
It's not a real coin shortage.
It's made up.
Another fake pandemic.
Fake coin shortage.
Prompts bank to pay you for spare change.
Never happened before.
It's all about control.
It's all about manipulation.
It's all being branded about with lies.
And I have a whole stack of the lies here.
But David, talk about how they're going to use this to try to reset the global economy and make the free market a thing of the past.
And notice how they spun that coin headline, Owen.
It's like, oh, look.
We got a coin shortage, but that's okay because these people made more money by selling their coins to the bank.
Yeah, now we have all your coins.
We gave you five dollars in credit of a fiat currency.
So they're going to take away cash because they want to take away your ability to operate outside of their control structures.
And whenever we look at something, we always need to ask
Follow the money.
Who's behind this?
And typically it traces back to a bank.
To the central banks, right?
Not a bank, but the central banks.
And they're the ones who basically push wars.
They're the ones who push depressions.
And they're the ones who are pushing this global reset in a big way.
And a big part of this is going to be the currency.
And if you think that what we've seen so far is disruptive,
You haven't seen even the tip of the iceberg of what these people have planned.
This is why we have to resist this as forcefully as we can at this point in time.
Because where they're going with this, besides the mask, besides the vaccine mandates and the health issues with that,
This is a major restructuring of society.
It is covering over their tracks.
It is moving people away from what they've done.
The same way that Hillary Clinton did it with the emails, right?
She had violated all the national security laws.
She had rigged the election internally with DNC.
And when people started looking at that, she said, Russians, Russians, right?
It's a red herring.
And this is what the coronavirus has been.
It's been a mechanism for them to impose what they had planned all along.
And part of that
Is to restructure everything into a global cryptocurrency.
And when you look at how this is shaking down, just understand that at this point in time, we've got over 40 million people who have been unemployed by fiat, by command of the American government, the central government, the federal government, the White House.
Because folks, you can talk about it being guidelines and recommendations, but that's the way they're rolling all of this stuff out.
When they talk about the mandatory vaccinations,
They're also saying, well we don't want to make this a law, we don't want to make it a crime, because that's going to invite challenges and due process and we want to shut that down.
The way these people have always operated is by guidelines and recommendations, by regulations that come from unelected regulatory agencies.
And by the way, this is so illegal, this is like if you own a business, okay?
And for whatever reason it's not doing well or you just want to take time off or whatever.
It's like you go in to your business and you throw a brick through the window and then you call up your insurance agent or your clients or whatever and you say, oh sorry, I got a broken window here.
I can't do business for the next month.
By the way, I need an insurance payment too.
You threw the brick through the window.
You shut your business down.
That's what they're doing.
They shut it all down.
They spread the virus.
They caused the coin shortage.
They caused the economic disaster.
And then they want us to pay for it.
And then they want more regulations because of the things that they've done.
And of course, this is always what the government is at.
Whenever they fail, they say, well, you know, the answer to this is that we need to spend more money, go into further debt, and we need to have more power over your life.
That's always the answer to everything that they do.
And so when we look at this, the fact that we've got 50 million people unemployed, but people really haven't felt the effect of this yet.
Because they're just printing paper money like, you know, there's nothing behind it.
Because there is nothing behind it.
We had, in January of 2019, the Congressional Budget Office
Sounded the alarm.
They said we're at nearly a trillion dollar deficit for the year.
We cannot continue doing this.
Folks, we added a trillion dollars in June to the deficit in one month.
And they were saying we cannot continue to go down this path.
It will be disastrous.
So what is going to happen is that there's not going to be, we're going to go down the path of hyperinflation or something like that.
Not sure if it's going to go into depression.
There's a big debate as to how this is going to collapse.
But it is going to collapse.
If we continue to go down this path, if we continue down with this lockdown, and that's what I'm saying.
The Democrats and the Statists, so that they can win an election, they're more than willing to destroy this country.
Because at the end, they're going to be able to remake society into the socialist state that they want.
So as we look at this,
This is something that has been talked about, gamed by these people, just like the pandemics have been gamed by them for decades.
And we've got a lot of, some of the titles here, headlines.
Probably by the end of the year, Alistair McLeod warns, the dollar is on the way to zero.
What happens when that happens?
At that point, we're no longer able to just hand out pieces of paper to people and tell them you can stay home and play video games and you can make more than you did when you had a job.
All of that comes to a screeching halt.
And when that comes to a screeching halt, watch out for the violence on the streets.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Alright, when we come back...
We'll get more into this news and I got a little analogy.
What is happening right now?
They think that by throwing us to drown in the lake they won't drown themselves.
We're back inside the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer, David Knight with me for one more segment.
Here's the analogy that I really want the left to understand.
I know a lot of you guys tune into this and
You really think you're heroic for fighting fake oppression and fake racism?
Really good job for you guys.
You get the Participation Award.
What you need to understand is, we, all Americans, no matter what your skin color or political ideology is, we are all attached at the hip.
We're all shackled in this together.
So we'll all have a destiny bond with one another.
That's how this goes.
So, when you take that 500 pound millstone, and you tie it around our ankle, and you toss it into the ocean so that we drown and die, you're coming with us!
But you know, David, my fear is that they already know that and they don't care.
They're in a death cult and they would gladly die as long as they get to see that, they get to have that victory over us and have us die too.
This is the death cult that the left has become.
You know, there was a quote I saw today on Twitter.
I retweeted it.
It was from Ayn Rand.
And she said, the difference between communism and socialism is that communism proposes to enslave people by force.
Socialism does it by vote.
And so really the difference between the two systems is death by murder or death by suicide.
And that's really what we're looking at here, Owen.
Because we've got essentially a suicide cult.
On the COVID-19 side, and on the Antifa street riots, this is a murder cult.
And so we're kind of caught between those two forces.
And that is really what we're looking at right now.
It really is a race between those two.
And it's born out of the idea...
There was an article this morning, there was a guy who was Russian and he looked at some Russian novels and he said, I see a lot of similarities here between pre-Russian revolution, before the Tsarist revolution and the Marxist revolution in Russia, and what is happening in America today.
And you can see it in the novels, you can see it in the characters, who are embracing this kind of nihilism, just destroy everything, the system can't be fixed, it's too far gone, we've got to destroy everything, and just begin from the ground up.
And that's exactly what we're hearing from the people today.
And it's not because there's a connection between us and Russia, but it's because this is a cycle in history.
I've talked about this many times, the fourth turning.
We're at a point now where it's obvious to everybody that institutions have failed, leadership has failed.
And there is a move, a significant move within society out of fear and everything else, just to shut down society and let it fall.
We've seen this in the past.
It is a recurring feature of history.
We saw this in the fall of the Roman Empire, the fact that people were just fed up with the corruption of Rome and they let the barbarians tear everything down and that is precisely what is happening now.
This is a major
I think so.
Revolution, how we were caught between two ages, how they were going to basically be able to track and observe everything that we had, how they were going to make themselves technological overlords using technology as a leverage.
That is what is being ushered in right now.
This is a major change.
Like the Industrial Revolution replacing the Agrarian Revolution, and these types of major changes are typically accompanied with massive economic disruption, depression, like the last one was the Great Depression, World War II, and they usually are accompanied by war.
Yeah, but here's the problem with this, David.
It's a lie.
Because if they really wanted to start things from the ground up, which we would do, it would be in the free market.
That would be starting things from the ground up, is getting the government hands off of all of our stuff and saying, okay, yes, this has gotten big, out of control, it has to go by the wayside.
And that just brings back the free market.
It just brings back the organic free market.
But the reason why they manufacture the reset
It's so that the guilty parties, the ones responsible for the economic collapse, who are manufacturing it, never pay the price.
So the big banks who hedged all their bets and are really trillions in debt, not you, it's the big banks, they won't suffer.
All the politicians that stole billions of dollars and rely on their no-bid contracts with their friends and their rat holes and Wall Street,
They won't have that mean of income anymore because we have a real reset.
No, they're manufacturing the collapse and reset so that they have total power over the next system.
Well, that's right.
But they understand that there is a cycle in human history where people, after a system has been in place for about 70 or 80 years, people want to change it.
They have their model of how they would like to see society change.
If we don't understand that we're in the middle of this cycle right now, this cycle of change, then we are going to be patsies for what they are imposing on us.
If we understand that this is a point of change, then we can try to move against this and not just be passive in this.
If we don't understand what these people are doing, and of course they knew when this was going to happen,
They talk about 2030.
That's been in the works for these people for decades.
And even going back to Strauss and Howe, who wrote about the fourth turning, in the early 90s they talked about how in the mid-2000s there'd be a global financial crisis that would kick off something that would finish about 2029, 2030.
And that's what we're in the middle of right now.
These people are exploiting this cycle in human history, and they're exploiting it to our detriment.
And that's why we have to understand this.
And you know, Owen, when we look at this,
And we say, well, what can we do?
Because these systems are global.
They're highly technocratic.
We don't have a lot of control over this.
Well, we do at the local level.
And unless and until we start to take control of this at the local level, I'm looking at one example here.
El Salvador Village adopts Bitcoin as money.
I don't think that's a solution.
However, we've seen a lot of local communities come in and establish their own local community dollars.
I think it's going to have to be something like that when this financial collapse comes.
And so we need to start making relationships in our communities.
We need to, as we're being kicked out of grocery stores, we need to start making relationships with local farmers and, you know, go to a farmer's market, meet some people who are actually growing stuff, establish a relationship with them.
Maybe you can find something that you can barter with them when the thing hits the fan.
But you need to start thinking about this now.
The reason I talk about this gloom and doom stuff is because we don't want to go into this just sleepwalking into this with a Pollyanna idea that if the Republicans get elected everything is going to be fine.
It's not going to be fine!
The Republican leadership is in on this plan, and they have been in on this plan.
Many in the Republican Party, most of them in fact, if not all of them, are globalists and they're in on this.
So you've got to start looking out for yourself.
You've got to realize that the federal government and the state governments have been co-opted for the most part.
And understand that you've got to start rebuilding society from your family, from the local community, up.
That's why when we talk about schools, I hope they don't start the schools back up.
Trump was right when he read the speech that somebody wrote for him at Mount Rushmore saying the root of our problem of our society is in the schools.
The only reason they want to get the schools started is because that's a way that they can get the economy going.
But that's as toxic
A solution as taking a vaccine.
We've got to start thinking about the root causes of these problems and start doing something about it ourselves because there aren't any heroes on the horizon coming to save us.
And by the way, they want to roll out the digital school.
And this is all Chinese backed and Chinese propaganda, by the way, because here's what they're going to do.
The Chinese agents of propaganda will be watching all classroom activity.
And they will find teachers that don't go along with the communist agenda and they will be relieved of duty.
Oh yeah.
And so that's what's coming next.
That's what's coming next for the school system.
It's all going to be monitored by the Chinese communists.
That's why they want it on the Chinese communist platforms like Zoom and you know whatever Apple comes out with next.
So that's where this is going.
Now the good news is
Attorney General Barr and Josh Hawley have both made significant statements against China, including Hawley saying that it's time for American corporations to stop exploiting Chinese slave labor.
But you know, we'll see if the self-righteous, virtue-signaling social justice warriors want to take up that mantle, David.
Yeah, well, it's going to require more than just virtue signaling.
We know that it's slave labor, and we know that it's continuing to go on.
And a lot of this rhetoric is just to score political points.
You've got to understand that there are concrete things that could have been done that should be done now.
They're not being done now.
You better start preparing at the local level, you and your family.
But I went to a BLM protest with an Apple Watch and Nike hoodie.
I'm woke.
You know, the intention here is not to just be all doom and gloom.
It's just telling it like it is, folks.
You know, it's like getting a cancer diagnosis or whatever else.
It's like, hey, I'm not trying to make you depressed, I'm not trying to put your mood down or ruin your day, but, you know, you're gonna have to deal with this.
You're gonna have to accept this.
The Democrat Party, the left-wing media, and the street liberal thugs are cancer to this country.
They're cancer.
Now unlike cancer, they actually have the, or maybe they don't, the sole consciousness to decide not to be a cancer cell.
But you know, I get the feeling if the Chinese Communists rolled up onto the beaches of California and started taking this country over, I have a feeling that the progressive liberal Democrats would join the Chinese Communists, because they hate America that much.
And it's all because of the mainstream news lies.
You know, Abraham Lincoln threw journalists and people in the media in prison.
And I don't want to go that far and say that because, well, for obvious reasons.
But it's not about people and media.
It's about the people that are committing treason against this country.
The people that are committing insurrection against this country.
The people that are yelling fire in a movie theater.
That's what's going on with COVID.
That's what's going on with President Trump.
It's just so fragile.
And honestly, that's why really the only thing to fix this is just the American people.
I mean, that's it.
But they've been so brainwashed and dumbed down by design.
They've been hit with a psychological weapon they can't even see or comprehend.
And folks, most of that is right here.
In your pocket, every day on the cell phone.
With the propaganda that comes through, with the tracing and tracking, with the cell phone radio waves, well, you can mitigate that now with the Privacy Pocket from InfoWarsStore.com.
We've got four different colors, black, blue, red, green.
Somebody from the crew has already got the five-finger discount.
On the black privacy pocket here.
If I'm guessing, just by sheer proximity, I have to go with Jib.
Jib over here.
Jib John.
Just sheer proximity.
He's the closest, so he just becomes the number one suspect.
He's laughing, by the way.
Kind of a Cheshire grin there.
If I checked his pocket, I wouldn't be surprised.
Maybe I should try to send him a text.
If it doesn't go through, we'll know why.
But folks, don't let Google and Apple and the Chi-Coms and the government trace and track you.
Get your Privacy Pocket from InfowarsStore.com.
And if you've had or seen Privacy Pockets in the past, maybe the one thing that's made you hesitant to get one is they're bulky, they're uncomfortable, and you don't want to put it in your pocket or carry it around.
Folks, this is paper-thin.
You give me a dot-cam here, you can see.
I mean, this is paper-thin, folks.
Not bulky.
Not discomforting.
I mean, it really just fits in your back pocket, like you want to put it in the back of your jean pocket or something.
Just fits naturally.
Blocks those cell phone waves.
Blocks the Chinese communists and American communists, sad to say, from tracing and tracking you 24-7.
The Privacy Pocket at InfowarsStore.com.
Alright, we've got a lot coming up here.
Alex Jones is going to be rejoining us.
You had Michelle Malkin get attacked at a Back the Blue rally yesterday in Denver.
In fact, we're going to have another gentleman who was there, Lewis Huey.
He's going to be on The War Room this afternoon with Harrison Smith filling in for me to give you a little more detail about what happened there in Denver, but... You know, I just... It's not hate to say I told you so, because it's, like, bittersweet, and so it's like, hey,
Please just heed our warnings.
Understand what we're facing here.
I mean, I would come on air just for months and warn you about how violent and vitriolic the left is about to get in this country.
But you know what?
I need to digress and just focus on this news.
So let me try to get as much news out here as possible.
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content.
Of course, ladies and gentlemen.
Alphabet Inc's Google said on Friday it would prohibit websites and apps that use its advertising technology from running ads on dangerous content that goes against scientific consensus during the coronavirus pandemic.
I mean, just lies and lies and disinformation and misinformation on top of lies.
It's the CDC and the World Health Organization that's been spreading conspiracy theories and lies.
But see, they get carte blanche to operate.
But if you call that out, if you show the CDC scientific studies from years ago that's saying masks doesn't stop the flu, masks doesn't stop COVID, you're considered mis- and disinformation.
But really, all this story proves is that this was the entire intent, this was the entire purpose for banning InfoWars over two years ago.
So that when they roll out their fake pandemic, InfoWars can't be on the internet dominating the news spectrum.
So that we can get out ahead of these things.
Twitter blocks tweets on China human rights abuses story as Attorney General Barr decries Silicon Valley collaboration with CCP.
Yeah, it's called treason.
It's called lock them up.
I mean, you know, in the old days, you'd find a rope and see how long they last, but we're a little more civilized now.
50 years in jail for Mark Zuckerberg?
Hey, look, I don't want these people... Yeah, there he is in pale face, by the way.
Surfboarding on his $12,000 surfboard.
It surfs for you.
I'm sorry, it's just the epitome of these people.
You pay for a surfboard that surfs for you because you can't do it yourself and you don't want to try to get up and get on the board with your own volition.
So he pays for an electronic surfboard.
It's like programming a skateboard that doesn't like all the tricks for you and you just stand on it.
Anyway, you also have Josh Howley signing a memorandum against
companies that are operating in China using slave labor.
I mean, this is a joke, man.
You know, and this is honestly, for all intensive purposes, the easiest way to get things moving in the right direction is to just outright deal with China and the American companies that collude with China now.
Because you have all the ammo on your side.
Make the liberals defend Chinese slave labor.
Make the liberals defend all the blacks and Muslims that get murdered in China.
Make the liberals defend the political dissident concentration camps.
Make them own that stance, and then you go in there... I mean, it's just so ridiculous.
It's just so ridiculous.
I'm just at a loss at this point.
NFL players tweet that season might not happen.
You've got the NHL about to start up with no fans.
You've got the MLB about to start up with no fans.
And you have athletes, part of those leagues, saying, you know what?
I'm not going to play.
I'm not wearing a mask.
I'm not playing this stupid fake season in front of no fans.
Part of what's coming up will be Michelle Malkin.
She gets attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs at Denver, back the Blue Rally.
Sends law and order SOS to President Trump.
Yeah folks, it's bad.
Now look, the only excuse I'll give President Trump is if he's actually going after the pedophiles like in a really serious way and if he's actually going after the deep state in a real serious way and if we see some arrests of these parties before his re-election.
Otherwise, this is such
A dereliction of duty.
But, in a way, can you really even blame him?
I mean, it really just comes down to the Democrat mayors and governors that are responsible for this.
But Michelle Malkin pretty much sums it up in one tweet right here.
How do we stand up when police obey Black Lives Matter demands to stand down?
How do we back the blue when the blue won't back us?
How do we fight back, like all of Con Ink is now preaching, when Con Ink smears Proud Boys as street brawlers and tries to cancel people like me who defend them?
Well look, that's why I was saying this before I went on today with the crew.
I can't even watch Fox News anymore.
Watching Fox is actually worse than watching MSNBC or CNN at this point.
Because they pretend like they're your friends and they're really just the biggest grifters out there.
And now that Tucker Carlson isn't on Fox News, I don't know if he's supposed to come back from his quote-unquote vacation tonight, but boy, without Tucker Carlson, that news network is gone.
Telling you Biden's gonna win.
Telling you Trump is bad.
Telling you to wear a mask.
Having Ben Shapiro on there.
Done, and I can't even watch Fox News anymore.
But, uh, it's almost like, you know, it's your friend that you thought was your friend that was never your friend that stabbed you in the back.
That's Fox News.
At least I know CNN and MSNBC aren't my friends.
But, uh, hey, we told ya!
We warned the President!
Don't get in that bed!
They'll smother ya!
We're gonna be hearing from Alex in the next segment, but you know what?
There's a individual
Who has been putting out great content that just shows the total lunacy, hypocrisy, insanity of the progressive liberal in the year 2020.
The most recent one exposes how the leftist, the liberals, the progressives are the real racists and he uses their own ideology and statements to prove it.
This is
Woke liberals meet racists for the first time and find out they have everything in common.
When me and Brad first met, I didn't think we'd get along, but it turns out we kind of agree on everything.
Your racial identity is the most important thing.
Everything should be looked at through the lens of race.
Jinx, you owe me a Coke.
We both have a lot of opinions about people of color, even though we barely know any.
I say colored people, but as long as we're classifying them.
We both think minorities are a united group who think the same and act the same.
And vote the same.
You don't want to lose your black card.
Sorry, I don't know.
I just think we should roll back discrimination laws so we can hire based on race again.
Jinx, now you owe me a Coke.
Hey, tell them what you told me yesterday.
White actors should only do voices for white cartoon characters.
I've been saying that for years.
Stick to your own.
Us white people, we have so much privilege.
I agree.
It is a privilege to be white.
Ask him about interracial dating.
All I said is that black men who date white women have internalized racism, and white men that date ethnic women are fetishizing them.
I don't know.
I guess interracial relationships or whatever.
We'll play that clip coming up.
But again, this is a racist meets a woke liberal for the first time and finds out they have everything in common.
It's interracial dating now.
Like am I being pranked?
Did Boomer put you up to this?
Ugh, you know that taco place is white-owned?
White people should be making white foods, like crab macaroni and cheese, no seasoning, not even salt.
It's like he's a mind reader!
I mean, I've been pushing for segregation forever, and my man does what?
I created an improv comedy show exclusively for ethnic people.
Guys, segregate's comedy!
On my birthday!
White people need to stop wearing dreadlocks, and they need to stop appropriating black people's music!
Pause it right there!
By the way, see, this is hilarious!
I've got another clip of that coming up as well!
We'll play it coming up in the next hour, but this is unbelievable.
Again, a woke liberal meets a racist for the first time and finds out they have everything in common.
This perfectly summarizes exactly where the left is at.
On my birthday, white people need to stop wearing dreadlocks and they need to stop appropriating black people's music.
Shaved heads and country music, the way God intended.
You know all white people are racist.
I'm listening.
Even if you have a black wife or a black friend group, you're still really racist.
You know he just kicked a guy out of the organization for having a black girlfriend, but if you can promise me he's still really racist, we'll consider letting him back in.
Black people should only shop at black businesses!
I guess the only thing we really disagree about is I think white people are the root of all evil.
But what did I tell you, though?
If we can narrow that down to a certain group of tiny-headed white people, I think we can come to an understanding.
Technically, I don't consider Jewish people white.
Neither do I. So there you go.
Ryan Long comedy.
I mean, it just nails it.
It just nails it.
By the way, we've got some more comedy coming up as well that we're gonna get to.
In fact, you know what, let's go ahead and just, let's go, we can do both of them right now.
These are the two latest Joe Biden campaign ads.
First, let's go to number six.
Who's there?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who is this?
I love kids jumping on my lap.
You will be caught.
You will go to prison.
I can get it done.
I can get it done quickly.
I got lotta, I got hairy legs.
Alright, um, and then uh, let's go to another brand new Joe Biden campaign ad.
We got two more coming up.
Uh, Joe Biden's Grab Ass.
Are you ready kids?
Don't touch me there!
I can't hear you!
I need a dose!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Nancy Pelosi just announced this morning a plan to forcibly remove President Trump under COG.
That's FEMA.
Martial law plans for nuclear war and other disasters like an asteroid hitting the planet.
She just announced a COG briefing plan to forcibly remove President Trump one way or another, she says.
He's leaving.
And that she is second in command and will be president.
When you know the technicals, that's what she actually said.
This is the most dangerous information ever, because as we've told you, they've been quietly preparing for this, and quietly speaking to top brass, getting them in line, and telling them, you'll be put in prison if you don't submit to this illegal action.
America's are under absolute attack.
America is under total attack.
And Americans are under martial law right now with the COVID-19 put in place by the bureaucracies, the United Nations, and the Democrats, along with major corporations.
It's up to we the people.
To realize we're going into total bondage and slavery if we don't wake up and say no now.
Here is the incredible evil of Nancy Pelosi normalizing the deep state, physically removing the president, and fumigating him like a rodent or a cockroach.
Hear it for yourself.
This isn't treason because this woman's never been an American.
She's a globalist and enemy of this country.
It's us or them, ladies and gentlemen.
Here is the monster Nancy Pelosi.
Whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a duly elected President of the United States.
I'm second in line to the presidency and just last week I had my
Regular continuation of government briefing.
This might interest you because it's, I say to them, this is never going to happen.
God willing, it never will.
But there is a process.
It has nothing to do with that the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.
It's not geography or location.
I've been telling you this since President Trump got elected.
Infowars has been the first and the most accurate to lay out the deep state's plan to use continuity of government systems to forcibly remove the president outside of impeachment and outside of the 25th amendment.
Now, since I analyzed the propaganda they were putting out three and a half years ago, preparing the public for this,
I began to again warn specifically for signs that they're getting ready to go operational if their impeachment and their Russiagate and other things fail, which have all failed.
So now they put the country into a type of civil war unrest.
They have locked it down to type of martial law with the COVID-19.
So in case the American people resist, they have COVID-19 as the cover story to keep things locked down.
And now the Council on Foreign Relations, the Washington Post, have all come out and said, we're looking at removing the president.
And they're already setting the precedent and they're already laying the groundwork and the talking points.
That's right.
That anyone that points out election fraud or anyone that points out powerful corporate and multinational forces trying to undermine the election of 2016 is an enemy of the country that will be arrested.
Think about the magnitude.
of the clip you just heard.
Now, she can barely talk.
She's just a puppet.
But you heard her say, I was in COG meetings last week.
I am second in line.
No, lady, it's the vice president and then you.
You're third.
But see, she just sees it as an administration.
And the word is Pence is the real deal.
So they're not planning on trying to get Pence to be their minion.
They're going to try to remove him as well.
And they're talking about doing it even before the election 100 days out.
So the fact that this
Creature is now on television openly saying whether he likes it or not, we're going to fumigate him out of there.
We're going to get rid of him.
He's going to be gone.
And she mentioned C.O.G.
tells you that they are seriously planning on running this operation.
That's why they've had a bunch of the top brass, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, come out and run the president down in public, signaling they're going to roll over during this.
We're good to go.
We're good.
And don't realize they're preparing the talking points for this to then activate nationwide riots and say it's all Trump's fault and try to drive him from office and try to have some group within the military physically take out the president and Pelosi's calling him a pest that has to be fumigated out like cockroaches or bedbugs.
This is absolutely happening.
This is going down.
It's unfolding.
And I'll just say this.
If we don't stand up and speak out against this, we'll never fight when the time comes if we're forced to.
Now is the time to be politically extremely vocal in however you can, and to make sure the governors raise the alarm, to make sure the legislatures raise the alarm, because these criminals are working with the Communist Chinese, they're working with multinational corporations, trying to break our borders and break the sovereignty, and Democrats are running the dollar down constantly, saying it's the end of American dominance.
To be replaced with Communist China.
This is beyond treason.
This is psychotic, control freak behavior by these lunatics and we must all say no.
So America is now facing the greatest threat in its history.
Now, you just heard what Pelosi said.
We're going to play it again one more time so you can hear it.
And I'm asking all other talk show hosts to cover this and to research this and to raise the alarm.
It isn't about who gets the credit.
It's about the fact that we've been right over and over again.
And I know it sounds radical to say they're preparing this, but now they're publicly saying it.
This is the coup against America.
They already tried to overthrow an elected president.
They've already tried to suppress the American people and censor us.
We've slidden already into a great tyranny.
The only thing left is Trump and the American people fighting it.
So we have to recognize how much trouble we're in and say no to this now.
This is a maximum alert.
I'm asking all the InfoWars hosts to make this their main focus.
This is the issue 100 days out.
Ladies and gentlemen, the rest is up to you.
God bless and good luck.
Regular continuation of government briefing.
This might interest you because I say to them, this is never going to happen.
God willing, it never will.
But there is a process.
It has nothing to do with that the certain occupant of the White House doesn't feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency.
It's not geography or location.
Well, I think Pelosi must have been 10 shots deep when she drew her eyebrows on her forehead before that interview.
I mean, my God.
And then you have Kamala Harris, who's I mean, is it even Kamala Harris?
I mean, folks, you want to get real conspiratorial.
Kamala Harris goes on MSNBC and it's a completely different person.
I mean, the voice is different, the teeth are different, the face is different.
Did she have some sort of demonic possession?
Did she have like some serious facial reconstructive surgery and then was back on TV in a week?
Folks, we are in... We're in the Twilight Zone.
I mean, look, they already got clones, folks.
They already got clones, okay?
I'm just going to tell you, they got clones.
They've had clones.
So, I'm not saying that's a clone, but that's a damn demon.
So, you can make up your own mind.
But you know what?
This has honestly been Trump's biggest Achilles' heel.
And I don't know if it's because he's been getting bad intel from people like Brad Parscale.
So maybe, you know, we could blame Parscale.
You know, Trump was the one that relied on Parscale, who let us all down.
The social media censorship and the internet censorship, he's blown it, folks.
He's blown it.
Because here's the deal.
You know, this audience understands what's going on, but the general public doesn't.
And so when they took InfoWars off of YouTube, let's just use YouTube for an example,
Now all the people that are looking for information and news out there that are just clicking on whatever's trending or clicking on the headline that they like or whatever, which we used to dominate.
We were numero uno on YouTube.
Number one when it came to live streaming newscasts.
Well, we'd get tens of thousands of new people every day.
They've kneecapped that.
And so, all the information that we got out there in the 2016 election, we no longer have that capability.
And it's all by design.
And Trump failed to act, and he probably got bad advice from his campaign advisor, Brad Parscale, on it, saying, oh, it's okay, Mr. President.
I know the way to get that information out.
No, it's not about you, Parscale.
It's about we, the people, that have been censored and deplatformed, that have been standing up for President Trump before you, major millions, doing so.
And so, yeah, folks.
I just don't know, man.
Desperate times right now.
I just wish the average street liberal out there would understand how they have been completely duped.
But you know what?
In a sick way, I think they like it, because like I said, this is a suicide death cult, and they would gladly kill themselves if that bullet was going to go through our head, too.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Keith Ellison, the Attorney General of Minnesota, said he doesn't want police officers to respond to rape calls.
Well, why would you be so surprised by that?
Why would Keith Ellison want people to call the police on him?
So this makes total sense.
Keith Ellison does not want police to be called for rape calls.
So yeah, I mean, why would Keith Ellison want the police to be called on him?
So that makes absolute sense to me.
I don't know why people are so shocked.
I'm going to try to get through all of this news.
I'm going to save this because it's just unbelievable stuff here when it comes to Joe Biden.
But you know what?
Let me do this.
Let me do this right now.
The left in this country is sick, ladies and gentlemen.
They are sick.
And so, I'm just gonna play some clips here to highlight how sick they really are.
First, let's go back to clip five, guys.
Again, a man in a wheelchair with a medical condition who can't wear a mask gets harassed at a grocery store by a leftist slave.
So again, for the next seven minutes, I'm just going to highlight to you how sick and demented the left in America is right now.
Here's a man harassing a man in a wheelchair.
Pardon me?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm dead serious.
I have a medical condition.
See me in a wheelchair a**hole?
I see you in a wheelchair, but... So get the f*** away from me.
This doesn't... What are you Karen?
What are you... What are you... Shut up!
I have a medical... I have a medical reason a**hole.
You can't f***ing tell.
You have a good day.
You f***ing piece of s***.
You f***ing talk to people in a f***ing grocery store.
What are you, the f***ing cops?
I'm not a cop.
I'm just someone f***ing sick.
You're an idiot.
Just get the f*** away from me.
How do we deal with these people and these sick, twisted, demented liberals?
Because here's the thing, you can't have a debate with them.
They run from any debate.
You ask them the science behind the mask, they couldn't tell you, and they'd run away.
They just want to be slaves because they want to make you a slave.
That's what it is.
Folks, I'm telling you, this is the analogy.
They will put a millstone on your ankle and throw you into the ocean knowing damn well they're gonna go down and drown with you because they're in a death-suicide cult.
They would shoot themselves in the head if they thought that bullet would go through their head and kill you.
That's what they're doing right now.
They're putting the gun to their head and they're saying, I'm gonna shoot!
I'm gonna shoot!
Knowing that the bullet will go through their head and right through yours.
These are sick people we're dealing with.
These are sick, demented, evil spirits we're dealing with.
Here's another example in clip two.
Just quickly, a black conservative shows up at the Portland riots to try to talk some sense into the leftist hate mobs, and they spit right in his face.
You're a bitch!
Get the f*** out of here!
And you know, there's always this other thing too.
They always do the same thing to me.
And I'm not trying to be, uh, you know, sexual here or anything, but there's this weird thing.
They always come up to you if you're a guy and they say you have a... they comment on your male member.
You can hear it in this video.
You have a... See, do you hear that?
And then they spit in his face.
Folks, these people are so sick.
They are so sick.
Oh my gosh.
I'm sorry, they're just, I just, it pains me, it cripples me to see what has happened to my fellow man.
I'm honestly, it's just, I'm speechless, man.
And they love it, they get off on it.
Yeah, you wanna know who's gonna rape and murder you?
It's these leftists out in the streets.
Sorry, it's just sick, but let's go to more sickness.
This is Monica Cannon Grant, who by the way, works for Democrats.
And folks, if you have a child listening, maybe have them tune out right now.
Just a fair warning.
If you have a child listening, you may not want to expose them to this because it's just so sick and disgusting.
I even feel bad exposing you to this, but I'm going to today because I want you to see how sick and twisted and demented liberals have become.
They are an evil, evil, evil spirit right now.
It's bad.
It's really, really bad.
And you heard in that joke video we played earlier, how now liberals are against interracial relationships or marriage.
Well, let's go right to a Democrat activist, liberal activist, who pretty much says that.
Again, if you have children listening, you may want them to tune out.
This is going to get a little disgusting, but let's go now again into the mind of one of these sick, twisted, evil, demonic liberals.
Hands off.
And then there's Huffer running against Ayanna Pressley.
This one here.
With the white husband.
By the way, pause it right there.
I mean, look.
They're the ones that talk about body positivity.
This woman is sitting in her car, probably 300 pounds, okay?
And then she makes fun of some other woman running against Ayanna Pressley, calling her fat.
So they're about body positivity.
Meanwhile, she is literally sitting in her car, 300 pounds, with slobber and dribble all over her shirt.
So, you know, you're not one to talk there.
Go ahead.
At some point we're going to have to have a conversation with black folks who get in a relationship with white folks and then forget that they black.
We're going to have to have that conversation.
And I know it's going to be uncomfortable, but we're going to have to have that conversation because if white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin, then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom and this ain't your part of the show because you don't get to talk right now.
Now see how they're using melanin.
I'm telling you that Nick Cannon segment, I believe was by design.
I really believe it was by design.
So that they could have some sort of new, empowering talking point, and it's now their melanin.
And this is the same thing while you see black people call themselves king and queen.
It's a way of dominating you, making you call them a king or queen.
It's all these semantical, psychological games that they try to play on you.
And so now you hear this woman doing the same thing.
I mean, it's just sick.
So let's go back.
Until you practice some self-love, know your history, and realize where the **** came from, this ain't your part of the show.
We need you to sit in the back.
So yeah, telling black people to shut up.
I need all the people that understand what it is to wake up black regardless of how many educated gang symbols you have at the end of your name, regardless of how close in proximity you are to white supremacy, regardless of how many white penises you ride.
And I ain't mad at you, sis, because if you riding that motherf***er for a credit score, get you that house, boo.
Get your 40 acres and your mule.
And listen to this sick... Don't forget that you's a n***a.
Patient black man, but I get it.
He living in Utah.
He getting pink pink uncooked vagina.
I get it This is sick.
This woman belongs in a mental institution.
What I mean, she has kids Is keep your mouth shut on black shit if you ain't ready to pause it real quick imagine imagine this though This woman can keep her kids, but if you dare refuse to wear a mask
Let's go back into the mind of a demonic liberal.
Understand this.
The leftists are a product of their leaders who engage in satanic rituals, human and child rape and sacrifice, bloodlust, blood rituals, spirit cookings.
This is what they do for power.
This is what they do for fun.
They own the media.
They own the politicians.
They own the judges.
They own the lawyers.
And they're coming for you and your kids.
They're coming.
You ready?
You ready?
You ready for this evil?
It's coming to your doorstep, folks.
It's coming in the name of liberalism.
It's coming in the name of tolerance.
It's coming in the name of Black Lives Matter.
It's coming in the name of all the different buzzwords and phrases.
It's all the same thing.
A satanic death cult.
And they've become products of exactly what their leaders are.
So, that's why you see videos like that one we just aired, folks.
These are sick, twisted, demonic, possessed people.
You know, Kanye West gets all this credit because he just tells it like it is.
He just says what's really on his mind.
And that's considered revolutionary.
So, I mean, I may not agree with everything Kanye West says.
In fact, I don't.
But you know what?
I'll give Kanye West credit where it's due.
He's just speaking his mind.
And it's such a revolutionary act now that people see that and they're just like, oh my gosh!
This is incredible!
I've never seen or heard anything like this!
Because everyone's a coward!
But you know what the truth is, folks?
There's a reason why Kanye West said, I'm not going to go all Alex Jones on your ass.
Because he knows that's all we do here at InfoWars.
We take what's in our spirit, what's in our soul, what's in our gut, what's in our mind, and we just spill it out everywhere.
Most of the time in a complete mess.
But at least it's real.
At least it's genuine.
No filter.
No agenda.
No control.
So Kanye West is just doing that now.
And it's just considered so revolutionary.
All the guy's doing is speaking freely.
That's all it is.
That's all it is, folks.
Speaking without fear.
Speaking your mind without fear.
Telling your story without fear.
That's all it is.
So, sometimes he may be 100% spot on.
Sometimes he may be 100% off.
It doesn't matter.
He's speaking from his soul.
He's not worried about what people are going to say about him.
He's not worried about what people are going to write about him.
It goes from here, it goes from here, your heart, to here, your mind, to here, your tongue.
And everyone else censors themselves at every level.
They censor themselves from their heart to their mind, and then they censor themselves from their mind to their lips.
Because they're cowards.
I'm not endorsing Kanye West's, what I think is just a promotional stunt run for president.
If he's really trying to get politically involved, then we'll find that out in a couple months.
But I am gonna salute Kanye West for just speaking his mind.
Now, it's kind of ridiculous everybody wants to praise him for doing it when that's all InfoWars has been doing for decades, but I'll digress.
Now, you just saw that sick, demented leftist in the last video.
Now, let's just roll a quick part for clip four, because again, folks, the left, I mean, it's just unbelievable.
I'm telling you, I'm at a loss for words how diabolical and sick and twisted and demented these people have become.
Where now, everything is considered cultural appropriation.
It all goes back to that joke video.
Woke liberals and racists are actually best friends.
Every part of their ideology is the same.
So here's another example where a young black girl wants to do Irish dancing and she gets attacked by the leftist mob for cultural appropriation.
Here she is.
People saying that I shouldn't be Irish dancing because I'm black and I don't look like most Irish dancers.
But I saw it for the first time at a recital and it was just the coolest thing ever to me.
You're not allowed to have fun!
You can't do Irish dancing!
You're black!
How dare you!
When you think of Irish dancing, this probably isn't one of those.
Alright, so that's fine.
You can pull down the BBC report.
The point is, folks, it's just...
It's like a shark that gets blood.
It's like a shark that smells blood, or a piranha that smells blood.
It's just bite, gnash, and gnarl, and kill everything.
That's the left these days.
Okay, let's lighten the mood a little bit.
Here's another Joe Biden campaign ad.
Maybe the funniest one yet.
This is from Damani Mani on Twitter, who does a couple of these ones that we've aired here.
And it's just, it's so funny because it's true.
So here is Joe Biden's latest campaign ad.
Hello, this is Gavin.
My name's Joe Biden.
I'm here to ask you for your help.
You know what?
I would love to, but I just don't have the time.
And you ain't black.
The black guy who answers the phone at home.
The plan I have is for black America.
I look forward to seeing you in person.
Uh, why would you do that?
You ain't black.
What the hell?
Listen, I'm- You ain't black.
Oh my god.
What is your deal, huh?
Stop, stop!
Don't you dare hang up that phone, okay?
What if I wanted to swim?
Now, there's so much irony to that video.
One, Michael Key, I forget his full name, it's Michael Key though, who's actually a hardcore leftist and supports Joe Biden.
But, that's his video that he shot, it's just kind of a remake of a show he did.
But the funny thing is, that's how every black person should be responding to Joe Biden.
Now I'll give Michael Key credit, he has funny comedy, he's a good actor, and that's one of those funny skits that he has there, but you just put Joe Biden's actual statements into it and it fits perfectly, in fact, better than the original clip.
Keegan Michael Key, who's a Joe Biden supporter.
But seriously, like, how can that even be when Joe Biden tells you you ain't black?
Every, you would think every black person's response would be the exact way that he responded in that comedy video skit, which is, F you MF-er!
Telling me I ain't black?
But I'm telling you man, the brainwashing, the mind control is real.
It is real, ladies and gentlemen.
And one of the best examples has to be,
Death of John Lewis fuels movement to rename Edmund Pettus Bridge.
Paul McCartney calls for Pettus Bridge to be renamed after John Lewis, and so there's all kinds of plans for this out of Hollywood and celebrities and the media and the Democrats.
But folks, before they change this, and I would almost bet that they will, on Google,
Let's plug in Edmund Pettis, and let's see if they didn't change it overnight.
Folks, do you realize that Pettis was a Democrat?
They say, oh, we can't have Pettis' name on a bridge.
He was in the KKK.
He was a grand dragon.
He was a wizard.
He was a racist bigot.
He was a Democrat!
John Lewis literally marched against the racist Democrats.
And now, they say, change the name!
This is unbelievable here.
Roward County, Florida has just made wearing a mask in your home mandatory.
Just be a slave.
Folks, I'm going to try my best to get through all this news, then Gerald Saleni is going to take over.
I'm just at a loss for words at this point.
You know that judge that got shot, her home got shot up?
Because she was just given an Epstein case?
I mean, I don't know what it's gonna take for people to understand this.
Look, I get it.
I get it.
I'm just a nobody, okay?
I'm just a nobody from St.
Louis, Missouri.
Who graduated from a college you've never heard of in St.
Louis, who went to a school you've never heard of, who just has friends in St.
I get it.
Family in central Illinois.
I get it.
I'm just a crumb-bum, no-good, dirtbag.
I get it.
I'm a piece of dirt.
Like, I suck.
I'm a piece of crap.
I'm worthless.
But, uh, how many times do we have to tell you, until the deep state is dealt with, people are going to die!
What is it going to take?
How many people have to be murdered during a Black Lives Matter protest?
How many people have to die for the cover-up of the pedophile rings that Jeffrey Epstein was involved in?
How many have to die until we see some action?
I'm fed up, man!
But hey, you know what?
Sit on your heels over there in D.C.
and just watch as people just continue to die.
Because they're not gonna stop!
Oh, and how convenient, that guy who went and tried to kill that judge who's handling the Epstein case, he's now dead too.
Did you know?
He went to the hills and he shot himself three times in the head.
Did you hear that one?
I mean, folks, it's just, it's unbelievable.
It's all out in the open.
And we really have no one that's gonna do anything about it.
No one that's gonna stop it.
I've just... Alright, I need to focus and cover all this news.
Yeah, apparent suicide.
I mean... Have you ever heard of a hit job so obvious in your life?
Funny thing is, the guy blew it.
That's probably why he got suicided.
Uh, hey Bucko, you were supposed to kill the judge and instead you just shot the husband and the son and the judge is still alive, so uh... We're gonna go ahead and suicide ya here.
I-I-I'm just...
Yeah, so look, I get it.
I'm a piece of trash.
I'm not from New York City or Los Angeles.
I didn't go to some big Ivy League.
I don't have a bunch of money.
I didn't come from money or wealth or status.
I get it.
I'm a low-grub-worm dirtbag.
But I'm telling ya, until the Deep State is arrested and hung in the middle of D.C.
Square, people will die!
And it's not just going to be the Black Lives Matter protesters.
It's not just going to be these hitmen sent out from British elites and royalties and politicos and everybody who want to cover up all their child rape and murder.
It's going to come to your front door!
Let's change the name of Edmund Pettus Bridge for John Lewis.
You sick freaks!
I mean, folks, the irony here is unbelievable.
Edmund Pettis!
They want to change the name of the bridge because he was a KKK member and a racist.
Edmund Pettus was a Democrat!
A Democrat!
A Democrat!
All these Confederate statues they're tearing down are all Democrats!
They're all Democrats!
You're all tearing down Democrat history!
John Lewis literally marched against the KKK members who were all Democrats!
Now you say, well, if John Lewis was marching against Democrats, why did he become a Democrat?
Folks, I'll just go ahead and tell you probably.
John Lewis was a gay man, probably blackmailed, probably even maybe hung around with MLK after hours.
So, probably a sacrifice, but go ahead and write a story about that, Media Matters.
I don't care.
Done playing games with you.
We know what's going on.
Heroic BLM Paint Vigilante released by NYPD goes right back to the Black Lives Matter and paints over it again.
And that is Bevelyn Beattie, a hero.
LAPD Top Shot Officer sued for shooting killing man who advanced with a box cutter.
Now, this is going to be a big story, folks, because here's why.
So, this young lady, Toni McBride,
Is kind of a Instagram model type thing and she does pictures, you know with with basically her bra on with guns and stuff and is very popular and she dealt with a suspect and killed him shot him dead and They're now she's now being sued and This happened before George Floyd by the way, but they're just now going back and finding it So they're gonna make a big thing of this, but here's why it's dangerous.
They're claiming that because she was doing modeling stuff with guns and doing gun videos and gun posts on Instagram, that that proves prior malice and basically they want to charge her with murder now.
And they're gonna say, oh, the box cutter, the box cutter.
Well, they claim that a box cutter is what allowed terrorists to take down the Twin Towers.
So is she not supposed to be afraid of a box cutter?
Now again, if you want to argue about tactics for taking someone out with a box cutter without shooting them, then make that argument all day long.
But I'm telling you right now, the big case here is, they're going to now say that if you put anything on the internet with you and a gun, that's considered prior malice and will be used against you in court.
That's the precedent they're trying to set here, so just beware.
Mayor Bowser partners with Chinese Communist Party Group, grants access to top federal building.
So, she is a Chinese Communist agent.
She needs to be tried for treason.
Same thing with Gavin Newsom.
It's time to quit playing games with these people, folks.
Cisco Company fires employees that question Black Lives Matter.
Facebook deplatforms employee who questioned Black Lives Matter.
This is at Infowars.com.
Black Lives Matter activist calls for abolition of the United States as we know it.
Hop on a plane and take your commie ass to any other country you want.
You'll never do it.
Leader of radical black-only militia believes in violence and wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America.
Then go to Africa!
Go find your Wakanda!
What you're gonna find is Somalia, and you're gonna get raped and murdered!
Portland protesters break into Police Association headquarter building, set it on fire.
It's just unbelievable.
Mayor de Blasio celebrates record low prison population as shootings soar over 277%.
ACLU files lawsuit against federal agents in Portland.
Oh, but the ACLU is silent on conservatives being censored.
The ACLU is silent on all the hate crimes happening at the name of the left.
And the ACLU is silent on the fact that Portland is being tortured and burned to the ground by these terrorists.
Oh, but they don't want federal agents involved.
You know, look, I've said it since day one, and I understand why people don't want to go with this.
Narrative to just say, hey, just let these Democrat cities burn to the ground.
But seriously, just let them.
Just let the Democrat cities burn to the ground.
And if you're a God-fearing American patriot or a white person or a black person that's willing to stand up to these people, you got to just get the hell out.
I'm telling you, folks, just find a find a place to live outside of these Democrat-run cities and just let them burn into the ground.
Because they already are letting them being burned to the ground.
They're just not letting you know that.
So they're not going to come out and tell you, hey, we've let the Democrat riot terrorist mobs loose on the streets to destroy your city.
So you may want to get out of there.
They just say, oh, these are peaceful protests as people bring raped and murdered and shot and buildings burned down and looted and businesses.
You know, it's all good.
African migrant detained after starts fire at Nantes Cathedral.
Fairfax police chief injured while detaining church stabbing suspect.
Just gets more out of control.
But we should cancel the New York Times, because it's now come out, the family that owns the New York Times were slaveholders!
Oh, ouch!
So I guess the New York Times is racist now.
Of course, you know, they'll never own up to that.
The Founding Fathers would have been pro-face mask, claims MSN.
Let me tell you something, the Founding Fathers would have probably killed about, I don't know, 5,000 people by now?
Is that, what do you think, over or under 10,000?
So I mean, believe me, the Founding Fathers would have cleaned up these liberal commies within 48 hours.
That's probably why these people hate the Founding Fathers so much.
So, it's just unbelievable.
Alright, when we come back...
I've got five more minutes before Gerald Cilenti takes over.
I'll show you the latest just insanity from the Joe Biden campaign.
You won't even believe it.
Remember, infowarsstore.com.
Get your privacy pockets.
Christmas in July sale is live.
At what point do we Americans decide we're not going to be slaves anymore?
I mean, look, Black Lives Matter wants to be slaves.
And so they go out and burn cities to the ground, begging to be slaves.
Why don't we... I mean, look, again, we're non-violent, but... Oh, no, no!
Let's just have a peaceful protest and just burn every building to the ground that makes us wear a mask.
No, it's a peaceful protest!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm just organizing a peaceful protest!
Who wants to come peacefully protest masked with me by burning down the entire city of Austin?
It's a peaceful protest, bro!
I'll wear a Black Lives Matter shirt!
I'm just going to burn the city to the ground.
It's just a peaceful protest.
You can't go anywhere anymore without getting your temperature checked.
You can't go anywhere anymore without getting your face masked.
I mean, this is such bullcrap, man.
Why are Americans willing to be slaves, dude?
I am just... That's what I'm saying, dude.
I mean, because... How much more of this can we take?
How much more?
Like, I mean, I want to walk into the business that tells me I have to have my temperature checked and wear a mask and say, what am I, your slave?
Say, oh no, we just have to do this.
So you're a slave.
Sorry, I get so mad I can't even focus.
Look at some of the latest madness that's come from Joe Biden's Twitter account.
Every day it becomes clearer.
We are in a battle for the soul of this nation.
Who we are, what we believe, who we want to be, it's all at stake.
We have to vote Trump out this November.
So yeah, Biden wants you to be a communist slave.
And so vote for Biden.
So he's being honest.
Yeah, we are in the battle for the soul of America.
He wants to kill the soul and make you a slave.
It's amazing too.
Here's Biden giving ice cream to a kid.
Why would anybody would let their kid near that
Alleged child molester.
I have no idea.
Joe Biden says, now more than ever, we need a president who will choose hope over fear.
Why they tell you to be afraid of a virus.
Why they tell you to be afraid of racism.
Why they tell you to be afraid of all these mythical things that don't exist.
I can't deal with it anymore.
I mean, it's just... Oh yeah, by the way, they're now banned the Confederate flag from military installations.
But they're pissed because they want the LGBTQ flag to be mandatory to fly.
The hell?
No, I'm serious.
I think, you know what?
Okay, Joe Biden can be president, but I'm sorry to be graphic, but we should penetrate him with a foot-long dildo in his anus if he wants to be president.
Just to prove that he's willing to take it.
So Joe Biden,
You can be president, but we're going to take a foot-long dildo and we're going to shove it right up your behind, okay?
I'm sorry to be graphic, but you want to make us slaves?
You want to make us wear a mask?
You want to make us take a temperature?
You want to make us take a COVID test and stick a needle up our nose and stick a needle into our arm?
We're going to shove a big, fat dildo up your ass, you sick freak!
Yeah, how do you like that?
Oh, Owen, you can't talk like that!
Screw you, man!
I'm a free man!
The more you push to make me a slave, the more free I'm gonna get!
So you want to shove your nasty, deadly chemicals into my veins?
I'm going to call it out like it is.
Joe Biden likes to grope children.
Joe Biden acts like a pedophile every time he's on camera.
So you know what, creepy Uncle Joe?
You want to run all your hoaxes?
I mean, you don't even know what's going on.
This guy can't even think.
See, I just can't take it.
Kamala Harris clone goes on MSNBC.
It's not even her.
They released her clone.
I'm just, I'm so fed up with these people, man.
I'm so fed up with these people.
I want Obama in jail tomorrow!
I want the indictments now!
Biden literally has criminal investigations going on with him right now in Ukraine.
The guy committed treason in front of your damn face!
Barack Obama with Iran?
I want them in jail now!
We need indictments now, man.
I'm telling you.
We better start acting fast, folks.
Judges' houses are going to be shot up every night.
Cities are going to continue to burn.
We need action now.
Not this action from Chris Wray, who hires Jason Jones, a partner at Rod Rosenstein's law firm and an associate of Sally Yates, now as the FBI's General Counsel.
Oh boy!
Chris Wray has got to go, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, I'm heated up.
You know what?
I gotta take this energy and I gotta pass it to Gerald Cilenti when we come back in 90 seconds.
These people belong in jail now!
If there's anyone I can hand it over to,
That can match my anger right now, it has to be Gerald Cilenti, so I'm thankful he's about to take over.
Well, Gerald, I left you with a hot platform here, but I know that you're just as fed up with this bullcrap as I am, and hopefully this latest hiring from Chris Wray is the rope that he needed to politically hang himself, because he hasn't done anything.
But you know what?
I'm just going to say it, and we'll let Gerald Cilenti say it probably a little more eloquently and controlled than me.
President Trump and all people that have his back and all God-fearing, red-blooded, proud Americans.
This is a message to President Trump, a message to Attorney General Barr, a message to Durham.
If you don't start rounding these people up and arresting them as soon as possible, more will die.
More will die at the hands of the leftist riot mobs in the streets.
More will die at the hands of the hitmen that are hired by British royalty
We're good to go.
More people will die.
So, I call right now, we need indictments now, now, against all Ghislaine Maxwell associates.
They all need to be rounded up and put in a jail and brought in for questioning.
Same with all the Obama associates during the Spygate, Russiagate hoax.
Bring them all in, question all of them, and guess what?
All the violence and all the fake news and all the stuff that you're seeing will slowly, slowly subside as the evildoers behind it all tell the names, tell where the bodies are buried, and we can finally root out this disgusting corruption that has been plaguing our country for decades.
And with that, I hand it over to Gerald Cilenti.
What Biden said something about hope.
What's his campaign slogan?
I want to stick you with a needle and make you deader than a hammer and kill your babies, I think it was, Biden 2020?
No, no, no.
It was something about hope and we can't have fear, we need hope in something.
Oh yeah, no, that's right.
It was Biden 2020.
I'm afraid that I'll forget my message.
I hope I don't.
No, I think it was something like, we don't need fear, we need hope.
Anyways, another line of hope and change we could believe in.
And so it's just more of a loser coming in there.
And what I've been saying to Alex, and Trump isn't doing it, is that he should be blaming this lockdown that's destroying lives and destroying businesses all over America on the people that have locked down the economy.
As the prostitutes keep selling the COVID war, they're always absent the facts.
And the facts are, as you well know, that 50% of the people that have died so far are from elder care homes that were suffering chronic illnesses before this.
And even a mainstream site like WebMD last week came out with the data and the facts that people that are obese are a much higher risk of dying
from the virus than everybody else that's not chronically ill.
And that's who this is killing.
And they bring up, like they did in California, that this young 13-year-old guy might have died from the coronavirus.
One guy out of how many?
40 million people?
And he's 13 years old and he might have died and he was tested negative for COVID.
But yet that becomes the big news.
So it's the prostitutes that are selling this fear and hysteria.
And if Trump wants to win, he should be calling out the people that have locked down the economy and that have destroyed the lives of tens of millions
Put millions and millions of people out of work and what we're going to see a rise in crime like we haven't seen in a lifetime.
As I say, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And you're seeing violent crime spiking all over the country, in fact, around the world.
Hey, you know, it's not going to be a big campaign issue this year.
Gun control.
Nah, it's out of control.
I mean, everybody's stocking up.
What are they, the Feds are saying, the FBI, that there's like a 130-something percent increase in people trying to get approval to buy weapons?
Because this thing is out of control.
So what Trump should be doing is blaming the people
That have destroyed our economy.
Look at the headline news that they keep ranting on about what's going on in Florida.
Cases are spiking.
Cases are spiking.
First of all, why would anybody go out and get tested?
Why would you do this?
If you're feeling good, why go get tested?
And the facts prove that what is it about the numbers fluctuate
Between 99.8% and 99.32% of the people that get the virus recover from it.
And that the people that are dying from it again are chronically ill and they're also suffering from pre-existing
Chronic conditions.
So going back to Florida, what do you got about 5,500 people died there?
To date?
How big is the state?
21 million people?
Hey, that's bigger than New York State, isn't it?
New York has about 19 and a half million people.
They all bow down to clown Cuomo, the little dictator.
How many people died in New York State?
Oh, about 32,500.
Oh, Cuomo, the murderer, sent people from hospitals that were chronically ill with the virus into nursing homes.
And that spiked the nursing home numbers.
But yet it's still King Cuomo, the little arrogant boy born on third base and thought he had a home run because daddy was Mario and him and his little brother Chrissy over there would be nobody if daddy wasn't Mario!
You arrogant little boys!
Shove it real quick up you know what and I think Owen said to where to shove it before with the
Element that he wants to give Trump, Biden to shove up.
But they're not going after Cuomo.
That shows you the hypocrisy.
Again, all you keep reading is cases spiking, cases spiking, and the numbers are low.
Again, compared to when I was a youth, 1957-58.
Asian flu.
A million people died.
In a world population of 3 billion.
Now we got what?
About 600,000 dead?
Out of a population of 7.8 billion?
So if you add the same equation, we now have 2.6 million people dead.
But those are only facts.
And the facts are out of the news.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars.
Buy what they have to keep them going.
You saw what Google is doing now.
If you're putting out information questioning the COVID scam, you don't get advertising revenue.
And of course, InfoWars, they don't like them at all.
So do what you can to support the truth.
This is serious.
This thing's going down big and it's going down hard.
We have to unite as Americans to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that have been stolen from us by lowlife scum politicians.
Because if we don't, we're going to be living hell on earth.
The facts are in the numbers, and the numbers are showing the greatest depression has begun.
You better prepare, prevail, and prosper in the times ahead.
We'll be back.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you for all that InfoWars does to keep people informed and aware of what's going on
And what's next, as we do also with the Trends Journal.
Here's the WebMD.
Obesity, a known COVID risk.
It's become clearer that people who are obese are one of the groups at highest risk from the disease, regardless of their age.
The CDC recently refined the risk categories of COVID-19, stating that obesity was as big a risk for COVID as having a suppressed immune system or chronic lung and kidney disease.
The CDC changed its BMI risk, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And it goes on to say, during the 2009
So there you have it.
Just the facts.
But we're not going to talk about that, Salenti, because, well, you know, you're against obese people.
Well, you know what I say.
I want a fat tax.
The more you pay, the more you weigh.
Because I don't want to pay for your problems.
And we wrote about this in one of our top trends, I think it was in 2019, Ready to Explode.
How obese America is getting and how costly it is.
You better take care of your health.
And that's something that no one says on any of the prostitute mainstream media.
You have to watch what you eat.
You have to build your immune system.
No, no, no, no.
No, we don't.
Oh, hey, you see those Domino's sales?
They're going way up.
That's right.
Keep eating more of that stuff.
Oh, did you see all those snacks?
Hey, Pepsi sales are down in soda.
But, they're going up in the snack food.
That's right.
Keep eating them Cheetos or whatever they sell.
Oh, it's great for you.
You look back at what Americans used to look like.
When I was a youth, going back to the Woodstock days, and you look at those pictures of the people
Woodstock in 1969.
Everybody's in shape.
Yeah, there were heavy people, but not a lot, naturally.
You know, there's some that are, and of course, a few.
But now it's everywhere.
This is what's bringing down the, the, the, the, the, these people.
Oh, and in Mexico.
It's the type two diabetes capital of the world.
And they have a higher, younger death rate from COVID because of the type 2 diabetes, those tortillas and tacos and other things that they're eating.
These are facts.
But yet you close down an entire economy?
I was the first one when this began to say
That the economy was going to be destroyed.
And all these liberals out there, and liberals is the wrong word for them.
They're fascists.
They're communists.
If you don't believe or do what they do, you are a criminal in their eyes.
So, what were they saying all the time?
When King Cuomo over here
Elegant, little boy!
He always ends his sentence, these things, period!
I said this, period!
Yeah, period!
Yeah, maybe you got one!
Because you're not a man!
I called him out!
They said I couldn't have the Occupy Peace and Restore Freedom Rally!
In Kingston, I said, come on Cuomo, come and shut me down.
Didn't show up.
Hey, don't bring your boys.
Come man to man and try to stop me.
Look at him.
An arrogant little nothing.
So what's going on?
They closed down the economy.
All the little liberals, all of the Cuomo fans, here's what they used to say when they first started shutting things down in March.
Oh, it'll come back.
Oh, it'll come back.
Hey, imbeciles, it was going down before this happened.
Today's Wall Street Journal.
Front page.
See it?
Businesses are gearing up for longer road to rebound.
Longer road to rebound?
How about a dead end?
This isn't going to rebound.
Hey, you go to Disneyland lately?
How about all those places on the Jersey Shore?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, they're doing great.
Great summer traffic.
And this social distancing crap.
They're making this up.
You gotta be six feet away.
Yeah, the wind stops blowing at exactly six feet.
Oh, and you can eat without a mask when you're at an outdoor restaurant.
When you stand up, you gotta put it back on.
These are the same morons and imbeciles who, when I was a kid, drilled fear into our brain by having us hide under a desk in case an atom bomb went off.
They were doing these drills constantly.
These are the same morons and imbeciles that are telling us what to do now.
And just like adults had us hiding under desks and fearing our lives, they're doing the same thing now.
And the morons are buying it.
I see people driving by in their cars with their windows up and masks on.
Walking down the street, not a soul on the street at night.
And in the day.
Because everything's dead now.
With their mask on.
Yeah, there they go.
That's gonna save your life.
Oh, and then when we got... You know what they used to tell us?
If you see a flash, don't look at it.
If you see a flash, don't look at it.
When an atom bomb goes off, by the time you blink your eye, you'll be dust.
These are the same imbeciles that are destroying life in front of us.
If we don't unite to restore freedom, again, we're going to be hell on earth.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, everyone, do you can to support InfoWars.
Because the truth is being taken from us day after day, night after night.
All we have is propaganda being shoved down our throats.
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I mentioned about how the economy is going down.
And by the way,
This is why you subscribe to the Trends Journal also.
I had forecast the gold bull run in the Trends Journal on June 6th, 2019.
Gold was at $1,332 an ounce.
It's now about $1,810 an ounce.
A month ago, I said silver prices were going to spike.
They have.
They've gone up some $2 an ounce.
Where are they going?
What's next?
Again, that's what we do.
We tell you what's going on, what it means, and what's next.
History before it happens.
So this is a very important time for you to prepare for what's ahead.
Matter of fact, we've added to the Trends Journal
A whole section on survivalism.
Whether it's urban survival or any other kind.
And we have one of the top people in the country doing it.
And that's Brad Steiner.
A real close combat survivalist.
This is my teacher's close combat teacher.
And my teacher, John Perkins.
No, not that John Perkins.
John Perkins from attackproof.com.
One guy you wouldn't want to mess with.
So we got the top, the top telling you what to do, how to prepare, how to prevail, because we have a time ahead of us that's unprecedented in world history.
Nobody's ever seen anything like this, this lockdown.
Again, this is the cover from today's Trends Journal.
Businesses are gearing up for longer road to rebound.
So just a couple of headlines here.
Right off from CNBC.
Nearly 17,000 Southwest employees sign up for buyouts voluntary leave as furlough threat looms.
Key Fed official warns of double dip.
Double dip?
What double dip?
This is a, this is no dip.
This is a devastation.
This is the greatest depression.
Advertising crash derails digital publishers.
One after another, Vice, Vox.
One after another.
American warns
Of 25,000 job cuts.
Business travel could take years to recover.
And then you read this.
As for hotels, business travelers generate about 70%
Of Marriott's and Hilton's global revenue, said Robin Farley, Lodging Analyst at UBS.
The President of Atmosphere Research Group estimates that business travelers were responsible for 55 to 75 percent of major airline profits
About 26 percent of European tourism during the summer comes from Americans.
We're not allowed to go there now.
Oh, they're having a great time there.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Places are empty.
I have friends in France in the restaurant businesses.
That's saying it's down by 80%.
People aren't going out.
Going out in a restaurant is an experience.
It's not sitting there eating with shields around you or someone with a mask serving you.
And they tell you how deadly those masks are
Breathing in your carbon dioxide and all the filth, and you got these people, servers in restaurants, wearing them over and over again.
All day long.
Coughing, touching, and then they're serving you?
Fed officials expect a choppy recovery.
Sobering data dash hopes for a quick lift.
Early data from Europe and Asia suggests the recovery from the economic crisis precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic could take longer than originally hoped.
Longer than originally hoped?
By who?
Oh, it'll come back.
Oh, it'll come back.
This is unprecedented in world history.
It's one country after another locking down.
And the numbers add up to very little.
How many people died last year of tuberculosis?
I think 1.5 million.
These numbers are averaging out as a bad flu year.
But they locked down everything.
This is bigger than just taking out Trump.
Take a look at a place called Australia.
25.5 million people.
They just locked down Melbourne and other places again.
And Melbourne's known for the fine dining and a great time.
Locked it down again!
All these restauranteurs, hotel people getting back in business, locked down again.
You know how many coronavirus deaths, deaths, there are in Australia?
The last time I looked, yesterday, a hundred and ten.
110 out of 25.5 million people and I got some piece of little garbage political crap telling me to lock down?
Where is the fight from the people?
Where is the fight?
They don't have any.
Globally gone.
Cowards, cowards.
Countries of cowards.
How could anybody tolerate this?
123 people dead out of 225.5 million people.
Countries of cowards.
What's happened?
But boy, oh boy, do they march you off to war and the cowards follow.
Dumb enough to believe the Bush war.
Dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
Heil Hitler, salute Stalin and march to Mussolini.
The masses are at it again.
Marching themselves to death.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
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What kind of cowards could people be?
Oh, there's a no bullying zone.
There's a no bullying zone.
Grow up.
You see the violence going on all over the place.
You don't know what's going to happen, where it's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and how it's going to happen.
And that's why we've included in the Trends Journal.
Fight for your life.
In many different ways.
And we have the number one person in America that can teach you how.
And that's Brad Steiner.
And that's a special every week in the Trends Journal.
So moving on, I heard Alex Jones talking about the masks.
Before I get to the masks, I want to
Let's talk about the stupidity and hypocrisy of the American media.
Again, they all bow down to King Cuomo, the little boy born on third base and thought he had a home run.
The governor, the hero, they call him.
So, he had 32,500 debts in New York out of a population of 19.5 million.
Again, compared to California, excuse me, Florida, who they're bashing DeSantis, the governor, for opening up the place.
And they have about, what, 5,500 deaths.
So the United States, again, New York, 32,500, compared to 5,500 in Florida.
But they don't mention that.
And now Spain, again, where I show you freaks everywhere locking their joints down.
Spain, they have 46,700,000 people in their country.
Remember, New York has 32,500 deaths.
Spain, 28,000 people.
What are you doing locking the joint up?
So the simple math is that Spain has a 0.06% compared to a 1.15% in New York.
Where I am in Ulster County over here, 174,000 people, 88 dead, 88
Out of 174,000 people and from one nursing home, one nursing home without counting the others, 22 people out of 86 from a nursing home, elder care.
Oh, and maybe they're the dead because Cuomo took him out of the hospital and put him in there.
And they killed other people.
So going back.
To the masks.
It's, as Alex said, the CDC, that fraud Fauci, the World Health Organization, New England Journal of Medicine, one after another, one after another, were writing in detail about the masks being basically ineffective.
And now, in Slavelandia,
Everybody in so many states are required to wear them.
I won't.
I don't go out.
So, what's next?
You read the news, as I've been reading to you, about where the economy is going, and they keep sliding in there that
Things will return to normal when there's a vaccination.
There's going to be a vaccine revolt.
You're already pushing this out that everyone should get vaccinated when this comes out.
And there's protests around the world, by the way, against this.
And many countries are going to force it on people.
And I believe they're going to force it on Americans just like they have in New York State.
You can't send your kid to public school if they haven't been vaccinated.
You're not going to be able to get on an airplane if you haven't been vaccinated.
You won't get your driver's license if you haven't gotten vaccinated.
They're going to push this.
See, here's what I'm saying.
This whole COVID war is divided between those who want peace and those who love war.
There's going to be a movement, a political movement, that's going to bring around the anti-vaccination people, the people that believe in nature,
How dare you believe in nature?
Oh, maybe if I call it Mother Nature, you'll believe it.
If I call it Father Nature, then I'd be sexist.
There's going to be a war against the people that want to keep cash and not go digital, because they're going to ruin the economy with it and bring us into servitude.
There's going to be a war of people that don't want to wear masks and the ones that do.
It's going to be a new popularism movement.
And this could be a foundation for it.
Because one person after another, politics sucking the blood out of you, sucking the life out of you,
But they want vaccinations.
And now I'm reading that the government, the United States government, they're talking about $24 billion project for vaccinations and for people to get vaccinated.
That's in the United States.
Is going to be new political parties formed.
Around something that's been destroyed.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Not this year, but by 2024.
That's my forecast.
And the COVID war is going to unite the people that want to restore freedom, unite for peace, and live in liberty, joy, love, and beauty.
Thank you for having me on InfoWars.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
And of course, subscribe to the Trends Journal.
No other magazine like it in the world.
This week's edition will be out tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
2020 is a very special year to the globalists, to the occultists, to those that are into esoteric mysticism.
And they believe this is the year they're going to totally overthrow America and the world and bring in their anti-God, anti-human tyranny.
Well, we're here on air and we just ask you all to realize that we're in opposition to this evil and that only your word of mouth helps us reach new people.
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Please take action.
Hollywood, the Democratic Party, the unelected EU bureaucracy, and the Fortune 100 corporations are almost unanimously rooting against America
Against the American people and against our president, Donald Trump.
They're all over the news saying the American century's over and that America's quarantined and that COVID-19 was our fault and that the United States may not even exist in the future and certainly isn't going to be a superpower.
We have to be politically more engaged than we've ever been before to stop this new order takeover.
But we also have to understand that we have to reach out to God and pray and ask for God's intervention.
And we also have to be physically prepared for what's happening.
If you don't have a firearm and don't know how to use it, don't have ammo, you really should get some.
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The New World Order social engineers are all on record that their entire program is about domesticating us, dumbing us down, and making it to where we are not self-sufficient.
During the Great Depression in the 1920s, it's estimated by major universities that around 7 million Americans starved to death from malnutrition or died from diseases because their immune systems were run down.
Now, back then we were 90% rural, and almost everybody was self-sufficient.
Now we're 90% urban, and of the 10% that are rural, it's estimated that less than half of those are actually self-sufficient.
We are sitting on top of a time bomb.
We have been domesticated.
I know how to skin a buck and run a trot line, but I don't know one one-hundredth of what my grandfather knew.
I don't know one twentieth of what my dad knew.
And quite frankly, I've dropped the ball.
My children are city slickers.
They know how to shoot a gun, change a tire, that's about it.
We need to get back to the land, back to self-sufficiency, and back to being prepared.
And the way to start, ladies and gentlemen, is having friends and family with a bug-out plan if there is a total collapse, and water filtration, and food to last you at least a few months.
And the food we have is very high quality.
It's in great containers that are great to be mobile.
They have wide selection, special diets, you name it.
It's the best price you're going to find for quality food like this.
And most importantly, all the other big companies have become fly-by-night.
They only keep a little bit of food on hand, and it's low quality, it's overpriced, if they even have it.
We're good to go.
But you need to get the orders in now in the lull before the storm.
I told you lockdown 2 was coming.
I told you they're going to have new versions of the virus.
The New World Order is making its move.
Whether Trump loses or wins, things are just going to get more crazy and this food lasts 25 years inside the containers.
So it's something you can hide, something you can bury, something you know is an ace in the hole for you and your family in the future, and the little bit of profit that comes in funds the InfoWar to continue to warn the people.
So you're also funding InfoWars, the most powerful Paul Revere organization in the world, and it's powered by you.
Get ready, get prepared, spread the word.
Whatever you do, pray to God and get yourself right with God because this is the real deal and things only get crazier from here on out.
Good luck and God bless.
Go to m4wars.com and get the TurboForce.
I work long hours.
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