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Air Date: July 19, 2020
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Today I signed legislation and an executive order.
To hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong.
On July 14th, President Donald J. Trump signed into law H.R.
7440, the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, and the President's Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization.
7440 imposes sanctions on foreign individuals, entities, and financial institutions that contribute to China's encroachment of Hong Kong.
This bill gives the U.S.
power to protect Hong Kong's autonomy.
The executive order on Hong Kong normalization goes much further.
Section 1 states how the U.S.
will now treat Hong Kong the same as Communist China.
This makes sense now that the CCP is absorbing Hong Kong.
But it also sets a precedent for any other nations who choose to side with the Communist Chinese.
Perhaps this is why the U.K.
banned Huawei 5G on the same day this executive order was signed into law.
But Section 4 best illustrates the extent of this national emergency.
It grants extremely broad powers to the U.S.
to go after individuals or entities involved directly or indirectly with supporting the Communist Chinese in any way, including American citizens, corporations, and financial institutions.
This would include the U.S.
mainstream media apparatus and Hollywood, which have been working for the CCP and parroting their propaganda for years.
Hollywood's actors, producers, and directors pride themselves on celebrating freedom and the human spirit.
And every year at the Academy Awards, Americans are lectured about how this country falls short of Hollywood's ideals of social justice.
But Hollywood now regularly censors its own movies to appease the Chinese Communist Party.
This would include tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple.
It could even include American politicians.
The Communist Chinese have bought hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland.
And the language of this national emergency suggests that this could all be taken back by the U.S.
The CCP has become as tyrannical and powerful as Nazi Germany ever was, if not more so.
They have been seizing land from Africa, India, Australia, and the South China Sea.
The Trump administration piled pressure on China Monday, rejecting nearly all of Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea.
They have been rounding up Muslim Chinese, sending them via trains to concentration camps, shaving their heads and selling their hair to the U.S., and harvesting their organs for rich Saudi customers who require halal organs for their surgical transplants.
The U.S.
media, who love to paint President Trump as a new Hitler, ignore these authoritarian crimes against humanity.
This may be why they are ignoring the President's executive order on Hong Kong normalization.
The document reads like a declaration of war.
And the American media have been working with the enemy.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That full report can be found at band.video.
Under the Greg Reese tab.
Now I've got just incredible stacks of news.
We've got Roger Stone sitting, waiting to come live here on the Alex Jones Show on this Sunday.
What an incredible time to be alive.
The fight for America is on.
The left, while they put their Mark of the Beast slave mask on, have taken the political mask off and they've told you what they're all about.
Destruction and killing America.
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It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It is Sunday, July 19th, 2020.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Brought to you by InfoWarsStore.com.
Filling in for Alex today, I'm Owen Schroer.
Roger Stone is going to be co-hosting with me today as well.
A lot to get to.
I really don't even know what I would consider the top story.
You've got President Trump signing the Hong Kong Normalization Bill, which opens up many avenues to go after Chinese operatives in the United States, in Hong Kong.
You've got the
COVID hoax that is the fake pandemic.
It's just getting worse and worse.
Where they're saying, oh, you died of a motorcycle accident.
No, you died of COVID.
Oh, we had 98% positive tests.
And then they come back two weeks later.
No, wait, it was 9.8.
Oops, just a typo.
The economy is struggling.
The globalists are getting everything they want, a cashless society, a digital spy grid that you sign on to.
The left is attacking the United States of America.
On a daily basis.
Riots every night in Portland.
They now burn down police buildings.
Riots every night in New York City.
Shootings are up almost 300%.
But de Blasio celebrates the lowest imprisonment rate while violence on the streets soars.
Didn't stop one hero from taking the Black Lives Matter painted in the street and rubbing black paint all over it.
And it was actually a black activist, a nice lady.
And as soon as she got released from jail the first time after doing it, she went right back out and did it again.
Then, the big bombshell that really is shaking some grounds today, Republican Mark Meadows says it's time for people to go to jail in the Russian collusion hoax.
In fact, that time has come and went, quite frankly.
But I guess we could still be in that time.
And we also have other Chinese agents in America like the D.C.
Mayor Muriel Bowser coming out basically publicly saying that she's with China.
And then you've got Fox News that has now, as I predicted, gone anti-Trump with at least 90% of its programming.
So we've got all that and more coming up with Roger Stone.
But Roger, it's got to be nice to hear that there are some Republicans fighting for justice when it comes to this Russian collusion hoax, which of course, you got tangled in the web of lies.
They destroyed your life financially.
They put you through all that torture for all those years.
Your family as well.
Just not to mention all the lies and the mainstream news and everything else that came with it.
It's gotta be nice to hear.
Finally, a Republican with some cajones that steps up and says, no, it was actually Obama's men, the henchmen in the FBI, and the intelligence agencies that lied about the Russian collusion hoax.
It's time for them to go to jail.
Roger, it's been overdue, in my opinion.
Well, extraordinary information declassified at the request of Senator Lindsey Graham this week just further proves
That in 2016, the Obama administration was engaged in the largest single abuse of power in our history, where they actually used the full legal authority of the United States government and the extraordinary capability of our intelligence agency's surveillance capability to spy on the Republican candidate for president.
To defraud the FISA courts, to mount an illegal coup, an attempt to undo the 2016 election, using evidence to justify all of this that they knew was fabricated.
What amazes me is that CNN continues to say, both on the air and in their print stories, Trump has produced no evidence to prove that his campaign was
We know that is untrue.
Not only the declassified material.
That Rick Grinnell so courageously pried out of the hands of federal bureaucrats, say, a month and a half ago.
But now this new documentation, which proves once and for all that the Russian collusion delusion was a politically motivated hoax.
Now, I know some people say, well, you've said that on Infowars for two years, but the way the media works today is somewhat different than the way it works 20 years ago.
A lie is published.
Truth-tellers like Alex Jones or yourself, myself, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, you name it.
We completely and thoroughly debunk the falsehood.
Then only weeks later, the mainstream corporate-owned media comes right back out and recycles the same falsehood as if they never heard the rebuttal.
It really is an extraordinary phenomenon.
And I experienced it myself this week, and it's not what I want to talk about today, but it has to be hit.
I got through an act of mercy, through a humanitarian act, which actually literally saved my life.
Because the judge in my case, contrary to every legal precedent in every circuit in the United States, where people in my position either going to prison or in prison,
Applied for compassionate transfer or release were granted it, but in my case it was denied in violation of the Bureau of Prisons and DOJ guidelines, in violation of all the facts of my age and health, and in violation of the real
Conditions of the prison in Jessup, Georgia, where they wanted to send me.
I bring this up only to demonstrate that we have judicial tyranny in our country because the facts are as I have just stated them, but the DC Circuit Court upheld this ruling by the judge in my case.
What it demonstrates is how deeply embedded the deep state is in every sector of government.
Particularly the Justice Department.
Meaning that appointing a new Attorney General is like leaving the spoiled diapers on the baby and changing the pins.
Below him, you have numerous Obama loyalists who are dedicated to the destruction of Donald Trump or anybody associated with him.
And so it is in our national security apparatus.
That's what you create.
Everybody who testified against the president in the Ukrainian impeachment, they all work technically for Donald Trump.
They're all in Donald Trump's NSA.
So this is true across the board, including CDC, where we now seriously have to question
Whether or not all the statistics we've seen about known cases are accurate, or whether they have been manipulated.
Now, I am not saying, for the folks over at Media Matters who are no doubt watching this, because they love you so much, Owen.
That's why they're watching.
I'm not saying COVID-19 is not real.
I'm not saying it is not dangerous.
I'm not saying that it is not a legitimate virus in a public
What I am saying, however, is by any measure, the public projections of how hard it would hit the country have turned out to be wrong.
Thank God.
But Roger, here's what we know.
They were willing to send you into that jail.
That's not a debate.
They wanted to send you into that jail.
Meanwhile, they're releasing all these criminals.
They're releasing all these criminals.
They're saying, oh, we can't have anybody in the jail cells because of COVID.
But of course, if you don't wear a mask, we're going to throw you in jail because of COVID.
And by the way, we're going to throw Roger Stone in jail, who's in the highest risk category for getting COVID and dying.
And also, the story is at InfoWars.com.
The attorney demanding another prosecution of Roger has argued for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be exonerated.
Oh, and that's a CNN guest.
How do you like that?
Of course.
So, I mean, the double standard here is unbelievable, Roger.
Pretty incredible.
Proves yet again.
The two-tier justice system.
So, two different Inspector General's reports recommend to Attorney General Barr that FBI Director James Comey be prosecuted for crimes more serious and carry more mandatory jail time under the guidelines than the crimes that I... Alright, when we come back, folks, we're gonna play the clip of Mark Meadows saying this, and we're gonna have Roger Stone, who was directly involved with this.
They went after him, tried to ruin his life and kill him over it when we come back on this short break.
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Under the mega-opulence technocracy plan, things are going to be so incredibly
Because an all-seeing, all-loving computer that doesn't discriminate is going to decide who gets what resources, who gets what jobs.
But in reality, it's building a post-human world so that you can be made obsolete, domesticated, dumbed down, drugged, distracted, atomized, and then slowly killed.
This is the brave new world.
It's the post-human world.
It's the dreaming of the post-human world that Wired Magazine and the Wall Street Journal all tell us about.
Oh, now they tell us our smartphones don't just track our every move.
They're monitoring our psychology and sending it back to a corporate database globally.
You see, the bear trap closed on our lead now.
And the vampire walked out of the bushes and is explaining to us how he's slowly gonna bleed us and destroy us.
Another part of the Great Awakening that's taking place is people that haven't even been religious or Christian now see how evil is out in the open, how hundreds of churches have been burned in Europe and the U.S.
Hundreds of Christian icons have been burnt and destroyed.
Jesuses have had their heads cut off all over the country, all over the Philippines, all over Europe.
Virgin Mary's are getting torn down.
I mean, crosses are being torn down.
It's absolutely out of control, but people now understand that evil was always real, it is spiritual, and it was just waiting to make its move, building beneath the surface, and now it's emerged.
That's why when I ask listeners and viewers for your prayer, I mean it.
I'm praying for America.
I'm praying for you.
And I know the power of prayer is real and God hears it.
We need to come together and pray for an even greater awakening.
Pray for Donald Trump to be protected.
Pray for him to win in a landslide and pray for the people under deception of the globalists to awaken and join us in liberty and freedom.
God bless you all.
Please pray for him for us as well.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Roger Stone is on the other side of this microphone.
We're going to be going back to him in just a minute.
I want to get his take on what President Trump said this morning, what Mark Meadows said yesterday.
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Now, let's go to Mark Meadows and get Roger Stone's take on this powerful clip from Mark Meadows.
Mark, let me turn to the Russia probe.
You did such an excellent job when you were on the Oversight Committee in terms of zeroing in on the origins of the Russia probe.
We now know for sure.
Lindsey Graham told us this about a month ago, actually, so our audience was aware that the FBI knew that the dossier was just made-up garbage and the sub-source told the FBI agents that.
And yet, Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe kept on pushing forward, renewing warrants to spy on Carter Page
Your reaction to what we know now and when are we going to hear from John Durham?
Will there be indictments, sir?
Well, I think the American people expect indictments.
I know I expect indictments based on the evidence I've seen.
Lindsey Graham did a good job in getting that out.
We know that they not only knew that there wasn't a case, but they continued to investigate and spy.
And yes, I use the word
We're good to go.
Signed, sealed, delivered.
Let's make it happen.
Roger Stone, your response.
Well, from Mark Meadows' mouth to God's ears, you do have to wonder why this process has taken almost the entire first term of President Donald Trump.
Because in the beginning, of course, the deep state stonewalled the declassification.
But the real hero of this story,
Is Richard Rick Grinnell.
Rick Grinnell, who temporarily served as the head of DNI, came in, broke the bureaucratic logjam, and actually released the declassified documents ordered almost two years ago by President Trump, which break the entire Russian collusion hoax wide open.
So it is obvious to anyone that
That this goes all the way to the Oval Office, that Mr. Brennan, Mr. Comey, Mr. Clapper, Vice President Joe Biden, the President himself, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, the UN ambassador, are all co-conspirators.
But I wonder what will happen, only in view of the fact that the Inspector General of the Justice Department recommended twice to the Attorney General, Mr. Barr, that James Comey be indicted for lying, but lying specifically and harboring top-secret classified information, which he removed illegally from the FBI headquarters.
More serious charges than what they charged me with, and for which I was wrongly convicted.
And Mr. Barr has taken no action against Mr. Comey.
Now some have argued, well perhaps he knows of a larger indictment coming down the road.
But it would be good for the American people to see that Mr. Comey gets charged, and those charges could always be superseded in a so-called superseding indictment.
Down the road, it would show the American people that there are not two standards, one for Roger Stone and that great American patriot, Mike Flynn, and another one for the Clinton-Obama criminal cabal.
So it is interesting to me, Owen, that first Mr. Durham's report was going to be ready in the spring.
Then it was going to be ready in the summer.
Now there are hints that it won't be ready until after the election.
This is very, very disturbing.
How long will these criminals get away with it?
Now, case in point, the new prosecutor in my case, who replaced the four rogue prosecutors who were not
career non-political line prosecutors, J.P.
Cooney, is the same man that the week of my trial announced that there would be no prosecution against Andrew McCabe, the same week I was convicted.
The crime that Mr. McCabe should have been charged with carries a greater jail term and is a more serious crime than lying to Congress, the charge that I was on.
And these people committed treason, which President Trump says 50 years in jail.
We'll be right back.
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Vicki Gibbs, 57-year-old lesbian preacher in Houston, went in with a cough, got intubated, and then died.
And as soon as I saw her face, as soon as I saw the report, I said, watch, it'll be intubation.
We know what's gonna happen.
It's a blue city.
Same story yet again.
And they say her heart gave out.
If you put somebody on a breathing tube with COVID-19 as a death sentence, it's on record.
Warn everyone you know before they go into the hospital and get killed.
Why are almost all the deaths happening in blue cities and blue states?
It's because they intubate them, putting a tube in their lungs, and COVID-19 is causing an autoimmune response.
And if you do that with oxygen, the doctors are on record saying it will kill you.
But all these doctors in blue cities and blue states follow their orders.
And the minute I saw this report today, I knew what I would be reading.
Don't end up like Vicki Gibbs or everyone.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Roger Stone, an InfoWars alum, and I'm right back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer and I are sitting in for Alex so he can get a little R&R.
And as you saw, we're breaking down the literally quickly crumbling what's left of the Russian collusion fraud.
I myself experienced it in the days after President Trump, in an extraordinarily courageous act of both mercy and justice, commuted my deep state death sentence.
You see, despite the fact that it is the policy of DOJ and the Bureau of Prisons, despite the fact
That I'm 67 and have a history of respiratory problems, despite the fact that every other person in my position who went to court to get a transfer or delay in their incarceration in the last 30 days was granted it.
They wanted me to die in a rural Georgia prison.
Well, because you see, then the appeal of my conviction would die with me.
And those involved in my conviction would never be exposed in terms of the level of
So there was a method to their madness.
And just in the last week, Robert Mueller, also known as Mumbles Mueller, popped up again to reiterate the same false narrative.
Roger Stone came to our attention because he was communicating with known Russian intelligence officers.
Notice the plural.
He knows that that is nonsense, that they brought no such charge against me, and that my completely innocuous exchange with Guccifer 2.0, a persona on Twitter, took place after WikiLeaks had already published the documents.
The content of it was published right here on InfoWars.
In toto, it was innocuous, it was benign, and they can't even prove that Gooseford 2.0 is a Russian intelligence asset.
In fact, there's more evidence, according to Bill Binney and other experts, that he is more likely a U.S.
intelligence asset.
When I say he, this persona.
Now, the problem here, of course, is that they keep repeating the same false narrative, like we're dummies, like nobody got it.
And then you have Andrew Weissman,
Uh, the number two man, really the number one man in the Mueller investigation with a stunning op-ed.
We need to drag Roger Stone in front of the grand jury to find out what he knows.
Mr. Weissman, you had three years to do that.
You didn't do it.
You wrote my indictment personally.
Your initials are in the meta tags on the original document.
There's no Russian collusion.
There's no WikiLeaks collaboration.
There's nothing other than the fabricated charges of lying to Congress.
But the new narrative here, Owen, is as follows.
Roger Stone was aware of misconduct and illegal acts by President Trump, and he traded his silence for commutation.
And in this case, the lack of any evidence is the evidence itself.
That is how brain dead these people are.
There is no such evidence because none of it ever happened.
And had they been able to corroborate this, as you know, Owen, they would have charged me with it and used it as an article of impeachment against the President.
Well, you predicted this exact thing would happen, I guess it was about a week ago, maybe, with me on The War Room or right here on The Alex Jones Show, and then sure enough, they rolled it out, they tried to do gotcha interviews with you, and it's all these implications that they make without any evidence, of course.
And Trump insisted the same thing, again,
If it was Trump that did any of this stuff, they would have caught him, they would have arrested him, they would have impeached him.
They have no evidence, folks.
All they have is the corrupt media willing to print their false stories time after time after time.
And so the President tweeted this out.
So we catch Obama and Biden, not to even mention the rest of their crew, many of which Roger Stone just mentioned, spying on my campaign and nothing happens.
I hope not.
If it were the other way around, 50 years for treason, never forget.
And you know, believe me folks, I would like to see justice in this country as much as anybody else.
Justice be done, may the heavens fall.
But I do think that on a certain level,
President Trump and I actually believe Roger Stone has predicted this or we've spoken about this before but I'll get his take now.
I don't think Trump wants to see Obama go down.
I don't think Trump wants Obama's quote-unquote presidency to be plagued
In such a bad way that it makes America look bad.
I think that that's kind of what Trump is trying to do here.
It's like, look, we'll throw all Obama's henchmen under the bus.
They all belong in jail.
We'll spare Obama just to really spare America the shame and embarrassment that was his eight years in office and who he really was, just a total fraud.
But I don't know, maybe the American people
Are getting so fed up.
They don't even care.
Yeah, sure.
Obama was the worst president.
Committed all this treason.
Threw us under the bus.
We got fooled.
Maybe America's willing to put that in the textbooks for history.
Maybe it's not.
But what do you think, Roger?
Because Trump is right.
I mean, if it was Trump that did any of this, he would be facing treason charges.
Well, Owen, I don't want to second guess the President of the United States.
I've just gotten a text message from Alex Jones that says, please talk about Russia more and whatever you do, don't talk about the next election.
So I think we will now talk about the 2020 election.
This is really the key because whether or not the criminal conspiracy that took place in 2016 and since then,
Whether or not this illegal coup is ultimately prosecuted really depends on the outcome of the next election.
And therefore, I'd like to tell you what I think is going on, because I know a number of the President's supporters are dispirited.
A number of them are
Are upset.
The rhino Republicans, the country club Republicans who had to pretend they were for Donald Trump when he became extraordinarily popular, but when he became extraordinarily popular, but who were never really for him at all, are now already headed to the high grass.
They're conceding defeat.
There's at least one member of his current campaign staff who's out secretly shopping a tell-all memoir book.
Assuming his defeat, but I don't feel that way at all.
I think that when you look at the top five issues in the country, the president's on the right side of all of them and Joe Biden is on the wrong side of all of them.
Now, it is true that the president was forced, because of the coronavirus crisis, to throw away his whole car.
I mean, the cornerstone of his reelection strategy, as it should have been, was based on the economy.
It is the number one issue in the country.
Although some polls now show coronavirus is the number one issue, that's because the media just pushes that line relentlessly.
And unfortunately, our economy is in very rough shape, probably the roughest shape it's been in since the Great Depression, with a few bright spots.
To me, every election boils down to the requirement that you must have the ability to define in one sentence why the voters should vote for you and not the other candidate.
Here's my stab at that.
Our economy's in rough shape because the president had no choice but to protect the public health during the coronavirus crisis.
And unfortunately, in doing so, by erring on the side of caution, he had no choice but to shut down America, which destroyed our economy.
Now, who do we want to rebuild America's economy?
A man who has proven, indisputably, that he knows exactly how to do it.
A man who brought us record wage growth,
We're good.
One size fits all trade deals.
That is the choice facing America.
It's that simple.
And Donald Trump has proven himself.
Remember they said, Oh, if you elect Trump, there'll be a market crash.
There'll be a depression.
He brought us the strongest economy in our entire history, and he can do it again.
Look at these last two job reports.
Despite COVID virus, despite it, the underlying tenets of cutting taxes and cutting regulation and better trade deals under Donald Trump is already bringing America back.
To me, it seems like a very, very simple campaign if you will stick to that theme and another theme that I'll discuss on the other side.
Oh, and there you have my capsule analysis of 2020.
Yeah, and I want to ask you something else on the other side that you may be able to answer unlike anyone else.
Because I see the left lying about Trump, the media, Hollywood, all these people lying about Trump.
And I mean, he kind of just lets them do it, really knowing, though, he could have them all by the short hairs if he wanted to, if he wanted to really save his reputation.
I'll ask Roger Stone if that's the case on the other side.
It's finally here!
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The people are awakening.
They're taking control of their own environment.
Cell phones are an amazing tool.
Really, they're a supercomputer that's handheld.
But big tech, large corporations, hackers, governments, foreign governments, the Chai Coms especially, are using this to steal your data, to share your data.
To be able to rig markets when they're able to scoop up billions of people's data, they can actually predict on record what's going to happen in mass movements.
Cutting them out of that data stream absolutely devastates their AI takeover.
In their own words, they admit it.
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Americans have had freedom for so long, and most Americans were born into such docile times compared to the rest of history, that we really have a blind spot for tyranny.
We don't appreciate the American way, truth, justice, due process, the right to self-defense, private property, because we've had it so long, and we just think that's how the rest of the world is.
Ladies and gentlemen, the renaissance, the social contract that's 500 years old to try to build up humanity and try to believe in humanity and try to empower the weak as well as the strong is something the West invented and that's what made our modern world.
That's now been hijacked by the technocrats, by the globalists who say humans are ugly and bad for the Earth and we need to be culled and dumbed down and put into subgroups that the elites dominate, manipulate and command if we're even lucky enough to stay alive.
And that's what COVID-19 is.
A global UN revolution against free humanity, against your family, against prosperity, and against your future.
If you don't stand up and fight, you deserve what you get.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
I feel fine.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I don't feel fine.
This entire takeover has been battle-planned, blueprinted, war-gamed, field-martialed by the psychological war chiefs at the United Nations and the Fortune 100.
This is the post-human takeover.
The noose gets tighter when you comply, not looser.
The entire COVID-19 operation is a hoax.
Now they admit that, quote, death numbers are dropping because those are fake, where they count people that died of something else.
But it's all about how many cases there are.
And now they're saying most of the population will get it.
And then no one can go outside ever again.
It's totally insane.
It's a fraud.
It's all a lie.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
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One of my biggest bugaboos about... I don't even know where I would put it on.
I mean, it's really just the fake news media.
And it's incredible.
Most people cannot comprehend and or don't want to comprehend the fact that television news, about 95% of it, is just fake.
It's just agenda-driven fake news.
It's hard to grasp, folks.
It's hard to understand.
Now, I've got other stories here that will prove that, but my bugaboo is this, Roger.
No matter where you turn on mainstream media, they're lying about Donald Trump.
They're lying about him, 24-7, around the clock.
And, unfortunately, this has resulted in a total destruction of his reputation.
So now these brainwashed minions think Trump is racist, he's this, he's that, you know, wants to put Kaj in K. I mean, the worst image of the guy, and I mean, look.
I understand he's fighting for America, but in a way, Trump's reputation and America's future are tied now.
And so, you know the President personally, and again, when I see him tweet things out like, so we catch Obama and Biden, not to even mention the rest of their crew, spying on my campaign and nothing happens?
I hope not.
If it were the other way around, 50 years for treason, never forget.
Well, look.
Donald Trump, the president, can save his own reputation.
I think the problem is he would have to destroy the reputations of Obama and Biden and Hollywood and the mainstream news so, so badly.
I mean, we'd have to see it all, folks.
We're talking about the sex clubs, the sex trafficking, the underage sex with minors that Ghislaine Maxwell has access to, all of it.
He'd have to, he'd have to say, no, look, and he'd have to do it on the national platform.
And he'd probably have to rule out a lot of the evidence that they have.
Well, look, I think it needs to be done, because America needs to know the truth.
Not about Donald Trump, but about the Hollywood celebrities that they worshipped, about the television news anchors that they trusted, the politicians that they thought were telling them the truth and had their best interests.
All liars.
So I ask you this, Roger, as we have Mark Meadows and others calling for jail for Obama and crew for the treason they engaged in.
Does President Trump, do you believe there's any interest there for him to save his reputation in the sense that his reputation is now directly correlated and tied to America's future?
Well, I really can't respond to your question, Owen, because last Friday was the first time I've spoken to the President in several years because of my legal situation and the fact that he was under investigation for much of that time, unjustly of course.
I can echo exactly what you say about the fake news media because I've just been through this.
Last Friday, I taped an interview for a
Mo Kelly, whose show I had done previously and with whom we had found common ground in our opposition to the racist war on drugs.
But this broadcast was a technological disaster.
They cut my audio feed three times.
The second time when they brought me back in, I was in the middle of some other show in which a woman and a man were speaking in French.
I hung up, I called back in, and the first question I got from Mo Kelly was whether I had just called him a Negro.
Which, of course, I hadn't!
Then he went on for the rest of the program and osculated my derriere as if nothing was wrong.
So if I had called him this so-called racial slur, a lot of my black friends argue it's not a slur, but let's put that aside because I didn't say it.
Why didn't he react more aggressively?
But then late on Saturday night, he puts out a very cleaned up and I think enhanced soundtrack in which he says that I use that word.
Now, anybody who knows me knows that I have been a lifelong proponent of civil rights.
I opposed Ronald Reagan's decision when I was working for him not to extend the Voting Rights Act.
I'm the last conservative alive who still defends the policy of affirmative action, advantages for people of color when it comes to jobs and employment, federal contracts.
I have a 30 year record of opposing the war on drugs, which I have called a ignominious racist failure, which falls disproportionately on people of color.
I have crusaded for a pardon for Marcus Garvey, the early
Who was framed by the FBI because he was becoming a growing political force in America.
And lastly, I have been a giant proponent of the President's Second Chance Act, which is fixing the obsesses of Joe Biden and Bill Clinton under which people are being sent to prison for harsh mandatory penalties.
Uh, for the first time, nonviolent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs.
So 88% of those people who've been incarcerated, the numbers doubled since more than doubled since 1994, are African Americans.
So this whole notion is absurd.
Now, I have sent the tape out for analysis to a forensic sound engineer, and I'll have a report here shortly, but I believe this is part and parcel of a strategy on the left.
We're good.
I don't agree with that analysis.
Even the Daily Beast, which is really the bottom of the barrel, says it appears that Stone did so.
Well, I didn't do so.
And I think I'll be able to prove that shortly.
It's a smear.
But Roger, that's my point here.
You're willing to defend your reputation to the hilt.
And again, my question is, do you believe the president has that same agenda?
Because he should come out and say, hey, look,
All these people that are calling me racist all day long are liars.
They all flew on Epstein's plane.
I mean, he needs to list them off.
He needs to come on air and say, no, look, these people are engaged in sex trafficking with minors.
They have no room to put any sort of claim against me that is false.
I mean, but that's what I'm asking.
Has he measured that?
Is he willing to go on a full defense?
I'm unable to answer your question, Owen, because I haven't talked campaign strategy with him in over two years.
I do know that he's an extraordinary communicator.
He does understand what the deep state has done here.
We're moving into a campaign season.
And I think at the end of the day, many of the issues that you list will be the keys to victory.
But the two keys are the economy, which we've already discussed, and the role that Joe Biden and Bill Clinton played in the mass incarceration of more black people than anyone in American history.
If you want to talk about social justice and criminal justice, Donald Trump has done more between the record low unemployment rates for African Americans, the increases for African American colleges, and the incredible Second Chance Act
Uh, than any recent Democratic president has done.
Bill Clinton, a great proponent of the African-Americans, he went to the US Supreme Court to argue that racial profiling by the Arkansas State Police was perfectly all right.
So he used the dog whistle when it suited him.
And we know Joe Biden said that if we integrated the public schools, they'd be a jungle.
I don't want my kids going to school in a jungle, he said.
If that isn't a racist comment, what is?
But again, different standards for conservative Republicans.
I reiterate my denial.
I will prove it shortly.
This is a typical smear, but they all jump right back on NBC, which
I think so.
They do that at Bloomberg News.
They usually do it at ABC.
I can't name any other news organization that fulfills that basic journalistic responsibility.
Yeah, and it's always the farthest left liberal progressive news outlets that are the last one that will ever call you for a comment.
They'll write a hundred stories about you.
And they'll never even request a comment.
Even if they didn't want to print it, just for journalistic integrity purposes, they would at least file a request to say they did it.
No, folks, not the case.
But you know what?
There's still 100 days plus, I believe, to the next election.
Now, they may try to keep a presidential debate from happening, which would be President Trump's biggest platform to lay these people out and fillet them, but he needs to do it.
It's time for him to save America, as well as his own reputation.
A lot of you have been listening for more than 20 years.
And if you go back to those shows, we laid out the AI takeover plan, the tracking of cell phones, how programmed master computers would manipulate control society, how they'd be able to not just predict,
I think?
But when we cover that, the media would attack us and say we were making it up.
It was a conspiracy theory, even though it was in the actual corporate-level blueprint documents.
Well, the next level of the blueprint documents explained to us that they are setting up this control system to make humans obsolete and phase us out.
And it's something about a thousand times crazier than what Hitler planned.
So we might want to dismantle the system now.
We are selling more privacy pockets a day than we were previously selling in a month because of the Clinton Foundation running the contact tracing and admittedly with Google and Apple tracking all Americans on their phones even if you opt out of it or get rid of the apps.
People realize these criminal groups are surveilling you and selling your data and using it to control your life, sharing it with Antifa, sharing it with Black Lives Matter, sharing it with the deep state to oppress not just high-profile people, but the general public.
That's why folks are taking back control of their lives with these little Faraday cages.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show!
So as you know, social media companies are censoring the president and much of the content that he is putting out.
Here is a latest example of a campaign video that the president put on Twitter that was removed.
What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.
For too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government, while the people have borne the cost.
The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.
That all changes, starting right here and right now.
We're good.
A powerful, really barely even a campaign video, just kind of a powerful video of where we're at right now in the United States.
Now, it was allegedly removed in Lincoln Park, the band from Chicago.
Chester Bennington, who passed away just a few years ago, allegedly suicide.
Strangely enough, looks like a doppelganger for John Podesta, who looks like a doppelganger for Rockefeller.
I digress from that.
They claim they filed a copyright complaint, which is why it got removed.
But I'm a little confused by that because I don't even believe that's a Linkin Park sample.
I mean, obviously it's a remix of a Linkin Park track, but I don't believe that's actually Linkin Park.
So that's like a whole new web that they're spinning now.
If you just put up anything of theirs, they just claim it's copyright.
But I doubt they've gone after the artist who made that.
Basic analysis of that is right.
I don't believe that's actually Linkin Park.
I don't believe that's actually Chester Bennington singing.
I think that's just a remake.
But Roger, this is just another example.
You know, the President needs to understand the censorship on social media is costing him big time.
And it's time for him to fight back against the tech giants that are violating his free speech and the free speech of millions of Americans.
Well, Owen, you don't need to tell me.
The day that my sentence was commuted, it was announced by Facebook that I was being banned for life because I own and control 100 fake Facebook pages.
There's only one problem with this claim.
It is completely and totally false.
And the company that created this lie, Grafica, I have no choice now to bring a legal action against them.
A very clever blend of truth where I have legitimate rights to say things on social media.
It is one of the absolute keys to the president's reelection.
Internet freedom.
Yeah, and we can get more into that, but folks, it basically just, it allows the fake news to dominate the media sphere.
CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream media fake news outlets came out and said that a new Trump campaign t-shirt that has an American eagle spreading its wings standing on top of an American flag is Nazi!
And they had the Soros-funded Snopes groups and others fact-check it and say, yes, now the American flag and yes, the American eagle are Nazis.
No, George Soros
We're good to go.
And of course, trigger lip tarts everywhere.
Exercise your first amendment or loosen.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Traitors among us, ladies and gentlemen.
They're on TV.
They're in the press.
They're in the Democrat Party.
They're in the Republican Party.
They are in the streets of America, burning things down.
In governors' mansions.
In mayor roles.
And they now feel more emboldened than ever.
And so they're going in, burning police stations to the ground, attacking police officers, murdering people.
Shootings in New York are soaring every week.
It's totally out of control.
And it's all, all promoted, celebrated, justified by the Democrat Party, by the mainstream media.
Something has to give here, ladies and gentlemen, when you have trained terrorists, trained anarchists, being used as a violent insurrection wing, whose middleman is the Democrat Party and the television media, who on top of it all is the George Soros' and the major funders of this evil.
And so you're just seeing some of the B-roll of this.
It's happening every night in Democrat-run cities.
It's amazing that painting BLM on the streets didn't solve any of these crimes.
It's only actually increased since you allowed the riot mobs, the Democrat riot mafia mobs, to commit violence.
That they just keep getting more and more violent.
So this doesn't end well.
I'd like to see it end peacefully.
I still measure the only way to bring these people to reality is to just present them with all the facts.
The human trafficking that Hillary Clinton and others have engaged in.
It's been going on for years.
The truth about Barack Obama, who he is, the treason he committed.
Just lay it all out.
Just make these people side with the most evil people on earth and make them recognize that and face that fact.
And then let's see if they still have the energy to go out and burn down America when they figure out that they're working for a pedophile Satan cult.
That is funding and manipulating their every move, so we'll get Roger's take on that if he's ever seen anything like this before in his decades covering politics.
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You don't want companies tracking and tracing you 24-7.
You don't want to be on this COVID tracking and tracing BS.
And it's probably going to come a point in time where these things are just going to become necessary.
They may even make them illegal.
Oh, you're not allowed privacy.
Oh, we have to spy on you 24-7.
We have to know where you are.
You're not even allowed to have privacy.
So, I mean, they may try to outlaw these folks.
They may even try to cease and desist us for even selling these.
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In all your years of political coverage and analysis and involvement,
I would imagine it's not even close.
You've never seen anything like this.
I mean, just looking at what you've been through, but just seeing what's happening on the streets of America.
I mean, in Democrat-run cities, it's the most dangerous it's ever been.
There's never been more shootings, more murdering nationwide.
There's never been just totally out-of-control populations burning, looting, rioting night after night after night.
Police seemingly helpless in these situations.
And this is the Democrat mafia.
This is the Nazi-style
Brown shirt style mafia that the media and the Democrats have fueled up, pumped up and lit on fire to go out and destroy America and then try to blame Trump.
I mean, it's a sick, twisted thing that these people are doing, Roger.
When you see all this happening, what goes through your mind?
I mean, did you ever think America would come to this?
Well, Owen, first let me say that
I've never seen anything quite like this.
When you see the New York City Police Commissioner, his entire high command assaulted, bloodied, beaten, and they don't respond whatsoever because they know Mayor de Blasio will not have their back and they know the perverted criminal justice system in New York State will prosecute them, not their attackers.
We've reached a very sad place in America.
I don't know how much longer this can continue because what we see going on in our streets is not legitimate democratic protest.
It is a highly organized, very well-funded socialist revolution.
Socialist anarchistic revolution.
As one of my good friends, Jacob Engels, the publisher of the Central Florida Post, again, where Facebook is trying to destroy him.
That's his legitimate website and business.
He pointed out to me that the police no longer have the backs of any of our police officers and therefore they are being told to stand down in the face of the violent mob.
This is really distressing because it kind of shows you where this election is going.
Are the mobs going to dissuade people from showing up at their legal polling places?
And if they do, will the police do anything about that?
I don't think that that's the case.
I have members in my own family who are police officers who've told me directly,
They have been ordered by their superiors to arrest no one for any crime, no matter how heinous, because nobody will back them.
They will end up being prosecuted.
This is really extraordinary.
Meanwhile, the voices of reason like Jacob Engels, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, so many others, we are being silenced so we can't even talk about what's going on in our streets.
At the end of the day, the President's number one job is to preserve order.
Now, he's shown enormous restraint so far because we understand that an over-reaction will be immediately branded as some kind of Hitlerian action and so on.
When they start tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and call them racists, this has gone too far.
When they can bloody the head of the New York City Police Commissioner, and he's afraid to act because of the cowardly leadership of Mayor de Blasio,
We are headed because the people in the streets who are beating on old people who are targeting people simply because of their race and seeming to do it with impunity really threatens the absolute bedrock principles of our Constitution and our nation.
Owen, God help the United States of America.
I've never seen anything like this in my years in politics and between voter fraud
Internet censorship and the lies of the fake news media like CNN, which is not a news organization, but a propaganda front for the Chinese communists, I really have grave concerns about the next election.
It's not that I don't think Donald Trump isn't a great candidate or a great communicator.
And if I could sleep at night knowing we were going to have an honest election, I think he'd win.
But I don't feel that we will have an honest election.
And you already see them setting the table.
Oh, if Trump disputes the election results over fraud, he should be removed by the military.
I think they are projecting.
That's what I think.
Yeah, because that's all they do.
So that means they're getting ready to activate their corrupt military and claim Trump did it to remove him.
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I've been on air 26 years.
Starting about 24 years ago, I began to get calls from major Hollywood directors, producers, actors.
They wanted to meet with me.
And they said, what is your formal education?
And I said, well, really nothing but a few years of college.
They said, well, how are you one of the best science fiction or cultural writers we've ever heard?
The stuff you come up with is just unbelievable.
We'd like you to be in movies.
We'd like you to write with us.
We'd like you to do voiceovers.
You're just a renaissance man.
Folks know I was in some movies and Harry Shearer makes statements like that and a lot of others.
I'm not bragging.
And I kept explaining to them, I said, do you understand I didn't come up with any of this?
I'm reading globalist MIT white papers and futurist documents.
And they would just laugh at me and say, oh, no way.
Then I would give them the documents.
They would get very, very scared the next time I saw them in a few months and say, man, you're right.
This is dystopic.
Folks, I didn't make any of this up, OK?
It's real.
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And since it's so triggering to the leftists and the globalists, well, we're gonna make sure there's even more of these on the streets.
I think so.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
It's an epic time to be alive.
The forces of evil are fully activated right now against humanity.
The forces of good are just waking up from a coma.
So you're starting to see more of this.
For example, with a lady in New York City going out to the Black Lives Matter mural twice and covering it in black paint.
Literally did it the first time, got arrested, went to jail, got released, went right back out immediately.
You know, it's beyond frustrating.
It's beyond frustrating when... It's just, it's a rigged game, folks.
It's a rigged game.
If you're a liberal progressive, the whole system is rigged for you.
But if you're a proud American, everything in the system stands against you.
That's the real bias.
That's the real discrimination.
A free man and a free woman is the most discriminated against person in the United States right now.
But if you're totally for the corrupt establishment of Hollywood and the Democrat Party and the mainstream news, you are fully protected by the establishment.
And I guess that's why, after all, these people fall for the propaganda and become their foot soldiers willingly.
Because they never really had any leadership
They never really felt like a part of something.
So even though they would tell you, oh, it's all corrupt, I'm anti-establishment, as they're out there doing exactly what the establishment wants them to do, you'll see more patriots and heroes like Ms.
Betty going out and fighting back.
And then that's just going to encourage another one and another one and another one.
And the left isn't going to know what hit them, folks.
They're not going to know what hit them.
And look, here's the problem.
These police officers shouldn't even be doing anything about this lady.
They should be letting her do this.
They let shootings and rioting and mob violence take place in the streets every night in New York City.
But a peaceful protester
I mean, hell, if you're a peaceful protester for Black Lives Matter, as you literally burn and pillage and rape and murder all night, then certainly that's a peaceful protest.
There will be more.
It's just so heavy, quite frankly.
It's just so heavy.
Knowing what needs to be done, and knowing what stands in our way,
Yeah, you know that's not going out and with a bunch of other thugs with your face covered with a hammer and a bat and having someone pull down a statue or break a window or something.
That's a coward.
That's a coward.
Yeah, you feel tough in the moment.
Yeah, you get that adrenaline rush, that endorphin rush in the moment because you've never challenged anything in your life.
So yeah, smashing that window, whoo!
That really gives them a rise, and then they get away with it, and they want to do it again and again and again and again.
And then they think they run everything.
And we've just got so much time to go before the election.
It just makes me sick knowing everything that the Democrats and the left and the mainstream media is going to try to attempt before we get there.
This is just the beginning, folks.
This is just the beginning.
The state, the brainwashed, indoctrinated state of hatred and violence that the mainstream media and the Democrat Party has put the average leftist liberal progressive in is so dangerous.
So dangerous.
There's no stopping it at this point.
It's an out-of-control forest fire and they're throwing gasoline on it.
And I'm telling you that the left in America is only about to get crazier.
It's only about to get crazier, folks.
So, you know, get yourself prepared.
However possible.
Because this is just the beginning.
And they're going to do everything they can to keep Trump's words and agenda out of the common public's vision.
And instead they're going to keep the lies and the misinformation and everything else so that their violent mobs still feel justified and legitimate in their terrorism.
Someday something's going to give, folks.
But look, they have to face what they've been a part of.
They need to face what they've been a part of.
You have been undermined control from a Satanist pedophile cult.
That's all of it, folks.
When you scrape through all the crap, that's what you find.
A worldwide
Satanist pedophile cult.
Sex cult.
Working for multiple government agencies.
Using blackmail for control.
And they run Hollywood.
They run the media.
For years they've run both the Republican and the Democrat Party.
Trump got in and turned it all on its head.
That's why the Republicans are actually anti-Trump.
Trump is the Republican Party now.
The old Republican Party still doesn't want Trump in.
They're trying to get him out.
Just look at what happened in Texas and other places.
Something has to be done to break this brainwashing on these leftists in the streets and it has to be... It has to be so shocking and horrifying that it cripples them.
Yeah, they're gonna have to find out about the Hillary Clinton involvement with it.
They're gonna have to find out about who Obama really is.
They're gonna have to find out about Hollywood's involvement with it.
And Epstein.
And all... You know what?
I mean... See, here's the danger, though.
Whatever ends up happening... With the investigation into Maxwell... Should she... Stay alive?
It's going to be used to attack President Trump and he needs to just lower his head and just bulldoze through it.
Because the folks that look they're gonna they'll put out some deep fake.
I'm sorry to get graphic but they'll put out some deep fake of a snuff film or a child rape film and they'll put Trump's head on it.
And they've already got the material from just all their own blackmail, and so they'll just throw something that looks like Trump, and they'll just put some audio backing behind it, and they'll just say, here's Trump, you know, sexually abusing a child, and they'll probably do that for the election.
At least, they're thinking about it.
And so that's kind of their, that will be their threat or backdrop should President Trump or Bill Barr or anybody actually expose these
Satanist pedophile networks, or these sex trafficking networks, or all the blackmail that Maxwell and Epstein had.
That's what they're gonna do.
And they've probably been told the President this.
Yeah, by the way, Kamala Harris just had some plastic surgery done on her face.
Or it's just a different woman.
I mean, take your pick, but... It's just joke level at this point.
So, she must be really making a bid to be the Vice President.
Or just replace Biden when they say he's physically unable to do it, which they may do before the election even begins.
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But on top of that,
They admit that wearing these masks does absolutely nothing to protect you from COVID-19 or anything else.
It's total virtue signaling to show that you're prepared for the forced inoculations and contact tracing that they're openly announcing.
It's an act of submission.
It's an act of like putting a burka on your head and bowing down.
But a big reason to wear these is then into stores when people ask you why you're wearing a Halloween mask, say,
It's just as useless as the stupid cloth mask that you're wearing.
And the M95 mask, only control what's coming in, not what's going out.
So they quote, spread COVID-19, they don't protect from it.
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Another part of the Great Awakening that's taking place is people that haven't even been religious or Christian now see how evil is out in the open, how hundreds of churches have been burned in Europe and the U.S., hundreds of Christian icons have been burned, destroyed, Jesuses have had their heads cut off all over the country, all over the Philippines, all over Europe.
Virgin Mary's are getting torn down.
I mean, crosses are being torn down.
It's absolutely out of control, but people now understand that evil was always real.
It is spiritual.
And it was just waiting to make its move, building beneath the surface, and now it's emerged.
That's why when I ask listeners and viewers for your prayer, I mean it.
I'm praying for America.
I'm praying for you.
And I know the power of prayer is real and God hears it.
We need to come together and pray for an even greater awakening.
Pray for Donald Trump to be protected.
Pray for him to win in a landslide and pray for the people under deception of the globalists to awaken and join us in liberty and freedom.
God bless you all.
Please pray for him for us as well.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, the tip of the spear.
Leading the fight to take back the nation.
It's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I could sit here and tell you all the enemies of America.
For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center that shouldn't even be operational anymore.
They should have been sued into oblivion for all of the libel that they are guilty of over the years.
But, you know, for years they've been putting up listings like this.
Whose heritage?
Public symbols of the Confederacy.
And then they just put it all on a map.
So they give the targets that the Southern Poverty Law Center literally is the laser for the Democrat mobs to go start destroying crap.
That's the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They say, OK, here's your target.
Go out, seek and destroy.
Southern Poverty Law Center should be raided by the FBI, all their assets seized, all their documents seized and investigated for criminal insurrection and potential treason against this country.
That should have happened years ago but you'll continue to see their minions burning stuff down like they're burning down police stations now in Portland and then
Federal agents come in to stop the rioting, stop the violence, stop the destruction, and then the ACLU files lawsuit against the federal agents in Portland.
So there's another enemy.
So there's another organization that needs to be investigated immediately.
All their assets seized.
Guns drawn, raid on all ACLU's properties tomorrow.
Shut the ACLU down.
Shut Media Matters down.
Because see, here's the thing.
They want us shut down.
They've done everything to shut us down.
But we're grassroots.
They're not grassroots.
They get big donations from billionaires like George Soros and then go out and put out lies and propaganda, lazing targets that then lead to violence and destruction in this country.
And then they point the finger at us and say, no, that's what you're doing.
No, you're doing that.
You've been caught.
You're the traitors to this country.
You're the violent insurrectionists.
And it's just a joke.
And you know what?
It's not a joke.
It's pathetic.
It is pathetic that we don't have the leadership in this country to shut these anti-American insurrectionists down.
But see,
Here's again, this is why these people are so dangerous.
That's what they want to do to us.
And so again, it's just like with President Trump battling the satanic Luciferian child sex trafficking network.
They're saying, oh, you can't come after us.
We'll aim that at you.
We'll claim you were running Ghislaine Maxwell.
We'll claim you were the one on Epstein Island having sex with kids.
Even though it wasn't you, we'll claim it was you.
It's the same thing.
These are the most dangerous people.
This is the scum of the earth that we're dealing with here.
Only total acceptance of this and removal of it, otherwise this country is doomed.
Just like Portland is doomed.
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna give out the number here.
And we're gonna take calls in the last segment today.
What are we gonna do to wake America up?
We are just in such dire straits, man.
Ah, boy.
I really, I can't even focus to cover this news.
I really can't.
It's just, it's just, it's so devastating and it's the same thing, man.
I guess the question is, is America going to be able to wake up from the coma, get off the operating table that was about to dice us up, get active, beat the muscle atrophy,
And actually save this country.
Or is the coma too strong?
We've been asleep too long.
It's too little, too late.
They've got all of the... Because here's the thing.
We knew all this was coming, folks.
I mean, that's not even an I told you so.
We've been telling you this for years.
I remember I sat here in this very studio about two months ago.
I said, here's everything that's going to happen since this COVID thing.
And it's all come true.
Alex Jones has a documentary called In Game.
It's now reality 2020.
Oh man, it's just... And see, this is what makes me really upset.
It's the arrogance of these people.
It's the arrogance of the Democrat Party.
It's the arrogance of the mainstream media.
It's the arrogance of the street thugs.
And you know, I guess...
It's a worldly satisfaction, it's a fleshly satisfaction that I desire for these people to face reality, for these people to face justice, for these people to get a hardcore dose of what's real and what they deserve.
To stomp that arrogance out, but you know what?
That's really God's job.
You know, I feel bad.
I feel bad for these people because they're gonna be tortured for the rest of their consciousness.
They're gonna be tortured.
So, I mean,
I guess it's just a warning.
You know, I guess they just need to be warned.
Have your fun.
You know what?
Hey, you know what?
Have your fun with your little violent riots.
Have your fun with living a lie.
Have your fun with trying to make us slaves.
Have your fun being a total piece of trash human.
You know what?
You're going to have a little satisfaction in this blink of an eye right here.
But let me tell you, when that day comes and you're going to face everything that you've created, everything that you've become,
Everything that you stood for.
It's going to be shackles on your arms, on your legs, on your soul for the rest of humanity.
And any demon that wants to come up and torture you is gonna do it.
And that's what you're being groomed to do.
That's what you're being groomed for.
It's just, it's just stunning to me.
I really just, I can't even fathom
I literally have to think of it like I'm just living in a video game simulation and these are NPCs and so I can't take it personally.
They literally aren't even real.
They're not even real people.
They can't be.
This can't be reality.
These people can't be real.
These people can't be humans.
So when we come back, I mean folks, I got all the news.
The Democrats have been caught colluding with China.
They committed treason.
Every single damn one of these governors and mayors is in bed with China.
That's why they're telling you to wear a mask, okay?
That's why they're going along with the COVID hoax.
They're being told to.
Oh boy, it's just... The corruption is so heavy and so deep, it's just sickening.
And again, to see these humans so deceived and just not even realizing it.
Yeah, I got a whole stack of the COVID lies.
Yeah, I got a whole stack of the Democrats colluding with China.
Yeah, we got the whole stack of all the leftist violence in the streets.
But what do you say?
I mean, how do you even properly roll this information out?
It just, it is what it is.
The left has been completely unchained to engage in domestic terror.
And the media just promotes it, and the Democrats call them peaceful protesters.
I mean, it is sick.
So when we come back, I'm gonna give each caller 90 seconds.
Just be ready when I go to you.
You'll get 90 seconds.
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Cannot thank you enough.
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The reasons that the globalists launch this planetary lockdown.
The number one reason is it serves every one of their purposes.
We've gone over those purposes many times here on air.
The cashless society, the surveillance system, global government, medical tyranny, forced inoculation.
But the most important facet is it teaches us that we are obsolete, that we are non-essential, as we begin to witness automation computers and robots take over the jobs that people once had by design.
This isn't like it's some advancement that we just fell into.
It's been pre-planned, organized, globally.
It's extremely predatory and through governmental actuaries and tax programs and regulations, the central banks that control it all are able to pick the winners and the losers and consolidate power.
This is the truest form of technocracy fascism.
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Let's go to Juan in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
I sure can, sir.
Thank you.
Sir, it's an honor to talk to you, brother.
I just want to plug in.
I'm a truck driver and two before us have changed the way I drive.
Me and my brothers that drive, a couple of us, we're all Hispanics, Cubans, Puerto Ricans.
We used to be on Monster and Red Bull and all that and I have lost weight because I stopped drinking all that sugar and I just want to thank you
Well, brother, we put more in this than any other long-term, high-quality energy powder there is.
So this was designed by one of the top guys in the country.
He didn't want his name on it because, obviously, the political issues.
But we had to pay a lot of money for this formulation just for the design of it.
And we believe it is the best, strongest, but healthiest energy out there.
And you're saying that it's made your life better?
So that means a lot to me.
Thank you.
To all your truck drivers, we love you.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, last segment.
Every precious second we will use here.
So I'm going to talk over the liner and go right to the phone lines.
Please just be ready to go.
You've got 90 seconds.
Skip the pleasantries.
Let's start with Mr. Putt in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead.
Until he got off the line before you went ahead and started talking about the dehumanizing stuff of your enemies.
Wait a second.
Dehumanizing what?
Dehumanizing language?
Yeah, calling people NPCs.
Oh, oh, I see.
Oh, oh, okay.
No, no, no, you're right.
Dehumanizing language.
They're the ones out in the streets destroying property.
They're the ones out in the street beating people for their skin color.
They're the ones out lying to people, destroying their lives and reputations.
They're the ones out in the street violent every night, burning things to the ground, people getting murdered, living a lie.
Oh, but I'm dehumanizing them.
Oh, I love that theory!
Oh, that's great!
They go out and act like out-of-control animals who have never been disciplined in their life!
They're the ones that are not behaving human!
They're the ones that are behaving like demons!
Covering their face, beating people because they don't like their politics or their skin color, and then you call into this show and you say, oh, I'm dehumanizing them!
They've been dehumanized by the mainstream media!
I want them to be human again.
They need to realize the facts.
So don't tell me I have dehumanizing language.
I'm telling you the truth about these people and how they've been dehumanized by mainstream media and the Democrat Party.
So don't tell me about dehumanizing people.
We're trying to bring people back to life.
Thanks for the call.
Now, let's go to Gerard in Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for the call.
American-born veteran patriot, we are at war.
Can't emphasize it enough.
More serious than we've ever faced in our lives.
President Trump needs to round up all these criminals, all these treasonous criminals, and put them behind bars.
The American people deserve this.
We, the people that elected him, want to see this, and the whole world needs to see it.
He can't sit back and wonder, well, should I do this?
Well, what are they going to say if I do that?
He needs to listen to his gut.
They're going to demonize him and criminalize him anyway, no matter what.
The election is at stake.
Our constitutional rights are at stake and all of our freedoms can be gone in an instant.
And they've already done that.
I mean, look at what they've gotten away with with the fake pandemic.
Oh my gosh, I can't believe this nonsense.
It's a plannedemic, of course, been planned for years.
You have all the evidence in front of you.
I would like to get your honest opinion and take, I think I know it already, but there's a lot of people that need to hear it.
Well look, I can sit here and go back to the months of research and coverage we've done of this.
I mean, so ahead of the curve, it's ridiculous.
I mean, but it's just like, I hate being redundant.
And I know most of the audience already knows this, but we forget to understand that we get new audience members every day.
But here's what I will say.
This is why
All the big tech platforms, and all of Silicon Valley, and all the slave labor workshops of Apple and Google, this is why they took us off their platforms, folks.
Because they knew they were going to run this fake pandemic, and they could not have InfoWars on the internet DOMINATING them.
And so that's why they removed us.
Because they know that, hey, the average American has no clue what planet they're on, quite frankly.
Not even trying to be insulting.
They've just been living in la-la land.
And so, oh, they stumble upon InfoWars and it's just like, bing!
Just like a lightning bolt hits a receiver, just bing!
And then all those intuitions.
All those thoughts and consciousness that's been laying dormant just comes alive.
And so they had to get rid of us so they could run a fake pandemic and make everyone slaves.
Thanks for the call, Gerard.
Let's go to Shannon in California.
Go ahead, Shannon.
Hey, Owen.
Thanks for taking my call so much.
Huge support to you guys.
Don't give up.
Just don't give up what you're doing.
I'm going to focus on specifically something I want to share that
blatantly exposes how much of a hoax this is in California and, of course, everywhere this pandemic.
I was at the Riverside County Board of Agenda meeting on May 5th and May 8th for Riverside County.
I, along with several hundred other patriots, put pressure on them to lift the current mandate at that time.
And then they lifted it May 9th.
It was supposed to go until June 19th.
Well, lo and behold, Newsom puts the current mandate on lockdowns and mask wearing, when did it start?
June 19th.
So how come is it that there's specific dates, if only because they have it all planned out?
Well, and not only that, of course, it makes no sense scientifically to say, oh, we're going to make a mask mandate starting, you know, tomorrow at noon.
Or, oh, you know, we have to limit crowds of this many people at this time.
It's just all a hoax.
And in a weird, sick way, they're just seeing how much they can get away with.
They're just seeing how dumb their minions are.
They're just seeing how dumb the population is.
And boy, oh boy, are they getting a big fat, a big fat response with all these people putting on a mask, not even questioning it.
And again,
Folks, I mean, it's not fun, but it's just, like, we warned you of all of this.
I mean, even to the point where I said, look, they're going to start making people wear masks, and then they're going to make it trendy so that people start putting up their pictures and selfies of people in masks, and even conservatives are doing it now.
It's the mark of slavery!
Don't put that thing on proudly!
If you're going to do it, do something a little bit rebellious at least.
I mean, geez.
Shannon, thanks for the call.
James in Pennsylvania, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Thank you very much.
I just want to say that, once again, this is an attack on Christianity, white, red-blooded Americans, versus interdimensional reptilian child molesters.
Let's really talk about what it is.
That's what this is.
That's what is going on right now in this country.
This is a communist takeover under the guise of reptilian, inter-dimensional child electors that want to eat your kid, America.
That's what's happening.
Well look, there's a thing that these guys have in common.
Fauci, Obama, Gates, Chuck Schumer, and uh...
I'm not sure if it's reptilian stuff, but let's just say it's blackmailable stuff.
Well, we'll just leave it at that.
Thanks for the call, James.
Let's go to Corinne in Michigan.
Corinne, go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
How are you?
I haven't called in a while.
Thanks for calling.
You know, I've got a 96-year-old aunt in Portland.
The mayor and the governor should be brought to arrest in that city.
Well look, they have a choice.
They've already chose to launch a war against America.
They've already started a hot civil war.
We're not falling for it right now.
But they have a choice.
They can either continue to make this bad,
of being the anti-american communist scum that they are and eventually they'll have to deal with it.
The chickens will come home to roost or they can back off now.
But I don't think they're backing off.
I think they're going for broke here.
I really think they're coming for us and all the signs are there.
This is their final move to take America out.
Well, I want to say that, you know, I'm in Michigan and Whitmer is a pain in the you-know-what.
Uh, yeah, she's a total tyrant.
No, she's a complete tyrant.
I can't even imagine that she gets away with it.
It's just like, that's what I'm saying.
Like, why are any security or police even protecting these people anymore?
Like, why are police arresting the lady who goes out there, paints over Black Lives Matter propaganda in the streets, when Black Lives Matter wants all these police dead?
Why wouldn't they let her go?
People need to just quit being pawns, man.
Start thinking for themselves.
Thanks for the call, Corinne.
Alright, let's go to Dan in New York.
Go ahead, Dan.
Hi, Owen.
First off, I just want to thank you for all the work that you do, you and the crew there, especially on a Sunday.
And I'm calling with a piece of good news today.
So I'm in New York City and I was out working out in Riverside Park and there were hundreds of boats sporting Trump flags.
I mean hundreds.
And there were yachts, there were jet skis.
You don't get to see that on the news.
They censor all those people on social media.
So when they go with the... Oh, and they run their fake polls even on Fox News now saying Biden's beating Trump in a national poll so that they can steal the election and act like, oh no, it's legitimate.
Trump has no support.
Dan, thanks for the call.
Final caller, Kayla in Colorado.
Go ahead.
Thank you so much for having me and for InfoWars for doing what you're doing.
And for President Donald Trump for doing what he's doing and fighting this silent and spiritual and physical war we seem to be in.
What I think needs to happen in this country right now...
Pretty much, you know, there is a big problem with child sex trafficking going on.
All childhood pedophilia must be exposed in these high-level... Yeah, and isn't it amazing, as this is being called out, fully exposed with Maxwell and Epstein, the WikiLeaks emails and everything, and Disney, and mainstream news is literally covering it up, folks.
That should scare all of us.
I'll be back hosting the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, 11 a.m.
You stay classy, InfoWarriors.
Much of the United States bureaucracy, all of Hollywood, and most of our media is under international banking control.
The United Nations was set up by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers on record to carry out this operation.
Now, under the guise of medical security, they're bringing us medical tyranny.
That we see much of the federal government, the Democrats, the Republicans, all saying, except for Trump and a few people, that we need a nationwide force mask mandate to make everyone wear a mask.
Even though just months ago we had the Surgeon General and others say, don't wear a mask, it's all a fraud.
Now they say you must wear a mask.
It's a sign of slavery.
It's a sign of submission.
I know you as listeners understand that.
We need sheriffs and county commissioners and city councils and others to stand up and say we are sanctuary cities for reality and for state and local sovereignty against the globalists.
This isn't the federal government taking over, it's the UN through the federal government and we as American citizens must say no.
The people are awakening.
They're taking control of their own environment.
Cell phones are an amazing tool.
Really, they're a supercomputer that's handheld.
But big tech, large corporations, hackers, governments, foreign governments, the Chai Comps especially, are using this to steal your data, to share your data.
To be able to rig markets when they're able to scoop up billions of people's data, they can actually predict on record what's going to happen in mass movements.
Cutting them out of that data stream absolutely devastates their AI takeover.
In their own words, they admit it.
Show, I've been selling privacy pouches and locket pockets and things like that for more than a decade.
And now the units have gotten really lightweight.
They're Faraday cages.
They just look like a cloth envelope.
They work absolutely great.
And it just gives you that security to have power over your data and power over your identity when you are traveling and don't want Big Brother to know what you're up to because it's none of their business.
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