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Name: 20200718_Sat_Alex
Air Date: July 18, 2020
1997 lines.

In this video, the speaker explains how the meme "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself" is being used as a propaganda tool in mainstream media to shift focus away from Epstein's network of accomplices and their crimes. They also discuss the use of memetic warfare campaigns by the US intelligence sphere and provide evidence from research projects and WikiLeaks Vault 7. The speaker critiques leftist support for Islam and promotes patriot blend coffee.

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The planet has been put into artificial martial law.
The lockdown is never going to end until we expose the COVID-19 hoax.
And to do that, we have to look at who is running the operation, we have to expose the history of it, and we have to override the censors.
The fact that they're censoring at a level never before seen shows how weak they are and they cannot survive the light of day.
But you, the listeners, we the people, are high noon to these vampires.
We are the answer.
We are the key.
So now we must take action and be modern Paul Revere's or be slaves forever.
Because COVID-19 is a test for a major biological weapons attack coming in the future.
They are simply making sure that we're going to stay locked down and behave well while we are exterminated.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.
It's Saturday, July 18th, the year is 2020.
107 days out.
We are InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news today.
And we are here on Saturday.
I don't normally broadcast seven days a week.
We broadcast 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
weekdays with the Alex Jones transmission.
And then of course we come back Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
with a live transmission.
With 107 days out from the election, I have been coming in and doing live shows and also taped-to-air shows several times a week, particularly on Saturdays.
Sometimes we're live, sometimes we tape it, and then stream it out on the radio and TV satellites and the streams at InfoWars.com.
We're taping right now at 126 Central.
This will be airing in a few hours.
And remember, this is not a spectator sport.
You want to win?
Word of mouth is king.
That's how we override the AI sensors.
That's how we override the Global Assist information.
It's how we expose their fraud.
And we are winning the fight right now, but only by a few feet.
If you want to use a football game analogy, we're only three points ahead.
All right, let's lay it out right now.
I got up this morning and I saw the news and I absolutely had to come in.
Even though I had an enjoyable day with the children out boating, that just couldn't happen.
Because they don't have a future if I don't come in here and lead, if you don't lead, and if we don't take action.
And so the first thing I want to hit deals with that just to illustrate exactly what we're facing.
So if you're tuned in right now,
Tell people about the local radio station or TV station.
Spread the links for the live feed that we're streaming out at band.videoinfowars.com forward slash show.
Look at these headlines.
New Trump administration policy takes coronavirus data away from the CDC.
Why is that such a bold and absolutely essential default move, but still super bold, ultra maverick.
Now, why is he having to do that?
Well, look at this article.
Twitter blocks tweets on China human rights abuses story as AG Barr decries Silicon Valley collaboration with the Communist Party China.
Now think about that.
AP had tweets they put out a year ago about three million Muslims, Uyghurs, in northwestern China
In forced labor camps, they also have death camps, up to a thousand are executed per camp a day.
That's on record for no reason.
The women are forcibly given to Chinese military men and then impregnated, even though they're basically Chinese genetics.
They believe that if, well, you've got a baby from somebody that isn't a Muslim, then supposedly you'll
We're good
Twitter blocks tweets on China human rights abuses story as AG Bart decries Silicon Valley collaboration with CCP.
That's what it is, it's collaboration.
You can go to the article, you can see the tweets right there from the Associated Press that Twitter is now blocking.
Because they have filters protecting communist China that's killed 115 million of their own people.
Hitler offensively killed about 25 people.
25 million people.
A lot of collateral death as well.
Stalin just as many.
But the Chai Koms, 115 million in their own admissions and all of Silicon Valley is on their knees.
Now I'm going to tie all this together in a moment, but let's look at the next article.
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory, Reuters.
Now, before I read the article, I knew what it was gonna say.
It says, anything questioning the official story, anything, I'm gonna read you the article in a moment, questioning the scientific consensus, that's a key word,
From the UN.
The UN decides on viruses, or on climate change, or on borders, or on regulations.
Through UNESCO, what is the consensus?
Even though it's not a consensus.
That's a key legalese term in law globally.
People need to understand.
Like you hear, oh we have stakeholders in your country.
That doesn't mean the general public gets a say.
It means special interest are stakeholders.
So Google is banning thousands of ads, including best-selling authors who put books out exposing the lies of the coronavirus situation that are ongoing for six months.
It says that if you say it came from a Chinese lab, you're banned.
If you question it came from Wuhan, even though it's on record, it did now.
Google won't let you advertise in the marketplace of ideas, and Amazon is banning people publishing books along those lines as well.
That's the equivalent of modern book burning.
But before the book's ever conceived, it's destroyed.
Like the mind of God just deciding not to let you be created.
This is the essence of tyranny and oppression, and whenever you allow this, you're destroyed.
Big story on Breitbart?
Four-year request was put in months ago.
It's been released.
It turns out the State Department two years ago, two plus years ago, warned that Wuhan had had biological weapons transferred by Obama.
In 2015 over there, because it was made illegal in the U.S.
to do it, to Wuhan, and they were really worried it was going to get out with a specific coronavirus from bats mixed with other viruses, which means Chimera genetically engineered.
That's State Department saying that two and a half years ago.
That story is also linked up on Infowars.com.
Now here's another article that ties it all together.
COVID catastrophe, British economy shrank by a historic 19.1 during three month lockdown.
More of the public going into debt, exactly what the banks want.
But it wasn't COVID catastrophe, it was COVID hysteria catastrophe.
It was the COVID stampede.
COVID-19 didn't cause a 19% drop in their economy.
And put tens of millions out of work and in debt and bankrupted.
It was the hysteria and the media saying half a million Brits would die.
It's not even 50,000 or 2.5 million or 2.3 million or 2.2 million Americans when it's 140,000 and that's counting people that died of motorcycle accidents, gunshot wounds, skydiving accidents or now I've got a skydiving accident.
They're calling COVID-19.
Because they test the dead body.
333 labs last week.
Did 50 plus thousand tests and it came up in Florida.
Every one of them was positive.
Every person tested at 333 labs had it because it's BS.
And now we take you full circle back to what I was just mentioning.
New Trump administration policy takes coronavirus data away from CDC.
And you read the article, they say, well, there's a scientific consensus.
And we follow the scientific consensus.
There's a complex metric.
Created by the World Health Organization.
Like you walk into a restaurant and it'll say, per the World Health Organization, everyone stays ten feet apart, you gotta wear a mask, and when you get up to the bathroom you wear a mask and stay six feet apart.
Per the World Health Organization, the UN said it!
It's like Moses came down from the mountain and he has the Ten Commandments.
This is absolutely platinum standard.
Encrusted with diamonds.
Well the U.N.
told us 2.5 million would die.
The U.N.
told us that we'd have 20 million dead by now.
Not even a half million worldwide.
They told us all of this and had been caught counting everybody that died of something else in the list because the U.N.
sets the policy.
The NIH and CDC deploy it.
But only 10 states now have adopted the full rule.
And that's where, by the way, almost all the deaths are, and all the sicknesses, because it's all a statistical manipulation.
You got pneumonia, you die of it.
100,000 plus die every year of pneumonia, conservatively.
I've always told people, I'm not scared of the flu, I'm scared of pneumonia.
Because I've lost a lot of family to pneumonia.
There's all sorts of weird pneumonias every year.
And let me tell you, when the hospital's full of dead people, it's not on the news.
They keep the real pandemics DL.
On the down low.
So, we know all this is a fraud, and it's come out it's a fraud.
Let's zoom in on this if we can for viewers to see this.
But if we want to question it or write a book about it or do a video about it, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, they say it's not authoritative.
They say it's not part of the consensus, you know, that Saddam had WMDs when he didn't.
Or the consensus that there aren't just two sexes.
Now they say you can't say mother or father because that hurts somebody's feelings.
But here's the article, new data.
Trump administration policy takes coronavirus data away from the CDC.
We have a high confidence in the consistency and completeness of the data that hospitals are reporting using the system.
Pollack told NPR, the HHS spokesperson, and it goes on to say that
We have a consensus of scientific information, and that's what Google says in this next article out of Reuters, is they say, we only follow scientific consensus.
Now when you hear that, every scientist agrees, man-made global warming's real, and paying the Rothschilds carbon taxes for every breath you take will fix it.
They just say, consensus, everyone agrees.
So let's read over this Reuters article.
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content.
Questioning is banned.
Medical doctors are banned off YouTube.
Nurses are banned off Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
Cedars-Sinai says Trump's right.
We have light therapy that can be put into the lungs that's absolutely curing people with this pneumonia and other pneumonias.
But you see, there's a program, not just the CHICOMS, but Big Tech,
Headed up by Bill Gates.
They don't want you to be able to question, and they've got all this AI control over what books can be published, what articles can be out, what you can say, what you can do.
And so AP tries to put something out about 3 million people in death camps, forced labor camps, a year ago, because they wouldn't dare do it now.
They know, oh, we're not supposed to do that.
Supposed to get on board against Trump.
And now those tweets are blocked.
Well, it's the same thing with what vitamins and minerals are good for people in general to not get viral infections and die.
Or the fact that all these inhalable steroids inhalers knock it out 100% according to all these doctors.
They don't want you to have hope.
They want you to believe only in the vaccine.
But of course, sterilizes you, the studies show.
If you look at Bill and Melinda Gates have already patented a bunch of coronavirus style vaccines.
They go, oh, it's for chickens.
Oh, it's for pigs.
But it also says, or for human use.
Oh, but Snopes says Bill Gates isn't involved in any of this, even though it's on record he was funding most of the Wuhan lab experiments.
And who was the director of meeting out the money?
A hundred and something million dollars last year alone?
Mr. Fauci.
Don't believe me?
Just look it up.
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content.
Alphabet Inc.
Google said on Friday it would prohibit websites and apps that use its advertising technology for running ads of dangerous content.
So they're calling it an ad now.
If you have an app, they'll ban your app.
That goes against scientific consensus during the coronavirus pandemic.
And the consensus is, if one person has it, we count 15 people having it.
Or if you die in a motorcycle accident, you died of COVID-19.
State officials in Florida and Georgia and New York are on record this week being questioned saying, this person died of motorcycles.
Well, yes, but we also tested and they had COVID.
So we're under the regulation, we're under the WHO, they died of COVID.
See, it's all a legalese.
Just like the governor of Virginia said, we'd get the woman to decide to not keep her baby.
We call that not resuscitating.
Then we keep it comfortable until we take its organs.
And they go, well what's resuscitation?
We thought that's saving someone who's died.
Well, to us it's a legal term saying it's not a human, it wasn't alive.
So we physically keep it alive, but we've said by alchemy it's not a human.
It's all definition word games.
Why do you think they're coming out saying Black Lives Matter's main mission is to end the nuclear family, that's on their website, and to make black men trans?
Well, lawsuits have been filed, it's been confirmed that in Michigan, New York, California, and a bunch of other states, blue cities, they are taking young black teenagers that have been in trouble or been in a fight or whatever, and giving them estrogen injections, just like you do a quote, child molester.
To quote, make them less aggressive.
That's chemical castration.
So, do you hear Black Lives Matter saying stop the castration of black children?
Hell to the effing no!
Because it's in their code, we want black men's balls!
And it's a legitimate movement, and you gotta get behind it right now!
Let's sterilize the black people!
That's right out of Planned Parenthood, who's the number two funder, through their foundations, of Black Lives Matter, after George... Nazi collaborator... Soros.
I'm just laying truth out here.
And I'm not doing it because I'm some virtue signaling white savior who's done something wrong to black people, so I'm kissing your ass to make you think I like you.
I don't give a damn what you think about me, no matter what color you are.
They're coming after everybody's testicles, and that's not a joke!
They want to sterilize us.
They want to get rid of men.
And if they can get away with it on the black people, they'll do it to me.
Now, even if they were going to do it to me, I'd be against it.
But I selfishly am pissed about this.
I have a son and I don't like that everything's geared towards saying men are bad.
Turn on the news.
That's all you see.
Oh, but we're Marxist-Leninists that want to get rid of the nuclear family, and we want to make sure and empower our heroes, black trans men.
What the hell does that mean?
Oh, Caitlyn Jenner's a superstar, but a black man that chemically castrates or actually chops those huevos off, he is King Cobra!
And now the lawsuits are coming out, and now they're defending a lawsuit in L.A.
Where they're grabbing white and black young people.
I didn't see any Hispanics in the suits.
And literally and forcibly injecting them with stuff that at the age they're being given it stunts their growth and messes up their fertility forever.
Because by the way, you're 12 years old and you're going to grow another six inches of foot.
They give you two or three of those shots.
You don't grow a damn inch.
And guess what?
Your genitals then don't develop.
Oh, that's a really nice thing to do too, isn't it?
And then they convince you, it's okay, you're a woman now, you're a hero, oh, you're a trans now.
Forced medical experiments.
You think they just injected black people with syphilis?
When they got busted, they had a project worldwide doing it to everybody poor.
So they made it about black people to limit it and use systemic real racism back in the 70s when Tuskegee came out to say, oh, don't worry, it's just the black people.
Oh, Black Lives Matter, George Soros.
He loves black people.
And imagine he's got a crosshairs right on your cock.
Seriously, what a crazy pervert villain, man.
He wants your balls.
Because Tony Montana said it best.
There's one thing that gives orders, and that's balls.
And it's men that are going to wake up and haul our ass out of this tyranny.
And so that's why the image of a man standing up for what's right is the number one enemy there is on this planet.
And a man, over the household, teamed up with his wife to have a strong family, and that coat of honor, the enemy hates that.
They don't want you to have allegiance to anything, but their empty, satanic, demonic, sickening, filthy New World Order.
Sorry, I'm digressing.
Teen boy forced to take estrogen shots after diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder.
Oh, you're defying us?
We're going to cook your balls off.
And by the way, it increases your cancer risk too.
I'm not going to get into it.
It makes me sick.
So let's go back.
Oh, there's a scientific consensus.
That you can't question it coming out of Wuhan, you can't question it being weaponized, even though there were 2015 The Scientist articles saying, why are we transferring genetically engineered chimera virus to Wuhan?
This place is not even level 4.
They say it is.
This is crazy!
You try to send that link out, Twitter blocks you.
Because they're covering up the crime of what they did.
Then you say, well, your say doesn't kill that many people, Alex.
What's really going on?
They needed to own it.
They need to have it spread really bad so everybody gets it, so everybody's suspect, so everybody's got to have, quote, the vaccine.
You're like, but we'll get herd immunity.
I mean, people will get an antibody.
Notice they said
Oh, this is a new kind of virus.
It keeps coming back.
You don't really keep the antibodies.
You're going to have to get vaccines all the time.
You're like, but it doesn't really hurt me.
I'm not going to do it.
They're not going to let you have a phone or a job or travel without you doing it.
It's the new plan.
It's a new virus.
And before all this came out, I'd figured out the pieces of how these globalists operate because it's always the same playbook.
Remember Monsanto 30 years ago with Terminator seats.
First they had a couple of them, now they got a hundred of them.
They got grass that doesn't grow seeds, that grow new grass.
They've killed the life cycle.
They want to make you where you live in a bubble, where you can't live on your own.
And they're introducing the new product to you, COVID-19, a chimera new class of viruses, a mix of flu and cold and HIV and a bunch of other stuff.
So that now you adopt that they can lock you down, you adopt the vaccines, it isn't that super deadly so things don't get out of control, but the beta test is the lockdown and then they've got all the other generations of that chimera, five different viruses loaded up.
And when you wear the mask and submit and stay in your house and do what you're told,
It won't be simulated 2 million or 50 million or 60 million like Gates was putting out in his plan last year.
It's going to be hundreds and hundreds of millions and there'll be a lockdown that never ends out of that.
And then as soon as they've got AI in control and robots on every street corner to protect us and the public submits to this new thing, then they release the mega weapon.
And it may just be electromagnetic.
It probably won't even be viral.
They'll tell you it's viral while you're bleeding out your ass and your nose and dying.
And I want you, because you won't listen now, but five years, ten years from now, we hold them back maybe longer, maybe completely if people will just wake up.
When you're dying or you see whole cities going down, hundreds of millions dying, I want you to know the globalists did it.
And I want you to know wearing your mask and sitting in your house and begging the system and complying brought
Not this.
I want you to know, you conjured this through your cowardice.
You conjured this through your weakness.
You conjured this by going along with it and buying into it and thinking that compliance would make you strong and peer-pressured.
Not being followers built this country.
Being mavericks and informed built the Western civilization.
Acting like Qaikom slaves and following what Beijing and Peking and the UN say is the creed of slaves!
So you want to be part of that consensus?
And, oh, you're a hero because you're wearing the mask.
You're a hero because you're not going to work.
Keep the hospitals open because there's going to be a big surge.
And the hospitals were empty and they were killing old people in them to get the numbers up and testing that corruption and sending people that were infected into nursing homes to get half the numbers.
I mean, this is sick.
And now so many people have gone along with it that the globalists have gotten maybe a C minus.
They wanted an A plus to roll out the next thing.
But they can't have full information control.
See, they're testing, tapping down what really happened, shutting down books, shutting down doctors, scientists, sneaking out, exposing it.
It's all a big test, a big beta test for when they move out of beta into rollout.
And when it rolls out, you will be a slave if you're lucky enough to live.
So get ready to die.
And folks now know, you know, I've told this story only lately because I was thinking back over things that didn't make sense at the time.
About 20 years ago, it stopped about 15 years ago, or 12 years ago.
I told them, you know, I don't have time to waste time with these people because they're psychic vampires and they're actually there to find out what you're producing, what you're doing, just getting your ideas.
But it was all these big Hollywood writers and producers would come to town to meet with me.
Not all of them were bad.
And they'd want me to go out to L.A.
and stay at their houses.
And they'd say, why are you such an incredible writer?
How do you come up with this?
And the color of it, and the terms, and the names, and the... It's so crazy.
I mean, you're just... You know, have you ever thought about writing scripts?
And I'm always sitting there going, you know, this is all true, right?
Alex, there's not human-animal clones.
Let's go to your computer.
They can't deal with it.
But in 2020, it's like, of course, there's animal human clones.
Big deal.
It's like, oh, you don't even care.
You don't know where they are.
Don't want no details.
It's just in a scientific report.
And Rick Linklater was not one of these guys.
You know, he's more of a Gnostic Christian, you know, means well, classical liberal guy.
Keanu Reeves.
I know all those guys through him.
Woody Harrelson.
They're all good guys.
And, you know, it's like I was a consultant on PK Dick's, uh, Scanner Darkly.
And I was in it, but I was a technical consultant.
And they wanted to know, you know, my views on the different cell towers and the systems that were in the film.
And I'm sitting there with Keanu Reeves and Rick Linklater and other people.
And we're outside at night shooting a scene.
And I'm sitting there and I go, well, you know, this book is all about how the government and the rehab companies are the ones bringing in substance D to get people addicted and turn them into zombies to control them and they're actually taking over society.
And they both look at me and they go, so that's what you think?
was getting it.
had done interviews saying that.
But the point was, and they're smart guys, they're not conspiratorial, so they don't even get what P.K.D.
said the book was about.
George Orwell didn't write 1984 like it was something he pulled out of his butt.
He'd worked for the Imperial Police in India, he'd been down and out in London and Paris,
He had been in the communist brigades in the Spanish Civil War to fight the Nazis.
I mean, he'd seen it, man.
He'd been at the top of OSS psychological warfare in World War II, writing the main scripts in the war.
He'd been at the top!
And people think, wow, what a vivid mind.
What an incredible guy.
Those were all inculcated things he actually saw into a future system and then projected forward and increased a hundred percent.
Put that quote back up from Eric Blair, AKA George Orwell, please.
Power is tearing human minds to pieces.
Putting them together again in new shapes, your own choosing.
Well, that's O'Brien torturing Winston Smith, that is the archetype of George Orwell in the book.
And he says, why are you doing this?
I wasn't even resisting you.
I knew it was all BS.
He goes, because we want to torture beautiful minds.
We want to suck your energy.
I'm going to destroy you.
But why?
He goes, because I like to hurt people.
And he goes, when they're done with me, they're going to torture me to death, too.
I love Satan.
See, you have to understand.
The journey is the destination here.
So, you can wake up and admit you're being conned, and wake up and admit you're being lied to.
I don't care if you're an FBI agent, or a school teacher, or an auto mechanic, or a farmer, or in the military, or a psychologist.
Gay, straight, black skin, white skin, I don't give a rat's ass, you got red blood.
And I care about me and my family, I care about you.
We're under attack.
I'm on Team H. Team human.
And I'm pissed.
And I don't like watching these psychiatrists and these psychologists that are all a bunch of mentally ill people.
Most of them were abused as kids themselves.
Instead of rejecting it, they have become the abuser and now they're creating a huge system to play games with us and cut us up in pieces like vandals and reconstruct us back together again.
And I do not want to go along with this and I believe in you.
We are seeing classical tyranny, bonafide, not 90% tyranny, 100% gleaming evil.
I mean, we're seeing the most outrageous stuff the world's ever seen.
And it's the technocrats and the sickos running it.
And let me tell you something, I used to bash the government because they were trying to turn the government against the people and turn it into a big engine of evil.
And it's got its problems.
But it just wants money and the establishment and power and to maintain control and status quo.
The feds
Have you
You have to start moving now and decide you're under attack and recognize it and realize you're getting your ass kicked and that America's going down and sinking or we don't have much of a chance.
And look, I'm not just talking to the feds here.
I'm talking to the general public, okay?
And I don't know all the answers.
I don't know what we're supposed to do at the end of the day.
I just know this.
Marconi discovers radio.
There's already radio transmissions going on from wherever.
Natural and unnatural.
You know, the sun is broadcasting a bunch of stuff.
And so instead of talking word of mouth or reading...
We're suddenly around a radio listening to what it has to say.
That's creating that group thing.
Has a lot of good things about it, has a lot of bad things about it.
And then the TV rolls out in the 40s and 50s and now we're not around the table talking about what happened down the street or what we did or hearing great stories and interfacing with humans, looking in their eyes.
Now we're all around the TV with our TV dinners, watching TV.
And then desktops and laptops, so everybody's on their own laptop, doing whatever they want.
And then now it's a phone, everybody's in their own room, and nobody wants to go out and have a barbecue, or play baseball, or go see some music.
So it's all killing our real world and what we'd be doing, making us stronger, us smarter, us more interfaced.
The smells and the colors of humanity.
Instead, everybody is now being atomized, balkanized, torn up, and put in little corners.
And then we're told, you can't leave your house, COVID-19.
You can't go see your mother or father's nursing home.
So we can quietly bring in people with COVID on purpose, kill them, but you can't be there and make a big deal about it.
When we put a tube down their throat, they get $52,000 for doing it.
It's scientific rolled out evil.
It's a reclamation project.
It is a depopulation project.
And yes, we've been stunned.
Yes, we've been weak by the industrial system.
Yes, a lot of people really aren't alive.
So why should they be sitting there eating food?
Because the globalists are a hundred times more satanic and evil than the slugs.
And the satanic evil will destabilize civilization until the point that you get so threatened by the hordes of dumbed-down zombies they've created and they control that you say, fine.
Go ahead and wipe everybody out, just protect me.
And as soon as they get you to do that, that's when Antichrist arrives, that's when there's mass death, that's when millions die, and that's when you find out you're the real target.
You think Satan wants the dumbasses?
You think Satan wants people that can't connect to God?
You think Satan wants control of people that aren't even conscious?
No, Satan wants you.
Literally, the fact that you tuned into this, and the fact that you're interested in this, sets you apart from 95% of the rest of the world that still doesn't even know what they're in.
Born as children, put into a lie, programmed from the beginning, and now you see towards the end, the last act.
It's a nightmare.
It's not a pro-human system.
Only an idiot would support something like this.
You're a medical doctor.
You're a head of a hospital.
You're a state senator who's a medical doctor.
You're a local TV correspondent who's a medical doctor.
You run a nursing home.
You run an emergency room.
You come out and say, we see a lot of people having autoimmune response.
I don't know what's doing it.
Seems to only be in city centers.
Oh, 5G.
If we give them steroids, it instantly goes away, just like an EpiPen.
Just like Benadryl.
Most people feel this and now they're learning about it online.
So people are like, Oh, I didn't mean you still shouldn't seek medical help, but I'm having trouble breathing.
I woke up.
I heard a lot of people right now are going, man, let me take up some Benadryl.
It's like, wow, I feel a lot better.
Let me go to the doctor.
They give you a stronger steroid.
One day you're done.
But see, they don't want that.
They want the money and the power and the control with whatever's doing this.
And again, a vaccine
Is the answer to something that the tests keep showing is almost 100% positive.
Everybody's got whatever this is because the tests are fraudulent and because the tests represent a system that only picks up coronavirus or flu virus, which again, all of us have in us or have defeated.
And you step back at the magnitude
Of how all of this is confirmed, and then you try to publish a book as a medical doctor, Google bans you.
You try to publish a book as a medical doctor, a medical doctor!
On Amazon, they say no!
And now Amazon's banning real books.
Like, somewhere around here, I'll grab it during a break.
Strategic Relocation.
The latest edition, which is excellent by Joel Skousen.
We sell it in 424.com.
And they won't let him.
They say, no, we're not allowing you to publish this because it's got real data, county by county.
He's been, he's done real research.
They don't want you competent.
They don't want you strong.
What did the former technical head.
He also started Napster.
Sean Parker, what did he say two years ago about Facebook?
He said, we set it up to addict people, to make them alone and to make them depressed.
And all of these platforms are competing to lower attention span, make you alone, make you depressed, to then have bots that are fake people interacting with you and programming you.
Because that's where the real AI is, is bots that are feeding you what they want to feed you.
Most of them aren't even humans, but you believe you've got friends.
You're all alone.
Those aren't even real people.
And then that turns the real people, after they've interacted with bots for years, into something that isn't a real person.
He said they target your vulnerability.
That sound like some nice people.
Oh, but they all talking real soft NPR voices.
They're all trying to say, I love you.
Oh, just relax.
It's better for the earth.
If you just take these shots and forget it.
Cause the new vaccines have nanotech on record that it's viruses engineered.
The synthetic viruses nanotech that go in and attack the cerebral cortex in the cells that are attached to higher brainwaves and spiritual experiments.
Spiritual connections.
Because all this is an experiment.
It's not the globalist experiment.
But they understand that and they want to be the controllers.
And they want to block that area that transcends them.
And they admit that's their plan.
They call it anti-stress vaccines, anti-drug vaccines.
And they give these shots to guys that have PTSD.
And they commit suicide later.
Oh, they don't have emotions anymore, but just one day they kill themselves.
Because deep down the brain knows it's been cut off from God.
And that's why the suicide rates are so high, because they've been given a suicide vaccine.
Where the viruses replicate repeatedly in the body over a two, three year period and eat the brain.
But it's all delayed so they don't know what hit them.
Show, Bill Gates is going to eat your brain.
I gave it a Hollywood-style name 10 years ago, 12 years ago, 14 years ago.
Brain-eating vaccines.
And it says that's what they do.
They're viruses.
You know, the born supremacy, the born... Which one's the born, like the third or fourth one where you learn where it came from and they're giving them genetically engineered viruses that eat part of the brain?
Because somebody that can bench-press 400 pounds can bench-press 1,500 pounds.
It's just you have a governor so you don't hurt yourself that blocks that.
That's how a woman can pick a car up off her baby when it's screaming.
Your body can also flip the, like Hercules, we believe the character, but that archetype can turn the governor off if you need to.
Takes years off your life, but you can do it.
And see, that's what this is, ladies and gentlemen, is they have vaccines that are nanotech that go in and eat parts of your brain.
Because they don't want you having that superhuman power, folks.
It's not just about being able to pick a car up.
It's about connecting to God.
Yeah, it's the Bourne ultimatum.
No, I think it's the Bourne... Put up a list of the Bourne movies for me.
No, it's not the Bourne supremacy.
It's about where it came from.
I'll figure it out.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, is that
They don't want this information out.
They want our research gone because they know we're hitting on all cylinders, we're exposing it.
Now let me play what the Attorney General had to say a few days ago about Communist China.
And it's all true, but it's way behind the curveball.
China owns Hollywood strategically.
China owns our debt.
We've been positioned for this.
It's all fraud.
And Trump's fighting it and Barr and others have to make it about China and make it how we're in a war for our very future with the most evil anti-human model of control being projected in to take control of society.
And we have to come together as humans.
That means Chinese.
That means black, white, everybody, and realize it's an anti-human operation.
Because when I criticize communist China, it's not the Chinese people.
It's that evil globalist system put in charge Mao Zedong by David Rockefeller.
And that's on record.
All right, we're going to cover this little clip.
We're going to come back and we are going to get into the rest of the story about the campaign, what Trump needs to do and what's unfolding.
And we've got some new Jeffrey Epstein information.
It's pretty big.
We'll be breaking it all down here on this Saturday transmission.
We'll re-air this after it's over until
Big tech companies have also allowed themselves to become pawns of Chinese influence.
In the year 2000, when the United States normalized trade relations with China, President Clinton hailed the new century as one in which liberty will be spread by cell phone and cable modem.
Instead, over the course of the next decade, American companies such as Cisco helped the Chinese Communists build the Great Firewall of China, the world's most sophisticated system for Internet surveillance and censorship.
Over the years, corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the CCP.
For example, Apple recently removed the news app Quartz from its app store in China after the Chinese government complained about the coverage of Hong Kong democracy protests.
Apple also removed the apps for virtual private networks
We're good to go.
Despite concerns that the move would give the Communist Party easier access to emails, text messages, and other user information stored in the iCloud.
Recently, we were able to get into two cell phones used by the Al-Qaeda terrorist who
shot eight Americans at the Pensacola Naval Air Station and during the gunfight with him, he stopped, disengaged, put his cell phones down and tried to destroy them shooting a bullet into one of his two cell phones and we thought that suggested that there might be very important information about terrorist activities in those cell phones and for four and a half months we tried to get in without any help at all from Apple.
Apple failed to give us any help getting into those cell phones.
We were ultimately able to get in through a fluke that we will not be able to reproduce in the future where we found communications with Al Qaeda operatives in the Middle East up to the day before the attack.
You think when Apple sells phones in China, that Apple phones in China are impervious to penetration by Chinese authorities?
They wouldn't be sold if they were impervious to Chinese authorities.
In 2018, in the United States of America, tech giants Facebook, Apple, and Google have deemed the information coming from Alex Jones to be too dangerous for public consumption and have forbidden him from having a voice.
Certainly for some, Alex Jones can be scary and abrasive.
Never defeat the human spirit!
But if you can get through all that to explore what he's been saying, to see for yourself what it is that the establishment wants to hide from you, then the information you find could be life-changing.
He predicted 9-11.
And if there was an outside threat like a bin Laden, who was a known CIS in the 80s, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
He exposed the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove.
He educated us about the relationship between the Third Reich and modern globalism.
He helped reveal the so-called Bilderberg Group et al.
He was the loudest voice reporting on the union between the Communist Chinese and Silicon Valley.
They falsely edit him.
They lie about his reporting of Sandy Hook.
They lie that he pushed a child down in a viral video.
And now he is being de-platformed by Facebook, Apple, and Google.
Private companies are being harassed and encouraged to stop doing business with him.
And then we get hit and say, you can no longer use our software.
YouTubers are being censored for talking about him.
We just got taken down by YouTube.
They just killed our stream.
And some Americans are actually celebrating this.
This is America.
This is America in 2018.
Will you sit by and allow liberty and freedom to be taken away right before your eyes?
Will you do nothing while history is being recorded?
Will you sit and do nothing?
Or will you do your own research, discover the truth, and stand for freedom?
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
So, hard to believe that's two years ago, Greg Reese put that out.
And now, AP articles from a year ago are being banned by Twitter for covering three million Muslims in forced labor death camps.
And oh yes, their organs are being harvested, as Halal and Saudi Arabia that is.
But it's okay, because, you know, Tim Cook's gay.
And, you know, Apple runs some of the death camps themselves, it's confirmed.
But it's alright, he's gay and wears black turtlenecks and goes, ah, liberal.
But before I finish up here, just remember that, that medical doctors, hospitals coming out and exposing that they're seeing people that died of other things are being called COVID.
Doctors exposing treatments that are 100% like steroids.
This is an auto inflammation, like a bee sting situation.
They're all being shut down.
Just think about how we're here now and everybody is censored.
Everybody is under the filter.
And Trump finally is halfway woken up to this with 107 days out from the election.
This is ridiculous.
We are plunging off the edge of a cliff into a bottomless abyss of insane oppression.
On the way down it's about Black Lives Matter and Antifa, all funded by Soros, when black people are being targeted.
More than anybody by the globalists for extermination.
I mean, that's just a fact.
But then they train white people, black people, you name it, to run around and say, we want world government.
We want to sterilize men.
We want to end the nuclear family to help black people.
And then you say, this is ridiculous.
And crazy black people say they're going to kill you along with crazy white people because you're literally telling them the truth.
Well, it should be so easy to wake them up.
We try to go out and do it and they attack us with hammers, weapons, you name it.
I mean, they just, because we're the bad guys, folks.
We have American flags.
We want free market.
We're capitalists.
And so we've got to be dealt with.
The globalists just keep saying, Jones told you to join us.
These people don't want help.
Well, I've been around you globalists and you're creepy.
And there's a feeling of God not being in the room, and I don't like it.
I like to be under God's wings.
I feel all the strength, and honor, and power, and fearlessness.
I started getting around you New World Order people, I feel weak, and ugly, and depressed, and cold.
I don't want what you got.
Stay away from me.
That's the crazy thing, though.
People are so soulless, they think, well, I joined the New World Order, I'll have a fancy car.
The New World Order will give you nothing but damnation and being poor.
Free market produced all this richness, not this New World Order.
Speaking of richness, your health is your number one asset.
My information is top-notch.
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Well, about a year ago, my dad was sitting over here with
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That's not my site.
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And, you know, they're trying to shut us down.
They're trying to get rid of us.
So what do you do when that's happening?
You launch escape pods and work with other folks and set up alliances and things to continue in the future.
And that's part of what we're doing strategically.
But I'm just extremely pleased.
Extremely pleased with what Austin and my dad have come up with and wait till next week.
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I don't want to be a one crop economy.
I don't want one place I get something made.
That's just a smart thing to do.
We've got nine products we can't even get anymore.
Three of them are gone.
Nine we're not even sure about total.
That just shows the total lockdown on society and how much it pisses me off.
And other companies are just giving up.
Because you get a couple cases at the factory, they shut everything down.
Lawyers are involved.
Other companies are going under.
People don't have those POs out, you know, those purchase orders.
I mean, it's not good.
It's not good.
And so, as not just a talk show host, not just a father, not just somebody in the trenches, but somebody that had to build their own advertising system, get their own products under censorship, that which didn't kill us made us a hell of a lot stronger.
Nietzsche is totally correct.
I've got a bird's eye view into what's going on.
I'm going to tell you something, I'm really worried.
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But I've only tried two of these so far, the Kavachil and the Rocket Rest, and I'm very impressed.
Very, very impressed.
And so I'm done talking about that.
All right, let me finish up with what I'm going to hit here.
We've got a big special report that's very, very timely.
It's about an hour long we're going to get to.
And just remember while we're up here covering all this, the globalists, the big banks, and the, they are just counting on you being lazy.
They're counting on you not caring.
They're counting on you giving up and watching the football game or watching the basketball game or whatever.
And, and, and not realizing you're under attack and not engaging because when you engage, it's not work.
It's exciting to fight back against the globalist.
All right.
Let me tell you, we tell you what's coming up.
In about 10-15 minutes when I'm done covering this news.
Epstein Travelling Network up and operational.
Alita Express Airlines still recruiting young girls.
We shot this back in the winter and it's even more pertinent now than it's ever been with all that's coming out.
We're going to air this coming up in a little while.
And now it ties into attorney demanding another prosecution of Roger Stone had argued for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be exonerated.
Why is that not surprising to me?
So that's coming up here in about 10-15 minutes.
But first, let's go ahead and roll a clip of Trump.
This is Trump 2015, being asked by Bloomberg about Jeffrey Epstein, and he goes right to the island, right to the prince, right... People keep giving me credit for covering this back then.
Anybody that did opposition research about the Clintons knew about the pedophile rings.
I mean, hell, I knew it 15 years ago.
But here is President Trump.
I think he's got a problem.
I don't know, but that island was really a cesspool.
There's no question about it.
Just ask Prince Andrew.
He'll tell you about it.
The island was an absolute cesspool.
The Clintons are friends of yours, right?
Well, I can't say friends, but I know them.
They play at my clubs a lot.
I have clubs and everybody likes to play at my clubs.
Are you saying there's a political problem for her if she runs for president?
It could be a political problem.
Look, he could be a political problem.
Right now he's Teflon and right now maybe not.
But he could end up being a political problem.
But Epstein's not so Teflon now, is he?
The latest developments on that front coming up here in just a few minutes.
But let's look at this now.
So America cares about coming together.
We're Christian.
That's our original ethos.
We're the country that, you know, ended slavery.
We're the country that had a huge war that killed almost a million people over it.
And then now the globalists know our actuaries, they know our background, they know our sociology, our anthropology.
They come in, this is in the WikiLeaks, and they say, let's create race war in America.
But it's not the black people that they're getting to go out on average and be violent.
It's white people in the name of black people.
And there's videos of police officers that are black all over the country saying, I'll be at a line, they're attacking the federal building or the local building, the county building, courthouse, and whites run up to blacks and say, don't talk to that black officer, attack!
And then they'll call the black officer the N-word or say, look how big your nose is.
I mean, this is what they're saying.
Because these are racist white people.
These are professors that want to abort black people.
These are eugenicist Nazis.
Do you think Nazis in 2020 or in 1946, when the Nazis were discredited, say, I'm a Nazi?
The Nazis were just one brand of this.
They go, oh, I love you black people.
I love you brown people.
And so they try to get you to go out and riot.
They try to get you to be racist, to get white people to hate you, and then to get you captured.
And that's their plan.
Just like Sacha Baron Cohen dresses up like a Nazi, goes out and tries to trick people in songs, to sing, you know, anti-Semitic songs.
That's what the left does.
And now these black officers all over the country, and I don't even play these videos, man.
And we played a few.
I mean, I've seen hundreds of them, where they literally go.
I'm not going to even say the name because the media will edit this and say I said it, but they'll just say, you're a boom.
You're a blah, blah.
You're a dumb.
And like the black people are like, I'm not supposed to talk to him?
F you.
So, and I'm not lionizing black people.
There's plenty of dumb black people out there just like everybody's dumb, doing bad things.
There are serious racist college professors and psychological operatives literally trying to get black people to go out and do their dirty work.
And the good news is black folks are waking up to it.
Because the racism of these Antifa people is just, I mean, you don't see other people running around calling people raccoons or n-words or your nose is big, your lips are big.
I mean, look, I just mentioned this.
They just Googled it.
They pulled up a black officer in some town.
I haven't even seen this video.
I saw five of them this morning without even looking and then the videos of them literally walking up going, look at you, you big n-word!
And it's some weird-ass white person strutting around and black people are...
Following their orders?
Yeah, there's slavery going on.
It's called Black Lives Matter.
Run by a Nazi named George Soros.
I mean, you cannot make this up.
Do you think a Nazi comes out and says they're a Nazi?
They come out and pose as a liberal to control you.
And it makes me sick.
All right.
We've covered all of this key information.
I want to
I only hit this right now since we're talking about race stuff.
We played this video on Friday Live.
We have a skeleton crew on Saturday.
They can't find it.
It's okay.
There's footage at the federal courthouse in Portland where people have like hatchets and clubs breaking into the buildings and then hitting the federal riot police with the clubs, with the hatchets.
I mean, look, I'm not trying to act like a tough guy.
You try to hit me in the head with a hatchet, I'm gonna shoot you if I got a gun.
They're incredibly restrained.
They are burning everything down.
They're beating people up in the streets.
It's lawlessness.
They've set up a new chop.
And so when the feds went in and started a fight at Waco and killed those people, I was totally against it.
Some multiracial group of people following a weirdo Fruit Loop who they could have arrested in town any day.
That's what they wanted that big standoff with Americans to demonize churches and set the precedent not just to shut churches down like COVID-19, but to burn them to the ground.
And so you've got spray paint all over the federal building 30 feet high and people breaking into doors and look trying to hit.
Hit federal officers in the head with a hammer.
I don't care if you're a federal officer, a black man, a white man, a white woman, a purple woman.
I don't care who you are.
Somebody trying to hit you in the head with a hatchet or a hammer, you're going to get hurt.
Well, they responded to all this by saying, peaceful demonstrators who have been secretly arrested by secret police.
No, they've been charged, they're being arraigned, they had to direct violence, they were spotted doing it, and then the media goes, oh, these poor little professors just wanted to hit cops in the head with hatchets.
And I mean, these are some bold, crazy people.
I mean, they're at a federal building filled with federal police and literally hitting him in the head with a hammer.
I mean, and imagine if one of those cops would have pulled a gun and shot that person that just attacked him with a deadly weapon, the media would have edited the tape.
And so I'm not defending police brutality.
I'm against that.
I'm against the police state the left wants once they collapse this country.
Do you have any idea once due process is gone, how hellish it'll be and the red terror will be under?
So, Mayor of Portland to Trump, get your troops out of the city!
Your troops!
They say, oh, we know you're attacking innocent people.
And they got federal judges coming out saying, oh, if you arrest somebody, you gotta have all this probable... What the hell does that even mean?
They're telling everybody, oh, Nancy Pelosi says Trump deployed storm troopers to quell Portland protests slammed for despicable analogy.
You know, you hear storm troopers?
It's a storm of troops, World War I. Both sides had them.
It means a storm running over you, killing everything in sight.
In fact, pull up episode four Star Wars, Darth Vader's entrance.
We pull that up, you know, onto the counselor ship.
They blow the door open, they come in, they shoot you.
That's what stormtroopers do, is they kill you.
They rush your lines, they attack you, they're shock troops.
Star Wars didn't invent stormtroopers.
That means a storm of soldiers storming over you like a blitzkrieg.
So, did they storm?
No, they didn't storm.
They sat inside the federal building until they breached the door and then they stopped them.
But the mayor... This is what stormtroopers do, you see.
They're killing people.
They're shooting people.
It's not stormtroopers.
Who was breaking in?
The left was breaking in like Darth Vader to the federal building.
Who was breaking into the building?
Was it Darth Vader or was it the rebels?
Were the feds breaking into the building?
Antifa dressed in black, covering their face.
The villain was doing it.
So, when the feds pull up to a church in cattle trailers and start shooting everybody, I'm against them.
Because they're not federal officers, they're thugs.
They're globalist cult members trying to create a religious war in America.
America repudiated it.
America repudiates a bunch of communists attacking a federal building, trying to break into it like Darth Vader.
Oregon sues federal agencies over protest enforcement.
They're hitting people in the head with hammers.
They're stealing people's cars and bikes.
They're blocking roads.
They're shooting people in the head.
Oh, it's protests.
And that leads us to this next little juicy piece of information.
BLM activist calls for abolition of the United States as we know it.
That's all just UN crap.
As if black people are going to get a bunch of free stuff if the U.S.
All the black folks are trying to get into this country.
Let's stop lying about it.
Well listen, if there is an African country like Wakanda, I'd like to move there.
I don't care what color you are, but I care about civilization.
The delusions of Hollywood and the delusions of people believing they're rising up and powering black people.
You're setting black people up.
You're the cover.
You won't hear one word out of this guy about five million black people, you know, aborted every decade because he works for the system.
Meanwhile, hundreds of churches are being burned here.
Hundreds of churches are being burned in Europe.
Another huge cathedral burned down.
15th century French cathedral, and now it's a criminal investigation.
The Muslims, of course, are very happy about it.
There is an attack on Western culture, period.
And let's skip ahead to another black guy that's about as black as I am, Bubba Wallace.
He just gets told that there's a lot of corporate sponsorship, like Kaepernick, if you do this.
So he says, oh, there's a noose in my deal.
Turns out all the stalls had that for years.
It's not a noose.
It's the pull tie for the garage.
He knew that.
His PR company said, do it.
He had everybody go out and salute him and NASCAR bow down to him and say, we're sorry that we're white, we're evil.
And so the green-eyed black man, Bubba Wallace, races up, cuts somebody off.
I'm not even a NASCAR expert, but I looked it up.
He made the bad move.
He hit the front of the car, which turned him.
And he now says he was attacked by a white supremacist and that it's super evil and the media's like, it's another level of evil.
I mean, you saw the white men attacked him at the race.
And he, but he's worried about his hair during this whole deal.
This is the total weaponization of all information.
And all Bubba Wallace knows is his managers are telling him to do this and turn everything into a racial incident.
So he already got caught like Jussie Smollett staging a racial attack.
And so now he's claiming, last time I heard you cut somebody off and you connect to them getting in their lane.
It's your fault.
So let's roll the audio and video of the latest false flag that Mr. Mr. Mr. Wallace just launched.
Here it is.
As you can see, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
opened up the door for Bubba Wallace to get to the inside of Michael McDowell.
What Michael McDowell's doing right now is just running these guys really tight.
But Bubba Wallace decided, I'm gonna move you up out of the groove.
He does that.
Once you make that contact, Mike, you better make it significant enough to get three of that car, or there's a chance something like that's gonna happen.
Working your way up through the field, Bubba.
From what we saw on TV, there was contact going into three.
What did it feel like in the car?
Aw, just disrespect.
When you get hooked into the wall, my hair looks terrible.
Sorry, Mom.
That is a narcissistic mental patient that's done so much damage to this country.
So, but listen, when you watch that video, you see the other car slows down and gets over.
This is a very reckless move.
And the guy he ran into, I looked it up, is known as being a nice driver.
And so he makes this incredibly reckless move.
He comes over, cuts in front, is so arrogant, and then he says this guy tried to kill him.
Because he went on and made statements about the disrespect.
The guy claims he's Christian, but he's not.
Attacks his faith.
I mean, bizarre.
Because Bubba Wallace's driving mistakes now are white people's fault.
Notice the tires are black.
That's to roll over black people.
It's a sign.
No, the rubber tree's that color.
This is the mental illness, folks.
This is the mental illness.
Here, let's play that video again.
Here it is.
As you can see, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
opened up the door for Bubba Wallace to get to the inside of Michael McDowell.
What Michael McDowell's doing right now is just running these guys really tight.
But Bubba Wallace decided, I'm gonna move you up out of the groove.
He does that.
I mean, I'm surprised they don't fire the other drivers.
Like, he's racist.
Working your way up through the field, Bubba.
From what we saw on TV, there was contact going into three.
What did it feel like in the car?
Oh, just disrespect.
When you get hooked into the wall, my hair looks terrible.
Sorry, Mom.
Sorry, Mom?
And maybe we can roll this slower or roll it one more time.
But again, he races up.
Big bold move.
Cuts in front of the guy.
The guy slows down, tries to get out of the way.
It's not enough!
And now the news is like, it shows NASCAR's got a lot to learn.
This driver did this horrible thing to a black man who's not even black.
Here it is.
Bubba wants to say, I'm gonna move you up out of the groove.
He does that.
And again, here is the white supremacist attack.
Car 43.
Look at that.
He's up against him, presses him in the wall.
He's trying to put him in the wall.
Cuts in front of him.
That's what happens when you do that.
It's the guy's fault!
I mean, literally another false flag, ladies and gentlemen.
Because Bubba has been told, whatever happens, blame it.
It's white people.
You're in a gladiator sport.
The only legal sport where people are dying.
Everybody knows that's why everybody watches it.
Because this is death defying.
240 miles an hour on average.
And they turn it into this.
They turn it into Bubba Wallace driving like a maniac and he can't even take credit for the fact that he cut the guy off and wrecked the car.
I'm telling you folks, it's next level.
And I don't hate him because he's got some light brown skin.
I hate him because the guy is a wimp.
He's a punk.
And I predict bad luck for Bubba Wallace.
I mean, I do.
I think that, you know, you start tempting fate like this in a dangerous sport like this, and you start trying to run... I mean, look at him trying to... Look, I don't even follow NASCAR, but I've done, you know, seen the movies about it recently.
I've been to one NASCAR deal, but when somebody's on the outside and you're pressing them into the damn wall, that's the aggressive thing.
Which is what you do!
You're in a man's sport there!
He literally tries to press the other car in the wall, he pulls in front of it, and now it's back on.
Meanwhile, children are being kidnapped and raped by globalists, but we're all fighting over what color we are.
And that brings me to this next point.
I'm going to end this transmission of the live portion here.
You're watching this on Saturday night or Sunday.
We're putting it out.
It's going to re-air after it loops, and then I'll be back 4 p.m.
Roger Stone tomorrow.
He's got huge political news and so much more.
But here is the report, and it deals with Anthony
Weiner and this whole crew with the Clintons and the child pedophile rings.
And now they were using it to blackmail government attorney defending Jeffrey Epstein in the past.
Demands another prosecution of Roger Stone.
They're using the Southern District of New York.
They're also using the State of New York and Letitia James that literally ordered nursing homes to take people that had flu and COVID-19 to kill old people.
And this same attorney, Gerald B. LeFoucourt, I'm not going to say his name, has come out and said that Roger Stone should be prosecuted again, but he also called for Jeffrey Epstein to be released.
And then we're going to air this special report right now.
It's posted in full at Bandot Video.
I hope you'll go get the file and share with everyone you know.
That's how you override the scissors and the controllers.
Jeffrey Epstein Report.
Epstein Trafficking Network up and operational.
Alita Express Airlines still recruiting young girls.
We shot this, I guess, back in November.
It's more pertinent now than ever.
And again, I want to thank you all for watching and tuning in, and I hope you share this information.
I cannot reiterate enough.
Via text message, via word of mouth, via your email list.
Hey, here's the forbidden Jeffrey Epstein info.
Hey, here's the live feed of the show of the guy they've got banned.
They don't want you to know the truth.
That's how we
Expose them.
So I want to thank you all.
You are literally just as important as we are.
And I salute you.
I want to thank the crew coming in as well.
And just ask everybody to share this live transmission because we're being censored.
We're being controlled because we're powerful.
Because the truth is powerful.
And because if it gets out, their whole conspiracy is going down.
They've gambled with this whole move.
All you've got to do is spread the word and the New World Order goes down.
So take action, Paul Revere!
Breaking news this hour.
Officials say multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein has taken his own life.
Jeffrey Epstein is dead after being found unresponsive at a New York City jail Saturday morning.
After apparently taking his own life.
Officials say that his death was an apparent suicide.
Surveillance video recorded inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center is missing.
A camera situated just outside of Epstein's jail cell
The footage from at least one camera in the hallway may be too damaged or unusable for investigators.
An FBI crime lab is examining two prison cameras that malfunctioned.
Surveillance video from outside his jail cell?
It's gone missing!
Now this will of course raise even more questions about whether the surveillance cameras were purposely tampered with and if Epstein's death was more than just suicide by hanging as it was ruled in an autopsy.
In what may become one of the biggest child molesting cases ever on record.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
He was saying that they take a lot of famous people to this island and they have all these young girls that this guy hooks them up with.
He was talking about this years ago.
Now it is mainstream news.
Doctor who witnessed Epstein autopsy.
Death more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide.
Isn't that amazing?
For some odd reason, people that have information on the Clintons end up dead.
And they usually die from suicide.
The President of the United States is pushing a dangerous and completely unfounded murder conspiracy theory about his predecessor.
He is spreading a conspiracy theory.
Untrustworthy and ridiculous.
Conspiracy theories.
Tying the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in prison to the president's former political rivals, the Clintons.
Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein.
Name three things that don't hang themselves.
Major twist tonight in the story involving that leaked video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach talking about the network she works for killing the Jeffrey Epstein story.
It was unbelievable what we had.
We had everything.
There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.
I had it all three years ago.
ABC's lead investigative journalist, Amy Rohrbach, is right.
Jeffrey Epstein is the biggest pedophile America and the world has ever known.
But he himself is just a front man for a larger network that is still ongoing to this day.
And whose goals are nothing less than domination of human society by blackmail and corruption.
Tonight we're going to document for you that individuals that work directly with Epstein are still carrying out operations very similar to the operation that he was running.
And we're also going to show you, hiding in plain view, examples of Senate reports, U.N.
reports, and other institutional reports admitting that millions of women and children are being sexually trafficked every year, and that it's one of the biggest currencies on the planet.
This is nothing less than modern slavery.
And the corruption that comes out of it isn't like alcohol prohibition where people fell under the control of the mafia.
It's far worse because they're falling under the control of organizations and groups who even engage in the murder, snuff films of children.
There is no bottom to this pit.
Just like elites thousands of years ago began to degenerate and do things that are unspeakably evil.
It's happening again today.
And if we don't face the facts and move against these criminals, they're going to be able to take over the whole civilization like they've done the Vatican, Penn State, the Boy Scouts.
There's nothing that's safe.
Because this is a formula of evil and corruption.
Now, we're going to go to an investigator that I've known for two years.
He was ready to go public.
He's got recordings.
He's got people admitting that they like to have sex with children.
He's got it all.
And I said, in this first rollout, let's just look what's hiding in plain view.
And you're going to get a look at some of that right now.
Then I'm going to come back in here later and go over the Clinton body count and how it ties in to these charts on the deep state that were developed by the Epoch Times and they're very, very accurate.
So whatever you do, please research this information for yourself and then share this report.
We had to build our own network, our own satellites, our own TV systems and Band.Video to even be able to get this out to you.
So here is the report.
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You know, it's been years since I've been researching the Jeffrey Epstein case.
The deeper I've gone into my research, there's been bombshell after bombshell, exposing new facts and bringing more revelations to light.
But recently, the facts that I've come across have been so especially jarring that I come to you here today, albeit in a veiled identity, to bring those facts to light.
So that I can expose what the Epstein case has become.
It has now transcended well beyond the facts behind the purported human trafficker into something much greater.
Into something that's a propaganda tactic that is meant to dissuade popular opinion from uncovering the very truth itself.
Now one important component of the Epstein network, which is limited by that memetic strategy, is the inner machinations of his network and the associates who facilitated his operation.
One important figure in that scope is one of Epstein's victims, his former pilot, Nadia Marchenko.
The media has performed cursory examinations of Marchenko, a full-fledged examination of businesses which she created during and after her association with Jeffrey Epstein has been entirely neglected.
Now, the construct of those organizations within the context of Epstein's network of associates brings about more concerning questions than answers.
Now, by limiting public perception of the Epstein case, an inspection of Marchenko's businesses and their potential role in the underlying human trafficking operation operated by Epstein and others has yet to unfold.
Some background on Nadia Marchenko.
Nadia Marchenko was born in what was then Czechoslovakia in circa 1986 before coming to the United States in 2000 under the name Nadia Marchenko.
While Marcinko and others contend that she came to the United States to pursue a modeling career, which she did eventually establish, officials in law enforcement offer a different origin of her ingratiation into Epstein's network of associates.
Detective Joseph Ricari investigated the underlying case which led to Epstein's arrest and consequent plea deal in Florida back in 2008.
According to Ricari's notes following an interview with another of Epstein's victims, Epstein had
Purchased Marchenkova from her family in Yugoslavia.
And she was purchased for the purpose of being a sex slave.
Now, Detective Ricari's investigation also concluded that Epstein subjuncted Marcinko to sexual abuse as he began to rape her when she was only 15 years old.
On one occasion, Epstein forced Marcinko into having sex with other victims, at least two of whom were underage.
Now, despite the horrific abuse that Marcinko was certainly subjected to, she became deeply ingratiated into Epstein's life.
Living with him in Palm Beach, as well as being provided other residences in New York City, as well as apparent financial support.
Victims who were interviewed also described Marcinko as an actual enabler of Epstein's.
Ultimately, Epstein's apparent favoritism of Marcinko was behind her becoming an FAA-licensed pilot who would ultimately go on to fly Epstein's private Gulfstream, now infamously known as the Lolita Express.
Marcinko's role as the pilot of that aircraft conveys how deeply she was immersed into Epstein's network.
In 2008, when Epstein was offered a non-prosecution agreement, Marcinko was granted immunity from criminal charges as a component of Epstein's plea.
Despite the outcome of that case in 2008, Marcinko would continue to associate herself with Jeffrey Epstein as well as his brother Mark.
Evidence of that association exists in the establishment of several businesses owned by Markchenko from 2005 to 2011.
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Now in 2005, the first of those businesses, Global Girl Limited Liability Corporation, was incorporated with the New York Department of State's Division of Corporations.
This is the first business which Marchinko seems to have established.
According to Detective Ricarri's deposition as part of a case between Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Guffray,
A cross-reference of surveillance on Jeffrey Epstein's Florida residence revealed that the presence of Jeffrey's brother Mark Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Nadia Marchenkova was present.
Now, Detective Ricari's finding is particularly relevant considering it reveals that Mark Epstein was present during his brother's relationship with Marchenkova.
Following Jeffrey Epstein's arrest, plea, and subsequent release from prison, Marchenko would go on to found the company known as Avilu.
The company's certificate of incorporation lists the delivery of service address as 301 East 66th Street in New York City, New York.
The property of that address is notable because it's managed by Osa Properties, and Osa Properties in turn is owned by Jeffrey's brother, Mark Epstein.
Now this address was also featured on the Avalube website until recently when it was removed following a request that I had made to Mark Epstein concerning whether or not Avalube currently held a commercial lease in that building.
According to the Avalube website, it also has a sister company named Aviatri.
However, there is no formal business registration with the name Aviatri filed with the same office that had incorporated Avalube.
So now we need to examine the relationship between Avalube and Aviatri.
So it's a mercantile relationship to say the least.
According to Marchenko, Avaloop is a consulting firm that works with aviation companies for a multitude of reasons.
Among those is marketing, events management, pilot contracts, and things of that nature.
But one notable facet of Avaloop's operation
Reveals its sister company Aviatri.
Now this mention is present under a section of the AviLoop website that attests to its commitment to diversifying the workforce of companies in the aviation industry with more female pilots.
Now, while AviLoop does not contain a direct contact number, the Aviatri website does list one.
However, the voicemail that you would receive from that contact number indicates that the caller has actually reached AviLoop.
This makes delineating between the two businesses very difficult.
Understanding Aviatri's purpose gives you greater insight into how these companies may be an integral part of the Jeffrey Epstein Human Trafficking Network.
Now, the purpose of Aviatri, allegedly,
is to work on behalf of aspiring female pilots who want to break into the aviation industry by recruiting them to provide them a multitude of services including online courses, flight training, financial assistance and ultimately job placement.
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Born to do.
Clearly, your attractiveness increases with every flight under your belt.
Just remember to wear your aviators, and pick a cool call sign, Captain.
I believe also has a dedicated YouTube channel to serve as an outlet for its marketing and promotional material.
However, the YouTube channel simply hosts only four different promotional videos, each of which was posted in 2011.
Each video is a monologue performed by one of three different girls.
The monologue makes superficial references to the services which Aviloop offers while enticing prospective members who just want to meet more girls into signing up with the company.
Now each girl is performing a monologue dressed in a costume-esque pilot outfit and appears to be young, if not underage.
Clearly your attractiveness increases with every flight under your belt.
And now for a look into why Aviloop's marketing materials are certain to arouse suspicion.
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Hi, welcome to classic flight training on obbyloop.com.
My name is Claire and I'm your deal attendant.
With today's deal, you can channel your inner Top Gun, climb into the cockpit, and learn to fly an airplane.
You can even practice saying, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.
The flight lasts one hour under the supervision of an FAA instructor, begins with a ground school lesson, and ends with a new perspective on what you were born to do.
And remember Top Gun?
Clearly your attractiveness increases with every flight under your belt.
Just remember to wear your aviators and pick a cool call sign, Captain.
Welcome to AviLoop, your collective buying website for anything aviation.
We offer deals on flight lessons, pilot accessories, fuel, FBO services, charter flights, and even small aircraft.
Our deals are usually 50-90% off.
That means, whether you want to learn to fly, charter an airplane, or just see more girls like me, AviLoop can help.
You can even vote for your favorite deal attendant and win special prizes.
Our membership is completely free, our deals are unbeatable, and there is no catch.
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Now, on their face, you could qualify those videos as just being entirely inappropriate.
Now, within the context of a human trafficking network and a business owned by one of its associates, it might be fair to say that those videos are instead nefarious, promising to
Give visitors the opportunity to see more girls like these, along with these sexualized costumes, makes it very difficult to believe that Aviatri or AviLoop is indeed trying to recruit aspiring female pilots for the purposes of advancing their careers.
Now, we looked into this to the effect that we reached out to both Osa Properties and as well as to AviLoop to try to get Mark Epstein or Nadia Marchenko to comment on these issues.
It was to, of course, no avail.
Now, following an inquiry made to Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother and the owner of Osa Properties, AviLoop actually removed the 301 East 66th Street, New York, New York address that was mentioned on its website.
Following an inquiry made directly to AviLoop concerning its address as well as its relationship with Aviatree, the phone number listed on the Aviatree website was entirely removed.
Changes were made to the AviLoop website as well to remove any mention of its sister company Aviatree.
However, those changes have since been reversed.
Additionally, the main Aviatree website domain, www.aviatree.com,
I'm good.
Now this concludes the information that I've compiled about the businesses associated with Nadya Marchenko.
All of this information is in the public sphere.
It's been brought to the attention of other mainstream media outlets.
However, they've decided not to follow up on this story.
That's what makes it so important for people who are seeing this story to search this out on their own, because it's pretty apparent that Jeffrey Epstein and his network of associates and their crimes have not died with him.
You can even vote for your favorite deal attendant and win special prizes.
Our membership is completely free.
Our deals are unbeatable.
And there's no catch.
So what are you waiting for, Captain?
Subscribe to our newsletter and get in the loop.
Again, I want to thank you for caring enough to be tuned into this special report.
And I want to remind you that
This is not a spectator sport.
We need men and women in the arena.
So please research the information we lay out here.
And when you find out it's even far worse than we're saying because we're limited by time, I hope that you'll join us in researching this further and exposing it.
But whatever you do, please share this vital report that we're here on Christmas Eve bringing you.
Now, you saw my brief intro.
You saw the investigator and researcher break down some of this information.
But now we're going to get into even more and zero in on some of the cases and then also pull back and give you the 35,000 foot view.
But one word describes this.
Yes, you can say evil.
Yes, you can say money, power, corruption, control.
But there's a word that describes it.
It has all those words in it.
It's called slavery.
And since the beginning of recorded history, humans have enslaved other humans.
And then generally those civilizations begin to collapse because how we treat the least of us, we end up treating ourselves.
And so the important takeaway for me here, before we lay out more of this information, is that Epstein is only
A minion in this and making it all about Epstein and saying he's the greatest pedophile in history is not true.
He was just a high-level manager of these networks.
And so to make it just about him and he's that lone monster is to cover up the reality of what's beneath the water and the larger iceberg, not just the crest of it, not just the tip of it.
I literally have over 200 articles, Senate reports, documents in front of me.
Where it's admitted that at an industrial scale, women and little girls and boys are being trafficked in sex slavery and also being killed in snuff films.
So before we go back and talk to the investigator who's here in studio with me, let me just show you a few headlines that deal with this.
Here is Wired Magazine last year celebrating my deplatforming.
And amongst the things they say I'm deplatformed for is claiming that there are large pedophile networks using it to blackmail and control people.
And there's a black hand dragging me into the darkness.
They're really throwing it.
In your face.
So remember, mainstream media has been covering this up, just like ABC News' own head investigative journalist said, the blackmail, the Clintons, the little girls, all of it, but she was ordered to shut it down.
Here's another one.
Washington Post.
Oh, democracy dies in the darkness.
Well, so do the children.
Obama administration placed children with human traffickers.
Senate report
Documents as young as two years of age, some of which were killed knowingly.
Oh, but that's just Obama.
The Clintons, Laura Sillsby, and Haitian human trafficking.
She was found guilty of smuggling thousands of children out, some of which ended up dying, many of which were in rituals.
And now she changed her name and she heads up the company that has the contract for Amber Alerts.
Very helpful to know when people call in with alerts of where missing kids are so that the establishment, the insiders, can make any changes they need to to protect the children, I'm sure.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you just heard me right.
And then, of course, the London Guardian asked, oh, has the UN learned the lessons of thousands of women and children kidnapped and trafficked all over the world?
No, the UN is a white slavery operation.
Again, white slavery means sex slavery.
So again, the AP's own report two years ago detailed tens of thousands of trafficked children all over the world, hundreds of which
have been found dead.
Huge report, multi-year investigation, almost no coverage, a blip on the radar.
So, let's expand now.
The Zorro Ranch, where they were doing secret breeding programs and where billionaires were traveling to supposedly impregnate young girls with the genetics of the master race.
Here's some of the articles.
Jeffrey Epstein wanted to turn Mexico Ranch into baby-making factory.
Once this began to come out in the last year, we'd already exposed it.
They all tried to limit it to Jeffrey Epstein to say he was trying to do it.
It was about him and his babies.
No, it was about eugenics and the National Security Study Memorandum.
200 from Henry Kissinger to set up a world government plan to eradicate the third world population and to create a super race.
This was being carried out at the Albert Einstein University by the shadow government headed up by Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and others like Oprah Winfrey.
Here it is in
NBC News.
Top billionaires hold secret meeting.
And this was run by Jeffrey Epstein.
And they're telling you how great it was and how they were like superheroes.
And they admit Jeffrey Epstein was the manager of it.
Secret of Rich Cabal?
Need to discuss population control.
Wall Street Journal's Billionaires Try to Shrink World Population report says.
And who is running that as the manager?
Jeffrey Epstein, MIT Media Lab, rocked by new Jeffrey Epstein revelations.
And again, recruiting the head of Harvard, recruiting the head of MIT, getting the key people into this group.
Not just with underage girls having sex, but far worse.
Human cloning research.
All of it's going on.
Funding this in China.
And that's how you control society, is controlling the scientific elite.
A lot bigger than Jeffrey Epstein.
Here he is with Harvey Weinstein.
And here he is with the former top Mossad operative's daughter.
Again, their eyes wide shut style regalia at the Prince's party.
So he was bigger than just a Mossad agent.
He was a deep state agent in the CIA, MI6, British intelligence.
Now, I have hundreds of these articles and now they're admitting that it was a blackmail operation.
But again, more than just sex with underage girls.
It's terrible that happened to the underage girls.
But we know it got even sicker and that smugglers were bringing very young children, according to locals, who witnessed it, to Little St.
John's Island.
I don't
So, again, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
Well, it's a lot bigger than that.
And then you see the NXIVM cult trying to set up similar systems and connect it into the Clintons and the Rothmans because they're setting these networks up at the highest levels to the mid-levels and the low level for societal control.
All of it is compartmentalized.
Now, I'm going to go over the Clinton
Body count chart and some of the other deep state charts where they use all of this to blackmail.
Then we're going to look at meme wars, memetic war that our guest has written a paper on.
And again, how they use limited hangouts like Epstein ran it all with the meme of he didn't kill himself to cover up how deep the rabbit hole really goes.
But this is all fact.
This is all admitted.
And the question is, what are we as a society going to do about it?
So talking to the investigator, there's a lot we didn't get into earlier in your presentation.
And you wanted to say who you were.
I thought because you're still talking to a lot of these people.
That's right.
Celebrities well-known people to admit with you in conversations that they like little kids.
I mean they've said what's wrong with right?
Yeah, they've deferred to and like you said earlier when you co-opt academia.
That's you know
That's a big sign that this is just a social control movement, and in the conversations that I've had with these people, that's what they go to right away.
They go to these academic rationalizations, that everyone can wrap their head around something because it's been justified by quote-unquote research.
But all it really is, is a way for them to, I guess, validate their behaviors.
But that's the direction that these things are going in.
You're right, mad scientists, whether it's the Nazis or the Soviets.
They're the cutting edge.
They're the cutting edge of society and other people don't understand them.
And it's just a way to rationalize things.
But at the same time, it's particularly dangerous because when you talk about a social control aspect, people in the mainstream, they do look to academics for guidance.
And it's easy to see how
Those ideals can, you know, pervert society.
They permeate into it and all of a sudden you have things just being accepted when they otherwise shouldn't be.
And a big part of that is what we went over today.
People aren't, you know, doing the research on their own.
They're able to fall victims to memetic warfare campaigns because they're being spoon-fed.
Things catch on, they permeate into popular culture.
And at the end of this presentation, we're going to have that segment you did on meme warfare proposed because that's critical.
I even felt bad spending five minutes racing through Senate reports admitting this.
I've got stacks of reports out of Italy and Russia of little kids, three-year-old boys, kidnapped and tortured to death after being gang raped and shot in the head.
And then the video of it being sold to Hollywood.
This is a giant black hole.
It's a Ponzi scheme to compromise people, and then an excuse to carry these operations out.
It's truly, truly evil.
But when you point out things like they have YouTube channels where young women are saying, come here, go on this airline, you like young girls like me, and it's a former pilot of Epstein, clearly that's something the media knows about.
You brought it to them.
It's an example of how crazy this is.
And then even something like that, the media won't follow up on it because supposedly, again, it's all just Jeffrey Epstein.
Right, and another response I've gotten from the media is that, you know, and admittedly there are cursory references to people like Nadia Marcinko.
People do bring that up, and in a very superficial light, I've been told by mainstream media sources that have turned down my stories, that I'm not really presenting any sort of new information.
In a very respectful way, you know, I respond to them, you know, by saying, then why isn't there anything about Aviatra out there?
I mean, why haven't you guys shown these videos?
These videos are rather damning, and I mean,
If these are purported, you know, potential victims of a human trafficking network, I mean, what value is there to have a nationally renowned media source show a picture of these kids?
What are the odds you have millions of viewers, someone might not recognize them?
Well, exactly!
The point that they've mentioned in one place, that's the cover-up right there of Hiding in Plain View.
And that's really the big story here is that mainstream media is covering this up.
We've only scratched the tip of the iceberg here.
This is not known because they don't cover it.
And you look at these girls, I have a 15-year-old daughter that looks older than most of those girls.
And again, this is the pilot for Epstein, currently involved in this, currently running this.
This is sensational.
Yeah, and it's common sense.
I mean, like, if I was to show you that video, independent of the context, you would view it as being creepy.
I mean, anyone in their right mind would view it as at least being wildly inappropriate.
And the idea that you could run a business being the associate of, you know, the most notorious human trafficker, you know, known to society.
I mean, he has the most notoriety in terms of his name.
And the fact that, you know, what woman is going to say, oh yeah, no, I'm going to take these airline classes, oh, who runs the company?
Oh, you know, it was Jeffrey Epstein's former pilot.
It's nonsense.
The idea that this is a company that's running a legitimate operation that's going to have the revenue to operate, it's... It's incredible.
Running one jet is, you know, $5 million a year.
So pulling back from this, even a small one, pulling back from this,
We've been talking for two years or so, and you brought me a lot of evidence, a lot of research, and you've got a lot that is, that you're willing to give to law enforcement, and that you've brought to mainstream media that they haven't gone with.
Text messages, prominent people saying, what's wrong with sex with little kids?
Okay, and then people have been publicly out there denying that they're involved in stuff like this, even though they've been connected to it.
You've got a lot of that, but I chose not to go with that at this point.
If law enforcement wants to contact you again or the New York Post or wherever, you're ready.
Because it's, again, I know what the people will...
What will capture people's attention to go, wait a minute, looks like a bunch of 15, 16 year old girls saying, hey, come learn how to fly with us.
And by the way, do you like me?
You like how I look?
Come join us.
This is obvious what this is with someone who's dead reportedly and who was connected to all this trafficking.
And then it's his former pilot that's doing this and it's ongoing.
Again, right there, this alone is like the string on the sweater that pulls the whole thing out.
And I'm not saying that the pilot who flew all these times is guilty.
I know that she was a suspect, is a suspect.
All I'm saying is this whole thing stinks to high heaven.
Yeah, and the intricacy of the network, I mean, it's just, it's beyond coincidence that not only is it his former pilot and someone who was named as a potential co-conspirator who was actually given immunity in the 2008 plea agreement that Epstein had been given.
It's not just that it's just her, it's her running it out of Jeffrey Epstein's brother's property.
Someone who's the executor of his estate, someone who's essentially at the forefront of the damage control in terms of just closing the claims that these victims are going to have.
Well, this woman is as important as Maxwell, one of the reported pimps.
I suppose you're gonna have a new whitewash piece come out soon.
Yeah, yeah.
Ghislaine Maxwell, I mean, she's in talks with a lot of people, different media outlets, and my understanding, through law enforcement.
And the thing about Ghislaine that's, you know, important to point out here is that that's somebody who is, you know,
She's out there and everyone understands.
It's done any sort of research into this case, who she is.
But even with that prominence, you know, the common person who's relying on the mainstream media probably doesn't know who she is.
So that's why when you implore people to do their own investigation, take it on to themselves to look into these things.
It's imperative because if they're going to be reliant upon the mainstream media to be, you know, giving this information, they're not going to get it.
You can't trust the same source that covered this case up for the better part of at least three decades to close the book on.
Well, that's right.
And we know the media is covering it up.
We know that the Justice Department hasn't moved against this particular network because it's so elite.
We know the Queen has started the process of ostracizing Prince Andrew, which she should.
He was at the Christmas party over the weekend though, so I mean, um, you know, when you look at what happened in the father, Jimmy Savile case, Jimmy Savile obviously, uh, was very close with Prince Charles.
One of his best friends.
Yeah, he was going to be the, uh, my understanding is he was going to be, uh, Prince Harry's godfather until some of the controversy broke and they kind of shot him.
And they did discover his satanic dungeon.
Killing children, sex with dead bodies.
And in many ways, that's what Jeffrey Epstein was.
He was very much a gatekeeper for these kinds of operations.
I call him a Rinfield.
He was a Dracula character, right.
He's a face to put to the operation that you can put a lot of the blame on.
And when you wipe him off, people think that everything goes down with him.
And let's be clear, it came out in Florida in the one county.
I don't
Yeah, and Virginia Guffray, who is obviously, I think, the most outspoken victim of Epstein's in deposition testimony in a defamation case between she and Ghislaine Maxwell.
She had talked about how she got away from that network, how she escaped, so to speak, and she talked about how when she was brought to Thailand by Maxwell and by Epstein that she was informed that she was going to start being a recruiter for lack there of a better term.
That now she was going to be bringing girls into the network.
And at that point, you know, she decided that she was just simply going to run away.
And fortunately, she survived.
And to this day, it's probably the best resource we have for, you know, what was really going on in that scheme.
But that's exactly what happens.
And you see with Marcinko, it's terribly unfortunate that somebody who was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein's or of any predators, you know, invariably becomes one.
But that's the cyclical nature of this feud.
And we see the reports of him going to the Bosnia-Herzegovina area and purchasing 12, 13-year-old girls from their families.
That's what goes on in these incredibly poor areas.
And then we have now his flight manifesto with Bill Clinton.
Most of the flights, Bill Clinton did not take Secret Service and it was not on there.
And they describe in these logs, I mean here it is for TV viewers, they describe in these logs that ABC News and others have had for many, many years that
The girls, again, were dressed like candy canes and things.
Very young, very skinny, girls that look 14, 15, 16.
And that's exactly what we now see in this new flight organization.
Where again, they're telling women, hey, you want to learn how to be a pilot?
Come to us so they can then process them through, see if they meet whatever the requirements are.
I mean, these are people that worked for someone that was doing this on these aircraft.
And so it's really a 2 plus 2 equals 4 scenario.
Maybe nothing's going on.
And, you know, maybe pigs fly.
I'm just simply saying...
We need to see movement against this area and countless others.
I mean, you've done a lot more research, which, again, the media goes, oh, well, we've never really talked about that, but that's known, so it doesn't matter.
That's like saying somebody knows there's a basement full of dead kids.
We don't go check it because they know about it.
They, again, try to normalize all this like it's no big deal and just hope, like you said, it becomes Jeffrey Epstein did a kill-himself meme and it stops there.
But we know it's a lot bigger.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's the whole point.
It's so big.
All the information is out there.
It goes to show how protected and how insulated everybody is.
So unless people are going to take it on to themselves through their own volition to do the research, and not only to do the research.
But to take that information and to use it to elicit change, I mean, nothing's going to happen.
We've relied upon these law enforcement agencies, we've relied upon these media sources, and we've relied upon these politicians, and this is exactly what it's brought us, and this is just essentially how the wheel turns, and if we keep letting it turn this way, then nothing's going to change.
Well, I was told
Sixteen, seventeen years ago, when I would still go out and go on shows and go to Hollywood five or six times a year, and I ended up getting in at the A-list, and it was just a bunch of depressed, really freaked out people.
Even the gorgeous women that were there looked soulless.
It just really felt empty.
These people would tell me.
They'd say, look, we're not into kids, but a lot of people are.
That guy's a pedophile.
This guy's a pedophile.
They tell me stories about going to a party with A-listers and there'd be like, you know, ten-year-old girls, like, you know, nine-year-old boys.
And it would be the star kids.
And the parents would be there managing and everybody knew that they were, quote, stars.
You know, because the parents let people have sex with them, and the parents then dominated and controlled them.
So we're talking serious abuse, and you've got Disney famously hiring convicted child rapists to come back and direct more films.
I mean, there's so many examples.
The Guardians of the Galaxy director, you know, hosting parties that are pedophile-themed, and, you know, making jokes about it.
I mean, this is the entry-level card.
Right, and that's a huge part of it, because you talk about media.
You talk about media, you talk about normalization.
You know, drugging and raping a young woman, analing when she's 13, a young girl, that's okay?
No, it's not.
It's not, of course not.
But that's the thing, is that they want it to be okay in media, and especially entertainment media is the easiest way to normalize things.
And whether it's, you know, accepting people into that strata of society without batting an eye,
Or if it's using the tools of film, of music, and all those other things to just subliminally normalize these kinds of behaviors.
It has a perverse effect, and it has a perverse effect on impressionable people.
And it's growing.
It really is the underbelly of everything.
And you've got Michelle Wolf coming out saying, I killed my baby.
I felt like God when I did it.
You've got all this art that they're pushing, which is really just psychotic men dressed as women doing simulations of murdering babies.
Really this is what you see when there's no bottom and the society falls apart and then all these other groups start imitating what the intelligence agencies are doing like NXIVM was doing and start setting it up for themselves or John of God and then it just becomes this whole rampant system like we see archaeological records happening to the ancient Babylonians, the ancient Egyptians, it happened with the Druids, it happened in Mesoamerica and I just wondered
Why this keeps manifesting in civilizations during their decline?
Where this desire to hurt children comes from?
It's decadent and wealth is a very perverse thing.
I think people don't really appreciate what it means to have the power, what it means to have the resources, what it means to have just everything at your fingertips, to have every, you know, desire that you have handed to you.
And sooner or later, from the standpoint of neurological effect, I mean, those excesses
It's hard to quench that thirst and it only breeds more excess.
And that's what you see.
You see that in these stratas of wealth, it becomes something that people use to bond to one another, right?
This is something that people use as if it's sort of like a designer drug.
It's a perverse thing because wealth breeds perversion.
And when you look at any society, the declination of them, you know, is grandiosity.
You see the drastic wealth inequalities.
When you look at Rome, Rome went from being a
An empire that actually did well at supporting its poor, to just being one that was much more decadent.
That's something you can transpose.
That's right, early in the Roman system.
Absolutely, they had a great goal.
If you cheated on your wife, even if you were, they'd kill you.
But by the end, or the middle of the end, Nero would dress as a werewolf, it's in the histories, and would tear a child apart with his bare teeth at a party with blood all over him.
Yes, absolutely.
And that's something you can transpose throughout history in any epoch.
And it's something that's relevant today, especially because when you see that decadence, it's the sign of a declining civilization.
And this is one of the things that I think is, you know, the most visible example of it.
Because if we're not protecting the most vulnerable of us, if we're not protecting our children, then it's a clear sign of the direction that society is headed in.
You know, I ran into your work two years ago.
You showed me shocking information that we're not going to release today of people that have been implicated in this stuff that you were talking to, just admitting things.
And it's, again, their goal is to normalize it, to have it so big and so huge that we just go, what do you do?
It's like Pennsylvania.
The report came out with the state police and the state grand jury a couple years ago, and they said 3,000 priests over that
Over 3,000 priests in interviews admitted to sexually abusing boys, mainly, many times in the church as a satanic ritual on Saturday nights, Friday nights, and the terrible things they were doing to these little boys as young as 6, 7, 8, most of them about 10 or 11, and it was so corrupt and huge.
The state's like, most of these priests are too old.
How do we even prosecute them?
It's a crime so big people can't admit it.
You know, Eisenhower,
I think?
And they would slowly corrupt somebody as an SS officer until, you know, it was a communal thing to do really brutal stuff.
And then pretty soon, you do whatever you're told.
And so this is a process of corruption.
And the Green Bomb speech, which is a detailed account of psychological torture that intelligence agencies have used on everything from just, you know, Manchurian-style candidates to victims of sexual abuse.
That's exactly what they do.
They break you down to the effect that they just
And that's what you said is the most important thing that you've said so far.
It's totally true.
They're recruiting these young women who go out and can get children.
That's well-known, you know, it's been documented, but in the lore, it's the white van with the kid saying, I've got candy.
Because you don't go to the man inside, or it's a man dressed up like a woman.
That goes back to the Little Red Riding Hood fables.
Those come from real things and legends that happened.
This is the first time that men have dressed up like women to trick children to come to them.
This is the first time that psychopaths have gone out.
And so it historically happens.
It's happening again.
And we've gone over a lot of this.
We've released really big information that's hiding in plain view.
And we'll do a part two very, very soon.
I want to go over some of these charts and I want to then go to your breakdown of how they changed the subject with memetic warfare.
But I, again, just want to point out that we have Senate reports.
We have it all here.
This is at an industrial level.
I will also in a moment play a clip of a congresswoman back 14 years ago.
Who exposed all this and then they drummed her out because it was actually in the record, in the intelligence record, but they didn't want it on the news.
We're going to play a clip of when it was admitted that DynCorp was doing this with aircraft out of the Caribbean and into Europe as well.
And so we're going to get to all of this here.
And again, we're only scratching the surface.
Any other points you'd like to add?
No, I guess the most important point right now is just to implore people to take this onto themselves and to look into these things.
Because everything that I've compiled, through diligence certainly, it's readily accessible.
It's out there and it stands on its own merit.
The truth always does.
And it's just about putting someone in the frame of mind where they can connect the dots.
Because like you said,
Things become so compartmentalized that people don't see things for what they are.
So a shift of a perspective is necessary to have people have the moral conscience that it's going to take to address these issues, bring them to light and take collective action.
Well, it really is an evil black hole, a Ponzi scheme, a reverse pyramid.
And if you think about how it works in a military institution, in the Boy Scouts, in the Catholic Church, anywhere,
One bad thing happens.
People go, this will embarrass the whole institution.
So once you cover up that one thing, even though you weren't involved doing it, now the group can do more and say, by the way, you covered that up.
You've got to let us do more, more, more.
We'll reward you if you go along.
We'll destroy you if you don't.
And then now they can move more of the pedophiles in.
And then they can abuse the children, use them to recruit, and whether it's Penn State or whether it's the Boy Scouts, I remember three years ago, it was on the news, they're handing out condoms at the Boy Scout Jamboree, and then they wonder why the Boy Scouts is going bankrupt and shutting down.
They took that over.
They ruined it.
They shut it down.
This is warfare.
This is a weapons system.
And so that's why when we have the establishment trying to plant child porn on us,
Four or five months ago, and then reach out and go, oh, we can work with you.
Don't worry, we're not going to tell anybody.
I said, the hell you're not going to tell anybody.
I said, that was planted on there, probably by you.
And I went completely ape.
And then they went, whoa, and pulled back.
And so now we've got investigators on the ground, and we're about to release some really big stuff.
If you want to fight, you better believe you got one, scumbags, because you're not going to compromise me.
And again, this is how they operate.
Most people, ooh, child porn's in our email, hidden codes.
That, oh, people got through discovery or whatever.
I'm like, hey, I call your bluff.
That's not us.
But again, most people, that's why in the Pentagon, you'll hear 10,000 computers the Pentagon found with it.
And they go, oh, don't worry.
Just do this for us and we won't report to your wife.
That's there.
And almost all those people are innocent.
But they're ordered to just, oh, be part of the cover-up.
You exposed the damn thing out in the open.
Anything else?
No, I hope that's what we can do here today.
I hope that's a step forward in that direction and, you know, I'm excited to get back to hitting the ground running and, you know, looking into this more.
Hopefully, I'm covering just as much damning information and bringing it to light.
And you're doing such good work behind the scenes.
And I know you're ready to release the names and the text messages and all the recordings and all of it.
You know, that's pretty dangerous stuff to have.
You know, you've got to save places and other things.
But I think now's the time is more and more ripe for this to come out.
So they better be looking over their shoulder.
All right, thank you.
We're going to go to a quick little break here, and then we're going to come back and look at some of these charts, and then we're going to finish up this special transmission.
Thank you for watching.
Please spread this link.
Mr. Secretary, I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade.
The President called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business.
But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.
While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program.
Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S.
government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?
Thank you, Representative.
First, the answer to your first question is no, absolutely not.
The policy of the United States government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described.
Well, how do you explain the fact that DynCorp and its successor,
I would have to go and find the facts, but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts, and there are times that corporations do things they should not do, in which case they tend to be suspended for some period.
There are times then that under the laws and the rules and regulations... Sources say there were dozens of victims.
The teen girls were encouraged to recruit their friends.
We were underage.
We were little girls.
By the time I was 16, I brought in up to 75 girls.
All the ages of, you know, 14, 15, 16.
People going from 8th grade to 9th grade at just school parties is where I would recruit them from.
You know, before you know it, I'm being lent out to politicians and to academics and to people that you... royalty and people that you just... you would never think, like, how did you get into that position of power in the first place if you're this disgusting, evil, decrepit person on the inside?
It's an absolute secret the U.S.
government negotiated a deal that forgave multi-billionaire Jeff Epstein for procuring sex with about 40 children.
The 2008 agreement protects Epstein and anyone who worked with him from federal charges.
He was basically treated as a celebrity.
He was allowed to come and go six days a week from the jail as he wanted.
This evil pedophile monster served just 13 months in a county jail for his crimes.
The U.S.
attorney who authorized that deal, Alexander Acosta, now the Secretary of Labor.
Acosta is a George W. Bush appointee under the Bush Justice Department.
He conducts his own investigation, he rubber stamps the state charge, and then he seals it.
They were told, leave it alone, Jeffrey Epstein works for U.S.
Intelligence and the FBI.
Now, Bradley Edwards determined to get a federal judge to overturn the sweetheart plea deal.
Somebody with money and power was able to communicate with the government in secrecy, in direct violation of the rights of the crime victims.
I started getting somewhat of an inclination that this is a situation where somehow for some reason
The defendant and the government are working together against the victims, although that kind of conspiracy theory sounds so preposterous that I didn't want to believe it.
We told you about Jeffrey Epstein and everything he was up to and who he is years ago.
Now it's gonna hit the mainstream.
February 27th 2019 is on record and is recognized not just as the biggest long-form podcast in 2019 but the biggest ever.
It was my second appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast.
The third largest podcast he's ever done was my first appearance two and a half years ago.
Now why is that important?
Well it shows that
What we're talking about, and these issues of shadow government, and the international blackmail rings, and hidden technologies, and breakaway civilizations, and the post-human world that's being built, is very, very popular.
People are looking for the truth, and that is a very, very positive thing.
Now, that said, look at how overweight I am in the video from the podcast.
I have lost 39 pounds since then.
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The last time I exposed this, about three and a half years ago, Megyn Kelly, who was still on Fox News, took what I covered on air concerning Hillary Clinton and policies that she officially had launched in the Middle East, killing millions of people.
It so upset the establishment that they edited the tape
To make it sound like I was saying children were being murdered in a pizza place in DC to try to not just discredit what Hillary had done in the Middle East, but also here in the United States in the whole spirit cooking information that came out in WikiLeaks.
So they killed two birds with one stone.
Now what I said in that report three and a half years ago, that she then edited together to be deceptive, was that when Hillary and Bill were running things in the 90s, Madeleine Albright admitted on national television, we'll play a clip in a moment, that they had massively increased the sanctions that Bush Sr.
had done on Iraq and that millions of people had starved to death, including a half million children.
So you see, it's not just the human trafficking, it's not just the wars they start, it's the sanctions as well on food and medicine that Hillary's own best buddy, Marilyn Albright, is admitting killed half a million children, and then even more died after that.
So, here's just another example of what they're doing to children out of their own mouths.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
You know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
Now again, right now, I'm just showing you a few of many examples of worry.
Madeleine Albright from the Clinton administration, and Hillary, later Secretary of State under Obama,
engage in mass war crimes knowingly.
Libya was industrialized, helping all of Africa.
Gaddafi was working with the West, investing with the West.
They came in, Obama lied to him with Hillary, they set him up, and there's photos of Libya before and after.
They totally and absolutely wrecked and destroyed it.
And then Hillary came and said, I came, I saw, he died.
So again, we can talk about the Clinton death list.
We can talk about their criminal networks all day long.
But their crimes they commit are right out in the open.
The head of Hillary's foundation at one time got convicted smuggling kids.
Now she runs the Amber Alert.
This is like something out of a nightmare science fiction movie.
But let's look
at some of these documents.
Here's a look at the Clinton body count.
And these are just well-known cases.
And now there's been so many others that have died that have been connected to the Clintons.
And this whole network they're using of blackmail to control people through folks like Jeffrey Epstein.
And over here, you've got the Epoch Times breakdown of all of this and how they created the insurance policy.
And Fusion GPS, the fake dossier.
Tried to set Trump up with double agents with the Russians, but Trump never took the bait.
And now these people who are tied into this whole network are politically trying to impeach and remove the President of the United States, but they're getting more and more desperate as their operatives are exposed.
So we've got to ask ourselves, what are they going to do?
They're going to threaten
To release dirt on all of these people that they've been blackmailing in this network if they don't do what they're told.
But by Infowars and by you and by President Trump, who's been going after these networks, exposing Spygate and exposing how they're controlling people with payoffs and blackmail and corruption and threats and lawsuits, then as this information comes out,
It's only going to implicate them, because they can only get away with a blackmail when people don't know about the larger system, and they can just leak in the news that somebody was having sex with a 14-year-old girl, or that somebody is a Satanist, or that someone is involved in the occult, or somebody like Adam Schiff is admittedly at parties doing quote Egyptian rituals with Ed Buck.
and all those dead black men that keep coming out of his house.
So that's how they run this entire show.
You can go to InfoWars.com where we have this video posted and we're going to have links to these charts.
You can blow them up and
See them in detail and follow all the links from the Clinton Body Count, the Dossier Network, to the Insurance Policy, to SpyGate.
And this is the type of information we're presenting.
It's documented.
It's factual.
And that's why they're so scared of us.
That's why they take things out of context and try to shut us down and lie about us.
But they can't stop you from getting this out.
And you look at Google, you look at Apple, you look at Twitter, you look at Facebook, all helping suppress us and cover this up.
You try to say Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, they'll block you on Facebook or Twitter.
That's because they've been caught up in these networks.
They've been corrupted by much of this as well.
And so shame on them.
They are on the wrong side of history.
And they're going to be exposed because you
are going to share this video and this report to everyone you know.
Now, I'm going to go ahead and end this transmission with our guest and some more of him breaking down meme warfare, memetic warfare, he's absolutely right.
And while you think it's good that there's this awakening, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, but if that becomes the only story, it's a cover-up because then it's only Jeffrey Epstein that did it and well, you know, he's supposedly dead and so everything is okay, everything's fine.
Please remember, we're also listed as supported.
Great products, t-shirts, books, films, amazing supplements.
That's how we're able to have this crew here on the night before Christmas.
Bringing you this information only because of your support and the great work of this crew is this possible.
So we're gonna go ahead and finish up this report.
And again, more reports are coming.
You can do your own research and look into this.
And I'm sure we'll discover a lot of things we don't know because I've only covered 1% of what we know just because of time constraints.
But they have been attempting to silence me.
They have been attempting to shut me down.
And they've been celebrating it.
But look at the archetype of that image.
The red, white, and blue.
Alex Jones with the dark hand of the deep state grabbing me and pulling me into the dark.
They're saying, I'm Voldemort.
He who must not be named.
But really, they're the ones operating and acting in the dark.
And I didn't talk to this artist, but I've talked to a lot of the other artists that work for the system.
They say these globalists are so reptilian in their thinking that
A lot of the art they put out and things they do actually help us, but that the system still thinks, oh, I like a dark hand dragging Alex into the dark.
But the artists themselves are actually archetypally showing you the truth of the dark hands coming out, trying to silence and suppress America.
No, they are who operate and act like Voldemort, not me.
All right.
Thank you so much for watching this transmission.
Here is its conclusion.
God bless you all.
Please share this for the children, for our culture, and for our society so the blackmail can end and so the justice can be brought to these individuals.
Thank you.
Tomorrow's News.
The Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself meme has considerable value as a propaganda tool.
Rarely do we find dissent against accepted narratives adopted in the mainstream media.
Of course, rare exceptions do occur.
Of those, the exceptions are predominantly aimed at misrepresentations, which undermine the credibility of dissidents and the basis of their dissent.
By constructing a false narrative, dissent can be co-opted and consequently emasculated.
Easy apparent examples of this are miscontextualized quotes, edits to interviews, and disingenuous forms for debate, which ultimately just misconstrue facts.
Yet, unusually, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein's purported death, the mainstream media has propagated what it would otherwise malign as a conspiracy theory, by entertaining the premise that he may have been murdered, instead of actually having committed suicide.
Now, in doing so,
The idea that Epstein didn't kill himself has very much become a meme.
As such, the idea has been weaponized to effectuate a multitude of responses, all which ultimately shift the narrative surrounding Epstein's life and crimes, instead of beckoning questions about the crimes that he committed.
His network of accomplices, the ongoing nature of what that network is doing beyond his involvement, as well as the identities, whereabouts, and responsibility of his co-conspirators, or even if Epstein is actually even dead to begin with.
The media limits the dialogue surrounding this vast, complex issue into something simplistic, which stagnates any legitimate progress towards exposing the depth of Epstein's network, the crimes they committed, and likely continue to commit.
So there's some background on memetics that shows that there is irrefutable evidence that memetic warfare campaigns exist.
Now, the weaponization of memes is an accepted practice in the United States intelligence sphere.
According to Robert Finkelstein, the president of Robotic Technology Incorporated,
A meme warfare strategy has been carefully constructed following research projects performed by the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, also known as DARPA, one of which is titled, in a very literal sense, Military Memetics.
That study evidences the use of memes as a propaganda tool
We're good to go!
The CIA's previous directors as analysts on these channels.
It is apparent that the mainstream media is utilizing this as a vehicle to disseminate memetic propaganda.
So as this evidence shows, the use of memetics as a propaganda tool is actually irrefutable.
This is a graph that is sourced from the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release that highlights how meme control centers are responsible for constructing articulate memetic warfare strategies with Vaults to utilize internal I-memes and external E-memes.
Now the difference between I-memes
And e-memes isn't that they are distinct from one another, but that each of them is a measurable facet of the impact that a meme has.
So they use that to measure its success.
Now, while e-memes are measured through their effect on human behavior and culture, i-memes are analyzed through the cognitive and neurological effect on the individuals within a given audience.
So with this background in mind, we can see the impact that this memetic warfare strategy would have on shifting popular opinion in the Jeffrey Epstein case.
Now, as the aforementioned document states, memes, as defined as above, are cultural bits of information replicated and transmitted from mind to mind.
Memes influence, affect, generate, and ultimately alter ideals.
Based upon the Department of Defense's lexicon, the Epstein-didn't-kill-himself phenomenon certainly qualifies as meme.
As such, its value as a tool within the memetic warfare campaign is entirely viable.
Now the motives behind its intent are rather apparent.
That is to say that the motive is to alter the perception of what happened to Epstein.
Now ultimately one intention of that motive is to quash any examination of Epstein's network, its associates, and their crimes.
Now this is dangerous because it limits awareness of the figures who are integral to the success of Epstein's network and the possibility of a continuation of their criminal activity.
Christmas 2019 is here and now it's going to be in the rear view mirror as we race forward into 2020.
It's not just a critical election year.
It's a year where I believe we're going to see an even bigger global awakening.
True 2020 sight.
I'm calling it the year of vision.
Our vision of human liberty and a pro-human future versus the globalist nightmare
We're good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, I've got two articles here that illustrate exactly what we're talking about that are up on InfoWars.com.
Christmas cards from China halted after slave labor in prison factory begs for help.
A slave laborer wrote a note, literally put inside the Christmas card package, saying, help us, we're not even Chinese, we've been arrested here, we're being put in forced labor, it's total hell, help us, notify
Human Rights Organizations, please get us out of here.
You've got to go read the article.
And then another article, dealing with oppression, by Paul Joseph Watson, at Summit.News, InfoWorks.com, teachers at U.S.
school threatened to tell Muslim girls' parents after she removed her hijab.
You know, Muslims stone people to death all over the world, or drown their daughters, or light them on fire.
When they take their hijabs off.
Oh, but the left that's so feminist and all about feminine empowerment all over is enforcing Orthodox Islam here in the United States on Muslim women and defending genital mutilation, literally cutting their clitorises off.
This is very serious.
It's extremely evil.
And it's going on in our face because the left wants to invite Islam in because it's anti-christian and will take over.
These are the issues we're covering live on air at band.video in the live feeds and in fullwords.com forward slash show.
The only way
This information gets out is when you share those links.
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Thank you all for your support.
Now, take action.
Again, we have changed the world together.
We've proven that we can do it.
We've built these studios.
We're on hundreds of radio and TV stations.
We've gotten past the internet bans, and the globalists are angry, but now the real fight is here.
So whatever you do,
Buy the products.
Pray for InfoWars, but pray for a global awakening.
Tomorrow's news today.
Now those are your orders in the fight against the globalists.
If you choose to accept this mission, and I know you will, because most of you already have, and I salute you.
The future is now.
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If you're going to curate, that should be all.
Let me tell Tim Cook something.
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InfoWars is steps ahead of the globalists and their censorship agenda.
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