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Name: 20200717_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 17, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses how celebrities like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are being used by corporations for their own interests while disregarding the truth. He criticizes these celebrities for not doing proper research before taking sides in political issues and promoting propaganda that goes against American values. The conversation also touches on potential solutions to bring jobs back from overseas, such as deregulation and tax reduction, as well as concerns about increased censorship if Democrats were to gain power in the upcoming elections. He mentions his plans to donate all of his money to Black Lives Matter, directly to George Soros, and educating himself on how to change his views. He also expresses his opinion about Stephen Colbert, saying he looks like a pedophile and a vampire devil worshipper.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
So let's get into COVID-19 right now and the latest developments on that front.
It is a total fraud.
It's a total lie.
We've gone over that a hundred times, how they take people that die of other things and put it in the list of COVID, how most of the tests say you're positive, how one person's positive, they then say 15 around you are positive, and then 15 more.
That's how they jack the numbers way up.
And so Trump knows this and we've said sideline Fauci, then discredit him, and then call for his indictment because he and Bill Gates are heavily invested in all the major vaccines and that's now coming out.
Disappearance of COVID-19 data from CDC website spurs outcry.
Well, the CDC's run by Fauci has been proven to be a total lie and a total fraud and is designed to keep us closed.
Trump runs the federal government.
Cut him off!
Cut it out!
Shut it down!
Find out what the real numbers are and release that!
Trump is preparing to bring out Fauci's total fraud.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
What is Twitter incentivizing people to do?
Or not do?
And why?
The answers will lead to tectonic shifts in Twitter and our industry operates.
Required changes won't be fast or easy.
Today we're committing to the people and this committee to do that work and do it openly.
A Twitter administration control panel was hacked into revealing alleged leaked pictures spotlighting the buttons Trends Blacklist and Search Blacklist, indicating Twitter does have the ability to shadow ban its users, exposing that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey clearly lied to Congress.
The allegation that we make, the Republicans, is that you're discriminatory against us, against the Republicans.
Your post says, well, there were some Democrat politicians, too.
So out of 600,000, if there were 1,000 Republicans and 10 Democrats, it still seems somewhat biased.
If it's 50-50, then that's a whole different ballgame.
Well, we agree that the result was not impartial.
And that is why we corrected it and we fixed it.
So you do agree that there were more Republicans than Democrats?
I didn't say that, but I... I would hope that you would want to know if there are people working for Twitter that did have that kind of discriminatory viewpoint against conservatives, that you would at least hold them accountable so that it doesn't happen again.
I would want to know that, and I assure you that the algorithm was not written with that intention.
The signal that we were using caught people up in it, and it was a signal that we determined was not relevant and also not fair in this particular case, and there will be times
And this is where we need to experiment, as you know, in writing algorithms in the past.
You need to test things and see if they work at scale, and pull them back correctly if they don't.
But also you should inject your own personal viewpoint into that, unless that's the intention of the company, but you're saying it's not.
That is not the intention, and they should never be... I know I'm out of time, but I appreciate... As a result,
Dorsey should have his home raided, Roger Stone style, and Twitter's protected status from the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act should be stripped immediately.
If the alleged pictures of the blacklist are credible, Twitter is acting as a publisher in clear violation of their protected status from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Add to that, Twitter's vulnerability to hackers poses a major privacy and security threat to its 330 million monthly users and quite possibly national security to some extent.
Back in April of 2013, the Associated Press' hacked Twitter page announced that two explosions rocked the White House and President Barack Obama had been injured, causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500
To immediately plunge with a loss of $136.5 billion in market cap.
The recent hack attack, which involved high-profile verified Twitter accounts, locked in a common cryptocurrency scam that may have funneled as much as $100,000 in a matter of minutes, where victims of the hack said their multi-factor authentication to protect their accounts had failed.
Senator Josh Hawley immediately reached out to Jack Dorsey asking him to contact the DOJ and the FBI as soon as possible, despite countless people on Twitter asking him why a blacklist search is up on Van.video.
It needs to be seen by all.
Hope you look at it.
Hope you share it.
But I wanted to cut into this and just answer the question.
Of course, ladies and gentlemen,
Of course, Twitter is censoring people.
We got the Project Veritas, Project Veritas video from multiple sources inside their operation years ago where they used the terms blacklist,
and block trends, and they admit they do that, and they do it all the time.
So it's just very insulting.
By the way, they were having those hearings.
I was there listening to Jack Dorsey lie the entire time.
These people have gotten away with murder, completely out of control, and now all the chickens are coming home to roost.
This is a big Friday broadcast lined up for all of you.
Straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
It is Friday, July 17th.
We are 108 days out from the election.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we have three big guests on the transmission today, and I also intend to open the phones up.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We were supposed to be off the air a long time ago, but thanks to your support, thanks to your prayers, thanks to your action, we are still on air, we are still changing the world together, and I can tell you that President Trump
And a lot of his top advisors and a lot of his top researchers do watch the show and see it as a bellwether or the pulse of the Republic and that we are really having a big effect on the planet to the outrage of criminal insiders like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and the globalists that control them and pull their strings.
All right, let me tell you what's coming up today.
We have Billy Weber with some really important news concerning Joe Biden and what his real agenda is joining us.
Then we also are going to have the Hodge twins on the broadcast as well.
Dr. Nick Magich and more is coming up today.
Now that said.
The entire trans agenda is out in the open now and they're officially taking the word female or woman off of medical documents across the United States and Europe.
So now the word female is bad.
Females existing is bad.
And that's what J.K.
Rowling, the big liberal left, has finally figured out, lady, is this is about getting rid of women's spaces, women's rights, and attacking the species.
If you want to attack the species, you attack women.
But first, you claim you're all about women and want to protect them.
Meanwhile, big news came out yesterday but got almost no attention.
It's confirmed in court documents.
It's not denied.
The state is calling it a legitimate forced treatment
For young boys in the foster care system and the juvenile justice system to forcibly give them hormone therapy, in quotes.
Hitler just should have called the death camps therapy and it would have been okay, according to the media.
Big, big deal.
Well, that ties into UK NHS Cervical Cancer Testing Leaflet, doesn't mention women, offers help to trans men.
That's right, this is the mental illness.
A man comes in with male genitals, and they've fired nurses before in the UK when they say, I want a pap smear.
And the woman says, you have a tallywhacker.
And they say, you will check my cervix.
You will do a pap smear.
And if you don't go along with the mental illness, you're fired.
This is the incredible control
That goes on.
This is the New World Order manipulation.
Now, that's going to be coming up.
But the first thing I want to cover today is the Twitter situation.
And then I'm going to get into
The big issue that everything else is connected to.
The martial law we're under, instituted by multinational UN directives, the counties, the cities, the states that are under globalist control.
And that's what they are.
They are globalist collaborators in every sense of the word.
And that is what they're using these directives to do, is to keep us locked down when the rest of the world is not locked down.
This is designed to punish the United States
Via the bureaucracy and the medical tyranny, we're trying to get out from under the New World Order and win a trade war with the globalist golden child, Communist China.
And as America realizes that those in league with the Chi-Coms, the globalist Hollywood, and this America-hating wave of hundreds of Jesus statues having their heads cut off this week,
Hundreds of Virgin Marys toppled this week.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other statues destroyed, and Satanist monuments put up in many other places, and hundreds of churches burned in the last week.
That this is a global, satanic, spiritual attack on our very biology, on our very physiology, on our very soul.
So that is coming up as well.
But huge news as Trump goes to war with Fauci and Bill Gates and realizes what's really going on.
And Trump is listening.
As I've been saying, he's got to not just sideline Fauci, he's got to discredit him.
And Trump has that through surrogates happening.
And so now Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who works for Bill Gates, basically Mark Zuckerberg is Bill Gates.
He's his minion, his ringwraith, his Nazgul.
They are out attacking Trump, saying the COVID-19 is the fault of the president.
He's refusing to lead.
He's a bad guy.
All of it's a lie.
And in fact, he's comparing COVID-19 to the Spanish flu.
They killed 50 million people.
This has not even killed a million worldwide, if you believe the fake numbers.
And they're just taking regular numbers of other deaths, putting it in the column.
It was only eight states that were following the NIH and CDC directive to count everybody that dies as COVID-19.
And that's where you got most of the numbers.
Texas, sickeningly, is the only Republican state to have joined it.
Well, Alabama just joined it.
Alabama's gonna count everybody that dies as COVID.
There's other articles out today about people dying in a car wreck.
Gunshot wound.
It is such a galactic level fraud.
But, speaking of collaborators, I want to play a clip, a three minute clip as we go to break, of Attorney General Barr warns of Chinese efforts
Big tech companies have also allowed themselves to become pawns of Chinese influence.
In the year 2000, when the United States normalized trade relations with China, President Clinton hailed the new century as one in which liberty will be spread by cell phone and cable modem.
Instead, over the course of the next decade, American companies such as Cisco helped the Chinese Communists build the Great Firewall of China, the world's most sophisticated system for Internet surveillance and censorship.
Over the years, corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the CCP.
For example, Apple recently removed the news app Quartz from its App Store in China after the Chinese government complained about the coverage of Hong Kong democracy protests.
Apple also removed the apps for virtual private networks
which had allowed users to circumvent the great firewall and eliminated pro-democracy songs from the Chinese music store.
Meanwhile, the company announced that it would be transferring some of its iCloud data
Recently, we were able to get into two cell phones used by the Al-Qaeda terrorist who
Shot eight Americans at the Pensacola Naval Air Station and during the gunfight with him, he stopped, disengaged, put his cell phones down and tried to destroy them shooting a bullet into one of his two cell phones.
We thought that suggested that there might be very important information about terrorist activities in those cell phones and for four and a half months we tried to get in without any help at all from Apple.
Apple failed to give us any help getting into those cell phones.
We were ultimately able to get in through a fluke that we will not be able to reproduce in the future where we found
Communications with Al-Qaeda operatives in the Middle East up to the day before the attack.
Do you think when Apple sells phones in China, that Apple phones in China are impervious to penetration by Chinese authorities?
No, they gave them the code keys on record.
When the Twitter hack happened,
I recognized it was a message right away about who got hit.
Clearly, the Bitcoin scam was just a cover for who was really behind it, what was going on, and you better believe it's patriots inside U.S.
intelligence agencies.
And you better believe all that information with the control panel's real, because I've already talked to Twitter operatives that have told me about the control panel.
It's already been in documents and an undercover video that Veritas got three different executives admitting the control panel.
So we know that he lied to Congress, but that's not really what this is about.
It's about letting Twitter know that they can be gutted seven ways to Sunday, and that I guess the intelligence agencies have a lot of ways to get back at communist collaborators.
So these guys like to act like they're in charge all day.
They're not in charge.
And people like Jack Dorsey better watch his ass.
And so should Eric Schmidt and Barack Obama and Bill Gates and all of them because we're not here looking for a fight.
But if they come with a fight, they better believe they're gonna get one and they are getting one.
So I'll cover that more next hour.
But the next 108 days is the most incredible time ever.
I'm gonna leave it at that for now.
I'm gonna get more into it next hour, but it's a big deal.
Separately, I cannot impart to listeners and viewers and affiliates and sponsors and all of you how important you are, how amazing you are, and the fact that you weathered the storms, the attacks, the psychological warfare, the deplatforming, and you kept us in attack formation.
You kept us in the game to press the attack.
And we've done it.
And we've come through it.
And we're still in the fight, stronger than ever, thanks to you.
I salute and thank you.
And I just want to ask you, think about the time you live in and don't waste every precious second, minute, and hour we have in a day.
And to tell everybody you know about that local radio station, that local TV station, to thank that local station.
To become a sponsor or to support the sponsor.
And call the station and thank them.
Call the sponsor and thank them.
And then go into that.
Flooring or carpet place or going to that car dealership or go to that restaurant or go to that church that is supporting this broadcast and tell people about Band.Video.
Tell people about NewsWars.com and say, hey, you've heard this demonized?
Find out why it's demonized.
Find out what's really happening there.
What's really being said, not what the media edits together and puts out.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, there is just so much unfolding.
And it's such a historic time.
That we are all in.
I just want everybody to think about each millisecond lost is precious.
People are ready to hear the truth now.
America is fighting a global consortium, literally trying to bankrupt us and cause a giant race war and break our back forever.
Do you really want that?
Even if you again are an atheist sociopath,
You wouldn't want the country to go belly up.
Almost no one is going to get more power out of this except a very tiny group.
And they're doing it and they're already in power.
They're going to hurt their own investments and their own system because it's a spiritual fight and they are slaves executing an operation.
So please think about visiting InfoWarsTore.com.
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And so we got the certificate on eight of the ten items.
So we're going to tell you about those.
And that's makes your life better, makes our life better, funds the operation in the face of the enemy.
And you can know you stand with us.
You back us with word of mouth, prayer and money.
I will not ever give up.
I will put a gun to my head.
Cannot sell out.
Physically cannot happen.
Totally committed to just a crazed goblin-like level.
And that's the spirit we're gonna have to have is just total commitment.
Well, there's not even a question of the commitment.
You are committed.
It's not like you're fighting to be committed or you're going 110%.
You're going 5,000%.
And it's in that spirit that you will find empowerment and enlightenment and victory.
We cannot
If it was some superior system that was going to make things better, I would just adopt it.
Give in to this enemy.
I'd marry into it.
Like that.
This is not something superior.
This sucks.
It stinks.
It's evil.
And I will defeat it or I'll die trying.
Liberty or death is not some tough guy's thing.
That's what's out of this country.
Liberty or death, victory or death, because it's death to bow and be a slave.
And then you metaphysically betray all those that came before you that fought incredibly valiantly for every little bit of human liberty that was scratched and clawed away from tyrants.
And we are running through the reserves of what our ancestors built.
And we're on fumes right now.
But right as the engine starts seizing up and clacking and black smoke starts coming out the back of the tailpipe, people are finally remembering what freedom is all about.
Oh, what's up with the American flags?
What's up with the Texas flag?
You know, what's up with all this?
Until you realize they're replacing it with something horrible.
And that a bunch of people fought for this system we have that isn't perfect, but by God, it's the enemy's number one threat because it has the idea of freedom beaten in its big, red heart with that red, rich blood that we've all got.
That blood that unifies us all as humans.
The globalists are anti-human.
They are your enemy.
Now, I said I'd get to this segment, the huge COVID-19 news, and I didn't, and Millie Weaver's coming up.
I'll hit this start of the next hour, it's so important, and then I'll hit the huge news on Twitter.
This is exactly what we need to see.
There's more than one way to skin a cat, and these people are all Chi-Com collaborators, and we're at war right now.
And they want to bring in a police state that targets the American people and shuts down our system?
I say cut the head off the snake, President Trump.
I say,
The American people back you to deal with the New World Order.
I say clean, swift cuts.
I say decapitate the globalists, however it needs to be done.
Quickly, cleanly, without letting this garbage drag on any longer.
They attacked us.
They're attacking the system.
They're trying to overthrow everything and bring in hell itself.
It is a dereliction of duty unless the President executes.
And the President is executing.
We have to be there to encourage and green light the President and those that are faithful in our government and the corporate structure and the system to make the right move right now and choose American values at the most critical time in our history since 1776.
In fact, quite frankly, the evil we were facing back then was nothing compared to this.
I mean, this is so cut and dry.
King George is an angel.
King George III compared to these people.
A sweetie pie, a wonderful man compared to this.
We just weren't being treated fairly so we had to have that war.
This is beyond that.
The truth is...
Everything the globalists are doing is outrageously destructive to this country and to the average person, not just here but around the world.
Their COVID-19 hoax lockdown has already caused over 2 million people to starve to death, with over 130 million set to die.
That's official UN numbers.
But using false UN numbers, they tell us COVID-19 is as bad as the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed 50 million people, even though it's not even killed 600,000 worldwide.
And that's using fake numbers as well.
I've got stacks of news here today in Georgia, in Alabama, in Florida, in North Carolina.
I don't know why it's on the East Coast.
Fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death in Florida.
And it goes on from there.
And that's official policy in places like Alabama and Texas.
That's coming up next hour.
But Millie Weaver's been knocking it out of the park.
Millie's been doing reporting for us for, I guess, eight years or so.
And she's got her great YouTube site and all the great work she does.
She's now doing more and more sit-down interviews as well.
I'm glad she's doing her own show.
She wanted to come on today and I'm glad because I already wanted to get into this.
Biden's liberal climate policies, they're not liberal, they're eugenicist, feared by unions in Pennsylvania.
Yeah, if you want all the jobs gone, when Trump started getting some of them back, put in the carbon taxes.
So Milley has gone through and looked at his official plank.
He also wants migration replacement population activities or migration replacement here in the United States under the UN plan.
She's gone through and compared it to AOC's Green Deal, and it's the exact same deal.
It's the Rothschild deal.
It's the New World Order deal.
It's the Europe and the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand can have no industry, but China has no restrictions.
That's what it is, a recipe for total shutdown of society.
How would anyone vote for this blubbering, stuttering, bumbling nincompoop
Over Trump.
It's just mind-boggling.
You're there in Ohio.
You've got your ear to the ground, Millie, traveling all over the Midwest and the East.
Tell us about your research on this subject.
Well Alex, I thought it was imperative that I come on to tell the American people just what we could be getting ourselves into if Joe Biden becomes the next President of the United States.
Many people view him to be somewhat of a moderate candidate and that's purely just because that's the propaganda the mainstream media has been putting out.
If you go to his policies on his website, which I highly recommend everyone do this, go to his website and look up and see for yourself.
It's all out there plain for you to read.
He has specific climate policies.
He is really gonna bring in all of these kids, like the Sunrise Movement activists, AOC, all of these climate justice people.
He's actually going to create specific White House climate change task force and environmental groups that police.
I mean, he is really gonna put some green police on the ground, while at the same time, he's gonna have this group at his side
The same group that is saying we need to abolish the police, right?
While they then say we need to create all these new policing efforts that are going to be policing climate change and climate justice.
That's right, they're not going to get rid of the police.
They're going to switch the train over from law and order into enforcement over the general public.
They're even announcing that the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center,
Already major cities have passed laws to do it.
We'll vet who can stay an officer and who can be hired, putting SJWs in full control.
A nightmare commissar political police scenario.
Exactly, and one of the things under his Biden Plan to Secure Environmental Justice and Equitable Economic Opportunity in a Clean Energy Future, they talk about how he recognizes that communities of color in low-income communities are adversely affected by climate change.
And they're saying that these corporations or businesses or whatever that pollute or are not following the EPA's
Guidelines enough, which they are going to have way more stringent guidelines.
Now they're going to connect Black Lives Matter to the global carbon tax that shut us down and call it a form of reparations.
Oh, we've got to shut down whatever jobs are left to help the black people.
Oh yeah, and he says they want to create an environmental justice division within the Department of Justice so they can start prosecuting businesses and people if they're not following stringent climate change guidelines.
They don't already have the FDA and the EPA to do that, but again, as you were saying,
They're talking about targeting individuals for, oh, you ran your fireplace.
That's illegal in San Francisco.
Oh, you didn't do this.
Oh, we found, you know, an oil canister in the back of your field.
You're going to jail.
This is literally turning all the bureaucrats that they've graduated out of these colleges, all these Antifa people with degrees, to be our minders.
Not only that, they talk about setting up surveillance systems around these neighborhoods so that they can make sure that there's not pollution going on.
They're going to have screens.
They're going to be collecting data.
That data is going to be going off to their climate justice boards within public health divisions.
They talk about creating all of these new divisions within the DOJ, within public health.
And all of it's designed to shut down what little industry we have left.
Yes, I mean, this is much bigger than the EPA.
You think the EPA is bad, they're saying, well, the EPA is not doing enough.
The EPA is weak.
They want something way worse than the EPA.
I mean, this is going to be like green police on steroids.
It's insane.
They're going to be shutting down businesses left and right, arresting business executives and putting them in jail for things that they claim are, you know, environmental hazards or environmental climate change problems, essentially.
And one of the things that they talk about also, Alex, is that they actually believe that COVID-19 is a result of climate change.
So they include that in there as part of climate justice.
Oh, they say because of COVID-19 and because the climate change caused it, we've got to make X, Y, Z changes.
It's always the same.
And they also say, though, COVID-19 is good because it's going to teach us to lower our carbon footprint.
That's what this really is.
Oh, it's exactly what it is.
We still have somebody inside the Sunrise Movement, Alex, and they have been doing their conferences still, and in these conferences they actually discuss how they're using COVID-19 as a trigger point to enact this system shift.
It's actually a system shift to the new normal.
That's always what it's been.
The new normal has nothing to do with COVID-19.
They themselves
Talk within themselves about how they don't actually see it as that big of an issue, like pandemic-wise.
Yeah, and he talked about how he's going to establish a White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council and how he talks about many of these people on the White House Environmental Justice Council are going to be well-known activists.
So I wonder, G-A-O-C, you don't think she's going to be on there?
Give me a break.
It's just insane.
Even outside of his environmental justice policies, he also has his clean energy policies where he talks about dismantling coal, dismantling these other energy systems and moving completely to 100% green energy and putting $2 trillion into the green energy sector, while at the same time he talks about, let's take back those Trump tax cuts
From the American people, because then we'll raise two trillion dollars from them.
So they want to take it from Americans and give it to these green energy giants who don't really need the government subsidies.
No, of course, it's all about transferring power.
And they admit from Spain that was under their control that the energy cost twice as much and had twice as big a carbon footprint as if that's a bad thing.
When they picked carbon to regulate, they picked one fourth of the carbon cycle, light, water,
And then, of course, you've got to have oxygen and you've got to have carbon dioxide.
They pick carbon dioxide because it sounds scary.
It's not.
It's what plants breathe.
To target that, as you know, Millie, and they're just raging forward.
People say, oh, they'll never get this through, as we've seen with COVID-19.
It's about big tech, big industry.
Green mafia working with the blue cities and states to implement this whether we like it or not.
That's what the COVID-19 hoax is about.
It's about all of these special interests and all of these corporations working in unison as a mafia to come in and muscle in.
We need the government that we set up to protect our rights to now guard against this enemy attack.
We've got Millennium Millie with us.
Millie Weaver is here with us for another segment.
We're going to come back and look at the other side of the pincer attack, not just Joe Biden, but these so-called virtual campaign events that are coming up and the virtual event that they're talking about canceling already.
It was 10 years ago, 10 years, 10 years ago that Audi
That the Super Bowl ran ads with green police, actual uniforms that liberal cities have set up with real police departments, showing checkpoints on highways, homes being SWAT teamed for not following the proper green edicts, where then you have to adopt the technology that the Rothschilds literally own.
They own the global carbon exchange in London.
You have to pay them for every gallon of gas you use, everything.
Al Gore, Bill Clinton, they're all
Heavily invested in these mercantiles, but here's the Green Police ad preparing you for what's now here ten years ago.
Okay, so it's 3708, paper or plastic?
That's the magic word, Green Police.
You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy.
Let's go, take the house!
Come on!
Put the rind down!
Sir, that's a compost infraction!
Did you install these bulbs?
Tragedy strikes tonight where a man has just been arrested for possession of an incandescent light bulb.
What do you guys think about plastic bottles now?
The water setting is at 105.
You got a TDI here?
Clean diesel.
You're good to go, sir.
You're a good globalist.
You get through the checkpoint.
You don't get arrested.
You get to leave your house.
You're wearing a mask.
You stay in your home.
You're good.
All a martial law drill, and Bill Gates admits this is Event 201, the real bio-attack he says is coming.
Millie Weaver is joining us here, getting into Joe Biden's nightmare U.N.
announcements that would destroy what's left of the Midwest and some of the areas that have barely recovered after three and a half years of Trump.
How on earth could anybody vote for Joe Biden in the Midwest or in the East, Millie Weaver?
I have no idea.
If you're voting for Joe Biden, you're essentially voting for a new world order.
But see, that's not the term that they use anymore, Alex.
They now use a liberal world order.
I kid you not.
They use that term within the Sunrise Movement, within the UN, within all of their talks.
They say liberal world order.
That's what they're going for.
And all of it surrounds
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Senator Sanders or any of those other politicians that we're running, he's no better.
And Joe Biden, another thing is he's coming for your guns.
You know, we hear, you know, not only does he want to grab your daughter, but he wants to grab your guns.
So watch out.
Joe Biden has his policies laid out on his website.
He's coming for your AR-15.
He says he's going to do the buyback programs.
He's going to confiscate the AR-15s or assault weapons, which is a very vague term.
And by the way, Millie, as you know, everything you're saying, we pulled up the CFR saying we're now the liberal world order, we're going to use race war for control.
Joe Biden officially two weeks ago adopted Bernie Sanders' entire platform.
What do you think is going to happen at the convention?
They're trying to make everything virtual.
I don't think Trump should give into this fear he should have his convention.
The Democrats are going to have a virtual convention.
You're going to be covering it.
Yes, I think Trump needs to push forward as he would have normally pushed forward.
I think the reason they're creating all of this is to try to hide the fact that Joe Biden doesn't have as much support as they would hope for him to have.
Try to hide the fact that he's really weak at debating.
He has issues from his strokes and whatever else.
But, I mean, they know that his policies are going to be called out.
They know that Trump is going to be the person to lay out just how bad Joe Biden is.
And I think that they're just trying to avoid that.
They're trying to avoid any messy smears that might happen.
Well that's it, they're trying to muffle and shut down the president and they don't want people to challenge Biden at the convention but they want to challenge Trump at the convention and if it's virtual that will make it a lot easier to do and there's not real people there.
So everybody needs to go to that convention.
Millie, pulling back from this, in the aftermath of you exposing these globalist funded Sunrise Movement and Soros, what's the latest?
I know you're working on part three of that report.
Okay, so like I said, we still have an undercover within there collecting information.
Some of the stuff that's going on is that we're following Slack accounts, which
They're utilizing to actually search out children that are elementary age.
Previously, we discussed how they were targeting middle school and high school age kids.
The Slack accounts, they are now going into that and searching out elementary age kids.
They're kind of moving to an even younger generation.
This is a long-term goal they have.
Because that's what predators do.
I mean, they need somebody that doesn't know their surroundings that they can creep over to.
Okay, so we have AOC and other progressive Democrats talking about how they're raising funds in China and other foreign countries.
So how can you be raising campaign funds in other foreign countries?
It makes you wonder, do they know that this is illegal, or are they just being so bold and blatant that they're not worried about it?
Wow, so you've got that with the undercover info coming out.
Yeah, we've got what appears to be IIA operations using phone systems.
With automatic generated text message systems that got leaked out to even message boards on 4chan, 8chan.
I know you've got a lot of great sources, Millie.
What are they saying about the Twitter hack?
I mean, from my info, that's Patriot US Intelligence penetrating all the private messages of the top globalists and letting them know they've been compromised and that the Bitcoin thing is just a cover.
I don't know about the Twitter hack, but I know about this other hack that happened where they put this information out for this IIA Shadownet type dashboard operation where other people on 4chan, 8chan are now able to troll the contacts, the mega contacts.
Think of it, all the people that send their email out to like AOC's campaign, Ilhan Omar's campaign, Biden's campaign, you know, Bernie, all them, right?
That all that data is collected, the emails, right?
That all got leaked out through a, like a ShadowNet-type dashboard on 4chan, 8chan, and now you have other people in other countries sending out bulk messages to these people.
Like, oh, like, just like Twitter, donate money to whatever, na-na-na.
They'll bulk send it out to people's phones, and they'll think they're getting it from, like, Ilhan Omar's campaign, but they're actually getting it from some foreigner in another country, and they're donating money to them.
I mean, it's just, all-out chaos is ensuing.
I mean, it's pretty wild, but that has more to do with the, on the IIA,
Shadownet aspect that we talked about the other time I went on the show.
Sure, the Democrats have let so many criminals into their system.
They're just got criminals and they're stealing the data and selling it.
Yeah, it's really bad and remind you this is PSYOP psychological warfare tools that were developed for the military through private contracts and the private contracts were able to maintain the rights to that software and
And by the way, Twitter is now confirming that that dashboard and all that's basically real and it was employee tools.
So the head of Twitter has been caught red-handed lying to Congress, Millie.
I believe it.
I believe it.
It's wild what's going on with Silicon Valley and big tech and how corrupt they are.
It's all being exposed.
We've seen what Project Veritas has been doing and James O'Keefe have been doing.
It's amazing work.
They're exposing the shadow banning, the bias, all that.
But there's also other operations on the social media companies that the social media companies are not stopping, but they're not part of necessarily.
And these are IIA operations, Internet Interactive Activity operations by intelligence contractors.
And let's explain.
Obama, eight years ago, quote, legalized the CIA engaging in domestic propaganda.
That meant all the money, all of it.
And Trump never got control of that.
That's still all operating outside of things.
I've challenged Pompeo and Barr to do something about it.
It looks like they're beginning to take control of that.
I can't get into the specifics.
I've been asked not to.
But I can tell people that Google has been partially
Recaptured by U.S.
It was always set up by U.S.
intelligence, but it had been handed over to multinationals and the Chinese.
So, as far as Google goes, about three weeks ago, they began to buckle to whatever this internal war is, Millie.
Yeah, you know, they actually, interestingly, Obama actually made that rule where he legalized propaganda not long after the creation and development of ShadowNet.
And then when they then privatized, it was like, boom, all right, let's legalize propaganda.
Let's start deploying these on social media.
And you can actually see that shift change from when Facebook was just all family pictures, happy and fun, to then boom, it's all political propaganda.
And these are psychological operations being deployed on the American public.
Sure, for those that don't know, we're not speculating.
It's all on record that the CIA had this for war zones.
And then Obama eight years ago legalized it for deployment against the American people, and now Katie barred the door.
But that's where Infowars comes in.
Organic resistance with the truth against the enemy.
Five more minutes with Millie Weaver, then I'm going to get into the latest on the Twitter hack, the latest on the COVID-19 hoax and where it's going, and so much more.
Hour number two is straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
I want to ask Millie from her sources what she thinks Trump's about to do, and is he taking the gloves off?
My intel is he is.
We're 108 days out from the election.
This is a critical time.
Stay with us.
Millie Weaver's our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we're living in such epic times.
People overuse that term.
Such incredible times.
I have trouble finding words to describe how amazing they are.
Trump's completely for real, loves America, trying to get us a fair deal, isn't for the New World Order.
He's pulling us out of all these wars.
He's battling the chi-coms.
He now understands that Fauci and Gates are running a scam on him.
Because it's hard to believe that the audience of this show and our guest, we know more than Trump does.
Because he's inculcated in all these disinfo operations and all these schools of thought where the people in them actually don't know what they're operating in.
They're compartmentalized.
We are not.
In fact, we shouldn't even call ourselves InfoWars.
We are decompartmentalized.
Generalists who've studied history and who have been immersed, myself since childhood, in real politics.
And those of us that are into all this, we just think everybody knows this information.
They don't.
The average person doesn't know the three branches of government.
And Trump just thinks, well, I'll promote Americana, and they'll like it, and globalism's a bad deal.
But there are people whose ideology is to destroy America.
That's their cult.
Trump's like, here, here's money, here's power, join us.
And he's like, why don't you join us?
This is a better deal for everybody.
Because they're evil, Trump.
And Trump now knows it's a fight between good and evil.
He's definitely got Jesus.
He's drunk the Kool-Aid in a good way.
So in closing, Millie Weaver, what is your view on Trump, the election with 108 days out, and what do you think is coming next?
Well, I'm going to be careful how I say this, but there may or may not be some joint four stars having some problems on Tuesday pertaining to the New York Times op-ed.
But that's all I can say.
So as far as what's coming next, that seems to be in the works.
Well, you're talking about how all the top generals have pissed on the president publicly ahead of the calls for a coup against the president.
They think they're getting browning points and word is there's going to be moves against them.
Draining the swamp, you know?
I mean, President Trump is doing his best to get it done.
And people take that for granted because they don't see all the things that happen behind the scenes.
Do they have any idea how dangerous or crazy that is?
Or how these people lie to their faces?
Yeah, they lie.
There's a lot of sabotage, treason going on within the government.
But there's also a lot of whistleblowers that come forward and speak to credible reporters and try to get information out.
They want to destroy the swamp, even though the swamp, they used to operate from within the swamp, but they see that the swamp is actually destroying the country and hates America, so you have those patriots out there who want to go and whistle, blow the whistle, you know?
Well, take that New York Times writer, or that New York Times editor.
She said they don't want America to exist.
This is an anti-American cult.
Exactly, lady!
What do you think you're part of?
You're part of a chi-com globalist op to destroy the country.
And finally, a lot of liberals and leftists are going, whoa!
What did I sign on to?
This is stupid!
Yeah, you're gonna lose everything you got, dumbasses!
Yeah, it's pretty bad.
It's pretty bad.
You've got a lot of Obama holdover problems still within the Trump administration.
And the problem is, is they were left in office there after Obama left.
He did an executive order to make it so they would all have to stay behind.
So he pulled a little trick right before he left office.
And that coincided with his whole spying on the Trump campaign maneuver that he did as well.
Well said.
Millie, where do people find your great work?
You can go to MillenniumMillie.com and of course find me on Bandot Video.
All right, yep, your whole great section, your very popular videos.
And remember, the information gets out and people share those links at Bandot Video.
Milly Weber, thank you so much.
We'll be right back with the big COVID-19 news.
Gas once again filling downtown Portland streets overnight as federal officers take on protesters.
President Trump again praising this federal response here in Portland.
Lisa Balick live downtown with more on all this.
Yeah, remember Occupy Portland where tents were set up for months here in the city parks?
Well, we're starting to see that happen again at the same time federal officers are dealing with protesters in the streets.
Tear gas filling up the street out front of the federal courthouse early this morning as Homeland Security officers tried to disperse protesters.
Some Coinsix News employees headed in for the morning news at our nearby building saw the canisters deployed.
The federal action came after demonstrators last night set up barricades in the streets by the courthouse.
Police say the agitators threw glass bottles and pointed lasers.
Portland officers backed off and did not use tear gas.
But they're very concerned about the tent set up now in Lonsdale Square.
They want city leaders to order the tents dismantled before it becomes another Occupy Portland situation.
So why let a problem grow as it's growing right now as opposed to doing something about it in the early stages and being proactive instead of being reactive in four to five weeks?
We know how it started before and anybody who's been here has a historical perspective and I see it happening again.
Multiple videos on social media showing federal officers driving an unmarked van downtown, getting out, going up to at least one protester, and getting them into the van, then taking off without identifying themselves.
We reached out to the Department of Homeland Security, who we're told is the agency with officers here on the streets.
We've not gotten comment back.
After seeing the video today, Senator Wyden wants to know who's in charge of those officers.
Saying, when Donald Trump sends federal law enforcement into Portland with no accountability, core questions about the physical safety and civil liberties of peaceful protesters are sure to follow.
Meanwhile, President Trump today praised federal police actions here.
We're doing a great job in Portland.
Portland was very rough and they called us in and we did a good job.
All right, we are back.
Now, why did I start this hour with that?
I've watched probably 30 minutes of footage of what's going on there just last night.
You have Antifa sent in by the Democrats, sent in by George Soros, with battle plans and action plans that we received from inside their criminal operation three years ago, of how they direct this to try to get the general public to burn down federal buildings and other structures.
There's footage we played a few days ago of them ripping open doors with crowbars, going into the federal building parking garage, and then having to be thrown out.
Yeah, here's some footage right here.
These are people breaking into federal buildings, breaking into the federal courthouse so they can try to loot it with a hammer.
And then they get upset and the headlines are, oh, secret police are disappearing people.
No, you're breaking into a federal building.
They're asking, well, who are these men?
A lot of them are federal marshals, but most of them are U.S.
military attached to the hostage rescue team.
So it's the military, and that's why you're getting grabbed and why they're driving you off.
And then you're getting interrogated because you work for a foreign power.
You work with the Chai Kom Globalist, literally trying to burn the country down, destroy the stock market, and bankrupt the economy.
You're a bad person!
You're a military operative!
You're an enemy combatant!
You're not an American citizen!
You said no borders, no wall, no USA at all!
You go around bullying people with hammers and guns and weapons and you kill people!
And you shoot people at four-way stops because they don't stop fast enough.
You know, we're all becoming numb to this.
I have at least four videos today of Antifa physically attacking people at checkpoints they set up.
And BLM.
One of them was a paralyzed man in his car.
And they attacked him.
And beating up old people and stealing their bikes.
This is what... And then they want to break in the federal building.
Oh, that's... I mean, now they're going to give over federal buildings to these people?
And then you wonder why, when you're crowbarring in to burn down a federal building, why military comes out waiting for you.
I guarantee you they had crosshairs on your fat ass as well.
I mean, this is out of control.
This is civil war.
This is BS.
To overturn our elected constitutional protections and bring in red commie globalist terror.
I'm sick of it.
Those people, those antifa slimes are lucky their necks weren't broken.
After they've been hitting old people on the head with hammers and crap.
Just believe me, the people that arrested you and took you in for questioning to get your paperwork of who you're working for would love to break your communist neck.
You cowardly pieces of trash.
All right, I'm gonna stop ranting right there.
All right, let's just keep saying I'm gonna get to the COVID news and I haven't gotten to it yet.
Because it's such big news.
And it's so over the top.
Oh look, federal law enforcement officers used gas and flash bangs to disperse the crowd and poor babies after we set things on fire, beat up old people, hit people in the head with hammers, tried to burn down the federal building, broke into the building, and after we ran around attacking everyone and you didn't... I mean, it's a joke!
They're trying to get this response.
This isn't the feds under Clinton trying to get money burning down a church in Texas.
I was totally against that because they could have arrested David Koresh, who was a cult leader and a weirdo.
Every day he worked in town.
And the sheriff came out.
They wanted that confrontation.
And the ATF opened fire first.
They were in the wrong.
The feds aren't in the wrong here, folks.
And most of the Feds at the top are globalists, but they're not globalists low-level.
And there's literally a destabilization to intimidate every form of authority to bow to Soros and the New World Order so they're in control of our lives.
Do you want that?
And the answer is no.
Let me hit the Twitter thing and I'll hit the COVID news next segment.
I have a special guest filmmaker joining us in the studio.
This is what we need to see more of.
What happened to Twitter is beautiful.
I love Bill Gates and Bezos and all these anti-American slugs, they got rich off our system and hate it, who are in bed with the globalists and the chi-coms.
I love it.
I love your private messages are ours.
I love the fact that the media is so stupid that they took the cover story that it's about Bitcoin.
And I love the fact that all the internal tools are out there now.
That obviously Trump has and knows is going on, and we need to see more of this.
We need to see CNN hacked.
We need to see the Democratic Party hacked again.
We need to see everybody in bed with the Chai comms.
You know, Barr came out with a shot across the bow in a speech two days ago.
We played earlier in the first hour, when he said, look, Apple won't give us the code keys to actual al-Qaeda killers that have been shot dead in the U.S., killing people at a naval base.
I don't know.
Eric Bolling and others.
I said, hey, you're having dinner with the president tonight?
I said, give him this Reuters article.
He's like, I didn't know this.
This is six months old.
They have the code keys and access to all iPhones on the planet and all devices?
And I said, yeah, they won't give the federal government that and they shouldn't without a warrant.
You know, but see, it's like red carpet for the shycoms.
Red carpet, red carpet, red carpet, nothing.
Listen, the federal government's a separation of powers.
It's something we set up a long time ago to supposedly guard our freedoms.
Of course, it's corrupted, out of control.
Everything gets that way over time.
But we'll use it to defeat the CHICOMS and the GLOBALISTS.
It's the weapon we have.
We can reform it now and later and whenever.
But if you think the federal government's your enemy, compared to the CHICOMS and Hollywood and Big Tech, you're an idiot.
We need the federal government to clean out the globalists, clean out the Democrat operatives, clean out the hold-behinds from Comey and Hillary and all them that still think they're going to win.
That's why Comey and Clapper always stay behind.
We'll defeat Trump.
Keep doing what you're doing.
Those are a fifth column of idiot trash that as soon as the indictments against major players begin, they will all turn and run to the exits.
And I know the globalists have blackmail on a lot of Republican leaders for petty stuff.
The American people aren't going to care if they expose your mistress.
They're not going to care about some stuff like that as long as you're fighting for the country.
Stop letting them blackmail you.
You're not having sex with little kids.
You're not devil worshipping.
You're not a Chinese spy.
Stop being afraid!
You better be afraid of what they're going to do if they continue down this road.
Total war!
Not just domestic, not just insurrection, not just civil war, but CHICOM war!
The CHICOMs are watching!
And they think we're weak, and they think we're stupid!
We need to stop acting like it!
I'll give you the big news when we come back on the COVID-19.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
So let's get into COVID-19 right now and the latest developments on that front.
It is a total fraud.
It's a total lie.
We've gone over that a hundred times, how they take people that die of other things and put it in the list of COVID, how most of the tests say you're positive, how one person's positive, they then say 15 around you are positive, and then 15 more.
That's how they jack the numbers way up.
And so Trump knows this, and we've said, sideline Fauci, then discredit him, and then call for his indictment, because he and Bill Gates are heavily invested in all the major vaccines, and that's now coming out.
And so Trump is doing that.
And remember,
333 clinics, this is ongoing, in Florida had 100% positives with hundreds and hundreds of tests per day per facility.
So here's some of the headlines.
Fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 in Florida says state official.
Kit Daniels, InfoWars.com.
Viral pandemic, drastic measures as death toll sets record AP.
And they look at counties that have had no deaths before and have a few now that they're doing testing, and they go, oh, it's a spike in that area.
That's how they manipulate the statistics, even though deaths are way down.
Task force report says 18 states in coronavirus red zone should roll back reopening.
Disappearance of COVID-19 data from CDC website spurs outcry.
Well, the CDC's run by Fauci has been proven to be a total lie and a total fraud and is designed to keep us closed.
Trump runs the federal government.
Cut him off!
Cut it out!
Shut it down!
Find out what the real numbers are and release that!
Trump is preparing to bring out Fauci's total fraud.
It's beautiful.
shatters coronavirus record with 77,000 cases in one day because the testing facilities are everywhere and everyone now, in many cases, is positive.
And it goes on from there.
Mark Zuckerberg tells Fauci Trump is to blame for U.S.
being significantly worse than other countries.
Oh, really?
The deaths are way down and the numbers are way up because it's a fraud.
But oh, look at Fauci and Zuckerberg.
They're up there telling us how the world works.
Remember, Zuckerberg works for Bill Gates and is his protégé and makes his money tax-free.
He's not a
He's not a philanthropist.
He doesn't pay taxes.
He's a globalist.
He's in that elite club.
Just like they told you in the New York Times, Hillary had a 97% chance of winning, and Trump was 40 points behind.
Now they say he's 15 points behind.
But this works if you believe the lie and go, well, I'm not for Trump now.
Everybody turned against him.
That's how these manipulative polls work.
It's how they operate.
Can California contain coronavirus surge?
Next two weeks will be critical.
Oh, it's always two more weeks, L.A.
Two more weeks.
Flatten the curve.
Two more weeks to keep the hospitals open.
Two more weeks.
Two more weeks.
They use a few cases of people dying.
Oh, a one-year-old died.
Turns out it's a fraud.
Oh, this doctor has it.
Turns out it's a fraud.
Oh, a 30-year-old man died, but turns out it's a fraud.
Lying, lying.
Hospitals that are empty, planning they're full.
Remember all that?
California turns against each other amid second coronavirus lockdown.
Oh, there's evil dissenters that are refusing to wear their mask.
My wife had somebody yesterday coming out of a grocery store yell at her and my three-year-old daughter saying, put your effing mask on.
Because they're the virtue signalers.
Trump's outrageous refusal to lead is making the pandemic worse.
They mean lead by doing what Fauci and the UN and the globalists say.
Trump is leading, coming out and exposing such an overblown hoax and cutting off the people that are putting out the disinfo.
Look at Fauci, his little clown mask, his little monkey mask.
After attacks from Trump aides, Fauci says, let's stop this nonsense and focus on the virus.
Oh, the nonsense of you lying?
And saying this is as bad as the Spanish flu that killed 50 million people in 1918?
When has it killed a million worldwide, you lying sack of garbage?
Anthony Fauci has been wrong about everything I have interacted with him about, says Peter Navarro, White House advisor on the economy.
But the USA Today had to put a huge four-paragraph disclaimer up front saying he's wrong, it's disinfo.
And you read what they're saying, none of it's true.
They're the liars.
Mark Meadows calls Fauci's 1918 flu comparison irresponsible.
President Donald Trump's chief of staff criticized Anthony Fauci for comparing the current coronavirus outbreak to the 1918 pandemic after reprimanding another top White House advisor for publicly attacking Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert.
He suggested that the virus was worse than or as bad as the 1918 flu pandemic, Mark Meadows said during a Fox News interview.
I can tell you that that is totally false.
It's irresponsible to suggest so.
Yes, he's a liar.
It's all a lie.
If it hasn't killed 600,000 with fake numbers added and the Spanish flu killed 50 million, that is a 100 times exaggeration.
Fauci exaggerated the death toll from this 100 times.
Domestically exaggerated it 20 plus times.
He said 2.5 and 2.2.
I mean, broken clocks are more accurate than this guy is.
New York food pantries face an unprecedented and extreme uptick in need as the food runs out.
And then they blame Trump for that when they're the ones running the shutdown.
The virus didn't cause it, the panic caused it.
Oh, but you can't see your parents in the nursing home while we kill them.
Those are all still locked down.
COVID-19 infections on the rise in kids and teens with school approaching.
Oh yes, we can't open it even though it's all made up, even though it doesn't kill kids.
And in Alabama.
COVID-19 positive person gets hit by a bus and dies.
Cause of death, COVID-19.
Oh, but virus prompts drastic measures as death toll sets records.
But it's not!
It's way down!
But they just said it's a record!
Meanwhile, herd immunity levels in UK high enough to dodge second wave of COVID-19, claims study.
Beyond mass, the portable head pod could be your future.
Yes, you're so neurotic, you buy into how deadly these imaginary things are.
You don't know that if you're in a pod, you actually lower your immune system.
You buy into all this crap.
Well, now you can be the pod people to go out.
And that's how ridiculous all of this is.
Meanwhile, is social distancing effective?
Navy considers employee tracking wearables bracelets to find out.
Sponsored by Bill Gates from NextGov.com.
But of course, Bill Gates isn't involved in any of this, even though he oversees it all.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are Fauci-Burka's.
The housing crisis of 2020.
Millions of Americans missed their first rent payments and tens of millions could be evicted.
California churches have been shut down indefinitely and the NFL season may be in jeopardy.
That is just some of what we're going to be covering.
Here today, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com.
Please don't forget.
We have the Christmas in July sale going right now.
We have the Christmas in July sale going right now.
Store-at-free shipping's extended, double Patriot points.
Things like Brain Force Plus are back in stock, 50% off.
And we have the new, what I think should be the campaign shirt 2020, an American eagle with a Betsy Ross flag it's perched on top of.
The left calls it a Nazi flag, a Nazi symbol, so we're throwing it back in their face because they're the Nazis.
We'll be right back.
We've got a special guest in the studio.
She had one of the top films, the South by Southwest on incels, and it got censored.
She's going to re-release it.
We'll talk to her in just a moment.
But first, this report is so important, the truth behind the mask.
You're being inducted into a globalist cult of submission.
First, we were told that wearing masks would do more harm than good, which is what the science still supports.
But now, even as the COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be less harmful than the seasonal flu, we are being told to wear the mask.
Austin, Texas, has threatened a $2,000 fine for those not wearing the mask.
And have even suggested that we wear the mask while at home.
We still need people to wear the mask in public.
We still need people to keep social distance and isolation.
Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we're in our homes also.
Science tells us that these masks are doing nothing but hurting our natural immune system.
So why is it so important that we wear the mask?
If one were to look at what is happening as if it were a massive initiation ritual, then things may begin to make more sense.
The Initiation Ritual can be found throughout all of human history.
We find it in ancient tribes and religions, all the way up to modern gangs, fraternities, and in the military.
Psychological studies have taught us how Initiation Rituals work.
Primarily, how they increase a person's desire to conform to the group they are being initiated into.
The ritual is almost always the same.
First, the initiate is isolated.
Their familiar everyday routines are disrupted, and their normal rules of living are altered.
The initiates are made to look the same.
Their heads may be shaved, they may be given matching outfits, or they may be instructed to wear a mask.
These techniques symbolically strip the initiate of their unique identity so they can cease seeing themselves as an individual and begin seeing themselves as part of the group.
The wearer of the mask loses his previous identity and assumes a new one.
The initiate is then subjected to just enough trauma to put them in a mild state of cognitive dissonance.
This dissonance puts the initiate into a state of confusion and anxiety.
They are now ready to be transformed into a member of the initiating group.
In their isolation, thoughts they have ignored or buried for years suddenly become unavoidable.
Emotions are triggered, and a new window of thought is opened within the initiate's mind.
And in this state, the new normal is introduced.
This worldwide initiation ritual is creating a massive separation in humanity.
The obedient and the defiant are being drawn apart like a chemistry purification experiment.
And it would seem that the obedient ones are being initiated into something.
The new normal.
The new age.
The new world order.
A world where science no longer matters.
A world where blind obedience is all that is respected.
And if this is a worldwide initiation ritual, then we can certainly expect the obedient initiated to be turned against the rest of us.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
All right, Alex Lee Moyer is a filmmaker, and she's put out a film that when they canceled, officials helped us out with it.
The virtual one was the number one, and now that kind of messed up their release.
They're about to re-release it.
And she's here with us.
It deals with incels, which is a really important subject.
That's involuntarily celibate individuals.
And you see that on 4chan, you see it on 8chan.
There's some good work that goes on there.
But there's also just a lot of hating women.
And that's just one half of the human society.
And so you do that, the globalists have split us.
Again, men need to go in and save women from the New World Order.
Women need to save men from the New World Order.
We need to come together.
That's the power.
That's what scares the system.
But let's talk about your film.
I can't wait to watch it.
I can't wait till it's re-released.
Alex, Lee Moyer, thanks for coming in with us.
Thanks, Alex.
It's a great honor.
It's an honor to talk to you.
So tell us about the film and just your boil down.
Well, it's basically a film about basically a disaffected generation of young men who spend their time mostly online.
A lot of them are autodidactic, having not finished school, and coming from sometimes challenging home situations.
So it's really sort of a sociocultural kind of examination of
A topic that sort of gets treated like kind of bluntly by the liberal media as just taking a group of people calling them dangerous rather than dealing with the the actual underpinnings of the phenomenon.
I know Chris Rock tweeted about your film and he had a chance to see an early version that this is black males broken away from their father and family get into gangs and get into jail.
White males predominantly just become crazy perverts that hate women and it still it's the same thing with a broken family.
Yes, and just a slight correction, it was actually Chris Rock had a message relayed to me through a friend, rather than tweeting it, but what he had said was, this movie shows this generation of white men is dealing with what generations of black men have dealt with, maybe for the first time in sort of like the 20th century on the same scale.
Sure, absolutely.
So, I mean, how big is this incel movement?
I wouldn't call it a movement, and I would... Well, I mean, but they kind of have come together into what they're doing.
Yeah, I mean there's people who definitely take it seriously as a movement.
The people, the subjects in my film who have profiled, I don't think that they would self-identify as incels.
I look at incels being mainly as a media pejorative that
That was later on taken on by certain individuals as more serious, and some ironically.
In this case, I think these people, this movie's been labeled the incel movie, but when I set out to make this movie, I thought I was making a movie about what I saw as like, maybe a mental health crisis among... Sure, and you're right, I shouldn't call it a movement.
I mean, what is this?
It's a class, a rise of a class of people.
So who's the average incel?
Um, well, the average incel, I mean, but let's, just for the sake of the conversation, instead of incels, maybe we'll say NEETs, no education, employment, or training.
So that's the acronym.
No future, they think.
And so it's usually guys between, um... And they see women as vapid and empty on average, just like men are, and they see that solace and they feel abandoned.
Sometimes, and sometimes they just harness that humor because that's the desensitized form of ironic humor that's been popularized on 4chan, and while they may not necessarily be dangerous to women, that form of humor has become sort of popularized and accepted and sort of weaponized.
Um, but it's usually guys who drop out of high school who come from challenging home situations, usually with absentee parents, either because their parents are online or their parents are, you know, drunk or their parents are...
You know, whatever.
Their father's left their home, or he's deployed in the military in some cases.
And they're people who just sort of self-raised themselves on 4chan.
And they've developed a sense of community.
I'm not blaming 4chan, but this particular group.
This is pretty much all the mass shooters now.
A lot of the mass shooters, yeah, sure.
A lot of the mass shooters come from places like 4chan and 8chan.
And again, they're pissed off that girls don't like them.
And so they think they're going to exact some revenge.
It's just total loser behavior.
Somebody should get them a hooker.
I mean, you know, you get the pump primed.
It's a very feminist thing for me to say, but no, I mean, seriously, I just feel sorry for these guys because they just, they've never gotten even training wheels.
They've never gone out in the world.
They've never had success.
And they're just mad at the world when instead they should embrace the world and, and, and, and be ready for rejection and not be destroyed.
Some of them actually get girlfriends by the end of the movie though.
Some actually.
And then they end up killing them, though.
Well, I mean, some of the incels get a girlfriend, they reject her, and then they go kill them.
The guys in my movie are sweeties.
I'm not trying to demonize incels in general.
I'm just saying, there is that percentage of them that do go out and do the shooting.
Yeah, there's some weirdos out there.
There's a lot of weirdos.
Especially on 4chan and 8chan.
I mean, they get on there when they're 12 years old and they're like, you know, people are killing themselves on live streams.
People are... Well, you're the expert on it, so instead of me babbling about incels with Alex Lee Moyer, tell us in your film what you discovered, how there are these big sweeties.
We'll be right back.
Alright, welcome back folks.
So Alex, Lee Moyer, tell us about your film.
When is it coming back out?
The film TFW, No GF.
Tell people what that stands for, who don't understand the communications and nomenclature over at 4chan.
Okay, it's a slang term.
It's an internet meme slang term.
It means that feel when no girlfriend.
So, that feeling when no girlfriend.
And it's typically personified by this cartoon, this meme character, Wojak, the bald guy, the line drawing.
And he's basically the representation of that feeling.
So, you see him a lot in the film, there's animation of him, and the idea being that he represents the collective experiences of all of these people.
And so you're saying you found them to be nice people.
I was demonizing, just in general, that one-tenth of one percent of the incels that those out of their girlfriend breaks up with them and shoots them.
And I'm just pointing out, hey, it's guys in black trench coats.
You know, it's guys that are into the occult.
It's guys that are trying to be bad boys.
I mean, it's this group doing it.
It's not gun owners.
Well, there are a lot of guys like that.
But even more than that, I think that there's a lot of those shooters, they come from a culture of sort of that embraces violence and depression.
And I'm saying if you can catch those people on the precipice of their lives between when they're like 18 and 20 before they sort of self-radicalize, then you can sort of head a lot of these sort of problems off at the pass.
So you're saying studying these folks is a way to help them?
Yeah, opening a conversation about what's really going on and what really creates the circumstances for things like that to happen.
Because it's not just about women, it's about them not having any connections with the greater world outside of the communities that they have online.
And so they see the outside world as a bad thing?
Well look at this, COVID-19, lock us up in our houses, hate the outside world, don't trust each other.
Seems like Bill Gates is kind of an incel.
Probably, for sure.
But yeah, I mean now look how much anger everybody's gotten since they've been locked inside during this time and how tense everybody feels and how disconnected they feel.
So it's sort of like an interesting but kind of timely, it's kind of a strange moment for the movie to reemerge.
So what are the 5, 6, 7 traits of an incel?
Well, okay, so if I'm using the word incel sparingly here, I would just say, you know, guys between 17 and 25 usually are somewhere on the scale of poverty or lack of resources.
They don't have like a stable family unit.
They definitely don't have a job and they usually have some sort of
Learning disability, or autism, possibly autism, or some sorts of special needs, or they're over-medicated.
But that's the thing with the shooters that I was hearing the other day.
I think they were talking about it on Rogan.
A lot of the shooters are on medication.
True, they've almost all are on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
And the inserts for those say they put you in a psychotic state.
I mean...
And there's definitely ways that, you know, if we were, we're treating the symptom of the problem, but we're not really treating the problem of itself, which is that we have, we don't have models for young men.
We don't have pathways for them to go forward in life in the same way someone your generation might've had, right?
There's no like infrastructure for young men in middle America and it sort of leaves them adrift.
And when they become adrift, they,
And why would the left at first oppose your film?
Because they think I'm giving a platform to bad, evil, young white men.
Oh, I get it, because they're mainly white, they're the bad guys.
And so dehumanize them further, which will radicalize them further.
Yeah, I mean, in the movie they're not really saying anything crazy.
Like, they're basically just come off as sort of awkward, sort of...
How did you find the people that would fit in the pattern of an incel?
I was on Twitter and I was already just sort of interested in some sort of these like fringe communities from other films that I've worked on and I stumbled into what I identified.
I was like, why are all these guys so depressed?
Like, you know, racism, misogyny aside, like these people are like, are just, they're bummed.
So I just started talking to people and I made friends on there and I had to earn their trust and I just started shooting with them and at the beginning of the film I would just show up with a camera myself and shoot them and then later on I got a little traction especially when all those incel crime things started happening people would give me small donations and so I was able to get a camera person and then finally just three years later I got into South by Southwest which was a huge deal.
So you've been working on this a long time?
Yeah, from 2017 until I guess we just finished the movie a couple months ago.
Yeah, how do you ever finish it, too?
Because it's like we're trying to make a film about Bill Gates.
There's just always new stuff, so there's always a new insult thing, too.
Well, life keeps going and going, so documentaries, you could just go forever, but we knew that we wanted to get this out.
Now, while it's still relevant, especially because on the internet, like a meme, or like something on the internet can become stale almost immediately.
So, like it moves so fast.
Well, what's happening is you've got little boys being raised by computers.
And then you enter into that, the most popular things, the shoot-em-up games, and that becomes their reality.
And then they're mad they're being rejected by the outside world, so the thing that they see they're rejected by, they go out and they kill.
It's very simple psychology.
Yeah, yeah, but I, I, I, there were guys I could have gotten to be in the movie that would fit more of that stereotype of like a shooter who, or a bad person.
You're looking at the general incels, not the really dangerous ones.
Yeah, because it's more people than you think.
It's like your little cousin that just looks at his iPad.
No, no, they're autistically, even without being genetically autistic or chemically autistic, they've been programmed to be, their world is a computer.
They're desensitized.
They're desensitized so they can't operate in the real world.
And they're lacking the connections of the good family systems, and you know.
And then Bill Gates sees the world like that.
He's mad at it.
He wants to depopulate it as well.
He's just the ultimate violent incel that wants to give us all cancer virus injections.
He's the real incel.
No, that's it.
Bill Gates is king of the incels.
And that's why he wants to get back at us.
He does, doesn't he?
I wonder why he's like that.
I don't know.
What was his family situation again?
His dad was like a eugenicist or something?
Oh yeah.
Top guy.
Headed up Planned Parenthood.
Federal Reserve Board.
Total New World Order.
Some really nice people.
So you know he wasn't around all that much.
He was probably down at the office a lot.
He was plugged into a computer like at age 9.
He never stopped.
And so he wants to be this cool guy and all these things now because that's not who he is.
Well, where does Melinda play in all this?
I think she's a beard.
And not for him being gay.
I mean, just for the fact that he's a robot.
And so all the PR is, oh, he's human.
Oh, he's a good guy.
But he's actually a very deadly, dangerous person from our research.
Bill Gates is the prototype violent insolent.
Did you see the new Bill Gates movie that just came out?
Well, it's funny because there was this huge production company that Laurene Powell Jobs started.
She's Steve Jobs' widow.
And they originally found out about my movie and they had me in for a meeting and they were gonna produce my movie.
It was gonna be a really big deal, but then they were like, we don't know where you're going with this, but we're gonna pass.
I saw that instead, not instead, but on their roster, they made this Bill Gates movie that was on Netflix.
I watched like the first like... Oh, it talks about him and his mommy and how he's a good... He's like a little kid, like, I'm a good boy, I kill you.
He's like those things in Doctor Who that go around going, exterminate, exterminate the Daleks.
It wasn't awkward.
It was awkward.
I mean, I don't want to talk trash on them, but... Well, he does want to be your doctor and put things in your body.
I mean, he says it's going to hurt 700,000 people, but he's going to give you a shot.
You don't want Bill Gates to put things in your body?
See, he could be a real boy if Bill Gates could just make something that he puts in our bodies.
They have a name for that.
It's called rape?
Do you want to be raped by Bill Gates?
Well you know, I was watching the other day that John Ronson doc that you did.
Secret Rulers of the World?
A while ago?
Yeah, and you were doing the part where you and your cameraman were saying what you were going to say walking into Bohemian Grove and practicing your preppy talk, and you start talking about nanotechnology.
And I was like, you know what?
He was talking on the damn show about nanotechnology yesterday, so you've been talking about nanotechnology this entire time.
I mean, that is what the elites are obsessed with.
Well, sure.
But who else was thinking about that 20 years ago?
Well, those guys were.
They were, but... I don't know.
I just thought that was genius.
Well, no.
It was fun, though.
It was fun, though.
Definitely fun.
Everybody should go and watch that, by the way.
Well, I can't wait to see your film, so as soon as it comes out, let us know, and I'd like to have you on the show to promote it being released, okay?
It's coming out in the fall.
All right, well, Alex Lee Moyer, we'll talk to you again.
And I guess we put up a site on screen where people can see a trailer, but we didn't put a URL up, so maybe in post we'll add a URL.
Is there a URL for people?
Yeah, it's www.tfwnogfthemovie.com.
All right, thank you so much.
Good having you in.
Can't wait to see you, because I want to help these incels.
Boys, grow up!
All right, the Hodge twins, hotter than a stick of dynamite that just exploded.
They are coming up.
We look forward to covering George Floyd and the lie of black people being the ones shot by police the most.
The insanity of defunding the police.
AOC says the world without police will be like the suburbs.
What the hell does that mean?
So that's all coming up.
And we've got a lot of other news we're going to be hitting as well.
But I wanted to play
The niece of the president who already got paid out a bunch of money and signed a contract in her family not to make stuff up if she got those millions of dollars.
That's a contract.
Every family's got these deadbeats in them.
And now she comes out and she says Donald Trump says the N-word all the time.
Folks, I checked into Donald Trump.
I know people that have stayed at his house 10-15 times.
I know people that know him well.
Donald Trump
Has never said anything racist about black people or Jews.
I mean, my God, his son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew.
He's pro-Israel.
But we have the Democrats and Soros being an actual Nazi collaborator that rounded up Jews.
This is sick.
You've got Black Lives Matter running around, you know, getting into all this race-baiting crap.
So, here is the niece, who's already been paid millions and millions of dollars, out saying that Trump's this big racist.
It's incredible.
Mary Trump, with no proof,
Here it is.
He's saying this.
I have to press you on it a little bit.
Just to ask if the president, if your uncle was an exception to that in your family, or if you ever heard him express either his anti-Semitic slurs or the N-word or other racist slurs or other sentiments like that.
Do you mean this was an ambient thing in your family, but you can't say that you ever heard it from him?
Or did you hear it from him too?
Oh yeah, of course I did.
And I don't think that should surprise anybody given how virulently racist he is today.
Have you heard the president use the n-word?
And anti-semitic slurs specifically?
Donald Trump is all about being in control.
Trump doesn't say something in his sleep he doesn't want to say.
This is crap, ladies and gentlemen.
But let's hear what Joe Biden actually has to say on record.
Here it is.
In a confidential portion of your staff memo, they brought to your attention the allegation that important legislators in defeating the Nunes plan in the basement said, quote, we already have a nigger mayor, we don't need any more nigger big shots.
If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.
And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.
They'd look at it.
So I learned about roaches.
I learned about kids jumping on my lap.
And I've loved kids jumping on my lap.
We have this notion that somehow if you're poor, you cannot do it.
Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.
Go ahead.
No, no.
Probably best I don't.
Why are they putting up a totally senile person, clearly who has dementia?
Because he's a placeholder for another candidate.
We better start having a discussion about the shenanigans they're going to pull at the DNC and the RNC and the fact that they already did this COVID shutdown.
And they already did all this other crazy stuff that's happened, Russiagate, Ukrainegate.
Man, I'm going to tell you something.
Right now, Trump's winning.
They got their establishment polls that are fake, where he's losing.
They've got internal polls where he's barely winning.
I think those are accurate.
But you better believe that inaction against these people, green lights, whatever the new big craziness is, they're going to pull.
And so that's where I stand.
Now we've got guys that I've loved for years, but they're one of the hottest things on the internet right now.
The Hodge twins are going to join us and they were really polite last time and let me babble and talk.
I want to let them really roll with it and get into their view about what's happening and what they think we should do straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
Well, I've been watching the Hodge twins for years, but let me tell you, they are as hot as Joe Rogan right now on YouTube.
5 million views, 2 million views, a million views, everything they do.
And I just appreciate them having the courage to come on this show that has really been, you know, blocked by the establishment.
I just love watching what they do and I know my kids love watching as well.
And I was thinking, man, I want to try to get them back on, but instead of me sitting there asking the questions, let them ask the questions and kind of have the floor here long form.
So I've seen some of the pieces they've done that have been longer.
They make some really great points I've never even really thought of.
So they're here with us to cover the waterfront today.
So many different subjects, so many different fronts.
But first off, gentlemen, people really like you guys.
People love you.
Talk about you and your family, your awakening, where you come from, who you are.
That's not something you do a lot on your own show, but I know I'm kind of springing that on you.
But I mean, you know, who are you guys?
People can find out about what you do at the Hodge Twins, YouTube Conservative Twins, Instagram official Hodge Twins, Twitter Hodge Twins.
But I mean, tell folks who you are because you're Americans.
And that's that's the main thing we want to point out to everybody.
I don't like that term African-American.
We're Americans.
What does my ancestor have to do with anything?
You don't have white people talking about they...
I was European Americans.
They just call themselves American.
The reason why we call ourselves African Americans, why the left wants you to call you that, uh, term yourselves that, is so they can divide us.
They want black people to feel they're less than American than anybody else.
Yeah, that's the biggest, uh, concern that the left has.
If everybody can wake up one morning and just look at themselves as just being American, then we all can see our
Well, that's what John Wayne said word for word, and they say he's bad.
To divide us.
The man says one thing wrong, and they want to throw everything out that he's done.
That council coach is just ruining everything.
Yeah, and when he said those words, those were decades ago.
I mean, it was a different world then.
I mean, if the left can just take their own logic and look at themselves in the mirror, half the things they say, they should throw out.
Hillary Clinton said black men were super predators.
What happens to her?
She gets a pass.
But Trump comes out and say a couple real things, and then they try to mark him as a racist.
Like he was just on CBS News getting interviewed by a reporter.
Yeah, she asked a question that was based on a false assumption.
Why is black people still being killed in America?
That's because she doesn't want the truth.
She has an agenda.
People of all races are down at the hands of police officers.
And Trump made a very statistical, a great fact, a statistical fact, based on math, based on science.
He said more white people being shot and killed by cops than blacks.
Yeah, but see, they don't want the public to know that.
Because if the public knows that their narrative that they're pushing, that black people are being hunted down in America, it falls apart.
I know you guys want to get into the statistics and we'll do that.
A lot of professors are being fired that show these statistics, but since you bring it up, we've got an internet clip of this.
It's a little bit choppy, but here's a clip of Trump laying out facts and the CBS reporter acting like he's got three heads.
Here it is.
Let's talk about George Floyd.
You said George Floyd's death was a terrible thing.
Why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?
And so are white people.
So are white people.
What a terrible question to ask.
So are white people.
More white people, by the way.
More white people.
And the media spun it like he cares about the white people.
No, he's saying there's some bad cops, things go wrong, the world's not perfect.
Guys, give people the real numbers.
Yeah, like the Washington Post posted this horrific study.
It was so flawed, even somebody of my rudimentary experience in statistics noticed that was flawed.
Yeah, yeah, but that's what the Washington Post hopes for.
Literally half the population in this country don't know rudimentary statistics.
I mean the studies... They're trying to say black people being killed at a higher rate than black folks.
Yeah, but the study takes in the white folks.
I mean, that survey is saying black people are getting killed at a higher rate than white folks.
That study, they take into account the entire population.
If you want to figure out what's going on, if black people are being killed at a high rate, you need to take into account only police interactions.
Who cares about the lady that's sitting in the old folks home?
Or my wife who's never been stopped by the cops?
Yeah, you need to look at police interactions, and then you'll be able to determine if black people are being killed at a high rate.
But even then,
Was the black people walking down the street just flying a kite, sucking on a lollipop?
Or did they put themselves in a dangerous position, putting a cop's life at risk?
Even if, after this study, if you just take relevant facts, relevant data, and throw away the data that doesn't mean anything, if you find black people are being killed at a high rate, then you need to look at the individual cases where black men have lost their lives.
And then even at that,
There's gotta be a reason.
Just to say black people are being hunted down just because of the color of their skin, no.
There's more reasons why they're being shot at a high rate.
More often than times, if you look at the faces of Black Lives Matter or the people they like to hold up when they say Black Lives Matter, the majority of these cases have the same denominator.
They're being violent.
They're resisting arrest.
They're attacking police officers.
They're trying to grab their gun.
They took their taser.
Yeah, the police have the right
To defend themselves.
They have lives, they have families too.
But that's why they, Alex, they say black lives matter because only black lives matter.
Yeah, that's the agenda.
Yeah, they don't, if you say all lives matter, all of a sudden they're trying to pinch you as a racist.
Everybody on the left has lost common sense.
Mainstream media, they're taking the most simplest things and they're twisting it and people on the left do not realize what they're doing because they've been
They had these lies over the last 30 years!
Hey, I want to say something else, Alex.
This information that they're giving to black people, they're actually creating racist black people.
I've never in my life seen so many white people getting attacked by black people just for the simple fact that they're white.
I mean, I don't see this happening to black people in this country.
I've seen a white lady at a protest say, all lives matter.
And a black person shoots and kills her.
She had a six-year-old, not six-year-old, six-month-old infant.
And they didn't say that was a hate crime.
I mean, what country are we living in?
Yeah, it's like a double standard.
Everything that is being preached on mainstream media is all these double standards.
And we're starting to see the effects of these double standards.
You're giving certain people these rights, but these people in this demographic can't say certain things based on our history.
If we're going to ever get rid of racism in this country, we're going to have to do it with all the double standards.
If a black man can say black power, why can't a white man say white power?
You never hear a white man saying it because it doesn't sound right.
Well, let's expand on that.
What do you think the Democrats in the deep state are trying to do?
Canon and they've got Charlemagne the God out literally saying white people are inherently bad and they've got the biggest huge shows and then attacking Jews and all this stuff and it's the left funding all of this like Black Lives Matter openly wants to end the nuclear family.
This is villainous stuff.
Who are they?
Who's behind these people?
Man, all the Democrats want, they don't have ideas to take this country forward, to progress this nation.
They just want power, so the way they go about getting that power is putting us in little groups.
It's called Divine and Conquer.
A lot of black people don't do that research, and it's been easy.
That's why blacks over the last decades, at a 90% clip,
They vote Democrat.
As soon as they hear racist, that's all they need to hear.
They don't need to think.
But Hollywood, Hollywood is their biggest ally.
Especially black celebrities.
They're the Democrats' allies.
Black people blindly follow these people all the time just based on what they sold in music, what kind of show they do because they can rap or they're a comedian.
They actually listen to these people like they're very important.
These people know nothing about politics.
Half the time when I hear these people speak, I think they're actually auditioning for their next movie role.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Gentlemen, let's come back and talk about the insanity of AOC.
I know you've been on her, and what it would be like if there were no police or local government.
We'll talk about that with these two great gentlemen, the Hodge Twins.
Straight ahead, we'll tell you about their places you can visit, their sites, when we come back.
Stay with us.
The Hodge Twins are our guest.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
You can follow them on Instagram at OfficialHodgeTwins, Twitter Hodge Twins,
Look, here's the deal.
I look at LeBron James.
He's a great athlete.
He's a good-looking guy.
I'd love to be able to take my son to one of his games when he plays the Spurs outside Austin, San Antonio.
I can't do it.
I've been a basketball fan growing up my whole life, but I haven't gone to the games in many years because it's just such propaganda.
He makes hundreds of millions of dollars in America.
China literally runs death camps for Muslims and Christians and Buddhists.
And he says America sucks and America's bad.
Same thing with Kaepernick, with Nike, and all of it.
And it's just like, it's so obnoxious.
I know you guys have talked about this.
They said, oh, we're dealing against police brutality.
It's not just disrespect the flag.
That was two years ago.
Now, Kaepernick says, the flag's evil, get rid of it.
It's bad, it's white supremacy.
Why are they doing this?
And more importantly, why are the big corporations pushing this?
What do you guys think's really behind this?
Well, they're easy.
Celebrities, actors, I mean, their knowledge about our history and what's going on in this country is very, very low.
And they're being taken advantage of.
Yeah, I mean, they're taking advantage of their fans.
But Nike, they're in the pocket of China.
How much are they making from having their shoes made in China?
It's billions.
Yeah, it's just, it's just hypocrisy, Alex.
So they cover their real, their real slave master activity in 2020 using a black man as their cover.
I mean, look what China's done to the world.
That Chinese virus
You gotta call the Chinese for this.
It comes from China, right?
And it's look what they've done to the world.
At first they said, no, we got this handled.
It's not that big of a deal.
How many people have died as a result of this?
This could have been perhaps kept from getting out of control if they would have let
The world know what was going on.
But they chose to be quiet.
Yeah, it's really a shame that these celebrities, they're so vocal, which, you know, I mean, everybody's got an opinion, but they really should do their research.
And sometimes they just need to stay in that lane.
If you saw LeBron James at, say, a bar or restaurant or walking down the street, what would you say?
If you had a minute to talk to him, what would you say?
Hey, I would say, hey man, be a man.
Stand up for what's really going on.
And the same thing with Kaepernick and all these people.
You're being used to cover up real slavery in China.
It's disgusting.
What would you say to him?
If I saw LeBron in person, I would go up to him and say, man, hey, congratulations on a great career, but you need to shut up and dribble.
Well, I mean, would they really want to have a conversation?
Yeah, because... These people don't want to have a conversation.
They don't want facts.
They're just doing what they need to do to keep that money train coming.
Yeah, to protect their self-interest.
Yeah, they don't care about the United States progressing.
They just care about their pockets.
And they're not dumb people.
They know what's going on.
You cannot...
Be that stupid.
They know what's going on.
That's a really good point because I know some of the people at that level, they are just totally cold-blooded.
I don't care if it's a top actor or top black, white, it doesn't matter.
They have just got these managers and they're just cold-blooded and they stand for nothing.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, absolutely.
Why don't the corporations stand up for America?
Because I mean, I get that, okay, LeBron James and Captain America Puppets, you know, so is Bill Maher for that matter, but what about the people on top?
Why do they want to get rid of America?
Yeah, simple greed.
It's all about their profit margin.
Yeah, it's all about money.
And a lot of these corporations have been dealt a bad hand from our own government through taxes and regulations.
They've been forced to take their jobs.
That's very astute.
They've been forced under China's control.
So I think they've been dealt a bad hand and sometimes it comes back to the roots when these things happen.
We need to deregulate
Deregulate businesses, bring down taxes.
These jobs that's been sent to China, Mexico, those jobs should be here.
And the government can do something about it.
All you have to do is deregulate, bring taxes down.
More Americans could have more jobs.
America could be better.
That's all common sense.
When you guys talk to the grassroots or out there, you're super popular.
Been popular for years.
You guys are really popular right now.
Congratulations on your exponential growth.
Thank you.
Are you seeing an awakening?
Do you believe these polls that Trump's behind?
I don't.
I don't.
But we should not become complacent.
We gotta keep the gas pressed down.
We gotta keep going.
Because I don't want to see this country go fall into the hands of another Democrat.
Because these people are batshit crazy.
Yeah, and I see these things on Instagram where they're censoring so many conservatives and they give a pass to so many people on the left.
I came across them.
Some are Instagram posts where it looks like the LGBTQ community is actually trying to make pedophilia an actual sexual orientation.
Oh yeah, they were mainline feminists were defending Ghislaine Maxwell like she was an empowered woman.
That is sick!
That was my next question, you guys brought it up.
I'm going to get to that next segment Jeffrey Epstein, but you were starting to get into it.
One of the twins there.
A lot of you guys just go by twins, but we should have you on.
I should go by your full name sometime.
People know who you guys are.
What do you expect to happen next if the Democrats got in?
No telling.
Oh, man.
I mean, I think if a Democrat got in office, I mean, there's a lot of conservative voices on social media.
I mean, we're already being censored, but if a Democrat gets in office,
I could see us getting heavily censored.
Maybe even our channel shut down just for speaking our opinion and speaking a lot of facts.
I could see that coming.
They're already trying to censor the President of the United States on Twitter.
So what the hell do you think they're going to do to us?
Or you or anybody else.
Look what they've done to you already.
It's like... Yeah.
If that happens, may God help us.
I think the next several elections is very important.
We can't get complacent.
We gotta urge our family members, our friends to get out and vote.
But make sure they vote Republican.
Well, that's the truth.
What triggered you guys a few years ago to get online?
Oh, well, at first, when we first got online, it was just, you know, I knew people was making money.
I was just trying to keep me, my car from being repossessed.
I never thought it was going to turn into this.
If you'd have asked me if I'd have became a Republican or conservative.
I was about to say, I saw you guys years and years ago and you were just having fun.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We wasn't really into politics, but you know, we're a lot older now and I can't believe I'm about to be 46, but it's like,
I used to be naive when I was young.
I used to think voting didn't matter.
I mean, that's the dumbest, that is just so dumb.
You letting grown folks decide how you're gonna live your life.
So what was the tipping point for you guys to go from just having fun and being popular to, you know, taking a real stand and doing a great job?
I actually hated Obama so much, I voted for Mitt Romney.
Yeah, that's saying something, yeah.
Yeah, he took, um,
Like, I was listening to conservatives.
I was still liberal.
I got an older brother that's retired Army.
I came across some Ben Shapiro videos, some Larry Elder videos, and, you know, I started to listen to these people, but when Obama got in the office and he took my insurance premiums, and he damn near tripled them, and on top of that, I lost courage.
And remember, he was saying it was going to be free at first, remember?
Yeah, yeah.
All lies.
All lies.
You can keep your doctor.
Nobody calls him out for that.
All lies.
I remember when Obamacare went in.
I had an infection on my leg and I went to a clinic.
And there were these old ladies crying.
They go, I heard it was going to go down or be free.
And they said, sorry, it's an Obamacare charge.
And I saw old ladies crying because that was all the money they had in the bank.
Yeah, it's sad because I got a letter in the mail two weeks after that went into play, and they explained to me that my rates was going up, and it said at the bottom, Obamacare Act.
Yeah, I was like, wow.
Hard to shoot yourself in the foot.
Tell people you're getting something free, and that sounds like communism to me.
Stay right there, gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Look, our guest just laid it out.
The Hodge twins.
This is nothing but divide and conquer.
And you get the WikiLeaks, you get all the documents.
The Democrats in the deep state admit they're doing that.
I mean, Communist China has millions of Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims in death camps on record.
Apple gets their components made in there.
It's like, oh, but Apple's liberal, so it's okay.
And then all these politicians hire
Black activists to be their shield and call America bad, so America's busy defending itself while all these other really evil regimes are getting away with murder.
And for me, that's just what this comes down to.
So I'm going to ask these two very successful commentators where they think the country's going and what they think all of us can do with 108 days, because I've got to be honest with you.
I mean, I wake up early in the morning, like 5, 6 in the morning, I'm worried about I'm not doing enough.
And then I'll be up here sometimes late at night still working, but I'm thinking, what is it I'm supposed to do?
Because the more they censor me, the more I want to get the word out.
But then I just love seeing as I get censored, you get censored, more people are popping up.
I'm also seeing a lot of people pop up and speak out as more of us get censored.
And so I just, I feel like we're winning, but I just still feel like we should be doing more.
What do you think we should all be doing right now?
Well, we could always do more, but essentially, I want to touch on something you said.
They're using blacks as muscle and they're using white people's guilt against them to divide us.
Going forward, we just need to be more vigilant.
We need to be more proactive.
Just continue to keep grinding and hustling and doing our videos and educating our friends, family, and just tell people to share our videos.
You got to do the bare minimum.
We cannot become complacent.
You have to vote.
That's the bare minimum.
You gotta make sure your message is being heard as well.
And that means get registered now.
That means go down and do it.
That means take 10 people with you.
Do it!
Got my whole family waiting, Alex.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, I think our biggest impact as far as when we came out of the closet as conservative is, I mean, we've got some black people to switch over.
I'm sure that we've made that impact.
I think our biggest impact has been with white liberals.
I mean, when we have our comedy shows, they show up to our shows and they tell us, you know, that we've made an impact on them.
Yeah, let's talk about your comedy shows.
You guys do a lot of stuff.
Talk about that.
Well, they've all been shut down because of COVID, but hopefully here in the next six months or so, we can get back on the road because we really like doing our comedy.
Our comedy is a spin on politics, so it's a lot of conservative, offensive jokes in there.
But I'll tell you what, Alex, during our comedy show and when we do a Q&A, your name comes up.
I mean, we're making a huge difference every day.
I mean, I know when you turn on the TV and you see what's going on, that's what they want you to see.
Yeah, I mean, we are sleeping giant and we're going to do very good in this election.
We just need to get- No, no, I agree with you.
I mean, I shake 20 hands when I walk down the street by the time somebody drives by and goes, F you Nazi.
They're never black.
Guess what?
They're never Hispanic.
It's always weird, whacked out white people.
And sometimes I'll chase them down and I'll say, I'll say, listen, and they'll go, get away, get away.
They literally believe it.
They're crazy.
And I'm not trying to put down white people, but let's be honest.
You go to a Black Lives Matter meeting, 95% are weird, crazy white people.
And I'm not trying to bash white people, but we do have a white people problem.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Green hair and purple hair, yeah.
Yeah, low IQ is a problem for all races.
Yeah, but you're right.
What is it?
I don't care if you want green or purple hair, but they've all got green, purple hair.
Like, what does that mean?
They just want to be different, I guess.
That just means you got a low IQ, I guess, if you got pink hair.
They're just trying to rebel against the system.
They think they're doing their part by rebelling.
What the social construct should be when it comes to your hair color.
But it's like, all these people, if you look at constituents on the right and constituents on the left, it's like night and day.
On the right, they use their minds and they can actually debate their views.
On the left, they're like, no, this is a trick.
You're trying to trick me.
Yeah, you would never see AOC.
You'll never see her debate anybody.
She can't even debate herself.
That's right.
She said that we were making kids drink out of toilets.
It's a total lie.
So let's talk about that.
You guys are really on AOC's case, which you should be.
I mean, what do you make of her being the model of the new Democratic Party?
That's pretty scary.
It's amazing that you go to a Twitter and see how hot her Twitter's doing.
It's like, it's that many people in this country that are just lost?
Just blind followers.
I mean, anybody with common sense and just a rational mind should be able to sit down and go through her tweets and do some research.
Half the things that come out of her mouth is just either false or just plain out lies.
She rationalized.
You can give AOC anything, and she can rationalize it and make it bad.
Remember when she said cauliflower is racist because it's white?
I can't keep up with her, Alex.
She just recently wanted to defund the police.
I mean, she wants to... Yeah, let's talk about that because, I mean, look, the police, nothing's perfect.
Government has problems.
We're all flawed.
But that's the lowest level of government.
Get rid of the police.
Could you imagine what that would look like?
To her, it's going to make everywhere the suburbs.
I mean, look, we live in a civil society because of law and order.
The cops are there to enforce law and order.
If you take away the cops, if you take away law and order, you now have a barbaric society.
And besides, Alex, you take away cops.
What does a court system look like without police officers?
What the hell you need judges for?
Well, no, exactly.
The whole system breaks down if you do that.
And they know exactly what they're doing.
Yeah, you get rid of the police, you don't need judges, you don't need prisons, ain't nobody getting arrested.
Yeah, you don't need to have a driver's license, you don't need registration, you don't need a DMV, you don't need- Well, this is the left's counter to Trump trying to get nonviolence out of prison.
They go, oh, we'll do one better, we'll just get rid of it entirely.
Yeah, and it's crazy they just want to give it to education, which I mean, we should give more money to our education, but we need to use common sense.
There's funds.
We need funds for everything in our society.
You just can't do away with the cops because of two or three bad apples.
I mean, there's bad teachers out there.
You're going to defund high schools and colleges?
I mean, doctors are killing people every day.
Are we going to start banning hospitals?
That's the best point I've seen.
Number one cause of death isn't cancer or heart attacks.
It's medical mistakes because it's hard to do and people have problems and it's not perfect.
But yeah, do we blame all doctors when a doctor cuts the wrong leg off?
Yeah, it's just insane.
It's just cancer culture.
It's just horrible.
I haven't heard anybody make that point.
Maybe I've been hiding out under a rock, but exactly.
If we blame one cop and then blame all the cops, then what about doctors and nurses?
They make mistakes way more than cops.
Hell yeah.
They're killing people far more than that COVID is.
That's right.
That's right.
Well keep laying it on me then.
What do you think Trump should do right now?
I had a caller yesterday that was genius.
He said we should make the credit scores all go back to say January of this year before the COVID hysteria.
That's what's really hurting people is their credit scores going down.
Trump could say everybody's credit scores go back to what they were in January.
That'd be a big move for everybody.
They'll still find a way to say this is racist.
I mean, I have never heard somebody on the left
Say something good about Trump.
He can do no right.
It's nothing this man can do for these irrational people on the left.
That's why we need to galvanize everybody on the right, the independents, because the left is insane.
Yeah, everything this man has done since he's been in office, which I want to keep in mind, they impeach him for practically breathing.
I mean, AOC says the most craziest things.
I mean, if you can impeach Trump for breathing, we should be able to impeach AOC for being stupid.
What about Ilhan Omar?
She's even worse.
Oh, man.
And come to think of, Alex,
We rescued this lady from our country.
She could be dead right now.
We allowed her to come to this country as an immigrant.
She's a citizen.
She got saved two years before by the military when one tribe was about to kill her.
And then she says our military are massacres and bad.
When they literally saved her, she hates them!
She hates America.
She has an agenda.
She knows this country is not as bad as this.
They hate what this country represents.
Western civilization.
They want to rip it all down and make this country what they think it is.
Well that's it.
They want authority over it and so that's what Soros pays them to do.
Well, let's come back and talk about your wish list, because I know Trump listens to you and to us, what you think Trump should do with 108 days out and what we should all do.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Follow the Hodge twins today.
We'll be right back.
I know they sell merchandise.
All you should really support them and spread the word because that is a great circle of stars in 1776.
That's right up my alley, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, we had a similar design back with Made in 1776.com.
That's what it's all about is rediscovering who we are because the globalists hate America because it threatens them.
America didn't start out perfect.
We're not perfect now, but the idea was beautiful and the world fell in love with it and that's what it's about, so they're attacking it.
Gentlemen, I just want to salute your success and the great work you're doing, and the fact that you went from being successful comedians to seeing the threat to freedom and started speaking out, and I've noticed as they attacked you more and more, you've gotten more hardcore, so it's just awesome.
A few minutes each of you, just about where you see this going, what you think Trump should do, other points you'd like to make.
I think Trump should just keep his foot down on the gas, keep doing what he's doing, don't let the mob change the views they want this country, the direction they want this country to go.
Because Trump has redefined what a president should do.
Like Obama, he just said whatever made people feel good.
No, Trump's not going to do it.
He's going to tell you what you need to hear.
He's leading!
He's being a leader.
Being a leader is telling people what they need to hear, not making them feel good about a situation.
You need to hear the truth.
And that's what Trump's doing.
He's telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
I think as far as Trump, I think he's doing a great job under the circumstances.
I mean, House of Representatives and all these batshit crazy liberals, I mean, they're making this job tough, but so far, man, he's did an excellent job.
I really like to see our local governments and our cities
Start to enforce some to stop these riots because they keep saying that these people are peaceful protests I think we should get the National Guard because this stuff has to stop Seeing people getting attacked for just simply being white or being a Trump supporter I mean these people are not just randomly they block people on roads and start shooting people And they do it the name of black lives.
They're mainly white.
I'm not saying that because you guys are you know, whatever I mean, it's real It's white people in the name of black people shooting people in the head at a checkpoint
Yeah, white guilt.
Imagine if the cops set up a checkpoint and randomly shot somebody in the head.
The whole town would burn.
But when white people in the name of BLM do it, oh it's good.
And have you seen the mug shots of these white people whenever they get arrested shooting somebody?
They just look all happy like they just did a great thing.
What the hell is wrong with these people?
These people are mentally sick.
A lot of them are.
You can tell when you look at somebody.
They're not all there.
They're experiencing some type of mental breakdown or they're just not mentally well.
See, the Democrats are very good at focusing on the
The demographic in this country that doesn't have a lot going for them.
Yeah, they're vulnerable.
Yeah, they're vulnerable.
They may not be the brightest.
They may not be as successful as most Americans.
And they're young.
And they take advantage of that and they exploit it.
And so it's up to us to reach out and give leadership.
Just like gangs get young kids because the dad isn't at home.
We need to reach out to these young people and say, oh, the gangs don't get them.
Same thing.
Let's go back.
This is two nights ago.
Federal courthouse.
They're trying with a hatchet and a hammer to break in and then the feds come out and the media calls this police brutality.
I'm sorry, you're breaking in my house trying to hit me with a hammer?
You're gonna get killed!
I'm surprised the feds didn't kill the- they're beating the fed in the head with a hammer!
These people are crazy!
I mean, you talk about a- trying to go in a federal courthouse with a club and a hatchet?
I mean, how have they gotten these people so wound up?
Yeah, and they showed a lot of restraint.
Those people deserved a bullet in between their head.
In fact, back it up, did you see him swing the hatchet or whatever it is at the Fed's head?
A hammer?
That is a dangerous weapon and they didn't even shoot him, they used pepper spray.
An axe?
And they still say that's police brutality when they're trying to break into a building.
All over the media it's, oh, secret police arrest people, peaceful protesters, trying to break into a building with a club or a hatchet.
I mean, my God, you're right.
Let me tell you, you come to my house with a weapon, you're dead.
I'm not like the feds, you're dead.
They want to hold these cops to this high level.
How about holding yourself accountable?
If we hold ourselves individually accountable, you wouldn't even need cops.
You wouldn't even need them.
How crazy are they to try to break into a federal building and then try to hit a guy in camo and riot gear in the head with a club?
You know why, Alex?
Because only black lives matter.
Yeah, that's why.
That's what they're pushing.
Wow, they're crazy.
Where do you think this is going to go, guys?
Well, I mean, they're getting a lot of momentum on the left, so they think.
But I think on the right, they've woken us, Sleeping John.
It's going to come to a head real soon.
Yeah, I think this election is going to come to a head.
They've stepped on that lion's tail, man.
We're waking up.
The country is waking up.
You're not going to see that shown on the TV, on the news, but people are waking up.
And I know a lot of people in our government, they're walking on a fine line right now because it's election time.
But I'm telling you, once some of these things get resolved and we have our president and he's been, you know, he's reunited as our president of the White House, watch what's going to happen to these people.
It's going to be a totally different story.
Well, I just want to see George Soros perp-walking, not for personal reasons, even though he's attacked me and done a lot of stuff.
He's a bad guy, and Hillary and all of them, and Obama, they just have gotten away with so much.
They tried to put our president in prison.
Yeah, George Soros, man, this guy is filthy rich.
Imagine the good he could do with the world.
He was a Nazi collaborator, we let him move here, and then why is he so against America?
What's his problem?
I have no idea why anybody could hate America.
I mean, when I've traveled all over the world, the UK, Australia, everybody talks about us.
Everybody envies us.
And everything we do, you go overseas, all you see is American businesses.
And they don't want white Americans, pink Americans, brown Americans, black Americans to feel like we're all together and you've got a birthright.
I've got a birthright.
You've got a birthright.
They're trying to steal that birthright.
And it's time to say, you don't tell me who I am.
You don't tell me what I stand for.
You don't tell me I can't love this country.
I am this country.
We all America.
Not African-American, not Irish-American, European, we all Americans.
Until people wake up and see that, we still gonna have to deal with these crazy people on the left and mainstream media.
Well, they want to take our power away.
Hodge Twins, we love you.
We appreciate you.
You're doing a great job.
Everybody should go to your site and get your t-shirts.
And thank you so much for what you're doing and your courage.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for having us, brother.
Thank you, gentlemen.
True brothers right there, and God, and freedom.
It's just amazing.
Alright, here's the deal.
Dr. Nick Begich is awesome.
He always loves you The Fourth Hour.
He's under the weather today, just let us know.
And so I'm gonna host The Fourth Hour with my son, Rex Jones, who is almost 18, and he's up here working with us.
He went out and shot some of this crazy, crazy New World Order stuff here in Austin with the Black Lives Matter that's almost all white people.
You're gonna see the video.
A bunch of actually crazy, angry white women.
There's one black lady, I guess.
Rex has launched this new site called Dr. Silence.
It explains what that means.
Coming up, ladies and gentlemen, a lot of other stuff's going on.
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All right, my son Rex Jones is coming up.
He shot a Black Lives Matter Antifa rally at UT a few days ago.
There's a bunch of video on his site, a sub-site at Bandot Video, that's coming up.
And he's going to be in studio with me.
And then I've got a medical doctor who's a state senator.
They're trying to shut down.
We're going to be having that here on the transmission, as well as exposing the COVID-19 hoax.
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They said, yeah.
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I mean, look, most places are not putting five, $10 a product in a bottle.
But I said to my dad's developer, who's one of the top guys in the country, I said, how about something even stronger if that's what people want?
So it's not competing with
Knockout, it's a different formulation, but quite frankly, it is stronger.
And after you've been taking knockout for a while, it might not work as well.
That's just how this stuff works.
You'll say, what's your sales pitch?
Just the truth.
Rocket risk.
You rocket off to sleep and you blast off in the morning.
And my son Rex is coming in here.
This wasn't planned.
Actually, he just wants to come on.
He doesn't really have trouble sleeping, but he kind of wakes up a few hours after he goes to bed.
He always has.
I mean, like, down in the kitchen at midnight, getting a glass of oranges, he'd be wandering around in his underwear, and he'd still live with me.
You know, he's moved out now.
He's a big boy.
And he would take knockouts sometimes, and it affects everybody differently.
And he said, yeah, knockout's great.
Well, he said, rocket rest, his words were two days ago, is too strong.
And I said, take it again and tell me.
He slept 12 hours on this and he said, the name is perfect.
He said, I was just at so much energy when I woke up.
So Rocket Rest is available right now, ladies and gentlemen, at infowarestore.com or drjonesnaturals.com.
And it's an amazing product.
We're really, really proud of it.
It's got a lot of product in it, and it is extremely strong, and it works extremely well.
And it's not meant to be competition against Knockout.
Knockout's got all these great compounds together in medium and low dosages.
This has got less ingredients, but at high dosages.
And believe me, it works like
Fourth of July.
I mean, it is super powerful.
We're very, very proud of it.
And I haven't even had time to tell you about Soreless, Primal Youth, Cobb & Schill Regular Strength, Top Brain, and Cobb & Schill Extra Strength Formula.
Because seriously, the average person might not be able to take
We're good to go.
Hi, Senator Scott Jensen.
I represent Carver County.
This is one of the most important videos I've made, and one of the hardest.
Frankly, it's been a very difficult decision to make whether I even wanted to do it.
Less than a week ago, I was notified by the Board of Medical Practice in Minnesota that I was being investigated because of public statements I had made.
They listed two allegations.
They said I've been spreading misinformation in regards to the completion of death certificates
On a news program, which happened to take place on April 7th.
And you could find that one.
It was with Chris Berg, if you wanted to.
And the other allegation was that I provided reckless advice in my willingness to compare COVID-19 and the flu.
When I got this letter, I was ticked.
And quite frankly, I leaned into the comfort and wisdom of my family to help them, let them walk me and talk me off the cliff.
Doggone it, if this could happen to me, my view is it could happen to anybody.
I mean, I've been a family doc for 40 years.
I work hard.
I love my patients.
I do house calls.
I've been medical director.
I've held staff positions in hospitals to help make things work better.
I've been in the Senate for four years and I've learned a lot.
I've never had anything like this happen.
Shoot a mile.
Five years ago, I was named the Minnesota Family Doctor of the Year in Minnesota.
And I get this because a couple people complained.
And I don't get to know who those people are.
I don't know if they're routinely in a political camp, if they're activists.
I've gone online and looked at what it takes to complete a complaint that the Board of Medical Practice has to follow up on.
It's a one-page deal.
You can say what you want.
You could be a huge donor for the other party.
And I wouldn't get to know it.
I wouldn't get to know if you live in my district.
I don't get to know anything.
I checked.
So, here I am.
I've spent the better part of the last six days preparing a response.
I understand how important the work is that the Board of Medical Practice does.
I mean, physicians do.
Screw up.
Two of the big areas where physicians mess up is inappropriate sexual behavior, inappropriate self-medicating, certainly with opiates.
But this is an odd position for me to be in.
And I am just stunned.
But I should have seen it coming.
Because I saw the threats on social media.
I've seen them for the last two or three months.
I've seen them come from physicians.
I've seen them come from people in all walk of life.
They didn't agree with me.
They didn't like that I was trying to provide some context for the flu, for COVID-19.
We've had some 35,000, 40,000 cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota thus far.
According to the Department of Health people, that might translate into 10 times that many.
And if it does translate into 10 times that many, that's 350,000 cases.
But in 2018, we had more than a half a million Minnesotans with the flu.
When I say that, am I recklessly giving you advice regarding COVID-19 and the flu?
Dr. Anthony Fauci has come out and compared them all the time.
Dr. Mike Osterholm has.
In terms of the death certificates, on April 3rd, I got an email from the Department of Health that said very clearly that we should report COVID-19 on death certificates
If it is assumed to have caused or contributed.
Well, that's not how we do death certificates.
The official ICD-10 coding for April 1st, 2020 through September 30th, 2020, during the time frame in question, says this.
If the provider documents... Coming up in the last segment of this hour...
We're going to air this full statement by him, but he is a esteemed medical doctor in Minnesota, just like all the other esteemed doctors that have come out across the country and nurses, and pointed out their order to put people that die of car wrecks on the death certificate, or people that die of cancer, or die of something else.
And they've opened up a disciplinary investigation of him to fire him, or remove his medical license, and it's the same thing across the country.
This is the reign of terror that we put up with these people.
And you've had all these prestigious medical doctors come out and say, we're counting people that die in motorcycle accidents, car wrecks, cancer, diabetes, heart failure.
And they test them and they have COVID.
But again, that's the big secret.
Anyone who's ever had a coronavirus or the flu virus, they're very similar, shows it within about 10 years on average.
So if you have the antibodies or you have the detritus from it, they do it.
I know the listeners know that.
You've heard me say that 5,000 times, but this is the greatest hoax ever, and it's all banking on, oh, it's the medical system, don't question it.
How many medical doctors have been banned off YouTube or Facebook or Twitter because they came out and said the same thing that Dr. Jensen, who is a state senator, said?
He will defeat this medical board review.
But because he came out and he said, this is overblown, they're counting people that died of something else.
You notice as the number of people infected goes up, the death rate goes down.
Because it's a fraud, folks.
It was designed to bring the country down.
Michigan physician lawmaker under investigation by Board of Medical Practices for his commenting regarding COVID-19.
They put me under criminal investigation.
You saw it on the news for saying it was a hoax.
It's a reign of terror to sit down so Fauci and Gates and the rest of them can say and do whatever they want because the real kill system is in that vaccine.
And you know, Louis Farrakhan, I know Louis Farrakhan.
I've had dinner with Louis Farrakhan.
I'll leave it at that.
Louis Farrakhan says he's a big fan of the show.
All I know is Louis Farrakhan's right about don't take these vaccines.
They have a history of secret experimentation, but he tells black people don't take it because the white man wants to get you.
Let me give you the rest of the story.
Whether you're black or white or old or young, the globalists want everybody.
You think the New World Order just wants to get black people?
Yeah, right.
Think again.
They want everybody.
And eugenics, you hear, is to empower the race.
But if you're a globalist that want a post-human race, they want anybody they see as strong.
So while they've got black people and Europeans fighting with each other, I can tell you that Europeans and black people, Africans, are the number one group being targeted by this.
The whole globalist system is to get us to fight with each other.
I'm giving you the deep knowledge right now.
And to act like all this crap because we're strong and nothing against other groups of people.
The point is, there is a plan in this satanic actuary that's being run that wants to play us off against each other while poisoning and killing us at the same time.
Aren't we smart enough to figure this out and say no to it?
I mean, you want to kill me because I'm white, go ahead, or kill somebody because they're black, whatever, it's all stupid.
But let's pull back and realize there's a scientific, studied plan, and it wants to kill the West, and it wants to kill Africa.
And I don't even know all the answers, how those things come together, or what those pieces are, but I know that when I talk about that, my spirit knows that I'm on target.
Rex Jones, my son, is here.
This wasn't planned today.
He did a big 20-minute report that's out at Bandai Video.
He's got a few clips of it coming up, the craziness he saw.
We'll have two segments when we come back.
But this is really a big time right now, folks, and if you're a black person, you know, in the middle of Alabama in 1965, and a racist group of KKK drunk guys pull up around you and your car, and I hope you got a gun to protect yourself, but that was back then.
The truth is, events like that are very rare for black people now.
They're very common for white people now.
And black folks ought to be asking themselves a big question, and so should everybody else.
Why are the establishment funding attacks on white people?
You think it's just because they don't like white people?
It is to create a response of racism and a larger plan against black people.
They're being set up.
And so, do I have all the answers?
I got a lot of them.
And I haven't figured out every angle of this yet, but I know a setup when I see it.
And I know the bad guys want us fighting each other and killing each other, and we should say no to them.
And then while they do all this, they say capitulate to us to prove you're not bad to stop the problem, and that's what this terrorism is.
Create the crisis, tell us to all bow down to them like they're the guys that are going to fix it when they're the people that started it.
Stay with us.
Well, you know, a lot of the crew's been here for a long time, Rex.
They remember when you were like three feet tall.
We'll turn his mic on.
And now, here you are with us.
And you've been going out doing reporting for InfoWars, but you've started your own Dr. Silence site.
Tell us about that.
I've started Dr. Silence.
I have.
My goal with this new project is I really want to show you an unbiased form of what the left is really standing for.
I'm not here to ask leading questions.
I'm here to let them talk and expose themselves, because that's when I feel you get the best content.
And man, I went out to this student-led BLM protest last weekend.
Holy Toledo.
These people are nuts.
We even captured footage of a kind of like a troll creature there.
Is there footage of the goblin?
There's footage of the goblin you're gonna see in the last few seconds of the report.
So you have this idea for Dr. Silence, I guess, to cover censorship, right?
Yeah, exactly.
So the whole theme of Dr. Silence is conservative voices have been silenced, moderate voices have been silenced.
It's only the radical left that's allowed to talk.
So, I'm going to play by their rules.
I'm going to let the radical left talk.
I'm going to put a microphone in their face and ask them what they stand for.
And when you ask them what they stand for, they tell you.
They're not ashamed of it.
They're not ashamed of it.
I mean, in the protests, they're shouting, we are socialists.
We are socialists.
We want universal health care.
We want to end the police.
We want the abolition of police.
We want the abolition of prisons.
These people are crazy and they just don't know it.
And they're willing to share it with you, which is what makes it so great.
Dr. Shilence, YouTube and Twitter, go follow it.
It's very important that you do.
We're going to be putting out a lot of weekly content every week, and I'm really going to show you who these people are.
Well, you did a good job.
I mean, there's like a 20-minute video, right?
Yeah, there's a 20-minute video, and then there's a 4-minute and 30-second highlight reel that we're going to play today.
And go watch the 20-minute video.
It's great.
It's fantastic.
But you have to understand, you're not cherry-picking this.
I mean, these are like zombies.
No, not at all.
Not at all.
Every second you spend with these people is gold.
Every second you spend with them.
And while I appreciate... I get we laugh at them, but is there any way to free these people?
You know, it's really sad when you look at young people, and especially what I'm going to be covering on Dr. Silence a lot, is social media, how it kind of trains young people to act in a certain way.
Leftism really has become a religion.
It's a program.
It's a program.
Yeah, on everyone's Instagram story.
It's all this leftist ideology crap.
And they all show how they're conforming.
So it's not a religion, it's a cult.
It's a cult.
Well, we've got more after this, but let's go ahead and play this little piece you put together of what you guys shot just a few days ago at UT.
Defund the police.
Here it is.
So recognize that as much as you have privilege, make sure that you use it to the benefit of black people as much as possible.
We're in this box, so let's go!
Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
We want to recognize that black people do not have a privilege like many of you do today.
We cannot do anything, literally, without people calling us names, slurs, or anything at all.
So recognize that as much as you have privilege, make sure that you use it to the benefit of black people as much as possible.
Help us in every situation that you can.
Because black people for far too long, black and brown people have not been hurt.
And clearly our voices are not hearing the racist cops who think that they still can kill black children.
What's your opinion on property rights, stuff like that?
I think property is a form of theft in all honesty.
The idea of private property rights is obviously a Western colonial invention, so there's historical basis to prove that societies don't need to be structured around private property rights.
I view property as something that should be collectively owned by the people, not necessarily something that should be owned by a state.
I think state-owning property is a very dangerous practice, and any form of property should be held by social institutions, controlled by people and workers especially.
So, in my mind, a world void of private property rights, it would essentially be a sort of planned economy, except there would be a variety of institutions controlled by the different people who compose the economy.
So, for instance, one of the things we could expect to see are worker councils, councils where people produce commodities, workers produce these commodities, and they democratically come to conclusions as to what they're going to produce and how their workplaces are going to produce said thing.
I think we could also expect to see councils of consumers who make demands for the workers to fulfill and I think primarily we just see an economic system based on cooperation versus an economic system based on coercion.
For those of us standing here now, over 50% of the city's budget goes to funding the police!
And that is a crime against humanity!
When we have homelessness!
When people don't have healthcare!
When we don't have a living wage in this city, supposedly the most progressive city in the state of Texas!
They do this whole mass thing, so they can wear a mask.
We don't have college for all here!
And we surely don't have black lives matter!
That's probably the worst voice I've ever heard.
Tell me you know you're just two seats!
Say it with me y'all, two seats!
Black lives matter is really black, isn't it?
Two seats for taking the progressive majority!
Yeah, I'm not giving black folks a pass, but I'm sorry, Black Lives Matter is as wide as my ass.
That means if y'all take two seats, y'all can have the city!
I consider myself a communist because I fundamentally want the abolition of capitalism.
I use it as more of a, you know, an adjective than maybe like a specific political construction or economic construction.
What do y'all really stand for?
I personally stand for the abolition of prisons, the abolition of the police, because I fundamentally believe in individual freedom above anything else, before any leftist ideology I hold.
I definitely consider myself a leftist, but I hold individual freedom to a higher standard.
I am first a libertarian, then a communist.
I'm about to go to the battle slug.
I like the purple hair.
I don't even care that they have purple hair, but it's like, why?
Look at this guy.
There she walks, that person is stuck.
Alright, now let's listen.
Listen, I swear to God, I am not exaggerating.
I'm not lying.
If you're an InfoWars fan, you know who Rob Do is.
Rob Do is about 6'3".
This guy is probably an inch shorter than Rob Do.
Probably weighed about 450.
Not exaggerating.
The camera does not do him justice.
I got a bunch of other angles of him.
I'm gonna put out a montage soon.
This guy is the battle slug.
He had an Antifa tattoo on his forearm.
Purple, teal hair.
I mean, you couldn't create a more stereotypical character.
Complete insanity.
And these people, when you look at them, they're a rabble.
It's a group of outcasts.
It's a group of people that don't have friends.
So they've chosen this weird leftist movement as their kind of, like, club.
They don't play sports.
They don't even... And they work for a Nazi collaborator.
They work for George Soros.
I mean, you can't make this up.
It's like, happy making, working for Hitler.
When you talk about rounding up Jews as happy making,
That guy can't be the political good guy.
George Soros is pure evil and these people don't care because it's all politically correct and it's loving.
You can't support Trump.
You can't support the nuclear family.
You can't support a small government.
You have to support them or nothing else.
That's all it is.
That's all how it works.
These people... Well, there's a happy making place right there.
Looks like a lot of fun.
You can't make this up.
You really can't.
The truth is stranger than fiction.
No, I agree.
I'm like, what the hell?
It's depressing for me because these people are my peers.
I personally, the black kid in the video, I know him from a school I went to, middle school.
We're not happy these people are so retarded.
Yeah, it's sad.
We're not having pleasure about this.
Well, the story just broke at InfoWars.com, and boy is it sexy.
2015 video shows Trump denouncing Epstein-Pito Island as an absolute cesspool.
You know, the media tried to connect him to Epstein, even though Epstein tried to be a member of his club, he kicked him out.
I made a lot of checks before I backed Trump.
I know what Trump likes.
I know people that, let's just say, took care of Trump's women.
And Trump has the same taste I have in women.
500, 600 horsepower.
He's not intimidated by thoroughbred women.
It's these pedos that want 12-year-old girls.
That's not Trump.
Trump doesn't want 12-year-old girls, folks.
He wants... Well, look at his wife, Melania.
That's what Trump wants.
Trump wants what we would call premium beef.
Stop being like that, Rex.
The point is, he likes full-grown women.
He's not intimidated.
The pedos are intimidated by women.
Don't make women a commodity.
Here, let's go ahead and play the clip.
I don't know, but that island was really a cesspool.
There's no question about it.
Just ask Prince Andrew.
He'll tell you about it.
The island was an absolute cesspool.
So... The Clintons are friends of yours, right?
And he's been there for many times.
The Clintons are friends of yours.
Well, I can't say friends, but I know them.
They're friendly.
You know them.
They play at my clubs a lot.
I have clubs, and everybody likes to play at my clubs.
Are you saying there's a political problem for her if she runs for president?
It could be a political problem.
Look, he could be a political problem.
Right now, he's Teflon, and right now, maybe not.
But he could end up being a political problem.
So there you go.
There's Trump torpedoing the entire situation.
Let's just get to this clip next.
Another InfoWars.com article.
South Dakota Governor Noem says no new outbreak ever.
She gave people their freedom.
Folks, it's all a hoax.
Yes, it's man-made so that Bill Gates owns it, but it's just like the flu or anything else.
And it's all coming down to, oh, it's all these record cases but not deaths because we exposed Democrats killing people with the intubation.
Here's what she had to say.
South Dakota never closed.
Yesterday, they reported 42 cases and four deaths, and about 87% of their total cases have recovered.
The governor tweeting that, quote, the call to apply a one-size-fits-all approach is not leadership.
Here to explain is the leader of South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem.
Good morning to you, Governor.
Good to be with you.
Good morning, Steve.
It's good to have you as well.
South Dakota never did close, and you were emphatic about that.
There's not been a mask mandate.
I know you took a lot of criticism because of the Mount Rushmore event.
Were there any breakouts after that?
No, actually we're doing really good.
We would start to see that a few days ago and we continue to decline.
I think what we did here in South Dakota is really remarkable because we gave people their freedom.
We let the businesses stay open.
We let people go to work.
We told them to be smart and we also asked them to be personally responsible and we're seeing the benefits of that each and every day in South Dakota.
Sure, and I know that you were with us a couple of months ago talking about how what you were doing was you were protecting the vulnerable, people over 65, and anybody with a comorbid condition, but at the same time, there were spots in your state that were trouble.
Some of the packing plants, meat packing plants were a problem, and so you addressed it that way.
Rather than shut everything down, you...
They had the dirtbag lawyers say, we better test the whole plant.
And they test 5,000, 2,000, 3,000, and then 200, 300, 400 would test.
None of them were sick!
It's a fraud!
A papaya and a goat have tested positive for COVID-19.
COVID-19 is the... Open up the Encyclopedia Britannica of the future.
Hoax is COVID-19.
Coronavirus, COVID-19, whatever you want to call it, this is going to be the death knell for the American economy if we don't wake up to it right now.
I totally agree.
Let's go back to the Governor of South Dakota.
Here it is.
We're like a laser focusing on those.
We did.
In fact, we, according to the national experts, did everything wrong.
We did what the people on the ground saw.
We aggressively addressed those situations and came out better for it.
So, I really think the people of South Dakota stepped up.
They did the right thing and they trusted me.
I trusted them and they made the right decision.
In addition to running the state of South Dakota, we've got some images of you over the weekend.
You were at a professional bull riding event.
It was the first major indoor sporting event with fans since March.
How important was it to you that you would ride in bringing the flag?
When are we moving to South Dakota?
That's my new wife right there.
I'm officially courting the South Dakota Governor right now?
I'm divorcing my wife right now?
I thought your name is Mrs. Jones then?
...do what they were good at, and it reminded all of us about how special this country is and how important our liberties are.
And as we look at the COVID numbers, they are staggering.
But if you had advice... They are staggering!
They're gonna infect everybody.
Every American's gonna have it because it's a fake test.
The last statistic I read... Oh, 3 million have it!
Oh, oh, oh!
The last statistic I read about Texas, and I could be wrong, there was something like 838 deaths per 10 million people.
That's the last statistic I read.
No, no, it's like this kills less people than the wind does.
Completely ridiculous.
So Rex, that's where we are though, so I'm just, I'm calling it all out, man.
We need leaders, not just what she did.
They need to call it all out.
The thing is about the nanny state and the thing about the Democrats, it's really this sick, perverted, twisted, moonchilds-by-proxy thing of, oh, the government's gonna be your parents, we're gonna take care
I don't
You can't do that!
And they had hand-washing stations.
Everyone had to wash their hands every 20 minutes.
And, I mean, we're out in the blazing Texas sun.
This is a cult of demons.
It is!
It's the cult of leftism.
It's the cult of identity politics.
It's all it is.
And they were, they were like, they were sticking tape to the ground so they made sure people stood, stood at a proper social distance, which everyone ignored.
And then when
I probably saw like three or four other people take off their masks briefly just so they could breathe, because again, it's like 104, 105 degrees out.
Texas, blazing sun, open air, by the Capitol, clear blue skies, and every time one of those people would take their masks off for just five seconds.
You said clear blue.
White people have blue eyes.
That's kind of racist.
Am I about to get canceled?
Rex, seriously, you need to apologize.
Say that you're bad because you're white.
I'm going to be donating all the money I ever make in my life to Black Lives Matter now to make up for what I just said.
Directly to Soros.
Soros isn't black, but he wants to help black people by destroying their community.
I've learned that now.
I've learned how the world works, and I've really been doing investigating.
I've been going on Instagram and Snapchat and watching Seth Meyers and all the talk show hosts and Trevor Noah, and they've really been educating me on what a horrible person I am and what I can do to change it.
So from now on, I'm going to be giving my car to a person of color that's a homeless person.
I plan on doing that today.
And I plan on giving everything I own.
Gosh, look at this.
Those guys aren't pedophiles at all.
Oh, there's some serious kid-diddling that probably happened.
Oh, no, no, no.
Neither one of those guys is a... Oh, they don't.
They're good people.
I mean, it's something in the eyes.
It's the cold, dead shark eyes.
Are you joking?
That is the most satanic trio or duo I've ever seen.
I mean, those are... Put them back on screen.
I mean, that's what a child sees when they are strapped down to a table in a satanic ritual.
Here comes Colbert.
Here comes... Ugh, Podesta's just so bony.
Look at those vampire teeth.
Podesta drinks... Podesta's a... That sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.
No, no, just look at Colbert and bow to him.
Imagine a child in the dark, kidnapped, chained down, begging for mommy for days, no food, all of a sudden that comes into view, and he's here, he's in charge, he's the boss, he's gonna have his way right now.
In my opinion, in my opinion, in my opinion, Stephen Colbert looks like a pedophile.
Well, no, he looks like a vampire devil worshipper.
I mean, you imagine you're some nine, ten year old girl, and like you said, hasn't eaten in days and kept in a cold, dark room, and then he comes in wearing like robes.
Let's put him back on screen!
Judge him!
Look at his soul!
That's the enemy right there, ladies and gentlemen.
In my opinion, he looks worse than Podesta in that picture.
Well, he's in the club, brother.
He didn't get up there because he was playing TiddlyWinks.
COVID alert!
COVID alert!
Oh, he told me he's my God.
Look at him.
Oh, he's ready to bite.
Stephen Peddo Colbert.
So my son Rex Jones is here, and I'm going to play this report of this.
Senator in Minnesota exposing the tyrants and being censored, but just in closing here, Rex, what is it like to watch all this unfold?
You know, being so young, I'm 17 years old, it's really depressing for me to see this stuff happen because I know that people that are middle-aged, even some millennials, they won't have to deal with this stuff for 50, 60 years.
I will.
I'm going to have to deal with the repercussions of these crazed leftists for the rest of my life.
And I hope to God, I pray to God, that we can turn this around.
But really when I see, like Hitler was right about one thing.
You control the youth, you control the future.
And that's what they're doing.
It's the Nazi blueprint.
That's what George Soros is doing.
He's a Nazi collaborator.
Control the youth and you control the future.
When they manipulate young people and they get them at this age, and they get them in literal, these uniforms, these Black Lives Matter shirts, and when they make it a cult, when they make it something like a religion, where it's something they can identify with because Christianity has been stripped away from our society, they can impregnate their minds with this socialist garbage and really make them believe in it.
That's true.
We have no ideology now.
We don't, we don't.
We're talking about, oh, America sucks, God sucks, all of it.
So now what do I have?
Oh, George Soros and Black Lives Matter.
America was built on Christian Western ideals.
And these people openly admit that they want to strip those Christian Western ideals away.
What do you have to replace our ideals with?
And then they think we're going to get scared of being demonized, so we stand down.
Our system isn't perfect, but America, the idea of America, and what Americans have done over the 200-something years that this has been a country, it's been beautiful.
I agree.
I want you to host the end of the show yourself.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Do it.
Take it over.
Getting back to what I was saying, he's waddling off now.
America was built on Western ideas of freedom and life and liberty and property rights.
The idea that if you worked hard enough you could build something and you could keep a society functioning.
What these people want to do is strip that all away.
They want the end of the nuclear family, they want the end of liberty, and they want to usher in the new era of the nanny state.
Bill Gates, George Soros, that's what all these people want.
They want to be your father.
They want to be your mother.
They want to take care of you.
They want to remove the role the family has in your life.
It's just depressing to see because I try to talk to people my age.
I try to tell them these things.
It's so hard when every single thing they're being fed on social media is this leftist garbage.
Black Lives Matter is very, very, very good at public relations because they get billions and billions of dollars from these billionaires like George Soros that openly want to destroy America.
If you go to Black Lives Matter's website, it says, we are trained Marxists.
They admit it.
It's not like they're hiding themselves.
It's not like they're trying to
Conceal what they're doing.
They're open about it.
And that is why I've started Dr. Silence, is because just letting these people talk is the most effective method.
And I love my dad.
I love Owen Shoyer.
They're great.
They're awesome.
But the kind of in-your-face confrontational journalism can only get you so far.
If you don't let these people explain for themselves why they are so crazy and what they believe in, you're not going to get anywhere.
The only hope we have as a society, the only hope we have as Americans, as conservatives or libertarians or whatever you want to call yourself, if you believe in life, liberty and property, if you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the only hope we have as Americans is to let these people really explain what their plan is, because then we can know how to stop it.
When you look at all these cases, whether it's coronavirus, BLM, when you look at this kind of division, these lines that are being drawn, 2021 and late 2020, no matter who wins, whether it's Biden or Trump, it's going to be very, very, very ugly, and it's going to be brutal.
We need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable reality that things are going to get ugly and that only through God and only through our cultural Western ideas of freedom can we succeed.
Only by educating other people to the reality of what's going on and not yelling at them, shouting them down, that's the only way we can truly make an impact.
It's the only way we can truly, truly, truly stand up to these people.
I mean, it's not hard to see.
It's not hard when you look.
If you look at the people that are trying to tear down society, these are evil human beings.
Can we go back to that picture of Stephen Colbert?
I just want you to look at the smile.
It's truly disgusting.
Look at that smile.
Look at Podesta sitting next to him.
These aren't good people.
These aren't nice people.
These are literal demons.
I mean, everyone laughed at my dad when he talked about the Civil War.
Guess what's happening now, right after July 4th?
Monuments being torn down, cities are burning, riots, looting, you name it.
No one cares.
No one cares at all because they told you what they were going to do.
And they did it.
And I guess we're just supposed to lay down and accept it.
That's the world we live in now.
It's acceptance.
It's not tolerance.
You're not being tolerant of them.
You're accepting them.
You're accepting whatever they want to do to you.
If they want to, like this case, if they want to give a child with oppositional defiant disorder estrogen, a male, a teenage kid, if they want to give him estrogen, that's okay.
That's totally cool.
But if you voice conservative ideology on Snapchat or Twitter or YouTube or Instagram, you're banned!
You're done!
That's it!
That's it!
It's all over!
They can literally poison our children.
They can poison our children, they can poison our youth, they can feed them propaganda.
That's totally okay.
But you are not allowed to stand up for your Second or First Amendment right?
What's up with that?
I mean, look at this.
Look at this child.
This is possibly the saddest thing I've ever seen.
And it's not sad because it's the first time I've seen something like this.
I have seen hundreds or even thousands of pictures like this.
It's disgusting.
That child right there is being manipulated and is being abused by his or her parent.
I don't want to assume gender because then I'll get cancelled, I'll get banned.
You have to watch everything you say.
Do you know how exhausting it is for me as a teenager to have to police everything I say just to make sure that someone doesn't get offended?
This is the new reality.
This is the new America.
You aren't allowed to speak unless you're saying what they want you to.
You aren't allowed to act unless you're looting or rioting or burning cities.
You aren't allowed to peacefully protest for what you believe in.
You aren't allowed to hold up a Police Lives Matter sign.
You aren't allowed to hold up an All Lives Matter sign.
You'll get attacked!
But if you hold up a BLM sign, oh, you're literally Jesus!
But of course, Jesus is bad, and religion is bad, and the only religion that's okay is the religion of abortion, and millions of black babies murdered, and Planned Parenthood.
That's the only thing that's okay.
That's the only thing that's allowed.
That's the only thing that's acceptable.
Because it's liberal, and it's leftist, and it's right.
It doesn't matter that Karl Marx himself was a racist.
Karl Marx is a good guy, because communism is wonderful.
Communism has resulted in hundreds of millions of people that are dead.
And they want to try the same system again and again and again.
America isn't perfect.
No country is perfect, but it's the damn best thing we've got.
What we had in America, and I say had because we're losing it, we're losing it real fast.
What we had for a brief period of time.
was true freedom and liberty.
The opportunity to become something and to make something of yourself.
And we're slowly and slowly losing that.
Please, please don't wear the mask.
Please, please stand up for yourself.
Don't let these people run over you.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't sell your soul so you can have so you can have a bunch of fake friends.
Don't sell your soul so you can be popular.
Don't sell your soul.
Don't sell your future out.
I'm 17 years old.
I'll be alive in 2050.
I'll be alive in 2060.
I'm going to be seeing the real repercussions of these actions.
Either we can have a total turnaround, or we can have nothing at all.
We can have ashes.
We can have the communist Chinese take over.
We can have death.
We can have despair.
We can have poverty.
America can become a third world country very fast.
I mean, look at Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi's home districts.
They're crap holes.
I mean, we've seen what happens when Democrats are allowed to push their agenda.
We see what happens.
Look at Chicago.
Gun control in Chicago.
Gun control sure didn't work.
And when you ignore the real problems, when you just focus on the invisible boogeyman of racism,
Which really doesn't exist anymore in America.
I firmly believe that.
I talk to young people.
Man, people my age aren't racist.
People in their 20s and 30s and 40s and 50s aren't racist.
Nearly all the people I've ever met in my life that I've been friends with have been good, honest people who love America and who love everyone regardless of what their race is or their skin color or sexual orientation.
But if you say, hey, maybe we shouldn't chop a six-year-old's dick off, maybe we shouldn't give a teen boy estrogen shots, then you're banned and you're canceled and you're evil.
It's a sad reality, but it's the reality we face.
And if you don't wake up and do something about it, it's on your head.
You are to blame.
Anyone listening to this broadcast, whoever, I don't know, I don't care how young or old you are.
We have a very small window of time, a very miniscule window of time where we can save this country.
And it's going away real quick.
If you roll over and let it happen, it's on your head and you are to blame.
It is your fault.
You can save America right now.
You can save it by being a good, God-fearing, decent American and spreading the truth to other people.
You can do it yourself, but it's up to you.
And, man, I'm just trying to help.
I just want to be able to be in my 40s and 50s and see a country I'm proud of.
That's all I've ever wanted.
I just want to be free.
I know you do too.
Thank you very much.
That's all I had to say.
Hope you enjoyed it.
2020 is a very special year to the globalists, to the occultists, to those that are into esoteric mysticism.
And they believe this is the year they're going to totally overthrow America and the world and bring in their anti-God, anti-human tyranny.
Well, we're here on air and we just ask you all to realize that we're in opposition to this evil and that only your word of mouth helps us reach new people.
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Good luck and God bless.
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