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Name: 20200712_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 12, 2020
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In this video, the speaker discusses several current events and theories. He talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society, including lockdowns and government control. He believes that there is a globalist agenda to impose permanent lockdowns and that the number of reported COVID cases is being exaggerated. He also criticizes Anthony Fauci for providing incorrect information regarding COVID-19. The speaker mentions widespread child trafficking, government blackmail rings, and pedophile networks being uncovered globally. He discusses accusations against Wayfair, a company accused of selling expensive cabinets with names that resemble kidnapped children. He suggests this could be a setup to distract people from the global roll-up of pedophile rings. He expresses outrage at the rate of black on white attacks and criticizes the media for promoting it as a good thing. The speaker also discusses the COVID-19 situation, claiming that there is a fraudulent premeditated aspect to it. He believes that the death rate has dropped significantly but the number of recorded cases has doubled or quadrupled due to false positive test results and people who died from other causes being counted as COVID-19 deaths. The speaker discusses how the media is manipulating information about the virus and testing to push their agenda. He mentions that hospitals are where most of the deaths are occurring, and that many healthcare workers aren't even involved in what they're doing. The speaker criticizes Dr. Fauci for claiming he had COVID-19 but later admitting that he did not have it. He argues that statistics are being lied about, as people who die from other respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and the flu are being counted as COVID-19 deaths. He criticizes contact tracing as the only solution being offered and argues that the pandemic is a hoax designed to control the population through surveillance. The speaker also mentions that major tax increases are being planned for America and states want citizens to pay for the fallout of the COVID-19 "hoax." Lastly, he mentions Gregory's Report on the mask and the cult of programming, as well as the Wayfarer scandal and its deepening information. Overall, the video contains various conspiracy theories and criticisms about current events, including the pandemic, child trafficking, and government control.

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It is Sunday, July 12th.
The year is 2020.
We are 113 days out from the election.
And I'm going to do my best to be as calm and focused and deliberative as I can.
Because the COVID-19 mega hoax has come into very clear view.
And we have the United Nations, we have the NIH, we have the bureaucracies, we have the corporate media that preys upon the people of the world.
Telling us that the lockdown will not just last another year or two, but now it's permanent.
And with it, tracker chips inside your phones, apps, forced inoculations, all the nightmares we knew that the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told us years ago they were planning.
And so, our worst analysis of the enemy's operation is now confirmed to be exactly their attack profile.
I have a giant stack, though, of even mainstream news and government announcements of them covering their patoots, their arses, their rear ends, their gluteus maximuses, their cowardly butts, by admitting That it's all basically a complex John Hopkins metric.
And who ran Event 201, and the lockstep drill, and all of it, it's John Hopkins.
John Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates, Rockefeller Foundation.
It's public that they give you the numbers, they decide how the states crunch the numbers, everyone bows down and follows it.
You're a TV viewer, look on screen.
You just type into Google, and Google puts out the number from John Hopkins, same thing the UN puts out.
Number of new COVID cases, and it says all time record high, 62,000 new cases right there as of today.
Now that's many, many, many, many, many times what the so-called previous record was.
Now, let's pull up on the same site from John Hopkins, the numbers on the number of dying every day.
From their peak of 3,000 something with fake numbers.
Let's go back over here.
That's why they put out fake numbers a few months ago.
It said 3,000.
Now they had to cut it in half.
To 729.
You know how many people die per day on the globe?
151,000 conservatively.
And a large portion of that here in the United States.
You know how many die a year?
60 million is what's specced out for this year.
The numbers vary.
So we're going to go over all this because they can go show you a video of one person getting run over by a car and you feel empathy and you care and you have sympathy.
But if you pull back and saw a million die, would you care?
Because the UN admits millions have already starved to death during the lockdown worldwide.
130 plus million are on the verge of starving.
With 30 plus million in the queue to starve right now, but nobody's going to humanize them unless it's the UN who engineered this collapse, sucking money off those individuals and keeping it for themselves.
Using those they're killing to get good people to give money so they can siphon it off as they always do.
But those are the facts!
Everything Fauci and the NIH and the UN told us, and the CHICOMS told us, was a lie.
And now Trump has, quote, sidelined Fauci.
That was now announced by Mainstream News on Friday.
We told you that in May.
I use the term sidelined.
That's what the White House told me they were doing.
There you go.
Now Trump's worn the mask.
He's trying to not alienate people that don't wear, you know, that want to wear masks, the cucks, that buy into all this.
And so he's gone out and, you know, done that.
Oh, but it's got a fancy presidential seal on it and it's, it's navy blue and Looks kind of tough in it.
It's ridiculous.
There I am on May 9th telling you he's sidelined and now it's official to use that term.
Sidelined because he works for Bill Gates.
He's put out nothing but lies.
And as I said a month ago and a week ago, Trump must go on the full attack and put out a list of Fauci's lies.
The White House has now issued a list of his lies.
And word is he'll soon be in big trouble for all that insider trading and all that investment in the government vaccine programs that he owns patents on.
Dr. Fauci needs to be in prison immediately.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So much news breaking, I came in at an hour and a half for an hour and 40 minutes yesterday, and we re-aired that until we went live again tonight at 4 p.m.
Central, 5 p.m.
Eastern, 3 p.m.
Mountain, 2 p.m.
Pacific, and then that'll roll right through to David Knight in the morning, 8 a.m.
Central, right here at the InfoWars ProAmerica ProHuman Future Network.
Okay, let me tell you what's coming up.
There's a lot of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, child trafficking, government blackmail ring news coming out.
Even the BBC and Der Spiegel and DW.com, the biggest German TV station, have now confirmed massive government child kidnapping, pedophiles, snuff film rings, police chiefs, judges, politicians.
It's a worldwide ring being rolled up right now.
Now, with that broke Friday, a huge Wayfair story, the big online merchant company, with people supposedly in the names of kidnapped children selling $15,000, $10,000 cabinets.
I said, is this, you know, a cover for money laundering, a cover to deliver kids?
I said, I don't think so, but it could be.
But when you see something like this, the media is focusing on, instead of all the confirmed massive roll-up of huge globalist pedophile rings, It could be a setup.
I've witnessed it before, to distract us.
But then, everybody sent me the Amazon and the rest of them sites, going back years.
This is widespread, and this is really bad, folks.
And then I got reminded that on Backpage and on Craigslist and a bunch of other places, they busted people selling items when it was really prostitution a few years ago with code words.
So I did a deep dive on that last night.
I was going to go out with some friends on the boat, but I did not stay at home and did the research.
And I got to say right now, you need to research this heavily and look at this heavily.
And the boldness of these people just completely blows me away.
So I'm going to cover that hour number two, and then I'm going to open the phones up to specifically talk about how big it is that all this is coming out.
And praise God, we have a huge stack of confirmed government and corporate pedophile rings all over the world and in the United States.
And then I tie it into the speculation out there.
And I just ask that we're going to speculate on some of these stories that do look pretty bad.
We should also spend some time on all the real confirmed ones.
That are right out in the open that I'm going to be documenting here.
But some listeners got mad that I said, well, this could be a trap.
It could be a setup, because I've seen that happen before.
And then they sent me all this material.
And I was like, OK, this is insane.
This just gets worse than I could even imagine all the time.
And it shows how evil's really grown.
Speaking of that, there's multiple reports now and videos of when people try to have pro-life marches or they try to have anti-pedophilia marches.
In the UK and in the U.S., Antifa comes out and physically attacks them with police support.
This is in Ireland, this is in the U.S., and now the Democratic Party is officially defending pedophilia.
So we're going to get to all of that coming up.
I mean, these guys have really come out of the LGBTP closet.
And a lot of groups are officially putting P at the end.
They're saying, no, we're proud of pedophilia.
So I guess if they want to chop up babies and kill babies and keep them alive and sell their organs, well then, yeah.
Why would you not be a child molester?
That's what the religion and the cult is of these people.
And it's how they recruit soulless people.
It's how they test their members.
So that's all coming up as well today.
We've got the big inside scoop on Roger Stone and his clemency and where all that's going and, you know, why you haven't heard from Roger yet, why he hasn't made statements yet.
We're also going to look at incredible footage around the United States of white people being shot in the head, stabbed to death, stabbed and murdered.
And then the news will not even cover it if they're white.
Black on white, absolutely savage, horrible.
Now the rate's not 10 times black on white.
I've got the new numbers.
It's 12 times black on white attacks.
And the media is just promoting it, that it's a good thing.
Like CNN says, when white people get killed, oh, you poor white people.
Absolute true evil being committed by the ruling class trying to create a race war here in America.
Young white mother executed by Black Lives Matter mob for allegedly saying all lives matter.
They were approached by the group of BLM, and this is all on local surveillance cameras, but no news will pick it up, other than just mentioning she's been shot in the head and died.
And they'll ask you, like at checkpoints, like Antifa does, do black lives matter?
And she said, yeah, black lives matter.
All lives matter.
Well, they went and got a gun and came back and shot her in the head.
So she's dead now.
I guess she deserves it.
Shock subway video shows deranged man, black man, stabbing multiple white people on the New York subway.
That won't be on your news anywhere.
For absolutely no reason.
That's on InfoWars.com.
A cops raid mansion of St.
Louis couple who defended home from protesters confiscated AR-15s.
The folks broke down their gate, came and said they're going to kill them, and now they've raided them and are getting ready to charge them.
The local district attorney is appointed by George Soros, funded by George Soros.
So, meanwhile, Antifa attacks anti-pedophile demonstration.
Police say they did a good job, basically.
Protect them.
Showdown at Trump Tower.
Make America Great Again supporters clash with protesters burning American flags.
Portland BLM activist uses baby as human shield during violent protest adopting Hezbollah tactics.
Trump administration tells Minnesota governor to get bent on 16 million aid request following riots.
And by the way, guys, I'm trying to train myself to talk in more of a whispery, soft voice because I do have polyps.
I don't want to have surgery on my larynx and not talk for a couple months.
I know I sound like rocks thrown into a garbage disposal or an angry cookie monster off its meds sometimes.
And so I'm going to try to talk like this.
So all my life, I've not talked with a fake voice.
That's my voice, it's my voice.
It used to always be a little deep, but over the years it got torn up,
demonstrating and speaking, and right now it's about the voice of an 85-year-old drill sergeant.
And so, I'm going to try to talk like this today and see how it goes.
I'm not really trying to sound like Glenn Eastwood, okay?
Or Kurt Russell in Escape from New York, but we're going to see how this goes.
I'm going to take some of our proprietary lung cleanse here during the break and see if that will smooth my voice out a little bit.
But when we return, the absolute bona fides.
The absolute proof of total premeditated fraud of COVID-19, what that fraud is, and the permanent lockdown that the power structure is trying to foist upon us very, very intensely.
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covid takeover If you decide to check this information out the other side,
it's going to be very very powerful July 12 2020
We now take you live to the central texas command center in the heart of the resistance
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I feel sorry for the people who've chosen to join with the New World Order, because
even if they succeed for a while, you're going to be destroyed in the process.
You are useful idiots.
But those of you out there that care about human liberty, I want to salute you, the great journey we're all on, and this great test.
I want you to know, we're on the side of God, we're on the right side of history, and we're going to win.
And a lie can succeed for a while, and the whole power structure tries to prop it up.
But the bigger the lies are, the harder they're going to fall and crash.
So if you're a radio listener, I will give you bibliography points where you can find all this.
I will give you a data point.
You can also go to Infowars.com forward slash shows.
You can find it.
Simply go to Google itself and just type in number of coronavirus cases USA.
You will get on screen what you see if you're a TV viewer right here.
And it says as of today, Latest numbers are yesterday, July 11th, 62,653 new cases in the United States.
But at the same time, let's look at the John Hopkins provided numbers.
They're who we're told by the UN and by Fauci and NIH we listen to, because they're run by Bill and Melinda Gates.
These are Bill and Melinda Gates numbers.
62,000, we're horrible, we're the worst in the world, we're terrible.
But wait a minute, let's pull up from the very same site.
John Hopkins, through the Google portal, the number of deaths in the United States as of yesterday, July 11th, the latest numbers.
Wow, look at that!
You've got thousands a day, supposedly, back in March and April and into May.
But now, two months later, in July 11th, the latest numbers, 729.
And they're still counting people that die in car wrecks, gunshot wounds, skydiving accidents, stabbings.
I'm not kidding, you can pull that up.
So even with them putting people in the column that didn't die, that didn't die of COVID, you have 729.
Now you understand there are tens of thousands of Americans that die every day of other things, but you're told this is the biggest thing in the universe, and even with inflated numbers, look at that, so why are numbers doubling and quadrupling their previous record?
But the death is way down six, seven times what it was, depending on the day.
Why is that?
Well, we've got all the answers, actually, and I'm going to sit down here in a moment and go over all this for TV and radio listeners, but you have to understand, number one, we're doing more testing than anybody else in the world combined.
That's just the facts.
And remember, most of those tests, be they antibody or be they another type of test they do, are false positive because they can't separate the regular coronavirus from this coronavirus.
If you have that coronavirus or had it in the last decade, you are positive.
That's on the CDC website.
Right there is a fraud of biblical proportions.
But it gets worse.
They put the people that die of other things in the column for COVID.
That's admitted.
But when they tell you, though, that it's the worst thing in U.S.
history and we're going to collapse and America did a terrible job... No, America's media, owned by foreign corporations, the Communist Chinese and Hollywood and the Democratic Party...
All ganged up on America and on Trump and said five months ago that we'd have a horrible response, it'd be all our fault, and it would be Trump's undoing.
Here's CNN today, ladies and gentlemen.
Experts warn the U.S.
is approaching one of the most unstable times in the history of our country.
And they go on in the Council on Foreign Relations, The Washington Post.
The call for President Trump to be thrown out by the military and they say that if President Trump questions the results of the election in any way, that he should be removed by the military and anyone in the cabinet that speaks up for him will be arrested as well.
So what's really going on here?
The truth is this number of 729 we've looked at it is probably more like 20.
COVID-19 is a real cold virus.
The reason it's man-made is the scientists who come out and documented that is so Fauci and Gates and a consortium that owned the patented virus can make the money off producing vaccines to counter it.
They could never patent a regular cold virus before.
That's why they made it.
That's why it scared epidemiologists five, six months ago who weren't in on this.
They look at it and they go, my God, this is man-made.
But it's man-made so they can own it and have a new class of chimera spliced virus creature that will now infect everyone on Earth.
And I told you that five months ago with top virologists and bioweapons experts.
And now, what do they admit?
They admit that, quote, headlines, everyone will end up with COVID-19.
Then do they tell you have zinc, vitamin D?
Do they tell you have vitamin C?
They tell you to fortify yourself?
No, they just say get a vaccine and life never goes back to normal until you get a vaccine.
So let's document Cam right here, please.
I'm just going to read some of these headlines as we go to break.
Then I'm going to come back and detail what these really mean.
war on coronavirus will last two or more years and force America's way of life to change forever.
That's what the U.N.
and all of them are saying, Daily Star.
See, this is a clampdown, a takeover.
We'll explain how they're going to do it.
Florida sets a single day for COVID-19 records.
Over 15,000 cases, but low death numbers because, again, it's a false test.
Here's Ron Paul, who's a medical doctor.
His second wave, a hoax.
Major governments tested it.
They sent papayas, goats, and dirt samples.
All came up positive from the UN.
COVID-19 cases are rising, so why are the deaths flatlining or dropping?
The Atlantic.
You don't get more establishment than that.
You see?
The deaths are going down, while the cases are going up, because that's all they can do is put their fake test out now.
Before they got death rates, sending people that had pneumonia or the flu into nursing homes in 10 Democrat states that got over half the deaths, then they would put an intubation tube in somebody, and that was the other parts of the deaths.
Cold-blooded, actuaried, algorithmic, what does John Hopkins call it?
Metric murder.
I mean, they love killing babies.
Of course they want to kill Granny.
Because those big hedge funds don't have to pay off the rest of those people's investments.
Let's continue with the insurance.
Let's continue.
New coronavirus cases in the U.S.
New record.
Oh, America's so bad.
America's so evil in all of its fraud.
Coronavirus death toll in the U.S.
increases as hospitals in hotspot states are overwhelmed.
Same lie they said three months ago for the lockdown, five months ago, four months ago.
Remember that?
Oh, we've got to keep them open.
They were all empty.
That got exposed.
They had to admit it.
And here's the good news when we come back.
The White House made a list of all the times Fauci has been wrong on coronavirus, and so much more.
We'll tell you the rest of the story and how to defeat these monsters when we return.
I'm Alex Jones, committed to not backing down, committed to defeating the globalists.
But I need your help, and I appreciate you rising the occasion.
I need you to get behind me, beside me, and in front of me.
We're all in this together.
I appreciate you all.
Now spread the word about that local radio station or TV station and support them, and spread those live links to the show.
It's a revolutionary act, so take action!
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we're talking about a global takeover, a new type of warfare, the post-industrial world, the domestication of humanity, the phasing out of our species.
That's the headline in the Wall Street Journal just two weeks ago.
Dreaming about the end of humanity.
COVID showed us we're fragile.
We've got to give up our bodies and merge with silicon.
Wow, that's pretty cultic.
All right, let me get into it right now.
So every facet of COVID-19 has been a giant fraud.
And it doesn't matter how big a fraud it turns out to be.
The system says, well, now we can save one life.
We've got to do this.
But then the millions of people starving to death around the world right now that UN admits, because of the COVID lockdown, not because of COVID, well, they just don't count.
Because it's about the medical tyranny and the response they've got scripted of tracking you, coming to your house, the contact tracers, the apps on your phones, the global social credit score that's already in place is rolling out now, and in their white papers, they admit it all.
Again, and not even in corporate white papers or governmental white papers or MIT reports.
It's now out in the open.
This is what they're doing.
And they try to explain it all away as if it's a good thing and as if you should love it.
Right now, let's walk through it.
The White House made a list of all the times Fauci has been wrong on coronavirus.
That's out of the Daily Beast.
They're so upset and so mad that anyone would even keep score and see is an expert accurate.
Like a football coach that lost every play, every game, never put one point on the board, you'd fire them in a couple games.
But this guy knowingly lies, knowingly makes money, knowingly is invested in all the major vaccines.
That's mainstream news.
He has a conflict of interest.
He was involved in all the AIDS shenanigans and HIV garbage.
He's an apologist for Big Pharma and all their corruption and now Trump is the bad guy because he is sidelining him.
Now I told you back in May that I challenged the president on air and off air to sideline Fauci and to use that term as a code word That he understood what was happening and was going to build a case to actually destroy Gates and Fauci.
I don't know if Trump's going to go that way.
He'll get somebody close before he destroys them.
But he has got Gates in there right now and this whole vaccine commission, I think, to keep his enemies close.
But let's continue here.
Fauci is sidelined by the White House as he steps up.
Blunt talk.
Saying, we shouldn't have opened so early, America's bad, we've got the worst response, our economy's gonna die, we're terrible people.
A talking point to bring us down.
Oh, who said that?
That's July 11th, Saturday, yesterday.
That is in the Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle.
Breaking President Trump's sidelines, Fauci, for fraud.
And why is Trump now sidelining him?
He says because all his information is totally wrong and now you're going to see more articles come out about him invested in the companies with The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, and others.
So this is really good news.
You want to end civilization?
You want to bring in AI control?
You want Chinese social credit score?
You want them, like, a weather report saying you've got to have an umbrella?
You've got to have a mask to go outside?
You've got to have a mask to go into business?
And then it's going to be, you've got to have an inoculation?
You've got to have a health ID, health passport?
This is all official!
Bill Gates has got digital tattoos they inject in you with the vaccine.
He gets caught doing it and he goes, oh, in this program I'm not doing that.
That's fake news.
He'll mention another program for forced inoculation and not that program at MIT and Rice University in Texas.
I mean, the tactics they use are just ridiculous.
Once you're awake to them, it's like you're fighting somebody in slow motion.
You're moving like The Flash, and Fauci, and Rockefeller, and all that.
And you're like one of the fastest runners in history, and they're like a sloth.
A sloth on Valium.
So, there you go.
Now look at this headline out of KHN television.
As COVID testing soars, wait times for results jump to a week or more.
And they say we need more testing facilities because they're opening them up by the hundreds every day because they get federal money, billions of dollars.
And so everyone's rushing in and the facilities are using fraudulent tests both on antibodies But you shouldn't be COVID positive.
You've got the antibody.
It means I thought you're cured.
That's what vaccine does.
You're immune.
But most of the tests, again, are for the detritus.
And the CDC website says, again, we've shown you this a hundred times.
Go look at it.
CDC website.
But if you've had coronavirus or the flu in the last decade, good chance you'll test positive even though you don't have COVID-19.
That's why they're testing sewage from years ago in Europe and other areas that has COVID-19.
It's a fraud!
Papayas, dirt, goats, horses, chickens, everything comes up positive.
Yeah, there's a new scientist, 2015, about the same damn virus.
And Obama's shipping it to China.
These people are sick.
Military COVID-19 cases growing at twice the nationwide rate.
And then you read, they're doing more testing than anybody.
Of course they are!
U.S.-worn coronavirus will last two more years and force American way of life to change.
Again, your life's all over.
You're never coming out, like Bill Gates said, until you take the shots and take the I.D.
and do what he says.
Damn it, he's a hero!
He predicted it all!
Of course he predicted it all!
He quarterbacked and ran the Wuhan lab with Fauci on record!
That's what's incredible is it's in mainstream news!
Well, Fauci ran the Wuhan bat weaponization lab and Obama transferred it with Fauci in 2005 and scientists said it was dangerous, they shouldn't do it.
Because the virus is a shot across the bow.
It is a chimera, multiviral species, totally man-made, it's what scared people, it has incredible gain of function, it spreads super fast, and it's like a blank.
Like, first one's a blank.
They can load it up with something that will kill massive numbers.
And that's what this is.
And I told you that months before Bill Gates came out and said, Oh, I'll tell you what's about to happen.
This was just a drill.
He said this on Colbert.
This was a drill.
He said, the terrorists are going to release a real one now.
And he starts smiling like he's having a sick orgasm.
What a freak.
Don't worry, people are now putting masks on their dogs and cats.
Zoo Miami gorilla treated for bite wounds and receives COVID-19 tests.
Another gorilla bit him, so let's just check, right, and fetishize it and get into it.
An office reopens amid coronavirus.
Workers clash over masks, cubicle barriers, and Lysol.
SJW behavior that the Wall Street Journal is reporting on.
Total inversion.
Lawyers saying test everybody in your office or you'll be liable.
Then if somebody tests positive and of course it's a false positive, then you got to send everybody home.
Breakdown of civilization.
China's open for business.
Europe's open for business.
They stopped their testing.
The fraud has worked perfectly.
States starting to crack down on coronavirus rule breakers.
$2,000 fines in Austin, $1,000 fines in Miami.
Citizen brigades watching others getting bonuses if they spy, like the L.A.
Mayor said.
Used to, snitches got stitches.
Now you get rewards!
Here, keep going.
Should fraternities be allowed to meet?
They're spreading it, those damn kids!
Meanwhile, 30-year-old dies after attending COVID party thinking virus was a hoax.
USA Today, ABC News, this was splashed on every newspaper in the country.
But when, we're gonna come back from break with it, but when you look at the fine print of it, ladies and gentlemen, they don't have a name.
It's another one of these made-up stories, and we have an article right here.
Fake news flu.
NBC virus expert who claimed he had undiagnosed COVID-19 gets tested.
Never had coronavirus.
He now confirms it was not true.
It was a hoax.
He was a doctor doing LARPing.
He works for mainstream news.
He works for ABC.
Oh, ABC's now got the new story about the man that died.
He made a joke about it.
He went and said it didn't exist.
Oh, it does exist.
It does exist.
And it's nothing but something to make you test positive.
They've got a bunch of other real viruses out there killing people that this is the cover for.
But they never tell you to take vitamins because they want your ass dead.
Welcome back.
It's the final segment of this hour.
I'm going to get into the massive mainstream news, having to admit.
Huge governmental pedophile rings being busted everywhere.
The number two guy to the pub convicted mass raping, trafficking of small children.
Some of them were murdered.
That's all been covered up.
It's all starting to come out.
And what's going on with the Wayfair scandal?
And it turns out Amazon and a bunch of other places have similar things.
I'm going to get into it next hour and open the phones up.
But let's get back to this.
So, whenever you see a headline in front of your paper and you see it everywhere else, you know it's being pushed.
So, and they've had thousands of articles like this.
Oh, a one-year-old baby dies of COVID.
Turns out the baby didn't even have COVID, didn't die of that.
I mean, it's every time.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.
They lied to you about The testing.
They lied to you about the numbers.
They sent people that had infectious diseases into nursing homes, killed a bunch of people, called it COVID.
I was talking to my wife's personal trainer today, and she trains an older lady, and her and her friend had a cough with allergies, so they went about two weeks ago into the testing center.
It was too busy, they couldn't see them, but they signed in.
They got text messages back, you are COVID positive.
And so I had the personal trainer, I'm a reporter, call the woman up.
She told me the story face to face, first hand.
I haven't recorded some of it, but then she freaked out and said, don't air that, it's sort of hyperventilating.
I said, it's okay.
I said, let me guess, you told him you had sniffles and a cough.
She said, yeah, that's positive in the CDC, NIH policy.
Now only eight states do it.
Seven aren't Democrat, one is Texas.
That's so pathetic of Texas.
Even most Democrat states don't want to shut their economies down, but California does, New York does.
And so you think about Texas, led by our governor, led by our governor, Santa Ana, the dictator, that It's admitted a fraud, and every person that has COVID is counted as COVID.
Anyone that thinks they have symptoms that reports is counted as COVID.
And then 15 people, bare minimum, around them are counted as.
So those women got told, you have COVID, because they filled out a form saying, I got a cough, I got the sniffles.
And that's in the literature!
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's continue.
30-year-old dies after attending COVID party thinking virus was a hoax.
The ABC News version of this does have the head of the hospital is quoted.
She can't say the names because HIPAA won't let her identify the patient.
And of course, you look at these hospitals, it's where they're having most of the deaths.
The special hospitals where they put the tube down their throat and get that extra $52,000 with the COVID patient.
And a lot of these are just total robot order takers.
A lot of these people aren't even involved in what they're doing.
They just say, if you come in, if you have a cough, you have COVID, we then intubate you.
And if you are having an autoimmune response to whatever's doing this, then you die.
Oh, but if people know it's an EpiPen, or even over-the-counter Benadryl, or over-the-counter steroids are helping people, and medical doctors say 100%?
Oh, don't say that!
Don't do that!
No, we need a death rate.
And believe me, they're working hard with special hospitals.
That's why a handful of hospitals in the country have almost all the deaths.
Because they follow the CDC-UN directive.
They don't ask questions.
And they have nurses and doctors in them, shooting video and going public.
Of how, look, he has three negative tests.
We call him COVID.
He's 37 years old.
We intubate him.
He dies a day later.
They murder you!
Now look at this.
Fake news.
NBC virus expert who claimed he had undiagnosed COVID-19 gets tested.
Never had coronavirus.
Dr. Joseph Fair, the big star, all over the news.
I can't breathe.
I'm dying.
Oh, get your, get a vaccine soon.
Don't leave your houses.
It's horrible.
God, I'm dying.
Like Fauci finishes his speech as he takes the mask right off.
Like a little rat.
Well now he admits he didn't have it.
Coverin' that ass.
Coverin' that ass.
Here he is.
We cared for a 30-year-old patient at Methodist Hospital who told their nurse that they had attended a COVID party.
This is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the COVID virus and the thought is that Dr. Fair, let me start with you because I would like you to share a little bit about your recovery from COVID-19.
What should Americans take away from your experience?
Well, first of all, you know, I did not have any underlying conditions and, you know, I'm not like a triathlete or anything like that, but I was generally very healthy, could run, exercise probably four or five times a week.
That being said, I did not expect if I got COVID-19 that I would get that ill because I don't have any of those underlying conditions.
I'm 42 years old, so you wouldn't think clinically that I would be one of those people that would get so very ill.
I can say that that seven to eight days prior to me hospitalizing myself when I was doing the self-treatment, That was the worst I've ever felt.
I probably spent 23 out of 24 hours in bed, and then obviously I developed the secondary pneumonia at the end, and so the struggle in breathing and everything else.
So I was shocked at how severe my illness got, you know, without having those underlying conditions that we've discussed so many times.
And so what I would take from that is You know, everyone that's younger, everyone that is going out without mask now and being very cavalier with that and ignoring this kind of ongoing pandemic.
And, you know, we use the analogy and the band played on with HIV and its response in the early days.
That's really the analogy we should be using with coronavirus right now to a much greater extent.
And so Those people that are young and think they're invincible or people that just don't think it's going to affect them that greatly, even if they do get it, I can say that my own experience was the complete opposite to that.
It really, you know, I can't say that I had a brush with death, but it was enough to put me in the ICU for four days
and in the hospital for six days.
And we have the link on Infowars.com, NBC News, little footnote, he did not have COVID, he tested negative.
Which means he hasn't had a cold or the flu in ten years on average and it didn't show up.
So now you've got Trump marching around wearing his mask with a little presidential seal, fetishizing all of this, thinking that'll be good for the voters.
And all this is going to do is encourage the total shutdown and destruction of our constitutional republic in every way we can.
We played a little bit up front of the clip of them talking about, in the ABC News piece, about the 30-year-old dies after attending COVID party, and it turns out that they can't tell you the name because of HIPAA, and so many times it's completely and totally made up.
You know, I would never tempt fate about a respiratory illness or anything, but again, they know the public doesn't know statistics.
So they've lied to you and said there'd be 2.5 million, then 2.2 million, then 1.4 million, then a million, then 500,000, and now they just take everybody that dies.
And I know I've said this a hundred times, so I'll say it again.
I'll say it 50 times here, okay?
50 times.
Would you like me to?
They take everybody else dying of other things, including car wrecks, including drug overdoses, gunshot wounds, pneumonia, the flu, and they put it in the COVID column.
I can show you Fauci admitting it.
I can show you Bricks saying it.
I can show you all of it.
I can show you the CDC website.
And that's the thing.
They hide this fraud in plain view.
And then the general public thinks submitting to it is a way to make it go away.
No, you notice they're always tightening it more.
And they're telling you only big corporations can stay open.
You can't.
And they're telling you you're not essential.
And they're telling you you've got to have apps that track you.
And now look at this big stack of news articles I've got right here, ladies and gentlemen.
Millions of new jobs in America.
Millions in Europe.
All over.
The contact tracing.
That's all they've got.
That's all they've got, ladies and gentlemen, is the new job to go out and be your minder.
And now they're paying them money to spy on you and tattle on you and henpeck you when you're not wearing your little mask that's totally worthless and a giant complete fraud.
But as I told you earlier, Chinese virologist Fleas Hong Kong accuses Beijing of COVID-19 cover-up and that it's man-made in a lab.
Who told you that in January?
Man-made in a lab.
Bill Gates and Fauci, it's mainstream news, basically controlled that lab with illegal stuff they couldn't do in the U.S.
They did it there.
Do you really believe, right when the Trump impeachment failed, do you really believe when their whole new world order was in trouble, they just started holding that secret conference, Event 201, they later admitted to, where a virus gets out and all this happens?
That was their cover with their phones tapped, NSA systems, to get around the AI that they control.
They'll always run a drill of the real thing happening, and if they get caught, they say it's only a drill.
It's a standard tactic operation that they run.
Meanwhile, major tax increases are about to slam America and cities as states want you to pay for the COVID fallout.
It's not COVID fallout, it's the fallout of the hoax.
It's the fallout of the hysteria.
It's the fallout of the mental illness.
Here's the CDC admitting that the epidemic is over.
Epidemic means the actual death, not pandemic.
Oh, there's a big pandemic.
Everybody's got it.
But the epidemic is gone.
Because it's a fraud.
It's a scam.
But they will kill you in many hospitals and clinics if you go in there.
They will not tell you what you need is an anti-inflammatory or having an autoimmune response to God knows what.
They will kill your ass!
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right, I'm going to air this new breaking special report that just went up live on Bandot Video.
When we come back, I've got a key new Gregory's Report on the mask and the cult of programming.
Then I'm going to get in the Wayfarer scandal and the deepening information coming out with that.
And is it a setup or is it the real deal?
I think it's a mixture of both.
That's all coming up.
But right now, here is a special report that again just came out dealing with Ghislaine Maxwell that is so incredibly important.
I hope you don't just listen to it or watch it.
I hope you share it.
It's that Band-On video.
Here it is.
I was the warden at the Metropolitan Detention Center from the spring of 2007 to the late fall of 2009.
So I was there for a little over two and a half years as warden.
So I'm very familiar with the facility.
What I would have expected her to experience when she entered the facility was, first of all, she would have come in full restraints, which would have included leg irons, a belly chain to attach handcuffs.
and the handcuffs will be attached to the belly chain to immobilize her hands.
Maxwell, who is supposedly monitored 24/7, was essentially given a paper bag to wear,
while her bedding was stripped to prevent any possibility of a suicide attempt.
Ghislaine Maxwell's indictment specifically focuses on the the years 1994 to 1997 as those when she facilitated and
contributed to Jeffrey Epstein's abuse of minor girls by among other things helping Epstein to
recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of
Why did you keep going back if you didn't want to go back?
In 2005 an investigation started into Epstein for the sexual abuse of more than 40 young
girls in Florida.
I don't know what to do.
I'm afraid that he's going to harm my family.
A culture of see-no-evil elites allowed Maxwell to continue to move amongst high places, as Breitbart reported.
Ellen Powell, who gained infamy overseeing Reddit's lurch toward censorship during her brief tenure as CEO of the site in 2015, claimed she knew Glenn Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein supplied underage girls as sex toys for the rich and powerful and said nothing.
And as The Sun reported, according to a reformed jewel thief who goes by the pseudonym William Steele, claims Epstein and Maxwell made him watch recorded videos to prove how they owned people.
The footage included two high-profile US politicians having sex with minors and two high society figures having a threesome with an underage girl.
Steel also branded Maxwell a wild nymphomaniac who would try everything and anything in bed.
Steele said, "When you're in a situation like that, you have to pretend to be non-judgmental.
But it was shocking.
I saw videos of very powerful people, celebrities, world figures, in those videos having sex,
threesomes, even orgies with minors."
And those that had breathed a sigh of relief after Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
in the federal facility in Manhattan are once again panicking.
Especially Prince Andrew, who according to Christina Oxenberg, who is Prince Andrew's second cousin, claims that she was told by Maxwell that secret tapes exist of Prince Andrew's escapades that he has clumsily denied.
But the evidence is stacking up, and Maxwell may have enough evidence on Prince Andrew and others to lighten her sentence.
In the subculture of jails and prisons, it would be a badge of honor for another inmate to kill somebody like Ms.
Currently, the morbid Vegas odds on the future of Ghislaine Maxwell are 3-1 right now that Maxwell will either have an accident or commit suicide.
John Bauer reporting.
That is in the John Bowne section of Bandod Video.
Click the left-hand corner.
Pulls up all the hosts, all the channels, all the films.
You'll find his area.
It's all powerful.
Please share it.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into hour number two on this live Sunday broadcast that is here in defiance of the globalist, anti-human, psychotic system.
You know, they're not just pedophiles.
They're into mass murder.
They're into war.
They're into death.
They're into raw power.
And there's nothing more selfish and evil than forcing yourself on children or forcing yourself medically on
And so the whole medical cartel, that at the top is very evil, very corrupt historically,
wants you to know that you're going to be in their cult, you're going to wear the mask,
you're going to do what they say as an act of power and obedience,
and next it's going to be accept contact tracers in your house, accept forced inoculations.
That's already begun in Spain and in Australia.
They're locking down whole apartment complexes.
They're saying you can't leave your house, period, for two weeks until you submit to us coming and doing a forced test and or inoculation.
So, and they're also, again, hiring people that are out of work to be the snitches and the new controllers.
This is how they're forcing people into their army of oppressors.
Now, this is a brand new Greg Reese report.
It's on InfoWars.com, it's on NewsWars.com, and it's at Bandop Video.
Go to the left-hand side of Bandop Video.
There's three lines.
Click it.
You'll see all the different hosts, all the reports, the films, all the different channels that are there.
You'll see Greg Reese.
You can find this report and share it because That's how we battle these people.
That's how we get millions of views on some of these videos.
If we didn't have Bandot Video, this would be seen nowhere.
There's a total censorship grid.
You would not see this report.
It must be seen.
The truth behind the mask?
It's only four minutes long and it dovetails with a report he did last week.
Worldwide population being tortured in deep state PSYOP.
This actually shows the documents of the psychological plan between the Communist Chinese and U.S.
psychiatric systems with the federal government developing this plan with Bill Gates.
So you can't make up the magnitude of what's going on.
But let's go ahead and go to this report.
The truth behind the mask.
Here it is.
First, we were told that wearing masks would do more harm than good, which is what the science still supports.
But now, even as the COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be less harmful than the seasonal flu, we are being told to wear the mask.
Austin, Texas, has threatened a $2,000 fine for those not wearing the mask.
And have even suggested that we wear the mask while at home.
We still need people to wear the mask in public.
We still need people to keep social distance and isolation.
Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we're in our homes also.
Science tells us that these masks are doing nothing but hurting our natural immune system.
So why is it so important that we wear the mask?
If one were to look at what is happening as if it were a massive initiation ritual, then things may begin to make more sense.
The Initiation Ritual can be found throughout all of human history.
We find it in ancient tribes and religions, all the way up to modern gangs, fraternities, and in the military.
Psychological studies have taught us how Initiation Rituals work.
Primarily, how they increase a person's desire to conform to the group they are being initiated into.
The ritual is almost always the same.
First, the initiate is isolated.
Their familiar everyday routines are disrupted, and their normal rules of living are altered.
The initiates are made to look the same.
Their heads may be shaved, they may be given matching outfits, or they may be instructed to wear a mask.
These techniques symbolically strip the initiate of their unique identity so they can cease seeing themselves as an individual and begin seeing themselves as part of the group.
The wearer of the mask loses his previous identity and assumes a new one.
The initiate is then subjected to just enough trauma to put them in a mild state of cognitive dissonance.
This dissonance puts the initiate into a state of confusion and anxiety.
They are now ready to be transformed into a member of the initiating group.
In their isolation, thoughts they have ignored or buried for years suddenly become unavoidable.
Emotions are triggered, and a new window of thought is opened within the initiate's mind.
And in this state, the new normal is introduced.
This worldwide initiation ritual is creating a massive separation in humanity.
The obedient and the defiant are being drawn apart like a chemistry purification experiment.
And it would seem that the obedient ones are being initiated into something.
The new normal.
The new age.
The new world order.
A world where science no longer matters.
A world where blind obedience is all that is respected.
And if this is a worldwide initiation ritual, then we can certainly expect the obedient initiated to be turned against the rest of us.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's news today.
Share that report.
I was just during the break getting another little cup of coffee in the break room right next to the studio and there was Fox News.
The public is being mean to the first responders, the medical workers who are the front line in COVID.
We don't like the restrictions and we're being bad to the heroes that are in empty hospitals watching TikTok videos or making TikTok videos.
Health officials under scrutiny amid pandemic and then they go on to say the public is mad at them and the public is protesting them and the public is saying it's a scam because it is a scam.
It is a fraud.
We have the numbers.
We know the facts.
Sorry that you told us it'd be 2.5 million dead and it wasn't.
Sorry you're doing false tests.
Sorry you put the people that die of gunshot wounds and helicopter accidents and everything else in there.
We know you're a fraud.
We know Fauci and Gates are heavily invested.
Now here's another really powerful report as we go to break.
Dubtailing with this.
Worldwide population being tortured into deep state PSYOP.
Here it is.
This report is based on Amazing Polly's recent video, Is This Torture?
In her video, Polly examines Amnesty International's 1973 report on torture and how it seems to reflect the current response to COVID-19.
According to Amnesty International's report, torture is the systematic and deliberate infliction of acute pain in any form by one person on another in order to accomplish the purpose of the former against the will of the latter.
The report then uses Biedermann's chart of coercion to describe the technique.
Psychologist Albert Biederman studied communist Chinese tactics known as DDD, Debility, Dependency and Dread.
The CIA has been trained to use Debility, Dependency and Dread.
And according to their 1983 Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, many psychologists consider the threat of inducing debility to be more effective than debility itself.
With DDD, the debilitated victim becomes dependent upon the torturer and develops a strong fear of anything vague or unknown.
Biderman's chart of coercion lays out the design of DDD.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Number one, isolation.
We see this with quarantines and social distancing and the prohibition of crowds and large gatherings.
Number two, monopolization of perception.
Corporate mainstream media has monopolized all of pop culture and those on social media who challenge the mainstream narrative are censored.
Also listed is restricted movement and monotonous food.
Let's stop right there.
He goes through the, what, eight points.
And again, this has been adopted.
You need to understand what's going on.
That's only about a third of the report.
It's so critical.
It's again at Bandai Video.
And I'm just begging all of you to go get it.
It's free.
It will free you.
It will free others.
They need to know what's happening.
That's why they're censoring all these medical doctors coming out saying it's a hoax.
And Elon Musk and Dr. Ron Paul.
Because it is a hoax.
There's a real virus out there, overblown a thousand times.
And it's all about cult programming.
And Bill Gates admits he's preparing you.
They admit they're programming us.
I hurt myself today to see if I still feel.
I focus on the pain.
And I was reading about Johnny Depp and his wife crapping in the bed and him asking her to cut him.
Hundreds of millions of dollars.
Famous has all this and nobody's more miserable.
You know, I had a chance to see the highest levels of Hollywood, and it wasn't the highest levels.
It was like falling down into a rat hole.
Very, very sad.
Very, very empty people.
But let's get into really how far the rat hole, the spider hole, goes right now.
Because believe me, the depths are not Johnny Depp and people like that.
That's the heights.
Of Hollywood, not the bottom of that collapsed, open, stinking, pus-filled, maggot-covered wound.
Yes, it's a wound wound, a wound that's a womb, out of which devils and disgusting death and attacks on civilization flow, a stinking weapons system.
We got the WikiLeaks.
In 2016, about a month before the election, and it was open devil worship, open pedophilia, open just everything.
All confirmed, cut and dry.
And then we even had all the evidence of the Podestas, Tony Podesta openly promoting pedophilia in the Washington Post in 2007.
And so they changed the subject and made it about a pizza place and diverted off onto that so that when people covered it, they could then say, oh, all of that isn't true.
And so they can try to discredit and cover up the giant ocean of reality.
So when I saw this Wayfair thing break Friday with the big online vendor site competition to Amazon, I looked at it and it was so ridiculous.
$100, $200 cabinets for $10,000, $13,000, $14,000, $15,000, $16,000, $17,000 and pillows that were maybe $30 for $5,000 with in some cases the names of missing children on them.
And I thought with Ghislaine Maxwell breaking and the giant pedophile rings getting busted breaking and getting almost no coverage.
The Big Ring's getting busted.
Ghislaine's getting coverage.
I said, this just looks too ridiculous.
I mean, obviously the media spun it that they're not shipping kids in the containers.
No, but it could be money laundering.
It's a symbol of the container that we're going to deliver this child to you.
Obviously it wasn't somebody adding more zeros on who made a mistake.
And it was listings going back years that people discovered.
So my first thing was don't let this be a honey trap or a distraction from the real stuff.
I said it may be real.
Remember, here's an example.
Dan Rather couldn't happen to a better guy.
I'm joking.
Karl Rove set him up.
Turd Blossom set him up.
Another bad guy.
Another Austinite.
Turd Blossom knew there was all this bad stuff in Bush's Air National Guard record, so he put some fake documents in hundreds of real ones, and then had somebody leak them to Dan Rather.
So when Dan covered the real stuff, but had some disinfo in it, Rove could discredit the whole thing.
So, it's a poison the well operation.
I just said, this is so ridiculous, and so out in the open, then I started thinking this morning, and last night when I was researching it, because listeners were sending me stuff, and family-wise, and people I know that are Decorated veterans and people in the government and stuff were like, no Jones, this is real.
I started thinking, wait a minute, Antifa beats up an anti-child molestation march against Catholic priests and others molesting children and the news says that's good.
So the news is defending Antifa beating up people that are for people that have been sexually abused.
Antifa defending pedophiles and pedophilia and drag queen story time and all this all over the news.
You know, really, they're just coming out now.
So I guess it could be real because here's what changed my mind partially.
And I'm still looking at this and I'm not sure what's going on.
I'm gonna show you some of this.
This is shocking.
Take hours to go over all of it.
I'll try my best.
It turns out all these other big shopping carts, Amazon, you name it, going back years have the exact same code words, and it turns out that Backpage and Craigslist got caught with prostitution and similar things, and sex trafficking of kidnapped women and children years ago.
So folks, get ready.
I'm going to show you some of this.
Dr. McHamshot, please.
Pizzagate 2.0, Wayfair forced to deny bizarre rumors it's overpriced cabinets are child trafficking front.
Newsweek, kids shipped in armoires.
The person who started the Wayfair conspiracy speaks.
Well did they start it or did this stuff start?
Because you go to this and it's the names in many cases of missing kids.
On these, in some cases not.
About the Wayfarer child trafficking conspiracy.
So there's some of the mainstream articles.
There's a big article John Bowne just did with a video called Ghislaine Maxwell Panics Elites that's on, and a video you should see.
But let's actually get into these.
This isn't Wayfarer.
This is Amazon.
And it's got these pillows that again is $18,000.
And then it starts telling you, normally sold for $20, the names of it and what it does.
And I'm not gonna show you all of this, folks, but some of this is naked babies that are shriveled
like they're starving to death.
I'll show you some of it.
And then the weird comments in these have all this code word.
I tossed the helicopter, I drank the scotch, the two nights into the Atlantic Crossing, master bedroom.
It's describing what they got getting on an airplane and going and doing these things.
I mean, this is sick, folks.
This is like a write-up like, you know, I guess people do online for prostitutes or whatever.
I can only compare it to how I felt at Woodstock when my favorite band of all time started playing.
And it goes into the reviews of how amazing this is.
I first used the pillow on my private jet.
So these are... This is sick, folks.
This is going back several years.
2018, 2019.
So... I have egg on my face.
I can't... Alex Jones cannot believe they're this bad.
But I guess they are!
My God!
This is just... Finally, Dracula reveals himself.
Best pillow ever!
And folks, when you read this...
It's got the play school graffiti toys, the locks and the keys.
How you pay $11,000 and you get the, or $111,000 and you get the lock and the key to, I guess, three kids.
Little Tykes Tunnel and Dome Climber.
I mean, this is just goes on for hours.
There's thousands of pages of the kids.
And in many cases, they list the names of people.
This is not a joke.
These people are next level.
It's all about dominating children, about mud pie baby boys, bear hugs, moose pajamas.
Yeah, the little boys aren't as much as the little girls.
And it's all got the foot stools.
You can have your foot on top of the kid and dominate him.
And then look at this, I'm not going to show all of this, but look at this little shriveled, if you look closer, I'm not going to show it.
It's like a shriveled baby and it's naked.
And it says, Etsy got troubles too.
Sketchy baby doll at high price range.
And it just gets, oh, then all the pasta names, all the known pedophile stuff where you pay $3,000 for Lundberg pasta.
Pinay just goes on and on.
This is no mistake.
This is no shy-op.
This is, this is... And then it actually shows the little girls.
Oh my God.
$29,000 for these little girls right here.
It's even got the product code for you right there.
We'll be right back with more.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, back live.
And again, we're covering this big story of the Wayfair controversy.
We're not saying Wayfair is involved in anything wrong.
We're not saying Amazon's involved in this directly.
We're not saying that the other sites that are online merchants are bad.
There's millions of merchants on these.
Is this a big giant troll that's multi years in the making?
Is it a comedy of errors?
I mean, all I know is people love a mystery.
So everyone is going to focus in on this and not what I'm about to show you that's all documented on the record.
I mean, I get up here and go, look!
DW.com, they now admit the German government involved 30,000 pedophiles, government delivering children to pedophiles, naming the names, mass evil, people found in dungeons.
Minor footnote.
Shut up, Jones, we're talking about dungeons.
Confirmed stuff.
Because it's more fun, the breadcrumbs, to then go see something like this.
So I see something like this and I think it must be a setup.
And I hope that I am right about that.
Who knows how crazy things are anymore is my point.
But you've got to vet everything.
You've got to look through it.
You've got to check it all.
You've got to know that mainstream media lies to you on purpose.
The internet gets hysterical and does everything in between.
The good, the bad, the ugly, you name it.
But right now, let's go ahead and get into the real stuff.
Again, this is just the latest thing in the last few weeks.
Germany investigating 30,000 potential suspects in pedophile probe and it goes into part of a larger big nationwide network that came out of Berlin authorities place children with pedophiles for 30 years.
Tens of thousands of children.
It turns out it wasn't just in Berlin.
And the government believed that sex with children was the ultimate love, and they were creating a new family.
By taking family, children from the atomic family, the nuclear family, and giving it to pedophiles, they believed in the experiments, it would create the happiest people.
It created drug abuse, suicide, death, crime, and more pedophilia.
You gotta go read this for yourself.
Here's another one.
Romania dismantles third human trafficking ring in four days.
Balkan Insight.
I mean, there's just thousands of these.
Raped in, it goes on.
Minor girls forced to trade bodies.
In the Philippines, sex trafficking of young girls moves online.
UK pedophile who raped baby shared sick video online.
18 years in prison.
And there's thousands of these articles.
Remember the guy, Bill, the worst pedophile ever that was killing little girls by the dozens and giving them to government officials.
And remember Jimmy Savelle with the dead bodies of children and murdering little boys and girls and satanic devil dungeons.
Let's put Jimmy Savelle on screen.
French pedophile charged of over hundreds of child sex offenses in Indonesia.
Germany investigating 30,000 suspects in pedophile probe in Western... It goes on.
The dark legacy of sexual liberation in Germany.
How the government believed pedophilia was good and secretly tested it.
Elite pedophile network to be exposed after arrest of Maxwell.
VT exclusive.
Largest pedophile ring in history.
70,000 members.
Heads of state.
The rats scramble.
Cops arrest 16 suspected pedophiles in child abuse raids including nurse and Disney World worker.
Plainville man arrested charged with possession of child pornography.
You just randomly print these.
27 suspected pedophiles arrested in undercover operation.
Alleged leader of human trafficking ring in Pierce County since 30 years.
Six arrested, five rescued in human trafficking operations as Hillsborough Sheriff.
And of course you'll see headlines like 700 plus children freed in an L.A.
Some in cages.
Snuff films.
Child porn.
You never see it in the news again.
Because it's just under the rug.
ICE HSS helps remove more than 3,500 sexual predators from community.
18% over last year.
Chester County officials bust sex trafficking ring.
Operation Broken Heart, 51 arrested and made in Texas as part of child sex crime ring.
1,700 alleged online sex offenders arrested during Operation Broken Heart.
Virtuous pedophiles put therapists in an ethical catch-22.
The New York Times, Salon, Vice all promote pedophilia as good.
Firefighter teacher among 51 arrested and part of Operation Broken Heart.
I think this goes on and on and on.
So then we see these.
I mean, this isn't one percent, ladies and gentlemen.
of the stuff that is going on. This isn't one percent of what's happening. I mean, I really
need to spend days pulling up all the stuff I've seen over the years. Thousands and thousands and
thousands and thousands and thousands. And the FBI declassifying the finders case with elements of
the CIA, NDC, and a three-story building running thousands of children, snuff films, murder,
absolute total evil.
Rothschild Castle, 20 years ago, they found all these dead kids and women in cages inside of it.
In Burgundy, that got swept under the rug.
It just goes on and on.
I was in there during the break, we have Fox News on, and it was showing some little three-year-old girl that got kidnapped.
Now they think they know the guy that grabbed her 13 years ago or whatever.
It's an ocean of evil, and let me tell you where it's coming from.
It's coming From pure place of destruction, annihilation, and they know they can create an army of souls that will hurt children.
They'll follow any other order, even if it's destruction of the very species.
Everybody knows there's research that organized crime and corrupt intelligence agencies launder money through sex operations, and through art, and through gambling, and through other illicit systems.
And children are one of the biggest currencies in this modern system.
Not just to blackmail people, not just to control people, but to be the satanic initiation to get people who are joining the dark side to absolutely cut God off from them.
Because maybe they still had a connection to God.
But once they hurt children, once they rape children, once they kill children, when they beg for their mommy, God removes himself.
And what does Emperor Palpatine, in Episode 3, written by George Lucas, say?
We ought to put that in post since we're live, on air, and we don't have time to pull it up.
But Emperor Palpatine, right when Anakin Skywalker Helps kill Mace Windu, and he's about to go to the dark side, and his eyes are about to go from blue to yellow, and as a symbol of his possession, his eyes aren't yellow yet.
He says, your journey to the dark side will not be complete until you've gone to the Jedi Temple and killed all the children.
So he goes with a couple thousand Stormtroopers, and he personally kills hundreds of children as young as three years old, and then his eyes are glowing yellow.
And they're telling you right there.
Jedi are relentless.
You must go to the Jedi Temple and kill all the younglings.
Only then will your journey to the dark side be complete.
You'll be powerful enough to destroy the rest of the Jedi.
I'm paraphrasing.
That's Hollywood telling you.
Go to the Jedi Temple.
Kill the children.
They want to kill them in the womb.
They want to keep them alive for body parts and celebrate it on TV and have five states pass laws.
They can do it.
And when Governor Cuomo and those guys two years ago signed that law, they literally had jack-o'-lantern demon faces and they were all going, and just absolutely, whenever they were signing those documents.
They absolutely loved it, ladies and gentlemen.
And they were so proud of themselves, and so is Governor Northam, because you've got to celebrate it openly and get everybody's will broken to condition them to accept it.
So think about that.
Think about that long, think about that hard, and understand that that's the reality of this cult, that they are literally draining the energy off of children, off of innocents.
Again, the movie, Legend.
Great film with Tom Cruise about good and evil, good archetypes.
And the devil wants to bring in total darkness and freeze the planet.
Kill everybody.
And he says, what do you need?
Well, he needs the unicorn.
I need innocence.
To lure the goddess archetype and make her marry him.
Make her decide that she wants to help him kill the earth.
Seduce creation.
Seduce us.
So we're supposed to be the bride of Christ.
Not the bride of Satan.
And that's what this whole thing is, ladies and gentlemen.
You believe me, you.
She's a number 13.
When the clock strikes midnight.
All of these demonic, weak pedophiles are going to beg and God is not going to come.
Welcome back, final segment.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I meant to go to calls, but we just had too much to cover, too much to go over.
I'll really endeavor to do that tomorrow for the weekday show that only exists because of your support, your word of mouth, and your prayers.
I'm thankful to all of you.
During the break, I was talking to some of the crew because we were going through and ferreting these Amazon links and others and confirming they really are, at least most of what we checked on the site.
And if it is a PSYOP, that means in some cases it goes back years, so they could now trigger this and then divert us from all the real stuff that's going on.
Or it may be real!
All I know is this.
There's something about these PSYOPs where it's nebulous that people love it like it's a riddle.
An Easter egg hunt.
But when it's right out in the open, people don't touch it.
Like Bill Gates is public with the CFR saying they're controlling the weather.
No one touches it.
They'll just speculate on it.
I was talking to some of the crew and they're like, remember Ghislaine Maxwell's foundation for teenage girls?
And then they still run an airline that looks like 13-year-old stewardesses saying, come meet me, you know, come be with me.
I mean, these are reports we put out that no one else does.
They still run an airfield.
I was talking to feds a few months ago in New York and I said, you know about this airfield, go do something.
They're like, yeah, it's, you know, really dangerous to do that.
Well, okay, so we all are scared, so we're all, we lose everything.
I'd be scared to be scared of these people.
I'm the opposite.
I'm the opposite.
I just...
It's not because I'm that tough of a guy.
I mean, I just cannot roll over to this crap.
Now, there's a report, Epstein Trafficking Network up an operational Elite Express airline still recruiting young girls.
Only 400-something thousand views, man.
At least we have our own system, though.
That would have like 10 million views on YouTube in the old days.
Complete with the videos.
Maybe you want to fly on the plane.
Maybe you want me.
Maybe you want to try me out a little bit.
I mean, this is run still By Epstein's family!
After we broke it, it turned out the family's got all this money in the Bahamas and that they're all down there with it.
Avi Lube.
And it turns out it's still up and running.
Okay, let's just stop there.
Here's the big takeaway.
I remember 20-something years ago reading about mice that are part human, goats that are part spider, pigs that are part human, and now I read headlines, the most human mouse yet, half human, are now monkeys that are part human.
They can talk, but they don't show you those.
Just like we don't get to see Ghislaine Maxwell.
She's been in custody for over a week now.
Where is she?
Where's the mug shot?
Where's the data?
Who knows what's even true?
Because we've been lied to so much.
The public has a right to ask these questions.
Yeah, like growing monkeys with human brains.
It just goes on and on.
And if that isn't child abuse, human abuse, satanic playing God, super dangerous, what is it?
But see, this is the age of them hiding in plain view.
Okay, Fauci ran over a dozen programs, including weaponized SARS COVID-19 bat viruses.
Nobody cares.
Or do they not?
No, they know we care.
They're trying to overwhelm us to get us to give up.
But we're not going to do it.
I mean, Hillary runs a foundation for teenage girls.
The woman that was heading it up in her foundation was convicted of child sex trafficking.
They like black people's blood, man.
And that comes out in the reports about Al Gore and Bill Clinton drinking blood.
I remember an AP article Many years ago, I heard Tex Mars on a radio show, like 20 years ago, talk about it.
I was interviewing him here in Austin.
I said, is that real?
He went over to a big box.
He had a great library.
Pulled out the AP clipping, where Al Gore, not for blood transfusion, has a small refrigerator filled with blood that follows him around.
And of course, it's all over the news now that all these elites quote, pay people to get their children to give them blood for blood transfusions.
But if you're Bill Clinton or Al Gore, you just drink it.
And there's a mental disorder where people crave blood.
So I don't even know what to say at this point, ladies and gentlemen.
Those of us that aren't into this... I mean, I never get sick of a happy, cool, fun girl who looks like Meryl Monroe.
You know, I would never get sick of, again, cheese enchiladas with meat sauce and Dos Equis beer.
I mean, I don't want to hurt children.
I want to empower children.
I'm not sexually attracted to children.
I want to kill people that Want to hurt children.
I have a real instinct to want to drive ice picks through their eyeballs.
And literally grab their lower mandible and just rip their jaw off.
I mean, I am.
I mean, it's true.
I'm a psychotic guerrilla killer if I need to be.
Because I just want to just grab them and just gun their eyeballs out.
So enjoyable.
But I don't want to hurt children.
I want to hurt devil worshippers.
I want to hurt vampires.
I want to take a stake and just jab it in their heart.
Or just take them down on a big, nice vice.
Put them on the rack and just say, I'm gonna break every bone in your back right now.
Are you ready?
You're never gonna walk again.
I'm gonna break every vertebrae in your back.
And then I'm gonna ram ice picks through your eyeballs.
Because you need to pay.
But you see, instead, I'm gonna lovingly do it politically to you.
And see, I'll be honest about my instincts.
God gave them to me, and I'm not ashamed of them.
And I want you to know that what I'm talking about is just a small reflection of God's wrath and hatred of the inbred, satanic, globalist elites and all the other inbred groups that inbred themselves to be attuned to Satan so you can rule over everyone and you're a bunch of diseased, hunchbacked, crone, blood-drinking, devil-worshippers who will be annihilated!
So you dump fluoride in the water and feed us GMO in the hope that we'll become like you.
Yeah, it's like Helter Skelter.
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you.
You want power and to rule because you don't have power, New World Order.
You're losers.
You're failures.
You're jokes.
So nobody do anything violent.
Just expose these people and metaphysically know when you pray to God for justice and freedom that it's like putting these evil people on the rack or dumping coals on them.
But let's not do this because we hate the New World Order.
Let's do this because we love the children and let's be bold and strong and take our political system back from them and our schools back from them and the abortuaries and everything back and let them know their intimidation has failed.
And let's stop the race war the left is openly kindling and pushing.
Look at this young white mother executed by Black Lives Matter mobs were allegedly saying all lives matter when the mob approached him and said, as he's seen at the checkpoints with the Black Lives Matter and the other communist groups, Antifa.
And the mother The young white mother was murdered last week by a Black Lives Matter mob after she allegedly told them that All Lives Matter, to which the 24-year-old Jessica Dottie Whitaker was shot and killed in the head.
And they won't even, they're not even doing, they're not even covering it in the news now.
And there's not even, they won't even say, you know, who the suspects were.
They were black.
But let's show you this video.
Shot video shows deranged man stabbing multiple people on New York City subway because they were white.
You won't see this on the national news.
Here it is.
Get him!
There's all the videos of white people being shot in the head everywhere.
And the media's cheering these dead cops that got shot in Texas.
And they're cheering the cop that gets choked out in New York.
We have time, we can roll that footage for folks.
Continuing, cops raid mansion of St. Louis couple who defended home from protesters who
broke into their property, threatened to kill them.
And now they have SWAT teamed them and taken their guns and are getting ready to charge
The lady put into power, the district attorney, does openly work for Soros and says white
people are inherently evil.
Antifa attacks anti-pedophile demonstration, can't make that up.
Flags burn in front of Trump Tower.
Police stand down and worship it.
Portland BLM activist uses baby as human shield during violent protest.
Let's roll some of that if we have time.
That's right, bring a little two-year-old baby boy or girl, I can't tell, to the chop.
The chop they got in Portland and then knew all this.
And again, notice the globalists put masks on their children.
That suffocates them.
Totally freaks them out.
And it's a way for pedophiles to traffic kids so their faces are covered.
You know, Michael Jackson would cover their faces.
This is all just a cult programming.
The TSA training, touching the kids, that's pedophilia training.
Totally illegal.
It's just absolute, total corruption.
There's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
You probably want to share with folks.
I'm not going to read this on air.
But it's Karl Marx.
Karl Marx and all his racist statements about people that I'm not going to repeat here on air.
All right, I'm out of time.
Our big 4th of July special has to end tomorrow morning.
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I appreciate you all on this marathon, two-hour, fast-moving transmission.
I want to appreciate the crew, everybody else, and all of our great affiliates out there.
And I just want to encourage you all to remember you are our sponsor, you're our booster, and you are the folks that pray for us.
I know I get fired up sometimes because I'm just, I'm totally real.
I'm not keeping it real.
I just, I just tell it like I want to tell it and let God sort it out.
God bless you all.
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