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Name: 20200711_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 11, 2020
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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
And we are back on this Saturday afternoon emergency transmission.
And I have never had so many people reaching out to me, friends, family, neighbors, emails, text messages, comments on InfoWars wanting to know about Wayfair.
And I know Army commandos and CIA operatives and FBI agents that have been contacting me and others who think this is real.
Because of how incredibly, obviously weird it is.
Now that said, I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I have a pretty good idea.
This is one of three things.
Either it's a money laundering operation, and so they had these numbers, and what would be in the cabinet would be drugs or something, or you're paying more for something because you're using drug money to pay for it.
That goes on all over the place online.
It's happening every millisecond.
Okay, where you've got a $100 cabinet, a $200 cabinet, I've actually bought cabinets like these, that you add a couple zeros to or whatever, and now it is $12,000, $13,000, $14,000.
So it's either money laundering, or it is the big mistake they said, and some fool added zeros to it, or is it really that they're
Advertising this as a package, a container, symbolizing they're gonna deliver you a child.
Drugged up in one of these cabinets.
I said there's three things.
Because that's the three things people are gonna debate and say.
But there's a fourth.
There's a fourth.
Think about that.
And you see, I've experienced the fourth.
And so I believe this is the fourth from all the evidence and how outrageous it is and how obvious it is and how it's designed and meant.
Like when you put a big old juicy nightcrawler worm on the end of a hook and drop it in there for the bass or the perch or the crappie or the catfish.
Because it smells good, it's wiggling around, they're going to want to take a bite out of it.
When you look at this, it's not just that they added zeros to it.
It's not money laundering, it looks like, because it's the names of girls.
And it's not like they have three cabinets or 20 cabinets.
It's all these products named after little girls, and a bunch of them are really weird names that are of actual missing kidnapped children on the backs of milk cartons and in your internet.
Now, why in the hell would they put out ads to really deliver you children in cabinets and then put the actual names of kids on this?
This is one thing and one thing only.
Now, I talked about this at the beginning of the show, there's three ways to learn, maybe more, but you can learn by revelation, you can learn by education, you can learn by experience.
If you remember a few weeks before the election in 2016, the WikiLeaks comes out.
It's John Podesta going to farmhouses.
We're going to have young children in the hot tub and pool waiting for you.
It's $65,000 hot dogs for Obama.
Clear code for male prostitutes.
Clear code for walnut sauce.
It means what color, you know, the people are.
It's real code out of real FBI manuals.
Cheese pizza, all this stuff.
And you've got them saying, we're going to meet and have spirit cooking, we're going to have blood, we're going to have semen, we're going to have mother's milk.
You remember all of this.
It was top story on Drudge, top story all over the place.
This broke for about a week or two.
And then suddenly, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, all at the same morning,
We're good to go.
In the WikiLeaks, what does a mockingbird do when you, you'll be out mowing the lawn or whatever and all of a sudden this bird flies over and falls on the ground and is doing like this?
Because it thinks you're a weasel or a wolf trying to, right there and you'll go, oh there must be eggs right here.
And you look in the little bush or the tree and there's eggs.
There's a nest.
So mockingbirds and other species, you ever see a bird fly over and fall down in its corner?
It wants you to go over there.
It doesn't want you to go to the nest.
The nest was exposed.
It was all there cut and dry.
We're having Alistair Crowley a meeting next week.
We'll have blood, semen, and women's breast milk.
Remember all that?
And so my crew's like, Alex, look at this.
This is incredible.
They're covering it.
It's coming down.
Look at all the symbols and look at Podesta saying he has a dungeon.
Cause he had a dungeon.
He said he did in the 2007 Washington Post.
So they had to cover all that up.
So they went, Oh, look, look at over here at the pizza place.
So I started saying, I have questions about this to the crew.
And I even had a few crew come up and say, you know, Alex, we thought you were against this.
We thought you pioneered exposing all this.
This is all obvious.
Look, it's all there.
Look, 4chan.
4chan's anonymous.
It may have something good.
It may have something bad.
So I'm sitting there and I say, I'm going on vacation for a week to Cancun.
Stop covering it.
I smell a rat.
They're diverting us to this off of that.
They didn't stop.
I love the crew.
And that's then how the media got us and said that we created a fake story and they use that not being accurate.
We didn't create it.
CNN, MSNBC, no doubt their operatives put it on 4chan, 8chan.
That disinformation's there.
Then we cover it.
Then they flip it when we broke the big spirit cooking.
We were the first to get it out and try to post it.
And then they turn with alchemy from the real kids, and the real farmhouses, and the real $65,000 of hot dogs, and the blood, and the semen, and the breast milk, and the Aleister Crowley, and the devil worship, and all these photos and videos of little kids all scared, and women dressed like witches, and big vats of blood, and Maria Bravanovich, and her and Reddit posts saying, yeah, I do rituals for real, and all of that got distracted by the media then focusing in on
There was no basement in the pizza place.
Yeah, there was weird photos of kids' tans taped down, and there was weird art, and there was weird rock bands there saying, we like to have sex with children, and there was Democrats raising money there, and David Brock there, and all that stuff.
So like, hey, we'll just make one of our meeting places the focus of this.
We'll put out the disinfo.
They'll take the bait, and we'll distract, just like Red Adair, who invented this, would put out oil field fires that could burn for months.
If crude oil got ignited by the gas, they'd load up a wheelbarrow with TNT, dynamite, and roll it in and detonate it.
And the big flash would take all the oxygen away and almost every time put the fire out.
So they rolled in that dynamite into Comet Ping Pong Pizza.
And blew the fire out that was in New York.
And it was in Chicago and it was in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
I mean, caught red fricking handed classic devil worship.
And so that's what this wayfarer is.
They don't deliver children in these containers.
They deliver them in vans.
We know from Jimmy Savelle in England, we know from the Finders case, from the FBI agents I've interviewed, we know from what's come out.
And we know that Ghislaine Maxwell's been caught with the pedo islands, and caught with all of this, and photos and videos of children as young as five with Jeffrey Epstein.
That's in mainline news!
And it's all coming out, so right on time, boom, 4chan, 8chan, all the usual suspects.
And again, that's not everybody on there.
It's like saying, are you for anonymous?
Anybody can put on a Guy Fawkes mask.
Some are good, some are bad.
Are you for Q?
Somebody can say they're Q, somebody can say they aren't.
It's an excuse to cover things.
It's esoteric.
It's hidden.
And people love to find the hidden pictures.
Let me show you what this is meant to cover up.
Look at these articles right here.
Germany investigating 30,000 potential suspects in pedophile probe in an international ring of government officials, judges, police, psychiatrists, and the medical system.
That's DW.com, biggest TV station in Germany.
Oh, but it's not sexy like armoires with children in them, is it?
No, it's just actually the CPS and the government services.
With psychiatrists, look it up, taking children and placing them.
Guys, I wouldn't need that article earlier.
Just type in, German psychiatrist, German government gave children to pedophiles.
And of course, they first reported, oh, it was just a few thousand in one town.
Then it turned out it was a spider web all over the country.
See how they limited that as well.
The week that broke I said, watch, next week it'll break that tens of thousands of children are involved with thousands of adults.
Exactly as I said it broke.
I read a British psychological warfare manual that just so happened to be being sold that I bought at Barnes & Noble like 20 years ago.
They talked about their techniques after World War II in Africa and they said,
If one of our corporations kills, say, 5,000 villagers, we need to get out ahead of it and say they killed 20 and put out our fake story.
So that when it comes out, it's 5,000 people will average it together in their mind.
So because the head psychiatrist over CPS in Berlin was sending thousands of children to pedophiles, they first reported on his case and not how it was much larger titrating the dose, preparing you for what was about to come out.
Now you understand how the enemy operates.
So, that's what this is, and you'll have 4chan and 8chan and Q come out and say, Jones is the one that runs the pedophile rings.
No, it's all real.
And Wayfarer is delivering, and then it'll turn out none of it's true.
And I will be blamed for it.
It'll be in the news, Jones says Wayfarer is sending children kidnapped.
And I just want the media to know, all of you involved from people like, you know, the lady from NBC that came and tried to set us up with all this stuff, right up to ABC News, right up to the people that are posting, the government operatives, intelligence operatives that are posting and posing as Cube and posing and everything else.
This is on you what you're doing, okay?
Because this is going to hurt real children.
We woke up the world, our listeners woke up the world, to the satanic nature and how the whole cult runs off children and their energy, and how they blackmail people with it, how they took over the Vatican, and how the Deputy Pope just got busted and convicted, and all that real stuff, and all these real things happening, just as we told you, and they come in with this whole Wayfair thing.
Now, they did this because they knew.
They did this because they can't stop it and they know it's huge.
And I believe, here's the good news, that this is going to fail.
The globalists have put out this disinformation because they know this is massive, this is the zeitgeist, people now understand it, and they hope when it comes out this isn't true, it'll somehow discredit it all.
I actually believe this will blow up in their face like Pizzagate did.
And people will see through all this and understand what's going on.
Now, could it be they're really money laundering?
Could it be that they're actually, these are real ads?
Who knows?
They might be that bold of really doing it.
Could it be that it's an honest mistake and more zeros were added?
I don't believe so, because they're all named after little girls, a bunch of them missing little girls, to make everybody go crazy!
If you're shipping kids like this, you don't name it after kids!
Again, it's a decoy.
It's a distraction meant to get the general public on board so they all promote it.
So then later their family can repudiate them and say that Wayfair story wasn't true.
So when it comes out that Ghislaine Maxwell was really torturing kids and killing kids and all of this, people will say, oh, that's Wayfair!
That's why they are doing all of this.
They didn't make typos on hundreds and hundreds of items.
We're going over right now.
I'll have more tomorrow.
This was done as bait and they use names of real children that are missing and to make people take the bait and say, oh my God, this is real.
It was 4chan.
How would somebody just suddenly know, oh, go find this video of obscure groups talking about how they would have sex with kids at that pizza place and showing the symbols and all of that, obviously.
It's not that the place didn't have something going on at it and a bunch of Democrat degenerates and ne'er-do-wells.
I've been up to DC, I've seen it myself.
And I know insiders and things that are incredible, they're going to come out soon.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But keep your powder dry, folks.
But I'm telling you, that's what this is.
But overall, the fact that people are waking up to this is a positive, positive thing.
All right, I'm out of time.
I really appreciate the great crew doing a wonderful job.
I'm going to come in early tomorrow and I'm going to print maybe 100, 200 articles and video clips of mainline bust.
Where police will bust, you know, 470 pedophiles with 50 little kids and some of them dead and in cages.
And it'll be in local news and get no coverage.
And thousands of kids here and hundreds there.
Because it is coming out.
They can't hide it.
The system doesn't know what to do.
So I've been set up like this and they didn't completely defeat me.
We figured it out and turned it around on them.
But this is meant to discredit the real work that police are engaged in, in my view.
And maybe you disagree with me, comment in the comments below.
But if the globalists have gotten bold enough, and maybe I'm wrong, to ship kids actually in containers like this, psychos, when they don't get caught for a while and get away with it, a lot of them go crazy, even crazier, and start wanting to get caught.
And who the hell knows anymore?
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
But know this.
This was not an accident that they used a bunch of little girls' names and some of them missing girls, complete with first and last names.
That is not.
This was done to bait you away from all the other real stuff.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Please, we came in here on Saturday.
This is such important work.
The truth is so important that this get out.
All the Roger Stone stuff, the Deep State, the coup plan against Trump, this information, the way it explodes is huge.
So thank you for tuning in.
Thank you for thanking the local stations.
This is so damn important.
We'll cut out this segment of the show and post it to Bandot Video as well with a headline dealing with the fact that this is 2.0.
This is Pizzagate 2.0, which is designed to take you away from what's really going on.
Pizzagate's real.
They use pizza code words.
That's confirmed FBI manuals.
But the way they created a new fake Pizzagate to take you away from the real Pizzagate.
How do you kill a story with a new story?
And that's what they're doing.
All right, great job to the crew.
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Every minute is a week.
The seconds are so critical in this fight and the quickening you're seeing.
We're seeing the best of people, the worst of people.
It's an amazing time.
And again, I salute this crew, the incredible job they do.
God bless you all.
Tomorrow's news today.
And I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
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