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Name: 20200711_Sat_Alex
Air Date: July 11, 2020
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In this InfoWars broadcast, various topics are discussed including Wayfair's alleged involvement in a child trafficking scandal, Trump's pardon of Roger Stone, and the globalist pedophile network. The host debunks rumors surrounding Wayfair, emphasizing the need for truth amidst sensationalized stories. Interviews with Roger Stone's personal lawyer, Tyler Nixon, and radio show host Mancow Muller are featured, along with insights on the global pedophile network and potential future targeting by the government due to outspoken beliefs. The broadcast also touches upon issues such as political corruption, media manipulation, and COVID-19 treatment options.

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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Saturday, July 11th, Emergency Global Afternoon Transmission.
We're sending this out on all the radio and TV affiliates and the feeds at Band.Video, InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
So remember, please, viewers and listeners, you the folks that are tuned in and care about what's happening in this war to keep our Republic free against the globalist onslaught, you are the power.
Everything is you.
I've got this great crew that came in.
We've got the great affiliates.
We appreciate them.
But without you taking the live feed on your Twitter, on your Facebook, on your YouTube, on your email, on your text message, on your word of mouth, telling folks about that local radio station, that local TV station.
Without you doing that, we are absolutely defeated.
All of us.
So this is a group team effort.
There are no spectators in this fight.
Coming up in this hour plus long transmission, we're scheduled to have Mankal Muller who spent the last long time friend of mine syndicated talk show host last week with Roger to give him support.
A lot of exclusive videos, interviews with Roger.
We're going to premiere.
Mankal's already sent those to me, but we're going to get him on the Skype or the Zoom here in a few minutes.
Then Roger's longtime personal lawyer, Tyler Nixon, who's not been a lawyer on the case, was able to speak about it because he's been both on the inside and the outside.
He's scheduled to be joining us via Skype.
That's coming up in this hour.
And then after he leaves us, I've never had my phones or my email.
Blown off the wall like this.
I've had neighbors coming over to my house this morning saying, Wayfair, Wayfair, Wayfair, Wayfair, Wayfair.
Uh, I got home last night after working until like six o'clock and just, there were all these text messages and I saw comments on InfoWars, Wayfair, Wayfair.
Is it true that Wayfair, this online shopping system, was putting out ads for selling children's in armoires?
Well, I happen to be an expert on the global pedophile networks and how they operate.
And so, after we've talked to Mankal Muller, after we've talked to Tyler Nixon, I will give you the inside expert scoop on this here on this transmission.
So, and it's really important the truth about this gets out there because I've seen this movie before.
Right as Ghislaine Maxwell's being arrested.
Right as the real pedophile networks are being taken down.
You're seeing an outrageous story like this that looks really like they're guilty.
The names of missing children.
Oh, it's definitely that.
And $13,000, $15,000, $10,000 armoires and $5,000, $3,000 children's pillows.
Ever heard of something called bait?
So we're going to be laying, and listen, I've been caught in this before.
So there's, there's nothing like getting caught in a bear trap to teach you about them.
There's three ways to learn experience, education, and revelation.
Revelation is the best way to just, you have that download and wow, you know, that's the best type.
Education's good.
Cause you go through it, you learn it, but it's not quite as strong as you still haven't experienced it.
There's nothing like experience.
So I'd say revelation is the best way to get it experiences.
The next education is not the best.
Cause if you're just learning about the thing, you're not actually, it's like, it's like getting an education, like hearing about boxing.
So you, and maybe you studied boxing for two years.
You never get in a fight or never go train.
You suddenly go into a golden gloves gym and get your ass kicked.
Uh, that's the difference between learning from revelation or experience.
Or education.
So, I am a world expert on the New Orleander pedophile ranks, okay?
Ted Gunderson, head of the FBI Southern District of California, was a mainline guy, right-winger, ran right into all the pedophiles, right into the real Satan worship.
And he would come on my show probably a hundred times.
And he made films about it, he wrote about it, and he was selfless about it.
And I didn't think he was a liar, but I thought he might've been a little crazy or exaggerated.
Turned out it was worse than he said.
And the FBI earlier this year released the Finder's CIA documents about massive child kidnapping rings.
So, I've been covering this for 26 years.
Because when people like General Benton Partin, former head of the Air Force Weapons Development, told me about it, and the high-level FBI told me about it, and, you know, I talked to my dad who knew a lot of people.
He said, no, it's true.
Read Zbigniew Brzezinski's book.
Where Brzezinski admitted that the elites control it to control people.
This is a key mafia system that they took over the Vatican with and so many other systems.
And now they're doing it to the whole world.
That's coming up at the end of this transmission today.
So please, we've got to make sure that truth gets out there and that we don't get deceived with something that seems, you know, too good to be true, true fantastical.
How would Red Adair blow up a oil well that was on fire?
He'd do it with a bunch of TNT with a bigger explosion to take out the oxygen.
And so that's what this is.
I'm going to lay it out for you coming up.
But first off, here's a little clip of Anderson.
Cooper, the heir to the trillion dollar combine of the robber barons, true globalist royalty, looking like he's got a deer in the headlights when he learns that President Trump finally overrid Jared Kushner and the rest of them and Bill Barr and called up and said, you are granted clemency, throwing the deep state fraud in its face.
Here it is.
Leaving tonight, he finally called Roger Stone.
And here is how Stone described that conversation.
He said, you understand I have the option, I have the authority to either grant a pardon or commute your sentence.
He says, you should understand that a pardon would be final and that in accepting a pardon, you are exceptionally accepting guilt.
And I would rather see you fight this out, which is why I'm commuting your sentence.
He went on to point out they spent millions of dollars with 20-something men, helicopters, boats, all of it.
I think it's like a million, two million, three.
They spent just on the raid to make it look like he was a criminal.
It's like how they'll have SWAT teams raid Amish that are selling their neighbors cheese to make it look to a jury like, look, we had 20 SWAT team people.
They must have been bad.
And so this is repudiating the whole deep state.
It's taken over the FBI and the rest of it.
And it's a very good thing to do because that whole jury was rigged.
We'll talk about it with Tyler Nixon, who was there covering the show, Trial of Roger Stone, because what happened to Roger could happen to us all.
And believe me, they want to put me through the very same system.
They're trying to cook that up right now.
Roger knows about it.
So do others, but we're not able to get to that.
At this point.
I think Trump should embrace him and embrace his advice.
Now, they'll be talking a lot more now that the whole Russia thing has been blown away and, you know, that was designed to keep Roger away from all of his best advisors.
I'm a Russian.
Roger's a Russian.
Wouldn't you like to be a Russian, too?
Absolutely asinine crap.
When he was back, a famous lobbyist in the 80s, Roger identified a major Russian spy ring and got a bunch of people arrested.
But why do I have these angel wings here?
This is something, I don't know, about 15, 16 years ago, I literally had Rex on my back in a backpack.
I was out of like an antiques sale, warehouse deal.
I rarely go to those.
And I forget who the artist is.
He's somewhat well-known.
Made this out of plaster of Paris, I guess, back in the 60s.
And I bought it for almost nothing.
And then when I got divorced, you know, I got it.
So it's over the mantel in my house, over the fireplace.
And I really see it for me as a real Christian symbol, because devil worshipers can wear crosses around their necks, and people can wear crosses around their necks in porno movies, and Satanists can desecrate crosses.
And I love the cross.
It's a great symbol of Christ.
But for me, it's like Christ rising up.
It's like a Roman standard, but it's not a golden eagle.
You know, it's not a symbol of war or empire or even a republic, which I think the eagle is a great symbol, the golden eagle.
I love it.
But this is, to me, a very Christ-like symbol of the majesty of God, the purity and lifting up our soul on the wings of angels.
And I know Roger personally, before he went under this pressure, we've prayed at dinner.
He believes in God.
He's been a worldly guy.
So have I. That's how God made us.
Meeting with Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, and going to a crusade and breaking down and crying.
I've been on the phone with Roger when he starts crying, talking about the minute I trusted in God, everything turned back my way.
And I just, I'm so thankful to Jesus Christ.
So Jesus Christ, and the final equation is who's going to free us from the bondage of the Satanist, the bondage of the New World Order, the bondage of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The bondage of the ADL, the bondage of the United Nations, the bondage of Hollywood.
And I'm not some Bible thumper up here.
There are no atheists in foxholes, and it is God and His Son Christ that has given me the discernment and the will and the guidance to come this far.
And I can tell you it's a spiritual battle, and people now who weren't even religious are getting that.
You're not going to find God in most of these churches.
The devil takes the high ground.
He knows where to put his demons, literally.
But you're going to find it in your heart, communing with God.
I want to thank you all for praying for Roger.
I want to thank you all for praying for me.
And I want to say I'm praying for you and I love this great crew.
I pray for them because the next 114 days are going to be insane.
Whether Trump wins or loses, it's going to be insane.
The Pentagon, we'll talk about this coming up also, to the CFR, you name it, said they're going to have a coup against the president.
That's criminal elements, the Pentagon, the CFR is reporting that.
This is a very, the Washington Post is, you know, that if Trump refuses to leave, they're going to remove him.
That means if he challenges, they're challenged.
I mean, this is as important as 1776.
All condensed down to right now.
So we're going to lay it all out coming up my Paul Revere.
So email text message now.
And after this transmission goes out, we're going to loop it.
Uh, once we're done being live here, we're going to loop it right through until I go live again, tomorrow night, Sunday night, 4 to 6 PM.
We're probably going to have Roger on exclusively then.
Uh, but a lot's going on.
Roger was up late celebrating with his wife and man cow and others.
We've got some of those exclusive videos.
The power of Isengard is at your command.
Asgard's warrior.
What orders from Mordor, my lord?
What does the High Command?
We have work to do.
The trees are strong, my lord.
Their roots go deep.
Rip them all down.
The world is changing.
Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard?
And Mordor?
Stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman?
One more strike!
One more strike!
One more strike!
One more strike!
Together, my lord Sauron, we shall rule this middle earth.
The old world will burn in the fires of industry.
Forests will fall.
The new order will rise in a war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the orc.
I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks.
But my lord, there are too many.
They cannot all be armed in time.
We don't have the moons!
Build a dam, block the street, work the furnaces, light the day!
We don't have enough fuel to feed the fires.
The forest of Fangorn lies on our doorstep.
Burn it.
We need a revolution in order to overgrow this system, bring a whole new communist world into being that can actually ensure the rights of black and brown people.
We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.
I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.
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Roger, how are you feeling right now?
I feel very good, but somebody asked me tonight in the interview whether I was worried, whether I was upset, whether my bags were packed, and I said, no, not at all.
Not even in the slightest.
Because Jesus Christ has my back.
Amen, amen, brother.
It is a party at the Stone House tonight, man.
Happy times in Florida.
Ladies and gentlemen, here we are on this special Saturday, July 11th transmission.
Roger Stone has had his sentence commuted.
We've already been breaking that down.
But I was thinking, you know, Roger's not ready to come on the show until tomorrow on the Sunday broadcast.
He's promised me one of the first interviews.
I know he was up late last night drinking with Man Cal Muller, another one of my longtime friends, and I thought, wait a minute.
Mancow is still in Florida.
If he's up, I'll call him and get him on the show.
So he and his wife are literally checking out with their children out of the hotel room right now.
They've got no late checkouts.
We've got a quick pop in from him.
He's been with Roger for the last week.
They've been deep sea fishing.
They've been barbecuing.
Roger invited me out.
Unfortunately, I couldn't come out.
So I'm really glad that Roger was getting some R&R.
We're good.
Alex, I have hours worth of stuff to tell you and I'm going to try to condense it here.
I want to tell you first of all, Alex, and you're not going to like this,
Everybody I talk to, you're next.
You're next, man.
This government does not like you talking.
I'm not talking about Trump.
I'm talking about the deep state.
Boy, do they hate Alex Jones.
And I'll tell you, I'll be there with you.
The Patriots got to stand up.
Does this bother you what I'm saying, Alex?
Or you already know it?
Oh, I know it, my friend.
I know it.
What are you hearing?
I don't want to make this about me, but what are you hearing?
No, it's just anyone that's a patriot, anyone that believes in God, anyone that believes in the Constitution, you know, silly things like this, they're going to get you.
The deep state doesn't want the word out there.
This is a shadow banning.
This is a censorship.
And look, I don't like it.
I don't like it for me, for my radio show.
I don't like it for you.
I don't like it for Stone.
And I don't like it for any patriot.
I heard so much stuff.
Everybody was calling the who's who of politics.
I was on the phone with everybody last night, CNN anchors and Fox anchors, and I just got tons of stuff to tell you.
Let me start with Roger Stone under house arrest, which is ridiculous.
The guy's nearing 70.
Have you met his wife, Alex?
Oh, total sweetheart.
Total sweetheart, 73.
An older woman.
He is deaf.
Now, I'm deaf from doing my stupid radio show for all these years, but she can't hear.
And it's quite funny, because you say something to her and she's like, you know, tickle your ass with a feather?
Particularly nice weather?
I mean, you know, the old joke.
Anyway, you know, machine guns pulled on her.
The deep state was after her.
CNN tipped off.
That's going to be lawsuit.
This judge now, Trump has cleared the way for this judge, Amy.
Total, total deep state puppet.
Uh, total set stone, uh, you know, he's going to go after her.
That's what's going to happen.
If you want to hear what's going to happen and why wasn't he pardoned?
Well, he wants to go after her.
He wanted a commuted sentence so he could stay in the system to go fight the wrongs.
This guy is Job, brother.
Now, now, uh, let me tell you, as I travel around here, uh, he lived, he lived in a mansion on the, on the, uh, in an inlet here and I saw his house.
It was spectacular, uh, with neighbors.
You know, like Dave Thomas from Lindy's and who's gone now, but you know, Mark Cubans of the world were his neighbors.
And Roger Stone was a dandy down here and a hero, and nine out of ten people loved him.
You'll hear, oh, he's a Russian spy, which is nonsense.
But, you know, this is a local hero down here.
Brother, he is in, I don't want to say squalor, but he's in a one-room apartment.
Alex, you and I haven't lived in something like this since college.
Uh, this guy has had everything taken from him.
The only thing he held onto was his wedding ring and his wife's wedding ring.
This is the deep state.
And I ask everyone that's hearing us right now, watching us, um, what would you do with 500, 500 lawyers after you?
I know you've been through similar things, Alex.
This is what Stone was fighting.
Uh, so, so this guy's been through hell.
He is Job.
He's a hero.
He never backed out.
Now look, I'll tell you, there were some times when he would go dark.
Uh, there was a couple times we were expecting a phone call from the White House, and it would turn around midnight, and, uh, he just wanted to be alone.
And, uh, I would sense, okay, see ya, buddy.
I'll see ya.
Mankal, let's talk about that because he did a quick little press conference last night out there wearing the mask.
We played the clip earlier and he talked about getting the call from the president and the fact that he could have gotten the pardon, but Roger doesn't want the pardon.
He wants clemency.
Explain the difference to people.
Well, Alex, I'm not sure I understand.
And I think, I think on the way out of, out of, out of the White House, uh, or, or, you know, after he's reelected, I do think Trump is going to get a full pardon.
But, you know, Clemency, he wants to stay in the courts because he wants to bring down... It was a fake jury.
It was a fake judge.
Why was Roger Stone under house arrest, for God's sakes?
Oh, if there's ever been a rigged jury full of Democrat politicos and covering up info and covering up evidence and lying about evidence, and the star witness, Steve Bannon, told Congress that he had no WikiLeaks contacts through Stone, then he says he was my main WikiLeaks contact and did a 180, that's real lying to Congress.
Yes, sir.
And I'm telling you, brother, like I said, Stone is living... He doesn't have anything left, brother.
He doesn't have two dimes to rub together.
And look, by the way, you said we were deep-sea fishing.
I went deep-sea fishing and brought him some fish.
He couldn't leave the house.
He was under house arrest.
But I would take him, you know, we'd go and have a bottle of wine.
We'd have cocktail hour just to... Oh, that's what it was.
He was living vicariously through you because I thought you guys were... He's like, yeah, deep-sea fishing.
Okay, yeah, now I understand.
Yeah, but, but he, uh, I was with him when he was, I don't, don't think I'm doing anything here, but I was like, Hey, what's going on?
Hey, what, wait a minute.
And I was with him as one by one.
He was deplatformed.
Oh yeah.
That happened earlier this week where they banned him on every platform.
And a few other Patriots kept this out there.
Uh, I think we kept it in stones or excuse me.
I think we kept it in Trump's, uh,
Uh, yeah.
And I don't think Kushner was a friend.
Well, let's talk about that.
I mean, I've personally, without getting into it too much, talked to some of the folks involved very close to the president.
It's no secret that Tucker Carlson has the president's real admiration because Tucker talks straight to him, just like I've done and the chances I've had.
And now Trump knows that Kushner basically has set him up and is no longer listening to him.
But yeah, Kushner has been a big problem.
Tell folks what your White House sources are saying about Kushner.
Again, this is not from Stone.
This is not from Roger Stone.
This is from my White House sources.
Oh, Roger won't even talk about Kusher with me on the phone.
So tell us what your sources are saying.
Well, look, I don't know whether he will or not.
Look, I'm going to tell you what Dick Durbin said to me on the record.
Dick Durbin is a senator, a hardcore commie lib out of Illinois.
And I like him.
I don't like anything he does politically, but you know, he's a good old boy.
He plays the game.
You have to in Illinois.
But he says he can't talk to Trump.
If he wants anything done, he goes to Kushner.
That's pretty scary.
So Kushner's operating like a shadow president?
And I don't think Kushner is out.
We were expecting the phone call.
I was sitting with Roger.
We were expecting the phone call.
And I called some of my sources, and they said, you know, Trump's ready to make the call.
Roger, you're free.
And Kushner's going, hmm.
That's what I'm hearing.
Again, this is not from any official source.
This is from some of the back channels that I'm connected to.
So Kushner, like a vampire bat, is fluttering around over Trump, constantly trying to control things.
Alex, look, they're woke.
Ivanka's woke.
She sure is pretty.
They're cabalist.
They're liberal.
Uh, and they're whispering into the President's ear.
Look, he loves his daughter and supports her husband, I'm sure.
Uh, but look, he's a populist.
He's not a party guy.
You know that about Trump.
And so when someone has his ear, he listens.
He is a man of his own volition.
But yeah, I don't like Kushner being in there.
But I think he is still in there.
He's family.
Well, he's there, but I think his power is not at full power.
He's lost about half his power as Trump wakes up and he's in trouble.
He's in 114 days out from the election.
What about watching Stone's spirit when he did get the call and did confirm the clemency had happened?
I mean, it was a week of kabuki dances.
I mean, this guy was under tremendous pressure.
Sword of Damocles.
I love that because I kept saying that, man.
This guy was headed to his death.
And I think, and again, I can't speak for Stone, but my feeling is he thought, he kept saying the COVID and the Chinese virus and the pandemic, but I really think they were going to kill him.
I mean, that's the truth.
I think he was going to get suicided, just like this Maxwell woman's going to get suicided.
I think he knew if they could get him, if they could separate him from his wife, they could get him out of the way, they were going to kill him.
Because they know, and God, I hope Trump wakes up, because he's going to lose this thing, Alex, if he doesn't wake up.
And I know some of his advisors that aren't public.
And I want to tell you what his top advisor told me last night.
But you know the documentary Get Me Roger Stone?
Trump better get to Stone because I think Stone is connected to the Patriots.
He is connected to what's going on.
I totally agree.
He needs to be talking to Roger every day.
That's why they wanted to put Roger in prison and put him under all these attacks so that he couldn't be on the field during this critical fight.
That's why you're a superstar, Alex, because you're smart and you get it.
I'm telling you that Trump's top advisor, one of his top advisors, told me off the record last night, I'm going to go on the record here with you, but I won't give his name, and he said, look, you know, we want people to see the statues being torn down.
I think it's a huge mistake.
I remember meeting with Mitt Romney, and Mitt Romney told me how it was, and he got his butt kicked.
And I told this guy, I said, you're making a huge mistake.
He said, no, no, no, we want people to see what it looked like under Biden.
Our campaign strategy right now, this is from one of Trump's top guys, Alex, you haven't heard this anywhere.
Our campaign strategy right now is for people to see that a Biden presidency will be way worse than a second term of Trump.
That is a losing strategy.
What's that?
That's a losing strategy.
They need to go on the offense and say the Democrats sabotaged the economy.
They need to stop these people.
I agree with you.
And I think he's lost a lot of patriots by letting this go on.
I'll tell you something else.
One of the head, a guy I think you idolize,
I don't want to get anybody in trouble, but you get censored or killed if you talk now.
Well, I probably shouldn't talk about it.
No, just say it.
You know what Elvis would say?
Let yourself go.
I'll tell you what he said.
He's pretty connected.
He's seen the polls, and he says Trump needs to pardon Julian Assange.
They've done the research, and then Trump would be back in.
That is exactly right.
With liberals, with conservatives, with everyone.
Who the hell is telling him not to pardon Julian Assange?
In fact, that was my next point was, you just read my mind, everybody's mind.
Why not pardon Julian Assange?
He's a journalist, like Daniel Ellsberg in the Pentagon Papers.
Trump is losing the patriots.
The patriots put him in office and they're protecting him.
And, uh, yeah.
Yeah, he needs to stop this nonsense with our history being destroyed, and many feel that he needs to pardon Assange.
Alright, man, tell people how they... I don't want to mention.
I know you've got to get out of that hotel soon.
No, no, no.
You gotta go?
No, no, you don't.
No, we can go as long as you want.
I just want you to... I will tell you that from inside the White House last night as the calls were coming in and I was, hang on, I'll get stoned, hang on, and as we were taking calls, I will tell you they did tell me
And of course, we don't believe the lamestream media polls, but they were telling me they're real polls.
They believe they're real.
They're real polls show Trump is in trouble, but not as bad as they're... that they're doing okay.
Trump's been slipping because he hasn't been on the offense.
And I also talked to... I talked to someone last night, Alex, again, everybody was calling in there.
And we're talking political talking heads and famous people.
No, I know.
I should have thought to call you when Roger wasn't answering because you were at his house for dinner.
I just went ahead and hung out with the kids, but yeah.
I was monopolizing his time, but I had two or three people say that Trump's cracking, that he's losing it, and they're worried.
And he hasn't been on the offensive because his family is being attacked.
And one top guy said to me, Alex, he said, look, this guy, NBC superstar, number one show on TV.
Everybody loved him.
All the gay guys in Hollywood loved him.
Trump doesn't care about anything to do with gay or straight or any of that.
He doesn't care about any of that.
He's a freedom guy.
He's not a party guy.
He's the toaster TV.
He really thought he would get in and everybody would love him, and he'll bring us together.
He is a patriot, but he's not a political machine.
He's a businessman, the first in American history.
So it's finally getting to him that, my God, they just don't stop.
They're going after his little kids.
They're going after—they just—God, stop!
And it's finally getting to him, according to three really good sources.
And one major, major source said he's losing it.
Mankal, that's what I started this special transmission with.
Today is that there's a stack of news articles, Washington Post, Council on Foreign Relations, all of them saying, we're preparing the military to remove him under the 25th Amendment.
And so they're putting those talking points out that Trump is cracking.
And I think a lot of that is hype.
I'm not saying the people around you are wrong.
But regardless, this is what Trump says, if they get through me, they're going to get you.
They're not after me, they're after you.
And so we've got to support the president.
I think I'm going to get on a plane and go to D.C.
I was at Mar-a-Lago yesterday.
Listen, Alex, look, nobody's saying he's Andy Griffith, the end of face in the crowd.
They're not saying he's Howard Beale.
I'm mad as hell!
They're not saying that.
You and I are tough guys.
Listen, I'm not disagreeing with you at all.
At 74 years old, I watched his Oklahoma Tulsa event.
He looked like he gave a great speech, but you can tell he is under incredible stress.
We need to pray for him.
Look, I pray for him.
And boy, these people behind the pandemic and, you know, these abortion lovers, the bloodlust for Moloch and these devil worshippers and the whole deal.
They don't want us to pray, and they want us to be down-spirited.
Alex, you know this.
Listen, I just... Alex, one thing, and then I'll go.
One thing.
I'm not saying the President's losing it.
I'm saying this guy is... the whole world is on his shoulders.
He is like the prophets in the Bible, that as long as they could hold their hands up, like when they were marching around a city, they had God's favor, but they had to hold the prophets' arms up.
We have to hold Trump's arms up.
Did you...
Did you see that Alex, uh, Alex Jones, hi Alex, did you see that Roger Stone revealed who Q was?
Uh, yes.
Tell folks.
He said it was me.
So the next time I come, I'm not Q, but the next time I come on, you and I have some serious stuff to talk about.
I love you brother.
Well, I mean, being in the middle of Roger Stone the last week, you are Q. I mean, we know who started the whole Q thing.
It was somebody in the White House.
It was another person in an intelligence agency.
It kind of got taken away from him early on.
And so now it's this wildcard deal out there.
But are you going to... I mean, because I know who... I got some information.
Hey, did you see this?
Did you see that with Robert Kennedy?
You know about the secret messages?
Look it up, folks.
Did you hear about Wayfair and all the kids?
Do you know about all the pedophiles that this president is busting up while they keep trying to tie him to Epstein?
He's the president that ended Epstein.
Lot more coming, folks.
Stay strong, Alex.
By the way, Mankale, I've got plenty of time.
You told me you had 10 minutes.
I saw your wife there with her arms crossed.
So when I said plug your website and how people find you, that wasn't a way to segue you out.
But I want people to know how they find your show out of Chicago that they're trying to suppress.
But also, any other little tidbits you want to add?
Like, think about once this Zoom meeting is over and what you wish you would have said.
What do you wish you would have said in this interview?
Brother, if I didn't have kids, you know how it is, brother.
If I didn't have kids, I'd have a whole hell of a lot to say.
Well, there's a lot of craziness coming out, and Trump is bringing down the whole Epstein pedophile network, and that's why they're so damn pissed.
And this is, believe me, as stressed out as our leader is, think how stressed out the enemy is, man, Cal.
I mean, Biden can't even hardly talk.
Well, you know, a vote for Biden is a vote for who?
What do you think, President Kamala?
So how was Roger when he got the President's call?
And how excited... I mean, did you see a weight lift off his shoulders as I saw that video of him?
We're going to play it after you leave, you know, dancing to some great music.
No, I was there.
I was there.
Yeah, he has peppiness to him.
And brother, I'm telling you, the same thing when you and I sit and talk.
These parents, man, are not going to get me!
Did you like my impression of you?
Mancow, give people your website.
Look, I'm on Instagram at mancowmuller and I'm on WLS in Chicago.
We got a top talk show there, but I don't, look, brother, I've done this a long time, so have you.
It's not about me anymore.
I know, but nowadays they're trying to keep people from knowing where folks are and you're one of my favorite talk show hosts and, you know, you never sold out.
So they took away some of your show.
It was one of the biggest in the country.
You've come back from all that.
So we love you and we appreciate you.
Come back on during the weekday show to give us an update.
Yes, sir.
Do you realize, you and I have talked about this, do you realize, I mean, we know somebody who just got a big podcast deal by selling out.
You and I won't sell out, and it's cost us millions, and folks don't understand.
Oh, Alex Jones, that man, Cal.
Yeah, man.
If we wanted to be ass kisses, if we wanted to be owned, God, could we be rich, huh?
But I don't care.
We're going to go down and fight.
We may just save this great country.
Well, my friend, that's what it's all about.
You were smart to take your vacation down there.
You already had it planned right when this whole pardon thing happened.
I planned it because Roger was under house arrest.
Well, I'm glad you were there to actually... I didn't want this patriot to die alone.
Well, you did a good job.
You did a good job hanging out with him.
Well, tell your wife I appreciate her and I can't wait to come up and visit you in Chicago.
You guys come visit us.
What did you see in the hotel room?
She asked if you could see.
I didn't think you guys were on.
No, no.
That was before we went live during the break.
I saw her with her arms crossed over there.
Honey, you're a star!
No, she hadn't been on TV.
Show her to us then.
I know she's a good looking lady over there.
She left.
Yeah, she ran off.
Alex, she left.
They abandoned all the pictures of her.
They're in my phone.
They left.
I understand.
I saw her earlier.
Alright, well we're going to... Wait, wait, wait.
Maybe I can find a picture of her.
Hold on, hold on.
Man, Cal's quite the character.
He's fun to hang out with, by the way.
Hold on.
Well, that's us at the beach.
Oh, yeah.
Look, I'm telling you.
I'm blessed.
You get a good wife.
Alex, we've got to get you a good wife.
How are you doing with that?
I am.
I'm married the second time.
I love her.
She's almost as hot as your wife.
Hey, seriously, you're maybe hotter for a blonde.
Hey, come down with your wife and visit us in Austin.
You can stay with us.
All right?
We love you, man.
God bless.
This is weird, and you're weirder, and I'll never... The times we've spent and the things we've done are unprintable.
Alex, I hail you.
We love you too, brother.
Good news for Roger.
God bless.
Please, all of you, keep all of us in your prayers.
The fight's never been tougher.
God bless.
Thank you so much, Mankow.
Alright, there goes Mankow.
We're gonna go ahead and play a clip that's actually on Rex's Twitter of Roger dancing.
I think Mankow shot this.
He sent us some other videos, obviously, that we aired earlier that are pretty low-res, but it's still...
Great stuff.
This is history happening right now.
You got a good taste of what's happening behind the scenes there.
We're going to come back from break since he raised this and talk about the latest Epstein-Gisling-Maxwell information.
This whole Wayfarer thing.
What's really behind all of that?
But at the end of the day, Roger trusts his play.
Put his trust in Jesus Christ.
Roger, you know, asked you to pray for him.
You did it.
And so this is a great thing in the face of this tyranny to let them know that they are not all powerful and that they have been checkmated yet again.
We'll be right back and I'll get into this whole wayfarer situation on the other side.
Please stay with us.
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Wow, what a time to be alive on the Saturday Transmission July 11, 2020.
Tomorrow's news.
So we are back.
And when I had Eric Mancow Muller, who is a Christian and friend of mine on, I took the angel wings down, not because he's bad, but to illustrate what's it like having God on your side and then not having God on your side.
Because even though you can't see God or God's agents in this universe, they are there.
And the enemy knows that.
So now the angel wings are back because after our next guest leaves us, I'm going to get into the biggest explosion of wildness
And I was expecting this.
I said this a few weeks ago.
I said, I expect them to pull what they did with Pizzagate again.
And we've got an archivist that tries to chronicle all this, but listeners know I said this because I've learned by experience how they operate.
Is the Wayfarer report true?
Being pushed by some of the Q adherence and I'm not judging the Q people.
I don't want to fight with you.
I just we've been at the center of the zeitgeist and we really know what we're talking about and we've been through this before.
So just watch what ends up unfolding and what ends up happening because there's three things that could have happened here.
I believe I know.
I'm not sure.
I think it's fine for you to ask questions, but we're going to go over those coming up here in about 15 minutes after Tyler Nixon leaves us.
Tyler Nixon, we appreciate him joining us on the Saturday afternoon.
He's an Army officer, a retired Army veteran.
He's also a constitutional lawyer.
He's been a personal advisor for
What the clemency means and all of that.
But let's talk politics right now with 114 days out.
Trump, the weight off of Roger, what you think Roger should do now, what you think Trump should do now, the media's response to this, the repudiation of this fraud.
Tyler Nixon, take us wherever you want to go because you've been at the center of this the whole time.
Well, thanks, Alex.
And I'd like to thank the president, first of all, for commuting this unjust sentence imposed on Roger.
Uh, you know, he was arrested a year and a half ago, but the story didn't begin there.
It's been almost three years that the, uh, the Obama-Clinton, uh, ooze that have remained in the Justice Department and have been, uh, you know, were embedded with the Mueller special counsel nonsense, um, have pursued Roger, uh, just mercilessly.
Uh, to find anything they could.
So it's really been an odyssey.
I was actually involved in the case intimately behind the scenes in terms of, you know, developing evidence.
I wasn't counsel at the trial.
Um, but you know, I mean, to see what was done was just, uh, it, you know, you understand what evil is.
To literally take what they've done and what they did, you know, the president didn't just simply commute a sentence or correct an injustice.
He smited evil committed by these people.
And you're right about, you know, Infowars and the zeitgeist and being incentive because I think what we have is
When you're a good person, when you're good-natured, when you are on God's side, you can see immediately when evil exists and manifests.
It just becomes palpable and obvious.
And this has been the case against this president, against Roger Stone, and against anybody who supports him for so long.
You just don't need to go further than Twitter and just the cesspool of bile and vituperation and nastiness that these people spew endlessly.
against anybody who dares support this president and against the president himself.
I mean, I got to say, he's got a spine of steel.
I admired Ronald Reagan, but Reagan never faced, I mean, Reagan certainly faced plenty of leftist bile, but this president has absolutely stood up against just a tsunami, a torrent of nastiness and
You know, I think what they're doing now is they're trying to do what they did four years ago, as they do every year with their playbook, or every four years, every two years in some cases, which is to pile on this phony narrative frenzy that is attempting to demoralize the supporters of the president and demoralize good people and give the impression that, oh, it's just a losing campaign.
You know, the president's doomed.
He's not going to win.
They did this with the inevitable Hillary Clinton, as we knew this time four years ago.
And we saw how that turned out.
So, you know, I think Roger has been, you know, unchained now.
He's been released from this disgusting, vile witch hunt and the clutches of this autocratic judge who is just the most vicious, sadistic person I've seen.
Just a dead-eyed, I mean, honestly, awful person.
I mean, to send a 67-year-old man to prison over utterances to Adam Schiff
Their claim to be false is grotesque beyond belief.
Because Adam Schiff is the biggest liar on the planet.
Oh, oh my God.
Adam Schiff is a despicable manipulator of the highest order.
I mean, this man is a demon.
He honestly has been single-handedly responsible for soiling and muddying and dirtying our body politic and infesting it with his cancerous nonsense.
I mean, building, you know, a case against people to literally ruin their lives, destroy their lives, and imprison them based on lies and a complete bunch of nonsense that he contrived out of nothing.
I mean, this man is evil.
You know, E-V-I-L with a capital E. Adam Schiff is a demonic individual.
And I'm sorry, I've never said that really about anybody I can think of.
But this person, these people are so ruthless and so megalomaniacal.
And it all comes out of that Clinton ooze that found its way to Washington, D.C.
around 1992.
These people are the source of more just despicable
Horrible things that have been done to people from murders to just, you know, political... I mean, take Tony Podesta.
The highest level of pedophilia is, to put it out publicly, a 2007 huge Washington Post spread with two- and three-year-olds tied up, paddled with their butts red, saying, I have a dungeon, I watch this in, this is part of my avant-garde revolutionary spirit.
I mean, they have pedophilic celebrations in our face.
That's the highest level of Satanism, is to externalize it for those that don't know.
No, absolutely.
The Podesta brothers, to whom Roger said would find their time in the barrel, they may not be in this material world, but they will find themselves in hell at the end of their existence on this earth because they're just despicable, repugnant people.
I mean, look at this nonsense.
This is just repulsive.
Who, what normal
A person would want to adorn their home with this kind of despicable, demented nonsense.
And by the way, that's the stuff we can show without TV stations dumping us.
So remember, they can put it in the Washington Post and all get off on it, but we can't show it or our affiliates take it off because rightfully so, this shouldn't be seen on, shouldn't be going on.
This satanic spirit cooking BS they're into, this Abramovic or whatever.
And you're right.
I mean, it's like, they're out in the open with it.
It's really just chilling.
The fact that they're at such a level of power and so beyond the reach of justice, at least on this earth as we know it right now, that they can get away with what they do, much less what they can get away with in terms of persecuting their opponents and those who would try to expose them, as Roger has.
I remember Roger's first, one of the first assignments he gave me when I started, you know, working for him on a more full-time basis was in early 2015.
And it was to absolutely get into the depths of the Epstein case.
Uh, and Ghislaine Maxwell and all this.
And I, you know, at the end of that two months of researching this and, you know, just beyond the injustice done in the case.
Let's be clear, you're doing opposition research on the Clintons?
No, well, I was also exposing, uh, this Epstein scum who had gotten this sweetheart deal in Florida after... So you were doing research for Roger Stone's Clinton's war on women?
Yeah, exactly.
It was, it was all the foundation of that early 2015.
After I was done that, I told him, Roger, don't ever, please don't ever give me an assignment.
Don't ever have me do that again.
The stuff I had to, you know, look into, even beyond what has been exposed since.
And by the way, we're not being victims, but it's true.
This is what General Flynn's respected lawyers has talked to the few police that aren't been killed.
Nine out of 12 dead that saw the footage.
It's raping and killing children.
It's hacking them up.
And Twitter just banned her.
That's what they're doing.
People, it's like,
Normal people just cannot imagine this is going on, but it is.
I'm a rational, logic-based, evidence-based person.
I always have been.
I've dismissed more, quote, conspiracy theories than I've accepted in my life.
I, you know, I was a young person who started begin investigating the Kennedy assassination and became an expert on that over the years.
And I'll tell you what, I mean, I didn't want to believe any of this stuff was true.
I thought, well, you know, maybe it's exaggerated.
It's not.
These people are truly the manifestation of evil on this earth.
They're agents of Satan.
And it shows in their conduct.
I mean, just their total disregard for human life, their willingness to do anything, engage in any tactics to accomplish their objectives.
I mean, Hillary Clinton... They think we're weak because we don't do this stuff or don't want to.
I mean... Yeah.
Oh, yeah, exactly.
And well, here's, you know, here's the thing is when you're good and you're on the side of Jesus Christ and God,
You can't murder in the name of justice.
You know, you can't screw people over in the name of righteousness.
So you're limited as to what you can do.
Plus you don't want to!
Yeah, exactly.
Who wants to run around doing this stuff?
These people get off on this kind of thing.
These prosecutors who went after Roger Stone, they know this was a bunch of BS.
They know that this was a contrived case.
I know because they
I know they know this because it's so obvious in the way the case was conducted, the evidence that was suppressed.
No, you're absolutely right.
Let me ask you this.
The next 114 days, we need to see Roger out front because the media is obviously going to want him to go do interviews about how he was wrong and how he wants to get his good name back.
He should do that, but then instantly move into advising the president.
They tried to put him in prison.
It came out because he gave the president great advice.
He gave him great political instinct that Trump follows because Trump meshes with it simpatico.
Roger doesn't tell Trump what to do.
Trump, you know, syncs up with stuff that makes sense.
I've told Trump stuff, next day it's on TV.
That's what they're so scared of, is that Trump jives with us, okay?
So, I mean, now he needs to use the pulpit he's got to get out front.
That's the whole reason they did this, Roger.
Yeah, let's face it, you know, Donald Trump is at his lowest point, is at
He's suffering most in terms of his popularity and so forth when he goes against his instincts, when he follows the, frankly, the coterie of people around him who I think have ill served him.
He's been, he's been basically surrounded by two people, two types of people since he became president.
One was the deep state quizlings who were embedded and, or, you know, remained after, after, you know, after the, the changeover, such as, I mean, frankly, Kelly, McMaster, Bolton, these people.
The other part is these folks that, for some reason, he surrounds himself with, like Parscale, Katrina Pearson, who are just ruthless, self-serving operators who have no ideology.
They have no, in my opinion, I don't want to say no soul.
I'm not going to condemn them.
That's what they hate, though.
When they attack us, it makes us fight back harder.
They think we're like them, that when they attack us and then offer us money, we're going to sell out.
It doesn't work that way.
I mean, it's just, it's awful.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what, that's why I think Roger, they didn't want Roger.
They hate Roger on both sides within the White House and as well as the enemies because they know he will not hold back in giving the president the most blunt and truthful advice in terms of like, who's got his back and who isn't, you know, Roger knows who the rats are.
Roger knows the swamp.
Yes, he does.
He knows the swamp.
He's, uh, you know, he eventually moved out of it, but I mean, look,
Stone has always been honest about who he is and what he does.
He's a hardball politico and he plays by their rules if they can be said to have any rules.
And they hate him for it because they want the typical double standard.
So they don't want Trump to have a swamp guide.
That's why they also went after Flynn.
Other closing comments.
We need to come back on this tomorrow and throughout the week.
Roger's going to be on.
Obviously he's promised to do that.
I'm glad he's taking some time to rest right now.
How do people follow you on Twitter and any other key points you'd like to make Tyler Nixon?
I'm at Real Tyler Nixon on Twitter.
Also on Parler, just at Tyler Nixon.
I think the president can pull this out.
I think what we're seeing is the gaslighting by the mainstream media.
I mean, you go into any of their sites, it's just like a torrent of nonstop anti-Trump reporting.
Well, it's total false reality.
It's like Pelosi saying Congress can pass a law restricting the pardon power.
It's a separation of powers.
It's in the Constitution.
It's right there.
Explain as a lawyer when Pelosi says she's going to get rid of pardons.
I mean, this is literally, it's totally made up.
Yeah, I had drafted a response to this nonsense.
I mean, this is just, to tell you what, nothing gets my hackles up and out of any true constitutionals more than when these leftist autocrats who don't give a rip about the Constitution suddenly become constitutionalists and want to defend the Constitution.
What a crock!
They don't care.
They try to say that merely the fact of impeachment removed the entire pardon power from the President.
I mean, they would twist the Constitution into a pretzel before they would dispose of it.
So, you know, you don't, they're not credible.
The president has complete, and you know what, the other thing that really pisses me off, and I'm sorry to say this, whenever you hear these arguments, Alex, they assume their own divinity almost, you know, as if there's no partisanship on their side.
There's a magical arrogance.
It's hubris to the next level.
And that's what we saw in the prosecutors who went after Roger.
No, we can do anything.
Anything we do is justice.
It's like Latisha James, Will and Aaron said, Alex Jones claims he has a cure to COVID-19, which I never even said anything close to that with my tooth whitening toothpaste.
And she said, arrest him if he won't stop making the claim.
And I said, I've never made that claim.
And they said, it doesn't matter.
If she says it, she's a bureaucrat and a democrat, it's real.
And now Soros is gotting thousands of these people in power as attorney generals, and as governors, and as mayors, and as sheriffs, and as police chiefs, and as prosecutors.
I mean, this is a reign of evil!
It really is.
You see why he funded so many of these low-level prosecutor jobs candidates for them?
Where you have in Contra Costa County, those people who went out and tried to cover up the graffiti on the city streets and just return it to normal, are being charged with hate crimes.
I mean, this is absurd beyond belief.
But in Black Lives Matter, you can hit people in the head and kill them and they don't get in trouble.
Look at this.
You were an army officer, a constitutionalist, you're a lawyer.
I want to ask you about this.
Here are some of the headlines.
America's Democratic Unraveling, CFR.
Then it says it's all Trump's fault when they're the ones doing it.
And they say the military needs to remove Trump on page five.
OK, so we've got that going on right there.
But here's The Washington Post two days ago.
Washington Post.
Military would escort Trump from the White House.
He refuses to go.
I've got several of these.
I can't find the Washington Post one.
It actually says in the Washington Post article that we're already preparing and canvassing
The military.
If Trump challenges the election, but the Democrats have already said they will, and Goldman Sachs says they already know what's going to happen.
So they're saying, we're going to challenge it, but if he does anything, we're going to remove it.
In fact, guys, I don't know why it's not in my stack.
Type this in the search engine right now.
It's WashingtonPost.com.
There it is.
Trump could lose and not leave, but cabinet members who try to help face prison.
So they're saying, if you argue and challenge the election like 2000, we're going to arrest you.
And this is out of the bowels of the deep state, setting the table, intimidating everyone.
Trump must be warned.
With 114 days out, we've got to get out in front of this now.
Yeah, these people are seditionists.
They are traitors to this country and to the Constitution.
They have spent the last three and a half, four years
Gaslighting this country with a complete put-up job, with a complete lunacy about Russian collusion and all this, in order to undermine, subvert, and that's a word that needs to be reintroduced to our conversation, subversion.
These people are subverting democracy, much less the Constitution, the rule of law.
And yet, of course, as they always do in their diabolical, demonic way, they accuse or project
They're evils and their diabolical plans onto their opponents, the good people, the innocent people.
And you know, Donald Trump, the one thing he, I mean, you know, God bless him.
He has exposed them and refuses.
To play this double game that had been played for years by conservatives, and still is by many, and Republicans in Washington, where we just sort of go along with the narrative.
And let them set the narrative.
And now they've got to understand, fake virus outbreaks, lockdowns, race riots, none of it's going to put their new old order back together again.
In closing, look at this, de Blasio says BLM protests can continue while canceling all other legal events, including mosque,
Christian churches and synagogues saying the state has power, those are not essential, but communists funded by Soros are.
This is the essence of Animal Farm where, again, first the pigs say, four legs good, two legs bad.
Once they run the humans off, they go, well, actually, two legs good, four legs good.
Then they go, actually, two legs good, four legs bad.
They reverse it right back to where it was, the pure 1984 two plus two equals a million.
I mean, they are now literally pissing in our face.
Yeah, yeah, Newsom's order banning singing in church.
Who the hell does this guy think he is, for God's sake?
I mean, yeah, I'm almost, I'm speechless as a member of the State Bar of California.
That this man would think that he can order people not to sing in church?
It's just cult leader stuff.
It's demonic.
It's demonic.
It's sticking it.
It is.
Disney World and Six Flags say when they reopen, don't scream on a roller coaster.
It's all about how you're bad, you're guilty, and they're the priest.
Priest Newsome, you know, uh, Santa Ana, uh, you know, the new Texas governor, Santa Ana, he's a dictator.
Uh, I mean, it's literally just total cult control.
It is.
The Archbishop of A-Hole is what he is.
And you know, this is look, they've exposed themselves.
And I think Donald Trump has been critical of that because he refuses again to play this double game.
So they have to keep doubling down on their nastiness and their evil.
And look, I'm telling you, I think I said it in about late 2015, when I was converted by Donald Trump, I was a Rand Paul guy.
And I said, wow, you know, I just think he Trump is, you know, maybe crass, he may be
In some ways, boorish, but man, he just steamrolls right past me.
He's got leader written all over him, he's got wrecking ball written all over him, he's got winner written all over him.
He does, and I cannot see him losing this election.
I think the secret Trump voter is a bigger reality than it ever was in 2016.
Oh, that's why they're going to have massive election fraud and then make us convince the losers and try to remove him from the 25th Amendment.
What do we do at that point?
All bets are off, I guess.
I mean, I honestly think it's going to come down to patriots.
I mean, it may come down to force because they would rather disintegrate our society than not control it.
Imagine if they told you five years ago, the Democrats will say, you can't go to church, you can't sing in church, and they'll have a communist group go beat up people at churches.
That's what's going on because they're testing to see what we'll put up with.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
Just like this baloney virus mask nonsense.
Everybody, you know, I mean, come on, that's a dangerous medical device.
You're asking people to strap across their faces.
You know, I'm not strapping some dirty hanky or some face diaper across my face because some distant dictator decided that the CDC or whoever, you know, they provide no medical substantiation for this, for the face mask wearing, much less the fact that there is actually a pandemic.
If you look at the Merriam-Webster's dictionary definition of pandemic, it says that over a wide geographic area,
Affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.
I'm sorry, but I have yet to see that in any matter whatsoever with this, with this so-called virus.
Let me just back you up, Tyler Nixon.
Here's from a CDC website saying it's not even an epidemic.
It's all false positives.
There's lower deaths, plummeting deaths, but skyrocketing infections now that their hoax was exposed.
Here it is from the CDC website.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got it linked right there in the article.
COVID-19 is no longer an epidemic.
And as of now, it's no longer according to their own numbers.
Great job, Tyler Nixon.
Look forward to speaking to you again very soon.
Thank you for all you do, Alex.
And thank you for all the info warriors.
Thank you, sir.
And thanks to all the info warriors and the crew coming in on Saturday.
We love them.
By the way, speaking of that, I want to hit some of the COVID-19 stuff and then go to break and come back with the final big thing.
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Excuse me, I'm getting pissed now.
You know, you already know what's going on with the COVID stuff and I promised the family I'd get back by, you know, four or five today.
So, uh, let's just, I gotta do this.
Let's do the COVID, then I'll come back into the Wayfarer, which I know I'm right about it and people are going to get pissed at me.
And I just, I don't care.
I'm gonna tell you the truth.
Uh, COVID-19, so no longer an epidemic at current rates of CDC.
Got another one right here.
Look at this cult-level programming.
Governor Abbott's totally sold the country out.
Texas, you should consider wearing a mask even when you're in your home.
Look at this brainwashing.
Look at this.
Gasoline Maxwell got mixed into there.
De Blasio says BLM protesters could continue while canceling all other events.
See the video there?
It's up on InfoWars.com.
China says.
So see, they're getting ready to launch a real bio attack once they've trained you to stay locked down.
Notice they're all open, but we can't ever open again.
The public has taken to the fear and bowed, so now they'll be attacked by wolves.
COVID-19, ladies and gentlemen, is a globalist operation of hysteria and fear and collapse.
Growing chaos pushes for renewed shutdown orders because there's record numbers with false positives.
It's designed that way.
Even Bloomberg asked the question right here.
Why isn't California criticized for reopening like Texas and Florida?
Because it's a Democrat operation.
And it goes on and on and on.
Oh, more than a thousand TSA employees tested positive for COVID.
So there's not enough of them to screen people.
You don't screen Muslims coming in.
You don't screen the borders.
You screen us.
It's a domestic checkpoint, training us to be slaves.
And this is the reason they gave us COVID-19 in the lockdowns, because we put up with it.
It was all a test.
So remember that.
It's all about spiking cases, spiking cases, spiking cases, spiking cases, spiking cases, spiking cases, and not spiking death.
Because we caught them killing people with the intubation tubes.
People learned to use the steroids to kill inflammation.
It's an autoimmune response like a bee sting.
People learned to use the hydroxychloroquine.
People went out and took zinc and vitamin D3 and they took vitamin C. So now they're protected, almost everyone.
So now they try to send people into the nursing homes to kill them, but that gets exposed.
They try to keep the families out so that they can kill them!
They're murderers!
Get on the offense!
Expose the murderers in the 10 states that sent sick people with the flu and pneumonia to get high death numbers.
Almost half of them in nursing homes.
And the rest, people they killed with the tubes down the throat.
Because you don't give somebody an autoimmune.
With autoimmune response, high pressure, you give them Benadryl, you give them steroid shots, you give them steroid inhalers, and it works 100% of the time if you get there early enough.
But the evil demon media won't tell you!
We have doctors and scientists and mainline research at Bandot Video that will save lives and stop these murdering killers if you simply get the information out!
The videos only have a million views, 300,000 views, they need 50 million views!
We need to stop these criminals!
I told you the next lockdown would come.
It's always, it's never ending.
There's no way to get out of this but to expose it and dismantle the New World Order!
I'm gonna settle down, go to break.
Yeah, let's go to the peace.
This is why they banned Alex Jones.
We'll come back in four minutes and I'm going to try to compose myself and get into what's really happening with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and the giant awakening of the pedophiles of the Vatican and everywhere else.
And is the Wayfarer story true or what's really behind it?
Stay with us.
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And we are back on this Saturday afternoon emergency transmission.
And I have never had so many people reaching out to me, friends, family, neighbors, emails, text messages, comments on InfoWars wanting to know about Wayfair.
And I know army commandos and CIA operatives and FBI agents that have been contacting me and others who think this is real because of how incredibly, obviously weird it is.
Now that said, I'm not sure exactly what's going on here, but I have a pretty good idea.
This is one of three things.
Either it's a money laundering operation, and so they had these numbers, and what would be in the cabinet would be drugs or something, or you're paying more for something because you're using drug money to pay for it.
That goes on all over the place, online, it's happening every millisecond, okay?
Where you've got a $100 cabinet, a $200 cabinet, I've actually bought cabinets like these, that you add a couple zeros to or whatever, and now it is $12,000, $13,000, $14,000.
So it's either money laundering, or it is the big mistake they said and some fool added zeros to it, or is it really that they're advertising this as a package, a container, symbolizing they're gonna deliver you a child drugged up in one of these cabinets?
I said there's three things.
Because that's the three things people are going to debate and say.
But there's a fourth.
There's a fourth.
Think about that.
And you see, I've experienced the fourth.
And so I believe this is the fourth from all the evidence, and how outrageous it is, and how obvious it is, and how it's designed and meant
Like when you put a big old juicy nightcrawler worm on the end of a hook and drop it in there for the bass or the perch or the crappie or the catfish.
Because it smells good, it's wiggling around, they're going to want to take a bite out of it.
When you look at this, it's not just that they added zeros to it.
It's not money laundering, it looks like, because it's the names of girls.
And it's not like they have three cabinets or 20 cabinets.
It's all these products named after little girls, and a bunch of them are really weird names that are of actual missing kidnapped children on the backs of milk cartons and in your internet.
Now, why in the hell would they put out ads to really deliver you children in cabinets and then put the actual names of kids on this?
This is one thing and one thing only.
Now, I talked about this at the beginning of the show, there's three ways to learn, maybe more, but you can learn by revelation, you can learn by education, you can learn by experience.
If you remember, a few weeks before the election in 2016, the WikiLeaks comes out.
It's John Podesta going to farmhouses.
We're going to have young children in the hot tub and pool waiting for you.
It's $65,000 hot dogs for Obama.
Clear code for male prostitutes.
Clear code for walnut sauce.
That means what color, you know, the people are.
It's real code out of real FBI manuals.
Cheese pizza, all this stuff.
And you've got them saying, we're going to meet and have spirit cooking, we're going to have blood, we're going to have semen, we're going to have mother's milk.
You remember all of this.
It was top story on Drudge, top story all over the place.
Now, this broke for about a week or two, and then suddenly out of the Podestas and out of the Democratic Party,
CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, all at the same morning came out and said, wow, bizarre claims that a pizza place has a dungeon under it and that they're killing kids and selling them.
And they've got all these things out that look pedophilic.
And look at these other businesses they do as well.
And it turned out some of the stuff was really creepy and weird.
But again,
That's David Brock.
He was involved.
They know that when there's a huge story and they're caught red-handed in New York, Illinois and other areas, California.
In the WikiLeaks, what does a mockingbird do when you'll be out mowing the lawn or whatever and all of a sudden this bird flies over and falls on the ground and is doing like this?
Because it thinks you're a weasel or a wolf trying to be right there and you'll go, oh, there must be eggs right here.
And you look in the little bush or the tree and there's eggs.
There's a nest.
So mockingbirds and other species, you ever see a bird fly over and fall down in its corner?
It wants you to go over there.
It doesn't want you to go to the nest.
The nest was exposed.
It was all there cut and dry.
We're having Alistair Crowley a meeting next week.
We'll have blood, semen, and women's breast milk.
Remember all that?
And so my crew's like, Alex, look at this.
This is incredible.
They're covering it.
It's coming down.
Look at all the symbols and look at Podesta saying he has a dungeon because he had a dungeon.
He said he did in the 2007 Washington Post.
So they had to cover all that up.
So they went, Oh, look, look at over here at the pizza place.
So I started saying, I have questions about this to the crew.
And I even had a few crew come up and say, you know, Alex, we thought you were against this.
We thought you pioneered exposing all this.
This is all obvious.
Look, it's all there.
Look, 4chan.
4chan's anonymous.
It may have something good.
It may have something bad.
Everybody always shows this video of her.
You ought to look at the photos of her with the vats of blood and the mock human sacrifice.
That's what we should put on the screen, but enough of that, guys.
I want to focus on this.
Not the crew's fault.
I was getting distracted by watching it.
So I'm sitting there.
And I say, I'm going on vacation for a week to Cancun.
Stop covering it.
I smell a rat.
They're diverting us to this off of that.
They didn't stop.
I love the crew.
And that's then how the media got us and said that we created a fake story and they use that not being accurate.
Even though we didn't create it.
CNN, MSNBC, they, no doubt, their operatives put it on 4chan, 8chan.
That disinformation's there.
Then we cover it.
Then they flip it when we broke the big spirit cooking.
We were the first to get it out and try to post it.
And then they turn with alchemy from the real kids and the real farmhouses and the real $65,000 of hot dogs and the blood and the semen and the breast milk and the Aleister Crowley and the devil worship and all these photos and videos of little kids all scared and women dressed like witches and big vats of blood and Maria Bravanovich and her and Reddit posts saying, yeah, I do rituals for real and all of that got distracted by the media then focusing in on
There was no basement in the pizza place.
Yeah, there was weird photos of kids' tans taped down, and there was weird art, and there was weird rock bands there saying, we like to have sex with children, and there was Democrats raising money there, and David Brock there, and all that stuff.
So like, hey, we'll just make one of our meeting places the focus of this.
We'll put out the disinfo.
They'll take the bait, and we'll distract, just like Red Adair, who invented this, would put out oil field fires that could burn for months.
The crude oil got ignited by the gas.
They'd load up a wheelbarrow with TNT, dynamite, and roll it in and detonate it.
And the big flash would take all the oxygen away and almost every time put the fire out.
So they rolled in that dynamite into Comet Ping Pong Pizza.
And blew the fire out that was in New York.
And it was in Chicago and it was in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
I mean, caught red fricking handed classic devil worship.
And so that's what this wayfarer is.
They don't deliver children in these containers.
They deliver them in vans.
We know from Jimmy Savelle in England, we know from the Finders case, from the FBI agents I've interviewed, we know from what's come out.
And we know that Ghislaine Maxwell's been caught with the pedo islands, and caught with all of this, and photos and videos of children as young as five with Jeffrey Epstein.
That's in mainline news!
And it's all coming out, so right on time, boom, 4chan, 8chan, all the usual suspects.
And again, that's not everybody on there.
It's like saying, are you for anonymous?
Anybody put on a Guy Fawkes mask?
Some are good, some are bad.
Are you for Q?
Somebody can say they're Q, somebody can say they aren't.
It's an excuse to cover things.
It's esoteric.
It's hidden.
And people love to find the hidden pictures.
Let me show you what this is meant to cover up.
Look at these articles right here.
Germany investigating 30,000 potential suspects in pedophile probe in an international ring of government officials, judges, police, psychiatrists, and the medical system.
That's DW.com, biggest TV station in Germany.
Oh, but it's not sexy like armoires with children in them, is it?
No, it's just actually the CPS and the government services.
With psychiatrists, look it up, taking children and placing them.
Guys, I wouldn't need that article earlier.
Just type in, German psychiatrist, German government gave children to pedophiles.
And of course, they first reported, oh, it was just a few thousand in one town.
Then it turned out it was a spider web all over the country.
See how they limited that as well.
To DW.com as well.
Okay, just boom.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, let's put that back on screen, please.
Understand what's going on.
The week that broke I said, watch, next week it'll break that tens of thousands of children are involved with thousands of adults.
Exactly as I said, it broke.
I read a British psychological warfare manual that just so happened to be being sold that I bought at Barnes & Noble like 20 years ago.
They talked about their techniques after World War II in Africa and they said,
If one of our corporations kills, say, 5,000 villagers, we need to get out ahead of it and say they killed 20 and put out our fake story, so that when it comes out it's 5,000, people will average it together in their mind.
So, because the head psychiatrist over at CPS in Berlin was sending thousands of children to pedophiles, they first reported on his case and not how it was much larger titrating the dose, preparing you for what was about to come out.
Now you understand how the enemy operates.
So, that's what this is, and you'll have 4chan and 8chan and Q come out and say, Jones is the one that runs the pedophile rings!
No, it's all real!
And Wayfairer's delivering, and then it'll turn out none of it's true.
And I will be blamed for it.
It'll be in the news, Jones says Wayfarer is sending children kidnapped.
And I just want the media to know, all of you involved from people like, you know, the lady from NBC that came and tried to set us up with all this stuff, right up to ABC News, right up to the people that are posting, the government operatives, intelligence operatives that are posting and posing as Cube and posing and everything else.
This is on you, what you're doing, okay?
Because this is going to hurt real children.
We woke up the world, our listeners woke up the world to the satanic nature and how the whole cult runs off children and their energy, and how they blackmail people with it, how they took over the Vatican, and how the Deputy Pope just got busted and convicted, and all that real stuff, and all these real things happening, just as we told you, and they come in with this whole Wayfairer thing.
Now, they did this because they knew.
They did this because they can't stop it and they know it's huge.
And I believe, here's the good news, that this is going to fail.
The globalists have put out this disinformation because they know this is massive, this is the zeitgeist, people now understand it, and they hope when it comes out this isn't true, it'll somehow discredit it all.
I actually believe this will blow up in their face like Pizzagate did.
And people will see through all this and understand what's going on.
Now, could it be they're really money laundering?
Could it be that they're actually, these are real ads?
Who knows?
They might be that bold of really doing it.
Could it be that it's an honest mistake and more zeros were added?
I don't believe so, because they're all named after little girls, a bunch of them missing little girls, to make everybody go crazy!
If you're shipping kids like this, you don't name it after kids!
Again, it's a decoy.
It's a distraction meant to get the general public on board so they all promote it.
So then later their family can repudiate them and say that Wayfair story wasn't true.
So when it comes out that Ghislaine Maxwell was really torturing kids and killing kids and all of this, people will say, oh, that's Wayfair.
That's all they're doing.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Do you really think that a group like this would ship thousands of kids around in containers, not knowing a truck's going to wreck or one's going to fall open or the kid's going to die in one?
No, folks.
No, it's not true.
It's not real.
That's why they are doing all of this.
They didn't make typos on hundreds and hundreds of items.
We're going over right now.
I'll have more tomorrow.
This was done as bait and they use names of real children that are missing.
And to make people take the bait and say, oh my God, this is real.
It was 4chan.
How would somebody just suddenly know, oh, go find this video of obscure groups talking about how they will have sex with kids at that pizza place and showing the symbols and all of that, obviously.
It's not that the place didn't have something going on at it and a bunch of Democrat degenerates and ne'er-do-wells.
I've been up to DC, I've seen it myself.
And I know insiders and things that are incredible, they're going to come out soon.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But keep your powder dry, folks.
But I'm telling you, that's what this is.
But overall, the fact that people are waking up to this is a positive, positive thing.
All right, I'm out of time.
I really appreciate the great crew doing a wonderful job.
I'm going to come in early tomorrow and I'm going to print maybe 100, 200 articles and video clips of mainline bust.
Where police will bust, you know, 470 pedophiles with 50 little kids and some of them dead and in cages.
And it'll be in local news and get no coverage.
And thousands of kids here and hundreds there.
Because it is coming out.
They can't hide it.
The system doesn't know what to do.
So I've been set up like this and they didn't completely defeat me.
We figured it out and turned it around on them.
But this is meant to discredit the real work that police are engaged in, in my view.
And maybe you disagree with me, comment in the comments below.
But if the globalists have gotten bold enough, and maybe I'm wrong, to ship kids actually in containers like this, psychos, when they don't get caught for a while and get away with it, a lot of them go crazy, even crazier, and start wanting to get caught.
And who the hell knows anymore?
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
But know this.
This was not an accident that they used a bunch of little girls' names, and some of them missing girls.
Complete with first and last names.
That is not.
This was done to bait you away from all the other real stuff.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Please, we came in here on Saturday.
This is such important work.
The truth is so important that this get out.
All the Roger Stone stuff, the Deep State, the coup plan against Trump, this information, the way it explodes is huge.
So thank you for tuning in.
Thank you for thanking the local stations.
Thank you for sharing this live feed.
Just take the page, you've got it, send it to friends and family.
It's going to loop after we're off.
Until I go live tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Central, 5 p.m.
Eastern, 3 p.m.
Mountain, 2 p.m.
Please, this is so damn important.
We'll cut out this segment of the show and post it to Bandot Video as well with a headline dealing with the fact that this is 2.0.
This is Pizzagate 2.0, which is designed to take you away from what's really going on.
Pizzagate's real.
They use pizza code words.
That's confirmed FBI manuals.
But the way they created a new fake Pizzagate to take you away from the real Pizzagate.
How do you kill a story with a new story?
And that's what they're doing.
All right, great job to the crew.
Storewide free shipping, double Patriot points.
Has to end Monday.
That's how you fund this operation.
We have great products you need, so thank you for your support.
History's happening now.
Please take action.
Every hour is a month.
Every minute is a week.
The seconds are so critical in this fight and the quicker than you're seeing.
We're seeing the best of people, the worst of people.
It's an amazing time.
And again, I salute this crew, the incredible job they do.
God bless you all.