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Name: 20200705_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 5, 2020
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Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, discusses various topics such as the hypocrisy of church leaders during the pandemic, his new movement called "July 5th," and products available for purchase on InfoWars. He also criticizes globalists, Democrats, and mainstream media for promoting anti-American views and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by taking advantage of special deals. Jones discusses President Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore, the importance of defending American ideals, and how Democrat cities have sent Covid-19 patients into nursing homes leading to death. He also promotes products available on InfoWarsStore such as supplements and political t-shirts, while discussing historical perspectives on slavery throughout human history.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, July 5th, 2020.
The day after Independence Day, July 4th.
Which yesterday marked a historic day in American folklore and history.
Where Democrats, members of the American media, and leftists in the streets.
Wanted to cancel the 4th of July, which of course is really just the single-day representation, manifestation of what they really want to do, which is cancel America.
Attempting to cancel the 4th with mask orders and shutdown orders and threats of fines and declaring fireworks illegal, rivers illegal, shutting down nature.
That's just them seizing the harnesses of a holiday, seizing the momentum of a national holiday, and attempting to declare it their own.
Well, it was rejected.
It was rejected in full force.
And so, for example, in L.A., Even though they had declared gatherings illegal, barbecues illegal, family gatherings, fireworks fun, basically illegal.
Epic footage of Los Angeles is at InfoWars.com.
The skyline lit up with non-stopping bursts and explosions of pyrotechnics Otherwise known as fireworks in the sky.
Yes, there was the New York Times.
The fireworks show must not go on.
And Washington Post and CNN and MSNBC telling you to stay home during the 4th.
There's ways to be COVID safe on the 4th.
You've never seen such a sight over L.A.
as you did last night.
Even here in Austin, on Lake Travis, where they cancelled the actual, you know, city-sponsored fireworks show, you know, the big one, everybody go to the park or whatever, they cancelled that.
Well, that didn't really matter, because from about 9 o'clock to about 10.30 at night on Lake Travis, it was non-stop fireworks in every direction.
And God so blessed us with one of the most beautiful full moons you've ever seen in your life.
So that's our representation.
That's our physical manifestation of us seizing the day.
You cannot cancel the 4th of July.
You cannot cancel God-given freedoms.
You cannot cancel the United States of America.
And when you consider The President's last two speeches, one at Mount Rushmore, one in front of the White House, and him signaling the bravery, the courage, and yes, the actions of our founding fathers, declaring war on the radical, anti-American, communist left.
This could be a major pivot point In Trump's re-election bid, and in the 2020 history books, where the left and the Democrats and the media and the mobs had their way for the first half of the year, maybe now it's our turn.
Maybe now we get our way.
And so we're all in this together.
And it's going to be a wild ride.
Alex Jones on the other side of this break.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
The 4th of July 2020 special has gone into high gear.
We have for you, I thank you for your continued prayer, your focus and your support.
Again, I salute you all.
Prediction last week, several times on air, that really wasn't a hard prediction to make.
It was great to see it come true, that we would witness five,
ten times the fireworks shot off across the United States than we normally do.
Because I just gauge the general public from what I believe.
I believe you're like me.
I believe you want freedom.
I believe you want justice.
I believe you love America.
You understand we are America.
You understand that all these big foreign, ruthless, multinational corporations that are setting up private, corporate, global government are jealous of that.
They're jealous that you love God.
They're jealous that you love your family.
They're jealous of our relationships.
They're jealous of the nuclear family.
They are openly declaring war on all that is good and decent because they need people that are failed, people that they can control.
They want to create losers.
And so we go out to these Democrat events and look at these zombie-like people and how stupid they are.
We tend to laugh, but you know what?
It's not funny, folks.
Those are people we let down.
Those are people we let globalists and the educational system dumbed down.
But that said, I was out at Lake Travis for the 4th of July, and it went past midnight into July 5th.
We were up until about 1.30.
Fireworks were still going off.
When I said I thought there'd be five, ten times the fireworks, excuse me, This was 20 times, 30 times.
I mean, this was ridiculous.
So they tried to cancel it.
A bunch of little towns and cities did cancel it.
Private citizens somehow got all these fireworks.
You can say, oh, that's just a show of light in the air.
What's that mean?
It's a bunch of hype.
It's a grand falloon.
No, it's not, because the flag stands for the Republic, the Declaration of Independence, We the People, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
It's been a world model.
All over the planet, against authoritarianism, against monarchy, against monotheistic religious rule.
I mean, it is the most classically liberal thing anybody's ever imagined.
It is the fount of the Renaissance.
We're it.
And that's why we have most of the inventions and most of the freedom, and that's why people can come here and do anything they basically want to do.
But the authoritarian globalists Are in competition with that.
So as I speak here, just look at some of the footage from Los Angeles alone, taken by the mainstream media.
But the most powerful footage was taken down at street level.
And it's the same thing I saw last night out in the country, out in the suburbs.
And it's the same thing that my parents, I talked to my dad who lives right in the middle of Austin, lived there many, many years.
It's really central Austin.
Now it used to be central South Austin.
And he just doesn't normally fire mortars off because they'll call the police on you.
But this time, there were so many mortars going off, so many big fireworks, and it went on for like an hour.
He said, well, hell, I got a bunch in the garage that we shoot out in the country.
He went and got them and just fired them and fired them and fired them because it was an act of defiance.
And the same left that doesn't want us to fire off fireworks are the same ones that call the cops when we do it.
So people get this.
The left are throwing fireworks at police.
We're simply firing them up in the air to show our solidarity with America, our solidarity with fellow Americans.
And tomorrow I intend to do this.
Owen's about to take over.
Owen Schroeder on this live Sunday show.
I want to read Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwald because it's so prophetic.
He wrote that song 35 years ago or so.
And You read it and it's everything that's happening now.
Because the flag still stands for freedom.
They can't take that away.
They were trying to take it away then, folks.
The globalists have captured America to a great extent, used us for evil, but we've woken up to it and said, no, we're pulling our troops out of these unnecessary wars.
We're rediscovering who we are.
We're rebuilding our industry and our systems and finding our patriotism in God again.
So when you look at the venom of de Blasio and all these other pieces of garbage like AOC, there's a powerful clip that we'll play later if Owen has time, if not I'll play it tomorrow, where de Blasio was at a press conference on July 4th, yesterday, and he says, he says, oh it's apples and oranges.
Church leaders agree we shouldn't have churches open, but Black Lives Matter protests are too important, so those are good.
We should have those.
That's the double speak, the double think.
Authoritarians have to get you to hold two separate thoughts that oppose each other, and that kill logic in your mind, as George Orwell said, because what they're selling you doesn't make sense.
And so that's why on every front they say a man can have a baby, or a woman can be a man, or any of this.
It's about getting you to just give up on what's in front of your face, You're common sense.
And these big multinational corporations that invest in communist China, and have slave camps, and are involved in human-animal cloning.
I mean, the worst stuff you can imagine at 3 million Muslims at death camps in China, and Apple openly has their components built there.
And it comes out, it's like, oh, it's okay, Tim Cook's gay.
Think about how sick that is, and how it's in our face, and how the President's bad.
For liking Mount Rushmore and how Democrats go, oh, we purposely are pulling down Lincoln statues.
He wasn't good enough.
These are people making us hate our country and trying to conquer us.
And the key to this is understanding big megacorporations finance this.
Big megacorporations control this.
And this is the man.
This is the establishment.
The globalists are trying to sink our ship.
And they're trying to get us to fight with each other while they do it, so they can loot it.
And take the whole thing over.
But I'm proud of Americans.
Because when they have a symbol of fireworks to support America, like putting an American flag out on your doorstep, which are now being attacked and demonized, it's so strong.
And it stands up to bullies like Nike and Kaepernick.
Kaepernick, he's not even black, had two white people adopt him, take care of him, but they were leftist America haters.
He signs up with Nike, he makes all this money, tens of millions of dollars, And remember he said, oh it's about police brutality.
That's why I take a knee for the National Anthem.
But now he came out and he said the National Anthem is white supremacy, the National Anthem is bad, and I do not support America or the National Anthem or the flag.
He said that.
He pulled the quotes.
So that's who Nike is.
They don't support your country even existing because they've got slave factories that China controls.
These are monsters.
That's what it was always about.
I'm the guy that exposed police when they're corrupt.
I'm the guy that didn't want the globals to get control of our police.
Guess what?
They tried to get control of them and the police woke up and now the police are enemy
number one of the new world order because they've got problems, we've all got problems,
but our nation has problems.
But the rule of law, ladies and gentlemen, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights is
what the police are.
The rubber meets the road.
They're the lowest level of that.
Change the laws.
Don't blame the police.
When a cop's wrong, go after him.
Fry him.
There's bad people in every area.
But we need to celebrate the good people in every area and stand up against globalists and authoritarians trying to make us fight with each other and sink the ship.
So think about that.
And I want to come up with a movement that's called July 4th year round or July 5th.
In fact, this is it right now.
The July 5th movement being founded right now means what do you do after July 4th every year?
What do you do than just put out the talk to support America and the Republic and the flag and the veterans?
But what does America symbolize?
What does it stand for?
Why do authoritarians want to destroy it?
Why do they want to undermine it?
That's the July 5th movement.
So I literally just thought of this earlier, but now I've decided to launch it here on air.
It's the July 5th movement.
I know you're going to join me in this, and that's going to make every day July 4th, and make every day the celebration of human history.
Not just Black History Month, but Human History Month, where we celebrate all of our people, not to put one group down to the other, but to bring us all up together, and to unify us.
And that's the American dream, and that's the Renaissance, and that's what the tyrants fear.
Now Louis Farrakhan, who's massively demonized, and I swear to some of the stuff he says, he's dead on about vaccines being poisoned and tainted.
That's just a fact.
And he's been banned because he's talking about it.
That clip's coming up as well.
Owen Troyer takes over.
Owen Troyer takes over right now.
But God bless you all.
Not just here in America, but around the world who love liberty.
When I talk about 1776 worldwide, it's not about American supremacy.
It's not about white supremacy.
It's not about black supremacy.
It's not about brown supremacy.
It's about human supremacy!
Standing up together and moving forward!
July 4th, worldwide.
1776, worldwide.
Worldwide and interplanetary.
God bless you all.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, when we come back... The anti... It's not even anti-vaccine, but it's anti-rigged vaccine.
Anti-medical tyranny vaccine.
Movement is spreading and Louis Farrakhan addresses his audience about this and Alex Jones is going to explain why this is so important.
Coming up next on The Other Side, don't forget about Infowarsstore.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, Infowarsstore.com.
It's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the Resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Let me ask you about a court decision from last week.
A federal court ruled that you and Governor Cuomo violated the Constitution by restricting religious services during the lockdown of the pandemic.
The court said you openly discouraged religious gatherings and threatened religious worshippers and sent a clear message that mass protests are deserving of preferential treatment.
Essentially saying that you treated the protesters who were on the streets differently than the religious gatherings that were on the streets.
No, just wrong.
We worked with the religious leadership of this city for months.
Cardinal Dolan in the Catholic Church and so many other religious leaders who were in full agreement that it was not time to bring back religious services because of the danger it would cause to their congregants.
The protests were an entirely different reality, a national phenomenon that was not something that the government could just say, you know, go away.
It's something that really came from the grassroots and obviously had profound meaning and we're all acting on the meaning of those protests.
But it's really apples and oranges.
Our religious leaders were the first to say it was not time to Let's talk about where we are.
That is a dirty commie.
Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Let's never forget that he changed his name.
What was his name originally?
Wilhelm something?
what the very religious institutions themselves were saying.
Let's talk about where we are.
That is a dirty commie.
Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Let's never forget that. He changed his name.
What was his name originally? Wilhelm something?
Wilhelm something?
Yes, that Bill de Blasio who's top staffer.
Jacob Schwartz was caught with a large file of child pornography, child rape.
Yeah, that was Bill de Blasio's guy.
Yeah, Warren Wilhelm changed his name to Bill de Blasio and then hired a top pedophile as one of his top staffers.
He's up and coming in the Democrat Party.
A lot of people considered him the next John Podesta.
Yeah, that guy, that dirty commie that you just heard from, who's lying, by the way.
Oh, it's apples and oranges to compare protests to church services.
And we were working with the church, the churches who are probably all dirty commies too, those fake churches that put the gay flag up, put Black Lives Matter on the side.
If there was just a Muslim radical terrorist and they put, you know, a Muslim message up that says, oh, we're not anti-Muslim.
The one that brings in the illegal immigrants.
Which, you know what?
If that's all they did, hmm, I guess maybe they wouldn't be so bad.
But it's not.
It's all political.
They're bought and paid for by their local governments that are run by Democrats.
That's why they have the drag queen story times and the like.
But that's just a little framework around Bill de Blasio.
And so what you're seeing now is just the left protesting the 4th of July all day yesterday, stomping on the flag, burning the flag, spitting on it, desecrating a venerable object.
It's actually a felony.
But I guess when you're a liberal court system, you don't consider the flag a venerable object.
But it was a dichotomy.
The two sides of America.
One hates America.
One hates freedom.
One is fully indoctrinated by the mainstream media.
One is completely and unsympathetically racist.
And that is the side of the left wing in America.
The Democrat Party.
The liberal virtue signaling social justice warrior.
Led by their mainstream media cohorts.
Led by their skexy, decrepit, despicable, slimebag, rat, pus-filled, sycophant, Democrat Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
Then there's the other side of America that had their 4th of July's cancelled, their Freedom Day cancelled, their freedoms infringed upon, told to wear a mask, told they couldn't have family gatherings, couldn't have a barbecue.
And that side of America said, no, you can't cancel my 4th of July, you can't cancel my freedom, you can't cancel my America.
And they went out and they shot guns.
And they went out and they lit off fireworks more than ever, I would say, in my memory.
I don't know about you, but it seems like everybody last night, even though their, you know, city-coordinated, taxpayer-funded, normal Fourth of July celebration was cancelled, the fireworks stands were all sold out.
Completely sold out.
You couldn't do a 360 turn without seeing a firework show.
It went on through hours and hours through the night.
Of course, that side of America is led by God.
Led by passion.
Led by liberty and love.
And its leader, right now, As the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who gave two fantastic speeches, one at Mount Rushmore on July 3rd, the Land of Legends speech is what I call it.
The Land of Legends speech.
Whoever deemed this country the Land of Legends, President Donald Trump did.
at Mount Rushmore on July 3rd, 2020.
And so then there's that side of America right there.
The side that loves freedom and independence and self-government and truth and justice and logic and reason and history.
That's the dichotomy.
And, you know, You see President Trump tweeting today, upset at Fox News for showing the fake polls, saying that he's losing to Biden.
Infowars told you that was eventual.
But here's what's even sicker.
President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech was certainly one of the greatest.
And yet, there was almost no coverage.
In fact, the only station that covered it live at all was Fox News, and even they didn't give it full coverage.
So you had to go seek it out for yourself if you wanted to find it, which, by the way, YouTube live audiences, Facebook live audiences, Twitter live audiences were record for this one.
But you couldn't even find it on television news.
Now, if there was a COVID-19 Press conference with Dr. Fauci, every network would have been there to let you know you need to live in fear and you need to wear a mask.
But when President Trump is giving one of the greatest speeches in American history from one of the most iconic and timeless monuments in America, no, they don't cover it.
With the wind blowing the flags in the background, with the fireworks exploding in the distance, with the crowds chanting USA.
They had no interest in airing that, but they'll interest, they'll show you the COVID-19 scares and they're bringing back their death grafts and everything.
But no, they don't love America like we do.
A Florida sheriff has threatened to deputize gun owners against Black Lives Matter protesters.
It's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of
the InfoWar.
The year is 2020.
The date is July 5th.
We've just celebrated our nation's birthday in the American system.
And now more than ever we must defend the Republic.
We must defend the ideals of the Republic, and we must help others discover or rediscover why these basic systems of freedom are under attack.
Because if we allow the idea and the dream of America to be destroyed, then its place will be the nightmare of the New World Order and the post-human future.
So I'm launching the July 5th Movement.
I thought about it this morning.
I thought about it this afternoon.
And it's just important to not just eat hot dogs and hamburgers and eat fireworks.
I would say, yeah, we love America.
But it's important to, again, talk about and discuss and rediscover what made America so great and how it's all of our birthrights to continue it and to promote it and be part of it.
And that's why the New World Order and the globalists and the chi-coms hate it so much because they're promoting nothing but pure authoritarianism.
And if America doesn't go by the wayside, and that ideal continues on, they can't compete with it.
If, say, the United States says, hey, it's wrong.
There's 3 million Muslims in forced labor camps and death camps in China that Apple and Nike are involved in.
You see, they need to get rid of that example.
And so to do it, they demonize it and attack our failings, which we recognize and have fixed in many cases.
It's so sick.
We're the nation.
We're the system that tried to empower humanity and have done, in many cases, such a great job.
And in many cases, not a good job, because with great power comes great corruption and great decadence.
Yes, to quote Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.
So, I want to play a clip here now of Louis Farrakhan.
Now, I've interviewed Louis Farrakhan.
I agree with about 95% of what he says, 5% I totally disagree with.
He gets into race-based politics, all that, but that's the system we live in.
But when he gets up there with his millions of followers and exposes the secret history that's now been declassified in part of medical testing on not just black people, but folks in general, It's so important, it's so true.
We had a story about it on Infowars.com, and I saw some of the Twitter posts and the comments there, and they were overwhelmingly negative, saying, you're making this up.
There's no history of depopulation.
Bill Gates doesn't want to depopulate.
Bill Gates has been on national television.
Many times and promoted this.
He's been in the London Guardian, the Associated Press.
This is his main mission.
His dad ran Planned Parenthood, whose main job was, quote, to get rid of the black weeds.
That's a quote from Margaret Sanger.
So to me, it's not about a virtue signal to go, oh, they're after the black folks.
They are after the black folks.
And when they're done with them, they're after everybody else.
They're the beta test because they were discriminated against and because they were used as guinea pigs.
So I have empathy.
I don't have white guilt.
I've got empathy.
Because if I'm a dog and I see another dog in a Chinese, what do you call them, grocery store about to get chopped up, I get upset because that's another dog getting killed.
Well, you know what?
Black people are humans.
I'm a human too.
And I've got empathy watching them go through all this and I notice how as soon as they've done it to them and tested it out, they move right on to everybody else.
So, it's really about selfishness.
Because I care about black people, folks.
I care about children, period.
I look at a white child, a black child.
None of these children deserve to be put through all this or given poisonous vaccines.
But, when you pull back from it, it's even worse than that.
Because they tell white children they're bad because they're white.
That's inherently evil.
All of this is evil.
And that's what the globe is promoting.
So, what Louis Farrakhan said is absolutely true.
The video is on Infowars.com.
I hope you share it.
Here it is.
Then back to Owen Schroer on the live transmission.
God bless you all.
I say to the African presidents, do not take their medications.
I say to those of us in America, we need to call a meeting of our skilled virologists, epidemiologists.
Students of biology and chemistry.
And we need to look at not only what they give us, we need to give ourselves something better.
So my teacher told me, don't speak for some, speak for the whole.
And now I'm speaking for Black America, for Hispanic America, for the Native American, and for those who are desirous of life.
They're making money now plotting to give 7,500,000,000 people a vaccination.
Dr. Fauci.
I don't know how to teach them.
Bill Gates and Melinda?
You want to depopulate the Earth?
What the hell gives you that right?
Who are you to sit down with your billions and talk about who can live and who should die?
That's why your world is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others.
Powerful words there.
And again, you can get into anyone's history and say, hey, they're good or they're bad or They shouldn't have said that or done that, but when they speak the truth, it's still the truth.
You can judge a man's character by the actions of the man, or his deeds, or his words, but when he speaks the truth, it's just the truth.
And what Farrakhan said is the truth.
Yeah, Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the earth.
He said it.
And you know, I would bet you Bill Gates pledged some money to Black Lives Matter in the most unironic symbol of hatred and disgust you could ever imagine, as he sends in his poison en masse by the airplane load, cargo loads of death.
right from Bill Gates's labs, right from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to Africa.
And that's courtesy, there it is, of this anti-human freak, Bill Gates.
Pull that back up.
Actually, I didn't see that headline.
Bill Gates has given over $50 billion to charitable causes over career.
That's just so he can get control of them and bring in his eugenics program.
And then have everybody lick his boots when he goes on TV.
Because he owns most of these media corporations through fiat as an end-around with marketing and technology.
And yes, [BLANK_AUDIO]
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the world is waking up to all of this.
Bill Gates can't put out a tweet without being called out for his death plot.
Andrew Cuomo can't send out a tweet without being called out for his mass murder of folks in nursing homes.
Mayor Adler here in Austin can't send out a tweet without everybody calling him a tyrant.
Governor Abbott hated by both sides in Texas now for throwing us under the bus.
Wartime conservatism is here.
And that just means, in general, conserving what you love, Conserving what you hold dear, conserving your way of life because the radical left, the communist left, with its political tank known as the Democrat Party, is coming to destroy all our ways of life.
So that's wartime conservatism in 2020.
In other words, they wanted me to lie.
They put me under enormous financial and legal pressure.
It's Alex Jones.
Big Brother. Now on the Hulu.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, here's what's coming up.
In the second hour of this Sunday edition, I'm going to be taking your phone calls.
We're going to air a special report coming up from Greg Reese.
The history of America, really human history, that you're not going to find in mainstream history textbooks or television specials.
And then I want to take your phone calls for the entirety of the second hour.
What is it that you notice the most from Trump's speech at Mount Rushmore or on the 4th of July or what from the July 4th weekend will you remember?
When you talk about July 4th, 2020, when you remember it in your head, what are you going to remember about it?
So the number to call in Is 877-789-2539.
What did President Trump's speeches over the weekend mean to you?
And what will you remember?
What did President Trump's speeches over the weekend mean to you?
And what will you remember?
What stories will you tell about July 4th, 2020?
And so we'll start going to your phone calls in 15 minutes at 5.06 p.m.
Central Time on this Sunday, broadcasting live from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
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Yeah, 3 to 6 p.m.
Oh, do you have a Facebook page or YouTube?
Nope, banned from there.
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A left in America.
A Democrat party that hates Truth hates America, hates freedom, hates everything.
Hates reality, hates you.
Hates your God.
Hates your values.
Hates your family.
Hates the car you drive.
And they come out with crap like this.
From the AP, in troubled times.
Independence Day in a land of confusion.
No, you see, you're only confused You're only confused on this Independence Day if you actually believe Democrats in Congress, if you actually believe mainstream media, if you actually believe talking heads like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon.
Then yeah, you're in troubled times.
You're in a land of confusion.
Nothing makes sense to you.
When you have people broadcasting and projecting the exact opposite of reality for you to ingest, Like a tub of lard, and telling you it's the best smoothie ever.
Yeah, you're in a land of confusion.
When you get educated at Harvard about how being racist against white people is a good thing, and then you lose your job because of your racism, yeah, you're in a land of confusion, alright.
Yahoo News, and of course this story gets pushed out to all their tentacle media connections.
Independence Day marked by division in the streets of Washington.
Again, it's like land of confusion.
No, you're only divided if you listen to the same people I just told you about.
Yeah, you're divided if you listen to CNN.
You're divided if you listen to MSNBC.
You're divided if you get all the propaganda from mainstream entertainment.
You're divided if you see the Democrats wearing a kente cloth, which actually represents slavery.
The irony.
The irony.
Now we're going to be hearing from you on the phone lines.
I want to again hear what President Trump's speeches over the weekend meant to you.
What memories, what stories will you hold dear from July 4th, 2020?
I certainly had a great July 4th.
A full moon on a lake with fireworks on a 360 view.
It's about as good as it gets.
No masks.
No masks.
I hope I never have a 4th of July with a mask over my face.
Cannot restrict freedoms.
Illinois judge voids Governor Pritzker's coronavirus lockdown orders.
We need more judges like this.
Trump is trying to appoint them.
But the leftist judges are holding on for dear life in every position they can.
Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Do you think Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrated the 4th of July?
From an iron lung?
Matt Groening shows the Simpsons Futurama.
Like, very well known for predicting the future.
Maybe Ruth Ginsburg head in a jar.
For the Supreme Court.
That was actually in Futurama.
So just like de Blasio said, you can't go to church but BLM can protest all day.
Yeah, there's Ruth Bader Ginsburg last night watching the 4th of July fireworks above her.
Just like de Blasio says, one set of rules for you, not for me.
Code Pink plans rallies in California on 4th of July while the rest of the state not allowed to hold family gatherings.
Literally, literally, Governor Newsom said he'd send police to your house if you had family over for a barbecue.
Here's the irony, though.
Hillary Clinton says she doesn't know if Trump will leave office if defeated.
Folks, all this protests, like police declare a riot twice on July 4th amid protests in Portland, all these protests that you see are all anti-Trump protests.
BLM, Me Too, all of them.
They're all anti-Trump protests.
This is all the left-wing media and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats not accepting their loss to Trump.
That's what all of this is.
So they still haven't let go to the election.
Don't let them twist this.
Life in a pod.
The new normal.
Dining pods are going up everywhere.
Article by Steve Watson.
If you want to go out socializing from now on, you'll likely be- New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging War on Corruption It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of
the InfoWar.
Since Sumer in Babylon, slavery has been a foundational part of the human story.
In ancient Greece, slaves were considered part of the natural order.
Aristotle wrote, For that some should rule and others be ruled is a thing not only necessary, but expedient.
From the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjugation, others for rule.
During the Roman Empire, slavery was widespread, and when Rome fell, dynasties of Arabs along the Mediterranean created a new slave trade.
The prophet Muhammad was a slave trader, and the teachings of Islam support slavery.
For all of recorded history, you will find humanity enslaved, mostly to ruling class families and their vassals.
African slaves first arrived in America in 1619.
And by 1688, the abolitionist movement was born within the Protestant Christian group known as the Quakers.
The Quakers believed that each individual had a soul, and thereby every individual should be free.
Quaker William Penn's Charter of Privileges was an early prototype for the Bill of Rights, and it was Quaker philosophy that inspired inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence.
These documents were designed to liberate the individual from a ruling class system.
It was the beginning of the abolition movement, and black slaves immediately began petitioning legislators demanding their freedom.
By 1804, there were 11 free states and 11 slave states, splitting the North and the South against each other.
It was during this struggle between the status quo and individual freedom that America's two current political parties were formed.
By the dawn of the Civil War, there was Lincoln's anti-slavery Republican Party versus the pro-slavery Democratic Party.
In 1862, Lincoln issues his Emancipation Proclamation, followed by the 13th and 14th Amendments.
The Democratic Party remained strongly opposed.
They even went on to create the Ku Klux Klan as the party's military arm.
Hiding behind masks, the KKK used violence, intimidation, and murder to help the Democratic Party gain political power.
In 1868, the first presidential election since the abolition of slavery, the slogan for the Democratic Party was, this is a white man's country, let white men rule.
Today, Africa has the highest rate of slavery in world history.
And so does the world.
An estimated 40.3 million people are enslaved, 25% of which are children.
And while both parties in America have become corrupted, it is still the Democratic Party that fights against individual freedom and pushes the people towards reliance upon a bigger, more powerful government.
America is not perfect.
The ruling class still thrives.
But our Constitution and Bill of Rights have given the people more individual freedom than anything else in all of recorded history.
And those who seek to take it away do so without any idea of what comes next.
If we cannot preserve the extraordinary and unprecedented freedoms that we were given at birth, do we even deserve to be free?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, I'm going to start taking your phone calls, but I can't help but get this off my mind, because I really think it's so important, and I don't even know why, but the fact that, again, all news networks will air any Anthony Fauci press conference ever, But they never air the Donald Trump Mount Rushmore speech.
It's the same thing.
They lie to you about American history, they would never play a report like that that's at Bandot Video.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
James Brown.
There's a proud American.
There's a great American.
They really don't make music like James Brown anymore, do they?
Oh, man.
That's something right there.
All right, let's... We could listen to James Brown all day.
Believe me, I could do it.
Let's go out to the phone lines, though.
I'm asking you, what did President Trump's speeches this weekend mean to you, Mount Rushmore, and then at the White House?
What memories or stories from July 4, 2020 will you hold dear and tell your Lineage in the future.
Phone lines are full up.
We're ready to go with you.
Let's go to Shane in St.
Shane, go ahead.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, what's up?
My memory of 4th of July is going to be walking into Walmart without my mask on, going into the exit, Going right behind the guy that was at the door.
Him chasing me down.
Telling me that I can't come in without a mask.
Kind of shrugging him off and just went and got my milk.
Walked on back to the register.
And got out of there and he yelled at me and said, don't ever come back.
And I said, hey, I'll see you tomorrow.
And then I came back today.
It's like a little game of cat and mouse.
It's like Tom and Jerry.
Yeah, I came back today and I went back in there and That guy wasn't there, but I wore a mask through the door, but it was on my head.
I was just trying to get in there without causing any commotion.
Then I went and got my items and got back out of there.
So fighting the mask order.
That's your memory.
Refusing to wear the mask.
Louis and St.
Louis County, which I'm sure you're aware of, Yeah, they started at 3pm on Thursday after months of mask-free openings.
It's a joke.
The people in St.
Louis, nobody's buying this crap.
Born and raised and proud, Shane.
That's why I went to you first.
It's kind of a secret if you ever know I'm on air and you're from St.
You always get to the top of the line.
Everyone's going to call in and claim they're from St.
Louis now.
Shane, thank you so much for the call.
Zach in Iowa.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me, Owen?
Loud and clear.
Awesome, yeah.
I just wanted to say, you know, this past month, you know, it has really woken me up.
Everything that's going on and it has made me angry to see the destruction of America and Trump's Mount Rushmore, which was one of the most beautiful speeches I have seen him give.
And I just want to thank you and Infowars and Alex and everybody for all you've done over the years.
I've been a listener for 11 years now.
I'm 31 and you guys have changed my life completely.
I love your product.
And I will absolutely be voting for President Trump in November.
I can't wait.
We're pretty much the tip of the spear, but alone as that tip.
And so, it's callers like Zach, with your kind words.
It's people that I meet when we have rallies and events that shake my hand and give me gifts.
It's just, you guys make it possible literally by supporting us, but your voice of support, your prayers and everything...
It spiritually fuels me.
So you financially fuel us to build the studios, hire the crew, hire the host, have the technology, build the websites, and then it's your prayers, your voicing of support and everything that gives me the spiritual energy to continue this fight.
It gives me the motivation to still come here seemingly against all odds, against the entire establishment and the brainwashed masters to still come here and do it every day and give it everything we got.
And that's our oath to you as the audience, so can't thank you enough, Zach, for your support and your kind words, and that goes for everybody else out there that shares Zach's feelings about InfoWars and everything we've done with you next to us in these incredible times.
Zach, thank you for the call.
Taylor in Texas, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hey Owen, I got to meet you at the Reopen Texas rally and you're really nice and I just want to say thanks and my four-year-old son, I took him and he can't stop saying Reopen Texas.
Reopen Texas!
Look at that one, he's a smart guy.
He is, he can't stop saying it so I'm proud of him.
It's like son's first words, Reopen Texas, you're not upset.
It's pretty cool, I'm proud of him.
Yeah, I just want to touch kind of on the patriotic I've seen over since I live in a small town, Wembley, Texas, and they canceled the parade, canceled all the fireworks, all that stuff.
You know, but I still saw the patriotic that I haven't seen my whole life living here.
So it was pretty cool to see that.
Well, I've never seen firework stands literally empty shelves.
I mean, I'm not making that up.
Literally empty shelves on multiple firework stands.
I've spent quite a few Fourth of July's on a lake.
And you do see a lot of fireworks on the lake.
People set off fireworks.
I've never seen it for like two, three, four straight hours, 360 degrees, firework displays.
And again, like you said, none of it was city sanctioned or, you know, funded like parades and stuff like that.
It was just all free citizens, non-government, just totally organic patriotism.
That's right.
Yeah, it was cool.
And, you know, that's one thing I will take with me on this Fourth of July.
And one more thing, it was kind of funny, we were at a river park and they were trying to post to wear a mask at the river park.
I thought that was pretty funny, but no one wore masks and we were chanting USA and it was pretty cool, flying our flag.
So, thank you.
Well, thank you, Taylor.
And it's crazy, again, you think about How weird 2020 is, and then still how epic, though, the fight we're in right now for America.
But to think taking a stand is just the simple, common-sense, no-duh act of not wearing a mask.
I mean, I can get into all the reasons why it's so hilariously stupid to wear a mask, but we won't go into that now, because I want to keep taking your calls, and let's go to James in Pennsylvania.
James, go ahead.
Alright, James, we got you.
Go ahead.
Hey, no problem.
So I live just outside Harrisburg.
I heard the fireworks going off into 1030 at night, and that makes me so happy.
And to hear L.A.
was even setting off fireworks in that Democat-controlled hellhole they got over there.
I mean, it's good to see that there's red-blooded Americans supporting our constitutional right as our Independence Day against all of their leftist, liberal nonsense.
Yeah, the scenes above L.A., I mean, just cool.
I don't know how else to say it, man.
That's just cool.
Honestly, I mean, I'm sure the fireworks over Harrisburg were great too, but it's just nice to see that there are real Americans left in this fight, brother.
Yeah, and you know, we're so splintered and just naturally independent just by our creature that we tend to forget we are the vast majority.
And so I think that kind of was a representation on the 4th of July just to remember I mean, look, I didn't deal with any protesters.
I mean, I saw it in the news.
I covered it here today, but I mean, outside from the, I guess, police or the people that had to deal with him, I mean, I don't think anybody's Fourth of July was stopped by a mask ordinance or fireworks were illegal or anything like that.
Sounds to me like everybody pretty much went harder than ever.
Alright, James, thank you for the call.
Alright, when we come back, it'll be Pete It'll be Rob.
It'll be Kenny on the other side of this short break.
Remember, InfoWarsStore.com.
Let's get right back to the phone lines.
And we go to Pete calling in from Utah.
Pete, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you doing?
Good, thank you.
Excellent, excellent.
Hey, I've got some good news to give everyone.
The first is, now, I live in a large county in Utah.
It's a rural county.
It's called Duchesne.
French spelling, I'm not going to spell it for you.
I live in the Uintah Mountains, totally off-grid.
My grandkids, some of my grandkids, and my one daughter live in a small town of Duchesne, which is about 2,500 people.
Now, we had planned a huge 4th of July celebration.
I want to preface this with that Everyone else in the state of Utah shut down their stuff and stopped it.
We didn't stop anything.
We started at 7 in the morning with breakfast done by, that was done by the veterans, okay?
Then you had the farmers doing things.
We made, they went out and made out of things gigantic slippery slides for the kids.
I mean, just, I could go on and on with everything we did.
The point is, we had our parade start at 10 o'clock.
The town's got about 2,500 people in it.
There's probably 5,000 people lining the streets.
Not one mask on!
Not one damn mask!
You understand how beautiful that was?
And again, it's crazy, because it sounds insane, like something you'd read in some odd, dystopian, scientific novel, but that's it.
It's like, you're like, what?
What do you mean no masks?
Like, yeah, we didn't wear masks.
That's revolutionary.
Now we have what's called Tri-County, because they take your health department, and instead of having one for each county, they pick three counties.
So we got Tri-County Health tried to shut us down.
They told him to pump sand, literally.
Wouldn't even allow him anywhere near us.
So there are patriots and there's patriot cities and towns all around.
Now I might get yelled at for saying and causing some attention,
but people need to realize they got to stand up.
And if you don't mind, I'd like to preface this whole thing with a couple other things
if I'm not taking too much time.
First of all, I've been listening to Alex Jones since he started, for over 23 years.
I never called in.
I loved Alex Jones.
The only time I ever had any doubt about him was, uh, it was pretty much a little bit before 9-11, when they really did a trash campaign on him that he was bringing in over-hyping things.
You weren't around at that time, but Alex will know what I'm talking about.
And I had a little bit of doubt of him then.
But then everything he did, that he ever did, came true.
And it kept coming true.
So there's no doubt we're at the tip of the... But people got to realize that Alex Jones has always been fighting for what's right.
He fought against the Republicans for years when he thought the Democrats were at least trying to do something right.
He doesn't... This isn't a Democrat-Republican thing.
I think that's the really big There's two points I'd like to make to everyone listening to you today, and that is, number one, we've got to quit talking about Republicans and Democrats, and we've got to talk about the globalists, the communists against American patriots.
Because that's the fight that's going on.
It's not on party lines.
And as long as they get us looking at these party lines, we keep getting fooled.
We've got to know them by their fruits.
Either your fruit is for the United States of America and for freedom, all of our rights, not tearing down damn statues, not wearing masks, not being told what to do and standing up, or we're not going to make it.
But it's not that hard.
It's just a refining fire.
And I'll tell you, I started this fight A long time ago, I was a very successful businessman, started lots of businesses, made a lot of money.
Back in 2006, I actually was running an organization.
Trump came to us to do his university.
We told him, we ain't going to do this.
This is not going to work.
It's not the right way to do it.
They taught people for years how to actually make money and be a good capitalist.
As soon as I saw what happened when we gave corporations the rights of human beings, and I could go down that line forever, I got away from that.
Walked away from a $400,000 a year job and spent two and a half years finding my connection to the higher power.
Well, and that's what's so key when Trump does these speeches and calls on God as well, because that's been so lost, you know, just as a cultural thing in this country, specifically from positions of leadership.
Pete, thank you so much for the call.
And, you know, he brings up two things, because I was thinking about this too.
They always put Infowars, like, on the farthest right of the map.
They never explain their reasoning for any of this.
But it's like, if you listened to Alex Jones in the Bush administration, you would have probably put him on the left, because he was just anti-Bush.
Of course, he was never on the right or the left.
It was always just truth, reality, freedom, America.
Those were the values.
But you know, just to go back to the mask, and I'll take another call before the break.
I mean, not wearing a mask is like, you know, no crap Sherlock territory, okay?
The reason why it's revolutionary is because it's the simple act of not wearing a mask which is the total rejection of mainstream news.
The total rejection of the establishment.
The total rejection of being told what to do.
Being told to live in fear.
Being told not to think.
It's the total rejection of that.
Let's squeeze one more caller in here.
Rob in New York, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
I'm in New York here.
I'm a firm believer in the promise of the great force and all that.
You guys actually give us a horse in the race by what you do.
One thing I wanted to talk about was that President Trump, he did a lot of talking over this speech,
and he was talking about doing an executive order for monuments
to, you know, all these people.
But what about propping up the patriots that are fighting right now?
What about pardoning Roger Stone?
What about the things that are prevalent to us?
That's great, we're going to honor the past, but right now we're in such a fight for the future that to look back, I know it's a familiar feature at the same time, but to look back and not prop up these people who are fighting for you on a daily basis... Yeah, Rob, I'm sorry.
We have a bad phone connection with you here.
You keep going in and out.
I wanted to give you as much time as possible, at least to make your point.
I think you did here.
And so, you know, this is tough.
I get what you're saying.
I don't really care.
I don't think people fighting for America right now really care about being memorialized or anything like that.
I think we just want results, and I think that's what you're talking about when you say pardoning Roger Stone.
I'd like to see the people guilty of treason for the prior administration that illegally spied on President Trump and others.
I'd like to see them face a real justice system, not a rigged justice system.
Because yeah, the patriots that are fighting for America now, we're the ones that get tormented and tortured by the corrupted left-wing government establishment system.
Which is just communism, which naturally always goes after its political dissidents first.
But I do think it was a brilliant thing to say he's going to build a national park with monuments to say, no, we're going to have these.
in the face of this left-wing terror mob tearing all these statues down.
We got two segments left here on the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And I want to go back to your phone calls.
We've been asking people what President Trump's speeches this weekend meant to them.
What memories they will hold dear or stories they will tell.
About the 4th of July in 2020.
Let's go to Kenny in Ohio.
Kenny, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Good, thanks.
So what I want to take away from this week, not even just this weekend, is that even though Trump and his speeches were talking about unity and countries for everybody, the media, other than the mainstream media, is still trying to push division through You know, Black Lives Matter, and there's a new black militant group that's starting up that's trying to take over Texas and they want Texas for themselves.
Yeah, they're actually going around with guns.
In fact, I'll forward this to you guys right now.
They're going around with guns demanding reparations.
This is in Texas.
Even with all that stuff going on, nothing popped off.
Everybody was celebrating, having a good time, like it's supposed to be.
Supposed to be unity, supposed to be about America.
Even though there's still a little bit of people trying to dissect from all that, we're still right on point with people remaining faithful to the United States and faithful to each other.
That's what I'll take away from this weekend.
Well, and that's what's so sad about this.
The left is just this cyclone of hatred.
It's like a twister of hatred, a tornado of hatred.
And so, we go out, we have a great time, we don't care what your skin color is, we don't care about your religion, your sexual orientation, any of that garbage.
You like barbecue, you like fireworks, you like good music, you like the sun, you like the moon, you like the lake, you like a boat, a jet ski, you like freedom, you like being alive.
It's like, hey, you're with us, man!
Anything we like, they just hate.
So then they hate freedom.
They hate unity.
They hate America.
They'll say barbecue's racist.
They probably already do.
They'll tear down all the things that we celebrate.
And so that was just the footage, though, that's the B-roll of this group that the caller was talking about.
It's a group of black men, mostly men, So unlike Black Lives Matter, which is like 90% white liberals now, this is a group that is all black men, mostly black men, maybe there's some women in there, they carry around, some of them multiple guns, and they walk around on the streets, in a military formation, and they go to your car and demand reparations.
Now how long do you think that's going to go on before someone gets shot?
So it's just like, this is what the left wants though.
They're knocking on the door begging us to fight them.
And we're like, hey man, we're trying to enjoy life here, can you leave us alone?
And they just keep pounding louder.
And then more show up.
So, I mean eventually someone's going to answer the door.
It's probably not going to be the one they want, but someone's going to eventually answer that door.
Anything else Kenny?
I just want to say it was a great weekend and I had a little impromptu party with a couple of people I've known for years.
I had some fireworks.
You know, just another good time.
Have a beer, smoke a couple cigars.
That was it.
So hopefully everybody else had a great weekend like I did.
I was so, I thank God for such a great weekend.
Kenny, thanks for the call.
You know, and he also, his point was that Trump gave a great speech and the media was playing Division.
Folks, I was sitting at home Friday night.
I just got finished hosting the War Room.
And usually on Fridays, unlike Monday through Thursday, I don't jump right back into my preparation for the next day's show.
Like I normally do on Fridays, I tend to decompress sometimes.
And actually it worked out perfectly.
What happened was I get home from the gym and I turn on the TV and Trump is speaking.
So I was like, oh, okay, I'm going to listen to Trump speak.
And I don't remember how long the speech was.
All right, so he's speaking.
And then I'm like, all right, well, let me go see the media reaction.
Because normally I have all like four of my TVs on and I'm watching it all in live time to kind of just gauge it.
It's just normal show prep.
Well, I was just kind of relaxing on a Friday.
So I'm watching the speech.
I'm like, oh, okay.
Let me go see what the media is talking about.
Well, I was stunned at what I learned, folks.
The only network, because I went back and checked, the only news network that aired President Trump's Mount Rushmore speech at all was Fox News, and they didn't even give it full coverage.
They were going in and out, cutting back and forth, people going on air, talking, and then doing other things.
No news network aired President Trump's full Mount Rushmore speech.
Think about that.
And just the one comparison I would make is, if Anthony Fauci was sitting on the toilet, taking a dump, telling you about COVID, there would be CNN cameras, MSNBC cameras, NBC cameras, CBS cameras, I mean, all the cameras, but they'd have a camera up Fauci's rear end, seeing if his poop comes out with a mask on it.
And it would be 24-7, around the clock, with the death numbers right there.
But when President Trump is in front of Mount Rushmore giving one of the most historic speeches on July 4th Eve, they don't even cover it.
And then I figured, well, I'm sure that they'll be running coverage of it just to insult it.
They didn't even do that!
It was like it never happened.
And then everybody notices too.
Hillary Clinton goes to Mount Rushmore.
It's celebrated on mainstream media.
Barack Obama goes to Mount Rushmore.
It's celebrated on mainstream media.
Bernie Sanders goes to Mount Rushmore.
It's celebrated on mainstream media.
Trump goes to Mount Rushmore.
He's racist.
He's a bigot.
He's a misogynist.
He might as well own slaves.
And we're not going to cover it.
So look, that just wakes up thousands of more people when they just continue to be so fake and biased and anti-truth and anti-American.
Because, you know, that's the other thing.
At least for me.
My real red pill was just tuning into the news for the first time and realizing it was fake.
It's like a piece of fake fruit.
That's like, been sitting there for years, you didn't really think about, is it real, is it fake, you never even thought about it, it's just sitting in a bowl.
And then one day you're like, eh, I'm gonna go try that fruit, but you've got, then you're like, whoa, wait a second, that's totally fake, I'm not gonna eat that.
So now that the news is just becoming more fake and fake and fake and biased and untruthful and just legendary lies, legendary cover-ups, I mean the cover-up of the COVID hoax, where they Say, if you've been around someone with COVID, now you have COVID.
And if you are in the same room as someone that has COVID, well, you have COVID.
And so we're just taking one case of COVID and then making it 20 cases of COVID.
And we're gonna make sure we get some death, because we in Democrat cities with Democrat governors like murderous Mayor Cuomo, And folks, here's the incredible thing.
Again, you know what?
Honestly, it's not even a thing about bragging.
It's like patting ourselves on the back.
We really should more often.
I doubt you could find anybody else out there before me that said, they're intentionally sending people into nursing homes and killing them.
It's the biggest story.
Nobody's talking about it.
I have been saying that for months.
Now guests are going on Fox News.
They still haven't set, they still haven't gone far enough because they still say, well, it was an accident, it was a mistake, it was unintentional, but why did we send COVID patients into nurse homes?
So it's like everyone's realizing that's what happened now, but they haven't really jumped that fence yet.
I jumped that fence and I've hopped 30 fences since.
I can't even see that fence anymore.
But that's why InfoWars is next year's news today.
That's why InfoWars is tomorrow's news today.
By the way, the news networks that refused to televise President Trump's historic Mount Rushmore speech, forget about them, don't worry about them.
You can go to Band.Video and watch the entire speech in HD in its entirety.
We have it at Band.Video.
So, they won't air it.
We'll put it up there for you at band.video.
Alright, we're gonna come back, final segment, and we're gonna get some more calls in.
Final segment, let's take some calls before we sign off.
Remember, infowarsstore.com is how it's all possible.
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Pastor Sam calling in from New Mexico.
You're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
I'm in old Mexico, Owen.
The bad news for the day is I went through the airport in Mexico City and they jacked me for my last tuba super blue.
Oh man, I'm hurting bad.
So my big memory for the 4th of July is the message of the El Salvadorian Christian President of Solidarity that he sent to the United States and to President Trump.
Just a reminder that we're not alone.
We have allies in the world.
We have other presidents that are trying to drain their swamp and make their countries great.
And hopefully, hopefully, this week Mexico will become one of them when the Mexican president, known as AMLO, Lopez Obrador, comes to Washington, D.C.
to meet with President Trump.
This is a major crack in the dam as far as the media narrative that all brown people hate Trump and that Trump hates brown people.
This has been a major rift in all of the Americas, but it could all turn around.
In one day, on Wednesday and Thursday when they meet together, so it's something to really keep an eye on.
I believe that Trump delayed the Venezuelan invasion for this meeting because we were really set up hardcore in Curacao, just right off the coast of Venezuela, to run in, take care of all their little boats and everything, and liberate that nation.
And today, President Trump also issued a message of solidarity.
You know, and it's so incredible, these leftists that want to tear down America and not understanding what's on the other side.
It is Venezuela collapse.
in 1811. You know and it's so incredible these leftists that want to tear down
America not understanding what's on the other side. It is Venezuela collapse. It
is the Venezuelan style collapse with worthless money, no structure left at
You're lucky if you can afford three meals a day.
But see, they don't care.
They want to see you suffer.
Even if they die like that, they would rather see you die like that than actually live like that themselves.
That's just the sickness of the left.
But Pastor Sam, thank you so much for this update.
Next week, President Trump and the President of Mexico meeting.
We'll keep a close eye on that.
Let's jump to Jay in Panama City Beach.
Or did we lose him, guys?
Well, you know what?
We got another Jay on, so let's do a flip flop to Jay in Alabama.
Go ahead, Jay.
Hey, Owen, I actually live on the Panhandle, and that's the home of the Blue Angels.
And I take them for granted, living there, because I can see them in October when they're home and flying over the coast.
And it's an amazing thing, but seeing them fly over Mount Rushmore, with our president giving that speech, gives me chills.
Absolutely amazing.
Yeah, there's no doubt this Mount Rushmore speech is one that's being touted as, for many Trump supporters, their favorite.
I don't know if I would say it's my favorite.
I would even say I think his State of the Union speech from 2020 was probably my favorite above that.
That would, I guess, be number two.
He hasn't really given too many speeches this year with that epic magnitude.
And gravity.
But people loved it.
It was definitely, for historians, a mile marker.
A memorable one.
But right now I am on I-65 traveling south out of Birmingham.
And I just hit Montgomery and I'm almost to the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
Which they want to rename.
Which, I think that's a disgrace to Martin Luther King.
Well, everything the left does is a disgrace to Martin Luther King.
They'll come to cancel Martin Luther King before this is all said and done, if they haven't already.
Because Martin Luther King was pro-life, and a Christian, and a non-violent aggressor.
So, they're everything that Martin Luther King stood against.
And one more thing, the media will not cover all the boat parades that happened this weekend for Trump.
That was absolutely amazing.
I participated in one this afternoon on the lake and there was probably 500 boats with at least five to six people.
Definitely not social distancing.
Water everywhere.
It was wet.
People spitting, drinking beer, flying the American flag.
It was beautiful.
Yeah, the boat parades in Florida have been very popular.
I guess when everything's shut down, you just figure go out on the boat and fly a Trump flag.
Thanks for the call, Jay.
David in New Mexico.
David, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
God bless you all.
I'm 82 years old.
I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
And I remember the 4th of July, we used to have block parties celebrating our independence.
Not with these watered down nonsense that we have in this day and age.
For the last 50 years, I've been watching this nation going down the tube.
People don't realize That these people, especially on the Democratic side, I'm not saying all Democrats are loopies, but their head people have gone so far left, they might as well be in China or in Russia.
Yeah, by the way, these old people say they want to leave America, they hate America, just go then!
Like, nobody's making you stay here!
I wish they would!
You know, I used to talk on my local radio station Call in and have my little bit on what I thought was wrong.
I wanted to call in one day and ask them, what is a compound for the UN doing in Utah, Salt Lake City?
Are they trying to take us over?
You know, people in this country better start waking up.
I spent 30 years in the military, four years in the Navy.
Sixteen years in the U.S.
Marine Corps Reserve, and ten years in the Army National Guard.
And these people don't seem to realize... David, David, let me ask you a question, because I gotta go here shortly, but I want to ask you this question first.
Was there ever a time, you say growing up in Brooklyn, I mean, was there ever a time where, you know, if you guys saw a communist walking around the streets, he didn't get his ass kicked?
His ass would go all the way to the next...
We used to have, like, different areas where we lived.
You came into our area, you better be 100% American.
I don't care if you're black, white, pink, or yellow.
There was no such nonsense as this, oh, Black Lives Matter bullshit.
We didn't go for that.
David, I gotta drop you.
We're on terrestrial radio here.
I love you, David.
Great call.
Great call.
Man, I just want to go back to the days when you kicked the commie's ass up and down the block.
Some commie walks down the street, you kicked his ass up and down the block till he had all the communists out of him.
But now the commies march in New York, they march all over this country, and they get a separate set of laws backed by George Soros and the Democrat Party.
Alright folks, Alex Jones wants to depart with a word.
Hear the final word on today's show.
Remember, Infowarsstore.com, July 4th specials are live.
Here's the final word from Alex Jones.
There's one thing everyone needs to understand about Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation.
They are not doing that to give their money away.
They've gotten richer doing it.
They are part of this very small, quote, elite group that are allowed to put their money in tax-free foundations like Ford and Carnegie and the Rockefellers.
So the companies all operate as for-profit companies.
But then the money is put in tax-free in the foundations, so the quote, profit pays for buildings and airports and medical centers, I mean, whatever the case is.
But if you look at Ford, Carnegie, all of it, it's about overthrowing the country, setting up world government, massive, billions of years spent on transgenderism, confusing little kids to be sterilized, basically.
It's totally monstrous.
So you see headlines, Bill Gates gives $50 billion to charity.
When Bill Gates started doing that in the early 1990s, he had like $10 billion.
Now he's got like $100 billion.
And then he's got the foundation money that's over $50 billion.
Because it's tax exempt.
He does not pay taxes.
If you look up Google, Apple, none of them do.
They run slave camps in China.
It's a sick joke.
But the media they own tells you, oh, they're virtue signaling, oh, oh, they're so good, oh.
And then, yeah, the money is to buy off all the major health institutions of the UN and at the national level.
Bill Gates just got thrown out two years ago out of India.
Look it up.
For sterilizing the damn vaccines.
And a bunch of other weird stuff.
I mean, these people are sick, man.
They want children.
So, back to insuring a lot of broadcasts.
I just want to make the point that you see all these headlines about, oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
Oh, they love us.
No, they're tax-exempt.
Only the profit is tax-exempt.
It's a private corporate company.
But then they invest it in other private companies.
So no one can compete with that.
And then everything he invests in is building world government, forced inoculations, medical tyranny.
That's the reality.
Bill Gates pays no taxes.
Bill Gates is a globalist criminal.
Bill Gates was put in charge to do this from the beginning.
He didn't set any of it up.
IBM got the highest awards from Hitler.
Look it up!
Look it up!
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