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Air Date: July 2, 2020
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The InfoWars show covered topics including Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest, COVID-19 misinformation, and conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death. They promoted products on their show and encouraged viewers to buy storable food and firearms for potential unrest. They also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, its connection to George Soros, and the hijacking of the civil rights movement by Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement. Bishop Larry Gators explained how the Illuminati controls Black America through the manipulation of matter or dark matter according to a book called IFA.

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As this full horror begins to come out, as this information
Begins to be drug out into the sunlight, it's going to be absolutely horrible.
Are there underground bases globalists have where they abuse kids and do horrible cloning experiments and cyborg stuff?
Are there kids in dungeons underground?
Better damn believe it, but you know, there's been explosions and earthquakes lately because the special forces are fighting the pedophiles underground.
That's all made up crap.
But Jeffrey Epstein and all of his CDs, with world leaders having sex with children as young as five, and the snuff films, and the devil worship, and the torture chairs, and the satanic temple on his island, and the weird cloning facility at Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, that's all real.
Eyes wide shut, all of it, and it's coming out.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
News that just came across the wires, which is that Ghislaine Maxwell, who is Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam, was just allegedly arrested, reportedly arrested, by the U.S.
Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the FBI, and she will be charged.
We do not yet know what the details of those charges are.
However, as we've covered here time after time,
Ryan, witness after witness, victim after victim, has placed Colleen Maxwell at the center of the alleged human trafficking ring run by former pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
This is a landmark moment, which honestly I didn't think was going to be coming.
I thought she was going to get away scot-free.
I read all of these reports about how she was in Israel, about how she was in Brazil, about how she was in California, hiding and shuttling around the globe in the homes of powerful people everywhere, and all I hope
Is that there is a camera on this woman's cell for the next 24 hours a day, every day, because she's supposed to be in court later this week.
If she's held in the MCC, there better be a live stream about what's going on in that cell, because I'm not going to believe a word if anything happens to that woman while she's in custody.
We're back, baby.
We are!
We're back!
The thing I want people to remember is that before Epstein died, it was reported that prosecutors had found in his safe CDs that said, name of famous person, dates, and the names of the girls.
And I say girls advisedly.
We don't know what happened to those CDs.
That, the, doesn't take many leaps to guess that that is the blackmail that everybody thought that he was acquiring through his, you know, wiring and recording of everything.
The airplane, the mansion, the island, whatever.
Keeping all these recordings.
Who was he blackmailing?
What is on those?
And maybe this helps us get closer to figuring out actually what happened to him.
This is huge.
That's right, this is huge.
The House of Cards is coming down.
And remember, one of the main reasons we were deplatformed was that they said that we put out conspiracy theories about the Clintons, Epstein, Weiner, Uma Abedin, the Podesta Brothers, and International Pedophile Ranks.
You have to understand, the Podesta brothers, especially Tony, are public about their love of sex with children.
They even flaunted in our face, with the 2007 full spread, in the newspaper, in the Washington Post, showing toddlers tied up, being tortured and raped.
Paintings of it, though.
It's his deviant, avant-garde art.
And then, they used a few little corrections we did on stories we covered that weren't exactly right,
To then put out national stories saying there is no pedophile rigs.
Remember that about CNN.
Remember that about MSNBC, ABC News, all of them, Megyn Kelly, who made it their life's work to try to destroy InfoWars because we have been exposing Epstein specifically and the Podestas and all of these people for more than 15 years.
And I will remind you again, at the heart of this,
We discovered Bill Gates.
So, there is a lot to break down here, obviously, today.
And please don't forget that Facebook and Twitter and Big Tech have all been complicit in suppressing anybody tries to talk about Jeffrey Epstein on YouTube, on the Google platforms, on Facebook, on Twitter.
They suppress the news.
They defend the pedophiles.
They defend the devil worshippers.
The New York Times comes out and savages me and says I have defamed one of their high priestesses who admits she's into Aleister Crowley magic and that she takes it very seriously.
And I've been told by these people they're going to kill me if I don't shut up.
Well, guess what?
I am on a collision course with you and I'm not playing chicken.
I'm driving this car at 200 miles an hour, metaphysically, straight at you.
Escape is not my plan.
You will face the American people and you will be destroyed.
123 days till the election.
It is Thursday, July 2nd, the year is 2020.
And now the biggest
Domino yet has fallen as the international satanic pedophile rings of the New World Order are being rounded up by the tens of thousands.
And it's even in mainstream BBC and DW German television.
And now, it's breaking in the United States.
But first, we take you live to D.C., where the President is in the middle of a press conference on the surging U.S.
economy that they promised could never come back.
Here is the President.
Small businesses, I just got to witness some beautiful product.
Today we received outstanding news from all over our country, really.
The United States economy has added almost 5 million new jobs in the month of June.
That's shattering all expectations and shattering all records, historic records.
History of our country, we've never added anywhere near that.
And last month, we also broke the record, but now we shattered it much higher than even last month.
This is the largest monthly jobs gain in history.
We added 2.1 million leisure and hospitality jobs.
740,000 retail jobs.
568,000 education jobs and healthcare jobs.
357,000 service jobs.
And very importantly to me, because you know what's happening with manufacturing, we're bringing it back because we've made incredible trade deals.
So manufacturing jobs are coming back and we added 356,000 manufacturing jobs.
Incredible, incredible numbers.
All records.
African American workers made historic gains, the likes of which we've never had before, with 404,000 new jobs in June.
That's a record.
And that's the
Highest number ever.
We had 700,000 new jobs over the last two months for African-American workers.
That's the highest ever.
And both months are the highest.
We shattered last month's record.
That was a record and we shattered it.
Hispanic employment is up by 1.5 million jobs.
Great businessmen and women and they're up 1.5, think of it, million jobs.
Eighty percent of small businesses are now open.
New business applications have doubled since late March.
America's economy is coming back much stronger than ever anticipated by most people, almost all people.
Because these numbers were, even the most optimistic people, these numbers are being doubled and tripled over what they thought would be possible.
We're grateful to be joined today by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.
Thank you very much, Wilbur.
Thank you very much.
You're doing a great job.
Every company here today embodies true American excellence.
Your stunning craftsmanship, I just witnessed some of it.
It's incredible.
It's treasured and prized all over the world.
The product you make is like none other.
And your spirit for America and the greatness of our country is unrivaled.
With us are workers who make decorative American flags from Virginia, fly-fishing reels from Florida, grills from Illinois, pies from North Carolina look very good to me, coffee from Oklahoma.
And again, the President is still going in his live press conference.
We cued it back to the front for you.
We'll have more excerpts of that coming up after he completes the speech.
He's also going to take questions, so you better believe this little jewel is going to get brought up.
Alex Jones to reveal exclusive details of Maxwell's capture and what's coming next as the pedophile house of cards begins to fall.
Also on the live Thursday edition, we will also examine the globalist attempt to stop the 4th of July and destroy the U.S.
Which I believe they're going to fail in if we get the truth out.
Now, let me just calmly say this because I tend to get excited and overwhelmed by how much news there is to get to and I don't get to any of it.
The criminal activity of big tech in unison
Suppressing basic medical information and basic medical freedom in the United States is breathtaking and even worse than I would have thought it would be possible.
And people know I'm pretty pessimistic.
The Chinese social credit score is already here.
And Big Tech in unison isn't just banning doctors and scientists and epidemiologists and
Top hospitals from putting videos out confirming what the president said on issues like hydroxychloroquine or light therapy or you name it.
They are systematically blocking even members of my family that aren't publicly political on sharing on their personal Facebooks what I'm about to cover.
Later in the next hour.
Saying if somebody has antibodies they have COVID, which means they've defeated it, and that most of the tests from the CDC own website are counting people who've had coronavirus in the last decade and the flu.
Now I know you know all that, but it's now even being forced out in mainstream news articles.
But when you even try to not just share an InfoWars article or a GatewayPundit.com article,
They're now blocking CBS News, local channels about it, because doctors are coming out and talking about it.
And governors are coming out and going, whoa, whoa, whoa, in Pennsylvania and a couple of states.
They're going, whoa, whoa, whoa, West Virginia.
We didn't know this.
We've got to stop this.
Where's Governor Abbott?
I mean, he's going from really good in my eyes to really bad really quick, because he's not stupid.
I'm about to go bullhorn his, uh, mansion every day till he does something.
I mean, I'm getting pissed.
Abbott knows full well that for every person that has COVID, they can say at least 15 have it fraudulently with a model.
And it's one thing, you know, we put a video out.
We've been demonized.
We've been lying about, okay, don't share him for his links.
I mean, according to.
Sheep out there.
But when it's main line scientists and governors, I spent last night and this morning with Rob Dew and others going over this, and we can do the whole show on this.
I mean, this is the big enchilada.
These are the folks that want to implant you with chips, the ones that want to forcibly inoculate you, the ones that want to have contact tracers everywhere.
This is how they're going to roll out.
They're monitoring where you go, what you do, alerts on your phone coming through telling you not to leave your house.
That's happening all over the country.
In different sporadic areas, blue cities.
Happened in Austin to my wife and myself last night.
Telling me that, oh, it's record cases, record deaths, don't leave your house.
All of it's bull!
So they're forcing this onto your phone, but then when you try to share it, they're not letting you.
And I've got the screenshots of people that we know personally, and others,
One of my fellow members doesn't want to be on the air about this, but it happened to them too.
They tried to share an Atlantic article of all places.
That's establishment saying, how did you ever do this?
How did you screw up?
Why are you counting people that don't have it?
And that's being blocked because they have to have this lie continue.
I was talking to a nurse yesterday.
I'll just tell you about all this in the next hour.
I was talking to a medical nurse, RN, last night, in person, just a friend.
And she said, yeah, they said one person at the hospital had it.
And so now we've all got to get tested and we all have it.
And she said some people are having anxiety attacks and going crazy, but they're not even sick.
And I started showing her literature.
She didn't even know about all this.
And so this morning, I was sending her links to all this so she could share it with the hospital.
But the people perish for lack of knowledge.
We cannot let the globalists get away with this.
I mean, this is their whole agenda behind this COVID thing.
We have the huge
Ghislaine Maxwell, key super spy, triple spy operative in the Epstein pedophile ring.
That's coming up.
We have exclusives on that.
It's one hell of a Thursday transmission.
Please stay with us.
So remember, ladies and gentlemen,
That they want to control people, and they want to get people compromised.
And the only way to really do that, they think, is to have people have sex with children.
Because it also gets God to remove his protection from you, so they can really get you into the satanic cult.
It's not just about having dirt on you, it's not just about blackmail.
So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to cover it next segment.
I'm going to show you where she got arrested in New Hampshire.
It's in Paul Joseph Watson's article.
I'm going to go over some of the details of that for you next sec.
But I also want to just let you know this.
I know some folks in New York, I'll just leave it at that, who
Work in and around the Southern District of New York.
And as you know, we also know the state police in New Jersey and New York.
And so I made some phone calls this morning as soon as this broke at about 8 a.m.
Central, 9 a.m.
And they said absolutely it has to do with Berman being removed a few weeks ago.
As the U.S.
Attorney over the Southern District of New York, absolutely it has to do with the fact that there's been a manhunt for her for almost a year, and that some experts believe that she'd been hiding out in certain areas where certain districts were not really trying to get her.
Because if the FBI really wants to get you, I mean, unless you're living in a cave somewhere, they're going to get you.
And so the fact that Trump
And Barr have gone in there and removed Berman is a big sign that the Dominoes are going to start falling very, very quickly.
In fact, they already are falling very, very quickly.
This is a very, very exciting time to be alive.
We'll get to that next segment.
Some of the other big issues that I want to cover here and break down today.
It's not just next hour when I get into the COVID hoax and the level of suppression, the level of censorship, the criminal level of blocking consumers from having basic information.
I mean, this is just so un-American, so dangerous.
And then how it dovetails with trying to cancel the Fourth of July, which they're doing in many blue cities and blue states.
And what our response should be to that.
Because look at this photo right here.
Mainstream media sites do be a study.
Now, that's hilarious.
I looked at the study this morning.
It actually says it helped.
So big gatherings of leftists helped stop COVID-19.
I'm not joking.
But if you go out and do anything or go to a church, you're bad.
Now again, this is just murdering reality, murdering truth.
It's like the study that Bill Gates had put out three months ago saying that hydroxychloroquine kills everybody or hurts people.
Turned out it was a totally fake study.
They had to withdraw it.
So all of this is fraud, and we have to punish the individuals that are involved in this.
They have to know that they're going to get in trouble for what they've done, but if the people don't know they've been lied to, they'll get away with it and use the fake crisis to take over society.
Now, I know I'm stating really obvious things here, but you listen to this show, you're informed, you care, you're involved.
But look at this Black Lives Matter synthetic Soros event.
Photo of your TV viewer.
20,000 people are estimated to march in that.
That, they said, was good.
They said it was good in Chicago.
They said it was good everywhere.
And in New York currently, and in Chicago currently, and in Los Angeles currently, they're not ticketing Black Lives Matter groups that are out demonstrating en masse.
But they are giving tickets to people that try to go to the beach in the same city.
This isn't just discriminatory, this is outrageous political oppression.
It's being done in Miami.
It's being done in Chicago.
It's being done in New York.
It's being done in Austin.
It's being done in LA.
It's being done in Seattle.
It's being done in Portland.
It's being done everywhere the left are in control.
They are still arresting and going in and grabbing people in New York churches and synagogues.
But de Blasio says how great the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.
You know, a major rapper has joined a bunch of other black leaders.
We're gonna play that coming up next hour.
He's come out and said, this is all run by Soros to hijack organic black movements.
So they can discredit our movements with this evil anti-family clown show while at the same time tearing down America.
And that's what this is!
So that's all coming up as well, but I just cannot stress to listeners and viewers of this broadcast enough that we, you as an audience, all of us together have been persecuted and demonized and lied about and targeted by these globalist criminals.
Because we expose their modes of control, dumbing us down, dividing us, getting us into debt, corrupting a government and corporate and academic and ecclesiastical leaders into the sex cult of blackmail and satanism.
And as this full horror, and it's only stuck its nose around the corner right now, but as this full horror begins to come out, as this information
begins to be drug out into the sunlight, it's going to be absolutely horrible.
And that's why you're going to see cartoonish things put out into the pop culture that are meant to discredit it.
Like, oh, there's all these thousands of tunnels underground and hundreds of thousands of children that have never seen light that are living under these caves.
That's not going on.
Are there underground bases globalists have where they abuse kids and do horrible cloning experiments and cyborg stuff?
Are there kids in dungeons underground?
Better damn believe it.
But, you know, there's been explosions and earthquakes lately because the special forces are fighting the pedophiles underground.
That's all made up crap.
But Jeffrey Epstein and all of his CDs, with world leaders having sex with children as young as five, and the snuff films, and the devil worship, and the torture chairs, and the satanic temple on his island, and the weird cloning facility at Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, that's all real.
Eyes wide shut, all of it, and it's coming out.
And so, quite frankly, I want to make a few more phone calls before I
I'm not trying to do a cliffhanger here.
I'm not trying to up the suspense and say, oh, I'll cover it next segment.
I'll cover it the next segment.
I'm really not ready to talk about the next leg of this yet because I want to get it exactly right.
This is a big deal.
And I also, I'm not afraid of repercussions releasing this information.
I just want to talk to a few more people.
Before I do to make sure I get it exactly right.
But obviously I can't sit on information like this very long.
So most people be sitting in their office thinking right now about you know how you handle something like this for a week or two.
And the only reason I'm saying I get a little wild sometimes is I don't have time to sit here as all this keeps coming in and I already know the backstory and I have all these incredible contacts and all these sources of my own research.
I don't have time to sit on this stuff, but that means I gotta just shovel it out.
And still, it's not a good feeling, though, when you get such bombshell info that you know is confirmed and real, to then not think about how you release it a little bit.
You know what I mean?
But, when you're in a war and things are happening so fast, you just gotta do the best job you can.
So, pray for us.
Pray for InfoWars.
I need your prayers, folks.
I really need your prayers.
This is a big deal, and the globals are gonna counterstrike.
Okay, here's the big takeaway.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Whenever you try to share an InfoWars link or a NewsWars link or you tell somebody about the New World Order or pedophile rings or Satanism or the AI takeover, world government, and they go, oh, that sounds like Alex Jones bull.
Oh, like talking about Epstein 14 years, 15 years before he was, you know, big in the news.
Years before he got busted for sex trafficking the first time and the cover up.
Because he was in the documents and in the reports,
As a triple agent of U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence, and he was running the summits with Bill Gates and other top scientists, and I knew what Bill Gates was up to.
I just follow the information.
I would have never imagined world leaders meeting secretly and Israeli prime ministers and British princes in a seven-story torture dungeon.
But I was told this by FBI agents, by state police, by private investigators.
And quite frankly, when I was getting told this, over a decade before I ever heard Epstein's name, 25 years ago, I thought, these are really interesting people, and I don't think they're lying, but I think they're a little crazy.
I'll never forget, I was on
98.9 KJFK in 1997.
And I had, the show had number one ratings at the time.
And I was just about to get syndicated out of there.
I was syndicating it myself.
And the local big talk station, you know, that was number one everywhere else, wanted to hire me but wasn't sure.
590 was the biggest station.
And the new up-and-coming station was KJFK, two Democrat presidents.
LBJ used to own KLBJ.
And the program director from there called me up, Mark Caesar, nice guy.
And he says, you know, we were thinking about hiring you, but man, come on, that's not a real FBI agent that's on your show.
I mean, he called me up at the end of the show, myself, and he goes, that wasn't a real FBI agent, Ted Gunderson.
And I said, yeah, he used to run the Southern District, used to run the Southern District of California.
He actually ran COINTELPRO.
He's actually a high-level FBI agent.
He was even looked at for, you know, Deputy Director and stuff.
I mean, he was in the fold.
But he was talking about sex rings, devil worshipers, the Finders, the CIA.
Child kidnapping rings, and of course all of it, earlier this year, thousands of pages got released by the FBI on Twitter, and it was everything Gunderson said.
Including the towns he was saying on my show!
And Gunderson didn't learn about this until later in his career, he thought, this is BS, there's not satanic rings.
But he was in LA, and he'd go check it out, and it was absolutely true, and they were killing kids.
And then he basically, what, took early retirement so he could go fight these people full-time because the FBI started trying to get him to not, you know, they think, well, people just can't believe this, Ted.
This isn't real.
So, I understand why people can't believe this.
Because it's unbelievable.
You know, Twitter just banned General Flynn's lawyer two days ago.
She's the one that's gone and met with the FBI and the state police in New York, the very ones I told you about back in the campaign four years ago, who've seen Wiener's laptop that had all of Hillary's blackmail on it.
And I'm going to explain something.
For the few weeks they had it, people that have been on the worst homicide investigations, pedophilia investigations, you can imagine,
Literally had breakdowns after just watching a few hours of it, and they had to in shifts look at it because it was so horrible.
We're talking raping and dismembering and torturing little boys and girls, okay?
Now, she talked to him.
She's a credible top lawyer.
She met with people that saw this, okay?
Just because she knows about it, Twitter's banned her.
That's who
Jack Dorsey is, folks.
These people know all this.
A lot of them are involved in it.
And that's who they are.
That's who's in your email.
That's who's in your text messages.
That's who's in your private messages.
That's who's surveilling you.
That's who's censoring you.
That's who's controlling you.
These are bad people.
Yeah, nine.
Yeah, put that back up.
We forget 9 out of 12 people who saw Anthony Weiner's laptop are dead.
They are.
Dead, dead, dead, dead.
They're not just raping 12-year-old girls, folks, and drugging them.
That's a... In that seven-story building in New York alone, they wonder, why are there these dentist chairs?
Those aren't dentist chairs.
Have you looked at those chairs?
Those are torture restraint chairs.
You think these people stop it?
You think Epstein was having sex with dozens of new girls he was recruiting every week in Palm Beach alone because he really wanted to have sex with two or three young girls a day?
He was recruiting them for networks all over the world.
He recruited over 2,000 girls according to police investigation that just looked into five years in Palm Beach alone.
Thousands of little girls!
And what was their job?
To go out and get more girls.
And he kept glamorous models around.
One of them he bought when she was 11 years old out of the Balkans.
But a lot of these women like it later.
To go out and lure the women, beautiful women, to lure teenage girls into their thing.
Just like you'll use a little kid in an ice cream truck to lure a kid into the ice cream truck.
Oh, I got a puppy.
I got a toy.
I'm a kid.
I'm a little kid.
You're not scared of me getting in the truck.
Well, they use women to lure underage women.
So remember, that's the evil animals that are still doing this.
He was just a high-level manager and a very high work product person.
He did a great job.
He was probably
According to what we know, the most successful Renfield in the history of this operation.
He was a procurer and a manager.
He was the maitre d', he was the concierge.
And just remember that when you see the Google executives, and the Apple executives, and the Twitter executives, and the Facebook executives, you don't get there unless you like to have sex with children, bare minimum.
Hard drugs, hallucinogens, satanic rituals.
You don't even get in the club unless you think everybody else are animals that are like pieces of meat you buy at the grocery store.
They see you like a T-bone steak.
And if you're not young and beautiful and full of life, they can suck out, destroy.
They see you as trash, less than valuable.
So you just remember the guy that wants to put things in your body
Would stay in New York and in Paris on record at Epstein's house and would spend weeks there.
His name's Bill Gates.
And their name is Prince Andrew.
And that's who they are.
Remember, he's got a vaccine for you.
And he wants the black people to take it first.
Because he loves you.
I mean, he funds Black Lives Matter.
That gives black people a really good name.
He's a ni- And look, Trevor Noah.
He's good.
I mean, he might be.
I mean, he might have had a great-grandma or something that was black.
So, it's okay.
Just take the shot, black people.
I mean, sure, Bill Gates and his dad both said that they want to get rid of black people, but it's okay.
It's their world.
It's Ghislaine Maxwell's world.
Look at her right over there.
But, you know, Ghislaine is just like her father.
He fell off a boat, what, 10, 15 years ago, into the ocean, named after Ghislaine.
That's right, and he of course was in MI6 and Mossad and was buried with military honors in Israel at the Mount of Olives.
And that's where we are.
And the ADL is Israeli intelligence, an arm of it.
And that's why the Israeli Prime Minister got caught at his house as well, Epstein's.
And they're the ones that are banning everybody.
They are in charge.
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, are in charge of America, and their job is to cover up what you see happening right there on your screen.
We are very close now.
We are closing in on the globalists.
But they will strike back.
Remember when those children are being raped and bled to death, that they cry out to God to defend them.
And God has opened many windows and many doors to let us see into this nightmare.
Do we have the courage?
Do we have the courage to face the truth and save the children?
Before this metastasizing satanic cancer bursts onto the scene, which it's beginning to do, and externalizes the hierarchy,
And openly tells you that it's all based on Satanism, pedophilia, bloodletting, and child sex abuse.
Rowlings has had her Road to Damascus moment, like Saul of Tarsus, and has now come out and said the trans movement
is about abusing women and children and about abusing the people they trick into the trans cult who have the highest rates of suicide, drug abuse, and death, not because of people being mean to them, but because of the culture and the system and what it does to the average person.
And that it's all about giving up our humanity.
It's not about a man becoming a woman or a woman becoming a man.
It's about us becoming cyborgs.
It's about our children saying, we want to be a robot.
And I'm a trans robot.
I get a brain chip.
That's what it's about.
And then you can't say no.
You can't make them wait till they're 18.
That's not what's coming.
That's here.
I remember 17 years ago,
A member of my family was in a restricted briefing in Texas for the army and they told them, because it was commissioned officers with all the top non-commissioned officers.
It was a bunch of master sergeants and above that.
And they said, okay, as you know, some of the special forces have been given chips, track them, but we're going forward.
We've got secret projects, brain chips.
And by 2020, this is going to be rolled out publicly.
And we're just going to start basically chipping everybody.
And he told me this, and I knew this, and I've been told this by other military.
And I said, are you sure I can say that?
Just don't say where it was.
They figured it out.
He got in trouble.
Not too much trouble, but.
You know, they tried to hire my dad in like 1983, 84 to move to Maryland and to be in an underground base doing classified stuff with human cyborgs.
And by the way, it wasn't like he was that special.
They were trying to hire all, basically all the people whose backgrounds checked out as loyal Americans during the Cold War who were doing dental implants.
And my dad wanted to move there.
My mom didn't.
Even though it was the equivalent of like $3 million a year they were going to pay him with inflation.
It was like $400,000 plus a year and expenses.
But he would be up to a month in a bunker and then a couple weeks out.
Month in a bunker and then out.
I mean, what do you think they're doing in there?
He never found out.
They just said it's not just implanting stuff in jaws and teeth.
Think they're playing games here, folks?
And look, a lot of that is people choosing to do that, and for whatever mission, some of these projects are probably good.
But the point is, is that there's evil, crazy scientists hiding all over the place in this, and they're running things.
And they're doing these other laboratory tests and other projects, finding who's really psychotic and evil, and then taking them out and putting them in other projects.
So it's like panning for gold, but they're panning for evil.
And that's really what all this is about.
You think they told him for 40-something years until he got exposed to inject black people with syphilis and watch them die from it to really see what syphilis does to somebody?
They did it to test scientists and nurses that would follow orders.
It's a seduction.
We've had callers, but it's been in the news, who are, you know, like a graduate student, and they go, hey, let me take you to the secret lab.
I think you can check this out for yourself.
And you take them to the lab, and they go, here's the animal hybrids of pigs and humans.
And if you go along with that, this is only 5% human.
Next, they show you, hey, let us show you this.
It's a pygmy pig that's half human.
And you're in a room with a pig that's got human eyes, and it's even gerbling and talking.
It sounds like a monkey, but it's talking.
I've talked to people that have been in the rooms with pigs that look like people, because they are!
Now that's in the news now!
I remember, because we snuck up on them, they didn't know what was going on.
I snuck up, I didn't know what we were doing back then.
23 years ago or so, I see in a military journal about how upstate New York, they've got part goat, part
Spider creatures that create body armor in their milk.
So I call up and say, will you come on?
The director of it came on.
He calls back a week.
He goes, I shouldn't have done that interview.
Mr. Jones, will you take down the interview?
Back then was MP3 files from GCN.
He's like, I got the military's really bad.
I should, we broke the spider ghost story.
It was a footnote in a scientific journal.
Then later, years later, listeners at the time thought the dude was fake and thought I made it up.
Now, now you type in spider goat, there's 10,000 stories about it.
And now they're like, oh, we're now making goats that are more spider than they were.
Oh, the most human mouse has now been made.
And then you read and it's mainly human.
It's a little human.
So, what did I tell you years ago Bill Gates is into from all the pieces?
Because they'll say one in one piece, and then they'll say more in another piece, but when you put it all together you figure out what they're doing.
A lot of times the government will also literally do that.
They'll declassify part of a document and years later the other part, and somebody didn't black out this part or that part, you can put the two pieces together and figure it out.
That literally happens sometimes, but I'm talking about figuratively a lot of times as well.
That, as best we can tell, I mean, we know this.
It's even in the Whitewash documentary about FC on Netflix right now, that Bill Clinton's autobiographer wrote.
So it's a Whitewash, as bad as it is.
You think, this is pretty bad?
Not one percent, folks.
The women are like, yeah, and then he wanted me to have a baby.
But the only thing is, I'd have to give it away to them and never see it again.
Yeah, what do you think?
And they kind of just leave it at that, like, oh, because you know satanic covens have women that have babies in private, the secret, just to have the baby and then kill it.
I mean, you know that, right?
That's on record.
There's been cases.
But that's not what this was.
They were going to implant her artificially.
They told her this with a very special baby.
Now, who knows what it's going to be?
A Bill Gates clone, whatever, because, you know, that's what rich guys have.
And their clones are out walking around, don't even know who they are.
Because you don't just trade a clone and have it in some freezer.
It goes bad.
You've got to have them out walking around, growing up in a family.
So when you need the organs, you get them and kill them and take the organs.
Or, they think they're going to be able to put their old brain in a new body.
I mean, that's what all this is.
And so he was running at Zorro Ranch with hundreds of women, artificial insemination projects.
Now, see, that's the rest of the story.
What are they doing in there?
The word is all sorts of experiments, cloning, you name it.
That's why you see the headline of the British government wants to pay for artificial wombs to be put in trans men so they can be women.
And they're just getting you used to, oh yeah, taxpayers, we pay for an artificial womb so some crazy dude can grow a baby in them.
That's just getting you used to all of this.
And then now you've got all these humanoids that are already walking around and
They're not going to have rights.
But they're all been programmed genetically to operate the way the globalists want.
The mind control, the science fiction, it's beyond anything you can even imagine.
And so that's why he was hanging out with all the top scientists.
That's why he was getting all these billions of dollars in secret projects.
That's why he was involved in all the secret Harvard endowments.
Because, ladies and gentlemen,
This is a giant breakaway civilization running a major cloning operation.
Yeah, the latest article, you can type it in as governments say that they want to pay for womb transplants and all the rest of this.
This is just mad science, Phil, where you've got to be in a pod, you can't leave your house.
How many times did I tell you over the years?
I've got to stop.
We're going to come right back.
Listen, it's the big 4th of July megacell right now.
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Well, there's so much news to cover, and I'm going to intersperse it throughout the next few hours.
And we have several big guests joining us, but let's give the number out.
Let's give the number out starting at the next segment so that first-time callers have a chance to call in and give us your view and your take on the second command to a major globalist, pedophile, devil worshiper, secret science, cloning operation being arrested, Ghislaine Maxwell.
And the fact that
They knew where she was.
Why do you think she was in New Hampshire?
Why do you think she was in Connecticut?
Why do you think she was in New York?
Because those are districts where the globalists think they have control.
But you notice that the good elements in the FBI found out where she was, and it could not be covered up anymore.
And Berman got fired two weeks ago, and I sat here on air at the time.
Look for the pedophile rings to now get in big trouble.
Because I've cogitated on this.
I've thought about this.
I don't need to call sources at the White House.
I don't need to call sources at the Pentagon.
I don't need to call sources at, you name it.
Because it's simpatico.
The good guys are dialed into one transmission.
The bad guys are dialed into another one.
And I dial into both transmissions.
It's not fun, but I do it.
And that's really how the universe works.
Believe me, that's why I don't want to do this job sometimes, is because you have to stay focused on the enemy, and it's disgusting.
Having to look at them, and that's why I get mad, that's why I blow up.
I understand you can put up with me, because I'm just so sick of these people, man.
I just really, really don't like them.
And I know you don't like them either.
So... The cover-up is... collapsing.
Before we sit there and count our lucky stars and thank Jesus, which we should do, we need to understand that they're going to throw everything they've got now at everybody.
You think the lockdown's bad?
You think that synthetic bioweapon they released is bad?
You think the economic degradation, the race war is bad?
They've got a lot of nasty stuff up their sleeves and we better have a debate and a discussion with callers in the next week every show about what's the next punch, what's the next attack.
I said in December, I said it's going to be a bio attack and or a race war and or China attacking and starting a war.
And it's all of them!
And that's not...
Psychic prediction.
It's knowing the pieces of the players and the puzzles and what's in the enemy playbook.
And that's why I've just told the Pentagon and the CIA and the American people of all the good elements because there's good people in the post office.
There's good people in the school down the road.
There's good people at the farm.
You know, there's good people at the ranch.
There's good people at the grocery store.
There's bad people there too.
It's just good and evil folks.
And I'm not a guy that likes
Things like Order 66, if you want to use that cheesy analogy.
But when you're already under globalist attack and they're taking over and they're overthrowing everything and they're evil, you don't have political solutions to that.
When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, we didn't have a political solution to that.
We went to war.
So I don't think listeners should go to war.
I don't think you should be picking targets out.
They're picking us out.
They're lazing our houses.
They're getting ready for their big attack because they're losing.
We don't want to give them that fight because we're winning in the awakening arena.
Now since they're going hot, the right move by individuals in the establishment who aren't perfect but aren't Satanists or pedophiles, and understand how dangerous all this is, is to take these people out as quickly and as cleanly and as judiciously as possible.
And, I mean, that's just a real statement there, okay?
I mean, the globals seem to be wiped out.
And we just can't play games with them anymore.
It's too dangerous.
It's not some Hegelian dialectic where they're going to end up losing and ha ha ha.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is too dangerous.
It's too dangerous.
Don't play with fire.
Are we just going to let them cause World War III next?
The Chinese need to see strength now.
And that means decapitating their operatives.
Every damn one of them.
Breaking news this hour.
Officials say multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein has taken his own life.
Jeffrey Epstein is dead after being found unresponsive at a New York City jail Saturday morning.
After apparently taking his own life.
Officials say that his death was an apparent suicide.
Surveillance video recorded inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center is missing.
A camera situated just outside of Epstein's jail cell is unusable.
Footage from at least one camera in the hallway may be too damaged or unusable for investigators.
Yes, an FBI crime lab is examining two prison cameras that malfunctioned.
Surveillance video from outside his jail cell?
It's gone missing.
Now this will of course raise even more questions about whether the surveillance cameras were purposely tampered with and if Epstein's death was more than just suicide by hanging as it was ruled in an autopsy.
In what may become one of the biggest child molesting cases ever on record.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago!
He was saying that they take a lot of famous people to this island and they have all these young girls that this guy hooks them up with.
He was talking about this years ago.
Now it is mainstream news.
Doctor who witnessed Epstein autopsy.
Death more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide.
Isn't that amazing?
For some odd reason, people that have information on the Clintons end up dead.
And they usually die from suicide.
The President of the United States is pushing a dangerous and completely unfounded murder conspiracy theory about his predecessor.
He is spreading a conspiracy theory.
Untrustworthy and ridiculous conspiracy theories.
Tying the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in prison to the president's former political rivals, the Clintons.
Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein.
Name three things that don't hang themselves.
Major twist tonight in the story involving that leaked video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach talking about the network she works for killing the Jeffrey Epstein story.
It was unbelievable what we had.
Clinton, we had everything.
There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.
I had it all three years ago.
ABC's lead investigative journalist, Amy Rohrbach, is right.
Jeffrey Epstein is the biggest pedophile America and the world has ever known.
But he himself is just a front man for a larger network that is still ongoing to this day and whose goals are nothing less than domination of human society by blackmail and corruption.
Tonight we're going to document for you that individuals that work directly with Epstein are still carrying out operations very similar to the operation that he was running.
And we're also going to show you, hiding in plain view, examples of Senate reports, UN reports,
And other institutional reports admitting that millions of women and children are being sexually trafficked every year and that it's one of the biggest currencies on the planet.
This is nothing less than modern slavery.
And the corruption that comes out of it isn't like alcohol prohibition where people fell under the control of the mafia.
It's far worse because they're falling under the control of organizations and groups who even engage in the murder, snuff films, of children.
There is no bottom to this pit.
Just like elites thousands of years ago began to degenerate and do things that are unspeakably evil, it's happening again today.
And if we don't face the facts and move against these criminals, they're going to be able to take over the whole civilization like they've done the Vatican, Penn State, the Boy Scouts.
There's nothing that's safe because this is a formula of evil and corruption.
Now, we're going to go to an investigator that I've known for two years.
He was ready to go public.
He's got recordings.
He's got people admitting that they like to have sex with children.
He's got it all.
And I said, in this first rollout, let's just look what's hiding in plain view.
All right, let's stop right there to get a look.
We are going to
Have part two very, very soon that we're going to be producing in the next few weeks as more of this unfolds.
But there is the video.
Again, sounds good for Bandai video.
Should be 10 million views.
Epstein Travelling Network up and operational.
Alita Express Airlines still recruiting young girls.
And we even know the airfields.
We exclusively tell you the airfields and the documents and the names.
And all I get is the Democrats conducting a criminal investigation into me and doing other things by the very people involved in the cover-up for Epstein.
Doesn't intimidate me at all.
Lets me know I'm over the target.
Again, World War II, radar was just being introduced.
We didn't have radar.
We went over Germany.
But the Germans would put their anti-aircraft guns up over the factories.
And so you knew to send in a scout plane in the general direction of where the map was going, where your target was, and when you saw the flak start up against them, you would steer towards the flak.
And that's really our heat-seeking radar here, is to steer towards the flak.
And it's a necessity.
It's not a macho, tough guy thing we do.
It's got to be done.
And so we go towards the fight.
The heart of the battle.
It's so good to be in that place.
Not living in fear.
It's so close to God.
And I just wish other people would do the basic right thing and oppose the New World Order and their little pimps that have joined evil because they want the power and the money and because they believe they're in control and they believe they're better than other people they're abusing.
Well, Ghislaine Maxwell is gonna probably end up like her father.
Just like she thought Epstein was her father, another sex operative, another person running child sex slaves.
Ghislaine Maxwell's father, he came out, was running similar operations.
And his daughter was trained by him as a sex operative.
So, you know, when you grow up with your father raping you,
You think that's love?
And so she taught that love to all those other girls she managed.
So could you call her a victim?
Eh, not really.
That apple didn't fall too far from the tree.
There are a lot of people sexually abused who don't become pedophiles.
Let's see, that's how this works though, a lot of them do.
It's estimated, look at the numbers, they vary, but 70 to 90% or more of pedophiles were abused.
That's what this is.
And you know, I can see the perspective of people that were abused because that's what they were born into to think that's normal, but it's not.
You know, in retrospect,
It'd have been better if I didn't lose my virginity at 11.
To like some 16-year-old... Wildcat.
But I looked like I was 14 or 15.
And I was fully in puberty.
And I was already, you know... But still, it's... She wasn't doing it from a predator perspective.
In fact, when I was 12, 13, you know, dating, don't tell this to brag, it's just what happened to 16-year-old, 17-year-old girls.
They would go, what?
You're 13?
Well, I can't date you.
I mean, I'd be dating, like, when I was, like, 14, some 18-year-old girl, and, like, her college boyfriend would be threatening to kill me, and then he'd find out, you don't have a car?
You're 14?
You're a kid!
What are you doing with my girlfriend?
So, was I really abused?
Not exactly, but there's a line between that, isn't there?
We're gonna break it all down when we come back, get the number out, get into the huge COVID developments, and so much more.
Tomorrow's news today.
A concrete fascination.
Screaming to the edge of nothing, nothing.
That's where Jeffrey Epstein is now.
Now comes the black sunshine, Sonny Boy.
Time to pay the piper, Sonny Boy!
You think you're all powerful over the week?
Now you'll burn.
A concrete fascination.
Screaming to the edge of nothing.
This is black sunshine.
And all you little devil worshippers so fascinated with it, are gonna get keelhauled under it.
You want it, you gon' get it.
So, let's place bets on Ghislaine Maxwell.
How long she lives in her jail cell.
I'd put double nothing.
I'd give it about 75% odds.
She's deader than a doornail then.
Let me think.
Think they'll kill her before the election or after?
Lawyers can tie it up a while.
I bet she's dead in six months.
I think that's a safe bet.
Wonder what the Vegas odds are on her.
I bet they break her little chicken neck.
They can't throw her overboard like her dad.
Yeah, I bet Ghislaine, not the boat, but the woman, sinks down into Davy Jones' locker within six months.
What do you think?
And by the way, I don't want that to happen.
But if they're arrogant enough to break Epstein's neck in three places in front of everybody and their uncle, how long do you place bets that that bird is going to be flapping around?
In a cage or outside of a cage?
Oh, and of course it'll be a suicide.
And the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are real.
Here's the toll-free number to join us on this live Thursday Global Transmission.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539, first time callers.
And then we've got all the other news and all the other information that we're going to break down on the pandemic and how it is now certified, bona fide, confirmed fraud from end to end.
And if we put up with that, we get what we deserve.
And you know, they call it bureaucracy, they call it semantics, they call it smoke and mirrors, they call it whatever you want to call it.
We should codify it scientifically.
Because I've read psychological warfare manuals and psychological manuals and I've seen what the big tech people say and I've seen their PR firm stuff and they don't really quantify any of this to what it really should be called.
It's scientifically directed artificial realities of full spectrum lies and disinformation at every level so as to condition the public to not know which end is up so they just give up.
It's jamming.
I mean, CNN knows you hate them.
MSNBC knows you know they're liars, but they just put out outrageous disinformation so that we then engage them and say this is disinformation instead of just having them arrested.
They just keep us in a fight!
With them, over all the little sad issues, instead of the fact that they're a bunch of anti-American, anti-God, anti-freedom, pro-Chicom, hating and abetting criminals, trash, who've covered up for pedophilia and Satanists knowingly, and are just the scum of the earth.
But the good news is mainstream media's collapsed.
Hollywood's collapsing.
They are collapsing.
They know they're collapsing, and they just want to take us with them.
So we should be having discussions about how do we not let them take us with them, because it's public that they're counting people that don't have COVID-19 as COVID-19.
That's in the official CDC website.
I'll show it to you in a moment.
It's all there, and it's all there that they're saying if you have an antibody, it means you have it, but that means you've overcome it.
And then they admit, oh, if you've ever had a regular coronavirus in that family, you have it, that's on the CDC website.
And I show doctors and nurses this, and they go, this is incredible, I didn't know that!
Yeah, we're all being tested, they're saying we're positive, but none of us have it!
None of us are sick, because it's made up!
And then you add to that.
That if you try to post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, or YouTube, or Apple platforms, they ban you.
I mean, even people, I've got all the articles, I'll show them to you.
CBS News is being blocked.
The Atlantic came out and said they're lying.
And that's big.
You try to share that, they'll block you!
These people are crazy.
Then there's the riddle though.
Why is Wuhan funded mainly by Gates and Fauci?
Dozens of projects, tens of millions a year for bat coronavirus.
And then you learn that the head of the lab over the project runs Facebook's censorship.
And it just goes from there and it just never ends.
And then like something now, I'm sorry, I said 500, that was an old number.
It's over a thousand district attorneys and county attorneys
are now been put into office by George Soros and they will literally let communists under racial cover or whatever come kill you at your house and they no-bill it.
You know what?
They're just building an army to take over and kill everybody.
That's why Pelosi said MS-13 is all God's children.
Because they're using them as a hit team.
I mean, you cannot make up the criminal nature of this.
Folks, it's a full criminal attack.
The whole group's criminal.
My God, they're run by pedophiles and devil worshippers.
What are you expecting?
They're gone.
They're gone.
You can't believe anything they say.
They're totally dangerous.
They're totally evil.
And they've got giant masses of zombie lazy asses that believe they're about to rule.
The average liberal knows it's all a lie.
They've been promised power!
I'm going to break, coming back with your calls.
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You know, I don't really ever have Fourth of July parties.
I just have a few family members and I'm a very private person.
Grill a few steaks, watch fireworks, you know, cross the lake.
But actually, I'm inviting a lot of folks out to my house this weekend.
Having a chef come out to cook a bunch of food, red, white, and blue, and American flags everywhere.
Because when the American flag's being used to launch illegal wars and do corrupt things, I still love America, it's just the flag's being expropriated.
But when Trump's pulling us out of these evil wars, building the country back up, standing up to our real enemies, arresting the pedophile rings, baby, I'm so proud of the American flag, what it symbolizes right now.
And I just wanted to say this as we're coming out of the break, that I'm really proud of the listeners and viewers, how you've stood with us.
Because I know I can be a train wreck and a jerk sometimes, and none of us are perfect, and it's been a long, hard fight.
I know you've been persecuted, a lot of you, for supporting freedom, period.
And I just want you to know, whether you're old, or young, or black, or white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or whatever the case is, if you love liberty, I love you too, and we're all human beings on this planet, and we live in this country, we're all Americans, and we're all equal in God's eyes with our will to choose good versus evil.
To choose.
It's the consciousness, and it's that free will that makes us equal.
We all have different gifts.
Some of us are better at one thing than the other.
But it's just amazing to be conscious and to be here with you.
And it's such a blessing.
And I don't want to just focus on the evil to expose it.
That's important.
But I want to focus more too on the good and what we're fighting for.
And I just want to thank God for our prayers being answered that this evil be drug out in the open so we can make a decision.
And we know how it goes.
We know there's going to be big fights in the future.
And we know in the end, there'll be a tipping point where evil gets a moment of power to test us.
Because we'll be so decadent and so rich and so powerful and so on drugs entertainment that we'll be delusional and at some point we'll be curious and choose Satan's path and Satan's gonna kill billions and you can see it already lined up I mean now it's it's coming into view it's not something in the Bible it's crisp and clear and you can smell the death blowing in the wind can't you?
That's okay because on the other side of this is eternity
And now everybody gets it, like computers are saved, and photos are saved, and you know, the NSA's got everything saved.
They're trying to be God, folks.
It's all saved.
But if you choose Satan, you go into that file with all those people.
That's called hell.
Imagine being with Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein forever.
Or you go in the other file, and then the adventure really starts.
This is embryonic.
We're just little tadpoles right now in a pond, ladies and gentlemen.
Or a caterpillar.
It's gonna be a butterfly.
And we're gonna fly.
But before you can fly, you gotta learn how to crawl, learn how to walk, learn how to run, and learn how to trust God and jump off that cliff.
Because the wings don't go out until you reach out to God.
That's why you gotta have the faith.
I don't mean literally jump off a cliff.
It's an allegory.
The globalists want you to jump off a cliff and give up your humanity and plug into a chip and give up your body.
Do you believe that?
But you already know the spirit.
God built you, made the planet, did it all.
You know.
And if you reach out metaphysically to God and knock on the door, the door will open.
Or vice versa.
Christ is at the door, knocking, knocking, knocking.
But if they can get you to abuse a child, worship Satan,
And to say, I know God's real and I choose the devil, then that's the ultimate sin.
And God is removed and you were turned over to these people.
And then you become, I guess, Lane Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein.
A sniveling, evil, rat-like person that's all into their personal baubles and power and control.
And as soon as the devil's done with you, you're just thrown into a junk pile like a broken toy.
You really want to be a pawn and then lose your birthright to the universe?
Not me.
I want to go up every level.
Until I'm finally there.
Unfathomable consciousness.
Think you're ready for that?
But you gotta crawl through the muck first, before you face God.
Down here, there's free will.
Down here, there's all the universe.
Any choice you want, right now.
And so, choose wisely.
All these pedophiles want to do is suck your essence out.
What's the Dark Crystals about?
Little gelflings are a third the size.
They're children.
The evil wants to suck their essence.
They want you to kneel.
They want you to bow.
And you're given all the earthly power, but you don't have any real power.
You've turned your consciousness over.
So remember that when you're staring into Hollywood, you're staring into that abyss.
Remember, it's soulless.
It already turned itself over and all it knows is it wants you.
Okay, let's go to your phone calls.
We got Kenny and Elizabeth and Alex and Chris and Robin and Kevin and Martin and the Monster and Pamela and so many others.
Kenny, we'll go to Kenny in a moment.
Let's go to Elizabeth in New Hampshire first, where Ghislaine Maxwell got grabbed.
They knew where she was all along.
They had to fire Berman to be able to actually get after her and get the files and the case, but the Southern District was running this.
So now you see action on the whole house of cards by Bill Barrs.
That's a good thing.
What's your take on this?
She just dropped.
Let's go to Kenny in Ohio.
Kenny in Ohio.
You say Maxwell will be assassinated before the election.
I don't think she's going to make it that long.
Something's going to happen to her.
And she's going to go out just like Jeffrey.
But don't worry, they'll tell us it's a suicide, right?
Well, you know, that way she'll end up getting COVID.
Something's going to happen.
She's going to be put on the ventilator.
And then she's going to slip away.
Oh, she'll get COVID and they'll put a tube down her throat and blow her lungs out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, phase two is on its way and everybody's got to get locked back in and she's going to be all
In prison or whatever and she's gonna come down with it and that'll be the end of her.
That's a good prediction.
Yeah, you're giving them probably an idea.
Just like all those 70,000 old people they killed, they'll just put a hose down them and the UN said, oh, you turn the level up higher than any other intubation.
People are like, for COVID we turn it up, that'll kill them.
They're like, well, if the UN says, then you just blow their lungs out.
Yeah, they'll probably kill her with a ventilator.
That's a good prediction.
And then you can't question it.
You know, they're taking down
Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and Abraham Lincoln statues now calling it an emergency because you can't have people gather around it to get rid of it during COVID.
This is happening right now in Virginia and other areas.
So yeah, they'll just say, oh, you can't question how she died.
So you can't question COVID.
And she just flipped away.
What are you going to do?
There goes Bill Gates' friend right out the door.
I wonder if Bill Gates would like to show us how we're supposed to use one of those ventilators, because he's such a good person.
I appreciate your call, Kenny.
Let's get one more in here.
Let's go to Kevin in Vermont.
You're on the air, Kevin.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I want to say, I think that she'll end up hanging herself again, personally.
But I'd also like to plug in and say that your products are awesome.
And I was curious if your toothpaste is going to be coming back on the shop or not?
You know, here's the deal.
I have to file lawsuits against the Attorney General of New York if I'm going to do that.
She wrongfully and fraudulently says that I said it was a cure for COVID-19.
Never said any such thing.
And then she called me to be criminally arrested and all this stuff.
And then we never said that.
And then she kept saying, he won't quit saying he has a cure.
And I said, we never said that.
And so she won't quit.
Committing the crime in my name and saying we have a cure which we don't have, I have stopped only because she's engaged in such criminal activity.
You understand, she's written triloquist dummies and says that I'm saying, we've got a cure for COVID-19, but it's Letitia James saying it, not me.
And so I've got a false suit on her before I do it, but I'm going to come back to you.
I would have already fallen suit on her, but with the country burning and all the global stuff, and at the end of the day, you know, people love the toothpaste.
It was a best-selling item.
But, you know, we're in a war right now, so I haven't been front and center about it, but there's your answer.
And again, that's the same Latisha James that ordered them to send COVID patients to nursing homes to kill people.
She's a stone-cold murderer.
When I grow up, I want to vaporize the New World Order.
We will.
All right, let's go to your calls quickly here because I want to get to everybody.
We were talking to Kevin in Vermont.
Hold over.
We're getting into Epstein.
Go ahead, my friend.
So yeah, like I was saying, I think that she's going to end up hanging herself just like he did.
It'll be the same way.
But I also wanted to say that I got a nice big Trump flag flying off the back of my truck.
And a lot of people like to give me the finger, so I just wave at them for support, like you did.
And I also wanted to say that I love your Turbo Force, and I have to say that's definitely my favorite product that you got in your Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
That is the bomb.
Well, God bless you, brother.
We really appreciate you.
But yeah, no, that's a good question.
I should have addressed the whole toothpaste thing.
You kept seeing him on air.
Jones says he has a cure for COVID-19.
We have no such thing.
I'm up here exposing it, it's basically a hoax.
The answer is having a good immune system, sunlight.
And they just keep saying, Jones won't quit saying he has a cure.
This is the woman that followed orders put in by Soros to send COVID patients to nursing homes to kill the only group they could.
When the doctors told them you're killing people, she threatened to arrest them!
I was talking to my lawyers about this yesterday.
I'm just like, I just got to get the lawsuits going.
And we can do it right now.
It's just, it's just like, cause I got to get back on the offense, man.
What a lion monster.
But I mean, she's up there in New York covering up the damn pedophile ranks.
Why do you think Soros put her in there?
You don't just think he was a Nazi collaborator at 14 and became a better person later, right?
I mean, we're dealing with demons, folks.
The monster in Michigan, the MM.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, um, well, with Epstein, that was pretty floppy work.
And I see these people making these moves and I don't feel like they really care.
If there's even a debate.
So I like what the caller said about the lady dying on the COVID on the ventilator.
I mean, that was nice and tidy.
Yeah, the pedophile handler, which triple agent CIA Mossad MI6 Ghislaine Maxwell being arrested today.
You're saying they'll probably just ventilator.
Well, yeah, because, I mean, they could do that and it would look like they're trying to keep it all nice and tight.
And you can't question COVID-19, so yeah.
Her faith's been sealed.
I mean, the people she's been dealing with, what they do to Epstein, you know they were just waiting for this and you know in custody she's a liability, right?
Well, the big story is that they weren't going to arrest her.
They knew where she was.
Berman's out.
The prosecution's out of the Southern District.
They have the jurisdiction.
And so now they are after her.
And they now have her.
And this is Trump.
This is Bill Barr going after the deep state.
This is exactly what we'd expect.
So the media kept trying to spin it.
That, oh, Trump's involved with Epstein.
Never with him alone.
Trump had big parties.
Mar-a-Lago's like a hotel that you live at.
The idea that he came to a couple parties or some photos, oh my God, you know.
If Trump supported Epstein, I wouldn't support Trump.
It's Bill Clinton and Hillary on the airplane with him dozens and dozens of times.
It's them involved with Prince Andrew and the pedophile rings and Bill Gates.
Oh hey Alex, just like the last caller was saying, the whole Epstein suicide murder thing seems kind of sloppy.
Um, but it seems kind of like you really, like, are buying into the whole, like, murder thing.
Are you sure he's not, like, alive and just out walking around?
Maybe got, like, a plastic surgery or something?
No, he's not that important of a person.
He was a high-level manager.
They broke his neck.
I don't know, man.
It's kind of suspicious.
You think, you think Kennedy's, you think JFK died in Dallas?
Uh, he got shot.
It was on video, yeah.
Yeah, listen.
They like to kill people.
They like to get rid of them.
No, I just think he's got some kind of high-profile stuff going on.
Okay, let me just ask you this question.
Let's say he's alive, then great.
The point is, is that they're making their move against them.
30,000 pedophiles are now being arrested in Germany.
They caught the government running pedophile rings.
That's DW.com.
That's like ABC News of Germany.
So, what do you think it means when mainstream news admits pedophiles are running governments and are going down?
I see that as very positive.
That is very positive, but I still think that the Deep State is very powerful still, and I think that people are still doing a lot of sketchy shit, and they do want... Alright, I gotta let you go for a cuss, and I appreciate the call.
Yeah, we're not here saying the Deep State's not still operating.
We're not here saying that everything's been fixed.
I mean, I guess you're just stating that obviously it's ongoing.
Yes, I'm just saying, very positive news here.
I mean, I didn't mean to make the whole show about how long until she gets killed like Epstein.
That's a side issue.
Hope she doesn't get killed.
I want the whole network to go down.
I'm telling you, there's a deep state war going on right now, and this is Trump's October surprise, is to go for the jugular.
This is the move he should have made a long time ago, and this is very positive.
That's what I'm excited about right now.
Let's talk to Chris in Texas.
Chris, thanks for calling.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
Happy early Independence Day.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for calling us.
So I'm going to make it a multi-day thing on my end.
They hate America.
So, they want to ban the 4th of July?
Throw it in their commie, dirty, pedophile faces.
I'm going to buy 10 times more fireworks this weekend.
I'll make this quick.
I like the progression with the Jeffrey Epstein stuff.
That was going to be kind of my litmus test.
I don't know.
No, that's right.
Comey's daughter is involved in the Justice Department at high levels.
And you've got also the investigation is centered around New Hampshire and the Connecticut areas into all of this.
But I think that's why she was hiding right underneath the nose of it.
Look, the FBI knew where she was.
They were blocking it out of the Southern District.
It's now come out.
That's why I'm saying this is so positive.
They do not want Epstein brought back in 123 days from the election, brother.
This is a good thing.
Actually, sir, and it was getting to me for a while.
My morale was real low, but I'm seeing this as a good thing.
I really hope that he comes through on this.
One quick thing, if I can, I heard you talking about Rogan and Elon Musk possibly moving to Texas.
I myself was born and bred here.
I was even considering leaving the state to Colorado for a while, but hearing you guys and hearing everybody come back,
It's really making me want to stay and fight for Texas that much more.
Well, exactly.
That's the good news.
There's a lot of people fleeing California are coming here for the right reason.
Like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk.
And Joe's asked me not to get into the details of it, so I'm going to just leave it at that.
But, uh, whatever.
I mean, who knows?
I mean, Joe might already be a Texan.
You wouldn't know.
The studio looked just the same.
I'm joking for it's a national news story.
Just joking.
I'm gonna stop right there.
I'm gonna be a good boy.
Thank you for the call, sir.
Now, there is a mass exodus.
Here's the problem.
You'd think that if people moved from California, fleeing that, they wouldn't bring it.
I'd say 80% of them don't even know why they're moving, they just know there's no jobs there.
And so they're bringing all the same weird crap here.
But the businesses and the movers and shakers are like, hey, I used to be libertarian or liberal, I'm right-wing, and I want to be baptized in Texas.
And I'm like, well, you got here right in time because the state's almost gone.
So if Joe Rogan becomes a leader for patriotism and nationalism and populism,
And if Elon Musk does that, which he looks like he's starting to say he really wants to, I'm sorry, the Tesla at the factory is going in and out by the airport.
I mean, it's done.
He's already moved here.
So, pull up stakes, leave California, and then leave California behind like Sodom and Gomorrah when, you know, Lott tells his wife, don't look back, and she does and turns to the pillar of salt.
That's a good metaphor for what we're dealing with here today.
Don't look back.
And that means don't bring it with you.
Don't wish that you wanted to stay there.
So, I'm just going to leave it at that.
I mean, I know the whole inside baseball.
I wish I could tell you.
And a lot more.
It's very exciting.
Now, let me just do this.
We're going to go to break.
Take a few more calls.
We have a guest popping in.
I'll go back to your calls.
And Paul Joseph Watson is going to be on the transmission.
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We'll be right back with our number two, free shipping store-wide, InfowarsStore.com, our number three.
Run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Michael Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
Welcome back, folks.
We have a special guest joining us, who I'll surprise you with when we start the next segment.
But right now we're taking a few more phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Minnesota.
Bob, you're on the air.
Hi Alex.
Hello brother, go ahead.
Sorry, I went off my speaker there.
You know, I think you might be a little wrong on Jeffrey Epstein being sort of just an administrator or however you described him.
You know, I think he was smart enough to take precautions in case he was captured.
And so he wouldn't get in prison.
He's got to have his information safely secured and my guess is that he's alive and under government protection.
Well listen, you're welcome to call in with that and that's wonderful.
Okay, let's just say he's alive.
He's up there, he's not flying around with harps, he's alive.
What about the children in the pedophile networks and Giselaine Maxwell being arrested?
Because, I mean, this is the big deal.
I mean, I think they tried too hard to make it look like a murder, even though you might say,
Try to make a look like a suicide.
Come on that one even in the in the cars.
I think they did that to create a.
By the way, Bob, that's all riveting talk radio fodder, and I'm not against you calling and bringing it up.
I'm just saying, there's big pedophile rings getting busted, and Ghislaine Maxwell's been arrested now, and this all ties back to the Clintons, so I'm just excited about that.
Everybody always just gets caught up, is he alive, is he dead?
I mean, the point is, he was a Mater D for pedophilia and blackmail.
And so, for me, I'm asking, what's the bigger picture of her arrest and how it ties into Prince Andrew?
Because of her information.
These are gold mines of information.
These two people, to kill them or to lay them vulnerable to the Clintons would be really bad.
But you understand the FBI got the laptops and they got all the files with names of people and CD-ROMs and CDs.
I mean, they got all that.
Well then, then I'm wrong.
No, no, no, no.
It's on record they got them.
That's not debated.
I'm sure there's more stuff and things hidden, but it is safe.
The FBI got all that and then Berman was sitting on top of that.
And the U.S.
Attorney before him was sitting on it.
And so I'm just saying, wow, that's, that's pretty amazing if Trump starts using that info, right?
Well, yeah, he should.
Or Barr should.
I don't know.
Anyway, I sure appreciate you.
Hey, brother, we appreciate you, Bob.
And listen, if I debate with you guys, I'm not mad at you.
I mean, look, it's important.
Is Epstein alive or is he dead?
But the media makes it about is he alive or is he dead?
Obviously, we get lied to a lot.
It's OK to ask questions about anything, any official story.
Regardless, these pedophile rings have been exposed.
And it's coming out.
And 30,000 pedophiles in the government of Germany are under investigation.
They've already arrested over 1,000 of them with government psychiatrists running child kidnapping rings.
I mean, you can't make this up.
This is in the number one TV stations and newspapers in Germany.
It's coming out here.
There's a real move against this.
And I just don't want to get totally lost for the forest for the trees with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
I don't
Release it all.
Justice be done to me.
The heavens fall.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right.
We've got our guests coming up.
Then I'll get to Marion and Mike and Nick and Alex and Matt and Robin.
And then Watson takes over next hour.
We got our special guest coming up on the other side of this quick break.
Tell folks to tune in.
You don't want to miss this.
Stay with us.
If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd work for all my life And I had to start again With just my children and my wife I'd thank my lucky stars To be living here today Cause the flag still stands for freedom And they can't take that away
And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.
And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land.
God bless the USA!
From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee across the plains of Texas
From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston And New York to L.A.
Well, there's pride in every American heart And it's time we stand and say
Next to you, and defend her still today.
How cool is it that George Washington designed that flag?
An abolitionist woman sewed it together.
And they say, take it down.
Alex Jones here, back live, while so many good things are happening, while evil is being exposed.
All right, I wanted to air that song, because you can call it cheesy, you can tag it all day, but they're replacing it with chi-com, globalist, New World Order satanism.
So you might want to actually save the republic with all of our rights and all of our freedoms that have been paid for by blood, sweat, and tears.
We weren't given those rights by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.
Those documents are simply there to codify that they exist and were given to us by God Almighty.
Now, Bishop Larry Gaters is an amazing guy.
He's the host of Nationally Syndicated Global Spiritual Revolution Radio, which we found on iHeart Radio, iHeart Media Group, and Life Radio 92.9 FM, 1460 AM in New York City.
He's very popular.
He reaches millions of people every week.
He's a black Christian conservative who is a contract assassin and killer representing the kingdom of God and decapitating the global system, the Luciferian Baphomet deep state of the left.
And he is at Bishop Gators on Twitter, at Bishop Gators.
Sir, thank you so much for joining us.
I'm really familiar with your work.
Really glad you come on with us on the eve of the 4th of July.
I'll come up in a few days with this evil out in the open now.
I could ask so many questions, but what do you want to tell folks first?
What do you want to tackle first?
What do you want to tell folks about yourself who may not know who you are first?
What do you stand for?
Well, thank you so much, Brother Alex.
You have been a gigantic mentor of mine, and I am so very honored to be on your powerful show here today.
Again, my name is Bishop Larry Gators.
I'm the host and moderator of the nationally and internationally syndicated Global Spiritual Revolution Radio on the Life Radio Network, 92.9 FM, 1460 AM.
Also, we're internationally syndicated through
Through the iHeart Radio Network in the iHeart Media Group.
And so I am a type of a man that's been called by God to fully decapitate the system of the left.
And what I want to talk to you about today, Brother Alex, and to your listeners all over the world,
Is this topic entitled The Coming Destruction of Black Lives Matter?
Again, The Coming Destruction of Black Lives Matter.
And, you know, we're going to get into Antifa the next time that I come on your broadcast.
So then to understand Black Lives Matter, we have to look at the foundation of what we call its origination that goes back into not just West African witchcraft and divination,
But goes back also into the time of what we call the Thuggee Seeker Society out of India.
And so we're going to be talking about that here in the next few minutes.
So then, what is Black Lives Matter?
Now, does the word matter mean significance?
Or does the word matter mean a chemical compound?
Now, in the mind of the deep state, black people are not of any significance to the global luciferian baphomet left.
So the term matter actually means a chemical compound.
That the black intelligentsia of black America, including all of black America itself, is nothing more than a chemical compound of what we call matter.
When mind doesn't matter because matter doesn't mind.
So then black lives matter.
And by the way, I just want to interrupt you, because what you're saying when you study this, it's all the occult, and all these movements are occult, they all follow this false Luciferian system.
So what you're saying is not what you believe, this is what they actually believe.
Please continue.
And it's a combination of what we call voodoo, hoodoo, and taboo.
OK, so all of your listeners, be very careful not to say the words taboo and also the word diva, which is the acronym for divination.
Now, the three founders, Brother Alex, of
Black Lives Matter, they are witches.
Listen, I have no sympathy for the left.
I am a contract killer for the Lord Jesus Christ.
My responsibility is to cut the hair off of not just Antifa, that is the military arm of Black Lives Matter, but Black Lives Matter is the propaganda arm of Antifa.
So you have three witches
Who created this terrorist organization in 2013 following the death of Trayvon Martin.
Alicia Garza, she is a member of Omega Phi Beta.
Patrisse Cullors, she is a member also of Omega Phi Beta.
And Opa Tometi, she's of Nigerian descent.
She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.
Which means they're all a part, Brother Alex, of the Black Skulls and Bones.
Now, one may ask themselves... Let me stop you.
I should have just said up front, because I know about this.
I researched it.
They have Black Freemasonry.
They have a Black Skull and Bones.
They have a Black... We're talking about what the top hip-hop guys have talked about.
I mean, even Dave Chappelle got called into this meeting.
It was serious.
I told people to know him.
He got called into this mafia and they said, you're joining us or you're dead.
And that is called the Boulay Secret Society, or better known as Sigma Pi 5.
Now, according to the 1954 book entitled The Secret or the History of Sigma Pi 5, again, the history of Sigma Pi 5 by Dr. Charles H. Wesley,
He says in that 1954 book, The History of Sigma Pi Phi, on page 146, that there are nine families that control 99% of the world's wealth.
So then we're talking about, quickly, the Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, the Werbers, the Rockefellers, the John Jacob Astor dynasty.
The Bilderbergs, the Habsburgs, the Sassoon family that produced Vidal Sassoon, right?
And the Lee family out of Hong Kong, who is bankrolling COVID-19.
So these nine Illuminati families out of the 13, Brother Alex, they represent the Nine Knights of the Round Table, according to the 1954 book by Dr. Charles H. Wesley,
The history of Sigma Pi 5 or better known as Goulet.
I'm going to let you lay all this out because I separately know what you're saying is all true and that's why when you see all these top black rappers saying, hey I'm in the Illuminati, I'm in the New World Order doing all this, they really are in that but then when you see people like Kanye West coming out against it or Dave Chappelle, they are literally telling you what actually goes on and this is how not just black people are controlled, every group gets controlled by
Other globalist organizations but with black folks are able to do it because it's based on race so it's even more centralized and you've got the high priestess over here of the Alistair Crowley group who then is the high priestess over Jay-Z and all the rest of it.
It is unbelievable and this is why black folks can't ever get free.
It's why we can't get free because we have Satanists in control.
Stay with us.
A lot of big things are happening.
Welcome back to the broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Bishop Larry Gators, big syndicated radio host out of New York, syndicated all over the world, is our guest.
And he's just like I am.
He's got all this knowledge.
He's just trying to rattle it all off so you can go follow the breadcrumbs and look it up.
Let's talk about you for a minute.
How did you wake up to this?
And then I can tell you've done your research because I've read a lot of this stuff years ago and it's making my head spin.
Try to kind of re-remember it as you're rattling it off about how there's a secret spiritual occult government that's operating over everybody in these secret societies and you're laying out exactly how it's operating and how particularly
Because it is true, the left, the globalists, the left hand path, the Luciferians are obsessed with black people.
It's true.
And they're obsessed with killing black people and exterminating black people and also ruling them and studying the WikiLeaks and other occult stuff and the Rolling Stones.
Their favorite person to sacrifice is a black person for some weird reason.
What was your awakening like?
And tell us the bottom of the rabbit hole before you start giving us pieces of it.
Take us to the end first and then take us back to the beginning.
To understand the conception and the birth of my awakening, my entire family are black conservatives, okay, going back five generations.
So we've always been awakened, at least from a geopolitical standpoint.
But from a spiritual standpoint, my Great Awakening came about because of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, and more specifically, Malcolm X, because I began to see that there was what we call the compartmentalization of darkness, where global governments, when we're talking about shadow governments, behind a shadow government, behind a shadow government,
So my awakening happened 40 years ago.
So I've been in a part of the Truth and Awakening community for 40 years.
I've traveled to 101 nations around the world.
I've got over 10,000 books in my library, many of them that I can't even have in my home here in New York City.
But my awakening, to get to the premise of your question, it happened 40 years ago because I was not satisfied.
Brother Alex, as to the condition of black America.
And let me say this before we get back to Black Lives Matter.
The greatest tragedy with black America is not systemic racism.
The greatest tragedy in black America is the lack of fathers in black homes.
That's the tragedy.
And that's the Planned Parenthood on record goal.
That's it, because we're going back to the 1939, you know, what we call through Planned Parenthood, the Negro Project in 1939, that was co-signed not only by Margaret Singer, a witch through Planned Parenthood, but also... And you're right, by the way, she was an occultist, you're not just saying this.
She was an occultist, and she was high up within not only in the occult, but she was very high up in the many of the Masonic lodges in New York City during that time.
But it's interesting that in 1929, Alex, Dr. W.E.B.
Du Bois, an African-American scholar who is revered
We're good to go.
Which was the final solution of the extermination of Black America.
Guess whose name was also on that 1939 document?
A woman by the name of Dorothy Taylor.
Oh, who's Dorothy Taylor?
The grandmother of Valerie June Jarrett.
That's right, so you've got a select Black elite overseeing, as Judas goes, the destruction of Black people, and then they admit on record the beta test for everyone else.
Exactly, because when you look at the term negro, the term negro comes from the Greek word necro, which means autopsy of flesh or having sex with a dead body.
I kid you not, this is where we get the term necrophilio or necrophiliac.
So then black people, not all, they're under this psyop of not only of victimhood, but
They're being controlled by these house negroes called the Boulez Seeker Society.
So I'm talking about Barack Hussein Obama.
And by the way, I've been around these people.
When I used to go out and protest an abortion clinic 26-7 years ago, before I was even on air, there'd be black people running up, pulling up in a Mercedes going, nobody wants these black people!
We got to get rid of these people!
They're bad!
They're not good!
And they'd always
You know, be these wannabe elitists, and let's just say kind of a yellow bone, part white, whatever, white supremacist in a black body, claiming that they're in charge and own black people, and now there's videos of them all over actually saying it.
I used to tell folks about this, now they do it on video.
And that's what's happening.
So the Boulay Seekers Society, they are the present day Black Skulls and Bones.
So the term Boulay means it represents that they are the gatekeepers of not only the Roundtable.
They don't own the Roundtable, Alex.
They're just the guardians of the Roundtable.
They are also the guardians of the global crab barrel system, keeping the black diaspora in check for the
So let me ask you this from research.
Why is the globalist system obsessed with black people?
Because the threat, here's the threat, it goes back to the 1912 book by Israel Cohen, who was a part of the Fabian Society, a racial program for the 20th century.
Now, people are going to say, well, Bishop, that's an anti-Semitic book.
The 1912 book by Israel Cohen, a racial program for the 20th century.
He predicted, Alex, back in 1912, that Hollywood
Hollywood, the Hollywood of a witch, would control the mindset of both black and white America, showing that white people were the devil and that black people were a threat to white people.
The creator of the KKK, white people did not create the Ku Klux Klan.
Okay, Brother Alex, who created the Ku Klux Klan?
A Rothschild agent, an attorney by the name of Judah Benjamin in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1865, along with Albert Pike, who he hired.
Who was the head of the Illuminati officially.
I mean, the Illuminati created it.
The Illuminati created the Ku Klux Klan out of the sign-up of the Knights of the Golden Circle.
So with Rothschild money, along with Judah Philip Benjamin, he had hired both Albert Pike and... Well that's right, because the British intelligence triggered the Civil War.
British intelligence is on record in history books triggering the Civil War.
Yeah, and this gave birth to what we call Black Lives Matter today.
So in the upcoming segment, we're going to really break down further the coming destruction of this terrorist organization, because that's exactly what it is, Alex.
Well, obviously it's meant to make black people look bad and turn white people into racists.
As you just said in your plan a hundred and something years ago, is that plan.
I mean, are we going to put up with this?
It's unbelievable.
Bishop Larry Gators, at Bishop Gators on Twitter.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This is powerful truth, folks.
He knows what he's talking about.
I've read all the stuff he's talking about.
I just have forgotten most of it.
My mind's blown right now.
Alright, syndicated radio host Bishop Larry Gaters is here with us and he's laying out the angle, the perspective of how
Black America is controlled by the Illuminati, and how they're now projecting it as a culture across the world, as a weaponized system.
And they admit that.
The operating system is this.
And a lot of black folks see it and go, wow, we're ruling the earth.
We're doing a great thing.
But really, you've been hijacked.
You're being used for a larger, larger evil destiny.
So you're laying out the heavy knowledge here.
Please continue, sir.
The civil rights movement has been totally hijacked, okay, by both Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement.
Again, now, the Bible for Black Lives Matter is a book, Brother Alex, entitled IFA, capital I-F-A, Divination, Knowledge, Power, and Performance.
So then, all three of these women, Alicia Garza, Patrice Cullors, and Oprah Tomani, being a part of Sigma Pi Phi, which is the Black Skulls of Bones, or the Blue Lace Society, that was created in the hometown of Kobe Bean Bryant, back on the 15th of May of 1904.
And so, the term, again, Black Lives Matter.
It talks about the manipulation of matter, or the manipulation of dark matter, which establishes, Brother Alex, the foundation of what we call the structural illumination for the manipulation of what?
Black Lives Matter.
And there's a book called Black Religion in the Imagination of Matter, okay, by Dr. James A. Knoll.
He says on page 12 that there are 16 points or states of dark dimensions in this West African religion called Aitha.
Now, there are many black female witch seeker societies
Beginning not just with Black Lives Matter, but there is a major black female secret society out of Baltimore, Maryland, entitled The Witches of Baltimore, okay?
And so, according to African scholars, this religion of Aifa gives birth to what we call Santeria.
So to understand, Brother Alex, the psyop, okay, the perfect, perfect link there.
To understand the psyop of Black Lives Matter, you cannot look at her from a political paradigm.
You first must dissect her from a spiritual demonic paradigm.
So there are 16 points or states of demonic possession within the Nigerian West African religion of IFA, K-I-F-A.
But guess how many chapters does Black Lives Matter have in the United States and in Canada? 16.
So, according to the religion of Aitha, there are 16 points, 16 states, which represent 16 chapters or names of demons in West African divination.
What is the acronym term for divination?
So I keep telling black women stop calling yourself D.V.A.
because D.V.A.
is the acronym for the term divination.
As we're talking about Black Lives Matter.
So quickly here, it's not by accident that Black Lives Matter... They're calling themselves a gateway for demonic control.
And so they're saying we're doors.
And no, don't call yourself a door.
And so what has happened?
And this is the reason why Black Lives Matter is going to be destroyed.
Excellent point you just made there, Brother Alex.
They are practitioners of what we call chaos theory.
They want to control the narrative through the media.
Ah, so the term media comes from the Hebrew term medium
Which means witch.
So the crack news network, CNN, they are witches.
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, they're all witches and warlocks, okay, as we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
So those black witches of Baltimore are a part
of the upper echelon of the 16 chapters throughout the United States, including Canada, but yet there are 16 points of demonic possession within the West African witchcraft religion called Aifa or Odu Aifa.
This is the psy-op, the psychological foundation of what we call Black Lives Matter.
So Black Lives Matter also represents
The composition of matter, which gives birth to, check this out Alex, the decomposition of black life.
So, Black Lives Matter has been created by their father, the devil,
To make the police not go into the areas.
Crime explodes.
Abortions rampant.
And death happens.
And statistically, Black Lives Matter is killing blacks.
Black Lives Matter is a human sacrifice of blacks.
That's what it is.
Look at South Central L.A.
Now, during the 1992 L.A.
riots, okay, which was perpetuated through problem, reaction, solution, where the deep state creates a catastrophe, which will force a response from the people, okay,
Try it, okay?
They're neighborhoods.
Because many black folk, not just black people, but those who are rioting in Minneapolis, they don't know who they are.
They know what they are, Alex, but they don't know who they are.
So we're producing a generation of black people.
They call themselves 50 Cent, Quarter, Nickel, Penny, Ice T, Ice Cube, Ice Tray,
Alex Jones Show!
of a piece of a property or a compound.
When a black person says, I want reparations, they're telling you and I, I need to be repaired.
For the acronym word for reparation is to be repaired.
Somebody says, well, Bishop, I believe in affirmative action, but the original wording for affirmative action does not, did not reveal the term affirmative action.
It really means, Brother Alex, affirmative property.
Oh, so then you need to be repaired, reparations, because you are a property that needs to be affirmed.
Yeah, you can't operate on your own.
And people think if operating on your own is a bad thing, that makes you stronger.
Exactly, and so the detail, now remember the other day, I believe a week or two ago, you got Nancy Jezebel Pelosi and all of those democrats on the left, kneeling down on one knee in the capitol, in the- By the way, not by accident, wearing the one African tribe that did the western slavery, with the actual royal symbol of slavery, that they were traitors.
So they didn't do that on accident, did they?
They wore slave trader, slave trader garbs as a big joke.
That was a ritual, wasn't it?
Oh, that was a ritual!
Because the kente cloth, which these Democrats were wearing, comes from the Ashanti tribe dynasty in Ghana going back 2,000 years.
It was the Ashanti dynasty that sold our people into slavery.
Do you think that Nancy Pelosi, okay, and Chuck... So she was showing the contract...
Saying, you sold yourself to us, so we own you as a political movement, we own your votes, we are magically wearing this, it wasn't an accident, as our sign of tribal ownership in a blood ritual, race ritual, literally, you know, satanic, sins of the fathers garbage.
And you are 100% right, my brother, because that's why you're the most powerful host in the United States today, as we're talking about the coming destruction concerning Black Lives Matter.
Well, let's talk about it when we come back, because you say it's going to be destroyed.
I'm blown away here.
Bishop Larry Gaters, I've seen some of your stuff before, but you're on fire right now, breaking this down.
People can find all your great work.
When we come back, I'll give out that website for folks.
Here it is right here, but I tell you, I'm just blown away right now.
I'm hearing all this.
This is the occultism, and let's just say it, they have really gotten the black leadership to engage with the globalist occultists.
It's like a, it's just a, it's a disgusting marriage that's been made.
And you can find him on Twitter at the Bishop Elgators.
On Twitter right now, wow.
And then we've got Paul Joseph Watson coming up in the fourth hour.
I'm just, this is just speechless information right now, with all the stuff that's breaking.
Those of us that are into Satanism, we don't get it.
These globalists are obsessed with ritual.
The sun no longer sets me free.
Well, that's because you don't know Christ.
Alright, I've got this video clip we're going to play in a moment.
Rapper says Black Lives Matter, not our movement, was given to us by George Soros.
But it was to say horrible things and pull down Abraham Lincoln statues and make black people look bad.
I mean, that's the goal.
Let me tell you, I'm not some virtue signaler here like I'm the defender of black people.
I'm defending everybody because I care about human life, period.
The globalists are obsessed with running black people, aborting them, killing them, diseasing them, and turning them into these monsters.
They're trying to do that to all of us.
It's disgusting and it's evil, but I'm just blown away with Bishop Larry Gators.
I want to have him back very soon.
He's welcome to host a fourth hour anytime he wants to.
But sir, just continuing to talk about, I know you're trying to lay out heavy knowledge here about how one arm of the new world order controls people through secret societies, but just big picture, what would you call this time we're in right now?
This is a time where you and I, Brother Alex, are eye-witnessing the birth of a new Cold War, not just in this country, but around the world.
Not through the weapons of an atom or hydrogen bomb, but you and I are witnessing the advent of not only a global industrial vaccination complex,
But you and I are witnessing a war between the followers of the first constitution of true Americans like you and I, going back to 1776, ratified in 1781, versus the global, balfement, luciferian, deep state of the second constitution
Wow, you've really done your research because I can tell when somebody's following one researcher or another.
I'm seeing a ton of research from dozens of top people with your research.
So you've definitely, like you said, done your research.
Because the knowledge is so frightening when you actually have it.
It's like spacewalking.
It's like you just can't breathe when you see how real it is and how ridiculous it is that people like puppets are playing along with this.
How do we get... Because here's the problem.
You're a smart guy.
I'm a smart guy.
We're not scratching each other's backs here.
It's scary how we do research, we know we're right, we've got the answers because God gave them to us, and then the average person literally won't listen!
They won't listen because when you look, and I was on another show some months ago on the 10 for a Hat podcast out of Los Angeles with my good friend, Brother Sam Tripley, I was talking about why not just young black kids, but this generation loves to wear baggy jeans.
Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, not to get away from Black Lives Matter, when you write down the word sagging,
Capital S-A-G-G-I-N and spell it backwards, then you get the spirit of the PSYOP.
That's not only in black America, not all, but a certain percentage.
But it's beyond that.
In prison for 60 years, if you wear jeans down below your ass, it means that you are a punk.
That you are a punk.
And not just that, but also if you add the letter G to Sagan, and spell that backwards, then you get the term G, then N-I-G-G-A-S, which means G unit.
I'm sorry, 50 Cent.
These people are slaves when we're talking about the coming destruction of Black Lives Matter.
And quickly, one more side before we get back to Black Lives Matter here.
We got about six minutes and six seconds left here.
So as we're talking about this PSYOP concerning Black Lives Matter, there is a term in the black community called Bag Overhead Syndrome.
Bag Overhead Syndrome.
In other words, that PSYOP means if a man or woman is ugly, just put a burlap sack over their head and have sex.
That came up out of slavery.
That's where the term Mother F came from, because going back to the 1500s and 1600s, through the science, through Willie Lynch, from whence we get the term Lynchburg, Virginia,
So then Willie Lynch forced mothers to have sex with their sons and then the mother didn't know that she was having sex with her son and vice versa because they were wearing burlap sacks.
This is where we get the term mother F.
That's a demonic psyop, because in this generation, people, more so with black men, have been buck broken.
Well, what is the term buck broken?
It is a term when those slaves who could not be controlled were sent to the Caribbean islands.
We're talking about Jamaica and Cuba and St.
They were tied down, chest first,
All right.
So then, Black Lives Matter has been broken.
So quickly here, before we sign off today, when we go back to the Thuggee Seeker Society, and this is where we get the term thug.
So the founding... That's right, it was an international criminal society that fed on Indians, fed on everybody, which was a satanic society.
That's right.
And the three founding fathers of the Thuggee Seeker Society were Burram, capital B-H-E-H-R-A-M, which means black in Hindu mythology, which also means black in the Sanskrit.
So Burram, capital B-E-H-R-A-M,
As you said, this all sounds crazy, but the globalists are obsessed with the occult and repeating things throughout history.
How does that, briefly, how does that work interdimensionally?
Why do they think they're getting power from this?
Because they obviously are.
Right, because the Lucifer and Deep State and four-year LSD students, the first letters of Lucifer, L, Satan, S, double D, this year LSD.
And so, the Thuggee Seeker Society had worshipped a god named Kali, capital K-A-L-I, and her name has three meanings.
It means diva or divination.
It means life.
This is where we get the term, Alex, thug life.
And then it comes from a third Sanskrit word, Kali.
It means care.
Oh, capital C-A-I-R.
What does that mean?
The Council on American Islamic Relations.
By the way, I've been at the highest levels of Hollywood.
That's like saying I'm at the lowest level of the toilet bowl.
Top movie producers are out the pools.
I mean, how am I going to say names, but just Denzel Washington's producers all of them.
Denzel's not a bad guy.
They all have thug life on their chest.
White guys, black guys.
And they go, you know what this means?
And one of them said, he goes way back.
He goes way back to the Middle East, way back to India.
You're right.
They even told me that.
They are literally following an ancient black magic religion.
So we think thug life.
They think that's just some new deal.
No, it's thuggy life.
It's thug life, okay?
Because they existed between 1300 and the early part of the 1900s when the British Secular Society excommunicated them.
So thug life, and they were the ones, and there's Kayleigh having her right foot, can you go back to that picture of Kayleigh having her right foot on what?
George Floyd.
Ah, so it's a psyop.
And they got videos in France, Germany, everywhere of the same thing.
It's the same thing, because these are black communists, Marxists, Leninists, Socialists, and Stasists.
Hold on, we'll do five more minutes, then Paul Watson takes over.
By the way, you guys know George Washington wrote a bunch of letters about this.
You can go read George Washington wrote about how the French are doing rituals.
They're trying to overthrow our real rebellion.
This is a false rebellion.
Folks, you're not into the occult, so you're not into this, which I get.
They are, and they're crazy.
We're going to go to break.
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We're talking to our amazing guest who, I know B, I just want to hear him.
I've seen some of his videos and liked him, but this guy.
I'm having these flashbacks where he's talking like, I read this, I knew this.
This guy's not laying BS on you, man.
And he's like, he's even more, I'd say, ADHD than I am or whatever you want to call it.
He's like got it all going right now.
I mean, you're getting a pure truth dose right now with Bishop Larry Gator.
Stay with us.
By the way, we've got such emergency news breaking.
I'm going to do a two-hour commercial-free transmission tonight, 7 to 9.
With the great crew that's coming in, that'll be taking over the feeds at infowars.com and newswars.com until tomorrow with the July 3rd transmission.
But till we talk about that rapper, Black Lives Matter, not a movement that was given to us by our people, but by George Soros, rapper Lord Jamar, here it is.
And I'm not no Black Lives Matter supporter.
You're not?
No, absolutely not.
Why not?
Because it's not our movement.
This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his boys.
Because they saw how things were going and they didn't want it to go back to the 60s to where we start having our own organic movements.
That was a big problem for them.
So let's give the people of movement that we can control.
We'll provide them the leaders and all of this type of s***.
And that's the key.
Yeah, that's what Black Lives Matter is.
Look at the leaders of Black Lives Matter.
Are there leaders of Black Lives Matter?
These lesbian women who are trying to incorporate, you know, LG, whatever the letters are, incorporate those, their concerns into black people's concerns.
Go to the website, look it up.
Total hijacking and
Here we are, we only got a few minutes left and I really appreciate Bishop Larry Gaters joining us here.
In closing, big picture, humanity has a big choice right now.
Things are about to get really crazy.
Africa was not the name of the continent, was not the name of the continent that we call Africa today.
So the name Africa was not the name of the continent.
It's not the original name of the continent that we call Africa today.
So there was a general by the name of Scipio Africanus.
Who defeated Hannibal in 202 BC during the Second Punic War in Carthage, which is present-day Libya, and changed the name of the continent from Alcubulon, capital A-L-K-E-B-U-L-N.
That's a lot cooler name than Africa.
Sounds awesome.
It means the Garden of Eden.
So they change it from Alkibulan to Africanus, which is Africa today.
So Africa, Black America, stop calling yourself African American, African British and African Canadian.
I'm not going to name my
They are shell companies for not just the New World Order, but also for Black Lives Matter.
So, all of your listeners, please go to liveradionj.com forward slash Gators.
It's G-A-I-T-E-R-S.
We're good.
People better start supporting folks that are telling the truth.
The truth you're laying out, Bishop Larry Gaters, is amazing.
Everybody should visit your Twitter.
They should go visit there.
They should support you and word of mouth.
Spread what you're doing.
We salute you and we thank you.
Paul Joseph Watson of Summit.News takes over.
You're at Bishop Gaters.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com and Newswars.com is there as well.
Your word of mouth is king, folks.
We salute you all.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
T-minus 60 seconds.
Amazing guest.
Thank you, Bishop.
And we are live on this Thursday, July 2nd edition.
Of course, massive revelations earlier today about Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who didn't kill herself yet.
Remains to be seen whether that will happen.
We've got some revelations about that coming up later, which weren't in the Netflix documentary.
Of course, that got big traction over the past couple of months.
Two key factors about Jeffrey Epstein that weren't in the Netflix Epstein documentary, which we're going to get into later.
But first, of course, Black Lives Matter continues its rapacious colonization of every cultural institution and corporation in the West.
And now suddenly, especially here in the UK,
Certain people are starting to realise that, yes, Black Lives Matter is a political movement.
They're just beginning to realise that it actually has a larger agenda than fighting for racial justice for black people, and that it's actually about overthrowing capitalism, overthrowing the patriarchy, and imposing a Marxist revolution.
Now, if you didn't know that five years ago, then you're either a liar or you weren't paying any attention whatsoever.
Headline out of Breitbart, which kind of summarises all this, especially as it's unfolding here in the UK.
Barrage of indicators as U-Turn continues, BBC says no BLM badges after platforming far-left agenda.
The BBC has reportedly told its presenters and guests not to wear Black Lives Matter badges, the latest in a series of British institutions rolling back their support for the far-left movement, after claims it was hijacked
By political extremists.
Now, if you remember back to 2015-2016, it was definitely hijacked by political extremists back then, because of course, before the election in the summer of 2016, we had a number of politically targeted assassinations and basically terror attacks.
Culminating, of course, in the shooting, the killing of five police officers in Dallas by an admitted Black Lives Matter supporter, and that was one of his motivations for carrying out the attack.
We had numerous assassinations of police officers before that, again.
By people who specifically cited Black Lives Matter as part of their motivation.
We had people trying to bomb the Ferguson police station on more than one occasion.
So to only claim now that you're starting to realize this has been hijacked by political extremists doesn't really cut the mustard.
It's been hijacked from the very beginning.
As Britain's leading media producer reportedly said that it will not allow
Visual symbols of support for BLM on screen.
The report came since recent tweets from Black Lives Matter UK branch, BLM UK, called for the abolition of police and the group posted far-left anti-Semitic remarks.
They criticised the wrong people.
They tweeted free Palestine and now after that, after the calls to defund the police, people are slowly beginning to back away.
Now, the idea that they didn't know any of this weeks ago when cursory research would have turned up those basic facts, if you believe that or not, that remains to be seen.
The BBC cannot be seen to support any kind of cause over another.
And Black Lives Matter is certainly a campaign a BBC source told The Telegraph.
They added, therefore, we wouldn't want anyone on screen to be wearing visual symbols of support.
And it's not just that, by the way.
Sky, all these media platforms, radio platforms, they've had, you know, podcasts on Apple, even Apple Music, where you can't even use the app in terms of the radio section of the app.
We had this story a couple of weeks ago.
Without them forcing down this BLM-themed playlist down your throat.
They had the same on Sky Television, where they had huge blocks on the TV Guide saying Black Lives Matter pushing this programming on you.
So it wasn't just the on-screen support, it was literally the programming that they were forcing down your neck in the weeks after the death of George Floyd, which of course was 4,000 miles away.
In the entirety of 2019, one person of colour was killed by police in the UK.
He was the London Bridge terrorist.
You can make arguments about police brutality, police killing too many people in the United States, you cannot legitimately make that argument in the UK.
So it was absolutely bizarre for them to even support it in the first place, but of course they were steamrolled by the mob.
But now, that's starting to get rolled back.
The article continues, such narratives elevated by the BBC was that the British countryside is seen as a white environment by minorities.
Yes, they literally put out a tweet on Sunday night saying basically, the countryside is racist.
The broadcaster was also accused of bias when it described BLM riots in London that resulted in the injuries of 27 police officers as largely peaceful.
So again,
Not just that their presenters have been wearing BLM badges on air, it's the content of their programming, the operative word being programming.
And in fact, there's been some dissent.
On Sky Sports, which is the big sports channel on the Sky Network, the competitor to the BBC, where their hosts on their programmes were forced to wear BLM badges and then several of them got up on Twitter afterwards and said that they said they didn't want to wear these badges but were made to do so anyway.
So apparently those badges are coming off as well.
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage criticised the BBC as well as other broadcasters, including Sky News,
But portraying Britain as a cesspit of bigots and racists, and in its reporting of the death of Miss Floyd, also inferring that Britain is a hotbed of racism, such a hotbed of racism we allow in 300,000 migrants every single year because we're so racist.
He said these broadcasters have been utterly dishonest.
Instead of examining what Black Lives Matter truly wants, including its aim to defund the police, the mainstream media has presented its coverage as though Britain is a seething cesspit of racists and bigots.
And again,
Like Lives Matter was founded by people who were inspired, their ideological guru, and they say it on their own website, or at least they did when it was founded in 2015, a woman called Assata Shakur who is literally a wanted FBI top 10 most wanted domestic terrorist who is in exile in Cuba for killing police officers in politically targeted assassinations.
In this article they also point out that
One of the current advisors to Black Lives Matter, who mentored Kahlaw, who was one of the founders, was Eric Mann, a communist-supporting former domestic terrorist who worked with Bill Ayers, the former head of the radical militant left-wing Weather Underground, who of course attempted to bomb and in some cases killed police officers back in the 70s.
Their inspirational guru is literally a convicted cop-killing terrorist.
One of their current mentors, one of their founders,
Oh, but it was never political!
Oh my God, it's political!
How could we have known?
But the only reason you wouldn't know that would be the infinite amount of ignorance and not even being able to dig into basic facts available on their own website.
Of course, Farage himself was shamed when he appeared on Good Morning Britain, which is one of the biggest TV shows over here,
I'm making all these points.
He said the slogan Black Lives Matter and the wanting to end injustice and equality is a laudable aim, but the organisation Black Lives Matter is a far-left Marxist organisation whose chief aim is to defund and close down police forces so that we would live under anarchy.
So Farage said that on June 9th.
The next week his LBC radio show was cancelled and he was off the air.
But now the BBC, Sky News are starting to say the same thing.
And in fact here's another headline out of BBC News.
He came out with a speech basically saying, not as explicitly, but he's making the same point as Nigel Farage last week.
In saying that this is a political movement geared around a set of wider extremist aims, primary amongst them defunding the police, and that it's not about primarily racial injustice, that's just the vehicle.
Now he gave up, came up and gave a speech to camera, somewhat disavowing the movement in a similar way to how Nigel Farage did, of course he faced no such vociferous criticism, he wasn't cancelled or attempted to be cancelled like Farage,
Because he had previously taken a knee for Black Lives Matter, well now he's apologising again.
He said he regrets calling Black Lives Matter protests a moment after being criticised for dismissing the campaign's importance.
So he took a knee and took a selfie of himself taking a knee.
Then when he realised, oh they want to defund the police and they're criticising Israel, he said, well maybe we need to back away from it.
And now he's saying, sorry my choice of words was wrong.
He's now apologised, unapologised and apologised again.
An absolutely pathetic display.
We'll be back on the other side to get into this and more on the latest EpsteinRevelationSummit.news.go away.
So big broadcasters in the UK are starting to do a U-turn on Black Lives Matter, having suddenly discovered out of the blue that yes, it's a political movement.
Who knew?
Now we have UK soldiers banned from taking the knee in uniform after soft cops bowed to far-left BLM.
Of course, we had the pathetic sight over the past few weeks, not just in the United States, in the United Kingdom, of police officers taking a knee in front of, in some cases, violent, rioting, left-wing extremists because, as we found out later on, they'd been told to do so by their superiors to de-escalate the situation.
This of course occurred weeks after some of the same police in those same local areas were arresting people, surveilling people, publicly shaming people for daring to walk their dogs in the remote countryside because they were violating coronavirus lockdown laws.
Well now a positive development.
British soldiers have been banned from taking the knee in solidarity with the far-left Black Lives Matter movement when they're in uniform as they are bound to remain politically neutral, which of course should be the same case for the police.
But apparently it isn't.
Military leaders reportedly told soldiers at the naval base, MHS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire, that they were forbidden from making the gesture.
A defence source told the Daily Mail, when they're in uniform, they're not allowed to take part in any political activity with taken in the knee.
It is becoming a political movement.
It's not becoming, it's been one since its inception, as I documented in the previous segment.
When you're in uniform, there are longstanding rules for how you should behave.
They had to come out and say they were against racism, as if anyone would come out and say, oh no, we actually love racism.
So they had to qualify it with that backpedal, but at least the British troops will not be taking a knee for BLM anytime soon.
Let's hope we don't need them in the streets at any point in the near future.
Now another story that's brewing over in America, Michigan.
This is out of Fox 2, Detroit.
Video show argument, woman pulling gun on mom and daughter in Lake Orion.
Now we can't play the audio to this video because the crew would probably take about five hours to bleep out all the cuss words, but it's embedded in this article if you want to roll the video on its own.
Basically, a white woman, a white couple, a middle-aged white couple, apparently, and this is not caught on video,
The white woman bumps into a black woman or her daughter, her 15-year-old daughter, when they're trying to enter a restaurant.
And suddenly, of course, that becomes a vicious racist attack.
The black woman and her daughter start accusing this woman here on camera that you see right now of racism.
They try to escalate it immediately, despite the fact that the confrontation
From what was on the video, obviously had nothing whatsoever to do with racism.
This white woman ends up pulling a gun, because the black woman, as she's trying to leave, she's trying to de-escalate, get in the car, and leave the confrontation.
The black woman jumps behind the vehicle, and basically again, looks like she's trying to get run over, or at least bumped into by the car, so she can then escalate the situation.
And all along, they're screaming, racist, racist, you're a racist, again, to try and portray this terrified woman who ends up pulling a gun as the horrible bully, despite the fact that from all the evidence in the video, it looks like she's the one being bullied, she's the one being victimized, targeted as a racist, when there's no evidence whatsoever of racism.
And again, that's because many people in the United States have been
Radicalised, have been hopped up by this media hysteria that there are racists everywhere, that black people, as LeBron James said, are being hunted on the streets.
And they immediately tried to racialise this encounter, immediately tried to escalate it to the point where this woman is forced to pull a gun on them.
Now, whether you think that was an overreaction, a lot of people obviously think it was.
And they're calling her Karen now, which of course is a new acceptable slur for middle-aged white woman.
But of course the Karen of color, as they're calling the protagonist, is probably a more accurate description because she was the one who immediately started bitching and complaining because apparently this woman slightly bumped into her daughter when they were trying to enter a restaurant.
And it immediately became about racism.
The article says, in videos posted to Twitter and YouTube, the armed woman is pointing a pistol at the mom and yelling back, the F up.
The mom holding the camera can be heard saying, get the license plate and asking for cops to be called.
And also, you know, they threaten her to be cancelled, blah, blah, blah, because they know this video is going to go on Twitter.
They know, as of right now, it's going to get 11 million views.
This is all about public shaming and it's all about attempting to inject race into an incident.
That from everything that's on the video, and I've watched both of these full videos, has nothing whatsoever to do with racism.
So you've got a bunch of people across the United States hopped up on hysteria thinking that they're going to be hunted in the streets because people like LeBron James are telling them, initiating and escalating these violent confrontations.
You've seen literal people firing shots into vehicles at BLM protests of people who are just trying to get away.
They want to escalate it and they'll take every opportunity to do so.
But of course the narrative is, oh look, another Karen White woman who immediately resorts to threats and violence, when from everything I saw in the video, she was the one being targeted.
Talking about people being targeted, headline out of campus reform,
Student ousted from Christian school for TikTok hate speech criticizing Black Lives Matter.
And it's another one of these situations where they find a slightly edgy video uploaded by a teenager to TikTok, they put it on Twitter, and they say, Twitter, do your thing, which is a dog whistle for millions and millions of people to dox, abuse, and harass the target.
So this young lady uploaded a TikTok video, and she said, people, when a black person kills another black person,
No reaction.
People when a black person kills a white person.
No reaction.
People when a white person kills a black person and you can see a building on fire behind her.
Obviously the point being made, and it's completely true, is that when there's black on white violence it gets ignored completely by the media, despite the fact that
Actual FBI crime stats show it's twice as more likely for a white person to be violently attacked by a black person than the other way around.
But now a Christine University has confirmed that a student is no longer enrolled after disciplinary process resulting from social media posts, i.e.
doxing and harassment by the mob, critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Now former Hardin-Simmons University student Ashley Brock
Regularly post political videos on TikTok.
Her videos about the Black Lives Matter movement sparked outrage on Twitter.
Again, feigned outrage by a mob who wanted to target and cancel her from the start.
In another TikTok post, while wearing an HSU t-shirt, Brock said that all lives matter.
Oh, he can't say that.
That is verboten.
And asked why people freak out when a white person kills a black person, but do not elicit the same reaction when a black person kills a white person.
So she's been booted out of her university, she's been publicly shamed, no doubt her address, her place of employment, her family's place of employment have been doxxed and that they're getting abuse and harassment as we speak.
Now on the flip side, and we're going to get into this more on the other side of the break, there was a left winger
Who literally made, again, a TikTok video, this was a Harvard graduate, threatening to stab Trump supporters to death, or to stab anyone to death who said All Lives Matter.
She lost her job, but then what happened is that conservatives, the same kind of conservatives who do nothing to defend the previous teenager, who was cancelled and kicked out for making an anti-Black Lives Matter video, conservatives actually rushed to the support of this woman,
Because she lost her job after saying that she was going to stab people who said all lives matter.
We'll explain it in more detail on the other side.
Don't go away.
Now of course we had Jaden McNeil who was harassed by the hate mob last week.
Some Conservatives leapt to his defence, not nearly as many as they should have done.
Now I have this student ousted from Christian School for TikTok.
Hate speech!
Criticizing Black Lives Matter.
It wasn't hate speech, it was making a perfectly cogent and real point based on real observations of how the media, how the Black Lives Matter movement reacts when black people kill black people.
Of course, we've had a 525% increase in crime in the Seattle chop zone before it was dismantled by police the other day.
Including the homicides of two black people.
Again, Black Lives Matter didn't seem too keen on talking about that.
Now we've got this teenager who uploaded a video saying when a white person is killed by a black person, there's no reaction.
When a black person is killed by another black person, there's no real outrage.
But when a white person kills a black person, half the country is burnt to the ground for a period of a month.
She's been cancelled.
She's been targeted by the hate mob.
Then on the flip side,
Headline out of Information Liberation, Harvard grad loses job over viral video threatening to stab anyone saying all lives matter.
Recent Harvard graduate, Clara Genova, went viral on social media earlier this week after releasing a TikTok where she said she would stab anyone who told her all lives matter.
She said, the next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say all lives matter, I must stab you.
I must stab you and while you're struggling and bleeding out,
I'mma show you my paper cut and say my cut matters too.
So much for the tolerant left.
Janet over on Wednesday released a video crying about how she was allegedly fired from her job at the high-powered accounting firm thanks to Trump supporters.
She said the job that I'd worked really hard to get and meant a lot to me just called me and fired me because of everything.
Crying, she said, my job that I really worked hard for.
Yeah, real big shock that a major financial institution doesn't want anything to do with somebody who gets on social media in front of essentially hundreds of thousands of people and says they want to stab Trump supporters to death.
Isn't that shocking that a supposedly reputable financial corporation wouldn't want to be associated with that?
So she's being fired.
The thing about it is there's a bunch of conservatives leaping to her defense saying, oh, we don't support cancel culture.
These same kind of conservatives are AWOL when people like Jaden McNeil are being targeted by the hate mob.
They're AWOL when people like this teenager on TikTok who made the anti-Black Lives Matter video are targeted by the hate mob.
And yet they'll leap to the defense of somebody who literally wants to stab them to death.
Ian Miles Chong tweeted about this.
In response to Bethany S. Mandel, who as far as I know is married to somebody who works for the Washington Examiner, which is a neocon publication.
The original tweet from Mandel said, this is shameful, I'm sick of companies throwing employees, remember this is a conservative, responding to someone fired for saying they'd stabbed Trump supporters to death.
She said, this is shameful, I'm sick of companies throwing employees under the bus and to the wolves.
We're good to go.
Clara Janova would call to have your job in a heartbeat just for being a conservative.
Funny how I only ever see conservatives standing up for leftists who want them dead, but never for other conservatives who get fired for their political opinions.
Then he came out with another one.
In fact, she's got a fundraiser.
This woman who threatened on a video to stab Trump supporters to death, to stab people who said all lives matter to death.
She's now got a fundraiser, which on last check was more than halfway towards its $10,000 goal, entitled The Claire Jenova is Incredible Fund Part 2.
Now apparently a lot of Conservatives, because they oppose cancel culture, are donating to this fundraiser.
Now it's over $6,000!
So again, they'll go AWOL, they'll throw people like Jayden McNeil under a bus, but then they'll literally contribute to GoFundMes.
But irate, unhinged leftists who want to stab them to death!
And you wonder why we're losing in the culture war.
I wonder.
I wonder.
Gonna go to this video now, though.
Headline, Florida Sheriff threatens to deputize gun owners against BLM protesters.
He's seen the carnage, he's seen the chaos across the country, and he's vowed that his deputies and his area, the people who he vowed to protect and serve, will not be overrun by the BLM mob.
And if necessary, he's going to deputize gun owners to back the mob.
Here is the clip.
Let's roll it.
Hey folks, me and the men and women of the Clay County Sheriff's Office just want to weigh in on what we're seeing going on, played out across the media or mainstream media in this country.
Look folks, don't fall victim to subjecting yourselves to this conversation that law enforcement is bad, that law enforcement is the enemy of the citizens that we're sworn to protect and serve.
We swore an oath.
In that oath, we swore to support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the government.
And that we're duly qualified under the state's constitution to hold office.
That is, for me as a sheriff, for these men and women as deputy sheriffs, and we end that with, so help me God.
But God is absent from the media's message, or Black Lives Matter, or any other group out there that's making themselves a spectacle.
Disrupting what we know to be our quality of life in this country.
In Clay County, we have a great quality of life.
We have a great relationship with our community.
But across this country, not so much.
I just wanted to take a stand with these men and with these women who feel the same way that I do.
Lawlessness, that's unacceptable in this country.
Lawlessness, that's unacceptable in Clay County.
And if you threaten to come to Clay County and think that for one second that we'll bend our backs for you, you're sadly mistaken.
I know what happens when lawlessness prevails.
And in this day and time, God is raising up men and women, just like the folks you see standing behind me, who will have strong backbones and will stand in the gap between lawlessness and the good citizenry that we're sworn to protect and serve.
So you can threat all you want.
You can say, hey, let's go to Clay County or let's go to some other peaceful county where their problems don't exist or not so much like across this country, where relationships are great and not strained and where the people support their sheriff and support the men and women who wear the uniform.
And you'll have something waiting on you that you don't want.
Yes, we'll protect your constitutional rights as long as you remain under the umbrella of peaceful protest or peaceful march.
But the second that you step out from up under the protection of the Constitution, we'll be waiting on you.
And we'll give you everything you want.
All the publicity, all the pain, all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you.
Is it a threat?
Absolutely not.
But somebody has to step up in front of the camera and say, enough is enough.
Tearing up Clay County?
That's not going to be acceptable.
And if we can't handle you, you know what I'll do?
I'll exercise the power and authority as a sheriff, and I'll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county.
And I'll deputize them for this one purpose, to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.
That's what we're sworn to do, and that's what we're gonna do.
You've been warned.
Don't get the impression that anyone on that police force is going to be kneeling to Black Lives Matter supporters any time soon.
Meanwhile, Change.org defends white lives don't matter professor.
Yes, we had a professor in the UK who literally tweeted white lives don't matter.
She also tweeted about her urges to kneecap white men.
What happened?
Cambridge University not only defended her, they promoted her to a full professorship.
And now Change.org has deleted the petition calling for her to retire or to be fired.
They said they'd deleted the petition because they don't want individuals to be targeted for bullying and harassment.
Oh, but what's this?
I see a petition to fire Professor Mike Adams for his alleged racism.
He has 60,000 signatures.
I see a petition to fire Dominic Cummings, the Conservative UK government advisor,
That adds over a thousand signatures.
I see petitions everywhere firing for conservatives, but when it comes to a leftist who literally tweets racist hate speech, then it gets deleted.
What a coincidence.
We are live for the final segment.
Gonna get into the latest on the new Epstein revelations.
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Headline up on Summit News, Jonathan Turley
Maxwell arrest is bad news for Prince Andrew.
It looks like Randy Andy might be in trouble.
Criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Turley expressed surprise that Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell left the relative safety of Paris to return to America while noting that her arrest was bad news for Prince Andrew.
Of course, Prince Andrew was pictured with Virginia Roberts, one of the main Epstein victims, back when she was 17 years old.
at her London home, which was owned by Ghislaine Maxwell.
Prince Andrew then gave a car crash interview with the BBC late last year, suggesting that the picture was fake and that somebody had photoshopped in his arm as he held it around the waist of the victim, Virginia Roberts.
Of course, he was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein for many years, went to his private island, stayed for days on end in all his mansions,
Of course, he's refused to speak to authorities so far about the case.
They're now asking him again to speak to them today, given the arrest of Maxwell happened.
Of course, the question remaining is why did she leave the relative safety of Paris?
Because Paris has an extradition law where people born in Paris, which is where Maxwell was born, are protected from extradition to the United States.
She's been moving around addresses from month to month, mainly in France.
Why did she arrive in New Hampshire?
Why did she travel to the US, allowing herself to be arrested?
Has she cut a deal?
Is she going to start to name other individuals involved in this global sex trafficking pedophile network?
And how long is she going to survive without being suicided?
Now, of course, we had the big Netflix documentary a couple of months ago.
Epstein documentary, four-part documentary.
It left out the biggest smoking gun of the entire Epstein debacle, which is the fact, the question, who was he blackmailing?
We know he had all these cameras in all his mansions, we know that the primary purpose of befriending these powerful people was to get them involved in his pedophile sex trafficking network, and then to blackmail them because he had the tapes.
His homes, his mansions were blanketed with surveillance cameras.
Who was he blackmailing for?
Well, that was a question that was not delved into whatsoever during the Netflix documentary.
There's a book, Epstein Dead Men Tell No Tales, which asks the real question, which is who was Epstein working for?
Now, Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, he, of course, was a media proprietor in the United Kingdom.
He mysteriously died by falling off a boat back in 1991.
A ton of evidence suggested that Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, was a double or triple agent, and that one of those roles was him working for the Israeli Mossad, and that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were also hired to work for Mossad.
I'm going to read a passage out of this book, Epstein Dead Men Tell No Tales, which gets into it because the Netflix documentary didn't even mention it!
Wonder why that is?
Because although it's been reported that he first encountered Ghislaine after his father's death in New York, one insider, a former high-ranking official for the organization that is said to have killed Maxwell, that's her father, has insisted their connection came far earlier.
Now this is Ari Ben-Menashe.
A former Israeli spy and alleged handler of Robert Maxwell.
This is what he said of Jeffrey Epstein.
Maxwell introduced him to us and he wanted to accept him as part of our group.
Ben Menashe claimed that Epstein and Ghislaine were already dating in the late 80s and that Maxwell Sr.
grew fond of the young upstart.
Epstein was hanging around with Robert Maxwell and the daughter was hanging around there too and that's how they met.
He told our team's James Robertson in an interview from Montreal
Just two young souls they met.
He went on to say Maxwell sort of started liking him and my theory is that Maxwell felt that this guy is going for his daughter.
And Menashe said he felt that he could bless him with some work and help him out in a paternal way.
According to the former spy, the ultimate order to embrace Epstein and involve him in the ongoing arms deals came from
The bosses at Israeli intelligence headquarters.
Didn't talk about this in the Netflix documentary, even though it's from an ex-Mossad spy directly.
He said they were agents of the Israeli intelligence services.
Later on, Ghislaine got involved with Israeli intelligence together with him, but not in the arms deals with Iran.
Ben Menashe also told Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and investigative journalist for the website Narrative,
These guys were seen as agents.
They weren't really competent to do very much, and so they found a niche for themselves, blackmailing American and other political figures.
In closing, Ben Bernaschi told Robertson, Mr Epstein was the simple idiot who was going around providing girls to all kinds of politicians in the United States.
But effing around is not a crime.
It could be embarrassing, but it's not a crime.
But effing a 14-year-old girl is a crime.
And he said he was procuring these 14-year-old girls, amongst others, for politicians on behalf of Mossad, who he was inducted into with Ghislaine Maxwell via Robert Maxwell, her father, in the late 80s.
Who was paying him to blackmail these politicians?
Why did Epstein have such a
Overwhelming amount of money despite there being little evidence as to where that cash came from.
I wonder whether that connection comes out in the questioning of Ghislaine Maxwell before she shuttles off this mortal coil remains to be seen.
Don't hold your breath.
Meanwhile in Seattle, left-wing chop zone responsible for 525% spike in Seattle crime.
After characterizing the infamous chop area of downtown Seattle as a
Summer of Love, there you see Hillary Clinton's suicide request.
Mayor Jenny Durkin was eventually forced to acknowledge that the failed communist experiment was responsible for a whopping 525% spike in crime.
This is the loving communist utopia.
Again, occupiers protesting against violence and brutality.
Three weeks later, violence and brutality spikes in that area by 525%.
Now, of course, you had the Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best, doing the media rounds for the past few weeks saying that violent crime, robberies, rapes had increased 300%.
It actually turns out it's almost double that.
And what's embarrassing for the Mayor, Durkin, was that she had to admit it in her own emergency order after, of course, first appearing on CNN with Chris Cuomo and characterizing the whole thing as a summer of love, even as people were literally being raped in the streets.
If you look at the emergency order that she used to send in the cops to finally dismantle this area, the order states there were 22 additional incidents in person related crime in the area to include two additional homicides, which of course were those two black teens.
I believe one of them was a 16 year old.
Six additional robberies and 16 additional aggravated assaults to include two additional non-fatal shootings.
So across the entire period,
If you compare June 2nd to June 30, 2019 to 2020, if you compare those two areas in terms of crime stats, 525% jump in crime in the Seattle chop zone.
I think it's fair to say that this grand experiment in loving communist utopia has failed.
And of course, the police were only sent in despite weeks of violence and chaos.
After occupiers marched on Mayor Durkan's 5,000 square foot, 7.6 million house.
And only then, literally two days later, did she send in the police, just by coincidence.
Meanwhile, Fox News reports Feds arrest ringleader in attack on Andrew Jackson statue by White House to his credit.
President Trump has followed up one of his tweets with actual action.
Unlike social media censorship, of course, he passed an executive order to jail people for attacking monuments.
Now federal law enforcement officials on Thursday arrested a man in Washington that they called a ringleader in the recent attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square near the White House.
So he's been arrested.
Hopefully he's one of many.
And hopefully they're going to roll them out and try and use them to disincentivise this to other people.
Turns out he was actually a former Trump supporter.
That's a very interesting connection.
Going to wrap it up for the show.
Coming up next, War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Don't go away.
2020 is a very special year to the globalists, to the occultists, to those that are into esoteric mysticism.
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