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Name: 20200701_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 1, 2020
120 lines.
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Remember back in 2014, mainstream media reported on Obama's internet kill switch that would take over cell phones, the internet, and send emergency messages to the people?
It's been activated.
And it's not being run by Trump.
It's being run by the UN through the CDC and NIH.
And it's telling people incredible lies about COVID-19 to create hysteria and fear.
President Trump needs to become aware of this and understand what the bureaucracy is doing.
This is the deep state's next big move to have an artificial coup against the 2016 election and steal the election in 2020.
We're about to break it down right now.
FEMA is wired into the transmitters themselves and cable to take over all the systems and broadcast anytime they want before the stations would tune to a signal themselves.
Now that's out of their hands.
All of that's going on.
FEMA, on all radio, TV, cable, you name it, is already in control with hubs at the transmitter site or at the satellite uplink site, the last piece of equipment.
This is in my film Police State 2000, by the way.
See, I was sitting there
Talking to the engineer in 1996 at KJFK-FM.
And he calls me over and goes, look at this Alex, they're ordering us to do this.
Here's all the secret documents.
We're not supposed to show this to anybody.
And I was sitting there reading it.
FEMA takes over through this.
Everything you do goes through this system.
I mean, that's what you hear when it goes brrk, brrk, brrk.
You know, this has been an emergency alert system.
That is a federal test tone going via shortwave radio transmitters, dials in, and takes control of your radio station.
And that's what they say right here.
During emergencies, when they're rounding people up and arresting them and shooting people, their job is to keep the media shut down.
They don't have to come arrest Alex Jones.
They hit one button, the internet shuts off.
They hit one button...
You see that?
That's a forced FEMA alert through the state of Texas on your phone spewing a bunch of lies and propaganda.
This is 1984.
It's happening now.
It is the good book that tells us my people perish for lack of knowledge and that knowledge is power.
Just today, I talked to a medical doctor and an RN nurse
Who did not know that the CDC's own website admits that the main COVID testing counts anyone who's ever had coronavirus, a common cold, within 10 years as COVID positive.
When I talked to this medical doctor today, he didn't know that they count everyone that they say is a potential positive without testing as a case.
But then when I was talking to him, he said, well, that's why if one person at the hospital gets it, they then say everybody else's potential and make us get tested.
So I made a phone call and he confirmed what I was telling him.
But you don't have to believe me.
This has been in the Hill newspaper.
It's been in Reuters.
This has been out months.
But now they are applying this standard.
We'll put a report out two days ago that's gone viral exposing this, that they count each COVID positive at least 15 or 16 times more.
This is a galactic level fraud.
And so when someone tests positive, they then tell everyone around them, you may be positive, but actually count those numbers.
But here's the big news.
Today, everyone I know, my wife, myself, the whole crew, in Texas, and it's happening in other states, got messages on our phones, EAS alert messages, to not go outside, to not celebrate the 4th of July, to just be in total fear because of spikes of COVID-19.
The deaths are way down, but there's all these new cases because the tests show everyone as positive.
This is mind control.
This is meant to cause a depression.
It's meant to drive Trump from office.
The Democrats in the deep state admit it.
Now, China, where it came from, is the good guy and America is the bad guy.
The EU is saying Americans can't come to the European Union because we're the bad people, because we have the COVID cases, because we're doing all the testing and the testing is false.
Even the CDC covers its ass.
And admits, okay, most of these are false positives, and anybody that's ever had a coronavirus in the same, quote, family, we're gonna say you're positive.
Flu creates a false positive.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you've been sick in the last 10 years with a viral infection, it's flu or a cold, coronavirus, you're going to test positive.
And then you're like, well, I'll just stay home for two weeks to get a paycheck.
While that happens, everyone around you, they then say has it.
And the chain reaction continues out from there.
This is all a computer model.
As Bill Gates said on.
We're good.
And it's come out that they're taking people that died of gunshot wounds and car wrecks and cancer and putting them in the COVID column.
And it's come out they send people with COVID to nursing homes.
That's where half the deaths came from.
And it's come out that the tests are mainly fraudulent.
But now this fraud has come out.
And I have to talk to medical doctors and get them on FaceTime that I know and show them what I'm showing you now.
And they go to the CDC site and go, whoa, why wasn't I told this?
This is incredible.
And they totally wake up.
So the cure to the COVID hoax, the COVID panic, is you getting the facts that are linked below us in this video, in the article below, and checking this out for yourself and discovering it, and then calling doctors, calling nurses, going in and educating people about this hoax.
Because I know people that are so scared
That they're spreading COVID because someone at their office claims they had COVID, and then that's based on a fraud.
And the new Texas documents came out from the DHS, from Homeland Security, from NIH, from CDC, admit that if someone has the sniffles or a sore throat, that's counted as COVID without a test.
So that false test without a test is then used to say everybody else around you has it.
This is the hysteria being used.
So it's not about deaths now.
Those are way down because they got caught killing old folks in nursing homes.
Now it's about cases to create the hysteria.
We either expose this or we let our country and the world go into a Great Depression that will be very hard to beat.
This is so serious, ladies and gentlemen.
It's time to get the facts.
It's time to research for yourself or lose everything.
We're going to post this video to Banned.Video.
We're banned on YouTube.
So are hundreds of prominent doctors and scientists, epidemiologists, famous people.
Cedars-Sinai put out a video saying Trump's right about light therapy in the lungs.
They banned their YouTube channel.
Cedars-Sinai is probably the most prestigious hospital in America.
But you know what?
They can't stop you from sharing this video with others.
Go see the nurses and the doctors and the epidemiologists and the virologists at Banned.Video in our Banned Video section and see the videos they don't want you to see where they document this.
We're good
This is like the Nazis after Jews.
This is insane.
And we can stop Fauci and Bill Gates, but only facts will do it.
Only science will do it.
And they're counting on you to be ignorant and to listen to their superstition.
They're counting on you to go along with them, but we can stop them.
You can share the link right now on your screen and you can break these liars' political back.
I'm counting on you for my future and your future.
Let's do this.
Let's do this now.
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